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Reference D
Covering dates c1220-1998
Held by Wiltshire and Swindon Archives
Extent 368 series

Folder icon  [no title]  D/1/20/1/7  1931 - 1937

These documents are held at Wiltshire and Swindon Archives

1931 Reginald McFarlane Alston Whitaker; Stock Gaylard and Lydlinch, Dorset.
1931 Rupert Philip Shiner; Salisbury St. Edmund.
1932 George Temple Miller; Tisbury.
1932 Loton Parry; Bloxworth, Dorset.
1932 Tudor Jeffreys; Southbroom.
1932 John Oswald Thompson; Urchfont with Stert.
1932 Arthur Charles Bradley Dobie; Owermoigne with Warmwell, Dorset.
1932 Edmund Seymour Daubeney; Pewsey.
1932 Stephen Harold Wingfield Digby; Sherborne, Castleton and Lillington, Dorset.
1932 Stephen Harold Wingfield Digby; Prebend of Stratton.
1932 Harry George Harrison; Blandford St. Mary, Dorset.
1933 Charles Richard Ryall; Bettiscombe with Pilsdon, Dorset.
1933 Christopher Campbell Sharpe; Steeple with Tyneham and Grange, Dorset.
1933 Cyril Dyon Job; West Lulworth, Dorset (conditional).
1933 Henry Guise Beatson Cowley; Stinsford, Dorset.
1933 Reginald Edmund Adderley; Parkstone St. Peter with Branksea, Dorset.
1933 Henry Uphill; Upton Scudamore.
1933 Henry Martyn Wellington; Athelhampton with Burleston, Dorset.
1933 Frederick Salmon Vaughan; Chute with Chute Forest (conditional).
1933 Frederick Wyldbore Wingfield Digby; Thornford, Dorset.
1933 Alfred George Barley; Froxfield.
1933 Norman Robert Ottiwell Gifford Bennet; Charmouth, Dorset.
1933 Jasper Selwyn Bazeley; Bishopstrow.
1933 Herbert George England; Tisbury.
1933 Rudolph Simon Bennertz Proby; Hilperton with Whaddon.
1933 Everard Verdon Roe; Caundle Bishop with Caundle Marsh, Dorset (conditional).
1934 John David Morrice; Prebend of Slape.
1934 Charles Herbert Cooke; Iwerne Steepleton, Dorset.
1934 Roger William Hammond Dalison; Stoke Abbott, Dorset.
1934 Frank Parker Crosse; Branksome, St. Aldhelm, Dorset.
1934 John Samuel Holmes; Baydon (conditional).
1934 Joseph MacDougal Lupton; Savernake.
1934 Arthur James Kayss Thompson; Rampisham with Wraxall, Dorset.
1934 Harold Oldfield Parnell; Blandford Forum, Dorset.
1934 Bertram Hill; Fifehead Neville, Dorset.
1934 Charles Philip Stewart Clarke; Prebend of Bitton.
1934 Frederick William Aldous; Alderholt, Dorset (conditional).
1934 Archibald Stuart Cameron; Barford St. Martin.
1935 Claude Samuel Homan; Stockton.
1935 David Mark Taylor; Hinton Martell, Dorset.
1935 Charles Edgar Delacour de Labillière; Stinsford, Dorset.
1935 Kenneth Donald Mackenzie; Prebend of Gillingham Minor.
1935 Tom Nicholas Floyd; Long Crichel with Moor Crichel, Dorset.
1935 Edward Hungerford Goddard; Clyffe Pypard.
1935 George Harris; Berwick St. John.
1935 Herbert Buller Ridler; Studley St. John (conditional).
1935 Charles Herbert Whittaker; The Orchestons.
1935 John Alfred Griffith Howell; Erlestoke and East Coulston (conditional).
1935 Arnold Dixon Talbot; Stinsford, Dorset.
1936 William Ernest Charles Henry; Chettle, Dorset.
1936 Charles Augustus Webb; Tidcombe and Fosbury.
1936 Alan Williams; Oborne, Dorset.
1936 Robert Moncrieff Curwen; Winterslow (conditional).
1936 John Lynes; Chalbury and Hinton Parva, Dorset.
1936 Walter John Graham Hobson; Radipole, Dorset.
1936 William Williams; Bishopstone and Stratford Tony (conditional).
1936 Henry Lefroy Russell; Church Knowle, Dorset.
1936 Thomas Harding Soulby; Stourpaine and Iwerne Steepleton, Dorset.
1936 Albert Duncan Dixey; Owermoigne with Warmwell, Dorset (conditional).
1936 Arthur John Shields; Bettiscombe and Pilsdon, Dorset.
1936 John Algernon Sidgwick; East Stoke and East Holme, Dorset.
1936 John Hartforth Jaques; Studland, Dorset.
1936 Arthur Savile Beresford Freer; Gussage All Saints, Dorset.
1936 George Frederick Richardson; Canford Magna, Dorset.
1936 Richard Grosvenor Bartelot; Fordington St. George, Dorset.
1936 Gerald Burton Allen; Prebend of Fordington and Writhlington.
1936 Douglas Lyall Chandler Dunlop; Hilperton with Whaddon.
1937 Henry Edward Williams; Woolland, Dorset.
1937 John Dacre Vincent; Longbridge Deverill with Crockerton and Hill Deverill.
1937 William Montgomery Tod; Bothenhampton with Walditch, Dorset.
1937 Christopher Wordsworth; Prebend of Ruscombe Southbury.
1937 Arthur Savile Beresford Freer; Prebend of Teignton Regis.
1937 Samuel Mapleton Whitwell; Chardstock St. Andrew, formerly Dorset, now Devon (conditional).
1937 Sydney William Wayet; Winterbourne Stoke.
1937 Harold Moxon; Amesbury.
1937 Henry Norman Edge; Fifehead Neville, Dorset (conditional).
1937 Neville Shute Lawrie; Shaftesbury, St. Rumbold.
1937 Harry Samuel Wingham Finnie; Savernake Forest.
1937 Arthur Gordon Robertson; Sub-Chantor of Salisbury Cathedral.
1937 Charles Lewis Kennaway; Tarrant Crawford, Dorset.
1937 Clement Mallory Ricketts; Holy Trinity, Weymouth, Dorset.
1937 William Albert Butler; Seend.
1937 Arthur James Godball Hawes; Parkstone St. Peter with Branksea, Dorset.
1937 Henry Noel Bridge; Pimperne, Dorset.
1937 Cyril Charles Clissold Wilson; Long Crichel with Moor Crichel, Dorset.
1937 Reginald Ernest Pennington Gorringe; St. Thomas, Salisbury.
1937 Archibald Leslie Keith; Prebend of Grantham Borealis.
1937 Albert Edward Joscelyne; Preston with Sutton Poyntz, Dorset.
1937 Godfrey Reynell Wreford; West Ashton.
1937 Charles Myers; Treasurership of Salisbury Cathedral and Prebend of Calne.
1937 Arthur Louis Henry Selwyn; Preshute.
1937 Charles William Malster; Coombe Bissett with Homington.

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