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Outward Bound Mountain School - Eskdale

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Reference YDSO 41
Covering dates 1900 - 1998
Held by Cumbria Record Office and Local Studies Library, Whitehaven
Conditions of access The Warden's reports on individuals are closed for 100 years
Source of acquisition Deposited by Mr. J Lagoe, Helm End, Grasmere - 4 October 1999 W284
Creators Outward Bound Mountain School, Easdale, Cumbria
Related information There are also a number of cinefilms, which are being evaluated by the Northern Film & TV archive.

Administrative history:
The Outward Bound Mountain School, situated at the Gatehouse, Eskdale Green, opened in 1950. The School is part of the Outward Bound Trust, whose patron is the Duke of Edinburgh. The mission of the school can be summed up by the word of Kurt Hahn:
It is wrong to coerce young people into opinions but it is a duty to impel them into experiences.

The archive so far deposited can be divided into two categories. Firstly, there are the administrative records of the Mountain School, including the minutes of the directors and trustees. There are also many correspondence files dealing with the acquisition, development and maintenance of properties such as the Gatehouse and Gatesyde. There are also papers dealing with the need to adapt to changing circumstances in the 1990s.
The second category of records is Wardens' reports on individual course participants. These are confidential and will remain closed for 100 years from the date of the course.

Board of Governors Minute Books  YDSO 41/1  [n.d.]

Minute book  YDSO 41/1/1  1949-1963

Minute book  YDSO 41/1/2  1963-1972

Minute book  YDSO 41/1/3  1973-1987

Minute book  YDSO 41/1/4  1988-1994

Board of Directors Minutes  YDSO 41/2  [n.d.]

Board Minutes  YDSO 41/2/1  1951-1972

Board Minutes  YDSO 41/2/2  1973-1988

Board Minutes  YDSO 41/2/3  1990

Board Minutes  YDSO 41/2/4  1991

Board Minutes  YDSO 41/2/5  1992

Board Minutes  YDSO 41/2/6  1993-1994

Board Minutes  YDSO 41/2/7  1995

Other minutes  YDSO 41/3  [n.d.]

Local advisory committee minutes  YDSO 41/3/1  1956-1988

(includes loose papers)

Private minutes  YDSO 41/3/2  1961-1967

Articles of Association and Membership  YDSO 41/4  [n.d.]

Volume of register of members, directors, secretaries and annual returns  YDSO 41/4/1  1949-1985

Memoranda and articles of association  YDSO 41/4/2  1949 and 1986

Membership registration forms  YDSO 41/4/3  1950

Board of Governors and Directors  YDSO 41/5  [n.d.]

Curriculum Vitae of Board of Governors  YDSO 41/5/1  c.1980

Policy Advisory Committee and supporting papers  YDSO 41/5/2  1957

Papers re Board of Directors' membership  YDSO 41/5/3  1961-1962

Management Committee attendances record  YDSO 41/5/4  1972-1988

Correspondence with Board Members  YDSO 41/5/5  1987-1995

Bursar's files  YDSO 41/6  [n.d.]

Alterations and repairs  YDSO 41/6/1  1949-1950

Electrical: including heating and correspondence with North Western Electric Board  YDSO 41/6/2  1949-1965

Programmes re workshop, painting and estate jobs  YDSO 41/6/3  1950

File re plans, emergency water supply, associations, training, mountain rescue, domestic, forestry and garden  YDSO 41/6/4  1951-1954

Correspondence and sales particulars of Borrowdale House Hotel re use as annex to Mountain School  YDSO 41/6/5  1954-1963

Training equipment  YDSO 41/6/6  1963-1966

Files re building, maintenance and related issues  YDSO 41/7  [n.d.]

Papers including sale particulars (1949) plans and strategies re development of Gatehouse  YDSO 41/7/1  1949-1992

New building and alterations of Eskdale  YDSO 41/7/2  1956-1958

Specifications for alterations to the Gatehouse  YDSO 41/7/3  1957

Plans and correspondence re building of new dormitory block  YDSO 41/7/4  1958-1963

Alterations and improvements at Eskdale including new central heating system, improvements to dormitory block, and conversion of outbuildings into a dwelling  YDSO 41/7/5  1971

Papers re possible acquisition of Gatesyde and easement to Gatesyde through land owned by the Outward Bound Mountain School  YDSO 41/7/6  1974

Papers re alterations and improvements to Gatesyde House for the Mountain School  YDSO 41/7/7  1980

Correspondence with BNFL re placing a radio paging mast adjacent to Gatesyde House  YDSO 41/7/8  1987-1991

General files  YDSO 41/8  [n.d.]

Correspondence and brochures re cooking stoves  YDSO 41/8/1  1949-1950

Correspondence re forestry  YDSO 41/8/2  1949-1967

Correspondence re course reports CONFIDENTIAL  YDSO 41/8/3  1950-1958

Correspondence re various  YDSO 41/8/4  1951-1952

Correspondence with Millom R.D.C. re drainage  YDSO 41/8/5  1951-1952

"Old file" re various including budget and first girls course  YDSO 41/8/6  1951-1954

Papers re character and character building courses  YDSO 41/8/7  1952-1977

Women's course equipment  YDSO 41/8/8  1953-1962

King George Jubilee Trust  YDSO 41/8/9  1954

General enquiries and correspondence with the warden  YDSO 41/8/10  1956-1963

Correspondence re publicity  YDSO 41/8/11  1957-1963

Annual returns re share capital  YDSO 41/8/12  1957-1975

Correspondence re Falkland Islands Dependencies survey  YDSO 41/8/13  1957

Correspondence re award of the Morley Medal  YDSO 41/8/14  1959-1962

Miscellaneous  YDSO 41/8/15  1959-1967

Outward Bound Trust: general correspondence  YDSO 41/8/16  1960-1968

Roger Putnam personal file CONFIDENTIAL  YDSO 41/8/17  1966-1971

[no title]  YDSO 41/8/18  1980-198?

Financial statements

Insurance claims  YDSO 41/8/19  1985-1993

Correspondence re staff c.v.s  YDSO 41/8/20  1988-1993

Team briefings  YDSO 41/8/21  1991-1994

Outward Bound Trust Corporate Plan  YDSO 41/8/22  1993-1997

Outward Bound Development Plan  YDSO 41/8/23  1995-1998

Miscellaneous brochures, articles and maps re the Outward Bound ethos  YDSO 41/8/24  not dated

Miscellaneous  YDSO 41/9  [n.d.]

Details of original 1949 grant from Outward Bound Trust  YDSO 41/9/1  1949

Course bookings for courses 1-38  YDSO 41/9/2  1950-1951

Board of Directors at Eskdale, attendance record  YDSO 41/9/3  1955

Outward Bound Trust Management Committee attendance record  YDSO 41/9/4  1955

Forestry Plantation register  YDSO 41/9/5  1955-1957

Outward Bound Mountain School Eskdale Urban Project, cash book  YDSO 41/9/6  1990

Staff handbook  YDSO 41/9/7  1993

Warden's Confidential Course Reports  YDSO 41/10  [n.d.]

Conditions of access: Closed for 100 years

Courses 14-23  YDSO 41/10/1  July 1951-July 1952

Courses 24-32  YDSO 41/10/2  July 1952-June 1953

Courses 33-40  YDSO 41/10/3  June 1953-Mar 1954

Courses 41-47  YDSO 41/10/4  Apr 1954-Dec 1954

Courses 48-55  YDSO 41/10/5  Dec 1954-Sept 1955

Courses 56-63  YDSO 41/10/6  Oct 1955-Sept 1958

Courses 64-72  YDSO 41/10/7  Aug 1956-June 1957

Courses 73-80  YDSO 41/10/8  June 1957-Mar 1958

Courses 81-82 (83 missing)  YDSO 41/10/9  Mar 1958-June 1958

Courses 84-85  YDSO 41/10/10  July 1958-Sept 1958

Courses 86-87  YDSO 41/10/11  Oct 1958-Dec 1958

Courses 88-91  YDSO 41/10/12  Dec 1958-May 1959

Courses 92-94  YDSO 41/10/13  May 1959-Aug 1959

Courses 95-98  YDSO 41/10/14  Aug 1959-Jan 1960

Courses 99-101  YDSO 41/10/15  Jan 1960-Apr 1960

Courses 102-103  YDSO 41/10/16  May 1960-July 1960

Courses 104-105  YDSO 41/10/17  Aug 1960-Sept 1960

Courses 106-107  YDSO 41/10/18  Oct 1960-Dec 1960

Courses 108-112  YDSO 41/10/19  Jan 1961-July 1961

Courses 114-119  YDSO 41/10/20  July 1961-Feb 1962

Courses 120-125  YDSO 41/10/21  Mar 1962-Sept 1962

Courses 126-131  YDSO 41/10/22  Oct 1962-May 1963

Courses 132-136  YDSO 41/10/23  May 1963-Nov 1963

Courses 137-141  YDSO 41/10/24  Nov 1963-May 1964

Courses 142-146  YDSO 41/10/25  June 1964-Nov 1964

Courses 147-152  YDSO 41/10/26  undated

Courses 153-157  YDSO 41/10/27  undated

Courses 158-163  YDSO 41/10/28  undated

Courses 164-167  YDSO 41/10/29  to Jan 1967

Courses 168-172  YDSO 41/10/30  Jan 1967-July 1967

Courses Box 173-177  YDSO 41/10/31  undated

Course reports 178-183 (March 1968)  YDSO 41/10/32  undated

Course reports 184-187  YDSO 41/10/33  undated

Course reports 188-193  YDSO 41/10/34  Apr 1969-Aug 1969

Course reports 194R-197  YDSO 41/10/35  undated

Courses reports 198-204R  YDSO 41/10/36  undated

Course reports 204-210  YDSO 41/10/37  Nov 1970-Apr 1971

Course 211-215  YDSO 41/10/38  June-Oct 1971

Course reports 216-223  YDSO 41/10/39  Nov 1971-Aug 1972

Course reports 224-231  YDSO 41/10/40  Sept 1972-Apr 1973

Course reports 232-238  YDSO 41/10/41  May 1973-Jan 1974

Course reports 239-244  YDSO 41/10/42  Feb-Sept 1974

Course reports 245-251  YDSO 41/10/43  Oct 1974-June 1975

Course reports ER11-256  YDSO 41/10/44  undated

Course reports 265-272  YDSO 41/10/45  undated

Course reports 273-280  YDSO 41/10/46  undated

Course reports E 239-251  YDSO 41/10/47  Dec 1973-May 1975

Course reports E 252-282  YDSO 41/10/48  June 1975-Nov 1978

Course reports E 283-308  YDSO 41/10/49  Feb 1979-Feb 1983

Box: Course reports Launcher courses E.L 1-45 (missing 20-22, 25-27, 31-32, 36-37)  YDSO 41/10/50  May 1972-June 1982; June 1975-Sept 1976; June 1978-Aug 1979

Rover courses ER 11-14 ER 17-19

Papers of Adam Arnold Brown  [no ref. or date]

Source of acquisition: Transferred by P.N.R. Zutchi
Cambridge University Library 1999 (W280)

Administrative history:
Adam Arnold Brown was the first warden of the Outward Bound Mountain School at Eskdale. During the War years he was an instructor at the Highland Fieldcraft Training Centre, 1943-1944, based initially at Glen Feshie in the Cairngorms and then Poolewe in Western Ross. The mission of the HFTC was to create potential officers from War Office Selection Board rejects who none the less had the potential. The course lasted nine weeks.
Although the HFTC completed its work in November of 1944 staff and students continued to meet for many years after in the HFTC Association.

These papers describe the courses and military exercises the candidates undertook and the continuation of the HFTC Association after the war.

HFTC Papers  YDSO 41/11  [n.d.]

Highland Fieldcraft Training Centre reports course syllabus and correspondence re Adam Arnold Brown's book on the HFTC  YDSO 41/11/1  1943-1961

Papers and correspondence re HFTC Association  YDSO 41/11/2  1967-1984

Slides  YDSO 41/12  [n.d.]

Slides of Eskdale Outward Bound activities taken in the 1950s by Richard Marsh  YDSO 41/12/1  1950s

Papers donated by students  YDSO 41/13  [n.d.]

Source of acquisition: Deposited by J Lagoe, Helm End, Grasmere - 17 April 2000 W3796

Chris Adams - Chris Adams log book and copies of photos.  YDSO 41/13/1  1960

Newspaper cutting about the death Of Anthony Titley

John Bevan - Copies of old kit list extract from log book  YDSO 41/13/2  Aug 1954

Michael Cowley - original letters  YDSO 41/13/3  1992

Between Michael Cowley and Outward
Bound; scanned photographs, equipment lists and timetables, advice on goal setting and improvement, Climbing maps

Frank Dowlen - letter to John Lagoe and Photograph of Outward Bound Staff  YDSO 41/13/4  1952

John Earle - 60 plus; black and white Photos and account of his time at Eskdale  YDSO 41/13/5  early 1950's

P M Gerrard's report from Outward Bound  YDSO 41/13/6  Sept 1950

Nicholas Hamilton - account of his Experiences at Eskdale  YDSO 41/13/7  June 1978

John Harrison - June/July 1960 account of his time and log book 2 black and white group photographs list of patrols rules  YDSO 41/13/8  1959 - July 1960

Timetable and daily routines
Staff instructions and safety rules
Tests and teachers notes

Extract from "Outward Bound in the Lake District" by John Lagoe  YDSO 41/13/9  not dated

Susan Peet - final expedition  YDSO 41/13/10  1978

Two group photographs
Original first aid book
Original route planning cards
Original girls route planning cards
List of check points

Ray Wallis - Copied log book - including Sketches and photographs; copy of September 1984 (No.3) Issue of Conserving Lakeland  YDSO 41/13/11  1957

Borris Wilson - Photos of Adam Arnold Brown also a postcards showing Eric Shipton  YDSO 41/13/12  [n.d.]

Tim Wyllie - copy of log book and report Photocopy of an original page from his log book  YDSO 41/13/13  [n.d.]

Ian Griggs course log book (course 4)  YDSO 41/13/14  1950

P R C Steele course notes and journal accounts  YDSO 41/13/15  1954

Miscellaneous  YDSO 41/14  [n.d.]

Source of acquisition: Deposited by J Lagoe, Helm End, Grasmere, 17 April 2000 W3796

Four black and white photographs of group members of staff; shooting schedule and sequence for "Outward bound - on the Inside" original copy and about the film  YDSO 41/14/1  1955-1974

Petition for all mountains to be flattened (signed) Course 101
Bill Hunter's comments about Canoe Building (original)
Notes by T G Bedwell on the Outward Bound Schools
Copy of a report on the Instructors visits To Sheffield
Order of Service for Anthony John Gorton Titley funeral
Script for radio programme 1953
Information on follow up course 1952
Including safety rules, letters to Kurt Hahn notice about smuggling involving the warden
Application forms for the course
Report of Accident on James Napier Tidmarsh
Notes on the Building of the Eskdale & Ravenglass Railway
Letter about the Memorial of Eric Shipton
"A means for the development and assessment of character" by P Carpenter
Extract of S Fran "Forgotten Frontier" by Geoffrey Tyson
Script of a talk to ACF King George VI
Memorial pilot leadership training course
At Warminster on 17 March 1955
Report on a visit to the German Outward
Bound Schools in March 1957

Scrap book of newspaper cuttings re Outward Bound Mountain School  YDSO 41/14/2  1950-1953

Source of acquisition: Deposited by John Lagoe, Helm End, Grasmere - 2 August 2000 W4011

Members roll of Outward Bound Mountain School  YDSO 41/14/3  1950-1958

Source of acquisition: Deposited by John Lagoe, Helm End, Grasmere - 2 August 2000 W4011

Visitors book to the Outward Bound Mountain School including signature of the Duke of Edinburgh  YDSO 41/14/4  1950-1975

Source of acquisition: Deposited by John Lagoe, Helm End, Grasmere - 2 August 2000 W4011

Correspondence between Ian Griggs and A A Brown and memorial sermon re A A Brown  YDSO 41/14/5  1900-1995

Source of acquisition: Deposited by John Lagoe, Helm End, Grasmere - 2 August 2000 W4011

Wall and rock climbing donated by the Author to the Mountain School  YDSO 41/14/6  1954

Source of acquisition: Deposited by John Lagoe, Helm End, Grasmere - 2 August 2000 W4011

Biographical notes of Great explorers for a Convocation at Eskdale  YDSO 41/14/7  1972

Source of acquisition: Deposited by John Lagoe, Helm End, Grasmere - 2 August 2000 W4011

R J Reed course notes and logbook re course 63 June-July 1956  YDSO 41/13/16  1956

Source of acquisition: Deposited by R J Reed, Rise Hill, 2 Ashmount Gardens, Grange over Sands, 9 September 2000

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