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Reference LP
Covering dates 1837-1990
Held by Labour History Archive and Study Centre (People's History Museum)
Extent 30 collections

No further details   WG to Clarence Senior re sending American Socialist literature.  LP/WG/USA/8  1932 Oct 18th
No further details   Norman Thomas' Election Pamphlet.  LP/WG/USA/9  1932
No further details   Note WG to Middleton re lttr from Senior,and attacking Senior's stand in the 1932 election  LP/WG/USA/10  1933 Nov 16th
No further details   Note WG to Middleton re Senior.  LP/WG/USA/11  1933 Nov 24th
No further details   Lttr Senior to WG enc minutes of American Socialist Party's NEC from Milwaukee Leaders with request for LP poster;note M.N.Duff to W.W.Henderson re poster.  LP/WG/USA/12-13  1934 June 25th; July 7th
No further details   Lttr from Order Dept,End Poverty in Californi (E.P.I.C)re subscription to Upton Sinclair's Epic News.  LP/WG/USA/14  1934 July 17th
No further details   Lttr to Mrs Hillquit re despatch of Leaves from a Busy Life by Morris Hillquit.  LP/WG/USA/15  1934 July 31st
No further details   Fellowship of Socialist Christians-statement of principles and objectives.  LP/WG/USA/16  ndg
No further details   Lttr from Rose Schneidemann of National Women's Trade Union League of America enc Life and Labour Bulletin Home Edition No.3 with article on Textile Strike.  LP/WG/USA/17  1934 Sept 13th
No further details   Correspondence with J.Ostroy re Labour Party election figures for compilation of Socialist votes.  LP/WG/USA/22-23  1935 Jan 25th; Feb 8th

Folder icon  Correspondence re Mrs Ida Crouch-Hazlett's visit to England.  LP/WG/USA/24-29  1935 June 24th; July 16th

Lttr from Senior introducing Mrs Crouch-Hazlett and enc a notice of a meeting addressed by her;lttrs from Mrs Crouch-Hazlett to Miss Duff re meeting WG and LP leaders and diificulties of communication; lttr from Mrs Crouch-Hazlett saying that Jessie Stephen has arranged to have her letters typed for her.

No further details   Position of the Socialist Party in the U.S.A. Memorandum submitted by James Oneal for meeting of the Executive of the LSI.  LP/WG/USA/30  1935 July 31st
No further details   Correspondence re TUC delegation to the AFL Convention with Senior.E.A.Bell,A.Conley and A.Naesmith.  LP/WG/USA/31-36  1935 Aug 3rd; Aug 28th
No further details   List of American politicians, journalists and Trade Union leaders.  LP/WG/USA/37  ndg
No further details   Pamphlet on American Commonwealth Federation.  LP/WG/USA/43  ndg
No further details   Settlement of Dispute in Socialist Party of U.S.A.Article in International Information.  LP/WG/USA/44  1935 Aug 31st
No further details   Lttr from Senior re Socialist Party Convention in Cleveland;lttr WG to Adler re lltr.  LP/WG/USA/45-46  1935 Dec 26th; 1936 Jan 29th
No further details   Copy of lttr Herbert Morrison to Citrine re Socialist disunity in U.S.A.  LP/WG/USA/47  1936 Feb 5th
No further details   Lttr from Senior introducing Socialist lawyer Frank McCulloch.  LP/WG/USA/48  1936 Feb 10th
No further details   Item on delegates and greetings to U.S.A. Socialist Convention from minutes of International Sub-Committee.  LP/WG/USA/49  1936 Feb 19th
No further details   Circular from Adler re correspondence with Senior re articles in Jewish Daily Forward on American Socialists.  LP/WG/USA/50  1936 Feb 26th
No further details   Note WG to Middleton re sending greetings telegram to American Socialist Party Convention.  LP/WG/USA/51  1936 May 25th
No further details   Booklet.The Conflict in the Socialist party of the United States by Alexander Kahn.  LP/WG/USA/52  ndg
No further details   Correspondence with Nina Hillquit re her visit to London.  LP/WG/USA/53-55  1936 June 11th; July 9th
No further details   Lttr from Senior introducing Ethel Davis.  LP/WG/USA/56  1936 June 17th
No further details   Lttr from Eileen Sutton(Wimbledon,Merton and Morden League of Youth)re visit of Ernest Eber,Chairman of the American Young Socialist League.  LP/WG/USA/57  1936 Sept 16th
No further details   Correspondence with Austin Van der Slice,with letter of introduction from Senior re interview with WG for Van der Slice's historical research.  LP/WG/USA/58-61  1937 Jan 19th; June 23rd
No further details   Correspondence with David Dubinsky(International Ladies Garment Workers' Union)re review of ILGWU in pictures.  LP/WG/USA/62-63  1937 May 21st; June 15th
No further details   Correspondence with Leah Stark re her visit to London,with lttr of introduction from Algernon Lee.  LP/WG/USA/64-66  1937 Aug 22nd; Aug 27th
No further details   What's Ahead of You.Pamphlet on Social Democratic Federation.  LP/WG/USA/67  ndg
No further details   Notice of May Day celebrations by the Social Democratic Federation.  LP/WG/USA/68  ndg
No further details   First Edition of American Labor Pioneer. Bulletin of the American Labor Party.  LP/WG/USA/69  1938 April
No further details   Congress of the American Socialists Article in Documents and discussions.  LP/WG/USA/70  1938 June 15th
No further details   Lttr WG to Roy E.Burt introducing Lord Faringdon.  LP/WG/USA/71  1938 Aug 10th
No further details   Address of Adolph Jacobsen  LP/WG/USA/72  1938 Aug
No further details   Lttr From S.M., [...] evitas (Manager,New Leader) re writing an article on LP's foreign policy.  LP/WG/USA/73  1938 Nov 9th
No further details   Correspondence between Kenneth G.Brocks and Shepherd with letters of introduction for Brooks for H.W.Laidler,Algernon Lee,D.Dubinsk  LP/WG/USA/74-79  1939 July 24th; July 28th
No further details   Lttr from S.M.Levitas introducing Philip A. Adler.  LP/WG/USA/80  1939 Aug 4th

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