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Papers and correspondence of Sir Frederick Edward Warner FRS, FREng

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Reference WARNER
Former reference GB 0301 Sir Frederick Warner
Covering dates 1926-2005
Held by Essex University Library
Extent ca 2,500 items
Archival history The bulk of the papers were received from Essex University Library in 2002. Additional biographical material was received from Sir Frederick Warner in 2004 and 2005.
Creators Warner, Frederick Edward, Sir, b 1910, chemical engineer

Administrative history:
Frederick Edward Warner was born in London on 31 March 1910. He attended Wanstead National School and Bancrofts School, Woodford Green, Essex, before going on to study chemistry as an undergraduate at University College London, supported by an Old Bancroftian Exhibition. At university Warner threw himself fully into student life, being President of the Debating Society (1931), President of the University of London Athletic Club (1932), President of the University of London Union (1933) and playing for University of London Rugby Club (1931-1934). He graduated B.Sc. in 1931 and following his graduation went on to research in chemical engineering. However, Warner's extensive involvement in student life, principally rugby and left wing politics, led him to neglect his academic studies and he failed the diploma taken in 1932 (he passed the following year). During this research period he made the acquaintance of H.W. Cremer and M.B. Donald, both of whom were to be significant in his later career. In 1934 Warner secured his first post, as assistant chemical engineer with the company A. Boake Roberts & Co. Ltd. This included work with L.W. Townsend on the manufacture of ethyl acetate. For a short time from 1938 to 1940 he worked for the British Launderers Research Association as a research engineer. In 1940 Warner joined Cynamid Products as a Construction Superintendent. He worked on the construction of nitric and sulphuric acid plants for the manufacture of explosives in Royal Ordnance factories. He remained with Cynamid until 1944 when he joined the company APV as Design and Sales Engineer, chiefly working on food and fermentation processes. In 1948 he was persuaded by his research supervisor from university days, H.W. Cremer, to join Carless Capel and Leonard, working in their factory at Hackney Wick, London. In 1956 he left Carless, again to join H.W. Cremer, becoming a Partner in the firm, Cremer and Warner, consulting chemical engineers (Senior Partner 1963-1980). As well as consultancies in the UK, for example for the National Coal Board on underground gasification of coal, he undertook international contracts including India and the USSR. His field of work ranged widely. It included the problems of large-scale plant contracts, air and water pollution, coal and oil gasification, applied fluid mechanics, risk assessment and more generally, the education of engineers. Warner retired from full-time work in 1980 but continued as a consultant. Warner held a wide range of professional roles. Among these were membership of the Council of the Institution of Chemical Engineers 1948-1950 and again from 1953 (Honorary Secretary 1953 and President 1966-1967), chairmanship of the Executive Board of the British Standards Institution 1973-1976 (President 1980-1983), Presidency of the British Hydromechanics Research Association 1980-1987 and Presidency of the Institute of Quality Assurance from 1987. He also served as Chairman of the Council of Science and Technology Institutes. He was a member of the Council of Engineering Institutions' Working Party on Pollution and of the Hazards Forum, set up by a meeting of engineering bodies in 1989. Following his election to the Royal Society, Warner served as Chairman of the British National Committee on Problems of the Environment 1977-1980 and chaired the Society's Study Groups on Risk 1978-1983 and 1991-1992. In 1982 Warner was appointed Treasurer of the International Council of Scientific Unions Scientific Committee on Problems of the Environment (SCOPE), serving to 1988. Over the period 1983-1999 he chaired three SCOPE projects of major importance: ENUWAR (Environmental Consequences of Nuclear War), RADPATH (Pathways of Artificial Radionuclides) and RADTEST (Radiation from Nuclear Test Explosions). ENUWAR was concerned particularly with assessing the predictions surrounding the possible 'Nuclear Winter' scenario following a nuclear exchange, while the RADPATH project had a special focus on examining the data from the fall-out from the explosion at the Chernobyl reactor. The RADTEST project focused on the releases of radioactivity from nuclear test explosions at test sites around the world for peaceful and military purposes. The University of Essex hosted the SCOPE Unit that provided administrative support for these three programmes, organising meetings, circulating papers and preparing reports. Warner was also involved as an adviser to the project RADSITE, 'Radioactivity from military installation sites and effects on population health', that was established to follow on from RADTEST. His experience with RADPATH following the Chernobyl disaster in 1986 led Warner to suggest the establishment of a voluntary organisation of engineers and scientists over the age of 65 willing to risk ionising radiation in order to make initial damage assessments in the event of a nuclear accident. He met with a positive response. Volunteers for Ionising Radiation (VIR) was established and although the idea did not meet with approval in all circles, the VIR were incorporated into the emergency provisions of the Order of St John. As well as his extensive professional commitments, Warner also acted in an advisory capacity to Government and Government-appointed bodies. These included service on the Ministry of Housing's (later Department of the Environment) Standing Technical Committee on Synthetic Detergents (as Chairman) 1970-1974, the National Economic Development Office's Process Plant Working Party 1971-1976 and Task Force on Quality and Standards 1983-1985 (both as Chairman), the Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution 1973-1976, and the Advisory Council on Energy Conservation to the Department of Energy 1974-1980. He also worked closely with the Health and Safety Executive and served as a Technical Advisor at the Inquiry into the Explosion at the Flixborough Chemical Works 1974-1975 and an Assessor to the Windscale Inquiry in 1977-1978. In additional to his career as a consulting engineer, Warner held a number of university appointments. He was a Fellow of University College London from 1967 and Visiting Professor in Environmental Science there 1970-1986. He was also Visiting Professor in Chemical Engineering at Imperial College London 1970-1978. Later he was based at Essex University, being appointed Visiting Professor in Chemistry 1983 and Visiting Professor in Law in 1988. Warner also served as Pro-Chancellor of the Open University 1974-1979, during which period he was called upon to act in a number of difficult cases. Warner was knighted in 1968 for his services to chemical engineering. He was made a Fellow of the Royal Society in 1976 (Leverhulme Medal 1978, Buchanan Medal 1982), and elected to the Fellowship of Engineering the same year. He received Honorary degrees from the Universities of Bradford, Aston, Cranfield, Heriot-Watt, Newcastle upon Tyne, Essex and the Open University. International awards included the Rhineland Prize for Environmental Protection, 1984 and the Gerard Piel Award for Service to Science in the Cause of Man, 1991.

The material presented here chiefly dates from the late 1960s to the late 1990s and there is thus a pronounced emphasis on Warner's later advisory and professional involvements with UK and international organisations. Warner's professional career as a chemical engineer, including his partnership in Cremer and Warner, and such significant activities as the Flixborough Inquiry are only sketchily represented. Section A, Biographical, presents a range of material relating to Warner's life and career. There are curricula vitae and a range of autobiographical accounts. There is Warner's collection of 1930s memorabilia, much of it relating to his student and Left wing activities in that era, and to his musical interests. A little material relating to Warner's career and professional interests includes documentation of a 1956 visit to India with the United Kingdom Heavy Engineering Mission. Honours and awards principally comprises letters of congratulation received on his Knighthood; other awards documented include the Rhineland Prize for Environmental Protection 1984 and the Gerard Piel Award 1991. Warner had many interests outside his work, a few of which are documented in this section, including the Old Bancroftians Association and his involvement with Church activities, internationally (European Ecumenical Assembly 'Peace with Justice', Basel, Switzerland, May 1989), regionally (Diocese of Chelmsford) and locally (St James Church, Brightlingsea). There is a little family correspondence and personal correspondence 1954-1996, and a number of photographs. Section B, Scientific Committee on Problems of the Environment (SCOPE), is the single largest component of this collection. It presents documentation of Warner's general involvement with SCOPE, including as Treasurer, but the most significant and sizeable components document his involvement - as chairman - with the three SCOPE projects: ENUWAR, RADPATH and RADTEST. All three are extensively covered with a very wide range of material. It includes initial proposals for and establishment of the projects, project membership, funding, areas to be covered, project organisation and management, arrangements for workshops, papers presented and preparation of the published reports. There is also extensive printed and photocopy background material, the bulk kept in numbered sequences relating to the three projects, and some audio-visual material. The section also includes papers relating to the RADSITE project, to a 1991 ad hoc study by SCOPE experts of the effects of the Kuwaiti oil fires against which 'nuclear winter' predictive models could be tested, and to the work of the SCOPE Unit at Essex. Section C, Societies and organisations, includes documentation of 52 UK and international bodies. The largest group of material relates to the Royal Society Study Groups on Assessment and Perception of Risk, chaired by Warner, that reported in 1983 and 1992. There is coverage of the establishment of the Groups, their ongoing work, the preparation and reception of the reports. Other significant documentation in the section records Warner's involvement with a number of specialist working groups established by the engineering profession to assess environmental hazards and risk more generally. These include the Council of Engineering Institutions' Working Party on Pollution, the Hazards Forum and the Institution of Chemical Engineers' Working Party on Nomenclature for Hazard and Risk. There is also material on Warner's membership of the UK National Coordination Committee for the International Decade for Natural Disaster Reduction, established in 1990, and on the risk assessment subgroup of the Deregulation Task Force established in 1994. Public service commitments covered include Warner's Trusteeship of the International Technological University and his Pro-Chancellorship of the Open University. Of particular interest is the comprehensive documentation of Warner's work establishing and promoting Volunteers for Ionising Radiation. Section D, Lectures and broadcasts, presents drafts for some of Warner's output as public, invitation and university (as Visiting Professor) lectures. He was in considerable demand as a distinguished chemical engineer, but also for his expertise in such other fields as risk assessment and arbitration and his involvement with important national and international programmes. Prestigious lectures documented here include 'Measurements, Models and Men', 10th Thomson Lecture, Royal Institution, 1970; 'Possibilities in Pollution Control', the 59th Thomas Hawkesley Lecture, Institution of Mechanical Engineers, 1973; 'Society's Response to Windscale', the Royal Society Hartley Lecture, 1978; and the Marchon Lecture 'Nuclear Power - Panacea or Peril' at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne, 1979. There are series of lectures given at University College and Imperial College London 1971 and (Imperial) 1975, some overseas lectures, and talks given at less formal occasions. There is also documentation of some of Warner's broadcasting output, principally for BBC Radio. The distinction between lectures, presented here, and publications (presented in the following section) is blurred. Many lectures were subsequently published and a number of lectures bore the same titles as published papers. Section E, Drafts and publications, is the shortest in the collection. Working in industry rather than academia, Warner's principal efforts did not usually result in published output. The section includes 'Nitric Acid Production', Warner's first substantial article written for the Institution of Chemical Engineers (1946) in which he described his wartime work with Royal Ordnance Factories, other articles on chemical plants, and papers on chemical engineering education. Also of note is Warner's chapter 'Production Technology', for Technology Today edited by Edward de Bono (London 1971). Warner had an interest in de Bono's unconventional approach to learning and believed it could help engineers and technologists. There are also letters to the press, book reviews, and a number of drafts for which there is no evidence of publication. Section F, Visits and conferences, documents Warner's involvement as organiser and speaker at meetings, 1962-1997. Most of the conferences documented concern some aspect of risk, safety and environmental hazards; in particular there is good material relating to the International Risk Assessment Conference, London, October 1992 and the Royal Society Discussion Meeting on Extrapolation of Dose Response Data for Risk Assessment, July 1995. There is also noteworthy coverage of meetings in the later 1960s of the Fédération Européenne d'Associations Nationales d'Ingénieurs and the Conference of Engineering Societies of Western Europe and the USA, much of the discussions of which related to improving international cooperation between national engineering organisations. Extended overseas visits documented include Australia in 1976, 1980 and 1985, Canada in 1981, and India in 1986 and 1990. Section G, Correspondence, presents a number of series of correspondence which together span the period from the mid 1960s to the late 1990s, with a few earlier letters. There is an initial alphabetical sequence, the bulk of which dates from the 1960s. Although there are few extended exchanges, and those on engineering topics or consultancies are rarely complete, much of this sequence relates to chemical engineering projects for Cremer and Warner in the 1960s, and is thus virtually the only substantive documentation of Warner's work for this company. Warner appears to have retained the bulk of his engineering and business correspondence in alphabetical arrangement up to the end of the 1970s, for the second series, which seems to follow on, is an alphabetically arranged sequence of groups of letters arranged by correspondent. A third alphabetical sequence dating from the 1980s and 1990s chiefly relates to SCOPE projects. There are also three separate chronological sequences of correspondence covering the period 1977 (carbon copies of outgoing correspondence May-December) and 1980-1997, and references and recommendations. There is also an index of correspondents. LOCATION OF FURTHER MATERIAL Further material, including some documentation of Warner's career with Cremer and Warner, is held in private hands. It is anticipated that these papers will be deposited at Essex University Library to join this collection in due course. Timothy E. Powell Bath 2006 NCUACS catalogue no. 144/1/06. Local ref. GB 0301 Sir Frederick Warner.

BIOGRAPHICAL, A.1-A.212  WARNER/A  1926-2005

Former reference: SECTION A


Former reference: A.1-A.16

Curricula vitae  WARNER/A/1/1  1950s, 1980s

Former reference: A.1

1 item

Warner's cvs: two from the 1950s; two 1980s.

Lists of publications  WARNER/A/1/2  1990s, 2000

Former reference: A.2

1 item

1946-1993, 2000 (added by hand); 1989-1992; 1993-1997. See also E.116.

Autobiographical reminiscences and accounts  WARNER/A/1/3  1983-2001

Former reference: A.3-A.7


See also A.15.

'A Risky Life', Institution of Chemical Engineers' Loss Prevention Bulletin, April 1983  WARNER/A/1/3/A.3  1983

Former reference: A.3

'Some reminiscences of Sir Frederick Warner FEng FRS. In my beginning is my end', The Scientist  WARNER/A/1/3/A.4  1986

Former reference: A.4

3pp photocopy manuscript; manuscript and photocopy manuscript notes.

Copy of Warner's Personal Record as a Fellow of the Royal Society  WARNER/A/1/3/A.5  1990s

Former reference: A.5

Manuscript biographical notes  WARNER/A/1/3/A.6  ca 1990s, 2001

Former reference: A.6

'Greece': 13pp draft on experiences working in Greece (and elsewhere) in 1966, written ca 1990s; 'Life begins at 45. Passage to India' in 1956, written in 2001.

'Professor Sir Frederick Warner, FEng, FRS'  WARNER/A/1/3/A.7  early 1990s

Former reference: A.7

1p biography.

Interviews  WARNER/A/1/4  1978-1992

Former reference: A.8-A.11

4 items

See also

With The Consulting Engineer, April 1978  WARNER/A/1/4/A.8  1978

Former reference: A.8

Correspondence; 10pp corrected typescript.

With Plain Truth magazine, August 1986  WARNER/A/1/4/A.9  1986

Former reference: A.9

1opp typescript list of questions, mainly on the nuclear winter theory.

'A safe life nearer to the edge', with Times Higher Education Supplement, November 1991  WARNER/A/1/4/A.10  1991

Former reference: A.10

Photocopy of published interview, 15 November 1991.

'A respectable failure', profile in The Chemcial Engineer, 10 December 1998 and 14 January 1999  WARNER/A/1/4/A.11  1992

Former reference: A.11

Entries for biographical publications  WARNER/A/1/5  1967-1996

Former reference: A.12

1 item

Newspaper cuttings and photocopies  WARNER/A/1/6  1978-1996, n.d.

Former reference: A.13

1 item

Archives  WARNER/A/1/7  1998-2005

Former reference: A.14-A.16

3 items

See also B.

Meeting to discuss Warner's archives, 21 October 1998  WARNER/A/1/7/A.14  1998

Former reference: A.14

Arrangements; notes of meeting.

Correspondence re archives  WARNER/A/1/7/A.15  2004-2005

Former reference: A.15

Includes photocopy manuscript short autobiographical accounts: Notes of activities from 1931, 'Communism and Cambridge', and political activities in the 1930s.

Print-out of correspondence file  WARNER/A/1/7/A.16  ca 1994

Former reference: A.16

Classification of incoming letters '017/92:08-12' to '245/94:01-03'. Kept as a sample of the code numbering given to incoming correspondence in the 1990s. The correspondence was not found in this order.

1930s MEMORABILIA  WARNER/A/2  1918-1978

Former reference: A.17-A.82

This material was assembled by Warner from his time as a student in London and thereafter. Much of it relates to Left wing politics of the time.

Left wing politics of the 1930s  WARNER/A/2/1  1918-1946

Former reference: A.17-A.54

University of London Union Magazine  WARNER/A/2/1/A.17-A.22  1932-1934

Former reference: A.17-A.22

Issues for Lent Term 1932-October 1933. Those for December 1932-June 1933 (A.18-A.21) edited by Warner. 6 folders.

'The Student Vanguard'  WARNER/A/2/1/A.23-A.29  1932-1934

Former reference: A.23-A.29

Volumes 1 nos 1-6 (A.23-A.25), 2 nos 1-8 (A.26-A.29) and 3 no.1 (A.30). 7 folders.

'Willy Nilly'  WARNER/A/2/1/A.30-A.31  1933

Former reference: A.30, A.31

University College London anti-war student paper. 4 issues (plus two duplicates). 2 folders.

Organising Committee of Section of Intellectual Workers  WARNER/A/2/1/A.32  1932

Former reference: A.32

Administrative history:
This appears to be a Communist Party committee. Warner is not mentioned.

Minutes of meeting (undated); resolutions.

All London Student Committee to Resist Educational Economies  WARNER/A/2/1/A.33  1933

Former reference: A.33

Administrative history:
Warner (as President of the University of London Union) is listed as the Chairman of a Conference opposing the proposed economies.

Flyers and circulars re activities against proposed economies in school education.

'Draft resolution of National Students' Congress Against War', Bermondsey, London, 5 March 1933  WARNER/A/2/1/A.34  1933

Former reference: A.34

Annotated ?by Warner.

Typescript and duplicated typescript papers for conference on proposed Federation of Student Societies of Great Britain  WARNER/A/2/1/A.35  ca 1933

Former reference: A.35

'Rendsburg, 9-13 April 1934'  WARNER/A/2/1/A.36-A.43  1932-1935

Former reference: A.36-A.43

Administrative history:
Warner was a British delegate.

Contents of Warner's folder so inscribed: chiefly duplicated typescript and manuscript material re International Student Service International Conference on the Work Camp, Rendsburg, Germany, 9-13 April 1934.

Duplicated typescript Memorandum outlining the conference; typescript programme.  WARNER/A/2/1/A.36-A.43/A.36  [n.d.]

Former reference: A.36

Duplicated typescript memoranda by national delegations on work camps in their countries.  WARNER/A/2/1/A.36-A.43/A.37-A.38  [n.d.]

Former reference: A.37, A.38

2 folders. In German.

Memorandum of British delegation  WARNER/A/2/1/A.36-A.43/A.39  [n.d.]

Former reference: A.39

In English and in German.

Warner's manuscript notes on proceedings etc.  WARNER/A/2/1/A.36-A.43/A.40-A.41  [n.d.]

Former reference: A.40, A.41

2 folders.

'German Youth To-day. Students' Conference on Work Camps: British visitors' impressions', Jewish Chronicle, 27 April 1934  WARNER/A/2/1/A.36-A.43/A.42  [n.d.]

Former reference: A.42

Report on the visit by Warner and D. Holness.

Background material found with Rendsburg papers  WARNER/A/2/1/A.36-A.43/A.43  1932-1935

Former reference: A.43

Some relates to employment and work-camps.

Letter to Warner from the Warden of the University of London Union re use of Union facilities for 'the Meyer mass demonstration', May  WARNER/A/2/1/A.44  1934

Former reference: A.44

'Olympic Games'  WARNER/A/2/1/A.45  1936

Former reference: A.45

Contents of Warner's folder: French leaflet against participation in 1936 Winter Olympics.

Miscellaneous printed literature  WARNER/A/2/1/A.46-A.53  1930s, 1944

Former reference: A.46-A.53

School and student literature  WARNER/A/2/1/A.46-A.53/A.46  [n.d.]

Former reference: A.46

'Town and Gown' no 9 (1932); 'Out of Bounds' vol 1 no 2 ?1933; University College Magazine, June 1935.

Literature on the Soviet Union  WARNER/A/2/1/A.46-A.53/A.47-A.48  [n.d.]

Former reference: A.47, A.48

'Bolsheviks on Trial', 'Preparing for October', 'Social and Economic Planning in the Soviet Union', 'Crocodile Album of Soviet Humour [sic]'. 2 folders.

Anti-Nazi literature  WARNER/A/2/1/A.46-A.53/A.49  [n.d.]

Former reference: A.49

'Germany Today', 'New Masses' no. 8 April 1933

Miscellaneous left-wing material.  WARNER/A/2/1/A.46-A.53/A.50  [n.d.]

Former reference: A.50

'Cambridge Anti-War Exhibition', 'How Britain rules India', 'Communist International' no.1 January 1934.

'Wissenschaft und Civilisation' by Einstein  WARNER/A/2/1/A.46-A.53/A.51  [n.d.]

Former reference: A.51

'20 Ans. 1914-1934'  WARNER/A/2/1/A.46-A.53/A.52  1934

Former reference: A.52

French ?Communist Party literature.

Communist Party pamphlets 'How to Win the War' and 'How to Win the Peace' by H. Pollitt  WARNER/A/2/1/A.46-A.53/A.53  1939, 1945

Former reference: A.53

Newspapers  WARNER/A/2/1/A.54  1918-1946

Former reference: A.54

Date from 1918, 1939 and 1946, chiefly issues of the Daily Worker August-September 1939. 1 box.

Music  WARNER/A/2/3  1933-1978

Former reference: A.55-A.82

Administrative history:
Alan Bush (1900-1995) studied at the Royal Academy of Music. In 1925 he was appointed Professor of Composition at the Royal Academy of Music but pursued his music studies in Berlin until the Great Depression in 1929. He was on the far Left politically. In 1924 he joined the Independent Labour Party and in 1935, the Communist Party. In 1925, Bush became involved with the London Labour Choral Union, in 1929 becoming its Musical Advisor. He served in this capacity until the organisation collapsed in 1940. In 1936, Bush helped to found the Workers' Music Association. He became its first Chairman, until he was called up in 1941, when he was elected its first President, a post he held until he death. He produced many compositions for Left wing choirs or with a Communist propaganda theme.

This material is chiefly music scores, usually with lyrics, and programmes for performances. It includes Left wing songbooks and newsletters of Left wing musical organisations. Much of the material relates to the work of Alan Bush, composer, with whom Warner had an association through the London Labour Choral Union in the 1930s.

Songbooks  WARNER/A/2/3/A.55-A.64  1933-1938

Former reference: A.55-A.64

International Collection of Revolutionary Songs, Moscow  WARNER/A/2/3/A.55-A.64/A.55  1933

Former reference: A.55

Workers Song Book, New York  WARNER/A/2/3/A.55-A.64/A.56  1934

Former reference: A.56

Alles singt mit!, Paris  WARNER/A/2/3/A.55-A.64/A.57  1934

Former reference: A.57

Russian language, USSR  WARNER/A/2/3/A.55-A.64/A.58  1934

Former reference: A.58

Hat Proletár Tömegdal, Paris  WARNER/A/2/3/A.55-A.64/A.59  1934

Former reference: A.59

1. Internationale Arbeiter Musik-u Gesangs-Olympiade Europas, Strasbourg  WARNER/A/2/3/A.55-A.64/A.60  1935

Former reference: A.60

Canconer Revolucionari Internacional 1 and 2, Generalitat de Catalunya  WARNER/A/2/3/A.55-A.64/A.61  1937

Former reference: A.61

Songs of the People, New York  WARNER/A/2/3/A.55-A.64/A.62  1937

Former reference: A.62

The Left Song Book, Gollancz, London  WARNER/A/2/3/A.55-A.64/A.63  1938

Former reference: A.63

Echo von links, Reichenberg  WARNER/A/2/3/A.55-A.64/A.64  N.d.

Former reference: A.64

London Labour Choral Union music  WARNER/A/2/3/A.65  1935, n.d.

Former reference: A.65

'Red Front', music by Alan Bush, words by S.T. Warner; 'Labour's Song of Challenge' music by Alan Bush, words by R. Swingler; 'Question and Answer', music by Bush, words by G.R. Attenbury; 'The Call to Freedom', music by H. von Buelow, words by Nancy Head.

Workers Music Association music  WARNER/A/2/3/A.66  1937, 1939, 1945

Former reference: A.66

Includes music by Alan Bush.

Other compositions and arrangements by Alan Bush  WARNER/A/2/3/A.67  1930s

Former reference: A.67

Includes 'To the Men of England', 'Song of the Hunger Marches', 'Against the People's Enemies' and 'Pageant of Co-operation. Men Awake!'

'Freedom on the Air. Six songs from the play by Randall Swingler. Music by Alan Bush'  WARNER/A/2/3/A.68  1940

Former reference: A.68

Songs in English (printed)  WARNER/A/2/3/A.69  1930s

Former reference: A.69

Music by Hanns Eisler  WARNER/A/2/3/A.70-A.71  1930s

Former reference: A.70, A.71

Administrative history:
The composer Hanns Eisler (1898-1962) was a student of Arnold Schönberg. Much of his output was 'angewandte Musik', connected with a particular function or another art form. In this connection in particular Eisler's collaboration with Bertolt Brecht spanned four decades.

Includes printed English translations by the London Labour Choral Union. 2 folders. A.71 includes original manuscripts by Eisler.

Songs in French  WARNER/A/2/3/A.72  1930s

Former reference: A.72

Songs in Russian  WARNER/A/2/3/A.73  1930s

Former reference: A.73

Published in the USSR. A few with English or other translations.

Songs in German  WARNER/A/2/3/A.74  [n.d.]

Former reference: A.74

Short plays  WARNER/A/2/3/A.75  [n.d.]

Former reference: A.75

'The Decisions' and 'Music and the People'. Duplicated typescript.

Various manuscript and duplicated manuscript music scores  WARNER/A/2/3/A.76  1930s

Former reference: A.76

Also includes typescript lyrics found therewith.

Para la Tumba de Lenin. Variacones Elegiaca para Piano', Generalitat de Catalunya by R. Halffter  WARNER/A/2/3/A.77  1937

Former reference: A.77

Symphony in C by Alan Bush, Op. 21  WARNER/A/2/3/A.78  [n.d.]

Former reference: A.78

Concert and recital programmes  WARNER/A/2/3/A.79  1935-1948

Former reference: A.79

These events all feature Alan Bush as conductor or recitalist.

'Red Notes', newsletter of the London Labour Choral Union  WARNER/A/2/3/A.80  1936-1938

Former reference: A.80

Issues, 1,3,4 and 15.

Miscellaneous pamphlets etc.  WARNER/A/2/3/A.81  1930s-1941

Former reference: A.81

Includes 2pp typescript circular letter on the future of the London Labour Choral Union, n.d.

Letter to Warner from Alan Bush, 26 November 1978  WARNER/A/2/3/A.82  1978

Former reference: A.82

Includes flyer for 'Music in Action: Song in the Labour and Progressive Movements', 2 December.


Former reference: A.83-A.97

Miscellaneous correspondence  WARNER/A/3/A.83  1944-1956

Former reference: A.83

Correspondence 1956 is with J.M. Leonard of Hope Chemical Works, Hackney, re terms of Warner's employment with Carless Capel & Leonard.

United Kingdom Heavy Engineering Mission to the Government of India, October-December 1956  WARNER/A/3/A.84-A.86  1956-1957

Former reference: A.84-A.86

2 items

Administrative history:
The mission was undertaken under the auspices of the Colombo Plan and the Federation of British Industries. It was headed by Sir Eric Coates. Warner was a member.

See also A.196 for photographs.

Papers arising from visit, including re preparation of the report  WARNER/A/3/A.84-A.86/A.84-A.85  1956-1957

Former reference: A.84, A.85

2 folders.

Report of the Mission  WARNER/A/3/A.84-A.86/A.86  1957

Former reference: A.86

Bound hardback volume.

Cremer & Warner Lunch-hour Meetings  WARNER/A/3/A.87  1966

Former reference: A.87

Duplicated typescript and manuscript material.

Report of a Survey on the Indian Process Plant Manufacturing Industry conducted by an Indo-British Team, February 1970  WARNER/A/3/A.88  1970

Former reference: A.88

Administrative history:
The joint leaders were Shri K.B. Rao and Warner.

Correspondence re unidentified research for Ministry of Defence  WARNER/A/3/A.89  1971-1973

Former reference: A.89

Papers re Sir Frederick Warner & Partners Australia  WARNER/A/3/A.90  1977

Former reference: A.90

Administrative history:
Sir Frederick Warner & Partners Australia were environmental and consulting engineers specialising in hazard and safety analysis.

Review of scientific and technological resources in Hong Kong  WARNER/A/3/A.91-A.95  1979-1982

Former reference: A.91-A.95

5 items

Administrative history:
This report was commissioned by the Government of Hong Kong. Warner was nominated as a suitable consultant by the Department of Trade and Industry.

Correspondence re remit, and terms and conditions  WARNER/A/3/A.91-A.95/A.91  1980

Former reference: A.91

Arrangements  WARNER/A/3/A.91-A.95/A.92  1980

Former reference: A.92

Report by Warner, December  WARNER/A/3/A.91-A.95/A.93  1980

Former reference: A.93

Correspondence and papers arising from the report  WARNER/A/3/A.91-A.95/A.94  1981-1982

Former reference: A.94

Background information  WARNER/A/3/A.91-A.95/A.95  1979, 1981

Former reference: A.95

Correspondence and papers re Polycon Endispute Management Services Ltd  WARNER/A/3/A.96  1985

Former reference: A.96

Administrative history:
Warner was invited to serve as Chairman of the Board but declined.

University appointments  WARNER/A/3/A.97  1976, 1977, 1991

Former reference: A.97

University College London (Visiting Professor), 1976, 1977; University of Essex (Visiting Professor), 1991.


Former reference: A.98-A.121

Institution of Chemical Engineers Osborne Reynolds Medal, 1955  WARNER/A/4/A.98  1955

Former reference: A.98


Knighthood, 1968  WARNER/A/4/A.99-A.107  1968, 1983

Former reference: A.99-A.107

Administrative history:
Warner was knighted in the New Years Honours for 1968

Correspondence re investiture, armorials etc, chiefly with Imperial Soceity of Knights Bachelor  WARNER/A/4/A.99-A.107/A.99  1968, 1983

Former reference: A.99

Letters of congratulation  WARNER/A/4/A.99-A.107/A.100-A.107  1968

Former reference: A.100-A.107

3 items

These were found in three folders, with one folder (buff) containing at the front a 6pp typescript list of those sending Warner their congratulations. Most are dated 1-3 January. There are a few carbon copies of letters of reply. The material has been retained in the order found. It is not indexed. Contents of buff folder: A.100, A.101. Contents of grey folder: A.102-A.104. Contents of pink folder: A.105-A.107.

Honorary Degrees  WARNER/A/4/A.108  1970-1980

Former reference: A.108

University of Aston, 1970; University of Newcastle upon Tyne 1979; Open University 1980.

Miscellaneous honours 1977  WARNER/A/4/A.109  [n.d.]

Former reference: A.109

Honorary Member, Mark Twain Society. Freeman of the Cinque Port Liberty of Brightlingsea.

Honorary Fellowship, Institution of Chemical Engineers  WARNER/A/4/A.110  1983

Former reference: A.110

Rhineland Prize for Environmental Protection, 1984  WARNER/A/4/A.111-A.115  1984

Former reference: A.111-A.115

3 items

For the lecture 'Cleaning the Thames' that Warner delivered on this occasion see D.131.

Arrangements  WARNER/A/4/A.111-A.115/A.111  [n.d.]

Former reference: A.111

Handbook, notice, photograph of Warner.  WARNER/A/4/A.111-A.115/A.112  [n.d.]

Former reference: A.112

Transcripts of press coverage  WARNER/A/4/A.111-A.115/A.113-A.115  [n.d.]

Former reference: A.113-A.115

3 folders.

Honorary Fellowship, University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology, 1986  WARNER/A/4/A.116  1986

Former reference: A.116

Award of title 'European Engineer', 1987  WARNER/A/4/A.117  1987

Former reference: A.117

Administrative history:
Warner was one of the first 60 recipients of this title.

Publicity material, including group photograph of recipients and photograph of Warner recieving his award.

Medal of the Vernadsky Institute of Geochemistry and Analytical Chemistry of the USSR Academy of Sciences  WARNER/A/4/A.118  1989

Former reference: A.118

Gerard Piel Award for Service to Science in the Cause of Man, 1991  WARNER/A/4/A.119  1990-1992

Former reference: A.119

Administrative history:
This was conferred by the Executive Board of ICSU.

Notice, publicity, letters of congratulation.

Honorary D.Sc., University of Essex, 1992  WARNER/A/4/A.120  1992

Former reference: A.120

Other award nominations  WARNER/A/4/A.121  1991, 1993

Former reference: A.121


Former reference: A.122-A.146

Athenaeum Club  WARNER/A/5/1  1982, 1993

Former reference: A.122

1 item

Chemical Club  WARNER/A/5/2  1977, 1978

Former reference: A.123

1 item


Diocese of Chelmsford  WARNER/A/5/3  1983-1995

Former reference: A.124-A.136

Diocesan Consultation on Nuclear Disarmament, 12 March 1983  WARNER/A/5/3/A.124-A.126  1983

Former reference: A.124-A.126

Background material, briefing notes, report on the meeting by Warner from Brightlingsea Parish Magazine. 3 folders.

'Junior Clergy Day' Diocesan Seminar, 21 May 1987  WARNER/A/5/3/A.127  1987

Former reference: A.127

Administrative history:
Warner spoke on 'Nuclear Power and Wastes'.

Correspondence re arrangements; programme; 5pp typescript of Warner's contribution; background material found with Warner's lecture, including correspondence re radioactive doses.

Bishop of Chelmsford's Inner City Appeal  WARNER/A/5/3/A.128  1989, 1993

Former reference: A.128

Administrative history:
Warner agreed to become a Patron.

European Ecumenical Assembly 'Peace with Justice', Basel, Switzerland, 15-21 May 1989  WARNER/A/5/3/A.129-A.132  1988-1989

Former reference: A.129-A.132

2 items

Administrative history:
This meeting brought together representatives of European churches to discuss a Christian response to global crisis. Warner gave a presentation. See also F.174-F.175A.

Conference material; related material from Association of Laity Centres found therewith. 4 folders.

Correspondence and papers, chiefly re Cathedral Appeal  WARNER/A/5/3/A.133  1990-1995

Former reference: A.133

Bradwell Area Clergy Day, St Thomas's Church, Brentwood, 12 July 1990  WARNER/A/5/3/A.134-A.136  1989-1990

Former reference: A.134-A.136

Administrative history:
Warner led one of the sessions.

Arrangements; programme; briefing and background material; Warner's manuscript notes. 3 folders.

Essex Naturalists Club  WARNER/A/5/4  1975-1981

Former reference: A.137

1 item

Friends of Essex Churches  WARNER/A/5/5  1981

Former reference: A.138

Old Bancroftians' Association  WARNER/A/5/6  1961-1993, n.d.

Former reference: A.139-A.143

Correspondence re Association affairs  WARNER/A/5/6/A.139  1961-1967

Former reference: A.139

Bancrofts School Development Fund Appeal Committee  WARNER/A/5/6/A.140  1972-1973

Former reference: A.140

Administrative history:
Warner chaired the committee.

Correspondence and papers.

School Computer Project  WARNER/A/5/6/A.141  1979

Former reference: A.141

Miscellaneous correspondence  WARNER/A/5/6/A.142  1966-1993

Former reference: A.142

Review by Warner of Old Bancroftian Dramatic Society production of 'L'Avare' (Moliere)  WARNER/A/5/6/A.143  N.d.

Former reference: A.143

3pp carbon typescript.

St James's Church, Brightlingsea  WARNER/A/5/7  1983-1986

Former reference: A.144-A.146

Administrative history:
Warner was chairman of the Church Hall Committee

Re construction of St James' Church Hall. 3 folders. Includes plans and estimates.


Former reference: A.147-A.157

The bulk of this material is Warner's correspondence with his children, chiefly with his elder son Robert in Australia.

Robert J. Warner (elder son)  WARNER/A/6/1  1965, 1974-1994, 2005

Former reference: A.147-A.151

Administrative history:
Robert Warner worked as an occupational physician in Australia.

Family, career, other personal news. 5 folders. A.151 includes reminiscences of Sir Richard and Joan Doll by R.J. Warner, 2005.

Elisabeth Jean Agulnik (elder daughter)  WARNER/A/6/2  1972-1981, n.d.

Former reference: A.152

Administrative history:
Elisabeth Agulnik was a solicitor.

Peter Anderson Warner (younger son)  WARNER/A/6/3  1988

Former reference: A.153

Newspaper cutting only.

Judith Alexandra Warner (adopted daughter)  WARNER/A/6/4  1975-1993

Former reference: A.154

Administrative history:
'Alex' moved to Australia where she worked as a nurse.

Barbara Ivy Warner (second wife)  WARNER/A/6/5  1972-1981

Former reference: A.155

Miscellaneous persnal correspondence etc.

Grandchildren and niece  WARNER/A/6/6  1977-1984, n.d.

Former reference: A.156

1 item

Copies of school reports, 'thank-you' letters, etc.

Arthur Victor Partridge Reynolds (father-in-law)  WARNER/A/6/7  1976

Former reference: A.157

Photocopy of Will.


Former reference: A.158-A.190

Contents of Warner's folders of personal correspondence presented in chronological order. The contents of the letters are extremely varied. Some relate to professional matters, others include personal news, correspondence re other interests, congratulations on appointments or honours or thanks to Warner for congratulations tendered, invitations Selectively indexed.

1954-1965  WARNER/A/7/A.158  [n.d.]

Former reference: A.158

1966-1968  WARNER/A/7/A.159  [n.d.]

Former reference: A.159

1969  WARNER/A/7/A.160  [n.d.]

Former reference: A.160

1970-1971  WARNER/A/7/A.161  [n.d.]

Former reference: A.161

1972-1975  WARNER/A/7/A.162  [n.d.]

Former reference: A.162

1977  WARNER/A/7/A.163  [n.d.]

Former reference: A.163

1978  WARNER/A/7/A.164-A.165  [n.d.]

Former reference: A.164, A.165

2 folders. July correspondence includes letters of congratulation on award of Royal Society Leverhulme Medal to Warner.

1979  WARNER/A/7/A.166-A.167  [n.d.]

Former reference: A.166, A.167

2 folders. Includes congratulations sent in error on the election of Warner's namesake to the European Parliament.

1980  WARNER/A/7/A.168-A.170  [n.d.]

Former reference: A.168-A.170

3 folders.

1981  WARNER/A/7/A.171-A.172  [n.d.]

Former reference: A.171, A.172

2 folders.

1982  WARNER/A/7/A.173-A.174  [n.d.]

Former reference: A.173, A.174

2 folders.

1983  WARNER/A/7/A.175  [n.d.]

Former reference: A.175

1984  WARNER/A/7/A.176  [n.d.]

Former reference: A.176

1985  WARNER/A/7/A.177  [n.d.]

Former reference: A.177

1986  WARNER/A/7/A.178-A.179  [n.d.]

Former reference: A.178, A.179

2 folders.

1987  WARNER/A/7/A.180  [n.d.]

Former reference: A.180

1988  WARNER/A/7/A.181-A.182  [n.d.]

Former reference: A.181, A.182

2 folders.

1989  WARNER/A/7/A.183-A.184  [n.d.]

Former reference: A.183, A.184

2 folders.

1990  WARNER/A/7/A.185  [n.d.]

Former reference: A.185

1991  WARNER/A/7/A.186  [n.d.]

Former reference: A.186

1992-1993  WARNER/A/7/A.187  [n.d.]

Former reference: A.187

1994-1996, undated  WARNER/A/7/A.188  [n.d.]

Former reference: A.188

Social functions and occasions  WARNER/A/7/A.189  1965-1996

Former reference: A.189, A.190

2 folders.


Former reference: A.191-A.195

Home  WARNER/A/8/1  [n.d.]

Former reference: A.191-A.194

Purchase of land for architect-designed house at 11 Spring Chase, Brightlingsea, Essex  WARNER/A/8/1/A.191-A.192  1969-1971

Former reference: A.191, A.192

2 folders.

General correspondence and papers, including sale of house 1994  WARNER/A/8/1/A.193  1977-1994

Former reference: A.193

Brightlingsea sea defences  WARNER/A/8/1/A.194  1993, n.d.

Former reference: A.194

Includes note of Warner's meeting with National Rivers Authority, September 1993.

Miscellaneous  WARNER/A/8/2  1961-1964, 1988

Former reference: A.195

1 item

PHOTOGRAPHS  WARNER/A/10  1957-1990s

Former reference: A.196-A.206

See also A.112, A.117.

'1956 India'  WARNER/A/10/A.196  1956

Former reference: A.196

Administrative history:
United Kingdom Heavy Engineering Mission to the Government of India, October-December 1956 see A.84-A.86.

Contents of Warner's envelope so inscribed: 6 photographs. Those featured are identifed on verso.

Visit to Port Talbot Chemical Co. benzole refinery  WARNER/A/10/A.197  1961

Former reference: A.197

1 photograph, inscribed on verso.

Commonwealth Engineering Conference, May 1966  WARNER/A/10/A.198  1966

Former reference: A.198

Administrative history:
Taken during Conference of Engineering Institutions of the British Commonwealth, London, 9-20 May 1966 see F.9-F.15.

Group photograph, with key.

Official Opening of British Hydromechanics Research Association Laboratories, Cranfield by the Duke of Edinburgh, 21 June 1966  WARNER/A/10/A.199  1966

Former reference: A.199

3 photographs. With guest list and itinerary of the Duke of Edinburgh's visit.

Photograph album from visit to SEMADCO works at Suez, Egypt, May 1974  WARNER/A/10/A.200  1974

Former reference: A.200

Includes later 1p manuscript note by Warner giving the context of the visit: 'Memento of visit to Military Governor Suez following destruction in war...Egyptain Government requested help from UK in restoring industrial plant'.

Formal and posed photographs taken following election to Royal Society, 1976  WARNER/A/10/A.201  1976

Former reference: A.201

6 photographs.

Signing of Memorandum of Agreement between Department of Trade and Industry and British Standards Institution (BSI), Lancaster House, London, 1981  WARNER/A/10/A.202  1982

Former reference: A.202

Administrative history:
Warner signed as President of the British Standards Institution.

3 photographs.

Photographs of Warner at British Standards Institution occasion honouring G.B.R. Feilden (probably on his retirement at Director General).  WARNER/A/10/A.203  ?1981

Former reference: A.203

2 photographs. Found with photographs at A.202.

Photograph album from visit by Warner and G.G. Spickernell of the BSI to Ramsomes & Rapier Waterside Works, Ipswich, September 1983  WARNER/A/10/A.204  1983

Former reference: A.204

Includes later 1p manuscript note by Warner giving the context of the visit: 'Ramsomes & Rapier of Ipswich were among the first to use Quality Assurance and BS5750'.

Photographs from party at Warner's home at Brightlingsea during unidentified SCOPE meeting  WARNER/A/10/A.205  1990s

Former reference: A.205

Two portrait photographs of Warner  WARNER/A/10/A.206  N.d.

Former reference: A.206


Former reference: A.207-A.212

Including outsize.

University of London Matriculation Certificate, 1926  WARNER/A/11/A.207  1926

Former reference: A.207


University of London Certificate for Intermediate Examination in Science 1929  WARNER/A/11/A.208  1930

Former reference: A.208


'Old Man of the Mountains', Theatre Review by Warner  WARNER/A/11/A.209  1945

Former reference: A.209

2pp typescript.

Manuscript draft of Letter to ?local newspaper on house building by Ware Rural District Council.  WARNER/A/11/A.210  ca 1950s

Former reference: A.210

Chart of 'Contractual Arrangements with Elliott Brothers (London) Ltd' to 1954  WARNER/A/11/A.211  ca 1954

Former reference: A.211


'European Conservation Year 1970'  WARNER/A/11/A.212  1970

Former reference: A.212

3pp typescript for ?Parish Magazine.


Former reference: SECTION B


Administrative history:
The Scientific Committee on Problems of Environment, SCOPE, was established by the International Council of Scientific Unions (ICSU) in 1969 in response to environmental concerns emerging at the time. ICSU members recognized that addressing many of these concerns would require input from several of the scientific unions and SCOPE was the body created to forge such links. Its objectives were: 1. To advance knowledge of the influence of humans on their environment, as well as the effects of these environmental changes upon people, their health and their welfare - with particular attention to those influences and effects which are either global or shared by several nations. 2. To serve as a non-governmental, interdisciplinary and international council of scientists and as a source of advice for the benefit of governments and inter- governmental and non-governmental bodies with respect to environmental problems. Its activities were directed by an Executive Committee and its first task was to prepare a report on Global Environmental Monitoring (SCOPE 1, 1971) for the UN Stockholm Conference on the Human Environment in 1972. Warner was Treasurer and a member of the Executive Committee of SCOPE 1982-1988. In the 1980s and 1990s he became involved in three major international SCOPE programmes: ENUWAR (Environmental Consequences of Nuclear War), RADPATH (Radioecology after Chernobyl: Biogeochemical Pathways of Artificial Radionuclides) and RADTEST (Nuclear Test Explosions: Environmental and Human Impacts). The results were published in SCOPE volumes 28 (1985-1986, 2nd ed. 1989), 50 (1993) and 59 (1999) respectively. The University of Essex hosted the SCOPE Unit that provided administrative support for these three programmes. It organised meetings, circulated papers and prepared reports.

GENERAL  WARNER/B/1  1982-1997

Former reference: B.1-B.105

70 items

Chiefly correspondence and papers relating to Warner's Treasurership of SCOPE and his membership of the Executive Committee.

Treasurership  WARNER/B/1/1  1982-1988

Former reference: B.1-B.15

15 items

Administrative history:
Warner was elected Treasurer at SCOPE's Fifth General Assembly in Ottawa, Canada, in June 1982. He served to June 1988.

Correspondence and papers re SCOPE income from national contributions, company donations and grant-giving bodies; payment of expenses; accounts; etc.

'SCOPE-Treasurer'  WARNER/B/1/1/B.1-B.10  1982-1984

Former reference: B.1-B.10

10 items

Contents of Warner's folder so labelled divided into ten for ease of reference: correspondence and papers. At B.7, B.8 are monthly balances and B.9 and B.10 are audited accounts 1982 and 1983.

Correspondence and papers found loose  WARNER/B/1/1/B.11-B.15  1982-1988

Former reference: B.11-B.15

5 items

1982-1983  WARNER/B/1/1/B.11-B.15/B.11  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.11

1984  WARNER/B/1/1/B.11-B.15/B.12  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.12

1985  WARNER/B/1/1/B.11-B.15/B.13  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.13

1986  WARNER/B/1/1/B.11-B.15/B.14  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.14

1987-1988  WARNER/B/1/1/B.11-B.15/B.15  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.15

Executive Committee Meetings  WARNER/B/1/2  1983-1997

Former reference: B.16-B.51

12 items

14th Meeting  WARNER/B/1/2/B.16  1983

Former reference: B.16

Working Paper 18 (Treasurer's Report) only.

15th Meeting, Delhi, India, February 1984  WARNER/B/1/2/B.17  1984

Former reference: B.17

Report on meeting.

19th Meeting, Nairobi, Kenya, 9-12 May 1986  WARNER/B/1/2/B.18-B.25  1986

Former reference: B.18-B.25

Arrangements, agenda, papers, report of decisions. 8 folders.

20th Meeting, Bangkok, Thailand, 8-13 February 1987  WARNER/B/1/2/B.26-B.29  1987

Former reference: B.26-B.29

Agenda, papers (incomplete), report of decisions. 4 folders.

21st Meeting, Delft, The Netherlands, 11-12 November 1987  WARNER/B/1/2/B.30-B.37  1987

Former reference: B.30-B.37

Agenda, papers, report of decisions. 8 folders.

23rd Meeting, Budapest, Hungary, 10 June 1988  WARNER/B/1/2/B.38  1988

Former reference: B.38

Report of decisions.

24th Meeting, Paris, France, 27 February-1 March 1989  WARNER/B/1/2/B.39  1989

Former reference: B.39


25th Meeting, Paris, France, 8-10 November 1989  WARNER/B/1/2/B.40  1989

Former reference: B.40


27th Meeting, Paris, France, 12-14 March 1991  WARNER/B/1/2/B.41  1991

Former reference: B.41

Minutes and record of decisions.

?34th Meeting, Paris, France, ?February 1994  WARNER/B/1/2/B.41A  1994

Former reference: B.41A

Report by H.M. ApSimon.

36th Meeting, Paris, France, 1-3 February 1996  WARNER/B/1/2/B.42  1996

Former reference: B.42

Minutes and record of decisions.

37th Meeting, London, 19-21 February 1997  WARNER/B/1/2/B.43  1997

Former reference: B.43-B.51

Agenda, papers. 8 folders.

General Assemblies  WARNER/B/1/3  1982-1992

Former reference: B.52-B.58

4 items

Fifth General Assembly, Ottawa, Canada, 30 May-5 June 1982  WARNER/B/1/3/B.52  1982

Former reference: B.52

Miscellaneous papers.

Sixth General Assembly, Washington DC, USA, 9-13 September 1985  WARNER/B/1/3/B.53  1984

Former reference: B.53

Brief correspondence re hosting of General Assembly; first circular.

Seventh General Assembly, Budapest, Hungary, 1988  WARNER/B/1/3/B.54-B.55  1986-1988

Former reference: B.54, B.55

Arrangements, papers. 2 folders.

Eighth General Assembly, Seville, Spain, 20-26 January 1992  WARNER/B/1/3/B.56-B.58  1992

Former reference: B.56-B.58

Arrangements, including circulars; working papers; report of Assembly etc. 3 folders.

General correspondence  WARNER/B/1/4  1982-1994

Former reference: B.59-B.85

27 items

Includes proposals for meetings and research projects seeking SCOPE support, arrangements for meetings, SCOPE representatives at conferences and on other bodies. The principal correspondents are the other officers of SCOPE (Chairman and Secretary General) and the executive Secretary, V. Plocq. Much of the correspondence is copy-letters.

'SCOPE- Officers' corres.'  WARNER/B/1/4/B.59-B.62  1984-1986

Former reference: B.59

4 items

Contents of Warner's folder so labelled divided into four for ease of reference.

April-July  WARNER/B/1/4/B.59-B.62/B.59  1984

Former reference: B.59

Includes SCOPE Officers' meeting, Paris, France, 25-27 June 1984.

July-December  WARNER/B/1/4/B.59-B.62/B.60  1984

Former reference: B.60

Chiefly fund-raising.

1985  WARNER/B/1/4/B.59-B.62/B.61  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.61

Includes membership of Executive Committee and SCOPE Officers' meeting, Paris, France, 13-15 November 1985.

1986  WARNER/B/1/4/B.59-B.62/B.62  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.62

Correspondence and papers found loose  WARNER/B/1/4/B.63-B.85  1982-1994

Former reference: B.63-B.85

23 items

June-August  WARNER/B/1/4/B.63-B.85/B.63  1982

Former reference: B.63

Chiefly SCOPE projects, communications between Executive Committee members.

September-October  WARNER/B/1/4/B.63-B.85/B.64  1982

Former reference: B.64

November-December  WARNER/B/1/4/B.63-B.85/B.65  1982

Former reference: B.65

Chiefly re grant application to the Ford Foundation. Includes report on SCOPE work under previous grant.

January-March  WARNER/B/1/4/B.63-B.85/B.66  1983

Former reference: B.66

Includes officers' meeting, London, 9-12 March.

May-September  WARNER/B/1/4/B.63-B.85/B.67  1983

Former reference: B.67

Includes material re start of ENUWAR project, and SCOPE involvement in other projects.

January-April  WARNER/B/1/4/B.63-B.85/B.68  1984

Former reference: B.68

Includes report from Advisory Committee to SCOPE project ?on biological invasions.

May  WARNER/B/1/4/B.63-B.85/B.69  1984

Former reference: B.69

Includes draft proposal to UN Environmental Programme for study of Acidification in tropical countries.

June-December  WARNER/B/1/4/B.63-B.85/B.70  1984

Former reference: B.70

January  WARNER/B/1/4/B.63-B.85/B.71  1985

Former reference: B.71

Includes papers of planning meeting for project to study global change.

February-August  WARNER/B/1/4/B.63-B.85/B.72  1985

Former reference: B.72

Chiefly re wider SCOPE interest in effects of nuclear war.

September-December  WARNER/B/1/4/B.63-B.85/B.73  1985

Former reference: B.73

January-April  WARNER/B/1/4/B.63-B.85/B.74  1986

Former reference: B.74

Includes World Health Organisation Memorandum of Understanding with Scientific Group on Methods for the Safety Evaluation of Chemicals.

May-July  WARNER/B/1/4/B.63-B.85/B.75  1986

Former reference: B.75

SCOPE projects; letter from H. Bondi on nuclear safety.

September-December  WARNER/B/1/4/B.63-B.85/B.76  1986

Former reference: B.76

Includes 'Report on visits to foundations', December, re possible grants to SCOPE.

ICSU Symposium on Consequences of Nuclear War, Berne, Switzerland, 16 September 1986  WARNER/B/1/4/B.63-B.85/B.77  1985-1986

Former reference: B.77

Administrative history:
Warner gave the introduction and chaired the panel discussion.


January-March  WARNER/B/1/4/B.63-B.85/B.78  1987

Former reference: B.78

April-July  WARNER/B/1/4/B.63-B.85/B.79  1987

Former reference: B.79

Includes correspondence re avenues for fund-raising; officers' meeting Paris, France, 20-21 July 1987.

'ICSU-TWAS PROG. Participation requests and responses'  WARNER/B/1/4/B.63-B.85/B.80  1987

Former reference: B.80

Contents of Warner's envelope: correspondence re participation in ICSU/Third World Academy of Sciences lectureship programme, May-September.

August-September  WARNER/B/1/4/B.63-B.85/B.81  1987

Former reference: B.81

October-December  WARNER/B/1/4/B.63-B.85/B.82  1987

Former reference: B.82

Chiefly US proposals for SCOPE projects and UN Environmental Programme project.

January-February  WARNER/B/1/4/B.63-B.85/B.83  1988

Former reference: B.83

February-June  WARNER/B/1/4/B.63-B.85/B.84  1988

Former reference: B.84

SCOPE project proposals; revision of constitution.

1990-1994  WARNER/B/1/4/B.63-B.85/B.85  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.85

Newsletters and bulletins  WARNER/B/1/5  1982-1997

Former reference: B.86-B.96

3 items

Also includes calendars of forthcoming meetings.

SCOPE bulletins  WARNER/B/1/5/B.86-B.90  1982-1995

Former reference: B.86-B.90

1 item

September 1982 to November 1995-January 1996. Not a complete sequence. 5 folders.

SCOPE Newsletters  WARNER/B/1/5/B.91-B.95  1982-1997

Former reference: B.91-B.95

1 item

Numbers 17 (April 1982) to 51(February 1997). Not a complete sequence. 5 folders.

Calendars of forthcoming meetings  WARNER/B/1/5/B.96  1984-1988

Former reference: B.96

1 item

Information  WARNER/B/1/6  1983-1993

Former reference: B.97-B.105

9 items

Chiefly printed and photocopied material on SCOPE activities.

'SCOPE. Scientific Committee on Problems of the Environment'  WARNER/B/1/6/B.97  1983

Former reference: B.97

Introductory printed booklet.

'SCOPE. Scientific Committee on Problems of the Environment 1986-1988'  WARNER/B/1/6/B.98  1986

Former reference: B.98

Introductory printed booklet.

'SCOPE Yearbook 1985'  WARNER/B/1/6/B.99  1985

Former reference: B.99


'SCOPE Yearbook 1986'  WARNER/B/1/6/B.100  1986

Former reference: B.100


'SCOPE Yearbook 1993-1994'  WARNER/B/1/6/B.101  1993

Former reference: B.101

'SCOPE Scientific Programme 1990-1991'  WARNER/B/1/6/B.102  1990

Former reference: B.102


'SCOPE Scientific Programme for 1992-1995'  WARNER/B/1/6/B.103  1991

Former reference: B.103

'Highlights of activities by the Scientific Committee on Problems of the Environment [...]'  WARNER/B/1/6/B.104  ca 1986

Former reference: B.104

14pp typescript.

'Short List of Publications'  WARNER/B/1/6/B.105  1992

Former reference: B.105

ENUWAR  WARNER/B/2  1983-1989

Former reference: B.106-B.485

214 items

Administrative history:
This project, Environmental Consequences of Nuclear War, was established following a resolution at the ICSU General Assembly of September 1982 in which the Executive Committtee was urged: 'to appoint a special committee to study these effects and to prepare a report for wide dissemination that would be an unemotional, non-political, authoritative and readily understandable statement of the effects of nuclear war, even a limited one, on human beings and on other parts of the biosphere'. The aims of the project were summarised as: 'To focus sharply on establishing the reality or illusion of long term global climatic and biological effects of several scenarios and nuclear exchange (as distinct from the well known immediate consequences)'. It held a number of meetings, beginning with a workshop in Stockholm in November 1983. Over 300 scientists from 30 countries were involved in its work, with a Steering Committee chaired by Warner (other members: J. Bénard, S.K.D. Bergström, P.J. Crutzen, T.F.Malone, M.K.G. Menon, M. Nagai, G.K. Skryabin and G.F. White). Its work was coordinated by SCOPE Units at Cornell University in the US and the University of Essex. ENUWAR reported to SCOPE General Assembly in September 1985 and to the ICSU General Assembly in 1986. Its report was published as SCOPE 28 in two volumes (vol. I - Physical and Atmospheric Effects, eds A.B. Pittock et el., 1986, and vol. II - Ecological and Agricultural Effects eds M.A. Harwell & T.C. Hutchinson, 1985) and ICSU asked that ENUWAR continue work to disseminate its findings. During this second phase additional workshops were held to try to establish more clearly a scientific consensus about the indirect effects of nuclear war. The second editions of the two volumes were published in 1989. Although avoiding the term 'nuclear winter' (originally attributed to Carl Sagan) and emphasising the complex environmental results of a nuclear war, the study did suggest the indirect effects of nuclear war could be even more devastating than the direct effects. This attracted some controversy as some believed its emphasis on the long-term consequences of a nuclear war was politically motivated. ENUWAR's recommendations concluded, 'As representatives of the world scientific community drawn together in this study, we conclude that many of the outcomes are sufficiently probable to require widespread consideration. Any disposition to minimize or ignore those effects and the possibility of a tragedy of unprecedented dimensions would be a disservice to the human race.... A new global perspective on the large-scale environmental consequences of nuclear war is required from political leaders and world citizens'.

Correspondence  WARNER/B/2/1  1983-1989

Former reference: B.106-B.252

61 items

Alphabetical sequence  WARNER/B/2/1/a  1983-1989

Former reference: B.106-B.170

35 items

Contents of Warner's bundles contained in box files. At the beginning of each box file was a typescript list of correspondents represented in each bundle. This has been used to present the catalogue entries.

'Akhtar'  WARNER/B/2/1/a/B.106  1985

Former reference: B.106

M. Akhtar: one letter only.

'Ackerman/McCracken'  WARNER/B/2/1/a/B.107-B.111  1984-1989

Former reference: B.107-B.111

T.P. Ackerman and M.C. MacCracken. 5 folders.

'Antoni/Edwards'  WARNER/B/2/1/a/B.112  1984-1987

Former reference: B.112

F. Antoni (Semmelweiss University, Hungary) and J.H. Edwards (Oxford).

'Berger/Benard/Breuer'  WARNER/B/2/1/a/B.113  1984-1987

Former reference: B.113

J. Benard, A. Berger, G. Breuer.

'Boothby'  WARNER/B/2/1/a/B.114  1987

Former reference: B.114

D. Boothby

'Bergstrom/Bezuneh/Chinese'  WARNER/B/2/1/a/B.115  1988

Former reference: B.115

S. Bergström, T. Bezuneh, Chinese correspondents.

'Bolin/Verstraete'  WARNER/B/2/1/a/B.116-B.117  1984-1985

Former reference: B.116, B.117

B.Bolin, M.M. Verstraete. 2 folders.

'Butler/Chamberlain'  WARNER/B/2/1/a/B.118  1983, 1984

Former reference: B.118

G.C. Butler, A.C.Chamberlain.

'Carrier/Cotton'  WARNER/B/2/1/a/B.119-B.120  1983-1985

Former reference: B.119, B.120

W.R. Cotton (includes report by him and responses thereto), G. Carrier. 2 folders.

'Crutzen/Carl'  WARNER/B/2/1/a/B.121  1983-1988

Former reference: B.121

P. J. Crutzen, one letter only from P. Carl.

'Doos/Schneider/Thanasukarn'  WARNER/B/2/1/a/B.122  1984-1987

Former reference: B.122

S.H. Schneider (bulk), B. Döös.

'Farrington/Ditchburn/Shapiro'  WARNER/B/2/1/a/B.123-B.124  1983-1986

Former reference: B.123, B.124

R.W. Ditchburn (on nuclear winter), J.W. Farrington, C.S. Shapiro. 2 folders.

'Harwell'  WARNER/B/2/1/a/B.125-B.126  1985-1987

Former reference: B.125, B.126

M.A. Harwell. 2 folders.

'Herrera'  WARNER/B/2/1/a/B.127  1987

Former reference: B.127

R. Herrera.

'Hutchinson/Bondi/Green'  WARNER/B/2/1/a/B.128-B.129  1983-1985

Former reference: B.128, B.129

T.C. Hutchinson, H. Bondi. 2 folders.

'Japan'  WARNER/B/2/1/a/B.130-B.131  1983-1988

Former reference: B.130, B.131

Japanese colleagues. Chiefly re ENUWAR workshop in Tokyo and Hiroshima, February 1985. 2 folders.

'Kirchmann/Kostrowicki/Hare'  WARNER/B/2/1/a/B.132  1983-1987

Former reference: B.132

R.J.C. Kirchmann, J. Kostrowicki, F.K. Hare and W. Green.

'Kondratyev & Russia'  WARNER/B/2/1/a/B.133-B.136  1983-1988

Former reference: B.133-B.136A

Conditions of access: Restrict B.136A health information.

Chiefly K.Ya. Kondratyev, N.K. Lukyanov and G.K. Skryabin. 5 folders.

'London'  WARNER/B/2/1/a/B.137  1984-1987

Former reference: B.137

J. London.

'Malone'  WARNER/B/2/1/a/B.138-B.140  1983-1986

Former reference: B.138-B.140

T.F. Malone. 3 folders.

'Mason/Villevieille'  WARNER/B/2/1/a/B.141  1983-1987

Former reference: B.141

B.J. Mason, A. Villevieille.

'Menon/Murti'  WARNER/B/2/1/a/B.142  1983-1988

Former reference: B.142

M.G.K. Menon, C.R. Krishna Murti

'Parry/Penner/La Riviere'  WARNER/B/2/1/a/B.143  1983-1988

Former reference: B.143

M.L.Parry, J.E. Penner, J.M.S. la Rivière.

'Pittock'  WARNER/B/2/1/a/B.144-B.147  1983-1988

Former reference: B.144-B.147

A.B. Pittock. 4 folders.

'Rosswall/Bing/Kang'  WARNER/B/2/1/a/B.148-B.149  1983-1986

Former reference: B.148, B.149

T. Rosswall, G.F. Bing, S.-W. Kang. 2 folders.

'SANA/Percival'  WARNER/B/2/1/a/B.150-B.151  1983-1987

Former reference: B.150, B.151

Scientists Against Nuclear Arms, I.C. Percival. SANA material includes 28pp nuclear war bibliography and notices of meetings to discuss the 'Nuclear Winter' hypothesis. 2 folders.

'Summerfield/Slingo'  WARNER/B/2/1/a/B.152  1983-1988

Former reference: B.152

A. Summerfield, A. Slingo.

'Turco'  WARNER/B/2/1/a/B.153-B.155  1983-1986

Former reference: B.153-B.155

R.P. Turco. 3 folders.

'Unsworth/Kelly'  WARNER/B/2/1/a/B.156  1984-1987

Former reference: B.156

M.H. Unsworth, P.M. Kelly, P.B. Tinker.

'Gilbert White'  WARNER/B/2/1/a/B.157-B.162  1983-1988

Former reference: B.157-B.162

Administrative history:
White was the President of SCOPE in the 1980s.

G.F.White. 6 folders.

'Wik/Lundbom/Rode/money'  WARNER/B/2/1/a/B.163-B.166  1983-1986

Former reference: B.163-B.166

M.W. Wik, W.E.Gordon. 4 folders.

'Williamson/Rainey'  WARNER/B/2/1/a/B.167  1984-1985

Former reference: B.167

M. Williamson, R.C. Rainey.

'Wolfendale/Walker'  WARNER/B/2/1/a/B.168  1984-1987

Former reference: B.168

A.W. Wolfendale, B.H. Walker, E.T. Degens.

'Yihui/Stainthorp/China'  WARNER/B/2/1/a/B.169  1984, 1987

Former reference: B.169

Y. Ding, F.P. Stainthorp.

'Zuckerman'  WARNER/B/2/1/a/B.170  1983-1985

Former reference: B.170

S. Zuckerman.

Project files  WARNER/B/2/1/b  1983-1989

Former reference: B.171-B.189

10 item

Contents of Warner's bundles contained in box files so labelled.

'Ambio correspondence'  WARNER/B/2/1/b/B.171  1983-1984

Former reference: B.171

Correspondence re possible special issue of the journal Ambio featuring SCOPE work on environmental consequences of nuclear war.

'Alan McGowan/AGU'  WARNER/B/2/1/b/B.172  1983-1987

Former reference: B.172

Administrative history:
McGowan was President of the US Scientists' Institute for Public Information.

'Hampson'  WARNER/B/2/1/b/B.173  1984-1985

Former reference: B.173

Administrative history:
Hampson believed the environmental costs of nuclear war were being underestimated.

Correspondence with J. Hampson.

'RMH file'  WARNER/B/2/1/b/B.174  1984-1988

Former reference: B.174

Correspondence with R.M. Harrison.

'M.A. Harwell'  WARNER/B/2/1/b/B.175-B.181  1983-1989

Former reference: B.175-B.181

Administrative history:
Harwell (and T. Hutchinson) were responsible for the preparation of volume two of the ENUWAR report.

7 folders.

'India'  WARNER/B/2/1/b/B.182-B.184  1983-1984

Former reference: B.182-B.184

Correspondence and papers, chiefly re ENUWAR workshop and SCOPE Executive Committee meeting in New Delhi, February 1984. 3 folders.

'Munn'  WARNER/B/2/1/b/B.185  1983-1986

Former reference: B.185

Correspondence, chiefly with R.E. Munn.

'Royal Society'  WARNER/B/2/1/b/B.186  1983-1985

Former reference: B.186

'Slatyer/Dotto'  WARNER/B/2/1/b/B.187-B.188  1983-1986

Former reference: B.187, B.188

Administrative history:
The science writer Lydia Dotto was commissioned to produce a popular version of the ENUWAR report. This was published as 'Planet Earth in Jeopardy: environmental consequences of nuclear war' (1986).

Correspondence, chiefly with L. Dotto. 2 folders.

'United Nations'  WARNER/B/2/1/b/B.189  1985, 1988

Former reference: B.189

File copies  WARNER/B/2/1/c  1983-1989

Former reference: B.190-B.223

6 items

Chronological sequence arranged by year of carbon and photocopies of outgoing correspondence (with a few letters received intermixed). It chiefly concerns arrangements with participants at ENUWAR workshops, and progress with drafting sections of the report. It includes internal memos and drafts of circular letters. Much of the correspondence duplicates letters found elsewhere. On this basis it has been selectively indexed.

1983  WARNER/B/2/1/c/B.190-B.192A  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.190-B.192A

5 folders.

1984  WARNER/B/2/1/c/B.193-B.199  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.193-B.199

7 folders.

1985  WARNER/B/2/1/c/B.200-B.205  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.200-B.205

6 folders.

1986  WARNER/B/2/1/c/B.206-B.211  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.206-B.211

6 folders. Folders B.209-B.210 include letters re establishment of Volunteers for Ionising Radiation.

1987  WARNER/B/2/1/c/B.212-B.216  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.212-B.216

5 folders.

1988-1989  WARNER/B/2/1/c/B.217-B.223  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.217-B.223

7 folders.

General and miscellaneous correspondence  WARNER/B/2/1/d  1983-1989

Former reference: B.224-B.235

4 items

'Steering committee correspondence 1985'  WARNER/B/2/1/d/B.224  1983-1985

Former reference: B.224

Contents of Warner's folder so labelled.

'SCOPE-ENUWAR report, correspondence 1985'  WARNER/B/2/1/d/B.225-B.227  1984-1986, 1988

Former reference: B.225-B.227

Contents of Warner's bundle so labelled divided into three for ease of reference: correspondence re publication and press launch of ENUWAR report. Photographs from launch at B.227.

'SCOPE correspondence 1987-1988'  WARNER/B/2/1/d/B.228-B.231  1986-1989

Former reference: B.228-B.231

Contents of Warner's bundle so labelled divided into four for ease of reference.

'Miscellaneous notes, correspondence'  WARNER/B/2/1/d/B.232-B.235  1986-1988

Former reference: B.232-B.235

Contents of Warner's folder so labelled divided into four for ease of reference. Includes many manuscript drafts of letters by Warner (most undated) to be typed by ENUWAR secretariat, notes of telephone calls, memoranda.

Enquiries  WARNER/B/2/1/e  1983-1988

Former reference: B.236-B.252

6 items

Contents of Warner's bundles contained in box files: requests for information on ENUWAR project or to be added to the mailing list, comments on ENUWAR's work and offers to contribute, and approaches made by Warner.

1983-1984  WARNER/B/2/1/e/B.236  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.236

1984  WARNER/B/2/1/e/B.237-B.240  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.237-B.240

4 folders.

1985  WARNER/B/2/1/e/B.241-B.24  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.241-B.244

4 folders.

1986  WARNER/B/2/1/e/B.245-B.247  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.245-B.247

3 folders.

1987  WARNER/B/2/1/e/B.248-B.250  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.248-B.250

3 folders.

1988  WARNER/B/2/1/e/B.251-B.252  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.251, B.252

2 folders.

Workshops and Steering Committee meetings  WARNER/B/2/2  1983-1988

Former reference: B.253-B.415

100 items

This series brings together two sequences of material contained in box files: Warner's bundles of correspondence and papers re arrangements, reports etc for the workshops; and sets of papers presented. The workshops generally coincided with meetings of the Steering Committee and material re their meetings was found together. At B.409-B.414 are notebooks used for manuscript notes on proceedings of meetings. For an overall list of workshop papers see the box list at B.1227.

First workshop on Environmental consequences of nuclear war, Stockholm, Sweden, 15-17 November 1983  WARNER/B/2/2/A  1983

Former reference: B.253-B.261

5 items

Arrangements  WARNER/B/2/2/A/B.253  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.253

Minutes of Steering committee meetings, 14, 17 November  WARNER/B/2/2/A/B.254  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.254

Workshop papers SW.01.83-SWR.18.83.  WARNER/B/2/2/A/B.255-B.259  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.255-B.259

5 folders. SWR18.83 is the workshop report.

Miscellaneous papers found with workshop material  WARNER/B/2/2/A/B.260  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.260

Papers arising.  WARNER/B/2/2/A/B.261  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.261

Second workshop on environmental consequences of nuclear war, New Delhi, India, 9-11 February 1984  WARNER/B/2/2/B  1984

Former reference: B.262-B.266

4 items

For cassette tapes of proceedings see B.1177-B.1180.

Arrangements  WARNER/B/2/2/B/B.262  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.262

Workshop papers DE.01.84-DE.05.84.  WARNER/B/2/2/B/B.263-B.264  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.263, B.264

2 folders.

Unnumbered paper on impact of nuclear war on water supplies, found with workshop material  WARNER/B/2/2/B/B.265  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.265

Workshop papers arising DER.01.84-DER.04.84.  WARNER/B/2/2/B/B.266  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.266

Workshop on Post-nuclear fires and their consequences, Royal Society, London, 16-17 April 1984  WARNER/B/2/2/C  1984-1986

Former reference: B.267-B.273

6 items

Arrangements  WARNER/B/2/2/C/B.267  1984

Former reference: B.267

Correspondence with participants and arising  WARNER/B/2/2/C/B.268  1983-1986

Former reference: B.268

Workshop contributions  WARNER/B/2/2/C/B.269-B.270  1984

Former reference: B.269, B.270

Manuscript and typescript drafts. 2 folders.

Warner's photocopy manuscript notes of proceedings  WARNER/B/2/2/C/B.271  1984

Former reference: B.271

Paginated 1-21.

'Resume of Discussions at the Fire Workshop'  WARNER/B/2/2/C/B.272  1984

Former reference: B.272

'Institute for Environmental Studies, University of Toronto. Correspondence'  WARNER/B/2/2/C/B.273  1985

Former reference: B.273

Administrative history:
The material relates to a controlled forest fire in the Chapleau area which was observed for its effects in relation to fires after a nuclear explosion.

Correspondence and papers so labelled found with Fire Workshop material.

Workshop on Climatic consequences of nuclear war, Leningrad, USSR, 13-16 May 1984  WARNER/B/2/2/D  1984

Former reference: B.274-B.281A

4 items

Arrangements  WARNER/B/2/2/D/B.274-B.275  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.274, B.275

2 folders.

Workshop papers LE.01.84-LE.12.84  WARNER/B/2/2/D/B.276-B.280  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.276-B.280

5 folders.

'Summary of papers and notes: Groups on Scavenging'  WARNER/B/2/2/D/B.281  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.281

Drafts of sections of appendix to workshop report LER.01.84.

Two informal colour photographs from workshop  WARNER/B/2/2/D/B.281A  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.281A

Those featured are identified on verso.

Workshop on Radiation uncertainties in nuclear winter models, Frascati, Italy, 20 August 1984  WARNER/B/2/2/E  1984

Former reference: B.282

1 item


Workshop on Nuclear war effects: ground water contamination, Delft, The Netherlands, October 1984  WARNER/B/2/2/F  1984

Former reference: B.283, B.284

2 items

Arrangements  WARNER/B/2/2/F/B.283  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.283

Outline of workshop report  WARNER/B/2/2/F/B.284  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.284

Workshops on Radiation effects on human and non human biodata, and Atmospheric Chemistry and physics, Paris, France, 22-24 October 1984  WARNER/B/2/2/G  1984

Former reference: B.285-B.296

6 items

Arrangements  WARNER/B/2/2/G/B.285-B.286  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.285, B.286

2 folders.

Workshop papers PA.01.84-PA.18.84  WARNER/B/2/2/G/B.287-B.292  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.287-B.292

6 folders.

Reports etc of Working Groups  WARNER/B/2/2/G/B.293  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.293

Working Groups on dose assessments and biological effects and Atmospheric modelling; subgroup on fires

Minutes of Steering Commitee meeting, 23 and 24 October  WARNER/B/2/2/G/B.294  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.294

Workshop report  WARNER/B/2/2/G/B.295  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.295

Miscellaneous papers found with workshop material  WARNER/B/2/2/G/B.296  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.296

Meeting on Nuclear war: consequences and prevention, Bellagio, Italy, 19-23 November 1984  WARNER/B/2/2/H  1984-1985

Former reference: B.297-B.303

6 items

Administrative history:
This meeting was unlike the strictly scientific meetings of ENUWAR in that it brought together scientists and religious leaders. The meeting drew up a statement (B.303) emphasising 'the necessity for fundamental changes in international relations'.

Arrangements and correspondence arising  WARNER/B/2/2/H/B.297  1984-1985

Former reference: B.297

Minutes of Steering Committee meeting, 22 November  WARNER/B/2/2/H/B.298  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.298

Manuscript notes on proceedings of meeting  WARNER/B/2/2/H/B.299  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.299

Meeting papers BEL/Conf Doc 3-BEL/Conf Doc 22  WARNER/B/2/2/H/B.300-B.301  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.300, B.301

2 folders.

Miscellaneous papers on the theme of the meeting  WARNER/B/2/2/H/B.302  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.302

'Nuclear war: its consequences and prevention. A Statement from...scientists and religious leaders'  WARNER/B/2/2/H/B.303  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.303

With related material.

Workshop on Agricultural Effects, University of Essex, 16-18 January 1985  WARNER/B/2/2/I  1985

Former reference: B.304-B.311

7 items

Arrangements  WARNER/B/2/2/I/B.304  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.304

Working papers E1-E9  WARNER/B/2/2/I/B.305  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.305

Other papers prepared for the meeting  WARNER/B/2/2/I/B.306  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.306

Manuscript notes on proceedings  WARNER/B/2/2/I/B.307  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.307

Also includes informal photograph of some participants taken in Warner's home in Brightlingsea.

Rapporteur's notes and chairman's report on working group one: productivity responses to climate change  WARNER/B/2/2/I/B.308  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.308

Workshop report  WARNER/B/2/2/I/B.309  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.309

Miscellaneous background papers  WARNER/B/2/2/I/B.310-B.311  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.310, B.311

2 folders.

Workshop on Nuclear danger, Hiroshima and Tokyo, Japan, 4-9 February 1985  WARNER/B/2/2/J  1984-1985

Former reference: B.312-B.321A

7 items

Administrative history:
This was held in association with the United Nations University.

For photographs see B.1205.

Arrangements and correspondence arising  WARNER/B/2/2/J/B.312  1984-1985

Former reference: B.312

Minutes of Steering Committee meeting, 3,5 and 8 February  WARNER/B/2/2/J/B.313  1985

Former reference: B.313

Workshop papers HI.01.85-HI.09.85  WARNER/B/2/2/J/B.314-B.3  1985

Former reference: B.314-B.318

5 folders.

Other workshop presentations  WARNER/B/2/2/J/B.319  1985

Former reference: B.319

Minutes of working group meetings; summary report  WARNER/B/2/2/J/B.320  1985

Former reference: B.320

Miscellaneous material re impact of atomic bombs on Japan and calls for peace  WARNER/B/2/2/J/B.321  1985

Former reference: B.321

Memorabilia from Hiroshima and the visit  WARNER/B/2/2/J/B.321A  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.321A

Workshop on Atmospheric uncertainties relating to nuclear winter predictions, Royal Society, London, February 1985  WARNER/B/2/2/K  1985

Former reference: B.322-B.326

2 items

Arrangements; workshop report  WARNER/B/2/2/K/B.322  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.322

Workshop papers LO.01.85-LO.16.85  WARNER/B/2/2/K/B.323-B.326  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.323-B.326

4 folders.

Workshop on Ecological-Biological consequences of a nuclear winter, Toronto, Canada, 20-22 March 1985  WARNER/B/2/2/L  1985

Former reference: B.327-B.333

2 items

Arrangements.  WARNER/B/2/2/L/B.327  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.327

Workshop papers  WARNER/B/2/2/L/B.328-B.333  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.328-B.333

6 folders.

Report of working group on ecosystem responses  WARNER/B/2/2/L/B.334  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.334

Workshop on Effects of nuclear war on tropical systems, Caracas, Venezuela, 9-12 April 1985  WARNER/B/2/2/M  1985

Former reference: B.335-B.338

4 items

Arrangements  WARNER/B/2/2/M/B.335  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.335

Workshop papers  WARNER/B/2/2/M/B.336  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.336

Manuscript notes on proceedings  WARNER/B/2/2/M/B.337  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.337

Reports  WARNER/B/2/2/M/B.338  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.338

Reports of working groups on tropical ecosystems and agricultural effects; short workshop report.

Workshop on Atmospheric Uncertainties, and General Meeting, University of Essex, 3-7 June 1985  WARNER/B/2/2/N  1984-1985

Former reference: B.339-B.342

4 items

Administrative history:
This was the final workshop and meeting prior to the initial presentation of findings.

Arrangements  WARNER/B/2/2/N/B.339  1984-1985

Former reference: B.339

Invitations declined  WARNER/B/2/2/N/B.340  1984-1985

Former reference: B.340

Minutes of Steering Committee meeting, 5,7 and 10 June  WARNER/B/2/2/N/B.341  1985

Former reference: B.341

Brief manuscript notes on workshop proceedings; two typescript papers  WARNER/B/2/2/N/B.342  1985

Former reference: B.342

Workshop on Smoke generation and properties, Royal Society, London, 3 December 1986  WARNER/B/2/2/O  1986

Former reference: B.343-B.345

3 items

Arrangements  WARNER/B/2/2/O/B.343  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.343

Correspondence with participants  WARNER/B/2/2/O/B.344  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.344

Workshop papers FW.01.86-FW.10.86  WARNER/B/2/2/O/B.345  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.345

Workshop on Biological effects and open Executive Committee meeting, Bangkok, Thailand, 9-12 February 1987  WARNER/B/2/2/P  1986-1987

Former reference: B.346-B.373

11 items

Arrangements  WARNER/B/2/2/P/B.346  1986-1987

Former reference: B.346

Correspondence re speakers, programme etc  WARNER/B/2/2/P/B.347  1986-1987

Former reference: B.347

Correspondence with participants  WARNER/B/2/2/P/B.348-B.351  1986-1987

Former reference: B.348-B.351

4 folders.

Workshop papers BA.01.87-BA.4.87  WARNER/B/2/2/P/B.352-B.360  1987

Former reference: B.352-B.360

9 folders.

'Papers discussed'  WARNER/B/2/2/P/B.361-B.364  1987

Former reference: B.361-B.364

Other workshop papers so labelled. 4 folders.

'Transparencies'  WARNER/B/2/2/P/B.365-B.368  1987

Former reference: B.365-B.368

Material so labelled: photocopies of transparencies used to illustrate workshop papers. 4 folders.

Manuscript notes on workshop and executive committee proceedings  WARNER/B/2/2/P/B.369  1987

Former reference: B.369

Manuscript and typescript drafts of workshop report  WARNER/B/2/2/P/B.370  1987

Former reference: B.370

Brief report, press-release, draft of article for Nature, etc  WARNER/B/2/2/P/B.371  1987

Former reference: B.371

'Draft Guidelines for National Case Studies-Bangkok 12 February 1987'  WARNER/B/2/2/P/B.372  1987

Former reference: B.372

Draft guidelines for case studies on the impact of nuclear war.

'Prospectus for National Case Studies on the Environmental Consequences of Nuclear War'  WARNER/B/2/2/P/B.373  1987

Former reference: B.373

Revised version of Guidelines at B.372.

Joint UN-ENUWAR meeting, Geneva, Switzerland, 16-20 November 1987  WARNER/B/2/2/Q  1987

Former reference: B.374-B.383

8 items

Administrative history:
ENUWAR met with the members of the UN study group on the climatic and potential physical effects of nuclear war,

Arrangements  WARNER/B/2/2/Q/B.374  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.374

Correspondence re programme and cooperation with UN study group  WARNER/B/2/2/Q/B.375  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.375

Correspondence with participants  WARNER/B/2/2/Q/B.376  1987

Former reference: B.376

Workshop papers GE.01.87-GE.07.87  WARNER/B/2/2/Q/B.377-B.378  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.377, B.378

2 folders.

Other workshop presentations  WARNER/B/2/2/Q/B.379-B.380  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.379, B.380

2 folders.

Workshop report  WARNER/B/2/2/Q/B.381  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.381

Correspondence and papers arising  WARNER/B/2/2/Q/B.382  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.382

Photographs of the workshop  WARNER/B/2/2/Q/B.383  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.383

Final ENUWAR workshop, Moscow, USSR, 21-26 March 1988  WARNER/B/2/2/R  1987-1988

Former reference: B.384-B.408

9 items

Administrative history:
This was the final ENUWAR workshop. It included a visit to Chernobyl on 23 March. Following this meeting the recommendation was made to establish a further study on radiation pathways. This became the RADPATH project.

Arrangements  WARNER/B/2/2/R/B.384-B.387  1987-1988

Former reference: B.384-B.387

4 folders.

Correspondence with participants  WARNER/B/2/2/R/B.388-B.390  1987-1988

Former reference: B.388-B.390

3 folders.

Workshop papers MO.01.88-MO.26.88  WARNER/B/2/2/R/B.391-B.401  1988

Former reference: B.391-B.401

11 folders.

Reports of visit to Chernobyl by Warner and Helen ApSimon  WARNER/B/2/2/R/B.402  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.402

For photographs from visit see B.1207-B.1209A.

Drafts of sections of workshop report and related papers  WARNER/B/2/2/R/B.403-B.404  1988

Former reference: B.403, B.404

2 folders.

Workshop report  WARNER/B/2/2/R/B.405  1988

Former reference: B.405

Report by C. Shapiro  WARNER/B/2/2/R/B.406  1988

Former reference: B.406

'Post Moscow press releases/interviews'  WARNER/B/2/2/R/B.407  1988

Former reference: B.407

Contents of Warner's folder so labelled.

Photographic negatives of the workshop  WARNER/B/2/2/R/B.408  1988

Former reference: B.408

Notebooks  WARNER/B/2/2/S  1983-1988

Former reference: B.409-B.414

6 items

Used successively by Ann Freeman and Linda Appleby, ENUWAR administrators, for manuscript notes on proceedings of workshops and Steering Committee meetings, and miscellaneous notes on ENUWAR business.

'Stockholm Workshop...Delhi Workshop'  WARNER/B/2/2/S/B.409  1983, 1984

Former reference: B.409

Hardback notebook so labelled.

'Leningrad Delft'  WARNER/B/2/2/S/B.410  1984

Former reference: B.410

Hardback notebook so labelled.

'Paris workshop ...Essex Japan'  WARNER/B/2/2/S/B.411  1984, 1985

Former reference: B.411

Hardback notebook so labelled. Loose material intercalated.

'London (Fire W/S) ...Bangkok'  WARNER/B/2/2/S/B.412  1986, 1987

Former reference: B.412

Hardback notebook so labelled.

'...Bangkok, Thailand'  WARNER/B/2/2/S/B.413  1987

Former reference: B.413

Hardback notebook so labelled.

'...Moscow 1988'  WARNER/B/2/2/S/B.414  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.414

Hardback notebook so labelled.

Set of minutes of Steering Committee meetings  WARNER/B/2/2/T  1983-1985

Former reference: B.415

Some signed by Warner as Chairman's copies.

Newsletters  WARNER/B/2/3  1984-1988

Former reference: B.416-B.420

5 items

The newsletters series (36 issues) began in April 1984. It included notices of forthcoming workshops and non-Enuwar meetings of interest, reported in brief on workshop proceedings, gave news of individuals associated with the project, and reproduced press articles of interest. 5 folders.

Finance and funding  WARNER/B/2/4  1983-1989

Former reference: B.421-B.434

11 items

'Re: Funding/budget'  WARNER/B/2/4/B.421  1984-1987

Former reference: B.421

Contents of Warner's plastic wallet: correspondence, accounts etc.

Correspondence and papers re finance  WARNER/B/2/4/B.422  1986-1988

Former reference: B.422

'Applications for funding'  WARNER/B/2/4/B.423  1984-1986

Former reference: B.423

Contents of Warner's plastic wallet.

'CAF [CharityAid Foundation] Grant application'  WARNER/B/2/4/B.424  1986-1988

Former reference: B.424

Contents of Warner's folder so labelled: information on grant-giving trusts.

Funding bodies  WARNER/B/2/4/B.425-B.434  1983-1989

Former reference: B.425-B.434

7 items

Correspondence, applications, reports. In alphabetical order.

Andrew W. Mellon Foundation  WARNER/B/2/4/B.425-B.434/B.425  1984-1986

Former reference: B.425

Cadbury Trusts and Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust  WARNER/B/2/4/B.425-B.434/B.426-B.427  1987

Former reference: B.426, B.427

2 folders.

Carnegie Corporation of New York  WARNER/B/2/4/B.425-B.434/B.428  1983-1989

Former reference: B.428

General Service Foundation  WARNER/B/2/4/B.425-B.434/B.429  1983-1989

Former reference: B.429

MacArthur Foundation  WARNER/B/2/4/B.425-B.434/B.430  1984-1985

Former reference: B.430

Rockefeller Brothers Fund  WARNER/B/2/4/B.425-B.434/B.431-B.433  1983-1989

Former reference: B.431-B.433

3 folders.

W. Alton Jones Foundation  WARNER/B/2/4/B.425-B.434/B.434  1984, 1986, 1990

Former reference: B.434

Published Report  WARNER/B/2/5  1984-1989

Former reference: B.435-B.472

24 items

'ENUWAR Draft etc (Correspondence)'  WARNER/B/2/5/A  1987

Former reference: B.435, B.436

1 item

Contents of boxfile so labelled: correspondence and papers, including many manuscript notes. 2 folders.

Miscellaneous ENUWAR progress reports  WARNER/B/2/5/B  1984, 1988, n.d.

Former reference: B.437

1 item

'John Wiley - Enuwar- Scope 28'  WARNER/B/2/5/C  1984

Former reference: B.438-B.444

6 items

Contents of boxfile so labelled.

Correspondence with John Wiley & Sons Ltd  WARNER/B/2/5/C/B.438-B.439  1984-1987

Former reference: B.438, B.439

2 folders.

Circulation of published report  WARNER/B/2/5/C/B.440  1986

Former reference: B.440

'Lists of Dotto- circulation'  WARNER/B/2/5/C/B.441  1986

Former reference: B.441

Contents of folder so inscribed: circulation of 'Planet Earth in Jeopardy' by L. Dotto, the popular version of the report.

Press kit  WARNER/B/2/5/C/B.442  1986

Former reference: B.442

Miscellaneous publicity and marketing material  WARNER/B/2/5/C/B.443  1986

Former reference: B.443

Sales and royalties  WARNER/B/2/5/C/B.444  1986-1987

Former reference: B.444

'Revised versions of vol 1 SCOPE 28'  WARNER/B/2/5/D  ca 1985

Former reference: B.445-B.447

3 items

Contents of boxfile so labelled.

'Scope 28 drafts of chapters 1, 3, 6 and 7'  WARNER/B/2/5/D/B.445  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.445

Lists of contributors to the volume, with manuscript corrections  WARNER/B/2/5/D/B.446  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.446

'Revised draft' of volume one  WARNER/B/2/5/D/B.447  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.447

Figures  WARNER/B/2/5/E  ca 1985

Former reference: B.448, B.449

2 folders.

Published volumes  WARNER/B/2/5/F  1985

Former reference: B.450, B.451

2 items

Volume 1 (1986) is B.450, volume 2 (1985) is B.451.

'1 Scope 28 reviews. 2 Executive summary. 3 Foreign papers. 4 CISAC'  WARNER/B/2/5/G  1986-1988

Former reference: B.452-B.463

4 items

Contents of boxfile so labelled.

Reviews of Scope 28 and Planet Earth in Jeopardy  WARNER/B/2/5/G/B.452-B.454  1986-1988

Former reference: B.452-B.454

3 folders

Executive summary of Scope 28; Summary of work since publication of Scope 28  WARNER/B/2/5/G/B.455  1986, ca 1988

Former reference: B.455

'Foreign language papers/articles'  WARNER/B/2/5/G/B.456-B.461  1986-1987

Former reference: B.456-B.461

6 folders. At B.456 is Warner's interview with the magazine Plain Truth (June 1987), 'A British scientist speaks out on Nuclear War!' translated into a number of other languages.

'CISAC Committee on International Security and Arms Control'  WARNER/B/2/5/G/B.462  1986

Former reference: B.462

Administrative history:
Warner attended the meeting at which he talked about the work of ENUWAR.

Correspondence re CISAC meeting, Washington DC, USA, 28-30 June 1986.

'Environment Special Issue 1988'  WARNER/B/2/5/H  1986-1988

Former reference: B.463-B.472

6 items

Administrative history:
The June 1988 (vol 30) issue of the magazine Environment was devoted to the final findings of the ENUWAR project. It comprised ten articles reflecting the work of ENUWAR beyond the publication of Scope 28. Warner wrote the general introduction, 'The environmental effects of nuclear war: consensus and uncertainties'.

Contents of boxfile so labelled.

Correspondence, chiefly with Jane Scully, editor  WARNER/B/2/5/H/B.463-B.465  1988

Former reference: B.463-B.465

3 folders.

Drafts of Warner's introduction  WARNER/B/2/5/H/B.466  1988

Former reference: B.466

Drafts of other sections  WARNER/B/2/5/H/B.467-B.469  1988

Former reference: B.467-B.469

3 folders.

Copy of Environment vol 30, June 1988  WARNER/B/2/5/H/B.470  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.470

'Responses on receipt of copies of Environment'  WARNER/B/2/5/H/B.471  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.471

Contents of envelope so labelled.

Earlier copies of Environment making reference to the work of ENUWAR  WARNER/B/2/5/H/B.472  1986-1988

Former reference: B.472

Background material  WARNER/B/2/6  late 1980s

Former reference: B.473-B.485

13 items

The bulk of this material, B.473-B.480, is the sequence of numbered background papers [1]-414, kept as a continuous sequence in boxfiles. It includes articles, reports, Enuwar workshop papers, and peace and disarmament literature. Some of the items, including number 1, are missing from the sequence. Also included are individual groups of material, again found in boxfiles, relating to specific topics or from particular organisations.

Numbered sequence  WARNER/B/2/6/B.473-B.480  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.473-B.480

8 items

1-49  WARNER/B/2/6/B.473-B.480/B.473  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.473

1 box.

50-100  WARNER/B/2/6/B.473-B.480/B.474  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.474

1 box.

101-125  WARNER/B/2/6/B.473-B.480/B.475  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.475

1 box.

126-160  WARNER/B/2/6/B.473-B.480/B.476  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.476

1 box.

161-230  WARNER/B/2/6/B.473-B.480/B.477  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.477

1 box.

231-300  WARNER/B/2/6/B.473-B.480/B.478  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.478

1 box.

301-342  WARNER/B/2/6/B.473-B.480/B.479  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.479

1 box.

343-414  WARNER/B/2/6/B.473-B.480/B.480  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.480

1 box.

'Chernobyl Reactor Accident, April 1986 Articles, technical reports and press-cuttings'  WARNER/B/2/6/B.481  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.481

Contents of boxfile so labelled.

'UN Disarmanent Publications'  WARNER/B/2/6/B.482  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.482

Contents of boxfile so labelled.

'Press Cuttings'  WARNER/B/2/6/B.483  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.483

Contents of boxfile so labelled.

'Nuclear war project. Documents and press-cuttings'  WARNER/B/2/6/B.484  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.484

Contents of boxfile so labelled. Includes reports of the World Information Clearing Centre.

'Various reports'  WARNER/B/2/6/B.485  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.485

Contents of boxfile so labelled.

RADPATH  WARNER/B/3  1988-1996

Former reference: B.486-B.721

Administrative history:
The move to establish RADPATH, 'Pathways of Artificial Radionuclides', began in Moscow in March 1988 at a workshop held to bring up-to-date the forecasts of environmental consequences of nuclear war made in the ENUWAR report SCOPE 28. During the workshop a special session considered the improved models of movement in the atmosphere and their validation by measurements made on Chernobyl fallout. The opportunity was taken to visit the stricken reactor, the abandoned town of Pripyat and the surrounding country (see B.384-B.408). At the following SCOPE General Assembly in Budapest during June 1988, a proposal to begin this study was agreed with a request for the Unit at Essex University to provide the administrative support. A planning meeting held later in 1988 at the Royal Society in London appointed a Steering Committee, with Warner as Chairman. It identified sources by which radionuclides are dispersed, such as nuclear weapons tests, accidents as at Chernobyl, Windscale, Kyshtym and Three Mile Island, and other escapes from the nuclear fuel cycle, that could be analysed for data. Three principal workshops were held in the UK at the University of Essex 1988 and 1991, and the University of Lancaster 1990. The latter afforded the opportunity to visit the nuclear fuel reprocessing plant at Sellafield. Other meetings with RADPATH participation were held in the USSR (Suzdal 1989, Gomel 1990, Zeleny Mys 1990 and Pushchino 1991), in Luxembourg 1990 through the International Union of Radioecologists, and with BIOMOVS, Sweden 1990. RADPATH reported in 1993. Its report was published as Radioecology after Chernobyl: Biogeochemical, Pathways of Artificial Radionuclides, SCOPE 50.

General  WARNER/B/3/1  1988-1992

Former reference: B.486-B.491A

3 items

Correspondence and papers re RADPATH proposal  WARNER/B/3/1/B.486-B.487  1988

Former reference: B.486, B.487

2 folders. At B.486 is outline proposal submitted to the Royal Society, April 1988.

'Radpath Continuation Project'  WARNER/B/3/1/B.488-B.491  1990-1992

Former reference: B.488-B.491

Contents of folder so labelled divided into four for ease of reference: correspondence and papers re follow-up study to RADPATH (this became RADTEST). At B.488 is draft proposal sent to the Royal Society.

'Correspondence in connection with assistance with SCOPE project. RADPATH Contacts'  WARNER/B/3/1/B.491A  1988-1991

Former reference: B.491A

Contents of plastic wallet so labelled: correspondence re support for RADPATH project.

Meetings  WARNER/B/3/2  1989-1991

Former reference: B.492-B.569

42 items

Preliminary Planning Meeting, Royal Society, London, 7 November 1988  WARNER/B/3/2/A  1988

Former reference: B.492-B.495

3 items

Correspondence with participants re arrangements  WARNER/B/3/2/A/B.492-B.493  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.492, B.493

2 folders.

Agenda, list of participants, minutes  WARNER/B/3/2/A/B.494  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.494

Manuscript draft minutes, list of recipients  WARNER/B/3/2/A/B.495  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.495

Workshop, University of Essex, 29 May-2 June 1989  WARNER/B/3/2/B  1989

Former reference: B.496-B.514

9 items

Arrangements  WARNER/B/3/2/B/B.496-B.498  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.496-B.498

Circular letters, office notes, provisional agenda etc. 3 folders.

Notes and correspondence re 'Possible participants'  WARNER/B/3/2/B/B.499  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.499

'Alphabetically ordered responses to invitation for May '89 meeting. SAC + Russians'  WARNER/B/3/2/B/B.500-B.502  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.500-B.502

3 folders.

Correspondence re other invitations  WARNER/B/3/2/B/B.503  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.503

Correspondence re possible visit of Soviet research ship 'The Academian Petrov' to Irish Sea to measure radionuclides.  WARNER/B/3/2/B/B.503A  1989-1990

Former reference: B.503A

Agenda, list of participants, programme  WARNER/B/3/2/B/B.504  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.504

Workshop papers RE.01.89-RE.22.89  WARNER/B/3/2/B/B.505-B.511  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.505-B.511

7 folders.

Subgroup reports  WARNER/B/3/2/B/B.512  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.512

Workshop report  WARNER/B/3/2/B/B.513  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.513

'Funds and Finance considerations' and 'Budget calculations'  WARNER/B/3/2/B/B.514  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.514

First Case-Study Meeting, Lancaster, 26-30 March 1990  WARNER/B/3/2/C  1989-1990

Former reference: B.515-B.533

9 items

'Invited participants/suggestions'  WARNER/B/3/2/C/B.515  1989-1990

Former reference: B.515

Contents of plastic wallet so labelled.

'Russians/invitations/correspondence'  WARNER/B/3/2/C/B.516-B.519  1989-1990

Former reference: B.516-B.519

Contents of folder so labelled divided into four for ease of reference. Contents retained in original order.

Correspondence re arrangements for visit to British Nuclear Fuels plant at Sellafield  WARNER/B/3/2/C/B.520  1989-1990

Former reference: B.520

Arrangements, programme etc  WARNER/B/3/2/C/B.521  1990

Former reference: B.521

Meeting papers RL.01.90-RL.34.90  WARNER/B/3/2/C/B.522-B.528  1990

Former reference: B.522-B.528

7 folders.

'RADPATH U. of Lancaster + Sellafield'  WARNER/B/3/2/C/B.529  1990

Former reference: B.529

Contents of Warner's envelope so inscribed: four colour photographs, many of those featured identified on verso.

Subgroup reports  WARNER/B/3/2/C/B.530  1990

Former reference: B.530

Photocopy manuscript.

Meeting report  WARNER/B/3/2/C/B.531  1990

Former reference: B.531

Summary of the meeting; letters to Nature.  WARNER/B/3/2/C/B.532  1990

Former reference: B.532

'Budget. Calculations (& IUR finance)'  WARNER/B/3/2/C/B.533  1989-1990

Former reference: B.533

Contents of plastic wallet so labelled.

Final Review and Synthesis Meeting, University of Essex, 13-19 April 1991  WARNER/B/3/2/D  1990-1991

Former reference: B.534-B.554

9 items

Administrative history:
The chief aim of this meeting was to prepare the final draft of the RADPATH report. During the meeting a RADPATH Open Day was held (16 April) at which the Kuwait oil fires (see B.1163) were considered.

'Invitations'  WARNER/B/3/2/D/B.534  1991

Former reference: B.534

Contents of plastic wallet so labelled.

Lists of invitees and participants; biographical notes  WARNER/B/3/2/D/B.535  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.535

Material for RADPATH Open Day, 16 April  WARNER/B/3/2/D/B.536  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.536

Administrative history:
This Open Day was held to introduce the work of RADPATH to a wider group of scientists and interested parties.

Miscellaneous correspondence and papers re arrangements  WARNER/B/3/2/D/B.537-B.538  1991

Former reference: B.537, B.538

2 folders.

Meeting papers, RE.01.91-RE.43.91  WARNER/B/3/2/D/B.539-B.547  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.539-B.547

These are mainly sections of the draft report. 9 folders.

Other papers  WARNER/B/3/2/D/B.548-B.551  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.548-B.551

Includes other papers for the meeting, photocopy manuscript notes on the drafts of the report. 4 folders.

Meeting report  WARNER/B/3/2/D/B.552  1991

Former reference: B.552

Report on the meeting to IPAC by E. Steinnes (IUPAC delegate)  WARNER/B/3/2/D/B.553  1991

Former reference: B.553

Finances and expenses  WARNER/B/3/2/D/B.554  1990-1991

Former reference: B.554

Notebooks  WARNER/B/3/2/E  1988-1991

Former reference: B.555-B.559

5 items

Used by Linda Appleby, RADPATH administrator, for manuscript notes on proceedings of meetings and Steering Committee meetings, and miscellaneous notes on RADPATH business.

'1) Budapest (VIIth SCOPE GENERAL Assembly) 2) Radpath preliminary planning meeting 07/11/88 3) Essex Radpath 29/05-02/06'  WARNER/B/3/2/E/B.555  1988-1989

Former reference: B.555

Hardback notebook so labelled.

'Essex Radpath meeting 29/05/89-02/06/89'  WARNER/B/3/2/E/B.556  1989

Former reference: B.556

Hardback notebook so labelled.

'University of Lancaster 26-30 March 1990'  WARNER/B/3/2/E/B.557  1990

Former reference: B.557

Hardback notebook so labelled.

[no title or date]  WARNER/B/3/2/E/B.558

Former reference: B.558

Unbound A4 writing pad so inscribed.

'Review & synthis [sic] meeting 13-19 April 1991'  WARNER/B/3/2/E/B.559  1991

Former reference: B.559

Hardback notebook so labelled.

Other meetings  WARNER/B/3/2/F  1989-1991

Former reference: B.560-B.569

7 items

Administrative history:
Meetings, workshops and symposia not organised by the RADPATH project but with representation therefrom.

RADPATH was represented at a number of other meetings.

All-Union conference on Principles and Methods of Landscape-Geochemical Studies of Technogenic Radionuclides Migration, Suzdal, USSR, 13-17 November 1989  WARNER/B/3/2/F/B.560  1989

Former reference: B.560

Administrative history:
H.M. ApSimon, P.J. Coughtrey, R. Kirchmann and C.S. Shapiro attended for RADPATH.

Arrangements; copy of paper presented by H.M. ApSimon; report on the meeting by ApSimon.

1st International Conference on Biological Aspects of the Consequences of the Chernobyl Atomic Power Station Accident, Zeleny Mys, USSR, 10-18 September 1990  WARNER/B/3/2/F/B.561  1990

Former reference: B.561

Administrative history:
D. Woodhead represented RADPATH.


Seminar on Comparative Assessment of the Enviromental Impact of Radionuclides released during Three Major Nuclear Accidents: Kyshtym, and Windscale, Chernobyl, Luxembourg, 1-5 October 1990  WARNER/B/3/2/F/B.562-B.563  1990

Former reference: B.562, B.563

Correspondence, chiefly re participation on behalf of RADPATH of Russian and Ukrainian scientists; reports on the seminar by P.J. Coughtrey and A. Aarkrug. 2 folders.

BIOMOVS Workshop, Stockholm, Sweden, 8-10 October 1990  WARNER/B/3/2/F/B.563A  1990

Former reference: B.563A

Administrative history:
C.S. Shapiro represented RADPATH at the meeting.

Correspondence re arrangements.

All Union Conference on Geochemical Pathways of Artificial Radionuclides Migration in Biosphere, Gomel, USSR, 15-20 October 1990  WARNER/B/3/2/F/B.564-B.566  1990-1991

Former reference: B.564-B.566

Administrative history:
RADPATH attendees (some funded by the International Union of Radioecologists) included P.J. Coughtrey, M. Frissel, J.A. Garland, F.J. Sandalls and E. Voice

Correspondence re participation; reports by E. Voice and P.J. Coughtrey; correspondence arising. 3 folders.

Meeting on Aquatic Pathways, Paris, France, 12-15 December 1990  WARNER/B/3/2/F/B.567  1990-1991

Former reference: B.567

Administrative history:
This was a meeting of authors contributing to the Aquatic Pathways chapter fo the RADPATH report.

Correspondence re arrangements and arising.

Meeting of SCOPE-China, Beijing, China, 22-25 October 1991  WARNER/B/3/2/F/B.568  1991

Former reference: B.568

Invitation (declined), related correspondence.

Fifth International Conference on Geochemical Pathways of Artificial Radionuclides Migration in Biosphere, Pushchino, USSR, 9-13 December 1991  WARNER/B/3/2/F/B.569  1991

Former reference: B.569

Correspondence re arrangements.

Newsletters  WARNER/B/3/3  1988-1993

Former reference: B.570-B.572A

4 items

Newsletters  WARNER/B/3/3/B.570-B.572  1988-1993

Former reference: B.570-B.572

3 items

The newsletters series (15 issues) began in December 1988. It included notices of forthcoming workshops and non-RADPATH meetings of interest, reported in brief on workshop proceedings, gave news of individuals associated with the project, and reproduced press articles of interest. 3 folders.

'Newsletter'  WARNER/B/3/3/B.572A  1990-1992

Former reference: B.572A

Contents of folder so labelled: material for newsletters and permissions to publish.

Finance and funding  WARNER/B/3/4  1988-1993

Former reference: B.573-B.607

20 items

General correspondence re funding of RADPATH  WARNER/B/3/4/B.573  1988, 1990

Former reference: B.573

'Correspondence in connection with Funding Payments'  WARNER/B/3/4/B.574  1989-1991

Former reference: B.574

Contents of envelope so labelled: chiefly draft accounts.

Funding bodies  WARNER/B/3/4/B.575-B.607  1989-1993

Former reference: B.575-B.607

18 items

Correspondence, applications, reports. In alphabetical order.

British National Committee for International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme  WARNER/B/3/4/B.575-B.607/B.575  1988

Former reference: B.575

Carnegie Corporation of New York  WARNER/B/3/4/B.575-B.607/B.576  1989

Former reference: B.576

Commission of the European Communities  WARNER/B/3/4/B.575-B.607/B.577-B.581  1988-1991

Former reference: B.577-B.581

5 folders.

Fellowship of Engineering  WARNER/B/3/4/B.575-B.607/B.582  1988

Former reference: B.582

Fetzer Foundation  WARNER/B/3/4/B.575-B.607/B.583  1988-1989

Former reference: B.583

France: Ministère de la Environnement  WARNER/B/3/4/B.575-B.607/B.584  1988

Former reference: B.584

International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme  WARNER/B/3/4/B.575-B.607/B.585  1988

Former reference: B.585

International Union of Radioecologists  WARNER/B/3/4/B.575-B.607/B.586  1988

Former reference: B.586

Leverhulme Trust  WARNER/B/3/4/B.575-B.607/B.587-B.591  1988-1991

Former reference: B.587-B.591

5 folders.

M.A.B.  WARNER/B/3/4/B.575-B.607/B.592  1990-1991

Former reference: B.592

Marin Community Foundation  WARNER/B/3/4/B.575-B.607/B.593-B.596  1988-1989

Former reference: B.593-B.596

Also material re San Francisco Foundation to whom the application was resubmitted. 4 folders.

Medical Research Council  WARNER/B/3/4/B.575-B.607/B.597  1989

Former reference: B.597

Myrdal Foundation  WARNER/B/3/4/B.575-B.607/B.598  1988

Former reference: B.598

Nuffield Foundation  WARNER/B/3/4/B.575-B.607/B.599  1988-1989

Former reference: B.599

Royal Society  WARNER/B/3/4/B.575-B.607/B.600  1988, 1989

Former reference: B.600

Includes Hooke Committee funding.

Sir Sigmund Sternberg Charitable Foundation  WARNER/B/3/4/B.575-B.607/B.601  1988, 1989, 1993

Former reference: B.601

United Nations Scientific Committee on the Effects of Atomic Radiation  WARNER/B/3/4/B.575-B.607/B.602  1988-1989

Former reference: B.602

Wolfson Foundation  WARNER/B/3/4/B.575-B.607/B.603-B.607  1989-1993

Former reference: B.603-B.607

5 folders.

Published Report  WARNER/B/3/5  1990-1996

Former reference: B.608-B.703

Drafts of chapters and sections of chapters, with related correspondence with authors and editors, notes on progress, correspondence with publishers, etc. The chapters and sections thereof were renumbered and retitled during the compilation of the report.

General correspondence and papers  WARNER/B/3/5/A  1990-1996

Former reference: B.608-B.626

10 items

Plans, editorial correspondence etc.

Correspondence re coverage of book, editors, possible authors of sections etc  WARNER/B/3/5/A/B.608-B.610  1990-1991

Former reference: B.608-B.610

3 folders.

Photocopy manuscript planning notes  WARNER/B/3/5/A/B.611  1990

Former reference: B.611

Editorial correspondence and papers  WARNER/B/3/5/A/B.612-B.615  1991

Former reference: B.612-B.615

4 folders.

Editorial correspondence and papers  WARNER/B/3/5/A/B.616-B.617  1992

Former reference: B.616, B.617

2 folders.

Comments from reviewers  WARNER/B/3/5/A/B.618-B.619  1990-1992

Former reference: B.618, B.619

Draft sections of the report were sent to reviewers for pre-publication comment, November 1991-February 1992. 2 folders.

Correspondence with copy editor, July-August  WARNER/B/3/5/A/B.620-B.622  1992

Former reference: B.620-B.622

3 folders.

Correspondence re proofs  WARNER/B/3/5/A/B.621-B.623  1992

Former reference: B.623

Correspondence re publication  WARNER/B/3/5/A/B.624  1993

Former reference: B.624

Reviews  WARNER/B/3/5/A/B.625  1993-1994

Former reference: B.625

Return of original artwork  WARNER/B/3/5/A/B.626  1996

Former reference: B.626

Introductory material  WARNER/B/3/5/B  1991-1993

Former reference: B.627-B.633

5 items

List of contributors and acknowledgements  WARNER/B/3/5/B/B.627  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.627

'Preface'  WARNER/B/3/5/B/B.628  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.628

'Foreword'  WARNER/B/3/5/B/B.629  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.629

'Introduction'  WARNER/B/3/5/B/B.630  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.630

'Executive summary'  WARNER/B/3/5/B/B.631-B.633  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.631-B.633

Includes comments on drafts thereof. 3 folders.

Chapter One. Sources.  WARNER/B/3/5/C  1990-1992

Former reference: B.634-B.642

Drafts of complete chapter, sections thereof, related correspondence. 9 folders.

Chapter Two. Case-studies of Significant Radioactive Releases  WARNER/B/3/5/D  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.643-B.647

Drafts of complete chapter, sections thereof, related correspondence. 5 folders.

Chapter Three. Atmospheric Pathways  WARNER/B/3/5/E  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.648-B.659

Drafts of complete chapter, sections thereof, related correspondence. 12 folders.

Chapter Four. Terrestrial Pathways  WARNER/B/3/5/F  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.660-B.673

Drafts of complete chapter, sections thereof, related correspondence. 14 folders.

Chapter Five. Radionuclide Aquatic Pathways  WARNER/B/3/5/G  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.674-B.687

Drafts of complete chapter, sections thereof, related correspondence. 14 folders.

Chapter Six. Behaviour and Decontamination of Artifical Radionuclides in the Urban Environment  WARNER/B/3/5/H  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.688, B.689

Drafts of chapter and related correspondence. 2 folders.

Chapter Seven. Dosimetry and the Assessment of Environmental Effects of Radiation Exposure  WARNER/B/3/5/I  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.690

Appendices  WARNER/B/3/5/J  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.691-B.695

Glossary, methods of analysis, units, references. 5 folders.

References  WARNER/B/3/5/K  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.696, B.697

2 folders.

Proof copy  WARNER/B/3/5/L  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.698-B.703

6 folders.

Background material  WARNER/B/3/6  1980s-1990s

Former reference: B.704-B.718

12 items

The bulk of this material, B.708-B.717, is the sequence of numbered background papers [1]-445, kept as a continuous sequence. It includes articles, reports, workshop papers, and peace and disarmament literature. A list of the material (arranged alphabetically by author) is at B.708. Some of the items are missing from the sequence. At B.718 are miscellaneous unnumbered press-cuttings, photocopied articles etc.

'RADPATH Bibliography details'  WARNER/B/3/6/B.704-B.707  1989-1990

Former reference: B.704-B.707

Contents of folder so labelled divided into four: bibliographies and related correspondence and notes.

Numbered sequence [1]-445  WARNER/B/3/6/B.708-B.717  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.708-B.717

10 items

9 folders.

Miscellaneous material  WARNER/B/3/6/B.718  1983-1998

Former reference: B.718

Progress Reports  WARNER/B/3/7  1989-1992

Former reference: B.719-B.721

3 items

Reports to SCOPE Executive Committee. 3 folders.

RADTEST  WARNER/B/4  1992-1999

Former reference: B.722-B.1148A

Administrative history:
The RADTEST programme was adopted by SCOPE in April 1993. It consisted of an international collaborative study involving Russia, USA, China, Kazakhstan, France, and the UK that focused on the releases of radioactivity from nuclear test explosions at test sites around the world. The test sites to be studied included Nevada (USA), South Pacific Islands (USA), Novaja Zemla (Russia), Semipalatinsk (Kazakhstan), Luc Bu Pu (Lop Nor) (China) and British and French test sites. The study thus included most of the nuclear explosions so far conducted. RADTEST was officially adopted as a project of ICSU-SCOPE (International Council of Scientific Unions -Scientific Committee on Problems of the Environment) in April 1993. RADTEST focused on these principal tasks: '(1) To assess the existing data on deposition densities of radio nuclides both on and near the nuclear test sites. including areas downwind where potentially significant episodes of fallout have occurred. (2) To examine the migration of the radionuclides through the biosphere. including all pathways to humans. This will include the study of the effects on other biota that have impacts on humans. The main focus will be to characterize the nature and magnitude of the dose to humans. This will include dose reconstructions from past events, and also an increased capability for dose prediction from possible future accidental or deliberate explosions. (3) To analyze the data on the effects of these doses (including low doses) on human health. The Altaj Region of Russia, downwind from Semipalatinsk, will be an important area of focus. (4) To compare existing national models and develop new models of radioactive transport to better understand the movement of these radionuclides. (5) To establish a new and unique international data base that integrates, correlates and extends the existing national data bases on nuclear test radioactive contamination. This will provide new opportunities to validate models, construct new ones, and to help assess remediation and restoration needs.' RADPATH held a series of workshops, in collaboration with the NATO Advanced Research Workshop prgramme, beginning with Vienna in January 1994. Its report, SCOPE 59: Nuclear Test Explosions: Impact on Human Populations and Environment, edited by Warner and R.J.C. Kirchmann, was published in 1999. Initially the project was run by an Executive Committee chaired by C.S. Shapiro, with a Scientific Advisory Committee under Warner's chairmanship. In late 1995 however the project was reorganised with Warner becoming chair of a new single Steering Committee.

Launch of RADTEST  WARNER/B/4/1  1992-1993

Former reference: B.722-B.731

10 items

Correspondence and papers. The principal correspondent is C.S. Shapiro. See also B.488-B.491.

August-October  WARNER/B/4/1/B.722  1992

Former reference: B.722

November-December  WARNER/B/4/1/B.723  1992

Former reference: B.723

Includes minutes of RADPATH continuation meeting, University of Essex, 2 November.

January-February  WARNER/B/4/1/B.724  1993

Former reference: B.724

March-April  WARNER/B/4/1/B.725  1993

Former reference: B.725

May  WARNER/B/4/1/B.726  1993

Former reference: B.726

June  WARNER/B/4/1/B.727  1993

Former reference: B.727

June-July  WARNER/B/4/1/B.728  1993

Former reference: B.728

Preparations for party visiting Irkutsk to survey Lake Baikal and surrounding area, August. Does not include Warner.

July  WARNER/B/4/1/B.729  1993

Former reference: B.729

August  WARNER/B/4/1/B.730  1993

Former reference: B.730

Includes copy of RADTEST proposal sent to Royal Society.

October-December  WARNER/B/4/1/B.731  1993

Former reference: B.731

General correspondence and papers  WARNER/B/4/2  1993-1998

Former reference: B.732-B.795

42 items

Chiefly contents of boxfiles arranged in a single chronological sequence 1993-1998. The correspondence (chiefly in the form of faxes) includes RADTEST policy, progress reports, arrangements for meetings and workshops, reports, funding and applications, and the publication of the project Report. The principal correspondents are C.S. Shapiro, chairman of the Executive Committee to winter 1995, who communicated extensively by fax and email with the project administration in Essex, and from early 1996 R.J.C. Kirchmann, Vice-Chairman of the Steering Commitee (with Warner as chairman). Linda Appleby (Essex office) and Veronique Plocq-Fichelet (SCOPE office in Paris).

1993  WARNER/B/4/2/B.732  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.732

January-March  WARNER/B/4/2/B.733  1994

Former reference: B.733

April  WARNER/B/4/2/B.734-B.735  1994

Former reference: B.734, B.735

2 folders.

May  WARNER/B/4/2/B.736-B.739  1994

Former reference: B.736-B.739

4 folders. Includes papers of meeting of UK SCOPE-RADTEST Working Group, 9 May.

June  WARNER/B/4/2/B.740-B.745  1994

Former reference: B.740-B.745

6 folders.

July  WARNER/B/4/2/B.746  1994

Former reference: B.746

August  WARNER/B/4/2/B.747  1994

Former reference: B.747

September  WARNER/B/4/2/B.748  1994

Former reference: B.748

October  WARNER/B/4/2/B.749-B.750  1994

Former reference: B.749, B.750

2 folders.

November  WARNER/B/4/2/B.751-B.751A  1994

Former reference: B.751, B.751A

2 folders. At B.751A is Letter submitted for publication to the British Medical Journal on the effects of radioactive fallout from Chernobyl. The Letter was not accepted for publication.

December  WARNER/B/4/2/B.752  1994

Former reference: B.752

January  WARNER/B/4/2/B.753  1995

Former reference: B.753

Includes draft application to NATO for Advanced Research Workshop to be held in the USA.

February  WARNER/B/4/2/B.754  1995

Former reference: B.754

March  WARNER/B/4/2/B.755  1995

Former reference: B.755

April  WARNER/B/4/2/B.756  1995

Former reference: B.756

May  WARNER/B/4/2/B.757  1995

Former reference: B.757

June-July  WARNER/B/4/2/B.758  1995

Former reference: B.758

August  WARNER/B/4/2/B.759  1995

Former reference: B.759

September  WARNER/B/4/2/B.760-B.763  1995

Former reference: B.760-B.763

4 folders. At B.760 is draft letter to the Economist magazine on Caesium-134 and nuclear testing.

October  WARNER/B/4/2/B.764-B.766  1995

Former reference: B.764-B.766

3 folders. At B.765 is draft of Letter to Nature on Caesium-134 and nuclear testing.

November  WARNER/B/4/2/B.767  1995

Former reference: B.767

December  WARNER/B/4/2/B.768  1995

Former reference: B.768

January  WARNER/B/4/2/B.769-B.770  1996

Former reference: B.769, B.770

2 folders.

February  WARNER/B/4/2/B.771  1996

Former reference: B.771

March  WARNER/B/4/2/B.772-B.773  1996

Former reference: B.772, B.773

2 folders.

April  WARNER/B/4/2/B.774  1996

Former reference: B.774

Includes letter from E. Voice to the BBC taking issue with casualty figures given for the Chernobyl accident.

May  WARNER/B/4/2/B.775-B.776  1996

Former reference: B.775, B.776

2 folders.

June  WARNER/B/4/2/B.777  1996

Former reference: B.777

Includes 'Notes concerning the RADTEST meetings of 19 June'.

July  WARNER/B/4/2/B.778  1996

Former reference: B.778

August  WARNER/B/4/2/B.779  1996

Former reference: B.779

September  WARNER/B/4/2/B.780  1996

Former reference: B.780

September-October  WARNER/B/4/2/B.781  1996

Former reference: B.781

Drafts of 'Overview of SCOPE-RADTEST

October  WARNER/B/4/2/B.782-B.784  1996

Former reference: B.782-B.784

3 folders. Chiefly correspondence and papers re French nuclear tests.

November  WARNER/B/4/2/B.785  1996

Former reference: B.785

December  WARNER/B/4/2/B.786  1996

Former reference: B.786

January-March  WARNER/B/4/2/B.787  1997

Former reference: B.787

April-June  WARNER/B/4/2/B.788  1997

Former reference: B.788

July-August  WARNER/B/4/2/B.789  1997

Former reference: B.789

Includes drafts of Letter to the British Medical Journal, August, on radioactive fallout from nuclear bomb tests.

September-October  WARNER/B/4/2/B.790  1997

Former reference: B.790

November  WARNER/B/4/2/B.791  1997

Former reference: B.791

December  WARNER/B/4/2/B.792  1997

Former reference: B.792

January  WARNER/B/4/2/B.793  1998

Former reference: B.793

February  WARNER/B/4/2/B.794  1998

Former reference: B.794

March-May  WARNER/B/4/2/B.795  1998

Former reference: B.795

Meetings  WARNER/B/4/3  1993-1998

Former reference: B.796-B.1016

Administrative history:
For an overall list of papers given at the meetings see the box list at B.1231.

NATO/RADTEST Advanced Research Workshop on Atmospheric Nuclear Tests (Environmental and Human Consequences), Vienna, Austria, 10-14 January 1994  WARNER/B/4/3/A  1993-1996

Former reference: B.796-B.872

58 items

Invitations  WARNER/B/4/3/A/B.796  1993

Former reference: B.796

Correspondence with participants  WARNER/B/4/3/A/B.797-B.799  1993

Former reference: B.797-B.799

3 folders.

Miscellaneous correspondence re arrangements  WARNER/B/4/3/A/B.800  1993

Former reference: B.800

Weekly summaries sent to C.S. Shapiro  WARNER/B/4/3/A/B.801  1993

Former reference: B.801

Papers re visit of C.S. Shapiro to Essex for Planning Meeting, 8 October 1993  WARNER/B/4/3/A/B.802  1993

Former reference: B.802

Finance and funding  WARNER/B/4/3/A/B.803  1993, 1996

Former reference: B.803

Programme, lists of participants, list of papers etc.  WARNER/B/4/3/A/B.804  1993-1994

Former reference: B.804

Workshop papers RV.01.94-RV.48.94  WARNER/B/4/3/A/B.805-B.819  1993-1994

Former reference: B.805-B.819

15 folders.

Edited transcript of tape-recorded proceedings, 112pp typescript.  WARNER/B/4/3/A/B.820-B.821  1994

Former reference: B.820, B.821

2 folders. The cassette tapes are at B.823-B.854 below.

Unedited typescript of parts of transcript referring to B.W. Church  WARNER/B/4/3/A/B.822  1994

Former reference: B.822

Cassette tape-recordings of proceedings  WARNER/B/4/3/A/B.823-B.854  1994

Former reference: B.823-B.854

32 items

Thirty two 90 minute tapes, numbered 1-32. Some tapes cover more than one day's proceedings: B.823-B.829 (nos 1-7) 10 January B.829-B.837 (nos 7-15) 11 January B.837-B.846 (nos 15-24) 12 January B.847-B.852 (nos 24-30) 13 January B.852-B.854 (nos 30-32) 14 January

Miscellaneous notes on the transcripts.  WARNER/B/4/3/A/B.855  1994

Former reference: B.855

Rapporteurs' reports by H. Beck, A. Ryaboshapko and P.J. Coughtrey, O. Pavlovsky, and R. Smale  WARNER/B/4/3/A/B.856  1994

Former reference: B.856

Papers of Executive Committee meeting, 14 January 1994  WARNER/B/4/3/A/B.857  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.857

Press-release  WARNER/B/4/3/A/B.858  1994

Former reference: B.858

Report on workshop to NATO, January 1994  WARNER/B/4/3/A/B.859  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.859

Report on workshop to SCOPE Executive Committee, February 1994  WARNER/B/4/3/A/B.860  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.860

'An overview of the RADTEST project and proceedings and papers in Vienna' by L.J. Appleby  WARNER/B/4/3/A/B.861  1994

Former reference: B.861

Incomplete typescript draft with manuscript corrections, June

Typescript outline notes from working groups  WARNER/B/4/3/A/B.862  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.862

Publication of proceedings  WARNER/B/4/3/A/B.863-B.872  1994-1996

Former reference: B.863-B.872

8 folders.

Correspondence with publishers, contributors etc.  WARNER/B/4/3/A/B.863-B.872/B.863-B.870/  1994-1996

Former reference: B.863-B.870

Includes general correspondence arising from the workshop at B.863.

Typescript draft, 64pp + appendices  WARNER/B/4/3/A/B.863-B.872/B.871-B.872  1994

Former reference: B.871, B.872

2 folders.

NATO/RADTEST Advanced Research Workshop on Long Term Consequences of Nuclear Tests for the Environment and Population Health (Semipaltinsk/Altai Case Study), Barnaul, Russia, 5-9 September 1994  WARNER/B/4/3/B  1993-1996

Former reference: B.873-B.941

General correspondence re arrangements, funding, programme, speakers etc.  WARNER/B/4/3/B/B.873-B.901  1993-1994

Former reference: B.873-B.901

Chiefly between C.S. Shapiro and the SCOPE office in Essex (mostly in the form of faxes).

October-December  WARNER/B/4/3/B/B.873-B.901/B.873  1993

Former reference: B.873

Chiefly re invitation from V.A. Koptyung, of the Russian Academy of Sciences, to hold the workshop in Russia.

January  WARNER/B/4/3/B/B.873-B.901/B.874  1994

Former reference: B.874

Includes draft and completed application to NATO.

February-March  WARNER/B/4/3/B/B.873-B.901/B.875  1994

Former reference: B.875

Award of NATO grant.

April  WARNER/B/4/3/B/B.873-B.901/B.876, B.877  1994

Former reference: B.876, B.877

2 folders.

May  WARNER/B/4/3/B/B.873-B.901/B.878-B.879  1994

Former reference: B.878, B.879

2 folders.

June  WARNER/B/4/3/B/B.873-B.901/B.880-B.885  1994

Former reference: B.880-B.885

6 folders.

July  WARNER/B/4/3/B/B.873-B.901/B.886-B.895  1994

Former reference: B.886-B.895

10 folders.

August  WARNER/B/4/3/B/B.873-B.901/B.896-B.901  1994

Former reference: B.896-B.901

At B.897-B.898 is correspondence re restriction on US Government employees travelling by domestic flights inside Russia. 6 folders.

Programme, lists of participants.  WARNER/B/4/3/B/B.902  1994

Former reference: B.902

Workshop papers RB.01.94-RB.09.94  WARNER/B/4/3/B/B.903-B.906  1994

Former reference: B.903-B.906

4 folders.

Unnumbered workshop papers (in Russian)  WARNER/B/4/3/B/B.907-B.909  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.907-B.909

3 folders

Unnumbered workshop papers and abstracts (in English)  WARNER/B/4/3/B/B.910-B.919  1994-1995

Former reference: B.910-B.919

10 folders. Including subsequent translations of Russian language papers.

Reports of working groups etc.  WARNER/B/4/3/B/B.920-B.921  1994

Former reference: B.920, B.921

Some in Russian. 2 folders.

Unbound A4 writing pads  WARNER/B/4/3/B/B.922-B.923  1994

Former reference: B.922, B.923

Used by Linda Appleby, RADTEST administrator, for manuscript notes for compiling report, November-December. 2 folders.

Reports on workshop, September and November  WARNER/B/4/3/B/B.924  1994

Former reference: B.924

Report to NATO, October  WARNER/B/4/3/B/B.925  1994

Former reference: B.925

Summaries of papers, September and December  WARNER/B/4/3/B/B.926  1994

Former reference: B.926

Summaries of papers, March  WARNER/B/4/3/B/B.927  1996

Former reference: B.927

Correspondence arising from workshop  WARNER/B/4/3/B/B.928-B.938  1994-1996

Former reference: B.928-B.938

Chiefly re preparation of reports and publication of Workshop proceedings.

September  WARNER/B/4/3/B/B.928-B.938/B.928  1994

Former reference: B.928

October  WARNER/B/4/3/B/B.928-B.938/B.929-B.930  1994

Former reference: B.929, B.930

2 folders.

November  WARNER/B/4/3/B/B.928-B.938/B.931-B.933  1994

Former reference: B.931-B.933

3 folders.

December  WARNER/B/4/3/B/B.928-B.938/B.934  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.934

January-August  WARNER/B/4/3/B/B.928-B.938/B.935  1995

Former reference: B.935

October-November  WARNER/B/4/3/B/B.928-B.938/B.936  1995

Former reference: B.936

December  WARNER/B/4/3/B/B.928-B.938/B.937  1995

Former reference: B.937

February-March  WARNER/B/4/3/B/B.928-B.938/B.938  1996

Former reference: B.938

'Overview of the Proceedings and Papers in Barnaul' by V.I. Kiselev and E.V. Zaitsev  WARNER/B/4/3/B/B.939-B.941  1996

Former reference: B.939-B.941

3 folders.

RADTEST Workshop on Radiation from Nuclear Explosions: methodologies of dose reconstruction, epidemiology, and sub-surface transport', Brussels and Lìege, Belgium, 27-31 March 1995  WARNER/B/4/3/C  1993-1995

Former reference: B.942-B.986

21 items

General correspondence re arrangements, participants etc.  WARNER/B/4/3/C/B.942-B.962  1993-1995

Former reference: B.942-B.962

9 items

Chiefly between C.S. Shapiro, R. Kirchmann in Belgium and the SCOPE office in Essex (mostly in the form of faxes).

November 1993-February 1994  WARNER/B/4/3/C/B.942-B.962/B.942  1993-1994

Former reference: B.942

April-June  WARNER/B/4/3/C/B.942-B.962/B.943  1994

Former reference: B.943

August-September  WARNER/B/4/3/C/B.942-B.962/B.944  1994

Former reference: B.944

October  WARNER/B/4/3/C/B.942-B.962/B.945  1994

Former reference: B.945

November  WARNER/B/4/3/C/B.942-B.962/B.946-B.947  1994

Former reference: B.946, B.947

2 folders.

December  WARNER/B/4/3/C/B.942-B.962/B.948-B.949  1994

Former reference: B.948, B.949

2 folders.

January  WARNER/B/4/3/C/B.942-B.962/B.950-B.954  1995

Former reference: B.950-B.954

5 folders.

February  WARNER/B/4/3/C/B.942-B.962/B.955-B.958  1995

Former reference: B.955-B.958

4 folders.

March  WARNER/B/4/3/C/B.942-B.962/B.959-B.962  1995

Former reference: B.959-B.962

4 folders.

Programme; agenda for meetings; list of participants.  WARNER/B/4/3/C/B.963  1995

Former reference: B.963

Workshop Book of Abstracts  WARNER/B/4/3/C/B.964  1995

Former reference: B.964

Abstracts for papers RL.01.95-RL.25.95.

Workshop papers RL.01.95-RL.31.95.  WARNER/B/4/3/C/B.965-B.975  1995

Former reference: B.965-B.975

11 folders.

Other papers found with workshop material  WARNER/B/4/3/C/B.976-B.977  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.976, B.977

2 folders.

Minutes of committee and working group meetings held during the workshop  WARNER/B/4/3/C/B.978  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.978

Report on the workshop by the Scientific Secretariat  WARNER/B/4/3/C/B.979  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.979

Typescript drafts.

Correspondence arising, including preparation of Workshop Report  WARNER/B/4/3/C/B.980-B.984  1995

Former reference: B.980-B.984

5 items

March-April  WARNER/B/4/3/C/B.980-B.984/B.980  1995

Former reference: B.980

April  WARNER/B/4/3/C/B.980-B.984/B.981  1995

Former reference: B.981

May  WARNER/B/4/3/C/B.980-B.984/B.982  1995

Former reference: B.982

June-August  WARNER/B/4/3/C/B.980-B.984/B.983  1995

Former reference: B.983

September  WARNER/B/4/3/C/B.980-B.984/B.984  1995

Former reference: B.984

Workshop Report, 62pp typescript.  WARNER/B/4/3/C/B.985-B.986  1995

Former reference: B.985, B.986

2 folders.

RADTEST Mini-Workshop, Beijing, China, 19-21, October 1996  WARNER/B/4/3/D  1995-1996

Former reference: B.987-B.1010


General correspondence re arrangements, funding, programme, speakers etc.  WARNER/B/4/3/D/B.987-B.995  1995-1996

Former reference: B.987-B.995

9 items

Chiefly between R. Kirchmann, the SCOPE office in Essex and the Chinese hosts (mostly in the form of faxes and printed out emails).

September, December  WARNER/B/4/3/D/B.987-B.995/B.987  1995

Former reference: B.987

Includes invitation to hold RADTEST mini-workshop in China.

January  WARNER/B/4/3/D/B.987-B.995/B.988  1996

Former reference: B.988

February  WARNER/B/4/3/D/B.987-B.995/B.989  1996

Former reference: B.989

March-May  WARNER/B/4/3/D/B.987-B.995/B.990  1996

Former reference: B.990

June  WARNER/B/4/3/D/B.987-B.995/B.991  1996

Former reference: B.991

July  WARNER/B/4/3/D/B.987-B.995/B.992  1996

Former reference: B.992

August  WARNER/B/4/3/D/B.987-B.995/B.993  1996

Former reference: B.993

September  WARNER/B/4/3/D/B.987-B.995/B.994  1996

Former reference: B.994

October  WARNER/B/4/3/D/B.987-B.995/B.995  1996

Former reference: B.995

Programme, list of participants etc  WARNER/B/4/3/D/B.996  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.996

Workshop papers RC.01.96-RC.23.96  WARNER/B/4/3/D/B.997-B.1004  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.997-B.1004

8 folders.

Other workshop material  WARNER/B/4/3/D/B.1005  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.1005

Report on scientific presentations  WARNER/B/4/3/D/B.1006  1996

Former reference: B.1006

Photocopy manuscript and typescript drafts.

Minutes of committee and working group meetings held during the workshop  WARNER/B/4/3/D/B.1007  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.1007

Correspondence arising, October-December  WARNER/B/4/3/D/B.1008-B.1009  1996

Former reference: B.1008, B.1009

Workshop Report  WARNER/B/4/3/D/B.1010  1996

Former reference: B.1010

First draft, November.

Other meetings  WARNER/B/4/3/E  1993-1998

Former reference: B.1011-B.1016

RADTEST was represented at a number of other meetings.

'A visit to some scientific institutes in Russia' by E. Voice  WARNER/B/4/3/E/B.1011  1993

Former reference: B.1011

14pp typescript.

Report on RADTEST 'Health Effects' meeting, Munich, Germany, 2 September 1995  WARNER/B/4/3/E/B.1012  1995

Former reference: B.1012

Fax of typescript with manuscript corrections.

First International Conference on the Radiological Consequences of the Chernobyl accident, Minsk, Belarus, 18-22 March 1996  WARNER/B/4/3/E/B.1013  1996

Former reference: B.1013

Circulars, brief correspondence re RADTEST participation.

NATO Advanced Research Workshop on Ocular Risk Assessment in Populations exposed to Environmental Radiation Contamination, Kiev, Ukraine, 29 July-1 August 1997  WARNER/B/4/3/E/B.1014-B.1015  1997

Former reference: B.1014, B.1015

E. Voice presented a paper on the RADTEST project, 'Dosimetry, dose reconstruction and epidemiology: lessons from RADPATH, RADEST and other related studies' by Warner, L.J. Appleby and Voice.

Correspondence re RADTEST participation  WARNER/B/4/3/E/B.1014-B.1015/B.1014  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.1014

'Dosimetry, dose reconstruction and epidemiology: lessons from RADPATH, RADEST and other related studies' by Warner, L.J. Appleby and E.H. Voice  WARNER/B/4/3/E/B.1014-B.1015/B.1015  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.1015

Typescript drafts.

Notices for other meetings  WARNER/B/4/3/E/B.1016  1994-1998

Former reference: B.1016

Newsletters  WARNER/B/4/4  1993-1998

Former reference: B.1017-B.1019

3 items

The newsletters series (19 issues) began in October 1993. It included notices of forthcoming workshops and non-RADTEST meetings of interest, reported in brief on workshop proceedings, gave news of individuals associated with the project, and reproduced press articles of interest. Lacks no. 4. 3 folders.

Finance and funding  WARNER/B/4/5  1992-1998

Former reference: B.1020-B.1033

General material re funding of RADTEST  WARNER/B/4/5/B.1020  1993-1997

Former reference: B.1020

Funding bodies  WARNER/B/4/5/B.1021-B.1033  1992-1998

Former reference: B.1021-B.1033

Commission of the European Communities  WARNER/B/4/5/B.1021-B.1033/B.1021  1994-1997

Former reference: B.1021

Leverhulme Trust  WARNER/B/4/5/B.1021-B.1033/B.1022-B.1031  1992-1998

Former reference: B.1022-B.1031

10 folders. At B.1022 is correspondence re establishment of the RADTEST project.

NATO  WARNER/B/4/5/B.1021-B.1033/B.1032  1993-1994

Former reference: B.1032

Royal Society  WARNER/B/4/5/B.1021-B.1033/B.1033  1996

Former reference: B.1033

Progress reports  WARNER/B/4/6/  1993-1998

Former reference: B.1034-B.1040

7 items

Progress reports to SCOPE Executive Committee and General Assembly. 7 folders.

Published Report  WARNER/B/4/7  1995-1999

Former reference: B.1041-B.1147

General correspondence and papers  WARNER/B/4/7/A  1995-1999

Former reference: B.1041-B.1062

Correspondence re organisation of the volume and progress towards completion  WARNER/B/4/7/A/B.1041-B.1053  1995-1998

Former reference: B.1041-B.1053

13 items

Chiefly between the Essex office, Warner, C.S. Shapiro, R.J. Kirchmann and contributors 13 folders.

Corrrespondence with John Wiley & Sons Ltd, publishers  WARNER/B/4/7/A/B.1054-B.1059  1995-1999

Former reference: B.1054-B.1059

6 items

6 folders.

Correspondence and papers re editorial meetings  WARNER/B/4/7/A/B.1060-B.1062  1997-1998

Former reference: B.1060-B.1062

3 items

Administrative history:
The meetings were held 17-18 February 1997, 18 June 1997 and 25 February 1998.

3 folders.

Prefatory material  WARNER/B/4/7/B  1997-1998

Former reference: B.1063-B.1065

2 items

List of contents  WARNER/B/4/7/B/B.1063  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.1063

Preface, foreword and Warner's 'synthesis chapter'  WARNER/B/4/7/B/B.1064-B.1065  1997-1998

Former reference: B.1064, B.1065

2 folders.

Introduction (Chapter 2)  WARNER/B/4/7/C  1996-1998

Former reference: B.1066, B.1067

2 folders.

Chapter 3. Nuclear Weapons Test Programmes of Countries  WARNER/B/4/7/D  1996-1998

Former reference: B.1068, B.1069

2 folders.

Chapter 4. Nuclear Explosions and their Environmental Contamination  WARNER/B/4/7/E  1996-1999

Former reference: B.1070-B.1078

9 folders.

Chapter 5. Pathways for Internal Exposure  WARNER/B/4/7/F  1996-1998

Former reference: B.1079-B.1084

6 folders.

Chapter 6. Estimation of Doses  WARNER/B/4/7/G  1996-1998

Former reference: B.1085-B.1089

5 folders.

Chapter 7. Health Effects  WARNER/B/4/7/H  1996-1998

Former reference: B.1090-B.1099

10 folders.

Appendix: Lists and types of tests  WARNER/B/4/7/I  1995-1999

Former reference: B.1100-B.1127

This includes documentation both of the data from nuclear weapons tests by China, France, India, the UK, USA and USSR, and of the correspondence re the attempts to gain access to the information. There is some general material relating to the preparation and publication of the appendix but the bulk is organised by country following Warner's own arrangement.

'India'  WARNER/B/4/7/I/B.1100  1997

Former reference: B.1100

Contents of folder so inscribed.

'Indi/China Data'  WARNER/B/4/7/I/B.1101  1997

Former reference: B.1101

Contents of folder so inscribed.

'Russ Data'  WARNER/B/4/7/I/B.1102  1996-1997

Former reference: B.1102

Contents of folder so inscribed.

'UK Data'  WARNER/B/4/7/I/B.1103  1995-1997

Former reference: B.1103

Contents of folder so inscribed.

'USA Data'  WARNER/B/4/7/I/B.1104-B.1105  1995-1997

Former reference: B.1104, B.1105

Contents of folder so inscribed. 2 folders. At B.1105 is US Department of Energy report 'United States Nuclear Tests July 1945 through September 1992'

'Suspected States'  WARNER/B/4/7/I/B.1106  1997

Former reference: B.1106

Contents of envelope so inscribed: information on India, Israel, Pakistan and North Korea.

Contents of untitled folder: information on South Africa's nuclear programme  WARNER/B/4/7/I/B.1107  1995-1997

Former reference: B.1107

Information on French nuclear weapons tests  WARNER/B/4/7/I/B.1108-B.1116  1995-1997

Former reference: B.1108-B.1116

6 folders and 3 volumes. At B.1112 is report (in English) 'Radiological conditions in French Polynesia 1994'; at B.1114-B.1116 are the three volumes of 'Les Atolls de Mururoa et de Fangataufa (Polynésie Francaise)'

Information and correspondence re Indian and Pakistani nuclear weapons testing  WARNER/B/4/7/I/B.1117-B.1119  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.1117-B.1119

3 folders. Includes print-outs from web sources.

General and miscellaneous correspondence and papers  WARNER/B/4/7/I/B.1120-B.1127  1995-1998

Former reference: B.1120-B.1127

8 folders.

Glossary and index  WARNER/B/4/7/J  1998, 1999

Former reference: B.1128, B.1129

2 folders.

Correspondence with volume reviewer  WARNER/B/4/7/K  1996-1998

Former reference: B.1130-B.1132

The reviewer was D. Champ of Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd. 3 folders.

Corrections and revisions  WARNER/B/4/7/L  1998-1999

Former reference: B.1133-B.1141

Includes correspondence with R.J.C. Kirchmann as co-editor, the SCOPE office, contributors and publishers, and faxed pages of corrected draft. 9 folders.

Complete draft of SCOPE 59  WARNER/B/4/7/M  1996-1998

Former reference: B.1142-B.1147

Chapters of SCOPE 59, at various stages of completion. 6 folders.

Background material  WARNER/B/4/8  1990s

Former reference: B.1148, B.1148A

2 items

The bulk of this material, B.1148, is the sequence of numbered background papers RT0001-RT0063, kept as a continuous sequence. It includes articles, reports, workshop papers, and peace and disarmament literature. At B.1148A are miscellaneous press-cuttings, photocopied articles, print-outs from internet searches, etc.

RADSITE  WARNER/B/5  1996-1999

Former reference: B.1149-B.1156

Administrative history:
This programme 'Radioactivity from military installation sites and effects on population health' was established to follow on from RADTEST in 'assessing the legacy of military nuclear activities worldwide'. Warner was involved in planning the study and invited to act as an adviser to the project.

General correspondence and papers  WARNER/B/5/1  1997-1999

Former reference: B.1149-B.1151

3 items

1997  WARNER/B/5/1/B.1149  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.1149

1998  WARNER/B/5/1/B.1150  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.1150

Includes draft press-release on launch of RADSITE, November 1998.

1999  WARNER/B/5/1/B.1151  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.1151

Funding of RADSITE  WARNER/B/5/2  1997-1998

Former reference: B.1152-B.1154

3 items

General correspondence  WARNER/B/5/2/B.1152  1996-1998

Former reference: B.1152

Includes initial Royal Society support for RADSITE.

Commission of the European Communities  WARNER/B/5/2/B.1153  1997-1998

Former reference: B.1153

Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust  WARNER/B/5/2/B.1154  1997-1998

Former reference: B.1154

Meetings  WARNER/B/5/3  1998

Former reference: B.1155, B.1156

2 items

RADSITE Contact Meeting, Piscataway, New Jersey, USA, 14 June 1998  WARNER/B/5/3/B.1155  1998

Former reference: B.1155

Administrative history:
Warner was not present.

Agenda, papers, draft minutes.

RADSITE, November 1998  WARNER/B/5/3/B.1156  1998

Former reference: B.1156

Administrative history:
Warner sent his apologies.

Arrangements, programme, list of papers, minutes.


Former reference: B.1157-B.1173

Administrative history:
Following the defeat in the 1991 war of the Iraqi forces occupying Kuwait, President Saddam Hussein of Iraq ordered the Kuwaiti oilfields to be set alight as his armies fled. The resulting dense smoke clouds threatened an environmental disaster and was thought to bear similarities to aspects of 'nuclear winter' scenarios. Warner and a number of experts associated with the ENUWAR and RADPATH projects were independently interested in the Kuwaiti oil fires and were invited to hold an ad hoc study meeting under SCOPE auspices to survey the environmental impact (B.1164). The material includes exchanges with colleagues on the impact of the oil fires, arrangements for meetings, including a RADPATH Open Day meeting at the University of Essex, 16 April 1991 (see also B.536) which focused on the fires, and other meetings, and background information. See also B.1185 for recording of BBC Radio Essex interview with Warner on this subject.

General correspondence and papers  WARNER/B/6/1  1991

Former reference: B.1157-B.1162

5 items

January  WARNER/B/6/1/B.1157-B.1158  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.1157, B.1158

At B.1157 is M.C. McCracken's initial analysis of the likely environmental results; at B.1158 is Warner's press release 'Oil Fires and Nuclear Winter', 28 January. 2 folders.

February  WARNER/B/6/1/B.1159  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.1159

March  WARNER/B/6/1/B.1160  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.1160

April-May  WARNER/B/6/1/B.1161  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.1161

June-November  WARNER/B/6/1/B.1162  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.1162

Meetings  WARNER/B/6/2  1991

Former reference: B.1163-B.1166

4 items

RADPATH Open Day, University of Essex, 16 April  WARNER/B/6/2/B.1163  1991

Former reference: B.1163

Agenda, programme, 7pp typescript of presentation by Warner on 'Kuwait Oil Fires'. See B.534-B.554.

Proposed Ad hoc ICSU/SCOPE study meeting on Gulf oil fires  WARNER/B/6/2/B.1164  1991

Former reference: B.1164

Correspondence re possible meeting, arrangements.

Kuwait Oil Fire Conference, Harvard University, USA, 12-14 August 1991  WARNER/B/6/2/B.1165  1991

Former reference: B.1165

Administrative history:
Ian Colbeck attended for SCOPE.

Arrangements; 1p report by I. Colbeck.

Kuwait Oil Fires and International Environment Considerations, Darwin Scientific Foundation Conference, Smithsonian Institution, Washington DC, USA, 28 September 1991  WARNER/B/6/2/B.1166  1991

Former reference: B.1166


Papers by Warner  WARNER/B/6/3  1991

Former reference: B.1167-B.1171

See also B.1163.

'War and Environment', January 1991  WARNER/B/6/3/B.1167  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.1167

1p typescript.

'Control of response to disaster', opening address to meeting of Institute of Quality Assurance, 5 March 1991  WARNER/B/6/3/B.1168  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.1168

3pp typescript.

'The environmental consequences of the Gulf War', Environment vol 33 no. 5 (June 1991)  WARNER/B/6/3/B.1169  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.1169

11pp manuscript rough draft; copy of Environment with Warner's article therein.

Letter to the editor, The Chemical Engineer, September 1991  WARNER/B/6/3/B.1170  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.1170

1p typescript.

'Kuwait's oil fires', Science and Public Affairs, vol 6 no. 2 (1991)  WARNER/B/6/3/B.1171  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.1171

Invitation to submit article; offprint. See also E.59.

Data  WARNER/B/6/4  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.1172

Background material  WARNER/B/6/5  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.1173

Newspaper cuttings, nmagazine articles, photocopies etc. 1 bundle.


Former reference: B.1174-B.1216

Audio tapes  WARNER/B/7/A  1983-1991, n.d.

Former reference: B.1174-B.1187

Audio reel-to-reel tapes  WARNER/B/7/A/1  1983, n.d.

Former reference: B.1174-B.1176

3 items

TDK L-1800  WARNER/B/7/A/1/B.1174  1983

Former reference: B.1174

Inscribed on verso of box. Used for meetings 15-17 November 1983. 90 minutes @ 7.5 ips. 7 inch reel.

BASF LPR35 box containing ?older Agfa tape  WARNER/B/7/A/1/B.1175  N.d.

Former reference: B.1175

With manuscript note inside box 'SCOPE 16th [?] Plenary'. 7 inch reel.

TDK LX 35/90  WARNER/B/7/A/1/B.1176  N.d.

Former reference: B.1176

With manuscript note inside box 'SCOPE - Plenary 17 [?]' 90 minutes @ 7.5 ips. 7 inch reel.

Cassette tapes  WARNER/B/7/A/2  1984-1991, n.d.

Former reference: B.1177-B.1187

10 items

See also B.823-B.854 for cassettes of NATO/RADTEST Advanced Research Workshop on Atmospheric Nuclear Tests, Vienna, Austria, January 1994.

Recordings of Second workshop on environmental consequences of nuclear war, New Delhi, India, 9-11 February 1984  WARNER/B/7/A/2/B.1177-B.1180  1984

Former reference: B.1177-B.1180

4 items

See B.262-B.266.

Inscribed '1st part of 10/2/84' and 'Morning session'  WARNER/B/7/A/2/B.1177-B.1180/B.1177  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.1177

C90 tape.

Inscribed '10/2/84 and 11/2/84' and '10/2/84 IInd part' and '11/2/84...Morning session'  WARNER/B/7/A/2/B.1177-B.1180/B.1178  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.1178

C90 tape.

Inscribed '11/2/84 Morning session. IInd part'  WARNER/B/7/A/2/B.1177-B.1180/B.1179  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.1179

C90 tape.

Inscribed '11/2/84 IIIrd part'  WARNER/B/7/A/2/B.1177-B.1180/B.1180  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.1180

C90 tape.

'After the Winter. Sept 12th 1985: Wash. DC'  WARNER/B/7/A/2/B.1181-B.1182  1985

Former reference: B.1181, B.1182

2 copies.

'Five Scientists of the Apocalypse' and 'Apocalypse? No!'  WARNER/B/7/A/2/B.1183  1988

Former reference: B.1183

Recordings of BBC Radio programmes broadcast on 3 and 7 November 1988 respectively. Presented by Colin Tudge and produced by Nicholas Morgan. AD90 tape.

Interview with Warner  WARNER/B/7/A/2/B.1184  1989

Former reference: B.1184

Broadcast on BBC World Service 18 August 1989. Inscription reads: 'Interview about Chernobyl exclusion zone and radiation effects...Followed by interview with George Woodwell'. 2 copies. SA90 and D60 tapes.

Interview with Warner  WARNER/B/7/A/2/B.1185  1991

Former reference: B.1185

Broadcast on BBC Radio Essex 23 January 1991. The subject was the Kuwaiti oil fires. XD60 tape.

Inscribed 'BBC World Service - Nuclear Winter' and Assignment'  WARNER/B/7/A/2/B.1186  N.d.

Former reference: B.1186

LH-EI 120 tape.

Inscribed 'The World Tonight 24/8'  WARNER/B/7/A/2/B.1187  N.d.

Former reference: B.1187

LH-EI 120 tape.

Video tapes  WARNER/B/7/B  1983-1990, n.d.

Former reference: B.1188-B.1201

KCA video cassettes  WARNER/B/7/B/1  1983, 1990, n.d.

Former reference: B.1188-B.1195

8 items

Proceedings of Conference on the Long Term Biological Consequences of Nuclear War, Washington DC, USA, 31 October-1 November 1983  WARNER/B/7/B/1/B.1188-B.1189  1983

Former reference: B.1188, B.1189

2 items

With programme of the conference inside the box of B.1188. 2 U-Matic KCA 60 tapes.

Series of videos of 'Chernobyl Accident [...] received from L.M. Khitrov 26-30/03/90'  WARNER/B/7/B/1/B.1190-B.1194  1990

Former reference: B.1190-B.1194

5 items

Numbered A and B1-B4. 3 Fuji U-Matic KCA 60 tapes (B.1190, B.1191, B.1193) and 2 Fuji U-Matic KCA 30 tapes (B.1192, B.1194).

Unidentified video  WARNER/B/7/B/1/B.1195  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.1195

Sony U-Matic KCA 60K tape.

VHS video cassettes  WARNER/B/7/B/2  1983, 1984, n.d.

Former reference: B.1196-B.1201

7 items

'The Day After', Granada TV drama with studio discussion following  WARNER/B/7/B/2/B.1196-B.1197  1983

Former reference: B.1196, B.1197

Broadcast 10 December 1983. E-180 video cassettes. 2 copies.

Granada TV World in Action documentary 'After Doomsday'  WARNER/B/7/B/2/B.1198  1983

Former reference: B.1198

Broadcast 12 December 1983. E-60 video cassette.

Two documentaries produced by Department of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School  WARNER/B/7/B/2/B.1199  1983

Former reference: B.1199

The two short pieces are: 'What are Soviet Children Saying about Nuclear War?' a joint project between Harvard and International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War, and 'In the Nuclear Shadow: What can the Children tell us?'. The video was sent to Warner by W.R. Carter, a covering letter from him is enclosed within the video box. T-120 video cassette.

BBC2 broadcasts  WARNER/B/7/B/2/B.1200  1984

Former reference: B.1200

Broadcast 23 and 24 September. The three pieces are: 'Threads', drama by Barry Hines; 'On the 8th Day', drama-documentary; and Newsnight with studio discussion of issues raised by preceeding material. E-240 video cassette.

Press cuttings from The Radio Times on the three programmes  WARNER/B/7/B/2/B.1200A  1984

Former reference: B.1200A

'The Nuclear Holocaust. A scientific forecast'  WARNER/B/7/B/2/B.1201  N.d.

Former reference: B.1201

Japanese Broadcasting Service (NHK) production, possibly transferred from PAL lowband video film. T-90 video cassette.

Reel to reel film  WARNER/B/7/C  ?1988

Former reference: B.1202

Administrative history:
The film 'presents computer simulations of the global spread of radioactivity that was emitted during the April 26, 1986 Chernobyl nuclear power plant accident. These simulations were performed by ARAC (Atmosphere Release Advisory Capability), a nuclear emergency response system located at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory'.

Lawrence Livermore Laboratory tape labelled 'ARAC [Atmospheric Release Advisory Capability] Response to the Chernobyl Reactor Accident'. With business card of C.S. Shapiro inside the case. 325ft, 8 min tape with sound and colour.

Computer disks  WARNER/B/7/D  late 1980s

Former reference: B.1203, B.1204

Retained as illustrative samples.

Three 5.25 inch floppy disks  WARNER/B/7/D/B.1203  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.1203

Used during ENUWAR project.

Package of 3.5 inch floppy disks  WARNER/B/7/D/B.1204  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.1204

Used for draft of ENUWAR published report. 21 disks.

Photographs  WARNER/B/7/E  1985-ca 1994

Former reference: B.1205-B.1210

See also A.205, B.281A, B.307 and B.529.

Photographs from the Workshop on Nuclear Danger, Hiroshima and Tokyo, Japan, February 1985  WARNER/B/7/E/B.1205  1985

Former reference: B.1205

See B.311-B.321A. Many feature Warner. 15 colour photographs.

'SCOPE. Photographs of Essex meeting'.  WARNER/B/7/E/B.1206  ca 1987

Former reference: B.1206

Contents of envelope so inscribed with note inside from J.M. Gardner August 1987. Photographs of delegates socialising. Warner is featured once. The delegates wear ENUWAR badges with the arms of Essex University but it is not clear which meeting is concerned. 8 monochrome photographs

Photographs from Final ENUWAR workshop, Moscow, USSR, March 1988 and visit to Chernobyl  WARNER/B/7/E/B.1207-B.1209A  1988

Former reference: B.1207-B.1209A

4 items

Administrative history:
The visit took place during the workshop (see B.402).

'Photographs of Moscow/Chernobyl (March 1988)'  WARNER/B/7/E/B.1207-B.1209A/B.1207  1988

Former reference: B.1207

Contents of envelope so labelled. 12 colour (mostly pretty grey actually!) photographs.

'Prof. M. Williamson. Chernobyl Visit Prints (Captions on Reverse)'  WARNER/B/7/E/B.1207-B.1209A/B.1208  1988

Former reference: B.1208

10 colour photographs.

'Photographs of Moscow and Chernobyl March '88 (Rec'd April 5 from Takeshi Ohkita)'.  WARNER/B/7/E/B.1207-B.1209A/B.1209  1988

Former reference: B.1209

Warner is featured in 4 photographs. 8 colour photographs.

Photocopies of group photograph of participants  WARNER/B/7/E/B.1207-B.1209A/B.1209A  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.1209A

One copy has the signatures of some of those present on verso.

Group photographs from unidentified occasion  WARNER/B/7/E/B.1210  ca 1994

Former reference: B.1210

3 colour photographs.

Photographic slides  WARNER/B/7/F  1988, 1993, n.d.

Former reference: B.1211-B.1216

Plastic slide box labelled 'ENUWAR slides. SCOPE 28 Vol.1 [...] Vol.2 [..]'  WARNER/B/7/F/B.1211  Late 1980s

Former reference: B.1211

43 slides.

Plastic slide wallet with SCOPE ENUWAR label inscribed 'Sir Frederick Warner - ENUWAR slides'  WARNER/B/7/F/B.1212  1988

Former reference: B.1212

Inside the wallet is list of slides titled 'Environment and Nuclear War lecture, Sao Paulo December 1988'. 38 slides.

Card slide box labelled 'Budapest 88 ENUWAR summary Slides'  WARNER/B/7/F/B.1213  1988

Former reference: B.1213

6 slides.

Card slide box labelled 'Complete Black set. SCOPE ENUWAR Volume 1 (-slide 5 31/1/0/88)  WARNER/B/7/F/B.1214  1988

Former reference: B.1214

26 slides.

Plastic slide wallet with SCOPE RADPATH label inscribed 'Sir Frederick Warner'  WARNER/B/7/F/B.1215  1993

Former reference: B.1215

Inside the wallet are two lists of slides, one titled 'Nuclear Winter-Chernobyl-Kuwait-Connections Thursday 4th March 1993 University of Essex/Royal Soicety of Chemistry', the other 'Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant Accident'. 26 slides.

Untitled card slide box  WARNER/B/7/F/B.1216  N.d.

Former reference: B.1216

Used for slides of Chernobyl and environs. 15 slides.


Former reference: B.1217-B.1235

Staff and finance  WARNER/B/8/1  1985-1997

Former reference: B.1217-B.1219

4 items

1985-1997  WARNER/B/8/1/B.1217  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.1217

Including appointment of R.J.C. Kirchmann as Visiting Research Fellow, 1996-1997.

Lists of staff duties etc.  WARNER/B/8/1/B.1218  1990s

Former reference: B.1218

Finance  WARNER/B/8/1/B.1219  1985-1997

Former reference: B.1219

Relations with the University of Essex  WARNER/B/8/3  1983-1997

Former reference: B.1220-B.1225

Institute for Environmental Research  WARNER/B/8/3/B.1220-B.1222  1993

Former reference: B.1220-B.1222

2 items

Administrative history:
This inter-departmental research and teaching institute was established in 1992 'to develop and expand the environmental research and teaching activities which have been carrie dout for many years at the University of Essex' Warner was its first chairman. It included the SCOPE Unit which also acted as the institute's secretariat.

Steering Committee meetings  WARNER/B/8/3/B.1220-B.1222/B.1220  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.1220

Miscellaneous papers  WARNER/B/8/3/B.1220-B.1222/B.1221-B.1222  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.1221, B.1222

2 folders.

Reports on work of SCOPE Unit at Essex  WARNER/B/8/3/B.1223-B.1224  1994-1998

Former reference: B.1223, B.1224

'Introduction - SCOPE RADTEST', Environmental Management and Health, vol 7, no. 2 (1996)  WARNER/B/8/3/B.1223-B.1224/B.1223  1994-1996

Former reference: B.1223

Administrative history:
This edtion of the journal Environmental Management and Health reported on multidisciplinary environmental research at the University of Essex. Warner contributed an article on RADTEST (above) and, with L.J. Appleby, 'The post-Chernobyl environmental situation'.

Correspondence from publishers; copy of published volume.

Short pieces on work of SCOPE Unit at Essex  WARNER/B/8/3/B.1223-B.1224/B.1224  1994, 1998, n.d.

Former reference: B.1224

Miscellaneous material  WARNER/B/8/3/B.1225  1983-1997

Former reference: B.1225

Project archives  WARNER/B/8/4  1997-1998

Former reference: B.1226-B.1233

Administrative history:
From the beginning of the three SCOPE projects consideration was given to the retention of a comprehensive archive to document the work of the projects. The archives were placed in the Albert Sloman Library of the University of Essex and box lists were created of some of the material.

General SCOPE material  WARNER/B/8/4/B.1226  1997

Former reference: B.1226

Box lists of 'SCOPE ARCHIVES The Chernobyl Reactor accident 1986', 'SCOPE ARCHIVES Nuclear power reactors' and 'SCOPE ARCHIVES' miscellaneous papers relating to Risk assessment.

ENUWAR  WARNER/B/8/4/B.1227-B.1230  1997, 1998, n.d.

Former reference: B.1227-B.1230

'SCOPE-ENUWAR ARCHIVES/RISK ASSESSMENT PAPERS Outline arrangement' 1997, box list of SCOPE ENUWAR Archives, 21pp.  WARNER/B/8/4/B.1227-B.1230/B.1227  1997, n.d.

Former reference: B.1227

The box list includes the titles and authors of workshop papers.


Former reference: B.1228

Lists of papers from ENUWAR workshops  WARNER/B/8/4/B.1227-B.1230/B.1229  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.1229

Minutes of meeting on the ENUWAR Archives, University of Essex Library, 8 January 1998  WARNER/B/8/4/B.1227-B.1230/B.1230  1998

Former reference: B.1230

RADPATH  WARNER/B/8/4/B.1231  1997

Former reference: B.1231

Outline lists of SCOPE RADPATH archives, workshop papers.

RADTEST  WARNER/B/8/4/B.1232-B.1233  ca 1998

Former reference: B.1232-B.1233


List of 'RADTEST ARCHIVE MATERIAL'  WARNER/B/8/4/B.1232-B.1233/B.1232  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.1232

List of workshop papers  WARNER/B/8/4/B.1232-B.1233/B.1233  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.1233

Articles on the completed ENUWAR, RADPATH and RADTEST projects  WARNER/B/8/5  ca 1998

Former reference: B.1234, B.1235

'Studies of the impacts of nuclear weapons and environmental radioactivity' by L.J. Appleby  WARNER/B/8/5/B.1234  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.1234

13pp typescript + references.

'Dosimetry, dose reconstruction and epidemiology: lessons from RADPATH, RADTEST and related studies' by L.J. Appleby, E.H. Voice and F.E. Warner  WARNER/B/8/5/B.1235  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.1235

5pp typescript.


Former reference: B.1236-B.1240

'Nuclear power reactors: radiation and nuclear safety: articles, technical reports and correspondence'  WARNER/B/9/B.1236  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.1236

'Nuclear Power'  WARNER/B/9/B.1237  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.1237

'Papers on radioactivity'  WARNER/B/9/B.1238  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.1238

Chiefly on radon in the UK.

'Chemical Plant Disasters' and 'Pollution and Enviromental legislation'  WARNER/B/9/B.1239  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.1239

'UN (Disarmanent)'  WARNER/B/9/B.1240  [n.d.]

Former reference: B.1240


Former reference: SECTION C

523 items

Correspondence relating to many of these societies and organisations was also found in Warner's general correspondence, presented in section G.


Former reference: C.1

1 item

Administrative history:
Warner was on the Main Committee.

Committee papers.


Former reference: C.2

1 item

Administrative history:
The Wellcome Marine Laboratory was at Robin Hood's Bay, North Yorkshire. The committee was wound up with the closure of the Laboratory in 1983.

Chiefly re meetings of the Committee.


Former reference: C.3

1 item

Administrative history:
Warner was President to 1989. The Association was liquidated in 1994 when it was taken over by IPD Enterprises Ltd.

Miscellaneous correspondence and papers, including future of the Association.


Former reference: C.4-C.17

14 items

Administrative history:
This was established by Sir Alec Douglas-Home, Foreign Secretary, to coordinate the Britsh contribution to the bicentennial anniversary of the US Declaration of Independence in 1776. Warner served on the Committe, chaired by Lord Lothian. It was wound up in October 1976.

General correspondence and papers  WARNER/C/4/1  1972-1976

Former reference: C.4-C.9

6 items

1972  WARNER/C/4/1/C.4  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.4

Establishment of the Committee.

1973  WARNER/C/4/1/C.5  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.5

Chiefly re possible Open University contribution to bicentennial.

1974  WARNER/C/4/1/C.6  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.6

Open University contribution; meeting of the Committee.

1975  WARNER/C/4/1/C.7  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.7

Includes correspondence re loan of Magna Carta and UK publicity material.

1976  WARNER/C/4/1/C.8  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.8

US Bicentennial Newsletters  WARNER/C/4/1/C.9  1972

Former reference: C.9

Committee meetings  WARNER/C/4/2  1972-1976

Former reference: C.10-C.17

8 items

10 July 1972  WARNER/C/4/2/C.10  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.10

21 March 1973  WARNER/C/4/2/C.11  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.11

5 July 1973  WARNER/C/4/2/C.12  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.12

27 September 1974  WARNER/C/4/2/C.13  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.13

29 November 1974  WARNER/C/4/2/C.14  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.14

12 February 1975  WARNER/C/4/2/C.15  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.15

23 July 1975  WARNER/C/4/2/C.16  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.16

9 December 1975 and 15 October 1976  WARNER/C/4/2/C.17  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.17


Former reference: C.18

Duplicated typescript papers.


Former reference: C.19-C.24

4 items

Administrative history:
Warner joined British Nuclear Fuel's Environmental Council (later the Safety, Health, Environment Council) for its first meeting on 3 February 1993.

Letter and information re meeting of Environmental Council  WARNER/C/6/C.19  1993

Former reference: C.19

C.20-C.2 is background material sent to Warner at the same time.

Background information on British Nuclear Fuels  WARNER/C/6/C.20  1992

Former reference: C.20

Background information on British Nuclear Fuels' environmental record and policy  WARNER/C/6/C.21-C.23  1991-1992

Former reference: C.21-C.23

3 folders.

Correspondence and papers re meetings of the Council  WARNER/C/6/C.24  1996, 1998

Former reference: C.24


Former reference: C.25

1 item

Administrative history:
This autonomous body within the Institute of Quality Assurance was established in 1981. Warner was President in 1990. See also Institute of Quality Assurance

Letter re President's engagements.


Former reference: C.26-C.30

5 items

Administrative history:
Warner was President and Chairman. He continued to serve on the Board as a Past President.

Correspondence re relations with newly formed Industrial Advisory Committee on Fracture Avoidance  WARNER/C/8/C.26  1982

Former reference: C.26

'Parody Standard Specification' for Precast Concrete Gnomes  WARNER/C/8/C.27  1982

Former reference: C.27

Papers of meeting of BSI Board, 8 March 1989  WARNER/C/8/C.28  1989

Former reference: C.28

Miscellaneous correspondence and papers  WARNER/C/8/C.29  1989-1992

Former reference: C.29

Letter and information re BSI organisational structure  WARNER/C/8/C.30  1995

Former reference: C.30


Former reference: C.31

1 item

Administrative history:
Warner was a Patron of the Halton Chemical Industry Museum, Widnes, Cheshire which changed its name to Catalyst in 1988.

Launch of the museum.

CATALYSTS' CLUB  WARNER/C/10  1970, 1971

Former reference: C.32

1 item

Correspondence re 1970 Dinner and membership


Former reference: C.33-C.36

4 items

Administrative history:
This was established by Edward de Bono in 1972. Warner was on the Steering Commitee.

Correspondence with E. de Bono  WARNER/C/11/C.33  1969-1971

Former reference: C.33

Warner and de Bono discuss the possibility of establishing a cognitive study unit.

Information on the course 'Thinking a a subject' run by Cambridgeshire Education Committee  WARNER/C/11/C.34  1972

Former reference: C.34

Duplicated typescript.

Correspondence, chiefly re fund-raising  WARNER/C/11/C.35  1972

Former reference: C.35

Correspondence re progress of Trust  WARNER/C/11/C.36  1973-1974

Former reference: C.36


Former reference: C.37-C.77

41 items

Board  WARNER/C/12/1  1968-1969

Former reference: C.37-C.40

4 items

Board meeting papers. 4 folders.

Overseas Relations Committee  WARNER/C/12/2  1966-1969

Former reference: C.41-C.48

8 items

Papers of committee meeting, 17 November 1966  WARNER/C/12/2/C.41  1966

Former reference: C.41

Correspondence and papers  WARNER/C/12/2/C.42  1966-1967

Former reference: C.42

Papers of committee meetings, 25 April and 17 September 1968  WARNER/C/12/2/C.43  1968

Former reference: C.43

Miscellaneous correspondence and papers  WARNER/C/12/2/C.44  1968

Former reference: C.44

Papers of committee meetings 5 February and 6 March 1969  WARNER/C/12/2/C.45  1969

Former reference: C.45

Includes announcement of Warner's election as President of the European Federation of National Associations of Engineers.

Miscellaneous papers  WARNER/C/12/2/C.46  1969

Former reference: C.46

Papers of committee meeting, 4 July 1969  WARNER/C/12/2/C.47  1969

Former reference: C.47

Papers of committee meeting, 9 October 1969  WARNER/C/12/2/C.48  1969

Former reference: C.48

Working Party on Pollution  WARNER/C/12/3  1969-1973

Former reference: C.49-C.62

14 itemss

Administrative history:
This Working Party was established in 1970 initially to prepare papers on pollution for the UK Delegation to the Council of Europe on European Conservation Year. It continued in being as a joint body of the Council of Engineering Institutions and Council of Science and Technology Institutes to submit evidence to the Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution. Warner was the chairman.

Correspondence and papers  WARNER/C/12/3/C.49  1969

Former reference: C.49

Correspondence re working party, January  WARNER/C/12/3/C.50  1970

Former reference: C.50

Papers for working party meeting, 6 February 1970  WARNER/C/12/3/C.51  1970

Former reference: C.51

Correspondence, March-June  WARNER/C/12/3/C.52  1970

Former reference: C.52

Correspondence and papers re meeting of working party 24 July 1970  WARNER/C/12/3/C.53  1970

Former reference: C.53

Correspondence and papers, August  WARNER/C/12/3/C.54  1970

Former reference: C.54

Includes draft of evidence for the Royal Commission.

Correspondence and papers, September  WARNER/C/12/3/C.55  1970

Former reference: C.55

Includes papers of meeting, 11 September 1970.

Correspondence and papers, October  WARNER/C/12/3/C.56  1970

Former reference: C.56

Includes draft of evidence for the Royal Commission.

Correspondence and papers, November-December  WARNER/C/12/3/C.57  1970

Former reference: C.57

Includes the Working Party's submission to the Royal Commission.

Correspondence and papers, January-February  WARNER/C/12/3/C.58  1971

Former reference: C.58

Includes correspondence re oral evidence to the Royal Commission, 29 January.

Correspondence and papers, March  WARNER/C/12/3/C.59  1971

Former reference: C.59

Correspondence and papers, April  WARNER/C/12/3/C.60  1971

Former reference: C.60

Includes correspondence re attitude of British professional institutions towards Ralph Nader's proposal in the US for providing environmental information from industry through the encouragement of 'whistle-blowing'.

Correspondence and papers, May-December  WARNER/C/12/3/C.61  1971

Former reference: C.61

Includes further correspondence re Nader's proposal; paper on noise pollution.

Correspondence  WARNER/C/12/3/C.62  1972-1973

Former reference: C.62

Joint CEI/RIBA Education Group  WARNER/C/12/4  1966-1968

Former reference: C.63-C.67

5 items

Administrative history:
This joint group of the Council of Engineering Institutions and the Royal Institute of British Architects was established in 1966 'to discuss means of bridging the gap between the disciplines of architecture and engineering, and to explore educational areas in which the institutions on both sides might collaborate'. Warner attended as a member of the CEI Education and Training Committee.

Correspondence re Warner's joining the group and background papers on architectural education, May  WARNER/C/12/4/C.63  1966

Former reference: C.63

Correspondence and papers re meeting, June  WARNER/C/12/4/C.64  1966

Former reference: C.64

Correspondence and papers, October-December  WARNER/C/12/4/C.65  1966

Former reference: C.65

Correspondence and papers  WARNER/C/12/4/C.66  1967

Former reference: C.66

Includes interim report of the group, October 1967

Correspondence  WARNER/C/12/4/C.67  1968

Former reference: C.67

MacRobert Award committee  WARNER/C/12/5  1970-1971

Former reference: C.68-C.75

8 items

Administrative history:
Warner served on Group C considering gas and chemical engineering submissions for the award.

Chiefly submissions for MacRobert Award.

1970 Award  WARNER/C/12/5/C.68  1970

Former reference: C.68

1971 Award  WARNER/C/12/5/C.69-C.75  1971

Former reference: C.69-C.75

7 items

Minutes of meetings  WARNER/C/12/5/C.69-C.75/C.69  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.69

Applications  WARNER/C/12/5/C.69-C.75/C.70-C.75  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.70-C.75

6 items

6 folders.

Miscellaneous correspondence  WARNER/C/12/6  1970, 1974

Former reference: C.76, C.77

2 items

1970  WARNER/C/12/6/C.76  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.76

Chiefly re visit of Colonel Clogenson, Secretary General of the European Federation of National Associations of Engineers.

1974  WARNER/C/12/6/C.77  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.77

Chiefly re European Conference on Electrotechnics on the Engineer in Society.


Former reference: C.78, C.79

2 items

Administrative history:
Warner was Chairman to 1990.

Correspondence 1988, January-February 1990  WARNER/C/13/C.78  1988, 1990

Former reference: C.78

Correspondence and papers, June-July 1990, 1991  WARNER/C/13/C.79  1990-1991

Former reference: C.79

Includes memorabilia of retirement dinner.


Former reference: C.79A

Administrative history:
The Inspector was Hon. Mr Justice Parker, with Warner and Sir Edward Pochin as the two Assessors, on the Windscale Inquiry (Planning Inquiry into British Nuclear Fuels Ltd's proposal to construct a fuel reprocessing plant at Windscale). The Inquiry reported in January 1978.

Correspondence and papers re Windscale Inquiry.


Former reference: C.80-C.86

7 items

Administrative history:
The Committee of Inquiry was chaired by Lord Finniston, after whom its report was known. Warner was involved in submissions to the Committee and responses to its report.

Material relating to the Committee of Inquiry into the Engineering Profession.

Fellowship of Engineering and Institution of Chemical Engineers submissions to Committee of Inquiry  WARNER/C/15/C.80  1978

Former reference: C.80

Council of Engineering Institutions submission to Committee of Inquiry  WARNER/C/15/C.81  1978

Former reference: C.81

Royal Society submission to Committee of Inquiry  WARNER/C/15/C.82  1978

Former reference: C.82

Advance unbound copy of Finniston Report  WARNER/C/15/C.83  1979

Former reference: C.83

Administrative history:
Sent to Warner by Finniston 'for your personal information...Firstly because Keith Joseph considers that the report by Ken Corfield, yourself and by me are the holy trinity to set engineering industries on their course!; and secondly because I would very much welcome any comment you would care to make'.

Responses to the report, chiefly from the Chemical Engineering Syndicate and the Fellowship of Engineering  WARNER/C/15/C.84-C.86  1980

Former reference: C.84-C.86

3 items

Administrative history:
A number of Professors in chemical engineering forming the Chemical Engineering Syndicate felt the report had largely ingnored the place of chemical engineering and prepared a joint response.

January-February  WARNER/C/15/C.84-C.86/C.84  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.84

March  WARNER/C/15/C.84-C.86/C.85  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.85

April-October  WARNER/C/15/C.84-C.86/C.86  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.86


Former reference: C.87-C.105

19 items

Administrative history:
The Deregulation Task Force/Unit was established by Michael Heseltine, President of the Board of Trade, in 1994 to advise the Government on reversing 'this growing burden of regulation'. Part of its work involved risk assessment to discover whether the regulation was proportionate to the risk against which it was regulating. Warner joined the risk assessment subgroup (a panel of experts) in February 1994, acting as its co-ordinator. The Task Force was moved under the auspices of the Cabinet Office in August 1995.

Material relating to the Deregulation Task Force (later Deregulation Unit): correspondence with Department of Trade and Industry, scientitic colleagues and others; papers for meetings of risk assessment subgroup; policy documents on deregulation and risk; and background information.

January-May  WARNER/C/16/C.87  1994

Former reference: C.87

Correspondence with N. Hamilton MP, Under-Secretary of State for Corporate Affairs re risk subgroup and possible membership, with possible members of the group, and with Bernard Jenkin MP, Warner's constituency MP.

September-October  WARNER/C/16/C.88  1994

Former reference: C.88

Correspondence with Neil Hamilton, the Royal Society and others re areas for risk assessment.

Interdepartmental Liaison Group on Risk Assessment White Paper Report on the Use of Risk Assessment in Government Departments, October  WARNER/C/16/C.89  1994

Former reference: C.89

Papers of first meeting of the Deregulation Task Force 'Longer Term Group', 1 November  WARNER/C/16/C.90  1994

Former reference: C.90

Correspondence, November- December  WARNER/C/16/C.91  1994

Former reference: C.91

Correspondence and papers, January-February  WARNER/C/16/C.92  1995

Former reference: C.92

Correspondence and papers, March  WARNER/C/16/C.93  1995

Former reference: C.93

Includes further draft of the Interdepartmental Liaison Group on Risk Assessment White Paper Report on the Use of Risk Assessment in Government Departments, with Warner's comments.

Correspondence and papers, April  WARNER/C/16/C.94  1995

Former reference: C.94

Correspondence and papers, May  WARNER/C/16/C.95  1995

Former reference: C.95

Includes papers of meeting of the Longer Term Group, 17 May 1995.

Correspondence and papers, June-July  WARNER/C/16/C.96  1995

Former reference: C.96

Includes Health and Safety Executive 'Risk Glossary'.

Correspondence and papers, chiefly re launch of the Task Force on Deregulation's Report, August-September  WARNER/C/16/C.97  1995

Former reference: C.97

Correspondence, October-December  WARNER/C/16/C.98  1995

Former reference: C.98

Draft guide to risk assessment, October  WARNER/C/16/C.99  1995

Former reference: C.99

Correspondence and papers, January-March  WARNER/C/16/C.100  1996

Former reference: C.100

Correspondence and papers, June-October  WARNER/C/16/C.101  1996

Former reference: C.101

Correspondence and papers re meeting on 12 February 1997 between Deregulation Task Force and the Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution, January- February  WARNER/C/16/C.102  1997

Former reference: C.102

Miscellaneous papers by Warner and others on risk assessment, sent to Warner, June  WARNER/C/16/C.103  1997

Former reference: C.103

Includes Warner's 'notes for 'A GSE seminar - Imperial College - 26 February 1997'.

Papers of Workshop on Guidance for Environmental Risk Assessment and Management, Royal College of Physicians, London, November 1997  WARNER/C/16/C.104  1997

Former reference: C.104

Administrative history:
This workshop was held to discuss the Department of the Environment's 1995 'Guide to risk assessment and risk management for environmental protection'.

Printed and photocopied background material.  WARNER/C/16/C.105  1990s

Former reference: C.105

Found in boxfile labelled 'Papers on deregulation 1990s'.


Former reference: C.106

1 item

Administrative history:
The Chairman of the Association, Helen ApSimon, was a colleague of Warner's in SCOPE.

Correspondence re Association activities.


Former reference: C.106A

1 item

Administrative history:
Warner served on the Board of Management.

Papers for Board of Mangement meeting, 23 June.


Former reference: C.107-C.111

5 items

Administrative history:
Warner was elected to the Fellowship in. In 1985 he gave the Fellowship's Hinton Lecture (see D.127). The Fellowship became the Royal Academy of Engineering in 1992.

Drafts of paper of the Fellowship's Committee on Nuclear Power  WARNER/C/19/C.107  1983

Former reference: C.107

Administrative history:
Warner was a member of the Committee.

Miscellaneous correspondence  WARNER/C/19/C.108  1983-1985

Former reference: C.108

Includes correspondence re relations with Academica Mexicana de Ingenieria

Miscellaneous correspondence and papers  WARNER/C/19/C.109  1988-1990

Former reference: C.109

Includes 'Draft Guidance Note' and 'Discussion Document' on 'actions for people making or receiving warnings of disaster', 1988

Miscellaneous correspondence  WARNER/C/19/C.110  1991-1995

Former reference: C.110

Elections  WARNER/C/19/C.111  1985-1991

Former reference: C.111

Conditions of access: Restrict: Elections to Fellowship


Former reference: C.112

1 item

Administrative history:
Warner is listed as a representative of the Royal School of Mines.

List of attendees for Dinner Discussion, 31 October 1994.


Former reference: C.113

1 item

Administrative history:
Warner joined the Advisory Board in 1993.



Former reference: C.114-C.141

28 items

Administrative history:
At his Presidential Address on 1 November 1988 Alastair C. Paterson, President of the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) announced his wish to see the creation of 'a national focal point for the mitigation and reduction of Hazards' and offered ICE support for such a forum. A meeting of representatives of engineering bodies was held at the ICE on 20 July 1989 and following this the Hazards Forum was established. It had an Executive Committee with two standing Committees, on Man-made and on Natural Hazards. In its early stages the planning of the Hazards Forum was closely linked to the establishment of the UK National Coordination Committee for the International Decade for Natural Disaster Reduction (see C.530-C.547 below), and papers relating to the founding of the Forum are to be found at C.530-C.532.

Correspondence and papers re arrangements for preliminary meeting, July 1989  WARNER/C/22/C.114  1988-1989

Former reference: C.114

Includes copy of A.C. Paterson's 'Discussion Paper' on his proposal.

Papers of meeting, 20 July 1989  WARNER/C/22/C.115  1989

Former reference: C.115

Correspondence, August-October  WARNER/C/22/C.116  1989

Former reference: C.116

Papers of meeting of Hazards Forum, 30 October 1989  WARNER/C/22/C.117  1989

Former reference: C.117

Correspondence, chiefly re membership and funding of the Hazards Forum, November-December  WARNER/C/22/C.118  1989

Former reference: C.118

Also includes Warner's memorandum of November and responses thereto.

Papers of meeting of 13 December 1989  WARNER/C/22/C.119  1989

Former reference: C.119

Correspondence and papers, January-March  WARNER/C/22/C.120  1990

Former reference: C.120

Includes notes of Executive Committee meeting, 13 March 1990.

Papers of meetings, 3 April 1990  WARNER/C/22/C.121  1990

Former reference: C.121

Correspondence and papers, April  WARNER/C/22/C.122  1990

Former reference: C.122

Correspondence, May-June  WARNER/C/22/C.123  1990

Former reference: C.123

Includes arrangements for 13 June meetings.

Papers of meetings, 13 June 1990  WARNER/C/22/C.124  1990

Former reference: C.124

The Hazards Forum held meetings of the Executive Committee and Standing Committees and a meeting addressed by speakers on coastal flood hazards.

Correspondence and papers, July  WARNER/C/22/C.125  1990

Former reference: C.125

Includes report of meeting with Fellowship of Engineering.

Note 'not for the file', July and note of meeting, 25 October  WARNER/C/22/C.125A  1990

Former reference: C.125A

Conditions of access: RESTRICT: Confidential

Correspondence and papers, August  WARNER/C/22/C.126  1990

Former reference: C.126

Papers of meeting of Standing Committee A on Man-made Hazards, 28 September 1990  WARNER/C/22/C.127  1990

Former reference: C.127

Correspondence and papers, September  WARNER/C/22/C.128  1990

Former reference: C.128

Chiefly re draft constitution of the Forum.

Papers of meetings, 10 October 1990  WARNER/C/22/C.129,C.130  1990

Former reference: C.129, C.130

The Forum held meetings of the Executive Committee and Standing Committees and a meeting addressed by speakers on river flood hazards. 2 folders.

Correspondence and papers, October  WARNER/C/22/C.131  1990

Former reference: C.131

Correspondence and papers, November  WARNER/C/22/C.132  1990

Former reference: C.132

Includes papers of meeting of Standing Committee A, 29 November.

Papers of meetings, December  WARNER/C/22/C.133  1990

Former reference: C.133

Correspondence and papers, January-February  WARNER/C/22/C.134  1991

Former reference: C.134

Papers of meetings, 16 January and 21 February 1991  WARNER/C/22/C.135  1991

Former reference: C.135

Correspondence, March-October  WARNER/C/22/C.136  1991

Former reference: C.136

Papers of Executive Committee meeting 13 March 1991  WARNER/C/22/C.137  1991

Former reference: C.137

Papers for meetings of Standing Committees, 15 April 1991  WARNER/C/22/C.138  1991

Former reference: C.138

Papers of meetings, 8 May and 24 July 1991  WARNER/C/22/C.139  1991

Former reference: C.139

Correspondence and papers for AGM of the Hazards Forum, 24 July 1991  WARNER/C/22/C.140  1991

Former reference: C.140

Miscellaneous papers  WARNER/C/22/C.141  1994

Former reference: C.141


Former reference: C.142-C.164

22 items

Correspondence and papers re the 1974 Flixborough disaster  WARNER/C/23/1  1974-1977

Former reference: C.142-C.154

13 items

Administrative history:
On June 1, 1974 a vapour cloud explosion destroyed the Nypro cyclohexane oxidation plant at Flixborough, Lincolnshire. Other plants on the site were seriously damaged or destroyed. Twenty-eight workers were killed and a further 36 suffered injuries. A Court of Inquiry was established under the chairmanship of Roger Parker and the company Cremer and Warner were commissioned to produce a report into the disaster, which they traced to faulty temporary piping. The inquiry report was published as 'The Flixborough Disaster: Report of the Court of Inquiry', Health and Safety Executive, HMSO, London, 1975. Warner published two papers on the disaster, Warner and D.E. Newland 'Flixborough explosion - mechanical engineering provides the key', Chart. Mech. Engr., vol 22 (1975), 76-81 and 'Chemical engineering aspects of the Flixborough disaster', Chemical Engineering Progress, September 1975, at C.150 and C.151-C.153 respectively.

Correspondence  WARNER/C/23/1/C.142  1974

Former reference: C.142

Papers re launch of report into the Flixborough disaster, February-May  WARNER/C/23/1/C.143  1975

Former reference: C.143

Correspondence arising from report, May  WARNER/C/23/1/C.144  1975

Former reference: C.144

Correspondence arising, June-July  WARNER/C/23/1/C.145  1975

Former reference: C.145

Correspondence and papers arising, August-September  WARNER/C/23/1/C.146  1975

Former reference: C.146

Conditions of access: Restrict: libellous?

Includes criticisms of the report and Warner's views thereon.

Correspondence, October -December  WARNER/C/23/1/C.147  1975

Former reference: C.147

Correspondence  WARNER/C/23/1/C.148  1976

Former reference: C.148

Correspondence with Engineering Appliances Ltd re role of bellows in the disaster  WARNER/C/23/1/C.149  1977-1978

Former reference: C.149

Includes papers on bellows and copies of the EA Newsletter on the Flixborough disaster.

Warner and D.E. Newland, 'Flixborough explosion - mechanical engineering provides the key', Chart. Mech. Engr., vol 22 (1975), 76-81  WARNER/C/23/1/C.150  1975

Former reference: C.150

Correspondence with Newland, Institution of Mechanical Engineers and others; 9pp typescript + figures.

'Chemical engineering aspects of the Flixborough disaster', Chemical Engineering Progress, 1975  WARNER/C/23/1/C.151-C.153  1975

Former reference: C.151-C.153

3 items

Manuscript and typescript rought draft  WARNER/C/23/1/C.151-C.153/C.151  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.151

Photocopy typescript draft  WARNER/C/23/1/C.151-C.153/C.152  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.152

14pp + figure.

Correspondence with publishers; proof.  WARNER/C/23/1/C.151-C.153/C.153  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.153

Typescript background material  WARNER/C/23/1/C.154  1975

Former reference: C.154

General correspondence  WARNER/C/23/2  1979-1997

Former reference: C.155-C.159

4 items

Papers re Proposal for a Council Directive on the Major Accident Hazards of Certain Industrial Activities  WARNER/C/23/2/C.155,C.156  1979

Former reference: C.155, C.156

2 folders.

Miscellaneous correspondence  WARNER/C/23/2/C.157  1982-1993

Former reference: C.157

Correspondence  WARNER/C/23/2/C.158  1987-1993

Former reference: C.158

Conditions of access: Restrict: Employment references

Papers on health and safety issues sent to Warner for interest  WARNER/C/23/2/C.159  1996, 1997

Former reference: C.159

International Risk Assessment Conference, London, 5-9 October 1992  WARNER/C/23/3  1992

Former reference: C.160-C.164

5 items

Administrative history:
Warner served on the International Steering Group organising this conference. Further material relating to this conference is at F.213-F.226.

Papers re arrangements for Conference and lectures to be delivered. 5 folders.


Former reference: C.165

1 item

Correspondence with Tom Johnstone, Principal and Vice-Chancellor re the university. Includes appeal literature.


Former reference: C.166

1 item

Correspondence re Imperial College appeal.


Former reference: C.167-C.174

6 items

Administrative history:
Warner was a Director of the business consultancy firm Industrial Aids Ltd (IAL). It went into voluntary liquidation in 1994.

Copies of correspondence re possible IAL study of European chambers of commerce.  WARNER/C/26/C.167  1982

Former reference: C.167

Correspondence and papers re future of the company  WARNER/C/26/C.168  1982

Former reference: C.168

Correspondence and papers re company business  WARNER/C/26/C.169  1983-1984

Former reference: C.169

Personal correspondence  WARNER/C/26/C.170  1986

Former reference: C.170

Conditions of access: Restrict: personal reference

Correspondence  WARNER/C/26/C.171  1991-1992

Former reference: C.171

Conditions of access: Restrict: sensitive medical and business information

Correspondence and papers re winding-up of IAL  WARNER/C/26/C.172-C.174  1993-1994

Former reference: C.172-C.174

Conditions of access: Restrict: sensitive business and personal correspondence.

3 folders.


Former reference: C.175-C.179

5 items

Administrative history:
Warner served as President of the Institute from 1987.

General correspondence and papers on Institute business. Arranged chronologically.

1986-1991  WARNER/C/27/C.175  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.175

1991  WARNER/C/27/C.176  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.176

'A Guide to the Application of ISO 9001 to Process Plant Projects'.

1992  WARNER/C/27/C.177  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.177

Includes correspondence re BS 5750 and 'Quality 2000' project.

1993  WARNER/C/27/C.178  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.178

Papers for meeting of Council, 8 September 1993.

1994  WARNER/C/27/C.179  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.179

Chiefly on UK Quality Management policy.


Former reference: C.180-C.198

17 items

Administrative history:
Warner was President of the Institution to May 1967.

General correspondence and papers  WARNER/C/28/1  1946-1983

Former reference: C.180-C.186

5 items

Miscellaneous correspondence and papers  WARNER/C/28/1/C.180  1946-1947, 1953

Former reference: C.180

Includes cutting from The Industrial Chemist, June 1953, on Warner's appointment as Joint Honorary Secretary.

Papers on the chemical engineering profession  WARNER/C/28/1/C.181  1966-1968

Former reference: C.181

The recruitment of chemical engineers, migration, publicity.

Institution Annual Dinner Dance  WARNER/C/28/1/C.182-C.184  1966-1967

Former reference: C.182-C.184

Administrative history:
This event marked the end of Warner's period of office and he took the opportunity to use it as a farewell occasion.

Correspondence re invitations, lists of invitees, 4pp typescript of Warner's reply to the Toast, letters of thanks. 3 folders.

Correspondence re marking of US bicentennary 1776.  WARNER/C/28/1/C.185  1975

Former reference: C.185

Administrative history:
The Institution proposed to mark the occasion by presenting the American Institute of Chemical Engineers with a copy of the 1st edition of the Handbook of Chemical Engineering by G.E. Davis.

See also C.4-C.17.

Correspondence and papers re establishment of Biochemical Engineering Group  WARNER/C/28/1/C.186  1983

Former reference: C.186

Administrative history:
Warner agreed to act as a sponsor.

Includes minutes of inaugural meeting, 16 March.

Working Party on Nomenclature for Hazard and Risk  WARNER/C/28/2  1982-1984

Former reference: C.187-C.198

12 items

Administrative history:
The Working Party was to produce a Guide for the nomenclature for hazard and risk.

Minutes of first meeting, 1 December  WARNER/C/28/2/C.187  1982

Former reference: C.187

Also includes list of members of the Working Party.

Papers of meeting, 25 February  WARNER/C/28/2/C.188  1983

Former reference: C.188

Papers of meeting, 27 April  WARNER/C/28/2/C.189  1983

Former reference: C.189

Papers on hazards in historical perspective: explosions (J. Bond), chemical hazards (S.R. Tailby), health hazards (J.T. Carter)  WARNER/C/28/2/C.190  1983

Former reference: C.190

Papers of meeting, 22 June  WARNER/C/28/2/C.191  1983

Former reference: C.191

Papers on nomenclature, sent to Working Party members August  WARNER/C/28/2/C.192  1983

Former reference: C.192

Various papers, September-October  WARNER/C/28/2/C.193  1983

Former reference: C.193

Minutes of meeting, 24 January  WARNER/C/28/2/C.194  1984

Former reference: C.194

Also includes miscellaneous papers, February, March.

Second draft of 'Nomenclature for the Field of Hazard and Risk Assessment', March  WARNER/C/28/2/C.195  1984

Former reference: C.195

Comments on drafts of 'Nomenclature for the Field of Hazard and Risk Assessment'  WARNER/C/28/2/C.196  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.196

Minutes of meetings 5 April and 18 May  WARNER/C/28/2/C.197  1984

Former reference: C.197

Final draft of 'Nomenclature for Hazard and Risk Assessment in the Process Industries', May  WARNER/C/28/2/C.198  1984

Former reference: C.198


Former reference: C.199-C.205

3 items

Administrative history:
Warner was a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators. He attended an international conference on the UNCITRAL Model Law in November 1985 (see F.142).

This is correspondence of 1985 relating to a case on which Warner served as arbitrator for the Court, and to the role of UNCITRAL (the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law) rules in arbitration. There are also press-cuttings, leaflets, pamphlets and articles on UNCITRAL and arbitration more generally.

Correspondence  WARNER/C/29/C.199  1985

Former reference: C.199

Press-cuttings  WARNER/C/29/C.200  1985

Former reference: C.200

Other printed material  WARNER/C/29/C.201-C.205  1980s

Former reference: C.201-C.205

5 folders. At C.205 is copy of 'Managing Construction Conflict' by R.B. Hellard (Longmans 1988), with manuscript inscription to Warner at the front.


Former reference: C.206

1 item

Administrative history:
Warner is listed as a lecturer on disasters, air and water pollution and risk assessment.

Entry for Warner from ICSU Third World Academy of Sciences Lecturership Programme.


Former reference: C.207-C.223

18 items

Administrative history:
The International Technological University (ITU) was established in 1987 under a resolution of the 24th Session of the General Conference of UNESCO. The resolution described the purpose and role of the ITU as: 'to provide higher education in science, technology and management to suitably qualified students in developing countries. This institute will identify or develop and then make available to constituent colleges high quality learning materials and validate the teaching of these subjects'. It focused on engineering and other training programmes and the production of teaching materials, including distance-learning packages.' The ITU was initially based in London. Its secretariat moved to premises provided by UNESCO in Paris in 1989. Warner became a Trustee on the foundation of the ITU in 1987. Lord Perry was first chairman and acting Vice-Chancellor. Sir Monty Finniston took over as Vice-Chancellor in 1990.

General correspondence and papers  WARNER/C/31/1  1987-1994

Former reference: C.207-C.212

7 items

Correspondence re Trusteeship, July  WARNER/C/31/1/C.207  1987

Former reference: C.207

Includes copy of Trust Deed.

Reports, September-October  WARNER/C/31/1/C.208  1987

Former reference: C.208

Conditions of access: Marked confidential

Correspondence and papers  WARNER/C/31/1/C.209  1988

Former reference: C.209

Corrrespondence and papers  WARNER/C/31/1/C.210  1989

Former reference: C.210

Includes papers on the future of ITU and fund-raising.

Correspondence, chiefly re Vice-Chancellorship  WARNER/C/31/1/C.211  1990

Former reference: C.211

Correspondence  WARNER/C/31/1/C.212  1991-1994

Former reference: C.212

Trustees Meetings  WARNER/C/31/2  1987-1989

Former reference: C.213, C.214

2 items

Papers of meetings.

1987  WARNER/C/31/2/C.213  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.213

1988-1989  WARNER/C/31/2/C.214  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.214

Governing Body Meetings  WARNER/C/31/3  1988-1989

Former reference: C.215-C.220

6 items

Papers of meetings

20 February 1988  WARNER/C/31/3/C.215  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.215

16 April 1988  WARNER/C/31/3/C.216  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.216

25 June 1988  WARNER/C/31/3/C.217  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.217

7 October 1988  WARNER/C/31/3/C.218  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.218

3 February 1989  WARNER/C/31/3/C.219  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.219

19 April, 30 June-1 July, 25 November 1989  WARNER/C/31/3/C.220  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.220

Promotional and course material  WARNER/C/31/4  1980s

Former reference: C.221-C.223

3 items

3 folders.


Former reference: C.224

1 item

Administrative history:
This was a Joint Committee of the Royal Society of Canada and the Canadian Academy of Engineering. Warner was a corresponding member.

Correspondence and papers.


Former reference: C.225-C.238

12 items

Administrative history:
H.W. Cremer, Warner's partner at Cremer and Warner, was Chairman of the Standing Technical Committee on Synthetic Detergents for many years. Warner joined the committee and served as Chairman 1970-1974 during which period it came under the Department of the Environment.

Correspondence  WARNER/C/33/1  1964-1969

Former reference: C.225-C.227

3 items

1964-1965  WARNER/C/33/1/C.225  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.225

Includes correspondence re sodium alkane sulphonate

1966  WARNER/C/33/1/C.226  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.226

1967, 1969  WARNER/C/33/1/C.227  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.227

Papers of committee meetings  WARNER/C/33/2  1965-1969

Former reference: C.228-C.231

4 items

17 November 1965, 5 July 1966  WARNER/C/33/2/C.228  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.228

20 February, 8 May, 10 July, 18 October 1968  WARNER/C/33/2/C.229  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.229

14 May, 10 July 1969  WARNER/C/33/2/C.230  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.230

25 August, 20 October 1969  WARNER/C/33/2/C.231  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.231

Annual reports  WARNER/C/33/3  1964-1969

Former reference: C.232-C.235


Correspondence and papers re annual reports for 1964-1968  WARNER/C/33/3/C.232  1964-1969

Former reference: C.232

Eleventh annual report 1969  WARNER/C/33/3/C.233-C.23  1969

Former reference: C.233-C.235

1 item

Drafts of report and comments thereon, especially relating to the report's treatment of enzymes in detergents. 3 folders.

Technical Papers  WARNER/C/33/4  1964-1970

Former reference: C.236-C.238

3 items

These are background papers on detergents and related subjects circulated to the committee members for information. They form a sequence TP 146-TP 351 though it is not complete. TP 300-TP 351 were found in a folder inscribed: 'Set of 'TP' papers TP 300 - date for Sir Frederick Warner'.

List of Technical Papers 34, 146-299  WARNER/C/33/4/C.236  1969

Former reference: C.236

The papers cover the period 1958, 1964-1969. Not a complete sequence. At TP 351 is a similar list of papers 300-350 (1969-1970).

Technical Papers 146-351  WARNER/C/33/4/C.237  1964-1970

Former reference: C.237

1 bundle.

Unnumbered technical papers  WARNER/C/33/4/C.238  1960s

Former reference: C.238


Former reference: C.238A

Correspondence re Joint Enquiry on Technicians, 1967; miscellaneous duplicated typescript information on the engineering profession etc.


Former reference: C.239, C.240

2 items

Administrative history:
Warner chaired the Office's Task Force on Quality and Standards. Its report 'Quality and Value for Money', urging British industry to adopt a 'total quality approach' to raise standards of its products, was published in May 1985.

Reports of the Process Plant Working Party  WARNER/C/35/C.239  1972-1977

Former reference: C.239

Administrative history:
This Working Party was chaired by Warner.

Reports 7-12.

Report of the Task Force on Quality and Standards 'Quality and Value for Money' (May 1985).  WARNER/C/35/C.240  1985

Former reference: C.240

Chiefly correspondence and papers re reception of the report. Warner chaired the Task Force. The report urged British industry to adopt a 'total quality approach' to raise standards of its products.


Former reference: C.241-C.243

3 items

Miscellaneous correspondence, filed under NRDC, relating to commercial exploitation of scientific work. Includes correspondence with H.B. Locke, Head of Special Projects of NRDC.

1969-1971  WARNER/C/36/C.241  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.241

Includes correspondence and papers re pollution control and sewage.

1972  WARNER/C/36/C.242  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.242

Paper on investment and planning in research and development.

1972  WARNER/C/36/C.243  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.243


Former reference: C.244

1 item

Administrative history:
Warner was a Panel member.

Correspondence re Meeting of NATO Advisory Panel for the Priority Area on Environmental Security, Prague, Czech Republic, November.

OPEN UNIVERSITY  WARNER/C/38  1976-1977, 1986

Former reference: C.245-C.261

17 items

Administrative history:
Warner served as Pro-Chancellor of the Open University.

'Marxist controversy'  WARNER/C/38/1  1976-1977

Former reference: C.245, C.246

2 items

Conditions of access: Assess for restriction: much in public domain. Public interest would suggest open access.

Administrative history:
The allegations were aired initially in The Times on 10 December 1976 in an article by Hugh Freeman relating to Open University course books. Similar allegations were made by Julius Gould in the Times Educational Supplement and repeated in The Times in February 1977. The University's Academic Advisory Committee met to examine the allegations and review its procedures.

Contents of Warner's folder: correspondence and papers relating to allegations of Marxist bias in Open University course.

Correspondence and papers, December 1976-February 1977  WARNER/C/38/1/C.245  1976-1977

Former reference: C.245

Includes copies of press coverage and report of the Dean of the Faculty.

Correspondence and papers, March-May 1977  WARNER/C/38/1/C.246  1977

Former reference: C.246

Includes interim report of the Academic Advisory Committee.

General correspondence and papers  WARNER/C/38/2  1977

Former reference: C.247-C.255

9 items

January-February  WARNER/C/38/2/C.247  1977

Former reference: C.247

Conditions of access: Assess for restriction.

February-March  WARNER/C/38/2/C.248  1977

Former reference: C.248

April  WARNER/C/38/2/C.249  1977

Former reference: C.249

Includes correspondence re Price Waterhouse survey of the administrative organisation of the Open University.

May  WARNER/C/38/2/C.250  1977

Former reference: C.250

Conditions of access: Consider for restriction: staff matters

June  WARNER/C/38/2/C.251  1977

Former reference: C.251

Conditions of access: Restrict: staff matters

October  WARNER/C/38/2/C.252  1977

Former reference: C.252

November  WARNER/C/38/2/C.253  1977

Former reference: C.253

Conditions of access: Assess for restriction: staff matters

'The Open University. Review of Government and Management Structure', draft report by Price Waterhouse, November  WARNER/C/38/2/C.254  1977

Former reference: C.254

December  WARNER/C/38/2/C.255  1977

Former reference: C.255

Paedophile Information Exchange case  WARNER/C/38/3  1977

Former reference: C.256-C.258

3 items

Conditions of access: Consider for restriction. Much material already in public domain. C.257 has health information on another individual.

Correspondence and papers relating to action taken against Mr T. O'Carroll, an Assistant Information Officer at the University and chairman of the Paedophile Information Exchange.

August-September  WARNER/C/38/3/C.256  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.256

October  WARNER/C/38/3/C.257  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.257

November  WARNER/C/38/3/C.258  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.258

Staff  WARNER/C/38/4  1977

Former reference: C.259, C.260

2 items

Conditions of access: Restrict: staff employment matters. C.259 Health C.260 Legal cases

2 folders.

Open University course  WARNER/C/38/5  1986

Former reference: C.261

Administrative history:
Introduced by J.M. Juran featuring Warner as Chairman of the Specialist Group on Quality and Standards.

Video cassette of BBC Open University television programme 'What's All This About Quality?', 1986.


Former reference: C.262-C.287

22 items

Administrative history:
The Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology (POST) was instituted in 1987 as an independent office to provide dispassionate information and analysis of scientific and technological issues to Parliament. It became an office of Parliament in April 1993. Warner was a member of the Board.

General correspondence and papers  WARNER/C/39/1  1988-1995

Former reference: C.262,C.262

2 items

First report of the POST  WARNER/C/39/1/C.262  1992

Former reference: C.262

Miscellaneous correspondence  WARNER/C/39/1/C.263  1988-1995

Former reference: C.263

Board meetings  WARNER/C/39/2  1992-1995

Former reference: C.264-C.269

6 items

Agenda, briefing notes, papers and minutes.

22 January, 18 February, 4 March, 28 April  WARNER/C/39/2/C.264  1992

Former reference: C.264

20 May, 1 July, 28 October  WARNER/C/39/2/C.265  1992

Former reference: C.265

2 February, 14 July, 23 November  WARNER/C/39/2/C.266  1993

Former reference: C.266

15 February, 10 May  WARNER/C/39/2/C.267  1994

Former reference: C.267

5 July, 21 November  WARNER/C/39/2/C.268  1994

Former reference: C.268

7 March, 23 May, 18 October  WARNER/C/39/2/C.269  1995

Former reference: C.269

Drafts of POST 'Briefing Notes'  WARNER/C/39/3  1992-1995

Former reference: C.270-C.273

Administrative history:
The drafts of the Briefing Notes were circulated among Board members for correction and comment.

Nos 32-71 (not a complete sequence). 4 folders.

Drafts of POST reports  WARNER/C/39/4  1992-1996

Former reference: C.274-C.287

14 items

Administrative history:
The drafts of the reports were circulated among Board members for correction and comment.

14 folders.


Former reference: C.288, C.289

2 items

Administrative history:
Warner was a member of the Board of Management.

Correspondence and papers, chiefly re applications to the Royal Commission for suppport for Millennium projects, and membership of Board.

Correspondence and papers  WARNER/C/40/C.288  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.288

Applications for Millennium project funding  WARNER/C/40/C.289  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.289


Former reference: C.290-C.298

9 items

Administrative history:
The Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution (RCEP) is an independent standing body established in 1970 to advise the Queen, the Government, Parliament and the public on environmental issues. Warner served on the Royal Commission 1973-1976, during which period it published its Fourth Report (December 1974) on 'Pollution Control: Progress and Problems', Fifth Report (January 1976) 'Air Pollution Control: an Integrated Approach', and Sixth Report (September 1976) 'Nuclear Power and the Environment'.

Membership  WARNER/C/41/1  1971, 1973, 1976

Former reference: C.290

1 item

Also includes 1971 duplicated typescript letter from RCEP.

Fourth Report (December 1974), 'Pollution Control: Progress and Problems'  WARNER/C/41/2  1977

Former reference: C.291

1 item

Correspondence re qualifications in pollution control.

Fifth Report (January 1976), 'Air Pollution Control: an Integrated Approach'  WARNER/C/41/3  1976

Former reference: C.292

1 item

Material re second consultation paper.

Sixth Report (September 1976), 'Nuclear Power and the Environment'.  WARNER/C/41/4  1976-1977

Former reference: C.293-C.298

6 items

Correspondence and papers re reception of the report. 6 folders. At C.296 is transcript of Warner's interview with London Weekend Television for 'Weekend World'.


Former reference: C.299-C.321

18 items

Administrative history:
Warner was elected to the Fellowship of the Royal Society in 1976 (Leverhulme Medal 1978, Buchanan Medal 1982). He served as Chairman of the British National Committee on Problems of the Environment 1977-1980, in which capacity he urged the Royal Society to establish the first Study Group on Risk Assessment (see C.322-C.411)

General correspondence and papers  WARNER/C/42/1  1980-1995

Former reference: C.299-C.309

9 items

'European Parliament - scientific advice'  WARNER/C/42/1/C.299-C.300  1980-1982

Former reference: C.299, C.300

Contents of Warner's folder so labelled divided into two for ease of reference: correspondence and papers re draft European Directive on the Major Accident Hazards of Certain Industrial Activities, European nuclear safety policy and other matters.

Royal Society memorandum to House of Lords Select Committee on Science and Technology enquiry into Hazardous Waste Disposal  WARNER/C/42/1/C.302-C.301  1980-1981

Former reference: C.301,C.302

Administrative history:

2 folders.

Miscellaneous correspondence  WARNER/C/42/1/C.303  1984, 1987-1989

Former reference: C.303

Includes material re scientific cooperation between the UK and the Soviet Union.

Correspondence re Warner's contribution to Science and Technology Committee of the Council of Europe, March  WARNER/C/42/1/C.304  1986

Former reference: C.304

Correspondence and papers, chiefly re House of Lords Inquiry into Proposals for International Scientific Programmes.  WARNER/C/42/1/C.305  1990

Former reference: C.305

Miscellaneous correspondence and papers  WARNER/C/42/1/C.306  1991-1992

Former reference: C.306

Correspondence re Department of Energy nuclear research and development programme  WARNER/C/42/1/C.307  1991

Former reference: C.307

Material re Russian Academy of Sciences visit to UK, May 1992  WARNER/C/42/1/C.308  1992

Former reference: C.308

Miscellaneous correspondence  WARNER/C/42/1/C.309  1995

Former reference: C.309

British National Committee on Problems of the Environment  WARNER/C/42/2  1973-1989

Former reference: C.310-C.316

4 items

Administrative history:
Warner served as Chairman of the British National Committee for Problems of the Environment.

Chiefly papers for meetings and papers circulated to Committee members.

1973  WARNER/C/42/2/C.310-C.313  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.310-C.313

4 folders.

1980  WARNER/C/42/2/C.314  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.314

Administrative history:
A meeting was held at the Royal Society on 7 May.

Papers on the improvement of communication between scientists in European Community countries on European Directives on environmental matters.

1985, 1987  WARNER/C/42/2/C.315  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.315

1989  WARNER/C/42/2/C.316  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.316

British National Committee for ICSU  WARNER/C/42/3  1981-1982

Former reference: C.317

1 item

Miscellaneous papers circualted to Committee members.

Technology Activities Committee  WARNER/C/42/4  1993

Former reference: C.318

1 item

Chiefly re suggested lectures for Soirees and Discussion Meetings.

Proposals for Royal Society Discussion Meetings  WARNER/C/42/5  1983-1991

Former reference: C.319

1 item

Includes correspondence from Fellows seeking Warner's support for proposals to go to the Hooke Committee.

References  WARNER/C/42/6  1983-1993

Former reference: C.320, C.321

2 items

Fellowship  WARNER/C/42/6/C.320  1983-1990

Former reference: C.320

Conditions of access: Restrict: 50 years from date

Travel grants  WARNER/C/42/6/C.321  1990-1993

Former reference: C.321

Conditions of access: Restrict: 30 years from date


Former reference: C.322-C.517

158 items

Administrative history:
The idea that the Royal Society should make a study in the assessment of risk had been made in 1977. Towards the end of 1978, the Council of the Royal Society received a paper from Warner (then Chairman of the British National Committee for Problems of the Environment) proposing a Study Group on Assessment and Perception of Risks. A Study Group was duly established which reported in 1983. In July 1991 the Council of the Royal Society, again following a suggestion from Warner, invited him to set up a Study Group to review the 1983 report. It reported more quickly; 'Risk: Analysis, Perception and Management' was published the following year.

Study Group 1983  WARNER/C/43/1  1977-1984

Former reference: C.322-C.411

65 items

Administrative history:
The first Royal Society Study Group on Assessment and Perception of Risks was established at the end of 1978. The Council agreed and laid down the following terms of reference: '(a) To consider the scientific principles that should contribute to any assessment of risk, and in particular to consider the validity of dose-response relationships, threshold limit values and other numerical foundations of risk assessment and safety procurement. (b) To consider the scientific and other factors which may be taken into account by individuals and society in judging the acceptability of risk. (c) To evaluate the present basis of risk-benefit and cost-benefit analysis and to consider the implications in alternative choices based on such analysis. (d) To consider whether it would be useful for the Royal Society to hold a Discussion Meeting on some aspect of the subject. (e) To report and make recommendations to Council.' Warner was Chairman of the Study Group. After some discussion the Group felt that it should focus on risk estimation in areas such as engineering and biological risks, on the perception of risk and on risk management. Initially two subgroups were established, on assessment and perception of risk. The Study Group had intended to report in the summer of 1980 but it soon became evident that it was difficult to reach agreeement because of the wide variations in use of terminology between disciplines. Consequently five subgroups were established, covering perception of risk (under T.R. Lee), identification and assessment (F.R. Farmer), observations on man (R. Doll), laboratory experiments (B.C.L. Weedon) and risk management (J. Dunster). A decision was taken to supplement the work by a two-day Discussion Meeting (held in November 1980, see C.363-C.376) which enabled the Study Group to hear a wide variety of views from others in the UK and research workers from abroad. The proceedings of this meeting were published as 'The Assessment and Perception of Risk' (Proc. R. Soc. Lond., A 376, 1-206, 1981). The Study Group held its first meeting in November 1978 and met thirteen times. Its report Risk Assessment: A Study Group Report was published by the Royal Society in 1983.

General correspondence and papers  WARNER/C/43/1/A  1977-1983

Former reference: C.322-C.347

17 items

1977-1978  WARNER/C/43/1/A/C.322  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.322

Initial suggestion for study group on risk assessment.

Rules, membership  WARNER/C/43/1/A/C.323  1978

Former reference: C.323

November-December  WARNER/C/43/1/A/C.324  1978

Former reference: C.324

First meeting and participation in Department of the Environment/Health and Safety Executive Seminar on Risk, Sunningdale, Berkshire, 3-4 January 1978.

January-February  WARNER/C/43/1/A/C.325  1979

Former reference: C.325

March-April  WARNER/C/43/1/A/C.326  1979

Former reference: C.326

Meeting, perception of First and Second World Wars, risks associated with coalmining.

May-June  WARNER/C/43/1/A/C.327  1979

Former reference: C.327

Includes correspondence with H. Inhaber re sulphur oxides.

July-September  WARNER/C/43/1/A/C.328  1979

Former reference: C.328

Includes copy of exchange with James Prior, Secretary of State for Employment, re restrictions placed on scientific research in the name of safety.

October  WARNER/C/43/1/A/C.329  1979

Former reference: C.329

Includes working 'second draft' for group discussion by F.R. Farmer.

December  WARNER/C/43/1/A/C.330  1979

Former reference: C.330

January-February  WARNER/C/43/1/A/C.331  1980

Former reference: C.331

Includes material produced by the subgroup on perception of and attitudes to risk, and comments on the current draft of the report of the Study Group.

March  WARNER/C/43/1/A/C.332  1980

Former reference: C.332

Includes comments on draft report.

April  WARNER/C/43/1/A/C.333  1980

Former reference: C.333

Includes references to carcinogenic activity in chemicals.

May  WARNER/C/43/1/A/C.334  1980

Former reference: C.334

June  WARNER/C/43/1/A/C.335  1980

Former reference: C.335

July  WARNER/C/43/1/A/C.336  1980

Former reference: C.336

Includes comments by Sir Hermann Bondi on drafts of the subgroups and responses thereto.

January  WARNER/C/43/1/A/C.337  1981

Former reference: C.337

March  WARNER/C/43/1/A/C.338  1981

Former reference: C.338

Includes partial draft report of subgroup on 'The use of laboratory experiments in the assessment of risk to man'.

March  WARNER/C/43/1/A/C.339  1981

Former reference: C.339

Paper 'Assessment of risk from observations on man' by R. Doll.

April-July  WARNER/C/43/1/A/C.340  1981

Former reference: C.340

August  WARNER/C/43/1/A/C.341  1981

Former reference: C.341

September-November  WARNER/C/43/1/A/C.342  1981

Former reference: C.342

Administrative history:
In April the Study Group held what it was hoped would be its last meeting. Several letters comment on this.

December  WARNER/C/43/1/A/C.342A  1981

Former reference: C.342A

January-April  WARNER/C/43/1/A/C.343  1982

Former reference: C.343

Includes correspondence re summary and conclusions of report.

May-July  WARNER/C/43/1/A/C.344  1982

Former reference: C.344

Comments on final draft, form of publication.

August-October  WARNER/C/43/1/A/C.345  1982

Former reference: C.345

December  WARNER/C/43/1/A/C.346  1982

Former reference: C.346

January-May  WARNER/C/43/1/A/C.347  1983

Former reference: C.347

Publication of report, dissolution of Study Group.

Papers of Study Group meetings  WARNER/C/43/1/B  1978-1982

Former reference: C.348-C.362

14 items

List of meetings; minutes of first meeting, 16 November  WARNER/C/43/1/B/C.348  1978

Former reference: C.348

Papers of meeting, 22 January  WARNER/C/43/1/B/C.349  1979

Former reference: C.349

Papers of meeting, 8 May  WARNER/C/43/1/B/C.350  1979

Former reference: C.350

Papers of meeting, 25 July  WARNER/C/43/1/B/C.351  1979

Former reference: C.351

Agenda of meeting, 13 November and papers of meeting of subgroup 11 December  WARNER/C/43/1/B/C.352  1979

Former reference: C.352

Papers of meeting, 5 February  WARNER/C/43/1/B/C.353  1980

Former reference: C.353

Papers of meeting, 14 April  WARNER/C/43/1/B/C.354, C.355  1980

Former reference: C.354, C.355

2 folders.

Papers of meeting, 13 June  WARNER/C/43/1/B/C.356  1980

Former reference: C.356

Papers of meeting, 24 July  WARNER/C/43/1/B/C.357  1980

Former reference: C.357

Papers of meeting, 2 December  WARNER/C/43/1/B/C.358  1980

Former reference: C.358

Papers of meeting, 18 March  WARNER/C/43/1/B/C.359  1981

Former reference: C.359

Papers of meeting, 19 May  WARNER/C/43/1/B/C.360  1981

Former reference: C.360

Papers of meeting, September  WARNER/C/43/1/B/C.361  1981

Former reference: C.361

Papers of final meetings, 2 February and 19 April  WARNER/C/43/1/B/C.362  1982

Former reference: C.362

Royal Society Discussion Meeting on 'The Assessment and Perception of Risk', 12-13 November 1980  WARNER/C/43/1/C  1979-1981

Former reference: C.363-C.376

12 items

Correspondence re arrangements  WARNER/C/43/1/C/C.363-C.365  1979-1980

Former reference: C.363-C.365

3 folders.

Correspondence and papers re meeting exhibition  WARNER/C/43/1/C/C.366  1980

Former reference: C.366

Draft and final programmes  WARNER/C/43/1/C/C.367  1980

Former reference: C.367

Notice; list of participants; abstracts  WARNER/C/43/1/C/C.368  1980

Former reference: C.368

Press copies of papers presented  WARNER/C/43/1/C/C.369-C.373  1980

Former reference: C.369-C.373

5 items

5 folders.

Transcripts of discussion remarks; proof copy of Warner's 'Concluding remarks'  WARNER/C/43/1/C/C.374  1980

Former reference: C.374

Photocopy press coverage  WARNER/C/43/1/C/C.375  1980-1981

Former reference: C.375

Correspondence arising  WARNER/C/43/1/C/C.376  1980-1981

Former reference: C.376

Report  WARNER/C/43/1/D  1980-1984

Former reference: C.377-C.393

11 items

Preface and contents  WARNER/C/43/1/D/C.377  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.377

Typescript drafts.

Summary and conclusions  WARNER/C/43/1/D/C.378  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.378

Manuscript drafts

Chapter One. Introduction  WARNER/C/43/1/D/C.379  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.379

Manuscsript and typescript drafts.

Chapter Two. Estimating Engineering Risks  WARNER/C/43/1/D/C.380-C.382  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.380-C.382

Typescript drafts. 3 folders.

Chapter Three. Laboratory Experiments for Estimation of Biological Risks  WARNER/C/43/1/D/C.383,C.384  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.383, C.384

Typescript drafts. 2 folders.

Chapter Four. Estimation of Risk from Observations on Man  WARNER/C/43/1/D/C.385,C.386  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.385, C.386

Typescript drafts. 2 folders.

Chapter Five. The Perception of Risks  WARNER/C/43/1/D/C.387,C.388  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.387,C.388

Typescript drafts. 2 folders.

Chapter Six. Risk Management  WARNER/C/43/1/D/C.389,C.390  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.389, C.390

Typescript drafts. 2 folders.

Appendix II. Risk-benefit Analysis  WARNER/C/43/1/D/C.391  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.391

Typescript drafts.

Bibliography  WARNER/C/43/1/D/C.392  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.392

Photocopy manuscript.

Correspondence and papers re reception of the report  WARNER/C/43/1/D/C.393  1983-1984

Former reference: C.393

Includes transcript of interview with Warner for BBC Radio 'Science in Action'.

Background material  WARNER/C/43/1/E  late 1970s-early 1980s

Former reference: C.394-C.411

11 items

Printed and duplicated typescript material on risk assessment, perceptions and particular types of hazards (C.400-C.410).

Minutes of meetings of the Royal Society Study Group on Safety in Research  WARNER/C/43/1/E/C.394  1979

Former reference: C.394

General literature on risk  WARNER/C/43/1/E/C.395  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.395

Risk assessment  WARNER/C/43/1/E/C.396,C.397  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.396, C.397

2 folders.

Risk perception  WARNER/C/43/1/E/C.398,C.399  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.398, C.399

2 folders.

Building and structures  WARNER/C/43/1/E/C.400  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.400

Chemicals and pollutants  WARNER/C/43/1/E/C.401,C.402  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.401, C.402

2 folders.

Natural disasters  WARNER/C/43/1/E/C.403  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.403

Power generation  WARNER/C/43/1/E/C.404-C.407  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.404-C.407

Chiefly nuclear energy and risks compared to other energy sources. 4 folders.

Radiation  WARNER/C/43/1/E/C.408  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.408

Transportation  WARNER/C/43/1/E/C.409,C.410  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.409, C.410

Chiefly risks of road travel. 2 folders.

Miscellaneous  WARNER/C/43/1/E/C.411  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.411

Study Group 1992  WARNER/C/43/2  1991-1994

Former reference: C.412-C.513

89 items

Administrative history:
In July 1991, following a suggestion from Warner, the Council of the Royal Society, invited him to set up a Study Group to review the 1983 report on risk assessment with the following terms of reference: (i) To update and advance the study on Risk Assessment published in 1983. (ii) To consider and help bridge the gap between what is stated to be scientific, and capable of being measured, and the way in which public opinion gauges risk and makes decisions. (iii) To compare the decisions taken on investment by society in the reduction of risks and allocation of resources implied on risk-benefit criteria. (iv) To report to Council with a view to a further publication by the Society. Warner chaired the study group. Shortly after publication was held the International Risk Assessment Conference, London, 5-9 October 1992 (see F.213-F.226).

General correspondence and papers  WARNER/C/43/2/A  1991-1994

Former reference: C.412-C.424

13 items

March-June  WARNER/C/43/2/A/C.412  1991

Former reference: C.412

Establishment of the new Study Group and membership. Includes 2pp manuscript proposal by Warner.

July-August  WARNER/C/43/2/A/C.413  1991

Former reference: C.413

Includes confirmed terms of reference and membership.

September-October  WARNER/C/43/2/A/C.414  1991

Former reference: C.414

Includes correspondence re first meeting.

November-December  WARNER/C/43/2/A/C.415  1991

Former reference: C.415

December  WARNER/C/43/2/A/C.416  1991

Former reference: C.416

Papers by Joye Tait and others on the perception and understanding of risks of biotechnology.

January-February  WARNER/C/43/2/A/C.417  1992

Former reference: C.417

March-April  WARNER/C/43/2/A/C.418  1992

Former reference: C.418

May-June  WARNER/C/43/2/A/C.419  1992

Former reference: C.419

Includes correspondence re Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution enquiry on transport and the environment.

July  WARNER/C/43/2/A/C.420  1992

Former reference: C.420

Includes comments on draft of report and timetable for completion.

August  WARNER/C/43/2/A/C.421  1992

Former reference: C.421

Includes timetable for completion and programme for Conference on Risk organised by COPUS 22 September 1992, at which Warner spoke on 'What is risk and can we measure it?'

September-December  WARNER/C/43/2/A/C.422  1992

Former reference: C.422

Chiefly arrangements for publication and release of report.

'Risk', Science and Public Affairs, December 1992  WARNER/C/43/2/A/C.423  1992

Former reference: C.423

Administrative history:
This article for the journal Science and Public Affairs drew attention to the report and its findings.

3pp typescript and manuscript + figures; correspondence October-December 1992.

1993-1994  WARNER/C/43/2/A/C.424  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.424

Includes corrections to published report.

Correspondence with individuals and organisations  WARNER/C/43/2/B  1991-1993

Former reference: C.425-C.448

15 items

Warner's files of correspondence with individual members of the Study Group, chiefly on drafting the report, and with associated organisations. Arranged alphabetically.

Donald Acheson  WARNER/C/43/2/B/C.425  1991-1992

Former reference: C.425

Administrative history:
Acheson was Chief Medical Officer at the Department of Health.

J.M. Ashworth  WARNER/C/43/2/B/C.426  1991-1993

Former reference: C.426

Administrative history:
Ashworth was Director of the London School of Economics.

British Standards Institution  WARNER/C/43/2/B/C.427-C.428  1991

Former reference: C.427, C.428

Information on British Standards relating to risk. 2 folders.

David Cox  WARNER/C/43/2/B/C.429-C.432  1991-1994

Former reference: C.429-C.432

Administrative history:
Cox was Warden of Nuffield College Oxford.

4 folders.

Bernard Crossland  WARNER/C/43/2/B/C.433-C.434  1991-1993

Former reference: C.433, C.434

Administrative history:
Crossland was Professor emeritus at the Queen's University of Belfast.

2 folders.

Health and Safety Executive  WARNER/C/43/2/B/C.435-C.437  1983, 1988, 1991-1993

Former reference: C.435-C.437

1983 and 1988 material is earlier information from the HSE. 3 folders.

C. Hood  WARNER/C/43/2/B/C.438  1991-1992

Former reference: C.438

Administrative history:
Hood was a Professor in the Department of Government, LSE.

Includes correspondence with other members of LSE staff.

T.R. Lee  WARNER/C/43/2/B/C.439  1991

Former reference: C.439

H. J. Newby  WARNER/C/43/2/B/C.440  1991-1992

Former reference: C.440

Administrative history:
Professor Newby worked for the Economic and Social Science Research Council.

R. Peto  WARNER/C/43/2/B/C.441  1991-1992

Former reference: C.441

Administrative history:
Peto was Reader in Cancer Studies at the Radcliffe Infirmary, Oxford.

J.C. Polkingthorne  WARNER/C/43/2/B/C.442  1991-1992

Former reference: C.442

Administrative history:
Polkingthorne was President of Queen's College Cambridge.

R.E. Richards  WARNER/C/43/2/B/C.443-C.444  1991-1993

Former reference: C.443, C.444

Administrative history:
Richards was Director of the LEverhulme Trust at this time.

Material re application to the Leverhulme Trust for support for work on The Perception and Assessment of Risk, including report January 1993 (C.444). 2 folders.

R. Shepherd  WARNER/C/43/2/B/C.445  1991

Former reference: C.445

Administrative history:
Shepherd worked at the Institute of Food Research, Shinfield, Reading.

C.W. Suckling  WARNER/C/43/2/B/C.446-C.447  1991

Former reference: C.446, C.447

Administrative history:
Suckling chaired the Toxicology Subgroup.

G.F. White  WARNER/C/43/2/B/C.448  1991

Former reference: C.448

Two letters to Warner only.

Papers of Study Group meetings  WARNER/C/43/2/C  1991-1992

Former reference: C.449-C.456

8 items

Hardback notebook labelled on front cover 'Royal Society Risk Study Oct '91 on. Linda Appleby Scope Research Unit Essex Uni'  WARNER/C/43/2/C/C.449  1991-1992

Former reference: C.449

Used for manuscript notes of meetings 2 October 1991 and 6 February 1992.

Papers of meeting, 2 October  WARNER/C/43/2/C/C.450  1991

Former reference: C.450

Papers of meeting, 6 February  WARNER/C/43/2/C/C.451  1992

Former reference: C.451

Papers of meeting, 25 March  WARNER/C/43/2/C/C.452  1992

Former reference: C.452

Papers of meeting, 24 April  WARNER/C/43/2/C/C.453  1992

Former reference: C.453

Papers of meeting, 21 May  WARNER/C/43/2/C/C.454  1992

Former reference: C.454

Minutes of meeting, 24 June  WARNER/C/43/2/C/C.455  1992

Former reference: C.455

Notes of meeting, 23 July  WARNER/C/43/2/C/C.456  1992

Former reference: C.456

Progress reports  WARNER/C/43/2/D  1991-1992

Former reference: C.457-C.462

6 items

Report no. 1, July  WARNER/C/43/2/D/C.457  1991

Former reference: C.457

Report no. 2, August  WARNER/C/43/2/D/C.458  1991

Former reference: C.458

Report no. 3, August  WARNER/C/43/2/D/C.459  1991

Former reference: C.459

Report no. 4, September  WARNER/C/43/2/D/C.460  1991

Former reference: C.460

'Risk Group information', December  WARNER/C/43/2/D/C.461  1991

Former reference: C.461

Report on developments, April  WARNER/C/43/2/D/C.462  1992

Former reference: C.462

Toxicology and nutrition subgroup  WARNER/C/43/2/E  1991-1992

Former reference: C.463-C.477

14 items

Administrative history:
This group was responsible for drafting chapter three. It was chaired by C.W. Suckling.

General correspondence and papers  WARNER/C/43/2/E/C.463-C.471  1991-1992

Former reference: C.463-C.471

8 items

Chiefly re drafts of sections of chapter three.

Administrative material  WARNER/C/43/2/E/C.463-C.471/C.463-C.464  1991-1992

Former reference: C.463, C.464

Correspondence, papers and notes kept by Linda Appleby, secretary to the Risk study group and toxicology subgroup. Organisation of meetings etc. 2 folders.

December  WARNER/C/43/2/E/C.463-C.471/C.465  1991

Former reference: C.465

Includes first 'tenuous' draft of toxicology chapter.

January  WARNER/C/43/2/E/C.463-C.471/C.466  1992

Former reference: C.466

Includes second draft.

February-March  WARNER/C/43/2/E/C.463-C.471/C.467  1992

Former reference: C.467

April  WARNER/C/43/2/E/C.463-C.471/C.468  1992

Former reference: C.468

Includes draft of chapter and draft on nutrition and disease.

May  WARNER/C/43/2/E/C.463-C.471/C.469  1992

Former reference: C.469

Includes sections of draft chapter.

June  WARNER/C/43/2/E/C.463-C.471/C.470  1992

Former reference: C.470

Includes sections of draft chapter.

July  WARNER/C/43/2/E/C.463-C.471/C.471  1992

Former reference: C.471

Papers of subgroup meetings  WARNER/C/43/2/E/C.472-C.477  1991-1992

Former reference: C.472-C.477

6 items

Includes summaries of issues raised.

Papers of meeting, 18 December  WARNER/C/43/2/E/C.472-C.477/C.472  1991

Former reference: C.472

Includes L. Appleby's manuscript notes.

Papers of meeting, 10 January  WARNER/C/43/2/E/C.472-C.477/C.473  1992

Former reference: C.473

Papers of meeting, 22 January  WARNER/C/43/2/E/C.472-C.477/C.474  1992

Former reference: C.474

Papers of meeting, 19 February  WARNER/C/43/2/E/C.472-C.477/C.475  1992

Former reference: C.475

Papers of meeting, 5 March  WARNER/C/43/2/E/C.472-C.477/C.476  1992

Former reference: C.476

Papers of meeting, 22 April  WARNER/C/43/2/E/C.472-C.477/C.477  1992

Former reference: C.477

Group Report  WARNER/C/43/2/F  1992-1994

Former reference: C.478-C.504

26 items

Summary and conclusions  WARNER/C/43/2/F/C.478  1992

Former reference: C.478

1 item

Manuscript and typescript drafts.

Preface and contents.  WARNER/C/43/2/F/C.479  1992

Former reference: C.479

1 item

Manuscript and typescript drafts.

Chapter One. Introduction  WARNER/C/43/2/F/C.480-C.481  1992

Former reference: C.480, C.481

2 items

Administrative history:
This was written by Warner.

Manuscript and typescript drafts; comments. 2 folders.

Chapter Two. Estimating Engineering Risk  WARNER/C/43/2/F/C.482-C.483  1992

Former reference: C.482, C.483

2 items

Manuscript and typescript drafts; comments and corrections. 2 folders.

Chapter Three. Toxicity, Toxicology, and Nutrition  WARNER/C/43/2/F/C.484-C.486  1992

Former reference: C.484-C.486

3 items

Manuscript and typescript drafts; comments and corrections. 3 folders See also C.463-C.477.

Chapter Four. Estimation of Risk from Observation on Man  WARNER/C/43/2/F/C.487-C.491  1992

Former reference: C.487-C.491

5 items

Administrative history:
This chapter was subject to particularly extensive revision.

Manuscript and typescript drafts; comments and corrections. 5 folders.

Chapter Five. Risk Perception  WARNER/C/43/2/F/C.492-C.494  1992

Former reference: C.492-C.494

3 items

Manuscript and typescript drafts; comments and corrections. 3 folders.

Chapter Six. Risk Management  WARNER/C/43/2/F/C.495-C.497  1992

Former reference: C.495-C.497

3 items

Manuscript and typescript drafts; corrections. 3 folders.

Proof copy  WARNER/C/43/2/F/C.498  1992

Former reference: C.498

With corrections.

Correspondence re preparation, proof-reading and publication of the report, May-October  WARNER/C/43/2/F/C.499-C.500  1992

Former reference: C.499, C.500

2 folders.

Launch of Report  WARNER/C/43/2/F/C.501  1992

Former reference: C.501

See also C.505

Issue of Technology, Innovation and Society, vol 8, winter 1993, featuring the report  WARNER/C/43/2/F/C.502  1993

Former reference: C.502

Includes introduction to the report by Warner.

Reviews of the report  WARNER/C/43/2/F/C.503  1992-1994

Former reference: C.503

Includes 6pp manuscript translation of foreign language review of the report.

Dis-bound copy of report  WARNER/C/43/2/F/C.504  1993

Former reference: C.504

Rebound (treasury tags) with correspondence and corrections interleaved in preparation for 1994 reprinting.

Foundation for Science and Technology/Royal Society Joint Meeting on Risk, 15 October 1992  WARNER/C/43/2/G  1992-1993

Former reference: C.505-C.508

3 items

This meeting was held to launch and introduce the report.

Correspondence re arrangements, participants  WARNER/C/43/2/G/C.505-C.506  1992

Former reference: C.505, C.506

Lectures given  WARNER/C/43/2/G/C.507  1992

Former reference: C.507

Texts of presentations by Warner (2pp typescript + tables and figures) and Sir Bernard Crossland (4pp typescript)

Correspondence arising  WARNER/C/43/2/G/C.508  1992-1993

Former reference: C.508

Background material  WARNER/C/43/2/H  ca 1988-1992

Former reference: C.509-C.517

4 items

Printed, photocopied and duplicated typescript material on risk assessment, perceptions and types of hazards.

Lists of background material  WARNER/C/43/2/H/C.509  1980s, 1992

Former reference: C.509

'Royal Society Risk Group'. Contents of Warner's file so labelled  WARNER/C/43/2/H/C.510-C.511  1988-1991

Former reference: C.510, C.511

Background material on risk. 2 folders.

Contents of Warner's untitled file  WARNER/C/43/2/H/C.512  1990-1993

Former reference: C.512

Background material on risk.

Numbered sequence of background material  WARNER/C/43/2/H/C.513  ca 1988-1993

Former reference: C.513

The material is numbered in a sequence from 0002-0136. Only a few items are missing.

General background material  WARNER/C/43/3  1980s-1990s

Former reference: C.514-C.517

4 items

Printed, photocopied and duplicated typescript material on risks from particular types of hazards.

'Risk Assessment. Chemicals in the environment'  WARNER/C/43/3/C.514  1980s

Former reference: C.514

Material so labelled.

Flood hazards  WARNER/C/43/3/C.515  1989-1990

Former reference: C.515

Chiefly disaster planning and management  WARNER/C/43/3/C.516  1980s-1990s

Former reference: C.516

Chiefly nuclear hazards  WARNER/C/43/3/C.517  1979-1980

Former reference: C.517


Former reference: C.518, C.519

2 items

Administrative history:
This was founded in 1977 with membership made up of Presidents or their deputies of the leading engineering and science institutions. Warner was made Chairman in 1985.

Appointment as Chairman 1985; meeting 17 February 1986  WARNER/C/44/C.518  1985-1986

Former reference: C.518

Background material on education and training in science and engineering  WARNER/C/44/C.519  1986

Former reference: C.519


Former reference: C.520, C.521

2 items

Correspondence, chiefly from Robert Bud  WARNER/C/45/C.520  1985, 1989

Former reference: C.520

Includes material re Advisory Committee on Chemical Engineering and Industrial Chemistry, 1985 (see also G.204, G.205, G.222). Correspondence 1989 is re proposed new gallery 'Eurometrics'.

Photocopies of articles by Bud.  WARNER/C/45/C.521  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.521


Former reference: C.522

1 item

Administrative history:
The Selwood Foundation was established 'to support and promote the communication and publication of information for modem learning in that learning is a basic condition for democratic government and to share, help and prompt good practices in learning and its communication'.


Former reference: C.523, C.524

2 items

Administrative history:
The Society established a European branch in 1986. Warner accepted an invitation to serve on the Advisory Committee.

Invitation to serve on Advisory Committee, first meeting of the Advisory Committee, February 1987  WARNER/C/47/C.523  1986-1987

Former reference: C.523

Circulars and information  WARNER/C/47/C.524  1987

Former reference: C.524


Former reference: C.525-C.528

4 items

List of members of Industrial Water and Effluents Group  WARNER/C/48/C.525  1962

Former reference: C.525

Notices, circulars etc  WARNER/C/48/C.526  1967-1968

Former reference: C.526

Notices, circulars etc  WARNER/C/48/C.527  1969

Former reference: C.527

Notices, circulars etc  WARNER/C/48/C.528  1970

Former reference: C.528


Former reference: C.529

1 item

Administrative history:
This group was established to promote nuclear energy's place in global energy supply.

Printed material following launch.


Former reference: C.530-C.547

14 items

Administrative history:
The decade 1990-2000 was designated by the UN General Assembly as one in which 'the international community,under the auspices of the United Nations, will pay special attention to fostering international cooperation in the field of natural disaster reduction'. The UK National Coordination Committee for the International Decade for Natural Disaster Reduction (UKIDNDR Committee) was established in 1990 jointly by the Royal Society and Fellowship of Engineering to identify and make recommendations for UK contributions to the IDNDR, coordinate such contributions and report back on progress. In its early stages the Committee was closely linked to the Hazards Forum, which was being established at the same time (C.114-C.141). Warner was a member of the Committee as chair of the Hazards Forum.

See also F.232.

General correspondence and papers  WARNER/C/50/1  1988-1994

Former reference: C.530-C.535

6 items

Correspondence and papers re meeting on possible Hazards Forum, October-December  WARNER/C/50/1/C.530  1988

Former reference: C.530

Correspondence and papers, January-April  WARNER/C/50/1/C.531  1989

Former reference: C.531

Chiefly on possible establishment of a Hazards Forum.

'Hazards and Professional Engineers', ca April  WARNER/C/50/1/C.532  1989

Former reference: C.532

Discussion paper with introduction by Warner.

Correspondence and papers, May  WARNER/C/50/1/C.533  1989

Former reference: C.533

Includes UN IDNDR 'Report on the fourth meeting of the International Group of Experts in Tokyo 10-14 April 1989' and Fellowship of Engineering Response.

Correspondence and papers, June-September  WARNER/C/50/1/C.534  1989

Former reference: C.534

Correspondence and papers  WARNER/C/50/1/C.535  1990-1994

Former reference: C.535

Meetings  WARNER/C/50/2  1989-1992

Former reference: C.536-C.546A

7 items

Meeting on UK contribution to IDNDR, 4 July  WARNER/C/50/2/C.536  1989

Former reference: C.536

Aide Memoire of meeting, associated documents.

Committee meeting, 20 November  WARNER/C/50/2/C.537  1990

Former reference: C.537

Minutes of meeting, terms of reference.

Committee meeting, 8 March  WARNER/C/50/2/C.538-C.539  1991

Former reference: C.538, C.539

Papers of meeting. 2 folders.

Committee meeting, 24 June  WARNER/C/50/2/C.540-C.542  1991

Former reference: C.540-C.542

Papers of meeting. 3 folders.

Committee meeting, 24 September  WARNER/C/50/2/C.543-C.545  1991

Former reference: C.543-C.545

Papers of meeting. 3 folders.

Workshop on Opportunities for British Involvement in the International Decade for Natural Disaster Reduction, London, 27 March 1992  WARNER/C/50/2/C.546-C.546A  1992

Former reference: C.546, C.546A

2 items

Programme, list of participants, papers.  WARNER/C/50/2/C.546-C.546A/C.546  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.546

Published Proceedings  WARNER/C/50/2/C.546-C.546A/C.546A  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.546A

Background material  WARNER/C/50/3  1989-1993

Former reference: C.547

1 item

Printed and duplicated typescript material on the IDNDR and natural disasters.


Former reference: C.548-C.551

4 items

Administrative history:
Warner was Visiting Professor in the Department of Architecture and Planning to 1986 and a Fellow of the College from 1967.

Miscellaneous correspondence  WARNER/C/51/C.548  1975-1977

Former reference: C.548

Correspondence and papers  WARNER/C/51/C.549  1983-1984

Former reference: C.549

Includes papers of the 150th Anniversary Appeal Committee

Correspondence  WARNER/C/51/C.550  1985-1990

Former reference: C.550

Appointments  WARNER/C/51/C.551  1977

Former reference: C.551


Former reference: C.552

1 item

Material of H.W. Cremer: Appointments Committee of the Department of Chemical Engineering.


Former reference: C.553-C.557

3 items

Administrative history:
In 1988 Warner agreed to serve on the Scientific Advisory Committee for the School of Environmental Sciences.

Chair in Environmental Risk Assessment; invitation to serve on Scientific Advisory Committee and first meeting  WARNER/C/53/C.553  1984, 1988

Former reference: C.553

Papers of meetings  WARNER/C/53/C.554-C.556  1990

Former reference: C.554-C.556

3 folders.

Correspondence and papers  WARNER/C/53/C.557  1991-1994

Former reference: C.557


Former reference: C.558-C.583

30 items

Administrative history:
Following the Chernobyl disaster, at the 1986 AGM of the Fellowship of Engineering Warner suggested the establishment of a voluntary organisation of, initially, engineers and scientists over the age of 65 willing to risk ionising radiation in order to make initial damage assessments in the event of a nuclear accident. He subsequently wrote to members of the Fellowship of Engineering and Royal Society inviting them to participate in the scheme and met with a positive response. Although the idea did not meet with approval in all circles, the VIR were incorporated into the emergency provisions of the Order of St John. The material is retained in Warner's original order.

'The Fellowship of Engineering'  WARNER/C/54/C.558  1986

Former reference: C.558

Contents of Warner's folder so labelled: original letter to Fellows of the Fellowship of the Engineering.

'VIR F. Royal Soc (FRS)'  WARNER/C/54/C.559  1986

Former reference: C.559

Contents of Warner's folder so labelled: letter to Fellows of the Royal Society.

'Letters of response to VIR (F. Eng) and acknowledgement from SFW Circular) in reply'  WARNER/C/54/C.560-C.563  1986

Former reference: C.560-C.563

4 items

Correspondence further divided into labelled categories by Warner. Not indexed, list at C.564.

'Volunteering/requiring further info Replies sent'  WARNER/C/54/C.560-C.563/C.560  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.560

'VIR F.Eng those willing to support VIR as far as age/disability will permit'  WARNER/C/54/C.560-C.563/C.561  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.561

'VIR (FEng) Not volunteering but support for VIR idea'  WARNER/C/54/C.560-C.563/C.562  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.562

'FEng: Not volunteering No indication of support for VIR'  WARNER/C/54/C.560-C.563/C.563  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.563

F. Eng responses to VIR 10-11-86 onwards'  WARNER/C/54/C.564  1986

Former reference: C.564

'FRS's responses to VIR + non FRS's responses'  WARNER/C/54/C.565-C.569  1986-1989

Former reference: C.565-C.569

5 items

Correspondence further divided into labelled categories by Warner. Not indexed, list at C.570

'FRS's volunteering'  WARNER/C/54/C.565-C.569/C.565  1986-1987

Former reference: C.565

'FRS' who would like to help/support VIR so far as age/disability will allow'  WARNER/C/54/C.565-C.569/C.566  1986

Former reference: C.566

'FRS' who are not volunteering but support idea of VIR'  WARNER/C/54/C.565-C.569/C.567  1986

Former reference: C.567

'FRS's not volunteering No indication of support for VIR given'  WARNER/C/54/C.565-C.569/C.568  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.568

'Non-FEng/FRS'  WARNER/C/54/C.565-C.569/C.569  1986-1989

Former reference: C.569

'FRS responses to VIR 13-11-86 onwards'  WARNER/C/54/C.570  1986

Former reference: C.570

Hardback notebook labelled on front cover 'Volunteers Radiation emergency (11-11-86 onwards)'  WARNER/C/54/C.571  1986

Former reference: C.571

Typescript and manuscript lists of volunteers and supporters  WARNER/C/54/C.572  1986-1990

Former reference: C.572

Circular letters to volunteers  WARNER/C/54/C.573  1986-1990

Former reference: C.573

Duplicated typescript.

Correspondence  WARNER/C/54/C.574-C.580  1986-1990

Former reference: C.574-C.580

7 items

Chiefly with various government and other agencies and volunteers about a role for VIR.

1986  WARNER/C/54/C.574-C.580/C.574  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.574

Includes correspondence with Order of St John, British Nuclear Fuels and Central Electricity Generating Board.

February-June 1987  WARNER/C/54/C.574-C.580/C.575  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.575

July-November 1987  WARNER/C/54/C.574-C.580/C.576  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.576

Includes correspondence with Lord Mais and J.H. Fremlin re cooperation with St John's.

January-September 1988  WARNER/C/54/C.574-C.580/C.577  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.577

October-December 1988  WARNER/C/54/C.574-C.580/C.578  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.578

Includes correspondence re House of Lords debate on VIR (extract from Hansard included), and typescript by J.H. Fremlin on Radiation.

1989  WARNER/C/54/C.574-C.580/C.579  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.579

Includes reactions to House of Lords debate.

1990  WARNER/C/54/C.574-C.580/C.580  [n.d.]

Former reference: C.580

Includes VIR tests with Plutonium 237.

Media coverage  WARNER/C/54/C.581-C.583  1986-1989

Former reference: C.581-C.583

3 items

Newspaper coverage  WARNER/C/54/C.581-C.583/C.581  1986-1989

Former reference: C.581

Cuttings and photocopies.

'TV & radio VIR interviews'  WARNER/C/54/C.581-C.583/C.582  1988

Former reference: C.582

Manuscript notes.

Correspondence with media re VIR  WARNER/C/54/C.581-C.583/C.583  1987-1989

Former reference: C.583


Former reference: C.584

1 item

Centenary appeal 1982; merger with Queen Mary College 1985.


Former reference: C.585

1 item

Includes Committee for Exports to Asia, 1970; Open University Foundation, 1980.


Former reference: SECTION D

Warner was a prolific lecturer, giving talks to public, invitation and university audiences worldwide. This is only partially represented here in his archival record. Warner had a number of organisational principles by which to order his lectures, for example, by title, subject or date, and the resulting arrangement to some extent represented a combination of these. Furthermore, the distinction between Warner's lectures, presented in this section, and publications (section E) is blurred. Many lectures were subsequently published and a number of lectures bore the same titles as published papers.

LECTURES  WARNER/D/1  1946-1997

Former reference: D.1-D.186

Arranged chronologically. See also E.116, E.117.

'Theory and Practice. Some Problems in design', Chemical Engineering Society, Imperial College London, 9 December 1949  WARNER/D/1/D.1  1949

Former reference: D.1

2pp manuscript draft.

'Starting-up Plants', Imperial College London, 16 November 1959  WARNER/D/1/D.1A  1959

Former reference: D.1A

2pp manuscript draft.

'Houldsworth Society Presidential Address', 12 October 1961.  WARNER/D/1/D.2  1961

Former reference: D.2

1 item

8pp manuscript draft so entitled.

'The Excitement of Chemical Engineering', Imperial College London, 19 January 1962  WARNER/D/1/D.3  1962

Former reference: D.3

5pp manuscript draft.

'Delivering Chemical Engineering Hardware', December 1962  WARNER/D/1/D.4  1962

Former reference: D.4

3pp manuscript draft so entitled.

'Civil engineering contracting in plant construction', with J.L. Derwas, Institution of Chemical Engineers (North-western Branch), Manchester College of Science and Technology, 15 January 1963  WARNER/D/1/D.5  1963

Former reference: D.5

Offprint of the lecture, with details of other contributions made at the symposium.

Lecture to the Society of Chemical Industry Dublin & District Section, Ireland, 13 or 14 November 1963  WARNER/D/1/D.6  1963

Former reference: D.6

1 item

Warner's suggested title for the lecture was 'Organizing Plant Construction'. 2pp manuscript lecture notes; brief correspondence re arrangements and arising.

Talk to the National Leathersellers College, 23-24 March 1964  WARNER/D/1/D.7  1964

Former reference: D.7

Administrative history:
Warner opened the discussion on 'Future developments in traditional industries'.

4pp manuscript and 1p typescript (with manuscript annotations) notes for the talk; programme; letter to Warner re preparation for his talk.

'Engineering as a profession', '[?] Centre G & S Section', 'IC 29.10.64'.  WARNER/D/1/D.8  1964

Former reference: D.8

1p manuscript notes so entitled.

'Birmingham 3rd Feb. 1965. Engineering cooperation - EIJC, 13 voices or one?'  WARNER/D/1/D.9  1965

Former reference: D.9

2pp manuscript notes so entitled.

'Underground Gasification of Coal: Part II', with J. Szekely, American Institute of Chemical Engineers and Institution of Chemical Engineers Joint Meeting, London, 13-17 June 1965  WARNER/D/1/D.10  1965

Former reference: D.10

Offprint. See also F.1, F.2.

'The professional chemical engineer', Council of Engineering Institutions South East Branch, 18 January 1966  WARNER/D/1/D.11  1966

Former reference: D.11

10pp manuscript draft. The lecture appears also to have been delivered at an AGM of the Institution of Chemical Engineers.

'Excitement in engineering', Bishop's Stortford College, 4 February 1966  WARNER/D/1/D.12  1966

Former reference: D.12

3pp manuscript draft.

'The influence of the new engineering profession charter on the development of the chemical industry', Chemical Industries Association NW Region, Manchester, 9 February 1966  WARNER/D/1/D.13  1966

Former reference: D.13

Correspondence re arrangements; 1p manuscript notes.

'Organisation for design 15/2/66'.  WARNER/D/1/D.14  1966

Former reference: D.14

2pp manuscript draft so entitled.

'Pollution in chains, European Federation of Chemical Engineering Conference'  WARNER/D/1/D.15  ca 1966

Former reference: D.15

Photocopy of 8pp typescript so entitled. A pencil note by Warner on the first page dates the lecture to 'around 1966'.

'Engineering into Europe', 'EJB', 8 March 1967  WARNER/D/1/D.16  1967

Former reference: D.16

3pp manuscript notes so entitled.

'A Lifetime in Chemical Engineering', Presidential Address to the 45th Annual General Meeting of the Institution of Chemical Engineers, London, 16 May 1967  WARNER/D/1/D.17  1967

Former reference: D.17


'Cutting Pollution Down to Size', South African Institution of Chemical Engineers, 16 January 1968  WARNER/D/1/D.18  1968

Former reference: D.18

1 item


'The Design and Location of Plant', Joint Royal Institute of Chemistry and Chemical Society Symposium, Dublin, Ireland, April 1968  WARNER/D/1/D.19  1968

Former reference: D.19

2pp typescript summary of lecture; 11pp typescript draft with manuscript revisions; 2 reprints with manuscript annotations; offprint of symposium papers.

Lecture to Junior British Association, Oxford, 10 July 1968  WARNER/D/1/D.20  1968

Former reference: D.20

2pp manuscript (probably incomplete) draft.

'Cleaning up the Thames'  WARNER/D/1/D.21  ca 1968

Former reference: D.21

9pp typescript so entitled, with a further typescript page found with it; list of slides.

'Fluid Mechanics and Process problems', First Fluid Science Lecture on the 21st Anniversary of the incorporation of the British Hydromechanics Research Association, Drapers' Hall, London, 26 November 1968  WARNER/D/1/D.22-D.23  1968

Former reference: D.22-D.23

2 items

Correspondence etc re Warner's preparation for the lecture and re arrangements  WARNER/D/1/D.22-D.23/D.22  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.22

Brief outline notes for the lecture (manuscript and typescript); 3pp manuscript draft of ?abstract or a part of the lecture, with typescript revised version; corrected proof; offprint annotated in Warner's hand; typescript of the lecture in French  WARNER/D/1/D.22-D.23/D.23  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.23

'Changing Society and the responsibility of Engineers', Oslo, Norway, September 1969  WARNER/D/1/D.24  1969

Former reference: D.24

Administrative history:
Warner gave this address as President of European Federation of National Associations of Engineers (FEANI).

7pp typescript; offprint.

'Projet d'Espose du Président Sir Frederick Warner aux membres de la S.I.A.', December 1969  WARNER/D/1/D.25  1969

Former reference: D.25

Administrative history:
Warner gave the talk as President of the European Federation of National Associations of Engineers (FEANI).

5pp typescript draft in French, with manuscript revisions and additions.

'Our professional duties. Problems in establishing a potash industry in the North Yorkshire National Park', 9th Brotherton Memorial Lecture, Yorkshire Section of the Society of Chemical Industry, Leeds, 25 March 1970  WARNER/D/1/D.26  1969-1970

Former reference: D.26

Correspondence re arrangements and preparation of the lecture and correspondence arising.

'The Control of Water Pollution in the River Thames', Athens, Greece, 26 May 1970  WARNER/D/1/D.27  1970

Former reference: D.27

2pp typescript summary of lecture with manuscript corrections.

'Measurements, Models and Men', Tenth Thomson Lecture, Royal Institution of Great Britain, London, 8 October 1970  WARNER/D/1/D.28-D.29  1969-1971

Former reference: D.28, D.29

2 items

Correspondence etc re arrangements and arising.  WARNER/D/1/D.28-D.29/D.28  1969-1971

Former reference: D.28

1p manuscript notes; manuscript and typescript summaries of the lecture; 24pp typescript draft; offprint of published lecture; manuscript notes for the lecture in hands of others; background material  WARNER/D/1/D.28-D.29/D.29  1970

Former reference: D.29

'Vth FEANI Congress Banquet'.  WARNER/D/1/D.30  ca 1970

Former reference: D.30

Two typescript drafts of a speech, one with an inscription in Warner's hand on the first page indicating a likely date of 1970.

'Aqueous Trade Wastes', Imperial College London, 15 January 1971  WARNER/D/1/D.31  1971

Former reference: D.31

Contents of a file inscribed 'First Lecture 15.1.71.' 2pp manuscript notes in Warner's hand; manuscript background notes in another hand; draft programme of lectures to be given by Warner at Imperial College in 1970, 1971. There appear to have been six lectures in the series, see D.33, D.34, D.36-D.37, D.38.

'General problems of pollution', University College London, 28 January 1971  WARNER/D/1/D.32  1971

Former reference: D.32

4pp of a manuscript draft (incomplete) and notes. Found in a file inscribed 'Polluting Air and Water. Dept. of Environmental Science'.

'Sweet River Thames and the Chemical Engineer', 'Second Lecture', Imperial College London, 9 February 1971  WARNER/D/1/D.33  1971

Former reference: D.33

1 item

6pp manuscript draft; background material used by Warner.

'Problems in air pollution from aluminium smelters', '3rd Lecture Imperial College London, 19 February 1971  WARNER/D/1/D.34  1971

Former reference: D.34

3pp manuscript draft (probably incomplete) with lists of slides; manuscript background notes in another's hand; further background material.

'Town Planning and Air Pollution', University College London, 9 March 1971  WARNER/D/1/D.35  1971

Former reference: D.35

1p manuscript draft summary of lecture and manuscript lists of slides.

'Who Will Pay to Stop Pollution', '5th Lecture' Imperial College London, 13 May 1971  WARNER/D/1/D.36-D.37  1971

Former reference: D.36, D.37

2 items

Contents of folder.

17pp photocopied typescript; brief correspondence arising  WARNER/D/1/D.36-D.37/D.36  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.36

Various manuscript and printed background material  WARNER/D/1/D.36-D.37/D.37  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.37

The Chemical Engineer and Community Needs in Cities', '6th Lecture' Imperial College London, 25 May 1971  WARNER/D/1/D.38  1971

Former reference: D.38

Contents of a file. 1p manuscript notes; 11pp manuscript draft; background material.

Verein Deutscher Ingenieure, June 1971  WARNER/D/1/D.39  1971

Former reference: D.39

1 item

5pp typescript of a lecture given in Germany on pollution and the responsibilities of the engineer.

'Engineers Care for People', University of Newcastle upon Tyne, 15 October 1971  WARNER/D/1/D.40  1971

Former reference: D.40

1 item

16pp typescript.

'Planning, Pollution and People', University College London 18 January 1972  WARNER/D/1/D.41  1972

Former reference: D.41

1p manuscript summary of the lecture.

Lecture to Water Resources Board, Reading, 7 March 1972  WARNER/D/1/D.42  1972

Former reference: D.42

Brief correspondence; 1p manuscript list of slides annotated 'Lecture IC [Imperial College] 7 March 1972. Air Pollution Dispersion - Anglesey Case Study'.

'The Social Consequences of Aid to Developing Countries', Imperial College London, 2 May 1972  WARNER/D/1/D.43  1972

Former reference: D.43

2pp manuscript notes.

'Shell May 1972. Practical difficulties of pollution control'.  WARNER/D/1/D.44  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.44

1p manuscript notes so entitled.

'Investment Forecasts for the Process Plant Industries', Imperial College London, 18 July 1972  WARNER/D/1/D.45  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.45

20pp manuscript and typescript draft so entitled; manuscript and typescript notes for the lecture, some headed 'Investment Forecasting for Process Plant'.

'Continuing Education for Engineers', with R. Edgeworth Johnstone, FEANI / UNESCO Seminar on Continuing Education of Engineers, Helsinki, Finland, 21-24 August 1972.  WARNER/D/1/D.46  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.46

12pp typescript; volume of preprints of seminar papers.

'Public Lecture', Imperial College London, 2 November 1972  WARNER/D/1/D.47  1972

Former reference: D.47

1 item

26pp typescript. In the first paragraph is a reference to the title of the lecture: 'Controlling Environmental Damage from Mining and Mineral Processing'.

H.L. Roy Memorial Lecture, Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers, Silver Jubilee Session, Delhi, India, December 1972  WARNER/D/1/D.48  1972

Former reference: D.48

Offprints; background material.

'Education and the Professions in the European Economic Community', Mond Memorial Lecture, Manchester University, 8 February 1973.  WARNER/D/1/D.49-D.52  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.49-D.52

Correspondence etc re arrangements and arising.  WARNER/D/1/D.49-D.52/D.49-D.50  1972-1973

Former reference: D.49-D.50

2 folders.

1p typescript summary and 20pp typescript draft of the lecture; reprint.  WARNER/D/1/D.49-D.52/D.51  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.51

Background material.  WARNER/D/1/D.49-D.52/D.52  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.52

'Possibilities in Pollution Control', Fifty-ninth Thomas Hawkesley Lecture, Institution of Mechanical Engineers, 28 February 1973.  WARNER/D/1/D.53-D.61  1972-1973

Former reference: D.53-D.61

Warner repeated the lecture to the North Eastern Branch of the IME, Teesside, 10 April 1973.

Correspondence etc re arrangements and arising  WARNER/D/1/D.53-D.61/D.53-D.54  1972-1973

Former reference: D.53-D.54

2 folders.

37pp typescript draft of the lecture with manuscript revisions (final page missing) and summaries; references.  WARNER/D/1/D.53-D.61/D.55  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.55

Further typescript draft; offprint.  WARNER/D/1/D.53-D.61/D.56  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.56

List of slides and figures for slides.  WARNER/D/1/D.53-D.61/D.57  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.57

Manuscript notes and various background material.  WARNER/D/1/D.53-D.61/D.58-D.59  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.58-D.59

3 folders.

Contents of a file inscribed 'Thames data'.  WARNER/D/1/D.53-D.61/D.60-D.61  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.60-D.61

This material possibly relates to the Thomas Hawkesley Lecture. Background material, including manuscript notes in the hands of others, with brief related correspondence including a copy of a letter by Warner to 'The Times' (D.60). 2 folders.

'Water Pollution', Imperial College London, 9 May 1973  WARNER/D/1/D.62  1973

Former reference: D.62

1p manuscript notes so entitled; manuscript background notes and lists of slides in another hand.

'Keynote Lecture' at Imperial College London, 25 September 1973  WARNER/D/1/D.63  1973

Former reference: D.63

1p manuscript notes.

Lecture at The Duke of Edinburgh's Study Conference: 'Industry in Society', Oxford, 5-20 July 1974  WARNER/D/1/D.64  1974

Former reference: D.64

23pp typescript draft with pasted in revisions. See also F.67-F.75.

'Intrusion & pollution - nature of problem', University College London, 21 October 1974  WARNER/D/1/D.65  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.65

1p manuscript notes.

'Individual Responsibility in Health and Safety', Melchett Lecture, Imperial College London, 9 January 1975  WARNER/D/1/D.66  1975

Former reference: D.66

8pp typescript (incomplete); offprint.

'Our Professional Duties', Brotherton Memorial Lecture, University of Leeds, 25 March 1975  WARNER/D/1/D.67  1975

Former reference: D.67

21pp typescript.

'Technical methods of control of air pollution from industry', 'Lecture IC - British Council 14/7/75'.  WARNER/D/1/D.68  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.68

2pp manuscript draft so entitled; manuscript list of slides, probably for this lecture.

'The Flixborough Fire'.  WARNER/D/1/D.68A  ca 1975

Former reference: D.68A

This appears to be a talk on the hazards of chemical works given during a visit to India in November 1975. 2pp typescript synopsis so entitled; newspaper cuttings

'Town planners 8 Dec. 1975'.  WARNER/D/1/D.69  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.69

1p manuscript notes so entitled.

'Industrial Health Hazards', lectures at Imperial College London, December 1975  WARNER/D/1/D.70-D.71  1975

Former reference: D.70-D.71

The lectures were part of a course at Imperial College, 15-17 December 1975. Warner was one of a number of lecturers. He appears to have given two lectures with the titles 'Dispersion of effluents': 'I - Gases', 'II - Solids and Liquids'.

'Lecture 2 [sic]: Gases'.  WARNER/D/1/D.70-D.71/D.70  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.70

1p manuscript notes so entitled.

'3rd [sic] Lecture: Solids & liquids'.  WARNER/D/1/D.70-D.71/D.71  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.71

2pp manuscript notes so entitled; manuscript list of slides for the two lectures on 'Industrial Health Hazards'; printed programme.

'Preparing for careers in engineering'.  WARNER/D/1/D.72  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.72

4pp manuscript draft so inscribed. Also inscribed '1975' on first page.

'Environmental Engineering', FEANI Seminar, Stockholm, 1-3 March 1976.  WARNER/D/1/D.73-D.75  1976

Former reference: D.73-D.75

Letter of invitation and reply; typescript summary of Warner's lecture.  WARNER/D/1/D.73-D.75/D.73  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.73

28pp typescript draft with manuscript revisions; manuscript list of slides.  WARNER/D/1/D.73-D.75/D.74  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.74

Further typescript draft with manuscript revisions; revised version.  WARNER/D/1/D.73-D.75/D.75  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.75

'Splendours and Miseries of Chemical Engineers', Institution of Chemical Engineers, St Alban's Icknield Section, 18 March 1976  WARNER/D/1/D.76  1976

Former reference: D.76

2pp manuscript draft, with list of slides.

'Engineering Safety and the Environment', Lubbock Memorial Lecture, Oxford, 6 May 1976  WARNER/D/1/D.77-D.79  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.77-D.79

Correspondence re arrangements and publication of the lecture.  WARNER/D/1/D.77-D.79/D.77  1976

Former reference: D.77

18pp typescript; reprint.  WARNER/D/1/D.77-D.79/D.78  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.78

Later correspondence, found with the material in D.77 and D.78, chiefly re the Earth Enterprise Project.  WARNER/D/1/D.77-D.79/D.79  1977

Former reference: D.79

'Engineering progress & environmental control', Melbourne University, Australia, 25 October 1976  WARNER/D/1/D.80  1976

Former reference: D.80

2pp manuscript notes. See also F.82.

'Environmental pollution - general', University College London, 29 November 1976'.  WARNER/D/1/D.81  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.81

The lecture was part of an 'Environmental Evaluation' course in the School of Environmental Studies. 1p manuscript notes for the lecture; letter re arrangements and course programme.

'Sources and Extent of Pollution', contribution to Royal Society discussion meeting on 'Long term hazards to man from man-made chemicals in the environment', 13-14 December 1977  WARNER/D/1/D.83-D.84  1977

Former reference: D.83, D.84

Published in Proc. Roy. Soc. Lond. B vol 205 (1979).

1p manuscript notes and 9pp manuscript draft of the paper; typescript draft with manuscript revisions; revised typescript version and summary; offprint.  WARNER/D/1/D.83-D.84/D.82  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.82

List of slides and figures for slides; manuscript (in others' hands) and typescript background material.  WARNER/D/1/D.83-D.84/D.83  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.83

Correspondence arising; programme.  WARNER/D/1/D.83-D.84/D.84  December 1977-January 1978

Former reference: D.84

'Pollution Control', Royal Institution, London, 10 February 1978  WARNER/D/1/D.85-D.89  1977-1978

Former reference: D.85-D.89

Warner's lecture was accompanied by a demonstration.

Correspondence re arrangements, with draft and copy of lecture synopsis; programme.  WARNER/D/1/D.85-D.89/D.85  1977

Former reference: D.85

38pp typescript 'outline draft' with references.  WARNER/D/1/D.85-D.89/D.86  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.86

Typescript draft headed 'Final version' with manuscript revisions; further typescript version.  WARNER/D/1/D.85-D.89/D.87  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.87

Papers relating to the demonstration; lists of slides etc; background material prepared by others  WARNER/D/1/D.85-D.89/D.88-D.89  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.88, D.89

2 folders.

'Is an Energy Policy Possible', talks to the Council for the Preservation of Rural Wales, Aberystwyth, 7, 8 April 1978  WARNER/D/1/D.90-D.91  1977-1978

Former reference: D.90, D.91

Correspondence re arrangements and arising.  WARNER/D/1/D.90-D.91/D.90  December 1977-1978

Former reference: D.90

3pp typescript draft, entitled as above, with manuscript revisions; typescript revised version.  WARNER/D/1/D.90-D.91/D.91  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.91

'Society's Response to Windscale', Hartley Lecture, Royal Society, 5 December 1978  WARNER/D/1/D.92-D.93  1978

Former reference: D.92, D.93

Two 35pp typescript drafts with manuscript revisions.  WARNER/D/1/D.92-D.93/D.92  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.92

Figures and lists of slides; programme.  WARNER/D/1/D.92-D.93/D.93  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.93

'Nuclear Power and Wales: Setting the Scene. December 8th 1978'  WARNER/D/1/D.94  1978

Former reference: D.94

5pp typescript draft, with manuscript corrections.

'Imperial College 3/5/79. Lecture - Wales Nuclear [?Forum] 26/1/79'.  WARNER/D/1/D.95  1979

Former reference: D.95

1p manuscript note re slides.

'Water Pollution'. 'Mexico. March 1979'  WARNER/D/1/D.96  1979

Former reference: D.96

9pp typescript draft, so entitled, with manuscript revisions; two further typescript drafts interleaved, with manuscript revisions. See also D.93-D.100.

'The Thames', Imperial College London, 30 April 1979  WARNER/D/1/D.97  1979, 1981

Former reference: D.97

1 item

1p manuscript list of slides; brief correspondence etc (1981) re Warner's use of the slides.

Manuscript and typescript lists of slides, dated April 1979, and inscribed 'Imperial College lectures' on first page  WARNER/D/1/D.98  1979

Former reference: D.98

'Risk Analysis and Fertiliser Plant', Fertiliser Society of London, 18 October 1979  WARNER/D/1/D.99-D.100  1979

Former reference: D.99-D.100

2 items

12pp typescript draft with manuscript revisions; reprint of paper and discussion of paper  WARNER/D/1/D.99-D.100/D.99  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.99

Manuscript list of slides; memoranda etc to Warner re matters connected with his paper  WARNER/D/1/D.99-D.100/D.100  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.100

'Nuclear Power - Panacea or Peril', Marchon Lecture, University of Newcastle upon Tyne, 30 October 1979  WARNER/D/1/D.101-D.103  1978-1980

Former reference: D.101-D.103

Administrative history:
The Marchon Visiting Lectureships were supported by Marchon Products Ltd, Whitehaven, Cumbria. Warner's stay, as a guest of the University's Department of Chemical Engineering, was from 29 October to 2 November. He gave additional lectures to sixth form students at Whitehaven on 31 October (see D.104) and to chemical engineering students at the University on 2 November. A visit to the British Gas Corporation, Killingworth, was also included in the programme.

Correspondence re arrangements and arising.  WARNER/D/1/D.101-D.103/D.101  1978-1980

Former reference: D.101

13pp manuscript draft with manuscipt list of possible titles for the Marchon Lecture.  WARNER/D/1/D.101-D.103/D.102  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.102

Typescript draft with manuscript revisions; list of slides; manuscript and typescript lists of slides entitled 'Can we control pollution? Whitehaven 31 Oct. 1979', with further lists of slides probably relating to this lecture.  WARNER/D/1/D.101-D.103/D.103  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.103

'The Foundations of Risk Assessment', Symposium on the Acceptability of Risk, University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology/University of Manchester Pollution Research Unit, 17, 18 December 1979  WARNER/D/1/D.104  1979

Former reference: D.104

13pp typescript.

'Major Hazards in Reality - Is Current Practice Sufficient?'  WARNER/D/1/D.105  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.105

18pp typescript, with brief manuscript annotations, dated '15.1.80' on final page.

'Nuclear Power - Peril or Panacea', University of Sydney, Australia, 12 March 1980  WARNER/D/1/D.106  1980

Former reference: D.106

1 item

Warner was Visiting Professor at the Department of Chemical Engineering. 11pp manuscript draft; offprint. See also F.108-F.110.

'Energy - Possibilities and Perils', Fuel Luncheon Club, 15 April 1980  WARNER/D/1/D.106A  1980

Former reference: D.106A

7pp manuscript draft; typescript revised version; letter arising.

Seminar at University of Cambridge Department of Chemical Engineering, 14 May 1980  WARNER/D/1/D.107  1980

Former reference: D.107

Brief correspondence re arrangements and arising; 1p manuscript list of slides headed 'The Politics of Nuclear Power'. In the correspondence the provisional title of the lecture is given as 'Political Aspects of Nuclear Power'.

'Chemical Industry and the Environment'  WARNER/D/1/D.108  1981

Former reference: D.108

1 item

8pp typescript of a lecture so entitled, dated '27.3.81' on last page.

Manuscript outline notes for lectures, April, found together  WARNER/D/1/D.109  1981

Former reference: D.109

'The Ethics of Nuclear Power', Colchester Clerical Society, 6 April, 1p. 'The Risks of Life', Halstead Rotary Club, 30 April, 3pp.

'The Engineer in Society', Institution of Electrical Engineers Chelmsford Division and Management and Design Division, Chelmsford, 10 February 1982  WARNER/D/1/D.109A  1982

Former reference: D.109A

Correspondence re arrangements (1981-1982); typescript synopsis of lecture; 1p manuscript notes and list of slides.

'The Engineer in Society Undergoing Rapid Technological Change', Copenhagen, Denmark, 27 May 1983  WARNER/D/1/D.109B  1983

Former reference: D.109B

1p manuscript notes and 8pp manuscript draft; list of slides.

'Lecture Summer 1983. Ethanol - methanol. University of Surrey. SGOMSEC Dinner'  WARNER/D/1/D.109C  1983

Former reference: D.109C

2pp manuscript notes so entitled.

'Living with risk', Thirty-fifth W.M. Thornton Memorial Lecture, Institution of Mining Electrical and Mining Mechanical Engineers, 2 September 1983  WARNER/D/1/D.110  1983

Former reference: D.110

1 item

2pp manuscript notes and 12pp manuscript draft; typescript revised version; pre-print.

'Reviving Profitability', British Standards Society Annual Standards Conference, Manchester, November 1983  WARNER/D/1/D.111  1983-1984

Former reference: D.111

Administrative history:
This was the keynote address.

Typescript notes or early draft, with manuscript annotations; 16pp typescript of lecture; programme; published conference proceedings with brief related correspondence (1984).

Seminar on 'The Future of Nuclear Energy', Parliamentary and Scientific Committee, House of Commons, 23 November 1983  WARNER/D/1/D.112  1983

Former reference: D.112

Correspondence chiefly re arrangements and preparation of the lecture; typescript draft with manuscript revisions and additions; 6pp revised typescript draft with manuscript revisions. See also F.137-F.139.

'Managing Technology Transfer'  WARNER/D/1/D.113  ca 1983

Former reference: D.113

5pp typescript of a lecture (with abstract) so entitled, with an inscription in Warner's hand: 'This is around 1983 but I do not know where it was given'.

Lecture given to the Indian National Science Academy, Delhi, India, 9 February 1984  WARNER/D/1/D.114  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.114

Correspondence with Thames Water chiefly re information to be used for the lecture (1983), with one letter (1979) apparently unrelated; list of slides headed 'Clean-up of the Thames' [?lecture title], see D.131.

'Standards and International Competitiveness', Opening Address to meeting of the Institution of Electrical Engineers, 21 February 1984  WARNER/D/1/D.115  1984

Former reference: D.115

Brief correspondence etc re arrangements for the meeting and re issues to be covered; 11pp typescript of the address

'Risk and the Energy Industry', Wolfson College Oxford, 28 February 1984  WARNER/D/1/D.116-D.119  1984

Former reference: D.116-D.119

Administrative history:
Warner's lecture was one of a series of eight Wolfson Lectures given by various scientists in 1984.

Correspondence etc re arrangements and preparation of the lecture and correspondence re publication (the Wolfson Lectures were published in book form).  WARNER/D/1/D.116-D.119/D.116  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.116

7pp manuscript notes and typescript revised version.  WARNER/D/1/D.116-D.119/D.117  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.117

18pp typescript transcript of Warner's lecture; manuscript draft of published version.  WARNER/D/1/D.116-D.119/D.118  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.118

Two typescript drafts of published version with manuscript revisions; 7pp typescript of another version of the lecture inscribed 'cancelled copy'; background material  WARNER/D/1/D.116-D.119/D.119  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.119

'Energy and the Environment. May 3 1984. St [?] Deanery'  WARNER/D/1/D.120  1984

Former reference: D.120

2pp manuscript notes so entitled.

'The Environment for Engineers'  WARNER/D/1/D.121  1984

Former reference: D.121

12pp typescript so entitled, with figures. Inscribed 'May 1984' on first page. Included is the first page of an identical draft which has the inscription '2nd draft - sent to Aston'.

Introductory lecture, symposium on 'The Chemical Industry and the Health of the Community' organized by the Royal Society of Medicine and the Royal Society of Medicine Foundation, London, 11-13 June 1984  WARNER/D/1/D.122  1984

Former reference: D.122

1 item

14pp manuscript draft with typescript insert; programme; brief correspondence re publication. See D.126 for typescript draft.

After dinner speech, Institution of Gas Engineers: Salford course on Quality and Standards in the Public and Private Sectors, September 1984  WARNER/D/1/D.123  1984

Former reference: D.123

1 item

Letter with background material; 5pp typescript notes; programme.

Seminar on British Standards in the construction industry to MSc students at University College London School of Architecture  WARNER/D/1/D.124  1984

Former reference: D.124

2pp manuscript notes; letter to Warner from the British Standards Institution (1984) with background information.

Speech at Bancrofts School, 14 March 1985  WARNER/D/1/D.125  1985

Former reference: D.125

2pp manuscript notes and lists of slides. On one page are the headings 'Disasters' and 'British case study - Flixborough'.

'Hazard, Risk Assessment and Acceptance', 28 March 1985  WARNER/D/1/D.126  1985

Former reference: D.126

1 item

Contents of a file inscribed 'Melbourne Occupational Lecture'. 1p manuscript notes; 2pp expanded typescript notes; 15pp typescript of Warner's lecture 'The Chemical Industry and the Health of the Community' (see D.122) with manuscript revisions and annotations (this typescript appears to have been used in the preparation of the lecture). See also F.141.

'The Engineer in Court and International Arbitration', Fellowship of Engineering 1985 Christopher Hinton Lecture, London, 15 October 1985  WARNER/D/1/D.127  1985

Former reference: D.127

17pp typescript and offprint; letters arising.

'Chemical industry and risk', University of Essex Chemical Society, 31 October 1985  WARNER/D/1/D.128  1985

Former reference: D.128

2pp manuscript notes.

'Scientific Approach to Risk Assessment, Risk Perception and Risk Management' lecture to Unilever Symposium on 'Future Directives in Product Assurance'.  WARNER/D/1/D.129  ca 1985

Former reference: D.129

Letter re arrangements; typescript summary of lecture; 15pp typescript, with references, entitled as above.

'Trends in Education', 'Madwai Rotary Club', 18 January 1986  WARNER/D/1/D.130  1986

Former reference: D.130

1p manuscript draft so entitled.

'Cleaning the Thames'  WARNER/D/1/D.131  1986

Former reference: D.131

8pp typescript draft so entitled, with figures; typescript of version in German; letter arising (20 February 1986). See D.114 for related material.

Lecture on the environmental consequences of a nuclear war (the ENUWAR project), Essex University, 20 March 1986  WARNER/D/1/D.132  1986

Former reference: D.132

1p list of slides; photocopied newspaper cuttings.

Talk at University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology, 21 May 1986  WARNER/D/1/D.133  1986

Former reference: D.133

Letter re arrangements.

Speech at Bancrofts School Visitation day, 4 July 1986  WARNER/D/1/D.134  1986

Former reference: D.134

3pp manuscript draft.

'Chernobyl - Ethical and Environmental Considerations', Institution of Electrical Engineers Management and Design Division, Farnborough, 12 May 1987  WARNER/D/1/D.135  1987

Former reference: D.135

Manuscript draft; corrected typescript version with manuscript revisions; corrected proof for publication in 'IEE Proceedings'; letter arising.

'Public and Professional Attitudes to Risk', Alfred Watson Memorial Lecture, Institute of Actuaries, 26 October 1987  WARNER/D/1/D.136-D.137  1987

Former reference: D.137

Letter with note (by Warner) on Warner's career; 7pp typescript draft of published lecture, with manuscript revisions, and figures  WARNER/D/1/D.136-D.137/D.136  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.136

Letter arising; offprint of lecture  WARNER/D/1/D.136-D.137/D.137  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.137

Lecture given at Geneva, Switzerland, 1987  WARNER/D/1/D.138  1987

Former reference: D.138

The topic appears to have been pollution. Transparencies with inscribed envelope in which they were found. May be related to visit documented at F.158-F.160.

'Original figures for RMH India slides. Feb. 1988'.  WARNER/D/1/D.139  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.139

Contents of an envelope so inscribed.

'25/05/88...Budapest RMH slides'.  WARNER/D/1/D.140  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.140

Figures etc found clipped with a piece of paper so inscribed.

'Risk and Compensation - 5 July 1988'  WARNER/D/1/D.141  1988

Former reference: D.141

1p typescript summary of lecture.

'The Environmental Consequences of Nuclear War', University of Warwick Chemistry Society, 27 October 1988.  WARNER/D/1/D.142  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.142

Letter re arrangements.

'Environment and Nuclear War Lecture', Sao Paulo, Brazil, December 1988  WARNER/D/1/D.143  1988

Former reference: D.143

Figures and lists of slides. See also F.170.

'Risk and Religion', Windermere Centre, Cumbria, 14 March 1989  WARNER/D/1/D.144  1989

Former reference: D.144

2pp typescript.

'Sellafield Interface March '89'  WARNER/D/1/D.145  1989

Former reference: D.145

2pp manuscript notes and figures, found with a piece of paper with the above inscription.

Keynote speech at First British Quality Association Regional Briefing on Total Quality Management, Danbury Park Management Centre, 29 June 1989  WARNER/D/1/D.146  1989

Former reference: D.146

9pp typescript transcript of the speech; 3pp typescript entitled 'The Chain of Quality' found with the transcript.

'Mistley Lecture 4/10/89'  WARNER/D/1/D.147  1989

Former reference: D.147

1 item

Figures so entitled.

'Chernobyl material. India Dec. '89'  WARNER/D/1/D.148  1989

Former reference: D.148

1 item

Contents of a file so inscribed: figures and lists of transparencies. See also F.178-F.184.

'Disasters', Oil Induistry Club, London, 6 March 1990  WARNER/D/1/D.148A  1989-1990

Former reference: D.148A

1 item

Correspondence re arrangements.

'Risk in the Environment', Joint Meeting of the Committee on the Public Understanding of Science and the Civil Service College, London, 9 April 1990  WARNER/D/1/D.149  1990

Former reference: D.149

Correspondence and papers re arrangements; 5pp manuscript draft.

'The Word and the Natural World', Dedham Lecture, St Mary's Church, Dedham, Essex, 16 October 1990  WARNER/D/1/D.150  1990

Former reference: D.150

Brief correspondence re matters connected with the lecture; 8pp manuscript draft; 4pp typescript draft, with manuscript revisions, and figures.

'My Debt to H.L. Roy', National Seminar on Safety and Environmental Protection in Chemical and Allied Industries, 2 November 1990  WARNER/D/1/D.151  1990

Former reference: D.151

Manuscript draft; typescript draft with manuscript revisions; revised typescript.

'Control of Response to Disaster', 'Opening Address', 5 March 1991  WARNER/D/1/D.152  1991

Former reference: D.152

Manuscript draft; 3pp typescript revised version.

'What is risk and how can we measure it?', Committee on Public Understanding of Science, 22 September 1992 and Lecture to Women in Science and Engineering (WISE), 22 September 1992  WARNER/D/1/D.153  1992

Former reference: D.153

Manuscript and typescript sets of lecture notes found together.

Presentation to Foundation for Science and Technology, 15 October 1992  WARNER/D/1/D.154  1992

Former reference: D.154

1p list of slides.

'Risk'  WARNER/D/1/D.155  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.155

8pp manuscript draft; typescript draft with manuscript corrections.

Address to East Anglia Region of the National Farmers Union, 1 February 1993  WARNER/D/1/D.156  1992-1993

Former reference: D.156

Correspondence etc re arrangements and issues concerning agriculture. Contents of a file inscribed 'Nitrates and NFU'.

'Quality and Risk', 15th John Loxham Lecture, Institute of Quality Assurance, London, 3 March 1993  WARNER/D/1/D.157-D.158  1993, 1996

Former reference: D.157, D.158

35pp typescript draft [?of published version of lecture] with manuscript revisions; figures etc.  WARNER/D/1/D.157-D.158/D.157  1993

Former reference: D.157

Offprint; memorandum re the text.  WARNER/D/1/D.157-D.158/D.158  1993, 1996

Former reference: D.158

'Linking Nuclear Winters: Chernobyl-Kuwait Oil Fires', Royal Society of Chemistry Essex Section, Essex University, 4 March 1993  WARNER/D/1/D.158A  1993

Former reference: D.158A

Poster; manuscript notes

'Quality, Risk and Safety', Institution of Mechanical Engineers, London, October 1993  WARNER/D/1/D.159  1993

Former reference: D.159

6pp typescript [?of published lecture] with references, tables etc.

Keynote Lecture on 'Sustainable Development', World Federation of Engineering Organisations, Havana, Cuba, 18 October 1993  WARNER/D/1/D.160  1993

Former reference: D.160

1 item

4pp typescript; offprint; 1p manuscript background notes. See also F.245.

'Biogeochemical Pathways in the Environment', Royal School of Mines, Imperial College, 30 March 1994  WARNER/D/1/D.161  1994

Former reference: D.161

1p manuscript notes.

Talk to Loughborough University of Technology Chemical Engineering Department, 6 May 1994  WARNER/D/1/D.162  1994

Former reference: D.162

The provisional title of the talk was 'Allocation of resources in the context of risk assessment'. Letter re arrangements.

'The value of life', High Leighs, Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire, 9-10 September 1996  WARNER/D/1/D.163  1996

Former reference: D.163

2pp typescript draft with manuscript revisions; typescript revised version.

'Environmental Risk Assessment' Imperial College London, 26 February 1997  WARNER/D/1/D.164  1997

Former reference: D.164

Manuscript notes; typescript draft with manuscript corrections.

Undated lecture drafts  WARNER/D/1/D.165-D.178  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.165-D.178

'The Engineer's Role in Occupational Safety'  WARNER/D/1/D.165-D.178/D.165  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.165

Two different 2pp typescript drafts.

'Controlling Pollution'.  WARNER/D/1/D.165-D.178/D.166  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.166

5pp typescript.

'The Engineer and Society'.  WARNER/D/1/D.165-D.178/D.167  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.167

8pp typescript with manuscript corrections.

'The Hague'.  WARNER/D/1/D.165-D.178/D.168  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.168

4pp manuscript notes.

'Creativity and Learning to Think', with E. de Bono.  WARNER/D/1/D.165-D.178/D.169  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.169

17pp typescript.

'Chemical Engineering since Swindin'.  WARNER/D/1/D.165-D.178/D.170  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.170

2pp manuscript notes; lists of slides; manuscript notes (in another's hand) headed 'Black Box Project'.

'Environmental Pollution'.  WARNER/D/1/D.165-D.178/D.171  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.171

4pp typescript.

'The Life of a Chartered Engineer'.  WARNER/D/1/D.165-D.178/D.172  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.172

3pp typescript draft with manuscript revisions.

'Guinness Lecture'.  WARNER/D/1/D.165-D.178/D.173  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.173

1p manuscript notes in another's hand.

'UC Lecture. 1st lecture Air Pollution'. '2nd lecture. Water Pollution'.  WARNER/D/1/D.165-D.178/D.174  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.174

Two separate pages of manuscript notes respectively entitled.

'Standards in Safety'.  WARNER/D/1/D.165-D.178/D.175  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.175

1p manuscript notes.

'Pollution - The Risk in Perspective'  WARNER/D/1/D.165-D.178/D.176  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.176

Typescript draft with manuscript revisions; 14pp revised typescript.

'New Ways for Engineers'.  WARNER/D/1/D.165-D.178/D.177  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.177

1p typescript summary of lecture.

Untitled 6pp typescript of a lecture on pollution by detergents.  WARNER/D/1/D.165-D.178/D.178  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.178

Miscellaneous material used for unidentified lectures  WARNER/D/1/D.179-D.184  N.d.

Former reference: D.179-D.184

Miscellaneous manuscript notes, some in Warner's hand.  WARNER/D/1/D.179-D.184/D.179  Nd

Former reference: D.179

Miscellaneous figures, tables etc for slides.  WARNER/D/1/D.179-D.184/D.180-D.184  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.180-D.184

5 folders.

Correspondence re invitations to lecture  WARNER/D/1/D.185  1973-1984

Former reference: D.185

Typescripts of lectures by Warner's (Cremer and Warner) colleagues  WARNER/D/1/D.186  1971, 1981

Former reference: D.186


Former reference: D.186A-D.199

Arranged in chronological order. The dates given are those of the first broadcasts, unless otherwise stated.

'Biochemical Engineering or Making Germs Work', 6pp typescript of a BBC radio talk so entitled.  WARNER/D/2/D.186A  1953

Former reference: D.186A

Inscribed '15/1/53' on title page.

'Britain at Work', BBC Radio North of England Home Service, 19 January 1965  WARNER/D/2/D.187  1965

Former reference: D.187

Brief correspondence arising; contract.

Contribution to a BBC Radio Home Service programme on the status of engineers, January [on or before the 20th] 1965.  WARNER/D/2/D.188  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.188

Brief correspondence arising.

Television interview for 'South Today' (BBC), 25 February 1965.  WARNER/D/2/D.189  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.189

Contract with brief related correspondence.

'The Engineer in Society', BBC [?radio] interview, recorded 14 October 1966.  WARNER/D/2/D.190  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.190

Brief correspondence re arrangements and 2pp typescript notes for the programme.

Interview for radio programme 'Horizons' on the topic of 'Mechanical Engineering', BBC Third Network, 28 October 1966.  WARNER/D/2/D.191  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.191

Contract; letter arising.

Interview for radio programme 'Tomorrow's Engineers', recorded 4 December 1968.  WARNER/D/2/D.192  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.192

Warner was one of a number of engineers and technologists who participated in the programme. Correspondence re arrangements and arising, with transcript of programme script.

'Public Health Engineering', BBC radio talk for The Open University, recorded 15 July 1974.  WARNER/D/2/D.192A  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.192A

The programme was part of a course entitled 'Environmental Control and Public Health'. Correspondence re arrangements; 8pp manuscript draft with the above title; typescript revised version.

'Nation to Nation', BBC radio programme, recorded 2 February 1977.  WARNER/D/2/D.193  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.193

Warner was one of a number of contributors to the programme which discussed cases of chemical pollution around the world. Letter re arrangements; 3pp manuscript notes by Warner; typescript presenter's script including questions to be put to the scientific contributors.

Unidentifed BBC broadcast, apparently about the chemical industry, possibly recorded on 20 January 1982.  WARNER/D/2/D.194  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.194

Letter re arrangements; typescript notes on the history of the chemical industry with manuscript annotations by Warner.

'BBC Essex interview'.  WARNER/D/2/D.195  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.195

Typescript script of the radio interview, the topic of which was environmental problems including consequences of a nuclear war. Inscribed 23/6/87 on first page.

'Interview with Sir Frederick Warner'.  WARNER/D/2/D.196  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.196

Copy of a transcript so entitled. The interview was conducted during a visit to India and was on hazards in the chemical industry. The inscription 'Jan. '90' is on the first page.

'Biological Experiments at Chernobyl', BBC World Service: 'Science in Action'  WARNER/D/2/D.197  Nd

Former reference: D.197

2pp typescript transcript containing Warner's contribution.

Typescript transcript of an unidentified interview, possibly for an Open University course.  WARNER/D/2/D.198  Nd

Former reference: D.198

The topic of the interview is environmental pollution.

Correspondence between Warner and the BBC re his comments on two radio documentaries about nuclear winter (broadcast in November 1988).  WARNER/D/2/D.199  1989

Former reference: D.199

One programme transcript is included.


Former reference: D.200-D.204

4 items

'Lectures in storage cases ...'  WARNER/D/3/D.200  ca 1984

Former reference: D.200

In alphabetical order by theme.

'Sir Frederick Warner's lecture lists'  WARNER/D/3/D.201  ca 1990

Former reference: D.201

In alphabetical order by title.

'Lectures and other literature by Sir Frederick Warner listed in date order'  WARNER/D/3/D.202  1991

Former reference: D.202

'Lectures and other literature listed in alphabetical order'  WARNER/D/3/D.203  ca 1993

Former reference: D.203


Former reference: SECTION E

DRAFTS  WARNER/E/1  1944-1996, n.d.

Former reference: E.1-E.107

Arranged chronologically.

Transcript of remarks made by Warner at Chemical Engineering Group meeting, May 1944  WARNER/E/1/E.1  1944

Former reference: E.1

1p typescript, preparatory to publication. 2pp typescript notes of Warner's remarks at unidentified meeting found therewith.

Book reviews  WARNER/E/1/E.2  1946

Former reference: E.2

1 item

'Penicillin. Its Properties, Uses and Preparations', London 1946. 1p typescript. 'Miracle Drug. The Inner History of Penicillin', by David Masters, London 1946. 5pp manuscript draft; typescript revised version; offprint.

'Nitric Acid Production'  WARNER/E/1/E.3-E.6  1945-1946

Former reference: E.3-E.6

Paper on nitric acid production and concentration for the Institution of Chemical Engineers.

Correspondence etc with the Institution of Chemical Engineers re preparation and publication of the paper  WARNER/E/1/E.3-E.6/E.3  1945-1946

Former reference: E.3

8pp manuscript notes 'The concentration of Nitric Acid'; proof; offprint; miscellaneous manuscript notes, calculations, draft fragments and figures  WARNER/E/1/E.3-E.6/E.4  [n.d.]

Former reference: E.4

20pp typescript entitled 'Calculations relating to the drum type absorption system installed at P.2 Drigg Ammonia Oxidation Plant (tests dated 7th August 1941)'  WARNER/E/1/E.3-E.6/E.5  [n.d.]

Former reference: E.5

Found with the material in E.3, E.4.

Manuscript drafts, apparently two parts of a paper on nitric acid production during World War Two; typescript revised versions, one with further manuscript revisions  WARNER/E/1/E.3-E.6/E.6  [n.d.]

Former reference: E.6

The typescripts are dated 25 and 27 March 1946 respectively. Found with the material in E.3, E.4.

'Freeze-Drying'  WARNER/E/1/E.7  1940s

Former reference: E.7

1 item

3pp typescript.

Book review of 'Statistical Methods in Research and Production', edited by Owen L. Davies, London 1947  WARNER/E/1/E.8  1947

Former reference: E.8

1p typescript; offprint cutting.

Book review of 'Industrial Experimentation (Third Edition)', by K.A. Brownlee, London 1948  WARNER/E/1/E.9  [n.d.]

Former reference: E.9

1p typescript.

Book reviews  WARNER/E/1/E.10  1948

Former reference: E.10

'Dipole Moments' by R.J.W. Le Fevre, London, 1948. 1p typescript. 'The graduate in industry' by P. Dunsheath, London, 1948. 1p typescript.

Book reviews  WARNER/E/1/E.11  1952

Former reference: E.11

'Heat Transfer Phenomena', by R.C.L. Bosworth, Pergamon Press 1952. 1p typescript. 'Fluorine' by R.N. Haszeldine and A.G. Sharpe, Methuen, ca 1952 1p typescript.

'The Chemical Revolution', 'Discovery', 1952  WARNER/E/1/E.12  1952

Former reference: E.12

12pp typescript; offprint.

'Natural Circulation in External Evaporators', with K.A.R. Julian, Transactions of the Institution of Chemical Engineers, vol. 31 (1953), 229-233  WARNER/E/1/E.13  1953

Former reference: E.13

4pp typescript with tables and figures, dated 1953.

Letters to Chemistry and Industry  WARNER/E/1/E.14  1959-1961

Former reference: E.14

'The British Imagination' 4pp typescript, 'received 10 Nov 1960'; letter from Chemistry and Industry' (1959). Letter on underground gasification of coal, 4 March 1961. 2pp typescript and manuscript draft.

'The Search for Justine'.  WARNER/E/1/E.15  [n.d.]

Former reference: E.15

3pp manuscript draft describing scenes during a visit to Egypt. Inscribed '?1961' on first page.

'Changing Society and the Responsibility of Engineers', 'Engineering Education' (published by The American Society for Engineering Education), 1969.  WARNER/E/1/E.16  [n.d.]

Former reference: E.16

Letter re publication; offprint.

Book review of 'Piping Design for Process Plants', by Howard F. Rase, London 1964  WARNER/E/1/E.17  ca 1964

Former reference: E.17

Brief correspondence and 1p typescript of the review.

'Viewpoint', Chemical and Process Engineering, March 1964  WARNER/E/1/E.18  1964

Former reference: E.18

3pp typescript.

'Interim Statement on the CEI Examination'.  WARNER/E/1/E.19  [n.d.]

Former reference: E.19

6pp typescript draft, so entitled, with manuscript revisions. Dated '4.2.66' on last page.

'The Financial Scene', Financial Times, 13 June 1966  WARNER/E/1/E.20  1966

Former reference: E.20

This was for an inset containing various articles on chemical and petroleum engineering. Brief correspondence with synopsis of the publication; 9pp manuscript draft of Warner's article; typescript revised version with figures.

'Chemical Plant', Financial Times Annual Review, June 1966  WARNER/E/1/E.21  1966

Former reference: E.21

Correspondence re publication and arising; 9pp typescript with figures.

Article published in 'The Times Review of Industry & Technology', September 1966  WARNER/E/1/E.22  [n.d.]

Former reference: E.22

The title of the article is unknown. Its topic is the educational role of the Council of Engineering Institutions. Correspondence re publication; 4pp manuscript draft.

'Education in Science and Technology', 'The Political Quarterly', January-March 1967.  WARNER/E/1/E.23  1966-1967

Former reference: E.23

Correspondence re publication and arising; offprint.

Article on chemical engineering in 'A Career in Engineering after the Sixth Form', London 1967.  WARNER/E/1/E.24  1966

Former reference: E.24

Correspondence re publication; 5pp typescript of article.

'Plugging the brain-drain must help engineers', The Sunday Times, 29 October 1967  WARNER/E/1/E.25  [n.d.]

Former reference: E.25

5pp typescript draft of the article entitled 'Engineers' Prospects'; letter re publication; cutting of published version.

Review of 'Strategy of Process Engineering', by Dale F. Rudd and Charles C. Watson, London 1968.  WARNER/E/1/E.26  1968-1969

Former reference: E.26

2pp typescript of the review, with letter.

'European Contractors'.  WARNER/E/1/E.27  1969

Former reference: E.27

4pp typescript so entitled, with covering letter (name of the publication not indicated).

'Engineers and International Cooperation'.  WARNER/E/1/E.28  [n.d.]

Former reference: E.28

16pp typescript draft so entitled, with manuscript revisions, inscribed 'copy sent 11/6/70 to Maurice Goldsmith'; revised typescipt version.

'Safety and Natural Gas', 11pp typescript so entitled.  WARNER/E/1/E.29  [n.d.]

Former reference: E.29

Inscribed 'June 1970' on first page.

'Pollution of the Vegetation in the Region of the Proposed Aluminium Plant in Jamaica'  WARNER/E/1/E.30  1970

Former reference: E.30

6pp typescript inscribed '1970' on first page.

Review of 'Eutrophication in Large Lakes and Impoundments', a report by C.P. Milway, 1970  WARNER/E/1/E.31  1970

Former reference: E.31

Brief correspondence with 2pp typescript of the review.

'Production Technology', chapter for 'Technology Today', edited by E. de Bono, London 1971  WARNER/E/1/E.32-E.33  1969-1971

Former reference: E.32, E.33

Correspondence re publication, with 31pp typescript of the chapter at E.32 and corrected proof at E.33. 2 folders.

'Problems of River Pollution Control', 14pp typescript so entitled  WARNER/E/1/E.34  1972

Former reference: E.34

Inscribed 'May 1972' on first page.

'Parliamentary and Scientific Committee. Water Pollution and the Third Report of the Royal Commission'  WARNER/E/1/E.35  [n.d.]

Former reference: E.35

5pp typescript so entitled.

Foreword to 'Beating Pollution: chemical engineering', by T. R. Bott, in the 'My Life and My Work' series, Educational Explorers 1973  WARNER/E/1/E.36  1972-1973

Former reference: E.36

Correspondence re publication, with 2pp typescript of the foreword.

Preface to 'Index of Engineering Sciences Data', Engineering Sciences Data Unit (Royal Aeronautical Society), 1973.  WARNER/E/1/E.37  1970-1973

Former reference: E.37

Correspondence (1972-1973) re publication, with 1p typescript of the preface; brief earlier correspondence re invitation to a reception (1970).

Review of 'Mathematical and Hydraulic Modelling of Estuarine Pollution', Department of the Environment Water Pollution Research Technical Paper No. 13, HMSO 1973.  WARNER/E/1/E.38  [n.d.]

Former reference: E.38

Letter with 1p typescript of review.

19pp typescript draft headed 'Pollution' (in manuscript).  WARNER/E/1/E.39  [n.d.]

Former reference: E.39

A manuscript note 'written around 1973' is inscribed on the first page. The typescript has extensive manuscript revisions and inserts.

Untitled 14pp typescript on the topic of EEC enlargement and its implications for engineers and other professionals  WARNER/E/1/E.40  1973

Former reference: E.40

Inscribed with the note 'This must have been written around 1973 but for what is unknown' on first page. Also includes 'The definition of a professional engineer', 4pp duplicated typescript and copy of response from Sir Harold Hartley, 1970.

'Chemical Engineering Aspects of the Flixborough Disaster'  WARNER/E/1/E.41  1975

Former reference: E.41

14pp typescript so entitled, inscribed '1975' on first page; reprint.

'Open University Technology', 5pp manuscript draft so entitled.  WARNER/E/1/E.42  1977 or 1978

Former reference: E.42

'The Public Perception of Risk', 9pp typescript draft so entitled with manuscript revisions.  WARNER/E/1/E.43  [n.d.]

Former reference: E.43

Inscribed 'March 1979' on first page.

'Eurochem. Current Constraints'  WARNER/E/1/E.44  1980

Former reference: E.44

9pp typescript dated '12.5.1980' on last page; manuscript draft.

'Hearing Voices: the public planning process after Windscale', Nature vol. 285, 26 June 1980  WARNER/E/1/E.45  1980

Former reference: E.45

Administrative history:
The article reviewed two books: 'The Nuclear Controversy: A Guide to the Issues of the Windscale Inquiry, by M. Stott and P. Taylor, London 1980; and 'Decision Making for Energy Futures', by D. Pearce, London and Basingstoke 1979.

Copy of 5pp typescript of the article with letter; proof; offprint.

'Risk and response', in Uranium and Nuclear Energy, Uranium Institute (1980), 228-234  WARNER/E/1/E.46  1980

Former reference: E.46

7pp typescript draft, with manuscript revisions. The date '9/8/80' is inscribed on the first page.

'Flixborough - a Watershed', The Chemical Engineer, June 1984  WARNER/E/1/E.47  1984

Former reference: E.47

Warner's article introduced a special section on the Flixborough disaster to mark its 10th anniversary. Brief correspondence with 1p typescript entitled as above.

'On the Art of Risk Management - Environmental Pollution', 14pp typescript so entitled.  WARNER/E/1/E.48  [n.d.]

Former reference: E.48

Dated 'June 1986' on final page.

'Environmental Consequences of Nuclear War', 13pp typescript so entitled.  WARNER/E/1/E.49  ?1986

Former reference: E.49

Review of 'A World Beyond Healing', by Nicholas Wade, London 1987.  WARNER/E/1/E.50  [n.d.]

Former reference: E.50

2pp typescript.

Review of 'The Risk Assessment of Environmental Hazards: a textbook of case studies', by Dennis J. Paustenbach, New York 1989.  WARNER/E/1/E.51  [n.d.]

Former reference: E.51

2pp typescript of review with letter.

'Chemical Engineers - Environmental Leaders', 'Environmental Protection Bulletin', May 1989  WARNER/E/1/E.52  1989

Former reference: E.52

Corrected proof and offprint.

'Environmental Consequences of Nuclear War', 'Ramsay Society Article', November 1989  WARNER/E/1/E.53  [n.d.]

Former reference: E.53

A different article to that of the same title at E.49. 5pp typescript draft with manuscript revisions and insert; revised typescript version.

1p manuscript draft of a Christmas message, 'Quality News' (The British Quality Association).  WARNER/E/1/E.54  [n.d.]

Former reference: E.54

Inscribed '10/11/89' on first page.

'War and Environment', 'Environmental Protection Bulletin' (Institution of Chemical Engineers), January 1991.  WARNER/E/1/E.55  [n.d.]

Former reference: E.55

1p typescript so entitled, with manuscript revisions; related letter; offprint.

'Oil Fires and Nuclear Winter', Royal Society Press release 28 January 1991  WARNER/E/1/E.56  1991

Former reference: E.56

3pp manuscript draft; typescript draft and revised version.

Foreword to the Institution of Chemical Engineers 'Guide to Application of BS5750 Pt 1 to Process Plants'.  WARNER/E/1/E.57  [n.d.]

Former reference: E.57

1p manuscript draft; revised typescript version dated '4/3/91'; letter.

'Mind-forged Manacles', book review of: The Genocidal Mentality: Nazi Holocaust and Nuclear Threat, by R.J. Lifton and E. Markusen, New York 1990, Nature vol. 350, 21 March 1991  WARNER/E/1/E.58  1991

Former reference: E.58

5pp typescript of review; corrected proof; brief correspondence; offprint.

'Kuwait's oil fires', Science and Public Affairs vol. 6, no 2 (1991)  WARNER/E/1/E.59  1991

Former reference: E.59

8pp typescript draft entitled 'Kuwait Oil Fires', with manuscript revisions, dated '21 March 1991'; corrected proof; brief correspondence. See also B.1171.

'Kuwait Oil Releases - Nuclear Winter or What?', 'Environment', 1991  WARNER/E/1/E.60  [n.d.]

Former reference: E.60

Typescript draft with manuscript revisions; 6pp typescript revised version dated 'April 1991'; related correspondence and papers.

'Environment: The Catalytic Role of Scope', with Gilbert F. White in 'Science International ICSU: The First Sixty Years', 1991.  WARNER/E/1/E.61  [n.d.]

Former reference: E.61

Brief correspondence re publication and 3pp typescript draft.

Contents of a file inscribed 'La Recherche'.  WARNER/E/1/E.62-E.72  [n.d.]

Former reference: E.62-E.72

Article for 'La Recherche'. There were at least two changes to the title and the eventual title is unclear.

'Present status of research on Chernobyl'.  WARNER/E/1/E.62-E.72/E.62-E.65  [n.d.]

Former reference: E.62-E.65

Three typescript drafts so entitled, with manuscript revisions, dated '31.01.91', '9.2.91' and '21.02.91' respectively; incomplete manuscript draft; pages of manuscript notes.  WARNER/E/1/E.62-E.72/E.62-E.65/E.62  [n.d.]

Former reference: E.62

Typescript draft so entitled, with manuscript revisions, dated 2/02/91'.  WARNER/E/1/E.62-E.72/E.62-E.65/E.63  [n.d.]

Former reference: E.63

Included are three manuscript draft pages with a letter (April 1991).

36pp typescript draft so entitled, with extensive manuscript revisions, dated September-October 1991.  WARNER/E/1/E.62-E.72/E.62-E.65/E.64  [n.d.]

Former reference: E.64

Included are manuscript draft pages (in an unidentified hand) found with the typescript.

Part of another early typescript draft.  WARNER/E/1/E.62-E.72/E.62-E.65/E.65  [n.d.]

Former reference: E.65

'The Environment after Chernobyl'.  WARNER/E/1/E.62-E.72/E.66  [n.d.]

Former reference: E.66

5pp manuscript draft so entitled; typescript draft so entitled, with manuscript revisions. Dated '30/9/91' and '10/10/91' respectively.

Aspects of the 'Post-Chernobyl Environmental Situation'.  WARNER/E/1/E.62-E.72/E.67-E.69  [n.d.]

Former reference: E.67-E.69

Typescript draft so entitled, with manuscript revisions, dated '10 Oct.1991'.  WARNER/E/1/E.62-E.72/E.67-E.69/E.67  [n.d.]

Former reference: E.67

54pp typescript draft so entitled, with manuscript revisions, dated '17/10[/91]'.  WARNER/E/1/E.62-E.72/E.67-E.69/E.68  [n.d.]

Former reference: E.68

Typescript so entitled, with figures etc.  WARNER/E/1/E.62-E.72/E.67-E.69/E.69  [n.d.]

Former reference: E.69

Inscribed 'version sent'.

Corrected proofs of French version entitled 'Tchernobyl [sic]: L'Etat des Lieux Six Ans Apres...'  WARNER/E/1/E.62-E.72/E.70  [n.d.]

Former reference: E.70

Correspondence re preparation and publication.  WARNER/E/1/E.62-E.72/E.71  1990-1992

Former reference: E.71

Manuscript notes; miscellaneous papers.  WARNER/E/1/E.62-E.72/E.72  [n.d.]

Former reference: E.72

Introduction to 'Quality 2000: Management for Success', edited by Warner, Bristol 1992.  WARNER/E/1/E.73  [n.d.]

Former reference: E.73

4pp typescript; corrected proof with manuscript inserts; correspondence re publication.

'Risk', 3pp typescript so entitled.  WARNER/E/1/E.74  [n.d.]

Former reference: E.74

Inscribed 'October '92' on first page.

Drafts arising from 'Risk: Analysis, perception and management', report of a Royal Society Study Group, London 1992  WARNER/E/1/E.75  1992-1993

Former reference: E.75

2pp typescript of the review; correspondence arising; manuscript draft entitled 'Royal Society Report on Risk' with typescript revised version; typescript entitled 'Risk and how we face it', also relating to the Royal Society Report. See also C.412-C.513.

'What if....? versus If it ain't broke. don't fix it', in Interpreting the Precautionary Principle, ed. T. O'Riordan and J. Cameron (1993)  WARNER/E/1/E.76  1993

Former reference: E.76

2pp typescript draft so entitled, inscribed 'March 1993'; revised typescript draft with manuscript revisions, and letter re publication; offprint.

'The Post-Chernobyl Environmental Situation', with L.J. Appleby, Environmental Management and Health, vol. 7 (1996)  WARNER/E/1/E.77-E.78  1989-1993

Former reference: E.77-E.78

33pp typescript draft with manuscript revisions, dated '10/6/93'.  WARNER/E/1/E.77-E.78/E.77  [n.d.]

Former reference: E.77

Revised typescript with figures etc; letter (1989).  WARNER/E/1/E.77-E.78/E.78  [n.d.]

Former reference: E.78

'Biochemical Pathways in the Environment', with L.J. Appleby.  WARNER/E/1/E.79  [n.d.]

Former reference: E.79

3pp typescript so entitled, with a note re publication dated August 1993.

Proof of letter to an unknown publication.  WARNER/E/1/E.80  [n.d.]

Former reference: E.80

The article concerns radon gas in buildings. The proof is dated 'November 1995'.

'Living with Risk', 'Science and Public Affairs', [?1996]  WARNER/E/1/E.81-E.82  1995-1996

Former reference: E.81-E.82

Correspondence re drafting of the article, with various drafts, mostly typescript, and corrected proof. 2 folders.

'Chernobyl: Ten Years Later', Environment, vol. 38, April 1996  WARNER/E/1/E.83-E.84  1996

Former reference: E.83-E.84

Warner's piece was one of a number of contributions by scholars and scientists all under the above title. Correspondence re publication with manuscript and typescript drafts of Warner's contribution and offprint. 2 folders.

Review of the 'Journal of Risk Research'.  WARNER/E/1/E.85  [n.d.]

Former reference: E.85

Brief correspondence (1997); 3pp manuscript draft entitled 'Commentary'; typescript revised version.

Review of 'Major Hazards and Their Management', by Geoff Wells, Institution of Chemical Engineers 1997 or 1998  WARNER/E/1/E.86  [n.d.]

Former reference: E.86

Undated drafts  WARNER/E/1/E.87-E.107  [n.d.]

Former reference: E.87-E.107

'Part-time Technical Education', 4pp typescript.  WARNER/E/1/E.87-E.107/E.87  [n.d.]

Former reference: E.87

'Keeping Warm and Going', 4pp typescript  WARNER/E/1/E.87-E.107/E.88  [n.d.]

Former reference: E.88

The topic of the paper is coal consumption.

'Freeth and the Phase Rule', 4pp typescript so entitled.  WARNER/E/1/E.87-E.107/E.89  [n.d.]

Former reference: E.89

'Air Quality Standards', 8pp typescript draft, with figures.  WARNER/E/1/E.87-E.107/E.90  [n.d.]

Former reference: E.90

'Biochemical Engineering', 4pp manuscript draft so entitled.  WARNER/E/1/E.87-E.107/E.91  [n.d.]

Former reference: E.91

1p manuscript draft of a letter to 'The Times' concerning risk assessment.  WARNER/E/1/E.87-E.107/E.92  [n.d.]

Former reference: E.92

'Who Will Pay to Stop Pollution?', 17pp typescript draft  WARNER/E/1/E.87-E.107/E.93  [n.d.]

Former reference: E.93

'A Risky Life', 6pp typescript so entitled  WARNER/E/1/E.87-E.107/E.94  [n.d.]

Former reference: E.94

'Risk Assessment - Prediction & Reality', 22pp typescript so entitled, with figures etc.  WARNER/E/1/E.87-E.107/E.95  [n.d.]

Former reference: E.95

'Risks Associated with Hazardous Chemicals', 13pp typescript so entitled.  WARNER/E/1/E.87-E.107/E.96  [n.d.]

Former reference: E.96

'Notes on Protection and Treatment of Supplies'  WARNER/E/1/E.87-E.107/E.97  [n.d.]

Former reference: E.97

7pp typescript.

'The Development of Pollution and its Control'  WARNER/E/1/E.87-E.107/E.98  [n.d.]

Former reference: E.98

21pp typescript.

'Professor M.B. Donald', 3pp typescript biographical article  WARNER/E/1/E.87-E.107/E.99  [n.d.]

Former reference: E.99

The article was written on the occasion of Donald's retirement from University College London.

'The Release of TCDD at Seveso', with A.J. Howard.  WARNER/E/1/E.87-E.107/E.100  [n.d.]

Former reference: E.100

Photocopy of 8pp typescript.

'Etude d'implantation d'une[word illegible]'.  WARNER/E/1/E.87-E.107/E.101  [n.d.]

Former reference: E.101

2pp manuscript draft in French; 3pp manuscript notes.

1p manuscript draft of a letter to 'Chemistry and Industry' concerning fermentation technology.  WARNER/E/1/E.87-E.107/E.102  [n.d.]

Former reference: E.102

'Linear Model for Dose-effect Relationship'  WARNER/E/1/E.87-E.107/E.103  [n.d.]

Former reference: E.103

1p typescript.

'Standing Technical Committee on Synthetic Detergents', 6pp typescript  WARNER/E/1/E.87-E.107/E.104  [n.d.]

Former reference: E.104

35pp typescript of an article on the Windscale Enquiry  WARNER/E/1/E.87-E.107/E.105  [n.d.]

Former reference: E.105

Untitled with first page missing.

'Standards and Specifications in the Engineering Industry', a memorandum published by the National Economic Development Council  WARNER/E/1/E.87-E.107/E.106  [n.d.]

Former reference: E.106

21pp typescript.

'C+W General Appendices'  WARNER/E/1/E.87-E.107/E.107  [n.d.]

Former reference: E.107

Contents of folder so inscribed: 14pp typescript (lacks first page); typescript appendices I-III; manuscript notes.


Former reference: E.108-E.115

Warner's correspondence, chiefly with publishers, re articles etc by him and his refereeing of papers.

'The Times'.  WARNER/E/2/E.108  1963, 1991

Former reference: E.108

Re article, letter by Warner.

Chemical & Process Engineering.  WARNER/E/2/E.109  1963

Former reference: E.109

Re an article Warner contributed to the 'Viewpoint' series.

Educational Explorers Ltd.  WARNER/E/2/E.110-E.111  1965-1971

Former reference: E.110-E.111

Re Warner's intention to write a book for the 'My Life and Work' series, which covered various careers for school leavers. Pressure of other commitments ultimately prevented him from writing the book. 2 folders.

'Chemistry and Industry'.  WARNER/E/2/E.112  [n.d.]

Former reference: E.112

Re reviews by Warner.

Shorter correspondence re articles etc.  WARNER/E/2/E.113-E.114  1968-1992

Former reference: E.113, E.114

2 folders.

Refereeing.  WARNER/E/2/E.115  1964-1992, nd

Former reference: E.115

OFFPRINTS  WARNER/E/3  1949-1996, nd

Former reference: E.116-E.118

These include typescript drafts of lectures. 3 boxes. Boxes E.116 and E.117 are a numbered sequence 1-131. A list of the papers numbered 1-128 is in E.116.


Former reference: SECTION F


Joint American Institute of Chemical Engineers/Institution of Chemical Engineers Symposium on Chemical Engineering under Extreme Conditions, London, 14-17 June 1965  WARNER/F/1  1964-1965

Former reference: F.1, F.2

2 items

Administrative history:
Warner and J. Szekely gave a paper on underground gasification.

See also D.10.

Arrangements  WARNER/F/1/F.1  [n.d.]

Former reference: F.1

National Coal Board report on Newman Spinney Underground Gasification Site by P.G. Strauss  WARNER/F/1/F.2  [n.d.]

Former reference: F.2

Meeting for Discussion of a Proposal for the Formation of a World Federation of Engineering Societies, Paris, France, 13-15 April 1966  WARNER/F/2  1964-1966

Former reference: F.3-F.8

3 items

Administrative history:
Warner represented the UK engineering institutions and the Commonwealth Engineering Conference.

Correspondence and papers re proposed World Federation of Engineering Societies  WARNER/F/2/F.3-F.6  1964-1966

Former reference: F.3-F.6

Position statements and correspondence (chiefly copies sent to Warner for reference) from engineering bodies in the UK and worldwide. 4 folders.

Duplicated typescript papers for meeting; Council of Engineering Institutions press-release on the meeting  WARNER/F/2/F.7  1966

Former reference: F.7

Manuscript notes on the meeting  WARNER/F/2/F.8  1966

Former reference: F.8

Includes note 'Warner supports flexibility & informality. Some background of Commonwealth cutting across regions'.

Conference of Engineering Institutions of the British Commonwealth, London, 9-20 May 1966  WARNER/F/3  1962, 1965, 1966

Former reference: F.9-F.15

3 items

See A.198 for group photograph of participants.

Arrangements  WARNER/F/3/F.9-F.10  1965-1966

Former reference: F.9, F.10

Includes correspondence and papers re international developments (see F.3-F.8 above). 2 folders.

Papers for and minutes of the business meeting,  WARNER/F/3/F.11-F.14  1966

Former reference: F.11-F.14

4 folders.

Papers from the 1962 Conference of Engineering Institutions of the British Commonwealth  WARNER/F/3/F.15  1962

Former reference: F.15

Found with the 1966 Conference material and probably used for reference.

Conference of Engineering Societies of Western Europe and the United States of America (EUSEC) Fifth Education Conference, Copenhagen, Denmark, 12-15 September 1966  WARNER/F/4  1966

Former reference: F.16-F.23

8 items

Administrative history:
Warner attended as President of the Institution of Chemical Engineers. He participated in Study Group II on Design.

Arrangements  WARNER/F/4/F.16  [n.d.]

Former reference: F.16

Includes draft programme and list of participants.

'Questionnaire on Management'  WARNER/F/4/F.17  [n.d.]

Former reference: F.17

With answers to questions on management from engineering bodies represented at the conference.

Reports and working papers for discussion at the conference  WARNER/F/4/F.18-F.21  [n.d.]

Former reference: F.18-F.21

4 items

4 folders.

Reports of discussions  WARNER/F/4/F.22  [n.d.]

Former reference: F.22

These cover Post-graduate education and training in general, Post-graduate education, Engineering design, and Education for management.

Conference Summary Report  WARNER/F/4/F.23  [n.d.]

Former reference: F.23

Found inserted at front of the volume was a photograph of the proceedings.

Association of Teachers in Technical Institutions Conference on Meeting the Needs of Industry, London, 1 March 1967  WARNER/F/5  1967

Former reference: F.23A

1 item

Administrative history:
Warner spoke on 'The professional view'.

Correspondence re arrangements; programme; 1p manuscript notes.

Council of Engineering Institutions Conference on the Structure of the C.E.I. Examinations, London, 11 July 1967  WARNER/F/6  1967

Former reference: F.24-F.26

3 items

Administrative history:
Warner chaired the first session and spoke on 'The engineer in society' in the second.

Arrangements  WARNER/F/6/F.24  [n.d.]

Former reference: F.24

Programme, list of participants, briefing notes  WARNER/F/6/F.25  [n.d.]

Former reference: F.25

Warner's manuscript notes for his opening remarks and talk, and notes on proceedings  WARNER/F/6/F.26  [n.d.]

Former reference: F.26

10th Conference of Engineering Societies of Western Europe and the United States of America (EUSEC), 3-7 September; and Meetings of the Fédération Européenne d'Associations Nationales d'Ingénieurs, 5-9 September, Zurich, Switzerland, 1967  WARNER/F/7  1967

Former reference: F.27-F.31

4 items

Administrative history:
Warner represented the Institution of Chemical Engineers.

Arrangements  WARNER/F/7/F.27  [n.d.]

Former reference: F.27

Some in French.

Programmes  WARNER/F/7/F.28  [n.d.]

Former reference: F.28

Papers for working sessions of the EUSEC Conference  WARNER/F/7/F.29-F.30  [n.d.]

Former reference: F.29, F.30

2 folders.

Papers for meeting of FEANI  WARNER/F/7/F.31  [n.d.]

Former reference: F.31

Visit to South Africa and Rhodesia, 12 January-3 February 1968  WARNER/F/8  1967-1968

Former reference: F.32-F.37

6 items

'General'  WARNER/F/8/F.32  1967-1968

Former reference: F.32

Material so labelled: itinerary, addresses, correspondence arising from visit.

'Travel and itinerary' and 'Hotels'  WARNER/F/8/F.33  1967

Former reference: F.33

Material so labelled: correspondence and papers re arrangements.

'Johannesburg'  WARNER/F/8/F.34  1967-1968

Former reference: F.34

Administrative history:
Warner visited colleagues at the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research in Pretoria, SASOL and the Synthetic Rubber Company in Sasolburg and lectured to the South African Institution of Chemical Engineers on 'Cutting Pollution Down To Size'.

Material so labelled: itinerary, correspondence re arrangements, material for Warner's lecture 'Cutting pollution down to size' and newspaper cutting reporting thereon, offprint of lecture.

'Sasolburg' and CIGI-SECA'  WARNER/F/8/F.35  1967-1968

Former reference: F.35

Material so labelled: correspondence re arrangements.

'Durban'  WARNER/F/8/F.36  1967-1968

Former reference: F.36

Administrative history:
Warner lectured to the Natal branch of the South African Institution of Chemical Engineers on 'Cutting Pollution Down To Size'.

Material so labelled: itinerary, correspondence re arrangements.

'Rhodesia University College' and 'Ministry of Commerce and Industry'  WARNER/F/8/F.37  1967-1968

Former reference: F.37

Administrative history:
Warner arrived in Salisbury from his visit to South Africa. He visited colleagues at the Faculty of Engineering and Department of Chemistry.

Material so labelled: correspondence re arrangements and arising, information on courses in Chemistry at the University College of Rhodesia.

Conference on the establishment of an International Conference of Engineering Organizations, Paris, France, 4 March 1968  WARNER/F/9  1968

Former reference: F.38

1 item

Administrative history:
This meeting continued the ongoing discussions to which Warner had participated at previous conferences (see F.3-F.8 and F.27-F.31) Warner was a UK representative.

Miscellaneous papers, including list of participants.

General Assembly of the Fédération Européenne d'Associations Nationales d'Ingénieurs (FEANI), London, July 1968  WARNER/F/10  1968

Former reference: F.39-F.44

6 items

Administrative history:
At the meeting Warner was elected President of FEANI.

Arrangements for meeting and other correspondence  WARNER/F/10/F.39  [n.d.]

Former reference: F.39

'Draft on Improved Administration of FEANI' by B. Sjögren  WARNER/F/10/F.40  [n.d.]

Former reference: F.40

Papers of 45th and 46th meetings of the Direction Committee  WARNER/F/10/F.41  [n.d.]

Former reference: F.41

Papers of meeting of the Finance Committee, and papers of the Registration Committee  WARNER/F/10/F.42  [n.d.]

Former reference: F.42

Papers of General Assembly Ordinary Session  WARNER/F/10/F.43  [n.d.]

Former reference: F.43

Warner's Presidential Address  WARNER/F/10/F.44  [n.d.]

Former reference: F.44

2pp duplicated typescript; 3pp duplicated typescript French language version; incomplete manuscript draft; newspaper cutting reporting Warner's election.

Conference on Proposals for a National Pressure Vessels Authority, Manchester, 26 November 1969  WARNER/F/11  1969

Former reference: F.45-F.47

3 items

Administrative history:
Warner was a panellist on the discussion (stepping in for J.H.N. Thompson).

Arrangements  WARNER/F/11/F.45  [n.d.]

Former reference: F.45

Notice; programme  WARNER/F/11/F.46  [n.d.]

Former reference: F.46

Report of the Committee of Enquiry on Pressure Vessels Vol 1, HMSO 1969  WARNER/F/11/F.47  [n.d.]

Former reference: F.47

Institution of Civil Engineers Education and Training Group Informal Discussion on The Problem of Recruitment to Engineering, 20 November 1970  WARNER/F/12  1970

Former reference: F.48

1 item

Duplicated typescript introductory notes, 'Correction sheet' with manuscript annotation.

British Standards Institute Standards Conference on Britain's Modern Standards. The contribution and the gain, Imperial College London, 15-16 April 1971  WARNER/F/13  1971

Former reference: F.49-F.52

4 items

Administrative history:
Warner gave the summing up.

Arrangements including programme and list of participants  WARNER/F/13/F.49  [n.d.]

Former reference: F.49

Duplicated typescript summaries of talks and text of paper by C.A. Noble of ICI  WARNER/F/13/F.50  [n.d.]

Former reference: F.50

Warner's manuscript notes on proceedings  WARNER/F/13/F.51  [n.d.]

Former reference: F.51

Published conference report  WARNER/F/13/F.52  [n.d.]

Former reference: F.52

Conference on Disasters in the Process Industries, Institution of Chemical Engineering, London, 5 July 1971  WARNER/F/14  1971

Former reference: F.52A

1 item

Administrative history:
Warner chaired the meeting.

Correspondence and papers.

National Conference on Engineering Education, London, 26-27 February 1973  WARNER/F/15  1973

Former reference: F.53

1 item

Administrative history:
Warner was invited to send a written message to the Conference but declined.

Programme, letter.

Visit to Cyprus, 15-23 March 1973  WARNER/F/16  1973

Former reference: F.54-F.58

5 items

Administrative history:
Warner visited Cyprus under the auspices of the British Council. He lectured on 'Protecting the environment' and 'Lifelong education for engineers'.

Arrangements for visit and functions  WARNER/F/16/F.54  [n.d.]

Former reference: F.54

Itinerary for visit, arrangements for social functions during visit  WARNER/F/16/F.55  [n.d.]

Former reference: F.55

Interview with Warner in Haravghi newspaper, 27 March 1973  WARNER/F/16/F.56  [n.d.]

Former reference: F.56

Copy of newspaper (in Greek), with 2pp translation of part of the interview.

Warner's manuscript notes; duplicated typescript information, etc  WARNER/F/16/F.57  [n.d.]

Former reference: F.57

Duplicated typescript philosophical/conservation pieces by 'D.S.'.  WARNER/F/16/F.58  [n.d.]

Former reference: F.58

Institution of Engineers of Ireland Conference on The Engineer in the New Europe, University College Dublin, Ireland, 12-13 April 1973  WARNER/F/17  1973

Former reference: F.59-F.61

3 items

Administrative history:
Warner spoke on 'Qualifications and developments necessary for Europe'.

Arrangements  WARNER/F/17/F.59  [n.d.]

Former reference: F.59

Programme, list of participants  WARNER/F/17/F.60  [n.d.]

Former reference: F.60

Conference handbook of papers  WARNER/F/17/F.61  [n.d.]

Former reference: F.61

Royal Society Discussion Meeting on Assessment of the Environmental Impact of Chemical Substances, London, 27 April 1973  WARNER/F/18  1973

Former reference: F.62-F.64

3 items

Administrative history:
Warner was a co-organiser of the meeting with Sir James Cook. He chaired the first session and final discussion.

Arrangements including annotated programme  WARNER/F/18/F.62  [n.d.]

Former reference: F.62

Draft report on the meeting; manuscript notes by G.T. Goodman  WARNER/F/18/F.63  [n.d.]

Former reference: F.63

Correspondence re publication of proceedings  WARNER/F/18/F.64  [n.d.]

Former reference: F.64

Arthur Guinness Weekend Seminar on Is the Engineers' Department geared to meet the Challenge of the Future?, Dublin, 15-17 February 1974  WARNER/F/19  1974

Former reference: F.65

1 item

Administrative history:
Warner gave a lecture and answered questions in the open forum that followed.

Arrangements including programme.

Institution of Mechanical Engineers meeting on The Engineer in Society, 20-21 February 1974  WARNER/F/20  1974

Former reference: F.66

1 item

Administrative history:
Warner spoke on 'The engineer and pollution control'.

Programme only.

The Duke of Edinburgh's Study Conference on Industry in Society, Oxford, 5-20 July 1974  WARNER/F/21  1973-1975

Former reference: F.67-F.75

6 items

Administrative history:
Warner gave a paper on 'Industry and the environment'.

See also D.64.

Arrangements for conference  WARNER/F/21/F.67  1973-1974

Former reference: F.67

Arrangements for meeting of study group chairmen, Nutley, Sussex, 4-6 April 1974  WARNER/F/21/F.68  1973-1974

Former reference: F.68

Administrative history:
Warner attended some of the proceedings.

Preliminary and final programmes  WARNER/F/21/F.69  1973, 1974

Former reference: F.69

'Industry and the environment'  WARNER/F/21/F.70  1974

Former reference: F.70

23pp photocopy typescript of Warner's lecture.

Printed conference papers 1-16  WARNER/F/21/F.71-F.74  1974

Former reference: F.71-F.74

Lacks numbers 11 and 13 4 folders.

Correspondence arising  WARNER/F/21/F.75  1974-1975

Former reference: F.75

Société Européene pour la Formation des Ingénieurs/Fédération Européenne d'Associations Nationales d'Ingénieurs Congress, Aachen, West Germany, 27-28 September 1976  WARNER/F/22  1976

Former reference: F.76

1 item

Administrative history:
Warner spoke on 'Education for the environment - a post experience course'.


Visit to Australia, 24 October-19 November 1976  WARNER/F/23  1975-1977

Former reference: F.77-F.87

9 items

Administrative history:
Warner was invited to give the opening address at the Institution of Engineers, Australia (IEA) Conference on Engineering Education, Melbourne, 26-28 October. While in Australia he also lectured to the Chemical Engineering branch of the IEA in Melbourne; at the Universities of Monash, Tasmania and New South Wales; and to the Queensland and Western Australia branches of the Institution of Chemical Engineers. He was also asked by P.V. Jones, Minister for Conservation and Environment of the Government of Western Australia to advise on proposals for Cockburn Sound.

General arrangements for conference and visit to Australia  WARNER/F/23/F.77-F.79  1975-1976

Former reference: F.77-F.79

3 folders. Includes letters with Warner's son R.J. Warner who lived in Australia.

Partial itineraries  WARNER/F/23/F.80  1976

Former reference: F.80

Conference call for papers, programme, list of participants  WARNER/F/23/F.81  1976

Former reference: F.81

Lectures at Melbourne and Monash University, Victoria  WARNER/F/23/F.82  1976

Former reference: F.82

Administrative history:
Warner spoke to the Chemical Engineering branch of the IEA on 'Management, the professional engineer and the disaster situation', Melbourne, 25 October, and at Monash University on 27 October.

Arrangements. See also D.80.

Lecture at the University of Tasmania, Hobart, 1 November  WARNER/F/23/F.83  1976

Former reference: F.83

Administrative history:
Warner spoke on 'Water pollution - the future of the Derwent'.

Arrangements; list of slides; newspaper cutting reporting on Warner's talk.

Lecture at the University of New South Wales, Sydney, 4 November  WARNER/F/23/F.84  1976

Former reference: F.84

Administrative history:
Warner spoke on 'The aftermath of Flixborough'

Arrangements, notice, Warner's manuscript notes.

Lectures to the Institution of Chemical Engineers Queensland and Western Australia branches, 9 November and 16 November  WARNER/F/23/F.85  1976

Former reference: F.85

Administrative history:
Warner spoke on 'The Thames - a case study in pollution control'.


Correspondence and papers re Report on Cockburn Sound and pollution issues  WARNER/F/23/F.86  1976

Former reference: F.86

Correspondence arising from visit  WARNER/F/23/F.87  1976-1977

Former reference: F.87

Chemical Society Industrial Division Environmental Group Symposium on 'Environmental Specialists: by training or through experience?', London, 15 April 1977  WARNER/F/24  1977

Former reference: F.87A

1 item

Administrative history:
Warner gave the keynote address.


Royal Society Discussion Meeting on Long-term Hazards to Man from Man-made Chemicals in the Environment, London, 13-14 December 1977  WARNER/F/25  1977

Former reference: F.88-F.90

3 items

Administrative history:
Warner spoke on 'Sources and extent of pollution'.

Arrangements  WARNER/F/25/F.88  [n.d.]

Former reference: F.88

Includes draft timetable.

20pp typescript of Warner's contribution  WARNER/F/25/F.89  [n.d.]

Former reference: F.89

Miscellaneous background material  WARNER/F/25/F.90  [n.d.]

Former reference: F.90

Society of Chemical Industry Symposium on Acceptable Risk, City University, London, 5-6 April 1978  WARNER/F/26  1978

Former reference: F.91

1 item

Administrative history:
Warner was keynote speaker.

Letter, programme.

Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents Conference, Harrogate,Yorkshire, May 1978  WARNER/F/27  1978

Former reference: F.92

1 item

Administrative history:
Warner spoke on 'The engineer's role in occupational safety'.

Letter re arrangements; manuscript rough draft of Warner's contribution + photocopies of slides used.

Visit to Mexico, 28 February-16 March 1979  WARNER/F/28  1978-1979

Former reference: F.93-F.100

8 items

Administrative history:
Warner visited colleagues in Mexico City, Monterrey, Guadalajara and Merida. He gave lectures on water pollution and atmospheric pollution.

See also D.96

Arrangements  WARNER/F/28/F.93  1979

Former reference: F.93

Chiefly telexes.

Itineraries in English and Spanish  WARNER/F/28/F.94  1979

Former reference: F.94

'Water pollution'  WARNER/F/28/F.95  1979

Former reference: F.95

11pp typescript.

Background material, lists of slides etc used for lecture on water pollution  WARNER/F/28/F.96  1979

Former reference: F.96

Some prepared for lecture to be delivered at Imperial College London.

'Contaminacion atmospherica'  WARNER/F/28/F.97  1979

Former reference: F.97

18pp photocopy typescript + figures. In Spanish.

Background material, lists of slides etc used for lecture on air pollution  WARNER/F/28/F.98  1979

Former reference: F.98

Bound Survey of the Air Pollution Situation in Mexico City Metropolitan Area  WARNER/F/28/F.99  1978

Former reference: F.99

'Report of Sir Frederick Warner's visit March 5th 1979 Mexico City Subsecretariat for Improvement of the Environment and the General Direction for Air Quality Improvement'  WARNER/F/28/F.100  1979

Former reference: F.100

3pp typescript.

Conference on Bulk Storage and Handling of Flammable Gases and Liquids, London, 1-2 October 1979  WARNER/F/29  1979

Former reference: F.101

1 item

Administrative history:
Warner chaired the first day's proceedings.

Arrangements including programme and list of participants.

National Conference on Engineering Hazards, London, 23-24 January 1980  WARNER/F/30  1980

Former reference: F.102

1 item

Administrative history:
Warner spoke on 'Quantification of risk'.

Bound conference handbook of presentations.

Conference on Major Hazards in Europe, London, 4-5 February 1980  WARNER/F/31  1978-1980

Former reference: F.103-F.107

5 items

Administrative history:
Warner spoke on 'Major hazards in reality - is current practice sufficient?'

Arrangements, including programme, and correspondence arising  WARNER/F/31/F.103  1979-1980

Former reference: F.103

11pp manuscript draft of Warner's contribution + list of slides  WARNER/F/31/F.104  1980

Former reference: F.104

Typescript paper on 'Hazard and consequence analysis', May 1978  WARNER/F/31/F.105  1978

Former reference: F.105

Probably used as background material.

Typescript paper on 'Siting and layout of hazardous plants'  WARNER/F/31/F.106  N.d.

Former reference: F.106

Probably used as background material.

Miscellaneous background material  WARNER/F/31/F.107  1980

Former reference: F.107

Visit to Australia, 1-15 March 1980  WARNER/F/32  1972, 1979-1980

Former reference: F.108-F.110

3 items

Administrative history:
Warner was invited to Australia as Visiting Professor at the Universtiy of Sydney. While in Australia he visited Canberra, Newcastle and Perth.

See also D.106.

Arrangements  WARNER/F/32/F.108  1979-1980

Former reference: F.108

Includes itineraries and guest list for Dinner in Warner's honour, University of Sydney. Also includes humorous letter, 18 February.

Miscellaneous material for lectures  WARNER/F/32/F.109  [n.d.]

Former reference: F.109

Includes typescript of lecture on 'Nuclear power - peril or panacea' at Sydney and lists of slides for lectures.

Material from visit to Australia in 1972 found with the 1980 papers  WARNER/F/32/F.110  [n.d.]

Former reference: F.110

Operational Research Society Energy Policy and the Environment, London, 21 April 1980  WARNER/F/33  1979-1980

Former reference: F.111

1 item

Administrative history:
Warner spoke on 'The issues'.

Arrangements, programme, manuscript list of slides.

OYEZ-IBC Seminar on Radioactive Waste Management in Perspective, London, 26 September 1980  WARNER/F/34  1981

Former reference: F.112

1 item

Administrative history:
Warner spoke on 'Public acceptance and social responsibility'.

Published 'Conference transcript' of papers.

French Mouvement Universel de la Responsabilite Scientifique/US National Academy of Sciences Joint Meeting on Evaluation of Risk and Decision Process, 17-19 December 1980  WARNER/F/35  1980

Former reference: F.113

1 item

Papers presented at the meeting. 1 bundle. No evidence of Warner's attendance.

European Symposium on Fast Breeder Reactors, Sudbury, 11-12 May 1981  WARNER/F/36  1981

Former reference: F.114-F.116

3 items

List of participants  WARNER/F/36/F.114  [n.d.]

Former reference: F.114

Conference handbook of papers presented  WARNER/F/36/F.115  [n.d.]

Former reference: F.115

'Economic factors in the introduction of Fast Reactors' by R.D. Vaughan  WARNER/F/36/F.116  [n.d.]

Former reference: F.116

Not included in conference handbook though presented at the Symposium.

Visit to Canada, September-October 1981  WARNER/F/37  1980-1981

Former reference: F.117-F.126

10 items

Administrative history:
Warner attended the 2nd World Congress of Chemical Engineering, Montreal, 4-9 October. Prior to the Congress Warner visited colleagues and gave lectures in Vancouver and Toronto.

Visit to University of British Columbia, Vancouver, 23-25 September  WARNER/F/37/F.117  1980-1981

Former reference: F.117

Administrative history:
Warner gave a lecture on 'The Flixborough disaster', 24 September.

Arrangements, notice, manuscript notes.

Visit to University of Toronto, September  WARNER/F/37/F.118-F.119  1981

Former reference: F.118, F.119

2 items

Administrative history:
Warner lectured on 'The emerging role of the Engineer in socio-economic decision making, 30 September and 'Hazard aspects of economic plant design' and 'The Thames recovery', 1 October.

Arrangements  WARNER/F/37/F.118-F.119/F.118  [n.d.]

Former reference: F.118

Notices, manuscript notes etc for lectures  WARNER/F/37/F.118-F.119/F.119  [n.d.]

Former reference: F.119

2nd World Congress of Chemical Engineering, Montreal  WARNER/F/37/F.120-F.124  1981

Former reference: F.120-124

5 items

Administrative history:
Warner spoke on 'The release of TCDD at Seveso' (paper with A.J. Howard) and 'Management aspects of technology transfer'. He chaired the sessions on International Practice of Chemical Engineering (7-8 October) during which he also spoke on 'International aspects of consultancy practice'.

Arrangements, including programme  WARNER/F/37/F.120-F.124/F.120  [n.d.]

Former reference: F.120

Lecture on 'The release of TCDD at Seveso'  WARNER/F/37/F.120-F.124/F.121  [n.d.]

Former reference: F.121

8pp photocopied typescript; background information from V.C. Marshall.

Lecture on 'Managing technology transfer'  WARNER/F/37/F.120-F.124/F.122  [n.d.]

Former reference: F.122

Manuscript and typescript drafts.

Lecture on 'International aspects of consulting practice'  WARNER/F/37/F.120-F.124/F.123  [n.d.]

Former reference: F.123

Abstract only. Folder also includes paper by J. Chanmugam referring to Warner and presented during session chaired by him.

'Report by Sir Frederick Warner. 2nd World Chemical Engineering Congress Montreal, October 4-9 1981'  WARNER/F/37/F.120-F.124/F.124  [n.d.]

Former reference: F.124

2pp typescript.

Correspondence re other visits in Canada  WARNER/F/37/F.125  1981

Former reference: F.125

Correspondence arising from visit  WARNER/F/37/F.126  1981

Former reference: F.126

Seminar on Unresolved Problems of Risk, Oxford Centre for Management Studies, 26-27 February 1982  WARNER/F/38  1982

Former reference: F.127

1 item

Arrangements, programme.

HM Inspectors of Factories Annual Dinner, London, 29 October 1982  WARNER/F/39  1982

Former reference: F.128

1 item

Administrative history:
Warner was Principal Guest and gave the Toast to the Inspectorate.


International Society for Safety Science Symposium on Safety and Law, Louvain, Belgium, 30 May-1 June 1983  WARNER/F/40  1983

Former reference: F.129, F.130

2 items

Administrative history:
Warner participated in the panel discussion on 'Can we speak the same language?'

Programme  WARNER/F/40/F.129  [n.d.]

Former reference: F.129

Introduction to symposium themes by J. Viane and H. Cousy  WARNER/F/40/F.130  [n.d.]

Former reference: F.130

21pp typescript.

Water Research Centre Conference on Environmental Protection: Standards Compliance and Costs, Keele University, Staffordshire, 4-6 October 1983  WARNER/F/41  1983

Former reference: F.131-F.136

2 items

Administrative history:
Warner spoke on 'Pollution - the risk in perspective'.

Programme and list of participants  WARNER/F/41/F.131  [n.d.]

Former reference: F.131

Printed conference papers 1-21, plus support paper on risk perception  WARNER/F/41/F.132-F.136  [n.d.]

Former reference: F.132-F.136

Lacks number 3. 5 folders.

Parliamentary and Scientific Committee Seminar on the Future of Nuclear Energy, House of Commons, London, 23 November 1983  WARNER/F/42  1983

Former reference: F.137-F.139

3 items

Administrative history:
The Parliamentary and Scientific Committee was an unofficial group of MPs, MEPs and representatives of scientific and technical institutions and science-based companies. Warner spoke on the environmental aspect of nuclear energy.

See also D.112.

Arrangements, including programme, correspondence arising, information on the Parliamentary and Scientific Committee  WARNER/F/42/F.137  [n.d.]

Former reference: F.137

Warner's manuscript notes  WARNER/F/42/F.138  [n.d.]

Former reference: F.138

Background material assembled by Warner  WARNER/F/42/F.139  [n.d.]

Former reference: F.139

1 bundle.

United Nations Environmental Programme World Conference on Industry and Environment, September 1984  WARNER/F/43  1983

Former reference: F.140

1 item

Administrative history:
Warner was on the Committee of Convenors.

Correspondence re Committee of Convenors; first Bulletin.

Visit to Australia, March 1985  WARNER/F/44  1984-1985

Former reference: F.141

1 item

Administrative history:
Warner attended Convocation II at the Australian College of Occupational Medicine, Parkville, Victoria, and spoke on risk assessment and management. He also visited Melbourne.

Arrangements, notice. See also D.126.

International Arbitration Conference on Uncitral Model Law - the Immediate Impact, London, 29 November 1985  WARNER/F/45  1985

Former reference: F.142

1 item

Administrative history:
The Uncitral Model Law related to international commercial law. See also C.199-C.205.

Conference handbook.

Unilever Symposium on Future Directions in Product Assurance, Unilever Research Colworth Laboratory, Bedfordshire, 12-13 December 1985  WARNER/F/46  1985

Former reference: F.143

Administrative history:
Warner spoke on 'Scientific approach to risk assessment, risk perception'.

Arrangements including programme.

Visit to India, January 1986  WARNER/F/47  1985-1986

Former reference: F.144

1 item

Administrative history:
During his visit Warner gave lectures on the 'Environmental consequences of nuclear war' at the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Bombay, 10 January and the Gandhi Memorial Museum, Madurai, 19 January.

Arrangements; background information.

Conference on the Problems of Peace and Prevention of Nuclear War, Moscow, USSR, 27-29 May 1986  WARNER/F/48  1986

Former reference: F.145

1 item

Visa information and letter re arrangements.

National Academy of Sciences Committee on International Security and Arms Control Meeting with European Scientists, Washington DC, USA, 28-30 June 1986  WARNER/F/49  1986

Former reference: F.146, F.147

2 items

Administrative history:
Warner was a member of the UK delegation.

Arrangements, list of participants, programme  WARNER/F/49/F.146  [n.d.]

Former reference: F.146

Background information  WARNER/F/49/F.147  [n.d.]

Former reference: F.147

International Conference on Nuclear Risks. Reassessing the Principles and Practice after Chernobyl, London, 1-2 December 1986  WARNER/F/50  1986

Former reference: F.148

1 item

Administrative history:
Warner chaired the first day's meeting.

Programme only.

British Association Conference on Nuclear Winter, London, 3 December 1986  WARNER/F/51  1986

Former reference: F.149

1 item

Administrative history:
Warner spoke on current scientific knowledge on the environmental consequences of nuclear war.


Royal Society meeting on Scientific and Technological Risks of Nuclear Power, London, 30 April 1987  WARNER/F/52  1987

Former reference: F.150

1 item


Economic and Social Research Council seminar on Risk Perception, London, 7 May 1987  WARNER/F/53  1987

Former reference: F.151

1 item

Arrangements including programme.

Robens Institute Symposium on Major Emergencies: Fixed Installations and Transport, University of Surrey, Guildford, 23-24 September 1987  WARNER/F/54  1987

Former reference: F.152-F.157

6 items

Administrative history:
Warner spoke on 'Historic perspective on major incidents'.

Arrangements, and information from D.P. Fernandes-Russell sent to Warner  WARNER/F/54/F.152  [n.d.]

Former reference: F.152

Programmes, list of participants  WARNER/F/54/F.153  [n.d.]

Former reference: F.153

Manuscript and photocopy manuscript notes for Warner's contribution  WARNER/F/54/F.154  [n.d.]

Former reference: F.154

Abstracts and lecture notes  WARNER/F/54/F.155  [n.d.]

Former reference: F.155

Supplementary handout  WARNER/F/54/F.156  [n.d.]

Former reference: F.156

Correspondence arising  WARNER/F/54/F.157  [n.d.]

Former reference: F.157

Includes summary report of the meeting.

European Conference on Industry and Environmental Management, Interlaken, Switzerland, 12-14 October 1987  WARNER/F/55  1986-1987

Former reference: F.158-F.160

3 items

Administrative history:
Warner was a member of the Conference's Advisory Board. He represented SCOPE. He also gave the summing up for Workshop II 'New technologies: environment at risk?'

Correspondence re meetings of the Advisory Board and decisions made  WARNER/F/55/F.158-F.159  1986-1987

Former reference: F.158, F.159

2 folders.

Arrangements, programme, abstract of Warner's contribution  WARNER/F/55/F.160  1987

Former reference: F.160

British Quality Association Conference on Total Quality in Industry and Commerce, London, 18 May 1988  WARNER/F/56  1988

Former reference: F.161

1 item

Administrative history:
Warner gave the opening remarks.

Programme only.

Royal Society of Chemistry 3rd FECS Conference on Chemistry and the Environment: Risk Assessment of Chemicals in the Environment, University of Surrey, Guildford, 11-14 July 1988  WARNER/F/57  1988

Former reference: F.162

1 item

Administrative history:
Warner was a speaker in the introductory session.


Commonwealth Science Council Human Resource Development Group Meeting on Disaster Management, London, 26-28 September 1988  WARNER/F/58  1988

Former reference: F.163-F.167

4 items

Administrative history:
Warner was an expert speaker at the meeting.

Annotated provisional agendas, 'Proposed framework for discusssion' and manuscript notes  WARNER/F/58/F.163  [n.d.]

Former reference: F.163

List of participants and 'Resource persons', with information thereon  WARNER/F/58/F.164  [n.d.]

Former reference: F.164

Administrative history:
Warner is listed as a 'Resource person'.

Briefing notes and background papers  WARNER/F/58/F.165-F.166  [n.d.]

Former reference: F.165, F.166

2 folders.

'Proposals for action' and 'Report for discussions'  WARNER/F/58/F.167  [n.d.]

Former reference: F.167

Conference on the Control and Management of Accidental Radioactive Releases to the Environment, London, 8-9 November 1988  WARNER/F/59  1988

Former reference: F.168, F.169

2 items

Administrative history:
Warner was Conference Chairman.

Arrangements, including programme  WARNER/F/59/F.168  [n.d.]

Former reference: F.168

Bound conference handbook  WARNER/F/59/F.169  [n.d.]

Former reference: F.169

Visit to Brazil, 26 November-11 December 1988  WARNER/F/60  1988

Former reference: F.170

1 item

Administrative history:
Warner attended the 2nd Environment Workshop at the University of Sao Paulo, 5-9 December. He spoke on 'The environment and nuclear war'.

Arrangements (chiefly telexes). See also D.143.

Council of Science and Technology Institutes Meeting on Developments in Secondary Education: Implications for Professional Bodies, London, 12 December 1988  WARNER/F/61  1988

Former reference: F.171

1 item

Administrative history:
Warner had intended to attend but cancelled due to his visit to Brazil.

Invitation only.

Conference on the Effects of Small Doses of Radiation, London, 7-8 February 1989  WARNER/F/62  1989

Former reference: F.172

1 item

Programme (annotated), list of participants.

St John Ambulance Association Special Centres Seminar, Nottingham, 31 March-1 April 1989  WARNER/F/63  1989

Former reference: F.173

1 item

Administrative history:
Warner spoke on 'Working together'.

Letter re arrangements, programme, Warner's manuscript notes.

European Ecumenical Assembly on Peace with Justice, Basel, Switzerland, 15-21 May 1989  WARNER/F/64  1989-1990

Former reference: F.174-F.175A

3 items

See also A.129-A.132.

Report on the meeting held during the Assembly on 'Common tasks for church representatives and scientists after the Basel Assembly'  WARNER/F/64/F.174  [n.d.]

Former reference: F.174

'The Manifesto of Basel...Recommendations of European Scientists at the Ecumenical Assembly 'Peace with Justice'...'  WARNER/F/64/F.175  [n.d.]

Former reference: F.175

Correspondence re 'Scientists' Appeal on the Environment'  WARNER/F/64/F.175A  1989-1990

Former reference: F.175A

Administrative history:
This Appeal ('Preserving and Cherishing the Earth: an appeal for joint commitment in science and religion') was initiated by Carl Sagan. Warner was a signatory.

Royal Society Discussion Meeting on Human Factors in High-Risk Situations, London, 28-29 June 1989  WARNER/F/65  1986, 1989

Former reference: F.176, F.177

2 item

Administrative history:
The meeting was originally proposed by J.C. Waterlow and D.E. Broadbent in 1986. It took place in 1989, organised by D.E. Broadbent, A.D. Baddeley and J. Reason.

Proposal by Waterlow  WARNER/F/65/F.176  1986

Former reference: F.176

Progamme, abstracts, list of participants  WARNER/F/65/F.177  1989

Former reference: F.177

Visit to India, 27 December 1989-7 January 1990  WARNER/F/66  1989-1990

Former reference: F.178-F.184

7 items

Administrative history:
The visit was arranged through the Commonwealth Science Council. Warner participated in a Workshop on Hazard Assessment and Disaster in Petroleum, Chemical and Allied Industries. He also attended the Conference on Nuclear Power: Advanced Fuel Cycles at the Tata Institute of Advanced Research. In India Warner also visited colleagues at the National Chemical Laboratory, Pune and the Regional Research Laboatory, Trivandrum, and was interviewed for the journal Chemical Business.

See also D.148.

Arrangements  WARNER/F/66/F.178  1989-1990

Former reference: F.178

Itineraries  WARNER/F/66/F.179  1989

Former reference: F.179

Workshop on Hazard Assessment and Disaster in Petroleum, Chemical and Allied Industries, Central Leather Research Institute, Madras, 30 December 1989  WARNER/F/66/F.180-F.181  1989

Former reference: F.180, F.181

2 items

Administrative history:
Warner spoke on 'Lessons of nuclear disasters and their relevance to chemical industry'.

Programme and workshop information, aide-memoire/first circular  WARNER/F/66/F.180-F.181/F.180  [n.d.]

Former reference: F.180

Background information on major accident hazards control in India  WARNER/F/66/F.180-F.181/F.181  [n.d.]

Former reference: F.181

Conference on Nuclear Power: Advanced Fuel Cycles, Tata Institute of Advanced Research, Bombay, 5-6 January 1990.  WARNER/F/66/F.182  1989-1990

Former reference: F.182

Administrative history:
Warner spoke on 'After Chernobyl'.

Arrangements, including programme; newspaper cutting reporting on Warner's contribution.

'Sir Frederick Warner in India', interview in Chemical Business, 5-19 March 1990, pp 55-60  WARNER/F/66/F.183  1990

Former reference: F.183

Copy of interview and of subsequent piece in Chemical Business, 'Sir Frederick Warner at the CSIR Workshop on Chemical Hazard and Risk Analysis', June 20-July 4 1990, pp31-32; correspondence re publication.

Correspondence arising from visit.  WARNER/F/66/F.184  1990

Former reference: F.184

Royal Society Discussion Meeting on Technology in the Third Millennium: The Environment (Approaches to the Handling and Treatment of Wastes), 21-22 February 1990  WARNER/F/67  1988-1990

Former reference: F.185-F.189

3 items

Administrative history:
Warner was a co-organiser of the meeting with A.D. Bradshaw and Sir Richard Southwood and he introduced the meeting.

Arrangements  WARNER/F/67/F.185-F.187  1988-1989

Former reference: F.185-F.187

Correspondence, principally with A.D. Bradshaw and the Royal Society re preparations for the meeting. 3 folders.

Programme, abstracts, list of participants, introduction by Warner  WARNER/F/67/F.188  1990

Former reference: F.188

Drafts of Warner's introduction with corrections for publication  WARNER/F/67/F.189  1990

Former reference: F.189

Also includes Warner's conference report published in Environmental Management and Health, vol 1 (1990).

1st Middle East International Quality Assurance Conference on The Quality Challenge, Bahrain, 12-14 March 1990  WARNER/F/68  1989-1990

Former reference: F.190

1 item

Administrative history:
Warner was asked to speak on 'The chain of quality'.


Institute of Quality Assurance Midland Region Conference, Meriden, Warwickshire, 5 April 1990  WARNER/F/69  1990

Former reference: F.191

1 item

Administrative history:
Warner spoke on 'The role of the professional associations'.


International Council of Scientific Unions Conference on International Science and its Partners, Visegrad, Hungary, 1-5 May 1990  WARNER/F/70  1990

Former reference: F.192

1 item

Administrative history:
Warner participated in the panel discussion on relations between science and industry.


British Nuclear Forum Conference on Nuclear Power in a Changing World, London 25-27 June 1990  WARNER/F/71  1990

Former reference: F.193, F.194

2 items

Programme  WARNER/F/71/F.193  [n.d.]

Former reference: F.193

Bound conference handbook of synopses  WARNER/F/71/F.194  [n.d.]

Former reference: F.194

International Council of Scientific Unions 23rd General Assembly, Sofia, Bulgaria, 29 September-8 October 1990  WARNER/F/72  1990

Former reference: F.195, F.196

2 items

Administrative history:
Warner represented SCOPE at the meeting. During the proceedings he received the International Council Of Scientific Unions 1991 Gerard Piel Award for Service to Science in the Cause of Man.

Arrangements, including the Gerard Piel Prize  WARNER/F/72/F.195  1990

Former reference: F.195

Circular, list of participants  WARNER/F/72/F.196  [n.d.]

Former reference: F.196

Invitations declined or with no evidence of acceptance  WARNER/F/73  1990-1991

Former reference: F.197

1 item

Economic and Social Research Council/London School of Economics Seminar on Rethinking System Failure, Hazard Management and Institutional Design, London School of Economics, 1 May 1991  WARNER/F/74  1991

Former reference: F.198, F.199

2 items

Arrangements  WARNER/F/74/F.198  [n.d.]

Former reference: F.198

Briefing paper on 'Risk and blame' by M. Douglas  WARNER/F/74/F.199  [n.d.]

Former reference: F.199

Royal Society Soirée on Science into Industry, London, 8 May 1991  WARNER/F/75  1990

Former reference: F.200, F.201

2 items

Administrative history:
Warner was a member of the Royal Society subcomittee organising the event.

Arrangements  WARNER/F/75/F.200  [n.d.]

Former reference: F.200

Includes meetings of the subcommittee and proposals for exhibits.

Programme  WARNER/F/75/F.201  [n.d.]

Former reference: F.201

Malvern Conference 1941-1991. The Threshold for Europe, Malvern, Worcestershire, July 1991  WARNER/F/76  1991

Former reference: F.202

1 item

Administrative history:
The Malvern Conference was held on the 50th Anniversary of the first conference, called by the Archbishop of Canterbury, William Temple, in 1941, 'to respond to the challenge of the next 50 years for Britain...'. Warner was a member of the Science and Technology Section.


British Nuclear Forum Conference on the Nuclear Industry in the UK, Ditchley Park, Oxfordshire, 13-15 September 1991  WARNER/F/77  1989-1991

Former reference: F.203-F.205

3 items

Arrangements, including programme and list of participants  WARNER/F/77/F.203  1991

Former reference: F.203

Briefing and discussion papers; manuscript notes  WARNER/F/77/F.204  1991

Former reference: F.204

Other background material  WARNER/F/77/F.205  1989-1991

Former reference: F.205

Includes Warner's memorandum on Fast Breeder Reactors for the House of Commons Select Committee on Energy 1989 and correspondence 1990.

40th Anniversary Meeting of Fédération Européenne d'Associations Nationales d'Ingénieurs, Luxembourg, 9-12 October 1991  WARNER/F/78  1991

Former reference: F.206

1 item


National Conference on Integrated Pollution Control for the Process Industries, London, 20-21 November 1991  WARNER/F/79  1991

Former reference: F.207

1 item

Administrative history:
Warner chaired the first day's proceedings.

Arrangements, incuding programme.

Conference on Offshore Safety Cases - Preparation and Implementation, London, 18-19 November 1991  WARNER/F/80  1991

Former reference: F.208

1 item

Administrative history:
Warner chaired the conference.

Letter of thanks only.

Inter-Agency Committee on Global Environment Change Seminar, Imperial College London, 18 December 1991  WARNER/F/81  1991

Former reference: F.209

1 item

Invitation, attendance list.

United Kingdom Innovation Lecture by Akio Morita, Royal Society, London, 6 February 1992  WARNER/F/82  1992

Former reference: F.210

1 item

Administrative history:
Morita lectured on the importance of innovation. Warner was a guest.

Invitation, guest list, biographical information, text of lecture.

Seminar on Energy, Development and Climatic Changes, Cairo, Egypt, 1-3 March 1992  WARNER/F/83  1992

Former reference: F.211

1 item

Administrative history:
Warner was unable to attend the seminar. I. Colbeck presented a paper by him and Warner, 'Validating the Greenhouse Effect - evidence from other environmental issues'.

Invitation, abstracts in English and French, 15pp typescript + figures of paper by I. Colbeck and Warner.

Women's National Commission and Committee on the Public Understanding of Science Joint Seminar 'Living is a Risky Business', London, 22 September 1992  WARNER/F/84  1992

Former reference: F.212

1 item

Administrative history:
Warner spoke on 'What is risk and how can we measure it?'

Arrangements, including progamme and list of participants; correspondence arising; brief note on Warner's talk; information on the Women's National Commission.

International Risk Assessment Conference, London, 5-9 October 1992  WARNER/F/85  1991-1992

Former reference: F.213-F.226

5 items

Administrative history:
Warner was a member of the Advisory Committee of the conference. He chaired the final session 'How well does risk assessment serve our needs?' The conference was held shortly after the publication of the Royal Society report 'Risk: Analysis, Perception and Management' (see C.412-C.513). For material relating to Warner's involvement with the Health and Safety Executive in organising the conference, see C.160-C.164.

Arrangements  WARNER/F/85/F.213-F.214  1991-1992

Former reference: F.213, F.214

2 folders.

Conference programme  WARNER/F/85/F.215  1992

Former reference: F.215

List of participants  WARNER/F/85/F.216  1992

Former reference: F.216

Conference papers  WARNER/F/85/F.217-F.225  1992

Former reference: F.217-F.225

In alphabetical order by author. 9 folders.

Miscellaneous material found with conference papers.  WARNER/F/85/F.226  [n.d.]

Former reference: F.226

Council of Science and Technology Institutes Conference on Scientists Serving Health, London, 3 November 1992  WARNER/F/86  1992

Former reference: F.227

1 item

Administrative history:
Warner chaired the afternoon session.

Arrangements, including programme, letter of thanks.

Nuclear Anniversary Meeting, 2 December 1992  WARNER/F/87  1992

Former reference: F.228

1 item


Invitations declined or with no evidence of acceptance  WARNER/F/88  1992-1993

Former reference: F.229

1 item

Centre for Social and Economic Research on the Global Environment Seminar on The Precautionary Principle, Green College Oxford, 31 March-1 April 1993  WARNER/F/89  1993

Former reference: F.230, F.231

2 items

Administrative history:
Warner spoke on 'The precautionary principle as an element of risk management and its implications for the changing conceptions of risk avoidance and liability'.

Arrangements  WARNER/F/89/F.230  [n.d.]

Former reference: F.230

3pp manuscript notes for Warner's contribution; 'What if? versus If it ain't broke, don't fix it', 2pp typescript  WARNER/F/89/F.231  [n.d.]

Former reference: F.231

Interdisciplinary Workshop on Medicine in the International Decade for Natural Disaster Reduction, Royal Society, London, 19 April 1993  WARNER/F/90  1993

Former reference: F.232

1 item

Programme, attendance list, background paper. See also C.530-C.547.

Institution of Chemical Engineers International Conference Processtech' 93, London, 20-22 April 1993  WARNER/F/91  1992-1993

Former reference: F.233, F.234

2 items

Administrative history:
Warner presented a joint paper with Sir Bernard Crossland 'Risk - a holistic view'.

Arrangements  WARNER/F/91/F.233  1992-1993

Former reference: F.233

Summary; manuscript and typescript drafts of paper  WARNER/F/91/F.234  [n.d.]

Former reference: F.234

International Center for a Scientific Ecology Seminar on the concept of linear relationship between dose and effect, Paris, France, 10 May 1993  WARNER/F/92  1993

Former reference: F.235, F.236

2 items

Arrangements, including programme and lists of participants  WARNER/F/92/F.235  [n.d.]

Former reference: F.235

Conference papers  WARNER/F/92/F.236  [n.d.]

Former reference: F.236

Joint Gresham College/Royal Society Joint Lecture on Building Pathology, London, 25 May 1993  WARNER/F/93  1993

Former reference: F.237

1 item

Letter re attendance (not otherwise documented).

HR Wallingford Ltd Seminar on Waves at the Coast - Recent Developments, Wallingford, Oxfordshire, 27 May 1993  WARNER/F/94  1993

Former reference: F.238

1 item


British Association Conference on Investing in the Future. Science, Technology and Wealth Creation, London, 9 June 1993  WARNER/F/95  1993

Former reference: F.239

1 item


Royal Society of Edinburgh International Conference on the Biological Effects of Low-Level Ionising Radiation, 1-2 July 1993  WARNER/F/96  1993

Former reference: F.240

1 item

Administrative history:
Warner gave 'A summary of the deliberations of the new Royal Society Study Group on Risk'.


Seminar on Environmental Education in Higher Education Curricula - Engineering, University of Hertfordshire, 14 July 1993  WARNER/F/97  1993

Former reference: F.241

1 item

Administrative history:
Warner gave the opening remarks.

Arrangements, including list of participants; biographies of speakers.

Institution of Mechanical Engineers International Conference on Successful Management for Safety, London, 12-13 October 1993  WARNER/F/98  1993

Former reference: F.242-F.244

3 items

Administrative history:
Warner spoke on 'An overview of safety and quality'.

Arrangements  WARNER/F/98/F.242  [n.d.]

Former reference: F.242

List of participants  WARNER/F/98/F.243  [n.d.]

Former reference: F.243

Printed conference handbook of papers  WARNER/F/98/F.244  [n.d.]

Former reference: F.244

World Federation of Engineering Organisations Congress, Havana, Cuba, October 1993  WARNER/F/99  1993

Former reference: F.245

1 item

Administrative history:
Warner gave the keynote address on 'Sustainable development'.

5pp typescript of Warner's contribution; letter re publication thereof. See also D.160.

Nuclear Electric briefing meeting, London, 1 November 1993  WARNER/F/100  1993

Former reference: F.246

1 item

Invitation and acceptance.

Institution of Chemical Engineers Research Event, University College London, 5-6 January 1994  WARNER/F/101  1993-1994

Former reference: F.247, F.248

2 items

Administrative history:
Warner offered a paper 'Biogeochemical pathways in the environment' which was accepted as a poster presentation but subsequently withdrew it.

Arrangements, including programme  WARNER/F/101/F.247  1993

Former reference: F.247

Typescript abstract and drafts of Warner's contribution  WARNER/F/101/F.248  1993-1994

Former reference: F.248

Royal Society Discussion Meeting on Extrapolation of Dose Response Data for Risk Assessment, London, 7 July 1995  WARNER/F/102  1995-1996

Former reference: F.249-F.273

14 items

Administrative history:
The meeting was co-organised by Warner who introduced the meeting. The proceedings, edited by Warner, were published as a supplement to Process Safety and Environmental Protection. Transactions of the Institution of Chemical Engineers B vol 73 no B4 (1995).

Arrangements  WARNER/F/102/A  1995

Former reference: F.249-F.258

9 items

Chiefly correspondence with Royal Society, Linda Appleby (administrator), possible and confirmed participants and speakers, co-organisers etc.

February-March  WARNER/F/102/A/F.249  1995

Former reference: F.249

April  WARNER/F/102/A/F.250  1995

Former reference: F.250

May  WARNER/F/102/A/F.251  1995

Former reference: F.251

1-8 June  WARNER/F/102/A/F.252  1995

Former reference: F.252

9-20 June  WARNER/F/102/A/F.253  1995

Former reference: F.253

22-30 June  WARNER/F/102/A/F.254  1995

Former reference: F.254

July  WARNER/F/102/A/F.255  1995

Former reference: F.255

Lists of possible participants and those attending  WARNER/F/102/A/F.256-F.257  1995

Former reference: F.256, F.257

2 folders.

A4 paper pad used by Linda Appleby for notes on arrangements.  WARNER/F/102/A/F.258  [n.d.]

Former reference: F.258

Abstracts  WARNER/F/102/B  1995

Former reference: F.259

1 item

Conference papers  WARNER/F/102/C  1995, 1996

Former reference: F.260-F.265

1 item

Administrative history:
In alphabetical order by surname. Warner's contribution, 'Living with risk', in manuscript, typescript and published (Science and Public Affairs) forms, is at F.264.

In alphabetical order by surname. 6 folders.

Discussion transcripts  WARNER/F/102/D  1995

Former reference: F.266-F.270

1 item

Chiefly corrected and edited versions of remarks made during conference discusssion. These were included in the published proceedings. In alphabetical order by surname. Warner's remarks are at F.270. 5 folders.

AR90 cassette tape of 'Questions' from morning and afternoon sessions  WARNER/F/102/E  [n.d.]

Former reference: F.271

Published proceedings  WARNER/F/102/F  1995

Former reference: F.272

1 item

Correspondence arising  WARNER/F/102/G  1995-1996

Former reference: F.273-F.275

1 item

Chiefly with participants thanking Warner and congratulating him upon the success of the meeting and with the Instituion of Chemical Engineers re publication of proceedings. 3 folders.

International Conference on One Decade after Chernobyl: Summing up the Consequences of the Accident, Vienna, Austria, 8-12 April 1996  WARNER/F/103  1996

Former reference: F.276-F.283

7 items

Addresses by H. Blix and Presidents of Ukraine and Belarus  WARNER/F/103/F.276  [n.d.]

Former reference: F.276

Press release  WARNER/F/103/F.277  [n.d.]

Former reference: F.277

Programme  WARNER/F/103/F.278  [n.d.]

Former reference: F.278

Bound list of participants and observers  WARNER/F/103/F.279  [n.d.]

Former reference: F.279

Conference papers  WARNER/F/103/F.280-F.281  [n.d.]

Former reference: F.280, F.281

2 folders.

'Preliminary suggestions for conclusions and recommendations of the International Conference on One Decade after Chernobyl: Summing up the Consequences of the Accident'  WARNER/F/103/F.282  [n.d.]

Former reference: F.282

Printed and photocopy background material.  WARNER/F/103/F.283  [n.d.]

Former reference: F.283

1 bundle.

Royal Society Discussion Meeting on the Perceptions and Implications of Risk, 3 October 1996  WARNER/F/104  1996

Former reference: F.284

1 item

Administrative history:
Warner had chaired the two Royal Society Study Groups on Risk that had reported in 1993 and 1992.

Photocopy report only.

Institution of Water Officers Annual Conference, Chester, 24-26 April 1997  WARNER/F/105  1996-1997

Former reference: F.285, F.286

2 items

Administrative history:
Warner gave the keynote address on 'Risk - Government and society'.

Arrangements, including programme and Warner's cv.  WARNER/F/105/F.285  1996-1997

Former reference: F.285

Abstract and drafts of Warner's keynote address  WARNER/F/105/F.286  [n.d.]

Former reference: F.286


Former reference: G.1-G.362

Warner appears to have retained the bulk of his engineering and business correspondence in alphabetical arrangement up to the end of the 1970s.


Former reference: G.1-G.110

Contents of Warner's files. The inscription on the cover has been retained in the catalogue entries. Much of this sequence relates to chemical engineering projects for Cremer & Warner in the 1960s, and is thus virtually the only substantive documentation of Warner's work for this company. There are few extended exchanges, and those on engineering topics or consultancies are rarely complete. Topics also include offers of possible work, professional queries, enquiries about openings in the company, career advice. Includes incoming and carbon copies of outgoing correspondence.

'A'  WARNER/G/1/1  1961-1966

Former reference: G.1, G.2

American Institute of Chemical Engineers  WARNER/G/1/1/G.1  1961, 1964-1966

Former reference: G.1

Membership and publications.

A.  WARNER/G/1/1/G.2  1964-1966

Former reference: G.2

'B 1962-67'  WARNER/G/1/2  1962-1967

Former reference: G.3-G.7

Ba.-Bl.  WARNER/G/1/2/G.3  1965-1967

Former reference: G.3

Begg, G.A.J.  WARNER/G/1/2/G.4  1963-1965

Former reference: G.4

Includes Begg's comments re Feilden Committee on engineering design, and re British Sidac Ltd.

Birgi, S.E.  WARNER/G/1/2/G.5  1963-1964

Former reference: G.5

Administrative history:
Birgi was a Turkish mining and petroleum engineer. He acted for Turkey's state-owned Nitrogen Industries Corporation.

Re two nitrogen fertiliser plants and other chemical engineering projects in Turkey.

Board of Trade  WARNER/G/1/2/G.6  1962-1965

Former reference: G.6

Possible chemical engineering opportunities for Cremer & Warner, principally in Turkey.

Bo.-B unidentified  WARNER/G/1/2/G.7  1963-1967

Former reference: G.7

'C 1963-1967'  WARNER/G/1/3  [n.d.]

Former reference: G.8-G.15

Ca.-Ch.  WARNER/G/1/3/G.8  1963-1967

Former reference: G.8

Central Office of Information  WARNER/G/1/3/G.9  1967

Former reference: G.9

Administrative history:
J.M. Gaucheron visited Warner.

Visit of 'Scientific Personalities from France 16-26 April 1967'.

Chanmugam, J.  WARNER/G/1/3/G.10  1961-1967

Former reference: G.10

Administrative history:
Chanmugam worked for the Engineering Department of the International Finance Corporation in Washington DC, USA.

Chemical and Engineering Constructions, Consulting Chemists and Engineers, East Pakistan  WARNER/G/1/3/G.11  1964

Former reference: G.11

Re Nitric acid and other industrial plants.

CJB (Projects) Ltd  WARNER/G/1/3/G.12  1967

Former reference: G.12

Administrative history:
Warner spoke at the John Brown Group Engineering Collaboration Meeting at CJB House, Eastbourne, Sussex, 8 March 1967.

Cl.-Cu.  WARNER/G/1/3/G.13  1963-1967

Former reference: G.13

Co-operative Wholesale Society Ltd  WARNER/G/1/3/G.14  1961

Former reference: G.14

Re consulting engineer for construction of oil refinery.

Cremer, H.W.  WARNER/G/1/3/G.15  1963-1965

Former reference: G.15

Administrative history:
Cremer was the founder of the company Cremer & Warner.

Correspondence to Cremer 1963-1965; biographical information 1965, 1967.

'D'  WARNER/G/1/4  1960-1967

Former reference: G.16-G.21

Da.  WARNER/G/1/4/G.16  1961-1967

Former reference: G.16

R. & J. Dempster Ltd  WARNER/G/1/4/G.17  1963-1964

Former reference: G.17

Staffing requirements.

Derrick, H.  WARNER/G/1/4/G.18  1960-1966

Former reference: G.18

Includes personal news

Dixon, T.F.  WARNER/G/1/4/G.19  1962-1967

Former reference: G.19

Administrative history:
Dixon was Professor of Biochemistry at the University of Singapore.

Chiefly personal news.

Di.-Du.  WARNER/G/1/4/G.20  1960-1967

Former reference: G.20

Dobson, E.Y.  WARNER/G/1/4/G.21  1966

Former reference: G.21


'E'  WARNER/G/1/5  1960-1967

Former reference: G.22-G.24

Eduljee, H.E.  WARNER/G/1/5/G.22  1962-1965

Former reference: G.22

Administrative history:
Eduljee worked for Nowrosjee Wadia & Sons (Private) Ltd of Bombay, India.

Re depreciation of plant and machinery.

Edwards, H.G.  WARNER/G/1/5/G.23  1960-1962

Former reference: G.23

E  WARNER/G/1/5/G.24  1961-1967

Former reference: G.24

'F'  WARNER/G/1/6  1958-1967

Former reference: G.25-G.28

Fa.-Fi.  WARNER/G/1/6/G.25  1961-1966

Former reference: G.25

Fossett, H.  WARNER/G/1/6/G.26  1959-1965

Former reference: G.26

Administrative history:
Fossett was a consulting mechanical and chemical engineer.

Fo.-Fu.  WARNER/G/1/6/G.27  1963-1967

Former reference: G.27

Francombe, K.W.  WARNER/G/1/6/G.28  1958

Former reference: G.28

Administrative history:
Francombe worked for Whessoe Ltd.

Nitric acid plant.

'G'  WARNER/G/1/7  1960-1967

Former reference: G.29-G.31

G  WARNER/G/1/7/G.29  1960-1967

Former reference: G.29

Gabinete de Estudos e Representacoes Industrials (GERI, later GERINDUSTRIA)  WARNER/G/1/7/G.30  1964-1965

Former reference: G.30

Administrative history:
This was a Portugese company that supplied raw materials to industry and acted as consulting engineers.

Possible collaboration with Cremer & Warner.

Glouchkow, V.L.  WARNER/G/1/7/G.31  1962, 1965

Former reference: G.31

Cooperation with Belgian companies.

'H'  WARNER/G/1/8  [n.d.]

Former reference: G.32-G.38

Hartley, Sir H.  WARNER/G/1/8/G.32  1964-1967

Former reference: G.32

Includes correspondence re Council of Engineering Institutions.

Hayman, R.F.  WARNER/G/1/8/G.33  1965-1967

Former reference: G.33

Administrative history:
Hayman wrote from the Gas Council.

Ha.-Hi.  WARNER/G/1/8/G.34  1961-1967

Former reference: G.34

Henderson, H.  WARNER/G/1/8/G.35  1964-1965

Former reference: G.35

Personal news.

Hofman, H.  WARNER/G/1/8/G.36  1962-1967

Former reference: G.36

Administrative history:
Hofman was a Dutch engineer and a friend of Warner's.

Engineering correspondence and personal news.

Holliday, L.  WARNER/G/1/8/G.37  1962, 1967

Former reference: G.37

Ho.-Hy.  WARNER/G/1/8/G.38  1961-1967

Former reference: G.38

'I'  WARNER/G/1/9  1958-1967

Former reference: G.39-G.43

Imperial Chemical Industries  WARNER/G/1/9/G.39  1961-1967

Former reference: G.39

Miscellaneous correspondence from various departments of ICI.

International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience  WARNER/G/1/9/G.40  1961, 1967

Former reference: G.40

Chiefly Egyptian students.

International Superphosphate Manufacturers Association Ltd  WARNER/G/1/9/G.41  1963-1964

Former reference: G.41

Republic of Iraq  WARNER/G/1/9/G.42  1960, 1964

Former reference: G.42

Invitations to tender for consulting services for textile mill contracts.

I.  WARNER/G/1/9/G.43  1958-1967

Former reference: G.43

J  WARNER/G/1/10  1961-1966

Former reference: G.44, G.45

Ja.-Jo.  WARNER/G/1/10/G.44  1961-1966

Former reference: G.44

Julian, K.A.R.  WARNER/G/1/10/G.45  1963, 1965

Former reference: G.45

'K'  WARNER/G/1/11  1961-1967

Former reference: G.46-G.50

Ka.-Ko.  WARNER/G/1/11/G.46  1963-1966

Former reference: G.46

Kennedy & Donkin, Consulting Engineers  WARNER/G/1/11/G.47  1963-1965

Former reference: G.47

Plants to manufacture fertiliser in Chile and Ethiopia.

Kestner Evaporator and Chemical Engineering Co. Ltd  WARNER/G/1/11/G.48  1961, 1963

Former reference: G.48

Correspondence 1961 re brine purification.

King, R.W.  WARNER/G/1/11/G.49  1963, 1966

Former reference: G.49

Administrative history:
King was a Consulting Chemical Engineer.

Koninklijk Instituut van Ingenieurs, The Netherlands  WARNER/G/1/11/G.50  1967

Former reference: G.50

Correspondence re Warner's address to the institute on British professional engineering institutions, The Hague, 7 December.

'L'  WARNER/G/1/12  1960-1967

Former reference: G.51-G.57

Lankro Chemicals Ltd  WARNER/G/1/12/G.51  1960-1966

Former reference: G.51

Manufacture of formaldehyde.

Oliver Law & Partners  WARNER/G/1/12/G.52  1966-1967

Former reference: G.52

Office accommodation for Cremer & Warner.

La.-Le.  WARNER/G/1/12/G.53  1961-1965

Former reference: G.53

Lo.-Ly.  WARNER/G/1/12/G.54  1963-1967

Former reference: G.54

London Chamber of Commerce  WARNER/G/1/12/G.55  1966-1967

Former reference: G.55

Membership and meetings.

London and Southern Junior Gas Association  WARNER/G/1/12/G.56  1967

Former reference: G.56

Loughborough College of Technology (later University)  WARNER/G/1/12/G.57  1961-1967

Former reference: G.57

Re the Department of Chemical Engineering.

'M'  WARNER/G/1/13  1958-1967

Former reference: G.58-G.66

Macdonald, J.D.  WARNER/G/1/13/G.58  1967

Former reference: G.58

Conditions of access: Restrict: illness, fellowship candidate

Career, personal news.

McGraw-Hill Publishing Co. Inc.  WARNER/G/1/13/G.59  1963, 1966

Former reference: G.59

McLellan & Partners, Consulting Engineers  WARNER/G/1/13/G.60  1962, 1965

Former reference: G.60

Correspondence 1962 re Clean Air Act

Mantle, P.M.J.  WARNER/G/1/13/G.61  1965, 1967

Former reference: G.61

Administrative history:
Warner was an Old Boy of Bancrofts School, Woodford Green, Essex.

Re funds of the Old Bancroftians Association.

Ma.  WARNER/G/1/13/G.62  1963-1967

Former reference: G.62

Mc.-Mi.  WARNER/G/1/13/G.63  1959-1966

Former reference: G.63

Monsanto Chemicals Ltd  WARNER/G/1/13/G.64  1963

Former reference: G.64

Miscellaneous correspondence.

Morton, F.  WARNER/G/1/13/G.65  1961-1966

Former reference: G.65

Administrative history:
Morton was Professor of Chemical Engineering at the University of Manchester Institute for Science and Technology.

Mo.-Mu.  WARNER/G/1/13/G.66  1961-1967

Former reference: G.66

'N'  WARNER/G/1/14  1961-1970

Former reference: G.67-G.70

Nash, P.T.G.  WARNER/G/1/14/G.67  1964

Former reference: G.67

Administrative history:
Nash worked for Fisons South Africa.

Includes personal news

National Coal Board  WARNER/G/1/14/G.68  1961-1965

Former reference: G.68

Correspondence with various departments. Includes 2pp typescript note on work of Cremer & Warner.

Northern Advisory Council for Higher Education  WARNER/G/1/14/G.69  1967

Former reference: G.69

Visit by Warner to University of Newcastle upon Tyne, May.

N, O  WARNER/G/1/14/G.70  1961-1972

Former reference: G.70

'O'  WARNER/G/1/15  1962-1967

Former reference: G.71, G.72

O'Donnell, J.P.  WARNER/G/1/15/G.71  1962-1965

Former reference: G.71

Administrative history:
O'Donnell was Professor of Chemical Engineering at University College Dublin.

Includes correspondence 1962 re nitrogenous fertiliser manufacture, and visit by Warner to Dublin, 1963.

Osola, V.J.  WARNER/G/1/15/G.72  1966-1967

Former reference: G.72

Administrative history:
Osola worked for Fibreglass Ltd.

Chiefly re activities of the Process Engineering Group of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers.

'P'  WARNER/G/1/16  1961-1966

Former reference: G.73-G.77

Paxton, J.  WARNER/G/1/16/G.73  1964

Former reference: G.73

Administrative history:
Paxton was a freelance economic consultant.

Pa.-Pe.  WARNER/G/1/16/G.74  1961-1965

Former reference: G.74

Pechiney, Compagnie de Produits Chimiques et Electrometallurgiques  WARNER/G/1/16/G.75  1965

Former reference: G.75

Advice on law case.

Ph.-Pu.  WARNER/G/1/16/G.76  1961-1965

Former reference: G.76

Preston, W.  WARNER/G/1/16/G.77  1961-1966

Former reference: G.77

Administrative history:
Preston was a chemical engineer.

Includes correspondence re acid concentration plant.

'R'  WARNER/G/1/17  1961-1970

Former reference: G.78-G.84

Raistrick, B.  WARNER/G/1/17/G.78  1961-1966

Former reference: G.78

Administrative history:
Raistrick worked for Associated Chemical Companies Ltd.

Randall, D.G.  WARNER/G/1/17/G.79  1964

Former reference: G.79

Administrative history:
Randall was Technical Director of Hydronyl Ltd.

Re performance of 'packed towers'.

Ra.-Ri.  WARNER/G/1/17/G.80  1961-1967

Former reference: G.80

Rickles, R.N.  WARNER/G/1/17/G.81  1964-1965

Former reference: G.81

Administrative history:
Rickles was an American colleague.

Re engineering contacts.

Roach Bridge Paper Co. Ltd  WARNER/G/1/17/G.82  1964

Former reference: G.82

Chiefly re problems with effluent plant.

Ro.  WARNER/G/1/17/G.83  1961-1973

Former reference: G.83

Ru.-R unidentified  WARNER/G/1/17/G.84  1962, 1965, 1973

Former reference: G.84

'S'  WARNER/G/1/18  1958-1968

Former reference: G.85-G.95

'Sainsbury Report'  WARNER/G/1/18/G.85  1966-1967

Former reference: G.85

Administrative history:
Warner and D. Train gave evidence to the Sainsbury Committee of Enquiry into the Relationship of the Pharmaceutical Industry with the National Health Service, on behalf of the Institution of Chemical Engineers.

Saklatvala, B.S.  WARNER/G/1/18/G.86  1964-1967

Former reference: G.86

Administrative history:
Saklatvala worked for Tata Ltd.

Postings in UK for Indian chemists and chemical engineers.

Sa.-Sh.  WARNER/G/1/18/G.87  1959-1967

Former reference: G.87

Schon, F.  WARNER/G/1/18/G.88  1967-1968

Former reference: G.88

Chiefly re aluminium and alumina production.

Shillito, D.E.  WARNER/G/1/18/G.89  1965-1966

Former reference: G.89

Re career. Includes Shillito's typescript 'Notes following the discussion of 7th July 1965' on work done during his sandwich course.

Si.-So.  WARNER/G/1/18/G.90  1961-1967

Former reference: G.90

Skou, C.C.  WARNER/G/1/18/G.91  1963-1967

Former reference: G.91

Administrative history:
Skou was an industrial consultant based in Middlesbrough.

Includes correspondence 1965 re octane ratings of petrol.

Soundararajan & Co. Ltd  WARNER/G/1/18/G.92  1961

Former reference: G.92

Administrative history:
This company was based in Madras, India.

Manufacture of chemicals from sea-water.

St.-Sy.  WARNER/G/1/18/G.93  1962-1967

Former reference: G.93

Sulphur Institute  WARNER/G/1/18/G.94  1962-1966

Former reference: G.94

Administrative history:
The Sulphur Institute was an international, non-profit organization supported by the world's sulphur industry to promote the production and consumption of sulphur and good practice in relation to its handling.

Includes correspondence re nitrophosphates, 1964-1966, and Institute literature.

Swindin, N.  WARNER/G/1/18/G.95  1958-1965

Former reference: G.95

Includes 2pp typescript of Warner's review of Swindin's book Engineering Without Wheels (1962).

'T'  WARNER/G/1/19  1961-1966

Former reference: G.96

'U'  WARNER/G/1/20  1962-1967

Former reference: G.97-G.102

Underwood, A.J.V.  WARNER/G/1/20/G.97  1965, 1967

Former reference: G.97

Administrative history:
Underwood was a Consulting Chemical Engineer.

Chiefly re use of term 'fringe industries'.

United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority  WARNER/G/1/20/G.98  1962-1967

Former reference: G.98

Correspondence 1967 re Committee of Enquiry on Pressure Vessels

University College of South Wales and Monmouthshire  WARNER/G/1/20/G.99  1963

Former reference: G.99

Correspondence with S.P. Hutton, Professor of Mechanical Engineering.

University College of Swansea  WARNER/G/1/20/G.100  1964-1967

Former reference: G.100

Correspondence with J.F. Richardson, Professor of Chemical Engineering.

University of Birmingham  WARNER/G/1/20/G.101  1963-1966

Former reference: G.101

Correspondence with members of the Chemical Engineering Department.

U.  WARNER/G/1/20/G.102  1962-1967

Former reference: G.102

'V'  WARNER/G/1/21  1963-1967

Former reference: G.103, G.104

Verfahrenstechnische Gesellschaft im Verein Deutscher Ingenieure  WARNER/G/1/21/G.103  1966, 1967

Former reference: G.103

Meetings of the Process Engineering Group of the VDI, 1966 and 1967. Includes photograph of Warner.

Vukovic, D.V.  WARNER/G/1/21/G.104  1963, 1966

Former reference: G.104

Administrative history:
Vukovic was a Yugoslav chemical engineer who wished to come to the UK to study for his Ph.D.

'W'  WARNER/G/1/22  1962-1967

Former reference: G.105-G.109

Warren Spring Laboratory, Stevenage, Hertfordshire  WARNER/G/1/22/G.105  1966, 1967

Former reference: G.105

Work of Chemical Engineering Department.

Wa.  WARNER/G/1/22/G.106  1963-1967

Former reference: G.106

Windebank, C.S.  WARNER/G/1/22/G.107  1966-1967

Former reference: G.107

Administrative history:
Windebank worked for Esso Petroleum Ltd in London.

Chiefly re business of the Institution of Chemical Engineers.

Wi.-Wy.  WARNER/G/1/22/G.108  1962-1967

Former reference: G.108

Working Men's College, London  WARNER/G/1/22/G.109  1966

Former reference: G.109

Administrative history:
Warner was an Educational Adviser to the College.

'Y'  WARNER/G/1/23  1962-1967

Former reference: G.110


Former reference: G.111-G.157

These groups of letters (mostly in labelled folders), arranged by correspondent, were found individually or in short sequences of two or three correspondents and not in a single series. They have been brought together for ease of reference. Many start in the late 1960s suggesting they followed from that presented at G.1-G.110 above. Includes incoming and carbon copies of outgoing correspondence.

Arthur, D.R.  WARNER/G/2/G.111  1977

Former reference: G.111

Administrative history:
Arthur was Head of the Zoology Department at King's College London.

Work on tubificids in the Thames estuary.

Ashby, E.A.  WARNER/G/2/G.112  1973, 1977

Former reference: G.112

Administrative history:
Ashby writes as Master of Clare College Cambridge.

Balls, B.W.  WARNER/G/2/G.113  1970-1973

Former reference: G.113

Administrative history:
Balls was a chemical engineer working until 1973 for Foxboro-Yoxall Ltd.

Includes papers by Balls sent to Warner for interest.

Barbieux, M.  WARNER/G/2/G.114  1968-1971

Former reference: G.114

Administrative history:
Barbieux was a French colleague.

Bhiwandiwalla, A.H., P.A. and D.A.  WARNER/G/2/G.115-G.116  1968-1979

Former reference: G.115, G.116

Administrative history:
A.H. Bhiwandiwalla was an Indian colleague. He, his wife Perin and son Dosu became good friends with the Warners and much of the correspondence reflects this.

2 folders.

Bidwell, R. O'N.  WARNER/G/2/G.117  1971

Former reference: G.117

Re research proposal 'Industry and the Environment: the cost of pollution'.

Bono, E. de  WARNER/G/2/G.118  1971-1973

Former reference: G.118

Includes de Bono's proposal for a Cognitive Research Centre (see C.33).

Bott, T.R.  WARNER/G/2/G.119  1971-1974

Former reference: G.119

Administrative history:
Bott was Senior Lecturer in the Department of Chemical Engineering, Birmingham University.

Braybrook, F.H.  WARNER/G/2/G.120  1971-1972

Former reference: G.120

Administrative history:
Braybrook was a chemical engineer working with Shell.

Chiefly personal news.

Broadbent, W.B.  WARNER/G/2/G.121  1968-1972

Former reference: G.121

Administrative history:
Broadbent worked for British Salt Ltd.

Brook, L.  WARNER/G/2/G.122  1969-1973

Former reference: G.122

Administrative history:
Brook worked for Simon Engineering Ltd.

Miscellaneous topics, including personal correspondence.

Brown, T.J.  WARNER/G/2/G.123  1971, 1972

Former reference: G.123

Administrative history:
Brown worked at the Atomic Weapons Research Establishment, Aldermaston, Reading.

Chanmugam, J.  WARNER/G/2/G.124  1970

Former reference: G.124

Chiefly personal news.

Collins, W.L.  WARNER/G/2/G.125  1969-1972

Former reference: G.125

Administrative history:
Collins was Executive Secretary Emeritus of the American Society for Engineering Education.

Includes correspondence re relations between the Fédération Européenne d'Associations Nationales d'Ingénieurs and the American Society for Engineering Education.

Cremer, H.W.  WARNER/G/2/G.126  1967-1970

Former reference: G.126

Mostly posthumous correspondence. Includes Warner's obituary of Cremer for Chemistry In Britain, 1970, and other obituaries.

Mason, Frank  WARNER/G/2/G.126A  1972

Former reference: G.126A

Newton, L.  WARNER/G/2/G.127-G.128  1968-1977

Former reference: G.127, G.128

Administrative history:
Lily Newton was Professor of Botany at University College Aberystywth. She acted as a consultant for Cremer & Warner and became a friend of the Warners.

2 folders.

Prince, A.J.  WARNER/G/2/G.129-G.140  1960-1977

Former reference: G.129-G.140

Administrative history:
Following a career with ICI, in 1959 Prince established himself as a Consultant in chemical engineering. Cremer & Warner was one of the concerns for which he acted. His work was mainly conducted overseas and the great bulk of the correspondence from Prince is from overseas locations, including the West Indies, Egypt, Turkey, and Portugal, as well as his home in France.

Contents of two folders labelled 'A.J. Prince, 1960-1966 inclusive' and 'Mr A.J. Prince Jan. 1967'. The second in fact contained only correspondence 1972-1977.

'1960-1966'  WARNER/G/2/G.129-G.140/G.129-G.138  [n.d.]

Former reference: G.129-G.138

10 items

Correspondence includes Cremer & Warner contracts, chemical engineering questions, relations with other companies and possible commercial possibilities, as well as personal and social news. 10 folders.

'1967'  WARNER/G/2/G.129-G.140/G.139-G.140  1972-1977

Former reference: G.139, G.140

2 items

Chiefly personal news. 2 folders.

Prince, R.G.H.  WARNER/G/2/G.141  1974-1976, 1980

Former reference: G.141

Administrative history:
Prince was Professor of Chemical Engineering at the University of Sydney, Australia. Includes correspondence with R.M. Pitblado, also of the Sydney Chemical Engineering Department.

Salomon, J.M.  WARNER/G/2/G.142  1967-1968

Former reference: G.142

Administrative history:
Salomon was a South African chemical engineer.

Scott, T.R.  WARNER/G/2/G.143-G.145  1962-1969

Former reference: G.143-G.145

Administrative history:
Scott was a Consultant for Cremer & Warner.

Much of the correspondence relates to visits to the Middle East by Scott. Includes notes on salt refining in Turkey (1962). 3 folders.

Smiter, H.W.J.  WARNER/G/2/G.146  1968

Former reference: G.146

Obituary by Warner for Institution of Mechanical Engineers, 2pp typescript.

Szekely, J.  WARNER/G/2/G.147-G.154  1964-1970

Former reference: G.147-G.154

8 items

Administrative history:
Szekely was a Hungarian-born chemical engineer, initially at Imperial College London, later at the State University of New York at Buffalo.

Re career, possible collaborative work, research in progress and personal news. 8 folders.

Tailor, J.P.  WARNER/G/2/G.155  1969-1970

Former reference: G.155

Administrative history:
Tailor was a Director of Tailor Process Engineering Ltd.

Thorp, H.W.  WARNER/G/2/G.156  1967-1968

Former reference: G.156

Administrative history:
Thorp was a consulting chemical engineer. He undertook work for Cremer & Warner.

Tow, D.J.  WARNER/G/2/G.157  1971-1972

Former reference: G.157

Administrative history:
Tow worked for Scientific Design Co. Ltd, London.

Chiefly re contract work in Libya and Indonesia.

ALPHABETICAL SEQUENCE 1980s-1990s  WARNER/G/3  1986-1994

Former reference: G.158-G.185

The material comprises bundles of correspondence arranged in an alphabetical sequence by correspondent. There is a great variety of sizes, with some bundles comprising only one letter, others more substantial, being subdivided by year. Much of it relates to work on the SCOPE ENUWAR, RADPATH and RADTEST projects. The great bulk is incoming letters, only a few outgoing letters from Warner.

ApSimon, H.M.  WARNER/G/3/1  1986-1994

Former reference: G.158-G.167

Administrative history:
ApSimon was based at Imperial College London.

'1986'  WARNER/G/3/1/G.158  [n.d.]

Former reference: G.158

Includes correspondence re new European Association for the Science of Air Pollution (EURASAP).

'1987'  WARNER/G/3/1/G.159  [n.d.]

Former reference: G.159

Includes EURASAP and Chernobyl fall-out.

'1988'  WARNER/G/3/1/G.160  [n.d.]

Former reference: G.160

ENUWAR workshop; report on visits to Hungary and Poland to investigate air pollution.

'1989'  WARNER/G/3/1/G.161-G.163  [n.d.]

Former reference: G.161-G.163

Air pollution issues, including reports on visits to Eastern Europe. G.163 is ApSimon's final report 'Air Pollution in Eastern Europe'. 3 folders.

'1990'  WARNER/G/3/1/G.164-G.165  [n.d.]

Former reference: G.164, G.165

Chiefly re RADPATH. 2 folders.

'1991'  WARNER/G/3/1/G.166  [n.d.]

Former reference: G.166

1992-1994  WARNER/G/3/1/G.167  [n.d.]

Former reference: G.167

B.  WARNER/G/3/2  1985, 1989

Former reference: G.168

1 item

Bell, J.N.B., 1989. Bradley, S.B., 1989. Bromley, 1985.

D., F.  WARNER/G/3/3  1989

Former reference: G.169

1 item

Devell, L. Doodge, J.C.I. Finucane, B.

Farquhar, J.T.  WARNER/G/3/3A  1985

Former reference: G.169A

Pollution dangers from heavy metals.

Gittus, J.H.  WARNER/G/3/4  1989

Former reference: G.170

Effects of small radiation doses.

Gudiksen, P.H.  WARNER/G/3/5  1989

Former reference: G.171

Harwell, M.A.  WARNER/G/3/6  1987-1991

Former reference: G.172-G.174

Administrative history:
Harwell was based at Cornell University, moving to the University of Miami in 1991.

Chiefly re ENUWAR.

'Dec. 1987'  WARNER/G/3/6/G.172  [n.d.]

Former reference: G.172

Annual Report of Cornell ENUWAR Unit, 1987.

'1990'  WARNER/G/3/6/G.173  [n.d.]

Former reference: G.173

'1991'  WARNER/G/3/6/G.174  [n.d.]

Former reference: G.174

K.,L.  WARNER/G/3/7  1989

Former reference: G.175

Kempe, S. Knill, J. Lambert, C.E.

Naidu, J.R.  WARNER/G/3/8  1983-1989

Former reference: G.176, G.177

Chiefly re radiation effects on water supplies relating to ENUWAR. 2 folders.

Robinson, W.S.  WARNER/G/3/9  1990

Former reference: G.178

Sagan, C.  WARNER/G/3/10  1990

Former reference: G.179

Gallery proof of 'A Path Where No Man Thought: nuclear winter and the end of the arms race' by Sagan and R. Turco.

Symons, M.C.R.  WARNER/G/3/11  1994

Former reference: G.180

Tucker, A.  WARNER/G/3/12  1988, 1989

Former reference: G.181

Administrative history:
Tucker was science editor of the Guardian newspaper.

White, G.F.  WARNER/G/3/13  1988

Former reference: G.182

Administrative history:
White was the Gustavson Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Geography at the University of Colorado.

Wilkinson, W.L.  WARNER/G/3/14  1989, 1990

Former reference: G.183

Administrative history:
Wilkinson was Deputy Chief Executive of British Nuclear Fuels plc.

Williams, M.  WARNER/G/3/15  1990, 1991

Former reference: G.184

Administrative history:
Williams was Executive Secretary of the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry.

Cooperation between IUPAC and RADPATH.

W.  WARNER/G/3/16  1989, 1990

Former reference: G.185

Williamson, M., 1989. Woodhead, D.S., 1990.


Former reference: G.186-G.329

This subsection comprises a number of chronological sequences of correspondence.

'FEW CHRONS: From 1st May 1977'  WARNER/G/4/1  1977

Former reference: G.186-G.193

Contents of folder so labelled: carbon copies (and a few photocopies) of outgoing correspondence. Includes letters re Open University business, the Windscale Inquiry, Cremer & Warner, invitations accepted and declined.

May  WARNER/G/4/1/G.186  [n.d.]

Former reference: G.186

June  WARNER/G/4/1/G.187  [n.d.]

Former reference: G.187

July  WARNER/G/4/1/G.188  [n.d.]

Former reference: G.188

August  WARNER/G/4/1/G.189  [n.d.]

Former reference: G.189

September  WARNER/G/4/1/G.190  [n.d.]

Former reference: G.190

October  WARNER/G/4/1/G.191  [n.d.]

Former reference: G.191

November  WARNER/G/4/1/G.192  [n.d.]

Former reference: G.192

December  WARNER/G/4/1/G.193  [n.d.]

Former reference: G.193

'Blue copies'  WARNER/G/4/2  1980-1986

Former reference: G.194-G.226

Carbon copies made on blue paper of outgoing correspondence 1980-1986. An accompanying note explained: 'These are copies of FEW correspondence which may be related to specific projects but follow from general activities such as contributory papers to journals and membership of organizations'. Subjects range from Cremer & Warner and other consultancy business, the Royal Society Study Group on Risk, British Standards Institution and other society and committee work, SCOPE, invitations to functions and conferences, domestic matters, personal news etc. There are some abstracts of lectures and short publications (letters for publication).

1980  WARNER/G/4/2/G.194-G.198  [n.d.]

Former reference: G.194-G.198

5 items

January  WARNER/G/4/2/G.194-G.198/G.194  [n.d.]

Former reference: G.194

February-April  WARNER/G/4/2/G.194-G.198/G.195  [n.d.]

Former reference: G.195

May-July  WARNER/G/4/2/G.194-G.198/G.196  [n.d.]

Former reference: G.196

August-September  WARNER/G/4/2/G.194-G.198/G.197  [n.d.]

Former reference: G.197

October-December  WARNER/G/4/2/G.194-G.198/G.198  [n.d.]

Former reference: G.198

1981  WARNER/G/4/2/G.199-G.203  [n.d.]

Former reference: G.199-G.203

5 items

January-February  WARNER/G/4/2/G.199-G.203/G.199  [n.d.]

Former reference: G.199

March-May  WARNER/G/4/2/G.199-G.203/G.200  [n.d.]

Former reference: G.200

June-July  WARNER/G/4/2/G.199-G.203/G.201  [n.d.]

Former reference: G.201

August-September  WARNER/G/4/2/G.199-G.203/G.202  [n.d.]

Former reference: G.202

October-December  WARNER/G/4/2/G.199-G.203/G.203  [n.d.]

Former reference: G.203

1982  WARNER/G/4/2/G.204-G.208  [n.d.]

Former reference: G.204-G.208

5 items

January-February  WARNER/G/4/2/G.204-G.208/G.204  [n.d.]

Former reference: G.204

March-May  WARNER/G/4/2/G.204-G.208/G.205  [n.d.]

Former reference: G.205

June-July  WARNER/G/4/2/G.204-G.208/G.206  [n.d.]

Former reference: G.206

August-September  WARNER/G/4/2/G.204-G.208/G.207  [n.d.]

Former reference: G.207

October-December  WARNER/G/4/2/G.204-G.208/G.208  [n.d.]

Former reference: G.208

1983  WARNER/G/4/2/G.209-G.216  [n.d.]

Former reference: G.209-G.216

8 items

January  WARNER/G/4/2/G.209-G.216/G.209  [n.d.]

Former reference: G.209

February-March  WARNER/G/4/2/G.209-G.216/G.210  [n.d.]

Former reference: G.210

April  WARNER/G/4/2/G.209-G.216/G.211  [n.d.]

Former reference: G.211

May  WARNER/G/4/2/G.209-G.216/G.212  [n.d.]

Former reference: G.212

June-July  WARNER/G/4/2/G.209-G.216/G.213  [n.d.]

Former reference: G.213

August  WARNER/G/4/2/G.209-G.216/G.214  [n.d.]

Former reference: G.214

September-October  WARNER/G/4/2/G.209-G.216/G.215  [n.d.]

Former reference: G.215

November-December  WARNER/G/4/2/G.209-G.216/G.216  [n.d.]

Former reference: G.216

1984  WARNER/G/4/2/G.217-G.222  [n.d.]

Former reference: G.217-G.222

6 items

January-February  WARNER/G/4/2/G.217-G.222/G.217  [n.d.]

Former reference: G.217

March-April  WARNER/G/4/2/G.217-G.222/G.218  [n.d.]

Former reference: G.218

May-July  WARNER/G/4/2/G.217-G.222/G.219  [n.d.]

Former reference: G.219

August  WARNER/G/4/2/G.217-G.222/G.220  [n.d.]

Former reference: G.220

September-October  WARNER/G/4/2/G.217-G.222/G.221  [n.d.]

Former reference: G.221

November-December  WARNER/G/4/2/G.217-G.222/G.222  [n.d.]

Former reference: G.222

1985-1986  WARNER/G/4/2/G.223-G.226  [n.d.]

Former reference: G.223-G.226

4 items

January-February  WARNER/G/4/2/G.223-G.226/G.223  1985

Former reference: G.223

March-April  WARNER/G/4/2/G.223-G.226/G.224  [n.d.]

Former reference: G.224

May-June  WARNER/G/4/2/G.223-G.226/G.225  [n.d.]

Former reference: G.225

July-January  WARNER/G/4/2/G.223-G.226/G.226  1985-1986

Former reference: G.226

Later chronological sequence  WARNER/G/4/3  1983-1997

Former reference: G.227-G.329

100 items

This is chiefly incoming correspondence (including faxes and printed-out emails) from the 1980s and 1980s, with photo- and carbon copies of replies. Subjects are principally the SCOPE projects, Institute of Quality Assurance, Council of Science and Technology Institute, invitations to meetings and lectures. Later 1990s material is principally Warner's communciations by letter, fax and email with the SCOPE office.

1983  WARNER/G/4/3/G.227  [n.d.]

Former reference: G.227

1984  WARNER/G/4/3/G.228  [n.d.]

Former reference: G.228

January-May  WARNER/G/4/3/G.229  1985

Former reference: G.229

June-September  WARNER/G/4/3/G.230  1985

Former reference: G.230

October-December  WARNER/G/4/3/G.231  1985

Former reference: G.231

January-March  WARNER/G/4/3/G.232  1986

Former reference: G.232

April-May  WARNER/G/4/3/G.233  1986

Former reference: G.233

June-August  WARNER/G/4/3/G.234  1986

Former reference: G.234

September-October  WARNER/G/4/3/G.235  1986

Former reference: G.235

November  WARNER/G/4/3/G.236  1986

Former reference: G.236

December  WARNER/G/4/3/G.237  1986

Former reference: G.237

January-February  WARNER/G/4/3/G.238  1987

Former reference: G.238

March-May  WARNER/G/4/3/G.239  1987

Former reference: G.239

June  WARNER/G/4/3/G.240  1987

Former reference: G.240

July  WARNER/G/4/3/G.241  1987

Former reference: G.241

August  WARNER/G/4/3/G.242  1987

Former reference: G.242

September  WARNER/G/4/3/G.243  1987

Former reference: G.243

October  WARNER/G/4/3/G.244  1987

Former reference: G.244

November  WARNER/G/4/3/G.245  1987

Former reference: G.245

December  WARNER/G/4/3/G.246  1987

Former reference: G.246

January  WARNER/G/4/3/G.247  1988

Former reference: G.247

February  WARNER/G/4/3/G.248  1988

Former reference: G.248

March  WARNER/G/4/3/G.249  1988

Former reference: G.249

April  WARNER/G/4/3/G.250  1988

Former reference: G.250

May  WARNER/G/4/3/G.251  1988

Former reference: G.251

June  WARNER/G/4/3/G.252  1988

Former reference: G.252

July  WARNER/G/4/3/G.253  1988

Former reference: G.253

August  WARNER/G/4/3/G.254  1988

Former reference: G.254

September-October  WARNER/G/4/3/G.255  1988

Former reference: G.255

November-December  WARNER/G/4/3/G.256  1988

Former reference: G.256

January  WARNER/G/4/3/G.257  1989

Former reference: G.257

February  WARNER/G/4/3/G.258  1989

Former reference: G.258

March  WARNER/G/4/3/G.259  1989

Former reference: G.259

April  WARNER/G/4/3/G.260  1989

Former reference: G.260

May-June  WARNER/G/4/3/G.261  1989

Former reference: G.261

July  WARNER/G/4/3/G.262  1989

Former reference: G.262

August  WARNER/G/4/3/G.263  1989

Former reference: G.263

September  WARNER/G/4/3/G.264  1989

Former reference: G.264

October  WARNER/G/4/3/G.265  1989

Former reference: G.265

November  WARNER/G/4/3/G.266-G.267  1989

Former reference: G.266, G.267

2 folders.

December  WARNER/G/4/3/G.268  1989

Former reference: G.268

January  WARNER/G/4/3/G.269  1990

Former reference: G.269

February-April  WARNER/G/4/3/G.270  1990

Former reference: G.270

May-June  WARNER/G/4/3/G.271  1990

Former reference: G.271

July-August  WARNER/G/4/3/G.272  1990

Former reference: G.272

September-October  WARNER/G/4/3/G.273  1990

Former reference: G.273

November-December  WARNER/G/4/3/G.274  1990

Former reference: G.274

January-March  WARNER/G/4/3/G.275  1991

Former reference: G.275

April-June  WARNER/G/4/3/G.276  1991

Former reference: G.276

July-September  WARNER/G/4/3/G.277  1991

Former reference: G.277

October-December  WARNER/G/4/3/G.278  1991

Former reference: G.278

January-February  WARNER/G/4/3/G.279  1992

Former reference: G.279

March-April  WARNER/G/4/3/G.280  1992

Former reference: G.280

May-July  WARNER/G/4/3/G.281  1992

Former reference: G.281

August-October  WARNER/G/4/3/G.282  1992

Former reference: G.282

November-December  WARNER/G/4/3/G.283  1992

Former reference: G.283

January-February  WARNER/G/4/3/G.284  1993

Former reference: G.284

March  WARNER/G/4/3/G.285  1993

Former reference: G.285

April  WARNER/G/4/3/G.286  1993

Former reference: G.286

May-June  WARNER/G/4/3/G.287  1993

Former reference: G.287

July  WARNER/G/4/3/G.288  1993

Former reference: G.288

August  WARNER/G/4/3/G.289  1993

Former reference: G.289

September  WARNER/G/4/3/G.290  1993

Former reference: G.290

October  WARNER/G/4/3/G.291  1993

Former reference: G.291

November  WARNER/G/4/3/G.292  1993

Former reference: G.292

December  WARNER/G/4/3/G.293  1993

Former reference: G.293

January-February  WARNER/G/4/3/G.294  1994

Former reference: G.294

March-April  WARNER/G/4/3/G.295  1994

Former reference: G.295

June-August  WARNER/G/4/3/G.296  1994

Former reference: G.296

September  WARNER/G/4/3/G.297  1994

Former reference: G.297

October  WARNER/G/4/3/G.298  1994

Former reference: G.298

November-December  WARNER/G/4/3/G.299  1994

Former reference: G.299

January-March  WARNER/G/4/3/G.300  1995

Former reference: G.300

May-July  WARNER/G/4/3/G.301  1995

Former reference: G.301

August  WARNER/G/4/3/G.302  1995

Former reference: G.302

September  WARNER/G/4/3/G.303-G.304  1995

Former reference: G.303, G.304

2 folders.

October  WARNER/G/4/3/G.305  1995

Former reference: G.305

November  WARNER/G/4/3/G.306  1995

Former reference: G.306

December  WARNER/G/4/3/G.307  1995

Former reference: G.307

January  WARNER/G/4/3/G.308  1996

Former reference: G.308

February  WARNER/G/4/3/G.309  1996

Former reference: G.309

March  WARNER/G/4/3/G.310  1996

Former reference: G.310

April  WARNER/G/4/3/G.311  1996

Former reference: G.311

May  WARNER/G/4/3/G.312  1996

Former reference: G.312

June  WARNER/G/4/3/G.313  1996

Former reference: G.313

July  WARNER/G/4/3/G.314  1996

Former reference: G.314

August  WARNER/G/4/3/G.315  1996

Former reference: G.315

September  WARNER/G/4/3/G.316  1996

Former reference: G.316

October  WARNER/G/4/3/G.317  1996

Former reference: G.317

November  WARNER/G/4/3/G.318  1996

Former reference: G.318

December  WARNER/G/4/3/G.319  1996

Former reference: G.319

January  WARNER/G/4/3/G.320-G.321  1997

Former reference: G.320, G.321

2 folders.

February  WARNER/G/4/3/G.322  1997

Former reference: G.322

March  WARNER/G/4/3/G.323  1997

Former reference: G.323

April  WARNER/G/4/3/G.324  1997

Former reference: G.324

May  WARNER/G/4/3/G.325  1997

Former reference: G.325

June  WARNER/G/4/3/G.326  1997

Former reference: G.326

July  WARNER/G/4/3/G.327  1997

Former reference: G.327

August  WARNER/G/4/3/G.328  1997

Former reference: G.328

September  WARNER/G/4/3/G.329  1997

Former reference: G.329


Former reference: G.330-G.347

18 items

Correspondence found loose. The material appears to include fragments of other sequences which it has not been possible to reconstruct.

Cassal, V.  WARNER/G/5/G.330  1969-1971

Former reference: G.330

Condliffe, D.F.  WARNER/G/5/G.331  1969-1971

Former reference: G.331

Administrative history:
Condliffe worked for Yorkshire Imperial Plastics Ltd.

Congreve, A.  WARNER/G/5/G.332  1967

Former reference: G.332

Administrative history:
Congreve was chairman of Humphreys & Glasgow Ltd, chemical plant manufacturers.

Danckwerts, P.V.  WARNER/G/5/G.333  1964-1968

Former reference: G.333

Administrative history:
Danckwerts was Shell Professor of Chemical Engineering at Cambridge.

Derwas, J.L.  WARNER/G/5/G.334  1970-1973

Former reference: G.334

Administrative history:
Derwas was an Australian colleague working for Sir Alexander Gibb & Partners.

Green, C.H.  WARNER/G/5/G.335  1983-1985

Former reference: G.335

Administrative history:
Green worked for the Flood Hazard Research Centre at Middlesex Polytechnic.

Correspondence re risk.

Jones, H.  WARNER/G/5/G.336  1969-1970

Former reference: G.336

Administrative history:
Sir Henry Jones was Chairman of the Gas Council.

Correspondence arising from visit by Jones to the Pacific Gas and Electric Company, San Francisco.

Thomas, B.E.A.  WARNER/G/5/G.337  1970

Former reference: G.337

Re annual dinner of the British Chemical Plant Manufacturers Association.

Miscellaneous correspondence arranged chronologically  WARNER/G/5/G.338-G.347  1958-1996

Former reference: G.338-G.347

10 items

1958-1969  WARNER/G/5/G.338-G.347/G.338  [n.d.]

Former reference: G.338-G.347

1970  WARNER/G/5/G.338-G.347/G.339  [n.d.]

Former reference: G.339

1971  WARNER/G/5/G.338-G.347/G.340  [n.d.]

Former reference: G.340

1972-1975  WARNER/G/5/G.338-G.347/G.341  [n.d.]

Former reference: G.341

1976-1979  WARNER/G/5/G.338-G.347/G.342  [n.d.]

Former reference: G.342

1980-1983  WARNER/G/5/G.338-G.347/G.343  [n.d.]

Former reference: G.343

1984-1985  WARNER/G/5/G.338-G.347/G.344  [n.d.]

Former reference: G.344

1986-1989  WARNER/G/5/G.338-G.347/G.345  [n.d.]

Former reference: G.345

1990-1995  WARNER/G/5/G.338-G.347/G.346  [n.d.]

Former reference: G.346

1996  WARNER/G/5/G.338-G.347/G.347  [n.d.]

Former reference: G.347

Chiefly re radon in houses in the UK.


Former reference: G.348-G.362

Conditions of access: RESTRICT ALL

Appointments  WARNER/G/6/G.348-G.353  1966-1996

Former reference: G.348-G.352

1966-1972  WARNER/G/6/G.348-G.353/G.348  [n.d.]

Former reference: G.348

1979-1986  WARNER/G/6/G.348-G.353/G.349  [n.d.]

Former reference: G.349

1987-1988  WARNER/G/6/G.348-G.353/G.350  [n.d.]

Former reference: G.350

1990  WARNER/G/6/G.348-G.353/G.351-G.352  [n.d.]

Former reference: G.351, G.352

2 folders.

1992, 1996  WARNER/G/6/G.348-G.353/G.353  [n.d.]

Former reference: G.353

Honours and awards  WARNER/G/6/G.354-G.355  1968-1996

Former reference: G.354, G.355

2 items

1968-1988  WARNER/G/6/G.354-G.355/G.354  [n.d.]

Former reference: G.354

1993-1996  WARNER/G/6/G.354-G.355/G.355  [n.d.]

Former reference: G.355

Leverhulme Trust  WARNER/G/6/G.356-G.359  1991-1996

Former reference: G.356-G.359

1991, 1992  WARNER/G/6/G.356-G.359/G.356  [n.d.]

Former reference: G.356

1993  WARNER/G/6/G.356-G.359/G.357-G.358  [n.d.]

Former reference: G.357, G.358

2 folders.

1994, 1996  WARNER/G/6/G.356-G.359/G.359  [n.d.]

Former reference: G.359

Other grants  WARNER/G/6/G.360  1988, 1992

Former reference: G.360

Higher degrees  WARNER/G/6/G.361  1985, 1995

Former reference: G.361

1 item

Miscellaneous  WARNER/G/6/G.362  1988, 1996

Former reference: G.362

1 item

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