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Reference SRL
Covering dates 1310 - 1914
Held by East Sussex Record Office
Extent 28 series
Creators Wilson, Maryon-, family of Searles, Sussex; Maryon-Wilson family of Searles, Sussex; Leach family of Fletching, Sussex; Wilson family of Fletching, East Sussex
Arrangement Title deeds - Leach family properties in Fletching
SRL/1/1 Manors of Barkham, Netherhall, Tarring Camois in Fletching, Maresfield, Newick and Isfield, manors of Plumpton, Plumpton Boscage and Plumpton-Piddinghoe in Plumpton, Piddinghoe, Wivelsfield, Cuckfield, Balcombe, Lindfield, Ardingly, West Hoathly, Chailey and Horsted Keynes; 1558-1877
SRL/1/2 Manor of Sheffield in Fletching; 1578-1638
SRL/1/3 Awcocks Farm in Fletching; 1390-1808
SRL/1/4 Barn and closes and pieces of land (40a) called Saunders, Normans and Hoddenford in Fletching; 1507-1708
Pasvills in Fletching, 1558-1591 AMS/2562-2567, AMS/5790/44
SRL/1/5 Messuage and lands called Furhazel otherwise Fairhazell (100a) in Fletching and Maresfield parcel of the manor of Barkham; 1591-1744
SRL/1/6 Messuage and lands (45a) called Malling Down in Fletching; 1474-1872
SRL/1/7 Other properties in Fletching; 1576-1625
SRL/1/8 Land called Inames otherwise Northlands (40a) in Plumpton; 1579-1595
SRL/1/9 Plumpton Common in Plumpton; 1579-1596
SRL/1/10 Messuage and 100a called Bowerland in Chailey; 1592-1628
SRL/1/11 Messuage and 100a called Baldwins in Lindfield; 1588
SRL/1/12 Grant of right to freehold land in Sussex and Surrey; 1596
Title deeds - Wilson family properties in Fletching
SRL/2/1 Hunts InhAMS/(3a) and Down Hatch (2a), and a messuage, malthouse, croft and great field called Plaws at Splains Green, copyhold of the manor of Tarring Camois; [1773]-1872
SRL/2/2 Messuage called Scompes with garden (4a) and two messuages and gardens; 1528-1656
SRL/2/3 Messuage, barn and nine pieces of land called Upper Clapwater (28a); 1607-1892
SRL/2/4 Annwood Farm, Anneshold Lands and Common Plott (239a 3r 4p); 1619-1896
SRL/2/5 Messuage, garden, hemp plot and land (½a) called Hardwick House (formerly Forge House); 1637-1876
SRL/2/6A for Homesdale farm in Fletching, formerly listed as SRL/2/6A but in fact part of ACC 597, a group of deeds of the Sheffield Park estate, see ACC 597/22 and the introduction to this list.
SRL/2/6B Land, including a cottage and smith's forge, copyhold of the Manor of Barkham, and Piltdown Nurseries, acquired by exchange with the Maresfield Park estate in 1896; 1676-1902
SRL/2/7 Two cottages opposite the Griffin Inn, copyhold of the manor of Barkham; 1683-1889
SRL/2/8 Copyhold tenement abutting to the cemetery held of the manor of Barkham; 1695-1875
SRL/2/9 Fletching Mill with granary, stables and 10a and a wharf; 1703-1875
SRL/2/10 Messuage and land (26a) called Homans and Row Croft; 1710-1877
SRL/2/11 Copyhold cottage and smithy with a piece of land at Splayne's Green, copyhold of the manor of Tarring Camois; 1728-1883
SRL/2/12 Land called Hurstlands, Ruttingham and Haywards Down; 1766-1870
SRL/2/13 Small messuage (24r) in Fletching village; 1770-1840
SRL/2/14 Moyses Farm; [1709]-1899
SRL/2/15 Bonnicks Farm, copyhold of the manor of Netherhall; 1800-1874
SRL/2/16 Lucksford Farm (55a 2r 22p) and Wilmshurst Farm (41a 3r 28p); 1801-1904
SRL/2/17 Messuage, barns and lands (70a) called Searles and land (1a) called Woolpit Croft; 1802-1898
SRL/2/18 Two messuages in Fletching village; 1804-1877
SRL/2/19 Four small tenements in Fletching, copyhold of the manor of Barkham; 1820-1872
SRL/2/20 Meadow (3a) at Fletching Common, copyhold of the manor of Netherhall; 1866-1873
SRL/2/21 Messuage and land (1r); 1868-1884
SRL/2/22 Piece of land (1r); 1868-1889
SRL/2/23 Other properties; 1310-1896
Title deeds - Wilson family properties in Maresfield
SRL/3/1 Courthouse Farm (28a) Nutley, copyhold of the manor of Duddleswell; 1725-1911
SRL/3/2 Inholmes (3a) near Mark Street, copyhold of the manor of Duddleswell; cottage and garden (8r) adjoining Annwood Farm, copyhold of the manor of Tarring Peverell; cottage and former waste at Mark Street; 1824-1889
SRL/3/3 Two cottages at Nutley Gate, copyhold of the manor of Duddleswell; 1833-1882
SRL/3/4 Milland, Longland and Camfield Meadow at Nutley; 1896
Title deeds - Wilson family properties in Uckfield
SRL/4/1 Lands called Stones, Brents, Downelands, Half Yard, Gybland, Mabbs Croft, Budds, Rudolls and Goldfynche, including a fulling mill called Bulcatchysmell otherwise Bulketismell; 1412-1822
SRL/4/2 Uckfield Brewery and associated land at Ringles Cross; 1784-1873
SRL/4/3 Other properties; 1522-1877
Title deeds - Wilson family properties in Newick
SRL/5/1 Goldbridge Farm and estate; 1630-1893
SRL/5/2-3 Leases of part of the Workhouse Field (3½a) to Newick Cricket Club; 1899-1904
Title deeds - Wilson family properties: Eastbourne estate
SRL/6/1 Manors of Eastbourne otherwise Eastbourne Wilson, Clapham otherwise Chambers, Sessingham, Medsey-Lamport, Meads otherwise Broads and lands in Eastbourne, Willingdon, Jevington, Folkington, Eastdean and Pevensey; 1573-1725
Title deeds - other parishes
SRL/7/1 Lands called Walsted in Lindfield; 1497
SRL/7/2 Lands called Woodlands in Horsted Keynes; 1542-1557
SRL/7/3 Manor of Parrock in Hartfield; 1571
SRL/7/4A Manor of Oldland in Buxted and Maresfield; 1576-1580
SRL/7/4B Barn and land in Westfield; 1580
SRL/7/5 Messuage, barn, stable and land (7a), lands (60a) called Calldebrough, lands (20a) called Highe Lands, messuage and land (50a) called Climshurst in Burwash; 1596
SRL/7/6 Messuage called Kidders Ash and three pieces of land (7a) in Rotherfield; 1629-1688
SRL/7/7 Barn and pieces of land (80a) called Rawleigh in Buxted; 1645
SRL/7/8 Messuage, barn and five pieces of land (24a) called Somers otherwise Somerletts in Bexhill; 1645
Strodland at Ilsham in Climping: AMS/2667-2670
Title deeds: out-county properties
SRL/8/1 Property at Hatfield Broadoak, Essex; 1368-1592
SRL/8/2 Lands called Enfeldes in Little Laver and Fisheade, Essex; 1467
SRL/8/3 College and free chapel within the church of Bosham, the prebends of Westbroke, Chidham, Walton and Fountington, the office of Sextenry of the college in Westbrook, Bosham, Southwood, Staplefield, Plasshefield, East Angmering, Chidham and Walton; 1575
SRL/8/4 Messuage and land (30a) called Jenyvers and land (1a) called Penny Plotts in Selsey; 1585, 1608
SRL/8/5 Manor of Sutton Cheynell otherwise Sutton Cheynie, messuage and lands called Annebeame in Market Bosworth, messuage and lands at Dadlington in Hinckley, Leicestershire; 1579/80
SRL/8/6 for land in Dublin and elsewhere in Ireland, formerly listed as SRL/8/6 but in fact part of ACC 597, a group of deeds of the Sheffield Park estate, see ACC 597/21 and the introduction to this list.
SRL/8/7 Land at Colton in Staffordshire; 1832
SRL/8/8 The Trowscoed estate in Montgomeryshire; 1854, 1885
Bognor in Pagham, 1406; Canterbury, 1633 AMS/5790/52-53
Manorial records
SRL/9 Manor of Eckington: rentals; 1364-1541
SRL/10 Manor of Tarring Camois: court rolls, rentals, minutes, court papers; 1366-1866
SRL/11 Manor of Netherhall: court rolls, rentals, survey, minutes, correspondence; 1537-1899
SRL/12 Manor of Barkham: court rolls, rentals, survey, minutes, court papers, estreats; 1561-1879
SRL/13 Manor of Framfield: survey and customs; c1560-19th century
SRL/14 Manor of Danehill Sheffield: court rolls, survey, rentals; 1565-1833
SRL/15 Manor of Eastbourne Netherin: court book; 1629-1663
SRL/16 Manor of Eastbourne Wilson: steward's papers; 1718-1723
SRL/17 Manor of Tarring Peverel: rentall; 1793
SRL/18 Number not used
SRL/19 Papers and correspondence relating to several manors; 1597-1911
SRL/20 number not used
Estate papers
SRL/21 Accounts; 1631-1877
SRL/22 Correspondence; [1252]-1914
SRL/23 Rentals and valuations; c1690-1891
SRL/24 Legal papers; 1610-1830
SRL/25 Other estate papers; [1754]-1904
Personal papers
SRL/26 Public office; 1652-1889
SRL/27 Settlement papers; 1719-1869
SRL/28 Wills; 1619-1774
SRL/29 Other personal papers; 1578-1814
Related information Documents deposited 23 Jul 1963 (ACC 571), 14 Feb 1964 (ACC 599)

Further documents relating to the Maryon-Wilson family, listed as AMS/2537-2605, 2667-2748 and 2760-2897, have been in corporated as far as possible at the appropriate points in this list.
Records of title and administration of estates in East Sussex, including material on the wealden iron industry in the 16th and 17th centuries.

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