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Reference WIN
Covering dates 13th century - 2000
Held by East Sussex Record Office
Extent c3000 files
Creators Winchelsea Corporation
Arrangement Table of contents
Membership of the Cinque Ports
WIN/1-4 Barons of the Cinque Ports, 1761-1821
WIN/5-24 Letters of summons to courts of Brotherhood and Guestling, 1710-1922
WIN/25-34 Draft and copy minutes of Brotherhoods and Guestlings, 166-1657, 1812
WIN/35-40 Lord Wardens' general proclamations, 1823-1826
WIN/41-50 Circular letters, petitions and correspondence, 1813-1914
Courts of Hundred, Assembly, Record and sessions of the peace
WIN/51-61 Court books, 1527-1886
WIN/62-64 Extracts from court books, 13th C - c1770
WIN/65-91 Copies of minutes of the court of assembly, 1771-1820
WIN/92-134 Copies of minutes of the court of hundred, 1765-1821
WIN/135-159 Warnings to attend court, 1769-1914
WIN/160-197 Writs of venire, 1775-1820
WIN/198-215 Grand Jury presentments, 1682-1821
WIN/216-221 Writs of capias and warrants to appear, 1769-1824
WIN/222-229 Sale of liquor without licence
WIN/230 Indictment, 1823
WIN/231-238 Informations and examinations, 1740-1851
WIN/239-257 Recognizances, 1785-1823
WIN/258-293 Papers concerning individual trials, 1785-1862
WIN/294-352 Licences and recognizances of alehouse-keepers, 1775-1822
WIN/353 Meeting House certificate, 1814
WIN/354-363 Orders of the courts, 1768-1824
WIN/364-376 Weights and measures, 1825-1861
WIN/377-378 Precedent books for sessions, c1880-1886
WIN/379 Summary convictions, 1853-1885
Court of Record
WIN/380-388 Precepts and recognizances, 1769-1778
WIN/389-397 Affidavits in pleas of debt, 1773-1781
WIN/397-415 Precipes and final concords, 1769-1828
WIN/416-417 Quitclaims registered in court, 1694, 1697
Town officials
WIN/418-442 Election of officers, nd, 1767-1795
WIN/443-447 Sacrament certificates, 1691-1712
WIN/448-449 Oaths against transubstantiation etc, 1783-1866
WIN/450-481 The mayor as returning officer, 1774-1831
WIN/482-512 Documents concerning freemen and jurats, 1710-1785
WIN/513-613 Coroner: inquests, certificates, returns and accounts, 1775-1885
WIN/614-617 Town Clerk's papers, including Winchelsea Petty Sessions papers, 1876-1883
WIN/618-619 Chamberlain and treasurer, 1753-1834, 1882-1886
WIN/620-669 Town rates, town's and king's rents, 1589, 1702-1884
WIN/670-853 Legal business, 1787-1889
WIN/854-953 Town sergeant and gaoler's salaries, 1824-1866
WIN/954-1225 Vouchers, 1715-1866
WIN/1249-1311 Relief of debtors in Dover Castle, 1814-1860
WIN/1312-1351 Reading Room, 1899-1901; Town Band, 1912-1914; others, 1880
Taxation and rates
WIN/1352-1371 Oaths of tax commissioners, 1784-1803
WIN/1372-1510 Subsidies, land and income tax, 1785-1876
WIN/1511-1556 Hearth and assessed taxes, 1664, 1796-1870
WIN/1557-1687 County, police, asylum and gaol rates, 1810-1885
WIN/1688-2011 Papers, 1778, 1793-1815
WIN/2012-2017 Blank forms and circulars, 1797-1812
Navy Act
WIN/2018-2025 Papers, 1795-1823
Customs and excise
WIN/2026-2032 Papers concerning prosecutions, 1814-1824
WIN/2033-2039 Corporation estates, 1652-1831
WIN/2040-2044 Deeds of property in Winchelsea, 1326, 1413, 1461, c1660
WIN/2045-2053 Other estates, 1584-1803
WIN/2054-2145 General, 1570, 1816-1953
WIN/2146-2050 Loyal addresses, 1761-1884
Winchelsea gaol
WIN/2151 Description book, 1828-1886
Parish records
WIN/2152-2156 Rates, 1662, 1762-1776
WIN/2157-2165 Informations and summonses for refusal to pay rates, 1815-1823
WIN/2166-2171 Property of Robert Haffenden late of Winchelsea: accounts for sale, 1780
WIN/2172-2188 Settlement examinations, 1775-1792
WIN/2189-2200 Removal orders, 1780-1822
WIN/2201-2206 Apprenticeship bonds and indentures, 1617-1634, 1770-1776
WIN/2207-2221 Bastardy papers, 1773-1824
WIN/2222-2234 Other overseers' papers, 1569, 1750-1840
WIN/2235-2237 Highway surveyors, 1822-1823, 1847-1848
WIN/2238-2242 Papers relating to the poor law, 1803-1822
Acts of parliament
WIN/2243-2314 1726, 1766-1861
Maps, prints and drawings
WIN/2315-2345 1763, c1830
Other records
WIN/2346-2358 c1380-1958
Town clerk
WIN/2359/1 Queen Elizabeth's charter, 1586
WIN/2359/2 Minutes of the election and admission of freemen, 1783, 1796-1980
WIN/2359/3 Other documents, 1809-c1880
WIN/2359/4 General correspondence, 1877-1921, 1958-1982
WIN/2359/5 Correspondence by subject, 1924-1989
WIN/2359/6 Court Hall Museum, 1929-1977
WIN/2359/7 Deeds of Corporation property, 1803-1995
WIN/2359/8 Cinque Ports: courts and ceremonial events, 1892-1989
WIN/2359/9 Cinque Ports: papers of Herbert Lovegrove as Speaker of the ports, 1953-1982
WIN/2359/10 Accounts, 1951/52, and 1958/59 to 1983/84
WIN/2360/1 Account books, 1848-1886
WIN/2360/2 Vouchers to account, 1867-1886
WIN/2361/1 Armada ship-service arbitration 1596
WIN/2361/2 Accounts of queen's and town rents, 1807-1961
WIN/2361/3 Vouchers to account, 1887-1921
WIN/2361/4 Chequebooks, 1867-1920
Documents presented to the Corporation
WIN/2362/1 Papers of Charles Walter Campion (1839-1926) and A V Owen (1899-1982), former churchwardens of Winchelsea; 1904-1934
WIN/2362/2 Papers relating to the Town Well, 1851
WIN/2362/3 Winchelsea Auxiliary Fire Service papers of Percy Ide, 1940 - 1941
WIN/2362/4 Papers of G M Freeman as baron jurat of Winchelsea at the coronation, 1911
WIN/2362/5 Printed particulars of sale for the Friars Estate, 1908
WIN/2362/6 Assignment of mortgage of land in the sixth quarter of Winchelsea, 1678
WIN/2362/7 Maps, charts and plans collected by C H Dobbie, [1594]-1960
WIN/2362/8 Documents relating to raids on Winchelsea in 1377 and 1380, 1972-1986
WIN/2362/9 The Winchelsea working papers of Captain Herbert Lovegrove, [1585]-1987
WIN/2362/10 Deeds of Higham Cottage, Higham Green, and land at Ferry Marsh, Winchelsea, 1771-1876
WIN/2362/11 Recollections of Winchelsea 1911-1915 by Anthony Hugh Thomas, 1980
WIN/2362/12 Papers of D R Bourne concerning the jurat's oath of loyalty, 1996-1999
WIN/2362/13 Autobiography of Donovan Dennett Wilding Cole, 1997
WIN/2363/1 Correspondence, 1934-1962
WIN/2363/2 List of mayors 1295-1999; 2002
WIN/2363/3 Mayoral minute books, 1955 - 1990
WIN/2363/4 Vouchers to account, 1979-1988

Administrative history:
From an early date the twin ports of Rye and Winchelsea on the Camber (the estuary of the Rother and the Brede rivers) have had a closely related history. By the grant of Cnut they both developed on territory belonging to the Norman abbey of Fécamp. They were jointly admitted to the confederation known as the Cinque Ports, at first as members of Hastings and subsequently, by the royal charters of c1165, 1191 and 1205, they received the same legal and financial privileges as the other full members of the Ports, including immunity from suit at the royal courts at Westminster and in the counties. Together they made payments at the exchequer and together they were addressed in royal writs.
Economically Winchelsea grew faster, despite its transplantation after the progressive inundation of its original site between 1250 and 1288, and declined earlier because its new position on the Brede tributary succumbed sooner than the harbour of Rye to the silt, which eventually destroyed them both as commercial centres. Their administrative history was from the start closely assimilated. In view of the recent publication of a similar volume to this devoted to the records of Rye corporation, it was felt that considerable repetition could be saved by omitting some of the detailed notes on the purpose and nature of many classes of records common to both towns. Where the records of Winchelsea reflect differences of municipal organization these have been duly noted.
Though reported on by the Municipal Commissioners, the borough passed unnoticed by the Municipal Corporations Act, 1835, after having been deprived of representation to Parliament by the Reform Act, 1832, and it retained until 1886 the full criminal and civil jurisdiction in its courts of Quarter Sessions and of Record, though in fact largely unused. Under the Municipal Corporations Act 1883, on 25th March 1886, all civil, criminal and admiralty jurisdictions and all exclusive franchises, privileges and exemptions in the scheduled boroughs (in which Winchelsea was included) were to cease, all corporations dissolved (with exceptions) and corporate property was made subject to a scheme of the Charity Commissioners.
A saving clause for the Cinque Ports (sect 13) left their Admiralty jurisdiction undiminished; the dissolution of a corporation was not to be construed to increase the authority of one port over another, and the non-corporate members were merged with 'the county, and hundred, and other division in which those members are respectively situate'. Winchelsea is thus, for civil purposes, part of the parish of Icklesham.
Through the intervention of Frederic Andrew Inderwick, QC, MP (1836-1904), the town's Corporation was saved by Section 14 of the Act: 'In the event of a charter not being granted to Winchelsea the property of the corporation of Winchelsea shall continue to be held, managed, and enjoyed as heretofore, in like manner as if a scheme of the Charity Commissioners, in pursuance of this Act, had provided for such holding, management, and enjoyment, and for that purpose the corporation of Winchelsea shall continue undissolved in like manner as if it were constituted by the said scheme; and notwithstanding anything in this Act, Winchelsea shall continue to be entitled an ancient town of the Cinque Ports.'

Foreword to revised list of 2002
The records of Winchelsea Corporation were deposited in 1959 and the list of them, Winchelsea Corporation Records, published in 1963.
The records had mostly been housed in Winchelsea, but were augmented by two additional groups in 1953 and 1961.
In 1953 several volumes of corporation minutes covering the period 1527 to 1721 had been discovered, with other documents, at the offices of Messrs Trower, Still & Keeling of Lincoln's Inn, solicitors.
In 1961 an enquiry directed to the firm of Dawes, Son & Prentice of Rye, whose partners had provided town clerks since at least the 18th century, produced further documents, which were inserted into the original sequence by means of the addition of a letter to the numerical reference: see WIN/61a - 61e, 197a, 397a - 397b, 433a, 447a - 447c, 619a, 2036a and 2037a.
The documents were arranged partly according to the office of the corporation which had produced them and partly by subject, and were numbered in a sequence from 1 to 2358. The mnemonic prefix WIN was added in 1973.
The printed list also includes documents purchased by the corporation or presented to its museum: see WIN/512, 2042-2044, 2047. The covering letter presenting the last document to the corporation survives (see WIN/2362/6/1) and begs the question of the number of WIN documents which are the result of gifts rather than any administrative process.
There have been several accessions subsequent to the initial deposit, during which time Winchelsea's constitutional position, alone of the fourteen present members of the Confederation of the Cinque Ports, has remained unchanged by local government legislation.
It has therefore been decided to retain the prefix WIN and continue the numbering sequence from 2359, but to introduce sub-numbers (the better to represent the provenance of individual classes and to allow for accruals) and to provide cross-references to similar material contained in the published list.
In the course of preparing the list for inclusion in the Access to Archives website in 2002, the entire archive was examined and individual documents compared with the descriptions in the published catalogue. Many of those descriptions were found to be inadequate, and a few inaccurate. It also became clear that many original bundles of vouchers, mostly dating from the creation of an office of Treasurer in 1822, had been broken and re-arranged under perceived heads of expenditure. A series of extracts from the corporation minute-books, some now missing, made in July 1768 in order to assemble evidence for the 'Winchelsea Causes' had also been distributed through the archive according to the subject of the extract.
Although the temptation to relist large portions of the archive has been resisted, the following list considerably augments the information available in the published catalogue, particularly by a much fuller calendar of entries relating to land and buildings from the early court books.
I am most grateful to Malcolm Pratt, Town Clerk of Winchelsea, for his energy in securing the deposit of this material, his provisional arrangement and listing of it and his patience while awaiting the production of a final version of the list. His list of documents relating to Rye among the records listed as those of Winchelsea Corporation (but almost certainly from the offices of Dawes, Son and Prentice) forms an appendix to this list.
6 xii 2002
The Catalogue
This catalogue describes the surviving records of Winchelsea Corporation, generously deposited by that body on loan in the East Sussex County Record Office for the use of students in 1959. Winchelsea lost its importance as a port comparatively early and the corporation lost a great deal of its business; hence the records are less complete or extensive than those of its neighbour. For that reason the catalogue published in 1963 included lists of additional material relevant to Winchelsea history which had been deposited at the County Record Office by that date. Principal among these are the collections made by W M Homan, the historian of the town, which were kindly deposited for students' use by his daughter Mrs Goldie and listed as AMS 2277-2499; a synopsis of the list of these documents was included as Appendix 1 to the published catalogue. Homan did not live to publish the definitive history of the town which his scholarship and wide research deserved, but the draft of such a history is among Homan's papers. Despite the tendentious nature of his treatment of the origins of the Ports, this is a valuable work and deserves to be better known. His marvellous reconstruction in map form of New Winchelsea as laid out by Edward I in the 1292 Rental and his detailed study of the town's wine cellars have, among other articles in learned periodicals, already appeared in print. A bibliography of his published writings appeared on page 85 of the Catalogue. Homan also collected original documents which were also calendared with his papers.
Appendix 2 of the 1963 catalogue consisted of an analysis of the known versions of the Winchelsea Custumal, an indispensible document for the study of the constitution of the town. The custumal should be used in conjunction with the very full statements of the constitution given in connection with electoral disputes, especially the mayoralty of John Collins, 1621-8 in WIN/55, folios 241-269 passim and in the middle of the 18th century in WIN/433A and 498.
In 1959 some interesting documents on town administration were discovered while renovating Periteau House and listed as AMS 4444-4455; a brief list formed Appendix 3 to the 1963 Catalogue.
Finally Appendix 4 provided a brief description of the records deposited by the ecclesiastical parish in 1959 and listed as PAR 512.
Early History
The early history of Winchelsea is not preserved among the corporation archives. At first the dependency of a foreign monastery and, after the rift with France, a royal town, the earliest sources are the royal bailiffs' accounts, 1260-1372, among the Exchequer records at the Public Record Office (PRO SC 6/1031/19 to 1032/13). In the same office is to be found the rental of the town established on the hill of Iham in 1292 (PRO SC 11/673, printed in Inderwick, Appendix, pp 153-219). Other references to the town appear in the early Chancery rolls.
The Courts of Winchelsea
The main organ of administrative action down to the 19th century was the court. It is therefore the proceedings of the town court, enrolled under various titles, which form the main records of the corporation. Until the latter half of the 16th century little specialization and considerable duplication of function appear in these courts, which were presided over by the mayor and jurats. A succinct account of the various courts and their jurisdiction in Rye is given by William Page in VCH Sussex 9 51 but no full-scale study of the judicial and conciliar expedients of the individual ports has yet appeared; the following notes are largely exploratory.
From 1527, when the extant court books commence, the principal courts are the 'Hundred' and the 'Common Court' (curia communis, later the Court of Record or simply 'Court of the Lord King') The former differs from the normal Hundred Courts of the county at large in being concerned primarily with the political, communal and financial affairs of the town and not at all with judicial matters. It is the widest conclave of townsmen and, no doubt, the successor of the Anglo-Saxon 'moot' or assembly of the folk, the most ancient organ of town government.
At this court the mayor and other town officers were elected, including the two burgesses to represent the town in parliament, Cinque Port business was transacted, ordinances made, taxation and accounts approved. The only judicial action recorded is the election of the Grand Jury whose presentments were presumably made to a Court of Sessions (see below) and go unrecorded. Later in the century certain meetings of this court are termed 'Assemblies', the forerunner of the town council, and in these cases the names of the mayor, jurats and commoners in attendance are recorded. Nevertheless the composition of both courts seems to have been a full meeting of the inhabitants. In 1528 the composition of the Hundred Court is described as 'mayor, jurats and all the whole commonalty' and implies that all the inhabitants should be in attendance, though not necessarily taking part in the resolution about taxation then made (WIN/51 f32v).
In 1529 the composition is 'the bench and common there assembled' who had just elected two burgesses to parliament (WIN/51 f36r). The assembly is clearly stated to be composed of all the inhabitants (WIN/53 f75r). No clear distinction of function between the two is apparent; admission to the freedom, administration of town finance and property and Brotherhood business can occupy either session. Alehouse recognizances are normally taken at Assembly, elections to town office and proclamations for recognizances of land are retained by the Hundred.
Quite distinct is the Common Court or Court of Record. This is concerned mainly with civil pleas, important in a merchant community for recovery of debts and detained goods, and dealing also with pleas of land and trespass. Deeds are frequently enrolled in its proceedings as of record; see WIN/51 f184v, 185r for two cases where the deeds concerned are stated to be enrolled subsequently in the same volume. In the earliest volume (WIN/51), some of its sessions are called Piepowder Courts (curia pulverizata) or Courts for Strangers (curia de estraneis), being summary sessions for dealing with the suits of those outside the liberty and cases pleaded by attorney. Occasionally jurats and freemen were elected at this court for the sake of convenience.
The immunity of the Cinque Ports from attendance at the county courts, granted in the late 12th century, led naturally to the growth of their own Quarter Sessions jurisdiction, when this developed in the 14th and 15th century to replace the older forms of local criminal court, the manor, hundred and leet. 'Sessions of the peace' were no doubt held throughout the 15th and 16th century though no notice of them is taken in the court books before 1631 (WIN/59, f13 is headed 'Hundredum ac sessio pacis'). To such entries are appended, besides the recurrent lists of the Grand Jury, notes that 'their presentments appear upon the file of this year' (WIN/59 f13) or 'the parties presented by the grand jury, some were discharged, the others were fined as appears by the said presentments' (WIN/59 f82v). These show that the main record of this court was a series of sessions rolls or files, only fragments of which survive (see Presentments of the grand jury (WIN/198-215), writs of capias (WIN/216-229), an indictment (WIN/230) and some classes of documents registered or deposited.
Some of the court books are also missing, including the earliest, covering 1430-1526, which was in the town chest in about 1770 (see WIN/62). It is fortunate that other volumes in this series were discovered while sorting the contents of a solicitor's attic shortly before this catalogue went to press. It is to be hoped that further items will yet come to light. For three Tudor inventories of the Town's records see WIN/53 f255v, 259, 267v - 268.
It was no doubt the earliest court book, or the custumal, then in the town's possession, which is referred to in a hundred court resolution of 21 December 1527 (WIN/51 f32) in which 'the ancient Custom of this town of antiquity used' is invoked, 'whereupon the ancient records were searched and found and by the said hundred thoroughly confirmed'. It is the primary function of archives, to preserve evidence for the daily affairs of men, that has saved so much of the written past for a secondary task, the informing of historical enquiry. To this the records of Winchelsea which survive are now dedicated.
The spelling of personal surnames names is given as in the original, but Christian names are given in modern form. Place-names have been modernised, when identifiable, with the exception of forms before 1300.

Membership of the Cinque Ports  [no ref. or date]

Barons of the Cinque Ports  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  WIN/1  12 Sep 1761

Copy minute of an assembly to elect four barons to carry the canopy at the coronation of George III Liber 9, for 871 Framed [This reference is to a volume of the court books now lost. It covered the years 1735-1768]

[no title]  WIN/2  13 May 1820

Circular letter from the Speaker of the Cinque Ports proposing John Shipden and William Fowle, solicitors to the Ports, as persons suitable to put forward the Ports' claim to canopy service at the coronation of George IV

[no title]  WIN/3  14 Jun 1821

Covering letter to the Royal Proclamation of the coronation

[no title]  WIN/4  29 Jun 1821

Draft minute of an assembly to elect two barons to carry the canopy at the coronation of George IV

Letters of Summons to the Courts of Brotherhood and Guestling  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  WIN/5-15  1710-1823

Original and copy letters from the Speaker of the Cinque Ports on the advisability of holding a court

[no title]  WIN/16-21  1726-1866

Summons and commissions to attend, 1726, 1811-1812, 1866

[no title]  WIN/22  10 Dec 1813

Notice of the mitigation of the fine imposed on Winchelsea, Pevensey and Hastings for non-attendance

[no title]  WIN/23  1867-1922

Rotation of the Speakers of the Cinque Ports

[no title]  WIN/24  1726-1811

Rotation of the Speakers of the Cinque Ports

Draft and Copy Minutes of the Courts of Brotherhood and Guestling  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  WIN/25-33  1600-1657

3 docs

Draft and copy minutes

[no title]  WIN/34  1812

Draft and copy minutes

Lord Wardens' General Proclamations  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  WIN/35-40  1823-1826

Covering letters from Thomas Pain to the Lord Wardens' General Proclamations

Circular Letters and Petitions  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  WIN/41  24 May 1813

Letter from the Speaker of the Cinque Ports on the advisability of supporting the petition for the renewal of the charter of the East India Company, and enclosing WIN/42-47, all drawn by Mr Teasdale, solicitor, Merchant Tailors' Hall, London

[no title]  WIN/42  8 Jan 1813

Printed resolutions of a meeting of merchants, manufacturers and others connected with the export trades to India and China from the Port of London

[no title]  WIN/43  13 Jan 1813

Printed resolutions of a meeting of ship-builders and fitters as WIN/42

[no title]  WIN/44  18 Feb 1813

Resolutions of a meeting of freeholders, householders, tradesmen and inhabitants of the parishes of Tower Hamlets, Middlesex, as WIN/42

[no title]  WIN/45  18 Feb 1813

Petition to the House of Commons of a meeting of freeholders, householders, tradesmen and inhabitants of the parishes of Tower Hamlets, Middlesex, as WIN/42

[no title]  WIN/46  13 Jan 1813

Printed petition to the House of Commons of a meeting of ship-builders and fitters as WIN/43

[no title]  WIN/47  8 Jan 1813

Printed petition to the House of Commons of a meeting of merchants, manufacturers and others connected with the export trades to India and China from the Port of London as WIN/42

[no title]  WIN/48  5 Aug 1864

Circular letter from the mayor and corporation of Hastings, asking the consent of Winchelsea, on the decease of Mr Stringer of New Romney and Mr Baker Bass of Dover, to the appointment of his son Mr Stringer of New Romney and Robert Growse, town clerk of Hastings, as solicitors of the Cinque Ports

[no title]  WIN/49  15 Jun 1914

Related information: For papers relating to the installation, see WIN/2359/8/5

Printed letter from R E Knocker, town clerk of Dover, asking whether Winchelsea requires tickets for the luncheon in honour of [William Lygon] Earl Beauchamp after his installation as Lord Warden

[no title]  WIN/50  10 Jul 1914

R E Knocker to Walter Dawes acknowledging the request for tickets

Court books  [no ref. or date]

The nature of these courts has been described in the Introduction. No consistent practice with regard to enrolling the proceedings is apparent; sometimes Hundreds and Assemblies jostle with courts of Record and Sessions of the Peace at other times separation was preferred. For most of the period for which the books survive (1527-1886) the various courts were recorded in sections of the same current volume. During the 16th century the Court of Record acquired separate volumes but was reunited for a period in the 18th century. Sessions were given separate volumes in the 19th century.
The series is incomplete, despite recent discoveries. When notes were made on the court books c1770 (WIN/62) they were numbered 1-10 and numbers 1, 9 and 10 are still missing. Some of the deficiencies can be filled by reference to the abstracts of court books (WIN/62-64). The following table shows the extent of the series, given in two forms for ease of reference:
H--Hundreds A--Assemblies R--Court of Record S--Sessions of the Peace
Dates covered: H 1527-1734, 1765-1792, 1823-1882
A 1560-1734, 1769-1792, 1823-1882
R 1527-1575, 1604-1682, 1769-1835
S 1630-1724, 1769-1886
ESRO No dates courts notes
51 2 1527-1558 H R and Piepowder
52 3 1558-1575 H A R Hundred from fo 141
53 4 1568-1586 H A
54 5 1586-1597 H A
55 6 1507-1627 H A
56 - 1604-1637 R
57 - 1608, 1609, 1672, 1674, 1684 H A R rough minutes only
58 7 1628-1691 H A S
59 - 1638-1682 R
60 8 1691-1734 H A S sessions separate c1704
92-131 1765-1821 H copies of minutes
62 (in reverse) 1766-1767 A some minutes only
61 1769-1792 H A R S R & S to 1823
61A 1769-1794 A R S draft of WIN/61
61B 1823-1882 H A
61C 1823-1835 R merely adjournments
61D 1823-1880 S
61E 1881-1886 S

Court Book of Assemblies, Hundred, Record and Strangers (Piepowder) Courts  WIN/51  1527-1558

This volume is bound in leather supported by three spinal straps, the central one passing round the book and fastening with a buckle. The decoration consists of blind-tool devices, conventional roses, squirrels, lions passant, fleur-de-lys, double-headed eagles and four castles, the three latter in lozenges, the animals in squares and the roses 'free'. These decorations are made up in panels divided by fillets, differing back and front. The work is perhaps Flemish or at least influenced by continental craftsmen.

The book comprises 277 folios of paper. At the time of deposit it was in bad condition, the leather perished and worn and many of the pages torn and weak. In carrying out its repair at the West Sussex Record Office at Chichester the original materials and appearance have been rigorously preserved. To carry out repair the book was stripped, which gave an opportunity for a close examination of its make up and for determining what had been cut or torn out in the past. Details of this collation are available in typescript in the ESRO. During the dismantling fragments of quills, glass and brass filings were found amongst the 'pounce' and other debris which had accumulated over 400 years in the binding. After repair and resizing the gatherings were resewn on the original bands, relined with parchment, the same holes being used throughout. No glue has been used to hold the sections together, as in the original binding. The decayed cover was mounted on goat's skin and the original straps refixed with new lacings.
The contents of this volume are as follows:
1-26 missing
27 Incomplete entry of a Hundred Court, including postponement of the taking of the mayoral oath of Thomas Foster, mayor elect, while he holds office as Chief Customer of Chichester; post 28 Apr 1527
27v Hundred Court; 19 May 1527
28 Hundred Court: enactments on purchases and sales of foreigners (persons living outside the liberty) and upon the selling of the freedom to strangers, 8 Jun 1527
29v-31 Hundred Courts: 13 Jul 1527-28 Aug 1527
30 pendant of hill before his gate from the Watchbell Gate at the north down to Iham Ground, and at the south from the first tower of the butts down to the marsh, granted for 99 years to George Lowys, ex-mayor, at 12d; 13 Jul 1527
31 v Memorandum of mainprise [a recognizance or surety in a penal sum of money] for Nicholas Walter, brickmaker, by Richard Clerke, yeoman, Thomas Breress, brewer, John Sheppard, lighterman, and Richard Lowe, plumber, all of Winchelsea, to appear in court for finding the purse, money and writings of William Fisher of London merchant; 13 Sep 1527
32-36 Memorandum of admission as freeman of John Coveley at a Common Court, who was immediately elected jurat; 15 Oct 1527
34 Hundred Courts: These include a re-enactment of penalties for breaches of the peace, laying a rate for Dynesdale bridge to be made 340 feet, 100 longer than contract; builder Thomas Cuckoo to be paid extra (fos 32v-33); a contract with Thomas Cokowe for the bridge (fo 34); the Grand Jury sworn to make enquiry 'for the lord king according to the articles for such enquiry kept in the town chest' (fo 34v); the election of burgesses to parliament (fo 36); 21 Dec 1527-8 Sep 1529
36v Guestling [joint meeting of the representatives of the Cinque Ports] held at Winchelsea, at which 'the great charter graunted by divers kinges to the hoole portes' was read and clarification sought from parliament; 18 Sep 1529
37 Hundred Court: Two freemen were elected and thereafter it was decreed that 3 jurats and 10 commoners should have full authority to hear, determine, judge and acquit all and singular matters that belong to the town of Winchelsea of and in the name of the whole inhabitants; [Compare a similar expedient tried at Rye in 1563, Records of Rye Corporation, pp, 1,2] 15 Jan 1530
37v Hundred Courts; 24 Apr 1530-1 May 1530
38 Hundred Court: At this court the mayor and jurats decided they 'shulde serche all suche actes and put them in a boke that they mygth be knowyn and showyd the next hundred' Also made ordinances for maltsters, victuallers and tipplers; 18 Jun 1531
38 three common bakers for the town; 1531
38 agreement to let to Nicholas White that part of the court-house which he now occupies, as Thomas Foster had, for 20 years at 3s 4d, paying the king's rent; 1538
39 Hundred Court: Agreement to lease part of the Court Hall to Nicholas Whyt made by the whole Assembly; 10 Jun 1538
40,41 missing
42-45v Hundred Courts: includes assignment of auditors to hear the accounts of the church and town (f43); decision to sell the great chalice towards the reparations of the bridge (f43v); recital of the ancient custom that the mayor should make one freeman during his term of office (f44); 'a scout watch at the sea side in the time of the wars' being an order to view all the able-bodied men with their harness [The confusion of municipal and parochial affairs is very noticeable in these small boroughs] 'as appeareth by a book thereof remaining in the Court House' and to establish a rota for the watch (fo 44v); the bells of the great cross to be sold to defray town debts: 30 Nov 1545-8 Apr 1548
43 memorandum that the Pewes Gate should be removed by John Watts and John Lowys; 22 Jul 1546
44 Edward Scrase shall set the eaves of his house upon the church wall adjoining his house, paying to the church 4d a year; 5 Apr 1547
46-48v Hundred Courts: The last folio also contains a memorandum of an inquisition on the felony of Joan Brice of Winchelsea, spinster, alleged to have stolen a 'cawthorne of brasse'; followed by some notes of recognizances to the town; 6 May 1549-1 May 1550
49-51 missing
52 Hundred Courts, 5 Apr - 1 May 1551; includes a grant of tenement and quay at the Strand with a piece of adjoining land to Thomas Eglyston, jurat, at 5s; 1551
53 missing
54 Hundred Courts: Agreement to lease the town shop at Strand to Thomas Egylston. Also to pay a retainer of 10s to Mr Ramsey, lawyer, 'as learned counsellor to the town'; 9, 16 Apr 1553
54v grant of a shop at the Strand adjoining the town storehouse and a dock before the shop to Thomas Egylston at 3s Od; 1553
55-56 Hundred Courts: Resolution that after this Hundred 'there shall no course of piepowder holden at Wychelsea but whosoever requyrythe the same course shall pay in money the sum of 10s sterlyng' (fo 55v). Resolution that the mayor, William Egylstone and Mr Lucy shall follow the suit of the Queen for the relief of the town (fo 56); Thomas Hoker, town clerk, to have 5s for writing the charter; 11 Sep - 1 Dec 1553
56 Assembly (assilatio) held for the election of burgesses to parliament The nomination of these given to the Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports; 11 Mar 1554
56v Hundred Court: feefarm on a tenement called Plummers in Quarter 13 granted to George Mylwan 1 Apr 1554
57 Assembly, 30 Oct [1554?]
57 grant to John Mylwarr of a tenement called Plummers in Quarter 13, rent 2s 0d; 1554
57v acknowledgement of a common recovery of a tenement in Quarter 3, daughters of William Woolvin (William Stone and wife Margaret, Adam Cramper and wife Elizabeth) to Agnes Smith of Winchelsea, widow; 19 Nov 1555
58 Hundred Courts: 21, 29 Apr 1555
59 missing
60-61 Hundred Courts: resolved that John Guildford kt may have a house in the Butchery, on condition that the neighbouring house is not decayed, and that the poor people of St John's Hospital may have their reed land again, which JG keeps from them; 1556 (fo 60); 3 freemen admitted, 1 by election, 1 by birthright and 1 by mayor's choice (fo 60v); 1 Mar - 19 Apr 1556
60v no idle or suspect person to let a house unless the owner notifies the mayor or forfeit 10s; non residents to be assessed as in the other ports; 1556
62 blank
62v-70v Hundred Courts: request for a land scot for the repair of the bridge leading to Rye rejected by the court (fo 64); regulations as to ballast dumping (fo 64); resolution on the mastership and repair of the town hospitals (fo 70) The entries for 1558-9 seem to be incomplete; 21 Dec 1556-21 Dec 1559
64 the three town butchers summoned and agreed to kill a bullock a week to furnish the town market; 1557
70 appointment of master and mistress of hospitals of St John and St Bartholomew; to live in chapel of St John, 'build it up' the houses and chapel of St John within three years; to pay queen's rent and to receive the rents belonging to the hospitals; 21 Dec 1559
71 missing
70v recognizance by Michael Bisson of Winchelsea lighterman to keep an inn with three beds; 9 Apr 1561
72v Memorial of a plea of debt on a statute staple; 13 Jan [1560]
73-122 Common Courts: Piepowder Courts entered on fos 78v, 79, 82v, 87v, 88, 90, 97, 104v, 106v, 109, 111 After Apr 1528 the type of court is not specified; 2 May 1526-16 Feb 1529
122v blank
123 Memorandum of payment by the Rye jurats to the chamberlain of Winchelsea of 12s 'mesurage' on salt charged on Hans Fischer, Hollander attached at Winchelsea.
Copy of a letter to Winchelsea from Thomas Cheyney, Lord Warden, demanding nomination of their burgesses to parliament, 31 Aug 1553
Copy of a letter to the members of the Cinque Ports from the Lord Warden's deputies, John Monynges and Joseph Beverley, concerning the canopy service at Queen Mary's coronation, 2 Sep 1553
123v blank
124-29 missing
130-58v Common Courts: Piepowder Courts entered on fos 144, 144v, 149 31 Apr 1540-14 Jul 1545
159 blank [part missing]
160-204v Common Courts, Piepowder Courts entered on fos 171, 181 At the foot of f204v is the note: 'turn after to the list of parchments and there are the rest of the actions' which presumably means proceed beyond the enrolled deeds following to f249 where the entries for the Common Court are resumed; 6 Oct 1545-13 Mar 1554
Enrolled deeds, as follows:
205 Feoffment from William Raffe of Icklesham and his wife Joan (one of the daughters and heirs of William Tokey of Winchelsea, deceased) to Robert Tokey of Fairlight:
A tenement and garden in the 19th quarter of Winchelsea having the street on the E, the land of George Lowes on the S, the land of George Awoode called 'Tresgenthaull' on the W and the land of Thomas Holden on the N.
Certificate that Joan was examined by the corporation for proof of consent and the town seal attached; 18 Feb 1539
205v Feoffment from Nicholas Clerke, mariner, and his wife Joan, to George Lowes, the younger yeoman, all of Winchelsea:
A messuage and garden in the parish of St Thomas the Apostle. Lying in the 12th quarter of Winchelsea having the street opposite The Whecebelles gate [Strand Gate] on the N and E, the land of the heirs of Richard Okeman on the S and the tenement of George a Woode on the W.
Certificate that Joan was examined by the corporation for proof of consent and the town seal attached; 7 Apr 1541
206 Feoffment from John Bowyer, king's bailiff of the Honour of Petworth and his wife Margaret (daughter and heir of Richard Barkeley of Winchelsea, deceased) to Thomas Hynxstend of Winchelsea, merchant, and his wife Agnes:
A capital messuage with garden Lying in the high street (alto vico) and 7th quarter of Winchelsea, which descended to Margaret by hereditary right.
Power of attorney from the donors to Goddard Heman and Thomas Hellock to deliver seisin.
Certificate that Margaret was examined by the corporation for proof of consent and the town seal attached; 12 Sep 1541
206v Feoffment from Robert Hollden of Winchelsea to John Goddard: A tenement, garden and a plot of land adjoining in the 6th quarter of Winchelsea having a lane and land of the donor on the E, the donor's land and the street on the S, land of the heirs of William Gaunt on the W and a lane on the N, which property the donor acquired from Richard Drinker as his charter shows; 15 Jan 1539
206v Feoffment from Thomas Hoker and his wife Joan to William Oxenbridge, all of Winchelsea:
A tenement and garden Lying in the 7th quarter of Winchelsea, having the land late of Richard Martham on the E, the land of James Rogers on the W, the street on the N and the land of the heirs of John Soter on the S.
Certificate that Joan was examined by the corporation for proof of consent and the town seal attached; 28 Apr 1549
207 blank
207v-8 Common Courts: A very full entry for three courts, more carefully enrolled than anything else in the volume; 27 Sep-25 Oct 1541
208v blank
209 Memorial of examination of Mercy, wife of Thomas Bocher as in following deed:
Feoffment from Thomas Bocher and his wife Mercy, both of Rye, to John Garrarde of Winchelsea
A moiety of a tenement and garden Lying in the 7th quarter of Winchelsea, having the lands of Thomas Gray on the E and W, the land of Thomas Hoker on the N and the street on the S, which descended to Mercy and Isabel Mathewson (daughters and co-heirs of Isabel Golde deceased). Certificate that Mercy was examined, etc; 29 May 1548
209v blank
210 missing [this is in fact a misnumeration as fos 209 and 21 [...] ] together form the central folding of a gathering and there is no evidence that a half sheet ever existed between them]
211 Feoffment from Robert Bocher of Laughton, husbandman, and his wife Joan (daughter and heir of Thomas Marten of Winchelsea, deceased), to Jeremy Nashe and William Tawnton Consideration: 'a certain sum of money':
Two tenements lying in the 7th quarter of Winchelsea having a garden late of Thomas Greis on the E, the street on the S and a tenement and garden late of Tristram Cosker on the W and N Certificate that Joan was examined etc.
Witnesses to sealing: George Lewez [?Lowes], John Smythe, Thomas Roodes, Richard Clark, jurats, Edward Bradbridge, Thomas Convers, John Convers, sergeant at mace, Thomas Collins, Richard Wulfail'; 4 Dec 1548
211v Feoffment from Robert and Joan (as in previous deed) to Thomas Collyn of Winchelsea, shoemaker. Consideration: 'a certain sum of money':
A garden Lying in the 19th quarter of Winchelsea, having the street on the E and N, land lately belonging to the Chantry of Winchelsea on the W and the tenement of the donee on the S.
Certificate that Joan was examined, etc; 4 Dec 1548
212 Feoffment from Robert and Joan (as above) to Edward Brodbridge of Winchelsea Consideration: 'a certain sum of money'
A tenement with garden lying in the 14th quarter of Winchelsea, having the street on the E, W and S and the tenement and garden of Richard Clark on the N.
Certificate that Joan was examined, etc; 4 Dec 1548
212v Feoffment from Robert Inglond of the Cliffe next Lewes, draper and his wife Margery (late wife of William Hoode of Winchelsea, butcher, deceased) to John Sculley Consideration: 'a certain sum of money' [Part of this formula is omitted]:
Two tenements and gardens in The Bocherye in the parish of St Thomas in Winchelsea, having the lands of the heirs of Christopher Coucheman on the E, the tenement and garden of William Studden on the S, the tenement and garden belonging to Godfreys Chantry on the N and the street on the W, which property Margery had jointly with her late husband by gift from John Broughton of Winchelsea, butcher, by charter dated 10 Jan 1544.
Certificate that Margery was examined, etc; 10 Nov 1549
213 Feoffment from Thomas Hooker of Winchelsea, yeoman, and Joan his wife (daughter of John Gawnte of Garstang in Lancashire, deceased, and sister and heir of William Gawnte of Winchelsea, tailor, deceased), to William Eccleston, jurat of Winchelsea Consideration: 'a certain sum of money':
A plot of land containing three yards (virgas) in the 7th quarter of Winchelsea having a messuage [contrarie correctly, Cantarie, of the chantry, followed by a blank in the MS] on the S, a garden of the donor on the N, a messuage of the heirs of Thomas Graye on the W and the street on the E.
Certificate that Joan was examined, etc; 14 Jun 1549
213v Feoffment from Anthony Handcocke of St Katherine by the Tower, smith and his wife Elizabeth (daughter and heir of John Harte otherwise John Peers of Winchelsea, tailor, deceased) to John Hall of Winchelsea, gent.
Consideration: 'a certain sum of money':
1 A tenement and garden in the parish of St Giles in the 15th quarter of Winchelsea having the land of George Lowes on the W, the street leading from the Pipewellgate to Newgate on the E the tenement of John Wattes on the N and the street on the S.
2 A tenement and garden in the parish of St Thomas the Apostle in the 7th quarter of Winchelsea, having the tenement of the heirs of Robert Piper E, a tenement of the chantry of [blank MS] of Winchelsea and a garden of the heirs of John Bell on the W, the street leading from the church of St Thomas to The Bellgate on the N and the land of the heirs of John Bell on the S, which tenement and garden is now in the occupation of Thomas Convers of Winchelsea and was acquired by John Harte alias Peers by charter from Thomas Fenys [Fiennes] Lord Dacre.
3 Another plot of land in Q7, having a tenement and garden of the heirs of Robert Piper and a tenement of the heirs of John Harrison on the N the land of the heirs of John Bell on the S, the donors' tenement and garden in which Thomas Convers now lives on the W and the street on the E
All which premises came to Elizabeth by hereditary right.
Certificate that Elizabeth was examined, etc; 30 Aug 1549
Witnesses to livery of 1 above: John Garrard, Peter Bright, Thomas Skynner, Nicholas Harrold
213v-4 Feoffment from Robert Butcher of Waldron, husbandman, and his wife Joan (daughter and heir of Thomas Marten of Winchelsea, deceased) to John Smythe of Winchelsea, jurat. Consideration: 'a certain sum of money':
Two plots of land (3a) in the parish of St Giles in the [blank] quarter of Winchelsea, one of which is occupied by Thomas Collyns of Winchelsea, cordwainer, having land of the donee on the S, the street on the N, a common called The Pewes grene on the W and the street on the E, the other plot being occupied by Richard Sharpe otherwise Arthur, having the land of Sir John Guildford, kt, called Holly roodeland on the S, the street on the N, the common called Pewes Green on the W and the street on the E; both of which came to Joan by hereditary right.
Certificate that Joan was examined, etc; [blank] 1549
215 Feoffment from Thomas Hooker of Winchelsea and his wife Joan (sister and heir of William Gawnte as above) to William Frenche of Winchelsea:
1 a corner (angulare) messuage, called The Roofe, in the parish of St Thomas the Apostle in the high street (alto vico) of Winchelsea, which William Gawnte had by gift from James Marshall late of Winchelsea, deceased and which came to Joan by hereditary right.
2 two other messuages nearby in the same parish, in the 7th quarter of Winchelsea having the street and a tenement late of James Marshall on the E, the same tenement and the lands of the heirs of Henry Steede, lands late of Richard Golde and lands late of James Marshall on the S, lands of the heirs of Richard Martham and lands late of Richard Firret on the W and land of Richard Firret on the N; which two messuages formerly belonged to William Chapell late of Winchelsea, deceased and which he left by will to Joan, then his wife.
Certificate that Joan was examined, etc; 2 Jun 1550
215v Settlement (feoffment) from William Frenche, roper, to Thomas Hooker, innholder, both of Winchelsea:
Two messuages adjoining each other in the parish of St Thomas the Apostle in the 7th quarter of Winchelsea, having the street and the tenement late of James Marshall on the E, the said tenement and lands of William Eccleston, late of Richard Golde, William Eccleston, late of Richard Golde, [The repetition here may have been accidental, or it may indicate a series of alternately held plots; it has therefor been retained as in the original] and late of James Marshall on the S, hereafter described as in 2 of preceding deed.
To hold to the donee for life to Mary Irelond in tail, remainder to the donee's right heirs.
Witnesses to sealing and livery: John Hall, mayor, George Lewez, John Wattes, jurats, George Irelond, James Rogers and John Morlye; 7 Jun 1550
216 Feoffment from William Frenche, roper, to Mary Irelond, both of Winchelsea
A corner messuage called The Roofe in Q6 (E: messuage of John Goddard; W: road; N: land late John Gilgoore, land of Moses Tompset; S: road), in deed on f215 above, which WF lately took by fine in the Court of Record in Winchelsea from Thomas Hooker and his wife Joan.
To hold to Mary in tail, remainder to Thomas Hooker and his heirs.
Witnesses to sealing and livery as in preceding deed, with George Lowes for Lewez; 7 Jun 1550
216v Feoffment from John Durrant, husbandman and his wife Mercy to Richard Clarke, beer brewer, all of Winchelsea:
A tenement with garden in the parish of St Thomas the Apostle in the 13th quarter of Winchelsea, having the tenement of the heirs of John Belle on the W, the tenement of Edward Sergeant onetime of John Andrewes towards the S, the street on the N and E.
Certificate that Mercy was examined, etc
Witnesses to sealing and livery: John Hall [incomplete entry] Cancelled in another hand and marked vacat; 1 Jul 1550
217 Feoffment from George Chilton of Winchelsea, yeoman, and his wife Alice (formerly wife and executrix of Tristram Cosker of Winchelsea) to Richard Brice of Winchelsea and his sister Alice, in payment for goods and chattels bequeathed under the will of Tristram Cosker:
A tenement and two gardens in the parish of St Thomas the Apostle in the 8th quarter of Winchelsea, having the tenement of Edward Bradbridge on the W, the tenement late of John Marten now of John Garret on the E, the land late of Richard Firret on the N and the street on the S, which property Tristram Cosker and Alice formerly his wife acquired by the gift of Robert Sparrowe late of Winchelsea.
To hold to Alice Brice during her life, remainder to Richard and his heirs, Certificate that Alice Chilton was examined, etc.
Witnesses to sealing and livery: John Hall, mayor, John Wattes, William Ecclestone jurats, Nicholas Harrold, common clerk and John Moreley, sergeant; 28 Dec 1550
217v Feoffment from Moses Tomsete, yeoman and his wife Margaret to John Garret, tailor, all of Winchelsea. Consideration 'a certain sum of money':
A moiety of a tenement and garden Lying in the 7th quarter of Winchelsea having the lands late of Thomas Gray on the E and W the land of Thomas Hooker on the N and the street on the S, which moiety the donor had jointly by the gift of Richard Laycote and Isabel his wife (one of the daughters and heirs of Isabel Gold, late of Winchelsea, deceased) as appears by a fine levied in the court of Winchelsea before John Smythe, late mayor.
Certificate that Margaret was examined, etc; 3 Feb 1551
218 blank
218v Commencement of an entry of Court of Record concerning a plea held before John Halle, mayor, and the jurats [unfinished; remainder blank]
219-21 Common Recovery suffered in the Court of Winchelsea between William Egilston, plaintiff and Thomas Chowte, gent, defendant in a plea of land concerning 2 messuages and 1 garden in Winchelsea; 9 Jun 1551
221v Feoffment from George Chilton, yeoman, and his wife Alice (late wife of Tristram Cosker, deceased) to William Egelston the younger, jurat, all of Winchelsea; consideration: 'a certain sum of money'
Garden in the parish of St Thomas the Apostle in Winchelsea having the street on the W, a tenement late of Robert Stonaker on the N, the tenement of John Bisshope on the E and the tenement late of William Berde on the S, which garden Alice jointly with her late husband had by the gift of Gervase Poynham late of Winchelsea.
Certificate that Alice was examined, etc.
Witnesses: George Lowes, mayor, John Hall, Thomas Egelstone; 19 Dec 1551
222 Feoffment from John Broode of Lewes, merchant and Mercy his wife to William Egelstone, jurat, of Winchelsea Consideration 'a certain sum of money':
A tenement with garden lying in the 2nd quarter of Winchelsea having the street on the E and S, the tenement of James Glasby, late of John Wattes, on the W and a garden late of [blank] Baslye and now of the heirs of [blank] Nately on the N.
Certificate that Mercy was examined, etc; 1 Feb 1552
222-3 blank
223v-4 Another copy of the deed of this date enrolled on f221v; 19 Dec 1551
224v Feoffment from Henry Gooderyk, clerk, rector of Hothfield in Kent, and his wife Joan, to George Lowes of Winchelsea, gent
Two gardens lying separately in Winchelsea, the one having stone walls built round it called Trey Jues Hall lying in the 19th quarter having the street on the W, the garden of Robert Holden on the N, the garden of George Lowys and the heirs of Robert Tokey on the E and the garden of the heirs of William Hoode on the S, the other lying in the 9th quarter, having the street on the E, the lands of Goddard White on the S, W and N, both which gardens descended to Joan from her mother (daughter and heir of William Bate, late of Winchelsea, deceased).
Certificate that Joan was examined, etc.
Witnesses to the sealing: William Egelstone, mayor, John Peend, Robert Lucy, John Nethersowle, jurats, Thomas Hoker, town clerk; 2 May 1552
225 blank
225v-6 Another copy of the deed of this date enrolled on f222; 1 Feb 1552
226v Feoffment from John Milwarde, baker, and his wife Alice to William Egelstone:
1 A messuage and garden lying in the parish of St Thomas the Apostle in Winchelsea, having the street on the E, the lands of Roger Benson on the S the lands of the donors on the W and the lands of John Milward on the N.
2 A plot of land (half acre) in the 13th quarter of Winchelsea having the lands of the rectory there on the W, the lands of Thomas Rogers on the N, the lands of the heirs of Richard Feret and John Lunceforde on the E and the street on the S.
3 Another plot of land (1 acre) in the parish of St Giles in Winchelsea, having the lands of the rector of that parish and lands of the donee on the E, the street on the N and W and the cemetery on the S.
Certificate that Alice was examined, etc; 21 Dec 1553
227 blank
227v-8 Bargain and Sale from Edmund Robertes of Hawkhurst in Kent to John Love the younger, merchant; Consideration: £100:
A messuage and two gardens in the 8th quarter of Winchelsea having the street on the N and W, the tenement and garden of the heirs of John Wattes on the E and the tenement and garden of the heirs of William Egelstone on the S.
Power of attorney to Henry Pecke and John Pecke to deliver seisin; 4 Jan 1557
228v blank
229-0v Common Recovery suffered in the Court of Winchelsea between Edmund Robertes, plaintiff, John, William and Roger Harlackenden, defendants, William Pollet, vouchee, in a plea of land concerning:
The site of a house lately dissolved called the Grey Friers in Winchelsea with all appurtenances and a messuage and garden in 'Fisshers Strett', a barn and close and four pieces of land, all in Winchelsea.
Pledges for the plaintiff: Thomas Nutt and Richard Dale; 2 Aug 1558
231 Feoffment from John Renne of Rye, innholder, and his wife Agnes (late wife of Richard Sergeant of Winchelsea, deceased) to Anthony Hatton of Pevensey, shoemaker; Consideration: 'a certain sum':
A messuage and a close in the 6th quarter of Winchelsea, having the tenement and lands of Thomas Bab on the S, the street on the W, a certain road next to the wall of the town on the E and the tenement and lands of Thomas Egilsten and Margaret Standeley, widow, on the N; which property Richard Sergeant left to Agnes in his will.
Certificate that Agnes was examined, etc; 5 Aug 1561
231v blank
232-48 missing
249 blank
249v-55v Common Courts [undated] - 8 May 1555
256 Only a fragment remains
257-79v Common Courts [undated] - 14 Sep 1557
280 Court of Piepowder, 15 Sep 1557
280v-3v Common Courts, 28 Sep 1557 - 18 Jan 1558
284-5 missing
286-7 Common Courts [undated] - 24 May 1558

Court Book: Assemblies, Hundred, Record and Strangers (Piepowder) courts  WIN/52  1558-1575

Large folio bound in limp parchment, with central leather strap cross-stitched in parchment and remains of brass buckle. Comprises 192 fos paper. The first gathering is guarded with a strip of parchment from a finely written and illuminated 13th century service book

The cover is labelled '3' and endorsed 'Hundred Book' and 'A Court and Hundred Booke from the 7th of Mar primo Elizabeth to the 10th Eliz'
The contents in detail are as follows:
1 blank
2-4 Coronation precedents copied from 'the Leger of the Brotherilde howse at Romney: 20 Hy III at the coronation of Queen Eleanor taken from the Red Book in the Exchequer, Rich II, Hy V, Rich III, and an order of the Brodhull' held on 12 Dec 1429 arranging the distribution of the canopy and lances.
5-141 Courts of Record. The court meets fortnightly on Tuesdays before the mayor or his deputy and the jurats. The whole course of each case is enrolled following its first entry in the space left for subsequent proceedings. No statements are recorded beyond the date of the hearing, the plea, the formal steps in process and its conclusion, normally by agreement, but cases also went to trial both by jury and compurgation. From 1569 (fo 72v) this practice is discontinued and entries made from court to court for all cases proceeding.
The court becomes a Court of Piepowder for Strangers whenever occasion demands; 7 Mar 1558 - 13 Sep 1575
The following unusual features are noted:
18v Court of Piepowder; 10 Jun 1561
19 Admission of William Crowde as a freeman paying 4s fine; 10 Jun 1561
21-22 Entries of recognizances with note of the appearance of parties and their release in 'open hundred', 21 Dec 1561
25v Court for Strangers, 28 Oct 1561
26v Alice wife of Roger Benson; has levied a fine to John Peck, mayor, of a piece of land (½a) in Quarter 23, which RB bought from Henry Barnes; 4 Nov 1561
Plea by Richard Dyne and wife Marina v William Waters of Catsfield for 43,000 billets called Winchelsea Billets worth £5 13s 4d; 7 Jun 1564
30 Letter from Hastings requesting a general withernam against Sandwich and judgment thereon; 7 Jul 1562
One leaf unfoliated between fos 30 and 31
36 Judgment of withernam against Pevensey, 8 Jun 1563
37v Court of Piepowder, 3 Dec 1563
46v Court of Piepowder, 11 Sep 1565
48 Court for Strangers, 3 Nov 1565
49v Esther wife of Thomas Standen of Catsfield; has levied a fine to TS's father Simon Standen of all lands and tenements in Winchelsea; 6 Nov 1565
52 Court for Strangers, 1 Mar 1566
51v Alice wife of Thomas Holden, widow of Garrard Cooper of Winchelsea, has levied a fine to John Savery of Winchelsea of a messuage and garden in Quarter 2; 26 Feb 1568
52v Memo concerning the valuation of 17 tuns of 'trayne oyle' seized by the bailiff for the debt of John Curton of Bilbao, Spain, owned by James Morleye of London, merchant; 12 Mar 1566
57v In consideration of the weakness of the assistance to justice, Mr Edward Middleton was accepted as freeman and elected jurat, 28 Jan 1567
58 Mr Thomas Guldeford, esq took the oath and was admitted to the office of bailiff of the town according to the custumal, by force of Letters Patent to the heirs male of 'the Gyldefords' He then appointed Stephen Middleton as his sergeant, 2 Mar 1567
62 Court for Strangers; 1567
Admission of George Chatfield and William Hider, advocants, as freemen paying 26s 8d each by way of fine and promising to pay as much annually as long as they enjoy the benefit of it; admission of John Milward, paying only 3s as he had lost his freedom by being absent from the town for more than a year and a day; 1 Jul 1567
62v John Milward elected jurat; 1 Jul 1567
69 Order for punishment of William Whatlie by being whipped out of town for attempting to carry Mr Love, the late mayor, before the Lord Warden, for filing off his irons and for calling on the commons to lay hands on the mayor in church. Also two depositions Nd [Court heading omits date but follows a Court for Strangers; 1 Jul 1567]
71v Appointment of John Durrant as guardian to Alice Brice, orphan; Nd
76 Bond in 200 marks from John Jeffery of Hastings, yeoman, to Edward Middleton of Winchelsea, jurat, and Thomas Standen, rector of Icklesham, to pay £8 by 21 Oct next; 21 Aug 1567
78 Court for Strangers; plea by Dennis le Bourg and Claud le Pester v Stephen Factier of Montpellier; SF attached by a boat called the Margaret and casks of wine; dismissed; 18 Mar 1570
82 Letter from Rye to the Cinque Ports requesting general withernam against Plymouth, and copy of judgment of withernam in Rye court. Note of consent by Winchelsea; 26 Feb 1571/10 Oct 1570
97 Court for Strangers: Robert Puckell of London, merchant, a prisoner for words spoken against the court, fined £5 which was mitigated to 11s 8d; 24 Oct 1572
97v Judgment of withernam against Rochester at same court
100-2 Courts for Strangers, 17 Feb-21 Apr 1573
101v Judgment of withernam against Rye, 17 Apr 1573
105 Final concord levied in the Court of Record between John Awood, plaintiff and John Durrant and his wife Clemence, deforciants, concerning a messuage, 3 cellars (seltariis), 1 barn and garden and 3 orchards, in Winchelsea; 16 Jun 1573
107 Judgment of withernam against London at same court.
108-9 Courts for Strangers, 3-14 Aug 1573
111 Final concord levied in the Court of Record between John Pirle, plaintiff and William Estie and Rochell (sic) his wife, defendants; 10 Nov 1573 messuage and garden in Winchelsea. Signatures
113v-4 Common recovery suffered in the Court of Record between Goddard White, plaintiff, Thomas Holden, defendant, William Pellett, vouchee; 24 Nov 1573 a messuage, barn, 2a land called Bartlemewefield in Winchelsea
115v Court for Strangers; 19 Dec 1573
117v Final concord levied in the Court of Record between Robert Whyte, plaintiff and John Pirle and his wife Elizabeth, defendants, concerning a messuage and garden in Winchelsea. Signatures. Same day: Final concord levied in the Court of Record between Richard Smyth, plaintiff and Edward Wood and his wife Marion, defendants, concerning one messuage and garden lying in the 1st quarter of Winchelsea; 16 Feb 1574
120-1 Proceedings at the request of Rye for withernam against Conquett and Brest and afterwards against the whole Duchy of Brittany; Mar-Sep 1574
122 Final concord levied in the Court of Record between John Pirle, plaintiff and William Eglestone and Margaret his wife, defendants, concerning 1 messuage and garden in Winchelsea; [?] Apr 1574
125v Final concord levied in the Court of Record between John Ashburnham, plaintiff and John Pirle and Elizabeth his wife, defendants, concerning 1 messuage and garden in Winchelsea; 19 Jul 1574
127 Abstract from the White Book of the Cinque Ports recording an agreement made 1 Apr 1516 to seek before the Lord Warden a fair division of the allowance on fifteenths and tenths' [On the distribution of this allowance out of national taxation, see RRC, pp76, 77]
129v Court for Strangers; 12 Oct 1574
133v Final concord levied in the Court of Record between Robert Wamsley, plaintiff and William Butler and Joan his wife, defendants, concerning 1 messuage and garden in the 9th quarter of Winchelsea; 7 Dec 1574
134v Final concord levied in the Court of Record between John Goffe, plaintiff and Gillian Harlakenden, widow, defendant, concerning a messuage, a garden, 3 shops and a piece of land in Winchelsea; 18 Jan 1575
136v Final concord levied in the Court of Record between Ralph Culpeck, plaintiff and John Pirle and Elizabeth his wife, defendants, concerning 1 messuage and 1 piece of land in Winchelsea; [?] Apr 1575
139 Court for Strangers; 21 Jun 1575
141v-00 Hundred Courts: No regular succession of courts are entered, some courts follow weekly, three weekly, monthly or at longer intervals after each other The 'full hundred' for election of mayor, is held regularly on the first Sunday after Easter and the week after for lesser officers; 21 Apr 1560-25 Apr 1568
The following extracts of unusual form or interest are noted:
142 Agreement that no sheep be allowed at large in the town, on the common or pendants of the hill, with penalties. Similar agreement for hogs, which are to be yoked and ringled, no person being allowed more than 4 hogs; 28 Apr 1560
142v Statement of the terms under which Lawrence Ashburnham was admitted to the freedom, paying 6s 8d annually, and 3s towards any taxes, but with no obligation to hold office.
143 grant to Thomas Sturgyon at 8s: tenement and land in Quarter 19 (N: land of heirs of George Lowes; W,S: road; S,E; partly to the tenement and land of John Durrant; E: road; E: partly to the orchard of Robert Holden), which lately escheated to the town; 21 Dec 1560 grant to Hugh Middleton jurat at 3s: tenement and garden in Quarter 13 (E,S: tenement and land of HM; W: tenement and garden of Ferret Brice; N: road); 21 Dec 1560
143 Inquisition for eating flesh in Lent; 17 Mar 1561
143v Grant of a way with pendants of the hill adjoining the Conyfyld to Hugh Middleton, jurat, for 21 years, paying 4s 8d pa with the right of the inhabitants to take thorns and bushes, and of the town to take timber and wood; 21 Dec 1560 Grant to William Egelston and Thomas Sturgeon of a lane between their tenements, for a year paying 2d pa, the lane to be scoured to allow water to drain away. At the same court. [Note: the scribe has repeated fo 143 on the following leaf]
144-5 Presentments and verdicts: These are entered in the court books They include the escape of a freeman from prison punished by disfranchisement; uttering the 'counsel' of an inquest; forcible entry; assault. A large number concern William Egelstone, late mayor, for misdeeds during office, including the removal of the town's records and seal to his own house and attempting personal gain in the town's suit against Sir John Guyldford, kt, for a marsh unjustly retained; 19 Jul 1561
145v-6 Minutes of a Brotherhood at Romsey, 22 Jul 1561
146 Inquisition taken by John Peck, mayor, and William Crispe, esq, Lieutenant of Dover Castle, concerning 'the view of ships, mariners and masters of ships, etc' At Winchelsea, 'Ships, boats, crayers: none; mariners: Nicholas Clark and John Legat; masters and Maryed; Roger Griffin, unmarried; Thomas Neighbour, married'; 29 Jul 1561
146v Ordinance concerning a cess to meet the cost of town suits at law; 4 Oct 1561
147v ordered that at next a decision should be made concerning the housing and ground that Mr Nicholas White hired of the town in 1538-39; 21 Dec 1561
148v Nicholas Clark of Winchelsea mariner and Roger Griffen of Winchelsea mariner forcibly entered a messuage and garden in Quarter 13 belonging to James Glaseby, who is restored; 1561
149 List of presentments; offences include casting soil into cellars, bowling green, fishmarket, shop at the strand, town dock; 25 Mar 1562
150 Lease for 21 years to Goddard Whit, jurat, of a piece of ground which he occupied belonging to the Court House Order that William Eglisden [Egelstone] shall show proof of tenure of the town brewhouse. Order confirming that a previous order concerning stray cattle entered in 'the red booke in folio xviij' shall be duly executed. Order that no geese be suffered to go abroad in the town; 12 Apr 1562
150v Bond of John Suttell in £40 concerning the making of hose which shall not 'lye loose nor to be bolsteryd, but to lye just unto their Legges, as in auncyent tyme was accustomed'; 1 Jun 1562
151 bonds as above from Lewes Burton, Thomas Tamar, John Pirle, Thomas Herington, Richard Hussey and Robert Whit, tailors, all of Winchelsea; 1 Jun 1562
152 Grant to William Awate. A tenement at Strand having the tenement where Michael Bisson lives on the W, the Fissher Kaye on the E, the channel on the N and the street on the S, paying annually 3s 4d. Convenant to rebuild and maintain the tenement; 19 Jul 1562
152 William Whateley is tenant to William Eglisden of the town's brewhouse at The Strand; reports on what WE said to him about it; 1562
152v List of presentments, including John Parker for casting dung into a cellar in the butchery; 19 Jul 1562
153 Lease for 10 years to Edmund Weerd alias Bushe of Rye, beerbrewer, of the Brewhouse at Strand, at £3 pa. Grant to Goderd Hunt of a tenement and 4 pieces of land in Winchelsea later in the tenure of Richard Sharp at 2s a year; 21 Dec 1562
154 Resolution concerning the hiring out of the town's vacant grounds and the 'townes Dockes', 18 Apr 1563
154v Resolution concerning the ordinances of cattle in the Old Red Book; 25 Apr 1563
154v jury appointed to view and value vacant land in each quarter belonging to the town and at the strand to be hired out at the next hundred, except Stone Mill and the ground lying to John Durrant's house; 25 Apr 1563
154v proclamation to claim a house and piece of ground in Quarter 18, sometime Powle's, late Henry Barnes; 25 Apr 1563
154v Goddard White shall pay the rent due to John Guldeford kt for a piece of marsh ground late occupied by Goddard Chapman jurat; 25 Apr 1563
155 grants of vacant land, all besides the queen's rent, 20 May 1563:
1 vacant ground against Anthony Mansill's ground or orchard; to John Love mayor at 12d
2 piece of ground against George Briseland's ground; to Anthony Hatton at 18d
3 piece of ground by the pound; to Thomas Smith at 4d
4 all those parcels of the town's vacants in Quarter 4; to Edmund Hartwell at 4s 10d
5 two parcels in Quarter 1; to Thomas Holden at 3s 4d
6 two parcels late enclosed by John Durant; to Edmund Hartwell at 5s 4d
7 piece beneath the pendants of the hill outside Watchbell Gate, reserving a lawful way to a common well there; to Lawrence Botting at 4s 6d
8 piece of ground on the S side of the Legates house; to Edmund Hartwell at 2s
9 all the town's marsh (E: the housing and land of Richard Clerk's heirs; S,W: road; N: the common channel); rent 33s 4d
155 Mr Cheyney to show how he holds a stable which Mr Chapman occupies, or else the town to repossess it and hire it out with the adjoining vacant ground; 1563
155 Thomas Bab to show why he should enjoy the pieces of land called Scrases and Sowters in Quarter 7 [there is a Seltere in Quarter 7 in 1292 but no Scrase]
155 Harrison's heirs to show how they hold the land N of the Legates house
155 Ferry besides the bridge granted to Lawrence Brugferth
156 proclamation for land in Quarter 18 late Goddard Foster
156 house and ground in Quarter 10 late Thomas Brice sometime Richard Clerk (John Pirle has paid the rent in the right of the heirs)
156 house at the Strand late William Pawle before William Eglisden; (the rent paid by William Burdet so proclamation ceases)
156 piece of ground at Strand between the house and ground of the heirs of William Jonson and the heirs of Harrison
156 piece of ground in Quarter 7 sometime Sowter's (E: The Ferret/Street)
156 Town Ferry farmed to John Game at £6 13s 4d; 31 Jul 1563
156v to take counsel's opinion concerning the vacants at the Strand; 9 Nov 1563
158 Resolution that a panel be set up to review the town ordinances. Order that no stone, timber, brick or building stuff, which has either formed part of a building or is fit to be built with, to be carried out of the town under penalty of £3 6s 8d a ton; 21 Dec 1563
159v Ordinances concerning the town government; 16 Apr 1564
159v bowling green leased to Anthony Hatton for 21 years at 12d; to make a pair of butts on it; 16 Apr 1564
159v grant to John Suttell at 8d: piece at Strand (S: tenement of JS; Witness(es): Michael Beson; N: William Burdet; E: road)
160 Grant to Edward Wood for 2 pieces of land in the 7th quarter at 2s 8d; 16 Apr 1564
160 grant of piece on N side of town (N: the channel; E: land of heirs of Richard Clerk; S: road; W: the common way) to Goddard White jurat and Thomas Herrington for the life of the longer liver, at £3; to pay queen's rent of 3s 4d; 16 Apr 1564
160 Lease for 21 years at 40s to Mr Peck, now mayor, of the brewhouse; 16 Apr 1564
160v Licence to Goddard Hunt to take down a house in the 12th quarter and carry the materials to Udimore to rebuild his house lately burnt down, contrary to the ordinance on this matter recently made
160v Grant to Goddard White, jurat, John Prall, and John Pirle, all the salts lying between the ground and the channel at Strand; commons have delegated the letting of a tenement at Strand late William Awater and adjoining piece of vacant ground to the mayor and brethren
160v grant to John Legate of a piece of ground on the N side of his house where he lives, at 12d + the queen's rent; lease for a year of the common ferry to John Gayme at £6 13s 4d; 16 Apr 1564
161 The panel on town ordinances have chosen 30 acts which they deem worthy of preservation and it is ordered that these 'are all confirmed to be good and wholesome and are agreed to be all recorded in one book together for them to be made'; 22 Jul 1563
161 bonds to keep inns by Hugh Middleton, jurat, Lawrence Brigeforth, lighterman, Michael Beson, Goddard Chapman, jurat, Maurice Eustace, yeoman, Peter Johnson and William Tranter, shoemaker; 22 Jul 1564
161 lease of salts to John Gayme; they are next Mr Brown's ground (N: channel), paying ¼d a rod towards the queen's rents; 11 Dec 1564
162 Appointment of William Harman as master of the town hospitals;
162 grant to Michael Beson from 25 Dec at 4s 4d: tenement and piece of ground at the Strand (E: common ground of town; W: tenement of MB; N: channel; S: street), to build the tenement before 25 Dec 1565; 11 Dec 1564
162 order that the Chamberlains have power to sell the timbers of the bridge; order to pay John Davison 27s 8d in recompense for his 'paines, travail, and pen ink and paper and drawing of sundry books'; grant to James Glasbye of a piece of salt at Strand having Mr Browne's ground to the Channell on the north; 11 Dec 1564
162 Permit to John Wesborne to dig stone in the town dike between his gate going into the marshes, namely from against the Watchbell Gate as far as the Friars well for a fine of 3s; 11 Dec 1564
162v William Egliston, in consideration of his impediments, to keep his butchery shop at home at his house, and to pay the chamberlain 3s 4d so long as he shall occupy a butchery; 1564
162v If Goddard White and Thomas Harrington inn their salts before 25 Dec 1565 they may have 40s of the fine rebated; 1564
162v Licence to Goddard White to carry away 20 tons of stone and 7000 tiles, fine 3s 4d; 1564
162v Licence to John Westbourne to dig up the stones in the town ditch between his gate going into the marsh..., from against the Watchbell Gate until the Friars' Well; fine 3s; 1564
163 Appointment of Thomas Spruce as master of the town hospitals, 24 Feb 1565
164 grant to Thomas Neighbour [later described as a mariner] and wife Magdalen: orchard in Quarter 24 occupied by TN, at 5s Od; 1565
164v Confirmation of grants of town salts at Strand to Godderd Whit and John Praule.
164v-5 innkeepers' recognizances by six including Michael Garnsby, lighterman; 22 May 1565
165v Lease for one year to John Game of the town ferry; 20 Jul 1565
165v grant to Thomas Smith, miller: tenement and two gardens at the Strand, late French, at 9s Od; to build it within a year; marked void [see f168 below]; 1565
165v Thomas Smith to bring a testimonial from the place where he has lived the last three years, and evidence that he is married to the woman whom he presently keeps; 1565
167 Assembly, Thomas Smyth, miller, expelled the town for refusal to furnish proof of marriage 'to her that he keepeth for his wife'; 20 Sep 1567
167v order against John Love, ex-mayor, for embezzling escheated wine; 1567
168 Grant to Goddard Whit of a tenement late Frenches at Strand [see f165v above] for £3 fine and 4d a year; resolution concerning French wines escheated to the corporation; 21 Dec 1565
168v bond, William Crowde of Winchelsea, pinner, and Thomas Smith of Winchelsea, gunner; 1565
169 Settlement (feoffment) from Thomas Sargeant and his wife Margaret (widow of Thomas Hooker) to John Savery, all of Winchelsea:
A messuage or principal tenement with orchard and garden in the 7th quarter of Winchelsea, having the street on the E, the land of William Eglisden and the heirs of Giles Davy on the S, the lands of Joan Hollocke, widow, and John Peck on the W and N. To hold to the use of Thomas, son of the donors, in tail, with remainder to the donors and their heirs.
Certificate that Margaret was examined for proof of consent and that the town seal was attached to the deed; 11 Sep 1565
169v town tailors bound to abide by laws regarding hose: Thomas Tamar, John Suttell, John Pirle, Thomas Herrington, Lewis Burton [later called a Frenchman]; 1565
171v Feoffment from Thomas Standen of Catsfield, husbandman, and his wife Hester (younger sister of Philip, son and heir of Henry Smyth of Winchelsea, deceased), to TS's father Simon Standen, of all the lands, tenements, etc in Winchelsea which Hester inherited on the death of Philip. Certificate that Hester was examined, etc; 6 Nov 1565
171v Feoffment from Thomas Holden, shoemaker, and his wife Alice (widow of Garrard Cooper, deceased) to John Savery, all of Winchelsea Consideration: 'a certain sum of money'. A messuage and garden in the 2nd quarter of Winchelsea, having the land of the heirs of John Wattes on the E, the land late of John Rowndbeame on the S, the street on the W and N. Certificate that Alice was examined, etc; 26 Feb 1566
172v Feoffment from Nicholas Baker of Rye, tailor, and his wife Parnel to Thomas Saunders of Connyngbrok in Kennardington, Kent, yeoman. Consideration: 'a certain sum'. Two tenements, 1 orchard, 1 garden in the 7th quarter of Winchelsea, having the tenement and lands of William Egliston on the E, the lands of John Donnyng on the N, the tenement and lands of John Peck on the W and the street on the S. Certificate that Parnel was examined, etc; 22 Oct 1566
173 Feoffment from Francis Culpeper of Salehurst, gent, and his wife Philippa (daughter and heir of Thomas Hinxsted of Winchelsea, deceased) to John Love of Winchelsea, in pursuance of an agreement of 22 Feb 1567 All the lands, tenements, etc, late of Thomas Hinxsted, in the liberty of Winchelsea Certificate that Phillipa was examined, etc; 25 Feb 1567
173v Release from Mr Peck to Richard Smyth of Guestling of his term in the tenure of the town's brewhouse; 12 Sep 1566
174 Order that Thomas Smyth shall cease to be both miller and baker in the town at the same time. Order that the chamberlains shall sell the vessels in the brewhouse. Notice that Mr Middleton has released to Mr White his interest in the pendants of the hill adjoining the Conyfield; 28 Oct 1566
174 Mr Tompson's proposal to have the town's brewhouse at Strand at fee-farm at the present rent on condition that he spend £100 on it in 18 months, brew during his life and appoint it to be kept a brewhouse after his death to be considered at next; 1566
Agreement that the chamberlains shall secure the deed of the Reade Acre, which belongs to St John's House, from Mr Peck and return it to the rest of the deeds; 28 Oct 1566
174v Edward Ratcliffe offers to take a 21-year lease of the house and lands where he lives at 16s; to be considered at next; 1566
175 Lease for 21 years to Edward Ratclife of a house and land in Winchelsea on condition he repair it, 4 Jan 1567
Grant of the farm of the Bomage to Legat paying 9s quarterly, 'to take of every vessel lying within the liberties of this town 4d for bomag and not above'; 4 Jan 1567
[This term may derive either from 'Boomage', lying within the boom of the harbour, or alternatively from the Dutch 'Bom', a broad-beamed fishing vessel similar to the Brighton Hog-boat, which recently survived in the Scheveningen area but may have been widely used formerly. Terms like sloop, flyboat and yacht also derive from Dutch]
175v Agreement that Morrys Ewstace, who holds Laurence Bottinge's interest in the waste piece under the Watchbell gate shall have also the way reserved there for the town's use 4 Jan 1567
'An abstract of the goods of Hunts widow', a short list; nd [1567]
176-77 missing
179 Agreement to satisfy the claim of Sandwich for withernam out of the town's funds, 6 Apr 1567
180v Assembly: order fixing the rates of wages for thatcher, ripier and sawyer; 10 May 1567
182-3 Common Recovery suffered in the Court of Winchelsea, by several adjournments, Joan Hollock, widow, plaintiff, Philip and John Lowes, gents (sons and heirs of George Lowes, late of Winchelsea, deceased), defendants, William Pellet vouchee, concerning a messuage, kitchen, 2 barns and 2 gardens in Winchelsea; 18 Jun - 10 Sep 1566
183v Assembly: business concerned entirely with town finance; 24 Jun 1567
183v-5 Sessions of the peace: no business entered beyond election of a grand jury 'at the same Hundred' (which shows the intermingling of different courts), Thomas Holden surrendered a piece of town's land in the 1st quarter to Edward Wood. Yarmouth bailiffs and representatives at the Brotherhood chosen. Ordinance forbidding wholesale bread from Rye or elsewhere being brought to the town. Readmission of William Eglisden as freeman, formerly expelled, at the request of the Lord Warden. A form of submission, 'I am sorry for my usages to the town' etc, is subjoined; 15 Jul 1567
185v Ordinance for more speedy recovery of small debts under 6s 8d; 21 Dec 1567
187v Ordinance laying an entry fine of 10s on the freedom, except the mayor's choice of one freeman in his term of office; 12 Apr 1568
187v John Crouch butcher licensed to keep a shop at any place in the town where he shall hire a house; 1568
188v Disputed election of mayor; Edward Middleton elected, followed by an entry that in view of the weak support of this election other freemen have elected William Eglistone, 25 Apr 1568
This is followed by a long resolution condemning the latter election and recounting the removal of the town records from the Court Hall for entering the same. Middleton's election is confirmed; 30 May 1568
189 Fines laid on the ringleaders of the counter-election of William Eglistone as mayor and they are ordered to lose their uppermost garments which they wore on that day; 30 May 1568
190 [Misnumbered 200] Further fines for offences on that occasion. The entry disfranchising William Eglisden for a second time is however struck out; 30 May 1568

Court Book of Assemblies and Hundreds  WIN/53  1568-1586

iii + 281 paper folios in limp parchment cover; The format is considerably smaller than the other volumes in the series, the pages measuring 12 x 8 in.

Numbered '4' and labelled 'Hundred and Sessions Booke from the 5th Jun 10 Eliz to the 4° Oct 28 Eliz. 1581'
The end papers contain notes 'Edward Myddleton, mayor of Wynchelse', some pious phrases, a list of names and, at end, 'Francis Bolton ys A goltehedd'
The contents, as before, normally record elections, town and Cinque Port business, elections of barons to parliament, impanelling of the Grand Jury, acknowledgments of conveyances within the town, recognizances to appear in court, to abide by the provision laws and to keep orderly alehouses, and leases of town property.
The following items have been selected as worthy of special mention:
1 innkeeper recognizances by Agnes Chapman widow, Maurice Eustace of Winchelsea tippler, Michael Garnsey of Winchelsea tippler and Peter Johnson; 1568
2 hose-recognisances by William Somers, Lewes Burton, John Pirle, tailor Thomas Tamer; 1568
2v Robert Grave of Hastings butcher bound to victual the town; 1568
3 Mr John Love appointed special attorney to attend the sergeants and other learned counsel and exhibit to them 'such greves as this pore town hath Articuled and as shall be thought mete for the better preferment of the same to ease the same of the grete intolerable chargis and burdens unto the same allotted' William Johnson, town clerk, to attend on him. 5 Jul 1568
4 Anthony Hatton has sold to Lawrence Botten his interest in a piece of ground at Monday Market, which AH lately took from the town, rent 18d; 1568
4v bond by John Durrant of Winchelsea yeoman to keep an inn; 1568
5 hospitals let for ten years to William Johnson, as Thomas Spruce held them; 1568
8 recognisances as victuallers by Ann Chapman widow, William Sommer tailor, Lawrence Brigforth mariner, Michael Bessom mariner, Maurice Eustace labourer, (John Legat mariner) and Peter Johnson carpenter; 1569
9v John Simmons licensed as a tippler, victualler and baker; 1569
9v hospital of St John granted to William Appleton for life; 1569
10v Mr Shepherd to judge whether the lease of the hospitals which Robert Jackson claims in the right of William Johnson deceased be valid, or whether it remains in force during the life of Thomas Spruce; 1569
11v William Appleton appointed town clerk, and to have a place of abiding fit for a town clerk; 1570
12v piece of ground in Quarter 1, formerly let to Edward Awood at 3s 4d, to be let to him at 2s 8d for life; his heirs or lessees to pay the full amount; 1570
12 ferry let to Harry Farne for £8 3s 4d
13 testimonial sealed for Mr Thomas Guildford concerning Holy Rood Chapel House or hospital; 1570
13 Harry Phanting, yeoman, licensed to keep a victualling house; 1570
13v both hospitals let to John Pirle; 1570
13v tenement and orchard in Quarter 18, late occupied by Morgan Haselwich (E: land of John Peck; W: Butchery Street; N: land of Harry Barnes; S: land of Philip Lowes) granted to Edmund Milward yeoman at 8s; 1570
15v Decree concerning cattle on the town commons; 30 Apr 1571
16v Edward Middleton, mayor, and Thomas Mayne jurat authorised to go to Canterbury to treat with the Ports in their dispute with the Lord Warden; 10 Jul 1571
19v victualling recognizances: Henry Phanting (3 beds), John Legat and John Simmons (3 each), John Durrant (stable and 3 beds), Ann Chapman widow and Michael Garsee otherwise Bisson; 1571
22 John Pirle's bond to make good candles; 1571
22v-23 Resolutions on a dispute concerning Henry Hull's consignment of 'sacke' detained in Winchelsea; 15, 26 May 1572
24-25v Decree concerning cattle on the town commons; 1 Jul 1572
26 Decree for delivery of a ship to Captain Thomas Dubien to sell to satisfy £34 12s debt; 26 Jul 1572
27 Copy of a royal commission of enquiry addressed to the mayors and bailiffs of the Ports with Letters of Attendance from the Lord Warden to summon a jury to meet the commissioners The subject of the Inquest is not stated; dated 12 Feb 1572, noted and brought to Winchelsea 4 Sep 1572
29 1¼a near St Giles Church, occupied by John Peck, let to JP for 21 years from Sep 1572 at 13s; 1572
29v Decree for holding a market weekly at Winchelsea on Friday, to be held near the Pillory from 9 am to 2 pm, the commons to attend free from arrest, with free standings and free from toll and show-penny; 2 Oct 1572
30 Decree that Jefferye Pirle be disfranchised until he provides proof that he was not of the company of John Crowsen and [blank] Pratt, pirates, who were recently executed; 18 Nov 1572
31v Decree concerning making freemen. Also a decree repealing an act of 7 Apr 1510 against 'speaking approbrius words against the major and juratts' Jefferey Pirle readmitted as freeman [see fo 30 above]; 10 Feb 1573
32 Decree concerning the election of mayors who 'from henceforthe shall always be chosen by all the free men of this town then present any thing to the contrary notwithstanding'; 29 Mar 1573
33v A small boat called the Thomas of Dover, with her tackle, implements and apparel, now in the chamberlains' hands, is sold to John Wigsell for 50s down and 53s 4d on surety; 13 Apr 1573
36 A fine imposed on John Pecke for using persuasion at the mayoral election is remitted as imposed on the testmony of only one man; 5 May 1573
36v John Love, jurat, dismissed for showing a 'naughtie and rebellious Lettre against the Quenes Majestie'; 19 May 1573
38 Decree that Mr Pecke shall at the next Hundred prove his title to the windmill and show how the town was dispossessed thereof; Mr Love to show title to a barn or stable now occupied by Mr Knight and to the shops at the Church Gate; memoranda concerning the conviction before the court of Star Chamber of Godderd Whyte and John Whitefeld concerning a riot; 2 Jun 1573
39 agreed that Mr Robert White may take down an old house belonging to [blank] Bastian of Rye standing right over against the tenement of Thomas Neighbour, and to rebuild it in any place in Winchelsea where he may lawfully do so; 1573
40 Mr Egleston promised that, when a brewer came to the town, he shall have the town brewhouse at 20s to Mr E above the rent, and Mr E to occupy the hopgarden freely during the term; 1573
41 recognizances for ten people newly come to the town; 1573
41v 'An act against Hoggs'; 21 Dec 1573
42 1¼a near St Giles Church sold to John Peck [that let to him on f29] N: piece of ground of JP; 1573
43v 'An act for Cattell'; 25 Apr 1574
46 Decree that the town sergeant shall take a fee gathering the estreats [fines imposed in the town courts];
46v Agreement to sell the hull of a wrecked boat at Strand to John Lake, Henry Fame, William Somers and John Durrant who are to pay salvage money and acquaint the town of Sallage (?) therewith and trade as a boat of Winchelsea only; 10 Jul 1574
47 The aforesaid boat was sold to John Hinde of Botreax Castle, co Cornwall; 24 Aug 1574
47v owners of the claypits, the town dyke against Mr White's field, a barn and stable occupied by Edward Knight, Tinkers Garden, The Horsehead, the house where George Prowde lives and an adjoining house, the house between Lewes Burton's and Mother Chandler's, to show title
47v because the mayor is informed that the windmill at the King's Green belongs to the town, John Peck not to take it down or remove its implements; 1574
48 Covenant by John Hinde of Botreax Castle, Cornwall that the boat he had purchased [f47 above], shall not be sold to any inhabitant of Rye; 24 Aug 1574
50v shops of the town at the Strand let to Thomas Whitfield for 21 years at 13s 4d; 1574
51 John Peck to enjoy mill and adjoining piece at the King's Green, paying 20s a year; additional rent of 10s formerly payable to the churchwardens extinguished; site or hill that the mill stands on to remain unenclosed; JP has agreed to contribute 30s towards a quay or wharf at the Strand when the town sets about it; 1574
52v Decree concerning the buying of bread only from the town victuallers; 21 Dec 1574
53 term of years in two tenements with orchards, gardens etc, lately granted by Thomas Macklyn of Udimore and his wife Rochelle to Alice Raffe, confirmed to George Kingston for five years from 25 Mar 1575 at 18s 0d
54 Robert Peerse jurat may enclose the pendents of the hill from the E end of the dwelling-house of the brewhouse to the W end of a small piece of ground called The Hopgarden; to hold at 12d; RP to lay out a way on the N side of the house of the brewhouse; 1575
54v Decree that victuallers buy beer only from the town brewer; 29 May 1575
54v land adjoining court-house granted to Goddard White at 2s 0d above the queen's rent of 7½d; he has held it of the town by lease for many years [?WIN/51 f39 to Nicholas W], reserving to the town a very small piece of ground lying to the N door of the freeman's house containing in breadth from the door Northward 9½ feet and in length E and W 27 feet all these measurements over erasures 'by reason of wrong information'; 1575
55 John Peck to pay town's rent of 20s for the mill at the King's Green to William Eglesden for 10½ years according to the town's grant to WE of the same day; this in return for WE's surrender of a lease of the town brewhouse and adjoining land; 1575
57 house and land where Rockley late lived granted to Andrew Sonne at 32s 0d; to repair it within a year; 1575
58 town victuallers: Katherine Fanting widow, John Simmons, John Legatt, Joan Griffin widow, [blank] Garnsey widow, John Durrant, Abel Standen and Richard Philpot; 1575
59 Permission granted to Francis Bolton to sell the stone lying on his ground commonly called Collyn Cortys house, lately bought of Goddard White; 5 Jul 1575
59v Memorandum that Roger Wells, parson of Winchelsea has agreed to repair the chancel of the church which is ruinous on pain of 20s; 5 Jul 1575
62v-63 Decrees concerning the laying of an assessment on the town for payment of debts; 1 Sep 1575
63v An act for preventing agricultural activity in the streets; 1 Sep 1575
65 Francis Bolton and Katherine Fanting widow allowed to be drawers of wine; 1565
67 Mr Shepherd late counsel is dead; John Boys appointed; 1575
67v Question raised as to the right of Henry Pecke to take down bridges in the marshes. Exemplification of an inquisition at Winchelsea dated 24 May 1545 bearing on this. Bounds of the manor of Iham given. Mr John Pecke returned 'the old roll and such other presydentes' as were lent to him on going to London; 30 Nov 1575
68v Order to repair the bridges plucked down; 30 Nov 1575
69 Adam Moyle appointed a victualler; 1575
69v Deputation to 7 members to make an act 'as touching the making of free men hereafter to have adventure to the sea'; 21 Dec 1575
70v Memorandum by Francis Bolton, recorder, concerning the proceedings in a plea of debt between William Firrell of Rye and Thomas Grene of Winchelsea which led to an action of withernam against Winchelsea on the defendant's escape from the town gaol; 1575-6
72 consent that the Cooks Green may be made level by such as are disposed thereto, and that it may be enclosed for a year and no longer; 13 Apr 1576
72v The Buttclose granted to John Milward, mayor, at 3s 4d; news pair of butts to be made; 13 Apr 1576
73 statement by Henry Peck of Winchelsea yeoman on behalf of John Love of Winchelsea merchant that the shops at the Church Gate were granted by the town to one Hincksted, and written by George Lowes who told HP; 1576
73-4v An act requiring all future freemen to invest in merchant shipping or the fishery to prevent complete decay of the maritime trade of Winchelsea; 1 Jan 1576
75 motion requiring loans of money to enable the decayed state of Winchelsea to be brought before parliament with list of contributors; 2 Feb 1575
79 grant of the house, backsides and appurtenances called the Horsehead to Thomas Whitfield at 26s 8d; TW must build it and keep it repaired to be a dwelling-house; 1576
79 house between the house of Lewes Burton and the house of Mother Chandler granted to Robert Davison at 16s 0d; 1576
81 depositions that the mayor of Rye came down with a boat into Winchelsea water and carried off five men for the queen's service without any commission; 8 May 1576
87 licence to John Peck to enclose the windmill hill square with the little piece of ground he has there of the town, making two gates for horses and wains on either side of the mill; 1577
Record of the delivery of Hugh Wigge, a prisoner captured by hue and cry in Winchelsea, to the constables of Brede to be passed from constable to constable until he reach Benenden in Kent, where the felony of which he stands accused was committed; 21 Dec 1576
88v small house and garden at the Strand where Thomas Bodell's widow and William Virsby live (EWNS: streets), let to John Simmons for 21 years at 10s 0d; 1577; see f94v
89 town releases right to Philip Durrant in two pieces of ground near the Stone Mill late occupied by Edmund Hartwell, rent 2s 0d; 1577
91 victuallers: seven named; 1577
93v An act concerning cattle; May 1577
94v because clear that the small house [as f88v] belongs to John Burgess of Compton in Sussex yeoman and his wife Elizabeth, sister and heir of William Wheatley deceased [earlier tenant of the town brewhouse], possession delivered to them; 1577
96-7 Copy of a decree dated 24 Oct 1562 concerning a dispute over the possession of the marshes between Sir John Guldeford and the town of Winchelsea, granting him as much land within the walls as assigned by former sovereigns, the King's Green and the vacant places in the town
98 Order concerning the newly built bridge at Dynsdale and a new footway to be laid out through the fresh marshes to Dynsdale and to the castle and the sea side, commencing from Fysshers docket; 21 Dec 1577
99 Decree concerning the regulation of the town ferry; 11 Mar 1578
99v grant to Thomas Whitfield of the shops at the Strand which he leases, and a messuage and backsides called The Horsehead, at 33s 4d; 1578
100 hospitals let to Thomas Brett for 21 years; 1578
100v John Boys [town counsel] to decide title to the shops at the Church Gate between Mr Love and the town; 1578
101v house between those of Mother Chandler and Lewes Burton granted to William Somers at 12s; 1578
101v two houses, orchards, gardens and backsides, occupied by George Prowde and Davy ap Nicholas, granted to Thomas Whitfield at 16s 2d; 1578
101v Licence to Francis Bolton to enclose 8 feet in breadth against his house at Pipewell, to extend no further than the length of his house, at 4d; 1578
102v-103 Resolution that six freemen of Winchelsea summoned to attend before the royal commissioners in piracy sitting at Rye on 7th Apr shall not attend. Also copy of the letters of summons from the Lord Warden, dated 20 Mar requiring the presence of Francis Bolton, John Standen and Robert Perse together with others to hear the charges against them; 6 Apr 1578
104v Case concerning dispute over the Fysher Docke between the corporation and William Egleston on behalf of Henry Guldeford; 27 Apr 1578
105 memorandum that 29 Apr a roll of ancient record was delivered to Francis Bolton town clerk to be surveyed and redelivered when it shall be demanded'; 29 Apr 1578
106v seven victuallers; 1578
107 appointees to value hops which have lain long in the storehouse say they are worth nothing but not worth removing them from the storehouse; 1578
107 Lawrence Botting bound to make good candles; 1578
108v Resolution concerning charges on the ferry; 1 Jul 1578
109 Order to enquire into the title to the shops at the church gate; 1 Jul 1578
109v Thomas Crook claims the brewhouse as a chantry house under an act of E6, as TC's letter to the tenant Mr Perse makes clear; to be defended by the town; 1578
110 order to enquire into the title to the Brewhouse; 16 Aug 1578
110v proclamation to show title to the claypits and why they should not be laid open to the commons; why the town dyke against Bartholomew Field should not be laid open to the town; why the town dyke against Holy Rood Field should not be laid open to the town commons; 1578
111 Disfranchisement of freemen for non-compliance with the act for adventuring at sea (fos 73-4 above); 21 Oct 1578
112-2v Orders concerning the right of way beyond the ferry, in dispute with Henry Pecke; 18 and 28 Nov 1578
113 Further memoranda on the same; Dec 1578
114v proclamation to show why Tinkers Garden should not be laid open to the commons; same for an orchard and piece of ground occupied by Christopher Mockett, gt, late Helyard; 1578
117 proclamation for Clay Pits opposed by Francis Bolton for Mr Guildford, under age; 1579
120 Edmund Milward of Winchelsea yeoman to serve town with good candles; Drew Tree of Winchelsea, butcher, to be town butcher; 1579
120v five victuallers; 1579
121 Order setting forth the four days upon which the 'Hundreds serving for the quarter Sessions of this towne' are to be held, as before this time they have been very uncertain; 10 Jul 1579
122 two Breton ships in the Puddle; 1579
124v Order for the mayor and jurats to wear gowns in court; 6 Oct 1579
129 claim to small piece of land and an orchard, late Helyard's widow, late escheated, by the heirs of Edward Brickenden; 1580
130 Resolution to retain Mr Pelham of Battle as the town's counsel at 20s yearly, if he is not retained against the town; 23 Feb 1580
131 proclamation for a messuage and the backsides late Traimter's heirs; 1580
131v field and orchard late Helyard's widow, and Tinker's Garden, granted to Thomas Fane gt for 54s 0d; 1580
132 a lane along under Holy Rood Field, ie between HR Field and Pewes Pond and other adjoining land, let to Thomas Walter for 7 years at 3s 0d; 1580
132 Wood in town dyke between Newgate and the N end of Bartholomew Field sold to John Lake for 21s; 1580
133 Licence to Henry Pecke to carry goods out of the town on 'shod wheeles', any ordinance to the contrary notwithstanding; 10 Apr 1580
135 small piece of unenclosed land S of his land and ground at Pennyles Bench granted to Francis Bolton at 2d; 1580
135v three victuallers; licence to John Payne butcher to kill and sell meat at his house where he lives near Watchbell Gate; 1580
141v proclamation for a small piece of land at the E head of the house where Davison's widow lives, coming to the town by escheat; 1580
141v proclamation for a small piece of land between the house occupied by William Cheesman and the house occupied by Davison's widow; 1580
141v proclamation for a piece of land called Ydlies coming to the town by escheat; 1580
142 Order concerning the collection of the Queens rent, or rent of assize; 28 Jun 1580
144 Resolutions concerning the breaking (or repeal) of the act for freemen adventuring at sea. This was finally repealed at the following Hundred (fo 147v); 8 Aug 1580
147 proclamation for two pieces of land late Martin's, claimed as escheat; 1580
147v repeal of act passed 13 Apr 1576 that every freeman should adventure £10 twice a year on the sea in merchandise or fishing; 1580
149 Thomas Tokey and Edmund Barham claim Ydlies; Ashburnham Peck son of John Peck deceased claims land late Martin's; 1581
150 grant to Francis Bolton at 4d of that part of the lane between Cooks Green and the Fishers Street which is against the land which he occupies of [Mr Love deleted] Mr White; 1581
150 grant to Edward Wood at 4d of another part of the above, against the land of the heirs of Durkin; 1581
152 three victuallers; 1581
152v Decree imposing a duty of 2d per ton on iron laden in Winchelsea, with a remission of half to ships of freemen; 9 Apr 1581
A cow pasture granted to Roger Wells, parson of Winchelsea free and gratis 'by reason of his povertye and charge of children'; 9 Apr 1581
155 Order for amendment of the road to Pannell bridge; 27 Jun 1581
155 licence to Mr White to carry any stones or rubbish to mend the highway; 1581
158v Order permitting the use of vehicles with shod wheels prior to Michaelmas (29 Sep); 6 Sep 1581
159 Decree concerning constitutional trouble among the jurats, during the mayoralty of Robert Perse; 6 Sep 1581
159v seize land formerly granted to Thomas Whitfield for non-payment of rent; 1581
160 Order that the town clerk shall hereafter enter in a fair book all the acts of the Brotherhood house and of all Guestlings, enroll all Hundreds in parchment, enter the chamberlains accounts and the inquisitions for eating of flesh, enroll all presentments of the Grand Jury in a book and keep copies of all letters material on a file; his fee to be increased to £5 6s 8d per annum; 13 Sep 1581
161 notice to be given to John Edwards for non-payment of rent on houses, shops and land; 1581
161v Field, orchard and garden called Saverys Field and Tinker's Garden granted to Christopher Mockett gt at 50s; 1581
162 grant to James Lewes [later called of Winchelsea bricklayer] for life of so much land at the Strand by the Fishers Quay near the land occupied by John Whitfield as amounts to 40 square feet, to build a lime-kiln; rent 2s 6d; 1581
163 The fines of £5 incurred by Edward Myddleton and Godderd White for refusing to serve as jurats are mitigated to 50s each on the request of the Lord Warden; 25 Oct 1581
166v small piece of land (between the land of Mr White and the land which John Standen lately bought from George Golding and his wife), lately occupied by William Cheesman deceased, granted to William Fisher at 13s 4d; 1582
166v shops at the Strand and land belonging, sometime Thomas Whitfield, granted to Adam Moyle at 10s; 1582
167 two houses sometime Thomas Whitfield, near the house of Robert Croude, granted to Christopher Mockett gt at 20s 6d; Philip Durrant to receive the rent until 25 Mar and then leave it; 1582
167 tenement and adjoining orchard and backside called The Horsehead granted to Francis Bolton at 23s 0d; 1582
167 small piece at the W head of Mr White's house where Robert Davison lately lived, and the vault under the same, granted to Thomas Swallow at 2s 0d; to do nothing that may decay the vault; 1582
167v storehouse with its land let for two years at 6s 8d to Mr [Thomas] Fane; 1582
167v anyone holding of the town by fee farm to renew their grants or else they be void; 1582
168v-9 Memorandum of the testing of weights and measures by the mayor as clerk of the market with a list of the town weights and those of 16 others tried and sealed; 11 Jan 1582
171 Order to pay 'selected' men of the township; 27 Mar 1582
171 John Standen claims the land which William Fisher lately hired; 1582
173 Order for paving the Watchbell Causeway, at the corporation's expense and the owners of property adjoining both sides of the street from Mr Mayor's corner [Edward Middleton, mayor] to the Watchbell Gate to pave the gutter or channel of the street at their own charge; 8 May 1582
173v The act against victuallers buying beer from any but the town's brewers is repealed; 29 May 1582
176 coroner's inquest on Robert Morrell of Winchelsea, yeoman; suicide in his bedroom in the house of Christopher Mockett gt; inventory includes 50 quarters of wool (£8), 96 sheep and 27 lambs (£28), 2 mares, a colt and a cow (£3 13s 4d) and a lease of two house in Winchelsea and certain marshland, held of John Ashburnham gt by lease for 5 years of 1581; 1582
177 lease mentioned in f 171, which is said to be of part of the demesnes of Iham, assigned to William Somers for £7 13s 4d; covenant not to assign to non-resident; 1582
The following section has been used for the enrollment of deeds and is headed: The records of all fines, recoveries and such like within the town of Winchelsea from the time of John Peck mayor the fourth time of his mayoralty and in the 12th year of the reign of our sovereign lady Elizabeth & so forward.
179 Feoffment from John Pettit of Warbleton, yeoman, and his wife Mary to John Whitfild of Winchelsea, jurat
A messuage and a close in Winchelsea St Thomas lying in the 6th quarter, having the tenement and lands of the donee, late of Thomas Babb on the S, the street on the W, a way by the town wall on the E and the tenement and lands of the heirs of Thomas Egliston and Margaret Standlye, widow, on the N; now in the occupation of Thomas Paule.
Certificate that Mary was examined by the corporation for proof of consent and the town seal attached; signed W Appleton; 21 Feb 1570
179v Feoffment from William Eglisden, jurat, to John Symon, yeoman, both of Winchelsea. Consideration: 'a certain sum of money'.
A messuage and garden with a quay and wharf pertaining to it called Morfotts Seller, lying at the Strand at the foot of Winchelsea Hill (montem) on the S part, (having a stream called 'the flowing watercourse of the haven of Winchelsea' on the N the lands of Goddard White on the E, the lands of the heirs of John Fowler on the W), which WE acquired with other lands from Thomas Broune of Westbecheworth [Betchworth] in Surrey, esq.
Certificate that WE's wife Margaret was examined; signed W Appleton; 29 Aug 1570
180 Feoffment from Thomas Chilwell of Winchelsea, fisherman, and his wife Lea (sister and coheir of Philip Smithe, deceased, son and heir of Henry Smith, late of Winchelsea) to Richard Frenche of Rye
A moiety of all the lands, tenements and shops in Winchelsea following:
1 Lands and tenements called Blackefriers now in the tenure of John Love, merchant,
2 field called Connyfild (6a) having the street on the W, The King's Green and The Milbanke on the N, town lands on the S and E
3 Two plots of land called Chesmans Crofte and Paradice (2a) Lying together having Pooklane on the W, Crokidacre on the N, the street leading to Pewes on the S and E,
4 A plot of land called Sogges acre having the Crokid acre on the S and W Budge lane next Betmorris on the N,
5 Two shops at The Strand, now or late in the tenure of John Love
Certificate that Lea was examined; signed W Appleton; 2 Mar 1571
180v Feoffment from William Collens and his wife Elizabeth to John Durone, all of Winchelsea:
1 messuage in St Thomas the Apostle in the 19th quarter of Winchelsea having the lands of Roger Benson on the E, the lands and tenements of Thomas Holden on the W and N and the street on the S
2 piece of land Lying in the 18th quarter, having the street on the E, the lands of the heirs of George Lowes on the W and N, and the lands of the heirs of Edward Scrase on the S,
3 piece of land (1½a) in The Hilly fild, having the street on the W, N and E and the lands of the Hospital of St John the Baptist on the S
which all once belonged to Robert Holden of Winchelsea and by his will were left to his then wife Elizabeth, now Elizabeth Collens; 16 May 1555
181 Feoffment from Anne Larke, widow, to Edmund Mylward, both of Winchelsea:
Two tenements and gardens in Winchelsea St Thomas, one in the 18th quarter having the land of Goddard Foster on the N, the land of the heirs of George Lowes on the E and S, the street on the W, the other lying in the 19th quarter having the street on the E and N, the lands of John Pecke on the S and the lands of the heirs of John Lowes on the W.
Witnesses to sealing and livery: Godderd White, Edward Myddleton, Richard Mylls Edward Wills, John Davyson; 10 May 1567
Certification of copy by Francis Bollton recorder of Winchelsea May 1579
181v Quitclaim; parties and property as in preceding deed; 16 May 1567
182 Continuation of the record of court business; Aug 1582
182v Memorandum that this day there came to Winchelsea William Wright with royal letters patent to ask the devotion of the people of Kent and Sussex because his tongue had been cut by enemies in Lincolnshire, who was examined by the mayor and jurats and by the diligence of Christopher Mokett was found to be a counterfeit rogue, whereupon he and his letters patent were despatched to the Lord Chancellor; 2 Sep 1582
183 Resolution to inform Mr Culpeper and Mr Levett, Justices of the Peace at Battle, that the inhabitants of the town will contribute to the tax for Her Majesty's provision on lands outside the liberty and that the town will collect the tax within the liberty; 8 Sep 1582
184 proclamation for the pendents near Watchbell Gate, lately occupied by Thomas Standen; 1582
184 piece of land at the backside of the house where William Fisher lives let to Philip Durrant for a year at 10s; 1582
184v Timber from the old bridge over the Dynsdale river ordered to be sold to the mayor, Edward Middleton, saving sufficient for a footbridge; 2 Oct 1582
185 Mr White brought [?for confirmation] indentures for the marsh near the ferry, for ground near the court house, for tenements at the Strand late French; Henry Wood brought one for a house late French lately granted to Andrew Sonne [?1575]; 1582
186 bond by Thomas Wood of Winchelsea surgeon, illiterate, not to offer victuals for sale at his house; 1582
191 plot 6 x 3 at the Fishers Green granted to Adam Moyle for a chimney for the shops which he holds of the town by fee farm; void if he does not build one; 1583
191 Order to lay the bridge to Dynsdale through the marshes and from thence to the Shiphouse; 22 Jan 1583
191v [Christopher] Mockett to have a new lease of the pendents near the Watchbell Gate for the number of years yet to come under the old lease to George Lowes; 1582
191v Philip Durrant may set posts all the length of his house near the Stone Mill to support a penthouse, of sufficient breadth to save the stairs of the vault from the rain; 1583
192 bonds by John Morley of Winchelsea weaver and David ap Nicholas of Winchelsea brewer; 1583
192v Order to enclose Cookes greene for a sporting ground; 26 Mar 1583
193 Order for the town's stock of money to be kept by the mayor, a jurat and a commoner duly elected; 26 Mar 1583
195v Decree reforming the election of the mayor's and town's sergeants and specifying their duties; 14 Apr 1583
195v Order that the courthall for holding all manner of pleas shall be made beneath in the old place where the same hath been in times past, to be done and built in such sort as to the discretion of the mayor and jurats shall seem good; entry marginated: Order for building the old court hall; 14 Apr 1583
196v Order for 12 lb of gunpowder to be supplied by the corporation for the exercise of shot in this town; 2 May 1583
199v Henry Earl age 12 son of Joan Earl a poor woman of Winchelsea apprenticed to John Ashburnham of Winchelsea gt; 1583
200 licence to mayor William Morley esq to set out his chimney 2½ feet into the street at his house in Quarter 13, which land granted to him at 4d; 1583
200v storehouse at Strand let for 7 years at 6s 8d to Thomas Fane jurat; 1583
201 Bartholomew Field (2a), once belonging to the hospital of St Bartholomew, let to Francis Bolton for 21 years at 10s to the collector of the poor; 1583
201 lane in Quarter 12 once granted to Francis Bolton and Lewes Burton let to Adam Moyle for 21 years at 8d; 1583
201 part of lane in Quarter 6 formerly granted to William Egleston now granted to Robert Tokey at 4d; 1583
202 piece near Monday Market and piece near the Pound let to Lawrence Botting for 21 years at 22d; 1583
205 Goddard White grants permission for the town to put buttresses on his land near the court house for the better strengthening thereof, without accusation of trespass to be had against the workmen or surveyors; 1583
207v Copy of a return made by the corporation to a mandate from the Lord Warden concerning the liberties of the Cinque Ports and the right to hold Chancery jurisdiction in St James's Church, Dover; 4 Sep 1583
209 Order for James Thetcher, mayor, and Mr Moyle, jurat to provide entertainment at the town's expense at the intended visit of the Lord Warden a feast to be provided in the house of Mr Love; 10 Sep 1583
209v Order for the amendment of the causeway from Watchbell gate to the Strand and to Dynsdale bridge; 15 Sep 1583
210 Memorandum concerning the proceedings of [Anthony Browne] Lord Montague, [William Brooke, Lord Cobham] the Lord Warden and [Thomas Sackville] Lord Buckhurst on their visit to Rye and Winchelsea; Cobham refused to visit Winchelsea and rode past through St Leonards, but Buckhurst and Montague did come up to the town; it was surmised that Cobham was displeased because Winchelsea had refused to attend at St James in Dover; 1583
211 town dyke from Newgate all the length of Bartholomew Field let to Francis Bolton for 21 years at 20d; 1583
211 Thomas Standen and John Durrant claim land near Watchbell Gate; 1583
211 proclamation for town dyke against Holy Rood Field in Mr Ashburnham's possession; against lands of Mr White Mr Love and Edmund Weekes; 1583
211v proclamation for piece late John Sylton on the backside of the house where John Whitfield lives; 1583
210 An act for the summary recovery of debts under 6s 8d; 1 Oct 1583
213 Lord Montague to be asked for a lease of his unenclosed and unlet fresh and salt marsh near the ferry or within the limits of Petty Iham; 1583
213v claim by Thomas Standen for the pendents by Watchbell Gate: shows grant from town to Maurice Eustace at 5s 6d, 4 Jan 1567, ME granted to him; town accepts it; 1583
216 salt marsh at the Strand (W: land of Henry Peck; E: Robert Perse's land) granted to RP at the same rent as John Pirle held it; 1584
216 Order for £20 to be allowed for the repair of the church; 7 Jan 1584
219 proclamation for three pieces in Quarter 9 on W side of the house where Thomas Swallow lives in the possession of Mr White; 1584
219 proclamation for piece in Quarter 15 in possession of Mr White; 1584
219 proclamation for piece near the house where Andrew Sone lives, belonging to St Johns Hospital; 1584
219v Lord Montague's tenant Thomas Martin to be ejected from the pendents and fresh and salt land at Strand which he occupies; 1584
219v small piece near Monday Market, once granted to Mr Love, granted to [blank] Rockley widow at 12d; 1584
219v land in Quarter 3 and Quarter 4 held by John Love confirmed to him at present rent; 1584
220 Timothy Wooland of Winchelsea cooper appointed a victualler; 1584
222v Order for a rate to be levied to provide £30 for the repair of St Thomas's church; 3 May 1584
223 town's houses at the church gate to be converted into a market place; margins says market house; 1584
223v iron distrained for duty for the storehouse to be valued; 1584
225v dyke against Holy Rood Field and against a small piece of land near to the Horseshoe let to Francis Bolton for 23 years at 5s 0d, reserving wood and rights of way; 1584
225v dyke against a piece of land near Budge Lane, occupied by Edmund Weekes, let to Ashburnham Peck for 21 years at 2s 8d, footway to the lands of the manor of Icklesham reserved; 1584
225v at the petition of Richard Vincent, the town's claim to Siltons respited until the queen's ward Thomas Tompson come of age; 1584
226 town dyke against two pieces of Goddard White, both N and S of the road from Winchelsea to Icklesham, granted to Edward Middleton at 3s 8d; rights of way reserved; 1584
226 town dyke against Mr Love's land on the N side of the road from Winchelsea to Icklesham granted to Philip Durrant at 20d; right of way for those that have the dyke against the land of Edmund Weekes [later entry calls this near Pook Lane]; 1584
226 Budge Lane to be laid open; 1584
226v piece of land near the house of John Standen where Thomas Cobb lives to be laid open; 1584
227 proclamation for messuage and three pieces occupied by Robert Edsam, sometime Robert Coppledike; claimed by Robert Hunt and by John Durrant at next court; 1584 [f243 says this is in Quarter 4]; RH shows deeds by which this was sold to his father Goddard Hunt; JD shows an enrolled award by which RC should have enfeoffed JD's father, but unknown if anything was done; town withdraws claim; 1584
228v four victuallers; 1584
231v Order that the 33 pieces of evidence and 5 charters which were delivered to James Thetcher, deputy mayor, Mr Fane, Mr Middleton and Francis Bollton, town clerk, for perusal in consultation with Mr [Herbert] Pelham concerning the title to town lands, be folded and put into 3 baskets or caskets and returned to the town chest. Francis Bolton further ordered to search the records in London for evidence on this matter; 26 Aug 1584
233 Decree that no cattle be impounded except in the common pound; 2 Sep 1584
235 Goddard White claims 3 pieces in Quarter 9 on the W end of his house occupied Thomas Swallow; 1584 [f242 shows deed of 1 Mary that the land was then vacant and that GW had them by disseisin, town recovers]; 1584
235v GW and Edmund Weeks in right of his wife both claim small piece in Quarter 15; 1584 [f242v GW shows a deed of land in Quarter 15 by John Lowes, saying this is part; EW by witnesses that the land was once owned by his father-in-law Watts, father of his wife Mary, and that Philip Lowes, who had authority to let the land of John Lowes, refused to let this bit, saying it belonged to Edmund Weeks; town ceases claim; 1584]
235v GW claims land near house where Andew Sone lives; 1584 [f243 claims his father died seised; Francis Bolton says he's seen deeds bounding Sone's house (S: land of St John Hospital); 1584; f244v adjudged to town; 1585; let to Philip Dence at 5s 0d for as long as Britt's lease of the hospital has to run; 1585]
236 proclamation for 3 tenements or pieces of land in Quarter 19 (E,S: road; N: land once Marian Holden; W: land once Gilbert Johnson); 1584 [f248v claim by Adam son of Goddard White; 1585; shows deed from Robert Holden to GW of this and other land, 1564; on behalf of town shown that Sir Edward Guildford as bailiff seized the tenements and granted them to Marian Holden to hold of him in chief, from whom RH claimed as heir; claimed for town that it and not bailiff entitled to do so; 1585]
236 shops and ground at Strand assigned by Adam Moyle to Thomas Egleston; 1584
236v Orders for levying a rate for the provision of gunpowder and the purchase of a drum from Angel Shawe, at 40s or cheaper if possible for the town's use; 6 Oct 1584
237 grant to William Morley of 2½ feet into the street in Quarter 12 where his house where he lives stands, and as much in length from the N end of his kitchen chimney to the S end of his stone wall there, at 8d; he may also set a buttress 2½ feet into road between the N end of the house and the N end of the kitchen chimney; 1584
237 12d allowed to Thomas Walter for a turret of stone which the town has occupied; 1584
237v Resolution concerning the Lord Warden's mandate to elect his nominees to parliament; 30 Oct 1584 [because this case shows the extent of influence in the parliamentary franchise it has been noted, but the regular elections of members recorded in the Hundred and Assembly Books have not been listed here. A list of them appears in WIN/435]
238 Election of Herbert Pelham for the town and Giles Fletcher, doctor of civil law, by mandate, to be members of parliament; 3 Nov 1584
239 Enrolled copy of the testament and will of Thomas Bryers of Winchelsea St Thomas, 25 Apr 1543, proved at Lewes [26 Feb 1579 - W/A1, p 6]
240 Feoffment from Joan Bryers (daughter and heir of Thomas Bryers of Winchelsea, deceased), in consideration of her intended marriage to Laurence Bottinge, to Goddard White and Hugh Myddleton, jurats of Winchelsea, in trust for LB and JB and their heirs in tail, remainder to LB
All her lands and tenements, rents, etc in Winchelsea
W to sealing and livery: William Egleston, mayor, Robert Shepperd of Peasmarsh, John Love and James Glasbye; certified copy signed Francis Bollton, recorder of Winchelsea; 12 Jun 1559
240-lv Appointment of a town herdsman or Looker to the pasturage, with full statement of his fees and duties; 12 Nov 1584
242-3 hearing of proof of title to various town lands; 1 Dec 1584
244v Order to amend Dynsdale bridge and the footpath over the salts to it; 12 Jan 1585
244v Thomas Fane gt allowed to be the baker for this town; 12 Jan 1585
245 two houses once Thomas Eglestone granted to John Page of Pevensey at 13s 4d; 1585
245 three pieces in Quarter 9 granted to James Thatcher esq at 20s 2d; 1585
245v green wall outside Newgate let to Francis Bolton for 21 years at 4d; 1585
245v the chamber over the market place at the church gate let to John Pirle jurat for 5 years at 6s 8d; earlier he's been licensed to be a purveyor of corn; 1585
245v pencil draft of architectural mouldings
246 Resolution to treat with the royal officials concerning alleged concealed lands in Winchelsea; 18 Jan 1585
246v Edmund Milward deceased; custody of children to EM's brother John, who is to have profits of a messuage, backside and orchard in Quarter 18, and a lease for 50 years made by [Thomas Sackville] Lord Buckhurst to EM of lands and tenements in W; 1585
246 Memorandum that the deeds of the heirs of Edmund Mylwarde, town wards, were delivered into the town chest and sealed in a 'forcer'; 23 Jan 1585
249 small piece of pendents, at the S end of those which Christopher Mockett occupies, let for 21 years to Ashburnham Peck at 7s; 1585
249 dyke against land of Goddard White, once granted to Edward Middleton who is dead and was never seised, granted to Francis Bolton for 21 years at 5s 8d
249v Mr Love fined as the W end of his house stands on the town's land; granted to him at 12d; 1585
253 six victuallers; 1585
253 Sentence passed on John Black, who in company with William Black, Eustace Gadberry and John Payne in the night did pull down the fort on the King's Green 'whereby the exercise of martial causes hath been much hindered'; JP is now dead; 25 Apr 1585
255 'The names of the books delivered to be carried to London and of other records delivered for the purpose::
Inprimis the white book
Item the red book
Item one book of courts and hundred
Item an other hundred book
Item the book of presentments of juries
Item the extent
Item two old rolls
Item two files of pleas shone of Mr [William] Morlye's time [1583-84] the other of Mr [Anthony] Stapley's time [1584-85]
Item the books of entries of pleas
The books were required as evidence in the suit then depending in the court of Exchequer concerning concealed lands. Numerous entries at this period refer to the defence of this action; nd, [1585]
257 The act for making freemen made 10 Feb 1573 is here repealed and the ancient practice reintroduced; 2 Jun 1585
257v Ordered that £150 be borrowed to pay the composition agreed with Thomas Talbot and Peter Smyth, claimants of concealed lands leased to them by the Queen; 11 Jun 1585
258 Thomas Fane the younger appointed town clerk; 20 Jun 1585
259 List of the town's records delivered up by the late town clerk Francis Boulton to be put in the town chest. This is a much fuller list than that on fo 255 above. It includes besides those 'the mayor's proclamation, the book of 32 acts, the book containing chamberlaines' accounts, one book wherein the charter and custumal is written albeit not truly; 26 files for those 13 years which he hath served; one little book containing the oaths of officers which he himself made'; 29 Jun 1585
260v The act for making freemen [see fo 257 above], reimposed; 20 Jul 1585
261v Order to sell fee farm rents, 3 Aug 1585:
Tinkers Garden and Saverys Field William Burdett £30 10s
The Horsehead Thomas Cobb, carpenter, £13 6s 8d
The shops which Thomas Egleston has TE, £5
Two houses near Crouds which Mr Mockett has Mr M, £10 15s
20s a year out of the mill John Ashburnham £8 3s 4d
13s 2d a year out of Mr Pirle's land JP, £8
these are sales of the reversions and so the purchasers either receive the rents or extinguish them
263v Henry Wood [see 1582] surrenders fee-farm of house land Andew Sone; town to make it wind and water-tight; 1585
263v to be sold:
St Johns Hospital
The Brewhouse: rent of £5 reserved on fee-farm to Robert Peerse sold to Mr Fane for £73
The house which Henry Wood lives in sold + land to Francis Bolton for £20 6s
Two houses by Croudes which Mr Mockett has in fee farm
Tinkers Garden and Saverys Field
267v-8 Orders concerning the defence to the town's title to lands recovered from Goddard White. Further list of town records produced in this cause which include besides some specified on fos 255 and 259 above, 'The book of great inquests, The accounts in the time of Edward IV, one charter under the broad seal for the dyking and walling of the town of Winchelsea, a deed of Thomas Larkin of two acres of land to the hospital of St John, 15 Aug 1399; 25 and 26 Mar 1586
271 Memorandum of the return of the records listed on f267-8 above; 19 Apr 1586
276 Robert Tokey licensed to carry 20 tons of stones out of Winchelsea; 1586
276 A further list of records taken to Ashford in defence of a suit against Goddard White. These include 'The white parchment book, the white hundred book, the book of great requests, the now hundred book; seven rolls of accounts...., the red hundred book; 7 Jul 1586
276v land-dispute with Goddard White to be arbitrated by William Lambard and William Partridge at Ashford; 1586
280v small piece in The Butchery belonging to heirs of William Cheesman let to Richard Wibly for 10 years at 6s 8d; 1586

Court Book of Assemblies and Hundreds  WIN/54  1586-1597

Large folio bound in limp parchment with three leather straps cross-stitched in parchment. Comprises 170 paper folios.

The cover labelled '5' and inscribed 'Hundred & Sessions Booke from the 24th Oct 28 Eliz 1586 to 3d Nov 39 Eliz 1596' [recte 1597]
Beyond the business specified above as normally occurring the following items have been selected for mention:
3 land to be sold:
St Johns Hospital with the land occupied by John Mills under the lease to Thomas Brett
The house where John Mills lives with its land [see below]
Rent from Tinkers Garden and Saverys Field in Quarter 17 - sold to Christopher Mockett at £32
Rent from two houses near Crouds in Quarter 14 which Mr Mockett has in fee-farm - sold to CM at £9 1s
3 rods (in length from the E from Mother Garnesye's ground and in breadth so far as her ground stretches [f8v sold to her for £1]
A lane at the E side of John Vincent's house [between it and the house of Bery's heirs - sold to JV for 13s 4d - f8v]
3v St Johns to be sold as follows:
St J's house and adjoining field + barn Lawrence Middleton £57
House where Mills lives and two adjoining fields LM
The Crooked Acre Mr Love £11
The Reed Acre Mr White £6
The field on the N side of Andrew Sone's house Mr Middleton £10
The field with the Millbank in it Mr Pirle £6
The piece on the E head of the chapel
A little piece near Kings Green Mr Ashburnham £1 6s 8d
A little piece at Monday Market John Standen £1 6s 8d
A little piece in Ashburnham Peck's field Mr Egleston £2 7s
So lost of 22s Quarter R which the town used to pay 4s 9d
4-6 Resolutions following the procuring of Letters Patent by the corporation for the confirmation of title to church lands in Winchelsea; 15 Dec 1586
4v some people had land put into the patent to strengthen their titles, it not being church land; they are to pay the reserved rents and:
Francis Bolton for the land at Icklesham £3 6s 8d
Henry Peck for a messuage and acre at Strand 10s
Owners of Castle Field and the messuage in Quarter 7 where Henry Peck lives £8 - paid by Adam Ashburnham esq
Thomas Tokey for the Lamp House £2
5 costs for obtaining patent = at least £258 + £150 paid to the patentees
7v Order dividing the rents of St John's Hospital among the purchasers, with rental; 31 Dec 1586
7v on death of Thomas Neighbour and his wife the goods found in the house sold for £20 for the benefit of his orphan daughter Mary; 1587
8 List of loans made for provisions for the poor during a famine; 10 Jan 1587
9v Decree against poaching; 12 Jan 1587
9v sale to Thomas Eglestone:
1 three rods in breadth from his shops at Strand near the house of the heirs of Michael Bieson eastward
2 one rod in breadth from his shops which belonged to Thomas Whitfield Eastwards
All the land between these last two as a line shall extend itself straight between the pieces; TE to give 16s 8d and make the enclosure at his own charge
10 Mr White has sold to the town his interest in a small piece on the E side of the street at the E head of the chapel of St Johns Hospital for 33s 4d; it, and the land there which the town already owned, sold to Lawrence Middleton for £3 6s 8d; 1587
12 Henry Guildford, now of age, to show his right to the Claypits; 1587
17 two victuallers; 1587
18 the King's Green (12a) and the adjoining pendents, which the town had of the queen, sold to Mr White and Thomas Cheeswell; reserving such part as lies common to the town (N from Coney Field and from a strake once let to Hugh Middleton and the pendents adjoining to the reserved parts of the green) at £40 1s; 1587
18v storehouse at Strand and the breadth of the house down to the channel granted to Mr Fane at 6s 10d; 1587
20 licence to Mr Poole parson of St Thomas and St Giles to sell the stones fallen down in the churchyard of St Giles, but to allow that part of the church which stands to remain standing; 1587
20 licence to John Vincent to pull down a shop adjoining the town storehouse, lately had of the town, and to rebuild it on any part of the land which he holds of the town; 1587
20v licence to Henry Furner to carry 6 loads of stone out of the town; not to include hewed stone or Caen stone; 1587
22v arbitrators with John Fray = Mr Culpepper and Mr Avery of Battle; 1587
22v Appointment of two jurats to attend the Lord Warden to treat concerning the provision of 12 ships of war to sea from the Cinque Ports, later amended to 6, for service against the anticipated Armada from Spain. Winchelsea contributed £66 13s 4d towards the ship provided by Hastings for this fleet, which served under [Henry Seymour] Lord Seymour in the Narrow Seas. [Further references occur on fos 23, 23v, 29, 30v, 31, 32, 37, 37v 46v, 47, 47v, but give no details of this service]; 4 Sep 1587
28 a sugar-loaf to be sent to the town's counsel Edmund Pelham, this year reader of Gray's Inn; 19 Mar 1588
29v Mr Love, William Burdett and John Osborne may take 10 tons of rough stones out of the town; not to extend to freestone, Caen stone or hewed sandstone; 1588
30 grant of the brewhouse in fee-farm to John Standen at £8 10s; to agree with JS what part shall be pulled down and what repaired; 1588
34 land at Icklesham put into the patent at the request of Francis Bolton; 1588
35 Order for the upkeep of St Thomas's Churchyard inclosure; 4 Jun 1588
39 earth, stones and water to be laid beside Penyles Bench towards the making of the wall there; 1588
42v licence to Mr Mockett to sell all the stones in the walls belonging to a house in Quarter 14 which he bought of the town; 1588
44v Decrees concerning the pollution of town wells the holding of only two hundred courts in the year hereafter in view of the decay of the town, to be held on the Tuesday after Midsummer day and the Tuesday after Twelfth day; 7 Jan 1589
45 2 rods x 1½ rods under the wall of Fishers Dock let to James Lewes for 7 years at 12d for a lime-kiln; 1589
45v 2 rods x 12 feet under the king's green let to John Rolfe for 21 years at 8d for a watering-place for his own use; 1589
49v Mr Hollands may buy any timber within the town which is already pulled down and export it, the vendor not to incur any penalty; 1589
50 licence to Mr Mockett to sell building materials from a little house in Quarter 12 adjoining his mansion house once Robert Tokey; 1589
50v three innkeepers appointed victuallers; 1589
51v Order for the recovery from Christopher Moket of the town's drum used for calling out the people for the repairing of highways; 17 May 1589
52v Licence to carry stones dug from a cellar in Winchelsea; 19 June 1589
52v Mr Ratcliffe and Mr Colbrand of Rye may carry out of the town all the stones dug down in a cellar late Mr White, right against John Robinson's house; 1589
54 suspicion that Christopher Mockett has long occupied the pendents on the E of his mansion house wrongfully; 1589
54 grant to Ashburnham Peck of tenement and orchard once granted to Edmund Milward; 1589
54v Francis Bolton paid £1 to Father Stonam of Battle toward the education of Neighbour's orphan; 1589
57 Nicholas Smersall of Winchelsea innkeeper; 1589
59 John Berry put apprentice to Oliver St John gt for 9 years, O StJ to have his house during that time; 1589
62 rent of 6s 8d out of piece in Quarter 28 released to Adam White (called The Squire, 1¾a, near Monday Market); 1590
63v four victuallers; 1590
66 Mr Ashburnham may rail in the well he has made on the side of Watchbell Causeway; 1590
67 petition by Goodman Seering and William French of Rye that four of the braces of Dinsdale Bridge be replaced by iron dogs; 29 Aug 1590
68v Gabriel Watson to have the brewhouse at £7; to repair, and to procure Richard Watson to become bound for the repairs at 21; 1590
69 Richard Watson is 21; to have the brewhouse and begin brewing; 1 Nov 1591
72 A prisoner to be executed; town agrees to bear costs of anyone who is sued for going onto the traditional execution place on the salt-marsh over the channel on the N side of the town, in dispute with Mr John Peck; 4 Dec 1590
73v Nicholas Smersall of Winchelsea innkeeper; 1591
75 Richard Waterman victualler; 1591
76v mayor to go to Battle to request sureties of the peace from the JPs there; 1591
77 Resolution to prefer a bill of barretry at the next County Quarter Sessions against John Fraye for molesting inhabitants of Winchelsea; 19 Mar 1591
79 licence to Ashburnham Peck to remove 40 tons of rough stones out of the town; not to include Caen or hewed stones; 1591
79 licence Thomas Swallow to remove 40 tons of rough stones about his house, except Caen or hewed stone; 1591
79 Licence to Philip Durrant to remove 10 tons except Caen or hewed stone; 1591
79 Pipewell Gate let for 21 years at 6d to Mr St John, to make a garden; provided he leave the door there at the end of the term; 1591
80 Francis Bolton now lives in Rye; 1591
81v Francis Bolton may carry 12 Caen stones out of the town; 1591
82 four victualler; 1591
88 brewhouse contract void as no repairs done; because town wants somebody living in it, Watson's widow to hold it until the town can find a tenant; 1591
89v Robert Norton of Winchelsea tanner; 1591
91 ferry let to wife of Thomas Swallow after his death; 1591
91 no rent received from house let to William Black; town to re-enter; 1592
94v four victualler; 1592
97 licence to Mr Stephens to keep shop in the house which he has lately hired from Clay; 1592
98v licence to Richard Waterman smith to set up a post close to the wall of his house or garden to tie up horses which are brought to be shoed; 1592
98v Mr Mocket previously ordered to relieve building-material from the street by 29 Sep, now extended to St Bartholomew; 1592
98v licence to Mr Standen to remove four pieces of timber out of the town; 1592
99v John Roberts of Rye has all the tallow made in this town to supply candles; 1592
100 Agreement to choose Mr [Adam] Ashburnham as member of Parliament [elections made in due form have not been noted but in this case the method of selection calls for mention]; 5 Jan 1593
101 garden late occupied by Edward Wood let to John Milward for 7 years at 7s 9d; 1592
101 licence to Ashburnham Peck to plant rabbits from Mr Standen's pendents to the Postern Gate along the pendents, and kill them, for 5 years at 5s 0d; 1593
103 suspicion that a house and land let to John Milward is forfeit; 1593 [f107 to re-enter as the tenement is pulled down; 1593; see f108]
103v Memorandum that the white parchment book and an old roll sent to London to the members of Parliament for support of the town Liberties have not been returned and are to be sought. Returned at the Hundred on 29 Apr (fo 105); 17 Feb 1593
105v Henry Turner of Winchelsea baker appointed town baker; 1593
108 tenement late Plomer's let to John Milward for 21 years at 8s 0d; building-stuff left there sold to John Vincent for 20s, he to let the corporation have the tiles at 12s 0d a thousand; 1593 [this is the tenement in Quarter 14 let to JM in 1554]
108v licence to Ashburnham Peck to carry 30 tons of rough stone out of the town; 1593
109v town to conclude a bargain with Walter Everden for the lands which were Lawrence Middleton's and the reversion of the house where Mr Standen lives; 1593
112 Ordinance for revision of town ordinances; 22 Nov 1593
113 licence to John Egleston to sell all the rough stones of the long house at his backside; 1594
113v The parchment roll [containing the custumal] was taken by the mayor to London where the town of Hastings had need of it; 22 Jan 1594
114 Agreement that the mayor and others confer with Mr Janibell about the haven which he had promised to make; 21 Feb 1594 [the Italian engineer Federigo Genibelli, whose suggested improvements for Rye harbour were made in 1591; RYE 47/45 and Bendall 2 197]
115 four victuallers; 1594
116 John Vincent has requested that a storehouse be built at Strand for which he will give 40s a year for 10 years; to view plot and estimate cost; 1594
117 town to re-enter house once let to Edmund Milward; 1594
120v Robert Young of Battle chandler to have all the tallow of Thomas Gray the town butcher and to supply the town with candles; 1594
123v house and orchard once let to Edmund Milward in fee-farm let to Ashburnham Peck at 8s 0d; 1595
125 to view plot adjoining Newgate which Thomas Foster requires, and to view other places near the same place which are hurtfull to cattle; 1595
127v licence to Thomas and John Egleston to carry three tons of old timber out of town; 1595
129 four victuallers; 1595
135v John Gower previously fined for putting a house out on the common more than he was licensed to do; half fine forgiven on account of poverty and that it was done through ignorance; 1595
136 Brewhouse and Bartholomew Field to be used as security [so owned by town]; 1595
138 The mayor and Thomas Eglestone sent to Dover to treat concerning the ship to be provided by the ports [Towards the Cadiz expedition. Documents concerning the ship provided by the West Ports are among the Cinque Port Confederation Records CP/Br] Similar orders on 5 Jan 1596 (fo 140), 13 Jan 1596 (fo 141v) Arthur Peck and Thomas Fane sent to Rye on I Feb 1596 for a final settlement of this matter; 25 Aug 1595
141v one small strake of the pendents adjoining his land let to Eustace Gadbury at 2d; 1596
145v licence to Ashburnham Peck to carry a transom window of Caen stone out of the town; 1596
145v Confirmation of ship contribution of 2 ships and 2 hoys by the ports, £80 being provided by Winchelsea Further negotiations at Rye resolved, 10 Mar 1596 (fo 149v) Resolution concerning the assessment and collection of the sess made 7 Mar 1596 (fo 150) Accounts of the enterprise to be heard at Rye, 9 Sep 1596 (fo 155); 5 Feb 1596
149 Goodman Pelham is sued at Dover for a field bought of the town; 1596
154 licence to Mr Mockett to take slate out of the town; 1596
157v three town bakers; 1596
158 Reference to the plague at Rye; 11 Jan 1597
160 theft of cloth from house of John Walker by Ann Meadow of Camber Castle, singlewoman, in 1589; 1597
162v three victuallers; 1597
163 Michael Bieson has enclosed a lane beside his house; to show right; 1597
164v the town's house besides Watchbell Gate granted to Master Bolton at 13s 4d; power to re-enter if any part pulled down without permission; 1597
165 Order for an investigation of the town records and a report upon the title to land of all those in the town; 19 Jul 1597
166-7 various entries of transactions in the market; 1597
167v small piece at Strand granted to Thomas Pont at 5s 0d; 1597
167v small lane against the Chantry Ground in Quarter 13 granted to Mr Standen at 16d; 1597
168 Nomination of one member of parliament granted to the Lord Warden; 7 Oct 1597
169 Decree concerning night watches along the coast in accordance with the Lord Warden's defence proclamation; 21 Oct 1597

Court Book of Assemblies and Hundreds  WIN/55  1597-1627

Folio bound in blind-tooled leather supported by three spinal bands stitched with parchment thongs. A central panel is surrounded by three borders of rectangular devices. The book was repaired on receipt in the East Sussex Record Office by C E Gray, 283 Lonsdale Road, Barnes, Middlesex

The book comprises ii + 345 paper folios. Modern foliation in pencil has been followed as the original foliation is erratic. The cover bears an 18th-century label 'Hundred Book (6)'. A brief index appears on folio 345v and a further index, incomplete, on the end-papers.
Much less business is now entered in the court books than in previous volumes and while a great deal of interest for the history of the town can be found in this and subsequent volumes no attempt has here been made to carry out even the limited calendar of contents previously given The contents fall within the categories given for WIN/53.
1v memorandum of act of Richard [Sampson], bishop of Chichester, ordering the amalgamation of the parishes of St Thomas and St Giles in Winchelsea, which was confirmed by the patron, John Guldeford, esq; 18 Sep 1541
3v indictment of James Leves of Winchelsea bricklayer for theft of 7 bundles of laths, two posts and three rails, and 50 billets from Thomas Bromfield of London, gent, at Winchelsea; 1598
4v cellar once let to Lawrence Botting now let to Nicholas Botting at 4d; 1598
5 grant to Thomas Pelham of the pendents against his house which he now leases at 12, for 12d; 1598
5 John Milward the elder to have a lease of the garden at Cooks Green for as long as he has Plomers, at 8s 0d [?for both]; 1598
7v Mr Henry Brown claims the ferry and the salts; 1598
9 three victuallers; 1598
12 licence to Jasper Rogers to carry 10 tons of rough stone out of the town; 1598
14 William Poglass, poor, fined for victualling without licence; bound not to do so in future; 1598
17 town sold Saverys Field and Tinkers Garden to Mr [Christopher] Mocket [in 1581], who sold to Mr White of Northiam, and he to Thomas Pelham, from whom it has been recovered by Champion Brickenden; town will pay White £10 to release the warranties given to Christopher Mockett; 1598
28v licence to Edward Gery to continue to keep shop out of the butchery; 1591
29 three victuallers; 1599
31 Thomas Pont tenant of a small piece at Strand; 1599
31 Pipewell and St Leonards Well to be mended and the way down to Friars Well; 1599
35v Michael Bieson of Winchelsea lighterman; poor; 1599
40 three victuallers; 1600
46v chamberlains to distrain for the landscot and queen's rents of Quarter 38 and Quarter 4 [?Q34]; 1601
48 town has rented the tithes for 7½ years from Mr Poole [after litigation about tithes of the commons]; 1601
56 licence to Giles Davey to carry four tons of rough stones out of town; 1601
58v The bridgeman's house to be joisted, punchioned and planked sufficiently; a privy to be made in it for the ease of the prisoners that shall be put therein; 1602
59v salts beside the ferry to be inned; 1602
61v licence to Mr Wymond to carry half a ton of hewed stone and 10 tons of rough stones out of town; 1602
62 licence to John Burdet to carry ten tons of rough stones; 1602
62v three victuallers, called innkeepers; 1602
66v deodand of five tons of iron from one Breket who hanged himself; Bartholomew Martin disenfranchised for embezzling one and attempting the rest; 1602
67 town to re-enter for non-payment: storehouse and two tenements once granted to John Vincent, piece of ground and a vault let to Thomas Swallow and tenement and piece of void land let to Michael Bieson; 1602
69 one of the tenements in the last entry to be granted to the tenant Edward Weston in fee-farm; storehouse, other tenement and tenement and void land all let to Michael Beison; the ground and vault ex-Swallow to remain in the town's hands; 1603
75 three victuallers; 1603
77 Thomas Golding of Winchelsea musician; 1603; later called fletcher
83 lease to Mr Standen of the Bartholomew Field for 21 years at 42s 8d; 1604
83v licence to John Eglestone to make a well in the land at the corner of Mrs Sampson's field hard by the footway to Icklesham; 1604
95v two innkeepers; 1605
101 presentment of Thomas Standen of Winchelsea yeoman for an encroachment at Strand; Ralph Gurr of Winchelsea yeoman for encroaching the pendents S of the Windmill Hill by Newgate; 1605
102 William Riall of Winchelsea shipwright; 1605
105 town to re-enter Neighbours Orchard; 1605
105 Mr Hankin have licence to remove 16 tons and Robert Masters 30 tons of rough stones; 1605
105v lane between Thomas Standen's ground into the fresh marsh granted to TS at 6d; to revert if it be claimed as a lane again; 1605
106v Neighbours Orchard to be granted to John Eglestone; 1605
109 two innkeepers; 1606
110 pump to be built beside the pillory; 1606
113 brewing and malting re-established in Winchelsea; John Hobjohn brewer; 1606
121 licence to Mr Wymond for one ton of hewed stones; 1607
125 John Vincent of Winchelsea jurat bound to give evidence against Thomas Slye of the lighthouse beside [Camber] castle; 1607
134 resolved to enclose a bowling-place at Monday Market; 1608
135 any man may convey ragstones out of town for a year without penalty; 1608
140 porches standing in the street to pay 1 d a year; 1608
148 two innkeepers; several decrees concerning the office of jurat; 1609
151v copy of a decree by the Lord Warden for the reform of mayoral elections; 1609
152 ratification of the above decree, to which the signatures of all freemen are to be subscribed; 6 May 1609; in 1641, no room being left for further signatures, they are continued on f340
154 to survey a piece of land near the channel to set an iron-house and cottage on; 1609
154v the sink between Mrs Sampson and Mr Whitton to be mended; the well near the brewhouse to be covered; 1609
155v Thomas Isted to be granted land called Plummers which he now has in lease; 1609
157v three victuallers; 1609
158v licence to Francis Whitton to set a row of trees in the street at the E end of his garden wall, not above four feet from the wall; 1610
161 licence to George Sampson of Udimore to carry away the stones which Mrs Sampson has set out in the street; 1610
163 grant of 20 Caen stones to Sir Henry Guildford; 1610
163 grant of six loads of ragstones to the surveyors of the almshouses at Icklesham; 1610
163v three victuallers; 1610
167v St Leonards churchyard to be laid open to the commons, and the town to pay Mr Eglestone the yearly rent of 7s 0d for it; 1610
169 oath taken by all inhabitants; names of 66 people [?all adult males]; 1611
172 four victuallers; 1611
175 confused entry: Mr Convers has a fee-farm in Winchelsea which is owned by his wife's daughter [by a former husband; ?Francis Bolton - they're both lawyers] to whom he is guardian; the town agrees that he can give up his property, for which the fee-farm is 13s 4d, in return for giving up any right in the house and garden, paying the arrears of fee-farm, letting the town have the building-material and the use of his neighbouring piece of land for as long as his guardianship lasts, he paying only the out-rents; Jeremy Odiarne to have all the building materials and the town's ground in fee-farm at 13s 4d, and to have the adjoining bit mentioned before on the same terms as the town has it; 1611
175 John Beeson son of Michael Beeson deceased to take the town's house at Strand on the same terms as his father had it; 1611
175v should the town pay tithe on the ferry-house?; 1611
175v Mr Tompson's house rent due; to be paid by the chamberlains until a new grant is made; 1611
176 Sir Henry Guildford may have the use of that part of the court house allotted unto him for a prison, if he wish, repairing it and paying a rent of 6s 8d; 1612
176 lease to Stephen Lye for 21 years at 4s 0d of the town's ground at his backside near Cooks Green; 1612
176 John Hobjohn failed to collect rent of the brewhouse when he was its tenant, whereby £6 13s 4d lost; he also tried to pay the king's rent out of the town's assets; disenfranchised; 1612
176v anyone may sell to John Sampson of Peasmarsh such ragged stone as he needs for making his chimney; 1612
178 four victuallers; 1612
179 bowling ground to be laid open; 1612
181 lease to William Thorpe from year to year at 12d of that part of Pook Lane which now lies as a lane open to the commons; 1612
183 oath of supremacy taken by 35 named persons, many women; 1613
186 to begin an action against those who have cut wood and reed in the town dyke against the strake by Coney Field; 1613
189 grant in fee-farm at 6d to John Day of Winchelsea tanner of all his encroachment at the Strand from Blackwell to the channel, keeping the channel wall; 1613
189 Mr Cooper to lay open his late encroachment at the Strand; 1613
189 grant in fee-farm at 10s 0d to John Day of the little house and land at the Strand late Beeson, entry-fine £4; John Beeson to be forgiven his arrears; 1613
191v three victuallers; 1614
191v mayor to ride to Battle to show the justices; 1614
192v Cooks Green to be enclosed for a sporting-place; 1614
194v Anthony Mitchell of Winchelsea glover; 1614
195v indictment of Thomas Drinker for entering the stable of Nicholas Parker kt within the jurisdiction and stealing the horse of Nicholas Rootes esq; guilty of petty larceny, to be flogged round Quarter 7; 1614
197 John Overington of Winchelsea glover; 1615
197v release to John Golding's widow of money which he owed the town on condition that she leave the ferry, and the ferry house with the loft, glass, cove, boards, joists and other things belonging, as it now is, on Easter Monday; 1615
200v town advances as security for a loan the ferry house, the ferry, the new-inned salts there, the furze bank between the channel and the Stone Mill Green; 1615
203 Robert Butler gent, lieutenant of Camber Castle, and his son Thomas Butler gent; 1616
206v strake between Coney Field and the Mill Bank near Newgate let at 6d to Timothy Foster [blacksmith and innkeeper]; 1616
206v part of Pook Lane occupied by William Thorp let to him at 2s 0d; 1616
210 stone mill green with adjoining ditch used as security for a loan; 1617
211v licence to John Beeson to lay his tan upon the end of the town dyke between his land, the pendents and Mr Evernden's, at 2d a year; 1617
212v Stone Mill Green and adjoining ditch, lying to the friars wall and the same green, again security; 1617
213 apportionment of £50 fee to the muster-master of the ports between the ports and members; Winchelsea lowest (at £1 7s 6d); Seaford and Deal & Walmer (£1 16s 8d each), Fordwich with Beaksbourne, Folkestone and Pevensey (£2 5s 10d each); Rye = £3 13s 4d, Hastings £3 4s 2d; 1617
213v murder of Thomas Standen, gaolkeeper [and victualler] by Arthur Honiss [of Winchelsea, in gaol since 1615]; guilty, to hang; 1617
218 John Egleston gent has encroached on the common by setting the wall at the S end of the town dyke beside the Stone Mill; to have it for 12d, and to maintain the wall; 1618
218v licence to Jeremy Tolhurst to remove the timber of a ruined house/building belonging to the capital house late Thomas Pelham, which JT bought from TP's widow Marion; 1619
218v renewal of lease of Bartholomew Field to Giles Waters for 21 years; 1619
221 Feoffment from William Morley of Lewes, esq, to Thomas Roberts of Lewes, gent, in trust for WM's son Anthony Morley the younger, 28 Jul 1586
1 messuage, croft and barn in Lewes All Saints, lately acquired from William Butcher
2 messuage and two gardens in the 13th quarter of Winchelsea in the parish of St Thomas abutting on the street on the W and S, the lands of the rectory of St Thomas on the E and N, lately acquired from Francis Bolton
3 plot of land (1r 11p) called Idleys in the 19th quarter of Winchelsea, lately acquired from Thomas Tokey
4 messuage adjacent to 3, lately acquired from William Burdet, having the street on W and N, and land of the heirs of Thomas Holden and land of John Pyrle on the S and the street called the Butchery on the E, now occupied by Thomas Stephens, butcher
5 field called Crekesdene in Ringmer
6 Lands (9a) in Myddleham wyshe in Ringmer
To hold to TR to the use of WM for life, remainder to AM
Witnesses to livery in Lewes: Thomas Coxe, John Pryor, Robert Stuckell, Thomas Carew; Witnesses to livery in Winchelsea: Henry Peck, Phillip Durrant, Francis Bollton Certified a true copy by Robert Plumer, mayor, 1619
222v three victuallers; Drew Matthew of Winchelsea mason and Francis Westbourne of Winchelsea brewer among bondsmen; 1619
224 Bartholomew Pett [lighterman] wants to have a piece of waste near his house at The Strand to fee-farm; 1619
231 hundred court for electing freemen: election takes place in the chamber, and the electors then descend into the court to announce their votes; 1620
241-2 long ordinance concerning misgovernment and the election of jurats; 1621
243 three victuallers; 1621
244v order [to discourage town victuallers buying beer from Rye]; 1621
245v-7v tax of all the inhabitants of the town for a cess towards providing ships for putting down piracy in Algiers and Tunis, 26 Feb 1619
249 grant of Bartholomew Field and adjoining town dyke to Mr Waters in fee-farm at 2d, entry-fine £35; 1622
256 part of Kings Green (3a) pledged for a loan (S: Coney Fields; W: the old mill and Mr Eglestone's lands; N: the rest of the Kings Green; E: pendents of the hill); 1622
258v part of Kings Green (1a) pledged for a loan (abuts Coney Field and the 3a as above); 1622
261 five victuallers; 1623
262v licence to Mr John Taylor to pull down the house which was Mr Tindall's adjoining Mr Lawrence Ashburnham's in the Middle Street; he is to set up a stone wall towards the street there; 1623
267 39 men at assembly; 1623
267-8 long ordinance on mayoral elections, and (f269) a certificate of these proceedings to the Lord Warden, 9 Aug 1623. A succession of disputed elections follow to the end of the volume, concerning the disfranchisement and restitution of John Collins, including an original parchment decree by Theo[philus Howard] Earl of Suffolk, Lord Warden, 1628.
274 'our town of Winchelsea but weakly peopled'; 1623
275 dispute about strength of fences between pasture or corn fields and the commons; 1623
277v licence to William Wood, cooper, to plant ashes against his house to defend it against the weather; not to annoy the highway; 1624
278 licence to Bartholomew Pett [lighterman] to lay iron and other commodities of his own on the town's land; 1624
278 piece of land (6p), under which there is a vault and on which was a little hovel, [space for bounds but not filled in, except that it's a corner plot] granted to Henry Hartwell in fee-farm at 2d; 1624
281v John Egleston's hedge against Holy Rood Field; Daniel White annoys the street with dung against his barn near his house; George Sampson of The Friars for allowing his stone wall to lie upon the town's land and for not making his hedge against Mr Tharp's field; 1624
282 four victuallers; 1624
287v John Bett of East Guldeford apprenticed by the overseers to John Botten of Winchelsea tailor; 1624
291 licence to John Botting [= Botten] of Winchelsea to take down a wall at the W side of the common pound for the better receiving of the sun into his orchard or garden, providing that he leave the wall at least 8 feet high for the strength of the pound; 1624
291v Thomas Geery of W, apprentice to Drew Matthew of W, mason [and victualler], acquitted of felony, but apprenticeship terminated; 1624
293 four innkeepers; now they are rated differently, so perhaps possible to trace individual inns; 1624
313 five victuallers; 1626
326 lease to Bartholomew Pett, [lighterman], of the tolls on the floating or landing of iron laded or landed at the ferry; 1627
328 Jeremy Jorden, despite being a resident and called upon to be made a freeman, went off to Rye and was elected a freeman there, while remaining a Winchelsea resident; fined £10; 1627
329 mill-house, its ground and another long slip called the town dyke let to Robert Hayward for 21 years at 10s; to make the mill-house tight and tenant-like; 1627

Court Book of the Court of Record  WIN/56  1604-1637

Large folio, 16 x 10½ in, bound in limp parchment cover, supported with three spinal leather bands stitched with parchment thongs. The central band was originally carried round the volume to a buckle, which is now missing. The volume now comprises 459 paper folios, the outer gatherings having parchment wrappings There is no original foliation; the volume has been foliated in pencil for listing purposes.

The contents are almost entirely confined to Court of Record business, as described in the Introduction, under headings Curia domini regis and each folio is headed with the name of the mayor for the year.
14 final concord, 17 Sep 1605
John Davy and wife Elizabeth to William Riall of Winchelsea, shipwright
Messuage and garden at The Strand
42v final concord, 1 Mar 1608
Simon Michell and wife Elizabeth to Giles Seer
Two messuages, gardens, orchards and closes
65 final concord, 14 Feb 1609
William Arnold and wife Joan, Thomas Levis and wife Mary, Roger Godfrey and wife Ann to John Milward, glover
Third part of a messuage and garden in Quarter 13
67 recovery, 14 Mar 1609
Thomas Houlden, son of TH deceased, to Robert Butler
Messuage, garden and orchard, late TH the elder, in Quarter 19
First vouchee: Anthony Baynard; second vouchee Francis Belamy
75v final concord, 4 Jul 1609
John Egleston gent and wife Ann to Henry Whitton gent
Messuage, barn, garden, orchard and various closes in Winchelsea (E,S: street; W: lands of Lawrence Weekes; N: Cooks Green)
76 final concord, 4 Jul 1609
William Henley and his wife Katherine, John Milward and his wife Elizabeth to Thomas Isted, gent
Messuage, garden and orchard in Quarter 13
96 final concord, 9 Oct 1610
John Tookey labourer and wife Elizabeth to Robert Badcock, bricklayer
Messuage and garden in Quarter 13 (N: street; E: tenement of William Wade; W,S: tenement, garden and orchard of John Evernden, gent)
96v Francis Bolton of London, embroiderer and Robert Convers of Rye, gent and his wife Margery, to William Mercer of Battle, glover
Messuage, close, garden and orchard with solars, cellars and buildings in Quarter 15 (E,N: street; S: land of Adam White, gent, and of John Milles; W: a ditch called The Counterscarfe)
97 common recovery as f96v above, Esaias Kingwood of Rye, mercer, vouchee
131v final concord (mortgage), 15 Dec 1612
Timothy Foster blacksmith and wife Gertrude to Jeremy Tolhurst, of East Guldeford, yeoman
Messuage and garden in Quarter 7 (N,W: road; S: land of Henry Peck, gent; E: land of Susan Johnson)
133 final concord (mortgage), 1613
John Hobjohn of Winchelsea, beer-brewer, and his wife Elizabeth, to Richard Mills of Rye, shoemaker
1 Messuage, barn, garden, orchard and close in The Strand (S: street; E: land of John Day; N: common channel; W: land of Thomas Isted)
2 piece in Winchelsea (E,W: street; N: lane; S: Monday Market)
148v final concord, 25 Jan 1614
Bartholomew Pett of Winchelsea lighterman and wife Agnes to John Farnam of Winchelsea husbandman and his son John
Messuage, garden and orchard in Quarter 28 (W: street; E,S: land late Adam White gent deceased; N: land of John Evernden)
164 final concord, 27 Jun 1615
John Evernden of Sedlescombe gent and wife Joan and Helen Evernden of Sedlescombe widow to Michael Farmer of Winchelsea jurat
Messuage, barn, stable, garden and orchard in Quarter 13 (E,W: street; N: street, lands of Robert Badcock, William Wade, Robert Weekes; S: land of Richard [Sackville] earl of Dorset called The Chantry, and to lands late Adam White, gent)
Warranty against Walter Evernden of Sedlescombe, gent, deceased, John Middleton of Baybush, esq and Edward Middleton of Winchelsea jurat deceased, EM's son Lawrence Middleton, Stephen Middleton of Fletching
170v final concord (mortgage), 9 Jan 1616
Timothy Foster of Winchelsea, blacksmith, and wife Gertrude, to Michael Farmer, jurat, and John Walter, yeoman
1 Messuage and garden in Quarter 7 (N,W: street; S: land of Henry Peck gent; E: land of Susan Johnson)
2 close in Quarter 2 (S: street; W,N: land late Samuel Sampson; E: land of the heirs of Ralph Cobb)
Payable at MF's house in Quarter 7
176 final concord, 30 Apr 1616
Robert Badcock of Lydd, bricklayer, and wife Joan, to John Rose and wife Joan and to their heirs in tail
Messuage and garden called The Lamp House in Quarter 13 (N: street; E: tenement of William Wade; W,S: tenement, close and garden of Michael Farmer, gent)
194 final concord, 5 Aug 1617
Samuel Sampson late of Edmonton in Mx, yeoman, and wife Jane to Giles Waters of Winchelsea, yeoman and wife Ann
1 Messuage, barn, close, garden and orchard with all appurtenances in Quarter 1 and Quarter 2 (S,W: streets; N: lands of Oliver St John, gent; E: land late Adam White, gent, land late Timothy Foster)
2 small piece in Quarter 25 (E,S: roads; W,N: land late John Milward called The Cherry Garden)
199 final concord (mortgage), 17 Feb 1618
George Brook of Guestling, yeoman and wife Joan to Richard Mills of Middle Street in Rye, shoemaker
Two messuages with buildings, gardens, orchards and land at the Strand (S: street; E: town lands; N: common channel; W: land of Henry Peck gent)
204v final concord, 4 Aug 1618
Robert Brown of Lydd, husbandman, and wife Elizabeth, to John Eglestone, gent
Two messuages, a toft, two gardens and 2a in Quarter 19 (E: street, land of the heirs of Adam White, gent, land of the heirs of William Cheesman; N: land of the heirs of Lawrence Weekes, tenement and land of George Lamb; W: street, land of the heirs of Lawrence Weekes, land of John Botting; S: land of the heirs of William Cheesman, land of John Botting, a lane near Monday Market)
209 recovery, 8 Dec 1618
John Evernden of Sedlescombe, gent, to Robert Plummer of Winchelsea, jurat
1 Messuage, orchard, garden and 3a in Quarter 29
2 Barn called the Almshouse Barn and 2a in Quarter 34
3 3r 9p in Quarter 28
Vouchee: William Legate of Winchelsea, tailor
211 plea, 19 Jan 1619
Ann Standen widow of Thomas Standen, v John Evernden of Winchelsea tanner
Dower in a messuage and garden in W
213v plea, 3 Aug 1619
Paul Wymond gt and wife Ann v John Aynescombe gent; dower; 16 Mar 1619; process to 20 July when a report of JA's death received; discontinued as a result of his death
221v suit revived as covenant, by which Paul Wymond and Ann grant to Thomas Aynescombe, son of JA of Battle, gent, deceased, and to Richard Isted, son of Thomas Isted of Winchelsea, gent, deceased; 17 Aug 1619
AW's life interest in a third part of two messuages, three gardens, 2a land, 1a meadow, ½a pasture and 2a marsh in W
234 fine; 11 Apr 1620
Joseph Swane and wife Susan to Stephen Lyghe
Messuage and garden in Quarter 7 (E: tenement and garden of John Onstie; S: land of Henry Peck, gent; W: tenement and land of John Walter; N: Fishers Street)
234v fine; 9 May 1620
John Pont and wife Mary to George Lambe and [his son] Edward Lamb; piece called Soges Acre in Winchelsea (W,S: Crooked Acre; N: Budge Lane; E: road to Pewes)
238 recovery, 15 Aug 1620
William Stephens of Winchelsea to George Lambe of Winchelsea husbandman and his son Edward Lambe
Crooked Acre (E,N: GL and EL's Soges Acre; S: land of John Pont; E: road; W: Pook Lane)
Vouchee: John Eglestone the younger of Winchelsea gent
242v fine, 30 Jan 1621
John Standen and wife Alice to John Evernden
Messuage, garden and 1a in The Strand (W: road to Watchbell Gate; S: land of Thomas Pelham called the Pendents; E: land of JE, and a lane; N: land of William Wade the younger)
243 fine, 30 Jan 1621
Jeremy Odiarne gent and wife Elizabeth to Thomas Fraye
Messuage and garden in Quarter 12
272v recovery and fine, 23 Apr 1622
Robert Plumer of Lewes gent and wife Mary to Robert Row of Westfield yeoman
Property as on f418
Vouchee: John Eglestone gent
278 fine, 2 Jul 1622
Robert Ware husbandman and wife Tamsin to Bartholomew Pett
Two messuages, a toft, two gardens and 2a in Winchelsea in Quarter 12
296 fine, 22 Apr 1623
Nicholas Reynolds of Rye and wife Margaret to Henry Carter of [blank]
Messuage, other buildings, gardens, orchards and land at The Trechery (N,W: a common way from the pendent to the door of The Peelings; E: a lane in The Trechery; S: a lane)
299B fine, 1 Jul 1623
George Brook of Guestling yeoman and wife Joan to John Padiham of Udimore yeoman
Two messuages, buildings, gardens, orchards and lands in The Strand (S: street; E: town lands; N: common channel; W: lands of Henry Peck gent)
305v fine, 18 Nov 1623
William Cooper of Ticehurst yeoman and wife Ann, John Darby of Ticehurst yeoman and wife Ann, George Sampson of Brede yeoman and Giles Waters of Winchelsea grazier and wife Ann to Thomas Roberts of Winchelsea gent and wife Elizabeth
Messuage, buildings and land in Quarter 1 and Quarter 2 (S,W: road; E: land now or late Richard Waterman)
318 Thomas Butler of Camber Castle, freeman, admitted underbailiff to Henry Guildford kt; 24 Aug 1624
339 fine, 3 Oct 1626
John Egleston of Winchelsea gent and wife Ann to Thomas Fray of Guestling yeoman
1 two pieces (4a) by the old windmill in St Giles (W,N: street; E,S: town's common pasture)
2 2a in St Giles (S: Henry Guildford's Holy Rood; E,N: street; W: common pasture)
3 2a in St Giles (E,S: street; S,W: land of the earl of Dorset called The Firs Bank; S: common pasture)
4 1a in St Giles (ESN: street; S, W: TF's land)
341 fine, 1626
John Darby of Ticehurst yeoman and wife Ann to William Cooper of Brede yeoman
1 messuage called Gilgores Tenement with garden, yard and close and all its buildings in Quarter 6 (W: road; N: land late Robert Baker; S: lane leading from the town wall; E: lane leading through the walls)
2 messuage, garden and adjoining close in Quarter 6 (W: street; E: street by the walls)
3 ½a by the Greyfriars in Quarter 18 (ESW: street; N: lands and tenements late Edward Rockley, lands late John Love)
4 messuage, garden and close in The Strand (E,N: street; W,S: a footway)
Void because not acknowledged
346 fine, 26 Mar 1627
Thomas Fray yeoman and wife Margaret to Sarah Standen, daughter and heir of John Standen
Messuage called The Butchery House in Quarter 19
349 fine, 10 Jul 1627
Ann Darby wife of John Darby to Theophilus Turke
Two messuages, barn, garden, orchard and close in Quarter 6 (W: street; N: tenement of Henry Robbins; E: lane at the town wall; S: orchard of Ralph Cobb, and to another lane)
355 fine, 18 Mar 1628
Marian Pelham, widow and Robert and William Pelham, yeomen to Paul Wymond, gent; all of Winchelsea
Messuage, garden, orchard and land in Quarter 12 (ESW: street; N: land of Thomas Fray)
356 fine, 1 Apr 1628
John Robinson of Mountfield yeoman to William Marsh of Winchelsea yeoman
Messuage, barn, stable, garden and orchard in Quarter 14 (E: land of the heirs of Robert Makeham; N,W: street; S: messuage and land late Ann Kyne)
359 fine, 19 Aug 1628
William Cowper of Guestling, yeoman, John Darby of Sedlescombe, yeoman and wife Ann to Thomas Roberts of Winchelsea esq
1 acre in Quarter 18 (W: street from the Butchery to Monday Market; S: street by The Friars; E: street by Tinkers Garden; N: lands and tenements of Henry Lybie otherwise Dowce, land of TR late Oliver St John esq)
361 Conveyance for £8, 25 Nov 1628
Edward Burne of Rye sadler and his wife Martha to Edmund Watts of Winchelsea, husbandman
Messuage and adjoining orchard in Quarter 9 (N,E: street; S,W: Daniel White gent's garden or orchard called Paradise Garden)
Bequeathed with other property by George Matthew to his wife Margery, Martha's mother
364 Conveyance for £14, 31 Mar 1629
Giles Waters of Winchelsea jurat and his wife Ann to William Neve of Winchelsea blacksmith
1 Messuage with annexed shop with adjoining garden or close in Quarter 7 (N,W: street; S: land of Robert Thompson clerk; E: tenement and land of heirs of the heirs of Thomas Holden)
2 piece of land or garden in Quarter 2 (S: street; N,W: land of Thomas Roberts gt; E: land of the heirs of Ralph Cobb)
369v fine, 18 Aug 1629
John Eglestone of Winchelsea gent and wife Jane to Thomas Fray of Winchelsea jurat
1 acre in St Giles in Quarter 11 (E,N: street; S,W: land of TF)
2 two acres in St Giles in Quarter 30 (EWNS: street; S,W: land of Edward [Sackville] earl of Dorset)
3 2a in St Giles in Quarter 33 (N,W: street; E,S: The Kings Green)
4 2a in St Giles in Quarter 35 (EWN: street; S: land of Henry Guildford kt)
5 2a in St Giles in Quarter 36 (N: 3 above; W: street; E: The Kings Green; S: a windmill)
372 Conveyance for £26, 22 Dec 1629
Daniel White of Winchelsea, gt, and wife Elizabeth to Ann Cowper of Guestling
Messuage, close and orchard in Quarter 8 (S: DW's tenement and land; W: land of John Pettit gent; N: tenement of John Bishop; E: street)
379 fine, 6 Jul 1630
John Bishop of Winchelsea tailor and wife Eleanor to George Harmer of Winchelsea tailor
Messuage, cellar and orchard in Quarter 8 (E: street; N: lands and tenements of Thomas Fray; W,S: messuage and land of Daniel White gent)
384 Conveyance for £38, 26 Oct 1630
Thomas Fraye, jurat of W, and wife Margaret to Daniel White of Winchelsea gt
1 Messuage, close, garden and orchard (½a) in Quarter 21 (W: land of DW; S: churchyard of St Giles; E,N: street)
2 piece of land (2a) in St Giles in Quarter 35 (E,W,N: street; S: land of Henry Guildford, kt)
3 piece of land (tenth of an acre) in Quarter 15 (W,N: land of DW; E,S: street)
391 fine, 21 Jun 1631
Jonathan Tilden gent and his wife Alice to Melchior Reynolds
1 Capital messuage in Quarter 13 (W,S: street; E,N: land belonging to rectory of St Thomas)
2 messuage in Quarter 19 (W,N: roads; S: land of George Lamb; E: street called The Butchery)
398 Conveyance for £6, 6 Dec 1631
John Burton of Salehurst labourer and wife Ellen to Nicholas Crisp of London, salter
Messuage with all the structures, arches, lands, gardens and closes in Quarter 10 (E: street; S,W: land late Lawrence Ashburnham, esq; N: tenement of Henry Hartwell)
399 Conveyance for £12, 3 Jan 1632
Edmund Watts of Winchelsea husbandman and wife Edey to Washington Rainolds of Winchelsea gent
Messuage and adjoining orchard in Quarter 9 (N,E: street; S,W: Daniel White gent's garden or orchard called Paradise Garden)
402 plea of dower, 8 May 1632
Matthew Wood and wife Amy, widow of George Lamb, v Ralph Copper
Messuage and garden or orchard in W
403v fine, 31 Jul 1632
William Ford and wife Helen to John Miller [recte Milward]
Tenement and garden or orchard in Quarter 18 (W: street; S,N: land of John Milward; E: land of Robert Butler)
404v fine, 6 Nov 1632
Ralph Copper and wife Amy to Edward Godbed and wife Ann
1 Messuage or tenement and garden in Quarter 14 (W: messuage and land of the heirs of John Baker; S: land of Daniel White gent; E,N: street)
2 piece of land or solar [cellar] or orchard 'containing the eighth part of a quarter of land' in Quarter 9 (N: land of Daniel White called Paradise)
411 Conveyance for £15, 27 Aug 1633
Walter Coleman of Guestling yeoman and wife Ann to Richard Witheris of Hastings gent
Messuage, orchard and close at The Strand, occupied by William Rockley (N,E: street; S: pendents of the hill; W: road to Watchbell Gate)
416 Settlement for £50, 11 Mar 1634
John Bird of Mountfield, husbandman, and wife Susan to Henry Valentine of Winchelsea gent and his wife Mercy for life, remainder to their younger son William Valentine
Messuage, barn, stable, garden and orchard in Quarter 13 (E,W: street; N: street, land late Robert Badcock, land late William Waad, land late Robert Weekes deceased; S: land late Richard [Sackville] earl of Dorset called The Chantry, now Thomas Harnett, and to land late Adam White gent), occupied by HV
418 Conveyance for £91, 25 Mar 1634
Robert Rowe of Westfield, yeoman, and wife Joan to Thomas Harnett of W, yeoman
1 Messuage, orchard, garden and 3a in Quarter 29 (EWNS: street)
2 barn called The Almshouse Barn and 2a in Quarter 34 (E,W,N: street; S: land of Robert Tompson, clerk)
3 3r 9p in Quarter 28 (W: street; N: Monday Market; E: lands of Daniel White gent; S: lands of John Farnham)
Warranty against dower of Ann wife of Walter Everenden of Westfield, gent
420 Final concord, 6 May 1634
Drew Matthew bricklayer and wife Agnes to Robert Tompson, clerk
Land (third of an acre) in Quarter 14 (S: street, common pound; E,W: street; N: land of Daniel White, gent, land of DM)
425 plea of dower, 7 Oct 1634
Matthew Wood and wife Amy, widow of George Lamb, v Edward Godbed clerk
Messuage, close and orchard
427v Conveyance for £20, 22 Mar 1635
James Baker of Winchelsea weaver and wife Mary to Daniel White of Winchelsea esq
Messuage, close or garden and adjoining 1a in Quarter 15 (S: land of DW; E,W,N: streets)
430 Conveyance for £165, 28 Jul 1635
Thomas Fray of Hastings, gt and wife Margaret to Thomas Harnett of Winchelsea, yeoman
1 2a in St Giles in Quarter 30 (EWNS: street; S,W: lands late Richard [Sackville] earl of Dorset), occupied by TF
2 2a in St Giles in Quarter 33 (N,W: street; E,S: The Kings Green), occupied by TF
3 2a in St Giles in Quarter 36 (N: 2 above; W: street; E: The Kings Green; S: a windmill), occupied by Henry Valentine
4 1½a (S,W: land of Thomas Earl of Winchelsea; N: land of the heirs of Lawrence Weekes; E: Pook Lane), occupied by John Sha
436 Conveyance for £8, 5 May 1636
George Harmer of Winchelsea, tailor, and wife Sarah to Thomas Fray of Hastings, gent
Messuage, orchard, cellar and garden in Quarter 8 (E: street; N: TF's tenement and land; W,S: messuage and land of Walter Colman in the right of his wife)
437 Quitclaim, 31 May 1636
George Harmer and wife Sarah to Melchior Reynolds
Messuage called The Butchery House, orchard and garden in Quarter 19
445v Conveyance for £38,8 Sep 1637
John Dotting of Winchelsea, tailor, and wife Mary to Alexander Usborne of Canterbury, grocer
Empty plots, stone buildings and walls, formerly a messuage called Harrowes Place, lately burnt down and demolished, with four joining gardens now converted into an orchard in Quarter 20 (E: the pound and road; N: the pound, the [same] road and an old solar [?cellar]; W: road; S: land of Thomas Fray, land of John Eccleston)
446 Conveyance for £19, 19 Sep 1637
George Stace of Dallington, yeoman, and wife Elizabeth to Edmund Wattes of W, cordwainer
1 Messuage with adjoining garden or orchard in Quarter 1 (N: land of Jeremy Jorden; E,S: street; W: land of William Neve), occupied by Anthony Avery
2 messuage with adjoining garden or orchard in Quarter 6 (N: land of Richard Chittenden; W: tenement and land of Thomas Higgens, clerk; S: street; E: Watchbell Gate), occupied by Peter Harmer esq
lately bequeathed to ES by the will of Ralph Cobb
448 Final concord, 9 Jan 1638
George Baker and his wife Priscilla, Drew Matthew and his wife Agnes to Katherine Tompson, widow
Messuage, orchard and garden in St Giles in Quarter 14 (W: street; S: tenement and land late John Botting)
448v Final concord, 9 Jan 1638
George Baker and his wife Priscilla to James Valence
Tenement and garden in St Giles in Quarter 14 (W: street; S: tenement and land of Drew Matthew)
458v memorandum that Mary Banfield late of Battersey in Surrey, widow, was taken vagrant with three children, was publicly whipped and sent to her parish of settlement, being Stone in Staffordshire; on 27 Oct [?1638]
459v memoranda concerning sales of stock in open market by William Christopher; 3 and 14 May 1624

Draft Court Book  WIN/57  1608-1684

Four gatherings comprising extracts from Court of Record, 1608/9; hundreds and sessions, 25 Jan 1672 - 9 Nov 1675 and assemblies, 2 Mar 1674 - 2 Apr 1675; assemblies, hundreds and sessions, 28 Apr 1674 - 28 Jul 1683, mostly for 1679; assemblies, 15 May 1684 - 23 Jun 1685

Court Book of Assemblies, Hundreds and Sessions  WIN/58  1628-1691

Large folio, 15 x 9 in, bound in a limp parchment cover, with two sheepskin ties. The cover is endorsed '7'. The volume comprises vi + 364 paper folios. The original foliation runs to folio 337.

The book has been used in reverse, folios 334-360 containing 'The Register of the ancient town of Winchelsea of all conveyances, fines and recoveries had levied and suffered in the court there' (for details see below). The main body of the text of assemblies and hundreds commences on 8 January 1628 and runs to 13 August 1628. There is thereafter a gap in proceedings to folio 12, on which is entered an inquisition of 11 September 1630. Thereafter regular courts are entered to 28 February 1634 (f32v). Another gap to 18 April 1636 (f35) occurs. The entries follow the form of previous volumes.
3v town hires St Leonards churchyard of Mr Thomas Roberts; 1628
4 one baker, two butchers, five innkeepers; 1628
12 coroner's inquest of a 16-year-old servant of Michael Holmwood of Icklesham yeoman, driving a cart loaded with stones out of Winchelsea; 1628
12v grant to Daniel White gent of a small piece (57 perches) of the commons at the bottom of Gallows Hill (EW: land of DW; N: street; S: land of Henry Guildford kt); entry fine £6, town rent 1d, king's rent 2d; 1630
15v grant in fee-farm to Bartholomew Pert of a plot at The Strand where he has lately built a small tenement, at 5s Od, providing he does not encroach on the town's ground; 1631
16 loft and stairs of the ferry-house; 1631
17 theft of sails from St Leonards Mill; John Dandy v Barnabas Burden; 1632
18v sale to Mr Robert Tompson clerk of a lane (S: his land called Hilly Field; N: the land of St Johns Hospital); entry fine 10s Od, rent a pepper corn; 1632
18v grant to Samuel Rich and wife Ann of Pooke Lane against their land; entry-fine 20s, fee-farm rent 1d; 1632
21 John Pelham to have the materials (timber and stones) of the town house in Quarter 15, to take them down and carry them away, for £4; to make a stone wall four feet high against the street where the house now stands; 1632
23 fee-farm of the town brewhouse, now held by the heirs of Thomas Isted late deceased; heirs crave to be discharged from their obligation to repair; Peter Farnden proposes that they should pay £100 to have it absolutely, or the town to pay £66 13s 4d for the option to have it back; to be considered; 1633
23 lease to John Botting of his garden-plot (¼a) in Quarter 15 (S, W: land of Daniel White; E: street; N: land late Tookey) for two years at 10s; to keep it fenced and preserve the fruit-trees; 1633
24v town brewhouse, malthouse and millhouse; if Mr Farnden will give £5 he may pull it down, take the materials and leave it enclosed, and pass it to Barnabas Frencham according to the town's grant; 1633
25v lease to Mr George Sampson jurat of a piece of land (4a) in The Strand where the brewhouse lately stood, and a piece of marsh (2½a) in St Leonard, late occupied by the heirs of Thomas Isted gent deceased; for a year at £6; not to plough (except the old hop-garden and the place where the buildings stood; GS covenants to leave the fruit trees and the walnut tree; 1633
25v any men who have timber there may remove it within 14 days, not damaging the fences; 1633
27 mortgage to George Sampson jurat of the pendents (2a) adjoining his land (E-W Henry Guildford's marshland to the Friars Wall; N: the Friars Well; S: the Kings Green); 1634
28 death of John Pettit jurat aged 70; 1634
30 decree to cease making returns to Brotherhoods and Guestlings on account of the town's poverty; 1634
31 sale to Mr Daniel White esq of garden (¼) in Quarter 15 (S, W: DW's hop-garden; E: street from Winchelsea Ferry to Newgate; N: land late Tookey), occupied by John Botting; entry-fine £5, rent a barleycorn; 1634
31 sale to George Sampson jurat of:
1 a hop-garden (adjoining the king's green late part of the brewhouse land), occupied by Bartholomew Pett
2 fee-farm rent of 8s Od from the house and ground occupied by Henry Libbie otherwise Dowse
32 distrain on occupiers of land in the parish of Broomhill who refuse to pay the tax for setting forth a ship of 80 tons; 1635
35v coroner's inquest on person trying to get on board his ship near Camber Castle; it's loaded with timber for the repairs of Dover Castle; 1636
36v Mr Harnett may enclose 16 feet long x 8 feet broad out of the common street next to his malt-house, and to convert it to his own use, at 4d a year; also permitted to take down his old house near the Almshouse, paying 6s 8d; 1636
37 lease of ferry and ferry-house to Robert Bredon miller; 1636
41 brewhouse lands to be leased to William Pelham for 11 years at £8; 1637
48v lease to John Beeston of the land outside New Gate (bounding to the corner of Bartholomew Field and Coney Field) for a year at 12d; reserving a right of way; JB not to cut trees or bushes; to give indemnity against trespasses to Thomas Snepp's farm called Wickham; 1640 [in 1644 TS called of Guestling, yeoman]
50 reference to sealing of a return in the chamber, 'the rest... staying in the court hall'; 1640
51 three innkeepers, one brewer, two bakers; 1640
52v certificate obtained at assizes at East Grinstead for the repair of St Thomas's church; MPs to organise a brief; 1640
53 William Weaver puts his house in security for Edmund Hayward whom he has taken as an apprentice for 11 years; 1640
54 George Chisman and his wife Perie acknowledged a fine to James Batcheller gent jurat of two messuages with gardens orchards and enclosures; 1641
57 the waterbailiff doubting the strength of his prison he is allowed to use the mayor's; 1641
61v ferry let to John Westburne; 1642
61v John Westburne to pay 2d a year for his pump on the road at the Strand; 1642
69v inquest on John Farnham who fell from the rafters of St Thomas's church at which he was at work; 1644
71v two innkeepers, one brewer; 1644
72 two masons of Rye and Dover give evidence; [work on church?]; 1644
74 reference to cutting of bushes for lime-burning for the church; 1644
76v deposition by Elizabeth wife of Arthur Eccleston that she, in her chamber, heard events in the chamber of George Rockley, labourer 'being all under one roof; 1645
82v to view land desired by John Woodman to be had to his house at Strand; 1645
85 dispute concerning waterbailiff's failure to attach the goods of Lawrence Snepp at the suit of Thomas Bromfield esq; goods consist of timber being loaded onto a ship; 1645
86 dispute concerning payment of king's rent by John Thorpe, tenant of Mr [?George] Sampson's house; king's rent = 20½2d for half a year; 1646
86v lease to John Woodman of a little spot of ground (5 rods by the view of Robert Hayward and John Hamon) adjoining his house in the strand; 31 years from 25 Mar 1646 at 2s Od; 1646
89v [George] Sampson to have the pendents of the hill formerly mortgaged to him, for a payment of £20 and 2d a year; also to have the long slip called the Town Dyke now occupied by John Hamon for £5 and ½d a year; 1646
90 £20 mortgage of the brewhouse Marsh to its occupier Mr [William] Pelham, either to be redeemed or WP to have it at 4d; 1646
90 lease of the salts without the wall adjoining the ferry house and the little spot of salts before the ferry house (½a) to William Bredman at 10s Od; liberty to erect and set up on the west end of the ferry house a new end or room and also to set up cove or coves unto the same; to last as long as his lease of the ferry house, lately the lease of Thomas Baylie deceased; at the end of the term he may pull down what he has built, doing no damage to the ferry house; 1646
92 John Thorpe and John Farneham fined for digging away the bottom of the well at King's Green; 1647
92 Goodman [Bartholomew] Pett to repair the mill house before 24 Jun; 1647
92 grant of barn called The Millhouse in the Strand with 17 perches of land to John Berrick for £9 and 1d a year, excepting a lease formerly made to Bartholomew Pett; 1647
94 mortgage of Ferry Salts assigned from Mr Padgham to John Sampson for £80, or to have it at 8d a year; 1647
94 Ferry Salts (except the Little Ferry Salts lately inned by William Bredman) leased for 4 years to [William] Pelham, paying £12 15s to the mortgagee and £3 5s to the corporation; 1647
94 lease of part of Pook Lane from the High Street down to Mr Rich's gate to George Sampson for 10 years from 29 Sep 1647 at 6d; reserving right of way for those that use lands within the said lane; 1647
95v four innholders; John Ashdown of Winchelsea weaver bound; 1648
96 sale of all the old timber in the walk and churchyard for £7 10s; 1648
97 Ann Banks from her chamber window saw mayor coming down from the court hall, she saw Ann Andrews go away from Mrs Roberts's wall in her orchard; 1648
98 Richard Philpott to show how he holds that part of Pook Lane 'which lies in his ground adjoining to Pett Morris'; 1648
98 William Pelham to enclose from the commons 16' x 27' adjoining the old brewhouse well at the Strand; 99 years at 2s 0d; 1648
98 lease for 21 years at 1s 6d to John Richardson of a lane between the tenements of JR and John Baker in the Strand; 1648
100 John Richardson promises to new make Pipewell and to maintain it for 7 years; 1649
101 four innkeepers; 1649
101v licence to Richard Ince to pull down the west end of his outhouse unto the stable to repair the mansion house 'and make it up a fit dwelling for himself, the said messuage being very much decayed'; promised that he would do it quickly, come and live in it and discharge the corporation of Goodwife Stevenson and her children; 1649
101v two pieces of land called the Brewhouse Marshes, now occupied by [William] Pelham, let for a year to John Hamon and Thomas Hamon at £8; 1649
102v bushes on pendants of hill belonging to the King's Green to be sold; 1649
105 assessment with names and rents but no lands; broken up by Town Lands (mostly £1-3), outdwellers and Camber Lands (much larger sums); 1646
107 William Bredman to have a lease of the ferry house, ferry and salts by him lately inned; 21 years at £10; 1649
111v four innkeepers; 1651
118 statement of Elizabeth Newman that she has often seen Samuel Samson come out of the parsonage house with the clefts of the stairs which he took home to his house at night and burnt, and that she has seen him carry various joists out of the house; to same effect by Robert Newman; 1653
119 statement of Mary Coleman of Winchelsea spinster that she was milking the cow of her master William Pelham esq when he was assaulted by John Collins of Winchelsea innkeeper, very drunk, who pushed him up against his porch; 1653
123v the wells of the town to be made good by John Richardson and to make a horse-pond well steened at the most convenient place near Friars Well; 1653
125 sale of a lane to Thomas Hamon for 10s 0d and 1d rent; 1653
129 John Pettman the elder of Guestling to have a tree that stands in the way for his pains in repairing the road from Icklesham to Winchelsea leading up to a barn of Mr Samson's called the Almshouse Barn; 1655
130v sale for £200 to John Samson of the King's Green from Stone Barn Wall leading to Mr White's land called Cony Field, with the pendents of the hill (E: land of Edward Guldeford esq), reserving a way from Mondays Market down into the marsh, a way to the well, and a way from the Almshouse Barn down to the marsh or well; to pay 5s 0d a year king's rent and 12d to the corporation; 1655
133 John Stevenson pays 10s 0d for carrying away the frame of an old barn near his house; 1655
142v commissioners of sewers may lay a sluice at the Ferry, making a bridge; 1658
143 mayor to have plum-trees on Brewhouse Marsh; 1658
146v Mr John Samson to have the wood growing outside Newgate; 1659
147v sale to John Stephens esq mayor for £12 10s of the Friars Well and the waste land around it; to fence against Mr Sheppard's bars and Mr John Samson's stile and against the watch-house; right to take water, water cattle and rights of way reserved; 1659
149 confirmation of above; 6d king's rent and 6d town's rent; to mend the way so that horse and slides may go for water; 1659
152 drawing water from Pipewell and Strandwell; 1660
156 Permission for William Headborrow to pull down his house 'in the Strame' [?Strand but see f157v] on condition that he pay 10s and the arrears of king's and town's rents; 1660
156 Permission for Thomas Farnham to pull down his house on Cooks Green on condition that he pay 10s and the arrears of king's and town's rents; 1660
157v sale to John Richardson for £3 of 3 rods 'in the Strame' and a lane adjoining his ground at The Strand; town to have right of way to fetch water 'from the said well'; to pay 1d town's rent; 1660
167v three innkeepers 1663
170v five innkeepers 1664
174 the water-bailiff to have the use of the prison belonging to the corporation until the other be mended; 1665
174v Walnut Tree Marsh mortgaged to John Back of Guestling, miller; at the same session it's sold to Daniel White for £60, reserving a rent of 12d; 1665
176v court hall shall be taken down and a new court hall made in the chamber over the [blank] and there are chosen to manage the work and to sell the residue of the materials of the old court hall [names]; to be finished by Easter; 15 Feb 1666
blank pages
190v Samuel Newman, mayor, to pay 20s fine for pulling down his house in Quarter 7; 1670
190v Richard Chesson to have liberty to pull down his house which he bought of John Valentine in Quarter 7; fine 20s; 1670
190v sale of Ferry Salts and adjoining pendents of the hill (12a) to Samuel Jeake of Rye gt for £150; rent 5s 0d; 1670
196 attempt to rate occupiers of fresh marshland in Broomhill, not rated to the poor there, to the poor of Winchelsea, 1674:
Humphrey Wightwick; 250a rented at £200
Thomas Freebody; 30a rented at £30
James Bate; 30a rented at £24
Humphrey Lee; 15a rented at £10
Thomas Morris; 30a rented at £20
197v three innkeepers, one baker; 1676
212 chamberlain to seek for a chapman to buy land called Gallows Hill; 1675
212 pendents adjoining Pipewell Gate and below the Friars Orchard and any other waste belonging to the corporation to be sold; 1675
212v Gallows Hill sold to Samuel Jeake for £12; to be fenced off from the lower corner of Mr Wood's field across to the corner of Tookey's field, the highway leading from the Almshouse Barn to Icklesham to be reserved for a common way; 12d rent reserved; 1676
212v green before his house and the part of the ditch between Mrs Fishenden's land and Popes land sold to Benjamin Jackson or any other; 1676
212v pendents on the N side of the town between Strand Gate and the corner of the town ditch next to Stonemill Green to be sold, reserving the highways; also the piece of salts joining the Tanhouse Marsh; 1676
213 order that the Little Watchbell be taken down out of Strand Gate and lent to the parish to be hung up at some convenient place in the church for the more convenient calling of the congregation together; 1676
213v two cross lanes on the fore and back sides of the house called The Thorne sold to Mr Samuel Newman for £2 10s, reserving 6d rent and a footway on the front of the house; 1676
213v pendents under Cooks Green over against the Tan House and the little piece of salt marsh joining the Tan House sold to Edward Martin for £10 10s, reserving 12d rent; 1676
213v lane adjoining land called Crooked Acre on the W side and leading to Furrs Bank sold to Mr Simon Shervall for 10s 0d, reserving 1d rent; 1676
214v sale to Richard Chesson, butcher, for £4 of a parcel of lanes on the W side of the town, from the piece of ground called Fursbank to the highway from Newgate to Pipewell Gate E, and from the corner of St Giles churchyard to a lane near the Clay Hole N; rent 6d reserved; 1676
216v rates for floatage: quarter of corn 4d, ton of timber and stones and other goods 4d; 1677
216v fences at Pewis and outside Newgate to be taken up and sold; 1677
224 Nine licences to draw beer; 1677
231v Abraham Lullam indicted for practising as a hosier; 1676
235 Richard Ashdown weaver; 1677
237 List of king's rents [names]; 1677
242v chamberlain to buy 50 deal boards to be kept for fair stuff and to be hired out at the fair; 1678
243 sale to Simon Shervall for 10s and a side of good lamb: piece of a lane W: adjoining his piece of ground called Crooked Acre; E: Mrs Fissenden's land); rent 1d; 1678
243v Mr William Smith the present mayor may set a pale before his house, the length of his house and up to five feet wide, rent 4d; 1678
243v unless Mr Wood be willing to pay 12d rent and 5 years' arrears, he is to remove his fence against Newgate Field, where and so far as the encroachment is; 1678
246v house late John Sheather to be repaired at the corporation's charge; 1679
247 St Leonards Green let to Mr Robert Waze; rent 15s; 1679
247v William Edborough to clear his stuff off the floating place; 1679
252v sale to Edward Martin, mayor, for 25s: 1680
1 small lane at the Strand (E: land of John Forthered; W: land of John Wattle; N,S: roads)
2 slip of ground with a draw-well (E: land of John Wattle; S,W,N: road from Strand Gate to Strand Well and thence to the seaside)
3 a little narrow lane (E: close or yard of EM; W: land of Mr Padiham, late Mr Farnham; S: road from Strand Well to the seaside; N: road from Strand Well to EM's dwelling-house)
the above revoked, and sold for 45s to Richard Breene with the next:
4 small piece (W: causeway from Strand Gate to Strand Well on the right hand; E: Padiham's land; N: Wattell's land; S: Padiham's land)
rent of 12d reserved
252v sale to John Richardson of Winchelsea gent for 10s of part of the pendents of the hill on the E side thereof, adjoining the Strand Gate (S [over N, erased]: Strand Gate; W: JR's garden in Quarter 6; E: causeway from Strand Gate to Strand Well; S: from the N corner of JR's garden in Quarter 6 in a direct straight line down the hill to the causeway); rent of 1d reserved; 1680
253 floatage and wharfage let to Richard Breene for a year at 30s; 1680
253 sale to John Richardson of Winchelsea gent for 2s 6d: pendents on the E side of Winchelsea (E: causeway from Strand Gate to Strand Hill; S: JR's grant as 252v; W: orchard or garden of William Fowle in Quarter 6 [over Quarter 8 deleted]; N: from within 16 feet of the N corner of William Fowle's garden down the pendents in a direct straight line to the causeway); 2d rent reserved; 1680
255 hundred; 18 jurors, 15 defaulters; 1680
257 sale to John Richardson of Winchelsea gent for 30s 0d: pendents on the E side of Winchelsea (E: road from Strand Gate to Strand Hill; S: JR's former grant of pendents; W: the garden of William Fowle [in Quarter 6] and in a direct line from the corner of the wall of the garden across the high street to the SE corner of the wall of a garden of Richard Chesson the elder, and so along the E side of the wall to a field of Thomas Farnham called Cooks Green and so winding along the E side of Cooks Green until you come to another piece of the pendents now belonging to the mayor Edward Martin W; N: pendents belonging to Edward Martin); right of way from top to bottom reserved, with free passage to the Mount in the said piece of ground; JR to maintain two stock-stiles at the top and bottom; 2d rent reserved; 1681
258v sale to Samuel Newman of Winchelsea gt for £15 10s of:
1 St Leonards Green (1a) in the parish of St L and the liberty of Hastings (S,E: heirs of Simon Moys, Mill Land; Witness(es): Mr Rich; NW: Samuel Newman; S: SN's land called hanging field, heirs of Thomas Farnham's Brewhouse Marsh; S,E: St Leonards churchyard), rights of way reserved
2 piece of lane (Gallows Hill in this town; N: heirs of John Tookey; S: heirs of Alexander Sampson; E: road)
6d rent reserved
259v mayor Edward Martin seeks permission to set up posts and rails against the wall of his house at the Strand where Goodman Hickmott lives, to defend the house and windows from carriages passing by the highway there; rent 4d; 1681
262v Mr [Thomas] Hovenden to have the length of the wall of his court (being about 40 foot) and 12 foot of ground in breadth to build a stable, rent 4d; 1681
262v sale to William Smith of Winchelsea gent for 40s; pendents of the hill on the N side of the town (N, E: road; S, W: land of Samuel Newman); rent 1d; 1681
262v sale to Francis Sampson for £10; pendents of the hill near his house and joining up to Pipewell Gate (E: land late Philpot; N, S, W: road); rent 4d; 1681
265 an earth hole to be made in the lane leading down the steep hill into the Strand between Fowle's wall and Chesson's wall, being only a footway; people to pay at 1d a load; 1682
266 three innkeepers; 1682
266v sale to Edward Marten for £5: (not paid a year later and an action to be brought against him)
1 town ditch and a little green adjoining (½a; S, N: road; E: land of Richard Padiham esq; W; land of Fray's heirs)
2 lane leading from the road at Horsehead House down to Pett Morris and Crooked Acre Bars
rent 6d; 1682
267v considerable quantity of timber and wood has lain on the floatage place for five years unclaimed and no floatage has been paid; to be appraised and sold; floatage at 45s a year to be deducted; 1682
269v witchcraft v Mary wife of Abraham Lulham; 1683
273v rate set for repairing the watch-house; 1683
279 four innkeepers; 1684
282 Richard Ashdown of Winchelsea weaver v John Sturt of Winchelsea weaver; stealing yarn; 1684
285 permission for John Rippingale to take down his barn and carry away the materials; 1684
294v four innkeepers (one a mason); 1686
297 mayor, jurats, jury and defaulters = 28; 1687
298v five innkeepers, one of W, brickmaker; 1687
304 five innkeepers; 1688
306v lease for 101 years at 6d to Edward Marten and George Head: part of the high street southward along the wall of the churchyard of Winchelsea St Thomas, one rod in breadth from the wall eastward and three rods long along the wall from N-S, lying about the middle way between the two dwelling houses of EM and GH under the elms there, to the intent that they might dig a well and build a well-house there, for their use only; 1689
312 the iron-house now standing on the floatage of this town shall be pulled down or otherwise disposed of; 1689 [seems not to have been done; see 1691]
314v [blank] Barnett of Lewes gent gives notice that he intends to convert the two halls or chambers, commonly called the Court Hall and the Freemen's Hall in Winchelsea, lately let to him by the mayor and jurats, to places of worship; 3 Dec 1689
315 mayor and jurats have let the two halls or chambers, commonly called the Court Hall and the Freemen's Hall, for 21 years to Edward Marten at £1; EM to repair the chambers (except the ground work there) and the corporation to give him liberty to remove the stairs going up in the court hall, to the further end of the freemen's hall and there set them up in a place [caret for an insert but no insert] called the Town's Pound near the prison [provided this demise continue deleted] and the corporation to repair the ground work and foundation of the chambers during the term, provided this demise continue but during time the said chambers shall be used and employed as a place for religious worship for the service of God and no longer; 16 Dec 1689
315v sessions adjourned 'to be holden below stairs'; 1689
316v Samuel Newman to remove his earth and some hedge which is slid down in the way leading from the Chapel Barn down Gallows Hill to Pewes; 1690
317v Edward Marten has lately built a small stone room or closet adjoining his dwelling-house; to pay an annual rent of 2d and he may set two posts with one rail from post to post, being from one end of the parlour window to the other not exceeding 3½ feet from the same window towards the gutter; 1690
333v Mr John Harris has liberty to rail in his house 8 feet and also the same distance from the SW end of his house to the NW end of the orchard wall; rent 12d; 1691
333v 'lease for ever' to John Harris of the Gate House called the Strand Gate in W; rent 12d; 1691
333v order for the mayor to build an outlet from the iron-house in this town (the length of the house) ten foot upon the floatage along the channel, rent 4d; 1691
remainder in reverse:
360-9v Bargain and sale for £30; 1652
Alexander Usborne of Canterbury, grocer, and wife Margaret to William Thorpe of Winchelsea, gent for life, remainder to his daughter Mary:
void pieces, edifices and stone walls, sometime a messuage lately burnt and now decayed called Harrowes place and 4 gardens (now converted into an orchard occupied by Richard Martin) in Quarter 20 (E: pound, road; N: pound, road, the old solar; W: road; S: land of Thomas Rainolds gt, WT)
358v Final concord; 1653
Simon Moyce, gent, and wife Anne to Richard Martyn and wife Elizabeth
A messuage, backside, barn, stable, garden and 2 orchards in St. Thomas's, Winchelsea
358 Final concord; 1654
William Pelham, gent, and wife Elizabeth to John Tookey and wife Elizabeth
A messuage, barn, stable, garden, ½a in Quarter 14
357v Final concord; 1656
Thomas Fox and wife Bennet to William Breadman, for the life of BF
A messuage and gardens in Quarter 4
357 Final concord; 1657
Agnes Collins and son John to William Coultman
messuage, barn, stable, garden and ½a in Quarter 3
356v Final concord; 1657
William Jones and wife Constance to Thomas Hamon gt
messuage called the Buchery House and 1a in Quarter 19
356 Final concord; 1657
Thomas Hunt and wife Thomasin to William Pelham, gent
piece of meadowland (1½a) in Quarter 19
355v Final concord; 1658
Thomas Watts, Richard Coochey and wife Ann to Richard Brett
piece of land (¼a) in Quarter 9
355 Final concord; 1658
Richard Coochey, husbandman and wife Ann to John Marsh, yeoman
messuage, backside and garden (¼a) in Quarter 14
354v Final concord; 1658
James Bunce, carpenter, and wife Elizabeth to Elizabeth Martin, widow
messuage, backside, barn, stable, garden and 2 orchards in St Thomas
354 Final concord; 1659
Richard Brett and wife Jean to John Samson, gent
messuage, garden, close, backside and orchard (½a) in Quarter 8
353v Final concord; 1660
William Beeson and wife Martha to Robert Morley
piece of land in Quarter 21
353 Exemplification of a final concord; 1660
William Beeson and wife Martha to John Tookie
2½a in Quarter 24 and Quarter 25
351v Bargain and sale; 1662
William Edborough of Icklesham, carpenter, and wife Elizabeth to William Breadman of Winchelsea, husbandman
two messuages and 2 gardens or orchards in Quarter 12 (N, W: roads; S: land of John Relfe gt; E: footway)
350 Final concord; 1664
Ann Amherst and William Bodkin and wife Joan to Peter Harmer and wife Margaret
messuage and close in Winchelsea
349 Bargain and sale for £45; 1664
Samuel Newman of Winchelsea, miller, and wife Ann to Thomas Wharton of Gray's Inn, esq
capital messuage and garden in Quarter 13 (N,E: garden or orchard and messuage of the rectory of St Thomas; S, W: road towards church of St Thomas) with all ways and paths belonging to it
348 Final concord; 1667
Samuel Horne, clerk and wife Elizabeth to Alexander Samson, gt for the life of ES
messuage, brewhouse, orchard, 5a meadow, 8a pasture and 2a freshmarsh
346 Subscription roll with 19 signatures declaring themselves free of the Solemn League and Covenant, 1669; four additions, 1675-76; six subscriptions to Declarations under the Act against Popish Recusants, 1676
345v Final concord; 1673
Samuel Newman and wife Mary to Benjamin Jackson
piece of land (1a) in Winchelsea
345 Final concord; 1674
Richard Padiham and wife Margaret to Samuel Newman
messuage, garden, 2a land and the ferry
344v Final concord; 1675
George Sampson and wife Philippa, Samuel Horne and wife Elizabeth, Samuel Eldred and wife Frances to John Weeks the elder gent, John Weeks the younger gent and Mary Weeks
The site and house of the Grey Friars, a barn, stable, garden, 2 orchards, a close, 20a land, 4a meadow, 6a pasture, in Winchelsea
344-3v Final concord; 1675
William Lunceford, gent, Richard Padiham and wife Margaret to Richard Cheston
messuage and close in Winchelsea
342v Final concord; 1669
John Richardson, gent and wife Elizabeth to Thomas Avan
messuage, garden, orchard, and 5a in Winchelsea
342 Final concord; 1670
John Richardson, gent and wife Elizabeth to Peter Harmer
messuage, barn, 2 gardens and ½a in Winchelsea
341-0v Exemplification of common recovery suffered in the Court of Winchelsea in 1669; 1678
Thomas Avan to Simon Shervall; John Richardson and wife Elizabeth, vouchees
messuage, garden and 5a
340 Final concord; 1679
Robert Pope and wife Susan to Francis Samson
messuage, garden, 2 orchards and 4a in The Strand
339-8v Common recovery; 1679
Francis Sampson to Richard Sampson; Robert Pope, vouchee
property in f340 above
337v Final concord; 1680
John Weeks the younger, gent and Mary Weeks to Samuel Jeake the elder
the site and house of The Grey Friars (as f344v)
337 Final concord; 1680
John Fordred and wife Ann to Samuel Stretton
messuage, orchard, garden and 6 rods at The Strand
336v Final concord; 1680
Mary Wood, widow to George Head
messuage, garden and orchard in Quarter 13
Final concord; 1680
Mary Wood, widow to Dorothy Sampson, widow and Richard Sampson
messuage, garden and orchard in Quarter 18
336 Final concord; 1683
John Fissenden and wife Elizabeth and Nicholas Harrison and wife Elizabeth to Samuel Newman, gent
1 messuage, buildings, barn, close and garden in Quarter 8
2 2a in Quarter 11 adjoining the parish [?church] of St Giles
3 2a in Quarter 16
4 ½a called The Pendents of the Hill
5 small plot adjoining the Common Park of the town on the E
335v Final concord; 1683
John Richardson and wife Elizabeth to Edward Marten
messuage and garden in Quarter 6
335 Final concord; 1684
Richard Padiham the elder and wife Margaret and Richard Padiham the younger to Samuel Newman
two lanes and two little greens, a messuage, garden, orchard, 2a land
335 Final concord; 1684
William Tookey and wife Anne to William Smith
messuage, barn, orchard and 2½a in Quarter 14, Quarter 24 and Quarter 25
334v Final concord; 1687
Robert Walker, yeoman and his daughter Elizabeth wife of Robert Bourne of Hastings, mariner (RW's daughter by his late wife Elizabeth), to Edward Martin
messuage called The Storehouse at The Strand
334 Final concord [mortgage for £165]; 1687
William Smith and wife Ann to Richard Seamer for 50 years
messuage, barn, stable, 2 gardens, 2 orchards, 2a pasture, 8a arable and 12a rushy land in Winchelsea St Thomas, Winchelsea St Giles and Icklesham

Court Book of the Court of Record  WIN/59  1638-1682

Folio bound in limp parchment cover, with single sheepskin tie. Comprises 424 paper folios, no contemporary foliation; now foliated in pencil for listing purposes.

The volume has not been very strictly kept and contains several gaps as follows:
1-3 blank
4-24 Courts, 3 Apr 1638 - 27 Apr 1641
24v-43v blank, except a note on the latter page by John Puckle, town clerk, that he has left the previous pages blank for inserting omissions of his predecessor Mr [William] Joye
44-76 Courts, 23 Apr 1644 - 18 Mar 1651
76v-78 blank
79-81 Courts, 1 Apr - 8 Jul 1651
82 Abortive entry for 13 Apr 1652
82v-88 blank
89-121 Courts, 30 Mar 1652 - 20 Oct 1657
122-3 blank
123v-4 Courts, 10 Aug - 7 Sep 1658
124v-31 blank, except a note on the latter page by Thomas Tournay, town clerk, that he has left the previous pages blank for inserting omissions of his predecessor Mr [Henry] Bromfield. On f130v he has made one such insertion.
132-53 Courts, 10 Jun 1673 - 28 Aug 1677
154-5 blank
156-66 Courts, 12 Mar 1677 - 27 Jan 1680; at f164v Samuel Stretton, town clerk, notes contain omissions in the preceding record in the time of his predecessor, Mr [Walter] Roberts
166v-71 blank, except a note on the latter page by Joseph Bigg, town clerk, that he has left the previous pages blank for inserting omissions of his predecessor Mr [Samuel] Stretton
172-8 Courts, 5 Apr 1681 - 18 Apr 1682
179 List of fines for opening shops and pursuing trade by corporate members; 1 Nov 1726
180-end blank

Court Book of Assemblies, Hundreds and Sessions  WIN/60  1691-1734

Folio, bound in stiff parchment cover, with two sheepskin ties. Labelled 'Hundred Book From 1st Dec 1691 to 7th Nov 1734. 8' Contains xx + 304 paper pages with contemporary pagination.

Related information: Enclosed in the volume is a loose note probably directing the compilation of WIN/62-64 (which see).

From about 1704 the sessions of the peace form a separate entry from the hundreds, which latter become increasingly rare. In the reverse of the volume is a copy of the minutes of a Brotherhood and Guestling held 21 Jul 1691 and a list of expenses.

Court Book of Assemblies, Hundreds, Sessions and Court of Record  WIN/61  1769-1823

Bound in rough calf with blind panels, on five raised spinal bands. Inset red morocco label on front with 'Corporation of Winchelsea'.

The volume comprises 184 paper folios, numbered in pencil for listing purposes and is divided into sections as follows:
2-44 Courts of Record, 4 Apr 1769 - 25 Mar 1823
45-72 blank
73-138 General Sessions of the Peace, 4 Apr 1769 - 25 Feb 1823
138v-66 Hundreds and Assemblies, 28 Mar 1769 - 9 Apr 1792
167-end blank

Draft Court Book of Assemblies, Sessions and Court of Record  WIN/61A  1769-1794

Limp parchment cover. Folio, paper.

Entries mixed. A final concord 14 Nov 1769 on f5. In reverse: Minutes of the Commissioners of Land Tax, Window Tax and Tax upon Inhabited Houses [1] May 1769 - 2 Sep 1794
The cover is made of part of an exemplification of final concord between George Bishop, plaintiff and John Johnson and his wife Susan, deforciants, for property in Northiam, Dec 1775

Court book of assemblies and hundreds  WIN/61AA  1792-1823

Court book of assemblies and hundreds  WIN/61B  1823-1882

Folio bound in rough calf with morocco labels as WIN/61. Contains 188 paper pages with index at beginning.

Court book of the court of record  WIN/61C  1823-1835

Folio bound in rough calf with morocco labels

Only 5 folios used in which all are entries of adjournment, the jurisdiction of the court having lapsed. The volume was probably compiled to qualify the town before the Commissioners investigating Municipal Corporations in 1835.

Court book of Quarter Sessions of the Peace  WIN/61D  1823-1880

Contains xxviii + 420 paper pages, with index at commencement. The entries are mainly jury lists, some orders and the laying of parish rates.

Court book of Quarter Sessions of the Peace  WIN/61E  1881-1886

Folio bound in rough calf with red morocco labels. Only 30 pages used.

Extracts from Court Books  [no ref. or date]

Extracts from Winchelsea court books, 1430-1767; nd, [c1770]  WIN/62  1430-c1770

The extracts were probably made in accordance with the note found loose in WIN/60, which states: 'Copy out everything respecting the Constitution, Proceedings at any Elections of Officers Members, etc, Dissentions, and what relates to the Corporation's Procedings thereon, don't be govern'd by pencil marks entirely, use your own judgement'.
The volumes abstracted are numbered 1-10 and include notes on the Church and Poor Books. By correlation with the present parish records it appears that 'Church Books' refer to vestry minutes and that in 1770 a volume 1708-1753 still survived, while 'Poor Books' refer to overseers' account books, of which volumes for 1722-1738 and 1738-1764 were then available.
In reverse: minutes for assemblies of 12, 19, 29, 31 Mar 1766; 18 Mar and 20 Apr 1767

Extracts from court books 1-7  WIN/63  [n.d.]

Folio bound in stiff parchment cover, labelled 'No 1'; 100 pages used.

Contains full extracts from Hundred Book No 1, which contained a copy of the Custumal of Winchelsea and numerous royal charters. Odd entries down to 1655 are included in this volume. It may be this and WIN/64 were compiled in accordance with the note mentioned under WIN/62; nd, [c1770]

Extracts from court books, 1627-1765; nd [c1770]  WIN/64  1627-c1770

Folio bound in stiff parchment cover, labelled 'No 2'; 266 pages used

Appears to be in the same hand as WIN/63

Court papers  [no ref. or date]

Copies of minutes of court of assembly  [no ref. or date]

Copied assembly minutes  WIN/65-91  1771-1820

Copies of minutes of the hundred court  [no ref. or date]

Copied hundred minutes  WIN/92-131  1765-1821

Special hundred  WIN/132  28 Mar 1780

Copied hundred and assembly minutes  WIN/133-134  1867-1888

Warnings to attend courts of assembly and hundred  [no ref. or date]

Assembly and hundred warnings  WIN/135-157  1769-1826

Assembly warning  WIN/158  Jun 1914

Letter from John Carey to Walter Dawes, esq, that he has served all freemen's notices; that he is 63, and William Charles Bryant is 56 years old  WIN/159  26 Jun 1914

Writs of venire  [no ref. or date]

List of jurors given with the writ, except WIN/173 (1792)  WIN/160-197A  1775-1883

Presentments of the Grand Jury  [no ref. or date]

Stray documents only, for 1682, 1688, 1773, 1804-21  WIN/198-215  1682-1821

Writs of capias and warrants to appear  [no ref. or date]

To the constables and other peace officers, to bring Joseph Lorty, weaver, before the justices to answer the complaint of Peter Porreau, made on behalf of Peter Nouaille, John Kickman and Richard Clay, that he has left his work unfinished and allowed himself to be employed by another master  WIN/216  10 Jul 1769

Charge as WIN/216; complainants described as 'Nouaille & Co' who work 'certain linnen manufacture called cambrick'  WIN/217  11 Jul 1769

To George Harrod, Josiah Boots, Thomas Osborne, Walter Fuller and William Hunt, constables, to bring Thomas Harwood, labourer, before George Stace, JP, on the complaint of his wife Ann Harwood, that he violently assaulted, beat and ill-treated her on 7 and 8 Feb 1808  WIN/218-219  11 Feb 1808

To the constables to bring Richard Edwards before Henry Powell, JP, on the complaint of Charles Arnett, assistant overseer, that he has threatened to leave Winchelsea leaving his wife and family chargeable to the parish  WIN/220  24 May 1824

To the constables to bring Richard Edwards before Henry Powell, JP, on the complaint of Charles Arnett, assistant overseer, that on 22 May 1824 he was threatened and menaced by Edwards so that he goes in danger of his life or bodily harm  WIN/221  24 May 1824

Sale of liquor without a licence  [no ref. or date]

Information of John Coppock, soldier in the 11th regiment of dragoons, that on 11 Sep 1775 he, Alexander Atchinson and John Nicoll bought several pennyworth of gin in the house of William Perry  WIN/222  13 Sep 1775

Warrant to the constables to summon William Perry, labourer, to appear before the justices to answer the information of John Coppock that he has sold liquor without a licence; endorsed that the summons was served  WIN/223  13 Sep 1775

Warrant to the constables to serve summonses on Alexander Atchinson and John Nicoll, soldiers in the 11th regiment of dragoons, to appear to give evidence in the case against William Perry; endorsed that the summonses were served  WIN/224  29 Sep 1775

Information of John Gyles that he bought half a pint of Geneva for 2d at the house of William Field  WIN/225  9 Jun 1776

Warrant to the constables to serve a summons on William Field, labourer, to appear before the justices to answer the information that he has sold liquor without a licence; endorsed note of service on 7 Jul  WIN/226  15 Jun 1776

Warrant to the constables to serve a summons on John Gyles, labourer, and Richard Pike, labourer, to appear before the justices to give evidence in the case of William Field; endorsed note of service on 7 Jul  WIN/227  6 Jul 1776

Warrant to the constables to distrain the goods and chattels of Richard Pike, labourer, to the value of £10, being the fine imposed on him for his refusal to be sworn in to give evidence in the case of William Field  WIN/228  15 Jul 1776

Information of Joseph Jones of Icklesham, farmer, that at on 20 Nov 1796 at the house of William Lennard, victualler, Benjamin Tree the younger, carpenter, insisted on buying him 6d of brandy and water  WIN/229  1 Dec 1796

Indictments  [no ref. or date]

Thomas Edwards, labourer, for stealing a shift, value 2s, from Mary Baker, on 5 Feb 1823; endorsed: 'Mary Baker, Elizabeth Saunders, Harriett Hoadley, William Chasmar, sworn in open court; no bill  WIN/230  [1823]

Informations and examinations  [no ref. or date]

Francis Cruttenden, gent, that in Feb 1740 last he lost a parcel of wheat of about four bushels from the Sheep House Barn: that on Monday last he lost a parcel of horse beans of about eight bushels from the same barn, and that he believes both parcels to have been stolen  WIN/231  11 Mar 1741

John Souden, that he fired a rocket in the public street on 5 Nov 1777  WIN/232  25 Nov 1777

William Seager, bricklayer, that he fired several rockets in the public street on 5 Nov 1777  WIN/233  25 Nov 1777

Notes that George Stace saw Thomas Jeakens, John Souden, William Seager and Richard Holt fire a rocket on 5 Nov 1777; also that Benjamin Tree saw James Holt the younger fire a rocket  WIN/234  [Nov 1777]

Robert Clark of Winchelsea, baker, that on Sunday, 20 Nov 1796 200 guineas and a further 85 guineas were taken from a bureau in one of the chambers of his dwelling house, and that he suspects Benjamin Tree the younger of Winchelsea, carpenter, 'who is usually short of money'  WIN/235  1 Dec 1796

Samuel Southerden of Winchelsea, farmer, that he charges James Rhodes and [blank] Edwards on suspicion of fishing eels from his property  WIN/236  22 Oct 1823

Charles Arnett, assistant overseer, on the examination of David Tree, Edward Whiteman, William Foster, Thomas Fisher and George Hearnden, that Tree abused him following an attack on Tree in mistake for the deponent: that Tree was joined by other persons one of whom prepared to attack deponent, but was prevented by Hearnden; is convinced that he goes in danger of his life  WIN/237  29 Nov 1825

Informations, examinations and summary proceedings before the justices at Winchelsea  WIN/237A  1824-1828

Thomas Hatter of Rye that on 13 May last John Hoad of Rye assaulted him in Winchelsea  WIN/238  15 May 1851

Recognizances  [no ref. or date]

John Foard, yeoman in £40 and Joash Adcroft, Christopher Hoad and William Blackman, gents, all of Icklesham, in £30 each, for Foard to appear at the next Quarter Sessions to answer a charge of being the father of the bastard child of Mary Seagar, singlewoman; discharged, paid 4s 8d  WIN/239  18 Apr 1785

Stephen Streeter of Hunton in Kent, late of Woodchurch, labourer, in £30 and Thomas Streeter and John Bowles both of Hunton, labourers, in £20 each, for Streeter to appear at the next Quarter Sessions to answer a charge of being the father of the bastard child of Mary Drew, singlewoman; notes on the birth of the child and the maintenance payable have been added  WIN/240  30 Jan 1793

James Brasselay of Hamsey, labourer, in £100 to appear at the next Quarter Sessions to answer a charge of being the father of Ann Easton's bastard child; 19 Jul 1805; appeared and order of bastardy made  WIN/241  8 Oct 1805

James Crawford, bricklayer, lodging at Joseph Weller's, and Richard Bragg, victualler, at the sign of the Ship at the New Harbour in Pett, each in £50, for Crawford to appear at the next Quarter Sessions to answer a charge of illegally assembling with certain other person, and assaulting Edmund Barford, gent; 19 Aug 1806; appeared and discharged  WIN/242  7 Oct 1806

James Crawoford and Richard Bragg, see WIN/242 to answer a charge of exciting and causing a grand riot and disturbance, and assaulting and illtreating George Dunn, gent; 19 Aug 1806; appeared and discharged  WIN/243  7 Oct 1806

Solomon Suters, labourer, in £50 and Charles Suters, carrier, and Joseph Hoad, tailor, in £25 each for SS to appear at the next Quarter Sessions to answer the charge as WIN/243, 20 Aug 1806; appeared and discharged  WIN/244  7 Oct 1806

Solomon Suters and Charles Suters, see WIN/244, charge as WIN/242  WIN/245  20 Aug 1806

Richard Holt, mariner, in £50, James Holt, mason, and Sarah Holt, widow, in £25 each to appear at the next Quarter Sessions to answer the charge as in WIN 242; 20 Aug 1806; appeared and discharged  WIN/246  7 Oct 1806

Richard Holt and James Holt, see WIN/246, charge as in WIN/243  WIN/247  20 Aug 1806

Walter Fuller, carpenter, John Soldier, a private in the Royal Staff Corps stationed at Winchelsea, and Joseph Cogger, blacksmith in £40 each to appear at the next Quarter Sessions; Walter Fuller to prosecute and the rest to give evidence against [blank] Eason for buying and receiving from John Soldier 104 deals, value [blank] knowing them to be stolen from Walter Fuller and his partner Robert Alce, by the said John Soldier who although amenable to justice, is not yet convicted  WIN/248  Aug 1806

[blank] Eason, carpenter, in £100, John Nokes, bricklayer and Thomas Stiles, mason, in £50 each for Eason to appear at the next Quarter Sessions to answer the charge as recited in WIN/248  WIN/249  Sep 1806

James Phillips of Hastings, sailmaker, in £30 and Jane Phillips of Hastings in £10 for James Phillips to appear at the next Quarter Sessions to answer a charge of being the father of Ann Hoadly's bastard child  WIN/250  11 Mar 1807

Thomas Chester, labourer, in £50 and George Bray farrier, in £25 for Chester to appear at the next Quarter Sessions to answer a charge of violently beating, assaulting and ill-treating Ann, wife of James Hoad, tailor; appeared and discharged  WIN/251  12 Jan 1813

William Sheather of Beckley, labourer, in £20 and Peter Dulvey Stoneham, miller, in £10 for Sheather to appear at the next Quarter Sessions to answer a charge that he is the father of Alice Whiteman's bastard child; 11 Jul 1815; appeared and discharged; Endorsed: 'Recognizance respited till the Michaelmas Sessions 1815'  WIN/252  17 Oct 1815

Joash Jones, butcher, in £50 and Edward Jeakens tanner, and Joseph Hoad, shopkeeper, in £25 each for Jones to appear at the next Quarter Sessions to answer a charge of assaulting and beating John Eagles, butcher; 17 Oct 1820; appeared and discharged  WIN/253  6 Nov [1820]

Robert Wheeler, labourer, and his wife Harriett in £50 to keep the peace, especially towards Edmund Morris, labourer, and his wife Elizabeth  WIN/254  21 Dec 1820

Mary Baker, single woman, Thomas Hoadley, blacksmith, husband of Harriett Hoadley, TH as mainpernor of his servant Elizabeth Saunders, an infant, and William Chasman labourer, each in £40 to appear at the next Quarter Sessions to give evidence against Thomas Edwards, on a charge of stealing one shift, value 2s, the property of Mary Baker  WIN/255  8 Mar 1823

Related information: See WIN/230

Henry Brignall of Broomhill in Kent, yeoman and John Snoad of Brookland in Kent, grazier, in £50 each to appear at the next Quarter Sessions to answer a charge that on 25 Aug 1823 they obstructed George Hill, Joseph Bigg, Nathaniel Bragge, John Bennett and Isaac Jones in the execution of a warrant upon John Stutley; discharged pursuant to an order of session at the request of Henry Brignall  WIN/256  29 Aug 1823

John Hall of Rye, fishcurer, in £5 to appear at the next Quarter Sessions to answer a charge that on 18 Nov 1823 he menaced Philip Kennedy; 21 Nov 1823; estreated 13 Jan 1823  WIN/257  [?1824]

Papers concerning individual trials  [no ref. or date]

William Strutton  [no ref. or date]

Writ of venire to the petty jury  WIN/258  26 Jul 1785

Writ of venire to the grand jury  WIN/259  26 Jul 1785

Indictment that on 19 Jul 1785, William Strutton, late of Winchelsea, labourer, stole a saddle, value 10d from John Luxford; pleaded guilty; endorsed: Samuel Dunn, Giles Grist, sworn in court; a true bill'  WIN/260  1785

Names of the grand jury  WIN/261  [1785]

George Mugliston  [no ref. or date]

Writ to Burford Jeakens, Robert Woodsell, Thomas Austin and Henry Leadbetter to appear at the next Sessions of the peace to give evidence for the prosecution  WIN/262  1 Apr 1788

Writ of venire to the petty jury  WIN/263  2 Jul 1788

Indictment that George Mugliston, yeoman, has unlawfully set up as a butcher; pleaded not guilty; found guilty and fined £4; endorsed: Abraham Kennett, Robert George Jenkin sworn in court; a true bill  WIN/264  26 Oct 1788

Draft informations of Abraham Kennett, Robert George Jenkins, Burford Jeakens, Robert Woodsell  WIN/265  [1788]

Thomas Dowle, labourer  [no ref. or date]

Draft recognizances: James Jones, cordwainer, in £10, to prosecute, for petty larceny; discharged, 6 Oct 1789; William Marden, cordwainer, in £10 to prosecute TD for feloniously stealing from him a linen shirt, one pair of cotton stockings, and one linen handkerchief, value 6d; 22 Sep 1789; discharged, 6 Oct 1789  WIN/266  1789

Writ of venire to the Petty Jury  WIN/267  6 Oct 1789

Indictment that on 22 Sep 1789 Thomas Dowle feloniously stole a shoe brush, and one measure, commonly called assize stick, value 4d, from James Jones; endorsed: James Jones, William Marden sworn in court; a true bill  WIN/268  6 Oct 1789

Indictment that on 22 Sep 1789 Thomas Dowle feloniously stole property from William Marden; guilty; endorsed: William Marden, John Jenkin, James Jones; sworn in court; a true bill  WIN/269  6 Oct 1789

Related information: See WIN/268

Names of the petty and grand jury  WIN/270  6 Oct 1789

William Marden  [no ref. or date]

Names of the petty jury  WIN/271  7 Sep 1794

Names of the grand jury  WIN/272  7 Sep 1794

Information: Thomas Seere, cordwainer, that on 28 Aug 1794 he was violently assaulted and threatened by William Marden, cordwainer; endorsed: rough list of costs  WIN/273  8 Sep 1794

Indictment as WIN/273; pleaded guilty and fined 1s 0d; endorsed: Thomas Seere sworn in court; a true bill  WIN/274  29 Sep 1794

Mary Clarenbull otherwise Clarenbold  [no ref. or date]

Examination: Simon Graddon, officer in the exise, and his wife Mary, and Mary Colegate, spinster, that on several occasions they have lost pieces of linen from the house in Winchelsea where they live: that they suspected and searched the room in which she lodged, where they found in a chest the sheeting made up into tea cloths  WIN/275  28 Feb 1801

Original and draft recognizances of Simon Graddon and his wife Mary in £40, and Mary Colegate in £40 to appear at the next Sessions of the peace to give evidence  WIN/276-278  28 Feb 1801

Recognizance of Simon Graddon in £40 to prefer a bill of indictment; appeared and discharged  WIN/279  28 Feb 1801

Writ of venire to the petty jury  WIN/280  8 Apr 1801

Writ of venire to the grand jury  WIN/281  8 Apr 1801

Original and draft indictments: that Mary Clarenbull otherwise Clarenbold, wife of John Clarenbull, deceased, of Winchelsea, stole two pieces of linen cloth, commonly called sheeting, one small piece of linen cloth, commonly called diaper, and several pieces of linen rags, value 8d, from Simon Graddon; pleaded guilty  WIN/282  [1801]

The original is endorsed: Simon Graddon, Mary Graddon, Mary Colegate, all sworn in court; a true bill;
The draft descriptions of the property stolen vary slightly in detail from WIN/276-278

Convictions of smugglers  [no ref. or date]

Related information: See also WIN/2026-2032

Convictions and bonds in mitigation of fines before George Stace esq, JP of the following on charges of smuggling  WIN/283  14 Mar 1820

1 Joseph Honeysett of Brookland in Kent, labourer, apprehended with two tubs of spiritous liquor on his shoulders, attempting to run them, by John Johnson, seaman of HMS Severn detached and serving in the Coast Blockade at the watchhouse at Jews Gut in Winchelsea; fine £100 mitigated to £25 on bond
2 William Hide of Brookland in Kent, apprehended by Cornelius Flynn, seaman, of the same ship and service as Johnson, on the same offence; same penalty.
3 James Holdstock of Brookland in Kent, apprehended by John Lacy, seaman, of the same ship and service as Johnson, on the same offence; same penalty
4 Stephen Filmer of Rye, labourer, apprehended by William Bradley, seaman, of the same ship and service as Johnson, on the same offence; same penalty.
5 Samuel Barber of Ivychurch in Kent, labourer, apprehended by Alexander McCleod, midshipman of HMS Severn and in command of the Coast Blockade party at Winchelsea watchhouse; same penalty

Conviction, warrant for arrest and bond in mitigation of fine, before George Stace, esq, JP on a charge of smuggling made against John Ockenden of Winchelsea, labourer, apprehended by James Hill, seaman from HMS Severn, then stationed on board HMS Enchantress at the mouth of Rye Harbour on the Coast Blockade Service, trying to land four tubs of spiritous liquor from a boat near Camber Farm  WIN/284  8 May 1820

Papers Concerning Individual Trials  [no ref. or date]

Isaac Hearnden, grocer  [no ref. or date]

Related information: See also WIN/2108-2128

Deposition made by Charles Arnett, assistant overseer, that IH insulted Henry Powell, esq, JP, at a public vestry held 28 Mar 1826, as follows: 'Old Powell granted summonses against certain persons, for the purpose of putting money into his own and Henry Butler's pockets which money was paid out of the Parish Rates'  WIN/285  4 May 1826

Deposition as WIN/285 made by Alexander Scott, doctor of medicine  WIN/286  4 May 1826

Deposition made by Henry Powell that he has been deputy mayor of Winchelsea for nearly three years, Charles Arnett that he has been assistant overseer of Winchelsea St Thomas since 29 Sep 1823; that on 10 Jan 1825 while executing his duty he was violently assaulted by Isaac Hearnden, who was fined 1/- at the Assizes in Lewes and bound in £50 to keep the peace for three years; that before and since 28 Mar 1826 he has heard Hearnden use very insulting language towards Henry Powell as a magistrate  WIN/287  18 May 1826

Deposition made by Henry Powell, that the words spoken by Isaac Hearnden are utterly untrue and false  WIN/288  1 Jun 1826

Draft pardon asked by Isaac Hearnden for the words spoken against Henry Powell and Henry Butler, and assertion that his charge was utterly untrue and false  WIN/289  [1826]

Anna Louisa Bonny  [no ref. or date]

Examinations: Charles Southerden, that the shoes produced are his property, value 4s, which he removed and left on the sand while he was setting his nets; Parker Butcher, that on information received he went to the prisoner's house and saw her mother who could not produce any shoes; that the prisoner could not be found; that he then went to the house of James Rhodes who produced the shoes; when charged the prisoner said that her little brother had picked up the shoes and given them to her, and that she had sent them to Rhodes; she identified the shoes produced as those sent to Rhodes  WIN/290  16 May 1862

Indictment that on 12 May 1862 Anna Louisa Bonny stole a pair of shoes, value 4s, from Charles Southerden  WIN/291  16 May 1862

Finding of Robert Skinner and Charles Robins, JPs, that Anna Louisa Bonny is guilty of the charge, and is to be imprisoned in Winchelsea gaol for two days  WIN/292  16 May 1862

Certificate of costs of £1 5s 9d to be allowed to Charles Southerden for attending the Petty Sessions at Winchelsea  WIN/293  16 May 1862

Alehouse Licences and Recognizances  [no ref. or date]

WIN/294-349 have been arranged by individual houses and victuallers and not in chronological order. In all but two cases (WIN/301 and WIN/324), the principal is bound in £10 and his sureties in £5 each.
In several documents the clerk has saved time and paper by adding the names, and sums tendered, by other alehouse keepers and their supporters. As a result the same recognizance applies to several persons although the actual condition is written out only once in full.

John Alce of the Bear Inn, victualler  WIN/294-300  1775-1781

Sureties: George Stace, grocer and gent, Richard Lamb, grocer; James Holt, bricklayer; John Stevenson, gent; and Benjamin Tree, carpenter.
Additional recognizances of William Bragge (WIN/299) and Nathaniel Bragg (WIN/300), to the Ship and Pier Inn, Pett

Thomas Parker of the New Inn, victualler  WIN/301-303  1782-1783

Sureties: Benjamin Tree, carpenter, and James Holt, bricklayer
Additional recognizances of Nathaniel Bragg to the Ship and Pier Inn, Pett (WIN/302) and William Bragg (WIN/303)

Philip Bray of the New Inn, victualler  WIN/304-315  1784-1796

Sureties: Richard Lamb, gent; Richard Hall, mariner; James Holt, bricklayer; Benjamin Tree the younger, carpenter; John Jenken, yeoman; Kaness otherwise Kenes Bishop Bragg, victualler; Benjamin Tree the elder, carpenter; George Muglestone, butcher; Abraham Kennet, butcher; William Burden, yeoman, and John Woodhams.
Additional recognizances of William Bragg (WIN/304-306, WIN/312-313), and Kaness Bishop Bragg (WIN/307-309) to the Ship and Pier Inn, Pett; and William Lenard (WIN/310-315) to the Bear Inn

Lucy Bray of the New Inn, widow  WIN/316-317  1797

Sureties: John Jenkin, schoolmaster and Benjamin Tree the younger, carpenter.
Additional recognizance of William Lenard to the Bear Inn (WIN/317); WIN/316 is a licence

George Harrod of the New Inn, victualler  WIN/318-341  1798-1821

Sureties: Thomas Skinner, yeoman; James Taylor of Rye, yeoman; John Jenkin, schoolmaster; Josiah Boots, shopkeeper; William Sargant, miller and baker; Richard Bragg, victualler; John Tree, victualler; William Hunt, tailor; James Holt, mason; John Hoad, baker; George Bray, farrier; Henry Barham, tailor; Richard Eldridge of Pett, innholder; David Lawrence, carpenter; Joseph Hoad, grocer; Thomas Kean, cordwainer; Edward Jeakens, tanner; Thomas Hoadly, blacksmith; Thomas Sylvester Keene, yeoman, and Charles Southerden, fisherman.
Additional recognizances of William Lenard (WIN/318), Richard Bragg (WIN/324, WIN/326, WIN/329-330), Richard Eldridge (WIN/334-339) and Joseph Tree to the Ship Inn, Pett; William Field (WIN/325, WIN/327-328), Michael Tiltman (WIN/329-330), Richard Bragg (WIN/332-337, WIN/340-341), Nathaniel Bragg (WIN/336, WIN/338-339), William Beale (WIN/326), to the Jolly Sailor Inn; John Tree (WIN/324, WIN/326, WIN/329-330, WIN/332-335), Richard Osborne (WIN/334, WIN/336, WIN/338, WIN/341) to the Castle Arms Inn; John Hull (WIN/328), to the Fishing Smack Inn; James Baker (WIN/339) to the Cutter Inn; Charles Southerden (WIN/341), to the Greyhound Inn and John Tree (WIN/327-328) to the Carpenters Arms.
WIN/316, WIN/319 and WIN/330 are licences

William Leonard of the Bear Inn, victualler  WIN/342-343  1799, 1800

Sureties: John Jenkin, schoolmaster, and Josiah Boots, shopkeeper.
Additional recognizances of George Harrod to the New Inn

John Tree of the Carpenters Arms Inn carpenter  WIN/344  5 Nov 1804

Sureties: Josiah Boots, carpenter, and James Holt, bricklayer

John Hull of the Fishing Smack Inn, labourer  WIN/345  16 Feb 1807

Sureties: Edward Mills, wharfinger, and Edward Barnes of Rye, carpenter

William Boxall of the Jolly Sailor Inn  WIN/346  15 Mar 1809

Surety: Lewis Meryon of Rye, brewer

Richard Eldridge of the Ship Inn, Pett  WIN/347  9 Jun 1814

Sureties: John Haywood and Henry Barham

Joseph Tree of the Ship Inn, Pett, victualler  WIN/348  17 Oct 1820

Sureties: Richard Osborne, victualler, and John Daniel, cordwainer

Christopher Dearing of the Ship Inn, Pett, victualler  WIN/349  12 Jan 1822

Sureties: Richard Osborne, victualler, and David Lawrence, carpenter

Notice by Lewis Meryon and Benjamin Bose, proprietors of the Jolly Sailor Inn, Icklesham, that from 5 Oct 1812 it will be kept by Richard Bragg  WIN/350  [n.d.]

5 Oct 1812

Notice to Josiah Boots (Thomas Sylvester Keene), sergeant at mace, to warn innkeepers and alehouse keepers of the ensuing licensing session on Tuesday 2 October [1810] (16 October [1821])  WIN/351  [1812, 1821]

A pencil list of innkeepers has been added; nd (wmk 1805)

Blank licence; 5 Oct 1813 (15 Oct 1816)  WIN/352  1813-1816

Certificate of a Meeting House  [no ref. or date]

James Rees of Rye, protestant minister, to the justices of the peace for Winchelsea, that a certain room, part of a messuage in the New Square called the Factory, late in the occupation of John Lockyer, is to be used as a place of religious worship by an assembly of protestants  WIN/353  4 Mar 1814

Orders at an Assembly  [no ref. or date]

Copy order by the mayor, jurats and freemen that the person or persons who removed the enclosure and pump at St Leonard's Well, be indemnified at the expense of the corporation; 7 Jul 1763, copied 29 Jul 1768; endorsed: 36  WIN/354  1763-1768

Notice by the mayor and jurats of their intention to prosecute 'any person or persons [who] shall cast or fire any rockets, squibs, serpents, crackers or other fireworks within the Ancient Town of Winchelsea'  WIN/355  5 Nov 1807

Orders at Quarter Sessions  [no ref. or date]

Related information: for Wardroper v Dawes, see WIN/387

Notice to Nathaniel Dawes from John Tilden, agent to ND's landlord Edwin Wardroper, that he has taken distress of all stock and effects consisting of raw hides, leather bark and tan, to the sum of £150, from the tanyard occupied by ND for five years' arrears of rent due for a messuage, stable, barn, tanyard and land  WIN/356  15 Jun 1769

Similar notice for £30  WIN/357  1 Jul 1769

Letter from Nathaniel Dawes to Mr [Jeremiah] Curteis, attorney at Rye, listing the stock taken from the tanyard as WIN/356-357  WIN/358  [1769]

Order to levy a distress of goods to the value of 40s on John Hull, fish curer, and William Hook, labourer, convicted of stealing an oaken rail, value 6d, the property of the King on the Royal Military Road, for non-payment of the fine  WIN/359  5 Dec 1823

Draft notice of a Quarter Sessions and Gaol Delivery on Tuesday 14 Apr  WIN/360  [c1812]

Orders at the Assizes  [no ref. or date]

Blank notice to a person bound in £40 to give evidence to appear at the assizes  WIN/361  1824

Land Tax Orders  [no ref. or date]

Order to John Broadley, John Chunn and William Lee, landlords, and Robert Kennett, tenant of lands forming part of the Camber Lands, to appear to show cause why a distress of goods should not be levied against them  WIN/362  18 May 1782

Order as WIN/362  WIN/363  18 May 1782

Weights and measures  [no ref. or date]

Letters of Barwell Browne, Wood Street, [London, mayor of Winchelsea] to Henry Powell concerning the sending up of weights and measures to Mr [John] Blackburn, a proposed society to protect the liberties of the town, Mr Tilden's illness and Sessions business  WIN/364-367  Jun 1825 - Sep 1825

Exchequer indenture in respect of the Winchelsea weights and measures; John Blackburn of 126 Minories, London, scale, weights and measure manufacturer, and William Charsley, deputy chamberlain of the exchequer; Witness(es): Edward Walford, Tally Court; 1 Feb 1826; endorsed: memorandum of verification of the same weights; John Bowen, superintendent, exchequer; 17 May 1861  WIN/368  1 Feb 1826 - 17 May 1861

Printed letter from Nicholl and Fowler, 16 Aldersgate, London, scales manufacturers, with illustrations of standard weighs, measures and balances  WIN/369  [1861]

Printed notice of Stephen Laurence, inspector of weights and measures, with accompanying table [blank]  WIN/370-371  1861

Account of William Parker of 233 Holborn, London, gun-maker, for supplying truncheons, handcuffs and chains for the gaol  WIN/372  6 Aug 1825

Related information: For other gaol vouchers, see WIN/954-1233; for a letter from Parker, see WIN/753

Accounts of John Blackburn of 126 Minories and 10 Haydon Square, London, and Nicholl and Fowler of Aldersgate, London, scales manufacturers, for supplying and repairing weights and measures  WIN/373-376  1826, 1861

Precedent books  [no ref. or date]

Attendance-book for Quarter Sessions with rough notes of business; at end: precedent for opening the sessions and charging the grand jury  WIN/377  1883-1886

Precedents for Rye Quarter Sessions with forms of documents and of gaoler's return to the Home Office  WIN/378  [c1880]

Summary convictions  [no ref. or date]

Related information: For Petty Sessions draft minutes and papers, 1867-1886, including most of the cases the subject of WIN/379/3, see WIN/616.

John Clare of Winchelsea, innkeeper, for selling beer at the time of divine service  WIN/379/1  27 Sep 1853

Recognizance of William Henbrey of Rye, beer-retailer, and his sureties Edmund Gibbon Vennall of Rye, grocer and Isaac Parsons of Rye, stationer; WH to prosecute an appeal in the court of exchequer against his conviction, on 17 Jan, for failing to display a sign  WIN/379/2  20 Jan 1860

File of certificates of conviction of William Apps, Edwin Watson, Elias Colebrook, William Field, Kirk White, Richard Stretton, Thomas Smead, Ann Udal, Edward Pope, John Piggett, William Southerden, Albert Hedgler, Stephen Gasser otherwise Hull, Charles Brown, William Wheeler, Walter Fuller, William Leadbitter, George Booth, Henry Field, Jonah Simpson, William Batcheler, James Homard, Joseph Dingle, Joseph Barden, William Rich, Charles Robert Wood, Albert Dive, Jerry Glazier, Charles Coglan and Frank Blackhall for various offences  WIN/379/3  Feb 1880 - Dec 1885

Court of Record  [no ref. or date]

Precepts and recognizances  [no ref. or date]

To George Stace, sergeant at mace, to produce the body of Thomas Morris, late of Winchelsea, husbandman, to answer a plea of trespass on the premises of John Godden, with damage to the value of £4 4s; bail £2 2s; annotated in preparation for WIN/381  WIN/380  2 May 1769

To George Stace, sergeant at mace, to produce the body of John Sargent, late of Winchelsea, mariner, to answer a plea of trespass on the premises of Joseph Botte, with damage to the value of £80; bail £40 10s 11d  WIN/381  22 Jun 1773

To George Stace, sergeant at mace, to produce the body of John Sargent, late of Winchelsea, mariner, to answer a plea of trespass on the premises of Joseph Botte, with damage to the value of £80; bail £40 10s 11d  WIN/382  17 Aug 1773

To George Stace, sergeant at mace, to produce the body of James Jones, late of Winchelsea, cordwainer, to answer a plea of trespass on the premises of Justinian Allen, with damage to the value of £7; bail £3 11s  WIN/383  20 Sep 1775

To George Stace, sergeant at mace, to produce the body of Judith Dann, late of Winchelsea, spinster, to answer a plea of trespass on the premises of Daniel Edwards, with damage to the value of £10; bail £5 7s  WIN/384  21 May 1776

To George Stace, sergeant at mace, and Benjamin Tree, bailiff, to produce the body of William Vinall, late of Winchelsea, mariner, to answer a plea of trespass on the premises of Richard Crane, with damage to the value of £28; bail £14 7s  WIN/385  2 Jun 1776

To George Stace, sergeant at mace, and Benjamin Tree, bailiff, to produce the body of [Rich]ard Hunt, late of Lenham [in Kent], carpenter, to answer a plea of trespass on the property of Henry Ottaway, with damage to the value of £23 4s; bail £11 12s  WIN/386  8 Sep 1778

To George Stace, sergeant at mace, to cause the goods and chattels (rawhides, leather bark, and tan) now in the tanyard the property of Edwin Wardroper, esq, and late in the occupation of Nathaniel Dawes, tanner, dealer and chapman, to be delivered to Arnold Nesbitt, esq, and Thomas Marten, gent (assignees of the estate and effects of Nathaniel Dawes, against whom a commission of bankruptcy had lately been awarded); Edwin Wardroper to give pledges to appear at the next Court of Record to answer a plea of unjustly detaining the goods  WIN/387  20 Jun 1769

Related information: See WIN/356-358

Recognizance of Judith Dann of Pett, spinster, James Beale of Icklesham, yeoman and Nicholas Wingfield of Hastings, mariner, in £12 for Judith Dann to appear at the next Court of Record to answer Daniel Edwards in a plea of trespass, with damage to the value of £10  WIN/388  27 May 1776

Affidavits in pleas of debt  [no ref. or date]

Joseph Botte of Boulogne in France, merchant, against John Sargent late of Winchelsea, mariner, in £40 10s 11d on promissory notes  WIN/389  2 Jun 1773

Justinian Allen of Rye, mariner, against James Jones late of Winchelsea, cordwainer, in £3 11s on a promissory note  WIN/390  20 Sep 1775

Daniel Edwards of Pett, husbandman, against Judith Dann late of Winchelsea, spinster, in £5 7s for a loan  WIN/391  7 May 1776

John Easton of Icklesham, husbandman, against Samuel Easton late of Winchelsea, wheelwright, in £31 7s 6d, and £15 17s for the rent of a messuage, board and lodging for Samuel Easton and his servants, and goods bought from the deponent  WIN/392  11 Aug 1777

Richard Crane of Boughton Malherb in Kent, gardener, against William Vinall late of Winchelsea, mariner, in £14 7s for money paid to WV by RC's wife Mary, and for board, lodging and clothes for WV's daughter Frances  WIN/393  12 Jun 1778

Gilham Podevin of Boulogne, France, merchant, against Robert Haffenden late of Winchelsea, mariner, in £23 1s 11d for goods sold and delivered by GP  WIN/394  25 Jul 1778

Robert Haffenden that he will sell his sixth part in the cutter called Swallow now lying at the Brick Sluice near Winchelsea to satisfy the debt he owes to Gilles Podevin  WIN/395  27 Jul 1778

Henry Ottaway of Smarden in Kent, carpenter, against Richard Hunt late of Lenham in Kent, carpenter, in £11 12s for oak laths sold and delivered by HO  WIN/396  4 Sep 1778

Thomas Chatterton of Rye, baker, against Mary Tilden late of Winchelsea, widow, in £13 2s 5d  WIN/397  24 Nov 1781

Praecipes and concords  [no ref. or date]

Before Thomas Marten, mayor, William Marten Nathaniel Dawes, and William Vousden jurats; 9 Apr 1776  WIN/397A  1776-1802

George Stace v John Hessell and his wife Martha
Messuage, shop, garden, and curtilage in Winchelsea
The document has been altered to read as follows: William Durrant v Richard Peachy and his wife Lucy; 1802
Messuage, shop, garden, and 10 perches of land

Before Thomas Marten, mayor, William Marten, Nathaniel Dawes, and William Vousden, jurats  WIN/397B  9 Apr 1776

Richard Maplesden v John Gyles and his wife Ann
Messuage, shop, stable, two gardens and two curtilages in Winchelsea

Before Thomas Marten, mayor, Joash Adcroft and Richard Lamb, jurats  WIN/398  28 Aug 1787

Edward Milward, esq v Henry Richardson the elder and his wife Sarah 24 acres of marshland in Icklesham

Before Richard Lamb, mayor, Thomas Marten and George Stace, jurats  WIN/399  16 Oct 1792

Samuel Oyler v William Seere and his wife Elizabeth, William Edwards and his wife Elizabeth, James Brown and his wife Philadelphia, and James Chester and his wife Mary
Six messuages, six gardens, and one acre land in Winchelsea

Before Thomas Marten, mayor, Richard Lamb and George Stace, jurats  WIN/400  28 May 1793

James Drury v Thomas Everest and his wife Mary
Messuage, two gardens, and a curtilage at the Strand in Winchelsea

Before Richard Lamb, mayor, Thomas Marten and George Stace, jurats  WIN/401  22 Jan 1793

John Woollett, gent v James Oare and his wife Elizabeth
Messuage at the Strand in Winchelsea

Before George Stace, mayor, Thomas Marten and Richard Lamb, jurats  WIN/402  3 Feb 1795

John Stephens v Samuel Oyler and his wife Elizabeth
Messuage and garden in Winchelsea

Before Thomas Marten, deputy mayor, Richard Lamb and George Stace, jurats  WIN/403  25 Apr 1797

George Bray v Zebulon Baker and his wife Ann
Messuage, garden and a curtilage in Winchelsea
The document has been altered for WIN/407

Before Thomas Marten, deputy mayor, Richard Lamb and George Stace, jurats  WIN/404  8 Dec 1798

Richard Barwell, esq v Benjamin Tree and his wife Philadelphia, John Tree and his wife Mary and John Amos and his wife Elizabeth
Messuage and curtilage in Winchelsea
The document has been altered for WIN/410

Before Thomas Marten, deputy mayor, Richard Lamb and George Stace, jurats  WIN/405  19 May 1801

William Watson v John Tree and his wife Mary
Two messuages, two gardens and ¼ acre land in Winchelsea

Before Thomas Marten, deputy mayor, Richard Lamb and George Stace, jurats  WIN/406  19 Oct 1802

Thomas Colegate v Josiah Bootes and his wife Ann
Messuage, garden and a curtilage in Winchelsea

Before Thomas Marten, deputy mayor, Richard Lamb and George Stace, jurats  WIN/407  31 May 1803

Josiah Boots v Thomas Easton and his wife Sarah
Messuage, garden and curtilage in Winchelsea

Before George Stace, deputy mayor, Richard Lamb and George Tilden, jurats  WIN/408  8 Sep 1807

Edwin Dawes v Thomas Easton and his wife Sarah
Messuage, garden and curtilage in Winchelsea

Before George Stace, deputy mayor, Thomas Lloyd, Richard Lamb and George Stace the elder, jurats  WIN/409  2 Aug 1808

Thomas Easton v Hannah Cummins, Charles Tapp and his wife Ann
Two messuages, two curtilages, two gardens, a blacksmith's shop and a plumber's shop in Winchelsea

Before George Tilden, deputy mayor, Richard Lamb and George Stace, jurats  WIN/410  20 Dec 1808

William Henry [Vane] Earl of Darlington v Walter Fuller and his wife Lucy
20 perches of land in Winchelsea

Before George Tilden, esq, deputy mayor, George Stace the elder and Charles Terry, jurats  WIN/411  18 Dec 1810

William Durrant v James Jones and his wife Ann
Two messuages, two gardens and ½ acre land

Before George Stace, deputy mayor, George Tilden and Charles Terry, jurats  WIN/412  11 Jan 1814

William Harry [Vane] Earl of Dar]ington v Walter Fuller and his wife Lucy
Four messuages, a carpenter's shop, a blacksmith's shop, a stable, five gardens and 1 acre land in Winchelsea
The document has been altered for WIN/414

Before the Rev Thomas Reddish, mayor, George Tilden, deputy mayor, Charles Terry and George Stace, jurats  WIN/413  15 Oct 1816

William Watson, gent v Charles Suters and his wife Ann
A fourth part of of two messuages, two stables, five gardens and 1 acre land in Winchelsea

Before Joseph Hennah, deputy mayor, John Tilden, and Feilding Brown, jurats  WIN/414  15 Jul 1828

Thankful Cloake v Thomas Easton and his wife Sarah
Messuage, plumber's shop, curtilage, two gardens and 1 acre land in Winchelsea

Copy of a Final Concord  [no ref. or date]

Before William Marten, esq, mayor, Nathaniel Dawes and Thomas Marten, jurats  WIN/415  14 Nov 1769

John Stonham v Thomas Clarke and his wife Hannah, John Clarke, John Mills and his wife Anne
Messuage and garden
Consideration £60

Quitclaims registered in court  [no ref. or date]

Copy quitclaim from William Bruninge of London, gent, eldest son and heir of Charles Bruninge of Lamborne in Berkshire, gent, deceased, to Francis Bruninge of 'Watergate in Sussex', gent  WIN/416  11 Jun 1694

£1,000 bequeathed to him under his father's will to be taken from the rents and profits of land and hereditaments in Winchelsea, purchased by CB in the names of John Deane, esq, Robert Oxenbridge, FB and William Curr, gent, which he has received in annual payments of £50
Witnesses: Samuel Corbett, John Langton

Copy quitclaim from William Bruning to Edmund Bruning, esq, Richard Bruning, gent, Francis Bruning, gent, and James Hyde, gent (the four surviving executors of WB's father Charles Bruning deceased)  WIN/417  7 Feb 1698

His share, amounting to £80, of the legacy devised by CH to WB's brother Charles Bruning deceased
Witness(es): Samuel Wright, Stephen Rose

Town Officials  [no ref. or date]

Election of Officers  [no ref. or date]

Voting lists for the election of a mayor  WIN/418-427  1780-1785

Papers in Rex v Dawes in the Court of King's Bench  [no ref. or date]

Rule that Nathaniel Dawes is expected to show cause why an information in the nature of a Quo Warranto should not be exhibited against him to show by what authority he claimed to be mayor of Winchelsea; on the motion of Mr Dunning  WIN/428  3 Nov 1767

Order giving a peremptory day to Nathaniel Dawes as WIN/428 on the motion of Mr Wallace  WIN/429  23 Nov 1767

Rule that the sheriff of Sussex attend the coroner and attorney of the court, with the freeholders' book of the county, to choose a jury for the action; on the motion of Mr Walker  WIN/430  5 Feb 1768

Rule to the prosecutor and defendant to show cause why the judgement of ouster should not be set aside, and why Thomas Orby Hunter, esq, a freeman of Winchelsea, should not be admitted as defendant in place of Nathaniel Dawes; on the motion of Sir Fletcher Norton  WIN/431  22 Nov 1768

Order giving a peremptory day to the parties as WIN/431 on the motion of the solicitor-general  WIN/432  28 Nov 1768

Copy of the affidavit of Nathaniel Dawes, gent, concerning the progress of the case from hiselection as mayor in 1766  WIN/433  16 Jan 1769

Indictment [in the court of king's bench] of Nathaniel Dawes, Thomas Marten, Walter Gybbon, Joash Adcroft, William Vousden and Richard Butler, elected as jurats at the Easter Monday Hundred Court in 1779, for absented themselves from the court on 27 Mar 1780 by which no mayor could be elected  WIN/433A  [1780]

List of freemen summoned to a hundred to elect a mayor with details of means of summons; John Woollett [common clerk], Benjamin Tree common serjeant  WIN/434  6 Sep 1781

Volume containing the names of mayors, jurats and freemen and barons chosen to serve in Parliament, 1430-1765, with index, extracted from court books 1-8 in c1765, continued to 1795  WIN/435  1430-1795

Rough list of [jurats and freemen] in two groups  WIN/436  [c1793]

List of freemen [to be warned by the serjeant-at-mace, enrolled at an assembly on 29 Jul 1795; endorsed: draft of the election of barons to parliament [at a hundred on 27 May 1796]; draft for entry correcting the above, ] [...] enrolled at an assembly on 25 Jul 1796]  WIN/437  1795-1796

Draft list of mayor, jurats and freemen [for an assembly on 20 Apr 1778]  WIN/438  1778

List of jurats and freemen  WIN/439  23 Jul 1798

Lists of inhabitants of Pater Noster Row, [Rye]  WIN/440  [1487]

This document is a slightly later version of RYE 15/1, the annotations to which form the entries in this list

Typescript list of the mayors of Winchelsea, 1295-1945, with introduction (lacking pages 1-3), with annotation by A[nthony] F[reeman]  WIN/441  [c1945]

Typescript draft as WIN/441, 1295-1947, with covering letter from Leopold A[mon] Vidler, The Old Stone House, Rye, to Mr [John] Knox [a former mayor of Winchelsea], identifying the list as the work of W M Homan, and with advice for having the names added [to the board in the Court Hall]  WIN/442  18 Nov 1953

Sacrament Certificates  [no ref. or date]

Thomas Jenkins, tanner; Witnesses: John Harris, minister of Icklesham, Walter Pavies, churchwarden, Thomas Fuller and Thomas Diccason; at Icklesham  WIN/443  17 Oct 1691

Thomas Jenkins; Witnesses: John Prosser, minister, John Cliff, churchwarden William Gyles and Mathew Sedger  WIN/444  11 Jun 1704

Thomas Jenkins; Witnesses John Prosser, minister, John Sampson, churchwarden John Cliff and Samuel Newman  WIN/445  9 Jul 1706

Thomas Jenkins; Witnesses: John Prosser, minister, John Walsh, churchwarden, William Giles and Richard Ashdowne  WIN/446  20 Jun 1710

Thomas Jenkins; Witnesses: John Prosser, minister, John Walsh churchwarden John Parnell and Richard Ashdowne  WIN/447  26 Jun 1711

John Parnell of Winchelsea, gent; Witnesses: John Prosser, minister, John Walsh churchwarden Richard Ashdowne and Samuel Newman  WIN/447A  6 May 1712

Richard Ashdowne of Winchelsea, gent; Witnesses John Prosser, minister, John Walsh, churchwarden John Parnell and Samuel Newman  WIN/447B  6 May 1712

Samuel Newman of Winchelsea, gent; Witnesses John Prosser, minister, John Walsh churchwarden John, Parnell and Richard Ashdowne  WIN/447C  6 May 1712

Oaths of allegiance, supremacy, abjuration, declarations against transubstantiation and in support of the established church  [no ref. or date]

Oath or subscription rolls with annual lists of signatures of office holders taking the oaths of allegiance, supremacy and abjuration (1 William and Mary, cl and 13 William III, c6) and declaration against transubstantiation (30 Charles II, st 2 c 1)  WIN/448  1783-1866

Seven parchment rolls, 1783-1799, 1799-1806, 1807-1816, 1817-1826, 1827-1828, 1830, 1859-1866 and 1 paper roll 1804

Oaths in support of the Established Church (9 Geo IV, c 17)  WIN/449  1829-1866

The mayor as returning officer  [no ref. or date]

Oaths of Mayors  [no ref. or date]

Thomas Marten  WIN/450  1 Apr 1784

Thomas Marten  WIN/451  17 Feb 1794

Richard Lamb  WIN/452  18 Jun 1790

Richard Lamb  WIN/453  24 Oct 1792

Harwell Browne  WIN/454-461  27 May 1796-8 Mar 1820

27 May and 13 Dec 1796, 7 Jul 1802, 6 May and 7 Jul 1807, 21 Jul 1815, 12 Feb 1816, 8 Mar 1820

Thomas Lloyd  WIN/462  1 Nov 1806

Thomas Raddish  WIN/463  8 Oct 1812

Alexander Tulloch, esq  WIN/464  20 Feb 1823

Mandates for elections  [no ref. or date]

Copy proclamations and mandates authorising the election of a baron to represent Winchelsea in parliament  WIN/465-475  1774-1806

Warning to attend a hundred to elect barons to serve in parliament  WIN/476  3 Oct 1812

Correspondence  [no ref. or date]

Samuel M Phillips, on behalf of the Secretary of State, with the mayor as returning officer  WIN/477-481  Nov 1831 - Dec 1831

Related information: For two letters from this group, see WIN/2129-2130

Concerning the respective extents of the borough and town, and amounts of assessed taxes; WIN/478 endorsed with details of 16 houses and their owners in Icklesham, Pett and Broomhil

Documents concerning freemen and jurats  [no ref. or date]

Bonds  [no ref. or date]

Abraham Butler, husbandman; Witness(es): Mary Blunden, Richard Butler  WIN/482  25 Apr 1710

William Gyles the younger, tailor; Witness(es): Mary Blunden, Richard Butler  WIN/483  25 Apr 1710

Thomas Jenkin the younger, tanner; Witness(es): Mary Blunden, Richard Butler  WIN/484  25 Apr 1710

Walter Pavis, grazier; Witness(es): Robert Sutton, Richard Butler  WIN/485  10 Nov 1712

John Parnell, grazier; Witness(es): John Valentine, Richard Butler  WIN/486  28 Feb 1716

John Gorham, grocer; Witness(es): Edward Dyson, Richard Butler  WIN/487  28 Feb 1721

John Pavis, husbandman; Witness(es): W Roffe, Richard Butler  WIN/488  25 Jan 1723

William Hassell, weaver; Witness(es): W Roffe, Richard Butler  WIN/489  25 Jan 1723

Zaccheus Dickinson, husbandman; Witness(es): Thomas Fuller, Richard Butler  WIN/490  9 Apr 1723

John Jenkin, officer of excise; Witness(es): John Baker, Richard Butler  WIN/491  6 Aug 1728

William Bristow of Westminster, esq; Witness(es): H Jenkin, Humphrey Butler  WIN/492  7 Apr 1729

George Doddington of Doddington in Somerset, esq; Witness(es): H Jenkin, Humphrey Butler  WIN/493  7 Apr 1729

James Horne of Pall Mall, Westminster St James; Witness(es): Richard Butler, Humphrey Butler  WIN/494  30 Mar 1730

John Bristow of London, esq; Witness(es): Richard Butler, Humphrey Butler  WIN/495  28 Jul 1730

John Ward of London, gent; Witness(es): Richard Butler, Humphrey Butler  WIN/496  28 Jul 1730

John Smith of Westminster St James, gent; Witness(es): Richard Butler, Humphrey Butler  WIN/497  28 Jul 1730

Legal papers arising from objection to freemen in the Court of King's Bench  [no ref. or date]

Copy affidavit of William Vousden of Winchelsea, gent, 60, Charles Stephens of Winchelsea, gent, 38 and Richard Butler of Winchelsea, gent, 30, in a Quo Warranto against Albert Nesbitt and four others; sworn at Winchelsea before Nathaniel Bryanstone, commissioner of the court of king's bench  WIN/498  26 May 1766

Order giving a day to Charles Crawford, gent to show cause why a Quo Warranto information should not be exhibited against him to show by what authority he claims to be a freeman; on the motion of Mr Sergeant [Richard] Leigh for the prosecution, Sir Fletcher Norton for the defence  WIN/499  10 May 1766

As WIN/499 to Thomas Marten on the motion of Mr Wedderburne  WIN/500  13 Jun 1766

As WIN/499 to Joash Adcroft on the motion of Mr Baker  WIN/501  20 Nov 1767

As WIN/499 to John Peters on the motion of Mr Wallace: affidavit by Charles Stephens  WIN/502  20 Nov 1767

As WIN/499 giving a peremptory day to John Johnson on the motion of Mr Wallace: extension of time allowed by the court  WIN/503  23 Nov 1767

Affidavit of William Atkinson of Hare Court in the Inner Temple, London, gent, that he served a rule of the court of King's Bench on Francis Wilson, esq, by showing the original, and delivering a copy, to Susannah Wilson at the house of FW in Parliament Street, Westminster  WIN/504  23 Nov 1768

As WIN/499 to Francis Wilson, esq, on the motion of Mr Lade  WIN/505  19 Nov 1768

As WIN/499 giving a peremptory day to Francis Wilson, esq on the motion of Mr Wallace  WIN/506  28 Nov 1768

As WIN/499 giving a peremptory day to William Marwick, esq on the motion of Mr Wallace  WIN/507  28 Nov 1768

Resignation of jurats  [no ref. or date]

Draft resignation of William Vousden, jurat; 19 Apr 1783; annotated for the resignation of John Nesbitt, esq, freeman, 3 Sep 1783  WIN/508  1783

John Peters, jurat  WIN/509  10 Apr 1784

John Peters, jurat  WIN/510  26 Mar 1785

Voting list  [no ref. or date]

For the election of Walter Pavis as a freeman  WIN/511  [c1730]

Parliamentary franchise of freemen  [no ref. or date]

Notes on the Winchelsea franchise, the Winchelsea Causes and the current [election] petition  WIN/512  [1768]

In a folder endorsed with a note indicating the acquisition of the document from the papers of George Grenville, Prime Minister 1763-1765, formerly at Stowe, 'purchased by John Murray in 1852'

Coroner  [no ref. or date]

Related information: For more Winchelsea inquests, 1816-1856, see DAP boxes 70/1 and 319/3.

The right of Winchelsea to a separate coroner was abolished in 1886 under the Municipal Corporations Act 1883 (46/47 Vict, c18).

Papers relating to inquests  [no ref. or date]

The papers include the names of the jury, the name of the house, usually an inn, where the inquest sat, and the names of the witnesses and their evidence. The date given is that of the inquest rather than the death.

John Gross, labourer, drowned in a creek near the Jolly Boys Dock when drunk  WIN/513  8 Mar 1775

Charles Hayes of Rye, stonemason, drowned in the New Harbour when bathing  WIN/514  20 Aug 1778

Henry Alce, husbandman, a lunatic, hanged himself in the garret of the house of Thomas Alce  WIN/515-517  13 Sep 1779

Jury-list and notes on the finding of the body

Matthew Forbes, boatswain of the brig Duke, drowned in the channel above the bridge in the New Harbour when drunk  WIN/518  5 Dec 1779

George Suters, aged 8, killed by the sails of the windmill belonging to Robert Clarke in Winchelsea St Giles  WIN/519  29 Feb 1780

Robert Haffenden, mariner, drowned at sea with Thomas Gasson; evidence of John Pierce and Henry Naylor as to the finding of the body  WIN/520-521  20 Nov 1780

Richard Hills, mariner, drowned in the Old Harbour, Rye, in an attempt to take hold of a cutter called the Busy cutter; jury-list  WIN/522-523  11 Nov 1784

James Edmeat, aged 6, drowned in the Strand Sluice near Brede Channel  WIN/524  12 Jun 1787

John Eves, aged 18, drowned when bathing in Brede Channel near Pear Tree Field  WIN/525-526  25 Jun 1789

Jury-list and notes on the evidence

Isaac Hearnden, carrier, lunatic, hanged himself in his own house  WIN/527  19 Nov 1793

William Kennedy of St James' Square, Westminster, lunatic, drowned himself in a pond in Pellfield in Icklesham; jury-list  WIN/528-529  6 Mar 1794

Related information: See WIN/545

[blank] Glide of Crowhurst, fisherman, drowned while crossing the mouth of the New Harbour, Icklesham  WIN/530-531  8 Dec 1794

Warrant to summon a jury

John Russell of Rye, mariner, drowned off the New Harbour when attempting to give assistance to a vessel in distress  WIN/532-533  29 Nov 1798


Urius Smith, mariner, killed by falling timber on the vessel the Young Angel; Nicholas Morrell, master, in a creek called Providence Harbour; notes on the finding of the body by John Baptiste Jolly  WIN/534-535  9 Mar 1800

Hendrick Fonneck, carpenter on the vessel Adriana bound from Malaga to Rotterdam, master Michael Booijen Dekker, which was driven ashore near Fairlight in a storm; found drowned  WIN/536  24 Nov 1802

Pieter Nickels Soereno, cabin boy on the Adriana as WIN/536; found drowned  WIN/537  24 Nov 1802

Man called Christian, forename unknown, mariner on the Adriana as WIN/536-537 found drowned  WIN/538-539  25 Nov 1802


J [James crossed out] Taylor, of the 3rd battalion of the Royal Artillery, dead from exposure on the beach near the Point House on a journey from Dungeness to Rye or Winchelsea  WIN/540  19 Mar 1804

Unknown man, supposed to be a mariner, found drowned  WIN/541  20 Oct 1804

James Bourner of Winchelsea, labourer, lunatic, hanged himself in the kitchen of his own house  WIN/542  1 Dec 1805

Precept to summon a jury; unknown man lying on the beach near the Greedy Gut in Icklesham  WIN/543/1  1808

Precept to summon a jury to the house of [blank] Durrant in Winchelsea; Thomas Heathfield, labourer; names of jury endorsed  WIN/543/2  19 Dec 1808

Precept to summon a jury to the Camber Watch House; names of jurors endorsed  WIN/544  10 Feb 1821

Note on the finding of the body of [William Kennedy] by Thomas Wimble  WIN/545  [1794]

Related information: For the inquest, see WIN/528-597

Unknown headless man, found drowned  WIN/546  10 May 1841

Includes information of William Stapleton, commissioned boatman in the Coast Guard

Charles Crompton, fisherman, drowned after his boat capsized off St Leonards  WIN/547  10 May 1842

Richard Pierce, fisherman, drowned after his boat capsized  WIN/548  9 Jun 1842

Mary Jane Field of Winchelsea, accidentally killed by fire  WIN/549  7 Jan 1843

James Hills, accidentally killed by a waggon  WIN/550  10 Mar 1845

Mary Harman, servant to Miss Gybbon of Winchelsea, died by the visitation of God in the form of apoplexy  WIN/551  29 Apr 1845

Phoebe Hook, natural causes  WIN/552  13 Jan 1848

Ann Osborne of Winchelsea, natural causes  WIN/553  30 Jul 1849


Unknown man, found drowned on the beach by Jeremiah McCarthy of Winchelsea Watchhouse, while on duty  WIN/554  2 Oct 1849

Orlando Chatterton, boatman and tide-waiter serving under William Dixon, tide-surveyor of the port of Rye, accidentally drowned in Rye Harbour  WIN/555  2 May 1848

George Munn, boatman, accidentally drowned off Rye Harbour  WIN/556  18 Nov 1850

John Foster, accidentally drowned in Rye Harbour  WIN/557  19 Nov 1850

Man unknown washed ashore at Camber  WIN/558  14 Jan 1852

Walter Hutchings, aged 3, son of William Hutchings in the Coast Guard Service, accidentally killed by fire  WIN/559  10 Apr 1852

Thomas Lulham, natural causes  WIN/560  17 May 1852

Sarah Eliza Cole, 5 years, drowned while travelling with her father and mother in a vessel wrecked at Rye Harbour mouth  WIN/561A  25 Nov 1852


Unknown man, found drowned on the sea shore  WIN/561B  5 Dec 1853

Edmund Edward Edwards, aged 11, accidentally shot by his brother William Edwards of Udimore, at Winchelsea Ferry House  WIN/562  26 Dec 1853

Newly-born boy, discovered by a dog buried near the harbour church; verdict wilful murder  WIN/563  3 Apr 1854

Henry Sanders, found drowned, having fallen in a fit  WIN/564  8 Jul 1854

Eustace Lemoine, mariner in the vessel Notre Dame du Mont Carmel of Tréport, Jean Francois Brunet master, who fell into Rye harbour and was drowned  WIN/565  3 Jan 1855

Thomas Clark, mate to George Kemp, bargeman, whose vessel sank alongside the schooner Cautious in Rye Harbour while supplying ballast and he was accidentally drowned  WIN/566  17 Mar 1855

Isaac Hearnden of Winchelsea, natural causes  WIN/567  28 Apr 1855

Joel Wilkins, from natural causes  WIN/568  8 Sep 1856

William Hodgson, accidentally drowned in Rye Harbour  WIN/569  29 Sep 1856

Unknown man found drowned  WIN/570  25 Sep 1857

Mary Ann Whiteman, aged 3, accidentally burnt  WIN/571  19 Mar 1859

William Lewis, heart disease  WIN/572  11 Aug 1859

William Sands, wilfully murdered by person or persons unknown  WIN/573  4 Feb 1860

Richard Wood, of the crew of the yacht Vivian belonging to Mr Frewen, while in a boat taking a pilot out to a schooner off Rye Harbour, accidentally drowned  WIN/574  4 Jun 1860

Charles Waters Gorringe aged 14 weeks, son of William Pennington Gorringe; natural causes  WIN/575  16 Feb 1861

Joseph Lewe, natural causes  WIN/576  13 Nov 1861

John Philpott, mariner on the barge Mary Ann of Rye, fell overboard at Nook Point, Rye Harbour and was drowned  WIN/577  21 Nov 1861

Henry Chasmar Playford aged 5 months, son of George Playford, natural causes  WIN/578  8 Mar 1862

George Terry, aged 42, in the crew of a four-oared gig which put to sea under the command of William Buck, RN, Chief Officer at No 36 Martello Tower, to rescue a man from a sinking smack; accidentally drowned when the boat was swamped  WIN/579  15 Feb 1864

James Smith, pilot of Rye, whose boat running without hands was found between Towers 32 and 33; accidentally drowned  WIN/580  26 May 1864

Germain Paul Hue, aged 65, one of the crew of the lugger Blanche and Gabrielle of Courseulles near Caen in France, Pierre Louis le Boucher master; died of exposure after reaching Rye Harbour  WIN/581  7 Jan 1867

Unknown man washed ashore at Broomhill  WIN/582  27 Feb 1867

Elizabeth Constance Clarke, 3 years, daughter of Joseph Henry Clarke; accidentally drowned 'in the stream at the back of the Engine Room', Rye Harbour  WIN/583  17 Jun 1867

Frank Henbrey of Rye Harbour, 4 years, son of William Henbrey; natural causes  WIN/584  29 Aug 1868

Martha Balcom, drowned herself when of unsound mind  WIN/585  26 May 1869

Unknown man found drowned at Camber Coastguard Station  WIN/586  11 Sep 1869

Margaret Ann Wood, aged 72, widow, natural causes  WIN/587  30 May 1872

Violet Jane Mary West, infant, natural causes  WIN/588  21 Jun 1872

John Winton of Winchelsea, natural causes  WIN/589  17 Dec 1872

Charles Neve aged 16 months, son of Charles Henry Neve, shepherd; accidentally scalded  WIN/590  5 Dec 1873

Thomas Relf, known as 'Chainey' Relf, aged 41, of Rye harbour who fell from a boat and drowned after visiting several public houses with George Baldock  WIN/591  16 Feb 1874

John Mann of Hastings, accidentally drowned while raising anchor on a fishing expedition with Richard Adams of Rye in his vessel Little Willie  WIN/592  18 Apr 1870

Isaac Henry Batchelor, seaman, accidentally drowned when the Cambria's boat capsized at Rye Regatta; deposition by Edward Batchelor of Rye, pipe-maker  WIN/593  4 Aug 1874

Richard Johnson of 22 Broke Road, Dalston, London, writing-master at the Middle Class Schools, Cowper Street, City Road, aged 50, natural causes while on a fishing holiday with four boys  WIN/594  27 Aug 1874

George Atfield of Winchelsea, aged 72; natural causes  WIN/595  18 Mar 1875

Jane Blackman Budden aged 5, daughter of James Pitt Budden of Rye Harbour, schoolmaster; accidentally burnt  WIN/596  17 May 1875

John Beetham 'likeness taker' who worked for Mr Gasson of Landgate, Rye, aged 45, and his son William Beetham, aged 11; accidentally drowned at Rye Harbour; rider by the jury that the bridges should be repaired  WIN/597  17 Jul 1877

George Biggar, aged 10, accidentally killed by falling down the hold of the Zephyr at Rye Harbour; rider by jury that ships' hatches should be replaced once work is finished  WIN/598  1 Nov 1877

James Gamblen, master of the brigantine Ypres of Rye, after a fall while in harbour at Newhaven; accidental death  WIN/599  14 Feb 1879

Helen Jane Banks of Hastings, spinster, aged 21; found drowned near Winchelsea Watch-house  WIN/600  19 Feb 1880

James Weller, accidentally killed in a dung-cart at Camber  WIN/601  18 Mar 1880

Robert Calvert Clapham of Earsdon House, Newcastle upon Tyne, aged 57, chemical manufacturer out of business, staying at Hastings; natural causes; endorsed: Robert Calvert Chapmans  WIN/602  23 Dec 1881

George Fairhall, Henry Donovan and Thomas Collins, pilot and seamen of Rye, accidentally drowned returning in the pilot boat from the brigantine Impetuous of Whitstable which had gone aground off Camber  WIN/603  9 Jan 1882

Edward Robus of Rye, fisherman, who volunteered for service in the Winchelsea Coast Guard Station lifeboat Storm Sprite and was lost overboard when near a wreck in the Camber  WIN/604  6 Nov 1882

David Laurence, carpenter, aged 35; hanged himself while temporarily insane  WIN/605  10 Nov 1883

Joseph Barden, farm labourer, aged 62; hanged himself in a stable belonging to Edward Standen of Winchelsea, fruiterer  WIN/606  31 May 1884

Certificates and returns  [no ref. or date]

Summary returns of inquests made to the Home Office  WIN/607-608  1873-1875

Counterfoil-book of coroners' orders for burial  WIN/609  Mar 1875 - May 1884

Circular letter from the Registrar General informing coroners of their duties under the Registration Act of 1874 (37 and 38 Victoria, c88)  WIN/610  10 Dec 1874

Counterfoil-book of certificates of findings of the jury; lists name, sex and age of deceased, date, place and cause of death, date of verdict, date certificate sent to registrar  WIN/611  Mar 1875 - May 1884

Circular letter from the Registrar General on modifications to instructions in WIN/610  WIN/612  19 Jun 1885

Accounts  [no ref. or date]

Vouchers to account for coroners' fees and mileage, surgeons' fees and refreshments for juries, coffins and constables' expenses; include names of deceased and circumstances of death  WIN/613  Nov 1823 - Apr 1867

Related information: Other coroners' vouchers are to be found in WIN/671-732, and coroners' bills in WIN/733-759, WIN/818-851, WIN/1226 and WIN/1351.

Town Clerk's Papers  [no ref. or date]

The documents originally listed as WIN/614-617 clearly derive from the offices of Dawes, Son & Prentice of Rye, solicitors, whose partners for many years acted as town clerks of both Rye and Winchelsea. It is also clear that some pieces, deemed in 1963 to be of particular significance, were removed from these bundles and listed as individual documents. No attempt has been made to identify the documents so removed, nor to re-instate them.
The documents include extensive papers of the firm as clerks to the justices of Winchelsea and Rye (WIN/614 and WIN/615) as well as correspondence and papers relating to the Municipal Corporations Act of 1883 (WIN/616), in which F A Inderwick, MP, secured a clause saving the position of Winchelsea as an unreformed borough.
In 2002 these documents were re-arranged into their constituent parts. The need to preserve the overall references of the documents within WIN/614-616 made it necessary to introduce sub-numbers into thos groups.

Winchelsea  [no ref. or date]

Winchelsea Petty Sessions: draft informations, depositions and enrolments in criminal cases, applications for licences and transfers, correspondence  WIN/614/1  Aug 1863 - Mar 1886

Related information: For certificates of conviction in many of these cases, see WIN/379/3

Winchelsea Quarter Sessions  WIN/614/2  1807-1877

Papers in a dispute concerning the cutting of 'John Wesley's Tree' (including depositions of its history since 1807), and a presentment of the contamination of the water of the pump at Newgate, Mar 1870; draft loyal address, 1872; grand jury list, 1877

Rye  [no ref. or date]

Rye Borough Petty Sessions  WIN/615/1  1862-1879

Draft informations, depositions and enrolments in criminal cases; Feb 1862 - Apr 1869, Aug 1879

Rye County Petty Sessions  WIN/615/2  Oct 1867 - Nov 1869

Draft informations, depositions and enrolments in criminal cases; includes papers in R v Ditch for receiving stolen oats, removed to the court of queen's bench by writ of certiorari

Walter Dawes as town clerk of Rye  WIN/615/3  Dec 1865 - Jan 1866

Papers for the application of John Souden of Rye, mariner (born 4 Sep 1794) for admission to Trinity House: certificate of service, certificate of character, certificate of baptism, wife's baptism and marriage

Winchelsea  [no ref. or date]

Correspondence of Walter Dawes as town clerk of Winchelsea  WIN/616/1  Feb 1868 - Dec 1886

Includes a considerable amount of correspondence with the Local Government Board, Frederic A Inderwick and others concerning the Municipal Corporations Commission, 1877 and the passage of the Municipal Corporations Act, 1883

Extracts from BL MS Cotton Julius B 4 f26  WIN/616/2  [c1850]

Proclamation for good government, 1427; ordinances concerning trade, 25 Apr 1427, 3 Apr 1440; nd, (wmks 1849, 1850)

Municipal Corporations Act, 1835  WIN/616/3  [1876]

Copy report of commissioners, with annotated observations

Draft answers of Walter Dawes, town clerk, to queries of the Municipal Corporations Commissioners  WIN/616/4  13 Jun 1876

With supporting papers

Copy minutes of evidence of Walter Dawes, town clerk, before the Municipal Corporations Commission; corrected  WIN/616/5  13 Oct 1876

Draft report on the corporation's accounts  WIN/616/6  1877-1878

Municipal Corporations (Unreformed) Bill  WIN/616/7  4 May 1882

Municipal Corporations (Unreformed) Bill as amended in committee  WIN/616/8  30 Apr 1883

Municipal Corporations Act (46 & 47 Vict c18)  WIN/616/9  1883

Royal proclamation for the encouragement of piety and virtue  WIN/617  9 Jun 1860

Accounts  [no ref. or date]

Chamberlain and Treasurer  [no ref. or date]

Chamberlains' account-book  WIN/618  1753-1832

Draft account  WIN/619A  1795-1797

Related information: For a draft report on the accounts for 1877-1878, see WIN/616/6

Printed statements of accounts  WIN/619B  1882-1886

Town Rates, Town's and King's Rents  [no ref. or date]

Receipt to Richard Guldeford, knight, for the fee-farm of the manor of Higham otherwise Iham for 1589-1590, in the charge of Thomas Pelham, esq, late sheriff of Surrey and Sussex; John Ward, undersheriff  WIN/620  [1590]

Roll of the queen's and town rents  WIN/621  [c1705]


Book of the king's rents with the town rents in reverse  WIN/622  [c1820]

Related information: For a letter demonstrating that this volume was a gift to the corporation in 1949, see WIN/2137

Includes an account of the boundaries of the liberty of Winchelsea as they were taken and enrolled, 7 May 1330, and the observations of the Revd Dr [John] Harris [1667-1719, in History of Kent] on the boundaries of the liberty including a transcript of the boundaries of the liberty of Rye; 1716
Inscribed: W[illiam] Lucas Shadwell

Note by Thomas Martin that the town dues of Winchelsea are not taxed in the poor book  WIN/623  23 Mar 1785

Order of H[enry] Powell, Samuel Philip Sheppard and Joseph Hennah, JPs, 'to execute the within estimate' [not attached]  WIN/624  26 Nov 1822

Correspondence between William Woodhams of Udimore and Henry Butler, solicitor, Winchelsea, concerning the claim on Woodhams for king's rents for his property in the town  WIN/625-627  Jul 1823 - Aug 1823

Copy opinion of William Banshard, Temple, for Mr Addison concerning the right of action of Mr Dawes under the Act of 1815 for the collection of county rates against the treasurer  WIN/628  3 Oct 1826

Warrants to the treasurer of the town rate for payment, signed by the mayor or deputy mayor  WIN/629  1826-1853

Receipts for the rent of the town and court hall  WIN/630-667  1838-1884

Notes on wages paid to Chenery, including [?caretaking] at the court hall  WIN/668  [c1900]

Printed facsimile and transcription of part of the Winchelsea rent-roll of 1292 referring to the court hall  WIN/669  [c1910]

Accounts and vouchers  [no ref. or date]

The documents listed as WIN/670-1351 consist largely of vouchers to account. In 1963 an attempt was made to group them by accountant or by type, but the divisions are less than perfect, and anyone wishing to pursue a particular type of expenditure should examine all the documents.

Draft affidavit of Henry Waterman of Rye, gent, town clerk of Winchelsea, that no fines have been paid into the court of any session of the peace between 29 Sep 1784 and 29 Sep 1785  WIN/670  20 Jan 1787

Vouchers to account for the expenses of the grand jury, constables, sergeant at mace, gaoler, conveyance of prisoners, weights and measures  WIN/671-732  1802-1889

Receipted accounts of Henry Pearch Butler, town clerk  WIN/733-759  1822-1832

For legal expenses, coroners' inquests and contract for the use of the county gaol, Walter Fuller for repairs to the gaol (receipt only) and investigation of boundary dispute with New Romney, Harriet Taylor (receipt only), D Taylor of Rye, printer, letter from John Field for William Parker, Holborn, London concerning truncheons [for which see WIN/372], Samuel Easton, constable, for conveyance of prisoners and arrests, order to pay a reward to Nelson Selmes for finding a dead body from the wreck of the Fame, and postal expenses of [William] Lipscombe as chief magistrate

Forms and certificates of allowances paid to prosecutors and witnesses at East Sussex Quarter Sessions and assizes  WIN/760-817  1831-1866

Related information: For similar forms, 1880-1881, see WIN/1351

Receipted accounts of J[ohn] H[addock] Lardner and E[dwin] N[athaniel] Dawes, town clerks, for legal expenses and coroners' inquests  WIN/818-851  1837-1866

Related information: For similar accounts, 1879-1881, see WIN/1350

Notes of a fine from Mr Hawtrey of £4 5s 9d for assaulting George Flemming  WIN/852  29 Oct 1860

Note of a fine from James Heasman of 5s for 'rabbits'  WIN/853  30 Apr [c1860]

Salaries  [no ref. or date]

Salaries of treasurer, town sergeant and gaoler  WIN/854-953  1824-1866

Maintenance of property  [no ref. or date]

Related information: For a stray gaol voucher, 1825, see WIN/372

Vouchers to account for equipment and repairs to corporation property including the town gaol, and other vouchers, including account between John Nesbitt and Thomas Marten for rent, 1799 (see WIN/1480), medical attendance on prisoners, 1831  WIN/954-1225  1714-1866

Account of George Stace for money advanced to prisoners and for coroners' inquests at the gaol  WIN/1226  Apr 1822 - May 1823

Estimate of Walter Fuller, Jacob Holt and Thomas Hoadley for repairs to the gaol, accepted  WIN/1227  26 Nov 1822

Account of Thomas Keene, gaoler, including names of prisoners committed between Apr 1822 and Apr 1825  WIN/1228  [Apr 1825]

Vouchers for repairs to the gaol; paid  WIN/1229-1233  Jan 1824 - Dec 1825

Vouchers to account for cleaning the town well, watch-house and privy  WIN/1234-1248  1857-1864

Relief of debtors in Dover Castle  [no ref. or date]

Yearly accounts of the money raised in the Cinque Ports for debtors in Dover Castle under the Act of 1814  WIN/1249-1263  1814-1854

Letters from Thomas Pain to the mayor of Winchelsea concerning payments for the relief of debtors in Dover Castle  WIN/1264-1295  1815-1855

Relief of prisoners in Winchelsea Gaol  [no ref. or date]

Vouchers for sums paid to the gaoler for the relief of prisoners, May 1822 - Dec 1822, with other vouchers for repairs, medicine and the gaoler's salary, Nov 1822-Jun 1860  WIN/1296-1311  1822-1860

Other accounts  [no ref. or date]

Balance-sheets and vouchers of the Reading Room Committee  WIN/1312-1348  Sep 1899 - Dec 1901

Account book of the Winchelsea band from its re-formation on 21 Oct 1912  WIN/1349  Oct 1912 - Mar 1914

Accounts of Walter Dawes as town clerk, 1879-1880, 1880-1881  WIN/1350  1879-1881

Vouchers for disbursements of Walter Dawes as town clerk, including coroners' inquests  WIN/1351  Jan 1880-Apr 1881

Taxation and rates  [no ref. or date]

Related information: For minutes of Commissioners of Land and Assessed Taxes 1769-1794, see WIN/61A

Oaths of tax commissioners  [no ref. or date]

The documents listed as WIN/1352-1371 relate to Rye

Commissioners for the tax on male and female servants  WIN/1352  1784-1797

Commissioners for the tax on houses, household offices and shops  WIN/1353  1784-1797

Commissioners for taxes  WIN/1354-1370  1798-1803

Commissioners for the tax on hair powder and armorial bearings  WIN/1371  1801

Appointment of assessors  [no ref. or date]

The documents listed as WIN/1372-1374 relate to Rye

Draft notices to warn householders to appear before the commissioners for appointment  WIN/1372-1374  1796-1805

Related information: For further notices, 1798-1799, 1801-1803, also for Rye, see WIN/1517-1521

Land Tax Assessments  [no ref. or date]

Land Tax Assessments  WIN/1375  1785

Land Tax Assessments  WIN/1376  1798

Land Tax Assessments  WIN/1377-1393  1808-1817

Land Tax Assessments  WIN/1394-1407  1857-1876

Land Tax Redemption  [no ref. or date]

Schedules of redeemed land tax naming owner, occupier and amount; Rye  WIN/1408  Mar 1799 and Jun 1799

Schedules of redeemed land tax naming owner, occupier and amount; Winchelsea  WIN/1409  Mar 1799 and Jun 1799

Entry-book of contracts for redemption  WIN/1410  Mar 1799-May 1812

Information as WIN/1409, adding sum and means of payment

Notes of sums of collected and redeemed land tax for Rye and Winchelsea  WIN/1411-1412  1802

Loose schedules as WIN/1408, Rye  WIN/1413-1418  Jun 1803

Receipts for returns of redeemed land tax, Rye and Winchelsea  WIN/1419-1420  1804-1805

List of balance on Mr Fuller's estimate [?for repairs]  WIN/1421  [c1824]

List of treasurer's balance in hand and [?liabilities]  WIN/1422  27 Jan 1824

Duplicate returns of total amounts of redeemed land tax  WIN/1423-1447  1803-1824

1803-1813, 1815-1822, 1824

Abstract of redemption contracts entered into by John Luxford for land in Icklesham  WIN/1448-1450  1817-1819

Vouchers for land tax paid by Winchelsea Corporation  WIN/1451  1851-1863

Counterfoil receipt-books for payments of land tax  WIN/1452/1-13  1866-1869

1866-67 - 1868-69

Blank printed certificates of composition  WIN/1453  1819

Blank printed forms relating to land and assessed taxes  WIN/1454-1455  c1810-1820

Letters from John Chilton the younger, Lewes, requesting income-tax returns, 1801, and circular letters concerning land and assessed taxes, Rye and Winchelsea  WIN/1456-1475  1801-1818

1802-1818; 1801-1818

Names of commissioners  WIN/1476  c1810

Royal warrant revoking commissions for the sale of Land Tax  WIN/1477  31 Aug 1813

Printed instructions for members of yeomanry corps for obtaining relief on assessed taxation under the act of 1820, with a blank form  WIN/1478  [1820]

List of totals collected from land and assessed taxes in Winchelsea  WIN/1479  1792-93

Voucher of Thomas Martin to John Nesbitt, esq, for repairs and taxes, and a year's salary; endorsed with details of land tax payments in respect of the estate  WIN/1480  Sep 1798 - Dec 1798

Related information: For an account for 1799, see WIN/954-1225

Received Dec 1798

List of totals collected from land and assessed taxes in Rye  WIN/1481  1795-96

Printed table to calculate amount of stock to be transferred to redeem land tax  WIN/1482  [c1795]

Unused printed covers addressed to Francis Freeling, esq, General Post Office, London; L[and] T[ax] R[edemption]  WIN/1483-1485  [c1795]

Printed instructions for addressing letters to the Land Tax Redemption Office  WIN/1486  [c1795]

Income Tax  [no ref. or date]

Vouchers for income tax paid by Winchelsea Corporation in respect of a garden occupied by William Bennett  WIN/1487  1860-1864

Collectors' duplicate assessments of income tax  WIN/1488-1506  1861-1876

Counterfoil receipt-books for payments of income tax Schedules A and B  WIN/1507/1-19  1864-1869

1864-65, 1866-67 - 1868-69

Counterfoil receipt-books for payments of income tax Schedules A and B  WIN/1508/1-15  1865-1876

1865-70 - 1875-76

Counterfoil receipt-books for payments of income tax Schedules D and E  WIN/1509/1-15  1866-1875

1866-67 - 1874-75

Land Tax Redemption  [no ref. or date]

Request for at least a month's notice by persons filling in declarations under Schedule A  WIN/1510  [c1795]

Hearth and assessed taxes  [no ref. or date]

Certificates of exemption from the hearth tax by Samuell Hammond, vicar, Thomas Gostrey and John Tookey, churchwardens, on behalf of Abel Arnall, Abraham Farington, John Furby, Mathew Lamb and John Rippingall  WIN/1511-1515  9 Apr 1664

Minutes of a meeting of the commissioners for Rye  WIN/1516  28 Mar 1804

Land tax  [no ref. or date]

Notices to warn householders to appear before the commissioners for appointment  WIN/1517-1521  1798-1803

Related information: For draft notices, 1796-1805, also for Rye, see WIN/1372-1374

Assessed Taxes  [no ref. or date]

Copy assessment for duties on dogs, Rye  WIN/1522  17 Aug 1796

Jul 1796 - Apr 1797

Assessment for all assessed taxes, Winchelsea  WIN/1523  16 Jul 1799


Duplicate schedule, Winchelsea and Rye  WIN/1524/1-2  1798-1804

Totals only; 1798-(1802), 1803-04

Duplicate lists of persons surcharged, Rye  WIN/1525-1530  1800-1806

1800-01 - 1805-06

Assessments for all assessed taxes  WIN/1531-1537  1860-1870

1860-61 - 1863-64, 1866-67 - 1869-70

Counterfoil receipt-books for payments of assessed taxes  WIN/1538/1-4  1869-70

Related information: For printed instructions for members of yeomanry corps for obtaining relief on assessed taxation under the act of 1820, with a blank form, see WIN/1478

Blank forms  WIN/1539  1796-1819

Letters from John Chilton, surveyor of taxes, Lewes, and S[amuel] Russell Collett, Worcester, and circular letters, to the town clerks of Rye and Winchelsea  WIN/1540-1548  1797-1806

Draft list of appeals against a window-tax assessment, listing fifteen appellants, the existing assessment and the reduction claimed  WIN/1549A  [c1785]

Return of persons qualifying for exemption from the window tax under the Act of 1803, with number of windows; Rye  WIN/1549B  6 Jul 1804

Notice of duties on horses to the executors of Henry Waterman and Mrs Haddock, both of Rye  WIN/1550-1551  1798

Information of Stephen Coleman and James Clarke, collectors, that William Springate of Rye, labourer, has refused to pay tax on a draught horse  WIN/1552  25 Apr 1803

Warrant to convey William Springate otherwise Springett of Rye, labourer, to prison  WIN/1553  28 May 1803

Notice by Samuel Russell Collet of Leasam, Rye, captain in the East Sussex yeomanry cavalry, now residing in Worcester, that he intends to appeal against the duty imposed on him for two horses  WIN/1554  25 Jan 1806

Rough calculations of returns and duties paid, with names  WIN/1555-1556  [1798]

County Rates  [no ref. or date]

Related information: For account-books of the rate, 1848-1886, see WIN/2360/1/1-2.

County rates were first levied in Winchelsea as a result of an order of 16 July 1822, which also created the office of treasurer.
According to the report of the Municipal Corporations Comission (WIN/616/3), the rate had been levied to maintain the gaol, deal with the increase in inquests and other criminal business brought about by smuggling, the introduction of the blockade system and by suicides in that service, and to discharge the debt on the chamberlains' accounts, which had formerly been met by the patron of the borough. The town clerk Henry Pearch Butler sought the assistance of John Tompsett, town clerk of Hastings, in the forms and precedents necessary for levying the rate; for their correspondence, see WIN/1559-1561.

Precepts on the churchwardens and overseers of Winchelsea to collect county and general rates within the town and its liberties, with other orders and correspondence relating to the establishment of the rate  WIN/1557-1573  1822-1823

County Quarter Sessions orders precepting on the treasurer of Winchelsea for the county rate  WIN/1574-1614  1841-1882

Letter from F[rederic] Merrifield, clerk of the peace, to W[alter] Dawes, town clerk, concerning alterations to the Police Rate resulting in the transfer of land from Winchelsea St Thomas to Icklesham  WIN/1615  30 Nov 1885

Treasurer's accounts of collection and disbursement of the county rate  WIN/1616-1620  1822-1826

Letter from G[eorge] Stace to Henry Pearch Butler, Rye, requesting Acts of Parliament concerning county rates  WIN/1621  31 Oct 1822

Account book of the borouigh treasurer for the collection and disbursement of the county and other rates  WIN/1622  1822-1848

Letters from George Hoper, county treasurer, to the treasurer of Winchelsea requesting the settling of accounts  WIN/1623-1624  1839

Police Rates  [no ref. or date]

Letter from William V[idler] Langridge, clerk of the peace, to the treasurer of Winchelsea, threatening proceedings unless the police rate is received  WIN/1625  5 Jul 1841

Receipts for the police rate  WIN/1626  1842-1866

Rates for Lunatic Asylum  [no ref. or date]

Circular request for details of houses licensed to receive lunatics with nil return by John Woollett, town clerk  WIN/1627  Aug 1817

Notifications of the rate under the Lunatic Asylums Act, 1853  WIN/1628-1631  1859-1864

Receipts for the lunatic asylum rate  WIN/1632  1860-1865

Gaol Rates  [no ref. or date]

Home Office circulars requesting returns of the accounts of prisoners committed for trial  WIN/1633-1653  1810-1824

Letters from George Hoper and Robert Hoffman Faulconer, county treasurers, acknowledging payments in respect of Winchelsea prisoners in the county gaols at Lewes and Battle  WIN/1654-1660  1839-1849

Receipts for sums paid for the maintenance of Winchelsea prisoners in the county gaols at Lewes and Battle  WIN/1661  1823-1866

Quarterly accounts of Winchelsea prisoners in the county gaols at Lewes and Battle; lists name of prisoner, committing magistrate, time in custody and amount  WIN/1662-1687  1826-1865

1826, 1839-1865

Militia  [no ref. or date]

Lord Warden  [no ref. or date]

Letter from Thomas Bateman Lane, deputy lieutenant of Dover Castle, to the mayor of Winchelsea asking for recommendations to be sent to the Lord Warden for officers for the Cinque Ports Militia  WIN/1688  17 Apr 1778

Army of Reserve and Militia: circular letters, summonses to general meetings at Dover Castle and resolutions  WIN/1689-1695  1803-1810

Circular letters and draft replies concerning arrangements in the event of an invasion  WIN/1696-1700  1804, 1812

Return of [able-bodied men] in Winchelsea over the age of 15  WIN/1701  Jul 1803

Listing name, occupation, age, and service offered; fathers of more than one child indicated; details of populations of boys under 15, women and girls

Returns of numbers enrolled in reply to precepts of the Lord Warden  WIN/1702-1704  1803-1810

1803-1804, 1810

Extracts from the General Militia Act, 1802 (42 Geo III c90), and the Local Militia Act, 1808 (48 Geo III, c111)  WIN/1705-1706  [c1808]

Copies of letters from [Charles Jenkinson], Lord Hawkesbury, to the Lord Warden, encouraging expedition in the raising of men in the Cinque Ports under the Act of 1804, 25 Sep and 17 Oct 1804; forwarded 26 Oct 1804  WIN/1707  1804

Householders' returns of men in their dwelling houses, aged 18-45 years  [no ref. or date]

List occupation, whether exempt and grounds of exemption (number and ages of children)

Edward Jeakens the younger, from George Harrod, constable  WIN/1708  9 Aug 1803

William Ockenden from Charles Suters, constable  WIN/1709  9 Aug 1803

Thomas Sanders from Charles Suters, constable  WIN/1710  9 Aug 1803

John Stevenson from Charles Suters, constable  WIN/1711  9 Aug 1803

Thomas Parsons from Walter Fuller, constable  WIN/1712  17 Aug 1803

James Relfe from Walter Fuller, constable  WIN/1713  17 Aug 1803

Henry Tilden from Walter Fuller, constable  WIN/1714  17 Aug 1803

Thomas Tickner from Walter Fuller, constable  WIN/1715  17 Aug 1803

Householders' returns of men, aged 18-30 years  [no ref. or date]

John Daniel from William Hunt, constable  WIN/1716  7 Aug 1810

Edwin Dawes, esq, from William Hunt, constable  WIN/1717  7 Aug 1810

Blank form  WIN/1718  [1810]

Returns of men liable to serve  [no ref. or date]

Army of Reserve returns of men  WIN/1719-1726  1803

WIN/1720 includes grounds of exemption; WIN/1722 are ballots

Local Militia returns of men aged 18-30 years  WIN/1727-1737  1809-1813

List name, trade and any infirmity; return of 1811 (WIN/1732) includes number of children

Correspondence between Thomas Pain, clerk to the general meeting, Dover, and John Woollett, town clerk of Winchelsea, on the returns of men aged 18-30  WIN/1738-1739  Jun - Aug 1809

Army en Masse  WIN/1740-1743  [c1800]

Returns of men aged 17-55; list name, trade, age, whether married or single, number of children under ten and remarks; nd, (wmks 1799-1802)

Calculations of numbers of men in Rye liable to serve, and those already serving  WIN/1744  [c1802]

Lists of names and sums of money; Rye  WIN/1745  [c1800]

Notices to constables and overseers of men balloted to serve  [no ref. or date]

Notice that Rye is to furnish eleven men by ballot for the Army of Reserve  WIN/1746  24 Sep 1803

Summonses to sub-divisional meetings; no schedules attached  WIN/1747-1752  1810

Notes on the method of balloting and the proportion of men to be raised by Winchelsea  WIN/1753-1755  [c1810]

Notices to men balloted to attend for enrolment  [no ref. or date]

Draft and printed notices of a meetings to enrol men previously balloted  WIN/1756-1759  1810-1812

WIN/1759 is a printed notice for a meeting of the Ashford sub-division on 29 Jan 1812

Notices of meetings; not completed  WIN/1760-1761  1810

Form of oaths for men enrolled  [no ref. or date]

Draft forms, no names given; nd, (wmks 1806-1808)  WIN/1762-1764  early 19th century

Returns and lists of men enrolled  [no ref. or date]

John English, adjutant of the 57th regiment, to the clerk of the sub-division of Rye, requesting accounts of all men enrolled in the Army of Reserve; 9 Jul 1804, with notice of return by W[eeden] Dawes, 16 Jul 1804  WIN/1765  1804

Local Militia  WIN/1766-1768  1810-1813

Returns of men enrolled

Certificates of fitness to serve in the Militia  [no ref. or date]


John O'Brian, Thomas Forsee, Thomas, Smith, Philip McKee, William Butler, William Thompson, Edward Dally, Charles Witzleben, Thomas Wright, Joseph Taylor, John Erskine, Luke Ryan, John Bird, Thomas Large; sworn at Rye before Thomas Phillips Lamb, Nathaniel Procter, R[ichard] Butler, Richard Lamb, G Stace; J Megaw, surgeon  WIN/1769-1782  12 Oct 1803

Related information: For details of these men, see WIN/1787 and WIN/1837-1846

Certificates of fitness to serve in the Militia  [no ref. or date]


Stephen Southerden, George Bourner; sworn before G[eorge] Tilden at Winchelsea; Witness(es): Weeden Dawes; Henry Sutton, surgeon  WIN/1783-1784  14 Apr 1813

Miscellaneous  [no ref. or date]

Descriptions of men accepted for service arranged by class  WIN/1785-1789  [c1803]

List of numbers of volunteers from each port annotated with numbers of deserters; list of men as WIN/1769-1782 giving age, description and height; blank return form for men serving and infirm

Claims for exemption  [no ref. or date]

Draft notice of a meeting of deputy lieutenants to hear claims to exemptions from service  WIN/1790  26 Jun 1809

Claim to exemption from service by Thomas Hoadley, blacksmith, George Haisell, hair-dresser, John Smith, plumber, Charles Winter, Thomas Edwards and Thomas Sanders, labourers, all of Winchelsea, on the grounds of having three children living at home  WIN/1791  2 Jul 1810

Rough list and descriptions of 24 men exempt from serving  WIN/1792  [1810]

Statement of income and liability to pay fine for exemption from service in the local militia (incomes under £100)  [no ref. or date]

William Bragge  WIN/1793-1794  7 Aug 1810

Stephen Harden  WIN/1795-1796  7 Aug 1810

William Chester  WIN/1797-1798  7 Aug 1810

John Hoad  WIN/1799-1800  7 Aug 1810

Fisher Clark  WIN/1801-1802  7 Aug 1810

David Laurence  WIN/1803-1804  20 Aug 1810

Richard Piety  WIN/1805-1806  27 Aug 1810

Nathaniel Benfield  WIN/1807-1808  17 Sep 1810

Henry Barham  WIN/1809-1810  14 Apr 1813

William Chart  WIN/1811-1812  14 Apr 1813

William Chester  WIN/1813-1814  17 Apr 1813

William Thorpe  WIN/1815-1816  17 Apr 1813

Printed return of exemption and payment of fine, Kent Local Militia, annotated for use as a precedent for WIN/1793-1818  WIN/1817-1819  Apr 1813

Certificates of unfitness to serve in the Militia  [no ref. or date]

Moses Peedle, rupture; J Megaw, surgeon, Rye  WIN/1820  14 Sep 1803

William Chester of Winchelsea, afflicted with gravel from infancy; R W Butler, surgeon, Rye  WIN/1821  24 Jun 1809

John Daniel, crippled right arm; Thomas Law, surgeon, Winchelsea  WIN/1822  29 Jun 1809

Stephen Laurence, rupture; Thomas Law, surgeon, Winchelsea  WIN/1823  29 Jun 1809

James Inman, rupture; Thomas Law, surgeon, Winchelsea  WIN/1824  29 Jun 1809

John Daniel, injury in the right arm; Arthur Hamilton, surgeon, 11th R[oyal] V[eterans] B[atallion], Winchelsea  WIN/1825  9 Aug 1811

John Daniel of Winchelsea, cordwainer, lame in his right [blank] 'from an injury received by Pevensey years since'; R W Butler, surgeon, Rye  WIN/1826  9 Sep 1811

David Tree, defective eyesight; Henry Sutton, surgeon, Winchelsea  WIN/1827  9 Sep 1811

Samuel Easton, rupture on both sides; Henry Sutton, surgeon, Winchelsea  WIN/1828  9 Sep 1811

Charles Pulford, hernia in his left side; Henry Sutton, surgeon, Winchelsea  WIN/1829  19 Sep 1811

Paul Charles Patrick, gent, diseased foot; Henry Sutton, surgeon, Winchelsea  WIN/1830  10 Apr 1813

William Benett, servant, diseased hand; Henry Sutton, surgeon, Winchelsea  WIN/1831  10 Apr 1813

Richard Osborne, faulty ankle joint; Henry Sutton, surgeon, Winchelsea  WIN/1832  12 Apr 1813

Abraham Claise, defective eyesight; Henry Sutton, surgeon, Winchelsea  WIN/1833  12 Apr 1813

Robert Alce, carpenter, lame in his left foot; Henry Sutton, surgeon, Winchelsea  WIN/1834  20 Apr 1813

Fisher Clarke, miller, lame in his left foot; Henry Sutton, surgeon, Winchelsea  WIN/1835  20 Apr 1813

Robert Carpenter, labourer, lame in his right knee; Henry Sutton, surgeon, Winchelsea  WIN/1836  21 Apr 1813

Certificates that substitutes have been sworn and enrolled  [no ref. or date]

John O'Brian for Charles Pilcher of Rye, tallow-chandler  WIN/1837  25 Oct 1803

William Butler for John Gurley of Rye, labourer  WIN/1838  25 Oct 1803

William Thompson for James Stonham of Rye, shopkeeper  WIN/1839  25 Oct 1803

Charles Witzleben for John Laurence of Rye, tallow-chandler  WIN/1840  25 Oct 1803

Thomas Wright for James Weekes of Rye, labourer  WIN/1841  25 Oct 1803

Joseph Taylor for James Field of Rye, labourer  WIN/1842  25 Oct 1803

John Erskine for Thomas Smith of Rye, blacksmith  WIN/1843  25 Oct 1803

Luke Ryan for Thomas Newman of Rye, labourer  WIN/1844  25 Oct 1803

John Bird for James Small the younger, of Rye, boat officer  WIN/1845  25 Oct 1803

Thomas Large for Thomas Turner the younger of Rye, fish carrier  WIN/1846  25 Oct 1803

Certificate of John V[alentine] Griffiths that he will provide substitutes should any men he has provided as substitutes for Rye and Winchelsea be returned as unfit for service in the Army of Reserve  WIN/1847  13 Oct 1803

Draft for WIN/1843, the names deleted [for use as a precedent?]  WIN/1848  25 Oct 1803

Receipts for bounty money by substitutes in the Army of Reserve  [no ref. or date]

John O'Brian for two sums of £9 9s from Charles Pilcher  WIN/1849  2 Oct 1803

Certificate by R Humphreys, adjutant, 57th Regiment, Ashford, that John O'Brian is serving as a volunteer in the 1st battalion  WIN/1850  21 Nov 1803

Thomas Forsee for £10 10s from Robert Sharp  WIN/1851  12 Oct 1803

Thomas Smith for £7 17s 6d from Richard Lamb the younger  WIN/1852  12 Oct 1803

Philip McKee for £10 10s from William Sargent the younger  WIN/1853  12 Oct 1803

Certificate by John English, adjutant of the 57th regiment, Ashford Barracks, that he has received Thomas Forsee, Thomas Smith and Philip McKee from Walter Fuller, overseer of Winchelsea St Thomas  WIN/1854  13 Oct 1803

William Butler for £7 17s from John Gurly  WIN/1855  12 Oct 1803

John O'Brian for £9 9s from Charles Pilcher  WIN/1856  12 Oct 1803

William Thompson for £14 3s 6d from James Stonham  WIN/1857  12 Oct 1803

Edward Dally for £9 9s from Thomas Edwards  WIN/1858  12 Oct 1803

Charles Witzleben for £6 6s from John Laurence  WIN/1859  12 Oct 1803

Thomas Wright for £9 9s from James Weeks  WIN/1860  12 Oct 1803

Joseph Taylor for £11 0s 6d from James Field  WIN/1861  12 Oct 1803

John Erskine for £11 11s from Thomas Smith  WIN/1862  12 Oct 1803

Luke Ryan for £7 from Thomas Newman  WIN/1863  12 Oct 1803

John Bird for £5 15s 6d from James Small  WIN/1864  12 Oct 1803

Thomas Large for £9 9s from Thomas Turner the younger  WIN/1865  12 Oct 1803

Edward Dally for £9 9s from Thomas Edwards  WIN/1866  [1803]

William Thompson for £14 3s 6d from James Stonham  WIN/1867  [1803]

Charles Witzleben for £6 6s from John Laurence  WIN/1868  [1803]

Note by Weeden Dawes that John Erskine, Edward Dally, Philip McKee, Thomas Wright, William Thompson, Thomas Smith, Luke Ryan, Charles Witzleben, John O'Brian, John Bird, William Butler, Thomas Large and Joseph Taylor have acknowledged the receipt of their bounty money  WIN/1869  12 Oct 1803

Certificate by John English, adjutant of the 57th regiment, Ashford Barracks, that he has received John Erskine, Edward Dally, Thomas Wright, William Thompson, John Bird, Joseph Taylor, Luke Ryan, Charles Witzleben, John O'Brian, William Butler and Thomas Large from John Southerden, overseer of Rye  WIN/1870  13 Oct 1803

Printed form of voluntary enrolment in the local militia for the two guinea bounty, Kent; [blank]  WIN/1871  1809

Return of men ballotted and substitutes, Rye and Winchelsea; copy sent to Mr [Phineas] Kennett, Dover  WIN/1872  17 Aug 1804

Quarterly Accounts  [no ref. or date]

Accounts of fines received for exemption from service under the Act of 1808 (48 Geo III, c111); includes correspondence and blank forms  WIN/1873-1883  1810-1815

Correspondence  [no ref. or date]

Circulars, original, draft and copy correspondence between Weeden Dawes and John Woollett, Rye, George Stace, Winchelsea, Phineas Kennett, clerk of the General Meetings, Dover, John Ridge, 47 Charing Cross, London (Agent General to the Army of Reserve), the War Office, George Shee (Agent General for the Militia and Defence Acts), R Marriott, Lt-Col, 11th Battalion, Army of Reserve, Ashford, G E Jemmett, Ashford, M D Carr, captain, 57th Regiment, Ashford and R Humphreys, adjutant, 57th Regiment, Ashford, concerning the accounts for fines, penalties, bounties and half-bounties; WIN/1917 and WIN/1919 include lists of men claiming bounties from Rye  WIN/1884-1934  1803-1816

Receipt by John Valentine Griffiths of £441 from John Southerden, of which £131 5s remains in the hands of the deputy lieutenants to be paid to the fourteen men obtained by Griffiths for the Army of Reserve  WIN/1935  13 Oct 1803

Order by Weeden Dawes to Messrs Willis Wood and Co, bankers, London, to pay £29 18s 6d into the account of John Ridge in the Rye bank  WIN/1936  27 Apr 1804

Transmission of accounts  [no ref. or date]

Copies of correspondence with George Shee, Agent General for the Militia and Defence Acts, on the transmission of accounts under the Army of Reserve Act, 1803 (43 Geo III, cap 82)  WIN/1937-1940  Jun 1813 - Jul 1814

Deputy lieutenants, Rye and Winchelsea  [no ref. or date]

Copy minutes of meetings; includes details of men enrolled; WIN 1944 and 1947 are returns of men in Winchelsea between 18 and 30 listing name, age, trade and infirmity, Jun 1809, Jun 1810  WIN/1941-1970  Aug 1803 - Nov 1813

Summons by Thomas Pain, clerk of the General Meetings, Dover, to attend a meeting of Deputy Lieutenants of the Ports at Dover Castle  WIN/1971  23 Jun 1809

Letter from George Garrett, town clerk of Sandwich, to the mayor of Winchelsea, requesting a meeting at the Antwerp Inn, Dover, previous to their meeting with the Lord Warden, to discuss 'the dissatisfaction expressed by the public at the proposed ballot'  WIN/1972  27 Jun 1809

Training  [no ref. or date]

Notices to the Cinque Ports regiment of local militia to assemble for training; many consist of printed Kent notices annotated for us as precedents for Winchelsea  WIN/1973-1979  Sep 1810 - May 1812

Deserters  [no ref. or date]

Return of men enrolled for Winchelsea absent from the Cinque Ports regiment  WIN/1980  1812

Information of Joseph Bordman otherwise Boordman, a private in Captain Skipton's Company of the 11th Royal Veteran Battalion, that on 30 Dec 1813 John Morris gave himself up to him as a deserter from the battalion  WIN/1981  31 Dec 1813

War Office circular on report forms for the commitment of deserters  WIN/1982  2 Nov 1819

War Office notification to George Tilden, esq, that orders will be given for the removal of James Young, a deserter from the 50th Regiment of Foot, and requesting particulars of the evidence against him  WIN/1983  11 Nov 1819

War Office request for early reply to WIN/1983  WIN/1984  3 Dec 1819

War Office to George Stace, esq, querying whether the magistrates impute Young's escape to the negligence of the gaoler  WIN/1985  31 Dec 1819

French Prisoners  [no ref. or date]

Circular concerning arrangements to be made in the event of the escape of a prisoner  WIN/1986  20 Jan 1812

Examinations for settlement of Militia-men quartered in Winchelsea  [no ref. or date]

Robert Jones, of Fisherton Anger in Wiltshire, a sergeant in Captain Read's company of the Wiltshire regiment  WIN/1987  16 Jul 1793

Thomas Moon of Trowbridge in Wiltshire, substitute for George Sweetland of Westby, sawyer, a private in Lieutenant Colonel Montague's company of the Wiltshire regiment  WIN/1988  16 Jul 1793

Richard Jones of Chilton in Wiltshire, substitute for Joseph Orchet of Arbourn in Wiltshire, farmer, a private in Captain Read's company of the Wiltshire regiment  WIN/1989  16 Jul 1793

John Prichard of Walcot in Somerset, sergeant in Lieutenant-Colonel Montague's company of the Wiltshire regiment, formerly servant to the Dean of Ossory in Walcot  WIN/1990  16 Jul 1793

William Collins of Winterslow in Wiltshire, sergeant in Lieutenant-Colonel Montague's company of the Wiltshire regiment  WIN/1991  16 Jul 1793

Thomas Dicke of Bradford in Wiltshire, sergeant in Captain Read's company of the Wiltshire regiment  WIN/1992  16 Jul 1793

John Sims of Wilton in Wiltshire, substitute for David Chalk of Downton in Wiltshire, dairyman, a private in Captain Read's company of the Wiltshire regiment  WIN/1993  16 Jul 1793

Stephen Newman of Downton in Wiltshire, substitute for Samuel Brown of Downton in Wiltshire, weaver, a private in Captain Read's company of the Wiltshire regiment  WIN/1994  16 Jul 1793

James Hayes of Newton in Wiltshire, substitute for John Andrews of Overton in Wiltshire, carrier, a private in Captain Read's company of the Wiltshire regiment  WIN/1995  16 Jul 1793

Samuel Morris of Stratford under the Castle in Wiltshire, substitute for [blank] Eldridge of Downton in Wiltshire, tanner, a private in Lieutenant-Colonel Montague's company of the Wiltshire regiment  WIN/1996  16 Jul 1793

Thomas Salt of Claines in Worcestershire, sergeant in the 1st regiment of the Worcester Militia  WIN/1997  30 Sep 1798

Copy examination of George Haslop of Cripplegate in London, a private in Captain Trant's company of the Royal Staff Corps  WIN/1998  27 Mar 1815

Copy examination of Charles Watts of Inkpen in Berkshire, a private in Captain Trant's company of the Royal Staff Corps  WIN/1999  27 Mar 1815

Informations  [no ref. or date]

William Hunt, overseer, that William Higgins, a private in Captain Giffard's company of the 11th Royal Veteran battalion, refuses to be examined as to his settlement unless he is paid  WIN/2000  14 Jul 1810

Certificates  [no ref. or date]

Daniel Gill, commanding officer of the company of Rye Cinque Ports Volunteer Artillery serving in Rye, that Luke Ledbiter of Winchelsea, labourer, is a member of the company  WIN/2001  28 Jun 1809

Richard Walker, overseer of Iden, that Thomas Watson has been set down in the Militia list for Iden  WIN/2002  [c1810]

Pensioners  [no ref. or date]

Examination of James Rayland of Winchelsea, formerly a private in Lord Frederick Cavendish's 34th Regiment of Foot, and admitted as an out-pensioner of Chelsea College, aged 50, on 15 Sep 1763  WIN/2003  [c1780]

Rough notes on the examination of Henry Burkenstock of Amsterdam, Holland, formerly of the 20th Regiment of Light Dragoons, discharged 'about nine years ago' from the 11th Veteran battalion  WIN/2004  [c1800]

Soldiers' wives  [no ref. or date]

Blank printed form of the oath taken by a private's wife to obtain relief  WIN/2005  1810

War Office advertisement on the procedure for dealing with women pretending to be the wives or widows of soldiers  WIN/2006  6 Apr 1815

Letter from the War Office to the chief magistrate on the procedure for dealing with requests for allowances  WIN/2007  8 Apr 1815

Blank printed JP's order for the payment of allowances to soldiers' wives  WIN/2008  [c1800]

Blank form as WIN/2008 for a Kent JP, with the form of application for reimbursement  WIN/2009  [c1800]

Miscellaneous  [no ref. or date]

Schedule of livestock and produce in an un-named parish  WIN/2010  [c1803]

Printed extracts from the Act of 1813 (53 Geo III c17) relating to the extension of furloughs  WIN/2011  [1813]

Related information: See also WIN/2032

Aliens  [no ref. or date]

Blank printed form of declaration to be completed by an alien; 179[blank]  WIN/2012-2013  [n.d.]

Blank provisional licence for an alien to reside in Great Britain; 179[blank]  WIN/2014-2015  [n.d.]

The Alien's, or Foreigner's Guide; intended as a key to the regulations established by the Aliens Act of 1803; printed by Harper and Co, Crane Court, Fleet Street, London: price 2s 6d  WIN/2016  1806

Circular from Whitehall concerning the residence of aliens in the British Isles without a licence  WIN/2017  1 Jan 1812

Navy  [no ref. or date]

Notice that the constables of Rye are instructed to attend at the Court Hall on 30 May to receive warrants for apprehending men coming within the provisions of the Navy Act, 1795 (35 Geo III,c121)  WIN/2018  25 May 1795

Proceedings of the Petty Sessions held at Winchelsea to execute the Navy Act  WIN/2019  26 May 1795-23 Jun 1795

Precept to the constables to attend the next Petty Sessions at Winchelsea  WIN/2020  26 May 1795

Letter from Evan Nepean, Admiralty Office, to Thomas Martin, mayor, that Captain Ballard will attend the Petty Sessions to receive the men balloted  WIN/2021  27 May 1795

Warrant to the constables of Winchelsea to apprehend disorderly persons to serve in the Navy  WIN/2022  1 Jun 1795

Notice of the next Petty Sessions at Winchelsea to levy men for the Navy; [blank]  WIN/2023  1795

Letter from William Stringer, New Romney to Henry Butler the younger, town clerk, Winchelsea, requesting information of 'the particulars of your charges as allowed by the customs in the case of a conviction, where the person is liable to and is sent to serve in the Navy as well as in the case where the party is not fit for the Navy and proceeded against for the penalty'  WIN/2024  17 Jul 1823

Rough notes on the act  WIN/2025  [c1795]

Customs and Excise  [no ref. or date]

Related information: See also WIN/283-284

Deposition of Thomas Hill of Winchelsea, officer of excise, that he suspects that 'run goods' are concealed in the house of John Daniels of Winchelsea  WIN/2026  20 Aug 1814

Deposition of Thomas Hill of Winchelsea, officer of excise, that he suspects that 'run goods' are concealed in the house of Henry Buttonshaw of Winchelsea  WIN/2027  25 Feb 1815

Copy letter from John Boyers, Excise Office, London, incorpating the report of P W Mayow, solicitor to the revenue, on the case of William Leonard and Joseph Tree  WIN/2028  4 Jul 1818

Report of William Watson, collector, and William Procter, comptroller, Customs House, Rye, to the grand jury on the escape from Winchelsea gaol of Pierre Joseph Kasier, a Frenchman, committed for an offence against the revenue laws  WIN/2029  7 Oct 1820

Information of Thomas Sylvester Keene, keeper of the Winchelsea gaol, that on 8 Apr 1822 Thomas Warden, who was committed for an offence against the revenue laws, escaped from the gaol  WIN/2030  13 May 1822

Deposition of William Granger of Brede Hill in Brede, officer of excise, that he suspects that 'run goods' are concealed in the house of Henry Buttenshaw of Winchelsea  WIN/2031  14 May 1824

Printed extracts from the Acts of 1814 (54 Geo III, c 25 and c31) concerning licensing and the extension of furlough  WIN/2032  [1813]

Related information: See also WIN/2011

Property  [no ref. or date]

Corporation estates  [no ref. or date]

Articles of agreement between Winchelsea Corporation and John Porter of Icklesham, gent; beasts or cattle of either party impounded for trespassing on the corporation land or on land occupied by John Porter to be returned on the request of the owner; Witness(es): William Thorpe, William Whitfeld, John Holman, Robert Pope, Richard Marten, Richard Philpott, Thomas Hyder  WIN/2033  15 Sep 1652

Lease for 50 years at 6d; Winchelsea Corporation to Arnold Nesbitt of West Wickham in Kent, esq; Witnesses: Thomas Holford, H[enry] Waterman  WIN/2034  3 Oct 1775

Parcel of land, part of the Court Hall platt, 91 ft W to E and 8 ft from N to S (E, N: a messuage and garden of AN)

Order of the corporation to Richard Stileman, esq, to restore their land taken into Mondays Market in RS's occupation to its former state, to remove the hedge set up there, and to restore their land near Newgate, and the part of the building called Newgate taken into other land in his occupation, and to remove the fence set up there  WIN/2035  4 Apr 1820

Counterpart lease for 500 years at 4s; Winchelsea Corporation to Josiah Boots, carpenter; Witnesses: John Woollett, Weeden Dawes  WIN/2036  15 Apr 1811

Parcel of land, 97 ft on the N and S, 6 ft on W, 2 ft on the E (S: a street; W: lands of the corporation; N: lands of Edward Jeakens; E: lands let as WIN/2036A)
Reserved: all rights of passage to the land, and right of JB to remove any building or erection at the end of the term

Counterpart lease for 500 years at 2s 6d; Winchelsea Corporation to Nathaniel Bragg, thatcher; Witnesses: John Woollett, Weeden Dawes  WIN/2036A  15 Apr 1811

Piece of ground, 50 ft on N and S, 20 ft on E and 28 ft on W, occupied by NB (S: the street; W: land let by WIN/2036; N: NB's land, late Edward Jeakens; E: land let to [William Henry Vane], Earl of Darlington)
Reserved: all rights of passage to the land, and right of NB to remove any building or erection at the end of the term

Counterpart lease for 500 years at 6d; Winchelsea Corporation to Richard Stileman, esq; Witnesses: William Bennett, servant to Richard Stileman, Henry Butler, clerk to H[enry] P[earch] Butler of Rye, solicitor  WIN/2037  19 Apr 1824

Parcel of land (plan), 214 ft 6 inches on the E and W and 13 ft on the S and running off to a point on the N (E: Squires Field being the 28th quarter and now part of Monday's Market and occupied by RS; W: road; N: hedge dividing the road and Monday's Market; S: the parish pound)
Right to fell or grub up any trees

Counterpart lease for 99 years at £3; Winchelsea Corporation to William Harry Vane, Marquess of Cleveland; Witness(es): John Story  WIN/2037A  16 Jul 1831

Piece of ground (plan), 133 ft on N, 139 ft on S, 126 ft on W, 108 ft on E (N: property of the devisees of Richard Denne, esq, and on a house belonging to [blank] Hope of Tenterden in Kent; S: road; E: WHV's stables; W: WHV's premises)

Draft notice that persons encroaching on corporation property or taking away soil will be prosecuted; [Henry] Waterman, town clerk  WIN/2038  [c1795]

Draft report of the deputy mayor requesting an order for cutting the underwood on a piece of the corporation's woodland (¼a), near Newgate Field, which is in decay, with draft order for the sale of the underwood and a report on the sale of the land  WIN/2039  [25 Mar 1799]

Related information: For further papers, including a plan, see WIN/2050

Deeds of properties in Winchelsea  [no ref. or date]

Fragment of copy of the grant by Charles II to Edward Guldeford, esq, of the manor of Iham with appurtenances, the office of bailiff of Winchelsea, the creek called the Camber or Wainway, Camber Marsh, Salts and Beach, the creek called The Puddle and the advowsons of Winchelsea St Thomas and St Giles, all granted to Henry Guldeford, kt, 10 Apr 1610, and of property granted to Richard Guldeford, kt, 6 Oct 1486 and 17 Jan 1506  WIN/2040  [8 Jan 1663]

Brief extracts from WIN/2040, with case for counsel's opinion whether it allows EG's heir Sir Robert Guldeford, who has embanked areas where the tide used to flow, to continue to inn land to the prejudice of the Harbour of Rye  WIN/2041  [c1680]

Grant of rents; Geoffrey atte Pyrye and his wife Denise to John, son of William Longe; Witnesses: John Alard, one time mayor of Winchelsea, Reginald Alard, Henry Finch, Robert Alard, James de Home, Robert Bataille, Thomas de Maydestan  WIN/2042  26 Dec 1326

Seals: three on tags, brown wax, including the seal of Winchelsea

1 annual rent of 4s 0d from a tenement held by John Blakeman of Northeren (W: road; E: the land of John Stroyll and John atte Cherche; S: tenements of Walter Chapman; N: the tenements of Goda and Isabella Pethon)
2 annual rent of 1s 5d from a tenement held by Nicholas Couper (W: road; E: land of John Malerbe; N: tenement of Goda and Isabella Pethon; S: the tenements of the heirs of Roger Bullok)

Grant of an obit; The warden and brothers of the convent of Friars Minor in Winchelsea, with the licence and assent of Brother Vincent Boys, their minister in England, to Vincent Vynch and his wife Isabella  WIN/2043  15 Aug 1413

Seals: 1 missing; 2 on a tag, red wax, being the remains of the seal of the provincial minister with the inscription [S. MI]NIST[ER]: FR[ATRU]M: MI[N]ORU[M]: PROVI[N]CIE: ANGLIE], showing the martyrdom of St Thomas a Becket; 3 missing.

Related information: This document is referred to in A G Little, Franciscan Papers, Lists and Documents (Manchester, 1943), pp 119, 215. For the seal see Little (ed), Franciscan History and Legend in English Mediaeval Art, Brit Soc Franciscan Studies 19 (1937) p 84. The document was sold at Sotheby's, 30 Jun 1936, lot 458; for other documents from the same sale, see note to AMS 5789/44.

The brother celebrating the mass of the Virgin at the high altar shall pray (prayers specified) for their good estate while they live, and their souls after their death, and the souls of their forbears. Their obit will be celebrated every year after their death, saying on the vigil the exequies of the dead, and on the morrow the mass of requiem. Their names shall be written in the gilt book of the convent amongst the chief benefactors, mentioned every week in chapter before the brothers and inserted in the margin of the missal at the canon or next to the remembrance of the living. That this charter be read every year at the chapter.
Dated at a provincial chapter held at Shrewsbury
Endorsed: 1069; 458; Phillipps 31734

Grant of rent; Nicholas Williamson of Winchelsea and his wife Maud to William Bukherst and Gervase Holden  WIN/2044  21 May 1461

Seal: a flower

1 annual rent of 5s 0d from the cottage of William Sharpe and his wife Collet, formerly the wife of John Larke
2 annual rent of 6s 0d from the cottage where John Alborne lives, formerly held by William Sullard [?] and his wife Margery
Witnesses: Robert Basele, mayor, Thomas Thundyr, Simon Farnecombe, Henry Fysshere and John Rodys, common clerk

Other Estates  [no ref. or date]

Unexecuted bond in £200 to perform covenants  WIN/2045  27 Jun 1584

Henry Pecke of Winchelsea and John Pecke of Peasemarsh, gent, to Robert Ashenden of Northgate near Canterbury in Kent, yeoman, and Richard Ashenden of Ripe, yeoman
Title of two pieces of fresh marsh (20a) in Padiham Marsh in Icklesham, conveyed by HP to RA and RA the same day

Draft Exchequer bill; Francis Boulton of Rye, gent, to William Cecil, kt, Lord Burghley, Lord Treasurer, Roger Manwood, kt, Lord Chief Baron and the other barons of the exchequer  WIN/2046  [1591]

Related information: For the dispute of Robert Poole, rector of Winchelsea, and the men of Winchelsea over tithes, see WSRO Ep II/5/5 f317, Ep II/5/6 f58, 85 and WIN/54, fo 116r and many subsequent entries.

For the recovery of the rectory and tithes of Winchelsea St Leonard and three rods of land in Petty Iham against Robert Poule of Winchelsea, clerk
Recites: grant of the property, occupied by FB and Philip Durrant, by the crown to William Typper and Robert Dawe of London, gents, to be held in socage of the manor of East Greenwich by a rent of 2s 0d, 25 Feb 1590; grant by Typper and Dawe to FB, 18 May 1590; wrongful entry by Robert Poule of Winchelsea, clerk, who has taken tithes and other payments and begun suits in the ecclesiastical court against those refusing to pay
Drawn by E[dmund] Pelham; the document is extensively annotated, recasting it as a Chancery bill addressed to Christopher Hatton, Lord Chancellor, who died in November 1591

Assignment of mortgage for £14; Thomas Avan of Battle, yeoman, and his wife Mary to Thomas Westmor of Icklesham, yeoman  WIN/2047  15 May 1678

Messuage, with buildings, gardens, backsides and all appurtenances, lying in the sixth quarter of Winchelsea, and formerly in the occupation of George Bredman and his assigns (W road; N: lands late James Batcheler, gent; E: road; S: lands then or late Thomas Greenefeild gent, and lands then or late of Michael Holman)
Recites: mortgage by George Bredman, yeoman (since deceased) to Mary Wells of Icklesham, spinster, now MA; 13 May 1665
Witnesses: John Kennard, Samuel Jeake the elder, Samuel Jeake the younger

Counterpart lease for 7 years at £20; John Edward Wilson, clerk, and his wife Ann, to Thomas Marten, yeoman  WIN/2048  24 Sep 1757

1 Messuage with malthouse, stables, yards gardens, and two acres land occupied by JEW, before Edward Odiarne, deceased
2 Messuage adjoining, now in occupation of John Cogger. Reserves right of ingress and egress to JEW, who covenants to lay a new middle floor in the malthouse; TM to be responsible for all glass and glazing.
Witnesses: Ann Burwash, R[ichard] Butler

Valuation of the lands and houses of Richard Barwell, esq, late Richard Bard Harcourt, esq, and the land of John Nesbett, esq, in the town and parish of Winchelsea  WIN/2049  7 Mar 1803

Naming occupiers, made by Christopher Hoad, by the order of Thomas Marten the elder, esq

Rough description of a piece of woodland late in the possession of the mayor, jurats and commonalty, and now of Richard Barwell  WIN/2050  [25 Mar 1799]

Related information: For an order for the sale of the underwood on this land, see WIN/2039; for an order of Quarter Sessions relating to the diversion of a footpath on the land, see WIN/2053

(E: a field of Richard Barwell called Coneyfield; W: the Newgate; N: road to Pett; S: the brook by the side of the road or lane leading to the land called Inings belonging to William Ashburnham, bart), and of Barwell's land called Cherry Garden and Two Acre Field
Endorsed: sketch-plan of the land, showing Monday Market

Copy of a minute of an assembly that Edwin Wardroper is to treat with William Belchier, lord of the manor of Iham otherwise Higham, on the sale of the estate to [Charles Wyndham], Lord Egremont, to pay £104 15s 7¼ owed to him for 9½ years' town rents (withheld on account of his tenants having stopped up the road from Winchelsea to the sea and charged tolls), deducting a suitable allowance for the obstruction of the road for the past nine years by his tenants; extracted from Book 9 f90, 29 Jul 1768; endorsed: No 33  WIN/2051  1 Jun 1762

Copy of a minute of an assembly granting permission to Captain Nathaniel Pigram to put up a gate and fence at the corner of his Cerry [Cherry] Garden across the lane leading to the Friars and to enclose the lane 18 rods in length and 1 rod in breath reserving the usual passage way; a lease for 40 years to be signed; extracted from Book 9 f96, 29 Jul 1768; endorsed: No 37  WIN/2052  14 Nov 1763

Quarter Sessions order to divert a footway leading from a lane or road from Winchelsea to a messuage and lands called Friars belonging to Richard Barwell, through a field called Mondays Market, into a road from Winchelsea to Pett and Icklesham, through the field of Richard Barwell and John Nesbitt called Two Acres, in the occupation of George Stace  WIN/2053  1 Jul 1800

Plan annexed

Correspondence  [no ref. or date]

Letters testimonial of the mayor, jurats and commonalty of Winchelsea  WIN/2054  26 Sep 1570

Seal: Red wax, on tongue, fragmentary Seal of New Winchelsea

Related information: In 1716 this property, lying in the 38th and 39th quarters, belonged to John Caryll esq, and in 1850 to Sir William Ashburnham: see Cooper, pp 153, 230, 231 and 235 and also VCH Sussex, 2, p 107

To their knowledge there was no house, chapel or hospital called Holy Cross or Holy Rood House other than that now occupied by Thomas Guyldeforde of Hempsted in Kent, esq, or his farmers and before him by Sir Edward and Sir John Guyldeforde, kts, for the space of fifty years or more.
They also declare that they have seen in records more than 100 years old the words 'Domus Sancte Crucis in Winchelsea' but further they cannot say.

Circular letter from H[enry] Hobhouse on behalf of Robert Peel, Secretary of State, requesting details of courts for the recovery of debts, with draft reply  WIN/2055  14 Mar, 9 Apr 1823

Letter from William Selle, bodar of Dover Castle, to the town clerk of Winchelsea, incorporating a warrant concerning exchequer returns of 6 Nov 1823  WIN/2056  6 Nov 1823

Papers in Southerden v Powell and other in King's Bench concerning the jurisdiction of Winchelsea in the parish of Broomhill  [no ref. or date]

The dispute arose from the levying of the first county rate in Winchelsea in 1822; for the background, see note preceding WIN 1557. The owners and occupiers of land in Broomhill refused to pay the rate, claiming that the land was part of the liberty of New Romney. A distraint was taken on Samuel Southerden of Camber Farm, the overseer of Broomhill, who responded by bringing an action on a writ of latitat in King's Bench against the three magistrates who had signed the distress warrant.
These papers consist of correspondence (WIN/2057-2093, WIN/2102-2104, not in date order) case-papers and opinions (WIN/2094-2101, WIN/2105) and a map of the disputed area (WIN/2106).

Correspondence of Henry Pearch Butler, town clerk, and Henry Powell, JP, with Samuel Selmes (for the landowners and occupiers), William Stringer (town clerk of New Romney), W V Clarke, Holborn Court, Grays Inn (London agent), Thomas Cooper Langford, Udimore (for the occupiers), Samuel Southerden of Camber, William Brougham, on circuit at Newcastle and Lancaster (counsel), Thomas Pain, Dover, Henry Brignall of Broomhill (proof regarding boundaries of liberties of Winchelsea and New Romney), G B Wharton and Ford, 62 Lincoln's Inn Fields, William Ashburnham, Broomham [in Guestling]  WIN/2057-2093  Nov 1822 - Nov 1823

Draft for WIN/2100  WIN/2094  [Apr 1823]

Draft for WIN/2101  WIN/2095  [Oct 1823]

Memorandum [by Henry Pearch Butler] of letters written  WIN/2096  [1823]

Draft copy distress warrant against Samuel Southerden, settled by Richard Ogle for Mr Holroyd of counsel, Inner Temple  WIN/2097  27 Mar 1823

Draft for WIN/2097  WIN/2098  Mar 1823

Instructions of [Henry] Powell to [Walter] Fuller and [Henry Pearch] Butler for the collection of evidence from smugglers and others concerning the boundary between Kent and Sussex  WIN/2099  [1823]

Case on the proposed distraint on the overseer of Broomhill [Samuel Southerden] and the legality of the application of the rate to expenditure incurred before it was set  WIN/2100  1823

Recites the need to repair Winchelsea Gaol on account of the number of smugglers apprehended since the introduction of the Blockade Service; drawn by W[illiam] West, 7 Holborn Court, Gray's Inn for H[enry] P[earch] Butler, town clerk; with the opinion of William Brougham, Lincoln's Inn, 24 Apr 1823

Further case as WIN/2100 since the distraint on Samuel Southerden and the commencement of his action by writ of latitat  WIN/2101  1823

Drawn by Wharton & Ford, 62 Lincoln's Inn Fields; with the opinion of William Brougham, Lincoln's Inn, 27 Oct 1823

Copy letter from H[enry] P[earch] Butler, Rye, to Samuel Southerden the elder, Camber, requesting his appearance at a Quarter Sessions on 14 Jan, with a note of his appearance  WIN/2102  11 Jan 1823

Letter from Henry Powell, Winchelsea, to H[enry Pearch] Butler, solicitor, Rye, concerning Southerden's attendance  WIN/2103  29 Nov [1822]

Letter from H[enry] P[earch] Butler, Rye, to Henry Powell, esq, Winchelsea, enclosing a copy of a letter sent to Samuel Southerden the elder, farmer and grazier, Camber, concerning his failure to appear to a previous summons  WIN/2104  28 Nov 1822

Order of Winchelsea Quarter Sessions setting a rate to raise £300 for the repair of bridges and the gaol, the relief of prisoners, the salaries of the gaoler and treasurer, the coroner's fees, the charges concerning vagrants, soldiers, carriages and for convicting and transporting felons  WIN/2105  [14 Jan 1823]

Sketch-map of land in Broomhill owned by [Samuel] Southerden  WIN/2106  [1823]

Copied from a map made by Jared Hill of Canterbury in 1723, the map owned [in 1823] by Messrs Snoad of Brookland in Kent and in the possession of Messrs Dawes & Co of Rye, solicitors

Letters from Wharton and Ford, 64 Lincoln's Inn Fields, London, solicitors, to Henry Powell, deputy mayor, Winchelsea: death of Powell's son in Canada; information against [Isaac] Hearnden (for which see WIN/285-289), charge of riot against [George] Stace and others  WIN/2108-2121  Apr 1826 - Feb 1827

Letters to Henry Powell, deputy mayor, Winchelsea, from Alexander Tulloch, London (mayor of Winchelsea), J E Wright, Sandgate and Thomas Procter, Rye: the Hearnden case (for which see WIN/285-289), the election of [William] Lipscombe [as a freeman] and the request of Col Jenkinson for impressions of the seals of the ports  WIN/2122-2128  May 1826 - Oct 1826

Letter from [Samuel M] Phillips, on behalf of the Secretary of State, requesting the amount of assessed taxes for 1830-1831, with draft reply  WIN/2129-2130  Nov 1831

Related information: For the correspondence from which this is a stray, see WIN/477-481

Request on behalf of Sir George Grey, Secretary of State, for returns of accounts for 1850-1851 under the Act of 1836 (6 and 7 Wm 4, c104, s10) with draft reply from Walter Fuller, treasurer, that Winchelsea is not within the provisions of the act  WIN/2131-2132  25, 28 Mar 1851

Letter from Henry Irving, Winchelsea, to [Joseph] Harker, [set-builder], concerning adjustments to the set in Act 1 scene 3 of [King Lear]  WIN/2133  7 Sep 1892

Lyceum Theatre notepaper

Transcript of WIN/2133  WIN/2134  [1953]

Related information: See WIN/2139

Letter from Miss E Jessica Lewis, 7 Church Farm Lane, Cheam, Surrey, to the town clerk, enclosing a cast of the seal of Winchelsea in the British Museum for deposit at the town hall  WIN/2135  10 Apr 1947

Letter from William Maclean Homan, Friars Road, Winchelsea, to Mr [John] Knox [mayor of Winchelsea], concerning colour-schemes in the court hall  WIN/2136  9 Jun 1949

Letter from William Maclean Homan, Friars Road, Winchelsea, to Mr [John] Knox, concerning a book of town [and king's] rents formerly owned by [William] Lucas Shadwell [WIN/622] which 'is an interesting addition to the town's documents'  WIN/2137  21 Jun 1949

Typescript transcript of letter from [Richard] Patrick, Winchelsea to [John] Collier, reporting the fracas at the election of Mr Martin as mayor  WIN/2138  24 Apr 1753

Related information: From Sayer (ed), The Correspondence of Mr John Collier (1907) 2 108-9

Letter from Laurence [blank], The Lea, Wittersham in Kent to 'Joe', encosing a transcript (WIN/2134) of a letter from Henry Irving (WIN/2133), with an explanation of its references  WIN/2139  31 Dec 1953

Description of the seal of Winchelsea on Egerton Charter 396 from the catalogue of seals in the British Museum  WIN/2140  [c1890]

Correspondence concerning general petitions  [no ref. or date]

Letter from Worrall, town clerk of Bristol, seeking support for their opposition to the Bristol Gaol Bill, with printed case  WIN/2141-2142  6 May 1816

Printed letter from Collin & Smart, Sunderland, enclosing the text of a petition to the House of Commons by the proprietors of collieries on the River Wear, coal-fitters and ship-owners of the port of Sunderland, co Durham, and others interested in the trade of the port, for a repeal or reduction of the duty on seaborne coal  WIN/2143  10 Mar 1819

Printed letter from Abraham Henly, Calne [in Wiltshire], to the churchwardens of Winchelsea, incorprating the resolutions of a meeting of tradesmen and inhabitants supporting the bill for the recovery of small debts  WIN/2144  22 Mar 1824

Printed 'Plan to establish a system of communication throughout each county' relates to a proposed reporting system for Lieutenancy business  WIN/2145  [c1790]

Loyal Addresses  [no ref. or date]

Related information: Further documents, and the reply to WIN/2150, are to be found in WIN/616/1.

Copy of an assembly minute to send an address to George III on the occasion of his marriage  WIN/2146  3 Nov 1761

Extracted from Book 9 fo 88, 29 Jul 1768 endorsed: No 31

Draft address to the king on his 'Escape from the late outrage'  WIN/2147  16 Nov 1795

Written on a sheet forming part of the papers in the action Mercer Durrant, gent v William Boys, esq, and John Burgis in the Court of King's Bench, Nov 1795

Reply on behalf of the queen to a loyal address on the occasion of the death of [her daughter] Princess Alice, Grand Duchess of Hesse  WIN/2148  15 Jan 1879

Reply by Queen Caroline to a loyal address, with transcript  WIN/2149  [Aug 1820]

Draft and copy address of condolence to the queen and the Duchess of Albany on the death of HRH the Duke of Albany  WIN/2150  14 Apr 1884

Winchelsea Gaol  [no ref. or date]

Gaol description-book, giving name, offence, date of commitment, term and description of prisoner  WIN/2151  1828-1886

Account-book of gaoler's expenditure and allowances; includes annual lists of prisoners with date of committal  WIN/2151A  1828-1869, 1874

Parish Records - overseers of the poor  [no ref. or date]

Related information: For a list of parish records deposited by the incumbent and PCC, see PAR 511

Rates  [no ref. or date]

Rate to defray a militia assessment  WIN/2152  28 Jan 1663

Poor rate assessment  WIN/2153  May 1762

Poor rate assessment  WIN/2154  Dec 1762

Copy poor rate assessment, May 1764; copied from the overseers' accounts  WIN/2155  23 Feb 1769

Draft return to questions on the relief of the poor under the Act of 1776  WIN/2156  8 Oct 1776

Informations of refusal to pay rates  [no ref. or date]

John Woods, overseer against Thomas Skinner, labourer  WIN/2157  12 Jul 1822

John Woods, overseer, against Ann Davis, widow  WIN/2158  12 Jul 1822

John Woods overseer, against Thomas Morris, labourer  WIN/2159  12 Jul 1822

John Woods, overseer, against George Barden, labourer  WIN/2160  12 Jul 1822

Charles Arnett, assistant overseer, against George Barden, James Baker and Thomas Skinner  WIN/2161  7 Nov 1823

Joseph Biggs, overseer, against Thomas Pannell  WIN/2162  7 Nov 1823

Summons to appear before the justices for refusal to pay rates  [no ref. or date]

William Miles to appear at the house of William George Harrod, bearing the sign of the New Inn  WIN/2163  13 Nov 1815

William Chasmar to appear at the Guildhall  WIN/2164  15 Apr 1822

William Woodhams the elder of Udimore to appear at the Guildhall  WIN/2165  15 Apr 1822

Accounts  [no ref. or date]

Related information: For the removal order in this case, see WIN/2189

Vouchers of the overseers of Rochester for expenses at the King's Head, Rochester, and the King's Head, Staplehurst  WIN/2166-2170  [1780]

Authority of the overseers of Rochester St Nicholas in Kent to the overseers of Winchelsea to sell the property remaining at Winchelsea of Robert Haffenden, late of Winchelsea, in trust for the parish of St Nicholas  WIN/2171  15 Dec 1780

Settlement examinations  [no ref. or date]

Elizabeth Gilham, single woman; father George Gilham an inhabitant of Fletching  WIN/2172  30 Nov 1775

William Williams, a sojourner, born at Enford in Wiltshire  WIN/2173  13 Dec 1779

David Howell, born at Letterson in Pembrokeshire  WIN/2174  3 Jul 1787

John Stevenson, born at Tonbridge in Kent  WIN/2175  19 Jun 1792

John Stevenson  WIN/2176  2 Oct 1792

Sarah Sargant, born at Icklesham  WIN/2177  6 Mar 1798

Thomas Tickner, labourer, and daughter Philadelphia; draft  WIN/2178  [c1810]

Richard Bailey, 67, shoemaker, born at Icklesham; (wmk 1818)  WIN/2179-2180  [c1820]

Patience Etherden otherwise Sherwood, 15, born at Sandhurst in Kent  WIN/2181  [c1820]

Richard Unicum, 32, born at Cranbrook in Kent; (wmk 1822)  WIN/2182  [c1825]

Mrs Fawton  WIN/2183  [c1825]

Elizabeth Ore, widow, born at Winchelsea; endorsed with a draft letter from Thomas Martin, deputy mayor, to Commander Coffin at Sheerness in Kent, chamberlain, requesting his attendance at the Easter Monday court on 19 April  WIN/2184  [1802]

Warrant to commit Thomas Bromley to the gaol for his refusal to answer as to his settlement  WIN/2185  19 Jan 1778

Warrant to commit Harry Austin to the gaol for his refusal to answer as to his settlement  WIN/2186  11 Jan 1791

Blank warrant to apprehend a pauper for refusal to answer as to her last legal place of settlement; 179[blank]  WIN/2187  1790s

Case for counsel's opinion on the settlement of John Stevenson, illegitimate son of a Winchelsea freeman [Arnold Nesbit: see SAC 129 191], with opinion and covering note of Edward Jeremiah Curteis, Inner Temple  WIN/2188  2 Jul 1792

Removal orders from the parish  [no ref. or date]

Draft removing Robert Haffenden, wife Mary and children Elizabeth and John to Rochester St Nicholas, Kent; according to a settlement certificate of 21 May 1778  WIN/2189  Dec 1780

Related information: For accounts in this case, see WIN/2166-2171

John Stevenson, wife Elizabeth and children Joseph (2) and John (11m) to St James, Golden Square, Middlesex  WIN/2190  1790

John Pearce to Littleborne in Kent  WIN/2191  12 Dec 1820

Abraham Morris, wife Hannah and child Abraham to Fairlight  WIN/2192  12 Dec 1820

Esther, wife of John Scott and two children to Gainford, co Durham  WIN/2193-2195  31 May 1822

Esther wife of John Scott and two children to Startforth, Yorkshire North Riding  WIN/2196  28 Jun 1822

Notice by the churchwardens and overseers of Crowhurst that they intend to appeal against the removal of Mary Strutten to their parish  WIN/2198  6 Jan 1779

Notice by the churchwardens and overseers of Winchelsea St Thomas that they will require the evidence of Mary Strutten in the forthcoming appeal  WIN/2199  9 Jan 1779

Copy order of Sussex Quarter Sessions quashing the removal of William Summers, wife Jane and daughters Mary (6) and Catherine (1¼) to Calne in Wiltshire  WIN/2200  7 Oct 1779

Apprenticeship bonds and indentures  [no ref. or date]

John Standen of Iden, tailor, to Paul Wymond the younger of Winchelsea, grazier, and George Mathew of Winchelsea, tanner, in £5, for apprenticing William Breadman, son of Richard Breadman of Winchelsea late deceased; consideration: £2; Witness(es): Paul Wymond the elder, John Collyns and Thomas Fray, churchwardens  WIN/2201  3 Jul 1617

John Tookey, husbandman, to John Coppin, husbandman, Paul Wymond the younger, grazier, and George Mathews, tanner, all of Winchelsea, in £10, for apprenticing JC's daughter Katherine Coppin; consideration: £7; Witness(es): Paul Wymond the elder, John Collyns and Jeremy Talhurst  WIN/2202  20 Jul 1617

Peter Clarke of Brede, tinker, and John Coppyn of Winchelsea, with the consent of George Sampson and John Standen, churchwardens, and John Pettit and Robert Hayward, overseers; JC to be apprenticed to PC; consideration: £3; Witness(es): Robert Boteler, Thomas Walwyn  WIN/2203  30 Dec 1625

John Goble of Udimore, husbandman, and his wife Ellen, and Katherine 'poor daughter' of Elizabeth Wood, late of Winchelsea, widow; KW to be apprenticed to JG and EG; Witness(es): Paul Wymond, William Thorpe, Thomas Harnett (churchwarden) and John Millword (overseer)  WIN/2204  19 Nov 1634

Samuel Bates and John Hoade, churchwardens of Icklesham, and William Morley and Thomas Coldgate, overseers, apprentice William Dengate aged 10, a poor child of the parish, to Peter Nouaille and Co of London, merchants; consideration: £4; unexecuted  WIN/2205  5 May 1770

'Mr Poreau agrees to pay Richard Dengate eleven pounds on George Dengate being assigned by the Manufactory Gents as an Apprentice to the said Richard Dengate and the said Richard Dengate for that sum agrees to take the said George Dengate apprentice accordingly'; Witness(es): Jeremiah Curteis; endorsed: receipt for £11, RD to Mr Poreau; Witness(es): H[enry] Waterman; 11 Apr 1772  WIN/2206  11 Jul 1770

Bastardy Records  [no ref. or date]

Examinations  [no ref. or date]

Blank examination form; 177[blank]  WIN/2207  1770s

Examination of Sarah Barden, daughter of William Barden of Icklesham, labourer, as to her place of settlement, and stating that William Blackman of Icklesham, farmer, is the father of her child; note that Henry Butler 'charges William Cornish with an assault on this examinant'  WIN/2208  1824

Warrants to apprehend putative fathers  [no ref. or date]

Thomas Foster of Icklesham, husbandman, on the information of Sarah Scate of Winchelsea, single woman; child Sarah born at Tenterden in Kent on 22 Oct 1772  WIN/2209  24 May 1773

Thomas Foster of Guestling, husbandman, on the information of Judith Perry of Guestling, singlewoman, deceased; child Judith Perry born at Guestling in May 1784  WIN/2210  6 Jul 1784

Stephen Streeter late of Woodchurch in Kent, husbandman, on the information of Mary Dew [recte Drew: see WIN/2218] of Winchelsea, single woman  WIN/2211  22 Aug 1792

Richard Samson of Tenterden in Kent, a waiter at 'The Wool Pack' on the information of Hannah Hemmings of Winchelsea, single woman; endorsed with notes on the recognizance and maintenance orders  WIN/2212  27 Nov 1792

The case of John Eagles  [no ref. or date]

Correspondence between John Woods, overseer, H[enry] P[earch] Butler (town clerk) and Henry Powell (deputy mayor) concerning the enforcement of an order of affiliation against John Eagles, butcher, 5 Sep 1815, for failure to maintain the bastard son of Mary Jenkins of Winchelsea, born at her house on 22 Jul 1815  WIN/2213-2214  22 Aug 1822

Warrant to apprehend John Eagles for disobeying the order  WIN/2215  24 Aug 1822

Copy of WIN/2215  WIN/2216  24 Aug 1822

Copy order of Petty Sessions to commit John Eagles to the House of Correction for three months' hard labour for refusing to obey the affiliation order  WIN/2217A  27 Aug 1822

Draft warrant ot the constables to commit John Eagles as WIN/2217A  WIN/2217B  27 Aug 1822

Maintenance orders  [no ref. or date]

Order to Stephen Streeter of Hunton in Kent, husbandman, and Mary Drew of Winchelsea, singlewoman, to pay respectively 2s 6d and 6d weekly towards the maintenance of their bastard son  WIN/2218  9 Apr 1793

Order to John Price, servant to Lieutenant Colonel O'Kelly of the Westminster Regiment, and Mary Coleman, to pay respectively 2s 6d and 6d weekly towards the maintenance of their bastard son  WIN/2219  12 Jan 1796

Information of John Woods, overseer, that the sum of £3 17s 6d is owing to him for the maintenance of the bastard child of Mary Ann Clarke and John Hope, late of Winchelsea  WIN/2220  16 Jul 1822

Information of William Bennett of Winchelsea, labourer, to the justices that they discharge Elizabeth Haiselden from his service as unable to serve him, because she is nursing a bastard child  WIN/2221  6 Dec 1780

Other overseers' records  [no ref. or date]

Inventory of the goods (clothes and fabric) which Christopher Mocket had in Winchelsea on 8 Sep 1569  WIN/2222  1569

Blank pass to allow a pauper to travel; 175[blank]  WIN/2223  1750s

Blank printed returns under the Act of 1776 to ascertain the population, with a covering letter from George White, House of Commons, to the town clerk  WIN/2224-2225  25 May 1776

Certificate by Drake Hollingberry, minister, William Sargent and Richard Maplesden, churchwardens, Edward Jeakins, overseer, and George Harrod, Jacob Holt, Richard Stileman, David Laurence and William Sargent the younger, inhabitants, that Charles Southerden, yeoman, is a person of good fame and sober life and conversation  WIN/2226  15 Oct 1821

Appointment of Edward Jeakins and Henry Barham as overseers  WIN/2227  1 May 1821

Appointment of Edwin Dawes as overseer  WIN/2228  9 Aug 1823

Draft bond of Charles Arnett of Iden, schoolmaster, and his trustees William Woollett of Rye, innholder and William Hunter of Rye, carrier, to the churchwardens and overseers of Winchelsea, to perform the office of assistant overseer, rate-collector and master of the workhouse, to which he was elected at a vestry on 4 Sep  WIN/2229  Sep 1823

Information of Charles Arnett, assistant overseer, that Richard Unicombe is intending to leave his family chargeable to the parish  WIN/2230  20 Feb 1824

Orders from the Poor Law Commissioners to convene a meeting of the ratepayers of Winchelsea to obtain their consent to the sale of a freehold house and garden [Winchelsea Workhouse] by the Board of Guardians of the Rye Union  WIN/2231-2232  14 Feb, 25 Jun 1840

Rough list of civil marriages, Aug 1655 - Jul 1657, and a death  WIN/2233  Sep 1656

Typescript note indicting the origin of WIN/2233 in the archives of Rye  WIN/2234  [c1950]

Parish records: Surveyors of Highways  [no ref. or date]

Order of a meeting of ratepayers nominating persons qualified to act as highway surveyors  WIN/2235  23 Sep 1822

Order of Winchelsea Quarter Sessions appointing John Edward Wright of Winchelsea, esq, as highway surveyor  WIN/2236  14 Oct 1823

Vouchers for materials, carting, tools, repairs and printing  WIN/2237  1847-1848

Poor Law  [no ref. or date]

Printed abstract of returns relative to the expense of maintaining the poor under the Act of 1803: returns for Sussex and grand totals for England and Wales  WIN/2238  1803

Letter from Phineas Kennett, Dover (on behalf of the Lord Warden) to the mayor of Winchelsea, requesting particulars of the state of the poor rates, and condition of the poor in Winchelsea, in consequence of Mr [Samuel] Whitbread's bill to amend the Poor Laws  WIN/2239  28 Feb 1807

Letter as WIN/2239 with further queries  WIN/2240  7 Mar 1807

Third report from the select committee on the poor laws; includes an appendix containing returns from the general assembly of the Church of Scotland; House of Commons  WIN/2241  26 May 1818

Report from the select committee on poor rate returns; House of Commons  WIN/2242  15 Jul 1822

Printed Acts of Parliament  [no ref. or date]

A group of printed acts of parliament and related publications. Many refer to the administration of the Land Tax and are headed Clerk to commissioners of land tax or Curteis, Woollett & Dawes, Rye.  WIN/2243-2312  c1760-1861

The whole group covers Land Tax, 1798-1817; Assessed Taxes, 1766-1825, Militia, 1798-1813; Excise, 1807-1824; Weights and Measures, 1824, 1835; Poor Relief, 1819; Highways, 1823; Gaols, 1823, 1824; Juries 1825, Industrial Schools, 1861
WIN/2245 and WIN/2246 are two copies of Observations on the explanatory act for the redemption of land tax; Bunney, Thompson & Co, Crane Court, Fleet Street; nd, [1798]; WIN/2267 is bound in a schedule of fields allowed to be tilled, formerly attached to an eleven-year lease to William Cooper; nd, [c1760]

A Collection of the Statutes Relating to the Cinque Ports; London, Printed by John Baskett, printer to the King's Most Excellent Majesty, and by the Assigns of Hills, deceas'd (bookplates of Edward Barrett Curteis and William Frederick D'Arley)  WIN/2313  1726

A Collection of the Public General Statutes, passed in the second and third years of the reign of... William the Fourth  WIN/2314  1832

Maps, Prints and Drawings  [no ref. or date]

Map of Winchelsea  WIN/2315  1763

Related information: A version of this map, redrawn and engraved for the frontispiece of W D Cooper's History of Winchelsea, 1850, is illustrated in VCH9, p 64.

'A MAP of the ANTIENT TOWN of WINCHELSEA in the County of SUSSEX taken from an Actual Measurement by order of Mr E[dwin] WARDROPER, MDCCLXIII By Charles Stephens'
Ink and colour on parchment, 26 x 32; 3 chains: one inch.
Shows the area of the ancient town as refounded by Edward I. Field-names and areas written in the plots, subsequently annotated with quarter-numbers. Principal buildings and locations keyed by letter to a table of reference below the title. The lands of Mrs Harcourt, [Charles Wyndham] Lord Egremont, Mr [Arnold] Nesbitt, Capt [Nathaniel] Pigram and Mr [Edwin] Wardroper distinguished by coloured boundaries. Buildings drawn in perspective view; streets coloured and named. The title, compass rose and a blank coat of arms are coloured and decorated with palm trees. Names of neighbouring owners shown on red and yellow ribands.

Prints  [no ref. or date]

The church of St Thomas the Apostle, Winchelsea  WIN/2316-2319  18th century

The monastery of the Grey Friars, Winchelsea  WIN/2320  18th century

The church of St Thomas the Apostle, Winchelsea  WIN/2321-2324  18th century

The monastery of the Grey Friars, Winchelsea  WIN/2325-2327  18th century

The Strand Gate, Winchelsea  WIN/2328  18th century

The monastery of the Grey Friars, Winchelsea  WIN/2329-2332  18th century

Camber Castle  WIN/2333  18th century

Interior view of the north-east gate looking towards Rye  WIN/2334  18th century

Camber Castle  WIN/2335-2336  18th century

Town gates, Winchelsea  WIN/2337-2339  18th century

Old tower, Winchelsea, 'lately destroyed 1829'  WIN/2340  18th century

Town gates, Winchelsea  WIN/2341-2343  18th century

Winchelsea from the Rye road  WIN/2344  18th century

Town House and gaol [Court Hall], Winchelsea  WIN/2345  18th century

Other records  [no ref. or date]

Account of sums due for Winchelsea's first and last ship-service, naming master, the name of the boat, the number of men and the number of days  WIN/2346  [c1390]

List of receipts from ten named persons headed "money received and spent sythence I came to Rye"; endorsed with [?expenditure] under the headings Winchelsea, Rye and Hastings  WIN/2347  [c1580]

Fragment of a list of taxation-districts in Kent, naming vill and hundred, probably a list of billets for allowances for subsidies (for which see R F Dell ed, "The Records of Rye Corporation", 77)  WIN/2348  [c1570]

Notes [by Frederic Andrew Inderwick, 1836-1904] on Samuel Jeake the elder (1623-1690), confusing him with his son Samuel Jeake the younger (1642-1699)  WIN/2349  2 May 1892

Typed transcript of the account of celebrations at Winchelsea of the peace in the Crimean War on 29 May 1856 from the Rye Chronicle and Advertiser  WIN/2350  7 Jun 1856

Notes, transcripts and translations of WIN/2042-2044  WIN/2351  1945-1958

Pencil notes on records, signed A[nthony F[reeman]  WIN/2352  [c1950]

List of documents  WIN/2353  [c1880]

Roneoed typescript of "The Pilgrimage to St James of Compostella" from Trinity College Cambridge MS R 3 19, published by EETS in 1867, sent with the compliments of W Maclean Homan, 4 Feb 1939  WIN/2354  1867

Business card of Barden & Sons Ltd, builders, decorators and undertakers, Pett Road, Fairlight, initialled by J[ohn] K[nox, mayor]  WIN/2355  [c1950]

Related information: See WIN/442 and WIN/2136

Envelope endorsed "photograph of Asenath Jones; for museum January 1950" [the photograph at Winchelsea Museum in 1997]  WIN/2357  1950

Printed publicity material for fire appliances  WIN/2358  [c1900]

Town Clerk  [no ref. or date]

Queen Elizabeth's charter, 1586  [no ref. or date]

Related information: For details of the dispute, see entries in the assembly minutes (WIN/53, 54) between 1584 and 1586, and for references to enquiries held concerning concealed lands in Winchelsea in 1584 and 1585, see 'Sussex Chantry Records' (SRS 36), 160, 165 and 172. For histories of the religious houses, hospitals and chantries, see VCH 2 94, 96 and 107, VCH 9 75. For deeds of the property of Farncombe's otherwise Godfrey's Chantry, which was administered by Battle Abbey and granted to Sir Anthony Browne in 1539, see Calendar of Webster of Battle deeds at the Huntington Library, San Marino.
The charter, the existence of which was unknown in the town, came into the possession of George Stace the elder, who over a period of 56 years served in the offices of sergeant-at-mace, chamberlain, freeman, jurat and eventually mayor. At the Easter Monday mayoring ceremony in 1816, the last before his death, Stace handed the document to the mayor who ordered that it should be authenticated. That done, the town clerk was instructed to produce it at every mayoring ceremony to ensure that it was not again lost; the practice has not been continued during the twentieth century.

This charter granted to the corporation land in Winchelsea and Icklesham which had been administered by the corporation since the dissolution, but which in 1585 was claimed as concealed lands by Thomas Talbot of London, gent, and Peter Smith of London, who had obtained a crown lease. Their interest was bought out for £150 in 1585, and the freehold reversion secured by this document.
The means by which the property of the Grey Friars, Friars Preacher, Farncombe's Chantry and St Johns Hospital came into the hands of the corporation is not clear.
Much of the property seems to have been sold by the corporation before the date of the crown grant, perhaps to finance the purchase from Talbot and Smith and the cost of obtaining the patent, or perhaps because the purpose of the patent was to facilitate the passage of former monastic land into lay hands.
At an assembly on 15 December 1586 the corporation minuted a series of decisions which shed light on the grant and its subsequent history. It is stated that certain properties, which had not been church lands, were inserted in the patent at the request of their owners in order to secure their titles, and that the corporation would make confirmatory grants to them and to the owners of former church lands. Mr Coppinger was owed £100 and a gelding worth £8 for his charges in obtaining the patent, and Messrs Thatcher, Stapley and Love a further £136. These sums were to be paid off over several years, partly at the chambers of the town's counsel Edmund Pelham in Gray's Inn. Pelham was appointed arbitrator of any disputes which might arise as a result of the grant, and men whose lands were contained in the patent might borrow it to defend their titles.

Crown grant of lands to the mayor, jurats and commonalty of Winchelsea  WIN/2359/1/1  28 Nov 1586

1 messuage and 1r at The Strand occupied by Goddard White, late part of Farncombe's Chantry; rent 6d
2 brewhouse and 1a at The Strand, ½a and 2a in Winchelsea St Leonard, occupied by Robert Perse, part of Farncombe's Chantry, rent 6d
3 messuage and 1a at The Strand occupied by Henry Pecke, late part of Farncombe's Chantry, rent 6d
4 common passage called Winchelsea Ferry occupied by Thomas Swallowe, rent 12d
5 7a saltmarsh in Winchelsea St Leonard occupied by the mayor and jurats, rent 6d
6 slope of the hill (3a) in Winchelsea St Leonard occupied by the mayor and jurats, rent 9d
7 Petre Highame Grene (1a) in Winchelsea St Leonard, occupied by the mayor and jurats, rent 3d
8 messuage and chapel called The Hospital of St John with 10a arable occupied by Philip Durrante, part of the late hospital of St John, rent 2s 6d
9 toft and 2a arable occupied by Francis Bolton, gent, part of the late hospital of St Bartholomew, rent 6d
10 The Kings Green (12a), part of the late house of friars preachers, rent 3s
11 slope of the hill by the Kings Green (4a), occupied by the mayor and jurats, part of the property of the late friars preachers, rent 12d
12 Castlefield (12a) in Winchelsea St Leonard occupied by Ashburnham Peck with 1a in St Leonard occupied by Thomas Swallowe, part of the property of the late friars preachers, rent 3s 4d
13 decayed stone mill and 1a adjoining occupied by the mayor and jurats, part of the property of the late friars preachers, rent 4d
14 windmill near the Kings Green occupied by Ashburnham Pecke, part of the property of the late friars preachers, rent 12d
15 messuage and two gardens in the 24th quarter occupied by Ashburnham Pecke, part of the property of the late friars preachers, rent 6d
16 2a next the church of St Giles occupied by John Pirle, part of the property of the late friars preachers, rent 6d
17 ½a occupied by John Milwarde, part of the property of the late friars preachers, rent 2d
18 land in the 1st quarter occupied by James Mace, part of the property of the late friars preachers, rent 1d
19 storehouse at The Strand occupied by Thomas Fane, gent, late part of Farncombe's Chantry, rent 4d
20 messuage and garden at The Strand occupied by Thomas Egleston, late part of Farncombe's Chantry, rent 4d
21 messuage and orchard in the 9th quarter occupied by Robert Gouldsmythe, part of the property of the late friars preachers, rent 4d
22 two messuages and gardens in the 14th quarter occupied by Christopher Mockett, gent and Richard Breadman, part of the property of the late friars preachers, rent 8d
23 2a in the 17th quarter occupied by Christopher Mockett, part of the property of the late friars preachers, rent 6d
24 two messuages and gardens at The Strand occupied by John Vyncente, late part of Farncombe's Chantry, rent 8d
25 ½a next Monday Market occupied by John Asheburnham, gent, part of the property of the late friars minor, rent 2d
26 garden in the 3rd quarter and ½a in the 4th quarter occupied by John Love, part of the property of the late friars preachers, rent 4d
27 tenement, orchard and garden in the 14th quarter occupied by John Denyson, part of the property of the late friars minor, rent 4d
28 1r in the 8th quarter occupied by Goddard White, part of the property of the late friars preachers, rent 1d
29 2a freshmarsh and 1a saltmarsh at The Strand, occupied by Thomas Swallowe, late part of Farncombe's Chantry, rent 4d
30 messuage, garden, orchard and 1a in the 19th quarter occupied by Richard Wiblye, part of the property of the late friars minor, rent 6d
31 two messuages and gardens in the 13th quarter occupied by John Asheburnham, part of the property of the late friars minor, rent 8d
32 messuage and two gardens at The Strand occupied by Agnes Beesen widow, late part of Farncombe's Chantry, rent 4d
33 messuage, two gardens and 1a in the 29th quarter occupied by Henry Wood, part of the property of the late friars preachers, rent 6d
34 orchard in the 27th quarter occupied by Thomas Neighbor, part of the property of the late friars preachers, rent 4d
35 messuage, garden and orchard in the 18th quarter occupied by George Rockleye, part of the property of the late friars minor, rent 4d
36 messuage and garden in the 12th quarter occupied Adam Moyle, part of the property of the late friars preachers, rent 4d
37 messuage and garden in the 9th quarter occupied by Thomas Swallowe, given for the upkeep of two lamps and six lights in Winchelsea St Thomas, rent 4d
38 messuage and garden in the 15th quarter occupied by John Milles, given for the upkeep of two lamps and six lights in Winchelsea St Thomas, rent 4d
39 garden in the 14th quarter occupied by Richard Parker, given for the upkeep of two lamps and six lights in Winchelsea St Thomas, rent 4d
40 messuage and garden in the 18th quarter occupied by Hugh Wigge, given for the upkeep of two lamps and six lights in Winchelsea St Thomas, rent 4d
41 messuage and garden in the 7th quarter occupied by John Love, given for the upkeep of two lamps and six lights in Winchelsea St Thomas, rent 4d
42 messuage and garden in the 7th quarter occupied by Anthony Stapleye, esq, given for the upkeep of two lamps and six lights in Winchelsea St Thomas, rent 4d
43 messuage and garden in the 7th quarter occupied by Henry Pecke, given for the upkeep of two lamps and six lights in Winchelsea St Thomas, rent 4d
44 messuage and garden in the 15th quarter occupied by Richard Parker, given for the upkeep of two lamps and six lights in Winchelsea St Thomas, rent 4d
45 messuage and garden in the 6th quarter occupied by Matthew Harrinden, given for the upkeep of two lamps and six lights in Winchelsea St Thomas, rent 4d
46 messuage and garden in the 6th quarter occupied by the heirs of Robert Baker, given for the upkeep of two lamps and six lights in Winchelsea St Thomas, rent 4d
47 messuage and garden in the 13th quarter occupied by Thomas Tokeye, given for the upkeep of two lamps and six lights in Winchelsea St Thomas, rent 4d
48 messuage and garden in the 19th quarter occupied by Richard Wiblye, given for the upkeep of two lamps and six lights in Winchelsea St Thomas, rent 4d
49 messuage and garden in the 8th quarter occupied by Edmund Weekes, given for the upkeep of two lamps and six lights in Winchelsea St Thomas, rent 4d
50 messuage and garden in the 28th quarter occupied by Andrew Sone, given for the upkeep of two lamps and six lights in Winchelsea St Thomas, rent 4d
51 messuage and garden in the 9th quarter occupied by Robert Gouldsmythe, given for the upkeep of two lamps and six lights in Winchelsea St Thomas, rent 4d
52 messuage and garden in the 13th quarter occupied by Nicholas Bottynge, given for the upkeep of two lamps and six lights in Winchelsea St Thomas, rent 4d
53 messuage and garden in the 13th quarter occupied by Goddard White, given for the upkeep of two lamps and six lights in Winchelsea St Thomas, rent 4d
54 garden in the 7th quarter occupied by Richard Waterman, given for the upkeep of the said lamps and lights, rent 2d
55 garden in the 2nd quarter occupied by John Parle, given for the upkeep of the said lamps and lights, rent 2d
56 garden in the 20th quarter occupied by Thomas Swallowe, given for the upkeep of the said lamps and lights, rent 2d
57 two gardens in the 29th quarter occupied by John Pearle, given for the upkeep of the said lamps and lights, rent 4d
58 garden in the 8th quarter occupied by John Love, given for the upkeep of the said lamps and lights, rent 2d
59 garden occupied by Anthony Stapleye, given for the upkeep of the said lamps and lights
60 garden in the 14th quarter occupied by Philip Dence, given for the upkeep of the said lamps and lights, rent 2d
61 garden in the 21st quarter occupied by Thomas Egleston, given for the upkeep of the said lamps and lights, rent 2d
62 orchard in the 14th quarter occupied by Timothy Woodlande, given for the upkeep of the said lamps and lights, rent 2d
63 garden at The Strand occupied by John Allen, given for the upkeep of the said lamps and lights, rent 2d
64 garden in the 9th quarter occupied by John Durrante, given for the upkeep of the said lamps and lights, rent 2d
65 garden at The Strand occupied by Goddard White, given for the upkeep of the said lamps and lights, rent 2d
66 seven messuages and gardens granted to William Pope by one of the queen's ancestors for life with reversion to the crown, William Pope being dead and the land unjustly concealed, rent 2s 4d
67 2a in Winchelsea St Leonard occupied by John Pearl, given for the upkeep of the said lamps and lights, rent 6d
68 a barn in the 10th quarter occupied by Thomas Fane, given for the upkeep of the said lamps and lights, rent 2d
69 a barn or stable in the 13th quarter occupied by John Whitfeilde, given for the upkeep of the said lamps and lights, rent 2d
70 a barn or stable in the 13th quarter occupied by Dorothy Middleton, widow, given for the upkeep of the said lamps and lights, rent 2d
71 messuage and 7a arable in Icklesham, occupied by John Standen, given for the upkeep of a lamp in Icklesham church, rent 2s
72 the rents and arrears of rent, woods and underwoods on 1-71 above
to hold of the manor of East Greenwich by fealty only by the stated rents

Manuscript translation of WIN/2359/1/1  WIN/2359/1/2  31 Jan 1921

Typescript of WIN/2359/1/2  WIN/2359/1/3  c1960

Minutes of the election and admission of freemen  [no ref. or date]

Minutes, on stamped paper until 1949, recording individual admissions. The first two documents are resignations of freedom by William Vousden and John Nesbitt in 1783; for drafts, which also record their re-election, see WIN/508. Eighteen freemen were elected on 25 February 1834.

Minutes of the election and admission of freemen  WIN/2359/2/1-124  1783 - 1980

1783, 1796 - 1980

Other documents  [no ref. or date]

Constables' return of 61 men between the ages of 18 and 39 living in Winchelsea eligible to serve in the local militia listing name, age, trade, number of children, infirmity and grounds of exemption  WIN/2359/3/1  26 Jun 1809

Related information: For other Winchelsea militia papers (including similar returns for 1803-1813 and correspondence concerning the return of 1809, see WIN/1688-2011; for similar papers see PAR 511/36

Order of Winchelsea Petty Sessions appointing George Blackman of Winchelsea as assistant overseer of the parish of Winchelsea St Thomas, to which office he had been elected on 27 Mar, with a schedule of the duties of the post  WIN/2359/3/2  9 Apr 1856

Order of Hastings Petty Sessions appointing Mr [William] Bray of Winchelsea, veterinary surgeon, as Inspector of Cattle within the division  WIN/2359/3/3  16 Sep 1865

Schedule of papers in the corporation chest [in the hand of Walter Dawes, town clerk 1876-1930]  WIN/2359/3/4  c1880

Volume containing forms of oaths to be taken by the mayor and other officers of the corporation, and proclamations for the elections of a freemen, mayor and members of parliament  WIN/2359/3/5  1799

[Prepared by John Woollett, solicitor of Rye, appointed town clerk of Winchelsea in 1798]

General correspondence  [no ref. or date]

Related information: A later bundle, WIN/2359/4/7, deals with street maintenance and signs, visitors from Winchelsea, Australia, proposals for establishment of Rye Harbour Nature Reserve, tree-planting, death certificate of Thomas Alan Nicholson Bruce, Winchelsea Town Guide, and precedence for royal visits.
Similar material for the period 1823-1831, 1851, 1892 and 1949-1953 is listed as WIN/2055-2140, while some is also present in WIN/614-616, which largely consists of Winchelsea petty sessions business.

Files of letters to the town clerk on general topics, dating from the election of Walter Dawes as town clerk in 1876. The early pieces consist mostly of government circulars and requests for returns. Later files increasingly relate to the town's government, particularly notices of and arrangements for meetings and the election of freemen.
Other specific subjects include: urgent representations from West Firle Farmers' Club that the corporation should ensure compliance with the Margarine Act 1887 (29 Dec 1887); the non-availability of gas in Winchelsea (30 Dec 1887); the restoration of the Court Hall (including vouchers and details of the restoration of pictures), its insurance and the establishment of a reading room in the Lower Court Hall and the rules to be applied (1890-1891); a request from the mayor of Rye for the loan of Winchelsea's regalia for a display of antiquities to be staged during Rye Cricket Week (24 Aug 1894); dispute with Ellen Terry, Tower Cottage, concerning the ownership of a sign and a gate (Jun 1915); electricity supply (28 May 1919); Lord Ritchie of Dundee's proposals for a Winchelsea by-pass (5 Jul 1919).

General correspondence  WIN/2359/4/1  Jun 1877 - Apr 1887

General correspondence  WIN/2359/4/2  May 1887 - Apr 1889

General correspondence  WIN/2359/4/3  Apr 1889 - Jan 1893

General correspondence  WIN/2359/4/4  Apr 1893 - Jan 1895

General correspondence  WIN/2359/4/5  Mar 1902 - Jul 1919

General correspondence  WIN/2359/4/6  Feb 1920 - Feb 1921

General correspondence  WIN/2359/4/7  Jan 1958 - Oct 1982

Subject files  [no ref. or date]

Related information: For files and papers relating to Winchelsea's position and activities as a member of the confederation of the Cinque Ports, see WIN/2359/6-7.

Documents listed as WIN/2359/5 consist of files arranged according to subjects. They mostly date from the clerkships of Edwin Plomley Dawes and Charles Croggon, and were closed by Croggon's successor Malcolm Pratt when he succeeded to the office in 1984. The files have been arranged in groups according to topic; subsequent accruals will form a new class of WIN/2359.

Queen's dues and town rents  [no ref. or date]

These rents, reserved on certain properties in Winchelsea, are collected by the chamberlain, for whose records of collection see WIN/2361/2.

Correspondence file related to change of ownership of properties liable, particularly Greyfriars following the death of George Mallows Freeman in 1934, general inquiries and requests for payment  WIN/2359/5/1  Jan 1932 - Mar 1980

Includes lists of liable properties and their owners, 1961, 1972, 1979

Corporation Property  [no ref. or date]

Court Hall: general file including rating, use by Winchelsea Youth Club, produce market, and East Sussex County Library, maintenance and improvements, services, mayoral name boards  WIN/2359/5/2  Dec 1949 - 2 Oct 1975

Court Hall: general file as WIN/2359/5/2, including provision of lavatory (including plans and planning permission), history of investigation of cellar, 1981  WIN/2359/5/3  Jan 1976 - Mar 1982

Court Hall Rate: rate relief; correspondence with Hastings Borough Council, Rother District Council and Southern Water Authority  WIN/2359/5/4  Nov 1961 - Mar 1979

Court Hall repairs and maintenance: specifications, contracts, sketches, estimates, architect's reports, grants from Ministry of Public Building and Works  WIN/2359/5/5  May 1955 - Nov 1981

Court Hall: fixing of Ellen Terry iron bracket and restoration by R A R Moseley: grant from the Ironmongers' Company, planning permission, scheduled monument consent, purchase of explanatory sign  WIN/2359/5/6  Apr 1984 - May 1989

Court Hall: Ellen Terry bracket: designs by P J Turner, Iham, Winchelsea, and Geoff Dudman, Rother DC, 1986-1987 with photographs, 1984, 1988  WIN/2359/5/7  1984-1988

Related information: For the history of the bracket see Malcolm Pratt, Winchelsea - A Port of Stranded Pride (1998) pp 131-132

Court Hall Museum: establishment of the museum, donation of exhibits, grants, information about exhibits, correspondence with the Standing Commission of Museums and Galleries, income and expenditure, admission figures, disputed placement of First World War Memorial board, group visits to the museum, minutes of museum sub-committee  WIN/2359/5/8  Feb 1947 - Dec 1978

Court Hall Museum: exemption of museum income from taxation  WIN/2359/5/9  Nov 1961 - Jun 1981

Court Hall Museum: general file including staffing, acquisition and disposal of exhibits, Sussex Curators' Group, visits to museum, Blackfriars Barn excavation  WIN/2359/5/10  Jan 1979 - 13 Nov 1984

Related information: For other documents relating to the museum, see WIN/2359/6

New Gate: scheduling as Ancient Monument with report on structure, 1925; repairs and maintenance including specifications, contracts, correspondence with architects and grants from Ministry of Public Building and Works and English Heritage)  WIN/2359/5/11  Sep 1924 - Aug 1935, Nov 1959 - Feb 1986

New Gate: schedules of works for restoration of 1984 with tender of L G Fox Ltd, Beckley  WIN/2359/5/12  Mar - Sep 1984

Strand Gate: repairs and maintenance, including report of CH Dobbie, engineer, with photographs, 1955, notes of site meetings, correspondence and applications for grants; major restoration (1982/3)  WIN/2359/5/13  Apr 1944 - Dec 1983

Strand Gate: papers in Plummer Roddis & Co Ltd v The Mayor and Commonalty of the Ancient Borough of Winchelsea in the County Court at Hastings, 1950  WIN/2359/5/14  Jan 1950 - Feb 1951

The company, furniture-removers of Robertson Street, Hastings, sued the corporation for damage to a van caused by its collision with a metal staple, originally part of the hangings of the Strand Gate. Plummer Roddis lost the case and costs were awarded to the corporation.
Copy opinion of Gerald Reed, Temple, 9 Jun 1950; advice on evidence, 14 Jun 1950; proofs of Edwin Plomley Dawes (town clerk), John Knox (mayor), Philip Anthony Mallows Freeman (former mayor) and PC Victor Symonds; bills and accounts (including taxed costs in action); report of the hearing, Evening Argus, 27 and 28 Sep 1950; correspondence, Jan 1950 - Feb 1951

Strand Gate: A259 trunk road including details of accidents, correspondence with the Ministry of Public Building and Works and East Sussex County Council, proposed amendments to road signs, press cuttings, plans to divert traffic away from Strand Gate, petitions, parliamentary question, implementation of order to re-route road  WIN/2359/5/15  Oct 1961 - Feb 1972

Strand Gate: schedule of works, 1982/83  WIN/2359/5/16  1982 - 1983

Pipewell Gate: correspondence with Ministry of Works, listing of the structure, inspection reports, maintenance and repairs, tenders and costs, English Heritage grants  WIN/2359/5/17  May 1950 - Dec 1989

Pipewell Gate: schedule of works for major restoration  WIN/2359/5/18  Aug 1986

Ancient Monuments - general correspondence including listings and maps, report on the ancient monuments of Winchelsea by Austin Blomfield, 1964, grants and maintenance bills; includes constitution (1966) and annual reports of the Friends of Winchelsea Church, 1967-1968  WIN/2359/5/19  Jan 1958 - Aug 1982

Garden land at Yew Tree House and Becket, German Street: grant of new 99-year lease to the Revd John S Sinclair, 1897  WIN/2359/5/20  Oct 1897, Jan 1945 - Oct 1983

Notifications of transfers of ownership and subdivision of lease, unauthorised building on the land, requests to purchase the land, reminders about part of Blackfriars Plat being leasehold

The Lookout: ownership of railings, re-instatement of 1947, maintenance agreement with Icklesham Parish Council, 1974; Jul - Aug 1924, Feb 1947 - Feb 1984  WIN/2359/5/21  1924-1984

The Lookout: re-instatement following use as a gun-emplacement; plans and elevations up by the Royal Engineers, 22 May 1946 and the Ministry of Works, [1947]  WIN/2359/5/22  1946-[1947]

The Pound, Higham Green: lease to Seeboard for an electricity substation, correspondence, copy agreement and plan  WIN/2359/5/23  Sep 1954 - Jan 1956

Town Well, Castle Green: copy of inscription on goblet presented to the donor, Thomas Dawes (1851) and bills for maintenance and re-siting of notice  WIN/2359/5/24  Jun 1964 - Nov 1977

Related information: For papers relating to the presentation, from which one document now in this file may have been detached, see WIN/2362/2

Insurance Policy, Alliance Assurance Co Ltd; Mar 1966, with renewals to Jun 1984  WIN/2359/5/25  1966-1984

Insurance: correspondence  WIN/2359/5/26  Jul 1953 - Jul 1968

Insurance: correspondence  WIN/2359/5/27  Aug 1968 - Jul 1983

Insurance: cover for Silver Jubilee celebrations on behalf of the Winchelsea Coronation Celebrations Committee, 1977  WIN/2359/5/28  Feb 1977 - May 1977

Planning  [no ref. or date]

St Leonards Mill: restoration, Aug 1935 - Nov 1938, Mar 1954; comments on text of publication on Sussex windmills, Oct 1978 - Jan 1979  WIN/2359/5/29  1935-1979

The file was compiled by N[oel] P[hilip] W[entworth] Viner-Brady, 6A Bedford Square, London [partner of Minet, Pering Smith & Co, solicitors]. It must have passed to the Winchelsea historian W Maclean Homan, who played a prominent part in the mill appeal, and whose daughter Mrs H M Goldie subsequently passed it to the town clerk, by whom it was used for later corporation correspondence about the mill.
[The mill was totally destroyed by the great storm on the night of 15/16 Oct 1987]

Planning: representations of Winchelsea Corporation regarding Battle RDC Council Housing development, Ferryfields Caravan Park, houses at Roberts Hill, Rectory Lane and Mill Road, motel development at Sandrock Garage  WIN/2359/5/30  Nov 1949 - Nov 1978

Winchelsea Public Conveniences  WIN/2359/5/31  1956-1975

Complaints, arrangements with local inns, plans, press cuttings, council minutes, record of petitions and public meeting, Draft Tourist Appraisal, correspondence; May 1956, Oct 1970 - Apr 1975

Winchelsea By-Pass and Trunk Road Improvements  WIN/2359/5/32  May 1961 - Jan 1984

Proposed southern diversion, 1961, proposed closure of Strand Hill to traffic, 1974, public consultation exercises, 1973-1983, proposed Rye by-pass, 1979

Proposed closure of Hastings-Ashford rail link  WIN/2359/5/33  Jan 1967 - Jan 1973

Public notice, official statistics for rail and bus services, plans, objections by the mayor and other residents, Department of the Environment closure conditions

Winchelsea Conservation Area  WIN/2359/5/34  Feb - Sep 1969

Designation Report by ESCC Planning Department, correspondence and map

Greyfriars Estate  WIN/2359/5/35  Feb 1973 - Aug 1983

Responses of the Corporation to development plans by the owners ESCC and proposed management by the National Trust

Winchelsea Tourist Information Points and Cinque Ports Heritage Trail  WIN/2359/5/36  Jul 1981 - Mar 1982

Correspondence with ESCC, plans and draft texts

Proposed archaeological survey of Winchelsea by the Sussex Archaeological Field Unit  WIN/2359/5/37  May 1982 - Jan 1987

Constitution  [no ref. or date]

Enquiries concerning the appointment of freemen, their appropriate number, the responsibilities and position of freemen and jurats  WIN/2359/5/38  Apr 1964 - Feb 1980

Correspondence with the society of the Freemen of England about Winchelsea's history, constitution and responsibilities  WIN/2359/5/39  Dec 1966 - Aug 1981

Local Government Act, 1972: effect on the constitution of the Corporation and the Confederation of the Cinque Ports  WIN/2359/5/40  Feb 1971 - Aug 1973

Includes a copy of the Municipal Corporations Act, 1883 (Section 14 of which saved the powers of Winchelsea Corporation) and White Paper Local Government in England (Cmnd 4584) of Feb 1971

Archives and regalia  [no ref. or date]

Exhibition of Corporation Plate at Goldsmiths' Hall, London: loan of Winchelsea mace  WIN/2359/5/41  Feb 1952 - Sep 1952

Discovery of Winchelsea documents at the offices of Messrs Trower, Still and Keeling of Lincoln's Inn and Messrs Dawes, Son and Prentice of Rye, report on borough archive by Francis W Steer, Nov 1955, deposit at East Sussex Record Office, publication by East Sussex County Council of Winchelsea Corporation Records, and the occasional display of records at Winchelsea Museum  WIN/2359/5/42  Aug 1953 - Feb 1983

Town Clerk's checklist of Winchelsea Corporation records found at Messrs Dawes and Prentice, Rye  WIN/2359/5/43  Jan 1961

Copies of seals of the barons and mayoralty of Winchelsea and of the arms of the Cinque Ports (as used by Winchelsea)  WIN/2359/5/44  [c1960]

Requests for permission to use the Winchelsea seal and arms  WIN/2359/5/45  Aug 1955 - Jul 1983

Correspondence about the history of the Winchelsea seal including an offprint of C Van Nerom, 'Deuxieme sceau de Richard Couer de Lion et sceaux inedits des cinque ports dans les archives de l'abbaye des Dunes' (Citeaux 3-4, 1985)  WIN/2359/5/46  May 1962 - Jun 1988

Royal visits  [no ref. or date]

Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh, 28 Oct 1966  WIN/2359/5/47  Jul 1966 - Nov 1966

Corporation request for visit, detailed arrangements including Police Operation Order for the day, guest list, position plan and press cuttings

Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother, Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports, 9 Jul 1980  WIN/2359/5/48  Feb 1980 - Jul 1980

Advance information of tour of the Cinque Ports, details of programme, invitation list and plan for Winchelsea, press cuttings

Historical enquiries  [no ref. or date]

General inquiries about history and family history answered by town clerks  WIN/2359/5/49  Jul 1949 - Mar 1992

Topics include: 1992 Rent Roll plan, historical links with Talmont, site of Old Winchelsea, Cinque Ports ships, 1330 survey of Winchelsea and site of The Roundel, St Leonard's Mill, gibbet irons from Winchelsea, Borrow painting of Wesley's tree, White House Stone, Aylesford, mayoring ceremony, Battle of Winchelsea, freemen and mayoralty, 'Keeping the Lookout', name Winchelsea, French raids, the name Higham, Court Hall, publication of Red Guide including Winchelsea, survival of Winchelsea Corporation, Cliffe, Rochester, smuggling, pilgrims to St James of Compostella, town well, city development, the lace school, manor houses at Winchelsea, council housing, Winchelsea charter; family names: Nesbitt, Padgett, Homard, Alard, Burney, Ferrett, Martindale, Winchilsea (Finch), Skinner, Helde (Hilder), Stileman, Pette, Knight, Avery, Winchell, Neeves, Jealous, Wardroper, Godfrey, Stewart

Death of mayor Garrod in office  [no ref. or date]

Death of serving mayor Ralph Eddowes Garrod on 25 Sep 1964  WIN/2359/5/50  Oct 1964 - Oct 1964

Arrangement of memorial service on 10 Oct with order of service

Papers relating to the Court Hall Museum  [no ref. or date]

Related information: For the town clerk's files relating to the establishment and running of the museum, 1947-1989, see WIN/2359/5/2-10

Account-book of A Barden, the court hall custodian, balancing the takings from admissions and sales with his weekly wage of 10s  WIN/2359/6/1  Jan 1929 - May 1940

Closes with a note that no taking were received after 25 May 1940 on account of the war and that the lower room was 'now being used as a club for soldiers and civilians'; nd, c1940

Court Hall Museum  WIN/2359/6/2  1973-1977

Lists of museum contents including bequest of coins by A T A Turner; 1973/4, 1977

Deeds of Corporation property: land adjoining Tower Cottage, Winchelsea  [no ref. or date]

Tower Cottage is named for its proximity to the Strand Gate, formerly known as The Tower. It is reputed to have provided quarters for the Duke of Wellington during the Napoleonic Wars and became nationally known as the home of Ellen Terry.
As these deeds show, it was purchased in 1957 by Harold Alfred Avery. He and his wife lived there for three years and when they left in 1960 he sold only the house and its immediate garden, retaining a large area of terraced land adjoining Strand Hill. The majority of this land he eventually sold to Tower Cottage's immediate neighbours who, in turn, sold parts off to their neighbours, thus extending the gardens on the east side of Barrack Square to a boundary with Strand Hill.
Mr Avery was not, however, able to dispose of the small piece of this land which is closest to the Strand Gate and includes a Second World War gun emplacement. Eventually he decided to offer the land in his will, together with a legacy, to Winchelsea Corporation, his only condition being that the corporation should provide a seat in his wife's memory nearby. This was done and a rent-free management agreement entered into with the owner of Tower Cottage. Throughout his various transactions, Mr Avery retained the original deeds, which came into the possession of the corporation when the transfer of the land was completed.

Deeds of Corporation property: land adjoining Tower Cottage, Winchelsea  WIN/2359/7/1  1803-1994

On 22 June 1803 Charles Terry of Winchelsea, gent, redeemed the land-tax of 13s 3½d charged on a messuage and garden in Winchelsea in his own occupation (1).
Terry died on 18 January 1818. On his widow's death on 1 May 1818 the property descended to his nephew Charles Terry of [the Plough and Harrow], Litlington, innkeeper (8).
By his will of 14 June 1832 Charles Terry of Litlington, victualler, gave the rents of the property to his wife Barbara for life, with remainder to his children. Barbara Terry died on 29 August 1835 and was buried at Litlington; Charles Terry's will was proved at Lewes on 12 September 1836.
On 26 and 27 April 1837 his children (Charity wife of William Mittin of Chichester, gentleman, Charles Terry of Litlington, labourer and his wife Jane, Elizabeth wife of Edward Ford of Arlington, labourer, John Terry of Litlington, publican and his wife Maria, and Mary wife of Sargent Harman of Lewes, blacksmith) and grand-daughter (David Pettit of Alfriston, bricklayer and his wife Frances) sold the property for £200 to William Amoore of Hastings, grocer (2-4).
It was then described as:
a messuage, stable, garden and piece of land (1a) on the pendants of the hill in the sixth quarter of Winchelsea (E, S: road; Witness(es): messuages of George Stace, Henry Barham, Isaac Harnden, Robert Alce and the heirs of George Tilden, late Joseph Hasle, the heirs of Thomas Noake and Robert Alce; W, N: land of the heirs of Edward Jenkins, formerly Edwin Wardroper), occupied by Charles Terry, before his uncle Charles Terry, before Richard Ade, grazier
On 15 August 1856 William Amoore of Hastings, brewer, who had married on 10 July 1838, sold the property for £300 to Thomas Rowland Legg of Crooms Hill, Greenwich in Kent, wool-stapler, and his trustee George Legg of Lee in Kent, gent; the deed incorporates a detailed plan, showing the names of neighbouring owners (5).
On 30 December 1865 Legg sold the property for £320 to George Austin of Rye, innkeeper, who had married at Rye on 26 December 1845; the house was occupied by the Revd William Brocklebank (6).
George Austin died at Rye on 10 March 1877; his will of 4 October 1858, leaving his real property to his wife Judith, was proved 24 May 1877 (9).
Judith Austin of Rye, widow, married William Hallett of The Willows, Garrett, Tooting in Surrey, gent, at Brixton St Matthew on 15 October 1879. By a settlement of the previous day (Edward Curd of Gravesend in Kent, gent, trustee), she was given a power of appointment over her property:
1 Western House, Rye, with greenhouse and stable, on the Rye to Winchelsea road, occupied by JA
2 warehouse occupied by Henry Bean Mackeson of Hythe in Kent, brewer and adjoining cottage and garden occupied by William Maxted, all adjoining 1 above
3 land at the rear of houses of Robert James Hoad and others on the Rye to Winchelsea road
4 messuage and garden near Seymour Place, Rye, occupied by Stephen Southerden, painter
5 Tower Cottage, Winchelsea, occupied by R[obert] Humphrey
6 Cleveland Cottage, Winchelsea, occupied by Thomas Vidler
7 16 shares in Rye Cattle Market Company
and in the absence of any appointment in trust for Mary Ann Pix, wife of Frederic Fix of Northiam, farmer (7).
In 1880 the property was sold for £500 to the tenant to Robert Humphrey of 7 Windsor Road, Champion Park, Denmark Hill in Surrey, gent. On 13 April George Lawrence of Winchelsea, carpenter, made a statutory declaration describing the descent of Tower Cottage, which he had known for 58 years; the conveyance was executed on 19 April 1880. the property to the west [The Retreat] was owned by James Firth, and the land to the west and north by [blank] Paget (8-10).
The day after his purchase, Humphrey mortgaged Tower Cottage for £300 at 5% to William Whiteway of Teign Villa, Vanbrugh Fields, Blackheath in Kent, gent. On 18 December 1883 the mortgage was assigned by Whiteway, now of Westcombe Park Road, Blackheath, to James George Wood of Lincoln's Inn, Mx, esq, barrister-at-law, and David Henry Owen of 22 Endsleigh Street, Euston Square Mx, esq, who again assigned it to Cecilia Wells of 1 Victoria Road, Brighton, spinster, on 16 December 1887 (11-12).
Humphrey died without issue on 3 January 1888. By his will of 13 November 1863 he left his estate to his two sisters, who pre-deceased him. On 20 April 1888 his surviving executor Robert Shergold Browning of Bank House, Hinckley in Leicestershire, gent, joined Humphrey's nieces Eliza Ann Triquet of 7 Windsor Road, Champion Park in Surrey, spinster, Louisa Smith of 184 Briston Hill in Surrey, widow, Mary Triquet of 7 Windsor Road, spinster, Harriet Caldecott Browning, wife of RSG, and Ann Sutton Britten, wife of Charles Edward Britten of 16 St Johns Road, Brixton, gent to convey the property for £200 to Joseph William Comyns Carr of 19 Blandford Square, Mx, esq, subject to the mortgage of 1887; the vendors's title was supported by a statutory declaration by Robert Humphrey's great-nephew Charles Dearmer Browning of 151, Edgware Road in Mx, gent (13-14).
On 11 July 1892 Carr, described as a barrister, conveyed the property to Ellen Alice Wardell of 22 Barkston Gardens, South Kensington in Mx, widow [known as Ellen Terry, who on 21 November 1877 had married Charles Clavering Wardell (stage name Charles Kelly) from whom she had been judicially separated in 1881]. The mortgage was discharged from the purchase-price of £900. Nine days before her purchase, Mrs Wardell had undertaken to indemnify Carr against any claim by Mr [James Francis] Firth of The Retreat to block up or close the windows in the WC and servants' bedroom of Tower Cottage overlooking his garden (15-16).
On 30 September 1892 Mrs Wardell, signing herself 'E A Wardell ("Ellen Terry")', entered a similar undertaking to block up three windows facing The Retreat on receipt of notice, and meanwhile to pay James Francis Firth an acknowledgement of a shilling a year (17-18).
On 22 March 1907 Ellen Alice Wardell, a widow, married James Carew [né Usselmann] at Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, USA (19). On 16 February 1914 Mrs Carew, of 215 King's Road, Chelsea, conveyed Tower Cottage for £2500 to Harriett Ann Mcllwraith of 'Waldoes', Harrow Weald, Middlesex, widow; Ellen Terry's signature was witnessed by her maid Bertha Blum (20). On 24 March 1914 Alfred Osman of 12 Lee Road, Blackheath in Kent, gent, as owner of The Retreat, granted a licence permitting Lady McIlwraith to continue the use of the windows overlooking his garden at an annual rental of one shilling; the document incorporates an elevation of the west frontage of Tower Cottage showing the windows (21).
On 30 December 1926 Lady McIlwraith gave Tower Cottage to her grandson Brian McIlwraith McGowan of 6 Cambridge Gate, London, gent (22). On 31 December 1935 he mortgaged the property for £1330 to Thomas Alexander Grose of 5 and 6 Clement's Inn, Strand, London, solicitor, John Arthur Tomlinson of Highfields, Newcastle in Staffordshire, brick and tile manufacturer (d15 Feb 1938) and Frederick Martin Grose of The Laurels, Stone in Staffordshire, china clay merchant (d3 Nov 1936). On 24 February 1937 the surviving mortgagees added Hamilton Martyn Powell of Meriden, Wedgwood Avenue, Westlands in Newcastle, Staffordshire, to their number. Brian McGowan paid off the outstanding sum on 9 December 1946 (23).
Brian McGowan, then of Persie, Blairgowrie in Perthshire, had agreed to sell Tower Cottage to Gerald Basil Moorhouse Reed of The Mount, Winchelsea, barrister at law, for £5,500 but before the sale was completed Madelaine Margaret Henson of Bickleigh Castle, Tiverton in Devon, spinster, agreed to purchase the property from Reed for £6,300. On 22 October 1952 the property was conveyed to Miss Henson, who paid £5,500 to Brian McGowan and £800 to Gerald Reed. The plan attached to the deed shows that the stable building has been removed but which shows for the first time the lean-to structure which formerly housed the electricity generator and the Second World War gun emplacement (24).
On 18 November 1957 Miss Henson contracted to sell Tower Cottage for £3 125 to Harold Alfred Avery of Willow Lodge, Goudhurst in Kent, gent; the conveyance was executed on 16 December 1957, and on the same day Miss Henson indemnified the purchaser against the payment of estate duty on the death of her father Frederick Jasper Henson (who had died on 10 July 1956) from whom the cottage could be held to have been a present (25-29).
An undated note, endorsed on a document of December 1959, refers to the liability [of Tower Cottage?] to tithes, no doubt in connection with their redemption (30).
On 26 October 1960 Harold Alfred Avery sold Tower Cottage itself to Jennifer Anne Estates Ltd, with an option to buy the remaining land on the pendants of the hill which Mr Avery retained. On 15 March 1985 the majority of that remaining land was sold for £4250 to Geoffrey Richmond Phillips and Joan Flora Phillips of Richmond House, Cooks Green, Winchelsea. Memoranda of both sales were endorsed on the purchase-deed of 1957, to which a plan of the latter was attached (28).
Mr Avery had moved to The Old Corner House, Westham before 1985 and died on 1 December 1993. On 23 February 1995 his executors (Pauline Chalk of The Old Cottage, Smallhythe, Tenterden, Kent and Doreen O'Donnell of 2 Ticehurst Avenue, Bexhill), who had proved his will on 10 February 1994, assented to the vesting of the remaining land, consisting of walls and a former gun emplacement (plan), in Winchelsea Corporation (31-34).

Deeds of Corporation Property: strip of land forming part of the Greyfriars Estate  [no ref. or date]

Related information: For the town clerk's correspondence file dealing with this and other town rents, see WIN/2359/5/1; for printed particulars of sale for the Friars Estate, 28 Jul 1908, see WIN/2362/5/1

On 19 April 1824 Winchelsea Corporation granted a 500-year lease of a strip of land on the western boundary of the Greyfriars Estate to its owner Richard Stileman, reserving an annual rent of 6d; for the counterpart, see WIN/2037. These papers have been accumulated by town clerks essentially to keep track of the ownership of the estate.

Deeds of Corporation Property: strip of land forming part of the Greyfriars Estate  WIN/2359/7/2  1933-1949

(1) Copy mortgage of the Greyfriars estate for £4500; Philip Anthony Mallows Freeman of 6 Bloomsbury Square, Holborn, London, esq to Norman Pochin of Barkby Lodge, Barkby in Leicestershire, retired major, Charles Gregory of 21 King Street, Portman Square, London, solicitor and James Gordon Ramsay of 67 Parkside, Wimbledon, London, lieutenant colonel (retired); plan annotated to show location of leasehold strip; 19 Dec 1933
(2) Printed catalogue for an auction by the executors of George Mallows Freeman of Nelgarde, 1 & 2 Pipewell Cottages, Lookout Cottage, Hillside and The Old Workhouse, formerly part of the Greyfriars Estate; annotated with details of the dates of acquisition of the properties by the estate; 5 Jun 1935
(3) Printed catalogue for an auction by the executors of [Sir Robert Younger], Lord Blanesburgh, of The Greyfriars, Winchelsea, and 24 acres; illustrated with photographs; 2 Jul 1947
(4) Notice to Winchelsea Corporation of assignment of lease of 1824 by Samuel Seeman Esq. to East Sussex County Council, 28 Oct 1949, with correspondence; Oct - Nov 1949

Confederation of the Cinque Ports  [no ref. or date]

Winchelsea has been a member of the Confederation of the Cinque Ports probably since the time of William the Conqueror and certainly, as one of the two Ancient Towns, a Head Port since the thirteenth century. The decline of the Confederation's once important function in the defence of the realm left it with three administrative functions: the return of members of parliament, sending bailiffs to the annual Yarmouth Herring Fair and, through the Courts of Brotherhood and Guestling, dealing with matters of interest and concern to the Confederation members.
By the nineteenth century, the abolition of the franchise of the ports and the discontinuance of Yarmouth Fair had led to the decline of the courts to such an extent that at one time there was a gap of twenty-nine years between meetings. In 1882, when plans were being made for the Municipal Corporations Act, Frederic Andrew Inderwick QC, MP, a resident of Winchelsea, was concerned that the Act, which was designed to abolish the approximately two hundred remaining small municipal corporations, would, if Winchelsea were included, deprive the Confederation of one of its Head Ports. By determined lobbying he was able to secure the inclusion of Clause 14 within the Act which allowed Winchelsea Corporation to remain in existence, stripped of its powers as a local and judicial authority, but with the two remaining responsibilities of maintaining its property and fulfilling the town's function as a member of the Confederation. This situation continues to the present day.
Since the Municipal Corporations Act 1882, which cost Pevensey and Seaford their charters and their membership as limbs of Hastings, came into force in 1886, Winchelsea has played a very full part in the activities of the Confederation, now generating considerable interest as a historic and traditional ceremonial survival. The records, maintained by successive town clerks, relating to Winchelsea's membership of the Confederation are listed as WIN/2359/8-9.

Cinque Ports: courts of Shepway, Brotherhood and Guestling and ceremonial events  [no ref. or date]

These files range in contents from a single item to a large bundle including correspondence. Especially in the case of the more recent documents, the files are likely to contain a Speaker's inquiry, Speaker's summons, correspondence, official return of Winchelsea, details of arrangements, order of service, details of proceedings, toast list and menu, and the sermon of the Speaker's chaplain. Any other documents are specifically mentioned in the list. Files relating to the attendance of members of Winchelsea Corporation at other Cinque Ports ceremonies have been included in this class.

Grand Court of Shepway held at Dover on 22 Jun 1892 for the installation of [Frederick Temple Hamilton-Temple-Blackwood], Marquess of Dufferin and Ava as Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports and Constable of Dover Castle  WIN/2359/8/1  Jun 1892-Jul 1892

Includes printed booklet with details of proceedings

Grand Court of Shepway held at Dover on 15 Aug 1896 for the installation of [Robert Arthur Talbot Gascoyne-Cecil] Marquess of Salisbury as Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports and Constable of Dover Castle  WIN/2359/8/2  13 Aug 1896

Draft return of Winchelsea

Courts of Brotherhood and Guestling held at Hastings on 24 Jul 1901  WIN/2359/8/3  Jul 1901

Draft official return of Winchelsea

Grand Court of Shepway held at Dover on 25 Jun 1908 for the installation of [Thomas Brassey] Baron Brassey as Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports and Constable of Dover Castle  WIN/2359/8/4  25 Jun 1908

Printed booklet with details of proceedings and photograph of TB

Grand Court of Shepway held at Dover on 18 Jul 1914 for the installation of [William Lygon] Earl Beauchamp as Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports and Constable of Dover Castle  WIN/2359/8/5  18 Jul 1914

Related information: For correspondence relating to this installation, see WIN/49-50

Includes printed booklet with details of proceedings and photograph of WL

Courts of Brotherhood and Guestling held at Sandwich on 19 May 1920 to receive the petition of the non-corporate limbs of the Confederation for representation at the courts  WIN/2359/8/6  19 May 1920

Includes a printed record of proceedings, booklet with full printed details, The Port of Sandwich - a souvenir short history of the port presented to delegates as a memento of the occasion

Courts of Brotherhood and Guestling held at Hastings on 8 Sep 1920 to reject the petition of the non-corporate limbs for representation and to complain about the train connections at Ashford whereby communication between the ports 'is seriously retarded'  WIN/2359/8/7  8 Sep 1920

Grand Court of Shepway held at Shepway Cross, Hythe on 4 Aug 1923 for the unveiling and dedication of the Cinque Ports Memorial Shepway Cross  WIN/2359/8/8  Aug 1923

Includes map of site and printed booklet with details of proceedings and photographs

Courts of Brotherhood and Guestling held at Dover on 16 Sep 1925 to record the dedication of the Shepway Cross on 4 Aug 1923, and to receive reports on the recovery of the Cinque Ports charter granted by Charles II and the condition of the flag of the Cinque Ports  WIN/2359/8/9  Sep 1925

Grand Court of Shepway held at Dover on 30 Jun 1934 for the installation of [Rufus Daniel Isaacs] Marquess of Reading as Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports and Constable of Dover Castle; printed details of proceedings with photographs  WIN/2359/8/10  30 Jun 1934

Includes King George's Jubilee Trust Appeal and notes made by [J K Ritchie, mayor of Winchelsea] for his report to the mayoring ceremony on Easter Monday 1935

Grand Court of Shepway held at Dover on 30 Jul 1936 for the installation of [Freeman Freeman-Thomas] Marquess of Willingdon as Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports and Constable of Dover Castle  WIN/2359/8/11  30 Jul 1936

Printed details of proceedings with photographs

Courts of Brotherhood and Guestling held at New Romney on 2 Oct 1937 to consider a report on the representation of the Confederation at the coronation of George VI and petitions of Gillingham and Eastbourne for admission to the confederation on the strength of the inclusion of the former limbs of Grange and Hydneye within their boundaries  WIN/2359/8/12  Jun 1937 - Oct 1937

With detailed notes by the Speaker and solicitors on the claims

Grand Court of Shepway held at Dover on 14 Aug 1946 for the installation of Sir Winston Churchill as Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports and Constable of Dover Castle  WIN/2359/8/13  Jun 1946 - Aug 1946

Includes printed details of proceedings with photographs

Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II  WIN/2359/8/14  Jan 1953 - Apr 1953

Includes the Lord Warden's precept to Winchelsea to appoint a Baron to attend the coronation (signed by Sir Winston Churchill) and discussion of a proposal that the Confederation of the Cinque Ports should each in turn light a celebration beacon on coronation day

Courts of Brotherhood and Guestling held at Dover on 24 Sep 1953 to approve a Loyal Address congratulating Queen Elizabeth II on her coronation, to receive the names of the Confederation's Coronation Barons and a report on their part in the proceedings, to receive the resignation of Reginald Edwin Knocker, Joint Solicitor, and approve the appointment of James Alexander Johnson as his successor, and to approve arrangements for the Confederation's affiliation with HMS Albion  WIN/2359/8/15  Jul 1953 - Oct 1953

Includes letter regarding misuse of Cinque Ports name and status and report submitted by Edwin P[lomley] Dawes, Joint Solicitor to the Ports and Town Clerk of Winchelsea

Courts of Brotherhood and Guestling held at Hastings on 7 Sep 1955, to present to Sir Winston Churchill with his portrait as Lord Warden by Bernard Hailstone  WIN/2359/8/16  Jul 1955 - Sep 1955

Courts of Brotherhood and Guestling held at New Romney on 29 Apr 1959 to consider the custody of the archives of the Confederation  WIN/2359/8/17  Feb 1959 - Jun 1959

Includes report on the records of the Ports stored at New Romney

Courts of Brotherhood and Guestling held at Hastings on 11 Oct 1962 to receive news of the death of Captain Edwin Plomley Dawes, Town Clerk of Winchelsea and Senior Solicitor to the Confederation and to appoint Norman Phillips Lester, Town Clerk of Hastings, in his place  WIN/2359/8/18  Jul 1962 - Oct 1962

Grand Court of Shepway held at Dover on 20 Jul 1966 for the installation of Sir Robert Menzies as Lord Warden and Constable of Dover Castle; including press cuttings and subsequent correspondence between Winchelsea and Sir Robert's private secretary  WIN/2359/8/19  May 1966 - Jun 1967

Courts of Brotherhood and Guestling held at Hastings on 8 Apr 1970 to consider the theft of the Confederation's Silver Oar from Dover Town Hall, and its replacement  WIN/2359/8/20  Jan 1970 - Apr 1970

Includes photograph (with names of mayors) and press cutting

Courts of Brotherhood and Guestling held at Hythe on 12 Oct 1973 to consider the report of the Confederation's Standing Joint Committee on the provisions of the Local Government Act, 1972  WIN/2359/8/21  Aug 1973 - Oct 1973

Includes photograph of Winchelsea delegation and press cuttings

Service of Thanksgiving for the Silver Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II held at Winchelsea St Thomas on 4 Sep 1977  WIN/2359/8/22  Feb 1977 - Mar 1978

Correspondence, order of service, address by the Bishop of Chichester, seating plan, correspondence with the Lord Warden Sir Robert Menzies, press cuttings

Courts of Brotherhood and Guestling held at Hastings on 14 Jun 1978 to approve the presentation of a Loyal Address to Queen Elizabeth II on the the 25th anniversary of her coronation, to express regret at the death of the Lord Warden, and to discuss the reports of the Joint Solicitors on the provisions of the Local Government Act 1972 and the resignation of the Senior Joint Solicitor, James Alexander Johnson  WIN/2359/8/23  Jan 1978 - Jun 1978

Services of Thanksgiving for the life of Sir Robert Menzies, Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports, held at Westminster Abbey on 17 July 1978 and Rye Parish Church on 19 Jul 1978  WIN/2359/8/24  May 1978 - July 1978

Messages of condolence, press release, correspondence and orders of service

Grand Court of Shepway held at Dover on 1 Aug 1979 for the installation of Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother as Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports and Constable of Dover Castle  WIN/2359/8/25  Jan 1979 - Nov 1979

Includes press cuttings concerning the resignation of James Alexander Johnson, registrar and senior solicitor

Courts of Brotherhood and Guestling held at Hastings on 11 Apr 1984 to ratify the association between the Confederation and HMS Illustrious  WIN/2359/8/26  Feb 1984 - Apr 1984

Courts of Brotherhood and Guestling held at Dover on 5 Jun 1989 in celebration of the tenth anniversary of the installation of Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother as Lord Warden  WIN/2359/8/27  Dec 1988 - Jun 1989

Papers of Herbert Lovegrove as Speaker of the Cinque Ports  [no ref. or date]

Related information: See WIN/2359/5/40

These documents are in fact an amalgam of papers created by mayors of Winchelsea, the town clerk and by Herbert Lovegrove as speaker of the Ports in 1963-64 and 1970-71.
WIN/2359/9/1 is a general file relating to the business of the ports and specifically to Lovegrove's revival of the Standing Joint Committee of the Confederation. It was initiated and closed by the town clerk Charles Croggon, but contains a large amount of letters and reports by Lovegrove himself.
Captain Lovegrove was approached by the mayors of several towns within the Confederation seeking action to revitalise interest in its existence, both among members and the public. No meeting of the Standing Joint Committee consisting of the mayor, town clerk and one additional representative of the fourteen member ports had been held for seven years. The Senior Joint Solicitor, James A Johnson, honorary Town Clerk of Dover, opposed the convening of Standing Committee meetings except in exceptional circumstances such as soon happened through the need to consider the provisions of the Local Government Act 1972 as they affected the Confederation. The mayors' wish to meet annually in opposition to this view was expressed in such a way at the meeting on 21 January 1971 that Mr Johnson indicated his intention to resign. Capt Lovegrove's tact prevented this happening and Mr Johnson remained in office until 1979, when he resigned successfully after a dispute with the governor of Deal Castle. Regular annual meetings of the Standing Committee were not achieved until Speaker Charles Croggon of Winchelsea, supported by his successor Speaker Roger Breeds of Rye, instituted such an arrangement in 1985.
WIN/2359/9/2-5 relate to Lovegrove's successful campaign, during his first speakership, to secure the transfer of the archives of the Ports to the Kent Archives Office. The papers were inherited by Lovegrove from Anthony Freeman, who had initiated the proposal during his term as Speaker in 1956-57.
For the town clerk's file on the constitutional position of the Confederation in the light of the Local Government Act, 1972

Mayor of Winchelsea's file as speaker of the Cinque Ports  WIN/2359/9/1  1958 - 1982

Including minutes of the Standing Joint Committee of the Confederation; includes minute by Herbert Lovegrove 'on what has happened to the local government of the Cinque Ports Confederation that has taken so much power out of [James A] Johnson's hands and made him so very angry', Oct 1978

Custody of the archives of the Cinque Ports and their transfer to the Kent Archives Office  WIN/2359/9/2  Oct 1951 - Nov 1963

Correspondence of Speakers Anthony Freeman and Herbert Lovegrove of Winchelsea, with report of William Urry, city and cathedral archivist, Canterbury

"Report and Classification of the Cinque Ports records held at New Romney"; M Teichman-Derville  WIN/2359/9/3  Jan 1931

"The Records of the Cinque Ports, 1626-1956" by M Teichman-Derville  WIN/2359/9/4  Sep 1956

Chronology of the management of the archives of the ports, published for private circulation among the member ports

"Catalogue of the Archives of the Confederation of the Cinque Ports"; Kent Archives Office  WIN/2359/9/5  1963

Accounts  [no ref. or date]

The accounts of Winchelsea Corporation have been, in comparatively recent times, the responsibility of the treasurer, the chamberlain and the town clerk. When the Corporation lost the vast majority of its powers under the Municipal Corporations Act of 1883 it ceased to employ a treasurer and required the chamberlain, who already collected the queen's dues, to deal with other accounts as well (see the introduction to WIN/2361/3). Although the records created by this process were latterly copied out by Edwin Plomley Dawes when serving as town clerk, they are listed under the chamberlain's responsibilities at WIN/2361/2/4-5.
That series ended on Dawes's death in 1961. His successor, Charles Croggon, instituted a new system largely as a result of the corporation's financial situation having been complicated by the opening of the Winchelsea Museum which generated additional income and expenditure. The chamberlain continued to collect the queen's dues but the mayor was given the day-to-day museum income and used it to pay bills. All the records were then handed to the town clerk, who compiled a balance sheet for presentation to the corporation each Easter Monday. The incomplete nature of this sequence suggests that E P Dawes may also have been, since the opening of the museum, presenting a balance sheet compiled from the chamberlain's ledger but the majority of those referring to the 1950s are lost.
The corporation's concern that no proper external audit was being conducted under this system led eventually to the appointment of an honorary treasurer and an auditor in 1992. This will be reflected in future transfers of accounts.

Corporation Accounts, 1951/52, and 1958/59 to 1983/84  WIN/2359/10/1  1951 - 1984

Treasurer  [no ref. or date]

The office of treasurer was created by an order of the Winchelsea Quarter Sessions on 16 July 1822. The order was for the levying of county rate in the town and its liberties to deal with the costs associated with the borough's criminal jurisdiction - inquests, prisoners, the gaoler's salary and allowances to jurors. Walter Fuller of Winchelsea, builder, was appointed treasurer of the rate, his accounts to be audited by the justices (WIN/61). He was succeeded by his son, or possibly grandson, Walter Fuller, who resigned on 22 April 1867 after 38 years' service. For the orders, precepts and correspondence, see WIN/1557-1624.
The memory of the office's origin was not long-lived; the report of the commissioners under the Municipal Corporations Act of 1835 stated that the rate had first been levied in 'about the year 1818'.
According to the report, the town rate had been levied partly to deal with the increase in inquests and other criminal business brought about by smuggling and by suicides in the blockade service, and to discharge the debt on the chamberlains' accounts, which had formerly been met by the patron of the borough. The surviving documents concerning the establishment of the rate (WIN/1557-1624) make it clear that 1822 was indeed the first year in which it was collected.
By the time the town clerk came to give evidence to the Municipal Corporation Commission in 1876, the main charges on the town rate were the county police and asylum rates, as well as the costs of justice. The town clerk pointed out (para 4708) that the chamberlain and the treasurer were two individuals, the former responsible for the town rents and the latter for the rate.
The office was abolished on the corporation's loss of functions following the Municipal Corporations Act of 1885, and re-instated as an honorary one in 1992.

Account books  [no ref. or date]

Related information: For accounts, 1822-1848, see WIN/1617-1620 and WIN/1622
For other records, including rate assessments for 1822-1826 and an account book 1822-1848, see WIN/1557-1624.

Winchelsea county rate account book, listing income and disbursements  WIN/2360/1/1  Apr 1848 - May 1877

Names subjects of coroners' inquests

Corporation ledger (indexed)  WIN/2360/1/2  Mar 1877 - Sep 1886

Including accounts of the treasurer, sergeant-at-mace, chamberlain, the administration of justice and inquests

Treasurer's petty cash book  WIN/2360/1/3  Mar 1878 - Apr 1886

Vouchers to account  [no ref. or date]

These receipts and vouchers are those kept by the treasurer in support of his accounts, with which they have been cross referenced at the front of each folder. WIN/2360/2/1-5 refer to WIN/2360/1/1 and WIN/2360/2/6-11 refer to WIN/2360/1/2. Although similar documents listed in the printed catalogue cover mainly the years 1824-1866 and those now deposited mainly 1867-1886, there is an overlap represented principally by WIN/619a, WIN/630-667, WIN/671-732, WIN/1312-1348, WIN/1349-1351 and WIN/1603-1615.
These vouchers cover the whole range of the corporation's activities including police and asylum rates; salaries and expenses of the treasurer, the pound-driver, the inspector of weights and measures, the constables and the sergeant-at-mace whose duties included serving precepts within the liberty of Winchelsea; detailed bills submitted by the town clerk who received no salary as such but charged for correspondence, attendances (including hiring a horse to travel to meetings), legal and court business; expenses of inquests including the mayor as coroner; the salary and expenses of the gaoler including the purchase of coal and the washing of blankets; policing costs such as the purchase of handcuffs and the making of staves with leathers for the constables; expenses of witnesses at court hearings (often including the names of the accused and the nature of the charges - see also WIN/2151 and WIN/2151A); charges made for longer-term prisoners at the House of Correction, Lewes, expenses incurred in transporting them there and receipts for such prisoners by the governor; maintenance of the Court Hall, public lighting (oil lamps, chimneys and fuel), public seats, wells, pumps and the water supply, fencing and highways; general correspondence about accounting matters and government circulars related to various statutes.
The post of treasurer was abolished when Winchelsea's last municipal powers were lost on 25 March 1886. Thereafter, until comparatively recent times, all bills were paid by the chamberlain: see the headnote to WIN/2363/4.

Vouchers to account  WIN/2360/2/1  Easter 1867 - Easter 1868

Vouchers to account  WIN/2360/2/2  Easter 1868 - Easter 1869

Vouchers to account  WIN/2360/2/3  Easter 1869 - Easter 1870

Vouchers to account  WIN/2360/2/4  Easter 1873 - Easter 1876

Vouchers to account  WIN/2360/2/5  Easter 1876 - Easter 1877

Vouchers to account  WIN/2360/2/6  Easter 1877 - Easter 1878

Vouchers to account  WIN/2360/2/7  Easter 1878 - Easter 1879

Vouchers to account  WIN/2360/2/8  Easter 1881 - Easter 1882

Vouchers to account  WIN/2360/2/9  Easter 1882 - Easter 1884

Vouchers to account  WIN/2360/2/10  Easter 1884 - Easter 1885

Vouchers to account  WIN/2360/2/11  Easter 1885 - Easter 1886

Chamberlain  [no ref. or date]

Armada ship-service arbitration, 1596  [no ref.]  1596

Winchelsea's liability for ship-service in 1587 was discharged by the payment of £66 13s 4d towards a ship provided by Hastings (see WIN/54 f22v). Another ship-service was negotiated in 1595 and it is possible that the opportunity was taken to close the accounts with Hastings for 1588. No trace of the award of Apsley [who was MP for Hastings] and Peck can be found.

Receipt by the mayor and jurats of Hastings for £10 paid by the mayor and jurats of Winchelsea (according to the award of Henry Apsley, esq and John Peck, gent) in final settlement of demands concerning a ship set forth against the Spaniards in 1588  WIN/2361/1/1  29 Sep 1596

Account books  [no ref. or date]

Account-books of receipts and payments kept by the chamberlain, who collected the town rents. The series was discontinued in 1961 on the appointment as town clerk of Charles Croggon, who kept the information in a different form. The receipts consist almost exclusively of payments for town and queen's rents, the properties being named from 1941 onwards.

Account of the King's rents and Town rents payable yearly to the corporation (indexed); nd (pre 1807), and 28 Jul 1807  WIN/2361/2/1  early 19th century

The rentals are arranged by quarters (1-39), and further sub-divided into King's and Town rents. They contain a description of the property with the past and present owners

Account of the King's rents and Town rents payable yearly to the corporation (indexed) 31 Mar 1823  WIN/2361/2/2  1823-1864

The volume is divided into two; the first half contains a rental as WIN/2361/2/1 in arrangement, and in the second half the rental is arranged in alphabetical order of the former owners annotated to show subsequent sales to 1864, with list of present owners

Account of the bills paid by the chamberlain for the corporation and the King's later Queen's) and Town rents  WIN/2361/2/3  Sep 1849 - Sep 1898

Account  WIN/2361/2/4  1895 - 1951

Account  WIN/2361/2/5  1952 - 1961

Vouchers to account  [no ref. or date]

These are such examples as survive of the receipts and vouchers kept by the chamberlain who took over full responsibility for the accounts when the post of treasurer was discontinued. As with those of the treasurer they have been cross-referenced at the front of each folder with the account books to which they relate. WIN/2361/3/1-2 refer to WIN/2361/2/3 and WIN/2361/3/3-4 refer to the current account book which may be examined by arrangement with the town clerk. The documents reflect the responsibilities retained by the corporation after 1886 when the Municipal Corporations Act 1883 came into force and include: maintenance of pumps and wells; public lighting; caretaking after meetings at the school and later at the Court Hall; expenses and salary of the chamberlain and the sergeant-at-mace; maintenance and cleaning of The Lookout; payment of income tax (from which the corporation was later exempted on appeal); payment of tithes on corporation property; payment of poor rates to the Rye Union; payment of water charges to the Rural Sanitary Authority; insurance premiums; maintenance of public seats; fuel for the Court Hall; and collection of Queen's Dues and Town Rents.

Vouchers to account  WIN/2361/3/1  Apr 1887 - Jan 1892

Vouchers to account  WIN/2361/3/2  Mar 1893 - Apr 1894

Vouchers to account  WIN/2361/3/3  Feb 1901 - Oct 1903

Vouchers to account  WIN/2361/3/4  Apr 1918 - Feb 1921

Chequebooks  [no ref. or date]

These chequebooks have been retained, exceptionally, on account of the completeness of the financial records of the town for the period which they cover.

Chequebook  WIN/2361/4/1  May 1867 - Feb 1868

Chequebook  WIN/2361/4/2  Feb 1868 - May 1869

Chequebook  WIN/2361/4/3  Mar 1872 - Dec 1873

Chequebook  WIN/2361/4/4  Apr 1875 - Jul 1876

Chequebook  WIN/2361/4/5  Aug 1876 - Mar 1878

Chequebook  WIN/2361/4/6  Apr 1878 - Mar 1880

Chequebook  WIN/2361/4/7  Jan 1882 - Jan 1884

Chequebook  WIN/2361/4/8  Jan 1884 - Dec 1885

Chequebook  WIN/2361/4/9  Apr 1918 - Mar 1920

Documents presented to the corporation  [no ref. or date]

Documents known to have been presented to the corporation rather than generated by the discharge of its administrative functions have been listed together under the reference WIN/2362.
Winchelsea Corporation, and particularly the museum which it opened in the Court Hall in 1950, has always served as a natural point for the presentation of documents by members of the public.
When the Corporation archives were listed between 1959 and 1963, it is clear that some of that presented material was silently listed with them, as is demonstrated by the letter and transcript listed as WIN/2362/3. Indeed it is likely that many of the documents listed as WIN/2040-2053 are the result of presentations, antiquarian purchases or erroneous selections from the archive of Dawes, Son and Prentice of Rye.

Papers of Charles Walter Campion (1839-1926) and A V Owen (1899-1982), former churchwardens of Winchelsea  [no ref. or date]

Arthur Vernon Owen (1899-1982) was made a freeman of Winchelsea on 16 April 1928. His election to the mayoralty in 1932 was hailed by the Sussex County Magazine (1932, p272) as 'a striking example of what youth can achieve'. At the time Owen was a solicitor with the firm of Langham and Douglas in Hastings and was extremely active in the service of Winchelsea where he lived and where he had been a churchwarden of St Thomas's since 1926. It was in that capacity that he assumed responsibility for the various dedication services, held during the early 1930s, of the stained glass windows and the new organ given by Lord Blanesburgh, whose complete confidence Owen enjoyed. These services were national events, one, at which the Archbishop of Canterbury officiated and preached, being broadcast by the BBC. Sir Robert Younger (1861-1946), who lived at Cleveland House in Winchelsea and later at Greyfriars, was elevated to the peerage as Lord Blanesburgh on his appointment as a law lord in 1923.
In 1934, after at least two false starts (see WIN/2362/1/73, WIN/2362/1/74), Owen joined Currey and Co in London where he became a partner and remained for the rest of his working life. Moving to London with his family ended his active work in Winchelsea but he was a regular and supportive attender at the corporation's principal functions and had a weekend home close to Rye Golf Club where he was an enthusiastic member, served his turn as captain, and was president for many years. After his death in 1982 a box of Owen's papers was handed by his son to the then Town Clerk of Winchelsea for retention by the Corporation.
The recent sorting and listing of these papers has revealed that they contain not only information about Owen's property in Winchelsea, his mayoralty, the corporation's day-to-day business, the dedication services and the affairs of St Thomas's Church, but also documents which were preserved by his predecessor as churchwarden, Charles Walter Campion (1839-1926), the younger brother of William Henry Campion of Danny in Hurstpierpoint. Campion, who lived at Mariteau House, was also a freeman and served as mayor in 1909. He matriculated at Balliol College, Oxford, in 1858, called to the bar of Lincoln's Inn in 1866 and became secretary to the speaker of the House of Commons in 1884; he later served as Examiner of Standing Orders. Most important among these earlier papers are the architect's detailed reports on the condition of St Thomas's dated September 1901 and November 1921.
The documents are listed in date order, with undated items inserted at probable points. The papers of Campion are listed as WIN/2362/1/1-30 and those of Owen as WIN/2362/1/31-75.
I am most grateful to Malcolm Pratt for compiling this list.
6 6 1995

Printed appeal for funds to support restoration work at St Thomas's including details of the work proposed, an article on the church reprinted from "The Church Builder" and another entitled 'The Building of Winchelsea Church' by the late F A Inderwick, KC  WIN/2362/1/1  Dec 1904

Letter from [the Rev] John H D Patch, Winchelsea Rectory, to C W Campion, 36 Sloane Court, London, relating the history of the early 20th-century restoration work at St Thomas's and enclosing a copy of J P Micklethwaite's detailed report on the church's condition of Sep 1901  WIN/2362/1/2  4 Jul 1907

Printed list of subscriptions paid or promised to Winchelsea Church Restoration Fund  WIN/2362/1/3  [1907]

Letter from [the Rev] W R Fox, Winchelsea Rectory, to C W Campion with comments on a draft of WIN/2362/1/5 and his dismissal of the organist [Mr Hillyer] without consulting the churchwardens  WIN/2362/1/4  10 May 1910

Printed appeal for funds to provide the organist with a salary  WIN/2362/1/5  [May 1910]

Mrs Fox has 'consented to take the place at the organ rendered vacant by the resignation of Mr Hillyer'; C W Campion and H J Elliott, churchwardens

Draft by C W Campion for contributions to the Parish Coal Fund to help those who cannot pay 'present war prices for coal'  WIN/2362/1/6  [1914x1918]

With a subscription list

Printed notice, C W Campion on behalf of the committee, proposing the erection of a War Memorial Cross in the churchyard, and appealing for contributions  WIN/2362/1/7  Feb 1919

Detailed report by H P Burke Downing FRIBA, Chichester diocesan architect, on the condition of St Thomas's and the work requiring urgent attention; he recommends Norman and Burt of Burgess Hill, who are used to working under his supervision  WIN/2362/1/8  10 Nov 1921

Letter from W E Breeds of Breeds and Sons, Rye and Winchelsea, asking CWC to use his influence to give him an opportunity to tender for the work; 'I am the builder of our Rye and Winchelsea Cottage Hospital' and have 'a large staff of practical tradesmen at my command, (all local people)'  WIN/2362/1/9  16 Nov 1921

Letter from George M Freeman KC, 24A Bryanston Square, London, as treasurer, to [the Rev R G] Douglas, relating the results of his interview with the secretary of the Architects' Institute concerning the fees proposed by J P Burke Downing, with suggestions for how Downing might be approached; 'I do not see why an architect should be paid in advance for work he has only partially done'  WIN/2362/1/10  23 Jun 1922

Draft letter from C W Campion to J P Burke Downing on the subject of his account and of overtime payments  WIN/2362/1/11  25 Jun 1922

Printed accounts of C W Campion and H Elliott, churchwardens  WIN/2362/1/12  1921-1922

Letter from H P Burke Downing, 12 Little College Street, Westminster, to C W Campion (for the rector and churchwardens), reporting on the completion of the works at St Thomas's with details of costs, and details of further work required on the remains of the transepts with an estimate  WIN/2362/1/13  15 Dec 1922

List of promised contributions to church repair fund with notes of the balance remaining to be paid, including the estimate for repairs to the transepts included in WIN/2362/1/13  WIN/2362/1/14  [1922]

Letter from Maud Peel, The Armoury, Winchelsea to C W Campion enclosing a contribution, commenting on the work and requesting a copy of the architect's report to include in her parish register abstracts  WIN/2362/1/15  9 Jan 1923

Miss Maud Peel to C W Campion returning the architect's report, [?erroneously] endorsed 1926  WIN/2362/1/16  [?1923]

Printed advertisement for organ recitals in aid of the reparation fund  WIN/2362/1/17  Aug - Sep [1923]

Note [from Maud Peel to C W Campion] of the baptism of the son of P J Maroteau in 1764 and identifying him as the builder of Mariteau House  WIN/2362/1/18  [?1923]

Printed extract from the parish magazine of Nov 1923 with particulars of the restoration appeal  WIN/2362/1/19  [1924]

Printed annual accounts for Winchelsea Parish Church for 1924, certified 21 Dec 1924  WIN/2362/1/20  1924

Letter from Rev R G Douglas, [rector of Winchelsea], Hotel Claudina, Grimaldie, Ventimiglia to C W Campion about the resignation of the verger Bennett; 'he will have to work a good deal harder than he has done at Winchelsea if he is ever to earn his living in London; but that is his look out'; proposes the appointment of a man and wife to be verger/school caretaker at £2 per week and encloses draft advertisement; Sergeant Townsend, G M Freeman's caretaker in London, has been recommended by Miss Rawlinson  WIN/2362/1/21  13 Aug 1925

Draft [by Maud Peel] of conditions for letting the cottage in Barrack Square, to be vacated by W J B Bennett, former verger, to the new verger, Robert Townsend  WIN/2362/1/22  25 Aug [1925]

Letter from Tony [Anthony Freeman], Grey Friars, to C W Campion hoping to keep Townsend until 1 Oct but not wishing to stand in the way of his appointment  WIN/2362/1/23  [Aug 1925]

Letter from Gertrude Leigh, Attegate, Winchelsea to C W Campion emphasising the urgent nature of the work proposed at the church, referring to Mr Burke Downing's report and the current state of the fabric, and detailing the arrangements that she as guarantor has made with the bank to overdraw on The Story of Winchelsea Church account to provide the necessary finance  WIN/2362/1/24  7 Sep [1925]

Letter from H P Burke Downing to C W Campion clarifying what work will be possible on the transepts using the £300 available and stressing the importance of using an experienced firm rather than a local one 'Societies and others... will be watching closely whatever repairs are undertaken'  WIN/2362/1/25  17 Sep 1925

Letters from J Edwin Couchman, Dene Place, Hurstpierpoint to C W Campion stressing the need for plans for the faculty committee and proposing a visit  WIN/2362/1/26  12, 14 Oct 1925

Draft resolution to accept the terms of WIN/2362/1/25 with a draft letter from C W Campion to H P Burke Downing to instruct Norman & Burt  WIN/2362/1/27  22 Oct [1925]

Letter from H P Burke Downing to C W Campion saying that he will find out when work will start  WIN/2362/1/28  27 Jan 1926

Letter from Norman and Burt, London Road, Burgess Hill to H P Burke Downing asking for work at St Thomas's to be postponed until work at Peasmarsh Church is finished and the weather more suitable, with further correspondence leading to a promise that work would start on 1 Mar  WIN/2362/1/29  Jan - Feb 1926

Printed pastoral letter from the Rev R Gresley Douglas, rector, urging the congregation to increase their giving to the Free-Will Offering Scheme  WIN/2362/1/30  [c1920s]

Sale catalogue of freehold property at 1, 2 and 3 Keith Row, Castle Street, Winchelsea (plan), with title from a conveyance by Davis to Cooke, 1891; [purchased by A V Owen - see WIN/2362/2/17  WIN/2362/1/31  24 Sep 1924

Printed accounts for Winchelsea Parish Church for 1926, certified 17 Feb 1927  WIN/2362/1/32  1927

Letter to A V Owen from Ransomes, Sims and Jefferies Ltd about the provision of a lawnmower which they are sending on trial  WIN/2362/1/33  28 Oct 1927

Note to A V Owen from [Sir Robert Younger], Lord Blanesborough, Cleveland House, Winchelsea enclosing a donation to the window preservation fund  WIN/2362/1/34  12 Jan 1928

Order of Service for the dedication of a window in memory of A C Benson at Rye Parish Church  WIN/2362/1/35  18 Dec 1928

Notes on the escutcheons in the Sessions Court, Hastings, blazoned by F G and R H Langham in 1928/29  WIN/2362/1/36  [?1930]

Letter from Lord Blanesburgh, Hotel Chambord, 123 Avenue de Champs Elysees, Paris to A V Owen, enclosing his Easter offering; 'Here in Paris one hears only of reparations and of Foch'  WIN/2362/1/37  25 Mar 1929

Order of Service for the dedication of the Rye Harbour Lifeboat memorial window at St Thomas's (the work of Douglas Strachan) by R[ollestone] S[territt] Fyffe DD, bishop [of Rangoon], with a description of the window by the artist  WIN/2362/1/38  6 Jul 1929

Detailed specification and estimate from J W Walker and Sons Ltd, organ builders, to Lord Blanesburgh for the construction of the organ at St Thomas's  WIN/2362/1/39  6 Nov 1929

Letter from Lord Blanesburgh to A V Owen enclosing his Easter offering  WIN/2362/1/40  13 Apr 1930

Cyclostyled letter from the managers of the Winchelsea Schools enclosing a report and balance sheet for 1929  WIN/2362/1/41  Easter 1930

Lists the names of the managers and reports on staff changes, attendances, improvements to the building and inspection visits

Letter from J Gilbert P Meaden, surveyor, Temple Chambers, Victoria Embankment, to A V Owen reporting the opinion of Sir Mervyn [Edmund] Macartney [architect to the Dean and Chapter of St Paul's] that a second opinion on the treatment of beetle in the roof of St Thomas's church would add to the expense, with a covering confidential letter  WIN/2362/1/42  4 Jul 1930

Draft letter [?from A V Owen] to [the Rev Carey Taylor] on his retirement, enclosing a gift from the congregation and a subscription list [WIN/2362/1/44], with the hope that he will soon be fully fit again  WIN/2362/1/43  24 Dec 1930

List of donations to the rector's leaving present  WIN/2362/1/44  [?1930]

"Report and Classification of the Cinque Port Records held at New Romney" by Major M Teichman-Derville, mayor of New Romney and speaker of the Cinque Ports  WIN/2362/1/45  Jan 1931

Letter from J Gilbert P Meaden to A V Owen objecting to proposals for electric lighting within the organ as a fire risk  WIN/2362/1/46  23 Jan 1931

Copy letter from A V Owen, 2 Keith Row, Winchelsea, to Messrs Breeds and Co, Rye, giving specifications for repairs to the belfry  WIN/2362/1/47  2 Feb 1931

Winchelsea Church Roof Fund Account signed by Frank Nash, treasurer  WIN/2362/1/48  [1931]

Printed invitation from Lord Blanesburgh to Mr and Mrs Vernon Owen to tea after the dedication services 'to be held on 9 May next'; at Cleveland House if fine, [New Hall if wet deleted]  WIN/2362/1/49  [?May 1931]

Pencil list of guests travelling from various stations and their fares  WIN/2362/1/50  [?May 1931]

Printed sermon by Rev A W MacMichael at New Romney St Nicholas for the Courts of Brotherhood and Guestling, sent to A V Owen with the compliments of Edwin P[lomley] Dawes, Town Clerk of Winchelsea  WIN/2362/1/51  16 May 1931

Letters from Lord Blanesburgh, 73 South Audley Street, to A V Owen concerning the guest list for 9 May and thanking him for its success  WIN/2362/1/52  [May 1931] and 20 May 1931

Letter from W A Attwater, St Paul's Cathedral to A V Owen with grateful thanks for advice on manufacturers of bell-rope  WIN/2362/1/53  31 Aug 1931

Notification to Mr Ernest Freeman, Sergeant-at-Mace, to warn a Hun'red for 28 Mar 1932, 19 Mar 1932, with his certificate of delivery, 21 Mar 1932  WIN/2362/1/54  1932

A V Owen's pencil notes for his speech on his appointment to the mayoralty referring particularly to the St Thomas's dedication services, the Brotherhood and Guestling at New Romney on 16 May 1931 at which E[dwin] P[lomley] Dawes was appointed joint solicitor in succession to his father Walter Dawes, and the opportunity to plant trees on Winchelsea's grass verges  WIN/2362/1/55  [28 Mar 1932]

Letter from Lord Blanesburgh, Cleveland House, to A V Owen congratulating him on his accession to the mayoralty and his 'recognition Service last night'  WIN/2362/1/56  4 Apr 1932

Letter from J Gilbert P Meaden, surveyor, to A V Owen, Hotel Metropole, Bournemouth, referring to 'the difficulties there are with doors of this kind'  WIN/2362/1/57  3 Jun 1932

Notice from E[dwin] P[lomley] Dawes, town clerk, of service to be held 'on Sunday next' and acknowledgement to A V Owen that he has issued the notice  WIN/2362/1/58  7 Jun 1932

Bundle of daily summaries of takings for the Court Hall, 16 Jul - 1 Oct 1932, with a letter hoping that (s)he has given satisfaction, regretting the recent bad weather and expecting to do better 'during this my last week'  WIN/2362/1/59  [Sep] 1932

Receipt by F Sills for £5 10s 0d 'being share of takings at Court Hall for ten weeks at 10/- per week and two weeks at 5/- per week to today'  WIN/2362/1/60  1 Oct 1932

Letter from the Rev R A Cochrane, Winchelsea Rectory, to A V Owen, requesting the return of the pieces of glass for the broken section of the church window sent by Dr [Douglas] Strachan, whom he is meeting today  WIN/2362/1/61  4 Oct 1932

Letter from the Town Clerk of Hastings to A V Owen; Mr Ryan, the Borough Electrical Engineer, will be pleased to discuss the electricity supply to Winchelsea Beach  WIN/2362/1/62  13 Dec 1932

Related information: See WIN/2362/1/64

Letter from W Maclean Homan, Friars Road, to A V Owen giving details of his excavation under the south-west corner of the Court House to investigate the vaulted crypt reported by Inderwick  WIN/2362/1/63  16 Mar 1933

Details of the results, and reference to Owen's wish to display artefacts in the Court Hall as a quid pro quo for the entrance fee

Correspondence between A V Owen, Nesbit, Winchelsea, the Town Clerk of Hastings and W H Martindale, 22 Chatsworth Road, London NW 2 concerning the corporation's opposition to the routing of about electric light cables to supply 33 residents at Winchelsea Beach, who have petitioned for a supply  WIN/2362/1/64  Feb - Mar 1933

Plan showing the proposed route between Winchelsea and Pett

Letter from Capt E[dwin] P[lomley] Dawes, town clerk to A V Owen concerning the private meeting to nominate a mayor, normally held at 6pm on Easter Saturday  WIN/2362/1/65  3 Apr 1933

Printed leaflet "The Church of S Thomas, Winchelsea" by Gertrude Leigh  WIN/2362/1/66  Sep 1933

With detailed descriptions of the memorial windows designed by Dr Douglas Strachan, three of which are 'now to be unveiled', and of the fittings of the newly restored Lady-Chapel

Letter from Canon Godfrey Bell, secretary to the Chichester Diocesan Advisory Committee on Faculties, to A V Owen at Nesbit, Winchelsea approving the inscription and lettering of the proposed War Memorial in the north chapel, of which a full-size design is enclosed  WIN/2362/1/67  11 Oct 1933

Printed order of service for the dedication of a series of three windows and an altar at St Thomas's, Winchelsea by the Archbishop of Canterbury, with the Bishop of Chichester and the Rector of Winchelsea  WIN/2362/1/68  21 Oct 1933

With details of the windows, altar and organ by G[ertrude] A L[eigh]

Admission ticket for the above service  WIN/2362/1/69  21 Oct 1933

Cutting [?from The Listener] announcing 'an interesting relay from the parish church of St Thomas, Winchelsea' of the above service  WIN/2362/1/70  [Oct 1933]

Printed order of a service of organ and choral music by the choir of the Temple Church under the direction of Dr G Thalben-Ball, to be held after the dedication service  WIN/2362/1/71  21 Oct 1933

Lists of clergy, representatives of the Cinque Ports and other guests at the dedication service on 21 Oct 1933  WIN/2362/1/72  [Oct 1933]

Letter [?to A V Owen] from Stephen A Child of Child & Prescott, 4 Serjeants' Inn, Fleet Street; 'there is no opening here as any possible change is provided for'  WIN/2362/1/73  27 Apr 1934

Letter from [Edward] Lance[lot] Mallalieu, 8 Fig Tree Court, Temple to A V Owen; 'my influence with Halsey, Lightly & Hemsley [of St James Place, solicitors] is by no means great; but such as it is, I will put it entirely at your disposal'  WIN/2362/1/74  16 May 1934

Letter from Lord Blanesburgh to A V Owen regretting his absence and thanking Owen for 'putting this my mite into the plate today'  WIN/2362/1/75  Easter; [1930s]

Papers relating to the Corporation's thanks to Thomas Dawes for building the Town Well, 1851  [no ref. or date]

The endorsement of WIN/2362/2/1 suggests that the documents were subsequently returned to the corporation by Dawes's heirs.

Copy assembly minute granting of land [in Castle Street] to Thomas Dawes, esq, for the construction of a well for the benefit of the town, endorsed: Weeden Dawes, The Nook, Gainsborough Gardens, Hampstead  WIN/2362/2/1  7 Jan 1851

Sealed resolution of thanks to Mr Dawes  WIN/2362/2/2  28 Oct 1851

Letter from Edwin Nathaniel Dawes, town clerk, to his uncle Thomas Dawes, enclosing the resolution  WIN/2362/2/3  18 Nov 1851

Winchelsea Auxiliary Fire Service log-book and papers of Percy Ide  [no ref.]  1940 - 1941

Percy George William Ide was the landlord of the Bridge Inn and the officer commanding the Winchelsea AFS. These documents were presented by his widow in 1978.

Log-book of Winchelsea AFS listing time, occurrence (in red ink) and response  WIN/2362/3/1  Aug 1940 - Mar 1941

Civil Defence Pass for P G W Ide, leading fireman, Winchelsea Fire Brigade, with description  WIN/2362/3/2  17 May 1940

Letter from the officer commanding C Company, 7th bn Manchester Regiment, to Chief Officer Spence, Fire Brigade HQ, Battle, congratulating his staff (including section officer Ide) on their display  WIN/2362/3/3  23 Apr 1941

Letter from Ernest Goldschmidt, mayor of Winchelsea, to Ide, congratulating the fire brigade on their turnout on Empire Day  WIN/2362/3/4  26 May 1941

Permit to P G W Ide to enter the Sussex Coastal Belt at Winchelsea Beach to feed stock, 1 Dec 1941, 10 Mar 1942  WIN/2362/3/5  1941 - 1942

National Civil Defence Safe Driving Award certificate of merit awarded to P G W Ide, NFS, D Division, for accident-free driving  WIN/2362/3/6  Sep 1941 - Aug 1942

Papers of George Mallows Freeman as baron jurat of Winchelsea at the coronation  [no ref.]  1911

Presented to the corporation by his son Anthony Freeman.

Invitation to attend the coronation on 22 June with dress regulations, covering letter and envelope  WIN/2362/4/1-4  30 May 1911

Report by G M Freeman to the people of Winchelsea of his attendance at the coronation  WIN/2362/4/5  [Jun 1911]

Letter from John R[utherford] Skinner, Backfields, Winchelsea to G M Freeman with an account of the day's events at Winchelsea on 22 Jun  WIN/2362/4/6  24 Jun 1911

Typescript of WIN/2362/4/5 and WIN/2362/4/6  WIN/2362/4/7  c1970

Printed particulars of sale for the Friars Estate  [no ref.]  1908

This document was probably presented by Anthony Freeman with WIN/2362/4. The plan is currently (1997) on display at Winchelsea Museum. For the town clerk's papers on the Friars estate, part of which is held of the Corporation by a long lease, see WIN/2359/5/1, WIN/2359/5/35 and WIN/2359/7/2.

Printed particulars of sale for the Friars Estate, late Major Robert Curteis Stileman, JP, in Winchelsea and Icklesham  WIN/2362/5/1  28 Jul 1908

Annotated with purchase prices or reserves

Assignment of mortgage of land in the sixth quarter of Winchelsea  [no ref.]  1678

The document was presented in July 1958 and passed to the Honorary Archivist the following February; it was listed, with no indication of its provenance, as WIN/2047.

Letter from A Barham, 66 Kennerley Road, Stockport (formerly of Pleasant House, Rotherfield Avenue, Bexhill), enclosing WIN/2047 for the Winchelsea Museum  WIN/2362/6/1  9 Jul 1958

Typescript of WIN/2047  WIN/2362/6/2  [1958]

Maps, charts and plans collected by C H Dobbie  [no ref. or date]

These documents were collected over many years by C H Dobbie, BSc, MICE, a consultant civil engineer who was responsible for the construction of the sea wall at Winchelsea Beach in the early 1950s. They became the property of the corporation when they were handed to Charles Croggon, town clerk, for preservation and safe-keeping.
The maps relate to Dobbie's work on the sea-wall project and more generally to the coastline of south-east Sussex and Kent. Most of the maps are reproductions of early surveys; WIN/2362/8/14-16 are contemporary with his work at Winchelsea.
Mr Dobbie later assisted Winchelsea Corporation with professional advice when the Strand Gate was threatened with at least partial collapse and eventually became a resident of the town.

Photostat of map of Romney Marsh by [John Simondson]  WIN/2362/7/1  25 Mar 1594

Shows coastline from Fairlight to New Romney, Winchelsea (Camber) Castle, site of Old Winchelsea, Rye, Dungeness and inland to Bodiam, Tenterden and Warhorne; copy of ESRO RYE 132/5, itself a copy of an unlocated map

Copy of a map by John Prowez showing Winchelsea, Rye, Camber Castle, Playden church and Broomhill  WIN/2362/7/2  [?1595]

Copy of PRO SP 12/254 (75I) (MPF 212)

Photostat of map of Romney Marsh by John Stonehame  WIN/2362/7/3  1599

Related information: For a better copy see ESRO RYE 132/8

Shows coastline from Fairlight to Hythe, Winchelsea (Camber) Castle, site of Old Winchelsea; copy of Hastings Museum MP 189

Photostat of 'A Draught of Rye Harbour'  WIN/2362/7/4  [1762 x 1766]

Map showing Rye New and Old Harbours, the Rivers Rother, Tillingham and Brede; coastline from Fairlight to Dungeness Light; section through the beach at the new harbour between the pier heads and the new canal, showing wharfing; [Admiralty chart] marked England folio 1 i 27

Negative photostat of sheet 4 of T[homas] Yeakell and W[illiam] Gardner's map of Sussex  WIN/2362/7/5  [1783]

Negative photostat of Admiralty Chart 9 showing the coast from Bexhill to Rye New Harbour with a section from Fairlight to Battle  WIN/2362/7/6  1807-1844

Surveyed by Graeme Spence, 1803, soundings by Lt John Murray, RN, 1804 and 1805; western part of chart annotated with soundings by Captain J Washington, 1844; 23 July 1807

Photostat of portion of Admiralty Chart 99 showing the coast from Deal to Ramsgate from the original 1795 survey (626) by Graeme Spence  WIN/2362/7/7  1808

Photostat of a portion of Admiralty Chart 7 showing the coast from the White Hart in Pett to Romney Bay  WIN/2362/7/8  1 Aug 1809

Surveyed by Graeme Spence, with maritime elements by Captain Johnstone and Mr Tapper RN

Photostat of portion of Admiralty Chart 7 showing the coast from the White Hart in Pett to Romney Bay  WIN/2362/7/9  14 June 1845

Surveyed by Graeme Spence, including re-survey of Dungeness by Captain J Washington RN, FRS, 1844

Photostat of an original survey (L7861) of Rye Bay by Captain F Bullock RN showing the coastline between Rook Point in Pett and Dungeness for an Admiralty Chart  WIN/2362/7/10  1850

Shows Winchelsea, Rye and Dungeness

Original Admiralty Chart of Folkestone Harbour with details of the town  WIN/2362/7/11  25 May 1874

Surveyed by Commander J Parsons, RN, HMS Porcupine

Negative photostat of a survey (E3393) of Rye Bay by Lt Cdr NAC Hardy RN  WIN/2362/7/12  1930

Shows coastline between Fairlight to railwaiy lines east of Jury's Gut; Winchelsea and Rye Harbour prominent

Photostat of a portion of Admiralty Chart 1828 showing Sandwich Bay between Deal and Ramsgate  WIN/2362/7/13  1925-1936

Edition of 1925/26, amended 1936

'Rother and Jury's Gut Catchment Board, Pett Foreshore; Plan showing proposed works between Cliff End and Rye Harbour'  WIN/2362/7/14  31 Dec 1945

Dyeline plan showing sea-defence works for 1947, indicating source of clay, with coastline variations 1850-1927 superimposed; Drawing PF 124; C H Dobbie BSc, MICE, Engineer to the Board

'Kent River Board, Rother Area, Pett Foreshore - Plan shewing shorelines dated 1594, 1803 and 1946'  WIN/2362/7/15  Jun 1951

Dyeline as WIN/2362/7/14 with details of site of Smeaton's Harbour and coastlines superimposed; Drawing RJA 77; G Cubley Crowther, Engineer to the Board

Tracing of a map of the coast between Hastings and Folkestone with a series of lines showing the position of the coastline at different dates, but no key  WIN/2362/7/16  [c1960]

Documents relating to the Castilian raids on Winchelsea in 1377 and 1380  [no ref.]  1972-c1986

These notes were presented by Jurats J B L Clark and David Bourne in December 1997

Synopsis [by J B L Clark] of the naval campaign between England and Castile, 1372-1381, with reference to a photograph [not present] of a commemorative plaque at Luarca, Asturias, Spain, to the raids on the Sussex coast of 1377 and 1380 and to WIN/2362/8/2  WIN/2362/8/1  10 Dec 1972

Extracts transcribed from P E Russell, "English Intervention in Spain and Portugal in the time of Edward III and Richard II" (OUP, 1955)  WIN/2362/8/2  [1972]

Account, in Spanish, by the Municipal Archives of the Council of Valdés of the depiction of the raid on Winchelsea, 1380, on the Seafarers' Table at E1 Cambaral, Valdés  WIN/2362/8/3  [c1986]

Includes synopsis of the political events leading up to the raids

Translation of WIN/2362/8/3  WIN/2362/8/4  [c1986]

The Winchelsea working papers of Captain Herbert Lovegrove, CBE RN  [no ref. or date]

Captain Herbert Lovegrove CBE, RN (1903-1989), was born in India where his father served as Conservator of Forests in mid-India and later in Kashmir. In 1916 he went to Dartmouth Naval College and between the wars served in various ships including a river boat in South China. At the beginning of 1939 he attended Greenwich Staff College. In September of that year he married Daphne Read and was posted to the War Room at the Admiralty. This was followed in 1941 by active service as a Commander in HMS Illustrious and in 1943 by a return to the Admiralty as Appointments Commander. Later in the Second World War he became secretary of the Combined Operations Committee which was chaired by Winston Churchill. In 1951 he was sent to New Zealand as Second Naval Member [Second Sea Lord] but, prevented by poor eyesight from promotion to Rear Admiral, retired from the navy in 1953.
By that time he and Mrs Lovegrove had made their home in Winchelsea at Nesbit in the High Street and the captain took a new post as Deputy Secretary of the National Society for Promoting Religious Education according to the Principles of the Church of England (The National Society). Since moving to live in Winchelsea he had immersed himself in the town's history and the geography and topography of the area on which he became the acknowledged local expert. He joined Winchelsea Corporation as a freeman in 1948 and served as a jurat for forty years. He was mayor four times (1958, 1959, 1963, 1970) and Speaker of the Confederation of the Cinque Ports in 1963 and 1970. As Speaker Captain Lovegrove regenerated, through a series of meetings with his mayoral colleagues, interest in the historic importance of the Confederation, instituted the purchase and wearing of the Speaker's Badge as a symbol of its dignity and longevity, and took a lead in ensuring that the confederation's archives were transferred into proper professional care at the Centre for Kentish Studies (the Kent Archives Office) at Maidstone. Lovegrove also sat as a member of Rother District Council.
The papers, notes and maps included here were donated to Winchelsea Corporation by his widow in January 1999. They provide an invaluable addition to the archives of the corporation and are a tribute to the thoroughness of his study, the depth of his knowledge, and the extent of his interest. The papers include one original document, a letter of 1723, for which see WIN/2362/9/6.
The papers originally consisted of two large binders of papers entitled 'Plans of the harbours of Winchelsea and Rye', containing sections labelled 1-5, and a large number of loose offprints, notes, correspondence and other papers. The former are listed as WIN/2362/9/1-5, and the latter as WIN/2362/9/3-71. In the list which follows, Captain Lovegrove is referred to as HL throughout. For the summary on which this introduction is based, see WIN/2362/9/71.

Table of contents and section 1: original unpublished notes and articles by HL  WIN/2362/9/1  1947-1948

'Old Winchelsea and its Port'; the location of the town and port of Old Winchelsea, advancing the argument of W M Homan in 'The Marshes between Hythe and Pett' (SAC 79, 1938); 1947
'An application of the theories of tidal currents, the indraught of waves and the law of the eastward drift to the formation of the shoreline between Pett Cliffs and the Midrips'; 1947
'A Short account of the rise of the Town of Winchelsea'; nd, [1947]
'Topographical history of the Harbours of Winchelsea and Rye', with bibliography and detailed correspondence with W Maclean Homan, Jun 1947
'A Consideration of the early history of the Rape of Hastings'; 1948

Section 2: copies of maps, charts and plans  WIN/2362/9/2  55BC - 1899

With table of contents listing all available maps, and indicating those of which copies follow:
Ordnance Survey 1899 6" edition; Sussex 69 SW; 1897
Ordnance Survey 1899 6" edition; Sussex 69 NW, NE; 1897
Ordnance Survey 1899 6" edition; Sussex 45 SE; 1897
Admiralty Chart 2451 (St Leonards to Dymchurch Wall); published 1878
Admiralty Chart A4146 (Winchelsea, Rye and Rye Bay); 1874
Admiralty Chart 2452 (Seaford Head to Dymchurch); 1856
Extract from Admiralty Chart 7 (Dover to Winchelsea); 1845
Rye Harbour in 1845 from John Meryon The Harbour of the Ancient Town of Rye, 1845
First edition of the Ordnance Survey, Rye to Hythe, published 1816, with HL's notes, Feb 1947
'A Draught of Rye Harbour'; map showing Rye New and Old Harbours, rivers, coastline from Fairlight to Dungeness Light; section through the beach at the new harbour between the pier heads and the new canal, showing wharfing; [Admiralty chart] marked England folio 1 i 27; nd, [1762 x 1766]
Thomas Yeakell and William Gardner's map of Sussex, sheet 4; 1778 [1783]
'A Map of Salts and Beach in the Parishes of Winchalsea and Guldeforde, Alias East Guldeforde, Alias New Guldeforde, Measured by the Order of Sir Robert Guldeforde Baronet by us Samuel Newman and Francis Hill, 1700'
'Map of Romney, Walland, Denge and Guildeforde Marshes shewing what Lands had been Inned at the End of the 17th Century'; labelled G53; illustration from Lewin, Invasion of England by Julius Caesar, 1859
Matthew Poker's map of Romney Marsh, Walland Marsh, Denge Marsh and Guldeford Marsh, 1617, reprinted by W Tiffen, Hythe and Folkestone, 1845
Map of Romney Marsh by John Stonham; original is Hastings Museum MP 189; for a better copy see ESRO RYE 132/8]; 1599
Map of Romney Marsh by Philip Symonson; copy of ESRO RYE 132/5, itself a copy of an unlocated map; 25 Mar 1594
Extract from a printed chart of the English Channel by Lucas Waghenaer of Brukhuysen showing Winchelsea, Rye and Hythe, 1585; the note 'Ships still carried cargoes up to Robertsbridge' does not seem supported by the map
Map of Winchelsea, Rye, Camber Castle, Playden church and Broomhill by John Prowez; copy of PRO SP 12/254 (751) (MPF 212); stated by HL to be 'probably first half of 16th century'; nd, [?1595]
'Map of Romney, Walland, Denge and Guildeford Marshes shewing what Lands had been Inned previous to the 14th century'; labelled G55; illustration from Lewin, Invasion of England by Julius Caesar, 1859
'Map of Romney Marsh and the parts adjacent shewing what Lands would, in the time of Caesar have been covered by the sea at high water on the supposition that no embankments had then been made, with the probable ancient line of coast from Fairlight to Hythe'; labelled G54; labelled G53; illustration from Lewin, Invasion of England by Julius Caesar, 1859

Section 3: HL's interpretations of maps in WIN/2362/9/2, with table of contents  WIN/2362/9/3  1594 - 1946

This section consists of HL's detailed notes on the maps in WIN/2362/9/2, accompanied in most cases by an enlarged copy of the OS map of 1921 with the details superimposed.
Admiralty Chart of Winchelsea and Rye Harbours by Graeme Spence, 1803
Map of James Smeaton's proposals for the New Harbour, Rye, 1763; includes a chronology of the New Harbour 1763-1788 from Vidler's New History of Rye and extracts from W M Homan's letter to HL, 24 Apr 1947
Unidentified map of Winchelsea and Rye harbours, c1695
Map of Romney Marsh by Matthew Poker, 1617
Map of Romney Marsh by Philip Symonson, 1594
Map of Camber, Winchelsea, Rye and Broomhill by John Prowez. [1595]
Map of South-East England showing the Cinque Ports, the Ancient Towns and their various members; nd, [1946]
Plan showing degraded cliffs, the Beach 'Fulls' and former shore-lines at Dungeness; 1946
Plan showing reclamation of the marshes; [1946]
Diagram showing an example of the indraught of sea waves; [1946]
Plan of Romney Marsh showing heights of land above Ordnance Datum; [1946]

Section 4: Modern maps, with table of contents  WIN/2362/9/4  1930 - 1946

Ordnance Survey one-inch map, Fairlight to Dymchurch; Sheet 184, 1946 edition
Ordnance Survey six-inch map, Pett Level, Lower Brede and the whole of Walland Marsh; 17 sheets with key; 1930 edition (some revisions of different dates)

Section 5: Notes, booklets, pamphlets and off-prints, with table of contents  WIN/2362/9/5  1250-1958

Related information: For maps presented by C H Dobbie to Winchelsea Corporation see WIN/2362/7

Transcript by W M Homan from Bohn's Antiquarian Library edition of the chronicle of Matthew Paris' Chronicle of the entries referring to the storms which affected Old Winchelsea in 1250 and 1252
Transcript of a report of the commissioners of sewers on a petition of Robert Colepeper concerning the harbour of Rye and the history of the level; Calendar of Treasury Papers 19 [19]36 p282; 1692
East Sussex Place Names by An Old-Fashioned Man detailing the 'correct' Sussex pronunciation of place names and deploring the influence of 'Furriners'; Walter Gillet, Brighton; third edition, 1933
The pronunciation of Kent Place-Names; F W Hardman; Southwold, Walmer, 1933
'The Fishing Boats of Hastings' by James Hornell; Sussex County Magazine 11, November and December 1937
'The Fishing Luggers of Hastings' Parts I and II by James Hornell; The Mariner's Mirror 24 (3, 4), Jul 1938 and Oct 1938
The Annals of the Town and Port of New Romney; paper read before the Kent Archaeological Society by Major M Teichman-Derville, mayor of New Romney, 25 Jul 1929
'Ironworks and Communications in The Weald in Roman Times' by Ernest Straker and Ivan D Margary, The Geographical Journal 92 (1), Jul 1938
Ivan Margary's notes suggested by Winchelsea visit, relating to a bloomery site at Icklesham and evidence for local ridgeways and a site near Wickham; 2 Oct 1948
'Past Sea-Levels at Dungeness' by W V Lewis and W G V Balchin; The Geographical Journal 96 (4), Oct 1940
The Church of St. Augustine, Brookland by Anne Roper; revised edition, 1945; the introduction by the vicar refers to Brookland being barred to civilians during the previous six years and the church being visited by 'few but members of the Allied Forces', Mar 1946
'The significance of the dual element in British fishing-boat construction' by James Hornell, St Leonards; Folk-Liv, 1946, 113-26
Proofs of 'Shipping in a sixteenth-century plan of Winchelsea and Rye' by HL; analysis of the vessels drawn on John Prowez's map (PRO MPF 212), dated by HL to 1571; The Mariner's Mirror 33 (3) 1947
Events in Hastings History by J Manwaring Baines; Hastings Museum, 'New Series Number Sixteen'; nd, [c1948]
The History of Icklesham Parish Church; with list of vicars; nd, [c1950]
HL's comments, quoting published sources and local recollections, on an article by H P Mead (Mariner's Mirror 34 (3, 4), 1948) on the disappearance of Martello Towers 28-38 between Rye Harbour and Fairlight; 6 Dec 1948 for a draft of HL's article presenting this information, see WIN/2362/9/28
HL's copy of the names of village and town names in the Rape of Hastings from notes by [Eilert] Ekwall, 1948-49
Typescript extracts concerning courts of sewers and Romney Marsh from English Local Government by Sidney and Beatrice Webb; nd, [c1950]
'Protective works adopted to limit erosion along the open coast'; paper given at the 17th International Navigation Congress, Lisbon by CH Dobbie; the text is supplemented by a bibliography and ten plans illustrating the areas covered by Catchment Boards in East Anglia and South-East England, post-glacial changes of relative land and sea level (including the point at which Old Winchelsea was destroyed), erosion at Langney Point (1875-1936) and Rye Bay (1936-1948), sea wall construction at Pett, Tendring in Essex, Cooden, a widely used Suffolk method, Frinton in Essex and Littlestone in Kent; Sep 1949
'Rye Harbour Report' of C H Dobbie, Rother House, Rye, to the Rother and Jury's Gut Catchment Board; includes detailed historical summary; suggests works to arms at the river mouth and dredging; Nov 1948
'Flooding in Shirley Moor, Aug/Sep 1958; Pollution Effects'; anonymous typescript account with details of the rainfall and the extensive damage to fish life downstream caused by the resulting pollution, and investigations into its cause; nd, [1958]

Letter from the mayor and jurats of Rye to the mayor and jurats of Dover seeking their support in petitioning parliament for legislation for the restoration of Rye Harbour  WIN/2362/9/6  17 Jan 1723

Recites history of the harbour since the act of 1720 to prevent the inning of more land 'but by reason of floodgates and several crosswalls of late being erected, the ebb and low of the sea has been hindered so that there is not sufficient backwater to drive out the slub.....'; signed by John Slade, mayor, Nicholas Mannooch, Thomas Grebell, R[alph] Norton, Allen Grebell, Nathaniel Pigram, Samuel Jeake and J[ohn] Lamb; [hand of Edwin Wardroper, town clerk from 1734

Typescript transcript of WIN/2362/9/6  WIN/2362/9/7  17 Jan 1723

'A Map of the Hundreds of Worth, Newchurch, Aloesbridge, St Martin's-Pountney and Langport in which is contained the Districts of Romney, Walland and Denge Marshes with the Liberties of the towns of New Romney and Lid'  WIN/2362/9/8  [c1770]

The Union Channel, not shown on the map, was built in 1786

Typescript copies of papers concerning the proposal of Daniel Pape [vicar] of Penn near Wolverhampton and Trinity Hall, Cambridge, late curate of Rye, for the improvement of Rye Harbour, for which he was awarded a gold medal by the Society of Arts: letter from DP to Charles Taylor presenting his report of 2 Apr to the Society of Arts, 6 Apr 1803  WIN/2362/9/9  1804

Testimonial of Daniel Slade, Three Crown Court, Southwark, 6 Apr 1803; Key to engraved diagram of the project, and plan by Pape, rector of Slaugham, for a cut and dam at the mouth of Rye Harbour, 1797 [added from Transactions of the Society for the encouragement of Manufactures and Commerce 22 (1804) 245-55 from Royal Society archive

Views of Winchelsea published by J Cole, Stationer, High Street, Rye  WIN/2362/9/10  [c1860]

Given to HL by Miss Edith Holmes, 1970

Typescript copy engineer's reports to the Commissioners of the Kent and Sussex Rother Levels; Edwin Frank Elliott, Scots Float, Playden  WIN/2362/9/11  3-4 Jun 1897

'Plan of Winchelsea as originally laid out; W M Homan, based on a rental of 1292  WIN/2362/9/12  [1934]

'The Liberty of Winchelsea' conjectural plan of the area of Winchelsea, Rye, Camber and Broomhill by W M Homan  WIN/2362/9/13  [1934]

Winchelsea Quarter 13 with data from 1292 rental superimposed on position of modern properties  WIN/2362/9/14  [c1947]

HL's report to the mayor and corporation of Winchelsea on his historical research, 1947-1948  WIN/2362/9/15  [?1949]

Tracing form 6" OS map 45 SE showing the coastline from Winchelsea Beach to Rye Harbour with indication of coastline in 1950 identified by the position of the Lifeboat House  WIN/2362/9/16  14 Aug 1952

Possibly a rejected figure for WIN/2362/9/17

'Old Shore Lines near Camber Castle' by HL; The Geographical Journal 119 (2)  WIN/2362/9/17  Jun 1953

Aerial photographs of Winchelsea showing archaeological features in the area of the Greyfriars; J K St Joseph and University of Cambridge  WIN/2362/9/18  [c1955]

Detailed drawing and comments by HL on a hand-axe found at Quarry Field, Winchelsea in Oct 1956 and loaned to Winchelsea Museum, with copy letter endorsed from Miss P A O Williams, assistant keeper, British Museum, to HL, 9 Stanley mansions, London SW10, identifying the axe as Acheulian  WIN/2362/9/19  30 Nov 1956

Letter to HL from Miles Burkitt, Merton House, Granchester, Cambridge, returning WIN/2362/9/19 with comments, and suggesting local publication as it is 'not startling enough for a national journal'  WIN/2362/9/20  26 Mar 1957

'Remains of two old vessels found at Rye, Sussex' by HL; The Mariner's Mirror 50(2)  WIN/2362/9/21  1964

'The Local Government Status of Winchelsea in the Nineteenth Century'; typescript of an article by HL Lovegrove (SNQ 16 102-104, May 1964), with correspondence with G D Johnson, editor of Sussex Notes and Queries and Francis W Steer, editor of Sussex Archaeological Collections, with reference to another article (not present) on Winchelsea Schools  WIN/2362/9/22  Dec 1963 - May 1964

Reminiscences of Pett Level by Reg Cooke of Bay Point, Pett Level (c1890-1965); refers particularly to keddle-net fishing for mackerel, wrecks of the Saggeta, James Brown and Madeline, the flooding of the marshes at Pett Level during World War II (rendering the area 'a duck paradise'), the old Ship Inn (kept by RC's father to 1887), Martello Towers and to farming on the marshes  WIN/2362/9/23  1964

Copied 16 Jul 1965

Notes by HL of a visit made to Pett Level with Jack Merricks of the Manor, Icklesham, on 14 Feb 1965, to investigate cuttings in the exposed moorlog, identified as salt-workings, and the remains of Martello Towers  WIN/2362/9/24  15 Feb 1965

Copy letter from HL to the Kent River Board drawing attention to the workings described in WIN/2362/9/24  WIN/2362/9/25  4 Apr 1965

Letter to HL from F N Midmer, area engineer, Kent River Board, discussing episodes of erosion by which the diggings have been exposed  WIN/2362/9/26  13 Apr 1965

'Winchelsea - Barge Boards in the Loft of Firebrand' [High Street, Winchelsea]; site-plan and scale drawings by HL  WIN/2362/9/27  Jun 1965

Proof of HL's 'The Martello Towers of England' (Mariner's Mirror 52(1) 1966), with photographs of circular slabs from Tower 36 or 37  WIN/2362/9/28  30 Aug 1965

Response to an article by H P Mead (Mariner's Mirror 34 (3, 4), 1948) with quotes from WIN/2362/9/23; see WIN/2362/9/5 and WIN/2362/9/49

Letter from Peter C Smith, 79A Sandy Lane, Dereham, Norfolk, seeking permission to quote from HL's reminiscences of his service in the Chu Kiang delta as First Lieutenant on the gunboat HMS Moth  WIN/2362/9/29  9 Dec 1965

Notes of visits to diggings at Pett Level on 6 Dec 1965 and 8 Aug 1966  WIN/2362/9/30  c1966

Draft article by HL 'Possible Medieval Salt Pans at Pett Level, Sussex' with plan and 14 photographs with list (SNQ 16(9) May 1967) with copy covering letter to the editor G D H Johnston  WIN/2362/9/31  15-16 Aug 1966

Letter from E[ric] W Holden, 5 Tudor Close, Hove, to HL; thanks for the loan of his photographs (see WIN/23262/9/31) and suggesting aerial photography  WIN/2362/9/32  28 Nov 1966

Letter from Dennis [W Guest], Jeakes House, Mermaid Street, Rye to HL ('Dear Bindi'), recommending Skyphotos Ltd of Lymne but suggesting that aerial photography is unlikely to be of any help  WIN/2362/9/33  12 Dec 1966

Letter from E[ric] W Holden to HL returning photographs (see WIN/23262/9/31) with suggestions for further reading on salt production  WIN/2362/9/34  2 Jan 1967

Letter from E[ric] W Holden to HL enclosing a copy of article 'Possible medieval salt pans at Pett Level' for SNQ 16  WIN/2362/9/35  22 Feb 1967

'King Planned Royal Town'; article about the foundation and layout of New Winchelsea from Brighton and Hove Herald  WIN/2362/9/36  25 Apr 1969

'The Confederation of the Cinque Ports: the machinery of its management'; study by HL of the early history and survival of the confederation; [circulated to all the confederation mayors during his second speakership] with an invitation to meet and discuss the present position  WIN/2362/9/37  Oct 1970

Letter from A H T Finch [postmaster for 40 years] to HL; his response to the draft [Structure Plan]; Winchelsea by-pass, public conveniences, proposed closure to traffic of Strand Hill  WIN/2362/9/38  18 Jan 1973

Winchelsea New Hall Society: History of the New Hall and the Society by JBL Clark; paper seeking financial and other active support  WIN/2362/9/39  [c1974]

Peter Drewett, Rescue Archaeology in Sussex; Institute of Archaeology  WIN/2362/9/40  1974

Correspondence between HL and the Archaeology Division, Ordnance Survey, concerning their request for a grid-reference for Roman tile found during archaeological excavations prior to the construction of Winchelsea public conveniences [in Greyfriars Park] in Mar 1974  WIN/2362/9/41  May 1974

Photstat of OS 45.14 showing Winchelsea town with ancient monuments identified by numbers, with a dyeline copy annotated with extent of [?National Trust property] and the site for public conveniences  WIN/2362/9/42  [c1974]

Trade on the River Brede: correspondence with M H Alford of Rye Harbour, the customs officer at Rye and the the Deputy Librarian, HM Customs and Excise  WIN/2362/9/43  Aug - Sep 1934

Includes former librarian's report on the Legal Quays at Rye and the destruction of records in 1836, and with appendices detailing the limits of the port and its final annulment on 9 Nov 1881, 20 Nov 1934

Copy letter from HL to R M Ware, rector of Winchelsea, with comments on the display in the church of the coats of arms of those who took a leading part in the establishment of 'New' Winchelsea  WIN/2362/9/44  4 Sep 1974

Copy letter from HL to A H I Satow, Winchelsea, concerning the families of Knight and Avery in Winchelsea  WIN/2362/9/45  17 Sep 1974

Notes [in the hand of M H Alford, 1 Burnham Cottage, Rye Harbour] from Clark's History of Rye and the Rye burial registers  WIN/2362/9/46  Oct - Nov 1974

Including details of the signalling system at the harbour, the political situation in Rye and Clark's poor opinion of the people of Winchelsea; typed synopsis by HL with references to smuggling and HMS Enchantress, with statement by HL on 'Anchors in the Nineteenth Century' and 'Rye Harbour', sent to Sproule Bolton, Gorse Cottage, Camber, 25 Oct 1974 with letter of thanks, 4 Nov 1974

Copy letter from HL to P[eter] Drewett, Institute of Archaeology, with a record of their conversation concerning the preservation of the crown of a medieval cellar now exposed near new public conveniences at Winchelsea, for transmission to Rother District Council of which HL is a member  WIN/2362/9/47  17 Jan 1975

Extract from Leslie Linder A History of the Writings of Beatrice Potter (1971) of a letter from BP at Derwent Cottage (now Haskards) describing the house, the landlady Mrs Cooke and her stay in the town, 26 Jan 1900  WIN/2362/9/48  18 Aug 1976

Correspondence between HL and B K Pegden of Basingstoke, with a request for further information on HL's article on Martello Towers (WIN/2362/9/28)  WIN/2362/9/49  May - Jul 1976

Description by HL of coats of Arms suggested for display in Winchelsea church; see WIN/2362/9/44  WIN/2362/9/50  Dec 1976

Copy letter from HL to Malcolm Saville, Chelsea Cottage, Winchelsea with comments on a new edition of his Story of Winchelsea Church  WIN/2362/9/51  15 Dec 1977

HL's suggested amendments to an entry on Winchelsea in an unidentified journal  WIN/2362/9/52  14 Jan 1978

Notes by HL on the history of St Leonard's Windmill, Winchelsea, including notes of an interview with C[harles] J Potter of Spring Steps who repaired the mill and remembered it in working order  WIN/2362/9/53  13 Feb 1978

HL's comments on an article about Winchelsea submitted for approval by Betford Publications  WIN/2362/9/54  6 Oct 1978

Notes on Arnold and John Nesbitt and George Colebrooke, MPs, from [History of Parliament]  WIN/2362/9/55  Nov 1978

HMS Winchelsea; detailed account of the service of the various Royal Navy ships of this name between 1694 and 1945  WIN/2362/9/56  [c1980]

Notes and plans for visit of National Trust members to Winchelsea; 23 Apr 1980, and for a talk on the history of the town and church  WIN/2362/9/57  2 Jul 1980

Notes by David Rudling on excavations at Winchelsea from Sussex Archaeological Society Newsletter  WIN/2362/9/58  Aug 1981

'"New" Roman road in Sussex'; Sussex Express report of excavation at Icklesham  WIN/2362/9/59  Aug 1981

Winchelsea Tourist Information Point; draft text and plan of layout  WIN/2362/9/60  1982

Proposed Winchelsea By-Pass; HL's notes in his capacity as a parish and district councillor  WIN/2362/9/61  2 May 1983

HL's notes for a talk on the history of Winchelsea given to members of the St Albans and District National Trust  WIN/2362/9/62  24 Jul 1983

'Speculative Development on Rother Saltings'; circular letter from HL urging local residents to write to Rother District Council opposing a proposed marina development adjoining Alsford's Wharf, Rye Harbour  WIN/2362/9/63  Apr 1984

Extract from Sir John Winnifreth, 'The Port at Smallhythe' (Weald of Kent Preservation Society, 1970); given to HL by Tony Thomas  WIN/2362/9/64  Apr 1984

Correspondence related to an appeal against refusal of permission for an opening and gate in the garden wall of The Stone House, High Street  WIN/2362/9/68  25 Jan 1986

Letter from Kenneth M Clark, 1 Eagle Road, Rye to HL requesting copies of HL's articles  WIN/2362/9/69  8 Dec 1987

'Knights in Winchelsea'; account of medieval street market and visit of the Order of the Black Prince from Dover in connection with Winchelsea's 700th Anniversary celebrations; Rye, Battle and District News  WIN/2362/9/70  3 Aug 1988

Notes of HL's naval career by his widow Daphne Lovegrove  WIN/2362/9/71  [2000]

Deeds of Higham Cottage, Higham Green, and land at Ferry Marsh, Winchelsea  [no ref.]  1771-1876

Winchelsea was served for more than a century (1877-1979) as grocers and drapers by three generations of the Barling family. In each generation the leading member was Charles Barling. When the first Charles had served his apprenticeship he was set up in business in German Street by his father. The shop was on the site now occupied by White Close. Charles married Elizabeth Davis, daughter of Thomas James Davis, Winchelsea's leading farmer and grazier, whose deed of purchase of Higham Cottage is the last document present in the bundle which relates to the property (WIN/2362/10/13).
Davis gave Higham Cottage to his daughter and Charles Barling at the time of their wedding in 1877. The Barlings were also farmers and at that time tenanted Elms Farm at Icklesham. Charles was elected the first vice-chairman of Icklesham Parish Council when it was formed in 1896. In 1906 Charles Barling and his neighbour Ernest Freeman, builder and decorator in premises where now stands Ballader's Plat, received generous offers for their properties from wealthy spinster ladies, the Misses Beddington. Following the acceptance of these offers, Barling built a new shop in Higham Green (now Finches House) and a residence next door (now Barling House). Freeman moved his premises to Mill Road. Higham Cottage was then let but later became the home of the second Charles Barling, Charles Harry. Philip Barling and his two sisters were born there.
Charles Harry Barling inherited the family business and also farmed land at Ferry Marsh, formerly owned by his grandfather Thomas Davis, to which other deeds in this bundle (WIN/2362/10/14-17) probably relate. Philip's brother Charles Schuldham inherited the business from his father and carried it on until his retirement in 1979. His wife was Pamela Barrington, a prolific author, particularly of detective novels which were translated into several languages. She also used Charles's name as a pseudonym. Charles and Pamela died within three months of each other in 1985 and the deeds which are the subject of this gift were found at Higham Cottage after Charles's death. Philip Barling, who presented them to Winchelsea Corporation, worked in the family business as a boy but later took up farming at Hawkhurst, with land also at Brookland. He now (2002) lives in retirement in Hastings.
Also present in the bundle are a chancery order and two reports, 1818-1819, and printed particulars of sale, 1870, which probably relate to the land at Ferry Marsh owned by Thomas James Davis.
The three chancery documents are all in the cause John Brooks, esq v Charles [Whitworth] Lord Whitworth and others, including William Harry [Vane] Earl of Darlington, Richard Stileman, Richard Denne and Edwin Dawes, and concerned an estate in Winchelsea which had belonged to Mr [Thomas] Lloyd.

Deeds of Higham Cottage, Higham Green, and land at Ferry Marsh, Winchelsea  WIN/2362/10  1771-1876

Related information: For a copy of these particulars complete with map, see FRE 8166.

Higham Cottage: In 1771 the property was described as:
a messuage or tenement with outhouses, edifices, buildings, garden and land 80' N-S x 56' E-W, occupied by James Holt (S, E: roads; N: the Paradise Orchard formerly occupied by William Willes, clerk, deceased; W: a garden formerly occupied by William Willes)
James Holt of Winchelsea, bricklayer and his wife Martha purchased the property from the Revd William Willis, who retained neighbouring land. On their deaths the property descended to their only son James Holt of Winchelsea, bricklayer, who mortgaged the house for £70 at 4½% to James Brazier of Rye, carpenter, on 1 April 1771 (1-2).
James Holt and his wife Sarah obtained a further advance of £30 from Brazier's executors (John Chrismas of Rye, tailor and John Haddock of Rye, mariner, who were to prove his will of 14 October 1773 at Lewes on 7 April 1774) on 1 April 1774 (3).
On 1 October 1792 the mortgage was assigned to William Sargent of Winchelsea, miller (who was acting, with Thomas Fuller and Robert Alce, as the executor of Robert Alce of Winchelsea, miller, deceased) and the charge increased to £110 (4).
By his will of 22 May 1786, James Holt left his property to his wife Sarah for life, with remainder to his children James Holt, Richard Holt (d September 1786) and Sarah Holt. He died and was buried at Wincelsea in June 1796, his widow in March 1801, Sarah married [blank] Buller and sold her share to her brother James Holt for £79 10s but no conveyance was ever executed. James Holt the younger built a second house on the land to the north of the first (8).
By his will of 8 December 1818, Holt bequeathed his real property to his wife Ann for life with remainder to his children Esau and Jacob Holt, Sarah, wife of Thomas Jefferies of Kennington in Surrey, gent, Elizabeth wife of Fisher Clark of Rye, miller and Mary Holt, with a contingent remainder of her share to her natural son Henry Holt. The will, witnessed by Walter Fuller, builder and John Woods, grocer both of Winchelsea and Henry Butler, clerk to H[enry] P[earch] Butler of Rye, solicitor, was proved at Lewes on 2 November 1821 (5).
Sarah Jefferies was buried at Winchelsea on 26 April 1820 and her mother Ann Holt in May 1836.
On 15 and 16 August 1836 the parties interested in the two houses (Esau Holt of Hastings bricklayer, widower, Jacob Holt of Winchelsea, bricklayer, Fisher Clarke of Rye, miller and his wife Elizabeth, Mary Holt of Winchelsea, spinster, Sarah Buller of Exeter, widow) combined to sell the two houses for £60 to Jacob Holt, who on 17 and 18 August sold the new house to the north to Thomas Dawes of Winchelsea, gent, (who owned the neighbouring land) and his trustee Richard Dawes of Angel Court, Throgmorton Street, London, gent, for £315 (6-11).
On 20 October 1864 Thomas Dawes, now of Tunbridge Wells, sold the house, formerly occupied by William Breeds and with the land of Thomas Griffiths, esq (late TD) to the north and west, to Lucy Jones of Winchelsea, widow, for £200 (12).
Lucy Jones died on 17 April 1871 and her will of 7 September 1867, leaving the property, called Higham Cottage, in trust for her daughter Caroline Jones, was proved by the surviving executor James Smith of The Ashes in Icklesham, farmer, on 29 July 1871. On 19 October 1876 Miss Jones, of Winchelsea, spinster sold the property for £265 to the occupier Thomas James Davis of Winchelsea, grazier (married 4 October 1875). There is a rough sketch-plan in the margin of the deed indicating that the property to the south was called Clyde, and the garden to the north and west belonged to James Elder Fraser. The deed has been annotated as a draft for a subsequent conveyance, in which Higham Cottage was to form the second parcel. It is undated, but the garden on the north fold west was then owned by Edward Lake Harrison (13).
Land at Ferry Marsh, Winchelsea: The estates which were the subject of the cause were auctioned in 16 lots on 12 October 1818, of which lots 2 and 4 were bought by Richard Stileman of Winchelsea, esq, lot 5 by Richard Denne, lots 6, 8, 9 and 10 by Francis Corbaux of Winchelsea, esq and lot 11 by Joash Jones of Icklesham, farmer (14).
After the sale and before the purchasers had been confirmed by Master William Alexander, higher offers amounting to £4260 were made for the lots by William Vizard of Lincoln's Inn Fields, gent. On 20 November 1818 the court referred the matter back to Master Alexander, who ordered a new sale, with different lot-numbers, to take place at the George Inn, Rye, on 13 January 1819, after which Vizard was confirmed as the purchaser by order of 5 and 27 March 1819(14-16).
What was probably the same estate was offered for sale in 11 lots on 27 July 1870 (17). It consisted of:
1 Cleveland House, Winchelsea; title from 19 and 20 Dec 1808
2-4 Morleys of Hopgarden Marsh (4a Or 26p), Ferry Marsh (3a 2r 28p) and Channel Marshes (3a 3r 12p in Winchelsea and 6a 2r 25p in St Leonard), near the Ferry Gate, Winchelsea, occupied by John Jenkins at £66 10s; titles from 26 and 27 Nov 1818 (2) and 1 and 2 Sep 1820 (3-4)
5 Little Fagg Farm (108a 1r 1p), including two cottages, in Udimore, occupied by Horace and Carlos Coleman at £240; purchaser to have the option of talking the oasthouse built by the tenants; title from 22 and 23 Mar 1793
6 Goatham Farm (37a 2r 29p, of which ¾a is held by a 1000-year lease from 1724) in Little Udimore, occupied by James Sims at £50; title from 12 and 13 Nov 1824
7-11 Bonds on the Rye and Vinehall Turnpike

Recollections of Winchelsea 1911-1915 by Anthony Hugh Thomas  [no ref.]  1980

Anthony Hugh Thomas (1907-2001), with his two brothers, moved to Winchelsea in 1911 when their mother rented White Cottage on the corner of Friars Road and Rookery Lane. In adulthood he took an active part in the town's life, being particularly remembered as leader of the boys' club. During the 1930s he was proprietor of Petronilla's Plat near the Court Hall, at that time a guest house, teashop and arts and crafts centre. His involvement in Winchelsea's life, as well as his friendship with Anthony Freeman, at that time a leading member of the Corporation, led to his appointment as a freeman on Easter Monday 1939. He recalls that it was probably the arts and crafts element in his business which raised him above the level of tradesman, for tradesmen were not then welcomed onto the corporation. His appointment at the age of 32 makes his time as a freeman over 61 years, by far the longest period of service in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries (records are not available for earlier centuries) and one which, considering the age at which freemen are currently appointed, is most unlikely ever to be broken. The Second World War took him away from Winchelsea, never to return as a resident. In later years he and his wife lived nearby at Smallhythe, where she was curator for the National Trust of Ellen Terry's house; he took a leading part in the development of the theatre in the grounds. In 1962 Mr Thomas was invited to re-join Winchelsea Corporation as a jurat 'so that we may take advantage of the great wisdom he can offer, living as he does nearby.' Anthony Freeman was mayor in that year and appointed his friend as his deputy, believing that residence outside the town need not necessarily bar someone from becoming mayor. However, on this occasion Mr Freeman could not persuade his colleagues to support him so the new mayor was appointed from among the resident freemen as has always been the case in modern times and, although he remained a jurat until Easter 1995, Anthony Thomas never served as mayor. Mr Thomas died on 5 January 2001 at Charing in Kent. He retained an alert and active interest in Winchelsea and shortly before his death persuaded the corporation to campaign for the removal of the self-sown and poorly maintained trees which had been allowed to grow on Strand Hill, thus blocking the view of Strand Gate, Winchelsea's principal medieval entrance.
These reminiscences of the Winchelsea of his boyhood were written in 1980. They provide a delightful picture of the life of the town in the early part of the twentieth century and of the characters who lived there. Unfortunately he sent them to the town clerk Malcolm Pratt only when his book Winchelsea - A Port of Stranded Pride was in the late stages of production and only two or three points could be added where they did not affect the paging. The rest of this invaluable material remains unpublished.

Recollections, arranged by house with a description of the occupations, appearances and characters of the occupants  WIN/2362/11/1  1980

Typescript of 12 pages

Correspondence of Squadron Leader David Richard Bourne  [no ref.]  1996-1999

David Richard Bourne (born 1933) retired Squadron Leader, Royal Air Force, a resident of Winchelsea, retired as the town's postmaster in 2001. He was made a freeman of the town in 1990 and served as Deputy Mayor between Easter 1995 and Easter 1997. On 14 April 1997 he sent a detailed petition to the queen, in essence asserting that her majesty's coronation oath had been broken by the transfer of powers to the European Union. Buckingham Palace declined to accept this as a petition and referred the matter to the Prime Minister. Two further petitions led to the closure of the correspondence in 1998. The petitions are detailed and closely argued documents regarding the constitutional position of Her Majesty and the country. The correspondence later involved the Lord Chancellor Lord Mackay of Clashfern and his immediate successor Lord Irvine.
To the great regret of his colleagues, Squadron Leader Bourne felt that the Palace's response made it impossible for him to continue to take the oath of allegiance to the queen as a jurat (serving and voting member) of Winchelsea Corporation, and declined reappointment to that office. He remains a freeman (an appointment for life) and continues actively to assist the corporation in many ways.
Squadron Leader Bourne made a formal approach to the Corporation for these documents to be placed within its archives for permanent preservation. This was agreed at a meeting of the corporation held on 20 July 1999.

'East Sussex: A County of Europe... European Strategy 1996-2000'; East Sussex County Council  WIN/2362/12/1  1 Apr 1996

Petition to the Queen, correspondence with household staff, the offices of the prime minister and lord chancellor, and from James Mackay, Lord Mackay of Clashfern, relating to the devolution of powers to the European Union and the breach by the queen of her coronation oath  WIN/2362/12/2  Apr 1997 - Jan 1999

Letter to Lord Mackay of Clashfern, 6 Feb 1999, TIME Magazine article 'BERLIN - Gateway to New Opportunities', 30 Sep 1996; Consultation Paper 'A Regional Chamber for the South East' (May 1998) with comments by DB and letter to M Foster, MP, 22 Feb 1999; paper by DB 'The British People are presently subjugated to European Government and Law'  WIN/2362/12/3  12 Feb 1999

Memoirs of Donovan Dennett Wilding Cole (1900-2000)  [no ref.]  1991-1997

Donovan Cole was born at Canterbury on 8 November 1900, the youngest of the nine children of Robert Wilding Cole (1851-1924), a brewer, and his wife Edith, née Fuller (1857-1936). He moved to a newly-built bungalow in Winchelsea in 1967 and served as mayor in 1975 and 1976.
Cole trained as an engineer, and during the second world war managed a munitions factory at Aycliffe, County Durham. He later held a senior position with the Atomic Energy Authority and became closely involved in the development of nuclear power stations. He died in 2000, two months' short of his hundredth birthday.
These memoirs relate almost exclusively to Cole's ancestors, family and working life.

'My family and others'; an autobiography by D D W Cole  WIN/2362/13/1  Mar 1991

Includes appendix relating to the life of DDWC's grandfather Henry Cole (1819-1852) as a ship's captain in the Far East, and pedigrees of the Cole family of the Isle of Wight, Fuller of Arborfield and Wokingham in Surrey, the Chetwood family of London and the Taylor and Cooke families of Birstall in Yorkshire

'The Lucky Adventurer - a saga'; extended biography of Robert Wilding Cole (1851-1924) and his son DDW Cole  WIN/2362/13/2  1997

Mayor  [no ref. or date]

Correspondence  [no ref. or date]

Letters of William Maclean Homan to successive mayors of Winchelsea  WIN/2363/1/1  May 1934 - Apr 1941

Enclosing notes on medieval Winchelsea, a plan showing the owners of land on Iham Hill in 1285, and lists of mayors; includes references to the sale of second-hand books 'of a trashy nature' at the Town Hall, and the maintenance of the look-out
William Maclean Homan was a Norwegian civil engineer who moved first to Scotland and then to South Africa. The family returned to England in the late 1920s and settled at Winchelsea. Homan became Winchelsea's historian, with a particular interest in the origins of the planned town. His daughter deposited his collection of local documents and working papers at ESRO following his death in 1956; they are listed as AMS 2277-2499 and a synopsis of them, together with a bibliography of his writings, appears on pp 82-86 of the printed list.

Letters retained by Thomas A N Bruce, mayor 1960-1962  WIN/2363/1/2  26 Jan 1961 - 21 Feb 1962

Refer to the appointment of David McCall Homan as a freeman, Bruce's appointment to the mayoralty, objections to the construction of a garage at Little Manor, Winchelsea, the death of Edwin Plomley Dawes, town clerk and the appointment of his successor, Charles Clayton Croggon, the removal of water pumps during road widening at Tanyard Lane and a letter from John Manwaring Baines, historian of Hastings, about Winchelsea's charter from Queen Elizabeth I (WIN/2359/1/1)

Silver Jubilee of Elizabeth II  WIN/2363/1/3  Oct 1976 - Jan 1978

Correspondence file including minutes of preliminary meeting and meetings of the co-ordinating committee, plans and programme, liaison with local organisations, expenses and disposal of surplus funds; includes printed programme and names of participants at the patronal festival of flowers and music for Jubilee Year 1977 at Winchelsea St Thomas, 9 - 11 Jul 1977

List of holders of the office of Mayor of Winchelsea since 1295  [no ref.]  2002

Until at least the late 1280s Winchelsea was governed solely by the king's bailiff, an arrangement which provoked an eventually successful petition to the king. The rental for the new town of Winchelsea of 1292 reserves land for the use of the mayor. The first known mayor of Winchelsea was Gervase Alard the younger in 1295, but it is possible that he had predecessors whose names are unknown to us.
William Durrant Cooper, in his History of Winchelsea published in 1850, compiled the first list of those mayors whose names were then known (see pages 237-239). His list was largely complete from 1754 but earlier documents known to him had provided the names of only 41 holders of the office before that date. At some time after the major restoration of Winchelsea Court Hall in 1890, boards were erected in the north-west corner of the upper room on which were inscribed the names on Cooper's list and those known to have served subsequently.
It was not until 1954 that Winchelsea's records between 1527 and 1721 were discovered in the attic of a solicitors' office in London where they had probably been left after providing evidence in a series of legal cases known as the Winchelsea Causes which related to Winchelsea's parliamentary elections. This chance discovery permitted the addition of 260 names to the Court Hall list of mayors; in fact it was completely re-designed and now almost fills the north wall, with one panel on the west. For a revised list of the mayors and a letter concerning alterations to the board, see WIN/442.
Unfortunately public access to the list has never been available apart from by studying those panels. There must once have been a written version but it is lost.
This list has been compiled by the town clerk, Malcolm Pratt. It is complete, with the exception of four years, from 1420. It is presented here exactly as displayed in the Court Hall with alterations and corrections resulting from later research italicised.
The fact that Winchelsea's mayor has been elected every Easter for more than seven hundred years, without interference from legislation either local or national, gives rise to the town's claim to have the only surviving unreformed municipal corporation in the country.

List of mayor of Winchelsea, 1295-1999, reproduced from the records inscribed on wooden panels on the walls of the Upper Court Hall, Winchelsea, with amendments resulting from later research italicised  WIN/2363/2/1  [2002]

Mayoral Minute Books  [no ref.]  1955-1990

When Captain Herbert Lovegrove became a jurat of Winchelsea he found that no minutes were being kept of the Corporation's private meetings. The only official record was in the Hundred and Assembly Book kept by the town clerk. Capt Lovegrove, deploring what he saw as an unbusiness-like practice, persuaded his fellow jurats that a proper record must be kept of meetings and this was agreed despite opposition from the then town clerk. He was placated by a note placed in the front of the first minute book (see folio 1 of WIN/2363/7/1) agreeing that, when the town clerk was present and kept minutes, they should be preferred as a correct record to any kept by the mayor or deputy mayor (who it was originally intended should act as minutes secretary).

Mayoral Minute Books  WIN/2363/3/1  1955 - 1990

Silver Jubilee of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II  [no ref. or date]

Celebrations in Winchelsea Ward co-ordinated by mayors of Winchelsea at the request of Icklesham Parish Council. [Note: The Silver Jubilee Playground in Greyfriars Park was separately negotiated, funded and established by the Parish Council.]

Patronal Festival of Flowers and Music for Jubilee Year 1977 at St. Thomas's Church, Winchelsea.  WIN/2363/3/2  [9 - 11 July 1977]

Printed programme and names of participants

Vouchers to Account  [no ref.]  1979-1988

After 1961 when Charles Croggon became town clerk it was the mayor who operated the Winchelsea Corporation bank account and paid all bills, the responsibility of the Chamberlain being only the collection of the Queen's Dues, and of the town clerk to compile the official accounts from the mayor's records. These bundles of vouchers provide a late-twentieth-century equivalent to the bundles kept by the treasurer a hundred years earlier (see WIN/2360/2/1-11).
The post of treasurer was reinstated as an honorary one in 1992.

Vouchers to Account  WIN/2363/4/1  1979-1980

Vouchers to Account  WIN/2363/4/2  1980-1981

Vouchers to Account  WIN/2363/4/3  1981-1982

Vouchers to Account  WIN/2363/4/4  1982-1983

Vouchers to Account  WIN/2363/4/5  1983-1984

Vouchers to Account  WIN/2363/4/6  1984-1985

Vouchers to Account  WIN/2363/4/7  1985-1986

Vouchers to Account  WIN/2363/4/8  1986-1987

Vouchers to Account  WIN/2363/4/9  1987-1988

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