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Berkeley Castle Muniments

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Reference BCM
Covering dates 1153-17th cent
Held by Berkeley Castle Muniments
Extent 10 Subfonds

Folder icon  THE SHIRLEY ESTATE  BCM/G  [n.d.]

These documents are held at Berkeley Castle Muniments

Administrative history:
The presence at the Castle of the documents which concern the Shirley family may result from the marriage between Frances, youngest daughter of Henry Lord Berkeley (d. 1613), and George Shirley in 1587. George's maternal grandfather, Thomas (VI) Lovet of Astwell (Northants.), died in that year, leaving George as his heir. [Smyth, ii. 359, 403.] Most of the documents relate to the lands which had been held by the Lovets, including the inheritances of the Draytons (BCM/G/2), the Prayers (BCM/G/3) and the Cranford (BCM/G/4), and it is reasonable to assume that a settlement of those lands was made on the marriage of George and Frances; soon after George had inherited them.

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