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Reference G24
Covering dates 1724-1986
Held by Wiltshire and Swindon Archives
Creators Swindon Borough Council

19th and 20th century Building Plans in the Wiltshire Record Office  [no ref. or date]

Administrative history:
1. The District Council Building Regulation Applications and Plans cover virtually the whole county of Wiltshire. In the case of the boroughs and UDCs they date from the 1870s; the series from the RDCs start later. They run to many thousands of plans covering alterations, extensions and new houses, and cease in 1948. All these records have been listed and numbered amongst the District Council Records.
2. The County Council was obliged in the 1930s under the Restriction on Ribbon Development Act to approve plans, generally of new houses, on road-sides on certain roads. This is a small series dating from 1934 to 1939, and listed under F4/760/...
3. Before 1948 there was a Valuation Department of the County Council and amongst its records are a substantial series, listed and numbered, of plans of private houses, and particularly industrial and commercial premises. They date from c.1920 to c.1940.
4. A number of private architectural firms in or near the county have deposited records, and when they are over 30 years old they have been listed and are to be found amongst the series of private deposited collections.

In some cases the plans date from the 19th century but they are mostly of 20th century date and are accompanied by correspondence between the architect, the client and the builders.
Peniston Salisbury 451
Severnside Partnership Frome 1451
Bothams and Brown Salisbury 1821
Le Fèvre and Quick Bath 1911
Imrie, Porter & Wakefield Warminster 2499
Wyvern Group Devizes & 2888
Thurlow, Lucas & Janes Melksham 3335

Building Regulations Applications and Plans  [no ref. or date]

House, Fleet Street, J. Lea  G24/760/1  c.1864

Baptist Chapel, Cumbria Place, Mr. Read  G24/760/2  1864

Alterations to house, High Street, Mr. Bowly  G24/760/3  1864

House, Prospect, J. Lea  G24/760/4  1864

Cottages, London Street, Mrs. Gowinglock  G24/760/5  1865

Printing Office, Mr. Piper  G24/760/6  1865

Warehouse & Cellar, East Place, New Swindon Industrial Society Ltd  G24/760/7  1865

Cottages, Bellevue Road, R. Page  G24/760/8  1865

Alterations at Grapes Inn, Cambria Place, Mrs. Kempster  G24/760/9  1865

Additions to house, Cromwell Street, G. Bishop  G24/760/10  1866

Houses, Bridge Street, G. Bishop  G24/760/11  1866

Cottages, Belle Vue Road, Mr. Nichols  G24/760/12  1866

Houses, Belle Vue Road, W. Morse  G24/760/13  1866

Two houses, King Street, T. Bingham  G24/760/14  1866

House, Bridge Street, Mr. Draper  G24/760/15  1866

Houses, Regent Street, W. Ring  G24/760/16  1866

Six cottages, Fleet Street, J. Bingham  G24/760/17  1866

House, Exeter Street, GWR Co  G24/760/18  1866

House, Cromwell Street, W Hayward  G24/760/19  1867

Public House, Bridge Street  G24/760/20  1867

Six houses, Cromwell Street, W. Ring  G24/760/21  c.1867

Not used  G24/760/22  undated

House, Regent Street, J. Tailor  G24/760/23  1867

Houses, Cromwell Street, J. Prater  G24/760/24  1867

House, Cromwell Street, Mr West  G24/760/25  1867

Business Premises, Bridge Street  G24/760/26  1867

House, Mount Pleasant, L. Higgs  G24/760/27  1867

House, Bridge Street, J. Arkell  G24/760/28  1867

House, Bridge Street, J. Walters  G24/760/29  1867

House, Cromwell Street, J. Roach  G24/760/30  1868

House, Cromwell Street, Mr Stevens  G24/760/31  1868

Three cottages near Wild Deer Public House, Westcott Road, C. Morse  G24/760/32  1868

Cottage, Havelock Street, Mr Yarrington  G24/760/33  1868

Baptist Chapel & School, Fleet Street  G24/760/34  1868

Cottages, Queen Street, J. Lea  G24/760/35  1868

House, Brunel Street, W. Cromby  G24/760/36  1868

Fox Inn improvements, Bridge Street, Eagles Brewery  G24/760/37  1868

House and shops, Eastcott Hill, C. H. Caiger  G24/760/38  1868

House alterations, Victoria Street, J. West  G24/760/39  1868

Cottages, Westcott Place, J. Phillips  G24/760/40  1868

Land development near the station  G24/760/41  1868

House, Prospect, C. Barker  G24/760/42  1868

Two cottages, Eastcott Hill, E. Jordan  G24/760/43  1868

House, Regent Street, E. Jones  G24/760/44  1868

Shopfronts, Wood Street, W. Hall  G24/760/45  1868

Four houses, Eastcott Road, Mr Fisher  G24/760/46  1868

Houses, The Sands Lansdown Road, W. Turner  G24/760/47  1869

House, Lansdown Road, A. Fouracre  G24/760/48  1869

Shop and house, Regent Street, O. Silcox  G24/760/49  1869

Houses and shops, The Sands, R. Bowley  G24/760/50  1869

House, Eastcott Lane, W. Godwin  G24/760/51  1869

House and shop, Bath Road, I. Ann  G24/760/52  1869

Cottages, The Sands, W. Kent  G24/760/53  1869

Sixteen Houses, G. Deacon  G24/760/54  1869

Estate Layout, Gilberts Hill, R. Bowley  G24/760/55  1869

Houses, The Quarries, G. Trout  G24/760/56  1869

House and shop, GWR Station, P. Appleton  G24/760/57  1869

Two houses, North Street, J. Barrett  G24/760/58  1869

Three houses, King William Street, W. Kent  G24/760/59  1869

Twelve houses, New Swindon, Permanent Benefit Bldg Society  G24/760/60  1869

Shopfront, S. Rowlands  G24/760/61  1869

House, The Sands, Misses Brown  G24/760/62  1869

House, Chapel Street, J. Smith  G24/760/63  1869

Cottage, Bridge Street, H. Hawkins  G24/760/64  1869

House, The Prospect, J. Rimer  G24/760/65  1869

Two houses, Eastcott Hill, Messrs Partridge & Titcombe  G24/760/66  1869

House, Eastcott Hill, W. Spackman  G24/760/67  1869

House, Eastcott Hill, W. Hawkins  G24/760/68  1869

Houses, Eastcott Hill, T. Griffiths  G24/760/69  1869

Cottage, Brunel Street, W. Draper  G24/760/70  1869

Two cottages, Eastcott Hill, Mrs Moreman  G24/760/71  1869

Cottages, Havelock Street, R. Cook  G24/760/72  1869

House, Eastcott Hill, H. Lewis  G24/760/73  1869

Two cottages, Eastcott Hill, W. Smith  G24/760/74  1869

Shops and houses, Fleet Street, Mr Westlake  G24/760/75  1869

House, Cromwell Street, A. Bates  G24/760/76  1869

House, J. Forward  G24/760/77  1869

House, Cromwell Street, S. Weight  G24/760/78  1869

Seven houses, Near Station, Messrs Long  G24/760/79  1869

Great Western Hotel, Near the Station, Messrs Arkell  G24/760/80  1869

Shop, Regent Street, H. Bond  G24/760/81  1869

House, Eastcott Hill, J. Higgins  G24/760/82  1869

House, At Station, J. Hopkins  G24/760/83  1869

Two cottages, Cromwell Street, H. Bond  G24/760/84  1869

Cottage, Rushy Platt, W. Hopkins  G24/760/85  1869

Houses, Gloucester Terrace, J. Forshaw  G24/760/86  1869

Cottage, New Canal, J. Morgan  G24/760/87  1869

Bakery, Havelock Street, R. Cook  G24/760/88  1869

Slaughter House, Eastcott Hill, I. Bond  G24/760/89  1869

House and workshop, London Street, J. Forshaw  G24/760/90  1869

Eleven houses, Station Road, J. Forshaw  G24/760/91  1869

House, London Street, J. Forshaw  G24/760/92  1870

Four cottages, Eastcott Hill, H. Caiger  G24/760/93  1870

Slaughter house, W. Forward  G24/760/94  1870

Clubroom, Bridge Street, G. Bishop  G24/760/95  1870

Houses, Messrs Gough & Hall  G24/760/96  1870

Layout of houses, Near Canal, J. Sheppard  G24/760/97  1870

Two houses, Near the Station, Messrs Davies & Riley  G24/760/98  1870

House, Wellington Street, Mr Eades  G24/760/99  1870

Two cottages, London Street, P. Appleton  G24/760/100  1870

Houses, Near the Station, J. Turner  G24/760/101  1870

House, East Street, Mr Stone  G24/760/102  1870

Shop and Cottage, Near the Station, J. Godwin  G24/760/103  1870

Houses, Regent Street, J.. Eglin  G24/760/104  1870

Houses, Cheltenham & Milford Streets, J. Forshaw  G24/760/105  1870

Shop, Regent Street, J. Barnard  G24/760/106  1870

House, Cheltenham Street, Bramwell  G24/760/107  1870

Seven houses, Wellington & Cheltenham Streets, J. Forshaw  G24/760/108  1870

Houses, Eastcott Mead, W. Cook  G24/760/109  1870

Cottages, Cheltenham Street, C. Joyce  G24/760/110  1870

House, Wellington Street, J. Forshaw  G24/760/111  1870

House and Stable, Canal Side, J. Fox  G24/760/112  1870

Two houses, Cheltenham Street, P. Appleton  G24/760/113  1870

Four houses, Near The Golden Lion, H. Deacon  G24/760/114  1870

Two houses, Cheltenham Street, J. Day  G24/760/115  1870

Four cottages, Gloucester Street, J. Forshaw  G24/760/116  1870

Three houses, Rolleston Street, W. Cooke  G24/760/117  1870

Two houses, Queen Street, S. Cox  G24/760/118  1870

Cottages, Wellington Street, J. Forshaw  G24/760/119  1870

Twenty two houses, Eastcott Field, B. Cooper  G24/760/120  1870

Two houses, Byron Street, W. Cook  G24/760/121  1870

Housing layout, Carfax Street, Oxford Bldg Co  G24/760/122  1870

Six cottages, Back Road, J. Forshaw  G24/760/123  1870

Cottages, Union Street, W. Kent  G24/760/124  1870

Houses, Devizes Road, W. Spreadbury  G24/760/125  1870

Housing development, Near Canal & Sheppard Street, J. Sheppard  G24/760/126  1870

House, Byron Street, J. Haskins  G24/760/127  1870

Six houses, Byron Street, Messrs Kinnard & Green  G24/760/128  1870

Chapel & Ministers House, Prospect Place  G24/760/129  1870

Houses, Eastcott Lane, Mr Penny  G24/760/130  1870

Two houses, Union Street, W. Kent  G24/760/131  1870

House, Providence Road, J. Parker  G24/760/132  1870

Front to shop, Wood Street, C. Westmacott  G24/760/133  1870

House, Eastcott Lane, E. Jordan  G24/760/134  1870

Cottages and shop, Eastcott Lane, S. Sheppard  G24/760/135  1870

Cottages and shop, Eastcott Hill, H. Cayn  G24/760/136  1870

Housing layout, Near Station, Berkshire Estate Co  G24/760/137  1870

House, Brunel Street, Mr Cook  G24/760/138  c.1870

Sixteen houses, Gooch Street, B. Bedall  G24/760/139  c.1870

Two cottages, Brunel Street, E. Ireland  G24/760/140  c.1870

Sewers, Cromwell Street  G24/760/141  c.1870

Union Street, Union Street, G. Wiltshire  G24/760/142  c.1870

Sewers, Regent Street  G24/760/143  c.1870

Chapel and houses, King William Street, Mrs Cowen  G24/760/144  c.1870

Warehouse at Auction Mart, Eastcott Hill, J. Ham  G24/760/145  c.1870

Twenty two houses, Haydon Street, J. Miles  G24/760/146  1871

Six houses, Prospect Hill, Messrs Richardson & Kirk  G24/760/147  1871

Houses, Station Road, Arkell & Sons  G24/760/148  1871

Two houses, Drove Road, J. Turner  G24/760/149  1871

Five houses and shop, 25-30 Merton Street, Messrs Galpin, Shirley & Galpin  G24/760/150  1871

Three houses and shop, Cross Street, G. Taylor  G24/760/151  1871

Eleven houses, Hill Street, Mr Green  G24/760/152  1871

Twelve houses, 2-13 Cross Street, W. Richardson  G24/760/153  1871

Additions, Union Hotel, T. Hulbert  G24/760/154  1871

Two houses, Prospect Hill, A. Herring  G24/760/155  1871

Cottage, Lansdown Street, L. Kight  G24/760/156  1871

House, Union Street, C. Pettifer  G24/760/157  1871

Shop, 127 Victoria Road, W. Walters  G24/760/158  1871

House, John Street, J. Elliott  G24/760/159  1871

Twelve houses, Gooch Street, W. Bodley  G24/760/160  1871

House, Wellington Street, Mr Banwell  G24/760/161  1871

Houses, Wellington Street, H. Hill  G24/760/162  1871

House, Bath Road, W. Stall  G24/760/163  1871

Fifteen houses, King Street, J. Philips  G24/760/164  1871

House, Regent Street, Mr Barnard  G24/760/165  1871

Four houses, 42-45 North Street, J. Day  G24/760/166  1871

Houses, Gooch Street, W. Smith  G24/760/167  1871

Houses, Cheltenham Street, Mrs Robinson  G24/760/168  1871

House, Prospect, W. Cockbill  G24/760/169  1871

Two houses, 40-41 Prospect Place, W. Kent  G24/760/170  1871

Two houses, Sheppard Street, J. Murgatroyd  G24/760/171  1871

Two houses, 58-59 Havelock Street, J. Turvey  G24/760/172  1871

Alterations to shop, East Street, New Swindon Industrial Society  G24/760/173  1871

Twelve houses, Byron Street, L. King  G24/760/174  1871

Ten houses, 66-75 Gooch Street, J. Pride  G24/760/175  1871

Seven houses, 14-20 Kings Hill, G. Candle  G24/760/176  1871

Two Houses, 42 & 43 Prospect Place, T.Sweetzer  G24/760/177  1871

Eight House & Shop, Lambeth Terrace, G.Bishop  G24/760/178  1871

House, 1 Byron Street, W. Smith  G24/760/179  1871

Public house, 1 Rolleston Street, T. Hulbert  G24/760/180  c.1871

House, Lansdown Road, K .Bent  G24/760/181  c.1871

Three Cottages, Lansdown Road, J .Turvey  G24/760/182  c.1871

Two houses, Union Street, C. Pettifer  G24/760/183  c.1871

Three Cottages, Harding Street, G. Wiltshire  G24/760/184  1872

Shop, Regent Street, H.Lambert  G24/760/185  1872

Two Houses, Merton Street, H. West  G24/760/186  1872

House, Eastcott Hill, R. Gilmore  G24/760/187  1872

Houses, Holbrook Street, J. Sweeper  G24/760/188  1872

Shop & House, Near Station, W. Beazer  G24/760/189  1872

Two Houses, 19-20 Harding Street, Messrs Fairbairn & Buckland  G24/760/190  1872

Eight Houses, 33-40 Oriel Street, J. Galpin  G24/760/191  1872

Bakery, Henry Street, Co-operative Society  G24/760/192  1872

House, Rodbourne Lane, Messrs Arkell  G24/760/193  1872

Alterations to house, Cheltenham Street, Mr Gouge  G24/760/194  1872

Seven houses, Henry Street, W. Dawson  G24/760/195  1872

Houses, Prospect Hill, W. Beazer  G24/760/196  1872

Eighteen houses, 10-27 Haydon Street, G. B. Willett  G24/760/197  1872

Alterations to Fox Inn, Regent Street, Messrs Fairhorne & Phillips  G24/760/198  1872

Two houses, Gloucester Street, Mr. Hopkins  G24/760/199  1872

Houses & Shops, 55-59 Wellington Street, D. Hurst  G24/760/200  1872

Alterations of level crossing, Rodbourne Lane, G.W.R. CO.  G24/760/201  1872

House, Wellington Street, W. Godwin  G24/760/202  1872

Shed, Opposite Queen's Arm Hotel, Aylesbury Dairy Co.  G24/760/203  1872

Houses, Prospect Hill, R. Nash  G24/760/204  1872

Eight houses, Gooch Street, C. Crook  G24/760/205  1872

House, Prospect Hill, R. Salt  G24/760/206  1872

Nine houses, Mill Street, C. Crook  G24/760/207  1872

House, 32 Queen Street, G. Bishop  G24/760/208  1872

Two shops, 57-58 Bridge Street, Mr. Freeth  G24/760/209  1872

Two houses, 31-32 Oriel Street, J. Dover  G24/760/210  1872

Two houses, Prospect Hill, J. Riddle  G24/760/211  1872

Alterations to Goddard Hotel, High Street, C. Sheppard  G24/760/212  1872

Houses, Victoria Street, F. Sextons  G24/760/213  1872

Two Houses, Victoria Street, J. Watts  G24/760/214  1872

House, South Street, R. Affleck  G24/760/215  1872

Two Houses, Victoria Street, A. Morris  G24/760/216  1872

Shop & House alterations, Albert Street, Mr. Lewis  G24/760/217  1872

Houses, Victoria Street, W. Reeves  G24/760/218  1872

Houses, Union Street, C.Pettifer  G24/760/219  1872

Seventeen Houses, Haydon Street, Messrs. Goodman & Peppiat  G24/760/220  1872

House, Henry Street, G. Salway  G24/760/221  1872

House, Holbrook Street, E. Hemmings  G24/760/222  1872

Four Houses, 4-7 Gladstone Street, J. Evans  G24/760/223  1872

Slaughter House, Cricklade Street, Mr. Blackford  G24/760/224  1872

Housing layout, Merton-Turl - Carfax Streets, Oxford Bldg. Co  G24/760/225  1872

House, Harding Street, J. Watts  G24/760/226  1872

Shop & Cottages, Wellington Street, J. Banwell  G24/760/227  1872

Cottage, 3 Henry Street, Swindon Co- Operative Society  G24/760/228  1872

Five Cottages, The Quarry, P. Mason  G24/760/229  1872

Slaughter house, Prospect, A. Webb  G24/760/230  c. 1872

Houses and workshop, Victoria Street, C. Pettifer  G24/760/231  c. 1872

House, Victoria Street, H. Bristow  G24/760/232  c. 1872

House, Harding Street, J. Jones  G24/760/233  c. 1872

Houses, Regents Circus, J. Webb  G24/760/234  c. 1872

Cottage, The Quarries, J. Turvey  G24/760/235  c. 1872

Four houses, Prospect, C. Boniface  G24/760/236  c. 1872

Two Cottages, Victoria Street, W. Kent  G24/760/237  c.1872

Houses and Shops, Gloucester Terrace, D. Hurst  G24/760/238  1873

House, Wellington Street, D. Hurst  G24/760/239  1873

Houses, Gooch Street, G. Cook  G24/760/240  1873

House, Corner of Bridge Street, S. Smith  G24/760/241  1873

Two houses & Shops, 45-46 Bridge Street, J. Vickery  G24/760/242  1873

House, Holbrook Street, Wareham & Gibbs  G24/760/243  1873

Shop, 56 Fleet Street, G. Basley  G24/760/244  1873

Stable, Great Western Railway Hotel, Drew & Sons  G24/760/245  1873

Slaughter House, Fleet Street, W. Rickard  G24/760/246  1873

House, Harding Street, W. Dawson  G24/760/247  1873

House, Westcott Place, W. Hopkins  G24/760/248  1873

Houses, 46-50 North Street, J. Dover  G24/760/249  1873

Two houses, Mill Street, Mr. Marshall  G24/760/250  1873

GWR School for Girls and infants, Regent Street, GWR Co.  G24/760/251  1873

House, Sheppard Street, C. Hastings  G24/760/252  1873

Bake-House, Mill Street, A. Twine  G24/760/253  1873

Cottages, Carfax Street, Messrs. Goodwin & Peppiatt  G24/760/254  1873

Three houses & Shops, Wellington Street, D. Robinson  G24/760/255  1873

Two Cottages, Cow lane, J. Page  G24/760/256  1873

Two Cottages, Eastcott, J. Page  G24/760/257  1873

Layout of houses, Dixon & Stafford, United Land Co.  G24/760/258  1873

Four Houses, Harding Street, W. Dawson  G24/760/259  1873

Two houses, Sheppard Street, W. Dawson  G24/760/260  1873

Cottage and two houses, Queen Street, G. Wilton  G24/760/261  1873

Nine houses, Haydon Street, Messrs. Adam & Twine  G24/760/262  1873

House additions, 34, Bridge Street, J. Blackford  G24/760/263  1873

Four houses, Wellington Street, H. Baily  G24/760/264  1873

Two houses, Victoria Street, J. Williams  G24/760/265  1873

Eight houses, King John Street, C. Pettifer  G24/760/266  1873

Two houses, The Quarries, J. Phillips  G24/760/267  1873

House, Prospect Road, Z. Dodson  G24/760/268  1873

House, Union Street, E. Smart  G24/760/269  1873

Alterations to house, North Street, J. Day  G24/760/270  1873

Three houses, Victory Row, J. Cratchley  G24/760/271  1873

Shop & Cottage, Prospect Hill, J. Philips  G24/760/272  1874

House & Shop, Regent Street, J. Bishop  G24/760/273  1874

House & Shop, Regent Street, J. Hinton  G24/760/274  1874

House, Cheltenham Street, G. Cresser  G24/760/275  1874

Six houses, Mill Street, J. Hinton  G24/760/276  1874

House, Wellington Street, J. Hinton  G24/760/277  1874

Six houses, Sheppard Street, Messrs. Dyer & Veness  G24/760/278  1874

House, Weymouth Street, Arkell & Son  G24/760/279  1874

Two houses, Holbrook Street, J. Forward  G24/760/280  1874

Houses, Mill Street, H. Marshall  G24/760/281  1874

Stable & Cart House, Regent Street, J. Wheeler  G24/760/282  1874

House, Sheppard Street, E. Wood  G24/760/283  1874

Sewers, Gilberts Hill, J. Sheppard  G24/760/284  1874

Ten houses, Stafford Street, Gilberts Hill, Mr. Haynes  G24/760/285  1874

Houses, Off North Street, J. Dover  G24/760/286  1874

House alterations, Bridge Street, W. Pope  G24/760/287  1874

House, Cheltenham Street, J. Ireland  G24/760/288  1874

Four houses, Stafford Street, Mr. Haynes  G24/760/289  1874

Shop Front, Regent Street, R. Crook  G24/760/290  1874

Extension of house, Bridge Street, W. Ludgate  G24/760/291  1874

Shop, Bridge Street, R. Williams  G24/760/292  1874

House, Sheppard Street, Mrs E. Smith  G24/760/293  1874

House, 18 Cromwell Street, W. Lawrence  G24/760/294  1874

Four houses, Mill Street, H. .Marshall  G24/760/295  1874

Twelve houses, Byron Street, J. Bailey  G24/760/296  1874

Four Cottages, Stafford Street, Mr. Haynes  G24/760/297  1874

House, Prospect Hill, Western Street, W. Frost  G24/760/298  1874

Five houses, King William Street, W. .Kent  G24/760/299  1874

House, The Triangle, Wellington Street, Mr. Husted  G24/760/300  1874

Houses, Cambria Place, W Roberts  G24/760/301  c. 1874

Stables, Victoria Street, H Cockbill  G24/760/302  c. 1874

Four Cottages, Albert Street, C. Pettifer  G24/760/303  c.1874

Shop additions, Fleet Street, A. Matthews  G24/760/304  c. 1874

Shop and Cottage, Fleet Street, W. Wilton  G24/760/305  c. 1874

Photographic Studio, 25 Wood Street, A. Lane  G24/760/306  c. 1874

Houses, 60-62 Bath Road, C. Barker  G24/760/307  c. 1874

Alterations to "Ship Simla" Public House, Westcott Place  G24/760/308  c. 1874

Two houses, Belle Vue Road, J. Hiscock  G24/760/309  c. 1874

House alterations, Westcott Place, Mrs Plummer  G24/760/310  c. 1874

House, King John Street, C. Pettifer  G24/760/311  c. 1874

Bar extension, Goddard Arms Hotel, A. Goddard  G24/760/312  c. 1874

House, East Street, S. Hart  G24/760/313  c. 1874

House, Off Victoria Street, W. Goddard  G24/760/314  c. 1874

Stable & Coach House at Globe Inn, North Street, W.Goodwin  G24/760/315  1874

Five Cottages, Newport Street, P. Mason  G24/760/316  1874

Alterations to shop, Fleet Street, J. Pope  G24/760/317  1874

Twelve houses, Rodbourne Lane, S. Spicer  G24/760/318  1874

Two houses, Prospect Hill, R. Salt  G24/760/319  1874

Eight houses, Rodbourne Lane, S. Cox  G24/760/320  1874

House, Henry Street, J. Pope  G24/760/321  1874

Alterations to Printing Office, Victoria Street, W. Vore  G24/760/322  1874

Alterations to Shop, 30, Bridge Street, R. Smith  G24/760/323  1874

Drainage, Gooch & Gladstone Streets, G.W.R. Co  G24/760/324  1874

Six houses & shop, Rodbourne Lane, J. Foreshaw  G24/760/325  1874

House alterations, Bridge Street, Messrs. Claughan & Smith  G24/760/326  1874

House, Lansdown Street, J. Turvey  G24/760/327  1874

House, Prospect, J. Lea  G24/760/328  1874

Four houses, King William Street, T. Page  G24/760/329  1874

Houses, King John Street, C. Pettifer  G24/760/330  1874

Four houses, Stafford Street, Mr. Fox  G24/760/331  1875

Houses, 14-15 Cromwell Street  G24/760/332  1875

House, Haydon Street, A. Twine  G24/760/333  1875

Cottage, Carfax Street, Mrs. Kinch  G24/760/334  1875

Houses, Gooch Street, B. Bedell  G24/760/335  1875

House, Cricklade Road, T. Turner  G24/760/336  1875

Shop, Regent Street, W. Thomas  G24/760/337  1875

Four houses, East & Harding Streets, W. Hawkins  G24/760/338  1875

Four houses, Stafford Street, Mr. Haynes  G24/760/339  1875

House, Fleet Street, R.. Elliot  G24/760/340  1875

Twelve houses, Off Prospect Hill, J. Cockbill  G24/760/341  1875

Three Shops, Station Road & Cheltenham Street, J. Forshaw  G24/760/342  1875

Smithy, Wellington Street, Messrs. Baker & Hinton  G24/760/343  1875

House, Wellington Street, J. Jones  G24/760/344  1875

Two houses, Havelock Street, J. Walker  G24/760/345  1875

House, Wellington Street, W. Garret  G24/760/346  1875

Subway under railway, Rodbourne Lane, G.W.R. Co  G24/760/347  1875

House, Wellington Street, D. Hurst  G24/760/348  1875

Bay Windows, 60 Regent Street, I. Hunt  G24/760/349  1875

House, Havelock Street, Mr. Bowker  G24/760/350  1875

Alterations to Rolling Mills Inn, Bridge Street, Mr. Spencer  G24/760/351  1875

Ten houses, Cow Lane, J. Hinton  G24/760/352  1875

Two houses, South Street, W. Read  G24/760/353  1875

House & Shop, Victoria Street, G. Wiltshire  G24/760/354  1875

House, Eastcott Lane, E. Miflin  G24/760/355  1875

Housing Layout, Prospect Place & Eastcott Lane  G24/760/356  1875

House, Bath Road, H. Caiger  G24/760/357  1875

Alterations to Bull Inn, Newport Street, Messrs. Baker & Hinton  G24/760/358  1875

Two houses, Western Street, J. Cockbill  G24/760/359  1875

House, Haydon Street, A. Twine  G24/760/360  1875

Stables, Riflemans Arms Public House, G. Luce  G24/760/361  1876

Two houses, Eastcott Hill, J. Haynes  G24/760/362  1876

Four houses, Carfax Street, J. Hinton  G24/760/363  1876

Dairy, Station Road, Aylesbury Dairy Co  G24/760/364  1876

Bakers Street, Cross Street, J. Cockbill  G24/760/365  1876

Sewing Factory, Sheppard Street, J. Compton & Son  G24/760/366  1876

Four houses, Off Cow Lane, I. Gurr  G24/760/367  1876

Two houses, Cheltenham Street, I. Gurr  G24/760/368  1876

Houses, 2-3 Cambria Place, C. Barker  G24/760/369  1876

Fourteen houses, Off Cow Lane, G. Caudle  G24/760/370  1876

House, Landford Street, Mr Jones  G24/760/371  1876

Additions, G.W.R Hotel, Arkell & Sons  G24/760/372  1876

House, Church Place, G.W.R. Co.  G24/760/373  1876

Two houses, Page Street, J. Baden  G24/760/374  1876

Blacksmith Shop, Regent Street, W. Thomas  G24/760/375  1876

Housing Layout, Rollestone Estate, R. Sangster  G24/760/376  1876

Houses, Wyatts Ground, G. Nash  G24/760/377  1876

Houses, Western Street, J. Dover  G24/760/378  1876

Warehouse, Sandford Road, Mr. Wilson  G24/760/379  1876

Housing Layout, Farnsby Street, United Kingdom Land & Building Association  G24/760/380  1876

Fourteen houses, Edgeware Road, Mr. Dawson  G24/760/381  1876

Houses, Shops & cottages, Bridge & Queen Street, R. Read  G24/760/382  1876

Housing Estate, Westcott Place, A. Goddard  G24/760/383  1876

Eight Cottages, Page Street, J. Webb  G24/760/384  1876

Alterations, 28, Bridge Street, G. & W. Falconer  G24/760/385  1876

House, Back of Regent Street, A. Nash  G24/760/386  1876

House, Cromwell Street, W. Smith  G24/760/387  c.1876

Two houses, Cambria Place, L. Ellis  G24/760/388  c.1876

Workshop, Castle Works, Messrs. Edwards & Suter  G24/760/389  c.1876

Four Cottages, Albert Street, W. Pettifer  G24/760/390  c.1876

Two houses, Bellevue Road, R. Cockbill  G24/760/391  c.1876

House alterations, 1 Wellington Street, S. Tarrant  G24/760/392  c.1876

Cottages, Newport Street, Mr. Barrett  G24/760/393  c. 1876

House alterations, 15 Wood Street, Mr. Short  G24/760/394  c. 1876

House alterations, Bellevue Road, H. Wheeler  G24/760/395  c.1876

Alterations to Victoria Inn, Victoria Street, C. Kent  G24/760/396  c.1876

Three houses, Lansdown Road, J. Turvey  G24/760/397  c.1876

Cottage, Prospect, T. Stewart  G24/760/398  1876

Two houses, North Street, J. Day  G24/760/399  1876

Two Cottages, Stafford Street, J. Haynes  G24/760/400  1876

Houses, Carfax Street, W. Kench  G24/760/401  1876

Stables and carriage house, Cambria Place, G. Swinhoe  G24/760/402  1876

Alterations to Golden Lion Inn, Bridge Street  G24/760/403  1876

Shed, Opposite to Queens Arms Hotel, Aylesbury Dairy Co  G24/760/404  1876

Iron Church, Sanford Street, Rev. Lambert  G24/760/405  1876

Houses, Farnsby Street, U.K Building Association  G24/760/406  1876

Six houses, Off Byron & Rolleston Streets, G.Caudle  G24/760/407  1876

Four houses, Vilett Street, U.K. Building Association  G24/760/408  1876

Bakehouse & Cartshed, Bridge Street, Mr. Mathews  G24/760/409  1876

Turkish Bath House, Faringdon Street, G.W.R. Co  G24/760/410  1876

Four houses, Oriel Street, R. Webb  G24/760/411  1876

House & Shop, Bridge Street, J. Walter  G24/760/412  1876

Two houses, Catherine Street, U.K. Building Association  G24/760/413  1876

House, Regent Street, J. Hinton  G24/760/414  1876

Cottages, Cow Lane, Miss Page  G24/760/415  1876

Stable and Coach House, College Street, Mr. Jones  G24/760/416  1876

Stable, Merton Street, Mr. Howe  G24/760/417  1876

Arcade, Regent Street, Mr. Wilson  G24/760/418  1876

House alterations, North Street, R. Pigott  G24/760/419  1876

Houses, Stanley Street, W. Kent  G24/760/420  1876

Two houses, Devizes Road, J. Palmer  G24/760/421  1876

House, Union Street, J. Caster  G24/760/422  1876

Office, Bath Road, G. Wiltshire  G24/760/423  1876

Four houses, Lansdown Road, Mr. Durnford  G24/760/424  1876

Six houses, King William Street, G. Wiltshire  G24/760/425  1876

Additions to house, Ia Victoria Street, Mr. Thomas  G24/760/426  1876

Eight Villas, Sands, Bath Road, J. Hinton  G24/760/427  1876

House & Cottage, King William Street, T. Gibbs  G24/760/428  1876

Development of Land, Kingshill, E. Knapp  G24/760/429  1876

Houses, Carfax Street, J. Dover  G24/760/430  1876

Houses, Sanford Street, G. Townsend  G24/760/431  1877

Houses, Carfax Street, J. Dover  G24/760/432  1877

House, Queen Street, H. Freeth  G24/760/433  1877

Alterations to house, Havelock Street, R .Cook  G24/760/434  1877

Shop, Bridge Street, A. Matthews  G24/760/435  1877

Cottages, Mill & New Streets, H. Marshall  G24/760/436  1877

Houses, Westcott Place, W. Harly  G24/760/437  1877

House, Marlborough Street, W. H. Slatter  G24/760/438  1877

Urinals, Regent Street, Swindon Local Board  G24/760/439  1877

House, Eastcott Road, J. Hinton  G24/760/440  1877

House, Rodbourne Lane, G. Ball  G24/760/441  1877

House, Jennings Street, F. Morgan  G24/760/442  1877

House, Rollestone Street, G. Sawyer  G24/760/443  1877

Wash-house, John Street, C. Bell  G24/760/444  1877

Houses, East & Sheppard Streets, H. Bennett  G24/760/445  1877

82 houses, Kingshill Estate, T. Gibbs  G24/760/446  1877

House, shop & slaughter house, Eastcott Road, G. Caudle  G24/760/447  1877

Extension of shop, Regent Street, Mr. Fowler  G24/760/448  1877

Warehouse, Bridge Street, J. Walter  G24/760/449  1877

Cottages, Hill Street, T. Hulbert  G24/760/450  1877

Cottage and shops, Cromwell & Regent Streets, G. Stone  G24/760/451  1877

Ten houses, Carfax Street, J. Dover  G24/760/452  1877

Three Shops, Regent Street, C. Morse  G24/760/453  1877

Six houses, Stafford Street, A. Grist  G24/760/454  1877

Two houses, Andover Street, H. Barrett  G24/760/455  1877

House, Sheppard Street, R. Pattison  G24/760/456  1877

Five houses, Oriel Street, J. Dover  G24/760/457  1877

House and Saleroom, Sheppard Street, G. Stone  G24/760/458  1877

House, Holbrook Street, J. Evans  G24/760/459  1877

Four Cottages, Sanford Street, W. Wilson  G24/760/460  1877

Housing layout at Mount Pleasant, Kingshill, J. Hinton  G24/760/461  1877

Alterations to house, Regent Street, J. Hinton  G24/760/462  1877

Alterations to shop, Fleet Street, B. Flaconer  G24/760/463  1877

House, Holbrook Street, R. Bishop  G24/760/464  1877

House, Sheppard Street, R. Pattison  G24/760/465  1877

Two houses, Sanford Street, Messrs Ponting & Simpson  G24/760/466  1877

House, Kingshill, T. Davison  G24/760/467  1877

Two houses, Marlborough Road, T. Hill  G24/760/468  1877

Ginger Beer Factory, College Road, Messrs. Pope & Smith  G24/760/469  1877

Additions to house, 56 Regent Street, J. Brown  G24/760/470  1877

House, Kingshill, W. Philips  G24/760/471  1877

Hotel & Cottages, Kingshill Estate, Harvey & Co  G24/760/472  1877

Three Verandahs, Station Road, Capt. Millburn  G24/760/473  1877

Alteration to Shop, Fleet Street, Mr. Mathews  G24/760/474  1877

Eleven houses, Eastcott Lane, J. Day  G24/760/475  1877

House and stable, Victoria Street, J. Pettyfer  G24/760/476  1877

Warehouse, Wellington Street, Mr. Clark  G24/760/477  1877

Twelve houses, Cow Lane, A. Box  G24/760/478  1877

Elevation, Bank of Swindon  G24/760/479  1878

House & stable, Kingshill, Arkell & Sons  G24/760/480  1878

Shop, Bridge Street, W. Bath  G24/760/481  1878

Houses, Carr Street, U.K. Land Co.  G24/760/482  1878

Shops, Regent Street, J. Hinton  G24/760/483  1878

Shops and houses, Westcott Street, E. Jones  G24/760/484  1878

Five houses, Westcott Place, H. Bennett  G24/760/485  1878

Four houses, Mill Street, H. Parsons  G24/760/486  1878

Fifteen houses, 15-29 Read Street, A. Herring  G24/760/487  1878

Housing layout, Kingsdown Close, A. L. Goddard  G24/760/488  1878

Two houses, Sheppard Street, L. Dyer  G24/760/489  1878

House extensions and stables, Cheltenham Street, Messrs. Arkell  G24/760/490  1878

Two cottages, Westcott Place, W. Hopkins  G24/760/491  1878

Additions to house, Sheppard Street, J. Day  G24/760/492  1878

Twelve houses, Kingshill, G. Caudle  G24/760/493  1878

Offices, Bridge Street, Swindon Express Co.  G24/760/494  1878

Two houses, Westcott Place, Mr. Simpson  G24/760/495  1878

House, Linslade Street, J. Jones  G24/760/496  [n.d.]

Three houses, College Street, S. Smith  G24/760/497  1878

Infant schoolroom, Turl Street, S. Emery  G24/760/498  1878

Four houses, Westcott Place, W. Stone  G24/760/499  1878

House extension, 41 Regent Street, J. C. Butler  G24/760/500  1878

Four houses, Marlborough Street, Westcott Place, H. Barrett  G24/760/501  1878

House, 8 East Street, W. Dawson  G24/760/502  1878

Two houses, Sanford Street, W. Pozzi  G24/760/503  1878

House alterations, 26 Bridge Street, E. Smith  G24/760/504  1878

House alterations, 62 Regent Street, J. Hinton  G24/760/505  1878

House, Near Whale Bridge, C. Barker  G24/760/506  1878

Shop front extension, 16 Regent Street, J. Pope  G24/760/507  1878

House alterations, 45 Bridge Street, S. Chappel  G24/760/508  1878

Houses, Kingshill Estate, C. Kent  G24/760/509  1878

House alterations, 51 Fleet Street, W. Turner  G24/760/510  1878

Housing development, Off North Street, Bristol & Western Land Co  G24/760/511  1878

House, Princes Street, Clinch & Co  G24/760/512  1878

Fowl house and pigeon loft, 27 Cheltenham Street, T. Pattison  G24/760/513  1878

House, Western Street, Reading Building Society  G24/760/514  1878

35 Houses, Kingshill, J. Hinton  G24/760/515  1878

Four houses & Shops, Cambria Bridge Road, Messrs. Harvey & Cromby  G24/760/516  1878

35 Houses, Albion Street, T. Gibbs  G24/760/517  1878

Six houses, College Street, J. Foreshaw  G24/760/518  1878

Two houses, 23-24 Oriel Street, C. Barker  G24/760/519  1878

Thirteen houses, Princes Street, W. Langford  G24/760/520  1878

Houses, Andover Street, W. Dawson  G24/760/521  1878

Porch to villa, Bath Road, Miss King  G24/760/522  1878

Two houses, Devizes Road, G. Holt  G24/760/523  1878

Sixteen houses, Quarry, E .Gibbs  G24/760/524  1878

House, Stanley Street, H. Smith  G24/760/525  1878

House, 14 Prospect Place, W. Limmey  G24/760/526  1878

Ten houses, The Sands, W. Langford  G24/760/527  1878

Alterations, 49 Bridge Street, J. Chandler  G24/760/528  1879

House & stable, 12 Sanford Street, H. Smith  G24/760/529  1879

Housing layout, Land between Dixon, Stafford and Clifton Streets, J. Hinton  G24/760/530  1879

Store house, Back of 91-92 Regent Street, J. Hinton  G24/760/531  1879

House, Dixon Street  G24/760/532  1879

Shop, John Street, J. Toe  G24/760/533  1879

House, Sheppard Street  G24/760/534  1879

Shop extension, 45, Regent Street, J. Matthews  G24/760/535  1879

Shop extension, 52, Regent Street, Singer Sewing Machine Co.  G24/760/536  1879

Shop, Turl Street, T. Hacker  G24/760/537  1879

Two houses, 35-37 Bridge Street, T. Pope  G24/760/538  1879

House, Princes Street, J. Webb  G24/760/539  1879

Six houses, Eastcott Hill, J. Gibbs  G24/760/540  1879

Housing estate, Swindon Road, Bristol & Western Land Co  G24/760/541  1879

The Fox Inn, Regent Street, Fairthorn Bros.  G24/760/542  1879

Cottages, Carr Street, United Kingdom Land Co  G24/760/543  1879

Premises, 25 Bridge Street, J. Sayer  G24/760/544  1879

House, Fairview, Rolleston Estate, J. Ford  G24/760/545  1879

Two houses, Victoria Street, J. Williams  G24/760/546  1879

Alterations, Bell Hotel, W. Read  G24/760/547  1879

Alterations, 8, Bath Road, F. Brown  G24/760/548  1879

46 houses, Regent Place, W. Durnford  G24/760/549  1879

Stables, Holbrook Street, Mr. King  G24/760/550  1879

Flushing tank, North Street, Old Swindon Local Board  G24/760/551  1880

Workshop, Marlborough Road, T. Hill  G24/760/552  1880

House, Sanford Street, A. Simpson  G24/760/553  1880

Houses, Andover Street, E. Jones  G24/760/554  1880

Alterations to shop, 36 Bridge Street, Kooloo Coffee Co  G24/760/555  1880

House extension, 17 Fleet Street, W. Brown  G24/760/556  1880

Stable, 1 Prospect Hill, J. Hiscocks  G24/760/557  1880

House additions, 36-37 Fleet Street, A. Jenkins  G24/760/558  1880

Temporary Church, Edgeware Road  G24/760/559  1880

Alterations, Great Western Hotel, Arkell & Son  G24/760/560  1880

Carpenters Shop, College Street, Mr. Williams  G24/760/561  1880

Alterations to shops, Regent Street, J. Hinton  G24/760/562  1880

House & stable, Swindon Road, B. Marsh  G24/760/563  1880

Cottages, Guppy Street & Rodbourne Road, T. Phipps  G24/760/564  1880

Smithy shop, Prospect Hill, G. Shipway  G24/760/565  1880

Stable, Bridge Street, A. Boodle  G24/760/566  1880

Three houses, 33, Fleet Street, Mrs King  G24/760/567  1880

House alterations, Fleet Street, H. Freeth  G24/760/568  1880

Vicarage, Near St. Marks Church, Rev. M. Ponsonby  G24/760/569  1880

Six houses, Cross Street, B. Marsh  G24/760/570  1880

Alterations, Foresters Arms, Arkell & Son  G24/760/571  1880

House alterations, 8-10 Bath Road, W. Read  G24/760/572  1880

House, Bath Road, Mr. Snell  G24/760/573  1880

Workshop, Victoria Street, W. Crook  G24/760/574  1880

House alterations, 22 Newport Street, G. Henley  G24/760/575  1880

House, Newport Street, C. Plummer  G24/760/576  1881

Brick Kiln, Kingshill, J. Hinton  G24/760/577  1881

House, Eastcott Road, C. Hurt  G24/760/578  1881

Alterations to office, High Street, Messrs. Kinneir & Toombs  G24/760/579  1881

Two Villas, The Sands, W. Dawson  G24/760/580  1881

Showroom, Marlborough Road, T. Hill  G24/760/581  1881

Carpenters shop, King Johns Street, C & G Pettifer  G24/760/582  1881

Three cottages, Stafford Street, Messrs. Morris & Webb  G24/760/583  1881

Two houses, Clifton Street, Messrs Westcott & Hillier  G24/760/584  1881

House additions, 30, Oriel Street, D. Trotman  G24/760/585  1881

Two houses, Stafford Street, J. Caudle  G24/760/586  1881

House, Devizes Road, R. Bendry  G24/760/587  1881

Two houses, Kingshill, Arkell & Sons  G24/760/588  1881

Extension to schoolroom at Wesleyan Chapel, Farringdon Street  G24/760/589  1881

Railings, Front of Baptist Chapel  G24/760/590  1881

House alterations, 1-2 Henry Street, Rodbourne Cheney, L. Edmonds  G24/760/591  1881

Four houses, Clifton Street, E. Williams  G24/760/592  1881

Enlargement, 32-36 Henry Street, J. Richardson  G24/760/593  1881

Extension to shop front, Regent Street, M. Jones  G24/760/594  1881

Additions to Carpenters Shop, Sanford Street, T. Baker  G24/760/595  1881

Houses, Dover Street, J. Wait  G24/760/596  1881

House alterations, 69 Bridge Street, A. Mann  G24/760/597  1881

House, Station Road, J. Webb  G24/760/598  1881

Three houses, Stafford Street, A. Grist  G24/760/599  1881

Stable, Rodbourne Road, E. Cox  G24/760/600  1881

House, Dixon Street, J. Lovelock  G24/760/601  1881

Bay window, Cross Street, C. Feltham  G24/760/602  1881

Sunday school for Providence Baptist Chapel, South Street  G24/760/603  1881

Baptist Chapel, Fleet Street, H. Dean  G24/760/604  1881

House, Cross Street, W. Ludgate  G24/760/605  1881

House, Sanford Street, W. Ponting  G24/760/606  1881

Three cottages, Westcott Place, E. Jones  G24/760/607  1881

Two houses, Radnor Street, J. Embury  G24/760/608  1881

Shop, 55 Bridge Street, H. Wheeler  G24/760/609  1881

Six houses, Clifton Street, Arkell & Son  G24/760/610  1881

Shop, Fleet Street, R. Bishop  G24/760/611  1881

Houses, Eastcott Hill, W. Bennett  G24/760/612  1881

Two houses, Dixon Street, J. Bailey  G24/760/613  1881

Shop, Carlton Street, R. Garrett  G24/760/614  1881

House alterations, Eastcott Hill, R. Gilmore  G24/760/615  1881

House, Dixon Street, W. Jordan  G24/760/616  1881

Eleven houses, Albion Street, E. Harvey  G24/760/617  1881

Schoolroom, Clifton Street, Primitive Methodists  G24/760/618  1882

Thirteen houses & shop, Clifton Street, J. Spackman  G24/760/619  1882

Houses, Medgbury Road, J. Wait  G24/760/620  1882

House, Stafford Street, E. Yates  G24/760/621  1882

Cottages, Stafford Street, T. Colbourne  G24/760/622  1882

Cottages, Clifton Street, J. Day  G24/760/623  1882

Additions, 55 Fleet Street, G. Borley  G24/760/624  1882

Cottages, Stafford Street, G. Caudle  G24/760/625  1882

Baptist Chapel, Rolleston Street  G24/760/626  1882

Cottages, Thomas Street, E.R. & H.W. Thomas  G24/760/627  1882

Cottage, Stafford Street, H. Deacon  G24/760/628  1882

Houses, Dixon Street, F. Rogers & E. Hunt  G24/760/629  1882

Houses, Stafford Street, D. Dalby  G24/760/630  1882

Shops, Regent Street, Rev. Clifford  G24/760/631  1882

Two houses & shop, Clifton Street, C. Feltham  G24/760/632  1882

Stores, 18 Marlborough Street, E. Jones  G24/760/633  1882

Houses, Regent Place, O. Baker  G24/760/634  1882

Stores, 5 Westcott Place, W. Haynes  G24/760/635  1882

Stable, 27 Bridge Street, M. Bertish  G24/760/636  1882

Infant School, Edgeware Road, Rev. Clifford  G24/760/637  1882

Additions to The Dolphin Inn, High Street, Arkell & Sons  G24/760/638  1882

Bake House, Gloucester Street, Arkell & Sons  G24/760/639  1882

Additions to Park Hotel, Cambria Bridge Road, E. Harvey  G24/760/640  1882

Four cottages, Percy Street, Arkell & Sons  G24/760/641  1882

House, Dover Street, E. Westlake  G24/760/642  1882

Auction market, Regent Street, J. Hinton  G24/760/643  1882

House additions, 10 & 11 Regent Street, L. Morse  G24/760/644  1882

Eighteen houses, Bright Street, J. Wait  G24/760/645  1882

Houses, Dover Street, J. Webb  G24/760/646  1882

Four houses, Rodbourne Lane, Arkell & Sons  G24/760/647  1882

Eleven houses, Clifton Street, E. Harvey  G24/760/648  1882

Alterations to Whale Inn, Medgebury Road, Hulbert & Co  G24/760/649  1882

Eleven houses, Cricklade Road, Arkell & Sons  G24/760/650  1882

New Street, Gorse Hill, Arkell & Sons  G24/760/651  1882

House additions, 87 Regent Street, J. Prater  G24/760/652  1882

Houses, 48-52 Hinton Street, J. Hopkins  G24/760/653  1882

Shop & house, Fleet Street, J & W Chapman  G24/760/654  1882

House, Linslade Street, J. Davies  G24/760/655  1882

Housing layout, Gilberts Hill, United Land Co  G24/760/656  1882

Cottages & Stables, Grove Road, J. Turner  G24/760/657  1882

Alterations to house, Newport Street, J. Deacon  G24/760/658  1882

House & shop, Prospect, G. Henley  G24/760/659  1882

Workshop, Newport Street, W. Gilbert  G24/760/660  1882

Slaughter house, Cambria Bridge Road, W. Cromby  G24/760/661  1882

House & shop, Stafford Street, T. Hopkins  G24/760/662  1882

Slaughter house, Farringdon Street, W. Turk  G24/760/663  1882

Two houses, Swindon Wharf, T. Colbourne  G24/760/664  1882

Alterations, Alexandra House, Bath Road, S. Brown  G24/760/665  1882

Alterations, 2 Read Street, S. Sutton  G24/760/666  1882

Alterations, 12 Medgebury Road, H. Prewitt  G24/760/667  1882

Houses, Stafford Street, G. Caudle  G24/760/668  1882

Houses, Stafford Street, H. Deacon  G24/760/669  1882

House, Stafford Street, R. Fox  G24/760/670  1882

Two houses, Morris Street, E. Caudwell  G24/760/671  1882

Houses, Prospect Hill, R. Nash  G24/760/672  1882

House, 81 Bath Road, Messes Cowell  G24/760/673  1882

House, Rodbourne Lane, J. Richardson  G24/760/674  1882

Shop alterations, Wellington Street, G. Long  G24/760/675  1882

Shop & houses, Victoria Street, J. Pettifer  G24/760/676  1882

Workshop & carthouse, Near Canal, J. Webb  G24/760/677  1882

House, Clifton Street, H. Brown  G24/760/678  1882

House additions, Rushey Platt, W. Baker  G24/760/679  1882

Houses, Percy Street, J. Webb  G24/760/680  1883

Stables, Merton Street, F. Hacker  G24/760/681  1883

Houses, Clifton Street, G. Henley  G24/760/682  1883

Alterations to house, 15 North Street, W. Smith  G24/760/683  1883

Cottage, Gilberts Hill, A. Grist  G24/760/684  1883

Cottage, Dixon Street, W. Partridge  G24/760/685  1883

Alterations to house, 23 Harding Street, S. Williams  G24/760/686  1883

House additions, Fleet Street, A. Adams  G24/760/687  1883

Cottage, Cheltenham Street, J. Melling  G24/760/688  1883

Houses, Kingshill, J. Ford  G24/760/689  1883

Houses, Marlborough Street, E. Jones  G24/760/690  1883

Houses, Rodbourne Lane, S. Wiltshire  G24/760/691  1883

Cottages, Clifton Street, E. Harvey  G24/760/692  1883

Offices, Gas Works, Queen Street, Swindon Gas Co.  G24/760/693  1883

Houses, 146-149 Clifton Street, Messrs Judd & Franklin  G24/760/694  1883

Houses, Dover Street, J. Webb  G24/760/695  1883

Bakehouse, 19 Regent Street, Rev. Clifford  G24/760/696  1883

Houses, Gooch Street, A. Beaven  G24/760/697  1883

Houses, 1-3 Dixon Street, C. Kent  G24/760/698  1883

Alterations, 49 Bridge Street, J. Chandler  G24/760/699  1883

Houses, Dixon Street, E. Lay  G24/760/700  1883

Houses, Clifton Street, J. Withy  G24/760/701  1883

Baptist Chapel, Gorse Hill  G24/760/702  1883

Houses, Radnor Street, W. Dawson  G24/760/703  1883

Iron Church, Opposite Drill Hall, G.W.R. Co.  G24/760/704  1883

Warehouse, Radnor Street, S. Spackman  G24/760/705  1883

Houses, Rollestone Street, E. Sammes  G24/760/706  1883

Cottage, Dixon Street, J. Smith  G24/760/707  1883

Storeroom & Pledge Office, Fleet Street, Messrs G. & F. Adams  G24/760/708  1883

House, Dixon Street, R. Walls  G24/760/709  1883

Houses, Dixon Street, J. Brookes  G24/760/710  1883

Houses, Exmouth Street, E. Harvey  G24/760/711  1883

House, Dixon Street, R. Holliday  G24/760/712  1883

House, Rodbourne Road, T. & J. Arkell  G24/760/713  1883

House, Newport Street, T. Barrett  G24/760/714  1883

Bank, Wood & Cricklade Streets, Wilts & Dorset Banking Co.  G24/760/715  1883

House & shop, Marlborough Road, F. Hacker  G24/760/716  1883

House, Radnor Street, T. Colborne  G24/760/717  1883

House, Devizes Road, W. Garrett  G24/760/718  1883

Workshop, Stanley Street, J. Kent  G24/760/719  1883

Alterations to Fox Inn, Regent Street, A. Fairthorne  G24/760/720  1883

House alterations, Wood Street, S. Hanson  G24/760/721  1883

Stables to V.W.H. Repository, High Street, J. Deacon  G24/760/722  1883

Shop, Wood Street, Mr. Bond  G24/760/723  1883

St. Johns Mission Church, Aylesbury Street  G24/760/724  1883

House additions, 29A Wood Street, R. Passmore  G24/760/725  1883

House additions, 18 Wood Street, W. Hall  G24/760/726  1883

Alterations to St. Marks Vicarage, Rev. Ponsonby  G24/760/727  1883

Porch, Devizes Road, R. Bendry  G24/760/728  1883

Wesleyan Chapel, Gorse Hill  G24/760/729  1883

Cottages, Gorse Hill, New Swindon Gas Co Ltd  G24/760/730  1883

Workshop, 3 Wood Street, W. Bond  G24/760/731  1883

Workshop, Prospect Hill, S. Shipman  G24/760/732  1883

Houses, Stafford Street, H. Deacon  G24/760/733  1883

Cottages, 11-17 Alexandra Road, J. Webb  G24/760/734  1883

House, Dixon Street, F. Jordan  G24/760/735  1883

Houses, 136-145 Clifton Street, J. Hinton  G24/760/736  1883

Houses, Station Road, J. Webb  G24/760/737  1883

Alterations, Sewing Factory, J. Compton & Sons  G24/760/738  1884

Houses, Jennings Street, S. Wiltshire  G24/760/739  1884

Meeting Room, Merton Street, T. Hacker  G24/760/740  1884

Houses, 56-64 Exmouth Street, E. Harvey  G24/760/741  1884

Alterations to Bookmakers Shop, 26 Bridge Street, S. Chappel  G24/760/742  1884

Houses, Linslade Street, J. & C. Williams  G24/760/743  1884

Alterations, 31 Fleet Street, Mrs King  G24/760/744  1884

Not used  G24/760/745  undated

Houses, Western Street, A. Coleman  G24/760/746  1884

Additions to house, 30 Fleet Street, A. Elliot  G24/760/747  1884

School, Rodbourne Road, Primitive Methodists  G24/760/748  1884

Roads & Sewers, Ashford and Kent Roads, W. Sheppard  G24/760/749  1884

Alterations, 81 Regent Street, Messrs Pooles & Butler  G24/760/750  1884

Houses, 62-80, 90-96 William Street, W. Dawson  G24/760/751  1884

Houses, Thomas Street, Messrs W. Thomas & H. Day  G24/760/752  1884

Shop Alterations, 86 Regent Street, W. Gilbert  G24/760/753  1884

Shop Fronts, 82 & 83 Regent Street, H. Draper  G24/760/754  1884

Houses & Shops, Rodbourne Lane, S. Spiers  G24/760/755  1884

Workshop, 39 Bridge Street, G. Jackson  G24/760/756  1884

House, Stafford Street, W. Chambers  G24/760/757  1884

St. Barnabas Church, Gorse Hill, Rev. P. Maddock  G24/760/758  1884

House, Percy Street, W. Read  G24/760/759  1884

Cottages, Linslade & Guppy Streets, T. Phipps  G24/760/760  1884

Houses, Regent Place, Solway Bros .  G24/760/761  1884

Wesleyan Mission Hall, Princes Street  G24/760/762  1884

Houses & Shops, Rodbourne Road, C. Williams  G24/760/763  1884

Houses, 82-89 William Street, G. Caudle  G24/760/764  1884

Houses, 70-81 Clifton Street, J. Hinton  G24/760/765  1884

Shop Front, 19a Regent Street, J. Barnard  G24/760/766  1884

Houses, Stafford Street, T. Fox  G24/760/767  1884

Houses, Princes Street, J. Webb  G24/760/768  1984

Houses, William Street, G. Broad  G24/760/769  1884

Presbyterian Church, Dixon Street  G24/760/770  1884

Houses, shop & stable, William Street, E. Harvey  G24/760/771  1884

Cottage, Carlton Street, W. Richards  G24/760/772  1884

House, William Street, H. Clements  G24/760/773  1884

Houses, Kingshill, W. Dawson  G24/760/774  1884

House, Stafford Street, G. Cull  G24/760/775  1884

House additions, 27 Prospect Hill, J. Horsell  G24/760/776  1884

Skittle Alley at club House, Morris Street  G24/760/777  1884

Alterations & Additions, 9 Fleet Street, T. Pope  G24/760/778  1884

Parish Room abutting The Vicarage, Near Railway Line, M. Ponsonby  G24/760/779  1884

House & Shop, Regent Street, J. Baker  G24/760/780  1884

Cottages, Morris & High Streets, Miss E. Hunt  G24/760/781  1884

Houses, Ashford Road, S. Wiltshire  G24/760/782  1884

Stable, College Street, R. Henley  G24/760/783  1884

House, Clifton Street, H. Taylor  G24/760/784  1884

Stable, Kingshill, T. Cope  G24/760/785  1884

House, Radnor Street, T. Colborne  G24/760/786  1884

House, Morris Street, G. Dunsdon  G24/760/787  1884

Alterations, 34 Bridge Street, Mrs Shelley  G24/760/788  1884

House & shop, Clifton Street, G. Pettifer  G24/760/789  1884

Two houses, Radnor Street, W. Blount  G24/760/790  1884

Houses, Radnor Street, B. Jefferies  G24/760/791  1884

Alterations, 18 North Street, E. Timms  G24/760/792  1884

Houses, Stafford Street, J. Williams  G24/760/793  1884

Additions to Three Cups Coffee Palace, Regent Street, S. Foss  G24/760/794  1884

Painters Workshop, Milford Street, J. Rich  G24/760/795  1884

Blacksmiths shop, 176 Manchester Road  G24/760/796  1884

Four houses, Exmouth Street, G. Pettifer  G24/760/797  1884

House, Hythe Road, J. Bartlett  G24/760/798  1884

Houses, Merton Street, C. Barker  G24/760/799  1884

Additions, 2 High Street, S. Limmex  G24/760/800  1884

Alteration to Bell & Shoulder of Mutton, Marlborough Road, Pound & Co  G24/760/801  1884

Stable, 33 Wood Street, I. Chandler  G24/760/802  1884

Houses, Prospect, W. Noad  G24/760/803  1884

House, Quarry Lane, W. Dean  G24/760/804  1884

Shops & houses, Wood Street, A. Barnes  G24/760/805  1884

Shop front, 11 Wood Street, H. Deacon  G24/760/806  1884

Alterations, 15 Wood Street, H. Cook  G24/760/807  1884

Addition, 54 Belle Vue Road, M. Morse  G24/760/808  1884

Houses, Quarry Lane, H. Smith  G24/760/809  1884

Shop, Wood Street, R. Passmore  G24/760/810  1884

Office, Cricklade Street, W. Mason  G24/760/811  1884

Shop front, Victoria Street, J. Green  G24/760/812  1884

Two houses, Quarry Lane, R. Fortune  G24/760/813  1884

House, Cricklade Road, H. Dunn  G24/760/814  1884

Eastcott Lodge Housing Estate, Turner Street, T. Turner  G24/760/815  1884

Houses, Dixon Street, J. Bailey & A. Gilbert  G24/760/816  1884

House, Exmouth Street, E. Knapp  G24/760/817  1884

Houses, Belle Vue Road, C. Joyce  G24/760/818  1884

Houses, Albion Buildings & Cambria Bridge Road, J. Webb  G24/760/819  1884

House, Clifton Street, A. Elliot  G24/760/820  1885

Alteration to Kitchen, 4 Albion Buildings, C. Fluck  G24/760/821  1885

Alteration to Co-operative Stores, Cambria Bridge Road, W. Crombey  G24/760/822  1885

Five houses, Prospect, C. Henley  G24/760/823  1885

Houses, Rodbourne Lane, G. Ball  G24/760/824  1885

Warehouse, 40 Bridge Street, J. Sydenham  G24/760/825  1885

Houses, Linslade Street, O. Baker  G24/760/826  1885

House, Princes Street, J. Webb  G24/760/827  1885

House, William Street, A. Herring  G24/760/828  1885

Warehouse, Queen Street, A. Williams  G24/760/829  1885

House, Exmouth Street, G. Caudle  G24/760/830  1885

Slaughter House, Morris Street, Miss E. Hunt  G24/760/831  1885

Alterations to shop, 73 Regent Street, H. Cook  G24/760/832  1885

Cottages, Jennings Street, J. Williams  G24/760/833  1885

House alterations, 6-7 Wellington Street, J. Smith  G24/760/834  1885

Layout of housing, Gorse Hill, A. Barnes  G24/760/835  1885

House & Carpenters Workshop, Clifton Street, H. Smith  G24/760/836  1885

Workshop, Prospect Hill, S. Shipway  G24/760/837  1885

Conversation of Milford House, 5 Eastcott Hill, W. Bennett  G24/760/838  1885

Houses, Dixon Street, T. Barrett  G24/760/839  1885

Rollestone Housing Estate and Sewage layout  G24/760/840  1885

Extension of clothing factory, Sheppard Street, J. Compton & Sons  G24/760/841  1885

Warehouse, 86 Regent Street, W. Gilbert  G24/760/842  1885

Extension, 37 Wellington Street, A. Adams  G24/760/843  1885

Houses, Farnsby Street, C. Bishop  G24/760/844  1885

St. Pauls Vicarage, Edgeware Road  G24/760/845  1885

Houses, Cricklade Road, C. Joyce  G24/760/846  1885

Cottages, Westcott Place, G. Caudle  G24/760/847  1885

Extension, 5 Westcott Place, W. Haynes  G24/760/848  1885

Houses, Radnor Street, B. Jeffries  G24/760/849  1885

Additions, 6 Holbrook Street, C. Shell  G24/760/850  1885

Alterations to house, Swindon Road, Prospect Aerated Water Co  G24/760/851  1885

Cottages, Rodbourne Lane, G. Wilcox Ball  G24/760/852  1885

Houses, Guppy Street, J. Jones  G24/760/853  1885

Shop alterations, 15-16 Regent Street, Rev. Clifford  G24/760/854  1885

Houses, 59-67 Bright Street, J. Hinton  G24/760/855  1885

Extensions, 9 Wellington Street, H. Hill  G24/760/856  1885

Addition to shop, 29 Bridge Street, W. Batt  G24/760/857  1885

Additions to Beerhouse, Cricklade Road, T. & J. Arkell Ltd  G24/760/858  1885

Houses, Faringdon Road, W. Dawson  G24/760/859  1885

House, Near Cemetry, T. Robins  G24/760/860  1885

Houses, Cricklade Road, H. Barnes  G24/760/861  1885

Palace of Varieties, Regent Street, S. Noakes  G24/760/862  1885

Addition to Mission Church, Rodbourne Road, T. Lansdown  G24/760/863  1885

Three cottages, Gypsy Lane, J. Archer  G24/760/864  1885

Cottages, Westcott Place, G. Henly & Co  G24/760/865  1885

Cottage, Ashford Road, W. Walling  G24/760/866  1885

Trap house, 53 Fleet Street, H. Freeth  G24/760/867  1885

Houses, Percy Street, G. Hughes  G24/760/868  1885

Houses, Newport Street, J. Green  G24/760/869  1885

Vicarage, Bath Road, Rev. H. A. Hall  G24/760/870  1885

Four houses, Devizes Road, C. Phillips  G24/760/871  1885

House, Landsdown Road, J. Hinton  G24/760/872  1885

Two houses, Hythe Road, M. Mason  G24/760/873  1885

Bridge, Over Wilts & Berks Canal  G24/760/874  1885

House, Hythe Road, J. Evans  G24/760/875  1885

House, Newport Street, T. Deacon  G24/760/876  1885

Ten houses, Lethbridge & Avenue Roads, E. Sammes  G24/760/877  1885

House alterations, Wood Street, S. Limmex  G24/760/878  1885

House, Bath Street, S. Randell  G24/760/879  1886

Warehouse, Belle Vue Road, J. Cooper  G24/760/880  1886

Stable at V. W. H Repository, High Street, T. Deacon  G24/760/881  1886

Houses, Clifton Street, J. Webb  G24/760/882  1886

Houses, Clifton Street, J. Hogarth  G24/760/883  1886

Houses, Stafford Street, J. Williams  G24/760/884  1886

Additions to Beer House, Cricklade Street, T. & J. Arkell  G24/760/885  1886

Wash houses, Cow Lane, H. Webb  G24/760/886  1886

Houses, Rodbourne Road, Messrs. Willis & Burrows  G24/760/887  1886

Cottages, Eastcott Hill, J. Horsell  G24/760/888  1886

Sawmill & Shop, Cheltenham Street, J. Webb  G24/760/889  1886

Shop & dwelling, Rollestone Street, G. Russell  G24/760/890  1886

Three houses, Stafford Street, H. Looker  G24/760/891  1886

Houses, Off Farnsby, J. Hunt  G24/760/892  1886

Signboard, 3 Fleet Street, J. Vickery  G24/760/893  1886

House, Cricklade Road, R. Bizley  G24/760/894  1886

Houses, Stafford Street, W. Chambers  G24/760/895  1886

Houses, Cricklade Road, H. Dunn  G24/760/896  1886

Ten cottages, Chapel Street, T. Colborne  G24/760/897  1886

House, Clifton Street, J. Elliot  G24/760/898  1886

Cottages, William Street, W. Read  G24/760/899  1886

Addition to house, Corner of Eastcott Hill & Stafford Street, H.Deacon  G24/760/900  1886

Houses, Faringdon Road, W. Dawson  G24/760/901  1886

Conservatories, Rodbourne Lane, G. Ball  G24/760/902  1886

House, 6 Regent Street, C. Fry  G24/760/903  1886

House, Bright Street, J. Hinton  G24/760/904  1886

Workshop & Store, 34 Regent Street, W. Wentworth  G24/760/905  1886

House, Dixon Street, W. Hunter  G24/760/906  1886

Bakers Oven, House on Corner of College and Sanford Streets, W. Pound & Co  G24/760/907  1886

Houses, Linslade Street, E. Jones  G24/760/908  1886

Houses, Wellington Street, J. Jervis  G24/760/909  1886

Shops, Auction Market & house, Regent Street, J. Hinton  G24/760/910  1886

Houses, Dixon & Clifton Streets, Messrs A. George & Webb  G24/760/911  1886

Houses & workhop, Dover Street, E .Chambers  G24/760/912  1886

Extensions to Kitchen, 36-37 Fleet Street, A. Jenkins  G24/760/913  1886

House, York Place, Regents Street, C. Fry  G24/760/914  1886

Conversion of house to shop, 21 Crickade Street, G. Rochester  G24/760/915  1886

Addidions, 27 Bridge Street, A. Bertish  G24/760/916  1886

Houses, Jennings Street, C. Williams  G24/760/917  1886

Shopfront, 38 Bridge Street, J. Hill  G24/760/918  1886

Houses, Chapel Street, G. Caudle  G24/760/919  1886

Stable & slaughterhouse, Summers Street, J. Loveday  G24/760/920  1886

Seven houses, Bright Street, G. Caudle  G24/760/921  1886

Weighbridge, Queen Street, J. Jervis  G24/760/922  1886

Warehouse, 32 Regent Street, A. White  G24/760/923  1886

Tree- Planting, Cricklade Road, A. Barns  G24/760/924  1886

Billiard Room at Beaconsfield Club, Eastcott House, Regent Street, J. Smith  G24/760/925  1886

House, John Street, J. Smith  G24/760/926  1886

Stable & carthouse, 1, Cross Street, Prospect Hill, E. Love  G24/760/927  1886

Houses, Western Street, J. Horsell  G24/760/928  1886

Conversion into two houses, 17 Bright Street, J. Horsell  G24/760/929  1886

Twelve houses, Albion Street, C. Foley  G24/760/930  1886

Office, Bath Road, Toomer & Sons  G24/760/931  1886

House, Bath Road, W. Stanier  G24/760/932  1886

Houses, Cricklade Road, C. Joyce  G24/760/933  1887

Tea Room, Queen Street, A. Williams  G24/760/934  1887

House, shop & cottage, Westcott Place, T. Turner  G24/760/935  1887

Shops, New Road, G. Russell  G24/760/936  1887

House, Rodbourne Road, E. Wood  G24/760/937  1887

Conversion of Baptist Chapel to shops, Fleet & Bridge Streets, W. Clappen  G24/760/938  1887

House, York Place, Wesleyan Minister  G24/760/939  1887

Houses, Radnor Street, J. Longland  G24/760/940  1887

Slaughter house, 56 Prospect Hill, H. Clappen  G24/760/941  1887

Twelve houses, William Street, E. Ing  G24/760/942  1887

House, Faringdon Road, W. Dawson  G24/760/943  1887

Stables and slaughterhouse, Off Rodbourne Road, F. Cox  G24/760/944  1887

Eight cottages, Guppy Street, S. Cox  G24/760/945  1887

House, Rodbourne Road, T. George  G24/760/946  1887

Six cottages, Morris Street, G. Stratford  G24/760/947  1887

Six houses, Western Street, J. Horsell  G24/760/948  1887

House & shop, Fleet Street, H. Freeth  G24/760/949  1887

Rebuilding of Rifleman's Arms, Regent Street, R. Luce  G24/760/950  1887

Six houses, Morris Street, W. Morris  G24/760/951  1887

Shop extension, 72 Regent Street, L. Morse  G24/760/952  1887

Cottages, off Cricklade Road, A. Barns  G24/760/953  1887

Six houses, Temple Street, J. Hinton  G24/760/954  1887

Mission Hall, William Street  G24/760/955  1887

Bakehouse and stable, Westcott Place, J. Turner  G24/760/956  1887

Stable and coach house, Temple Street, J. Hinton  G24/760/957  1887

Alterations to Lamb and Flag Inn, 31 Bridge Street, Arkell & Son  G24/760/958  1887

Clubhouse, Percy Street, Workman's Club  G24/760/959  1887

Twenty Two houses, Farnsby Street, J. Hunt  G24/760/960  1887

Twelve houses, Westcott Place, T. Turner  G24/760/961  1887

Two houses, Cricklade Road, H. Dunn  G24/760/962  1887

Stable and Slaughterhouse, North Street, H. Clappen  G24/760/963  1887

Shop and house, Stafford Street, J. Seymour  G24/760/964  1887

Warehouse, Henry Street, W. Clappen  G24/760/965  1887

Six houses, Lethbridge Road, J. Williams  G24/760/966  1887

House, Bath Road, J. Hinton  G24/760/967  1887

House and shop, Victoria Street, T. Wheeler  G24/760/968  1887

Shop, High Street, A. Gilbert  G24/760/969  1887

Two houses, Eastcott Hill, H. Raggett  G24/760/970  1887

Two houses, Springfield Road, W. Irving  G24/760/971  1887

House and store, Drove Road, Swindon Gas Co  G24/760/972  1887

Shops, Cricklade Street, Goddard Arms Hotel  G24/760/973  1887

House, Victoria Street, A. Boniface  G24/760/974  1887

House, The Prospect, H. Deacon  G24/760/975  1887

Alterations, 59 Prospect Place, J. Jenner  G24/760/976  1887

Additions to Belle Vue Inn, Union Row, Arkell & Son  G24/760/977  1887

Porch, Goddard Arms Hotel  G24/760/978  1887

Houses, New Road, Near Temple Street, J. Hinton  G24/760/979  1888

Sunday School, Sanford Street, Congregational Church  G24/760/980  1888

Cottages, Dover Street, C. Chambers  G24/760/981  1888

Houses, Faringdon Street & Bath Terrace, E. Jones  G24/760/982  1888

Shops, Faringdon Road, C. Williams  G24/760/983  1888

Twelve houses, Crickade Road, C. Joyce  G24/760/984  1888

Houses, Eastcott Hill, J. Horsell  G24/760/985  1888

House, Carlton Street, J. Clark  G24/760/986  1888

Houses, College Street, J. Jervis  G24/760/987  1888

House, Temple Street, J. Hinton  G24/760/988  1888

Twenty four cottages, Rolleston Estate, C. Williams  G24/760/989  1888

Houses, off Princes Street, J. Webb  G24/760/990  1888

Houses, Ashford Road, H. Hawkins  G24/760/991  1888

Shop extension, Corner of Reed Street, W. Haynes  G24/760/992  1888

Houses, Linslade Street, T. Hayward  G24/760/993  1888

Alterations, 86 Regent Street, W. Gilbert  G24/760/994  1888

Housing Layout, Rodbourne Lane, J. Shopland  G24/760/995  1888

House, Rodbourne Road, F. Apted  G24/760/996  1888

Photograpic Studio, 58 Regent Street, Z. Dodson  G24/760/997  1888

Houses, Edinburgh Street, T. Baker  G24/760/998  1888

Nine house, Oxford Road, J. Howell  G24/760/999  1888

Cottages, Ashford & Kent Roads, W. Chambers  G24/760/1000  1888

Additions to house, Station Road, J. Webb  G24/760/1001  1888

Houses, Hythe Road, Messrs Jones & Sherwood  G24/760/1002  1888

Four houses, Hythe Road, R. Passsmore  G24/760/1003  1888

Houses & shop, Devizes Road, J. Williams  G24/760/1004  1888

Five houses, Church Road, S. Wiltshire  G24/760/1005  1888

House, Lethbridge Road, W. Huish  G24/760/1006  1888

Building Land, Quarries, A. Goddard  G24/760/1007  1888

Five houses, Springfield Road, J. Williams  G24/760/1008  1888

Nineteen houses, Avenue Road, E. Sammes  G24/760/1009  1888

Houses, Dixon Street, F. Buckley  G24/760/1010  1888

Houses, 2-8 Edinburgh Street, C. Henly  G24/760/1011  1888

Houses, 11, 13, 15 Edinburgh Street, J. Baker  G24/760/1012  1888

Houses, Theobald Street, L. Thomas  G24/760/1013  1888

House, Hinton Street, E. Potter  G24/760/1014  1888

Houses, Rollestone Street, E. Chambers  G24/760/1015  1888

House additions, 45 Bridge Street, J. Goldsmith  G24/760/1016  1888

Houses, William Street, C. Joyce  G24/760/1017  1888

Shop Front, Fleet Street, W. Fowler  G24/760/1018  1888

Alterations, 171 Rodbourne Lane, W. Smith  G24/760/1019  1888

Houses & shops, Corner New Road & Eastcott Hill, J. Hinton  G24/760/1020  1888

Houses, Chester Street, W. Dawson  G24/760/1021  1888

House, Park Lane, E. Holden  G24/760/1022  1889

Houses, Stafford Street, H. Deacon  G24/760/1023  1889

Twenty- Four houses, Theobald Street, W. Dawson  G24/760/1024  1889

Houses, Eastcott Hill, J. Horsell  G24/760/1025  1889

Sunday School, Adjoining St. Barnabas' Church, Rev. P. Madock  G24/760/1026  1889

Stable, Edgware Road, L. Morse  G24/760/1027  1889

House, Park Lane, W. Lewis  G24/760/1028  1889

House, 34 Regent Circus, A. Withy  G24/760/1029  1889

Houses, Dixon Street, T. Barrett  G24/760/1030  1889

Houses, Gypsy Lane, H. Cook  G24/760/1031  1889

Houses, Clifton Street, R. Leighfield  G24/760/1032  1889

Twelve houses, Gypsy Lane, C.Hunt  G24/760/1033  1889

Eight houses, Cricklade Road, H. Dixon  G24/760/1034  1889

House, Park Lane, H. Hemsley  G24/760/1035  1889

Cottages, Jennings Street, G. Ball  G24/760/1036  1889

Slaughterhouse & workshop, 18 Bridge Street, Messrs, Cole & Lewis  G24/760/1037  1889

Addition to warehouse, Queen Street, A. Williams  G24/760/1038  1889

Addition to shop, Read Street, W. Haynes  G24/760/1039  1889

Four houses, The Sands, A. Colbourne  G24/760/1040  1889

House, Adjoining Temple & Havelock Streets, J. Hinton  G24/760/1041  1889

Coffee Tavern, 207 Rodbourne Road, C. Williams  G24/760/1042  1889

Houses, Rolleston Street, E. Chambers  G24/760/1043  1889

Ten houses, Park Terrace, E. Jones  G24/760/1044  1889

Houses, Edinburgh and Cricklade Roads, T. Baker  G24/760/1045  1889

Houses, 13-49 Gordon Road, J. Webb  G24/760/1046  1889

House, Dixon Street, W. Sainsbury  G24/760/1047  1889

Houses, Chapel Street, T. Colbourne  G24/760/1048  1889

House, William Street, J. Truman  G24/760/1049  1889

Additions to Promitive Methodist Chapel, Regent Street  G24/760/1050  1889

Church, Ashford Road, Rev. M. Ponsonby  G24/760/1051  1889

Subway, Rodbourne Road, G. W. R. Co.  G24/760/1052  1889

Houses, Havelock Street, J. Horsell  G24/760/1053  1889

Houses, Exmouth Street, T. & J. Arkell Ltd  G24/760/1054  1889

Alterations, Concrete House, York Place, J. Johnson  G24/760/1055  1889

Houses, Theobald Street, L. Thomas  G24/760/1056  1889

Alterations to Locomotive Inn, Queen Street, Cripps & Co.  G24/760/1057  1889

Alterations, 62 Princes Street, J. Clark  G24/760/1058  1889

School Extensions, Clifton Street, Swindon School Board  G24/760/1059  1889

Houses, 13-16 Park Lane, W. Ford  G24/760/1060  1889

Cottages, Regents Place, L. Morse  G24/760/1061  1889

Alteration to Beaconfield Clubhouse, Eastcott House, W. Sewell  G24/760/1062  1889

Twenty Two houses, Near Park Lane, J. Hunt  G24/760/1063  1889

Houses, Hythe Road, J. Gregory  G24/760/1064  1889

Houses, Argyle Street and Cricklade Road, C. Joyce  G24/760/1065  1889

Houses, High Street, H. Cook  G24/760/1066  1889

West Swindon Club, Radnor Street, H. Baker  G24/760/1067  1889

Housing Estate, Gorse Hill Farm, J. Hinton  G24/760/1068  1889

New Road, Argyle Street, A. Barns  G24/760/1069  1889

Shop & house, Havelock Street, H. Harrin  G24/760/1070  1889

Cottages, William Street, T. Lansdowne  G24/760/1071  1889

Houses, Ashford Road, W. Chambers  G24/760/1072  1889

Houses & shop, High Street, C. Hunt  G24/760/1073  1889

Stable and coach houses, 40 Bridge Street, W. Bromley  G24/760/1074  1889

Shop,fronts, 52- 53 Regent Street, L. Morse  G24/760/1075  1889

Stable and trap-house, Avenue Terrace, W. Carpenter  G24/760/1076  1889

House & shops, Adjoining Temple Street, S. Hinton  G24/760/1077  1889

Office, High Street, J. Matthews  G24/760/1078  1889

Additions to Belle Vue Inn, Union Row, J. Arkell & Sons  G24/760/1079  1889

Five houses, The Sands, Messrs Cooke & Pakeman  G24/760/1080  1889

Five houses, Avenue Road, E. Ing  G24/760/1081  1889

Five houses, Avenue Road, W. Read  G24/760/1082  1889

Two houses, Avenue Road, C. Millin  G24/760/1083  1889

Houses & stable, Victoria Road, J. Hunt  G24/760/1084  1889

Housing estate, Swindon Road, Bristol & Western Land & Investment Co. Ltd  G24/760/1085  1889

House alterations, Wood Street, W. Clappen  G24/760/1086  1889

Bakehouse, Victoria Street, J. Raven  G24/760/1087  1889

Five houses, Avenue Road, E. Sammes  G24/760/1088  1889

Shop, 6 Wood Street, H. Bond  G24/760/1089  1889

Cottages, Drove Road, T. Turner  G24/760/1090  1889

Two houses, Western Street, B. Marsh  G24/760/1091  1889

Alterations, 61 Princes Street, J. Clark  G24/760/1092  1890

Baker's shop and houses, Dean Street, J. Hunt  G24/760/1093  1890

Houses, St. Paul's Street, H. Dunn  G24/760/1094  1890

Houses, 74-83 Commercial Road, W. Dawson  G24/760/1095  1890

Assembly Room, New Road, A. Withy  G24/760/1096  1890

Houses, Hythe Road, J. Gregory  G24/760/1097  1890

Warehouse, Holbrook Street, A. Williams  G24/760/1098  1890

Stables & sheds, Gloucester Street, G. Eatwell  G24/760/1099  1890

Houses, Exmouth Street, E. Culham  G24/760/1100  1890

Houses & shops, Road from New Bridge to York Place, C. Williams  G24/760/1101  1890

Houses, Rollestone Estate, J. Spackman  G24/760/1102  1890

Shop & house, Hythe Road, R .Willis  G24/760/1103  1890

Alterations to The Eagle Tavern, 6 Regent Street, H. Thomas  G24/760/1104  1890

House, Hythe Road, G. Parsons  G24/760/1105  1890

Houses, Hythe Road, J. Cowley  G24/760/1106  1890

Houses, Hythe & Ashford Road, J. Day  G24/760/1107  1890

Houses, Exmouth Street, E. Harvey  G24/760/1108  1890

House, Radnor Street, W. Willis  G24/760/1109  1890

Houses, Morris Street, B. Millar  G24/760/1110  1890

Shop & house, Rolleston Street, H. Raggett  G24/760/1111  1890

Extension to shop, 63 Regent Street, E. Caudwell  G24/760/1112  1890

Houses & shop, High Street, Gorse Hill, H. Cook  G24/760/1113  1890

Houses, Ponting Street, H. & C. Spackman  G24/760/1114  1890

Houses, Curtis & Deacon Streets, Messrs Crombey & Horsell  G24/760/1115  1890

House, 22 Fleet Street, A. Williams  G24/760/1116  1890

Houses, off High Street, Gorse Hill, J. Belcher  G24/760/1117  1890

Cottages, Jennings Street, T. Hayward  G24/760/1118  1890

Houses, Rodbourne Road, W. Ford  G24/760/1119  1890

House, Clifton Street, F. Hinton  G24/760/1120  1890

Primitive Methodist Chapel & School, High Street, Gorse Hill  G24/760/1121  1890

House, Argyle Street, T. Sealy  G24/760/1122  1890

Houses, Bright Street, T. Colbourne  G24/760/1123  1890

House & shop, Eastcott Hill, R. Nicholson  G24/760/1124  1890

Houses & shop, Medgbury Road, J. Clark  G24/760/1125  1890

Houses, York Street, J. Horsell  G24/760/1126  1890

Stables & traphouse, 2 Station Road, G. Ball  G24/760/1127  1890

Houses, Western Street, G. Raven  G24/760/1128  1890

Slaughterhouse, 62 Regent Street, F. Arbin  G24/760/1129  1890

Caretakers house & additions to Baptist Tabernacle, Temple Street, H. Deacon  G24/760/1130  1890

Housing Layout, Upper Eastern Estate, Messrs Maxwell & Tuke  G24/760/1131  1890

Houses, Rodbourne Road, L. Thomas  G24/760/1132  1890

Houses, Argyle Street & Cricklade Road, J. Hampton  G24/760/1133  1890

Layout of streets & sewers, Rolleston Estate, W. Rolleston  G24/760/1134  1890

Shop & workshop, 39 Regent Street, C. Flocks  G24/760/1135  1890

Alterations, 57 Regent Street, J. Cox  G24/760/1136  1890

Houses, Argyle Street & Cricklade Road, A. Barns  G24/760/1137  1890

Hotel, Commercial Road, W. Crombey  G24/760/1138  1890

Houses & shops, Rolleston Estate, W. Crombey  G24/760/1139  1890

Houses, 30-33 Victoria Road, H. Cook  G24/760/1140  1890

Houses, Near Rolleston Street, E. Chambers  G24/760/1141  1890

Houses, Lorne Street, H. Bennett  G24/760/1142  1890

House, Cricklade Road, C. Davis  G24/760/1143  1890

Houses, Dean Street, T. George  G24/760/1144  1890

House, Gordon Street, J. Webb  G24/760/1145  1890

House shop & cottages, Maxwell Street, C. Williams  G24/760/1146  1890

Street layout, Curtis Street, W. Rolleston  G24/760/1147  1890

Houses, Deacon, Crombey & Curtis Streets, Messrs Crombey & Horsell  G24/760/1148  1890

Houses & shops, Commercial Road, J. Hinton  G24/760/1149  1890

Houses, Hythe Road, J. Gregory  G24/760/1150  1890

Houses, Commercial Road, W. Dawson  G24/760/1151  1890

Houses, Dean Street, F. Eatwell  G24/760/1152  1890

Additions to Clothing Factory, Sheppard Street, J. Compton & Sons  G24/760/1153  1890

Houses & shops, Curtis Street, G. Whitehead  G24/760/1154  1890

Houses, Whiteman Road, H.Cook  G24/760/1155  1890

Offices, 35 Regent Circus, C. Bishop  G24/760/1156  1890

Houses, Whiteman Road, C. Hunt  G24/760/1157  1890

Improvements, 60 Regent Street, E. Smith  G24/760/1158  1890

Houses, Edinburgh Street & Cricklade Road, T. Baker  G24/760/1159  1890

House, Regent Street, E. Hurt  G24/760/1160  1890

House, Dixon Street, J. Brooks  G24/760/1161  1890

Houses, Market Street, E. Chambers  G24/760/1162  1890

Houses, Maxwell Street, J. Williams  G24/760/1163  1890

Cottages, Summers Street, W. Norridge  G24/760/1164  1890

Cottages, Jolliffe Street, W. Ford  G24/760/1165  1890

Houses, Stafford Street, J. Deacon  G24/760/1166  1890

Houses, Whiteman Street, W. Hobbs  G24/760/1167  1890

Houses, Summers Street, W. Harris  G24/760/1168  1890

Cottage, Near Regent Street, J. Powell  G24/760/1169  1890

Houses, Ashford Road, W. Chambers  G24/760/1170  1890

Houses, Birch Street, L. Thomas  G24/760/1171  1890

Houses, Victoria Road, W. Ford  G24/760/1172  1890

New Streets & Sewers, Rolleston Estate, J. Maxwell  G24/760/1173  1890

Houses, Morse Street, L. Morse  G24/760/1174  1890

Shops, Commercial Road, L. Morse  G24/760/1175  1890

Addition to Ship Inn, Westcott Place, Cirencester Brewery Co. Ltd.  G24/760/1176  1890

Housing Estate, Kingshill, J. Sheppard  G24/760/1177  1890

Stables, 8 Victoria Street, G. Raven  G24/760/1178  1890

Shop, Cricklade Street, W. Clappen  G24/760/1179  1890

Houses, Avenue Road, E. Ing  G24/760/1180  1890

Alterations to house, Belle Vue, J. Kirby  G24/760/1181  1890

Houses, Lansdown Road, Messrs Cook & Pakeman  G24/760/1182  1890

Additions to Congregational Church Schools, Victoria Street, W. Read  G24/760/1183  1890

Alterations to School, King William Street  G24/760/1184  1890

Houses, Avenue Road, E. Sammes  G24/760/1185  1890

Alterations, Victoria Street, J. Cooper  G24/760/1186  1890

Houses, Hythe Road, J. Hinton  G24/760/1187  1890

House, Hythe Road, C. Cripps  G24/760/1188  1890

Houses, Eastcott Road, W. Reynolds  G24/760/1189  1890

Houses, Hythe Road, J. Bartlett  G24/760/1190  1890

Addition to house, Prospect, E. Henley  G24/760/1191  1890

Houses, Permanent Building Soc.  G24/760/1192  c. 1890

House, Bath Road, J. Adams  G24/760/1193  1890

Church, Eastcott, F.R. Young  G24/760/1194  c. 1890

House, The Sands, W. Chambers  G24/760/1195  1891

Houses, Commercial Road, E. Chambers  G24/760/1196  1891

Fitting Shop, Rear of 50 & 51 Regent Street, J. Lott  G24/760/1197  1891

Houses, Curtis Street, L. Morse  G24/760/1198  1891

Alterations to Duke of Edinburgh Inn, Cricklade Road, T. & T. Arkell Ltd  G24/760/1199  1891

House, 61 Eastcott Hill, R. Brown  G24/760/1200  1891

Houses, Hythe Road, J. Gregory  G24/760/1201  1891

Shop sign, 39 Regent Street, C. Flocks  G24/760/1202  1891

Houses, Between Morse & Havelock Streets, J. Williams  G24/760/1203  1891

Houses, Radnor Street, J. Kingman  G24/760/1204  1891

Houses & baker's shop, Davis Street, E. Chambers  G24/760/1205  1891

Houses, William & Summers Streets, W. Norridge  G24/760/1206  1891

Houses, Lorne Street, E. Jones  G24/760/1207  1891

Stable, 47 Regent Street, W. Ring  G24/760/1208  1891

Shop fronts, Regent Circus, T. Coleman  G24/760/1209  1891

Shop & house, Groundwell Road, J. Campbell  G24/760/1210  1891

Houses, Morris Street, B. Millar  G24/760/1211  1891

Shop, Off Faringdon Street, J. Ponting  G24/760/1212  1891

Shop front, Market Street, A. Williams  G24/760/1213  1891

Houses, George Street, T. George  G24/760/1214  1891

Houses, Havelock Street, J. Spackman  G24/760/1215  1891

Houses, Gorse Hill Farm Estate, W. New  G24/760/1216  1891

Houses, Dowling Street, Messrs Davies & Keylock  G24/760/1217  1891

Houses, Hythe Road, G. Matthews  G24/760/1218  1891

Conversion to shops, 3 & 4 Regent Circus, H. Cook  G24/760/1219  1891

Alterations, The Planks, W. Reynolds  G24/760/1220  1891

Houses, Birch Street, L. Thomas  G24/760/1221  1891

Houses, Holbrook Street, R. Bishop  G24/760/1222  1891

House, Hythe Road, F. Etherington  G24/760/1223  1891

Houses, 1-15 Dowling Street, M. Lander  G24/760/1224  1891

Alterations, 5-6 Regent Circus, Mrs Hinton  G24/760/1225  1891

Houses, Crombey Street, W. Grainger  G24/760/1226  1891

Houses, Temple Street, T. Baker  G24/760/1227  1891

Slaughterhouse, Regent Circus, J. Packer  G24/760/1228  1891

House & school, Victoria Road, Mrs E. Currey  G24/760/1229  1891

Houses, Victoria New Road, J. Hunt  G24/760/1230  1891

Houses, Lethbridge Road, E. Sammes  G24/760/1231  1891

Houses, Commercial Road, C. Williams  G24/760/1232  1891

Shop & houses, Lorne Street, H. Bennett  G24/760/1233  1891

Houses, Ferndale Road, A. Jenkins  G24/760/1234  1891

Houses, Victoria Road, W. Ford  G24/760/1235  1891

Shop & Hair Cutting Salon, Regent Circus, Mrs Llewellyn  G24/760/1236  1891

Factory additions, Sheppard Street, Compton & Sons  G24/760/1237  1891

Houses, Summers, Horace & Jennings Streets, B. Millar  G24/760/1238  1891

House, Eastcott Hill, W. Stanier  G24/760/1239  1891

Houses, George Street, W. Ford  G24/760/1240  1891

Houses, Gordon Road, J. Webb  G24/760/1241  1891

Houses, Dixon Street, Messrs Davis & Keylock  G24/760/1242  1891

Shop fronts & washhouses, Regents Circus, L. Morse  G24/760/1243  1891

Houses, Morley Street, L. Morse  G24/760/1244  1891

School, Ripley Road, R. Sarrant  G24/760/1245  1891

Shop & house, Commercial Road, J. Longland  G24/760/1246  1891

Billiard Room at The Volunteer Hotel, Bridge Street, M. Dowson  G24/760/1247  1891

Houses & bakers shop, Granville Street, L. Morse  G24/760/1248  1891

Additions, 12 Park Lane, Revd. C. Gott  G24/760/1249  1891

Dairy, Temple Buildings, J. Hinton  G24/760/1250  1891

Houses, Dixon Street, S. Gale  G24/760/1251  1891

Houses, Dixon Street, T. Barrett  G24/760/1252  1891

Roads layout, Rolleston Estate, Messrs Maxwell & Tuke  G24/760/1253  1891

Houses, Rollestone Estate, H. Smith  G24/760/1254  1891

House, Princes Street, J. Hinton  G24/760/1255  1891

Houses, Maidstone Road, Messrs Cook & Pakeman  G24/760/1256  1891

House, Victoria Road, T. Jefferies  G24/760/1257  1891

House, Dixon Street, H. Llewellyn  G24/760/1258  1891

House, Commercial Road, J. Ponting  G24/760/1259  1891

Shop fronts, Corner of Fleet & John Streets, W. Frost  G24/760/1260  1891

Salvation Army Fortress, Fleet Street, W. Booth & W. Cook  G24/760/1261  1891

Alterations to laundry, Aylesbury Street & Station Road, Swindon Steam Laundry Co.  G24/760/1262  1891

House, Princes Street, J. Hinton  G24/760/1263  1891

Houses, Belle Vue, C. Cooper  G24/760/1264  1891

Alterations to the "Running Horse" Inn, Wootton Bassett Road, T. & J. Arkell Ltd  G24/760/1265  1891

Cottages, Off William Street, W. Large  G24/760/1266  1891

Cottages, Dixon Street, H. Deacon  G24/760/1267  1891

Additions, 8 Princes Street, J. Smith  G24/760/1268  1891

Additions to the "Kingshead" Inn, Fleet Street, Wadley Bros.  G24/760/1269  1891

Shop, Faringdon Street, W. Little  G24/760/1270  1891

Houses, Kingshill, W. Iles  G24/760/1271  1891

Houses, Gorse Hill Farm Estate, W. Butt  G24/760/1272  1891

Slaughterhouse, Cambria Bridge Road, J. Corpe  G24/760/1273  1891

Houses, Kingshill, A. Bartlett  G24/760/1274  1891

Alterations, 87 Regent Street, H. Schmitz  G24/760/1275  1891

Houses, Poulton Street, N. Bown  G24/760/1276  1891

Alterations, 9 Queen Anne's Buildings, Rev. D. Buller  G24/760/1277  1891

Houses & bakehouse, Whiteman & Poulton Streets, W. Hobbs  G24/760/1278  1891

Vicarage for St. Barnabas Church, Revd. P. Maddocks  G24/760/1279  1891

Extension, The Cups Coffee Tavern, Regent Street, S. Foss  G24/760/1280  1891

Houses, Victoria Road, H. Cook  G24/760/1281  1891

Blacksmith's shop, Gorse Hill, H. Cook  G24/760/1282  1891

Houses, Dean Street, J. Hunt  G24/760/1283  1891

House, Page Street, A. Page  G24/760/1284  1891

G.W. R. Mechanics Institution, High Street, B. Binyon  G24/760/1285  1891

Houses, Butterworth Street, F. & J. George  G24/760/1286  1891

Warehouse for Co-operative Stores, East Street, E. Bramwell  G24/760/1287  1891

Shop front, Birch Street, W. Young  G24/760/1288  1891

Bakehouse, Devizes Road, W. Barnes  G24/760/1289  1891

Addition to premises, 19 High Street, Groves & Son  G24/760/1290  1891

House alterations, 36 Bridge Street, A. Evans  G24/760/1291  1891

Photographic Studio, Back of Allotments, Milton Road, J. Skingle  G24/760/1292  1891

Houses, Hythe Road, H. Ing  G24/760/1293  1891

Houses, Ashford Road, W. Chambers  G24/760/1294  1891

Street, Parallel to and south of Crombey Street, J. Maxwell  G24/760/1295  1891

Houses, 1-22 Whitehead Street, W. Grainger  G24/760/1296  1891

Houses, Cow Lane, C. Williams  G24/760/1297  1891

Houses, Cricklade Road, A. Barns  G24/760/1298  1891

Additions to Police Station, South Street, W.C.C.  G24/760/1299  1891

Shop & house, Birch Street, L. Thomas  G24/760/1300  1892

Houses & shop, Princes Street, W. Young  G24/760/1301  1892

Not used  G24/760/1302  undated

Houses, Ferndale Road, W. Hobbs  G24/760/1303  1892

Lodge, Wilts County Ground  G24/760/1304  1892

Mission House Chapel, Rear of 5, Park Lane, Rev. M. Ponsonby  G24/760/1305  1892

House, Ashford Road, H. Day  G24/760/1306  1892

Salvation Army Citadel, Shops & Houses, Fleet Street, C. Malvern  G24/760/1307  1892

Houses, Groundwell Road, C. Williams  G24/760/1308  1892

Houses, Deacon Street, E. Jones  G24/760/1309  1892

Houses, Deacon Street, H. Bennett  G24/760/1310  1892

House, Fairview, Radnor Street, T. Robins  G24/760/1311  1892

Houses, Stanier Street, T. Baker  G24/760/1312  1892

House & stable, Princes Street, M. Lander  G24/760/1313  1892

Cottages, Regent Place, J. Hunt  G24/760/1314  1892

Houses, Turner Street, T. Turner  G24/760/1315  1892

House, Hythe Street, L. Monks  G24/760/1316  1892

Houses, Stanier Street, H. Cook  G24/760/1317  1892

Shop, 58 Regent Street, L. Morse  G24/760/1318  1892

Not used  G24/760/1319  undated

House, Kingshill, H. Hinton  G24/760/1320  1892

Houses, Birch Street, W. Ford  G24/760/1321  1892

Houses & shop, Romsey Street, J. White  G24/760/1322  1892

House, Springfield Road, W. Dean  G24/760/1323  1892

Houses, Devizes Road, J. Halliday  G24/760/1324  1892

Shop front, 68 Regent Street, W. Pugsley  G24/760/1325  1892

Baptist Tabernacle Sunday School, Temple Street, H. Deacon  G24/760/1326  1892

Shop & house, Cricklade Road, A. Dunn  G24/760/1327  1892

Houses, Jennings Street, B. Millar  G24/760/1328  1892

Houses, Albion Street, C. Hunt  G24/760/1329  1892

House, Ashford Road, F. Fox  G24/760/1330  1892

House, Clifton Street, H. Smith  G24/760/1331  1892

Houses, Kent Road, E. Sammes  G24/760/1332  1892

Alterations, 59 Regent Street, W. Hunter  G24/760/1333  1892

Bakery extensions, 1 Henry Street, Co-Operative Society  G24/760/1334  1892

Shop, Victoria New Road, W. Harrison  G24/760/1335  1892

Shop front, 69 Regent Street, E. Hall  G24/760/1336  1892

St. Marks Sunday Schools, Maxwell Street, C. Knights  G24/760/1337  1892

Flour Mill, Off Princes Street, E. Skurray  G24/760/1338  1892

Houses, Horsell Street, Messrs Davis & Keylock  G24/760/1339  1892

Street Layout, Horsell & Edmund Streets, Messrs Maxwell & Tuke  G24/760/1340  1892

Houses, Victoria New Road, J. Hunt  G24/760/1341  1892

Houses, Crombey Street, J. Cobern  G24/760/1342  1892

Houses, Crombey Street, B. Millar  G24/760/1343  1892

Houses, Fullesden Street, J. Webb  G24/760/1344  1892

House, Victoria Road, A. Bartlett  G24/760/1345  1892

Cottages, Princes Street, C. Williams  G24/760/1346  1892

Additions, 54 Bridge Street, F. Blaxland  G24/760/1347  1892

Houses, 23-34 Whitehead Street, H. Bennett  G24/760/1348  1892

Houses, Crombey Street, H. Iles  G24/760/1349  1892

Shops & houses, Commercial Road, L. Morse  G24/760/1350  1892

House, Hythe Road, J. Bartlett  G24/760/1351  1892

Houses, Dixon Road, W. Partridge  G24/760/1352  1892

Shop fronts, 70/71 Regent Street, F. Rogers  G24/760/1353  1892

Houses, Edmund Street, Messrs Davis & Keylock  G24/760/1354  1892

Alterations, 1 Brunel Street, Miss Beaminster  G24/760/1355  1892

Shop front, Faringdon Street, W. Little  G24/760/1356  1892

Houses, Crombey Street, W. Beale  G24/760/1357  1892

Stables & coachhouse, Great Western Hotel, F. Arkell & Co  G24/760/1358  1892

Bakery, Radnor Street, Kingshill Co-op Stores  G24/760/1359  1892

Houses, Ferndale Road, Messrs Humphries & Chivers  G24/760/1360  1892

Business Premises, Regent Street, W. McIlroy  G24/760/1361  1892

Parochial Hall, Aylesbury Street, Revd. R. Yarde-Buller  G24/760/1362  1892

Additions to premises, 81 Regent Street, Messrs Pooles & Butler  G24/760/1363  1892

Seventeen houses, Gypsy Lane, A. Horler  G24/760/1364  1892

Bakehouse & stables, Carfax Street, H. Thomas  G24/760/1365  1892

Alterations, Albion Buildings, R. Carrier  G24/760/1366  1892

Additions to school, The Sands, S. Snell  G24/760/1367  1892

Workshop, Devizes Road, W. Garrett  G24/760/1368  1892

Club, The Sands, M. Wiltshire  G24/760/1369  1892

Houses, Bath Road, C. Bishop  G24/760/1370  1892

Houses, Morse Street, W. Beale  G24/760/1371  1892

Additions to shop, Hinton Street, A. Haynes  G24/760/1372  1892

Houses, Deacon Street, E. Jones  G24/760/1373  1892

Alterations, Castle Hotel, W. Fisher  G24/760/1374  1892

Cottages, Stanmore Street, J. Spackman  G24/760/1375  1892

Primitive Methodist Chapel, Butterworth Street, J. Horne  G24/760/1376  1892

Houses, Cross Street, J. Hinton  G24/760/1377  1892

Offices, Princes Street, E. Skurray  G24/760/1378  1892

Drainage, Birch, Ford & Dean Streets, Messrs Maxwell & Tuke  G24/760/1379  1892

Shops, Bridge Street, W. Clappen  G24/760/1380  1892

Houses, Dean Street, Messrs F. & J. George  G24/760/1381  1892

Houses, Hythe Road, J. Green  G24/760/1382  1892

Shop, Groundwell & Victoria Roads, C. Williams  G24/760/1383  1892

Coach house & harness room, St. Marks Vicarage, Canon Ponsonby  G24/760/1384  1892

House, Hythe Road, M. Mason  G24/760/1385  1892

Stable, Morse Street, W. Beale  G24/760/1386  1892

Houses, Ripley Road, J. Williams  G24/760/1387  1892

Fourteen houses, Whitehead Street, W. Grainger  G24/760/1388  1892

Shop front, 22 Faringdon Street, J. Shawyer  G24/760/1389  1893

Shop & offices, Regent Circus, J. Hinton & Son  G24/760/1390  1893

House, Ashford Road, R. Flew  G24/760/1391  1893

Houses, Eastcott Hill, H. Bennett  G24/760/1392  1893

Cottages, Stanmore Street, J. Spackman  G24/760/1393  1893

Cottages, Redcliffe Street, C. Williams  G24/760/1394  1893

Shops, 77, 78, 79, Regent Street, H. Cook  G24/760/1395  1893

Houses, Victoria New Road, J. Hunt  G24/760/1396  1893

Houses & shops, Commercial Road, J. Williams  G24/760/1397  1893

Houses, Edmund Street, Messrs Davis & Keylock  G24/760/1398  1893

Dairy, Regent Street, W. Franklin  G24/760/1399  1893

House, Dean Street, J. Hunt  G24/760/1400  1893

Warehouse with workshop, Farnsby Street, Messrs Edwards, Bays & Rye  G24/760/1401  1893

Arcade of shops, 55 & 56 Regent Street, L. Morse  G24/760/1402  1893

Alterations, 22 High Street, W. Smith  G24/760/1403  1893

Printing works, County Road, Messrs Eddington & Cadbury  G24/760/1404  1893

Workshop, 7 Fleet Street, W. Haskins  G24/760/1405  1893

Alterations, 13 Cromwell Street, W. Howell  G24/760/1406  1893

Workmen's Club, Chapel Street, J. Day  G24/760/1407  1893

Addition to workmen's club, High Street, A. Brown  G24/760/1408  1893

Houses & workshop, Victoria Street, C. Hunt  G24/760/1409  1893

Warehouse with workshop, 59 Regent Street, W. Hunter  G24/760/1410  1893

Additions, 6 Queen Anne's Buildings, G. Bosley  G24/760/1411  1893

Addition to "The Limes", Dixon Street, R. Wall  G24/760/1412  1893

Bonding Oven, Belle-Vue Road, E. Savage  G24/760/1413  1893

Stables, Marlborough Road, J. Stacker  G24/760/1414  1893

Additions, 3 Bridge Street, G.Howell  G24/760/1415  1893

Shop fronts, 21 & 22 Cromwell Street, G. Bishop  G24/760/1416  1893

Boiler House and extensions, Drove Road, Swindon Gas & Coke Co. Ltd  G24/760/1417  1893

House, Devizes Road, W. Adams  G24/760/1418  1893

Central Club alterations, 5 & 6 Market Street, G. Farr  G24/760/1419  1893

House, Eastcott Hill, H. Bennettt  G24/760/1420  1893

Houses, Crombey Street, L. Morse  G24/760/1421  1893

Stables, Marlborough Road, E. Lawrence  G24/760/1422  1893

Houses, Dean Street, L. Thomas  G24/760/1423  1893

Houses, Curtis Street, T. & J. George  G24/760/1424  1893

House & shop, Crombey Street, H. Iles  G24/760/1425  1893

House, Cricklade Road, J. Hinton  G24/760/1426  1893

Smithy, Devizes Road, W. Clappen  G24/760/1427  1893

Stable for Ship Hotel, Birch Street, Cirencester Brewery Ltd  G24/760/1428  1893

Sewing Machine, Outside 6 Regent Circus, A. Wear  G24/760/1429  1893

Schoolroom, Sheppard Street, Mrs C. Yarde-Buller  G24/760/1430  1893

Warehouse, Cromwell Street, C. Cooper  G24/760/1431  1893

House & shop, Drove Street, G. Colbourne  G24/760/1432  1893

House, Victoria Street, Dr. Dale  G24/760/1433  1893

Houses, Islington Street, H. Smith  G24/760/1434  1893

Houses, Crombey Street, L. Thomas  G24/760/1435  1893

Houses, Florence Road, J. Hinton  G24/760/1436  1893

Houses, John Street, M. Bell  G24/760/1437  1893

Houses, Clifton Street, W. Fulbrook  G24/760/1438  1893

Houses, Cambria Bridge Street, J. Webb  G24/760/1439  1893

Houses, Dean Street, Messrs T. & J. George  G24/760/1440  1894

House, Edinburgh Road, A. Barns  G24/760/1441  1894

Houses, stable & coachhouse, Hunt Street, J. Hinton  G24/760/1442  1894

Primitive Methodist Sunday School, Regent Street  G24/760/1443  1894

House, Stafford Street, J. Goddard  G24/760/1444  1894

Workshop, 48 Whitehead Street, W. Grainger  G24/760/1445  1894

House, Westcott Place, W. Haynes  G24/760/1446  1894

Houses & shop, Dean Street, J. Hunt  G24/760/1447  1894

Houses & shop, Deacon Street, L. Thomas  G24/760/1448  1894

Houses, Radnor Street, L. Morse  G24/760/1449  1894

House, Devizes Road, J. Williams  G24/760/1450  1894

House, The Sands, G. Pressey  G24/760/1451  1894

Five houses, Victoria Road, L. Morse  G24/760/1452  1894

House, Ashford Road, H. Dawe  G24/760/1453  1894

Houses, Morse Street, W. Grainger  G24/760/1454  1894

House, Okus Street, G. Pressey  G24/760/1455  1894

Stables, Princes Street, F. Skurray & Son  G24/760/1456  1894

Shop Front, 7 Fleet Street, W. Haskins  G24/760/1457  1894

House, Cricklade Road, P. Wichall  G24/760/1458  1894

House, Bath Road, J. Steward  G24/760/1459  1894

House, Hinton Street, Mrs J. Barwick  G24/760/1460  1894

Shop alterations, 36 Regent Street, W. Hunter  G24/760/1461  1894

Congregational Chapel, Danford Street, T. Silcock  G24/760/1462  1894

Additions to Standish Villa, Bellevue, J. Kirby  G24/760/1463  1894

Houses, Eastcott Hill, F. Brooks  G24/760/1464  1894

Houses, Deacon Street, H. Bennett  G24/760/1465  1894

Cottages, Radnor Street, J. Spackman  G24/760/1466  1894

Houses & shops, Regent Street, G. Whitehead  G24/760/1467  1894

Houses, Wroughton Road, H Cook  G24/760/1468  1894

Houses, Hythe Road, W. Chambers  G24/760/1469  1894

Organ Chamber at St. Johns Church, Aylesbury Street, Rev. Buller  G24/760/1470  1894

Houses, Cricklade Road, W. Gerring  G24/760/1471  1894

Houses, Okus Road, T. Lansdown  G24/760/1472  1894

Alterations to "Artillery Arms", Regent Street, T. & J. Arkell Ltd  G24/760/1473  1894

"Bell & Shoulder of Mutton Inn ", Marlborough Road, Swindon & North Wilts Breweries Ltd  G24/760/1474  1894

House, shop & stables, Hythe & Ashford Roads, W. Young  G24/760/1475  1894

Houses, Ford Street, L. Thomas  G24/760/1476  1894

House, Fairview Road, G. Seath  G24/760/1477  1894

Additions to Bellevue Inn, Union Row, T. & J. Arkell Ltd  G24/760/1478  1894

Houses, Cricklade Road, J. Hinton  G24/760/1479  1894

House, Hythe Road, J. Green  G24/760/1480  1894

Houses, Dean Street, H. Barrett  G24/760/1481  1894

House, shop & stables, Ashford & Kent Roads, W. Chambers  G24/760/1482  1894

Houses, Birch Street, A. Colborne  G24/760/1483  1894

Houses, Nelson Street, A. Colborne  G24/760/1484  1894

Houses, Islington Street, T. & J. George  G24/760/1485  1894

Houses, Dean Street, H. Iles  G24/760/1486  1894

Addition to house, Commercial Road, A. Rye  G24/760/1487  1894

Additions to the "Eagle Tavern", Regent Street, H. Thomas  G24/760/1488  1894

Houses, Dixon Street, T. & J. George  G24/760/1489  1894

Shop extension, 9 Fleet Street, F. Adams  G24/760/1490  1894

House, Victoria New Road, J. Storer  G24/760/1491  1894

Slaughterhouse, 3 Victoria Street, A. Richards  G24/760/1492  1894

Houses, Bellevue, T. Turner  G24/760/1493  1894

Houses, Islington Street, H. Smith  G24/760/1494  1894

House & shop, Victoria Street, H. Kent  G24/760/1495  1894

Additions to houses & shops, Regent Street, G. Whitehead  G24/760/1496  1894

House, Clifton Street, F. Legg  G24/760/1497  1894

Shop extension, 10 Fleet Street, A. Withy  G24/760/1498  1894

The "Clinton Arms", Hythe Road, Swindon & North Wilts Breweries Ltd  G24/760/1499  1894

Wesleyan Chapel, Percy Street, A. White  G24/760/1500  1894

Thirteen houses, Curtis Street, A. Herring  G24/760/1501  1894

Eleven houses, Gordon Gardens, W. Hobbs  G24/760/1502  1894

Houses, Devizes Road, H. Cook  G24/760/1503  1895

House, Cow Lane, A. Methin  G24/760/1504  1895

Additions to County of Gloucester Bank, High Street  G24/760/1505  1895

Houses, Devizes Road, J. Williams  G24/760/1506  1895

Houses, Cricklade Road, W. Fulbrook  G24/760/1507  1895

Alterations to house, Prospect Place, Mrs C. Cooper  G24/760/1508  1895

House, Rushy Platt, E. Barnes  G24/760/1509  1895

Houses, Newhall Street, H. & C. Spackman  G24/760/1510  1895

Houses, Newhall Street, W. Grainger  G24/760/1511  1895

Houses, Birch Street, L. Thomas  G24/760/1512  1895

Skittle Alley, Radnor Street, G. Walker  G24/760/1513  1895

Warehouse & stable, Regent Street, B. Harding  G24/760/1514  1895

Houses, Tennyson Street, L. Thomas  G24/760/1515  1895

House, Byron Street, W. Frost  G24/760/1516  1895

Shop, 53 Bridge Street, F. Blackland  G24/760/1517  1895

Additions to Printing Works, Bradford Road, H. Piper  G24/760/1518  1895

Slaughterhouse, Cricklade Road, J. Cooper  G24/760/1519  1895

Two houses, The Quarries, H. Selby  G24/760/1520  1895

Six houses, Ripley Road, W. Garrett  G24/760/1521  1895

Additions to Prospect Club, Prospect Place, W. Hilliard  G24/760/1522  1895

Houses, Bath Road, J. Hinton  G24/760/1523  1895

Additions to house & shop, Fleet Street, F. Budgett  G24/760/1524  1895

Extensions, 20 & 21 Regent Street, W. Hunter  G24/760/1525  1895

House, Hunt Street, R. Phelps  G24/760/1526  1895

Houses, Whiteman Street, H. Cook  G24/760/1527  1895

Mission house, Milton Road & Tennyson Street  G24/760/1528  1895

Houses, Ferndale Road, W. Gerring  G24/760/1529  1895

Houses, 51-52 Victoria Road, T. Colbourne  G24/760/1530  1895

Houses, Whiteman Street, W. Hobbs  G24/760/1531  1895

Shops, 16-17 Regent Circus, J. Hinton & Sons  G24/760/1532  1895

Alterations, 28 Fleet Street, J. Easter  G24/760/1533  1895

House, Hythe Road, J. Lay  G24/760/1534  1895

House, Kingshill, F. Baden  G24/760/1535  1985

House, Percy Street, T. Mullett  G24/760/1536  1895

Houses, Whiteman Street, N. Bown  G24/760/1537  1895

House, Victoria Road, E. Jones  G24/760/1538  1895

Houses, Whiteman Road, J. Williams  G24/760/1539  1895

Houses, Lethbridge Road, J. Bartlett  G24/760/1540  1895

House & workshop, Whiteman Street, N. Brown  G24/760/1541  1895

House alterations, Carfax Street, A. Witcomb  G24/760/1542  1895

Houses, Hythe Road, F. Jones  G24/760/1543  1895

Skittle Alley at "Duke of Edinburgh" Inn, Cricklade Road, T. & J. Arkell Ltd  G24/760/1544  1895

House, Lansdown Road, J. Hinton  G24/760/1545  1895

Bowling Saloon at "Dolphin Hotel", Rodbourne Road, T. & J. Arkell Ltd  G24/760/1546  1895

Houses & shop, Tennyson Street & Milton Road, L. Thomas  G24/760/1547  1895

Hotel, Cricklade Road, C. Williams  G24/760/1548  1895

Houses, Whitney Street, R. Leighfield  G24/760/1549  1896

House, Victoria Road, J. Hinton  G24/760/1550  1896

Clubhouse & Institute, Commercial Road, G. Farr  G24/760/1551  1896

Houses, Crombey Street, W. Grainger  G24/760/1552  1896

House, Kent Road, J. Day  G24/760/1553  1896

Houses, Quarries, A. Selby  G24/760/1554  1896

Houses, Wroughton Road, H. Cook  G24/760/1555  1896

Houses, Milton Road, W. Fulbrook  G24/760/1556  1896

Houses, Exmouth Street, J. Wall  G24/760/1557  1896

Houses, Spring Gardens, W. Hobbs  G24/760/1558  1896

Houses, Westcott Place, W. Fulbrook  G24/760/1559  1896

Houses, Crombey Street, H. & C. Spackman  G24/760/1560  1896

Additions, Great Western Hotel, T. & J. Arkell  G24/760/1561  1896

House, Lansdown Road, W. Keylock  G24/760/1562  1896

House, Kent Road, R. Darke  G24/760/1563  1896

House & shop, High Street, S. Hinton  G24/760/1564  1896

Houses, Dixon Street, T. & J. George  G24/760/1565  1896

House, 29 Prospect Hill, T. Thorp  G24/760/1566  1896

Slaughterhouse, Cricklade Road, T. Carpenter  G24/760/1567  1896

Drainage, Redcliffe Street, J. Morrison  G24/760/1568  1896

Housing layout, Gorse Hill, J. Hinton  G24/760/1569  1896

Layout of housing & streets, Rolleston Estate, Messrs Bishop & Pritchett  G24/760/1570  1896

Alterations to "Locomotive Inn", Queen Street, Cirencester Brewery Co  G24/760/1571  1896

Houses, Cricklade Road, J. Harding  G24/760/1572  1896

Houses, Dixon Street, T. & J. George  G24/760/1573  1896

Houses, Redcliffe Street, C. Williams  G24/760/1574  1896

Houses, 53-54 Victoria Road, J. Robins  G24/760/1575  1896

Additions to Mineral Water Works, Swindon Road, W. Crook  G24/760/1576  1896

Additions, 1 Temple Buildings, Regent Street, T. Williams  G24/760/1577  1896

Houses, Victoria Hill, H. & C. Spackman  G24/760/1578  1896

House, Springfield Road, E. Skurray  G24/760/1579  1896

Houses, Westcott Place, F. Dack  G24/760/1580  1896

House & shop, Kent & Maidstone Roads, W. Chambers  G24/760/1581  1896

Bakehouse & Flour Loft, Arglye Street, D. Skinner  G24/760/1582  1896

Bakehouse & stable, 10 North Street, A. Smart  G24/760/1583  1896

Houses, 36-37 Milton Street, T. Wheeler  G24/760/1584  1896

Cottages, Albion Street, T. Ormston Pease  G24/760/1585  1896

Houses, Dryden Street, T. & J. George  G24/760/1586  1896

Houses, Iffley Road, W. Grainger  G24/760/1587  1896

House, Lethbridge Road, F. Williams  G24/760/1588  1896

Three houses, Quarries, W. & A. Selby  G24/760/1589  1896

Houses, Cricklade Road, G. Butterworth  G24/760/1590  1896

Houses, Westlecot Road, B. Winchcombe  G24/760/1591  1896

House, Ashford Road, J. Bennett  G24/760/1592  1896

Beer store & stabling, Eastcott Hill, Anglo Bavarian Brewery Co  G24/760/1593  1896

Houses, Stanley Street, H. & C. Spackman  G24/760/1594  1896

Houses, Hunt Street, F. Hinton  G24/760/1595  1896

Houses, Chapel Street, C. Williams  G24/760/1596  1896

Additions, 91 Regent Street, Messrs Tomkins & Barrett  G24/760/1597  1896

House, 164 Cricklade Road, R. Bizley  G24/760/1598  1896

House, Wesley Street, G. Pettifer  G24/760/1599  1896

Eight houses, Devizes Road, H. Cook  G24/760/1600  1896

Shop additions, 13A & 13B Fleet Street, W. Clappen  G24/760/1601  1896

Cottages, 134 - 140 Albion Street, F. Pease  G24/760/1602  1896

Houses, Milton Road, J. Hunt  G24/760/1603  1896

Alterations to "Falcon" Inn, Westcott Place, F. Wilson  G24/760/1604  1896

Queens Theatre, Groundwell Road, Heyes, Newton, Shaw & Co  G24/760/1605  1896

Alterations to Skittle Alley at "Red Cow" Inn, Old Cow Lane, Clinch & Co  G24/760/1606  1896

Warehouse, 6 Fleet Street, Chappel & Co  G24/760/1607  1896

Shop front, 23 Regent Street, C. Few  G24/760/1608  1896

Houses, Argyle Street, D. Skinner  G24/760/1609  1896

Houses, St. Margarets Road, Messrs. Selby  G24/760/1610  1896

Housing Layout, Goddard Avenue, R. Shopland  G24/760/1611  1896

Eight houses, St. Margarets Road, B. Winchcombe  G24/760/1612  1896

Houses, Stafford Street, T. & J. George  G24/760/1613  1896

House, Ashford Road, W. Chambers  G24/760/1614  1896

Skittle Alley at Workmen's Club, Ashford Road, J. Beer  G24/760/1615  1896

Houses, Stanier Street, H. & C. Spackman  G24/760/1616  1896

Houses, Kingshill, W. Fulbrook  G24/760/1617  1896

Houses, Westcott Place, T. Turner  G24/760/1618  1896

House & shop, Victoria Road, J Hinton  G24/760/1619  1896

Houses, Deacon Street, J. Ponting  G24/760/1620  1896

Signwriting workshop, Off Market Street, J. Richards  G24/760/1621  1896

House, Devizes Roads, R. Beavis  G24/760/1622  1896

Showrooms, Victoria Street, R. Passmore  G24/760/1623  1896

Alterations, 55 Bridge Street, Capital and Counties Bank  G24/760/1624  1896

Reading room over skittle alley at Central Club & Institute by canal, G. Farr  G24/760/1625  1897

Alterations, 24 Fleet Street, T. & J. Arkell Ltd  G24/760/1626  1897

Houses, Nelson Street, L. Thomas  G24/760/1627  1897

Skittle Alley at Club house, Morris Street, H. Stevens  G24/760/1628  1897

House, Cricklade Road, J. Harding  G24/760/1629  1897

North Wilts Conservative & Liberal Unionist Club, Fleet Street  G24/760/1630  1897

Houses, Euclid Street, H. & C. Spackman  G24/760/1631  1897

Additions to Cycle Club, Dixon Street, F. Pearce  G24/760/1632  1897

House, Regent Circus, D. Lane  G24/760/1633  1897

Layout of streets, Rolleston Estate, Lower Eastcott, Messrs Bishop & Pritchett  G24/760/1634  1897

Houses, Caulfield Road, W. Harding  G24/760/1635  1897

Houses, Okus Road, T. Colbourne  G24/760/1636  1897

Houses, Colbourne Street, T. Colbourne  G24/760/1637  1897

Alterations to Primitive Methodist Chapel, Prospect, J. Green  G24/760/1638  1897

Alterations to shop, Radnor Street, Kingshill Co- operative Society  G24/760/1639  1897

Houses, 32-42 Poulton Street, N. Bown  G24/760/1640  1897

Addition, 39 Regent Street, J. Hunt  G24/760/1641  1897

Houses, Birch Street, Messrs Thomas & Barnes  G24/760/1642  1897

Houses, The Sands, C. Bishop  G24/760/1643  1897

Cottage, 5 Little London, A. Barns  G24/760/1644  1897

Alterations, 1 High Street, Dr. F. Streeten  G24/760/1645  1897

Houses, 122-123 Stafford Street, J. Seymour  G24/760/1646  1897

Additions, 57 Victoria Road, W. Clarke  G24/760/1647  1897

Houses, 78-108 Albion Street, J. Williams  G24/760/1648  1897

Alterations to The "Falcon" Inn, Westcott Place, Brewery Co. Cirencester  G24/760/1649  1897

Houses, Stafford Street, T. & J. George  G24/760/1650  1897

Beer stores, office & stabling, Commercial Road, Strong & Co  G24/760/1651  1897

House, shop & offices, Victoria Road, Messrs Flewelling & Huckson  G24/760/1652  1897

Houses, Ponting Street, J. Ponting  G24/760/1653  1897

Houses, Gordon Road, J. Jervis  G24/760/1654  1897

Alterations, 210 & 211 Rodbourne Road, G. May  G24/760/1655  1897

Houses, Radnor Street, H. Bennett  G24/760/1656  1897

Houses, Byron Street, W. Frost  G24/760/1657  1897

Houses, Kent Road, W. Dawson  G24/760/1658  1897

Houses, Victoria Road, W. Harrison  G24/760/1659  1897

Workshops, Hunt Street, Messrs Flewelling & Huckson  G24/760/1660  1897

Hot house at Lockinge House, Stafford Street, J. George  G24/760/1661  1897

Houses, St. Margarets Road, I. & C. Cook  G24/760/1662  1897

Houses, Armstrong Street, Messrs Thomas & Barnes  G24/760/1663  1897

Houses, Dryden Street, T. & J. George  G24/760/1664  1897

Houses, Redcliffe Street, C. Williams  G24/760/1665  1897

Houses, Deacon Street, T. & J. George  G24/760/1666  1897

Alterations at Wesleyan Mission Hall, Princes Street, H. Smith  G24/760/1667  1897

Houses, Goddard Avenue, W. Grainger  G24/760/1668  1897

Houses, Goddard Avenue, E. Sammes  G24/760/1669  1897

Cottages, Lansdown Road, J. Williams  G24/760/1670  1897

Six houses, Lethbridge Road, J. Williams  G24/760/1671  1897

Houses, Hythe Road, W. Chambers  G24/760/1672  1897

Additions at Queenstown Club, College Street, F. Ponter  G24/760/1673  1897

Houses, Redcliffe Street, R. Phelps  G24/760/1674  1897

House, Ashford Road, J. Speck  G24/760/1675  1897

Houses, Alfred Street, H. Bennett  G24/760/1676  1897

Shop, 13 Fleet Street, W. Clappen  G24/760/1677  1897

House, Victoria Road, T. Butler  G24/760/1678  1897

Houses, Volta Road, H. & C. Spackman  G24/760/1679  1897

House, bakehouse & stable, Kingshill, W. Fulbrook  G24/760/1680  1897

House & shop, High Street, F. Harding  G24/760/1681  1897

Addition to shop, 48 Fleet Street, A. Page  G24/760/1682  1897

Shops, Bridge Street, W. Frost  G24/760/1683  1897

Houses, Goddard Avenue, I. & C. Cook  G24/760/1684  1897

Four Houses, Goddard Avenue, W. Ponting  G24/760/1685  1897

Additions to Sewing Factory, Sheppard Street, Compton & Sons  G24/760/1686  1897

Houses, Gladstone Street, W. Grainger  G24/760/1687  1897

Houses, Manchester Road, H. Smith  G24/760/1688  1897

Additions at working Mens' Club, Rodbourne Lane  G24/760/1689  1897

Houses, Kent Road, J. Liddington  G24/760/1690  1897

Houses, St. Paul's Street, C. Williams  G24/760/1691  1897

Houses, Goddard Avenue, J. Parker  G24/760/1692  1897

Houses, Dixon Street, A. Edmonds  G24/760/1693  1897

House, Havelock Street, L. Morse  G24/760/1694  1897

Shop fronts, 28-29 Faringdon Street, J. Chappell  G24/760/1695  1897

Stable, Linslade Street, A. Snow  G24/760/1696  1897

Office at Brick & Tile Works, Drove Road, J. Ponting  G24/760/1697  1897

Houses, Ferndale Road, N. Brown  G24/760/1698  1897

Photo studio, 28 Regent Street, J. Butler  G24/760/1699  1897

Shop & bakehouse, Beatrice Street, G. Whitehead  G24/760/1700  1897

Houses & shop, Manchester Road, A. Thomas  G24/760/1701  1897

Houses, Lansdown Road, W. Fulbrook  G24/760/1702  1897

Ten houses, Goddard Avenue, A. Selby  G24/760/1703  1897

Houses, 45-48 Eastcott Hill, T. Colborne  G24/760/1704  1897

Houses, Beatrice Street & Ferndale Road, G. Whitehead  G24/760/1705  1897

Houses, Dowling Street, T. & J. George  G24/760/1706  1897

Alterations at Club, Percy Street, L. McCullock  G24/760/1707  1897

Houses, Dixon Street, T. & J. George  G24/760/1708  1897

Houses, Kent Road, T. & J. George  G24/760/1709  1897

Shop, Hythe Road, J. Gregory  G24/760/1710  1897

House, Goddard Avenue, S. Smith  G24/760/1711  1897

House, Goddard Avenue, W. Grainger  G24/760/1712  1897

Warehouse, Newport Street, K. Prowse  G24/760/1713  1897

Houses, Kent Road, J. Gregory  G24/760/1714  1897

House, Westcott Place, T. Turner  G24/760/1715  1897

Twenty-four houses, Salisbury Street & Elmira Road, W. Grainger  G24/760/1716  1897

Additions to Chapel, Chapel Street, J. Tomkins  G24/760/1717  1897

Houses, Eastcott Hill, T. & J. George  G24/760/1718  1897

Workshop, Westcott Place, W. Fulbrook  G24/760/1719  1897

Houses, Corporation Street, D. Thomas  G24/760/1720  1897

Building land, Off Argyle Street, F. Harding  G24/760/1721  1897

House, Kent Road, W. Dawson  G24/760/1722  1897

Four houses, Goddard Avenue, F. Liddington  G24/760/1723  1897

House, Ashford Road, J. Cowley  G24/760/1724  1898

Houses, Crombey Street, T. & J. George  G24/760/1725  1898

Presbyterian Church, Princes Street, R. Drummond  G24/760/1726  1898

Mission Hall & Houses, North Street, J. Hunt  G24/760/1727  1898

Housing layout, Even Swindon, J. Morrison  G24/760/1728  1898

Shop, 24 Victoria Road, W. Harrison  G24/760/1729  1898

Houses, Clifton Street, E. Jerrome  G24/760/1730  1898

Houses, Goddard Avenue, T. Colbourne & Son  G24/760/1731  1898

Alterations, 19 & 21 Wood Street, J. Green  G24/760/1732  1898

Conversion of house into shop, 25 Fleet Street, C. Williams  G24/760/1733  1898

Additions & alterations, Bridge Street Club, J. Mattingly  G24/760/1734  1898

Workshops, Temple Street, F. Shepherd  G24/760/1735  1898

Houses, 13 Volta Road & 16 Alfred Street, H. & C. Spackman  G24/760/1736  1898

Bacon Curing premises, Bridge Street, Messrs Cole & Lewis  G24/760/1737  1898

Houses, Cricklade Road, W. Fulbrook  G24/760/1738  1898

Workshop, 21 Cromwell Street, F. Crook  G24/760/1739  1898

Four houses, St. Margarets Road, J. Williams  G24/760/1740  1898

Four houses, Goddard Avenue, S. Payne  G24/760/1741  1898

Four houses, Bath Road, T. Deacon  G24/760/1742  1898

Billiard Room, High Street, G. Butterworth  G24/760/1743  1898

Additions to printing works, 19 Bath Road, A. Piper  G24/760/1744  1898

Houses, Goddard Avenue, J. Norman  G24/760/1745  1898

Street layout, East of Victoria Road, Messrs Bishop & Pritchett  G24/760/1746  1898

Houses, 1-9 & 134-142 Broad Street, J. Spackman  G24/760/1747  1898

Houses, 34-37 Beatrice Street, G. Whitehead  G24/760/1748  1898

Houses, 145-147 Manchester Road, J. Smart  G24/760/1749  1898

Cottage, 15a Medgebury Road, R. Richards  G24/760/1750  1898

Houses, 65-68 Lansdown Road, J.Gregory  G24/760/1751  1898

Alterations, "The Hermitage" High Street, W. Kinneir  G24/760/1752  1898

Twelve houses, 23- 45 Winifred Street, A. Colbourne  G24/760/1753  1898

Houses, 1-12 Salisbury Street, W. Grainger  G24/760/1754  1898

Houses, 85- 104 Gladstone Street, J. Ponting  G24/760/1755  1898

Stable, Rear of Westcott Street, J.Carpenter  G24/760/1756  1898

Houses, 38-85 Beatrice Street, G. Whitehead  G24/760/1757  1898

Houses, 65 & 66 Ashford Road, T. Milsom  G24/760/1758  1898

Houses, 85-88 Kent Road, J. Liddington  G24/760/1759  1898

Houses, 35-44 Eastcott Hill, T. George  G24/760/1760  1898

Slaughter house, Commercial Road, W. Gale  G24/760/1761  1898

Houses, 63-76 Ponting Street, H. Bennett  G24/760/1762  1898

Bowling Alley, Haydon Street Club, H. Horsell  G24/760/1763  1898

Shop, Cromwell Street, H. Harrin  G24/760/1764  1898

Houses, Manchester Road, A. Bell  G24/760/1765  1898

Housing layout, Edinburgh Street, J. Hinton  G24/760/1766  1898

Houses, Dixon Street, F. Crook  G24/760/1767  1998

Houses, Crombey Street, J. Gregory  G24/760/1768  1898

Houses, Milton Road, J. Hunt  G24/760/1769  1898

Stable and pig styles, Rear of Princes Street, E. Bailey  G24/760/1770  1898

Hotel, Cricklade Road, Lamb Brewery Co  G24/760/1771  1898

House, Cricklade Road, G. Kembrey  G24/760/1772  1898

Additions at Goddard Arms Hotel, R Bowley  G24/760/1773  1898

Warehouse, Newport Street, A. Gilbert  G24/760/1774  1898

Houses, Thurston Road, G. Whitehead  G24/760/1775  1898

House, Victoria Road, T. Butler  G24/760/1776  1898

Eastcott Hotel, Manchester Road, Strong & Co  G24/760/1777  1898

Houses, Groundwell Road, T. & J. George  G24/760/1778  1898

Houses, Manchester Road, W. Grainger  G24/760/1779  1898

Alteration of shop fronts, 221-223 Cricklade Road, H. Dunn  G24/760/1780  1898

Houses, Morris Street, C. Wilkins  G24/760/1781  1898

Houses, Morrison Street, C. Williams  G24/760/1782  1898

Additions, 92 Regent Street, S. B. Foss  G24/760/1783  1898

House, Shop, dairy, & stables, Radnor Street, A. Buckledee  G24/760/1784  1898

Houses, Euclid Street, C. Williams  G24/760/1785  1898

Wilts & Dorset Bank, Regent Street, J. Turner  G24/760/1786  1898

Shops, 112- 114 Cricklade Road, L. Tucker  G24/760/1787  1898

Workhop, 58 Farnsby Street, W. James  G24/760/1788  1898

Houses, Ashford Road, W. Chambers  G24/760/1789  1898

Four houses, Goddard Avenue, F. Liddington  G24/760/1790  1898

Stables, High Street, R. Bowley  G24/760/1791  1898

70 Houses, Edinburgh Street, W. Grainger  G24/760/1792  1898

Houses, Argyle Street, F. Harding  G24/760/1793  1898

Houses, Florence Road, H.Cook  G24/760/1794  1898

Workshop and Stables, 30 Crombey Street, W. Granger  G24/760/1795  1898

Ten Houses, Winifred Street, A. Selby  G24/760/1796  1898

Houses, Belmont Crescent, J. Pakeman  G24/760/1797  1898

House, Chester Street, W. Darch  G24/760/1798  1898

Hotel, Redcliffe Street, Grove & Son  G24/760/1799  1898

Twelve Houses, Ferndale Road, W. Hobbs  G24/760/1800  1898

House, Ferndale Road, W. Poole  G24/760/1801  1898

Housing Estate, Ferndale Road, W. Hunt  G24/760/1802  1898

Ware House, East Street, Frost & Sons  G24/760/1803  1898

Houses, Albion Street, T. Ormston Pease  G24/760/1804  1898

Houses, Florence Street, N. Bown  G24/760/1805  1898

Public house, Beatrice Street, G. Whitehead  G24/760/1806  1898

Fourteen houses, Goddard Avenue, I. & C. Cook  G24/760/1807  1898

Houses, Elmire Road and Graham & Rosebery Streets, W. Grainger  G24/760/1808  1898

Houses, 192-200 Ferndale Road, Mrs J. Bell  G24/760/1809  1898

Houses, Maidstone Road, A. Colborne  G24/760/1810  1898

Houses, Cricklade Road, H. Iles  G24/760/1811  1898

House & bakery, Corporation Street & Manchester Road, F. Tanner  G24/760/1812  1898

Houses, Alfred Street, J. Ponting  G24/760/1813  1898

Houses & workshop, Alfred Street & Corporation Street, J. Ponting  G24/760/1814  1898

Houses, Manchester Road, J. Ponting  G24/760/1815  1898

Houses, Summers Street, C. Wilkins  G24/760/1816  1898

Shop front, 26 Regent Street, R. Coleman  G24/760/1817  1898

Housing layout, Off Ferndale Road, W. Hobbs  G24/760/1818  1898

Housing layout, Groves and Jennings Streets, J. Morrison  G24/760/1819  1898

Houses & office, Rolleston Street, C. Leighfield  G24/760/1820  1898

Houses, Bath Road, J. Williams  G24/760/1821  1898

Houses, Swindon Road, Messrs Ball & Kilminster  G24/760/1822  1898

Houses, Groves Street, W. Bagley  G24/760/1823  1898

Housing layout, Warwick Road, S. Morrison  G24/760/1824  1898

House, 7 Croft Road, I. & C. Cook  G24/760/1825  1898

Carriage house at Lewinsdale, Devizes Road, R. Beavis  G24/760/1826  1898

Houses, Cricklade Road, G. Whitehead  G24/760/1827  1898

Houses, Handel, Poulton, Suffolk & Florence Streets, G. Whitehead  G24/760/1828  1898

Houses, Milton Road, J. Chappell  G24/760/1829  1898

Drying Shed, Hunt Street, Messrs Flewelling & Huckson  G24/760/1830  1898

Cottage, Spring Gardens, W. Hobbs  G24/760/1831  1898

Shop front, 39a Havelock Street, J. Cripps  G24/760/1832  1899

Roman Catholic School, Between Durham Street & Groundwell Road  G24/760/1833  1899

Primitive Methodist Chapel, Rodbourne Road, T. Phelps  G24/760/1834  1899

Houses, Cricklade Road, W. Fulbrook  G24/760/1835  1899

Houses, Groves Street, F. Greenslade  G24/760/1836  1899

Houses & shops, 7-13 Manchester Road, A. Bell  G24/760/1837  1899

Shop, Victoria Road, R. Coleman  G24/760/1838  1899

House, Rodbourne Road, C. Wilkins  G24/760/1839  1899

Building layout, Even Swindon, J. Morrison  G24/760/1840  1899

Houses, Omdurman & Kitchener Streets, W. Hobbs  G24/760/1841  1899

Houses, Percy Street, F. Crook  G24/760/1842  1899

Houses, Dixon Street, F. Crook  G24/760/1843  1899

Houses & shop, Manchester Road, T. & J. George  G24/760/1844  1899

Houses, St. Mary's Grove, W. Hunter  G24/760/1845  1899

Houses, Ashford Road, W. Chambers  G24/760/1846  1899

House, Ashford Road, H. Fare  G24/760/1847  1899

Shops, Corporation Street, D. Thomas  G24/760/1848  1899

House, Ashford Road, H. Dyer  G24/760/1849  1899

Houses & shop, Rodbourne Road & Thomas Street, N. Brown  G24/760/1850  1899

Houses, Linslade Street, C. Wilkins  G24/760/1851  1899

Houses, Morris Street, F.W. Crook  G24/760/1852  1899

Chapel, Regent Street, W. Hooper  G24/760/1853  1899

Houses, Groves Street, C. Wilkins  G24/760/1854  1899

Houses, Wootton Bassett Road, C. Parkhouse  G24/760/1855  1899

Additions to house & shop, Regent Circus, S. H. Hinton  G24/760/1856  1899

Additions to Dolphin Hotel, Rodbourne Road, T. & J. Arkell Ltd  G24/760/1857  1899

House, Swindon Road, Ball & Kilminster  G24/760/1858  1899

Additions, 1 Commercial Road, Swindon Permanent Building Society  G24/760/1859  1899

Alterations, 93 Regent Street / 35 & 36 Cromwell Street, Tomkins & Barrett  G24/760/1860  1899

Sheds, 50 & 51 Regent Street, J. Lott  G24/760/1861  1899

Houses, Florence Street, T. Munday  G24/760/1862  1899

Houses, Linslade Street, Tydeman Bros.  G24/760/1863  1899

House, Spring Gardens, H. Raven  G24/760/1864  1899

Houses, Summers Street, L. S. Loveday  G24/760/1865  1899

Church & School, Princes Street, J. Clark  G24/760/1866  1899

Shop alterations, Cricklade Road, E. Carpenter  G24/760/1867  1899

Shop, Cambria Bridge Road, J. Corpe  G24/760/1868  1899

Villas, Ashford Road, J. Gregory  G24/760/1869  1899

Houses, Manchester Road, C. Williams  G24/760/1870  1899

Houses, Ashford Road, W. Chambers  G24/760/1871  1899

House, Hythe Road, W. Young  G24/760/1872  1899

Houses, Cromwell Street, T. & J. George  G24/760/1873  1899

Additions to G.W.R. Hotel, G. M. Butterworth  G24/760/1874  1899

Billiard Room, 112 Corporation Street, Rev. G.G. Ross  G24/760/1875  1899

Temporary Iron Church, Deacon and Dryden Streets, W. R. Bird  G24/760/1876  1899

Houses, Rosebery Street, A. H. Selby  G24/760/1877  1899

Houses, Graham Street, A. H. Selby  G24/760/1878  1899

Shop & house, Corporation Street, J. Mathews  G24/760/1879  1899

Wesleyan Institute, Farringdon Street, A. G. White  G24/760/1880  1899

Houses, Ferndale Road, T. Colborne  G24/760/1881  1899

Shed, Beside Canal, R. Skurray & Son  G24/760/1882  1899

Office Additions, Commercial Road, A. E. Withy  G24/760/1883  1899

Stables & stores, King Street, H. Harry  G24/760/1884  1899

Houses, Bruce Street, C. Wilkins  G24/760/1885  1899

Workshop & stabling, Alfred and Lagos Street, W. Grainger  G24/760/1886  1899

Warehouse & showroom, Bridge Street, Bromley & Co  G24/760/1887  1899

Cottages and shop, Cricklade Road, C. Hunt  G24/760/1888  1899

School at Wesleyan Chapel, Gorse Hill, H. J. Franklin  G24/760/1889  1899

Stable, 23 Regent Street, C. R. Few  G24/760/1890  1899

Primitive Methodist Church, Clifton Street, Rev. R. Jones  G24/760/1891  1899

House, 9 Croft Road, H. C. Crook  G24/760/1892  1899

Houses, Goddard Avenue, F. J. Liddington  G24/760/1893  1899

Houses, Goddard Avenue, Tydeman Bros.  G24/760/1894  1899

Alterations to Capital and Counties Banks, High Street  G24/760/1895  1899

Factory, Devizes Road, A. C. Wescombe  G24/760/1896  1899

Workshops, The Sands and Goddard Avenue, T. E. Gleadowe  G24/760/1897  1899

Houses, Caulfield Road, W.T. Harding  G24/760/1898  1899

House, Goddard Avenue, E. H. Bradley  G24/760/1899  1899

Houses, Goddard Avenue, J. Norman  G24/760/1900  1899

Houses, Goddard Avenue, J. Williams  G24/760/1901  1899

Alterations to house, Bath Road, H. Harry  G24/760/1902  1899

Additions to house, Devizes Road, Chandler Bros.  G24/760/1903  1899

Villas, Westlecot Road, T .Colbourne  G24/760/1904  1899

House, Bath Road, J. Hunt  G24/760/1905  1899

Stables, Lethbridge Road, H. W. Deacon  G24/760/1906  1899

Additions to house, Newport Street, J. C. Prowse  G24/760/1907  1899

Four houses, Caulfield Road, W. T. Harding  G24/760/1908  1899

Rolling Mills public house, Bridge Street, F. L. Wilson  G24/760/1909  1900

Houses, Rosebery Street, W. Grainger  G24/760/1910  1900

House, Westlecot Road, S. B. Cole  G24/760/1911  1900

Housing layout, Even Swindon, J. Morrison  G24/760/1912  1900

Houses, Ferndale Road, W. Hobbs  G24/760/1913  1900

Houses, Graham and Salisbury Street, T. & J. George  G24/760/1914  1900

Surgery, Milton Road, D. B. H. Dale  G24/760/1915  1900

Shop and ten houses, Winifred Street, H. C. Cook  G24/760/1916  1900

House, Westlecot Road, W. J. Ainsworth  G24/760/1917  1900

House, Goddard Avenue, W. B. Wilmer  G24/760/1918  1900

Workshops, Cromwell Street, F. W. Crook  G24/760/1919  1900

Additions to house, High Street, E. P. Monk  G24/760/1920  1900

Stockroom, The Planks, Messrs W. Reynolds  G24/760/1921  1900

House, Lagos Street, W. Grainger  G24/760/1922  1900

Bakehouse, Fleet Street, H. Carter  G24/760/1923  1900

House, Commercial Road, S. W. Collier  G24/760/1924  1900

Houses, Goddard Avenue, H. C. Cook  G24/760/1925  1900

House, Westlecot Road, J. Telling  G24/760/1926  1900

Houses and shop, Florence Street, N. Bown  G24/760/1927  1900

Villa, Westlecot Road, F. S. Coleman  G24/760/1928  1900

Shop front, Commercial Road, J. H. Tomkins  G24/760/1929  1900

Three Houses, Goddard Street, J. Parker  G24/760/1930  1900

Porch, Even Swindon Hotel, Groves & Sons  G24/760/1931  1900

House, Victoria Road, M. A. Hinton  G24/760/1932  1900

Houses, Cricklade Road, W. T. Harding  G24/760/1933  1900

Houses, Jennings Street, Tydeman Bros  G24/760/1934  1900

Houses, Ashford Road, W. Chambers  G24/760/1935  1900

Houses, Summer Street, W. Rogers  G24/760/1936  1900

Corn Stores, Cricklade Road, F. M. Harding  G24/760/1937  1900

Houses, Hunt Street, J. Hinton  G24/760/1938  1900

Two houses, Bath Road, W. W. Hunter  G24/760/1939  1900

Institute, Ferndale Road, C. Smith  G24/760/1940  1900

Twelve houses, Goddard Avenue, J. Williams  G24/760/1941  1900

Two houses, Union Street, J. & J. Jefferies  G24/760/1942  1900

Two cottages, Church farm, F. P. Goddard  G24/760/1943  1900

Cottage, Newport Street, T. H. Deacon  G24/760/1944  1900

Showroom, Newport Street, A. J. Gilbert  G24/760/1945  1900

Houses, Hughes Street, Mesrs Ball & Rogers  G24/760/1946  1900

Meeting house for Society of Friends, Eastcott Hill, E. Boorne  G24/760/1947  1900

Houses, Cricklade Road, A. Haynes  G24/760/1948  1900

V. W. H. Repository extension, High Street, T. H. Deacon  G24/760/1949  1900

Houses, Wellington Street, A. Matthews  G24/760/1950  1900

Cottages, William Street, G. Kilminster  G24/760/1951  1900

Hall, Broad Street, F. J. Green  G24/760/1952  1900

Houses, Poulton Road, H. Iles  G24/760/1953  1900

Shop front, Commercial Road, F. A. Powell  G24/760/1954  1900

Four Villas, Westlecot Road, J. Hunt  G24/760/1955  1900

Houses, Morse Street, F. A. Powell  G24/760/1956  1900

Houses, Florence Street, G. Whitehead  G24/760/1957  1900

Houses, Fairview, J. T. Smith  G24/760/1958  1900

Slaughter house, Beatrice Street, G. Whitehead  G24/760/1959  1900

Houses, Warwick Road, Messrs Ball & Rogers  G24/760/1960  1900

Stable & warehouse, Milford Street, A. E. Tunley  G24/760/1961  1900

Factory, Even Swindon, Cellular Clothing Co. Ltd.  G24/760/1962  1900

Houses, Belgrave Street, D. L. Thomas  G24/760/1963  1901

House, Cricklade Road, W. T. Harding  G24/760/1964  1901

House, Newport Street, Miss Bond  G24/760/1965  1901

Houses, Durham Street, T. & J. George  G24/760/1966  1901

Houses, Dixon Street, T. & J. George  G24/760/1967  1901

House, Princes Street, J. Clark  G24/760/1968  1901

Hotel, Gloucester Street, S. B. Foss  G24/760/1969  1901

Houses, Hughes Street, Messrs Ball & Rogers  G24/760/1970  1901

Shop front, Regent Street, J. Jones  G24/760/1971  1901

House, Westlecot Street, R. J. Beswick  G24/760/1972  1901

House & shop, Summers Street, Messrs Ball & Rogers  G24/760/1973  1901

Houses, Stafford Street, J. Gregory  G24/760/1974  1901

Houses, Goddard Avenue, E. H. Bradley  G24/760/1975  1901

House, Hunt Street, W. T. Harding  G24/760/1976  1901

Houses, Lansdown Road, W. B. Keylock  G24/760/1977  1901

Alterations to Wesleyan Chapel, Cricklade Road, Rev. W. J. Heaton  G24/760/1978  1901

Stables, Milton Road, B.H. Dale  G24/760/1979  1901

Houses, Wootton Bassett Road, J. Hinton  G24/760/1980  1901

House, Clarence Street, C. Williams  G24/760/1981  1901

Cottages, Wootton Bassett Road, T. & J. Arkell Ltd  G24/760/1982  1901

House & shop, Marlborough Road, G. Saunders  G24/760/1983  1901

House, Westlecot Road, J. G Norman  G24/760/1984  1901

Shop front, Victoria Road, F. A. Powell  G24/760/1985  1901

Shop front, 18/19 Manchester Road, W. Gilbert  G24/760/1986  1901

Isolation Hospital, Gorse Hill, Swindon U. D. C.  G24/760/1987  1901

House, Belmont Crescent, J. G. Norman  G24/760/1988  1901

House, Goddard Avenue, E.Y. Westlake  G24/760/1989  1901

Houses, Goddard Avenue, W. Panting  G24/760/1990  1901

Houses, Ashford Road, W. Chambers  G24/760/1991  1901

Cottage, Newport Road, T. Cooper  G24/760/1992  1901

Houses, Argyle Street, H. Iles  G24/760/1993  1901

Houses, Hythe Road, G. A Selby  G24/760/1994  1901

Houses, Edgeware Road, Tydeman Bros  G24/760/1995  1901

Shop fronts, Curtis Street, F. A. Powell  G24/760/1996  1901

Shop alterations, Regent Street, W. M. Gosling  G24/760/1997  1901

Additions and parish room at The Vicarage, Victoria Road, Rev. E. W. Estcourt  G24/760/1998  1901

Additions to Bradford Hall, Devizes Road, R. G. Beavis  G24/760/1999  1901

House alterations at Fairview, Cambria Bridge Road, J. T. Smith  G24/760/2000  1901

Houses, Rodbourne Road, J. Jefferies  G24/760/2001  1901

Additions, 32-35 Fleet Street, Mrs M. Storer  G24/760/2002  1901

Houses, Swindon Road, W. J. Rogers  G24/760/2003  1901

Houses, St. Marys Grove, R. J. Leighfield  G24/760/2004  1901

House and shop, Jennings and Rose Streets, W. J. Rogers  G24/760/2005  1901

Houses, Westlecot Road, Tydeman Bros.  G24/760/2006  1901

Houses & shops, Manchester Road, C. Williams  G24/760/2007  1901

Houses & shops, Albion and Joseph Streets, J. Williams  G24/760/2008  1901

Houses, Morrison Street, J. Williams  G24/760/2009  1902

Smithy, Wootton Bassett Road, E. J. Barnes  G24/760/2010  1902

Alterations to shop, 20 Faringdon Street, W. C. Little  G24/760/2011  1902

Housing layout, Deburgh Street, S. B. Morrison  G24/760/2012  1902

Alterations to Moravian Church, Dixon Street, Rev. Mellowes  G24/760/2013  1902

House, Westlecot Road, W.A. Goodwin  G24/760/2014  1902

Alterations to house and shop, Fleet Street, W. Frost  G24/760/2015  1902

Houses, The Sands, J. Williams  G24/760/2016  1902

Houses and shops, Rose Street, Tydeman Bros.  G24/760/2017  1902

Skittle Alley at New Century Club, Gorse Hill, H. Horsell  G24/760/2018  1902

House, Hythe Road, F. Mason  G24/760/2019  1902

Houses, Ponting Street, A. J. Colborne  G24/760/2020  1902

Houses, Lansdown Road, J. Angell  G24/760/2021  1902

Primitive Methodist Church, Manchester Road, Rev. Dobson  G24/760/2022  1902

Bakehouse, East Street, Swindon Co-operative Soc.  G24/760/2023  1902

Two Villas, The Sands, T. & J. George  G24/760/2024  1902

Shop alterations, Regent Street, Messrs. McIlroy  G24/760/2025  1902

Porch to Bell Hotel, High Street, F. L. Wilson  G24/760/2026  1902

Houses, Deburgh Street, D. Thomas  G24/760/2027  1902

Alterations to warehouses, Regent Street, J. Barnard  G24/760/2028  1902

Houses, Cricklade Road, N. Bown  G24/760/2029  1902

Shop, Fleet Street, Public Benefit & Boot Co  G24/760/2030  1902

Wesleyan Mission Chapel, Telford Road, R. Bray  G24/760/2031  1902

House, Belgrave Street, J. Baker  G24/760/2032  1902

Houses, Broad Street, H.C. Spackman  G24/760/2033  1902

Alterations to Princess Hotel, Beatrice Street, G. Whitehead  G24/760/2034  1902

Houses, Florence Street, D. Skinner  G24/760/2035  1902

School Chapel for St. Marks, Graham and Broad Streets, T. Williams  G24/760/2036  1902

Slaughterhouse, Regent Circus, J. Read  G24/760/2037  1902

Stabling for Lord Raglan Hotel, Cricklade Road, T. & J. Arkell Ltd  G24/760/2038  1902

Motorcar house, Sheppard Street, Dr. Swinhoe  G24/760/2039  1902

Houses, Morrison Street, C. Williams  G24/760/2040  1902

House, Cricklade Road, J. Hinton  G24/760/2041  1902

Four houses and shops, Grove Street, D. L. Thomas  G24/760/2042  1902

Six houses and shops, Westcott Place, F. W. Frost  G24/760/2043  1902

Mission room, Little London, Rev. Estcourt  G24/760/2044  1902

House for manager, Gypsy Lane, Swindon Gas Co.  G24/760/2045  1902

House, County Road, T. Colborne  G24/760/2046  1902

Alterations to Park Hotel, Cambria Bridge Road, Clinch & Co.  G24/760/2047  1902

Twenty four houses, Cricklade Road, W. T. Harding  G24/760/2048  1902

Shop front, Regent Street, Messrs Horsell & Marson  G24/760/2049  1902

Alterations to house, 1 Albert Street, A. Barnes  G24/760/2050  1902

Stable & warehouse, Cromwell Street, Messrs Tomkins & Barrett  G24/760/2051  1902

Houses, The Quarries, A. J. Colborne  G24/760/2052  1902

Houses, Kingshill, G. Liddiard  G24/760/2053  1902

Houses, Swindon Road, W. J Rogers  G24/760/2054  [n.d.]

Skittle alley, Andover Street, Messrs Horsell & Marson  G24/760/2055  1902

House, Westcott Street, E. Smith  G24/760/2056  1902

Thirty three houses, Broad Street, J. George  G24/760/2057  1902

Alterations to Prince of Wales Public House, Union Street, Messrs Horsell & Marson  G24/760/2058  1902

Extension to Factory, Shepherd Street, J. Compton and Sons  G24/760/2059  1903

House, Swindon Road, W. J. Rogers  G24/760/2060  1903

Workshop at steam joinery works, 48 Whitehead Street, W. Ball  G24/760/2061  1903

House, Cricklade Road, W. Turk  G24/760/2062  1903

Houses, Cricklade Road, C. J. Huckson  G24/760/2063  1903

Houses, North Street, W. J. Rogers  G24/760/2064  1903

Houses, St. Mary's Grove, H.C. Cook  G24/760/2065  1903

House, Kent Road, W. J. Rogers  G24/760/2066  1903

Houses, Grove Street, D.L. Thomas  G24/760/2067  1903

Shop front, Victoria Road, A. Barnes  G24/760/2068  1903

Shop alterations, Bridge and Fleet Streets, E. C. Richards  G24/760/2069  1903

Shop fronts, 70/80 Victoria Road, E. C. Boniface  G24/760/2070  1903

Showroom and house alterations, 80/81 Regent Street, T. Butler  G24/760/2071  1903

Six Villas, Westlecott Road, J.G. Norman  G24/760/2072  1903

Baptist Church and School, Cricklade Road, G. Lansdown  G24/760/2073  1903

Two houses, Victoria Road, C. J. Huckson  G24/760/2074  1903

Houses, Salisbury Street, T. George  G24/760/2075  1903

House, Morris Street, Tydeman Bros.  G24/760/2076  1903

Houses, 283-289 Cricklade Road, J. Jefferies  G24/760/2077  1903

House, Maidstone Road, J. Speck  G24/760/2078  1903

Cottages, Exmouth Street, Mrs J. Wall  G24/760/2079  1903

Additions to St. Augustines Church, Rodbourne Road  G24/760/2080  1903

Restorations after fire, Newport Street, J. C. Prowse  G24/760/2081  1903

Railway Mission Hall, Wellington Street, R. Dixon  G24/760/2082  1903

Houses, Edgware Road, Tydeman Bros.  G24/760/2083  1903

Two villas, Cricklade Road, W. T. Harding  G24/760/2084  1903

House, North Street, W. J. Rogers  G24/760/2085  1903

Sheds, Princes Street, Messrs F. C. Skurray  G24/760/2086  1903

House, Winifred Street, J. Williams  G24/760/2087  1903

Four houses & shops, The Brow, J. Hinton  G24/760/2088  1903

Mission hall, Florence Street, D. Skinner  G24/760/2089  1903

Presbytery, Groundwell Road, S. Bell  G24/760/2090  1903

Addition to Library at G. W. R. Mechanics Institute, Emlyn Square, G.W.R. Co  G24/760/2091  1903

Warehouse, John Street, Adams Bros.  G24/760/2092  1903

Houses & shop, Edinburgh Street, W. Grainger  G24/760/2093  1903

Alterations to shop, Regent Street, W. Mcllroy  G24/760/2094  1903

Three villas, Kinghill Road, W. Frost  G24/760/2095  1903

Twenty houses, Graham Street, J. Ponting  G24/760/2096  1903

Houses, Cricklade Road, J. Jefferies  G24/760/2097  1903

House, Westlecott Road, W. O. Hill  G24/760/2098  1903

Sixteen houses, Telford Road, J. J. Brown  G24/760/2099  1903

Two Villas, Kent Road, S. Chambers  G24/760/2100  1903

Eleven houses, Broad Street, T. George  G24/760/2101  1903

Stable, Whiteman Street, H. Cook  G24/760/2102  1903

Printing shop extensions, Victoria Street, R. Astill  G24/760/2103  1903

Ten houses, Broad Street, A. J. Bell  G24/760/2104  1903

Ten houses, Broad Street, A. J. Colborne  G24/760/2105  1903

Twenty houses, Gladstone Street, A. J. Colborne  G24/760/2106  1903

York Hotel, Telford Road, J. J Brown  G24/760/2107  1903

Porch at G.W.R. Swimming Baths, Farringdon Street, W. Spruce  G24/760/2108  1903

Arcade & shops, Regent Street, L. L. Morse  G24/760/2109  1903

New frontage, 33 Regent Circus, S. B. Morrison  G24/760/2110  1903

Alterations to Bradford Hall, Devizes Road, R G. Beavis  G24/760/2111  1903

Workshop & stable, King Street, G. Jackson  G24/760/2112  1903

Eight villas, Goddard Avenue, A. .J. Colborne  G24/760/2113  1903

Shop front, 4 Cambria Place, F. Waldron  G24/760/2114  1903

House, Goddard Avenue, E. H. Bradley  G24/760/2115  1904

Ten houses, Broad Street, T. George  G24/760/2116  1904

Twenty houses, Rosebery Street, J. George  G24/760/2117  1904

Workshop extension, 47 Whitehead Street, W. Ball  G24/760/2118  1904

Alterations, 92 Regent Street, Millsum Bros.  G24/760/2119  1904

Twelve houses, 323-345 Cricklade Road, J. Jefferies  G24/760/2120  1904

Thirty houses, Rayfield Grove, J. Horsell  G24/760/2121  1904

Twenty houses, Rosebery Street, A. J. Bell  G24/760/2122  1904

Villa and motorhouse, Belmont Crescent, Tydeman Bros.  G24/760/2123  1904

Thirteen houses, Ferndale Road, A. J. Bell  G24/760/2124  1904

New shop front, Devizes Road, R.G. Beavis  G24/760/2125  1904

Villa, Okus Road, J. Spackman  G24/760/2126  1904

Stables at New Inn, Cromwell Street, T. J. Arkell Ltd  G24/760/2127  1904

Porch and lodge at Victoria Hospital, Okus Road  G24/760/2128  1904

Twenty houses, Salisbury Street, T. George  G24/760/2129  1904

Six cottages, Kingshill, E. H. Bradley  G24/760/2130  1904

Smithy, 29 Newport Street, J. Tallyn  G24/760/2131  1904

Holy Rood R.C. Church, Groundwell Road  G24/760/2132  1904

Reading Room, Rodbourne Road, H. J. Southwell  G24/760/2133  1904

Two houses, Rayfield Grove, J. Horsell  G24/760/2134  1904

Shop & bakehouse, St. Mary's Grove, J. R. Gardiner  G24/760/2135  1904

Five shops, Commercial Road, L. L. Morse  G24/760/2136  1904

Villa & workshop, County Road, Mrs M. Williams  G24/760/2137  1904

Shop fronts, Princes Street, Tydeman Bros.  G24/760/2138  1904

New Road called "The Mall", F. P. Goddard  G24/760/2139  1904

House, 70 Goddard Avenue, E.H. Bradley  G24/760/2140  1904

Ninety four cottages, Ferndale Road, E.H. Bradley  G24/760/2141  1904

Bay window, 181 Clifton Street, J. Wall  G24/760/2142  1904

Workshop, 31 St. Margaret's Road, R. M. Weaver  G24/760/2143  1904

Ten houses, Gladstone Street, A. J. Colborne  G24/760/2144  1904

Workshop, Albert Street, Messrs Morris Bros.  G24/760/2145  1904

Workshop, Ferndale Road, E.H. Bradley  G24/760/2146  1904

Ten houses, Manchester Road, A. J. Bell  G24/760/2147  1904

Four villas, Westlecot Road, W. Panting  G24/760/2148  1904

Seven houses, Broad Street, A. J. Colborne  G24/760/2149  1904

Two shops, Victoria Road, A. J. Colborne  G24/760/2150  1904

Six shops, Commercial Road, L. L. Morse  G24/760/2151  1904

Shop front, 15 Morse Street, Swindon Central Properties  G24/760/2153  1904

Twenty houses, Manchester Road, A. J. Bell  G24/760/2153  1904

Two houses, Victoria Road, H. Sargent  G24/760/2154  1904

St. Saviours Church enlargement, Ashford Road, Rev. Ross  G24/760/2155  1904

House alterations, Henry Street, Co-operative Provident Society  G24/760/2156  1904

Turkish baths, Milton Road, G.W.R. Co.  G24/760/2157  1904

Shop & bakehouse, St. Mary's Grove, J. R. Gardner  G24/760/2158  1904

Twenty nine houses, Evelyn Street, A. J. Colborne  G24/760/2159  1904

Six houses, County Road  G24/760/2160  1904

Six houses, Rodbourne Road, H. J. Dismore  G24/760/2161  1904

Six houses, Rosebery Street, T. George  G24/760/2162  1904

Motor house, Goddard Avenue, A. J. Colborne  G24/760/2163  1904

Two houses, Omdurman Street, H. C. Cook  G24/760/2164  1904

Twenty houses, Redcliffe Street, Messrs Chanter & Hill  G24/760/2165  1904

Two houses, Western Street, W. R. Osborne  G24/760/2166  1904

House, Cricklade Road, H. Bruton  G24/760/2167  1904

House, Westlecot Road, A. W. Loveridge  G24/760/2168  1904

Shop fronts, Cricklade Road, J. H. Carpenter  G24/760/2169  1904

Houses, Westlecot Road, A .J. Colborne  G24/760/2170  1904

Additions to Beerstores, Rodbourne Road, C. R. Thomas  G24/760/2171  1904

Two houses, Westlecot Street  G24/760/2172  1904

Offices & Stores, Drove Road, A. J. Colbourne  G24/760/2173  1904

Photographer's studio, 31 County Road, J. S. Guggenheim  G24/760/2174  1904

Six houses, 9 Warwick Road, H. W. Ball  G24/760/2175  1904

Alterations to stores, Havelock Street and Mount Pleasant Road, McIlroy's Ltd  G24/760/2176  1904

Chapel, Rollestone street  G24/760/2177  1904

Ten houses, Drove Road, A. J. Colborne  G24/760/2178  1904

Eight houses, St. Mary's Grove, R. J. Leighfield  G24/760/2179  1905

Ten houses, William Street, G. Kilminster  G24/760/2180  1905

Shop fronts, Fleet Street, R. Affleck  G24/760/2181  1905

Six cottages, Rayfield Grove, A. Mortimer  G24/760/2182  1905

Two houses, Stafford Street, T. Colbourne  G24/760/2183  1905

Twenty two houses, County Road, Mrs M. Williams  G24/760/2184  1905

Alterations to Lloyds Bank, 28 High Street  G24/760/2185  1905

Thirty six houses, Buller Street, W. Grainger  G24/760/2186  1905

Nine houses & shop, Hunters Grove, S. Ogbourne  G24/760/2187  1905

House & warehouse, Groundwell Road, E. W. Beard  G24/760/2188  1905

House, Redcliffe Street, Messrs Chanter & Hill  G24/760/2189  1905

Villa, Belmont Crescent, J. H. Pakeman  G24/760/2190  1905

Two houses, Swindon Road, H. Dyer  G24/760/2191  1905

House, Westlecot Road, E.C. Goddard  G24/760/2192  1905

Houses & two shops, Ferndale Road and Ipswich Street, G. Whitehead  G24/760/2193  1905

Shop alterations, 27- 28 Bridge Street, Boots Ltd  G24/760/2194  1905

Benzoline house, 40 Faringdon Street, Messrs Edwards, Bays & Rye  G24/760/2195  1905

School room at Tabernacle, Cambria Place, Baptist Tabernacle  G24/760/2196  1905

Housing estate, Telford Road, J. Hinton  G24/760/2197  1905

Thirteen houses, Eastcott Street, W. Ball  G24/760/2198  1905

Van-shed & store, Westlecot Road, P .H. Mason & Co  G24/760/2199  1905

Fourteen houses, 1-14 Quarry Road, H. C. Cook  G24/760/2200  1905

Three houses, Ashford Road, S. Chambers  G24/760/2201  1905

Ten houses, Eucid Street, J. George  G24/760/2202  1905

Lock- up shop, Deacon Street, J. Richards  G24/760/2203  1905

Two villas, The Sands, A. J. Colborne  G24/760/2204  1905

Sunday school, Dixon Street, Rev. Muniford  G24/760/2205  1905

Lloyds Bank, High Street  G24/760/2206  1905

Twelve houses, Lansdown Road, J. Williams  G24/760/2207  1905

Seven houses, Broad Street, A. J. Bell  G24/760/2208  1905

Five cottages, Stafford Street, J. G. Norman  G24/760/2209  1905

Shop front, 72 Victoria Street, E.C.  G24/760/2210  1905

Housing layout, Globe Field, Messrs Bishop & Pritchett  G24/760/2211  1905

Four houses, 69-75 Omdurman Street, H.C. Cook  G24/760/2212  1905

Eleven houses, Colborne Street, A. J. Colborne  G24/760/2213  1905

Six houses, Lincoln Street, J. George  G24/760/2214  1905

Thirteen houses, Rosebery Street, J. George  G24/760/2215  1905

Thirteen houses, Rosebery Street, J. George  G24/760/2216  1905

Twenty four houses, Salisbury Street, A. J. Colorne  G24/760/2217  1905

Shop additions, Radnor Street, Kinghill Co- operative Co  G24/760/2218  1905

Six houses, County Road, A. J. Bell  G24/760/2219  1905

Two houses, Ferndale Road, J. Skinner  G24/760/2220  1905

Additions to Techncial School, Victoria Street, Swindon B.C.  G24/760/2221  1905

Three houses, Gypsy Lane, W. Grainger  G24/760/2222  1905

Thirty houses, Ferndale Road, E. H. Bradley  G24/760/2223  1905

Four houses, Ferndale Road, E. H. Bradley  G24/760/2224  1905

Twenty four houses, Shelley Street, G. Kilminster  G24/760/2225  1905

Eighteen houses, Bruce Street, S. B. Morrison  G24/760/2226  1905

Twenty five houses, Hunters Grove, Tydeman Bros  G24/760/2227  1905

Wesleyan Sunday School, County Road  G24/760/2228  1905

Three houses, County Road, A. J. Colborne  G24/760/2229  1905

Drill Hall, 62 Prospect Place, 2nd Wilts Regt.  G24/760/2230  1905

Thirty houses, Montagu Street, E. Hill  G24/760/2231  1905

Twenty two houses, Rayfield Grove, J. Horsell  G24/760/2232  1905

Two villas, Okus Road, R. Chanter  G24/760/2233  1905

Seven houses, Eastcott Lane, W. Ball  G24/760/2234  1905

School room, 81 Bath Road, Mrs Fentiman  G24/760/2235  1905

Bakehouse shops, East Street, New Swindon Industrial Soc  G24/760/2236  1905

Twelve houses, Pembroke Street, T. George  G24/760/2237  1905

Shops, Buscot Terrace, R. Affleck  G24/760/2238  1905

Sixteen houses, Brunswick Street, W. Ball  G24/760/2239  1905

Two houses & shop, Cricklade Road, T. Colborne  G24/760/2240  1905

House, Cricklade Road, B. Harding  G24/760/2241  1905

House, Kingshill, F. Green  G24/760/2242  1905

Houses & shops, Curtis Street & Commercial Road, L. Morse  G24/760/2243  1905

Additions, Corner of Milford and Cheltenham Streets, A. E. Tunley  G24/760/2244  1905

Four cottages, Hunters Grove, S. Ogbourne  G24/760/2245  1906

Sixteen houses, Brunswick Street, W. Grainger  G24/760/2246  1906

House, Westlecot Road, W. Grainger  G24/760/2247  1906

Twenty eight houses, Montagu Street, W. J. Rogers  G24/760/2248  1906

House, Devizes Road, J. Saunders  G24/760/2249  1906

Two villas, The Sands, H. & J. Spackman  G24/760/2250  1906

House, Goddard Avenue, E. H. Bradley  G24/760/2251  1906

House & shop, Princes Street, W. J. Carpenter  G24/760/2252  1906

Villa, Belmont Crescent, T. Norman  G24/760/2253  1906

Ten houses, Southbrook Street, R. Chanter  G24/760/2254  1906

House, 74 Hythe Road, F. J. Etherington  G24/760/2255  1906

Mission Hall, Clarence Street, Wesleyan Methodist Trustees  G24/760/2256  1906

House, 20 Hughes Street, J. Smart  G24/760/2257  1906

Office & stable, Manchester Road, J. R. Dawson  G24/760/2258  1906

Alterations, 26 & 28 Albert Street, Butterworth & Co  G24/760/2259  1906

Alterations to shop, Station Road, J. J. Brown  G24/760/2260  1906

House, County Road, D. Goodridge  G24/760/2261  1906

Houses, offices & stores, County Road, A. J. Colborne  G24/760/2262  1906

Four houses, County Road, J. George  G24/760/2263  1906

Fourteen houses, Cambia Street, J. George  G24/760/2264  1906

Fifteen houses, Brunswick Street, T. George  G24/760/2265  1906

New Streets, Rear of Spring Gardens, G. Whitehead  G24/760/2266  1906

Fifteen houses, Lowestoft Street, G. Whitehead  G24/760/2267  1906

Ten houses, Graham Street, A. J. Bell  G24/760/2268  1906

House, Hunters Grove, Tydeman Gros  G24/760/2269  1906

Two houses, Exmouth Street, T. Berry  G24/760/2270  1906

Mission room, Broad Street, Rev. H. Morgan  G24/760/2271  1906

House, County Road, Wesleyan Trustees  G24/760/2272  1906

Alterations to Whale Inn, Medgbury Road, Wadley & Co  G24/760/2273  1906

Seventeen houses, Pembroke Street, W. Grainger  G24/760/2274  1906

Sixteen houses, Brunswick Street, W. Ball  G24/760/2275  1906

Shop, 24 Cromwell Street, H. Smith  G24/760/2276  1906

New streets, Even Swindon Estate, J. Morrsion  G24/760/2277  1906

Thirty houses, Drew Street, W. J. Rogers  G24/760/2278  1906

Two houses, Westlecot Road, L. Parker  G24/760/2279  1906

Classrooms at Wesleyan School, William Street, G. Kilminster  G24/760/2280  1906

Sixteen houses, Southbrook Road, R. Chanter  G24/760/2281  1906

Five houses, Cricklade Road, G. Kembrey  G24/760/2282  1906

Twelve houses, Kembrey Street, G. Kembrey  G24/760/2283  1906

Houses, Winifred Street, T. Colborne  G24/760/2284  1906

Villa, Ashford Road, A. J. Colborne  G24/760/2285  1906

Houses & shop, Ferndale Road, C. Cook  G24/760/2286  1906

Shop front, 22 Albert Street, A. Vitti  G24/760/2287  1906

Houses, Hunt Street, G. Whitehead  G24/760/2288  1906

Villa, The Sands, H. & C. Spackman  G24/760/2289  1906

House & shop, Bruce Street, W. J. Rogers  G24/760/2290  1906

Oriel Windows, The Mall, E. H. Bradley  G24/760/2291  1906

Thirteen houses, The Mall, J. G. Norman  G24/760/2292  1906

Six houses, Telford Road, Mrs M. Williams  G24/760/2293  1906

Conservatory, The Croft, L.L Morse  G24/760/2294  1906

Villas, Westlecot Road, A. J. Colborne  G24/760/2295  1906

Ten houses, Graham Street, A. J. Colborne  G24/760/2296  1906

Two houses, Bruce Street, J. Graham & J. Stratford  G24/760/2297  1906

Five houses, Cricklade Road, G. Kembrey  G24/760/2298  1906

Bakery & stable, Ferndale Road, H.C. Cook  G24/760/2299  1906

Four villas, County Hall, A. J. Bell  G24/760/2300  1906

Housing estate, Telford Road, J. J. Brown  G24/760/2301  1906

Nine houses, York Road, J. J. Brown  G24/760/2302  1906

Traphouse & store, 85 Cricklade Road, E. A. Carter  G24/760/2303  1906

One house, Florence Street, W. Skinner  G24/760/2304  1906

Twelve houses, Hunters Grove, T. George  G24/760/2305  1906

Seven houses, Graham Street, A. J. Bell  G24/760/2306  1906

Fourteen houses, County Road, A. J. Bell  G24/760/2307  1906

Shop, 23 Victoria Road, F. Collard  G24/760/2308  1906

Villa, The Mall, P. Erskine  G24/760/2309  1906

Seven houses, Kembrey Street, E. Kembrey  G24/760/2310  1906

House, William Street, G. Kilminster  G24/760/2311  1906

Sixh houses, Lansdown Road, W. Ball  G24/760/2312  1906

Alterations, 24 Regent Street, E. Gammon  G24/760/2313  1906

Four houses, Westlecot Road, A. J. Colborne  G24/760/2314  1906

Lock- up shop, East Street, F. Frost  G24/760/2315  1906

Dairy, 37 Commercial Road, W. Spear  G24/760/2316  1906

Two houses, Kent Road, S. Chambers  G24/760/2317  1906

Greenhouse, 13 Bath Road, Davis & Sons  G24/760/2318  1906

Shop, 513/515 Ferndale Road  G24/760/2319  1906

Five houses, Deacon Street, A. J. Colborne  G24/760/2320  1906

Mission Hall, Clarence Street, W. J. Chant  G24/760/2321  1906

Four houses, Belmont Crescent, A. J. Colborne  G24/760/2322  1906

Two villas, Westlecot Road, Misses A. E. & S.M. Love  G24/760/2323  1906

House, Belmont Crescent, W. Grainger  G24/760/2324  1906

Corrugated Iron Church, Regent Street, Rev. H.H. Rackham  G24/760/2325  1906

Five houses, Crombey Street, A. J. Bell  G24/760/2326  1906

Seventeen houses, Pembroke Street, W. Grainger  G24/760/2327  1906

Four houses, Deacon Street, A.J. Colborne  G24/760/2328  1906

Two greenhouses, Belmont Crescent, J.H. Pakeman  G24/760/2329  1907

Ten houses, Iffley Road, H.C. Cook  G24/760/2330  1907

Thirteen houses, Graham Street, A.J. Colborne  G24/760/2331  1907

Twenty eight houses, Savernake Street, W. Grainger  G24/760/2332  1907

Oriel window, Commercial Road, L.L. Morse  G24/760/2333  1907

Alterations to shop, East Street, New Swindon Co-op Society  G24/760/2334  1907

Building Estate, Kingshill, A.J. Colborne  G24/760/2335  1907

Two villas, The Mall, E.H. Bradley  G24/760/2336  1907

Four houses, Wells Road, T. George  G24/760/2337  1907

Business premises, 85 Cricklade Road, E.A. Carter  G24/760/2338  1907

Shop, Eastcott Road, J.G. Norman  G24/760/2339  1907

Nine houses, York Road, J George  G24/760/2340  1907

House & shop, Eastcott Hill, J.W. Pridham  G24/760/2341  1907

Ten houses, County Road, A.J. Colborne  G24/760/2342  1907

Chancel & vestries at St. Augustine's Church, Summers Street  G24/760/2343  1907

Thirty Three houses, Montagu Street, L.L. Thomas  G24/760/2344  1907

Five houses, Stanmore, G. Kilminster  G24/760/2345  1907

Stable, 45 Victoria Road, G.T. Bishop  G24/760/2346  1907

Houses, Elmina Road, A.J. Colborne  G24/760/2347  1907

Building estate, North side of Elmina Road, Messrs Bishop & Fisher  G24/760/2348  1907

Ten houses, Goddard Avenue, A.J. Colborne  G24/760/2349  1907

Two villas, Bruce Street, W.J. Rogers  G24/760/2350  1907

Twenty five houses, Newcastle Street, A.J. Bell  G24/760/2351  1907

Thirty five houses, Wootton Bassett Road, A.J. Colborne  G24/760/2352  1907

Houses, Westlecot Road, A. Tyler  G24/760/2353  1907

Hotel, Ferndale Road, R.B. Bowly & Co.  G24/760/2354  1907

Alterations to Globe Inn, Eastcott Street, Godwin Bros.  G24/760/2355  1907

Primitive Methodist Church & Sunday School, Ferndale Road  G24/760/2356  1907

House, Morris Street, A. Reason  G24/760/2357  1907

Twelve houses, Newcastle Street, W. Grainger  G24/760/2358  1907

Eleven houses, York Road, W. Grainger  G24/760/2359  1907

Seventeen houses, Plymouth Street, J. George  G24/760/2360  1907

Four houses, Lansdown Road, T. George  G24/760/2361  1907

Four cottages, Rayfield Grove, S. Ogbourne  G24/760/2362  1907

Bay windows, Westlecot Road, Tydeman Bros.  G24/760/2363  1907

Alterations, 9/10 King Street, Easter & Son  G24/760/2364  1907

House, Bath Road, W.H. Stanier  G24/760/2365  1907

Alterations to Working Mens Club, Morris Street, Lamb Brewery Ltd.  G24/760/2366  1907

Shop front, 25 Commercial Road, S. W. Collier  G24/760/2367  1907

Six houses, Edinburgh Street, T. Colborne  G24/760/2368  1907

Alterations to Waterloo House, Fleet Street, C. Chaudleigh  G24/760/2369  1907

Eleven houses, Osborne Terrace, H.C. Cook  G24/760/2370  1907

Eleven houses & shop, Rodbourne Road, Messrs H. & C. Spackman  G24/760/2371  1907

Four houses, Belmont Crescent, W. Grainger  G24/760/2372  1907

Thirteen houses, York Road, A. J. Bell  G24/760/2373  1907

House, Westlecot Road, H. J. Deacon  G24/760/2374  1907

Houses, Winifred Street, T. Colborne  G24/760/2375  1907

Mission Hall, Dowling Street, Rev. H.J. Rackman  G24/760/2376  1907

Motor car house, Alfred Street, W. Grainger  G24/760/2377  1907

Building estate, Carlyle Street, W. H. Wheeler  G24/760/2378  1907

Shop front, 87 Regent Street, W. Veal  G24/760/2379  1907

Additions to Plough Inn, Devizes Road, T. J. Arkell Ltd  G24/760/2380  1907

Sixteen houses, Shelley Street, A. J. Colborne  G24/760/2381  1907

Four houses, Westlecot Street, J.G. Norman  G24/760/2382  1907

Houses, The Mall, E. H. Bradley  G24/760/2383  1907

Fifteen houses, Montagu Street, E. Hill  G24/760/2384  1907

Alterations to shop, Regent Street, S. T. Rudge  G24/760/2385  1907

Additions to house, Deacon Street, J. Richards  G24/760/2386  1907

Forty one houses, Station Road, A. J. Colborne  G24/760/2387  1907

Thirteen houses, Exmouth Street, H. W. Pope  G24/760/2388  1907

Six houses, Omdurman Street, H. C. Cook  G24/760/2389  1907

Mission Church, Southbrook Street, W.A.H. Masters  G24/760/2390  1907

Van shed & stables, John Street, New Swindon Co-op Society  G24/760/2391  1907

House, shop & sheds, Kent Road, S. Chambers  G24/760/2392  1907

Baptist Chapel, Rodbourne Road  G24/760/2393  1907

Alterations to make lodging house, Prospect Place, H. W. Stevens  G24/760/2394  1907

Eighteen houses, Portsmouth Street, T. George  G24/760/2395  1907

House, Newport Street, S. Croad  G24/760/2396  1907

House & shop, Exmouth and Radnor Streets, T. J. Arkell Ltd  G24/760/2397  1907

Alterations to Great Western Hotel, Station Road, T. J. Arkell Ltd  G24/760/2398  1907

Commercial Garage, Princes Street, Messrs F. Skurray  G24/760/2399  1907

Twenty six houses, Harcourt Road, H. C. Cook  G24/760/2400  1907

Ten houses, York Road, J. E. Bell  G24/760/2401  1907

Stables, Springfield Road, Messrs P.A. Mason  G24/760/2402  1907

Alterations to smithy, Regent Street, H. Pooley & Sons  G24/760/2403  1908

Alterations to Carpenters Arms Inn, Cricklade Road, T. J. Arkell Ltd  G24/760/2404  1908

Houses, Kingshill Road, W. J. Rogers  G24/760/2405  1908

Twenty eight houses, Kingshill Road, A. J. Colborne  G24/760/2406  1908

Houses, The Mall, E. H. Bradley  G24/760/2407  1908

Garage, County Road, A. J. Colborne  G24/760/2408  1908

Summerhouse, 180 Clifton Street, W. Shepherd  G24/760/2409  1908

Covered stand at County Ground, Swindon Town F.C.  G24/760/2410  1908

House, Ashford Road, J. Bennet  G24/760/2411  1908

Additions to Borough Press, Eastcott Hill and Horsell Street, T.C. Newman  G24/760/2412  1908

School room at Mission Hall, Florence Street, D. Skinner  G24/760/2413  1908

Eleven houses, Kent Road, A. J. Colborne  G24/760/2414  1908

Houses, Hunters Grove, Tydeman Bros.  G24/760/2415  1908

Shop, Victoria and Bath Roads, J. H. Pakeman  G24/760/2416  1908

Building estate, Kingshill, A. J. Colborne  G24/760/2417  1908

Alterations to shop, 36 Bridge Street, J. Hepworth & Sons Ltd  G24/760/2418  1909

Shop front, 345 Cricklade Road, Mrs M. Pain  G24/760/2419  1909

Eighteen houses, Portsmouth Street, T. George  G24/760/2420  1909

Show room & workshop for monumental mason, Cemetery Road, R. Willes  G24/760/2421  1909

Building Estate, Okus Road, A. P. Goddard  G24/760/2422  1909

Additions to Brewery, High Street, R.B. Bowly & Co.  G24/760/2423  1909

Drying shed at Victoria Hospital, Okus Road  G24/760/2424  1909

Trap shed at brewery, Westcott Place, G. & T. Spencer  G24/760/2425  1909

Porches, Broad and Maxwell Streets and Commercial Road, J. Powell  G24/760/2426  1909

Seven houses, Edgeware Road & Cow Lane, Tydeman Bros.  G24/760/2427  1909

Villa, Croft Road, H. C. Cook  G24/760/2428  1909

Parish Hall for St. Saviour's Church, Ashford Road  G24/760/2429  1909

Skating rink, Carlton Street and Manchester Road, A. Carlton  G24/760/2430  1909

Stable & coach house, Devizes Road, J.C. Coleman  G24/760/2431  1909

Projecting sign, 21/22 Commercial Road, W.J. Furse & Co.  G24/760/2432  1909

Additions to The Rink, Corn Exchange, High Street, The Rink Co.  G24/760/2433  1909

Theatre, Regent Street, Luton Electric Theatre Co.  G24/760/2434  1909

Infants classroom at Baptist Sunday School, Cricklade Road  G24/760/2435  1909

Roller skating rink, Devizes Road, Messrs Sutton & Gregory  G24/760/2436  1910

Stable & coach house, Devizes Road, Messrs Bays  G24/760/2437  1910

Shops, Milford Street, A. E. Tunley  G24/760/2438  1910

Villas, Okus Road, E.H. Bradley  G24/760/2439  1910

St. Luke's Church, Broad Street, W.A.H. Masters  G24/760/2440  1910

Slaughter houses & fasting pens, Marsh Farm, J.C. Cooper  G24/760/2441  1910

House, Kent Road, E.H. Bradley  G24/760/2442  1910

Additions to make lodging houses, 16-22 Albert Street, Mrs Vitti  G24/760/2443  1910

Greenhouse, Goddard Avenue, H.G. English  G24/760/2444  1910

Ten houses, Ashford Road, A.J. Colborne  G24/760/2445  1911

Eight houses, Kingshill Road, A.J. Colborne  G24/760/2446  1911

Shop premises, Avening Street, New Swindon Co-op Society  G24/760/2447  1911

Alterations to house, King Street, R. Loveridge  G24/760/2448  1911

Shop & Premises, East & Harding Streets, Swindon Co-op Society  G24/760/2449  1911

Extension of Sunday School for Congregational Church, Sanford Street  G24/760/2450  1911

Provender stores, Bath Road, J. Toomer  G24/760/2451  1911

Alterations to "The Volunteer" Hotel, Bridge Street, Morrell's Trustees  G24/760/2452  1911

Additional stands at Football Club, County Ground  G24/760/2453  1911

Three houses, Evelyn Street, L. L. Morse  G24/760/2454  1911

Fifteen houses, Euclid Street, F. Collard  G24/760/2455  1911

Commercial garage, Devizes Road, A.J. Colborne  G24/760/2456  1911

Lock-up shops, Victoria and Bath Roads, J. H. Pakeman  G24/760/2457  1911

Alterations to Broome Level Crossing House, Broome Lane and Coate Road  G24/760/2458  1911

Rebuilding of "Ye Old House at Home", Newport Street, The Lamb Brewery  G24/760/2459  1911

Enlargement of Bakery, Harding Street, Swindon Co-op Society  G24/760/2460  1911

Hoarding, Coate Road, Swindon Bill Posting Co.  G24/760/2461  1911

Commercial garage, Back Road, F. Skurray & Sons  G24/760/2462  1911

Bungalow, Belmont Crescent, Mrs Tudor Jones  G24/760/2463  1912

Tower & porch at St. Barnabas Church, Ferndale Road  G24/760/2464  1912

Alterations to house, Rodbourne Road, W.G. Blake  G24/760/2465  1912

Shop fronts, 3 & 4 Cromwell Street, L L. Morse  G24/760/2466  1912

Coldstore & ice factory, Catherine Street, Swindon Cold Storage Co  G24/760/2467  1912

Additions to house, Westlecot Road, Drew & Sons  G24/760/2468  1912

Shop fronts, 42/43 Commercial Road, F. Winslow  G24/760/2469  1912

Houses, Kingshill Road, E.H. Bradley  G24/760/2470  1912

Extension to Printing Works, Eastcott Hill, Borough Press  G24/760/2471  1912

Cinematograph theatre, Fleet Street, E. Cunningham  G24/760/2472  1912

Two houses, Graham Street, A. J. Colborne  G24/760/2473  1912

Trap house, Kingshill Road, E. Hill  G24/760/2474  1912

Alterations to shop, 41 Bridge Street, H. J. Bosley  G24/760/2475  1912

House, Station Road and Gladstone Street, J. Colborne  G24/760/2476  1912

Additions to Queentown Club, College Street  G24/760/2477  1912

Alterations to shop, Devizes Road, T. Butler  G24/760/2478  1912

Alterations to Oxford House, Princes Street, Constitutional Club  G24/760/2479  1912

Houses, Kingshill Road, E.H. Bradley  G24/760/2480  1912

Arcadia Palace Theatre, Regent Street, H. Robinson  G24/760/2481  1912

Cinematograph Hall, Cricklade Road, S. A. Morley  G24/760/2482  1912

Rebuilding of Fox Tavern, Regent Street, R. B. Bowly & Co  G24/760/2483  1912

Shop front, Bridge Street, Messrs Hilton  G24/760/2484  1912

Ten houses, The Mall, E. H. Bradley  G24/760/2485  1912

Four houses, Lansdown Road, W. Ball  G24/760/2486  1912

Villa, Belmont Crescent, A. J. Colborne  G24/760/2487  1912

Five houses, Okus Road, E.H. Bradley  G24/760/2488  1912

Additions to Westlecot House, Belmont Crescent  G24/760/2489  1913

Alterations to house, 6 Wood Street, Messrs Bishop & Fisher  G24/760/2490  1913

Commercial garage and showroom, Princes Street, E. C. Skurray Ltd  G24/760/2491  1913

Christ Church Parochial Hall, Devizes Road, Messrs Bishop & Fisher  G24/760/2492  1913

Extension of County Electric Pavilion, Regent Street, F. P. Aulton  G24/760/2493  1913

St. Augustines Vicarage, Morris Street  G24/760/2494  1913

Six houses, Kingshill Road, A. J. Colborne  G24/760/2495  1913

Cottages, Coate Farm, Wheeler & Co  G24/760/2496  1913

Villas, Evelyn Street, L. L. Morse  G24/760/2497  1913

Stables, Cricklade Street, Cooper Bros.  G24/760/2498  1913

Eight villas, Avenue Road, H. C. Cook  G24/760/2499  1913

House, Cricklade Street, J.C. Cooper  G24/760/2500  1913

Alterations to houses, Belle Vue Road, J. P. Kirby  G24/760/2501  1913

House, St. Mary's Grove, R. J. Leighfield  G24/760/2502  1913

Shop front, 5 Fleet Street, Adams Bros.  G24/760/2503  1913

Shop front, Regent Street, Stewart's Ltd  G24/760/2504  1913

New Vestry for St. Paul's Church, Edgeware Road, Rev. H.H. Rackham  G24/760/2505  1913

Alterations to Central Hotel, Regent Street, Mrs E.L. Starr  G24/760/2506  1913

Arc Lamps, Regent Street, Brantingham Bros.  G24/760/2507  1913

House, Euclid Street, F. Collard  G24/760/2508  1913

Loose Boxes, 30 Marlborough Road, C. L. Peploe  G24/760/2509  1913

Laundry, Rose Street, Cellular Clothing Co  G24/760/2510  1913

Boiler House at Brewery, High Street, R. B. Bowley Ltd  G24/760/2511  1913

Great Western Hotel Garage, Wellington Street  G24/760/2512  1913

Four houses, Springfield Road, E. H. Bradley  G24/760/2513  1913

Motor Garage and Office, Princes Street, E. C. Skurray Ltd  G24/760/2514  1913

House, Gladstone Road, T. Colborne  G24/760/2515  1913

Bay windows, Avenue Road, H. C. Cook  G24/760/2516  1913

Six houses, The Mall, E. H. Bradley  G24/760/2517  1914

Stable & cart shed, Cromwell Street, A. Hitchen  G24/760/2518  1914

House, Goddard Avenue, S. Nethercot  G24/760/2519  1914

Twenty four houses, Kingshill Road, E. H. Bradley  G24/760/2520  1914

Four houses, Wells Road, T. George  G24/760/2521  1914

Alterations to The Greyhound, Faringdon Road, Usher's Brewery Ltd  G24/760/2522  1914

New Cellar at Brewery, High Street, Bowly & Co  G24/760/2523  1914

Premises, Wood Street, National Provincial Bank Ltd  G24/760/2524  1914

Factory, Newcastle Street, J. Gundry & Co  G24/760/2525  1914

Chimney Stack, Colborne Road, Imperial Tobacco Co. Ltd.  G24/760/2526  1914

Parish hall, Southrook Street, Rev. E. A. Topley  G24/760/2527  1914

Additions to flour mill, Lowestoft Street, E. C. Skurray  G24/760/2528  1914

Shop front, 85 Regent Street, Mills & Merricks Ltd  G24/760/2529  1914

Enlargement of printing works, Bridge Street, J. Drew  G24/760/2530  1914

Alterations to premises, 92 Regent Street, Wilts & Dorset Banking Co  G24/760/2531  1914

Photographic studio, Cambria Place, J. Guggenheim  G24/760/2532  1914

House, Rushey Platt, J. Barnes  G24/760/2533  1914

Alterations at Conservative Club, Fleet Street  G24/760/2534  1914

Six houses, William Street, G. Kilminster  G24/760/2535  1914

Alterations to Alma House, Belle Vue Road, Imperial Tobacco Co  G24/760/2536  1914

Five houses, Lincoln Street, T. George  G24/760/2537  1914

Fifty six houses, Wroughton Road, Mrs H.E. Colborne  G24/760/2538  1915

Fourteen houses, Wroughton Road, E.H. Bradley  G24/760/2539  1915

Eight houses, Portsmouth Street, T. George  G24/760/2540  1915

Alterations at "The Red Cow" Inn, Princes Street, Clinch & Co.  G24/760/2541  1915

Alterations to Royal Oak Inn, Devizes Road, Usher's Brewery Ltf  G24/760/2542  1915

Pressing and sewing Room, Sheppard Street, J. Compton & Sons  G24/760/2543  1915

Alterations at Central Hotel, Regent Street, Mrs E.L. Starr  G24/760/2544  1915

Alterations to house, Victoria Road, Dr. T.C. Wilson  G24/760/2545  1915

Alterations to Lloyds Bank, Regent Street  G24/760/2546  1915

Alterations to Prospect Iron Works, Little London, J.C. Cooper  G24/760/2547  1915

Re-construction of premises, Regent Street, Lennard's Ltd  G24/760/2548  1916

Alterations, 8 High Street, Ushers Brewery Ltd  G24/760/2549  1916

House, St. Mary's Grove, R.J. Leighfield  G24/760/2550  1916

Business premises, Fleet Street, New Swindon Co-op Society  G24/760/2551  1916

Annex to Victoria Hospital, Okus Road  G24/760/2552  1917

Extensions, Aylesbury Street, Southern Laundry Co.  G24/760/2553  1917

Boiler house, Newcastle Street, J. Gundry & Co.  G24/760/2554  1917

Drain, Rodbourne Road, G.W.R. Co.  G24/760/2555  1917

Houses, Chapel Street, A. Mortimer  G24/760/2556  1917

Alterations to premises, King Street, Usher's Brewery Ltd  G24/760/2557  1917

Petrol Store, Fenchurch Street, British Petroleum Co. Ltd  G24/760/2558  1918

Factory alterations, Sheppard Street, Compton & Sons  G24/760/2559  1918

Alterations to shop, Regent Street, Briggs & Co.  G24/760/2560  1918

Alterations to commercial garage, Albert Street, A. Rimes  G24/760/2561  1919

Improvements at The Kings Head, Fleet Street, Usher's Brewery  G24/760/2562  1919

House alterations, 89 Clifton Street, Girl's Shelter Committee  G24/760/2563  1919

Alterations, 25 Milton Road and 1 Tennyson Street, Comrades of the Great War  G24/760/2564  1919

Cover over yard, 4 Devizes Road, Hutton Bros.  G24/760/2565  1919

Alterations at County Electric Pavilion, Regent Street  G24/760/2566  1919

Skittle Alley at Club, Ferndale Road, Usher's Brewery Ltd  G24/760/2567  1919

Bacon washing & smoking area, Cricklade Street, P.H. Mason & Co.  G24/760/2568  1919

Four villas and two houses, Wroughton Road, A.J. Colborne  G24/760/2569  1919

Staricase at Mechanic's Institute, Emlyn Square, G.W.R. Co.  G24/760/2570  1919

Eighteen houses, County Road, A.J. Colborne  G24/760/2571  1919

Shop additions, 36-37 Faringdon Street, Great Western Clothiers  G24/760/2572  1919

House, County Road, E.A. Jackson  G24/760/2573  1920

Two cottages, Eastcott Road, A. & G. Blackwell  G24/760/2574  1920

Bungalow, Wroughton Road, A.J. Colborne  G24/760/2575  1920

Shop alterations, Fleet and Bridge Street, Swindon Co-op Society  G24/760/2576  1920

Extension to bakery, Radnor Street, Kingshill Co-op Society  G24/760/2577  1920

House, Belmont Crescent, A.J. Colborne  G24/760/2578  1920

Dairy and shop, Rayfield Grove, C. Pickard  G24/760/2579  1920

Thirty houses, Stratton Road, A.J. Colborne  G24/760/2580  1920

Fourteen houses, County Road, A.J. Colborne  G24/760/2581  1920

Thirty two houses, Wroughton Road, A.J. Colborne  G24/760/2582  1920

Three houses, Kingshill Road, Mrs Colborne  G24/760/2583  1920

Shop alterations, 27-28 Bridge Street, Boots Ltd  G24/760/2584  1920

Bungalow, Belmont Crescent, A.J. Gilbert  G24/760/2585  1920

House, Kitchener Street, H.C. Cook  G24/760/2586  1920

Laundry extension at Victoria Hospital, Bath Road  G24/760/2587  1920

Five houses, The Mall, E.H. Bradley  G24/760/2588  1920

Laundry extension at Isolation Hospital  G24/760/2589  1920

Machine room at "Advertiser" offices, Albert Street, Swindon Press  G24/760/2590  1920

Shop conversion, Fleet Street, New Swindon Co-op Society  G24/760/2591  1920

Garage, Colborne Street, New Swindon Co-op Society  G24/760/2592  1920

Billiard room at "Rolleston Arms", Commercial Road, Cirencester Brewery Co Ltd  G24/760/2593  1920

Showroom, Havelock Street, T. Cullerne  G24/760/2594  1920

Bakery, 158/9 Westcott Place, Butcher, Morris & Co  G24/760/2595  1921

Butcher's shop, Cromwell Road, New Swindon Co- op Society  G24/760/2596  1921

Billiard hall, New Havelock Street, Lucania Temperance Billiard Halls  G24/760/2597  1921

Bank premises, Bridge & King Streets, City and Midland Bank  G24/760/2598  1921

Houses, Wroughton Road, A. J. Colborne  G24/760/2599  1921

Club bar - extension, Ashford Road, Ashford Road Club Committee  G24/760/2600  1921

Motor show rooms, 30-32 High Street, E.C. Skirray Ltd  G24/760/2601  1921

Additions to County Ground Hotel, J. Arkell & Sons  G24/760/2602  1921

Bowling Club, Westlecott Road  G24/760/2603  1921

Alterations, 8A Regents Street, D. Greig Ltd  G24/760/2604  1921

Four houses, Westlecott Road, A. J. Colborne  G24/760/2605  1921

Grandstand at Park Field, Wilts Agricultural Show  G24/760/2606  1921

Banking premises, Wood Street, City & Midland Bank  G24/760/2607  1921

Villa, William Street, G. Kilminster  G24/760/2608  1921

Bungalow, Belmont Crescent, W. Floyd  G24/760/2609  1921

Saughter house, Station Road, J. Cooper  G24/760/2610  1921

Additions to "The White House,", Station Road, Usher's Brewery Ltd  G24/760/2611  1921

Skittle Alley & alterations at Alliance Club, King Street, Usher's Brewery Ltd  G24/760/2612  1921

Two bungalows, Okus Road, E.H. Bradley  G24/760/2613  1921

Dairy, 38 Hythe Road, Hill Bros.  G24/760/2614  1921

Improvements at "The Grapes", Cambria Place, H. & G. Simonds Ltd  G24/760/2615  1921

Alterations at "Sir Daniel Arms", Faringdon Street, Usher's Brewery Ltd  G24/760/2616  1921

Work extensions, Newcastle Street, Garrard Co. Ltd  G24/760/2617  1921

Empire Theatre, Groundwell Street & Clarence Road, A. Manners  G24/760/2618  1922

Villa, Wroughton Road, A. J. Colborne  G24/760/2619  1922

Stable & cart shed, 2 Vilett Street, E. Haines  G24/760/2620  1922

Bank, Bridge Street, City and Midland Bank  G24/760/2621  1922

Cold Storage, Cromwell Street, New Swindon Ind. Co-op Society  G24/760/2622  1922

Shop front & alterations, 79 Regent Street, Eastman's Ltd  G24/760/2623  1922

Shop, Victoria Street, F.T. Sanders  G24/760/2624  1922

Cinema, Jennings Street, A. Rimes  G24/760/2625  1922

Lock-up shop, Mancherster Road, J. R. Dawson & Co  G24/760/2626  1922

Shop alterations, 21 High Street, Messrs Masons  G24/760/2627  1922

Additions to New Century Club, Bright Street, Usher's Brewery  G24/760/2628  1922

Four houses, Okus Road, E. H. Bradley  G24/760/2629  1922

Victoria Hospital Reconstruction, Okus Road  G24/760/2630  1922

Houses, Wroughton Road, A. J. Colborne  G24/760/2631  1922

Nine Houses, Euclid Street, E. W. Beard  G24/760/2632  1922

Depot, County Road, British Petroleum Ltd  G24/760/2633  1922

Lock- up shop, 148 Manchester Road, J. Walker  G24/760/2634  1922

Private school, Durham Street, Miss Stock  G24/760/2635  1922

Fourteen houses, Rayfield Grove, W. W. Hunter  G24/760/2636  1922

"The Grapes" Inn alterations, Faringdon Street  G24/760/2637  1922

Alterations, 38 High Street, A. Hart  G24/760/2638  1922

Alterations to shop, Evelyn Street, Mr. Davis  G24/760/2639  1922

Twenty five houses, Plymouth Street, A. J. Colborne  G24/760/2640  1923

Additions to Workmans Club, Haydon Street, Barton Brewery  G24/760/2641  1923

Six houses, Avenue Road, A. J. Colborne  G24/760/2642  1923

Sixteen houses, York Road, E. W. Beard  G24/760/2643  1923

Villa, Morrison Street, W. G. Blake & Sons  G24/760/2644  1923

Villa, Okus Road, E. H. Bradley  G24/760/2645  1923

Alterations at "Prince of Wales", Union Street, Bristol Brewery  G24/760/2646  1923

Bungalow, Belmont Crescent, C. Crump  G24/760/2647  1923

House & shop, St. Mary's Grove, R. J. Leighfield  G24/760/2648  1923

Alterations at "The Union Hotel", Sheppard Street, Usher's Brewery Ltd  G24/760/2649  1923

Additions to Primitive Methodist Church, Butterworth Street, Rev. Wightman  G24/760/2650  1923

Twelve houses, Newcastle Street, A. J. Colborne  G24/760/2651  1923

Plating & Polishing Room, Newcastle Street, Garrard & Co. Ltd  G24/760/2652  1923

Shop & house, Plymouth Street, A. J. Colborne  G24/760/2653  1923

Houses, Stratton Road, A. J. Colborne  G24/760/2654  1923

Villa, Belmont Crescent, A. J. Colborne  G24/760/2655  1923

Bungalow, Wroughton Road, C. Bartlett  G24/760/2656  1923

Additions to shop, Gorse Hill, New Swindon Co-op Society  G24/760/2657  1923

Three houses, Evelyn Street, Tydeman Bros.  G24/760/2658  1923

Shop alterations, 7 Devizes Road, D. Richman  G24/760/2659  1923

Two houses, Wroughton Road, E. Bradley  G24/760/2660  1923

Fourteen houses, County Road, A. J. Colborne  G24/760/2661  1923

Stables & cart shed, 77 Pinehurst Road, F. W. Parker  G24/760/2662  1923

Houses, Broad Street & County Road, A. J. Colborne  G24/760/2663  1923

Alterations, 60 Prospect Place, T. Cullerne  G24/760/2664  1923

Carpenters shop & stores, Cromwell Street, H. W. Bennett  G24/760/2665  1923

Addition to premises, Alfred Street, Swindon Press  G24/760/2666  1923

Houses, Ferndale Road, A. J. Colborne  G24/760/2667  1923

Dairy, Colborne Street, New Swindon Co-op Society  G24/760/2668  1923

Milton Club skittle alley, Milton Road, Usher's Brewery  G24/760/2669  1923

Two houses, Kingshill Road, E. Blake  G24/760/2670  1923

Thirty two houses, Wellingborough Street, E. W. Beard  G24/760/2671  1923

Two houses, County Road, E. A. Jackson  G24/760/2672  1923

Houses, Leicester Street, Tydeman Bros.  G24/760/2673  1923

Twenty five houses, Northampton Street, A. J. Colborne  G24/760/2674  1923

Four shops, Devizes Road, E. H. Bradley  G24/760/2675  1923

Printing room, Eastcott Hill, T. C. Newman  G24/760/2676  1923

Bakery, Station Street, Swindon Co-op Provident Society Ltd  G24/760/2677  1923

Three huts, At rear of 10-12 Regent Street, Morse's Ltd  G24/760/2678  1923

Additions to Lloyds Bank, Fleet Street, Lloyds Bank Ltd  G24/760/2679  1923

Houses, Wroughton Road, A. J. Colborne  G24/760/2680  1923

Houses, Shrivenham Road, A. J. Colborne  G24/760/2681  1923

House, Marlborough Road, Mrs Blyth  G24/760/2682  1923

Two houses, Belmont Crescent, E. W. Beard  G24/760/2683  1923

Alterations, 23 Regent Street, Barclays Bank Ltd  G24/760/2684  1923

Skittle alley at White Hart Inn, Newport Street, R. B. Bowley & Co  G24/760/2685  1923

Alterations, Regent Street, Lloyds Bank  G24/760/2686  1923

Alterations to shop, 20 Regent Street, J. Sears & Co  G24/760/2687  1923

Extensions, 24 Regent Street, F. W. Woolworth & Co  G24/760/2688  1923

Twenty eight houses, Southampton Street, E. W. Beard  G24/760/2689  1923

Houses, Cricklade Road, W. Walker  G24/760/2690  1923

Four houses, Groundwell Road, Tydeman Bros.  G24/760/2691  1923

Sixteen houses, Kitchener Street, H. C. Cook  G24/760/2692  1923

House, Clifton Street, W.T. Hacker  G24/760/2693  1923

Houses, Groundwell & Westmoreland Roads, A.J. Colborne  G24/760/2694  1923

Villa, Morrison Street, W.G. Blake  G24/760/2695  1923

Alterations to Working Men's Club, Morris Street, Lamb Brewery  G24/760/2696  1923

House and shop, Groundwell Road, E.W. Beard  G24/760/2697  1923

Houses, Iffley Road, Mrs R. Matthews & Mrs R.E. Capper  G24/760/2698  1923

Ten houses, Rose Street, T.W. Bradley  G24/760/2699  1923

Alterations to shop, 92 Regent Street, Messrs Burton  G24/760/2700  1923

Two bungalows, Church Walk, W.G. Blake  G24/760/2701  1923

Bungalow, Whitworth Road, A. Wentworth  G24/760/2702  1923

Bungalow, Whitworth Road, F. D. Pike  G24/760/2703  1923

Bungalow, Whitworth Road, Mr. Woodcock  G24/760/2704  1923

Bungalow, Whitworth Road, W.G. Blake & Sons  G24/760/2705  1923

Bungalow, Whitworth Road, G. W. King  G24/760/2706  1923

Bungalow, Telford Road, C.H. Humphries  G24/760/2707  1923

Ten houses, four bungalows, Cricklade Road, A.J. Colborne  G24/760/2708  1923

Two houses, Liddington Road, B. Smith  G24/760/2709  1923

Two houses, Liddington Road, A. H. Capper  G24/760/2710  1923

Bungalow, Crowdy's Hill, G.W. King  G24/760/2711  1923

House, Cricklade Road, J. W. Farr  G24/760/2712  1923

Commercial garage, Victoria Road, Bath Garage Co.  G24/760/2713  1924

Showrooms, Regent Street, W.M. McIlroy Ltd  G24/760/2714  1924

Ten houses, Scarborough and Ferndale Roads, S.C. Thomas & Co.  G24/760/2715  1924

Additions to Olive House, Prospect Square, W. Kirby  G24/760/2716  1924

House, Belmont Crescent, H.F.M. Dawson  G24/760/2717  1924

Houses, Ferndale Road, A. J. Colborne  G24/760/2718  1924

Four houses, Kingshill Road, A. J. Colborne  G24/760/2719  1924

Additions at factory, Newcastle Street, Garrard & Co  G24/760/2720  1924

Houses, Morrison Street, E. W. Beard  G24/760/2721  1924

Forty four houses, Caulfield Road, J. G. Norman  G24/760/2722  1924

Thirty five houses, Bruce Street, E. W. Beard  G24/760/2723  1924

Twenty two houses, Southampton Street, Tydeman Bros.  G24/760/2724  1924

Houses, Bruce Street, W. G. Blake & Sons  G24/760/2725  1924

Additions to N. Wilts Constitutional Club, Princes Street, Arkell & Sons  G24/760/2726  1924

Club premises, Radnor Street, West Swindon Club  G24/760/2727  1924

Even Swindon development, Rodbourne Road and surrounding streets, Drew & Sons  G24/760/2728  1924

Bungalow, Westlecott Road, G. Spencer  G24/760/2729  1924

Twenty eight houses, Groundwell Road, W. E. Beard  G24/760/2730  1924

Houses, Groundwell Road, A. J. Colborne  G24/760/2731  1924

Ten houses, Newcastle Street, A. J. Colborne  G24/760/2732  1924

House & shop, Euclid Street, R.. E. Carpenter  G24/760/2733  1924

Twenty two houses, Northampton Street, A. J. Colborne  G24/760/2734  1924

Iron and glass shelter at Empire Theatre, Groundwell and Clarence Roads  G24/760/2735  1924

House, Belmont Crescent, V. Miles  G24/760/2736  1924

Alterations at Even Swindon Club, Percy Street  G24/760/2737  1924

Nineteen houses, York Road, E. W. Beard  G24/760/2738  1924

Two houses, Morris Street, A. S. May  G24/760/2739  1924

Additions at Kings Arms Hotel, Wood Street, J. Arkell & Sons  G24/760/2740  1924

Bunglow, Belmont Crescent, R. W. Goddard  G24/760/2741  1924

House, Gladstone Road, H. Constable  G24/760/2742  1924

Bungalow, Kingshill Road, H. Bates  G24/760/2743  1924

Bungalows, Telford Road, E. Parkinson  G24/760/2744  1924

Bungalow, Kingshill Road, J. Lucas  G24/760/2745  1924

Queen's Hotel alterations, Wellington Street, J. Groves & Son  G24/760/2746  1924

House, Southbrook Street, G.H. Franklin  G24/760/2747  1924

Houses, Shrivenham Road, A. J. Colborne  G24/760/2748  1924

Houses, Wroughton Road, A. J. Colborne  G24/760/2749  1924

Fifty three houses, Shrivenham Road, E.H. Bradley & Sons  G24/760/2750  1924

Hoarding, Manchester Road & Wellington Street, F. Carrier  G24/760/2751  1924

Nine houses, York Road, Tydeman Bros.  G24/760/2752  1924

Two houses, Colborne Street, A. J. Colborne  G24/760/2753  1924

Two houses, Broad Street, A. J. Colborne  G24/760/2754  1924

Shop front, 27 Faringdon Street, J. A. Chappell  G24/760/2755  1924

House, The Sands, 70 Bath Road, J. P. Morgan  G24/760/2756  1924

House & shop, Euclid Street, T. B. Wellicombe  G24/760/2757  1924

Additional story at printers premises, Eastcott Hill, T. C. Newman  G24/760/2758  1924

Eight houses, Northampton Street, Tydeman Bros.  G24/760/2759  1924

Six houses, Morris Street, T.W. Bradley  G24/760/2760  1924

Sixteen Houses, Kitchener Street, H.C. Cook  G24/760/2761  1924

Bungalows, Kitchener Street, J. J. Joyce  G24/760/2762  1924

Bungalow, Church Walk, Henry Fishlock  G24/760/2763  1924

Bungalow, Liddington Street, J. Southall  G24/760/2764  1924

House, Broad Way, A. J. Gibbs  G24/760/2765  1924

Bungalow, Telford Road, W. Sumbler  G24/760/2766  1924

House, Rodbourne Green, J. Selby  G24/760/2767  1924

Bungalows, Whitworth Road, J. J. Burgess  G24/760/2768  1924

Bungalow, Purton Road, J. H. Hopkins  G24/760/2769  1924

Bungalow, Swindon Road, W.T. Groves  G24/760/2770  1924

House, Moredon Road, A. Withers  G24/760/2771  1924

Bungalow, Church Walk, J. W. Hopkins  G24/760/2772  1924

Two houses, Telford Road, E. Blake  G24/760/2773  1924

Bungalow, Church Road, Mrs Neale  G24/760/2774  1924

Addition to Sunday School, Church Road, Rodbourne Cheney P.C.C.  G24/760/2775  1924

Two lock-up shops, 148-149 Manchester Road, J. Walker  G24/760/2776  1925

Five bungalows, Wroughton Road, A. J. Colborne  G24/760/2777  1925

Houses, Groundwell Road, A. J. Colborne  G24/760/2778  1925

Shop, Cricklade Road, Co-op Society  G24/760/2779  1925

Twenty one houses, The Mall, E. Bradley & Sons  G24/760/2780  1925

Bungalow, Okus Road, A.R.K. Taylor  G24/760/2781  1925

House, 212/213 Kingshill Road, E. Iles  G24/760/2782  1925

Houses, Hughes Street, W.G. Blake & Sons  G24/760/2783  1925

Alterations to Palace Cinema, Gorse Hill, Albany Ward  G24/760/2784  1925

Fifteen houses, Ferndale Road, A. J. Colborne  G24/760/2785  1925

Butchery Dept,. Broad Street, Co-op Society  G24/760/2786  1925

Eight houses, County Road, A. J. Colborne  G24/760/2787  1925

Bungalow, Okus Road, G.H. Harrington  G24/760/2788  1925

Ninteen houses, York Road, Tydeman Bros.  G24/760/2789  1925

House & shop, Rodbourne Road, F. S. Adams  G24/760/2790  1925

Bungalow, Ferndale Road, V. Beazley  G24/760/2791  1925

Bungalow, Ferndale Road, W. E. Luker  G24/760/2792  1925

Extensions at Reading Room, Cricklade Street, G.W.R Mechanics Inst.  G24/760/2793  1925

Alterations to premises, Cromwell and Brunel Streets, J. A. Simons  G24/760/2794  1925

Houses, Drove and Groundwell Roads, A. J. Colborne  G24/760/2795  1925

Houses, Westmorland Road, A .J. Colborne  G24/760/2796  1925

Houses, Northampton Street, A. J. Colborne  G24/760/2797  1925

Houses, Shrivenham Road, A. J. Colborne  G24/760/2798  1925

House, Telford Road, A. J. Colborne  G24/760/2799  1925

Shop, Cricklade Road, Co-op Society Ltd  G24/760/2800  1925

House, Beatrice Street, A. J. Colborne  G24/760/2801  1925

Bungalow, Rodbourne Road, C. Hawkins  G24/760/2802  1925

Eight houses, Shelley Street, A. J. Colborne  G24/760/2803  1925

Houses, Euclid Street and York Road, E. W. Beard  G24/760/2804  1925

Five houses, Lansdown Road, E. W. Beard  G24/760/2805  1925

Nine houses, Dryden Street, A. J. Colborne  G24/760/2806  1925

Mission Church, The Mall, Canon C. A. Mayall  G24/760/2807  1925

House, Belmont Crescent, A. E. Moon  G24/760/2808  1925

Fourteen houses, Wembley Street, Tydeman Bros.  G24/760/2809  1925

Drawing Office, Newcastle Street, Garrard & Co Ltd  G24/760/2810  1925

House & shop, 63 Cricklade Road, World Stores Ltd  G24/760/2811  1925

Seven houses, Chapel Street, Tydeman Bros.  G24/760/2812  1925

Seven houses, Montagu Street, T. W. Bradley  G24/760/2813  1925

Twenty two houses, Rose Street, E. W. Beard  G24/760/2814  1925

New premises, Bridge Street, Co-op Provident Society  G24/760/2815  1925

House, Corner of Newcastle and Plymouth Streets, A. J. Colborne  G24/760/2816  1925

Two houses, Croft Road, A. J. Colborne  G24/760/2817  1925

House, Groundwell Road, A. J. Colborne  G24/760/2818  1925

House & shop, Bruce Street, E. W. Beard  G24/760/2819  1925

Refrigerator house, 44 Fleet Street, W. Drury  G24/760/2820  1925

House, Cricklade Road, W. G. Hornblow  G24/760/2821  1925

Bungalow, Okus Road, R. Ebrey  G24/760/2822  1925

Shop alterations, Wood Street, Boots Ltd.  G24/760/2823  1925

Houses, Ferndale Road, W.G. Blake & Son  G24/760/2824  1925

Bungalows & houses, Wootton Bassett Road, A. J. Colborne  G24/760/2825  1925

Four houses, Ipswich Street and Ferndale Road, E. W. Beard  G24/760/2826  1925

House, Telford Road, F. S. Pearce  G24/760/2827  1925

Four houses, Westlecot Road, Tydeman Bros.  G24/760/2828  1925

Villa, The Mall, H. J. Leonard  G24/760/2829  1925

Bungalow, Telford Road, C. Joyce  G24/760/2830  1925

Alterations to shop, 60 Fleet Street, Home & Colonial Stores  G24/760/2831  1925

Eight houses, Harcourt and Cobden Roads, H. C. Cook  G24/760/2832  1925

Billiard Hall, Percy Street, W. G. Blake & Son  G24/760/2833  1925

House, Clifton Street, W. T. Hacker  G24/760/2834  1925

Seventy two houses, Argyle and Tydeman Streets, Tydeman Bros.  G24/760/2835  1925

Houses, Rodborne Road, W.G. Blake & Sons  G24/760/2836  1925

Altrerations to Bank, High Street, Lloyds Bank Ltd  G24/760/2837  1925

Twenty six houses, Grovelands, E. W. Beard  G24/760/2838  1925

Bungalow, Telford Road, G. Mabberley  G24/760/2839  1925

Additions to factory, Catherine Street, Swindon Cold Store Co.  G24/760/2840  1925

Two cottages, Walcot, Major Goddard  G24/760/2841  1925

Houses, Whitworth Road  G24/760/2842  1925

Bungalow, Church Road, W. Stevens  G24/760/2843  1925

House, Moredon Road, E. Blake  G24/760/2844  1925

Bungalow, Kitchener Street, H. C. Cook  G24/760/2845  1925

Bungalow, Rodbourne Green, E. Street  G24/760/2846  1925

House, Telford Road, J. Manners  G24/760/2847  1925

Bungalow, Cheney Manor Road, S. H. Horner  G24/760/2848  1925

Bungalow, Crowdys Corner, E. Cotterell  G24/760/2849  1925

House, Church Walk, W. T. Scrivens  G24/760/2850  1925

Thirty houses, Moredon Road, T.W. Bradley  G24/760/2851  1925

House, Croft Road, A. J. Colborne  G24/760/2852  1926

Hotel, Groundwell Road, Lion Brewery  G24/760/2853  1926

Houses, Shrivenham Road, A. J. Colborne  G24/760/2854  1926

Alterations, 83 Cricklade Road, Maypole Dairy Co. Ltd.  G24/760/2855  1926

Two houses, Hughes Street, W. G. Blake  G24/760/2856  1926

New club room, Bright Street, Usher's Brewery  G24/760/2857  1926

Houses, Morris Street, W.G. Blake & Son  G24/760/2858  1926

Bungalow, Okus Farm, E. Hill  G24/760/2859  1926

Villa, Mill Lane, J. Sully  G24/760/2860  1926

Thirty one houses, Drove Road, A. J Colborne  G24/760/2861  1926

Houses, Grovelands Avenue, E.W. Beard  G24/760/2862  1926

House, Goddard Avenue, W.W. Hunter  G24/760/2863  1926

Six houses, Euclid Street, A. J. Colborne  G24/760/2864  1926

Temporary building for hospital, Faringdon Street, G.W.R. MBFS  G24/760/2865  1926

Bungalow, Kingshill Road, J. Cole  G24/760/2866  1926

Bungalow, Telford Road, W.T. Keene  G24/760/2867  1926

Alterations, 73 Westlecot Place, J.H. Gover  G24/760/2868  1926

House, Belmont Crescent, E. Jones  G24/760/2869  1926

Houses & bungalows, Drove Road, A. J. Colborne  G24/760/2870  1926

Additions to club, Ferndale Road, Usher's Brewery  G24/760/2871  1926

House, Iffley Road, F.Watkins  G24/760/2872  1926

Cottage, Westlecot Manor Farm, Major Goddard  G24/760/2873  1926

Bungalow, Okus Road, R. Ebrey  G24/760/2874  1926

Alterations, 10 Marlborough Road, Messrs Fielder & Tuckett  G24/760/2875  1926

Thirty three houses, Northampton Street, A. J. Colborne  G24/760/2876  1926

Houses, Moredon Road  G24/760/2877  1926

Houses, Whitworth Road  G24/760/2878  1926

Two houses, Crowdy's Hill  G24/760/2879  1926

Bungalow, Church Road, J. J. Stonier  G24/760/2880  1926

House, Church Walk, H. Cook  G24/760/2881  1926

House, Liddington Street, F. Howse  G24/760/2882  1926

Houses, Cricklade Road and Kembrey Street, Tydemman Bros.  G24/760/2883  1927

Four houses, Euclid Street, A. J. Colborne  G24/760/2884  1926

Bungalows, Telford Road, C. W. Joyce  G24/760/2885  1927

Butchery & Grocery Dept., Ferndale Road, Swindon Co-op Ltd  G24/760/2886  1927

Sunday School, Clifton Street, Methodist Church  G24/760/2887  1927

House, Belmont Crescent, K. J. Cook  G24/760/2888  1927

Sports pavilion, Off Colborne Street, W. D. & H. O. Wills Ltd  G24/760/2889  1927

Alterations at G. W.R Goods Yard, Coate Street, Redline Motor Spirit Co Ltd  G24/760/2890  1927

Two bungalows, Telford Road, G. Mabberley  G24/760/2891  1927

House, 12 Gladstone Street, H. Constable  G24/760/2892  1927

Additions to oil and spirit depot, Swindon Station, Anglo- American Oil Co Ltd  G24/760/2893  1927

Alterations at "Red Cow", Princes Street, Clinch & Co  G24/760/2894  1927

Shop & house, 3 Drove Road, F. W. Bradbury  G24/760/2895  1927

Factory Additions, Newcastle Street, Garrard Manufacturing Co  G24/760/2896  1927

Oil & spirit storage, Swindon Station, Russian Oil Products Ltd  G24/760/2897  1927

Two houses, Quarry Road, H. Kilminster  G24/760/2898  1927

Hall, Morris Street, Swindon Conservative & Unionist Assoc.  G24/760/2899  1927

House, Telford Road, E. H. Burroughs  G24/760/2900  1927

Office building, Fleet Street, New- Swindon Co-op Society  G24/760/2901  1927

Additions to dairy, Colborne Street, New- Swindon Co-op Society  G24/760/2902  1927

House, 109 Morris Street, W.G. Blake  G24/760/2903  1927

Thirty one houses, Marlborough Road, E. H. Bradley  G24/760/2904  1927

House, Cheney Manor Road, F.T. Everitt  G24/760/2905  1927

Sunday School, Rodbourne Road, St. Augustines Church  G24/760/2906  1927

Grocery & butchery dept., Groundwell Road, Swindon Ind. Co-op Society  G24/760/2907  1927

Business premises, Manchester Road, Salisbury Street, Swindon Bill Posting & Advertising Co  G24/760/2908  1927

Alterations, 1-2 Wellington Street, John Mercer  G24/760/2909  1927

Houses, Coft Road, A.J. Colborne  G24/760/2910  1927

Alterations to premises, Regent & Temple Streets, Swindon Gas Co  G24/760/2911  1927

Thirty three houses, Northampton and Plymouth Streets, A. J. Colborne  G24/760/2912  1927

Additions to Victoria Hospital, Okus Road  G24/760/2913  1927

Seventy two houses, Tydeman and Arygle Streets, Argyle Bros.  G24/760/2914  1927

House, Colborne Street, A. J. Colborne  G24/760/2915  1927

Club room at George Hotel, Eastcott Hill, Cirencester Brewery  G24/760/2916  1927

Cinema, Telford Road, S. J. Lawrence  G24/760/2917  1927

House, Telford Road, E. H.Bartlett  G24/760/2918  1927

Bungalow, Broadway, W. H. Howse  G24/760/2919  1927

House, Swindon Road, C. Chamberlain  G24/760/2920  1927

Mission Hall & Sunday School, Whitworth Road, H.W. Selwood  G24/760/2921  1927

Houses, Moredon Road, S. A. Walling  G24/760/2922  1927

House, Liddington Road, W. E. G. Hobbs  G24/760/2923  1927

Bungalows, Whitworth Road, Mr. Paisey  G24/760/2924  1927

Pavilion, Cheney Manor Road, E.T. Ovens  G24/760/2925  1927

Mission Hall, Pinehurst, W. A .H. Masters  G24/760/2926  1927

Alterations at Masonic Hall, High Street, A. J. Colborne  G24/760/2927  1928

Ten houses, Walcot Road, A. J. Colborne  G24/760/2928  1928

Extension to shop, Regent Street, Morse's Ltd  G24/760/2929  1928

House, Drove Road, A. J. Colborne  G24/760/2930  1928

Warehouse, 6 Cricklade Street, A. J. Shawyer  G24/760/2931  1928

Cinema, Jennings Street, Even Swindon Cinema Co Ltd  G24/760/2932  1928

Twenty houses, Croft Road, A. J. Colborne  G24/760/2933  1928

Houses, Grondwell and Walcot Roads, A. J. Colborne  G24/760/2934  1928

Oxford Hotel, Groundwell Road, Morrell's Trustees  G24/760/2935  1928

Six houses, Bruce Road, W.G. Blake & Sons  G24/760/2936  1928

House, Coate Road, S. Wiltshire  G24/760/2937  1928

House, Westlecot Road, S. C.A. Morrison  G24/760/2938  1928

Thirty Four houses, Marlborough Road, E. H. Bradley  G24/760/2939  1928

Bungalow, Rodbourne Road, G.E. Watkins  G24/760/2940  1928

House, Telford Road, Mr. O'Keefe  G24/760/2941  1928

Alterations at Drapery Stores, Bridge Street, A. H. Bradbury  G24/760/2942  1928

Alterations, Regent Street, Goddard & Co  G24/760/2943  1928

Garage alterations, Colborne Street, New Swindon Co-op  G24/760/2944  1928

Alterations to bakery, East Street, New Swindon Co-op  G24/760/2945  1928

Five houses, Cobden Road, H. C. Cook  G24/760/2946  1928

Palladium Cinema, Jennings Street, Even Swindon Cinema Co  G24/760/2947  1928

Factory additions, Newcastle Street, The Garrard Engineering Co. Ltd  G24/760/2948  1928

Alterations, Bridge Street, Stead & Simpson Ltd  G24/760/2949  1928

Alterations, Regent Street, Johnson Bros. (Dyers) Ltd  G24/760/2950  1928

Villa, Belmont Crescent, E.H. Bradley  G24/760/2951  1928

Alterations, 26 Wellington Street, A. Priston  G24/760/2952  1928

Two houses, Grovelands, E. W. Beard  G24/760/2953  1928

Houses, Pleydell Road, A. J. Colborne  G24/760/2954  1928

New office and extensions, Newcastle Street, Garrard Engineering Co  G24/760/2955  1928

Two houses, Broome Manor Lane, E. Hill & Sons  G24/760/2956  1928

Bungalow, Cricklade Road, G. F. Joyce  G24/760/2957  1928

Skittle alley at Club, Stanley Street  G24/760/2958  1928

Alterations to Convent of St. Mary, Groundwell Road  G24/760/2959  1928

Villa, Broome Manor Lane, W. Hiscocks  G24/760/2960  1928

House, Kingshill Road, E. Blake  G24/760/2961  1928

Alterations, Fleet Street, New Swindon Co-op Society  G24/760/2962  1928

Houses, Clifton Street, Messrs A. G. Blackwell  G24/760/2963  1928

Twenty houses, Marlborough Street, E. H. Bradley & Co  G24/760/2964  1928

Primitive Methodist Church, Pinehurst  G24/760/2965  1928

Bungalows, Whitworth Road, G. Morris  G24/760/2966  1928

Houses, Telford Road, Mrs S.E. Wild  G24/760/2967  1928

House, Liddington Street, F.F. Jefferies  G24/760/2968  1928

House, Swindon Road, H. O. Cull  G24/760/2969  1928

House, Church Road, J. Buckland  G24/760/2970  1928

House, Purton Road, J. Brock  G24/760/2971  1928

Houses, Scarborough Road, Messrs W.G. Blake  G24/760/2972  1928

New premises, Fleet Street, W.H. Smith & Sons  G24/760/2973  1928

Comercial garage, Drove Road, Swindon Transport Co.  G24/760/2974  1928

House, 28 Belgrave Street, F. H. Austin  G24/760/2975  1928

Houses, Bruce and Morrison Streets, E. W. Beard  G24/760/2976  1928

Twenty houses, Cobden Road, A. K. Colborne  G24/760/2977  1928

Boarding house, Cricklade Road, Miss Ockwell  G24/760/2978  1929

Commercial garage, Marlborough Road, Mrs J. W. J. Dangerfield  G24/760/2979  1929

Extension, 13 Gloucester Street, A. E. Tunley  G24/760/2980  1929

Shops, Cricklade Road, Messrs Bates & Hodges  G24/760/2981  1929

Six houses, Walcot Road, A. K. Colborne  G24/760/2982  1929

Bulk Spirit & Kerosene Depot, County Road, British Petroleum Co  G24/760/2983  1929

House, Broome Manor Lane, A. H. Pope  G24/760/2984  1929

House, Devizes Road, A. R. Godwyn  G24/760/2985  1929

House, Westlecot Road  G24/760/2986  1929

Motor Store, Newcastle Street, The Garrard Egineering Co Ltd  G24/760/2987  1929

House, Telford Road, Mrs Jacobs  G24/760/2988  1929

Dairy & Conservatory, The Wharf, Drove Road, H. Gilling  G24/760/2989  1929

Houses, 2-16 Crosvenor Street, H. Kilminster  G24/760/2990  1929

Houses, Pleydell Road, A. J. Colborne  G24/760/2991  1929

Alterations to N. U.R. Hall, Temple Street, N.U.R.  G24/760/2992  1929

Assembly room extension, Bright Street, Ushers Brewery Ltd  G24/760/2993  1929

House, 52 Harcourt Road, H.C. Cook  G24/760/2994  1929

House, 172 Shrivenham Road, H. F. Grimes  G24/760/2995  1929

New premises, 5 Regent Street, S.B. Cole Ltd  G24/760/2996  1929

New premises, 58 Fleet Street, New Swindon Ind. Co-op Society  G24/760/2997  1929

Houses, Church Road, C.R. Palmer  G24/760/2998  1929

House, Westlecot Road, R. G. Hannington  G24/760/2999  1929

Houses, Morris Street, H. Hinder  G24/760/3000  1929

Nineteen houses, Whitworth Road, A.K. Colborne  G24/760/3001  1929

Police Station, Cricklade Road, W.C.C.  G24/760/3002  1929

Alterations to shop, Bridge Street, Stead & Simpson Ltd  G24/760/3003  1929

House, Quarry Street, H. Kilminster  G24/760/3004  1929

Villa, Broome Manor Road, Messrs A. & G. Blackwell  G24/760/3005  1929

Shop & billiard hall, 24 & 25 Bridge Street, Burton's Ltd  G24/760/3006  1929

House, Arygle Street, Tydemans Bros.  G24/760/3007  1929

Alterations, 54 Bridge Street, T. Saddler  G24/760/3008  1929

Eight houses, 22-36 Grosvenor Street, A. K. Colborne  G24/760/3009  1929

Villas, 252-256 Marborough Road, E. H. Bradley & Sons  G24/760/3010  1929

House, Coate Road, F. F. Jefferies  G24/760/3011  1929

Alterations to working mens club, Grose Hill, Hope Brewery  G24/760/3012  1929

Omnibus garage, Manchester Road, Swindon B.C.  G24/760/3013  1929

Alterations to rink cinema, Market Square, G. Vickery Ltd  G24/760/3014  1929

Bungalow, Coate Road, W. G. Adams  G24/760/3015  1929

Shop, Radnor and Clifton Streets, W. T. Hacker  G24/760/3016  1929

Bungalow, Broome Manor Lane, T. W. Sage  G24/760/3017  1929

Alterations to shop, 52 & 53 Bridge Street, Timothy Whites Ltd  G24/760/3018  1930

Villa, 85 Kingshill Road, Bradley & Son  G24/760/3019  1930

Fourteen houses, Cricklade Road, A.K Colborne  G24/760/3020  1930

Three Lock-up shops, Rodbourne Road, C. E. Frith  G24/760/3021  1930

Two flats and lock-up shops, Whitehouse Road, G. Cameron  G24/760/3022  1930

Twenty one houses, Shrivenham Road, A. J. Colborne  G24/760/3023  1930

Alterations to rink cinema, The Square, A. N. Ewing  G24/760/3024  1930

Alterations, 54 Bridge Street, T. Sadler  G24/760/3025  [n.d.]

Houses, Hughes Street, W. G. Blake & Sons  G24/760/3026  1930

Four houses, Whitworth Road, A. K. Colborne  G24/760/3027  1930

Mess Room, Newcastle Street, Garrard Engineering Co Ltd  G24/760/3028  1930

Alterations, 58 Fleet Street, New Swindon Co-op Soc. Ltd  G24/760/3029  1930

Warehouse, Colborne Street, New Swindon Co-op Soc. Ltd  G24/760/3030  1930

House, 65 Broome Manor Road, A. R. Godwin  G24/760/3031  1930

Alterations to Masons Arms, High Street, J. Arkell & Sons Ltd  G24/760/3032  1930

House, Broome Manor Lane, Messrs A. & G. Blackwell  G24/760/3033  1930

House, Church Road, W. D. Palmer  G24/760/3034  1930

Alterations to shop, 2 & 3 Rodborne Road, New Swindon Co-op Soc. Ltd  G24/760/3035  1930

Shop, 85 & 86 Regent Street, Marks & Spencer Ltd  G24/760/3036  1930

Housing development, Off Kingshill Road, A. K. Colborne  G24/760/3037  1930

Cattle shed, Rushey Platt Farm, E. J. Barnes & Sons  G24/760/3038  1930

Alterations to House,hold Drapery Stores, Bridge Street, A. H. Bradbury  G24/760/3039  1930

Victoria Garage Alterations, Victory Road, Bath Garages Ltd  G24/760/3040  1930

Houses, Pleydell Road, A. J. Colborne  G24/760/3041  1930

House, 68 Clifton Street, H.C. Cook  G24/760/3042  1930

Alterations, 28 Harding Street, Royal Engineers Assc.  G24/760/3043  1930

Factory, Colborne Street, Imperial Tobacco Co. Ltd  G24/760/3044  1930

House, 63 Broome Manor Lane, F. G. Millin  G24/760/3045  1930

New premises, 16 & 17 Bridge Street, Messrs Mills & Merricks  G24/760/3046  1930

House, 223 Marlborough Road, Mrs Hardy  G24/760/3047  1930

House, Westlecot Road, Mrs Pullen  G24/760/3048  1930

Transport Offices, Corporation Street, Swindon Borough Council  G24/760/3049  1930

Houses, Ferndale Road, A. K. Colborne  G24/760/3050  1930

Lock-up shop, Marlborough Road, Messrs Fielder & Tuckett  G24/760/3051  1930

House, 51 Broome Manor Lane, F.G. Ockwell  G24/760/3052  1930

Alterations to mechanics institute, Emlyn Square, G.W.R  G24/760/3053  1930

House, Coate Road, G. E. Beard  G24/760/3054  1930

House, 37 Bruce Street, F. Q. Ockwell  G24/760/3055  1930

House, 330 Cheney Manor Road, B. Titcombe  G24/760/3056  1930

House, 59 Broome Manor Lane, H. C. Cook  G24/760/3057  1930

Houses, Hillside Avenue & Grosvenor Road, A. J. Colborne  G24/760/3058  1930

Villas & houses, Marlborough, E. H. Bradley & Sons  G24/760/3059  1930

Pumping station, Marlborough Road, E. H. Bradley & Sons  G24/760/3060  1930

Bungalow, Okus Road, E. H. Bradley & Sons  G24/760/3061  1930

Additions to isolation hospital, Gorse Hill, Swindon Borough Council  G24/760/3062  1930

Houses, Northern Road and Wiltshire Avenue, A. J. Colborne  G24/760/3063  1930

Ninety four houses, Walcot and Upham Roads, A. J. Colborne  G24/760/3064  1930

Petrol Pumps, Drove Road, H. Gilling  G24/760/3065  1930

Houses, Sunnyside Avenue, E. H. Bradley & Sons  G24/760/3066  1930

House, 243 Marlborough Road, H. Galpin  G24/760/3067  1931

House, 129 Rodbourne Road, F. S. Adams  G24/760/3068  1931

House, 241 Marlborough Road, A. E. Smith  G24/760/3069  1931

Five Lock-up shops, Commercial Road, E. W. Beard  G24/760/3070  1931

Road Construction, Northern Road and Wiltshire Avenue, A. J. Colborne  G24/760/3071  1931

Alterations, 50 & 51 Regent Street, J. Lott & Sons  G24/760/3072  1931

Additions to factory, Newcastle Street, Garrard Egineering Co Ltd  G24/760/3073  1931

Houses, Cheney Manor Road, C. R. Palmer  G24/760/3074  1931

House, 28a Union Street, Mrs Morrison  G24/760/3075  1931

Re-building of Sunday School, Cheney Manor Road, St. Marys' P.C.C.  G24/760/3076  1931

Three Houses, Broome Manor Lane, Pope Bros.  G24/760/3077  1931

Layout of houses, Shrivenham Road, A. J. Colborne  G24/760/3078  1931

Alterations, 13 Fleet Street, Stubbs Stores  G24/760/3079  1931

Additions to Primitive Methodist Chapel, Cheney Manor Road  G24/760/3080  1931

Houses, Cricklade Road, F. C. Jefferies  G24/760/3081  1931

Alterations at Park View Hotel, 3 Marlborough Road, Mrs E. R. Bathe  G24/760/3082  1931

House, 217 Marlborough Road, F. F. Jefferies  G24/760/3083  1931

Houses, 97-115 Cheney Manor Road, W.G. Blake & Sons  G24/760/3084  1931

House, 36 Church Walk ,Rodborne Cheney, S.W. Bennett  G24/760/3085  1931

House, 171a Cheney Manor Road, H. Pullen  G24/760/3086  1931

House, 55 Okus Road, E. H. Bradley & Son  G24/760/3087  1931

Two houses, Broome Manor Lane, Tydeman Bros.  G24/760/3088  1931

House, 17 Grove Street, C. Griffin  G24/760/3089  1931

Extension to Sports Club Pavilion, off Colborne Street, W. D. & H. O. Wills Ltd  G24/760/3090  1931

Not used  G24/760/3091  undated

Alterations to The World's Stores, Regent Street  G24/760/3092  1931

Bungalow, Whitworth Road, Mrs Massey  G24/760/3093  1931

Houses, 75/77 Broome Manor Lane, Messrs Hill & Sons  G24/760/3094  1931

Houses, Marlborough Road, E. H. Bradley & Son  G24/760/3095  1931

House, Marlborough Road, S.W. Wymcox  G24/760/3096  1931

Houses, 322/324 Cheney Manor Road, C. R. Palmer  G24/760/3097  1931

Workman's Club, Kilminster Corner, J. Arkell & Sons Ltd  G24/760/3098  1931

Mechanics Institute Alterations, Emlyn Square, G.W. R. Co  G24/760/3099  1931

Two houses, Church Walk, Rodbourne Cheney, W.G. Blake & Son  G24/760/3100  1931

New sacristy Holy Rood Church, Groundwell Road, Rev. J. J. Noonan  G24/760/3101  1931

Not used  G24/760/3102  undated

Not used  G24/760/3103  undated

132kw sub-station, Purton Road, Central Electricity Board  G24/760/3104  1931

Two houses, 34-36 Northern Road, A. J. Colborne  G24/760/3105  1931

Two houses, Broome Manor Lane, Tydeman Bros.  G24/760/3106  1931

Store & Pigeon loft, 46 Avenue Road, Mrs Morrison  G24/760/3107  1931

House, Whitworth Road, Mrs C. A. Haddrell  G24/760/3108  1931

Houses, Northern and Richmond Roads, A. J. Colborne  G24/760/3109  1931

House, Broome Manor Lane, H. J. Higgins  G24/760/3110  1931

House, 239 Marlborough Road, Dr. Behr  G24/760/3111  1931

Two houses, 58/60 Morris Street, H.C. Cook  G24/760/3112  1931

Alterations to Electricity offices, Corporation Street, Swindon Borough Council  G24/760/3113  1931

Alterations, 90 Regent Street, Prices Tailors Ltd  G24/760/3114  1931

Houses, Western Street and Prospect Hill, A. E. Jefferies  G24/760/3115  1932

Alterations, Victoria Road, J. Groves & Sons  G24/760/3116  1932

House, 211 Marlborough Road, H. B. Barrett  G24/760/3117  1932

"The Rodbourne Arms", Rodbourne Cheney, Ushers Bewery Ltd  G24/760/3118  1932

Conversion from Hostel to Bungalows, Bramble Road off Gypsy Lane, E. H. Ferris  G24/760/3119  1932

Houses, Marlborough Road, E. H.Bradley & Son  G24/760/3120  1932

House, 73 Moredon Road, T.W. Bradley  G24/760/3121  1932

Alterations to Drill Hall, Prospect Place, Wilts Territorial Association  G24/760/3122  1932

House, 432 Cricklade Road, F. F. Jefferies  G24/760/3123  1932

Twenty four houses, Hughes Street, E. W. Bears  G24/760/3124  1932

House, Broadway, M. T. H. Blackwell  G24/760/3125  1932

Additions to Church, South Brook Street, All Saints P.C.C.  G24/760/3126  1932

Additions to Parish Hall, Ferndale Road, St. Barnabas P.C.C.  G24/760/3127  1932

Three houses, Whitworth Road, A. K. Colborne  G24/760/3128  1932

House, Marlborough Road, H. IIott  G24/760/3129  1932

Housing development, Shrivenham Road, A. J. Colborne  G24/760/3130  1932

Bungalow, 135 Cheney Manor Road, A. J. Thorne  G24/760/3131  1932

Houses, Marlborough Road, E.H.Bradley & Sons  G24/760/3132  1932

Houses, Bowood Road, H. Kilminster  G24/760/3133  1932

Two houses, Marlborough Road, A. J. Colborne  G24/760/3134  1932

Two-lock-up shops, Whitworth Road, C. Cameron  G24/760/3135  1932

Shop & house, 34 Ipswich Street, T.W. Bradley  G24/760/3136  1932

House, 59 Cheney Manor Road, E.H.Bradley & Sons  G24/760/3137  1932

House, Marlborough Road, E.H.Bradley & Sons  G24/760/3138  1932

House, 109 Bath Road, R. J. Leighfield  G24/760/3139  1932

Fish shop, 362 Cheney Manor Road, W. C. Cowley  G24/760/3140  1932

House, 52 St. Margarets Road, A. E. Bullock  G24/760/3141  1932

Cottage, 220 Whitworth Road, A. Tarrant  G24/760/3142  1932

Alterations, 30 Bridge Street, International Tea Co Stores  G24/760/3143  1932

House, 23 Southbrook Street, Miss S. Bulley  G24/760/3144  1932

Houses, Western Street and Prospect Hill, A. E. Jefferies  G24/760/3145  1932

House, 51 Marlborough Road, W. H. Haydon  G24/760/3146  1932

Alterations, 49 Regent Street, H.V. Cox  G24/760/3147  1932

Two houses, Moredon Road, E.H.Bradley & Sons  G24/760/3148  1932

Housing Development, Richmond, Scarborough and Surrey Roads, A. J. Colborne  G24/760/3149  1932

Two houses, 66/68 Broome Manor Lane, Tydeman Bros.  G24/760/3150  1932

House, 225 Marlborough Road, H. Russell  G24/760/3151  1932

Bungalow, 336A Cheney Manor Road, G. Hughes  G24/760/3152  1932

House, 231 Marlborough Road, H. Townsend  G24/760/3153  1932

House, Grosvenor Road, E. Hill  G24/760/3154  1932

Extension of Billiard Room, 8 Wellington Street, A. E. Tunley  G24/760/3155  1932

Pump house & oilstore, County Road, Shell-Mex & B. P Ltd  G24/760/3156  1932

House, 7 Richmond Road, A. J. Colborne  G24/760/3157  1933

Housing Devlopment, Off Gypsy Lane, E.W. Beard  G24/760/3158  1933

House, 160 Moredon Road, W. J. Wilkins  G24/760/3159  1933

Houses, Marlborough Road, E.H.Bradley & Sons  G24/760/3160  1933

Alterations to dairy, Prospect Lane, A. Balch  G24/760/3161  1933

House, 209 Whiworth Road, C.R. Palmer  G24/760/3162  1933

Two houses, 158/160 Drove Road, H. J. Leighfield & Son  G24/760/3163  1933

Houses, Bowood Road, H. Kilminster  G24/760/3164  1933

Houses, Marlborough Road, E.H. Bradley & Son  G24/760/3165  1933

House, 85 Norman Road, W.G.D. Reade  G24/760/3166  1933

House, Quarry Road, A.C. Weight  G24/760/3167  1933

House, 439 Cricklade Road, Mrs Kembrey  G24/760/3168  1933

House, 158 Moredon Road, P. Carr  G24/760/3169  1933

Alterations to Park View Hotel, 3 Marlborough Road, Mrs Bathe  G24/760/3170  1933

House, 149 Marlborough Road, W. Davey  G24/760/3171  1933

Bugalows, Moredon Road, H. Ferris  G24/760/3172  1933

House, 147 Moredon Road, F.E. Martin  G24/760/3173  1933

Bungalow, 19 Downs View Road, F. Herbert  G24/760/3174  1933

Houses, Downs View Road, Tydeman Bros.  G24/760/3175  1933

Two houses, Downs View Road, Pope Bros.  G24/760/3176  1933

Bungalow, Whitworth Road, H. Cox  G24/760/3177  1933

Two houses, Cheney Manor Road, E. Jefferies  G24/760/3178  1933

House, 128 Whitworth Road, H.G. Ferris  G24/760/3179  1933

High School Gymnasium, 64 Bath Road, S. Warrell-Bowring  G24/760/3180  1933

Alterations to shop, 59 & 60 Bridge Street, F. Collard  G24/760/3181  1933

Bungalow, 152 Moredon Road, D. Hayter  G24/760/3182  1933

Electricity showrooms, Regent Circus, Swindon Electricity Co  G24/760/3183  1933

House, 21 Downs View Road, S. Hirst  G24/760/3184  1933

Two houses, 196/198 Whitworth Road, A. H. Hatton  G24/760/3185  1933

Houses, Moredon Road, E.H.Bradley & Sons  G24/760/3186  1933

Two lock-up shops, 21b & 21c Princes Street, W. H. Tydeman  G24/760/3187  1933

House, 141 Moredon Road, D. L. Franklin  G24/760/3188  1933

Additions to The "Hermitage,", High Street, J. L. Calderwood  G24/760/3189  1933

Showrooms, 1 & 2 King John Street and 132 Victoria Road, O. L. Spiller  G24/760/3190  1933

Shops & flat, Newport Street, E.W. Beard  G24/760/3191  1933

House, 23 Downs View Road, A. E. Blackman  G24/760/3192  1933

Forty houses, Gypsy Lane and Bramble Road, E.W. Beard  G24/760/3193  1933

Alterations to shop, Rolleston Street, J. Groves & Son  G24/760/3194  1933

Alterations to factory, Sheppard Street, Compton Sons and Webb Ltd  G24/760/3195  1933

Recreation hall, Dowling Street, North Wilts Boy Scouts Association  G24/760/3196  1933

Block of shops, 537-549 Cricklade Road, Holmes & Sons  G24/760/3197  1934

Houses, Marlborough Road, E.H.Bradley & Sons  G24/760/3198  1934

House, 480 Cricklade Road, S.E. Barnham  G24/760/3199  1934

House, 4 Downs View Road, W.T.G. Bartrop  G24/760/3200  1934

Houses, Downs View Road, Pope Bros.  G24/760/3201  1934

Petrol Station, 136 Princes Street, E. Harris  G24/760/3202  1934

Bank premises, 3 & 4 Regent Street, National Provincial Bank  G24/760/3203  1934

Two houses, 4/6 Carlisle Avenue, E.H.Bradley & Sons  G24/760/3204  1934

Houses, 11-17 Downs View Road, Tydeman Bros.  G24/760/3205  1934

Bungalows, 42/43 Shelley Street, A.J. Colborne  G24/760/3206  1934

Houses, Moredon Road, E.H.Bradley & Son  G24/760/3207  1934

House, Marlborough Road, F.C. Hall  G24/760/3208  1934

Alterations to shop, 2 Rodbourne Road, New Swindon Co-op Society  G24/760/3209  1934

House, 16 Downs View Road, H.C. Lockyer  G24/760/3210  1934

Shop and offices, Victoria Road, F. J. Frost  G24/760/3211  1934

Additions to Printing Works, Victoria Road, Swindon Press Ltd  G24/760/3212  1934

Housing development, Tismeads Crescent, A.J. Colborne  G24/760/3213  1934

Building estate, Marlborough Road, E.H.Bradley & Son  G24/760/3214  1934

House, Cricklade Road, Mr Richens  G24/760/3215  1934

House, 229 Marlborough Road, C.H. Plaister  G24/760/3216  1934

House, 194 Whitworth Road, R. Meek  G24/760/3217  1934

Two houses, Carlisle Avenue, E.H. Bradley & Son  G24/760/3218  1934

Bungalow, 229 Whitworth Road, Mr Farrow  G24/760/3219  1934

Alterations to shop, 30 Bridge Street, International Tea Co's Stores  G24/760/3220  1934

Houses, Bowood Road, H. Kilminster  G24/760/3221  1934

Additions to cycle club, Dixon Street, Usher's Brewery  G24/760/3222  1934

Bungalow, Off Cheney Manor Road, D. Horne  G24/760/3223  1934

Six houses, 11-16 Leamington Grove, Tydeman Bros.  G24/760/3224  1934

House, Broadway, A. G. Rouse  G24/760/3225  1934

Alterations to shop, Regent Street, World's Store  G24/760/3226  1934

House, Okus Road, F.G.G. Hill  G24/760/3227  1934

Hall, 153 Cricklade Road, Arkell & Sons  G24/760/3228  1934

Houses, 231/233 Whitworth Road, Miss Hill  G24/760/3229  1934

House, 3 Corby Avenue, T. R. Spackman  G24/760/3230  1934

Two Bungalows, Ferndale Road, A. J. Colborne  G24/760/3231  1934

House, 4 Corby Avenue, F. A. Dadge  G24/760/3232  1934

Fifty seven houses, Tismedd Crescent, A. J. Colborne  G24/760/3233  1934

Thirty six houses, Wheeler Avenue, E. F. F. Jefferies  G24/760/3234  1934

Bungalow, Broadway, H. G. Ferris  G24/760/3235  1934

Houses, Cricklade Road and Liddington Street, E .W. Beard  G24/760/3236  1934

Alterations to parish hall, Rodbourne Road, St. Augustines Church  G24/760/3237  1934

Houses, Corby Avenue, E H Bradley & Sons  G24/760/3238  1934

Two houses, Carlisle Avenue, E H Bradley & Sons  G24/760/3239  1934

House, 200 Whitworth Road, F.G. Ockwell  G24/760/3240  1934

Four houses, Scarborough Road, E.W. Beard  G24/760/3241  1934

Three houses, Cheney Manor Road, E H Bradley & Sons  G24/760/3242  1934

Extension to shop, Regent Street, Marks & Spencer Ltd  G24/760/3243  1934

House, Croft Road, Miss Jones  G24/760/3244  1934

House, Swindon Road, Wroughton, J. H. Blakeley  G24/760/3245  1934

Bungalow, Church Walk, J. Johnson  G24/760/3246  1934

House, 28 Gordon Road, F. O. Attewell  G24/760/3247  1934

Business premises, Victoria Road, Mrs E. M. Reardon  G24/760/3248  1934

Buangalow, Broadway, F. Langley  G24/760/3249  1934

Twenty three houses, Cricklade Road, A. J. Colborne  G24/760/3250  1934

Sports pavilion, Shrivenham Road, G.W.R. Co  G24/760/3251  1934

Additions, 10 Rodbourne Road, Mr. Shawyer  G24/760/3252  1934

Houses, 6 Corby Avenue, Mr. Burson  G24/760/3253  1934

Bungalow, Church Walk, E.J. Mead  G24/760/3254  1934

Bungalow, 127 Marlborough Road, H. Shaw  G24/760/3255  1934

Depot & Coldstore, King Street, Weddell & Co. Ltd  G24/760/3256  1934

Six houses, 35-45 Whitby Grove, E. W. Beard  G24/760/3257  1934

House, 358 Marlborough Road, J. B. L. Thompson  G24/760/3258  1934

House, 31 Bouverie Avenue, T. Vizard  G24/760/3259  1934

Fourteen houses, East of Drove Road, A. J. Colborne  G24/760/3260  1934

Shop front, 167 Victoria Road, Miss F Barnard  G24/760/3261  1935

House, 12 Corby Avenue, S. Millard  G24/760/3262  1935

Two houses, 33/35 Marlborough Road, E H Bradley & Sons  G24/760/3263  1935

Six houses, Leamington Grove, Pope Bros.  G24/760/3264  1935

New front to Bible Institute, Devizes Road  G24/760/3265  1935

House, 31 Marlborough Road, W. L. Greenwood  G24/760/3266  1935

Bungalow, 245 Whitworth Road, Mr. Ellen  G24/760/3267  1935

House, 201 Marlborough Road, J. Auld  G24/760/3268  1935

Improvements, 16/17 Bridge Street, Messrs. Mills & Merricks  G24/760/3269  1935

Bungalow, 6 Downs View Road, H. W. Pope  G24/760/3270  1935

Alterations, 178 Victoria Road, O. Turner  G24/760/3271  1935

Bungalow, Broadway, F. G. Ockwell  G24/760/3272  1935

House, 10 Leamington Grove, Tydeman Bros.  G24/760/3273  1935

Extensions to factory, Colborne Street, Imperial Tobacco Co. Ltd.  G24/760/3274  1935

Houses, Carlisle, Bouverie and Corby Avenues, E H Bradley & Sons  G24/760/3275  1935

Three lock-up shops, 7-9 Corporation Street, E.W. Beard  G24/760/3276  1935

Three houses, Cricklade Road, F. Jefferies  G24/760/3277  1935

Twenty one houses, 452-476 Cricklade Road, A. J. Colborne  G24/760/3278  1935

Extension to shop, 85-87 Regent Street, Marks & Spencer Ltd  G24/760/3279  1935

Two houses, Broadway, O. E. Russ  G24/760/3280  1935

Alterations to Butchery Dept, 10-12 Fleet Street, New Swindon Co-op Soc. Ltd  G24/760/3281  1935

Motor Showroom, Bath Road, G. Day  G24/760/3282  1935

Shop front, 46 Westcott Place, A. J. Moules  G24/760/3283  1935

House, 27 Bouverie Avenue, W. E. Duck  G24/760/3284  1935

House, 28 Bouverie Avenue, O. L. Spiller  G24/760/3285  1935

Alterations to butchers shop, 2 York Road, Mr. Bishop  G24/760/3286  1935

Bungalow, Broadway, F.G. Ockwell  G24/760/3287  1935

Shop, 13 Milford Street, A. E. Tunley  G24/760/3288  1935

House, 362 Marlborough Road, H. Kilminster  G24/760/3289  1935

House, Moredon Road, A. N.P. Press  G24/760/3290  1935

House, 7 Sunnyside Avenue, H. J. Ridout  G24/760/3291  1935

Two houses, 25/26 Bouverie Avenue, E H Bradley & Sons  G24/760/3292  1935

Bungalow, 24 Bouverie Avenue, B. C. Carver  G24/760/3293  1935

Four houses, 10-12 Headlands Grove, A. J. Colborne  G24/760/3294  1935

Houses, Vicarage Road, C. R. Palmer  G24/760/3295  1935

Houses, Dean & Birch Streets, Housing Trust Ltd  G24/760/3296  1935

Two houses, 28-30 Vicarage Road, D. & R. Carr  G24/760/3297  1935

House, 14 Corby Avenue, J. Rowland  G24/760/3298  1935

112 houses, Walcot Estate, A. J. Colborne  G24/760/3299  1935

Extension to premises, John Street, Grovensor Garage Co. Ltd  G24/760/3300  1935

Skittle Alley, Bridge Street, Albion Working Men's Club  G24/760/3301  1935

Alterations to Empire Theatre, Clarence Street  G24/760/3302  1935

Six houses, 36-38 Vicarage Road, E.W. Beard Ltd  G24/760/3303  1935

Layout of houses, Rear of Scarborough Road, A. J. Colborne  G24/760/3304  1935

Five houses, 45-53 Vicarage Road, A. J. Colborne  G24/760/3305  1935

Shelter at The Sun Inn, Coate, J. Arkell & Sons Ltd  G24/760/3306  1935

Houses, Bouverie Road & Carlisle Avenue, E H Bradley & Sons  G24/760/3307  1935

Additions to Dairy, Colborne Street, New Swindon Co-op Soc.  G24/760/3308  1935

House, Belmont Crescent, J. R. Bagnell-Oakley  G24/760/3309  1935

House, Church Walk, W. Lancaster  G24/760/3310  1935

Bungalow, 7 Leamington Grove, Pope Bros.  G24/760/3311  1935

Four houses, 2-8 Dudmore Road, A. J. Colborne  G24/760/3312  1935

Four houses, 37-43 Vicarage Road, E. H. Bradley Ltd  G24/760/3313  1935

House, 21 Bouverie Avenue, R. O. Burlton  G24/760/3314  1935

House, Westlecot Road, A. J. Colborne  G24/760/3315  1935

Garage and office, Eastcott Road, Bristol Tramways Ltd  G24/760/3316  1935

House, 99 Moredon Road, A. Proudler  G24/760/3317  1935

House, Bouverie Avenue, H. E. Lane  G24/760/3318  1935

Alterations to Labour Hall, The Circle Pinehurst  G24/760/3319  1935

Bungalow, 297 Cricklade Road, E. Mansfield  G24/760/3320  1935

House, 14 Headlands Grove, A. J. Colborne  G24/760/3321  1935

House, 203 Marlborough Road, A. & G. Blackwell  G24/760/3322  1935

Conversion from Turkish Baths to Outpatients Dept, Faringdon Road, G. W. R. Medical Fund Society  G24/760/3323  1935

Houses, 198-204 Moredon Road, W.G. Blake & Son  G24/760/3324  1935

Sixty nine houses, Vicarage Road, E.W. Beard Ltd  G24/760/3325  1935

Fifty eight houses, Ferndale and Northern Roads, A. J. Colborne  G24/760/3326  1935

Regal Cinema & shops, Regent Street  G24/760/3327  1935

Alterations, 32- 34 Bridge Street, Currys Ltd  G24/760/3328  1935

Alterations to premises, 99-100 Victoria Road, Swindon Press Ltd  G24/760/3329  1935

Bungalow, 125 Marlborough Road, W. J. Carpenter  G24/760/3330  1935

House, 17 Corby Avenue, E H Bradley & Sons  G24/760/3331  1935

House, 73 Drove Road, A. J. Colborne  G24/760/3332  1936

Houses, Corby Avenue, E H Bradley & Sons  G24/760/3333  1936

Houses, Marlborough Road, E H Bradley & Sons  G24/760/3334  1936

House, Church Walk, A. Jones  G24/760/3335  1936

Thirty two houses, Headlands Grove, A. J. Colborne  G24/760/3336  1936

House, 1A Wheeler Avenue, C. Hannaford  G24/760/3337  1936

Bungalow, 13 Wheeler Avenue, F. Jefferies  G24/760/3338  1936

Bungalow, Moredon Road, W. H. R. Evans  G24/760/3339  1936

Houses, Off Whitworth Road, A. J. Colborne  G24/760/3340  1936

House & Shop, Cricklade Road, Mrs S. A. Ridge  G24/760/3341  1936

Two houses, Whitby Grove, O. E. Russ  G24/760/3342  1936

Additions to premises, Byron Street, H. J. Langham  G24/760/3343  1936

House, Church Walk, H. G. Ferris  G24/760/3344  1936

Alterations to The Sun Inn, Coate, J. Arkell & Sons  G24/760/3345  1936

Alterations to The Duke of Edinburgh Public House, Cricklade Road, J. Arkell & Sons  G24/760/3346  1936

Christadelphian Hall, Eastcott Hill, Christadelphian Soc.  G24/760/3347  1936

Four houses, Downs View Terrace, E H Bradley & Sons  G24/760/3348  1936

Houses, Bouverie Avenue, E H Bradley & Sons  G24/760/3349  1936

Houses, Lambourne and Corby Avenues, E H Bradley & Sons  G24/760/3350  1936

Re-construction of shop, 24 & 25 Regent Street, F W Woolworth & Co.  G24/760/3351  1936

Alterations, 61 Regent Street, Mac Fisheries Ltd  G24/760/3352  1936

Houses, Churchward Avenue, E H Bradley & Sons  G24/760/3353  1936

Scout Hut, Southbrook Street  G24/760/3354  1936

Seventeen houses, Longford Grove, A. J. Colborne  G24/760/3355  1936

House, 442 Cricklade Road, Mr. Bown  G24/760/3356  1936

House, 48 Vicarage Road, W.T. Marshall  G24/760/3357  1936

ABC (Savoy ) Cinema, Regent Street, W. R. Glen  G24/760/3358  1936

Eight houses, Moredon Road, E H Bradley & Sons  G24/760/3359  1936

Bungalow, 36 Okus Road, Mrs Metson  G24/760/3360  1936

Bakery Extensions, 158 Westcott Place, S.E. Butcher  G24/760/3361  1936

House, Cheney Manor Road, Pope Bros.  G24/760/3362  1936

House, 10 Bouverie Avenue, K.W. Massey  G24/760/3363  1936

Houses, Cumberland Road, A. J. Colborne  G24/760/3364  1936

Additions to brewery, Wood Street, Kingsdown Brewery  G24/760/3365  1936

Houses, Rodbourne Green, O. E. Russ  G24/760/3366  1936

Additions to photo dept, Victoria Road, Swindon Press Ltd  G24/760/3367  1936

Shop & warehouse, 19/20 Bridge Street, F. J. Frost  G24/760/3368  1936

Offices, Commercial Road, Swindon Permanent Building Society  G24/760/3369  1936

Sweet workshop, 8 Commercial Road, A. Leonard  G24/760/3370  1936

Shop improvements, 39/40 Bridge Street, British Home Stores  G24/760/3371  1936

Twelve houses, Langford Grove, A. J. Colborne  G24/760/3372  1936

House, Moredon Road, H. J. Gough  G24/760/3373  1936

Additional classroom, Bath Road, High School  G24/760/3374  1936

Extension to shop, 85-87 Regent Street, Marks & Spencer Ltd  G24/760/3375  1936

Shops & flats, Victoria Road, Metropolitian Property Trust Ltd  G24/760/3376  1936

House, 407 Cricklade Road, Mrs A. R. J. Hatt  G24/760/3377  1936

Fifty two houses, Walcot Road & Shipton Grove, A. J. Colborne  G24/760/3378  1936

House, Croft Road, M. Clark  G24/760/3379  1936

Sixty five houses, Newburn Crescent, Provincial Housing Trust Ltd  G24/760/3380  1936

Rebuilding of premises, Regent Street, W. Barrett & Co. Ltd  G24/760/3381  1936

Bungalow, Church Walk, H. J. Gough  G24/760/3382  1936

Ten houses, 3-21 Westbrook Road, A. J. Colborne  G24/760/3383  1936

Commercial Garage, Marlborough Road, B. Dangerfield & Son  G24/760/3384  1936

Addition to premises, 31 Wood Street, R .E. Edgington  G24/760/3385  1936

House, Okus Road, W. Scott  G24/760/3386  1936

Bungalow, Church Walk, A. Merrit  G24/760/3387  1936

Alterations to shop, Cheney Manor Road, New Swindon Co-op Society  G24/760/3388  1936

Club rooms & offices, Havelock Street, British Legion  G24/760/3389  1936

Commercial garage, Drove Road, Steels Garages  G24/760/3390  1936

House, 16 Wheelers Avenue, A. H. Ponting Ltd  G24/760/3391  1936

Two houses, Cheney Manor Road, C.R Palmer  G24/760/3392  1936

House, 50a Churchward Avenue, E .W. Beard  G24/760/3393  1936

House, 13 Cheney Manor Road, Pope Bros.  G24/760/3394  1936

Four houses, 29-35 Vicarage Road, E H Bradley & Sons  G24/760/3395  1936

Houses, Harvey Grove and Brooklands Avenue, O.E. Russ  G24/760/3396  1936

House, 24 Southbrook Street, S. H. Gutridge  G24/760/3397  1936

Twenty nine houses, Churchward Avenue, E H Bradley & Sons  G24/760/3398  1936

Housing layout, 61-99 Gypsy Lane, Colborne's Estates Ltd  G24/760/3399  1936

One hundred and fifteen houses, Walcot Estate, Colborne's Estates Ltd  G24/760/3400  1936

Roads & sewers, Tiverton and Malvern Roads, Stanford & Co  G24/760/3401  1936

Stores at Okus Quarries, Okus Road, E.H.Bradley & Sons  G24/760/3402  1936

House, 87 Marlborough Road, R. Hunter  G24/760/3403  1936

Dressing rooms at Athletic Club, Colborne Street, W.D. & H. O. Wills Ltd  G24/760/3404  1936

Fifty four houses, Besseman Road and Collett Avenue, E.W. Beard Ltd  G24/760/3405  1936

House, 63/65 Northren Road, E.H. Bradley & Son  G24/760/3406  1936

Nine houses, Cumberland Road, A. J. Colborne  G24/760/3407  1936

Fish & potato store, College Road, J. K. Dale  G24/760/3408  1936

Extension to joiners workshop, Hunt Street, Spackman & Sons  G24/760/3409  1936

Four houses, 20-26 Eastern Avenue, A. J. Colborne  G24/760/3410  1937

Bungalow, Wheeler Avenue, E. R. Weids  G24/760/3411  1937

Houses, Marlborough Road, E.H.Bradley & Sons  G24/760/3412  1937

Twelve houses, Vicarage Road and Churchward Avenue, E.H.Bradley & Sons  G24/760/3413  1937

Three houses, Northern Road and Cornwall Avenue, E.H.Bradley & Sons  G24/760/3414  1937

Eight houses, Harvey Grove and Brooklands Avenue, O.E. Russ  G24/760/3415  1937

Houses, Bouverie Avenue, E.H.Bradley & Sons  G24/760/3416  1937

Sixteen houses, Grosvenor Road, Pope Bros.  G24/760/3417  1937

Development of Land, Adjoining Kingshill Brickworks, E. Hill & Son  G24/760/3418  1937

Shop extensions, 43 Bridge Street, British Home Stores  G24/760/3419  1937

Showroom & office extension, Havelock and Brunel Streets, John Anstiss & Co  G24/760/3420  1937

House, The Broadway, E.R. Radway  G24/760/3421  1937

Houses, 47 Corby Avenue, E.H.Bradley & Sons  G24/760/3422  1937

Factory extension, Newcastle Street, Garrard Egineering Co. Ltd  G24/760/3423  1937

Bungalow, Cheney Manor Road, F. Ault  G24/760/3424  1937

Four houses, Vicarage Road, H. J. Gough  G24/760/3425  1937

Houses, 9-14 Sunnyside Avenue, Tydeman Bros.  G24/760/3426  1937

Alterations to Railway Hotel, Newport Street, John Groves & Sons Ltd  G24/760/3427  1937

House, Marlborough Lane, G. Davies  G24/760/3428  1937

Shop with flats above, 533/535 Cricklade Road, New Swindon Co-op Society  G24/760/3429  1937

Houses, Bruddel Grove, E H Bradley & Sons  G24/760/3430  1937

Church of All Saints, Southbrook Street  G24/760/3431  1937

Chapel of Rest, Gordon Gardens, A. E. Smith & Son  G24/760/3432  1937

House, 2 Churchward Avenue, W. Farrell  G24/760/3433  1937

Housing Estate, Tiverton and Malvern Roads, E. W. Beard Ltd  G24/760/3434  1937

Houses, Bessemer Road, Colborne Estates Ltd  G24/760/3435  1937

House, Croft Road, T. C. Clark  G24/760/3436  1937

Two houses, 6/8 Scotby Avenue, E H Bradley & Sons  G24/760/3437  1937

House, 2 Bouverie Avenue, J. E. Mears  G24/760/3438  1937

Eight houses, Corby and Scotby Avenues, E H Bradley & Sons  G24/760/3439  1937

Houses, The Broadway, N.L. Selby  G24/760/3440  1937

House, 18 Liddington Street, A. J. Russ  G24/760/3441  1937

Alterations to premises, 27 Wood Street, S. Fussel l & Sons  G24/760/3442  1937

Houses, Cornwell Avenue, E H Bradley & Sons  G24/760/3443  1937

Houses, Vicarage Road, H. J. Gough  G24/760/3444  1937

Houses, Sunnyside Avenue, W. N. Ricketts  G24/760/3445  1937

Sports pavillion additions, Shrivenham Road, G.W.R. Co  G24/760/3446  1937

House, Moredon Road, W. G. Sims  G24/760/3447  1937

Two houses, South View, E H Bradley & Sons  G24/760/3448  1937

Houses, Norman and Ferndale Roads, Tydeman Bros.  G24/760/3449  1937

Alterations to shop, 81 Regent Street, New Swindon Co-op Society  G24/760/3450  1937

Building estate, Greywethers & Lansdown Avenues, E H Bradley & Sons  G24/760/3451  1937

Nine houses, 1-17 Church Walk, O.E. Russ  G24/760/3452  1937

Shop front, 55 Fleet Street, Grosvenor Bakery  G24/760/3453  1937

House, Marlborough Road, H.G. Blackwell Ltd  G24/760/3454  1937

Houses, Bruddell Grove and Corby Avenue, E.H. Bradley & Co  G24/760/3455  1937

Twenty three houses, Wheeler Avenue, E. F.F. Jeffferies  G24/760/3456  1937

Alterations at North Swindon Club, Cheney Manor Road, Ushers Brewery Ltd  G24/760/3457  1937

Forty two houses, Headlands Grove, A. J. Colborne  G24/760/3458  1937

Alterations to shop, Park Lane, New Swindon Co-op Soc. Ltd  G24/760/3459  1937

Sports Stadium, Edinburgh Street and Cricklade Road, Swindon Sports Centre Ltd  G24/760/3460  1937

Bungalow, 48 Corby Avenue, F.G. Tipper  G24/760/3461  1937

Housing layout, Devon Road, E.H.Bradley & Sons  G24/760/3462  1937

Shop rebuilding, 78 Regent Street, Public Benefit Boot Co Ltd  G24/760/3463  1937

Twenty Six houses, Fitzroy and Ambrose Roads, A. J. Colborne  G24/760/3464  1937

Six houses, Marlborough Road and Corby Avenue, E H Bradley & Sons  G24/760/3465  1937

Additions to Dairy, Colborne Street, New Swindon Co-op Society  G24/760/3466  1937

Alterations to factory, Stratton Road, Independent Milk Supplies  G24/760/3467  1937

Additions to factory, Rose Street, Cellular Clothing Co. Ltd  G24/760/3468  1937

Shop front, 23 Bridge Street, Lennards Ltd  G24/760/3469  1937

Houses, Wheeler and Jefferies Avenues, E. F.F. Jefferies  G24/760/3470  1937

Houses, Off Westlecot Road, G.W. Adams  G24/760/3471  1937

Air conditioning plant, Colborne Street, W. D. & H. O Wills Ltd  G24/760/3472  1938

Factory additions, Sheppard Street, Compton Sons & Webb Ltd  G24/760/3473  1938

Sixteen houses, 1-31 Bramble Road, Colborne Estates Ltd  G24/760/3474  1938

Thirty one houses, Bowood Road, E H Bradley & Sons  G24/760/3475  1938

Two houses, Collett Avenue, E H Bradley & Sons  G24/760/3476  1938

House, Scotby Avenue, E H Bradley  G24/760/3477  1938

Alterations to shop, 38 Bridge Street, Fleming Reid & Co. Ltd  G24/760/3478  1938

Pavilion, Rear of Copse Avenue, G.W.R. Football Assoc.  G24/760/3479  1938

Seven houses, Upham Road, Colborne Estates Ltd  G24/760/3480  1938

House, 113 Marlborough Road, E H Bradley & Sons  G24/760/3481  1938

Thirty five houses, Devon Road, E.H.Bradley & Sons  G24/760/3482  1938

Shop, 117 Victoria Road, Mrs E Hitchcock  G24/760/3483  1938

Two houses, Rutland Road, Colborne's Estates Ltd  G24/760/3484  1938

Alterations to shop, 43-44 Regent Street, Swindon Gas Co  G24/760/3485  1938

Chapel, Osborne Street, K.W. Morrell  G24/760/3486  1938

Factory alterations, Stratton Road, Independent Milk Supplies Ltd  G24/760/3487  1938

House, Abbey View Road, O.E. Russ  G24/760/3488  1938

Two houses, Pleydell Road, Colborne's Estates Ltd  G24/760/3489  1938

Estate office, Drove and Cumberland Roads, A. J. Colborne  G24/760/3490  1938

Three houses, Grosvenor Road, H. Kilminster  G24/760/3491  1938

Ninety three houses, Bessemer and Somerset Roads, E.W. Beard Ltd  G24/760/3492  1938

House, 45 Corby Avenue, E.H.Bradley & Sons  G24/760/3493  1938

Houses, Whitworth Road, H. G. Ferris  G24/760/3494  1938

Two houses, 1/3 Jefferies Avenue, W. H. R. Evans  G24/760/3495  1938

Eleven houses, Sunnyside Avenue, Pope Bros.  G24/760/3496  1938

All Saints Vicarage, Southbrook Street  G24/760/3497  1938

Eight houses, Carlisle Avenue, E.H.Bradley & Sons  G24/760/3498  1938

Houses, Southbrook Street, E.H.Bradley & Sons  G24/760/3499  1938

Improvements to stands, Shrivenham Road, Swindon Town F.C.  G24/760/3500  1938

Alterations to shop, 35/36 Cromwell Street, Barrett & Co  G24/760/3501  1938

Alterations to shop, 91 Regent Street, British Bata Shoe Co.  G24/760/3502  1938

Alterations to The Fountain Inn, Devizes Road, R. B. Bowley & Co  G24/760/3503  1938

Improvements at Goddard Arms Hotel, F.G. Perry  G24/760/3504  1938

Additions to factory, Newcastle Street, Garrard Engineering Co.  G24/760/3505  1938

Alterations to Railway Hotel, Newport Street, Hope Brewery  G24/760/3506  1938

Two houses, Wheeler Avenue, W.H.R. Evans  G24/760/3507  1938

Fourteen houses, Campden and Uphams Roads, A. J. Colborne  G24/760/3508  1938

Congregational Church, Upham Road  G24/760/3509  1938

Shop front, 11 Devizes Road, Ushers Brewery  G24/760/3510  1938

Bungalow, Church Walk, W.H.R. Evans  G24/760/3511  1938

Four houses, Okus Road, E.H. Bradley & Son  G24/760/3512  1938

Shop front, 48 Bridge Street, Maypole Dairy Co.  G24/760/3513  1938

Four houses, Cornwall Avenue, E.H. Bradley & Son  G24/760/3514  1938

Nine houses, Tismeads Crescent, Colborne's Estates Ltd  G24/760/3515  1938

Alterations, 56-57 Bridge Street, Hilton & Sons Ltd  G24/760/3516  1938

House, Greywethers Avenue, W. Jackson  G24/760/3517  1938

Alterations, 42 Bridge Street, Household Drapery Store  G24/760/3518  1938

Alterations to Cold Store, Catherine Street, Swindon Cold Storage Co.  G24/760/3519  1938

Two houses, Vicarage Road, J. Mittens & A. Chappel  G24/760/3520  1938

House, Moredon Road, E.H.Bradley & Sons  G24/760/3521  1938

Seventeen houses, Greywether and Sandown Avenues, E.H.Bradley & Sons  G24/760/3522  1938

Houses, Bowood Street, E.H.Bradley & Sons  G24/760/3523  1938

House, Croft Road, Miss D. J. Roles  G24/760/3524  1938

Alterations to shop, 56-57 Bridge Street, S. Hilton & Sons  G24/760/3525  1938

House, Sandown Road, W. J. Innes  G24/760/3526  1939

Two houses, Hillside Avenue, W. H. R. Evans  G24/760/3527  1939

Three houses, Walcot Road, Colborne's Estates Ltd  G24/760/3528  1939

Air-raid shelters, Colborne Street, W. D. & H.O. Wills Ltd  G24/760/3529  1939

Twelve houses, Northbrook and Westbrook Roads, Colborne's Estates Ltd  G24/760/3530  1939

Houses, Sandown and Greywethers Avenues, E.H.Bradley & Sons  G24/760/3531  1939

Varnishing plant, Newcastle Street, Garrard Engineering Ltd  G24/760/3532  1939

Fifty seven houses, Collett Avenue, E.H.Bradley & Sons  G24/760/3533  1939

Houses, 15 Sunnyside Avenue, Pope Bros.  G24/760/3534  1939

Two houses, 22/24 Cornwall Avenue, E.H.Bradley & Sons  G24/760/3535  1939

Six houses, Upham Road, A. J. Colborne  G24/760/3536  1939

One house, Parklands Road, A. J. Colborne  G24/760/3537  1939

Nineteen houses, South View Avenue, Colborne Estates Ltd  G24/760/3538  1939

House, Liddington Street, R.A.P. Radway  G24/760/3539  1939

House, 55 Church Walk North, O. E. Russ  G24/760/3540  1939

Alteration to premises, Havelock Street, British Legion Club  G24/760/3541  1939

Four houses, Moredon Road, E.H.Bradley & Sons  G24/760/3542  1939

House, 43 Pleydell Road, R.S. Honey  G24/760/3543  1939

Shop alterations, 19A Regent Street, Pearks Dairies Ltd  G24/760/3544  1939

Two houses, Okus Road, E.H.Bradley & Sons  G24/760/3545  1939

Nurses recreation room, Victoria Hospital  G24/760/3546  1939

Four houses, Sandown Avenue, E.H.Bradley & Sons  G24/760/3547  1939

Factory additions, Newcastle Street, Garrards Engineering Co  G24/760/3548  1939

Five houses, Southbrook Sreet, E.H.Bradley & Sons  G24/760/3549  1939

House, Croft Road, L.E. Rogers  G24/760/3550  1939

Alterations to Methodist Central Hall, Clarence Street  G24/760/3551  1939

Eight houses, Walcot Road and South View Avenue, A. J. Colborne  G24/760/3552  1939

Alterations to Stanley Club, 144 Victoria Road  G24/760/3553  1939

House, Greywethers Avenue, F.R. King  G24/760/3554  1939

Alterations to County Ground Hotel, County Road, J. Arkell & Sons  G24/760/3555  1939

House, Church Walk, Mr. Hawkins  G24/760/3556  1939

Bungalow, Wheeler Avenue, W.H.R. Evans  G24/760/3557  1939

A.R.P. Shelter, Rose Street, Cellular Clothing Co.  G24/760/3558  1939

Alterations to shop, 58 Regent Street, Home & Colonial Stores  G24/760/3559  1939

Extensions to shop, 58 Bridge Street, Foster Bros.  G24/760/3560  1939

Alterations to factory, Stratton Road, Compton Sons & Webb  G24/760/3561  1939

Casting store, Newcastle Street, Garrard Engineering Co. Ltd  G24/760/3562  1939

Houses, Greywethers Avenue and Sandown Lane, E.H.Bradley & Sons  G24/760/3563  1939

Stores for fire service, Edinburgh Street, H. M.O.W.  G24/760/3564  1939

Girl Guides Headquarters, Ferndale Road, North Wilts Girl Guides  G24/760/3565  1939

Pavilion, Shrivenham Road, G.W.R. Athletic Association  G24/760/3566  1939

Sixteen houses, Bramble Road, A. J. Colborne  G24/760/3567  1939

Alterations to Rolling Mill Public House, Bridge Street, Crowhurst Investment Trust  G24/760/3568  1939

Bunaglow, Churchyard Avenue, Mrs Perkins  G24/760/3569  1939

Air-raid shelters, Newcastle Street, Garrard Egineering Co. Ltd  G24/760/3570  1939

Bungalow, 7 Sandown Avenue, E.H.Bradley & Sons  G24/760/3571  1939

House, Croft Road, W.H.R. Evans  G24/760/3572  1939

Air-raid shelter, 27/28 Bridge Street, E.W. Beard  G24/760/3573  1939

Canteen and cycleshed, Stratton Road, Compton Sons & Webb Ltd  G24/760/3574  1939

Extension to factory, Newcastle Street, Garrard Engineering Co.  G24/760/3575  1939

Houses, Greywethers Avenue, E.H.Bradley & Sons  G24/760/3576  1939

Joiners shop and timber store, Argyle Street, W. A. Pye  G24/760/3577  1940

Alterations to factory, Stratton Road, Compton Sons & Webb Ltd  G24/760/3578  1940

Houses, Sandown Avenue, E.H.Bradley & Sons  G24/760/3579  1940

Houses, Greywethers Avenue, E.H.Bradley & Sons  G24/760/3580  1940

Hall & canteen, Euclid Street, Colborne's Estates Ltd  G24/760/3581  1940

House, Pleydell Road, Colborne's Estates Ltd  G24/760/3582  1940

Office block, Colborne Street, New Swindon Co-op Society Ltd  G24/760/3583  1940

Seven houses, Fritzroy Road, Colborne's Estaes Ltd  G24/760/3584  1940

Two houses, Upham Road, Colborne's Estates Ltd  G24/760/3585  1940

Extensions to factory, Newcastle Street, Garrard Mfg Co Ltd  G24/760/3586  1940

Three houses, Norman Road, Tydeman Bros. Co. Ltd  G24/760/3587  1940

Houses, Headlands Grove, Colborne's Estates Ltd  G24/760/3588  1940

Alterations to slaughter house, Shrivenham Road, A. Cooper  G24/760/3589  1940

Houses, Fitzroy and Pleydell Roads, Colborne's Estates Ltd  G24/760/3590  1940

House, Wesltecot Road, Colborne's Estates Ltd  G24/760/3591  1940

Alterations to house, 16 Princes Street, A. J. Colborne  G24/760/3592  1940

Fifteen houses, Newhall, Morse & Deacon Streets, A. J. Colborne  G24/760/3593  1940

Four houses, Euclid Street, Building & Public Works Cons. Co Ltd  G24/760/3594  1941

Air-raid shelter, 14 Brunel Street, J. Anstiss & Co. Ltd  G24/760/3595  1941

Four houses, Fitzroy Road, Colborne's Estates Ltd  G24/760/3596  1941

Extensions to factory, Newcastle Street, Garrard Mfg Co Ltd  G24/760/3597  1941

Additons to training school, High Street, Skurrays Ltd  G24/760/3598  1941

Air-raid shelter, Aylesbury Street, Southern Laundry Co  G24/760/3599  1941

Bus repair shop, Eastcott Road, Bristol Tramcar Co  G24/760/3600  1943

Men's dressing enclosure, Lake and Cheney Manor Road, Rodbourne Cheney, F. Plaum  G24/760/3601  1944

Temporary house, 25 Dixon Street, Miss Ockwell  G24/760/3602  1945

Shop fronts, 116, 117, 118, Cromwell Road, O. P. S. Hinder  G24/760/3603  1945

Acid tank shed, Newcastle Street, Garrard Mfg. Co. Ltd  G24/760/3604  1945

Pump house, County Road, Petroleum Board  G24/760/3605  1945

Dairy, 133 Rosebery Street, W. J. Jones  G24/760/3606  1945

Twenty houses, Collett Avenue, E.W. Beard Ltd  G24/760/3607  1945

Six houses, York Road, E.W. Beard Ltd  G24/760/3608  1945

House, Whitworth Road, O.E. Russ  G24/760/3609  1945

Six houses, Headlands Grove, Building & Public Works Co. Ltd  G24/760/3610  1945

Fifty houses, Collett & Cornwall Avenues & Devon Road, E.H.Bradley & Sons  G24/760/3611  1945

Houses, Sunnyside Avenue, Pope Bros.  G24/760/3612  1945

Cottage, 21 Bowood Road, H.Kilminster  G24/760/3613  1945

Bungalow, Kembry Street, H. Rowe  G24/760/3614  1945

Three houses, Cumberland Road and Southview Avenue, B. & P. W. Co Ltd  G24/760/3615  1945

Rebuilding of seven houses, 378-390 Ferndale Road, B. & P. W. Co Ltd  G24/760/3616  1945

Alterations to bakery, 19 Regent Street, Titchener & Sons  G24/760/3617  1945

Alterations to shop, 17 High Street, Masons Ltd  G24/760/3618  1945

Garages & offices, Drove Road, Swindon Transport Co  G24/760/3619  1945

House, 87 Drove Street, B. & P. W. Co Ltd  G24/760/3620  1945

Conversion of stabling into cottage at Goddard Arms Hotel, High Street, H. & G. Simonds Ltd  G24/760/3621  1946

Four houses, Wheeler Avenue, J. Pattison  G24/760/3622  1946

House, Marlborough Road, H.D. Spackman  G24/760/3623  1946

Alterations to June House, Belmont Crescent, C. H. Chester  G24/760/3624  1946

House, 87 Drove Road, M. Jones  G24/760/3625  1946

House, 218 Whitworth Road, G. Clement  G24/760/3626  1946

Eleven houses, 461-481 Ferndale Road  G24/760/3627  1946

House, Purton Road, R. Titcombe  G24/760/3628  1946

Two houses, Headlands Grove, B. & P. W. Co Ltd  G24/760/3629  1946

Cottage, 360 Marlborough Road, F. Kilminster  G24/760/3630  1946

Adaptation from hall to library, Regent Street, Swindon B. C.  G24/760/3631  1946

House, 6 Parklands Road, Swindon Gas Co  G24/760/3632  1946

Re-building of houses, 10-15 Kembry Street  G24/760/3633  1946

House, 7 Crossways Avenue, E. Haskins  G24/760/3634  1946

Workshop & forge, Britania Place, T. H. White Ltd  G24/760/3635  1946

Experimental pre-fabricated houses, Okus Road, E.H. Bradley Ltd  G24/760/3636  1946

Alterations to Eagle Hotel, College Street, J. H. Devenish & Co. Ltd  G24/760/3637  1946

Improvements at the Great Western Hotel, Station Road, J. Arkell & Sons  G24/760/3638  1946

New Headquarters, Morse Street, St. John's Ambulance Brigade  G24/760/3639  1946

Alterations to British Legion Club Room, Havelock Street  G24/760/3640  1946

Alterations to brewery, Britania Place, H & G Simonds Ltd  G24/760/3641  1946

Thirty four houses, Devon Road, Cornwall Avenue, and Southbrook Street, E.H.Bradley & Sons  G24/760/3642  1946

Calf pens at cattle market, Cattle Market Co  G24/760/3643  1946

Sunday School, Temple Street, Baptist Church Council  G24/760/3644  1947

Houses, 115-120 Rosebery Street  G24/760/3645  1947

House, Church Walk, P. C. Simpkins  G24/760/3646  1947

Police houses, Somerset Road, W.C.C.  G24/760/3647  1947

Bungalow, 243 Whitworth Road, Mr. Bennett  G24/760/3648  1947

Four houses, 38-41 Ipswich Street  G24/760/3649  1947

Alterations to shop, 104-105 Broad Street, New Swindon Co-op Ltd  G24/760/3650  1947

House, Whitworth Road, B.C. Basson  G24/760/3651  1947

Alteratons to clinic, 81 Bath Road, Swindon B.C.  G24/760/3652  1947

Bungalow, 207 Marlborough Road, F. S. Gardiner  G24/760/3653  1947

Re-building of shop, 32/34 Regent Street, Bertish & Co. Ltd  G24/760/3654  1947

House, The Planks, D. Murray John  G24/760/3655  1947

Alteration to Park View Hotel, 3 Marlborough Street, Mrs K. H. King  G24/760/3656  1947

Mission hall and Sunday School, Liddington Street, Robert Blaylock  G24/760/3657  1947

House, Greywethers Avenue, R. H. Ruggenheim  G24/760/3658  1947

Conversion of Goddard Arms Hotel, High Street, H. & G. Simonds Ltd  G24/760/3659  1947

Pigsties, Jennings Street, W. J. Castle  G24/760/3660  1947

Conversion into four flats, 6 & 7 Oxford Street, Western Region Railway  G24/760/3661  1948

Alterations to Westlecot, Westlecot Road, Wiltshire Association for Care of the Blind  G24/760/3662  1948

Reconstruction of Congregational Church, Sanford Street  G24/760/3663  1948

House, The Planks, H. Penfold  G24/760/3664  1948

Two police houses, Tiverton Road, W.C.C.  G24/760/3665  1948

Cart shed and stable at Mandeville House, Churchwalk South, G.Cook  G24/760/3666  1948

Farm Buildings, Westlecot Farm, Goddard Estate  G24/760/3667  1948


Planning applications and plans between 1947 and 1974 have all been microfilmed by the appropriate District Council and are available there on microfiche for legal enquiries.
All the originals have been destroyed, although the registers of applications have been retained. The District Councils microfilm their post 1974 planning applications and plans in the same way.
The Record Office was not given the opportunity to select any for permanent preservation, until 1986.

Surveyor's Records  [no ref. or date]

Swindon New Town UDC and Borough's Register of building plans submitted.  G24/769/1  1897-1911

Record book of inspections of buildings under building byelaws.  G24/769/2  1925-1934

Record book of inspections of buildings under building byelaws.  G24/769/3  1934-1953

Register of plans of temporary buildings.  G24/769/4  1905-1952

Planning Officer's Correspondence  [no ref. or date]

Land Use Survey.  G24/780/1  1955

Central Area Redevelopment (3)  G24/780/2  1962-1966

Public Health  [no ref. or date]

Inspector's Journals  G24/800/1  1966-1974

8 vols

Rats and Mice Control Report Book.  G24/801/1  1971-1974

Drainage Work Record Books.  G24/802/1  1960-1971

Preliminary report on refuse incinerator plant at Swindon.  G24/802/2  1969

Departmental Accounts Analysis Book.  G24/805/1  1943-1974

Draft Commercial Street Directory.  G24/806/1  c.1970

Register of complaints.  G24/809/1  1959-1963

Register of complaints.  G24/809/2  1963-1964

Register of complaints.  G24/809/3  1965-1966

Register of complaints.  G24/809/4  1966-1967

Register of complaints.  G24/809/5  1967-1968

Register of complaints.  G24/809/6  1968-1969

Register of complaints.  G24/809/7  1969-1970

Register of complaints.  G24/809/8  1970-1971

Register of complaints.  G24/809/9  1972-1973

Register of complaints.  G24/809/10  1973-1974

Register of samples taken under Sale of Food and Drugs Act.  G24/813/1  1967-1974

Registration certificates of premises under Food and Drugs Act.  G24/819/1  1939-1956

Inspection reports upon dairies, milkshops and cowsheds.  G24/823/1  1941

Inspection reports upon shops under Food and Drugs Acts (2 files)  G24/827/1  1956-1965

Records of burials and cremations of persons under the National Assistance Act 1947.  G24/831/1  1948-1973

Overcrowding Survey Reports (by street)  G24/840/1  1936-1956

(25 files in 5 boxes and 1 file)

Housing Inspection Reports under Housing Act 1936.  G24/841/1  1936-1946

(5 files in 1 box)

Central Area House Survey Report Forms.  G24/841/2  1951-1952

Register of inspection of houses.  G24/842/1  1911-1912

Register of inspection of houses.  G24/842/2  1913-1914

Inspector of Weights and Measures  [no ref. or date]

Annual Reports  G24/870/1  1966-1971

Medical Officer of Health  [no ref. or date]

Annual Reports  G24/880/1  1901-1972

Register of Births  G24/884/1  1923-1931

Register of Births  G24/884/2  1931-1939

Register of Births  G24/884/3  1939-1945

[no title or date]  G24/884/4

Register of Births  G24/884/5  1950-1961

Register of Births  G24/884/6  1962-1968

Register of Births  G24/884/7  1968-1974

Librarian  [no ref. or date]

Librarian's Annual Reports  G24/890/1  1943-1968

Reports to committee  G24/890/2  1947-1974

Membership Register  G24/891/1  1945-1964

Membership Registers  G24/891/2  1959-1974

3 vols.

Statistics of registered readers  G24/891/3  1969-1974

Stock Registers  G24/891/4  1964-1975

2 vols.

Issue Registers  G24/891/5  1962-1974

2 vols.

Accessions Numbers Used Notebook  G24/891/6  1950-1986

"In Print": Journal of Swindon public libraries, museums and art gallery  G24/892/1  1949-1974

"Swindon Review": A Local Miscellany of the Arts  G24/892/2  1947-1958

"Comment": Journal for the Libraries and Public Relations Departments of the Borough Council  G24/892/3  1948-1949

Pamphlets, booklets and printed ephemera about the Swindon Library Service  G24/893/1  1947-1973

Book Lists  G24/893/2  1945-1970

Publicity material and programmes of events at the Arts Centre and Libraries  G24/893/3  1946-1970

Manual of staff instructions  G24/893/4  1943

Transcript of BBC talk by Borough Librarian about Swindon's library service  G24/893/5  1955

Questionnaires to library readers  G24/893/6  1954-c.1965

Newscuttings Books  G24/893/7  1954-1959

Librarian's Correspondence  [no ref. or date]

Theatre Exhibition  G24/894/1  1950

Hospital Libraries  G24/894/2  1950-1951

Opening of new Central Library  G24/894/3  1949

B.B.C.  G24/894/4  1949

Arts Centre Project  G24/894/5  1968-1969

Library Service Re-organisation  G24/894/6  1972-1974

Swindon Waterworks Company, later Board  [no ref. or date]

Directors' Minutes  G24/970/1  1857-1880

Directors' Minutes  G24/970/2  1880-1889

Directors' Minutes  G24/970/3  1889-1895

Printed annual reports and accounts  G24/971/1  1882-1895

General Ledger  G24/971/3  1872-1878

General Ledger  G24/971/4  1879-1895

General Ledger  G24/971/5  1896-1900

General Ledger  G24/971/6  1900

Trust deed for securing the company's mortgage debenture stock  G24/972/1  1888

Register of Share Transfers  G24/972/2  1866-1895

Register of Share Transfers  G24/972/3  1895-1935

Not used  G24/972/4  undated

Annuity Ledger  G24/972/5  1896

Annuity Ledger  G24/972/6  1896-1900

Annuity Ledger  G24/972/7  1900

Water Attachment Register  G24/977/1  1892-1915

Agreement with GWR Co. for supply of water (2)  G24/978/1  1866-1888

Analysis of water from Seven Springs, Wroughton  G24/978/2  1864

Contract for making a well last Overtown, Wroughtron  G24/978/3  1881

Service contract for enginemen at Wroughton  G24/978/4  1873

Agreement for supply of water to Gorse Hill  G24/978/5  1875

Lease of Picketts Mill, Wroughton  G24/978/6  1880

Lease of garden in The Sands, Swindon  G24/978/7  1886

Covenants for erection of boundary fences in The Sands and licence to lay down water mains  G24/978/8  1886

Tenders and contracts for cutting of tunnels at Wroughton (7)  G24/978/9  1888-1897

Miscellaneous papers  G24/979/1  1874

Parliamentary Bill enabling Swindon Local Boards to acquire Waterworks Co. and construct waterworks  G24/979/2  1894

Miscellaneous Extraneous  [no ref. or date]

Swindon Market Company  [no ref. or date]

Deed of Settlement  G24/990/1  1851

Shareholders' Minutes  G24/990/2  1853-1974

Annual reports and accounts  G24/990/3  1866-1869, 1879

Printed plan of site for new market  G24/990/4  1860

Gorse Hill Community Centre Members Minutes  G24/991/1  1945-1947

Swindon and District Productivity Association: minutes and papers  G24/992/1  1964-1970

Swindon New Town Board Records in The Goddard Collection WSRO 1461  [no ref. or date]

Covenant for laying out new streets and sewers at Okus - Old Swindon Board.  G24/1461/2071  1890

Land later Broome Sewage farm - Old Swindon Board.  G24/1461/2074  1893

Report by E A Cowper of Great George Street, Westminster, to the Swindon Water Co. Ltd., on three plans to secure an adequate water supply for the town.  G24/1461/2177  27 Feb. 1858

Bye-laws of the New Town Local Board.  G24/1461/2178  5 Sept. 1867

Correspondence with Henry Smith and others as to matters brought before the New Swindon Local Board by Joseph Armstrong, in connection with the purchase and erection of a new weighbridge and house on the Sewage Farm.  G24/1461/2179  March 1870

Swindon Savings Bank - Deposit book in the name of Charles Frederick Goddard.  G24/1461/2180  1871-1883

Swindon New Town Local Board: Sewage Farm accounts.  G24/1461/2181  1871-1874

Letter from William Read, Surveyor to the Local Board, to J Armstrong, on the construction of a sewer.  G24/1461/2182  11 Apr. 1873

Letter from Russ and Minns, Civil Engineers of London, to J Armstrong, concerning the construction of a new sewer.  G24/1461/2183  15 Apr. 1873

Letter from John W Jolliffe to R L White concerning the construction of a new sewer.  G24/1461/2184  23 June 1873

Swindon New Town Local Board: Sewage farm. Capital account.  G24/1461/2185  1876, 1877

Summary of receipts and disbursements on account of the Public Health Act, 1875, for the year ending March 1877, in Swindon New Town and Old Town.  G24/1461/2187  1877

Report by James T Shopland civil engineer to the Swindon New Town Local Board on more efficient means of sewage purification and disposal.  G24/1461/2188  7 Nov. 1878

Transfer by William Avenell of Badbury to James Copleston Townsend of share in the Swindon Water Works Company. (Share certificate enclosed).  G24/1461/2189  Jan. 1879

Copy of a report by the Medical Officer to the New Swindon Local Board. (Population, births, deaths, infections, illnesses, etc).  G24/1461/2190  29 Jan. 1890

Swindon New Town Sewage Contract (for new sewer Rodbourne Lane to Wellington Street).  G24/1461/2191  Prob. Early 1870's

Plan of the proposed district for the parish of St Paul, New Swindon; by John H smith architect and surveyor, Swindon.  G24/1461/2192  Prob. 1881

Poll Book: Swindon New Town Local Board.  G24/1461/2193  Prob. c.1880

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