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Advanced searching of the organisation index

The advanced search of the Organisations Index offers a more focused search option. Searches can be conducted by name and/or type of organisation and can be refined topographically and/or by date.


This search option is particularly useful for searchers who do not know the name of an organisation or who require a list of related organisations. Such as organisations located in a certain area and/or in the same nature of work.



To search for an organisation by name enter one or more elements in the Name field, such as 'Watercolour' for the Royal Watercolour Society.



To search for a type of organisation select a Category from the drop down list, such as 'societies and associations'. When a category has been chosen the page will automatically reload adding the option of a Subcategory to narrow the search further. Go to the list of categories and subcategories.



Topographical searches can be conducted by inputting a town, for example Hanley, in the Town field or by searching for a County from the drop down list.



The search may be refined further by entering a date. Note: if 1825 is entered this will retrieve all entered which cover this year, for example, 1798-1890.


Note: when making a search on the index, do not be tempted to fill in every data field on the search screen. Work from the general to the particular – not vice versa!


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