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Reference PAR259
Covering dates 1818-1977
Held by East Sussex Record Office
Source of acquisition Deposited by the incumbent and PCC, 10 March 1977 (ACC 2063), 2 December 1977 (ACC 2167), 26 July 2004 (ACC 9001)
Creators Church of England, Brighton Chapel Royal Parish, East Sussex
Related information For a history of the Chapel Royal, see A Dale, Brighton Churches (1989), 23-30; for references to the Revd Thomas Hudson and the Chapel Royal among the Petworth House Archives, see PHA 7625-7627, 9387 and 10601; for a letter from the Revd Samuel Prosser, Sevenoaks in Kent, to the Revd Henry John Urquhart, Montpelier Place, Brighton, requesting particulars of the Chapel Royal, 22 Dec 1831, see ACC 8977/6

The Chapel Royal was designed by Thomas Saunders for the Reverend Thomas Hudson. The Prince Regent laid the corner stone on 25 November 1793 and attended the first service on 3 August 1795 but he was not a regular worshipper at the church.
By an Act of Parliament of 1803 (43 Geo III c91) the chapel was constituted a perpetual curacy and made a chapel of ease to Brighton St Nicholas, the parish church; the right of nomination was reserved to the vicar of Brighton.
The building remained largely unchanged until 1876 when the Reverend C S Childer raised funds to remodel the building's interior under the superintendence of the architect Arthur Blomfield. On the demolition of the buildings along the chapel's North Street Frontage in 1880 the opportunity was taken to rebuild the exterior, with the addition of new entrances and a clock tower. The alterations, again to Blomfield's designs, were finished in 1882.
In 1896 the Revd John Julius Hannah conveyed the chapel to the Ecclesiastical Commissioners, but the vaults were reserved and were leased to a wine merchant, producing an income equivalent to the interest on the £2000 which Hannah's father had spent in buying the building. The Chapel Royal was assigned a conventual district in 1897 but was merged with St Peter's in 1978. Special services for the congregation of Holy Trinity were held at the Chapel Royal after the closure of that church in 1984.
Until 1873 the parish church of Brighton was St Nicholas, while the churches serving the newly developing urban districts in the parish were daughter churches or chapels of ease. The registers before 1873, therefore, contain entries of services performed at the various daughter churches, which were returned by the clergy concerned for inclusion in the main series. No indication is given of which church is involved, and this can only be deduced from comparison of the name of the officiating minister with the Rev G Hennessy Chichester Diocese Clergy Lists (1900) and Crockford's Clerical Directory. Some of the chapels also kept their own series of registers while continuing to make their entries in the main parish series.
In 1873 St Peter's church was constituted as the parish church of Brighton, and the parish records and administrative centre were transferred there from St Nicholas. At the same time, many of the former chapels of ease were constituted separate parish churches and began at this date, or in the following decade, to keep their own series of registers, independent of the main series.
Summary of contents:
PAR259/1/2 Baptism registers; 1823-1914
PAR259/1/3 Marriage registers; 1897-1953
PAR259/1/2 Banns registers; 1922-1970
PAR259/2 Copies of registers and related papers; 1897-1960
PAR259/3 Service registers; 1877-1997
PAR259/4 Buildings; 1776-1960
PAR259/6 Income of the benefice; 1855-1964
PAR259/7 Other records; 1818-1976
PAR259/10 Property; 1897-1952
PAR259/14 Minutes; 1920-1977
PAR259/15 Accounts; 1927-1971
PAR259/16 Other records; 1928-1967
PAR259/26 Posters and appeals; 1857-1915

Incumbent: registers  PAR259/1  1823-1970

Baptism registers  PAR259/1/2  1823-1914

Baptism register  PAR259/1/2/1  Aug 1823 - Oct 1852

at front: annual numbers of baptisms of males and females, 1823-1846; at rear memorandum concerning the hanging at the chapel of the hatchment of king William IV which had previously hung over the south entrance to the Royal Pavilion on the day of his funeral, 1837

Baptism register  PAR259/1/2/2  Sep 1852 - Sep 1891

includes some dates of birth; from 1866 these are given in the majority of cases

Baptism register  PAR259/1/2/3  Sep 1891 - Sep 1914

Marriage registers  PAR259/1/3  1897-1953

Marriage register  PAR259/1/3/1  May 1897 - Mar 1913

Marriage register  PAR259/1/3/2  Jul 1913 - Jul 1925

Marriage register  PAR259/1/3/3  Aug 1925 - Oct 1934

Marriage register  PAR259/1/3/4  Oct 1934 - Jun 1945

Marriage register  PAR259/1/3/5  Jul 1945 - May 1953

Banns registers  PAR259/1/4  1922-1970

Banns certificate counterfoil book; incomplete  PAR259/1/4/1  Jul 1922 - Jun 1970

Incumbent: copies of registers and papers relating to registers  PAR259/2  1897-1960

Marriage certificates and consent to marriage  PAR259/2/1  1897, 1938

Thyer and West  PAR259/2/1/1  12 May 1897

Letter from Grace S Alger, Moseley Private Hotel, 44 Marine Parade, Brighton to the Rev [R M] Raper, giving her consent to the marriage of her niece Margaret Dorothy Alger to Thomas Boswell Champniss,  PAR259/2/1/2  16 Nov 1938

Marriage licences  PAR259/2/2  Jul 1925 - Aug 1951

Day and Upton  PAR259/2/2/1  22 Jul 1925

Slade and Foard  PAR259/2/2/2  5 Jun 1945

Lambert and Morgan  PAR259/2/2/3  22 Mar 1946

With banns certificate

Broadbrigde and Stanton  PAR259/2/2/4  25 May 1949

Godfrey and Moye  PAR259/2/2/5  21 Aug 1951

With banns certificate

Banns certificates  PAR259/2/3  1949-1960

Charlton and Gordon Jones  PAR259/2/3/1  22 May 1949

Certificate of reading of banns at Brighton St Augustine

Charlton and Gordon Jones  PAR259/2/3/2  28 May 1949

Certificate of reading of banns at Brighton St Bartholomew

Curley and Dennis  PAR259/2/3/3  15 Jul 1949

Pankhurst and Baird  PAR259/2/3/4  12 Sep 1949

Stout and Harvey  PAR259/2/3/5  19 Sep 1949

Perry and Crisp  PAR259/2/3/6  29 Nov 1949

Perry and Crisp  PAR259/2/3/7  26 Dec 1949

Certificate of reading of banns at Brighton St Mary

Day and Roscoe  PAR259/2/3/8  3 Apr 1950

Minter and Saunders  PAR259/2/3/9  1 Jul 1950

Hoad and Palmer  PAR259/2/3/10  19 Jul 1950

Certificate of reading of banns at Peacehaven

MacGregor and Boxell  PAR259/2/3/11  15 Jul 1951

Harrowing and Garrett  PAR259/2/3/12  17 Mar 1952

Certificate of reading of banns at West Tarring

Corder and Collingwood  PAR259/2/3/13  18 Jan 1955

Corder and Collingwood  PAR259/2/3/14  21 Feb 1955

Certificate of reading of banns at Brighton St Martin

Martin and Turner  PAR259/2/3/15  27 Feb 1955

Collins and Hill  PAR259/2/3/16  17 Apr 1955

Certificate of reading of banns at Brighton St Nicholas

Rothenburg and Watts  PAR259/2/3/17  26 Jun 1955

Certificate of reading of banns at Brighton St Michael and All Angels

Rothenburg and Watts  PAR259/2/3/18  28 Jun 1955

Certificate of reading of banns at Brighton St Mark

Rothenburg and Watts  PAR259/2/3/19  27 Aug 1955

Nolan and Paterson  PAR259/2/3/20  10 Dec 1955

Hayes and Green  PAR259/2/3/21  4 Jan 1956

Hayes and Green  PAR259/2/3/22  15 Jan 1956

Certificate of reading of banns at Preston St Mathias

Willett and Wilkinson  PAR259/2/3/23  8 Feb 1956

Nash and Arthur  PAR259/2/3/24  16 Jan 1956

Williams and Vaughan  PAR259/2/3/25  22 Jan 1956

Paul and Tidey  PAR259/2/3/26  29 Apr 1956

Dawson and Batt  PAR259/2/3/27  2 Jun 1956

Yeates and Dennett  PAR259/2/3/28  19 Dec 1956

Yeates and Dennett  PAR259/2/3/29  6 Jan 1957

Certificate of reading of banns at Brighton St Bartholemew

Ayoola and Ozon  PAR259/2/3/30  19 Jan 1957

Ayoola and Ozon  PAR259/2/3/31  11 Feb 1957

Certificate of reading of banns at the garrison church of Aldershot St George

Jacks and Joy  PAR259/2/3/32  2 Jul 1957

Jacks and Joy  PAR259/2/3/33  7 Jul 1957

Certificate of reading of banns at Brighton St Matthew

Jacks and Joy  PAR259/2/3/34  8 Jul 1957

Certificate of reading of banns at parish church of Havant

Mills and Dixson  PAR259/2/3/35  17 Jul 1958

Wilkinson and Knoto  PAR259/2/3/36  4 Jan 1958

Wilkinson and Knoto  PAR259/2/3/37  26 Jan 1958

Certificate of reading of banns at the garrison church of Aldershot St George

Wilkinson and Knoto  PAR259/2/3/38  9 Feb 1958

Certificate of reading of banns at Brighton St Mary and St James

Darch and Taylor  PAR259/2/3/39  Mar 1958

Wickham and Gates  PAR259/2/3/40  27 Mar 1958

Cassey and Harman  PAR259/2/3/41  28 Jun 1959

Vinall and Sparkes  PAR259/2/3/42  15 Nov 1959

McKernan and Ayling  PAR259/2/3/43  24 Jun 1960

Application for Banns

Nash and Wheeler  PAR259/2/3/44  2 Jul 1960

Baptismal records  PAR259/2/4  1960

Baptismal card of Robert Leighton Bigge  PAR259/2/4/1  Jun 1960

Lists parents and godparents

Incumbent: service registers  PAR259/3  1877-1997

Service register  PAR259/3/1  Feb 1877 - Jun 1890

Service register  PAR259/3/2  Jun 1890 - Apr 1898

includes loose rough list of anthems,, note of amounts collected in missionary boxes, printed copy of Epiphany hymn, scrap of paper with rough calculations; [?late 19th century]

Service register  PAR259/3/3  Apr 1898 - Jun 1911

Service register  PAR259/3/4  Jun 1911 - Dec 1918

at rear: note of [baptism] of Bert, the son of Bert and Lily Mary Ann Humphrey, 4 Aug 1919;

Service register  PAR259/3/5  Dec 1918 - Aug 1924

Service register  PAR259/3/6  Aug 1924 - Oct 1930

Service register  PAR259/3/7  Oct 1930 - Dec 1936

Service register  PAR259/3/8  Dec 1936 - Dec 1950

Service register  PAR259/3/9  Jan 1951 - Sep 1960

Service register  PAR259/3/10  Sep 1960 - Dec 1968

Service register  PAR259/3/11  Jan 1969 - Aug 1972

Service register  PAR259/3/12  Sep 1972 - Dec 1975

missing on transfer

Service register  PAR259/3/13  1 Jan 1976 - 29 Mar 1981

Service register  PAR259/3/14  1 Apr 1981 - 17 Oct 1986

Service register  PAR259/3/15  19 Oct 1986 - 23 Oct 1991

Service register  PAR259/3/16  25 Oct 1991 - 2 Mar 1997

Incumbent: buildings  PAR259/4  1876-1960

1876 Alterations  PAR259/4/1  1876

Related information: For plans and elevations see PAR259/4/2 below

Specification of proposed alterations to Chapel Royal, stamped 'Sir Arthur Blomfield and Sons, 8 Montague Place, Baker Street, London'  PAR259/4/1/1  May 1876

Letter from George Lynn and Sons, Marlborough Street, Brighton to A W Blomfield, architect, containing estimate for work on the Chapel Royal  PAR259/4/1/2  16 Jun 1876

Plans and Elevations  PAR259/4/2  c1776 - c1880

Related information: For specification and estimate see PAR259/4/1 above

PAR259/4/2/1-2, from the original designs for Chapel Royal, appear to have been acquired by A W Blomfield of 28 Montagu Square while designing the alterations at the end of the 19th century. For a detailed narrative of the various building campaigns see A Dale 'Brighton Churches' (1989), 23-30.

Elevation and plan of pulpit as proposed, subsequently stamped by A W Blomfield, architect, 6 Montagu Square, Baker Street, London  PAR259/4/2/1  [1790s]

Section of lantern light and plan of ceiling, subsequently annotated and stamped by A W Blomfield, architect, 6 Montagu Square, Baker Street, London  PAR259/4/2/2  [1790s]

Section looking east  PAR259/4/2/3  [1876-1877]

Plan of interior rearrangement  PAR259/4/2/4  [1876-1877]

Sections and elevations of nave and choir seats  PAR259/4/2/5  [1876-1877]

Plan of gallery  PAR259/4/2/6  [1876-1877]

Plans and elevation of pulpit; endorsed '1989 or ?'  PAR259/4/2/7  [1876-1877]

Elevation and plan of altered North Street frontage showing bell tower; A W Blomfield, architect, 28 Montague Square, London  PAR259/4/2/8  Jun 1879

Elevation and plan of proposed new frontages on North Street and Princes Place, showing bellcote and proposed cupola; for A W Blomfield, architect, 28 Montague Square, London  PAR259/4/2/9  Aug 1879

Elevation, plan and sections of Princes Place front, showing bellcote  PAR259/4/2/10  [1879]

Elevation of proposed alterations to North Street and Princes Place fronts showing elaborate bell tower, with plan of North Street front; A W Blomfield, architect, 28 Montague Square, London  PAR259/4/2/11  Oct 1880

Plan of outer walls of the Chapel Royal  PAR259/4/2/12  [c1880]

Papers relating to the organ  PAR259/4/3  1883-1933

Related information: See also PAR259/10/6

Specification for new organ by J Baptiste Calkin esq, London  PAR259/4/3/1  1883

Specification and estimate for cleaning and completion by Morgan and Smith Ltd, organ builders, Brighton  PAR259/4/3/2  1919

Covering letter to PAR259/4/3/2 above to Frederick Wagner esq, 45 Queen's Park Terrace, Brighton  PAR259/4/3/3  1919

Specification for improvement and completion by Henry Willis and Sons and Lewes and Co Ltd, Rotunda Organ Works, 234 Ferndale Road, London  PAR259/4/3/4  1922

Covering letter to PAR259/4/3/4 above to Frederick Wagner esq, 45 Queen's Park Terrace, Brighton  PAR259/4/3/5  1922

Specification and estimate for restoration by Morgan and Smith Ltd, organ builders, Brighton  PAR259/4/3/6  1933

Covering letter from Morgan and Smith Ltd to John Ireland esq, 203 Western Road, Brighton  PAR259/4/3/7  1933

Extract from The Organ World containing an article entitled 'The Organ of the Chapel Royal, Brighton' by Henry Coleman  PAR259/4/3/8  Aug 1960

Photographs of Chapel Royal  PAR259/4/4  1886, 1936

Photograph of interior of church  PAR259/4/4/1  1886

Newspaper cutting of photograph of Princes Place in 1864 showing the Chapel Royal before rebuilding  PAR259/4/4/2  1936

Deeds  PAR259/4/5  1897, 1960

Receipted bill from White, Borrett and Co (solicitors), Whitehall Place, London, for costs and charges of carrying out surrender by the Reverend J J Hannah of proprietory rights of and in the Chapel Royal and conveyance to the Ecclesiastical Commissioners  PAR259/4/5/1  25 Feb 1897

Copy conveyance of 41 Stanford Avenue (for a parsonage house), Arthur Baker - Church Commissioners  PAR259/4/5/2  5 Sep 1960

Faculties  PAR259/4/6  1935

Faculty for mural brass in memory of the Rev Alfred Hanson Haigh [vicar 23 Dec 1918 - 30 Jun 1932]  PAR259/4/6/1  16 Apr 1935

Incumbent: income of the benefice  PAR259/6  1855-1964

Pew rents  PAR259/6/1  1855-1892

Pew rent book  PAR259/6/1/1  1855 - 1892

Related information: For pew rents c1828 see PAR255/6/1

Memoranda concerning pew rents pew rent receipts, service sheets and notes on sermons  PAR259/6/1/2  1855 - 1892

Related information: For pew rents c1828 see PAR255/6/1

Formerly enclosed within PAR259/6/1/1

Chichester Diocesan Fund  PAR259/6/2  1964

51st Annual Report of the Chichester Diocesan fund  PAR259/6/2/1  20 Oct 1964

Incumbent: other records  PAR259/7  1818-1976

Sermons, hymns and verse  PAR259/7/1  1818, 1924

Photocopy of a broadsheet containing a sermon preached at the Chapel Royal by the Rev J Prowett, rector of Edburton in aid of the funds of SPCK  PAR259/7/1/1  1 Oct 1818

With notes about the work of the SPCK

Manuscript booklet entitled 'The Offertory Sentences from the Book of Common Prayer done into verse by the late Rev Thomas Trocke, MA forty years incumbent of the Chapel Royal, Brighton. With appropriate church music.'  PAR259/7/1/2  c1910

Letter from Richard Bastick who was christened in the church in 1833, to Mr Rose asking him to present the book (PAR259/7/1/2) to the present vicar, explaining that it was he who set the versicles to music and bound the book  PAR259/7/1/3  19 Oct 1924

Epiphany hymn  PAR259/7/1/4  [1890s]

Printed hymn; first line, 'Brightest and best of the Sons of the Morning!'; rough calculations endorsed

List of hymns and settings and part of a sheet from printed register of music for services with a rough memorandum of carols (?to be sung at a service)  PAR259/7/1/5  [1890s]

Papers relating to the boundaries of the parish  PAR259/7/2  1897-1950

The London Gazette, addressed to the Rev Seymour Penzer, Chapel Royal House, Brighton  PAR259/7/2/1  19 Jan 1897

Order assigning a district chapelry to the Chapel Royal [therefore constituting it a parish]

Note of boundaries of the parish  PAR259/7/2/2  1937

Ordnance Survey map showing outline of the parish  PAR259/7/2/3  1937

Printed report of the Commission on the Reorganisation of the parishes of the Rural Deanery of Brighton and the parishes of Stanmer with Falmer and Telscombe-with-Piddinghoe appointed under the Reorganisation Areas Measure  PAR259/7/2/4  1944, 1950

Photographs of the Choir  PAR259/7/3  1920-1933

Photograph of choir  PAR259/7/3/1  1920

Photograph of the choir with the Rev A H Haigh  PAR259/7/3/2  1923

Photograph of choir  PAR259/7/3/3  1933

Parish magazines  PAR259/7/4  1897-1976

PAR259/7/4/1-16,18 bound with 'The Dawn of Day' PAR259/7/4/19-28 bound with 'Home Words'

Parish magazine  PAR259/7/4/1  1897

Parish magazine  PAR259/7/4/2  1898

Parish magazine  PAR259/7/4/3  1899

Parish magazine  PAR259/7/4/4  1900

Parish magazine  PAR259/7/4/5  1901

Parish magazine  PAR259/7/4/6  1902

Parish magazine  PAR259/7/4/7  1903

Parish magazine  PAR259/7/4/8  1904

Parish magazine  PAR259/7/4/9  1905

Parish magazine  PAR259/7/4/10  1906

Parish magazine  PAR259/7/4/11  1907

Parish magazine  PAR259/7/4/12  1908

Parish magazine  PAR259/7/4/13  1909

Parish magazine  PAR259/7/4/14  1910

Parish magazine  PAR259/7/4/15  1911

Parish magazine  PAR259/7/4/16  1912

Parish magazine  PAR259/7/4/17  1919

Parish magazine  PAR259/7/4/18  1920

Parish magazine  PAR259/7/4/19  1921

Parish magazine  PAR259/7/4/20  1922

Parish magazine  PAR259/7/4/21  1923

Parish magazine  PAR259/7/4/22  1924

Parish magazine  PAR259/7/4/23  1925

Parish magazine  PAR259/7/4/24  1926

Parish magazine  PAR259/7/4/25  1927

Parish magazine  PAR259/7/4/26  1928

Parish magazine  PAR259/7/4/27  1930

Parish magazine  PAR259/7/4/28  1931

Parish magazines  PAR259/7/4/29  1934-1942

Parish magazines  PAR259/7/4/30  1943-1956

Parish magazines  PAR259/7/4/31  1960-1969

Parish magazines  PAR259/7/4/32  1970-1976

Supplement to Chapel Royal newsletter giving an account of church activities  PAR259/7/4/33  1942-c1960

History of the parish  PAR259/7/5  c1970

Printed leaflet giving a brief history of the church and details of services  PAR259/7/5/1  c1970

Missionary boxes  PAR259/7/6  [1890s]

List of sums contributed by individuals to the missionary boxes  PAR259/7/6/1  [1890s]

Churchwardens: property  PAR259/10  1897-1952

Inventories  PAR259/10/1  1897-1952

Volume containing inventory of church plate and furnishings, 1897  PAR259/10/1/1  1897-1931

also includes notes on processions, rites and ceremonial clothing; memoranda concerning certain services including Armistice Day 1923, dedication of the war memorial, 1924 and the dedication of the Good Shepherd oil painting, 1926

Inventory  PAR259/10/1/2  1952

Property divided by location; Vicar's vestry, choir vestry and 'church'; written on the reverse of notices of services for the weeks beginning 2 December 1951and 30 December 1951

War Memorials  PAR259/10/2  [1914-1918]

Loose printed sheet of suggestions as to the forms to be taken by war memorials, published by the Advisory Committee of War Memorials for the Diocese of Chichester  PAR259/10/2/1  [1914-1918]

Parochial Church Council: minutes  PAR259/14  1920-1977

Minutes of the Finance Committee  PAR259/14/1  1920-1922

Minutes of the Finance Committee  PAR259/14/1/1  Sep 1920 - Mar 1922

Minutes of the Council  PAR259/14/2  1920-1977

Minutes of the council  PAR259/14/2/1  Oct 1920 - Nov 1936

Includes: minutes of vestry meetings, Apr 1921 - Apr 1937 and parochial meetings, Apr 1921 - Jan 1937

Minutes of the council  PAR259/14/2/2  Nov 1937 - Nov 1960

Includes: annual statement of accounts

Minutes of the council  PAR259/14/2/3  17 Apr 1961 - 8 Mar 1977

Includes: annual accounts

Minutes of the Standing Committee  PAR259/14/3  1933-1965

Minutes of the Standing Committee  PAR259/14/3/1  Jun 1933 - Dec 1946

Minutes of the Standing Committee  PAR259/14/3/2  Apr 1945 - Jul 1965

Parochial Church Council: accounts  PAR259/15  1927-1971

General accounts  PAR259/15/1  1927-1971

General accounts  PAR259/15/1/1  1927-1932

General accounts  PAR259/15/1/2  1933-1939

General accounts  PAR259/15/1/3  1940-1948

General accounts  PAR259/15/1/4  1949-1953

General accounts  PAR259/15/1/5  1965-1971

Annual statements of accounts  PAR259/15/2  1931-1966

Annual statement of accounts  PAR259/15/2/1  1931-1966

Credit slips  PAR259/15/3  1929

Loose credit slip counterfoil from the Westminster Bank for £6 9s 4d in favour of the Chapel Royal Parochial Church Council; rough calculations endorsed  PAR259/15/3/1  25 Aug 1929

Parochial Church Council: other records  PAR259/16  1928-1967

Parish Hall  PAR259/16/1  1928

Report and valuation by N P Nye and Co, chartered surveyors, regarding the parish hall, 20 New Road and 28 Bond Street  PAR259/16/1/1  1928

Electoral Rolls  PAR259/16/2  c1930-1950s

Electoral roll (revised to c1951)  PAR259/16/2/1  c1930

Electoral roll  PAR259/16/2/2  1950s

Correspondence  PAR259/16/3  1953-1967

General correspondence  PAR259/16/3/1  1953-1954

Finance, maintenance of buildings and re-organisation of parishes

General correspondence  PAR259/16/3/2  1954-1955

Formation of a side chapel and re-decorating the chancel, including the faculty, schedules of work and plans

Correspondence  PAR259/16/3/3  1960-1967

Finance and maintenance of buildings and inspection reports

Other records  PAR259/26  1857-1915

Posters and appeals  PAR259/26/1  1857-1915

Poster advertising charity sermon to be preached on behalf of the Brighton Association of the Church Missionary Society  PAR259/26/1/1  1857

Poster advertising charity sermon to be preached on behalf of All Saints Church Brighton  PAR259/26/1/2  17 Oct 1858

Poster advertising charity sermon to be preached on behalf of the Brighton Branch of the Society for Promoting Christianity Amongst Jews  PAR259/26/1/3  20 Feb 1859

Poster advertising charity sermon to be preached on behalf of the Church Missionary Society  PAR259/26/1/4  20 Nov 1859

Poster advertising charity sermon to be preached on behalf of the Lewes Deanery Committee of the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge  PAR259/26/1/5  17 Jun 1860

Poster advertising charity sermon to be preached on behalf of the Church of England Scripture Readers' Association of Brighton  PAR259/26/1/6  24 Feb 1861 - 5 May 1861

Poster advertising charity sermon to be preached on behalf of Sussex County Hospital  PAR259/26/1/7  15 Dec 1861

Poster advertising charity sermon to be preached on behalf of Brighton Branch of the Society for Promoting Christianity Amongst Jews  PAR259/26/1/8  16 Feb 1862

Poster advertising charity sermon to be preached on behalf of Brighton Branch of the Society for Promoting Christianity Amongst Jews  PAR259/26/1/9  15 Feb 1863

Poster advertising charity sermon to be preached on behalf of the Church Missionary Society  PAR259/26/1/10  18 Nov 1866

Poster advertising charity sermon to be preached on behalf of Brighthelmstone National Schools  PAR259/26/1/11  18 Sep 1869

Printed appeal on behalf of the Church of England Scripture Readers' Association for Brighton  PAR259/26/1/12  [late 19th century]

Page of advertisements removed from a magazine (not named) including an advert for the Chapel Royal Hall, New Road which may be hired for lectures and meetings  PAR259/26/1/13  [post Jun 1915]

Appeal to raise funds for renovation of Chapel Royal  PAR259/26/1/14  1965

Reprinted from the 'Brighton and Hove Herald', 25 June 1965

Handbill concerning programmes of music to be performed at the chapel, 1960-1961  PAR259/26/1/15  1960

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