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Reference P 347
Covering dates 1894-1998
Held by East Sussex Record Office
Extent 11 series
Conditions of access Not available for public inspection until 30 years after the date of the document
Source of acquisition Records deposited January 1970 (D 1042), February 1979 (A 2366), January 1993 (A 6019), March 1999 (ACC 7859), October 2000 (ACC 8226), and February 2001 (ACC 8282)
Creators Glynde and Beddingham Parish Council, East Sussex
Related information For pre-amalgamation records of Beddingham parish council, see P 238.

On 21 February 1972 the parish councils of Beddingham and Glynde were amalgamated by a Grouping Order made by ESCC under s45 of the Local Government Act 1933 (for which see C/C 45/22, number 14); the annual parish meetings for both Beddingham and Glynde continue
The new authority, which met for the first time in May 1972, continued to use the minute book of the Beddingham council (P 347/2/3 below); that for Glynde (P 347/2/2 below) was closed. The records of the new body have been listed under the reference for the former Glynde Parish Council

Parish Meeting minute books  [no ref.]  1894-1974

Minutes  P 347/1/1  Dec 1894-Mar 1974

Parish council minute books  [no ref.]  1894-1996

Minutes  P 347/2/1  Dec 1894-Jul 1902

Minutes  P 347/2/2  Sep 1902-Mar 1972

Closed on the formation of Glynde and Beddingham Parish Council

Minutes  P 347/2/3  Jun 1963-May 1985

Beddingham Parish Council to May 1972

Minutes  P 347/2/4  Aug 1985-Jun 1991

Minutes  P 347/2/5  Sep 1991-May 1996

Baths and recreation ground joint committee minute books  [no ref.]  1927-1972

A joint committee of the parish councils of Glynde and Beddingham, which also had temporary responsibility for the Beddingham Reading Room

Minutes  P 347/3/1  Feb 1927-Mar 1972

Henrietta Hay's Charity joint committee  [no ref.]  1896-1970

Related information: For trust deeds and the records of the administration of the charity, see P 461/11/1-5.

By a codicil of 1 May 1787, Henrietta Hay of Glyndebourne provided £2000 for the support of aged persons in Glynde and Ringmer; there were annual distributions in July and December. An Order of the Charity Commissioners of 5 July 1895 provided for the appointment of up to six additional trustees by a joint committee of the two parish councils.

Minute book  P 347/4/1  Jan 1896 - Jul 1970

Charity Commission notice of the proposed appointment of Henry Rainald [Gage], Lord Gage, and Thomas William Pickard as trustees  P 347/4/2  16 Jun 1927

General correspondence files, Glynde and Beddingham Parish Council  [no ref.]  1948-1997

Correspondence  P 347/5/1  Jun 1948-May 1977

Correspondence  P 347/5/3  Apr 1984-Feb 1986

Correspondence  P 347/5/4  Apr 1986-Jul 1987

Correspondence  P 347/5/5  Aug 1987-Aug 1988

Correspondence  P 347/5/6  Sep 1988-Mar 1989

Correspondence  P 347/5/7  Apr 1989-Mar 1990

Correspondence  P 347/5/9  Jul 1991-Dec 1993

Correspondence  P 347/5/10  Aug 1994-Aug 1997

Valuation lists  [no ref.]  1899-1902

Substitutional valuation list for Glynde, approved by the Lewes Union Assessment Committee  P 347/6/1  30 Mar 1899

Supplemental valuation list for Glynde, approved 4 April 1901  P 347/6/2  1901-1902

With amendments to August 1902 enclosed

Papers concerning Parish Council elections  [no ref.]  1991-1995

Copy returns, with names of candidates and numbers of votes cast  P 347/7/1  May 1991 - Apr 1995

Clerk's files  [no ref.]  1980s-1996

Traffic issues  P 347/8/1  Mar 1992 - Sep 1997

Recreation ground  P 347/8/2  Aug 1992 - Sep 1994

Planning issues  P 347/8/3  Jan 1994 - Mar 1996

Parish war emergency plan  P 347/8/9  1980s

Community Emergency Plan, including lists of old wells and pumps in the district, farms and gardens providing food and fishing places; Parish war emergency plan partially filled out, including correspondence with Lewes District Council and a list of shelter equipment and regulations

Survey of parish boundary stones common to Ringmer and Glynde compiled by Ringmer Ramblers  P 347/8/10  Oct 1998

Letter and report sent from Clerk of Ringmer Parish Council

Statistics from the 1991 Census for Glynde and Beddingham  P 347/8/11  1991-1993

With covering letter from Lewes District Council, January 1993

Baths and Recreation Ground joint committee receipts and payments books  [no ref.]  1927-1972

A joint committee of the parish councils of Glynde and Beddingham

Accounts  P 347/9/1  Jun 1927 - Oct 1963

Accounts  P 347/9/2  Mar 1965 - Mar 1972

Declarations of councillors on acceptance of office  [no ref.]  1904-1965

Includes entries for Beddingham councillors

Declarations  P 347/10/1  Jul 1904 - Jul 1949

Declarations  P 347/10/2  Jun 1949 - May 1965

Receipts and payments books (audited)  [no ref.]  1915-1989

Accounts  P 347/11/1  Apr 1915 - Jul 1958


Accounts  P 347/11/2  Jun 1959 - Apr 1971


Accounts  P 347/11/3  Apr 1972 - Mar 1989

Glynde and Beddingham

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