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Reference D
Covering dates c1220-1998
Held by Wiltshire and Swindon Archives
Extent 368 series

Folder icon  [no title]  D/1/20/1/6  1925 - 1931

These documents are held at Wiltshire and Swindon Archives

1925 Edward Rhys Jones; Amesbury.
1925 Richard John Morrice; Redlynch.
1925 Henry Dunkin; Patney.
1925 William Henry Percival Arden; Whiteparish.
1925 Henry Weare Blandford; Abbotsbury, Dorset.
1925 Wilfred Marcus Askwith; Stalbridge, Dorset.
1925 Henry Robert Whytehead; Prebend of Minor Pars Altaris.
1925 John Alexander Bouquet; Wimborne St. Giles, Dorset.
1925 Frederick Seymour Horan; Chilton Foliat.
1925 Sir John Charles Molyneux; Portisham, Dorset.
1925 Stanley Forster-Brown; Charlton All Saints.
1925 Ernest Edward Hasluck; Handley with Gussage St. Andrew, Dorset.
1925 John David Morrice; Monkton Farleigh.
1925 Walter Haigh Branfoot; Enford.
1925 John William Charles Wand; Salisbury, St. Mark.
1925 Robert Crowther, Bishop of Sherborne; Gillingham, Dorset.
1925 Walter Pountney Rowley; West Parley, Dorset.
1926 Cyril Edwin Kindersley; Church Knowle, Dorset.
1926 Willie Gulliford; Froxfield (conditional).
1926 Percival Sexty; Evershot with Frome St. Quintin and Melbury Bubb, Dorset.
1926 Henry Philip Montolieu Margesson; West Lavington with Little Cheverell (conditional).
1926 Clement Dru Drury; Heddington.
1926 Charles Myers; Prebend of Durnford and office of sub-dean.
1926 George Henry Schofield Frobisher; Savernake Forest.
1926 Charles Johnstone Bourne Webb; Nether Compton with Over Compton, Dorset.
1926 Sydney Thomas; Manningford Abbots.
1926 Edward Granville Phillimore; West Fordington, Dorset.
1926 Henry Stewart Travers; Erlestoke.
1926 Arthur Davis Clutsom; Heytesbury.
1926 Herbert Pentin; Portland St. Peter, Dorset.
1926 Ernest Harry Iden-Hart; Woodford with Wilsford and Lake, (conditional).
1926 Stanley Punshon Marris; Milston and Brigmerston.
1926 William Percy Hughes; Whiteparish.
1926 George Frederick Tanner; Collingbourne Ducis.
1926 George Ernest Morris Tonge; Upavon.
1926 John Gill Ward; Avebury.
1926 David Osborne Davies; Chirton and Marden (conditional).
1926 John Francis Jones; Chaldon Herring, Dorset.
1926 Maitland Theophilus Dodds; Amesbury.
1926 Charles Leslie Dundas; Archdeaconry of Dorset.
1927 Edward Burton Maynard; Cheddington, Dorset.
1927 William Augustine Heygate; Prebend of Fordington and Writhlington.
1927 Eric James Bodington; Archdeaconry of Wiltshire.
1927 Edgar Alfred Reader; Bradpole, Dorset.
1927 Eric James Bodington; Calne.
1927 Horace Henry Coley; Alderholt, Dorset.
1927 Cecil Leavers Quibell; Fleet, Dorset.
1927 Frederick William Aldous; Shaftesbury, Holy Trinity with St. Peter, Dorset.
1927 Frederick Edward Markby; Charmouth, Dorset.
1927 Charles Inchbald Radford; Woodsford with Tincleton, Dorset (conditional).
1927 Francis Briggs Sowter; Highworth.
1927 Walter Greswell; Milton Abbas, Dorset.
1927 Ambrose Douglas Adams; Wimborne, St. John, Dorset (conditional).
1927 Charles Myers; Canonry in Salisbury Cathedral.
1927 Albert Alfred Cramp; Wambrook, formerly Dorset, now Somerset.
1927 August Frederick John Danneman; Calstone Wellington with Blackland.
1927 Frederick de la Poer Beresford Corfield; Steeple with Tyneham, Dorset (conditional).
1927 Charles Procter Fisher; Fonthill Gifford.
1927 Albert Edward Baynham; Catherstone Leweston, Dorset.
1927 Edward Capel Cure; Stour Provost with Todber, Dorset.
1928 Edward John Jackson; Piddletrenthide, Dorset.
1928 Stanley John Hersee; Wootton Bassett.
1928 Christopher Wordsworth; Chancellor of Salisbury Cathedral.
1928 John Lynes, junior; East Morden, Dorset.
1928 Ernest Gray Canham; Enford.
1928 Edwin Allwright; Tarrant Rushton and Tarrant Rawston, Dorset.
1928 Basil Ernest Millar; Minterne Magna, Hilfield and Hermitage, Dorset.
1928 Arthur Robert Collins; Branksea, Dorset.
1928 Arthur Samuel Berey; Broad Chalke (conditional).
1928 Raymond Owen Williams; Fisherton Delamere
1928 John Oswald Thompson; Wootton Glanville with Holnest, Dorset.
1929 John Bell Jackson; Heytesbury.
1929 Frederick William Thompson Greenwood; Blandford Forum, Dorset.
1929 James Carter Rendell; Whiteparish
1929 James William Sackett Tomlin; Prebend of Grantham Borealis.
1929 Francis Henry Sprent; Edington.
1929 Alphonse Edward Dru; East and West Harnham.
1929 Arthur Swinton Weatherhead; Trowbridge.
1929 Philip Jasper; Aldbourne (conditional)
1929 Herbert Lombard Eves; Redlynch (conditional).
1929 William Goodchild; Berwick St. John.
1929 Charles Dixon Hoste; Durnford.
1929 Charles Dixon Hoste; Marlborough.
1929 Edward John Gough; Parkstone, St. Osmund, Dorset.
1929 Thomas Harding Soulby; Bower Chalke.
1929 Charles Leslie Dundas; Prebend of Uffculme.
1929 Henry James Brunsdon Hallam; Erlestoke (conditional).
1929 Raymond Hugh Gundry; Steepleton Iwerne, Dorset.
1929 Harold Dymond Peel; Barford St. Martin (conditional).
1929 Thomas John Woodall; Prebend of Alton Australis.
1929 William Dudley Willis Greenham; Bower Chalke.
1930 George Clare Morrow; Moreton, Dorset.
1930 William Okes Parish; St. Mary, Longfleet, Dorset.
1930 Oscar Worne; Teffont Evias with Teffont Magna (conditional).
1930 Francis William Topham Waithman; Winterslow (conditional).
1930 Charles Frederick Medcalf; Preston with Sutton Poyntz, Dorset.
1930 Hugh Simmons; Enford.
1930 Herbert Johnson; Bishopstrow.
1930 Wyatt Arthur Evans; Kimmeridge, Dorset.
1930 William Thomas Godber; Winterborne Came with Winterborne Farringdon and Whitcombe, Dorset.
1930 Alban Henry Baverstock; Hinton Martel, Dorset.
1930 Horace Smith; Burcombe.
1930 Daniel Henry Charles Bartlett; Wootton Bassett.
1930 James Ralph Scholfield; Bourton with Silton, Dorset.
1931 Nigel Ernle Goddard; East Stoke and East Holme, Dorset (conditional).
1931 James Cross; Sturminster Marshall, Dorset.
1931 Allen Wilfrid Bull; Burbage (conditional).
1931 Alexander George Baker; Woodsford with Tincleton, Dorset (conditional).
1931 Charles le Poer Trench Heaslop; West Ashton.
1931 Percy Gleadow Smith; Everleigh.
1931 Gerald Henry George Goddard; Chardstock All Saints, formerly Dorset, now Devon.
1931 Spencer Hollins Viggars; Bridport, Dorset.
1931 Oliver Goodman Crockett; Poole, St. Paul, Dorset.
1931 John Leofric de Buckenhold Thorold; Bromham.
1931 Reginald Callender; Tidcombe with Fosbury.
1931 Henry Robert Whytehead; Sub-Chantor of Salisbury Cathedral.

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