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Reference PAR480
Former reference PAR480
Covering dates 1559-2003
Held by East Sussex Record Office
Source of acquisition Records deposited by Incumbent and PCC 27 May 1980 (A2571), 22 Jan 1990 (A5418), 15 Apr 1994 (A6299), 1 Apr 1998 (ACC 7665), and 1 Apr 2004 (ACC 8959)
Related information For copy tithe redemption certificates and apportionments, 1839-1936, see ACC 2870, ACC 7984

PAR480/1/1 Early parish registers; 1559-1815
PAR480/1/2 Baptismal registers; 1813-1988
PAR4801/3 Marriage registers; 1813-1992
PAR480/1/4 Banns registers; 1923-2001
PAR480/1/5 Burial registers; 1813-1893
PAR480/1/6 Confirmation registers; 1935-1995
PAR480/2 Records relating to registers; 1888-1930
PAR480/3 Service registers; 1907-1996
PAR480/4 Buildings; [1860]-1965
PAR480/5 Institutions, inductions, licences; 1930
PAR480/6 Income of the benefice; 1823-1952
PAR470/7 Other records; 1927-2003
PAR480/9 Churchwardens' accounts; 1895-1898
PAR480/10 Churchwardens' property records; 1932-1965
PAR480/11 Other churchwardens' records; 1936-1977
PAR480/14 Parochial Church Council minutes; 1912-1985
PAR480/15 Parochial Church Council accounts; 1902-1993
PAR480/16 Other Parochial Church Council records; [1635]-1976
PAR480/21 TITHE 1907-1936
PAR480/ 24 CHARITY 1898-1994
PAR480/25 SCHOOLS 1859-1874
PAR480/26 OTHER RECORDS 1719-1950
PAR480/30 Overseers' rates; 1840-1872
PAR480/31 Overseers' accounts; 1817-1835

Incumbent: registers  PAR480/1  1559-2001

Former reference: PAR480/1

Early registers  PAR480/1/1  1559-1815

Former reference: PAR480/1/1

The register covering the period from 1693 to 1724 was noted as missing in 1831

General register  PAR480/1/1/1  1559-1693

Former reference: PAR480/1/1/1

ff 1r - 37v CMB Feb 1559 - Jun 1693
f 2r note that entries for 1563-1566 were entered in the old register book
f 8r note that many pre-1598 marriages were omitted from this book
Flyleaf contains note of the induction of Thomas Ballowe, on the death of Charles Hutchinson, in 1638, and a note that the entries for 1559-1598 which were in the old register have been copied into this new parchment register, 1598
37 parchment folios in parchment binding; for an abstract of this register, see PAR480/2/1

General register  PAR480/1/1/2  1724-1780

Former reference: PAR480/1/1/2

ff 1r - 10r CMB Feb 1724 - Mar 1754
ff 10v - 27r CB Apr 1754 - Dec 1780
f 1r Note that Joseph Neville became parish clerk in place of late William Tiltman, 12 Dec 1772
f 10r Memorandum that James Dormer, the curate, obtained 13s 4d in surplice fees from Mr Swaine of Bishopstone for the encroachment of two coffin stones, 1759
Flyleaf contains note that the Rev Thomas Hurdis the younger became curate on 12 Dec 1759
27 parchment folios in parchment binding

Register of baptisms and burials  PAR480/1/1/3  1781-1809

Former reference: PAR480/1/1/3

ff 1r - 26v CB Jan 1781 - Oct 1809
f 19v note that James Pierce of Seaford applied to the Rev James Carnegie on 4 Jul 1826 for a copy of the baptismal certificate of his son James Pierce, but that no entry was found. James Pierce therefore makes oath that his son was baptised at Seaford on 23 Sep 1798 by the Rev Thomas Evans in the presence of John Woollett and Sarah Stanford, 5 Jul 1826
26 parchment folios in calf binding

Register of baptisms and burials  PAR480/1/1/4  1809-1812

Former reference: PAR480/1/1/4

ff 1r - 4r CB Oct 1809 - Dec 1812
17 parchment folios in calf binding

Register of marriages and banns  PAR480/1/1/5  1754-1815

Former reference: PAR480/1/1/5

M May 1754 - Jul 1812
Banns Apr 1754 - Aug 1815
At back: notes that the front gallery was lettered and decorated at the expense of James Hurdis churchwarden, 1785; that the clock was moved from the east to south side and that the north and south roofs were raised at parish expense, 1785
Printed form, calf binding

Baptism registers  PAR480/1/2  1813-1988

Former reference: PAR480/1/2

Baptism register  PAR480/1/2/1  Jan 1813-Jan 1857

Former reference: PAR480/1/2/1

Flyleaf contains notes that the Rev Charles Hutchinson of Seaford agreed to perform two full services for £50 per annum, to be raised by voluntary subscription from 12 Apr 1818; the appointment of Stephen Eves as parish clerk in place of the late Joseph Neville, 4 Apr 1814; a list of subscribers to the recasting of the tenor bell, 16 Oct 1855; census totals, 1801-1901, and sittings in church, 1862

Baptism register  PAR480/1/2/2  Jan 1857-May 1902

Former reference: PAR480/1/2/2

Baptism register  PAR480/1/2/3  May 1902-Aug 1932

Former reference: PAR480/1/2/3

Baptism register  PAR480/1/2/4  Aug 1932-Nov 1958

Former reference: PAR480/1/2/4

Baptism register  PAR480/1/2/5  Nov 1958-Aug 1988

Former reference: PAR480/1/2/5

Marriage registers  PAR480/1/3  1813-1992

Former reference: PAR480/1/3

Marriage register  PAR480/1/3/1  Apr 1813-Dec 1836

Former reference: PAR480/1/3/1

Marriage register  PAR480/1/3/2  Aug 1837-Oct 1908

Former reference: PAR480/1/3/2

For index see PAR480/2/1/2

Marriage register  PAR480/1/3/3  Oct 1908-Mar 1918

Former reference: PAR480/1/3/3

Marriage register  PAR480/1/3/4  Mar 1918-Jun 1924

Former reference: PAR480/1/3/4

Marriage register  PAR480/1/3/5  Jul 1924-Mar 1936

Former reference: PAR480/1/3/5

Marriage register  PAR480/1/3/6  Apr 1936-Sep 1944

Former reference: PAR480/1/3/6

Marriage register  PAR480/1/3/7  Oct 1944-Sep 1953

Former reference: PAR480/1/3/7

Marriage register  PAR480/1/3/8  Sep 1953-Oct 1962

Former reference: PAR480/1/3/8

Marriage register  PAR480/1/3/9  Oct 1962-Mar 1970

Former reference: PAR480/1/3/9

Marriage register  PAR480/1/3/10  Mar 1970-Aug 1978

Former reference: PAR480/1/3/10

Marriage register  PAR480/1/3/11  Aug 1978-Apr 1982

Former reference: PAR480/1/3/11

Marriage register  PAR480/1/3/12  May 1982-Jun 1992

Former reference: PAR480/1/3/12

Banns registers  PAR480/1/4  1923-2001

Former reference: PAR480/1/4

Banns register  PAR480/1/4/1  Aug 1923-Sep 1939

Former reference: PAR480/1/4/1

Banns register  PAR480/1/4/2  Sep 1939-Apr 1952

Former reference: PAR480/1/4/2

Banns register  PAR480/1/4/3  Apr 1952-Jun 1957

Former reference: PAR480/1/4/3

Banns register  PAR480/1/4/4  Jun 1957-Feb 1962

Former reference: PAR480/1/4/4

Banns register  PAR480/1/4/5  Feb 1962-Feb 1972

Former reference: PAR480/1/4/5

Banns register  PAR480/1/4/6  Feb 1972-Jul 1977

Former reference: PAR480/1/4/6

Administrative history:
formerly listed as PAR 480/1/4/3

Banns register  PAR480/1/4/7  Jul 1977-Mar 1982

Former reference: PAR480/1/4/7

Administrative history:
formerly listed as PAR 480/1/4/4

Banns register  PAR480/1/4/8  Mar 1982-Apr 1987

Former reference: PAR480/1/4/8

Administrative history:
formerly listed as PAR 480/1/4/5

Banns register  PAR480/1/4/9  Apr 1987-Feb 2001

Former reference: PAR480/1/4/9

Burial registers  PAR480/1/5  1813-1893

Former reference: PAR480/1/5

Burial register  PAR480/1/5/1  Jan 1813-Jul 1893

Former reference: PAR480/1/5/1

Confirmation registers  PAR480/1/6  1935-1995

Former reference: PAR480/1/6

Confirmation register  PAR480/1/6/1  Dec 1935-Dec 1956

Former reference: PAR480/1/6/1

Confirmation register  PAR480/1/6/2  Apr 1957-Feb 1965

Former reference: PAR480/1/6/2

Confirmation register  PAR480/1/6/3  Feb 1965-May 1977

Former reference: PAR480/1/6/3

Confirmation register  PAR480/1/6/4  Mar 1995

Former reference: PAR480/1/6/4

Newlands Manor School Chapel only

Incumbent: records relating to registers  PAR480/2  1888-1930

Former reference: PAR480/2

Copies of registers  PAR480/2/1  1888-1930

Former reference: PAR480/2/1

Abstract of PAR480/1/1/1  PAR480/2/1/1  1896

Former reference: PAR480/2/1/1

compiled by Major F W T Attree, giving the surnames only by month but without specifying whether they are baptismal, marriage or burial entries

Index to PAR480/1/3/2  PAR480/2/1/2  [n.d.]

Former reference: PAR480/2/1/2

Administrative history:
Formerly listed as PAR480/2/2

Transcript of PAR480/1/1/1  PAR480/2/1/3  1888-1930

Former reference: PAR480/2/1/3

Cover inscribed 'Seaford Parish 1559-1693/Rev EH Phillips, vicar/Thos Fisher, BA Miller churchwardens/typed by HG Kirby July 1930'; contains list and notes concerning parish registers, 1888

Incumbent: service records  PAR480/3  1907-1996

Former reference: PAR480/3

Service registers  PAR480/3/1  1907-1992

Former reference: PAR480/3/1

Service register  PAR480/3/1/1  Dec 1907-Jun 1912

Former reference: PAR480/3/1/1

Service register  PAR480/3/1/2  Jul 1912-Jul 1919

Former reference: PAR480/3/1/2

Service register  PAR480/3/1/3  Aug 1919-May 1926

Former reference: PAR480/3/1/3

at front: list of church plate, 1921

Service register  PAR480/3/1/4  May 1926-Apr 1931

Former reference: PAR480/3/1/4

Service register  PAR480/3/1/5  Apr 1931-Jun 1935

Former reference: PAR480/3/1/5

Service register  PAR480/3/1/6  Jun 1935-Jul 1939

Former reference: PAR480/3/1/6

Service register  PAR480/3/1/7  Aug 1939-Jul 1945

Former reference: PAR480/3/1/7

Service register  PAR480/3/1/8  Jul 1945-Jun 1950

Former reference: PAR480/3/1/8

Service register  PAR480/3/1/9  May 1950-Nov 1958

Former reference: PAR480/3/1/9

includes record of Sunday services

Service register  PAR480/3/1/10  Nov 1958-Jan 1964

Former reference: PAR480/3/1/10

Service register  PAR480/3/1/11  Jan 1964-Apr 1966

Former reference: PAR480/3/1/11

Service register  PAR480/3/1/12  Apr 1966-May 1967

Former reference: PAR480/3/1/12

Service register  PAR480/3/1/13  Jun 1967-Apr 1972

Former reference: PAR480/3/1/13

Administrative history:
formerly listed as PAR 480/3/1

Service register  PAR480/3/1/14  May 1972-Sep 1974

Former reference: PAR480/3/1/14

Administrative history:
formerly listed as PAR 480/3/2

Service register  PAR480/3/1/15  Sep 1974-Jan 1977

Former reference: PAR480/3/1/15

Administrative history:
formerly listed as PAR 480/3/3

Service register  PAR480/3/1/16  Feb 1977-Apr 1979

Former reference: PAR480/3/1/16

Administrative history:
formerly listed as PAR 480/3/4

Service register  PAR480/3/1/17  Apr 1979-Oct 1980

Former reference: PAR480/3/1/17

Administrative history:
formerly listed as PAR 480/3/5

Service register  PAR480/3/1/18  Oct 1980-Feb 1982

Former reference: PAR480/3/1/18

Administrative history:
formerly listed as PAR 480/3/6

Service register  PAR480/3/1/19  Feb 1982-Jul 1983

Former reference: PAR480/3/1/19

Administrative history:
formerly listed as PAR 480/3/7

Service register  PAR480/3/1/20  Jul 1983-Nov 1984

Former reference: PAR480/3/1/20

Administrative history:
formerly listed as PAR 480/3/8

Service register  PAR480/3/1/21  Nov 1984-May 1986

Former reference: PAR480/3/1/21

Administrative history:
formerly listed as PAR 480/3/9

Service register  PAR480/3/1/22  May 1986-Nov 1987

Former reference: PAR480/3/1/22

Administrative history:
formerly listed as PAR 480/3/10

Service register  PAR480/3/1/23  Nov 1987-Jul 1989

Former reference: PAR480/3/1/23

Administrative history:
formerly listed as PAR 480/3/11

Service register  PAR480/3/1/24  Jul 1989-Mar 1991

Former reference: PAR480/3/1/24

Administrative history:
formerly listed as PAR 480/3/12

Service register  PAR480/3/1/25  Mar 1991-Dec 1992

Former reference: PAR480/3/1/25

Administrative history:
formerly listed as PAR 480/3/13

Service registers for St Wilfrid's, Newlands Manor School  PAR480/3/2  1986-1996

Former reference: PAR480/3/2

Service register  PAR480/3/2/1  Feb 1986-May 1996

Former reference: PAR480/3/2/1

Incumbent: buildings  PAR480/4  [1860]-1965

Former reference: PAR480/4

Deeds and legal papers  PAR480/4/1  1964-1968

Former reference: PAR480/4/1

Photocopy draft conveyance  PAR480/4/1/1  16 Sep 1964

Former reference: PAR480/4/1/1

Part of the vicarage grounds, Sutton Road; includes plan (Bishop of Chichester - Architectural Developments Ltd)

Copy dedication agreement  PAR480/4/1/2  Apr-Aug 1968

Former reference: PAR480/4/1/2

Part of the vicarage grounds, Sutton Road that is part of the glebe, to be used by Seaford Urban District Council for road widening; includes plan

Plans, drawings and associated papers  PAR480/4/2  [1860]-1965

Former reference: PAR480/4/2

Related information: For plan of proposed alterations and additions to the church, [1899], see PAR480/16/6/86; for tracing of proposed enlargement of the transepts, see PAR480/16/6/86

Ground plan of the church  PAR480/4/2/1  [1860]

Former reference: PAR480/4/2/1

Conditions of access: Fragile

Tracing showing the galleries 'in their present state' [by John Billing]; reproduced in 'The Parish Church of St Leonard, Seaford' by Dr JG Taylor, 1937 (plate 7)

South elevation of the church  PAR480/4/2/2  [1860]

Former reference: PAR480/4/2/2

Conditions of access: Fragile

Tracing [by John Billing]; reproduced in 'The Parish Church of St Leonard, Seaford' by Dr JG Taylor, 1937 (plate 18)

Longitudinal section looking south  PAR480/4/2/3  [1860]

Former reference: PAR480/4/2/3

Conditions of access: Fragile

Tracing [by John Billing]; reproduced in 'The Parish Church of St Leonard, Seaford' by Dr JG Taylor, 1937 (plate 20)

East elevation and section  PAR480/4/2/4  [1860]

Former reference: PAR480/4/2/4

Conditions of access: Fragile

Tracing [by John Billing]; reproduced in 'The Parish Church of St Leonard, Seaford' by Dr JG Taylor, 1937 (plates 12A and 12B)

Ground plan  PAR480/4/2/5  [1860]

Former reference: PAR480/4/2/5

Tracing by John Billing showing pews marked with numbers of people who could be accommodated (plan 1)

Drawings showing the redecoration of the chancel  PAR480/4/2/6  Nov 1908

Former reference: PAR480/4/2/6

Related information: For letter, see PAR480/16/6/92

Watercolour; by Thomas Garratt, architect, Kingston Hill, Surrey

Drawings of the proposed clergy vestry  PAR480/4/2/7  Jan 1914

Former reference: PAR480/4/2/7

Ground plan, elevations and section, by WTB Foster, architect, 3 Gloucester Place, Seaford

Specifications and tender for proposed new vestry and lavatory  PAR480/4/2/8  Mar 1914

Former reference: PAR480/4/2/8

From WTB Foster, architect, and Godfrey Brothers, Sutton Road, Seaford

Drawings of the proposed vicarage, Seaford  PAR480/4/2/9  c1915

Former reference: PAR480/4/2/9

Elevations and sections; drawing V

Drawings of the proposed vicarage, Seaford  PAR480/4/2/10  c1915

Former reference: PAR480/4/2/10

Sections and elevations; drawing VI

Sketch plans for a gardener's cottage at Seaford Vicarage  PAR480/4/2/11  c1915

Former reference: PAR480/4/2/11

Elevations in watercolour, and floor plans, by RH Halls, architect, Lewes

Two letters concerning proposed gardener's cottage at the vicarage  PAR480/4/2/12  Aug-Oct 1915

Former reference: PAR480/4/2/12

From Bounty Office, 3 Dean's Yard, Westminster to the Rev FD Cremer; concerns possible loan for the cottage, which was not approved; returns PAR480/4/2/11

Plan of proposed additions to the vestry  PAR480/4/2/13  May 1917

Former reference: PAR480/4/2/13

Related information: For letter of enclosure, see PAR480/4/2/9

Tracing by Lacy W Ridge, 14 Liverpool Terrace, Worthing

Letters concerning proposed additions to the vestry  PAR480/4/2/14  Jun 1917-Jun 1919

Former reference: PAR480/4/2/14

Lacy W Ridge, architect, to the Rev FD [Frederic Daustini] Cremer; encloses PAR480/4/2/8

South elevation and additions to the vestry  PAR480/4/2/15  Sep 1925

Former reference: PAR480/4/2/15

As existing and as proposed, by H Milburn Pett, architect and surveyor, 5 Marlborough Place, Seaford

Drawings of proposed memorial seat in the baptistry  PAR480/4/2/16  Jun 1937

Former reference: PAR480/4/2/16

Related information: For correspondence, see PAR480/10/3/2

By H Milburn Pett, Diocesan Surveyor, 9 Brunswick Square, Hove

Drawings of proposed memorial seat and table in the baptistry  PAR480/4/2/17  Oct 1937

Former reference: PAR480/4/2/17

Related information: For correspondence, see PAR480/10/3/2

As in PAR480/4/2/15

Plans of the proposed alterations to the west front of the tower  PAR480/4/2/18  Jun 1938

Former reference: PAR480/4/2/18

Ground plan and elevations, by Wratten and Godfrey, architects, Lewes House, Lewes

Plans of north chapel  PAR480/4/2/19  Jun 1939

Former reference: PAR480/4/2/19

Elevations and ground plan of the wall, as existing, by Wratten and Godfrey, architects, Lewes House, Lewes

Two drawings of proposed gas bracket  PAR480/4/2/20  [May 1940]

Former reference: PAR480/4/2/20

Related information: For letter of enclosure,see PAR480/4/2/20

By Wratten and Godfrey, architects, Lewes House, Lewes

Letter from Walter H Godfrey, architect  PAR480/4/2/21  May 1940

Former reference: PAR480/4/2/21

Encloses plans of gas fitting (PAR480/4/2/19)

Sketch of a proposed new chapel, north of the chancel  PAR480/4/2/22  Nov 1962

Former reference: PAR480/4/2/22

By Carden, Godfrey and Partner, architects, 120 Chancery Lane, London WC2

Proposed provision of a small chapel to the north of the chancel, position for a new organ and provision of new vicar's vestry  PAR480/4/2/23  Nov 1962

Former reference: PAR480/4/2/23

Ground plan, by Carden, Godfrey and Partner, architects, 120 Chancery Lane, London WC2

Alterations to organ and vestries  PAR480/4/2/24  Sep 1964

Former reference: PAR480/4/2/24

Ground plan, elevations and section, by Carden, Godfrey and Partner, architects, 120 Chancery Lane, London WC2

Site plan of the vicarage and garden  PAR480/4/2/25  c1964

Former reference: PAR480/4/2/25

Produced by GF Blackmore for the Rev FW Shillito

Proposed new vicarage  PAR480/4/2/26  Sep 1964

Former reference: PAR480/4/2/26

Site plan, sections and elevations, by Benz and Williams, 53 Gildredge Road, Eastbourne, for the Chichester Diocesan Dilapidations Board

Proposed new vicarage: fire place detail  PAR480/4/2/27  Sep 1964

Former reference: PAR480/4/2/27

Produced by Benz and Williams, as in PAR480/4//2/25

Proposed revised organ chamber layout and vestry  PAR480/4/2/28  c1965

Former reference: PAR480/4/2/28

By Hill Norman and Beard, organ builders, London

Plans showing organ clearance dimensions  PAR480/4/2/29  Jan 1965

Former reference: PAR480/4/2/29

KJ Prior for Hill Norman and Beard Ltd (drawing B3474)

Papers concerning works to the church, furnishings and moveable goods  PAR480/4/3  [n.d.]

Former reference: PAR480/4/3

Specification and estimate for a new organ  PAR480/4/3/1  Nov 1908

Former reference: PAR480/4/3/1

From Morgan and Smith, organ builders, Norfolk Square, Brighton

Specification and estimate for taking down the organ and re-erecting it in a new position  PAR480/4/3/2  Jul 1916

Former reference: PAR480/4/3/2

From Morgan and Smith, organ builders

Printed appeal for funds for repairs to the tower, roofs and walls  PAR480/4/3/3  1938

Former reference: PAR480/4/3/3

Issued by the vicar, Rev Charles H Maxwell, and churchwardens, BA Miller and LD Mosley; two copies, one of which includes a circular letter from the Bishop of Chichester

Faculties  PAR480/4/4  1923-1935

Former reference: PAR480/4/4

Faculty for the restoration of the church bells  PAR480/4/4/1  Dec 1923

Former reference: PAR480/4/4/1

Faculty for the installation of hydraulic blowing apparatus  PAR480/4/4/2  Jan 1927

Former reference: PAR480/4/4/2

Faculty for the interment of the ashes of Anne Edith Garland under the chancel floor  PAR480/4/4/3  Jun 1930

Former reference: PAR480/4/4/3

Anne Edith Garland died in France 14 Feb 1929

Faculty for the removal of benches and chairs in the church and their replacement with seven pews  PAR480/4/4/4  Feb 1935

Former reference: PAR480/4/4/4

Papers relating to the vicarage and other church properties  PAR480/4/5  1925

Former reference: PAR480/4/5

Copy survey and valuation of St Denys, Sutton Park Road, Seaford  PAR480/4/5/1  May 1925

Former reference: PAR480/4/5/1

Includes associated correspondence. The property was purchased as a clergy house

Incumbent: institutions, inductions, licences  PAR480/5  1930

Former reference: PAR480/5

Curacy licences  PAR480/5/1  [n.d.]

Former reference: PAR480/5/1

Related information: For other curacy licences, see PAR480/6/6/5; PAR480/16/6/ 55; PAR480/16/6/63; PAR480/16/6/78; PAR480/16/6/152

Curacy licence  PAR480/5/1/1  Aug 1930

Former reference: PAR480/5/1/1

The Rev Francis William Musgrave

Incumbent: income of the benefice  PAR480/6  1823-1952

Former reference: PAR480/6

Income derived from tithes  PAR480/6/1  1823-1901

Former reference: PAR480/6/1

Related information: For tithe records, see PAR480/21

Vicarial tithe accounts and tithe rent charge  PAR480/6/1/1  1823-1874

Former reference: PAR480/6/1/1

Vicarial tithe accounts, 29 Sep 1823 - 29 Sep 1840, tithe rent charge, 1 Oct 1840 -1 Oct 1844, and commuted rent charge, 1874
At front: a copy of a terrier in the tithe book of the late Rev Thomas Evans 19 Sep 1635; copy of terrier during the incumbency of the Rev [John] Terry, [1669-1679]; notes as to the extent of Seaford Down and Howards Marsh, and downlands where the vicar has the right to take tithes, 1781-1782; note that the tithes were reduced by 10% by the Rev Hutchinson in 1822

Schedule showing distribution of tithes for North Sutton Farm  PAR480/6/1/2  7 Apr 1877

Former reference: PAR480/6/1/2

Includes landowners Lancelot Harrison and others, compiled by W Webb Turner, Chyngton, Seaford; subscribed with note 'to be returned to Robert Lambe, Seaford'

Altered apportionment of the tithes for Little Sutton Farm  PAR480/6/1/3  1 Dec 1883

Former reference: PAR480/6/1/3

Correspondence concerning tithes  PAR480/6/1/4  Jun 1901-Sep 1907

Former reference: PAR480/6/1/4

Letter from CA Stevens, who has indexed the tithe apportionment to find the precise lands charged, 29 Jun 1901 [PAR480/6/1/5 ]; letters from Bounty Office, Dean's Yard, Westminster regarding tithe redemptions, Dec 1905 - Sep 1907

Index to the tithe apportionment  PAR480/6/1/5  [1901]

Former reference: PAR480/6/1/5

[compiled by CA Stevens]

Notes concerning tithe redemptions  PAR480/6/1/6  c1901

Former reference: PAR480/6/1/6

Tracings from the tithe map  PAR480/6/1/7  c1901

Former reference: PAR480/6/1/7

Three tracings from the Seaford tithe map indicating tithe-free areas, glebe belonging to the Prebends of Bargham and Sutton, and the supposed site of St James Hospital for Lepers; formerly listed as PAR480/7/2/2

Other papers relating to the income of the benefice  PAR480/6/2  1859-1952

Former reference: PAR480/6/2

General correspondence concerning income  PAR480/6/2/1  Apr 1859-Aug 1915

Former reference: PAR480/6/2/1

Letters from the Ecclesiastical Commission, and Bounty Office, 3 Dean's Yard, Westminster

Letters from the Ecclesiastical Commission  PAR480/6/2/2  [Jul 1925]-Jul 1952

Former reference: PAR480/6/2/2

Concerns investments; curacy fund

Letters from the Ecclesiastical Commission relating to the sale of the assistant curate's house  PAR480/6/2/3  Nov-Dec 1936

Former reference: PAR480/6/2/3

The proceeds of the sale were to endow an assistant curate

Incumbent: other records  PAR480/7  1927-2003

Former reference: PAR480/7

Parish magazines  PAR480/7/1  1928-2003

Former reference: PAR480/7/1

Parish magazines  PAR480/7/1/1  [n.d.]

Former reference: PAR480/7/1/1

Conditions of access: missing on transfer

Parish magazines  PAR480/7/1/2  1928

Former reference: PAR480/7/1/2

Conditions of access: Nov only

Parish magazines  PAR480/7/1/3-31  [n.d.]

Former reference: PAR480/7/1/3-31

Conditions of access: Missing on transfer

Parish magazines  PAR480/7/1/32  1958

Former reference: PAR480/7/1/32

Administrative history:
Formerly listed as PAR480/7/1/2

Parish magazines  PAR480/7/1/33  1959

Former reference: PAR480/7/1/33

Administrative history:
Formerly listed as PAR480/7/1/3

Parish magazines  PAR480/7/1/34  1960

Former reference: PAR480/7/1/34

Administrative history:
Formerly listed as PAR480/7/1/4

Parish magazines  PAR480/7/1/35  1961

Former reference: PAR480/7/1/35

Administrative history:
Formerly listed as PAR480/7/1/5

Parish magazines  PAR480/7/1/36  1962

Former reference: PAR480/7/1/36

Administrative history:
Formerly listed as PAR480/7/1/6

Parish magazines  PAR480/7/1/37  1963

Former reference: PAR480/7/1/37

Administrative history:
Formerly listed as PAR480/7/1/7

Parish magazines  PAR480/7/1/38  1964

Former reference: PAR480/7/1/38

Administrative history:
Formerly listed as PAR480/7/1/8

Parish magazines  PAR480/7/1/39  1965

Former reference: PAR480/7/1/39

Administrative history:
Formerly listed as PAR480/7/1/9

Parish magazines  PAR480/7/1/40  1966

Former reference: PAR480/7/1/40

Administrative history:
Formerly listed as PAR480/7/1/10

Parish magazines  PAR480/7/1/41  1967

Former reference: PAR480/7/1/41

Administrative history:
Formerly listed as PAR480/7/1/11

Parish magazines  PAR480/7/1/42  1968

Former reference: PAR480/7/1/42

Administrative history:
Formerly listed as PAR480/7/1/12

Parish magazines  PAR480/7/1/43  1969

Former reference: PAR480/7/1/43

Administrative history:
Formerly listed as PAR480/7/1/13

Parish magazines  PAR480/7/1/44  1970

Former reference: PAR480/7/1/44

Administrative history:
Formerly listed as PAR480/7/1/14

Parish magazines  PAR480/7/1/45  1971

Former reference: PAR480/7/1/45

Administrative history:
Formerly listed as PAR480/7/1/15

Parish magazines  PAR480/7/1/46  1972

Former reference: PAR480/7/1/46

Administrative history:
Formerly listed as PAR480/7/1/16

Parish magazines  PAR480/7/1/47  1973

Former reference: PAR480/7/1/47

Administrative history:
Formerly listed as PAR480/7/1/17

Parish magazines  PAR480/7/1/48  1974

Former reference: PAR480/7/1/48

Administrative history:
Formerly listed as PAR480/7/1/18

Parish magazines  PAR480/7/1/49  1975

Former reference: PAR480/7/1/49

Administrative history:
Formerly listed as PAR480/7/1/19

Parish magazines  PAR480/7/1/50  1976

Former reference: PAR480/7/1/50

Administrative history:
Formerly listed as PAR480/7/1/20

Parish magazines  PAR480/7/1/51  1977

Former reference: PAR480/7/1/51

Administrative history:
Formerly listed as PAR480/7/1/21

Parish magazines  PAR480/7/1/52  1978

Former reference: PAR480/7/1/52

Administrative history:
Formerly listed as PAR480/7/1/22

Parish magazines  PAR480/7/1/53  1979

Former reference: PAR480/7/1/53

Administrative history:
Formerly listed as PAR480/7/1/23

Parish magazines  PAR480/7/1/54  1980

Former reference: PAR480/7/1/54

Administrative history:
Formerly listed as PAR480/7/1/24

Parish magazines  PAR480/7/1/55  1981

Former reference: PAR480/7/1/55

Administrative history:
Formerly listed as PAR480/7/1/25

Parish magazines  PAR480/7/1/56  1982

Former reference: PAR480/7/1/56

Administrative history:
Formerly listed as PAR480/7/1/26

Parish magazines  PAR480/7/1/57  1983

Former reference: PAR480/7/1/57

Administrative history:
Formerly listed as PAR480/7/1/27

Parish magazines  PAR480/7/1/58  1984

Former reference: PAR480/7/1/58

Administrative history:
Formerly listed as PAR480/7/1/28

Parish magazines  PAR480/7/1/59  1985

Former reference: PAR480/7/1/59

Administrative history:
Formerly listed as PAR480/7/1/29

Parish magazines  PAR480/7/1/60  1957

Former reference: PAR480/7/1/60

Administrative history:
Formerly listed as PAR480/7/1/1

Parish magazines  PAR480/7/1/61  1986

Former reference: PAR480/7/1/61

Administrative history:
Formerly listed as PAR480/7/1/30

Parish magazines  PAR480/7/1/62  1987

Former reference: PAR480/7/1/62

Administrative history:
Formerly listed as PAR480/7/1/31

Parish magazines  PAR480/7/1/63  1988

Former reference: PAR480/7/1/63

Administrative history:
Formerly listed as PAR480/7/1/32

Parish magazines  PAR480/7/1/64  1989

Former reference: PAR480/7/1/64

Administrative history:
Formerly listed as PAR480/7/1/33

Parish magazines  PAR480/7/1/65  1990

Former reference: PAR480/7/1/65

Administrative history:
Formerly listed as PAR480/7/1/34

Parish magazines  PAR480/7/1/66  1991

Former reference: PAR480/7/1/66

Administrative history:
Formerly listed as PAR480/7/1/35

Parish magazines  PAR480/7/1/67  1992

Former reference: PAR480/7/1/67

Administrative history:
Formerly listed as PAR480/7/1/36

Parish magazines  PAR480/7/1/68  1993

Former reference: PAR480/7/1/68

Parish magazines  PAR480/7/1/69  1994

Former reference: PAR480/7/1/69

Parish magazines  PAR480/7/1/70  1995

Former reference: PAR480/7/1/70

Parish magazines  PAR480/7/1/71  1996

Former reference: PAR480/7/1/71

Parish magazines  PAR480/7/1/72  1997

Former reference: PAR480/7/1/72

Parish magazines  PAR480/7/1/73  1998

Former reference: PAR480/7/1/73

Parish magazines  PAR480/7/1/74  1999

Former reference: PAR480/7/1/74

Parish magazines  PAR480/7/1/75  2000

Former reference: PAR480/7/1/75

Parish magazines  PAR480/7/1/76  2001

Former reference: PAR480/7/1/76

Parish magazines  PAR480/7/1/77  2002

Former reference: PAR480/7/1/77

Parish magazines  PAR480/7/1/78  2003

Former reference: PAR480/7/1/78

Church guides  PAR480/7/2  1937-1993

Former reference: PAR480/7/2

Church guide  PAR480/7/2/1  1937

Former reference: PAR480/7/2/1

Conditions of access: Missing on transfer; a copy is available in ESRO library

By Dr JG Taylor

Church guide  PAR480/7/2/2  1949

Former reference: PAR480/7/2/2

Edited by Walter H Godfrey for the Sussex Archaeological Society

Church guide  PAR480/7/2/3  1967

Former reference: PAR480/7/2/3

Proof copy of reprinted and revised edition of PAR480/7/2/2

Church guide  PAR480/7/2/4  c1967

Former reference: PAR480/7/2/4

Revised edition of PAR480/7/2/2

'Seaford Parish Church'  PAR480/7/2/5  c1977

Former reference: PAR480/7/2/5

Photographs and design by the Rev John Sweatman; drawings by Hugh Leonard; text by Kenneth G Page

'Seaford Parish Church; a short history'  PAR480/7/2/6  1993

Former reference: PAR480/7/2/6

Contains pasted-in additions

Photographs  PAR480/7/3  c1930-1966

Former reference: PAR480/7/3

Church exterior  PAR480/7/3/1  c1930

Former reference: PAR480/7/3/1

Photograph by [Henry George] Oakley

WE Bayley, verger  PAR480/7/3/2  c1966

Former reference: PAR480/7/3/2

Five photographs of the church interior  PAR480/7/3/3  c1966

Former reference: PAR480/7/3/3

The font; organ; nave; early-Norman capital; choir stalls and altar

Scrapbooks  PAR480/7/4  1964-1973

Former reference: PAR480/7/4

Scrapbook  PAR480/7/4/1  Apr 1964-Apr 1972

Former reference: PAR480/7/4/1

Presscuttings concerning parish events

Scrapbook  PAR480/7/4/2  May 1972-Aug 1973

Former reference: PAR480/7/4/2

Presscuttings concerning parish events

Programmes and orders of service  PAR480/7/5  1977-1992

Former reference: PAR480/7/5

Concert by the Seaford Choral Society  PAR480/7/5/1  Dec 1977

Former reference: PAR480/7/5/1

Held at the church

Flower Festival  PAR480/7/5/2  1992

Former reference: PAR480/7/5/2

Other records  PAR480/7/6  1927-1945

Former reference: PAR480/7/6

St Denys Fund Bazaar  PAR480/7/6/1  Sep 1927

Former reference: PAR480/7/6/1

Statement of receipts and expenses

List of members of the choir  PAR480/7/6/2  c1930

Former reference: PAR480/7/6/2

Administrative history:
Formerly listed as PAR480/7/1

List of parishioners on service during the Second World War  PAR480/7/6/3  Nov 1939-Mar 1945

Former reference: PAR480/7/6/3

Volume in which families could enter details of those on active service

Churchwardens: accounts  PAR480/9  1895-1898

Former reference: PAR480/9

For accounts of John, Gatland, churchwarden, including accounts for the new bells, see PAR480/16/6/72; for income and expenditure accounts from 1902, see PAR480/15/2

Annual accounts of receipts and expenditure  PAR480/9/1  1895-1898

Former reference: PAR480/9/1

Annual accounts  PAR480/9/1/1  1895-1898

Former reference: PAR480/9/1/1

Conditions of access: Missing 1896/97

Churchwardens: property records  PAR480/10  1930-1965

Former reference: PAR480/10

For valuation of the furniture, fittings and silver plate in the church, 1941, see PAR480/16/6/50

Inventories  PAR480/10/1  c1960-1965

Former reference: PAR480/10/1

Draft inventory  PAR480/10/1/1  c1960

Former reference: PAR480/10/1/1

Inventory  PAR480/10/1/2  c1965

Former reference: PAR480/10/1/2

Archdeacon's visitation reports  PAR480/10/2  1932-1939

Former reference: PAR480/10/2

Related information: For visitation report, Jun 1926, see PAR480/16/6/18. For visitation report by the Rural Dean, 1952, see PAR480/16/6/187

Visitation report  PAR480/10/2/1  Aug 1932

Former reference: PAR480/10/2/1

Visitation report and associated letter  PAR480/10/2/2  Mar 1939

Former reference: PAR480/10/2/2

Churchwardens' correspondence relating to property  PAR480/10/3  1937-1954

Former reference: PAR480/10/3

Letter from GF Howe, Downside, Chyngton Road, Seaford  PAR480/10/3/1  19 Nov 1937

Former reference: PAR480/10/3/1

Concerns payment of insurance on articles donated to the church in memory of his late wife, Rebecca Howe; includes list of items already donated, and to be given by his daughter

Oak seats and folding oak table in the baptistery  PAR480/10/3/2  Jan 1937-Mar 1938

Former reference: PAR480/10/3/2

Related information: For plans, see PAR480/4/2/15-16

Correspondence of HA Jackson [churchwarden] relating to the memorial to Thomas Fisher

War damage  PAR480/10/3/3  Jun 1941-Jun 1954

Former reference: PAR480/10/3/3

Related information: For other correspondence relating to insurance for war damage, see PAR480/16/2/7, 10

Claims for insurance; includes a note that the correspondence was handed over to L D Mosley [churchwarden] in Jun 1954

Churchwardens: other records  PAR480/11  1936-1977

Former reference: PAR480/11

Sequestrations  PAR480/11/1  1957-1977

Former reference: PAR480/11/1

Correspondence relating to sequestration  PAR480/11/1/1  Jan 1957-Aug 1959

Former reference: PAR480/11/1/1

Correspondence of GFH Arnson relating to vacancy following the death of the Rev FW [Francis William] Shillito, and the institution of the Rev Michael Nott; includes copy letter from St Wildrid's School, Seaford, describing the close liaison between the vicar of Seaford and local independent schools, Feb 1957

Notice of sequestration  PAR480/11/1/2  Feb 1957

Former reference: PAR480/11/1/2

Sequestration following the death of Francis William Shillito

Correspondence concerning sequestration accounts  PAR480/11/1/3  Sep-Nov 1964

Former reference: PAR480/11/1/3

Seequestration following the resignation of the Rev [Michael] Nott

Notice of sequestration  PAR480/11/1/4  Dec 1977

Former reference: PAR480/11/1/4

Sequestration following the resignation of the Rev Lewis Hawkes Roper

Churchwardens' correspondence  PAR480/11/2  1936-1967

Former reference: PAR480/11/2

Letter concerning bequest of Miss MB Clark  PAR480/11/2/1  21 Oct 1936

Former reference: PAR480/11/2/1

From Hillman and Sons, solicitors, Seaford, stating that the bequest has been judged invalid

General correspondence  PAR480/11/2/2  Sep 1963-Sep 1967

Former reference: PAR480/11/2/2

Mainly papers of churchwarden RC Blakiston; includes appointment of the Rev IC Docker as vicar; reports to the Parochial Church Council

Vestry: minutes  PAR480/12  [n.d.]

Former reference: PAR480/12

For vestry minutes from 1912, see PAR480/14/1/1

Parochial Church Council: minutes  PAR480/14  1912-1985

Former reference: PAR480/14

Parochial Church Council minutes  PAR480/14/1  1912-1976

Former reference: PAR480/14/1

Parochial Church Council minutes  PAR480/14/1/1  Apr 1912-Jul 1933

Former reference: PAR480/14/1/1

Includes Vestry minutes; minutes of Annual Parochial Church Meetings

Parochial Church Council minutes  PAR480/14/1/2  Oct 1933-Oct 1953

Former reference: PAR480/14/1/2

Includes minutes of Annual Parochial Church Meetings; formerly listed as PAR480/14/1/1

Parochial Church Council minutes  PAR480/14/1/3  Jan 1954-Nov 1976

Former reference: PAR480/14/1/3

Includes minutes of Annual Parochial Church Meetings; formerly listed as PAR480/14/1/2

Standing Committee minutes  PAR480/14/2  1963-1985

Former reference: PAR480/14/2

The Standing Committee was appointed in Apr 1950; for minutes, 1950-1950, see PAR480/14/4/2

Standing Committee minutes  PAR480/14/2/1  Mar 1963-May 1969

Former reference: PAR480/14/2/1

Standing Committee minutes  PAR480/14/2/2  Dec 1969-Aug 1985

Former reference: PAR480/14/2/2

Minutes of Parochial Church Council committees  PAR480/14/3  1920-1932

Former reference: PAR480/14/3

Minutes of various PCC committees  PAR480/14/3/1  May 1920-Feb 1932

Former reference: PAR480/14/3/1

Minutes of Finance Committee; Evangelization Committee; Memorial Committee; Young Life Committee; Memorial Committee; Bazaar Committee. Some of the committees were appointed by the first meeting of the PCC held on 28 Apr 1920.

Minutes of various PCC committees  PAR480/14/3/2  Apr 1932-Nov 1939

Former reference: PAR480/14/3/2

Minutes of Evangelization Committee; Finance Committee; Electricity Committee; Special Committee;

Finance Committee minutes  PAR480/14/4  1939-1959

Former reference: PAR480/14/4

For minutes, 1920-1939, see PAR480/3/1-2

Finance Committee minutes  PAR480/14/4/1  Dec 1939-Jan 1946

Former reference: PAR480/14/4/1

At back: notes concerning the damage to the church by bombs on 27 Oct 1940 and 1 Apr 1941

Finance Committee minutes  PAR480/14/4/2  Feb 1946-Mar 1959

Former reference: PAR480/14/4/2

Finance Committee minutes, Feb 1946 - Mar 1950 (then replaced by the Standing Committee); minutes of Standing Committee, Extra Sixpence Weekly Appeal Sub-Committee, Special Appeal Sub-Committee, Church Site Sub-Committee, Parish Church Repairs Sub-Committee, Apr 1950 - Mar 1959. For Standing Committee minutes, 1963-1985, see PAR480/14/2/1-2

Parochial Church Council: accounts  PAR480/15  1902-1993

Former reference: PAR480/15

Parochial Church Council annual accounts  PAR480/15/1  1921-1972

Former reference: PAR480/15/1

Includes some annual reports

Annual accounts  PAR480/15/1/1  1921-1939

Former reference: PAR480/15/1/1

Conditions of access: Missing 1927, 1932

Annual accounts  PAR480/15/1/2  1940-1963

Former reference: PAR480/15/1/2

Annual accounts  PAR480/15/1/3  1965-1972

Former reference: PAR480/15/1/3

Income and expenditure cash books  PAR480/15/2  1902-1993

Former reference: PAR480/15/2

Income and expenditure cash book  PAR480/15/2/1  May 1902-Dec 1936

Former reference: PAR480/15/2/1

Inside front cover: inscription by JC Murray, churchwarden, that the volume was presented to the churchwardens by L Cameron, sidesman, Jan 1903

Income and expenditure cash book  PAR480/15/2/2  Jan 1937-Aug [1954]

Former reference: PAR480/15/2/2

Inside front cover: note that the volume was presented by L Cameron, Jan 1937

Income and expenditure cash book  PAR480/15/2/3  Jan 1954-Dec 1962

Former reference: PAR480/15/2/3

Inside front cover: note that the volume was presented by Messrs C and D Cameron, sons of L Cameron, deceased; names of vicar, churchwardens and PCC treasurer, 1954-1962

Income and expenditure cash book  PAR480/15/2/4  Jan 1963-Apr [1970]

Former reference: PAR480/15/2/4

Inside front cover: note that the volume was presented by C Cameron, Jan 1963

Income and expenditure cash book  PAR480/15/2/5  Jan 1970-Dec 1974

Former reference: PAR480/15/2/5

Income and expenditure cash book  PAR480/15/2/6  Jan 1975-Dec 1978

Former reference: PAR480/15/2/6

Income and expenditure cash book  PAR480/15/2/7  Jan-Dec 1979

Former reference: PAR480/15/2/7

Income and expenditure cash book  PAR480/15/2/8  Jan-Dec 1980

Former reference: PAR480/15/2/8

Income and expenditure cash book  PAR480/15/2/9  Jan 1981-Dec 1981

Former reference: PAR480/15/2/9

Income and expenditure cash book  PAR480/15/2/10  Jan 1982-Dec 1984

Former reference: PAR480/15/2/10

Income and expenditure cash book  PAR480/15/2/11  Jan-Dec 1985

Former reference: PAR480/15/2/11

Income and expenditure cash book  PAR480/15/2/12  Jan 1986-Dec 1988

Former reference: PAR480/15/2/12

Expenditure to Dec 1987 only

Income and expenditure cash book  PAR480/15/2/13  Jan 1988-Dec 1993

Former reference: PAR480/15/2/13

Extra Offering accounts  PAR480/15/3  1952-1966

Former reference: PAR480/15/3

Includes the names of collectors and subscribers

Extra Offering accounts  PAR480/15/3/1  Nov 1952-Oct 1954

Former reference: PAR480/15/3/1

Extra Offering accounts  PAR480/15/3/2  Nov 1954-Dec 1956

Former reference: PAR480/15/3/2

Extra Offering accounts  PAR480/15/3/3  Jan 1957-Dec 1958

Former reference: PAR480/15/3/3

Extra Offering accounts  PAR480/15/3/4  1959

Former reference: PAR480/15/3/4

Extra Offering accounts  PAR480/15/3/5  [n.d.]

Former reference: PAR480/15/3/5

Conditions of access: Missing on transfer

Extra Offering accounts  PAR480/15/3/6  1961-1962

Former reference: PAR480/15/3/6

Extra Offering accounts  PAR480/15/3/7  1963-1964

Former reference: PAR480/15/3/7

Extra Offering accounts  PAR480/15/3/8  1965-1966

Former reference: PAR480/15/3/8

Lists of new subscribers  PAR480/15/3/9  1963

Former reference: PAR480/15/3/9

Duplicate returns of church finance  PAR480/15/4  1983-1992

Former reference: PAR480/15/4

The annual returns were required by the diocese; includes revenue accounts

Duplicate returns of church finance  PAR480/15/4/1  1983-1992

Former reference: PAR480/15/4/1

Conditions of access: Missing 1984

Parochial Church Council: other records  PAR480/16  [1635]-1975

Former reference: PAR480/16

Quinquennial and other reports  PAR480/16/1  1956-1964

Former reference: PAR480/16/1

Related information: For reports on the condition of the church, 1936 and 1937, see PAR480/16/2/5

Quinquennial report  PAR480/16/1/1  May 1956

Former reference: PAR480/16/1/1

By John L Denman, Denman and Son, chartered architects, 27 Queen's Road, Brighton (2 copies)

Consultation report  PAR480/16/1/2  Jan 1960

Former reference: PAR480/16/1/2

Concerns the decay of the south pier-arcade, by Bertram Shore, 20 Wheatley Street, London W1; includes photographs; inspection made 30 Dec 1959

Quinquennial report  PAR480/16/1/3  Feb 1964

Former reference: PAR480/16/1/3

By Messrs Carden, Godfrey and Partner, architects, 120 Chancery Lane, London WC2

Parochial Church Council correspondence and papers concerning works to the church and furnishings  PAR480/16/2  1922-1959

Former reference: PAR480/16/2

Installation of hydraulic organ-blowing equipment  PAR480/16/2/1  Aug 1922-Jun 1936

Former reference: PAR480/16/2/1

Recasting the church bells  PAR480/16/2/2  Jun 1923-Aug 1923

Former reference: PAR480/16/2/2

Clergy vestry and organ-blowing chamber  PAR480/16/2/3  Dec 1924-Jul 1927

Former reference: PAR480/16/2/3

Receipted accounts for works to the church, vicarage and Simmons Institute  PAR480/16/2/4  Sep 1930-Apr 1949

Former reference: PAR480/16/2/4

Works by C Morling Ltd, Blatchington Road, Seaford; includes war damage

Church restoration works  PAR480/16/2/5  Nov 1936-Dec 1939

Former reference: PAR480/16/2/5

Includes reports on the condition of the church by Foster and Son, architects, Nov 1936; Walter Godfrey, Jun 1937

Correspondence and vouchers-to-account concerning church restoration works and war damage  PAR480/16/2/6  Sep 1938-Jun 1939

Former reference: PAR480/16/2/6

Includes vouchers from C Morling Ltd, builders, Blatchington Road, Seaford

War damage and reinstatement of the stained glass windows  PAR480/16/2/7  May 1941-Aug 1946

Former reference: PAR480/16/2/7

Related information: For other correspondence relating to insurance for war damage, see PAR480/10/3/3

Maxwell Memorial Screen  PAR480/16/2/8  Oct 1947-Jun 1950

Former reference: PAR480/16/2/8

Memorial to the late vicar, the Rev Charles Herbert Maxell; includes correspondence with John Denman, architect, 27 Queen's Road, Brighton

Organ renovation  PAR480/16/2/9  Aug 1948-Oct 1949

Former reference: PAR480/16/2/9

War damage and reinstatement of the stained glass windows  PAR480/16/2/10  Nov 1954-Feb 1959

Former reference: PAR480/16/2/10

Related information: For other correspondence relating to insurance for war damage, see PAR480/10/3/3

Papers of the Parish Church Organ Sub-Committee  PAR480/16/3  1960-1963

Former reference: PAR480/16/3

Papers of the Parish Church Organ Sub-Committee  PAR480/16/3/1  Jun 1960-Dec 1963

Former reference: PAR480/16/3/1

Includes report concerning the church organ written on behalf of the Chichester Diocesan Organ Advisory Panel, 1962

Papers of RC Blakiston concerning the rebuilding of the organ  PAR480/16/3/2  Aug 1964-Jun 1965

Former reference: PAR480/16/3/2

RC Blakiston worked for Messrs Barwell, Blakiston and Ballingall, the parish solicitors (file 12714)

Papers relating to Annual Parochial Meetings  PAR480/16/4  1960-1975

Former reference: PAR480/16/4

Papers relating to Annual Parochial Meetings  PAR480/16/4/1  1960-1975

Former reference: PAR480/16/4/1

Includes lists of members elected to the PCC; reports

Files relating to the purchase of the site for a proposed mission church (later St Luke's, Chyngton)  PAR480/16/5  1936-1961

Former reference: PAR480/16/5

Related information: For records of St Luke, see PAR542

Purchase of possible site in Alfriston Road  PAR480/16/5/1  May 1936-Feb 1952

Former reference: PAR480/16/5/1

Purchase of a plot in Alfriston Road from Mr E Garbett, 1937

Consideration of possible sites at in Cradle Hill Road and Seafield Close  PAR480/16/5/2  Feb 1949-Jul 1951

Former reference: PAR480/16/5/2

Sale of the Alfriston Road site  PAR480/16/5/3  Mar 1954-Dec 1958

Former reference: PAR480/16/5/3

Includes copy valuation, 7 Jul 1954

Purchase of land in Chyngton Gardens for the new church  PAR480/16/5/4  Jul 1954-Feb 1958

Former reference: PAR480/16/5/4

Purchased from Seaford Urban District Council, 1956

New church hall, Chyngton  PAR480/16/5/5  Mar 1958-Jun 1961

Former reference: PAR480/16/5/5

Includes details of furnishings, Nov 1958; letter concerning possible purchase of Clinton Hall, Seaford, Jun 1961

Parochial Church Council filed papers  PAR480/16/6  [1635]-1961

Former reference: PAR480/16/6

Formerly loose papers relating to various aspects of parish business, which had been allocated a running number and filed by Parochial Church Council secretaries [mainly WJ Eady]. Includes PCC reports, and details of repairs to buildings. Papers which belong to other series, such as incumbent's papers, have also been included, presumably because they were considered of special interest. There are occasional gaps in the series of numbering.

Parochial church council filing, numbers 1-228  PAR480/16/6/1  [1635] -1961

Former reference: PAR480/16/6/1

Separate entries have been made for items of particular interest. The original number forms the last component of the reference. The papers were originally indexed, but the index is missing.

Extract from the will of the Rev Robert Nathaniel Dennis, and letter  PAR480/16/6/1/1  Aug 1892

Former reference: PAR480/16/6/1/1

RND was a former rector of East Blatchington (died 17 Feb 1892); his bequests to the parishes of East Blatchington and Seaford were judged invalid

Correspondence concerning the Simmons Church Institute  PAR480/16/6/1/2  Feb-May 1903

Former reference: PAR480/16/6/1/2

Concerns the allegation that Mrs Simmons had employed men to watch the institute to determine whether the terms of the deed of gift had been violated; includes copy opinion of Ernest [Roland Wilberforce] Bishop of Chichester, 26 May 1903

Correspondence concerning church pews  PAR480/16/6/1/3  Sep-Oct 1902

Former reference: PAR480/16/6/1/3

Concerns question whether a specified pew has been allocated to the lord of the manor of Sutton cum Seaford

Curacy licence  PAR480/16/6/1/5  Sep 1936

Former reference: PAR480/16/6/1/5

Arthur Eric Smith

Correspondence concerning proposed new Sunday School for the Baptist Church, which would abut the churchyard wall of the parish church  PAR480/16/6/1/19  Jun-Jul 1932

Former reference: PAR480/16/6/1/19

Includes letter from the Baptist minister, the Rev L A Wilson-Haffenden

Papers concerning the church restoration  PAR480/16/6/1/21  [1860]-1892

Former reference: PAR480/16/6/1/21

Includes appeal leaflet with engraving of the church (c1860); subscription list and balance sheet (1884-1892); report by Messrs Lee and Son on proposed restoration, Jun 1882

Repairs to the church bells  PAR480/16/6/1/22  Oct 1904-Feb 1912

Former reference: PAR480/16/6/1/22

Includes specifications and estimates from Gillett and Johnston, factory and church bell foundry, Croydon

Correspondence concerning fragments of a carving of St Michael  PAR480/16/6/1/25  Dec 1939-Jul 1940

Former reference: PAR480/16/6/1/25

Related information: For receipted account concerning works to the tympanium, see PAR480/16/6/91

Letters to the Rev HC Maxwell and Arthur T Cason from Walter H Godfrey

Papers concerning chancel repair liability  PAR480/16/6/1/43  Jun 1915-Aug 1950

Former reference: PAR480/16/6/1/43

Letters from the Tithe Redemption Commission and the Church Commissioners

Order of service for the unveiling of a memorial to Seaford College Old Boys who fell in the South African War  PAR480/16/6/1/45  19 Jul 1903

Former reference: PAR480/16/6/1/45

Parochial Church Council annual accounts  PAR480/16/6/1/47  1947

Former reference: PAR480/16/6/1/47

Correspondence concerning tithe redemptions  PAR480/16/6/1/49  Oct 1904-Jul 1907

Former reference: PAR480/16/6/1/49

Letters from the Board of Agriculture and Fisheries and the Ecclesiastical Commission

Papers concerning War Damage Insurance  PAR480/16/6/1/50  May 1941

Former reference: PAR480/16/6/1/50

Includes valuation of the furniture, fittings and silver plate in the church

Account of the history of Seaford bells  PAR480/16/6/1/51  31 May 1878

Former reference: PAR480/16/6/1/51

By William Banks, Gatland Cottage, Seaford

Letter concerning possible use of the Simmons Institute for evacuated children  PAR480/16/6/1/53  27 Sep 1939

Former reference: PAR480/16/6/1/53

Letter from ESCC Education Department

Curacy licence  PAR480/16/6/1/54  Mar 1938

Former reference: PAR480/16/6/1/54

The Rev Rauceby Peter Pope Johnston

Accounts for building a new vicarage  PAR480/16/6/1/59  Feb 1876-Jun 1878

Former reference: PAR480/16/6/1/59

Curacy licence  PAR480/16/6/1/63  9 Sep 1924

Former reference: PAR480/16/6/1/63

The Rev John Tyler Whittle

Building report on the church  PAR480/16/6/1/65  Nov 1936

Former reference: PAR480/16/6/1/65

By Foster and Son architects, 11 Pelham Place, Seaford

Specifications for proposed new vestry and lavatory  PAR480/16/6/1/66  Mar 1914

Former reference: PAR480/16/6/1/66

Papers concerning the purchase of the Martello tower by Seaford Urban District Council  PAR480/16/6/1/67  Apr-Jul 1948

Former reference: PAR480/16/6/1/67

Includes newscuttings

Copy terrier of land and tithes belonging to the vicarage of Sutton cum Seaford  PAR480/16/6/1/70  [1635]-c1905

Former reference: PAR480/16/6/1/70

The terrier was made on 19 Sep 1635; copy watermarked 1905

Seaford Urban District Council cemetery  PAR480/16/6/1/71  1880-Feb 1899

Former reference: PAR480/16/6/1/71

Includes bye-laws

Accounts of churchwarden John Gatland  PAR480/16/6/1/72  [Mar 1808]-Oct 1814

Former reference: PAR480/16/6/1/72

Includes accounts for the new bells; receipt by the churchwardens for the balance from J[ohn] Gorring, the executor [of John Gatland]

Printed appeal for the restoration and enlargement of the church  PAR480/16/6/1/74  Aug 1860

Former reference: PAR480/16/6/1/74

Includes ground plan; drawings of south elevation and nave looking towards the chancel; subscription list

Papers concerning the pension payable to the Rev Edward Harold Phillips on his resignation  PAR480/16/6/1/75  Jul 1935-Oct 1935

Former reference: PAR480/16/6/1/75

Curacy licences  PAR480/16/6/1/78  1896-1915

Former reference: PAR480/16/6/1/78

The Rev Walter Brady Moore, May 1896; the Rev Robert Seddon, Jul 1897; the Rev William Ashburner, Dec 1898; the Rev Thomas Gardner Devitt, Dec 1899; the Rev William Arthur Blakeney Clementson, Jun 1906; Claude Bernard Prior, Dec 1913; the Rev Ernest Edward Crake, Mar 1915; the Rev Samuel Skelhorn, Dec 1915

Sacrament certificates  PAR480/16/6/1/85  6 Oct 1761

Former reference: PAR480/16/6/1/85

Edward Washer; Thomas Woolgar

Letter and plan of concerning proposed alterations  PAR480/16/6/1/86  Feb 1899

Former reference: PAR480/16/6/1/86

Letter from Lacy W Ridge [architect], 5 Verulam Buildings, Gray's Inn, London, concerning his plans to enlarge the transepts; tracing

Rules of Seaford School  PAR480/16/6/1/87  c1860

Former reference: PAR480/16/6/1/87

Letter and plan concerning improved access from the belfry to the tower  PAR480/16/6/1/89  Dec 1936

Former reference: PAR480/16/6/1/89

East Sussex Constabulary lists giving names of people evacuating after bombing in Seaford, and their new addresses  PAR480/16/6/1/90  Apr 1941

Former reference: PAR480/16/6/1/90

Receipted account for work to fragments of tympanum  PAR480/16/6/1/91  Jul 1940

Former reference: PAR480/16/6/1/91

Related information: For correspondence concerning the figure of St Michael, see PAR480/16/6/25

Work by CF Bridgman, monumental and general mason; includes annotation that the figure of St Michael was attached to the north pier of nave

Letter to the Rev Bonnewell from Thomas Garratt concerning proposed decoration to the chancel  PAR480/16/6/1/92  1908

Former reference: PAR480/16/6/1/92

Related information: For plans, see PAR480/4/2/6

Report and recommendations

Printed accounts and subscription list for the new organ  PAR480/16/6/1/95  Aug 1875

Former reference: PAR480/16/61/95

The organ was built by Auguste Gern, Boundary Road, Notting Hill, London

Papers concerning the winding-up of Seaford Working Men's Club, Church Street, Seaford  PAR480/16/6/1/96  Aug 1896-Jan 1897

Former reference: PAR480/16/6/1/96

Includes poster advertising the sale of furniture and books, annotated with the names of purchasers; 11 Jan 1897

Resolutions for the better observance of the Sabbath  PAR480/16/6/1/97  31 Mar 1840

Former reference: PAR480/16/6/1/97

Resolutions made at a public meeting in the vestry room; list of names of subscribers

Note concerning the parish boundary  PAR480/16/6/1/106  Jun 1948

Former reference: PAR480/16/6/1/106

Parish boundary between Seaford and East Blatchington along Vale Road

Papers and accounts relating to war damage repairs  PAR480/16/6/1/130  Dec 1946-Sep 1947

Former reference: PAR480/16/6/1/130

Town and Country Planning Act, 1947: list of parish properties  PAR480/16/6/1/141  1950

Former reference: PAR480/16/6/1/141

Curacy licences  PAR480/16/6/1/152  1949-1952

Former reference: PAR480/16/6/1/152

The Rev James Hugh Arbuckle, 25 Sep 1949; the Rev Cecil Leonard Rowe, 19 Feb 1952

Correspondence concerning the repair of a parish register  PAR480/16/6/1/155  Oct 1951-Jan 1952

Former reference: PAR480/16/6/1/155

The register was repaired by LF Fifield of the Bodleian Library, Oxford; he had been stationed in Seaford in 1941 with the 51st Battalion of the Royal Tank Regiment

Newscutting  PAR480/16/6/1/165  19 Apr 1940

Former reference: PAR480/16/6/1/165

Rescue of a woman from the frozen river Cuckmere by the Rev Dundas Harford, an assistant priest at Seaford (aged 81), who was skating (The Record)

Visitation report by the Rural Dean  PAR480/16/6/1/187  Nov 1952

Former reference: PAR480/16/6/1/187

List of records held in a deed box  PAR480/16/6/1/189  c1939

Former reference: PAR480/16/6/1/189

Order of service  PAR480/16/6/1/192  6 Jun 1952

Former reference: PAR480/16/6/1/192

The Downs School service of thanksgiving; annotated with an account of the service by WJE [WJ Eady] which was attended by the Bishop

Leaflet and newscutting  PAR480/16/6/1/197  1950s

Former reference: PAR480/16/6/1/197

Leaflet 'Sutton or Chyngton?' appealing for funds for the new church to serve the new Chyngton estate, 1950s; newscutting concerning a meeting to discuss the plans for the church, Dec 1956

Mounted photograph of the church at the Coronation of Elizabeth II  PAR480/16/6/1/199  [1953]

Former reference: PAR480/16/6/1/199

Papers concerning the funeral of the Rev Francis William Shillito,vicar of Seaford  PAR480/16/6/1/200  Jan-Feb 1957

Former reference: PAR480/16/6/1/200

Includes order of service; newscuttings (died 25 Jan 1957)

Newscutting concerning the appointment as vicar of the Rev Michael John Nott  PAR480/16/6/1/201  3 May 1957

Former reference: PAR480/16/6/1/201

Sussex Express and County Herald

Newscutting concerning the induction of the Rev Michael John Nott  PAR480/16/6/1/206  Jul 1957

Former reference: PAR480/16/6/1/206

Newscutting concerning Douglas William Dew winding the church clock  PAR480/16/6/1/208  9 Aug 1957

Former reference: PAR480/16/6/1/208

Includes photograph (Sussex Express and County Herald)

Newscuttings concerning Bert Simmons, the parish clerk and sexton  PAR480/16/6/1/209  1957-1958

Former reference: PAR480/16/6/1/209

Died Jan 1958; 16 Aug 1957 and 12 Jan 1958 (Sussex Express and County Herald)

Newscutting concerning church restoration work  PAR480/16/6/1/211  19 Sep 1958

Former reference: PAR480/16/6/1/211

Includes photograph of the interior (Sussex Express)

Order of service for the laying of the foundation stone of St Luke's church  PAR480/16/6/1/212  8 Nov 1958

Former reference: PAR480/16/6/1/212

Plans for a church/hall on the Alfriston Road site  PAR480/16/6/1/222  Sep 1948

Former reference: PAR480/16/6/1/222

The plans were not implemented

Appeal leaflet for the restoration of the tower, west entrance and west window  PAR480/16/6/1/224  c1882-1958

Former reference: PAR480/16/6/1/224

Leaflet includes subscription list and engraving of the church, c1882; envelope noting that the leaflet was received from HA Jackson, 1958

Order of service for the dedication of the church-hall of St Luke, Chyngton  PAR480/16/6/1/225  10 Jun 1959

Former reference: PAR480/16/6/1/225

Dedication by Roger Wilson, the Bishop of Chichester

Other Parochial Church Council files  PAR480/16/7  1925-1971

Former reference: PAR480/16/7

Purchase of St Denys, Sutton Park Road, Seaford, as a curate's house  PAR480/16/7/1  Apr 1925-Mar 1932

Former reference: PAR480/16/7/1

Includes copy conveyance from Arthur William Peters, and Florence Peters, 31 Jul 1925

Tenancy of St Denys, Sutton Park Road, Seaford  PAR480/16/7/2  Jul 1926-Jun 1936

Former reference: PAR480/16/7/2

Includes tenancy agreements with Mrs AL Sumner, Jun 1931, and Minnie Grace King, 6 Pelham Place, Seaford, Mar 1932; repairs

Sale of St Denys, Sutton Park Road, Seaford  PAR480/16/7/3  Jan 1934-Dec 1936

Former reference: PAR480/16/7/3

Church Road, Seaford  PAR480/16/7/4  May 1942-Sep 1947

Former reference: PAR480/16/7/4

Includes concern about Crypt House and bombed sites in Church Road; proposed footpath on the east side of Church Road

War damage to the vicarage  PAR480/16/7/5  Aug 1947-Apr 1948

Former reference: PAR480/16/7/5

Repair works were carried out by Messrs C Morling Ltd, Blatchington Road, Seaford

Purchase of Betholme, Links Road, Seaford as a curacy house  PAR480/16/7/6  Nov 1954-Feb 1958

Former reference: PAR480/16/7/6

Purchased 1955; includes sale particulars; repairs for the occupation of the Rev W Jones

Sale of Betholme, Links Road, Seaford  PAR480/16/7/7  Jul 1959-Jan 1960

Former reference: PAR480/16/7/7

Includes Charity Commission order to the Parochial Church Council relating to the sale, 3 Nov 1959; sale particulars for 51 Chyngton Gardens, which was under consideration as a possible purchase

Purchase of 3 Ashurst Road, Seaford, as a curacy house  PAR480/16/7/8  May-Aug 1965

Former reference: PAR480/16/7/8

Includes sale particulars

Sale of part of the vicarage grounds, and demolition of the vicarage  PAR480/16/7/9  Aug 1954-Nov 1966

Former reference: PAR480/16/7/9

Includes sale particulars for part of the vicarage grounds, 1964; tenancy of Ness House, Sutton Park Road, as a temporary vicarage; specifications for a new vicarage, Sutton Road, Oct 1964

Memorial to the Gervis family  PAR480/16/7/10  Feb-Mar 1971

Former reference: PAR480/16/7/10

Request from Mrs Juliet Green to erect a plaque in memory of her mother under that to her father, Dr Charles Berkeley Gervis, a local medical practitioner

Early registers  PAR480/1/1  1559-1815

Former reference: PAR480/1/1

The register covering the period from 1693 to 1724 was noted as missing in 1831

Papers concerning the church fabric  PAR480/16/61//18  Jun 1926-Jan 1934

Former reference: PAR480/16/6/1/18

Includes Archdeacon's report, 26 Jun 1926

Programme for fete at St Wilfrid's School  PAR480/16/61//226  c1959

Former reference: PAR480/16/6/1/226

Proceeds to St Luke's church-hall building fund

Statutory deposits: tithe  PAR480/21  1907-1936

Former reference: PAR480/21

Related information: For copy tithe redemption certificates and apportionments, 1839-1936, see ACC 2870, ACC 7984; income derived from tithes, see PAR480/6/1; for correspondence concerning tithe redemptions, see PAR480/16/6/49

Altered apportionments  PAR480/21/1  1935-1936

Former reference: PAR480/21/1

Altered apportionment and plan  PAR480/21/1/1  Nov 1935

Former reference: PAR480/21/1/1

Altered apportionment and plan  PAR480/21/1/2  Sep 1936

Former reference: PAR480/21/1/2

Other papers concerning tithe  PAR480/21/2  1907

Former reference: PAR480/21/2

Letter of enclosure from the Board of Agriculture and Fisheries  PAR480/21/2/1  2 Oct 1907

Former reference: PAR480/21/2/1

Concerns altered apportionment 11090

Charity  PAR480/24  1898-1994

Former reference: PAR480/24

Simmons Church Institute, Seaford  PAR480/24/1  1898-1994

Former reference: PAR480/24/1

Copy deed of gift  PAR480/24/1/1  24 May 1898

Former reference: PAR480/24/1/1

Henry Simmons, the Crouch, Seaford, conveys to the vicar and churchwardens of Seaford, land and building in Crouch Street, Seaford, to be used as the Simmons Church Institute; enrolled in the Central Office of the Court of Judicature, 2 Jun 1898

Copy deed of gift  PAR480/24/1/2  24 May 1898

Former reference: PAR480/24/1/2

c1970 copy of PAR480/24/1/1

Extract from the will (4 May 1901) of Henry Simmons, Seaford, gentleman  PAR480/24/1/3  1903

Former reference: PAR480/24/1/3

Confirmation of the gift of the Simmons Church Institute (as in PAR480/24/1/1), the site of which was purchased from the executors of the late Thomas William Chambers; bequest of£500 for the upkeep of the institute

Envelope  PAR480/24/1/4  [n.d.]

Former reference: PAR480/24/1/4

Enclosed PAR480/24/1/3; annotated with note that the institute was sold in Jan 1978

Notice given under Incumbents and churchwardens (Trusts) Measure 1964  PAR480/24/1/5  13 May 1970

Former reference: PAR480/24/1/5

The Chichester Diocesan Fund and Board of Finance proposes to vest the Simmons Church Institute in itself

Correspondence and papers concerning the institute  PAR480/24/1/6  Jun 1970-Apr 1994

Former reference: PAR480/24/1/6

Includes letters from the Charity Commission; copy Charity Commission scheme, 1 Feb 1977

Schools  PAR480/25  1859-1874

Former reference: PAR480/25

Related information: For school rules, c1860, see PAR480/16/6/87

Seaford National Schools  PAR480/25/1  1859-1874

Former reference: PAR480/25/1

Related information: For minutes of the Seaford School Board, 1874-1903 see C/E 11/53-56; for minutes of the governing body, 1903-1911 see EMA 121/1-4, and for 1911-1978, see EMA 159/1-8; for HMI report, 1914, see C/E 2/2; for building plans, 1848 and 1858, see BGP 57/1-7; for schedule of condition of landlord's fixtures, 1940-1942 see C/C 55/127; for grouping order, 1911 see C/E 71/8; for title deeds, 1889-1908 see C/E 68/15/1-5; for records of Seaford County Boys School, 1902-1957, see ESC 146; for records of Seaford County Infants' School, 1890-1958, see ESC 232; for records of Seaford County Primary School, 1879-1983, see ESC 233

John Purcell Fitzgerald of the Millbergh, Seaford, offered to build school rooms at his own expense, provided that the parishioners would build a residence for the master, and obtain a site; the latter was granted by the Earl of Chichester in conjunction with the Ecclesiastical Commissioners in 1858 and the National Schools were opened on 2 Mar 1859.

Minutes of the Managing Committee  PAR480/25/1/1  Apr 1859-May 1874

Former reference: PAR480/25/1/1

at front: notes concerning the history of the school and the composition of the management committee; subscription list

Other records  PAR480/26  1719-1950

Former reference: PAR480/26

Records relating to the Lane family  PAR480/26/1  1719-1950

Former reference: PAR480/26/1

Manuscript book containing arithmetical rules and examples with decorated headings compiled by William Lane  PAR480/26/1/1  1719-1792

Former reference: PAR480/26/1/1

Given by Lane to his grandson William Gooding for his education, 10 Apr 1734. Includes a Latin inscription by Thomas Humphreys and various memoranda about breeding of stock, purchases of grain, meat and farm equipment; 1785-1792. The book is bound in a parchment lease for 10 years at£64 10s per annum of the rectory of Leigh in Gloucestershire by the President and Scholars of Corpus Christi College, Oxford to William Lane of Leigh, Gloucestershire, yeoman, 22 Sep 1719

Papers concerning PAR480/26/1/1  PAR480/26/1/2  Feb-Mar 1950

Former reference: PAR480/26/1/2

Correspondence between the British Museum, C E Kelsey and W H Eady of Seaford PCC about the Latin inscription in PAR480/26/1/1, and the possibility of the book being based on Edward Cocker's 'Complete Arithmetician'. Includes a transcript of the lease used as a cover to PAR480/26/1/1 and an abstract of the contents of the book

Overseers of the Poor: rates  PAR480/30  1840-1872

Former reference: PAR480/30

Rate book  PAR480/30/1  Apr 1840-Jul 1840

Former reference: PAR480/30/1

Rate book  PAR480/30/2  Sep 1858

Former reference: PAR480/30/2

Rate book  PAR480/30/3  May 1872

Former reference: PAR480/30/3

Overseers of the Poor: accounts  PAR480/31  1817-1835

Former reference: PAR480/31

Overseers' accounts  PAR480/31/1  Mar 1817-Jul 1835

Former reference: PAR480/31/1

At back: a list of rates levied and arrears 1830-1835; list of parish officers, 4 Apr 1844

Records of other church organisations and church officers  PAR480/43  1882-1989

Former reference: PAR480/43

Papers of the Restoration Fund Committee  PAR480/43/1  1882-1895

Former reference: PAR480/43/1

Bank pass book with the London and County Bank, Lewes  PAR480/43/1/1  Oct 1882-Dec 1895

Former reference: PAR480/43/1/1

Administrative history:
Formerly listed as PAR480/10/1

Voucher-to-account  PAR480/43/1/2  Jan 1895

Former reference: PAR480/43/1/2

Lacy W Ridge, architect and surveyor, 5 Verulam Buildings, Gray's Inn, London WC, for inspection of the tower and west end of the church; formerly listed as PAR480/10/2

Vouchers-to-account  PAR480/43/1/3  Sep and Nov 1895

Former reference: PAR480/43/1/3

C Morling, Seaford, for works to the restoration of the western entrance of the church; formerly listed as PAR480/10/3-4

Sunday School  PAR480/43/2  1904

Former reference: PAR480/43/2

Diary of Edith M Giles  PAR480/43/2/1  1904

Former reference: PAR480/43/2/1

'The Sunday School Teacher's pocket book and diary', given to Edith Giles in memory of WH Daish, who died suddenly 13 Dec 1903; contains notes for lessons

Sidesmen's rotas  PAR480/43/3  1952-1989

Former reference: PAR480/43/3

Sidesmen's rotas  PAR480/43/3/1  1952-1969

Former reference: PAR480/43/3/1

Sidesmen's rotas  PAR480/43/3/2  1970-1989

Former reference: PAR480/43/3/2

Christian Stewardship Renewal Campaign  PAR480/43/4  1969-1988

Former reference: PAR480/43/4

Papers relating to the 1969 campaign  PAR480/43/4/1  Apr 1969-Mar 1970

Former reference: PAR480/43/4/1

Includes publicity leaflet; report on the campaign; newsletter

Minutes of the Christian Stewardship Steering Committee 1987/8  PAR480/43/4/2  Sep 1987-Mar 1988

Former reference: PAR480/43/4/2

Includes associated papers

Papers relating to the 1987-1988 campaign  PAR480/43/4/3  Mar 1987-Mar 1988

Former reference: PAR480/43/4/3

Includes publicity leaflet; family roll with names and addresses

The People Next Door group  PAR480/43/5  1967

Former reference: PAR480/43/5

Papers relating to the People Next Door group  PAR480/43/5/1  1967

Former reference: PAR480/43/5/1

An inter-denominational group; includes progress report

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