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Covering dates 14th - 21st centuries
Held by West Sussex Record Office
Extent Approx. 313 series
Conditions of access Unrestricted
Access to certain documents may be restricted either because of their content or their recent date, or because of their age and fragile condition
Archival history On 21 July 1949 the Bishop of Chichester, acting in accordance with the Parochial Registers and Records Measure, 1929, established a Record Office for his Diocese with the agreement of the County Council of West Sussex. In February 1951, Dr. Bell arranged for the deposit of his episcopal archives in the Diocesan Record Office at Chichester on "permanent loan" under the care of the County Archivist.
An examination of certain sections of these records will disclose many gaps, especially for the earlier periods; whether the loss may be attributed to the sacking of the Cathedral during the Civil War, or to the neglect of generations of registrars, or to the wanton destruction of "old papers", we shall never know, but of the three possibilities the second is the least likely
Creators Diocese of Chichester
Arrangement Miscellaneous papers (e.g. Ep/I/15), have been sorted into chronological order so far as is possible.
The previous sortings to which the documents have been subjected and the fact that they received numbers which have been quoted in print has caused difficulties. In brief, however, documents have only been transferred from one class to another in cases where it was unavoidable because of earlier mis-sorting. The original groupings made in the 1950s (Ep/I/1-57, II/1-37, III/1-13, IV/1-13, V/1-18, VI/1-60 and VII/1-7) have been retained although they sometimes include unrelated documents; the index should solve any problems arising from such errors in the original classification. New numbers have been added (Ep/I/58-88, II/38-43, III/14-17, IV/14, V/19-21, VII/8 and VIII) to provide references to "stray" documents and later accessions
Related information There still remains at the Diocesan Registry some records (e.g. Bishops' Registers and Faculty Papers) which overlap in date some others described in this catalogue.
For lists of rural deaneries in the Archdeaconry of Chichester, the Archdeaconry of Lewes and the Archdeaconry of Hastings see the 'Chichester Diocesan Directory'
Bibliography For an explanation of the parish boundaries, and in particular of the confusion over the various parishes of St. Peter, see W. D. Peckham, 'The Parishes of the City of Chichester', in Sussex Archaeological Collections, vol. 74, pp. 65-97

Administrative history:
Ep/I. THE DIOCESE OF CHICHESTER was coterminous with the County of Sussex except for:--
(1). Four peculiar jurisdictions, i.e. that of the Dean of Chichester, the exempt deanery of Pagham and Tarring, that of the Dean of Battle, and the exempt deanery of South Malling. These were abolished 1 Jan. 1846 (Order in Council, 8 Aug. 1845) when the first two became part of the Archdeaconry of Chichester and the other two part of the Archdeaconry of Lewes.
(2). North and South Ambersham which were detached portions of Steep parish (co. Hants., dio. Winchester) transferred to Selham in Sussex in 1844 (7 & 8 Vict. c. 61) but not to the Diocese of Chichester until 1916 (London Gazette, 18 Aug. 1916).
(3). Tunbridge Wells (King Charles the Martyr) which was created a consolidated chapelry in the Diocese of Canterbury in 1889 partly out of the parish of Broadwater Down and later transferred to the Diocese of Rochester.
The area of the ARCHDEACONRY OF CHICHESTER has remained unchanged except for (1) and (2) above and by an Order in Council (15 Aug. 1929) when the parishes of Colgate St. Saviour, Crawley with West Crawley, and Ifield were transferred from the Archdeaconry of Lewes to that of Chichester, and Bramber with Botolphs was transferred from Chichester to Lewes. In 1943, Lower Beeding was transferred from Chichester to Lewes.
Until the mid-19th century the four Rural Deaneries in the Archdeaconry of Chichester were those of Arundel, Boxgrove, Midhurst and Storrington; there are now nine.
Ep/II. The area of the ARCHDEACONRY of LEWES was the rest of the county until the creation of the Archdeaconry of Hastings in 1912. The changes in the Archdeaconry are referred to under the Diocese and Archdeaconry of Chichester (Ep/I above). The four Rural Deaneries until the mid-19th century were those of Dallington, Hastings, Lewes and Pevensey; there are now nine.
Ep/III. THE DEAN OF CHICHESTER'S PECULIAR comprised the Chichester parishes of St. Andrew, St. Bartholomew, St. Martin, St. Olave, St. Pancras, St. Peter the Great [Subdeanery], St. Peter the Less [incorrectly known as St. Peter-juxta-Guildhall], and New Fishbourne, Rumboldswyke and the precinct of the Close. The peculiar was not subject to visitation by the Archdeacon; jurisdiction was vested in the Bishop during a vacancy. The peculiar jurisdiction was abolished 1 Jan. 1846 (see Ep/I above).
Ep/IV. THE EXEMPT DEANERY OF PAGHAM AND TARRING was in the hands of the Archbishop of Canterbury and comprised the following parishes and chapelries: South Bersted, Chichester All Saints, Durrington, Heene, East Lavant, Pagham, Patching, Slindon, Tangmere, West Tarring and Plaistow in Kirdford. Other areas of jurisdiction were:--
Chichester: The Headacre, in parish of St. Pancras [in 1705 described as "the Fourteen houses in the parish of St. Pancrass which are within the peculiar Jurisdiccon of the Archbishop of Canterbury", Ep/IV/4/12. Site unknown.].
Chichester: The Vintry ["infra warda vocat' le ventr' Cicest' jurisdictionis peculiaris", Ep/IV/4/13. Possibly in Upper St. Martin's Lane or Crooked S Lane. (1590].
Horsham: The Bishoprick [also frequently called Bishopsbridge].
Bognor St. John: site of proposed chapel (in parish of South Bersted) consecrated 1822, and first curate appointed 1839.
This peculiar was never inhibited and was abolished 1 Jan. 1846 (see Ep/I above).
Ep/V. THE EXEMPT DEANERY OF SOUTH MALLING, also in the hands of the Archbishop of Canterbury, comprised Buxted, Edburton, Framfield, Glynde, Hadlow Down, Isfield, Lewes St. Thomas-at-Cliffe, Lindfield, Mayfield, Ringmer, South Malling, Stanmer, Uckfield and Wadhurst, with chapelries at [East] Chiltington, Hartfield, Withyham and Wivelsfield. A very small part of East Grinstead was also included in this jurisdiction which was never inhibited and was abolished 1 Jan. 1846 (see Ep/I above).
Ep/VII. THE ARCHDEACONRY OF HASTINGS was created by Order in Council, 24 June 1912, and was to 'comprise and consist of the Rural Deaneries of Pevensey I, Pevensey II, Hastings I, Hastings II and Dallington and the parishes of Frant, Tidebrook and Wadhurst'. The area now comprises seven rural deaneries.
Ep/VIII. THE DEAN OF BATTLE'S PECULIAR was the lowey, or liberty, of Battle Abbey. Although the incumbent of Battle is still styled the Dean of Battle, the peculiar jurisdiction was abolished 1 Jan. 1846 when the deanery became part of the Archdeaconry of Lewes; since 1912 it has been in the Archdeaconry of Hastings. The parish register transcripts are Ep/II/16/10 (Battle) and II/16/138 (Netherfield)

The collection comprises the following:
Ep/I: The Diocese and Archdeaconry of Chichester:
Ep/I/1. Episcopal Registers, 1397-1792, 1842-1909
Ep/I/2. Official Indexes to the Episcopal Registers, 17th-19th centuries
Ep/I/3. General Subscription Books and Papers, 1635-1907
Ep/I/4. Curates' Subscription Books, 1799-1907
Ep/I/4A. Ordinands' Subscription Book, 1829-1975
Ep/I/5. Ordinands' Examination Papers, early 19th century
Ep/I/6. Presentations, 1544-1934
Ep/I/6A. Grants of Next Presentation, 1542-1611
Ep/I/6B. Papers relating to Advowsons, 1574-1920
Ep/I/6C. Nominations, 1550-1933
Ep/I/7. Induction Registers and Mandates, 1621-1848
Ep/I/8. Marriage Licence Registers, 1701-1977
Ep/I/8A. Marriage Licences, 1678-1856
Ep/I/9. Marriage Licence Bonds and Affidavits, 1605-1937
Ep/I/9A. Nullity Bonds, 1605
Ep/I/9B. Marriage Licence Papers, 1670-1933
Ep/I/10. Court Act Books and Instance Books, 1506-1798
Ep/I/11. Deposition Books, 1557-1694
Ep/I/12. Citation Books, 1614-1670
Ep/I/13. Excommunication Papers, 1612-1811
Ep/I/14. Taxation Books, 1606-1773
Ep/I/15. Miscellaneous Court Papers, 1554-1851
Ep/I/16. Exhibits in Causes, 1616-1857
Ep/I/17. Detection Books, 1538-1960
Ep/I/18. Libri Cleri, 1521-1893
Ep/I/19. Registers of Orders, c.1582-c.1675
Ep/I/20. Visitation Papers, 1551-1910
Ep/I/21. Procuration Books and Papers, 1629-1630, 1681-1901
Ep/I/22. Churchwardens' Presentments, 1573-1917
Ep/I/22A. Ministers' Articles of Enquiry, 1804-1903
Ep/I/23. Registers of Presentments, 1571-1692
Ep/I/24. Parish Register Transcripts, 1567-1936
Ep/I/24A. Papers found with the Transcripts, 1573-1863
Ep/I/25. Church Terriers, 1572-1692
Ep/I/26. Church Inspection Books, 1602-1724, 1879-1935
-- Probate Records
Ep/I/27. Testaments and Wills, including records referenced STA, STD, STC and STM
Ep/I/28. Probate Commissions, 1626-1851
Ep/I/29. Probate Inventories, 1521-1834
Ep/I/30. Renunciations, 1556, 1624-1850
Ep/I/31. Probate Diaries, 1555/6-1858
Ep/I/32. Administration Bonds, 1760-1858
Ep/I/33. Probate Accounts, 1572-1710
Ep/I/34. Calendars, 1488-1814
Ep/I/35. Stamp Office Accounts, 1811-1858
Ep/I/36. Probate Act Papers, 1834-1857
Ep/I/37. Returns of Nonconformists, 1577-1727
Ep/I/38. Churchwardens' Subscriptions Books, 1847-1908
Ep/I/39. Appointments of Episcopal and other Officials, 1668-1929
Ep/I/40. Faculty and Consecration Papers, 1577-1946
Ep/I/41. Church Building Papers, 1743-1948
Ep/I/42. Registers of Non-Resident Clergy, and related Papers, 1742-1941
Ep/I/42A. Clergy Residence Returns, 1824-1921
Ep/I/43. Office Account Books, 1615-1933
Ep/I/44. Valors, 1582-1811
Ep/I/45. Convocation Papers, 1557-1919
Ep/I/46. Parliamentary and other Returns, 1803-1908
Ep/I/47. Education Papers, 1764-1968
Ep/I/48. Cause Papers, 18th century-1877
Ep/I/49. Correspondence and Petitions, 1545-1928
Ep/I/50. Inventories of Church Plate, 1889
Ep/I/51. Ecclesiastical Formularies and Treatises, 16th-19th centuries
Ep/I/52. Freeland's Papers, 19th century
Ep/I/53. Miscellanea, 1626-1933
Ep/I/54. Tithe Commutation Papers, 1829-1855
Ep/I/55. Sussex Vice-Admiralty Court Papers, 1638-1688
Ep/I/56. Civil Formularies and Treatises, 17th-19th centuries
Ep/I/57. Civil Miscellanea
Ep/I/58. Probate Registry Fee Lists, 1870-1908
Ep/I/59. Seal Matrices, 1841-1958
Ep/I/60. Baptismal Returns, 1851
Ep/I/61. Statistical Returns, 1906-1928
Ep/I/62. Confirmation Books and Papers, 1798-2000
Ep/I/63. Queen Anne's Bounty Papers, 1715-1908
Ep/I/64. The Papers of Bishop Burrows, 1912-1928
Ep/I/65. Bishop Bell's Enquiry, 1957
Ep/I/66. Letters Testimonial, 1570-1841
Ep/I/67. Ordination Papers, 1663-1829
Ep/I/68. Papers relating to Stipendiary Curacies, 1692-1960
Ep/I/69. Institution and Collation Papers, 1570-1934
Ep/I/70. Resignations, 1563-1908
Ep/I/71. Sequestration Papers, 1560-1929
Ep/I/72. Dispensations for Plurality, 1840-1930
Ep/I/73. Proxies, 1567-1610
Ep/I/74. Forms of Service, 1801-1908
Ep/I/75. Papers relating to the Bishop's Palace, 1608-1804
Ep/I/76. Appointments of Chaplains and Schoolmasters, 1736-1844
Ep/I/77. Genealogical Papers, 1796-1847
Ep/I/78. Papers relating to Charities, 17th century-1894
Ep/I/79. Convocation Returns, 1881
Ep/I/80. S.P.C.K. and S.P.G. Papers, 1799-1858
Ep/I/81. Bishop Gilbert's Oxford Papers, 19th century
Ep/I/82. Dissenters' Meeting House Certificates, 1804
Ep/I/83. Parish Papers [1549]-1856
Ep/I/84. Miscellaneous Accounts and Receipts, 1814-1863
Ep/I/85. Episcopal Accounts and Receipts, 1754-1863
Ep/I/86. Diocesan Papers, 1548-1937
Ep/I/87. Extra-Diocesan Papers, 1707-1834
Ep/I/88 Handlists and Files relating to the Episcopal records
Ep/I/89 Church of England Temperance Society: Chichester Diocesan, Branch, 1879-1921
Ep/I/90 Orders in Council, 1837-1937
Ep/I/90A Registers of Orders in Council, 1837-1905
Ep/I/91 Rural Deanery records, 1848-1976
Ep/I/92 Diocesan Registrar's Letter Books, 1917-1931
Ep/I/93 Schemes and Orders under the 1968 Pastoral Measure, 1971-1982
Ep/I/94 Lay Readers' records, 1877-1951
Ep/I/95 Registrar's Office papers, c1880-1936
Ep/I/96 Registers of Licences of Buildings for Divine Worship and the Celebration of Marriages, 1848-1961
Ep/I/97 Clergy Discipline book, 1897-1977.
Ep/II/1. General Subscription Book, 1604-1751
Ep/II/2. Marriage Licence Registers, 1586-1943
Ep/II/2A. Marriage Licences, 1784-1825
Ep/II/3. Marriage Licence Bonds and Affidavits, 1780-1936
Ep/II/4. Instance Books, 1581-1920
Ep/II/5. Deposition Books, 1580-1694
Ep/II/6. Citation Books, 1619-1641
Ep/II/7. Excommunication Books, 1675-1687
Ep/II/8. Miscellaneous Court Papers, 1716-1868
Ep/II/9. Detection Books, 1550-1721
Ep/II/10. Libri Cleri, 1600-1913
Ep/II/11. Registers of Orders, 1586-1798
Ep/II/12. Letters of Orders, 1747-1812
Ep/II/13. Procuration Books and Papers, 1628-1901
Ep/II/14. Churchwardens' Presentments, 1641-1917
Ep/II/14A. Ministers' Articles of Enquiry, 1808-1903
Ep/II/15. Registers of Presentments, 1637-1719
Ep/II/16. Parish Register Transcripts, 1592-1912
Ep/II/16A. Papers found with the Transcripts, 1813-1878
Ep/II/17. Church Terriers, 1615-1729
Ep/II/18. Church Inspection Books, 1686-1724
Ep/II/19. Registers of Deaths, 1661-1732
Ep/II/20. Probate Commissions, 1720-1742
Ep/II/21. Probate Diary, 1645-1646
Ep/II/22. Administrators' Account Book, 1670-1684
Ep/II/23. Caveat Book, 1671-1728
Ep/II/24. Returns of Nonconformists, 1603-1727
Ep/II/25. Meeting House and Faculty Registers, 1662-1852
Ep/II/26. Faculty Registers and Muniment Books, 1803-1918
Ep/II/26A Papers relating to licences for worship etc, 1868-1878
Ep/II/27. Faculty Papers, 1732-c1946
Ep/II/28. Register of Non-Resident Clergy, 1804-1853
Ep/II/29. Formulary, 17th century
Ep/II/30. Induction Mandates, 1752-1924
Ep/II/31. Visitation Papers, 1755-1920
Ep/II/32. Churchwardens' Declarations, 1910-1920
Ep/II/33. Office Account Books, 1862-1894
Ep/II/34. Assessors' Election Papers, 1885-1919
Ep/II/35. Registrars' Private Correspondence, 1823-1910
Ep/II/36. Registrars' Office Papers, 1836-1879
Ep/II/37. Registrars' Miscellanea, 1852-1895
Ep/II/38. Seal Matrices, 1912-1946
Ep/II/39. Baptismal Returns, 1851
Ep/II/40. Education Papers, 1823-1868
Ep/II/41. Church Building Papers, 1704-1935
Ep/II/42. Parish Papers, 1586-1854
Ep/II/43. Appointments of Officials, 1782-1922.
Ep/III/1. General Subscription Book and Papers, 1739-1840
Ep/III/2. Presentations and Nominations, 1590-1833
Ep/III/2A. Grant of Next Presentation, 1578
Ep/III/3. Marriage Licence Bonds and Affidavits, 1666-1908
Ep/III/4. Act Books, 1484-1853
Ep/III/5. Deposition Books, 1607-1677
Ep/III/6. Miscellaneous Court Papers, 1580-1838
Ep/III/7. Churchwardens' Presentments, 1621-1828
Ep/III/7A. Ministers' Articles of Enquiry, 1825-1828
Ep/III/8. Parish Register Transcripts, 1591-1912
Ep/III/9. Probate Papers, 1608-1739
Ep/III/10. Administration Bonds, 1666-1857
-- Testaments and Wills, 1536-1857
-- Probate Diaries, 1577/8-1857
Ep/III/11. Appointments of Officials, 1642-1792
Ep/III/12. Office Account Books, 1678-1862
Ep/III/13. Faculty Papers, 1805-1847
Ep/III/14. Institution Papers, 1642-1801
Ep/III/15. Resignations, 1571-1713
Ep/III/16. Sequestration Papers, 1768-1834
Ep/III/17. Dispensation for Plurality, 1784
Ep/III/18 Order in Council, 1952.
Ep/IV/1. Marriage Licence Bonds and Affidavits, 1692-1907
Ep/IV/2. Act Books, 1538-1856
Ep/IV/3. Deposition Books, 1611-1661
Ep/IV/4. Miscellaneous Court Papers, 16th-19th centuries
Ep/IV/5. Detection Book and Liber Cleri, 1581-1591
Ep/IV/6. Churchwardens' Presentments, 1602-1811
Ep/IV/7. Parish Register Transcripts, 1610-1912
Ep/IV/8. Church Terriers, 1615-1665
-- Testaments and Wills, 1516-1858
-- Probate Diaries, 1568-1858
Ep/IV/9. Administration Bonds, 1694-1857
Ep/IV/10. Administrators' Accounts, 1610-1685
Ep/IV/11. Office Account Book, 1718-1735
Ep/IV/12. Churchwardens' Subscription Book, 1835-1846
Ep/IV/13. Faculty Papers, 1783-1855
Ep/IV/14. Church Building Papers, 1819-1830.
Ep/V/1. Marriage Licence Registers, 1620-1732
Ep/V/2. Marriage Licence Affidavits, 1862-1881
Ep/V/3. Act Books, 1613-1865
Ep/V/4. Acts of Court, 1724-1865
Ep/V/5. Deposition Book, 1604-1621
Ep/V/6. Excommunication Book, 1673-1680
Ep/V/7. Miscellaneous Court Papers, 1581-1843
Ep/V/8. Libri Cleri, 1606-1845
Ep/V/9. Register of Presentments, 1682-1719
Ep/V/10. Parish Register Transcripts, 1662-1908
Ep/V/11. Caveat Book, 1684-1734
Ep/V/12. Office Account Books, 1787-1881
Ep/V/13. Accounts, 1833-1874
Ep/V/14. Miscellanea, 1618-1881
Ep/V/15. Visitation Papers, 1832-1845
Ep/V/16. Churchwardens' Declarations, 1835-1845
Ep/V/16A. Ministers' Articles of Enquiry, 1875
Ep/V/17. Dissenters' Meeting Houses Certificates, 1773-1852
Ep/V/18. Faculty Papers, 1747-1821
Ep/V/19. Licences to Non-Resident Clergy, 1838-1845
Ep/V/20. Licences to Stipendiary Curates, 1824-1845
Ep/V/21. Church Building Papers, 1812-1835
Ep/V/22. Registrars' Correspondence, 1787-1800, 1827-1856.
Ep/VI/1. Cartularies, 13th-16th centuries
Ep/VI/2. Rentals, 1552-1894
Ep/VI/3. Land Tax Redemption, 1798-1843
Ep/VI/4. Account Books, 1521-1871
Ep/VI/5. Original Accounts, 1724-1891
Ep/VI/6. Rough Account Books, 1838-1900
Ep/VI/7. Daybooks, 1833-1861
Ep/VI/8. Ledgers, 1832-1853
Ep/VI/9. Cash Books, 1836-1854
Ep/VI/10. Miscellaneous Account Books, 1833-1864
Ep/VI/11. Pie Powder Court Book and Papers, 1582-1801
Ep/VI/12. Manor Court Books, 1502-1692
Ep/VI/13. Aldingbourne Court Rolls, 1648-1701
Ep/VI/14. Aldingbourne Court Books, 1670-1948
Ep/VI/15. Aldingbourne Draft Court Books, 1737-1791
Ep/VI/16. Aldingbourne Court Abstracts, 1606-1768
Ep/VI/17. Aldingbourne Rentals, 1725-1895
Ep/VI/18. Aldingbourne Survey, 1647
Ep/VI/19. Aldingbourne Court Papers, 1692-1948
Ep/VI/19A,20. Amberley Court Rolls, 1295-1508, 1641-1687
Ep/VI/21. Amberley Court Books, 1670-1936
Ep/VI/22. Amberley Draft Court Books, 1737-1844
Ep/VI/23. Amberley Court Abstracts, 1606-1763
Ep/VI/24. Amberley Surveys [1644]-1866
Ep/VI/25. Amberley Court Papers, 1647-1921
Ep/VI/26,27. Amberley Inclosure Award, 1828
Ep/VI/28. Amberley Leases
Ep/VI/28A Amberley Accounts, 1466-1467
Ep/VI/29. Cakeham Court Rolls, 1641-1697
Ep/VI/30. Cakeham and Manhood Court Books, 1670-1937
Ep/VI/31. Cakeham and Manhood Draft Court Books, 1737-1791
Ep/VI/32. Cakeham Court Abstract, 1761
Ep/VI/33. Cakeham Surveys, 1647-1853
Ep/VI/34. Cakeham Court Papers, 1700-1937
Ep/VI/35. Ferring and Fure Court Rolls, 1642-1687
Ep/VI/36. Ferring and Fure Court Books, 1670-1935
Ep/VI/37. Ferring and Fure Draft Court Books, 1736-1791
Ep/VI/37A. Ferring and Fure Court Abstracts, 1761
Ep/VI/37B. Ferring and Fure Surveys, 1647-1851
Ep/VI/38. Ferring and Fure Court Papers, 1700-1909
Ep/VI/38A, 39. Manhood Hundred Court Rolls, 1400-1483, 1671-1697
Ep/VI/40. Manhood Hundred Court Papers, 1700-1863
Ep/VI/41. Streatham Court Rolls, 1660-1688
Ep/VI/42. Streatham and Tipnoke Court Books, 1670-1935
Ep/VI/43. Streatham and Tipnoke Draft Court Books, 1737-1791
Ep/VI/44. Streatham Parliamentary Survey, 1647
Ep/VI/45. Miscellaneous Records relating to Streatham and other Manors, 1619-1868
Ep/VI/46. Streatham Court Papers, 1699-1939
Ep/VI/47. Tipnoke Hundred Court Rolls, 1670-1687
Ep/VI/48. Tipnoke Hundred Court Papers, 1700-1848
Ep/VI/49. Birdham Common Inclosure Award, 1793
Ep/VI/50. West Wittering Common Inclosure Award, 1793
Ep/VI/51. London Estate Registers of Leases, 1700-1854
Ep/VI/52. London Estate Rentals, 1722-1846
Ep/VI/53. London Estate Leases, 1719-1883
Ep/VI/54. London Estate Miscellanea, 1548-1854
Ep/VI/55. Sussex Estate Registers of Leases, 1661-1869
Ep/VI/56. Sussex Estate Leases, temp. Eliz. I - 1882
Ep/VI/57. Miscellaneous Surveys, 1750-1880
Ep/VI/58. Correspondence (Episcopal Estates), 1743-1863
Ep/VI/59. Correspondence (Railways), 1836-1853
Ep/VI/60. Estate correspondence, 1903-1948.
Ep/VII/1. Induction Mandates, 1912-1924
Ep/VII/2. Visitation Papers, 1913-1962
Ep/VII/3. Churchwardens' Articles of Enquiry, 1913-1961
Ep/VII/4. Churchwardens' Declarations, 1915-1922
Ep/VII/5. Assessors' Election Papers, 1912-1922
Ep/VII/6. Seal Matrices, 1912-1938
Ep/VII/7. Marriage Licence Affidavits, 1912-1936
Ep/VII/8. Orders in Council, 1912-1966
Ep/VII/9. Church Inspection Papers under 1955 Measure
Ep/VII/10. Correspondence, 1930-1952.
Ep/VIII/1. Probate and Administration Papers, 1610-1852
Ep/VIII/2. Miscellaneous Court Papers, 1689-1754
Ep/VIII/3. Visitation Papers, 1731-1844
Ep/VIII/4. Presentations, 1731-1920
Ep/VIII/5. Marriage Licences and Affidavits, 1814-1921
Ep/VIII/6. Building Papers, 1863-1924
Ep/VIII/7. Licences to Stipendiary Curacies, 1837-1902
Ep/VIII/8. Seal
Ep/VIII/9. Historical Notes, 1899
Ep/VIII/10. Faculty Papers, 1919
Ep/VIII/11. Tithe Books and Papers, 1733-1897.
Ep/IX/1 Registers and journals, 1839-1956
Ep/IX/2 Minute books of C.T.C. Ltd, 1926-1967
Ep/IX/3 Reports, 1910-1927
Ep/IX/4 Prospectuses, 1925-1980
Ep/IX/5 Printed lists of students, 1885-1897
Ep/IX/6 Printed ordination lists, 1921-1965
Ep/IX/7 Daily activities, 1855-1982
Ep/IX/7/1 Rules
Ep/IX/7/2 Timetables
Ep/IX/7/3 Devotions
Ep/IX/7/4 Lecture lists and visiting speakers
Ep/IX/7/5 Student societies
Ep/IX/8 Special events, 1882-1990
Ep/IX/8/1 Programmes and orders of services
Ep/IX/8/2 Invitations
Ep/IX/8/3 Appeals
Ep/IX/8/4 Other memorabilia
Ep/IX/9 College papers and correspondence, 1904-1989
Ep/IX/10 College buildings, 1883-1988
Ep/IX/11 Obituaries and biographies, 1879-1990
Ep/IX/12 Private manuscripts and papers, 1840-1965
Ep/IX/13 Private correspondence, 1933-1961
Ep/IX/14 Printed books and pamphlets, 1564, 1833-1969
Ep/IX/15 Press cuttings, 1913-1985
Ep/IX/16 Films, photographs and recordings, 1879-1993
Ep/IX/16/1-3 Albums
Ep/IX/16/4 College photographs
Ep/IX/16/5 Team and club photographs
Ep/IX/16/6 Portraits
Ep/IX/16/7 College buildings and college life
Ep/IX/16/8 Special events
Ep/IX/16/9 Other photographs
Ep/IX/16/10 Films and slides
Ep/IX/16/11 Recordings
Ep/IX/17 Records of St. Bartholomew's parish church, 1869-1965
Many volumes have been foliated or paginated more than once, but it is advisable always to follow the pencil foliation when using a book in the collection; it has been a rule in compiling this Catalogue to use what is believed to be the most recent foliation. A higher folio or page number preceding a lower (e.g. ff.10-3, pp. 312-260) indicates that the volume has been used from both ends.
It should be emphasized that the printed catalogue mark under which any records are described is the one which should be quoted; the earlier (and often confusing) catalogue marks, if they are found on documents, should be ignored

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