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Reference CP
Covering dates 1812-1995
Held by Labour History Archive and Study Centre (People's History Museum)
Extent 56 Sub & sub-sub fonds.
Conditions of access The CPGB files are being copied to microfilm and to facilitate this, some may be off-site. Readers are strongly advised to contact the archivist to check availability prior to visiting the archive.
Archival history The Communist Party of Great Britain Archives were collected at the Communist Party Library in Hackney They [...] date from 1943. Most administrative and political records before that date were sent to Moscow in 1938, where they were deposited at the Marx - Lenin Institute now the Russian Centre for Modern History. Until 1986 access was restricted, Subsequently they were sorted and listed by Francis King [...] . On the demise of the Communist Party itself in 1991 they were placed under the control of the Communist Party Archives Trust
Source of acquisition In 1994 they were deposited on permanent loan with the National Museum of Labour History. In 2000 they were put on permanent loan with the John Rylands University Library of Manchester, whilst still [...] in the National Museum of Labour History.
Creators Communist Party of Great Britain, 1920-1991; CPGB, 1920-1991
Related information The LHASC has the archives of the London District Communist Party, which contains files, amongst others on district congresses 1926 - 88, miscellaneous advisory committees 1950 - 88, membership 1948 - 88, race relations 1950 - 83 and party branches 1944 - 81
The LHASC also holds runs of a number of Communist journals, including Labour Monthly, Marxism Today, Communist Review and the Jewish Clarion
The archives also contain microfilm of Comintern material relating to the CPGB in the 1920's & 30's and by [...] Party in the 1980's, which was obtained by James Klugmann on a visit to Moscow in 1957.

The records contain the minutes of the Communist Party Executive Committee 1943 - 91, the Political Bureau 1924 -25, the Political Committee 1946 - 91, the Political Sub-Committee 1954 - 91 and the Economic Committee 1946 - 87 There are also extensive files on the International Department 1945 -91, national congresses 1920 - 91, industrial files 1950 - 91, and organisation files 1944 - 91. There are also files on some district and local parties, the People's Press Printing Society (Daily Worker and Morning Star) 1945 - 90, the Young Communist League 1922 - 87 and Women's Department papers 1933 - 91
There are also the papers of prominent Communist individuals Harry Pollitt 1905 - 59, Rajani Palme Dutt 1908 - 71, Willie Gallacher 1920 - 81, John Gollan 1931 - 77, Wal Hannington 1934 - 66, Ivor Montagu 1924 - 83, Bert Ramelson 1945 - 91, James Klugmann 1928 - 76, Kay Beauchamp 1961 - 79, Ben Bradley 1929 - 69, Dona Torr, which includes some Tom Mann material and Jack Woddis 1937 - 77
The archives consist of the papers generated by the central party organisation as well as those created or belonging to associated / organisations.
Central / Executive Committee minutes CP/CENT/EC
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Peace Materials CP/CENT/PEA
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Communist Party: Individual papers CP/IND
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Ben Bradley papers CP/IND/BRAD
Rajani Palme Dutt papers CP/IND/DUTT
Hymie Fagan papers CP/IND/FAG
William Gallacher papers CP/IND/GALL
John Gollan papers CP/IND/GOLL
Wal Hannington papers CP/IND/HANN
Allen Hutt papers CP/IND/HUTT
Margot Kettle papers CP/IND/KETT
James Klugmann papers CP/IND/KLUG
George Matthews papers CP/IND/MATH
Ivor Montagu papers CP/IND/MONT
JT and Molly Murphy papers CP/INDMURP
Harry Pollitt papers CP/IND/POLL
Bert Ramelson papers CP/IND/RAM
Claude Tayler papers CP/IND/TAY
Dona Torr papers CP/IND/TORR
William Wainwright papers CP/IND/WAIN
Jack Woddis papers CP/IND/WOD
Miscellaneous Individuals CP/IND/MISC
CPGB History materials CP/HIST
CPGB Local Papers CP/LOC
Hampshire and Dorset District CP/LOC/HD
Lewisham Borough CP/LOC/LEW
Miscellaneous local and district CP/LOC/MISC
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Scottish District CP/LOC/SCOT
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Yorkshire District CP/LOC/YORK
ETU Ballot Rigging Trial CP/MISC/ETU
Miscellaneous non-party organisations CP/ORG/MISC
Daily Worker / Morning Star and PPPS CP/PPPS
Young Communist League CP/YCL

Communist Party: Industrial Papers  CP/IND  [n.d.]

Kay Beauchamp (1899 - 1992) papers  CP/IND/KAYB  [n.d.]

Creator(s): Beauchamp, Kay, 1899-1992

This holding contains papers which belonged to Kay Beauchamp and her spouse Tony Gilbert. Kay Beauchamp joined the CPGB in the early 1920s, was one of the eight comrades who produced the first ever edition of the Daily Worker, which appeared on 1 January 1930. At various stages in her career she was propaganda officer for the LDCP, served on Finsbury Borough Council, worked in the International Department of the CPGB and in the LRD.
In later years she was active in the Movement For Colonial
Freedom/Liberation, especially in its London Area Council, other anti-racist and anti-imperialist campaigns, and in the Hackney borough organisation of the CPGB. Most of the papers here relate to her later activities. Runs of published CPGB material without annotation have been removed and integrated into existing files. Tony Gilbert fought in the International Brigade in Spain, and was later active in the Communist Party, the MCF/Liberation, and other anti-racist and anti-imperialist campaigns. One file of papers relating to his activities in Spain and the International Brigade Association has been placed with the IBA Archive at Marx House in London. Otherwise no attempt has been made to separate their papers, as they date from the period of their close political collaboration. Tony Gilbert died a few weeks before Kay Beauchamp, in January 1992.

Materials of the Movement For Colonial Freedom/Liberation  [no ref. or date]

Related information: (See also separate Liberation collection)

Constitution, pamphlets on Iranian oil, Commonwealth immigration, racism  CP/IND/KAYB/01/01  1961-1972

Documents from various MCF/Liberation national conferences  CP/IND/KAYB/01/02  1968-1976

London Area Council of MCF/Liberation documents: minutes, circulars and supporting papers, including materials of London AGMs 1967 - 1969, and some later undated items  CP/IND/KAYB/01/03  1967-1970

London Area Council of MCF/Liberation: London AGM - materials and notes  CP/IND/KAYB/01/04  8 February 1970

London Area Council of MCF/Liberation: London AGMs 1972, 1975, 1976 - materials, and some LAC minutes  CP/IND/KAYB/01/05  1972-1976

London Area Council of MCF/Liberation: correspondence about conference on Trade Unions and Race Relations  CP/IND/KAYB/01/06  1969

London Area Council of MCF/Liberation: correspondence with other organisations, leaflets and circulars to/from them  CP/IND/KAYB/01/07  1968-1976

London Area Council of MCF/Liberation: materials on the education of black and immigrant children-documents and press cuttings  CP/IND/KAYB/01/09  1973

Financial records of Liberation LAC  CP/IND/KAYB/01/10  1974-1977

Red Lion Square demonstration  CP/IND/KAYB/01/11  1974

Called by Liberation in protest against the National Front holding a meeting at Conway Hall, Red Lion Square on 15 June 1974 and Scarman Inquiry called to investigate the disorders at this demonstration in which a student, Kevin Gately, died as a result of injuries sustained at the hands of the polic. Evidence from various parties to the inquiry, leaflets, correspondence with Peter Cadogan of Conway Hall, etc.

Correspondence of Kay Beauchamp and others about 'Only One Died'-Tony Gilbert's account of the events at Red Lion Square, published by Liberation.  CP/IND/KAYB/01/12  1975-1976

Liberation and its London Area Council: correspondence with other organisations, leaflets and circulars to/from them  CP/IND/KAYB/01/13  1977-1990

Anti-racist, anti-imperialist and suchlike organisations  [no ref. or date]

World Peace Council Presidential Committee Session, Prague, April 1979. Documents (this session was attended by Tony Gilbert, standing in for James Lamond, MP)  CP/IND/KAYB/01/14  25-27 April 1979

World Peace Council conference on human rights in Uruguay and Guatemala, papers  CP/IND/KAYB/01/15  6-7 May 1979

Materials produced by Community Relations Councils (excluding Hackney CRC), and assorted other groups opposed to racism in Britain  CP/IND/KAYB/02/01  1970s

File of documents on race and education  CP/IND/KAYB/02/02  1970s

Collection of documents from various solidarity campaigns, concerning South Africa, Dominica, Iran, Sudan, Kampuchea  CP/IND/KAYB/02/03  1970s

Collection of cuttings on racism, the Immigration Acts, etc., and unsigned manuscript (not by KB) on racism  CP/IND/KAYB/02/04  1970s

Personal papers  [no ref. or date]

Correspondence of Kay Beauchamp and Tony Gilbert with various individuals and institutions on various topics, not directly connected with their work in Liberation.  CP/IND/KAYB/02/05  1918-1983

Contains photocopies of early letters by Joan Beauchamp, including from Holloway Prison in 1918

Materials on Freshwater Property Holdings (Kay Beauchamp's landlord)-press cuttings and reports, materials of the Clissold Court Tenants' Association, etc.  CP/IND/KAYB/02/06  1970s

Manuscript of two articles on Kay Beauchamp by Mary Davis-for Link, the CPGB women's journal  CP/IND/KAYB/02/07  1982 (?)

Greetings to Kay Beauchamp on her 70th birthday from family and political colleagues  CP/IND/KAYB/02/08  27 May 1969

Miscellaneous articles by and about Kay Beauchamp, fragments of her memoirs, guest list for Xmas 1982, Marx House share certificate, 1941, etc.  CP/IND/KAYB/02/09  [n.d.]

Notes for talks and meetings organised by CPGB, Liberation and other organisations - notebooks and manuscripts  CP/IND/KAYB/02/10  Mainly 1970s

Scrapbook/notebook on the civil war in Spain, with notes and press cuttings. Presumably intended for CPGB education, compiler not certain (Kay or Joan Beauchamp? Tony Gilbert?)  CP/IND/KAYB/02/11  Late 1930s

Press cuttings  [no ref. or date]

Cuttings on Russia, conditions pre-Great War, wartime, political repression under the Tsars, the revolution  CP/IND/KAYB/02/12  1909-1931

Including cuttings from the Communist, Daily Herald, New Statesman. Copy of The Call, and handwritten notes on the revolution

Cuttings on and by G.B. Shaw, including H.G. Wells and R.P. Dutt on Shaw, and Shaw on Russia, etc.  CP/IND/KAYB/02/13  1909-1961

Cuttings and leaflets on the 2nd World War and especially the CPGB's attitude to it.  CP/IND/KAYB/02/14  1935-1941

Includes CPGB leaflets and letters 1938-1941, anti-war tracts by Beaverbrook, article by J.T. Murphy, letters to the New Statesman by D.N. Pritt and Tom Wintringham, etc.

German-language anti-Nazi material from the 1930s - 2 copies of Die Rothe Fahne (CP Austria), 1 Austrian trade union leaflet, and 1 disguised booklet of CP Germany material  CP/IND/KAYB/02/15  1930s

Hackney organisations  [no ref. or date]

Hackney Community Relations Council - minutes and papers  CP/IND/KAYB/03/01  1971-1978

Hackney Trades Council - some minutes and papers  CP/IND/KAYB/03/02  1972-1980

Papers of various Hackney-based progressive organisation  CP/IND/KAYB/03/03  1970s

Hackney Communist Party  [no ref. or date]

Stoke Newington Branch materials - some newsletters, membership lists  CP/IND/KAYB/03/04  1972-1977

Hackney Borough Committee CPGB - minutes, correspondence and miscellaneous papers, including some notes by Kay Beauchamp  CP/IND/KAYB/03/05  1971-1979

Hackney CPGB borough conferences - agendas, reports, resolutions and Kay Beauchamp's notes  CP/IND/KAYB/03/06  1972-1978

Hackney Communist Newsletter - produced by Hackney Borough Committee CPGB. Incomplete run  CP/IND/KAYB/03/07  1971-1978

Ben Bradley papers  CP/IND/BRAD  [n.d.]

Creator(s): Bradley, Benjamin Francis, 1898-1957

Administrative history:
Benjamin Francis Bradley, 1898-1957, Communist, anti-imperialist and engineering union organiser

MS autobiographical note c1943 and TS biographical (?) statement c1929  CP/IND/BRAD/1/1  c1929-43

Pocket diary with notes of engagements  CP/IND/BRAD/1/2  1956

Meerut Prisoners papers  [no ref. or date]

Letters from BB in India mainly to his brother Len Bradley, with correspondence of LB's re BB's case  CP/IND/BRAD/1/3  1929-1931

Letters from BB in India mainly to his brother Len Bradley, with letter to C.W. Bowerman MP, draft 'Appeal to the International Working Class for the Defence of the Meerut Case'  CP/IND/BRAD/1/4  1929-1933

Letters from BB in India mainly to his parents and brother Len Bradley; also Reginald Bridgeman, National Meerut Prisoners Defence Committee  CP/IND/BRAD/1/5  1929-1931

Letters to BB  CP/IND/BRAD/1/6  1929-1932

Correspondents incl Percy Glading (several letters); Ellen Fairbrother; Muzaffar; Nancy Price, Catholic Crusade, Stoke-on-Trent; Alex Gossip, NAFTA; William Rust; Mary Knight, Manchester; B.S. Horniman, Herald; Jack Tanner; A.A. Purcell, Manchester and Salford Trades Council; Jack Ryan; Abdul Halim; Bill Segar; various British and Indian trade union organisations

Transcripts of summing up of cases for prosecution in conspiracy case with MS notes of depositions in Bradley case  CP/IND/BRAD/1/7  1929

Applications, orders etc during Meerut conspiracy case  CP/IND/BRAD/2/1  1930

Incl petitions and enquiries of accused to Governor General and sessions judges, orders of the additional sessions judge and related papers; evidence given by H.N. Brailsford Nov. 1930 (handlist with papers)

Papers of R. Milner-White, additional district magistrate in charge of Meerut conspiracy case  CP/IND/BRAD/2/2  1929-1930

Incl applications and complaints from Bradley, Spratt and other defendants, court orders, list of defence witnesses, charge sheet and list of accused etc (handlist with papers)

Loose papers found in the above  CP/IND/BRAD/2/3  1931-1933

Mainly letters from BB to his brother Len Bradley; also correspondence of BB's father with William Wedgwood Benn, Secretary of State for India, letters from Percy Glading, Ernest Winterton and other supporters in Britain

Defence statement of Ben Bradley in Meerut conspiracy case June-July 1931  CP/IND/BRAD/2/4  1931

Defence papers re Meerut conspiracy case  CP/IND/BRAD/2/5  1930-1933

Incl 'suggestions in regard to defence', notes on expulsion of Maslow from German Communist Party 1925, partly because of his behaviour in court; notes on the case against BB, papers removed from his room, correspondence with magistrates, orders re the case, lists of books sent from Britain for defence purposes, brief for Bradley case, list of documeent sproduced by prosecution, list of defence witnesses etc (full handlist with papers)

TS notes of summing up by M. I. Kemp of prosecution case in Meerut conspiracy trial June 1932  CP/IND/BRAD/3/1  1932

Printed judgement in Meerut conspiracy trial of Additional Sessions Judge R. L. Yorke January 1933 (volume 1)  CP/IND/BRAD/3/2  1933

Printed judgement in Meerut conspiracy trial of Additional Sessions Judge R. L. Yorke January 1933 (volume 2)  CP/IND/BRAD/3/3  1933

Correspondence of Meerut conspiracy case Central Defence Committee incl liist of defence witnesses (handlist with papers)  CP/IND/BRAD/3/4  1929-1930

Loose papers found in the above  CP/IND/BRAD/3/5  1929-1931

Incl copy correspondence with William Wedgwood Benn, Secretary of State for India; National Meerut Prisoners Defence Committee press statements

Correspondence re Meerut case with W.H. Thompson, solicitor, London  CP/IND/BRAD/3/6  1929-1930

Meerut Communist Conspiracy Case Defence Fund and Meerut Prisoners Appeal Fund balance sheets and accounts  CP/IND/BRAD/3/7  1930-1932

MS notes and tables on Meerut conspiracy trial giving details of witnesses, defence arguments etc  CP/IND/BRAD/4/1  1933

Loose papers found in the above incl BB's MS essay 'The Meerut Trial and it relationship to the Working Class Movement in India', letters to Bradley 1934; with other miscellaneous papers  CP/IND/BRAD/4/2  c1933-1934

Cuttings, newsletters, circulars and papers mainly of the Meerut Prisoners Release Committee of the League Against Imperialism, British section  CP/IND/BRAD/4/3  1932-1933

Papers incl TS financial statements and minutes, copy correspondence, pamphlets and draft pamphlets

Misc papers re Meerut Conspiracy Case  CP/IND/BRAD/4/4  1929-1931

Incl materials issued by League Against Imperialism (British section); examinations of witnesses Dharni Goswani, G. Chakravarty, Radha Ramam Mittra, Gopal Chandra Basak; copy statements on Meerut of Trades Union Congress General Council

Papers of National Meerut Prisoners Defence Committee/Meerut Prisoners Release Committee of the League Against Imperialism, British section  CP/IND/BRAD/4/5  1929-1933

Papers incl letters to BB from Reginald Bridgeman, secretary of British section LAI, circulars, leaflets etc; letter to BB from Clemens Dutt; copy correspondence between Fenner Brockway and William Wedgwood Benn; TS 'Reply to Mr A.A. Purcell's charge against the Meerut Prisoners'

Papers re BB's appeal, release and subsequent activities  CP/IND/BRAD/5/1  1933-1934

Incl substantial correspondence with his brother Ben; list of delegates to Ben Bradley Reception Committee; correspondence with British Labour movement and other organisation re the Meerut defence fund; correspondents incl Cicely Craven, Howard League for Penal Reform; Fenner Brockway; Ernest Winterton; C.R. de Gruchy, Reynolds Illustrated News; R. Page Arnot, Marx Memorial Library; Conrad Noel; Herbert Spratt; Harry Pollitt; Abdul Halim; Ramen Bose, Students Meerut Appeal Defence Fund Committee

Correspondence and related papers of G. Adhikari for the Communist group of Meerut prisoners  CP/IND/BRAD/5/2  1932-1933

Correspondence re Meerut conspiracy trial defence fund, held in Bradley's name (handlist with papers)  CP/IND/BRAD/5/3  1930

Further papers re Meerut conspiracy trial defence/appeal fund incl bills, receipts, rough accounts, correspondence mainly with the Allahabad Bank Ltd  CP/IND/BRAD/5/4  1931-1933

Further papers re Meerut conspiracy trial defence/appeal fund incl bills, chits, rough balance sheets, defence arrangements  CP/IND/BRAD/5/5  1930-1931

BB's evidence (printed) to committee (on Bombay textile industry?) meeting Bombay Town Hall 14.12.28  CP/IND/BRAD/5/6  1928

TS bibliographies on historical materialism and revolutionary history  CP/IND/BRAD/6/1  c1928

Papers re India  [no ref. or date]

Press cuttings re Indian and world affairs  CP/IND/BRAD/6/2  1930-1931

Further press cuttings mainly re politics in India  CP/IND/BRAD/6/3  c1929-1930

Miscellaneous press cuttings re trade union activities in India etc  CP/IND/BRAD/6/4  1928-1929

Cuttings from Times of India re Bombay riots  CP/IND/BRAD/6/5  1929

Cuttings from Indian National Herald and Bombay Chronicle re Bombay riots  CP/IND/BRAD/6/6  1929

Cuttings from Indian and British press re Meerut conspiracy trial  CP/IND/BRAD/6/7  1930

Cuttings and papers re Indian politics  CP/IND/BRAD/6/8  1930s

Incl copy documents of Indian National Congress issued by the Indian League; draft resolutions for All Indiia States' Workers' Convention 15.2.38; leaflets re Indian students' activities, Cawnpore and Bombay Students Unions etc; resolution of the Bombay Presidency Students Federation; copy articles of Karl Marx on India; TS article by R. Palme Dutt' "Congress Socialism" - a contradiction in terms. A critique of the programme of the Bombay "Congress Socialist Group'" 7.9.34

Papers on Communist activities in India and relations with Congress Socialist Party  CP/IND/BRAD/6/9  1930s

Papers incl TS 'Report on the electoral campaign in Sholapur'; reolutions of the Bihar Kisan Council Dec. 1937; draft reolution on fundamental rights by M.N. Roy for Karachi congress 1931; repor of Sangmner-Akola conference Sept. 1937; memoranda on joint editorship of the 'Congress Socialist' and on the Left Book Club in India; draft resolution for the Delhi session of the All-India TUC; statement on CSP Aug. 1937; article 'The Trade union movement in Cawnpore' by 'A Cawnpore Trade Unionist'; statement of joint conference of mill committees, Cawnpore, Sept. 1937; article 'After the General Strike' (in Cawnpore) by Hansraj; memorandum of Mazdoor Sabha Cawnpore to United Provinces govenment enquiry; report of meeting of representatives of CSP in Tamil Nadu, Andhra and Kerla; TS paper 'Conditions of labourers in the Mysore state'; AICC Calcutta session Oct. 1937; memoranda on CSP organisational problems and work inside CSP; Andhra information Bureau report on M.N. Roy's tour of Andhra July (1937?); article bt Hansraj 'Congress Ministries in Action' Sept. (1937?); representation of AITUC to Nehru Aug. (1937?); CSP Report Aug. 1937; reports of discussion with Sundarayya re J.P.'s tour of Andhra; reports on the Panjab, the UNF and joint editorship of Congress Socialist Dec. 1937; political agendas Oct. 1937

File of miscellaneous cuttings papers incl BB's MS notes on Meerut conspiracy case and Bombay trade union work  CP/IND/BRAD/7/1  Early 1930s

Leaflets re Indian politics in various language (part handlist with papers)  CP/IND/BRAD/7/2  1930s

Letters from prison mainly to his wife joy but with one letter to Reginald Bridgeman  CP/IND/BRAD/7/3  1940

Cuttings from Indian press  CP/IND/BRAD/7/4  1942

MS notes on history of Amalgamated Engineering Union  CP/IND/BRAD/7/5  C1945

TS diary of visit to China on AEU delegation  CP/IND/BRAD/7/6  1956

Papers from his final years and re his death, funeral and the Ben Bradley Memorial Endowment Fund  CP/IND/BRAD/7/7  c1955-1957

Correspondents with BB incl Alan Winnington; papers also incl report of general secretary of Federation of Indian Students Societies at its council Apr. 1956; inventory of his books, pamphlets and document son India; BB's TS notes on India; correspondence of Wal Hannington re the memorial fund

Papers re Ben Bradley Memorial Endowment Fund mainly correspondence with supporters  CP/IND/BRAD/7/8  c1957-1958

Incl R. Palme Dutt, Idris Cox; Ted Brake; John Gollan and AEU branches and other sympathetic trade unions; also duplicated minutes, accounts etc of the fund

Rosa Glading deposit  CP/IND/BRAD/7/9  1931-1969

Papers deposited by Rosa Glading, principally copy of Bradley's statement in Meerut conspiracy case with correspondence about the papers 1969

Rajani Palme Dutt (1896 - 1974) papers  CP/IND/DUTT  [n.d.]

Creator(s): Dutt, Rajani Palme, 1896-1974, CPGB leader and writer

Administrative history:
R.P. Dutt was born in Cambridge. His father was an Indian doctor practising in a working class area of the city, and his mother was a Swedish writer. He joined the ILP in 1913. He won a scholarship to Balliol College, Oxford, and despite being expelled for his political activities, including public opposition to the war, Dutt gained first class honours. He was a foundation member of the CPGB, and was at the same time active in bringing the ILP Left Wing into the CPGB in 1921. From 1919 to 1922 he was international secretary of the Labour Research Department, and in July 1921 founded the magazine 'Labour Monthly'. He was a member of the CPGB EC and of its Political Bureau from 1922 until the mid-1960s. At various times Dutt edited the CPGB newspapers 'Workers' Weekly' and 'Daily Worker'. From 1924 to 1936 he resided abroad, and worked in Communist International structures in Western Europe. He replaced Harry Pollitt as de facto CPGB General Secretary from September 1939 to July 1941, following Pollitt's refusal to accept the Cl's characterisation of the Second World War as imperialist on both sides. Dutt exercised considerable influence on the development of the communist movement in India. He wrote several books on questions of imperialism, India, communism and labour movement history. Dutt's papers were deposited in various places after his death, including the British Library, the CPGB Archive, and the Working Class Movement Library.

Biographical materials  [no ref. or date]

Miscellaneous biographical and autobiographical material: family trees, notes, press cuttings, some correspondence and memoirs of discussions with leading Communist International figures  CP/IND/DUTT/01/01  1962-1972 and n.d

Typescript of first eight chapters of Dutt's planned autobiography 'One of Many'. Also - copy of the chapter on RPD's Swedish relatives corrected by Salme's niece Vappu Tuomioja, and correspondence relating to this  CP/IND/DUTT/01/02  1968-1978

Notes and charts in Dutt's own writing for his planned autobiography 'One of Many'. Includes information on the Peace Campaign of 1935  CP/IND/DUTT/01/03  1970s

Handwritten drafts of later chapters of Dutt's autobiography  CP/IND/DUTT/01/04  1970s

Materials relating to Dutt's mother's (Palme) side of the family  CP/IND/DUTT/01/05  1949 and n.d

Family tree with explanatory notes in Swedish, condolences to RPD on his mother's death in 1949 from D. N. Pritt, Harry Pollitt, Andrew Rothstein, Dilip Bose and others, childhood reminiscences (in Swedish) of Anna Palme Dutt

Examples of RPD's Greek and Latin schoolwork  CP/IND/DUTT/01/06  circa 1912

RPD's birth certificate, Perse School report, testimonials from Balliol College and the school in which RPD taught classics in 1918, notes for Oxford Union debate 1915, National Registration certificate and War Office papers, some correspondence etc.  CP/IND/DUTT/01/07  1912-1968

RPD's notes on books, articles and reports he had read  CP/IND/DUTT/01/08  c. 1915

Including H. Withers, 'The Meaning of Money', J.A. Hobson, 'Imperialism', J. West, 'A History of the Chartist Movement', A. L. Bowley, 'Wages in the 19th Century', G. D. H. Cole, 'The World of Labour', etc.

Salme Dutt (1888 - 1964) papers  [no ref. or date]

Letters to Salme Dutt (nee Murrik, aka Pekkala), Including 1 from George Lansbury, in English, Swedish and Finnish  CP/IND/DUTT/01/09  1910-1920

Correspondence with and about Salme Dutt, including reports on her medical conditions. Diary of her stay in hospital in 1958  CP/IND/DUTT/01/10  1933-1968

Letters from Salme to RPD - from Germany, France, Finland, Belgium etc.  CP/IND/DUTT/01/11  1923-1935

Letters from Salme to RPD - from Britain when RPD was abroad, and her diaries for RPD  CP/IND/DUTT/01/12  1946-1962

Personal letters and cards from RPD to Salme, particularly from abroad  CP/IND/DUTT/02/01  1923-1959

Syllabuses on CP work among women for Marx House - drafts, typescripts and notes  CP/IND/DUTT/02/02  1937

Typescripts and notes for syllabus on the CPGB for Marx House  CP/IND/DUTT/02/03  Circa 1940

Materials on the history of Chartism: draft syllabuses, letter from Dona Torr, minutes of meeting of the Chartist Centenary Committee, etc.  CP/IND/DUTT/02/04  1938-1939

Materials on the history of Chartism: typescript of 'When England Arose', articles by Salme Dutt on Chartism, correspondence with Randall Swingler etc.  CP/IND/DUTT/02/05  1938-1948

Letters of condolence to RPD on Salme's death, her passport, 1924 CPGB card, miscellaneous documents  CP/IND/DUTT/02/06  1924-1964

Material relating to the posthumous publication of a volume of Salme's poems 'Lucifer' - notes, correspondence and reviews  CP/IND/DUTT/02/07  1964-1969

Material relating to the posthumous publication of a volume of Salme's poems 'Lucifer' - notes, correspondence and reviews. Second file  CP/IND/DUTT/02/08  1966-1967

Correspondence  [no ref. or date]

Letters from RPD to his mother, 1927 - 1929, and to his sister Ellie 1926 - 1930  CP/IND/DUTT/02/09  1926-1930

Letters to RPD from his mother  CP/IND/DUTT/02/10  1923-1925

Letters to RPD from his mother  CP/IND/DUTT/02/11  1926-1927

Letters to RPD from his mother  CP/IND/DUTT/03/01  1928-1930

Letters to RPD from his mother (and one from RPD's brother Clemens Dutt to their mother)  CP/IND/DUTT/03/02  1931-1933

Letters to RPD from his mother  CP/IND/DUTT/03/03  1934-1935

Letters to RPD from his mother  CP/IND/DUTT/03/04  1936-1943

Letters to RPD from his father, and carbon copies of two of RPD's responses in 1929  CP/IND/DUTT/03/05  n.d

Letters to RPD and Salme Dutt from RPD's sister Ellie, along with 3 letters from Ellie to her mother, and one from Anna to Salme  CP/IND/DUTT/03/06  1924-1974

Letters to RPD and Salme Dutt from RPD's brother Clemens. Includes Clemens' impressions of the 1926 CPGB congress, and a biographical sketch of Clemens Dutt  CP/IND/DUTT/03/07  1925-1938 (biography 1952)

Letters to RPD from RPD's brother Clemens, along with copy of 1972 letter from Clemens to R. Page Arnot  CP/IND/DUTT/03/08  1959-1974

Letters to RPD from his niece Anna, his sister-in-law Violet (Lansbury), and letters from RPD to his brother Clemens  CP/IND/DUTT/03/09  1926-1972

Clemens Dutt  [no ref. or date]

Press cuttings and biographical notes relating to Clemens Dutt and his partner Violet Lansbury  CP/IND/DUTT/03/10  Mainly 1944 and 1953

Correspondence  [no ref. or date]

Letters to RPD and Salme Dutt from relatives in Finland: Ethel Yli-Pohja, Mary, Salme Hyvarinen, Leo Murrik, Ljalja (nee Norlander)  CP/IND/DUTT/04/01  1931-1970

[Some correspondence in Finnish]

Letters to Salme Dutt and RPD from Salme's niece Vappu Tiomiola (nee Wuolijoki). Some in German  CP/IND/DUTT/04/02  1925-1973

Letters to RPD and Salme Dutt from Sade Rotas (niece?), Elsa Lagercrantz and Moster la. Also, material (mainly in Swedish) concerning the legacy of RPD's aunt ingegerd Palme and the bequest to RPD  CP/IND/DUTT/04/03  1927-1969

Letters to RPD and Salme Dutt from Ernst Murrik and Katharina Kokamagi (Salme's parents).  CP/IND/DUTT/04/04  1880-1942

Some in Finnish (Estonian?). Includes notices of Katharina's and Ernst's deaths, and some mementos - photographs, and a handwritten volume of poetry by Ernst Murrik, mainly in Finnish, (Estonian?), 1880 - 1887

Letters, mainly to Salme Dutt from Nina Murrik-Polonsky and Miummi Murrik. Some in Estonian (Finnish?), some in German  CP/IND/DUTT/04/05  1920-1935

Letters, mainly to Salme Dutt from Salme's sister Hella Wuoljoki (noted Finnish playwright) Some in Finnish (Estonian?). Also some photographs, press cuttings and a translation of her play "Women of Property"  CP/IND/DUTT/04/06  1920-1953

Various personal letters to RPD and Salme Dutt, especially from Bobby Grenfell (son of H. Grenfell)  CP/IND/DUTT/04/07  1934-1966

Letters to RPD wishing him well after his eye operation - including from John Mahon, Idris Cox, Harry Pollitt, John Gollan, Max Egelnick, George Matthews, Peter Kerrigan and others  CP/IND/DUTT/04/08  August-October 1958

Messages of greetings to RPD on his 50th, 60th, 70th and 75th birthdays, and on the 45th and 50th anniversaries of Labour Monthly  CP/IND/DUTT/04/09  1946-1971

From i.a. the CPGB EC of 1946 (individually signed by members), CC CPSU, N. K. Krishnan and Ajoy Ghosh (CP India), Lancashire and Cheshire CPGB, CC PCF, CC CP China, Palmiro Togliatti (Italian CP - signed), Reginald Bridgeman, Allen Hutt, Angela Tuckett (humourous), Erich Honecker (signed), Gustav Husak (signed), N.
Lunkov (Soviet Ambassador), children of Moscow boarding school No. 59. Also certificate of honorary doctorate awarded to RPD by Moscow University, 1962

Death of RPD, December 1974 - messages of condolences from individuals, CPGB organisations and overseas CPs, correspondence relating to RPD's will, his bequest of materials to the British Library etc.  CP/IND/DUTT/04/10  1959-1975

CPGB organisational materials  [no ref. or date]

Typescript and duplicated syllabuses for CPGB training and education, drafted by, or in collaboration with, RPD  CP/IND/DUTT/05/01  1922-1923

Birmingham Sparkbrook Parliamentary Election, July 1945. RPD's candidature against L. S. Amery, Secretary of State for India.  CP/IND/DUTT/05/02  June-July 1945

Notes of speeches, election addresses, circulars, organisational material etc.

Birmingham Sparkbrook Parliamentary Election, July 1945. RPD's candidature against L. S. Amery, Secretary of State for India.  CP/IND/DUTT/05/03  June-July 1945

Dutt's plan of campaign, cuttings and material on Amery's record in India, election leaflets etc.

East Woolwich Parliamentary Election, February 1950. RPD's candidature against Ernest Bevin, Foreign Secretary.  CP/IND/DUTT/05/04  1950

Election leaflets, press cuttings, letters and messages of support from Paul Robeson, Marcel Cachin, V. Gordon Childe, J. D. Bernal, Howard Fast, All-India TUC etc. Also correspondence with Frank Hancock, standing with Peace Pledge Union support.

East Woolwich Parliamentary Election, February 1950. RPD's candidature against Ernest Bevin, Foreign Secretary.  CP/IND/DUTT/05/05  1950

Election leaflets, including of other parties, Dutt's plan of campaign, notes for speeches, posters etc.

Hampstead Parliamentary Election, October 1951. RPD's planned candidature against Henry Brooke, Tory LCC leader.  CP/IND/DUTT/05/06  1951

Press reports of announcement and subsequent withdrawal of candidature. Correspondence with well-wishers, notes for and reports of speeches by RPD at meeting announcing his withdrawal, etc.

General correspondence within Britain  [no ref. or date]

Letters to/from RPD  CP/IND/DUTT/05/07  1920-1972

To/from J. W. Amthill, A. S. Aranta, R. Archbold, A. Barnes, London Borough of Barnet, Tom Bell, John Berger, Aneurin Bevan, Rutland Boughton, B. Bowen, Ben Bradley, H. N. Brailsford, Ted Bramley, Reginald Bridgeman, V. Gordon Childe, E. Childers, Claude Cockburn, Margaret Cole

Letters to/from RPD  CP/IND/DUTT/05/08  1924-1971

To/from Cde. Condon, A. J. Cook, D. C. Corrie, Helen Crawfurd, Stafford Cripps, J. Cronin (also R. H. Briginshaw and Bert Williams), A. J. Cummings, Basil Davidson, R. Dell, Maurice Dobb, Sid Douglas, Roger Eatwell, Ness Edwards, W. N. Ewer, Reuben Falber, Lord Faringdon, Bejamin Farrington (and Alex Massie), A. Field, H. Fomison, Ken Forge, Sid French

Letters to/from RPD and Salme Dutt  CP/IND/DUTT/05/09  1935-1969

To/from Willie Gallacher, J. L. Garvin, John Gollan, Victor Gollancz, Ruth Gollancz, Angela Gradwell (Tuckett), Ronald Gray, C. Desmond Greaves, A. Green, Harold Grenfell, Dorothy Grey

Letters to/from RPD  CP/IND/DUTT/05/10  1921-1973

To/from J. B. S Haldane, H. D. Harben, George Hardy, M. Harmel, Fred Henderson, Harold Heslop, M. H. Hill, Eric Hobsbawm, Lancelot Hogben, J. Hopcraft, J. F. and Winifred Horrabin, Emrys, Hughes, W. H. Hutchinson, Allen Hutt

Letter to/from RPD  CP/IND/DUTT/05/11  1932-1972

To/from TA Jackson, None Jeffrey, Augustus John
Mrs. Hewlett Johnson, Arnold Kettle, Horst Krueger, W. H. Laithwaite, John Langdon-Davies, Harold J. Laski, Will Lawther and other Lawthers, Hyman Levy, John Lewis, G. B. Mandal, Tom Mann, Kingsley Martin, George Matthews, P. Mauger, F. Meynell, Ralph Milner, D. S. Mirsky, Walter Monckton, A. L. Morton, Malcolm Muggeridge, S. Mulready

Letters to/from RPD and Salme Dutt  CP/IND/DUTT/06/01  1923-1973

To/from J. T. Walton Newbold, Nan Nightingale, C. H. Norman, P. O'Connor, E. Olson, Margot Parish, H. Parsons, Wogan and Christina Philips, Harry Pollitt, Marjorie Pollitt (letter to MP from Hyman Levy), Ernie Pountney, M. Philips Price, J. B. Priestley, D. N. Pritt

Letters to/from RPD and Salme Dutt  CP/IND/DUTT/06/02  1917-1973

To/from Hugo Rathbone, Arthur E. E. Reade, Julian Reade, Maurice Reckitt, Maurice Richardson, Sylvie Robertson, Dusan Rovensky, Keith Robbins, Bertrand Russell, Dorothy Rycroft, P. Saha, Shapurji Saklatvala (also - letter from Pollitt re Saklatvala), J. R. Shanley, Roger Simon, Pat Sloan, C. P. Snow (and Freda Haddy, his secretary), Alan Spence, D. F. ('Dave') Springhall, Piero Sraffa, Kenneth Sterling, John and Celia Strachey (also Hugh Thomas), A. B. Swales

Letters to/from RPD and Salme Dutt  CP/IND/DUTT/06/03  1923-1967

To/from Jack Tanner, Peter Tempest, Jacqueline Tempest-Woods, George Thomson, Meg Thornhill (some from S. Africa), Dona Torr, M. H. Vakil, Hilda Vernon, J. Craig Walker, Alick West, W. S. Wigham, Ellen Wilkinson, Bert Williams, John Williamson, Dan A. Wilson, Tom Wintringham, Edgar Young

General correspondence outside Britain  [no ref. or date]

Letters to/from RPD and Salme Dutt  CP/IND/DUTT/06/04  1925-1973

To/from Muzaffar Ahmad (CP India), J. S. Allen (International Publishers, USA), Herbert Apotheker (CPUSA) G. L. Bondarevsky (USSR), Dilip Bose (CP India), Harry Bridges (ILWU, USA), Marcel and Marguerite Cachin (PCF), Shirley Graham DuBois (widow of W. E. B. DuBois), Max Eastman (USA - and related letters from R. Page Arnot and Kay Beauchamp) A. Evanitsky (Science and Society), William Z. Foster (CPUSA), D. Galatis (Greek exile), Amiya Gooptu (West Bengal), Gore Graham, Gordon Harvey (Australia), Ian Highet (Australia), Cheddi Jagan (PPP Guyana), Oakley C. Johnson (USA), P. C. Joshi (CP India)

Letters to/from RPD and Salme Dutt  CP/IND/DUTT/06/05  1924-1973

To/from Juergen Kuczynski (GDR), Hertta Kuusinen (Otto's daughter Finland) Murial MacSwiney (France, Ireland - also correspondence with C. Desmond Greaves on MacSwiney's points), Alex Malchanov (CPSU), David Martin (Australia), Ivan Melenevsky (CPGB Museum, Tashkent, USSR), H. Moore (CP Northern Ireland), Arne Naess (UNESCO), Scott Nearing (USA), Ernst Niekisch (Humboldt University, GDR), Kwame Nkrumah (Ghana, then Guinea - also correspondence with Idris Cox about LM review of Nkrumah's book), Albert (GDR?), P. Nowick (Israel - correspondence via Lazar Zaidman)

Letters to/from RPD and Salme Dutt  CP/IND/DUTT/06/06  1947-1972

To/from William J, Orr Jr. (USA), Mahadeva Prahad Saha (Asiatic Society of India - also letters to Ivan Zamchevsky, Progress Publishers, Moscow, and IML CC CPSU about Saha's letter), Mohit Sen (CP India), Elena Shibarina (Soviet Women's Committee), Sozialisische Einheitspartei Deutschlands, D. F. and Janet Springhall, Michael Shapiro, Alan Winnington, David and Isabel Crook (collective letter from China), Peter and Brigita Tempest (Bulgaria and USSR - also Colin Siddons, Bradford, about Tempests' letters), G. B. Mohan Thampi (CP India (Marxist), from the GDR), Raj and Romesh Thapar ('Seminar' magazine, Calcutta), Emile G. Touma (Palestine), Meir Vilner (CP Israel), Judah Waten (CP - and later Socialist Party - of Australia) Gordon Witt (USA)

Correspondence  [no ref. or date]

Letters to/from RPD and Salme Dutt to/from Robin Page Arnot, including correspondence between R. Page Arnot and E. H. Carr  CP/IND/DUTT/06/07  1960-1971

Correspondence with Indians resident in Britain: M. R. Anand, Ranjana S. Ash, Biplab Dasgupta, A. Man0chanda  CP/IND/DUTT/06/08  1935-1967

Correspondence with publishers: Encyclopaedia of the Social Services (USA), Covici-Friede (USA), Krishna Menon (at John Lane/Bodley Head), George Routledge Ltd., George Allen and Unwin (also - IML CC CPSU), Douglas Garman at Lawrence and Wishart  CP/IND/DUTT/06/09  1932-1940

Requests and invitations to RPD to speak, write, send greetings etc.  CP/IND/DUTT/06/10  1963-1970

From: CC CP China, CP N. Ireland, Sunder Kabadi (Nehru memorial meeting), Chinese Charge d'Affaires, Indoxco Workers' Union (India), John Grittens for Lumea (Romania), Mike Haywood (UCNW Socialist Society), Alenandru Lazareanyu (Romanian Embassy) Bexley CPGB Stuart Samuels Freda Field (Unity Theatre), Aston University Socialist Society, Liverpool University Communist Society, International Organisation of Journalists (Prague), Pierre Teilhard de Chadin Association of Great Britain and Ireland, James S. Allen (International Publishers), Harry Shaffer (Kansas University), Illustrated Weekly of India, Soviet Embassy, Leeds University Union, Leeds CPGB, Coventry CPGB, Harrow YCL, Oxford University Communist Club, Tom Drinkwater (CPGB Economic Committee), East Pakistan Students' Union, Ron Ayers (autograph hunter), New Outlook (Israel), Reg Ward (Harrow CP), LSE Socialist Society, 'Durham Left', Marxistische Blaetter, Andrew Irving (Devorguilla Society, Balliol), Cambridge University Labour Club, Cardiff committee of Council for Education in World Citizenship, Birmingham University Communist Society, Trevor G. Munroe (Oxford University West Indian Society), Thami Mhlambiso (ANC SA), Committee for the Defence of Democracy in India, Kay Beauchamp (LDCP), Calcutta University Students' Union, A. R. Desai (Bombay University), Sue Shapiro (Hornsey YCL), CP National Student Committee, Workers' Circle Division 9, Edinburgh University Radical Students' Alliance, Jimmy Reid (Scottish CPGB), Ealing YCL, E. C. Shields, Lancaster University International Society, Phil Goodwin (CUL No. 1), BPC (D. N. Pritt retirement dinner), Jyoti Pal Chaudhuri (Birmingham University), H. Colbran, Bradford University Lenin Centenary Week Committee

Correspondence with the press and arising therefrom  [no ref. or date]

Letters to The Times, the Manchester Guardian, New Statesman, the Daily Telegraph, Egg and other papers on foreign policy questions, the origin of the phrase 'Iron Curtain' etc.  CP/IND/DUTT/06/11  1917-1971

Also - correspondence with H. G. Wells on the publication of Wells' comments in Labour Monthly and letters, articles re AJP Taylors's writings on universities, the Second World War etc.

Telegrams and letters from Internationale Presse Korrespondenz and its German-language successor Rundschau to RPD requesting that information and articles be provided  CP/IND/DUTT/06/12  1926-1927 and 1935

Letters from Joseph Freeman and William E. Browder on New Masses to RPD  CP/IND/DUTT/06/13  1934-1936

Correspondence with G. C. Sondhi of the Congress-Jubilee Commemoration-Volume Committee and with Jan Bharati of the Nehru 60th Birthday Commemoration Volume  CP/IND/DUTT/06/14  [n.d.]

Letter to 'For a Lasting Peace, For a People's Democracy!' compalining about editorial revisions to an article on India  CP/IND/DUTT/06/15  29 November 1954

Correspondence with the editors of the Great Soviet Encyclopaedia concerning the entries on RPD and Harry Pollitt  CP/IND/DUTT/06/16  February-May 1954

Correspondence with the Straits Times of Malaya and the Ernest O. Hauser of the Saturday Evening Post (Philadelphia) regarding an interview given in June 1954 by RPD  CP/IND/DUTT/06/17  January-February 1955

Correspondence with, and questionnaire from John H. Crider of the International News Service and RPD's replies  CP/IND/DUTT/06/18  11-13 April 1956

Meetings addressed by R. Palme Dutt  [no ref. or date]

RPD's notes for speeches on war, socialism, class war, communism and the ILP, trade unionism, Karl Liebknecht, etc.  CP/IND/DUTT/07/01  1916-1924

Notes for public and internal CPGB speeches - including at meetings of the CPGB CC and Political Bureau. Includes notes for CC meetings of September and October 1939  CP/IND/DUTT/07/02  1935-1941

Notes for public and internal CPGB speeches - including CPGB EC January 1956  CP/IND/DUTT/07/03  1943, 1956, 1957

Advertisements, agendas, tickets, leaflets and other ephemera relating to meetings addressed by RPD. Also - RPD's notes on a Labour Party victory rally on 8 January 1924  CP/IND/DUTT/07/04  1922-1966

Controversies involving R. Palme Dutt  [no ref. or date]

Cuttings, documents and notes relating to the 1957/58 revision of the British Road to Socialism  CP/IND/DUTT/07/05  1956-1958

In which there was a controversy about whether the Empire should be replaced with a 'fraternal association' or just 'close voluntary fraternal relations'. The latter formulation was favoured by Dutt, who was in a minority in the BRS drafting commission on this question

Broadcasts and correspondence on them  [no ref. or date]

Correspondence with the BBC, independent television companies and Radio Sofia about broadcasts in which RPD participated, and letters from RPD complaining about or commenting on broadcasts.  CP/IND/DUTT/07/06  1942-1967

Transcripts of radio interview on the USSR with Christopher Hollis, July 1948, and of a radio discussion with Lord Vansittart and Dingle Foot, November 1947

Television interview of RPD by Malcolm Muggeridge. Transcript of interview, correspondence with BBC offices relating to it, and letters from viewers to RPD commenting on the programme  CP/IND/DUTT/07/07  1966-1967

Materials relating to RPD's visit to Moscow for the 50th anniversary of Pravda.  CP/IND/DUTT/07/08  April-May 1962

Includes Pravda report of the ceremony, and RPD's typed-up notes of visits to a school, Patrice Lumumba Friendship University, the editorial board of International Affairs, Prof. Ivasheva, Moscow University history students, and of conversations with 'K' and 'T'.

Articles and other writings of R. Palme Dutt  [no ref. or date]

Pieces by RPD in foreign publications - including I'Humanite, Rote Fahne, Inprecorr (various editions), Worker (Canada), Unsere Zeit, New Masses etc., in English, French, German and Norwegian  CP/IND/DUTT/07/09  1920-1934

Pieces by RPD in foreign publications  CP/IND/DUTT/07/10  1935-1939

Including Railroad (Australia), Pravda, US Daily Worker, New Masses, Labor Daily (Australian LP), Clarte (France), Ottawa Daily Clarion, Soviets Today (Australia) and others. In English, French, German, Russian, Bengali (?)

Pieces by RPD in foreign publications  CP/IND/DUTT/08/01  1940-1949

Including The Communist (USA), Problemes (Liege), New Masses, Die Welt (Stockholm), Orentacion (Argentina), National Affairs (Canada), People's Age (India), Fundamentos (Cuba), De Waarheid (Netherlands), Merdeka (Indonesia), Democratie Nouvelle (France) and others, on India, the war, imperialism, the CPGB etc.

Pieces by RPD in foreign publications, and some typescripts of these pieces.  CP/IND/DUTT/08/02  1950-1963

Publications include For... For..., International Affairs (USSR), Revolution Africaine, Literaturnaya Gazeta, Political Affairs (CPUSA), New Age (CP India), Nigerian Tribune, Crossroads (India), Democratie Nouvelle, Blitz (India), Pravda, Izvestiya, New Times (USSR), World Marxist Review, Les Nouvelles de Moscou, New World Review (USA) etc.

Pieces by RPD in British publications  CP/IND/DUTT/08/03  1919-1963

Including The Communist, The Socialist (SLP), University Socialist, Workers' Weekly, New Leader, The Proletarian, The Worker, Colonial News, Irish Freedom, University Forward, Advance (LLOY), Reynolds News, World News and Views, Challenge, The Plebs, Marxism Today etc.

Pieces by RPD in British publications - the Daily Worker, Workers' Weekly and the Sunday Worker  CP/IND/DUTT/08/04  1923-1965

Manuscripts, typescripts and duplicated articles by RPD 1915 - 1921  CP/IND/DUTT/08/05  1915 -1921

Including 'Palliatives', 'Trade Unionism Old and New', 'The Function of the Universities in Wartime', ILP circular on Bolshevism, Report to the Labour Party Advisory Committee on the Machinery of Government on 'The Political Theory of the Revolutionary Movements in Europe', 'The Inapplicability of Third Principles to British Conditions', 'Communism and Violence', 'Communism' (for Encyclopaedia Britannica) etc.

Typescripts and printed articles and speeches by RPD 1953 - 1973  CP/IND/DUTT/08/06  1940-1973

Including draft programme for the CPGB (1940), commemorative article on Theodore Rothstein, Report on 'Britain and the Colonies' (1953), speech at the 27th CPGB congress, articles in Comment etc.

Draft by RPD for a book on 'Democracy'. 4 chapters and notes, including notes for a lecture on 'Marxism and Democracy' at Caxton Hall, 24 October 1943  CP/IND/DUTT/08/07  1943 and 1949 (?)

Controversies involving R. Palme Dutt  [no ref. or date]

Controversy about Christopher Hill's book 'The English Revolution' and the review signed 'PF' (Juergen Kuczynski) published in Labour Monthly in October 1940.  CP/IND/DUTT/08/08  1940-1941

Includes notes, letters (including from Emile Burns) and duplicated documents

Controversy around Dutt's account of the CPGB's 15th congress in 1938 and the Munich agreement in Labour Monthly, April 1971. Letters from Ted Bramley, Idris Cox, Reuben Falber, and RPD's replies  CP/IND/DUTT/08/09  April-June 1971

Controversy around Dutt's review of Trotsky's 'History of the Russian Revolution' in the Daily Worker.  CP/IND/DUTT/08/10  1965-1966

Includes note from George Matthews, notes by Andrew Rothstein on Trotsky, Dutt's typescript, response in the Daily Worker and the Newsletter (SLL), etc.

Controversy around L. J. Macfarlane's book 'The British Communist Party. Its Origin and Development Until 1929'.  CP/IND/DUTT/08/11  1966

Correspondence in the TLS about its review of Macfarlane. Correspondence with James Klugmann about RPD's review of the book, RPD's typescript, etc.

Controversy around the Kashmir war of 1965. Articles by Dutt in Democratie Nouvelle, Canadian Tribune and New Age. Correspondence with New Age about line attributed to Dutt by N. K. Krishnan. Dutt's notes  CP/IND/DUTT/08/12  1965

Literary controversy about Frank Hardy's book 'Power Without Glory', reviewed, not without criticism, in the Daily Worker.  CP/IND/DUTT/08/13  1952

Dutt's letters in defence of Hardy, correspondence with Hardy, Jack Lindsay, George Thomson and others

Literary controversy about the Daily Worker's theatre review of 'Timon of Athens' and 'Tamburlaine'. RPD writes in defence of both plays, correspondence with Hymie Frankel and others on the plays  CP/IND/DUTT/08/14  November 1951

Controversy in the CPGB International Committee on assessment to be made of General Neguib's coup in Egypt.  CP/IND/DUTT/08/15  1952

Notes by Dutt, majority and minority assessments, handwritten article [by whom?], RPD's draft article and final version for the Daily Worker etc.

Controversy about the televising of Orwell's '1984' - RPD's protests in the Manchester Guardian and responses. Also - some correspondence directly with RPD  CP/IND/DUTT/08/16  1954-1955

RPD's notes and calculations concerning whether real wages had fallen since the end of the Second World War  CP/IND/DUTT/08/17  1954-1958

20th CPSU Congress controversy - especially RPD's dismissal of Khrushchev's revelations about Stalin as "spots on [the]... sun" in the May 1956 Labour Monthly.  CP/IND/DUTT/09/01  1956

Correspondents include R. W. Davies, Kit Meredith, Harold Silver, Freda Cook, Ron Meek, John Purton, John Savile, John Elton, Marian Ramelson, Noreen Branson and others. Also - EC resolution, amd EC criticism of RPD's handling of the issue at the East Midlands DC.

Press cuttings and reports about R. Palme Dutt  [no ref. or date]

Articles, reports and other material from the non-communist, communist and leftist press about RPD  CP/IND/DUTT/09/02  1944-1967

Articles, reports and other material from the non-communist, communist and leftist press about RPD  CP/IND/DUTT/09/03  1968-1969

Articles, reports and other material from the non-communist, communist and leftist press about RPD  CP/IND/DUTT/09/04  1970-1973

Reviews of R. Palme Dutt's works  [no ref. or date]

Reviews of 'Labour International Handbook'  CP/IND/DUTT/09/05  1921

Reviews of 'Socialism and the Living Wage' (a polemic against the ILP) - along with further expositions by RPD, and responses in 'Socialist Review' and 'New Leader'  CP/IND/DUTT/09/06  1927-1929

Reviews of 'Lenin', along with RPD's amendments and additions to the 1948 edition  CP/IND/DUTT/09/07  1933 and 1948

Reviews of 'Fascism and Social Revolution', along with RPD's prefaces to the second English edition, and Russian and French editions  CP/IND/DUTT/09/08  1933-1935

Reviews of 'World Politics' in the British, US and international press. Also - Gollancz's publicity material for the book, and some correspondence  CP/IND/DUTT/09/09  1935-1938

Reviews of 'The Political and Social Doctine of Communism'  CP/IND/DUTT/09/10  1938-1939

Correspondence, legal agreements and other documents relating to the eventual non-publication of RPD's 'Crisis of the British People', owing to the change of line on the war in 1941.  CP/IND/DUTT/09/11  1941 and 1946

Also - royalty statements on 'Britain in the World Front'

Reviews in the British and foreign press and documents relating to RPD's 'Britain in the World Front', written to replace the non-published 'Crisis of Britain'  CP/IND/DUTT/09/12  1942-1943

Reviews in the British and foreign press of RPD's 'Britain's Crisis of Empire', along with publishing agreement, royalty statements, RPD's discarded preface, etc.  CP/IND/DUTT/09/13  1949-1950

Reviews of other RPD works: 'The Crisis of Britain and the British Empire' (1957), 'The Internationale' (1964), 'The Rise and Fall of the Daily Herald' (1964), 'Problems of Contemporary History'  CP/IND/DUTT/09/14  1957-1965

Includes quotes, correspondence, corrections, drafts & reviews of "The Crisis of Britain and the British Empire"  CP/IND/DUTT/09/15  1952-1953

Correspondence and notes by Dutt & others on the contents and schedule for publishing "The Internationale"  CP/IND/DUTT/09/16  1964-1966

Labour Monthly  [no ref. or date]

Materials on policy and relations with the CPGB  CP/IND/DUTT/10/01  1929-1957

Memoranda and circulars from the CPGB leadership to party members and organisations encouraging support for LM, notes from RPD as LM editor to leading CPGB bodies and persons, including Harry Pollitt, letters from Kay Beauchamp and Roger S. Hooper, Labour Monthly draft circulars appealing for funds, etc.

Balance sheets, sales and circulation figures  CP/IND/DUTT/10/02  1927-1938

Press cuttings about Labour Monthly and articles contained therein, from the communist and non-communist press. Also - some advertising material  CP/IND/DUTT/10/03  1921-1973

Printing questions. Correspondence with printers (1930), and with authorities about paper supplies, 1943  CP/IND/DUTT/10/04  1930, 1943

Appeals for support and cash. Letters from well-wishers and donors, lists of regular donors for 1930 and 1945  CP/IND/DUTT/10/05  1924-1945

Labour Monthly-sponsored conferences - advertisements, documents and reports  CP/IND/DUTT/10/06  1931-1958

Letters of appreciation of LM to RPD from well-wishers  CP/IND/DUTT/10/07  1925-1947

Labour Monthly anniversary special numbers, celebrations etc.  CP/IND/DUTT/10/08  1931-1966

Invitations commemorative articles, guest lists, messages of greetings etc. for LM's 10th, 15th, 20th, 30th, 35th, 40th and 45th anniversaries

Labour Monthly 50th anniversary  CP/IND/DUTT/10/09  1971

Special souvenir brochure, letters of invitation to various people in GB and soliciting messages of greetings from figures abroad. Publicity materials, timetable, guest list and text of RPD's speech at celebration event.

Various articles cut by RPD from Labour Monthly.  CP/IND/DUTT/10/10  1964-1969

Includes galley proofs of 'Notes of the Month' on Czechoslovakia, written on 19 August 1968 for the September 1968 LM, and withdrawn as the issue was going to press on 21 August 1968. Page 6 of the proof is missing...

RPD's typescript tributes to past LM contributors: J.D. Bernal, Emile Burns, Bob Stewart, J.W. Vernon, H.G. Wells  CP/IND/DUTT/10/11  1971-1973

Pamphlets published by Labour Monthly  CP/IND/DUTT/10/12  1941-1942

Articles by R. Palme Dutt  [no ref. or date]

Articles mainly by RPD, mainly on the CPGB and the Labour Party, published in the CPGB and Cl press  CP/IND/DUTT/10/13  1923-1935

Materials relating to India and its Communist movement  [no ref. or date]

Articles, notes and speeches by RPD.  CP/IND/DUTT/11/01  1934-1972

Includes:- 1. documents relating to his visit in 1946: script of Indian radio talk, notes on conversations with Gandhi, Nehru and Patel, and Dutt's report to the CPGB on his visit; 2. notes for articles and articles by RPD from the 1930s, messages of greetings etc. 3. data relating to the CPI's electoral contests in 1946; 4. article on the Mountbatten Plan of 1947, and notes by Brian Pearce on Karl Marx's writings on India; 5. RPD's report to the CPGB EC on the situation in the CPI and its divisions on the Nehru government, March 1956; 6. materials on the split in the CPI 1962 - 1964, S.A. Dange's co-operation with the Indian government against pro-Chinese elements, draft CPGB letter to the CPI leadership, letter to RPD from Dilip Bose, RPD's notes and article for Comment etc; subsequent articles by RPD, P.C. Joshi and others on Indian questions, Indira Gandhi etc., RPD's reminiscences about Nehru

Correspondence with Victor Gollancz relating to RPD's book 'India Today', its publication, correction etc. Also - memoir by RPD restoring the passages that were deleted and giving his side of the story  CP/IND/DUTT/11/02  1936-1947, 1968

Documents relating to RPD's book 'India Today'  CP/IND/DUTT/11/03  1939-1954

1. correspondence with [prospective] publishers and their agents in India, USA, Canada, Czechoslovakia, Cuba, Italy etc.; 2. RPD's prefaces to the 2nd, 3rd, German, Czech, Polish, Hebrew, Chinese, Italian etc. editions of 'India Today'; 3. Marx House syllabus on the book

Reviews of RPD's books on India: 'Modern India' (1927), 'India Today' (1940 and subsequent editions), 'A Guide to the Problem of India' (1942)  CP/IND/DUTT/11/04  1927-1966

Articles by RPD, mainly in foreign publications, on India: Marxist Miscellany (India), La Nouvelle Critique (France), Indian Student, Newsindia, New Masses, etc.  CP/IND/DUTT/11/05  1938-1969

Correspondence 1945 - 1946 with the CPI and Jammu and Kashmir National Conference, CPI memorandum on the failings of the CPGB with regard to India, CPGB Colonial Department document on India, etc.  CP/IND/DUTT/11/06  1945-1946

Crisis in the CPI in 1950 - documents  CP/IND/DUTT/11/07  1950

1. "Report of an Observer" on the CPI's problems; 2. "Letter of the New CC...", criticising the "Trotskyite political line and Titoite-Turkish methods of the [old] Polit Bureau"; 3. Documents produced by former CPI general secretary P.C. Joshi after his expulsion for "right reformist deviation"; 4. Dutt's report on the "strategy and tactics of the Communist Party of India 1948 - 1950 and the correction of policy now taking place"; 5. summary of CPI CC resolutions of 13 June 1950; 6. CPI CC resolution on P.C. Joshi's appeal against expulsion; 7. Letter to RPD and Harry Pollitt from P.C. Joshi; 8. Note from M. B. Rao and press communique of the CPI CC on Joshi's expulsion; 9. Letter and statement from P. C. Joshi to 'World News and Views'

RPD's visit to India, 1946. Travel notes, press cuttings reporting RPD's meetings etc, Calcutta programme prepared by the Bengali CPI, letter from P. C. Joshi  CP/IND/DUTT/11/08  1946

Pakistan question. Articles by Dutt and G. Adhikari. Controversy between Dutt and CPI on this question. Article by Iqbal Singh, correspondence with G. Adhikari  CP/IND/DUTT/11/09  1946

Souvenirs of the 1946 visit - 'Peoples Theatre' performance. [Photographs of the visit are held at the Communist Party Picture Library, 6 Cynthia Street, London N1 9JF]  CP/IND/DUTT/11/10  1946

RPD's visit to India, 1946. RPD's handwritten notes on the visit, illustrated pamphlet, report to the CPGB, travel notes in Labour Monthly, despatches to the Daily Worker and report in New Masses  CP/IND/DUTT/11/11  1946

RPD's visit to India, 1946. Cuttings from the Indian English-language press and translations and summaries from the Hindi, Urdu etc. press reporting RPD's meetings etc.  CP/IND/DUTT/11/12  1946

Miscellaneous articles by RPD on India in 'The Communist', 'Challenge', 'People's War', 'Indian Forum'  CP/IND/DUTT/11/13  1925-1963

Notes by RPD and press cuttings relating to the CPI and developments in that organisation  CP/IND/DUTT/11/14  1948-1951

Materials relating to S.A. Dange - articles by SAD in Indian press on his release from jail, and internal CPI memorandum absolving SAD of charges of Titoism  CP/IND/DUTT/11/15  1950

Documents on the situation in the CPI  CP/IND/DUTT/12/01  1950-1951

Letters and copies of letters from CPI General Secretary C. Rajeswar Rao to 'For... For...', the CP China, RPD. Letters to RPD from M. B. Rao, Maurice Dobb, Ajoy Ghosh. Letters from RPD to C. Rajeswar Rao, 'For... For...', Ajoy Ghosh. Letter from Ralph Russell to Romesh (Thapar?). CPI circulars detailing results of discussions with RPD; other CPI circulars on the crisis in the CPI, etc.

Documents on the situation in the CPI  CP/IND/DUTT/12/02  1949-1951

RPD's statement at 'conference of communists interested in Indian questions', Liu Shao-Chi article against bourgeois nationalism (directed partly against CPI leaders), CPGB International Department document containing excerpts from important CPI documents, reports fromthe CPI press, CPI opposition document, CPI CC circulars, including about S. A. Dange, CPI draft programme, pseudonymous letter to RPD from CPI member. Also - CP Ceylon document denying split in the party.

Documents relating to the CPI and left unity - mainly unsigned typescripts and memoranda. Includes note from P. C. Joshi  CP/IND/DUTT/12/03  1936-1939

Pamphlets by RPD - published by CPGB, Labour Monthly, NMM  CP/IND/DUTT/12/04  1930-1951

Cuttings on Marxism - polemics in the US Communist press against Sindey Hook, materials from the British non-communist press on the Communist Manifesto centenary, etc. Also notes and index by RPD  CP/IND/DUTT/12/05  1920s-1950s

Miscellaneous materials about RPD - correspondence about his papers, pamphlet by Pervaiz Nazir, sketch of RPD, lists of RPD materials as they were in the CP Archive, etc.  CP/IND/DUTT/12/06  1971-1986

Salme Dutt papers  [no ref. or date]

Typescripts of articles by Salme Dutt in Labour Monthly, written under the names of Sancho Panza and Peter Allen, and some correspondence relating to these articles, including from Andrew Rothstein  CP/IND/DUTT/12/07  1953-1956

Typescripts and manuscript written by Salme Dutt for herself and RPD: A Short Guide to Pixy-Land; The Poetry of Toys; The Portrait; Philosophical Trifles(1); The Legal Profession; and two untitled pieces  CP/IND/DUTT/12/08  1954-1955

3 bound typescripts of Salme Dutt's poems  CP/IND/DUTT/13/05  Undated

Scrapbook of press cuttings on literature and culture  CP/IND/DUTT/13/04  Undated

Poems copied by/for Salme Dutt, including 'India: a poem in three cantos, by a young citizen of Bengal'  CP/IND/DUTT/13/01  Undated

Typescripts (unbound) of poems and suchlike creative writing by Salme Dutt  CP/IND/DUTT/13/02  Undated

Log books, political diaries, scrapbooks, index cards and so forth  [no ref. or date]

Unbound notes, excerpts and monthly summaries by RPD, forming part of his collection of log books, political diaries, scrapbooks, index cards and so forth  CP/IND/DUTT/13/03  1920-1922 and 1932

Miscellaneous files  [no ref. or date]

Notes and cuttings re CP policy and the outbreak of war 1939 incl RPD's notes for television interview (?) November 1966  CP/IND/DUTT/14/01  1940s-1970s

Extract from article by I. Lemin in World Economy and World Politics, stating the progressive character of the war from its outset, circulated for CPGB PB 29.8.46; Dutt's notes re this question 9.1.47

Correspondence and papers re Dutt's controversy with Betty Grant of the CP Historians Group arising from Dutt's criticisms of Marxist historians in the Labour Monthly; correspondents incl Betty Grant, Bill Wainwright  CP/IND/DUTT/14/02  1958

Papers re the Reasoner incl notes for CPGB PC  CP/IND/DUTT/14/03  1956

Papers re National Left Wing Movement incl letter from Clemens Dutt (Bocca) 7.3.29; report of discussion on left wing at CPGB 10th congress Jan. 1929 with circulated document on the left wing  CP/IND/DUTT/14/04  1929

Papers re CP journals and periodicals incl notes on proposed new wekly periodical for CP periodicals Mar.-Apr. 1953, report of commission on party and Marxist journals May 1953  CP/IND/DUTT/14/05  1953

Papers re colonial question incl memorandum on the Indian question and theses of British delegation on the colonial question for Comintern 6th World Congress Aug. 1928, cuttings and articles  CP/IND/DUTT/14/06  1928

Papers re China incl letter from William Gallacher with copy correspondence with Michael Shapiro 1963; transcriptions of 5 conversations in China by Ivor Montagu c1962  CP/IND/DUTT/14/07  1962-1963

Notes and circulated papers re Browderism with correspondence with John Dickinson re CPGB's attitude  CP/IND/DUTT/14/08  1944-1945

Information documents re colonial workers and students in Britain and CP activities in this field 1951; report of meeting to discuss problems of coloured workers 26.11.49  CP/IND/DUTT/14/09  1949-1951

Miscellaneous circulated educational materials and related papers  CP/IND/DUTT/14/10  1938-1960s

Incl CPGB London district training course for recruits Dec. 1937; Max Memorial Library readers' guide in Marxism May 1938; report from CPGB Central Education Department to CPGB PB Sept. 1942; reports of CP education commission 1943 and 1945; memorandum by Ted Bramley on Marxist Education and the Role of Marx House; CPGB PC and EC reports 1950s

Cuttings re Independent Labour Party  CP/IND/DUTT/14/11  1920s-1930s

Cuttings re National Council of Labour Colleges and independent working-class education  CP/IND/DUTT/14/12  1920s-1960s

Cuttings and papers re CPGB 31st congress incl notes and rough draft of congress speech re Czechoslovakia and notes on the pre-congress discussion  CP/IND/DUTT/14/13  1969

Memoranda and circulars re the 'new line' and subsequent CP policy  CP/IND/DUTT/14/14  1928-1930

Incl CPGB secretariat statement on Dutt and the Labour Monthly Feb. 1928; TS memorandum The New Phase in Britain and the Communist Party 1928; copy letters Dutt to CPGB CC 3.8.29 and 12.11.30

Memoranda, papers cuttings re the 'new line'  CP/IND/DUTT/15/01  1928

Incl CPGB CC open letter to party members 5.1.28, CC majority theses on the Labour Party, Harry Pollitt's draft alternative thesis, sent to RPD; CC circulated statement on Comintern resolution on CPGB policy Jan.-Feb. 1928

Cuttings of articles by and about Harry Pollitt  CP/IND/DUTT/15/02  1920s-1960

Cuttings of reviews of Dutt's Fascism and Social Revolution and of articles re fascism  CP/IND/DUTT/15/03  1934-1935

With TS article for the Communist International (periodical) by A. De Leov (De Leeuw), with a reply by Dutt and further rejoinder by De Leov; TS article by Emile Burns for Communist Review

Cuttings re CPGB programme  CP/IND/DUTT/15/04  1923

Cuttings and miscellaneous papers re Congo  CP/IND/DUTT/15/05  1960-1961

MS notes on CPGB International Department work for CPGB PC etc incl notes on Burma, Kuwait  CP/IND/DUTT/15/06  1950s

Circulars and cuttings re Palestine  CP/IND/DUTT/15/07  1940s-1950s

Statements and memoranda on the national question in Wales and Scotland  CP/IND/DUTT/15/08  1938

Cuttings and copies of workers' and revolutionary songs  CP/IND/DUTT/15/09  1920s

Notes for conference of European communist parties  CP/IND/DUTT/15/10  1959

Papers re work among women  CP/IND/DUTT/15/11  1937-1950

Incl memorandum by Salme Dutt on domestic service; TS notes on development of women's mass movement for CP PC 4.5.50, with revised draft 11.5.50; syllabus for training of CP women's groups (by Salme Dutt?) June 1937; memorandum on work among women Dec. 1938

Letters mainly from Harry Pollitt to Dutt and CPGB secretariat and Political Bureau after CP's change of line on the war and Pollitt's removal from general secretaryship  CP/IND/DUTT/15/12  1939-1940

Other correspondents incl George Crane, Peter Kerrigan, J.R. Campbell, Ted Bramley; with draft pamphlet by Pollitt on the Soviet Union

Misc cuttings and circulars re the colonies  CP/IND/DUTT/15/13  1940s-1950s

Cuttings on Zionism and Jewish question  CP/IND/DUTT/16/01  1950s-1960s

Draft proposals for reform of local government  CP/IND/DUTT/16/02  1940s

Papers re CP National Jewish Committee incl memorandum for CP PC 7.11.58, statement on functions of NJC 28.11.57  CP/IND/DUTT/16/03  1957-1958

Papers re biography of Lenin by Ralph Fox  CP/IND/DUTT/16/04  1933

Incl report on original MS identifying its alleged Trotskyist character with Fox's reply; letters from Dutt to Harry Pollitt and 'Bert' (Williams?); also letter from Dutt to CP secretariat re Fox's book on Communism

TS article on 40th anniversary of CPGB for Kommunist  CP/IND/DUTT/16/05  1960

Cuttings re Left Book Club and left-wing intellectuals  CP/IND/DUTT/16/06  1939-1940

Notes and cuttings re Ireland incl notes for CP CC 2.7.38  CP/IND/DUTT/16/07  1930s-1960s

CP application forms and similar documents (retained by Dutt; not filled out)  CP/IND/DUTT/16/08  1920s

Papers re Unity Campaign incl drafts of document on the basis of the campaign; circulars; proposals for next steps in Unity Campaign preented by Harry Pollitt 27.4.37  CP/IND/DUTT/16/09  1936-1937

Circulars, documents, memoranda and reports re CP literature incl report of national literature conference 30.11.58; personal notes on literature 5.9.54; report on bookshop management (by Reg Bishop) Nov. 1944  CP/IND/DUTT/16/10  1944-1958

Cuttings, leaflets, circulars etc re People' Convention incl loose working committee minutes and papers, organiser's report etc  CP/IND/DUTT/16/11  1940-1942

Articles and cuttings re Communist International  CP/IND/DUTT/16/12  1920s

Papers and printed materials from League Against Imperialism founding conference, Brussels Feb. 1927  CP/IND/DUTT/16/13  1926-1929
Language:  English and French

Incl printed agendas and delegate lists copy of I'Humanite 12.2.27; pamphlets in German, English and French; also resolution on The Social and Political Status of the Negro adopted by convention of the Negro Peoples of the World, New York 1926' also resolutions and provisional agenda for LAI 2nd congress 1929

Cuttings and papers re Communist International history and anniversaries incl TS notes on the CI's history circulated to all CP committees by CPGB Agit-Prop Department Mar. 1929  CP/IND/DUTT/17/01  1920s-1950s

Cuttings re Daily Herald  CP/IND/DUTT/17/02  1920s-1960s

Cuttings, circulars and printed papers re Daily Worker and DW Leagues  CP/IND/DUTT/17/03  1930s-1950s

Cuttings re Brian Pollitt  CP/IND/DUTT/17/04  1962

Misc cuttings and articles re questions of Marxist theory, philosophy and practice  CP/IND/DUTT/17/05  20th cent

Cuttings and papers re departed colleagues Bob Stewart, Emilye Burns and Allen Hutt  CP/IND/DUTT/17/06  1970s

Misc papers re imperialism and colonial affairs  CP/IND/DUTT/17/07  1930s-1950s

Incl report on The Status of Women in British Colonial Territories 1953; Congress of Peoples Against Imperialism printed report and appeal; 1st issue of New Zealand Labour Monthly Dec. 1933; letter from Thein Pe Myint, one-time member of Burmese CP, 1950; TS notes on Black Power Dec. 1967

Biographical materials incl election addresses; correspondence with Dilip Bose 1966 with copy of DB's article on Dutt's 70th birthday; letter from Narahari Kaviraj, editor of Mulyayan, Calcutta, on his 75th birthday 1971;  CP/IND/DUTT/17/08  1940s-1970s

File on Troksyism & Ultra-Leftism  CP/IND/DUTT/17/09  1930s-1970s

Includes cuttings relating to Trotsky & the I.L.P. (1930s) and various left individuals and groups such as Harry McShane, Newsletter, the I.L.P., the U.L.R., the Socialist Labour League, International Socialists, student leftism, Black Dwarf, S.P.G.B., the National Convention of the Left, Robin Blackburn, Reg Birch & the Communist Party of Britain (Marxist-Leninist) etc (1950s - 1970s). Also RPD manuscript notes on Trotskyism (1938-57).

Papers re CPGB's exchange of correspondence with Australian Communist Party over CPGB's alleged revisionism  CP/IND/DUTT/17/10  1948

Papers incl confidential statement By L. Sharkey and R. Dixon of CPA 31.3.48; draft reply for CPGB 28.5.48; extracts from speech of Dixonto CPA PC Jan. 1948; cuttings from World News and Views; CPA PC statement 12.8.48; extracts from article by Sharkey in Malayan Communist paper; copy letter from Sharkey 22.10.48

Cutting re Stalin  CP/IND/DUTT/17/11  1940s-1950s

File of cuttings and some circulated documents re Stalin and Soviet show trials and persecutions  CP/IND/DUTT/17/12  1960s

British-China Friendship Association circulated papers with cuttings re China  CP/IND/DUTT/17/13  1950-1971

Papers re William Gallacher incl copy letter (under pseudonym) to World News and Views correcting article of WG's 19.9.60  CP/IND/DUTT/17/14  1950s-1970

Notes on WG's death 1965; notes on MS of WG's Last Memoirs c 1965; notes for Moscow radio and television broadcast 1970; correspondence re Gallacher's book The Tyrant's Might is Passing 1953; cuttings

Cuttings re First International  CP/IND/DUTT/18/01  c1934-1964

TS report of debate on 'Will Communism be for the Good of the People' between Sir Ernest Benn and J.T. Walton Newbold, Kingsway Hall, London, 22.2.23; Lord Askwith was in the chair  CP/IND/DUTT/18/02  1923

Cuttings re Indonesia with TS article 'Indonesia: generals and politics' by R. Rusev  CP/IND/DUTT/18/03  1960s-1970s

TS article 'Important Historical Landmark in the British Working-Class Movement: fiftieth anniversary of the CPGB' by N.V. Matkovsky of the CPSU International Department  CP/IND/DUTT/18/04  1970

Cuttings and CP circulars (2) re general election  CP/IND/DUTT/18/05  1935

Cuttings mainly re Problems of Peace and Socialism/At-Talia seminar on 'Africa - National and Social Revolution', Cairo  CP/IND/DUTT/18/06  1966-1967

Cuttings re alleged Soviet forgery of British cabinet memorandum re Africa with TS copy of the document  CP/IND/DUTT/18/07  1961

CP circulars re peace work 18.9.36, 8.4.37; memorandum on the future of the peace movement Dec. 1939  CP/IND/DUTT/18/08  1936-1939

Draft pamphlet on Communists and Christians (author unknown) rejected for publication 15.6.39 with cuttings re atheism and freethought  CP/IND/DUTT/18/09  1930s-1940s

Cuttings and circulars re Afro-Asian Peoples Solidarity conferences 1957-58, 1960, 1963 and conference in support of Arab peoples 1969  CP/IND/DUTT/18/10  1957-1969

Notes and circulars re racism and immigration incl notes for CPGB PC 6.5.65 notes and TS draft statement for CPGB EC 11.9.65  CP/IND/DUTT/18/11  1965

Cuttings and circulars re agriculture' by Emile Burns Feb. 1945 with alternative compromise statement by Jack Dunman  CP/IND/DUTT/18/12  1923-1953

Notes and cuttings re Hungary and the trial of Imre Nagy  CP/IND/DUTT/18/13  1956-1958

Incl extracts from TUC General Council report to 1957 TUC with TS points for possible intervention in the congress debate; notes for CPGB PC debate on Hungary 11.5.58

Cuttings re CPGB and its internal divisions  CP/IND/DUTT/18/14  1956-1957

Cuttings re CP municipal election policy  CP/IND/DUTT/18/15  1923-1933

Cuttings re German occupation of Channel Islands  CP/IND/DUTT/19/01  1960s

Papers and cuttings re peace movement incl correspondence with Stephen Hugh-Jones 1961  CP/IND/DUTT/19/02  c1940s-1970s

Papers re 'The History of the British Communist Party' by Tom Bell, pub. 1937  CP/IND/DUTT/19/03  1937

Incl first draft of review by Allen Hutt 27.4.37; draft report by Dutt, letter to Dutt from Harry Pollitt, CPGB secretariat statement 4.5.37, cutting of Hutt's review as published

Cuttings re South Africa  CP/IND/DUTT/19/04  1960s-1970s

Published proceedings of Indo-GDR Friendship Society seminar on Hegel and Enegls Nov. 1970, inscribed to RPD  CP/IND/DUTT/19/05  1970

Papers and cuttings re intellectuals incl minutes of Marxist Historians Group first meeting 23.9.38; information report on professional groups Apr. 1948  CP/IND/DUTT/19/06  1930s-1950s

Cuttings and papers re Shapurki Saklatvala, Communist MP; incl TS of foreword to P. Sahas life of SS with letter to Dutt from Saha 1969; letter to Dutt from Reginald Bridgeman 1949; letter from Saklatvala to H.J. Gilpin 1933  CP/IND/DUTT/19/07  1920s-1969

Memorandum on 'Trade unions and production; the Communist attitude for CPGB PC 31.12.53 with Dutt's notes for meeting  CP/IND/DUTT/19/08  1953

Papers re Ceylon: correspondence with D.P.R. Gunawardena 1953; TS summary of answers to questions put to EC members of Ceylon CP 1948  CP/IND/DUTT/19/09  1948-1953

Notes for CPGB PC discussion on the problem of leadership 2.2.56  CP/IND/DUTT/19/10  1956

Papers for CPGB PC and EC discussion on International Communist Movement Jan 1965 incl copy correspondence with CPSU  CP/IND/DUTT/19/11  1964-1965

Cuttings and papers re New Zealand incl report by Jack Woddis of discussion with Max Edereth 1965; cutting of declaration of Australian Marxist-Leninists 1963  CP/IND/DUTT/19/12  1960s

CP discussion document on Communist policy in the trade unions July 1939  CP/IND/DUTT/19/13  1939

Includes correspondence, articles, cuttings and papers re colonialism and neo-colonialism  CP/IND/DUTT/19/14  1920s-1970s

Misc cuttings etc mainly re international questions and Soviet foreign policy  CP/IND/DUTT/19/15  1930s-1950s

Notes re Daily Worker article by Mick Bennett, 'The Tory Party under Socialism', with copy letter from John Mahon, CPGB London district  CP/IND/DUTT/19/16  1956

Logbooks and diaries  [no ref. or date]

Notes of political conversations, notes on CP's tasks, MacDonald government, Indian propaganda etc  CP/IND/DUTT/20/01  1923-1924

Logbook with notes, cuttings and quotations  CP/IND/DUTT/20/02  1923

Logbook with notes, cuttings and quotations  CP/IND/DUTT/20/03  1924

Logbook with notes, cuttings and quotations  CP/IND/DUTT/20/04  1925

Logbook with notes, cuttings and quotations  CP/IND/DUTT/20/05  1926

Logbook with notes, cuttings and quotations  CP/IND/DUTT/20/06  1927

Logbook with notes, cuttings and quotations  CP/IND/DUTT/20/07  1928

Logbook with notes, cuttings and quotations  CP/IND/DUTT/20/08  1929

Logbook with notes, cuttings and quotations  CP/IND/DUTT/20/09  1930

Logbook with notes, cuttings and quotations  CP/IND/DUTT/20/10  1931

Logbook with notes, cuttings and quotations  CP/IND/DUTT/20/11  1932

Logbook with notes, cuttings and quotations  CP/IND/DUTT/21/01  [n.d.]

Logbook with notes, cuttings and quotations  CP/IND/DUTT/21/02  1934

Logbook with notes, cuttings and quotations  CP/IND/DUTT/21/03  1935

Logbook with notes, cuttings and quotations  CP/IND/DUTT/21/04  1936

Logbook with notes, cuttings and quotations  CP/IND/DUTT/21/05  1937

Diary with notes of appointments and expenditure  CP/IND/DUTT/22/01  1919

Summary diary, recounting phases in Dutt's education and career  CP/IND/DUTT/22/02  1913-December 1918

Notebook chronicling world events in the first few months of World War 1  CP/IND/DUTT/22/03  1914

Account book, listing Dutt's personal expenditure  CP/IND/DUTT/22/04  1908-1913

'Term diary' - daily account of Dutt's activities  CP/IND/DUTT/22/05  October 1914-June 1915

Diary - daily account of Dutt's activities  CP/IND/DUTT/22/06  October 1915-October 1917

Calender of world events and events in the British labour movement  CP/IND/DUTT/22/07  1916-1918

Notes on books read and short reviews of them for private purposes  CP/IND/DUTT/22/08  1913-1915

Notes on books read and short reviews of them for private purposes  CP/IND/DUTT/22/09  1916-1920

Notes on events and Dutt's activities in summarised form (on spine: 'Local Government 22 - 36')  CP/IND/DUTT/22/10  1922-1936

Notes on events and Dutt's activities in summarised form (on spine: 'Social Insurance 30 - 34')  CP/IND/DUTT/22/11  1930-1934

Small loose-leaf binder containing Dutt's notes on Fascism  CP/IND/DUTT/22/12  1930s

Small loose-leaf binder containing Dutt's notes on World War 1, and its diplomatic antecedents  CP/IND/DUTT/22/13  1914?

Small loose-leaf binder containing Dutt's notes on 1935  CP/IND/DUTT/22/14  1935

Five-year diary listing Dutt's activities  CP/IND/DUTT/22/15  1944-1948

Five-year diary listing Dutt's activities  CP/IND/DUTT/22/16  1949-1953

Five-year diary listing Dutt's activities  CP/IND/DUTT/22/17  1954-1958

Five-year diary listing Dutt's activities  CP/IND/DUTT/22/18  1959-1963

Five-year diary listing Dutt's activities  CP/IND/DUTT/22/19  1964-1968

Five-year diary listing Dutt's activities  CP/IND/DUTT/22/20  1969-1973

Material relating to the erection of a monument to Karl Marx on the site of his grave.  CP/IND/DUTT/23/01  1953-1956

Correspondence between R. Palme Dutt and J. Morgan (librarian at the Marx Memorial Library), Jack Gaster, Andrew Rothstein, along with notes by RPD, and other related papers

Materials relating to India and its Communist Parties  [no ref. or date]

Indian revolt of 1857 - typescript article by James Byrne with Dutt's annotations, articles from the Daily Worker, World News, Blitz, New Age  CP/IND/DUTT/23/02  Mainly 1957

Communist Party of Indian internal crisis, circa 1950: 'Report on the Left Deviation Inside the Communist Party of India - draft criticism submitted by the members of the Central Committee from Andhra...'  CP/IND/DUTT/23/03  August 1950

Communist Party of India internal crisis, circa 1950: various documents of the CPI CC, along with some letters to RPD and the CPGB on the crisis  CP/IND/DUTT/23/04  1950-1951

Correspondence: Ajoy Ghosh for the CPI CC to RPD and Harry Pollitt, and data on election results from the Andhra Provincial Committee of the CPI  CP/IND/DUTT/23/05  1950-1952

Documents on the crisis in the CPI around 1950  CP/IND/DUTT/23/06  1947-1950

CPI CC resolutions summary, 'A Note on the Present Situation in Our Party' (23.9.50), 'Struggle for People's Democracy and Socialism' (against Andhra committee document), extracts from documents received from CPI, 'Notes on the Situation in the CP of India' (8.50), 'Developments inside the Communist party of India', typescript reports on the CPI and the AITUC, letters and circulars from P. C. Joshi and other documents

Materials produced by the India League:~ Journals: Newsindia, India Today, About India; pamphlets and speakers notes  CP/IND/DUTT/23/07  1936-1943

Materials produced by the Union of Democratic Control: three war-time pamphlest on India  CP/IND/DUTT/23/08  1941-1942

League Against Imperialism:- Journal 'New Bharat' and 'Indian Front'  CP/IND/DUTT/23/09  1932-1936

'India Today' - journal edited by P. C. Joshi, former CPI general secretary, then newly expelled from the CPI for right deviationism. Nos. 1 - 3  CP/IND/DUTT/23/10  1951

Correspondence between RPD and Nikhil Chakravarty of the CPI CC, concerning a controversial article by Mushir Ahmed, and the advisability of its publication in 'New Age'.  CP/IND/DUTT/24/01  June-August 1954

CPI miscellany - articles on its history in 'New Age', pamphlet from Indian YCL, 2nd CPI congress document 'Report on Reformist Deviation', draft CPI programme in 'For... For...', articles from CPI's 'Communist', 'Vanguard' (very early CPI paper)  CP/IND/DUTT/24/02  1923-1966

CPI - pamphlets and press cuttings concerning developments in the CPI around 1964, the split and formation of the CPI(M)  CP/IND/DUTT/24/03  1964

Press cuttings from British, Soviet and Indian journals about Gandhi  CP/IND/DUTT/24/04  1969

All-India Peace Council - pamphlets and conference materials  CP/IND/DUTT/24/05  1951-1953

All-India TUC - journal: 'Trade Union Record'  CP/IND/DUTT/24/06  1950-1952

Various historical and ideological articles from Indian left journals: Mainstream, Seminar  CP/IND/DUTT/24/07  1960s & 1970s

Articles on India in Soviet journals: Voprosy Istorii, New Times, TASS reports. Also Conrad Wood in Marxism Today and Soviet writers in Mainstream  CP/IND/DUTT/24/08  1948-1970

Miscellaneous publications on India  CP/IND/DUTT/24/09  1923-1957

Including pamphlets by the ILP, WWLI, Meerut Prisoners' Defence Committee, Federation of Indian Student Societies. Also cuttings from and copies of journals: Hindustan, Communist, Pacific Affairs, Indian Forum, Unity etc.

Material on destitution in Bengal during and after the war  CP/IND/DUTT/24/10  1944-1945

Including statistical material; letter from CPI CC to Michael Carritt; typescripts by P C Mahalanobis, All Bengal Mahila Atma Raksha Samity, Mohan Kumaramangalam, All-Bengal Women's Self-Defence Committee, articles and pamphlets

Manuscript translation (translator not indentified) of Bhowani Sen's "Self-criticism of Progressive Bengali Literature"  CP/IND/DUTT/24/11  1949

Correspondence with Brian Pearce on Marx, Voprosy Istorii, the Indian revolt of 1857 etc.  CP/IND/DUTT/24/12  1954

Correspondence with Indian publishers, Edwin Payne and Betty Grant (CP Historians' Group), Elizabeth Adams, Andrew Rothstein  CP/IND/DUTT/24/13  1956-1966

Materials relating to CPGB history  [no ref. or date]

R. P. Dutt's observations on the drafts of James Klugmann's History of the CPGB, along with the reflections on the book of Robin Page Arnot, sent to RPD  CP/IND/DUTT/25/01  Circa 1966

Miscellaneous items: letter, probably from Hugo Rathbone, correspondence with CPGB secretariat, excerpt from PB minutes, copy of letter from Hamilton Fyfe to Tom Bell, other papers  CP/IND/DUTT/25/02  1923-1931

Miscellaneous files  [no ref. or date]

File of cuttings of (mainly revolutionary) poems, with some articles on literary figures and questions  CP/IND/DUTT/25/03  Mainly 1940s

"Notes on the Situation in Britain" - draft for discussion  CP/IND/DUTT/25/04  May 1969

File of documents collected by Dutt on the role and structure of the CPGB, including on how to (s)elect the EC  CP/IND/DUTT/25/05  1944-1958

Papers, cuttings & handwritten notes for the Empire Conference of Communist Parties.  CP/IND/DUTT/25/06  1947

Conference on the Crisis of British Imperialism - TS opening report by Dutt with his MS annotations  CP/IND/DUTT/25/07  2-3 October 1948

Official papers for conference of Communist & Workers' Parties in countries within the sphere of British Imperialism, 21-24 April 1954  CP/IND/DUTT/25/08  1954

Autobiographical sketch by RPA in a letter to RPD, on the occasion of RPA's 60th birthday, and letter in verse (from RPD??) to RPA on the same occasion, birthday tributes to RPA (70th, 80th) in Labour Monthly and the Morning Star  CP/IND/DUTT/25/09  1951-1971

Photocopies of letters (originals sold) exchanged between RPD and GBS in early 1949, originally concerning and article commissioned by RPD from GBS...  CP/IND/DUTT/25/10  1949

Committee for Democratic Rights in the USA  CP/IND/DUTT/25/11  1955-1962

Materials collected by Dutt on the Smith Act in the USA & on the Committee for Democratic Rights in the USA

BSP, Communist Party national and London District Council circulars re relations with Labour Party, unemployed and industrial activities, expulsion from CP of Sylvia Pankhurst, harrassment and raids on CP by authorities, appeals for funds  CP/IND/DUTT/26/01  1919-1922

Papers re the CP papers The Communist and the Workers Weekly  CP/IND/DUTT/26/02  c1921-1924

Papers incl sales figures and balance sheets; memoranda on The Communist by Raymond Postgate, J.T. Murphy, A.E. Cook; copy article by G. Zinoviev on The Character of our Papers; notes by RPD on WW with draft letter to potential worker-correspondents; report on WW and CP publications by Albert Hawkins for WW management committee, to Control Commission 1923; papers re complaints by C.M. Roebuck (Andrew Rothstein) re boosting of Harry Pollitt in WW 1923, incl copy letter from AR; also report on the Daily Herald of sub-committee of Daily Herald journalists chapel to Trades Union Congress General Council 1.9.23

The Communist Daily nos 1-3, issued by CP during November 1922 general election  CP/IND/DUTT/26/03  1922

Papers mainly re 1922 general election papers  CP/IND/DUTT/26/04  1922

Incl draft election address of S. Saklatvala at North Battersea; report on The Communist Daily to Communist International; draft letter from CP to Arthur Henderson, National Joint Council, 11.10.22 (draft by C.M. Roebuck/Andrew Rothstein); also circulars re National Conference of Trades Councils, Birmingham, Sept. 1922I circulated questionnaire from ECCI re united front

Draft article A Programme For a Workers Government by C.M. Roebuck (Andrew Rothstein), written Jan. 1923 with a first draft dated 23.11.22, published Communist Review Apr. 1923; with letter from AR to CPGB Central Committee 30.7.23  CP/IND/DUTT/26/04  1922-1923

Misc printed materials re 1923 general election incl CP programme and election addresses of Alec Geddes, Ellen Wilkinson, Aitken Ferguson  CP/IND/DUTT/26/05  1923

Papers re first Labour government incl CP circulars and propaganda bulletin; circulated extracts from speeches by Zinoviev and Radek; draft letter to CP PB from J.T. Murphy 4.3.24; Kelvingrove election bulletin no 3 22.5.24  CP/IND/DUTT/26/06  1924

Communist Party press cuttings  CP/IND/DUTT/26/07  1920-1921

Communist Party press cuttings  CP/IND/DUTT/26/08  1922

Communist Party press cuttings  CP/IND/DUTT/26/09  1922-1923

Mainly Communist Party press cuttings  CP/IND/DUTT/27/01  1924-1928

Misc Communist Party circulars  CP/IND/DUTT/27/02  1925

Communist Party press cuttings  CP/IND/DUTT/27/03  1929

Communist Party press cuttings  CP/IND/DUTT/27/04  1930-1935

Communist Party press cuttings  CP/IND/DUTT/27/05  1936-1938

Communist Party press cuttings  CP/IND/DUTT/27/06  1939-1945

Communist Party press cuttings  CP/IND/DUTT/27/07  1945-1949

Communist Party press cuttings  CP/IND/DUTT/28/01  1950-1959

Communist Party press cuttings  CP/IND/DUTT/28/02  1960-1965

Communist Party press cuttings  CP/IND/DUTT/28/03  1966-1974

Communist Party circulars and cuttings  CP/IND/DUTT/28/04  1926

Communist Party and other circulars  CP/IND/DUTT/28/05  1927

Incl report by Harry Pollitt on 1927 Trades Union Congress given to Minority Movement Executive Bureau 13.9.27; circulated letter (by J.R. Campbell) contesting CI thesis on War and the Danger of War; proposed amendments to resolutions at Labour Party Womens Conference, Huddesrfield, May 1927; report on Miners Federation of Great Britain conference, Southport, July 1927

Misc press cuttings  CP/IND/DUTT/28/06  1928

Misc press cuttings  CP/IND/DUTT/28/07  1929

Communist Party papers, circulars and political letters  CP/IND/DUTT/28/08  1928

Incl memorandum on CP CC theses on Labour Party and alternative proposals Jan. 1928; proposed slogans for International Womens Day Feb. 1928; CPGB statement on CI resolution on British situation March 1928; memo by RPD on by-election policy and the new line Apr. 1928

Communist Party papers, circulars, discussion and agit-prop bulletins etc  CP/IND/DUTT/28/09  1929

Papers incl ECCI closed letter to CPGB 27.2.29 with CPGB EC statement on closed letter 5.4.29 and response to this statement by London bureau of Young Communist League; resolution on trade union work passed at CPGB London district conference 7.4.29; CP circulars on strike at Polikoffs, Hackney, 25.5.29, Maxton and Cook 24.6.29; papers re criticisms of old party leadership by Tyneside district committee incl circulated copies of resolutions and correspondence, copy resolution of CP London DC re closed letter of ECCI 20.7.29; copy correspondence of William Gallacher with CP PB July 1929; draft statement by J.R. Campbell on the Tasks of the CP 6.8.29; ECCI Polit-Secretariat letter to CPGB 1.10.29; CP London DC statement on CP CC resolution on tasks of the CP c. Oct. 1929; draft statement on CP and Minority Movement 15.9.29; papers for CPGB 11th Congress Nov. 1929 incl reports of EC and PB voting since 10th congress; statements on the opportunist mistakes of Andrew Rothstein Dec. 1929

Communist Party papers, circulars, resolutions etc  CP/IND/DUTT/29/01  1930

Papers incl criticisms by J.R. Scott of speeches given by William Gallacher and Wal Hannington to Amalgamated Engineering Union London No 7 area committee with WHs response; CP CC resolutions on situation in Britain, c. Mar. 1930, party organisation, c. Mar 1930, woollen textile strike 31.5.30, one miners union July-Aug. 1930; copy letter RPD to CP PB re proposals for Communist review and Labour Monthly 9.8.30; copy correspondence between Andrew Rothstein and Harry Pollitt re 100% trade unionism etc Sept.-Oct 1930; TS statement The Case for a New Party, proposing formation of a Socialist Party, Nov. 1930; copy letter RPD to CP CC re Workers Charter 12.11.30; copy letter Bob Mcllhone to CP Secretariat re Shipley by-election 10.11.30; also letter re election policy from RPD to CP PB 11.12.30

Communist Party papers, circulars, resolutions etc  CP/IND/DUTT/29/02  1931

Papers incl resolution, political letter and information material re Arthur Horner and South Wales miners Jan.-Feb. 1931; Material on Discussion on Resolution on Inner Party Discussion by RPD, circulated by CP Secretariat Mar. 1931; letters RPD to CP CC 11.3.31, 26.5.31; CP CC resolutions on The Political Situation and the Tasks of the Party and on The Turn to Mass Work 20.3.31

Communist Party papers, circulars, etc  CP/IND/DUTT/29/03  1932

Incl copy correspondence re expulsion/resignation from CP of J.T. Murphy; letter RPD to CP Secretariat re Balham Group 21.5.32 and copy correspondence between CP and Reg Groves for Balham Group; copy letter Winifred Horrabin to Naomi Mitchison

Misc press cuttings  CP/IND/DUTT/29/04  1930

Misc press cuttings  CP/IND/DUTT/29/05  1931

Misc press cuttings  CP/IND/DUTT/29/06  1932

Misc press cuttings  CP/IND/DUTT/29/07  1933

Misc press cuttings  CP/IND/DUTT/29/08  1934

Misc press cuttings  CP/IND/DUTT/29/09  1935

Communist Party circulars e.g. re united front  CP/IND/DUTT/29/10  1936-1937

Communist Party press cuttings  CP/IND/DUTT/29/11  1938-1939

Communist Party circulars, statements and cuttings after Soviet entry into war  CP/IND/DUTT/29/12  1941

[no title or date]  CP/IND/DUTT/29/13

Resolutions, press cuttings etc re CPSU 20th Congress and reaction within CPGB  CP/IND/DUTT/30/08  1956

Cuttings and misc papers  CP/IND/DUTT/30/09  1957

Cuttings and misc papers  CP/IND/DUTT/30/10  1958

Misc cuttings  CP/IND/DUTT/30/11  1959

Misc cuttings  CP/IND/DUTT/30/12  1960

Misc cuttings  CP/IND/DUTT/30/13  1961

Misc cuttings  CP/IND/DUTT/30/14  1962

Misc cuttings  CP/IND/DUTT/30/15  1963-1964

Misc cuttings  CP/IND/DUTT/30/16  1965

Misc cuttings  CP/IND/DUTT/30/17  1966

Misc cuttings  CP/IND/DUTT/30/18  1967

Misc cuttings  CP/IND/DUTT/30/19  1968

Political correspondence and memoranda, Communist Party circulars etc  CP/IND/DUTT/31/01  1933-1935

Papers incl memo on relations with the ILP 8.2.33; copy letters to Harry Pollitt 13.3.33, 12.8.33; CP circular to delegates to ILP conference Apr. 1934; circulated Decisions of the Central Committee For the Immediate Further Development of our Revolutionary Work in the Trade Unions, Apr. 1934; report on CP in South Wales May 1934; letter to Bob (Mcllhone?) 5.8.34; memo by Harry Pollitt in connection with draft party programme and his proposals for an immediate programme (eventually For Soviet Britain) Aug. 1934; CP circulars re united front Oct.-Nov, 1934; extracts from speeches by Phil Abrams, South Wales, at 13th CPGB congress, Feb. 1935; memo on CP and related pamphlets June 1935

CP circular on the fight against unemployment 23.5.38  CP/IND/DUTT/31/02  1938

Papers re Labour Party in aftermath of Munich settlement incl draft memo by RPD Nov. 1938; copy letter A. Creech Jones to Ellen Wilkinson 14.12.38  CP/IND/DUTT/31/03  1938

Communist Party circulars, leaflets, cuttings etc re Communist Crusade for the People and subsequent Peoples Front campaigns  CP/IND/DUTT/31/04  1938

Cuttings, Communist Party circulars etc from immediate pre-war period  CP/IND/DUTT/31/05  1939

Cuttings of RPDs Questions and Answers feature in Daily Worker  CP/IND/DUTT/31/06  1939

CP press statements and circulars, cuttings and misc papers re CPs change of policy towards war  CP/IND/DUTT/31/07  1939

Papers incl Harry Pollitts recantation of his orginal policy in letter to CP CC 18.11.39, with MS amendment by RPD removing reference to revolutionary defeatism; RPDs notes for report on new CC manifesto and resolution 8.10.39

Correspondence with RPD for CP Secretariat, mainly letters querying perceived change in CP line towards war May-July 1940  CP/IND/DUTT/31/08  1940

Correspondents incl Douglas Garman; Ted Bramley; Pat Sloan; W.H. Thompson; J.L. Brereton; Mick Bennett, Young Communist League; Geoffrey Mallinson; W.D. McClelland; Maurice Cornforth; John Shirley

Papers re tenants movement incl draft statement on protection for tenants 29.6.39; report on tenants movement Jan. 1940  CP/IND/DUTT/31/09  1939-1940

Cuttings, leaflets, circulars re CP anti-war policy, mainly 1939-41 but with some cuttings of later accounts  CP/IND/DUTT/31/10  c1940-1960s

Cuttings and misc papers re campaign against ban on Daily Worker  CP/IND/DUTT/31/11  1941-1942

Miscellaneous papers re CPGB 16th congress July 1943. Includes RPD's drafts report on Britain Today and Tomorrow  CP/IND/DUTT/31/12  1943

Circulars, cuttings and misc papers re CP campaigns  CP/IND/DUTT/31/13  1942

Cuttings and circulars re dissolution of Communist International  CP/IND/DUTT/31/14  1943

Cuttings re post-war programme of CP  CP/IND/DUTT/31/15  1942

Cuttings and papers re CP policy incl CP EC minutes 18.12.45; copy letter querying CPGB policy from Tim Buck, Canadian CP, to Harry Pollitt 22.11.45, with draft reply for Pollitt by RPD  CP/IND/DUTT/31/16  1945-1946

Cuttings re Communist Party history  CP/IND/DUTT/31/17  c1920s-1960s

Cuttings, circulars, notes etc re Communist Party relations with the Labour Party and affiliation campaigns.  CP/IND/DUTT/31/18  1928-1956

Articles  [no ref. or date]

Notes and TS copies of "The British Working-Class Movement after the War.  CP/IND/DUTT/32/01  1920s

Unpublished review of G.B. Shaw's "Saint Joan", entitled "Marxism v Shaw".  CP/IND/DUTT/32/02  1925

Notes and draft articles re British Labour Movement. Includes notes on Trotsky's articles on Britain and various articles on LP/TU policy.  CP/IND/DUTT/32/03  1926-1969

Miscellaneous draft and published articles re communism and history of CPGB.  CP/IND/DUTT/32/04  1937-1969

Article for Cultural Forum (India), "Can Culture Co-Exist?"  CP/IND/DUTT/32/05  1961

Draft article "Toryism, The Times and Sir Oswald Mosley".  CP/IND/DUTT/32/06  1962

Modern/Marxist Quarterly  [no ref. or date]

Papers relating to the journal and its advisory committee. Also file includes some materials on other party theorectical journals eg Communist Review, Discussion and Marxism Today.  CP/IND/DUTT/32/07  1921-1957

Education materials  [no ref. or date]

Lecture notes "Socialism and the Labour Movement Theory and History."  CP/IND/DUTT/32/08  c. 1919-1920

Syllabus and lecture notes on War and the International Situation.  CP/IND/DUTT/32/09  1924-1938

Syllabus/lecture notes on Marxism and British working-class movement history.  CP/IND/DUTT/32/10  c 1942

Party education syllabuses and articles on Marxism  CP/IND/DUTT/32/11  1960s

CPGB History  [no ref. or date]

Correspondence re Marxist and party history. Including references to Marx in London and CPGB delegation to Comintern's 4th Congress.  CP/IND/DUTT/32/12  1956-1960

British Library papers  [no ref. or date]

Photocopies of misc CPGB memoranda and reports deposited by Dutt at British Library.  CP/IND/DUTT/32/13  1934-1950

Miscellaneous files  [no ref. or date]

Materials relating to Bevanism and the Labour left.  CP/IND/DUTT/32/14  1947-1973

Notes and cuttings re Second/Socialist International  CP/IND/DUTT/32/15  1925-1963

Cuttings re 1960s Labour figures including Crossman and Wilson.  CP/IND/DUTT/32/16  1960s

Internal documents and party manifestos re 1929 General Election.  CP/IND/DUTT/33/01  1929

Cuttings and papers re Co-operative Movement  CP/IND/DUTT/33/02  1940-1954

Materials on Lenin  [no ref. or date]

Miscellaneous materials re Lenin. Includes brief potted biography and articles re anniversaries of his birth and death. Also copy of letter from Lenin to British Communists (1920) from Moscow archives.  CP/IND/DUTT/33/03  1920s-1970s

Press cuttings on Lenin. Includes articles at the time of his death and retrospective/commerative pieces.  CP/IND/DUTT/33/05  1920s-1970s

Theorectical cuttings and articles on or by Lenin from various CP journals including The Labour Monthly and World News and Views  CP/IND/DUTT/33/05  1920s-1960s

Hymie Fagan Papers  CP/IND/FAG  [n.d.]

Creator(s): Fagan, Hymie, 1903-

Administrative history:
Hymie Fagan, b1903, historian, journalist and Communist Party national election agent

Letters from Harry Pollitt 1944 and R. Palme Dutt  CP/IND/FAG/1/1  1944

Correspondence re HF's release from forces and appointment as CP national election agent for 1945 general election  CP/IND/FAG/1/2  1944-1945

Letters from J.R. Campbell with TS of JRC's article The Planless Planners (Communist Review, April 1947)  CP/IND/FAG/1/3  1947

Correspondence re Royal Commission on Mental Health and its coverage in the Daily Workers; correspondents incl Jack Gaster and J. R. Campbell, editor of Daily Worker  CP/IND/FAG/1/4  1957

TS memoirs of period 1903-45  CP/IND/FAG/1/5  [n.d.]

Describing childhood in Stepney, involvement with Labour movement, work in a tailoring factory, joining Communist Party and running its bookshop, attending the Lenin School, full-time work as a CP functionary incl as national election agent, historical work on the Peasants revolt etc

Papers re proposed book on Thomas, Lord Erskine by HF and D. N. Pritt incl working notes; draft chapters; TS comments on drafts by Pritt; letters to HF from Pritt; cuttings  CP/IND/FAG/1/6  1960s

Successive TS drafts of 'The Work of the Communist Party in Parliament 1945-1951'  CP/IND/FAG/1/7  [n.d.]

TS and draft articles with related notes and papers  CP/IND/FAG/1/8  1948-1960

TS and draft articles with related notes and papers  CP/IND/FAG/1/9  1961

TS and draft articles with related notes and papers incl cuttings on suggested Lib-Lab pact  CP/IND/FAG/1/10  1962

TS and draft articles with related notes and papers  CP/IND/FAG/2/1  1963

TS and draft articles with related notes and papers  CP/IND/FAG/2/2  1964

TS and draft articles with related notes and papers  CP/IND/FAG/2/3  1965

TS and draft articles with related notes and papers  CP/IND/FAG/2/4  1966

TS and draft articles with related notes and papers  CP/IND/FAG/2/5  1967

TS and draft articles with related notes and papers  CP/IND/FAG/2/6  1968

TS and draft articles with related notes and papers  CP/IND/FAG/2/7  1969-1970

TS articles on Labour Party conferences  CP/IND/FAG/2/8  1961-1969

TS articles re issues of Labour politics incl Perspectives for the Next Labour Government, The Labour Government and Democracy; also TS reports on Victory for Socialism group and on Hugh Gaitskell and the EEC  CP/IND/FAG/2/9  1950s-1960s

TS drafts and articles on Labour movement history  CP/IND/FAG/3/1  1950s-1960s

Incl TS on the impact of the Russian Revolution and the early years of the CP; TS articles on Harry Pollitt and the Jolly George, William Gallacher and the Battle of George Square, the Unemployed and the Slave Act of 1934; TS chapters on the origins and early years of the Labour Party; queries and corrections of A.L. Morton on a draft of HF's on working-class history; article 'The Fight Goes On' on origins of Communist Party; preface to East German volume of essays in memory of William Gallacher

Papers re lectures on labour history and contemporary political issues  CP/IND/FAG/3/2  c1947-1957

Incl notes on Chartism and the history of the British working class; notes for lectures at CP summer school, Netherwood 1953; letter from Mick Jenkins 22.10.47

Articles re nationalisation incl HF's introduction to the German translation of his book on nationalisation (first published 1960), articles on Labour and Nationalisation, 1960, and Steel  CP/IND/FAG/3/3  1960s

Notes and TS articles on the Socialist International incl reports on its 8th, 10th and 11th congresses  CP/IND/FAG/3/4  1960s

Undated articles and misc papers incl TS articles on British broadcasting, 'What is Western Democracy?', 'The British Parliament' and National Insurance in Britain  CP/IND/FAG/3/5  1960s

TS report to Communist Party History Group on experiences in armed forces in Second World War  CP/IND/FAG/3/6  1986

Socialist International-related materials  [no ref. or date]

Handwritten and typed notes, draft and final versions of articles by Hymie Fagan, along with some Socialist International documents concerning the SI's Rome Conference  CP/IND/FAG/3/7  1961

Handwritten and typed notes, draft and final versions of articles by Hymie Fagan, along with some Socialist International documents concerning the SI's Amsterdam Conference  CP/IND/FAG/3/8  1963

Handwritten and typed notes, draft and final versions of articles by Hymie Fagan, along with some Socialist International documents concerning the SI's Stockholm Conference  CP/IND/FAG/3/9  1966

Handwritten and typed notes, draft and final versions of articles by Hymie Fagan, along with some Socialist International documents concerning the SI's Eastbourne Conference  CP/IND/FAG/3/10  1969

Handwritten and typed notes, draft and final versions of articles by Hymie Fagan, along with some Socialist International documents.  CP/IND/FAG/3/11  1953-1968

Synopsis of projected book by HF on the SI, CPGB International department circular on the Asian Socialist Conference, 1953

William Gallacher (1881 - 1965) papers  CP/IND/GALL  [n.d.]

Creator(s): Gallacher, William, 1881-1965, Communist MP

Administrative history:
William Gallacher began his working life as an engineering worker, was active in the temperance movement from the early 1900s, and became involved in the socialist movement around 1906. He was involved with various groups, and was one of the Clydeside shop stewards' leaders during the 1st World War. He represented the shop stewards' movement at the 2nd congress of the Communist International, where he was persuaded by Lenin of the need to join the newly-formed CPGB. He was involved in forming the Communist Labour Party - a transitional body based in Scotland which served to bring most of the membership of the Socialist Labour Party into the CPGB in early 1921. Gallacher served on the CPGB CC from 1922 to 1963, and on the Political Bureau until 1945. He was jailed in 1921, and again in 1925, along with eleven other leaders of the CPGB. He was elected MP for West Fife in 1935, and held the seat until the general election of 1950. He was Chairman of the CPGB from 1950 to 1956, and President of the party from 1956 to 1965. He published numerous pamphlets and articles, a book and several volumes of autobiography. He was an an alternate member of ECCI from 1924, a full member and a member of the ECCI Presidium from 1926 - 1935, and an alternate member of the Presidium from 1935 to 1943

Handlists produced by CPGB Archive workers in 1982 and 1989/90 - listing the main categories of WG papers in the archive in 1982, and the letters available in 1989/90. These lists are now partly superseded, but still contain useful reference information  CP/IND/GALL/01/01  1982-1990

Correspondence  [no ref. or date]

Family and personal letters, including to his nephew Phil Stein, and to Ivor Montagu. Includes a collection of greetings cards, as well as Gallacher's membership cards for various bodies, and miscellaneous personal papers  CP/IND/GALL/01/02  1950-1964

Letters from Bob Mcllhone concerning his researches into Gallacher's attitude towards electoral work etc. around and before the CPGB's formation, as reflected in the columns of 'Forward'.  CP/IND/GALL/01/03  1964

Letters to and from Robin Page Arnot, mainly concerning WG's manuscripts and memoirs  CP/IND/GALL/01/04  1963-1964

Letters to and from Margot Parish (WG's secretary), and some letters to MP from 3rd parties  CP/IND/GALL/01/05  1949-1955

Correspondence with Michael Shapiro, Dave and Janet Springhall, Alan Winnington and others in China  CP/IND/GALL/01/06  1950-1963

Publishing correspondence - with Lawrence and Wishart re drastic editing of WG's book, and with Edizioni Rinascita on Italian 'Revolt on the Clyde'  CP/IND/GALL/01/07  1952-1954

Letters from well-wishers, friends and various members of the public  CP/IND/GALL/01/08  1943-1964

Letters received by WG after his defeat in the 1950 General Election  CP/IND/GALL/01/09  1950

Letters to Willie Gallacher from abroad and from representatives of socialist countries resident in GB  CP/IND/GALL/01/10  1952-1964

Letters from WG to persons abroad (not CPGB members temporarily resident abroad)  CP/IND/GALL/01/11  1949-1956

International correspondence involving but not directly addressed to WG  CP/IND/GALL/01/12  1951-1955

Miscellaneous letters to WG requesting his assistance in one form or another  CP/IND/GALL/01/13  1950-1963

Correspondence with US Embassy, and other persons re WG's request for a visa to visit - his sister, along with press cuttings on the visit  CP/IND/GALL/01/14  1963

Requests to WG from CPGB branches and other organisations to speak or debate, along with details of meetings, letters of thanks from meeting organisers, etc.  CP/IND/GALL/02/01  1952-1964

Letters to and from other MPs and other prominent public figures on various topics  CP/IND/GALL/02/02  1943-1963

Correspondence re WG's book 'Rise Like Lions', and various reviews  CP/IND/GALL/02/03  1950-1951

Miscellaneous correspondence - mainly with labour movement organisations, also on party and personal matters, etc. Includes fragments of manuscripts that do not fit in anywhere else.  CP/IND/GALL/02/04  1920-1963

Correspondence with the press  [no ref. or date]

Correspondence with the Sunday Express, especially with John Junor and John Gordon  CP/IND/GALL/02/05  1951-1963

Correspondence with the Paisley Daily Express, and polemics in the letters column  CP/IND/GALL/02/06  1957-1963

Correspondence with other papers, including the Scottish Daily Express, Evening Times, Reynolds News, Tribune, Guardian, Observer etc.  CP/IND/GALL/02/07  1950-1963

Letters to Sunday Express and other media organs on questions on religion, materials relating to this, including biblical extracts chosen by WG for use in his anti-religious cases  CP/IND/GALL/03/01  circa 1960

Correspondence with the CPGB and party bodies  [no ref. or date]

Letters to CP centre and the Daily Worker, on Titus Oates, colonialism, Ulbricht and the 20th CPSU congress, Yugoslavia, China, defectors from the CPGB, etc.  CP/IND/GALL/03/02  1950-1964

Notes and statements to the CPGB EC/PC on the need for a CPGB conference, Steve Nelson of the CPUSA, etc.  CP/IND/GALL/03/03  1954

Letters and statements from WG to the CP EC and PC in the spring of 1956, concerning the 20th CPSU congress, the role of Stalin, etc.  CP/IND/GALL/03/04  1956

Letters to CP centre and leading CPGB bodies on articles submitted to party press, the ETU, China, Yugoslavia etc.  CP/IND/GALL/03/05  1948-1965

Press - articles, coverage and cuttings  [no ref. or date]

Press reports of WG - including 'Forward', 1952, on whether WG attended royal garden party, and DW.  CP/IND/GALL/03/06  1950-1952

Misc. papers retained by WG, including Forward 1918, Freethinker, CPUSA papers, and Dunoon Observer and Argyllshire Standard (letter from Helen Crawfurd)  CP/IND/GALL/03/07  1918-1963

Articles by and about WG in Soviet and East European papers, including Pravda, Komsomol'skaya Pravda, Novaya i noveyshaya istoriya, Mezhdunarodnaya zhizn', Freies Wort along with document from some Hungarian ministry to WG  CP/IND/GALL/03/08  1948-1960

Articles by WG on history, religion, Palestine, Titus Oates and Douglas Hyde etc.  CP/IND/GALL/03/09  1949-early 1950s

Speeches made by WG in 1940s - notes, printed versions etc.  CP/IND/GALL/03/10  1941-1949

Notes for meetings on Burns, BRS, Labour/CP unity etc.  CP/IND/GALL/03/11  1950s

WG in parliament - CPGB analyses and accounts of its MPs' activities 1947 - 1949, reports of Gallacher's speeches etc.  CP/IND/GALL/04/01  1941-1949

Biographical notes on WG produced by CPGB centre  CP/IND/GALL/04/02  1954 and 1962

WG's trip to Australia via Italy, 1952. Press reports, letters home, MS account of the trip Diary.  CP/IND/GALL/04/03  1952

Manuscripts  [no ref. or date]

'The Opium of the People' WG's manuscripts of an anti-religious study, and letter to James [Klugmann?]  CP/IND/GALL/04/04  1962

Memoirs. Chapters 1 - 5  CP/IND/GALL/04/05  1960s

Memoirs. Chapters 6 - 12 (including 10a)  CP/IND/GALL/04/06  1960s

Memoirs. Chapters 13 - 18 (including 17a)  CP/IND/GALL/04/07  1960s

Memoirs. Chapters 19 - 24 (including insert for Chapter 18 or 19, continuation of Chapter 24, letter to Robin Page Arnot and press cutting)  CP/IND/GALL/04/08  1960s

Memoirs. Chapters 25 - 31 (including 3 inserts, and letter to Robin Page Arnot)  CP/IND/GALL/04/09  1960s

WG's detective story  CP/IND/GALL/05/01  n.d

Fragment of manuscript in WG's hand, apparently a work of fiction on a religious theme  CP/IND/GALL/05/02  n.d

'Our Town of Paisley' - original Ms, along with three chapters which made up part of 'Last Memoirs'  CP/IND/GALL/05/03  1960s

'Our Town of Paisley' - photocopy of MS, along with three chapters which made up part of 'Last Memoirs'  CP/IND/GALL/05/04  1960s

Tributes and greetings  [no ref. or date]

WG's 70th birthday - souvenir brochure, messages of greetings from foreign CPs etc.  CP/IND/GALL/05/05  1951

WG's 80th birthday - entertainment by Honor Arundel; programme for event organised by Scottish CPGB, 24 December 1961  CP/IND/GALL/05/06  1961

WG's death, funeral and obituaries, with party correspondence concerning WG memorabilia  CP/IND/GALL/05/07  1965-1966

Scottish Committee CPGB correspondence re collections of WG memorabilia  CP/IND/GALL/05/08  1970

WG centenary coverage - press cuttings, tributes, souvenirs etc.  CP/IND/GALL/05/09  1981

Card index file of questions raised by WG and Phil Piratin in the House of Commons  CP/IND/GALL/06  1947-1949

Tributes and greetings  [no ref. or date]

Gallacher's 70th birthday - letters and telegrams of greetings from individuals, CPGB, labour movement and foreign communist organisations  CP/IND/GALL/07/01  1951

Gallacher's 80th birthday - letters and telegrams of greetings from individuals, CPGB, labour movement and foreign communist organisations  CP/IND/GALL/07/02  1961

Plays, sketches and suchlike writings by Gallacher. TS, duplicated and MS  CP/IND/GALL/07/03  Undated

Verse by Gallacher - TS, MS and duplicated. Also copy of poetry pamphlet by Matt McGunn "Peoms for Working Men" dedicated to WG by author.  CP/IND/GALL/07/04  Undated

German police report on Gallacher, requesting that he be observed closely (in German, photocopy)  CP/IND/GALL/07/05  1922

John Gollan papers  CP/IND/GOLL  [n.d.]

Creator(s): Gollan, John, 1911-1977, CPGB General Secretary

John Gollan 1911 - 1977, CPGB General Secretary. Personal and political papers

Biographical material  [no ref. or date]

Brief autobiographies prepared for party use  CP/IND/GOLL/01/01  1964-1956

Personal & YCL 1930s material  [no ref. or date]

1931 Sedition Trial. Sheriff's notes re JG's appeal & Sheriff's statement to the jury.  CP/IND/GOLL/01/02  1931

JG's letters from prison to his father.  CP/IND/GOLL/01/03  Oct-Dec 1931

1937 Apprentice Strikes. Includes notes, correspondence, cuttings and leaflets relating to the strikes Mostly Clydeside but also Edinburgh. Sheffield, Teeside & Tyneside.  CP/IND/GOLL/01/04  1937

[Water damage - needs conservation]

JG report "The Development of Trotskyism from Menshevism to Alliance with Fascism and Counter Revolution" given to a YCL National Council meeting  CP/IND/GOLL/01/05  1937

Untitled manuscript by JG on modern warfare, young workers resistance to war and the struggle for democracy. Includes suggested alterations for possible publication  CP/IND/GOLL/01/06  1930s

National Parliament of Youth - Bulletin (Nov 1938) & papers from 1st National Parliament of Youth (London 24 - 26 March 1939) including verbatim reports.  CP/IND/GOLL/01/07  1938-1939

Papers relating to the International Communist Movement  [no ref. or date]

USSR miscellaneous file. Includes 1947 Russian document, a translation of Soviet letter re the Middle East situation [1967] and a report of a meeting between the CC of the CPSU and representatives of the CPGB including Matthews and JG.  CP/IND/GOLL/02/01  1947-1967

Note by Ruth [Werner] for JG on the purging of Kurt Muller from the KPD leadership in 1950.  CP/IND/GOLL/02/02  n.d

CPSU 20th Congress. Cuttings, notes and correspondence on the Congress and its international impact. Includes statements by other parties and notes of the CPGB EC discussions.  CP/IND/GOLL/02/03  1956

Contacts with the CPSU. Notes, cuttings and corrspondence re contacts between JG and the CPSU, especially re the CPSU's relationship with other Communist countries following the 20th Congress.  CP/IND/GOLL/02/04  1956-1960

Hungary 1956.  CP/IND/GOLL/02/05  1956

Copy of report by Charlie Coutts and Chris Birch on their experiences of the situation in Hungary, sent to Gollan. A copy of this was passed to the Soviet Ambassador but not to the rest of the CPGB PC.
Includes correspondence from Chris Birch on the provenance of the document (1996) and copies of material from "Istorichskiy Archiv" relating to its discovery in the Soviet archives (1995).

Hungary 1956. JGs notes on report & discussion at the EC meeting 3 & 4 November.  CP/IND/GOLL/02/06  1956

Hungary 1956.  CP/IND/GOLL/02/07  1956

JG's report and notes on discussions with "Daily Worker" journalists 5 - 7 November, the PC meeting 8 November and the EC meeting 10 - 11 November. Also includes draft appeal to the membership by Pollitt, party statements/resolutions and the international response to events in Egypt and Hungary.

Poland. Cuttings relating to situation in Poland 1956 - 1957. Notes of meeting with Polish leaders during visit by JG & HP to Poland, March 1957. Annotated drafts of joint declaration.  CP/IND/GOLL/02/08  1956-1957

JG;'s meeting with CPSU CC July 1957 & reponse to events there. Includes cuttings, reports, notes and CPGB EC discussion & resolution, 14 July.  CP/IND/GOLL/02/09  1957

Hungary visit March 1958. Handwritten report of meeting between CPGB delegation (JG, Matthews & Palme Dutt) and the Hungarian Socialist Workers Party on the situation in Hungary. Copy of Joint Declaration issued after meeting.  CP/IND/GOLL/02/10  1958

7th Congress of the League Communists of Yugoslavia (1958) & the CPGB's refusal to attend.  CP/IND/GOLL/03/01  1958

Includes Congress documents, responses to the LCY Draft Programme by Russian and Rumanian parties & correspondence requesting further information re the CPGB's decision.

Report on 20th Congress of the Danish Communist Party  CP/IND/GOLL/03/02  1958

Includes notes by JG of speech to Congress & report on events including rejection of "revisionist position" taken by pro-Yugoslavian former party chair Axel Larsen. Also congress documents (in Danish).

International Communist Conference re situation in Spain, Sept 1962. JG's notes & report.  CP/IND/GOLL/03/03  1962

Vietnam material. Includes leaflets, pamphlets etc from various solidarity groups, newspaper cuttings and various notes/articles by JG. Also report on his attendence at Ho Chi Minh's funeral.  CP/IND/GOLL/03/04  1960s-1970s

Trial of Soviet writers Sinyavsky and Daniel. Includes notes of JG's critical statement on the severity of the sentence. Also other international reponses and correspondence mainly favourable to the CPGB's reaction.  CP/IND/GOLL/03/05  1966

Netherlands CP. Letter from F Baruch to JG re pro-Chinese position of Dutch party.  CP/IND/GOLL/03/06  1967

Czechoslovakia 1968.  CP/IND/GOLL/03/07  1968

Includes cuttings, JG's notes, translations of letters from the CPSU, letters from the Czech party, a note on a visit to Czechoslovakia (Sept 1968) by Vic Richter. Cuttings include Soviet News, translations from the Soviet press & Pragopress. Also declarations by other international parties on situation.

Moscow Trials 1936 - 1938. Notes & typescript of article by JG (1970s). Also earlier material on trials by Dutt, notes and annotations by JG.  CP/IND/GOLL/03/08  [1970s]

Papers relating to the CPGB & British Politics  [no ref. or date]

Labour Party - notes on PC discussion on renewed application for affiliation to the LP, 3 Dec 195?  CP/IND/GOLL/04/01  1950s

Labour Party  CP/IND/GOLL/04/02  1950s-1960s

Includes cuttings, pamplets and draft notes / speeches / articles by JG on the CPGB's attitude to the LP and appeals to LP members. Also contains notes on other groups such as the ILP and the Socialist League and their relationships with the LP.

Broadcasting: correspondence, notes & cuttings relating to party's campaign on political broadcasting.  CP/IND/GOLL/04/03  1962-1967

Broadcasting & the Press  CP/IND/GOLL/04/04  1966-1969

Includes reports of the Press Crisis Teach-In (April 19th 1967) with contributions by G Matthews, John Bonfield, Richard Clements, Raymond Williams, Alistair Hetherington & R Briginshaw, a meeting between British & Soviet Journalists (Dec 1967), a draft article/speech on press freedoms (1968) and Fabian pamphlet "Government & the Press" by Rex Winsbury.

Broadcasting miscellaneous: includes script of proposed 1964 Party Political Broadcast & JG TV interview with Robert Kee (1971).  CP/IND/GOLL/04/05  1960s-1970s

Reg Birch: file relating to EC investigation into RB concerning alleged factionalism & pro-Chinese activities. Includes correspondence, minutes & notes of interviews with Birch and others re case.  CP/IND/GOLL/04/06  1965

Arrangement: [Probably originally Org Dept file passed to JG or biographer Margot Kettle].

1966 Seamen's Strike  CP/IND/GOLL/04/07  1966

JG notes in reponse to Wilson's allegations re Communist subversion and the strike. Includes notes on the role of the Industrial Department & CP group in the Port of London. Also cuttings, the pamphlet "Not Wanted on the Voyage - the seamen's reply" and correspondence with NUS denying issuing circular to seamen (Dec 1966).

Devolution: includes JG notes for speeches/articles, party statements and policy documents as well as proposals by the LP and the Scottish TUC.  CP/IND/GOLL/04/08  1967-1977

Trade Union militancy: lecture notes and cuttings  CP/IND/GOLL/05/01  1972-1974

Common Market & EEC: notes, cuttings and background material for memorandum "The Common Market & Democratisation".  CP/IND/GOLL/05/02  1975

Articles, speeches & party statements  [no ref. or date]

"The Transition to Socialism": material includes JG's notes, PC discussions, developments in the USSR, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Poland, Rumania & Bulgaria and criticisms of the Yugoslavian party.  CP/IND/GOLL/05/03  1948

Peaceful Transition to Socialism - notes & quotations from Marx & Lenin for article / speech. Includes material relating to the Sino-Soviet dispute & the BRS.  CP/IND/GOLL/05/04  1960-1964

"Democracy and the Class Struggle" - draft article / chapter. Includes backgroud materials & suggested alterations.  CP/IND/GOLL/05/05  n.d

"Democracy and Class Struggle" - material relating to article re socialist & bourgeois democracy.  CP/IND/GOLL/05/06  1960s

"Which Road?" - drafts of article re transition to socialism for Soviet journal "Questions of History of the CPSU". Includes comments by G Matthews, Palme Dutt, J Klugman & A Rothstein.  CP/IND/GOLL/05/07  1964

General Crisis of Capitalism - lecture notes  CP/IND/GOLL/06/01  [1971-1972]

"The Development of the Doctrine of the Dictatorship of the Proletariat" - discussion article. Includes background notes, comments, drafts and final article on the Dictatorship of the Proletariat and relevance to the British Road.  CP/IND/GOLL/06/02  1976

Miscellaneous draft reports to various committees ie PC, EC & others. Wide range of issues including CPSU 20th Congress, Inner Party Democracy & the ICM.  CP/IND/GOLL/06/03  1950s-1960s

Party statements  CP/IND/GOLL/06/04  1957-1967

Including inflation, the H Bomb, peace, Kenya, Cyprus, German rearmament, disarmament, LP Scarborough conference, death of Harry Pollitt, LP Defence policy, the Common Market, unity of the ICM, steel nationalisation, Jews in the USSR, the Seamen's strike, the Co-op Movement, Middle East conflict, racism and the aircraft industry. Some annotations.

JG's articles & speeches  CP/IND/GOLL/06/05  1957-1972

Miscellaneous subjects including disarmament, LP conferences, anniversaries of the Russian Revolution, Labour Party & By Elections (1958), the ICM, LP policy statements (1959), Clause 4, "Daily Worker" 30th Birthday, CPGB 40th Anniversary, CPGB 27th Congress, the British political system, 1966 Seamen's strike, situation in Britain (1966), the Middle East, 140th Anniversary of birth of Marx, Common Market, Industrial Relations Act & Georgi Dimitrov.

JG's articles & statements  CP/IND/GOLL/06/06  1962-1969

Miscellaneous subjects including the Common Market, LP 1965 Conference, Vietnam, 50th Anniversary of the Russian Revolution, race relations, the International Monetary System and the LP's industrial relations.

JG's articles & speeches  CP/IND/GOLL/06/07  1973-1976

Miscellaneous subjects including May Day 1973, the Conference of Communist Parties of the Capitalist Countries of Europe, the Irish situation (1974), the 1974 election (October), Mrs Thatcher & the Cold War and his speech on resignation as Gen Sec.

"View from the left" articles by "Patriot" for the "Morning Star" - draft typescripts. Also includes cuttings re industrial unrest.  CP/IND/GOLL/07/01  1970-1974

Notes on various aspects of party history & controversies. Written for interview / article upon reaching 60 [?]  CP/IND/GOLL/07/02  1971-1977

Speeches - notes for various talks on the strategy for revolution, the origins of the British Road, Marxism in Britain today & the State today.  CP/IND/GOLL/07/03  [1970s]

Harry Pollitt's funeral.  CP/IND/GOLL/07/04  1960

Includes international telegrams, notes of JG's oration as well as those of representatives of the CPSU & the CPC. Correspondents include Marjorie Pollitt, Ted Hill, William Gallacher, Bill Brooks, Jack Cohen. Also text of oration at Commemoration Ceremony 1970.

Speech at unveiling of Marx Memorial in Moscow 1961.  CP/IND/GOLL/07/05  1961

Funeral orations for Claude Berridge, JR Campbell, W Gallacher & H Pollitt  CP/IND/GOLL/07/06  n.d

Miscellaneous material  [no ref. or date]

Miscellaneous correspondence - includes letters from Finlay Hart, John Williamson & medical report on J Klugman.  CP/IND/GOLL/08/01  1952-1963

Wal Hannington (1896 - 1966) papers and NUWM materials  CP/IND/HANN  [n.d.]

Creator(s): Hannington, Wal, 1896-1966, unemployed agitator

Related information: In addition to the archive material listed here, the Communist Party Picture Library holds a large collection of photographs of NUWM activities, particularly the unemployed hunger marches of the 1920s and 1930s

Administrative history:
Wal Hannington trained as a toolmaker from age 14, was a member of the London district committee of the Toolmakers' Society in the 1914 - 1918 war and from 1920 of the AEU when the unions merged. He joined the British Socialist Party at the end of 1915, was a foundation member of the CPGB, and in 1921 was one of the founders of the National Unemployed Workers' Movement, in which he was the leading figure until it was wound up during and after the Second World War. In the 1920s he served on the CPGB CC, was imprisoned with other communist leaders for a year in 1925, and from 1924 - 1927 was also General Secretary of the Metal Workers' Minority Movement. He held the position of AEU National Organiser from 1941 to 1951, and worked for the AEU in a lesser capacity from 1952 until his retirement in 1961.

NUWM materials  [no ref. or date]

Unemployed, Labour and Social Services Bulletin - most issues from No. CP/IND/HANN/1 (7 March 1938) to No. CP/IND/HANN/89 (September 1942)  CP/IND/HANN/01/01  1938-1942

NUWM circulars prefixed 'D' Nos. CP/IND/HANN/23, 24, 26, -30, 32, 33, 35, 38 - 42, 45 - 52, 54 - 67, 69 - 74, 76 - 85, 91 - 96  CP/IND/HANN/01/02  13 December 1934-13 December 1935

NUWM Legal Department Bulletin Nos. CP/IND/HANN/8 and 9 (two versions)  CP/IND/HANN/01/03  June-August 1935

NUWM Headquarters News Letter nos. CP/IND/HANN/1 - 9 and 11 - 14  CP/IND/HANN/01/04  1935

NUWM non-numbered circulars  CP/IND/HANN/01/05  December 1934-December 1935

NUWM circulars/newssheets  CP/IND/HANN/01/06  1934-1935

Circulars and notes on NUWM finances and the dissolution of the organisation  CP/IND/HANN/01/07  1934-1946

Miscellaneous documents  CP/IND/HANN/01/08  1931-1942

Report of NUWM conference 1931; London Reception Committee Bulletin October 1932; 10th National Conference resolutions 1937; Memorandum of Deputation of Unemployed Marchers 1937; List of branch organisers 1938; circulars of national NUWM office and Watford branch

NUWM office correspondence - mainly Eric Edney to Wal Hannington, including attempt to call Eric Edney up in 1942  CP/IND/HANN/01/09  January 1940-March 1942

NUWM ephemera - membership cards, collecting cards, poster for South wales hunger march, notepaper, etc.  CP/IND/HANN/01/10  1927-1943

Speakers' notes, notes on how to form an NUWM group, policy pamphlets, notes for branches on defence of claims etc.  CP/IND/HANN/01/11  1930s

NUWM printed leaflets - agitation, information, advertisements for hunger marches etc.  CP/IND/HANN/01/12  1922-1935

Miscellaneous documents about unemployment or the NUWM  CP/IND/HANN/02/01  1927-1937

Report of National United Front Congress, NUWM Hawick scheme for woollen textiles for Spain, Home Office posters banning public processions in wartime, excerpts from Hansard on infiltration of NUWM, 1927, materials on South Wales Miners' March to London, 1927, etc.

1932 March against the Means Test circulars  CP/IND/HANN/02/02  1932-1963

Map of Britain showing unemployed march routes, 1932; 1933 Programme of unemployed march to TUC; 8 NUWM pamphlets by Hannington; letter to Lord Woolton, 1940; anonymous typescript on unemployment and fascism; correspondence about unemployed slave camps with Christopher Brunel; Hannington typescript 'Black Coffins'; 2 postcards to Syd Hannington

Bound volume of papers and cuttings  CP/IND/HANN/02/03  1920s-1935

Including 'The Unemployed Special' Nos. 1 - 5 (July - October 1932); 'The Unemployed Leader' Nos. 6 - 12 (November 1932 - April 1933; 'The Unemployed Leader' Vol. 3 Nos. 1 - 19 (May 1934 - November 1935); 'Means Test and Wage Cut Special', January 1932; 'The Unemployed News', 3 December 1928; mounted cuttings from 'Out of Work', 1920s

Bound volume of press cuttings and similar miscellany relating to unemployment and the NUWM  CP/IND/HANN/02/04  1922-1927

Bound volume of press cuttings and similar miscellany relating to unemployment and the NUWM  CP/IND/HANN/02/05  October-November 1927

Bound volume of press cuttings and similar miscellany relating to 1927 Welsh miners' march to London  CP/IND/HANN/02/06  1927

Large scrapbook of newspaper cuttings related to the NUWM National Hunger March and Congress of February 1934.  CP/IND/HANN/03  January-March 1934

[Water damaged]

Large scrapbook of newspaper cuttings related to general unemployment themes.  CP/IND/HANN/04  1932-1935

[Slightly water damaged]

Large scrapbook of newspaper cuttings related to NUWM Hunger March, 1936  CP/IND/HANN/05  October-November 1936

[Slightly water damaged]

Press cuttings on unemployment and the NUWM  CP/IND/HANN/06/01  1928 and 1929

Press cuttings on unemployment and the NUWM  CP/IND/HANN/06/02  1932

Press cuttings on unemployment and the NUWM  CP/IND/HANN/06/03  1934

Press cuttings on unemployment and the NUWM  CP/IND/HANN/06/04  1935

Press cuttings on unemployment and the NUWM  CP/IND/HANN/06/05  1936

Press cuttings on unemployment and the NUWM  CP/IND/HANN/06/06  1938

Press cuttings on unemployment and the NUWM  CP/IND/HANN/06/07  1939

Press cuttings on unemployment and the NUWM  CP/IND/HANN/06/08  Undated-1930s

Magazine cuttings on unemployment and the NUWM, and Picture Post 4 February 1939  CP/IND/HANN/06/09  1939

NUWM materials (not necessarily from Wal Hannington)  [no ref. or date]

Leaflets, manifesto, copies of 'The Unemployed News'  CP/IND/HANN/06/10  1925-1928

Local NUWM groups miscellany: Programme of unemployed miners' march to Bristol TUC, minute book of Bristol NUWM 1932 - 1933, Pamphlet: Phil Harker, 'Lancashire's Fight for Bread!', leaflet of Exmouth NUWM  CP/IND/HANN/06/11  1931-1936

London NUWM: leaflets, financial records relating to 1932 hunger march, circulars from London NUWM Council and St. Pancras group  CP/IND/HANN/06/12  1932-1936

Watford Hunger Marchers Reception Committee minute book  CP/IND/HANN/06/13  1932 and 1934

Source of acquisition: (Donated by Arthur Crawley, Watford)

South Wales - London Hunger March, October - November 1936: general ephemera, march bulletins, photocopies of press reports, manifesto etc  CP/IND/HANN/06/14  October-November 1936

South Wales - London Hunger March, October - November 1936: Bath NUWM, Bath Unemployed Association and Bath March Council  CP/IND/HANN/06/15  1934-1936

Correspondence of Major Tom Grenfell and others of Bath Unemployed Association to prepare reception of marchers etc. Also circulars, leaflets, accounts etc. Separate folder concerning 1934 march reception

National Congress and March Council - combined Hunger March and United Front Congress. March from Scotland, United Front Congress in Bermondsey Town Hall, February 1934  CP/IND/HANN/06/16  1934

Circulars, leaflets, draft pamphlet by Harry Pollitt, ephemera etc. Pamphlets include "The Workers' United Front" (Summary of the Congress), "The Way Forward" (Pollitt's speech to Congress) and the "Exposure of Belmont Slave Colony".

Unemployment-related non-NUWM materials (not necessarily from Wal Hannington)  [no ref. or date]

National Joint Council and Co-operative Union demonstration leaflet, programme of Jarrow marchers' stay in London  CP/IND/HANN/06/17  1933 and 1936

AEU materials  [no ref. or date]

Correspondence with individuals and institutions as AEU official. Includes correspondence with AEU National Office about unofficial dispute at Swift Scale Co. in January 1941; Jack Knife (Woddis) 1944; S. Elias 1944; Clive Jenkins 1951; and others  CP/IND/HANN/07/01  1938-1962

Reports and other documents written by Wal Hannington as National Organiser of the AEU  CP/IND/HANN/07/02  1941-1951

Correspondence and documents relating to Hannington's retirement in 1961, including notes for WH's speeches etc.  CP/IND/HANN/07/03  1961

AEU enquiry into allegations by North London Divisional Oragniser Tom Chapman of a Communist conspiracy against him. Correspondence and notes by Wal Hannington, report of enquiry, press coverage etc.  CP/IND/HANN/07/04  1958

Correspondence with CPGB centre and individuals about AEU matters. Includes 2 lengthy documents on tactics in AEU elections  CP/IND/HANN/07/05  1942-1958

AEU circulars - from period when Hannington was AEU National Organiser  CP/IND/HANN/07/06  1940-1949

Printed AEU material - mainly from period when Hannington was AEU National Organiser  CP/IND/HANN/07/07  1938-1952

AEU reorganisation after the war - documents from Hannington and other full-time officials, reactions to each others' documents, notes, final recommendations, correspondence, etc.  CP/IND/HANN/08/01  1943-1945

Non-AEU engineering industry materials  [no ref. or date]

HMSO wartime documents re wages, notes on tribunals on women's work, arbitration tribunal materials etc. Some notes by Hannington  CP/IND/HANN/08/02  1941-1944

AEU Delegation to USSR, 1946  [no ref. or date]

Three notebooks by Wal Hannington giving detailed accounts of journey and activities in USSR, with official report of AEU delegation  CP/IND/HANN/08/03  November-December 1946

Draft and noteform versions of Hannington's report on the delegation to the USSR, with some notes for speeches made in USSR for delegation  CP/IND/HANN/08/04  1946

Typescript and handwritten versions of Hannington's final report on the delegation to the USSR, with letter from Douglas Hyde  CP/IND/HANN/08/05  1946-1947

Miscellaneous AEU documents relating to the delegation to the USSR  CP/IND/HANN/08/06  1946-1947

Miscellaneous souvenirs of the delegation to the USSR collected by Hannington, including reports on the delegation in 'Trud'  CP/IND/HANN/08/07  1946

Wal Hannington's books  [no ref. or date]

Correspondence re 'Mr. Chairman!' - with Lawrence and Wishart and various TU figures  CP/IND/HANN/08/08  1949-1965

Correspondence and other documents concerning 'Rights of Engineers'; 'Ten Lean Years' and 'A Short History of the Unemployed', mainly with Victor Gollancz and his staff, also with Jack Tanner and other TU figures  CP/IND/HANN/08/09  1944-1949

Typescript and printed versions of 'An Engineer Looks at Russia' (a reworked version of Hannington's final report on the 1946 AEU delegation to the USSR)  CP/IND/HANN/08/10  1946-1948

Also handwritted and typescript versions of 'The New Hungary As We Saw It', written jointly by Hannington and Jim Gardner (General Secretary, Amalgamated Union of Foundry Workers)

London Trade Unions and Old Age Pensioners Joint Committee  [no ref. or date]

Papers of Joint Committee includes WH notes, leaflets, circulars and some correspondence between WH and various pensioners leaders.  CP/IND/HANN/08/11  1963-1966

Wal Hannington's books  [no ref. or date]

Correspondence and other documents concerning 'The Problems of the Distressed Areas', with Victor Gollancz and his staff, Douglas Garman, Coward-McCann Inc., and various TU figures  CP/IND/HANN/09/01  1937-1950

Unpublished manuscripts, notes and verse by Hannington, including a short story 'Three Brothers'  CP/IND/HANN/09/02  n.d

Documents and correspondence relating to Hannington's Autobiography: synopsis, handwritten 'Chapter 28', correspondence with Gollancz, Lawrence and Wishart  CP/IND/HANN/09/03  1961-1966

Notes and fragments used in compilation of Hannington's autobiography 'Never on Our Knees'. Includes some press cuttings and notes by Frank Jackson  CP/IND/HANN/09/04  1960s

Wal Hannington correspondence  [no ref. or date]

Letters from Reginald Bridgeman  CP/IND/HANN/09/05  1949-1959

Letters to, from and about Harry McShane  CP/IND/HANN/09/06  1957-1959

Letters from Basil Davidson, and Hannington's literary suggestions for Davidson's novel 'An English Tune'  CP/IND/HANN/09/07  1952-1958

Letters from (and a few to) Andy Boyd (NCLC, Belfast)  CP/IND/HANN/09/08  1952-1960

Letters from Willie Gallacher to Max Egelnick and Wal Hannington, from Hannington to Walter Citrine  CP/IND/HANN/09/09  1938 and 1954

General correspondence 1930s, including letter from G.D.H. Cole  CP/IND/HANN/09/10  1934-1939

General correspondence 1940 - 1944, including with Harry McShane, Montagu Slater, John Strachey (re his disagreement with the party in 1940 and enclosing Gollancz's pamphlet "Where Are you Going?") & Krishna Menon  CP/IND/HANN/09/11  1940-1944

General correspondence 1945 -1949, including with Jack Lindsay, Eric Edney, comrades in Australia and South Africa, William Rust etc.  CP/IND/HANN/09/12  1945-1949

General correspondence 1950 - 1953, including with Desmond Buckle, Hungarian TUC, Maurice Cornforth, Harry Pollitt, Margot Heinemann, Stanley Evans etc.  CP/IND/HANN/10/01  1950-1953

General correspondence 1954 - 1956, including with W.C. Stevens, C. Desmond Greaves, Emile Burns, J. R. Campbell, John Gollan, Tamara Rust, Martin Lawrence, Angela Tuckett, Andrew Rothstein etc.  CP/IND/HANN/10/02  1954-1956

General correspondence 1957 - 1959, including from Angela Tuckett, Max Egelnick, C. Desmond Greaves, Andrew Rothstein, Peter Kerrigan and others  CP/IND/HANN/10/03  1957-1959

General correspondence 1960 - 1966, including with L. J. Macfarlane and others  CP/IND/HANN/10/04  1960-1966

Wal Hannington miscellaneous memorabilia  [no ref. or date]

LTC souvenir programme, NUWM membership card, army reserve card, assorted passes for Hannington as a TU official, notebooks compiled in prison, references from employers, election miscellany from 1930s, ceremonial invitations etc.  CP/IND/HANN/10/05  1919-1946

Hannington 65th birthday mementos, including party guest list and birthday cards  CP/IND/HANN/10/06  June 1961

Biographical material - including short biography issued by the AEU  CP/IND/HANN/10/07  1927-1950

Articles and speeches by Hannington  [no ref. or date]

Typewritten articles, largely for Labour Monthly and the Daily Worker, on trade unionism and industrial questions, Tom Mann, Jim Connell and other reminiscences  CP/IND/HANN/10/08  1944-1966

Typewritten reviews and obituaries. Reviews of books on trade unionism, Tom Mann etc. Funeral orations for Emrys Llewellyn and Mary Anne Everest  CP/IND/HANN/10/09  1948-1962

Handwritten notes for speeches - mainly on trade union and industrial questions, also on Spain and fascism, unemployment, George Lansbury, Eastern Europe, the CPGB etc.  CP/IND/HANN/11/01  1930s-1950s

Articles and notes for articles on UK/USSR trade, for the Daily Worker and the British-Soviet Society  CP/IND/HANN/11/02  1940s

Articles and notes for articles on the Marshall Plan  CP/IND/HANN/11/03  1951 and before

Excerpts from books and papers compiled by Hannington for articles and speeches  CP/IND/HANN/11/04  1919-1955

Materials related to broadcasting - transcripts of programmes featuring Hannington, interviews etc.  CP/IND/HANN/11/05  1960-1963

Miscellany  [no ref. or date]

Minutes of the London District Committee of the Plumbers' Glaziers' & Domestic Engineers' Union, concerning allegations of the operation of a Communist faction within the union  CP/IND/HANN/11/06  November 1938

CPGB-produced materials, including documents from the Economic Committee, on the Conference of British Empire Communist Parties, etc. Includes letter from J.R. Campbell  CP/IND/HANN/11/07  1950-1952

Materials of the Britain-China Friendship Association (in which Hannington was an important figure) and of the China Campaign Committee (which precedeed the BCFA). Includes bulletins, correspondence and material relaing to the Sino-Soviet split  CP/IND/HANN/11/08  1945-1964

Original handlists of the Hannington collection, showing how the collection was filed in the CPGB Archive. Contains some useful details of the collection  CP/IND/HANN/11/09  1980s

Leaflets issued by Hannington as CPGB candidate in Mertyr Tydfil by-election  CP/IND/HANN/11/10  June 1934

Allen Hutt papers  CP/IND/HUTT  [n.d.]

Creator(s): Hutt, Allen, 1901-72, journalist

Administrative history:
George Allen Hutt, 1901-72, Communist journalist and historian

Personalia  CP/IND/HUTT/1/1  c1930-1972

Incl TS curriculum vitae 1949; letter on AH's fiftieth birthday from Harry Pollitt for the CP EC 1951; TS biographical profile; TS extracts from reviews of The Post War History of the British Working Class (1937); miscellaneous cuttings and obituaries; 'An outline of modern history' (from Lenin School, c1930?)

Personal correspondence (A-M)  CP/IND/HUTT/1/2  1924-71

Correspondents incl R. Page Arnot 1967; Karl August 1925; AL Bacharach 1924; Baldo, Nigeria, 1922; JR Benda 1927; Joanny Berlioz 1925-7 (in French); Reginald Bridgeman 1933; BBC 1942; Jack Cohen, Moscow (for 6th CI congress) and Tyneside c1928-29; Kitty Cornforth (?) 1935; Dora Cox from Yorkshire and Moscow 1928-30; Czechoslovak Theatrical and Literary Agency re Czech translation of The Post-War History of the British Working Class; David, Paris, 1926; Lena Davis 1933-37; Maurice Dobb 1967; Arthur Horner 1928; George Hicks 1925; JF Horrabin 1923; John Jagger 1926; William Joss 1937; K. Komorovsky, Leningradskaya Pravda, 1926 L. Kulis 1932-34; Wilf Macartney 1936, 1941; Tom Mann 1936; George Matthews, Morning Star 1967-71; Frank Miller from Moscow c1929

Personal correspondence (N-Z)  CP/IND/HUTT/1/3  c1922-70

Correspondents include National Society of Operative Printers and Assistants re GAH's membership 1923-26; New Masses periodical 1939-43; Gabriel Peri re GAH's work for L'Humanite 1926; W. Pickles re French radio talks 1942; Graham Pollard 1939; Brian Pollitt and others re BP's possible career as a journalist 1953; Harry Pollitt 1925-52; Raymond Postgate 1922-23; N. Pulis, USSR (in Russian) 1937; AE Reade 1923; Eva Sanders 1922; Jimmy Shields, secretariat CPGB, 1938; WG Shepherd from Winchester prison 1931 and Moscow 1935; Rose Smith, China, 1962; Philip Spratt (?) 1927, 1935-36; Frank Stanley, CPGB London district secretary 1970; Dona Torr 1945-8; N. J. Upadhyaya, Indian Seamens Union 1929;Freda Utley 1928-9; Amabel Williams-Ellis 1933

Correspondence with Gustav Beuer, Czech Communist MP, and his wife Elly, with related papers incl article by AH re Beuer's internment by the British authorities 1940  CP/IND/HUTT/1/4  1937-51

Notebook with diary entries and cuttings on the London Blitz incl copies of various national papers for 8.9.40 and 9.9.40  CP/IND/HUTT/1/5  1940

Papers re ban on the Daily Worker incl leaflets, pamphlets, cuttings, memorandum book  CP/IND/HUTT/1/6  1941-1942

Memoranda, correspondence, circulars etc re Daily Worker  CP/IND/HUTT/2/1  1943-61

Papers incl statement of resignation from DW (not submitted) 14.249draft by GAH 'Why the DW won first prizes for typography' c1957?; memo on printing problems; report on Scotland by DW Sottish correspondent Harry McShane c1943; memo on need for managing editor; memo by E.A. Sullivan on need for more popular paper; circulation figures 1956 and review of DW circulation 22.6.56; report on circulation by circulation manager Phil Piratin May 1956; memoranda and suggestions for improvement of paper; reports of Peoples Press Printing Society sectional meetings 1946, 1954; criticisms of Derek Kartun from Sean O'Casey 1945; criticisms of cultural coverage by D. Bourne, Nottingham, 1948, with responses of DW correspondents; memoranda on editorial work by DW editor William Rust 1943-45; DW readership survey 1950s; reports by DW fund organiser Barbara Niven on visits to Midlands and South Wales 1943-44; report from Brinley Evans, DW representative in South Wales 1944; statement on DW CP committee

Papers re relaunch and post-war prospects of Daily Worker  CP/IND/HUTT/2/2  1945-1946

Incl (PPPS) provisional committee, management committee and financial and general purposes committee minutes Sept.1945-Apr. 1946; memoranda and reports on production and editorial standards 1943-45; memorandum on post-war development 31.8.44; PPPS membership and shareholdings analysis

Papers re the dismissals of F. W. Deards and R. G. Weston from Daily Worker staff  CP/IND/HUTT/2/3  1952-54

Incl NUJ committee of enquiry reports and papers, NUJ NEC minutes, letter from Hutt re Deards 20.10.52, copy of deed of covenant giving over part of wages to the paper's fighting fund

Drawings and papers re make-up of Daily Worker  CP/IND/HUTT/2/4  1950s

Daily Worker Editorial Executive weekly conference agendas and circulation figures with misc supporting papers  CP/IND/HUTT/2/5  1958-1963

Papers re the restyling of the Daily Worker mainly copies and cuttings of the paper  CP/IND/HUTT/2/6  1966

Correspondence and papers re the relaunching of the Daily Worker as the Morning Star  CP/IND/HUTT/2/7  1966

Papers incl letters to the paper on the name change; statement by GAH on the name change; memoranda on subs organisation and technical requirements of 6-page Morning Star; correspondence with John Gollan re name change and GAH's departure from paper; cuttings, articles and publicity material re relaunch and GAH's departure; other correspondents incl Ernie Knott; James Cameron; R. Palme Dutt;

Notes re history of Daily Worker, written by William Rust and completed by GAH; with memorandum from Rust written two days before his death 1.2.49  CP/IND/HUTT/2/8  1949

Margot Kettle Papers  CP/IND/KETT  [n.d.]

Creator(s): Kettle, Margot

Materials for "Recollections of a Younger World"  [no ref. or date]

2 drafts of the unpublished typescript of "Recollections of a Younger World"  CP/IND/KETT/01  1980s

Described by Margot Kettle as the stories of individuals active in the 1930s. "My intention has been to focus on individuals, some quite obscure, some who have become quite well-known, who grew up active in one way or another in the left or leftish campaigns of the time. A grass roots account."
1 Draft presents the interviews in their entirety, individual by individual together with a linking commentary by the author.
The other [later?] draft divides the interviewees responses into subject chapters eg Childhood, Peace & War, Fascism & the Spanish War.

2 Further drafts of "Recollections"  CP/IND/KETT/02  1980s

List of interviewees & correspondence with Mike Squires (Sec, Socialist History Society) re reminiscences of CP members (1993).  CP/IND/KETT/03/01  1980s-1990s

Allanson, Jack. Typed TS of interview. 2 copies, one with questions removed.  CP/IND/KETT/03/02  January 1983

Aprahamian, Frank. Typed TS of interview.  CP/IND/KETT/03/03  December 1982

Aprahamian, Peggy. Typed TS of interview.  CP/IND/KETT/03/04  February 1983

Baron, Alec. Typed TS of interview.  CP/IND/KETT/03/05  January 1984

Bellamy, Ron. Typed TS of interview.  CP/IND/KETT/03/06  January 1984

Bolton, Maisie. Typed TS of interview.  CP/IND/KETT/03/07  April 1983

Brown, Frieda. Typed TS of interview.  CP/IND/KETT/03/08  January 1984

Carritt, Gabriel (Bill). Typed TS of interview.  CP/IND/KETT/03/09  May 1983

Carswell, lanthe. Typed TS of interview.  CP/IND/KETT/03/10  n.d

Cater, Sheila. Typed TS of interview.  CP/IND/KETT/03/11  November 1982

Fagan, Marian. Typed TS of interview.  CP/IND/KETT/03/12  September 1983

Ferns, Henry. Typed TS of interview.  CP/IND/KETT/03/13  Jamuary 1984

Freeman, Chris. Typed TS of interview.  CP/IND/KETT/03/14  January 1984

Gollan, Elsie. Typed TS of interview. 2 copies. One with questions removed.  CP/IND/KETT/03/15  December 1982

Gordon, Hugh. Typed TS of interview.  CP/IND/KETT/03/16  May 1984

Guiterman, Helen. Typed TS of interview.  CP/IND/KETT/03/17  March 1983

Heinemann, Margot. Typed TS of interview.  CP/IND/KETT/03/18  n.d

Hobsbawn, Eric. Typed TS of interview.  CP/IND/KETT/03/19  January 1984

James, Tony. Typed TS of interview.  CP/IND/KETT/03/20  March 1983

Jager, Lena. Handwritten & typed draft TS with annotations.  CP/IND/KETT/03/21  January 1984

Kettle, Arnold. Handwritten & typed draft TS with annotations.  CP/IND/KETT/03/22  October 1983

Kiernan, Victor. Typed TS of interview.  CP/IND/KETT/03/23  July 1983

Lewenstein, Oscar. Handwritten & typed draft TS with annotations. Also correspondence re interview & project.  CP/IND/KETT/03/24  January 1984

Lindrop, Norman. Handwritten & typed draft TS with annotations.  CP/IND/KETT/03/25  December 1983

Livingstone, James. Handwritten & typed draft TS with annotations.  CP/IND/KETT/03/26  March 1983

Matthews, Betty. Handwritten & typed draft TS with annotations.  CP/IND/KETT/03/27  September 1983

Matthews, George. Handwritten & typed draft TS with annotations. Also letter.  CP/IND/KETT/03/28  September 1983

Maynard Smith, John. Handwritten & typed draft TS with annotations. Also correspondence.  CP/IND/KETT/03/29  January 1984

Meredith, Christopher. Handwritten & typed draft TS with annotations.  CP/IND/KETT/03/30  May 1983

Orrom, Michael. Handwritten & typed draft TS with annotations.  CP/IND/KETT/03/31  January 1984

Pitt, David. Typed TS of interview.  CP/IND/KETT/03/32  September 1983

Simon, Brian. Handwritten & typed draft TS with annotations.  CP/IND/KETT/03/33  August 1983

Simon, Joan. Handwritten & typed draft TS with annotations & added comments.  CP/IND/KETT/03/34  August 1983

Taylor, Jessie. Handwritten & typed draft TS with annotations.  CP/IND/KETT/03/35  March 1983

Taylor, Murdoch. Handwritten & draft typed TS with annotations. Also correspondence.  CP/IND/KETT/03/36  March 1983

Teller, Marie. Handwritten & draft typed TS with annotations.  CP/IND/KETT/03/37  December 1983

Trim, Reg. Handwritten & typed draft TS with annotations. Also includes correspondence re interview.  CP/IND/KETT/03/38  August 1983

Vickers, Jon. Handwritten & typed draft TS with annotations.  CP/IND/KETT/03/39  July 1983

Vickers, Winifred (Freddie). Handwritten & typed draft TS with annotations.  CP/IND/KETT/03/40  July 1983

Waterston, Mary. Handwritten & draft TS with annotations. Also correspondence.  CP/IND/KETT/04/01  February 1984

Williams, Hugh. Handwritten & typed draft TS with annotations.  CP/IND/KETT/04/02  Spetember 1983

Williams, Phyllis. Handwritten & typed draft TS with annotations. Also correspondence.  CP/IND/KETT/04/03  September 1983

Willis, Ted. Handwritten & typed draft TS with annotations.  CP/IND/KETT/04/04  November 1983

Wintringham, Meg. Handwritten & typed draft TS with annotations.  CP/IND/KETT/04/05  August 1983

Wippell, Michael. Handwritten & typed draft TS with annotations. Also correspondence.  CP/IND/KETT/04/06  January 1984

Wynne, John. Handwritten & typed draft TS with annotations.  CP/IND/KETT/04/07  October 1983

Wynne, Margaret. Handwritten & typed draft TS with annotations.  CP/IND/KETT/04/08  October 1983

Box of micro-cassettes.  CP/IND/KETT/04/09  1980s

As marked [possibly taped over]: Ianthe Carswell, Henry Ferns, Eric Hobsbawn, Helen Guiterman, Tony James, Margot Heinemann, Lena Jeger, Oscar Lewenstein, George Matthews, James Livingstone, Murdoch Taylor, Jean McGibbon, Michael Orrom, Norma MacKenzie, JM Smith, Betty Matthews, Chris Freeman, Christopher Meredith, G Carritt, Jessie Teller, Ron Bellamy, Freda Brown, Mary Watson, Edith Redstone, Hughie & Phyllis Williams, John & Margaret Wynne.

Typed interview transcripts not used for "Recollections"; MacGibbon, Jean (July 1984); MacKenzie, Norma (August 1984) & Redstone, Edith (March 1983).  CP/IND/KETT/04/10  1983-1984

Unpublished John Gollan biography  [no ref. or date]

Materials for Gollan biography: Part 1 Early Days.  CP/IND/KETT/05/01  1980s-1990s

Interview; Jessie Taylor

Materials for Gollan biography: Part 1 Early Days  CP/IND/KETT/05/02  1980s-1990s

Correspondence with Tony Bradley, Tom Gallagher, Margaret Gollan, Alistair Kinroy, Harry Lapping, Peter Nicholson, HN Robertson, Murdoch & Jessie Taylor, and lan Wood. Mainly concerning early years & 1931 trial.

Materials for Gollan biography: Part 1 Early Days  CP/IND/KETT/05/03  1980s-1990s

Miscellaneous notes on Gollan's early years, mainly drawn from Gollan's own speeches & writings.

Materials for Gollan biography: Part 2 The Thirties  CP/IND/KETT/05/04  1980s-1990s

Interviews include Frank Graham, John Platt Mills & George Short.

Materials for Gollan biography: Part 2 The Thirties  CP/IND/KETT/05/05  1980s-1990s

Correspondence with Edwin Barker, Alexander Baron, Jack Becow, Gabriel Carritt, Eileen Cottle, Eileen Hawkins (re Mary Owen); Bob Horne, Vincent Jones, Oscar Lewenstein, Dave Morgan, Dipak Nandy, Pips Pinkus, John Platt Mills, Doreen Sutherland, Murdoch & Jessie Taylor and William Wainwirght.

Materials for Gollan biography: Part 2 The Thirties  CP/IND/KETT/05/06  1980s-1990s

Miscellaneous notes, drafts & cuttings including material on conscription & the Nazi-Soviet pact. Correspondents include Gabriel Carritt, Monty Johnstone & George Matthews.

Materials for Gollan biography: Part 3 The War Years  CP/IND/KETT/05/07  1980s-1990s

Interviews include Sam Aaronovitch, Mrs Fletcher, Elsie Gollan, Frank Graham, Finlay Hart, Marion Henery, Bob Horne, Jimmy Hunter, Bill Lauchlan, Gordon & Mary McLennan, George Short and Jessie & Murdoch Taylor.

Materials for Gollan biography: Part 3 The War Years  CP/IND/KETT/05/08  1980s-1990s

Correspondence with Sam Aaronovitch, Jack Ashton, Audrey Canning (Gallagher Memorial library), J Ferrier, Mrs A Fletcher, Margaret Gollan, Frank Graham, Nora Green, Finlay Hart, Bob Horne, Jimmy Hunter, Bill Lauchlan, lan MacDougall, Gordon & Mary McLennan, George Matthews, Brian Pollitt, George Short, Jessie & Murdoch Taylor, and George Wylie.

Materials for Gollan biography: Part 4 1st Post War Decade  CP/IND/KETT/05/09  1980s-1990s

Correspondence & interviews with Arthur Clegg, Jack Crawley, Jack Dywien, Elsie Gollan, Gordon McLennan, George Matthews, Brian Pollitt, Bert Ramelson, Jimmy Reid, Murdoch Taylor & Willie Thompson.

Materials for Gollan biography: Part 4 1st Post War Decade  CP/IND/KETT/05/10  1908s-1990s

Miscellaneous notes & documents including chronology, article by G Matthews on Stalin's involvement in the BRS ("Changes" 14 - 27 September 1991) & correspondence between JG & Dave Priscott [photocopies].

Materials for Gollan biography: Part 5 1956 - 1960  CP/IND/KETT/05/11  1980s-1990s

Correspondence & interviews including Andrew Gollan, Heather Gollan, Margaret Gollan, Monty Johnstone, George Matthews, Daisy & Dave Priscott, Andrew Rothstein & Roger Simon.

Materials for Gollan biography: Part 5 1956 - 1960  CP/IND/KETT/05/12  1980s-1990s

Miscellaneous notes & documents including "Soviet News" ("Overcoming the Cult of the Individual" 3 July 1956), Togliatti's "Questions posed by the 20th Congress of the CPSU" and notes on events & newspaper coverage in the period from the "Daily Worker" & "World News & Views".

Materials for Gollan biography: Part 6 1960s  CP/IND/KETT/05/13  1980s-1990s

Correspondence & interviews including Bill Alexander, Reg Birch, Reuben Falber, Margaret Gollan, Lena Jeger, Betty Lewis, Michael McGahey, George Matthews, Dave Priscott & Bert Ramelson.

Materials for Gollan biography: Part 6 1960s  CP/IND/KETT/05/14  1980s-1990s

Miscellaneous notes, cuttings & correspondence includes chronologies of events, Scottish TUC Annual Reports (1968 & 1969), correspondence between JG & Dave Priscott [photocopied], letters to John & Allan Lane (1964) & 3 pamphlets re Czech 1968 [belonging to Marian Fagan?]:
"August 21st - The Rape of Czechoslovakia" by Colin Chapman
"Josef Smrkovsky - an unfinished conversation"
& "The Action Programme of the Czechoslovak Communist Party - April 1968".

Materials for Gollan biograph: Part 7 1970s  CP/IND/KETT/05/15  1980s-1990s

Correspondence with Elsie Gollan, George Matthews, Gordon McLennan (including drafts of speech at JG Memorial Lecture 1989) & Murdoch Taylor.

Materials for Gollan biography: Part 7 1970s  CP/IND/KETT/05/16  1980s-1990s

Miscellaneous notes, interviews & correspondence. Includes chronologies, a cutting re a rally for Chile (1973), material re revision of the BRS, interviews with Robert Kee & Jimmy Reid, correspondence between JG & Dave Priscott [photocopied], notes on Jack Woddis' articles on JG's visit to Cuba & copy of Reuben Faulber's article on Moscow Gold ("Changes" 16 - 29 November 1991).

General correspondence re Gollan biography  CP/IND/KETT/06/01  1980s-1990s

Includes synopsis of book, MK's letters to "7 Days", "Marxism Days" & "The Morning Star".
Correspondents include Minnie Bowles, Arthur Clegg, Edinburgh University Press, Stanley Foreman (Education & Television Films Ltd), John Holford, Bob Horne, Monty Johnstone, Bill Laughlan, Lawrence & Wishart, Gordon McLennan, George Matthews, Bill Moore, Dave Morgan, Kevin Morgan (re "Opening The Books" conference includes MK's paper to conference on JG), Edmund Penning Rowsell, Ben Pimlott, Pluto Press, Raphael Samuel, Socialist History Society and Jessie & Murdoch Taylor.

General material for Gollan biography  CP/IND/KETT/06/02  1980s-1990s

Miscellaneous raw material including copies of JG's party biography, MK's chronoloogy of post-war events, notes on the contents of JG's papers and various cuttings.
Also correspondence, interviews etc with Peggy Aprahamian, Jessie Gollan, Hugh Gordon, Margot Heinemann, Mick McGahey, Harry McShane, George Matthews, Dennis Ogden, Murdoch Taylor & Ted Willis.

Draft typescript of biography Parts I - IV  CP/IND/KETT/06/03  1980s-1990s

Draft transcript of biography Parts V - VII  CP/IND/KETT/06/04  1980s-1990s

Miscellaneous draft chapters - some with anotations & suggested alterations  CP/IND/KETT/07  1980s-1990s

James Klugmann Papers  CP/IND/KLUG  [n.d.]

Creator(s): Klugmann, James, 1912-1977, historian

Administrative history:
James Klugmann, 1912-1977, Communist Party lecturer and historian

Personal and political papers  [no ref. or date]

Translation of Y. Lenov, The Struggle of the Yugoslav People for the Independence and Freedom of their Country  CP/IND/KLUG/01/01  1944

4 Notebooks

Papers re resignation from British army and UNRRA  CP/IND/KLUG/01/02  1946

TS articles on Soviet Ideology  CP/IND/KLUG/01/03  1940s-1950s?

Incl 'The significance of ideological work in present circumstances', leading article from Bolshevik, May 1946; 'Racism in the Anglo-Saxon Countries' by Yakov Roginsky, Anti-Fascist Committee of Soviet Scientists; A Vlasov, 'Vital Problems of Soviet Architecture'

Hungarian CP press bulletin on Hungarian Three Year Plan Feb. 1947  CP/IND/KLUG/01/04  1947

Papers re agriculture incl draft CP National Agricultural Committee discussion statement circulated by Jack Dunman Nov. 1952; circulars for PC re Stalins article and British agriculture Jan. 1953  CP/IND/KLUG/01/05  1952-1953

Papers re CP's inner-party controversies 1956  CP/IND/KLUG/01/06  1956

Incl notes on meetings of CP Historians Group on cult of personality and the CPSU 20th congress and CP historians; TS branch reporting notes on 20th congress; notes on Dutch CP congress Oct. 1956; notes on meetings of CP Commission on Inner-Party Democracy Sept-Oct. 1956 with letter from Christopher Hill

Notes on meetings of CP Commission on Inner-Party Democracy Sept-Oct. 1956 with 2 letters from Christopher Hill  CP/IND/KLUG/01/07  1956

Information materials on the dictatorship of the proletariat incl notes, cuttings, statements and publications of other European communist parties  CP/IND/KLUG/01/08  c1975-1976

CP educational materials  [no ref. or date]

Papers re discussion on party education  CP/IND/KLUG/01/09  1957-1958

Incl notes for CP education department meeting re national organisers school 1957; draft article on party education programme 7.8.57; resume of CPGB EC discussion on education 11.7.57; correspondence and copy correspondence Jack Cohen, Bill Wainwright, Mike Murray; draft report on CP education plan 1957-58

Materials relating to WEA Trade Union education, correspondence and typescript notes thereon  CP/IND/KLUG/01/10  1946-1948

CP education - James Klugmann's lecture notes  [no ref. or date]

Notes for party schools 1946 and reading diary 1950 - 1956  CP/IND/KLUG/01/11  1946-1956

Notes for lectures to party branches, organisations and schools  CP/IND/KLUG/02/01  1947

Notes for lectures to party branches, organisations and schools  CP/IND/KLUG/02/02  1948

Notes for lectures to party branches, organisations and schools  CP/IND/KLUG/02/03  1949

Notes for lectures to party branches, organisations and schools  CP/IND/KLUG/02/04  1950

Notes for lectures to party branches, organisations and schools - undated  CP/IND/KLUG/02/05  1946-1950

Communist Party history working materials  [no ref. or date]

Minutes, notes, correspondence and circulars re CP History Commission  CP/IND/KLUG/02/06  1956-1958

Papers incl notes for CPGB PC meetings re CP history and History Commission; translation of article on writing of proposed French Communist Party history; correspondents incl Frank Jackson; Harry Pollitt, first chair of commission; Brian Pearce with notes by Pollitt and Palme Dutt on letter by BP sent to World News; R. Page Arnot

Correspondence and papers re writing of official CP history incl reports to CP PC; correspondence with Bill Alexander, Maurice Cornforth, R. Palme Dutt, R. Page Arnot, Chris Allen  CP/IND/KLUG/02/07  1958-1966

TS comments on 1st draft of JKs official CP history by R. Page Arnot  CP/IND/KLUG/02/08  1960s

Correspondence re JK's official CP history with notes for talks on the history  CP/IND/KLUG/03/01  1968

Correspondents incl D.N. Pritt, Edmund Frow, Frank Jackson, Jim Moody, S.G. Hutchins, George Barnsby, Allen Hutt, Nan Green

Notes and correspondence re proposed 3rd volume of official CP history (to cover period 1927-32; not published)  CP/IND/KLUG/03/02  1960s-1970s

'Notes on the question of affiliation of the Independent Labour Party to the Third International' by C.H. Norman 12.2.57 with typed transcript  CP/IND/KLUG/03/03  1957

Materials re CP's foundation 1920, mainly copies of contemporary BSP, SLP and CP reports and manifestoes with list of CP foundation members compiled 1957  CP/IND/KLUG/03/04  1950s-1960s

Letter from Edmund Frow enclosing copies of documents; statement of Bob Stewart on his work for Communist unity

MS notes on CP in fight against imperialism.  CP/IND/KLUG/03/05  1960s-1970s

Includes copy of article "Anti-Imperialism in the CPGB. Theory and parctice from 1920-1945" by Alan Mackenzie.

Notes from Comintern archives, Moscow  CP/IND/KLUG/03/06  1920

Incl notes on re foundation of CPGB incl CI Amsterdam sub-bureau; report of Communist Party (British Section of Third International) conference Dec. 1920

Notes from Comintern archives, Moscow  CP/IND/KLUG/03/07  1920-1921

Incl notes on CPGB national and London Council circulars, Hands Off Russia committee etc

Notes from Comintern archives, Moscow  CP/IND/KLUG/03/08  1922-1923

Incl notes on CP EC and Organising and Political bureaux minutes and circulars 1922-23, Hands Off Russia committee circulars 1923, December 1923 general election material, CPGB 4th congress March 1922

Notes from Comintern archives, Moscow  CP/IND/KLUG/03/09  1924

Incl notes on CP PB and EC minutes, reports and circulars; National Conference of Communist Women 18.5.24, CPGB 6th congress May 1924; National Minority Movement circulars and leaflets

Notes from Comintern archives, Moscow  CP/IND/KLUG/03/10  1925

Incl notes on CP PB, CC and Organising Bureau minutes, circulars; analysis of trial of the 12 Communist leaders Oct.-Nov. 1925; CP factory papers; National Minority Movement materials

Notes from Comintern archives, Moscow  CP/IND/KLUG/03/11  1926

Incl notes on CPGB 8th congress Oct. 1926; CP EC and PB minutes, statements, circulars; National Minority Movement materials

Notes from Comintern archives, Moscow  CP/IND/KLUG/03/12  1927

Incl notes on CP EC and PB minutes, circulars and reports; CPGB reports at ECCI meetings, CPGB 9th congress, factory group papers etc

Notes from Comintern archives, Moscow: on CPGB 9th congress, Oct. 1927  CP/IND/KLUG/03/13  1927

Notes from Comintern archives, Moscow: on Young Communist League minutes, circulars etc  CP/IND/KLUG/03/14  1927

Notes from Comintern archives, Moscow: on CP PB and CC minutes, circulars and correspondence re internal party controversies  CP/IND/KLUG/03/15  1927

Notes from Comintern archives, Moscow: incl notes on CP PB and CEC minutes, circulars etc  CP/IND/KLUG/03/16  1928

Notes from Comintern archives, Moscow: on CP CC PB meetings re debates within CP over 'new line'  CP/IND/KLUG/04/01  1928

Notes from Comintern archives, Moscow: on British delegation to Comintern 6th congress Aug. 1928  CP/IND/KLUG/04/02  1928

Notes from Comintern archives, Moscow: incl notes on CPGB 10th and 11th congresses Jan. 1929  CP/IND/KLUG/04/03  1929

Notes from Comintern archives, Moscow  CP/IND/KLUG/04/04  1929

Incl notes on CP CC and PB minutes, circulars, statements and declarations; CP London and other district materials; National Unemployed Workers Committee papers

Notes from Comintern archives, Moscow  CP/IND/KLUG/04/05  1929

Incl notes on CP CC and PB minutes of discussions on the British question (with some typed transcripts by Noreen Branson)

Notes from Comintern archives, Moscow  CP/IND/KLUG/04/06  1930

Incl notes on CP CC and PB minutes, factory papers, CP circulars and statements, correspondence with CP Bradford fistrict re woollen strike and other Bradford district materials; miscellaneous strike and industrial material

Notes from Comintern archives, Moscow  CP/IND/KLUG/04/07  1927-1929

On miscellaneous and organisational CP materials include materials re Young Communist League and ILP Guild of Youth, CP membership records etc

Notes from Comintern archives, Moscow  CP/IND/KLUG/05/01  1928-1929

On CPGB minutes and circulars re elections, trade union activities, National Minority Movement and Red International of Labour Unions, Labour Party and National Left Wing Movement, opposition in the CPSU, relations with Independent Labour Party (incl some typed transcripts by Noreen Branson)

Notes from Comintern archives, Moscow, on CPGB CC and PB minutes (with some typed transcripts of JKs notes by Noreen Branson)  CP/IND/KLUG/05/02  1930

Notes from Comintern archives, Moscow on CPGB CC and PB minutes  CP/IND/KLUG/05/03  1931

Notes from Comintern archives, Moscow on CPGB minutes and circulars re Arthur Horner and 'Hornerism'  CP/IND/KLUG/05/04  1931

Notes from Comintern archives, Moscow  CP/IND/KLUG/05/05  1931

On CP PB, CC, Secretariat and Agit-Prop Department minutes; CP London district circulars and reports; materials re CP Scottish, South Wales, Birmingham, Bradford and Sheffield districts; National Minority Movement; National Unemployed Workers Movement; factory papers

Notes from Comintern archives, Moscow on CP PB and CC minutes  CP/IND/KLUG/05/06  1932

Notes from Comintern archives, Moscow  CP/IND/KLUG/05/07  1932

On materials re CP London, South Wales, Scottish and Manchester districts; CP organisation department; Union of Scottish Mineworkers; National Unemployed Workers Movement; Lancashire cotton strike; factory papers

Notes from Comintern archives, Moscow: on CP CC and PB minutes  CP/IND/KLUG/06/01  1932

Notes from Comintern archives, Moscow: on CPGB 12th congress  CP/IND/KLUG/06/02  1932

Notes from Comintern archives, Moscow: on Comintern British commission Dec. 1931 and CPGB PB discussion re commission Jan. 1932  CP/IND/KLUG/06/03  1931-1932

Notes from Comintern archives, Moscow: on CP CC and PB minutes (with typed transcripts by Noreen Branson)  CP/IND/KLUG/06/04  1933

Notes from Comintern archives, Moscow: on Comintern materials relating to CPGB incl ECCI resolutions and circulars  CP/IND/KLUG/06/05  1927-1930

Typed transcripts by Noreen Branson of JK's notes made at the Comintern archives  CP/IND/KLUG/06/06  1920s-1930s

With NB's surmises as to the identities of leading British Communists described in the documents by their Comintern psuedonyms

TS article 'The foundation of the CPGB'  CP/IND/KLUG/06/07  1960s?

TS of JK's official CP history (published 1968-69) part 1 chapter 1  CP/IND/KLUG/06/08  1960s

TS of JK's official CP history (published 1968-69) part 1 chapter 2  CP/IND/KLUG/06/09  1960s

TS of JK's official CP history (published 1968-69) part 1 chapter 3  CP/IND/KLUG/06/10  1960s

TS of JK's official CP history (published 1968-69) part 1 chapter 4  CP/IND/KLUG/07/01  1960s

TS of JK's official CP history (published 1968-69) part 1 chapter 5  CP/IND/KLUG/07/02  1960s

TS of JK's official CP history (published 1968-69) part 1 chapter 6  CP/IND/KLUG/07/03  1960s

List of chapters and appendices of JK's official CP history (published 1968-69)  CP/IND/KLUG/07/04  1960s

Notes on A.I. Sobolev and K. Shirinya's Outline of the History of the Communist International; N. Branson and M. Heinemann, Britain in the Nineteen Thirties; C.L. Mowat, Britain Between the Wars; V.G. Tukhanovsky, 'Contemporary History of England'  CP/IND/KLUG/07/05  c1971

General historical materials  [no ref. or date]

Notes on early British labour history incl notes for lecture on 'Early labour history in print and picture for Loughton College of Further Education 11.12.67  CP/IND/KLUG/07/06  1960s

TS transcripts of writings and pamphlets in British socialism, apparently for publication; authors incl Thomas Spence, John Gast, Thomas Hodgskin, William Benbow, Tom Mann and Ben Tillett, James Sexton  CP/IND/KLUG/07/07  1950s?

Notes and papers on Social Democratic Federation and British Socialist Party incl notes of lecture on SDF and BSP by Frank Tanner 26.5.56; TS extracts from contemporary documents; TS of book on British Marxism in the early twentieth century  CP/IND/KLUG/07/08  c1950s

Notes on Fabian Essays (new edn)  CP/IND/KLUG/07/09  1962

Correspondence and miscellaneous papers on historical matters  CP/IND/KLUG/07/10  1960-1962

Communist Party history working materials  [no ref. or date]

Loose-leaf binder containing manuscripts of initial drafts of and working notes for Klugmann's History of the CPGB - 'Contents of Notes on CP in Action 1920 - 1923'  CP/IND/KLUG/08/01  1960s

Loose-leaf binder containing manuscripts of initial drafts of and working notes for Klugmann's History of the CPGB - 'The Socialist Groups 1900 - 1918'  CP/IND/KLUG/08/02  1960s

Loose-leaf binder containing manuscripts of initial drafts of and working notes for Klugmann's History of the CPGB - 'Economic and Historical Background'  CP/IND/KLUG/08/03  1960s

Loose-leaf binder containing manuscripts of initial drafts of and working notes for Klugmann's History of the CPGB - 'Reformists and Reformism in the British Labour Movement'  CP/IND/KLUG/08/04  1960s

Loose-leaf binder containing manuscripts of initial drafts of and working notes for Klugmann's History of the CPGB - 'Towards a Communist Party: 1918 - July 31 1920'  CP/IND/KLUG/08/05  1960s

Loose-leaf binder containing manuscripts of initial drafts of and working notes for Klugmann's History of the CPGB - 'Foundation of the Communist Party'  CP/IND/KLUG/08/06  1960s

Loose-leaf binder containing manuscripts of initial drafts of and working notes for Klugmann's History of the CPGB - 'Congresses and EC Reports April 1921 - October 1922'  CP/IND/KLUG/08/07  1960s

Loose-leaf binder containing manuscripts of initial drafts of and working notes for Klugmann's History of the CPGB - 'The Communist Party and the Labour Party'  CP/IND/KLUG/08/08  1960s

Loose-leaf binder containing manuscripts of initial drafts of and working notes for Klugmann's History of the CPGB - 'CP at Work 1920 - 23, Vol. 1'  CP/IND/KLUG/08/09  1960s

Loose-leaf binder containing manuscripts of initial drafts of and working notes for Klugmann's History of the CPGB - 'The Communist Party in Action 1920 - 23, Vol. 2'  CP/IND/KLUG/09/01  1960s

Loose-leaf binder containing manuscripts of initial drafts of and working notes for Klugmann's History of the CPGB - 'The Communist Party in Action 1920 - 23, Vol. 3'  CP/IND/KLUG/09/02  1960s

Loose-leaf binder containing manuscripts of initial drafts of and working notes for Klugmann's History of the CPGB - 'The Communist Party in Action 1920 - 23, Vol. 4'  CP/IND/KLUG/09/03  1960s

Loose-leaf binder containing manuscripts of initial drafts of and working notes for Klugmann's History of the CPGB - 'The Communist Party in Action 1920 - 23, Vol. 5'  CP/IND/KLUG/09/04  1960s

Loose-leaf binder containing manuscripts of initial drafts of and working notes for Klugmann's History of the CPGB - 'Lenin on Britain'  CP/IND/KLUG/09/05  1960s

Loose-leaf binder containing manuscripts of initial drafts of and working notes for Klugmann's History of the CPGB - 'The Communist International 1919 - 1923'  CP/IND/KLUG/09/06  1960s

Loose-leaf binder containing manuscripts of initial drafts of and working notes for Klugmann's History of the CPGB - 'The Communist Party in Action 1920 - 23, Vol. 6'  CP/IND/KLUG/09/07  1960s

Loose-leaf binder containing manuscripts of initial drafts of and working notes for Klugmann's History of the CPGB - notes on 6th CPGB congress, on books by Cole, Brockway, Postgate, Clynes etc.  CP/IND/KLUG/09/08  1960s

Loose leaf binder containing manuscripts of initial drafts of and working notes for Klugmann's History of CPGB "January to October 1924"  CP/IND/KLUG/09/09  1960s

Loose-leaf binder containing working notes for Klugmann's History of the CPGB - 'Communist Party Publications 1920 - 1926'  CP/IND/KLUG/09/10  1960s

Loose-leaf binder containing manuscripts of initial drafts of and working notes for Klugmann's History of the CPGB - 'First Labour Government January 1924 - October 1924'  CP/IND/KLUG/10/01  1960s

Loose-leaf binder containing manuscripts of initial drafts of and working notes for Klugmann's History of the CPGB - 'Notes Vol. 1: January 1925 - April 1926'  CP/IND/KLUG/10/02  1960s

Loose-leaf binder containing manuscripts of initial drafts of and working notes for Klugmann's History of the CPGB - 'Notes Vol. 2: January 1925 - April 1926'  CP/IND/KLUG/10/03  1960s

Loose-leaf binder containing manuscripts of initial drafts of and working notes for Klugmann's History of the CPGB - 'Notes Vol. 3' (on 7th CPGB congress)  CP/IND/KLUG/10/04  1960s

Loose-leaf binder containing manuscripts of initial drafts of and working notes for Klugmann's History of the CPGB - 'Vol. 4': on 3rd Annual Conference of the NMM  CP/IND/KLUG/10/05  1960s

Loose-leaf binder containing manuscripts of initial drafts of and working notes for Klugmann's History of the CPGB - 'Vol. 5 - The General strike 1926'  CP/IND/KLUG/10/06  1960s

Loose-leaf binder containing manuscripts of initial drafts of and working notes for Klugmann's History of the CPGB - notes from Communist Review, G. D. H. Cole and W. P. and Zelda Coates  CP/IND/KLUG/10/07  1960s

Loose-leaf binder containing manuscripts of initial drafts of and working notes for Klugmann's History of the CPGB - 'Prelude to the Party - notes on events leading to the formation of CPGB in 1920'  CP/IND/KLUG/10/08  1960s

Loose-leaf binder containing manuscripts of initial drafts of and working notes for Klugmann's History of the CPGB - notes on Lee and Archbold: 'Social-Democracy in Britain'  CP/IND/KLUG/10/09  1960s

Correspondence with and material from Pat Murphy of Cardiff, concerning activities among seamen before and during WW2  CP/IND/KLUG/11/01  1971

Correspondence with and material from Alex Robson of North Shields, concerning activities among seamen In the 1930s  CP/IND/KLUG/11/02  1970

Materials for the Party History Commission, collected by Frank Jackson. Also - correspondence between James Klugmann and Frank Jackson  CP/IND/KLUG/11/03  1957-1966

Miscellaneous notes by Klugmann, including on the British delegation to the 2nd Cl congress  CP/IND/KLUG/11/04  1960s?

TS of a Yorkshire Evening Post account of the CPGB Leeds conference, 1921  CP/IND/KLUG/11/05  1921

Letter to JK from W. McQuilkin, Paisley  CP/IND/KLUG/11/06  1976

Reproduction of "Hands off Russia" leaflet, and photocopies of Russian translations of British socialist materials around 1917  CP/IND/KLUG/11/07  circa 1920

Correspondence and comments on the first draft of JK's History of the CPGB from J. R. Campbell, Frank Jackson, Idris Cox, Andrew Rothstein, R. Palme Dutt, R. Page Arnot. Also - review in Encounter by Peter Fryer  CP/IND/KLUG/11/08  1966-1968

TS on "British Socialism in the Early 1900s", sent to JK in 1955. No indication of author  CP/IND/KLUG/11/09  1955

Proof copy of JK's Volume 1, with some notes on early CPGB history, and notes for talks given by JK to party organisations. Also - notes by Andrew Rothstein on early Bolshevism  CP/IND/KLUG/11/10  1950s-1970s

Materials on BSP history, documents from Andrew Rothstein in English and Russian, with correspondence  CP/IND/KLUG/11/11  1959

Marxist education materials  [no ref. or date]

Correspondence course in scientific socialism produced by the Canadian CP (Labor-Progressive Party)  CP/IND/KLUG/11/12  1950

International materials  [no ref. or date]

Material on post-war Yugoslavia - mainly English-language reports by Tanjug News Agency, and materials of the Yugoslav CP  CP/IND/KLUG/11/13  1946-1947

Papers of the Italian CP's 8th congress, with summaries, notes and annotations by JK  CP/IND/KLUG/11/14  December 1956

"Chinese Communist Leaders Speak to the World Student Delegation" - records of JK and others' discussions with Mao, and address by Wang Ming  CP/IND/KLUG/11/15  1938

Notes on a document of M. Barratt Brown "The Soviet Attitude to the Arts"  CP/IND/KLUG/12/01  August 1947

Correspondence on books  [no ref. or date]

Correspondence with Lawrence & Wishart about, and notes on a MS by Kenneth Syers "Socialism in Practice", Also - letter from Harry Pollitt to JK about HP's forthcoming work "Looking Ahead"  CP/IND/KLUG/12/02  1947 and 1951

Morrison Today  [no ref. or date]

Contributions to discussion and correspondence received on John Gollan's 20th-anniversary-of-the-20th-congress piece "Socialist Democracy - Some Problems".  CP/IND/KLUG/12/03  1976

Photocopied TSs Nos 1 - 63 & 65 - 93. Contributors K Brinson, P Sloan, A Ross, R Russell, E James, D Ogden, P Hall, R Press, T Taylor, I Pearcem A Jenkins, H Holford, O Robb, M Prior, C Doyle, G Story, D Friedman, E Chapman, G Taylor, E Breitenbach, B Morrison, M Adereth, P Dinham, M Harrison, E Trory, S Gadian, M Robinson, J Peck, C Brewster, D Morgan, J Hoffman, G Carritt, K Forge, E Edwards, S Cole, B French, S lliffe, F Chane, B Henderson, I Shaw, D Jacks, C Swain, A Miles, AJ Papard, J Tarver, J Green, C Sweet, G Gay, B Seale, B Tait, H Bradfield, B Nicholls, C Claydon, S Simpson, R Ellis, L Howey, C Grant, D Tuchfeld, R McCord, D Thea, P Lawford, K Williamson, D Griffiths, M Rabstein, J Walton, H Jordan, B McLean, M Johnstone, C Rowe, H Green, R Simpson, M Balchin, M Sling, J Sling, G Bridges, P Devine, BE Leonard, R Falber, J Dyson, P Fauvet, B Findlay, C Chambers, M Myant, T Doherty, S French, A Hunt, G Hallam, ES Hackett, F Nicholson, M Milligan & J Shaw. Also letter from Soviet citizen Yurii Levin complaining that the Soviet censors had refused to allow the January 1976 MT to be sold.

1966 General election file  [no ref. or date]

File includes cuttings, manifestos, notes and ephemera from General Election campaign and from JK's campaign in Clapham.  CP/IND/KLUG/12/09  1966

Party History materials  [no ref. or date]

File on the National Minority Movement and the Red International of Labour Unions. Includes Klugman's notes as well as originals/copies of NMM and RILU circulars etc, 1924-1937.  CP/IND/KLUG/13/01  1920s-1960s

JK's notes and materials assembled re 100th anniversary of the Paris Commune.  CP/IND/KLUG/13/02  1971

Notes and correspondence re H Pellings' "The British Communist Party"  CP/IND/KLUG/13/03  1959

International materials  [no ref. or date]

Miscellaneous material relating to India and the CPI  CP/IND/KLUG/13/04  1940-1947

MS on Yugoslavia and "Notes on Yogoslavia" by JK.  CP/IND/KLUG/13/05  1940s

JK"s file re events in Hugary 1956.  CP/IND/KLUG/13/06  1956-1957

Includes notes of meetings, pamphlets and statements by the government and the CPGB. Authors of pamphlets include Basil Davidson, Gyula Kallai, Peter Fryer, WFTU, Charline Coutts and the Hungarian CP.

JK's copy of article "Some Problems regarding the Czech Road to Socialism" by Josef Bilden  CP/IND/KLUG/13/07  1960s

Miscellaneous papers  [no ref. or date]

JK's note book and address book  CP/IND/KLUG/13/08  n.d

Copy of "Communist Cartoons", reprinted from The Communist.  CP/IND/KLUG/13/09  1921

George Matthews (b. 1917) papers  CP/IND/MATH  [n.d.]

Creator(s): Matthews, George, 1917-,

Administrative history:
George Matthews is the son of a Bedfordshire farmer. He studied agriculture at Reading University, where he was President of the Students' Union. He was also for a time Vice President of the ULF and of the NUS. He was prospective Labour candidate for Mid-Bedfordshire from 1938 - 1940. He joined the CPGB in the late 1930s, and made his membership publicly known upon leaving the Labour Party in 1940. He was elected to the CPGB EC in 1943, and subsequently to the Political Committee. He retired from the EC in 1979. George Matthews was Assistant Secretary of the CPGB 1950 - 1957, editor of the Daily Worker/Morning Star 1959 - 1974, in charge of the CPGB Press and Publicity Department 1974 - 1979. Since then he has worked in the CPGB Library and Archive.

His papers come from a variety of sources, and include his own articles (and those ghosted for others), cuttings and materials collected in the course of his work, and some items given to him for the CPGB archive.

Articles by George Matthews  [no ref. or date]

General articles, reviews, letters to publications and some press releases by GM, mainly for the Morning Star  CP/IND/MATH/01/01  1973-1979

General articles, reviews, letters to publications and some press releases by GM, mainly for the Morning Star  CP/IND/MATH/01/02  1980

General articles, reviews, letters to publications and some press releases by GM, mainly for the Morning Star  CP/IND/MATH/01/03  1981

General articles, reviews, letters to publications and some press releases by GM, mainly for the Morning Star  CP/IND/MATH/01/04  1982

General articles, reviews, letters to publications and some press releases by GM, mainly for the Morning Star  CP/IND/MATH/01/05  1983-1984

Political Committee and PC Sub-Committee  [no ref. or date]

Materials and notes by George Matthews, Bill Wainwright, Bill Alexander and Emile Burns on PC and PCS meetings  CP/IND/MATH/01/06  15 May-31 December 1957

Materials and notes by George Matthews, Bill Wainwright, Bill Alexander and J. R. Scott on PC and PCS meetings  CP/IND/MATH/01/07  1958

Materials and notes by George Matthews, Bill Wainwright, Bill Alexander and Gordon McLennan on PC and PCS meetings  CP/IND/MATH/01/08  December 1959-May 1961

Materials and notes by George Matthews, Bill Wainwright, and Bill Alexander on PC and PCS meetings  CP/IND/MATH/01/09  June 1961-December 1962

Materials on "leading personnel" in CPGB - results of interviews with district secretaries, notes by John Gollan, correspondence etc.  CP/IND/MATH/01/10  1964

Miscellaneous PC papers, and letter from Denis Ellwand  CP/IND/MATH/01/11  1974-1975

Miscellaneous PC papers, with notes and annotations by GM  CP/IND/MATH/01/12  1976

Miscellaneous PC papers, with notes and annotations by GM  CP/IND/MATH/02/01  1977

Miscellaneous PC papers, with notes and annotations by GM  CP/IND/MATH/02/02  Early 1978

Miscellaneous PC papers, with notes and annotations by GM  CP/IND/MATH/02/03  Early 1979

Scottish CPGB Central Committee minutes, featuring intervention by Comintern emissary Mikhail Borodin (Grusenberg), under the name of Comrade Brown. With some biographical material concerning Borodin and his later fate  CP/IND/MATH/02/04  15 August 1922

CPGB EC  [no ref. or date]

Special EC meeting called 1 April 1979  CP/IND/MATH/02/05  1 April 1979

To discuss Gerry Cohen's promise to resign as London District Secretary if Monty Johnstone was sent to Hungary as a CPGB representative to a WMR conference. Includes correspondence, notes by Reuben Falber, Gordon McLennan and George Matthews.

CPGB centre documents collected by George Matthews  [no ref. or date]

Drafts of "Manifesto for New Times", with some correspondence, and some editorial notes by GM  CP/IND/MATH/02/06  1989

Documents and correspondence with Mary Barnett of Haringey Anti-Apartheid re Dave and Norma Kitson  CP/IND/MATH/02/07  1984

Misc. documents, including on the role of the CPGB and economic policy  CP/IND/MATH/02/08  1985

Plans and preliminary documents relating to the launch of "7 Days"  CP/IND/MATH/02/09  1985

Various documents, drafts and notes  CP/IND/MATH/02/10  1986

Various documents, drafts and notes. Includes Gordon McLennan's speech for the 40th CPGB congress  CP/IND/MATH/03/01  1987

Various documents, drafts and notes. Includes material on the CPB breakaway and "Facing Up to the Future"  CP/IND/MATH/03/02  1988

Various documents, drafts and notes.  CP/IND/MATH/03/03  1989

File of CPGB evidence to the 1974 - 1975 Royal Commission on the Press, including notes, correspondence, drafts etc.  CP/IND/MATH/03/04  1974-1975

Correspondence with Marx Memorial Library concerning the return of the CPGB's Daily Worker files to St. John Street  CP/IND/MATH/03/05  1985-1987

Materials re Soviet show trials and rehabilitations - correspondence re Ken Coates' campaign in 1978 for Bukharin's rehabilitation; resolution (1986) from Brixton CPGB on trials  CP/IND/MATH/03/06  1978, 1986

Industrial matters  [no ref. or date]

File on the British TUC and the WFTU:~ correspondence, SH notes on Citrine's speech, etc.  CP/IND/MATH/03/07  circa 1949

Death of Walter C. Stevens of the ETU - Pollitt's valediction, obituary, funeral arrangements, copy of Electron, etc.  CP/IND/MATH/03/08  1954

ETU scandal:~ file of cuttings, documents relating to the court case against Foulkes, Haxell et al, documents and notes by John Gollan  CP/IND/MATH/03/09  1959-1961

ETU scandal:~ 2nd file of cuttings, documents relating to the court case against Foulkes, Haxell et al, documents and notes by John Gollan  CP/IND/MATH/04/01  1961

ETU scandal:~ file of cuttings, documents relating to the ballot on debarring CPGB members from holding office, documents and notes by John Gollan  CP/IND/MATH/04/02  1964

RILU Provisional Council circular letter (original with photocopies)  CP/IND/MATH/04/03  30 August 1920

Documents on the state of the CPGB's industrial organisation - factory groups, journals etc.  CP/IND/MATH/04/04  1947-1949

Documents on the state of the CPGB's industrial organisation - TUs, factory groups, journals etc.  CP/IND/MATH/04/05  1950

Documents on the state of the CPGB's industrial organisation - TUs, factory groups, journals etc.  CP/IND/MATH/04/06  1951-1952

Documents on the state of the CPGB's industrial organisation - TUs, factory groups, journals etc. Includes correspondence with Hymie Kanter re industrial disputes at firms owned by party members.  CP/IND/MATH/04/07  1953

Documents on the state of the CPGB's industrial organisation - TUs, factory groups, journals etc.  CP/IND/MATH/04/08  1954

Documents on the state of the CPGB's industrial organisation - TUs, factory groups, journals etc.  CP/IND/MATH/04/09  1955

Documents on the state of the CPGB's industrial organisation - TUs, factory groups, journals etc.  CP/IND/MATH/04/10  1956

Documents on the state of the CPGB's industrial organisation - TUs, factory groups, journals etc.  CP/IND/MATH/04/11  1957

Documents on the state of the CPGB's industrial organisation - TUs, factory groups, journals etc.  CP/IND/MATH/04/12  1958

Documents on the state of the CPGB's industrial organisation - TUs, factory groups, journals etc.  CP/IND/MATH/04/13  1959

Documents on the state of the CPGB's industrial organisation - TUs, factory groups, journals etc.  CP/IND/MATH/05/01  1960

Documents on the state of the CPGB's industrial organisation - TUs, factory groups, journals etc.  CP/IND/MATH/05/02  1961

Documents on the state of the CPGB's industrial organisation - TUs, factory groups, journals etc.  CP/IND/MATH/05/03  1962

Documents on the state of the CPGB's industrial organisation - TUs, factory groups, journals etc.  CP/IND/MATH/05/04  1963

Documents on the state of the CPGB's industrial organisation - TUs, factory groups, journals etc.  CP/IND/MATH/05/05  1964-1965

Documents on the state of the CPGB's industrial organisation - TUs, factory groups, journals etc.  CP/IND/MATH/05/06  1966

Documents on the state of the CPGB's industrial organisation - TUs, factory groups, journals etc.  CP/IND/MATH/05/07  1970-1971

Documents on the state of the CPGB's industrial organisation - TUs, factory groups, journals etc.  CP/IND/MATH/05/08  1972

Documents on the state of the CPGB's industrial organisation - TUs, factory groups, journals etc.  CP/IND/MATH/05/09  1973

Documents on the state of the CPGB's industrial organisation - TUs, factory groups, journals etc.  CP/IND/MATH/05/10  1974-1975

Documents on the state of the CPGB's industrial organisation - TUs, factory groups, journals etc.  CP/IND/MATH/05/11  1976

Documents on the state of the CPGB's industrial organisation - TUs, factory groups, journals etc.  CP/IND/MATH/05/12  1977-1978

CPGB general  [no ref. or date]

CPGB budgets - assorted financial statements  CP/IND/MATH/05/13  1950s-1960s

"All for the Cause" - GM's 60th CPGB anniversary pamphlet - 1st draft and comments thereon, notes etc.  CP/IND/MATH/05/14  1980

Peace and International questions  [no ref. or date]

National Cultural Committee document on peace and the battle of ideas  CP/IND/MATH/06/01  1948

Materials on peace and disarmament, including correspondence, and notes for speech (by Bill Wainwright?)  CP/IND/MATH/06/02  1954

Materials on peace, disarmament and foreign affairs, including CPGB PC documents, and notes on the Peace Campaign Committee, mainy by Bill Wainwright, some by Bill Alexander  CP/IND/MATH/06/03  1959

Materials on peace, disarmament and foreign affairs, including CPGB EC documents, information on Africa, USA and Ireland  CP/IND/MATH/06/04  1960-1961

Materials on peace, disarmament and foreign affairs, including CPGB EC and PC documents, notes by Bill Alexander, information on Africa, Moscow conference on contemporary capitalism etc.  CP/IND/MATH/06/05  1962

Materials on peace, foreign affairs and the international Communist Movement  CP/IND/MATH/06/06  1964-1967

Including CPGB EC and PC documents, notes by Bill Alexander and Reuben Falber on PC Sub-committees, information on Africa, Tri-continental conference, world communist conferences, Indian CPGB members etc.

Materials on peace and the peace movement.  CP/IND/MATH/06/07  1970-1973

Includes draft by Tony Chater, Reuben Falber's correspondence with Colin Sweet, materials on the CPGB Peace Consultative Committee and on the World Peace Council etc.

Press and publicity matters  [no ref. or date]

Cuttings and miscellany related to Roger Graef's "Decision: British Communism"  CP/IND/MATH/06/08  1977-1978

Assorted press cuttings concerning the CPGB, mainly from the non-communist press  CP/IND/MATH/06/09  1970s and 1980s

Cuttings concerning John Peck in Nottingham  CP/IND/MATH/06/10  1988

CPGB general  [no ref. or date]

Notes for articles and speeches on the British Road to Socialism around the time of the 1977 congress, mainly by George Matthews  CP/IND/MATH/06/11  1977

Cuttings, discussion contributions and other materials related to the 1977 British Road to Socialism  CP/IND/MATH/06/12  1977

Articles, correspondence, cuttings and notes by GM on the controversy following Tony Lane's suggestion in Marxism Today that not all shop stewards were perfect  CP/IND/MATH/06/13  1982

Jim Arnison's samizdat critique of the CPGB, with annotations (by Reuben Falber?)  CP/IND/MATH/06/14  1985

Correspondence on the Morning Star, initiated by a critical letter from Simon Reynell of Sheffield. Notes and drafts by GM  CP/IND/MATH/06/15  1978

File on Monty Johnstone:~ Copies of some of MJ's articles, and some correspondence with MJ  CP/IND/MATH/06/16  1970s

Formation of New Communist Party - statements and drafts. Also cuttings on NCP split 1981  CP/IND/MATH/06/17  1977-1981

Higher Education Commission - group established by the CPGB to compile a book on questions of higer education. Notes, drafts, correspondence etc.  CP/IND/MATH/07/01  1947

Joan Simon's book on Marxism and Education  CP/IND/MATH/07/02  1961-1962

Documents from Lawrence and Wishart, CPGB PC, CPGB Education Advisory Committee, correspondence, notes by Bill Alexander and Nora Jeffery, comments by James Klugmann, Max Morris and Sam Fisher

Joan Simon's book on Marxism and Education  CP/IND/MATH/07/03  1961-1964

Protracted correspondence, including with Joan Simon and Nora Jeffery concerning the MS and Morris and Fisher's criticisms of it, PC sub-committee materials on the question, notes by Bill Alexander, etc.

Joan Simon's book on Marxism and Education - materials and report of a committee established to look at the squabble around the book; correspondence  CP/IND/MATH/07/04  1964

File on Arnold Kettle: Ms by Dipak Nandy, Times article by Bernard Levin  CP/IND/MATH/07/05  1985, 1987

File on 1983 general election, with GM's notes and revisions to CP manifesto  CP/IND/MATH/07/06  1983

Republication of "Communist Cartoons", 1982  CP/IND/MATH/07/07  1982

Notes and correspondence by George Matthews with the CP of Canada, James Cameron, Eric Hobsbawm, A. J. P. Taylor, Idris Cox and others about republication. Also - 1963 letter from cartoonist Will Hope to W. Gallacher

Notes (not by GM) on CPGB education, late 1930s  CP/IND/MATH/07/08  1938-1939

Correspondence (some of it badly torn) with Peter Hall on questions of revisionism, with notes and annotations by GM  CP/IND/MATH/07/09  1977

Abortive international summit conference, June 1960  CP/IND/MATH/08/01  1960, 1990
Language:  Russian

Photocopies of Soviet account of the conference, and covering letter to Gollan from Khrushchev, other related documents and translations into English, Francis King's notes on the PRO's holdings on the event. (Originals sold)

Notes taken by GM at the 1961 Labour Party conference  CP/IND/MATH/08/02  1961

File on TU disciplinary action against T. W. Sullivan for attending communist-sponsored peace conference  CP/IND/MATH/08/03  1952

International matters  [no ref. or date]

File on the death of Stalin, containing excerpts from the British and Soviet press, notes and valediction by Harry Pollitt etc.  CP/IND/MATH/08/04  1953

Case of Zdenek Rudinger - Czechoslovak communist known to several CPGB members incarcerated in CZ prisons in the 1950s.  CP/IND/MATH/08/05  1957

Letters from CPGB members C.B. Coulson, Elizabeth Grove, Stanley Harrison and others requesting that appropriate representations be made to the CZ authorities, notes by Bill Alexander

File of correspondence on Czechoslovakia, mainly post 1968, with several letters from Marian Sling to John Gollan, and other materials. Also - 1960 letter re holidays in Czechoslovakia  CP/IND/MATH/08/06  1960, 1968-1975

Translations and cuttings on the PCF's reestablioshment of relations with the Chinese CP  CP/IND/MATH/08/07  1982

File on dissent in socialist countries - press cuttings, statements, Soviet and East European apologias, notes by GM  CP/IND/MATH/08/08  1960s and 1970s

Granada TV's "Full Circle", highlighting the case of Marian and Otto Sling - transcript and publicity  CP/IND/MATH/08/09  7 May 1974

Centenary of Marx's death - reviews of books, cuttings, minutes and materials re Marx with Sparx - CPGB centenary event  CP/IND/MATH/08/10  1982-1983

Cuttings, notes, draft articles and materials on the formation and progress of the SDP  CP/IND/MATH/08/11  1981-1982

File of cuttings, articles and pamphlets on/by Tony Benn  CP/IND/MATH/08/12  1980s

Industrial matters  [no ref. or date]

Statement by Ken Gill on Communist work in the TUs  CP/IND/MATH/08/13  Early 1980s

Anti-semitism & U.S.S.R.  [no ref. or date]

Articles & correspondence re revelations at 20th Congress of the C.P.S.U. of anti-semitism in the Soviet Union.  CP/IND/MATH/08/14  1956

Includes text of "Folkstyme" article on the execution of Jewish writers and notes of meeting called by National Jewish Committee 16 July 1956. Correspondents include G St Clere Smithe (Sec, Beckenham & Penge branch), Guy Yates (Penge), Professor Hyman Levy, Ray & Alec Waterman, W Simons (Cheetham, Manchester) & Gill Bradbury (District Sec, Kent).

International Communist Movement  [no ref. or date]

Article by I. Cox for WNV on "Fraternal Association" in reply to article by GM.  CP/IND/MATH/09/01  1957

Notes, cuttings, reports and memoranda re proceedings & decisions of 22nd Congress of CPSU.  CP/IND/MATH/09/02  1961

Articles and correspondence  [no ref. or date]

Misc. articles, polemics and comments on other articles re CPGB's direction in 1980s. Includes correspondence with Royden Harrison, Dave [Cook], Jon Bloomfield and Bert Ramelson.  CP/IND/MATH/09/03  1980-1987

Correspondence with R. Samuel re GM's criticisms of Samuel's "Lost World of British Communism" articles.  CP/IND/MATH/09/04  1985-1986

Inner Party disputers  [no ref. or date]

Press cuttings re internal CPGB splits and expulsions in London and North West. Mainly Morning Star but also Focus and The Guardian  CP/IND/MATH/09/05  1983-1985

People's March for Jobs  [no ref. or date]

Campaign material including leaflets, posters, stickers, badges, t-shirt etc.  CP/IND/MATH/09/06  1983

Miscellaneous files  [no ref. or date]

Correspondence re pension funds & legacies/estates  CP/IND/MATH/09/07  1980-1981

Press and publicity department  [no ref. or date]

Miscellaneous correspondence re publications and propaganda etc. Includes material re a CPGB press and publicity conference in Birmingham and a copy of article by Jim Jeffery "An Analysis in Physical Terms of British Manufacturing"  CP/IND/MATH/09/08  1977- 1979

Miscellaneous files  [no ref. or date]

Miscellaneous file of CPGB leaflets, cuttings and notes  CP/IND/MATH/09/09  1950s-1990s

Ivor Montagu Paper  CP/IND/MONT  [n.d.]

Creator(s): Montagu, Ivor, 1904-1984

Administrative history:
Ivor Montagu, 1904-1984, Communist publicist, film producer and critic, sportsman

Biographical materials  CP/IND/MONT/1/1  20th cent

Incl IM's own curriculum vitae; TS articles about IM by Richard Weekes and for Daily Worker; list of IM's publications; notes for an autobiography, to be called Nine Lives; correspondence with Debretts and photocopies; entry for Biographical Encylopedia of the World

Personalia miscellaneous invitations, ephemera, drawings, certificates, legal correspondence; pocket diary 1947 & 1949  CP/IND/MONT/1/2  20th cent

Schoolwork and examination results with two drawings of rats  CP/IND/MONT/1/3  1912-?

Membership cards of various organisations  [no ref.]  20th cent

Engagement diaries  CP/IND/MONT/1/5  1959-1963

Unidentified photographs  CP/IND/MONT/1/6  [n.d.]

Preliminary notes for IM's autobiography 'The Youngest Son' (published 1970)  CP/IND/MONT/2/1  1960s?

Preliminary notes for second (unpublished) volume of autobiography  CP/IND/MONT/2/2  1960s?

MS draft of second (unpublished) volume of autobiography  CP/IND/MONT/2/3  1960s?

Notebook with MS memories of the Reichstag Counter-Trial, with TS of same, for book of memoirs of Georgi Dimitrov to be published by Bulgarian CP; letters re the memoirs from Professor R. Avramov, Sofia  CP/IND/MONT/2/4  1965

TS memoir of 'Anti-Fascist films of the thirties and forties'  CP/IND/MONT/2/5  1960s?

Papers re visit to Italy and Yugoslavia for collection of natural history specimens  CP/IND/MONT/2/6  1923

Address book and notes from visit to Soviet Union  CP/IND/MONT/2/7  1927

Book of photographs from visit to Soviet Union  CP/IND/MONT/2/8  1927

Correspondence and papers re IM's book The Traitor Class, published September 1940  CP/IND/MONT/2/9  1940-1942

Correspondents incl D.N. Pritt; George Strauss; Douglas Garman, Lawrence & Wishart; papers also include drafts of William Rust's criticisms of the book, published in Labour Monthly, with related correspondence; correspondence with Lawrence & Wishart re sales and royalties

TS outline and MS notes for IM's course of 3 lectures on the Science of Social Change, Marx House Summer School, Wennington  CP/IND/MONT/2/10  1940

TS and page proofs of IM's unpublished pamphlet Russia No Riddle with notes on the text by William Rust with covering letter 12.3.41  CP/IND/MONT/2/11  1941

IM's TS and MS of film script for 'Message to Erna Kremer'  CP/IND/MONT/2/12  1941

Notebook with MS of CP pamphlet Nato - No!  CP/IND/MONT/2/13  1969

Miscellaneous TS and MS articles and notes incl 'Mud Pie: the CND Story'; 'Scott as a Captain'; 'Free Speech, BBC style'; articles on J.F. Kennedy, dialectical materialism, Laski and Dimitrov etc  CP/IND/MONT/3/1  c1929-1970s

Articles on Soviet and Russian affairs  CP/IND/MONT/3/2  20th cent

Articles for Soviet and other overseas publications with some related correspondence  CP/IND/MONT/3/3  1940s-1960s

Articles incl 'Spring of 1962' for Literaturnaya Gazeta; 'Blinkered Bloodstock' on Vansittart's memoirs c1958; 'Letter from England', for Soviet readership, 1949; 'Letter to our American Comrades' c1943; '60 years after', apparently for Bulgarian publication, 1977; 'What the Englishman expects from 1954' for New Times

Articles, papers and cuttings re sporting interests  CP/IND/MONT/3/4  1930s-1950s

Inc memorandum in support of international football matches between USSR and England 1945; 'Suggestions of the International Conference for Preserving the Olympic Idea', June 1936, Paris; memorandum by IM on East-West Sports Relations; TS article on 'Ecstasy at Football'; article by IM 'The task of the sportsmen for peace'

Correspondence: publications  [no ref. or date]

Correspondence with Daily Worker, Morning Star, Peoples Printing Society, Peoples Press Fighting Fund  CP/IND/MONT/3/5  1931-1974

Correspondence and papers re Labour Monthly  CP/IND/MONT/3/6  c1927-1972

Individuals correspondents incl R. Palme Dutt, R. Page Arnot, Zelda Curtis, Nicola Seyd, Angela Tuckett; Alex Waterman, Collet's, re distribution of LM in USSR; papers also incl TS article on Communist affiliation to the Labour Party by Konni Zilliacus MP, published Labour Monthly May 1946; papers also incl TSS and proofs of articles

Correspondence with James Klugmann and others, Marxism today, with related papers, mainly correspondence and working papers for IM's article Solzhenitsyn, Gulag and the Solzhenitsyn Industry, pubished MT Dec. 1974  CP/IND/MONT/3/7  1962-1974

Correspondence with miscellaneous British publications and broadcasting companies  CP/IND/MONT/3/8  1921-1975

Incl Anglo-Soviet Journal 1967-1973; Army Newspapers 1946; C.B. Stokes, Bradford & District Newspaper Co Ltd 1950; Brentford and Chiswick Times 1937; British Soviet-Friendship 1964; Challenge 1968; Comment 1968; Cogito 1968; Daily Herald 1924-25; Evening Standard 1927; Journalist 1949; Jewish Clarion 1953; Jewish Chronicle re anti-Semitism in USSR 1949; Jewish Monthly 1951; Journal of Sex Education 1950; London Broadcasting Company (LBC News) re obituary of Mao Tse Tung 1976; James Bone and Manchester Guardian 1925-29; Kingsley Martin and others, New Statesman and Nation 1947-59; Philip Jordan, A.J. Cummings, and others, News Chronicle, 1939-59; NUS Sun 1927; Observer 1950-68; Our Time 1948 with TS account of OT's development: Red Stage 1932; Reynolds News 1941-49; Sunday Worker 1926-28; The Times, mainly letters of IM's for publication, 1938-75; West Herts Post 1959; WFTU Publications 1952-61; Woman Today 1949; Workers Publications Ltd; James Klugmann, World News and Views 1949; Youth 1921

Correspondence with miscellaneous overseas publications and publishers with related papers  CP/IND/MONT/4/1  1948-1973

Publications incl Soviet Literature; Chinese Literature; Democratic German Report; Pyongyang Times; Literaturnaya Gazeta; New Masses; New York Daily Worker; The Nation; Vru Nederland; Tribune (Australia); Konsomolskaya Pravda; New Age (India)

Correspondence with various publishers incl Lawrence & Wishart, Batsford, MacGibbon & Kee and G.T. Foulis  CP/IND/MONT/4/2  1951-1969

Correspondence with Communist Party branches, officials and committees  CP/IND/MONT/4/3  c1945-1984

Correspondents incl John Gollan, general secretary; Idris Cox and Jack Woddis, International Department; Nora Jeffrey, Press and Publicity Department; Betty Reid and Reuben Falber, Organisation Department; CP parliamentary candidates Annie Powell and Bill Laughlan; Isabel Brown; Merseyside, East Anglia and London district committees and Gordon McLennan (Gen Sec)

Correspondence with Labour movement organisations incl Labour Party and trade union branches, Association of Scientific Workers, National Council of Labour Colleges; North Hammersmith  CP/IND/MONT/4/4  1920s-1970s

Correspondence with various political, humanitarian or social organisations  CP/IND/MONT/4/5  1920s-1970s

Incl several East European friendship societies; War Resisters International 1928; British Youth Festival Committee 1954; International Woman Suffrage Alliance 1919; National Council for Civil Liberties 1947-48; Committee for Freedom in Mozambique, Angola and Guine; Anti-Apartheid Movement; Action Committee Against NATO 1970; Young Republican Spaniards in Great Britain 1946; International Brigades Association 1962; Joint Committee for Soviet Aid 1943; Elizabethan Club; Three Hundred Club etc; also some overseas associatins incl Swedish and Indian Communist Parties

Papers re membership of British Socialist Party incl membership card, printed rules, letters from BSP central London branch 24.11.19; circular letter to BSP members from H. Alexander and E.C. Fairchild 6.6.19  CP/IND/MONT/4/6  1919

Correspondence as editor of 'Youth' incl responses to questionnaire on unemployement from Frederick Soddy and Jerome K. Jerome  CP/IND/MONT/4/7  1921

Papers re 1917 Club incl correspondence, circulars and printed papers of the club  CP/IND/MONT/4/8  1924-1928

Papers re World League for Sexual Reform  CP/IND/MONT/4/9  1929-1932

Incl correspondence and papers re 3rd international congress 1929, inscribed edition of pamphlet by Norman Haire (in French); papers re birth control incl correspondence with Cambirdge Womens Welfare Association 1925

Papers re possibility of Leon Trotsky coming to Britain  CP/IND/MONT/4/10  1929-1930

Copies information: [Originals sold by party money before archive transfered to NMLH].
(Mostly photocopies)

Correspondents incl Trotsky, Marjorie Wells; George Lansbury; Ellen Wilkinson; J.R. Clynes, Home Secretary

Delegate's folder for European Workers' Anti-Fascist Congress, 4-6.6.33, attended by IM as delegate of Friends of the Soviet Union  CP/IND/MONT/4/11  1933

Papers incl printed report of International Red Aid; draft of congress manifesto; sketch for scheme of organisation and plan of work for the central committee (in French); list of delegates; copies of I'Humanite and International Trade Union Information

Papers re IM's pamphlet Blackshirt Brutality: the Story of Olympia  CP/IND/MONT/4/12  1934

Papers incl cuttings and correspondence with witnesses of the Fascist rally at Olympia, mostly pro forma cards giving IM permission to reproduce statements already published elsewhere; correspondents incl Storm Jameson, Vera Brittain, Naomi Mitchison, Richard Jefferies; also TS witness statements on the meeting

TS 'Summary of indictment against Herr Thaelmann'  CP/IND/MONT/5/1  c1935

Correspondence, papers and cuttings re Intellectuals World Congress for Peace, Wroclaw; papers  CP/IND/MONT/5/2  1948

Incl draft statements, letters to press correspondents incl Olaf Stapledon; Louis Golding; George Elvin; J.G. Crowther; Emile Burns

Papers re Modern Quarterly incl editorial board minutes and papers; correspondence with MQ's editor John Lewis; Roy Pascal; Christopher Hill etc  CP/IND/MONT/5/3  1945-1953

Papers re prospective candidature for North Hammersmith constituency 1951  CP/IND/MONT/5/4  1945-1951

Incl draft statement with annotations by Harry Pollitt with letters from Pollitt; letters from D.N. Pritt; IM's notes on his withdrawal meeting with public statement of his in to withdraw; with copy letter Labour's contesting the constituency in 1945 from G.R. Shepherd, Labour Party national agent, to A.J. Stewart

Letters from Rewi Alley 23.11.52 enclosing translations of c.100 Chinese poems  CP/IND/MONT/5/5  1952

Correspondence with Bancroft Clark  CP/IND/MONT/5/6  1928-1932

TS of 'Recollections and Reflections of an Angry teacher of Singing' by Georges Cunelli with covering letter from Cunelli's secretary 14.10.60 and letters from GC 1967  CP/IND/MONT/5/7  1960-1967

Correspondence with Maurice Dobb  CP/IND/MONT/5/8  1925-1969

Correspondence with R. Palme Dutt  CP/IND/MONT/5/9  1945-1968

Correspondence and papers with and re Ilya Ehrenburg, his wife Lyuba and his family; other correspondents incl IE's publishers MacGibbon & Kee, Society for Cultural Relations: Stella Jackson  CP/IND/MONT/5/10  1950-1977

Correspondence with William Gallacher  CP/IND/MONT/6/1  1941-1949

Correspondence with Nora Hellgren, Stockholm  CP/IND/MONT/6/2  1942-1950

Correspondence with Ivan Maisky  CP/IND/MONT/6/3  1943-1965

Correspondence with Joseph Needham re publication of JN's Two Minute Talks with TS of the talks, related correspondence with publishers etc  CP/IND/MONT/6/4  1981-1982

Correspondence with Sean O'Casey, mainly 1928-30 re the film of Juno and the Paycock, directed by Alfred Hitchcock in 1930; also one letter from O'Casey re Bernard Shaw 9.12.55  CP/IND/MONT/6/5  1928-1955

Letters from Harry Pollitt incl HP's review of IM's book The Traitor Class mid-1940 (review apparently not published); also correspondence re HP's general election broadcasts 1945 and 1950 with copy of Pollitt's 1945 general election broadcast  CP/IND/MONT/6/6  c1928-1958

Correspondence with Denis Noel and Mollie Pritt, with copy of IM's oration at DNP's funeral  CP/IND/MONT/6/7  1944-1979

Correspondence with Mary R. Richardson of the Redeemism movement  CP/IND/MONT/6/8  1956

Correspondence with Andrew Rothstein  CP/IND/MONT/6/9  1953-1978

Correspondence with Professor Robert A. Rupen re problems of Mongolian politics  CP/IND/MONT/6/10  1958-1959

Correspondence with IM's cousin Herbert Samuel and others re proposed visit to Britain of Eve Yarotski  CP/IND/MONT/6/11  1927-1929

Correspondence with George Bernard Shaw 1924-29 (photocopies) with copy article of Shaw's on censorship with covering letter from Soviet film agency 10.6.43  CP/IND/MONT/6/12  1924-1943

Correspondence with John Strachey July-August 1940 re Communist policy towards the war and Strachey's July 1940 article for Left News 'The C.P. line now' (8 letters)  CP/IND/MONT/6/13  1940

Correspondence with Samuel Weiss, Jurgen Kuczynski, Elizabeth Bergner and other scholars re George Bernard Shaw  CP/IND/MONT/6/14  1974-1975

Correspondence with H.G. Wells with copy of HGW's articles 'Communism - a cancer' and 'Memorandum on the relations of Mr and Mrs Webb to Russia'  CP/IND/MONT/6/15  1943

Correspondence with Ellen Wilkinson incl memorandum on the unity of the working-class movement April 1944  CP/IND/MONT/6/16  1942-1946

Correspondence with Sir Solly Zuckerman  CP/IND/MONT/6/17  1958-1965

Miscellaneous correspondents: A  CP/IND/MONT/7/1  20th cent

Correspondents incl Sam Aaronovitch 1944-59; Chimen Abramsky 1960; Isabel Airey 1970; Bill Alexander; R. Page Arnot 1961-78 incl TS recollection by RPA of Bogdanov; Clement Attlee 1937-44; Peter Avis

Miscellaneous correspondents: B  CP/IND/MONT/7/2  20th cent

Correspondents incl Rex Baker, Holborn disaffiliated Labour Party, 1928; Vernon Bartlett 1948; Beverley Baxter 1953; Lord Beaverbrook 1926; Eileen Bernal 1966-71; Ronald Boswell 1943; Rutland Boughton 1953; Hetty Bower 1969; Ben Bradley 1943; Lord Fenner Brockway 1968; Tyler Brooke with related letter to IM from New Central European Observer 1949; Isabel Brown 1968; Adrian Brunel 1943-53; Christopher Brunel (?) 1959; Emile Burns c1949

Miscellaneous correspondents: C  CP/IND/MONT/7/3  20th cent

Correspondents incl Michael Carritt; Leslie Carruthers 1950; Eng. Flagman L. A. Chikunsky 1937; Walter Citrine, with comments on IM's proposals for working-class police body 1926; Bruno Clifton 1977; W.P. Coates, Anglo-Russian Parliamentary Committee 1949; Seymour Cocks to J. Ryan, Mansfield 1930 Rose Cohen 1925-32; Violet Conolly 1928-69; A.E. Coppard 1953; Richard Crossman 1970; Claud Cockburn 1959; Edward Culley 1950

Miscellaneous correspondents: D  CP/IND/MONT/7/4  20th cent

Correspondents incl Dominique Desanti, la Voix de Paris, 1946; Jack Dash; Basil Davidson 1956-59; Maurice Dobbs 1966; Sid Douglas 1969; Theodore Draper 1946; Tom Driberg 1964, with copy correspondence re Alan Wiington case, and 1975, with memo re Jan Valtin prepared by IM for TD 1944; W.E.B. Du Bois re protest against Smith Act 1954; Charles Dukes 1961; Clemens Dutt 1971-72

Miscellaneous correspondents: E-F  CP/IND/MONT/7/5  20th cent

Correspondents incl Lon Elliott 1951; Gabriel Feldman 1967-69; Michael Foot 1975; William Forrest 1955; Olive Franklin 1926; Eleanor Fox 1951; Heinrich Fraenkel 1964-68; Heinz Frankel 1943; John Freeman 1945; Dorothy Friedmann 1979; James Friell (Gabriel), hand-painted Christmas card 1945; Rupert Furneaux 1953

Miscellaneous correspondents: G  CP/IND/MONT/7/6  20th cent

Correspondents incl William Gallacher 1950; John Gollan 1974, n.d; Victor Gollancz 1937; Nan Green 1956-74; Gore Graham 1974; Christopher Grieve (Hugh MacDairmid) 1971; Jo Grimond 1966-70

Miscellaneous correspondents: H-I  CP/IND/MONT/7/7  20th cent

Correspondents incl Lord Hailsham 1976; Leslie Haden Guest 1919; J.B.S. Haldane 1949-66; Hamish Henderson 1950; Hewlett Johnson 1944; Lancelot Hogben c1920-24; Julian Huxley 1925-1944; Albert Inkpin

Miscellaneous correspondents: J-K  CP/IND/MONT/7/8  20th cent

Correspondents incl Frank Jackson 1964; Nowell Johnson 1966; William, Lord Jowitt 1953; Kamen Kalchev, Union of Bulgarian Writers 1959; P. Kapitza 1925-31; Anna Kapitza 1960; Manfred Kapluck 1966; Michael Karolyi 1945; Otto Katz (Andre Simone) 1939-47; I. Katzova-Simonova 1979; Amrit Kaur 1953; Peter Kerrigan 1959-67; Arthur Koestler 1970-72 re AK's biography of Paul Kammerer; Wellington Koo, Chinese ambassador, 1945; D.D. Kosambi 1964; J. Kuczynski 1950-59

Miscellaneous correspondents: L-M  CP/IND/MONT/7/9  20th cent

Correspondents incl Harold Laski 1943; Hyman Levy 1968; Ed Lewis 1950; Geoffrey Lloyd 1923 with letter from GL to Sir Stafford Cripps re distribution of Daily Worker; Captain Z. Lvovsky 1941; Gordon Maclennan 1979; C. L'Estrange Malone 1926-27; Geoffrey Mander 1945; Kingsley Martin 1925-67; Mary Merrall; Harold Mitchell MP 1939; Alan Moray Williams 1946; J.E. Morrison, Workers' Chess Association 1934; A.L. Morton 1928; Lionel Munby 1945

Miscellaneous correspondents: N-P  CP/IND/MONT/7/10  20th cent

Correspondents incl Jawaharlal Nehru 1951; Phlip Noel-Baker 1938-77; S. Osiakovski 1959; Petrovsky re import of Soviet films 1931, n.d.; Frank Pakenham 1945; Sylvia Pankhurst 1948; George Pargiter MP 1960-64; Bert Papworth re his Acton general election fund 1950; John Parker MP 1944; Ralph Parker 1950s-62; Van Phillips 1940; John Platt-Mills 1959; Brian Pollitt 1961, n.d.; Marjorie Pollitt 1940-72; Ernie Pountney 1969; J.B. Priestley 1944

Miscellaneous correspondents: R-S  CP/IND/MONT/7/11  20th cent

Correspondents incl Martin Rabstein 1972; Eva Reckitt 1949; Lord Ritchie-Calder 1968; Joan Robinson 1957; C.H. Rolph 1972; Lord Justice Roskill 1972; Georges Sadoul 1960; Horace Samuel 1942; H.G. Schaffer; Lord Sempill 1941-42; Jack Shapiro 1974-79; Michael Shapiro; Emanuel Shinwell 1940; Renee Short 1958-68; Sydney Silverman 1941; John V. Simcox 1951; Pat Solan 1961-71; A. Sobolev 1961; David Springhall 1952; Barrie Stavis 1954; Lord Strabolgi 1945; John Strachey 1955; G.R. Strauss 1942; Anne Louise Strong 1960; Lord Swaythling 1928

Miscellaneous correspondents: T  CP/IND/MONT/8/1  20th cent

Correspondents incl Jane Tabriskey 1925, nd; Elsie Tarnow re disappearance of Edith Bone 1949; A.J.P. Taylor 1948; E.V. Tempest 1950-53, nd; High Thomas 1971-72; Ernie Trory incl enclosue re ET's book Imperialist War 1977-79; Raphael Tuck MP 1977; Angela Tuckett 1972; Alex Tudor-Hart 1965; Agnes Turner 1928; W.S. Unkles, Glasgow, 1932

Miscellaneous correspondents: W-Z  CP/IND/MONT/8/2  20th cent

Correspondents incl Christine Walshe re preparations for Daily Worker 1929; Sylvia Townsend Warner re introduction to pamphlet by llya Ehrenburg 1941; Bill Wainwright 1944-51; E. Warburton, Manchester 1942 re CP's neglect of culture; Israel Weinberg 1977; Alexander Werth 1951-68 incl IM's memorandum on Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia 1968; R. Wetzel 1947; Monica Whately; Len Wincott c1958-59; B. Woolf 1943; Edgar P. Young 1928(?), 1950; George Young 1927, nd;

Miscellaneous correspondence with unidentified correspondents  CP/IND/MONT/8/3  20th cent

Correspondence with Passport Office and with Clement Attlee re IM's application for an exit permit to report Soviet-Finnish war for the Daily Worker January 1940  CP/IND/MONT/8/4  1940

Correspondence re IM's attempts to have withdrawn the film 'Chetnik' supporting Mihailovic in Yugoslavia; correspondents incl J. Arthur Rank; F.L. Harley for Twentieth Century Fox  CP/IND/MONT/8/5  1943-1945

Correspondence re case of Alexander Truskowski, a disaffected Byelorussian deserter from the Polish armed forces applying to be transferred to a British unit; the case was referred to Tom Driberg  CP/IND/MONT/8/6  1944

Correspondence re Soviet intervention in Hungary November 1956 and CP executive discussions on the issue Howard Hill, Alex Tudor-Hart, Derek Kartun  CP/IND/MONT/8/7  1956-57

Correspondence re Samuel Moore; correspondents incl Yvonne Kapp  CP/IND/MONT/8/8  1975-1976

Correspondence on the death of Carmel Haden Guest, mainly with her executors; other correspondents incl H.G. Wells, Leslie Haden Guest  CP/IND/MONT/8/9  1943

Papers re National Minority Movement incl printed leaflets, letters from NMM secretary Harry Pollitt, IM's membership card  CP/IND/MONT/8/10  1925-1927

Correspondence and papers re Fabian Society  CP/IND/MONT/8/11  1919-1981

Correspondents incl Edward Pease; Harold Laski; George Bernard Shaw (photocopies only of Shaw's letters; originals with Rowna Barnet); John Parker; Frida Knight; Hugh Jenkins; G.D.H. Cole; William Rodgers

Correspondence and papers re Society for Cultural Relations between the Peoples of the British Commonwealth and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics  CP/IND/MONT/8/12  1925-1929

Papers incl printed rules, reports; loose minutes of executive committee and annual meetings; correspondence of SCR with IM re Soviet films

Papers re Society for Cultural Relations with the USSR incl correspondence; loose executive minutes; annual reports; misc papers of writers' group, translators' section, film section, exhibition department etc  CP/IND/MONT/9/1  1947-1953

Papers re Society for Cultural Relations with the USSR incl correspondence, circulars, notices and agendas  CP/IND/MONT/9/2  1950s-1970s

Papers re Society for Cultural Relations with the USSR incl misc circulars, papers re the organisation and personnel of SCR; correspondence with surveyors, solicitors etc  CP/IND/MONT/9/3  c1980-1984

Copies of Soviet Monitor issued by Soviet news agency Tass, marked up by IM for republication in  CP/IND/MONT/9/4  1943

Copy of English translation of Soviet national anthem by Herbert Marshall with related papers  CP/IND/MONT/9/5  1944

Papers re Katyn massacre controversy on which IM contributed an article to Morning Star denying Soviet responsibility for the shootings; correspondents incl Ernie Trory and correspondents in Germany and Soviet Union  CP/IND/MONT/9/6  1970s-1980s

Papers re Jewish affairs  CP/IND/MONT/9/7  c1943-58

Incl IM's 'Notes on development of anti-Semitic propaganda and organisations' late 1940s; TS article 'A falsification exposed' on Soviet anti-Semitism c.1958; correspondence with Jewish Fund for Soviet Russia 1943-44; correspondence with Workers Circle; letters from Chimen Abramsky and to Jewish Chronicle re anti-Semitism in USSR etc 1949

Miscellaneous papers re film interests  CP/IND/MONT/9/8  1925-1966

Incl circular from Kinematograph Weekly 1926 and copies of the same with articles by IM; memorandum on sub-standard films submitted to Cinematograph Advisory Committee of Home Office by Kino Films (1935) Ltd and the Porgressive Film Institute

Correspondence re cultural politics  CP/IND/MONT/10/1  c1929-1960s

Incl films and CP television broadcasts; correspondents incl John Gollan, CPGB 1961; Nan Green, International Brigade Association 1946; Marjorie Wells 1929; Ted Ainley, CP National Cultural Committee 1964; Michael Barratt Brown, 1948; Cyril Claydon, YCL education secretary; John Singer and Emile Burns re New Left Writing 1943

Printed notice of libel action of Duke of Hamilton against Marston Printing Co and Central Books for the World News and Views article by IM 'Hess and his friends' with IM's TS reply to Hamilton  CP/IND/MONT/10/2  1941

Correspondence with Sir Archibald Sinclair, Air Minister, and government officials re the cancellation of IM's Royal Air Force call-up  CP/IND/MONT/10/3  1942

Papers re post-war Germany  CP/IND/MONT/10/4  c1936-1946

Incl newsletters of the British Council for German Democracy and document on Germany for CPGB International Committee 11.6.46 with IM's notes; memo on Germany (by IM?) in tow parts 30.5.46 and 5.6.46; papers also include leaflet re Germany 1936 and Die Rote Fahne 1936

Correspondence and papers as Daily Worker correspondent in Germany and elsewhere in Europe incl correspondence with Daily Worker editor William Rust, notes and drafts of articles  CP/IND/MONT/10/5  1945-1947

Further correspondence and papers as Daily Worker correspondent in Germany and elsewhere in Europe incl correspondence with Daily Worker editor William Rust, notes and drafts of articles  CP/IND/MONT/10/6  1945-1947

Papers as Daily Worker correspondent, Germany incl printed regulations and documentation, press releases and administrative papers  CP/IND/MONT/10/7  1945-1947

Further correspondence, mainly with his wife Hell, from IM's time as Daily Worker correspondent in post-war Germany  CP/IND/MONT/11/1  1945-1946

Other correspondents incl George Elvin, Association of Cine-Technicians; John Prince, the Times; various German

Papers re Meeting of Former Nuremberg Trial Correspondents Organising Committee in Warsaw  CP/IND/MONT/11/2  1966

Correspondence and papers re British Peace Committee, World Peace Council and related activities  CP/IND/MONT/11/3  c1948-1971

Papers incl misc minutes and circulars; correspondents incl other peace organisations and activists in British overseas; Ernest Wiener; Kingsley Martin; Gordon Schaffer; Eileen Bernal; Philip Noel-Baker; Donald Stewart; Peader O'Donnell' Paul O'Higgins

Correspondence and papers re British Cultural Committee for Peace incl draft minutes 12.1.49  CP/IND/MONT/11/4  1949

Notes on visit to T.D. Lysenko with TS article 'A visit to Lysenko' and letters from J.M. and Francisca Crowther; correspondence re Lysenlo controversy with R. Salaman, Derek Wragge-Morley and secretary (?) to J.D. Bernal  CP/IND/MONT/11/5  1949

Correspondence with authorities in Eastern Europe re incidence of typhus and letter from C.T. Hollis re his claims in this regard in 'Disease and its Conquest'  CP/IND/MONT/11/6  1953

Correspondence, papers and cuttings re Mongolian People's Republic  CP/IND/MONT/12/1  1957-1961

Papers incl notes on visit to Mongolia; correspondents incl Mongolian academics; prime minister of Mongolia; Anglo-Mongolian Society; B. Dashitseren, Mongolian embassy in Moscow; T.T. McCann, International Association of Limnology; Mongolian Peace Committee; Europea Year Book; H. St Clair Smallwood, Royal Central Asican Society; Vera Darlington, International Exhibition of Children's Art; Charles Judd, United Nations Association; World Federation of United Nations Associations; also correspondence re IM's article for The Times 'Mongolia joins the modern world'

Cuttings of reviews of IM's book about Mongolia 'Land of Blue Sky' (Dennis Dobson, c1957) with related correspondence  CP/IND/MONT/12/2  1957

Correspondence re trade with USSR and other socialist countries  CP/IND/MONT/12/3  1959-1970

Correspondence with ambassadors and officials of USSR and other socialist countries; paper incl draft telegram to J. Stalin on his 70th birthday 1949; Comrade Slansky, Czech Ministry of Information, re proposed memorial volume on Jan Masaryk 1948  CP/IND/MONT/12/4  1940s-1970s

Correspondence and papers re China incl 'Conversations in China', a record of conversations with five Chinese ministers and officials c.1961; correspondence with correspondents in China, mainly 1959  CP/IND/MONT/12/5  c1959-1962

Misc papers re scientific activities incl notes for BBC on pandas in China with related papers 1966; obituary of G.M. Vevers for Nature 1970; printed papers re Scientific Expeditionary Research Association 1920s  CP/IND/MONT/12/6  1920s-1970

Papers re local political activities, mainly correspondence, papers and circulars of Watford branch CPGB; papers also include misc circulars and leaflets of other local bodies and CPGB London district  CP/IND/MONT/12/7  1945-1983

Correspondence re Douglas Hyde and his in memoriam notices in the Morning Star, incl letters to Gordon Maclennan and letters form Bill Keable  CP/IND/MONT/12/8  [n.d.]

2 TS essays by IM's wife Hell Montagu (?)  CP/IND/MONT/12/9  n.d

Printed articles, pamphlets and cuttings  CP/IND/MONT/12/10  n.d

British and international theatrical programmes and memorabilia  CP/IND/MONT/13  20th cent

British and international theatrical programmes and memorabilia  CP/IND/MONT/14  20th cent

Publications and memorabilia re sports and sports politics  CP/IND/MONT/15  20th cent

Publications and memorabilia re sports and sports politics  CP/IND/MONT/16  20th cent

Publications and memorabilia re sports and sports politics  CP/IND/MONT/17  20th cent

Articles, speakers' notes and drafts (either by IM or unsigned) on various international and British questions the German-Soviet Pact, the War, Malenkov, the Soviet-Finnish war, the need for the CPGB, the USSR, etc.  CP/IND/MONT/18/01  1936-1944

Post-war articles and notes by IM and related materials  CP/IND/MONT/18/02  1945-1983

East European newspapers from 1946 (when IM was acting as Daily Worker roving reporter), letter from IM to Bill Rust, and cuttings etc. Notes on the Katyn massacre questions, short lexicon of army slang compiled by IM, articles on Laski and Dimitrov, Lenin anniversary 1950, visits to USSR, to Spain 1983. Excerpt from Barbara Wootton book, letter to Douglas Fairbanks on international questions; other documents

Miscellaneous IM items:~ IM's own annotated copy of "Film World", and misc. correspondence - from Toc H, St. Albans Labour party, Patricia Cockburn, the SCR  CP/IND/MONT/18/03  1957-1967

The Anti-Common Market League  CP/IND/MONT/18/04  1967-1968

Newsletters and petition of League, IM President.

JT & Molly Murphy papers  CP/IND/MURP  [n.d.]

Source of acquisition: The papers were deposited with the museum on the advice of Ralph Darlington by Dr E Gordon Murphy of Mississauga, Canada. (1996).

Creator(s): Murphy, J. T

The papers of JT & Molly Murphy are a small collection of miscellaneous materials, mostly draft articles and photographs. However they include interesting material on Molly's time as a nurse in Spain during the Civil War, a draft of her unpublished autobiography, material relating to JT Murphy's imprisonment as a Communist and his resignation from the party.

Spanish Civil War  CP/IND/MURP/01/01  1936-1939

File of letters & miscellaneous material relating to the Spanish Civil War. Mostly letters from Molly to Gordon & Bill Murphy from Spain. Also letters from the Spanish Medical Aid Committee re her appointment as a nurse.

Autobiography  CP/IND/MURP/01/02  n.d

Draft typescript of "Nurse Molly" - Molly Murphy's unpublished autobiography.

Spanish Civil War  CP/IND/MURP/01/03  1936-1939

File of photographs/postcards includes postcards from Molly to JT & Gordon Murphy from Spain, pictures of the Spanish Medical Aid Unit, pro-Republican postcards and nine photographs of the aftermarth of the bombing of Granollers by German/Italian planes.

Correspondence  CP/IND/MURP/01/04  Mar-May 1932

File of letters between JT Murphy & the CPGB including H Pollitt re his disagreements with the party over trade credits for the Soviet Union and his eventual resignation.

Draft materials  CP/IND/MURP/01/05  n.d

Draft typescript of article/book by JT Murphy on JB Priestley including comments/corrections by Priestley & newspaper cuttings.

Earl Browder  CP/IND/MURP/01/06  1960-1964

JT Murphy's correspondence & note books with draft letters to Earl Browder. Also includes copy of article on Anna Louise Strong by Phillip Jaffee.

Draft materials  CP/IND/MURP/01/07  n.d

Outline of book [?] "Working with Destiny" on twentieth century history and the crisis of imperialism by JT Murphy.

Draft materials  CP/IND/MURP/01/08  n.d

Draft chapters by JT Murphy "Preliminary Considerations" & "The Premises of All Thought", including revisions.

JT Murphy miscellaneous  CP/IND/MURP/01/09  1920s-1960s

Misc correspondence & cuttings. Includes material relating to imprisonment in Wandsworth prison as a Communist (1925/6), a certificate of employment as official "Pravda" correspondent in Moscow (1927), material relating to campaigns as Communist candidate in Hackney & Sheffield (1929 & 1930) & a letter to Walter Kendall re Murphy's comments on a manuscript on the early history of the CPGB [The Revolutionary Movement in Britain 1900 - 1921 ?]

Photographs  CP/IND/MURP/02/01  n.d

Miscellaneous photographs of JT & Molly Murphy & various British political scenes/figures.

Photographs  CP/IND/MURP/02/02  [1917-1927]

Large number of photographs of USSR.

Postcards  CP/IND/MURP/02/03  n.d

Postcards of German "Revolution" & Thaelmann.

Photographs  CP/IND/MURP/02/04  n.d

Two large outsize photographs.

Harry Pollitt Papers  CP/IND/POLL  [n.d.]

Creator(s): Pollitt, Harry, 1890-1960, CPGB General Secretary

Personalia  CP/IND/POLL/1/1  c1905-1959

Incl educational certificates, Boilermakers Society membership cards, rules and centenary souvenir, Communist Party and Young Communist League membership cards; notebook with cuttings c1915-15; Northern Ireland prohibition order 10.10.33; Ministry of Labour release from employment July 1941; cartoon drawings of HP and Peter Kerrigan at Devon meetings 1949; birthday party programme and notice 1950; correspondence with the Amalgamated Society of Boilermakers, Builders and Strucutral Workers re his superannuation 1959; pocket diary 1958

Handwritten copies from both contemporary and historical sources of texts and quotations re labour, machinery, socialism, the distribution of wealth etc; sources include Sidney Low, The Governance of England; Bakunin; Eden Phillpotts  CP/IND/POLL/1/2  c1910-1911

Notebooks with typed quotations and information  CP/IND/POLL/1/3  c1928

Openshaw Socialist Society  CP/IND/POLL/1/4  1909-1913

HP's MS notes on the Openshaw Socialist Society and its activities (for minutes of the Openshaw branch of the BSP, partly in HP's hand, see CP/ORG/MISC/3/5)

Southampton boilermakers strike  CP/IND/POLL/1/5  1915

Southampton boilermakers' strike printed strike leaflet and balance sheet with TS draft of leaflet

Russian Revolution  [no ref. or date]

Pamphlets, leaflets and cuttings from solidarity movement with Russian Revolution  CP/IND/POLL/1/6  1918-1920

Incl printed report of Hands Off Russia conference Jan. 1919; printed appeal of the Soviet government 'To the Toiling Masses'; 'Russian Revolutionary Pamphlets' published Petrograd 1918; printed Council of Action manifesto 17.8.20

Boilermakers Society  [no ref. or date]

Correspondence with and re the Boilermakers, Iron and Steel Ship Builders Society and its officials  CP/IND/POLL/1/7  c1922-1929

Subjects include HP's employment and eligibility for union office, TUC, GFTU and Labour Party conferences, trial of CP leaders 1925, HP's contributions and proposed contributions to society's Monthly Report, HP's possible adoption as parliamentary candidate; correspondents include John Hill, the society's general secretary, John Baxter, assistant general secretary, J.T. Husband, London district delegate

Minority Movement and early industrial activities  [no ref. or date]

Minority Movement papers  CP/IND/POLL/1/8  1919-1929

Incl printed leaflets and bulletin and CP speakers' notes re dock strikes 1923-24; printed leaflets of London Labour Educational Council, one advertising classes by HP; CP industrial leaflets; minutes in HP's hand of the British Bureau of the Red International Labour Unions London committee with list of members; copy of The Masses, edited by W.F. Watson, with article by HP

Wandsworth prison 1925-26  [no ref. or date]

Prison notebook with notes on books read, French exercises, sketch 'After a Job' etc; letters (5) to Marjorie Pollitt; letter (photocopy) to his mother Mary Louisa Pollitt from Brixton prison 26.11.25  CP/IND/POLL/2/1  1925-1926

Dawdon strike  [no ref. or date]

Strike bulletins, circulars, leaflets etc issued by Tyneside district CPGB, National Minority Movement, Dawdon Miners Vigilance Committee, Workers International Relief, incl some annotations by HP: TS extracts from speech of A.J. Cook at Dawdon 2.5.29  CP/IND/POLL/2/2  1929

Workers International Relief Dawdon lockout fund account book with related papers incl TS balance sheet and MS receipts  CP/IND/POLL/2/3  1929

Lancashire textile strike  [no ref. or date]

Papers re cotton workers' strike Nov. 1932 incl district secretariat minutes 1.11.32, copy letter HP to CP secretariat 2.11.32, memorandum to CP members in spinning districts, strike leaflet, ballot paper etc  CP/IND/POLL/2/4  1932

Spanish civil war  [no ref. or date]

TS accounts of HP's visits to the British Battalion of International Brigade with MS annotations and summary version apparently intended for separate publication  CP/IND/POLL/2/5  1937-1938, nd

Correspondence with and re British volunteers in Spain  CP/IND/POLL/2/6  1937-1938

Incl with dependants, bereaved relatives and friends of volunteers etc; correspondents include Frances Comford; Fred Copeman, commander of British Battalion; George Aitken; Stephen Spender; Peter Kerrigan; Joan Bradshaw, Friends of the Spanish Republic, South Africa; Y.M. Graham

Outbreak of war  [no ref. or date]

File re Nazi-Soviet Pact, outbreak of war and Communist Party policy towards the war  CP/IND/POLL/2/7  1939

Incl HP's TS notes and points for report to CP PB 21.9.39; copy of Soviet press telegram; stenogram of speeches at CP Central Committee 24-25.9.39; letters from Peter Kerrigan, Rose Kerrigan, Sir Stafford Cripps, Harold Laski; HP's letter of recantation 18.11.39; cuttings. Also HP's post-war review of CP policy re the war & vindication of his original position [see M Johnstone's notes].

HP's TS memoir of the period 1939-41 written for the benefit of his family, with letters from HP's son and daughter giving permission for access  CP/IND/POLL/2/8  c1960

Coal mining  [no ref. or date]

File re coal mining incl HP's notes for speeches, printed and MFGB circulated materials, copy correspondence between ldris Cox and and CP Political Bureau circulated to CP EC members  CP/IND/POLL/2/9  1944

Communist Party history commission  [no ref. or date]

Papers incl circulated minutes, circulars, correspondence with some MS notes and annotations by HP  CP/IND/POLL/2/10  1956-1958

Correspondence: Rajani Palme Dutt  [no ref. or date]

Letters from Dutt (and 2 from Salme Dutt)  CP/IND/POLL/3/1  1928

With TS statement 'The New Phase in Britain and the Communist Party', signed R.Palme Dutt, and HP's and Dutt's alternative proposals to the CP CC's theses on the Labour Party January 1928 (with transcripts of some letters)

Letters (6) from Dutt with related papers incl copies of communications from Dutt to the CP CC  CP/IND/POLL/3/2  1929

Letters from Dutt (and 1 from Salme Dutt) with related CP CC and PB papers re the Daily Worker, the Comintern British commission August 1930, Workers' Charter campaign etc  CP/IND/POLL/3/3  1930

Letters from Dutt and related papers including communications from Dutt to the CP CC, copy letter from Dutt to Horner  CP/IND/POLL/3/4  1931

Letters from Dutt with related papers incl 2 letters to HP from William Rust Sept. 1932  CP/IND/POLL/3/5  1932

Correspondence: Salme Dutt  [no ref. or date]

Letters to HP from Salme Dutt incl some re their differences over the party line on the war  CP/IND/POLL/3/6  1939

Correspondence: William Gallacher  [no ref. or date]

Correspondence with William Gallacher with related articles, speech notes etc  CP/IND/POLL/3/7  1950s

Correspondence: John Gollan and George Matthews  [no ref. or date]

Letters from HP to Gollan and Matthews during his stays in Moscow June-Aug. 1954 and May-June 1957  CP/IND/POLL/3/8  1954-1957

Correspondence: miscellaneous  [no ref. or date]

Letters to HP on the death of his mother Nov. 1939  CP/IND/POLL/3/9  1939

Correspondents include Krishna Menon, George Lansbury, Alex Gossip, Eva (Reckitt?), Frank Allaun for Manchester Left Book Club, R. Palme Dutt, Salme Dutt, Beattie (Marks?), Emile Burns, Douglas Garman, Tom Mann, Olive Parsons, H.H. Lawrie, Sara Wesker, Jim Crossley, Ted and Alice Lismer, John Strachey, Arthur Horner, Sir Stafford Cripps, D.N. Pritt, Margaret Henderson, Nat Watkins, John Mahon, Victor Gollancz, Eddie Collins, Enoch Collins, Albert Inkpin, plus various CP branch and district committees; with letter from HP to his sister Ella 8.11.39

Correspondence incl with James Tochatti; Southampton ILP 1915; Neville Lovett, Dean of Southampton 1915; A.J. Cook 1928; Charlotte Despard 1929; David Low 1929  CP/IND/POLL/3/10  1915-1929

Correspondence  CP/IND/POLL/3/11  1940-1949

Incl with Margot Heinemann (copy) 1949; Angela Tylecote, with poem, 1949; Edo Fimmen 1941; Jawaharlal Nehru 1942; Jack Tanner 1941; Daily Worker staff (letter of 50th birthday greetings) 1940; Harold Laski 1940; Ted Bramley for CP London district 1945; Dave Goodman 1949; William Gallacher 1949; Peter Kerringan; Maurice Cornforth re Answers to Questions and Browderism 1945

Correspondence  CP/IND/POLL/3/12  1950-1959

Incl Margot Heinemann 1950, 1953 (copies); Joan Thompson 1956; Bill Jones 1955; Hewlett Johnson 1950; Frank Jackson 1953; Florrie (Mahon) 1956; Lina Dolgopolova 1959-60; Mary Reed 1959; Peter Howard 1951; Keith Maclnnes, Cambridge Union president; copy letter of A.E. Tiffin, Transport and General Workers Union, re article by HP in Daily Worker, with HP's reply 1955

Corresp incl with Georgi Dimitrov 1934; H.G. Wells 1933; HP's mother Mary Louisa Pollitt 1939; Don Brown 1936; Ted Hill 1934; Reg Bishop 1939; J.R. Campbell 1939; J.T. Murphy 1937  CP/IND/POLL/3/13  1933-1939

Correspondence on HP's 20th anniversary as CPGB general secretary  CP/IND/POLL/3/14  1949

Correspondents include various CP branches, district committees and advisory committees, ldris Cox for the CP's Welsh committee, Barbara Niven, George Crane, Harry Shepperson, Abe Moffat, Allen Hutt, Phyllis Bell; letters, telegrams and copies of greetings from fraternal parties

Trips overseas  [no ref. or date]

Papers re visit as fraternal delegate to Norwegian CP congress Aug. 1945 incl notes for Oslo speech and MS and TS versions of report back to CPGB  CP/IND/POLL/4/1  1945

Papers re HP's visit to India December 1953-January 1954  CP/IND/POLL/4/2  1953-1954

Includes scrapbook of cuttings, photographs and memorabilia; HP's TS account of his voyage out on the Batory with MS alterations and covering note to Margot Heinemann 25.2.54, also a fair copy of the same; MS points for Indian CP central committee 26.12.53; TS address to Indian CP 3rd congress with MS alterations 27.12.53, also fair copy of same; TS and MS notes on political and organisational resolutions; TS note to congress presidium and steering committee 29.12.53; TS note on points of difference at congress MS points for closing speech to congress 3.1.54; TS notes for result of result of central committee election at same congressMS notes for report back to British party leadership; correspondence with CP assistant secretary George Matthews

TS diary of visit to Cyprus March 1954; TS fraternal greetings to AKEL congress with MS alterations; TS article on visit for Dally Worker  CP/IND/POLL/4/3  1954

Impressions of 4th congress of Socialist Unity Party with TS report on the congress  CP/IND/POLL/4/4  1954

Diary of HP's visit to China April 1955, the first entries typed with HP's annotations and a note by Alan Winnington, the rest in HP's hand  CP/IND/POLL/4/5  1955

Greetings as fraternal delegate to CPSU 20th congress; HP's answers to questions put by Moscow Radio  CP/IND/POLL/4/6  1956

Papers re HP's visit to China as fraternal delegate to 8th congress Chinese CP Sept. 1956 incl TS notes for his speech on behalf of the British delegation, TS notes for reports back  CP/IND/POLL/4/7  1956

Papers re visit to Poland March 1957 with annotations and contents list by John Mahon; papers incl draft resolution and communique with HP's MS amendments  CP/IND/POLL/4/8  1957

MS notes from HP's visit to China  CP/IND/POLL/4/9  1959

TS notes on 21st congress of Soviet Communist Party with Russian concert programme. Includes press cuttings in Russian and English.  CP/IND/POLL/4/10  1959

Papers re HP's visit to Australia and New Zealand incl letters to John Gollan (some transcripts with Mahon's working papers) and George Matthews; press reports; notebook 1959-60 with jottings and notes on New Zealand trip; cuttings etc  CP/IND/POLL/4/11  1960

Texts, quotations and points of information collected by HP for use in articles and speeches  CP/IND/POLL/4/12  1920s-c1945

Texts, quotations and points of information collected by HP for use in articles and speeches - mainly on post 22nd WW American foreign policy & Marshall Aid but also some from inter-war period.  CP/IND/POLL/4/13  1920s-1949

Texts, quotations and points of information collected by HP for use in articles and speeches  CP/IND/POLL/5/1  1920s-c1945

Texts, quotations and points of information collected by HP for use in articles and speeches  CP/IND/POLL/5/2  c1945-1950s

Draft articles 'Rescue Our Comrade Rakosi' (for Inprecorr) and 'The New Triumph of the Soviet Land'  CP/IND/POLL/5/3  1934-1935

Draft articles, speech notes and transcripts  CP/IND/POLL/5/4  1937

Incl draft articles on 20th anniversary of Russian revolution; notes for lectures and speeches on the party of the working class 10.2.37 (with transcript); imperialism, last stage of capitalism; unemployment; transcripts of speeches at Hampstead CPGB public meeting 29.9.37 and Manchester Free Trade Hall Unity Campaign demonstration Jan, 1937

Draft articles, speech notes and transcripts  CP/IND/POLL/5/5  1938

Incl draft speech, Aberdeen Jan. 1938; speech on Moscow show trial; 'Three years since the Seventh Congress'; speech at CPGB London district congress: draft Daily Worker articles on CP 'crusade' Jan. 1938 and Moscow show trial March. 1938; article for Pravda on 'The struggle for the People's Front in Britain'

Draft articles, speech notes and transcripts  CP/IND/POLL/6/1  1939

Incl article on 3rd anniversary of start of Spanish civil war July 1939; speeches at Latchmere baths, on 'Spain: what next?', 7.3.39; on Karl Marx anniversary 14.3.39; at Bermondsey 19.3.39; at Left Book Club rally 24.4.39; at Chartism anniversary pageant, Empress Stadium, July 1939; Chenies Street 27.8.39; article 'Why I am a Democrat'; article for Pravda sent 4.2.39; also TS of pamphlet How to Win the War pub. Sept. 1939

Speech notes and transcripts  CP/IND/POLL/6/2  1940

Incl notes for Daily Worker demonstration 6.1.40; notes and transcript for Chenies Street 23.6.40; CP 20th anniversary demonstration 3.8.40, with notebook for speeches early 1940; draft pamphlet 'Letters to Bill'

Speech notes for Montagu Place 14.9.41 and on 'Labour & World Liberation', possibly Cambridge Theatre 29.12.42  CP/IND/POLL/6/3  1941-1942

Speech notes incl for speeches on Lenin memorial, Finsbury; on electoral reform; on Russian revolution anniversary; at steel conference and Second Front demonstration  CP/IND/POLL/6/4  1943

Speech notes incl for Coliseum 13.2.44; on death of the German Communist Party leader Ernst Thaelmann; for Stoll theatre 16.9.45 and Manchester 23.9.45; extracts from speech to Norwegian CP congress Aug. 1945  CP/IND/POLL/6/5  1944-1945

Draft articles, speech notes and transcripts  CP/IND/POLL/6/6  1946

Incl speech in support of squatters, Cranbourne Street, London, 12.9.46; points for meeting of CP shipbuilders; points for meeting of CP professional workers, Beavers Hall, 20.1.46; points for Kingsway Hall, 14.11.46

Draft articles, speech notes and transcripts  CP/IND/POLL/7/1  1947

Incl draft articles for Daily Worker, Daily Herald, Communist Review and Labour Monthly; article sent Swedish CP 30.1.47; notes for 3rd plenum Spanish CP; Daily Worker 17th anniversary meeting; Daily Worker relaunch demonstration; points for Belle Vue, Manchester, 5.10.47; Daily Worker conference June 1947; Russian Revolution anniversary speech Nov. 1947; points for BBC debate 25.9.47; Wigan by-election speech notes

Speech notes and transcripts  CP/IND/POLL/7/2  1948

Incl points and draft article on Yugoslavia and report on 5th congress of Yugoslav; points for BBC 26.2.48; points for Glasgow conference 24.1.48; extracts from speech on Greece; speech notes, Belle Vue, Manchester, 13.6.48; report on Polish and Bulgarian CP congresses; notes for debate 'Is Communism opposed to liberty?'

Draft articles, speech notes and transcripts  CP/IND/POLL/7/3  1949

Incl speech on Spain and Battle of Jarama; points for businessmen's forum; speech on 20th anniversary as CP secretary 11.9.49; draft articles for For a Lasting Peace, For a People's Democracy; draft articles (for Daily Worker?) on the budget, the Labour governmeny in the service of imperialism; draft pamphlet 'Bill and "Them Russians'"

Draft articles, speech notes and transcripts  CP/IND/POLL/7/4  1950

Incl points for CPGB 30th anniversary demonstration; Daily Worker 20th anniversary speech; draft articles on CPGB 30th anniversary (for World News & Views), Tribune pamphlet 'The Only Way' (for Daily Worker), Labour Party conference and 'Morison and war'

Draft articles, speech notes and transcripts  CP/IND/POLL/7/5  1951

Incl speech notes and article re British Road to Socialism; speech notes re Egyptian crisis; notes for Trafalgar Square rally July 1951; draft articles on Korean war and 'Why Communist policy should appeal to teachers'

Draft articles, speech notes and transcripts  CP/IND/POLL/7/6  1952

Incl notes for Karl Marx anniversary speech 14.3.52, May Day rally and Russian Revolution anniversary meetings in Birmingham and London; article 'The Struggle of the Working Class for Unity, Peace and National Independence in Britain' for CPSU journal Bolshevik; article for Daily Worker on working-class unity

Draft articles, speech notes and transcripts  CP/IND/POLL/8/1  1953

Incl notes for Karl Marx anniversary speech on Marxism in the British Labour Movement; notes for speech in memory of Stalin and Gottwald; draft article 'The late comrade Joseph Stalin'; points for London speech 12.7.53 and for anniversary of Russian revolution, 8.11.53; draft review of 'Not Like This' by Jane Walsh

Draft articles, speech notes and transcripts  CP/IND/POLL/8/2  1954

Incl notes for Harringay Daily Worker rally; draft articles for Labour Monthly; draft reviews of 'Crisis of Britain and the British Empire' by R. Palme Dutt, 'The British Political System' by John Gollan, 'Lloyd George, his life and times' by Frank Owen

Draft articles, speech notes and transcripts  CP/IND/POLL/8/3  1955

Incl notes for meetings at Holborn and Glasgow Royal Albert Hall; articles on anniversary of Russian revolution; draft articles for Marxist Quarterly, Daily Worker, Pravda; review of 'The Iron Heel' by Jack London for Challenge

Speech notes and transcripts  CP/IND/POLL/8/4  1956

Incl notes for Daily Worker rally, Royal Albert Hall, 8.1.56; points on 20th congress of CPSU for London 12.3.56; funeral oration for Dona Torr; points for unveiling of Marx memorial, Highgate cemetery; Empress Hall speech 6.10.56; points for reports on Hungary; notes for speech at Slough on 'Why I am a Communist'

Draft articles, speech notes and transcripts  CP/IND/POLL/8/5  1957-1960

Incl notes for speech on 'Why I am a Communist' 12.12.57; Marx memorial lecture 14.3.58; speech re debate over Clause 4 in the Labour Party 1960; article 'The Situation in Britain 1957; autobiographical articles on Left Book Club and Unity Campaign for World News 1958

Miscellaneous speech notes & articles incl reports to Congresses, the EC and some unsorted fragments  CP/IND/POLL/8/6  1930s-1950s

TS notes, not by HP, for new members' class c. 1943; memorandum annotated and apparently written by Andrew Rothstein re Communist policy in the event of war c. 1934; both documents found with Pollitt's papers  CP/IND/POLL/8/7  1934-1943

Papers re HP's autobiography Serving My Time published by Lawrence and Wishart in 1940  CP/IND/POLL/9/1  1939-1940

Includes TS draft chapters 8-11 and 13-16, not all complete and some with different titles from as published; agreement with Lawrence and Wishart 29.12.39; correspondence with Raymond Postgate and others re the book; cuttings and reviews

TS of HP's pamphlet How to Win the Peace, published by the CP in September 1944, with MS corrections in Pollitt's hand  CP/IND/POLL/9/2  1944

Articles for Soviet journals with related correspondence  CP/IND/POLL/9/3  1957-1960

Points for and on CPGB Political Bureau discussions re Labour Party affiliation and re Communist policy after 1939 Labour Party conference [Missing - search initiated 29.1.98]  CP/IND/POLL/9/4  c1936-1939

Communist Party Executive Committee  [no ref. or date]

TS notes for report to special meeting of EC and all CP district secretaries Oct. 1943  CP/IND/POLL/9/5  1943

TS transcripts of HP's report and reply to discussion on the Crimea (Yalta) conference CP EC Feb. 1945 with his TS speech notes  CP/IND/POLL/9/6  1945

Speech to CP EC 25.5.45 on the Labour Party conference and coming general election  CP/IND/POLL/9/7  1945

TS points for report to CP EC 11.10.47  CP/IND/POLL/9/8  1947

TS points for report to CP EC Nov. 1947  CP/IND/POLL/9/9  1947

TS points for report to CP EC Dec. 1947  CP/IND/POLL/9/10  1947

TS draft report to CP EC March 1950  CP/IND/POLL/9/11  1950

Notes on CPGB Political Committee  CP/IND/POLL/9/12  1959/1960?

CP congresses  [no ref. or date]

Papers re CPGB 18th congress Nov. 1945 incl MS speech note and notes for closing remarks, HP's copy of printed additional and composite resolutions with MS annotations  CP/IND/POLL/9/13  1945

Papers re CPGB 24th congress Mar. 1956 incl notes for speech and draft of political report  CP/IND/POLL/9/14  1956

Communism and Catholicism  [no ref. or date]

Articles, drafts and correspondence re relationship between Communist Party and Catholics.  CP/IND/POLL/9/15  1947-1948

Correspondents about growth of Roman Catholic Political activity include Jack Dunham, Syd Abbott (Manchester - Report on the Influence of the Cathollic Church in the Labour and Trade Union Movement in the North West), Harry MacShane (Glasgow), Sean O'Casey, Desmond Greaves, Stanley Evans (British Soviet Society), W Lauchlan (Glasgow); Hymie Lee (Newcastle); Phil Canning (Greenock); Pat Devine (Manchester) & John Mahon (London).

Historical note on Left Book Club with leaflets attached; notes on interview with David Lloyd George 18.8.41; draft appeal to German workers c.1942  CP/IND/POLL/10/1  c1941-1942, nd

Elections  [no ref. or date]

HP's addresses and other printed materials for election campaigns in Seaham 1929; Whitechapel and St Georges 1930 and 1931  CP/IND/POLL/10/2  1929-1931

Printed address and other materials from Clay Cross by-election  CP/IND/POLL/10/3  1933

Printed address and other materials from HP's general election campaign in Rhondda East  CP/IND/POLL/10/4  1935

Address and printed materials from HP's Silvertown by-election campaign with letter of support from Tom Mann 16.2.40  CP/IND/POLL/10/5  1940

Papers re 1945 general election campaign  CP/IND/POLL/10/6  1945

Incl HP's election broadcast, notes for his election speeches in Rhondda East and TS reports of speeches, Rhondda East election literature and TS report on the campaign in the constituency dated 2.8.45

Papers re 1950 general election campaign  CP/IND/POLL/10/7  1950

Incl HP's election literature in Rhondda East, press cuttings re his campaign, TS of HP's election broadcast with TS '38th draft'; notes for use in HP's campaign on the parliamentary record of his Labour opponent W.H. Mainwaring and of Communist MPs; press releases; TS programme of meetings; notebook of cuttings and quotations; election speech notes; letter of good wishes from J.D. Bernal

TS extracts from speech in support of Idris Cox in Rhondda East 14.10.51  CP/IND/POLL/10/8  1951

TS speech notes from 1955 general election campaigns with misc related papers  CP/IND/POLL/10/9  1955

William Gee appeal fund  [no ref. or date]

Correspondence re Pollitt's first appeal on behalf of William Gee, 1869-1954, veteran socialist propagandist and idol of Pollitt's youth, with statement of accounts in Pollitt's hand  CP/IND/POLL/10/10  1941-1942

Correspondents include T.A. Jackson; Frank Jackson, Charles Dukes, Harold Clay, Harry Adams, Frank Horrabin, Jack Owen, Ted Lismer, John Marchbank, Willam Joss, John Jagger, Tom Quelch, Jack Tanner and other Labour movement figures of Pollitt's generation

Correspondence re Pollitt's 1946 appeal on behalf of William Gee, with statement of accounts in Pollitt's hand  CP/IND/POLL/10/11  1946

Correspondents include George Hicks, Dick Coppock, Charles Dukes, Winifred Horrabin, Franck Horrabin, William Lawther, Ted Lismer, Haold Clay, J.B. Figgins, Tom Quelch, Ellen Wilkinson, Jack Tanner, John Bird etc; also correspondence with Gee and with Duncan Fraser of Aberdeen re the fund

Correspondence re Pollitt's 1947 appeal on behalf of William Gee with statement of accounts in Pollitt's hand  CP/IND/POLL/10/12  1947

Correspondents include George Fletcher, Bill Joss, Tom Quelch, Mollie Hughes, John Bird, Dick Coppock, Jack Tanner, William Gallacher, Olive Parsons etc; also correspondence with Gee and with Duncan Fraser, Aberdeen

Papers re Pollitt's 1948 appeal on behalf of William Gee with statement of accounts in Pollitt's hand  CP/IND/POLL/10/13  1948-1949

Correspondents are Gee and James Knowles and Duncan Fraser, Aberdeen, who receive the money on Gee's behalf

Papers re Pollitt's 1949 appeal on behalf of William Gee with statement of accounts in Pollitt's hand  CP/IND/POLL/10/14  1949-1950

Correspondents are Gee and James Knowles, Aberdeen, who receives the money on Gee's behalf

Papers re Pollitt's 1950 appeal on behalf of William Gee with statement of accounts in Pollitt's hand  CP/IND/POLL/10/15  1950-1951

Correspondents are Gee and James Knowles, Aberdeen, who receives the money on Gee's behalf

Correspondence and papers with solicitors, health workers etc re Gee's p hysical and mental deterioration, his need to make a will and arrangements for his future cremation  CP/IND/POLL/10/16  1951-1952

Receipt books  CP/IND/POLL/10/17  1941-1951

Scott libel case  [no ref. or date]

Case of Rex v Pollitt, Strudwick and Beech re alleged libel of David Scott (National Union of Seamen) in the Minority Movement paper The Seafarer; TS record of 1st day's proceedings, Central Criminal Court, 24.10.27  CP/IND/POLL/10/18  1927

Case of Rex v Pollitt, Strudwick and Beech re alleged libel of David Scott (National Union of Seamen) in the Minority Movement paper The Seafarer; TS record of 2nd day's proceedings, Central Criminal Court, 25.10.27  CP/IND/POLL/10/19  1927

Case of Rex v Pollitt, Strudwick and Beech re alleged libel of David Scott (National Union of Seamen) in the Minority Movement paper The Seafarer; TS record of 3rd day's proceedings, Central Criminal Court, 26.10.27  CP/IND/POLL/10/20  1927

Case of Rex v Pollitt, Strudwick and Beech re alleged libel of David Scott (National Union of Seamen) in the Minority Movement paper The Seafarer; TS record of 4th day's proceedings, Central Criminal Court, 27.10.27  CP/IND/POLL/10/21  1927

Case of Rex v Pollitt, Strudwick and Beech re alleged libel of David Scott (National Union of Seamen) in the Minority Movement paper The Seafarer; TS record of 6th day's proceedings, Central Criminal Court, 31.10.27  CP/IND/POLL/10/22  1927

Case of Rex v Pollitt, Strudwick and Beech re alleged libel of David Scott (National Union of Seamen) in the Minority Movement paper The Seafarer; TS record of 7th day's proceedings, Central Criminal Court, 2.11.27  CP/IND/POLL/11/1  1927

Case of Rex v Pollitt, Strudwick and Beech re alleged libel of David Scott (National Union of Seamen) in the Minority Movement paper The Seafarer; TS record of 9th day's proceedings, Central Criminal Court, 4.11.27  CP/IND/POLL/11/2  1927

Case of Rex v Pollitt, Strudwick and Beech re alleged libel of David Scott (National Union of Seamen) in the Minority Movement paper The Seafarer; TS record of 10th day's proceedings, Central Criminal Court, 7.11.27  CP/IND/POLL/11/3  1927

Case of Rex v Pollitt, Strudwick and Beech re alleged libel of David Scott (National Union of Seamen) in the Minority Movement paper The Seafarer; TS record of 11th day's proceedings, Central Criminal Court, 8.11.27  CP/IND/POLL/11/4  1927

Printed declaration of David Scott as to his treatment in Soviet Russia published by National Union of Seamen  CP/IND/POLL/11/5  1927

Strudwick bankruptcy case  [no ref. or date]

TS record of cross-examination in the bankruptcy court of Thomas Robert Strudwick, co-defendant in the Scott libel case, 19.3.29  CP/IND/POLL/11/6  1929

Beech bankruptcy case  [no ref. or date]

TS record of cross-examination in the bankruptcy court of Richard Clyde Beech, co-defendant in the Scott libel case, 6.3.29  CP/IND/POLL/11/7  1929

Sedition charges 1934  [no ref. or date]

HP's papers re cases of Rex v Mann and Rex v Pollitt on charges of sedition to be heard at Swansea Assizes  CP/IND/POLL/11/8  1934

HP was to defend himself and the papers include notes for his speech for the defence and cross-examination of police witnesses, his copy of the indictment, TS of the Ferndale and Trealaw speeches in question etc; Mann and Pollitt were both acquitted, Pollitt's case not having been heard

Newspaper cuttings re HP, some with annotations in his own hand  CP/IND/POLL/11/9  c1930s-1956

Newspaper cuttings re HP, some with annotations in his own hand  CP/IND/POLL/11/10  c1930s-1956

Letters of condolence to Marjorie Pollitt on HP's death  CP/IND/POLL/12/1  1960

Correspondents include many CP and Labour movement branches and committees; individual correspondents include William Brain, J.R. Campbell, Palme Dutt, Idris Cox, Victor Gollancz, Margot Heinemann, Harry Shepperson, Peter Kerrigan, Malcolm MacEwen, Hyman Levy, Wilhelm Pieck, Arnold and Margot Kettle, Kitty Cornforth, Trevor Evans, Bert Pearce, Ted Hill, Wal Hannington, Tefcros Anthias, Bob Stewart, Claudia Jones, Reginald Bridgeman, Bill Wainwright, Walter Holmes, Janet Springfield, Nora Jeffery, Reuben Falber, Jack Cohen, Andrew Rothstein, Vic Feather, E.P. Young, Nan Green, Eva Reckitt, W.P. Coates, Jack Dunman, Phyllis Bell, Dora Cox, Allen Hutt, Claude Berridge, Abe Moffat, Minnie Bowles

Letters to the Communist Party EC on HP's death and re his funeral arrangements; correspondents include D.N. Pritt, Ivor Montagu, Edgar P. Young, Abe Lazarus, Abe Moffatt, Dave Priscott, many fraternal communist parties, trade union and CP branches etc  CP/IND/POLL/12/2  1960

Letters from fraternal parties to CP EC on HP's death  CP/IND/POLL/12/3  1960

Letters to the Daily Worker on HP's death from individuals and local CP and Labour movement organisations  CP/IND/POLL/13/1  1960

Messages to CPGB from International Communist Parties on 10th Anniversary of Pollitts death, 4 July 1970.  CP/IND/POLL/13/2  1970

John Mahon working papers  [no ref. or date]

Cuttings and mementoes re HP's death, funeral and subsequent commemorations  CP/IND/POLL/13/3  1960s-1970s

Notes and correspondence re HP's origins and family background  CP/IND/POLL/13/4  1960s-1970s

File re Boilermakers Society incl correspondence with Ted Williams and other society officials, notes and transcriptions from contemporary documents etc  CP/IND/POLL/13/5  1960s-1970s

File re Red International of Labour Unions and National Minority Movement incl bibliography of publications; notes on person; correspondence and working papers  CP/IND/POLL/13/6  1960s-1970s

File of notes re outbreak of war  CP/IND/POLL/13/7  1960s-1970s

File re HP's visit to Australia and New Zealand incl transcripts of HP's letters, correspondence with Marjorie Pollitt, individuals involved with the tour etc  CP/IND/POLL/13/8  1970s

Further misc notes, cuttings, correspondence and working papers mainly re HP's activities in 1930s but incl original classification of Pollitt papers and notes on CPGB special congress 1957  CP/IND/POLL/13/9  1950s-1970s

Working papers re Unity Campaign and related activities in 1930s  CP/IND/POLL/13/10  c1960s-1970s

Correspondence with Betty Reid re HP biography incl summary of Pollitt papers in JM's possession  CP/IND/POLL/13/11  1970s

Materials relating to libels of Pollitt in Jan Valtin's "Out of the Night" (1948) published in France. Plus notes and later correspondence from Mahon.  CP/IND/POLL/13/12  1948-1971

Trial of US Communists  [no ref. or date]

Papers, notes and pamphlets re the trial of 12 CPUSA leaders under the Smith Act 1948.  CP/IND/POLL/14/01  1948

Pamphlets include "Campaign against the Frameup of the Communist Leaders: Speakers Notes" (CPUSA), "Dangerous Thoughts" by Eugene Dennis & "The Twelve and You" by Elizabeth Gurley Flynn.

Material relating to open letter to American Ambassador protesting re the arrest of leading American Communists, including signatories.  CP/IND/POLL/14/02  1951

CPGB/LP NEC correspondence  [no ref. or date]

Letters mainly concerning need for united working class action against fascism but also one critical of the Daily Herald's coverage of the USSR.  CP/IND/POLL/14/03  1933-1936

CPGB/TUC General Correspondence  [no ref. or date]

General Sec's correspondence re need for united front v fascism & the TUC's refusal to co-operate.  CP/IND/POLL/14/04  1933-1934

CPGB/Co-operative Party correspondence  [no ref. or date]

Gen Sec's correspondence re need for united front v fascism & Co-op Party's refusal to participate.  CP/IND/POLL/14/05  1933-1936

CPGB/National Joint Council of Labour correspondence  [no ref. or date]

Gen Sec's correspondence re need for united action v fascism & situation in Spain.  CP/IND/POLL/14/06  1933-1936

CPGB/Socialist League correspondence  [no ref. or date]

Gen Sec's correspondence re possible co-operation in united action v fascism. Includes letter from JT Murphy agreeing to SL support for CP affiliation to the LP whilst remaining within the party constitution. Also copy of SL journal "The Socialist" Nov 1936.  CP/IND/POLL/14/07  1934-1936

ILP documents & cuttings  [no ref. or date]

Includes reports and agendas for ILP conferences (1932, 1933 & 1935) as well as cuttings from New Leader & Forward.  CP/IND/POLL/14/08  1932-1939

CPGB/ILP correspondence  [no ref. or date]

Extensive correspondence between Pollitt, Paton & Brockway re co-operation between the parties. Also reference to lack of support for UF in Lancashire.  CP/IND/POLL/14/09  1933

Circulars etc re united front activities. Includes minutes of December 1934 CP / ILP meeting re difficulties between the two organisations and Pollitt's speech to 1935 ILP conference  CP/IND/POLL/14/10  1933-1935

Extensive correspondence between (mainly) Pollitt & Brockway re joint action. Includes discussion on the Communist International, Austria, the decisions of the York ILP conference, problems in Lancashire and South Wales, Thaelmann and Spain.  CP/IND/POLL/14/11  1934

Joint letters / circulars sent by the CP & ILP to the Labour Party etc re the UF & Spain.  CP/IND/POLL/14/12  1934

Extensive correspondence between Pollitt, Brockway & others re united front activity. Contains evidence of increasing friction between two organisations especially in Manchester.  CP/IND/POLL/14/13  1935

Brief correspondence file on proposals for joint and united front action. Includes ILP NAC deliberations on the basis upon which they are prepared to join United Front.  CP/IND/POLL/14/14  1936

Unity Campaign documents  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  CP/IND/POLL/14/15  1950s

Miscellaneous files: CPGB Parliamentary and Local Government Committee papers  [no ref. or date]

File including circulars, minutes, statements and HP notes re Parliamentary and Local Government Committee.  CP/IND/POLL/15/05  1943

Miscellaneous files: WFTU  [no ref. or date]

Correspondence from and about World Federation of Trade Unions.  CP/IND/POLL/15/06  1953

Miscellaneous files: court cases  [no ref. or date]

Material relating to court cases including Duke of Hamilton's Libel case (1941) and John Clarence's Old Bailey case (1954).  CP/IND/POLL/15/07  1941-1954

Miscellaneous files: Electoral Reform  [no ref. or date]

HP's notes and statements re CPGB discussions of Electoral Reform 1943-1944.  CP/IND/POLL/15/08  1940s

Bert Ramelson Papers  CP/IND/RAM  [n.d.]

Creator(s): Ramelson, Bert, CPGB Industrial Secretary

Personal & Miscellaneous Political Correspondence  [no ref. or date]

Correspondence  CP/IND/RAM/01/01  1945-1985

Includes letters from Harry Nicholson & Jack Davis (Berwick on Tweed DLP) thanking BR for his assistance in 1945 election, Michael Carritt re situation in India (1945), correspondence with DN Pritt re Ramelson's account of the banning of the Forces Parliament (1946), Mick Bennett re BR becoming full time party worker in Leeds (1946), get well letters from party officers and others (1961), 1964 General Election leaflets, Jack Jones (1968), Maurice Dobb and birthday greetings from the Soviet Union.
Also includes BSP membership card (1914) belonging to John Hulme [?].

Correspondence  CP/IND/RAM/01/02  1978-1981

Includes letters from G Caborn (Sheffield AUEW), Martin Ashworth (Sheffield CP re Yorkshire District Industrial Weekend School 1978), Peter Breeze (NUSAC), Andrew Rothstein, Gary Lefley (NSC & later Tottenham CND), Bill Carritt, Henry Srebrnik, WH Laithwaite (Surrey Peace Council) & Bruce Kent.

Correspondence  CP/IND/RAM/01/03  1987-1991

Includes correspondence from / with Merav Dviv (re Petition for Palestinian Rights 1988), obituaries of Tom Driver, Toby Heggith (International Birgade project), Jim Mortimer ("Some Reflections on Trade Union History"), John Hendry (IER) & Bill Alexander (IBA).

Correspondence  CP/IND/RAM/01/04  1984-1993

Includes correspondence with / from Peter Tempest, Andrew Rothstein, Michael McGahey, Peter Heathfield (NUM), Joan Maynard MP (re LP elections and the Socialist conference), Tony Benn, Bill Moore (CP History Group re BR's contribution to the "Days of the Good Soldier" conference), Kevin Morgan, Barry McLoughlin, Ken Gill (TASS), Arthur Scargill, Bruce Kent Jim Mortimer (re articles for "Morning Star" & criticisms of LP direction), Martin Jacques ("Marxism Today"), Monty Johnstone, Francis King (re transcript of Marion Jessop's contribution to October 1939 CC meeting), John Hendry, Joe Berry ("Morning Star"), Ron Bellamy, Stella Hermansson (Sweden), Ron Ely, George Matthews, Max Druck & Ken Cameron (FBU).

Speeches, articles, lectures, notes etc  [no ref. or date]

Material (mainly lecture notes) relating to Marxist theory and practice  CP/IND/RAM/02/01  1950s-1960s

Including the CPSU 20th Congress, the role of the factory branch, the British Labour Movement, political economy, world communism, problems of transisition, branch leadership and organisation, Socialist construction, youth & revolution, the Soviet Union, the role of the Communist Party, the crisis of World Capitalism, splits in the CPGB and Trotskyism.

Material (mainly lecture & day school notes) relating to trade unions and industrial relations.  CP/IND/RAM/02/02  1960s-1970s

Includes regional and national industrial conferences as well as day schools. Subjects covered: trade union organisation; incomes policy and wage freezes, trade union legislation; In the Place of Strife; the Industrial Relations Act; industrial action and the class struggle; trade union militancy and the CP; pay and inflation; British Leyland activists and Conservative trade union legislation.

Material (lecture notes & cuttings) relating to the Labour party.  CP/IND/RAM/02/03  1959-1979

Includes "Which way for Labour" (1959), the Socialist Charter, the 1970 election and Morning Star series "The future of the Labour Movement" (1974) by BR as well as Sid Bidwell, Eric Heffer, Alan Plater and Paul Foot.

Material (lecture notes and cuttings) on international issues and the International Communist Movement (ICM).  CP/IND/RAM/02/04  1957-1986

Includes report on the 40th anniversary of the Bolshevik revolution meeting of the ICM delegates in Moscow, talks to the YCL on the ICM, notes on the CPSU 22nd Congress, the pamphlet "Communism and the world today" (1963), report to the March 1965 EC on the developments in the ICM, refelctions on the Spanish Civil War, Cyprus, Euro-Communism, nuclear deterrenece & Afganistan.

Material (lecture notes, cuttings & articles) re Jewish issues and the Middle East.  CP/IND/RAM/02/05  1958-1976

Includes comments and suggested alterations by Dutt & Burns to BR's 1958 article on Jewish questions, a similar article in 1964, notes for day school on the Jewish Question (1964), report of school called by the Jewish Committee (Nov 1964), lecture in Cheetham Hill (Manchester) & reply to Aubrey Lewis' (Prestwich) resolution re Jewish culture (1966), notes on zionist conferences, review of BR pamphlet on the Middle East in "The Path" (1967) & Israel supplement, "Financial Times" (1973).

Material (mainly speech notes & cuttings) re the Common Market / EEC. Speeches opposing entry and subsequently advocating withdrawl from the EEC.  CP/IND/RAM/02/06  1960s-1980s

Printed articles by BR in international & British journals.  CP/IND/RAM/03/01  1966-1980

Includes Comment, Morning Star, Rinascita, Bohemia, The Listener, France Novelle & Engineering Today re industrial / economic issues.

Draft transcripts of pamphlets on opposition to Labour's Social Contract ("Social Contract: Cure All or con Trick" & "Bury the Social Contract: the case for an alternative policy").  CP/IND/RAM/03/02  1975-1977

Also notes by Sam Aaronovitch on the political economy of modern capitalism.

Typescript articles & reviews (plus some correspondence) for the World Marxist Review, the Morning Star and Marxism Today etc...  CP/IND/RAM/03/03  1972-1977

Mostly concerning industrial issues of the day.

Miscellaneous cuttings, notes and articles from the 1980s.  CP/IND/RAM/03/04  1978-1989

Includes lectures to school on Nationalism & Internationalism, notes from a one day school on peace, draft John Brown memorial lecture, notes on the capitalist crisis, lecture at Eton school on communism, meeting of Industrial activists (1984), conference on communists in the Army in the second world war, lecture in Cuba on the situation in Britain (1987), course on political economy at Marx Memorial Library, cuttings re responses to Labour's 1987 election defeat, speech at the Bolshoi for the 70th anniversary of the Russian revolution, material on Labour Party reform and policy review, the situation within the Communist movement, Poland and notes for a conference reviewing the events of 1956.

Notes etc for 1986 Ralph Fox Memorial Lecture & eventual pamphlet "Consensus or Socialism" by BR.  CP/IND/RAM/04/01  1986

Notes, articles & cuttings re the future of the Communist & Socialist movements in Britain and internationally.  CP/IND/RAM/04/02  1986-1987

Includes material critical of position taken by Martin Jacques & "Marxism Today", calls for communist unity, Arthur Scargill's lecture "New Realism - the politics of fear" (1987) and article by JE Mortimer on role of reforms in the struggle for socialism.

Notes, articles and cuttings re the future of Communist and Socialist movements in Britain and internationally.  CP/IND/RAM/04/03  1988

Includes article by Ron Bellamy, jointly written material by BR & JE Mortimer (under the pseudonym Martin Chislehurst), a WMR discussion re transnationals, the reform of the BRS, a Sheffield conference on US Imperialism in the 1990s, criticisms of the Labour Party's policy review and the CPGB's Facing the Future, and cuttings relating to constitutional reform.

Notes, articles and cuttings re future of Communist and Socialist movements in Britain and internationally.  CP/IND/RAM/04/04  1988-1991

Material particularly focuses on the future of socialism after the collapse of Eastern Bloc socialism. Includes article by JE Mortimer re democratic centralism.

Executive Committee, Political Committee & District Committee papers  [no ref. or date]

BR's correspondence, circulars, minutes & reports re Central Party meetings.  CP/IND/RAM/05/01  1955-1958

Includes report on political education within the Labour movement, report given to 1955 industrial conference, circulars on party organisation, Tortskyist organisations, industrial reports, notes on Gollan's report re Moscow 1957 conference & peaceful co-existence, and report to PC on situation in Yorkshire.

BR's correspondence, circulars, minutes & reports re Central Party meetings.  CP/IND/RAM/05/02  1959-1960

Includes reports on the economic outlook, position of women within the party (Marion Ramelson 1959), policy re Rhodesia & Nyasaland, problems in the peace movement, CP election policy in Lancashire & Scotland, the 40th anniversary of the CPGB, draft proposals for book "The Challenge of Marxism", statement from Conference on Problems of Capitalist Europe (1959), development of "Marxism Today" (1960), report for the EC on the party, professional workers & students, and M McCreery's memorandum on the BRS.

BR's correspondence, circulars, h-w minutes & reports of Central Party meetings.  CP/IND/RAM/05/03  1961-1962

Includes EC minutes, reports on a visit to Czechoslovakia, the party's attitude to nuclear waepons, extensive notes on report & EC discussions re ETU ballot rigging accusations, proposals from the 27th national congress and a Cultural committee (1962) report on Ideological Struggle.

BR's correspondence, circulars, h-w minutes & reports re Central Party meetings.  CP/IND/RAM/05/04  1963

Includes EC minutes, notes of EC discussions re preparations for congress, memorandum "A Defence Policy for Britain", h-w notes on Gollan's report & EC discussion re the ICM, the subsequent report to the District, and party policy re pensions.

BR's correspondence, circulars, h-w minutes and reports re Central Party meetings.  CP/IND/RAM/05/05  1964-1965

Includes PC and EC papers, material relating to election broadcasting, racialism, preparations for the general election, extensive h-w notes re debate on the ICM in the EC and DC, report of conference for the trade unions on the economic situation, Education department "Notes on the State", and notes of discussion on party membership & organisation.

Yorkshire District Committee papers  [no ref. or date]

BR's TS Reports/Speeches to 8th - 12th Yorkshire District Congresses.  CP/IND/RAM/06/01  1955-1965

Miscellaneous material including h-w notes on DC discussion (c 1955), Leeds & Sheffield Area conference reports (1962) & 1964 Municipal election leaflets.  CP/IND/RAM/06/02  1955-1964

Notes and Memoranda to the Executive Committee  [no ref. or date]

BR's memoranda and comments on CPGB policies, including correspondence very critical of the transformation of the party. Mainly to G McLennan.  CP/IND/RAM/06/03  1980-1990

Economic Advisory Committee papers  [no ref. or date]

Minutes, correspondence, papers, cuttings, notes etc re work of CPGB EAC.  CP/IND/RAM/06/04  1980-1986

Minutes, correspondence, papers, cuttings, notes re the work of the CPGB EAC.  CP/IND/RAM/06/05  1987-1990

Internal party controversies  [no ref. or date]

Papers, cuttings, and correspondence re splits, expulsions and resignations in the CPGB, leading to the formation of the CPB.  CP/IND/RAM/07/01  1984-1989

Related information: [Also see CP/CENT/ORG/17/3 - 14]

Correspondents include A Utting, Ron Bellamy, NF Berry, Frank Wattes, Tom Sibley, M Drage, Ivy Woods, Jack Gaster & Fred Westacott. Also various CPB documents and journals.

Morning Star/PPPS  CP/IND/RAM/07/02  1986-1990

Papers, cuttings etc relating to the Morning Star and the PPPS. Includes papers for PPPS annual meetings (1987 - 1990) & correspondence re the paper's Editorial Board.

Papers, cuttings, correspondence & notes relating to expulsions from the CPGB and possibilities of re-establishing the party.  CP/IND/RAM/07/03  1985-1987

Includes material on the expulsion of PPPS members, Gerry Pocock's thoughts on inner party struggle, papers relating to proposals to set up an alternative Marxist journal, notes on discussions re the internal party situation, Dave Cook's report to the EC and the setting of a re-established party.

Sydenham branch  CP/IND/RAM/07/04  1985-1986

Correspondence & cuttings re dissolution & re-organisation of Sydenham branch, LDCP. Correspondents include lan Mckay, Dave Cook, BR, Bill Alexander, Nora & Jim Jeffery, & Dave Green.

39th CPGB Congress documents 1985  [no ref. or date]

Papers, cuttings & pre-congress discussion documents. Includes notes for speeches by BR.  CP/IND/RAM/07/05  1984-1985

40th CPGB Congress documents 1987  [no ref. or date]

Papers, cuttings & pre congress discussion documents. Includes "News & Views" Congress issues & BR's notes on speeches.  CP/IND/RAM/07/06  1987

"Facing up to the Future" papers  [no ref. or date]

Documents & cuttings re revision of the British Road to Socialism.  CP/IND/RAM/07/07  1988-1989

Includes copies of the BRS 1958, 1968 & 1978. Also cuttings from the "Seven Days" debate on "Facing Up to the Future" & drafts of BR's contribution critical of the new document.

LDCP Congress 1988 papers  [no ref. or date]

Agendas, papers & pre-congress discussion documents re LDCP congress. Includes BR's notes & report on congress to West Lewisham branch.  CP/IND/RAM/08/01  1988

CPGB 41st Congress papers  [no ref. or date]

Agendas, papers, pre-congress discussion documents & cuttings re the November 1989 congress. Includes BR's notes, speeches & heavily annotated copy of "Manifesto for New Times".  CP/IND/RAM/08/02  1989

Transformation of the party papers  [no ref. or date]

Correspondence, cuttings, & party documents re transformation of the left and the CPGB.  CP/IND/RAM/08/03  1988-1991

Includes "Socialism 2000" cuttings, "Facing up to the Future", "For Communist Unity" by the Education for Tomorrow collective, Nina Temple's election, Bill Innes memorandum on the re-organisation of the party and the end of "Marxism Today".

CPGB 42nd Congress papers  [no ref. or date]

Agendas, papers, pre-congress discussion documents and cuttings re December 1990 congress. Includes BR's notebook & draft speeches.  CP/IND/RAM/08/04  1990

LDCP 1991 Congress papers  [no ref. or date]

Agendas, papers & BR's notes on April 1991 LDCP congress.  CP/IND/RAM/08/05  1991

CPGB 43rd Special Congress papers  [no ref. or date]

Papers, cuttings & BR's notes re November 1991 congress re the transformation of the CPGB and establishment of the Democratic Left.  CP/IND/RAM/08/06  1991

International papers  [no ref. or date]

Middle East  CP/IND/RAM/09/01  1982-1991

Cuttings, papers and notes re the CPGB and the Middle East especially the Intifada. Includes some minutes of the Middle East Advisory Committee as well as copies of Palestine Solidarity Voice, The Palestine Post and the Israeli Mirror.

Communist Party of Canada  CP/IND/RAM/09/02  1987-1989

Papers relating to the redrafting of the Road to Socialism in Canada and the influence of the USSR on the CPC.

USSR  CP/IND/RAM/09/03  1987-1991

Cuttings, papers and notes re changes in the USSR. Includes copies of "Soviet News", text of speeches by Gorbachev and cuttings from Russian newspapers.

USSR  CP/IND/RAM/09/04  1987

BR's delegate pack to 70th Anniversary celebrations of the Russian Revolution, in Moscow. Includes photographs, delegate pass, programme (in Russian) & commemorative first day covers. Also BR's notes on Informal Conference of Communist, Social Democrat, National Liberation and Democratic Movements in the Kremlin, Nov 4/5 1987, including address by Gorbachev.

Eastern Europe  CP/IND/RAM/09/05  1989-1991

Cuttings re the collapse of Eastern Bloc communism and the reaction of Western European parties including Britain.

World Peace Council  CP/IND/RAM/09/06  1979-1989

WPC material from 1979 Berlin meeting and statements re 1989 crisis.

International Conference papers  [no ref. or date]

Papers & documents re the Second Congress of Self-Governing Managers of Yugoslavia in Sarajevo 5 - 8 May 1971.  CP/IND/RAM/10/01  1970-1971

Includes documents on Yugoslavian industrial organisation, "Workers' Control in Yugoslavia" by F Singleton & A Topham and notes on conference by BR.

Papers and notes re World Marxist Review & German CP on "Problems of Working People's Participation in Production in Capitalist Countries", Leverkrusen 13 - 14 December 1979.  CP/IND/RAM/10/02  1968-1979

Includes BR's notes and speech to conference as well as writings on CP policy re Industrial Democracy and Workers' Control 1968 onwards.

Papers and notes re Institute for Marxist Studies & World Marxist Review conference re "Scientific & Technical Progress and the Condition of the Working Classes in the Capitalist Countries (1980s)" in Frankfurt-am-Main 18 - 20 March 1986.  CP/IND/RAM/10/03  1986

Includes BR's notes and paper by Robin Williams (Aston University).

Industrial/Political papers  [no ref. or date]

Yorkshire district  CP/IND/RAM/11/01  1952-1965

BR's papers from Yorkshire District. Material relates mainly to industrial organisation but also some political issues. Includes circulars, correspondence, cuttings and publications such as "The Docker" (Hull 1959 - 1960) & "The Yorkshire Miner" (1960). Subjects covered include district industrial & political organisation, "Needs of the Hour" (1956 & 1958), the WFTU, the motor industry, Hull dockers, Sheffield AEU, mining, seamen, the ETU, the building industry and the NUR.

File relating to the CPGB's attitude towards trade union amalgamation and the submission of evidence to the Royal Commission on Trade Unions and Employers Associations.  CP/IND/RAM/11/02  1955-1970

File relating to wages and incomes policies - contains notes for articles/speeches and annotated cuttings.  CP/IND/RAM/11/03  1960s-1970s

File containing BR's suggestions and often critical comments re CPGB's policies on trade unions and indistrial issues.  CP/IND/RAM/11/04  1980s

Includes material relating to the TUC's strategy (1983), criticisms of Peter Carter's pamphlet on the coal strike and "Trade Unions - the New Reality", the Conservative's anti-trade union legislation and the Campaign for Free Trade Unions.

Documents & publications relating to TUC/LP policies on industrial relations and the response to the Conservative Party's anti-trade union legislation.  CP/IND/RAM/11/05  1983-1986

Includes contributions by BR, Ken Gill & J Mortimer and a paper prepared for the CPGB Idustrial Committee discussion on industrial relations.

TUC papers for TUC/LP Liason Committee meeting March 1986. Includes minutes of previous meeting, memoranda on the minimum wage and nationalisation and notes by [BR?].  CP/IND/RAM/11/06  1986

Printed documents with some notes & annotations re proposed ASTMS/TASS merger.  CP/IND/RAM/11/07  1986

Articles/memoranda in response to the Conservative government's 1987 Green Paper "Trade Unions & their Members" from BR, the TUC, TASS & P Carter.  CP/IND/RAM/11/08  1986

TUC conference 1987. Printed documents, reports and resolutions etc. Some annotations. Includes review of conference by Tom Sibley.  CP/IND/RAM/12/01  1987

Documents submitted to the TUC's Special Review Board re the role and strategy of trade unions. Includes papers from the TUC & unions as well as material relating to the CPGB's submission.  CP/IND/RAM/12/02  1988

TUC conference 1988. Printed agendas, reports, resolutions etc. Includes Special Review Board 2nd Report, environmetal charter & TUC documents re employment law and working conditions.  CP/IND/RAM/12/04  1989

Miscellaneous file of [non BR] articles & published documents relating to industrial & economic issues.  CP/IND/RAM/12/05  1980s

Includes material re the GLC's local economic strategy, the coal industry, unemployment & the AES, and trade councils. Also includes TASS Education papers on economic history and the AES.

Material produced by the Institute of Employment Rights, the International Centre for Trade Union Rights and Labour Research Department on the right to strike.  CP/IND/RAM/13/01  1989-1990

Miscellaneous cuttings & documents re trade unions.  CP/IND/RAM/13/02  1985-1991

Includes notes on proposed TGWU/MSF merger & CPGB pamphlet "Trade Unions into the Nineties".

Typed & printed documents re Labour Party policy.  CP/IND/RAM/13/03  1985-1988

Includes Tony Benn & Eric Heffer's confidential "Labour's Programme 1986", J Mortimer on the 1988 Labour leadership contest and LP documents on social ownership, the economy & investing in people. Some annotations.

Printed and typed documents re Labour's Policy Review.  CP/IND/RAM/13/04  1988-1990

Includes submissions by MSF & TASS as well as notes by BR. "Social Justice & Economic Efficiency" & "Meet the Challenge, Make the Change" are heavily annotated.

Printed documents for 1989 LP conference re discussion of policy review and possible changes to LP conference and constitution.  CP/IND/RAM/13/05  1989

Miscellaneous cuttings (esp Morning Star, Tribune, Guardian etc) relating to the LP especially responses to the 1987 election defeat, policy review, leadership elections and the future of the left.  CP/IND/RAM/13/06  1986-1990

Circulars, correspondence & notes re 1st & 2nd Socialist Conferences at Chesterfield 1987 & 1988. Includes the NCP's "Building Left Unity for Reace and Socialism".  CP/IND/RAM/13/07  1987-1988

Editorial papers: World Marxist Review  [no ref. or date]

Paper relating to BR's position on editorial board of WMR.  CP/IND/RAM/14/01  1984-1986

Includes correspondence & draft articles. Correspondents include John Hoffman, Richard Clark, E Panfilov, J Mortimer, Pavel Auersperg & Andreas Michaelides.

Papers relating to BR's position on editorial board of WMR.  CP/IND/RAM/14/02  1987-1988

Includes correspondence & draft articles. Correspondents include A Michaelides, Paul Jones, Stanislav Menshikov, Anatoly Voronov, Andrew Heywood & Richard Clarke.

Papers relating to WMR conference 12 - 15 April 1988, Prague.  CP/IND/RAM/14/03  1988

Includes correspondence with Gerry Pocock re CPGB contribution to conference.

Papers relating to BR's position on editorial board of WMR until journal is closed down in July 1990.  CP/IND/RAM/14/04  1989-1990

Includes draft articles & correspondence with Alexander Sabbotin, Joe Berry & a draft dialogue between Joe Slovo and Ken Gill.

Claude Tayler papers  CP/IND/TAY  [n.d.]

Creator(s): Tayler, Claude, 1868-,

Administrative history:
Claude Tayler, 1868-?, Congregational preacher and Labour Party organiser

Personalia incl baptism certificate; US certificate of naturalisation 1892; photographs; certificates of Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes; greetings cards  CP/IND/TAY/1/1  n.d

Testimonials and copy testimonials incl from Willie Adams MP; R.J. Campbell; George A. Wickes, Holbrooks Congregational Free Church; Robert Arthur Taylor MP, Mayor of Lincoln  CP/IND/TAY/1/2  n.d

American scrapbook incl cuttings, photographs, communications and testimonials from the Republican Party and Republican Clubs, New York  CP/IND/TAY/1/3  c1896-1901

Loose notes and papers removed from the above incl testimonial from Ohio Peoples Party  CP/IND/TAY/1/4  c1896-1901

Notebook with notes on socialism and social issues etc  CP/IND/TAY/1/5  n.d

Address book  CP/IND/TAY/2/1  n.d

Misc correspondence re Grantham Unemployed Association  CP/IND/TAY/2/2  1920-1921

Papers re Labour movement in Lincolnshire incl as Labour Party agent for Grantham  CP/IND/TAY/2/3  1920s

Papers incl letters from Frances, Countess of Warwick, Cleethorpes and Gainsborough labour parties

Correspondence with the Daily Herald  CP/IND/TAY/2/4  c1920-1926

Mainly letters from George Barnes and George Belt re CT's work as a Herald Vanner 1926; also letters from William Mellor 1920 and TS 'Brief history of the Daily Herald' (2pp)

Miscellaneous correspondence  CP/IND/TAY/2/5  1909-1942

Incl letters from R.J. Campbell; spiritualist acquaintance; Stoll Picture Productions re bit parts; George A. Wickes, Holbrooks Congregational Free Church; Presbyterian Church Offices, London; Alfred (Heale?), Pioneer Preachers Hostel, London

Cuttings of articles and poems by Taylor under the pseudonym Claudius for The Forward and Lincolnshire Labour News  CP/IND/TAY/2/6  1924

With cutting from the same source re 1924 municipal elections incl CT's candidature

Miscellaneous MS notes apparently of CT incl sermon 'The Life of Joy'  CP/IND/TAY/2/7  n.d

Leaflets and posters incl for Labour movement meetings in Lincolnshire; R.J. Campbell's Pioneer Preachers; Congregational Church, Holbrooks; Brotherhood Church, London; Daily Herald van  CP/IND/TAY/2/8  1919-1920s

Isabella Taylor (formerly Rose)  CP/IND/TAY/2/9  1926

Letters (2) from her husband Claude Taylor

Isabella Taylor (formerly Rose)  CP/IND/TAY/2/10  c1936-1939

Letters from Switzerland, mainly in connection with providing lodgings for students attending Swiss Mercantile School

Isabella Taylor (formerly Rose)  CP/IND/TAY/2/11  c1928

Communications from Science of Thought Institute, Chichester incl programme of lectures on 'Blessedness' and letter of general advice

Isabella Taylor (formerly Rose)  CP/IND/TAY/2/12  n.d

Misc notes and cuttings many apparently relating to spitirualism

Dona Torr papers  CP/IND/TORR  [n.d.]

Creator(s): Torr, Dona, 1884-1957, historian

Papers of Dona Torr (1884 - 1957) and of Tom Mann (1856 - 1941)

Collection of early notebooks by Dona Torr on non-political, non-historical subjects  CP/IND/TORR/01/01  n.d

Correspondence about Tom Mann and His Times  [no ref. or date]

Correspondence  CP/IND/TORR/01/02  1946-1947

Tom Mann and His Times' was originally intended to be a two-volume biography of Tom Mann by Dona Torr. Volume 1 appeared in 1956, and included some chapters by Christopher Hill and A.L. Morton. Volume 2 never appeared, despite attempts to get Frida Knight to take over the preparation of the volume after Dona Torr's death. Correspondence with: Yvonne Kapp, L.J. Barnes, Birmingham Public Libraries, Diana St. John, Rev.J. Ecclestone, Mrs. A. Fuller, John Saville

Materials on the completion of Volume 1 and the plans for Volume 2.  CP/IND/TORR/01/03  1954-1958

Correspondence with George Matthews, Maurice Cornforth, James Klugmann, E.P. Thompson, Christopher Hill, Harry Pollitt, John Saville, A.L. Morton, Daphne Simon, Jack Cohen, Frida Knight, John Gollan. Christopher Hill's first draft of Chapters 6 and 7 of Volume 1: E.P. Thompson's first draft of Chapter 18 for Volume 1. When published, Volume 1 had only 17 chapters, and Volume 2 never appeared.

Tom Mann and His Times  [no ref. or date]

Background documents and notes  CP/IND/TORR/01/04  circa. 1938

Synopsis of contents, letter from Tom Mann to Dona Torr, miscellaneous autobiographical writings by Tom Mann, Dona Torr's notes and background documents

Unpublished material  CP/IND/TORR/01/05  Between 1938 and 1956

Material relating to 1891 and 1892 [Volume 1 finished with 1890]

Background material  CP/IND/TORR/01/06  Between 1938 and 1956

Biographical notes and quotations from 19th century politicians

Background material  CP/IND/TORR/01/07  1934-1956

Cuttings regarding William Morris - including by Tom Mann

Background material  CP/IND/TORR/02/01  1938-1956

Material on artisans and early trade unions

Background material  CP/IND/TORR/02/02  1938-1956

London Trades Council - notes on the late 19th century

Materials on Marxism, History and Religion  [no ref. or date]

Notes on historical themes  CP/IND/TORR/02/03  n.d

Notes on Late 19th Century Democratic and Socialist Organisations and their Theories of Socialism  CP/IND/TORR/02/04  n.d

Notes on Chartism: Marx and Ernest Jones - D. Torr draft; notes on 'People's Paper'; notes on period of 2nd Chartist petition  CP/IND/TORR/02/05  n.d

Notes on 20th Century history  CP/IND/TORR/02/06  n.d

Notes on Religious and Rationalist Themes  CP/IND/TORR/02/07  n.d

Biographical notes on Karl Marx, 1871 - 1880  CP/IND/TORR/02/08  n.d

Three miscellaneous letters, two by George Shipton  CP/IND/TORR/02/09  1883-1911

Notes by Brian Pearce on Marxism and War 1859 - 1939, marginal notes by Dona Torr  CP/IND/TORR/02/10  1939

T.A. Jackson - 'Secularism and Socialism in Britain' (m.s.)  CP/IND/TORR/02/11  n.d

Typescript: An Analysis of 'The Great Depression' - by Dona Torr  CP/IND/TORR/02/12  [n.d.]

Writings on the State  [no ref. or date]

Drafts of projected book on the state to have been produced by a sub-group of the CPGB Historians' Group.  CP/IND/TORR/03/01  1945-1949?

The book was eventually published as 'The British State' (Lawrence & Wishart, 1958) by James Harvey and Katherine Hood (pseudonyms of Roger Simon and Noreen Branson)

Documents and notes for projected book on 'The State'  CP/IND/TORR/03/02  1945-1949?

Notes on Anarchism (especially on Kropotkin) for projected book on 'The State'  CP/IND/TORR/03/03  n.d

19th Century Working Class History - drafts etc.  [no ref. or date]

Draft manuscripts and typescripts for book on 19th Century Working Class History; related letter and material from John Saville  CP/IND/TORR/03/04  around 1953

General correspondence  [no ref. or date]

Letter from Tom & Chris Campbell to Dona Torr; letter from Dona Torr to the CPGB EC  CP/IND/TORR/03/06  1953-1955

Drafting process for "Tom Mann and his Times"  [no ref. or date]

Collection of handwritten notes by Dona Torr, plus notebook, typescripts, excerpts, letters, including from Tom Mann and other items used to draft the sections dealing with 1894 - 1897  CP/IND/TORR/03/07  1894-1897

Collection of handwritten notes by Dona Torr, plus notebook, typescripts, excerpts, and other items used to draft the sections dealing with Tom Mann's visits to Australia, New Zealand and the USA  CP/IND/TORR/04/01  n.d

Collection of press cuttings on China from around the time Tom Mann was there, with letter home from China, and letter presented to him in China  CP/IND/TORR/04/02  1926-1927

Tom Mann's correspondence with various labour movement figures, including George Lansbury, John Burns, Keir Hardie. Also - section of Dona Torr's draft relating to this  CP/IND/TORR/04/03  1890-1933

Correspondence and notes relating to the draft, and some letters from an anonymous Briton resident in China  CP/IND/TORR/04/04  Circa 1955

"Memories of Tom Mann" by Harry Pollitt, sent to Dona Torr  CP/IND/TORR/04/05  1940s?

Letters, memorabilia, reminiscences and Dona Torr's notes on Tom Mann's visit to Australia  CP/IND/TORR/04/06  Mainly mid-1930s

MS drafts of chapters 2 and 3 of Volume 2, with some supporting papers and correspondence  CP/IND/TORR/04/07  n.d

Memoirs, memorials and memorabilia relating to Tom Mann: souvenir programmes for his 80th birthday, materials for centenary celebrations in 1956, letters, memoir of Mann by Hannington, etc.  CP/IND/TORR/04/08  1922-1970

Tom Mann's 80th birthday, 1936. Souvenir brochures, messages of greetings from home and abroad. Also - resolution of CPGB CC on the occasion of TM's death, 1941  CP/IND/TORR/05/01  1936-1941

Photocopies of "Tom Mann's South African Scrapbooks". Part 1  CP/IND/TORR/05/02  1922

Photocopies of "Tom Mann's South African Scrapbooks". Part 2  CP/IND/TORR/05/03  1922

Photocopies of "Tom Mann's South African Scrapbooks". Part 3  CP/IND/TORR/05/04  1922

Visit to Australia  CP/IND/TORR/05/05  1906-1908

Volume of the Melbourne paper "The Socialist", presented to Tom Mann by E. Protz

Scrapbook of cuttings, leaflets, tickets and some letters relating to Tom Mann.  CP/IND/TORR/06/01  1912-1917

Includes letters by TM from prison, and letters to Tom Mann by Peter Kropotkin and others

Scrapbook of cuttings relating to Tom Mann.  CP/IND/TORR/06/02  1892-1894

Box of pamphlets by or about Tom Mann  CP/IND/TORR/07  [n.d.]

Open letter to British Soldiers (for which TM was imprisoned)  CP/IND/TORR/08/01  1912

Film strip commentary on the history of the Australian CP (25th anniversary)  CP/IND/TORR/08/02  1945?

Correspondence between Tom Mann and H.W. Lee, Albert Inkpin, George Lansbury, A. A. Purcell, Fred Bower, Sen Katayama, Andre Tridon and others  CP/IND/TORR/08/03  1910-1940

Correspondence of Tom and Elsie Mann with various persons, including Dona Torr, Harry Pollitt, Sen Katayama and others  CP/IND/TORR/08/04  Mainly 1930s

Correspondence by, to and about Tom Mann  CP/IND/TORR/08/05  1920s-1970s

Correspondence between Tom Mann and H.M. Hyndman  CP/IND/TORR/08/06  1905-1918

Tom Mann's 80th birthday: greetings, articles, commemorations etc.  CP/IND/TORR/08/07  1936

Tom Mann's notebooks: of his delegation to China, 1927, and in Brixton Prison, 1933  CP/IND/TORR/08/08  1927, 1933

Sundry reports about Tom Mann, with Pollitt's memoir of TM, letter from Pollitt, etc. Tom Mann's speech at the 1st RILU conference, etc.  CP/IND/TORR/08/09  1910-1940

Material assembled by Dona Torr for her biography of TM  CP/IND/TORR/08/10  n.d

Extracts from TM articles and speeches and other papers mainly concerned with the working day and unemployment.  CP/IND/TORR/08/11  1891-1933

Copies of TM's correspondence, including with John Burns  CP/IND/TORR/08/12  1887-1927

Letters and materials sent to Dona Torr about Tom Mann in response to appeal for material  CP/IND/TORR/08/13  1940s and 1950s

Tom Mann's arguments for syndicalism: leaflet advertising debate with Louis B. Boudin, and TM's article "The Course to Follow"  CP/IND/TORR/08/14  1918 and before

Obituaries of Tom Mann, and letter to John Burns from R. Palme Dutt  CP/IND/TORR/08/15  1941

William Wainwright Papers  CP/IND/WAIN  [n.d.]

Creator(s): Wainwright, William, 1908-, journalist

Administrative history:
William Wainwright, b1908, Communist journalist and scientific worker

Diary of visit to Vietnam with Communist Party general secretary John Gollan  CP/IND/WAIN/1/1  1973

MS notes on CPGB 24th congress incl closed session on CPSU 20th congress and the role of Stalin  CP/IND/WAIN/1/2  1956

Notes and papers re CPGB 29th congress incl notes of closed session, correspondence re conference arrangements, fraternal messages etc  CP/IND/WAIN/1/3  1965

File as chair of resolutions committee, CPGB 31st congress  CP/IND/WAIN/1/4  1969

Notes and papers re CPGB 32nd congress  CP/IND/WAIN/1/5  1971

Notes for speech on Morning Star to 34th congress CPGB with related papers incl TS draft comments on remitted congress resolutions re the Morning Star  CP/IND/WAIN/1/6  1975

Misc notes and papers re CPGB 35th congress, mainly notes and cuttings on British Road to Socialism, broad democratic alliance and dictatorship of the proletariat  CP/IND/WAIN/1/7  1977

CPGB science and technology sub-committee (STSC)  [no ref. or date]

Science committee papers incl minutes, correspondence, draft statements, circulars  CP/IND/WAIN/1/8  1964-1968

Principal issues discussed include Communist Party policies on automation and fundamental research; also discussion statement on energy policy 1967, report on use of cannabis by B.E. Leonard 1968

STSC papers  CP/IND/WAIN/2/1  1969-1985

Incl minutes, correspondence, draft statements, circulars; subjects discussed incl genetic engineering and energy policy

STSC papers re energy policy  CP/IND/WAIN/2/2  1974-1981

Incl 'The political economy of North Sea oil and gas', discussion statement for CPGB Scottish committee by Peter B. Smith, July 1974; 'The energy crisis and the maintenance of peace', paper delivered by Eric Burhop, president of World Federation of Scientific Workers, Nov. 1974; TS statement 'Getting Nuclear energy in perspective', also by Burhop; science and technology committee statement on national energy policy October 1975 with TS comments on first draft of statement by Pauline Robinson; statement on nuclear energy c1976; STSC discussion statement on energy policy, with annotations, Jan. 1977; STSC discussion statement 'Long term strategy for energy policy', draft Jan. 1978, final version April 1978; critiques of this statement by J.B. 5.6.78 and Sam Lilley 24.11.78; WW's MS notes on discussion of nuclear power, Alexandra Palace 18.6.78; draft statement on energy policy by Chris Myant to be presented to CPGB EC Sept. 1979, with TS criticisms of statement by John Tuckfield with covering letter to Myant 9.8.79 and internal TASS document on energy policy; copy letter Peter Rosenfeld to CPGB EC re nuclear energy 24.11.81

Papers re nuclear power, pressurised water reactors and the proposed PWR at Sizewell, Suffolk  CP/IND/WAIN/2/3  1976-1985

Papers include copy correspondence of Sir Alan Cottrell 1976, 1982; CP energy working group information document Aug. 1981; papers for CP STSC and PC May-June 1982 incl statements on PWR by WW (with MS draft), Daphne Howard and Bill Howard, and Bill Howard, Leiston branch CPGB; draft objections of CPGB to Sizewell proposal with comments of industrial organiser Pete Carter, Nov. 1982; TS paper on nuclear power by Ben Fine, Birkbeck College, 31.5.83; 'An economic critique of the CEGB's statement of case for a PWR at Sizewell' by J.W. Jeffrey, Birkbeck College, March 1983; copy correspondence re Sizewell of Margaret Woddis, secretary to CPGB EC, incl comments of Welsh committee CPGB Jan. 1984; written and oral submissions to Sizewell B enquiry, Nov.-Dec. 1984, of Lee Chadwick, Leiston branch CPGB, Stop Sizewell B Association and Ecoropa; correspondence and copy correspondence of WW and others with G. Maclennan and M. Woddis, CPGB EC, with WW's draft statement on nuclear power and objections to Sizewell June-July 1985

Daily Worker/Morning Star  [no ref. or date]

Papers as Daily Worker/Morning Star assistant editor  CP/IND/WAIN/2/4  1961-1965

Incl draft article, memoranda, letter to celebrities, note by Palme Dutt and George Matthews for 10,000th issue 1963; memoranda from Bill Brooks, Barbara Niven re circulation and fund; correspondence with John Gollan re submission to Royal Commission on the Press 1961; drafts on launching of Morning Star 1966; circulars and memoranda re 1966 general election

Misc papers re features and reviews in Daily Worker/Morning Star and Seven Days  CP/IND/WAIN/2/5  1960s-1986

Incl MS article by Will Owen MP on co-operation, correspondence with James Klugmann, Emile Burns, Jack Chambers, Brian Pollitt, Joan Smith

Papers re production and technical questions as Daily Worker/Morning Star assistant editor  CP/IND/WAIN/2/6  1963-1975

Misc circulars, staff and union notices, sales figures, memoranda etc re Daily Worker/Morning Star  CP/IND/WAIN/3/1  1960-1985

Notes and papers re Morning Star staff meetings including staff AGMs  CP/IND/WAIN/3/2  1965-1981

Misc papers re circulation incl summary of post-war circulation figures and copy of TS review of Daily Worker circulation 22.7.56  CP/IND/WAIN/3/3  c1956-1975

Papers re editorial style incl booklet and guidelines with MS annotations; TS statement 'Accessibility of Star copy'; amendments to guidelines in light of new draft of British Road to Socialism 1978  CP/IND/WAIN/3/4  1960s-1981

Misc papers re absence of government advertising in the Daily Worker and related matters  CP/IND/WAIN/3/5  1960s

File re Morning Star commission incl commission and Peoples Press Printing Society management committee minutes, interim report, proposals and memoranda  CP/IND/WAIN/3/6  1972-1973

Draft outline for Morning Star film by Jeff Perks with basic screenplay and preliminary budget  CP/IND/WAIN/3/7  c1973

WW's notes for speeches on Morning Star and on Free Press in a Free Society  CP/IND/WAIN/3/8  c1964-1969

File as Morning Star science correspondent re Zhores Medvedev and his book Nuclear Disaster in the Urals  CP/IND/WAIN/3/9  1979-1980

Papers include press and journal cuttings; correspondence with Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA; copy correspondence of Medvedev with ORNL and with Morning Star editor Tony Chater

Papers re inner-party controversies over Morning Star and related issues incl WW's dismissal as Morning Star science correspondent  CP/IND/WAIN/3/10  1984

Correspondents include Tony Chater and Theresa Nannan, Morning Star; also WW's notes and comments on his dismissal and draft letter to CP press; copy emergency resolution of NUJ chapel

Correspondence with Cliff Rowe, mainly on planning and transport questions incl proposed monorail system  CP/IND/WAIN/3/11  c1966-1967

Also includes TS essay (22pp) of CR entitled 'Queries re China' containing his reflections on Stalinism

MS notes for lecture on Marxism and Science with printed materials for citation  CP/IND/WAIN/3/12  c1964

File of cuttings and papers re Hungary, apparently WW's and incl his MS notes; also incl copy correspondence of Maurice Cornforth and John Gollan Nov. 1956  CP/IND/WAIN/3/13  1956-1958

Jack Woddis papers  CP/IND/WOD  [n.d.]

Creator(s): Woddis, Jack, fl 1930s-1980s

Published and draft articles, typescripts etc. (as H. C. K. Woddis, Jack Woddis, Jack Knife, Bell Keats, Proteus)  [no ref. or date]

Sketch on merchant navy, articles on Palestine, India  CP/IND/WOD/1/1  1937

Articles on Australia, New Zealand, Japan  CP/IND/WOD/1/2  1938

Articles on Australia, South Africa, Hong Kong (Daily Worker and WNV)  CP/IND/WOD/1/3  1939

Articles on Australia, South Africa, Colonies etc. (from WNV, Inside the Empire, Tribune etc.)  CP/IND/WOD/1/4  1940

Articles on Canada, Kenya, South Africa, Australia etc. in WNV, Labour Monthly etc.  CP/IND/WOD/1/5  1941-1945

Typescript and published articles on Japan, Malaya, Canada etc, in ITE and WNV  CP/IND/WOD/1/6  1946

Articles on Vietnam, Hong Kong, etc.  CP/IND/WOD/1/7  1947

Articles on Japan, Malaya, economics  CP/IND/WOD/1/8  1948

Articles on Hong Kong, Japan, Malaya, USA, China  CP/IND/WOD/1/9  1949

Articles on Vietnam, Japan, Malaya, USA, China (in WNV, DW)  CP/IND/WOD/1/10  1950

Articles on Japan, (WNV, Eastern World, Communist Review, LM), and on BRS. Articles signed 'Juan Mendoza' on Philippines, and 'Sam Woods' on Kenya - poss. by Jack Woddis?  CP/IND/WOD/1/11  1951

Articles on Japan, China, Australia, India, Malaya. (WNV, Eastern World, Communist Review, LM)  CP/IND/WOD/1/12  1952

Articles on Japan, Australia, India, Rhodesia. (WNV. World Trade Union Movement, Modern Quarterly)  CP/IND/WOD/1/13  1953

Articles on Peace, Colonial Trade Unions, Ghana  CP/IND/WOD/1/14  1954

Article on African TUs  CP/IND/WOD/1/15  1955-1956

Typescripts on Guyana, Africa, Fraternal Association  CP/IND/WOD/1/16  1957

Articles on Indonesia, Taiwan, Africa  CP/IND/WOD/1/17  1958

Articles on Cuba, Africa  CP/IND/WOD/1/18  1959

Articles on Soviet economic aid, Africa  CP/IND/WOD/1/19  1960

Articles on Africa, Cuba, Trade Unionism, Ceylon, etc.  CP/IND/WOD/1/20  1961

Articles on Africa  CP/IND/WOD/1/21  1962

Lectures given at African Trade Union School and African Workers' University  CP/IND/WOD/1/22  November 1962

Articles on Africa for New Times, Sovetskaya Rossiya, New Africa etc.  CP/IND/WOD/2/1  1963

Articles, mainly on Africa and African Trade Unionism, for British CP journals, Soviet papers, Vie Ouvriere, WTUM etc.  CP/IND/WOD/2/2  1964

Manuscript for book on African Trade Unionism  CP/IND/WOD/2/3  1964-1965

Articles on Africa, neo-colonialism, trade unionism etc. for British CP journals, Soviet papers, WTUM, Vie Ouvriere, African Communist etc. Also Marx Memorial Lecture  CP/IND/WOD/2/4  1965

Articles on Africa, Asia, neo-colonialism, EEC, trade unionism, USSR, etc. for British CP journals, Soviet and East European papers, WMR, WTUM, Vie Ouvriere, African Communist etc. Working file on Rhodesia  CP/IND/WOD/3/1  1966

Articles on Africa, Asia, China, Middle East, for British CP journals, East European papers, Latin American journals  CP/IND/WOD/3/2  1967

Articles on Africa, Fanon, Czechoslovakia, China, for British CP journals, Tricontinental, YCL Cogito etc.  CP/IND/WOD/3/3  1968

Articles on Africa, Czechoslovakia, China, Japan, for British CP journals, Tricontinental, Tribune, Liberation.  CP/IND/WOD/3/4  1969

Articles on Africa, neo-colonialism, Middle East, CPGB history, for British CP journals, Tribune, Sussex University Journal, WMR  CP/IND/WOD/3/5  1970

Articles on Africa, national sovereignty, Iraq, Poland, Japan, China, Ireland, for British CP journals  CP/IND/WOD/4/1  1971

Articles on Africa, nationalism, Japan, Bangladesh, Chile, Ireland, for British CP journals, Rinascita (PCI)  CP/IND/WOD/4/2  1972

Articles on Africa, USSR and peace, Vietnam, Greece, Japan, Chile, Ireland, for British CP journals  CP/IND/WOD/4/3  1973

Articles on Cuba, Nkrumah, EEC, for British CP journals  CP/IND/WOD/4/4  1974

Articles on EEC, Portugal, Portuguese African colonies, Angela Davis, for British CP journals  CP/IND/WOD/4/5  1975

Articles on EEC, nationalism, the state, Italy, Angola, Southern Africa, for British CP journals, pamphlets and conferences  CP/IND/WOD/4/6  1976

Articles on Labour, Trade Unions, police, the BRS, Bangladesh, Japan, for British CP journals  CP/IND/WOD/5/1  1977

Articles on the army, China, Chile, Iran, national liberation, for British CP journals, and Cavtat conference  CP/IND/WOD/5/2  1978

Articles on China, Vietnam, Zimbabwe, Portugal, for British CP journals  CP/IND/WOD/5/3  1979

Articles on Afghanistan, national liberation, peace, armed forces, for British CP journals  CP/IND/WOD/5/4  1980

Reviews of Jack Woddis' books  CP/IND/WOD/5/5  1961-1978

Correspondence re Jack Woddis' books  CP/IND/WOD/5/6  1980 and after


Baker, Bert n.d. /21/8
Birch, Chris n.d. /21/8
1976-1986 /21/9
Bodington, Stephen 1939 /3/4
Bowles, Minnie 1941-1991 /22/1
Burns, Emile 1919-1958 /11/10
Burns, John 1870-1960 /18/5
Calcutt, Douglas 1974-1981 /5/3
Carritt, Michael 1936-1937 /3/2
Cox, Idris 1960 /2/3
1960s-1980s /22/5
Crawfurd, Helen 1950s /10/1
Cullen, CK 1900s-1930s /15/8
Dunman, Jack 1940s /5/5
1968-1972 /8/2-3
1950-1960 /22/7
Dunstan, Robert 1933-1937 /16/5
Ellwand, Dennis 1989 /3/8
Evans, A Glyn 1920s-1930s /13/3
Evans, A H 1946 /22/8
Fair, WHJ 1995 /22/4
Fyrth, Jim 1936-1987 /14/11-15
Glpin Bert 1979-22/15 /15/1
Goldinger, David 1946-1964 /1/3-5
Grey, Dorothy 1960s /2/1
Groves, Reginald 1927 /3/6
Haldane, John Burdon Sanderson 1940 /5/2
Harding, A Ron 1927-1971 /19/4-7
1930s-1960s /22/9
Hardy, George 1922 /22/10
Hill, Christopher 1976 /22/11
Horner, Arthur 1935-1939 /1/2
Houston, George 1956 /19/11
Hughes, HGA 1995 /22/4
Jackson, Frank 1915-1970 /13/4-5
Jackson, Thomas Alfred 1933-1987 /10/3-4
Jacobs, Julius 1950s-1970s /15/2-6
Jenkins, Mick 1900s-1950s /1/1
Joshi, Puran Chandra 1950s /3/7
Kerrigan, Peter 1916-1977 /7/3-4
Kettle, Arnold 1971-1977 /19/2-3
Lindsay, Jack 1947-1990 /1/6
McElroy, Bill 1930s-1970s /7/5-6
Magee, Bryan 1971 /15/7
Mahon, John Lincoln 1916-1925 /2/5-11
Mahon, John 1960s-1970s /22/12
Meek, Ronald 1956 /19/11
Meredith, Christopher Kit 1944-1968 /12/1-4
Meyler, A 1933 /2/2
Myant, Chris 1969-1989 /2/12-14
Nelson, Maggic c1970s 22/16
Nicolson, Jock 1990 /7/2
Pearce, Brian 1948 /19/9
1945-1976 /22/2
Pocock, Gerry 1987 /19/8
Pollitt, Majorie 1950 /19/10
Pountney, Edward Richard 1923-1972 /8/5-9
Powell, Len 1931-1933 /8/4
Pritt, Denis Noel 1960s /3/10-11
Ramelson, Marion 1949-1960s /5/6-7
Raper, Michell 1974 /3/4
Reckitt, Maurice n.d. /3/3
Rothstein, Andrew 1928 /11/8
Ruhemann, Barbara 1956-1969 /21/1
Saklatvala, Shapurji 1934 /22/3
Sell, William T 1919-1953 /20/10
Stewart, Robert 1884-1967 /9/8-9
Syme, John 1909-1964 /20/1-9
Thomson, George 1949 /22/13
Toller, Ernst n.d. /3/9
Wilson, Alastair & Olive n.d. /22/14
Wong, Raymond 1943-1945 /3/5
Zak, William C20th /3/1

Mick Jenkins  [no ref. or date]

TS autobiography Prelude to Betters Days  CP/IND/MISC/1/1  20th cent

Describing his Manchester upbringing, Socialist Sunday School, Young Communist League, General Strike, visit to Soviet Union, more looms struggle and textile strikes, National unemployed Workers' Movement, campaigns against Mosley and BUF, solidarity with Spain, Communist politics during the war, Second Front campaign

Arthur Horner, 1894-1968, Communist and South Wales miners' leader  [no ref. or date]

Cuttings re his trade union activities  CP/IND/MISC/1/2  1935-1939

David Goldinger, 1889-1959, Jewish Communist active in East London  [no ref. or date]

Typescript memoirs  CP/IND/MISC/1/3  1946-1954

In Yiddish

Typescript memoirs with a preface by R. Palme Dutt  CP/IND/MISC/1/4  1946-1954

The memoirs describe Goldfinger's childhood in Lithuania, his membership of the Bolshevik Party in Russia and the Spartacist Bund in Germany, his experiences in the Russia army during the First World War, his membership of the British Communist Party from its foundation and his activities in the Jewish Workers' Circle and tailoring unions

Correspondence re proposed publication of Goldinger's memoirs, correspondents including Maurice Cornforth for Lawrence & Wishart and R. Palme Dutt  CP/IND/MISC/1/5  1958-1964

Jack Lindsay, 1900-1990, Marxist author, historian and critic  [no ref. or date]

Cuttings re Lindsay from the Morning Star library  CP/IND/MISC/1/6  1947-1990

Dorothy Grey, Communist Esperantist  [no ref. or date]

Corresp and postcards in Esperanto  CP/IND/MISC/2/1  1960s

A Meyler, Communist and unemployed activist, Watford  [no ref. or date]

Everyday Diary with entries January-August 1933 describing CP and NUWM activities  CP/IND/MISC/2/2  1933

Idris Cox, 1899-1989, leading South Wales Communist  [no ref. or date]

TS 'Personal and Political Recollections' (60pp) covering period to 1941 and written c1960.  CP/IND/MISC/2/3  c1960

The memoirs describe Cox's childhood, work in the pits, activities in the Miners' Federation and Maesteg Labour Party, attendance at Central Labour College, his recruitment to the CP, the General Strike, CP congresses, the debates over the introduction of Class Against Class, the 6th Congress of the Comintern, full-time work as CP functionary, 11th CP Congress 1929, woollen and coal strikes, January Resolution, anti-Fascist activities etc

Stephen Bodington, 1909-1989, Communist political economist  [no ref. or date]

TS memorandum on 'American Economy today and during the last war with special reference to Anglo-American relations', Sept. 1939  CP/IND/MISC/2/4  1939

There is no indication as to whom the memorandum was intended for, but in the late 1930s Bodington worked for the Labour Research Department

John Lincoln Mahon, 1864-1933, activist in the Social Democratic Federation and its successors  [no ref. or date]

Papers re National Socialist Party (a breakaway from the British Socialist Party, renamed the Social Democratic Federation in 1920)  CP/IND/MISC/2/5  1916-1919

Including its printed constitution and rules; printed manifesto July 1916 and leaflet 1919;Mahon's membership applications and related correspondence with H.W. Lee June-July 1918; NSP circular letters, including appeal for the 'To Kill Bolshevism' special propaganda fund; letter from its central branch

Papers re relaunched Social Democratic Federation  CP/IND/MISC/2/6  1920-1925

Including duplicated draft programme 1921, executive reports and agendas; conference agenda and related materials 1922; corresp with Thomas Kennedy and W.A. Woodroffe, SDF secretary and assistant secretary; corresp with Islington branch SDF, with branch leaflet and circular

Papers re H.M. Hyndman Memorial Committee and Memorial Fund, Hyndman Literary Fund and Literary Trust incl circular letters and agendas  CP/IND/MISC/2/7  1922-1923

Papers re National Council of Labour Colleges incl corresp with George Phippen, London divisional organiser; NCLC printed annual report 1923-1924  CP/IND/MISC/2/8  1924-1925

Corresp with Rosalind Travers Hyndman (19 items), widow of H.M. Hyndman, incl Mahon's copy letters (2), with Mahon's MS statement on R.T. Hyndman's death and post-mortem 1923  CP/IND/MISC/2/9  1920-1923

Corresp with Adolphe Smith (15 items) and related papers incl corresp re Smith's final illness and death  CP/IND/MISC/2/10  1923-1925

Correspondence  CP/IND/MISC/2/11  1918-1925

Cards and a letter from Ernest Belfort Bax (9 items, 1923-25); letter from Joseph Clayton (1921); letters from H.M. Hyndman (3 items, 1918-21); letters from H.W. Lee, editor of Justice (11 items, 1918-24); letters from George Middleton, editor of the Post (6 items, 1924-25)

Chris Myant, sometime assistant editor, Morning Star, and editor, Seven Days  [no ref. or date]

Papers re Morning Star and People's Press Printing Society  CP/IND/MISC/2/12  1969-1986

Including minutes, agendas and related papers of the PP PS management committee with Myant's notes on meetings he attended; correspondence on Myant's being elected to the management committee; TS reports of Morning Star advertising and circulation departments, misc papers re the paper's survival plan, internal memoranda etc; most of the papers date from Myant's election to the management committee in mid-1984

Reports to CP Executive Committee re Seven Days, Sept, 1985, November 1985, March 1986, January 1989  CP/IND/MISC/2/13  1985-1989

Misc undated MS notes  CP/IND/MISC/2/14  1980s

William Zak, 1906-1973, Communist and furnishing trade union activist  [no ref. or date]

Unpublished TS account (216pp) of the Black Sea mutiny of the French fleet led by Andre Marty in 1919  CP/IND/MISC/3/1  20th cent

Michael Carritt, undercover Communist and Indian civil servant  [no ref. or date]

MS notes (photocopies) of meetings with Communist leaders while a British official in India.  CP/IND/MISC/3/2  1936-1937

'They form an occasional record of meetings between leading Indian Communists. The meetings dealt with both organisational and political matters and were held out of doors, on Calcutta's open midan. The notes were used at the time for the preparation of reports to the international Communist movement and its press, Inprecorr in particular.'

Maurice Reckitt, 1888-?, Christian socialist  [no ref. or date]

TS memoir of G.D.H. Cole, the Labour Research Department and the National Guilds League 1914-1924 (9pp)  CP/IND/MISC/3/3  n.d

Michell Raper, playwright  [no ref. or date]

TS of radio play Sunday in the Square recorded 20.12.74 for Radio 4 and produced by Joe Burroughs; the subject is Bloody Sunday, 1886  CP/IND/MISC/3/4  1974

Raymond Wong, Communist guerilla, Hong Kong  [no ref. or date]

TS memoirs, part 1 describing the East River Column and its rescue of Allied prisoners of war during the Japanese occupation of Hong Kong, part 2 describing the ERC's collaboration with US forces  CP/IND/MISC/3/5  1943-45

Reginald Groves, pioneering British Trotskyist and labour historian  [no ref. or date]

TS account of 'The Workers and Peasants Revolt of 1381' (9pp), signed and dated July 1927  CP/IND/MISC/3/6  1927

Puran Chandra Joshi, b1907, secretary, Communist Party of India  [no ref. or date]

TS draft 'Indian Communism - years of formation - 1917-1925. An outline for discussion'  CP/IND/MISC/3/7  1950s?

60 pp

The draft focusses particularly on the role of M.N. Roy: 'A life's experience has driven me to the conclusion that Roy's ideological outlook, political line and organisational methods were contrary to the principles of Marxism and Leninism.'

Dennis Ellwand, retired Communist Party national treasurer  [no ref. or date]

TS of 'That' cher lot or Britain Under the Hammer', unpublished book on the Thatcher government, with covering letter to Gordon Maclennan 3.3.89  CP/IND/MISC/3/8  1989

Ernst Toller, 1893-1939, German socialist, poet and playwright  [no ref. or date]

TS 'Ankunft in Africa' with MS annotation on final page  CP/IND/MISC/3/9  nd

6 pp

Denis Noel Pritt, 1867-1972, barrister, MP and independent Labour politician  [no ref. or date]

TS memoirs with MS corrections chs 1-3; the memoirs were published in 3 vols by Lawrence and Wishart 1965-66  CP/IND/MISC/3/10  1960s

TS memoirs with MS corrections chs 4-12; the memoirs were published in 3 vols by Lawrence and Wishart 1965-66  CP/IND/MISC/3/11  1960s

TS memoirs with MS corrections chs 13-17; the memoirs were published in 3 vols by Lawrence and Wishart 1965-66  CP/IND/MISC/4/1  1960s

TS memoirs with MS corrections chs 18-24; the memoirs were published in 3 vols by Lawrence and Wishart 1965-66  CP/IND/MISC/4/2  1960s

TS memoirs with MS corrections chs 25-28; the memoirs were published in 3 vols by Lawrence and Wishart 1965-66  CP/IND/MISC/4/3  1960s

TS memoirs with MS corrections chs 29-34; the memoirs were published in 3 vols by Lawrence and Wishart 1965-66  CP/IND/MISC/4/4  1960s

TS memoirs with MS corrections chs 35-40; the memoirs were published in 3 vols by Lawrence and Wishart 1965-66  CP/IND/MISC/5/1  1960s

John Burdon Sanderson Haldane, 1892-1964, Communist and biologist  [no ref. or date]

TS article 'Lysenko and genetics', apparently for Science and Society  CP/IND/MISC/5/2  c1940

Douglas Calcutt, participant in soldiers' strikes of 1919  CP/IND/MISC/5/3  1974-1981

Correspondence with Andrew Rothstein incl re the soldiers' strikes of 1919

Mick Jenkins  [no ref. or date]

MS notebooks for 'History and Programme of the YCL' comprising notes on the Young Communist International and its forerunners and covering period to c1924  CP/IND/MISC/5/4  1929

Jack Dunman, 1911-1972, CP agricultural organiser and writer and agricultural questions  [no ref. or date]

Notebook containing miscellaneous notes, cuttings, extracts and memorabilia with some letters from Harry Pollitt, CP secretariat, Central Education Department etc  CP/IND/MISC/5/5  1940s

Marian Ramelson nee Jessop, CP organiser and women's historian  [no ref. or date]

Notebook as British delegate to the Conference of Women of Asia organised by the Womens International Democratic Federation in Peking December 1949  CP/IND/MISC/5/6  1949

Contains some loose papers incl photographs, notes from subsequent British party schools etc

Diary as British delegate to the Conference of Women of Asia including travel through Moscow, Prague en route to Peking  CP/IND/MISC/5/7  1949-1950

Papers re CP schools  CP/IND/MISC/6/1  1950-1953

Incl notes from National Women's School Oct.-Nov. 1953, notice and reading list for school on British Labour history June 1952, notes on (Yorkshire district CPGB?) school on Stalin document 1952, papers from CP holiday school on 'The Communist Party as the leadership of the working class' August 1950

Misc political notes and papers incl political notebook with notes on Chinese communist writings, TS article 'Working-Class Culture' (discussing particularly Hoggart's 'Uses of Literacy) 1959  CP/IND/MISC/6/2  1950s

Historical notebooks mainly re her history of the movement for women's rights, published as 'The Petticoat Rebellion', 1967  CP/IND/MISC/6/3  c1950s-1960s

Further historical notes and working papers mainly re the movement for women's rights  CP/IND/MISC/6/4  c1950s-1960s

Scrapbook re peace demonstration at Elvington US Air Force base organised by Yorkshire district CPGB  CP/IND/MISC/7/1  1958

Jock Nicolson, CP railway union activist and official  [no ref. or date]

TS memoirs describing his childhood in Scotland, work on the railways in Scotland and London, parliamentary contests incl Gallacher's as agent, union office, as NUR London district council secretary and eventually as NUR EC member  CP/IND/MISC/7/2  c1990

Peter Kerrigan, 1899-1977, CP Scottish organiser, national organiser and industrial organiser  [no ref. or date]

Misc papers and memorabilia  CP/IND/MISC/7/3  c1941-1970s

Incl MS autobiographical drafts; TS copies of poems by William Gallacher; notes for Harry Pollitt memorial speech, Glasgow; correspondence with Bill Rowe, International Brigade Association, 1941, Dan O'Hare and Hugh McIntyre 1947, Leeds Trades Council re Tom Mann memorial meeting 1969-70 etc; notes on 1976 TUC

ASE/AEU/AUEW membership cards  CP/IND/MISC/7/4  1916-1977

Bill McElroy, CP engineering union activist, West London  [no ref. or date]

Personalia incl CP, union and friendly society membership cards  CP/IND/MISC/7/5  c1930s-1970s

Correspondence and misc papers  CP/IND/MISC/7/6  c1950s-1970s

Correspondents include Sid Bidwell, BM's MP, and others re bus services, also papers re CP veterans' holiday to USSR 1972, correspondence with local papers and union journals etc

Notes and notebooks incl MS drafts for unpublished autobiography 'Life is What You Make of it'  CP/IND/MISC/8/1  c1960s-1970s

Jack Dunman, 1911-1972, CP agricultural organiser and writer on agricultural questions  [no ref. or date]

Notes, drafts and correspondence re agricultural writings and lectures incl studies of agriculture in Eastern Europe and agricultural co-operatives in Britain  CP/IND/MISC/8/2  c1968-1971

Correspondence re his book 'Agriculture, Capitalist and Socialist' (Lawrence & Wishart, 1975); correspondents include Brian Pollitt; R.W. Davies; Andrew Rothstein; Maurice Dobb; Maurice Cornforth, Lawrence & Wishart  CP/IND/MISC/8/3  1970-1972

Len Powell, Communist industrial activist and organiser  [no ref. or date]

Letters (7) from W.G. Shepherd from Winchester prison  CP/IND/MISC/8/4  1931-1933

Mainly re St Pancras local CPGB activities during 1931 general election campaign with one letter from Gore Graham to the local party committee re agit-prop activities and recent comradely differences

Edward Richard (Ernest) Pountney, b1881, Communist industrial activist and proprietor of Daily Worker  [no ref. or date]

TS autobiography dated 15.5.50, with copy  CP/IND/MISC/8/5  1950

International Workers Relief for Soviet Russia share certificates, renewal certificates, application form and pamphlets re First Workers Loan to Soviet Russia  CP/IND/MISC/8/6  1923-1932

Daily Worker financial records and related papers incl business committee minutes 5.1.38; budgets 1938, 1940; accounts; wage sheets  CP/IND/MISC/8/7  1938-1941

Papers re bankruptcy proceedings as proprietor of Daily Worker after loss of Daily Worker case  CP/IND/MISC/8/8  1940

Papers re Daily Worker  CP/IND/MISC/8/9  c1935-1960

Incl Harry Pollitt TS article 'Five Years of the Daily Worker'; Kingston branch on selling of the paper at weekends; deeds, agreements, registration forms and papers re broadsheets during wartime ban on the Worker

Papers re Daily Worker circulation and distribution incl distribution details and copy publishers sheets Dec. 1932, circulation figures 1939-40, letter and statement re earlier circulations 1972  CP/IND/MISC/9/1  1932-1972

Papers re Daily Worker ban and relaunch  CP/IND/MISC/9/2  1942-1945

Incl correspondence and copy correspondence of DW Defence League, Fighting Fund, Keable Press etc with George Isaacs, NATSOPA; J. Benson, Iron and Steel Trades Confederation; H.G. Wells; Adrian Brunel etc; Peoples Press Fighting Fund payments 1942; TS statement 'Post-war publication of the Daily Worker and proposed purchase'

Cuttings and memorabilia re Tom Mann, George Bernard Shaw, Harry Pollitt incl postcards from Shaw 1939-40 (photocopies only), letters to EP from Tom Mann and Shapurji Saklatvala; letter to Mann from Henri Barbusse 1934; photographs  CP/IND/MISC/9/3  c1933-1960

May Day papers incl printed programmes; First of May Celebration Committee minutes 22.1.28; EP's TS notes for May Day pamphlet 1927  CP/IND/MISC/9/4  1927-1930

Papers re National Arbitration Tribunal case ('the Howards case') between Keable Press, the Daily Worker's proprietors, and NATSOPA members employed by the paper  CP/IND/MISC/9/5  1942

Misc memorabilia and ephemera  CP/IND/MISC/9/6  1831-1960s

Incl EP's printed election leaflets 1925 and 1950s; letters from Pat Sloan with copy of Russia Today Newsletter 1956; Russian Revolution 20th anniversary dinner menu 1937; letters (2) to John Partington and unnamed correspondent of 'Orator' Henry Hunt 1831-32; cuttings; letter from Harry Pollitt 1943

Draft National Minority Movement pamphlet on shopworkers (never published) with explanatory note by EP 1967  CP/IND/MISC/9/7  1928

Robert (Bob) Stewart, 1877-1971, Communist Party leader  [no ref. or date]

Scrapbook received on his 75th birthday from H. Livingstone with cartoons of Stewart from the Edwardian period, many relating to prohibitionist questions, by Tom Livinstone, Dundee  CP/IND/MISC/9/8  1952

Misc papers incl certificate of discharge from forces 1919; address book; letters from Bob Bonnar 1964, R. Palme Dutt 1966, Jack Peterson 1967  CP/IND/MISC/9/9  c1884-1967

Helen Crawfurd, 1877-1954, Scottish Communist and suffragist  [no ref. or date]

TS autobiography  CP/IND/MISC/10/1  c1950s

403 pp

Unknown individual  [no ref. or date]

MS notes on the Left Book Club selections The Labour Party in Perspective by C.R. Attlee and The Spirit and Structure of German Fascism by R.A. Brady  CP/IND/MISC/10/2  c1937

Thomas Alfred Jackson, 1879-1955, Marxist author, lecturer and historian  [no ref. or date]

1st Part of MS autobiography 'Solo Trumpet: an interim report of fifty 'red years' part 1  CP/IND/MISC/10/3  c1952

2nd Part of MS autobiography 'Solo Trumpet: an interim report of fifty 'red years' part 2  CP/IND/MISC/10/4  c1952

3rd Part of MS/TS autobiography: 'Interim Report'  CP/IND/MISC/11/1  c1952

Alternative TS version of Solo Trumpet part 1 with additional chapters  CP/IND/MISC/11/2  c1952?

Alternative TS version of Solo Trumpet part 2 with additional chapters  CP/IND/MISC/11/3  c1952?

TS memoir of T.A. Jackson by his daughter Vivien Morton  CP/IND/MISC/11/4  1964

Correspondence of TAJ's daughter Vivien Morton with related papers  CP/IND/MISC/11/5  c1974-1987

Letters of TAJ to unnamed correspondent 13.2.33 with covering letter from Raphael Samuel 27.2.86  CP/IND/MISC/11/6  1933

Letter, TA Jackson to Douglas Garman re manuscript for John Browns Body [?]  CP/IND/MISC/11/7  1930s-40s

Andrew Rothstein, journalist and lecturer on Soviet affairs  [no ref. or date]

Notes on the Russian Revolution; notes on the debate within CPGB and beginnings of the 'new line' Jan. 1928  CP/IND/MISC/11/8  1928, nd

Peter Kerrigan, 1899-1977, CP Scottish organiser, party organiser and industrial organiser  [no ref. or date]

Working papers re article on the General Strike in Glasgow for symposium published by Lawrence and Wishart 1976  CP/IND/MISC/11/9  c1975-1976

Emile Burns, 1889-1972, Communist Party theoretician  [no ref. or date]

Misc papers incl correpondence with Maurice Dobb 1946; Harry Pollitt 1944; Joan Simon 1958; notes on John Strachey ('Contemporary Capitalism'?); MS article (for Labour Research Department?) re women and politics c1919  CP/IND/MISC/11/10  c1919-1958

Christopher Kit Meredith, Communist, peace activist and university lecturer  [no ref. or date]

Personal correspondence (letters and airgraphs) mainly while serving in First Air Information Signals, CMF, Italy  CP/IND/MISC/12/1  1944-1946

Correspondents incl Helen Simon, Margot Jefferys, Gabriel Carritt, Hugh Meredith, Eric Hobsbawm, Henry Heinemann, Ronald Garrett Jones, Mary Ellenby, Christopher and Priscilla Thornycroft, Brian Pearce, Lilla Pearce, George Matthews, Charles Garrett Jones, John Elton, Raymond Lyons, Michael Carritt, Dorothy Hynds; topics discussed include 1945 general election, Potsdam conference, Browderism, CP policy re India and general political issues

Personal correspondence (letters and airgraphs) mainly while serving in First Air Information Signals, CMF, Italy  CP/IND/MISC/12/2  1944-46

Correspondents incl Jack Cohen, Dave Morgan, Michael Shapiro, Johnnie Clark, Freddie Thorpe, Sid Morris, William Wainwright, Val Walker, Ralph Meredith

Papers re peace campaigns, mainly draft letters to newspapers in USA with cuttings and related correspondence  CP/IND/MISC/12/3  1956-1963

Papers re peace campaigns, mainly draft letters to British newspapers with cuttings and related correspondence; correspondents incl R. Palme Dutt; William Wainwright, British Peace Committee; J.D. Bernal  CP/IND/MISC/12/4  c1951-1968

Notes and papers from CPGB 25th congress incl leaflets and duplicated materials distributed to delegates  CP/IND/MISC/13/1  1957

Correspondence re civil defence and CM's refusal to pay proportion of rates levied for civil defence; papers incl cuttings, correspondence with newspapers and local figures in borough of Harrow  CP/IND/MISC/13/2  1963

A. Glyn Evans papers (see also Workers' Welfare League of India)  [no ref. or date]

Papers relating to lectures at the Labour College, London SW5. Course and lecture notes by lecturers R. Palme Dutt and W. W. Craik, homework essays and notes by A. Glyn Evans  CP/IND/MISC/13/3  1923-1924

Frank Jackson, 1887-1979, Communist Party and building trades activist, Communist Party librarian  [no ref. or date]

Notes and articles, mainly historical; subjects include Marx and Engels, Communist Party history, Peterloo, working-class press, Chartism, the struggle for the vote etc  CP/IND/MISC/13/4  c1930s-1960s

Tottenham Trades Council minutes and related papers  CP/IND/MISC/13/5  1961

Correspondence and papers re the New Builders Leader incl TS historical account of NBL  CP/IND/MISC/14/1  1936-1938

TS report of Plumbers Union enquiry into Communist activities in the Manchester No 2 lodge of the union 12.11.52  CP/IND/MISC/14/2  1952

TS report on CP building cell at Exeter House, Putney Heath, London (incomplete)  CP/IND/MISC/14/3  1935

TS extracts from Amalgamated Society of Engineers Sheffield No 12 branch minutes 1915-20  CP/IND/MISC/14/4  1915-1920

Letter from F. Wolstoncroft, general secretary, Amalgamated Society to Woodworkers to ASW branch secretary F.C. Raven dismissing FJ's appeal against expulsion; with covering letter from Raven to FJ  CP/IND/MISC/14/5  1935

MS transcript by FJ of 'Dockers Beware' article by Harry Pollitt from Workers Dreadnought 10.5.19 with note to FJ from Pollitt 23.8.57  CP/IND/MISC/14/6  1957

TS report of 1st British Brigade working on Bratsvo-Jedinstvo Autostade, Yugoslavia; by FJ, brigade leader  CP/IND/MISC/14/7  1948

Misc building trades union printed materials incl TS of A Building Trades Confederation by George Hicks 1925; evidence to Working Party on Building submitted by CP Dec. 1948; illustrated brochure to mark opening of new offices of Amalgamated Union of Building Trade Workers June 1935  CP/IND/MISC/14/8  1920s-1940s

CP memo re proposed repeal of Clause 5 of Trades Disputes Act proscribing political activities of civil servants  CP/IND/MISC/14/9  c1943

Party Strategy  CP/IND/MISC/14/10  1970-1979

Card of greetings on retirement Also correspondence with McLenna [...] re

Jim Fyrth, Communist party and trade union tutor, labour historian  [no ref. or date]

Notes (notebook with loose notes enclosed) for CPGB members' schools  CP/IND/MISC/14/11  1940-1944

Incl national party school 1944, Paddington branch school 1940-41, London district branch secretaries' schools 1942, 1944; subjects incl political economy, wartime political issues, functions of party secretaries

Newsletters and circulars of Ex-Services CND Group  CP/IND/MISC/14/12  1985-1987

Letter to CPGB Headstone (Harrow) branch re Warsaw Pact invasion of Czechoslovakia 23.9.68  CP/IND/MISC/14/13  1968

Anti-war pamphlet published by students at University College, Exeter (members of Student Christian Movement, Anti-War Society and Socialist Society), 1936  CP/IND/MISC/14/14  1936-1939

TS statement on war produced by Socialist Society, UCE, attempting to reconcile CP and non-CP points of view, 12.10.39; with explanatory notes by JF 1987

Notes for lectures at CPGB national party schools  CP/IND/MISC/14/15  1949

Subjects include 'problems of political economy', 'Marxism the science of socialism', 'the nature and origins of capitalism', imperialism and the crisis of capitalism', 'socialist economy', the economic position of Britain today; also notes for national school for colonial cadres 9.4.49

CPGB North West London area committee reports and draft resolutions in run-up to special party congress Apr. 1957 with explanatory notes by JF 3.3.87  CP/IND/MISC/15/1  1956-1957

Subjects incl the Reasoner, inner-party democracy, British Road to Socialism; with memoranda and letters to Max Egelnick, area organiser, from JF

Julius Jacobs, b1906, Communist, furnishing trades worker, secretary of London Trades Council  [no ref. or date]

TSS and cuttings of articles incl short autobiographical note  CP/IND/MISC/15/2  1950s-1980s

Notes for lectures on the CP and the Labour movement, Labour Party affiliation, trade union history, classes and class society etc; notes for lectures on British Trotskyism apparently missing  CP/IND/MISC/15/3  1960s-1970s

File re building trade unions incl union documents re amalgamations and transfers of engagements, drafts of pamphlets on CP building policy 1974-75  CP/IND/MISC/15/4  1960s-1970s

Misc papers re building industry: TS article on the Lump; spoof circular to party officials enjoining them to appear responsible and respectable at lobby of parliament  CP/IND/MISC/15/5  1970s

Notebook of visit to Guernsey  CP/IND/MISC/15/6  1979

Bryan Magee, broadcaster and Labour politician  [no ref. or date]

Card to unidentified Communist found inside The Great Terror by Robert Conquest  CP/IND/MISC/15/7  c1971

CK Cullen, Independent Labour Party and later Communist Party activist, Poplar  [no ref. or date]

ILP leaflets and circulars, many issued by Poplar branch or London divisional ILP  CP/IND/MISC/15/8  1920s-1930s

ILP London and Southern Counties divisional council minutes, agendas, circulars, accounts, memoranda correspondence etc  CP/IND/MISC/16/1  1931-1932

Also ILP National Adminstrative Council minutes and circulars; papers re ILP conference March 1932 incl printed agenda, resolutions and report and correspondence with ILP branches proposing to nominate CKC for official positions; memorandum on The Tasks for the ILP early 1932; The New Attack, organ of ILP London and Home Counties DC Guild of Youth, vol 1 no 2 June 1932; memorandum on unemployment insurance from James Carmichael, Glasgow ILP, Dec. 1931; ILP Dulwich branch press statement re Dulwich by-election 20.4.32; correspondence of CKC with Fenner Brockway and Hilda Browning, New Leader, and John Aplin, ILP divisional organiser; CKCs delegate's report on conference of League Against Imperialism 21-22.5.32

London First of May demonstrations Committee EC report, list of affiliations, balance sheet etc  CP/IND/MISC/16/2  1932

London Revolutionary Policy Committee bulletins  CP/IND/MISC/16/3  1932-1935

ILP materials incl propaganda and education section minutes 4.4.35, 15.8.35 and statement of expenditure  CP/IND/MISC/16/4  1934-1936

Related educational materials incl reading list from New Workers School, New York; pamphlet by Fritz Kreisler, Wer Hat Dolfuss Ermordet, with TS summary; New Leader Selfridge Stores supplements nos 1-2; Poplar Tenants Defence League leaflet

Robert Dunstan, Communist Party and Labour Party activist and parliamentary candidate  [no ref. or date]

Socialist League leaflets and circulars  CP/IND/MISC/16/5  1936-1937

A. Glyn Evans papers  [no ref. or date]

Typescript document "Peshawar", and covering note  CP/IND/MISC/16/6  3 January 1931

Collection of cuttings, mainly from the Indian press, concerning Meerut, the Indian economy and labour movement, etc.  CP/IND/MISC/17/01  Late 1920s-early 1930s

Meerut case-related materials - letter from Reginald Bridgeman to Len Bradley, League Against Imperialism leaflets, Shaukat Usmani's 1931 election address  CP/IND/MISC/17/02  1931-1933

Draft memorandum of association of an import-export company (fictitious?) to be registered in Rangoon, Burma  CP/IND/MISC/17/03  1936

Correspondence with and autobiographical note from M. Oo Kjaw, Burmese anti-imperialist activist  CP/IND/MISC/17/04  1930s

Materials about Burma  CP/IND/MISC/17/05  1930s

Including correspondence, materials of the Dhobama party and All-Burma Youth League, TS despatches from Burma, TS excerpts and translations from documents, MS notes on the Young Men's Buddhist Association, TS general assessments of Burma, correspondence with Burmese anti-imperialist activists, document on the Indo-Chinese revolutionary movement, miscellaneous papers, including in Burmese

Materials about India  CP/IND/MISC/17/06  1930s

Including Indian YCL pamphlet, TS pamphlet on "The Agrarian Problem", journal "New Front", resolutions of the Fifth Indian Political Conference, 1st issue "Colonial News"

CK Cullen, Independent Labour Party and later Communist Party activist, Poplar  [no ref. or date]

Incomplete set of the ILP Revolutionary Policy Committee's bulletin  CP/IND/MISC/17/07  1932-1935

File of cuttings on CPGB - ILP relations, with correspondence of Cullen with Bellamy and with the Daily Worker  CP/IND/MISC/17/08  1932-1935

Collection of ILP leaflets, mainly produced by Poplar or East London ILP organisations, with some other ILP material, conference papers etc.  CP/IND/MISC/17/09  Mainly 1920s and 1930s

Collection of ILP internal material, speakers' notes, congress papers, some leaflets. TS by Cullen on "The ILP and the Extending Crisis", Cullen's ILP membership cards  CP/IND/MISC/18/01  Mainly 1920s and 1930s

Materials about Poplar  CP/IND/MISC/18/02  1906-1937

Including pamphlets and reports about the Board of Guardians in 1921 - 1922. Poplar election materials, from Labour, ILP and Cullen as a CPGB candidate. Documents from Poplar Peace Council (Hon. Treasurer C.K. Cullen), and Camelot Socialist Fellowship

Materials on the presentation of the "Cambridge Exhibition Against War and Fascism" in Poplar  CP/IND/MISC/18/03  1936

File of mainly electoral material, concerning Cullen's candidatures in municipal elections. Also - Poplar ILP and CPGB leaflets and circulars  CP/IND/MISC/18/04  Mainly 1920s and 1930s

John Burns (1858 - 1943), pioneer of British socialism, dockers' leader, MP, government minister  [no ref. or date]

Materials by, relating to, collected by or otherwise somehow connected to John Burns:~  CP/IND/MISC/18/05  1870-1960

Correspondence with various people (2 envelopes - to 1899, after 1900) - mainly letters to Burns; newspaper cuttings collected by Burns, some of them relating directly to him, others on more general matters (up to 1900); pamphlets by Burns: speech at the Old Bailey, 1886, "Trafalgar Square Speech for Defence", 1888, "The Trail of the Financial Serpent", 1900, collection of Commons speeches, 1900, address to public medicine congress, 1913, "London's River", opening address at art gallery, 1936; notes in pencil by Burns, including one set from 1890 on Dock, Wharf, Riverside etc. notepaper; election leaflet; printers' union leaflet; correspondence about Burns' library and Robin Page Arnot's "Our History" pamphlet describing the library

Peter Kerrigan, 1899-1977, CP Scottish organiser, national organiser and industrial organiser  [no ref. or date]

Articles (mainly TS, for Labour Monthly, also 2 published in the AEU Journal), cuttings, notes for talks and correspondence on Spain, the civil war, the International Brigade etc.  CP/IND/MISC/18/06  1951-1976

Notes for speeches, TS and MS articles on industrial questions, CPGB history, the British Road to Socialism, Dimitrov, the role of the CPGB etc., with some miscellaneous published materials collected by Kerrigan  CP/IND/MISC/18/07  1950s-1970s

Material on the treatment of the role of Kerrigan in John Mahon's biography of Harry Pollitt:~ notes by Kerrigan, notes by Mahon, letter from Mahon to Kerrigan, copy of letter from W. Laithwaite to Tony Chater, sent to Kerrigan  CP/IND/MISC/19/01  1976

Arnold Kettle, lecturer, writer, literary critic  [no ref. or date]

Material connnected with Kettle's memebrship of the Marxism Today editorial board  CP/IND/MISC/19/02  1971-1977

Article by Ted Bramley and correspondence thereon, article by Paul Feltham and correspondence thereon. MS and TS pieces by Kettle on questions of ideology and culture, with response by Alan Hunt, etc.

Material concerned with the posthumous republication of the works of Alick West, including correspondence with Elizabeth West and Maurice Cornforth, and TSs of some of Alick West's pieces  CP/IND/MISC/19/03  1973-1974

Papers collected by A. Ron Harding, for many years employed at Soviet Weekly  [no ref. or date]

TASS news reports, photographs and documents relating to espionage cases against the USSR  CP/IND/MISC/19/04  1960s and 1970s

TASS news reports and documents relating to expulsions of Soviet diplomats from London in 1971  CP/IND/MISC/19/05  1971

Duplicated reports made by John Jagger MP on this trips to the USSR  CP/IND/MISC/19/06  1927-1936

TS collection of poems by "Macdobie", with inscription to Ron Harding  CP/IND/MISC/19/07  1940

Gerry Pocock, CPGB employee, head of International Dep't, editor of News and Views, etc.  [no ref. or date]

File of statements, correspondence, articles and other materials collected by Pocock as N&V editor. Includes some pre-40th-CPGB congress discussion contributions.  CP/IND/MISC/19/08  1987

Brian Pearce, communist (after 1956, Trotskyist) writer and historian  [no ref. or date]

Correspondence with Emile Burns and Georgi [no surname] about the origins of class society  CP/IND/MISC/19/09  1948

Marjorie Pollitt (1902 - 1991?) wife of Harry Pollitt  [no ref. or date]

Letters from MP to Comrade Butlin, and covering note from Daphne Morgan  CP/IND/MISC/19/10  1950

George Houston and Ronald Meek, CPGB economists, Glasgow  [no ref. or date]

The Rhyming Reasoner - brilliant satire on the CPGB crisis of 1956  CP/IND/MISC/19/11  1956

Ex-Inspector of Police John Syme (d. 1945) - leader of National Union of Police and Prison Officers  [no ref. or date]

Transcript of Shorthand Notes of Evidence given before Discipline Board, 30th November - 20th December 1909. (Document collected by Robert Smillie MP)  CP/IND/MISC/20/01  30 November-20 December 1909

Statements made by John Syme concerning the arrest and subsequent freeing of two drunks, and the train of events which led to his dismissal from the Metropolitan Police. (Document collected by Robert Smillie MP)  CP/IND/MISC/20/02  1909-1910

Original Proceedings Leading to Syme's Reduction to Station Sergeant (7 folders issued by the Metropolitan Police Office, probably collected by Robert Smillie MP)  CP/IND/MISC/20/03  1909

Proceedings at a Private Enquiry held within the Royal Courts of Justice re Ex-Inspector John Syme of the Metropolitan Police. Copy of Robert Smillie MP, who observed the proceedings on behalf of Syme. Day 1  CP/IND/MISC/20/04  2 June 1924

Proceedings at a Private Enquiry held within the Royal Courts of Justice re Ex-Inspector John Syme of the Metropolitan Police. Copy of Robert Smillie MP, who observed the proceedings on behalf of Syme. Day 2  CP/IND/MISC/20/05  3 June 1924

Proceedings at a Private Enquiry held within the Royal Courts of Justice re Ex-Inspector John Syme of the Metropolitan Police. Copy of Robert Smillie MP, who observed the proceedings on behalf of Syme. Day 3  CP/IND/MISC/20/06  4 June 1924

Proceedings at a Private Enquiry held within the Royal Courts of Justice re Ex-Inspector John Syme of the Metropolitan Police. Copy of Robert Smillie MP, who observed the proceedings on behalf of Syme. Day 4  CP/IND/MISC/20/07  5 June 1924

Proceedings at a Private Enquiry held within the Royal Courts of Justice re Ex-Inspector John Syme of the Metropolitan Police. Copy of Robert Smillie MP, who observed the proceedings on behalf of Syme. Day 5  CP/IND/MISC/20/08  6 June 1924

Miscellaneous Syme-related documents:~  CP/IND/MISC/20/09  1912-1964

Pamphlets by Syme "Fighting Offcialdom", "Metropolitan Police Discipline", "Has an injustice been done?", programme of NUPPO social, Syme's pension certificate, 1964 transcript of item on Syme (radio broadcast format, but no inidaction of transmission), notes made by Frank Jackson on NUPPO representation at the Labour Party, details of terms of incarceration of John Syme, letter to Police Review (from Syme's son? last page missing)

William T. Sell, NUPPO Executive Member, Police Striker, Poplar Labour Councillor  [no ref. or date]

Miscellaneous documents~  CP/IND/MISC/20/10  1919-1953

Sell's NUPPO membership cards and 1919 diary, reference from Metropolitan Police on his dismissal in 1920, assorted NUPPO and Association of London Police Strikers documents, telegrams to Sell from Cramp at the TUC regarding the conduct and progress of the General Strike, other General Strike materials, article about Sell as Poplar councillor, minutes and agenda of Poplar Council, September 1926, with appendices referring to the General Strike, note from District Auditor to Sell informing him of liability to surcharge and membership card for Metropolitan Police Union.

Barbara Ruhemann papers  [no ref. or date]

Correspondence, documents and draft articles on African History re CP History group. Correspondents include Joan Simon, Rodney Needham & Sheila O'Brien.  CP/IND/MISC/21/01  1956-1959

Peter Kerrigan, 1899-1977, CP Scottish organiser, national organiser and industrial organiser.  [no ref. or date]

Materials re Czechoslavakia and Kerrigan's speech to 1969 Congress. Also draft of speech on the composition of the E.C. [1965 ?]  CP/IND/MISC/21/02  1968-1969

Draft and published materials on Tom Mann (including a signed photograph), Jim Gardner and John Maclean.  CP/IND/MISC/21/03  1930s-1970s

Kerrigan's file on 1976 "Morning Star" circulation campaign.  CP/IND/MISC/21/04  1976

Notes for orations at the funerals of deceased comrades  CP/IND/MISC/21/05  1960s-1970s

Ted Ainley, William Allen, Harry Bourne, Gilbert Bradbury, Jack Brent, Harry Brown, Tim Buck, Fred Burgess, Molly Campbell, Jack Coward, George Crane, Peggy Dawson, Les Ellis, Aitken Ferguson, William Gallacher, Arther Horner, Tommy James, Tom Jessop, Mick Kane, Ernie Keeling, Nicol Kennedy, Eddie Laughlin, Abe Lazarus, Hymie Lee, Norman Mcdairmid, Helen Madden, Stephanie Maitland, Tom Mann, Frank Maxey, Elizabeth Mitchell, John Mitchell, Arthur Olorenshaw, Franny Reid, Wally Roberts, Bill Rowe, John Scott, Alex Smith, George Thornley Bridges, Cameron Walton, Ted Wells, Sarah Wesker, Bert Williams, Vic Wymans & William Zak.

Miscellaneous personal papers including job references, demobilisation certificates, letters re union work and presentation of Special Award of Merit by A.E.U. for 40 year membership and CP positions.  CP/IND/MISC/21/06  1916-1975

Miscellaneous papers and cuttings  CP/IND/MISC/21/07  1948-1977

Including report on 4th Congress of Hungarian CP [1948], CPGB 40th anniversary pamphlet, draft review of Fenner Brockway's autobiography, CP leaflet urging No vote in 1975 EEC referendum and correspondence with "The Times" re the Zinoviev letter.

Chris Birch papers  [no ref. or date]

Bert Baker material  CP/IND/MISC/21/08  n.d

Papers relating to journalist (Daily Worker, Morning Star & Daily Mirror) Bert Baker including obituary for The Guardian by C Birch (1997).

Lesbian & Gay Advisory Committee (London District)  CP/IND/MISC/21/09  1976-1986

Correspondence and minutes of meetings 1984 - 1986 especially relating to support for the miners. Also articles from the CP press on gay liberation.
Also includes some miscellaneous LDCP/CP leaflets.

Minnie Bowles  [no ref. or date]

Membership cards. CPGB 1941, 1943 - 1966 & 1972 - 1991. Royal Arsenal Co-operative Society 1942.  CP/IND/MISC/22/01  1941-1991

Brian Pearce papers  [no ref. or date]

Correspondence from Kit Meredith (while in RAF 1945 - 1946) & Charles H Gray (1962 - 1976).  CP/IND/MISC/22/02  1945 -1976

Source of acquisition: Deposited via K Morgan

Shapurji Saklatvala papers  [no ref. or date]

Copy of document from Moscow archives "A Few Thoughts on Party Work" by Saklatvala, 22 June 1934.  CP/IND/MISC/22/03  1934

Source of acquisition: Deposited by M Squires & M Sherwood.

WHJ Fair & HGA Hughes  [no ref. or date]

Memoirs of Prontypridd Communists in the 1930s  CP/IND/MISC/22/04  1995

Idris Cox papers  [no ref. or date]

Articles & correspondence mostly about Africa for the Morning Star (1960s). Also invitation to 2nd Congress of the Association of 3rd World Economists (Cuba 1981).  CP/IND/MISC/22/05  1960s-1980s

CK Cullen papers  [no ref. or date]

Local ILP newspapers  CP/IND/MISC/22/06  1932-1935

"Bradford Pioneer" (1932), "Fight" (Sheffield ILP 1933), "The Hackney Worker & Anti-Fascist Fighter" (Bethnal Green ILP & CP 1935), Revolt (London & South of England ILP 1933), "Stepney Worker's Standard" (Stepney ILP 1934 -1935), "The Welwyn Searchlight" (Welwyn Garden City ILP 1932). Also "The Round Table" (Camelot Socialist Fellowship 1932) & notice for East London Unemployed Conference Jan 1934.

Jack Dunman papers  [no ref. or date]

Correspondence, cuttings and circulars re campaigns v evictions from tied cottages.  CP/IND/MISC/22/07  1950-1960

AH Evans  [no ref. or date]

Paper critical of CPGB policy as expressed in Pollitt's "Looking Ahead"  CP/IND/MISC/22/08  [1946]

Ron Harding papers  [no ref. or date]

Miscellaneous cuttings, correspondence & notes. Including material on May Day and Rearmament.  CP/IND/MISC/22/09  1930s-1960s

George Hardy papers  [no ref. or date]

Material relating to "Stormy Years" - copy of letter sent by 52 members of the Industrial Workers of the World in Leavenworth Penitentiary to President Harding, Aug 1922.  CP/IND/MISC/22/10  1922

Christopher Hill papers  [no ref. or date]

Lecture to JD Bernal Peace Library on "Science and Magic in 17th century England".  CP/IND/MISC/22/11  1976

John Mahon papers  [no ref. or date]

Working materials for history of the National Minority Movement - copies of original material, cuttings, notes and correspondence for the period 1924 - 1934.  CP/IND/MISC/22/12  1960s-1970s

George Thomson papers  [no ref. or date]

Memoranda relating to the panel for new ECs & Marxism Leninism and the ideological struggle.  CP/IND/MISC/22/13  1949

Alastair & Olive Wilson papers  [no ref. or date]

Recollections re CP activity in Llanelli in the 1930s, especially visit of Pollitt during 1936 by election.  CP/IND/MISC/22/14  n.d

Bert Gilpin papers  [no ref. or date]

Ms. Sketches from the life of a Proletarian by Bert Glpin  CP/IND/MISC/22/15  1979

Maggie Nelson papers  [no ref. or date]

Transcript of on interview with MAGGIE NELSON  CP/IND/MISC/22/16  1970s

Peter Kerrigan, 1899 - 1977, CP Scottish organiser, national organiser & industrial organiser  [no ref. or date]

PK's AEU London North District Referee's reports 1947 - 1958. Includes correspondence etc on disputed District President (Reg Birch) election in 1957.  CP/IND/MISC/23/01  1947-1958

PK's AEU London North district Referee's papers re District President elections  CP/IND/MISC/23/02  1948-1958

Papers relating to disputes on Franco-British Shop Stewards Committee referred to PK in his capacity as London North AEU District Referee.  CP/IND/MISC/23/03  1957-1959

Miscellaneous speeches, articles etc. Mainly on industrial issues such as the history of the AEU, factory branches but also Scottish Nationalism.  CP/IND/MISC/23/04  1960s -1970s

Material relating to Nicholas Ridley's involvement in the liquidation of Upper Clyde Shipbuilders and Jimmy Reid's candidature in the Central Dunbartonshire election Feb 1974.  CP/IND/MISC/23/05  1971-1974

PK's delegate folder to the Unification Congress of the Hungarian CP and the Social Democratic Party 12 - 14 July 1948.  CP/IND/MISC/23/06  1948

Material re Hungary 1956. CPGB Central Propaganda Department memo & PK's notes for speech on Hungarian situation, Cambridge November 1956.  CP/IND/MISC/23/07  1956

Material including party statements & cuttings relating to Czechoslovakia 1968. Also letter from PK supporting CPGB's criticism of Soviet military intervention.  CP/IND/MISC/23/08  1968-1969

Communist Party archive history materials  CP/HIST  [n.d.]

Andrew Whitehead interview transcripts  [no ref. or date]

Transcripts of interviews with Denis Healey, Mick Mindel and E.P. Thompson regarding their membership of the CP  CP/HIST/1/1  1991

Ron Bond, Communist art student and typographer  [no ref. or date]

MS reminiscences of the Kingsmead Club, later the Challenge Sports and Social Club, run by Tottenham YCL in the 1930s  CP/HIST/1/2  1984

Describing particularly the decoration of the club premises; the memoir accompanied a deposit with the CP archive of the posters used to decorate the club

David Burchell, historian, University of Sydney  [no ref. or date]

TS essay 'Popular Fronts Fifty Years On: the case of the Left Book Club  CP/HIST/1/3  1985

Stuart Macintyre, historian, University of Melbourne  [no ref. or date]

TS article for Le Mouvement Sociale, 'Dealing with Moscow: the Comintern and the early history of the Communist Party of Australia', with covering letter  CP/HIST/1/4  c1991

Clive Hartley, student in trade union and industrial studies, Northern College  [no ref. or date]

TS diploma dissertation 'Jack Murphy, syndicalist and socialist: the early years, the workers committees'  CP/HIST/1/5  1983

Geoff Roberts, Communist Party historian  [no ref. or date]

TS essay 'How the peace was lost: British Communism 1941-45', intended for the never-published Lawrence & Wishart symposium on the CP's history  CP/HIST/1/6  1980

Nina Fishman, historian  [no ref. or date]

Draft TS article 'The British Road is Resurfaced for New Times' intended for international symposium on European communist parties  CP/HIST/1/7  1992

Monty Johnstone, Communist Party historian, London  [no ref. or date]

TS article 'The Communist Party of Great Britain 1920-1943' intended for International Institute of Social History symposium on European communist parties in the period of the Comintern  CP/HIST/1/8  c1991

Robin Page Arnot, 1890-1986, Communist party historian  [no ref. or date]

TS account 'Birth of a Party' (71pp), covering period 1918-21 and apparently never published  CP/HIST/1/9  1954

Stephen Jones, historian  [no ref. or date]

TS article: 'Sport and Politics: the British Workers Sports Federation 1923-1935'  CP/HIST/1/10  1980s

Jim Fyrth, historian  [no ref. or date]

File relating to his entry on Isabel Brown, 1894-1984, for the Dictionary of Labour Biography  CP/HIST/1/11  c1990

Brown was a leading Communist women's activist and anti-fascist campaigner, involved in the Reichstag Fire trial campaign and Spanish Civil War; the file includes JF's draft entry for the DLB; correspondence with Kenneth Brown (IB's son), Noreen Branson, Douglas Hyde; transcript of interview with IB held by the Imperial War Museum

Mike Squires, CP historian, biographer of Shapurji Saklatvala  [no ref. or date]

TS article submitted to Race and Class responding to Marc Wadsworth's earlier article 'Black Politics; a historical perspective' (Race and Class vol 34 no 2, 1992), drawn from Wadsworth's own forthcoming biography of Saklatvala  CP/HIST/1/12  1992-1994

The response was rejected for publication by the journal

Bill Moore, CP activist and historian, Sheffield  [no ref. or date]

TSS of contributions to seminar on The World of Working People and the Destiny of Mankind, Moscow, 23-35.5.1989, incl opening address by Professor Timour Timofeev  CP/HIST/1/13  1989

Ben Weinreb  [no ref. or date]

TS reminiscences of poetry bookshop at no 4 Parton Street, London, incl mentions of Giles and Esmond Romilly, David Archer, Dylan Thomas etc  CP/HIST/1/14  nd

Arthur Clegg, d1994, campaigner for solidarity with People's China  [no ref. or date]

TS memoir 'Aid China 1937-1949: the forgotten campaign', published in 1989 by New World Press, Beijing; with covering note to A.L. Morton  CP/HIST/1/15  c1985

BBC television Arena documentary on the Daily Worker and Morning Star  [no ref. or date]

Transcripts of interviews with Douglas Hyde, Zelda Curtis, Nina Temple, Dennis Ogden, David Elliott, James Friell (BBC copyright material)  CP/HIST/2/1  1990-1991

Transcripts of interviews with Phil Piratin, George Matthews, Bob Leeson, Kay Beauchamp, Ted Willis, Mikki Doyle and of speech by Gerry Wilcox at Karl Marx's grave (BBC copyright material)  CP/HIST/2/2  1990-1991

Andy Croft, literary historian and broadcaster  [no ref. or date]

TS of BBC radio broadcast Damn, Damn, Damn, the Communist Party Man  CP/HIST/2/3  c1992

J.N. Rawling, Australian communist historian  [no ref. or date]

Extracts from unpublished TS history of Australian Communist Party dealing in part with relations and correspondence between Harry Pollitt and Esmonde Higgins; with covering letter from Stuart Macintyre 16.6.92  CP/HIST/2/4  n.d

Building Workers  [no ref. or date]

TS article 'Factory papers' by Merseyside building worker describing the Can Lane Salt-Box, the Hump, the Building Worker and other publications of the late 1920s  CP/HIST/2/5  1920s

Lionel Munby, Communist Party historian  [no ref. or date]

Photocopy of talk by LM on 'The Communist Party Historians Group', not to be quoted without Mr Munby's permission  CP/HIST/2/6  1991-1992

Kevin Morgan, historian  [no ref. or date]

Transcripts of oral history interviews with Phil Piratin; Ted Bramley; Winifred Doherty; Edmund Frow; Ralph Simons; Ted Smallbone; Betty Reid; Bennry Rothman; Harold Marsh; George Matthews; Dave Campbell; Ted Willis; Arthur Exell; Margot Kettle  CP/HIST/2/7  1984-1988

Eileen Heslin, CIRTUS student  [no ref. or date]

TS essay on the Left Book Club  CP/HIST/2/8  1981

Hanna Behrend, East German historian  [no ref. or date]

TS articles re T.A. Jackson with covering letters  CP/HIST/3/1  1982-1983

Roland Berger, businessman and former Communist  [no ref. or date]

Materials re Rose Smith, 1891-1985, Communist Party national women's organiser and Daily Worker journalist; the papers incl transcripts of interviews by RB with RS, then living in Beijing, c1978; with notes and cuttings re RS  CP/HIST/3/2  1970s-1980s

Unknown East German Brecht scholar  [no ref. or date]

Dissertation 'Bertolt Brecht and the New English Drama 1950-1965; the influence of Brecht on the works of Arden, Bolt and others'; with covering letter to Idris Cox 21.12.71  CP/HIST/3/3  1971

John Mathieson, Communist and mineworker, Fife  [no ref. or date]

TS essays 'The Most Unforgettable Character I've Ever Met' (about Joseph Mitchell) and 'The Communist Party and the Closing of Rothes Colliery' with TS poem and covering letter  CP/HIST/3/4  1990s?

Kathleen (Kitty) Cornforth, Communist Party functionary  [no ref. or date]

TS reminiscences of the CP in Cambridge 1936-66 with covering letter to Betty Reid  CP/HIST/3/5  1988

Isabel Brown, Communist Party women's organiser  [no ref. or date]

TS memoir of Georgi Dimitrov  CP/HIST/3/6  1960s?

Hetty Bowers papers  [no ref. or date]

Photocopied transcripts of interrogation by NKVD of George Fles, a Communist of mixed Dutch and British background; with related letter to Monty Johnstone from Hetty Bower (?) 1993  CP/HIST/3/7  1930s-1993

Andrew Ferns, BA student, Strathclyde University  [no ref. or date]

Undergraduate dissertation: "The Development of the Solidarity Movement with Republican Spain in Glasgow 1936 - 1939"  CP/HIST/3/8  1974-1975

Mr. Carr, and Frank Thacker  [no ref. or date]

TS "The Formation of the Communist Party in Coventry", with handwritten comments thereon by Frank Thacker  CP/HIST/3/9  1970

David Larcombe (history student?)  [no ref. or date]

TS "Strategies of Class Struggle in the Communist Party of Great Britain"  CP/HIST/3/10  1991

Assorted anonymous TSs on various labour-movement-history related themes.  CP/HIST/3/11  n.d

Includes list of LM anniversaries by Frank Jackson, lecture on LM ideology by Lionel Munby, Chartism by A. L. Morton and by Dorothy Towers, notes on Sheffield Shop Stewards by Bill Moore, the case of Albert Inkpin (by Emile Burns??), the SDF's withdrawal from the LRC, etc.

Commentaries and speakers' notes for various slide shows on the history of the labour movement and of the CPGB. (Not certain whether slides extant)  CP/HIST/3/12  1950s and 1960s

Harold Hoare's (CP activist/shop steward in London and Luton) memoirs "All the Trees were Bread and Cheese" with introduction by Owen Hardisty. Covering letter from G Matthews.  CP/HIST/3/13  1920s-1960s

Stephen R. Parsons, historian  [no ref. or date]

Ph.D thesis: "Communism in the Professions: the Organisation of the British Communist Party among Professional Workers 1933 - 1956" Part 1  CP/HIST/4/1  1990

Ph.D thesis: "Communism in the Professions: the Organisation of the British Communist Party among Professional Workers 1933 - 1956" Part 2  CP/HIST/4/2  1990

Ph.D thesis: "Communism in the Professions: the Organisation of the British Communist Party among Professional Workers 1933 - 1956" Part 3  CP/HIST/4/3  1990

John Ross Campbell, CPGB founder member and leading figure  [no ref. or date]

TS drafts of commemorative pamphlet for the CPGB's 40th anniversary  CP/HIST/4/4  1960

Finlay Hart, Scottish communist, shipyard worker  [no ref. or date]

Recollection of the 7th World Congress of the Communist International, Moscow, 1935  CP/HIST/4/5  1985

John Mahon, London District CPGB Secretary 1940s - 1960s  [no ref. or date]

TS document: "CPGB London Division: Who Was First Secretary or Organiser?", and correspondence  CP/HIST/4/6  1971

TS articles on local history: script for labour history tour of the Clerkenwell area, possibly by Dona Torr (handwritten corrections certainly in her hand); anonymous TS "The Gas Workers Led the Way"; anonymous TS "Joe Vaughan and Bethnal Green"  CP/HIST/4/7  1950s (?)

Robin Page Arnot (1890 - 1986) Communist journalist and historian  [no ref. or date]

"The Struggle of the Fife Miners and their Allies between the Two World Wars" - TS lecture given by RPA at the Dysart Miners' Institute  CP/HIST/4/8  26 May 1968

Material on the history of the NU Seamen and Havelock Wilson:~ MS excerpts from The Seaman, TUC reports etc.  CP/HIST/4/9  n.d

Anonymous TS notes on the history of Sheffield  CP/HIST/4/10  n.d

TS list "Communist Party Broadsheets in the Possession of Glyn Evans" - lists many duplicated local CPGB bulletins produced in the 1920s and 1930s.  CP/HIST/4/11  1977

Related information: Most of these titles are held at the Working Class Movement Library, some may be found in Evans' papers. Similar materials from South London can be found in the Lewisham CPGB boxes

Unpolished translation from the Russian by Francis King of fond 495, opis' 14, delo 265 from the Comintern Archive, and brief index of some other materials prepared by Monty Johnstone  CP/HIST/4/12  1994

Sundry lists and other materials relating to holdings on the CPGB in other archives and holdings. In English and Russian.  CP/HIST/4/13  1989-1994

Marika Sherwoods notes from Moscow CI archives 1993 (photocopies). Concentrate on material relating to the relations between the CPGB and the colonies in the CI archives.  CP/HIST/4/14  1920s-1930s

"Young People and Formal Political Activity: a Case Study..." - Michael Waite's M.Phil thesis on the Young Communist League  CP/HIST/5  July 1992

Lawrence Black thesis  [no ref. or date]

"British Communism & 1956: Party Culture & Political Identities" MA Thesis University of Warwick 1994.  CP/HIST/06/01  1994

Ralph Russell's autobiography  [no ref. or date]

"They Think I Lost - Conclusions from a communist life" (unpublished ?) by Ralph Russell  CP/HIST/06/02  1995

Source of acquisition: Passed to NMLH by Geoff Andrews.

Includes material on Cambridge, India during & immediatedly after the war, the London party, university work, 1956 & reflections on communism & the Communist Party.

Sue Bruley's interviews  [no ref. or date]

Transcripts of interviews conducted by S Bruley for 1980 phD on "Communist Women 1920 - 1939".  CP/HIST/06/03  1976-1977

Conditions of access: NOTE TO RESEARCHERS: These transcripts remain the property of Sue Bruley & their use must be so acknowledged. Permission for any extensive quotation must be obtained in advance form Dr Bruley, the University of Portsmouth.

Interviewees include Phyllis Bell, Peter & Rose Kerrigan, Kate Loeber [aka Kate Kant], Dora Cox [nee Roberts], Louie & Bob Davies, Bessie Johnson and Harold & Bessie Dickinson.

Frieda Brewster's autiobiography  [no ref. or date]

Copy of "A Long Journey" by Frieda Brewster (aka Frieda Devine).  CP/HIST/06/04  1988

Source of acquisition: Passed on to the CP Archives at the NMLH by Kevin Morgan.

RP Dutt & the British Communist Party  [no ref. or date]

Draft article on Dutt & his relationship with the party until the adoption of the class against class line. Author not given [David Cooper???]. Also comments by Betty Reid.  CP/HIST/06/05  n.d

John Lloyd, recollections  [no ref. or date]

Written memories of YCL & LBC public school activist John Lioyd. Letter of explanation to LBC researcher Jon Heddon.  CP/HIST/06/06  1997

Alan Spence typescript  [no ref. or date]

Copy of TS article/book "Mister Capital and Mistress Land" on the history & continued influence of landed property under capitalism.  CP/HIST/06/07  1988

Party history articles  [no ref. or date]

Draft TS articles on "Struggles of the Textile Workers 1927 - 1940" & "The 'New Line' and the Trade Unions 1928 - 1935" by unknown author, possibly prepared for party's History Commission.  CP/HIST/06/08  n.d

Also letters from Eddie Frow to Kevin Morgan speculating on authorship (ie Trevor Robinson, Lancashire District Organiser 1930 - 1934).

Wealdstone Labour Hall  [no ref. or date]

Account of early years of Wealdstone Labour Hall by local activist HG Gange. Intended for inclusion in proposed history of Harrow Labour Movement by J Macy. Also letter from Macy to Jim Fyrth.  CP/HIST/06/09  1962

Marika Sherwood TS  [no ref. or date]

TS article "The CPGB & the Colonial Issue 1938 - 1948". Also includes letter to Betty Reid re article.  CP/HIST/06/10  1989

CPGB Local Party papers  CP/LOC  [n.d.]

Hampshire and Dorset district CPGB  CP/LOC/HD  [n.d.]

Creator(s): CPGB Hampshire and Dorset District

District committee and secretariat minutes  CP/LOC/HD/1/1  1953-1980

TS and duplicated district reports to CP Central Organisation Department  CP/LOC/HD/1/2  1950-1958

District corresp re affiliations, membership, resignations etc  CP/LOC/HD/1/3  1959-1980

Correspondents include League for Democracy in Greece 1959; CP centre re possible candidature in Southampton Itchen 1964; Hampshire Constabulary re sales of political publications 1976 and smashing of CP bookshop's windows 1977; also corresp re formation of new branches, membership resignations and admissions, defections to New Communist Party etc

Report to district secretariat and statement re expulsion case  CP/LOC/HD/1/4  1950

Printed and TS materials for 4th-7th district congresses  CP/LOC/HD/1/5  1943-1948

Papers of Dave Priscott, district secretary, from 8th district congress, 18-19.11.50  CP/LOC/HD/1/6  1950

Incl TS agenda, resolutions and amendments, with Priscott's annotations; Priscott's notes of congress discussions, with a part MS, part TS minutes of the opening sessions; nominations for and results of election of new district committee

Papers from 9th district congress 11-12.4.53 of district secretary Dave Priscott  CP/LOC/HD/1/7  1953

Incl duplicated congress report; duplicated district committee report; Priscott's TS notes for political report and MS notes for reply to discussion with TS record of discussions; TS general arrangements for congress incl Priscott's notes for congress chairman, standing orders committee, panels committee, credential committee, with letter from CP EC representative to the congress, Phil Piratin 5.5.53; press statement; papers re election of new district committee

Duplicated reports of 10th-11th district congresses  CP/LOC/HD/1/8  1955-1958

Misc resolutions, reports, papers, district committee nominations and MS notes for various district congresses incl 12th, 1960; 13th, 1962; 14th, 1964; 16th, 1968; 21st, 1978  CP/LOC/HD/2/1  1960-1982

Circulated papers for 20th district congress, 23-24.10.76 incl district committee report, discussion statement, resolutions, agenda, press statement  CP/LOC/HD/2/2  1976

Circulated papers for 23rd district congress incl district committee report and resolutions  CP/LOC/HD/2/3  1982

Duplicated reports and circulated materials for district conferences Sept. 1947 and Oct. 1949, women's conference Aug. 1950, industrial conference Jan. 1953; leaflet for district conference on The American Threat to British Culture June 1951  CP/LOC/HD/2/4  1947-1953

Expenditure account book  CP/LOC/HD/2/5  1963-1965

Income account book  CP/LOC/HD/2/6  1963-1965

Income and expenditure account book  CP/LOC/HD/2/7  1980-1982

Income and expenditure account book  CP/LOC/HD/2/8  1982-1986

Income and expenditure account book  CP/LOC/HD/3/5  1986-1988

Financial papers incl balance sheets; records of branch pamphlet and periodical sales; annual statements of accounts etc  CP/LOC/HD/2/10  1965-1976

Election leaflets for Eastleigh, Southampton, Poole, Bournemouth municipal elections with cuttings and some TS materials re elections  CP/LOC/HD/2/11  c1962-1977

District News (duplicated bulletin), very incomplete  CP/LOC/HD/2/12  1962-1982

Misc papers re industrial activities  CP/LOC/HD/3/1  1960-1978

Incl TS minutes of stevedores' branch meeting 26.2.60; circulars of Strchan's Engineering Ltd Joint Occupation Committee 1974; industrial organiser's report Nov. 1975; note from Mick Costello 16.11.78

File of cuttings and misc papers re disturbances over right to hold meetings in Southampton pedestrian precinct 9.10.71  CP/LOC/HD/3/2  1971

Misc papers and cuttings incl circular re George Allison scholarship 1959; pamphlet on Southampton dock strike of 1890 by Eric Young; MS notes on education  CP/LOC/HD/3/3  1950s-1970s

Trinity Developments (Southampton) Ltd corresp with accountants, solicitors, insurers; party centre etc; memorandum and articles of association; balance sheets and legal papers; Trinity Developments Ltd was formed to run the CP's Southampton bookshop  CP/LOC/HD/3/4  1947-1979

Trinity Developments (Southampton) Ltd  [no ref. or date]

Minutes of CP district bookshop committee with report on bookshop's future and legal status and some bookshop accounts  CP/LOC/HD/3/5  1977

Hampshire and Dorset Young Communist League  [no ref. or date]

Leaflets and ephemera; report to 2nd district congress 1952  CP/LOC/HD/3/6  1950s

Eastleigh branch CPGB  [no ref. or date]

MS branch report and balance sheet  CP/LOC/HD/3/7  1964-1965

Minute book  CP/LOC/HD/3/8  1964-1969

Minute book  CP/LOC/HD/3/9  1969-1975

Minute book  CP/LOC/HD/3/10  1975-1980

Minute book with loose papers  CP/LOC/HD/3/11  1982-1983

Minute book with loose papers  CP/LOC/HD/3/12  1983-1985

Minute book with loose papers  CP/LOC/HD/4/1  1986-1988

Southampton branch CPGB  [no ref. or date]

Corresp and circulars  CP/LOC/HD/4/1  1979-1982

Corresp and circulars  CP/LOC/HD/4/2  1983-1986

Minutes, accounts and agendas  CP/LOC/HD/4/3  1982-1983

Corresp re recruitment and resignations  CP/LOC/HD/4/4  1983-1985

MS report of work during 1955  CP/LOC/HD/4/5  1955

Misc leaflets and ephemera  CP/LOC/HD/4/6  1970s

Portsmouth branch CPGB  [no ref. or date]

Annual report and financial report  CP/LOC/HD/4/7  1976

St Marys and Swaythling branch CPGB  [no ref. or date]

Financial statement Jan. 1976-Jan. 1977  CP/LOC/HD/4/8  1977

London District CPGB - Lewisham borough  CP/LOC/LEW  [n.d.]

Creator(s): CPGB Lewisham Borough party

South-East Lewisham Branch CPGB  [no ref. or date]

Dues registers and membership records  CP/LOC/LEW/01/01  1950s? and 1972-1979

Branch minutes, circulars, agendas and correspondence (Note: at end of 1980 SE Lewisham and NE Lewisham branches merged to form East Lewisham branch)  CP/LOC/LEW/01/02  1979-1980

Minute book of (South)-East Lewisham CPGB; minutes, supporting materials and misc. papers of East Lewisham CPGB  CP/LOC/LEW/01/03  1979-1985

Lewisham Borough CPGB  [no ref. or date]

Reports and papers of borough conferences  CP/LOC/LEW/01/04  1966-1982

Bulletins and journals  CP/LOC/LEW/01/05  January 1970-July 1974

What's happening in Lewisham? - monthly bulletin

Bulletins and journals  CP/LOC/LEW/02/01  Spring 1975-Summer 1978

Themes - quarterly journal

Bulletins and journals  CP/LOC/LEW/02/02  1997

New Crossed Lines - Brockley & Deptford CPGB bulletin

Bulletins and journals  CP/LOC/LEW/02/02  1978-1979

Newsletter - occasional publication

Bulletins and journals  CP/LOC/LEW/02/02  June 1980

Red Lead - one issue

Bulletins and journals  CP/LOC/LEW/02/02  July 1981-1985

Lewisham Local - occasional semi-public bulletin, Nos. 1 - 17 plus a few outside the series

Minutes, circulars and related papers  CP/LOC/LEW/02/03  1962-1973

Minutes, circulars and related papers  CP/LOC/LEW/02/04  1974

Minutes, circulars and related papers  CP/LOC/LEW/02/05  1975

Minutes, circulars and related papers  CP/LOC/LEW/02/06  1976-1977

Minutes, circulars and related papers for 1978, and minute book covering February 1977 - February 1979  CP/LOC/LEW/02/07  1977-1979

Minutes, circulars and related papers  CP/LOC/LEW/02/08  1979

Minutes, circulars and related papers  CP/LOC/LEW/02/09  1980

Minutes, circulars and related papers  CP/LOC/LEW/02/10  1981

Minutes, circulars and related papers  CP/LOC/LEW/03/01  1982

Minutes, circulars and related papers  CP/LOC/LEW/03/02  1983

Minutes, circulars and related papers  CP/LOC/LEW/03/03  1984

Minutes, circulars and related papers  CP/LOC/LEW/03/04  1985 onwards

Minutes, circulars and related papers concerning the relationship between the Lewisham Borough Committee and Sydenham branch of the CPGB  CP/LOC/LEW/03/05  1983-1984

Communist election contests - Election addresses, organisational materials and other papers  [no ref. or date]

GLC elections  CP/LOC/LEW/03/06  1967

Borough elections  CP/LOC/LEW/03/07  1968

GLC election  CP/LOC/LEW/03/08  1970

Borough elections  CP/LOC/LEW/03/09  1971

GLC elections  CP/LOC/LEW/03/10  1973

Borough by-elections  CP/LOC/LEW/03/11  1973

Borough elections  CP/LOC/LEW/03/12  1974

GLC election  CP/LOC/LEW/03/13  1977

Borough elections  CP/LOC/LEW/03/14  1978

Horniman ward by-election  CP/LOC/LEW/03/15  1979

GLC election  CP/LOC/LEW/04/01  1981

Borough elections  CP/LOC/LEW/04/02  1982

General election  CP/LOC/LEW/04/03  1983

Manor Lee by-election  CP/LOC/LEW/04/04  1983

Borough elections  CP/LOC/LEW/04/05  1986

Miscellaneous materials  [no ref. or date]

"Communists in South East London"  CP/LOC/LEW/04/06  20 September 1980

Related information: [Tape recordings of and for the event have been deposited in the National Sound Archive]

CPGB 60th anniversary event, Goldsmiths College. Preparatory materials, notes, biographical material, correspondence etc.

Michael Robinson Memorial Fund - materials  CP/LOC/LEW/04/07  1982

Lewisham Borough Committee CPGB  [no ref. or date]

Financial records  CP/LOC/LEW/05/01  1974-1989

Non-CPGB Lewisham campaigns and organisations  [no ref. or date]

Socialist Forum (heavily CPGB influenced...)  CP/LOC/LEW/05/02  1975-1977

Lewisham Fightback  CP/LOC/LEW/05/03  1980-1982

All-Lewisham Campaign Against Racism and Fascism (ALCARAF) and related material  CP/LOC/LEW/05/04  1980

Miscellaneous groups - Council for Community relations, Campaign against health cuts, Anti-Common Market, Tenants' groups etc.  CP/LOC/LEW/05/05  1974-1980

'Left Alive in Lewisham' - political discussion and culture event organised by Lewisham Borough CPGB  [no ref. or date]

Materials collected for an exhibition of the work and activities of Communists and the CPGB in Lewisham at 'Left Alive in Lewisham', and possibly also at the 1980 event 'Communists in South-East London'.  CP/LOC/LEW/05/06  19 October 1985

Original historic documents: East Lewisham Labour Party (disaffiliated because of its refusal to exclude the communists) circulars from 1924 - 1926, A. J. Cook pamphlet with East Lewisham LP overstamp, CPGB leaflets, including from the Food Workers' Branch, Bermondsey; duplicated bulletins; 'Builder's Whistle' (Croydon & area CPGB builders, 1926), 'Feltham Tatler' ('issued by the Feltham Reds', 1925), 'The Indicator' (London Bridge and New Cross Communist Railwaymen - Nos. 1, 2, and 1 new series, 1925 and 1926), 'The Kidbrooke Pilot' ('issued by the Depot Reds', 2 versions of No. 1, then 2 - 7, 1925), Lewisham Council of Action General Strike bulletin, 1926, 'The Live Rail' (CPGB paper for LCC Tramway Workers, 1 issue, 1925), 'The Unemployed Gazette' (Deptford Unemployed Organisation), 'Unity' (Downham Estate CPGB builders' paper, 1926 - 1927, Nos. 1 - 5, 13), 'August the 4th 1914 - 1925' (issued by Tom Wintringham), 'Workers' Bulletin Strike Special No. 6' (12 May 1926, issued by Marjorie Pollitt), and artwork and notes for unidentified bulletin, 1920s. Original letter from Tom Mann to unknown addressee, etc.

Materials collected for an exhibition of the work and activities of Communists and the CPGB in Lewisham.  CP/LOC/LEW/05/07  19 October 1985

Photocopies of original historic documents: East Lewisham Labour Party (disaffiliated because of its refusal to exclude the communists) circulars from 1924 - 1926, CPGB leaflets, Communist factory group papers: 'Unity', 'Feltham Tatler', 'Kidbrooke Pilot', 'The Indicator', 'The Builder's Whistle', 'The Live Rail', etc.; reproductions of general strike bulletins, election leaflets etc.

Materials collected for an exhibition of the work and activities of Communists and the CPGB in Lewisham. Recent CPGB and other documents - election addresses, party branch bulletins, education syllabuses etc.  CP/LOC/LEW/05/08  19 October 1985

Materials collected for an exhibition of the work and activities of Communists and the CPGB in Lewisham. Pictures, headings, press cuttings and caption cards for the exhibition  CP/LOC/LEW/05/09  19 October 1985

Lewisham Borough CPGB branches and groups  [no ref. or date]

Miscellaneous documents produced by Lewisham CPGB groups and branches  CP/LOC/LEW/05/10  1970s-1980s

Lewisham borough committee CPGB  [no ref. or date]

Miscellaneous circulars, statements and leaflets produced by the borough committee  CP/LOC/LEW/05/11  1970s-1980s

Alice Jones (1876 - 1965) papers  [no ref. or date]

Materials from Alice Jones' papers used for the exhibition at the 'Communists in South-East London' event, September 1980.  CP/LOC/LEW/05/12  1924-1965

Includes letters, including from Ivan Maisky, Alan Winnington, Harry Pollitt, Wal Hannington, John Mahon and James Kulgmann. Also - Miscellaneous messages of greetings, notes by Alice Jones on her earlier activities, scrapbook containing cuttings about her, as well as membership cards, letters, pictures etc., and folder of miscellaneous materials mainly relating to Deptford Labour Party, probably via Frank Jackson.

Miscellaneous local and district Communist Party organisations  CP/LOC/MISC  [n.d.]

Devon and Cornwall district CPGB  [no ref. or date]

Records incl some DC minutes 1966-68, correspondence, papers re district congresses 1966-70 (MS handlist provided)  CP/LOC/MISC/1/1  1966-1970

Misc papers of Alfred Jenkin of Cornwall branch CPGB incl his correspondence as branch and publicity officer and a TS article on Poland  CP/LOC/MISC/1/2  1981-1982

Misc publications incl Party Voice no 6, 11.6.52; pamphlet: Plymouth Fight for your Future; pamphlet: V.I. Lenin centenary: its relevance to Cornwall  CP/LOC/MISC/1/3  1952-1970

Surrey district CPGB  [no ref. or date]

Minutes and secretariat reports of the CPGB Surrey district committee, subsequently New Communist Party Surrey district committee, with MS annotations  CP/LOC/MISC/1/4  1976-1977

District committee minutes, secretariat reports and related papers  CP/LOC/MISC/1/5  1989-1991

District congress materials incl discussion statement for 5th congress April 1958, draft resolution for 6th congress April 1960, reports of and to 1978 congress  CP/LOC/MISC/1/6  1958-1978

District bulletins (incomplete)  CP/LOC/MISC/1/7  1953-1972

Mitcham CP leaflets  CP/LOC/MISC/1/8  c1962-1963

Sussex district CPGB  [no ref. or date]

Hastings CP bulletins 1982-3, Brighton CP bulletins 1979-81, Sussex CP newsletters 1986, misc leaflets incl Crawley CP memorandum on housing policy 1953  CP/LOC/MISC/1/9  1953-1986

Kent District CPGB  [no ref. or date]

Misc district materials incl some district committee TS minutes 1971-72; Kent Party News (a few copies only); report of 17th district congress 1968; Kent Communist Miner No 1 Jan. 1981; misc leaflets  CP/LOC/MISC/1/10  1943-1982

Misc branch materials, mainly leaflets, bulletins election literature; branches include Deal and Betteshanger, Folkestone, Tunbridge Wells, Orpington, Tilmanstone colliery  CP/LOC/MISC/1/11  c1950s-1970s

North West district CPGB  CP/LOC/NW  [n.d.]

Creator(s): CPGB North West District

North West District  [no ref. or date]

North West (formerly Lancashire and Cheshire) district CPGB congress materials  CP/LOC/NW/1/01  1945-1984

Incl report to congress 1946, congress report and report to congress 1948, draft resolution 1950, congress reports 1953, 1968, 1970, 1972 (with discussion statements), 1976, 1978 (with delegate's material and branch discussion material), 1980, 1984

Manchester District  [no ref. or date]

Manchester district CPGB leaflets and circulars re textile struggles and particularly cotton workers' strike Aug.-Sept. 1932  CP/LOC/NW/1/02  1932

Incl draft manifesto, directive to local CP units, resolution and circulars of Cotton Workers Solidarity Movement, strike bulletins, leaflets and newspaper 'Cotton Strike Leader'

District committee  [no ref. or date]

Minutes of NWDC (sparse collection), and related documents  CP/LOC/NW/1/03  1971-1985

Lancashire and Cheshire district materials  [no ref. or date]

Wartime leaflets  CP/LOC/NW/1/04  1942

Statement of District Party Policy on the Role of JPCs in Production  CP/LOC/NW/1/05  20 January 1944

Communist Party teachers conference report  CP/LOC/NW/1/06  1947

Lancashire and Cheshire district CPGB memoranda to Local Government Commission 1959 - 1961.  CP/LOC/NW/1/07  1959-1969

Includes notes and other materials from Harold Hikins of Dingle Branch CPGB, Liverpool, who was involved in the Liverpool study group established by the CPGB (the other one was in Manchester). Also - paper by Gerry Cohen about the proposed Central Lancashire New Town 1969

Manchester and Salford District CPGB  [no ref. or date]

Miscellaneous Manchester and Salford branches' leaflets and circulars, and annual conference/congress reports 1937, 1938  CP/LOC/NW/1/08  1930-1970

Greater Manchester area CPGB  [no ref. or date]

Leaflets, circulars, pamphlets etc incl area conference report 1980, area bulletins, Marx and Pollitt souvenir brochure 1983. Also Openshaw CPGB election leaflets - Bernard Panter, Phil Widdall  CP/LOC/NW/1/09  1970-1983

Swinton branch CPGB  [no ref. or date]

Correspondence of George Taylor, branch press officer, with the BBC and IBA and local newspapers  CP/LOC/NW/1/10  1972-1974

Trafford Park branch CPGB  [no ref. or date]

Misc local wartime leaflets and ephemera collected by a member of Trafford Park branch CPGB incl CPGB Lancashire district, Manchester sub-district and Trafford Park branch materials  CP/LOC/NW/1/11  1940s

Liverpool Old Swan branch CPGB  [no ref. or date]

Misc leaflets, circulars, bulletins etc  CP/LOC/NW/1/12  1970s

Red Star Social Club - Liverpool  [no ref. or date]

Leaflets, bulletins and appeals relating to the operation of the club  CP/LOC/NW/1/13  1970s and 1980s

Miscellaneous Merseyside CPGB branches  [no ref. or date]

Leaflets  CP/LOC/NW/1/14  1950s-1980s

Including some election leaflets, branch bulletins and newsletters, notes of meetings and other assorted items from the following Merseyside area CPGB branches: Allerton and St. Mary's, Birkenhead, Bootle, Cammell Laird, Edge Hill, Huyton, Liverpool University Staff and Students branches and Communist Society, Netherley, Picton, St. Helens, Sefton

Wavertree branch CPGB  [no ref. or date]

Leaflets, bulletins, circulars, "Wavertree West Outlook"  CP/LOC/NW/1/15  1946-1986

Merseyside area CPGB  [no ref. or date]

Area committee minutes and related papers  CP/LOC/NW/2/01  1975-1979

Incl statements of accounts, membership records, sub-committee minutes incl education, industrial and race relations committees

Area committee minutes and related papers  CP/LOC/NW/2/02  1980-1983

Incl sub-committee and district aggregate minutes, statements of accounts, bookshop subscriptions and accounts

Area committee minutes and related papers  CP/LOC/NW/2/03  1980-1983

Incl sub-committee and district aggregate minutes, statements of accounts, bookshop subscriptions and accounts (second file)

Liverpool branch CPGB  [no ref. or date]

TS summary of material on history of Liverpool presented at one day school organised by Liverpol CP, tutor C. Desmond Greaves  CP/LOC/NW/3/01  c1937

'Draft resolution re the organisation of the Lancashire district of the CPGB' with minutes of Liverpool special aggregate meeting re 'The Right Danger in the Party' 6.4.29  CP/LOC/NW/3/02  1929

Lancashire News (incomplete)  CP/LOC/NW/3/03  1942

Lancashire and Cheshire News (formerly Lancashire News) (incomplete)  CP/LOC/NW/3/04  1943

Lancashire and Cheshire News (incomplete)  CP/LOC/NW/3/05  1944

Lancashire and Cheshire News (incomplete)  CP/LOC/NW/3/06  1945

Lancashire and Cheshire News (incomplete)  CP/LOC/NW/3/07  1946

Lancashire and Cheshire district printed Bulletin (formerly Lancashire and Cheshire News) (incomplete)  CP/LOC/NW/3/08  1947

Lancashire and Cheshire district printed Bulletin (formerly Lancashire and Cheshire News) (incomplete)  CP/LOC/NW/3/09  1948

Lancashire and Cheshire district printed Bulletin (formerly Lancashire and Cheshire News) (incomplete)  CP/LOC/NW/3/10  1949

Lancashire and Cheshire district printed Bulletin (formerly Lancashire and Cheshire News) (incomplete)  CP/LOC/NW/3/11  1950

Lancashire and Cheshire district printed Bulletin (formerly Lancashire and Cheshire News) (incomplete)  CP/LOC/NW/3/12  1951

Lancashire and Cheshire district printed Bulletin (formerly Lancashire and Cheshire News) (incomplete)  CP/LOC/NW/3/13  1952

Lancashire and Cheshire district printed Bulletin (formerly Lancashire and Cheshire News) (incomplete)  CP/LOC/NW/3/14  1953-1954

Merseyside area CPGB  [no ref. or date]

Area committee minutes and related papers incl secretariat and committee minutes, statements of accounts, branch and local bulletins, bookshop minutes  CP/LOC/NW/4/01  1984-1987

Area committee minutes and related papers incl secretariat and committee minutes, statements of accounts, branch and local bulletins, bookshop minutes (second file)  CP/LOC/NW/4/02  1984-1987

Area conference circulated papers with MS notes by delegate David Cope  CP/LOC/NW/4/03  1974

Area conference circulated papers  CP/LOC/NW/4/04  1976

Area conference circulated papers and report  CP/LOC/NW/4/05  1978

Area conference circulated papers  CP/LOC/NW/4/06  1980

Area conference circulated papers and district report  CP/LOC/NW/4/07  1982

Area conference circulated papers  CP/LOC/NW/4/08  1984

Leaflets advertising meetings and events  CP/LOC/NW/4/09  1970s and 1980s

Area bulletins - "Under the Bed", "Branch Line", "Newsletter", "Area Bulletin"  CP/LOC/NW/4/10  1977-1985

Organisational ephemera - campaign notes, branch literature reports, membership reports etc.  CP/LOC/NW/4/11  1970s and 1980s

Assorted area committee leaflets - not advertising meetings. Also - pamphlet on local economic policy 'Merseyside Out of the Cirsis'  CP/LOC/NW/4/12  1970s and 1980s

Merseyside Left/Red Forum (in which the CPGB played no small role...)  CP/LOC/NW/4/13  Late 1970s

Merseyside Area Committee circulars etc.  CP/LOC/NW/4/14  1946-1949

Abercromby branch CPGB  [no ref. or date]

Abercromby Record (mainly re R. O'Hara's electoral bids), branch leaflets and circulars  CP/LOC/NW/5/01  1980s

Dingle branch CPGB (Harold Hikins papers)  [no ref. or date]

Materials relating to the Dingle-Brunswick Group of West Toxteth CPGB (later Dingle-Brunswick branch, then Dingle branch).  CP/LOC/NW/5/02  1946-1956; 1985

Includes branch bulletins and circulars from around 1948 and 1949, municipal election leaflets from 1947 and 1952, election bulletin from the Scotland Division, notes by Harold Hikins for a political statement to the branch on 9 February 1949, on re-registration in 1953, and for a metting in 1956. Dingle group committee minute book for 1948. Leaflet for Stalin memorial meeting 1953, etc. Also - leaflet and bulletin not via H. Hikins from circa 1985

Granby branch CPGB  [no ref. or date]

Leaflets and circulars  CP/LOC/NW/5/03  1970s and 1980s

Miscellaneous NW district branches not in Greater Manchester or Merseyside  [no ref. or date]

Leaflets, bulletins, election addresses etc. from Blackburn, Lancaster University Students, Skelmersdale and Wigan and Leigh CPGB branches  CP/LOC/NW/5/04  Mainly 1970s and 1980s

Merseyside Area CPGB  [no ref. or date]

Materials for the Merseyside Area Conference of the CPGB in 1949, along with some circulars and other materials produced by the Merseyside Area.  CP/LOC/NW/5/05  1948-1948

Electoral contests - evaluations and results, some materials crossing branch areas  CP/LOC/NW/5/06  1970s and 1980s

Harold Hikins papers  [no ref. or date]

Material on the candidature of Tom Cassin in Scotland Division, Liverpool, in the 1964 General Election. Mainly paperwork of Harold Hikins, the 'back-room organiser'  CP/LOC/NW/5/07  1964

Miscellaneous notes by Harold Hikins taken at CPGB schools etc. Notes on the campaign for comprehensive schools 1959, and letter to Harold Hikins from a NU Seamen member. Harold and Joan Hikins' PPPS membership certificates.  CP/LOC/NW/5/08  1946-1962

Miscellaneous Lancashire material including papers on cotton, Merseyside area and District Congresses [...]   CP/LOC/NW/5/09  1940-1970s

Scrapbook  CP/LOC/NW/5/10  1940s

War-time scrapbook, mostly national leaflets and pamphlets etc, but also circulars from Lancashire District.

Scottish District CPGB  CP/LOC/SCOT  [n.d.]

Creator(s): CPGB Scottish District

Verbatim minutes of meeting of Scottish Central Committee (extended) called to discuss "recent Party decisions with regard to the relations between the Communist Party and the Labour Party". Gallagher speaks on behalf of the E.C.  CP/LOC/SCOT/1/1  15 August 1922

CPGB Scottish congress materials, mainly printed, incl Scottish Committee reports, discussion statements resolutions etc (very incomplete)  CP/LOC/SCOT/1/2  1942-1988

Scottish Bulletin (a few only) 1929, 1946, 1952-54, 1983; with Gay Rights Bulletin no 1  CP/LOC/SCOT/1/3  1929-1983

CPGB Scottish Committee memoranda: 'Scotland: an economic survey' 1947; 'Scottish Affairs' 1953; 'Scotland's Economy' 1962  CP/LOC/SCOT/1/4  1947-1962

Miscellaneous leaflets and ephemera  CP/LOC/SCOT/1/5  1940s-1980s

Cowdenbeath branch CPGB  [no ref. or date]

Miscellaneous leaflets, election materials and other ephemera; includes report of Cowdenbeath delegates to National Womens Assembly 1952; branch bulletin 1969  CP/LOC/SCOT/1/6  1930s-1960s

Dundee branch CPGB  [no ref. or date]

Minute book  CP/LOC/SCOT/1/7  1920-1921

Minute book  CP/LOC/SCOT/1/8  1924-1925

Minute book  CP/LOC/SCOT/1/9  1925-1926

Minute book  CP/LOC/SCOT/1/10  1926-1927

Miscellaneous loose minutes and papers  CP/LOC/SCOT/1/11  1921-1933

Glasgow committee CPGB  [no ref. or date]

Leaflets and ephemera incl Focus (newsletter, 3 issues 1966)  CP/LOC/SCOT/1/12  1960s-1980s

Miscellaneous branches and committees  [no ref. or date]

Leaflets, bulletins etc of miscellaneous Scottish branches of committees of CPGB; incl 'Unity', organ of Cambuslang branch 13.5.38; report of Fife are conference 1962; East Kilbride Workers Voice 1979; the Aberdeen Communist 1979  CP/LOC/SCOT/1/13  c1938-1979

South Midlands district CPGB  CP/LOC/SMID  [n.d.]

Creator(s): CPGB South Midlands District

District committee minutes 1954-66 and related papers incl report on the peace campaign 1950, report on CP EC decisions and industry 1953  CP/LOC/SMID/1/1  1950-1966

District circulars, minutes, congress resolutions and draft resolutions etc  CP/LOC/SMID/1/2  1964-1969

District circulars, minutes etc  CP/LOC/SMID/1/3  1970-1972

DPC congress report and discussion statement 1951; district congress circulated papers 1970; district congress report 1974  CP/LOC/SMID/1/4  1951-1974

Monthly membership and dues reports; annual membership and industrial analyses  CP/LOC/SMID/1/5  1958-1963

File re Oxford relief roads public enquiry incl Oxford CP's TS memorandum, notes for oral statement at enquiry of district seceretary John Tarver, copies of local newspapers  CP/LOC/SMID/1/6  1960

Registration book (with some premises committee minutes)  CP/LOC/SMID/1/7  1962-1964

Amersham and Chesham branch  [no ref. or date]

TS annual reports, balance sheet and misc papers  CP/LOC/SMID/1/8  1951-1953

Bletchley branch  [no ref. or date]

The Spark (duplicated bulletin, 3 issues)  CP/LOC/SMID/1/9  1961

High Wycombe branch CPGB  [no ref. or date]

Bulletin nos 35-210 (incomplete)  CP/LOC/SMID/1/10  1953-1971

North Berkshire committee  [no ref. or date]

North Berkshire Bulletin (originally North Berks Election News) with misc papers re Abingdon campaign in 1945 general election  CP/LOC/SMID/2/1  1945-1948

Papers re Abingdon general election campaign  CP/LOC/SMID/2/2  1950

Incl TS election report by the candidate Jack Dunman, agent's declaration of receipts and expenses, leaflets, National Federation of Housewives printed questionnaire

Oxford city branch CPGB  [no ref. or date]

Minutes  CP/LOC/SMID/2/3  1974-1976

Joint election committee canvassing books with some minutes  CP/LOC/SMID/2/4  1964

Vision (duplicated journal) nos 1-8, 11-12, Vision Newssheet with record of print orders  CP/LOC/SMID/2/5  1969-1973

Misc leaflets and papers  CP/LOC/SMID/2/6  1970s

Yorkshire district CPGB  CP/LOC/YORK  [n.d.]

Creator(s): CPGB Yorkshire District

District committee papers incl minutes, agendas, circulars, misc leaflets, financial records etc  CP/LOC/YORK/1/1  1988-1991

Misc leaflets of Yorkshire district and local branches  CP/LOC/YORK/1/2  c1940s-1990s

Incl Yorkshire Bulletin no 16, 15.12.45; Yorkshire DC statement on Yorkshire coal strike 1947, Leeds area committee memorandum on housing in Leeds 1955; Yorkshire Communist (bulletin) no 2, 13.2.72; leaflet on miners' strike 1974; 17th district congress report 1974; district women's newsletter childcare issue late 1970s

CPGB Bradford branch  [no ref. or date]

Committee minutes with report to district secretariat July 1948  CP/LOC/YORK/1/3  1948-1950

Committee minutes  CP/LOC/YORK/1/4  1950-1951

CPGB Sheffield branch  [no ref. or date]

Minutes  CP/LOC/YORK/1/5  1920-1921

Minutes  CP/LOC/YORK/1/6  1921-1922

Minutes  CP/LOC/YORK/1/7  1924

Leaflets and ephemera re Sheffield CP and NUWM incl Sheffield Unemployed News 5.12.31 and Sheffield union rates, NUWM and local party committee circulars, leaflets and election literature  CP/LOC/YORK/1/8  1924-1932

District committee minutes and papers between the 23rd and 24th district congresses - and reports of these two congresses  CP/LOC/YORK/1/9  1986-1988

CPGB Doncaster branch  [no ref. or date]

File re comprehensive education incl Doncaster Labour Party report, correspondence with Doncaster borough education department  CP/LOC/YORK/1/10  1960s

CPGB Leeds area committee  [no ref. or date]

Memorandum on reorganisation of secondary education in Leeds  CP/LOC/YORK/1/11  1960s

Yorkshire Post Cutting re CPGB  CP/LOC/YORK/1/12  1932-1977

ETU ballot-rigging trial proceedings  CP/MISC/ETU  [n.d.]

High Court case of John Thomas Byrne and Frank Chapple v Frank Foulkes and other Communist Party members re alleged ballot-rigging in ETU elections, TS proceedings, 17.4.61(speech)  CP/MISC/ETU/1/1  1961

High Court case of John Thomas Byrne and Frank Chapple v Frank Foulkes and other Communist Party members re alleged ballot-rigging in ETU elections, TS proceedings, 18.4.61 (speech)  CP/MISC/ETU/1/2  1961

High Court case of John Thomas Byrne and Frank Chapple v Frank Foulkes and other Communist Party members re alleged ballot-rigging in ETU elections, TS proceedings, 19.4.61 (speech)  CP/MISC/ETU/1/3  1961

High Court case of John Thomas Byrne and Frank Chapple v Frank Foulkes and other Communist Party members re alleged ballot-rigging in ETU elections, TS proceedings, 19.4.61 (evidence)  CP/MISC/ETU/1/4  1961

High Court case of John Thomas Byrne and Frank Chapple v Frank Foulkes and other Communist Party members re alleged ballot-rigging in ETU elections, TS proceedings, 20.4.61 (evidence)  CP/MISC/ETU/1/5  1961

High Court case of John Thomas Byrne and Frank Chapple v Frank Foulkes and other Communist Party members re alleged ballot-rigging in ETU elections, TS proceedings, 21.4.61 (evidence)  CP/MISC/ETU/1/6  1961

High Court case of John Thomas Byrne and Frank Chapple v Frank Foulkes and other Communist Party members re alleged ballot-rigging in ETU elections, TS proceedings, 24.4.61 (evidence)  CP/MISC/ETU/1/7  1961

High Court case of John Thomas Byrne and Frank Chapple v Frank Foulkes and other Communist Party members re alleged ballot-rigging in ETU elections, TS proceedings, 25.4.61 (evidence)  CP/MISC/ETU/1/8  1961

High Court case of John Thomas Byrne and Frank Chapple v Frank Foulkes and other Communist Party members re alleged ballot-rigging in ETU elections, TS proceedings, 26.4.61 (evidence)  CP/MISC/ETU/1/9  1961

High Court case of John Thomas Byrne and Frank Chapple v Frank Foulkes and other Communist Party members re alleged ballot-rigging in ETU elections, TS proceedings, 27.4.61 (evidence)  CP/MISC/ETU/1/10  1961

High Court case of John Thomas Byrne and Frank Chapple v Frank Foulkes and other Communist Party members re alleged ballot-rigging in ETU elections, TS proceedings, 28.4.61 (evidence)  CP/MISC/ETU/1/11  1961

High Court case of John Thomas Byrne and Frank Chapple v Frank Foulkes and other Communist Party members re alleged ballot-rigging in ETU elections, TS proceedings, 1.5.61 (evidence)  CP/MISC/ETU/1/12  1961

High Court case of John Thomas Byrne and Frank Chapple v Frank Foulkes and other Communist Party members re alleged ballot-rigging in ETU elections, TS proceedings, 2.5.61 (evidence)  CP/MISC/ETU/1/13  1961

High Court case of John Thomas Byrne and Frank Chapple v Frank Foulkes and other Communist Party members re alleged ballot-rigging in ETU elections, TS proceedings, 3.5.61 (evidence)  CP/MISC/ETU/1/14  1961

High Court case of John Thomas Byrne and Frank Chapple v Frank Foulkes and other Communist Party members re alleged ballot-rigging in ETU elections, TS proceedings, 4.5.61 (evidence)  CP/MISC/ETU/2/1  1961

High Court case of John Thomas Byrne and Frank Chapple v Frank Foulkes and other Communist Party members re alleged ballot-rigging in ETU elections, TS proceedings, 5.5.61 (evidence)  CP/MISC/ETU/2/2  1961

High Court case of John Thomas Byrne and Frank Chapple v Frank Foulkes and other Communist Party members re alleged ballot-rigging in ETU elections, TS proceedings, 8.5.61 (evidence)  CP/MISC/ETU/2/3  1961

High Court case of John Thomas Byrne and Frank Chapple v Frank Foulkes and other Communist Party members re alleged ballot-rigging in ETU elections, TS proceedings, 8.5.61 (speech)  CP/MISC/ETU/2/4  1961

High Court case of John Thomas Byrne and Frank Chapple v Frank Foulkes and other Communist Party members re alleged ballot-rigging in ETU elections, TS proceedings, 9.5.61 (evidence)  CP/MISC/ETU/2/5  1961

High Court case of John Thomas Byrne and Frank Chapple v Frank Foulkes and other Communist Party members re alleged ballot-rigging in ETU elections, TS proceedings, 10.5.61 (evidence)  CP/MISC/ETU/2/6  1961

High Court case of John Thomas Byrne and Frank Chapple v Frank Foulkes and other Communist Party members re alleged ballot-rigging in ETU elections, TS proceedings, 11.5.61 (evidence)  CP/MISC/ETU/2/7  1961

High Court case of John Thomas Byrne and Frank Chapple v Frank Foulkes and other Communist Party members re alleged ballot-rigging in ETU elections, TS proceedings, 12.5.61 (evidence)  CP/MISC/ETU/2/8  1961

High Court case of John Thomas Byrne and Frank Chapple v Frank Foulkes and other Communist Party members re alleged ballot-rigging in ETU elections, TS proceedings, 15.5.61 (evidence)  CP/MISC/ETU/2/9  1961

High Court case of John Thomas Byrne and Frank Chapple v Frank Foulkes and other Communist Party members re alleged ballot-rigging in ETU elections, TS proceedings, 16.5.61 (evidence)  CP/MISC/ETU/2/10  1961

High Court case of John Thomas Byrne and Frank Chapple v Frank Foulkes and other Communist Party members re alleged ballot-rigging in ETU elections, TS proceedings, 17.5.61 (evidence)  CP/MISC/ETU/2/11  1961

High Court case of John Thomas Byrne and Frank Chapple v Frank Foulkes and other Communist Party members re alleged ballot-rigging in ETU elections, TS proceedings, 18.5.61 (evidence)  CP/MISC/ETU/2/12  1961

High Court case of John Thomas Byrne and Frank Chapple v Frank Foulkes and other Communist Party members re alleged ballot-rigging in ETU elections, TS proceedings, 30.5.61 (evidence)  CP/MISC/ETU/2/13  1961

High Court case of John Thomas Byrne and Frank Chapple v Frank Foulkes and other Communist Party members re alleged ballot-rigging in ETU elections, TS proceedings, 31.5.61 (evidence)  CP/MISC/ETU/3/1  1961

High Court case of John Thomas Byrne and Frank Chapple v Frank Foulkes and other Communist Party members re alleged ballot-rigging in ETU elections, TS proceedings, 1.6.61 (evidence)1961  CP/MISC/ETU/3/2  1961

High Court case of John Thomas Byrne and Frank Chapple v Frank Foulkes and other Communist Party members re alleged ballot-rigging in ETU elections, TS proceedings, 2.6.61 (evidence)  CP/MISC/ETU/3/3  1961

High Court case of John Thomas Byrne and Frank Chapple v Frank Foulkes and other Communist Party members re alleged ballot-rigging in ETU elections, TS proceedings, 5.6.61 (evidence)  CP/MISC/ETU/3/4  1961

High Court case of John Thomas Byrne and Frank Chapple v Frank Foulkes and other Communist Party members re alleged ballot-rigging in ETU elections, TS proceedings, 6.6.61 (evidence)  CP/MISC/ETU/3/5  1961

High Court case of John Thomas Byrne and Frank Chapple v Frank Foulkes and other Communist Party members re alleged ballot-rigging in ETU elections, TS proceedings, 7.6.61 (evidence)  CP/MISC/ETU/3/6  1961

High Court case of John Thomas Byrne and Frank Chapple v Frank Foulkes and other Communist Party members re alleged ballot-rigging in ETU elections, TS proceedings, 8.6.61 (evidence)  CP/MISC/ETU/3/7  1961

High Court case of John Thomas Byrne and Frank Chapple v Frank Foulkes and other Communist Party members re alleged ballot-rigging in ETU elections, TS proceedings, 9.6.61 (evidence)  CP/MISC/ETU/3/8  1961

High Court case of John Thomas Byrne and Frank Chapple v Frank Foulkes and other Communist Party members re alleged ballot-rigging in ETU elections, TS proceedings, 13.6.61 (speech)  CP/MISC/ETU/3/9  1961

High Court case of John Thomas Byrne and Frank Chapple v Frank Foulkes and other Communist Party members re alleged ballot-rigging in ETU elections, TS proceedings, 14.6.61 (speech)  CP/MISC/ETU/3/10  1961

High Court case of John Thomas Byrne and Frank Chapple v Frank Foulkes and other Communist Party members re alleged ballot-rigging in ETU elections, TS proceedings, 15.6.61 (speech)  CP/MISC/ETU/3/11  1961

High Court case of John Thomas Byrne and Frank Chapple v Frank Foulkes and other Communist Party members re alleged ballot-rigging in ETU elections, TS proceedings, 16.6.61 (speech)  CP/MISC/ETU/3/12  1961

High Court case of John Thomas Byrne and Frank Chapple v Frank Foulkes and other Communist Party members re alleged ballot-rigging in ETU elections, TS proceedings, 28.6.61 (judgement)  CP/MISC/ETU/3/13  1961

Miscellaneous non-party organisations  CP/ORG/MISC  [n.d.]

Air Raid Precautions Co-ordinating Committee 1934-51 /11/1-4
Angela Davis Defence Committee 1972 /8/10
Anti-Socialist & Anti-Communist Union 1932 /8/2
Artists for Peace 1955 /2/9
Authors World Peace Appeal 1951-52 /3/9
British Anti-War Council 1932-34 /4/3
British Socialist Party, Openshaw Branch 1914-20 /3/5
British Workers Sports Federation 1923-44 /5/3-10 16/1-6
British Youth Peace Assembly 1936-40 /1/13-17
Cambridge Exhibition Against War & Fascism 1930s /2/11
Campaign Against Racist Laws 1980s /7/7
Campaign for the Limitation of Secret Police Powers 1956 /2/1
China Campaign Committee 1930s-40s /2/14
Committee Against Malnutrition 1935 /2/12
Committee for Trade Union Democracy 1949 /10/7
Committee of African Organisations 1963 /2/10
Deptford Win The War Committee 1943 /3/1
East Lewisham Divisional Labour Party 1920s /2/13
Ex-Service Movement for Peace 1951-68 /2/17
Frederick Muller Ltd, publishers 1937 /7/4
Harcourt Club 1938 /2/20
Harrow & District Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament 1965-66 /3/2
Hemel Hempstead Miners Support Group 1984-85 /3/6
Huddersfield & District Assoc. Trades & Labour Council 1918 /4/2
Independent Labour Party, Poplar Branch 1925-26 /2/7-8
International Class War Prisoners Aid 1920s /10/1
International Labour Defence 1930s /10/2
Jewish Peoples Council Against Fascism & Anti-Semitism 1930s-40s /7/6
Kino Films (1935) Ltd 1930s /4/4
Labour Independent Group & DN Pritt 1941-50 /10/11
Labour Monthly 1920s-70s /8/8-9
Labour Monthly Discussion Group, Hyde 1939-41 /2/2
Lawrence & Wishart Ltd, publishers 1948-73 /4/7-10
League Against Imperialism & For National Independence 1929-35 /10/5-6
Left Book Club 1936-39 /8/4
Left Book Club, Hyde 1939-41 /2/2
Left Book Club, Lewisham 1938 /8/5
Left Book Club, Theatre Guild 1939 /3/8
Lesbians & Gays Support The Miners 1984-85 /2/3-6
Liaison Committee for Women's Peace Groups 1963 /6/7
London Industrial Council 1929 /2/19
Marx Memorial Library 1939-90 1960-64 /3/4 /3/10-11
National Assembly of Women 1952-53 /8/7
National Association of Tenants & Residents 1950s-80s /3/3
National Campaign Against the Police Bill 1983-84 /4/6
National Cttee for Celebration of Int. Women's Day 1943-52 /8/6
National Convention of the Left 1969 /10/9
National Left Wing Committee 1927-29 /9/1-3
National Meerut Prisoners' Defence Committee 1929-30 /10/4
National Unemployed Workers Movement, Bristol Bch 1932 /10/3
National Union of Mineworkers 1982 /8/3
New Zealand Communist Party, North Shore Branch 1944-45 /5/1
People's Convention 1940-42 /1/4-12
People's Front Propaganda Committee 1936-37 /1/1-2
[...] Progress from Lord 1960 11/06
Proportional Representation Soc 1916 11/05
Radical Alliance 1966-67 /3/7
Smith Group 1970 /6/8
Socialist Information & Research Bureau (Scotland) 1920 /4/1
Socialist Party of Great Britain 1950 /2/21
Society for Cultural Relations with U.S.S.R. 1949 1948-69 /2/16 /10/10
Southampton Committee for Peace in Vietnam 1967-69 /7/5
Trade Unions Against the Common Market 1970s /10/8
Upton Divisional Labour Party 1934-36 /5/2
Women Against War 1963-64 /8/1
Women's Parliaments 1941-44 /1/3
Workers Bookshop, London 1935-36 /4/5
Workers International Relief 1923-34 /10/12
Workers Music Association 1941-74 /2/15
Workers Welfare League of India 1932 1928-33 /2/18 /6/9-12 /7/1-3

Peoples Front Propaganda Committee  [no ref. or date]

Pamphlets: People's Front For Britain, The Voice of the People; People's Front Bulletin  CP/ORG/MISC/1/1  1936-1937

People's Front Propaganda Committee: Holborn and St Pancras  [no ref. or date]

Holborn and St Pancras People's Front Propaganda Committee: minute book 16.11.36-19.5.37, misc corresp and circulars from Friends of Spain, PFPC organising secretary J.T. Murphy etc  CP/ORG/MISC/1/2  1936-1937

Women's Parliaments  [no ref. or date]

Pamphlets, conference reports, leaflets and collecting cards of London Womens Parliament, Lancashire Womens Parliament and West Riding Womens Parliament  CP/ORG/MISC/1/3  1941-1944

People's Convention  [no ref. or date]

Leaflets and bulletins to invasion of USSR, 22.6.41  CP/ORG/MISC/1/4  1940-1941

Incl initial calls by People's Vigilance Committee, People's Convention manifesto, leaflets and specials re women, food, Budget March 1941, cp-operators, railwaymen; new year's card 1941; leaflet of closing Chaplin speech in The Great Dictator; reply to National Council of Labour; duplicated People's Convention bulletins

Leaflets and bulletins from invasion of USSR, 22.6.41  CP/ORG/MISC/1/5  1941-1942

Incl leaflet, resolution and messages of support for emergency assembly 5.7.41; printed People's Convention bulletin/notes nos 1-3; printed letter announcing dissolution of Convention 12.1.42

Delegates' materials for People's Convention 12.1.41  CP/ORG/MISC/1/6  1941

Incl programme and agenda, printed statements by Pritt, Squance and Adams, delegate's credential, meal arrangements and complimentary notebook

People's Convention National Committee papers  CP/ORG/MISC/1/7  1941

Incl statements of account 1.7.40-9.1.41, 10.1.41-5.2.41; draft resolutions for Convention 12.1.41; report on organisation for National Committee meeting 9.2.41

People's Convention London Council TS report of London and Home Counties Convention, 16.3.41 with printed leaflets  CP/ORG/MISC/1/8  1941

People's Convention Art and Entertainment Professions Committee leaflets  CP/ORG/MISC/1/9  1940-1941

List of supporters, circular letter on BBC threat to Convention signatories 26.2.41: printed programme for variety and orchestral concerts December 1940

People's Convention miscellaneous local and section committees  CP/ORG/MISC/1/10  1940-1941

Incl Cambridge Students' Convention leaflet, Lancashire and Cheshire Convention Committee manifesto, Midlands Convention Committee leaflet

People's Convention pamphlets by Harry Adams, D.N. Pritt, Jack Owen, Edgar P.Young, W.J.R. Squance; official Convention report etc  CP/ORG/MISC/1/11  1940-1942

Miscellaneous leaflets and cuttings re People's Convention incl leaflet for NCCL protest meeting re BBC ban 17.3.41; ILP leaflet re Convention c1940  CP/ORG/MISC/1/12  1940-1941

British Youth Peace Assembly  [no ref. or date]

National Hearing into Youth Conditions, organised by BYPA January 1939, memoranda and minutes of evidence  CP/ORG/MISC/1/13  1939

Reports submitted include those from Amalgamated Society of Twisters, Drawers and Machine Workers, Oldham and Sheffield peace assemblies, Young Communist League, National League of Young Liberals, Guild of Insurance Officials London Youth Committee, Society of Goldsmiths, Jewellers and Kindred Trades Youth Council, National Union of Students, Unemployment Research and Advice Bureau, League of Nations Union Leicester Youth Group, Youth Charter Group, Jeunesse Agricole, Amalgamated Engineering Union Glasgow Youth Committee

Typescript chapter on Scouts, Guides and similar youth movements during the First World War, first page missing and author not identified  CP/ORG/MISC/1/14  n.d

35 pp

Early wartime TS circulars incl report of 'Youth in Wartime' conference, 9/10.12.39, Bulletin on Programme for Youth in Wartime Jan. 1940, 'Youth in Wartime' issued by Youth Charter Group Feb. 1940  CP/ORG/MISC/1/15  1939-1940

7th National Assembly papers April 1940 incl report, assembly documents on women in industry, the health and physique of youth, education, employment conditions and unemployment, protective legislation  CP/ORG/MISC/1/16  1940

Pamphlet: the Bengal Peasant  CP/ORG/MISC/1/17  c1936

Campaign for the Limitation of Secret Police Powers  [no ref. or date]

Pamphlet The Secret Police and You; misc drafts, leaflets  CP/ORG/MISC/2/1  1956

Hyde Labour Monthly Discussion Group, formerly Hyde group of the Left Book Club  [no ref. or date]

Minute book with handwritten minutes and notes of the group's convener, Stanley Leach, on the Paris Commune; Karl Marx, His Life & Work; the English Revolution of 1640; Socialism and Democracy  CP/ORG/MISC/2/2  1939-1941

Lesbians and Gays Support the Miners  [no ref. or date]

TS minutes (incomplete) of weekly meetings 15.7.84 (inaugural meeting) to 18.11.84 incl some minutes of Dulais Valley sub-group  CP/ORG/MISC/2/3  1984

Copy correspondence of LGSM secretary Mike Jackson, mainly with other solidarity groups  CP/ORG/MISC/2/4  1984-1985

Incl Dulais Valley Miners Support Group; Notts Women's Support Groups; Newham Monitoring Project; Black Delegation to the Miners; City of London Polytechnic Gay Society; Lesbians Against Pit Closures; also copy letters to the press incl the Standard and Capital Gay

Sketch pad used as scrapbook with cuttings and copy correspondence of LGSM secretary Mike Jackson  CP/ORG/MISC/2/5  1984-1985

Correspondents include Tony Benn; Black Delegation to the Miners; Gay CND; Steve Bell; GLC Gay and Lesbian Working Party; NALGO Metropolitan District Lesbian and Gay Group; Leicester Lesbians and Gay Men Support the Miners Group

Leaflets and misc duplicated materials of LGSM and other solidarity groups with a few photocopied press cuttings  CP/ORG/MISC/2/6  1984-1985

Independent Labour Party, Popular branch  [no ref. or date]

Accounts  CP/ORG/MISC/2/7  1927

Misc papers incl report of finance sub-committee 10.3.27; financial statement 1927-28; printed report for 1925-26  CP/ORG/MISC/2/8  1926-1928

Artists For Peace  [no ref. or date]

Misc papers incl TS statement of aims; exhibition leaflet; circular letter re exhibition 7.6.55; copy notes on future plans from letter of John Berger 10.7.55; TS minutes 12.7.(55?), 6.9.(55?)  CP/ORG/MISC/2/9  c1955

Committee of African Organisations  [no ref. or date]

TS constitution; TS circular, agenda, resolutions and other materials re All-African Students Congress April 1963  CP/ORG/MISC/2/10  1963

Cambridge Exhibition Against War and Fascism  [no ref. or date]

Papers rel to showing of the exhibition at Poplar and Bromley town halls incl programme with cover by E Mcknight Kauffer  CP/ORG/MISC/2/11  1930s

Committee Against Malnutrition  [no ref. or date]

Bulletin no 6, Jan 1935  CP/ORG/MISC/2/12  1935

East Lewisham Divisional Labour Party  [no ref. or date]

Printed ephemera including general election addresses 1923-24  CP/ORG/MISC/2/13  1920s

Leaflet on 1926 by John Wilmot; newsletters and Monthly Heralds; leaflets for meetings and speakers, some featuring Communist speakers, and for a demonstration against the party's disaffiliation

China Campaign Committee  [no ref. or date]

Leaflets and circulars  CP/ORG/MISC/2/14  1930s-40s

Workers Music Association  [no ref. or date]

Leaflets and printed ephemera, AGM agenda 1958  CP/ORG/MISC/2/15  c1941-1974

Includes "Marxism [...] and the Battle of Ideas with Special Reference to the world of music" by Alan Bush

Society for Cultural Relations with the USSR  [no ref. or date]

TS report of symposium on Science and the Soviet State, 12.11.48, with Sir Robert Watson-Watt in the chair and J.D. Bernal, V. Gordon Childe and Andrew Rothstein as speakers  CP/ORG/MISC/2/16  1949

Ex-Service Movement for Peace  [no ref. or date]

Circulars and leaflets; printed report of national conference 1951; odd copies of Ex-Service Bulletin, Ex-Service News, Advance News; the movement's president was Commander Edgar P. Young  CP/ORG/MISC/2/17  c1951-1968

Workers Welfare League of India  [no ref. or date]

Receipt book and statement of accounts  CP/ORG/MISC/2/18  1932

London Industrial Council  [no ref. or date]

TS preliminary notes on need for a LIC; TS constitution and rules; minutes 6.6.29; The London Worker (LIC bulletin) no 1, June 1929  CP/ORG/MISC/2/19  1929

The LIC's object, as stated in its rules, was 'to act as a co-ordinating and leading centre for the industrial movement of the London working class in its struggle against Capitalism and Mondism'

Harcourt Club  [no ref. or date]

TS account of debate between F. Renton of the London Area Council and J. Jacobs of the Jewish People's Council at Whitechapel Art Gallery 21.3.38  CP/ORG/MISC/2/20  1938

The debate concerns the threat to the Jewish community of fascism and the appropriate response to that threat

Socialist Party of Great Britain  [no ref. or date]

EC minutes 11.4.50, EC report to annual delegate meeting 16-17.9.50, covering period Jan. to June 1950  CP/ORG/MISC/2/21  1950

Deptford Win-the-War Committee  [no ref. or date]

Minutes 25.1.43, list of committee members, correspondence with local trade unionists and trade union branches; the committee was initiated by Deptford Trades Council  CP/ORG/MISC/3/1  1943

Harrow and District Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament  [no ref. or date]

TS newsletters and MS notes for speeches on Vietnam  CP/ORG/MISC/3/2  1965-66

National Association of Tenants and Residents  [no ref. or date]

Leaflets, TS memorandum to Minister of Housing 1966, notice of national conference 1958, pamphlet 'Questions and Answers on Rents' c1965  CP/ORG/MISC/3/3  1950s-1980s

Marx Memorial Library  [no ref. or date]

Leaflets, circulars, annual reports, AGM notices and agendas and misc papers  CP/ORG/MISC/3/4  1939-1990

British Socialist Party, Openshaw branch  [no ref. or date]

Minute book, initially in the hand of Harry Pollitt and subsequently in that of J Crossley, his successor as secretary  CP/ORG/MISC/3/5  1914-1920

Hemel Hempstead Miners Support Group  [no ref. or date]

Letters from striking Notts miners and their families to Vera, Darlington, the organiser of the Hemel Hempstead Miners Support Group, with misc leaflets, pro-NUM Christmas cards etc  CP/ORG/MISC/3/6  1984-1985

Radical Alliance  [no ref. or date]

Circulars produced by Keith Burdon, secretary of this very small radical grouping  CP/ORG/MISC/3/7  1966-1967

Left Book Club Theatre Guild  [no ref. or date]

Ephemera, TS statement: 'The tasks of the guild'; Theatre for the People (journal) nos 1-2; notices and agenda for theatre conference and festival May 1939 with MS notes on the guild's activities  CP/ORG/MISC/3/8  1939

Authors World Peace Appeal  [no ref. or date]

Correspondence, minutes and papers (mainly photocopies) re Authors World Peace Appeal of Naomi Mitchison, one of the appeal's organisers correspondents include Edmund Penning-Rowsell, Siegfried Sassoon, Pearl Binder, Enid Starkie, David Low, Doris Lessing, Sheila Kaye-Smith, Marghanita Laski, Walter Greenwood, James Cameron, Compton Mackenzie, Herbert Read, Edith Sitwell, Christopher Fry, Norman Lewis, Maurice Collis, Alexander Baron, James Kirkup, John St John  CP/ORG/MISC/3/9  1951-1952

Marx Memorial Library  [no ref. or date]

File re First International centenary exhibition incl notes and letters of Andrew Rothstein  CP/ORG/MISC/3/10  1964

Loose committee minutes and related papers (incomplete)  CP/ORG/MISC/3/11  1960-1963

Socialist Information and Research Bureau (Scotland)  [no ref. or date]

Data, organ of the Socialist Information and Research Bureau (Scotland), vol 1 no 5-vol 2 no 5, with pamphlet 'The Beardmore-Vickers Octopus' by John M Hay with foreword by John Maclean  CP/ORG/MISC/4/1  1920

Huddersfield and District Associated Trades and Labour Council  [no ref. or date]

Filled-out questionnaire for Fabian Research Department committee of enquiry into Trades Councils and Local Labour Parties  CP/ORG/MISC/4/2  1918

British Anti-War Council; misc papers  CP/ORG/MISC/4/3  1932-1934

Incl circulars, leaflets, duplicated Weekly Information Bulletins, printed monthly bulletin 'War' (later 'Fight War and Fascism'), pamphlet 'British Labour Policy on War' 1934, resolution of St Pancras Anti-War Conference 1933, Labour Party leaflet attacking the anti-war movement, pamphlet and leaflet of World Anti-War Congress, Amsterdam August 1932

Kino Films (1935) Ltd  [no ref. or date]

Leaflets for Soviet, Chinese and British-made films distributed by Kino, price list and list of provincial agents, Kino News no 3 (all printed)  CP/ORG/MISC/4/4  1930s

Workers Bookshop, London  [no ref. or date]

Printed illustrated calendars for 1935 and 1936  CP/ORG/MISC/4/5  1935-1936

National Campaign Against the Police Bill  [no ref. or date]

Leaflets, circulars etc of the NCAPB, London Campaign Against the Police Bill and related organisations  CP/ORG/MISC/4/6  1983-1984

Lawrence and Wishart Ltd, publishers  [no ref. or date]

Loose TS board minutes  CP/ORG/MISC/4/7  1967-1969

Loose TS board minutes  CP/ORG/MISC/4/8  1970-1973

Misc papers; accounts 1964; TS report 'Progress over ten years' Sept. 1971  CP/ORG/MISC/4/9  1964-1971

TS report by John Lewis on the Left Book Club and the possible prospects of a book club in the post-war period  CP/ORG/MISC/4/10  c1948

Communist Party of New Zealand, North Shore branch  [no ref. or date]

Minute book  CP/ORG/MISC/5/1  1944-1945

Upton Divisional Labour Party  [no ref. or date]

Income and expenditure accounts  CP/ORG/MISC/5/2  1934-1936

British Workers Sports Federation (George Sinfield papers)  [no ref. or date]

Workers Federation for Sport, subsequently British Workers Sports Federation London group, minute book  CP/ORG/MISC/5/3  1923-1925

Minute book  CP/ORG/MISC/5/4  1924-1929

Minute book 1929-30 with some loose minutes and discussion of organisational proposals 1931  CP/ORG/MISC/5/5  1929-1931

Loose minutes  CP/ORG/MISC/5/6  1932

Minute book 1933 with notes on BWSF boxing tournament 12.5.33, some loose minutes 1935  CP/ORG/MISC/5/7  1933-1935

Agenda and circulated papers for 2nd BWSF congress 1930; printed agenda and resolution for 3rd congress (conference) 1933; delegates' credential sheets for unspecified BSWF congress  CP/ORG/MISC/5/8  1930-1933

Allowance book for Moscow Olympiad  CP/ORG/MISC/5/9  1928

Correspondence of George Sinfield, secretary of the BWSF  CP/ORG/MISC/5/10  1925-1944

Incl with international contacts in Germany 1925-29 and the International Socialist Federation for Sport and Physical Education 1928, National Clarion Cycling Club 1928, the Football Association, Ivan Maisky, British Soviet-Unity Campaign etc re possible Anglo-Soviet exchange of football teams 1941

Papers re British Youth Festival incl correspondence of George Sinfield, BSWF secretary, draw account book, printed programme, abbreviated financial statement etc  CP/ORG/MISC/6/1  1935

MS report on National Workers Sports Association annual conference 27.4.35  CP/ORG/MISC/6/2  1935

Papers re sport in the USSR  CP/ORG/MISC/6/3  Late 1930s

Incl TS notes on Soviet sport; Soviet Sport and Soviet Year Book Press Service press statements; TS report on display of Soviet physical culturists in Red Square; also Sinfield's notes apparently for speech on sporting questions

BWSF pamphlets and printed materials  CP/ORG/MISC/6/4  1927-1932

Incl The Fight for the Workers' Playing Fields by T.M. Condon of the London Workers Football Council; The Workers' Sports Movement, c1928; BWSF Camp Souvenir; The Case for Organised Sunday Football, 1933; Sport and Games, organ of the BWSF, Jan. 1932 and Oct.-Nov. 1932

Circulars and printed materials of non-BWSF organisations  CP/ORG/MISC/6/5  1930s

Incl National Union of Boxers (TS minute of meeting 22.5.35), British Workers Sports Association, International Committee for Preserving the Olympic idea (re Berlin Olympics 1936), Workers Gymnastic and Sport Alliance of America, Red Sports International, London Sunday Football Association

Photographs and badges  CP/ORG/MISC/6/6  c1930s

Liaison Committee for Womens Peace Groups  [no ref. or date]

Correspondence with various public figures re Test Ban petition of Dorothy Alton, the committee's chairperson, with some related papers  CP/ORG/MISC/6/7  1963

Correspondents include George Elvin, ACTT; Frank Cousins, TGWU; Barbara Castle; Judith Hart; Joyce Butler; Harold Wilson; Donald Soper; Dorothy Needham; Cliff Michelmore; R.L.M. Synge; John Carmel, Archbishop of Liverpool; John C. Kendrew; Charles Judd; Iris Murdoch; Sybil Thorndike; George MacLeod; Jacquetta Hawkes; Philip Noel-Baker; Morris Carstairs; J.W. Cullum for Benjamin Britten; Jo Grimond

Smith group  [no ref. or date]

Smith group discussion paper no 1, 'The British Road to Socialism and the strategy of revolution' by Bill Warren; TS statement (22pp) 'Congress, its resolutions and the party', Nov. 1971, origins not stated but possibly emanting from the Smith group  CP/ORG/MISC/6/8  1970

Administrative history:
This was an informal group through which both members and non-members of the CP discussed the perceived failings of CP strategy; a piece by Warren on the BRS was rejected by Marxism Today and publied in revised form by New Left Review

Workers Welfare League of India (Glyn Evans papers)  [no ref. or date]

WWLI correspondence and loose minutes  CP/ORG/MISC/6/9  c1931-1932

Circulars, bulletins, annual reports  CP/ORG/MISC/6/10  1928-1932

WWLI notes and date on India, TS article on situation in India, MS draft history of the ordinances, MS report and accounts 1930 etc  CP/ORG/MISC/6/11  c1930s

WWLI account book, along with balance sheet for 1929 and list of donors to the WWLI Meerut Prisoners' Fund  CP/ORG/MISC/6/12  1928-1929

League Against Imperialism leaflets, circulars and papers re Meerut Conspiracy Trial and other Indian issues  CP/ORG/MISC/7/1  c1931-1932

Includes cross-examination of R.R. Mittra from Meerut trial; TS statement on India Office memo on Meerut 13.7.31; LAI information bulletins nos 19 and 27 1932; open letters re Meerut to Labour Party conference 1931 and TUC 1932; TS statement 'How Saya San was captured'

Circulars and leaflets of other organisations  CP/ORG/MISC/7/2  1929-1933

Incl All-Indian Railwaymens Federation press reports 1932-33; India News Bureau Bulletins of the Indian-Irish Independence League 1.11.32; Indian National Congress London branch circular 12.2.29; Russo-British Chamber of Commerce; All India Congress bulletin 27.11.29; European Workers Anti-Fascist Congress; Transport and General Workers Union, Holloway and Enfield bus branches

Cuttings and periodical articles incl copies of Indian Labour Journal  CP/ORG/MISC/7/3  1930s

Frederick Muller Ltd, publishers  [no ref. or date]

Correspondence of Frederick Muller and E. Penning-Rowsell re the Marxist symposium 'The Mind in Chains' published by Muller edited by C. Day Lewis  CP/ORG/MISC/7/4  1937

Correspondents incl Victor Gollancz, John Strachey and Sheila Lynd re possible Left Book Club edition of the book; the papers were deposited by E P.-R. in 1990

Southampton Committee for Peace in Vietnam  [no ref. or date]

Correspondence, receipts, invoices, accounts, petition forms etc  CP/ORG/MISC/7/5  c1967-1968

Jewish Peoples Council Against Fascism and Anti-Semitism  [no ref. or date]

Printed and duplicated leaflets with some issued by similar organisations  CP/ORG/MISC/7/6  1930s-1940s

Campaign Against Racist Laws  [no ref. or date]

Leaflets, circulars, newsletters, broadsheets  CP/ORG/MISC/7/7  1980s

Women Against War  [no ref. or date]

Papers re 16% Programme (for a 16% cut in world armaments to be allocated to Third World economies)  CP/ORG/MISC/8/1  1963-1964

Correspondents incl F.S. Arkhurst, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ghana; Russell Kerr, LCC; Harold Reinhard, Westminster Synagogue; Naomi (Mitchison?); Archbishop T.D. Roberts and other clerical figures; Josue de Castro, Brazilian ambassador to United Nations; Edith, Countess Russell; P.C. Mahalanobis; Lord Boyd Orr

Anti-Socialist and Anti-Communist Union  [no ref. or date]

Reading list and letter of acceptance of enrolment for public speaking class  CP/ORG/MISC/8/2  1932

National Union of Mineworkers  [no ref. or date]

TS notes on Arthur Scargill's lecture on 'The Labour Party and Democracy', his reply to discussion and group report backs at NUM annual mining school, Perth 6.4.82; notes by Ella Egan and Ella Johnston  CP/ORG/MISC/8/3  1982

Left Book Club  [no ref. or date]

Misc leaflets, mostly inserts for club selections, with programmes for LBC tour to USSR and LBC Scientists Group exhibition on 'The Frustration of Science'  CP/ORG/MISC/8/4  1936-1939

Left Book Club, Lewisham  [no ref. or date]

Letters (3) to a benefactor, Mr Parkin, and leaflet for theatrical evening at Lewisham Town Hall  CP/ORG/MISC/8/5  1938

National committee for Celebration of International Womens Day  [no ref. or date]

Pamphlets incl 'Women on the March' 1943, 'The Lure of the Comics' 1952; leaflets; printed annual report 1950; conference report of NCCIWD Child Care commission on 'The Defence of Our Children's Education'  CP/ORG/MISC/8/6  c1943-1952

National Assembly of Women  [no ref. or date]

Buletin no 12 10.4.52; printed reports and pamphlets  CP/ORG/MISC/8/7  1952-1953

Labour Monthly  [no ref. or date]

Miscellaneous leaflets and promotional material  CP/ORG/MISC/8/8  1920s-1970s

Incl submission by Trinity Trust to Royal Commission on the Press Aug. 1947; information document on The British Empire and its colonies for LM discussion conference Oct. 1958; printed 50th anniversary brochure 1971

Report by Angela Tuckett on Communist Party annual mining conference, Manchester, Oct. 1958 with proposals for coverage by LM  CP/ORG/MISC/8/9  1958

Angela Davis Defence Committee  [no ref. or date]

Minutes of foundation meeting; leaflets; newsletter no 2  CP/ORG/MISC/8/10  1972

National Left Wing Committee  [no ref. or date]

Album of press cuttings on or related to the activities of the committee  CP/ORG/MISC/9/01  1928

Album of press cuttings on or related to the activities of the committee  CP/ORG/MISC/9/02  1928-1929

Album of press cuttings on or related to the activities of the committee  CP/ORG/MISC/9/03  1927

International Class War Prisoners' Aid  [no ref. or date]

Published documents of the 1st congress of the British ICWPA section; various pamphlets produced by ICWPA  CP/ORG/MISC/10/01  1920s

International Labour Defence  [no ref. or date]

Pamphlets, National Committee resolution "For a Mass Organisation of the I.L.D." (Nov 1933), copies of "Labour Defence" (GB), and "Labor Defender" (USA). Also pamphlets of the Scottsboro Defence Committee  CP/ORG/MISC/10/02  1930s

National Unemployed Workers' Movement, Bristol Branch  [no ref. or date]

Leaflets, press cuttings and suchlike materials relating to demonstrations in Bristol in 1932, and pamphlet in defence of three arrestees (Bailey, Parker and Webber) produced by Bristol International Labour Defence  CP/ORG/MISC/10/03  1932

National Meerut Prisoners' Defence Committee  [no ref. or date]

Pamphlets, appeals, circulars and newsletters produced by the committee  CP/ORG/MISC/10/04  1929-1931

League Against Imperialism and For National Independence  [no ref. or date]

Miscellaneous pamphlets, circulars, leaflets and magazines  CP/ORG/MISC/10/05  1929-1935

Including "The Meaning of Imperialism" by Conrad Noel, Annual Conference material 1931, "The Anti-Imperialist Review" (Sept-Oct 1931), Meerut prisoners material, "The Negro Worker" (Aug-Sept 1933) and "The British Empire".

Resolutions for 2nd Anti-Imperialist World Congress 1929 Frankfurt Germany. Issues discussed  CP/ORG/MISC/10/06  1929

Include Albania, Workers International Relief, trade unions, danger of war, China, Meerut Prisoners, women & the anti-imperialist struggle, the enslavement of Negro peoples, Arabia, International Red Aid & Bessarabia

Committee for Trade Union Democracy  [no ref. or date]

Leaflet, ticket  CP/ORG/MISC/10/07  1949

Trade Unions Against the Common Market  [no ref. or date]

Leaflets, circulars, pamphlet etc  CP/ORG/MISC/10/08  1970s

National Convention of the Left  [no ref. or date]

CPGB file on the NCL  CP/ORG/MISC/10/09  1969

Including report in Comment, cuttings the Morning Star, Tribune etc; New Left May Day Manifesto; printed report and proposals; circulars; newsletters; T S discussion statements, some under the auspices of May Day Manifesto, incl by Stephen Hymer, Robin Murray, Tom Wengraf and GA Cohen on communications and Terry Eagleton on Phenomenology and Marxism; other miscellaneous documents

Society for Cultural Relations with USSR  [no ref. or date]

Various papers & circulars of SCR, including specialist papers on science, history, psychology, etc....  CP/ORG/MISC/10/10  1948-1969

Labour Independent Group & DN Pritt  [no ref. or date]

Materials relating to DN Pritts expulsion from the Labour Party for his support for the Peoples Convention, applications to rejoin the Party and the Labour Independent Group pamphlet "Crisis and Cure" [1950].  CP/ORG/MISC/10/11  1941-1950

Workers International Relief  [no ref. or date]

Materials relating to relief campaigns for the Soviet Union, Germany, Ireland and the Lancashire Cotton workers, and W.I.R. pamphlets "Germany To-day-Britain Today" and "The Great Scales of Diet Scandal".  CP/ORG/MISC/10/12  1923-1934

Air Raid Precautions Co-ordinating Committee  [no ref. or date]

Miscellaneous pamplets on A.R.P.  CP/ORG/MISC/11/01  1934-1951

Including "Air Raid Warning" by TH Wintringham, "Behind the Gas Mask" (British Section, Womens World Committee Against War & Fascism), "Poison Gas" (Union of Democratic Control), "Edmonton Labour Party and Air War", "Protection of Civil Population..." (London Trades Council), "Air Raid Protection: The Facts" by 10 Cambridge Scientists, "How to be Safe from Air Raids" by Prof JBS Haldane, "A.R.P." (CPGB), "A.R.P. Act Now!" (CPGB), "A.R.P. for Londoners" (L.D.C. CPGB), "A.R.P. - a plan for Holborn" (Holborns Peopls Air Raid Protection Committee), "Wandsworth's Plan for A.R.P." (Wandsworth TC), "Plan for A.R.P." by Serge Chermayeff, "Better Shelters" (Association of Architects, Surveyors & Technical Assistants), "A.R.P. Safety Now" (CPGB), "A.R.P. Improvement Exhibition Nov - Dec 1940" (Birmingham A.R.P. Co-ordinating Committee), "Break the Cement Ring" (A.R.P. Co-ordinating Committee), "Blitzkrieg on Manchester" by Mick Jenkins (Mcr & Salford Dis CP), "Mass Murder or Planned Protection" (CPGB), "Coventry What Now?" by Sam Blackwell (Midlands Dist. CP), "It's Up to You and Me" by Nora Jeffery (Mcr & Sal Dist. CP), "A.R.P. A Plan for Hendon" (Hendon CP), "Make the North East Safe" by John Gollan (CPGB), "Bombers Over London" by Ted Bramley (CPGB), "Lend Us a Hand" (Peoples Convention Committee), "Fire Watching - The Worker's Rights" (L.R.D), "Safe Shelters Now!" (A.A.S.T.A.), "Song in the Shelter" by Bernard Henry, "Fire Watching for Men & Women" (L.R.D.), "Fire Guards" (L.R.D.), "If you are Blitzed" by Henry Aldridge & "Civil Defence... Your Questions Answered" (Peace Pledge Union).

Miscellaneous H.M.S.O. documents relating to A.R.P. and dealing with invasion  CP/ORG/MISC/11/02  1935-1942

Miscellaneous printed material issued by the Air Raid Defence League (Incorporating the National Association of Air Raid Wardens) including journal "Air Raid Defence" Nos 1, 2, 3 & 6 (1939)  CP/ORG/MISC/11/03  1939

File of documents, correspondence and printed circular mostly issued by the National A.R.P. Co-ordinating Committee (incld. "A.R.P. Progress")  CP/ORG/MISC/11/04  1938-1942

Also Cambridge Scientist Anti-War Group, the Air Raid Defence League, the Association of Architects, Surveyors & Technical Assistants (A.A.S.T.A), the and Ministry of Health, Islington Tenants' Protection Association and the Ministry of Home Security. File also contains miscellaneous A.R.P. lealfets and draft articles.

Proportional Representation Society  [no ref. or date]

Report  CP/ORG/MISC/11/05  1916

Progressive Tans Ltd  [no ref. or date]

Letter  CP/ORG/MISC/11/06  1960

Daily Worker/Morning Star and PPPS  CP/PPPS  [n.d.]

Creator(s): People's Press Printing Society, 1945-; PPPS 1945-

Administrative history:
The Daily Worker was established on 1 January 1930 as the organ of the Central Committee of the CPGB. It continued in this capacity until 1945, when a co-operative society, the People's Press Printing Society, was created in order to raise capital for the Daily Worker from beyond the CPGB. Ownership of the Daily Worker was transferred from the CPGB to the PPPS, although the CPGB retained editorial and political control of the paper. A further organisation, the Daily Worker (after 1966 - Morning Star) Co-operative Society, was established in 1951 to act as the nominal publishers of the paper. The mechanisms of party political control over the politics and management of the paper began to break down in the early 1980s, when the editor of the Morning Star was able to use the legal position of the PPPS in order to move the paper away from CPGB control. This resulted in a lengthy struggle between the leadership of the CPGB and the Management Committee of the PPPS for political control of the paper between 1982 and 1986. Both the CPGB, and the then existing PPPS Management Committee attempted to secure the election of their nominees to the committee at the AGMs of the PPPS. The struggle for control of the Morning Star, which mirrored the factional struggles that were taking place within the CPGB, was won by the existing PPPS Management Committee, and the CPGB effectively abandoned its attempts to regain control of the Morning Star after 1986.

General PPPS materials  [no ref. or date]

Rules, early documents, and 1978 CPGB EC sub-committee report on the Morning Star  CP/PPPS/1/01  1945-1984

PPPS AGM printed reports (incomplete run)  CP/PPPS/1/02  1946-1992

Daily Worker/Morning Star Co-operative Society Ltd. Rules, some minutes  CP/PPPS/1/03  1951 and 1984

PPPS Management Committee minutes and list of members  CP/PPPS/1/04  1982-1987

PPPS Business Committee minutes; 1 set minutes of presses meeting  CP/PPPS/1/05  1983-1985

PPPS Fighting Fund - accounts and correspondence  CP/PPPS/1/06  1981-1986

PPPS Shares - appeals, forms, circulars  CP/PPPS/1/07  1982-1986

Morning Star circulation materials  [no ref. or date]

Star Promotion Group - minutes and correspondence  CP/PPPS/1/08  1980-1981

Morning Star Campaign Committee (representatives of both Morning Star and CPGB leadership) - minutes  CP/PPPS/1/09  1975-1983

Morning Star circulation - statistics, reports and circulars  CP/PPPS/1/10  1973-1979

Morning Star circulation - statistics, reports and circulars  CP/PPPS/2/01  1980

Morning Star circulation - reports and circulars  CP/PPPS/2/02  1981

Morning Star distribution figures  CP/PPPS/2/03  1981

Morning Star circulation - statistics, reports and circulars  CP/PPPS/2/04  1982

Morning Star circulation - statistics, reports and circulars  CP/PPPS/2/05  1983

Morning Star circulation - statistics, reports and circulars - includes 12.83 invoice to Soyuzpechat' (Soviet distribution agency) for £800,928  CP/PPPS/3/01  1984-1985

Morning Star business materials  [no ref. or date]

New press and building sale  CP/PPPS/3/02  1984 and 1987

PPPS - CPGB's advertising debts - correspondence between Mary Rosser, Monty Goldman and CPGB  CP/PPPS/3/03  1982-1986

CPGB/PPPS relations  [no ref. or date]

Correspondence and documents - including exchange of letters between Tony Chater, Gordon McLennan and Dave Cook  CP/PPPS/3/04  1978-1979

Correspondence and documents  CP/PPPS/3/05  1982

Correspondence, cuttings and documents  CP/PPPS/3/06  1983

Correspondence, cuttings and documents  CP/PPPS/3/07  January 1984

Correspondence, cuttings and documents  CP/PPPS/3/08  February 1984

Correspondence, cuttings and documents  CP/PPPS/3/09  March 1984

Correspondence, cuttings and documents  CP/PPPS/3/10  April 1984

Correspondence, cuttings and documents  CP/PPPS/4/01  May 1984

Correspondence, cuttings and documents  CP/PPPS/4/02  June 1984

Correspondence, cuttings and documents  CP/PPPS/4/03  July 1984

Correspondence, cuttings and documents  CP/PPPS/4/04  August 1984

Correspondence, cuttings and documents  CP/PPPS/4/05  September 1984

Correspondence, cuttings and documents  CP/PPPS/4/06  October 1984

Correspondence, cuttings and documents  CP/PPPS/4/07  November 1984

Correspondence, cuttings and documents  CP/PPPS/4/08  December 1984

Correspondence, cuttings and documents  CP/PPPS/4/09  1984 (month uncertain)

Correspondence received by CPGB EC, mainly from CPGB organisations, following publication of CPGB EC statement on relations with the PPPS  CP/PPPS/4/10  June and July 1984

Reports of and plans for meetings in CPGB organisations on the relationship between the CPGB and the PPPS  CP/PPPS/4/11  March-June 1984

Correspondence, drafts, documents, circulars etc. on CPGB/PPPS controversy  CP/PPPS/4/12  1985

Correspondence, drafts, documents, circulars etc. on CPGB/PPPS controversy  CP/PPPS/4/13  1986-1990

PPPS AGMs and political battles around them  [no ref. or date]

37th AGM - report, nominations, resolutions etc.  CP/PPPS/5/01  June 1982

38th AGM - report, nominations, resolutions, G. Matthews' speech, cuttings, etc.  CP/PPPS/5/02  June 1983

39th AGM - report, nominations, resolutions, verbatim reports of London and Glasgow meetings, and counsel's opinion on legal status of CPGB resolution on removing editors  CP/PPPS/5/03  June 1984

PPPS Special General Meeting - arranged by CPGB. Agenda, nominations, leaflets, correspondence, voting, etc.  CP/PPPS/5/04  October 1984

PPPS Special General Meeting - arranged by CPGB. Questions to counsel and counsel's opinion  CP/PPPS/5/05  October 1984

PPPS Special General Meeting - arranged by CPGB. Administrative arrangements.  CP/PPPS/5/06  October 1984

PPPS Special General Meeting - arranged by CPGB. Finances of meeting  CP/PPPS/5/07  October 1984

Letters about signatures for requisition  CP/PPPS/5/08  October 1984

Requisition for PPPS SGM  CP/PPPS/5/09  October 1984

List of participants in London and North-West sectional meetings of PPPS SGM  CP/PPPS/5/10  October 1984

40th PPPS AGM - report, resolutions, nominations, s/h record of debate, votes etc.  CP/PPPS/06/01  June 1985

41st PPPS AGM - report, resolutions, nominations, votes etc.  CP/PPPS/06/02  June 1986

42nd PPPS AGM - report, correspondence, assessments  CP/PPPS/06/03  June 1987

44th PPPS AGM - report, motions, Betty Reid's notes (written up by G. Matthews)  CP/PPPS/06/04  June 1989

CPGB/PPPS relations  [no ref. or date]

Press cuttings and articles  CP/PPPS/6/05  1981-1990

CPGB leaflets and published statements  CP/PPPS/6/06  1983-1985

Veterans' signatures to CPGB-organised statement on PPPS, with letters including objections from Andrew Rothstein and Jack Gaster, and reservations from Wogan Philips and Molly Zak  CP/PPPS/7/01  Summer 1984

Veterans' protests (organised by George Matthews) re Morning Star's use of past CPGB leaders' articles for factional purposes  CP/PPPS/7/02  Spring 1984

Jack Gaster/George Matthews controversy  CP/PPPS/7/03  1984-1985

Dismissals of George Matthews and Bill Wainwright from Morning Star - Correspondence, protests etc.  CP/PPPS/7/04  1984

Morning Star NUJ chapel - including protests against dismissals of G. Matthews and W. Wainwright, and against appointment of J. Haylett as editorial assistant  CP/PPPS/7/05  1983-1985

Correspondence on the dispute between Victor Schonfeld (CLPD) and Nina Temple  CP/PPPS/7/06  1984

'Thatcherism' - 2 articles by Tony Chater and reply by G. Matthews, with other Chater articles and talk  CP/PPPS/7/07  1983-1985

Documents about the Daily Worker and Morning Star  [no ref. or date]

Miscellaneous documents concerning the paper and its relationship with the CPGB, prior to the dispute of 1983  CP/PPPS/7/08  1932-1982

CPGB/PPPS relations  [no ref. or date]

Correspondence to and from Gordon McLennan and members of Morning Star staff - especially Tony Chater - and others, regarding the paper  CP/PPPS/7/09  1972-January 1978

Morning Star - Margaret Woddis papers and cuttings incl minutes of meetings, org. material, etc  CP/PPPS/8/01  1984

Morning Star - M.Woddis papers re various issues incl PPPS, etc  CP/PPPS/8/02  1983

Morning Star - M.Woddis papers re various issues incl PPPS, various matters and meetings, etc  CP/PPPS/8/03  1982

Misc material re various matters incl minutes of PPPS meetings, reports to management committee, etc  CP/PPPS/9/01  1984

Papers re Morning Star and plans for its first year incl org matters, earlier business matters, etc  CP/PPPS/9/02  1954-1966

Papers re running of Morning Star and material re Web Offset printing  CP/PPPS/9/03  1966-1973

Material re Keeble Press, PPPS meetings, etc incl minutes of meetings and accounts  CP/PPPS/9/04  1944-1945

Material re CPGB and Morning Star - PPPS incl reports of various bodies incl EC sub-committee, etc  CP/PPPS/9/05  1983-1985

Duplicate of papers re Morning Star and Web Offset printing  CP/PPPS/9/06  1973

Morning Star minutes of staff meetings, letters to sub-cttee, reports of discussions, etc  CP/PPPS/10/01  1978

Letters and papers re journals and pamphlets of CPGB incl re efforts for improvement of Morning Star, etc  CP/PPPS/10/02  1978

Papers re EC sub-cttee of Morning Star incl reports of discussions, meetings and suggestions, etc  CP/PPPS/10/03  1978

Morning Star EC sub-cttee papers re committee structure, org. arrangements, etc, at the paper; also comments and letters re the paper  CP/PPPS/11/01  1978

Letter and submissions to EC sub-cttee of Morning Star re various matters, incl complaints, suggestions for improvement of paper, etc  CP/PPPS/11/02  1978

Duplicate copies of unpublished letters to Morning Star re various matters  CP/PPPS/11/03  1978

Minutes and notes of meetings re Morning Star  CP/PPPS/11/04  1978

Reports of EC sub-cttee on Morning Star and reports of other committees re same, etc  CP/PPPS/11/05  1978

Young Communist League  CP/YCL  [n.d.]

Creator(s): Young Communist League, 1920-1991

YCL congresses  [no ref. or date]

4th Congress - congress report, EC report, W. Rust speech, EC resolutions  CP/YCL/1/1  1926

5th Congress - congress report  CP/YCL/1/2  1928

6th Congress - resolution on Bolshevisation (?)  CP/YCL/1/3  1929

7th Congress - report, EC report, resolutions, verbatim accounts of certain contributions, YCI appraisal of congress  CP/YCL/1/4  1933

8th Congress - verbatim reports  CP/YCL/1/5  1936

8th Congress - emergency resolutions, support messages, reports and pamphlet  CP/YCL/1/6  1936

9th Congress - report and resolutions, report of National Committee, constitution  CP/YCL/1/7  1950

17th Congress - congress report, NC report, main report to congress, discussion statement, membership, report-back guide

18th Congress - verbatim report  CP/YCL/1/16  1951

18th Congress - congress report, NC report and additional material, KSM fraternal speech, congress papers  CP/YCL/1/17  1951

19th Congress - printed matter, organisational ephemera and delegates' materials  CP/YCL/2/1  1952

19th Congress - stenographic report  CP/YCL/2/2  1952

20th Congress - congress materials, fraternal delegates, business correspondence, political correspondence, organisational materials  CP/YCL/2/3  1954

21st Congress - congress materials, political correspondence and notes, business correspondence and notes  CP/YCL/2/4  1956

22nd Congress - congress materials, notes and letters  CP/YCL/3/1  1958

23rd Congress - reports, congress materials, resolutions, fraternal greetings  CP/YCL/3/2  1960

23rd Congress - verbatim report  CP/YCL/3/3  1960

24th Congress - reports and documents  CP/YCL/3/4  1962

24th Congress - NC nominations and branch secretaries  CP/YCL/3/5  1962

24th Congress - correspondence, fraternal delegations  CP/YCL/3/6  1962

25th Congress - congress documents  CP/YCL/4/1  1964

25th Congress - stenographic report  CP/YCL/4/2  1964

25th Congress - delegates - forms and applications  CP/YCL/4/3  1964

25th Congress - NC nominations  CP/YCL/4/4  1964

25th Congress - misc. correspondence  CP/YCL/4/5  1964

26th Congress - congress materials, delegate's materials and notes taken by Paul Olive, then of Chelmsford YCL  CP/YCL/4/6  1967

27th Congress - congress and pre-congress duplicated materials  CP/YCL/5/1  1969

Related information: Some of this congress recorded on reel-to-reel tape deposited at NSA)

28th Congress - congress materials, pre-congress discussion, and notes by unidentified delegate from Yorkshire  CP/YCL/5/2  1971

29th Congress - congress materials and pre-congress discussion. Some papers and correspondence of Les Reed of LDCP  CP/YCL/5/3  1973

30th Congress - congress materials and pre-congress discussion  CP/YCL/5/4  1975

31st Congress - reports, drafts and pre-congress discussion  CP/YCL/6/1  1977

31st Congress - congress materials  CP/YCL/6/2  1977

32nd Congress - congress materials and reports  CP/YCL/6/3  1979

33rd Congress - congress materials  CP/YCL/7/1  1981

33rd Congress - congress materials arranged by Nina Temple to form standard guide to preparation of congresses  CP/YCL/7/2  1981

34th Congress - congress materials  CP/YCL/7/3  1983

35th Congress - delegates' pack  CP/YCL/7/4  1985

35th Congress - notes and reports  CP/YCL/7/5  1985

London YCL  [no ref. or date]

Misc leaflets and brochures  CP/YCL/8/1  1940s and 1950s

Misc leaflets, programmes, circulars and brochures  CP/YCL/8/2  1960s

LDYCL committee minutes, leaflets, circulars, and other papers  CP/YCL/8/3  1970s

LDYCL committee minutes, leaflets, circulars, and other papers  CP/YCL/8/4  1980s

Branch programmes, circulars and publications  CP/YCL/8/5  1930s-1980s

Greenwich YCL circulars, correspondence, pamphlets and leaflets  CP/YCL/8/6  1960-1965

Greenwich YCL minute book  CP/YCL/8/7  1961-1967

SE London YCL and Catford YCL papers and circulars  CP/YCL/8/8  1960-1970

Miscellaneous district leaflets  CP/YCL/8/9  1970s and 1980s

London YCL - Congresses  [no ref. or date]

1957 Congress - papers and Max Egelnick's notes  CP/YCL/9/1  1957

1963 Congress - papers, notes, report  CP/YCL/9/2  1963

1965 Congress - papers, report  CP/YCL/9/3  1965

1967 Congress - papers, report  CP/YCL/9/4  1967

Reports and papers of London YCL congresses for 1971, 1973, 1975, 1978, 1980  CP/YCL/9/5  1971-1980

1984 Regional congress - reports, notes, papers etc  CP/YCL/9/6  1984

Scottish YCL  [no ref. or date]

Leaflets, Scottish committee and local circulars, branch bulletins etc.  CP/YCL/9/7  1967-1986

Scottish congresses - 1981 and 1984 - reports and papers  CP/YCL/9/8  1981, 1984

District/local YCL materials  [no ref. or date]

Hants/Dorset YCL - EC inquiry  CP/YCL/9/9  1971

Kent YCL - district circulars, reports, leaflets  CP/YCL/9/10  1964-1970

Midlands/East Midlands YCL - newsletters, reports, leaflets, circulars  CP/YCL/9/11  1955-1986

Northern YCL - leaflets, circulars, branch poem, pamphlets  CP/YCL/9/12  1939-1983

North-West (Merseyside and Manchester YCLs) - leaflets, circulars, bulletins 'Red Flag', 'Red Barrel', 'Young Mancunion' etc  CP/YCL/9/13  1942- late 1970s

South Essex YCL - bulletins, circulars, leaflets, correspondence  CP/YCL/9/14  1854-1980

South/South-East Midlands YCL - leaflets, bulletins, congress report  CP/YCL/9/15  1969-1980

Surrey YCL - pamphlets  CP/YCL/9/16  1960s and 1970s

Welsh YCL - leaflets  CP/YCL/9/17  1980s

West of England YCL - Bristol branch magazines  CP/YCL/9/18  early 1970s-early 1980s

West Middlesex YCL - circulars, leaflets, People's March for Jobs meeting materials  CP/YCL/9/19  1960s-1983

Disciplinary files  [no ref. or date]

Discipline and expulsions - correspondence and supporting materials (excluding Healyite infiltration of YCL)  CP/YCL/10/1  1957-1965

Healyite infiltration of YCL - materials on Lambeth, Paddington, Acton, Ealing, Leicester, Oxford and Bristol YCLs, Robin Blick, Stan Graham, other misc SLL-related expulsions, SLL infiltration in general, London YCL DC, 'YCL Crisis' document  CP/YCL/10/2  1964

St. Pancras YCL - Maoist faction. Documents and correspondence  CP/YCL/10/3  1966

Brighton YCL - Militant Tendency infiltration - documents and correspondence  CP/YCL/10/4  1966

Leeds YCL  CP/YCL/10/5  1966-1967

Expulsions and discipline (misc)  CP/YCL/10/6  1966-1967

Islington YCL - resolutions and complaints  CP/YCL/10/7  1970

Surrey YCL Maoists  CP/YCL/10/8  1970

YCL 'Unity' campaign and associated factional struggles  CP/YCL/10/9  1971

National leading bodies - minutes and papers  [no ref. or date]

Central circulars, some YCL National Committee agendas and minutes, educational materials, correspondence, CPGB 1947 youth resolution etc.  CP/YCL/11/1  1939-1950

National Committee - minutes and related papers  CP/YCL/11/2  1951

National Committee - minutes and related papers  CP/YCL/11/3  1952

Executive Committee - minutes and related papers  CP/YCL/11/4  1952

National Committee - minutes and related papers  CP/YCL/11/5  1953

Executive Committee - minutes and related papers  CP/YCL/11/6  1953

National Committee - minutes and related papers  CP/YCL/11/7  1954

Executive Committee - minutes and related papers  CP/YCL/11/8  1954

National Committee - minutes and related papers  CP/YCL/11/9  1955

Executive Committee - minutes and related papers  CP/YCL/11/10  1955

National Committee - minutes and related papers  CP/YCL/11/11  1956

Executive Committee - minutes and related papers  CP/YCL/11/12  1956

Reports of 'Youth Brigades' in election  CP/YCL/11/13  1959

National Committee - minutes, supporting papers, some letters  CP/YCL/12/1  1964

National Committee - minutes, supporting papers, some letters  CP/YCL/12/2  1965

Minute book of YCL EC  CP/YCL/12/3  October 1965-April 1967

National Committee - minutes and papers  CP/YCL/12/4  1966

National Committee - minutes and papers  CP/YCL/12/5  1967

Executive Committee - minutes and papers  CP/YCL/12/6  1967

National Committee - minutes and papers  CP/YCL/12/7  1968

Executive Committee - minutes and papers  CP/YCL/12/8  1968

National Committee - minutes and papers  CP/YCL/12/9  1969

Executive Committee - minutes and papers  CP/YCL/12/10  1969

National Committee - minutes and papers  CP/YCL/12/11  1970

Executive Committee - minutes and papers  CP/YCL/12/12  1970

National/Executive Committee - minutes and papers  CP/YCL/12/13  1971

(Following the 28th congress of the YCL in the spring of 1971, the leading committees were renamed:- the National Committee became the Executive Committee, and the former Executive Committee was redesignated as Political Committee)

Executive/Political Committee - minutes and papers  CP/YCL/12/14  1971

Executive Committee - minutes and papers (includes 'Inner-League Democracy' commission)  CP/YCL/13/1  1972

Political Committee - minutes and papers  CP/YCL/13/2  1972

Executive Committee - minutes and papers  CP/YCL/13/3  1973

Political Committee - minutes and papers  CP/YCL/13/4  1973

Executive Committee - minutes and papers  CP/YCL/13/5  1974

Political Committee - minutes and papers  CP/YCL/13/6  1974

Executive Committee - minutes and papers  CP/YCL/13/7  1975

Political Committee - minutes and papers  CP/YCL/13/8  1975

Political Committee - handwritten minutes  CP/YCL/13/9  April 1975-April 1977

Executive Committee - minutes and papers  CP/YCL/13/10  1976

Political Committee - minutes and papers  CP/YCL/13/11  1976

Executive Committee - minutes and papers  CP/YCL/14/1  1977

Political Committee - minutes and papers  CP/YCL/14/2  1977

Political Committee - minutes and papers  CP/YCL/14/3  1978

Political Committee - handwritten minutes  CP/YCL/14/4  April 1977-April 1979

Executive Committee - minutes and papers  CP/YCL/14/5  1979

Administrative history:
Following the 32nd YCL congress at Easter 1979, the Executive Committee was renamed the General Council, and the Political Committee became the Executive Committee)

General Council - minutes and papers  CP/YCL/14/6  1980

Executive Committee - minutes and papers  CP/YCL/14/7  1980

General Council - minutes and papers  CP/YCL/14/8  1981

Executive Committee - minutes and papers  CP/YCL/14/9  1981

General Council - minutes and papers - including 'Our Future' re-work  CP/YCL/14/10  1982

Executive Committee - minutes and papers  CP/YCL/14/11  1982

General Council - minutes and papers  CP/YCL/14/12  1983

Executive Committee - minutes and papers  CP/YCL/14/13  1983

General Council - minutes and papers  CP/YCL/14/14  1984

Executive Committee - minutes and papers  CP/YCL/14/15  1984

General Council - minutes and papers  CP/YCL/14/16  1985

Executive Committee - minutes and papers  CP/YCL/14/17  1985

YCL leading bodies - EC, GC and ad hoc committees - minutes and papers  CP/YCL/14/18  1986-1987

Challenge collective - minutes  CP/YCL/14/19  September-November 1983

Notes and copies of materials sent by YCL general secretary Doug Chalmers to CPGB national organiser lan McKay, YCL reports prepared for CPGB PC/EC  CP/YCL/14/20  1981-1987

Disciplinary files  [no ref. or date]

Materials relating to Hackney YCL in 1983, and disruptive activity by Paul Clark and Mark Lewis, associated with the 'Leninist' faction.  CP/YCL/14/21  1983

Central correspondence  [no ref. or date]

General correspondence - in and out  CP/YCL/15/1  1967-1969

Barney Davis (YCL National Organiser) personal file of correspondence, article drafts and notes  CP/YCL/15/2  1969-1970

YCL debt to Derbyshire Miners' Holiday Centre - solicitors' correspondence  CP/YCL/15/3  1968-1971

Incoming general correspondence  CP/YCL/15/4  1971

Incoming general correspondence  CP/YCL/15/5  1972

Incoming general correspondence  CP/YCL/15/6  1973

CPGB correspondence with CPGB districts re the state of the YCL  CP/YCL/15/7  1973

Outgoing correspondence  CP/YCL/15/8  June 1971-February 1973

Outgoing correspondence  CP/YCL/15/9  June 1973-April 1975

Incoming correspondence  CP/YCL/15/10  May 1973-April 1975

Incoming correspondence  CP/YCL/16/1  April 1975-April 1977

Outgoing correspondence  CP/YCL/16/2  May 1975-April 1977

Correspondence re "Komsomol 2" tour  CP/YCL/16/3  1975

Central miscellany  [no ref. or date]

Documents on CPGB/YCL relationship (reports, correspondence etc.)  CP/YCL/16/4  1970-1976

Coppice Camp miscellaneous documents  CP/YCL/16/5  1970s

Correspondence with foreign YCLs and fraternal organisations  CP/YCL/16/6  1980s

Delegate's materials for first legal post-Franco congress of the Union de juventudes comunistas de Espana  CP/YCL/16/7  1978

Reports to and from YCL districts  CP/YCL/16/8  1955-1957

YCL branch builder's kit (includes some of the original contents and some later materials)  CP/YCL/16/9  originally 1978

School students' materials  CP/YCL/16/10  1968-1982

YCL women's collective  CP/YCL/16/11  1976-1982

YCL and gay questions (Mark Ashton's correspondence etc.)  CP/YCL/16/12  1980s

Leaflets and circulars  [no ref. or date]

Leaflets and circulars  CP/YCL/17/1  1922-1937

Leaflets and circulars  CP/YCL/17/2  1940s and 1950s

Leaflets  CP/YCL/17/3  1960s

Leaflets and documents against the Vietnam war  CP/YCL/17/4  late 1960s, early 1970s

Leaflets  CP/YCL/17/5  1970s

Leaflets  CP/YCL/17/6  1980s

Circulars  CP/YCL/17/7  1950s

Circulars  CP/YCL/17/8  1960s

Organisational miscellany  CP/YCL/17/9  1960s

Organisational miscellany  CP/YCL/17/10  1970s

Organisational miscellany  CP/YCL/17/11  1980s

'Jobs for Youth' - campaign pack for YCL branches  CP/YCL/17/12  1983

Campaign Against Youth Unemployment  [no ref. or date]

CAYU materials  CP/YCL/17/13  1970s

YCL and Independent Labour Party Guild of Youth  [no ref. or date]

Correspondence, documents, resolutions and reports relating to ILPGOY/YCL relations and the United Front campaign  CP/YCL/18/1  1933-1935

ILPGOY documents relating to the application for conditional affiliation to the YCI  CP/YCL/18/2  1933-1935

Including correspondence with YCI, the ILP NAC, resolutions and other material. Also conference agenda for the international conference of the International Committee of Left Revolutionary Parties and Groups, 1935

Various ILPGOY internal materials, minutes of the National Committee and published conference reports  CP/YCL/18/3  1926-1935

"Youth Unity - Militant Organ of the ILP Guild of Youth" - and Scottish version  CP/YCL/18/4  1935

Scottish ILPGOY conference, Bridgetown  CP/YCL/18/5  1935

Documents of the "expelled section" - Lewis Povey and associates  CP/YCL/18/6  1935

Independent Labour Party Guild of Youth - Lewis Povey  [no ref. or date]

Correspondence between Lewis Povey and William Spence of the YCL on the situation in the ILPGOY  CP/YCL/18/7  1934

Independent Labour Party Guild of Youth - Horace Green  [no ref. or date]

Correspondence with ILP National Administrative Council and with YCL on affiliation to the YCI  CP/YCL/18/8  1933

YCL United Front campaign  [no ref. or date]

Copies of correspondence with LLOY and ILPGOY, appeals memoranda  CP/YCL/18/9  1934

YCL and LLOY  [no ref. or date]

Correspondence with LLOY, Labour Party and other documents  CP/YCL/18/10  1936

YCL and League of Nations Union  [no ref. or date]

Correspondence and other documents  CP/YCL/18/11  1935

YCL and other youth organisations  [no ref. or date]

Documents re TUs, young co-operators, Communaute Universelle de la Jeunesse, Assembly of British Youth Organisations  CP/YCL/18/12  1935-1936

Lanarkshire Youth Charter Committee  [no ref. or date]

Documents and correspondence  CP/YCL/18/13  1936

National Youth Congress against War and Fascism  [no ref. or date]

Stenographic report, miscellaneous documents and press reports  CP/YCL/18/14  August 1934

YCL documents and papers  [no ref. or date]

Circulars, reports and bulletins  CP/YCL/19/1  1932 and 1933

Circulars, reports and bulletins  CP/YCL/19/2  1934-1936

Notes, minutes, reports and resolutions  CP/YCL/19/3  1934-1936

Material on YCL and students  CP/YCL/19/4  1934 and 1935

Materials on relationship between YCL and the Young Communist International  CP/YCL/19/5  1931 and 1932

YCL and sport - miscellaneous documents  CP/YCL/19/6  1936

YCL and peace - miscellaneous documents (including BYPA)  CP/YCL/19/7  1936

London YCL - reports and circulars  CP/YCL/19/8  1934-1936

London YCL - report of 1935 district conference  CP/YCL/19/9  1935

Scottish YCL congress  CP/YCL/19/10  1932

Scottish YCL materials  CP/YCL/19/11  mid-1930s

Glasgow YCL branches - documents  CP/YCL/19/12  1936

District and branch materials - includes Manchester, Liverpool, Nottingham, South Wales  CP/YCL/19/13  1934-1936

YCL internal bulletins and journals  [no ref. or date]

League Organiser (1 copy)  CP/YCL/20/1  around 1930

Communist Youth Information - Nos. 11 - 15, 17  CP/YCL/20/2  around 1935

Our Youth - 'discussion magazine of the YCL'. Vol. 1 Nos. 1-5, 7-9  CP/YCL/20/3  1938

Our Youth - 'discussion magazine of the YCL'. Vol. 2 Nos. 1, 3 - 6, 9; Vol. 3 Nos. 1, 3.  CP/YCL/20/3  1939-1940

YCL News ('incorporating Our Youth') - 1 copy  CP/YCL/20/4  April 1943

Club News (four issues)  CP/YCL/20/4  March 1944-January 1947

YCL Bulletin No. 1  CP/YCL/20/5  January 1950

League Life ('a bulletin for members of the YCL') No. 2  CP/YCL/20/5  August 1950

Fortnightly Letter (of YCL NC) Nos. 17 - 19.  CP/YCL/20/6  September-November 1958

Internal Bulletin for Young Communists Nos. 1 - 3 for 1967 and 1 - 2 for 1968  CP/YCL/20/7  1967-1968

Once a Fortnight (four issues)  CP/YCL/20/8  December 1968-February 1969

Communist (!)  CP/YCL/20/9  1969-1976

"Education - Work and Technical Training for Young People" - Challenge magazine discussion document  CP/YCL/20/9  1970

Newsletter (YCL Executive Committee)  CP/YCL/20/10  1972-1978

Young Communist (EC (later General Council) report)  CP/YCL/20/11  1976-1979

The Informer - YCL GC bulletin  CP/YCL/20/12  1979-1986

Misc YCL information bulletins  CP/YCL/20/13  1980-1982

YCL journals  [no ref. or date]

Cogito - theoretical and discussion journal of the YCL  CP/YCL/21/1  1967-1978

Real Life - theoretical and discussion journal of the Young Communist League, Nos. 1 - 6  CP/YCL/21/2  1979-1983

Young Worker's Bulletin (and "Challenge Young Workers' Specials")  CP/YCL/21/3  1971 and 1981

Alive - journal of Challenge Cultural Group  CP/YCL/21/4  February and March 1940

Format - 1 issue - journal of the YCL schools campaign  CP/YCL/21/5  1969

Tolpuddle - YCL schools journal  CP/YCL/21/5  1971

Young Communist League International Bulletin (Nos. 1 and 2)  CP/YCL/21/6  November 1968, March 1969

Miscellany  [no ref. or date]

Handlists and catalogues of YCL, CP student and other such materials, prepared at CP Library at 16 St. John Street. Largely superseded, but still useful  CP/YCL/21/7  1980s

Membership lists and related checklists - restricted access  CP/YCL/21/8  1980-1982

YCL journals  [no ref. or date]

Early YCL journals  CP/YCL/21/9  1922-1934

'The Young Communist' (January 1922, and 'No. 2' from 1929 - a different series); 'The Young Worker' (1 copy each from 1924 and 1932, 4 copies from 1934); 'The Communist Youth' (April, June, September and October 1934)

Paul Olive papers - East Anglia YCL  [no ref. or date]

Minutes of East Anglia YCL District Committee, and of 1966 conference which [re-?]established the East Anglia District. Also some Chelmsford YCL documents and correspondence  CP/YCL/22/1  1963-1969

East Anglia Postal YCL branch (a group of YCLers unable to attend meetings of the two functioning branches in Norwich and Ipswich, who kept in contact by post) - circulars, draft documents and some correspondence  CP/YCL/22/2  1963-1966

Paul Olive papers - Challenge Editorial Board  [no ref. or date]

Minutes of the Challenge Editorial Board  CP/YCL/22/3  1968-1970

Papers of the Challenge Editorial Board, and related documents  CP/YCL/22/4  1968-1971

Leaflets and petition of the 'Votes for Youth Campaign'  CP/YCL/22/5  late 1960s

District/local YCL materials  [no ref. or date]

Yorkshire YCL - leaflets, circulars, district and branch bulletins, minutes of Yorkshire YCL DC, district congress materials etc.  CP/YCL/22/6  1967-1970s

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