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Parish of Holy Trinity, Coventry

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Reference DR581
Covering dates 13th-20th Centuries
Held by Warwickshire County Record Office
Extent 1423 files

Folder icon  [no title]  DR429/10A  4 Edw.II. 1311

These documents are held at Warwickshire County Record Office

Grant of Peter, son of Tho. Haldeyn to Steph. le Mareschal (marescallus farrier) of a piece of land in Coventry lying between Stephen's and that of Ric. de S. Jacobo, and stretching from the land of Alice, the grantor's mother to that of Will. de Coundulm (Coundon). Witn. Ank. de Colleshull, bailiff, Alex. de Stonleye, Joh. le (?) Goner, Rob. ffaccon, Walt. le Whyte-webbe, Hug. de Copton, Sim. le Pasteymaker, Tho. de Celer. At Coventry. Seal gone.

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