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Reference ER 3
Covering dates 1254-1896
Held by Shakespeare Centre Library and Archive
Extent 6210 items

Folder icon  Clopton Charters  ER 3/288  2 September 1594

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Indenture tripartite of covenants by Sir George Carewe, Knt., Lieutenant General of H.M. Ordnance and Dame Joyce his wife to levy a fine to Christopher Hyll of Easton, co. Middx., gent., and George Hooker of London, gent., of the manors of Bridgetowne and Ryen Clifforde, with lands, etc. in Brydgetowne, Ryen Clyfforde and Stratford-upon-Avon, to the intent that a Recovery may be prosecuted against them of the same by William Brystowe of St. Gyles in the fyelds, co. Middx., gent., and Philip Hyll of St. Gyles, gent., to the use of the said Sir George Carewe and Dame Joyce.
Dated 2 September 36 Elizabeth.
Witnesses: Edward Hoby, Edward Maryn Wingfeylde, Richard Pawlfreyman, Gawen Harvye, E. Grauenor, Robert Doughty and Robert Hayward.
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