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Advanced searching of the business index

The advanced search of the Business Index provides a more focused search of this index. Searches can be conducted by name and/or type of business and can be refined topographically and/or by date.


This search option is particularly useful for searchers who do not know the name of a company or who require a list of companies that are related either topographically, by date or by type of business.



To search a business by name enter one or more elements of the name of a company, such as 'Doulton', for Royal Doulton Ltd.



To search for a type of business select a Sector from the drop down menu, such as 'Transport and Communications'. When the sector has been chosen the page will automatically reload adding the option of a Subsector to narrow the search further. For example, 'Shipping Companies'. Go to the list of sectors and subsectors.



Topographical searches can be conducted by inputting a town such as 'Hastings' in the Town field or by selecting a County from the drop down list.



The search may be refined further by entering a date. Note if 1825 is entered this will retrieve all entries, which cover this year, for example 1798-1835.


NOTE: when making a search on the index, do not be tempted to fill in every data field on the search screen. Work from the particular to the general – not vice versa!


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