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Reference PHA
Covering dates early 14th century - 1971
Held by West Sussex Record Office
Extent 76 series
Conditions of access A considerable amount of material remains to be dealt with at Petworth. It is regretted that no access whatsoever can be allowed to this uncatalogued material. The catalogued material may only be consulted at the West Sussex Record Office at Chichester and at least two weeks notice must be given of any intended visit to Chichester to consult the Petworth House Archives, in order that the documents required may be brought from Petworth. Lord Egremont reserves the right to refuse access to any document listed here, and no post-1900 documents may be consulted without his special permission.

Folder icon  EMIGRATION  [no ref. or date]

These documents are held at West Sussex Record Office

No further details   Plan showing the estate of General Pilkington at Woolwich in Canada.  PHA/135  wm 1804
No further details   Letters from Thomas Bannister of Freemantle, Swan River, to the Earl of Egremont, and from Thomas Henty of West Tarring about bloodstock and land south of Swan River.  PHA/136  1829, 1830
No further details   Minutes of proceedings of the Petworth Committee for Emigration to Canada. Includes notes of emigrants' expenses; correspondence.  PHA/137  1832
No further details   Log of ship England which sailed from Spithead to Toronto with emigrants.  PHA/138  1833
No further details   Letter to the Rev. T. Sockett from an unknown writer from the St. Lawrence River  PHA/139  22 May 1834
No further details   Copy of sailing list of emigrants to Canada, c.1836, and copies of general observations on emigration and schemes concerning it.  PHA/142  c 1844
No further details   Undated draft letter (? by Rev. T. Sockett on behalf of Col. George Wyndham) enquiring about emigration facilities offered by a New Brunswick land company.  PHA/1055  ? late 1838 ? early 1839
No further details   Letters about the departure of the Eldridge family from Cocking, about baggage charges, and request for advice.  PHA/1056  1838, 1839
No further details   Lists of intending and eventual Irish emigrants and of those who withdrew from the scheme in 1839.  PHA/1050  1839
No further details   Undated memorandum of Col. George Wyndham on Rye emigration statistics and Sydney land prices. Letters about sending cattle to New South Wales; reporting wool sales; from Henry Maxwell Lefroy about Australian land systems; from John Hart about deer and his and Capt. Bagot's mining progress and sending a chess set.  PHA/1071  1840-1847, nd
No further details   Letters from Ayliffe family (Sussex emigrants) in Adelaide and Stockport, South Australia, soliciting help; on the subject of possible purchase by L. Wyndham Stanhope (afterwards Lord Harrington) of an estate in Canada.  PHA/1072, 1073  1859-1861
No further details   Letters of Wainright Crowe to 1st Lord Leconfield about a family's assisted emigration.  PHA/1074  1860
No further details   Memoranda and letters concerning the Riggs family, and their property in Virginia, America; includes a letter from Thomas Riggs with the British Navy at St. Christopher's, West Indies.  PHA/8032  1704-1740
No further details   Copies of correspondence and accounts relating to the purchase of land in South Australia by Co. George Wyndham, the management of the property and settlement of the Ayliffe family.  PHA/7917  1838-1856
No further details   Newspapers relating to the Colonies, and Emigration.  PHA/7920  1841-1846

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