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Covering dates 1955-72
Held by Royal Geographical Society
Extent 21 boxes.
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Creators Nicholson, Edward Max, b 1904, ecologist
Supplementary information The RGS archives: a handlist / compiled by Christine Kelly. London: RGS, 1977.

Administrative history:
Biog. Who's Who Ver. 1.1 A & C Black 1196.

Papers and correspondence relating to: the first expeditions of the Oxford University Exploration Club 1928-29; the work of the Terrestrial Conservation Section of the International Biological Programme in Azraq, Jordan, in Tanzania and Tunisia; miscellaneous expeditions of the 1960s to 1980s linked with the IBP; the UN/FAO Survey Team in Kalat State, Baluchistan 1952-53.

[no title or ref. or date]

Fifteen boxes of papers and correspondence 1928-86 relating to his work with the Terrestrial Conservation Section of the International Biological Programme, to the UN/FAO Economic Survey Team's work in Kalat State, Baluchistan and to the Oxford University Exploration Club's first expeditions.

[no title or date]  EMN/Box 1

Two folders of letters and papers: a visit to the USA in 1955 to meet members of various conservation agencies and to observations and report on US methods; a visit to the USA in 1961 to attend a conference on 'Resources for the Future'. Separate hard-back ring folder: A.E.T.F.A.T. Conference, Uppsala 1966: conservation of flora in Africa south of the Tropic of Cancer. List of Nature Conservancy Reserves in UK

[no title or date]  EMN/Box 2

Tanzania: correspondence 1967-72 chiefly concerning National Parks.
Serengeti National Park: publications
Minutes of the meetings of the Scientific Council of the Seregeti Research Institute 1971.

[no title or date]  EMN/Box 3

Alaska: copies of various letters and notes on conservation needs and plans made after the discovery of oil. Report drawn up by Nicholson after a visit to Alaska in July 1971. Draft joint statement on the Alaska pipeline 14 April 1971, photocopy. Aldabra: papers and correspondence about RS expedition 1967-68 and the Aldabra Research Station; opposition to a military airfield; concern about ecology; report by Dr D R Stoddart on conservation (presented to Royal Society) drawn up after a preliminary survey in 1966.
Miscellaneous expeditions 1966-68: notices of proposed expeditions by university groups etc sent to Nicholson at IBP and the resulting correspondence.

[no title or date]  EMN/Box 4

Folder of papers relating to Nicholson's visit to Colombia Ecuador, Costa Rica and to a symposium in Mexico, 1964. Two folders of papers relating to arrangements for IBP representation at a conference in Rio de Janeiro, 1967.

[no title or date]  EMN/Box 5

Azraq, Jordan: 1st International Jordan expedition 1963

[no title or date]  EMN/Box 6

Azraq, Jordan: 2nd International Jordan Expedition 1965

[no title or date]  EMN/Box 7

Azraq, Jordan: 3rd International Jordan Expedition 1966

[no title or date]  EMN/Box 8

Azraq, Jordan: Azraq National Park correspondence 1967-79

[no title or date]  EMN/Box 9

Azraq, Jordan: Management plan 1966, press cuttings, minutes of meetings of Jordan International Biological Station 1967-68.

[no title or date]  EMN/Box 10

UN/FAO Economic Survey Team in Kalat State, Baluchistan: Report to the Government of Pakistan on Agricultural Development in Kalat State, July 1953 (1 envelope)
Photographs and maps (2 envelopes)
Arrangements for Mission (1 envelope)
Miscellaneous notes, 1952 (1 folder)
Working papers on Report 1952 (2 folders)
Drafts of report (1 folder)
Reconnaissance mineral survey of Kalat by Wolf Henckmann, 1952.
Report on Baluchistan highway, 1952 (1 folder)
Reports on water resources and on soils and agriculture (2 envelopes)
UN/FAO telegrams 1952 (1 folder)
Post-Mission correspondence (1 folder)

[no title or date]  EMN/Box 11

Darwin Station 1962-71

[no title or date]  EMN/Boxes 12 and 13

Egypt 1983-4: 'A rapid reconnaissance of the Red Sea desert region of Egypt 'Planning for Gebel Elba National Park, 1984'. Red Sea maps and reports. Protection Forestry Branch (Carbon, 16pp. nd. ?by Nicholson) Notes on Kain garoa forest 1964 duplicated. Misc. papers N.Zeal Tunisia: Research Project for the pre-Saharan regions of Tunis Brathay Exploration Group 1967, publications and papers on Tunisian National Parks. Folder of working papers on Tunisia project 1967-69 including programme for 1969, progress report

[no title or date]  EMN/Box 14

Yugoslavia: UN Project: The Protection of the Human Environment in the Yugoslav Adriatic Region 1976.
Rio Mazan Ecuador expedition 1986: draft prospectus and other MS Nepal: Univ.College Bangor expedition 1971. Prospectus and report of seed collections and distributions August 1972.

[no title or date]  EMN/Box 15

Papers relating to the Oxford University Exploration Club.

[no title]  EMN/15/1  1928-1932

Miscellaneous printed items: OUEC Reports nos. 1-9 (1928-37); programmes 1928-29 and 1932; Rules;
Lists of members 1930 and 1932; Hut Scheme nd.;
Regulations for the organisation of expeditions nd.

[no title]  EMN/15/2  c 1930

Papers and letters concerning the foundation of the OUEC photocopy of paper headed 'Oxford Exploration Club' giving minutes of foundation meeting and additional notes by E.Max Nicholson; 'Early history of the OUEC', MS by E.Max Nicholson; Memorandum by the OUEC for the Rockefeller Foundation (1930)', typescript.

[no title]  EMN/15/3  1927-28

Papers and correspondence 1927-May 1928 on the planning the first OUEC expedition to Greenland:
Memorandum on early planning; notes headed 'Plans for the Greenland expedition 1928'; list of personnel; letters sent to E Max Nicholson from W.Crouch, Foreign Office (Stephen Gaselee), Dangaard Jensen (Director for Greenland), Lauge Koch, T.G. Longstaff, F.W. Pember (Vice-Chancellor Oxford University), Peter Scott, 'The Times', and Colin G Trapnell.

[no title]  EMN/15/4  1928

Misc. press cuttings on the Greenland expedition 1928. Large scale compass survey map of area visited. 1928. Tracing of survey of Isersiutilik base area 1928. Packet of picture postcards of Godthaab area Greenland. Diary of voyage out and some entries in Greenland, 1 June - 5 July 1928, kept by E. Max Nicholson.

[no title]  EMN/15/5  1928-31

Correspondence and papers about the results and publications of the OUEC Greenland expedition:
list of published papers, prepared Jan 1931; notes on bird ringing; 'OU Greenland Expedition', typescript for 'The Isis' 29 May 1929; 'Bird notes from the North Atlantic' by E.M. Nicholson, typescript; 'Ornithological results of the OU Greenland expedition', typescript of a talk given by E.M. Nicholson; an article on Greenland, carbon of typescript 17p.; copy of 'The Isis' 29 May 1929;
correspondence: Nicholson to T.G. Longstaff and replies, Colin G Trapnell to Nicholson with typescript by Trapnel 'Influence of animals on plants'; letter from W.L. Sclate to Longstaff; draft of letter Nicholson to Skorgaard; letter Trapnell to W.G.H.D. Crouch; from Crouch to Nicholson and letter from John Hanham to Nicholson, all dated August 1928 to 1931.

[no title]  EMN/15/6  1929

OUEC British Guiana expedition 1929: papers concerning the organisation and work of the expedition:
correspondence among F.W. Pember, Sir Algernon Aspinall (West India Committee), J.E. Duffield, John Buchan, Walter Roth (Georgetown Museum), Michael Cresswell. Copy of despatch from E.M. Nicholson from Moraballi Creek R. Essequibo 8 Sept 1929.
Photocopy of notes made by E.M. Nicholson, in diary form, 19 July to 25 August 1929.
Original field notebook written by Max Nicholson during first treetop watches made in Amazonian forest British Guiana Sept - Nov 1929, also Atlantic bird transit notes

[no title]  EMN/15/7  1928-29

OUEC British Guiana expedition 1929: correspondence among R.W.G. Hingston, C.S. Elton and E.M. Nicholson 1928 about the organisation of the expedition, the publication of the results and the disagreements between Hingston and members of the OUEC.

[no title]  EMN/15/8  1920-34

OUEC British Guiana expedition 1929: Three typed reports on the expedition; copy of a broadcast talk script; article 'An ornithological transect of the North Atlantic' by E.M. and B.D. Nicholson;
The West India Office Circular 21 Feb 1929 (print)
Bundle of press cuttings referring to the expedition;
'Wireless communication on the OU British Guiana expedition 1929' by Michael Cresswell, typescript.
'Draft scheme of publications'; list of publications;
'Field notes on the Guiana King humming-bird' by E.M. Nicholson, carbon of typescript.
'Communal display in humming-birds' by E.M. Nicholson, typescript.
Offprint of Georgrl.J. July 1930 (article by R.W.G. Hingst
Offprint of Journal of Ecology, Aug 1933 and Feb 1934, articles by T.A.W. Davis and P. Richards, 'The vegetation of Moraballi Creek...'
Four large pages recording meteorological observations taken at HM Penal Settlement Marazuni, 1920-29.
Duplicated tables recording 'Forest type', 'Vertical distribution of temperature' etc.
Correspondence between Nicholson and Charles Elton, and between Nicholson and Dr. C.B. Ticehurst about publication

[no title]  EMN/15/9  1929

Brochures: Harrisons, Elders and Fyffes, Thomas Cook etc. for passenger services to West Indies. Passenger list of SS Ingoma 1929.

[no title]  EMN/15/10  1931-38

Miscellaneous correspondence of Expedition Council of OU Exploration Club (C. D'Aeth, Charles Elton, Basil Nicholson, O.W. Richards, Paul Richards, Tom Harrisson, Colin Trapnell) and copy of letter from Rajah Brooke to John Buchan. All refer to expeditions planned 1931 onwards: Baffin Bay, Sarawak. 1931-38.

[no title]  EMN/15/11  1931-38

Miscellaneous correspondence referring to OUEC expeditions to Baffin Land, Sarawak etc. (W. Crouch, C. D'Aeth, Charles Elton, A.R. Glen, R.W. Hingston, Brian Roberts, K.S. Sandford) 1931-38.

[no title]  EMN/15/12  1968

Miscellaneous expeditions, OUEC:
duplicated typescripts of plans and some associated correspondence of expeditions to Madagascar 1968, Kenya 1969, Ethiopia 1968, Svalbard 1968.

CATALOGUE OF PAPERS RECEIVED 3/8/92  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  EMN/16/1  1929

Kodak envelope annotated in ink: "OU. 1929/British Guina Expedition/ Negatives of Treetop Operations & Prints. Photos by MN ......"
Containing four negatives numbered as below and four prints from the same.
H. 17

[no title or date]  EMN/16/1a

Enclosure to above, C.C. typescript letter to "Dear Charles", dated in pencil "June/July 1938"

[no title]  EMN/16/2  1929-38

Letters etc

[no title or date]  EMN/16/2A

Kodak folder annotated "OU Brit Guina Ex Important". containing five small negatives enclosed in an invoice from Bookers Drug stores, dated 27.8.1929; and twenty small b/w prints.

[no title or date]  EMN/16/2B

TS letter, "Dear Max," signed Charles Elton, dated 4 August 1938

[no title or date]  EMN/16/2C

TS letter, "Dear MAx", 27 April 1931, signed N.Y. Sandwi[t]h.

[no title or date]  EMN/16/2/D

MS Note in ink, n.d. or address, "Dear Sandwi[t]h

[no title or date]  EMN/16/2/E

MS letter, ink, "Dear Max", May 9th 1931, signed N.Y. Sandwi[t]h.

[no title or date]  EMN/16/2/F

One sheet of paper printed "Oxford University British Guiana Expedition." Headed in ink "Personnel of The" and listing names.

[no title or date]  EMN/16/2/G

Postcard, dated 15.1.30, "Dear Max" signed O.W. Richards.

[no title or date]  EMN/16/2/H

TS letter, 12.7. 1929, Hawes Bros tailors & Outfitters, to Mr E.M. Nicholson.

[no title or date]  EMN/16/2/I

Invoice, Hawes Bros London, dated 12.7.1929, to "Mr E.M. Nicholson, The Oxford Expedition to British Guiana", for clothing and equipment.

[no title]  EMN/16/3  1929

Red covered Exercise Book, annoted on first page in 8nk and pencil: "British Guiana Expedition 1929 catalog of OUX Bird Skins - T series/ BM identifications underlined", containing pencil and ink notes and lists - all pages loose.

[no title]  EMN/16/4  1931

Reprint from THE IBIS January 1931: "Communal Display in Hummingbirds, by E.M. Nicholson" (PP 74 - 83), with enclosure: CC note, 15 December 61 "Dear Nicholson" from A.C. Cain.

[no title]  EMN/16/5  1931

Reprint; From THE IBIS July 1931, pp 534-553; "Field Notes on the Guiana King Humming Bird, by E M Nicholson".

[no title]  EMN/16/6  1972

45 pages

Printed booklet with photos: (TWO COPIES): Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe-Stiftung/ verleihung des Europa-Preises Fur Landespflege 1972/ an Herrn Dr. h. c. Werner Bauch, Dresden/ Herrn Edward max Nicholson, CB, CVo, LLD. (Hon), London/ und der Peter-Joseph-Lenne-Medaille in Gold/ an Herrn Professor Dr. Eduard Kirkwald, Frieburg im Breisgau.

[no title]  EMN/16/7  1991

Reprint from J. Bryol (1991) 16, 437-441, "A bryologist in British Guiana and the West Indies", by P. W. Richards. Annotated "With best wishes, Paul".

[no title]  EMN/16/8  1984

Pamphlet (or reprint) Aberdeen University Review No. 171, 1984. PP 189-202. "Prospects for the Environment - Recovery, Decline or Doomsday. Edward Max Nicholson. University Lecture delivered on 19 October 1983".

[no title]  EMN/16/9  1973

Reprint/pamphlet: Regione Campania Assessorato per il Turismo/ atti del convegno internazionale/ I Parchi Costieri Mediterranei/ Salerno. castellabate/ 18.22 guigno 1973......"The Cilento as a possible Model for Developement of Marine-Terretrial Natural Reserves and Parks in the Mediterranean by E. Max Nicholson (pp 183-191)

[no title]  EMN/16/10  1970

Reprint from Journal of international Affairs vol XXIV No. 2, 1970. Max Nicholson. "International Economic Development and the Environment." pp.273-286.

[no title]  EMN/16/11  1965

Pamphlet/reprint: Postilla/ Peabody Museum of Natural History, Yale University... No. 92, Nov.5, 1965. "Imperial Sassanian Hunting of Pig and Fallow-Deer, and Problems of Survival of these Animlas today in Iran" BY C Charles A. Reed. pp 1-23.

[no title]  EMN/16/12  1970

Reprint from Economic geography, Vol 48, no. 3, July 1970, pp. 498-535. "Beyond the Exponentials- the Role of Geography in the Great Transition." By Wilbur Zelinsky.

[no title]  EMN/16/13  1963

Booklet: "The Countryside in 1970" Study Conference. Fishmonger's hall, London...November 1963, Paper No. 2.' Chart of Human Impacts on the Countryside, prepared by E.M. Nicholson and A. W. Colling. pp 1-50.

[no title]  EMN/16/14  n.d

(Enclosure to the above): Paper No. 3, Bibliography for Chart of Human Impact on the Countryside... A.W. Colling.

[no title]  EMN/16/15  1966

Reprint/pamphlet (Conference paper): "An International Conservation Programme for the Pacific Islands." by M.W. Holdgate & E M NIcholson. (1966) THREE COPIES.

[no title]  EMN/16/16  1950

Reprint from the Proceedings of the Xth International Ornithological Congress, Uppsala June 1950: "Birds of the North Atlantic" E M Nicholson.

[no title]  EMN/16/17  1969

reprint: from Revista De La Sociedad Mexicana De Historia Natural. tomo XXX, Decr 1969, pp. 134-138. "Conservation. The Biosphere and the Technosphere." E.M. Nicholson.

[no title]  EMN/16/18  1933

Reprint from The Journal of Ecology, Vol.XXI, No. 2 August 1933. "Vegetation Types in Godthaab Fjord in relation to those in other parts of Greenland, and with special reference to Isersiutilik" By C. G. Trapnell. PP. 294-334.

[no title]  EMN/16/19  1967

TS booklet: Brathay Exploration Group/ Expedition to Tunisia/ April 1967. Ed A.E. Land & T. F. Thomas. pp 1-46.

[no title]  EMN/16/19A  1968

(Enclosure to above): MS. letter in ink 21 February 1968, "Dear Mr Nicholson.." Signed I[v]an Thomas.

[no title]  EMN/16/20  1928

Brown envelope annotated "OU Greenland Xpn....." addressed to EM Nicholson. Contains 1 sheet TS and carbon headed in MS in ink; "Press arrangements for Oxford University Greenlamd EXpedition 1928..." and signed "EMN" FRAGILE.

[no title]  EMN/16/21  1930

Brown envelope annotated; "Ms of article Modern Tendencies in Exploration by E.M. Nicholson 1930.....". Envelope contains TS of this article, (19pp) with editorial markings. Page 1 is annotated in ink:" "The Nineteenth Century and After" No. 640, Vol. CVII, pp 825-835, 1930."

[no title or date]  EMN/22, 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29

Reprints: (all by EM Nicholson unless otherwise stated)
"Environmental Consultancy..." 1971
Environmenton Record" 1971 TWO COPIES
"A Plan for the Middle East" (No author - from The Observer) 1956.
"Forestry and Conservation" 1974 (THREE COPIES)
"Shape of Our Environment" 1970
"Natural and Cultural Treasures- Their Systematic care and Public Accessibility" 19[75]
Programme Biologique International 1968: "Reunion Technique sur la Conservation de la Nature et l'Ecologie de la region mediteraneenne occidentale" (L Emberger, Ch. Floret, M. Godron, G. Long).
Prog. Biologique Intl.: "Reunion Technique sur la'Ecologie et la Conservation de la Nature" [and] "La Desertification du Sahara Septrentional et des Steppes Linitrophes." par Dr. H.N. Le Houerou. 1968.

[no title]  EMN/16/30  1929

Two sheets (4 pages) T.S. "Baromalli Night Log. First Watch 21st Oct. 1929" annotated in ink; "Typed verbatim from my MS notes" and ":Diary kept by E M Nicholson on first all night watch in high treetops of the Amazonian Rainforest at Moorrabulli {sic} Creek Britsh Guiana."

[no title]  EMN/16/30A  n.d

4pp photocopy of the above.

[no title]  EMN/16/31  1952

Book: H.G. Hasler; Harbours and Anchorages of the North Coast of Brittany. London 1952. signed on the title page "H G Hasler" and annotated inside front cover: "For Max Nicholson from Blondie, 25th April 1952".

[no title]  EMN/16/32  1984

Brown envelope annotated; "Gebel Elba Egypt-Sudan 1984 for RGS" containing:

[no title]  EMN/16/32A  1986

[Copy?] Telegram, May 1986. "Unclassified, Department of State" American Embassy Cairo to Sec. State Washington DC, USA. Re establishment of Gebel Elba region as a protected area.

[no title]  EMN/16/32B  1985

97 pp.

Booklet (Illustrated photocopoy of TS): "Natural Resources Management Considerations, Gebel Elba Conservation Area. WWF/IUCN Project No. 3612. Expedition report and recommendations." Ed S. M. Goodman, 1985.

[no title]  EMN/16/32C  1984

TS, 18pp: Project application from S. M. Goodman, 19 Sewptember 1984, for Ecological Survey of Gevbel Elba, S.E. Egypt. Preliminary survey.

[no title]  EMN/16/32D  1982

PHotocopy of pp 156-162 and title page, Egyptian Jopurnal of Wildlife & Natural Resources vol 5, 1982; " "Managemnet Plan for Elba National Nature Reserve" by El Sayed Metwally Gamei.

[no title]  EMN/16/32E  1986

3 pages photocopy of TS: "Prime MInisterial Decree No. 450/1986 Concerning the establishment of a protected area in the Gebel Elba Region - Red Sea Government."

[no title]  EMN/16/32F  1984

Photocopy of TS: Academy of Scientific research and Technology Environmental research Council. "The Gebel Elba Project." Anotated in ink; "First Draft April 1984" 7pp in English, 5pp in Arabic.

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