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Reference PW
Covering dates 1511-1922
Held by Godalming Museum
Extent 2 Sub-fonds

Folder icon  Assignment of moneys due to them, by Sarah Butcher, Caroline Butcher and Edward William Burchell Butcher to William Leech upon trust  PWD/22/4  19 May 1853

These documents are held at Godalming Museum

One parchment deed of 2 skins, and 2 paper documents

Assignment between (1) Sarah Butcher of Lowlands near Richmond in Van Diemens Land [Tasmania, Australia], widow, Caroline Butcher of Lowlands, spinster, and Edward William Burchell Butcher of Lowlands, esq, (2) William Leech of Great St Helens in the City of London, merchant, and (3) William Eager of Whipley [Wipley] in the parish of Wonersh, Surrey, gent, John Evershed of Albury, Surrey, yeoman, and William Messenger of Bramley, Surrey, yeoman, executors of the will (12 July 1848) of the late William Eager of Whipley, of the moneys owed to Caroline Butcher and Edward William Burchell Butcher, expectant on the decease of Sarah Butcher their mother.
With declarations by Sarah Butcher and by William Thomas Parramore of Anglewood near Richmond, Van Diemen's Land

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