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Person Details

Downman, Edward Andrews (d 1931), Anglican clergyman and antiquary

GB/NNAF/P161154   (Former ISAAR ref: GB/NNAF/P8420)

Location of Related Collections
Scopenotes and drawings of English earthworks
RepositoryBritish Library, Manuscript Collections
Record ReferenceAdd MSS 37650, 37678, 37723-24, 37784, 37972-74, 38113, 38600-02, 38776, 38841, 39172, 39575-76, 45023-24
Other referencesee HMC Papers of British antiquaries and historians, 2003
Scopecollections rel to earthworks
RepositoryGuildhall Library Manuscripts Section
Record ReferenceMSS 2573-89, 2604-23
Other referencesee Guide to Archives and Manuscripts 1989, p119
Scope1901-15: annotated plans and drawings of ancient earthworks in England and Wales and some corresp
RepositoryOxford University: Bodleian Library, Special Collections
Record ReferenceMS Gen top b 48(1-11)
Scopec1908: survey of Dorset earthworks (1 vol)
RepositoryDorset County Museum
Other referencesee MW Barley, Guide to British topographical collections 1974
Scope1910: survey and plans of Herts earthworks
RepositoryHertfordshire Archives and Local Studies
Record ReferenceAcc 3826
Other referencesee Annual Return 2002
Scope1904: survey of Surrey earthworks
RepositorySurrey Archaeological Society
Record ReferenceM12/30/1-17
Other referencesee HMC Antiquaries corresp file (RCHME), letter 18/3/98
Scope1889-1914: notes and drawings of ancient earthworks in Somerset
RepositoryBath Central Library
Record ReferenceMSS link to scanned list external link - opens in a new window
NRA catalogue referenceNRA 25737 Bath Ref Lib
Scope1906: notes and drawings of earthworks in Shropshire
RepositoryShropshire Archives
Other referencesee Barley, British topographical collections, 1974, p107
Scope1895-97: letters to AHLF Pitt-Rivers
RepositorySalisbury and South Wiltshire Museum
NRA catalogue referenceNRA 20212
Scope1900: drawings of earthworks
RepositoryEnglish Heritage Archive
Record ReferenceDOW01
NRA catalogue referenceNRA 43282 NMRC

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