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East Sussex County Council post 1974

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Folder icon  County Architect's buildings, Careers' Offices, County Hall, Education Offices, Magistrates Courts and Probation Offices, Social Services Offices, Farm estates, and other properties  R/A/11/1  Oct 1975 - Apr 1988

These documents are held at East Sussex Record Office

Conditions of access: Closed until 2019.

County Architect's buildings:
10 Buckhurst Road, Bexhill; 18-22 Boundary Road, Hove; 42-43 St Anne's Crescent, Lewes
Bentley Wildfowl, Halland
(No photographs or plans)
Careers' Offices:
16 Buckhurst Road, Bexhill; 9-10 Queen's Square, Brighton; Field House, Beacon Road, Crowborough; Esher House, 48-50 St Leonard's Road, Eastbourne; 11 Wellington Square, Hastings; 29a Station Street, Lewes; Meeching House, Church Hill, Newhaven
County Hall, Lewes
(No plans or photographs)
Education Offices (no plans or photographs):
Royal York Buildings, Old Steine, Brighton; Grove Road, Eastbourne; 18-20 Wellington Square, Hastings; Glebe House, Rotten Row, Lewes
Magistrates Courts and Probation Offices:
The Court House, Battle; Bexhill Magistrates Court, Cantelupe Road; Magistrates, Clerks and Probation Offices, 3 Buckhurst Road, Bexhill; Brighton Magistrates Court, Edward Street; Magistrates Court and Probation Offices, 15-20 Princes Street, Brighton; Brighton Probation Service Offices, 45 Grand Parade and 12 Old Steine; Eastbourne Magistrates Court, Old Orchard Road; Eastbourne; Probation Offices, 6 Saffrons Road, Eastbourne; Probation Service Office, 1 St Leonards Road; Hailsham Magistrates Court, High Street; Hastings Magistrates Court, Bohemia Road; Hove Magistrates Court, Lansdowne Road; Law Courts, High Street, Lewes; Mark Cross Magistrates Court; Rye Town Hall, Ferry Road; Rye Justices Clerks Office, 111 High Street; Uckfield Magistrates Court, Town Hall Chambers
Social Services Offices:
The Almory, 38 High Street, Battle; 10 Buckhurst Road, Bexhill; 62-64 Brentwood Road, Brighton; Heather Lodge, Heath Hill Avenue, Brighton; Ireland Lodge, Kipling Avenue/Lockwood Crescent, Brighton; 170-172 Carden Hill, Hollingbury, Brighton; Montague House, Somerset Street, Brighton; 12 St George's Place, Brighton; 79 Standford Avenue, Brighton; 28/29 Western Road, Brighton; Findon Road, Whitehawk, Brighton; 24 Windlesham Road, Brighton; Mead House, Beacon Road, Crowborough; Birling Street (flats 2 and 4), Eastbourne; 10 Pembury Road, Eastbourne; Hampden Park, Eastbourne; 7/9 George Street, Hailsham; 42 Battle Road, Hastings; Elphinstone Mount, Elphinstone Road, Hastings; 20-28 London Road, St Leonards on Sea; 32, 34 and 35 Wellington Square, Hastings; Bank Chambers, 21a High Street, Heathfield; 86 Denmark Villas, Hove; 18-22 Boundary Road (first floor), Hove; Knoll House, Ingram Crescent, Hove; 28/29 Western Road, Hove; 214 High Street, Lewes; Saxon Holme, Meeching Road, Hove; 224 South Coast Road, Peacehaven; The Centre, High Street, Polegate; Rye, 25 Cinque Ports Street; Warwick House, Warwick Road, Seaford; Bellbrook estate, Bell Lane, Uckfield; Meridian Centre, Peacehaven
Farm estates:
Bridge Farm, Barcombe Mills (Ringmer Wellingham estate); Barleyfield and Newstead, Catsfield Road, Crowhurst (Normanhurst estate); Rye House Farm, Crowhurst (Normanhurst estate); Nash's Farm, Catsfield Road, Crowhurst (Normanhurst estate); Ashengate, Wootton Farm, East Chiltington (Wootton Farm estate); Birchington, Wootton Farm, East Chiltington (Wootton Farm estate); Wootton Farm (holding 1; Wootton Farm estate); New Barn Farm, Fairlight (Sayer Milward estate); Shawfield, Rosemary Lane, Fairlight (Sayer Milward estate); Ketley Farm, Rosemary Lane, Flimwell (Ketley and Downash estate); Bartletts Farm, Bodle Street, Hailsham (Bucksteep estate); Lower Sandhills Farm, Bodle Street, Hailsham (Bucksteep estate); Belle Vue Cottages, and Holding 5, Westham (Peelings estate); Holdings Farm, The Street, Kingston (Kingston estate); Holding 5 (staff house), Wellgreen Lane, Kingston (Kingston estate); Holding 7 (staff house), Wellgreen Lane, Kingston; Balklands Farm, Five Ashes, Mayfield (Isenhurst estate); Egmont Poultry Farm, Station Road, Northiam (Northiam estate); Holding 1, Quickbourne Lane, Clench Green, Northiam (Northiam estate); Holding 2, Beales Lane, Clench Green, Northiam (Northiam estate); Lorna Doon, Station Road, Northiam (Northiam estate); 2 Victoria Cottages, Mark Street, Nutley (Hole and Alchorne estate); Hole Farm, Mark Street, Nutley (Hole and Alchorne estate); Little Norlington Farm, Ringmer (Norlington estate); Howells Bank Farm, Broyle Lane, Ringmer (Norlington estate); Norlington Gate Farm, Ringmer (Norlington estate); 10 Wellingham Lane, Ringmer (Wellingham estates); Dural Farm, and Ham Farm, Ringmer (Wellingham estates); Holding 11, Wellingham Lane (Wellingham estates); Holding 7c and 8, Uckfield Road, Ringmer (Wellingham estates); Lower Barn Farm, Uckfield Road, Ringmer (Wellingham estates); Bexhill Rent Office, 14 Buckhurst Road; Brighton Rent Office, Refuge House, 49-50 North Street; Rent Office, 1c Pevensey Road, Eastbourne; Leasham Farm, Rye
Seven Sisters Country Park, Westdean
(Photographs and plans not included): The Living World; Park Centre and outbuildings; New Barn Cottage; Foxhole Farm and barn; Except Farm and cottage; Boat House; 1-2 Foxhole Cottages
Registrar's Offices:
Royal York Buildings, Old Steine, Brighton; Registrar's Offices, Field House, Beacon Road, Crowborough; Trading Standards and Registrar's Office, Summerfields, Bohemia Road, Hastings; Hove Town Hall, Norton Road; Registrar's Office and Marriage Room, Southover Grange, Lewes; 18 Fort Road, Newhaven; The Downs, Sutton Road, Seaford; Social Services Offices, 10-12 Buckhurst Road, Bexhill; Social Services Store, 28 Western Road, Bexhill; Social Services County Offices, 6 Pavilion Parade, Brighton; Esher House, 48-50 St Leonards Road, Eastbourne; Heffle Court, Station Road, Heathfield
Staff houses:
Law Courts flat, Edward Street, Brighton; 9a Hampton Street, Brighton; 4 Dudwell Road, Brighton; 3 Millward Cottages, Burwash; County House, Cooksbridge; 1-2 Council Cottages, Eridge Road, Crowborough; Meadway, South View Road, Crowborough; 1 Council Cottages, Coopers Green; Newstead, Catsfield Road, Crowhurst; Beech Cottage, Lewes Road, Danehill; 7 Bedfordwell Road, Eastbourne; School House, Novington Lane, East Chiltington (noted as sold on 21 Aug 1988); 67 Hartfield Road, Forest Row; Windy Corner, Winchelsea Road, Guestling; Windy Corner, Winchelsea Road, Guestling; Lidham Farm, Batchelors Bump, Guestling (Sayer Milward estate); New House, Council Cottage, Guestling Green; 1 Garfield Road, Hailsham; 18 Station Road, Hailsham; 41, 61 and 153 South Road, Hailsham; Clovelly, 3 and 5 Summerheath Road, Hailsham; 163 and 173 Priory Road, Hastings; Little Moreton, Boscobel Road, St Leonards; The Flat, 42 Battle Road, Hastings; 18/19 Boundary Road, Hove; flat 20/22 Boundary Road, Hove; 329 Old Shoreham Road, Hove; Rose Cottage, Rose Hill, Isfield; Holding 5, Wellgreen Lane, Kingston; 8 and 9 Malling Hill, Lewes; 19 St Swithins Terrace, Lewes; 10 Hill Road, Lewes; 41 and 41a St Anne's Crescent, Lewes; 1-6 Wallands House, 34 King Henry's Road, Lewes; 1-2 Council Cottages, Magham Down; 2 Rosemary Cottages, Mark Cross; Court Cottage, Mark Cross; 18 and 20 Lewes Road, Newhaven; 3 Harpers Road, Newhaven; 64 and 98 Brighton Road, Newhaven; 14 Telscombe Road, Peacehaven; 123, 145 and 147 The Promenade, Peacehaven; South Coast Road, Peacehaven; Moon Rakers, Wellington Road, Peacehaven; Council Cottage, Barnets Hill, Peasmarsh; Council Cottage, Piltdown; Old Police House, School Lane, Playden; 86 Hailsham Road, Polegate; 1-11 Church Road, Portslade; 102 Trafalgar Road, Portslade; 25 Church Road, Portslade; 26 Trafalgar Road, Portslade; 44 Trafalgar Road, Portslade; 82 Highland Road, Portslade; 7c Uckfield Road, Ringmer; Broyleside farm House, Broyle Lane, Ringmer; 5 Council Cottages, Brightling Road, Robertsbridge; 3 Council Cottages, Rodmell; 5 Old Police House, Rodmell; 19 Eagle Road, Rye; 3 South Undercliffe, Rye; 1-5 St Michael's, Hartfield Road, Seaford; 2 and 3 Council Cottages, Selmeston; 1 Manor Close, Uckfield; 19 Harcourt Road, Uckfield; Fir Tree Cottage, Udimore; 10 and 12 South Terrace, Westfield; 6 Station Cottage, Lyewood Common, Withyham; 16 The Crossway, Stone Cross, Westham
Trading Standards Offices:
28 Montague Place, Brighton; Ambulance Station, Crowborough Hill, Crowborough; 1a Upperton Gardens, Eastbourne; Summerfields, Bohemia Road, Hastings
Other properties:
County Architect's Store, Vines Cross, Horam; Knoll Business Centre (old Knoll School), Bellingham Close, Old Shoreham Road, Hove; Modern Record Store, Brooks Road, Lewes; Pelham House, St Andrew's Lane, Lewes; County Record Office, The Maltings; Library and Young Farmers, 45 St Anne's Crescent, Lewes; Planning Department Offices, Southover House, Southover Road, Lewes; Highways and Transportation Offices, Phoenix Causeway, Lewes; Management Services Offices, The Croft, Church Lane, Lewes; Printing and Stationery Works, Beach Road, Newhaven; Old Drill Hall, Mill Lane, Rye; Citizens' Advice Bureau, Arnold Cottage, Hempstead Road, Uckfield

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