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BULFORD: St. Leonard

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Reference PR/Bulford, St Leonard
Covering dates 1654-1995
Held by Wiltshire and Swindon Archives
Extent 71 files
Creators Church of England, St Leonard's Parish, Bulford, Wiltshire

Registers, Incumbent, Churchwardens, Parochial Church Council, Vestry, History of the Parish records

REGISTERS  [no ref. or date]

Register: baptisms to 1684; marriages; burials 1655-1677.  PR/Bulford, St Leonard/517/2  1654-1690

Includes church briefs, 1672-1681.

Register: baptisms; burials from 1767.  PR/Bulford, St Leonard/517/3  1762-1812

Register: baptisms.  PR/Bulford, St Leonard/517/4  1813-1910

Register: baptisms.  PR/Bulford, St Leonard/517-5  1911-1941

Register: marriages.  PR/Bulford, St Leonard/517/6  1791-1812

Register: marriages.  PR/Bulford, St Leonard/517/7  1813-1836

Register: marriages.  PR/Bulford, St Leonard/517/8  1837-1933

Register: marriages.  PR/Bulford, St Leonard/2014/1  1934-1946

Register: marriages.  PR/Bulford, St Leonard/2014/2  1947-1966

Register: marriages.  PR/Bulford, St Leonard/2014/3  1966-1983

Register: marriages.  PR/Bulford, St Leonard/2014/35  1983-1986

Register: burials.  PR/Bulford, St Leonard/517/9  1813-1919

Register: banns.  PR/Bulford, St Leonard/517/10  1931-1953

Register: banns.  PR/Bulford, St Leonard/517/11  1954-1975

Register: confirmations.  PR/Bulford, St Leonard/2014/36  1956-1995

Register: services.  PR/Bulford, St Leonard/517/13  1909-1921

Register: services.  PR/Bulford, St Leonard/517/14  1921-1956

Register: services.  PR/Bulford, St Leonard/517/14a  1956-1965

Register: services.  PR/Bulford, St Leonard/517/14b  1965-1974

Register: services.  PR/Bulford, St Leonard/2014/37  1974-1993

INCUMBENT  [no ref. or date]

Declaration of Assent by the Rev. J.R. Hughes to the Thirty-nine Articles.  PR/Bulford, St Leonard/517/1  1960

Orders of service: Dedication of the War Memorial in the cemetery; Dedication after the church renovation.  PR/Bulford, St Leonard/2014/16  1927, 1967

Two marriage licences.  PR/Bulford, St Leonard/517/12  1871, 1956

Parochial statistics - annual returns of church income, expenditure and membership.  PR/Bulford, St Leonard/2014/30  1973-1987

Tithe map and award.  PR/Bulford, St Leonard/517/28  1839

Supplementary information: Order as T/A Bulford.

Two certificates of redemption of tithe rentcharge.  PR/Bulford, St Leonard/517/15  1922, 1925

Correspondence and sketch map about the proposed acquisition by the Road Board (Southern Command) of part of the vicarage garden for road improvements.  PR/Bulford, St Leonard/517/16  1918

Two Charging Assessments from the Church Commissioners for the repayment of loans under the Ecclesiastical Dilapidations Measures.  PR/Bulford, St Leonard/517/17  1955-1956

Two mortgages to the Church Commissioners to secure repayment of loans for improvements to the vicarage.  PR/Bulford, St Leonard/517/18  1960-1961

Printed subscription appeal, headed by the caption 2000 Soldiers without a Church, for the construction of a permanent church at Bulford Camp.  PR/Bulford, St Leonard/517/19  n.d. [c.1912-1914]

Letter from the Imperial War Graves Commission enclosing a list giving details of the graves of servicemen in Bulford Cemetery.  PR/Bulford, St Leonard/517/20  1932

Church cemetery regulations.  PR/Bulford, St Leonard/2014/17  c. 1960s

Notes on the church, churchyard and school, written by the Rev. John Rhys-Hughes for his successor.  PR/Bulford, St Leonard/2014/18  1972

Letter from the Church Commissioners to the incumbent about the listing of the church under the Town and Country Planning Act of 1947.  PR/Bulford, St Leonard/517/21  1958

CHURCHWARDENS  [no ref. or date]

Account book, and vestry minute book.  PR/Bulford, St Leonard/517/22  1799-1886

Account book, and vestry minute book.  PR/Bulford, St Leonard/517/23  1887-1921

Four faculties.  PR/Bulford, St Leonard/517/24  1945-1963

Specification, plans and printed subscription appeal for the restoration of the church.  PR/Bulford, St Leonard/517/25  1902

Architect's report on the church fabric, written by Charles Ponting.  PR/Bulford, St Leonard/2014/19  1900

Design for the east window of the church by Clayton and Bell.  PR/Bulford, St Leonard/517/26  1921

Correspondence concerning various pews in the church.  PR/Bulford, St Leonard/2014/21  1967-1979

Correspondence, specifications and plans concerning the vestry extension.  PR/Bulford, St Leonard/2014/22  1983

Inventory of church goods.  PR/Bulford, St Leonard/2014/38  1928-1984


Minute and account book.  PR/Bulford, St Leonard/517/27  1921-1968

P.C.C. minute book.  PR/Bulford, St Leonard/2014/39  1969-1979

P.C.C. minute book.  PR/Bulford, St Leonard/2014/40  1979-1991

Annual parish meeting minutes.  PR/Bulford, St Leonard/2014/41  1983-1992

Reports of vicar and parish officers to the annual parish meeting  PR/Bulford, St Leonard/2014/42  1982-1993

P.C.C. account book.  PR/Bulford, St Leonard/2014/31  1958-1968

P.C.C. account book.  PR/Bulford, St Leonard/2014/32  1968-1975

P.C.C. account book.  PR/Bulford, St Leonard/2014/33  1976-1984

P.C.C. account book.  PR/Bulford, St Leonard/2014/34  1985-1990

Annual financial statements.  PR/Bulford, St Leonard/2014/23  1971-1988

VESTRY  [no ref. or date]

Related information: See vestry minutes PR/Bulford, St Leonard/517/22 and PR/Bulford, St Leonard/517/23

HISTORY OF THE PARISH  [no ref. or date]

Parish magazines.  PR/Bulford, St Leonard/2014/4  1957-1958

Parish magazines.  PR/Bulford, St Leonard/2014/5  1959-1960

Parish magazines.  PR/Bulford, St Leonard/2014/6  1961-1962

Parish magazines.  PR/Bulford, St Leonard/2014/7  1963-1964

Parish magazines.  PR/Bulford, St Leonard/2014/8  1965-1966

Parish magazines.  PR/Bulford, St Leonard/2014/9  1967-1968

Parish magazines.  PR/Bulford, St Leonard/2014/10  1969-1970

Parish magazines.  PR/Bulford, St Leonard/2014/11  1972-1973

(January-May and July 1972 missing).

Parish magazines.  PR/Bulford, St Leonard/2014/12  1974-1975

Parish magazines.  PR/Bulford, St Leonard/2014/13  1976-1977

(November 1977 missing).

Parish news sheets.  PR/Bulford, St Leonard/2014/14  1978-1979

(December 1978 and October-December 1979 missing).

Pamphlet "An Octogenarian Remembers... some byeways and beauty-spots of Bulford" by Prudence Sawyer (who died 1979 aged 100).  PR/Bulford, St Leonard/2014/15  1960's

Folder of 'Notes for a History of Bulford', compiled by the Rev. John Rhys-Hughes. The notes are quite detailed and wide-ranging.  PR/Bulford, St Leonard/2014/24  1970

Folder containing various historical booklets, as follows  PR/Bulford, St Leonard/2014/25  1960s-1994

- 1960s 'St. Leonards the Parish Church of Bulford - An Architectural Survey' (a reprint of Charles Ponting's 1900 article in W.A.M.).
- 1970s 'A Short Guide to the Parish Church of St. Leonard, Bulford' by the Rev. John Edinger.
- c. 1980s - 'A Short Tour of St. Leonard's Church, Bulford'.
- 1994 - 'Stream of Living Water - A short history of St. Leonard's Church, Bulford' by John Macfarlane.

Pamphlet, 'A short history of the Garrison Church of St. George, Bulford Camp' by K. H. Williams, with a commemorative order of service marking the church's 50th anniversary.  PR/Bulford, St Leonard/2014/26  1973

Single copy of 'Durrington and Bulford Parish Paper', a parish magazine.  PR/Bulford, St Leonard/2014/27  1953

Photographs  PR/Bulford, St Leonard/2014/28  c.1970s - 1980s


Including the Rev. Abbott and his congregation (c.1978); the installation of a door in the church by the R.E. Regiment at Perham Down (1988); the tombstone of Sarah Axford (died 1733); candlesticks, cross, chalice, bookstand and bell.

MISCELLANEOUS  [no ref. or date]

Photographs and some modern copies of old postcards and photographs, of Bulford village.  PR/Bulford, St Leonard/2014/29  c1900s-c1970s


They include Bulford Manor House; The Mill Cottage; The 'Rose and Crown'; Bulford Peace Sports 1919; Hospital Sunday 1907; Tug of War team 1906. There are also photographs of Bulford Camp, showing the transport of military equipment 1914; the transport unit of the Supply Corps 1919; and the new shopping centre 1970s.

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