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Clarke Chapman Marine Rolls Royce Industrial Power Group

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Reference DS.CC1
Covering dates 1884-1986
Held by Business
Extent 326 SERIES

No further details   Directors' attendance book  DS.CC1/3  12 April 1918 - 23 February 1937
No further details   Notice of Extraordinary General Meeting [resolutions abandoned at actual meetings]  DS.CC1/5  1 December 1917
No further details   First draft proposal for scheme to convert into limited company  DS.CC1/9  23 February 1888
No further details   Articles of partnership between Abel Henry Chapman, John Brokenshire Furneaux and Henry Reynolds Chapman, Messrs Clarke Chapman & Co  DS.CC1/72  18 July 1891
No further details   Agreements of partners re incorporation  DS.CC1/10  8 June-15 July 1893
No further details   Prospectus for new limited company  DS.CC1/11  4 May 1893
No further details   Report of the Chairman on the Establishment of the Installation and Service Department of the Water Tube Boiler Division, by Charles H Russel  DS.CC1/216  c1950
No further details   Notice to shareholders of Thompson Chapman International Limited re proposed merger of Clarke Chapman & Company Limited, International Combustion (Holdings) Limited and John Thompson Limited and joining Horseley Bridge Limited  DS.CC1/13  28 October 1968
No further details   Notice to shareholders re proposed merger of Clarke Chapman Limited and Reyrolle Parsons Limited by a Scheme of Arrangement  DS.CC1/14  15 August 1977
No further details   HCJ Chancery Division, Scheme of Arrangement between Clarke Chapman Limited and Reyrolle Parsons Limited  DS.CC1/15  15 August 1977
No further details   Rolls Royce plc, chart showing organisation of company  DS.CC1/16  1 September 1989
No further details   Apprenticeship indenture, Harry Reynolds Chapman to Wallsend Slipway and Engineering Company Limited to learn the business of a manufacturer of engines and machinery  DS.CC1/73  9 November 1887
No further details   Letters re Charles Parsons taking up position as MD and Electrical Engineer to the Newcastle Electric Lighting Company and him having to choose between that appointment and his position at Clarke Chapman  DS.CC1/17  8-14 February 1889
No further details   Interest accounts, executors of William Clarke  DS.CC1/18  1890 - 1899
No further details   Papers re estate of Captain Abel H Chapman, deceased  DS.CC1/19  1901-1920
No further details   Papers indemnifying directors in respect of guarantees to Lloyds Bank and to the trustees of the will of William Clarke deceased  DS.CC1/20  1905
No further details   Papers re death of Major H R Chapman in action  DS.CC1/21  July 1915
No further details   Programme and menu for dinner to celebrate 50 years service of Mr William A Woodeson [Chairman from 1928]  DS.CC1/22  10 May 1940
No further details   Notes re career of William Armstrong Woodeson and his patents  DS.CC1/23  30 September 1949
No further details   Order of service in remembrance of William Armstrong Woodeson who died 30 September 1949 aged 80  DS.CC1/24  3 October 1949
No further details   Letters re death of MD William Taylor  DS.CC1/25  December 1948-January 1949
No further details   Register of members and share ledger [indexed]  DS.CC1/31  c1893-1918
No further details   Numerical register of ordinary shares, 1 - 22203  DS.CC1/32  c1893-1913
No further details   Scheme of arrangement involving first preference share capital, explanatory statement and notices of meetings  DS.CC1/39  1969
No further details   Chairman's report to shareholders issued with dividend  DS.CC1/42  6 March 1942
No further details   Papers re issue of shares and increase in share capital  DS.CC1/45  c1913-1918
No further details   Certificate of registration of trust deed  DS.CC1/47  April 1903
No further details   Schedule of title deeds to property comprised in trust deed of 28 March 1903  DS.CC1/48  1903
No further details   Appointment of new trustees under trust of 28 March 1903 and conveyance of trust premises  DS.CC1/49  21 May 1917
No further details   Reconveyance on payment off of debentures by trustees of trust deed of 28 March 1903  DS.CC1/50  15 August 1922
No further details   Debenture ledger showing holdings, value, transfers and balance  DS.CC1/52  c1902-1922
No further details   Register of transfers of debentures  DS.CC1/53  20 May 1903 - 10 November 1921
No further details   Papers re debentures  DS.CC1/55  c1819 - 1972
No further details   Letter from Watson & Dendy, solicitors re money required from Mr Dymond  DS.CC1/58  12 January 1888
No further details   Correspondence re balance sheet and profit and loss account, directors' report and unsatisfactory profits due to strike  DS.CC1/59  1909
No further details   Correspondence re remuneration to engineers for assistance in obtaining orders  DS.CC1/60  1910
No further details   Correspondence with employees wife, Mrs John Gill, re his ill treatment of her  DS.CC1/61  1912
No further details   Correspondence with Major H R Chapman re his cheques and his training at Aldershot  DS.CC1/62  2 - 4 May 1915
No further details   Letter of thanks from Armstrong College, Newcastle for subscription to fund to establish commercial lectureships in modern foreign languages  DS.CC1/63  4 January 1918
No further details   Letters of appeal from charities  DS.CC1/64  1918
No further details   Correspondence with T S Innes of Newcastle, engineer, machinery valuer, re valuation of land, plant and machinery  DS.CC1/65  1919 - 1920
No further details   Correspondence with Gateshead Union re rate assessment, including notes re reduced employment/output/orders  DS.CC1/66  31 October 1925 - 6 January 1927
No further details   Correspondence with Lloyds Bank re overdraft facilities  DS.CC1/67  1934
No further details   Correspondence with North Eastern Electric Supply Company Limited re use of Old Fold Colliery overhead line  DS.CC1/68  18 February - 6 March 1936
No further details   Correspondence with Constance Cowper-Coles re her husband, Sherard's work on electro-mettalurgy  DS.CC1/69  26 September - 2 October 1936
No further details   Letters re mirror order for G E C  DS.CC1/70  10 October 1944
No further details   Letter from Cackett, Burns, Dick & Mackellar re proposed office accommodation  DS.CC1/71  15 March 1949
No further details   Private ledger  DS.CC1/75  c1904-1938
No further details   Metal foundry departmental balance sheets  DS.CC1/88  1939-1940
No further details   Analysis of cost to output by department  DS.CC1/108  c1952-1965
No further details   Trade expenses, electric work  DS.CC1/90  1947
No further details   Trade expenses summary  DS.CC1/83  December 1967
No further details   Comparative statement of work in progress  DS.CC1/85  1914 - 1915
No further details   Comparative statement of stocks  DS.CC1/86  1914 - 1915
No further details   Percentage statements, General and Electrical Works  DS.CC1/89  1939 - 1942
No further details   Adjustments to Discounts Account  DS.CC1/94  1908
No further details   Accounts of stock, plant etc written off  DS.CC1/95  1895
No further details   Depreciation on existing assets written off  DS.CC1/96  1900-1906
No further details   Accounts to receive [name, goods, amount, terms, date supplied and paid]  DS.CC1/98  April 1904 - March 1906
No further details   Letter from Thomas Bowden Sons & Nephew, Newcastle, accountants re profits, depreciation and assets  DS.CC1/100  24 February 1917
No further details   Report by Deloitte, Plender, Griffiths & Co, chartered accountants, re financial position of company, taking account of capital requirements, profit levels and impact on business by change to nuclear power field, with related papers  DS.CC1/101  1958
No further details   Report on divisional overhead budgets and variances  DS.CC1/102  24 April 1970
No further details   Directors' Commission statements and papers re refund of income tax  DS.CC1/103  1920-1923
No further details   Bank pass book  DS.CC1/104  5 September 1901 - 3 December 1902
No further details   Bank guarantees  DS.CC1/105  1908 - 1913
No further details   Papers re redemption of Treasury Bonds  DS.CC1/106  1927
No further details   Papers re accounts  DS.CC1/109  c1938-1940
No further details   Transcripts of shorthand notes re Clarke Chapman & Company and Parsons in arbitration re a turbine generator  DS.CC1/110  1 February 1890
No further details   Notes re agreement with Stein & Atkinson Limited re shares and trading with Powdered Fuel Plant Company Limited and construction of turbo pulverisers  DS.CC1/112  1922
No further details   Registers of mortgages and charges specifically affecting the property of the Company  DS.CC1/113  c1885-1903
No further details   Adjustments to valuation  DS.CC1/115  30 September 1892
No further details   Papers re valuation of land and plant and depreciation  DS.CC1/116  c1905-1920
No further details   Abstract of title to Victoria Works, Gateshead  DS.CC1/117  1893-1903
No further details   List of documents relating to Park House, Gateshead  DS.CC1/118  1918
No further details   Extract from solicitor's invoice re the purchase of Park House from The Sunbeam Lamp Company  DS.CC1/119  31 August 1918
No further details   Papers re laying sewer in Friar's Goose Dene which Clarke Chapman use as a tip  DS.CC1/120  1922-1928
No further details   Correspondence re lease of offices in Fenton House, London  DS.CC1/121  1938
No further details   Tenancy agreement, letting offices on 3rd floor of Fenton House, London to H W Hardy & Company Limited, with related papers  DS.CC1/122  13-17 October 1941
No further details   Agreement with the British Transport Commission to lease land at East India Docks, London  DS.CC1/123  31 March 1949
No further details   Papers re sale of land and extension to offices  DS.CC1/124  c1954-1957
No further details   Papers re Board of Trade assistance to build a river wharf close to the fabrication shop  DS.CC1/222  1963
No further details   Plant order stock book  DS.CC1/126  1916-1935
No further details   Papers re Admiralty owned plant on loan to Clarke Chapman  DS.CC1/218  1944
No further details   Register of employees, including directors  DS.CC1/127  nd [20th century]
No further details   Lists of employees  DS.CC1/128  1913-1930
No further details   Index to employees (name, number, address, occupation)  DS.CC1/138  1940s
No further details   Notice to John A Chapman to terminate employment  DS.CC1/139  29 November 1909
No further details   Papers re absenteeism  DS.CC1/133  1942 - 1943
No further details   Works Relief Fund, statement of income and expenditure  DS.CC1/134  1914-1918
No further details   Programme for clerks' and draughtsmen's annual dinner  DS.CC1/135  8 February 1908
No further details   The Newcastle and District Association of Foremen Engineers and Draughtsmen, notice of monthly meeting  DS.CC1/136  1 April 1919
No further details   Foremen's Mutual Benefit Society, Tyne District, ticket for visit to Consett Iron Company Ltd Works  DS.CC1/137  16 August 1919
No further details   Weekly salaries  DS.CC1/144  6 April 1960 - 29 March 1961
No further details   National Health Insurance Act, weekly summaries of National Insurance payments  DS.CC1/147  6 January 1958 - 25 December 1961
No further details   Rates of pay for foremen; time office, stores, traffic office; drawing office; counting house; and retired officials  DS.CC1/149  1933-1942
No further details   Memoranda re directors' remuneration  DS.CC1/150  1903-1916
No further details   Papers re bonus agreements  DS.CC1/151  c1935-1946
No further details   Daily account of payments to workmen off work after an accident [date, name, accident number (refers to accident books, DS/CC1/153/1-3), amount paid]  DS.CC1/154  20 July 1907 - July 1911
No further details   Workmen's compensation cases, identified by department  DS.CC1/157  1921 - 1925
No further details   Description of work done by Charles Robinson and foreman's reports on him, following return to work as a turner after 12 months off  DS.CC1/159  16 December 1907 - 28 March 1908
No further details   Record of number of employees, total working hours including overtime, number of accidents, hours lost due to accidents and health and safety inspections/practices  DS.CC1/160  1 March 1928 - 31 December 1936
No further details   Papers re North East Coast Engineering Employers' Association  DS.CC1/161  c1926-1929
No further details   The Water Tube Boilermakers' Association, constitution  DS.CC1/162  c1940s
No further details   The Water Tube Boilermakers' Association, papers re pension scheme  DS.CC1/163  1948
No further details   Contact, Clarke Chapman staff newspaper  DS.CC1/221  16 May 1977
No further details   Materials World, newsletter of the materials handling companies of Rolls Royce, including Clarke Chapman  DS.CC1/212  September 1996
No further details   Register of patents  DS.CC1/168  c1899 - 1962
No further details   Papers re assignment of patents to Clarke Chapman by Archie Read, re improvements in control of electric motors  DS.CC1/170  1928-1932
No further details   Agreement with Geoffrey Herbert Child to purchase patent for invention for improvements in power transmission gear, with related papers  DS.CC1/171  1929-1933
No further details   Correspondence re granting of licence to Clarke Chapman by Societe Anonyme des Appareils de Manutention et Fours Stein, to use S E R V A patent re boilers  DS.CC1/172  1929
No further details   Legal opinion re windlass with cable lifters and whether it infringes patents, enclosing patent number 2258 of 1882 (Whettem) re ships' windlasses and bow stoppers  DS.CC1/173  17 November 1908
No further details   List of negotiations for licences, water tube boilers  DS.CC1/217  1914 - 1915
No further details   Notes re grant to AEG of right to manufacture Woodeson Burners in Germany  DS.CC1/174  1928-1929
No further details   Papers re licences to manufacture and sell Raymond Bowl Mills and Raymond Pressure Mills  DS.CC1/175  1947-1953
No further details   Papers re water tube boilers  DS.CC1/223  c1930s
No further details   Enquiries for tenders for boilers  DS.CC1/177  18 June 1936 - 27 October 1941
No further details   2 Crane and steering gear orders  DS.CC1/179  3 February 1931 - 13 February 1964
No further details   Papers re mining orders  DS.CC1/181  1952-1961
No further details   Reconditioned winch order book number 1  DS.CC1/186  January 1941 - 1946
No further details   Repairs orders number 90, 2877 - 4279  DS.CC1/188  16 August 1957 - 11 February 1959
No further details   Order number 936, windlass, details of components (pattern number, drawing number, quantity, remarks)  DS.CC1/189  February 1946
No further details   Comparative table of orders  DS.CC1/200  1912-1916
No further details   Credit reference book: alphabetical by name of customer, address, amount of credit, name of referee and details of their reference  DS.CC1/210  1881-1915
No further details   Index to ships' names, with order numbers  DS.CC1/220  c1912 - 1923
No further details   Strike and force majeure clauses for contracts  DS.CC1/219  23 April 1952
No further details   Pattern drawings, winches, hoists etc  DS.CC1/192  nd [c1910]
No further details   Prices of stock for valuations/estimates  DS.CC1/211  1930 - 1951
No further details   Drawing Office labour costs debited to orders, boilers  DS.CC1/196  c1930s - 1940s
No further details   Detailed labour order numbers, costs, classification of accounts etc  DS.CC1/197  c1958-1961
No further details   Weekly and monthly costs by department  DS.CC1/198  January 1965 - December 1967
No further details   Comparative tables of output  DS.CC1/199  1884 - 1915
No further details   Weekly return of wages to output  DS.CC1/201  4 October - 31 December 1904
No further details   Weekly return of sales  DS.CC1/202  7 January 1950 - 6 October 1967
No further details   Trading results  DS.CC1/203  1881 - 1892
No further details   Forecast statements (sales, output, expenses, forecast of profit)  DS.CC1/204  1912 - 1938

Folder icon  Photograph albums  DS.CC1/207  [n.d.]

These documents are held at Business

Arrangement: The albums have been arranged alphabetically by type of equipment (boilers, cranes, electrical etc). Clarke Chapman have a system of numbering their photographs which consists of letters to identify the product, a running number, then numbers to show the year and month. For example, EW1389/6511 is an electric winch, photograph number 1389, November (11) 1965. These references have been included in the list.

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