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Reference Hussey
Covering dates 1864-1990
Held by West Sussex Record Office
Extent 5 Sub-fonds
Conditions of access The documents listed in this catalogue may be consulted in the West Sussex Record Office during normal office hours, but permission to see them should first be obtained by writing to the Dean of Chichester at The Deanery, Chichester, West Sussex PO19 1PX. Any document quoted in research or published work should bear the reference West Sussex Record Office (W.S.R.O. subsequently) Hussey MS. followed by the appropriate number (e.g. West Sussex Record Office, Hussey MS. 247). Acknowledgements may be made as follows 'By courtesy of the Very Revd. the Dean of Chichester and with acknowledgements to the West Sussex Record Office and the County Archivist'
Source of acquisition In 1977 Walter Hussey deposited at the West Sussex Record Office manuscripts of music commissioned by, and dedicated to, him, together with the original manuscripts and typescripts for Chichester 900. On his death in 1985 the remainder of his papers were left, under his will, to the dean and chapter who deposited them at the West Sussex Record Office in 1987 to be stored and catalogued. Additional items, held at Pallant House Gallery, which researchers at the record office might find of interest, have been photocopied and incorporated into the collection. We wish to record our thanks to the curator, David Coke, for making this possible
Creators Hussey, John Walter Atherton, 1909-1985

Administrative history:
John Walter Atherton Hussey, churchman and art lover, was well known in his lifetime for his championing of contemporary art and, in particular, for bringing together the Church and modern artists. He will long be remembered for the works he commissioned for St Matthew's, Northampton and for Chichester Cathedral. Much of his own private collection may now be seen at Pallant House Gallery in Chichester
Walter Hussey, as he was known, was born on 15 May 1909, the younger son of Canon John Rowden Hussey and his wife Lilian. John Hussey was then vicar of St Matthew's, Northampton, a living which he had held since the church was built in 1893. As a small boy Walter attended The Knoll, a preparatory school at Woburn Sands, from where he won a foundation scholarship to Marlborough College in 1922. In 1927 he went up to Keble College, Oxford to read PPE (Philosophy, Politics and Economics), obtaining his BA in 1930. Before entering Cuddesdon Theological College in July 1931 he spent some time as a schoolmaster at Charleston, a preparatory school in Seaford, Sussex
In 1932 Hussey was ordained by the bishop of London to the title of St Mary Abbot's, Kensington, where he remained as curate until 1937. During that time he was in charge of the daughter church of St Paul's, Kensington, from 1935-6, returning to St Mary Abbot's for a few months as senior curate. In 1937 he succeeded his father as vicar of St Matthew's. In his book, Patron of Art, Hussey wrote 'Perhaps my succeeding him may suggest nepotism, but I don't think it was. I was not anxious to go there; it seemed that there was little one could do but let the parish various authorities advised me that it was right that I should go.'
During his school and university years Hussey had shown an interest in the arts, music, drama, painting and sculpture. His years in London gave him the opportunity of seeing and hearing much that the city had to offer in its concert halls, theatres and art galleries, and he began to take an increasing interest in contemporary art. It became a cause of regret to him to realise how little of this work was being encouraged by the Church. As he later wrote, 'the arts had become largely divorced from the Church'
By the time Hussey became vicar of St Matthew's he was already making plans to bring about a rapprochement between the Church and the arts. An early opportunity presented itself as he starting planning the forthcoming golden jubilee celebrations due to take place at St Matthew's in 1943. He had already had the experience of making arrangements for such a jubilee at St Paul's, Kensington, but now he wanted to incorporate a modern musical work into the festival service. In spite of the difficulties and restrictions of the war years the jubilee celebrations were a triumph as they centred around the specially commissioned anthem Rejoice in the Lamb by Benjamin Britten. Encouraged by this success Hussey went on to commission many more works for his Northampton church, the most famous of which were Henry Moore's sculpture, Madonna and Child, and Graham Sutherland's painting, The Crucifixion
When Hussey went to Chichester as dean in 1955 he had known Bishop Bell for many years and knew that they shared the same attitude to art and the Church. Consequently the work he had begun in St Matthew's continued almost uninterrupted in the cathedral with works by Graham Sutherland, John Piper, Leonard Bernstein and Marc Chagall among the many which he commissioned over the years
By the time Hussey retired from Chichester in 1977 to live in London he had acquired an important and varied collection of his own. He offered to leave the greater part of it to the city which he had done so much to promote as a centre of the arts. Like many others he was concerned about the neglect into which Pallant House, a fine example of eighteenth-century domestic architecture, had fallen and, as Dr KME Murray wrote 'his generous offer...was made deliberately as a means of securing the restoration of the house and its opening to the public'. In 1982 Hussey was present at the official opening of the house and saw his paintings and other works of art displayed in the same informal domestic setting as they had been at the deanery where he had taken so much pleasure in showing them to friends and strangers alike
Walter Hussey died in London on 25 July 1985. His funeral service was conducted at St Paul's, Knightsbridge, and a memorial service was held in Chichester Cathedral in October of that year

In compiling this list the collection has been divided into six sections. The documents in the Personal section relate to his family and himself generally, juvenilia, education, diaries, personal papers and photographs
In the Professional section will be found papers and correspondence relating to his career and, in particular, to parochial matters at each benefice. The war years spent at St Matthew's are reflected in the wartime letters he sent to the members of his congregation who were serving in the armed forces. Their replies will be found in the general correspondence at the end of the list as Hussey himself did not keep these letter as a separate entity. The Cathedral years were spent working on many aspects of the renovation and repair of the building as well as the organising of special events such as the Royal visit, the Southern Choirs Festival and a Deans' and Provosts' Conference with special emphasis on art and the Church
Also in the Professional section is a list of the files, on a variety of subjects, compiled by Hussey as a personal source of reference. Kept in alphabetical order these files contain extracts from books and articles, together with leaflets, pamphlets and newspaper cuttings
The Speech section lists his broadcasts and contains scripts, correspondence and other material. Several boxes of sermons were found. The sermons were no longer in any specific order although some were divided up according to the church calender. On the back of each sermon Hussey carefully noted the places, dates and times on which the sermon had been preached. The sermons have now been arranged chronologically according to the first date on which they were delivered. Among the documents has been placed a list of sermons arranged in chronological order of delivery throughout his life (document number 220) and a list of sermons, addresses, speeches and talks arranged in alphabetical order (document number 221). There is also a list of addresses, speeches and talks arranged in chronological order (document number 274)
The fourth section, Writings, contains all the material found in connection with his printed works. Hussey wrote a few articles, edited one book, Chichester 900, and wrote another about his connection with the arts, appropriately entitled Patron of Art
Walter Hussey and the Arts contains all the papers and correspondence which he kept about the many works which he commissioned at St Matthew's and at Chichester Cathedral. He kept all correspondence with each artist in its own set of files. In compiling this list his example has been followed while at the same time adding any other documents or photographs found elsewhere in the collection. This section also deals with his own art collection and his correspondence in connection with Pallant House Gallery
Finally the Correspondence section of this list contains all letters which are of a general nature and do not fit into any other group of documents
Neil Colyer: The Walter Hussey Collection, Pallant House Gallery [1982]
Walter Hussey: Patron of Art, Weidenfeld and Nicolson 1985
In his entry in Who's Who, Walter Hussey gave his sole recreation as "enjoying the arts". This enjoyment, not just of the arts, but of all aspects of his life, shines through the archive of his papers and through the enduring legacy of his life and work, in Chichester Cathedral and at Pallant House, the Chichester gallery that opened in 1982 to inherit and show his personal collection
In the Cathedral, we have the fruits of Hussey's public life and career. At Pallant House we can see his own personal taste and the remarkable foresight and sensitivity he brought to collecting art. The archive at the West Sussex Record Office completes the picture with his own personal papers, which give endlessly fascinating insights into this very private man
In his lifetime and in his autobiography, Hussey's remarkable and outstanding contribution to modern art in Britain was very much played down. Now, thanks to the archive and to this catalogue, we can start to appreciate more fully what this contribution was and to give Dean Hussey the credit that is due to him for the part he played in the revival of Church patronage of contemporary artists
David Coke
March 1997
Membership of clubs and societies
Appointment diaries
Address books, lists, quotations and sketches
Personal miscellaneous papers
Newspaper cuttings
Ordination papers and papers of appointment
Correspondence regarding ecclesiastical appointments
Appointments offered to Walter Hussey, but not accepted
Appointments to institutions and other bodies
Honours and presentations
Papers relating to parochial matters
WH's wartime letters to the Forces
Sermons by laymen
S Matthew's Day
S Matthew's Jubilee Festival 1943
S Matthew's Diamond Jubilee 1953
Printed matter
Books and guides
Ceremony and Procedure
Fabric and Fittings
Services and Correspondence
Commemoration of Benefactors
General Chapter
Deans' Conferences
Deans' and Provosts' Conferences
Deans' and Provosts' Conference, Chichester
10-13 May 1968
Arundel Screen/Bell Memorial
Bell Rooms
Choir, Organist, Organ and Song School
Royal Air Force
Royal Visit
S Mary Magdalen Chapel
Schoolboys' Conference
Sherburne Monument
Sherburne Screen
Southern Choirs Festival
Surveyor - Robert Potter
Chichester Cathedral Survey 1962
Chichester Cathedral Restoration Fund
The Sussex Campaign
Theological College
Wall paintings in the Lady Chapel
Westgate Fields
West Porch
Printed matter
BROADCASTS (radio and television)
Malcolm Arnold
Wystan Hugh Auden
Edward Barnsley
BBC Symphony Orchestra
Lennox Berkeley
Sir John Betjeman
The Boyd Neel Orchestra
Benjamin Britten
James Butt
Sir (John) Ninian Comper
Harold Craxton
Cecil Day Lewis
Walter de la Mare
Ralph William Downes
Ronald Duncan
M Duruflé
Edward Elgar
Thomas Stearns Eliot
Hans Feibusch
Gerald Finzi
Kirsten Flagstad
Christopher Fry
George Kruger Gray
Christopher Headington
Colin Horsley
James Iliff
Frank Martin
Henry Moore
Norman Nicholson
Gordon Pemble
John Piper [see under Chichester Cathedral Commissions]
Edmund Rubbra
Alexander Smith
Igor Stravinsky
Graham Sutherland
Denis Tegetmeier
Michael Tippett
William Walton
Ralph Vaughan Williams
Harold S Williamson
Hugh Ross Williamson
William Albright
Lennox Berkeley
Leonard Bernstein
Benjamin Britten [see under S Matthew's Commissions]
Marc Chagall
Geoffrey Clarke
Cecil Collins
Henry Moore [see under S Matthew's Commissions]
John Piper
Ceri Giraldus Richards
Reynolds Stone
Graham Sutherland
[See under S Matthew's Commissions]
William Walton
Correspondence and other material
Pallant House
Musical scores
Presentation books and typescripts
Printed material
Correspondence - unidentified surnames
Christmas cards

HUSSEY FAMILY HISTORY  [no ref. or date]

Papers  Hussey/1  1888-1963

Typescript notes on Hussey ancestors nd
Luke A Hussey about the arraignment of Lord John Hussey in the 18th century 1963
Printed cards announcing the deaths of
John Compton Hussey 1901
Susannah Hussey [his wife] 1888
A History of Scotney Castle by Christopher Hussey CBE FSA [not WH's brother] 1963
Newspaper cutting nd

CHRISTOPHER ROWDEN HUSSEY [Walter Hussey's brother]  [no ref. or date]

Papers  Hussey/2  1931-1968

Card commemorating his ordination to the priesthood 1931
Will [photocopy] 1964
3 associated letters: 1968
Batty & Stevens to Westminster Bank Ltd
FC Coplestone
F Warr

JOHN ROWDEN HUSSEY [Walter Hussey's father]  [no ref. or date]

Certificates  Hussey/3  1864, 1902

Copy of birth certificate 1864
Marriage licence and certificate 1902

10 certificates and other papers of ecclesiastical appointments  Hussey/4  1887-1946

5 certificates in connection with the consecration of S Matthew's Northampton  Hussey/5  1893

17 letters to JR Hussey  Hussey/6  1895-1947

CM Blagden, bishop of Peterborough, 1937
M Creighton, bishop of Peterborough, 1895
EL Devereux 1932
EC Glyn, bishop of Peterborough [1913]
EL Hicks (2), bishop of Lincoln 1913, 1916
WT M ---- 1947
H Moore 1944
Northampton, archdeaconry of, MH Holding 1905
Peterborough, dean and chapter, CJ Grimes, treasurer 1947
Arthur H Stanton[?] (3) 1912
FT Wood, bishop of Peterborough 1917
L Wood (3) 1932

Copy of letter from EL Hicks, bishop of Lincoln, to AS Phipps  Hussey/7  1913

Sermons, including some in a green notebook  Hussey/8  nd

Receipt and 4 cheques  Hussey/9  1914, 1947

Journal of vacation in Palestine, Jan to Feb  Hussey/10  nd

Will  Hussey/11  1946

Book, text  Hussey/12  1902, 1922

White and gilt covered book - illuminated text - presented to JR Hussey on his marriage 1902
Illuminated text from S Matthew's branch of the Church of England Men's Society 1922

Illuminated cards of religious texts, poems and quotations made c1897 by FM Hamilton for Rev JR Hussey, Vicar of S Matthew's Northampton  Hussey/13  nd

2 Bundles

Printed score of Charles King's The Office for The Holy Communion set to music in the key of C. (Sidney Riorden) 20pp, with autographed dedication to JR Hussey  Hussey/14  1905

2 Copies

4 letters to WH on his father's retirement and on his death  Hussey/15  1949-1950

GKA Bell, bishop of Chichester [1949]
Hensman, Jackson & Chamberlain 1950
NM Lang, bishop of Peterborough, with tribute to JR Hussey 1949
----, Bert 1937

Posthumous material  Hussey/16  1949-1950

Auction particulars of house, executors' accounts, newspaper obituaries, orders of service

LILIAN MARY HUSSEY (née Atherton) [Walter Hussey's mother]  [no ref. or date]

Personal items  Hussey/17  1895-1901

Autograph book [18]95
Sketch book, with a postcard from 'Auntie Ra' to WH [?1916] 1896
Probate of will and codicils of GJ Pickering 1901
Instructions to domestic help nd

4 letters to LM Hussey  Hussey/18  1931-1938

E Campbell 1931
GK Gray 1935
Lady Susi Jeans 1938
W Kerr 1927

Correspondence between WHG Holmes and WH about LM Hussey's death  Hussey/19  1945-1946

Related information: [See also carbon copy of WH's letter to Holmes on reverse of draft letter to Sir Walter Monckton in Hussey/114]

Letter from WHG Holmes 1946

Posthumous material  Hussey/20  1946, nd

Statement of first funds, printed order of service, printed letter of thanks for sympathy from JR Hussey, newspaper obituaries and announcement of death


PERSONAL  [no ref. or date]

EDUCATION  [no ref. or date]

The Knoll  Hussey/21  1921-1929

Printed information about The Knoll, a preparatory school at Woburn Sands, including printed list of distinctions showing WH's foundation scholarship to Marlborough College 1921, nd
Letter: JA Zair 1929

Notebooks and papers containing riddles and verses  Hussey/22  nd

Marlborough College  Hussey/23  1922-1946

Printed information about Marlborough College, WH's reports, notice of WH's confirmation, sketches and watercolours, menu and toast card for house supper, and a loose-leaf folder
Telegram: WH to his parents 1922

Keble College  Hussey/24  1929-1933

Miscellaneous papers from WH's time at Keble College Oxford 1929-33
Letters: EM Hugh-Jones (2) 1929
RB McCallum nd

Cuddesdon College  Hussey/25  1930-1932

Printed information about Cuddesdon College 1931-32
Letters: E Graham (2) 1930, 32


Papers  Hussey/26  1938-1979

The Association of Anglican Musicians: papers for 14th annual meeting, New York 1979
The Automobile Association: membership card 1941
Congrès International des Sociétés de Bibliophiles: WH's card to the 11th congress 1961
Council for the Encouragement of Religious Art (CERA): draft constitution 1959
The Creative Artist and the Church: invitation and programme for a consultation 1983
The Public Schools Club: printed matter nd
Royal Horticultural Society: documents 1938, 40
Royal Societies Club: printed matter nd
Sussex Club: printed matter 1967-76

Chichester Festival Theatre: letters  Hussey/27  1960-1963

Lord Brentford to G Glover [copy] 1960
G Glover to Lord Brentford [copy] 1960
L Lister (2) [1962], 63

HEALTH  [no ref. or date]

Papers  Hussey/28  1935-1979

Papers about his illness in New York 1979
Letter: M Sukumaran 1979
Prescriptions and printed matter 1954, 71
Letter: W Brown 1935

FINANCE  [no ref. or date]

Papers  Hussey/29  1927-1977

Invoices, receipts, tax computation and schedules, cheque book stubs, bank account book and notebook of household
Expenses, 1927-77
Sir Colin Anderson, 1964
Foreign Compensation Commission (2), 1977
National Provincial Bank Ltd, 1964
Royal Insurance Group (2), 1966, 69
5 Trevor Street
Completion statement 1972
Receipts for equipping and furnishing 5 Trevor Street 1972-3
Letters about the letting of the house
Chesterton & Sons (3), with receipts and other material 1972-4
M Dicken (3), enclosing account and receipts [1972]
J Hoey [tenant] (9), with draft of letter from WH, and photocopies of many bills, receipts and letters concerning repairs 1973-4
North Thames Gas 1973

Notebook listing investments  Hussey/30  nd

DIARIES  [no ref. or date]

School Boy's Pocket Diary: entries 17 Jan - 12 Mar  Hussey/31  1922

Blue hardback notebook with red spine marked 'strictly private'  Hussey/32  1927-1932

Begins 22 Dec 1927 to 4 Dec [1929], continues 10 Dec 1932 with a note on leaving Cuddesdon. Contains photograph of Peter (James Steward Moncrieff) Paul

Blue hardback notebook with red spine marked 'private', begins 21 Nov 1931 and ends Sun 22 Nov [1931]  Hussey/33  1931

Diary typed during WH's last year at Keble College Oxford, 15ff  Hussey/34  1933

APPOINTMENT DIARIES  [no ref. or date]

Diary  Hussey/35  1955

Diary  Hussey/36  1956

Diary  Hussey/37  1976

Diary  Hussey/38  1977

Diary  Hussey/39  1985

NOTEBOOKS  [no ref. or date]

Large black looseleaf notebook, hard cover  Hussey/40  nd

Contains notes on various themes, mainly quotations; notes on theological books read; notes on the duties of a deacon. Many blank pages

Black notebook with red spine, contains notes and hymn numbers for services from Advent 2 to Epiphany 4 [early 1930s]  Hussey/41  nd

Black cover notebook, contains notes for services  Hussey/42  nd

Black looseleaf notebook, contains notes for sermons or special services. List of names at the back  Hussey/43  nd

Hardback notebook, almost empty  Hussey/44  nd

Notes on Christmas (Tree and) Crib, Carol Service, Epiphany Procession, Royal visit, Bishop Bell's funeral, Garden, Cathedral, Mrs Barran, Surveyor

Blue cover notebook with red spine  Hussey/45  1935-1955

Contains 6pp on scouting. Notes made at Retreats at Cuddesdon in Oct 1935, Oct 1938, Sep 1948, Oct 1955

Black looseleaf notebook - only 2ff used  Hussey/46  1954,1955

Lists sermon titles at Gt Coxwell 1954, 1955 and Coleshill 1954, 1955 [found with other notebooks, but does not belong to WH]


Small black notebook  Hussey/47  nd

With lists of names on pp 1-30, 4 names on page headed RIP. Last page lists subjects for prayer (inc. the district of S Paul's)

Orange cover notebook containing names and addresses [probably Northampton]  Hussey/48  nd

Small address book  Hussey/49  nd

7 items giving names and addresses  Hussey/50  1926, nd

12ff quotations and pictures  Hussey/51  nd

15 sketches  Hussey/52  nd

AUTOGRAPHS  [no ref. or date]

Autographs  Hussey/53  nd

2 undated autograph books containing some signatures of eminent men
9 unidentified letters and autographs
Draft of a 1925 letter sent by WH asking for autographs
Typewritten list of names of eminent men and women
Approximately 100 autographs, either on small pieces of paper, on photographs or as signatures on letters, collected by WH when a schoolboy, between the years 1925 and 1928, together with letters given to him by his father dating back to 1897
Autographs from
Field Marshall Sir Edmund Allenby
Raold Amundsen
John Ansell
T Vijay Araghavacharist
Archbishop of Arctic
Herbert Henry Asquith, 1st earl of Oxford and Asquith
Stanley Baldwin, 1st earl Baldwin
Arthur James Balfour, 1st earl of Balfour
Cyril Charles Bowman Bardsley, bishop of Peterborough [see JR Hussey's letter]
Peter Randolph Louis Beatty, 1st earl Beatty
Joseph Hilaire Pierre René Belloc (2), including one to Mr Hollis
Claude Martin Blagden, bishop of Peterborough
George Body to JR Hussey
Amesly Brown
Buckingham Palace letterhead
Richard E Byrd, enclosing autograph of Floyd Bennett
Reginald John Campbell to JR Hussey
Florence Mary Cecil, Lady Cecil to JR Hussey
Revd. Lord Rupert Ernest William Cecil to JR Hussey
Gilbert Keith Chesterton
Mandell Creighton, bishop of London, to JR Hussey
Alexandra Danilova, autographed photograph
Charles Frederick D'Arcy, bishop of Armagh, to JR Hussey
Randall Thomas Davidson, archbishop of Canterbury
Sir Francis Bernard (Frank) Dicksee
Anton Dolin, autographed photograph
Alfred George Edwards, lord archbishop of Wales and lord bishop of St Asaph
Arthur Creyke England
Sir William Russell Flint
Sir Johnston Forbes-Robertson
Sir George James Frampton
Joan Fry
George Edward Alexander Edmund, duke of Kent
William Ewart Gladstone
Charles Gore, bishop of Birmingham (4) of which 3 to JR Hussey
Sir Edward Grey, Viscount Grey of Faloden
Mark Hambourg
Sir Anthony Hope Hawkins
James Thomas Hayes, bishop of Trinidad, to JR Hussey
Gustav Theodore Holst
John Rowden Hussey's 1925 letter enclosing 2 autographs of Anna Pavlova (one on a photograph), and autographs of the bishops of Leicester, Lincoln and Peterborough, and of Dr Albert C Tysoe
Sir Julian Sorell Huxley to Sir Geoffrey Keynes
William Ralph Inge, dean of St Paul's, to JR Hussey
Augustus Edwin John
Sheila Kaye-Smith to Revd RA Edwards
John Augustine Kempthorne, bishop of Lichfield, to JR Hussey
Cosmo Gordon Lang, archbishop of York, to JR Hussey
Serge Lifery, 2 autographed photographs
Sir Oliver Joseph Lodge
Edward Verrall Lucas
Dr Luther, Berlin
James Ramsay Macdonald
William Dalrymple Maclagan, archbishop of York
William Thomas Manning, bishop of New York, to JR Hussey
John Edward Masefield
Paul Sanford Methuen, 3rd Baron Methuen
Alan Alexander Milne
Christopher Robin Milne
George Morrow
Owen Ramsay Nares
Don Parker
Sir (Horatio) Gilbert (George) Parker
Henry George Percy, 7th duke of Northumberland, to JR Hussey
Charles Edward Plumb, bishop of St Andrews, to JR Hussey
Sir Charles Edward Pollock to JR Hussey
Edmund Nathanael Powell, bishop of Mashonaland, to JR Hussey
Walter John Forbes Robberds, bishop of Brechin (2) to JR Hussey
George Robey, 3 autographed pictures
Sir Landon Ronald
Ernest Rutherford, Baron Rutherford of Nelson
Albert Sammons, autograph on printed programme of a recital given with Mark Hambourg
Thomas Evelyn Scott-Ellis, 8th Baron Howard de Walden Andres Segovia
Maggie Smith, autographed photograph
Richard Strauss, postcard showing signed photograph
William Temple, bishop of Manchester, to JR Hussey
Francis Henry Thicknesse, bishop of Leicester, to JR Hussey
Arturo Toscanini, autographed photograph
'Uncle Percy'
Henry Wace, dean of Canterbury
John Wakeford to JR Hussey
EA Wallis Bridge to Miss Hollis
George Henry Somerset Walpole, bishop of Edinburgh
Stanley J Weyman
Frank Theodore Woods, bishop of Winchester
IL Woolmel to JR Hussey
John Wordsworth, bishop of Salisbury
Also letters from the secretaries of
Stanley Baldwin (EM Watson)
David Lloyd George (AJ Sylvester)
George Bernard Shaw (B Patch)
But without autographs

PHOTOGRAPHS  [no ref. or date]

34 family photographs  Hussey/54  nd

Black photograph album containing many pictures of WH and brother as babies in family groups, including many of older generations  Hussey/55  nd

Photograph album with black pages, almost empty, contains some photographs of soldiers during First World War. Some captions  Hussey/56  nd

Photograph album with wine coloured cover, with 'Post Cards' in gold letters on the front  Hussey/57  nd

Mostly photographs of WH and brother as babies, boys and students. Some pictures of their parents and other relatives or friends. Some duplicates

Green photograph album with 'Photo Sketches' in gold lettering on front  Hussey/58  nd

Holiday snapshots of places visited. Writing of captions suggests a juvenile hand

Grey photograph album, mainly holiday snaps with family and friends  Hussey/59  1924-1927

Beige photograph album contains snaps of family, friends, family cars, S Matthew's vicarage, church and patronal festivals, with many photographs of visiting clergy  Hussey/60  1924-1932

Pair of green photograph albums  Hussey/61  nd

1 Contains pictures taken during a holiday in Switzerland, also newspaper cutting announcing Three Choirs Festival, Worcester, 1926
2 Contains photographs of people and places, no captions

Grey/beige photograph album mainly photographs of people  Hussey/62  nd

Some in Oxford, some probably at Chesterton [prep school where WH taught]. Few captions, mainly initials

Maroon photograph album mostly views taken while on holiday as a boy  Hussey/63  c1931

Lincoln, York, Goathland (Yorks), Fountains, The Lakes, Dorchester. All have captions

Maroon photograph album, mostly photographs of friends, many with captions  Hussey/64  1936-1939

Pocket in back cover contains 13 loose photographs and envelope containing a further 7

53 photographs of WH alone  Hussey/65  1915-1970

40 photographs of WH with others  Hussey/66  c1919-1970

78 photographs of named individuals, either autographed or annotated  Hussey/67  1933-1984

Nicholas Attwater
Reginald Baxter (2) 1940, 42
James Bernard 'Jimmy'
John Bertin
Kenneth J Brimley 1943
David Campbell (2) 1952
L [or R] Collingwood 1934
Leslie Cox
Reg Culverhouse 1943
Fred Davey (2) 1933, nd
Rob Davis
Ralph Emery 1944
Arthur Garrett
Jim Harrel 1946
Heinz-Gerd Hegering 1960
Jon Hunter
Ken Jackson
RK Jeyes
Baroness Diana von Langendorff 1959
Osmond Mairs
Bill Mills
Eric Mortimer
Arnulf and Rowita Nüsslein 1957
Guy Aimé Patard (3) 1970, nd
Nigel R[ecordon] (2)
Mac Ross (2) 1937, 39
Pat Ross 1937
S Hooper Russell
Douglas Smith 1940
Neville Spawton
Michael Stallard 1980
Mr and Mrs Stallard's farewell dance 1940
Peter Stapleton 1943
Ron Stone 1943
Len Thaken 1941
Peter Thurrock 1955
Kay and Alan Tomkins 1952
Alan Twist 1943
David and John[?] Walton
Mary and David Walton
Christopher K Warren 1956
Richard Waterfield
Bob Welch
Peter Whitehead
R Wickens 194?
Stephen Wright (2) 1969, 70
Alec Wyton (2) 1955, nd
Peter Yarrenton 1943
Bill [?Reason] 1944
Chris 1935
Hans [from Amsterdam] (4), alone and with others 1950, 64
Jim and Sue (2) 1945, 46
Junior 1984
Ken and Junior 1982
Len 1938
Les 1946
Peter (2) 1982
Ron (2)

Group photographs with names written on reverse  Hussey/68  1950s

1 Stanton's c1950
2 Michael Beerley, Brian Knight, David Jones, Sobieski
3 Boys acting on a stage: Ray Dolby, Terry Roberts, Bob Foley, Thos. Adams, Keith Locke, Martin Sharpe, Philip Cottorrell, Bill Reason, Peter Allen
4 WH and 2 clergymen at party of businessmen from Northampton in Bishop's garden at Peterborough 1951
5 WH at Huxley's, Bosham 1956

Group photographs  Hussey/69  20th century

22 group photographs without captions nd
3 boys outside a tent nd
3 young people at a party nd
2 photographs of 5 men taken on the steps of a large building 1949
5 boys on a boat on a river nd
Clergyman with Akela and cub pack nd
10 women sitting on steps outside Deanery french windows nd
Clergyman with 2 other men nd
Group of schoolboys [at the turn of the century], endorsed 'Mr Cole' nd
WH inspecting boy scouts [1950s]
20 group photographs, scouts, guides, parties, etc nd
Group photograph of Northampton group Engineering Cadets, individually named on reverse by WH nd
Photograph inscribed on reverse 'Parade Service - Northants Army Cadet Force - Overton Park' 1943[?]
S Matthews and Wellington Cubs 1951
Northampton Brownies 1951
Street party nd
Wedding group taken by CM Cooke & Son, Ickenham, Middx nd
3 wartime photographs including scout camp and street party

Holiday photographs  Hussey/70  nd

2 wallets of holiday snaps [views], including one picture of a friend and one of WH's parents
12 wallets containing photographs of
Holiday in Scotland
Germany, Oundle, Aldeburgh, Spence's [with pictures of G and K Sutherland and B Britten], Bruges
Austria, Jim Knight etc
Garda, Henry Moore, Benjamin Britten, Eble, Ron etc
South of France
Wallet containing photographs annotated Oberammergau, GS and Kathy [Sutherland], Innsbruck, Austria nd

183 unidentified photographs of people  Hussey/71  nd

48 photographs of objects and places  Hussey/72  nd

22 photographs of works of art  Hussey/73  nd

Negatives  Hussey/74  nd

14 wallets of negatives, some have names and places written on the front
Negative of Benjamin Britten and Peter Pears
2 lists showing time and exposure details for 2 rolls of films. Probably refer to photographs in another box, name of person in each frame given

SILHOUETTES  [no ref. or date]

Silhouettes  Hussey/75  nd

2 silhouettes of JR Hussey by Hoakley nd
4 silhouettes (2 left and 2 right) of unidentified man nd


Miscellaneous papers  Hussey/76  1930-1981

Copy of Ada Cotton's will [WH's housekeeper] 1966
Dog pedigree 1937
Letter: HS Lloyd 1937
Gardening: printed matter, newspaper cuttings and WH's MS notes nd
Booklet: Gardening in sinks and pig troughs by C Elliott 1937
7 letters
Hillier & Sons (6) 1944
JL Evans, with letter from NA James 1977
Printed matter: guarantee cards and instructions nd
Engagement cards for dances 1930, 31
Travel arrangements and itineraries, German banknote and vocabulary nd
Letter: G Every 1945
Tourist information, brochures, maps etc. for various European countries nd
Address given by Joseph Cooper at Service of Thanksgiving for Ivor Newton 1981
Oscar Stanway: 'To one marriage return - 9d', article on p29 of unidentified magazine 1961
The Religious Drama Society of Great Britain: proposals for decentralisation of the society's work [1961]
Agent's particulars of a London house nd

NEWSPAPER CUTTINGS  [no ref. or date]

Cuttings  Hussey/77  1943-1968

17 cuttings from national and local papers, mostly articles on art [Kenneth Clark], about artists, or reports about WH
Article on homemaking from HOME 1943
Article on Krustchov from Sunday Times Colour Supplement 1963
Article marking WH's 54th birthday, Daily Express [1963]
Article on plague of silverfish nd
Fragment with recipe attached nd
Photograph of Bishop Wilson, Dean Hussey and 2 other clergymen nd
Article on modern art from Sunday Times Magazine 1967
Picture of Royal Family inspecting stained-glass window at All Saints' Church, St Paul's Walden, annotated nd
'Challenge in the Church' by Terence Mullaly from The Daily Telegraph 1968
2 cuttings on the pleasure of painting 1968
6 cuttings on the controversy over the bus shelter outside the Bell Tower, Chichester 1958
Photocopies of The Times correspondence on murals in Goring Church, and the Church and modern art 1954

PERSONALIA  [no ref. or date]

1 wallet, 6 purificators, 2 lenses from spectacle frame, 3 plastic pouches for contact lenses  Hussey/78  nd

PROFESSIONAL  [no ref. or date]

CAREER  [no ref. or date]


Papers  Hussey/79  1932-1933

Lay Reader's Licence, (Interim Licence available till the end of July 1932) signed by Claude Martin Blagden, bishop of Peterborough, 28 May 1932 for the parish of Great Creaton
Certificate of the General Ordination Examination for exams passed in March and October 1932
Letters of orders: Deacon's 18 Dec 1932
Priests's 17 Dec 1933
Declaration of Assent 18 Dec 1932
Licence to Curacy 18 Dec 1932
- All signed by the bishop of London
Pastoral letter from the bishop of London to the clergy of the diocese 1 October 1933 candidates for Holy Orders in the Diocese of London
Instructions concerning The Pilkington Prize for good reading

Papers  Hussey/80  1937-1954

Certificate of Subscription, 1 October 1937
Order pursuant to 1 and 2 Victoria, 1 October 1937
Memorandum of Reading In, 3 and 10 October 1937
Mandate for Induction, 1 October 1937
Deed of Institution, 1 October 1937
Deed of Collation. Non-residentiary canon no 23, 10 May 1949
Appointment as rural dean, 9 July 1951
Letter: G Ellicott, general diocesan secretary, Peterborough 1954

Order signed by Bishop George Bell for WH to appear before the archbishop of Canterbury on 4 July  Hussey/81  1955


Letters of appointment, letters received commenting and congratulating upon his various appointments, and other associated papers in connection with

ST MARY ABBOT'S  Hussey/82  1932-1934

14 letters from
HG Amers 1932
E Brook-Jackson, vicar of St Mary Abbot's (6) 1932-4
E Brook-Jackson to JR Hussey [1932]
JW Cornwall 1932
AF Winnington-Ingram, bishop of London nd
E Graham 1932
NM Lang, bishop of Peterborough 1932
TL Manson 1932
GHG Scott 1934
5 printed cards announcing WH's forthcoming ordination as deacon on 18 December [1932]

ST PAUL'S KENSINGTON  Hussey/83  1934-1935

3 letters from E Graham

S MATTHEW'S NORTHAMPTON  Hussey/84  1936-1936

6 letters from
CM Blagden, bishop of Peterborough 1937
P Phipps (2) 1937
BF Simpson, bishop of Kensington (2) 1936-7
AF Winnington-Ingram, bishop of London 1937
4 newspaper cuttings about WH's appointment to S Matthew's 1937-8


Letter from MH Harland, bishop of Lincoln, inviting WH to become master of St John's Hospital, Northampton


6 letters from
CM Blagden, bishop of Peterborough (2) 1949
NC Christopherson, dean of Peterborough 1949
CJ Grimes 1949
NM Lang 1949
EN Millard 1949
Order of service for installations of canons non-residentiary in Peterborough Cathedral, 10 May 1949 [2 copies]
Newspaper article announcing WH's appointment as canon 1949

RURAL DEAN  Hussey/87  1949

2 letters from SSG Leeson, bishop of Peterborough

CONVOCATION  Hussey/88  1954

2 Copies

Printed notice of WH seeking election as Proctor in Convocation
6 November 1954

DEAN OF CHICHESTER  Hussey/89  1955

6 letters from
GKA Bell, bishop of Chichester (2) 1955
Sir Anthony Bevir [for the prime minister, Winston Churchill] 1955
AR Browne-Wilkinson 1955
Sir Winston Churchill, with 2 drafts of WH's reply 1955
SSG Leeson, bishop of Peterborough 1955
13 newspaper cuttings about WH's appointment as dean 1955

DEAN EMERITUS  Hussey/90  1977

Letter from EW Kemp, bishop of Chichester



4 letters from
HLCV de Candole 1934
TL Manson 1935
AF Winnington-Ingram, bishop of London (2) 1934-5


4 letters from CC Thicknesse, with draft of a letter from WH 1936
1 letter from CC Thicknesse to JR Hussey 1936


6 letters from
E Graham 1936
FCN Hicks, bishop of Lincoln (4) 1936
BF Simpson, bishop of Kensington 1936

VICAR OF OAKHAM  Hussey/94  1947

2 letters from
CM Blagden, bishop of Peterborough, with draft of WH's reply 1947
JR Hanbury 1947

RECTOR OF HACKNEY  Hussey/95  1948

1 letter from HC Montgomery-Campbell, Bishop of Kensington [1948]


2 letters from GKA Bell, bishop of Chichester 1948


1 letter from OH Gibbs-Smith, archdeacon of London 1949


1 letter from OH Gibbs-Smith, archdeacon of London 1954


2 letters from
WH Gibbs-Smith, archdeacon of London 1955
SSG Leeson, bishop of Peterborough 1955



Letter: NM Lang, bishop of Peterborough


Booklet showing WH's appointment as governor 1948
Letter: Northampton and District Hospital Management Committee, SG Hill 1950


Letter: from secretary R Dunwell, about election of WH as vice-chairman

CHURCH MUSIC SOCIETY  Hussey/103  1955

Letter from hon. sec. HM Cook, with associated printed matter

BRIGHTON COLLEGE  Hussey/104  1955-1960

Letters: Sir Alun Pugh, chairman of governing body (5) 1955, 1959-60

ROYAL ACADEMY OF ARTS  Hussey/105  1967-1969

Letters: Sir Thomas Monnington (3) 1968-9
Programme and seating plan for annual dinner 1967

REDUNDANT CHURCHES FUND  Hussey/106  1969-1977

From chairman Sir Ivor Bulmer-Thomas (2) 1969, 73
ERG Heath, prime minister, signed by J Hewitt 1972
GCHV Paget, 7th marquess of Anglesey (7) 1976-7
Sir David Stephens, chairman of the fund 1977
(J)H Wilson, prime minister 1969



Letters: Royal Institute of British Architects (2) 1976
Certificate of Election as Honorary Fellow 1976
Guest list 1976

UNIVERSITY OF SUSSEX  [no ref.]  1976-1977

Letters: University of Sussex (9) with draft of WH's letter 1976-7
Certificate conferring degree of Doctor of Letters on WH 1977
Copy of WH's speech 1977
Newspaper cuttings, associated printed matter and photograph 1977

RETIREMENT  [no ref. or date]

31 letters about WH's retirement and farewell dinner  Hussey/108  1976-1977

Received from
RT Bailey
J Birch
F Cate
Chichester High School for Boys, headmaster, PR Watkins
Chichester Ringers
The Church of England Pensions Board, pensions officer, MRC Sherlock
S Clutton
FE Coggan, archbishop of Canterbury
RH Cornforth
R Cox
W Dingwall
LR Friend
G Godber
Dame Wendy Hiller
CL Hodgetts, clerk to the dean and chapter
D Hopkinson
EW Kemp, bishop of Chichester
L Mason
Methodist Recorder, editor WE Pigott
E Montagu
D Musnik
CV Peterson, secretary for appointments to the prime minister
C Phillimore
HDH Rance
J Skelton
RH Smith, of United Reformed Church, Chichester
D Stancliffe, chaplain to Clifton College
RP Wilson(2)
----, Isme, East Ashling Grange
----, Katharine, Strettington House
----, Ross, 47 St Leonards Road, Exeter
Letter from Christopher Fry to Mayor of Chichester, Terence France, containing tribute to WH read out at retirement dinner [xerox] 1977
Menu card for dinner on 4 July [xerox]
Tributes in The News and The Observer [xerox] 1977
Profile of Walter Hussey by Lancelot Mason in Southern Cathedral Festival Handbook 21-24 July [xerox of pp 5-6] 1977
'Dean of Chichester: Rev Walter Hussey interviewed by Oliver Matthews', Collectors and Patrons, April 1984
Blue folder labelled: Presentation to: The Very Reverend Dr. W. Hussey 24th July, 1977 List of Subscribers
Contains 15ff list of typed names

POSTHUMOUS  [no ref. or date]

Posthumous  Hussey/109  1985-1990

Obituaries [xerox copies] 1985
The Times, contributed by Lancelot Mason, 26 July
Church Times, 2 August
Chronicle and Echo, 27 July
Unidentified paper, nd
Typed order of service for funeral at St Paul's Knightsbridge, 1 August 1985
Printed order of service in memory of WH at Chichester Cathedral, 19 October 1985
Cutting from The Daily Telegraph showing near completion of Malcolm Pollard's statue of the risen Christ for S Matthew's Northampton [xerox] 1989
'The Need to Give' by Andrew Sinclair in The Patrons and the Arts 1990
Reminiscence of WH by Stanley Clark nd

S MARY ABBOT'S  [no ref. or date]

Papers  Hussey/110  1933-1937

Correspondence on parochial matters
Sir Donald Banks (3) 1936-7
A H---- 1934
GW Maynard 1937
Palace Theatre 1936
EW Stratton 1934
W Watkins 1934
Printed order of service for wedding of The Hon James Lindsay and The Hon Bronwen Scott-Ellis, with newspaper cutting 1933
Brief MS notes for a service nd
Mounted print of S Mary Abbot's, Kensington by Audry
Kensington Parish Magazine
Dec 1932, mentioning WH's arrival in the parish
Nov 1936, mentioning WH's return to S Mary Abbot's as senior curate
p 15 from [1937] issue, with item about parting gift to WH
1930: Sep
1933: Feb, Dec
1936: Dec
1937: Jul (2), Sep
1949: Jun
nd: pages torn from other issues
S Mary Abbot's
Annual Report, Statements and Accounts 1936
S Mary Abbot's Schools
Annual Reports 1936, 37
London Diocesan Leaflet
28 copies May 1932 to August 1937 [not a complete run]

S PAUL'S KENSINGTON  [no ref. or date]

Papers  Hussey/111  1935-1939

WR Matthews, dean of St Paul's 1935
Notices for Lent and Holy Week 1935-6
Booklet to mark golden jubilee 1889-1939
Notice of special services for golden jubilee 14-21 May 1939

S MATTHEW'S NORTHAMPTON  [no ref. or date]


13 letters from
CM Blagden, bishop of Peterborough (2) 1946-47
CJ King 1933
E Knapp Fisher 1950
KU Lander, Major, Royal Canadian Artillery 1940
DW Marsh, The Society of Saint Francis 1942
K Riches, Bishop of Dorchester (4) [1946]-55
WSA Robertson, Society of Saint Francis 1939
S Matthew's Parochial Church Council, churchwarden, copy draft of WH's reply 1933
Peterborough Diocesan Dilapidations Board 1951
Territorial Army Association nd
3 printed items for meetings or conferences attended by WH 1942-48
2 tickets for old time dances 1949, 52


19 letters to the forces written between April 1940 and August 1945, with associated material
2 notebooks containing alphabetical lists of men and women in the forces

SERMONS BY LAYMEN  Hussey/114  1945-1948

91 letters from eminent men in reply to WH's invitation to give an address at S Matthew's, including letters about the subsequent printing of the addresses
Sir Ralph Assheton
Sir John Betjeman (2)
CM Blagden, bishop of Peterborough (2)
TSR Boase
Sir Edward Boyle (4)
L Casson
JT Christie, headmaster of Westminster School (3)
A Deakin
Lord Denning
T Driberg (2)
G Gibson [telegram]
HA Hodges
Lord Inman (4)
Sir Charles Jeffries (4)
Lord Jowitt
Sir Oliver Leese (8)
CS Lewis (4)
M Lloyd, Uppingham School (3)
PHB Lyon, headmaster of Rugby (2)
Earl Lytton
Sir Eric Maclagan (6)
James Mason (2)
J Maud
M Meyer
Sir Walter Monckton, with 4 enclosures
Sir Anderson Montague-Barlow
Viscount Montgomery, letter written on his behalf by AG Burnaby-Atkins
RW Moore, headmaster of Harrow
N Nicholson [letter and telegram]
FW Ogilvie, principal of Jesus College, Oxford
Lord Palmer, earl of Selborne
EA Peers
John Piper
H Reckitt
W Roberts
Sir Malcolm Sargent
RR Scott (2)
Sir Gerald Slade (2)
Sir William Slim
Lord Tovey (6)
Sir Harry Vaisey (4)
Sir Frederick West
JG Winant, United States Ambassador (2), with draft of WH's reply
EFL Wood, Earl of Halifax (2)
H W----, master of Magdalene College, Cambridge
2 typed drafts of letters inviting prospective preachers [1946, 48]
2 lists of eminent men and women nd
Publicity sheet and leaflet Five Sermons by Laymen, CS Lewis, John Betjeman, Oliver Leese, RJR Scott, Sir Eric Maclagan [1946]
Publicity sheet and text of 4 sermons by M Lloyd, Lord Tovey, Sir Charles J Jeffries and Sir Edward CG Boyle 1948

PREACHERS  Hussey/115  1937-1955

104 letters from clergymen replying to WH's invitation to preach at S Matthew's, including letters about travel and other arrangements
GB Allen, bishop of Dorchester
FR Barry, bishop of Southwell (2)
RA Beddoes (3)
BI Beer (2)
GKA Bell, bishop of Chichester
CM Blagden, bishop of Peterborough
AWF Blunt, bishop of Bradford (2)
LEW Bosley, visiting card only
AB Burrowes, bishop of St Andrews
[WJ Carey, bishop of Bloemfontein]
HJ Carpenter, warden of Keble College Oxford (2)
LM Charles-Edwards (2)
I Copsey, secretary to bishop of Croydon
CE Curzon, bishop of Exeter
HMV de Candole, bishop of Knaresborough
PFD de Labilliere, dean of Westminster
AC Don, dean of Westminster
DC Dunlop, dean of Lincoln
FW Dwelly, dean of Liverpool
C Eastaugh, bishop of Kensington (2)
WH Elliott, The Chapel Royal (2)
GF Fisher, archbishop of Canterbury
OH Gibbs-Smith, archdeacon of London (3)
WP Gilpin, bishop of Kingston
NV Gorton, bishop of Coventry
E Graham, bishop of Brechin (3)
MG Haigh, bishop of Winchester
HW Hall, bishop of Aberdeen and Orkney
EKC Hamilton, Dean of Windsor (2)
MH Harland, bishop of Lincoln (2)
HH Henson, bishop of Durham
H StB Holland, dean of Norwich
FH House, head of religious broadcasting BBC
JCH How, bishop of Glasgow and Galloway
FA Iremonger, dean of Lichfield, with letter from WH
EMG Jones, bishop of St Albans
HA Jones, provost of Leicester
CF Knyvett, bishop of Selby
KEN Lamplugh
CG Lang, Baron Lang of Lambeth
NM Lang, bishop of Peterborough
FE Lunt, dean of Bristol (2)
AC MacInnes, bishop of Bedford
WT Manning, bishop of New York
Sir George Maryon-Wilson
L Mason
WR Matthews, dean of St Paul's (3)
RH Moberly, dean of Salisbury
FH Moncreiff, bishop of Glasgow
DF(A) Morris, abbot of Nashdom Abbey
M Marcus, editor of Eagle
FDV Narborough, bishop of Colchester
A Otter, bishop of Grantham
SH Phillimore
CE Raven, master of Christ's College
GE Reindorp
K Riches, bishop of Dorchester (2)
CM Ricketts, bishop of Dunwich
RL Roberts
EW Sara (2) assistant bishop of Bath and Wells
BF Simpson, bishop of Southwark
RS Sinclair, provost of Guildford
GV Smith, bishop of Leicester (2)
CHE Smyth
W Temple, archbishop of Canterbury
Lord Tovey
GR Vernon, bishop of Madagascar
KCH Warner (3)
IS Watkins, bishop of Malmesbury (4)
JCV Wilkes
NP Williams, Christ Church Oxford
HA Wilson, bishop of Chelmsford
JL Wilson, bishop of Manchester
AF Winnington-Ingram (2)
ES Woods, bishop of Lichfield
FT Woods, bishop of Middleton
HE Wynn, bishop of Ely
----, Walter, The London Mission
3 drafts of letters from WH inviting guest preachers to patronal festival [1953] 1954, nd

S MATTHEW'S DAY  Hussey/116  1936-1954

16 letters about arrangements for S Matthew's Day, excluding the preachers 1938-54
G Grigson (2) 1947, nd
F Howes 1944
S Irons Ltd 1946
NM Lang, bishop of Peterborough (4) 1936, 38
1942, 53
Manchester Guardian 1947
Northampton mayor 1954
Northampton mayor's sergeant, with draft of WH's letter 1938
BT Paget 1938
GHG Scott 1938
GV Smith, bishop of Leicester 1942
Sir William Walton nd
FA Watts, mayor of Northampton 1946
11 lists of guests for festival lunches 1943-54
Printed invitation to lunch on 21 Sep 1953 with WH's list of names and addresses on reverse 1953
Printed matter in connection with S Matthew's Day, including invitations, festival programmes, orders of service, lunch tickets, reply cards and lists of music for services
32 photographs taken during festival services and lunches 1950, 51, nd


25 letters about the jubilee festival
RC Amos, Northampton Cadet Corps
M Behrend
James Bernard
G Best, Wellington College
RHM Britten, master in charge, The Junior School, Wellingborough
Central Council for the Care of Churches, ass. sec. J Scott
NC Christopherson, dean of Peterborough
Joan Cross, of Sadlers Wells (2)
J Goodall
EC Gregory (2)
M Gunning
S Harper, manager, music department, Boosey & Hawkes
Frank Howes, music critic of The Times
NM Lang, bishop of Peterborough
Louis MacNeice
JW Poole, precentor Canterbury Cathedral
GE Reindorp [telegram]
J Richards-Pugh
GHG Scott
EAJ Spencer, 7th Earl Spencer
G Thalben-Ball
Harold Williamson
ES Woods, bishop of Lichfield
Messages written for the occasion from
CM Blagden, bishop of Peterborough 1943
NM Lang, bishop of Peterborough nd
JR Hussey nd
17 photographs, including one of Benjamin Britten and Peter Pears
3 copies of S Matthew's, Northampton Jubilee Festival Programme


2 letters
Sir Adrian Boult 1953
JWA Hussey, draft of letter inviting musicians to give a recital at the diamond jubilee [1952]

PRINTED MATTER  [no ref. or date]

Printed forms of service for special occasions  Hussey/119  1947-1953

[WH took these services in his capacity of vicar of S Matthew's, although some of the services were not necessarily held in the church]
Induction of WH at S Matthew's Northampton (2 items) 1937
British Red Cross Society and Order of St John of Jerusalem 1941
[See Hussey/233 for sermon]
Baptism of Wyvill Richard Nicolls Raynsford 1945
In Memoriam: Lilian Mary Hussey [annotated draft], with JR Hussey's printed letter acknowledging messages of sympathy
In Memoriam: John Rowden Hussey 1949
Dedication of war memorial at St Peter's, Claydon, Suffolk, a Madonna and Child by Henry Moore, with WH's address [another copy of address in Hussey/241] 1949
Peterborough Arts Week, inaugural service at Peterborough Cathedral 1951
[See Hussey/243 for address]
Ipswich Engineering Society service at St Mary-le-Tower Church, Ipswich [see Hussey/244 for sermon] 1952
Aldeburgh Festival [see Hussey/245 for address] 1953
Northamptonshire Girl Guides - Church Parade Towcester nd
[Address by WH]

Magazines  Hussey/120  1937-1955

S Matthew's Magazine
1937: July, mentions WH's arrival as vicar
1948: January, February, March, April, May, June, October
1949: April
1950: October
1952: September
1953: May, September, October, December
1954: March, April, May, September
1955: January, February, June, July, August, contains photograph of WH as Dean of Chichester
The Magazine of Saint Matthew's Northampton
1940: October
1941: October
1943: October

Leaflets: Dedication and Patronal Festival  Hussey/121  1938-1954

1938, 1939, 1942-54

Order of service for Feast of S Matthew AEM (16)  Hussey/122  nd

Printed programmes of Festival of Holy Music and Poetry for the Patronal Festivals of 1946 and 1947, with script and carbon copies of the readings  Hussey/123  1946, 1947

Programmes of recitals and concerts  Hussey/124  1895-1954

1895, 1940-42, 1944-45, 1947-50, 1952-54, nd (17)

Standard forms of service  Hussey/125  nd

Burial of a child
Administration of the Blessed Sacrament, SPCK
Festival of 9 lessons and carols
Solemn Eucharist(2), with typed instructions for celebrant, deacon, sub-deacon and clerk
Stabat Mater
Morning and evening prayers

Notices for Lent and Holy Week  Hussey/126  1935-1942

Financial statements and fund raising literature  Hussey/127  1937-1954

152 photographs, including postcards, of the interior and exterior of the church, processions, fêtes and services  Hussey/128  [1920s]-1953, nd

BOOKS AND GUIDES  Hussey/129  1891-1943

S Matthew's Church, Northampton: Phipps Memorial 1893
(4 copies, of which one is in a souvenir binding)
S Matthew's Northampton: The Oxford Movement in an English Parish by Gertrude Hollis (2 copies) 1932
Church of S Matthew's Northampton 1893-1943 (4 copies) 1943
'Laying of the Foundation Stone' from The Northampton Herald 1891

MISCELLANEOUS  Hussey/130  nd

Handwritten verses 'Ode to St Matthew's Church and the inmates therein' nd
Visiting card, with another, belonging to JR Hussey, altered to JWA Hussey, with instructions to printer nd
Printed letter of recommendation of parishioner nd

CHICHESTER CATHEDRAL  [no ref. or date]

CEREMONY AND PROCEDURE  Hussey/131  1955-1982

11 letters from
WKL Clarke (4) 1955-61, nd
AS Duncan-Jones nd
DR Hutchinson nd
EC Ratcliff to Lancelot Mason 1958
General Synod of the Church of England, LG Wadeson to the Faculty Jurisdiction Commission (3) with enclosures and drafts of WH's reply (2) 1982
JS Widdows to WKL Clarke 1955
Notes for the dean on the Epiphany procession nd
Detailed instructions for all personnel for Stripping of the Altars on Maundy Thursday nd
Instructions for Palm Day ceremonial nd
WH's rough note headed 'Some figures' giving comparative figures of Easter, Christmas and Year's Communicants at 5 yearly intervals between 1903 and 1958

FABRIC AND FITTINGS  Hussey/132  1920-1977

Related information: See also Hussey/165

28 letters from
M Balmer 1977
T Baxendale 1976
MJ Becker to Revd G Gordon, enclosing copy of letter to dean [AS Duncan-Jones], and a report by Becker 1947
G Benney 1960
The British Museum, dept of Egyptian and Assyrian Antiquities, HR Hall to Mrs Miller Whitfield, with a note from RJ Campbell (1951) 1920
The British Museum, the director 1976
A and M Bulloch to bishop of Chichester [GKA Bell], with copy of chaplain's reply 1956
Sir Francis Chichester 1967
City of Chichester, enclosing letter from the Department of the Environment, and a booklet Protecting our Historic Buildings: a guide to legislation (1969). 1972
WKL Clarke (5), enclosing 'The Daily Prayer of the Chapter of Chelmsford' by E Milner-White 1957-60, nd
A Clifton-Taylor 1970
Courtauld Institute of Art, George Zarnecki 1956
The General Synod of the Church of England, LG Wodeson (3) with associated material and 3 drafts by WH 1982
G Hughes 1975
HP Jacobs Ltd, HR Green 1960
LW Joynson-Hicks, 3rd Viscount Brentford 1956
WD Peckham (2), with notes by WKL Clarke and typed list of deans 1960
R Purchase (2), with copy of his letter to M Knight of the BBC's Country Questions, and extract from a letter from Dr Bristow to MK 1958
John Skelton (2) 1958, 62
FW Steer to Mr Purchase 1956
John Taylor & Co, bell founders 1959
Lord Woolton (2), with drafts of two letters from WH 1962
Artist's impression of the arms of the cathedral within 3 different settings nd
Rough note about the use of cathedral chairs nd
Typescript headed 'Chichester Cathedral' and annotated Cathedrals
Advisory, describing a sub-committee's opinion on various aspects of Chichester Cathedral furnishings nd
Typescript showing comparative figures for seating accommodation in the cathedral in 1945 and 1954 1954
Publicity leaflet containing three photographs [pre 1961] nd


54 letters from
Anglo-German Association, J Piggott, director and secretary 1961
EJ Baggaley 1968
GKA Bell, bishop of Chichester, copy of letter to J Widdows, with copy of JW's reply 1957
J Birch to The Arts Council of Great Britain, Sir Roy Shaw 1979
Cavalcade Films Limited, R Douet, enclosing copy of letter from Film Production Association of Great Britain 1967
The Chichester Diocesan Fund and Board of Finance, WS Dingwall, secretary, enclosing copy of letter from Forde Cayley and copy of WSD's reply 1960
Lord Denning 1961
SJA Evans, dean of Gloucester 1955
Lavinia Fitzalan Howard, duchess of Norfolk [1963]
JF Gilby [1966]
G Godber 1968
Sir Eardley Holland 1960
DHL Hopkinson [1974]
JWA Hussey, draft notes regarding BP Bate nd
EW Kemp, bishop of Chichester (4) 1974-5
Sir Geoffrey Lawrence 1961
TS Lewis 1960
VK Lippiet 1973
Harold Macmillan, earl of Stockton (2) 1958, 66
J Mash 1974
AL Maycock 1962
CB Mortlock 1961
J Nelson 1974
Pitkin Pictorials Limited, RE Willson (2) 1976-7
Roberte Ponsonby, countess of Bessborough (2) 1956
B Price 1969
AM Ramsay, archbishop of Canterbury (2) 1961, 76
CM Ricketts 1957
GH Salter 1955
AF Smethurst 1955
P Spicer 1967
Thomas-Photos Oxford 1964
M Toynbee 1966
F Turner 1967
G Turner (3) 1956-63
M Turner 1968
E Turnour, earl of Winterton (3) 1961
Lady Turnour [1962]
Sir Mortimer Warren 1964
RP Wilson, bishop of Chichester (4) with draft of WH's reply [1961], 1975, nd
J Wilson (2) 1974
A Young 1961
Copy of clause 9 from the will of William Henry Abbey, deceased, dated 30th July 1942
Finance Act 1961 and Rating and Valuation Act 1961: Position of Deans, Provosts and Canons. typescript nd
Revenue Accounts - Christmas Term, for the Prebendal School 1960


Order of service for Commemoration of Benefactors - in typescript, duplicated and printed forms, many with amendments 1959
Letters: JND Kelly (3) 1960

PRECEDENCE  Hussey/135  1958-1959

Untitled report on the office of the dean as ordinary by KM MacMorran 1959
17 letters on precedence: 1958-9
AR Browne-Wilkinson to K MacMorran [copy]
DC Dunlop, dean of Lincoln
KM MacMorran (11) with copy of letter from bishop of Lincoln [Kenneth Riches], and 4 drafts of WH's letters to him
KM MacMorran to AR Browne-Wilkinson
KM MacMorran to L Mason
EG Selwyn, dean of Winchester
JS Widdows to KM MacMorran [copy]

GENERAL CHAPTER  Hussey/136  1955-1976

Dean's reports to the General Chapter (10) 1955-6, 1958-64, nd
Ordo Praedicandi - WH's notes for a speech to chapter announcing his decision to retire in 1977 [1976]
Dean and Chapter of Chichester - publications account 1960
- Tract case 1960
Chichester Cathedral - Ordo Praedicandi MCMLXI 1961
General Chapter - duplicated papers for the meeting on 6 Nov 1964
- Printed reply card to invitation for 5 Nov 1965
Menu and toast cards for chapter dinners, some with WH's notes for toasts, some notes without cards 1956-76
Draft transcript of speech by Lord Clark at chapter dinner [1976]
6 associated letters
WKL Clarke 1960
CPM Jones 1961
AC Powell 1960
JS Widdows 1961
RP Wilson, bishop of Chichester (2), with drafts of WH's reply 1961

DEANS' CONFERENCES  Hussey/137  1955-1967

Printed matter for conferences, with annotations 1955-67
3 associated letters
AW Laybourne 1967
JHS Wild (2) 1967


Conferences  Hussey/138  1966-1976

Printed matter for conferences at Coventry, April 1966
? November 1967
Glastonbury and Wells, May 1976
With many annotations


5ff typed administrative material
Text of addresses by Sir Colin Anderson and Christopher Fry
24 associated letters 1967-8
Sir Colin Anderson (4), with copies of 2 letters from WH
Sir John Clements, with copy of letter from WH
C Fry (3), with copy of letter from WH
ENP Goff (3), with copy of his letter to HCN Williams, provost of Coventry
JWA Hussey to Sir Kenneth Clark [copy]
Sir Michael Redgrave, with copy of letter from WH
Sir William Rees-Mogg, with copy of letter from WH
E Routley, with copies of 2 letters from WH
MG Sullivan
JHS Wild (4), dean of Durham
HCN Williams, provost of Coventry (4), with copy of letter from cathedral secretary
Newspaper article - Worcester Diocesan Messenger 'Patrons of Art' reporting on the conference, July 1968
Group photograph with key on reverse


Related information: See also: Surveyor - Hussey/165

In 1961 the fifteenth-century stone screen, removed from the entrance to the quire in 1861, was restored and replaced in the cathedral with a plaque in memory of Bishop Bell. The plaque was executed by Mary Gillick
Minutes of meetings
Copy of declaration of trust
Printed appeal leaflet
Press release
Lists of names showing possible signatories to appeal
List of trustees of The Dulverton Trust and The Pilgrim Trust
Procedure for dedication of screen on 4 Nov 1961
Rough notes by WH
Notes by WKL Clarke and L Mason
Summary of suggestions by RF Millard
Cathedral Advisory Committee report on Arundel Screen
Photograph of Mary Gillick's plaque nd
Colour photograph showing Arundel Screen and full congregation, with transparency 1962
Printed illustration of the screen
'Screens or Vistas in Cathedrals' in Country Life, pp 672-3, 29 Sep 1960
62 letters: 1958-62
M Balmer (4)
HGM Bell (3), with 2 letters from WH to her and enclosing letter from V Watkins, bishop of Guildford
HGM Bell to L Mason enclosing letter from H Waddams, Church of England Council on Foreign Relations
JA Birch to The Warham Guild Ltd [copy]
British Broadcasting Corporation, R McKay
The British Council of Churches, K Slack (2)
The Cathedrals Advisory Committee, JG Scott
Lord Clark
WI Croome
O Dibelius to the bishop of Chichester [copy]
PHC Dickens (12) enclosing copy of letter from RF Millard, and copy of correspondence with Thomas Eggar & Son
Friends of Hebrew University of Jerusalem, G Stein to L Mason
D Gilbert to AR Browne-Wilkinson
M Gillick (8)
RE Loder (2)
A MacFadyen (secretary to TS Eliot)
J Maclean
RF Millard to ED O'Brien [copy]
EM Milner-White
H Moore
ED O'Brien (2)
The Pilgrim Trust, Lord Kilmaine (6) with copies of WH's letters to him
R Purchase
Royal Military School of Music, Lt. Col BH Brown
HK Sherrill to bishop of Chichester [copy]
E Turnour, earl of Winterton
RP Wilson to M Browne and others [copy]
Lord Woolton (2)
World Council of Churches, WA Visser't Hooft (2)

BELL ROOMS  Hussey/141  1977

Printed matter in connection with the opening of Bishop Bell Rooms, with hand-written list of donors, and typescript of WH's remarks to the synod on the subject 1977
Associated letter from DM Niemöller 1977


Related information: See also: Surveyor - Hussey/165

Chichester Cathedral Choir, order of service for sung evensong at Crawley 1969
Printed programmes for three concerts in France 1962, 79
Newspaper article by head chorister, Ashley Doubtfire Church Illustrated 1962
Suggested rate of pay for organists, assistant organists and lay vicars 1962, nd
6 plans for proposed song school 1960
14 associated letters: 1956-76
P Bardon 1976
Central Office of Information, HCM Taylor 1961
S Clutton 1972
Chichester Travel Agency Limited, LG Blenkinsopp 1962
P Fleming 1960
LD Fox, with draft letters from WH 1961
G Guest 1956
B Old (3) 1956
R Seal (3) 1961, 68
WK Stanton 1956
F Tissier, Abbé of Chartres, with copy of letter from WH 1962
JW Walker & Sons Ltd to J Birch 1961

EMBROIDERY  Hussey/143  1959-1960

Related information: See also: Surveyor - Hussey/165

In 1959 Walter Hussey formed a group to study embroidery
2 draft letters from WH inviting people to join the group, and arranging the first meeting 1959
8 letters from: 1959-60
U Abbey
DG Burdett
M Carter
GE Curtis
Lady Janet Gore
Lady Janet Gore to Mrs Butler
OB Pope
E Powell
D Thomas
List of names and addresses of possible helpers
List of charges for lessons by Royal School of Needlework statement of account for advising on embroidery by Beryl Dean cheque for The Cathedral Broderers' Guild

PROJECTS  [no ref. or date]

These projects were proposed, but not necessarily undertaken

Leo Genn gave a reading in the cathedral on 20 June  Hussey/144  1959

2 letters from Leo Genn

Gareth Bennett of New College Oxford suggested that his chapel choir might take part in the service for his installation as a member of the chapter  Hussey/145  1960

Letter from GV Bennett

Sussex Festival Season - a proposal for Yehudi Menuhin to give a recital in the cathedral did not materialise  Hussey/146  1960-1961

8 associated letters
A Besch (2) 1961
Harold Holt Ltd, I Hunter 1960
I Hunter 1961
Sir Yehudi Menuhin (2) 1960
K Merritt 1960
RD Quas 1960

Sir Colin Anderson and Frances Richards [wife of Ceri Richards] offered an altar frontal to the cathedral which WH did not accept  Hussey/147  1962

2 letters from Sir Colin Anderson

The Arts Council of Great Britain proposed an Ehrlich exhibition in Chichester  Hussey/148  1964

Letter from The Arts Council

Graham Hughes of Goldsmiths' Hall wrote about a possible altar set for Chichester Cathedral  Hussey/149  1966

Letter from G Hughes

Phoebe Pickard's play with music, Job was not mounted at the cathedral  Hussey/150  1966

2 letters from
R Baker
P Pickard

Letter from The Dowager Countess of Bessborough, chairman of The Royal School of Needlework seeking a suitable home for an altar frontal, with photograph  Hussey/151  1966

Festival of Industry in Chichester Cathedral  Hussey/152  1967

Circular letter from WH, and printed programme

Letter from Igor Stravinsky's secretary M Stalvey about an invitation to come to Chichester  Hussey/153  1968

Richard Alston wanted to dance in the cathedral  Hussey/154  nd, 1969

3 letters from R Alston

Reg Britten's bronze sculptures were not suitable for Chichester  Hussey/155  1970

Letter from R Britten, enclosing colour transparency

Commemorative Spode plate to mark the 900th anniversary of the cathedral  Hussey/156  1975

Associated circular letter from WH, with publicity material

Draft of WH's letter inviting a singer to give a recital in Chichester Cathedral  Hussey/157  nd

ROYAL AIR FORCE  Hussey/158  1960, 1961

Order of Proceedings and Order of Service for the ceremony of the Honorary Freedom of the City of Chichester to the Royal Air Force Station Tangmere
Table plan and index for civic banquet
2 associated letters
WD David 1961
Royal Air Forces Association, PCL Miles, with copy of letter from WH 1960

ROYAL VISIT  Hussey/159  1956

Queen Elizabeth II and The Duke of Edinburgh visited Chichester Cathedral on 30 July 1956 when the Sailors' Memorial Chapel was dedicated
14 letters: 1956
Buckingham Palace, E Ford (6)
Buckingham Palace, D Lyttelton
City of Chichester, E Banks
Sir George Creasy, Admiral of the Fleet (3)
The Evening News and Southern Daily Mail
LE Evershed-Martin
BM Fitzalan Howard, duke of Norfolk, with draft of letter from WH
Order of service
Newspaper cutting
2 photographs

S MARY MAGDALEN CHAPEL  Hussey/160  1957-1961

The chapel of S Mary Magdalen in Chichester Cathedral was re-opened on 5 April 1961. Graham Sutherland [qv] painted the picture behind the altar, Geoffrey Clarke [qv] designed the altar rails and candlesticks, and Robert Potter designed the altar and co-ordinated the whole scheme of restoration
14 letters from 1957-61
The Cathedrals Advisory Committee, secretary JG Scott (2)
Lady Clark
Lord Clark (3)
WKL Clarke (2)
Sir Trenchard Cox
F Etchells
Sir Julian Huxley
FW Steer (2)
----, Teddy
See also: Surveyor - Hussey/165
Printed order of service for the re-opening of the chapel 'Commissions in Context' by Eric Newton, The Guardian, 7 April 1961 [xerox]

SCHOOLBOYS' CONFERENCES  Hussey/161  1959-1963

Printed programmes for the bishop of Chichester's conferences for schoolboys 1961-63
9 associated letters 1959-61
M Balmer, secretary to the bishop of Chichester 1960
GA Goyder 1960
G Mayfield (5), with rough notes by WH 1959-61
H Wilson (2) 1959-60

SHERBURNE MONUMENT  Hussey/162  1958-1962

Related information: See also: Surveyor - Hussey/165

4 letters in connection with the cleaning of the monument
The Cathedrals Advisory Committee (2) 1958, 62
F Steer 1958-9
F Steer to JS Widdows, with copy of letter from WH to F Steer 1958
Report of The Cathedrals Advisory Committee headed 'Chichester Cathedral - Bishop Sherborn [sic] Monument'

SHERBURNE SCREEN  Hussey/163  1955-1957

The painting of this wooden screen behind the High Altar was considered and rejected. It was later covered by the tapestry designed by John Piper [qv]
21 letters from: 1955-7
GKA Bell, bishop of Chichester
Sir Basil Spence (20), with a letter from The Cathedral Advisory Committee, JG Scott, and copies of correspondence with WJ Butchart, 4 photographs and copy of letter from WH
Report of a meeting of the Cathedrals Advistory Committee 4 Sep 1956
2 notes by WKL Clarke about the screen 1955

SOUTHERN CHOIRS FESTIVAL  Hussey/164  1960-1980

3 letters from
J Birch 1974
CH Dearnley 1967
N Sykes 1960
Programmes for festivals held in the cathedrals of Chichester, Salisbury and Winchester 1962-80
Leaflet 1979
Card published by Friends of Chichester Cathedral showing identical photograph to the one used on the cover of the 1965 programme

SURVEYOR - ROBERT POTTER  Hussey/165  1957-1978

Robert Potter's correspondence covers every aspect of work on the cathedral fabric, and has much to do with the works of art commissioned by the cathedral
R Potter (53) 1957-77
Enclosing: prints of Mr Blacking's sketch plans for the Arundel pulpitum
Copies of estimates from Benfield and Loxley Ltd relating to Arundel Screen
Copy of Potter's letter to JS Widdows about cathedral bells
Annotated photocopy of WH's proposed letter to Lord Kilmaine of The Pilgrim Trust about the Arundel Screen
Copies of estimates from Willards Electrical Services Ltd
Copy of Potter's letter to the mayor of Chichester about nave seating for the cathedral
Report of a meeting with General Whistler addressed to Major JF Ainsworth about the regimental chapel of the Royal Sussex Regiment
Estimate from Norman & Burt Ltd for St George's Chapel and the Chapel of St Thomas and St Edmund
Geoffrey Clarke's sketch for an altar book rest for the Magdalene Chapel
Photocopy of estimate from Hurst, Franklin & Co Ltd about the deanery gates
Copy of Potter's letter to Hurst, Franklin & Co Ltd about the deanery gates
Copy of Potter's letter to Henry Moore about choice of stone for a new font
R Potter to: Major JF Ainsworth [copy] 1962
B Budd [copy] 1962
Chichester town clerk [copy] 1961
Geoffrey Clarke [copy] 1962
Capt Maclean [copy] 1962
Norman & Burt Ltd (2) [copies] 1962
The Pilgrim Trust, Lord Kilmaine, secretary [copy] 1961
DE Shaw [copy] 1962
JS Widdows (5) [copies] 1960-64
Margaret and Robert Potter [see Husey/360] 1978
Willards Electrical Services Ltd, R Abbott to R Potter (6) [copies] 1961
Report by R Potter on The Chapel of St Thomas and St Edmund nd


Hard back blue folder containing 32pp survey signed by Robert Potter, with drawings and 2 appendices
Report from GP Youngman, landscape architect 1962
Associated letter
Copper Development Association to R Potter 1962


Sale catalogue brochure 1971
The Chichester Cathedral Development Trust, HB Parker 1982

THE SUSSEX CAMPAIGN - launched in March 1964  Hussey/168  1964-1967

Colour brochure
Progress report 1966
Leaflet appealing for help with Chichester Cathedral
Leaflet on legacies
Printed programme for campaign's presentation of Benjamin Britten's Let's Make an Opera 1967
Newspaper cutting
2 associated letters
Sir Thomas Monnington 1965
The Pilgrim Trust, Lord Kilmaine 1965

THEOLOGICAL COLLEGE  Hussey/169  1960-1961

Duplicated material, including minutes of the council and accounts 1960-61
CPM Jones, principal of the college 1960


2 letters
Q Bell 1976
Cathedrals Advisory Committee, JG Scott to R Potter [photocopy] enclosing photocopy of letter from Pilgrim Trust, Lord Kilmaine to JG Scott 1967
2 illustrated postcards of cathedral interior and wall painting

WESTGATE FIELDS  Hussey/171  1951-1960

Coloured plan showing Westgate Fields, dated 22 Jan 1957
Coloured plan showing proposed school site at Westgate Fields, dated 29 July 1957
Article in The Spectator by Sir John Betjeman, 3 May 1957
14 newspaper cuttings
Summary of correspondence between the bishop of Chichester and the Church Commissioners 1951-7
Minutes of meeting at County Hall, 23 Jan 1957
West Sussex County Council, Reports of Committees, 26 July [see Closing Order on p 44] 1957
Thomas Eggar & Son's brief to counsel appearing on behalf of the dean and chapter of Chichester at Westgate Fields Inquiry [copy] 1957
Draft for a statement to be made at a meeting by WH nd
Notes made at the Westgate Fields Inquiry by WH, Jan 1960
Photograph of a tree-lined road found with these papers
38 associated letters
The Architectural Review, M Mathieson (5), JM Richards (1) 1957
GKA Bell, bishop of Chichester 1958
GKA Bell, bishop of Chichester (3) to West Sussex County Council [copies], and one reply 1957
Sir John Betjeman 1957
Sir Hugh Casson 1957
Chichester Civic Society 1958
Church Commissioners, DA Collenette (2) 1958
Church Commissioners, ML Warren to Bishop Bell [copy] 1957
SE Dykes-Bower (3) 1957
SE Dykes-Bower to Bishop Bell 1957
SE Dykes-Bower [to the chairman of the public inquiry?] nd
Thomas Eggar & Son (2), both enclosing papers from Dr Thomas Sharp
The Georgian Group, AW Acworth, enclosing copy of his letter to town clerk, E Banks 1957
LW Joynson-Hicks, 3rd Viscount Brentford 1957
GW Marwood [1958]
Royal Fine Art Commission, G Samuel (2), enclosing a copy of letter to county council 1957
Dame Evelyn Sharp, Ministry of Housing and Local Government (3), with draft of WH's reply 1958
T Sharp to Bishop Bell 1957
S Spicer 1958
West Sussex County Council, AD Robinson 1957
West Sussex County Council, TC Hayward, to Bishop Bell with map and 5 photographs 1957
Unidentified correspondent to Mr Hewens of Cluttons [copy] 1957
Unidentified correspondent to Mr Samuel of Royal Fine Art Commission [copy] 1957

WEST PORCH  Hussey/172  1971

During the restoration of the cathedral the precincts had to be lowered to prevent the water collecting and standing round the walls of the building. This allowed the level of the area around the west porch to be lowered to its original level. As a result new outer and inner doors had to be made. The following letters are about the proposal to replace them with heavy glass doors. Geoffrey Clarke [qv] designed the metal handles
2 letters from
F Fielden, secretary of Royal Fine Art Commission enclosing copy of letter to PAT Burman of the Cathedrals Advisory Committee 1971
Sir Peter Scarlett, chairman of The Cathedrals Advisory Committee, with a copy of a letter from PAT Burman to F Fielden 1971

PRINTED MATTER  [no ref. or date]

Printed forms of service for special occasions  Hussey/173  1955-1977

[WH took these services in his capacity of Dean, or Dean Emeritus, of Chichester, although some of the services were not necessarily held in the cathedral]
Installation of WH as Dean of Chichester [annotated] 1955
In Memoriam: George Kennedy Allen Bell 1958
Southwark Cathedral: service in memory of William Shakespeare [see Hussey/248 for WH's address] 1959
Chichester Cathedral: re-opening of Chapel of S Mary Magdalen 1961
Chichester Cathedral: dedication of reconstructed Bell-Arundel screen 1961
St James's Church, Piccadilly: A Service for Artists [see Hussey/254 for WH's sermon] 1962
Chichester Cathedral: Festival Evensong to mark the opening of the Chichester Festival Theatre [2 copies] 1962
In Memoriam: Baron Turnour, Earl Winterton [see Hussey/276 for WH's address] 1962
Chichester Cathedral: dedication of altar rail and kneelers, S Mary Magdalen 1963
St Bartholomew's Church, Rogate: marriage service of Elizabeth A.C. to Anthony J.H. [WH's annotated copy] 1963
In memory of Eric Newton [see Hussey/276 for WH's address] 1965
Exeter University Arts Festival [see Hussey/258 for WH's sermon] 1967
In Memoriam: Eardley Lancelot Holland [see Hussey/276 for WH's address] 1967
Memorial Service: Ceri Richards [address by WH] 1971
Funeral: Doris Charrington [see Hussey/276 for WH's sermon] 1971
Crown Court Annual Service 1974
The Laying of the Colours, The First Battalion The Royal Sussex Regiment [see Hussey/268 for WH's address] 1975
In Memoriam: Olivia Marion Holland 1975
A Celebration in Words and Music: Paul Dehn [see Hussey/276 for prayers and blessing by WH] 1976
Westminster Abbey: memorial service for Benjamin Britten, [see Hussey/276 for WH's address] 1977
Chichester Cathedral: Service of Christmas Music sung by Seaford College Chapel Choir nd

Printed forms of service in Chichester Cathedral  Hussey/174  nd

Miscellaneous printed material for the cathedral  Hussey/175  1936-1985

Printed copy of a Scheme for the Cathedral Church of Chichester as presented to King George V in Council by the Cathedral Commissioners for England 3 March 1936
Friends of Chichester Cathedral - Annual Report, with inserts 1953-4
Printed invitation from the Dean to a Shrovetide Party 1957
Printed list of cathedral services for January and February, much annotated in pencil for a printer 1959
Chichester Cathedral Lectures, leaflets giving titles 1965,nd
Chichester Diocesan Handbook with the Bishops Regulations 1965,66
Agenda for Diocesan Council 30 April 1966
Cathedral Newsletter 1973-85
In Memoriam PMD Marlow, Prebendalian January 1973 - December 1974
Chichester Diocesan Directory Supplement 1975
Diocese of Chichester - Intercession Booklet for the Church and the parishes 1977
Printed guides to the cathedral

Chichester directories, guides and leaflets  Hussey/176  1968-1976

Kelly's Directory of The City of Chichester 1968
Kelly's Tradefinder of Chichester 1970
8 guides to the city of Chichester
Illustrated brochure of Chichester 1976

Concerts and exhibitions in Chichester Cathedral  Hussey/177  1975-1977

Chichester Festivities programmes
Chichester 900 (5) 1975
Chichester 901 (2) 1976
Chichester 902
Autographed by Janet Baker 1977
84 programmes
List of exhibition of work by Henry Moore
Publicity material for Close Harmony

Pictures, photographs and plans  Hussey/178  1783-1969

Plan of ground and first floors of the deanery by Harry Sherwood 1955
Photograph of Chichester Cathedral from the deanery gates - cover of Country Life 1965
Photograph of the retro-choir
Photograph of part of the interior of Chichester Cathedral
Photograph of the Oxford Coronation Lectern Bible, presented to the cathedral by Major JR Abbey 1969
View of the Vicar's College Chichester, published 1783
Plan of the Cathedral and the Close from Victoria County History Vol 3 nd
3 photographs of the pulpit
4 colour transparencies of three copes
Photograph of a cope
3 photographs taken at Chichester Cathedral sponsored walk

Newspaper cuttings  Hussey/179  1966-1970

The Observer, first signature in the Pilgrims' Room visitors' book, 24 June 1966
Church Times, replacement of Victorian works of art in cathedrals, Chichester mentioned, 24 February 1967
Chichester Observer, letter from WH about naming Avenue de Chartres, 21 August 1970
? Chichester Observer, exchange of stones between Chartres and Chichester nd
Small cutting about WH at a Buckingham Palace lunch nd

FILES  [no ref. or date]

WH kept a large collection of files containing material from a wide variety of sources for use in sermons or articles. This material consisted of manuscript and typescript notes, booklets, leaflets and newspaper cuttings

Advent, Almsgiving, Anecdotes, Anglicanism, Art, Ascension, Asceticism, Atonement, Authority  Hussey/180  nd

Baptism, Bible, Birth control, Blood sports, Boys' organisations, Broadcasting  Hussey/181  nd

Cathedrals, Ceremonial, Children, Choir, Christianity, Church, Clergy, Communion, Communism, Confirmation, Conscience, Conversion, Creeds, Cross (see Passion)  Hussey/182  nd

Death, Dedication, Devil, Disestablishment  Hussey/183  nd

Easter, Education, Elocution, Eloquence, Endurance, England, Epiphany, Eschatology, Euthanasia, Evangelisation, Evil, problem of  Hussey/184  nd

Faith, Fasting, Fear, Fortitude, Friendship  Hussey/185  nd

Gardens and Gardening, Glass, God, Good Friday, Grace  Hussey/186  nd

Happiness, Healing, spiritual, Heaven, Hell, Home, Hope  Hussey/187  nd

Immortality, Incarnation, Incense, Industrial Christian Fellowship  Hussey/188  nd

Jews, Judgment, Justice  Hussey/189  nd

Legal, Love  Hussey/190  nd

Man, Marriage, Memorials, Miracles, Missions, Morals, Mothers, MU, Mothering Sunday etc.; Music and Musicians, Mysticism  Hussey/191  nd

Nonconformity  Hussey/192  nd

The Offices, Old Age, Holy Orders  Hussey/193  nd

Papers and pamphlets, Parables of our Lord, Passion, Patience, Peace, Penance, Persecution, Personalities, Plato, Poetry, Prayer, Preaching, Priests, Prophets, Prudence, Psalms, Purgatory  Hussey/194  nd

Quotations  Hussey/195  nd

Race, Reading, Redemption, Regeneration, Religion, Resurrection, Revelation, Rites and Ritual, Roman Catholicism, Romanticism, Rural Deanery  Hussey/196  nd

Sacraments, Saints, Scandal, Schools, Self-knowledge, Sex, Sin, Social conditions, Holy Spirit, Sunday, Supernatural  Hussey/197  nd

Temperance, Thanksgiving, Holy Trinity  Hussey/198  nd

Holy Unction, Unity  Hussey/199  nd

Vestments  Hussey/200  nd

War, Water, Worship  Hussey/201  nd

Youth  Hussey/202  nd

SPEECH  [no ref. or date]

BROADCASTS (radio and television)  [no ref. or date]

Related information: See also
Typed script for BBC programme The Critics in which Moore's
Madonna and Child and Sutherland's Crucifixion were discussed
[see Hussey/336] 1952
Typescript of possible script by WH for a broadcast about Britten's
Rejoice in the Lamb and Moore's Madonna and Child found in Sutherland file [see Hussey/347]

WH's introduction for BBC programme Church Music of Today broadcast on 31 Oct  Hussey/203  1943

Associated letters
CV Taylor (2) 1943

Typescript of WH's BBC radio talk on The Church of St Matthew's in London Calling Europe broadcast on 14 Mar  Hussey/204  1946

With associated matter from the British Broadcasting Corporation Associated letter 1946
N Choveaux

Draft script, synopsis, draft synopsis and contract for BBC television programme The Eye of the Artist - The Life of Christ in which WH took part on 22 Mar  Hussey/205  1948

With page from Radio Times 1948

Script for morning service broadcast by BBC radio from S Matthew's, Northampton on 3 Oct 1948 - preacher, WH  Hussey/206  1948

Script for morning service broadcast by BBC radio from S Matthew's, Northampton on 25 Mar 1951 - preacher, WH  Hussey/207  1951

Script for choral evensong introduced by WH on BBC radio from S Matthew's, Northampton on 8 Jun  Hussey/208  1952

Associated letter
British Broadcasting Corporation, Rev M Dean 1952

Script of WH's school broadcast A Statue and a Picture to be recorded on 26 May  Hussey/209  1953

Associated letter
British Broadcasting Corporation, RC Walton 1953

Letter from British Broadcasting Corporation, Leoni Cohn, inviting WH to take part in a conversation with Graham Sutherland on the Third Programme  Hussey/210  1958

Enclosing the script of Alan Pryce-Jones' recent talk which raises relevant points

Scripts  Hussey/211  1959

Draft script for ATV programme on Christian murals broadcast on 9 Aug 1959, and another showing WH's part as chairman of the discussion
Associated letters
M Redington, of ATV (3) 1959

Letter from British Broadcasting Corporation, R McKay about the possibility of a programme about the Graham Sutherland picture and the chapel [of S Mary Magdalen]  Hussey/212  1960

First draft of WH's address for eucharist service broadcast by ITV on 18 Oct  Hussey/213  1964

Copy of script of BBC Television Appeal on behalf of Chichester Cathedral by Richard Baker, in which WH took a small part, 20 Dec  Hussey/214  1964

Contract with Thames Television Ltd for 2 programmes Art for God's Sake transmitted on 2 and 3 Dec  Hussey/215  1968

With remittance advice for fee
Associated letter
Thames Television, S Buxton

Speaker's copy of WH's talk for BBC's Week's Good Cause broadcast on 12 June 1977 for Aldeburgh Festival - Snape Maltings Foundation  Hussey/216  1977

Associated letters
Aldeburgh Festival - Snape Maltings Foundation, John Trew 1977
Sir Eugene Melville 1977

Typescript for WH's two minute talk 'for Music programme' at 1.4 pm on BBC  Hussey/217  nd

Excerpt from television film script on Graham Sutherland in which a commentator, WH and Sutherland took part. No indication whether BBC or ITV [pre 1955]  Hussey/218  nd

3 photographs of WH and interviewer for Rediffusion Television Ltd  Hussey/219  nd

SERMONS  [no ref. or date]

WH listed on the reverse of his sermons the places and dates at which the sermons had been delivered. From that information it has been possible to compile the lists to be found in Hussey/220 and Hussey/221. The sermons themselves have been arranged in chronological order of the first date on which they were delivered

Typed list of sermons in chronological order  Hussey/220  nd

Typed list of sermons, addresses, speeches and talks in alphabetical order  Hussey/221  nd

Sermons first preached in 1930  Hussey/222  1930

Sermons first preached in 1931  Hussey/223  1931

Sermons first preached in 1932  Hussey/224  1932

Sermons first preached in 1933  Hussey/225  1933

Sermons first preached in 1934  Hussey/226  1934

Sermons first preached in 1935  Hussey/227  1935

Sermons first preached in 1936  Hussey/228  1936

Sermons first preached in 1937  Hussey/229  1937

Sermons first preached in 1938  Hussey/230  1938

Sermons first preached in 1939  Hussey/231  1939

Sermons first preached in 1940  Hussey/232  1940

Sermons first preached in 1941  Hussey/233  1941

Sermons first preached in 1942  Hussey/234  1942

Sermons first preached in 1943  Hussey/235  1943

Sermons first preached in 1944  Hussey/236  1944

Sermons first preached in 1945  Hussey/237  1945

Sermons first preached in 1946  Hussey/238  1946

Sermons first preached in 1947  Hussey/239  1947

Sermons first preached in 1948  Hussey/240  1948

Sermons first preached in 1949  Hussey/241  1949

Sermons first preached in 1950  Hussey/242  1950

Sermons first preached in 1951  Hussey/243  1951

Sermons first preached in 1952  Hussey/244  1952

Sermons first preached in 1953  Hussey/245  1953

Sermons first preached in 1954  Hussey/246  1954

Sermons first preached in 1955  Hussey/247  1955

Sermons first preached in 1956  Hussey/248  1956

Sermons first preached in 1957  Hussey/249  1957

Sermons first preached in 1958  Hussey/250  1958

Sermons first preached in 1959  Hussey/251  1959

Sermons first preached in 1960  Hussey/252  1960

Sermons first preached in 1961  Hussey/253  1961

Sermons first preached in 1962  Hussey/254  1962

Sermons first preached in 1963  Hussey/255  1963

Sermons first preached in 1964  Hussey/256  1964

Sermons first preached in 1965  Hussey/257  1965

Sermons first preached in 1966  Hussey/258  1966

Sermons first preached in 1967  Hussey/259  1967

Sermons first preached in 1968  Hussey/260  1968

Sermons first preached in 1969  Hussey/261  1969

Sermons first preached in 1970  Hussey/262  1970

Sermons first preached in 1971  Hussey/263  1971

Sermons first preached in 1972  Hussey/264  1972

Sermons first preached in 1973  Hussey/265  1973

Sermons first preached in 1974  Hussey/266  1974

Sermons first preached in 1975  Hussey/267  1975

Sermons first preached in 1976  Hussey/268  1976

Sermons first preached in 1977  Hussey/269  1977

Sermons first preached in 1978  Hussey/270  1978

Sermons first preached in 1979  Hussey/271  1979

Sermons first preached in 1980  Hussey/272  1980

Undated sermons, arranged in alphabetical order  Hussey/273  nd


Typed list of addresses, speeches and talks in chronological order of delivery [see Hussey/221 for alphabetical list]  Hussey/274  nd

Addresses, speeches and talks first delivered 1937-54  Hussey/275  1937-1954

Addresses, speeches and talks first delivered 1955-80  Hussey/276  1955-1980

Undated addresses, speeches and talks in alphabetical order  Hussey/277  nd

TOASTS AND MENU CARDS  [no ref. or date]

Toasts and menu cards  Hussey/278  1956-1969

WRITINGS  [no ref. or date]

PUBLISHED ARTICLES  Hussey/279  1931-1984

'Emotionalism in the music of Elgar' [photocopy], The Musical Times, pp 211-2, 1 Mar 1931
'Human Longings. And How to Satisfy Them', The Sign, p 121, October 1940
'Prayer in War-Time. Some War-time Thoughts on the Book of Job', The Sign, pp 73-74 [2 copies] October 1941
'The Church and the Artist - an association too much neglected', The Churchman, pp 9-10, 15 June 1946
Typescript of article 'Art in the Church', associated letter: The Studio Limited, FA Mercer 1977
'Madonna and Child', The Student Movement, Vol LV Hussey/2, Dec 1952
[WH's comments on Henry Moore's statue in the church at Claydon, Suffolk]
'The Arts and the Church', Chichester News June 1977
Contribution to a Festschift for Peter Pears' 75th birthday [draft] associated letter: M Thorpe, trustee of the Britten-Pears Foundation 1984
'The Cathedral and the Visitors' from an unidentified parish magazine nd

CHICHESTER 900  Hussey/280  1974-1976

1975 was the nine hundredth anniversary of the foundation of Chichester Cathedral. To mark the year WH published a commemorative book of essays specially written by people who lived in Sussex or who had some connection with Chichester, dealing with topics which had some association with the cathedral. No copy of the book has been found in this collection, but one is available in the search room of the West Sussex Record Office
Typed list headed 'Index' giving names of contributors and a line of biographical information
Preface, annotated typescript signed by WH [p3]
'Roman Chichester', annotated typescript by Margaret H Rule [pp5-10]
Photograph of plaque 'In Honor of William Collins' [following p 10]
'Thomas Weelkes: Chichester Cathedral's Greatest Musician', annotated typescript by David Brown [pp12-17]
Photographs of two Romanesque carvings: Christ greeted by Martha and Mary
The raising of Lazarus [following p14]
'The Siege of Chichester', annotated typescript by Patricia Gill [pp18-27]
'Journeyings in Faith and Poetry: RH Codrington and Andrew Young' annotated typescript by Bernard Price [photocopy] [pp37-52]
'AS Duncan-Jones - A Memoir', annotated typescript by Francis W Steer [pp53-5]
'George Bell, Bishop of Chichester 1929-1958', annotated typescript by Lancelot Mason [pp56-67]
'Dean Walter Hussey - A Tribute to his Patronage of the Arts', annotated typescript by Kenneth Clark [pp68-72]
'The Cathedral in its Setting' annotated typescript by Sir JM Richards [pp73-7]
Prologue, annotated typescript over the initials DHLH [appeared in Chichester 900 as an anonymous contribution p78]
Associated letters
Faber and Faber Ltd, D Carnegy to Mrs LA Foster, with copy of letter from Foster to G de la Mare 1974
C Fry (3) 1974
GCH Paget, marquess of Anglesey 1975
Sir James Richards 1974
J Skelton to Mrs Foster 1974
R Stone 1976
2 newspaper cuttings - reviews of the book

PATRON OF ART  Hussey/281  1983-1985

In 1985 WH wrote Patron of Art: The revival of a great tradition among modern artists, with an introduction by John Piper. The book was published by Weidenfeld and Nicolson
24 letters from
The Estate of WH Auden, E Mendelson 1984
The Aldeburgh Foundation, K Baird 1984
British Broadcasting Corporation, K Savidge 1985
The Britten Estate, D Mitchell, (2) enclosing transcriptions of 3 Britten letters 1984
Lady Nolwen Clark 1984
Lord Cudlipp 1983
JWA Hussey, draft of letter [?to a publisher] nd
HJ Kraut, Amberson Enterprises Inc 1984
L Mason 1985
H Moore 1984
N Nicholson 1984
F Richards 1984
K Sutherland 1984
Sir Michael Tippett [letter written by N Wright] 1984
MG Todd nd
Weidenfeld & Nicolson, RJ Legge (5) 1984
Weidenfeld & Nicolson, J Curtis 1984
Weidenfeld (Publishers) Limited, M Caulfield 1985
Weidenfeld (Publishers) Limited, RJ Legge 1984
With typescripts, proofs, photographs, index, illustrations list, dust cover and its proofs, invoices and newspaper reviews

WALTER HUSSEY AND THE ARTS  [no ref. or date]

S MATTHEW'S COMMISSIONS  [no ref. or date]

Walter Hussey invited many artists to create works of art for S Matthew's. Most accepted the commission but a few did not. In order to give a complete account of WH's work in this field all his correspondence on the subject is listed below. Strictly, broadcasts by well-known orchestras from S Matthew's should not be considered as commissions, but WH himself kept all such material together, and it seems appropriate to copy his example in compiling this catalogue
Some artists created works for both S Matthew's and Chichester Cathedral. As WH made a particular point of keeping all papers relating to each artist together it has been decided not to separate them, and consequently papers about these Chichester commissions will be found among those of S Matthew's. Where this has happened a note has been inserted in the list

MALCOLM ARNOLD  [no ref. or date]

MS Score of Laudate Dominum, Psalm 150 for Choir and organ  Hussey/282  1950

Associated letters from M Arnold (5)  Hussey/283  1950

WYSTAN HUGH AUDEN  [no ref. or date]

Printed Litany and Anthem of S Matthew's Day written for Patronal Service 21 September 1946  Hussey/284  1946,1953

4 Copies

Associated letters: 1946
WH Auden (2)
Sir John Betjeman
With a further letter from WH Auden refusing another commission 1953

EDWARD BARNSLEY  [no ref. or date]

Designed oak furniture for S Matthew's

Letters: E Barnsley (2)  Hussey/285  1947,1949

BBC  [no ref. or date]

The BBC broadcast organ recitals from S Matthew's at the beginning of the war

Letters  Hussey/286  1941-1942

V Drewry, BBC (2) 1941-2
DFG Gutton, BBC 1941

BBC SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA  [no ref. or date]

The orchestra gave a broadcast performance from S Matthew's on 2 October 1943

Associated letters  Hussey/287  1943

P Beard
Sir Arthur Bliss (6)
Sir Adrian Boult (2) [inc. one from his secretary GM Beckett]
E Hall
GM Hisocks, LCC Paddington Technical Institute
J Livingstone-Herbage
RR Paterson, BBC
WK Stanton, BBC (20)
WW Thompson, BBC
2 printed posters, 1 printed programme, rough note of seating capacity in the church, 1 photograph of Boult conducting, 2 photographs of Boult and another
Correspondence about the possibility of further concerts: 1944-5
Sir Adrian Boult
BBC, KLA Wright (2)
Dr V Hely-Hutchinson, BBC
WK Stanton, BBC (6)

LENNOX BERKELEY  [no ref. or date]

MS score of Festival Anthem, with covering note from the composer  Hussey/288  1945

Facsmilie MS score of The Lord is my Shepherd [written for Chichester Cathedral]  Hussey/289  1975

MS score Three Songs, poems by Walter de la Mare  Hussey/290  1977

'Poetry', 'Another Spring', 'Afraid', to Janet Baker
[written for performance at Chichester Cathedral on the occasion of WH's retirement]

Letters  Hussey/291  1944-1977

Lennox Berkeley (19, including one about Christopher Headington's anthem) 1944-54
WK Stanton, BBC 1945
Lennox Berkeley (7), with copy of one from WH's secretary 1973-7
Newspaper cutting from Radio Times, Norman Demuth mentions Festival Anthem. 29 Jan 1954

SIR JOHN BETJEMAN  [no ref. or date]

Refused commissions to write for S Matthew's

Letters: Sir John Betjeman (2)  Hussey/292  1950,1954

THE BOYD NEEL ORCHESTRA  [no ref. or date]

The orchestra gave a concert for S Matthew's Day on 21 Sep 1953

Letters  Hussey/293  1953

The Boyd Neel Orchestra, C Gregory (8)
C Raybould (2)

BENJAMIN BRITTEN  [no ref. or date]

MS score Rejoice in the Lamb, with signed dedication by the composer 21 September  Hussey/294  1942

MS score of Prelude and Fugue on a Theme of Vittoria  Hussey/295  1946

Scores  Hussey/296  1943-1958

Printed score of Rejoice in the Lamb, Winthrop Rogers Edition, 1943, with 1f programme note by WH, associated letter: E Stein of Boosey and Hawkes 1943
Printed score of Saint Nicolas, (Boosey & Co) 1958
Associated letter: J Andrews of Boosey & Hawkes Ltd 1948
Photograph of 5 men nd
Autographed, dedicated printed score of Hymn to Saint Peter, (Boosey & Hawkes Ltd) 1957
Autographed, dedicated printed score of Canticle III 'Still falls the rain', (Boosey & Co Ltd) nd
Autographed printed score of Antiphon nd
Autographed printed score of Festival Te Deum (Boosey & Hawkes Ltd) nd

Letters  Hussey/297  1940s

B Britten (18) with photocopy of one letter
B Britten and P Pears
P Pears (2)

Letters  Hussey/298  1950s

B Britten (9)
B Britten and P Pears (2)
B Britten, P Pears and I Holst
B Britten, P Pears and another
P Pears (4)

Letters  Hussey/299  1960s

B Britten (10), with rough draft WH to B Britten
B Britten and P Pears
J Cullum on behalf of B Britten (2)

Letters  Hussey/300  1970s

B Britten (6)
P Pears (5)

13 Christmas cards from B Britten and P Pears  Hussey/301  nd

Including booklets Armenian Holiday August 1965 and Moscow Christmas December 1966 1968, nd

Papers  Hussey/302  1943-1968

Associated letters
C Cantrell 1943
GM Forster 1943
D Mitchell 1968
JW Poole 1943
School of English Church Music, Sir Sydney Nicholson [1944]
Typescript of possible broadcast script by WH about Britten and Moore commissions, found in Sutherland file, [see Hussey/347] nd
Notes made following a meeting with Kenneth Clark and Henry Moore on July 23, and following a visit from Benjamin Britten on Aug 1 [see Hussey/336] [1943]
5 photographs of B Britten alone or with others, and one negative

MEMORIAL SERVICE  Hussey/303  1977

Printed order of service for Britten's memorial service at Westminster Abbey, 10 March 1977, with typescript of WH's address and cutting from The Times [11 March 1977]
3 associated letters 1977
E Carpenter, dean of Westminster
P Forster (2)
D Moriarty, BBC tv

POSTHUMOUS MATERIAL  Hussey/304  1979, 1984

4 letters
The Britten Estate, J Burrows on behalf of D Mitchell nd
The Britten-Pears Library, R Strode 1979
I Holst nd
Westminster Cathedral, OB Kelly 1984

JAMES BUTT  [no ref. or date]

Bless the Lord  Hussey/305  1955, nd

Sketches of Cantata Bless the Lord O My Soul 1955
MS score of basses part of Bless the Lord, Cantata for choir and organ nd

Score, letter  Hussey/306  1954, nd

Printed score of The Carol of the Ship (Sphemusations) nd
10 associated letters from James Butt 1954

SIR (JOHN) NINIAN COMPER  [no ref. or date]

Designed the credence at S Matthew's

Correspondence  Hussey/307  1944

Sir Ninian Comper (5) enclosing his design and the estimate from C Adams & Sons
Sir John Betjeman

HAROLD CRAXTON  [no ref. or date]

Gave piano recitals at S Matthew's and accompanied Kirsten Flagstad (qv) who sang there in 1947 and 1948

Papers  Hussey/308  1943-1948

4 letters from H Craxton [1943,47], nd
Christmas card from Craxton family nd
Autograph on recital programme, with Kirsten Flagstad and Bernard Miles 1948

CECIL DAY LEWIS  [no ref. or date]

Letter declining to write something for the Patronal Festival  Hussey/309  nd

WALTER DE LA MARE  [no ref. or date]

4 letters declining to write something for S Matthew's  Hussey/310  1951,1953

RALPH WILLIAM DOWNES  [no ref. or date]

Papers  Hussey/311  1928, 1929

MS score for 13 O'Clock Music (3rd Trombone part), signed by the composer
2 Christmas cards and printed announcement of marriage 1928,29

RONALD DUNCAN  [no ref. or date]

2 letters from Duncan about the possibility of his play with music Our Lady's Tumbler being performed at S Matthew's  Hussey/313  1950,nd

M DURUFLÉ  [no ref. or date]

Unable to compose a piece for S Matthew's patronal festival  Hussey/314  1949

EDWARD ELGAR  [no ref. or date]

Among the papers connected with his many commissions WH kept a file on Edward Elgar. The documents in it have been included in this section because although Elgar was never invited to write anything for S Matthew's, WH kept up a long and lively correspondence with him

Papers  Hussey/315  1927-1934

Related information: See also
Letters from George Gillespie [Huddey/409] 1937
Ivo Knowles [Huddey/418] 1929
Both enclose small newspaper cuttings about Elgar

10 letters from Sir Edward Elgar 1927-33
Associated letters
CS Blake [Elgar's daughter] 1934
B Maine 1934
The Musical Times, editor H Grace, referring to WH's article 'Emotionalism in the music of Elgar' [see Hussey/ 279] 1931
DF Tovey's notes on Elgar's concerto for violin and orchestra nd
10 newspaper cuttings

THOMAS STEARNS ELIOT  [no ref. or date]

6 letters, including one from his secretary, M Bland  Hussey/316  1943-1955

HANS FEIBUSCH  [no ref. or date]

Papers  Hussey/317  1944, 1953

3 drawings of WH by Feibusch [photocopies]. Originals are at Pallant House 1953
2 letters about him in relation to S Matthew's 1944
GKA Bell, bishop of Chichester
CB Mortlock

GERALD FINZI  [no ref. or date]

MS score of Lo, the Full, Final Sacrifice, Festival Anthem. Words by Richard Crashaw  Hussey/318  1946

Papers  Hussey/319  1946-1947

Printed score of the above, (Boosey & Hawkes), autographed by the composer, with photographic negative of a man standing outside a house 1947
10 letters from G Finzi 1946-7
Typed copy of Crashaw's words used in the anthem nd
Finzi's name and address on a scrap of paper nd

KIRSTEN FLAGSTAD  [no ref. or date]

Flagstad sang at S Matthew's on 2 July 1947 and 2 July 1948

Papers  Hussey/320  1936-1961

15 letters
K Flagstad (7) 1946-50
K Flagstad and Ivor Newton 1961
Sir Arthur Bliss 1948
F Horwitz (4), with copy of letter from WH 1947
Organisation Artistique Internationale, F Horwitz 1947
D Shawe-Taylor 1948
Photograph of Flagstad inscribed to Ivor Newton 1936
3 photographs of Flagstad [1947 or 48]
Autographed signature on two recital programmes 1947, 48
HM Customs and Excise form of Entertainments Duty 1947

CHRISTOPHER FRY  [no ref. or date]

Letter saying he is unable to write a play for S Matthew's for a year or two  Hussey/321  1953

GEORGE KRUGER GRAY  [no ref. or date]

Letter, cutting  Hussey/322  1938, nd

Related information: See also [Hussey/18]

Letter enclosing sketch and proofs of the shield of S Matthew 1938
Newspaper cutting showing picture of Gray nd


MS score An Anthem for S Matthew's Day with a signed dedication by the composer. (Words by Henry Vaughan)  Hussey/323  1948

Related information: See also: Lennox Berkeley's letter of 21 August 1948, Hussey/291

3 letters from C Headington  Hussey/324  1948

Printed words of the anthem by Henry Vaughan

COLIN HORSLEY  [no ref. or date]

Gave a piano recital at the patronal festival on 25 September 1948

4 letters from C Horsley  Hussey/325  1948

JAMES ILIFF  [no ref. or date]

Offered a Te Deum which WH could not use at S Matthew's

2 letters from J Iliff  Hussey/326  1948

FRANK MARTIN  [no ref. or date]

Letter saying he is unable to compose a piece for the autumn festival  Hussey/327  1953

HENRY MOORE  [no ref. or date]

43 letters from H Moore  Hussey/328  1942-1949

With draft of letter from WH, and enclosing letters from AH Anderson of B Matthews (Photo Printers) Ltd, and C Geoffrey Mortlock of the British Council to H Moore

16 letters from H Moore  Hussey/329  1950, 1959, nd

17 letters from H Moore  Hussey/330  1960-1968, nd

5 letters from H Moore  Hussey/331  1970-1975

Letters  Hussey/332  1952-1971

6 letters from Henry and Irina Moore 1952-71
1 letter from Henry, Irina and Mary Moore 1961

Associated letters  Hussey/333  1943-1968

Related information: [See also letter from Lord Clark Hussey/401]

E Alport, S Matthew's PCC 1944
GKA Bell, bishop of Chichester (3) 1943-4
H Birt, Sadlers Wells Theatre 1944
CM Blagden, bishop of Peterborough 1944
Sir Arthur Bliss 1944
EH Cady 1944
Central Council for the Care of Churches, FC Eeles 1944
I Conlay, art editor of The Catholic Herald (2), enclosing her article and photograph of Madonna and Child 1944
J Cross [1944]
W Denny 1944
Hornton Quarries Ltd, GP Stanley (2) 1944
N Lang, bishop of Peterborough (2) 1943
Lindsay Drummond Limited, Stefan Shimanski 1944
Ministry of Information, A Wyke 1945
CB Mortlock (3), 1944
CG Mortlock, The British Council, enclosing article by I Conlay 1944
The Museum of Modern Art, S Newmeyer 1945
ER Richards 1944
EC Sackville-West 1944
H Savory of the Diocesan Registry, Peterborough (3), with copy of a paper giving the statue to S Matthew's, signed by J Rowden Hussey, JWA Hussey and two churchwardens 1943
B Sunley (2) 1944
B Tinsley, on behalf of Irina Moore, with PS by H Moore 1968
S Matthew's, Northampton, GA Dalziel, secretary of PCC [see Sutherland Hussey/347] 1962

Photographs  Hussey/334  nd

Photograph showing the five preliminary clay sketches for Moore's Madonna and Child
8 photographs of clay models of Madonna and Child
Sketch by Moore showing suggested lighting for the statue nd
13 photographs of Moore's Madonna and Child
3 photographs of sculpture of a seated woman
Postcard showing Project for Madonna and Child at The Tate Gallery

Papers  Hussey/335  1944, 1956

Typescript draft of dedication service for 19 February 1944, with artist's draft on card, proof copy and final copy
Printed leaflet headed Statue of the Madonna and Child in S Matthew's Church, Northampton giving text of WH's address on Sunday prior to unveiling [13 February], and Kenneth Clark's address at the unveiling [Saturday 19 February] (numerous copies) 1944
Printed order of service for the unveiling and dedication (several copies)
Invoice for design of inscription, and for carving letters on the base of a Henry Moore statue 1956

Papers  Hussey/336  1943-1969

2 typescripts containing verbatim comments by Moore on his life and work 1969, nd
Typed script of the BBC programme The Critics in which Moore's Madonna and Child and Sutherland's Crucifixion were discussed. Denis Matthews opened the discussion 1952
Typescript of possible script by WH for a broadcast about Britten and Moore commissions, 7ff, found in Sutherland file with a hand written note [see Hussey/347] nd
Notes made following a meeting with Kenneth Clark and Henry Moore on July 23, and following a visit from Benjamin Britten on Aug 1 [1943]

Papers  Hussey/337  1946-1978

10 newspaper cuttings about Henry Moore and his works, or by him, with illustrations 1948-78
2 printed invitations
To retrospective exhibition at The Museum of Modern Art, New York 1946
To dinner in Moore's honour at The Tate Gallery 1968
13 photographs of Henry Moore, by himself and with others, including 3 with his wife Irina 1967, nd
List of works by Henry Moore loaned by the artist for exhibition at Chichester Cathedral, summer 1975

Letter from J Burton about the casting of some bronze medals from Moore's originals  Hussey/338  1975

NORMAN NICHOLSON  [no ref. or date]

In 1949 Norman Nicholson wrote the poem The Outer Planet for S Matthew's. It was printed as a small folding pamphlet, and also in the parish magazine

Papers  Hussey/339  1949, nd

4 letters from N Nicholson 1949, nd
Typescript copies of parts of these letters
Typescript of poem The Stone that Rolled Away nd
Printed pamphlet The Outer Planet (3 copies)

GORDON PEMBLE  [no ref. or date]

Gordon Pemble designed and made a crib for S Matthew's

Correspondence  Hussey/340  1954-1955

G Pemble (5)
Sir William Colstream
S Pemble
2 photographs of the crib

JOHN PIPER  [no ref. or date]

Related information: John Piper designed a cope for WH while he was still at S Matthew's. WH took it with him when he became dean of Chichester. For correspondence about this cope see under Chichester Cathedral Commissions

EDMUND RUBBRA  [no ref. or date]

In 1944 Edmund Rubbra wrote a short piece for choir for the festival of S Matthew's. It was a setting of Henry Vaughan's poem The Revival

MS Copy of The Revival Op. 58, motet for unaccompanied choir. Words by Henry Vaughan. Signed by the composer, Aug  Hussey/341  1944

Scores, letters  Hussey/342  1944-1953

Printed score of The Revival, motet for unaccompanied choir
For the Rev. Walter Hussey and the choir of St Matthew's Church, Northampton (Boosey & Co Ltd) 1944
Printed score of Missa Cantuariensis, (Alfred Lengnick & Co Ltd) with covering letter from E Rubbra 1946
Printed score of Three Psalms, (Alfred Lengnick & Co Ltd) with complimentary slip from publisher 1948
Correspondence: 1944-53
E Rubbra (6)
M Behrend
Boosey & Hawkes Ltd, LA Boosey (3), with drafts of WH's replies
KA Stubbs

ALEXANDER SMITH  [no ref. or date]

Alexander Smith suggested writing a play, with musical commentaries, about St Paul

Letter from A Smith  Hussey/343  1949

IGOR STRAVINSKY  [no ref. or date]

Igor Stravinsky refused invitations to write music for S Matthew's or Chichester Cathedral

Letters, cutting  Hussey/344  1950-1979

I Stravinsky, with copy of letter from WH 1950, 53
Newspaper cutting on Stravinsky's Rake from The Observer 1979

GRAHAM SUTHERLAND  [no ref. or date]

Graham Sutherland painted The Crucifixion for S Matthew's. It was unveiled on 16 November 1946. He also painted Noli me tangere for the newly restored chapel of S Mary Magdalen at Chichester Cathedral which was reopened on 5 April 1961

CORRESPONDENCE  Hussey/345  1944-1978

G Sutherland (51) 1944-78
G Sutherland to Bishop Bell of Chichester 1955
Graham and Kathleen Sutherland (5 letters and cards) 1955, 63, nd
Kathleen Sutherland (40) 1946-69
Recipe written on Sutherlands' Venice notepaper nd


Sir Colin Anderson
M Behrend
B Belk
GKA Bell, bishop of Chichester (3)
I Conlay, art editor, Catholic Herald
Father M D'Arcy SJ
F Dark
I Dow
T Driberg
AS Duncan-Jones
TS Eliot
W Evill
A Gibson
G Grigson
Lady MJ Huxley
H Lethbridge
D Macdonald, Alex Reid & Lefevre Ltd
Sir Eric Maclagan
M Meyer
EN Millard
R Mortimer
J Piper
A Rawsthorne
Dr H Read
J Ridley
G Sitwell
AEJ Spencer, 7th Earl
A Stewart, Vogue (2)
HM Sutton, Mansfield School of Art
Printed invitations to the unveiling (4 copies)
2 lists of invitees compiled by WH and Kathleen Sutherland
Amended MS of Sir Eric Maclagan's address
Photocopies of 7 photographs of Sutherland's Crucifixion and the unveiling [originals at Pallant House]
Printed order of service for unveiling and dedications of Graham Sutherland's Crucifixion (6 copies)
Printed address by Sir Eric Maclagan at the unveiling and dedication (64 copies)


Letters: 1944-62
AF Blunt, Courtauld Institute of Art
Lord Castle, Picture Post (2)
Lord Clark
Council for the Encouragement of Music and the Arts, Philip James (3)
Chronicle & Echo, Northampton, W Cowper Barrons
Father M D'Arcy SJ
FJ Goodman enclosing 4 photographs of the Crucifixion [2 as illustrated in Patron of Art, 2 of another version, with skull]
JWA Hussey to G Scott [draft]
KM Loch, The British Council, enclosing copy of the catalogue of the Graham Sutherland Exhibition in Paris
FH Mann (2)
E Newton (2)
B Nicolson
P Oldaker
R Preston, The Student Christian Movement
J Ridley
S Matthew's Northampton, GA Dalziel, secretary of PCC see also: HDF Fraser under Piper [Hussey/366]
Lord Clark [Hussey/401]
Typed script of the BBC programme The Critics in which Moore's
Madonna and Child and Sutherland's Crucifixion were discussed
Denis Matthews opened the discussion, [photocopy] original in Hussey/336
Typescript of possible script by WH for a broadcast about Britten and Moore commissions, 7ff, nd
The Artist by Himself (ed. Joan Kinneir) pp 10 and 145 refer to letter from G Sutherland to WH [photocopies, originals at Pallant House] 1980
'Art and the Christian Church' by Edward Charles Sackville-West in Vogue, including colour illustration of Sutherland's Crucifixion. With a larger version of the same picture nd
Text of Graham Sutherland's 'Crucifixion' by Benedict Nicolson nd
7 newspaper cuttings nd
Illustrated article on Graham Sutherland from a newspaper nd
Newspaper cutting showing picture of Sutherland's Crucifixion nd
1 colour picture and 2 picture postcards of the painting 4 photographs of Sutherland's Crucifixion which vary in detail from the illustration in Patron of Art. In particular there is a skull at the bottom of the picture. nd
1 black and white photograph with other variations: 'Graham' inscribed on reverse
Pencilled list of 20th-century artists in WH's hand

Letters, Obituary  Hussey/348  1961-1980

Related information: See also excerpt from television film script on Graham Sutherland, in which WH took part. No indication whether BBC or ITV [Hussey/218]

3 letters about Sutherland's Noli me tangere at Chichester
C Leeston, enclosing transparency of the picture 1961
A Révai, enclosing copy of agreement between The Pallas Gallery Ltd and Graham Sutherland 1962
See also: Lord Clark [Hussey/401]
Obituary of Graham Sutherland in The Times, 18 Feb 1980

DENIS TEGETMEIER  [no ref. or date]

Denis Tegetmeier designed the inscription to be placed over the ashes of John Rowden Hussey and his wife Lilian Mary Hussey in the Lady Chapel at S Matthew's

Correspondence  Hussey/349  1946-1947

D Tegetmeier, with a sketch (3)
H Savory, the Diocesan Registry, Peterborough
GHG Scott

MICHAEL TIPPETT  [no ref. or date]

Michael Tippett wrote a fanfare for S Matthew's which was performed on 21 September 1943

Scores  Hussey/350  [n.d.]

MS score of Fanfare for Brass Instruments, with signed dedication by the composer, with MS portion of complete score to replace the 4 horn parts
MS score of Fanfare for Brass Instruments for the Rev JWA Hussey on the occasion of the Jubilee Festival at St Matthew's Church, Northampton. with 13 ff parts

10 letters from Michael Tippett  Hussey/351  [1943]-1953

WILLIAM WALTON  [no ref. or date]

Related information: William Walton declined an invitation to compose a piece of music for S Matthew's, but he later undertook a commission for Chichester Cathedral [see under Chichester Cathedral Commissions]

RALPH VAUGHAN WILLIAMS  [no ref. or date]

Letter from R Vaughan Williams declining an invitation to compose for S Matthew's  Hussey/352  1950

HAROLD S WILLIAMSON  [no ref. or date]

Harold Williamson was the principal of Chelsea College of Art which was evacuated to Northampton during the war. It was he who introduced WH to Henry Moore

HS Williamson (9)  Hussey/353  1942-1961

HUGH ROSS WILLIAMSON  [no ref. or date]

It was suggested that Hugh Ross Williamson might write a play for S Matthew's

Letter from S Coleridge  Hussey/354  1952


WILLIAM ALBRIGHT  [no ref. or date]

Wrote a Chichester Mass which was sung at the Festival Eucharist of the 900th anniversary of Chichester Cathedral in 1975

Letters  Hussey/355  1975

Letters: W Albright (2) 1975
A Wyton 1975

LENNOX BERKELEY  [no ref. or date]

Related information: Wrote The Lord is my Shepherd (1975) and Three Songs (1977) for performance in Chichester Cathedral, see under S Matthew's commissions

LEONARD BERNSTEIN  [no ref. or date]

The Chichester Psalms were performed in Chichester Cathedral on 31 July 1965

Chichester Psalms  Hussey/356  1965-1971

Autographed dedicated copy of printed score of Chichester Psalms (Amberson Enterprises Inc) nd
Chichester Psalms, (Amberson Enterprises Inc) New York, with front cover autographed by composer (1970) and covering letter from John M Osborne to The Friends of Chichester Cathedral 1971
Facsimile of original MS score of Chichester Psalms with signed dedication by the composer 1965
Bound facsimile MS score of Chichester Psalms as prepared for publication, with a dedication to the Dean of Chichester on the title page nd

Correspondence  Hussey/357  1964-1965

L Bernstein (8) with copy of letter from DR Hutchinson
Lenny and Felicia Bernstein
F Bernstein
HG Coates, secretary to L Bernstein

Letters etc  Hussey/358  1965-1975

Associated letters
Amberson Productions, HJ Kraut 1974
H Burton 1973
J Gottlieb, enclosing programme notes of première performance of Bernstein's Chichester Psalms in New York 1965
Sir Eardley Holland, enclosing 2 newspaper cuttings [1965]
JWA Hussey to Bernstein returned 'addressee unknown' 1975
O Huxley, enclosing cutting from The Scotsman [1965]
R Lanz (2)
United States of America, embassy, WE Weld 1970
28 newspaper cuttings mainly about Chichester Psalms 4 photographs of Leonard Bernstein and his family Programme of a concert conducted by Bernstein at the Royal Festival Hall [1966]

BENJAMIN BRITTEN  [no ref. or date]

Related information: Benjamin Britten was asked to compose for Chichester Cathedral, see S Matthew's commissions

MARC CHAGALL  [no ref. or date]

Marc Chagall designed a stained glass window for Chichester Cathedral, which was unveiled on 6 October 1978

THE COMMISSION  Hussey/359  1969-1980

13 letters from Valentina Chagall [wife of Marc Chagall] with drafts of 3 of WH's letters to her 1969-80
7 letters from Charles Marq who executed Chagall's design 1975-7
2 letters from Messageries Nationales Walbaum SA who transported the window 1978
2 invoices 1978

FUND RAISING  Hussey/360  1977-1979

2 draft letters from WH asking for funds, with colour transparency of the design and of the window
Lists of names and addresses of possible donors
57 letters from: 1977-9
The Allen Lane Foundation
Arts Council of Great Britain (2)
I Askew (3)
Ian Askew Charitable Trust
Lord Bernstein (2), with draft of WH's reply
Lord Goodman
Great Universal Stores Ltd
Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, Lisbon
Sir Denis Hamilton
The Headley Trust (8)
CL Hodgetts (10)
RT Holtby (2)
Sir Antony Hornby
JWA Hussey to the director, The Wates Foundation
Idlewild Trust (3)
JE Lowe (2)
P Maddick
L Mason (2)
Monument Trust (2)
Pilgrim Trust
Radcliffe Trust, AF and RW Tweedie
Rayne Foundation
Sir John Scott (3) with copy of article by Christopher Booker in The Daily Telegraph, and an invoice from Chartron Anne and Michael Sobell Charitable Trust, Lewis, Lewis & Co J Toms
Warbeck Fund Limited
H Whitbread (2), with copy of letter from WH
Photographs of the Chichester window, with Christmas greetings Margaret and Robert Porter on reverse 1978
4 photographs of other Chagall windows, one a postcard from John & Julio, another from John

PRINTED MATTER  Hussey/361  1978

Printed invitation for WH for the unveiling of the window
Order of service, 6 October (2 copies) 1978
3 newspaper cuttings 1978

GEOFFREY CLARKE  [no ref. or date]

Geoffrey Clarke designed the Cathedral pulpit; altar rails and candlesticks for S Mary Magdalen's Chapel, and book rest on the altar; and metal handles for the glass doors of the west porch [qv]

3 sketched designs for Cathedral pulpit  Hussey/362  nd

25 letters from G Clarke, including Christmas plaques from Bill and Geoffrey Clarke, and one card from Ethelwynne and Geoffrey Clarke  Hussey/363  1952-1982

Related information: [See also: Surveyor Hussey/165]

CECIL COLLINS  [no ref. or date]

Cecil Collins designed an altar frontal for S Clement's Chapel

6 letters from Cecil Collins, with iconographical notes on the altar piece  Hussey/364  1972-1973

HENRY MOORE  [no ref. or date]

Related information: See Hussey/338 for correspondence about the bronze medals from Moore originals

JOHN PIPER  [no ref. or date]

Towards the end of Walter Hussey's time at Northampton he was offered a personal gift which he decided should take the form of a cope designed by a good artist. John Piper designed it. Hussey wore it once or twice at Northampton, and then took it with him to Chichester. Piper also designed the parish magazine cover for S Matthew's Northampton
John Piper designed the tapestry which now hangs in front of the Sherburne screen [qv] behind the high altar. It was installed in the cathedral in the autumn of 1966. He designed a set of vestments for the cathedral for use at festivals: chasuble, dalmatic and tunicle, and he painted a picture of the cathedral for the book of essays published to mark the 900th anniversary of the cathedral, Chichester 900

Letters  Hussey/365  1952-1984

65 letters from John Piper, with letter to him from Pinton Frères 1952-84
1 letter and 8 Christmas cards from John and Myfanwy Piper 1967,nd
2 letters from Myfanwy Piper 1955, 61
Copy of letter from J Piper to J Pinton
Copy of letter from J Piper to Mr Goodman

21 associated letters  Hussey/366  1965-1967

E Barnsley
Board of Trade
EA Buvyer
RM Cazalet
MR Clark-Kennedy
GH Eggers
RC Elwes
HDF Fraser
ASF Maitland, earl of Lauderdale
WWS March
JHL Morrell, bishop of Lewes
Pallas Gallery Ltd, RD Chancellor
J Parker
Pinton Frères (6)
G Thomas

Papers  Hussey/367  1965-1969

Notes on the occasion of Mr Piper's visit to Chichester 18 Jan 1965
John Piper's poster for Chichester Cathedral - Flowers in Praise 2-4 September [3 copies] 1966
Typescript of WH's address and prayer at the dedication of the tapestry [1966]
'Weaving a work of modern art' by Edwin Mullins, in Weekend Telegraph pp 34-37, 4 September 1966
Colour picture of Piper's tapestry in The Observer 31 January 1969
Photograph of cope designed by Piper for The Very Reverend Walter Hussey, Dean of Chichester nd
Postcard showing Piper's window in Oundle School Chapel

CERI GIRALDUS RICHARDS  [no ref. or date]

Ceri Richards designed a set of six copes for Chichester Cathedral, for use on festivals and special occasions

Letters etc  Hussey/368  1957-1977

24 letters from Ceri Richards with letter to him from E Geddes and another from K Coleborn 1957-66
5 letters from Frances Richards 1961-71
4 Christmas cards from Frances and Ceri Richards 1960-61, nd
P Reyntiens 1977
The Sunday Times, M Boxer 1964

PRINTED MATTER  Hussey/369  1968, 1981

Homage to Ceri Richards 1903-1971 with contributions from Sir Colin Anderson and others. Published by Fischer Fine Arts [48pp] nd
Press cutting: article 'Points of Departure in Ceri Richards' by William Gaunt
Appeal leaflet of The London Library, featuring the work of Ceri Richards 1968
Newspaper cutting on Ceri Richards exhibition 1981

REYNOLDS STONE  [no ref. or date]

Walter Hussey commissioned Reynolds Stone to design a small slate plaque with 'The Deanery' on it for the deanery gate post. Stone also designed the cover for the Chichester Cathedral Journal

Letters  Hussey/370  [n.d.]

J Stone, enclosing small reproduction of Saltwood by R Stone
J and R Stone
R Stone (3) 1958-65
JB Drew [?1965]

GRAHAM SUTHERLAND  [no ref. or date]

Related information: [See under S Matthew's Commissions]

WILLIAM WALTON  [no ref. or date]

William Walton wrote Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis for the Chichester Festival of 1975

Scores  Hussey/371  1975, nd

Bound MS copy of Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis, with dedication to Walter Hussey from the composer
Printed score of Coronation Te Deun (OUP)

Letters, list  Hussey/372  1942-1984

Letters: 1942-1984
Sir William Walton (9)
Lady Walton
C Morris, Oxford University Press
List of Walton's published works 1973


Correspondence and other material about WH's private art collection: sales and purchases, loans to exhibitions, insurance and burglar alarm  Hussey/373  1949-1983

Related information: See Hussey/108 for CL Hodgett's letter about the loan to the Chapter of The Falling Warrior by Moore

M Andrews c/o Beaux Arts Gallery 1958
WW Astor, 3rd Viscount Astor 1963
DA Bannerman 1973
Barbican Art Gallery, J Hoole 1983
F Baxendale (2) 1977
Beaux Arts Gallery, H Lessore, (2) enclosing photograph of
Sickert's 'The Raising of Lazarus' 1953
The British Council, D Fuller, with 7 photographs of sculptures 1976
Brocks Alarms, B Bennet 1977
R Buckle 1955
Burlington Fine Arts Ltd, S Tinniswood, enclosing photograph of figurine 1977
R Butler, enclosing 4 photographs of his sculpture 1970
Cailleux, Paris art dealers (4), with a letter from Henry Moore 1969
J Cailleux, with a letter from W Wingate & Johnstone Ltd 1969
A Causey, Manchester University (3) 1976
C Clutton 1964
S Clutton 1963
Dame Ninette de Valois, Sadler's Wells Theatre Ballet (2) 1949
D Dougill 1975
Fischer Fine Art Limited: London, C O'Brien 1978
HR Fischer 1972
JG Fortner, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Centre, New York 1975
G F[ranl] (2) 1965
RS Hales, visiting card nd
AL Haskell [1936]
Dame Barbara Hepworth 1968
E Knollys 1966
Metropolitan Police
Northampton Central Museum, WN Terry (2), and associated material 1976,79
P Plummer 1959
K Preston (2) 1949
Reunion des Musées Nationaux 1976
Rouse Security Service (3) 1977-83
Royal Academy of Arts, Sir Charles Wheeler (2) 1965
Royal Insurance, GR Whatham 1974
Royal Opera House, J Sullivan 1955
R Salmon (2) 1977
Sotheby & Co, J Barran (2), with photograph of a drawing by Giulio Bonasone 1973-4
Sotheby Parke Bernet & Co, J Barran 1975
Sotheby Parke Bernet & Co, with copy of WH's reply 1976
Terry Security, B Taylor 1977
Victoria and Albert Museum, G Reynolds 1974
Wickdown Ltd 1977
----, James, enclosing a drawing of Turner after a print after a drawing of Sir John Gilbert 1982

Papers  Hussey/374  1965-1982

H Lank, receipt 1968
Parke-Bernet Galleries Inc, statement of account 1972
Percy Lund, Humphries & Co Ltd, advice of blocks returned 1965
Sotheby & Co, statement of account 1974
Sotheby & Co, valuation insurance for works of art at the Deanery, with typed lists of works of art 1973
Bonham's sales statement and receipt 1978
Sotheby Bearne, receipt 1978
Sotheby Parke Bernet & Co, settlement statement 1978
The Tate Gallery, C Odgens, loan receipt 1982

Photographs and printed matter  Hussey/375  1944-1982

Falling Warrior (13 photographs with WH alone or with friends)
Benois' drawing of Les Sylphides (colour transparency)
Giulio Romano's Head of an Eagle (3)
Barbara Hepworth's Nocturne (4 photographs and 1 transparency)
B Hepworth with statues
Sculptures by Anthony Foster (10 photographs)
Spring and Summer from Lindsay Drummond Ltd 1944
Sale catalogue from Philips, Son & Neale, with sale instruction form 1982
Newspaper cutting about WH selling Moore sculpture [c1971]
Photograph of WH in The Tatler, p28, 4 July 1962
Photograph of WH in Sussex Life, p15, Jan 1969
Catalogue of paintings and sculpture from a a private collection [WH's collection], at Stablecourt Exhibition Galleries, Leeds nd
Catalogue of The Walter Hussey Art Collction at Northampton Art Gallery, with an introduction by WH 1978

PALLANT HOUSE  [no ref. or date]

When Walter Hussey retired as dean of Chichester he offered to leave all his pictures and sculptures to Chichester if Pallant House could be obtained as an art gallery for the city. The house was purchased and restored by Chichester District Council and the Friends of Pallant House, and opened to the public on 24 May 1982. A few of his works of art - sketches and preparatory work for works in S Matthew's Church, Northampton, and pictures of special local interest - went to Northampton, but the remainder of his collection forms a substantial part of the permanent exhibition at Pallant House

Letters  Hussey/376  1967-1982

City of Chichester, GG Heather, town clerk 1967
Chichester District Council, P Ryan, secretary 1978
Chichester District Council, P Lomas, chief executive (2) 1980
Friends of Pallant House, P Stroud, chairman (3) 1981-2
JWA Hussey to D Coke, curator Pallant House [photo copy] 1982
To N Colyer, assistant curator Pallant House [photo copy] 1980
To City of Chichester, GG Heather, town clerk (2) 1967
B Murray nd
Pallant House Gallery, N Colyer, assistant curator (9), with copy of letter from P Stansky to the curator 1979-83

PALLANT HOUSE GALLERY  Hussey/377  1979-1984

Typescript on The Walter Hussey Collection by Neil Colyer 1979
2 lists of paintings, text for catalogue, rough notes
Text of David Goodman's lecture at the Friends of Pallant House Public Meeting [photo copy] 1979
Edited transcript of talk given by WH at AGM of Friends of Pallant House [original cassette tape is at Pallant House] 1982
List of 4 works of art and their provenance - information given by WH to Pallant House Gallery 1984
Annotated list of items from the late WH's home, over initials of David Coke [photo copy]
Diplomatic Blackmail' by Paddy Kitch, Country Life pp 260-1, 9 June 1988, article on WH and Pallant House Gallery
Guide to the house
Catalogue of the Walter Hussey Collection, text by Neil Colyer, foreword by KME Murray
List of Contents
Pallant House News, Autumn 1983
Press release April 1982
Map showing parking for official guests at the official opening nd
Agenda and minutes of the first annual general meeting of Friends of Pallant House, with publicity and fund raising folders 1980
Newspaper cutting 1980

MUSICAL SCORES  [no ref. or date]

[??ATHERTON]  Hussey/378  nd

MS score headed 'Andante' nd

JAMES BERNARD 'Jimmy'  Hussey/379  1956, nd

MS score of Good Day! A Christmas Carol nd
MS score of Magnificat (The Song of the Blessed Virgin Mary) nd
MS score of Nunc Dimittis nd
MS score of The Shepherd upon a Hill A Christmas Carol for tenor solo, choir and organ 1956
Printed scores of two songs Jesus is his Name and Be Merry. Both inscribed to WH

JONATHAN HARVEY  Hussey/380  1981

Printed score of The Tree (OUP)

GUSTAV HOLST  Hussey/381  ?1930

MS score From the Host to its Hostess. Ave Atque Vale. written by Mabel Rodwell Jones and signed by Holst and all his choir. Caricatures drawn and designed by Amy Kemp. Written for Mrs Bell. In a frame


MS of Jesus Walks on the Water, poem by Richard Fleming, music by Anthony Piccolo, written to a commission from Kurt Weyrauch for his friend the Very Reverend Dr Walter Hussey and presented on the occasion of his seventieth birthday

D H RILEY  Hussey/383  1956

MS score Levavi Oculos To the Very Revd JWA Hussey


Autographed dedicated printed score of By the Rivers of Babylon (OUP)

ALEC WYTON  Hussey/385  1965-1979

Printed score of Palm Sunday Procession (HT Fitzsimmons Co) 1965
Printed score of Magnificat (Agape) 1973
Ecumenical Praise (Agape), a book of hymns, with dedication on title page 1979


MS score headed 'From the New World'
MS score of part of Rachmaninov's 2nd piano concerto


Presentation books and typescripts  Hussey/387  1951-1977

COLIN SKELTON ANDERSON: Three Score Years and Ten, book of poems inscribed to WH by the author 1974
JAMES BERNARD: Typescript of Walking in the Woods nd
JOHANN WOLFGANG VON GOETHE: Typescript of his poem 'Ganymede'
PETER KHOROCHE: Shadows in the Water, book of poems (Skelton Press), with letter from Khoroche 1977
JAMES BASIL OLDRINI TAYLOR: Gainsborough (1727-1788), (Faber and Faber), with a note of thanks from Taylor 1951
CHARLES WILLIAMS: Religion and Love in Dante with a visiting card from CT Wood attached nd

PRINTED MATERIAL  [no ref. or date]

Serial Publications  Hussey/388  1945-1979

L'Artisan et les Arts Liturgiques no. 1 1948
No. 4 1949
Building Design: article on Charles Kearley's house at Goodwood 1979
London Calling Hussey/283 containing Eric Newton's article 'Art in the Church Today' which mentions WH (3 copies) 1945
The Student Movement
October issue: front cover showing Moore's Madonna and Child at S Matthew's, pp 4-5 article by Nikolaus Pevsner 1946
November-December issue: front cover picture by Eric Gill, pp 5-6 article by John R Biggs discussing the picture 1946
January-February issue: front cover picture by David Jones, a follower of Eric Gill, pp 6-7 article by John R Biggs about the picture 1947
'The Three' Parish Review November 1950 issue no 32 pp 1-4. article by John Cronyn Tovey (Lord Tovey) 'Why I believe in God' [script of a broadcast]

Booklets  Hussey/389  1934-1977

Ernest Bordoli: Have you heard? [publicising Northampton-made shoes] nd
Church Commissioners for England: booklet listing Commissioners, Board, Committees, Officers and Agents 1977
Mervyn George Haigh, Bishop of Winchester: An Introduction to the Amended Lectionarys for Sundays and certain Holy Days (SPCK) 1948
Eric Milner-White: How to choose Stained Glass nd
T[homas] B[anks] S[trong]: Visitation Charge of the Bishop of Oxford at the Diocesan Visitation 1934 1934

Booklets (Author unknown)  Hussey/390  1933-1964

The Bible Reading Fellowship (Series A) 1933
The Communion in Coventry Cathedral (Hodder & Stoughton) 1964
Evensong in Coventry Cathedral (Coventry Cathedral) 1963
Lettering for Churches (The Church Information Office) 1959
The Potter's Art in China nd
Program for a four-year course of Catechetical Instructions... First Year: On the Apostles' Creed 1937
Recommendations as to the dioceses of Chichester, Guildford, Portsmouth and Winchester nd
Sixty Years of Cathedral Music Church Music Occasional Paper no 24 [1958]

Theatre and concert programmes and ticket stubs  Hussey/391  1927-1977

Chichester Festival Theatre
Official Guide [1962]
89 Chichester Festival Theatre programmes 1962-77
3 concert programmes
63 programmes, some with autographs 1927-76
2 ticket stubs for Sadlers Wells 1945

Catalogues and guides  Hussey/392  1965, nd

Blunt & Wray Ltd, illustrated catalogue Ecclesiastical Metalcraft nd
The Northampton Commissions: 2 leaflets for an exhibition of maquettes and studies by Henry Moore and Graham Sutherland, held at Farnham. One leaflet has an introduction by Alicia Boyle 1965
Northampton Museums: 2 guides
Guide to Holy Trinity, Blythburgh, Suffolk nd
Guide to St Peter's Church Northampton nd
The Sculpture Centre: catalogue Sculptured Memorials and Headstones designed and carved in Sculptors' studios in British Stone nd
1 typescript sheet about Morland Lewis nd

CORRESPONDENCE  [no ref. or date]

Anonymous-Amers  Hussey/393  1930-1977

Anonymous (2) 1953, nd
ABC Television Ltd, Penry Jones, religious adviser 1961
Adams, RWG (4) 1933-6
Ager, Eric, enclosing 4 proof photographs of WH 1951
Alderton, Florence 1935
Allen, Norman G 1940
Allen, Piers JF (3), with a photograph of himself [1975-7]
Allen, RL (6) 1932-5, nd
Alsop, RW, to The Postmaster 1937
Amers, HG 1930

Amersham-Ash  Hussey/394  1929-1976

'The Amersham Lot' [pupils from Dr Challoner's Grammar School Amersham] (2) 1976
Anderson, Sir Colin (5) 1961,64
Anderson, CI (4), and a visiting card 1931-2
Anglo-German Association, Julian Piggott, director and secretary, enclosing photograph of WH and 3 others 1961
Archer, Dr William G (Bill), enclosing draft of his address at memorial cremation for Basil Taylor 1975
Ardingly College (3) 1963,69, nd
Arlott, John 1962
Arrighi, Jean-Francois, Monseigneur, Secretariat for Promoting Unity, Vatican City 1965
Ash, F 1929

Asherson-Batchelor  Hussey/395  1926-1977

Asherson, René 1969
Attwater, Nicholas (3) 1961
Auster, Michael James Calcraft (3) [1926-9]
B----,HL 1932
B----, K (Bob) 1931
Baker, Richard nd
Baker, Robin (2) 1967,69
Baraké, Joseph M (2) 1976-7
Barren, Michael W (4) 1931
Batchelor, Mark 1968

Baxter-Biggs  Hussey/396  1930-1977

Baxter, Walter 1952
Beckwith, John 1977
Bedales School, Hector Beaumont Jacks, headmaster 1958
Bell, George Kennedy Allen, bishop of Chichester (6) [1944],58
[?Benson], Marjie [1930]
Bernard, James M (Jimmy) (15), enclosing poems [1945],76
Betjeman, Sir John (5) 1955-67, nd
Bertin, John 1968
Biddulph, Nicholas (6) 1947-8
Biggs, CRD [1933]

Binyon-Brandstump  Hussey/397  1931-1980

Binyon, Helen nd
Birch, John 1980
Bishops Stortford College, Peter Rowe, headmaster (2) 1964
Blackburn, Sir Kenneth (3) 1963
Blagden, Claude Martin, bishop of Peterborough 1939
Blake, Carice S and Miss Grafton 1934
Blake, Carice S 1935
Booth, Peter (4) 1931, [36]
Botte, Xavier, Dom, [visiting card] nd
Boucher, Rev Brian Albert (2) 1963,nd
Bradshaw, Fred George [1939]
Brain, Walter Russell, Lord Brain of Eynsham (2) 1965-6
Brandstump, Ebbe 1977

Brausen-Broughton  Hussey/398  1944-1976

Brausen, Erica 1965
Briggs, Asa 1976
Brighton College, William Stewart, headmaster 1956
Brighton College of Art, Intermediate C 1959
Brimley, Kenneth (2) 1946
British Broadcasting Corporation, Stuart Allen 1967
British Broadcasting Corporation, Brian Large 1968
Britten, Robert HM 1944, 77
Brookes, Noel 1968
Broughton, Colin (2), enclosing 3 choral compositions 1969

Brown-Canford School  Hussey/399  1928-1976

Brown R 1945
Bryant, REB 1928
Bull, Leonard (2) 1937, 38
Bulloch, Malcolm (2) 1953
Burns, Scott 1969
Byng, Dylan (2) 1967
Caldarole, Giuseppe 1976
Calvin College, Grand Rapids, Howard Slenk 1976
Campbell, David A (41) 1952-5
Canford School, Wimborne, Ian Wallace, headmaster (5), with associated material 1964-76

Carleton-Casson  Hussey/400  1931-1976

Carleton, Michael DC 1944
Carpenter, Phil (2) 1936
Carritt, (Hugh) David (Graham) (3) 1944-[45]
Carroll, Edward Ion (4) [1931-45]
Carson, J Liam, monsignor 1969
Casson, Sir Hugh Maxwell (3) 1952-[76]
Casson, Dame Sybil Thorndike (3) [1963-4] nd
Central Advisory Council of Training for the Ministry, Leonard Heawood 1955
Chichester High School for Boys, KD Anderson, headmaster 1958
Chitson, George 1965

Church Army-Clarkson  Hussey/401  1936-1985

The Church Army, N Carlile, hon. chief secretary [1936]
Clark, Jane, Lady nd
Clark, Kenneth MacKenzie, Lord Clark (47), with copy of his lecture to the Cosmos Club, Washington DC 1943-83
Clarke, Malcolm Methuen (4) 1974, 85 nd
Clarke, William Kemp Lowther, and associated printed material nd
Clarkson, George William dean of Guildford 1969

Clay-Cox  Hussey/402  1929-1974

Clay, Clarence [apparently from Johnathan, but he called himself Clarence until 1929 - see Clay, Johnathan]
Clay, D, Mrs [1933]
Clay, Johnathan HJ (17) 1929-33
Cleave, Maureen, with MS of her Evening Standard article on WH, and photo copy 1974
Clements, Sir John 1968
Clutton, Sam (2) 1969
Coate, Peter nd
Corben R (4) [1931-2]
Cornelius, Bernard W (2) [1939-40]
Cox, Sir Trenchard (3) [1965], nd

Craxton-Davey  Hussey/403  1936-1977

Craxton, Antony (2) with 3 photographs 1965
Critchley, Neil (2) 1976
Crozier, Eric (6) 1945, 47
Cudlip, Hugh, baron 1977
Culverhouse, Reg E (11) 1943-4
D----, AI D nd
Daniell, I and A 1937
Dashaw, Alex (4) with a photograph of himself, WH and Falling Warrior 1967, 77
Davey, Alan (3) 1936, 40
Davey, Fred (6) with a list of gramophone records 1937-8, nd

Davies-Dr Challoner's Grammar School  Hussey/404  1932-1984

Davies, J Russel nd
Davies, Meredith 1974
Dawkins, Bertha (4) 1934, 37
Day Lewis, Cecil 1969
Deans, Michael (16), with drafts of 4 letters from WH 1975-84
Delphis, Jacques, with enclosures 1974
Dexam International Limited, CE Harrington 1968
Dickenson, Aubrey [1945]
Dillistone, Frederick William [1977]
Dixon, Guy Kenneth 1932
Dr Challoner's Grammar School, JA Loarridge, headmaster 1976

Drew-Eastbourne College  Hussey/405  1931-1975

Drew, WS nd
Duffett, Michael T, enclosing a poem [1961]
Duncan, G Rae (3) 1931, [35]
Dunlop, Colin, Bishop of Jarrow 1947
Dunphy, E, Mrs 1975
Dunphy, Hugh 1966
Dwelly, Frederick William, dean of Liverpool Cathedral 1947
Dyer, Clifford S [1940]
Dyson, Sir George 1950
Eastbourne College, JD Fox, the chaplain 1957
Eastbourne College, MP Bailey, headmaster 1963

East Sussex-Every  Hussey/406  1935-1974

East Sussex Education Committee, Peter Probyn, county art adviser 1974
Edwards, William (3) 1935, [36] nd
Elfern, FD (3) 1935-6
Ethrington, James 1963
Evans, Richard (3) 1969-70
Evershed, (Francis) Raymond, 1st Baron Evershed (4) 1965
Every, George 1945

Falkiner-Flint  Hussey/407  1928-1976

Falkiner, Richard 1976
Fawcett, Mrs [1929]
Firth, Horace, W (4) [1928]-30
Fischer, Harry R 1968
Fisher, E, and associated material 1959
Fitzalan Howard, Bernard Marmaduke, 16th duke of Norfolk (2) 1971
Fitzalan Howard, Lavinia Mary, duchess of Norfolk (3) [1975]
Fitzalan Howard, Miles Francis Stapleton, 17th duke of Norfolk 1976
Fitzalan Howard, Lady Sarah Margaret nd
Flint, Sir William Russell 1933

Fogarty-Fry  Hussey/408  1936-1978

Fogarty, Dermod 1977
Fokine, Michel [1936]
Foley, John (2), enclosing some of his poems 1965-6
Foster, Brian 1967
Foster, Pamela 1974
Frenby, JK 1967
Freyberg, Ivry Perronelle Katharine, Lady (2) 1976-7
Friends of Friendless Churches, Ivor Bulmer Thomas, honorary director 1979
Frith, N [1967]
Fry, Christopher (2) 1975, 77
Fry, Christopher to 'Mr Mayor' [of Chichester], with extract from Fry's 'Can you find me', The Times 7 Oct 1978

G-Goldsmith  Hussey/409  1928-1975

G----, O Peter (2), with newspaper cutting, photograph of Old Marlburians hockey team including WH [1928-36]
Gaydon, George 1961
George, Prince, [duke of Kent], letter from his comptroller 1929
German ambassador to London 1961
Gibbons, Corinne nd
Gibson, Patrick 1975
Gill, Anthony Michael 1969
Gillespie, George H (4) 1937, 39
Gilliat, Sir Martin 1975
Goldsmith, RC (2) 1937

Goodden-Green  Hussey/410  1928-1977

Goodden, Robert Yorke 1976
Goodman, David, chairman of The Chichester Society 1974
Goold, Michael [1963]
Gordon Lennox, Charles Henry, Lord Strettington 1976
Gordon Lennox, Elizabeth, duchess of Richmond and Gordon [1974]
Gordon Lennox, Frederick Charles, 9th duke of Richmond and Gordon (4) 1974-77
Graham, Eric 1936
The Gramophone, Compton MacKenzie, editor 1929
The Gramophone Company Limited 1928
Green, L [1931]

Green-Hampton Grammar School  Hussey/411  1937-1976

Green RL [1937]
Greenfield, SA (Tony) (7) 1939-40
Griffiths, Peter N 1963
Grimes, Cecil John 1975
Guild of Servants of the Sanctuary nd
Guy, Basil T, and visiting card [1930]
Hall, Brian J (3), with a signed medical certificate 1940
Hamilton, Sir (Charles) Denis (3), with photo copy of original article in The Times, Dec 1976, on Lord Clark, church patronage of the arts and WH 1975-6
Hamilton, Norman 1942
Hampton Grammar School, Historical Society (5) 1967

Hanell-Henley  Hussey/412  1932-1970

Hanell, James (Jim) (2) [1952, 63]
Hannay, James Owen 1937
Hare, Robertson 1971
Harland, Maurice Henry, bishop of Lincoln 1951
Harrow School, Robert James, headmaster (2) 1961-70
Harvey, Anthony [1954]
Harvey, Walter (7) 1932-43
Hassall, Neil nd
Hayter, Sir William, Warden of New College, Oxford, with draft of WH's letter to him 1976
Henley, Dorothy (2) 1961-2

Hepworth-Hirst  Hussey/413  1935-1977

Hepworth, Dame Barbara, and associated material 1973
Hewitt [?], Joe (2) 1935-6
Heywood, Bernard Oliver Francis, bishop of Ely 1939
Hill, Derek (2) [1951], nd
Hilton-Brown, Veronica 1977
Hirst, Jane 1977

Hitchens  Hussey/414  1950-1976

Hitchens, (Sidney) Ivon (25), with photographs of his pictures 1950-76
Hitchens, Ivon and Mollie (3) 1975-6

Hoare-Hughes  Hussey/415  1930-1977

Hoare & Cole Ltd 1943
Holford, Sir William (Graham) 1961
Holland, Sir Eardley Lancelot (2), with associated matter 1960
Holst, Imogen (2) 1973-4
Holtby, Robert Tinsley (2) 1977
Hook, Norman, The Very Revd. nd
Howard, Guy 1936
Howard-Jones, Ray nd
Howes, JB (Bobby) (9) [1930-1], nd
Hughes, George Ravensworth nd

Hussey-Ivimey  Hussey/416  1928-1977

Hussey, John Rowden (2) 1928
Hussey, John Walter Atherton, draft letter to unidentified correspondent at Brighton Borough Council nd
Hussey, Lilian Mary (2) [1928], nd
Huxley, Sir Julian Sorell nd
Huxley, Sir Julian and Lady Huxley [1963]
Huxley, Marie Juliette, Lady (2) [1958], nd
Hyde-Thomson, Mrs nd
Iggolden, David 1945
Inglis, Alan 1977
Ivimey, John William [1929]

Jackson-Keenzle  Hussey/417  1931-1964

Jackson, MA 1931
Jackson, Ken (2) [1935], 40
Jackson, Mrs nd
Jacobi, Derek [1965]
James, Philip (2) 1947, [64]
Jeans, Susi, Lady (2) 1938-9
Johnson, James Arthur [1933]
James, David, photograph of carved lettering nd
Karney, Gilbert Henry Peter (6) 1933, [34], nd
Kaye, Margaret, name and address only nd
Keenzle, David 1937

Kensington Moppers-Knowles  Hussey/418  1929-1977

'Kensington Moppers' 1937
Kensington Post Office Messengers 1935
Ker, Ronald 1957
Kerr, Michael nd
Khoroche, Peter (4) 1976-7
King's College London, SH Evans, dean 1976
Knollys, Eardley [1966]
Knowles, Ivo Douglas West (10), enclosing newspaper cutting about Elgar 1929-32, nd

Lambert-Lewis  Hussey/419  1929-1969

Lambert, John (2) 1952
Lancing College, Paddy Smythe 1968
Lane, Jack (13) [1929]-31
Lang, Norman MacLeod, bishop of Peterborough, including one to members of the Diocesan Board of Patronage [1928]
Lavendar, Roberta A, of William Plunkett Furniture 1969
League of Clergy for Peace, F Lewis Donaldson 1936
Leeson, Spencer Stottisbury Gwatkin, bishop of Peterborough (3) 1952-5
Leggatt, Peter 1967
Lewis, M[?] 1937

Lindsay-McLellan  Hussey/420  1939-1974

Lindsay, David G 1960
Little, Kenneth [1968]
Loensdersloot, Piet, with photograph of WH and others 1966
Long, Cuthbert Guy Desormeaux (2) [1940]
Lord Chamberlain [1974]
Lowman, Geoffrey 1962
Lumley, JA, Mr and Mrs 1971
Macaulay, Rose 1948
MacDean, Brian 1939
McLellan, Donald, with letter from WH nd

Manchester Guardian-Mercer  Hussey/421  1931-1977

The Manchester Guardian, CE Turner, news editor 1947
Marlborough College, EA Bailey, assistant chaplain 1967
Marlow, Geoffrey [1945]
Martinez, Augustine P (5) 1975-7
Mason, James (8) [1933]-69
Mathews, Arthur Kenneth (Ken) (3) 1932, [33]
Maude, R [1931]
Maw, AJ (9) 1931-2, nd
Maynard, Ronald A (10) 1937-40
Mercer, Harry (2) 1937-40

Mervin-Moore  Hussey/422  1935-1969

Mervin [?], WS 1955
Metcalfe, A 1936
Meyer, Michael [1945]
Miles, Sir Bernard 1952
Milner-White, Eric Milner, dean of York 1962
Ministry of Information VL Strath, American division 1944
Monnington, Sir Thomas (3) 1966-69 nd
Moore, Denis, and associated material 1969
Moore, Evelyn Stuart (2) 1935, nd

Morrell-Nelson  Hussey/423  1930-1975

Morrell, WT (3) 1930, nd
Morris, Christopher, music editor OUP 1975
Morse, John D, of Magazine of Art 1945
Muggeridge, Malcolm 1975
Mullins, Edwin (2) [1963], 70
Murch, D 1937
Murray, John AC 1937
Musnik, Didi, enclosing copy of Douglas Brown's article in Outlook in which mention is made of WH and the arts 1977
Nan Kivell, Rex de Charembac, of Redfern Gallery Ltd 1970
Nelson, Anthony 1977

Newman-Norwood  Hussey/424  1930-1975

Newman, Ernest 1937
Newsom-Smith, Peter nd
Newson, George Harold (2) 1931, 33
Newton, Eric (9) 1944, 46
Newton, Stella Mary (2) 1965, nd
Nicholls, Bryan and Grace 1975
Nicolson, Benedict (4) [1948, 68], nd
Nidd, Basil 1952
Nixon, Charles Hunter (7) 1930-[35], nd
North, Arthur nd
Northampton and District Hospital Management Committee, SG Hill, area secretary 1950
Norwood, Robert 1968

Olivier-Parsons  Hussey/425  1929-1975

Olivier, Lawrence Kerr, baron (5), with associated material 1956-[63]
Oppenheim, Hans, enclosing his translation from the German of Manuel Gasser's 'Northampton and its sacred art' 1950
Oram, Geoffrey William James [1975]
Osborn, Paul Meyer (30) [1932-4], nd
Oundle School, director of music 1944
Ovey, Gladys M [1929]
Parker, Cecil 1955
Parsons, Victor F (2) 1939, 40

Patard-Phipps  Hussey/426  1930-1977

Patard, Guy Aimé (22) [1968]-77
Paterson, John 1968
Patrick, William Pitt (Bill) (17) [1944]-47
Patten, Ron (5), with 2 photographs [1963]-68
Paul, James Stewart Moncrieff (Peter) (3) 1930-2
Pennell, Nicholas (2) 1968-9
Phillips, Lindsay 1977
Phippes[?], Simon, with a poem by Alexander Pope on reverse nd
Phipps, M 1944

Pickhaver-Probert  Hussey/427  1931-1970

Pickhaver, AG [1931]
Pomeroy, Ralph, and 2pp printed verses [1947-51]
Ponsonby, Frederick Edward Newflize, 10th earl of Bessborough 1966
Ponsonby, Mary, countess of Bessborough (4) 1969-70
Ponsonby, Vere Brabazon, 9th earl of Bessborough 1955
Portal, Charles Frederick Algernon, viscount (2) 1956-7
Post Office Telephones 1934
Pouncey, Denys and Evelin nd
Preston, Kennison (2) 1947
Probert, Leslie W (3) [1936]

Proctor-Reiseger  Hussey/428  1930-1969

Proctor, Hugh Gordon (Hugo) (3) 1930-2
Pryce-Jones, Alan of The Times Literary Supplement 1954
Purchase, Russell (3) 1955, 64-7
Quick, Ernest Sanfrid (4), with a photograph [1962]-3
Raynsford, Daphne Mildred (2) [1944-5]
Recordon, Nigel (12) [1952-64]
Redgrave, Sir Michael (3) 1963-8
Redgrave, Michael and Rachel nd
Rees, Hugh Lorimer Octavius 1969
Reindorp, George Edmund (2) 1937-[8]
Reiseger, JH [visiting card] nd

Repton School-Roche  Hussey/429  1921-1982

Repton [School], Theodore Lynam 1953
Reyntiens, Patrick [1961]
Rice-Oxley, T [1928]
Richards, Jim nd
Riches, Kenneth (2) [1921]
Rickett, R John, of Sotheby & Co 1961
Ridley, Jasper 1950
Ritchie, Roy (2) 1939
Robinson, Reginald Henry 1946
Roche, Ruth Sylvia, Lady Fermoy 1982

Rogers-Russell  Hussey/430  1928-1976

Rogers, J nd
Ross, BM (Mac) (8) 1937-44
Ross, Jim 1968
Ross, Pat W (3) 1937-40
Rothenstein, Sir John 1972
Rowe, Robert (2) 1973-4
Rowse, Alfred Leslie [1949]
Royal College of Music, Keith Faulkner, director 1962
Royal Opera Covent Garden 1928
Royal Opera House 1955
The Royal School of Church music, GH Knight 1947
Ruddy, 1946
Rufus[?], Jasper nd
Russell, Sheridan (2) 1959,76

Sabell-Shattuck  Hussey/431  1932-1976

Sabell, RS 1939
Salmon, Richard (Dicky) 1975
Seaford College, Charles Edmund Johnson, headmaster 1976
Searle, Michael 1936
Sedding, Edward Douglas [1932]
Seybolt, George C (3) 1969-72
Shakerly, Betty (2) [1970],nd
Shakerly, Tim (2) 1961,nd
Shalford, Trevor (2) 1954
Shattuck, Robert (8), with photograph 1965-8

Shepherd-Smith  Hussey/432  1927-1976

Shepherd, Christopher RP 1969
Shepard, Ernest nd
Shore, Bernard 1976
Sibthorp, Ronnie 1930
Sicart, Fernand (2) nd
Silver, Ernest Wallasston [?1927]
Simpson-Manser, James, reference from WH nd
Sinclair, Angus [1940]
Sitwell, Georgia, Lady 1944
Smart, Philip 1968
Smith, Dennis F (3) 1939

Smith-Spencer  Hussey/433  1932-1976

Smith, Matthew 1948
Smith, Ray [1976]
Smyth, Charles Hugh Egerton [1948]
Smyth, Robert (6), with drafts of letter from WH 1931-[36]
Solomon, Chuck [1968]
Sotheby & Co 1968
Spawton, Neville nd
Spence, Sir Basil (2) 1955,69
Spencer, Albert Edward John, 7th Earl Spencer (6) 1941-72
Spencer, Colin 1969
Spencer, Johnny W (3) 1932-[44]

Spencer-Sweeney  Hussey/434  1931-1969

Spencer, Stanley 1956
Stafford, Albert 1968
Stainforth, Graham Henry (12) 1952-68
Stallard, Hugh Kitson 1946
Stanton, Walter Kendall 1945
Stein, Adolphe [visiting card] nd
Strong, Thomas Banks (10) 1931-4
Sussex Life, TR Sobey, news editor 1969
Sutherland Humphrey [1966]
Sweeney, JJ [1947]

Tame-Thames & Hudson  Hussey/435  1928-1977

Tame, WB 1930
Tamworth, Hermione (2) 1934,37
Tanner, CO 1929
Taylor, Frank W (4) 1928,30 nd
Taylor, Isabel Kathleen (Kay) (2) 1975-6
Taylor, James Basil Oldrini (4) 1952-75, nd
Taylor, Peggy [1977]
Telegraph and Express Service Docket nd
Thames and Hudson Ltd, Emily Lane, enclosing extract from Eric Newton's Two Thousand Years of Christian Art 1964

Thaysen-Tyrie  Hussey/436  1927-1976

Thaysen, E Gunter 1968
Thomas, Ivor 1944
Thorman, Peter (4) 1932-3,nd
Thorpe, Stan (29), with 3 photographs [1943-7]
Tiarks, Geoffrey Lewis 1927
Tregear, Philip A 1964
Tutt, Peter 1976
Tyrie, Derek Arthur Carl (Gussie) 1932

Uppingham School-Walton  Hussey/437  1927-1975

Uppingham School, Martin Lloyd, headmaster (2) 1946
Vaumas, Henri de (4) 1959-60
Waddilove, David Granville (2) [1927-8]
Walker, John 1947
Walker, John 1975
Wallenborn, Robert [1953]
Wallraf, Paul [visiting card] nd
Walsh, Stephen (3) 1969-73
Walton, David B (4) [1964],66,nd
Walton, Mary 1966

Warner-Whitbread  Hussey/438  1929-1975

Warner, CG (4) 1931-[2]
Waterfield, Giles [1975]
Webster, Alan [1974]
Weinold, Engelbert and Cilli, enclosing wedding photograph [1955]
Wellingborough School, TO Nevill, headmaster 1951
Wellington College, M Allen 1957
Wellington College, Robert Moss, with associated material 1963
West Sussex Record Office, Patricia Gill, archivist, with photograph of an engraving by William Blake 1975
Westwood, Colin 1962
Wheet, Christopher (2) 1929-30
Whitbread, Humphrey 1973
Whitbread, J [1931]

White-Thomson-Wilson  Hussey/439  1933-1977

White-Thomson, Ian Hugh 1946
The Whitworth Art Gallery 1975
Widdows, John (2) 1962,77
Widgery, John 1959
Wild, John Herbert Severn, dean of Durham 1973
Wilkins, Geoffrey (4) 1955-7
Williams, Anne 1969
Williams, Christopher Ryle 'Kit' (formerly Wood) (3), with application for the publication of banns [1934-5]
Williams, Gwenllian Elizabeth Anne 'Bobbie' (18) [1933]-37,nd
Wilson, E 1966

Wilson-Winter  Hussey/440  1927-1969

Wilson, P 1927
Wilson's Grammar School, with associated material 1960
Wiltshire, CJ [1936]
Winnington-Ingram, Arthur Foley, bishop of London (2), with photograph 1936-7
Winter, Jack Keith (6) 1930,nd
Winter, Michael (20) 1963-[69]

Wöldike-Wyton  Hussey/441  1928-1977

Wöldike, Mogens 1966
Wood, Sir Henry Joseph (2) 1930-1
Wood, Lawson 1928
Woodward, Malcolm, with associated material nd
Wooley, Gwyneth, Lady nd
Woolton, Frederick James, 1st earl of Woolton (3) 1959,63
Woolton, Fred and Margaret nd
Woolton, Margaret, Lady (2) 1963-4
Worth, Irene 1967
Wright, Christopher (3) 1977,nd
Wyton, Alec (7) 1945-74

York-Zönström  Hussey/442  1954-1969

York, Michael (7) 1965-9
Zanocco, Giorgio 1954
Zönström, Anders (3), with associated material [1966]-68

6 miscellaneous letters and cards with unidentified signatures  Hussey/443  1930-1975


In alphabetical order of first name

Alan-Bryan  Hussey/444  1932-1977

Alan 1977
Alec (3) [1932]
Basil 1952
Bert [Canterbury] 1940
Bert [Francis Road and Talgarth Road] (3) 1935-6
Bill 1948
'Blossom' 1964
Bryan nd

Colin-Elke  Hussey/445  1922-1967

Colin (3) 1930,[31]
Dave nd
David nd
Dick (2) 1941
'Digger' 1937
Edmund [1922]
Elke (2) 1967

Faith-Janet  Hussey/446  1956-1977

Faith 1968
Frank nd
Geoffrey (4) [1956-73]
Hudson 1975
Ivor (3) 1968,nd
Jack [12 Hill Street, London] (7) 1967-8
James [1974]
Janet 1977

Jock-Len  Hussey/447  1929-1976

Jock (3) [1933-4],nd
John [lives at Dagenham] 1934
John [writing from Dormy House Club, Sunningdale] 1931
John ['Mustard & Cress' Co] 1929
John [Delcombe Farm] (2) 1933,nd
John [at Aldenham School, Herts] (2) 1976
John [and Julio] (2) [1974],76
Jonathan 1967
Len [1961]

Manfred-Ran  Hussey/448  1933-1977

Manfred nd
Maurice [Hounslow] 1962
Maurice [Germany] 1967
Murdoch 1977
'Nevvy' (2) 1933,nd
Norman 1935
Paul 1968
Peter 1967
Ran 1935

Richard-Stephen  Hussey/449  1934-1985

Richard [27 Bellamy Street] (2) 1979
Richard [with Brewer Smith & Brewer, Paris] 1973
Richard [telegram] 1985
Ron 1934
Roy, with photograph [1968]
Rupert (3) 1967,68
Stephen 1969

Tamara-Will  Hussey/450  1935-1977

Tamara 1971
Toby [1967]
Tony [Royal Signals] 1956
Tony [London W9] 1977
Tony [Northampton] (2) 1939
Will (2) [1935],38

CHRISTMAS CARDS  [no ref. or date]

Cards  Hussey/451  nd

Andrews, Cyril V
Betts, Mr and Mrs WF (2)
Cowley, Colin and Dorothea
Fischer, Gottfried and Birgitte
Fox, Bernard
Gunning, Margaret and Baffy
Hardy, E
Harman, CJ
Phillips, JH
Rilley, Philip J
Steel, Catherine
Stratton, Ted
Vickers, Mr and Mrs FC
Wells, Mr and Mrs HC (2)
Bertie (2)
Medici card [undated]
Illegible signature
'A Well Wisher'
'The World Jamboree, Birkenhead'
'Sir Hereward Wake' (2)
Etchells, Frederick and Hester (2)
Kenyon, Alderman and Mrs HV
Mansbridge, Mr and Mrs Albert
Shuttleworth, Mr and Mrs FG
Vickers, Mr and Mrs FC

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