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Reference TT
Covering dates 1297 AND 1566-1984
Held by Sheffield Archives
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No further details   Workmen's compensation insurance policy with the Alliance Assurance Co.Ltd. (4053)  TT/81  26 Jul 1907

Folder icon  Equitable mortgage  TT/141/4  19 May 1897

These documents are held at Sheffield Archives

John Guest Taylor, as TT/141/1, to Henry Arnold Favell, of Sheffield, clerk in holy orders. A lien on the title deeds to premises in TT/141/1 and TT/141/2. To secure a principal of £100 with interest at 5% p.a. 21 December 1876. Assignment of a part of the mortgage. Charles Edmond Vickers, of Sheffield, to Eliza Favell, of Sheffield, spinster, both trustees and executors under the will of Henry Arnold Favell (will, 21 February 1897; decd. 21 September 1896; probate, 4 November 1896). Vicker's part of the principal of £100 with interest under the above mortgage.

No further details   Requisitions on title relating to land to be conveyed by J. G. Taylor to the Trustees  TT/141/5  Aug 1901
No further details   Certificate of search in the West Riding Registry of Deeds  TT/141/7  8 Nov 1901
No further details   Bills of costs  TT/141/10-11  Nov 1901
No further details   Report, Charitable Trusts Act  TT/151  1884
No further details   Memoranda on the duties of Law Clerk, Surveyor and Consultant Surveyor to the Trustees (4308)  TT/193  1874-1945
No further details   Typescript copy of Dr. Edward Bramley's A Record of the Surgery of Sheffield... from 1848 to 1955 (4370)  TT/209  (1957)

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