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Reference 77/E
Covering dates 1862-1970s
Held by Rotherham Metropolitan Borough, Archives and Local Studies Section
Conditions of access All material subject to 30 year closure period.
Creators Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council, Education Department

Log books already deposited at Central Library before completion of survey (1975). A list of these compiled (1995) from the survey result is in the deposit file. Including, Dinnington Junior (2 vols); Greasbrough Street (1 vol); Kimberworth Higher Standard/Co. Secondary (2 vols); Parkgate/Rawmarsh, various schools (some mixed volumes, total of 16); Log books etc. for Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council area schools (78 items); School board minutes 1892-1904 (3 vols); St Ann's Road School, Log books 1920-74 (2 vols); Rotherham Parish Church Schools: Log books; Girls School 1863-89; Infants School 1864-1928 (3 vols); Bramley Brook School Admission register 1874-1907; Bramley and Wickersley Mixed and Infants School Admission register 1911-15; Log books etc. for schools viz: Alma Road, Feoffees Temporary Board, Hollis, Maltby Church of England, Rotherham National, Thorpe Salvin, West Thorpe, Westgate Baptist Chapel Temporary; Swallownest Junior and Infant Schools: Log books 1893-1968 (3 vols); Ferham Infant School: Log book 1894-1947; Swinton Bridge School: Log books 1878-1971 (10 vols); Managers' and Visitors' book 1904-65; Punishment book 1920-66; Dalton Council Infant School Log book 1912-33; Bramley and Wickersley Temporary Provided School Log book 1909-40; Herringthorpe Junior, Middle and Infants School Log book 1931-71; Alma Road Infant School: Log book 1950-71; Maltby Church of England School: Managers' minute book 1975-80; Blackburn Mixed and Infant School: Admission register 1907-49; Brampton Ellis School: Record books of junior and secondary departments, plans, photos, 1870-1985; Brampton charities 1892-1900; Brampton survey and rate book 1840; Rotherham Parish Church Schools: Log book, girls school 1890-1924; Log books received after survey completed 31 Dec 1975 and before main list completed 2 Oct 1986, for which no accession records can be traced (15 vols); Kilnhurst Church of England School: Log books, mixed department 1888-1967 (2 vols); South Grove School Log books, photographs etc; High Greave Road Junior School: Log books 1949-81 (2 vols); Sitwell Infants School: Log book 1974-83; Wath Church of England Junior and Infant School: Log books, infants dept 1891-1940 (3 vols); Log books, junior dept. 1863-1966 (2 vols); Punishment book 1900-37; Managers' and visitors' book 1904-40; Aston Fence Junior and Infant School: Log books, Infants' Dept. 1878-1948 (2 vols); Log books, Junior Department 1877-1960 (3 vols); Swinton Fitzwilliam Infants School: Log books 1863-1941 (4 vols); Maltby Lilly Hall Junior School: Log book 1960-82; Woodsetts School: Log books 1875-1980 (3 vols); Admission register 1951-72; Managers' and visitors' book 1905-38; Schools sales account 1931-35; Firbeck School: Log books 1879-1938 (2 vols); Admission register 1869-1937; Teachers' time book 1918-35; Managers' and visitors' book 1904-38; Wales Junior and Infant School: Log books 1876-1979 (4 vols); Admission register 1955-69; Kimberworth Infant School: Log books 1906-86 (3 vols); Wentworth Church of England (Controlled) School: Admission registers: Infants 1925-38; Boys 1912-43; Girls 1919-66 (inc. Infants from 1938); Junior and Infants Dinnington Junior School admission registers 1874-1914 (2 vols); Wentworth Infants' School: Log books 1862-1938 (3 vols); Admission registers 1873-1925; Wentworth Girls' School: Log books 1891-1932 (3 vols); Admission register 1891-1919; Managers' book 1904-49; Wentworth Boys' School: Log books 1900-43 (2 vols); Admission register 1881-1912; Harley Infants' School: Log book 1875-1916; Admission registers 1875-1916 (2 vols); Rawmarsh Comprehensive School: Log book, boys' school 1931-63; Log books, girls' school 1948-63 (2 vols); Honours books 1931-66 (2 vols); Punishment book 1936-68 (2 vols); Thrybergh Junior School: Log books 1916-79 (3 vols); Honours book 1910-47; Admission registers 1933-71 (5 vols); Rosehill School, Rawmarsh: Log book 1947-79; School photographs (1 box); Anston Park Junior School: Log books 1957-86 (2 vols); Admission registers 1957-74 (2 vols); School fund account book 1975-82; Meadowhall Road School: Log book 1915-60; Wentworth Church of England (Controlled) School: Log book, Wentworth Girls School 1932-43, Junior Mixed and Infants 1943-64 (1 vol); Brinsworth Manor Junior School: Log books 1899-1957 (inc. Middle Lane Temporary Board School and Atlas Street Temporary Board School) (4 vols); Admission registers 1935-81 (6 vols); Log book, Canklow, John Brown and Cos. School 1894-1907; Log book, Canklow Temporary Infant School 1897-1902; Anston Brook Junior School: Log books 1880-1950 (6 vols); Admission registers 1933-75 (4 vols); Punishment books 1917-72 (2 vols); Photo of South Anston church c1910; East Dene Junior and Infant School: Log books 1896-1967 (inc. Eastwood View Temporary Board School (4 vols); Admission registers 1901-77 (5 vols); Badsley Moor Junior School: Log book 1929-79; Greasbrough Primary Schools: Log books (Junior and Infants School) 1879-1977 (8 vols); Log books (Church of England School) 1867-1948 (4 vols); Stocks and stores books 1936-51 (4 vols); Sales account books 1936-48 (2 vols); Wath Victoria Junior and Infants School: Log books 1888-1968 (8 vols); Teachers' time book 1907-10; Honours book 1934-68; Log books etc received between 1989-90; Wickersley Comprehensive School: Log book 1940-1962; Honours book 1932-46; Harthill Junior and Infants School: Log books 1878-1955 (8 vols); Kilnhurst Junior and Infants School: Log books 1880-1972 (3 vols); Other records (4 items); Brampton Ellis Church of England Infant School: Log books 1866-1984 (4 vols); Admission registers 1946-76 (2 vols); Maltby Hall Boys' School: Work sheets used in teaching at Maltby Hall Boys' School 1930s; Coleridge Junior and Infants School: Log book 1940-82; Admission registers 1940-78 (7 vols, of which 3 were found to be for Cranworth Road Infant School); Other record books 1940-84 (3 vols); Photographs 1953-77 (34); Brinsworth Whitehill Junior Middle and Infants School Log book 1967-82; Laughton Junior and Infant School: Log books 1931-65 (3 vols); School record 1949-59; Managers' and visitors' book; Spurley Hey School: Log books 1931-91 (3 vols); Admission registers 1931-77 (13 vols); Brampton Ellis Junior School: Log books 1959-81 (2 vols); Swinton Fitzwilliam Infants School: Log book 1944-88; Admission registers 1961-77 (2 vols); Brinsworth Howarth Junior and Infant School: Log book 1973-93; Thurcroft Junior School: Log books: Thurcroft Council Girls 1924-40 with Secondary 1940-64; Thurcroft Council Boys 1935-40 with Junior Mixed 1940-56; Thurcroft Junior Mixed 1957-71; Thurcroft Secondary 1964-70; Admissions register 1977-83; Honours book (unused); Swinton Bridge and Dalton Brook Schools: Swinton Bridge School admission registers 1878- (7 vols); Swinton Bridge School stock and stores book; Dalton Primary School admission registers (4 vols); Thrybergh Infant School: 1. Log books 1905-65 (3 vols); Managers' and Visitors' book 1905-32; Ferham Junior School: Log books: Boys' school 1894-1933; Boys' school 1933-59 and Mixed school 1962-81; Girls' school 1894-1944; Girls' school 1945-59 and Mixed school 1959-62; Bramley Sunnyside Infants School: Log books 1928-78, 1978-86; Admission registers 1928-81 (9 vols); Files on Governors' meetings; File of school plans; Rawmarsh Church of England (Aided) School: Boys' School (formerly Rawmarsh Free Grammar School) Log books; 1871-1940 (Junior Mixed from 1938) (4 vols); Admission registers 1885-1937 (3 vols); Girls' School Log books 1878-1938 (2 vols); Admission registers 1890-1937 (3 vols); Infants' School Log books 1880-1971 (3 vols); Admission registers 1899-1976 (7 vols); Junior Mixed School Log books 1940-76 (2 vols); Admission registers 1938-77 (vols); Managers' and Visitors' books 1904-51 (2 vols); School summaries 1943-46; Bramley and Wickersley Council School: Admission register 1915-31; Kiveton Park Infants School: Log books 1936-1996 (3 vols); Admission registers 1906-1988 (6 vols); Pending admissions register 1969-1978; Aston Lodge School: Log books 1954-97 (2 vols); Aughton Nursery School: Log books 1973-93 (2 vols); Admission registers 1973-89 (2 vols); Maltby Church of England School: Managers' minute book 1905-49; Honours book 1934-62; Log books marked 1975 in staff copy of list.

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