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BURGON & BALL LTD., Sheffield makers of shears, hammers and tools

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Reference B & B
Covering dates 1865-1942
Held by Sheffield Archives
Extent 19 Series
Conditions of access Open
Source of acquisition The records listed here were collected from the Malin Bridge (La Plata Works) of Messrs. Burgon & Ball Ltd. in December 1973
Creators Burgon and Ball Ltd, Sheffield, makers of shears, hammers and tools

Administrative history:
Charles Burgon, a cutlery manufacturer, and James Ball, described as a scythe maker who had invented a process of making a sheep shearing machine, formed a partnership in 1866. They were then both at the Globe Works in Philadelphia Sheffield which was occupied at that time by a number of "little mesters", but in 1873 they bought a site at Malin Bridge, Sheffield and by 1877 they were established there in La Plata Works. In the 1870s they were pushing their product in America and Australia and in 1887 Frederic Burgon went to Australia to the Adelaide Fair. Later Harry Burgon made several journeys to South America and Australia. In 1882 the partnership was dissolved but Charles Burgon retained the business as Burgon and Ball, and bought out the rights to Ball's patent. In 1890 the firm was prosecuted by Ball Brothers, a firm founded by James Ball's two sons, for illegal use of a trade mark.
In 1894 Charles Burgon died and his death was followed by a dispute between his two sons, Harry and Fred. Frederic tried to carry on the business and in 1898 it became a limited company with financial backing from Daniel Doncaster & Co, Sheffield Harry went into partnership with William Wilkinson and Sons which then became Burgon and Wilkinson. William Wilkinson and Sons were certainly making sheep shears at the time of the Great Exhibition in 1851 and the firm claimed to have been founded in 1730. Burgon and Wilkinson went bankrupt in 1899. Burgon and Ball bought its assets from the liquidators, keeping the trade but selling off the Spring Works in Grimesthorpe, Sheffield.
In 1900 Frederic Burgon died, and Benjamin Hind then became managing director. He had been employed by the firm since before Charles Burgon's death, and had become a director when the limited company was formed.
The Australian business of the firm was particularly important, and in 1890 W. H. Eyres was appointed as its representative in Australia. In 1906 Burgon and Ball brought a successful case against him in Australia for defrauding the firm.
As well as sheep shearing machines (which they made), Burgon and Ball sold various other machines, particularly bicycles with rubber tyres from about 1894, both in England and Australia. Little has been found about the motor car agency but the firm was certainly selling cars in 1903-06 and in the early 1920s. Benjamin Hind was an enthusiastic motorist, said to have been the third person in Sheffield to become a car owner, and he probably developed this side of the business.
Since many of the records of the firm were destroyed in the fire of 1878, there is comparatively little material for the early years. A certain amount of information about sales and trading for this period can be found in the evidence gathered in 1878 to support an application for the prolongation of Ball's patent

Business records of the firm before it was a limited company
Company records
Property of the firm
Inventories and valuations
Records relating to Burgon and Wilkinson
Patents and trademarks
Overseas trade
Accounts of Australian trading
General trading records
Motor car and cycle sales
Work and workers
Welfare and social
Miscellaneous legal papers
Miscellaneous personal papers
Newspaper cuttings relating to the firm and its trade
Printed material (not Burgon & Ball)
Price lists and catalogues

Business records of the firm before it was a limited company  [no ref. or date]

Bundle of draft deeds, notes etc. all relating to the partnership of Charles Burgon and James Ball, up to its dissolution in 1883  B & B 1  1865-1883

The bundle includes the original agreement of 1865 in which the parties are described as "James Ball of Hampden View, Sheffield, patent scythe maker... and Charles Burgon of Globe Cutlery Works in Sheffield, manufacturer". The agreement states that James Ball is applying for letters patent for an improved method of making sheep shears and as he anticipates a greater demand than he will be able to supply he has agreed to allow Charles Burgon to manufacture and sell the shears.
Also included are the following:-
Agreement with Henry Rogers, Sons & Co. Wolverhampton for them to introduce the shears into foreign markets (1867).
Draft articles of partnership between Burgon & Ball (1870).
Notice by James Ball in his own hand calling in his capital (1883).
Draft conveyance (1883) by James Ball to Charles Burgon of a half share in La Plata works., Malin Bridge, Sheffield

Bundle of deeds (mainly in draft) relating to the dissolution of the partnership between Charles Burgon and James Ball  B & B 2  1866-1883

Included are:-
Copies of the partnership agreement (1866).
Articles of partnership (1870).
Memorandum as to the alteration of the partners' salaries (1876).
Copies and drafts of the agreement to dissolve the partnership (1883) with solicitors' correspondence and notes.
Printed notices of the dissolution (1883)

Papers relating to the partnership of Burgon and Rawson  B & B 3  1870-1872

Articles of partnership between Charles Burgon and F.P. Rawson to carry on business as cutlery manufacturers (1870).
Agreement to dissolve the partnership (1871) with draft assignment of a share in the partnership.
Draft conveyance of premises in Walkley, Sheffield by Charles Burgon to J. H. Rawson (1872)

A folder of papers relating to the application by Burgon and Ball for the prolongation of the patent granted in 1865 to James Ball for improvements in the manufacture of sheep shears  B & B 4  1866-1878

The folder contains:-
Schedules of invoice sales (1870-78).
Schedules of small payments (1875).
List of stock destroyed by fire in 1878.
Schedule of general expenses, wages and bank charges, 1870-78.
Invoice account, 1866-69
Copies of various legal papers connected with the application (see 5b below) and various other notes and accounts.
Note. As it appears many of the early records of the firm were lost in the fire of 1878, these papers and those numbered 5 and 6 below are useful for the early history of the firm up to 1878

Four bundles of papers relating to the application for the prolongation of Ball's patent  B & B 5  1865-1879

Brief for counsel, printed petition of James Ball and Charles Burgon, instructions for the petition and further observations and evidence as suggested by counsel  B & B 5/1  1879

Papers prepared for counsel  B & B 5/2  1865-1879

Including copies of agreements and partnership deeds between Charles Burgon and James Ball, copies of agreements for manufacture and sale etc. and copies of partnership accounts with schedules of general expenses, wages and bank charges

Copies of accounts of the firm prepared for the case  B & B 5/3  1870-1878

Further papers  B & B 5/4  1866-1878

Including drafts of schedules of sales and costs of shears (1866-78), observations by Charles Burgon, analysis of orders from South America, North America and Australia (1870-78) and notes on the opposition to the application by Messrs. J. H. Sorby and Sons and by Messrs. Ward and Payne, both of Sheffield

Some abstracts of accounts, summaries and analyses, probably prepared in connection with the patent application  B & B 6  1866-1878

Related information: See B & B 69 which includes some letters about the Burgon & Ball partnership and telegrams about the fire at the works. 1878

Folder containing sheets of draft accounts of Burgon and Ball (for wages, expenses, summaries, analyses etc.)  B & B 6/1  1870-1878

Abstract of sales of Burgon and Ball (presumably of the sheep shearing machine) from the commencement of the patent. Gives dates, numbers of dozens and prices  B & B 6/2  1866-1870

Abstract of general expenses, wages and bank charges of Burgon and Ball  B & B 6/3  1870-1878

Notes, drafts of briefs, further evidence and letters in connection with a further effort to obtain a prolongation of Ball's patent, and copies of the Order in Council dismissing the first petition  B & B 7  1879

A few papers of Charles Burgon  B & B 8  1866-1867

Included are:-
Two bills from lawyers, 1866-8, 1877-9.
Two letters from McLean Bros, and Rigg Ltd. of Melbourne, Australia, about selling Burgon and Ball shears, 1881.
Signed receipt for money paid to James Ball with details of his capital, interest and salary, 1883.
Copy of a German power of Attorney, 1885.
Copy of a receipt for compensation paid by Sheffield Corporation when a sewer was built, 1887

Petty cashbook, signed by J. Ball  B & B 9  1877-1879

Two private ledgers of Burgon and Ball  B & B 10  1884-1898

Which cover the capital account, trading account, stock-in-trade, machinery etc. and also the accounts of the principal shareholders

Ledger (number 1 on the spine)  B & B 10/1  1884-1894?


Ledger (number 2 on the spine)  B & B 10/2  1895-1898

Ledger of the account of Burgon and Ball with Daniel Doncaster, Sheffield and Sons (a few pages only used)  B & B 11  1888-1895

This volume was then used from 1921 to enter abstracts of ledger balances up to 1956

Copy from the private ledger of the loan and interest accounts of Burgon and Ball with Daniel Doncaster and Sons, Sheffield  B & B 12  1895-1898

Two duplicate letter books from F. Burgon after his father's death trying to get support and money for carrying on the business  B & B 13  1895

A bundle of papers of Frederick Burgon  B & B 14  1893-1907

Papers relating to the executorship of the estate of Charles Burgon  B & B 14/1  1894-1895

Including executors' accounts, lawyer's bill, copies of agreements for the sale of the business, a draft scheme for his two sons, Fred and Harry, to buy the business etc

A letter from W. J. Lambert about royalties on the sale of bicycle tyres, with some calculations of costs  B & B 14/2  1894

Accounts of an affray between workmen in Holme Lane, with a copy of a letter from the Home Secretary about the incident  B & B 14/3  1894

Some letters relating to Harry Burgon  B & B 14/4  1893-1896

Including a copy of one addressed to him (in Australia?) by his father, defending Hind, 1893; a copy of a letter by Harry to the trustees of his father asking for certain papers to be sent to him, 1895; a letter signed by him as managing director of Burgon and Wilkinson, Sheffield soliciting business in America, 1895; and a letter from solicitors stating that he was selling his reversionary interest under his father's will, 1896

Receipts for payments by Frederic Burgon to Mrs. Robson of Spring Vale Road, Sheffield  B & B 14/5  1896

With copies of an assignment by him to her of an insurance policy and of the codicil of his will

A few lawyers' and accountants' bills  B & B 14/6  1896-1897

Two letters about agencies  B & B 14/7  1896, 1897

One from R.J. Spetch about selling sheep dip, 1896, the other from Dalgety and Co Sydney, Australia about falling sales of sheep shears in Australia and that Mr. Eyres is putting most of his energies into selling La Plata bicycles, 1897

Letter from Daniel Doncaster and Sons Sheffield about some steel thought to be faulty  B & B 14/8  1897

Some letters about the formation of the limited company  B & B 14/9  1898

Mostly formal from solicitors but including one from the Birmingham District and Counties Banking Co. Ltd. regretting the loss of Burgon and Ball's account. Also accounts from accountants and valuers

A few receipted bills of Frederic Burgon (one for purchases in Sydney)  B & B 14/10  1896, 1899

Two mourning cards, one for Frederic Burgon, 1900, and one for Edgar Mills, 1907  B & B 14/11  1900, 1907

Papers from a bundle labelled F. Burgon, dec  B & B 15  1893-1897

Letters, draft deeds etc  B & B 15/1  1893-1895

Relating to the agreement whereby William John Lambert (also called William Yates Lambert) managed the cycle department of Burgon and Ball and the company manufactured hollow steel bicycle rims patented by Lambert for pneumatic tyres, with detailed accounts for 1894-5 showing rims made and sold, and letters relating to a dispute over royalties

Copies of letters from Frederic Burgon to his brother, Harry, and from Harry to Frederic  B & B 15/2  1895

All relating to the dispute between them after their father's death, and Harry's claim to a patent of the sheep shearing machine

A few letters concerning the sale of a trade mark by the executors of Isaac Barnes to Burgon and Ball  B & B 15/3  1897

Company records  [no ref. or date]

Minute book of Burgon and Ball Ltd. Gives the minutes of the directors' meetings (fairly full for the first few years)  B & B 16  1898-1915

At the end the minutes of the shareholders' annual meetings

Duplicated agenda (with pencilled notes) for the General Meeting of 26 November, 1903  B & B 17  1903

Printed Memorandum and Articles of Association of Burgon and Ball Ltd with a printed prospectus  B & B 18  1898

Letter book (duplicates of outgoing letters) of the company's secretary, J. H. Baines  B & B 19  1899-1906

Annual lists of shareholders of Burgon and Ball, 1898-1929, and summaries of capital and shares, 1898-1909  B & B 20  1898-1929

In one volume

Draft lists of shareholders  B & B 21  1898-1900

Drafts of the accounts prepared for the dividends with lists of shareholders of Burgon & Ball  B & B 21/1  1899-1900

Draft list of preference and ordinary shareholders  B & B 21/2  1898

May be incomplete

Draft accounts for the private ledger of Burgon and Ball  B & B 22  1914

Bank books  B & B 23  1898-1934

16 bank books for the dividend account of Burgon and Ball with the Sheffield Banking Co. Ltd. (from 1919 the National Provincial Bank Ltd.)  B & B 23/1  1898-1929

Bank book for the mortgage account with the same bank  B & B 23/2  1906-1922

Two bank books for the bill account with the same bank  B & B 23/3  1921-1934

Property of the firm  [no ref. or date]

Related information: See also B & B 50 for the sale of premises of Burgon and Wilkinson

Bundle of draft deeds relating to the purchase of freehold land at Malin Bridge, Sheffield by Burgon and Ball from Isaac Bower and from John and Hannah Child  B & B 24  1873

The contract for sale with the former describes the land as 'a piece of freehold land at Malin Bridge near Sheffield whereon 6 dwelling houses formerly stood with out buildings and gardens but which were destroyed by the Bradfield or Dale Dyke inundation'. [the Sheffield Flood]
The draft conveyance from John and Hannah Child describes 'all that piece of freehold land... situate at or near Malin Bridge... being the site of the public house... formerly called The Stagg Inn and the black smith's shop and outbuildings adjoining... which were wholly destroyed by an inundation ...'.
There is a rough plan of the Stag Inn in one of the draft deeds

Bundle of draft deeds, letters etc. relating to the mortgage by Burgon and Ball to the Leeds Permanent Benefit... Building Society of both the pieces of property at Malin Bridge, Sheffield  B & B 25  1874-1890

Also of a piece of freehold land including 'so much of the River Loxley as belongs thereto... situate at or near Malin Bridge... which was the site of a cutler's wheel... formerly called Malin Bridge Wheel but afterwards Turners wheel ...'.
The bundle includes schedules of title deeds for 1874 and 1890 and a subscription book recording payments to the building society

Some draft deeds relating to the premises of Burgon and Ball in Penistone Road, Sheffield  B & B 26  1865-1874

Included are
Draft lease by Joseph Rodgers to Charles Burgon, 1865; agreement for sale (original and draft) by Burgon and Ball to Crownshaw, Chapman & Co., with draft abstract of title. 1874

Draft tenancy agreement by Charles Burgon to Henry Bower of Talbot House, Wisewood, Sheffield  B & B 27  1877

Copies and drafts of deeds relating to a piece of land and a house No. 321 Holme Lane, Sheffield bought by Charles Burgon from William George Liversidge, with a few letters etc  B & B 28  1890-1891

Tender by Jonathan Proctor for new buildings at Malin Bridge, Sheffield and account for extras not included in the contract  B & B 29  1891

Inventories and valuations  [no ref. or date]

Related information: See B & B 44-47 for lists and valuations of fittings and plant of Burgon and Wilkinson

Seven bound volumes of annual inventories of plant, machinery and stock of Burgon and Ball at La Plata works, Malin Bridge, Sheffield  B & B 30  1898-1904

Compiled by R. Heber Radford of Sheffield

Inventory of plant and machinery at La Plata works, Malin Bridge, Sheffield  B & B 31  1914

Loose-leaved, not bound

Draft valuations  B & B 32  1917-1946

With notes etc. used in preparing the valuations of fixed plant and machinery of Burgon and Ball 1938, 1939, 1946.
Also some notes on stock. 1917

Correspondence of Burgon and Ball with Heber, Radford, Son and Squire, valuers, of Sheffield, mostly of a routine nature  B & B 33  1905-1934

Insurance  [no ref. or date]

Insurance policies taken out by Burgon and Ball for their boilers  B & B 34  1884-1917

1884, 1894, 1901, 1911, 1916, 1917

Fire insurance policies of Burgon and Ball for La Plata work, Malin Bridge, Sheffield  B & B 35  1890-1932

Most give considerable detail of the buildings and fittings and one (1904) has a plan of the works attached
1890, 1894, 1900, 1904, 1908, 1923.
Some letters and notes about fire insurance. 1924, 1932

Bundle of affidavits (in draft form) concerning a fire in the warehouse of Burgon and Ball  B & B 36  1884-1885

There was a suggestion that it had been started by militant trade unionists because Burgon's men did not belong to the union. n.d. (but the paper has a watermark 1884).
Also letters, notes etc. about a claim for fire damage.

Insurance policies taken out by Burgon and Ball for workmen's compensation  B & B 37  1899-1911

1899, 1905, 1909, 1910, 1911

Two insurance policies taken out by Burgon and Ball against the insolvency of Law Car and General Insurance Corporation Ltd., their insurers. 1907, 1908  B & B 38  1907-1908

Insurance policies taken out by Burgon and Ball for their motor vehicles and for cash in transit  B & B 39  1907-1935

1907, 1919-35

Insurance policy taken out by Burgon and Ball against public liability  B & B 40  1930

Miscellaneous items relating to the insurance of goods shipped overseas  B & B 41  1888-1909

Two letters about cases of sheep shears sent to Australia and damaged by sea water  B & B 41/1  1888

Insurance policy taken out by Francis Boult & Co. for hardware shipped from Liverpool to San Francisco, USA  B & B 41/2  1890

Insurance policies  B & B 41/3  1903, 1909

Insurance policy for goods sent from La Plata works, Malin Bridge, Sheffield to Australia with some attached correspondence, and a later insurance policy for goods sent to Australia

Records relating to Burgon a Wilkinson  [no ref. or date]

Related information: See also B & B.598 and 64 for papers relating to infringements of Wilkinson trade marks.
See also B & B.14/4, 150, 151, 157, 62

Balance sheet of William Wilkinson and Sons of Spring Works, Grimesthorpe, Sheffield  B & B 42  1869

Gives very full particulars

Printed notices of the formation of Burgon and Wilkinson, Sheffield as a limited company  B & B 43  1895

List of plant and machinery at Burgon and Wilkinson's Spring works in Grimesthorpe, Sheffield and valuation by Arthur M. Wild of Sheffield  B & B 44  1898

Draft valuation of fittings and plant  B & B 45  1898

The firm is not named but is certainly Burgon and Wilkinson, Sheffield. The totals are initialled 'J.H.B.'

Draft valuation of finished and partly finished goods at Burgon and Wilkinson, Sheffield  B & B 46  1898

Draft valuation of stock, mostly hammers  B & B 47  1899

The name of the firm is not stated and it has not been possible to identify it

Assignment of Burgon and Wilkinson's trade-marks and goodwill to Burgon and Ball, with some other relevant deeds and copies of deeds  B & B 48  1899

Bundle of accounts in connection with the liquidation of Burgon and Wilkinson, Sheffield including a petty cash book and bundle of vouchers  B & B 49  1899

Printed particulars of sale with plan for Spring Works, Grimesthorpe, Sheffield former premises of Burgon and Wilkinson Ltd  B & B 50  1899

Patents and trademarks  [no ref. or date]

Agreement with Henry M. Marsden to allow him to manufacture patent trowels  B & B 51  1865

Bundle of draft deeds, correspondence and notes  B & B 52  1870

Relating to the assignment by Henry M. Marsden to Burgon and Ball of the right to manufacture sheep shears under his (Marsden's) patent.
Included are the original assignment and draft specification with technical details

Agreement between Edward Marshall, engineer, and Charles Burgon  B & B 53  1890-1891

Whereby Marshall agrees to sell one half share of certain inventions patented by him to improve the sheep shearing machine.
Also drafts of the deed, some papers relating to Marshall's decease and the administration of his estate

Bundle of papers relating to the case brought by Ball Bros, Sheffield against Burgon and Ball for misuse of a trade mark  B & B 54  1890-1897

Included are letters, copies of correspondence, newspaper reports, draft briefs for counsel, copies of evidence etc. 1890-91.
Also some notes and papers about an agreement in 1897

Drafts of agreement between Messrs. Johnson and Cammann of Birmingham and Burgon and Ball  B & B 55  1890,1892

The former were to assign a provisional patent relating to a chain on sheep shearing machines to the firm, and to manufacture the chain for Burgon and Ball.
Also letters and copies of correspondence relating to the agreement and to its cancellation

Miscellaneous papers relating to patents  B & B 56  1887-1898

Blueprints for parts for the Burgon shearing machine, 1895, the driving core and shield, 1898, and patent driving gear, n.d  B & B 56/1  1890s

Agreement with William Walter Curley to pay him for using his patent process of hardening sheep shears  B & B 56/2  1887

Draft agreement between M. G. Gillette of New York, U.S.A. and Messrs. McLean Brothers and Rigg for them to ship to Australia a shearing machine invented by him  B & B 56/3  1887

Letter from patent agents about their account  B & B 56/4  1891

Copy of decision not to grant a patent to John Walker Newall  B & B 56/5  1891

Letter from patent agents about an application for a patent for a sharpening disc which, it was alleged, had been anticipated  B & B 56/6  1893

Letter from patent agents commenting on a portable driving plant  B & B 56/7  1894

Drawing of a portable oil engine from Clark's Crank and Forge Co. at Lincoln  B & B 56/8  1894

Tracing of a steam sheep shearing machine from Marshall, Sons & Co. Ltd., of Gainsborough Lincolnshire  B & B 56/9  1895

Lists of patents assigned to Frederic Burgon in Britain, U.S.A., the Argentine, Australia and New Zealand  B & B 56/10  1898

Typewritten list of patents of C. & H. Burgon in Britain and various countries as above  B & B 56/11  1895

Agreement with Messrs. J. A. Davidson and Co. as to the sale of their patent lubricators and lubricants  B & B 56/12  1892

Certificates of registration of trade-marks, some original and some drafts  B & B 57  1894-1906

Letter from the American solicitors of Burgon and Ball about an infringement of a trade-mark by J. Barton Smith & Co. of Pennsylvania, USA and covering letter  B & B 58  1896

Nine bundles relating to patents granted to Burgon and Ball in Great Britain and various other countries listed below  B & B 59  1891-1898

Most bundles contain:-
Letters Patent granted between 1891 and 1897 Official copy of the will of Charles Burgon, 1894 Copies of assignment by Harry Burgon and by the trustees of Charles Burgon to Frederic Burgon, 1896 Assignment by Frederic Burgon to Burgon and Ball, 1898

Patents in Great Britain and papers  B & B 59/1  1891-1898

Patents in New South Wales  B & B 59/2  1891 - 1898

54 pp

Includes: Assignment of interest in certain patents by Frederic Burgon to Burgon & Ball Ltd.
Will of Charles Burgon 1894.
Patents 2979 (1891); 3650 (1892); 3649 (1892) 3775 (1892); 4973 (1894) for sheep shears.
Includes diagrams

Patents in South Australia  B & B 59/3  1891 - 1898

19 pp

Includes: Documents as in B & B 59/2
Patents 2661 (1894); 2182 (1892); 2228 (1892) 2183 (1892); 1914 (1891): for sheep shears

Patents in Victoria  B & B 59/4  1891 - 1398

28 pp

Includes: Documents as in B & B 59/2
Patents 8720 (1891); 9511 (1892); 9512 (1892) 9669 (1892); 11281 (1894): for sheep shears

Patents in Queensland  B & B 59/5  1897-1898

9 pp

Includes: Declaration by F Burgon re patent specification improvements in machines for shearing.
Assignment of interest in certain patents by F Burgon to Burgon & Ball

Patents in New Zealand  B & B 59/6  1891 - 1898

24 pp

Includes: Documents as in B & B 59/2
Patents 5491 (1892); 5010 (1891); 5957 (1892)
6777 (1894); 5490 (1892): for sheep shears

Patents in the Argentine and papers  B & B 59/7  1893-1898

Patents in the United States and papers  B & B 59/8  1892-1898

Patents in France and a few papers  B & B 59/9  1889, 1898

Copies and drafts of agreement between Alfred Melchior of Sydney, Australia, and Burgon and Ball. He licences the firm to make shearing machines patented by him, with some letters  B & B 60  1897-1899

Includes: 2 Aug 1899. F Burgon (Sydney) to Melchior re terms under which he offers B & B his shearing machine.
26 Aug 1899. Agreement between Frederic Burgon, Burgon & Ball and Alfred Melchior as to sheep shearing and grinding patents.
26 Aug 1899. License and agreement between A Melchior, William Charles Hill and Frederic Burgon.
29 Aug and 27 Sept 1899. Alfred De Lissa (Sydney) to Burgon & Ball re agreement with Melchior.
26 Aug 1899. Norton & Smith (Sydney) to De Lissa re agreement.
21 Dec 1897. Declaration by F Burgon re Queensland patents

Letters and duplicated copies of deeds in connection with the assignment of patents and trade-marks etc., all relating to the agreement with J. H. Young & Co. in Sydney, Australia  B & B 61  1899-1900

Includes: Draft request and declaration patents register entry.
Clauses re power of attorney for protection of patents and trade marks in Australasian colonies.
19 April 1899. R F Drury & Sons to Messrs Webster and Styring re registration of patents in Australia.
Assignment of trade marks.
6 March 1899. [F Burgon?] (Sydney) to B & B (Sheffield) re ownership of J H Young & Co by B & B (Copy).
3 March 1899. B & B (Sheffield) to W H Eyres (Sydney) re power of attorney (Faint, pressed copy)

Certificate of registration of trade-mark of Burgon and Wilkinson Ltd Sheffield in various Australian states  B & B 62  1901

A few cuttings from trade journals of printed descriptions of Burgon and Ball's trade-mark in Australia, and notes on marks registered in Canada  B & B 63  1903

Duplicate correspondence and agreements about the Wilkinson trade-mark case  B & B 64  1906-1907

The Wilkinson Shear and Cutlery Co. of Reading, Pennsylvania USA, agreed to omit the name 'Wilkinson' from their shears

Miscellaneous letters  B & B 65  1907-1932

About the following:-
Protection of trade-marks, 1907-08
Notice of removal of a trade-mark from the register of the Cutlers' Company of Sheffield, 1932

Australian patents granted to James Hind for improvements in sheep shearing machines, with a printed specification  B & B 66  1910-1917

1910, 1911, 1917
Includes: 18 May 1911. WJ Spruson (Sydney) to Burgon Sheep Shearing Co (Sydney). Hind's Commonwealth (No.19181) and New Zealand patents (No. 28502). Specification No.19181/10. 2 Sept 1910: improvements in sheep shearing machines.
Letters patent No. 19181. 2 Sept 1910. Australia.
Letters patent No. 28502. 13 Jan 1911 New Zealand

Folder of papers relating to Benjamin Hind's patent for improvements in garden shears, secateurs, scissors etc  B & B 67  1872-1938

Related information: See also B & B 4-7, 15/2, 15/3, 69, 75, 87, 48

Included are:-
Copies of specification
Patents for Great Britain and Australia. 1932-1938
Also some printed specifications for various types of years. 1872, 1880, 1908, 1912

Overseas Trade  [no ref. or date]

Packets of letters from shipping agents and agents abroad when Burgon and Ball were trying to get a market for their sheep shears in New Zealand, Australia, California, South America, etc  B & B 68  1867-1878

Letters and invoices from Messrs Dalgetty De Cruz & Co (London & Melbourne) re shipping of shears to Melbourne and Dunedin, Bundle 1  B & B 68/1  1872-1877

14 p

Letters and invoices from Levy Bros (London & Melbourne) re shipping shears to Melbourne, Bundle 2  B & B 68/2  1871

9 p

Letters and invoices from Gibbs Bright & Co (Brisbane & Dunedin) re shipping and selling shears, Bundle 3  B & B 68/3  1871-1872

4 p

Letters from New Zealand Loan and Mercantile Agency Co Ltd (London) re shipping shears to New Zealand; comments by New Zealand agents on selling the shears, Bundle 4  B & B 68/4  1877 - 1878

7 p

Letters and invoices from William Rigg (Melbourne & London) re shipping shears to Melbourne; comments on quality, Bundle 7  B & B 68/5  1868-1876

40 p

Includes copies of; letters from station owners condemning the shears; comments on "Boomerang" shear

Letters and invoices from John Swire & Sons (Liverpool) re shipping shears to Sydney; problems selling them in Sydney Bundle 8  B & B 68/6  1871-1875

36 p

Includes letters from Lorimer, Marwood and Rome (Sydney & Melbourne) re selling the shears, establishing B & B in the market

Letters and invoices from GF Dickinson (London) re shipping and selling shears in New Zealand and Sydney Bundle 11  B & B 68/7  1872-1873

14 p

File of miscellaneous letters  B & B 69  1868-1901

Letters from exporters, especially suggested improvements of shears
Application for agency
Case for prolongation of patent
Also a few about Burgon and Ball partnership and telegrams about fire at the works, 1878
Also correspondence with a San Francisco, USA firm 1881, and order from Salt Lake City, USA 1901

Letter books of Fred Burgon  B & B 70  1887-1888

A duplicate letter book of Fred Burgon, during Australian tour, to his father and others. (Adelaide exhibition)  B & B 70/1  1887-1888

Also some later letters to Australia.
Also original letter (loose)

Duplicate letter book of Fred Burgon to his father, from Australia  B & B 70/2  November - December, 1888

Lease of office premises in Sydney Australia to Burgon and Ball  B & B 71  1897

Papers relating to Fred Burgon  B & B 72  [n.d.]

Correspondence re financial aspects of F Burgon's trip to Australia  B & B 72/1  June-Sept 1899

8 p

Some faint pressed copies

Correspondence with Alfred De Lissa (Sydney) re death of F Burgon and settlement of his affairs in Australia  B & B 72/2  1899-1900

21 p

Agreements and Correspondence with Australian agents and papers re Australian patents  B & B 73  1877-1929

136 p

Includes agreements with: George Munro Ltd of Ballarat (1929)
: Barrow & Co Ltd of Banbury (1911)
: AS Long and SJ Hill of Sydney (1913)
: Andersons Ltd of Christchurch (1912)
: Percy Guthridge (1912)
: John Tucker (Broken Hill) (1901)
: Wortley Cane & Co (1896)
: WH Eyres (1890)
: Alexander Bros (1877)
Also includes: Report on interview between H Burgon, WH Eyres, Wm Kilgour and FIW Harrison on 9 March 1893 re Australasian business.
Particulars of Burgon machines in use in Australia and NZ with details sheep stations. (owner's name, number of sheep, number of machines)

Agreements for South American agency  B & B 74  1895-1911

Mostly with Negretti & Zambra (1895, 1900, 1910, 1911) and also with Juan Shaw (1911)

Agreements for sale of goods in U.S. and Canada (including some patent agreements)  B & B 75  c.1876-1905

With the following:-
Messrs. Hill Brothers (1876, 1877)
Wm. Cook Scott (1891)
Messrs. Wiebusch & Hilger Ltd. (1905)
Decatur Bull & Co. (1901 and various dates)

Duplicate letter book of Benjamin Hind  B & B 76  1894-1902

Some letters written to Burgon and Ball while he was on a South American tour for the firm and others to the firm's representative in Australia (some personal news)

File of letters from James Hind in Australia to the firm or his brother B. Hind (includes period of the Eyres case)  B & B 77  1900-1906

Administrative history:
Eyres was Burgon and Ball's agent in Sydney, Australia

Also letters from James Hind about end of Eyres' case and cuttings about case from "The Worker"

Bundle of letters  B & B 78  c.1903-1906

Correspondence with Alfred De Lissa, Sydney solicitor, at one stage acting on behalf of Messrs. Young, sheep shearing contractors (who appear to have dismissed him). All connected with the Eyres case; Youngs eventually made some kind of partnership with Burgon and Ball.
Subjects include: Termination of de Lissa acting for JH Young & Co; shares held by Hellicar & Noyes; non submittal of Queensland income tax returns by JH Young & Co; claim by shearers employed by Young & Co on Milo station, Queensland for compensation for time lost due to faulty machinery (includes copies of letters from shearers to John Leahy (sec MSU) re conditions at Milo station, 1904); reports on general meetings of JH Young & Co; acquisition of JH Young by B&B; relations between de Lissa and JH Young.
Includes copies of correspondence and invoices from McArthur Engineering Co Ltd, B & B Sydney agents, 1907

File of correspondence with Australian agency in Sydney  B & B 79  1908-1916

Includes references to a strike at Burgon and Ball in England. 1908.
Also file of copies of invoices from Sydney office. 1910-16
Subjects include: Kyunna case; relations with W & A McArthur; prices; possibility of employing Andy Hind; taking offices at Circular Quay; shearers claiming compensation for time lost due to faulty machinery; formation of company with JH Young; shearers refuse to use Burgon machines; JH Young & Co Ltd Annual Report, 1907

Three note-books of D. Bramall's trips to South America (probably a mechanic in charge of exhibits at exhibitions)  B & B 80  1902-1912

1902, 1911, 1912

File of Australian agency letters  B & B 81  1922-1927

File of correspondence with Sydney  B & B 82  1929-1936

Note says: this property now sold 1946

Index to a letter file beginning 1915 (file lacking)  B & B 83  1915

Powers of Attorney, etc. granted to A.B. Clark 1925 and subsequent dates  B & B 84  1925-1940

Large patent letter file of Australian correspondence (mainly from the agent A. B. Clark)  B & B 85  1929-1942

Correspondence with Australia  B & B 86  1938 - 1944

111 p

Copies from letters from B & B (Sheffield) to B & B (Sydney); some letters from WR Keywood (Manager, B&B Sydney) and AB Clark (Sydney)
Subjects include: Accounts; application for export licences; goods despatched; import restrictions in New Zealand

Bundle of papers relating to the Wolseley Sheep shearing machine, Australian patents and agents  B & B 87  1875-1932

Correspondence with Wolseley Co re agreement with B&B to make their machine  B & B 87/1  1887 - 1892

62 p

Includes: Correspondence between Fred Burgon and F Wolseley in Adelaide; and testimonials from Australian shearers

Draft agreement appointing Dalgetty & Co sole agents for B & B in Australasian colonies, with covering letters from Dalgetty & Co (London)  B & B 87/2  1890

4 p

Proposals for sheepshearing machine agency submitted by J. M. Lennan & Co., Buenos Aires  B & B 87/3  1891

Miscellaneous papers  B & B 87/4  1891-1892

Queens land Government Gazette  B & B 87/4/1  16 April 1892

1 p

Notice re patent 2023

British and Foreign Patent Office (London) to B&B re patents  B & B 87/4/2  28 March 1891

Rough notes  B & B 87/4/3  1891 - 1892

8 p

River Plate account 1875; odd papers about Inland revenue account 1883  B & B 87/5  1875, 1883

Letter about supply of Silver's patent sheep shearing machines  B & B 87/6  1890

Profit and loss account, report  B & B 87/7  1892

Profit and loss account of Wolseley Sheep Shearing Machine Co Ltd  B & B 87/7/1  30 June 1892

3 p

References to Australian sales

Report by Laurence Heyworth, Chairman Wolseley Sheep Shearing Co Ltd, on present losses and future trade in Australia  B & B 87/7/2  23 Dec 1892

5 p

Some correspondence with Negretti and Zambra about the purchase of machine parts left in the hands of a firm in Buenos Aires, with lists and sketches of parts  B & B 87/8  1909

Miscellaneous papers  B & B 87/9  20th century

Robert Wilson (Graziers' Cooperative Shearing Co Ltd, Sydney) to JF Rolfe (Newtown) re distribution and manufacture of SAF parts at Lithgow Small Arms Factory  B & B 87/9/1  2 Dec 1931

Order form for SAF shearing machine duplicates and leaflet  B & B 87/9/2  nd

Press cuttings re shearing  B & B 87/9/3  nd

13 p

Papers re William H Eyres  B & B 88  1890 - 1902

Appointment as agent  B & B 88/1  1890

18 p

Draft agreements, correspondence, power of attorney

Agreement appointing Eyres agent  B & B 88/2  1896

3 p

Correspondence re appointment as Managing Director for the colonies with Eyres and Messrs Webster and Styring (Sheffield)  B & B 88/3  1901-1902

10 p

Includes: specimen signature resolution at AGM, 28 Nov 1901 notes

Papers re John Henry Young, sheep shearing contractor, Sydney  B & B 89  [n.d.]

Agreements  B & B 89/1  1899-1909

1899, 1902, 1906, 1909.
JH Young agreements to act as manager of B&B business as sheep shearing contractors; formation of JH Young & Co Ltd

Transfer of shares to JH Young  B & B 89/2  3 Feb 1906

4 p

List of shareholders in JH Young & Co Ltd at 12 Oct  B & B 89/3  1910

1 p

Includes James & Anderson Hind

Assignment of JH Young & Co Ltd assets to B & B  B & B 89/4  23 Dec 1912

2 p

Shearing by contract with machinery JH Young & Co Shearing contractors, Sydney  B & B 89/5  n.d

7 p

Printed illustrated brochure

JH Young & Co. Comparison of rate per head paid for shearing at different stations  B & B 90  1899 - 1904

44 p

Details of shed, number of sheep shorn, price per head, profit, loss, cost of plant, remarks [strike, rain, breakdowns, etc]
At back notes; accounts; schedule of goods sent to Sydney, 1898 - 1905

Lists of firms in various parts of the world  B & B 91  Undated

Related information: See also B & B 41/1-3, 56/3, 56/10, 59-63, 66, 67

Accounts of Australian trading  [no ref. or date]

W. H. Eyres' Sydney Australia balance sheets 1893-5  B & B 92  1890-1895

Also drafts paid to Eyres 1890-94

W. H. Eyres' account of receipts and payments for machines, etc  B & B 93  1890-1895

Quarterly cycle returns (stock, sales, etc., at Sydney). (Signed W. H. Eyres)  B & B 94  1897

Australian Financial files  B & B 95  1892-1897

Balance sheets of account with Dalgetty & Co Ltd  B & B 95/1  Feb 1891 - Sept 1897

19 bundles 128 p

WH Eyres. Receipts and account  B & B 95/2  1896 - 1897

18 p

Sydney store. Machine stock  B & B 95/3  1896 - 1897

28 p

Correspondence with McIlwraith & McEacharn & Co (London) re Queensland agency  B & B 95/4  1890 - 1892

11 p

Miscellaneous financial documents including: freight charges paid by Dalgetty & Co  B & B 95/5  1890 - 1895

17 p

Burgon & Ball Shearing Machine Co. Financial: Accounts, balance sheets  B & B 96  1912 - 1936

Accounts and balance sheets  B & B 96/1  1912 - 1914

142 p

With covering reports from Auditors Lyell and Allard (Sydney)

Accounts and balance sheets  B & B 96/2  1924/1925

14 p

Includes: 18 Nov 1925. AB Clark (Sydney) to B & B (Sheffield) re trading

Accounts and balance sheets  B & B 96/3  1932/1933

22 p

With auditor's report (HJ Brigden)

Accounts and balance sheets  B & B 96/4  1933/1934

35 p

With auditor's report (HJ Brigden)
Includes: 25 Oct 1934. AB Clark (Sydney) to B & B (Sheffield) re financial matters.
14 March 1935. Brigden to B & B (Sheffield) re disappointing results

Accounts and balance sheets  B & B 96/5  1934/1935

15 p

With auditor's report and covering letter from HJ Brigden, 5 Nov 1935.
Includes: 8 Jan 1936. HJ Brigden (Sydney) to Ben Hind (Sheffield) re exchange rate

Accounts and balance sheets  B & B 96/6  1935/1936

19 p

With auditor's report (Harry J Brigden, Sydney)
Includes: 4 March 1937. AB Clark (B&B, Sydney) to B&B (Sheffield) introducing Harry Brigden

Monthly analysis of Sydney expenses  B & B 97  1927-1942

Volume of Sydney current accounts. (On spine: "Stock book")  B & B 98  1901-1937

Melbourne and Sydney, Australia stock returns  B & B 99  1906-1928

1906, 1922, 1928

General trading records  [no ref. or date]

Small note book pricing sickles and hooks (may be in James Ball's hand)  B & B 100  1872

Daily analysis of sales (dozens and prices, no other particulars)  B & B 101  1866-1877

Order book for sheep-shears  B & B 102  1886-1889

Order book for shears and sickles  B & B 103  1898

Traveller's order book  B & B 104  1899

Quarterly trading accounts  B & B 105  1894-1899

A bundle of detailed specifications for orders  B & B 106  1890s

Payments: book of bills receivable  B & B 107  1894-1936

Various bundles and folders relating to cost analysis  B & B 108  1903-1940

Sheep shearing machines cost price lists  B & B 108/1  1903-1912

1903-1906, 1911, 1912

Cost analysis sheets for hand shears and horse clipper  B & B 108/2  1903-1909

Specifications and costs for motor cars supplied (some with the names of customers)  B & B 108/3  1903-1906

Cost analysis sheets for garden shears (1903, 1909-11, 1916, 1924, 1928, 1932, 1934) and a copy of a letter re pricing policy (1938)  B & B 108/4  1903-1938

Papers on pruner costs. 1922-24, 1932-36  B & B 108/5  1922-1936

Some cost sheets for the horse clipper  B & B 108/6  1924

Hammer cost sheets  B & B 108/7  1926

Miscellaneous cost sheets for tools, garden tools, sheep shears etc  B & B 108/8  1924-1940

1924, 1939, 1940

Specifications and prices for screws bought by Burgon & Ball  B & B 109  c.1905-1911

Folder of circular letters sent out offering shears, Talbot & Bayard cars, factors' discounts, etc  B & B 110  1913

File of testimonial letters, home and overseas. Mainly from Australia  B & B 111  1899 - 1941

The first pages have been torn out, but appear to have comprised mainly the index pages, now restored

Another small file of reports and testimonials, mainly foreign, including Australia and New Zealand  B & B 112  c1897-1900

Duplicated copies of instructions for working hand-power sheep shears and sharpening machine  B & B 113  c.1914?

Motor car and cycle sales  [no ref. or date]

Letter from Samuel Young proposing terms for marketing pneumatic cycle tyres from a depot in Birmingham  B & B 114  26 July 1894

Agreement to sell a Wolseley motor car to the Baslow Hydropathic Co, Derbyshire  B & B 115  1905

3 small note books, possibly Benjamin Hind's  B & B 116  c.1904-1906

2 notebooks with details of prices of parts for motor cars  B & B 116/1  1904-1905

Similar, but also list of people's names  B & B 116/2  1906

Counterpart agreement between Burgon & Bal and W. S. Laycock Ltd, Sheffield  B & B 117  1920-1921

Related information: See also B & B 14/2, 14/7, 15/1, 16, 94, 95, 108/3, 110, 141, 148

The former undertake an agency to sell Charron-Laycock motor cars.
Attached are carbon copies of a letter from Laycock setting cut the terms and reply from Benjamin Hind

Work and workers  [no ref. or date]

Wages book  B & B 118  1876-1878

Five workmen's individual time books  B & B 119  1895-1907

Probably all here because of cases arising about employment, compensation, discharge, etc

Workmen's compensation: case of Edgar Mills employed 1906-11  B & B 120  1906-1911

File of correspondence with solicitors and includes Mills' time book

Fitters' time book  B & B 121  1897-1898

The first part of the book has been used subsequently for pasting in printed notices of balance sheets, company meeting notices, etc. - not Burgon & Ball

Register of work completed with daily totals  B & B 122  1881-1939

No individual names of workmen.
On flyleaf list of 34 workmen who have died since the dispute, 1894

Rules for La Plata works, Malin Bridge, Sheffield  B & B 123  1887-1915

(Printed posters of rules for employees). October 1887 and October 1895.
Typed notice of stocktaking "holiday", 1915

Price or wage rates at Burgon & Ball 1893-1904, together with 'raises' proposed by the Wool Shear Grinders' and Benders' Society, 1892  B & B 124  1892-1905

Also a letter about wage rates, and a few wage sheets, 1905

Miscellaneous papers relating to Unions  B & B 125  1887-1908

Claims for wrongful dismissals 1887, 1888.
Letters from Wool Shear Grinders' and Benders' Union 1894.
Appeal of the T.U.S. Co-operative 1894.
Various papers about Trade Union Co-operative manufacture of shears 1899, and correspondence with Charles Hobson 1906.
Printed Rules and Regulations of the Wool Shear Makers', Grinders', Finishers' and Benders' Union 1904.
Australian Workers' Union, shearers' tickets, etc., 1893, 1901.
Some letters to 'Mr. Jim' from J. Tyas, secretary of the Sheep Shear Makers', Grinders', Finishers' & Benders' Union, about the Union. 1908.
Australian Worker's Union, Bourke Branch, shearers ticket; Doondi Stations Certificate of Discharge for O Olsen, 18 Jan 1894; 11 June 1895 note signed by Ronald MacPherson (Boatman) that O Olsen is a good shearer; leaflet for TUS sheep shears.
21 Dec 1899. Ward & Payne's (Sheffield) to EC Fibre Co Ltd, (Suffolk) re sheep shears for Australia.
Appeal by TUS Cooperative to shearers and merchants, 1894. (4p).
B&B work force in dispute with B & B; letter mentions support they are receiving from Australian shearers and quotes letter from shearers at Warrana Station

Agreements, indenture  B & B 126  1865-1895

Agreements to employ individuals  B & B 126/1  1865-1895

Two earliest agreements (1865, 1866) are for employment as cutlers by Charles Burgon of the Globe works; from 1870 the agreements are with Burgon and Ball as sheep shear grinders or engineers

Apprenticeship indenture of William Sykes, bound to James Ball of Globe Cutlery Works, sheep shear manufacturer  B & B 126/2  1871

Papers relating to action in County Court concerning employee's claim for wages in lieu of notice  B & B 127  1901

Related information: See B & B 36, 79

Welfare and social  [no ref. or date]

Burgon Machine engineers' Fishing Club papers  B & B 128  1893-1903

Included are:- subscription lists, accounts, letters and donations, prize list

Printed programme for La Plata Works First Annual Athletic Sports  B & B 129  1896

Souvenir printed menus for a dinner held at La Plata works for the Diamond Jubilee (a picture of La Plata works on the back)  B & B 130  1897

List of new members for the La Plata Sick Club  B & B 131  1903

Miscellaneous legal papers  [no ref. or date]

Bundle of papers relating to miscellaneous legal cases  B & B 132  1866-1887

As follows:-
Renshaw and Son v. Charles Burgon for not fulfilling an order for cutlery. 1866.
Burgon and Rawson v. Darwen for debt. 1871.
Burgon and Ball v. Cartledge for threatening behaviour. 1872.
Burgon and Ball v. Dodge and Co. Ltd., for non-payment of an account. 1879.
James Hall, architect, v. Burgon and Ball for payment on account of work done. 1881.
Burgon and Ball v. Tudor for threatening behaviour. 1885.
John Eyre v. Charles Burgon for damages for being discharged without due notice. 1886.
Burgon and Ball v. Glassey and Co. for debt. 1887.
Ward and Payne Sheff v. Burgon and Ball about a claim to an award at the Adelaide Exhibition. 1887

Bundle of papers relating to miscellaneous claims and agreements  B & B 133  1878-1888

As follows:-
Notes, draft claim, solicitors' letters etc. relating to a claim for fire damage at La Plata works. Malin Bridge, Sheffield 1878.
Claim for a plate glass window broken by Charles Burgon's horse and carriage. 1887.
Dispute and agreement with Messrs. Broadley and Son over damage to sheep shears for shipment to Australia. 1888

Miscellaneous personal papers  [no ref. or date]

Miscellaneous papers, probably all Benjamin Hind's  B & B 134  1898-1929

Related information: See also B & B 14/4, 67, 76, 77, 116, 117

Detailed drawings (on fragile paper), of parts of the sheepshearing machine, perhaps for patent purposes 1898 and a few 1899  B & B 134/1  1898, 1899

A few papers, mostly printed advertisements, relating to T.U.S. sheep shears  B & B 134/2  nd

Approximate departmental summary of fixed plant at Burgon and Ball Ltd  B & B 134/3  1900

A few papers relating to Hind's application for a petrol allocation  B & B 134/4  1917

Three letters about costs, supplies etc  B & B 134/5  1902-1906

1902, 1903, 1906

A copy of a confidential letter sent to A.B. Clark in Australia about manufacturing handpieces for sheep shearing machines with a draft agreement  B & B 134/6  1929

Newspaper cutting, with a photograph of Benjamin Hind, about Sheffield Dog Show (Hind was first president of Sheffield Championship Show)  B & B 134/7  1929

Some miscellaneous notes  B & B 134/8  n.d

Newspaper cuttings relating to the firm and its trade  [no ref. or date]

Mainly Australian papers (the later ones relate to a strike at Burgon and Ball)  B & B 135  1887-1894

Cuttings book numbered '4'. (Sydney and Sheffield papers)  B & B 136  1902-1907

Cuttings, mainly British newspapers  B & B 137  1908-1939

Cuttings, mainly advertisements for the firm in Australian papers  B & B 138  1900-1906

Printed material (not Burgon and Ball)  [no ref. or date]

Schedule of owners and occupiers using water for power on the Rivers Upper Don, Little Don, Loxley and Lower Don  B & B 139  June 1931

Employers Liability Act (with some notes)  B & B 140  1906

Motor Trade Association. Rules for local action in regard to Price Cutting  B & B 141  1934

Machinery Merchants' Association of New South Wales, Australia Sheep shearing section. Schedule of minimum prices for 1936 - 1939 seasons  B & B 142  1936-1939

Arthur Canham - The Empire Trek Book 1929, British National Union  B & B 143  1929

110 p

The Year Book of the British National Union and a souvenir of the tour of Empire Farmers in Great Britain and Ireland organised by the Union during the summer of 1923.
Thirty six farmers and their wives from Australia and New Zealand took part in the tour. The booklet includes their comments on places visited (including B&B works at Sheffield) and letters of appreciation

Copy of the Australia Official Journal of Trade-marks  B & B 144  1910

Photographs  [no ref. or date]

Miscellaneous bundle of photographs  B & B 145  c. 1912-1916

As follows:-
Sheep shearing machine
Hand shears
Horse clipper
Parts of machinery
Sheep shearing in progress.
Most undated but some have dates endorsed

Four photographs of an exhibition stand of Burgon and Ball at Norwich in 1911, and one photograph of another stall at the same exhibition  B & B 146  1911

A photograph of medals awarded to Burgon and Ball  B & B 147  n.d. post 1893

Two photographs of motor cars  B & B 148  c.1903-1921

2 cars outside La Plata works Malin Bridge, Sheffield n.d. but early 20th century  B & B 148/1  [n.d.]

A motor car, labelled "W. H. Wragg. 25/50 H P Talbot. Chassis No. 10473. Supplied June 1921."  B & B 148/2  [n.d.]

Two photographs of groups of men (including work men) in a wood, possibly an outing  B & B 149  n.d. (c. 1912)

Price list and catalogues  [no ref. or date]

Price list (manuscript) of Burgon & Wilkinson, Sheffield for hammers  B & B 150  c.1896

Price list (manuscript) possibly of Burgon & Wilkinson, Sheffield but taken over by Burgon & Ball  B & B 151  c.1896-1902

Lists shears, scissors, pruners etc.
Also printed price lists loose in the volume and price lists of other firms including Wilkinson Sword Co.Ltd. and the Wilkinson Shear Co. of U.S.A

Price list (manuscript) of Burgon & Ball for hammers, picks, other tools and garden tools  B & B 152  c.1902-1914

Price list (manuscript) for the hand power sheep clipper and various parts. Cancelled 1915  B & B 153  c.1914

Volume with pages from Burgon & Ball printed general catalogue pasted in and prices handwritten against the various items  B & B 154  c.1906-1912

Also duplicated sheets of price list pasted in.
Included are:-
A printed general catalogue marked "office copy";
A draft handwritten price list (both loose at the back of the volume)

Cuttings books with printed handlists, bill heads, labels etc. pasted in, some not Burgon & Ball. (Some loose at the end)  B & B 155  c.1922-1933

Also letters offering quotations for printing, transfers, stationery etc. with names of firms and travellers

Miscellaneous printed and duplicated price lists (and a few manuscript) for sheep shearing machines and gearing,and garden tools  B & B 156  c.1920s-1940s

Catalogues for 1881, 1895 and c.1900 onwards for the Australian, South American, South African and Canadian markets  B & B 157  1881-1930s

Includes some catalogues for the period immediately after Burgon & Wilkinson were taken over with some of the latter's advertisements.
Also advertising cards c.1915

Miscellaneous catalogues with advertising handbills for clippers, sheepshearing outfits etc. from the early years of the firm  B & B 158  c.1880s-1928

Also sheepshearing pamphlets, 1907-1928, with one in Spanish (1907).
And file of notes on horse clippers including rival makes. c. 1915

Catalogues of other firms  B & B 159  n.d

Various Sheffield firms including Footprint
Triumph and Moffat Virtue etc

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