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Personal name details

This is an example of a personal entry


This is the unique code used to identity this individual in the National Name Authority File.

Wellesley, Arthur (1769-1852) 1st Duke of Wellington Field Marshal, statesman

This is the name of the individual, his/her dates and epithet.


xBiographical information if this is displayed click here for further details about the individual.



1 record noted:



1790-1852: political, military and official papers


These are the covering dates and a brief summary of the individual's papers.


Southampton University Library


This is where the papers are held. Click here for repository details.

Record Reference

MS 61 external link - opens in a new window


This is the reference which the collection has been given by the record repository, you should quote this when contacting the repository. If an online catalogue is available a link will be displayed.

NRA catalogue reference

NRA 20085 Wellesley


This is the assigned National Register of Archives' (NRA) number for this catalogue, which is filed in the NRA. This is available for consultation in The National Register of Archives' Reader Enquires Room.

Other reference

see HMC Papers of British cabinet ministers 1782-1900, 1982.


This either directs the user to a source for more details or indicates where the information in this entry has been taken from.

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