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Reference ER 3
Covering dates 1254-1896
Held by Shakespeare Centre Library and Archive
Extent 6210 items

Folder icon  Clopton Charters  ER 3/278  24 November 1581

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Covenant by William Clopton of Clopton, esq., to levy a fine to John Skevington of Fysherwicke, co. Staff., esq., and John Graye of Envyle, co. Staff., esq., of the manor of Clopton, with Clopton mansion house, park, etc. in Clopton and Stratford-upon-Avon, to the use of him the said William Clopton for his life, and at his decease to the use of 'suche a one as shalbe' his wife for her life, then to his eldest son and each successive son in tail male and in default to Anne Clopton his younger daughter and the heirs of her body and in default to Joyce wife of George Carewe, another daughter, and the heirs of her body, and so to such other daughters as he may have, and in default to his right heirs.
Dated 24 November 24 Elizabeth.
Witnesses: Raffe Sheldon, Robert Walter, W.Plumber, Jamys Wood...

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