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Gourlay Brothers & Co (Dundee) Ltd, shipbuilders and engineers

GB/NNAF/C123798   (Former ISAAR ref: GB/NNAF/B6380)

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Scope1870-1910: minutes, board corresp and papers, legal papers, inventories and valuations, plans
RepositoryDundee University Archive, Records Management and Museum Services
Record ReferenceMS 57 link to online catalogueexternal link - opens in a new window
NRA catalogue referenceNRA 20766
Other referencesee HMC Records of British business and industry 1760-1914 metal processing and engineering, 1994
Scope1855-1904: ships particulars books (3 vols)
RepositoryDundee City Archives
Record ReferenceGD/Hu/SF/RG
NRA catalogue referenceNRA 20370 Dundee misc
Scope1859-1908: ship plans
RepositoryDundee City Archives
Record ReferenceNRAS 2692
NRA catalogue referenceNRA 28255 Gourlay Bros
Scopec1890-1900: ship plans
RepositoryNational Maritime Museum: The Caird Library, Manuscripts Section
Other referencesee LA Ritchie, The Shipbuilding Industry (1992)

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