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Reference PAR431
Former reference PAR431
Covering dates 1558-2005
Held by East Sussex Record Office
Source of acquisition Deposited by the PCC on 28 January 1965 (ACC 724) and by the rector and churchwardens on 7 October and 14 November 1977 (ACC 2148, ACC 2156), 2 November 1993 (ACC 6178), 21 June, 13 December 1994 and 6 April, 25 May and 12 December 1995, 28 February 1996 (ACC 6360), 23 June 1997 (ACC 7530) and 27 November 2002 (ACC 8697). Other records were deposited by the clerk of Northiam Parish Council on behalf of the church on 23 June 1997 (ACC 7532), 24 February 1998 (ACC 7649), 21 April 1999 (ACC 7918), 27 Nov 2002 (ACC 8697), and 9 June 2005 (ACC 9204)
Creators Church of England, Northiam Parish, East Sussex
Related information Many civil parish records were inherited by Northiam Parish Council, and have been listed in P431
For records of the Frewen family of Brickwall in Northiam, see FRE; for records of the Lord family of Northiam and Johannesburg, South Africa, see LOR

Summary of contents
1/1 Pre-1812 registers; 1558-1812
1/2 Baptism registers; 1813-1993
1/3 Marriage registers; 1813-1970
1/4 Banns registers; 1824-1960
1/5 Burial registers; 1813-1971
1/6 Confirmation register; 1934-1948
2 Records relating to the parish registers and interments; c1750-1980
3 Service records; 1908-2005
4 Buildings; 1878-1974
5 Licences; 1848-1913
6 Income; 1883-1981
7 Other records; 1843-2005
9 Rates and accounts; 1721-1922
10 Property; 1925-1962
11 Other records; 1948-1950
12 Minutes; 1737-1814
14 Minutes; 1919-1993
15 Accounts; 1921-[1998]
16 Other records; 1932-c1995
21 Tithe; 1842-1934
24 CHARITIES; 1924
25 SCHOOLS; 1572-c2000
26 OTHER RECORDS; 1721-c1750
43 OTHER CHURCH GROUPS; [1845]-2003

Incumbent: registers  PAR431/1  1558-1993

Former reference: PAR431/1

Early registers  PAR431/1/1  1558-1812

Former reference: PAR431/1/1

General register  PAR431/1/1/1  1558-1738

Former reference: PAR431/1/1/1

1-151 CMB; Nov 1558 - Mar 1738
98 note of the oath of Timothy Butler as register before Nathaniel Powell, JP; 18 May 1654
99 note of the oath of Edward Couchman as register before Nathaniel Powell, JP; 22 Jul 1654

General register  PAR431/1/1/2  1738-1812

Former reference: PAR431/1/1/2

Related information: For burials 1779-1800 see PAR 431/1/1/5

1-5v CB; Mar 1738 - Nov 1749
6r B; Dec 1749 - Mar 1752
6v-27v C; Nov 1749 - Dec 1800
27v-37r CB; Jan 1801 - Dec 1812
69r-66r B; Apr 1752 - Jun 1779
73r-74v M; Apr 1738 - Dec 1756

Register of Marriages and Banns  PAR431/1/1/3  1754-1797

Former reference: PAR431/1/1/3

1-60 M; May 1754 - Nov 1796
Banns; Apr 1754 - Nov 1796

Register of Marriages and Banns  PAR431/1/1/4  1797-1812

Former reference: PAR431/1/1/4

Banns Dec 1797 - Nov 1812
M Feb 1798 - Dec 1812

Register of Burials  PAR431/1/1/5  Sep 1678 - Dec 1800

Former reference: PAR431/1/1/5

includes notes of affidavits for burials in woollen

Baptism registers  PAR431/1/2  1813-1993

Former reference: PAR431/1/2

Baptism register  PAR431/1/2/1  Jan 1813 - Jul 1833

Former reference: PAR431/1/2/1

Baptism register  PAR431/1/2/2  Jul 1833 - Nov 1892

Former reference: PAR431/1/2/2

Baptism register  PAR431/1/2/3  Jan 1893 - Oct 1993

Former reference: PAR431/1/2/3

Marriage registers  PAR431/1/3  1813-1970

Former reference: PAR431/1/3

Marriage register  PAR431/1/3/1  Feb 1813 - May 1837

Former reference: PAR431/1/3/1

Marriage register  PAR431/1/3/2  Jul 1837 - Jan 1919

Former reference: PAR431/1/3/2

Marriage register  PAR431/1/3/3  Feb 1919 - Jan 1927

Former reference: PAR431/1/3/3

Marriage register  PAR431/1/3/4  Nov 1927 - Jun 1938

Former reference: PAR431/1/3/4

Marriage register  PAR431/1/3/5  Sep 1938 - Oct 1945

Former reference: PAR431/1/3/5

Marriage register  PAR431/1/3/6  Dec 1945 - Mar 1954

Former reference: PAR431/1/3/6

Marriage register  PAR431/1/3/7  Mar 1954 - May 1962

Former reference: PAR431/1/3/7

Marriage register  PAR431/1/3/8  Jun 1962 - Oct 1970

Former reference: PAR431/1/3/8

Banns registers  PAR431/1/4  1824-1960

Former reference: PAR431/1/4

Related information: For banns, 1754-1812 see PAR431/1/1/3-4; for banns, 1817-1824 see PAR431/2/1/4

Banns register  PAR431/1/4/1  Jan 1824 - Nov 1851

Former reference: PAR431/1/4/1

Banns register  PAR431/1/4/2  Nov 1851 - Dec 1884

Former reference: PAR431/1/4/2

Banns register  PAR431/1/4/3  Feb 1885 - Mar 1926

Former reference: PAR431/1/4/3

Banns register  PAR431/1/4/4  Mar 1926 - Mar 1960

Former reference: PAR431/1/4/4

Burial registers  PAR431/1/5  1813-1971

Former reference: PAR431/1/5

Burial register  PAR431/1/5/1  Jan 1813 - Jul 1849

Former reference: PAR431/1/5/1

Burial register  PAR431/1/5/2  Jul 1849 - Jul 1971

Former reference: PAR431/1/5/2

Confirmation registers  PAR431/1/6  1934-1948

Former reference: PAR431/1/6

Confirmation register  PAR431/1/6/1  May 1945 - Mar 1948

Former reference: PAR431/1/6/1

List of confirmations  PAR431/1/6/2  Apr 1934 - 1943

Former reference: PAR431/1/6/2

Incumbent: records relating to the parish registers and interments  PAR431/2  c1750-1980

Former reference: PAR431/2

Clerk's rough registers  PAR431/2/1  1809-1825

Former reference: PAR431/2/1

Clerk's notes concerning baptisms, burials and the churching of women, 1809-1810, including the names of the baptismal sponsors  PAR431/2/1/1  1809-1810

Former reference: PAR431/2/1/1

Archival history:
Formerly listed as PAR431/2/11

Includes the names of baptismal sponsors

Clerks's notes concerning baptisms, burials and the churching of women  PAR431/2/1/2  [1810-1811]

Former reference: PAR431/2/1/2

Archival history:
Formerly listed as PAR431/2/6

Includes the names of baptismal sponsors; draft of PAR431/2/1/2
entries written on a notice by William Miller, overseer of the poor, concerning enrolments for the local militia; 27 Jun 1810

Clerk's notes concerning baptisms, burials and the churching of women  PAR431/2/1/3  1810-1811

Former reference: PAR431/2/1/3

Archival history:
Formerly listed as PAR431/2/12

Includes the names of the baptismal sponsors

Clerk's rough register  PAR431/2/1/4  1816-1825

Former reference: PAR431/2/1/4

Archival history:
Formerly listed as PAR431/2/7

Births, christenings and burials, 1816-1825; banns 1817-1824; churchwardens' accounts, 1816-1825

Clerk's notes concerning births  PAR431/2/1/5  Jun - Dec 1824

Former reference: PAR431/2/1/5

Clerk's notes concerning births  PAR431/2/1/6  Jan - May 1825

Former reference: PAR431/2/1/6

Found loose inside PAR431/2/1/4

Clerk's notes concerning deaths  PAR431/2/1/7  Jan - Dec 1825

Former reference: PAR431/2/1/7

Archival history:
Found loose inside PAR431/2/1/4

Drafts for bishop's transcripts of baptisms, burials and marriages  PAR431/2/2  1779-1780

Former reference: PAR431/2/2

Draft for bishop's transcript of baptisms, burials and marriages, 1779-1780  PAR431/2/2/1  1779-1780

Former reference: PAR431/2/2/1

Archival history:
Formerly listed as PAR431/2/4

Draft for bishop's transcript of baptisms, burials and marriages  PAR431/2/2/2  1798-1799

Former reference: PAR431/2/2/2

Archival history:
formerly listed as PAR431/2/5

drawn up for the visitation of 21 May 1799

Transcripts and indexes  PAR431/2/3  1916-1945

Former reference: PAR431/2/3

Index to the parish registers, 1558-1812  PAR431/2/3/1  1916

Former reference: PAR431/2/3/1

Archival history:
Formerly listed as PAR431/2/9

Also includes abstracts of monumental inscriptions, notes on the registers, historical notes, and outline pedigrees of the Frewen and Scott families
compiled by the Revd Charles Moor [identified by his bookplate, a descendant of the Frewen family of Brickwall in Northiam, through the marriage of Selina Frewen, 1767-1818, (daughter of the Rev John Frewen), to the Rev James Knight Moor of Sapcote, Leicestershire]

Index to the parish registers, 1812-1916  PAR431/2/3/2  1916-1917

Former reference: PAR431/2/3/2

Archival history:
Formerly listed as PAR431/2/10

Compiled by the Revd Charles Moor (see PAR431/2/3/1)

'The Parish Church of St Mary the Virgin Northiam, 1558-1812'  PAR431/2/3/3  1931

Former reference: PAR431/2/3/3

Archival history:
Formerly listed as PAR431/2/1

Related information: For indexes of the Rev Charles Moor, see PAR431/2/3/1-2

Notes concerning the registers and bishop's transcripts; indexes of surnames and forenames; extracts from the registers; historical notes; compiled by Arthur S Haynes, from a transcript made by the Revd C[harles] Moor, 1916-1917

Transcript of additional entries and differences, on comparison of the bishop's transcripts, 1606-1737, with the first parish register [PAR431/1/1/1]  PAR431/2/3/4  31 Dec 1945

Former reference: PAR431/2/3/4

Archival history:
Formerly listed as PAR431/2/3

By W H Challen

Incumbent's notes concerning baptisms, banns, burials and the churching of women  PAR431/2/4  1800-1901

Former reference: PAR431/2/4

Incumbent's notes concerning baptisms, banns, burials and the churching of women  PAR431/2/4/1  1800-1803

Former reference: PAR431/2/4/1

Archival history:
Formerly part of PAR431/2/8

Note by [the Revd] WE Lord  PAR431/2/4/2  [1832]-1835

Former reference: PAR431/2/4/2

Concerns his qualifications, as entered in the marriage register

Note by WEL [the Revd WE Lord] concerning baptisms  PAR431/2/4/3  21 Feb 1855

Former reference: PAR431/2/4/3

Note by [the Rev] GA Marshall, officiating minister, concerning baptisms  PAR431/2/4/4  Dec 1877

Former reference: PAR431/2/4/4

Notes by [the Rev] George Irvine  PAR431/2/4/5  1898-1901

Former reference: PAR431/2/4/5

Civil registrations  PAR431/2/5  [1852]-1854

Former reference: PAR431/2/5

Copy of registrations of deaths  PAR431/2/5/1  [Nov 1852] - May 1853

Former reference: PAR431/2/5/1

Archival history:
Formerly listed as PAR431/2/14

Copy of registrations of deaths  PAR431/2/5/2  May - Oct 1853

Former reference: PAR431/2/5/2

Copy of registrations of deaths  PAR431/2/5/3  Sep - Dec 1853

Former reference: PAR431/2/5/3

Memorandum by WEL [WE Lord]  PAR431/2/5/4  Dec 1854

Former reference: PAR431/2/5/4

He wishes to compare his records with the registrar's

Other records relating to the registers  PAR431/2/6  c1750-1837

Former reference: PAR431/2/6

Extracts from the parish register, 1559-1592  PAR431/2/6/1  c1750

Former reference: PAR431/2/6/1

Archival history:
Formerly listed as PAR431/2/2

relates to the Sharp, Whyte, Dod, Frewen and other families, 1559-1593

Coroner's certificate issued by Thomas Charles Bellingham, coroner, rape of Hastings, to the minister and churchwardens  PAR431/2/6/2  15 Sep 1837

Former reference: PAR431/2/6/2

permits the burial of James Watson, who was accidentally drowned

Monumental inscriptions  PAR431/2/7  c1950-c1980

Former reference: PAR431/2/7

Notes concerning monumental inscriptions at Northiam, Beckley, Sedlescombe and Frant churches; brief notes on the restoration of Heathfield All Saints  PAR431/2/7/1  c1950

Former reference: PAR431/2/7/1

Archival history:
Formerly listed as PAR431/7/11/2

List of churchyard inscriptions  PAR431/2/7/2  c1980

Former reference: PAR431/2/7/2

Archival history:
Formerly listed as PAR431/7/11/1

Incumbent: service records  PAR431/3  1908-2005

Former reference: PAR431/3

Service registers  PAR431/3/1  1908-1996

Former reference: PAR431/3/1

Service register  PAR431/3/1/1  Apr 1908 - Dec 1921

Former reference: PAR431/3/1/1

Service register  PAR431/3/1/2  Jan 1922 - Jul 1937

Former reference: PAR431/3/1/2

Service register  PAR431/3/1/3  Aug 1937 - Jul 1946

Former reference: PAR431/3/1/3

Service register  PAR431/3/1/4  Jul 1946 - Jul 1957

Former reference: PAR431/3/1/4

Service register  PAR431/3/1/5  Aug 1957 - Jul 1971

Former reference: PAR431/3/1/5

Service register  PAR431/3/1/6  Jul 1971 - Dec 1976

Former reference: PAR431/3/1/6

Service register  PAR431/3/1/7  Jan 1977 - Dec 1981

Former reference: PAR431/3/1/7

Service register  PAR431/3/1/8  Dec 1981 - Jan 1989

Former reference: PAR431/3/1/8

Service register  PAR431/3/1/9  Jan 1989 - May 1996

Former reference: PAR431/3/1/9

Duplicate registers  PAR431/3/2  1915-1934

Former reference: PAR431/3/2

Service register  PAR431/3/2/1  Apr 1915 - Dec 1926

Former reference: PAR431/3/2/1

More detailed duplicate of PAR 431/3/1/1-2

Service register  PAR431/3/2/2  Jan 1927 - Jan 1934

Former reference: PAR431/3/2/2

More detailed duplicate of PAR 431/3/1/2

Orders of service  PAR431/3/3  1944-2005

Former reference: PAR431/3/3

Order of service  PAR431/3/3/1  1 Nov 1944

Former reference: PAR431/3/3/1

For the dedication of an organ given in memory of Edward Peter Blake Frewen

Order of service  PAR431/3/3/2  28 Sep 1975

Former reference: PAR431/3/3/2

Harvest Thanksgiving

Orders of service  PAR431/3/3/3-11  [n.d.]

Former reference: PAR431/3/3/3-11

Conditions of access: Missing on transfer

Order of service  PAR431/3/3/12  16 Jun 1985

Former reference: PAR431/3/3/12

Civic Service, for Rother District Council

Orders of service  PAR431/3/3/13-14  [n.d.]

Former reference: PAR431/3/3/13-14

Conditions of access: Missing on transfer

Order of service  PAR431/3/3/15  8 Jul 1988

Former reference: PAR431/3/3/15

Service of thanksgiving for the life of June Gwendoline Frewen

Orders of service  PAR431/3/3/16-20  [n.d.]

Former reference: PAR431/3/3/16-20

Conditions of access: Missing on transfer

Orders of service  PAR431/3/3/21  1994

Former reference: PAR431/3/3/21

Includes service for the induction of the Rev David Bond as rector, 20 Nov 1994

Orders of service  PAR431/3/3/22  1995

Former reference: PAR431/3/3/22

Includes funeral service of Roy Pulford, 1930-1995 [former Rother District Councillor], 27 Mar 1995

Orders of service  PAR431/3/3/23  1996

Former reference: PAR431/3/3/23

Includes the marriage of Zara [Freeland] and David [Rhys-Jones], the brother of Sophie, Countess of Wessex, 28 Sep 1996; 50th Anniversary Parade and Service of the Northiam and Rye branch of the Royal Air Forces Association, 9 Jun 1996; celebration of the restoration of the church spire, 18 Aug 1996; funeral of Joan Moore (1934-1996), 6 Sep 1996; funeral of Rosaline Frances Brown (1905-1996), 4 Nov 1996

Orders of service  PAR431/3/3/24  1997

Former reference: PAR431/3/3/24

Includes thanksgiving for the life of Leslie Cunningham (1913-1997), 15 Apr 1997; Northiam CE (Controlled) Primary School leavers' service (gives Christian names of leavers), 22 Jul 1997; funeral of Peter Frederick Moore (1934-1997), 6 Oct 1997; thanksgiving for the life of Mark David Allen (1961-1997), 17 Nov 1997

Orders of service  PAR431/3/3/25  1998

Former reference: PAR431/3/3/25

Includes funeral of Mary Nina Maclean (1903-1997), 8 Jan 1998; funeral of Lucy Jean Bolden (1991-1998), 20 Feb 1998; funeral of Cyril James Martin (1919-1998), 11 Mar 1998; funeral of John Pierce (1922-1998), 21 Jul 1998; funeral of Katharine Georgina Cyster (1909-1998), 2 Sep 1998; funeral of Inez Monk (1910-1998), 28 Oct 1998; Northiam CE Primary School leavers' service (with names of leavers), 1998

Orders of service  PAR431/3/3/26  1999

Former reference: PAR431/3/3/26

Includes farewell service to [the Rev] David [rector] and Dorothy Bond, 24 Jan 1999; thanksgiving for the life of Yvonne Joyce Freeland (1913-1999), 29 Jan 1999; funeral of Reginald John Batehup (1923-1999), 15 Mar 1999; funeral of Humphrey Peter Birchenough (1916-1999), 16 Apr 1999; Northiam CE Primary School leavers' service (with names of leavers), 14 Jul 1999; marriage of Catherine Elizabeth Scrase and Graeme Philip Bance, 24 Jul 1999; funeral of George Thomas King (1924-1999), 6 Aug 1999; thanksgiving for the life of Pamela Read (1929-1999), 12 Oct 1999;

Orders of service  PAR431/3/3/27  2000

Former reference: PAR431/3/3/27

Includes service of thanksgiving for the life of Nina Maidment (1912-2000), 21 Feb 2000; marriage of Lorraine Thom and Stuart Maxwell, 20 May 2000; Northiam CE (C) Primary School leavers' service (with names of leavers), 19 Jul 2000; service of thanksgiving for the life of Leslie George Fox (1913-2000), 26 Jul 2000; service of thanksgiving for the life of Bert Allen (1931-2000), 10 Nov 2000; service of thanksgiving for the life of Louie Winifred Seeley (1915-2000), 8 Dec 2000

Orders of service  PAR431/3/3/28  2001

Former reference: PAR431/3/3/28

Includes memorial service for Commander Antony Goldsmith, 10 Mar 2001; marriage of Captain Rosalind Claire Thom and Captain Gavin John Baxter, 26 May 2001; funeral of Edna Frances Bond (1901-2001), 12 Jul 2001; Northiam CE (C) Primary School leavers' service (with names of leavers), 25 Jul 2001

Orders of service  PAR431/3/3/29  2002

Former reference: PAR431/3/3/29

Includes service of thanksgiving for the life of Diana Patricia Fidler (1932-2001), 7 Jan 2002; service of thanksgiving for the life of Patrick Talbot-Smith (1914-2001), 11 Jan 2002; service of thanksgiving for life of John Wren (1936-2002), 22 Jan 2002; thanksgiving for the life of Enid Olga Johnston (1913-2002), 21 Jun 2002; service of thanksgiving for the life of David Hepburn Isaacs (1920-2002), 5 Aug 2002; celebration of the life of Edie Kate Haddock (1914-2002), 23 Aug 2002

Orders of service  PAR431/3/3/30  2003

Former reference: PAR431/3/3/30

Includes service of thanksgiving for the life of Gordon Henry Carden (1936-2002), 3 Jan 2003; service of thanksgiving for the life of Ernest George Seeley (1918-2003), 25 Jul 2003; marriage of Carly Susan James and David James Benson, 9 Aug 2003; marriage of Josie Louise Dean and Geoffrey John Burrows (23 Aug 2003; service of thanksgiving for the life of Marjorie Isabel Harding (1921-2002), 3 Oct 2003

Orders of service  PAR431/3/3/31  2004

Former reference: PAR431/3/3/31

Includes service of thanksgiving for the life of Albert Edward Dove (1920-20004), Jun 2004; marriage of Denise Carol Selmes and Leslie Michael Brace, 2 Jul 2004; service of thanksgiving for the life of Maggie Simpson (1934-2004), 20 Aug 2004; service of thanksgiving for the life of Alfred Benjamin Hackman (1923-2004), 24 Sep 2004; service of thanksgiving for the life of Edward John Benford (1932-2004), 16 Dec 2004

Order of service  PAR431/3/3/32  2005

Former reference: PAR431/3/3/32

Funeral of Maurice Charles Trousdell (1922-2004), 12 Jan 2005

Orders of service  PAR431/3/3/33  c2000

Former reference: PAR431/3/3/33

Incumbent: buildings  PAR431/4  1878-1974

Former reference: PAR431/4

Faculties  PAR431/4/1  1930-1971

Former reference: PAR431/4/1

Faculty to open a low side window in the south aisle  PAR431/4/1/1  1 Jul 1930

Former reference: PAR431/4/1/1

The window had been blocked for over ninety years

Faculty for a new font  PAR431/4/1/2  2 Jan 1931

Former reference: PAR431/4/1/2

Designed by Arthur S[idney] Haynes, architect, Farthings, Northiam

Faculty for the installation of electric light  PAR431/4/1/3  14 Apr 1931

Former reference: PAR431/4/1/3

Faculty for a stained glass window  PAR431/4/1/4  19 Dec 1932

Former reference: PAR431/4/1/4

Memorial to Arthur Sidney Haynes, artist

Faculty for the installation of electric heating  PAR431/4/1/5  10 Mar 1934

Former reference: PAR431/4/1/5

Faculty for a metal bell frame and rehanging of the bells  PAR431/4/1/6  16 Nov 1937

Former reference: PAR431/4/1/6

Plans prepared by Messrs John Taylor and Co, bell founders, Loughborough; includes a memorial tablet indicating that the works were undertaken by Maude, Violet and Peter Frewen, in memory of Edward, Anne Mary, and Thomas Frewen

Faculty for a stained glass window and pewter tablet  PAR431/4/1/7  13 May 1938

Former reference: PAR431/4/1/7

Window in memory of William Forbes Fisher (born in Newhaven, USA), and given by 'MPF'; designed by Martin Travers, 48 Colet Gardens, W14

Faculty for a memorial tablet to James Winser Lord  PAR431/4/1/8  12 May 1939

Former reference: PAR431/4/1/8

JWL (died 14 Aug 1938), was a churchwarden for 56 years; tablet designed by Messrs George Maile and Son, 367 Euston Road, London NW1

Faculty for an organ, in memory of the late Lieutenant Edward Peter Blake Frewen  PAR431/4/1/9  20 Mar 1944

Former reference: PAR431/4/1/9

EPBF was killed in action 9 May 1943; donated by his mother; designed by Messrs Kingsgate Davidson and Co Ltd, London

Faculty for Aylward memorial tablet  PAR431/4/1/10  6 Jan 1947

Former reference: PAR431/4/1/10

In memory of Augustus Frewen Aylward, rector 1914-1933; donated by his children

Faculty for memorials to Mrs Mary P De Pree (1878-1952)  PAR431/4/1/11  20 Apr 1953

Former reference: PAR431/4/1/11

Insertion of a piece of glass in the stained glass window in memory of WF Fisher; inscription concerning the location of ashes of MPde P; a scroll under that in memory of WF Fisher, in memory of his wife Mary [P de Pree], who later married Major General De Pree; designs by P Cole, Tile Kiln, Fairlight

Faculty (unopposed) for the removal of gravestones and levelling of the churchyard  PAR431/4/1/12  30 Jun 1971

Former reference: PAR431/4/1/12

Papers concerning building works to the church  PAR431/4/2  1924-1953

Former reference: PAR431/4/2

Memoranda of repairs needed on the church  PAR431/4/2/1  1924-1925

Former reference: PAR431/4/2/1

Archival history:
Formerly listed as PAR431/4/3

Sketch for the Bishop Gregory Memorial window  PAR431/4/2/2  [1928]

Former reference: PAR431/4/2/2

Archival history:
Formerly listed as PAR431/4/9

Sketch design [superseded] by 'ASH' [Arthur Sidney Haynes], 26 Mar 1924; photograph of the final design by Reginald Bell
Francis Ambrose Gregory was a former bishop of Mauritius and the Seychelles; died 31 Jan 1927

Correspondence concerning request for a grant towards the restoration of the tower  PAR431/4/2/3  1930

Former reference: PAR431/4/2/3

includes notes by AS [Arthur Sidney] Haynes regarding the condition of the tower; subscription list

Correspondence concerning the installation of electric heating to the church  PAR431/4/2/4  Jun 1929 - Jul 1936

Former reference: PAR431/4/2/4

Report by John Taylor and Co, bell founders and bell hangers of Loughborough, on the defects of the bells with specification and estimate for repairs  PAR431/4/2/5  1937

Former reference: PAR431/4/2/5

Archival history:
Formerly listed as PAR431/4/10

Guarantee from Kingsgate Davidson, organ builders, London, for organ supplied  PAR431/4/2/6  1944

Former reference: PAR431/4/2/6

Archival history:
Formerly listed as PAR431/4/14

Correspondence and estimates concerning repairs and decoration of the chancel ceiling  PAR431/4/2/7  Jun - Dec 1953

Former reference: PAR431/4/2/7

Archival history:
Formerly listed as PAR431/4/19

Plans  PAR431/4/3  1929

Former reference: PAR431/4/3

Ground plan of the church  PAR431/4/3/1  Aug 1929

Former reference: PAR431/4/3/1

By H Milburn Pett, architect, 5 Marlborough Place, Brighton; shows proposed heating system

Other papers concerning buildings  PAR431/4/4  1934-1961

Former reference: PAR431/4/4

Letter to the rector from J Winser Lord  PAR431/4/4/1  13 Jun 1934

Former reference: PAR431/4/4/1

Concerns premiums for insurance policies; gives details of cover

Notification that the church has been listed by the Ministry of Housing and Local Government as a building of special historic and architectural interest  PAR431/4/4/2  1961

Former reference: PAR431/4/4/2

Archival history:
Formerly listed as PAR431/4/21

Incumbent: institutions, inductions, licences: Curates' licences  PAR431/5  1848-1913

Former reference: PAR431/5

Copy curacy licences  PAR431/5/1  1848-1913

Former reference: PAR431/5/1

Copy curacy licence  PAR431/5/1/1  21 Dec 1848

Former reference: PAR431/5/1/1

Ashley Roberts BA

Copy curacy licence  PAR431/5/1/2  2 Mar 1908

Former reference: PAR431/5/1/2

George Goode Wilkinson MA

Copy curacy licence  PAR431/5/1/3  2 Jul 1898

Former reference: PAR431/5/1/3

William George Irvine MA

Copy curacy licence  PAR431/5/1/4  1 Nov 1901

Former reference: PAR431/5/1/4

Francis John Kidgell

Copy curacy licence  PAR431/5/1/5  24 Nov 1902

Former reference: PAR431/5/1/5

Henry Arthur Bowden

Copy curacy licence  PAR431/5/1/6  22 Mar 1904

Former reference: PAR431/5/1/6

George Richard Frampton BA

Copy curacy licence  PAR431/5/1/7  20 Nov 1906

Former reference: PAR431/5/1/7

Louis Harold Dahl MA

Copy curacy licence  PAR431/5/1/8  30 Oct 1911

Former reference: PAR431/5/1/8

Charles Furnival BA

Copy curacy licence  PAR431/5/1/9  3 Feb 1913

Former reference: PAR431/5/1/9

James Edgar Hatch MA

Incumbent: income of the benefice  PAR431/6  1883-1982

Former reference: PAR431/6

Offertories  PAR431/6/1  1883-1908

Former reference: PAR431/6/1

Offertory register  PAR431/6/1/1  Apr 1883 - May 1900

Former reference: PAR431/6/1/1

Offertory register  PAR431/6/1/2  Apr 1900 - Apr 1908

Former reference: PAR431/6/1/2

Archival history:
Formerly listed as PAR431/6/2

Glebe  PAR431/6/2  1914-1981

Former reference: PAR431/6/2

Mortgage for £117  PAR431/6/2/1  2 Jun 1914

Former reference: PAR431/6/2/1

The Revd Augustus Frewen Aylward to the governors of Queen Anne's Bounty; for sanitary and other improvements to the parsonage

Counterpart of PAR431/6/2/1  PAR431/6/2/2  2 Jun 1914

Former reference: PAR431/6/2/2

Provisional valuation of the church under the Finance (1909-10) Act, 1910  PAR431/6/2/3  23 Aug 1915

Former reference: PAR431/6/2/3

Archival history:
Formerly listed as PAR431/6/3

Wayleave agreement for electricity supply lines on land belonging to the rectory  PAR431/6/2/4  30 Oct 1930

Former reference: PAR431/6/2/4

Archival history:
Formerly listed as PAR431/4/6

Related information: For plan, see PAR431/6/2/5

the Revd A Frewen Aylward to Hastings Borough Council (the Electricity Supply Authority)

Plan of electricity poles over the rectory, Northiam  PAR431/6/2/5  7 Jun 1926

Former reference: PAR431/6/2/5

Archival history:
Formerly listed as PAR431/4/5

Related information: For covering letter, see PAR431/6/2/4

Issued by Hastings Corporation Electrical Department (plan 48)

Letter from the Bounty Office to the Rev A F Aylward  PAR431/6/2/6  18 Feb 1931

Former reference: PAR431/6/2/6

Archival history:
Formerly listed as PAR431/4/8

Possible surplus money provided by Diocesan Dilapidations Board for repairs of Glebe Cottage after its sale

Contract for sale of the rectory  PAR431/6/2/7  15 Mar 1934

Former reference: PAR431/6/2/7

The Revd Joseph William Dunbar to Victor Noel Guinness, Brickwall, Northiam
the rectory, two pieces of ground (3a,) and a piece of land (1.94a); includes plan

Mortgage for £300  PAR431/6/2/8  1 Jun 1935

Former reference: PAR431/6/2/8

The Revd Joseph William Dunbar to the governors of Queen Anne's Bounty; to build a new parsonage

Counterpart of PAR431/6/2/8  PAR431/6/2/9  I Jun 1935

Former reference: PAR431/6/2/9

Correspondence and papers concerning dilapidations and repairs to the rectory.  PAR431/6/2/10  Mar 1948 - Dec 1951

Former reference: PAR431/6/2/10

Archival history:
Formerly listed as PAR431/4/15

Includes letters from the Church Commissioners, and the Chichester Diocesan Dilapidations Board; correspondence relating to chancel repair liability from the Tithe Redemption Commission

Letters concerning dispute over sale and felling of glebe timber  PAR431/6/2/11  Apr 1950 - Apr 1981

Former reference: PAR431/6/2/11

Archival history:
Formerly listed as PAR431/6/7

Correspondence, specification, estimates and papers concerning electrical work and the installation of central heating at the rectory  PAR431/6/2/12  Oct 1959 - Sep 1969

Former reference: PAR431/6/2/12

Archival history:
Formerly listed as PAR431/4/20

Investments  PAR431/6/3  1931-1947

Former reference: PAR431/6/3

Letters from the Ecclesiastical Commission regarding local loans stock held in trust for the benefice  PAR431/6/3/1  1931-1947

Former reference: PAR431/6/3/1

Archival history:
Formerly listed as PAR431/6/4-5

Statement of annual amount payable by the Ecclesiastical Commissioners  PAR431/6/3/2  Apr 1939

Former reference: PAR431/6/3/2

Archival history:
Formerly listed as PAR431/6/6

Benefactions  PAR431/6/4  1969-1982

Former reference: PAR431/6/4

Correspondence concerning the benefaction of Elsie Whitfield Faville, 31 De Cham Road, St Leonards on Sea  PAR431/6/4/1  Feb 1969 - Aug 1971

Former reference: PAR431/6/4/1

Archival history:
Formerly listed as PAR431/16/9

Includes of copy of the will, Feb 1969, leaving all her property to the rector for religious purposes in connection with Northiam church

Record book of gifts and bequests to the church and parish  PAR431/6/4/2  1982

Former reference: PAR431/6/4/2

Archival history:
Formerly listed as PAR431/24/2

Covers Feb 1481 to 1982

Tithe  PAR431/6/5  1921-1930

Former reference: PAR431/6/5

Correspondence from the Bounty Office concerning tithe rentcharges  PAR431/6/5/1  Oct 1921 - Apr 1927

Former reference: PAR431/6/5/1

Letters from the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries concerning tithe redemptions  PAR431/6/5/2  [1920] - Feb 1921

Former reference: PAR431/6/5/2

Agreement concerning the payment of tithes  PAR431/6/5/3  6 Nov 1930

Former reference: PAR431/6/5/3

Related information: For papers referring to repairs of Glebe Cottage, see PAR431/6/2/6

the Revd Augustus Frewen Aylward with Alfred Comport the younger, Northiam, builder, concerning a tithe rent charge on a cottage and land (3r) [? Glebe Cottage], which was formerly part of the glebe

Incumbent: other records  PAR431/7  [n.d.]

Former reference: PAR431/7

Incumbent's correspondence  PAR431/7/1  1843-1956

Former reference: PAR431/7/1

Letter from William Edwards, Northiam, to the Revd W E Lord  PAR431/7/1/1  23 Oct 1843

Former reference: PAR431/7/1/1

Gives the total numbers of males and females buried at the Unitarian Chapel, 1831-1841

Letter from J Winser Lord (a former churchwarden)  PAR431/7/1/2  1925-1934

Former reference: PAR431/7/1/2

Archival history:
Formerly listed as PAR431/7/4

JWL thinks that there is an undercurrent of hostility in the minds of some newcomers in the parish in asking him to resign as a trustee appointed by the Education Commision, 8 Jun 1934; includes a copy receipt issued by the churchwardens to outgoing churchwardens A T Masters and J Winser Lord, for church property and records, 3 Jun 1925

Letters concerning appeal by the Sussex Association for the Deaf and Dumb  PAR431/7/1/3  Jul - Aug 1956

Former reference: PAR431/7/1/3

Archival history:
Formerly listed as PAR431/7/7/1

Parochial registers  PAR431/7/2  1893-1900

Former reference: PAR431/7/2

Official parochial register of church services, organisation and finance  PAR431/7/2/1  1893-1900

Former reference: PAR431/7/2/1

Parish magazines  PAR431/7/3  1923-2005

Former reference: PAR431/7/3

Parish magazines  PAR431/7/3/1  1923-1924

Former reference: PAR431/7/3/1

Parish magazines  PAR431/7/3/2a  1925-1928

Former reference: PAR431/7/3/2a

Parish magazines  PAR431/7/3/2b  1933-1938

Former reference: PAR431/7/3/2b

Oct 1933; Nov- Dec 1935; Feb - Mar, Apr - May, Jul, Oct - Dec 1936; Jan - Mar, May - Aug, Oct - Dec 1937; Jan - Mar, May - Sep 1938

Parish magazines  PAR431/7/3/3  1943-1944

Former reference: PAR431/7/3/3

Jul 1943; Jun - Oct 1944

Parish magazines  PAR431/7/3/4  1945

Former reference: PAR431/7/3/4

Jan, Apr

Parish magazines  PAR431/7/3/5  1946

Former reference: PAR431/7/3/5

Feb, Mar, May, Jun, Nov, Dec

Parish magazines  PAR431/7/3/6  1947

Former reference: PAR431/7/3/6

Conditions of access: Missing on transfer

Parish magazines  PAR431/7/3/7  1948

Former reference: PAR431/7/3/7

Apr, Jun, Jul, Oct - Dec

Parish magazines  PAR431/7/3/8  1949

Former reference: PAR431/7/3/8

Aug - Dec

Parish magazines  PAR431/7/3/9  1950

Former reference: PAR431/7/3/9

Jan, Mar, Apr, Jul, Sep, Nov, Dec

Parish magazines  PAR431/7/3/10  1951

Former reference: PAR431/7/3/10

Jul, Oct - Dec

Parish magazines  PAR431/7/3/11  1952

Former reference: PAR431/7/3/11

Jan, Mar, Apr, Jul, Aug, Nov

Parish magazines  PAR431/7/3/12  1953

Former reference: PAR431/7/3/12

Jan, Jun

Parish magazines  PAR431/7/3/13  1954

Former reference: PAR431/7/3/13


Parish magazines  PAR431/7/3/14  1955

Former reference: PAR431/7/3/14

Conditions of access: Missing on transfer

Parish magazines  PAR431/7/3/15  1956

Former reference: PAR431/7/3/15

Jan only

Parish magazines  PAR431/7/3/16  1957

Former reference: PAR431/7/3/16

Conditions of access: Missing on transfer

Parish magazines  PAR431/7/3/17  1958

Former reference: PAR431/7/3/17

Nov only

Parish magazines  PAR431/7/3/18  1959

Former reference: PAR431/7/3/18

Mar, Oct and Nov only

Parish magazines  PAR431/7/3/19  1960

Former reference: PAR431/7/3/19

May, Jun, Jul and Aug only

Parish magazines  PAR431/7/3/20  1961

Former reference: PAR431/7/3/20

Jul only

Parish magazines  PAR431/7/3/21  1962

Former reference: PAR431/7/3/21

Jul - Oct

Parish magazines  PAR431/7/3/22  1963

Former reference: PAR431/7/3/22

Jul - Dec

Parish magazines  PAR431/7/3/23  1964

Former reference: PAR431/7/3/23

Parish magazines  PAR431/7/3/24  1965

Former reference: PAR431/7/3/24

Jan - Jun, Aug - Dec

Parish magazines  PAR431/7/3/25  1966

Former reference: PAR431/7/3/25

Parish magazines  PAR431/7/3/26  1967

Former reference: PAR431/7/3/26

Parish magazines  PAR431/7/3/27  1968

Former reference: PAR431/7/3/27

Jan - Mar, May - Dec

Parish magazines  PAR431/7/3/28  1969

Former reference: PAR431/7/3/28

Jan, Mar - Dec

Parish magazines  PAR431/7/3/29  1970

Former reference: PAR431/7/3/29

Parish magazines  PAR431/7/3/30  1971

Former reference: PAR431/7/3/30

Jan - Oct, Dec

Parish magazines  PAR431/7/3/31  1972

Former reference: PAR431/7/3/31

Parish magazines  PAR431/7/3/32  1973

Former reference: PAR431/7/3/32

Parish magazines  PAR431/7/3/33  1974

Former reference: PAR431/7/3/33

Parish magazines  PAR431/7/3/34  1975

Former reference: PAR431/7/3/34

Parish magazines  PAR431/7/3/35  1976

Former reference: PAR431/7/3/35

Parish magazines  PAR431/7/3/36  1977

Former reference: PAR431/7/3/36

Parish magazines  PAR431/7/3/37  1978

Former reference: PAR431/7/3/37

Jan - Jul, Aug - Dec

Parish magazines  PAR431/7/3/38  1979

Former reference: PAR431/7/3/38

Jan - Sep

Parish magazines  PAR431/7/3/39  1980

Former reference: PAR431/7/3/39

Aug - Oct

Parish magazines  PAR431/7/3/40  1981

Former reference: PAR431/7/3/40

Jan - May, Jul, Aug, Oct, Nov

Parish magazines  PAR431/7/3/41  1982

Former reference: PAR431/7/3/41

Feb, Mar, Sep, Dec

Parish magazines  PAR431/7/3/42  1983

Former reference: PAR431/7/3/42

Conditions of access: Missing on transfer

Parish magazines  PAR431/7/3/43  1984

Former reference: PAR431/7/3/43

Mar, Aug, Dec

Parish magazines  PAR431/7/3/44  1985

Former reference: PAR431/7/3/44

Oct, Dec

Parish magazines  PAR431/7/3/45  1986

Former reference: PAR431/7/3/45

Jan - Apr, Jun - Aug, Nov

Parish magazines  PAR431/7/3/46  1987

Former reference: PAR431/7/3/46

Mar, May - Dec

Parish magazines  PAR431/7/3/47  1988

Former reference: PAR431/7/3/47

Parish magazines  PAR431/7/3/48  1989

Former reference: PAR431/7/3/48

Parish magazines  PAR431/7/3/49  1990

Former reference: PAR431/7/3/49

Parish magazines  PAR431/7/3/50  1991

Former reference: PAR431/7/3/50

Jan - Oct, Dec

Parish magazines  PAR431/7/3/51  1992

Former reference: PAR431/7/3/51

Parish magazines  PAR431/7/3/52  1993

Former reference: PAR431/7/3/52

Parish magazines  PAR431/7/3/53  1994

Former reference: PAR431/7/3/53

Parish magazines  PAR431/7/3/54  1995

Former reference: PAR431/7/3/54

Parish magazines  PAR431/7/3/55  1996

Former reference: PAR431/7/3/55

Parish magazines  PAR431/7/3/56  1997

Former reference: PAR431/7/3/56

Parish magazines  PAR431/7/3/57  1998

Former reference: PAR431/7/3/57

Parish magazines  PAR431/7/3/58  1999

Former reference: PAR431/7/3/58

Parish magazines  PAR431/7/3/59  2000

Former reference: PAR431/7/3/59

Parish magazines  PAR431/7/3/60  2001

Former reference: PAR431/7/3/60

Parish magazines  PAR431/7/3/61  2002

Former reference: PAR431/7/3/61

Jan - Oct

Parish magazines  PAR431/7/3/62  2003

Former reference: PAR431/7/3/62

Parish magazines  PAR431/7/3/63  2004

Former reference: PAR431/7/3/63

Parish magazines  PAR431/7/3/64  2005

Former reference: PAR431/7/3/64

Jan - May only

Number not used  PAR431/7/4  [n.d.]

Former reference: PAR431/7/4

Number not used  PAR431/7/5  [n.d.]

Former reference: PAR431/7/5

Visitors' books  PAR431/7/6  1941-1973

Former reference: PAR431/7/6

Visitors' book  PAR431/7/6/1  Nov 1941 - Aug 1973

Former reference: PAR431/7/6/1

Includes note of the visit of Winston Churchill, Field Marshall Smuts, Prime Minister of South Africa, MacKenzie King, Prime Minister of Canada, and Sir Godfrey Huggins, Prime Minister of Southern Rhodesia, 12 May 1944

History of the church  PAR431/7/7  1928-1994

Former reference: PAR431/7/7

'The Little Guide to the Parish Church of St Mary, Northiam'  PAR431/7/7/1  Jun 1928

Former reference: PAR431/7/7/1

Archival history:
Formerly listed as PAR431/7/9/1

by Arthur S Haynes

Notes on the history, architecture, fixtures and fittings in the church  PAR431/7/7/2  Apr 1949

Former reference: PAR431/7/7/2

Archival history:
Formerly listed as PAR431/7/8

by Rev Percy G Langdon MA FSA compiled for a book 'Seventy Ancient Churches of East Sussex'
Rev Percy Langdon was on the Council of the Sussex Archaeological Society and presented a typescript copy of his book, which was never published, to the Society in 1953. For details see Sussex Notes and Queries 13, 284, 327

Church guide  PAR431/7/7/3  1972

Former reference: PAR431/7/7/3

Archival history:
Formerly listed as PAR431/7/9/2

By Winifred L Davis BA

Church guide  PAR431/7/7/4  1974

Former reference: PAR431/7/7/4

Archival history:
Formerly listed as PAR431/7/9/3

Short guide  PAR431/7/7/5  c1987

Former reference: PAR431/7/7/5

Archival history:
Formerly listed as PAR431/7/9/4

By Anthony Green

A Short Guide to the Parish Church of St Mary Northiam  PAR431/7/7/6  1994

Former reference: PAR431/7/7/6

Archival history:
Formerly listed as PAR431/7/9/5

By Anthony Green

Notes concerning St Mary's Church tower  PAR431/7/7/7  c1994

Former reference: PAR431/7/7/7

Archival history:
Formerly listed as PAR431/7/9/6

Records concerning former incumbents  PAR431/7/8  1980

Former reference: PAR431/7/8

Order of service for the institution and induction of Rev Peter Riley Shacklock, former rector of Northiam, at St Mary's West Kensington  PAR431/7/8/1  18 Jan 1980

Former reference: PAR431/7/8/1

Archival history:
Formerly listed as PAR431/7/13/1

Church events  PAR431/7/9  1936-2004

Former reference: PAR431/7/9

Poster for garden fete  PAR431/7/9/1  15 Jul 1936

Former reference: PAR431/7/9/1

To be held in Higham grounds, by permission of Mrs Balfour, and to be opened by Lady Carson

Booklet 'Alpha course returns to Northiam'  PAR431/7/9/2  1998

Former reference: PAR431/7/9/2

Includes application details

Invitation to Millenium Safari Supper  PAR431/7/9/3  Mar 2000

Former reference: PAR431/7/9/3

Addressed to David and Marie [Edwards]

Application for 'Jubilee' Mystery Safari Supper  PAR431/7/9/4  8 Jun 2002

Former reference: PAR431/7/9/4

Flyer advertising a prayer meeting  PAR431/7/9/5  Jul 2004

Former reference: PAR431/7/9/5

at The Oast Houses, Northiam

Papers concerning church records  PAR431/7/10  1913-1952

Former reference: PAR431/7/10

List of records in the church chest  PAR431/7/10/1  23 Dec 1913

Former reference: PAR431/7/10/1

List of registers taken from an inventory  PAR431/7/10/2  c1938

Former reference: PAR431/7/10/2

Correspondence concerning the loan of the registers to W H Challen for transcripton  PAR431/7/10/3  Nov 1945

Former reference: PAR431/7/10/3

Related information: For transcripts see PAR 431/2/3/4

Return of registers and records compiled for the National Register of Archives by John S Playford  PAR431/7/10/4  Jun 1952

Former reference: PAR431/7/10/4

Number not used  PAR431/7/11  [n.d.]

Former reference: PAR431/7/11

Records concerning the rural deanery of Rye  PAR431/7/12  1949-1950s

Former reference: PAR431/7/12

Memorandum of diocesan apportionment for 1950 sent to the Rural Dean, May 1949, with manuscript notes on Rye ruri-decanal council meeting, 16 Jun 1949  PAR431/7/12/1  1949

Former reference: PAR431/7/12/1

Letter from the rural dean concerning a proposed deanery study course  PAR431/7/12/2  1950s

Former reference: PAR431/7/12/2

Churchwardens: rates  PAR431/8  [n.d.]

Former reference: PAR431/8

Related information: for churchwardens' draft rate book, 1818, see P431/25/1

Churchwardens: accounts  PAR431/9  1721-1922

Former reference: PAR431/9

Churchwardens' accounts  PAR431/9/1  Apr 1721 - Apr 1837

Former reference: PAR431/9/1

Related information: For churchwardens' accounts, 1816-1825, see PAR431/2/1/4

Includes rates, 1723-1832

Churchwardens' accounts  PAR431/9/2  Apr 1837 - Apr 1922

Former reference: PAR431/9/2

Includes rates, 1837-1888; vestry minutes 1838-1927; printed report by Ewan Christian, architect, on the tower, spire and bell frames, 5 Jun 1865

Receipt book for rate payments  PAR431/9/3  16 Apr 1869

Former reference: PAR431/9/3

All of the counterfoils and receipts have been completed for the whole assessment as listed in PAR 431/9/2. Not all of the receipts have been issued but there are parallel annotations in PAR431/9/2 which appear to refer to the non-payment of rates

Churchwards: property  PAR431/10  1925-1962

Former reference: PAR431/10

Inventories of church property  PAR431/10/1  1925-1943

Former reference: PAR431/10/1

Inventory  PAR431/10/1/1  24 Oct 1925

Former reference: PAR431/10/1/1

Archival history:
Formerly listed as PAR431/10/1

Catalogue of goods and ornaments compiled by churchwardens Violet H Frewen and JW Ballerham

Inventory  PAR431/10/1/2  1941-1943

Former reference: PAR431/10/1/2

Archival history:
Formerly listed as PAR431/7/5

Archdeacon's visitation reports  PAR431/10/2  1962-1943

Former reference: PAR431/10/2

Archdeacon's visitation report  PAR431/10/2/1  Oct 1930

Former reference: PAR431/10/2/1

Archival history:
Formerly listed as PAR431/7/14/1

Archdeacon's visitation report  PAR431/10/2/2  May 1934

Former reference: PAR431/10/2/2

Archival history:
Formerly listed as PAR431/7/14/1

Archdeacon's visitation report  PAR431/10/2/3  Jul 1939

Former reference: PAR431/10/2/3

Archival history:
Formerly listed as PAR431/4/11, 12

Archdeacon's visitation report  PAR431/10/2/4  Oct 1943

Former reference: PAR431/10/2/4

Archival history:
Formerly listed as PAR431/4/11, 12

Closure of the churchyard  PAR431/10/3  1962

Former reference: PAR431/10/3

Order in Council for the closure of the churchyard  PAR431/10/3/1  30 Jul 1962

Former reference: PAR431/10/3/1

Archival history:
Formerly listed as PAR431/10/2

Related information: for correspondence concerning the closure of the churchyard, 1960-1962, see PAR431/16/4/4

Covering letter to PAR431/10/3/1, sent to the churchwardens  PAR431/10/3/2  10 Sep 1962

Former reference: PAR431/10/3/2

Churchwardens: other records  PAR431/11  1948-1950

Former reference: PAR431/11

Churchwardens' correspondence  PAR431/11/1  1948-1949

Former reference: PAR431/11/1

Letters from the Martyrs Memorial and Church of England Trust to the churchwardens  PAR431/11/1/1  1948-1949

Former reference: PAR431/11/1/1

Concerns the appointment of the Rev RW Lax West

Appointment of churchwardens  PAR431/11/2  1950

Former reference: PAR431/11/2

Certificate of election and declaration of churchwardens  PAR431/11/2/1  17 Apr 1950

Former reference: PAR431/11/2/1

Archival history:
Formerly listed as PAR431/11/2

Frank Vincett, Grantham Lodge, Northiam; George Marriott, Barnwell, Horns Cross, Northiam

Vestry: minutes  PAR431/12  1737-1814

Former reference: PAR431/12

Vestry minutes  PAR431/12/1  1737-1814

Former reference: PAR431/12/1

Related information: For vestry minutes, 1814-1946, see P431/12/1-3; for vestry minutes, 1838-1927, see PAR431/9/2; for minutes of the select vestry for the management of the poor, 1819-1829, see P431/12/4; for applications for poor relief to Rye Union by Northiam paupers, 1838-1839, see PAR237/13/1

Parochial Church Council: minutes  PAR431/14  1919-1993

Former reference: PAR431/14

Parochial Church Council minutes  PAR431/14/1  1919-1993

Former reference: PAR431/14/1

Parochial Church Council minutes  PAR431/14/1/1  Feb 1919 - Jan 1922

Former reference: PAR431/14/1/1

at back: minutes of Finance Committee, May and Sep 1921

Parochial Church Council minutes  PAR431/14/1/2  [1922-1928]

Former reference: PAR431/14/1/2

Conditions of access: Missing on transfer

Parochial Church Council minutes  PAR431/14/1/3  Jun 1928 - Jan 1939

Former reference: PAR431/14/1/3

Includes minutes of Finance Committee, Oct 1928 - Jan 1935; annual statements of accounts, 1927-1930

Parochial Church Council minutes  PAR431/14/1/4  Apr 1939 - Sep 1958

Former reference: PAR431/14/1/4

Includes annual statements of accounts, 1938-1946, 1955-1957

Parochial Church Council minutes  PAR431/14/1/5  Mar 1959 - Sep 1975

Former reference: PAR431/14/1/5

Includes annual statements of accounts, 1958-1973

Parochial Church Council minutes  PAR431/14/1/6  Nov 1975 - Nov 1990

Former reference: PAR431/14/1/6

Includes annual statements of accounts, 1979-1989

Parochial Church Council minutes  PAR431/14/1/7  Jan 1991 - Mar 1993

Former reference: PAR431/14/1/7

Includes annual statements of accounts, 1990-1992

Finance Committee minutes  PAR431/14/2  1937-1972

Former reference: PAR431/14/2

Related information: For minutes May and Sep 1921, Oct 1928 - Jan 1935 see PAR 431/14/1/1,3

Finance Committee minutes  PAR431/14/2/1  Oct 1937 - Mar 1951

Former reference: PAR431/14/2/1

Finance Committee minutes  PAR431/14/2/2  Dec 1953 - Apr 1966

Former reference: PAR431/14/2/2

Finance Committee minutes  PAR431/14/2/3  May 1966 - Apr 1972

Former reference: PAR431/14/2/3

Parochial Church Council: accounts  PAR431/15  1921-[1998]

Former reference: PAR431/15

Annual statements of accounts  PAR431/15/1  1921-1974

Former reference: PAR431/15/1

Annual statements of accounts  PAR431/15/1/1  1921-1974

Former reference: PAR431/15/1/1

Related information: For annual statements of accounts 1927-1930 see PAR 431/14/1/3; for 1938-1946, 1955-1957 see PAR 431/14/1/4; for 1958-1973 see PAR 431/14/1/5; for 1979-1989 see PAR 431/14/1/6

1921, 1958, 1959, 1962-1974; includes trial balance sheets 1967, 1970-1974

Income and expenditure account books  PAR431/15/2  1922-1997

Former reference: PAR431/15/2

Income and expenditure accounts  PAR431/15/2/1  Jan 1922 - Dec 1937

Former reference: PAR431/15/2/1

Includes separate accounts at the end for the churchyard fund, Jun 1932 - Dec 1937; the church repair fund, Jun 1927 - Dec 1934, Jul 1937; the church clock fund, Jun - Aug 1937; electric heating in the church, Jan 1934 - Nov 1937; petty cash, 1922-1932

Income and expenditure accounts  PAR431/15/2/2  Jan 1977 - Dec 1980

Former reference: PAR431/15/2/2

Income only

Income and expenditure accounts  PAR431/15/2/3  Jan 1981 - Nov 1984

Former reference: PAR431/15/2/3

Income only

Income and expenditure accounts  PAR431/15/2/4  Sep 1984 - Dec 1987

Former reference: PAR431/15/2/4

Income only

Income and expenditure accounts  PAR431/15/2/5  Jan 1977 - Dec 1987

Former reference: PAR431/15/2/5

Expenditure only

Income and expenditure accounts  PAR431/15/2/6  [n.d.]

Former reference: PAR431/15/2/6

Conditions of access: Missing on transfer

Income and expenditure accounts  PAR431/15/2/7  [n.d.]

Former reference: PAR431/15/2/7

Conditions of access: Missing on transfer

Income and expenditure accounts  PAR431/15/2/8  Jan 1995 - Dec 1996

Former reference: PAR431/15/2/8

Income only

Income and expenditure accounts  PAR431/15/2/9  1997

Former reference: PAR431/15/2/9

Income only

Income and expenditure accounts  PAR431/15/2/10  Jan 1995 - Dec 1996

Former reference: PAR431/15/2/10

Expenditure only

Income and expenditure accounts  PAR431/15/2/11  1997

Former reference: PAR431/15/2/11

Expenditure only

Church restoration accounts  PAR431/15/3  1929-1974

Former reference: PAR431/15/3

Church tower restoration statements of accounts and receipted accounts  PAR431/15/3/1  1929-1930

Former reference: PAR431/15/3/1

Church restoration fund account book  PAR431/15/3/2  May 1960-1967

Former reference: PAR431/15/3/2

Church restoration fund cash book  PAR431/15/3/3  Sep 1966 - Oct 1974

Former reference: PAR431/15/3/3

Church cleaning acounts  PAR431/15/4  1938-1946

Former reference: PAR431/15/4

Church cleaning accounts  PAR431/15/4/1  Apr 1938 - Apr 1946

Former reference: PAR431/15/4/1

Petty cash accounts  PAR431/15/5  1955-1965

Former reference: PAR431/15/5

Petty cash accounts  PAR431/15/5/1  Sep 1955 - Dec 1965

Former reference: PAR431/15/5/1

Includes, at rear, journal of accounts, 1963-1964

Ledgers  PAR431/15/6  1957-1967

Former reference: PAR431/15/6

Ledger  PAR431/15/6/1  Jan - Dec 1957

Former reference: PAR431/15/6/1

Ledger  PAR431/15/6/2  Jan - Dec 1958

Former reference: PAR431/15/6/2

Ledger  PAR431/15/6/3  Jan - Dec 1959

Former reference: PAR431/15/6/3

Ledger  PAR431/15/6/4  Jan - Dec 1960

Former reference: PAR431/15/6/4

Ledger  PAR431/15/6/5  Jan - Dec 1961

Former reference: PAR431/15/6/5

Ledger  PAR431/15/6/6  Jan - Dec 1962

Former reference: PAR431/15/6/6

Ledger  PAR431/15/6/7  Jan 1963 - Dec 1967

Former reference: PAR431/15/6/7

Journals  PAR431/15/7  1965-1973

Former reference: PAR431/15/7

Journal  PAR431/15/7/1  1965-1973

Former reference: PAR431/15/7/1

Related information: For journal of accounts 1963-1964, see PAR 431/15/5/1

Analysis books of offertories and collections  PAR431/15/8  1954-1962

Former reference: PAR431/15/8

Analysis book of offertories and collections  PAR431/15/8/1  Jan 1954 - Dec 1961

Former reference: PAR431/15/8/1

Analysis book of offertories and collections  PAR431/15/8/2  Jan - Nov 1962

Former reference: PAR431/15/8/2

Cash analysis books  PAR431/15/9  1963-1976

Former reference: PAR431/15/9

Cash analysis book  PAR431/15/9/1  Jan 1963 - Dec 1970

Former reference: PAR431/15/9/1

Cash analysis book  PAR431/15/9/2  Jan 1971 - 1976

Former reference: PAR431/15/9/2

Cash books  PAR431/15/10  1966-1976

Former reference: PAR431/15/10

Cash book  PAR431/15/10/1  Jan 1966 - Dec 1970

Former reference: PAR431/15/10/1

Cash book  PAR431/15/10/2  Jan 1971 - Apr 1974

Former reference: PAR431/15/10/2

Cash book  PAR431/15/10/3  Jan 1974 - Dec 1976

Former reference: PAR431/15/10/3

Petty cash dissection account sheets  PAR431/15/11  [n.d.]

Former reference: PAR431/15/11

Petty cash dissection account sheets  PAR431/15/11/1  1969-1975

Former reference: PAR431/15/11/1

Covenant giving  PAR431/15/12  1987-[1998]

Former reference: PAR431/15/12

Accounts for covenanted donations  PAR431/15/12/1  Jan 1987 - Feb [1998]

Former reference: PAR431/15/12/1

Includes names

Parochial Church Council: other records  PAR431/16  1932-c1995

Former reference: PAR431/16

Annual church meeting reports  PAR431/16/1  1932-1994

Former reference: PAR431/16/1

Annual church meeting report  PAR431/16/1/1  Jan 1932

Former reference: PAR431/16/1/1

Annual church meeting report  PAR431/16/1/2  Jan 1933

Former reference: PAR431/16/1/2

Annual church meeting reports  PAR431/16/1/3  1994

Former reference: PAR431/16/1/3

Electoral rolls  PAR431/16/2  c1938-1964

Former reference: PAR431/16/2

Electoral roll  PAR431/16/2/1  c1938-1964

Former reference: PAR431/16/2/1

Archival history:
Formerly listed as PAR431/16/4

Church members entitled to vote at the annual PCC meeting

Parochial Church Council correspondence  PAR431/16/3  1933-1968

Former reference: PAR431/16/3

Letter from S Rolleston, Rolleston and Co, surveyors and land agents, Grey Friars, Leicester, to Miss Frewen, The Wilderness, Northiam (for the Parochial Church Council)  PAR431/16/3/1  Jan 1933

Former reference: PAR431/16/3/1

Archival history:
Formerly listed as PAR431/16/3

Formal cancellation of the obligation of the PCC to pay £10 towards the cost of the oak screen in the church, erected by Rolleston and Miss Frewen, as trustees of the Frewen estate

General correspondence  PAR431/16/3/2  Nov 1947 - May 1957

Former reference: PAR431/16/3/2

Archival history:
Formerly listed as PAR431/16/5

Includes resignation of the verger, and church repairs

Correspondence and papers concerning the church hall  PAR431/16/3/3  Apr 1952 - Apr 1973

Former reference: PAR431/16/3/3

Archival history:
Formerly listed as PAR431/4/18

includes specifications; plans, 1953-1954; correspondence concerning access and rights of way

Correspondence concerning grant applications for church repairs  PAR431/16/3/4  Jul 1966 - Dec 1967

Former reference: PAR431/16/3/4

Copy letter from the PCC to Sir John [Frewen]  PAR431/16/3/5  Aug 1968

Former reference: PAR431/16/3/5

Archival history:
Formerly listed as PAR431/16/7-8

Concerns the intention to sell a picture which used to hang in the rector's vestry, and the need to obtain permission from Edgar Aylward
attached: letter from Aylward giving permission for the sale

Churchyard and cemetery  PAR431/16/4  1940-1971

Former reference: PAR431/16/4

Letter from H. Milburn Pett, architect, concerning the removal of iron railings around graves, which are beyond repair and could be taken away  PAR431/16/4/1  30 May 1940

Former reference: PAR431/16/4/1

Archival history:
Formerly listed as PAR431/4/3/6

Letter from Battle RDC  PAR431/16/4/2  20 Feb 1959

Former reference: PAR431/16/4/2

Archival history:
Formerly listed as PAR431/4/16

Related information: For plan, see PAR431/16/4/3

Concerns plans to level a further area of Northiam cemetery; encloses plan

Plan of Northiam cemetery  PAR431/16/4/3  Jun 1952

Former reference: PAR431/16/4/3

Archival history:
Formerly listed as PAR431/4/17

Plan produced by Battle RDC enclosed with PAR431/16/4/2; shows grave space numbers, and gives some names

Correspondence concerning the churchyard  PAR431/16/4/4  Feb 1960 - Jul 1962

Former reference: PAR431/16/4/4

Related information: For order for closure of the churchyard, see PAR431/10/3/1

Includes maintenance of the church clock and churchyard; closure of the churchyard

Correspondence concerning the proposed removal of gravestones and the levelling of ground in the cemetery  PAR431/16/4/5  May 1970 - Jun 1971

Former reference: PAR431/16/4/5

Archival history:
Formerly listed as PAR431/16/10

Other Parochial Church Council papers  PAR431/16/5  c1995

Former reference: PAR431/16/5

Circular letter  PAR431/16/5/1  c1995

Former reference: PAR431/16/5/1

Appeal for the Northiam Church Spire Fund, by [the Rev] D[avid] Bond, on behalf of the PCC

Tithe records  PAR431/21  1842-1934

Former reference: PAR431/21

Tithe map and apportionment  PAR431/21/1  1842

Former reference: PAR431/21/1

Tithe award  PAR431/21/1/1  [1840]

Former reference: PAR431/21/1/1

Conditions of access: Missing on transfer

Tithe map  PAR431/21/1/2  1842

Former reference: PAR431/21/1/2

Archival history:
Formerly listed as PAR431/21/4

Scale: 13.3 to 1 mile; bearing tithe commissioners' stamp, 1842; surveyor unknown

Altered apportionments  PAR431/21/2  1902-1934

Former reference: PAR431/21/2

Altered apportionment  PAR431/21/2/1  24 Jan 1902

Former reference: PAR431/21/2/1

Archival history:
Formerly listed as PAR431/21/2

Higham, Crockhurst and Crockers Farm

Altered apportionment  PAR431/21/2/2  26 Sep 1934

Former reference: PAR431/21/2/2

Tithe redemption certificates and associated papers  PAR431/21/3  1922-1924

Former reference: PAR431/21/3

Tithe redemption certificate  PAR431/21/3/1  Sep 1922

Former reference: PAR431/21/3/1

Archival history:
Formerly listed as PAR431/21/3

Copy application for redemption of rentcharge  PAR431/21/3/2  8 Dec 1923

Former reference: PAR431/21/3/2

Made to the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries by Arthur Vidler, managing director of Vidler and Sons Ltd, Strand, Rye, in respect of land in Northiam

Tithe redemption certificate  PAR431/21/3/3  Jul 1924

Former reference: PAR431/21/3/3

Archival history:
Formerly listed as PAR431/21/3

Extraordinary Tithe Redemption Act, 1886  PAR431/21/4  1889

Former reference: PAR431/21/4

Certificate of capital value of the extraordinary tithe rentcharge on each farm or parcel of land in the parish  PAR431/21/4/1  20 Mar 1889

Former reference: PAR431/21/4/1

Archival history:
Formerly listed as PAR431/21/1

Includes schedule and map

Charities  PAR431/24  1924

Former reference: PAR431/24

Related information: For records of Northiam Charity School, and the charities relating to Northiam National School, see PAR431/25

Charity of James Wilford  PAR431/24/1  1924

Former reference: PAR431/24/1

The charity was for the repair of the common highway between River Hill, Kent, and Northiam, founded by JW, citizen and merchant-tailor of London, 27 Apr 1526; for a copy of the trust deed, see PAR 492/26/1

Copy of Charity Commission order  PAR431/24/1/1  20 May 1924

Former reference: PAR431/24/1/1

Concerns the redemption of the yearly payment

School records  PAR431/25  1572 - c2000

Former reference: PAR431/25

Northiam Charity School  PAR431/25/1  1572-1938

Former reference: PAR431/25/1

Related information: For accounts, 1710-1720, 1729-1737 and 1805-1808 see FRE 533, 8181-8182; for correspondence, 1726-1727 see FRE 1237, 1271 and 1273, for 1739 and 1742 see FRE 1284-1287, 1289 and 1300, for 1797 see FRE 2597, for 1804-1805 and 1806 see FRE 1666, 2162, 2175 and 2546, for 1809-1811 see FRE 2215, 2234, 2278 and 2291 and for 1843 see FRE 3141-3142.

Administrative history:
On 20 September 1614 Robert Iden conveyed to the Rev John Frewen and others a messuage and land (2a) in Northiam in trust to apply the rents and profits in maintaining the premises in repair, and to pay the residue to a schoolmaster to teach the children of that parish.
The Rev George Barnsley in his will of 7 September 1723 (proved in PCC on 12 February 1725) bequeathed £500 for the educating of poor children in the practice of the Christian religion and on 9 May 1727 his executors purchased for £100 a rent charge of £3 10s which issued out of a moiety of the lands called the New Innings (114a) in Pevensey Marsh, in trust to pay for the education of poor children in Northiam (see PAR 431/1/7, 11).
On 10 August 1727 a deed of settlement was drawn up, which endowed the free school with the proceeds of a rent charge of £3 from Thomas [II] Frewen of Brickwall, the Iden Charity and the Barnsley Charity (PAR 431/25/1/12). By 1860 the school buildings were in a state of disrepair and many of the local children attended the recently established National School (see VCH 2, 437, and Reports of the Commissioners inquire concerning charities and education of the poor in England and Wales (1815-1839) 127-128).

Mortgage for £40  PAR431/25/1/1  20 Aug 1572

Former reference: PAR431/25/1/1

William Pyper of Northiam to his brother John Pyper of Northiam
rent charge of £3 out of his lands, tenements, meadows, pastures and woods in Northiam, with the exception of two pieces of land called Syvetts
Proviso that if WP pay £40 to JP at the churchyard of Northiam on 1 Oct 1577, the annuity will be null and void

Sale of annuity for £40  PAR431/25/1/2  2 Oct 1635

Former reference: PAR431/25/1/2

William Pyper of Northiam, yeoman (son and heir of William Pyper of Northiam) to the Revd John Benbrigge of Ashburnham
Witnesses: Edward Benbrick, George Parnell

Sale of annuity for £51  PAR431/25/1/3  8 Dec 1641

Former reference: PAR431/25/1/3

the Revd John Benbrigge of Ashburnham to the Revd John Frewen of Northiam

Sale of annuity for £51  PAR431/25/1/4  1 Jun 1660

Former reference: PAR431/25/1/4

William Frewen, citizen and weaver of London (one of the sons of the late Revd John Frewen of Northiam) to Stephen Frewen, citizen and skinner of London
Recites PAR 431/25/1/1-3; the will of the Rev John Frewen bequeathing the annuity payable on lands in Northiam 'of John Igullden late Pypers' to WF, 18 Aug 1653

Receipt for £51  PAR431/25/1/5  1 Jun 1660

Former reference: PAR431/25/1/5

William Frewen to Stephen Frewen, for the sale of annuity described in PAR431/25/1/4

Transcript of PAR431/25/1/6  PAR431/25/1/6  c1794

Former reference: PAR431/25/1/6

Probate (PCC) of will (7 Sep 1723) of the Rev George Barnsley of Sedlescombe  PAR431/25/1/7  12 Feb 1725

Former reference: PAR431/25/1/7

Bequeaths £500 each to the Society for Propagating the Gospel in foreign parts, to the Society of the Sons of the clergy for the relief of the widows and orphans of poor clergy and to his executors towards providing an education for poor children in the knowledge and practice of the Christian religion (the education facility to be provided as his executors think best).
Also a bequest to the parish of Sedlescombe, for the use of his successors, of several reference books (specified) 'for the beginning of a parochial library'
Executors: Thomas [Bowers], Bishop of Chichester; Revd Robert Payne, rector of Saltwood, Kent; Revd Stephen Frewen, vicar of Fairlight; Revd Richard Thornton the elder, vicar of Dallington

Draft proposals for Northiam Charity School  PAR431/25/1/8  17 Feb 1727

Former reference: PAR431/25/1/8

specifies the type of education to be received by 18 poor children of the parish. The trustees of the three charities of John Iden, late of Northiam, yeoman, the charity of the Revd George Barnsley of Sedlescombe, deceased, and the charity of Thomas [II] Frewen of Brickwall, should each have the right to nominate six children. The qualifications of, and rights over, the school master, are also specified.

Draft qualifications for a prospective school master  PAR431/25/1/9  c1727

Former reference: PAR431/25/1/9

In the handwriting of Thomas Frewen [II]

'Proposals for the better regulating of the Trust of the Charity School at Northiam'  PAR431/25/1/10  7 Feb 1727

Former reference: PAR431/25/1/10

In the handwriting of Thomas Frewen [II]

Sale of annuity for £100  PAR431/25/1/11  9 May 1727

Former reference: PAR431/25/1/11

Sale by Thomas Madgwick of Giffords in Dallington, gent, to the surviving executors of the Revd George Barnsley (the Rev Robert Payne of Saltwood, Kent and the Revd Richard Thornton the elder, vicar of Dallington)
rent charge of £3 10s out of a moiety of 114a of marshland in Pevensey called the New Innings (occupiers and field names given), lately the estate of the late George Elfred of Hooe, gent
In trust that they will apply the annuity towards the education of poor children of the parish of Northiam, the £100 purchase money being part of the £500 bequeathed for this purpose by the Revd Barnsley (see PAR431/25/1/7)

Deed of settlement  PAR431/25/1/12  10 Aug 1727

Former reference: PAR431/25/1/12

the Revd Robert Paine of Saltwood, Kent and the Revd Richard Thornton of Dallington (surviving executors of the Revd George Barnsley), Thomas [II] Frewen of Brickwall, esq, and Thomas Frewen the elder of Northiam, esq (the grandson and heir of the Rev John Frewen of Northiam)
1 messuage, barn and buildings, garden and land (26a) in Northiam (E: road from Clench Green to Beckley, S: lands of Thomas [II] Frewen and lands of the rectory of Northiam, NW: lands of Henry Collins, esq, N: lands of John Frewen, gent, SE: lands of Thomas [II] Frewen and of [blank] Chittenden)
2 messuage, outhouse, two gardens and an orchard (2a) in Northiam (NE and W: Northiam high street, S: lands of Elizabeth Jones, widow, and the late William Gibbins)
Recites PAR 431/25/1/11 and that Thomas [II] Frewen of Northiam receives an annuity of £3 out of property (1), which was originally part of the estate of John Piper; recites that on 20 Sep 1615 property (2 ) was conveyed to the Revd John Frewen (the grandfather of Thomas Frewen the elder) and others in trust to apply the profits towards maintaining a schoolmaster in Northiam.
The parties agree to apply the three endowments to provide a school house (to be erected) and a schoolmaster to teach poor children of the parish spelling, reading, writing, accounts, the catechism and other grounds of the Christian religion (specific trusts detailed).

Transcript of PAR431/25/1/12  PAR431/25/1/13  c1800

Former reference: PAR431/25/1/13

Extract of PAR431/25/1/12  PAR431/25/1/14  c1780

Former reference: PAR431/25/1/14

Abstract of PAR431/25/1/12  PAR431/25/1/15  c1800

Former reference: PAR431/25/1/15

Typescript abstract of PAR431/25/1/12  PAR431/25/1/16  c1900

Former reference: PAR431/25/1/16

Schedule of title deeds relating to Northiam Free School, 1572-1727  PAR431/25/1/17a  c1800

Former reference: PAR431/25/1/17a

Schedule of title deeds relating to Northiam Free School  PAR431/25/1/17b  c1780

Former reference: PAR431/25/1/17b

similar to PAR431/25/1/17a
endorsed with a note that the schedule is in the handwriting of Edward Frewen, a London surgeon, who later became a justice of the peace for Sussex, and lived at Farthings in Northiam

Schedule of title deeds relating to Northiam Free School, 1572-1727  PAR431/25/1/17c  1880s

Former reference: PAR431/25/1/17c

produced by James and James [solicitors], 23 Ely Place, London; includes annotations concerning despatch of items to the Charity Commission and another firm of solicitors, 1885-1886

'The State and foundation of Northiam School'  PAR431/25/1/18  c1732

Former reference: PAR431/25/1/18

Recites the provisions specified in PAR 431/25/1/12, and lists the unsatisfactory behaviour of the present master [Thomas Norris], his refusal to leave his post, and his unlawful repossession of the school premises after having been locked out

Typescript copy of PAR 431/25/1/18  PAR431/25/1/19  c1900

Former reference: PAR431/25/1/19

Notice delivered to Thomas Norris, schoolmaster of the free school in Northiam, of his dismissal for misconduct  PAR431/25/1/20  3 Feb 1732

Former reference: PAR431/25/1/20

signed by Thomas [III] Frewen of Brickwall and Thomas Frewen (? of Church House)

Copy of 'Some further rules agreed upon and intended to be observed by the Trustees of the Free School of the Parish of Northiam for the better Regulation and Government of the said School made and signed by the said Trustees this 14th day of September 1753'  PAR431/25/1/21  c1795

Former reference: PAR431/25/1/21

concerns the age limit of charity school children, provides for the expulsion of pupils for non-attendance without good cause, and provides the trustees with the means of serving notice upon an unsatisfactory master; watermarked 1794

'Some further Rules and Orders agreed upon and intended to be observed by the Trustees of the Free School of the parish of Northiam for the better regulation and government of the said school'  PAR431/25/1/22  14 Sep 1753

Former reference: PAR431/25/1/22

mainly concerns the need to be able to dismiss an unsatisfactory master, and sets out the format to used for PAR 431/25/1/23; signed by the trustees

Bond in £50  PAR431/25/1/23  10 Oct 1753

Former reference: PAR431/25/1/23

John Rootes of Northiam, schoolmaster, to the trustees for the Free School of Northiam (Thomas [III] Frewen of Brickwall, esq, the Revd Richard Thornton of Wartling, and Thomas Frewen of Northiam) to discharge his duties in accordance with PAR 431/25/1/12; to keep the school house in good repair; to accept dismissal upon notice if ever the trustees think fit
Recites deed of appointment as schoolmaster, 10 Oct 1753

Rough account of the amount of schooling given by the master  PAR431/25/1/24  c1799

Former reference: PAR431/25/1/24

Covers 1790-1799

Typescript copy of a letter from the Churchwardens of Northiam to the Charity Commissioners  PAR431/25/1/25  8 Jun 1858

Former reference: PAR431/25/1/25

concerns the derelict state of Northiam School

Typescript copy of a letter from the Rector of Northiam to the Charity Commissioners  PAR431/25/1/26  27 Nov 1860

Former reference: PAR431/25/1/26

Concerns the derelict state of Northiam School

Typescript copy of a letter from Thomas [IV] Frewen of Brickwall to H Morgan Vane  PAR431/25/1/27  12 Feb 1861

Former reference: PAR431/25/1/27

Describes the history of the old Northiam Free School and the efforts and expense incurred by the Frewen family towards maintaining and running it; mentions the competition now created by the new National School established by the Revd William Lord, and questions his position as sole trustee of the old Iden and Frewen Charities (the Barnsley Charity having lapsed)

Charity Commission scheme  PAR431/25/1/28  26 Jun 1885

Former reference: PAR431/25/1/28

for the regulation of the Iden and Barnsley Charities, setting out the terms of the trusteeship, management and application of the income

Correspondence relating to the proposed change of use of the school  PAR431/25/1/29  1925-1934

Former reference: PAR431/25/1/29

includes some minutes of meetings of the trustees of the Iden and Barnsley charities, 1933, also copies of the new draft Board of Education Scheme for administering the charities, 1933, and details concerning the trusteeship and use of school buildings

Minutes of meetings of the trustees of the Iden and Barnsley Charities  PAR431/25/1/30  Oct 1933 - Mar 1934

Former reference: PAR431/25/1/30

Plan of the old school house, Northiam  PAR431/25/1/31  c1933

Former reference: PAR431/25/1/31

floor plans and elevations, showing proposed alterations for the conversion into a parish room for educational and recreational use, with living accommodation combined, by EH Gandy, architect, Horsham

Plan of the old school house, Northiam  PAR431/25/1/32  c1933

Former reference: PAR431/25/1/32

Floor plans and elevations as existing [by EH Gandy, architect, Horsham]

Correspondence concerning the administration of the Iden, Barnsley and Frewen Charities  PAR431/25/1/33  1934-1938

Former reference: PAR431/25/1/33

with relation to the scheme to convert the old school house into a parish room, with estimates and bills from Messrs John Perigoe and Son, builder, for the conversion work, and letters concerning the letting of the premises for various purposes, mainly as the Northiam Domestic Science Centre

Lease for 7 years at £75  PAR431/25/1/34  18 Apr 1936

Former reference: PAR431/25/1/34

the Revd Joseph William Dunbar of Northiam (on behalf of the trustees of the Iden and Frewen Educational Foundation) to Mary Alice Burke of Hillyfield, Rye, widow
dwelling house and garden known as the Old School house (1a) in Northiam, except the adjoining allotment gardens, the coal shed and store, and the parish room forming part of the dwelling house

Northiam National School  PAR431/25/2  1847-c2000

Former reference: PAR431/25/2

Related information: For school records, see ESC 125; for minutes of the governing body, 1903-1974 see EMA 126/1-3; for building plans, 1857 see BGP 44/1-5; for HMI reports, 1909 and 1911 see C/E 2/1; for accounts of the National School, 1870-1898 see FRE 8189

Later Northiam CE School

Correspondence between the Rev W E Lord of Northiam and the Committee of (the Privy) Council on Education, Downing Street, Westminster  PAR431/25/2/1  1847

Former reference: PAR431/25/2/1

Matters relating to the establishment of the new National School at Northiam

Conveyance  PAR431/25/2/2  3 Oct 1853

Former reference: PAR431/25/2/2

the Revd William Edward Lord of Northiam to the rector and churchwardens of Northiam
parcel of ground (dimensions, sketch and abuttals included) occupied by WEL, with the dwelling house and schoolhouses lately erected at the expense of WEL for school purposes
Conveyed under the Schjool Sites Acts, to be used 'for the Education of Children or Adults or children only of the labouring, manufacturing and other poorer classes in the parish of Northiam aforesaid and for no other purpose'; provisions concerning access by school inspectors, management of the school, curriculum, appointment and dismissal of the master.

Assignment in trust  PAR431/25/2/3  21 Aug 1855

Former reference: PAR431/25/2/3

the executor of Jane Becket of Northiam, spinster (William Dawson of Monument Yard in the city of London, gent), on the application of John Carter of Northiam, grocer and draper, to the Revd William Edward Lord of Northiam, James Selmes of Northiam, esq, and George Springett of Northiam, esq
bank annuities, now standing at £285 1s 10d, and books and maps
Recites: Jane Becket in her will bequeathed £300 worth of bank annuities, also her books and maps for the benefit of Northiam National School; PAR 431/25/2/2; provisos concerning the appointment of school managers.

Fire insurance policy on the school room and master's premises  PAR431/25/2/4  1 Jun 1857

Former reference: PAR431/25/2/4

Receipts for interest on consolidated annuities for the benefit of Northiam National School  PAR431/25/2/5  Jan 1860 - Aug 1868

Former reference: PAR431/25/2/5

Includes covering letters from the Charity Commission

Statements of annual accounts  PAR431/25/2/6  1868-1882

Former reference: PAR431/25/2/6

1868, 1875, 1882

Board of Education orders under the 1902 Education Act  PAR431/25/2/7  1902-1903

Former reference: PAR431/25/2/7

concerns Northiam National School; includes an Education Department of East Sussex County Council notification concerning the appointment of a manager

Plan of the school house, Northiam  PAR431/25/2/8  Oct 1843

Former reference: PAR431/25/2/8

Elevation of western front and floor plan, by [Sidney Smirke], 24 Berkeley Square [London] (drawing 2)

Plan of the school house, Northiam  PAR431/25/2/9  Oct 1843

Former reference: PAR431/25/2/9

Eastern elevation, and floor plan of basement, by [Sidney Smirke], 24 Berkeley Square [London] (drawing 1)

Copy letter from the Ministry of Education, to the manager, Lloyds Bank, Rye  PAR431/25/2/10  19 Mar 1952

Former reference: PAR431/25/2/10

Discusses the capital endowments of the foundations created by the wills of Jane Becket, Thomas Roote, and Maria Elizabeth Gladwish

Copy letter from Guy Mayfield [archdeacon of Lewes] to 'CEO'  PAR431/25/2/11  c1952

Former reference: PAR431/25/2/11

the charity to which you refer has been included by the Ministry of Education in the scheme under section 86 of the Education Act, 1944, and will shortly by vested in the Diocesan Board of Finance. Under the terms of the order the funds so vested may only be used towards the maintenance of voluntary aided or special agreement schools.

Draft Ministry of Education scheme for certain C of E educational foundations  PAR431/25/2/12  1950s

Former reference: PAR431/25/2/12

includes the endowments of Jane Becket, Thomas Roote, and Maria Elizabeth Gladwish

Circulars from the Education Department of East Sussex County Council to the managers of Northiam VP School  PAR431/25/2/13  1948-1949

Former reference: PAR431/25/2/13

Archival history:
Formerly listed as PAR431/25/1/35

Administrative history:

concerns the wages of part time school-keepers

Letter from HS Martin, clerk of East Sussex County Council  PAR431/25/2/14  22 Nov 1950

Former reference: PAR431/25/2/14

Is returning the school conveyance, 3 Oct, 1853; declaration of trust, 21 Aug 1855; two plans of the school house

Programme for school production of 'Scrooge'  PAR431/25/2/15  20 Dec [c2000]

Former reference: PAR431/25/2/15

Other records  PAR431/26  1721-c1750

Former reference: PAR431/26

Account of disbursements made by William Wood  PAR431/26/1  1721-1722

Former reference: PAR431/26/1

Disbursements made on the instruction of the Navy Board for the use of his premises as an office by the Navy from 19 Nov 1721 - 7 Nov 1722 (no apparent connection with Northiam)

Map of the County of Kent by Emanuel Bowen (printed)  PAR431/26/2  c1750

Former reference: PAR431/26/2

Overseers of the poor: rates  PAR431/30  [n.d.]

Former reference: PAR431/30

Related information: For overseers' rate books, 1770-1821, see P431/14; for microfilm copy of a survey and valuation of property for poor rates 1821, see XA 16/1

Overseers of the Poor: accounts  PAR431/31  [n.d.]

Former reference: PAR431/31

Related information: For overseers' accounts, 1769-1835, see P431/14/1-5; for overseers' accounts, 1835-1861, see P431/16/1; for overseers' labour accounts, 1803-1830, see P431/17/1-4; for various overseers' account books, 1802-1826, see P431/22/1-9; for overseers' order book, 1822-1823, see P431/23/1

Overseers of the poor: other records relating to poor relief  PAR431/35  [n.d.]

Former reference: PAR431/35

Related information: For accounts of the governor of the workhouse, 1803-1823, see P431/20/1-4; for petitions for poor relief, 1820-1830, see P431/21/1-6

Overseers of the poor: militia  PAR431/36  [n.d.]

Former reference: PAR431/36

Related information: For notice issued by William Miller, overseer, relating to enrolments, 1810, see PAR431/2/1/2

Overseers of the Poor: post-1834 records  PAR431/38  [n.d.]

Former reference: PAR431/38

Related information: For rate collector's monthly statements, 1860-1873, see P431/18/1-2; for rate collecting and deposit books, 1860-1867, see P431/19/1-2; for rate books, 1860-1871, see P431/15/1-29; for a poll of the poor rate payers of Northiam on their voting for the assistant overseer, 1858, see P431/24/1

Surveyors of Highways: rate books  PAR431/39  [n.d.]

Former reference: PAR431/39

Related information: For rate books, 1836-1846, see P431/26/1-2

Surveyors of Highways: accounts  PAR431/40  [n.d.]

Former reference: PAR431/40

Related information: For account book, 1836-1857, see P431/27/1

Records of other church groups  PAR431/43  [1845]-2003

Former reference: PAR431/43

Committee appointed for the Restoration of the Church  PAR431/43/1  1878-1879

Former reference: PAR431/43/1

Printed accounts  PAR431/43/1/1  Dec 1878

Former reference: PAR431/43/1/1

Archival history:
Formerly listed as PAR431/4/1

Includes subscription list

Printed accounts  PAR431/43/1/2  May 1879

Former reference: PAR431/43/1/2

Archival history:
Formerly listed as PAR431/4/2

Addressed to Spencer Ashenden; includes subscription list

The Frewen Trust  PAR431/43/2  [1845]-c1973

Former reference: PAR431/43/2

Related information: For plans of the chapel by Sidney Smirke and correspondence, see ACC 4050 and FRE 469-471, 2916

A family trust of the patrons of the church; these papers concern the liability for repairs to the private chapel known as the Frewen Mausoleum

Correspondence file of Admiral Sir John Frewen concerning the Frewen mausoleum  PAR431/43/2/1  [Jul 1845]- Feb 1974

Former reference: PAR431/43/2/1

Archival history:
Formerly listed as PAR431/4/22

includes copy of faculty to erect the mausoleum 1845; copy case and opinion concerning the liability for repairs; citation regarding faculty for sale of church silver to meet cost of repairs of pinnancles on the building, Nov 1972

Photographs of the pinnacles on the Frewen mausoleum  PAR431/43/2/2  1971

Former reference: PAR431/43/2/2

Archival history:
Formerly listed as PAR431/4/22

Eight black-and-white photographs

Newscutting concerning the dedication of the Frewen chapel  PAR431/43/2/3  c1973

Former reference: PAR431/43/2/3

Includes photograph

St Mary's Women's Fellowship  PAR431/43/3  1952-2003

Former reference: PAR431/43/3

Formerly called the Churchwomen's Union, the group was established in 1952; and was renamed St Mary's Women's Fellowship in 1972

St Mary's Women's Fellowship committee minutes  PAR431/43/3/1  1952-1995

Former reference: PAR431/43/3/1

Also includes accounts of meetings from 1972

Minutes of St Mary's Women's Fellowship committee  PAR431/43/3/1/1  Nov 1952 - Jan 1956

Former reference: PAR431/43/3/1/1

Then called the Churchwomen's Union

Minutes of St Mary's Women's Fellowship committee  PAR431/43/3/1/2  Jan 1956 - Sep 1964

Former reference: PAR431/43/3/1/2

Then called the Churchwomen's Union

Minutes of St Mary's Women's Fellowship committee  PAR431/43/3/1/3  Oct 1964 - Dec 1971

Former reference: PAR431/43/3/1/3

Then called the Churchwomen's Union; notes only (not signed minutes) from Oct 1971

Minutes of St Mary's Women's Fellowship committee and meetings  PAR431/43/3/1/4  Apr 1972 - Mar 1985

Former reference: PAR431/43/3/1/4

Notes only (not signed minutes)

Minutes of St Mary's Women's Fellowship committee and meetings  PAR431/43/3/1/5  Mar 1985 - Jan 1995

Former reference: PAR431/43/3/1/5

Notes only (not signed minutes)

St Mary's Women's Fellowship committee agendas  PAR431/43/3/2  [1972]-1980

Former reference: PAR431/43/3/2

St Mary's Women's Fellowship committee agendas  PAR431/43/3/2/1  Apr [1972] - Jul [1973]

Former reference: PAR431/43/3/2/1

St Mary's Women's Fellowship committee agendas  PAR431/43/3/2/2  Aug [1973] - Sep [1975]

Former reference: PAR431/43/3/2/2

St Mary's Women's Fellowship committee agendas  PAR431/43/3/2/3  Oct 1976 - Jan 1980

Former reference: PAR431/43/3/2/3

St Mary's Women's Fellowship: general correspondence  PAR431/43/3/3  1988-1998

Former reference: PAR431/43/3/3

St Mary's Women's Fellowship: general correspondence  PAR431/43/3/3/1  Apr 1988 - Feb 1990

Former reference: PAR431/43/3/3/1

St Mary's Women's Fellowship: general correspondence  PAR431/43/3/3/2  Nov 1989 - 1995

Former reference: PAR431/43/3/3/2

Includes reports and accounts concerning the Church Hall; notes concerning the conveyance of the church hall land, 1953

St Mary's Women's Fellowship: general correspondence  PAR431/43/3/3/3  Sep 1990 - Jan 1992

Former reference: PAR431/43/3/3/3

Includes accounts

St Mary's Women's Fellowship: general correspondence  PAR431/43/3/3/4  Mar 1992 - Jan 1994

Former reference: PAR431/43/3/3/4

St Mary's Women's Fellowship: general correspondence  PAR431/43/3/3/5  Jun 1994 - Jan 1998

Former reference: PAR431/43/3/3/5

St Mary's Women's Fellowship programmes  PAR431/43/3/4  1981-2003

Former reference: PAR431/43/3/4

St Mary's Women's Fellowship programmes  PAR431/43/3/4/1  1981-2003

Former reference: PAR431/43/3/4/1

Conditions of access: Missing for 1987/1988

Other records  PAR431/43/3/5  c1952-1990

Former reference: PAR431/43/3/5

Group photograph of members of the Churchwomen's Union  PAR431/43/3/5/1  c1952

Former reference: PAR431/43/3/5/1

Presentations given by committee members to the Fellowship  PAR431/43/3/5/2  Nov 1989

Former reference: PAR431/43/3/5/2

On the subject of hymns

Presentations given by committee members to the Fellowship  PAR431/43/3/5/3  Nov 1990

Former reference: PAR431/43/3/5/3

On the subject of 'building'

Friends of St Mary's  PAR431/43/4  1994

Former reference: PAR431/43/4

Newsletters  PAR431/43/4/1  Jan 1994

Former reference: PAR431/43/4/1

Issue number 2 only

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