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Reference PAR279
Former reference PAR279
Covering dates 1901-1980
Held by East Sussex Record Office
Source of acquisition Records deposited by incumbent and PCC 2 September 1985 (ACC 4510), 24 September 1991 (ACC 5754)
Creators Church of England, Brighton St Wilfred Parish, East Sussex

Administrative history:
St Wilfried's, listed in a directory of 1915 as a chapel of ease to the parish church of St Peter, was an iron church which stood on the corner of Elm Grove and Whippingham Road. The Building Regulations plan is dated 20 June 1901 (DB/D 7/5327) and the service registers (PAR279/3) begin that year. A district of St Wilfried was created from Brighton St Luke by an Order in Council of 21 April 1922 and between 1933 and 1934 a new church was built to the designs of H S Goodhart-Rendel. the church closed in 1978.
Until 1873 the parish church of Brighton was St Nicholas, while the churches serving the newly developing urban districts in the parish were daughter churches or chapels of ease. The registers before 1873, therefore, contain entries of services performed at the various daughter churches, which were returned by the clergy concerned for inclusion in the main series. No indication is given of which church is involved, and this can only be deduced from comparison of the name of the officiating minister with the Revd G Hennessy 'Chichester Diocese Clergy Lists' (1900) and 'Crockford's Clerical Directory'. Some of the chapels also kept their own series of registers while continuing to make their entries in the main parish series.
In 1873 St Peter's church was constituted as the parish church of Brighton, and the parish records and administrative centre were transferred there from St Nicholas. At the same time, many of the former chapels of ease were constituted separate parish churches and began at this date, or in the following decade, to keep their own series of registers, independent of the main series.

Summary of contents:
PAR279/1/2 Baptism registers; 1907-1980
PAR279/1/3 Marriage registers; 1933-1980
PAR279/1/6 Confirmation registers; 1918-1979
PAR279/3 Service registers; 1901-1980
PAR279/7 Other records; 1904
PAR279/9 Accounts; 1904-1914
PAR279/14 Minutes; 1928-1980
PAR279/16 Other records; 1974-1977

Incumbent: registers  PAR279/1  1907-1980

Former reference: PAR279/1

Baptism registers  PAR279/1/2  1907-1980

Former reference: PAR279/1/2

Baptism register  PAR279/1/2/1  Jul 1907 - Jul 1927

Former reference: PAR279/1/2/1

Baptism register  PAR279/1/2/2  Jul 1927 - Oct 1951

Former reference: PAR279/1/2/2

Baptism register  PAR279/1/2/3  Oct 1951 - Apr 1980

Former reference: PAR279/1/2/3

Marriage registers  PAR279/1/3  1933-1980

Former reference: PAR279/1/3

Marriage register  PAR279/1/3/1  Dec 1933 - Jun 1935

Former reference: PAR279/1/3/1

Marriage register  PAR279/1/3/2  Jun 1935 - Oct 1958

Former reference: PAR279/1/3/2

Marriage register  PAR279/1/3/3  Nov 1958 - Apr 1980

Former reference: PAR279/1/3/3

Confirmation registers  PAR279/1/6  1918-1979

Former reference: PAR279/1/6

Confirmation register  PAR279/1/6/1  Dec 1918 - Jun 1979

Former reference: PAR279/1/6/1

Incumbent: service registers  PAR279/3  1901-1980

Former reference: PAR279/3

Service register  PAR279/3/1  Aug 1901 - Oct 1924

Former reference: PAR279/3/1

Service register  PAR279/3/2  Oct 1924 - Aug 1928

Former reference: PAR279/3/2

Service register  PAR279/3/3  [n.d.]

Former reference: PAR279/3/3

Conditions of access: Missing on transfer

Service register  PAR279/3/4  Feb 1933 - Apr 1941

Former reference: PAR279/3/4

Service register  PAR279/3/5  Apr 1941 - Aug 1948

Former reference: PAR279/3/5

Service register  PAR279/3/6  Aug 1948 - Nov 1950

Former reference: PAR279/3/6

Service register  PAR279/3/7  Nov 1950 - Nov 1953

Former reference: PAR279/3/7

Service register  PAR279/3/8  Nov 1953 - Nov 1955

Former reference: PAR279/3/8

Service register  PAR279/3/9  Nov 1955 - Sep 1956

Former reference: PAR279/3/9

Service register  PAR279/3/10  Sep 1956 - Dec 1961

Former reference: PAR279/3/10

Service register  PAR279/3/11  Dec 1961 - Feb 1967

Former reference: PAR279/3/11

Service register  PAR279/3/12  Feb 1967 - Aug 1973

Former reference: PAR279/3/12

Service register  PAR279/3/13  Aug 1973 - Apr 1980

Former reference: PAR279/3/13

Incumbent: other records  PAR279/7  1904

Former reference: PAR279/7

Letter from the Revd Wilfrid Arthur Edmund Westall, St Wilfrid's Vicarage, to Mr Jones stating that the brass candlesticks lent by [John Cuthbert] Nankivell of Brighton St Martin's, for use in the temporary church, are in storage  PAR279/7/1  24 Sep 1934

Former reference: PAR279/7/1

Churchwardens: accounts  PAR279/9  1904-1914

Former reference: PAR279/9

Churchwardens' accounts  PAR279/9/1  Apr 1904 - Dec 1914

Former reference: PAR279/9/1

Parochial Church Council: minutes  PAR279/14  1928-1980

Former reference: PAR279/14

PCC minutes  PAR279/14/1  1928-1979

Former reference: PAR279/14/1

PCC minute book  PAR279/14/1/1  1928-1944

Former reference: PAR279/14/1/1

PCC minutes; Jun 1929 - Jan 1944
Minutes of the AGM; 1928-1943

PCC minute book  PAR279/14/1/2  1944-1956

Former reference: PAR279/14/1/2

PCC minutes; 1944-1949
Minutes of the AGM; 1944-1956

PCC (later District Church Council) minute book  PAR279/14/1/3  Jan 1973 - Dec 1979

Former reference: PAR279/14/1/3

Minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting  PAR279/14/2  1957-1980

Former reference: PAR279/14/2

Related information: For minutes, 1944-1956, see PAR279/14/1/3

Minutes of, and reports to, the annual parish meeting  PAR279/14/2/1  1957-1980

Former reference: PAR279/14/2/1

Secretary's draft minutes  PAR279/14/3  1978-1980

Former reference: PAR279/14/3

Secretary's draft minute book  PAR279/14/3/1  1978-1980

Former reference: PAR279/14/3/1

Council minutes; Feb 1978 - Feb 1980
Annual meetings; 1978-1980

Parochial Church Council: other records  PAR279/16  1974-1977

Former reference: PAR279/16

File of Robert Mercer concerning general PCC business  PAR279/16/1  1974-1977

Former reference: PAR279/16/1

Administrative history:
Robert Mercer resigned from being Hall Secretary in 1974 and was elected deputy churchwarden in March 1976; he sat on the PCC throughout 1974-1977 (see PAR279/14/2/1)]; he signs himself 'Minutes Secretary' in 1976.

Correspondence regarding the cleaning of the hall, Christmas gifts, thanking Father Leonard for his contribution to St Luke's; report of a meeting held by the PCC of Brighton the Resurrection, 18 Mar 1975; PCC accounts, 1974-1976; copy PCC minutes, 1976; report on the heating of the church, 3 Oct 1977

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