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Reference HALIFAX
Covering dates 1598-1985
Held by York University, Borthwick Institute for Archives
Extent c250 Boxes
Conditions of access Open
Archival history A desire and intention to preserve family papers is apparent as far back as Sir Francis Wood, the second Baronet 1771 - 1846. He assembled in docketed bundles all the correspondence amassed, for instance, in the affairs of his sister Elizabeth O'Reilly, and also various papers of his official activities in the West Riding, and the series of election posters at the time of the general election of 1807. His son Charles Wood, the first Viscount Halifax 1800 - 1885, was a much more thorough preserver of papers of all kinds. He was well known in public life by the time he was thirty and thereafter a good deal was preserved not only for its interest to the family but also for its wider importance. His wife Lady Mary Wood 1807 - 1884, youngest daughter of the second Earl and Countess Grey, acquired a good many papers from Howick which had belonged to her parents, and was a collector of autographs, riddles and games.
But the arrangement of the Hickleton papers was chiefly the work of Charles Wood, the second Viscount Halifax 1839 - 1934. He must at some time or another have looked at everything which had been collected before his time; and throughout his life he systematically added his own papers, of all kinds, and as many letters as he could bring in from all members of the family. As early as 1884, soon after the death of his mother, he wrote to his sister Emily saying that he had been reading through old letters and "wondering whether it would be possible to put together some record, telling the story chiefly by letters, of all that the past has been to us?". Such a record does not appear to have been made; but, by 1902, he was having prepared for him typewritten transcripts of a considerable part of the Hickleton papers. The work of transcribing went on for about twenty years, and the result is the two hundred and fifty volumes now at the Institute. These transcripts were used by J. G. Lockhart in writing his life of the second Viscount.
The Hickleton Papers were stored in Hickleton Hall in boxes, in chests of drawers and in the draws of desks. Hickleton Hall was requisitioned by the army during the second world war, but hae Papers remained safe. The house was given up in 1948 and the papers were moved to the stable block. Here, in about 1952, the first Earl of Halifax established a muniment room in the former corn-chamber on the first floor, and equipped it with suitable shelving, lighting and heating. The Papers themselves remained meanwhile in tight bundles in some forty boxes of various size. They were physically well preserved; but to know exactly what was there, and, still more, to consult them easily, was impossible.
In 1955, therefore, Lord Halifax asked Major Tom Ingram to arrange the papers in the shelves in the muniment room and to make a catalogue of what was there.
In October 1957, the Hickleton Papers and the transcripts were removed to Garrowby where Lord Halifax had prepared a muniment room for them in the house. They were subsequently deposited at the Borthwick Institute, University of York, in August 1980.
Source of acquisition In October 1957, the Hickleton Papers and the transcripts were removed to Garrowby where Lord Halifax had prepared a muniment room for them in the house. They were subsequently deposited at the Borthwick Institute, University of York, in August 1980.
Copies information The Long series of transcripts will be invaluable to anybody consulting the Hickleton papers. The following observations will, it is hoped, be found useful.
1. The letters, etc., transcribed represent the personal selection of the second Viscount Halifax. He has selected mainly letters of his father's political career, of his career in Church affairs, and family letters. All these are fully represented.
2. The transcripts are very often not full transcripts. There are a good many omissions from the originals. There are also, particularly in the family letters, a good many alterations of the originals.
3. Omissions and alterations are generally shown by the second Viscount in red ink or in pencil in the original. Anybody using the originals will soon become familiar with the method in which he compiled the transcripts.
4. The catalogue generally indicates the existence of transcripts.
5. The volumes of transcripts are arranged chronologically. Each volume carries the inclusive date of its contents on the spine.
Creators Wood family, Earls of Halifax
Related information Because of the varying and important posts held by different members of the Wood family, not all of the documents relating to them are held in this archive. Below is a brief summary of where other documents can be found:
Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax:
The papers of Sir Charles Wood as President of the Board of control 1852-55, and Secretary of State for India 1859-66 are held at the British Library. This collection consists of 143 volumes and 12 boxes of manuscripts, and was deposited on permanent loan by the 1st Earl of Halifax in 1956.
Reference HALIFAX/A2/278/209 gives the information on the Halifax Papers in the India Office Library, including the Elgin Collection, which includes the letter books of Sir Charles Wood. The catalogues are available at the Borthwick.
Charles Lindley Wood, 2nd Viscount Halifax:
The Papers of the Church union (formerly the English Church Union) are divided between the Society's headquarters and Lambeth Palace Library. In addition, Papers of British Churchmen 1780-1940 indicates that there is additional material of the 2nd Viscount at Lambeth Palace and his correspondence with Pusey at Pusey House, Oxford.
Edward Wood, 1st Earl of Halifax:
Also held at the British Library are the papers of the First Earl of Halifax while he was Viceroy to India 1926-31. This collection consists of 38 volumes of printed correspondence and telegrams, and was deposited on permanent loan by the 1st Earl in 1959. HALIFAX/A2/278/209 gives a list of the principal correspondents and a hand list of the collection.

Administrative history:
Francis Wood of Barnsley (1696 - 1775) had four sons and two daughters, and it is with the three elder sons that The Hickleton Papers begin. Of these three the eldest was Henry Wood who was baptized at Barnsley in February 1726. He was admitted pensioner at Jesus College, Cambridge, in 1745. He became a scholar of the College and graduated in 1748. (John Venn and J. A. Venn. Alumni Cantabrigiensis, pt. 1, vol. IV, 1927, p.451.) He was ordained in 1751. In 1756 he was in Portugal, and in the summer of that year was unanimously chosen by the members of the British Factory at Oporto to succeed the Reverend Mr. Nicols upon the latter's resignation as Chaplain to the Factory. (Public Record Office, State papers (Portugal), 89/50.) In 1763 Henry Wood became Rector of Hemsworth, and bought the Manor there, including Hemsworth Hall until his death in 1790. He became a Doctor of Divinity of Cambridge in 1775; and from 1776 to 1790 was Vicar of Halifax in addition to his living of Hemsworth. He married Elizabeth, daughter of Charles Gore of Horkstow in Lincolnshire. There were two daughters of the marriage, but both died young. Henry Wood was an active Justice of the Peace in the West Riding, and was much concerned with the management of his estate at Hemsworth. He also paid attention to the upbringing of his nephews and nieces after the death of their father, Captain Charles Wood, R.N., in 1782.
Francis Wood, the second of the sons, was born in 1728. He made his career as a merchant of the East India Company. He was with his brother Henry in Portugal for a time around 1756. But by his thirtieth year he was a Supercargo trading to Canton, and in 1758 he was a member of the East India Company's Council at Canton. This was the first year that a single council was appointed to have charge of all the ships and all the transactions of the Company at Canton. Before this the Supercargoes used to come out with a ship at the beginning of the season (about February) and return home with the same ship at the end of the season. The accounts and commissions of each ship were kept separate. In 1758 the system of 'resident members' of the Council began, and Francis Wood was one of the first of these. By November 1760 he was the only resident member left in Canton. On July 10th 1761 Samuel Blount arrived as a Supercargo and found Francis Wood 'prostrated by illness and out of his mind.' He was sent home, and the records of Canton next report his arrival there in 1768. Thereafter, except for a short spell in England in the season 1770-71, he appears to have been resident in Canton, and to have been a member of the Council every year, until 1777. (H. B. Morse. The Chronicles of the East India Company Trading to China 1635 - 1834. 5 vols., 1926-9: vol. 5, pp. 65 et.seq.) In September 1776 he became chief of the Council on the death of Edward Phipps. On 5th March 1777 he sailed for England on retirement from the Company's service. (India Office Library, China and Japan, 59; and Factory Records China (II), Letter Books 1775-9.) His father had died in 1775.
A partial insight into the wealth of Francis Wood is given in the Company's records for the year 1761, the year of his serious illness, when he was thirty-three years old. (H. B. Morse. See No. 5 above; vol 5, p.86.) In December of that year he is debited with stock as follows:
Tea, Bohea, 11,047 piculs... ... Value Taels 134,976
Success Snow (a sailing vessel)... Value Taels 1,440
Contract with Swetia a/c Beau Khigua Value Taels 7,026
Chinaware... ...... ... Value Taels 6,551
Silver: Bombay Rupees... Value Taels 32,020
Spanish Dollars... Value Taels 203,411
The tael at Canton was worth six shillings and eight pence. The picul was about 133 lbs weight. The total value of his stock was, therefore, about £128,475; of which nearly 656 tons of Bohea tea accounted for £44,992. In the eighteenth century Bohea signified the best quality black tea. It came from the Wu-i hills in Fuhkien. His stock of chinaware was valued at nearly £2,184; and in Bombay rupees and Spanish dollars his holding was to the value of about £78,477. The Hickleton Papers reflect Francis Wood's activities in China, particularly in correspondence with Messrs. Bradshaw, Pigou and Rogers who had been his colleagues on the Council at Canton. (Hickleton Papers, HALIFAX/A4/1)
In England Francis Wood owned the Manor of Monk Bretton, near Barnsley. He had an influential friend in Charles Watson-Wentworth, second Marquess of Rockingham, whose wife, Mary, was daughter of Thomas Bright of Badsworth, near Hemsworth. In 1784, two years after Rockingham's death and after the dissolution of the Shelburne Ministry which followed that of Rockingham, Francis Wood was granted a Baronetcy for subscribing towards the upkeep of the military garrison in Ireland. The Baronetcy was heritable not only by his heirs male, but also by the heirs male of his brothers. (For the letters patent, 22 Jan 24 George III 1784. See Hickleton Papers, HALIFAX/A6/1/1 The wording of the patent is: '... Have... created our 'well beloved... Francis Wood of Barnsley Esquire... 'who generously and freely gave and furnished to 'us an aid and supply large enough to maintain and 'support Thirty Men in our foot companies in our 'said Kingdom of Ireland to continue for three whole 'years for the defence of our said Kingdom and 'especially... Ulster ..' Joseph Wilkinson, Worthies of Barnsley, p17 says that the baronetcy was granted to Francis Wood in posthumous recognition of the services to his country of Francis Wood's younger brother, Captain Charles Wood, R.N.) He had married in 1779 Elizabeth Ewer, an heiress who had brought him estates in Holderness and in Hertfordshire. But he had no children, and died at Monk Bretton in 1796, when the Baronetcy descended to the elder son of his dead brother, Charles.
Charles Wood was the third son of Francis Wood of Barnsley (1696 - 1775). He was born in 1731. From him the Wood Family of Hickleton and Garrowby is descended; and his career will therefore be noted in some detail.
Charles Wood entered the Royal Navy on 4th January 1748, and completed his statutory six years' sea service, for promotion to Lieutenant, in H.M. Ships Tiger and Queenborough, as Captain's servant; in H.M.S. Garland, as Midshipman; and in H.M.S. Monarch as A.B. (Hickleton Papers, HALIFAX/A6/4/1) He passed for Lieutenant on 13th November 1754, and afterwards with the consent of ord Anson, First Lord of the Admiralty, he went out to the East Indies where he stayed for nearly two years; (Hickleton Papers, HALIFAX/A2/4/3) but there is no record of where he went or of his activities during that time. His first commission as Lieutenant was to H.M.S. Dover in October 1756, by which time he was back in England. The Seven years' War had been formally declared in May 1756. Thus Charles Wood achieved his first step on the naval ladder at the outset of a war which was for Britain first and foremost a war at sea; and he was never a month out of service until the war ended with the Peace of Fontainebleau in 1763. (Hickleton Papers, HALIFAX/A2/4/3)
In the Seven Years' War Britain's strategic task, under the hand of William Pitt, was threefold:
1. The establishment and maintenance of a colonial empire in Canada and the West Indies, and the domination of the trade of each.
2. The maintenance of British possessions and trade in India.
3. The protection of the British Isles against French Invasion; which included a ceaseless watch upon the French Atlantic Ports, and upon Toulon. (For the general course of the war at sea, see Captain A. T. Mahan, The Influence of Sea Power upon History 1660-1783, 10th ed., 1889, pp.281-329.)
In all these theatres of war, except India, Charles Wood saw active service.
As a secondary effort fro Britain came the provision of troops to take part with Frederick II in the continental campaigns. For the navy this meant the provision of convoys for the Low Countries and North Germany; and Charles Wood had some experience of this duty with his first ship, H.M.S. Dover. He joined the Dover (Captain Christopher Hill) as third Lieutenant on 7th October 1756 at the Nore. (For movements of H.M.S. Dover, 15 Nov 1755 to 27 April 1758, see Captain's Log, P.R.O., Admiralty, 51/268.) A month later in company with H.M. Sloop Fly, the Dover took a convoy of eight ships to Ostend. Three days after her return on 8th November she was employed on one of the continual duties of the war: the watch on the western approaches and the detection of all sea movement by the french in the area Cherbourg to Quiberon. Between 11th November 1756 and 1st January 1757 the Dover made three such cruises. On 15th November 1756 a french privateer cutter from Boulogne was chased and captured off Cape Barfleur; and a more important prize fell to the Dover on 23rd December off the Lizard. At 7 a.m. a sail was seen to the southward. The Dover gave chase and at 4 p.m. came up. She hoisted her colours and fired a shot. The chase hoisted French colours and opened with her stern guns. The Dover ran alongside and began to engage. Several broadsides were exchanged, and at a little before 5 p.m. the French ship struck. She proved to be the Pondicherry from China bound for L'Orient. She was taken as prize, and one officer and forty-four men were made prisoners of war in H.M.S. Dover. This was a small action, one of innumerable others of its kind in this war, remembered now only through the record of the ship's log. But it was Charles Wood's first action; and he remembered this prize when preparing a memorandum of his service for the Admiralty in 1780. (Hickleton Papers, HALIFAX/A2/4/3)
The prize accompanied the Dover to Cork, where they remained until March 1757 when the Dover returned to the North Sea taking the prize with her. Both were anchored off the Naze, near Harwich when on 24th March 1757, during weather of strong gales and heavy squalls, the Pondicherry parted from her anchor and drove to sea. The Dover followed as far as Aldeburgh, speaking to every ship she met and employing cutters to help in the search; but the prize was never recovered. On 5ht August 1757 the Dover left the Downs for Germany, carrying the British Minister for Hamburg. On 9th September, when the Dover was at anchor in the river Weser, Charles Wood, who was by then second Lieutenant, quitted the ship on the arrival of his successor.
He had been appointed first Lieutenant in H.M.S. Pallas at the request of John Cleveland, Secretary to the Board of Admiralty, whose son commanded the Pallas. But before he could get back to England the Pallas had sailed, and he was appointed instead first Lieutenant in H.M. Frigate Juno. (Hickleton Papers, HALIFAX/A2/4/3. For movements of H.M.S. Juno, 30 Sep 1757 to 31 Dec 1760, see Captain's Log, P.R.O., Admiralty, 51/495.) He joined the Juno (Captain John Vaughan) at Sheerness on 5th December 1757. At the end of the month the ship moved to Portsmouth where she became part of the naval and military expeditionary force assembling for Canada.
The naval Commander in Chief of the exhibition was Admiral Edward Boscawen. He had ten line of battle ships, to which would be added a squadron of the Royal Navy already in Canadian waters. The troops, a total of some twelve thousand with artillery and ordnance stores, were under command of Major General Jeffrey Amherst. On 21st January 1758 Boscawen sent Rear Admiral Sir Charles Hardy in H.M.S. York to Halifax to take command of the squadron in Canadian waters, and to cruise with it off Louisburg, Cape Breton Island, the capture of which was the objective of the expedition. (Boscawen to Pitt, 9 Jan 1758. P.R.O. Colonial Office, 5/53.) The York was accompanied by H.M.S. Juno; but the two ships soon parted company. Hardy reached Halifax on 19th March 1758, and found the Canadian squadron almost ready for sea. About 5th April he left Halifax with the squadron for Cape Breton. The Juno did not reach Halifax until 11th April. She left on the 19th and joined Hardy's squadron. Hardy reported about 21st April from Cape Breton waters: 'The coast from Louisburg to the eastward is full of ice and as the wind is now southerly I think that nothing an get into this harbour.' (Hardy to Boscawen, no date c 21 April 1758, P.R.O., Colonial Office, 5/53.) Louisburg was successfully blockaded.
Boscawen, in H.M.S. Namur, had left Portsmouth with the main force on 19th February 1758. He did not reach Halifax until 9th May There, two regiments from the American colonies joined his force. The expedition was held up at Halifax by contrary weather; but it was under way by the end of the month and on 2nd June 1758 reached Gabarus Bay, Cape Breton Island, and joined forces with Hardy's squadron.
Three landing places were decided upon: (For the expedition to Louisburg and the subsequent raiding up the St. Lawrence River, see Hon. J. W. Fortescue, A History of the British Army, vol. II, pp.322-8.) White Point, Flat Point and (the main effort) Freshwater Cove. A brigade was detailed for each. For five days fog and storm made landing impossible; but at 2 a.m. on 8th June the frigates of the fleet stood in shore and began to fire on the selected points, and a quarter of an hour later the landing boats pushed off. The brigade at Freshwater Cove, under command of James Wolfe, mat some stiff opposition but overcame it. The other two brigades had an easier time. Amherst established his camp north of Flat Point; and the onerous task of bringing guns and supplies up for two miles from the landing place to Louisburg itself began in the face of strong opposition. Without the protection of the guns of the fleet it could not have been accomplished. The defences were broken down one by one, and on 26th July 1758 Louisburg capitulated. Three French ships of the line were burnt, three captured, and four were sunk by the French across the harbour. The Echo of twenty-six guns was taken by H.M.S. Juno. The garrison of Louisburg numbered about 5,640. All were made prisoners and sent to England. By the capture of Louisburg England controlled the entrance to the St. Lawrence.
Boscawen and Amherst made plans for future operations. Amherst wished to go on immediately to Quebec; but Boscawen thought the operation not possible. It was agreed to send a fleet of ships with three battalions as far up the St. Lawrence as the season would permit, to raid the French settlements and to inflict as much damage as possible upon their trading installations. Sir Charles Hardy was to command the ships, a total of ten including H.M.S. Juno. James Wolfe commanded the troops. The expedition started from Louisburg on 29th August 1758. On 17th September a detachment was landed on Prince Edward Island, and on the 18th other detachments were landed at Gaspé and Miramichi Bay. For the next ten days these parties wreaked what havoc they could. At Gaspé the French colony lost fifty-three boats, fifteen houses were destroyed, and thirty-seven persons, including women and children, taken prisoner. Large quantities of fish were destroyed. The naval squadron itself captured four sloops, destroyed about two hundred small boats in the Bay of Gaspé, and brought off about two hundred prisoners. (Boscawen to Cleveland, 1 Nov 1758, enclosing Hardy's report of the raiding up the St. Lawrence, P.R.O., Admiralty, 1/481.) By 28th September the expedition had returned to Louisburg. Sir Charles Hardy was ordered home with the Royal William, Lancaster, Juno and the fire ship Etna. Boscawen himself left Louisburg in the Namur on 1st October 1758. On his return he took command of the squadron in the Mediterranean, with which he defeated the French fleet from Toulon, commanded by Commodore De la Clue, in the running battle which ended at Lagos in Portugal.
H.M.S. Juno reached from Plymouth from Louisburg on 7th November 1758. She returned to take part in the incessant duty of the defence of the British Isles. Thus she was not in Canadian waters at the time of James Wolfe's capture of Quebec in September 1759. Through the spring and summer of that year she was frequently cruising off the western approaches. In August 1759 the invasion of Britain planned by the French was broken up by the defeat of their Toulon fleet by Boscawen at Lagos; and the amended plan, that of a landing in Scotland, was completely destroyed by Admiral Hawke's victory at Quiberon in November 1759. In this action H.M.S. Juno played some preliminary part, for she was blockading Brest during July and August, and between 4th September and 14th November she was at and about Quiberon and Belle Isle. But she left Quiberon on 14th November, the day that Hawke brought his squadron out of Torbay in search of the French fleet commanded by Admiral Conflans, and she was at Plymouth when the action at Quiberon took place. Charles Wood remained with H.M.S. Juno throughout 1759, that annus mirabilis of the Royal Navy, and quitted the ship at Plymouth o 16th February 1760. He had been appointed first Lieutenant in H.M. Frigate Lizard at the request of her Captain, John Doake, and he joined the ship immediately at Spithead. With H.M.S. Lizard he returned to American waters. (For movements of H.M.S. Lizard, 4 Feb 1760 to 20 May 1763, see Captains Log, P.R.O., Admiralty, 51/549.)
The Lizard sailed from Spithead on 29th February 1760, and on 22nd April was sailing through the narrows up to New York. No pilot was to be had and the ship grounded on a sand bank. She backed sails and managed to get herself clear, and the next day moved into the East River. She remained there, or off Staten Island, until 28th May 1760 when she sailed for Louisburg. She spent the first part of the summer in those waters. But, as Admiral Lord Colvile, commanding the North American Station, reported: 'Lizard having been aground at Sandy Hook, near New York, masts sprung and otherwise out of repair, is sent to Halifax to refit.' (Colvile to Cleveland, 24 May 1760, P.R.O., Admiralty 1/482.) The ship was out of commission from July until September 1760, after which she spent the whole of the winter of 1760-61 cruising on the coasts of Nova Scotia and Cape Breton, and up the St. Lawrence to Quebec.
On 1st April 1761 H.M. Ships Falkland, Repulse and Lizard were put under command of Captain Julian Legge, in H.M.S. Sutherland, for 'a particular service.' Legge was to embark six hundred troops at Halifax and to proceed with his ships to New York where General Jeffrey Amherst, now Governor General of British North America, would provide additional troops and transports. From there Legge was to take his force to Guadaloupe and report there to Admiral Sir James Douglas, naval commander of the Leeward Islands. The nature of the particular service was not disclosed. (Colville to Legge, 1 April 1761, P.R.O., Admiralty, 1/482.)
On 6th April 1761 H.M.S. Lizard embarked at Halifax Captain McIntosh and the men of his company of Highlanders. On 10th April the expedition sailed and reached New York on the 27th. On 2nd May they left New York, the force now increased by the addition of seventeen transports of troops, the whole of the military being under command of Colonel Lord Rollo, who had joined at New York. The ships met a south easterly gale and soon became scattered. Legge in the Sutherland with four of the transports reached Guadaloupe at the beginning of June 1761. The secret despatches which Legge carried for Admiral Douglas at Guadaloupe had been washed out of his cabin. The objective of the expeditionary force was, therefore, not clearly known. But Lord Rollo said that the objective was the capture of the neutral islands of Dominica and St. Lucia in the Windward Islands, and Admiral Douglas promised his full support. (Douglas to Cleveland, 3 June 1761, P.R.O., Admiralty, 1/307.) It was decided to proceed to Dominica at once with such military and naval forces as had already arrived, together with any that could be spared from Guadaloupe itself. On 4th June 1761 the expedition, now reduced to four ships of the line and some two thousand troops left Guadaloupe and arrived at Rosseau, at the southern end of Dominica, on 6th June. At 5 p.m. the troops went ashore led by Lord Rollo. In a very short time Roseau was taken, with only eight British casualties. The next day the island surrendered. (For the expedition to Dominica, see Fortescue History of the British Army, vol. II, pp. 546-7.)
But H.M.S. Lizard missed this action. After the dispersal of the squadron on leaving New York on 2nd May she made her way to the Leeward Islands. She did not reach St. Kitts until 9th June, and did not join Admiral Douglas for a considerable time after that. By then Dominica was in British hands, and a new and greater expedition was being planned. This was for the capture of Martinique, the best of the French islands. A blockade was begun. In July and again in September to October 1761 the Lizard was on patrol with other ships off the island. Her Captain, Captain Doake, died at sea on 25th September 1761. To Charles Wood Captain Doake left a legacy in money, his sword, watch, and cabin furniture, together with his lot of land in Nova Scotia. (Hickleton Papers, HALIFAX/A2/4/6) But if Charles Wood had been first Lieutenant when he joined the Lizard in February 1760 he did not hold that appointment at the time of Captain Doake's death; and he did not obtain promotion in the consequent changes in commands. (Douglas to Cleveland, 5 and 15 Nov 1761, P.R.O., Admiralty, 1/307)
The naval commander for the expedition to Martinique was Admiral George Rooney. He arrived at Carlisle Bay, Barbados, on 22nd November 1761. His ships, including H.M.S. Lizard were ready by 9th December. The military force, under command of general Robert Monkton, arrived from New York on Christmas Eve. For the expedition to Martinique, see Fortescue History of the British Army, vol. II, pp. 547-50.) The total strength of the force was about eight thousand. By 8th January 1762 the expedition was anchored in St. Annes Bay after the naval ships had silenced the shore batteries in the vicinity. Some ships with two brigades of troops were sent up the west coast to Anse d'Arlet. The main landing was made between Negro Point and Case Navire on 16th January 1762. On 3rd February Fort Royal, the best harbour in the Windward Islands, surrendered; and by 12th February the rest of the island was in British hands.
The ships of the West Indies fleet had by this time seen many months of continuous service. On his arrival at Barbados in November 1761 Rodney had reported that the frigates were in very bad condition. 'The Echo and Crescent really should be sent home. The Levant and Lizard likewise complain much.' (Rodney to Cleveland, 10th Feb 1762, P.R.O., Admiralty, 1/307.) The severity of the service upon which Charles Wood was engaged can be measured by this report, and also (as will be shown later) by the appalling rate of casualties from sickness which was suffered in the operations of 1762. But with the capture of Martinique in February of that year the work in the West Indies was by no means finished.
The first task after Martinique was to secure the other islands of the Windward chain - St. Lucia, St. Vincent and Grenada. The detachment of ships and troops for this duty began even before operations at Martinique had ended. On 13th February 1762 H.M.S. Lizard stood off Marbellie Bay in the island of St. Vincent. She sighted French vessels in the bay and stood in for them. They refused to surrender, and the Lizard came under fire from a battery on the shore. She answered this effectively, but by 3.30 in the afternoon she was obliged to break off the action, and retired with some damage and casualties. She went on to Grenada. Within a short time St. Lucia, St. Vincent and Grenada all fell with little resistance, and the Windward Islands became British possessions for the time being.
On 4th January 1762 Britain had declared war on Spain. Such a war had been long expected. Pitt had wished for it six months earlier; but he failed to carry King George III or the Ministers with him, and resigned in October 1761. Nevertheless the plans which he had already formed for action against Spain in the New World were carried out by his successor. These plans were for the capture of Havana in the island of Cuba, to be followed by an attack upon Louisiana.
On 5th March 1762 Admiral Sir George Pocock sailed from Portsmouth in command of a fleet for these operations. General Lord Albermarle was the military commander. He sailed with four regiments only; but Amherst, in New York, was directed to provide twelve thousand additional troops from America, and Rodney was to provide additional ships from the West Indies fleet. (For the expedition to Havana, see Fortescue, History of the British Army, vol. II, pp. 550-3.)
H.M.S. Lizard was not among the ships chosen to join Pococks expedition. After the capture of Martinique and the smaller islands she was detailed to take General Monckton, the military commander at Martinique, back to New York, of which city he was Governor. After that the Lizard was to return forthwith to the Windward Islands. Monckton handed over his command, and the remains of his army, to Lord Albermarle on the latter's arrival at Martinique on 25th April 1762. On 20th May Monckton left in H.M.S. Lizard and reached New York on 13th June. In New York Captain Banks of the Lizard received Admiralty orders to join a convoy at that time

The papers have been divided into two main divisions, as follows:
HALIFAX/A Family Papers
HALIFAX/B Estate Papers
From these they have been further divided into the following classes within the main divisions:
HALIFAX/A Family Papers
HALIFAX/A1 Some papers of the Grey family.
These cover roughly the years 1770-1850. They are mostly letters written to the second Countess Grey and came from Howick to Hickleton through her daughter, Mary Grey, who married Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax. Nearly all the letters are transcribed in Volumes 1-56 of the Transcripts.
HALIFAX/A2 The personal papers of the Wood family.
These cover mainly the period 1750 - 1934. But gradually the Hickleton papers are being added to, and in 2001, sections were expanded or created to include records of the 2nd Earl and his immediate family, and records as recent as 1997, on the occasion of the present Lord Irwin's 21st birthday celebrations.
HALIFAX/A3 Some papers of the Courtenay family.
The papers cover roughly the years 1830-1900. They came from Powderham to Hickleton through Agnes Courtenay, daughter of the 11th Earl of Devon, who married Charles Wood, 2nd Viscount Halifax. There are no transcripts.
HALIFAX/A4 The official and professional papers of the Wood family.
These cover much the same period as the personal papers, and the same remarks apply.
HALIFAX/A5 Papers of Household Management.
These relate to Hickleton Hall, Garrowby, Temple Newsam, and 7 Kingston House.
HALIFAX/A6 Family History.
Honours and awards; records of service; pedigrees; miscellaneous.
HALIFAX/A7 Diaries
The main item here is the Political Journal compiled at the end of his career by the 1st Viscount Halifax.
HALIFAX/A9 Miscellaneous
The principal papers being a collection of autographs; newspaper cuttings; sketch books, toys, riddles and similar games.
HALIFAX/B1 Muniments of Title.
HALIFAX/B2 Hickleton and West Riding of Yorkshire.
HALIFAX/B3 Garrowby and East Riding of Yorkshire.
HALIFAX/B5 Heslington
HALIFAX/B6 Miscellaneous
There are very few Estate Papers and these are mostly of the last hundred years. A large number were given up for salvage at the beginning of the war in 1939.

Family Papers  HALIFAX/A  [n.d.]

Official and professional papers of the Wood family  HALIFAX/A4  [n.d.]

Sir Francis Wood, 1st Baronet: Business affairs with East India Company Merchants in China  HALIFAX/A4/1  1772-1796

Details of accounts with individual merchants and a summary of accounts.
Lists of bonds held.
Correspondence with Messrs. Bradshaw, Pigou & Rogers of Canton.
Probate of Will of James Trudd d. 1785.
Letters of Attorney, 1780.

Sir Francis Wood, 1st Baronet: Chancery Proceedings in the Estate of Captain Charles Wood, R.N. during the minority of his son Francis, later 2nd Bart  HALIFAX/A4/2  1782-1818

Defendants: Francis Wood, 1st Bart.; Caroline Wood, widow of Charles. Catherine Pigot.
Plaintiffs: Francis Wood and others, infants.

Vice Admiral Sir Charles Richardson, R.N.: The Lintin Affair  HALIFAX/A4/3  Dec 1821-March 1822

Letters from James Brabazon Urmston, President of Select Committee of East India Company at Canton.
"The most important event of the season 1821 was the affair of H.M.S. Topaze. She arrived at Macao at such time that her arrival was known at Canton on November the 10th... She carried 40 guns and 300 men and her Commander was Captain Charles Richardson. Seven days after her arrival she moved to Lintin in company with H.M.S. Curlew...
On 15th December a party of seamen from the Topaze, on shore on the island of Lintin, were attacked by 'such an overpowering and menacing force of villagers that the First Lieutenant who observed their situation from the Ship found it necessary to order away the boats manned and armed to their assistance and to fire several shots from the Frigate for their more immediate protection'. It does appear that the round shot caused any casualties; but the force which was landed came into collision with the mob and there were casualties on both sides, two Chinese being killed and several wounded while of the seamen belonging to the Frigate fourteen were severely wounded. The Viceroy of Kwangtung sent a mandate to the Hong Merchants that the English Chief was to surrender for trial the 'foreign murderers', to which Mr. Urmston replied that he had no authority over a King's ship; and Captain Richardson wrote to the Viceroy complaining of the unjustifiable attack upon his men, in reply to which the Viceroy repeated his orders, declaring that two lives had been taken and two culprits must be surrendered. The Viceroy refused to recognise anyone but the Chief of the English factory and tried to bring pressure to bear on him by stopping all British trade. So menacing did the Chinese attitude become that, on 7th January, the Committee moved the staff and most of the treasure on board the ships, and took the ships outside the river to Chuenpi. There they remained, both sides being obstinate, until, on 8th February, the Topaze sailed off to Macao and thence to India to rejoin Sir Henry Blackwood, her Commander leaving word that the case would be submitted to his superior officers for trial according to the law of England. The Viceroy found that he could obtain no better result, and for the moment he accepted this as a settlement. The factory then, on 22nd February, returned to Canton and the ships to Whampoa, and the interrupted trade was resumed...
The volume containing all the consultations and correspondence relating to the Topaze is missing from the records of the India Office..."

Bibliography: Morse. The Chronicles of the East India Company in China. 1635-1834. Vol.4, 1926, pp. 18-19

Sir Francis L Wood, 2nd Baronet: Various letters of local administration  HALIFAX/A4/4  1795-1819

May 1795: Bad state of fabric of Hemsworth Church, and proposal to build a workhouse there.
Jan 1812-Sep 1814: Board of Sewers and Drainage in the vicinity of Thorne, near Doncaster.
May - Jun 1819: Barnsley Church Bill.
July 1819: Letter. J. Wortley. Meeting about the House of Correction at Wakefield and the proposed plan of n additional House of Correction at Skipton.

Sir Francis L Wood, 2nd Baronet: Correspondence with William Groom, and with his son Richard Groom, Solicitors, of London  HALIFAX/A4/5  1803-1851

Related information: See HALIFAX/B1/4

Including also a few letters after the death of the 2nd Bart., up to 1851.
Part I: 1803-1817.
Part II: 1818-1851.
Subjects dealt with include:
1803-1812: Estates at Youlthorpe, Christchurch, Co. Surrey, Bugthorpe, Thorne, Wroot, Hatfield Level, Garrowby. London property, particularly houses in and near Nelson Square and Charlotte Street, 1810-1812. The Will of Samuel Buck, 1811. Trust agreements under the Will of Sir F. Wood, 1st Bart.
1813: Sales of Christchurch and Hatfield Level estates, July-December. Affairs of Major Henry Wood. William Hansard's account for fourteen houses on south side of Nelson Square.
1814: Property in London and at Bushey Herts. Settlement of Lady Heron's affairs. Results of sale at auction of London property, Nov.
1815-1817: London Property - Bangor Court, Paradise Court, Nelson Square, St. George's Road, Upper Ground Street, Broad Wall Ground, Charlotte Street. Sale of ground rents St. George's Place, with prices, Nov 1816. Affairs of Mrs. O'Reilly, June-July 1817. Affairs of Major Henry Wood, Dec 1816. Charles Richardson's Estate at Painsthorpe, 1815-1816. Estates - Isle of Thanet, Netherthong and Darfield; Hanging Grimston, near Kirby Underdale. Sale of Exchequer Bills, Nov 1815. Draft letter of 2nd Bart. about his financial position, wishing to raise £41,000 for land purchase and stating that income from minerals at Bowling will exceed £2,000 in 1816. 22 Aug 1815.
1818-1819: Memo. by 2nd Bart. "Manor of Hanging Grimston with all its Rights, Members and Appurtenances" listed - 16 Feb 1816. Buck family affairs.
1820: Isle of Thanet Estate sale, Aug 1820, including Manston Green Farm.
1821-1824: Settlement of estate of 1st Bart. Affairs of Capt. and Mrs. O'Reilly and their sons William and Edward nephews of 2nd Bart.; refusal of O'Reilly to sign separation order, 1824. Estates in Yorkshire; Christchurch. Hatfield leasehold. London property - Nelson Square. Memo. by 2nd Bart., July 1823.
1825-1830: Mrs. O'Reilly's debts; her bad lodging; immorality of her son Edward; Mr. O'Reilly perhaps one of the parties to the "Malmesbury Hoax" and made rich thereby, 1825-1826.
Mrs. O'Reilly and her son Edward. "She never goes to church but employs the Sunday morning making soup, pastry, jellies, etc., for his gratification at dinner..."
Mention of Mrs. O'Reilly's eldest daughter, Feb 1829.
Affairs of Major Henry Wood letter to Groom from him, 2 May, 1826.
"His, Henry Wood's situation is most lamentable. Children almost uneducated, surrounding his table, and nothing thought of beyond the present moment. The difficulty of today being over, he is on velvet till the next distress pounces on him..." July 1826.
Sale of Otterspool by Henry Wood, Dec 1826.
Character of Henry's son William and his relationship with his father. William Groom's opinion, 1829-1830.
Possibility of William Wood and Edward O'Reilly going into partnership, Sep 1829.
William Groom's Account, April-Dec 1824.
Manston Green and Ellington Estates Thanet, Jan 1825.
London Properties - Stamford Street, 1827-1829; sale of London property, April 1830.
Marriage settlement of Charles Wood later 1st Viscount Halifax, Jan 1830.
Congratulations on Charles Wood's election to Parliament for Grimsby, July 1826.
1831-1837: Christchurch Estate, March-April 1831. Settlement of personal estate of William Groom d c 1831. Major Henry Wood and his son William, Jan 1831. Mrs. O'Reilly seriously ill, May 1831.

Sir Francis L Wood, 2nd Baronet: Letters about the Badsworth Hunt, mostly financial  HALIFAX/A4/6  1812-1913

Printed letter from 2nd Bart. as Chairman calling for subscriptions, 25 Mar 1812.
Correspondence with 4th Earl Fitzwilliam and the Sheffield Hunt about hunting south of the river Dearne, Dec 1821. Badsworth and Raby Hunts: Hunting songs, c 1830.
Feb 1833: John Perfect, on the unsatisfactory state of hunt finances. "I cannot help agreeing with you that the difficulties of carrying it on appear at present insurmountable."
Mitton & Son 1837-1842. Finances, debts, purchase of new hounds, subscriptions.
Also: Letter to 1st Viscount, 1860, concerning Hunt.
List of subscribers, 1913.

Sir Francis L Wood, 2nd Baronet: Various papers on West Riding Militia affairs  HALIFAX/A4/7  Jan 1811-Oct 1818

2nd Bart. as Vice-Lieutenant and as Colonel of Staincross Local Militia. May - July 1812: Letters from Wentworth Fitzwilliam recommending and appointing Sir Francis for the Vice Lieutenancy during Fitzwilliam's absence in London.
Account of the Volunteer and Local Militia Forces of the West Riding, 3 June 1812.
Reports of disturbances; Constables' reports; Depositions before Magistrates.
Association for Preservation of the Peace at Elland-cum-Greetland, near Halifax, 25 June 1812, and at Hemsworth, 18 Apr 1812.
Sep 1812: Reports made by the Constables respecting associations and watching and patrolling in their respective townships.
Nov 1817: Fitzwilliam. Local Militia, General Maitland's favourable report of the county.
Oct 1818: Fitzwilliam's absence from the country. Asking permission to propose Sir Francis for the Vice Lieutancy while he is away.

Sir Francis L Wood, 2nd Baronet: Staincross Local Militia  HALIFAX/A4/8  May 1812-Nov 1814

Correspondence with 4th Earl Fitzwilliam about conduct of Capt. Adjutant Lees and his Court Martial.
5 April 1813: Enclosed memorial from Captain Lee's. The security and location of the Militia depot and the need for this to be at the same place as the Headquarters.
21 April 1813: After all the Government's warnings on secure depots he would not feel justified in leaving one in a small village of a very suspicious district. Assembly of the Staincross Militia.

Sir Francis L Wood, 2nd Baronet: Papers about a Political Meeting held at Thornhill Edge, near Sheffield, in May 1817  HALIFAX/A4/9  June 1817

Correspondence and Notes of Magistrates' examinations.
9 June 1817: Fitzwilliam thanking Sir Francis for transmitting a report. His opinion on probable insurectors, their custody, suspension of the Hab: Corp Act, the role of the "London Delegate" in inciting the trouble.
"Oliver the spy" was exposed by the Leeds Mercury as an agent provocateur for the Government, 18 Feb, 1818.
9 June 1817: Lord Milton. Secret committee investigating the disorders and revolutionary threat in the country at large.

Sir Francis L Wood, 2nd Baronet: Correspondence with 4th Earl Fitzwilliam, Viscount Milton later 5th Earl and others  HALIFAX/A4/10  July 1819-Feb 1820

About a West Riding County Meeting Sep 1819 convened to protest against the 'Peterloo Massacre' at Manchester. 2nd Bart's reasons against such a county Meeting. The dismissal of Earl Fitzwilliam from his post as Lord Lieutenant for attending the County Meeting c Oct 1819.
Another Meeting called to testify the County's gratitude to Earl Fitzwilliam, Nov 1819.
A draft of 2nd Bart. to Earl Fitzwilliam about the Lord Lieutenancy, Nov 1819.
M. Wyville, letter to Sir Francis informing him of the proposal to erect a statue of Lord Fitzwilliam in the Castle yard at York, to show their support for his controversial attendance at the county meeting. Also, the necessity of not giving publicity to this.
Also: July 1819: Lord Sidmouth's letter to Fitzwilliam as a result of the meetings of the people at Leeds, Manchester and adjacent counties. Fitzwilliam's opinions on the current situation and the question of the best way in which to call for the vigilance of the magistrates. Particular mention to the orators at the Hunslet Moor and Yeadon meetings.

Sir Francis L Wood, 2nd Baronet: An electioneering song of 1784, written out by 2nd Bart., with Notes and a copy of the Song by Charles Wood later 1st Viscount Halifax  HALIFAX/A4/11  No date

Sir Francis L Wood, 2nd Baronet: County of York Election of 1807  HALIFAX/A4/12  c April-June 1807

Election Squibs printed; and newspaper cuttings.
Also: Correspondence. Fitzwilliam. Candidature of his son Lord Milton after Fawkes declined to stand again

Sir Francis L Wood, 2nd Baronet: County of York Election  HALIFAX/A4/13  1826

Election Squibs printed.

Sir Francis L Wood, 2nd Baronet: Letters from Thomas William Tottie Mayor of Leeds, Nov 1837  HALIFAX/A4/14  June 1826-July 1844

About Lord Milton later 5th Earl Fitzwilliam and Mr. Marshall as County of York Candidates, 1826; and Liberal Party Registration in the West Riding, 1836-1844. List of names appointed to the central committee, Jan 1843. Some transcripts.

Sir Francis L Wood, 2nd Baronet: Letters from Francis H. Fawkes of Farnley Hall, Wharfedale  HALIFAX/A4/15  June 1835-1843

Liberal Party Registration in the West Riding. Including a list of subscribers to secure the return to Parliament at the election in 1837 of Lord Morpeth and Sir George Strickland, Bart. Transcripts.

Sir Francis L Wood, 2nd Baronet: West Riding Election  HALIFAX/A4/16  1837

Election Addresses printed of John S. Wortley and F.H. Fawkes.
Also: Correspondence. Fitzwilliam. July - Nov 1837:
29 July: His predictions of the possible results at Snaith, Bramham Moor, Barnsley Moor and Wakefield.
31 July: An account of the recent riot at the W.R election in Wakefield, when Orange, Blue and Anti-Poor Law supporters clashed at the hustings.
13 Nov: The vacant treasurership of the committee for registration for the West Riding after the death of Major James Lee. Opinions on possible candidates.

Sir Francis L Wood, 2nd Baronet: Account of 2nd Bart. as High Sheriff of Co. York for the year ended Michaelmas 1814, enrolled in the Pipe Roll. Quit 2 sept 1815  HALIFAX/A4/17  1814-1815

Parchment roll.

Sir Francis L Wood, 2nd Baronet: Printed Report of the Association for the Protection of Property in York and its Neighbourhood. 2nd Bart. a Patron  HALIFAX/A4/18  1844

Sir Francis L Wood, 2nd Baronet: Various political Correspondence  HALIFAX/A4/19  1811-1835

Correspondence with 4th Earl Fitzwilliam, F.H. Fawkes, Sir George Cayley and Lord Milton later 5th Earl Fitzwilliam, about parliamentary Reform  HALIFAX/A4/19/1  1811-1831

Related information: See also HALIFAX/A2/34

Administrative history:
The Governments Reform Bill had been defeated in the House of Lords on 8 October 1931. Riots followed at Derby and Nottingham and similar resolutions in support of reform were sent to London from all over the country.

Two maps of the parish of Halifax, with the population according to the returns 1810 - 1811.

Correspondence with 4th Earl Fitzwilliam and others: The election of 1812  HALIFAX/A4/19/2  1812

Correspondence about the York county election  HALIFAX/A4/19/3  1818

Correspondence with 4th Earl Fitzwilliam: The election of 1835  HALIFAX/A4/19/4  1835

Correspondence with 4th Earl Fitzwilliam and Lord Milton later 5th Earl Fitzwilliam  HALIFAX/A4/19/5  1813-1817

About Whig Registration and Candidates in Yorkshire. Including a letter from Christopher Wyvill, 16 May 1816.

Correspondence about Whig Registration and Candidates in Yorkshire; Charles Wood's candidature at Grimsby, 1826  HALIFAX/A4/19/6  1824-1826

Representation of the County of York; Mr. Wynn's proposal  HALIFAX/A4/19/7  1821-1822

Copies, in the hand of 1st Viscount Halifax, of letters about the proposed resignations from parliament of Mr. Marshall and Lord Milton later 5th Earl Fitzwilliam  HALIFAX/A4/19/8  1830

Correspondence about Queen Caroline and the Bill of Pains and Penalties  HALIFAX/A4/19/9  1819-1821

Letter from F.H. Fawkes about a meeting at York, a tribute to the memory of William Wilberforce  HALIFAX/A4/19/10  1833

Invitations to Sir Francis Wood, 2nd Bart., to stand for Parliament  HALIFAX/A4/19/11  1819 & 1832

From 4th Earl Fitzwilliam, to stand for Peterborough  HALIFAX/A4/19/11/1  1819

From the Whig Committee, to stand for the East Riding  HALIFAX/A4/19/11/2  1832

Letter from Rawdon Briggs  HALIFAX/A4/19/12  July 1831

Related information: See also HALIFAX/A2/34. 16 July 1831: For Charles Wood's reply to Briggs. Also see HALIFAX/A4/21

Administrative history:
Halifax was one of the unrequested Boroughs that was selected to receive a Parliamentary member as part of the Government reform measures in March 1831. Although the final Bill was not passed until December 1832, various interests within the town began to consider possible candidates immediately. Charles Wood was approached by Briggs for the local Whig faction and received their requisition in August 1831. In the December 1832 election both Wood and Briggs were successful candidates for Halifax.

His report on a canvas of the support within Halifax for a requisition to Mr Charles Wood. Requesting the latter to accept nomination as a member for the town. Briggs' views on the local situation and the position of "influential Tories" and others as regards Mr. Stocks one of the opposing nominees.

West Riding Liberal Party Finances, Organisation and Activities  HALIFAX/A4/19/13  June 1826-Aug 1838

Correspondents include: Edward Dodsworth, Earl Fitzwilliam, Lord Morpeth, Sir Edward Vavasour, Edward Newman, John Gully.

West Riding Liberal Registration  HALIFAX/A4/19/14  Aug 1837-Nov 1842

Correspondents include: C. Wilson, Lord Mason, Lord Scarborough, Earl Fitzwilliam, Thomas Badger, J. A. Ikin, Milne, Tottie, Naylor.

Various political correspondence  HALIFAX/A4/19/15  Nov 1842-July 1843

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Borough of Grimsby Parliamentary Election. Correspondence with 2nd Baron Yarborough and others about his candidature for Grimsby in the election of 1826  HALIFAX/A4/20  Dec 1825-March 1826

Election Messages printed from himself and other candidates.
Letter from 4th Earl Fitzwilliam to Sir F. Wood, 2nd Bart, about price of 1st Viscount's candidature, Dec 1825.

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Borough of Halifax Parliamentary Elections, 1832 and 1835  HALIFAX/A4/21  June 1832-Jan 1835

Election Circular printed issued by 1st Viscount to the Halifax Electors, 12 June 1832.
Speeches printed delivered on Nomination Day, 11 Dec 1832.
Election Circulars printed and Speeches printed, Dec 1834-Jan 1835.
Cutting from Halifax & Huddersfield Weekly Advertiser about the Election Polling Day 6 Jan, 8 Jan 1835.

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Halifax Elections, 1837 and 1841  HALIFAX/A4/22  June 1837-July 1841

Copies information: Two copies.

Newspaper Cutting. Election Message from 1st Viscount, 28 June, 1837.
Newspaper Cuttings about the Election, July 1837. List of Voters printed who polled at the Halifax Election, 2 July 1841.

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Borough of Halifax  HALIFAX/A4/23  May 1840-July

Copies information: Twelve copies.

Address printed of 1st Viscount "To the Electors of...Halifax", London, 17 July 1840
About Lord Stanley's Bill for Irish Registration and 1st Viscount's actions in Parliament thereon.
With newspaper reports of the debate and 1st Viscount's speech on the Bill in Parliament.

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Halifax Election, 1852  HALIFAX/A4/24  March 1852-Jan 1853

Polling Day, 7 July, 1852.
Reports in the Halifax Courier.
Election Addresses printed and Speeches printed.
Disputes after the Election with H. Edwards and E. Jones, with printed Addresses, etc. Poll Book printed.
Re-election of 1st Viscount on his elevation to Presidency of Board of Control, Jan 1853.

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Halifax Elections of 1857 and 1859  HALIFAX/A4/25  March 1857-April 1859

"Expenses incurred by the Returning Officer in the Election of two members-" 1857.
Election Addresses printed, 1859.
Copy of Halifax Courier Extraordinary Edition, 20 April 1859.

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Retirement of 1st Viscount  HALIFAX/A4/26  July 1864

Correspondence with J. Appleyard and James Stansfield about the intention of Edward Akroyd to stand as a Liberal at the forthcoming Election.
Election Address printed by Akroyd.

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Retirement of 1st Viscount  HALIFAX/A4/27  Feb-July 1865

Correspondence with James Stansfield, John Crossley, D. Ramsden, William Briggs and others about his candidature at the impending Election Polling Day 11 July 1865 and his refusal to enter into a personal contest with Edward Akroyd. Including some newspaper cuttings.

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Retirement of 1st Viscount  HALIFAX/A4/28  June-July 1865

Petitions signed by Electors urging him to stand for the Borough.
Cuttings from the Halifax Courier about the Election.

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Borough of Ripon Parliamentary Election  HALIFAX/A4/29  July 1865

Extract from the Leeds Mercury of 6 July with speeches by 1st Viscount and Mr. Greenwood as Candidates.
1st Viscount's calculation of the poll and votes actually polled.
Also "Borough of Ripon 1838-1839" a polemic against Tory corruption in the constituency.

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: West Riding Liberal registration  HALIFAX/A4/34  April 1852-Feb 1859

Subjects include: The financial situation, registration expenses, Mr Childers as Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Registration Association. Correspondents: Fitzwilliam, Tottie, Lord Ramsden.

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: West Riding Liberal Registration  HALIFAX/A4/35  May 1839-July

Letters from Sir F. Wood, 2nd Bart., F.H. Fawkes and 4th Earl Fitzwilliam.
Subscriptions and finance.
Candidates and Policy.
A Meeting at Leeds, 28 Feb 1839.

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: West Riding Liberal Registration  HALIFAX/A4/36  July 1844-Sep

Various correspondence on finance.
Analysis of the Register, 1840-1841.
Difficulties of maintaining support.

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: West Riding Liberal Registration  HALIFAX/A4/37  March 1845 -Dec

Various correspondence. Policy; Finance, with accounts, Sep 1845.
Lists of Subscribers.

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: West Riding Liberal Registration  HALIFAX/A4/38  April 1847-Aug 1852

Apr 1847- Aug: Correspondence with Edward Newman Secretary of the Registration Association Committee.
Rules of West Riding Registration printed, 1849.
Progress of the Register, 1849-1852.
Organisation, Feb 1852.
Choosing Liberal Candidates, Feb 1852.
Election issues.

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: West Riding Polling Districts  HALIFAX/A4/39  Dec 1853

Proposal for increasing the number of polling places.

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: County of York and West Riding Parliamentary Elections  HALIFAX/A4/40  c 1853-1867

Draft of a letter dated 1865 to 6th Earl Fitzwilliam summarising the genesis and subsequent history of 'Town' and 'Country' nominations in the Liberal interest in the West Riding Division from 1826-1865. With List of 'bounty of York and West Riding Members of Parliament from 1822/3-1867.
Press cutting - Satirical comment on coalition of Lord Milton later 5th Earl Fitzwilliam and Mr. Marshall Radical as 'Country' and 'Town' candidates respectively in 1826.

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: West Riding Election, Southern Division  HALIFAX/A4/41  June 1865

Correspondence with Sir J.W. Ramsden.
Memoranda; Statements; Printed pamphlet of correspondence.

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: West Riding Election, Southern Division  HALIFAX/A4/42  June-July 1865

Various correspondence about withdrawal of Liberal candidates; search for new ones.
Estimate and analysis of votes at Wakefield printed, July.
Liberal Electioneering Circulars printed.

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: West Riding. Division into Parliamentary Constituencies  HALIFAX/A4/43  Feb 1860-c Oct 1867

Proposed division by Government.
Robert Bentley. Letter to Sir Charles: statement of the voting at the last election for each division.
Objections and proposed amendments with maps printed.
MS Summaries and Notes by 1st Viscount. County Rate, West Riding, printed giving details of proposed amounts for each Township, etc., May 1866.

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: West Riding: Division into Parliamentary Constituencies  HALIFAX/A4/44  June-Oct 1867

Letters from R.J. Gainsford about the suggested amendments of the Government's proposal for Division.

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: West Riding, Southern Division  HALIFAX/A4/45  Jan-May 1869

Correspondence about the Election of 1868, registration in the Constituency, etc.

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: West Riding, Southern Division  HALIFAX/A4/46  June-Dec 1868

Correspondence about Election of 1868.
Financial and other troubles of the Liberal Party.
Resignation of W. Beaumont, M.P., from Chairmanship of Liberal Registration Committee. Decline of influence of the Fitzwilliam family, etc.

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Admiral Charles Richardson: War medals  HALIFAX/A4/47  July 1849-Feb 1850

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: C. W. Newman to Sir Charles  HALIFAX/A4/48  June 1872

Outcome of a meeting of the General committee of the West Riding Liberal Registration Association, with an enclosed copy of the resolutions passed. "An election now would be disastrous."

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Correspondence from James Stansfield, elder  HALIFAX/A4/50  May 1843-Jan 1869

Halifax and West Riding politics.
April 1864: His son, James Stansfield younger, implicated with Mazzini.

Letters to James Stansfield, elder  HALIFAX/A4/50A  Apr 1835-July 1865

These letters were returned to 1st Viscount Halifax on Stansfield's death in 1872. No transcripts.
Part I: 1835-1845.
Part II: April-July 1847.
Part III: 1848-1859.
Part IV: 1864-1865.
West Riding and general politics.
1835: Acceptance of office.
1841: Conduct of Lord Howick and 1st Viscount.
1844-1845: Corn Law League.
1847: General Election.
1864-1865 Retirement of 1st Viscount from Halifax.

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Correspondence from Sir James Stansfield. James Stansfield, younger  HALIFAX/A4/51  Nov 1852-April 1885

Related information: See HALIFAX/A4/126

Jan 1854: Offers his services as intermediary with popular revolutionary parties.
Jan 1859: Piedmont; Mazzini.
Mar-Apr 1864: His resignation from the Admiralty over his implication with Mazzini against Napoleon III.
Jan-Nov 1866: Reform.
Oct 1868: Ireland.
Jan-Jun 1872: Death of his father; General politics.
1880-1882: Ireland; South Africa; General politics.

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Correspondence from John Parker  HALIFAX/A4/52  Jan 1835-Mar 1867

46 Items

Treasury and Admiralty business

Letters to John Parker, returned to him after the latter's death  HALIFAX/A4/52A  June 1832-Dec 1865

General politics; Treasury business; Yorkshire elections.

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Correspondence from 2nd Earl of Minto  HALIFAX/A4/53  Oct 1839-Sept 1859

Naval business, including personal affairs of Charles Elliot, R.N. Also Sir Charles retiring from Office.

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Correspondence from Sir F.T. Baring, 1st Baron Northbrook  HALIFAX/A4/54  Jan 1835-Dec 1865

80 Items

Part I: 1846-1848:
A loose leaf file of letters of Baring, containing letters as follows on financial and banking matters, particularly the financial crisis of 1847:
D. le Marchant to Baring, 1846-1847. 2nd Baron Ashburton to Baring, 3 Nov 1847.
1st Viscount to Baring, 1846-1848. Baring to 1st Viscount, 23 Oct 1847.
Baring to Mr. Mallet, 16 Oct 1847.
Part II: 1835-1849.
Part III: 1850-1865.
Letters Baring to 1st Viscount on financial and naval affairs.
Subjects include:
1846: Finance.
1847 Nov: Income tax.
1848: Finance.
1849: Shipping and naval affairs.
Apr 1850: Naval supply
Aug: Shipping.
Nov: Iron ships and S.African mails.
Mar-Dec 1851: Naval affairs, finance.
1852: Naval affairs; Kaffir war; Finance; Budget; Formation of Aberdeen's administration.

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Correspondence from T.G. Baring, 1st Earl of Northbrook  HALIFAX/A4/54A  Aug 1853-May 1885

Part I: 1853-1866.
Part II: 1867-1885.
1853-1854: India Board business.
1856: Admiralty; Crimean war decorations.
1859: Sir C. Trevelyan in India.
Aug-Sep 1862: Indian finance; Persian Gulf telegraph.
Jan-Oct 1863: Persia and Turkey telegraphs; Bombay naval affairs.
1866: Home politics; death of 1st Baron Northbrook.
1867-1885: Personal; Indian affairs; Including drafts 1st Viscount to Northbrook, 10 July 1881 and 12 Feb 1882, giving a survey of the principles of Liberalism.
Feb-Nov 1884: Egypt and Sudan; General Gordon; Report of House of Commons debate and government deliberations March; Northbrook in Cairo Sep 15; Egyptian finance; Suez Canal shares Nov 30.
Apr-May 1885: Effect of the invention of the torpedo on naval tactics; Afghanistan, the Penjdeh incident; Crisis with Russia. Including also two letters of Northbrook to 2nd Viscount Halifax; one of which, 12 Aug 1885, is about the 1st Viscount and his career.

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Correspondence from Thomas Baring, Brother of 1st Baron Northbrook  HALIFAX/A4/54B  Jan 1849 -July 1868

22 Items

Jan-Aug 1849: Finance of mail service to America and West Indies.
Dec 1852: Chairmanship of Parliamentary Commission on Indian affairs.
July 1853: India.
Dec 1859: Canada, finance.
July 1868: Foreign exchange.

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Correspondence from 3rd Earl Grey  HALIFAX/A4/55  Sep 1846-July 1885

955 Items

This series includes drafts of 1st Viscount to Grey, and a few letters of Grey to Lady Mary Wood; and, 14 Sep 1885, Grey to his nephew, 2nd Viscount Halifax, on the death of the latter's father. The series is divided into seventeen parts:
Part I: 1846-1851.
Part II: 1852-1853.
Part III: 1854-1855.
Part IV: 1856-1865.
Part IV: 1866-1869.
Part VI: 1870-1872.
Part VII: 1873-1877.
Part VIII: 1878.
Part IX: 1879.
Part X: 1880.
Part XI: Jan-June 1881.
Part XII: July-Dec 1881.
Part XIII: Jan-June 1882.
Part XIV: July-Dec 1882.
Part XV: 1883.
Part XVI: 1884.
Part XVII: 1885.

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Correspondence from Lord John Russell, 1st Earl Russell  HALIFAX/A4/56  July 1844-Jan 1875

381 Items

Including many drafts 1st Viscount to Russell.
Part I: 1844-1851.
Part II: 1852-1875.
Some main subjects:
1846: Ireland; Poor Law; Bills for Parliament specified Nov.
1847: Financial aspect of various government business; Ireland; Poor Law; New Zealand Company April; Proposal for income tax to raise £6 million Aug; Kaffir war.
1848: Defence of Great Britain; Ireland, deficiency of potato crop Aug.
1850: Revenue and Budget.
1851: Palmerston and Kossuth; Resignation Oct-Dec.
1852: Plans for dissolution of Parliament and the election Jan-Jun Disraeli's budget for c July; Reform; Difficulties of Derby's administration Aug.
1853: Napoleon III Feb; Reform Palmerston; Sir G. Grey Dec.
1854: Balkans, Persia, Russia; Reform.
1855: Resignation of Russell July; Crimea. Government men and measures. Oct-Nov.
1858: Lord Derby's India Bill as a party issue; Reform.
1866: Resignation of 1st Viscount.
1867: Reform; Ireland.

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Correspondence from 4th Earl of Clarendon  HALIFAX/A4/57  Sep 1846-Feb 1867

598 Items

With some drafts 1st Viscount to Clarendon.
Part I: 1846-1849.
Part II: 1850-1854.
Part III: 1855-1867.
Subjects include:
1847-1852: Ireland.
1853-1854: Persia, Turkey, Russia, with letters of Lord Aberdeen and Lord John Russell
Jan 1854.
1854-1856: Crimea.
1856-1857: Central America.
1857-1858: Lord Elgin and China; David Livingstone Jan 1858

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Correspondence from Sir George Grey  HALIFAX/A4/58  Sep 1846-June 1881

189 Items

Part I: 1846-1852.
Part II: 1853-1861.
Part III: 1862-1881.
Main subjects:
1851: Children in workhouses; Drainage Act; Irish and Scotch affairs; Railroads; Cabinet appointments Dec.
1852: Liberal election prospects; Militia Bill; Election activity in Northumberland; Accident to 1st Viscount Sep; Finance.
1854: Secretaryship of Colonies; Cabinet changes Draft of 1st Viscount to Grey, June.
1855: New Commander in Chief Oct.
Aug-Oct 1857: India.
1858: Home politics.
July 1861: Government appointments; Proposal to make 1st Viscount Secretary for War; Appointment of Grey to Home Office.
Oct 1864: Charles Wood, 2nd Viscount Halifax, as Grey's Secretary.
Nov-Dec 1865: Government appointments and news of Cabinet discussions.
Feb-Apr 1866: Retirement of 1st Viscount; Political news to 1st Viscount abroad; Franchise Bill Mar; Distribution of Seats Bill April.
Feb-Mar 1867: Franchise; Household Suffrage; The "Ten Minutes Bill".
Nov 1870: Lectionary Bill.
Nov-Dec 1871: Appointment of Speaker, House of Commons.
April 1872: The Ballot Bill.
Dec 1873: Impending retirement of Grey.
Nov 1874: Church matters.

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Correspondence from Sir Charles Edward Trevelyan  HALIFAX/A4/59  Jan 1847-Oct 1884

93 Items

Part I: 1847-1848.
Part II: 1849-1884.
Main subjects:
1847-1848: Treasury business; Ireland; S. Africa; Government expenditure; Drainage; Agricultural science; Audit Board.
Aug-Nov 1849: Ireland; Poor relief; emigration; Treasury business.
Mar 1850: Appointments at the Mint; Treasury business.
Jan 1851: Various business including Irish emigration.
Mar-Jun 1852: T.B. Macaulay; Financial business.
Aug-Nov 1853: India.
Nov 1860: After Trevelyan's recall from governorship of Madras.
June 1861: Madras.
Aug 1862: Indian finance.
Oct-Dec: Trevelyan's appointment as Finance Minister in India.

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Correspondence from T.B. Macaulay  HALIFAX/A4/60  May 1848-Dec 1855

15 Items

1848: First publication of the "History".
1855: Indian affairs. Publication of volumes 3 & 4 of the "History" Dec.

Correspondence with T.N. Redington and John Wood  HALIFAX/A4/61  April 1849

29 Items

Finances; Economic situation; Poor Law administration; Taxation.
Including statistics of workhouse building loans and a chart of excise revenue for the United Kingdom, 1839-1848.

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Correspondence from T.N. Redington  HALIFAX/A4/61A  May 1847-Dec 1853

11 Items

About Irish affairs.

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Correspondence from John Wood Excise Office  HALIFAX/A4/61B  Sep 1846-June 1854

24 Items

Excise revenue; Duties and appointments in the Office.

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Correspondence from 7th Duke of Bedford  HALIFAX/A4/62  July 1845-Dec 1849

54 Items

Part I: 1845-1849.
Part II: 1851-1855.
Subjects include:
1845: Death of 2nd Earl Grey.
Apr-Dec 1849: Agriculture; Protection; The case of Mr. Bennett.
1851-1854: Estate affairs; Building and farming; Reform politics.
1855: Resignation of Lord John Russell.

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Correspondence from 3rd Viscount Palmerston  HALIFAX/A4/63  Dec 1846-May 1865

186 Items

Part I: 1846-1854.
Part II: 1855.
Part III: 1856-1858.
Part IV: 1859-1865.
Some main subjects:
July 1850: Defence of harbours in United Kingdom.
Oct: Article in the Times with cutting 24 Oct about Schleswig-Holstein.
1851-1852: Defence of England; Expenditure on fortifications; Strength of the Army; Corn Laws.
1855-1854: Turkey, with draft memorandum on financial arrangements, Feb 1854.
Feb 1855: France and Sardinia.
Crimean War:
Apr 1855: Dundonald's plan for Kronstadt and Sebastopol.
June 1855: Mr. Smith's Floating Breakwaters and Battery including draft 1st Viscount to Palmerston; Coal mines in Turkey Heraclea including Treasury Minute, printed, 28 July 1854; Proposed action against Riff pirates.
July 1855: Reasons why Sir Charles Napier should be promoted in the Order of the Bath; Proposed action against Sweaburg.
Dec 1855: Russian plans to burn British ships in the Baltic and off Sebastopol; Bauer's "Submarine Machine" or "Locomotive Diving Bell"; Reasons against establishment of government dockyard in Southern Ireland or Firth of Forth.
Cabinet Organisation:
Mar 1855: Appointments: Peel and Brand.
July 1855: Reshuffle on retirement of Lord John Russell including draft 1st Viscount to Palmerston on how to strengthen the government and noticing the claims of Lord Seymour and Labouchere for office.
Jan 1856: Floating Batteries; Admiral Dundas.
Feb 1856: Naval Depot on Vancouver Island.
Mar 1856: Submarine vessel.
Apr 1856: Sardinia.
May 1856: Return of Crimea Troops.
July 1856: Franklin; Expedition to search for remains.
Sep 1856: National Defence Committee of the Cabinet; Naples.
Jan-Mar 1857: China; Lord Elgin.
May 1857: Parliamentary Reform including draft 1st Viscount to Palmerston 7 May.
June 1857: Cuba; Slave trade.
Jan 1858: Draft 1st Viscount to Palmerston about Sir Maurice Berkeley.
Mar 1858: Opposition to India Bill; Reform.
Apr 1858: Reform including draft, 2 April, 1st Viscount to Palmerston, and a letter of Lord John Russell to 1st Viscount, 9 April.
May 1858: Sidney Herbert.
Dec 1858: Palmerston's hunting accident; John Bright.
Jan 1859: France and Piedmont against Austria in Italy.
Apr-May 1859: Reform including draft 1st Viscount to Palmerston, 16 April.
Aug 1859: Memorandum by 1st Viscount on France and Italy.
Sep 1860: Italy.
Dec 1859: Sidney Herbert.
1860 generally: Government appointments; India affairs.
Jan 1861: Order of the Star of India.
June 1861: Proposal for 1st Viscount to become Secretary of State for War, including 1st Viscount to Palmerston, 29 June.
1863-1864: Pension for Countess of Elgin.
Mar-Nov 1864: Government appointments.
1865: Appointments.
May 1865: Defeat of government on question of grievances of Indian Officers and proposals for accepting the defeat.
1866-1867: Two letters from Lady Palmerston after her husband's death.

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Correspondence from General Sir Charles Grey  HALIFAX/A4/64  Dec 1849-May 1868

193 Items

Part I: 1849-1855.
Part II: 1856-1861.
Part III: 1862-1868.
Subjects include:
Feb 1852: Queen's approval of the new florin; Militia.
Jan 1854: Prince Albert, Lord Palmerston and; the press.
Sep 1854: Crimea.
May-Nov 1855: Crimea; Court news; Appointment to command of royal yacht Nov.
Mar 1856: Naval uniform.
Sep 1857: Naval affairs.
Nov-Dec 1858: 2nd Earl Grey and politics 2 in the first decade of the 19th century.
Dec 1859: Indian Army.
Dec 1860: Venetia and Italian affairs.
Apr 1861: The Court against Palmerston and Russell.
Jun-Jul 1861: Proposal for 1st Viscount to become Secretary of State for War.
Dec 1861: Illness and death of Prince Consort; Future status of Grey.
1862: Indian affairs; Home politics; Recollections of the Prince Consort.
Mar 1863: Memorial fund for the Prince.
Nov-Dec 1863: Affairs of Europe.
Feb-July 1864: Schleswig-Holstein; the Queen's conduct.
Mar 1865: Star of India.
Oct 1865: Death of Palmerston.
Jan-Feb 1866: Resignation of 1st Viscount.
Jan 1868: The Queen's "Leaves-from a Journal...".
Mar 1868: Ireland.
May 1868: Disraeli.

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Correspondence from Fox Maule 2nd Baron Panmure, 11th Earl of Dalhousie  HALIFAX/A4/65  Dec 1846-Mar 1872

113 Items

Part I: 1846-1854.
Part II: 1855-1872.
Subjects include:
1846-1849: Army affairs.
1851: Cabinet appointments.
1852: His father's death; Settlement of estate and family affairs; Militia Bill; Comments on Lord Aberdeen's Cabinet.
1853: Middle East; India.
June 1854: Separation of War and Colonial Departments 1st Viscount's agreement with the proposals.
Oct 1854: Crimean War.
June 1855: Resignation of Panmure.
July 1855: Draft of 1st Viscount to Panmure with list of naval officers recommended for Orders of the Bath; Crimea; Bridge across the Sivash; Telegraph and correspondence about the use of cavalry.
1856: Crimea; Army affairs.
Jan 1859: Political review.
Apr 1860: India: military.
Dec 1860: Earldom of Dalhousie.
Feb-Apr 1864: India; The late Lord Elgin's affairs.
Mar-June 1866: Politics; Reform Bile.

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Correspondence from George Arbuthnot; Private Secretary to 1st Viscount 1846-1852  HALIFAX/A4/66  Sep 1846-Dec 1864

168 Items

Part I: 1846-1851.
Part II: 1852-1864.
Subjects include:
Aug 1847: The National Gallery.
Dec 1848: About Theodore Hook.
Jan 1849: Death of Lord Auckland.
Dec 1849: Currency; Malta and Mauritius.
Aug-Dec 1850: Finance of sea mails; Lord Lucan and Mayo; Pensions.
Aug 1851: New Zealand Company.
Feb-Mar 1852: Currency; Mauritius; N. America.
Sep 1852: Currency; Australia.
Feb 1853: Australian Mint.
Sep 1860: Refuses post of Finance Minister, India.
Jan-Aug 1864: Indian Currency.
Oct-Dec 1864: Gladstone and Bank Charter Act of 1844.

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Correspondence from Joseph Parkes. Parliamentary Solicitor  HALIFAX/A4/67  July 1834-Sep 1864

44 Items

Subjects include:
1834: Retirement of 2nd Earl Grey.
1850: Railways.
1851: Catholic question.
July-Oct 1852: City and Financial news; Election prospects; Political gossip.
1855: Cabinet.
May 1859: Election; Polling prospects and results.
Oct-Nov 1863: Timothy O'Kane's divorce; Lord Palmerston sued as co-respondent.
Sep 1864: American Civil War.

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Correspondence from Major J. Oliphant  HALIFAX/A4/68  Oct 1853-Nov 1861

39 Items

Indian Affairs:
May 1853: Indian navy.
June 1854: General George Anson.
Aug-Nov 1854: Indian military affairs; Military College at Addiscombe; Indian Railways.
Feb 1855: 1st Viscount's departure from the Board of Control.

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Correspondence from Sir Henry Hardinge, 1st Viscount Harding  HALIFAX/A4/69  May 1853-Sep 1855

Indian Affairs:
Sep-Oct 1853: Awards for Burma campaign, 1852.
Jan 1854: Controversy with Sir William Napier about a Minute of the Duke of Wellington
c 1850 concerning Sir Charles Napier, brother of Sir W. Napier.

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Correspondence from Sir James Graham  HALIFAX/A4/70  Nov 1846-Mar 1861

87 Items

Part I: 1846-1854.
Part II: 1855-1861.
Subjects include:
Nov 1846: Smith O'Brien.
Jan-Dec 1853: Indian military and naval affairs; Reform.
Jan-Nov 1854: Indian affairs; Cadetship for 1st Viscount's son, Francis Wood, R.N. Mar.
Jan 1855: Naval defence of India including a draft by 1st Viscount on the subject.
Feb-Nov 1855: Graham making way for 1st Viscount his successor at the Admiralty; answering queries from the new First Lord; Admiralty appointments, honours and awards; Comments on the Crimea, Cuba, etc.
Feb-Dec 1856: Naval matters; Crimean war investigation Feb.
Mar 1861: Indian Councils Bill.

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Correspondence from 1st Earl Canning  HALIFAX/A4/71  Aug 1853-July 1858

13 Items

Aug 1853: Post Office business.
Mar 1855: Cuba; Relations with U.S.A.; Powers of search of vessels at sea.
1858: India Bill; Reorganisation of Indian Army; J.P. Grant's letters to 1st Viscount July-Dec.

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Correspondence from Prince Albert  HALIFAX/A4/72  Apr 1849-Sep 1861

59 Items

Apr-June 1849: Works at Buckingham Palace.
1854-1861: Naval affairs; Indian affairs Indian Army; Star of India May 1861.

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Correspondence from Queen Victoria  HALIFAX/A4/73  Jan 1854-July 1884

202 Items

Including drafts of letters and memoranda of 1st Viscount to the Queen.
Subjects include:
1854-1855: Kaffir War; Arctic and Crimea medals.
Jun-Aug 1855: Crimea; Sea of Azoff; Baltic.
16 Nov 1855: Dockyard for defence against France and Russia.
Jan 1857: Coast Guards.
1861: Indian Army.
Dec 1863: India; Death of 8th Earl of Elgin.
Dec 1865-Feb 1866: 1st Viscount's accident and retirement; Engagement of Princess Helena.
Sep 1870: Prince of Wales and Colonelcy of the Fusilier Guards.
1870-1871: Franco-Prussian War.
July-Sep 1871: Criticism of the Queen's absence in Scotland and of the royal family generally; Memorandum by 1st Viscount "Extracts as to the Queen's conduct" c Aug 1871; The Queen's health and that of the Prince of Wales.
1873: Death of Francis Wood, R.N.
1884: 1st Viscount to the Queen after the death of Lady Mary Wood.

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Correspondence from Admiral Maurice Berkeley, 1st Baron Fitzhardinge  HALIFAX/A4/74  Apr 1855-May 1867

99 Items

Part I: 1855-1856.
Part II: 1857-1867.
Subjects include:
1855: Naval affairs; Discipline, recruiting, commissioning of ships, their efficiency and movements.
Oct 1855: Estimate of the fleet for operations in the Baltic in spring 1856, with lists of ships and their complements.
Mar 1857: Cape of Good Hope naval command.
Jul-Aug 1857: Admiral Keppel.
Sep 1857: Iron ships.
Oct 1857: Death of his brother Earl Fitzhardinge; he seeks the Earldom and writes to Palmerston and 1st Viscount.
Feb-June 1858: The Earldom case.

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Correspondence from Sir Charles Phipps  HALIFAX/A4/75  Dec 1849-Mar 1864

62 Items

Part I: 1849-1854.
Part II: 1855-1864.
Subjects include:
Sep-Oct 1850: Bushey Paddocks; establishment of the queen's thoroughbred stud.
1850: Privy Purse matters.
Dec 1851: Purchase of riverside land at Windsor.
Mar 1853: Doncaster Church.
Apr 1854: Gholem Mahomed.
Nov 1854: Burmese war medal.
Dec 1854: India.
July 1855: Return to England of the body of Lord RagIan.
Aug 1855: Queen's state visit to France.
Apr 1856: Arrangements for naval review.
Mar 1861: Indian finance.
Dec 1861: The late Prince Consort's plan for the Prince of Wales to pay a visit to India.
Mar 1864: Lady Elgin's pension.

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Correspondence from 2nd Baron Cowley, 1st Earl Cowley  HALIFAX/A4/76  Feb 1853-July 1859

10 Items

Feb-Apr 1853: India; Chandernagore boundary.
June-Sep 1855: Crimea; Baltic; Floating batteries.
July 1859: Draft of dispatch to Cowley; Austria and Italy, a conference of the Powers.

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Correspondence from 1st Baron Raglan  HALIFAX/A4/77  21 June 1855

4 Items

A single letter, headed "Before Sebastopol". Lord RagIan died 28 June, 1855.
Destruction of the bridge over the Putrid Sea.
Transmission of messages by telegraph in cypher. Account of the unsuccessful attack on Sebastopol on 18 Dec 1854.
Offer to Raglan of the chief command by Canrobert and Pelissier.

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Correspondence from Sir William Brown, of Liverpool  HALIFAX/A4/78  May 1847-Dec 1857

55 Items

Anglo-American Affairs:
Apr-Nov 1849: Californian gold.
May 1849: President Taylor and free trade.
Oct 1849: U.S. mail service and Aug 1851.
Feb 1852: Decimal Coinage.
Nov 1855: Possibility of war with the U.S.A., including a draft of 1st Viscount to Brown, 5 Nov.

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Correspondence from 2nd Baron Stanley of Alderley  HALIFAX/A4/79  Dec 1855-Mar 1861

18 Items

Dec 1855: Proposed scheme for abolition of Passing Tolls on shipping; Enclosing Board of Trade memorandum for the Admiralty, 15 Dec.
Dec 1857: Liverpool docks.
Oct 1860: Post Office matters.
Mar 1861: Reform Bill.

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Correspondence from Captain William J. Eastwick  HALIFAX/A4/80  Sep 1855-Oct 1884

11 Items

Sep 1859: About an exhibition for exploration in East Africa by John Speke and R.F. Burton. Enclosing a letter from Burton to Eastwick, 1 Sep 1859, outlining Burton and Speke's intentions and routes for further exploration in 1860: Speke to explore from Zanzibar to head of Lake Nyanza; Burton to go south west from Berbera.
Mar-Apr 1866: India Office; News of main happenings there since 1st Viscount left.
1872-1884: Personal.

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Correspondence from Captain E. Peirse, R.N  HALIFAX/A4/81  Mar 1858-Oct 1873

119 Items

Administrative history:
Peirse was "resident in Paris for twenty years".

Mar 1858: State of affairs in France.
1860: Anglo-French relations; Schleswig-Holstein.
1866: France and Germany.
1870-1871: Franco-Prussian war news; political events.

Letters to Captain E. Peirse  HALIFAX/A4/81A  July 1870-Oct 1873

19 Items

Mostly about the Franco-Prussian war and European politics.

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Correspondence from 8th Duke of Argyll  HALIFAX/A4/82  Jan 1853-May 1855

211 Items

Part I: 1853-1868.
Part II: 1869.
Part III: 1870-1871.
Part IV: 1872-1875.
Part V: 1876-1885.
Subjects include:
1853: Turkey and Russia.
1857: India.
1858-1868: Home politics; India; Personal news.
1869: India.
1870-1871: India; including a long paper on Indian Finance by 1st Viscount to Argyll, Oct 1871:
May 1872: 1st Viscount's illness.
1872-1874: India; including draft of 1st Viscount to Argyll, Jan 1874, about the Indian famine, with recollections of the Irish famine of the 1840s.
1874: Home politics.
Dec 1875: Suez.
Jan 1876: Indian and Home affairs; The Eastern question.
1877-1882: The Eastern question; Afghanistan; India; Home politics.
July 1883: Agricultural Holdings Bill.
Aug 1884: Death of Lady Mary Wood.
May 1885: Russia and the East.

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Correspondence from Sir Erskine Perry  HALIFAX/A4/83  Nov 1853-Jan 1882

67 Items

Indian Affairs:
Feb 1866: 1st Viscount's departure from the India Council in a letter to Lady Mary Wood.

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Correspondence from Albert, 4th Earl Grey  HALIFAX/A4/84  Feb 1878-June 1885

162 Items

Part I: 1878-1880.
Part II: 1881.
Part III: 1882.
Part IV: 1883-1885.
Liberal politics and activities, particularly in Northumberland; General political news; Family and domestic news.

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Correspondence from 2nd Earl Granville  HALIFAX/A4/85  1852-1885

103 Items

Part I: 1852-1872.
Part II: 1873-1885.
Subjects include:
Apr 1854: War and trade.
Sep 1865: Granville's marriage.
Dec 1865: 1st Viscount's accident.
Feb-Mar 1866: 1st Viscount's retirement; Reform.
Aug-Dec 1870: Prussia and France; The effect of the war at Balmoral 1st Viscount to Granville, 9 Sep.
Feb 1871-Aug 1872: The Alabama case; Commission to arbitrate.
1873-1876: General politics.
Dec 1875: Suez.
1878: General politics, with several drafts of letters of 1st Viscount to Granville, including one marked "Copy of answer not sent", Jan 1878, about England's lowered prestige in the eyes of foreign countries.

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Correspondence from Sir Henry Ponsonby  HALIFAX/A4/86  July 1870-Dec 1884

94 Items

Part I: 1870-1871.
Part II: 1872-1884.
Subjects include:
July 1870: Appointment of 1st Viscount as Lord Privy Seal.
Jul-Nov 1870: War preparations; Franco-Prussian war and aftermath; Army reform; Gladstone; Russia.
May-Nov 1871: The Queen and public opinion; her departure for Scotland before Parliament had risen; her illness; Press reports; Sir Charles Dilke's speech on the Civil List.
Dec: Prince of Wales's illness; controversy over public thanksgiving for his recovery.
Jan 1872: Plans for thanksgiving at St. Paul's.
April 1872: 1st Viscount's illness.
Sep 1872: Prince of Wales and Irish Lord Lieutenancy.
Feb 1875: Gifts for the queen from Native Princes of India.
1878: German and Turkish affairs, and the Queen's views of the declining influence of England in the councils of Europe.

Letters to Sir Henry Ponsonby  HALIFAX/A4/86A  Oct 1870-May 1880

68 Items

Related information: See also HALIFAX/A2/125, 1874

Administrative history:
These letters were given, in 1941, to Edward Wood, 1st Earl of Halifax, by 1st Baron Ponsonby of Shulbrede, son of Sir Henry Ponsonby.

Subjects include:
7 March 1874: Correspondence of Major Henry Wood and others with Sir Henry Ponsonby about the King of Ashanti's State Umbrella.
No transcripts.

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Correspondence from 15th Earl of Derby  HALIFAX/A4/87  Mar 1852-May 1885

61 Items

Subjects include:
1859-1867: Indian affairs.
1870: European politics.
1871: Agriculture and home affairs.
1885: Russia; Far East; Penjdeh.

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Correspondence from Mary Catherine, Countess of Derby  HALIFAX/A4/87A  Aug 1877-July 1885

239 Items

Part I: 1877-1878.
Part II: 1879.
Part III: 1880.
Part IV: 1881.
Part V: 1882.
Part VI: 1883-1885.
General political news. Lord Derby's position in the Government and relations with Queen Victoria. With a few drafts of letters of 1st Viscount to Lady Derby, including one, 1879, about the Liberal party and the possibility of Lord Derby joining that party.

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Correspondence from W.E. Gladstone  HALIFAX/A4/88  Sep 1854-Nov 1884

102 Items

Part I: 1854-1869.
Part II: 1870-1872.
Part III: 1875-1884.
Subjects include:
1854: Treasury.
1857: Reform.
May 1860: Estimate for expenditure in China.
1867: Franchise.
1869: Irish Church Bill.
1870: Irish Land Bill; The Queen's conduct Aug-Sep; John Bright and Lord Northbrook Dec.
April 1871: The Budget.
Apr-Dec 1871: The Queen's conduct and illness.
Sep-Oct 1871: France.
Dec 1871: Henry Brand; Sir C.W. Dilke.
Aug-Sep 1872: Employment of the Prince of Wales.
Dec 1875: Suez Canal.
Mar 1880: General Election.
1881-1882: Parnell.
July 1883: Arguments for and against the Agricultural Holdings Bill.
13 July 1884: On the death of Lady Mary Wood.

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Correspondence from 1st Marquess of Ripon  HALIFAX/A4/89  Feb 1855-May 1885

73 Items

Part I: 1855-1875.
Part II: 1879-1885.
Feb 1854: Declining offer of a post on the Board of Control.
Mar 1861: Liberal candidates for the West Riding.
April 1863: Appointment as Secretary for War.
Sep 1863: Military forces for China with draft of de Grey to Elgin, 9 Sep.
Jan 1866: Appointment of G.J. Goschen to Duchy of Lancaster.
Mar-Dec 1866: Appointment as Secretary for India on resignation of 1st Viscount; General politics; Reform Bill.
Jan 1869: Military Education Commission, asking 1st Viscount to succeed him as Chairman.
July 1869: 1st Viscount's appointment as Lord Privy Seal.
Apr 1871: From Washington D.C.; The Alabama case, and Canadian fisheries.
Jan 1874: York Herald newspaper; Establishment of West Riding Asylum for lunatics of the middle classes.
Aug: Ripon becomes a Roman Catholic; intends to remain on front bench of the House of Lords.
1879-1880: General politics. From Lady Ripon to 1st Viscount:
Nov 1880: Ripon's appointment to India as Viceroy.
Feb-Oct 1881: From India: Ripon's illness; Trials of a Vicereine.
Feb 1885: On his return from India.
Mar 1885: His son's engagement to Lady Lonsdale; Indian affairs.
Apr-May 1885: Russia; Far East; Penjdeh; Egypt.

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Correspondence from Hugh C.E. Childers  HALIFAX/A4/90  July 1879-July 1885

107 Items

Part I: 1879-1882.
Part II: 1883-1885.
Subjects include:
1869-1871: Admiralty business.
1879-1882: General politics; Irish and Middle East affairs.
Apr 1883: Retirement from the Army of 1st Viscount's son, Henry Wood.
Jan-Nov 1884: Franchise.
Feb-Sep 1884: Egypt and the Sudan.
22 Aug 1884: Canon Knox Little.
Feb-Apr 1885: General Gordon; Khartoum and the Sudan; comment on Lord Northbrook in Egypt.
Apr-June 1885: The troubles of the government.

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Correspondence from The Reverend J. Johnston. Honorary Secretary of The General Council of Education in India  HALIFAX/A4/91  July 1879-July 1885

Including many printed pamphlets on education in India, and Memorials to Lord Dufferin, as Viceroy and Lord Kimberley, as Secretary of State, and other Indian officials.

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Correspondence from 1st Viscount Portman  HALIFAX/A4/92  Feb 1847-June 1885

56 Items

Nov 1870: Dorset politics, etc.
May 1872: Gladstone's appreciation of 1st Viscount.
July 1873: Rates and valuations.
Dec 1875: Suez Canal.
1880-1885: Election of 1880 and other politics: Estate news and finance; Recollections of Westminster and politics in 1831 and at the beginning of Queen Victoria's reign.

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Correspondence from George William Frederick, 2nd Duke of Cambridge  HALIFAX/A4/93  Apr 1857-1884

138 Items

Part I: 1857-1860.
Part II: 1861.
Part III: 1862-1863.
Part IV: 1864-1884.
Subjects include:
Mar 1858: Army administration.
Sep-Dec 1859: Discharge of soldiers from the Indian Army; Indian appointments.
Jan-Apr 1860: Criticism of Indian Officers; Indian appointments and military affairs.
Mar-Apr 1861: Leave of Officers in India; Trooping Royal Artillery.
1861-1863: Indian Army: Amalgamation, old and new Indian Armies.
Jan-Dec 1862: Defences of Aden.
Feb-Sep 1862: Indian appointments.
Nov 1862: Rewards for service in the Mutiny; comparison of Delhi and Lucknow.
Feb - Nov 1864: Indian appointments.
Jan 1865: Indian appointments; Irregularities in the Army clothing department in India; Channels of communication between Cs. in C. India and England and Secretary of State for War.
Feb 1866: Retirement of 1st Viscount.
Jan 1869: Royal Commission on Army education.
Feb 1869: 1st Viscount refuses to be President.
July 1871: Army Regulation Bill moved in the House of Lords; abolition of purchase, etc.

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Correspondence from Sir Henry Brand, 1st Viscount Hampden  HALIFAX/A4/94  Mar 1855-Feb 1884

44 Items

1855: Not wishing to push himself for a place in Palmerston's government.
Jan 1860: Amalgamation of the Indian Army; 1st Viscount's proposed Bill; Brand's estimate of how the voting will go in the House of Commons.
Jan - Oct 1866: George Goschen's appointment; Franchise Bill; Politics at Woburn.
Jan-Nov 1867: General politics; Reform.
Nov 1868: Election news; Candidates, etc.
Mar 1873: Royston Herts. Parish Union in 1861: population, rates, etc.
July 1877: Sir Stafford Northcote and Parliamentary obstruction.
Mar 1880: His solution of the Land Laws.
July 1880: The Liberal vote; The "Third Party" under Parnell.
June 1882: Parliamentary business, Question time.

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Correspondence from Henry Brougham, 1st Baron Brougham  HALIFAX/A4/95  Dec 1832-Oct 1861

12 Items

Mostly about appointments for friends.
Dec 1832: Comment on the administration.
Apr 1849: Brougham made to pay customs duty on optical instruments designed by himself and made for him in Paris.

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Correspondence from 1st Marquess of Clanricarde  HALIFAX/A4/96  Feb 1833-Feb 1865

59 Items

Subjects include:
1846-1851: Post Office matters; Inland and overseas Mails; Ireland.
1862-1865: Indian land tenure.

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Correspondence from 1st Marquess of Anglesey  HALIFAX/A4/97  May 1847-Dec 1851

14 Items

Subjects include:
Feb 1848: Engineer and Artillery School in Carshalton.
May 1848: Admiralty and Ordnance works at Plymouth and in the Channel Islands.
Oct 1849: Seconding of Army Officers to Civil Service.
Sep 1851: Defences of Portsmouth.
Dec 1851: Small Arms.

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Correspondence from 7th Earl of Carlisle  HALIFAX/A4/98  Jan 1835-Dec 1862

39 Items

Subjects include:
Mar 1847: Public Health Bill.
Jan 1848: Public Health Bill; London works; Chelsea Bridge.
Nov 1848: Purification of the Serpentine.
July 1849: Public Health.
Aug 1849: Forest Commission of Enquiry.
Mar 1850: Housing the Public Records; Westminster Bridge.
1855-1862: Ireland.

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Correspondence from 4th Earl of Bessborough  HALIFAX/A4/99  Sep 1846

2 Items


Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Correspondence from 5th Earl of Bessborough  HALIFAX/A4/100  Feb 1848-Aug 1849

3 Items


Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Correspondence from 1st Earl of Auckland  HALIFAX/A4/101  Sep 1846-1848

25 Items

Naval Affairs
Sep-Dec 1846: Coast Guards.
Oct 1846: Channel Islands - harbours.
Mar 1847: Dover Harbour.
June 1847: Port Patrick.
Aug 1847: Channel Islands; Joseph Hume and expenditure on Tidal Harbour Commission, etc.
Feb-Sep 1848: Coast defences; Coast Guards; Australian timber.
Oct-Nov 1848: Coffer dam; Channel Islands; Brazilian mails.

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Correspondence from H. Labouchere, 1st Baron Taunton  HALIFAX/A4/102  1846-1869

11 Items

Sep 1846: Irish Customs officials.
Sep 1848: Sheep disease.
Feb 1850-Nov: Customs duties; Trans-Atlantic mail.
Includes a letter from Lady Taunton, July 1869.

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Correspondence from Edward Ellice, the elder  HALIFAX/A4/103  Sep 1839-Oct 1863

216 Items

Copies information: HALIFAX/A4/103A

Transcripts of many of the letters from Edward Ellice, elder, in HALIFAX/A4/103  HALIFAX/A4/103A  c1901

Copies information: HALIFAX/A4/103

These transcripts were made for 2nd Viscount Halifax in about the year 1901.

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Correspondence from Edward Ellice, the younger  HALIFAX/A4/104  Apr 1850-Oct 1878

32 Items

Subjects include:
Apr-Nov 1850: Inverness Bridge Bill.
Sep 1863: Death of his father, Edward Ellice, elder.
Jan-Mar 1866: 1st Viscount's health; Reform.
Jan-Apr 1867: Reform.

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Correspondence from Russell Ellice  HALIFAX/A4/105  Jan 1852-Dec 1866

49 Items

Indian Affairs
1852: Welcoming 1st Viscount as President of the Board of Control, of which R. Ellice was a member.
1853-1855: Indian affairs: Salt; Postage; Establishments and appointments.
Feb 1855: On 1st Viscount's leaving the Board of Control.

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Correspondence from Benjamin Disraeli  HALIFAX/A4/106  Feb 1868

4 Items

Correspondence about Royal Commission on International Coinage, of which 1st Viscount accepted the Presidency.

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Correspondence from 3rd Marquess of Lansdowne  HALIFAX/A4/107  Dec 1846-Aug 1858

44 Items

Subjects include:
Dec 1846: Drain of gold; Kenmare; Irish Poor Law.
Feb - Mar 1847: Ireland.
Jan 1848: Income Tax.
Jan-Sep 1849: Irish emigration.
Dec 1849: Kneller Hall.
Jan 1850: Irish fishery, etc; Kneller Hall.
Jan - Dec 1852: Reform Bill; Crisis over reform policy.
Dec 1853: Reform crisis; Palmerston's resignation.

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Correspondence from Sir Denis Le Marchant  HALIFAX/A4/108  Sep 1846-Nov 1866

31 Items

April 1847: Lord Bessborough; Irish relief.
July-Oct 1847: Election results and news; future prospects.

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Correspondence from Sir H.G. Ward  HALIFAX/A4/109  Sep 1846-Apr 1859

21 Items

Admiralty business
Jan 1847: Plague at Boa Vista; Dover Harbour works.
Feb 1848: No confidence in Chancellor of the Exchequer.
Oct-Dec 1848: Admiralty economy and naval estimates.
Jan 1849: Death of Lord Auckland; Admiralty economy.
Mar 1849: Appointment of Sir F. Baring to the Admiralty; Ward offered governorship of the Ionian Islands.
May 1854: Landing of French troops in Greece.
Aug 1856: Apr 1859: Colombo: Appointments and development.

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Correspondence from 4th Earl Spencer of Althorp  HALIFAX/A4/110  Mar 1848-Oct 1856

11 Items

Subjects include:
Mar-Sep 1848: Business of Lord Chamberlain's Department.
Dec 1849: A visit to Althorp.
1855-1856: Admiralty business.

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Correspondence from 5th Earl Spencer of Althorp  HALIFAX/A4/110A  Mar 1858-June 1882

8 Items

Aug-Sep 1872: Ireland: Troubles in Belfast and measures to resist the rioters.

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Correspondence from Sir W.M. Somerville  HALIFAX/A4/111  Aug 1847-Oct 1862

31 Items

Aug 1847-Oct 1851: Ireland: Poor law administration; fever hospitals; Fisheries; Land Improvement Act; Administration of the Law Courts.

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Correspondence from Sir John S. Pakington  HALIFAX/A4/112  Apr-Nov 1858

14 Items

Admiralty business
July: Royal Yacht Osborne.
Sep - Nov: Admiral Milne's case for award of K.G.B.

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Correspondence from 1st Viscount Ponsonby  HALIFAX/A4/113  Aug 1850-Dec 1852

16 Items

Subjects include:
Mar 1850: Vienna: Refusal of cadetship in Royal Navy for Baron Othou de Bruck.
Aug-Sep 1850: Recapitulation of a disagreement with Lord Palmerston when Ponsonby was Ambassador in Vienna.
Feb - Mar 1851: Ponsonby and free trade.
Dec 1852: On 1st Viscount's appointment as President, Board of Control.

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Correspondence from Abraham Hayward  HALIFAX/A4/114  Jan 1867-Jan 1875

6 Items

Related information: For 1st Viscount's replies see HALIFAX/A4/114A. This correspondence is related to a pamphlet written by Hayward

Jan 1867: About the resignation of Lord Palmerston over Reform in 1853
Jan 1875: Thanks for letters from 1st Viscount Evidently used as the basis of an article in the Quarterly; political gossip.

Copies of letters to Abraham Hayward from 1st Viscount  HALIFAX/A4/114A  Jan 1867-Dec 1874

17 Items

Related information: See HALIFAX/A4/114

Jan 1867: Resignation of Palmerston in 1853.
Nov - Dec 1874: About 2nd Earl Grey, Canning and others and Roman catholic claims, c 1827.

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Correspondence from 1st Viscount Goschen  HALIFAX/A4/115  May 1871-July 1884

10 Items

May 1871: Copy of a memorandum of 1st Viscount to Goschen on the Constitution of the Board of Admiralty.
Aug 1872: The Queen and points of Service etiquette. Note: No letters between 1872 and 1881.

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Correspondence from H.L. Wickham  HALIFAX/A4/116  Oct 1846-Dec 1851

46 Items

Subjects include:
Oct 1846: Geneva and Louis Philippe.
Dec 1846: Banking; Scottish Banks.
Feb 1847: Banking.
Aug: Income tax; A forger.
Sep: Land tax; Window tax.
Aug 1848: Retirement of Wickham from Board of Stamps and Taxes.
Sep-Oct 1848: Correspondence about superannuation allowances.
Jan 1851: Finance; Recalls 3rd Earl Spencer on the torments of a budget surplus.
Dec 1851: Public Loan Board; Loan to Killarney Railway.

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Correspondence from 1st Earl of Ellenborough  HALIFAX/A4/117  Feb 1853-Apr 1863

16 Items

Indian affairs
Feb 1853: Rajah of Goorgh's daughter.
Feb - Mar 1854: Col. Wymer; General Caust; Dost Mahomed.
June 1855: Sea transport of horses to the Crimea.
Jan 1860: The Indian Mutiny.
June 1860: He refuses the new Indian Order of the Star of India with drafts of two letters of 1st Viscount to Ellenborough.

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Correspondence from Sir W. Gibson Craig  HALIFAX/A4/118  Nov 1851-Aug 1877

22 Items

Subjects include:
Nov 1851: Astronomer Royal and Edinburgh Observatory.
Nov 1853: Death of Lady Panmure.
Aug - Sep 1874: Distilleries: Duty paid.
Mar 1875: Dundas family affairs
Aug 1877: Personal.

Correspondence with Sir W. Gibson Craig, one of Lord Elgin's Trustees, about the affairs of the 8th Earl of Elgin Died 20 Nov 1863  HALIFAX/A4/118A  Dec 1863

11 Items

Including: Rough balance sheet of the estate by 1st Viscount. A letter from Charles Bruce to Gibson Craig about Lord Elgin's sense of public duty.
A notice In Memoriam from Dumfermline
Saturday Press, 19 Dec 1863.

Correspondence on the death of 8th Earl of Elgin and Kincardine  HALIFAX/A4/118B  Nov 1863-Jan 1864

41 Items

Letter of Lady Elgin sending last message of Lord Elgin  HALIFAX/A4/118B/1  c1863

Four letters from Hon. T.H. Thurlow giving account of Lord Elgin's death and movements of Lady Elgin homewards  HALIFAX/A4/118B/2  c1863

Post Mortem examination report of Lord Elgin  HALIFAX/A4/118B/3  c1864

Calcutta Gazette Extraordinary printed 21 Nov 1863; General Orders by the C. in C. printed 22 Nov 1863  HALIFAX/A4/118B/4  1863

An anonymous criticism of Lord Elgin's conduct as Viceroy  HALIFAX/A4/118B/5  Undated

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Correspondence from 8th Earl of Elgin  HALIFAX/A4/119  Nov 1857-Nov 1862

5 Items

India and China
Nov 1857: Governorship of Madras.
Oct 1860: From Pekin; his punitive expedition.
Nov 1862: A letter of Lady Elgin, on the way to India.

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Correspondence from 1st Duke of Wellington  HALIFAX/A4/120  Nov 1850

2 Items

A single letter, 29 Nov, about stoppage from the pay of soldiers in respect of rations.

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Correspondence from Sir G. Cornewall Lewis  HALIFAX/A4/121  Dec 1846-Dec 1862

73 Items

Subjects include:
Dec 1846: Plan for extension of Irish Poor Law.
Jan 1847: Customs tariff on foreign spirits.
Sep 1850: British Museum: the case of the Secretary Josiah Forshall.
Jan - Oct 1851: Finance of prisons; Revenue; Railway Bill; Post Office losses.
Sep 1852: General politics.
Aug 1853: Declines governorship of Bombay.
June 1854: Indian education.
1856-1857: Naval finance.
1858: General politics 1st Viscount and Lewis out of office.
Dec 1861: America.
Dec 1862: Greece and the Ionian Islands.

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Correspondence from Sir Robert Peel, 2nd Bart  HALIFAX/A4/122  Aug 1846-June 1850

44 Items

Subjects include:
Aug 1846: Potato-crop in the West Highlands and Islands.
Dec 1846: Scottish Banks.
May 1847: Sending Cotton's opinion on various currency matters William Cotton
Aug-Sep 1847: Draft of letter of 1st Viscount to Peel about the method of appointing Governor of the Bank of England, with Peel's considered reply.
Feb-Mar 1848: Procedure of Finance Committees; Budget for 1848-1849; Continuance of income tax.
July: Savings Banks.
Apr 1849: Enclosing a letter from William Wordsworth, Rydal Mount, 6 Apr 1849, on behalf of Wordsworth's son in the Stamp Office.
June 1850: Landseer's pictures.

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Correspondence from Frances, Countess Waldegrave  HALIFAX/A4/123  Apr 1866-Feb 1871

3 Items

Apr 1866: Reform politics.
Feb 1871: Chichester Fortescue's appointment as President of the Board of Trade.

8th Earl Waldegrave  HALIFAX/A4/124  Mar 1849

4 Items

Correspondence about the Government's intentions as to hop duties in the budget; distress of the hop farmers.

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Correspondence from 4th Earl of Aberdeen  HALIFAX/A4/125  Feb 1853-Oct 1854

9 Items

Feb 1853: India Bill.
Aug1853: Constantinople.
June 1854: Draft of letter of 1st Viscount to Aberdeen: About Government appointments; Lord John Russell.

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Correspondence from Lord Edward Seymour, 12th Duke of Somerset  HALIFAX/A4/126  Aug 1850-Oct 1867

56 Items

Related information: See HALIFAX/A4/51

Part I: 1850-1851: Office of Works Business.
Part II: 1859-1867: Admiralty Business.
Subjects include:
Aug-Oct 1850: T. Cubitt and Marble Arch; New Forest plantations.
Sep 1850: Sunk island Patrington Haven; Chelsea Bridge; Purchase of land near Windsor Great Park.
Oct 1850: London Parks; Westminster Bridge; Chelsea Pensioners to have tea instead of beer; London's bad water supply; Queen's stud in Bushey Paddocks; Hainhault Forest.
Nov 1850: New site for Marble Arch, various recommendations and detailed estimate for rebuilding; Westminster Bridge.
Dec 1850: Museum of Practical Geology, Sir CE Lyell and others.
Jan 1851: London water supply; Widening Park Lane.
June 1851: Interment Act, money required to make effective; Museum of Geology.
Aug 1851: Finsbury Park; Somerset House new building; "The American Yacht" at Cowes; Solicitors of the Office of Woods; Cost of maintaining Register of Births, Marriages and Deaths; Pulling down the old House of Commons, Sir C. Barry's intentions.
Sep 1851: Building the Public Record Office; Improvements at the British Museum; Selling the benches and fittings of the old House of Commons; Westminster Bridge; William Hooker at Kew Gardens; Works at Buckingham Palace, Hyde Park Marble Arch and Kew; "A new lodge" in Richmond Park for Lord John Russell.
Sep 1859-Aug 1860: Recruitment for Royal Marines from men discharged from Indian Army.
Dec 1862: Appointment of Commodore, Bombay
Mar-July 1864: About James Stansfield and his alleged subversive dealings with Mazzini:
Including drafts of 1st Viscount to Duke of Somerset and to Stansfield, and a letter of Stansfield to 1st Viscount.
Aug 1866: Naval Estimates: wooden ships and ironclads.
Feb 1867: Household Suffrage: "...we should not strangle Disraeli's baby until the day of circumcision approaches...".

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Correspondence from William Govett Romaine  HALIFAX/A4/127  Aug 1857-Jan 1859

26 Items

Admiralty business

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Correspondence from Admiral Sir R.S Dundas  HALIFAX/A4/128  Jan 1856-May 1858

45 Items

Admiralty Business; Reports of Ships; Ships' Movements.
Jan 1856: Criticism of Dundas as C. in C. Baltic Fleet.
May 1857: Mishap to H.M.S. Raleigh in China.
Aug 1857: Crimean enquiry.
Sep 1857: H.M.S. Agamemnon cable laying in the Persian Gulf.

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Correspondence from George Warde Norman  HALIFAX/A4/129  Nov 1840-Oct 1875

22 Items


Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Correspondence from Thomas Spring-Rice, 1st Baron Monteagle  HALIFAX/A4/130  Feb 1835-Jan 1851

14 Items

Apr 1847: Finance.
Aug 1847: Robert Vernon's bequest of his pictures to the nation.
1848-1849: Finance.
1851: Civil List.

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Correspondence from Stephen Spring-Rice  HALIFAX/A4/130A  July-Aug 1851

Written from the Board of Customs, asking for leave of absence, with information about members of the Board.

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Correspondence from John Evelyn Denison, 1st Viscount Ossington  HALIFAX/A4/131  Oct 1846-Dec 1871

17 Items

Subjects include:
1846: Ireland.
Mar 1847: Ecclesiastical Commissioners; Leases.
Mar - Apr 1866: Reform: with list of members who will vote for Lord Grosvenor's resolution.

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Correspondence from Charlotte, 1st Viscountess Ossington  HALIFAX/A4/132  Mar 1861-Aug 1884

29 Items

Part I: 1880-1884: To 1st Viscount. Political and social news; Estate matters.
7 Nov 1884: About publication of the papers of Lord Stratford de Redcliffe.
Part II: 1861-1867: To Lady Mary Wood. Transcripts.

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Correspondence from Charles William Wentworth, 5th Earl Fitzwilliam  HALIFAX/A4/133  July 1844-July 1852

24 Items

Subjects include:
1844: Subscription for Hugh Parker, Sheffield.
July 1846: On 1st Viscount's becoming Chancellor of the Exchequer.
Oct 1846: Opening the ports: effect on trade.
Jan 1847: Opposing subscriptions for Ireland and Scotland.
Mar 1847: Irish agriculture.
Dec 1849: Personal case: a title to property.
July 1852: West Riding politics.

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Correspondence from 6th Earl Fitzwilliam  HALIFAX/A4/133A  Dec 1845-Jan 1885

12 Items

Mar 1857: West Riding: finding a member to replace Cobden.
Oct 1857: On the death of his father, 5th Earl Fitzwilliam.
1858-1885: West Riding politics and administration.

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Correspondence from Samuel Jones Lloyd, 1st Baron Overstone  HALIFAX/A4/134  Nov 1846-Nov 1881

Subjects include:
1846-1847: Finance.
2 Feb 1852: From Rome: European politics.
1860: Finance.
Nov 1880: Agriculture; Church affairs.
1881: Finance

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Correspondence from Edward Akroyd  HALIFAX/A4/135  Sep 1844-Aug 1859

23 Items

Halifax and West Riding Politics
1844-1845: Railways: West Riding development.
1848: Horticulture at Halifax: "Allotment Guarantee Society".
May 1850: Factory labour.
1852: Railways.
Sep 1854: Education.

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Correspondence from Thomas F. Fremantle, 1st Baron Cottesloe  HALIFAX/A4/136  Aug 1847-Oct 1883

35 Items

Board of Customs
Aug 1847: Tea duties.
June 1848: Sugar duties.
Mar - Apr 1850: Port returns; Dock Companies; Allowances.
Apr 1851: Importation of firearms.
Nov-Dec 1851: St. Catherine's Dock Company.
No letters 1857-1882
Oct 1883: A dinner at Oriel: recollections of old days.

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Correspondence from John T. Delano  HALIFAX/A4/137  Sep 1848-Sep 1871

7 Items

Subjects include:
Sep - Oct 1848: Foreign affairs: Europe, West Indies, Ireland.
Oct 1863: Death of Edward Ellice, elder; Indian and United States affairs.
Sep 1871: Draft letter of 1st Viscount to Delano, from Balmoral: "The facts relative to the Queen's illness".

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Correspondence from Henry Tufnoll  HALIFAX/A4/138  Sep 1846-Dec 1852

22 Items

Treasury Business
Sep 1846: Irish Loan Fund.
Mar - Aug 1847: Estimate for the Royal Parks; Cobden as candidate for the West Riding; Election news.
Oct - Dec 1849: Ireland.
Sep - Dec 1852: Politics: List of M.Ps. from whom "no opposition need be the event of a moderate government being formed".

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Correspondence from Sir Samuel Cunard  HALIFAX/A4/139  May 1849-Sep 1851

8 Items

May-Dec 1849: Freight to U.S.A.; Panama; Atlantic shipping; West Indies mails.
Jan - Apr 1850: Mails to Mexico and Pacific; Royal Mail Company.
Feb - Sep 1851: Mails: Bermuda to New York.

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Correspondence from Albert Edward. Prince of Wales  HALIFAX/A4/140  1862-65

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Correspondence from Sir Jonathan F. Pollock, Bart  HALIFAX/A4/141  Nov 1847-Feb 1851

14 Items

Exchequer Business
Nov 1847: Office of Court Keeper, Court of Exchequer; Sale of sinecure offices.
Dec 1848 - Mar 1849: Seal of Chancellor of the Exchequer.
Feb-Apr 1850: Court of Exchequer: affairs and fees.
Feb 1851: Judges' salaries.

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Correspondence from Sir Charles Barry  HALIFAX/A4/142  Feb 1851

3 Items

About the architecture of the Houses of Parliament.

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Correspondence from John Elphinstone, 13th Baron Elphinstone  HALIFAX/A4/143  Aug-Sep 1853

9 Items

Accepting the Governorship of Madras; His analysis of the situation there; the expediency of a Governor touring his Province; but doubts about a Governor's legal authority when apart from his Council.

Letters from G. C. Lewis  HALIFAX/A4/144  No Date

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Correspondence from Charles Yorke, 4th Earl of Hardwicke  HALIFAX/A4/145  Dec 1855-Oct 1857

3 Items

1855: Seeking employment as a naval officer.
1856: Requesting that Francis Wood may be sent home from H.M.S. Hannibal, then in the Crimea.
1857: The state of H.M.S. Brilliant, then in the West Indies.

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Correspondence from Admiral William Loring, R.N  HALIFAX/A4/146  Mar 1857-July 1881

12 Items

Related information: See HALIFAX/A2/89

Mar 1857: In H.M.S. Iris, about to leave for Australia; Francis Wood a midshipman on board
Apr 1858: Sydney: Cockatoo Island harbour; troop movements.
Sep 1859: Far East intelligence.
Feb-Apr 1860: Francis Wood; Australia and New Zealand; Maori war.
No letters 1861-1880.
July 1881: Naval promotions.

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Correspondence from Thomas Thixine  HALIFAX/A4/147  Mar 1852-Feb 1870

15 Items

West Riding Politics
1852: An appeal to 1st Viscount to stand with Cobden in the Riding.
1861-1863: Liberal Registration and Division of the Riding.

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Correspondence from Sidney Herbert, 1st Baron Herbert of Lea, and his wife  HALIFAX/A4/148  Dec 1843-July 1867

14 Items

Subject include:
Dec 1843: Naval matters.
Aug-Sep 1860: India, military.
Dec 1860: From Mrs. Herbert: Sidney Herbert's health and resignation from public life.
June 1861: Indian appointments.

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Correspondence from Frederick Blackwood, 1st Marquess of Dufferin and Ava  HALIFAX/A4/149  Feb 1862-May 1885

11 Items

Feb 1862: Declining Governorship of Bombay for domestic reasons.
Oct-Nov 1864: Uncertainty as to his appointment as Under Secretary to 1st Viscount at the India Office; The appointment confirmed.
Nov 1865: 1st Viscount's accident; Sir Samuel White Baker's exploration of Lake Albert Nyanza; India Office news.
Oct 1884: On his nomination as Viceroy of India, recalling old days.
May 1885: From Simla; Indian affairs.

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Correspondence from F.H. Fawkes and his wife  HALIFAX/A4/150  Mar 1847-Apr 1871

26 Items

West Riding Politics.

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Correspondence from John Wodehouse, 1st Earl of Kimberley  HALIFAX/A4/151  Sep 1864-May 1885

Sep 1864: Lord Lieutenancy of Ireland, and regret on leaving India Office.
Aug 1871: Queen Victoria: the people's antagonism. Colonial Affairs, 1873-1874
Dec 1873: Gold Coast: arguments in favour of withdrawal from the colony.
Dec 1875: Suez Canal; Gladstone.
Sep-Nov 1876: Turkey, Bulgaria and Russia.
June 1882: Egypt and the Middle East.
Oct-Nov 1883: India.
Nov 1883: A donation of books to Doncaster Library.
1884-1885: India.
May 1885: India, Afghanistan and Russia; the Penjdeh incident.

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Correspondence from Richard Bourke, 6th Earl of Mayo at this time Viceroy of India  HALIFAX/A4/152  Oct-Nov 1869

6 Items

4 Oct: Mayo to 1st Viscount: outlining his scheme of India finance; a report of Henry Wood.
4 Nov: Draft of 1st Viscount to Mayo: advising against Mayo's proposal to remove the Commander in Chief India from the Council, and to alter the statue of the military member of Council.

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Correspondence from Sir David Dundas  HALIFAX/A4/153  Sep 1860-Dec 1869

10 Items

Personal Affairs
Sep 1860: About "posture and gesture of the body in prayer".
Dec 1865: 1st Viscount's accident; House party at Chatsworth.
Feb-Sep 1867: General politics; Reform.
Dec 1868: 1st Viscount and the Lord Lieutenancy of Ireland.
Dec 1869: Family and personal news.

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Correspondence from Edward Cardwell, 1st Viscount Cardwell  HALIFAX/A4/154  Nov 1865-July 1879

20 Items

Military Affairs
Jan 1869: Asking 1st Viscount to be Chairman of Commission on military education, enclosing list of members.
Aug 1870: Colonelcy of Fusilier Guards.
Jan 1871: Draft of 1st Viscount to Cardwell; about Cardwell's proposals for Line Regiments and regular and local militia.
Jan-Sep 1871: Reinstitution of the office of Military Secretary; Strength of the Army.
Nov - Dec 1875: Suez Canal.
1877: General politics.
July 1878: Cyprus.

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Correspondence from Reverend Thomas Monson Incumbent of Kirby Underdale and Mrs. Monson  HALIFAX/A4/155  July 1872-Jan 1883

9 Items

Related information: See HALIFAX/A4/203

Local News
July 1872: Church v. Chapel: Resignation of John White, Church Warden, who refused to read the lesson in a surplice; Plans to further the work of the Church.
1874: From Mrs. Monson: Ecclesiastical history of Kirby Underdale and Hanging Grimston, with an extract from Dugdale's Monasticon.
1883: Putting forward a candidate for St. Mark's Training College, Chelsea.

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Correspondence from Robert Torrens  HALIFAX/A4/156  Jan 1848-Aug 1860

10 Items

Jan - Sep 1848: Bank Act of 1844.
Apr 1849: Emigration from Ireland.
Aug 1860: Editorship of the "General Police Gazette".

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Correspondence from Alexander Blair  HALIFAX/A4/157  May 1842-Aug 1850

10 Items

1846-1850: Bank of Scotland.

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Correspondence from Sir John Fox Burgoyne  HALIFAX/A4/158  June 1847-June 1855

11 Items

Subject include:
June-Aug 1847: Relief Commission, Ireland.
Mar - Sep 1849: Fortifications, etc.; Inverness Canal.
Mar 1850: Westminster Bridge; Caledonian Canal.

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Correspondence from John Bright  HALIFAX/A4/159  Jan 1871-Aug 1882

3 Items

Jan 1871: Not to work this year after his illness.
Oct 1877: Russo-Turkish war.

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Correspondence from Sir Edward Baines  HALIFAX/A4/160  July 1849-Jan 1885

13 Items

Yorkshire Affairs
July 1849: Yorkshire Union of Mechanics' Institutes.
Feb 1851: The Budget of 1851; 1st Viscount assailed by an "unjust and vulgar clamour".
9 Sep 1879: Draft of 1st Viscount of Baines: Afghanistan and India.
July 1882: Asking for subscription to a memorial to Lord F. Cavendish, late President of the Yorkshire College.
1883-1885: Indian Education; The Ilbert Bill; Seeking permission to use a letter of 1st Viscount in a speech.

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Correspondence from John Stuart Wortley, 2nd Baron Wharncliffe  HALIFAX/A4/161  Dec 1834-Sep 1853

13 Items

1843-1844: Proposed establishment of a "receiving office" at Hickleton; Wakefield, Sheffield and Barnsley Sessions; points of law and procedure of the Courts.
Aug 1853: Indian Railways, with a cutting from the Times, 27 Aug.

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Correspondence from Edward Pleydell-Bouverie  HALIFAX/A4/162  Aug 1846-June 1877

11 Items

Aug 1846: Ireland: an allegory from Tacitus.
June-Sep 1856: Poor Law Board.
Mar 1866: Draft of 1st Viscount to Bouverie, and reply: The present state of matters in England, particularly Reform politics.
Jan 1867: Reform.
Oct 1868: John Stuart Mill.

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Correspondence from Admiral Sir William Parker, R.N  HALIFAX/A4/163  Dec 1848-Apr 1857

4 Items

Dec 1848: Seeking an appointment for his son; Foreign affairs.
1856-1857: Naval matters.

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Correspondence from Sir Rowland Hill  HALIFAX/A4/164  Jan 1848-Feb 1851

3 Items

Jan 1848: Proposed special rates for "Book Post".

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Correspondence from Sir John Lawrence, 1st Baron Lawrence  HALIFAX/A4/165  Feb 1860-Feb 1867

4 Items

Feb 1860: Declining Governorship of Bombay.
Sep 1860: India: Finance; Frontier Ranger Force.
Feb 1867: Hospitality shown to Duc d'Orleans; Lawrence's retirement.

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Correspondence from Benjamin Jowett  HALIFAX/A4/166  April 1871

1 Item

Specific objections to "the new scheme" in secondary education.

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Correspondence from John Henry Newman  HALIFAX/A4/167  Oct 1884

1 Item

Thanking for a present, etc.

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Correspondence from Arthur Gordon, 1st Baron Stanmore  HALIFAX/A4/168  Dec 1883-June 1884

7 Items

About the privately printed political Memoirs of his father, Lord Aberdeen.

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Correspondence from Charles Milnes Gaskell  HALIFAX/A4/169  Feb 1882-Apr 1885

11 Items

West Riding Politics
Apr 1885: The end of the old Liberal Association; new industrial constituencies and candidates.

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Correspondence from Richard Cobden  HALIFAX/A4/170  Feb 1851

1 Item

Dissociating himself and John Bright from a newspaper attack on the 1st Viscount.
Budget of 1851?.

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Correspondence from Reginald Bosworth Smith  HALIFAX/A4/171  Mar-July 1883

7 Items

1883: About the preparation for the press and publication of his Life of Lord Lawrence.
1884: Asked by Lady Russell to write the life of Lord John Russell; seeks 1st Viscount's advice.

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Correspondence from W.Arbuthnot of the India office  HALIFAX/A4/172  Apr 1860-Oct 1869

11 Items

India - Finance
Apr 1860: Finance.
Sep 1863: Banks.
Oct 1863: Pay and allowances of soldiers in India.
Aug 1864: Shipping and trade.
Mar 1866: Currency.
Oct 1869: Budget

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Correspondence from John Cam Hobhouse, 1st Baron Broughton  HALIFAX/A4/173  Sep 1847-Dec 1867

10 Items

Indian Affairs
1847-1848: President of the Board of Control, gift of Cadetships.
Apr 1851: First Afghan war, cost to the Treasury.
Oct 1851: Indian mails.
No letters 1852-1866.

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Correspondence from Sir George De Lacy Evans  HALIFAX/A4/174  Dec 1854-Jan 1855

2 Items

Refusing the offer of an appointment in India.

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Letters from various people on official and business matters  HALIFAX/A4/181  May 1832-July 1885

Arrangement: This miscellaneous correspondence is arranged chronologically, and not by individual correspondents.

Supplementary information: The date, writer and contents of each letter is available on cards.

Part I: 1832-1847.
Part II: 1848-1849.
Part III: 1850-1852.
Part IV: 1853-1856.
Part V: 1857-1861.
Part VI: 1862-1869.
Part VII: 1870-1885.

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Letters from Lords Grey, Melbourne, John Russell and others  HALIFAX/A4/182  Mar 1839

12 Items

Arrangement: These papers were arranged by the first Viscount Halifax

About his speech on the Navy Estimates.

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Congratulatory letters on his speech on the Navy Estimates from Admiral Frederic Warren, F.T. Baring and Hon. Captain Berkeley, R.N  HALIFAX/A4/183  Mar 1839

4 Items

Arrangement: These papers were arranged by the first Viscount Halifax

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Drafts in his own hand of letters to Lord Howick about resignation from the Admiralty  HALIFAX/A4/184  Aug-Sep 1839

Arrangement: These papers were arranged by the first Viscount Halifax

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Treasury Letter Books  HALIFAX/A4/185  Sep 1846-Dec 1851

2 Volumes

Arrangement: These papers were arranged by the first Viscount Halifax

Vol. I: Sep 1846 - Jan 1847
Vol. II: June 1847 - Dec 1851

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Letter Books. Copies in his own hand of letters to Lord John Russell and others  HALIFAX/A4/186  Sep 1846-Nov 1849

10 vols. indexed

Arrangement: These papers were arranged by the first Viscount Halifax

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Congratulatory letters about his speeches as Chancellor of the Exchequer  HALIFAX/A4/187  Mar 1849-Apr 1851

Arrangement: These papers were arranged by the first Viscount Halifax

Mar 1849 - Apr: Colonel Charles Grey to Lady Mary Wood; G. Norman to 1st Viscount; Sir Frederick Grey to Lady Mary Wood.
Mar 1850: G. Arbuthnot to Lady Mary Wood.
Apr 1851: E. Ellice to Lady Mary Wood; Lady Carlisle to Lady Mary Wood; F.H. Fawkes to 1st Viscount. Transcripts.

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Budget of 1851  HALIFAX/A4/188  Mar 1851

15 Items

Arrangement: These papers were arranged by the first Viscount Halifax

A paper by 1st Viscount as Chancellor of the Exchequer beginning: "It appears to me that in the present circumstances we must take a decided line on the budget" and stating various proposals.
Note by Lord John Russell Prime Minister asking for the paper to be put in circulation.
Replies from the following to whom it had been circulated:
H. Labouchere, President, Board of Trade; Sir J.C. Hobhouse, Pres. Board of Control; Lord Carlisle, Chancellor Duchy of Lancaster; Lord Minto, Lord Privy Seal; Sir George Grey, Home Secretary; Lord Lansdowne, Lord President of the Council.

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: A Memorandum in 1st Viscount's hand on Kars. Defended by Fenwick Williams against Mouravieff from June to Nov 1855  HALIFAX/A4/189  No date: c 1855

Arrangement: These papers were arranged by the first Viscount Halifax

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Minutes on papers from the Crimea  HALIFAX/A4/190  Jan-Feb 1855

5 Items

Arrangement: These papers were arranged by the first Viscount Halifax

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Letters concerning Mr. W.H. Smith's proposals for the construction of a floating Iron Battery  HALIFAX/A4/191  Apr 1855

Arrangement: These papers were arranged by the first Viscount Halifax

Consideration by the Board of Admiralty and rejection of the proposal.

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Letters from Lord John Russell, Lord Clarendon and Lord Palmerston about armistice terms and arrangements with Russia in the Crimea  HALIFAX/A4/192  Jan-Mar 1856

7 Items

Arrangement: These papers were arranged by the first Viscount Halifax

Including draft 1st Viscount to Clarendon, 27 March; and memorandum of Edmund, 1st Baron, Hammond to Palmerston, 31 March.

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Miscellaneous Naval Papers  HALIFAX/A4/193  Mar 1656-Mar 1858

Arrangement: These papers were arranged by the first Viscount Halifax

11 Mar 1856: Letter from John T. Briggs about Naval Estimates.
Mar 1856: MS. extract from Revue Des Deux Mondes about English naval preparedness.
c Apr 1856: Report of review of the Fleet by queen Victoria, 23 April, 1856, with various newspaper cuttings about it.
1 Mar 1858: Memorandum printed on the state of the Navy.
c 1856-1858: An anonymous Memorandum suggesting that "Air Movers which have been used in our mines for the last 20 years" should be installed in hospital ships

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Correspondence with Queen Victoria, Lord John Russell and General Sir Charles Grey  HALIFAX/A4/194  Jan-Feb 1866

30 Items

Arrangement: These papers were arranged by the first Viscount Halifax

About his resignation from the government, his successor at the India Office, and the offer of a peerage.

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Letters, on his retirement from Office and acceptance of a peerage, from various people  HALIFAX/A4/195  Feb 1866

40 Items

Arrangement: These papers were arranged by the first Viscount Halifax

2 Feb: Draft 1st Viscount to Lord Somerset acquainting him of his forthcoming retirement and requesting promotion for his son, Francis Wood, R.N.
5 Feb: From J.T. Delane about a notice in the Times.

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Notices in newspapers on his retirement  HALIFAX/A4/196  Feb 1866

12 Items

Arrangement: These papers were arranged by the first Viscount Halifax

The Times: 6-7 Feb.
The Standard: 8-9 Feb.
Leeds Mercury: 6-8 Feb.
Sheffield Independent: 7 Feb.
Doncaster Gazette: 9 Feb.
Halifax Courier: 10 Feb.

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Cavour and the Cession of Savoy: Drafts in 1st Viscount's hand  HALIFAX/A4/197  Mar-Apr 1860

Arrangement: These papers were arranged by the first Viscount Halifax

Telegram "for community of action" on the part of the four Powers, Britain, Russia, France, Austria  HALIFAX/A4/197/1  20 Mar 1860

Foreign Office notes of the reactions of the four Powers; and of French pressure on Cavour  HALIFAX/A4/197/2  Apr 1860

3 Items

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: An incomplete draft of a letter from 1st Viscount to an unnamed correspondent  HALIFAX/A4/198  3 Dec 1863

Arrangement: These papers were arranged by the first Viscount Halifax

About Germany and Denmark; Schleswig Holstein.

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Memorandum by 1st Viscount relating to the settlement of the Alabama Case  HALIFAX/A4/199  No date: c 1871

9 Items

Arrangement: These papers were arranged by the first Viscount Halifax

Endorsed as follows:
1. "No. 1,2,3, a proposed statement agreed upon in the Chancellor's room, Mar 16".
2. "Article IV American and English".
3. "Explanation of Art. IV".
4. "Various drafts of Art. IV".

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Memorandum in the hand of 1st Viscount, endorsed "Memorandum as to the death of the Duchess of St. Albans sent to Sir W. Jenner"  HALIFAX/A4/200  No date: Aug or Sep 1871

Arrangement: These papers were arranged by the first Viscount Halifax

Administrative history:
Sybil, Duchess of St. Albans, who died 21 Aug 1871, was a niece of Lady Mary Wood.

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: First Reform Bill, second reading  HALIFAX/A4/201  No date

2 Items

Arrangement: These papers were arranged by the first Viscount Halifax

An account by 1st Viscount of the proceedings in the House of Commons at 3 a.m. on 23 March, 1831.

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: A memorandum on the function of government, with particular reference to Education and Reform  HALIFAX/A4/202  No date

Arrangement: These papers were arranged by the first Viscount Halifax

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Correspondence with Officials of St. Mark's College, Chelsea National Society's Training Institution for Schoolmasters, with the National Society for Promoting the Education of the Poor, and with others  HALIFAX/A4/203  Mar 1859-Oct 1878

25 Items

Arrangement: These papers were arranged by the first Viscount Halifax

About the Wood Exhibition founded by 1st Viscount in compliance with the wishes of his brother, Samuel Francis Wood.
The correspondence deals with proposed alterations in the regulations for the grant of the Exhibition which was originally intended to train candidates from within the Deanery of Doncaster to be schoolmasters.

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Memorandum: Police. Co-operation between regular and special forces  HALIFAX/A4/204  Mar 1848

Arrangement: These papers were arranged by the first Viscount Halifax

"It appears to me that some sort of organisation of the special Constables is quite essential".

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Correspondence from Queen Victoria to Sir Charles and Lady Mary  HALIFAX/A4/205  1871-1884

Condolences on the death of Hugh Meynell-Ingram. Son-in-Law  HALIFAX/A4/205/1  ND

Condolences on the death of Lady Mary's sister, a lady of Queen Victoria's household  HALIFAX/A4/205/2  ND

Condolences on the death of Lady Elizabeth Bulteel. Lady Mary's sister  HALIFAX/A4/205/3  ND

Sir Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax: Miscellaneous Items  HALIFAX/A4/206  [n.d.]

Signatures of the Cabinet on the India Bill  HALIFAX/A4/206/1  1853

Notes on the commencement of the year  HALIFAX/A4/206/2  No dates

Charles Wood, 2nd Viscount Halifax: Henry Parry Liddon (1829-90) correspondence  HALIFAX/A4/210  1864-1890

390 Items

Charles Wood, 2nd Viscount Halifax: W.J. Birkbeck correspondence  HALIFAX/A4/211  1894-1914

293 Items

Incl. copies of Lord Halifax's letters

Charles Wood, 2nd Viscount Halifax: Walter George Frank Phillimore (1843-1929), later Lord Phillimore correspondence  HALIFAX/A4/212  1873-1928

369 Items

Incl. copies of Lord Halifax's letters

Charles Wood, 2nd Viscount Halifax: Abbé F. Portal correspondence  HALIFAX/A4/213  1890-1921

237 Items

Charles Wood, 2nd Viscount Halifax: H.W. Hill (Secretary, English Church Union) correspondence  HALIFAX/A4/214  1897-1922

290 Items

(Incl. copies and originals of Lord Halifax's letters to 1925)

Charles Wood, 2nd Viscount Halifax: Athelstan Riley correspondence  HALIFAX/A4/215  1884-1934

865 Items

(Incl. copies and originals of Lord Halifax's letters)

Charles Wood, 2nd Viscount Halifax: Edward Denison (1840-1870) and George Anthony Denison (1805-1896) correspondence  HALIFAX/A4/216  1864-1895

190 Items

Mostly from the latter

Charles Wood, 2nd Viscount Halifax: Arthur Charles Hamilton-Gordon (1829-1912), later Lord Stanmore correspondence  HALIFAX/A4/217  1899-1912

181 Items

Incl. copies and originals of Lord Halifax's letters

Charles Wood, 2nd Viscount Halifax: Charles Gore (1853-1932), Bishop of Birmingham and later of Oxford correspondence  HALIFAX/A4/218  1889-1913

41 Items

Charles Wood, 2nd Viscount Halifax: Edward White Benson, (1829-1896), Archbishop of Canterbury, and Mrs Mary Benson correspondence  HALIFAX/A4/219  1894-1898

6 Items

Charles Wood, 2nd Viscount Halifax: Arthur Christopher Benson (1862-1925) correspondence  HALIFAX/A4/220  1890-1912

19 Items

Charles Wood, 2nd Viscount Halifax: Richard Meux Benson (1824-1915) correspondence  HALIFAX/A4/221  1865-1890

17 Items

Charles Wood, 2nd Viscount Halifax: George Sackville Lane-Fox correspondence  HALIFAX/A4/222  1864-1912

107 Items

Charles Wood, 2nd Viscount Halifax: Thomas Alexander Lacey (1853-1931) and Mrs Dorothy Lacey correspondence  HALIFAX/A4/223  1895-1932

77 Items

Charles Wood, 2nd Viscount Halifax: Wilfrid Philip Ward (1856-1916) correspondence  HALIFAX/A4/224  1891-1912

112 Items

Charles Wood, 2nd Viscount Halifax: Dom Aelred Carlyle (1874-1955), Abbot of Caldey etc. correspondence  HALIFAX/A4/225  1901-1916

154 Items

(Incl. related material from other correspondents and occasional copies of Lord Halifax's letters)

Charles Wood, 2nd Viscount Halifax: Maria Longworth Storer (wife of American diplomat) correspondence  HALIFAX/A4/226  1898-1906

31 Items

(Incl. a copy of a letter of Lord Halifax)

Charles Wood, 2nd Viscount Halifax: William John Knox Little (1839-1918) correspondence  HALIFAX/A4/227  1883-1906

7 Items

Charles Wood, 2nd Viscount Halifax: Randall Davidson (1848-1930), Dean of Windsor, later Bishop of Winchester, Archbishop of Canterbury correspondence  HALIFAX/A4/228  1880-1912

28 Items

(Incl. occasional copies of Lord Halifax's letters)

Charles Wood, 2nd Viscount Halifax: Cosmo Gordon Lang (1864-1945) Archbishop of York, and later Canterbury correspondence  HALIFAX/A4/229  1909-1912

29 Items

(Incl. copies of letters of Lord Halifax and related material 1909)

Charles Wood, 2nd Viscount Halifax: Thomas Banks Strong (1861-1944), Dean of Christ Church, Bishop of Ripon and later Oxford correspondence  HALIFAX/A4/230  1900-1912

26 items, some duplicate copies

(Incl. copies of Lord Halifax's letters and related material from Darwell Stone, V.S.S. Coles, John Darby, H.W. Hill etc. re Athanasian Creed)

Charles Wood, 2nd Viscount Halifax: Philip Napier Waggett (1862-1939) correspondence  HALIFAX/A4/231  1900-1912

16 Items

(Incl. a copy of a letter of Lord Halifax 1908)

Charles Wood, 2nd Viscount Halifax: William Charles Lake (1817-97), Dean of Durham copies of letters of Lord Halifax to Dean Lake 1883-96 and one letter to Mrs Lake  HALIFAX/A4/232  1900

42 Items

Charles Wood, 2nd Viscount Halifax: Lord Hugh Cecil (1869-1956), later Lord Quickswood correspondence  HALIFAX/A4/233  1899-1932

42 Items

(Incl. 'Notes on my Religious Position' 1919)

Charles Wood, 2nd Viscount Halifax: Edward Lyulph Stanley (1839-1925), Lord Sheffield, Lord Stanley of Alderley correspondence  HALIFAX/A4/234  1860-1884

15 Items

Incl. copies of Lord Halifax's letters

Charles Wood, 2nd Viscount Halifax: Augustus Hare (1834-1903) correspondence  HALIFAX/A4/235  1860-1893

33 Items

Charles Wood, 2nd Viscount Halifax: Rev. Frederick H. Sutton correspondence  HALIFAX/A4/236  1878-1887

24 Items

Charles Wood, 2nd Viscount Halifax: Sackville G. Stopford correspondence  HALIFAX/A4/237  1861-1865

3 Items

Charles Wood, 2nd Viscount Halifax: Rev. Wilfrid Parker and Mrs Parker (Parker was chaplain to Archbishop Lang and later became Bishop of Pretoria) correspondence  HALIFAX/A4/238  1906-1930

12 Items

Charles Wood, 2nd Viscount Halifax: J.A. Shaw Stewart correspondence  HALIFAX/A4/239  1882-1885

4 Items

Charles Wood, 2nd Viscount Halifax: Herbert Alfred Vaughan (1832-1903), Cardinal, Archbishop of Westminster correspondence  HALIFAX/A4/240  1894-1898

10 Items

Charles Wood, 2nd Viscount Halifax: Ascot Priory correspondence from the Mother Superior 1879-1883 and Sister Clara, sister-in-charge  HALIFAX/A4/241  1898

15 Items

Charles Wood, 2nd Viscount Halifax: William Ewart Gladstone (1809-1898) correspondence  HALIFAX/A4/242  1873-1885

7 Items

(Incl. copies of Lord Halifax's letters)

Charles Wood, 2nd Viscount Halifax: Rev. F.W. Puller correspondence  HALIFAX/A4/243  1879-1912

32 Items

Charles Wood, 2nd Viscount Halifax: Edward Bouverie Pusey (1800-1882) correspondence  HALIFAX/A4/244  1870-1880

15 Items

(Incl. copies of Lord Halifax's letters)

Charles Wood, 2nd Viscount Halifax: Cardinal Rampolla, Papal Secretary of State correspondence  HALIFAX/A4/245  1895-1897

6 Items

(Incl. a copy of a letter of Lord Halifax)

Charles Wood, 2nd Viscount Halifax: Henry Edward Manning (1808-1892), Cardinal, Archbishop of Westminster correspondence  HALIFAX/A4/246  1871

2 Items

Charles Wood, 2nd Viscount Halifax: Francis Paget (1851-1911), Dean of Christ Church and later Bishop of Oxford correspondence  HALIFAX/A4/247  1892

2 Items

Charles Wood, 2nd Viscount Halifax: Richard William Church (1813-1890), Dean of St Paul's correspondence  HALIFAX/A4/248  1881-1885

4 Items

Charles Wood, 2nd Viscount Halifax: Rev. Edmund G. Wood correspondence  HALIFAX/A4/249  1894-1905

4 Items

(Incl. related letter from V.S.S. Coles and from H.W. Hill)

Charles Wood, 2nd Viscount Halifax: Theodore Hope. Letter from Hope to Sir Charles Young, Secretary of the English Church Union, and copy of reply from Lord Halifax  HALIFAX/A4/250  1872

2 Items

Charles Wood, 2nd Viscount Halifax: Rev. S.W. O'Neil correspondence  HALIFAX/A4/251  1866-1882

5 Items

Charles Wood, 2nd Viscount Halifax: Arthur Penrhyn Stanley (1815-1881), Dean of Westminster correspondence  HALIFAX/A4/252  1862-1870

4 Items

Charles Wood, 2nd Viscount Halifax: Baron Friedrich von Hügel (1852-1925) correspondence  HALIFAX/A4/253  1893-1911

12 Items

Charles Wood, 2nd Viscount Halifax: Mandell Creighton (1843-1901), Bishop of Peterborough and later of London correspondence of Lord Halifax to Bishop Creighton (returned by Mrs Creighton)  HALIFAX/A4/254  1894-1896

12 Items

Charles Wood, 2nd Viscount Halifax: Rev. William Ball Wright correspondence  HALIFAX/A4/255  1911-1912

9 Items

(Incl. pedigrees. Rev. W.B. Wright carried out genealogical searches for Lord Halifax)

Charles Wood, 2nd Viscount Halifax: Rev. Norman Powell Williams (1883-1943), later Lady Margaret Professor of Divinity, Oxford correspondence  HALIFAX/A4/256  1917

10 Items

Charles Wood, 2nd Viscount Halifax: Professor A.C. Janssens (Louvain) correspondence  HALIFAX/A4/257  1923-1933

43 Items

(Incl. copies of a few letters from Lord Halifax)

Charles Wood, 2nd Viscount Halifax: St George Jackson Mivart (1827-1900) correspondence  HALIFAX/A4/258  1887-1899

7 Items

Charles Wood, 2nd Viscount Halifax: English Church Union correspondence on a variety of resolutions and business connected with the English Church Union, of which Lord Halifax became president in 1868  HALIFAX/A4/259  1868-1883

61 Items

Among the correspondents are William Bright, J. Wayland Joyce, Lord Nelson, G.H. Bourne, G. Murray, W.A. Lindsay, Lord Shaftesbury, R. Liddell, H.J. Day, S. Phillips, C. Lindsay, T..O. Marshall, C.L. Courtenay, G. Williams, E. Churton, H.W. Barker, J.F.H. Woodward, A.H. Mackonochie, G.F. Cobb, Charles Young, G. Williams.

Charles Wood, 2nd Viscount Halifax: The Voysey case (Archbishop of York c. Rev. C. Voysey) correspondence with the Archbishop of York and others (with copies of some letters of Lord Halifax)  HALIFAX/A4/260  1869

40 Items

Charles Wood, 2nd Viscount Halifax: Parochial Councils correspondence from various individuals (incl. several bishops) on the matter of parochial councils  HALIFAX/A4/261  1883-1886

13 Items

Charles Wood, 2nd Viscount Halifax: Rev. J. Bell Cox case correspondence with Bell Cox, Randall Davidson, Charles Gore, the Bishop of Liverpool, the Archbishop of York and others  HALIFAX/A4/262  1885-1887

33 Items

Charles Wood, 2nd Viscount Halifax: Correspondence about church furnishings, memorials and vestments  HALIFAX/A4/263  1881-1926

52 Items

Chiefly with G.F. Bodley (Hickleton church), C.E. Kempe, W.O. Powell etc. 1881-1888, with later correspondence with T. Murphy over the Lord Devon and Bodley memorials 1924-1926

Charles Wood, 2nd Viscount Halifax: Rev. H.H. Leeper. correspondence over Leeper's appointment to St Stephen's, Plymouth  HALIFAX/A4/264  1901-1902

31 Items

With the Warden of Keble College, Lord AIdenham, J. Shelly, G.R. Prynne, W. Lock, Bishop King of Lincoln, the Bishop of Rochester, Lord Hugh Cecil, P.Swain, A.G. Stallard and others (incl. copies of a few letters of Lord Halifax).

Charles Wood, 2nd Viscount Halifax: Canon Thomas Thellusson Carter (1808-1901) correspondence  HALIFAX/A4/265A  1894-1898(?)

11 Items

Charles Wood, 2nd Viscount Halifax: Rev. G. Tyrrell, S.J. correspondence  HALIFAX/A4/265B  1897-1902

11 Items

Charles Wood, 2nd Viscount Halifax: German raids in East Africa  HALIFAX/A4/266  1889

6 Items

Correspondence over these raids and drafting of motion in the House of Lords for a humble address with Archdeacon J.P. Farler, the Duke of Argyll, Lord Selborne

Charles Wood, 2nd Viscount Halifax: Welsh Church Bill  HALIFAX/A4/267  1914

10 Items

Correspondence with Lord Stamfordham, the Bishop of St Davids, Lord Robert Cecil, the Duke of Devonshire, Lord Salisbury

Charles Wood, 2nd Viscount Halifax: English Church Union Presidency correspondence following upon Lord Halifax's resignation of the presidency and possible successors  HALIFAX/A4/268  1919-1920

55 Items

With Athelstan Riley, Lord Phillimore, Lord Hugh Cecil, Hon. Edward Wood, H.W. Hill and also papers concerning the case of the Vicar of Cury, diocese of Truro (incl. copies of Lord Halifax's letters)

Charles Wood, 2nd Viscount Halifax: Correspondence from Archbishops and Bishops  HALIFAX/A4/269  [n.d.]

Related information: HALIFAX/A4/218, A4/228-229 and A4/262

Aberdeen and Orkney, Arthur Gascoigne Douglas (1883-1906) correspondence 1895-1899 3 items.
Argyll and the Isles; James Robert Alexander Chinnery-Haldane (1883-1907) correspondence 1895-1896 3 items.
Bath and Wells; George Wyndham Kennion (1894-1921) letter 1899 1 item.
Birmingham; Charles Gore (1905-1911) correspondence 1905-1910 13 items see also under Worcester
Brechin; Hugh Willoughby Jermyn (1875-1904) letter 1895 1 item.
Bristol; George Forrest Browne (1897-1914) letter 1899 1 item see also under Stepney.
Cairo (Illinois, U.S.A.) Charles, Bishop of Cairo letter 1895 1 item.
Canterbury, Frederick Temple (1896-1902) correspondence 1898-1899 (incl. some copies of Lord Halifax's letters) 7 items. see also under London.
Randall Thomas Davidson (1903-1928) correspondence 1907-1916 (incl. copy of 1 letter of Lord Halifax) 4 items see also under Rochester; Winchester.
Chester; Francis John Jayne (1889-1919) correspondence 1894-1911 4 items.
Chichester; Richard Durnford (1870-1895) letter 1895 1 item. Ernest Roland Wilberforce (1896-1907) letters 1899 2 items.
Clifton (R.C.) W.R. Brownlow letter 1899 1 item.
Colchester; Henry Frank Johnson letter 1895 1 item.
Dover; George Rodney Eden letter 1895 1 item see also under Wakefield.
Durham; Brooke Foss Westcott (1890-1901) correspondence 1895-1899 3 items.
Gloucester; Charles John Ellicott (1863-1905) correspondence 1895-1899 4 items.
Edgar Charles Sumner Gibson (1905-1923) lettre 1907 1 item.
Lincoln; Edward King (1885-1910) correspondence 1894-1901 (incl. some copies of Lord Halifax's letters) 9 items.
Liverpool; John Charles Byle (1880-1900) correspondence relating to the Bell Cox case 1885 (incl. copies of letters of Lord Halifax and letter of Lord Harrowby) 4 items.
Llandaff; Richard Lewis (1883-1905) letter 1893 1 item.
London; Frederick Temple (1885-1896) letters 1895 2 items. see also under Canterbury.
Mandell Creighton (1896-1901) correspondence 1897-1899 5 items see also under Peterborough.
Arthur Foley Winnington-Ingram (1901-1939) correspondence 1901-1903 14 items
Manchester; James Moorhouse (1886-1903) letter 1899 1 item.
Edmund Arbutbnott Knox (1903-1921) letters 1906-1907 2 items.
Moray and Ross; James Butler Knill Kelly (1886-1904) letter 1895 1 item.
Newcastle; Edgar Jacob (1896-1903) letters 1899 2 items.
Norwich; John Sheepshanks (1893-1910) letters 1895 2 items.
Oxford; Samuel Wilberforce (1843-1869) correspondence 1862-1865 3 items. Francis Paget (1901-1911) letter 1907 and copy of letter from Mr Meredith 1908 2 items.
Peterborough; Mandell Creighton (1891-1897) correspondence 1895 3 items see also under London.
Rochester; Randall Thomas Davidson (1891-1895) letters 1895 2 items (see also under Canterbury; Winchester).
Edward Stuart Talbot (1895-1905) correspondence 1899-1901 (incl. some copies of Lord Halifax's letters) 9 items see also under Southwark.
St Alban's; John Wogan Festing (1890-1902) correspondence 1895-1899 3 items.
St David's; John Owen (1897-1926) letter 1899 1 item.
Salisbury; John Wordsworth (1885-1911) letters 1899-1910 2 items.
Southwark; Edward Stuart Talbot (1905-1911) letter (undated) 1 item see also under Rochester.
Southwell; George Ridding (1884-1904) letters 1895-1899 2 items.
Stepney; George Forrest Browne letter 1897 1 item see also under Bristol. Cosmo Gordon Lang letters 1901-1905 2 items see also under York.
Truro; John Gott (1891-1906) letter 1895 1 item.
Winchester; Randell Thomas Davidson (1895-1903) letter 1899 1 item see also under Canterbury; Rochester.
Worcester; John James Stewart Perowne (1891-1901) copy of letter to Rev. Whittingham 1899 1 item Charles Gore (1902-1905) letter 1902 1 item see also under Birmingham.
York; William Dalrymple Maclagan (1891-1908) correspondence 1895-1904 14 items. Cosmo Gordon Lang (1909-1928) correspondence 1912-1918 4 items see also under Stepney.
Bishop Charles John Abraham (formerly Bishop of Wellington, New Zealand and Co-adjutor of Coventry and Lichfield) letter 1896 1 item. Bishop Louis George Mylne (formerly Bishop of Bombay) letter 1899 1 item.

Charles Wood, 2nd Viscount Halifax: Church and General Correspondence  HALIFAX/A4/270  1861-1933

5 Boxes

Related information: HALIFAX/A4/210-269

Annual bundles of correspondence with some copies of Lord Halifax's letters, relating to church matters and general affairs.

Malines Conversations, correspondence and papers  HALIFAX/A4/271/1  1921-1927

12 box files

Supplementary information: A typescript summary list of the contents of the first 9 box files is available at the Institute.

List of documents submitted at the conversations  HALIFAX/A4/271/2  No Dates

Including an explanation by the 2nd Viscount of why it was necessary to publish the original documents giving an account of the four conversations held at Malines.

Souvenir brochure of the Archbishop of York to Malines  HALIFAX/A4/271/3  1971

Charles Wood, 2nd Viscount Halifax: Prayer Book Revision  HALIFAX/A4/272  1927-1932

1 Box

Correspondence and papers relating to the Prayer Book Revision 1927-1932, including replies received from clergy in response to a letter from Lord Halifax asking for expression of opinion in reference to the use of the Liturgy of 1549 (1932).

Charles Wood, 2nd Viscount Halifax: Correspondence regarding the Bishop of Manchester and his refusal to institute Mr Wells to Whitworth  HALIFAX/A4/273  July 1918-February 1919

Correspondents include: W. Lock, V. S. S. Coles, T. G. Champernoune, H. W. Hill, J. S. Narn, Cosmo Gordon Lang, Anderson W. Wells.

Charles Wood, 2nd Viscount Halifax: Royal correspondence  HALIFAX/A4/274  1870-1931

Oct 1870: Copy of a letter from 2nd Viscount to Princess Louise on her engagement to Lord Lorne Later Duke of Argyll.
Jun 1901 - Dec 1925: Correspondence from Francis and Charlotte Knollys. Francis was private secretary to King Edward VII
Jun 1902: Copy of a letter from 2nd Viscount to King Edward VII asking to present his son Edward.
Mar 1914: Correspondence following 2nd Viscounts suggestion for an appeal by the King George V to his people.
Correspondents: Lord Stamfordham, Sir Deighton Probyn, Charlotte Knollys.
Feb 1931: Lord Stamfordham private secretary to King George V. Re: The peerage of Lord Irwin 1st Earl and how it would affect the family name. Reply by 2nd Viscount.

Charles Wood, 2nd Viscount Halifax: Duke of Northumberland. Question of reforming the House of Lords  HALIFAX/A4/275  Feb 1907

Charles Wood, 2nd Viscount Halifax: Copies of letters from 2nd Viscount to Mr. Gosse  HALIFAX/A4/276  1913-1921

Copies information: Supplied by Brotherton library, Leeds

Charles Wood, 2nd Viscount Halifax: Sermons and speeches  HALIFAX/A4/277  1863 -1933

Sermons/speeches delivered by 2nd Viscount  HALIFAX/A4/277/1  ND

Notes for sermons/speeches  HALIFAX/A4/277/2  ND

Sermons/speeches by others  HALIFAX/A4/277/3  ND

Charles Wood, 2nd Viscount Halifax: Third Anglo-Catholic Congress  HALIFAX/A4/278  July 1927

1 Item, 2 copies

EDWARD FREDERICK LINDLEY WOOD, 1st Earl of Halifax  HALIFAX/A4/410  [n.d.]


NOTE - Most of these documents have MS annotations by the 1st Earl of Halifax.

Speech as Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs at the Grotius Luncheon. Typescript  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/1  15 Feb 1939

Lecture at Ashridge: "British Foreign Policy. Past, present and Future". Typescript  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/2  24 Feb 1939

Speech as Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs to the 1900 Club, about India and foreign policy in Europe. Typescript  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/3  21 June 1939

Speech as Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs at Leeds, about the war and events since he had become Secretary of State in Feb 1938. Typescript  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/4  20 Jan 1940

Speech from the Chair, as Leader of the Conservative Party in the House of Lords, at a party meeting at Caxton Hall held to accept the resignation of Neville Chamberlain as Leader of the Party, and to invite Winston Churchill to become Leader  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/5  9 Oct 1940

Typescript. With letters about the matter from Neville Chamberlain and David Margesson.

Speech as Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs in the House of Lords: Review of the war; Dakar; Far East. Type script  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/6  8 Oct 1940

Speech in the House of Lords on the death of Neville Chamberlain. MS notes  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/7  12 Nov 1940

Speech in the House of Lords on the death of 11th Marquess of Lothian, Ambassador to the U.S.A  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/8  17 Dec 1940

Lecture by J. Balfour at the Imperial Defence College: "American Characteristics"  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/9  8 June 1939

Speech broadcast by the B.B.C.: On the aim and effort in war of Britain, a Christian nation. Printed, with typescript copy  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/10  22 July-1940

A speech recorded at the B.B.C.: An appreciation of Mr. Cordell Hull  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/11  18 July 1947

Annotated by Lord Halifax: "...recorded but not, I think delivered! for old Hull was still alive in Feb 1951." With a letter from Lewis Douglas, American Ambassador, to Lord Halifax about the speech. Type script.

Speech broadcast by the B.B.C.: An appreciation of 17th Earl of Derby (1865-1948). Typescript  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/12  4 Feb 1948

A Message written for the Church Pavilion at the Yorkshire Agricultural Show: About the family as the foundation of national life, and the importance to family life of corporate Church worship  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/13  1957

Broadcast by the B.B.C.: "The Week's Good Cause", on behalf of St. Mary's Church, Welwick, Co York  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/14  1 June 1958

Printed. An Address, "The Christian Attitude to War", delivered at a Service of Prayer for Peace held at St. Martin-in-the-Fields, London, on 11 July 1937 after Lord Halifax had become Foreign Secretary  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/15  1938

With an off-print from The Times, 12 July 1937, giving a full report of the Address entitled "Lord Halifax on Peace. War the Symptom of a Disease. The Christian Attitude".

Printed. "Lawrence of Arabia": an address delivered in St. Paul's Cathedral on the occasion of the unveiling of a Memorial to T.E. Lawrence  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/16  29 Jan 1936

Printed. "The Challenge to Liberty": an Address given to the University of Oxford in the Sheldonian Theatre. It was reprinted by The Times under the title of "A Conflict of Youth"  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/17  27 Feb 1940

Related information: See also HALIFAX/A4/410/35

Printed. The Pilgrims: Speeches at a dinner in New York in honour of Lord Halifax, newly appointed Ambassador at Washington; including Lord Halifax's speech  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/18  25 March 1941

Printed The Pilgrims: Speeches at a dinner in New York in honour of Lord Halifax, on his relinquishing the appointment of Ambassador at Washington; including Lord Halifax's speech  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/19  22 April 1946

Printed The Pilgrims: Speeches at the dinner in London in honour of Averell Harriman, American Ambassador; including Lord Halifax's speech  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/20  28 May 1946

Printed. "Anglo-American": being the fifth Montague Burton Lecture, delivered at the University, Leeds, by Lord Halifax  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/21  20 Feb 1947

Printed "The Memorial Tablet in Westminster Abbey Commemorating the work of the Civil Services of the Crown of India 1858-1947"  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/22  6 March 1958

Being a booklet published by the Indian Civil Service (Retired) Association, giving the genesis of the scheme for the Memorial Tablet; newspaper articles and broadcast addresses about it; and an account of the Service of Dedication of the Memorial Tablet, at which Lord Halifax gave an Address which is here reproduced.

Centenary of the Abolition of Slavery, delivered at York Minster, typescript  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/23  17 Mar 1933

Speech delivered at the Albert Hall, duplicated  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/24  25 Apr 1948

Speech delivered at the unveiling of commemorative window for Archbishop Lord Davidson at All Hallows, Barking, typescript  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/25  11 June 1931

Speech delivered at the Anglo-Catholic Congress held at the Albert Hall, typescript  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/26  12 July 1933

Foreward for the Anglo-Catholic Congress, typescript  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/27  Dec 1948

Speech delivered at the Anglo-Catholic meeting held at Doncaster, 11 Oct 1947  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/28  Dec 1948

Notes of a speech delivered at the annual dinner of the Association of Directors of Education, typescript  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/29  2 Feb 1933

Speech delivered at the unveiling of the War memorial to British and Commonwealth dead at Athens, typescript  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/30  Apr 1952

Speech delivered at the University of Athens, typescript  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/31  7 May 1952

Notes of a speech delivered at Holgate Grammar School speech day at Barnsley  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/32  19 June 1947

Lecture on American agriculture given to Bishop Wilton Farmers Group, typescript  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/33  4 Jan 1949

Speech delivered to Bishop Wilton Farmers, typescript  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/34  27 Jan 1953

Notes of a speech delivered to Bradford Civic Society  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/35  8 Dec 1947

Speech delivered to Bradford Civic Society, type script  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/36  4 Sept 1951

Notes of a speech on American foreign policy delivered to Bradford Textile Society, (and expanded for Army Course at Scarborough, Nov 1953)  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/37  Oct 1953

Notes of speech delivered to the National Farmers' Union meeting at Bridlington  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/38  25 Nov 1949

Speech on the international situation delivered at the Colston Hall, Bristol, typescript  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/39  23 Mar 1936

Speech as President of the Building Societies' Association at Edinburgh, typescript  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/40  26 May 1948

Speech proposing toast to Churchill delivered at a dinner at the Carlton Club, type script  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/41  30 May 1951

Speech on foreign policy delivered at Chatham House, typescript  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/42  28 June 1946

Speech entitled "What has Christianity to say to the World today" delivered at the Youth Fellowship meeting at Carmarthen, type script  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/43  26 Feb 1948

Speech delivered to the Chamber of Commerce on the eve of his departure for India, type script  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/44  12 Mar 1926

Speech delivered at the Educational Conference held at Chester  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/45  5 Jan 1933

Notes of a speech delivered at Christ Church, Oxford  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/46  24 June 1931

Speech proposing toast to Christ Church and the Dean and Governing Body delivered at Christ Church, typescript  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/47  June 1934

Speech entitled "Christianity in Politics" delivered at the Christian Student Movement Conference at Swanwick, typescript  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/48  29 July 1947

Notes for a speech entitled "Is England Christian still?" delivered to the Church Union meeting at the Albert Hall  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/49  11 June 1935

Speech on "Church and State" prepared for the Church Assembly but not delivered, typescript  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/50  Feb 1949

Speech at the unveiling of memorial to the civil services of the Crown in India, Pakistan and Burma, typescript  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/51  6 Mar 1958

Notes for a speech delivered at the Clarke-Hall Fellowship dinner, typescript  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/52  28 Apr 1937

Cutting from the Church Times containing a report of Lord Irwin's speech to the Conference of Missionary Societies at Central Hall, Westminster  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/53  July 1931

Notes for a speech delivered to the Coningsby Club  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/54  12 July 1934

Notes for a speech to the Conservative Party India Committee  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/55  22 June 1931

Notes for a speech to the Country Landowners Association, typescript  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/56  25 Oct 1950

Speech delivered at Doncaster Grammar School  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/57  22 Oct 1954

Cutting from The Times containing a report of Lord Irwin's speech on India on the occasion of his being given the freedom of Doncaster  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/58  23 July 1931

Notes for a speech delivered at Doncaster Leger Dinner  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/59  Sept 1952

Speech delivered at Driffield, typescript  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/60  6 Feb 1948

Notes for a speech delivered to the meeting of East Anglian Women at Caxton Hall  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/61  14 Mar 1924

Speech entitled "Education in a Democratic State" delivered at Swinton Conservative College, typescript  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/62  28 July 1952

Speech delivered at a meeting of the English-Speaking Union at Birmingham, typescript  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/63  31 Mar 1950

Notes for a speech delivered at a meeting of the English-Speaking Union at Bristol  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/64  15 Nov 1948

Notes for a speech delivered at a meeting of the English-Speaking Union at Harrogate, typescript  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/65  28 Apr 1954

Speech delivered at the English-speaking Union Dinner at the Mansion House, London, typescript  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/66  9 Mar 1948

Speech delivered at a meeting of the English-Speaking Union at London  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/67  5 June 1953

Notes for a speech delivered at Queen Margaret's School, Escrick, typescript  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/68  30 June 1951

Speech prepared for the dedication of the Fairfax Window in York Minster, but not delivered, typescript  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/69  Summer 1932

Notes for a speech delivered to the East Riding Teachers' Conference at Filey  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/70  17 Nov 1950

Lecture on Bishop John Fisher delivered in Rochester Cathedral, typescript  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/71  21 June 1935

Speech given at Fulwood parish church, typescript  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/72  26 June 1953

Notes for a speech at the Gimcrack Club  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/73  27 Dec 1948

Speech at the opening of the exhibition of Oxford Treasures at Goldsmiths' Hall, London, typescript  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/74  May 1953

Notes for a speech delivered at Greenwich National College  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/75  6 June 1947

Note on the death of Lord Hambledon, typescript  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/76  3 Apr 1948

Speech at the Antique Dealers' Fair at Harrogate, (delivered by Lady Halifax in Lord Halifax's absence) typescript  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/77  4 Sept 1958

Notes for speech delivered to the Chartered Accountants and Estate Agents Institute meeting at Harrogate, typescript  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/78  7 July 1949

Notes for a speech on the occasion of being given the freedom of Harrogate  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/79  1926

Speech delivered at a Teachers' Conference at Harrogate convened by the Bishop of Ripon, typescript  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/80  21 Jan 1933

Cutting from the Harrogate Herald reporting Lord Irwin's speech at Harrogate's civic welcome  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/81  18 July 1931

Notes for a speech delivered at Harrogate banquet  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/82  1926

Notes for a speech delivered at Queen Ethelburga's School, Harrogate  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/83  18 June 1932

Notes for a speech delivered at the unveiling of the American Plaque at Harrogate  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/84  12 July 1947

Notes for a speech delivered at Harrow School  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/85  8 Nov 1949

Speech delivered at Hatfield Technical School, Herts  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/86  20 Oct 1932

Speech delivered at the Council for the Preservation of Rural England Conference held at Duncombe Park, Helmsley, typescript  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/87  8 July 1950

Notes for Speech Day at Hemsworth Grammar School  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/88  10 Nov 1948

Speech delivered to the Historic Churches Preservation Trust, broadcast, Leeds, typescript  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/89  20 Nov 1955

Notes for a speech delivered to Holmfirth Youth Council, typescript  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/90  Oct 1956

Notes for a speech delivered in the House of Commons, (farewell speech on the eve of his departure for India)  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/91  24 Feb 1926

Speech prepared for the House of Lords on India, but not delivered typescript  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/92  18 May 1949

Speech prepared for the House of Lords on life peerages, but not delivered typescript  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/93  1957

Speech delivered at Alderman Cogan School, Hull, on the occasion of the opening of the new school typescript  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/94  8 Nov 1957

Notes for a speech delivered at a luncheon in Hull  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/95  14 Mar 1933

Notes for a speech delivered at Hull Fellowship meeting  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/96  30 Sept 1949

Speech delivered at Hull University, typescript  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/97  22 May 1957

Notes for a speech on Anglo-American relations delivered at the Imperial Defence College  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/98  11 Dec 1947

Notes for a speech on world affairs delivered at the Imperial Defence College, typescript  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/99  2 Dec 1948

Notes for a speech on world affairs delivered at the Imperial Defence College  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/100  21 Nov 1949

Notes for a speech delivered at the I.C.S. dinner  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/101  10 Jan 1948

Speech delivered at the Three Colleges Dinner on the eve of his departure for India, typescript  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/102  9 Feb 1926

Copies information: 2 copies

Notes for a speech delivered at a meeting of the Indian Church Aid Association in London, typescript  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/103  23 June 1932

Notes for a speech delivered at a meeting of the Indian Mission of Fellowship at Newcastle  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/104  2 Oct 1932

Copy of King George VI's Christmas Broadcast speech, and draft, typescript  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/105  1949

Speech delivered at the Centenary celebrations of Lancing College, typescript  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/106  24 July 1948

Notes for a speech delivered at the League of Nations Association meeting at York, typescript  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/107  10 Nov 1933

Notes for a speech delivered at the League of Nations Association meeting at the Albert Hall, typescript  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/108  6 Feb 1934

Notes for a lecture entitled "My Father" delivered at a meeting of the Church Union in Leeds  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/109  30 Sept 1948

Notes for a speech at a Conservative Party meeting in Leeds, 27 Oct 1948 typescript  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/110  30 Sept 1948

Speech delivered on the occasion of being given the freedom of Leeds, typescript  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/111  5 March 1923

Notes for a speech on the party system delivered at the Leeds Luncheon Club  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/112  19 Jan 1914

Notes for a speech on some aspects of social planning delivered at Leeds Rotary Club, typescript  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/113  8 Oct 1954

Speech delivered to inaugurate the Silver Jubilee Week of St George's Crypt, Leeds, typescript  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/114  1 Oct 1955

Speech delivered on the occasion of the handing over to Temple Newsam to Leeds Corporation, typescript  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/115  19 Sept 1922

Speech delivered on the occasion of the conferment of an honorary degree by Leeds University, type script  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/116  n.d

"Anglo-American Relations": fifth Montague Burton Lecture on International Relations, printed  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/117  20 Feb 1947

Notes for a speech delivered to the Library Association at the opening of Chaucer House, typescript  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/118  25 May 1933

Speech on Liddon House and Bishop Gore delivered at Londonderry House, typescript  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/119  21 June 1932

Speech delivered on the occasion of the conferment of an honorary degree by Manchester University, typescript  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/120  12 May 1948

Notes for a speech on the Archbishop's call to church people delivered at Market Weighton  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/121  6 May 1949

Notes for a speech delivered to the British Legion meeting at Market Weighton  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/122  24 Sept. 1950

Notes for a speech on the Archbishop's call to church people, delivered at Middlesbrough  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/123  24 Oct 1949

Notes for a speech delivered at the M.C.C. Annual Dinner  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/124  5 May 1933

Notes for a speech delivered at the Missionary Exhibition, Poplar  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/125  20 Oct 1936

Notes for a speech delivered to the National Council of Social Service  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/126  25 Nov 1952

Notes for a speech delivered to Morton Conservative Association  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/127  24 Nov 1947

Notes for a speech on Myasaland, prepared but not delivered (? for House of Lords)  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/128  n.d

Address on Amery and Malcolm delivered at All Souls College, typescript  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/129  Oxford, 6 Nov 1955

Notes for a lecture on the United States and the British Commonwealth in the world delivered to Americans in Oxford at Rhodes House  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/130  31 Oct 1947

Speech delivered at the presentation of the Billmeir Collection to Oxford University, typescript  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/131  13 Mar 1958

Lecture delivered to the Oxford Conference of Universities, typescript  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/132  19 July 1948

Speech delivered at the opening session of the Commonwealth Education Conference, typescript  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/133  July 1959

Notes for a speech delivered to Oxford Conservative Association  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/134  2 Mar 1932

Speech of welcome delivered at the opening of the Duke of Edinburgh's Conference at Oxford, typescript  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/135  9 July 1956

Speech given to introduce the Grosseteste Lecture by Sir Maurice Powicke, Oxford, typescript  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/136  21 Oct 1953

Notes for future speeches at Oxford  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/137  Dec 1933

Notes for a speech delivered to Indian students at Oxford  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/138  5 Mar 1932

Speech delivered at the laying of the foundation stone of Nuffield College, Oxford, typescript  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/139  21 Apr 1949

Draft speech delivered on the occasion of the incorporation of St Anne's into the University of Oxford, typescript  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/140  28 May 1952

Speech of welcome delivered to the visitor at St Edmund's Hall, Oxford, typescript  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/141  6 June 1958

Speech delivered at St Hilda's College, Oxford, on the inauguration of the Building Fund, typescript  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/142  3 June 1954

Notes for a speech delivered at the dinner of the York branch of the Oxford Society  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/143  3 Dec 1932

Notes for a similar speech, York  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/144  27 June 1934

Notes for a similar speech, York  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/145  15 Dec 1947

Notes for a similar speech, York  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/146  11 Dec 1949

The Chancellor's message to Oxford men and women overseas, broadcast by the BBC, printed  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/147  7 June 1934

Appeal for historic buildings in Oxford, broadcast by the BBC, typescript  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/148  30 Jan 1958

Speech delivered at University College, Oxford, on the occasion of his seventh centenary, typescript  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/149  1 July 1949

Notes for a speech delivered to the Pilgrims  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/150  28 May 1946

Notes for a speech at a Pilgrims farewell dinner for Lewis Douglas, U.S. Ambassador, typescript  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/151  6 Nov 1950

Speech delivered at a meeting of the Pilgrims to welcome Sir Oliver Franks, type script  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/152  16 Dec 1952

Speech at a Pilgrims dinner welcoming Gifford, the new U.S. Ambassador, typescript  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/153  9 Jan 1951

Speech proposing toast to the Archbishop of Canterbury at a Pilgrims dinner, typescript  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/154  16 Nov 1954

Speech at a Pilgrims dinner welcoming Dr Griswold of Yale University, typescript  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/155  20 July 1955

Notes for a speech delivered at Pocklington School. Speech Day, (delivered at Beverley also, 12 Nov 1936)  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/156  27 July 1932

Notes for a speech delivered at the opening of Woldgate County Secondary School, Pocklington, typescript  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/157  7 July 1959

Notes for a lecture on public house signs, Starbeck, typescript  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/158  Feb 1925

Notes for a speech on the railway strike  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/159  1955

Notes for a speech delivered to Ripon Division Annual Meeting, typescript  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/160  21 Feb 1948

Lecture entitled "Looking to the Future" delivered to the Royal Empire Society School at Durham, typescript  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/161  1 Apr 1949

Lecture entitled "The World and Democracy" delivered at Rowntree's Cocoa Works, York, typescript  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/162  27 Sept 1934

Speech delivered at the laying of a foundation stone for new buildings for St George's Parish Schools, Birmingham, typescript  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/163  13 May 1933

Notes for a speech at a debate "Today calls for a concentration of Christian forces overseas rather than at home", organised by the vicar of St Paul's, Knightsbridge  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/164  1 June 1932

Article entitled "Secondary Education: Thirty Years Development", typescript  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/165  Dec 1932

Notes for a speech delivered at Sedbergh School Speech Day, (delivered at Drax also, 6 July 1952)  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/166  5 July 1947

Speech delivered at the Cutlers' Feast, Sheffield, typescript  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/167  24 March 1949

Speech delivered at the opening of the new laboratories at the British Glass Industry Research Association, typescript  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/168  6 June 1959

Speech given on behalf of the University at the Lord Mayor's Jubilee Luncheon, Sheffield, typescript  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/169  May 1955

Notes for a speech delivered at the Sheffield University Jubilee Dinner, typescript  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/170  28 June 1955

Speech delivered at Sheffield University on being appointed Chancellor of the University, typescript  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/171  2 July 1948

Notes for a speech at an informal luncheon at Sheffield University  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/172  12 July 1951

Notes for a talk entitled "Privileges and Duties of a Christian Man", given at Sherburn in Elmet  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/173  27 Sept. 1953

Lecture entitled "The World's Challenge to the Christian Faith" given at Sledmere, typescript  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/174  7 Feb 1920

Speech delivered at the meeting of the League of Nations Union held at Southampton Guildhall, typescript  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/175  24 Feb 1937

Notes for a speech of Anglo-American relations delivered at the Staff College, typescript  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/176  9 Oct 1946

Notes for a speech delivered at the Speech Day of King Edward's School, Stourbridge, typescript  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/177  21 Feb 1933

Newspaper cutting "The Fight against Evil" from The Sunday Times  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/178  25 Apr 1948

Lecture on democracy delivered at Swinton College of the North, typescript  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/179  3 June 1949

Lecture on education in a democratic state delivered at Swinton Conservative College, typescript  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/180  28 July 1952

Notes for a speech on education delivered to the Teachers Vacation Course, typescript  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/181  5 Aug 1932

Notes for a speech delivered at Thirsk on the current situation  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/182  16 Aug 1932

Notes for a speech delivered at the York 3000 Guineas Bazaar (Diocesan Appeal)  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/183  29 Apr 1933

Notes for a talk on the United States given to Foreign Office entrants  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/184  Dec 1946

Notes for a talk on the United States given to MP's  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/185  21 May 1946

Notes for a speech given at the University of London (centenary celebration), typescript  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/186  1936

Obituary note on Gerald Veale for The Times, type-script  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/187  Apr 1949

Notes for a speech delivered to Vincent's Club  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/188  7 July 1952

Notes for a speech on behalf of the Oxford Mission to Calcutta delivered at Wakefield  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/189  n.d

Speech delivered at a meeting of the Universities Mission to Central Africa at Oxford, typescript  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/190  18 Nov 1957

Speech delivered at a meeting of the Victoria League, typescript  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/191  24 May 1949

Speech delivered at the George Washington Anniversary Celebration held at Sulgrave Manor, typescript  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/192  15 Dec 1949

Notes for a talk on Christianity today delivered at Wolverhampton parish church, typescript  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/193  17 Mar 1948

Notes for a speech delivered at the Worcestershire Dinner  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/194  17 Feb 1932

Notes for a talk entitled "Some tests and results of education" delivered to the Working Men's College  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/195  15 Mar 1924

Notes for a speech to a meeting of the Assistant Curates' Society at York  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/196  25 July 1953

Lecture on "Christian Action" delivered at the Archbishop's School of Provincial Clergy, York, typescript  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/197  28 July 1950

Notes for an address delivered to York Civic Trust  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/198  30 Oct 1949

Notes for a speech delivered to the York branch of the C.E.M.S., typescript  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/199  14 July 1954

Notes for a speech delivered to the Country Landowners' Association meeting at York, typescript  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/200  21 Oct 1952

Notes for a speech delivered at a dinner in honour of J.B. Morrell  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/201  29 Sept. 1949

Notes for a speech on Christianity delivered to Men's mass meeting at York, typescript  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/202  20 Mar 1949

Notes for a speech delivered to the Merchant Adventurers of York on his election  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/203  ? 1937

Address entitled "Lang and Temple" delivered in York Minster, at the dedication of the pulpit in their memory printed  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/204  17 July 1948

Notes for a speech delivered at the Jubilee Dinner of the Society of Yorkshiremen in London  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/205  10 Nov 1949

Newspaper cutting reporting Irwin's speech as President of the Society of Yorkshiremen in London at a luncheon, (Yorkshire Herald)  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/206  11 May 1933

Notes for a speech delivered at the annual banquet of the Society of Yorkshiremen in London  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/207  8 Nov 1933

Notes for a speech delivered on a similar occasion  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/208  21 Nov 1946

"Reflections on some aspects of Imperial Citizenship" (article printed in York Quarterly, 1932)  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/209  1932

Notes for a speech delivered to a meeting of Yorkshire Conservative Women  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/210  27 Jan 1932

Notes for an address delivered to the York Summer Schools, typescript  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/211  12 Aug 1950

Notes for a similar address  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/212  31 July 1954

Ripon Division. Edward Wood's printed Election Addresses  HALIFAX/A4/410/1/213  1910-1924

7 Items

Papers relating to India  HALIFAX/A4/410/2  [n.d.]

Letter from Edward Wood to the Earl of Birkenhead about the offer of the Viceroyalty  HALIFAX/A4/410/2/1  1 Oct 1925

Speeches on Indian affairs (drafts and notes)  HALIFAX/A4/410/2/2  [n.d.]

Raleigh Club  HALIFAX/A4/410/2/2/1  16 May 1931

Sheffield degree  HALIFAX/A4/410/2/2/2  4 July 1931

American Press  HALIFAX/A4/410/2/2/3  7 July 1931

Harrogate  HALIFAX/A4/410/2/2/4  18 July 1931

Freedom of Doncaster  HALIFAX/A4/410/2/2/5  23 July 1931

Missionary Societies, Central Hall, Westminster  HALIFAX/A4/410/2/2/6  21 July 1931

Imperial Defence College  HALIFAX/A4/410/2/2/7  20 Oct 1931

Melton Missionary meeting  HALIFAX/A4/410/2/2/8  29 Oct 1931

Leeds Town Hall  HALIFAX/A4/410/2/2/9  ?1931

No venue mentioned  HALIFAX/A4/410/2/2/10  ?1931

York Garrison  HALIFAX/A4/410/2/2/11  11 Feb 1932

Ashridge  HALIFAX/A4/410/2/2/12  4 Mar 1933

Leeds Luncheon Club  HALIFAX/A4/410/2/2/13  13 Mar 1933

House of Lords  HALIFAX/A4/410/2/2/14  6 Apr 1933

Eton  HALIFAX/A4/410/2/2/15  19 July 1933

Aldershot  HALIFAX/A4/410/2/2/16  28 Nov 1933

Christian Colleges, Leeds  HALIFAX/A4/410/2/2/17  24 Sept 1934

Cambridge Mission  HALIFAX/A4/410/2/2/18  25 Oct 1934

Byculla Club  HALIFAX/A4/410/2/2/19  17 Apr 1931

Including letter from Dowager Lady Auckland to 2nd Viscount Halifax, 5 Mar 1931)

Letters to Irwin, from the Earl of Willingdon, Viceroy, 1931-6  HALIFAX/A4/410/2/3  14 July 1931-1 Sept 1933

5 Items

Letters to Irwin from Field Marshal Sir Philip (later Lord) Chetwode, Commander-in-Chief, India  HALIFAX/A4/410/2/4  30 May 1931-24 Oct 1935

8 Items

Related information: HALIFAX/A4/410/2/40

Letters to Irwin from Sir Malcolm (later Lord) Hailey, Governor of the Punjab, and later of the United Provinces  HALIFAX/A4/410/2/5  9 May 1931-13 Mar 1954

10 Items

Letters to Irwin from the Earl of Birkenhead, Secretary of State for India (with copies of some replies)  HALIFAX/A4/410/2/6  4 Nov 1926-3 May 1928

8 Items

Correspondence about the Garhwali incident  HALIFAX/A4/410/2/7  [n.d.]

Copies of telegrams between the Viceroy and Secretary of State for India and the Naval Commander-in-Chief, Colombo about possible reinforcements after the Garhwali incident  HALIFAX/A4/410/2/7/a  26 Apr-19 June 1930

12 Items

Letter to Irwin from Sir Malcolm Seton, India Office and copy of the Viceroy's reply (possible emergency measures)  HALIFAX/A4/410/2/7/b  1-28 May 1930

2 Items

Copies of letter to Wedgwood Benn and letter from Sir Malcolm Hailey to Viceroy about Crerar, Home Member  HALIFAX/A4/410/2/7/c  21 Feb-2 June 1930

2 Items

Letters to Irwin from Ramsey MacDonald, Prime Minister, Wedgwood Benn, copies of replies and telegrams etc  HALIFAX/A4/410/2/7/d  20 May-25 July 1930

12 Items

Concerning the request for the Viceroy to accept extension of Viceroyalty

Letter and memorandum to Viceroy from D. Grey(?) India Office - the new India  HALIFAX/A4/410/2/8  16 April no year

Letters to Irwin from M.K. Gandhi, and notes and memoranda of Irwin (with letter from Sir Geoffrey Corbett)  HALIFAX/A4/410/2/9  14 Sept 1931-15 June 1934

10 Items

Letter to Irwin from Sir Geoffrey de Montmorency, Governor of Punjab  HALIFAX/A4/410/2/10  28 June-22 Aug 1931

2 Items

About current situation the Punjab, with letter of comments from Sir Geoffrey Corbett

Copy of letter from Irwin to C.F. Andrews about the Indian situation  HALIFAX/A4/410/2/11  19 Aug 1931

Letter to Irwin from Sir George Schuster, Financial Member of Council about the Indian situation  HALIFAX/A4/410/2/12  18 July 1931

Letter to Irwin from J. Watson, Foreign and Political Department about federation  HALIFAX/A4/410/2/13  30 June 1931

Letter to Irwin from Sir Herbert Emerson, Home Department  HALIFAX/A4/410/2/14  13-16 May 1931, 30 May 1931

2 Items

About Gandhi and the general situation, with printed notes on interview between Emerson and Garidhi

Letters to Irwin from Sir James Crerar, Home Member of Council about the India situation  HALIFAX/A4/410/2/15  10 June 1931-5 Jan 1932

2 Items

Letter to Irwin from Sir G.S. Bajpai about the Indian situation  HALIFAX/A4/410/2/16  29 June 1931

Letters to Irwin from Sir Harry Haig, Home Department, about the Indian situation  HALIFAX/A4/410/2/17  28 June 1931-2 Jan 1933

3 Items

India: the White Paper by Sir John Perronet Thompson, with a preface by John Huchan (printed)  HALIFAX/A4/410/2/18  1933

Newspaper cutting from The Yorkshire Post headed "Lord Irwin defends his policy"  HALIFAX/A4/410/2/19  16 May 1931

Diary of Sir Harcourt Butler, Chairman of the Committee to Enquire into Indian States  HALIFAX/A4/410/2/20  21 Jan-17 Apr 1928

Letter to Irwin from Lord Sankey enclosing 2 secret documents  HALIFAX/A4/410/2/21  May 1931

4 Items

A Constitution of India: draft heads; B. Indian Round-Table Conference, Cabinet Committee: Provisional Sketch of Draft Indian Constitution, with explanatory notes. Also comments by Irwin on certain clauses.

Telegrams and letters to Lord and Lady Irwin on the eve of their departure, after giving up the Viceroyalty  HALIFAX/A4/410/2/22  April 1931

130 Items

Copy of letter to 1st Viscount Halifax from Sir John Lawrence  HALIFAX/A4/410/2/23  Nov 1868

Regarding education, railways etc. in India, including a prophecy that a member of the Wood family would some day be Governor-General

Printed draft resolution which Mr Jinnah had intended to move at the open meeting of the All-India Muslim League at Delhi in March 1929  HALIFAX/A4/410/2/24  1929

Newspaper cuttings and correspondence relating to Winston Churchill and India  HALIFAX/A4/410/2/25  1921-1931

12 Items

A Scheme of Political Safeguards for the Protection of the Depressed Classes in the Future Constitution of a self-governing India - submitted to the Indian Round-Table Conference (printed)  HALIFAX/A4/410/2/26  No dates

Letters to Irwin from Professor R. Coupland enclosing two memoranda  HALIFAX/A4/410/2/27  9-15 Nov 1931

4 Items

'British Troops in the Dominions' and 'Dominion Status for India

Reservations and safeguards proposed at the Indian Round-Table Conference by Lord Reading, the Prime Minister, and Lord Peel  HALIFAX/A4/410/2/28  1931

Memorandum by A.C. McWalters, Finance Department, on the question of financial safeguards  HALIFAX/A4/410/2/29  12-13 Mar 1931

2 Items

In particular how far it would be possible to meet the position taken up by Gandhi that such safeguards should be demonstrably in the interests of India and not merely of Great Britain, with additional note to the Viceroy's private secretary

Memorandum by J.M. Dunnett on a defence portfolio following the Round-Table Conference  HALIFAX/A4/410/2/30  31 Mar 1931

Memorandum by Sir Geoffrey Corbett on the British commercial community in India, with covering letter to the Viceroy's private secretary  HALIFAX/A4/410/2/31  15 Apr 1931

2 Items

Note on the feasibility of devolution in respect of the Army of India  HALIFAX/A4/410/2/32  1930

Copies of letters to Ramsey McDonald, Prime Minister, on constitutional safeguards, and the provinces and the centre, with rough notes  HALIFAX/A4/410/2/33  14-18 Nov 1931

3 Items

Letter to Irwin from Sir Tej Bahadur Sapra, enclosing a copy of his letter to the Prime Minister about the provinces and the centre  HALIFAX/A4/410/2/34  13 Nov 1931

2 Items

Letter to Halifax from Rev. J.W. Drummond, Church of Scotland Mission, about the former's part in the building of a church at Bikaner  HALIFAX/A4/410/2/35  27 Mar 1953

Letter to Irwin from Lord Eustace Percy, commenting upon a letter to Irwin from Sir Malcolm Hailey (enclosed) about Percy's committee report on central federal finance  HALIFAX/A4/410/2/36  31 May-24 July 1932

2 Items

Letter to Edward Wood from the Earl of Lytton, Governor of Bengal, giving his views about India in the light of his own experience at the India Office and in India  HALIFAX/A4/410/2/37  10 Dec 1925

Letter to Edward Wood from Lord Sydenham giving his views on Indian affairs  HALIFAX/A4/410/2/38  28 Dec 1925

Letters to Halifax from the Marquess of Linlithgow, Viceroy of India, about Indian affairs and the general situation  HALIFAX/A4/410/2/39  17 July 1937-11 Aug 1940

5 Items

Letters to Irwin from Field-Marshal Sir Philip (later Lord) Chetwode  HALIFAX/A4/410/2/40  7 May 1933-25 Nov 1934

3 Items

Related information: HALIFAX/A4/410/2/4

Letter to Irwin from Rev. E.K. Talbot after his visit to the Viceroy in India  HALIFAX/A4/410/2/41  14 Jan 1930

"The real issue in India" by Fanjdar (Sir John Perronet Thompson)  HALIFAX/A4/410/2/42  1930

"Reflections on the Conference" notes by Sir Charles Innes, with a copy of a letter of Sir Hugh Stephenson to Innes  HALIFAX/A4/410/2/43  July 1930

2 Items

South India Church Scheme  HALIFAX/A4/410/2/44  1930

6 Items

Printed resolutions concerning the proposed scheme of Church union in South India, notes on Canon Wylde's memorandum, and letter to Irwin from the Bishop of Colombo.

Letters to Irwin from J.R.G. Bolton, The Times of India  HALIFAX/A4/410/2/45  17 May-6 July 1931

4 Items

And copy of a reply, with a copy of manifesto of a Bombay dining-debating club formed to support the creation of a federal government in India

Memorandum entitled "Objections to Simon Scheme" by Sir Charles Innes, and comments on the memorandum (Bhose)  HALIFAX/A4/410/2/46  June-Aug 1930

2 Items

Memorandum entitled "Stability of the federal executive" by B.G. Haig  HALIFAX/A4/410/2/47  15 Dec 1930

Dedication of New Delhi Church: printed correspondence on the proposed dedication  HALIFAX/A4/410/2/48  30 May-19 June 1928

10 Items

Notes by W.H. Lewis on the Round Table Conference and the 1932 Select Committee, and on Indian objections to Sir Samuel Hoare's statement and alleged change of policy in Indian affairs  HALIFAX/A4/410/2/49  c1932

Letter to Irwin from (?) Craig, Home Member of Council about the Bill to replace the Ordinances  HALIFAX/A4/410/2/50  20 Apr 1933

Telegram and copy of letter between Irwin and Gandhi about selection of Dr Ansari for Round Table Conference  HALIFAX/A4/410/2/51  July 1931

3 Items

Copy of letter to Irwin from H. Verney Lovett, enclosing typescript extracts from the Cambridge History of India vol. VI  HALIFAX/A4/410/2/52  n.d

2 Items

Regarding Sir Charles Wood and Lord Canning and the reform of the Legislative Councils

Indian Constitutional Reform  HALIFAX/A4/410/2/53  ND

Memorandum on policy by the Council of the European Association (printed).

Letter to Irwin from S.R. Das about the former's speech on communal representation  HALIFAX/A4/410/2/54  18 July 1926

"Note of the Points on which it might be alleged that the White Paper is not in accordance with the Round Table Conference Proposals"  HALIFAX/A4/410/2/55  31 Mar 1933

Notes by H.G. Haig on the federal question and the states  HALIFAX/A4/410/2/56  14 Nov-11 Dec 1930

4 Items

Two memoranda on "The communal settlement for the Punjab" and "The communal problem in the Punjab" with accompanying letter from Sir Geoffrey Corbett, and map  HALIFAX/A4/410/2/57  13 Oct 1931

4 Items

Photographic album of the Viceroy  HALIFAX/A4/410/2/58  ND

Letter from Malcolm MacDonald on his father's death and events in India  HALIFAX/A4/410/2/59  1937

1 Item

Correspondence from S.C.Sutton (India Office Library) thanking Halifax for notes on the opening of the Civil Service in India  HALIFAX/A4/410/2/60  1958

2 Items

Related information: See HALIFAX/A2/278/84/3 May-Aug 1947 Division of the Indian Civil Service.

Correspondence concerning deposition of Halifax's India Vice-Royalty papers  HALIFAX/A4/410/2/61  1959

10 Items

Includes list of Volumes of Correspondence as Viceroy 1926-1931

Documents as Lord Privy Seal and as Foreign Secretary, or concerning these offices  HALIFAX/A4/410/3  1937-c 1946

Related information: For an alternative to the following official papers of the period when Edward was H.M. Ambassador to Washington, see HALIFAX/A2/276/4, letters to his sister Lady Bingley.
See HALIFAX/A9 Miscellaneous for the Press cuttings on Edward's arrival in New York

London: Philip 11th Marquess of Lothian. Memorandum on his visit to Berlin in May 1937, which included an interview with Hitler, 4 May. Typescript  HALIFAX/A4/410/3/1  May 1937

38 Sheets

Letters and papers mainly preparatory to Lord Halifax's visit to Germany 17-21 Nov 1937  HALIFAX/A4/410/3/2  Oct-Dec 1937

Correspondence written from London: Correspondence with Eric Parker, Editor-in-Chief of The Field  HALIFAX/A4/410/3/2/i  Oct 1937

4 Letters

Sending to Lord Halifax, on behalf of Prince Loewenstein, an invitation from the German Hunting Association to the International Sporting Exhibition, Berlin; the acceptance of the invitation.

Correspondence written from Berlin etc: Correspondence with Nevile Henderson, British Ambassador in Berlin  HALIFAX/A4/410/3/2/ii  Oct 1937-Feb 1938

50 Items

Arrangements for Lord Halifax's visit to Berlin; programme; negotiations hindered by press reports; Germany and the colonial question.

Correspondence written from London: Correspondence with Neville Chamberlain, Prime Minister  HALIFAX/A4/410/3/2/iii  Feb-Dec 1937

5 Letters

Related information: HALIFAX/A4/410/3/2/ii

Being notes and letters in connection with letters received from the British Ambassador in Berlin.

Correspondence written from London: Correspondence with Anthony Eden, Foreign Secretary  HALIFAX/A4/410/3/2/iv  Oct-Dec 1937

8 Documents

Preparations for Lord Halifax's visit to Berlin; note of a conversation, Dec 1937, between the Foreign Secretary and the South African Minister in Berlin; Official annoyance at articles in the Daily Telegraph about Germany and the colonial question.

Correspondence written from London: Correspondence with Buckingham Palace about Lord Halifax's visit to Germany  HALIFAX/A4/410/3/2/v  Oct-Nov 1937

18 Documents.

Correspondence written from London: From the German Ambassador (Ribbentrop)  HALIFAX/A4/410/3/2/vi  Nov 1937

1 Item

An invitation to lunch before Lord Halifax's visit to Berlin.

Correspondence written from London: From Oliver Stanley. Sending a note of a conversation, Berlin 22 Nov, between Dr. Schacht and G. Ward Price  HALIFAX/A4/410/3/2/vii  Nov 1937

3 Documents

Correspondence written from London: From Lord Rennell of Rodd  HALIFAX/A4/410/3/2/viii  14 Nov 1937

1 Letter

Giving his impressions of Hitler as a guide to Lord Halifax on his visit to Germany.

Correspondence written from London: From the Air Ministry  HALIFAX/A4/410/3/2/ix  30 Nov 1937

2 Documents

Sending impressions formed by the Germany Air Mission on their recent visit to Berlin.

Correspondence written from London: Correspondence with Sir Robert Vansittart, Foreign Office  HALIFAX/A4/410/3/2/x  Nov, 1937

5 Documents

Note of a conversation, Berlin 20 Sep 1938, between Hitler and Dr Burkhardt, League High Commissioner at Danzig; Czech views on Anglo-German negotiations.

Correspondence written from London: From Roger Pezzani  HALIFAX/A4/410/3/2/xi  Nov 1937

7 Documents

Good wishes to Lord Halifax's visit to Berlin; with relevant cuttings from French newspapers.

Correspondence written from Tunbridge Wells: From A.P. Charles  HALIFAX/A4/410/3/2/xii  13 Nov 1937

1 Letter

Regretting Lord Halifax's inability to meet Dr Buchman (Oxford Group) before going to Germany.

Correspondence written from London: From Frederick Meynell  HALIFAX/A4/410/3/2/xiii  26 Dec 1937

2 Documents

The part played by Frank Wallace in organising the British Section at the Berlin Hunting Exhibition.

Correspondence written from Oxford: From R. Cox. Good wishes and advice concerning colonial policy  HALIFAX/A4/410/3/2/xiv  12 Nov 1937

1 Letter

Correspondence written from Privy Council Office: Memorandum on developments which might result if H.M. Government were to decide upon the retrocession of Tanganyika to Germany  HALIFAX/A4/410/3/2/xv  n.d

5 Sheets

Correspondence written from Oxford: From Sir H.S. Lawrence  HALIFAX/A4/410/3/2/xvi  Nov 1937

4 Documents

Recommending a scheme for a solution of the question of Germany and colonies.

Correspondence written from Colonial Office: From W.G.A. Ormsby-Gore, Colonial Secretary. Germany and African colonies  HALIFAX/A4/410/3/2/xvii  Nov 1937

2 Documents

Correspondence written from London: Correspondence from Lord Southwood of Fenhurst, Chairman of the Daily Herald  HALIFAX/A4/410/3/2/xviii  Nov-Dec 1937

7 Documents

Official protest at a cartoon appearing in the Herald 1 Dec; with a copy of the cartoon

Correspondence written from London: From Gerald Creasy, Colonial Office  HALIFAX/A4/410/3/2/xix  30 Nov 1937

5 Documents

Sebding at the request of the Colonial Secretary (Ormsby-Gore) a report of Lord Trenchard, as Chairman of the United Africa Company, concerning the effect on the Company's business if French or British Colonies were handed over to Germany

Documents concerning Lord Halifax's visit to Germany, 17-21 Nov, 1937  HALIFAX/A4/410/3/3  Nov 1937-1946

165 Documents

[no title]  HALIFAX/A4/410/3/3/i  Nov 1937

11 Documents

Invitation to the international Hunting Exhibition in Berlin; programme of the German Hunting Association; Lord Halifax's reply; newspaper cuttings.

Copies of telegrams passes between the Foreign Office and British Ambassador in Berlin  HALIFAX/A4/410/3/3/ii  2 Nov 1937-9 Dec

36 Documents

About the visit.

Briefing by the Foreign Secretary (Eden)  HALIFAX/A4/410/3/3/iii  15 Nov 1937

28 Documents

With a memorandum by the Aga Khan on his recent talks with Hitler and Goering.

Letters from various people asking Lord Halifax to consider the Church situation in Germany  HALIFAX/A4/410/3/3/iv  Nov 1937

3 Letters

Enclosing printed literature.

Lord Halifax's note and drafts for his meeting with Hitler  HALIFAX/A4/410/3/3/v  Nov 1937

44 Documents

His notes during the meeting; his draft of the memorandum sent to Dominion Prime Ministers of what had passed at the meeting.

Papers about the visit put together by Lord Halifax  HALIFAX/A4/410/3/3/vi  1946

His diary, 17-21 Nov, 1937.
Memoranda by Sir Nevile Henderson and Sir Ivon Kirkpartick on conversations with Von Blomberg, Goebbels and others.
Notes by the interpreter (Schmidt) on the meeting between Lord Halifax and Hitler.
Notes made by Lord Halifax on the train returning to England.
6 May 1946, Lord Halifax to Sir Orme Sargent, Foreign Office. Refuting the legend that his visit to Berlin in Nov 1937 "was the decision of Neville Chamberlain, bent on appeasement, against the wishes of... Anthony Eden."

Documents concerning the visit of French ministers to London, 29-30 November 1937  HALIFAX/A4/410/3/4  Nov-Dec 1937

Foreign Office  HALIFAX/A4/410/3/4/i  29 Nov 1937

28 Documents

Memoranda prepared in connection with the visit. Agenda; draft communique; papers on the current situation; ms. note by Lord Halifax.

Correspondence written from Berlin: Copy of a despatch from the British Ambassador to the Foreign Secretary  HALIFAX/A4/410/3/4/ii  15 Dec 1937

8 Documents

Ways and means of continuing negotiations with Hitler after Lord Halifax's visit to Berlin and the French ministers' visit to London.

Correspondence written from Geneva: From the Marquess of Salisbury  HALIFAX/A4/410/3/5  30 Jan 1938

1 Letter

Ways and means of aiding an unnamed prisoner in Germany.

Correspondence written from London: Foreign Office to Lord President of the Council  HALIFAX/A4/410/3/6  Jan 1938

8 Documents

Sending a despatch from British Ambassador, Berlin (Henderson) about German policy on the use of bomber aircraft.

Notes exchanged between Neville Chamberlain and Lord Halifax in Cabinet  HALIFAX/A4/410/3/7  1938

8 Documents

About political pressure to be put on the Czechs. With a typescript transcript.

A personal message from Fritz Wiedemann to Lord Halifax stating that Hitler was determined upon the annexation of the Sudeten German areas, either by war or by peaceful negotiation  HALIFAX/A4/410/3/8  19 Sep 1938

3 Documents

Administrative history:
Weidemann was Hitler's personal envoy and had had an interview with Lord Halifax in July 1938. (Major T. Ingram, Hon. archivist's note: Lord Halifax told me, 30 June 1957, that the underlining in the message was not done by him (Lord Halifax). The date at the top is in Lord Halifax's hand.)

Correspondence written from London: From T.P. Conwell-Evans  HALIFAX/A4/410/3/9  Aug-Sep 1938

2 Letters

The Czech crises.

[no title]  HALIFAX/A4/410/3/10  1942-1946

An account of the diplomatic exchange preceding the outbreak of War, by M. Dahlerus, of Sweden  HALIFAX/A4/410/3/10/i  c1939

55 Folios

Typescript. With comments by F.K. Roberts and E.L. Woodward, and correspondence of Lord Halifax and Sir A. Cadogan.

Notes concerning Lord Halifax's contribution to E.L. Woodward's collection of documents on "The Immediate Origins of the War"  HALIFAX/A4/410/3/10/ii  1943

5 Folios

With relevant correspondence with Sir Orme Sargent.

Printed. Official paper. "A record of events before the war, 1939"  HALIFAX/A4/410/3/10/iii  n.d

Folio, 16pp

Being a diarised summary of his part in events, by Lord Halifax, with copies of supporting documents.

Two letters (One from Sir Charles Peake) about Lord Halifax's intention of publishing his own account of events leading up to the outbreak of war  HALIFAX/A4/410/3/10/iv  c 1946

Correspondence written from the Foreign Office  HALIFAX/A4/410/3/11  5 Jan 1943

16 Documents

Letter from Sir Alexander Cadogan to Lord Halifax in Washington. Thanking for receipt of Lord Halifax's dairy of the visit to Rome in Jan 1939, and sending copies of official papers concerning the visit.

Correspondence written from the Foreign Office  HALIFAX/A4/410/3/12  25 Aug 1939

Copy of "Agreement between the Government of the United Kingdom and the Polish Government regarding mutual assistance with protocol."

Papers as H.M. Ambassador at Washington  HALIFAX/A4/410/4  1941-1946

Correspondence from Nicholas Lawford, of the Foreign Office, about private papers, speeches, etc  HALIFAX/A4/410/4/1  1 Mar 1941

Enclosing Foreign Office draft by 1st Earl of Halifax, 25 May 1940, about the situation in France at that time and American action on the fall of France.

Memoranda: political considerations which the U.S. is to ask for, in return for "lend-lease" material  HALIFAX/A4/410/4/2  31 Mar 1941

And asking the president to lift the question above the arguments of experts and technicians.

Memorandum on the sinking of U.S. ship Robin Moor  HALIFAX/A4/410/4/3  12 June 1941

Memoranda and telegrams for the Prime Minister, about the inevitability of U.S. participation in the war, and the reasons for the president's delay in committing his country  HALIFAX/A4/410/4/4  13-15 June 1941

A letter from Lord Hankey (1st Baron), about the growing discontent at the Prime Minister's dictatorial management of the war, exemplified in his treatment of General Wavell  HALIFAX/A4/410/4/5  1 May 1941

Memorandum, from Washington, by the prime Minister  HALIFAX/A4/410/4/6  15 Sep 1944

His discussion with the President on measures to prevent rearmament by Germany after the war.

Correspondence written from London  HALIFAX/A4/410/4/7  29 December 1940

5 Sheets

"An appreciation of Lord Halifax", by Harold Laski. (Released, by the Ministry of Information, American Division.) Typescript

Correspondence written from Washington  HALIFAX/A4/410/4/8  Jan 1941-Dec 1945

88 Items

Conditions of access: Restricted

Typescript carbon copies of Lord Halifax's letters to King George VI

Correspondence written from Washington  HALIFAX/A4/410/4/9  17 April 1941

4 Sheets

Conditions of access: Restricted

Related information: See also HALIFAX/A2/278

Typescript carbon copy of a letter from Lord Halifax to Queen Elizabeth

Correspondence written from London & Washington  HALIFAX/A4/410/4/10  Dec 1943-March 1946

23 Items

Conditions of access: Restricted

Correspondence with Sir Alan Lascelles, Private Secretary to King George VI

Correspondence with Winston Churchill, Prime Minister (until July 1945)  HALIFAX/A4/410/4/11  Dec 1940-May 1946

24 Items

Correspondence written from London & Washington  HALIFAX/A4/410/4/12  Dec 1940-March 1946

50 Items

Correspondence with Ernest Bevin, Minister of Labour and National Service (until July 1945), and afterwards Foreign Secretary.

Correspondence concerning Roosevelt  HALIFAX/A4/410/4/13  1941-1945

Correspondence with President Roosevelt, and with Mrs Roosevelt after the President's death  HALIFAX/A4/410/4/13/i  ND

17 Items

Correspondence with Mrs Charles Hamlin, including a copy (typescript) of her work "Some memories of Franklin Delano Roosevelt."  HALIFAX/A4/410/4/13/ii  ND

71 Items

Correspondence written from London & Washington  HALIFAX/A4/410/4/14  March 1941-April 1945

14 Items

Correspondence with the first Viscount Simon, Lord Chancellor

Correspondence with Anthony Eden, Foreign Secretary (until July 1945)  HALIFAX/A4/410/4/15  Feb 1941-Jan 1946

206 Items

[no title]  HALIFAX/A4/410/4/16  March 1941-Dec 1945

66 Items

Related information: HALIFAX/A4/410/3

Correspondence with Sir Alexander Cadogan, Foreign Office.

Correspondence written from London & Washington  HALIFAX/A4/410/4/17  Sept 1942-Oct

5 Items

Correspondence with Sir Orme Sargent, Foreign Office.
Events leading up to the outbreak of war with Italy.

Correspondence written from Nassau (Bahamas) & Washington  HALIFAX/A4/410/4/18  June 1942-March 1945

104 Items

Conditions of access: Only available for consultation with prior permission of Lord Halifax.

Correspondence with the Duke of Windsor, Governor of the Bahamas.
Including "Supplementary file" concerning the Duke's relinquishment of his post and his visit to the United States, 1945.

Correspondence written from London, Washington & San Francisco  HALIFAX/A4/410/4/19  Nov 1942-June 1954

31 Items

Correspondence with Viscount Cranborne (succeeded as 5th Marquess of Salisbury 1947), Colonial Secretary, and later Lord Privy Seal.

Correspondence written from London & Washington  HALIFAX/A4/410/4/20  c 1943-Feb 1944

18 Items

Correspondence with Brendan Bracken, Minister of Information

Correspondence with the first Lord Beaverbrook, Lord Privy Seal  HALIFAX/A4/410/4/21  Aug 1944-Sep

11 Items

Copies of communiques and other official statements. Printed and typescript  HALIFAX/A4/410/4/22  1941-1945

22 Items

Lists of people who Lord Halifax met as Ambassador during tours in the United States  HALIFAX/A4/410/4/23  1941-1946

46 Items

Correspondence written from U.S.A  HALIFAX/A4/410/4/24  May 1946-July

4 Items

Letters on Lord Halifax's relinquishing the post of Ambassador.
From Cordell Hull; Henry Morgenthan Jr.; D.S. Freeman (Editor, Richmond News Leader, Virginia); Edward Stettinius.

Correspondence written from London: From Maynard Keynes  HALIFAX/A4/410/4/25  8 Jan 1946

1 Letter

Quoting from a poem in memory of the first Marquess of Halifax, of the first creation.

Letters from Henry L. Stimson  HALIFAX/A4/410/4/26  1945-1949

2 Items

Correspondence with Sumner Welles  HALIFAX/A4/410/4/27  1946-47

3 Items

Letters from George Marshall, Secretary of State (until 1949)  HALIFAX/A4/410/4/28  1947-1949

2 Items

Correspondence written from Washington: From Dean Acheson, Secretary of State  HALIFAX/A4/410/4/29  Jan 1949-April

2 Letters

Correspondence with Bert Gold, of New York  HALIFAX/A4/410/4/30  Jan 1949

3 Items

British policy in Israel.

Correspondence concerning telegram to Chamberlain  HALIFAX/A4/410/4/31   [...] 1943-50

Correspondence with Roosevelt re. telegram to Chamberlain before Munich; includes Eden's reasons for resigning and Roosevelt's telegram copy  HALIFAX/A4/410/4/31/1  1943-8

Correspondence with R. Bliss concerning the release of telegram  HALIFAX/A4/410/4/31/2  1950

19 Items

Correspondence concerning Washington Embassy Equipment  HALIFAX/A4/410/4/32  1941-1946

27 Items

Includes lists of Lord Lothian's personal effects bought by Halifax; the XIth Marquis of Lothian's Trust; arrangements of Lothian's estate; Lord Halifax's personal effects in the British Embassy; lists of glass and china bought from Lord Halifax by Mr R. Making and Lord Inverchape (1946).

Parliamentary Debates, Reports and Newspaper Cuttings about the Abdication of King Edward VIII  HALIFAX/A4/410/5  3-12 Dec 1936

Official Reports Parliamentary Debates, House of Commons  HALIFAX/A4/410/5/1  10 & 11 Dec 1936

The same, House of Lords  HALIFAX/A4/410/5/2  10 & 11 Dec 1936

Declaration of Abdication Act  HALIFAX/A4/410/5/3  11 Dec 1936

Cuttings from The Times  HALIFAX/A4/410/5/4  3-12 Dec 1936

Cuttings from other Newspapers  HALIFAX/A4/410/5/5  3-12 Dec 1936

Extracts from letters received by Lieutenant-Colonel Sir Francis Stephenson, Bart., commanding Queen's Own Yorkshire Dragoons, and sent to Lord Halifax in his capacity of Honorary Colonel of the Regiment  HALIFAX/A4/410/6  c May 1943

About the Regiment's activities at Mareth, Wadi Akarit and Hamma in North Africa; the meeting of the Regiment with United States' forces; Regimental news.

Newspaper articles and letters to the press written by the 1st Earl of Halifax  HALIFAX/A4/410/7  [n.d.]

Yorkshire Post "The Tory Standpoint. A statement of political faith"  HALIFAX/A4/410/7/1  19 February 1920

The Sign "Churchmen in Parliament:" I. Church and State, II. The Marriage Law The League of Nations, III. Social legislation  HALIFAX/A4/410/7/2  c 1920-1921

Evening Standard "Roads to Irish Peace"  HALIFAX/A4/410/7/3  10 August 1920

Yorkshire Post "The Church and Industry"  HALIFAX/A4/410/7/4  18 September 1920

Yorkshire Post A letter in reply to the Harrogate group of the "No More War" International Demonstrators  HALIFAX/A4/410/7/5  25 May 1922

Evening News "Logic and Life"  HALIFAX/A4/410/7/6  20 April 1924

Yorkshire Post "Education"  HALIFAX/A4/410/7/7  19 May 1924

An article sent to Sir Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan - M.K. Ghandi  HALIFAX/A4/410/7/8  15 March 1948

The Times: Obituary Note in appreciation of Sir Denys Bray  HALIFAX/A4/410/7/9  Nov 1951

Yorkshire Post: "The Abbey's Plight". Appeal for Westminster Abbey Restoration Fund  HALIFAX/A4/410/7/10  14 Nov 1953

The Times: Obituary Note in appreciation of Sir James Dunnett  HALIFAX/A4/410/7/11  11 Aug 1953

The Times: Obituary Note in appreciation of Elizabeth Betsy Dawson  HALIFAX/A4/410/7/12  12 Nov 1954

The Times: Obituary Note in appreciation of Viscount Quickswood  HALIFAX/A4/410/7/13  13 Dec 1956

Church Times: An article on the Centenary of the Universities' Mission to Central Africa  HALIFAX/A4/410/7/14  18 April 1957

The Field: "Is Foxhunting Cruel?"  HALIFAX/A4/410/7/15  Dec 1957

The Times: Obituary Note in appreciation of Sir Charles Peake  HALIFAX/A4/410/7/16  April 1958

Related information: HALIFAX/A2/278/16/56

Yorkshire Post: Letter: "Marriage and Divorce. The Argument for indissolubility"  HALIFAX/A4/410/7/17  7 April 1920

Political Reports And Pamphlets Written By 1st Earl Of Halifax  HALIFAX/A4/410/8  [n.d.]

"Conservative Beliefs"  HALIFAX/A4/410/8/1  c 1921-1922

3 Copies

Bibliography: Printed Pamphlet, reprinted from The Times.

"West Indies. Report...on his Visit to the West Indies and British Guiana." Cmd. 1679  HALIFAX/A4/410/8/2  June 1922

Related information: See also HALIFAX/A7/8/1.

Bibliography: White Paper. Printed.

A Paper: "Thoughts on some of the present Discontents of the Conservative Party"  HALIFAX/A4/410/9  Early summer 1922

The Discontents are the continuation of government by coalition; distrust of the Prime Minister, Lloyd George, and his handling of foreign policy. The writer gives suggestions for improvement, and an analysis of the electoral chances of the Conservatives. The writer desired to occupy an independent position in the House of Commons; but this desire is overcome by his conviction that the interests of the nation depend upon individuals taking their share of common responsibility. Typescript.

Papers concerning the Reform of the House of Lords  HALIFAX/A4/410/10  1936-1947

Draft by Lord Halifax: "House of Lords Reform"  HALIFAX/A4/410/10/1  1936-1942

The original draft was made in Feb 1936; revised July 1942. It is a statement of the case for Reform; proposals for Reform and what sort of Government might introduce them. With a conclusion giving the writer's views on the matter.

"House of Lords Reform"  HALIFAX/A4/410/10/2  March 1937

Draft similar to HALIFAX/A4/410/10/1

Papers concerning the Bill to Amend the Parliament Act 1911  HALIFAX/A4/410/10/3  Oct-Dec 1947

The Bill itself, and Arrangement of Sections  HALIFAX/A4/410/10/3/i  30 Oct 1947

Bibliography: Printed H.M.S.O.

Correspondence of Lord Halifax with Lord Templewood and Lord Salisbury about what action should be taken on the Bill in the House of Lords  HALIFAX/A4/410/10/3/ii  7-14 Nov 1947

With an analysis typescript of how the Bill would affect the passage through Parliament of the forthcoming Bill to nationalise the steel industry.

Minutes of a meeting of the Conservative Peers' Committee on House of Lords Reform. Roneo typescript  HALIFAX/A4/410/10/3/iii  9 Dec 1947

Notes, prepared at Chatham House, on Second Chambers in Great Britain and in other countries  HALIFAX/A4/410/10/3/iv  20 Nov 1947

Related information: HALIFAX/A2/278/16/3

The composition, function, methods of election, age, qualifications, powers, etc., of Second Chambers.

A Paper by Lord Halifax: "A Record of Events Connected with Anthony Eden's Resignation 19th-20th February 1938"  HALIFAX/A4/410/11  Feb-March 1938

Related information: See also HALIFAX/A4/410/21.

Typescript. With a letter, 5 March 1938, from Mr. Eden to Lord Halifax, after the farmer had explained his action in a speech in his constituency, Warwick and Leamington; and thanking Lord Halifax for his help during his Mr. Eden's tenure of the Foreign Office.

A Paper by Lord Halifax: "Foreign Policy 1938-9: an unpublished note"  HALIFAX/A4/410/12  No date

A Paper by Lord Halifax: on the Political Control of Atomic Energy, and the means whereby such control may be achieved  HALIFAX/A4/410/13  1946

Letters from Stanley Baldwin, 1st Earl Baldwin  HALIFAX/A4/410/14  Sep 1924-Aug 1947

Correspondence about Ireland  HALIFAX/A4/410/14/1  6 Sep 1924

Ulster; the Boundary Commission a with copy of Lord Halifax's reply, 10 Sep

Correspondence about conditions after the General Strike  HALIFAX/A4/410/14/2  26 June 1927

Correspondence anticipating a Conservative Government after the General Election  HALIFAX/A4/410/14/3  25 Feb 1929

Should Winston Churchill be Secretary of State for India? With MS notes by Lord Halifax on the answer to this question.

Correspondence concerning thoughts on growing old; and on the present time and age  HALIFAX/A4/410/14/4  8 Sep 1933

Correspondence on the writer's retirement from the Government and from public life  HALIFAX/A4/410/14/5  8 June 1937

Bibliography: Printed in Lord Halifax's Fulness of Days, pp. 182-3.

Correspondence thanking for speeches made by Lord Halifax paying tribute to the writer  HALIFAX/A4/410/14/6  16 Aug 1937

Correspondence concerning the writer's health; unable to accept an invitation to Yorkshire; an anecdote of King George V  HALIFAX/A4/410/14/7  15 Oct 1937

Correspondence sending a document not preserved  HALIFAX/A4/410/14/8  14 Jan 1938

Correspondence thanking for a telegram  HALIFAX/A4/410/14/9  7 Aug 1938

Correspondence concerning christmas greetings: " must have faith that the prayers of millions will prevail. How little that phrase "spiritual wickedness in high places" used to mean to us and how it nearly knocks one down today..."  HALIFAX/A4/410/14/10  25 Dec 1938

Correspondence concerning thanks far Lord Halifax's broadcast speech of 22 July  HALIFAX/A4/410/14/11  23 July 1940

Related information: HALIFAX/A4/410/1/10

Lord Baldwin's thoughts on the fall of France in the light of Lord Halifax's words; the meaning and nature of prayer.

Bibliography: Printed in Lord Halifax's Fulness of Days, pp. 225-6

Correspondence concerning personal news; a visit to J.C. Davidson at Berkhamsted; news of people he met on this visit  HALIFAX/A4/410/14/12  7 July 1941

Correspondence sending an extract from T.R. Glover's The Challenge of the Greeks  HALIFAX/A4/410/14/13  27 July 1942

Correspondence concerning personal news  HALIFAX/A4/410/14/14  31 July 1945

Correspondence concerning personal news  HALIFAX/A4/410/14/15  10 Aug 1947

Related information: See also HALIFAX/A4/410/20

A letter from Clement Attlee, 1st Earl Attlee  HALIFAX/A4/410/15  29 Dec 1955

Thanks for a letter of congratulation on Lord Attlee's elevation to a Peerage

A letter from The Right Hon. R.A. Butler  HALIFAX/A4/410/16  9 May 1940

Stating the terms on which the Labour Party would enter into coalition with the Government: These were that Lord Halifax should be Prime Minister; and that Labour would not come in under Neville Chamberlain, or in company with Lord Simon. Lord Halifax was the only choice for Prime Minister; "...Churchill must stick to the war".

Letters from Neville Chamberlain  HALIFAX/A4/410/17  March 1939-Oct 1940

A reply to a protest by Lord Halifax about a press interview on foreign affairs which Neville Chamberlain had given without knowledge of the Foreign Office  HALIFAX/A4/410/17/1  11 March 1939

Bibliography: Printed in Lord Halifax's Fulness of Days, p. 232.

Correspondence concerning an appreciation of Lord Halifax's "help and support in these years of trouble"  HALIFAX/A4/410/17/2  10 May 1940

Correspondence concerning the writer's health  HALIFAX/A4/410/17/3  23 Sep 1940

His desire not to shirk; but his inability to cope, after an operation for removal of an ulcer, with work and life in London; his offer to resign office.

Correspondence on the writer's resignation from office and from public life; thanks to Lord Halifax for his help and support  HALIFAX/A4/410/17/4  2 Oct 1940

Correspondence asking Lord Halifax to visit him in Hampshire  HALIFAX/A4/410/17/5  8 Oct 1940

Correspondence thanking Lord Halifax for his Chairmanship of the Conservative Party meeting at which Neville Chamberlain's resignation as Leader of the Party was accepted and Winston Churchill elected Leader in his place; and asking Lord Halifax to thank Mr. Churchill for his speech at the meeting  HALIFAX/A4/410/17/6  11 Oct 1940

Related information: See HALIFAX/A4/410/15

Correspondence thanking Lord Halifax for his visit  HALIFAX/A4/410/17/7  28 Oct 1940

Related information: HALIFAX/A4/410/17/7

And including some comments on Italy's invasion of Greece.

Letters from Anne, Mrs. Neville Chamberlain  HALIFAX/A4/410/18  Nov 1940-Jan 1956

Correspondence thanking Lord Halifax for his tribute in the House of Lords to Neville Chamberlain  HALIFAX/A4/410/18/1  16 Nov 1940

Related information: See HALIFAX/A4/410/1/7

Correspondence on Lord Halifax's appointment as Ambassador to the U.S.A  HALIFAX/A4/410/18/2  27 Dec 1940

Correspondence about an inaccuracy in Winston Churchill's Memoirs concerning President Roosevelt's message to Neville Chamberlain in Jan 1938  HALIFAX/A4/410/18/3  6 May 1948

Mr Churchill's Memoirs were appearing in the Daily Telegraph; the message concerned the President's proposal to hold a conference on disarmament between the United States, Great Britain, France, Germany and Italy.

Copy: Lord Halifax to Mrs. Chamberlain. Reply to HALIFAX/A4/410/18/4  HALIFAX/A4/410/18/4  13 May 1948

Correspondence looking forward to the publication of Lord Halifax's book  HALIFAX/A4/410/18/5  6 Jan 1956

Related information: See HALIFAX/A2/278/22

Bibliography: Fulness of Days, published May 1957.

Letters from Sir Winston Churchill  HALIFAX/A4/410/19  [n.d.]

Correspondence on the writer's becoming Prime Minister  HALIFAX/A4/410/19/1  10 May 1940

Expressing gratitude to Lord Halifax for his willingness to continue as Foreign Secretary and as Leader of the House of Lords.

Correspondence about a letter, 12 Sep 1938, from Lord Halifax to M. Georges Bonnet, then French Foreign Minister; and a Foreign Office communiqué to the French Government, 26 Sep 1938  HALIFAX/A4/410/19/2  23 July 1947

Related information: See also Winston S. Churchill, The Second World War, vol. 1, The Gathering Storm, 1948, pp. 232-3 & 242-3.

Administrative history:
The letter and communiqué concerned the Czech crisis, and the action which would be taken by Great Britain if Hitler invaded Czechoslovakia, and France mobilised. M. Bonnet in his book De Washington au Quai D'Orsay, 1947, had attempted to belittle the significance of both the letter and the communiqué.

Copy: Lord Halifax to Sir Winston Churchill considered reply to HALIFAX/A4/410/19/2  HALIFAX/A4/410/19/3  24 July 1947

Correspondence expressing regret that the writer cannot attend a dinner of the Pilgrims in New York during his visit to the United States  HALIFAX/A4/410/19/4  7 April 1951

A Note by Lord Halifax  HALIFAX/A4/410/19/5  15 Sep 1952

Recording a remark, reported to have been made by Sir Winston Churchill, concerning his Churchill's desire, at the end of the war, to stop the Russians from spreading themselves so far across Europe, and the means he wished to have taken to stop them.

Correspondence between Lord Halifax and Sir Winston  HALIFAX/A4/410/19/6  4 Oct-15 Nov 1948

Related information: See Winston S. Churchill, The Second World War, vol. I, The Gathering Storm, 1948, p. 249, last paragraph; and The Earl of Halifax, Fulness of Days, 1957, pp. 198-9.

A controversy over a passage in the latter's The Second World War, about Neville Chamberlain's private and public statements on his return from Munich at the end of September 1938.

A copy of a letter from Lord Halifax to the Prime Minister, Stanley Baldwin  HALIFAX/A4/410/20  15 Aug 1933

Related information: HALIFAX/A4/410/14.

About Disarmament: British Policy should be to persuade the French to accept a 2-year phase of supervision of armaments instead of a 4-year phase, and then to press the Germans to accept the 2-year phase; after which reduction of armaments should be begun.

Letters from Sir Anthony Eden  HALIFAX/A4/410/21  Aug 1937-July 1957

Correspondence about personnel at the Foreign Office; and observations on general policy particularly Spain and Italy  HALIFAX/A4/410/21/1  1 Aug 1937

Written as a brief for Lord Halifax, who was taking over the Foreign Office for a few weeks when Anthony Eden was on holiday.

Correspondence about the leadership of the Conservative Opposition in the House of Commons. With Lord Halifax's comments on the inadvisability of splitting the leadership between Churchill and Eden, as proposed by Churchill  HALIFAX/A4/410/21/2  8 Aug 1946

Correspondence on Sir A. Eden's resignation from the Government and from public life  HALIFAX/A4/410/21/3  16 Jan 1957

Correspondence about the funeral of the writer's first wife  HALIFAX/A4/410/21/4  9 July 1957

Related information: See also HALIFAX/A4/410/11.

Correspondence from R.S. Hudson. Enclosing a note about action taken by Hudson to try to get the composition of the Cabinet changed  HALIFAX/A4/410/22  12 Dec 1938

The members of the Government agreed that the Prime Minister's policy of appeasement was correct; but some members, together with many people in the country as a whole, felt that other members of the Government were not contributing fast enough to the essential corollory of appeasement, namely rearmament. Specifying criticism of various Cabinet Ministers and Government Departments; and reporting a conversation between Hudson and Sir T. Inskip, who was one of the Ministers complained of. The whole matter had been put by Hudson to the Prime Minister, and the next step rested with him.

Letters from 2nd Marquess of Linlithgow, Viceroy of India  HALIFAX/A4/410/23  1936-1942

[no title]  HALIFAX/A4/410/23/1  16 May 1936

Correspondence concerning Description of his arrival in India as Viceroy; reception by Lord Willingdon; Disciplinary action against a Battalion of troops in Delhi; dealings with the General Staff; a new General Headquarters at Quetta; Delivers a rebuke to the members of his Council; his relations with Gandhi; assessment of the policy to be initiated by Jawarhalal Nehru; General affairs: Abyssinia; Germany; the Budget; Stanley Baldwin.

Copy of a letter from Lord Halifax to Lord Linlithgow  HALIFAX/A4/410/23/2  12 Oct 1940

Finding a successor to the Viceroy, mentioning names of possible people; relations between the Secretary of State for India and the Cabinet; Indian affairs; Mr Jinnah; Hitler's grand strategy, and his relations with Russia; Sir Samuel Hoare in Spain; the Vichy regime; Japan and the U.S.A.; ill-health of Neville Chamberlain; London in war time.

Correspondence from Lord Linlithgow  HALIFAX/A4/410/23/2A  26 July 1941

The character of the Americans; asking for his successor as viceroy to be named early, and recommending Sir Samuel Hoare for the post; the expansion of the army in India; anticipating an invasion of India through Burma by the Japanese; the need for a British battle fleet at Singapore.

[no title]  HALIFAX/A4/410/23/3  21 May 1942

Related information: See also HALIFAX/A2/280/31.

Correspondence concerning the war in the Far East; loss of H.M. Ships Prince of Wales and Resolution; Lord Wavell; Sir Stafford Cripps; Gandhi and British rule in India; General Alexander and General Stillwell; Sir Stafford Cripps and the envoys of President Roosevelt in India.

The Lansdowne Letter  HALIFAX/A4/410/24  Nov 1917

A copy of a letter from Lord Halifax to Lord Henry C. Bentinck about the 'Lansdowne Letter "The Lansdowne Letter", written by 5th Marquess of Lansdowne, had appeared in The Daily Telegraph in Nov 1917. In it Lord Lansdowne advocated the immediate cessation of the war with Germany upon terms of compromise. Lord Henry Bentinck supported Lord Lansdowne, and asked Lord Halifax, then Edward Wood, to write to The Times in similar terms. In this copy of his answer to Lord Bentinck, Lord Halifax gave his reasons why he could not write such a letter: It was necessary now to go on with the war until victory had been achieved; but meanwhile the inner Cabinet of the Government should be remodelled; and after the war "we must have some sort of "international, coercive 'pact machinery'."

Letters from 1st Viscount Milner, Secretary of State for the Colonies  HALIFAX/A4/410/25  May 1920

Lord Halifax, then Edward Wood, had been offered and had accepted the Governor-Generalship of the Union of South Africa. But the South African Government insisted on the new Governor-General being a man of Cabinet rank or a member of the Royal Family; and if such a man was not appointed would demand that a South African was given the appointment. Lord Halifax's appointment was, therefore, impossible.

Letters on the Political Situation  HALIFAX/A4/410/26  Oct 1922

A letter from 2nd Viscount Halifax to his son, enclosing the draft of a message composed by 2nd Viscount Halifax, which he 2nd Viscount proposed should be read by the Prime Minister, Lloyd George, at the next Cabinet meeting  HALIFAX/A4/410/26/1  Oct 1922

The messuage announced the resignation of the Prime Minister in order to further the interests of his country and his party.

Draft of a letter from Edward Wood to Austen Chamberlain, Leader of the Conservative Party  HALIFAX/A4/410/26/2  Oct 1922

Saying that he Edward Wood would not fight the forthcoming general election as a Conservative pledged to the present Coalition Government, with Lloyd George as Prime Minister. Thus, if Chamberlain as Leader asked the Conservative Party to fight the election on those terms, he would decline and revert to a position of Parliamentary independence.

A letter from J. Ramsey MacDonald, Prime Minister  HALIFAX/A4/410/27  15 July 1932

Expressing gratitude to Lord Halifax on the acceptance by the latter of the Presidency of the Board of Education.

Letters from 7th Marquess of Londonderry  HALIFAX/A4/410/28  Nov 1935-Nov 1940

[no title]  HALIFAX/A4/410/28/1  28 Nov 1935

Correspondence about the writer's removal, by Stanley Baldwin, Prime Minister, from the office of Secretary of State for Air; his acceptance of that of Lord Privy Seal and Leader of the House of Lords; his resentment at finding himself now shut out of the councils of the Government and at having no work to do. With a copy of Lord Londonderry's letter to the Prime Minister about his resignation.

[no title]  HALIFAX/A4/410/28/2  17 Aug 1940

Correspondence urging the need for the Government to state publicly its grand strategy for the war, and outlining what that strategy should be.

[no title]  HALIFAX/A4/410/28/3  23 Nov 1940

Correspondence expressing indignation at a speech made by Ernest Bevin to the Rotary Club of London, and condemning it as a party speech at a time when everyone should be thinking only of the nation: "...I have always maintained that Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, and certain elements in the TUC., personified-by Bevin and one or two others, have the same ideas in their minds..."

A letter from 17th Earl of Derby  HALIFAX/A4/410/29  20 Feb 1939

About a rumour, prominent in The Daily Express, that in the event of war in Europe Great Britain would not send troops to France; asking for a statement of reassurance, and pointing out the ill-effect which the rumour was having upon French people. With Lord Halifax's reply, 23 Feb: referring to the debate on the subject in the House of Commons on 21 Feb, and giving a reassuring answer.

Typescript. "Viscount Halifax - a personal study" by W.N. Ewer  HALIFAX/A4/410/30  Nov 1939

Bibliography: An article written for distribution through the Government's publicity services.

A letter, 27 Oct, from Professor Carl Joachim Friedrich, Professor of Government, Harvard University, enclosing an article by him recently published in The Atlantic Monthly: "An Atlantic Portrait - Lord Halifax"  HALIFAX/A4/410/31  Oct-Nov 1939

And telling Lord Halifax that Americans were disturbed by reports for instance of a recent speech of Sir Anthony Eden that no clear line of distinction was being drawn in England's war-effort between the Hitler's Government and the rest of the German people. With a copy of Lord Halifax's reply, 14 Nov, reassuring Professor Friedrich on this point, and quoting recent speeches of himself and the Prime Minister giving this reassurance.

A letter from 1st Baron Beaverbrook, Minister of Aircraft Production  HALIFAX/A4/410/32  Aug 1940

About aircraft production; enclosing a statement, "Preparation and Wastage of Fighter Aircraft", showing the position on 14th Aug-1940.

Letters from 8th Duke of Buccleuch  HALIFAX/A4/410/33a  July 1940

Correspondence advocating peace talks with Hitler in order to stop the destruction and misery of Europe  HALIFAX/A4/410/33a/1  July 1940

Reply by Lord Halifax: Peace talks could have no useful purpose  HALIFAX/A4/410/33a/2  July 1940

We wanted a free Germany enjoying her rightful place in Europe, but Hitler wanted a Europe under German domination.

A letter from President Benes  HALIFAX/A4/410/34a  16 Mar 1940

Thanking Lord Halifax for his message to the Czech people on the anniversary of Hitler's invasion of Czechoslovakia, 15 March 1939.

Letters from Various congratulating Lord Halifax upon his Sheldonian Address, 27 Feb 1940  HALIFAX/A4/410/35  Feb-March 1940

Related information: See HALIFAX/A4/410/1/17.

Cecil Graves; Herbert Fisher; Michael Sadler; Josiah Wedgwood; Alfred Coa, Rupert Beckett; F. Clarke of University College, Nottingham; Walter, 2nd Viscount Runciman of Doxford; Cecil Cooper.

A letter from Agustin Edwards, former Chilean Ambassador in England and Proprietor of the Chilean newspaper El Mercurio  HALIFAX/A4/410/36  27 July 1940

About the excellent reception in Chile of Lord Halifax's speech in the House of Lords, 22 July 1940. With a cutting from El Mercurio in which the speech was reported at length.

Halifax's suggestion about Irish conscription  HALIFAX/A4/410/37  1918

1 Item

Letter inviting Mr Wood to become Undersecretary of State for Colonies  HALIFAX/A4/410/38  1921

1 Item

Correspondence about Fritz Wiedemann, a Nazi, still in custody 1947  HALIFAX/A4/410/39  1947

3 Items

Correspondence with N.P.Comnene answering queries, with Foreign Office assistance about the Munich agreement and subsequent British policy towards Czechoslovakia  HALIFAX/A4/410/40  Feb-Apr 1947

7 Items

Correspondence with T.H.Ives of the Ripon Conservatives re: presidency of Ripon Division of the same  HALIFAX/A4/410/41  1948

10 Items

Correspondence about Weizsacker affair with H.Truman, Churchill, Butler and Kordt  HALIFAX/A4/410/42  1948-1950

23 Items

Letters from Sir Charles Harvey and Sir J.Nott Bower concerning Lucknow terrorist attempt  HALIFAX/A4/410/43  August 1949-1950

2 Items

Related information: For letters from Sir Harvey see HALIFAX/A2/278/85 & A2/280/293

Correspondence with Professor J.R.M. Butler about his volume on Grand Strategy in the Official History of the Second World War  HALIFAX/A4/410/44  July-Oct 1954

7 Items

Correspondence with P .Lorraine and A. Eden about publication of Italian War Despatch  HALIFAX/A4/410/45  1954-1955

9 Items

Correspondence with Harold MacMillan at the time of his appointment as Foreign Secretary. Cyprus  HALIFAX/A4/410/46  April 1955

8 Items

Letter from Edward Grey concerning Edward Wood's speech in the House on the previous night  HALIFAX/A4/410/47  14 June 1910

1 Item

Household Management  HALIFAX/A5  [n.d.]

Household Management: Hickleton Hall  HALIFAX/A5/1  [n.d.]

Books of Recipes, etc  HALIFAX/A5/1/1  c 1800-1880

Recipes and Menus, 17th and 18th centuries  HALIFAX/A5/1/1/i  19th century

1 Vol

Revd. Henry Wood. Recipe for black ink  HALIFAX/A5/1/1/ii  19th century

Receipts for Sundry Matters, annotated by Sir F. Wood, 2nd Bart  HALIFAX/A5/1/1/iii  19th century

1 Vol

Prescriptions for Horses  HALIFAX/A5/1/1/iv  19th century

1 Vol

Recipe Book of Anne, Lady Wood, containing recipes by Samuel Wood and others  HALIFAX/A5/1/1/v  c 1800

1 Vol

Recipes of Lady Mary Wood  HALIFAX/A5/1/1/vi  c 1870

1 Vol

Recipe books and loose papers, including a letter from Princess Louise about an eye lotion  HALIFAX/A5/1/1/vii  1872

Description of water softening at Castle Howard  HALIFAX/A5/1/1/viii  19th century

Bill for servants' liveries, 1844; and other bills, etc  HALIFAX/A5/1/1/ix  1812-c 1890

Inventories and Lists  HALIFAX/A5/1/2  c 1830-1850

Inventories of Anne, Lady Wood  HALIFAX/A5/1/2/i  c 1830-1838

Inventory of the goods and chattels of Sir F. Wood, 2nd Bart., for probate without valuations  HALIFAX/A5/1/2/ii  Jan 1847

"List of People asked to dinner" in London  HALIFAX/A5/1/2/iii  1846-1847

Household inventories: china, plate, linen, etc  HALIFAX/A5/1/2/iv  19th century

Inventory of 1838, including "flat iron for ironing newspapers"  HALIFAX/A5/1/2/v  1838

Inventories of Jewellery and Trinkets  HALIFAX/A5/1/2/vi  19th century

Lists of Clothes, being the contents of wardrobes at Hickleton  HALIFAX/A5/1/2/vii  March 1867

Housekeeping  HALIFAX/A5/1/3  c1845-1870

Letters and papers about wages and duties of servants, weekly consumption of food  HALIFAX/A5/1/3/1  1846-1847

Notebook containing information about housekeeping at Howick and other large houses  HALIFAX/A5/1/3/2  19th century

Directions for the use of a Washing Machine printed  HALIFAX/A5/1/3/3  1867

Two printed copies of the "chemico-copiograph" for copying letters, plans, drawings, etc  HALIFAX/A5/1/3/4  1880

Accounts  HALIFAX/A5/1/4  c 1857-1863

Household Accounts, 1857, 1859, 1862, 1863  HALIFAX/A5/1/4/1  1857-1863

Pictures  HALIFAX/A5/1/5  1947-1957

Correspondence concerning pictures from Hickleton Hall given and loaned to the Order of the Holy Paraclete  HALIFAX/A5/1/5/1  1947-1949

2 Items

Related information: For further corr. with H.P.Order see HALIFAX/A2/278/156 & A5/1/7

List of pictures in Hickleton Hall, on loan to St Hilda's School, and pictures on loan to Halifax from Leeds Corporation  HALIFAX/A5/1/5/2  1957

5 Items

With notes by 1st Earl Halifax and letter to Mr Clegg

Burglary at Hickleton Hall  HALIFAX/A5/1/6  1934-47

2 Items

List of property reported stolen and letter from Dibb & Clegg, agents for Halifax

Correspondence about future of Hickleton Hall The Order of the Holy Paraclete consider leaving the Hall  HALIFAX/A5/1/7  1957

8 Items

Related information: See also HALIFAX/A2/278/165 for the O.H.P.

Gifts made to Hickleton staff on death of 2nd Viscount Halifax. Includes details of number of years' service and pensions  HALIFAX/A5/1/8  1934

2 Items

Account from G. Fleming for painting the rooms, etc. at Hickleton Hall on behalf of F. Fleming  HALIFAX/A5/1/9A  1746

Papers referring to the stable block at Hickleton  HALIFAX/A5/1/9B  1749

Copies information: Photocopies from Wentworth Woolley papers, Brotherton Library, Leeds

"Hickleton Hall, Near Doncaster, Yorks," A catalogue of antique furnishings, pictures, porcelain and ornamental items which Hollis and Webb will sell by auction on March 18 - 22 1947  HALIFAX/A5/1/10  c1947

Household Management: Garrowby  HALIFAX/A5/2  [n.d.]

Accounts  HALIFAX/A5/2/1  [n.d.]

Kept by Lady Dorothy Wood, with annotations about the movements to and from Garrowby of various members of the family  HALIFAX/A5/2/1/i  1922-1937

1 Vol

Kept by Lady Dorothy Wood  HALIFAX/A5/2/1/ii  1938-1939

1 Vol

Gardens  HALIFAX/A5/2/2  [n.d.]

Printed instructions for keeping a hard tennis court in good order  HALIFAX/A5/2/2/i  No date c 1920

Inventories and Lists  HALIFAX/A5/2/3  [n.d.]

List of pictures at Garrowby  HALIFAX/A5/2/3/i  c 1957

Account of the rebuilding of the main block of the house at Garrowby and the alterations to the north and east wings, by Francis F. Johnson, architect  HALIFAX/A5/2/4  1985

13 pp

Country Life Articles relating to the rebuilding of Garrowby  HALIFAX/A5/2/4A  October-December 1984

"In the Yorkshire Tradition. The country Houses of Francis Johnson. I" Oct 11, 1984.
"Many Mansions - The Country Houses of Francis Johnson. II" Oct 18, 1984.
"Space, Light and Movement. The Country Houses of Francis Johnson. III." Oct 25, 1984.
"Lordly Chapels." Dec 7, 1984

Specification for new drainage at Garrowby Hall, Bishop Wilton, Yorks  HALIFAX/A5/2/5  1914

Correspondence with H.S. Goodhart-Rendel and his partner, H.L. Curtis, architects., about alterations at Garrowby  HALIFAX/A5/2/6  1929-34

36 Items

With specifications, estimates and accounts.
Also plans of proposed alterations and rebuilding 1930/32

Receipt given by Sir William Milner, of Messrs Milner & craze, architects, for fee for designing a library at Garrowby  HALIFAX/A5/2/7  1948

2 Items

Typescript pamphlet: 'Description of the coats of arms in the windows of Garrowby chapel being those of the 32 great-great-great-grandparents of Edward, 3rd Viscount Halifax, for whom this record is prepared'  HALIFAX/A5/2/8  No date 1934/45

12 folios, quarto.

Correspondence with Sir William Milner, architect, about the design and execution of a memorial tablet to Rev. John Wylde and Rev. Edward Talbot in Garrowby Chapel  HALIFAX/A5/2/9  1949-50

15 Items

Related information: See also HALIFAX/A2/278/129, Talbot's Death Material.

Staff party at Garrowby, Jan 1950. List of guests; catering estimate and account  HALIFAX/A5/2/10  1949-50

5 Items

H.L. Boyes. Receipted account for work on panelling in Garrowby chapel  HALIFAX/A5/2/11  1950

1 Document

Messrs Couzens & Brown. Report on heating and hot water apparatus at Garrowby  HALIFAX/A5/2/12  1959

5 Items

Calculations by Lord Halifax on the supply and consumption of coal, coke and anthracite at Garrowby  HALIFAX/A5/2/13  1951-1952

4 Items

Correspondence about installation of Home Lift at Garrowby, York. Includes wiring plan  HALIFAX/A5/2/14  1959

30 Items

Guest book  HALIFAX/A5/2/15  1909-59

Guest book  HALIFAX/A5/2/16  1959-80

Household Management: Temple Newsam  HALIFAX/A5/3  [n.d.]

Accounts  HALIFAX/A5/3/1  1915-1917

1 Vol

Accounts of Temple Newsam Auxiliary Military Hospital, kept by Lady Dorothy Wood.

Inventories  HALIFAX/A5/3/2  March 1880

Catalogue of china, old chairs etc., plus Gallery furniture, chapel furniture, china and old furniture at Temple Newsam.

Correspondence about watercolours given to Temple Newsam House, Leeds  HALIFAX/A5/3/3  1958

2 Items

Related information: See also HALIFAX/A2/267/15, Temple Newsam heirlooms.

Temple Newsam correspondence  HALIFAX/A5/3/4  1959

Correspondence concerning the possibility of exhibiting a noticeboard and mantraps currently in Temple Newsam House, Leeds, at the museum in Leeds  HALIFAX/A5/3/4/1  1959

Prospective land sales on the Temple Newsam Estate  HALIFAX/A5/3/4/2  1959

Paper read by W Braithwaite at the annual meeting of the Thoresby Society, Leeds  HALIFAX/A5/3/5  Feb 1904

Regarding recent discovery of foundations at Temple Thorpe Farm, Temple Newsam.

Temple Newsam Guest Book  HALIFAX/A5/3/6  1906-1914

Temple Newsam Game Book  HALIFAX/A5/3/7  1897-1919/20

Handwritten notes by Edward, 1st Earl of Halifax on the giving up of Temple Newsam  HALIFAX/A5/3/8  1923

"Temple Newsam House A great room restored and new acquisitions on show"  HALIFAX/A5/3/9  1996

Programme of an exhibition devoted to the life and times of Emily Charlotte Meynell Ingram. "Portrait of a Victorian Lady"  HALIFAX/A5/3/10  22 May-9 Aug 1998

Household Management: 7 Kingston House, S.W.7  HALIFAX/A5/4  [n.d.]

Correspondence with Messrs Peter Fraser, House decorators and furnishers, about work at 7 Kingston House, S.W.7; with estimates  HALIFAX/A5/4/1  1952-1955

13 Items

Correspondence about repairs to flat in Kingston House, Princes Gate, London S.W.7; with estimates  HALIFAX/A5/4/2  1958

5 Items

Family History  HALIFAX/A6  [n.d.]

Honours and Awards  HALIFAX/A6/1  [n.d.]

Francis Wood, 1st Baronet. Letters Patent. Grant of Baronetcy  HALIFAX/A6/1/1  22 Jan, 24 George III 1784

Great Seal.

1st Viscount Halifax. Letters Patent appointing him chancellor of the Exchequer in Ireland. Issued in Dublin  HALIFAX/A6/1/2  21 July, 10 Victoria 1846

Great Seal.

1st Viscount Halifax. Letters Patent appointing him Secretary of State for India  HALIFAX/A6/1/3  2 Dec, 23 Victoria 1859

Seal repaired.

1st Viscount Halifax. Letters Patent. Grant of Viscountcy, Halifax of Monk Bretton  HALIFAX/A6/1/4  21 Feb, 29 Victoria 1866

Great Seal repaired.

1st Viscount Halifax. Letters Patent appointing him Lord Privy Seal  HALIFAX/A6/1/5  29 July, 34 Victoria 1870

Great Seal.

1st Viscount Halifax. Letter from Lancaster Herald sending the Patent assigning to him, as a Knight Grand Cross of the Order of the Bath, certain Supporters; and requesting him to complete a questionnaire on his pedigree. Patent not preserved  HALIFAX/A6/1/6  1857

Lady Mary Wood, 1st Viscountess Halifax. Warrant appointing her a Member of the Imperial Order of the Grown of India  HALIFAX/A6/1/7  Jan, 41 Victoria 1878

2nd Viscount Halifax. Presentation Volumes from the Members of the English Church Union  HALIFAX/A6/1/8  1883-1909

Presentation Volume: On the occasion of his completing fifteen years as President of the Union  HALIFAX/A6/1/8/i  1883

Presentation Volume: On the occasion of the coming of age of his son, Edward Frederick Lindley Wood, 1st Earl of Halifax  HALIFAX/A6/1/8/ii  1902

Presentation Volume: On the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of the founding of the Union. The volume was accompanied by a portrait of the 2nd Viscount by W. Logsdail, and a gift of Church vessels and vestments  HALIFAX/A6/1/8/iii  1909

1st Earl of Halifax. Warrant appointing him Ambassador to the United States of America  HALIFAX/A6/1/9  24 Jan, 5 George VI 1941

1st Earl of Halifax. Letters Patent. Grant of Earldom  HALIFAX/A6/1/10  11 July, 8 George VI 1944

Great Seal.

1st Earl of Halifax. Warrant conferring the Order of Merit  HALIFAX/A6/1/11  13 June, 10 George VI 1946

1st Earl of Halifax. Award of Honorary Degree of Doctor of law at the University of Athens  HALIFAX/A6/1/12  1952

Related information: HALIFAX/A6/1/12A

English Translation of HALIFAX/A6/1/12  HALIFAX/A6/1/12A  [n.d.]

Related information: HALIFAX/A6/1/12

1st Earl of Halifax. Certificate of election to an Honorary Fellowship of the Royal Institute of British Architects  HALIFAX/A6/1/13  1954

1st Earl of Halifax. Form of Oath of a Privy Counsellor and of the Oath of Allegiance to Her Majesty, issued at the time of the Accession of Queen Elizabeth II. Printed  HALIFAX/A6/1/14  1952

1st Earl of Halifax presentation volume "To Lord Halifax from his Friends, Washington, May 3rd 1946", containing MS Survey, 1771, by George Washington of land at Mount Vernon  HALIFAX/A6/1/15  1946

Lady Dorothy Wood, Countess of Halifax. Warrant appointing her a Member of the Imperial Order of the Crown of India  HALIFAX/A6/1/16  March, 16 George V 1926

Lady Dorothy Wood, Countess of Halifax. Warrant appointing her a Dame Commander of the Royal Victorian Order  HALIFAX/A6/1/17  1 June, 2 Elizabeth II 1953

1st Earl of Halifax. Letters Patent appointing him Grand Master of the Order of St. Michael and St. George  HALIFAX/A6/1/18  16 July, 6 Elizabeth II 1957

Great Seal.

1st Earl of Halifax. The University of Hull: Award of Honorary Degree of Doctor of laws  HALIFAX/A6/1/19  22 May 1957

1st Earl of Halifax. Alderman Cogan School, Bradford: Presentation Gold Key  HALIFAX/A6/1/20  1957

1st Earl of Halifax. A true copy, certified by Garter King of Arms, of the Warrant appointing him a Knight Companion of the Order of the Garter, issued under Sign Manual of King George V, 5 May, 1931  HALIFAX/A6/1/21  12 June 1958

Copies information: The original document was lost in 1941 during the confusion and difficulty of packing and of moving from war-time London, when lord Halifax went to Washington to take up the appointment of Ambassador.

With this copy of the Warrant is a printed volume of "The Statutes of the...Order of the Garter".

1st Earl of Halifax. The Ceremonial Key presented to 2nd Viscount Halifax on the occasion of his opening the Church of St. John & St. Mary, Goldthorpe, on 15 June 1916  HALIFAX/A6/1/22  1958

Administrative history:
This Key was put by 2nd Viscount Halifax in a glass case containing other family heirlooms and keepsakes at Hickleton Hall. The contents of the case were stolen on the night before the funeral of 2nd Viscount Halifax, 22/23 Jan 1934. The Key was thus lost, until it was found again in an antique dealer's shop in the King's Road, London, by one of the curates serving St. Mary's, Bourne Street, who gave it to Mrs. Hugh Sutton, daughter of 2nd Viscount Halifax, in June 1958. It was given by her to her brother, 1st Earl of Halifax. None of the other pieces stolen from the case in Jan 1934 has yet been found

1st Earl of Halifax. Certificate of the Award of the Freedom of Mykinos, Greece  HALIFAX/A6/1/23  10 April 1953

1st Earl of Halifax. Certificate of the Award of the Grand Cross of the Distinguished Service Order of the Federal German Republic. With the Ordinances and Regulations of the Order  HALIFAX/A6/1/24  29 Sep 1958

Administrative history:
The Award wad made to Lord Halifax by Theodor Heuss, Federal President, at his state visit to England in Oct 1958.

Westminster Abbey; 1947: Patent of Lord Halifax's High Stewardship of Westminster Abbey  HALIFAX/A6/1/25  1947-1958

1 Item

Royal Letters Patent appointing Charles, 2nd Earl of Halifax, as Lord Lieutenant of the East Riding  HALIFAX/A6/1/26  1968

1 sealed item and unsealed copy

Records Of Service  HALIFAX/A6/2  [n.d.]

Francis Wood later 2nd Baronet and Henry Wood. Certificates of Efficiency as Midshipmen in H.M. Ships Lizard, Bristol and Worcester  HALIFAX/A6/2/1  1784-1786

1st Viscount Halifax. Oxford University Class List of Candidates in Arts and in Mathematics & Physics, Michaelmas Term, 1821. Printed  HALIFAX/A6/2/2  1821

Showing Charles Wood of Oriel College placed in first Class in each. J. Keble one of the Examiners.

Captain Francis L. Wood, R.N. Records of his service in the Royal Navy  HALIFAX/A6/2/3  May 1854-Feb 1872

Qualification to serve as naval cadet  HALIFAX/A6/2/3/1  11 May 1854

Qualification to serve as Midshipman  HALIFAX/A6/2/3/2  11 May 1856

Certificate of satisfactory progress  HALIFAX/A6/2/3/3  11 May 1858

Passing Certificate for Lieutenant printed  HALIFAX/A6/2/3/4  17 Oct 1860

Certificate for Gunnery printed  HALIFAX/A6/2/3/5  29 Nov 1860

Certificate for Lieutenant printed  HALIFAX/A6/2/3/6  13 Dec 1860

[no title]  HALIFAX/A6/2/3/7  1860-1872

20 Dec 1860: Appointment to rank of Lieutenant.
6 Feb 1866: Appointment to rank of Commander.
9 Feb 1872: Appointment to rank of Captain.

Fifteen certificates of service in various ships  HALIFAX/A6/2/3/8  19 Jan 1855-26 July 1864

Major John Henry L. Wood. Records of his service in the Army  HALIFAX/A6/2/4  1864-1876

Commission in the Cavalry Cornet 10th Hussars  HALIFAX/A6/2/4/1  30 Aug 1864

Appointment to Lieutenant  HALIFAX/A6/2/4/2  28 May 1870

Appointment to Captain in 12th Lancers  HALIFAX/A6/2/4/3  1 April 1874

Certificate from School of Musketry, Hythe  HALIFAX/A6/2/4/4  6 Nov 1866

Letter from the Military Secretary about his employment in the East  HALIFAX/A6/2/4/5  24 Nov 1876

2nd Viscount Halifax. Certificate of Promotion from Lieutenant to Captain in 1st West Regiment of Yorkshire Yeomanry Cavalry  HALIFAX/A6/2/5  24 Feb 1872

Issued by 6th Earl Fitzwilliam as Lord Lieutenant of the West Riding of Yorkshire.

1st Earl of Halifax. Oxford and Cambridge Higher Certificate Examination: Record of Passes and Distinctions  HALIFAX/A6/2/6  1898-1899

2nd Viscount Halifax. Oxford University Testamurs  HALIFAX/A6/2/7  1858-1861

Lady Dorothy Wood, Countess of Halifax. Cambridge University Local Examinations: Award of Junior Certificate, with details of subjects taken and passed  HALIFAX/A6/2/8  March 1900

Lady Dorothy Wood, Countess of Halifax. College of Preceptors: Certificate awarded with First Class or Senior Honours in eleven named subjects, with details of marks obtained  HALIFAX/A6/2/9  No Date

Pedigrees, Family History  HALIFAX/A6/3  [n.d.]

Henry Ewer of the Lea, Co. Herts.; William Ewer, Serjeant at Arms, of Cheshunt; Henry Ewer of Southmims, Co. Middlesex  HALIFAX/A6/3/1  27 Nov 1634

Parchment Roll. Coloured heraldic drawings. Seal.

Grant of Arms by Sir Richard St. George, Clarenceux King of Arms, at the Visitation of Hertfordshire and Middlesex. With Pedigree of the family of Ewer of Lees Langley, Co. Herts.

John Lightbowne of Manchester; James Lightbowne of Manchester. Grant of Arms by William Dugdale, Norroy King of Arms  HALIFAX/A6/3/2  1662

Parchment Roll. Coloured heraldic drawings. Seal missing.

Pedigree of the family of Wood, registered at the College of Arms and certified by Somerset Herald. With additions by 1st Viscount Halifax, c 1846  HALIFAX/A6/3/3  c 1791

Parchment Roll. Coloured heraldic drawings.

MS Pedigree of the Family of Wood of Tankersley, from c. 1550 to 1589  HALIFAX/A6/3/4  No date 19th century

Sir F. Wood, 2nd Bart. Six proof copies of a printed inscription in Latin, being the inscription on a monument to Samuel Buck erected by his wife, Ann, and his daughters, Ann and Catherine Esther  HALIFAX/A6/3/5  c 1806
Language:  English and Latin

The proofs corrected by 2nd Bart. With MS English translation in the hand of the 2nd Bart.

Genealogical papers dealing with the pedigree of the Family of Wood of Hickleton, and its connection with the Buck, Lacon and Barker families  HALIFAX/A6/3/6  19th-20th centuries

In a portfolio.

1st Viscount Halifax. Letters from Albert W. Woods, Lancaster Herald later Garter King of Arms  HALIFAX/A6/3/7  1865-1866

About the pedigree of the Montagu family and the assumption of the title of Halifax by the 1st Viscount. Including Montagu pedigree, and a heraldic painting of the arms of Halifax.

1st Viscount Halifax. Correspondence with Albert W. Woods, Garter  HALIFAX/A6/3/8  1873

About the Wood pedigree and Coat of Arms. Including a report on the 1st Viscount's right to arms and quarterings, and pedigree of the Family of Buck of Carnaby.

1st Viscount Halifax. Correspondence with Joseph Foster about the pedigree of the Family of Wood of Hickleton in connection with Foster's impending Yorkshire Pedigrees published 1874  HALIFAX/A6/3/9  1873

Including: Letter from 2nd Viscount about it; Printer's proofs annotated by 1st Viscount; 1st Viscount's draft replies about the pedigree and arms; Specimen prints of arms

MS Pedigree "exhibiting thirty-one different legitimate Lineal Descents of... Charles Lindley, 2nd Viscount Halifax, from King Edward the Third"  HALIFAX/A6/3/10  20th Century

One volume

2nd Viscount Halifax. "The Descent of the second Viscount and Viscountess Halifax from the Royal Families of England, Scotland and France"  HALIFAX/A6/3/11  1908

Related information: HALIFAX/A6/3/12

Compiled and painted by Arthur J.Jewers. With continuation by 1st Earl of Halifax up to c. 1950.

2nd Viscount Halifax. Coloured sketches of coats of arms. Families of Buck, Yarborough, Cooke, Ellison, Noel, Rolle, Pitt and others  HALIFAX/A6/3/12  c 1908

Related information: Sketches for HALIFAX/A6/3/11

2nd Viscount Halifax. MS pedigrees, from tile Heralds' College and by 2nd Viscount Halifax, of the Meynell and Ingram families  HALIFAX/A6/3/13  c 1875

With a letter, 9 June 1875, from Rouge Croix, Heralds' College, to 2nd Viscount Halifax, and a pedigree showing the connection of the Grey family with the Meynells of Temple Newsam.

1st Earl of Halifax. "List of Certain of Lord Irwin's 128 great-great-great-great-great-grandparents". Typewritten  HALIFAX/A6/3/14  No date

1st Earl of Halifax. At that time 18th Baron Irwin. The Design of his Garter Plate  HALIFAX/A6/3/15  1931

Correspondence with Sir G. Wollaston, Garter King of Arms, and with his Father, 2nd Viscount Halifax, about the display of a Label in the Courtenay arms, quartered by 1st Earl of Halifax. With a Pedigree showing historical precedent for the Label, and a coloured drawing of the Garter Plate

1st Earl of Halifax. Letter from Rowland Bretton, about the Hatchment at Hickleton in memory of 2nd Viscount Halifax; with heraldic description  HALIFAX/A6/3/16  1934, 24 April

Lady Dorothy Wood, Countess of Halifax Genealogical Notes  HALIFAX/A6/3/17  No date 19th-20th c

Administrative history:
Alan Legge, 3rd Baron Gardner, married in 1848 as his second wife Julia Sarah Hayfield Fortune, alias Fortescue, the actress. He died in 1883; she in 1899. They had two daughters of whom the elder was Florence Coulston Gardner, who married in 1875 William, 4th Earl of Onslow. Lord and Lady Onslow had two sons and two daughters. The younger daughter, born 1885, is Dorothy, Countess of Halifax.

Mainly compiled by 3rd Baron Gardner, about the Families of Fortune, Hayfield and Brown of Jamaica; showing their connection with the Family of Gardner. With Pedigree of the Browns, and copies of family letters 1778-1802. Typescript.

2nd Viscount Halifax. Pedigree, showing four generations, of Lady Agnes Courtenay, daughter of 11th Earl of Devon  HALIFAX/A6/3/18  1880

Married 1869 Charles, 2nd Viscount Halifax. Coloured Coats of Arms. Drawn by Edmund Montagu Boyle.

The Ingram Family. Privately Printed, October 1860  HALIFAX/A6/3/19  Oct 1860

One vol

Related information: See also HALIFAX/A6/3/13.

With a family tree. The volume also contains MS annotations by Emily Meynell Ingram.

The Shepherd Family  HALIFAX/A6/3/19A  [n.d.]

1 Letter

The Shepherd family married into the Ingram family. High Meynell-Ingram married Emily Charlotte Wood, sister of the 2nd Viscount.

2nd Viscount Halifax. The Genealogy of the Lindleys of Hull; Being information extracted from archives by William Ball Wright for 2nd Viscount Halifax  HALIFAX/A6/3/20  1910-1911

Copies of Wills in the Probate Registry, York  HALIFAX/A6/3/20/1  [n.d.]

Presentation Volume: of Percival Lindeley, of Lindeley  HALIFAX/A6/3/20/1/i  1495

Presentation Volume: of John Haslebie Aislabie of Bevercott  HALIFAX/A6/3/20/1/ii  c1540

Presentation Volume: of William Lindley, of Hull  HALIFAX/A6/3/20/1/iii  1634

Extracts from Harthill Deanery Grant Book concerning Lindley of Hull  HALIFAX/A6/3/20/2  1624

Extracts from the Registers of Burials and Baptisms of Holy Trinity Parish Church, Hull  HALIFAX/A6/3/20/3  1628-1635

Five letters from William Ball Wright to 2nd Viscount Halifax about the work, and containing also church and political news  HALIFAX/A6/3/20/4  No Date

2nd Viscount Halifax. Genealogy of Grey of Milfield, Northumberland: A Letter from George Grey Butler son of Josephine Butler, née Grey about the connection between the Greys of Howick and of Milfield. Enclosing a Pedigree of Grey of Milfield  HALIFAX/A6/3/21  24 April 1933

Bibliography: An offprint from County History of Northumberland, vol. 12.

Miscellaneous Family History  HALIFAX/A6/4  [n.d.]

Extracts from Public Record Office, Admiralty Records  HALIFAX/A6/4/1  Late 19th century

Related information: See also HALIFAX/A2/4/3

Record of Service in the Royal Navy of Captain Charles Wood, R.N., covering period 1748-1782.

Pedigree of Henry William Lowry-Corry married 1876 Blanche Edith Wood, daughter of 1st Viscount Halifax  HALIFAX/A6/4/2  c 1890

2nd Viscount Halifax. Letter from Edward Peacock about coat of arms  HALIFAX/A6/4/3  1885

2nd Viscount Halifax. Letter from W.H.B. Wrightson about the friendship of Wright son and Wood families in the seventeenth century  HALIFAX/A6/4/4  1898

2nd Viscount Halifax commanded by Queen Victoria to wear a special clasp in commemoration of the sixtieth anniversary of her reign  HALIFAX/A6/4/5  1898

Biographical Notes by Lady Cecilia Blanche Haygarth  HALIFAX/A6/4/6  c 1894

Notes on Georgiana Countess Fortescue; Mrs. Fitzherbert; George Lionel Dawson Damer; Mary Georgiana Erurna Seymour, mother of the writer of these notes.

2nd Viscount Halifax. Print of Halifax coat of arms  HALIFAX/A6/4/7  Late 19th century

Copies information: Two copies

Documents connected with Temple Newsam  HALIFAX/A6/4/8  Various dates up to 1920

MS notes on the pedigree of Lord Darnley  HALIFAX/A6/4/8/1  No Date

Son of Matthew Stewart, 4th Earl of Lennox, and Lady Margaret Douglas; husband of Mary Queen of Scots; and father of James I of England. Lord Darnley was born at Temple Newsam

MS pedigree of the Stewarts of Bonkill, lineage of Lady Margaret Douglas  HALIFAX/A6/4/8/2-3  No Date

Noted on the history of Temple Newsam, by Frederick Meynell Wood  HALIFAX/A6/4/8/4  22 June 1920

Sent with a covering note to 1st Earl of Halifax by Francis Meynell

MS List by Frederick Meynell Wood: "Temple Newsam. Armour in the Hall"  HALIFAX/A6/4/8/5  No Dates

Printed Notices of Divine Service on special Occasions  HALIFAX/A6/4/9  1901-1957

Order of Holy Communion at St. Paul's Cathedral after the death of Queen Victoria  HALIFAX/A6/4/9/1  1 Feb 1901

With a Notice of a Solemn Requiem to be held at St. Matthew's, Westminster on 5 Feb

Order of Service for the Blessing and Dedication of the Memorial on Garrowby Hill by the Archbishop of York. Memorial to King George VI  HALIFAX/A6/4/9/2  1 July 1956

Copies information: Two copies

Memorial Service at the Greek Cathedral of Santa Sophia, for H.R.H. Prince George of Greece. With annotations by Sir Charles Peake  HALIFAX/A6/4/9/3  5 Dec 1957

The Form and Order of the the Consecration of the Cathedral Church of Christ, Liverpool, by the...Lord Bishop of Liverpool in the presence of...King George V and Queen Mary  HALIFAX/A6/4/9/4  19 July 1924

The Order for the Benediction of the Chapel, Temple Newsam  HALIFAX/A6/4/9/5  Holy Cross Day 14 Sep 1877

Related information: See also HALIFAX/A2/115

With three MS additions by Emily Meynell-Ingram

Hickleton: Orders of Service for Matins and Evensong at the Re-Opening of St. Wilfred's Church  HALIFAX/A6/4/9/6  7 Oct 1888

Church of St. Peter and St. Paul, West Clandon  HALIFAX/A6/4/9/7  21 Sep 1909

Order of Service at the Marriage of Edward Frederick Lindley Wood 1st Earl of Halifax and Dorothy Evelyn Augusta Onslow. With two copies of the address given at the Marriage by Canon J. Wylde.

Temple Newsam: Form of Service in the Chapel on the occasion of the handing over of the House to the Corporation of Leeds  HALIFAX/A6/4/9/8  19 Sep 1922

Hickleton: Order of Service at the Burial of Charles, 2nd Viscount Halifax. Born 7 June 1839, died 19 Jan 1934  HALIFAX/A6/4/9/9  23 Jan 1934

St. Paul's Cathedral: Order of Service at the Marriage of Charles Ingram Courtenay Wood Lord Irwin and Ruth Alice Hannah Mary Primrose  HALIFAX/A6/4/10  25 April 1936

Copies information: 2 copies

York Minister: Order of Service at the Marriage of Charles William Slingsby, 3rd Earl of Feversham, and Anne Dorothy Wood  HALIFAX/A6/4/11  9 May 1936

Copies information: Two copies

Westminster Abbey: Order of Service at the Marriage of Richard Frederick Wood and Eleanor Diana Atherley Kellett  HALIFAX/A6/4/12  15 April 1947

St. Paul's Church, Knightsbridge: Order of Service at the Marriage of Randle Joseph Feilden and Caroline Victoria Wood  HALIFAX/A6/4/13  29 April 1958

Copies information: Three copies

St. Paul's Cathedral: The Opening of the restored East End and Consecration of the Commonwealth Memorial in the presence of Her Majesty the Queen  HALIFAX/A6/4/14  7 May 1958

Diaries  HALIFAX/A7  [n.d.]

Diaries: Mary, Countess Grey, wife of Charles, second Earl Grey  HALIFAX/A7/1A  1822-1843

Two volumes

Diaries: Sir Francis Wood, second baronet  HALIFAX/A7/1B  1792-1846

1803-1834, and 1842-1846
Thirty five volumes. With: Annual Accounts, 1821-1839. one volume.
Memoranda of holdings in the funds, and other accounts, 1792-1799. 1 volume.

Diaries: Anne, Lady Wood, wife of Sir Francis Wood, second baronet  HALIFAX/A7/2  1792-1812

1792, and 1810-1812 Transcripts.

Diaries: Charles Wood, first Viscount Halifax. Diaries of foreign travel  HALIFAX/A7/3  1823-1837

Thirteen volumes.

[no title]  HALIFAX/A7/3/1-8  1823-24

Low Countries, Germany, Switzerland, France, Italy.

[no title]  HALIFAX/A7/3/9-11  1827

France, Italy

[no title]  HALIFAX/A7/3/12  1829

Low Countries, Germany, Italy, France

[no title]  HALIFAX/A7/3/13  1837

Netherlands, also contains notes on Thiers' Revolution Francaise.

Diaries: Lady Mary Wood, Viscountess Halifax  HALIFAX/A7/4A  1829-1884

Fifty-one volumes

There are diaries of travel in Europe Aug-Nov 1829 and Aug-Oct 1837. Transcript of extracts, 1853.

Diary: Samuel Francis Wood  HALIFAX/A7/4B  1825

Diary of a tour in Scotland, the Lake District and Wales.

Diaries: Charles Wood, second Viscount Halifax  HALIFAX/A7/5  1853-1928

Sixty volumes.

Personal diaries.

Diaries: Lady Agnes Wood, Viscountess Halifax Domestic and social engagement books  HALIFAX/A7/6  1885-1911

Thirty four volumes.

1885-1890 Rather full entries, including the illnesses and deaths of her sons Francis d. 17 March 1889 and Charles d. 6 Sept 1890.
1891-1904 Rough engagement books.
1905-1911 Fuller entries again.

Diary: Emily Wood, Mrs Meynell-Ingram  HALIFAX/A7/7  1854-1903

Seventeen volumes.

[no title]  HALIFAX/A7/7/1  1854-56


[no title]  HALIFAX/A7/7/2  1856-57

With sketches of the Channel Islands, Ireland and Scotland

[no title]  HALIFAX/A7/7/3  1857-61

Includes notes on Confirmation 1857 and meditations

[no title]  HALIFAX/A7/7/4-8  1860-74

6 Vols

Social and domestic; commonplace book

[no title]  HALIFAX/A7/7/9  1871-78

Diary with notes and meditations

[no title]  HALIFAX/A7/7/10  No date c 1875-1903

Commononplace book, with a description of Joseph Chamberlain's visit to Temple Newsam, 16 Dec 1903

[no title]  HALIFAX/A7/7/11  1883-86

Diary with notes and meditations

[no title]  HALIFAX/A7/7/12  1887-90


[no title]  HALIFAX/A7/7/13  1891-1900


[no title]  HALIFAX/A7/7/14  1901-1903


[no title]  HALIFAX/A7/7/15  1852-66

Hugo Meynell-Ingram's diaries, mostly

[no title]  HALIFAX/A7/7/16  1870

Accounts of fishing and shooting expeditions

Diaries: Diaries of Edward Frederick Lindley Wood, first Earl of Halifax  HALIFAX/A7/8  1921-1956

[no title]  HALIFAX/A7/8/1  1921-22

MS. Visit to the West Indies as Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for the Colonies

[no title]  HALIFAX/A7/8/2  Apr 1932

Typescript. Canada - May

[no title]  HALIFAX/A7/8/3-18  1940-46

Typescript. Personal and political. 16 parts. These wartime diaries were written for circulation in his family. No. 7 begins his embassy to the United States. This ends with No. 18, which also includes Lady Halifax's diary, 7-16 March 1946 when Lord Halifax was ill.

[no title]  HALIFAX/A7/8/19  1941-45

Typecript. Secret diary

[no title]  HALIFAX/A7/8/20  Jul-Aug 1948

Typescript. Visit to Germany

[no title]  HALIFAX/A7/8/21  Sep 1951

Typescript. Visit to U.S.A. with drafts - Nov of speeches delivered. - at Yale, 19 Oct
- To Foreign Policy Association, New York, 1 Nov
- To the Pilgrims, 13 Nov and MS. notes of speech in New York, Nov

[no title]  HALIFAX/A7/8/22  Apr 1952

Typescript. Visit to Greece - May

[no title]  HALIFAX/A7/8/23  Jan-Feb 1954

Typescript. Madeira

[no title]  HALIFAX/A7/8/24  1925-56

13 Vols

Pocket engagement books. Lacking 1926-37, 1940-46

[no title]  HALIFAX/A7/8/25  1926-29

7 Vols

Printed. Programmes of autumn, winter and monsoon tours by Lord Irwin as Viceroy of India. Containing lists of the parties, orders for dress, geographical and historical notes on the Districts to be visited, maps. With occasional annotations by Lord Irwin.

[no title]  HALIFAX/A7/8/26  1905

India, Australia, South Africa

Charles Reginald Lindley Wood. Diary at Eton  HALIFAX/A7/9  Jan-Mar 1885

"A description of the Forts at Cronstadt, its dockyard and fleets by Louis Reynolds, Senior Lieutenant of H.M.S. St Jean d'Acre; written during the stay of that ship at Cronstadt August and September 1856"  HALIFAX/A7/10  1856

Typescript. Diaries kept by General Sir Charles O. Harvey, Military Adviser-in-Chief to the Indian State Forces, of tours of inspection to troops in India, Burma, Persia and Iraq  HALIFAX/A7/11  1943-1946

Related information: For others of this series, enclosed in letters from Sir Charles Harvey to the Countess of Halifax, see HALIFAX/A2/280/29

Lady Dorothy Wood, Countess of Halifax. Personal diaries and notebooks  HALIFAX/A7/12  1892-1925

15 Volumes

Lady Dorothy Wood "Recollections."  HALIFAX/A7/12B  20th century

Conditions of access: Closed until 2026, fifty years after the death of lady Dorothy, by order of Lord Halifax.

One volume for each of the following subjects:
The straight narrative
The Royals
Wood relations
My relations
The Wars
Famous people
Faithful retainers
Dogs in my life.
Also includes Lord Holderness' unprinted and unpublished memoirs of Dorothy, Countess of Halifax.

Diary: Peter Wood, while in Middle East  HALIFAX/A7/13  No Dates

Diary: Lt. Col. H. C. Lowry-Corry. Italian Diary  HALIFAX/A7/14  1944

Son of Blanche Edith Wood sister of 2nd Viscount and Henry Lowry-Corry.

Literary Manuscripts  HALIFAX/A8  [n.d.]

Political Journals and Memoranda of Charles, 1st Viscount Halifax  HALIFAX/A8/1  [n.d.]

Political Journal: Volume labelled 'A'  HALIFAX/A8/1/1  1835-1848

Journal February-May 1835
The Formation of Lord Melbourne's Government: inserted loose in the volume are two memoranda: Copy of memorandum respecting the changes made in Lord Melbourne's Administration 1839; Lord John Russell and Reform 1848

Political Journal: Volume labelled 'B'  HALIFAX/A8/1/2  1846-1855

Formation of Lord John Russell's Government June-July 1846
Extract from a letter from Paris concerning the Spanish Marriage Oct 1846
Dismissal of Lord Palmerston. Ministerial changes and crisis Dec 1851-Jan 1852
Reform Bill crisis Spring 1854
Crisis and Lord John Russell's threatened resignation Nov 1854-Jan 1855

Political Journal: Volume labelled 'C'  HALIFAX/A8/1/3  1850-1854

Formation of Lord Aberdeen's Government Dec 1852
India Bill - list of cabinet committee and votes for and against proceeding with the Bill 1850
Crisis with Lord Palmerston on the Reform Bill Autumn and Winter 1853-54

Political Journal: Volume labelled 'D'  HALIFAX/A8/1/4  1855-1859

Ministerial Crisis after Lord Aberdeen's resignation Jan-Feb 1855
Sir Edmund Lyons' account of the expedition to Sebastopol 1856
Events previous and leading to-the formation of Lord Palmerston's Government Spring 1859

Political Journal: Volume labelled 'E'  HALIFAX/A8/1/5  1866-1868

Change of Government June 1866
Copy of Henry Brand's memorandum on the crisis of June 1866
Conduct of the leaders of the Opposition Autumn to Spring 1866-67
Ministerial crisis and the formation of Mr Gladstone's Government Nov-Dec 1868

'Narrative of events connected with the endeavour to form a Liberal Government in December 1845 so far as I learnt them'  HALIFAX/A8/1/6  1845/6

Miscellaneous  HALIFAX/A9  [n.d.]

Newspaper Cuttings  HALIFAX/A9/1  [n.d.]

Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax; A collection of cuttings relating to his political career, and some material relating to his father-in-law, Earl Grey  HALIFAX/A9/1/1  No Dates

1 Box

Charles Lindley Wood, 2nd Viscount Halifax Scrap Book of Press cuttings on the death of the 2nd Viscount  HALIFAX/A9/1/2  No Dates

From: Yorkshire Evening News, Daily Telegraph, Daily Herald, The Times, Yorkshire Post, The Observer, The Manchester Guardian, The Star, The Evening Standard, The Daily Express, Harrogate Herald, Daily Mail, Daily Sketch.

Edward Wood, 1st Earl of Halifax  HALIFAX/A9/1/3  [n.d.]

"The Riddle of India."  HALIFAX/A9/1/3/1  No Dates

Press cuttings and photographs on becoming Ambassador to the United States  HALIFAX/A9/1/3/2  No Dates

Daily Mail, Daily Telegraph, Yorkshire Post, News Chronicle, Manchester Guardian, Sunday Times, Sunday Dispatch, Sunday Graphic.

New York Newspaper cuttings on the arrival of Lord Halifax  HALIFAX/A9/1/3/3  No Dates

United Press, N.Y Times, N.Y Herald Tribune, Sunday News, N.Y Daily News, Journal American, N.Y Sun, N.Y Daily Mirror, N.Y World Telegram, N.Y Post, N.Y News.

Printed Sources  HALIFAX/A9/2  [n.d.]

Printed Sources: Charles Wood, 1st Viscount Halifax  HALIFAX/A9/2/1  January 1965

"The Composition of Woods Eduation Despatch." The English Historical Review

Printed Sources: Charles Lindley Wood, 2nd Viscount Halifax  HALIFAX/A9/2/2  1903-1983

"Heroes of the Catholic Revival. Charles Lindley, Viscount Halifax." Catholic Literature Asociation
"Lord Halifax and the Schedt Father Alois Janssens." 1967
"Lord Halifax." The Church Literature Association. Roger Greenacre, 1983
"A letter to a Christian Lady on the Liberty of the children of God." London Catholic Truth Society. Translated by G.T. Hippolytus M. Hemmer.
"The Difficulty of Infallibility." League for Catholic Action. J. G. H. Barry
"Hymns of the Holy Feast."
"A Benedictine Chapel in Yorkshire." The British Architect, Jan 1903

Printed Sources: Edward Wood, 1st Earl of Halifax  HALIFAX/A9/2/3  20th century

"University of the Punjab. Jinnah - Irwin correspondence." Waheed Ahmad, 1969.
"USA 1939 - 1946. Preview of a New World. How Frank Buchman helped his country move from isolation to World Responsibility." Arthur Strong
Sections relating to Edward, while he was Foreign Secretary and Ambassador to Washington.

Printed Sources: General works relating to the Wood family  HALIFAX/A9/2/4  1915-1998

Garraby to be Sold." York Herald and County Advertiser, 2 Jan 1790. Reprinted 18 May 1915 as a supplement to the 20,000th issue of the Yorkshire Herald.
"I Like My Choice." Richard Holderness, 1998
"Irvine Watson at Eighty." Includes a brief reflection by the Third Earl of Halifax on the Malines Conversations."

Printed Sources: Printed Sources relating to the Estate  HALIFAX/A9/2/5  20th century

"A Bolling Bowling Household Book 1669-1687," Sylvia C. Priest, M.A. 1956.
"The Church of Saint John the Evangelist and Saint Mary Magdalene. Goldthorpe - Yorkshire."
"A short history of the village of Bugthorpe and survey with reference to particular buildings." Geoffrey Blewett.

Commonplace books, verses, mementoes etc  HALIFAX/A9/3  [n.d.]

1 Box

Commonplace books, poems, exercise books, etc  HALIFAX/A9/4  [n.d.]

1 Box

Autographs  HALIFAX/A9/5  [n.d.]

1 Box

Locks of hair  HALIFAX/A9/6  [n.d.]

1 Box

Estate Papers  HALIFAX/B  [n.d.]

Muniments of Title  HALIFAX/B1  [n.d.]

Rev. Henry Wood, D.D  HALIFAX/B1/1  1701-c 1785

Correspondence and documents concerning the title of the Manor of Hemsworth.

Sir F. Wood, 2nd Bart. Bowling estate, near Bradford  HALIFAX/B1/2  1803-1821

Drafts and copies of muniments of title. Conveyance by Sir F. Wood, 2nd Bart., to Sturges & Co., Ironmasters.

Bowling estate. Correspondence about conveyance to Sturges & Co. for the purpose of working minerals  HALIFAX/B1/3  1804-1815

Including: Consideration of boundaries, with field names, 1814. Proposed alterations to the manor house, c May to July 1815. Accounts, 1800 and 1803-1806.

Personal estate of Lady Jane Heron  HALIFAX/B1/4  c 1794-1815

Testamentary documents and correspondence with Sir F. Wood, 2nd Bart.

Two Deeds  HALIFAX/B1/5  1773-1844

Bond  HALIFAX/B1/5/1  1773

1st Earl of Farnham to Elizabeth Ewer, spinster, of the parish of St Giles in the Fields, co. Middlesex Bond for £10,000 for the payment to Elizabeth Ewer for an annuity of £1,000. Elizabeth Ewer married Sir F. Wood, 1st Bart., 1779.

Lease  HALIFAX/B1/5/2  1844

Sir Augustus William James Clifford, Bart., of Eaton Square; and Charles Wood, Esq., of Hickleton; to the Right Hon. Francis Thornhill Baring, P.C., of Lee, co. Kent Assignment of the unexpired portion of a lease for twenty-one years of no.86 Eaton Square and the coach house belonging in Eaton News. The Lease had been taken by Charles Wood in 1838.

Lists of Deeds  HALIFAX/B1/6  1803-1858

Sir F. Wood, 2nd Bart  HALIFAX/B1/6/1  c 1803

Lists of contents of boxes containing Deeds and other papers relating to Barnsley, Hemsworth, Hatfield Chase, etc.

Sir F. Wood, 2nd Bart  HALIFAX/B1/6/2  1825

Schedule of Deeds concerning the estate of the Busfeild family.

1st Viscount Halifax  HALIFAX/B1/6/3  1858

Notebook containing lists of various Deeds, papers, letters, etc.; with annotations by 2nd Viscount Halifax, c 1891

Kirby Underdale and Garrowby Deeds  HALIFAX/B1/7  [n.d.]

Conveyance at Kirby Underdale  HALIFAX/B1/7/1  1913

2 Items

Mr Thomas Daniel Matthews to the Hon.E.F. Lindley Wood

Conveyance of Garrowby Hall Farms  HALIFAX/B1/7/2  1906

1 Item

The Right Hon. Charles Lindley Viscount Halifax to the Hon. Edward Frederick Lindley Wood

Marriage settlement between Hon.E.F.L. Wood and Lady D.E.A. Onslow. Estates at Kirby Underdale, Wharram Percy, E. Riding  HALIFAX/B1/8  1909

1 Item

Bonds for Performance concerning John Singleton  HALIFAX/B1/9  1775

2 Items

Thixendale Deeds  HALIFAX/B1/10  [n.d.]

Thixendale Indenture  HALIFAX/B1/10/1  1698

1 Item

Information on the derivation of 'Thixendale' from 'De Sezevaux'  HALIFAX/B1/10/2  No date

1 Item

Great Givendale Deeds  HALIFAX/B1/11  [n.d.]

Misc. Givendale Land Deeds  HALIFAX/B1/11/1  1598-1735

8 Items

Deeds for Great Givendale Estates  HALIFAX/B1/11/2  1610-1859

23 Items

Thomas Hobdon  HALIFAX/B1/11/3  1634-1656

2 Items

Indenture concerning Ellen Hobdon widow of Thomas  HALIFAX/B1/11/3/1  1634

Will of Thomas Hobdon of Great Givendale  HALIFAX/B1/11/3/2  1656

Givendale Land Deeds. Includes 2 deeds relating to Rob Luck  HALIFAX/B1/11/4  1634-1784

18 Items

Great Givendale Land Docs. Families of Jackson/Richardson/Beilby/Lazonby  HALIFAX/B1/11/5  1683-1757

18 Items

Seamour estates. Gt. Givendale  HALIFAX/B1/11/6  1706-1790

13 Items

Whitehead, Seamour, Singleton Gt. Givendale deeds  HALIFAX/B1/11/7  1710-1778

8 Items

John Singleton esq., land deeds Gt. Givendale estates  HALIFAX/B1/11/8  1740-1840

6 Items

Gt Givendale land deeds  HALIFAX/B1/11/9  1757-1802

8 Items

Seymour and Singleton Deeds for Gt. Givendale  HALIFAX/B1/11/10  1767-8

3 Items

Families of Bayldon/Strangeways/Singleton. Gt. Givendale estates  HALIFAX/B1/11/11  1801-1840

9 Items

Givendale and Millington Deeds  HALIFAX/B1/11/12  1816-1889

12 Items

Givendale and Millington Deeds  HALIFAX/B1/11/13  1880-1890

2 Items

[no title or date]  HALIFAX/B1/12

Related information: HALIFAX/B2/1

HALIFAX/B1/12/1. Stotfold Deeds 1675-1681
HALIFAX/B1/12/2. Hickleton Deeds 1682-1700
Hickleton with Bellah Wood, Barnbrough, Aldbrough, Cold Hiendley and Stotfold.
The first twelve documents of this section concern the sale of Sir John Jackson's estates at Hickleton and Barnborough in order to clear his debts. After his death, his trustees received the purchase price of £6425 from John Wentworth in several smaller amounts and used them to discharge specific encumbrances against the property. Jackson's heirs and creditors then assigned their interest in the estate over to Wentworth
HALIFAX/B1/12/3. Bolton House, Hickleton Deeds 1699-1728
HALIFAX/B1/12/4. Hickleton Deeds II 1728-1829
HALIFAX/Hickleton with Bellah Wood, Barnbrough, Aldbrough, Stotfold and Clayton
HALIFAX/B1/12/5. Barnbrough and Harlington Deeds 1796-1823
Many of the documents in B1/12 are also contained in the Abstract of Godfrey Wentworth's title to the lands in Hickleton

Stotfold Deeds  HALIFAX/B1/12/1  [n.d.]

Assignment of a judgement for £1400 against Jasper Blythman  HALIFAX/B1/12/1/1  15 January 1675/6

1 Everilda Blythman to 2 John Wentworth Esq.

Conveyance of the Manor of Stotfold  HALIFAX/B1/12/1/2  28 March 1676/7

Land in Stotfold, Shippens, Hooton Pagnell, Clayton and Frickley 1 Jasper Blythman and Katherine his wife to 2 Michael Wentworth and Dorothy his wife.

Conveyance of the fealty and suit of court and rent out of Stotfold in the Manor of Hangthwaite  HALIFAX/B1/12/1/3  3 November 1681

1 Sir George Cooke to 2 Michael Wentworth

Hickleton Deeds  HALIFAX/B1/12/2  [n.d.]

Articles of Agreement to Purchase the Manor, Rectory, Tithes, Estates of Hickleton and Bellah Wood, Barnbrough  HALIFAX/B1/12/2/1  26 August 1682

1 Tindall, Wingfield, Wickham surviving Trustees of Sir John Jackson and Dame Lucy Jackson widow of Sir John Jackson to 2 John Wentworth

Assignment of Hickleton Manor, Rectory, Tithes and Estates plus Bellah Wood Barnbrough, with the unexpired term of 2000 years  HALIFAX/B1/12/2/2  7 September 1682

1 Tindall, Wingfield, Wickham to 2 Thomas Wheatley and John Wheatley in trust for and by the nomination of 3 John Wentworth

Assignment of a Judgement against Sir John Jackson by John Farrer to John Wentworth 9 November 1682 Copy of judgement by Farrer against Sir John Jackson for £603.6s.8d  HALIFAX/B1/12/2/3  November 1682

Assignment of a Judgement against Sir John Jackson by John Fountaine to John Wentworth  HALIFAX/B1/12/2/4  3 January 1682/3

Mr Wickham's acquittances for money paid to the trustees of Sir John Jackson by John Wentworth, as part of the purchase price of Hickleton Manor  HALIFAX/B1/12/2/5  September 1682-May 1683

Lease for six months & Release of Bellah Wood, Barnbrough  HALIFAX/B1/12/2/6  11 & 12 May 1683

1 Katharine Jackson, 2 Tindall, Wainwright, Wingfield, Wickham trustees to 3 Michael Wentworth

22 February 1684/5; Copy Bill of Revivor from the High Court of Chancery  HALIFAX/B1/12/2/7  1828

Related information: HALIFAX/B1/12/2/1.

Michael Wentworth v. Dame Lucy Jackson and others M. Wentworth obtained this decree after the death of his father, in order to obtain the performance of the agreement of 26.8.1682, between John Wentworth and John Jackson's heirs and trustees This copy was made in 1828.

Sir John Bright's acquittance for receipt according to an order of Chancery dated 27 May 1684  HALIFAX/B1/12/2/8  25 July 1684

Receipt: Michael Wentworth for money given to Lady Jackson  HALIFAX/B1/12/2/9  1 June 1687

Receipt: Michael Wentworth for money given to R.Shann  HALIFAX/B1/12/2/10  1 June 1687

Receipt: Michael Wentworth for the remainder of the purchase money given to the executors of Sir John Jackson  HALIFAX/B1/12/2/11  3 June 1687

Assignment of a judgement against Sir John Jackson, by Nicholas Maleverer to Michael Wentworth  HALIFAX/B1/12/2/12  3 June 1687

Copy of a Release: Sir M. Wentworth's settlement to provide a jointure for his wife and younger children  HALIFAX/B1/12/2/13  14 January 1688/9

Manors of Aldburgh, Cold Hiendly and Stotfold; lands in Aldburgh, Brampton, Brierley, Cold Hiendly, Boroughbridge, Grafton, Hemsworth, Minesup, Dunsforth, Sandall, Meplewood, Carr Green, Swallowell, Staincross, Shefton, Stotfold, Stotfold Sheppens, Hooton Pagnell, Clayton Frickley and Royston 1 Michael Wentworth to 2 Sir H.Cooke, W.Stanhope, G.Cooke, F.Neville, W.Wombwell, H.Edmonds trustees

Lease for one year and Release of White close, Little Kirke Flatt and Narr Quarry Field  HALIFAX/B1/12/2/14  18 & 19 July 1690

Hickleton 1 Robert Stead to 2 Michael Wentworth This was another property originally mortgaged by Sir John Jackson and later recovered by John Wentworth

Mortgage of Hickleton Manor, Rectory and Bellah Wood, Barnbrough  HALIFAX/B1/12/2/15  19 November 1690

Related information: HALIFAX/B1/12/2/18

1 Michael Wentworth and Hannah Wheatley to 2 Thomas Newport

Michael Wentworth's assignment of the Manor and Rectory of Hickleton and Bellah Wood, Barnbrough  HALIFAX/B1/12/2/16  14 January 1690/1

In trust for the payment of his debts after his death, and to maintain and educate his younger children but subject to the provisos of agreements-of 19-20 Nov 1690 1 Michael Wentworth 2 Cooke, Stanhope, Neville, Wombwell, Edmond trustees

A copy and probate of the last will and testament of Sir Michael Wentworth of Woolley  HALIFAX/B1/12/2/17  14 January 1690/1

Release of Hickleton Manor and Rectory and Bellah Wood, Barnbrough  HALIFAX/B1/12/2/18  3 February 1692/3

Related information: See HALIFAX/B1/12/2/15

1 Thomas Newport to 2 Michael Wentworth

Copy of Mr John Wentworth's will  HALIFAX/B1/12/2/19  13 December 1700

Related information: J.W. inherited manor of Aldbrough front Michael Wentworth his father see HALIFAX/B1/12/2/13 and B1/12/2/17

Bolton House, Hickleton  HALIFAX/B1/12/3  1699-1728

Copy of John Stead's will  HALIFAX/B1/12/3/1  6 December 1699

Leaving land in parishes of Hooton Pagnell and Brodsworth

Lease and Release: Conveyance of Bolton House and lands at Hickleton  HALIFAX/B1/12/3/2  4 & 5 February 1707/8

1 Margaret Stead widow and the Trustees of John Stead to 2 Dame Dorothea Wentworth widow of Michael Wentworth

Lease of Bolton House and the lands at Hickleton which had been previously purchased from Mr Stead's trustees  [no ref.]  12 & 13 December 1728

Related information: See HALIFAX/B1/12/3/2.

1 Dame Dorothea Wentworth 2 Godfrey Wentworth.
Release of the above property 1 Dame Dorothea Wentworth, 2 William Wentworth to 3 Godfrey Wentworth.

Hickleton Deeds II  HALIFAX/B1/12/4  1728-1829

Copy conveyance of Hickleton Manor, Rectory and Estates, and Bellah Wood, Barnbrough  HALIFAX/B1/12/4/1  13 December 1728

Related information: HALIFAX/B1/12/2/13 & 16

1 G. Cooke surviving trustee for Michael Wentworth 2 Dame Dorothea Wentworth and William Wentworth her eldest son to 3 Godfrey Wentworth
In this document Dame Dorothea is executing the trusts set up by her husband M.Wentworth on 14 Jan 1688 and 14 Jan 1690
In order to raise enough money to cover legacies and portions due to the children under this agreement she sells the Hickleton estates to Godfrey.

A copy and probate of the will of William Wentworth esq  HALIFAX/B1/12/4/2  3 April 1729

Release for £2000 charged upon Hickleton Manor, Rectory lands and Bellah Wood, Barnbrough  HALIFAX/B1/12/4/3  3 July 1744

1 Sir L.Pilkington, 2 Margaret Wentworth daughter of Michael Wentworth to 3 Godfrey Wentworth

Copy and probate of the will and codicils of Godfrey Wentworth esq., deceased  HALIFAX/B1/12/4/4  2 February 1776

This Godfrey Wentworth left his estate to his daughter's child Godfrey Wentworth Armitage. The latter changed his name to Godfrey Wentworth Wentworth on receiving the inheritance

Bargain and Sale of two parcels of enclosed land called 'The Pringles', situate in Hickleton  HALIFAX/B1/12/4/5  8 October 1808

1 William Bateman to 2 Godfrey Wentworth Wentworth 3 Elias Holt attorney

Attested copy of a settlement on the intended marriage of Godfrey Wentworth and Anne Fawkes  HALIFAX/B1/12/4/6  13 & 14 June 1822

Lease of the manors and lordships of Hickleton and Stotfold, Hickleton Hall & estates with land at Hickleton, Barnbrough, Stotfold and Clayton 1 Godfrey Wentworth and Godfrey Wentworth his son to 2 R.Chaloner and F.Hawksworth trustees
Release of the above property 1 Godfrey Wentworth Wentworth and Godfrey Wentworth 2 W.Fawkes and Anne Fawkes 3 R.Chaloner and F.Hawksworth trustees 4 T.Rishworth and C.J.Brandling trustees By these documents G.W. and his father settle the estates upon Chaloner and Hawksworth in trust to provide an annuity and jointure for Anne Fawkes. At the same time, Brandling and Rishworth are assigned a term of 500 years upon trust to secure the payment of these sums and for raising portions for any younger children of the marriage

Grant of an annuity for £100 per annum charged on the manors or lordships of Hickleton and Stotfold and on estates at Hickleton, Barnbrough, Clayton and Stotfold  HALIFAX/B1/12/4/7  24 April 1827

Related information: HALIFAX/B1/12/4/9

1 Godfrey Wentworth to 2 Godfrey Wentworth Wentworth

Abstract of the title of Godfrey Wentworth esq. to the manors of Hickleton and Stotfold and to lands and hereditaments at Hickleton, Stotfold, and Clayton, Yorks  HALIFAX/B1/12/4/8  c1828

Related information: This item contains abstracts of many of the documents listed in HALIFAX/B1/12

Made c.1828 for Sir F.L.Wood, bart.

Release of the above annuity of £100 per annum  HALIFAX/B1/12/4/9  1 January 1828

Related information: See HALIFAX/B1/12/4/7.

1 Godfrey Wentworth Wentworth to 2 Godfrey Wentworth

Bargain and Sale of Hickleton Manor, Hall, Rectory and property at Hickleton, Barnbrough, Stotfold and Clayton  HALIFAX/B1/12/4/10  7 January 1829

Related information: HALIFAX/B1/12/4/4, 6 and 11

1 Godfrey Wentworth to 2 Charles Dawson 3 John Lee. This agreement was made in order to bar the estate tail vested in Godfrey Wentworth by his great grand father's will. The property could then be limited to the trusts established under the Marriage Settlement of 14 June 1822 For this purpose Dawson received the land as tenant of the freehold so that a Common Recovery could take place. It was agreed that Lee would sue against Dawson in the Court of Chancery and eventually recover property for the use of the trusts

Recovery of the Manors of Hickleton and Stotfold, Hickleton Rectory and appurtenances John Lee Demandant, Charles Dawson Tenant, Wentworth Vouchee  HALIFAX/B1/12/4/11  12 February 1829

Related information: See HALIFAX/B1/12/4/13

Lease for one year  HALIFAX/B1/12/4/12  2 February 1829

Related information: See HALIFAX/B1/12/4/13

1 R.Chaloner trustee and G. Wentworth to 2 J.Lee trustee

Revocation of uses and appointment and Release in Fee of the manors of Hickleton and Stotfold and estates at Hickleton, Barnbrough, Stotfold and Clayton  HALIFAX/B1/12/4/13  3 February 1829

Related information: HALIFAX/B1/12/4/6 and 15

1 R.Chaloner trustee, 2 G. Wentworth and Anne his wife to 3 G. Wentworth and 4 John Lee. The effect of this agreement was to buy out Anne Wentworth's interest in the estate so that Godfrey would be free to sell to Francis Wood In return for £64,000 Chaloner revoked the trusts created in the marriage settlement of 1822 and agreed for the property to be conveyed to Lee in trust for Wentworth

Lease for one year  HALIFAX/B1/12/4/14  4 February 1829

Related information: HALIFAX/B1/12/4/15

1 G.Wentworth to 2 J.Parker and J.Childers his trustees

Release. Conveyance of the Rectory and Manor of Hickleton, The Manor of Stotfold, and estates in Hickleton, Stotfold, Barnbrough and Clayton  HALIFAX/B1/12/4/15  5 February 1829

Administrative history:
Wentworth sells the property for £64,000 to Wood and Wood. At the same time the latter mortgage the land for £22,000, which they receive from Armytage and Hawksworth as part of the purchase price

In trust for securing £22,000 and subject thereto to Sir F.L. Wood for life with remainder to C.Wood in fee
1. G.Wentworth
2. J.Lee trustee
3. Sir F.L. Wood
4. C.Wood
5. J.Parker and J.Childers
6. F.Hawksworth Fawkes and J. Armytage

Assignment of outstanding terms affecting the Manors and Estates of Hickleton and Stotfold In trust to secure £22,000  HALIFAX/B1/12/4/16  17 June 1829

Related information: HALIFAX/B1/12/4/15

Following the 5 Feb 1829 this agreement settled the outstanding terms that had been created upon the Hickleton estate by Sir J. Jackson and the Wentworths since 1678, and finally assigned the remaining interests of all parties.

Barnbrough and Harlington Deeds  HALIFAX/B1/12/5  1796-1823

Lease of land in the townfields of Barnbrough and Harlington pa. Barnbrough  HALIFAX/B1/12/5/1  December 1796

1 Robert Day and Christopher Felton his trustee to 2 Thomas Swindle December 1796
Release of the above land 1 Robert Day, 2 Christopher Felton to 3 Thomas Swindle 4 John Danser

Conveyance of lands in the townfields of Barnbrough and Harlington pa. of Barnbrough  HALIFAX/B1/12/5/2  August 1823

1. Thomas Swindle
2. Elizabeth Danser
3. Godfrey Wentworth
4. John Lee
Swindle assigns the land and the remainder of the unexpired terms of years to Lee, in trust for Godfrey Wentworth. Includes: August 1823: Solicitor's correspondence and the account for the above transaction, with details of the enclosure of the relevant lands in Barnbrough.

Morton Deeds  HALIFAX/B1/13  [n.d.]

Pennyshaw Allotment. The Rev.William Penny and others to Charles Wood esq. Draft Release of a close of lands in Morton pa.Bingley  HALIFAX/B1/13/1  18 June 1823

Abstract of the title of Mr Timothy Lister to five closes of land called Cow Mills, situate in the township of Morton pa. Bingley, Yorkshire  HALIFAX/B1/13/2  c 12 March 1824

Lease for one year of several closes in Morton called Cow Mills  HALIFAX/B1/13/3  6 July 1824

Timothy Lister to Charles Wood

Release in fee of lands in Morton  HALIFAX/B1/13/3a  7 July 1824

Timothy Lister to Charles Wood

A Bond of Indemnity  HALIFAX/B1/13/3b  7 July 1824

T.Lister to C. Wood, to indemnify C. Wood from an annuity of £30 charged upon lands in Morton.

Copy draft of the above Release in fee of land in Morton  HALIFAX/B1/13/4  7 July 1824

Related information: For Cow Mills see also HALIFAX/B2/21/A

William Nicholson's solicitor account to W.Busfield and C.Wood for the conveyance of lands in Morton  HALIFAX/B1/13/5  April 1825-March 1826

William Nicholson's account for the conveyance of lands at Morton from J.& B.Knight to C.Wood  HALIFAX/B1/13/5a  September 1825-October 1826

Related information: See HALIFAX/B1/13/6

Lease for one year  HALIFAX/B1/13/6  22 March 1826

Related information: For the lawyer's account for this conveyance see HALIFAX/B1/13/5a

1 John Knight and Benjamin Knight to 2 Charles Wood 23 March 1826 Messrs John and Benjamin Knight to Charles Wood and trustee: Appointment and Release of a piece of land in Morton, co. Yorks., and Surrender and Assignment of two several terms of years affecting the said premises.
Charles Wood esq., to Messrs John & Benjamin Knight: Release of right of road over lands and premises at Morton in lieu of the said piece of land and premises

Estate Management: of Hickleton and West Riding  HALIFAX/B2  [n.d.]

Bellah Wood, Barnbrough  HALIFAX/B2/1  1769

Related information: For Deeds of Bellah Wood, Barnbrough see HALIFAX/B1/12

A legal opinion on the question of whether tithe was due on timber taken from the wood. With legal precedents. Includes details of when the wood had been cropped in the 18th century and the respective values of the timber.

Correspondence of Samuel Foster, junior, with Sir F.Wood, 2nd Bart  HALIFAX/B2/1A  Feb 1795-Oct 1820

About estates in Yorkshire, chiefly in Swine in Holderness and Hemsworth.

Correspondence of Rev. J.Pickles with 1st and 2nd Baronets  HALIFAX/B2/2  Sept 1795-1822

About Barnsley, Woodhall and Hemsworth estates; and Barnsley Navigation Company.

2nd Bart. Correspondence on estate matters  HALIFAX/B2/3  1800-1838

Notes on his property at Bowling and Oxenhope, near Keighley, 1800. Sketch of estate at Oxenhope, 1815 Statement of Yorkshire estates, sold and unsold, 1822 Statutory notice of the building of a bridge over the river Aire, and Leeds, involving compulsory sale of property.
North Midland Railway: acquisition of land near Monk Bretton with plan, 1838

2nd Bart. and 1st Viscount Halifax. Estate Rentals and Correspondence  HALIFAX/B2/4  1795-1869

1795: Barnsley, Hemsworth, Wombwell, Hatfield Chase and Christ Church estates. Rental for the second quarter of the year.
1812: Barnsley rental. 2nd Bart. and 1st Viscount Halifax. Estate Rentals and Correspondence
No date before 1816: Hemsworth, Bowling, Staincross, Tickill, Thorne, Hatfield Chase, Lindsey, Wroot and Morley estates.
Details of Redemption of Land Tax.
1838 Jan: W. Milner to Sir Francis Wood. Hatfield Chase deeds
Rotherham and Ulley Rentals. 1 vol.

2nd Bart. Correspondence on estate matters  HALIFAX/B2/5  1814-1818

Sale of part of estate at Burlington, 1816.

2nd Bart. Hemsworth and Bowling, Minerals  HALIFAX/B2/6  1796-1814

Related information: See also HALIFAX/A2/26

"Memorandum. Coals at Bowling", being an assessment of income from this source, based on wages, amount of work done, nature of the work, price of coal, and expenses - all of which are specified in detail.
No date c 1800:
Specifications of a machine at "Mr. Broke's Coalworks" for bringing up coal by hydraulic means, thus dispensing with horses turning a jenny wheel on the surface.
General Correspondence of Sir F. Wood as Lord of the Manor of Bowling. Bowling Iron Works; Sketch of Dr. Walker's estate, Dudley Hill near Bradford.
Details of Strata found by boring North Field at Hemsworth to a depth of 166 feet, 6 inches.

2nd Bart. Correspondence on the affairs of Charles Palmer of Thurnscoe; mineral workings  HALIFAX/B2/7  Jan 1820-Nov 1837

2nd Bart. Correspondence with Mr. Weston  HALIFAX/B2/8  Dec 1828-Feb 1829

About the purchase of property in parish of Bolton on Dearne; with valuations.

2nd Bart. Letters from William Lee, agent in Hemsworth area  HALIFAX/B2/9  Jan 1834-Oct 1842

Badsworth draining and estate affairs. Norwood farm matters. Crops at Hemsworth.

2nd Bart. Letters from William Shepherd of Barnsley, solicitor and agent  HALIFAX/B2/10  Jan 1834-Oct 1844

Related information: See HALIFAX/A2/16

General estate business.
Barnsley Canal shares.
Nevile family
Hemsworth affairs.
Estates in East Riding, but mostly Barnsley, Rotherham, Ulley, Hickleton, Monk Bretton.

1st Viscount Halifax. Mineral Workings and other estate matters in the Barnsley, Rotherham Area  HALIFAX/B2/11  c 1830-1885

Statement by William Day, coalmaster, of coal got and paid for under the terms of his lease of the Barnsley Thick Bed between 1854 and 1878  HALIFAX/B2/11/1  1878

Extract from the rate book and tithe plan respecting the farm occupied by James Amery at Bolton on Dearne  HALIFAX/B2/11/2  1858

Barnsley, list of workable seams of coal  HALIFAX/B2/11/3  1871

Dispute with the Highway Board, Doncaster, about repairs to a drain under the turn-pike road at Hickleton  HALIFAX/B2/11/4-7  1872-1873

Proposal for sale of land in Monk Bretton to Monk Bretton Coal Company; William Day, coalmaster  HALIFAX/B2/11/8  1873

Plan of Monk Bretton area, referred to in HALIFAX/B2/11/8  HALIFAX/B2/11/8A  1873

Related information: HALIFAX/B2/11/8

Land at Masbrough, Rotherham  HALIFAX/B2/11/9  1875

Plan referred to in HALIFAX/B2/11/9  HALIFAX/B2/11/9A  1875

Related information: HALIFAX/B2/11/9

Midland and North Eastern Railway, Swinton to Knottingley branch  HALIFAX/B2/11/10  1875

Purchase of land under statute near Bolton on Dearne.

Plan referred to in HALIFAX/B2/11/10  HALIFAX/B2/11/10A  1875

Related information: HALIFAX/B2/11/10

Agreements with tenants under provisions of the Agricultural Holdings England Act, 1875. Printed forms. Tenants named  HALIFAX/B2/11/11-25  1876

Lease of a quarry at Eaming Wood, Barnsley  HALIFAX/B2/11/26  1877

Plan referred to in HALIFAX/B2/11/26  HALIFAX/B2/11/26A  1877

Related information: HALIFAX/B2/11/26

Joiner's and Mason's accounts for work done on a farm at Ulley, near Rotherham  HALIFAX/B2/11/27  1878-1879

Proposal to build a sewer in Barnsley  HALIFAX/B2/11/28  1879

Plan referred to in HALIFAX/B2/11/28  HALIFAX/B2/11/28A  1879

Related information: HALIFAX/B2/11/28

Eaming Wood Quarry, near Barnsley: Report on the quality of stone  HALIFAX/B2/11/29  1879

Surface damage, due to coal working, at Thurnscoe Hall  HALIFAX/B2/11/30  1880

Jenkins and Co.: Receipt for cash  HALIFAX/B2/11/31  1885

Memorandum by 1st Viscount Halifax, about an Enclosure Act naming Bolt on Common, Holm and Carr Commons, near Bolton on Dearne  HALIFAX/B2/11/32  No date

Particulars of Barnsley estate  HALIFAX/B2/11/33  No date

Related information: HALIFAX/B2/11/28A

Plan of Barnsley estate  HALIFAX/B2/11/33A  [n.d.]

Related information: HALIFAX/B2/11/28A

"Quantity of Land in Barnsley"  HALIFAX/B2/11/34  c 1830

Plan referred to in HALIFAX/B2/11/34  HALIFAX/B2/11/34A  c 1830

Related information: HALIFAX/B2/11/34

Valuations  HALIFAX/B2/11/35  1854-1869

Thomas Johnson's farm at Goldthorpe, 1854-1855. Timothy Bashforth's land at Bolton on Dearne, 1858. Rev. Charles Roe's estate, Thurnscoe, sold 1869. William Hewitt's estate at Bolton on Dearne, to be sold 1856. Printed, two copies. "Simpson's valuation for exchange", no date.

Hickleton Estate Forge: Account Book  HALIFAX/B2/11/36  1858-1866

1 Vol

Archival history:
This volume is deposited on loan by Mr. R. Darmon of The Forge, Hickleton, whose grandfather acquired The Forge from 1st Viscount Halifax.

1st Viscount. Restoration of Hickleton Church. Architect's drawings  HALIFAX/B2/12  1873-1874

S. aisle of Chancel, elevation. East end, plan and elevation. Windows, section. West end of S. aisle, section. East end of S. aisle, section. Roof of N. aisle of Nave, plan and section. Signed "C. Hodgson Fowler, Architect, Thirham".
Part Elevation, East end of Thoresby Church, Ollerton, Notts. With covering letter from Lady Georgine Manvers. No date.

1st Viscount. Restoration of Hickleton Church  HALIFAX/B2/13  Jan-Dec 1877

Letter from C. Hodgson Fowler enclosing four tracings, in elevation, of proposed screens between the Chancel and N. and S. aisles. Letter from George Frederick Bodley about the screens, 20 Dec 1877.

2nd Viscount Halifax. Restoration of Hickleton Church  HALIFAX/B2/14  c 1888

Heraldic designs for windows. Wordsworth & Co. Organ builders of Leeds. "Proposed new organ for Hickleton Church." June 1888.

1st Viscount. Letters and memoranda about the status of Lidget Lane leading from Hickleton to Stotfold Farm and its repair by the public authority  HALIFAX/B2/15  Nov 1877-July 1879

Cutting from Doncaster Gazette, 25 July 1879. Letter about the lane from Thomas Jubb "the oldest inhabitant of Hickleton", Nov 1877. Notes on history of Lidget Lane. Information from Jonathan Heptonstall "one of the oldest labourers at Hickleton".

"Seaton's Accounts" Mr. Seaton was agent at Hickleton. Mostly rough drafts by 1st Viscount  HALIFAX/B2/16  c 1868

"Various statements as to Seaton's accounts", Feb 1868.
Account of Seaton's sheep, 1866-1868.
Rent account drawn up by Seaton...and admitted by him to be correct, c 1866-1867.

1st Viscount. Letters from Colonel W. Busfield of Upwood, Bingley, Co. York  HALIFAX/B2/17  1883-1884

Estate matters concerning Bingley, near Bradford, and the vicinity.

Maps and Plans  HALIFAX/B2/18  c 1770-1880

Samuel Buck: Land between Ulley and Aston  HALIFAX/B2/18/1  c 1800

Hickleton, showing fields  HALIFAX/B2/18/2  Early 19th century

Unidentified land Lord Fitzwilliam's  HALIFAX/B2/18/3  No date temp. 1st Viscount

Ulley, near Rotherham  HALIFAX/B2/18/4  1850

Lands at Stotfold  HALIFAX/B2/18/5  No date temp. 1st Viscount

Bolton upon Dearne, showing fields  HALIFAX/B2/18/6  c 1850

Land between Rotherham, Wickersley and Dalton  HALIFAX/B2/18/7  No date temp. 1st Viscount

Land at Monk Bretton belonging to 1st Viscount  HALIFAX/B2/18/8  1878

Monk Bretton  HALIFAX/B2/18/9  1878

Monk Bretton  HALIFAX/B2/18/10  1879

Monk Bretton  HALIFAX/B2/18/11  No date temp. 1st Viscount

Unidentified land Barnsley area  HALIFAX/B2/18/12  1870

Rotherham-Clifton area  HALIFAX/B2/18/13  No date temp. 1st Viscount

Architect's drawing: "Elevation of Homestead. High Hoyland"  HALIFAX/B2/18/14  No date

"A Plan and Survey of the Low Field at Hickleton" by Richard Geffings. Tenants need  HALIFAX/B2/18/15  1770

"Stanley and Heath Estates. East." Land around Sharlston Colliery  HALIFAX/B2/18/16  1915

Plans of Land in Barnsley  HALIFAX/B2/19  c 1820-1880

Plan of Barnsley  HALIFAX/B2/19/1  No date early 19th century

Barnsley Canal  HALIFAX/B2/19/2  No date

Barnsley Coal Railway  HALIFAX/B2/19/3  No date

"M.S. & L. Railway Coal Line": Proposed siding for the Barnsley Iron Works  HALIFAX/B2/19/4  No date

"Land at Rotherham belonging to Lord Halifax 1st Viscount under which Messrs. John Brown and Co. are working the Barnsley Coal Bed"  HALIFAX/B2/19/5  No date after 1865

Land near Oakwell Colliery, Barnsley  HALIFAX/B2/19/6  1876

Key to Plan in 6, above  HALIFAX/B2/19/6A  1876

M.S.L. Railway": Proposed branch to Beevor Hall Colliery  HALIFAX/B2/19/7  No date

Barnsley  HALIFAX/B2/19/8  No date c. 1870

Barnsley School  HALIFAX/B2/19/9  1875

Land near Barnsley  HALIFAX/B2/19/10  1872

Lands near Barnsley  HALIFAX/B2/19/11  No date temp. 1st Viscount

2nd Bart. Miscellaneous Correspondence on West Riding Estate Matters  HALIFAX/B2/20  1818-1845

Sheffield; arrears of rent for an encroachment  HALIFAX/B2/20/1  1834

Mr. Gunning's rent  HALIFAX/B2/20/2  1835

Mr. James Reynold's rent  HALIFAX/B2/20/3  1836

Fee farm rents issuing out of the Manor and Rectory of Hickleton, payable to Miss Vaughan  HALIFAX/B2/20/4  1836

William Littlewood's tenancy at Hemsworth  HALIFAX/B2/20/5  c 1836

Letters from George Robinson of Carnaby, about rents and agricultural news in the Carnaby area  HALIFAX/B2/20/6  1836-1844

J Cope's rent at Hemsworth  HALIFAX/B2/20/7  1838

Richard Cuttle's account for valuing at Hickleton and in the neighbourhood  HALIFAX/B2/20/8  1836

Charge for valuation at Barmboro. Miscellaneous Correspondence on West Riding Estate Matters  HALIFAX/B2/20/9  1836

A Deed; Leeds area  HALIFAX/B2/20/10  1836

A Deed, Rotherham area  HALIFAX/B2/20/11  1836

Correspondence about property belonging to Hemsworth Hospital  HALIFAX/B2/20/12-14  1838-1840

Arthur B. Wrightson, asking for a lease of Sir F. Wood's house at Hemsworth for two years  HALIFAX/B2/20/15  1840

Negotiations with John William Rhodes over the purchase from Sir F. Wood of a house and land at Hemsworth  HALIFAX/B2/20/16  1840

The Busfeild family's estate at Otley  HALIFAX/B2/20/17  1840

George Greaves of Elmsall Lodge; estimate for manure in 1843  HALIFAX/B2/20/18  1842

A draft by Sir F. Wood, about fields and their crops, 1842-1845  HALIFAX/B2/20/19  1845

Doncaster Tithe Lease Trust  HALIFAX/B2/20/20  1845

A credit of £1,700 to the executors of the late Samuel Buck's estate  HALIFAX/B2/20/21  1836

Letters from T.J. Parker about Rotherham and Wortley turnpike road and money due therefrom to the executors of the late Samuel Buck  HALIFAX/B2/20/22  1832-1843

From John Maude about new roads in the Hickletot area  HALIFAX/B2/20/23  1842

Commission of Sewers; drainage in the Carnaby area. Fields named  HALIFAX/B2/20/24  1842

Ulley; expense of drainage  HALIFAX/B2/20/25  1843

Hickleton Estate; staking out area for coal mining  HALIFAX/B2/20/26  1833

Barnsley; water supply interfered with by the workings of Mr. Thorpe's new colliery  HALIFAX/B2/20/27  1835

Resignation of Sir F. Wood from the Barnsley Canal Committee  HALIFAX/B2/20/28  1842

Sir F. Wood's permission to G. Sidebotham to shoot at Ulley  HALIFAX/B2/20/29  1840

A tenant at Rotherham asking to use two fields belonging to Sir F. Wood for horse racing  HALIFAX/B2/20/30  1843

Correspondence with J.E. Baker about trees cut down near Monk Bretton  HALIFAX/B2/20/31  1833-1834

From J. Harrison; sale of horses and cattle  HALIFAX/B2/20/32  1842

Sir F. Wood; British Fire Office, fire insurance policy  HALIFAX/B2/20/33  1818

2nd Viscount Halifax. Letters from Alfred Clegg, solicitor, of Barnsley  HALIFAX/B2/21  1898

About the lease and rents of the Hickleton Coal Company.

Lawyer's note on the conveyance of 'Cow Mills'  HALIFAX/B2/21A  Post 1895

Related information: For deeds of Cow Mills see Morton Deeds HALIFAX/B1/13

Five closes of land in the parish of Bingley, from Viscount Halifax to James Swine

1st Earl of Halifax; 1949: Hollis & Webb, chartered surveyors of Leeds  HALIFAX/B2/22  1934-1959

4 Items

Sale of two farms and other property at Altofts, Wakefield, for 1st Earl of Halifax. With a priced catalogue and map.

Correspondence with Alfred Clegg, of Dibb & Clegg, solicitors, of Barnsley  HALIFAX/B2/23  1936-1937

9 Items

About his firm's annual salary for acting as Agents of Lord Halifax's West Riding estate.

Correspondence with Clegg Garrowby and Hickleton Estates Co  HALIFAX/B2/24  1950

5 Items

About South Yorks Agency

Hickleton Brewing costings  HALIFAX/B2/25  1950-1970/1

15 Items

With an explanatory letter from Clegg of Garrowby and Hickleton Estates Co. Also includes photographs of the brewery c.1970/1. Notes by Clarence Hellewell.

Correspondence between Lord Halifax and Dibb & Clegg  HALIFAX/B2/26  1952

3 Items

Concerning West Riding County Plan for bypass roads around Hickleton village

Correspondence concerning open-cast mining sites at Bellah Wood, Barnbrough, Harry Otley & Hickleton  HALIFAX/B2/27  1955-1956

23 Items

Includes map of affected area

Hickleton Church  HALIFAX/B2/28  1934-1959

Income of livings Hickleton & Goldthorpe  HALIFAX/B2/28/1  1934-1939

4 Items

Related information: For Hickleton church restoration see HALIFAX/B2/12-14

Includes letter about Howard's successor

Correspondence about church glass Hickleton  HALIFAX/B2/28/2  1938

5 Items

Book about Hickleton church windows  HALIFAX/B2/28/3  1947

6 Items

Includes correspondence concerning shrine

Correspondence about image of St Denis Hickleton church  HALIFAX/B2/28/4  1949-1950

4 Items

Includes note about cost and receipt

Bellerby's account for work on St Wilfred's church  HALIFAX/B2/28/5  1949-1950

2 Items

Correspondence with future incumbent of Hickleton  HALIFAX/B2/28/6  1953

1 Items

Related information: See also HALIFAX/B2/28/7

Hickleton vicarage presentation correspondence  HALIFAX/B2/28/7  1953

18 Items

Related information: See also HALIFAX/B2/28/6.

Correspondence about repair of tomb of Charles, 1st Viscount Halifax in Hickleton church  HALIFAX/B2/28/8  1953

2 Items

Bill for Rev.C.E. Whiting's memorial stone vicar of Hickleton church  HALIFAX/B2/28/9  1954

1 Item

Copy of receipted account for Reredos in Halifax chapel, in Hickleton church  HALIFAX/B2/28/10  1954

1 Item

Hickleton church vestment repair - letter and note  HALIFAX/B2/28/11  N.D

2 Items

Accounts of St Wilfred's, Hickleton  HALIFAX/B2/28/12  1959

6 Items

Includes related letter

Book of the Heraldry of Hickleton church  HALIFAX/B2/28/13  n.d

1 Item

Description of Hickleton parish  HALIFAX/B2/28/14  n.d

8 Items

Proposed sanatorium at Hickleton, 1951  HALIFAX/B2/29  1951

1 Item

Correspondence with Ministry of Education about village junior school, Hickleton, and proposed closure  HALIFAX/B2/30  1947

4 Items

Letter about Church of England Hickleton School  HALIFAX/B2/31  1953

1 Item

Hickleton Church of England primary school, Instrument of Management  HALIFAX/B2/32  1956

2 Items

Proposed Senior Church School at Hickleton  HALIFAX/B2/33  N.D

Estate Management of Garrowby and East Riding  HALIFAX/B3  [n.d.]

Garrowby  HALIFAX/B3/1  1769-1897

Catalogue of books sent to Garrowby  HALIFAX/B3/1/1  N.D

Survey of Bugthorpe and Thoralby  HALIFAX/B3/1/2  1799

Copies information: 3 copies

a. Estate map, Bugthorpe and Thoralby

Printed forms for Lease Agreements  HALIFAX/B3/1/3  N.D

Copy of a Deed in possession of Mr Wrightson of Cudworth  HALIFAX/B3/1/4  N.D

Bugthorpe printed Income Tax Assessments  HALIFAX/B3/1/5  1848

With tenants' names.

Survey of Garrowby Estate, with valuation of Bugthorpe and Thoralby  HALIFAX/B3/1/6  1802

1 Vol

A valuation and arrangement of Bugthorpe, Thoralby, and Garrowby, the property of Sir Francis Wood, bart  HALIFAX/B3/1/6/b  1802

Calculations by Sir Francis Wood, 2nd Bart., of the value of his real estate in Yorkshire, including Garrowby bought in 1803 for £23,500  HALIFAX/B3/1/6/c  c 1822

1 Document

Particulars and measurements of plantations at Garrowby, Bugthorpe, Thoralby and Megdale  HALIFAX/B3/1/7  1810-1842; c1842

1 Vol

With a sketch map, c 1842, by 1st Viscount Halifax.

MS notes by 1st Viscount Halifax, 'Mode of Management between fallows'. Fields named  HALIFAX/B3/1/8  N.d

MS calculations by 1st Viscount Halifax of acreage of Uncleby, Leafield and Garrowby Farms  HALIFAX/B3/1/9  N.d

Ordnance Survey map with fields marked in Gowthorp  HALIFAX/B3/1/10  1897

1 Item

Plan of the Lordship of Kirby Underdale in the East Riding of Yorks. Including Painsthorpe property of Robert Smith esq  HALIFAX/B3/1/11  1774

Map of Youlthorpe Manor nr. Pocklington by Mr Graves, Mr Cross and Mr Butler, commissioners  HALIFAX/B3/1/12  1769

Plan of Garrowby, lately belonging to Edward Wolley esq. Surveyor John Dalton  HALIFAX/B3/1/13  1800

2nd Bart. Letters from William Pears, Estate Overlooker at Garrowby  HALIFAX/B3/2  Mar 1836-Sept 1844

Garrowby Estate business and news crops, fencing, plantations, manure, etc., with many field names mentioned.
Memorandum, c 31 Jan 1842 of 'Work done by the team'. Bishop Wilton and Bugthorpe affairs. These letters are sometimes corrected or added to by Admiral Sir Charles Richardson of Painsthorpe.

Kirby Underdale Commutation of Tithes  HALIFAX/B3/3  Mar 1837-June 1841

Copy, printed, of Amending Act to the Act for the Commutation of Tithes, 1837. Details of rent charges in lieu of tithes, 1838-1841.

Sir F.Wood, 2nd Bart. Letters from R.W.F. Mills, Agent  HALIFAX/B3/4  June 1838-Nov 1844

Kirby Underdale Tithe, 1839 Rents. Bugthorpe Tithe, Jan 1843 to Nov 1844.

Documents relating to Samuel Wetherill, bailiff at Garrowby  HALIFAX/B3/4A  1811-1823

Wetherill's accounts  HALIFAX/B3/4A/1  1811-1823

1 Vol

Archival history:
This volume was returned to 1st Earl of Halifax by Dorothy Clarke, 30 Dec 1954, with a covering letter, enclosed in the volume.

Administrative history:
Dorothy Clarke is a great- grand daughter of Samuel Wetherill. She was born in 1875. Also enclosed in the volume is a letter of Mrs Clarke to 1st Earl of Halifax, 24 Oct 1956, about her 'remembrances of Bugthorpe and surrounding district'.

Containing also his accounts with Admiral Sir Charles Richardson, 1814

Printed copy of a Lease  HALIFAX/B3/4A/2  1811

Archival history:
Returned to 1st Earl of Halifax by Dorothy Clarke, 30 Dec 1954.

From year to year, of a house and land in Bugthorpe, granted to Samuel Wetherill. Rent £83.6s.

2nd Bart. Account of William Pears at Garrowby  HALIFAX/B3/5  May 1826-June 1838

1 Vol

Garrowby Estate Book - General Cash  HALIFAX/B3/6  June 1838-Aug 1847

Garrowby. Book of Sundries  HALIFAX/B3/7  Mar 1842-Sep 1847

Garrowby. Miscellaneous Estate Accounts  HALIFAX/B3/8  1848

1st Viscount Halifax. Restoration of Kirby Underdale Church  HALIFAX/B3/9  Oct 1870-Nov

Related information: See History of Kirby Underdale, by the Rev. W.R. Shepherd, 1928, pp.38 and following.

Correspondence with Rev. Thomas Monson, Rector, and Mr G.E. Street, who supervised the work. Including: Controversy over the level of the floor of the Nave Photograph of the Church before restoration. Plans and sketches.

2nd Viscount Halifax. Garrowby. Miscellaneous Estate Bills  HALIFAX/B3/10  Oct 1889-Sep 1890

2nd Viscount. Youlthorpe Farm: Statements of stock  HALIFAX/B3/11  Oct 1889-Sep 1890

Youlthorpe Farm Wages  HALIFAX/B3/12  [n.d.]

Youlthorpe Farm: Wages Account  HALIFAX/B3/12/1  Oct 1889-Sep 1890

Garrowby Estate Wages  HALIFAX/B3/12/2  1907

1 Item

Garrowby Estates: Department Accounts  HALIFAX/B3/13  [n.d.]

Receipts and Vouchers  HALIFAX/B3/13/1  1889-90

Account Books  HALIFAX/B3/13/2  1886-1921

[no title]  HALIFAX/B3/13/2/1  1886-1890

1 Vol

[no title]  HALIFAX/B3/13/2/2  1890-1894

1 Vol

[no title]  HALIFAX/B3/13/2/3  1894-1898

1 Vol

[no title]  HALIFAX/B3/13/2/4  1898-1902

1 Vol

[no title]  HALIFAX/B3/13/2/5  1902-1906

1 Vol

[no title]  HALIFAX/B3/13/2/6  1906-1908

1 Vol

[no title]  HALIFAX/B3/13/2/7  1908-1910

1 Vol

[no title]  HALIFAX/B3/13/2/8  1910-1912

1 Vol

[no title]  HALIFAX/B3/13/2/9  1912-1914

1 Vol

[no title]  HALIFAX/B3/13/2/10  1914-1915

1 Vol

[no title]  HALIFAX/B3/13/2/11  1916-1917

1 Vol

[no title]  HALIFAX/B3/13/2/12  1917-1919

1 Vol

[no title]  HALIFAX/B3/13/2/13  1919-1921

1 Vol

[no title]  HALIFAX/B3/13/2/14  1921

Account Book, Farm and Dairy  HALIFAX/B3/13/2a  1918-1920

1 Vol

Estate and Farm Transfers Journal  HALIFAX/B3/13/2b  1921-1926

1 Vol

Payments Notebook for East Riding  HALIFAX/B3/13/3  1883-1885

1 Vol

Garrowby Rent Books  HALIFAX/B3/13/4  1886-1920

[no title]  HALIFAX/B3/13/4/1  1886-1894

R.W.Forbes copy

[no title]  HALIFAX/B3/13/4/2  1886-1894

Viscount Halifax copy

[no title]  HALIFAX/B3/13/4/3  1895-1902

R.W.Forbes copy

[no title]  HALIFAX/B3/13/4/4  1895-1902

Viscount Halifax copy

[no title]  HALIFAX/B3/13/4/5  1902-1909

R.W.Forbes copy

[no title]  HALIFAX/B3/13/4/6  1902-1909

Viscount Halifax copy

[no title]  HALIFAX/B3/13/4/7  1909-1915

1 Vol

[no title]  HALIFAX/B3/13/4/8  1916-1920

1 Vol

Garrowby Rent Books  HALIFAX/B3/13/5  1907-1921

Related information: HALIFAX/B3/13/4

This additional series gives the same information as HALIFAX/B3/13/4 with some additional notes.

[no title]  HALIFAX/B3/13/5/1  1907-1910

1 Vol

[no title]  HALIFAX/B3/13/5/2  1911-1914

1 Vol

[no title]  HALIFAX/B3/13/5/3  1915-1918

1 Vol

[no title]  HALIFAX/B3/13/5/4  1919-1921

1 Vol

List of tenants and closes names Garrowby Estate  HALIFAX/B3/13/6  No date

1 Notebook

Garrowby Estate Receipts/Payments Books  HALIFAX/B3/13/7  1914-1919

[no title]  HALIFAX/B3/13/7/1  1914-1916

1 Vol

[no title]  HALIFAX/B3/13/7/2  1916-1918

1 Vol

[no title]  HALIFAX/B3/13/7/3  1918-1919

1 Vol

Includes: Brickyard, Dairy, Donations, Estates, Farm, Game, Gardens, House, Joiner, Kennels, Woods, Insurance Contributions

Garrowby Estate Livestock Accounts  HALIFAX/B3/13/8  [n.d.]

Receipt Book Chiefly livestock business  HALIFAX/B3/13/8/1  1907-1922

Miscellaneous bills  HALIFAX/B3/13/8/2  1918-1922

From: R.M.English & Sons, Auctioneers, Valuers, Agr. Merchants; Wright & Sons, York & District Farmers Auction Mart Ltd., Yorkshire Farmers Ltd.

Garrowby Estate Coal Dept. Sale Book  HALIFAX/B3/13/9  1914-1921

2nd Bart. Game Book, Hemsworth and Garrowby Estates  HALIFAX/B3/14  1821-1825

1 Vol

Garrowby Estates Game and Hunt Records  HALIFAX/B3/15  [n.d.]

Game Books  HALIFAX/B3/15/1  1863-1883

6 Vols

With some notes by Frederick Wood Meynell

Garrowby Game Books  HALIFAX/B3/15/2  1898-1978

[no title]  HALIFAX/B3/15/2/1  1898-1936

1 Vol

[no title]  HALIFAX/B3/15/2/2  1936-1962/3

1 Vol

[no title]  HALIFAX/B3/15/2/3  1962/3-1977/8

1 Vol

Includes shooting season guest lists, 1972/8

Garrowby Harriers Hunting Diary  HALIFAX/B3/15/3  1910-1926

Includes Hunt photographs 1912-1922

Shooting Agreements; At Acklam, Barthorpe, Bishop Wilton  HALIFAX/B3/15/4  1902-1919

2 Items

1st Earl of Halifax. "The Buck-Bug Controversy"  HALIFAX/B3/16  1941-1942

Noted by the Rev. Canon J.S.Purvis of York: being extracts from Cause Papers, in the Diocesan Registry of York, of a tithe case, 1584-1585, in which the plaintiff was the Rector of Kirby Underdale and evidence was heard as to whether Bugdale and Garrowby or Buckdale and Garwaldby, were the correct forms of those place names.

East Riding: Miscellaneous Estate Correspondence  HALIFAX/B3/17  [n.d.]

Correspondence memorandum, 'Hinds'; the conditions and services of a hind  HALIFAX/B3/17/1  No date early 19th century

'They all have a House and small Garden rent free'; services specified.

From John Hall  HALIFAX/B3/17/2  1820

Fences at Beverley.

Correspondence with John Simpson of Acklam  HALIFAX/B3/17/3  1834-1838

About game rights.

Correspondence with Henry Willoughby  HALIFAX/B3/17/4-6  1839-1843

About Sir Francis Wood's farm on Brown Moor.

Correspondence from Thomas Richardson  HALIFAX/B3/17/7  1839

Estate matters.

Tenancy of Sir Francis Wood's farm at Bridlington  HALIFAX/B3/17/8-9  1843

Bugthorpe; farm improvements by John White; the glebe land  HALIFAX/B3/17/10-11  1836-1843

Surrender of a copyhold farm at Uncleby  HALIFAX/B3/17/12  1836

Fences at Scorborough HALIFAX/B3/17/2  HALIFAX/B3/17/13  1838

Related information: HALIFAX/B3/17/2

Bessingby tithes  HALIFAX/B3/17/14  1843

William Harper's account for rent  HALIFAX/B3/17/15  1844

Pocklington Canal Head  HALIFAX/B3/17/16  1844

Right of way over property at Fangfoss  HALIFAX/B3/17/17  1844

Particulars of sale of farm at Uncleby lately occupied by Mr R.Harper Valuers - R.M.English & Sons  HALIFAX/B3/17/18  1912

1 Notebook

Details of Uncleby farm of Mr R.Harper in 1912  HALIFAX/B3/17/19  1912

Related information: N.b. Mr Harper is listed as a tenant in Rent Books HALIFAX/B3/13/4 & B3/13/5

Garrowby Estate Letter Books  HALIFAX/B3/17/20  1909-1922

[no title]  HALIFAX/B3/17/20/1  1909-1910

1 Vol

[no title]  HALIFAX/B3/17/20/2  1911-1912

1 Vol

[no title]  HALIFAX/B3/17/20/3  1912-1914

1 Vol

[no title]  HALIFAX/B3/17/20/4  1914-1915

1 Vol

[no title]  HALIFAX/B3/17/20/5  1915-1917

1 Vol

[no title]  HALIFAX/B3/17/20/6  1917-1918

1 Vol

[no title]  HALIFAX/B3/17/20/7  1921-1922

1 Vol

Letter of Dibb & Clegg solicitors to R.W.Forbes  HALIFAX/B3/17/21  1906

1 Item

Letter from Drainage Officer to A.Forbes  HALIFAX/B3/17/22  1946

1 Item

Letter concerning purchase of Thixendale Grange  HALIFAX/B3/17/23  1938

1 Item

Correspondence concerning the renewal of the lease of Bishop Wilton Church School  HALIFAX/B3/17/24  Jan-Mar 1930

Lord Irwin's agreement to help the school financially. The school was part of Sir Richard Sykes's Sledmere Settled Estates

Correspondence about creating a playing field at Bishop Wilton from part of the Garrowby Estate  HALIFAX/B3/17/25  1954-1955

56 Items

Correspondence with A.R.Glazebrook, of Dibb, Lupton & Co., solicitors of Leeds, and others  HALIFAX/B3/17/26  June-Dec 1953

9 Items

About the closure and subsequent disposal of the Church School at Barton-le-Street, Malton.

Correspondence with J.E.Walker esq., of Low Callis Wold, Bishop Wilton  HALIFAX/B3/17/27  1953

1 Letter

Concerning misunderstanding over hire of a farm

1st Viscount Halifax correspondence with Rev.J.Appleford, incumbent of Bugthorpe: complaints  HALIFAX/B3/17/28  1879-81

30 Items

Typescript: Notes of financial arrangement made with the Rev.G.Foster, and list of payments made to him by Lord Halifax. Rev. Foster was Vicar of Bugthorpe  HALIFAX/B3/17/29  1951-1958

1 Document

Correspondence concerning I.D.Watson, Halifax's Resident Agent at Garrowby  HALIFAX/B3/17/30  1947-1957

4 Items

Includes conditions of service, and discussion about salary.

Correspondence with and concerning Robinson and his Keeper's pension Garrowby  HALIFAX/B3/17/31  1944-1949

8 Items

Arrangement for employment of P.Rogers, butler Garrowby  HALIFAX/B3/17/32  1954

2 Items

Correspondence concerning covenanted donations, and pensions paid by Lord Halifax  HALIFAX/B3/17/33  1935-1947

19 Items

With statements for year ended 5 April 1945

2nd Bart.; 1st and 2nd Viscounts  HALIFAX/B3/18  c 1823-1902

A notebook  HALIFAX/B3/18/1  1823-c1870

Related information: See also HALIFAX/A4/6

Containing at one end, MS notes by 1st Viscount Halifax, about the status of the road from Garrowby, New Inn to Kirby Underdale, and its use as a corpse-way, etc. c.1870; and containing at the other end, MS lists by 2nd Bart, of trusts of which he was a trustee and of his subscriptions to philanthropical and learned Societies 1823. Also containing MS notes by 1st Viscount Halifax about financial arrangements of the Badsworth Hunt, 1829

A letter from Joseph Wordsworth to 2nd Viscount  HALIFAX/B3/18/2  31 Aug 1897

About the status of the Garrowby-Kirby Underdale road.

Correspondence concerning road widening at Kirby Underdale  HALIFAX/B3/18/3  1902/3

1 Envelope

Garrowby postal handstamp  HALIFAX/B3/19  c1985

Draft article on the Garrowby postal handstamp and the establishment of an official post 1845; by Mr Ronald Ward, Hon.Treasurer, Yorkshire Postal History Society 1985.

Garrowby and Hickleton Estates Company  HALIFAX/B3/20  [n.d.]

Garrowby Estate Annual Reports

Second Annual Report  HALIFAX/B3/20/1  1948-1949


Garrowby Estate Hedge Cutting and Hedge Laying Competition Book  HALIFAX/B3/21  1910-1939

1 Vol

Bugthorpe Manor Court Book  HALIFAX/B3/22  1761-1849

1 Vol

[no title]  HALIFAX/B3/23  1817-1945

Agreements for farms  HALIFAX/B3/23/1  1817-1936

74 Items

At: Breckenholme, Brown Moor, Bugthorpe, Cot Nab, Fordham, Garrowby, Garrowby Hill Top, Hanging Grimston, Kirby Underdale, Painsthorpe, Painsthorpe Wold, South Wold, Sutton on Derwent, Thoralby, Uncleby, Uncleby Wold, Woodley, Youlthorpe

Leases and Agreements Garrowby Estate  HALIFAX/B3/23/2  1877-1945

27 Items

Cottage agreements Bugthorpe  HALIFAX/B3/23/2/1  1900-1914

2 Items

Leases  HALIFAX/B3/23/2/2  1898-1945

9 Items

Bugthorpe, Youlthorpe, Kirby Underdale, Great Givendale

Counterpart Leases  HALIFAX/B3/23/2/3  1919-1942

3 Items

Great Givendale, Bishop Wilton

Cottage and Garden lets Bishop Wilton  HALIFAX/B3/23/2/4  1917

4 Items

Farm Leases  HALIFAX/B3/23/2/5  1877-1911

9 Items

Thoralby, Youlthorpe, Bishop Wilton

Valuations of land  HALIFAX/B3/24  1881-1936

30 Items

At: Bugthorpe, S. Wold, Uncleby Wold, Uncleby, Kirby Underdale, Garrowby Hill Top, Painsthorpe, Garrowby, Garrowby Lodge, Bishop Wilton 19 items also Tenant Compensation Claims at: Breckenholme, Garrowby Hill Top, Bugthorpe, Thixendale, Bishop Wilton, Kirby Underdale, Cot Nab, Painsthorpe, Youlthorpe.

Miscellaneous rent details: Garrowby Estate  HALIFAX/B3/25  [n.d.]

Statement of Tithe Rent  HALIFAX/B3/25/1  c1909

1 Item

For Kirby Underdale, Bugthorpe, Bishop Wilton, Fangfoss, Newhay, Hayton, Aughton, Helk, Seaton Ross, North Cave, Sancton

List of Farms and Rents  HALIFAX/B3/25/2  No date

1 Item

At Acklam, Bishop Wilton, Bugthorpe, Kirby Underdale, Thixendale

Rents received  HALIFAX/B3/25/3  1921

1 Item

Garrowby estate rents & acreage  HALIFAX/B3/25/4  No date

1 Item

Acklam, Bishop Wilton, Bugthorpe, Kirby Underdale, Thixendale, Youlthorpe

Estate Management: Ainsty  HALIFAX/B4  [n.d.]

Ainsty Trust Company cash book  HALIFAX/B4/1  Nov 1940-May 1956

Ainsty trust Journal  HALIFAX/B4/2  Jan 1941-April 1956

1stst Earl. Correspondence from G. Langley Taylor and Partners  HALIFAX/B4/3  June 1953-June 1954

Re: The "Ainsty Trust Company"

Estate Management: Heslington  HALIFAX/B5  [n.d.]

Letter from Lord Deramore to Charles, 2nd Earl of Halifax, after the purchase of Heslington Estate  HALIFAX/B5/1  July 1964

Particulars of Dunnington, Includes Heslington  HALIFAX/B5/2  1847

Estate Management: Miscellaneous  HALIFAX/B6  [n.d.]

2nd Bart. Hatfield Chase Estate. Intended Stainforth to Keadby Canal, Jan 1793  HALIFAX/B6/1  Jan 1793-Dec 1824

Drainage, 1793 to 1813. Valuations of properties, 1802 to 1813.
Sketch map by 2nd Bart? "part of Yorkshire, Notts. and Lincs.", 1808. printed notices of sales by auction and priced catalogues of properties at Long Sandall, Thorne, Hatfield, Finningley, Misson, Wroot, Epworth, Belton, Crowle, Blaxton and Hatfield Woodhouse, 1812 to 1813.

1st Viscount and 7th Duke of Bedford. Lewsey Farm Arbitration  HALIFAX/B6/2  Nov 1849-Jan 1850

1st Viscount. Letters from Rev. Charles Barter  HALIFAX/B6/3  Jan 1850-Oct 1851

About an estate at Flete, near Plymouth, belonging to Lady Elizabeth Bulteel, sister of Lady Mary Wood. Rev. Barter and 1st Viscount were trustees

Survey and rental of the Manor of Sheriff Hutton and its members  HALIFAX/B6/4  1624

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