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Records of British Moss Litter Company.

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Reference DY/BML
Covering dates 1839-1966
Held by Doncaster Archives Department
Extent 6 Series
Many Items are Water Damaged and in Need of Conservation
Source of acquisition These records were rescued from the paraffin works at Moorends after its abandonment due to a fire.
Creators British Moss Litter Company

Administrative history:
This Company was formed in 1896, an amalgam of the Hatfield Chase Peat Moss Litter Company and four others, to extract and process peat on the Hatfield and Thorne Moors. The Company had works at Moorends, Medge Hall, Hatfield Moors, Crowle Moors, Swinefleet and Macclesfield.

DY/BML/1 Administrative Records
DY/BML/2 Financial Records
DY/BML/3 Legal Records
DY/BML/4 General Records
DY/BML/5 Miscellaneous Records
DY/BML2 Additional Records.

Administrative Records.  DY/BML/1  [n.d.]

Directors' Meetings Minute Book.  DY/BML/1/1  1899-1907

Directors' Meetings Minute Book (of the Peat Moss Litter Supply Co. Ltd).  DY/BML/1/2  1907-1912

Lists of Cheques signed at Meetings of Directors.  DY/BML/1/3  1921-1928

Directors' Minute Book of the Moss Litter Supply Company.  DY/BML/1/4  1900-1907

Financial Records.  DY/BML/2  [n.d.]

Account Books.  [no ref. or date]

General Cash Book.  DY/BML/2/1  1904-1912

General Cash Book.  DY/BML/2/2  1919-1926

Day Book.  DY/BML/2/3  1894-1899
Language:  Dutch and English

Day Book.  DY/BML/2/4  1904-1907

Day Book.  DY/BML/2/5  1908-1912

Copy Day Book (?).  DY/BML/2/6  1934-1934

Secretary's Journal (accounts).  DY/BML/2/7  1896-1915

Sales Book.  DY/BML/2/8  1896-1915

With record of dispatch.

Analysis Purchase Book.  DY/BML/2/9  1904-1913

Wages Book.  DY/BML/2/10  1933-1934

Shares and Dividends Records.  [no ref. or date]

Ordinary Dividend Lists.  DY/BML/2/10*  [n.d.]

Ordinary Dividend Lists.  DY/BML/2/10*/1  1902-1903

Ordinary Dividend Lists.  DY/BML/2/10*/2  1904-1907

Ordinary Dividend Lists.  DY/BML/2/10*/3  1910-1916

Preference Dividend Lists.  DY/BML/2/11*  [n.d.]

Preference Dividend Lists and Loose sheets from Preference Dividend volume.  DY/BML/2/11*/1  1902-1906

Preference Dividend Lists.  DY/BML/2/11*/2  1909-1914

Preference Dividend Lists.  DY/BML/2/11*/3  1914-1918

Debenture Interest List.  DY/BML/2/12*  1901-1905

Legal Records.  DY/BML/3  [n.d.]

Draft of Transfer of Shares in the Hatfield Chase Warping and Improvement Co.  DY/BML/3/1  1855

1. Charles Hoyland Bingley, gent, of Doncaster
2. Edmund Baxter, gent, of Doncaster.

Deed of Partnership of Messrs. Durham, Moore, Foster and Shaw.  DY/BML/3/2  Aug 1856

1. Makin Durham, merchant, of Thorne
2. Henry Moore, merchant, of Doncaster
3. John Foster, merchant, of Newhall Grange
4. Robert Shaw, merchant, of Thorne
To deal in linseed, rape cakes, bones, guano and other manures.

Conveyance of 1 acre 3 roods and 24 perchs of land (Little and Great Wike Close in Thorne (copy with plan).  DY/BML/3/3  Dec 1865

1. Samuel Meggitt, butcher, of Thorne
2. Makin Durham, civil engineer, of Thorne.

List of conveyances to Mr. J.H. Carnocham of land on Crowle Moors.  DY/BML/3/4  c 1852-1873

Copy Affidavit of Mrs. Emma Foster, widow.  DY/BML/3/5  1891

In case of Joseph Vickerman v Bennetts Moss Litter Co. in High Court of Justice (Chancery Division).

Copy case of respondents.  DY/BML/3/6  1893

In case of Lower Strafforth and Tickhill Highway Board v Hatfield Chase Peat Moss Litter Co. Ltd.

Bills of Messrs. Baxter & Co. Solicitors.  DY/BML/3/7  1893

Regarding the case of Lower Strafforth and Tickhill Highway Board v Hatfield Chase Peat Moss Litter Co. Ltd.

Conveyance of land for the purposes of the Isle of Axholme Light Railway at Claymarkets, Haxey.  DY/BML/3/8  Mar 1900

1. George Cartwright, esq., of Grimsby
2. Yorkshire Light Railway Syndicate Ltd.
With Baxters' Bill.

Case for Counsel's Opinion.  DY/BML/3/9  1903

In case of Goole Urban District Council v Corporation of the Level of Hatfield Chase.

Letter and extract from lease dated 1903.  DY/BML/3/10  1905

Regarding Mrs Stewart's Moors.

Letter from the L.N.E.R.  DY/BML/3/11  1924

Regarding the railway cottages at Thorne Moorends (with plan).

Copy letter from Yorkshire Land and Warping Co. Ltd.  DY/BML/3/12  1925

Regarding mineral leases to Pease and Partners Ltd.

Letter of Bentley, Gundill and Co, Solicitors.  DY/BML/3/13  1928

Regarding Creyke's Lease (of minerals).

Note of Cash in Transit for wages and insurance with Norwick Union.  DY/BML/3/14  c1934

General Records.  DY/BML/4  [n.d.]

Conditions of Sale of Broxholme House Estate, Doncaster.  DY/BML/4/1  1876

Catalogue of detachable steel chains of elevating and conveying machinery: Bagshawe Bros & Co.  DY/BML/4/2  1894

Check Book of tools issued (graving spades, knives forks and shovels) at Hatfield, Creykes Moor, Medge Hall Moors, Moorends, and Swinefleet works.  DY/BML/4/3  1912-1914

Eye-witness account of fire at Moorends Mill.  DY/BML/4/4  1922

New Rates of Wages List.  DY/BML/4/5  Jul 1963

Stock List of Peat and Finished Products at Swinefleet, Medge Hall and Hatfield.  DY/BML/4/6  Sep 1966

Manager's Notice regarding safety of dust machine.  DY/BML/4/7  n.d

Manager's Notice regarding Lamps in Mill.  DY/BML/4/8  n.d

Photograph of Goole Moors looking towards Swinefleet Warping Drain.  DY/BML/4/9  n.d

Photograph of vessel at Thorne(?).  DY/BML/4/10  n.d

Plans.  [no ref. or date]

Plans of land to be purchased from Makin Durham by the North Eastern Railway in Thorne, Sykehouse and Stainforth.  DY/BML/4/11  1868

Plans of warping drains of the Hatfield Chase Peat Moss Litter Co. North Tract Nos 1 and 3.  DY/BML/4/12  c1889-1896

5 plans

Plan of Concrete Foundations for hydraulic baling press for Hatfield Chase Peat Moss Litter Co.  DY/BML/4/13  1893

Plan of peat shed at Clough Head, Swinefleet by H.B. Thorp, Surveyor, Goole.  DY/BML/4/14  1893

Plan (of Baler?) at Macclesfield Peat Works.  DY/BML/4/15  1925

Plan of balcony floor at Creykes Sidings, Rawcliffe.  DY/BML/4/16  1938

Sketch plan of strips of land.  DY/BML/4/17  n.d

1 plan

Plan of Risley Peat Works, Nr. Warrington.  DY/BML/4/18  n.d

Miscellaneous Records.  DY/BML/5  [n.d.]

Papers and accounts.  DY/BML/5/1  1861-1876

1 bundle

Regarding peat cutting at Derrefadda, Rossfadda and Shanakyle for Mr Thomas MacAdam.

Bill of John Rods.  DY/BML/5/2  n.d

Bill of Robert Hartley, proprietor of the the Doncaster Chronicle, to John Whitaker, esq of Thorne, for 1/2 years' papers.  DY/BML/5/3  1839

Note regarding Whin Cover (10 acres) to be planted for Mr. Harvey.  DY/BML/5/4  c1841

Receipt of Francis Wharton for £55.10s.9d rent paid by Mrs. Ann Benson.  DY/BML/5/5  1842

For lands in Hatfield and Thorne belonging to the Governors of Sedbergh School.

Bill for advert in Hull and General Advertiser.  DY/BML/5/6  1842

For 10 acres of Turnips to sell by Mr John Whitaker of Thorne.

Bill for Dun Drainage rates due from executors of Mrs. Benson for lands in Kirk Bramwith.  DY/BML/5/7  1844

Valuation of farm at Thorne owned by Makin Durham (Moorends Farm).  DY/BML/5/8  1858

Correspondence from Makin Durham to the executors of R.J. Coulman of Wadworth.  DY/BML/5/9  1858

3 items

Regarding warping on Crowle Moors at Luddington.

Bill of George Brooks with Hatfield Chase Warping Co.  DY/BML/5/10  1869

For stamp for conveyance of land in Owston.

Additional Records of the British Moss Litter Company.  DY/BML2  1898-1966

Account book.  DY/BML2/1  1962-1965

Listing wages paid and expenses accounts.

Swinefleet Moor stock Book.  DY/BML2/2  1964-1966

Medge Hall
Hatfield Moor
Macclesfield Stock
Elmhirst, North and South
Dougherty, South
Stones, North
Drax, South
Moorends, North
Coop, North
Cawkwell, South
Backhouse, South.

Stock book.  DY/BML2/3  1964-1966

Goole fields
Medge Hall, Moorends and Swinefleet
Hatfield Moor
Swinefleet/ Dougherty, North
Backhouse, South.

Peat Moss Litter Company: Accounts Book 2.  DY/BML2/4  1898-1899

Containing Individual clients accounts (not alphabetical).

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