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Parish records: Sayers Common to Slinfold

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Reference Par
Covering dates 1526-2004
Held by West Sussex Record Office
Extent 14 Sub-fonds
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Folder icon  Incumbents' Miscellaneous  Par/174/7  [n.d.]

These documents are held at West Sussex Record Office

No further details   Notebook containing appointments for the churching of parishioners  Par/174/7/2  January 1857-September 1897
No further details   Printed statement of charities and voluntary contributions for Singleton  Par/174/7/4  1895
No further details   Singleton parish magazine  Par/174/7/6  June 1905
No further details   Choir register  Par/174/7/7  1916-1943
No further details   Visitors' book  Par/174/7/8  September 1924-January 1929
No further details   Visitors' book  Par/174/7/9  March 1929-June 1936
No further details   Visitors' book  Par/174/7/10  June 1936-August 1961
No further details   Lists of men on active service during the Second World War  Par/174/7/13  c.1939-c.1945
No further details   Papers read on Singleton church at S.A.S. visit 4 July 1901, typescript by J.H. Bishop  Par/174/7/14  October 1973
No further details   Note for sidesmen, and monthly rota  Par/174/7/16  c.1970?
No further details   Parish magazine  Par/174/7/18  January 1896-December 1905
No further details   Newspaper cuttings about Singleton Womens' Institute  Par/174/7/19  1965
No further details   Typescript of radio broadcast given by Dame Sybil Thorndike on behalf of the churches of Singleton and East Dean  Par/174/7/20  20 century
No further details   'No Misery to the Seen: a brief history of the parish of Singleton and its people', by Elizabeth Doff  Par/174/7/23  August 1998

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