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Reference COBDEN
Covering dates 1578-1959
Held by West Sussex Record Office
Extent 44 series

Folder icon  LAND TENURE  [no ref. or date]

These documents are held at West Sussex Record Office

No further details   Printed copy of part of a speech by Richard Cobden on land tax, 1841  COBDEN/487  20th century
No further details   Incomplete MS. article (writer unknown) on the cost of living so far as it affects the labouring classes  COBDEN/488  post 1841
No further details   Draft MS. report on the state of agricultural districts addressed to Richard Cobden by Andrew Bisset  COBDEN/489  1845
No further details   Article, 'Land Tenure Question', from an unidentified journal  COBDEN/490  March 1864
No further details   Review of W. G. Blaikie, Better Days for Working People (London, 1863), from an unidentified journal  COBDEN/491  [1864]
No further details   Memorandum by John Bright on the Irish land question  COBDEN/492  1869
No further details   Proof copy of 'Land Law--France and Ireland' by Francis Prendergast, published in The Nation  COBDEN/493  nd [mid 19th century]
No further details   Notes and extracts, mainly in Richard Cobden's hand, on agriculture and land tenure. Bound together  COBDEN/494  [n.d.]
No further details   Newspaper cuttings on land tenure in Great Britain and the continent and on the law of primogeniture  COBDEN/495  1863-1865, 1873, and undated

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