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Reference NU
Covering dates 1688-1988
Held by East Sussex Record Office
Extent 6 Sub-fonds
Conditions of access Documents are closed to public inspection for 30 years from the last date of a document

Summary of classes
NU/1 Lewes Westgate Unitarian Chapel: baptism registers, marriage register, lists of members, 1688-1977; meeting house accounts, 1730-1891; accounts, 1955-1959; notes of cost of repairs, 1956-1957; subscriptions for the Minister, 1838-1865; subscription accounts, 1876-1891; offertory accounts, 1910-1922; cash book, 1911-1923; receipted bills, c1790-1860; letter from the British Red Cross Society concerning a donation, accounts of payments made by the Charity Commissioners, bank statements of the International Union of Liberal Christian Women, 1915-1939; papers concerning the appointment of a committee to manage the affairs of the congregation, 1841-1842; minutes of the Lewes Unitarian Circle, 1894-1920; Lewes Branch of the Women's League and Sewing Circle (formerly the Lewes Unitarian Sewing Circle) report and balance sheets, 1913-1936; minutes of the Social Guild Committee, 1912-1914; minutes of the Choir Committee, 1918-1919; minutes of committee and annual general meetings, 1927-1941; Honorary Secretaries' reports, 1917-1953; certificate licensing the chapel for the solemnisation of marriages, 1837; visitors' book, 1917-1958; papers concerning a right of access to allow repairs to be made to the west side of the chapel, 1898-1928; papers concerning a bequest by John Henry Every, 1936-1943; inventories of deeds and documents, 1790-1934; inventory of contents of the chapel, 1963; photograph of the first page of the baptism register 1688, c1930; agreements, notices and papers relating to the structure of the chapel and adjoining buildings including Bull House (Tom Paine), 1695-1843; bills, estimates, accounts, correspondence and papers concerning repairs and decorations, 1832-1973; papers concerning insurance consisting of policies, letters, description of pewter plates stolen from the chapel, provisional valuation under the 1910 Finance Act, c1914-1959; state of the case concerning the disposal of pews, c1750-1854; note of the hatchment of Francis, Lord Napier, note of the death of Mr Sowden, 1772-1854; photographs of the interior of the chapel, 1915-1929; Ministers' papers consisting of papers relating to the Minister's salary, sermon, insurance policy, order of service, c1850-1950; papers of the Rev T W Horsfield, 1817-1838; Vestry library account book, receipted bills, subscription book, plan to unite the library with that at Southover to create a public library, 1808-1864; printed material including rules of the Southern Unitarian Association, lecture by W H Godfrey, poster advertising broadsides from Tom Paine, notices of services, newspaper cuttings, 1768-1952; Sunday School register of pupils, catalogue of books, 1865-c1940; title deeds of the site of the chapel, 1719-1874
NU/2 Ditchling the Old Meeting House (Unitarian): minutes of church meetings, 1753-1921; register of births, register of deaths and burials, membership list, plan of the chapel and of the old and new burial grounds, death certificates, 1737-1895; minutes of the directors' of the Free School, copies of deeds and papers relating to the school, (1738)-1834; copies of trust deeds, (1740)-1821; correspondence and papers concerning burial ground, appeals for subscriptions, alterations to the chapel, appointment of ministers, sale of the Free School, letters concerning the sate of Unitarianism at Poole in Dorset and Manchester, The 'Browne' American letters, 1794-1831, history of the chapel, 1763-1987; other records consisting of a provisional index of documents of the chapel, A Study of the old Meeting House and the Retaining Wall between the Burial Ground and the School Cottages, 1982-1986
NU/3 Battle Unitarian Chapel: church books containing articles of faith, lists of members, lists of births, history of the chapel, repairs to the chapel, minutes of church meetings, 1769-1845; appeal for funds and report on the state of the chapel, 1840-1857; papers concerning the sale of the chapel and its use by the Mountjoy Institute, 1897-1928; papers concerning the history of the chapel, 1872-1928; papers concerning the burial ground including list of inscriptions of headstones, 1980-1984
NU/4 Northiam Unitarian Chapel: church books containing history of the chapel, lists of members, minutes, 1788-1850; accounts for the building of the chapel, subscriptions and expenditure, bills for bread, wine and candles, bills for repairs and maintenance, 1795-1910; correspondence and papers consisting of services, printed works, lists of trustees, letters from the British and Foreign Unitarian Association, questionnaire from the Provincial Assembly of non-Subscribing Ministers and Congregations, appointment of trustees, order of service, 1817-1916; Northiam Union Library register of issues, printed catalogue, 1809-1823; Sunday School pupils' attendance register, 1835-1844; other records consisting of photographs of members of the Comport family, photographs of the interior and exterior of the chapel, c1890-1988
NU/5 Hastings Unitarian Chapel: history of the chapel, (1867)-1967
NU/6 Brighton Unitarian Church: trust deeds and registration certificates, (1774)-1892; committee minutes, annual general meeting minutes, Women's League minutes, 1822-1984; reports of the committee and women's League, 1893-1978; baptism register, marriage register, register of burial services, 1886-1943; lists of subscribers, 1820-1979; church book containing summary of trust deed, lists of trustees, inventory of property, rules, list of Ministers, list of Secretaries, list of Treasurers, accounts, membership lists, 1860-1952; Treasurers' accounts, 1822-1825; liquidation fund papers, 1821-1859; cash books, account books, 1820-1975; cash and bank accounts, 1969-1976; petty cash book, 1971-1973; ledger, 1972-1973; offertory book, 1940-1951; vouchers to account for advertisements in newspapers, repairs to the chapel, maintenance and repairs, 1840-1874; trustees' correspondence concerning Ministers, 1821-1837; other records consisting of photograph of a Minister, appeal for funds, printed history of the church, c1886-1972


Archival history:
On the deposit of two minute-books in May 1998 documents previously listed as NU/1/2/28-61 were relisted as NU/1/11/1-4 and NU/1/12/1-3

Source of acquisition: Deposited by the Trustees in May 1970 (ACC 1081), Apr 1973 (ACC 1574), Feb 1978 (ACC 2206), Sep 1978 (ACC 2304), Feb 1991 (ACC 5651) 20 May 1998 (ACC 7688)

Creator(s): Westgate Unitarian Chapel, Lewes

Related information: For a history of the chapel, see J M Connell The Story of an Old Meeting House (1916). For the diary of the Rev Ebenezer Johnston, minister at Westgate Chapel, 1742-1782, see AMS6235

Summary of contents
NU/1 Registers and membership lists
NU/2 The Meeting General Administrative papers, excluding minutes and reports (for which see NU/1/11)
NU/3 Buildings
NU/4 Ministers' papers
NU/5 Papers of the Rev Thomas Walker Horsfield
NU/6 The Vestry Library
NU/7 Printed material
NU/8 The Sunday School
NU/9 Trust deeds: Westgate Chapel
NU/10 Trust deed: Eastport Lane Chapel
NU/11 Minutes and reports
NU/12 Lewes Unitarian Circle (subsequently the Lewes branch of the Women's League and Sewing Circle)

Registers and Membership Lists  NU/1/1  [n.d.]

Baptisms  NU/1/1/1  1688 - 1714

Prefaced by account of Thomas Barnard, the minister, of his religious career and views on baptism, and Barnard family pedigree. In reverse, names of members admitted to the church 1695 - 1717 1 vol
Baptisms 1715 - 42. The volume covering baptisms 1715 - 42 was noted as missing as early as c1800

Baptisms  NU/1/1/2  1742 - 1834

1 vol

In reverse: money distributed to the poor 1783 - 1837 after which collections were not made
Collection at the Lord's Supper 1850 - 54

Register  NU/1/1/3  1688-1977

1 vol

Baptisms 1844 - 1948, 1977; Marriages 1848 - 1885. Also includes copy baptisms 1688 - 1714, 1742 - 1834

Index to baptisms  NU/1/1/4  1742 - 1828

1 vol

Lists of members with addresses  NU/1/1/5  1916 - 33

1 vol

Also includes accounts of subscriptions received 1916 - 24

The Meeting: General Administration  NU/1/2  [n.d.]

Finance  [no ref. or date]

Meeting house accounts  NU/1/2/1  1730 - 1834

1 vol

In reverse: names of the thirteen trustees in the first deed of trust. Account of money expended in buying the upper meeting house and putting it in the hands of trustees 1719. Names of benefactors and sums donated

Meeting house accounts  NU/1/2/2  1835 - 1891

On fo.2 names of old trustees and trustees of new deed of trust 10 Feb 1836. At end: statement of receipts and payments on account of the alterations and repairs of the Westgate Meeting House. 1 vol. 1843 - 44

Accounts  NU/1/2/3  1955

1 doc

Accounts  NU/1/2/4  1957

1 doc

Accounts  NU/1/2/5  1958 - 59

1 doc

Abridged statement of accounts  NU/1/2/6-7  1958 - 59

2 docs

Rough budgets  NU/1/2/8-9  1957

2 docs

Financial report  NU/1/2/10  1958

1 doc

Notes on bank balance  NU/1/2/11  1958

1 doc

Notes on cost of repairs  NU/1/2/12  1956 - 57

1 doc

Subscriptions for the minister  NU/1/2/13  1838 - 65

1 vol

Booklet containing names of subscribers and amounts subscribed  NU/1/2/14a  1876 - 91

Offertory book  NU/1/2/14b  1910 - 22

1 vol

Cash Book  NU/1/2/15  1911 - 1923

1 vol

Receipted bills  NU/1/2/16-25  c1790 - c1860

10 bdles

Bills  NU/1/2/26  1792 - 1826

Bill for an advertisement in the Morning Chronicle  NU/1/2/26/1  1792-93

1 doc

For paper and binding and for transcribing the register

Bill for bread and for cleaning plate  NU/1/2/26/2  1816

1 doc

Relisted as NU/1/9/15  NU/1/2/26/3  [n.d.]

Archival history:
Relisted as NU/1/9/15

Letter and receipt for donation to the British Red Cross Society  NU/1/2/27a  1915

Accounts of payments made by Charity Commissioners  NU/1/2/27b  1916 - 1918

1 Notebook

(? Ridge's Bequest) to the trustees

Bank Statements of the International Union Liberal Christian Women  NU/1/2/27c  1931 - 39

1 bdle

Miscellaneous  [no ref. or date]

Certificate that the Westgate Chapel has been licensed for the solemnization of marriages  NU/1/2/62  1837

Westgate Chapel Visitors Book  NU/1/2/63  1917 - 1958

1 vol

1917 - 45, 1951 - 1953, 1958

Extract of the account from John Every to Isaac Vinall  NU/1/2/64-66  1928

3 docs

Concerning negotiations with Mr Henwood over the trustees right to enter his garden to repair the west side and roof of the chapel and their release of right over the site of the ashpit 1898 - 99 together with letter from J Every to Mr Connell asking him to put the enclosed in the chapel deed box

Account  NU/1/2/67  1907

From John H. Every to Isaac Vinall re Henwood delivered by executrix

Letter from Isaac Vinall and Sons to J.H. Every  NU/1/2/68  18 May 1936

Acknowledging the receipt of a deed of settlement between J.H. Every and the Westgate Chapel trustees dated

Letter from Isaac Vinall and Sons to Mrs Severs, Treasurer of Westgate Chapel  NU/1/2/69-70  1943

2 docs

Enclosing an extract from the will of John Henry Every in which he bequeaths £500 to Westgate Chapel and requesting her to sign a receipt for the enclosed cheque

Inventory of deeds and documents  NU/1/2/71  1790

1 doc

Inventory of deeds and documents  NU/1/2/72  1817

1 doc

Inventory of deeds and documents  NU/1/2/73  1890

1 doc

Inventory of deeds and documents  NU/1/2/74  1907

1 doc

Inventory of the contents of Westgate Chapel deed box  NU/1/2/75  1934

1 doc

Inventory  NU/1/2/76  1966

1 doc

As sorted and listed by A.J. Roper in 1963 and checked

Photograph of first page from the first baptismal register  NU/1/2/77  c1930

Related information: (See also NU/1/1/1/)

Buildings  NU/1/3  [n.d.]

Agreements, notices etc  [no ref. or date]

Assignment  NU/1/3/1  9 Nov 1695

From Isaac Butler of Lewes, carpenter to Walter Brett, grocer, Robert Colgate, goldsmith, Samuel Swane, bricklayer, of Lewes, John Ridge of Southover, tanner and Richard Payne of the Cliffe, cordwainer of a bond between John Arkridge of Lewes woollendraper and Isaac Butler and Mathew Ockenden Lewes cordwainer (deceased) for performance of lease dated 1687

Bond  NU/1/3/2  30 July 1751

Between Samuel Ollive of Lewes, tobacconist, and Richard Ridge of Hamsey, yeoman, Thomas Barrett, clock-maker, William Attersoll, carpenter, both of Lewes John Peckham of Fletching, dyer and Stephen Jackson of the City of London, upholder, in £100 for the performance of covenants expressed in an indenture of equal date. Witnesses: John Snashal, John Ridge, John Attersoll

Acknowledgement  NU/1/3/3  2 Mar 1769

By Samuel Ollive that any timbers of his house supported or attached to the meeting house are by leave of the trustees, as is the part of the brew-house under the stairs of the meeting house. Whenever the trustees discontinue these privileges, the timbers etc. must be removed and the side of the meeting house, under the stairs made good. Witness: Thomas Paine

Acknowledgement  NU/1/3/4  18 July 1772

By Thomas Paine that he owes 1s. a year to the trustees of the dissenters' meeting as an acknowledgement for the rain dripping from a building erected by Paine into a yard adjoining and belonging to the meeting house

Letter  NU/1/3/5  18 July 1772

From Thomas Paine to the feoffees of the dissenters' meeting house, saying that as a tenant he has no power to answer the questions of filling up the doorway which is a matter solely for Mrs Ollive

Memorandum of an agreement between the principal persons of the dissenting congregation and Thomas Boore of Lewes, tailor  NU/1/3/6  30 Nov. 1784

To build a butment or stay in Boore's garden to support the meeting house, consideration 2/6. Signed Stephen Weller, John Read, James Grover, Thomas Boore. Witness: Jos. Smith

Draft notice  NU/1/3/7  (c 1784)

From Mr Boore to stop up window made without leave of the trustees

Notice  NU/1/3/8  12 March 1821

From William Ridge, Thomas Johnston, Joseph Ridge, B Ridge to Mr George Martin to remove within one month a doorway opening into the passage leading from the High Street to the North door of the meeting house, in pursuance of a covenant of 9 July 1811

Notice  NU/1/3/9  1751-1823

By King and Gell (on behalf of the trustees of Westgate meeting) to Thomas Cooper to stop up a doorway and two window lights etc. and allow access to a certain room to wind up or mend the meeting house clock, according to covenants of 30 July 1751, and 9 July 1811. 15 July 1823
Note that a copy was served on Thomas Cooper by William Scrivens, Junior

Notice  NU/1/3/10  1751-1832

From Francis Harding Gell (on behalf of the surviving trustees) to Thomas Cooper and Richard Alderton, his tenant, to remove the timber etc. as provided in indentures
30 July 1751, 9 July 1811, 18 Aug 1832

Receipt  NU/1/3/11  23 Sept 1835

For £1 - 15 - 0 from Thomas Cooper for the use of the northern wall and for the trustees not using their right through the room of his house for the purpose of repairing the roof in lieu of winding up the clock which has been removed and for use his tenant has had over the piece of ground leading from the meeting house to the High Street (2/6 per an. 14 years)

Notice  NU/1/3/12  19 June 1843

From Francis H Gell (on behalf of the surviving trustees) to George Molineux and Henry Hammond and John Whapham, his tenants to remove timbers etc. as provided in indentures of 30 July 1751 and 9 July 1811. Note by John Hobden that duplicates have been delivered to George Molineux, and to the wives of Henry Hammond and John Whapham

Repairs and Decorations  [no ref. or date]

Bills relating to the Westgate meeting house  NU/1/3/13  1832

2 docs

Bundle of estimates, tenders, bills etc, relating to the repairs of Westgate meeting  NU/1/3/14  1842 - 1844

Typed extract from 'The Inquirer' 22 Aug 1863, relating to the re-opening of Westgate Chapel  NU/1/3/15, 16  1863

2 Copies

Typed extract from 'The Inquirer' of 12 Sept 1863 appealing for subscription  NU/1/3/17  1863

Balance sheet  NU/1/3/18, 19  1884

2 Copies

Westgate Chapel repair funds 1884

Several copies of appeal for renovation fund  NU/1/3/20  1913

42 Items

Together with replies, list of donations, invitation to attend the re-opening of the chapel. 17 Dec 1812

Letter from Mary Severs to Mr Walford  NU/1/3/21-23  1922

3 docs

Enclosing plan and letter from J H Every asking permission to put in extra windows while he is restoring Tom Paine's house

Account book for subscription to organ fund  NU/1/3/24a  1926 - 31

Correspondence re subscriptions to organ fund and its purchase, receipted bills etc  NU/1/3/24b  1929 - 31

1 Bundle

Estimate presented for repairs to Eastport Lane buildings  NU/1/3/25-26  1957

2 Items

Estimates for repairs and redecoration for Westgate Chapel, schoolroom etc  NU/1/3/27-29  1957 - 58

3 Papers

Notes relating to the Bull Lane Cottages 1957 Rent Act  NU/1/3/31  1957

6 Items

(2 copies) and letter requesting repair work to be done etc

An estimate for repairs to Nos. 1 - 4 Bull Lane  NU/1/3/37  2 Sept 1857

A R Jenner to Rev. H W Stephenson

A note of repairs and redecoration at 1 - 4 Bull Lane done by H W Stephenson  NU/1/3/38  10 Sept 1857

Correspondence with Seeboard re organ and other installations  NU/1/3/39-42a  1954

4 Papers

Letter from J A Short to Dr E H Walter  NU/1/3/42b  1973

re the old clock in the church hall together with copy of South Downs Group News Feb 1973 also mentioning the clock

Insurance  [no ref. or date]

Note of caretaker's duties and valuation of the contents of the chapel probably for insurance purposes  NU/1/3/43-44  c 1948

2 Papers

Insurance policies on the chapel, the Eastport Lane Mission Hall and 1 - 4 Bull Lane  NU/1/3/45-57  1914 - 63

13 docs

Letters re insurance policies  NU/1/3/58-64  1945 - 59

7 Papers

Description of 2 pewter plates stolen from Westgate Chapel  NU/1/3/65  Nd. c 1959

1 Paper

Insurance valuation for Westgate Chapel and contents  NU/1/3/66  Nd. ? 1950

Provisional valuation under the Finance Act 1910 of Westgate Unitarian Chapel, High Street and Old Baptist Union Chapel, Eastport Lane Lewes  NU/1/3/67-70  1 Sept 1915

With covering letter from the District Valuer Brighton, to John H Every. 31 Aug 1915 and memorandum from John Every to W B Funnell that he thinks the enclosed is accurate

Miscellaneous  [no ref. or date]

Dispute  NU/1/3/71  Nd. c 1750

State of the case in dispute between the trustees of the upper meeting House and the heirs etc. of those who contributed towards fitting the same for a place of divine worship stating that there is no right in law for persons other that trustees to take upon them the disposal of pews

Transcript of NU/1/3/71  NU/1/3/72  27 Jan 1854

Note on the hatchment of Francis Lord Napier  NU/1/3/73  28 Jan 1854

With additional note on the accidental death of Mr Sowden at Corsica Hall, Ringmer as recorded in "Sussex Advertiser". 1 June 1772

Photographs and engraving (by E. H. N. 1915) of the interior of Westgate Chapel  NU/1/3/74-83  Nd. C 1915

Photographs of the interior of the roof, and of the entrance showing notice condemning gambling, put up during Lewes Races 1929

Minister's Papers  NU/1/4  [n.d.]

Subscription list  NU/1/4/1  Nd. C 1850

To raise a sum which would enable the meeting to offer the Rev. W. Smith of Wareham an increase in salary should he come to Lewes

Letter from Edgar Blaker to Rev. Thomas Carter concerning the purchase of an annuity for the Westgate Chapel and covering note  NU/1/4/2  1859

Sermon on the text 'The Lord Our God be with us as He was with our fathers'  NU/1/4/3  1893

1 Booklet

With the note that it was preached by Rev. Charles Davis Badland, M A of London sometime minister of the Westgate Chapel

Letter from T L Marshall to Rev. J M Connell, mentioning ministers and members of the congregation known to Marshall who first visited Lewes in 1845  NU/1/4/4-5  1915

2 docs

With a typed transcript

Letter from C Funnell to Dr Stephenson stating that he has an insurance policy and correspondence concerning the pewter plates in his safe  NU/1/4/6  Nd. ? C 1950

Miscellaneous notes found inside NU/1/2/1  NU/1/4/7  Nd. ? 1930s

6 docs

Perhaps made by Rev. J M Connell in connection with his history of the chapel

Address by Rev. J M Connell  NU/1/4/8  1921

Entitled The New Gate to an Old Meeting House given at the Westgate Chapel, Lewes

Invitation to a farewell meeting  NU/1/4/9a,b  1936

To mark the close of Rev. J M Connell's 25 years ministry at Westgate, and a newspaper cutting re his retirement

Order of Service at the induction of Rev. Francis Terry  NU/1/4/10, 11  1936

And newspaper cutting with account of the service

Invitation to the induction of Rev. H Maguire  NU/1/4/12, 13  1941

And a newspaper cutting with an account of the service

Papers of the Rev. Thomas Walker Horsfield  NU/1/5  [n.d.]

Copy of the resolution of the Westgate meeting  NU/1/5/1  5 Jan 1817

That the Rev. Thomas Walker Horsfield be invited to take charge of the congregation for one year at a salary of £80, declaration by Thomas Fisher that he had communicated the resolution to Mr Horsfield

Copy letter from (Thomas Fisher) to Rev. W Johnson as chairman  NU/1/5/2  9 Jan 1817

Informing him of the meeting's resolution inviting Mr Horsfield to take charge of the congregation and thanking him for continuing to minister after his resignation

Letter from William Johnston to Thomas Fisher  NU/1/5/3  Jan 1817

Thanking him for the information and expressing his willingness to minister until Mr Horsfield arrives

Letter from Thomas W Horsfield to Thomas Fisher  NU/1/5/4  14 Jan 1817

Stating that he has now rejected an invitation to become minister of the Edinburgh congregation. He accepts the invitation to become Lewes Minister, urges them to stop using the collection of Dr Watts Hymns and Psalms as too limiting, hopes something will be done to improve meeting house

Letter from Thomas W Horsfield to members of Westgate meeting  NU/1/5/5  15 Jan 1817

Stating that he accepts a position as minister for one year provided that he is allowed to exercise discretion in subjects for preaching and that he is allowed 3 weeks to himself, the cost of a supply to be borne by the congregation. If they agree to these terms he will be with them on the last Sunday of June or first in July 1817

Copy letter from Thomas Fisher of Thomas Horsfield  NU/1/5/6  19 Jan 1817

Stating thet he has laid Mr Horsfield's letter (NU/1/5/5) before the congregation. Gives account of the proceedings. Mr Horsfield's conditions have been accepted. A motion that the selection of hymns by Kippis Rees and others be introduced was carried. It is intended to have a quarterly collection when meet to form a committee for repairing the place if funds sufficient

Letter from Ebenezer Johnston to Thomas Horsfield as chairman of a meeting of the congregation  NU/1/5/7  18 Feb 1818

Invites him to continue as minister on expiration of the present term, for an unlimited period, his salary to be the sum total of the subscriptions, expense of repairs to be borne by special collection, cost of a supply for 3 Sundays to devolve on the congregation

Letter from Thomas W Horsfield to Ebenezer Johnston  NU/1/5/8  28 Feb 1818

Thanks Mr Johnston for the way in which, as chairman of the congregational meeting he has conveyed the wishes of the congregation, has no hesitation in accepting their invitation to remain as their minister

Letter from J A Horsfield to John Every  NU/1/5/9,10  26 Jan 1838

2 Papers

Enclosing a copy of a letter from G G Stonestreet to Mrs Horsfield thanking her for her letter on being voted a donation by the literary fund as the widow of Mr Horsfield. Has placed this letter before Queen Victoria and has this morning received a letter and cheque for £30 from Sir Henry Wheatley at the Queen's direction

The Vestry Library  NU/1/6  [n.d.]

Vestry library account book  NU/1/6/1  1808-1818

1 vol

Includes list of members 1818 and minutes 1808 - 1818

Receipted bills mainly for the periodical "The Christian Reformer"  NU/1/6/2  1851 - 1864

15 docs

Westgate library subscriptions book  NU/1/6/3  1856 - 63

1 Booklet

Plan of the Southover and Westgate libraries to unite and establish a public library in the vestry of the Unitarian chapel  NU/1/6/4  Nd. 19th cent

3 papers torn from a book

Printed Material  NU/1/7  [n.d.]

'A short account of some of the proceeding of the deputies and committee, appointed to take care of the civil affairs of the disenters'  NU/1/7/1  Nd

Note in front requesting Mr Ridge to keep this book for the use and information of the congregation at Lewes and to deliver the other book to any reputable member of the other dissenting congregation
Signed Robert Maitland 1 booklet 22 April 1768

"A historical sketch of the rise and progress of the Unitarian Christian doctrines, in modern times with the statement of the position of Unitarianism in the present age in various countries and churches....also a Unitarian chronology and calendar as an introduction to the Unitarian worthies"  NU/1/7/2  1876

1 Booklet

Laws of the Southern Unitarian association  NU/1/7/3  c 1877

1 Booklet

Provincial assembly of London and the S - E Counties: minister's annual report  NU/1/7/4-6  Nd. 1950

3 Copies

"Some fragmentary notices of the religious history of Lewes and especially of nonconformity therein"  NU/1/7/7  Nd. ? 19th cent

"Some Lewes Townsfolk of the past" by Walter H Godfrey F. S. A  NU/1/7/8  1926

1 Booklet

A Lecture delivered to the Lewes Scientific and Literary Society on 12 October 1926

A poster  NU/1/7/9  1952

Broadsides from Thomas Paine

"The deeds of Westgate chapel, Lewes (and of Eastport Lane Chapel)", by R M Montgomery, K. C  NU/1/7/10  1917

1 Booklet

Extracted from the transactions of the Unitarian Historical Society vol. 1, No. 2 P. 177

Hymn sheet for the bi-centenary commemoration at Westgate Chapel  NU/1/7/11a  1887

Notices of services and activities and order of service  NU/1/7/11b  1919 - 42

Westgate Chapel programmes including the 250th anniversary. 1950  NU/1/7/12-23  1947 - 1952

12 docs

Newspaper cuttings  NU/1/7/24  1950

1 Gathering

From "The Inquirer", "Sussex Express", Sussex Daily News", "The Unitarian" and "Sussex County Magazine" relating to the 250th anniversary of the chapel

Copy of burial laws amendment act (43 and 44 Vic. c. 41)  NU/1/7/25  1880

1 Gathering

Loose leaf from service book  NU/1/7/26  Nd. ? 19th cent

Blank membership card for Westgate Chapel  NU/1/7/27  Nd. ? c. 1930

The Sunday School  NU/1/8  [n.d.]

Register of pupils 1865 - 69  NU/1/8/1  1865 - 1884

Also includes abstract of Sunday School Attendance 1883 - 84

Catalogue of books in the library  NU/1/8/2  Nd. ? c 1940

1 vol

Trust deeds: Westgate Chapel  NU/1/9  [n.d.]

Conveyance (lease and release) for £40  NU/1/9/1, 2  9 & 10 Jul 1719

Samuel Swane of Lewes, maltster and John Ollive the younger of Lewes, gent to Thomas Fissenden of Lewes, apothecary, Richard Ridge of Stoneham in South Malling, yeoman, Richard Button of Cliffe, gent, Stephen Welter of Lewes, tallowchandler, William Read of Lewes, haberdasher of hats, William David of Willingdon, glover, James Reeve of Lewes, currier, Thomas Norman of Lewes, bookseller, Thomas Barrett of Lewes, clockmaker, William Attersoll of Lewes, carpenter, John Peckham of Lewes, dyer, John Chatfield of Cliffe, yeoman and Stephen Jackson of Lewes, upholder
1 Edifice or building being one large room containing from E to W 60' and N to S 44' on the S side of the High Street near the west gate in Lewes St Michael, partly adjoining the S side of a messuage formerly an inn called the Bull
2 A stable under the edifice
3 Free passage through a chamber, part of the messuage and adjoining the room, to wind, use and mend the clock in the edifice
All of which (or those parts not built before the purchase of the whole by Thomas Adams) were formerly sold by Mary Oliver, widow and Peter Courthop, esq to Thomas Adams and by him sold to Thomas Barnard the elder, gent who built some parts and sold to SS and JO
Reserved: use of the stable, when not used, as it now frequently is, for the reception of horses of people resorting to the edifice; easement of access across the passage leading from the High Street to the edifice from the brewhouse of the messuage to a small garden belonging to the messuage
W: Samuel Isted, John Hinckley

Account of [?Samuel Isted], attorney  NU/1/9/3  nd, [1719]

For drawing the conveyance from [Thomas] Barnard to [Samuel] Swane and [John] Ollive, for a release by Richard Barnard and for NU/1/9/1, 2

Declaration of trust  NU/1/9/4  26 Aug 1721

Grantees in NU/1/9/1, 2 to John Charman of Midhurst, gent, William Peckham of Framfield, yeoman and Benjamin Ridge of Iford, yeoman
Property as NU/1/9/1, 2, which for several years before 1719 had been used as a place of religious worship for protestant dissenters
Recites: NU/1/9/1-2, confirmation and fine by Thomas Barnard to the trustees, 17 Oct 1719
Grantees in NU/1/9/1, 2 above to hold the buildings in trust as a place of religious worship for protestant dissenters and that the stable at the times of religious worship shall be used for the reception of the horses of the congregation; when three trustees survive, they shall convey the premises to 12 or more members of the congregation on the same trusts
W: Samuel Isted, John Feron

Deed of covenant for easements for 20s a year  NU/1/9/5  30 Jul 1751

Richard Ridge of Hamsey, yeoman, Thomas Barrett of Lewes, clockmaker, William Attersol of Lewes, carpenter, John Peckham of Fletching, dyer and Stephen Jackson of London, upholder (surviving trustees of the Westgate Chapel) with Samuel Ollive of Lewes, tobacconist
Recites: purchase of the former Bull by Samuel Swane of Lewes, malster and SO's father John Ollive of Lewes, gent, 1719; conveyance of a moiety by Swane to Ollive, 22 Jul 1719; NU/1/9/4
SO, with the consent of the trustees, has made encroachments which may in future greatly incommode them, by making a new doorway and two new window lights in his house into the passage from the High Street to the chapel, and a large door in the the floor of the passage to get a horse down to work his tobacco engine and goods into his storehouses under his house and has on occasions shut the door of the chamber which allows access for the winding up the clock, and has erected a stable against the south side of the chapel in the back yard, across which he has a right of passage only
SO may retain these privileges as long as the majority of the trustees consent; he is also to sweep and keep clean the passage to the chapel, the lane to the chapel's east door [Bull Lane] and a crossing over the High Street
W: John Snashall, John Ridge, John Ridge, John Attersoll

Conveyance to new trustees (lease and release)  NU/1/9/6-7  16 & 17 Dec 1755

William Attersoll of Lewes, carpenter and John Peckham of Fletching, dyer (surviving trustees) to John Snashall of Lewes, apothecary, John Ridge of South Malling yeoman, Cruttenden Weller of Lewes, tallowchandler, William English of Cliffe, cutler, Thomas Davey of Cliffe, apothecary, Thomas Cruttenden of Cliffe, perukemaker, Samuel Ollive of Lewes, tobacconist, William Body of Hailsham, farmer, Samuel Ridge of Hamsey farmer, Joseph Ridge of Lewes, apothecary, John Attersol of Lewes, carpenter, James Daw of Lewes, bricklayer and Robert Wisdom of Cliffe, sievemaker, (new trustees)
W: Ebenezer Johnston, Thomas Harben

Conveyance (lease and release and counterpart release)  NU/1/9/8-10  27 & 28 Jun 1757

Samuel Ollive of Lewes, tobacconist to John Snashall of Lewes, apothecary, John Ridge of Kingston, gent, Cruttenden Weller of Lewes, tallowchandler, William English of Cliffe, cutler, Thomas Davey of Cliffe, apothecary, Thomas Cruttenden of Cliffe, perukemaker, William Body of Hailsham, farmer, Samuel Ridge of Hamsey, farmer, Joseph Ridge of Lewes, apothecary, John Attersoll of Lewes, carpenter, James Daw of Lewes, bricklayer and Robert Wisdom of Cliffe, sievemaker
1 Piece of ground lying under the south wall of the chapel (13 feet from the wall to a new fence, to be maintained by SO)
2 The stable under the chapel
3 The yard (47' x 12') between the High Street and the N door in order to resolve doubts SO conveys the premises to the trustees, with a right to pass over the yard, through the great gates there with wood, coal and materials for repairing his house
W: Richard Rideout, James Halsted

Conveyance to new trustees (lease and release)  NU/1/9/11-12  10 & 11 Jul 1789

CW, TC, JR, JA and RW (surviving trustees of NU/1/9/8) to John Boys of Ashcomb near Lewes, esq, James Glover and Samuel Snashall of Lewes, gents, John Morris the elder of Lewes, surveyor, Stephen Weller of Lewes, mercer and draper, Thomas Johnston of Lewes, grocer, Thomas Blundell of East Hoathly, gent, William Ridge of Alciston, gent, Benjamin Ridge and Joseph Ridge of Iford, gents, John Whichelo of Lewes, gent, Benjamin Ridge of Chailey, gent, John Davey of Ringmer, gent, Thomas Read of Lewes, hairdresser, George Grantham of Lewes, basketmaker, John Thring of Lewes, musician, and Thomas Bannister of Wellingham in Ringmer, yeoman
W: W Evans Bishop, John Leighton, John Shelley, T Weston, John Read, William Bright

Deed of covenant for easements for 2s 6d a year  NU/1/9/13  9 Jul 1811

John Boys of Ashcombe near Lewes, esq, Samuel Snashall of Lewes, gent, Thomas Johnston of Lewes, gent, Thomas Blundell of Chelmsfield, Kent, gent, William Ridge of Alciston, gent, Benjamin Ridge of Biggins Farm, Surrey, gent, Joseph Ridge of Iford, gent, John Whichelo of Brighton, gent, Benjamin Ridge of Lewes, gent, Thomas Read of Lewes, cornchandler, George Grantham of Lewes, basketmaker and Thomas Bannister of Wellingham in Ringmer, yeoman, to Thomas Kennard of Lewes, baker (the new owner of the Bull)
The privileges granted to Samuel Ollive in 1751 (NU/1/9/5), the right to support the timbers of his house on the meeting house and to use the wash-house under the stairs of the meeting house and the drip from the new building now erected on the ground opposite the brewhouse; in order to improve the chamber, TK may block the door through which the trustees have a right of way to wind the clock, TK winding it himself when necessary
W: Edward Verral, John Marten Wood, Thomas Fisher

Conveyance to new trustees (lease and release)  NU/1/9/14  9 & 10 Feb 1836

John Boys and Thomas Johnston the elder of Lewes, esqs, John Whichelo of West Teignmouth, Devon, esq and Benjamin Ridge and George Grantham the elder of Lewes, esqs to Timothy Ridge, gent, TJ's sons Thomas Johnston, grocer and John Johnston, gent, TJ's grandson Thomas Johnston the younger, grocer, William Ridge of South Malling, gent, Henry Ridge of Alciston, gent, Francis Harding Gell, gent, Francis Thomas Gell, gent, Henry Browne draper and Stephen Duplock, painter, of Lewes, Joseph Marten of Rodmell, shopkeeper, Samuel Ridge and Henry Ridge of Hackney, stockbrokers, Joseph Ridge of Hackney, gent and Jacob Boys of Brighton, gent (new trustees)
W: William A Borrer, Lewes, Robert Jordan of Teignmouth, banker, John Hobden, clerk to FHG, solicitor, Lewes, J Edward Fullager, Thomas Cobb, Banner Street, clerk, Joel Cooke, clerk to Messrs Boys and Bellingham
Endorsed: conveyance to new trustees, 2 Apr 1874
Henry Browne of 40 Camden Square, Mx, Henry Ridge of the Elms, Stamford Hill, Mx, Joseph Ridge of 39 Dorset Square, Mx, Jacob Boys of 59 Grand Parade, Brighton to George Franklin Browne of 26 Budge Row, London, solicitor, HB, John Every of Lewes, ironfounder, William Duplock of Lewes, plumber, Joseph Shelly of Lewes, miller, William Crosskey of Lewes gent, Henry Wingham of Lewes, wine and spirit merchant, Henry Doughty Browne of the Stock Exchange, London, esq, GFB, Robert Crosskey of Lewes, gent, Peter Marten of Lewes, miller, F[rederick] J[ohn] Holman of Lewes, builder, Albert Ward Crosskey of Wellingham, brewer, John Henry Every of Lewes, ironfounder, William Shelly of Lewes, miller, Edward G Brown of Lewes, mercantile clerk and Peter Marten the younger of Lewes, miller, (new trustees)
W: Thomas Charles Trotman, clerk to Cowdell Grundy & Browne, solicitors, 26 Budge Row; Horace E Golding, solicitor, 26 Budge Row; A G Ashby, clerk to HDB, 3 Copthall Chambers; Oliver Alexander Ainslie, esq, 10 Roundhill Crescent, Brighton; Caroline Browne, 40 Camden Square; Clement C Ridley, solicitor, clerk to Cowdell Grundy & Browne; William Saltmarshe Smith, minister of the Westgate Meeting

Receipted account of Gell, Fullager and Gell to the trustees  NU/1/9/15  20 Dec 1836

Archival history:
Formerly listed as NU/1/2/26/3

For drawing and executing NU/1/9/14 (costs only), Jan 1836

Trust deeds: Eastport Lane Chapel  NU/1/10  [n.d.]

Conveyance to new trustees (enrolled)  NU/1/10/1  22 Apr 1823

John Chatfield of London, timbermerchant (late of Lewes, draper), John Wood of Southover (late of Beeding, since of Kingston), gent and Thomas Wood of Stamford Street, Blackfriars (late of Rottingdean), timbermerchant to Joseph Marten of West Firle, yeoman, John Marten of Rodmell, shopkeeper, Samuel Flint of Lewes, gent, James Flint of Kingston, gent, William Crosskey of Lewes, draper, Henry Browne of Lewes, draper, Thomas Potter of Pulborough, draper, Peter Potter of Cuckfield, draper, George Webb of Beddingham, miller, Henry Billinghurst of Cliffe, bargemaster, Allen Browne of Lindfield, shopkeeper and Samuel Francis of Brighton, linendraper
1 land of 900', with the house then newly erected (W: garden of Richard Verrall; N: Eastport Lane; E, S: a field of John Sayer), purchased by Thomas Mercer from JS in 1743
Recites: bargain and sale enrolled, Thomas Mercer of Lewes, surgeon to Joseph Mercer of Isfield, yeoman, Michael Marten of Ditchling, yeoman, Stephen Agate of Ditchling, turner, John Caffin of Clayton, yeoman, Thomas Hunter of Southover, weaver, Matthew Hunter of Lewes, grocer, Stephen Juden of Southover maltster, John Harman of Lewes, pipemaker, John Ansell of West Firle, fellmonger, Benjamin Webb of Patcham, yeoman, Michael Marten of Plumpton, yeoman and Joseph Browne of Chailey, mercer, in trust for charitable uses, 30 Apr 1743
Appointment of new trustees (Stephen Juden and John Harman to Thomas Mercer, Robert Mercer of Lewes, yeoman, William Tempest Mercer of Lewes, surgeon, Aaron Lempriere of Lewes, plumber, John Chatfield, John Wood, Thomas Wood, Joseph Marten of Beddingham, yeoman, Peter Marten of Westdean, yeoman, William Marten of West Firle, yeoman, John Marten of West Firle, yeoman, Michael Marten of Tarring, yeoman and Peter Marten of Hamsey, yeoman, 17 & 18 Feb 1778
2 piece of land formerly part of a field called the Island (N: (39' 4") a meeting house; S: 46'; W: 32' 1") with a right of way to it from Eastport Lane across a piece of land on the E side of the meeting house intended to be sold to Thomas Stanford of Southover, carpenter, Aaron Lempriere to John Wood, 5 Jul 1797
W: William Stevens and David Stevens, shoemakers, Brighton; John Inskip of Lewes, writer; William Sturtfield Pelling of Lewes, draper; John Bannister of Southover, servant to JW; William Scrivens the younger, clerk to Mr Gell, solicitor, Lewes; Gideon Duplack of Lewes, plumber; Edward Beard of Lewes, brewer; John Baxter the younger, clerk to Mr Gell; Frederick Smith, Samuel Gell, New Basinghall Street

Minutes and reports  NU/1/11  [n.d.]

A committee of nine was appointed to manage the affairs of the congregation on 7 July 1841, and an annual meeting instituted to elect officers and a fresh committee (NU/1/11/1/1). No minutes of either meeting survive until 1891 (NU/1/11/1/4), but two resolutions (NU/1/11/1/2 and 3) indicate that meetings took place
Annual meetings seem to have lapsed by 1915, when new rules were adopted and an annual meeting, which received a report of the congregation's management for the year, was introduced. The last minuted annual meeting seems to have taken place in 1954

Minutes of annual and committee meetings  NU/1/11/1  [n.d.]

Resolution of a meeting of subscribers  NU/1/11/1/1  7 Jul 1841

Archival history:
Formerly listed as NU/1/2/28

To appoint a committee of nine to manage the affairs of the congregation, and to institute an annual meeting, with the names of those appointed

Draft resolution of the committee  NU/1/11/1/2  24 Jan 1843

Archival history:
Formerly listed as NU/1/2/30A

Informing Mr [Joseph Church] Meeke [minister, 1841-1843] of a reduction in subscription income and that after the present half-year only the sum subscribed will be paid

Draft resolution of the committee providing for the replacement of Mrs Meeke as organist  NU/1/11/1/3  nd, c1845

Archival history:
Formerly listed as NU/1/2/29

John Snellgrove to preside at the organ next Sunday

Minute-book, May 1891 - Jan 1926  NU/1/11/1/4  1891-1926

Minute-book, Jan 1928 - Apr 1941  NU/1/11/1/5  1928-1941

Archival history:
Formerly listed as NU/1/2/30F

Rough minutes only

Minute book, Mar 1950 - Feb 1980  NU/1/11/1/6  1950-1980

Annual reports  NU/1/11/2  [n.d.]

Reports  NU/1/11/2/1  1918-1953

Archival history:
Formerly listed as NU/1/2/31-61

With occasional balance-sheets, for 1918, 1920, 1922, 1924-1933, 1935-1946, 1953

Minutes of special committees  NU/1/11/3  [n.d.]

Social Guild committee  NU/1/11/3/1  Nov 1912 - Apr 1914

Archival history:
Formerly listed as NU/1/2/30D

The first minutes are of a congregational meeting proposing the formation of a social guild; the last record the formation of separate entertainments and literary committees, the minutes of neither of which have survived

Choir committee  NU/1/11/3/2  Feb 1918 - Nov 1919

Archival history:
Formerly listed as NU/1/2/30E

The last minutes record the resignation of the committee; the volume has been re-used for an inventory of the chapel, nd, c1920

Lewes Unitarian Circle (subsequently the Lewes branch of the Women's League and Seweing Circle)  NU/1/12  [n.d.]

Administrative history:
The Lewes Unitarian Circle was formed at a meeting on 9 November 1894 in accordance with the aims of a national movement of similar groups. The Lewes circle began with working meetings (sewing garments for charity) at which papers were read and open meetings, but those were soon discontinued. By 1913 the group had become the Lewes Unitarian Sewing Circle and by 1929 the Lewes branch of the Women's League and Sewing Circle

Minutes  NU/1/12/1  Nov 1894 - May 1920

Archival history:
Formerly listed as NU/1/2/30B

At end: lists of members with addresses, 1894-1898

Annual report  NU/1/12/2  1918

Archival history:
Formerly part of NU/1/2/30C

Balance sheets  NU/1/12/3  1913-1936

Archival history:
Formerly part of NU/1/2/30C

For 1913-1917, 1922, 1923, 1929, 1931 and 1936


Source of acquisition: Records of the Old Meeting House, Ditchling (Unitarian) deposited by Rev. K Sheratt & the Trustees on 21 Dec 1979 (A2492) & 17 Dec 1982 (A4005)

Creator(s): Old Meeting House, Ditchling

Related information: For a list of records relating to the chapel which are located elsewhere see NU/2/6. Transcripts of the church meeting minutes, of the registers, trust deeds etc. by Leonard J Maguire are available in the Record Office Library and are cited in the appropriate place in the catalogue. See AMS5853 for the diary (1785-90) of John Burgess, a member of the church. For a transcript of the diary and of his correspondence 1794-1815 see The Journal and Correspondence of John Burgess from 1785-1819 edited by Leonard J Maguire, 1982, available in the Record Office Library. For the diaries, 1830-1839, of Richard Turner, a member of the congregation, see ACC 8498

Administrative history:
The chapel developed from a congregation established around the end of the 17th century, the meeting house being built by Robert Chatfield who died in 1736

NU/2/1 Minutes 1753 - 1921
NU/2/2 Registers, membership lists etc 1737-1895
NU/2/3 Free School 1814 - 34
NU/2/4 Copies of trust deeds 1740 - 1821
NU/2/5 Correspondence & memoranda 1763 - 1851
NU/2/6 Miscellaneous

Minutes  NU/2/1  [n.d.]

Related information: For transcripts of NU/2/1/1-3, see Leonard J Maguire, Records of the Old Meeting House, Ditchling, Sussex, vol 1, Church Memorandum Books 1977, in the Record Office Library

Minutes of church meetings  NU/2/1/1  1753-1803

Also includes memorandum concerning the deed of the site of the meeting house & licence, & (in reverse) list of persons received into church communion 1737-1802

Minutes of church meetings  NU/2/1/2  1803-66

1 vol

Minutes of church meetings  NU/2/1/3  1867-94

1 vol

Minutes of church meetings  NU/2/1/4  1894-1921

1 vol

Pasted in: printed Rules of Procedure for the direction of the executive & members of the Free Christian Church at Ditchling 1894

Registers, membership lists etc  NU/2/2  1737-1895

Related information: For transcripts of the births 1786-1832, deaths & burials 1821-1950 & of graves & monumental inscriptions see Leonard J Maguire Record of the Old Meeting House, Ditchling, Sussex Vol 2 Registers & Monumental Inscriptions, 1978 in the Record Office Library

Copy of the register of births 1786-1832  NU/2/2/1  1786-1837

1 vol

Made in 1837 (when the original register, now PRO/RG4/1796) was sent to the General Register Office; copy of register of deaths & burials 1821-48 possibly made by Edward Turner (the first register 1821-37 is in the Public Record Office, RG4/1797, & the subsequent one is kept at the Meeting House, Ditchling)

Membership list  NU/2/2/2  c.1790 - 19th c

1 vol

Compiled c 1790 giving names, place of abode, & date of those admitted 1737-95; membership list compiled in 1802; list of burials 1816 - 30; list of burials with grave numbers 1794-1819 & memorandum re access road to old burial ground; list of burials 1827-30; list of sixteen members [19th cent]

Plan of chapel & of old & new burial grounds  NU/2/2/3-4  1834

Related information: (See NU/2/5/1)

With graves numbered & schedule of identified graves, arranged by grave number, giving also date of burial (endorsed Bargain & Sale of Ditchling Meeting House from William Dancy to E. Turner 29 Sept. 1834). It appears that these were originally intended to be attached to the new trust deed of 1834

Death certificates  NU/2/2/5  1837-44

Bound into a volume
Also includes coroner's warrant for burial of Alfred Flint 1837 in pocket in reverse

Death certificates  NU/2/2/6  1845-95

Bound into a volume. Also includes coroner's warrant for burial of Charlotte Brooker. 1853

Free School  NU/2/3  [n.d.]

Administrative history:
A school on Lancastrian lines for boys and girls was established in East End Lane through the benevolence of John and Robert Chatfield in 1814. This was run by the minister of the Unitarian Chapel but was closed in 1834 (see Henry Cheal, 'The History of Ditchling' 1901, pp118-119)

Minutes of the directors of the free school  NU/2/3/1  1814-34

1 vol

Including list of the rules

Copy draft conveyances, abstracts of wills  NU/2/3/2  1832

With commentary re the site of the school, compiled by Edward Verrall & Stokes & Hollingsworth, solicitors, presumably in preparation for the conveyance of the property to James Browne in 1832. The numbering of the folios suggests that they were originally bound into a larger volume with other papers
The present volume was rebound in 1978
The earliest deed, 1738 describes the site as a piece of pasture (1a), part of Guntsfield. At this date it was settled by Joseph Looker of Ditchling, blacksmith (who had purchased it from Thomas Welfare) on his daughter Lucy who married Robert Chatfield of Ditchling. After her death in 1791 it passed to the Mercer family who conveyed it in 1807 to Robert Chatfield who with his brother John built the schools. After their deaths in 1822 and 1828, their heirs finally sold the property to James Browne of Ditchling, shopkeeper, in 1832
Some deeds are transcribed in full, others only abstracted and the arrangement in the volume is not chronological. Also included are deeds of other Looker and Chatfield properties in Ditchling: Wisdomes Harrolls & Parkgate (13a), a cottage and garden held of the Manor of Camois Court, and Burnthouse Plot (3r)

Copies of Trust Deeds  NU/2/4  1740 - 1821

Related information: For transcripts of these and other trust deeds to 1975, see Leonard J Maguire, Records of the Old Meeting House, Ditchling, Sussex, vol 3 Trust Deeds, 1979 in the Record Office Library

'Scrap Book Vol II' containing copies of the title deeds as follows, probably prepared for James Browne as Secretary & Treasurer of the Congregation in order to facilitate the creation of a new deed
pp3-23 1 May 1740
Bargain & sale
a) Robert Chatfield of the Goat, Streat, yeo to (b) John Dancey of Cuckfield, yeo, Michael Marten of Ditchling, yeo., Stephen Agate of Ditchling, turner, John Caffin of Clayton, yeo., Daniel Brown of Streat, farmer, Michael Marten of Keymer, yeo., William Marten of Clayton, yeo., Thomas Wood of Ditchling, yeo., John Bourn of Westmeston, husb., Benjamin Webb of Patcham, yeo., Richard Panett of Keymer, farmer & Thomas Hunter of Southover, weaver
Tenement or cottage & plot of ground, previously a garden (20r) in Ditchling, late Tanners previously Humphreys, Smiths, Whites, Naylors abutting the footpath leading from Gunsfield to East End Lane, E, to a plot of ground belonging to the heirs of George Vandyke gent, dec'd S, to the Vicarage Croft W, & the highway from Ditchling to the East End N, now or late in occ. Isaac Parsons the elder, lately a copyhold of Camois Court and enfranchised the day before
On trust for such charitable uses as b) shall decide
pp25-7 30 Oct 1758
Bargain & sale
Joseph Chatfield of Ditchling yeo to JD, SA, DB, JB, RP, MM, WM, TW as in b) above, and Thomas Pannett of Clayton, farmer, Michael Chatfield of Ditchling, gent. James Browne of Chailey, mercer, Peter Browne of Lindfield, mercer, John Browne of Ditchling, mercer, John Dancey the younger of Cuckfield, husb., Daniel Pannett of Newick, farmer & Thomas Agate of Ditchling, turner
Premises as above
pp9-57 1790
Incomplete bargain & sale to the use of Michael Chatfield, John Chatfield, Henry Browne, Edward Colbran, John Dancey the younger of Worth, William Dancey, Richard Beal, Daniel Owden, Isaac Walder, Michael Dancey, Joseph Marten, Robert Mercer, Thomas Walder, Josiah Dancey, John Broomfield, William Lempriere & John Burgess
Premises as above
pp59-67, 79-85 June 1821
Bargain & sale & covenant [land for new burial ground]
Robert Chatfield of Ditchling to John Chatfield, now of Stockwell, Surrey, Henry Browne now of Lewes, Edward Colbran, William Dancey, now of Cuckfield, Daniel Owden now of Horsham, Isaac Walder, Michael Dancey, Thomas Walder now of Lindfield, William Lempriere, now of Croydon, Surrey
Small piece of land (26p) in Ditchling abutting E partly to the premises of Stephen Andrews & partly to a private burial ground belonging to the Browne family, W partly to a plot of ground of Peter Rowland & partly to the cottage to be conveyed, N to a narrow slip of ground adjoining the School House of the British Institution, S to a piece of ground of Robert Chatfield called Burnt House Plot
b) to erect good flint walls on N & S boundaries
pp69-79 29 May 1790
Bargain & sale
Thomas Pannett of Clayton yeo. & John Dancey of Cuckfield, husb. to Michael Chatfield of Ditchling, gent. John Chatfield of London, timber merchant, Henry Browne of Ditchling, mercer, Edward Colbran of Lindfield, blacksmith, John Dancey the younger of Worth, yeo. William Dancey of Worth, yeo. Richard Beal of Cuckfield, yeo., Thomas Pannett of Ditchling, yeo., Daniel Owden of Streat, thatcher, Isaac Walder of Cuckfield, maltster, Michael Dancey of Cuckfield, yeo, Joseph Marten of Beddingham, yeo. Robert Mercer of Lewes, gent., Thomas Walder of Cuckfield, yeo., Josiah Dancey of Cuckfield, yeo., John Broomfield, the younger of Clayton, yeo., William Lempriere of Lewes, glazier & John Burgess of Ditchling, glover
Tenement & cottage as above
Recites bargain & sale of 30 Oct 1758
Separate gathering containing further copy of the deed of 29 May 1790

Correspondence & memoranda  NU/2/5  1763 - 1851

Miscellaneous correspondence & papers  NU/2/5/1  1763 - 1843

Including letters & accounts mainly relating to the conveyance of land for the new burial ground, 1821 and the trust deed of 1790 & 1834; appeals for subscriptions and funds 1779-1821; memorandum re the letting of part of the Meeting House cottage 1817, rules for Congregation subscriptions 1823; plan of floor of the chapel before boarded 1840; accounts of J. Butcher & Thomas Wood for alterations to the chapel 1841. Transcripts of a number of letters are interleaved

Letters  NU/2/5/2  1820 - 1851

Mainly to James Browne, Secretary & Treasurer of the Meeting, and some copy replies 1820 - 1830, re appointment of ministers 1820-30, differences between Rev. Gideon Duplock and the congregation 1829 and Rev. J K Esdaile & Browne 1830-31, a supposed legacy by John Chatfield 1831, the closure of the footpath to the Meeting House without authority 1826, the trust deed of 1834 & the sale of Ditchling Free School building 1834-35. Also includes letters mainly to Edward Turner, secretary, re appointment of ministers 1840-41, resignation of Rev. Thomas Gilbert 1851, & letter of advice to a young minister from Rev. William Maccall 1851

Letters from Rev. Abraham Bennett, a former elder of the church, to James Browne, from Poole, Dorset  NU/2/5/3  1817-25

Giving detailed information of the meeting there & from Manchester on the state of Unitarianism in that area 1826 - 30. Includes two copy replies from Browne giving news of Ditchling members & the Sussex Unitarian Association 1824, 1826, & a letter from Bennett to the Cuckfield General Baptist Church meeting resigning as minister to take up an appointment at Brighton, 1811

The 'Browne' American letters 1794 - 1831  NU/2/5/4  1987

Edited and published by Leonard J Maguire for the General Baptist Assembly, 1987. Transcript of a group of letters of James Browne, his relatives and friends from America, which are deposited in the West Sussex Record Office (Add Mss 29,203 -4)

The Ditchling Meeting House  NU/2/5/5  1987

Some historical notes by Emily Kensett, originally published in The Inquirer 1894. Reproduced by photocopying by Leonard J Maguire for the General Baptist Assembly, 1987

Miscellaneous  NU/2/6  [n.d.]

Provisional index of manuscripts of the Old Meeting House, Ditchling, Sussex  NU/2/6/1  1982

Compiled by Leonard J Maguire, 1982, listing the documents in ESRO, Public Record Office, London, the Old Meeting House at Ditchling, Dr William's Library, London, in private hands & with the Custodian Trustee, London

Miscellaneous Publication  NU/2/7  [n.d.]

A Study of the Old Meeting House and the Retaining Wall between the Burial Ground and the School Cottages, Ditchling  NU/2/7/1  1986

By Leonard J. Maguire 1986


Source of acquisition: Documents deposited 18 Jan 1984 (ACC 4193), 16 Aug 1984 (ACC 4319), 11 May 1999 (ACC 7899)

Creator(s): Battle Unitarian Chapel

Related information: For a history of the Baptist Chapel with a biography of William Vidler, see NU/3/11; for the memoir of Richard Sinnock, a member of the congregation, see AMS5876. For a history of the Unitarian Church, see NU/3/14
For the records of the branch church at Northiam, see NU/4

Administrative history:
A Independent Calvinist congregation was established in 1776 under the influence of the preaching of George Gilbert (1741-1827), the minister of the Calvinist chapel at Heathfield, and as a result a chapel was founded on 28 March 1780 as a Particular Baptist meeting. They initially worshipped in a room of a house in Mount Street and from 1782 in a building described in the printed history as 'the old Presbyterian building'. A new building was erected in 1789 and opened on 11 April 1790. In 1793 most of the congregation embraced Universalism and became General Baptists and subsequently Unitarians. The minister, William Vidler, and the remainder of the congregation were excommunicated and became Particular Baptists; they subsequently built the Zion Baptist Chapel in 1821
Due to dwindling congregations the chapel was closed in 1898, but to prevent the disposal of the chapel, the site was purchased by a member of the chapel, Miss Lucy Tagart. She died in 1928 and in her will, dated 20 September 1925, she appointed Unitarian trustees to administer the chapel (it having been let since 1898 to the Mountjoy Institute to be used for the recreation and education of young people); the trustees used the building for a variety of purposes until its sale in 1946. It was sold again in 1957 to a dairyman, who demolished the chapel and covered over the burial ground, and was subsequently sold by him to Unigate Dairies in 1961. Unigate sold the site in 1979 and the new owner obtained outline planning permission for the erection of flats. However, when it was discovered that part of the site incorporated a disused burial ground, the development did not take place. Eventually the whole site was sold to the Zion Baptist Church who promised to restore the surviving memorial stones

Summary of contents
NU/3/1-2 Church books; 1769-1845
NU/3/3-4 Appeal for funds and report on the state of the chapel; 1840-1857
NU/3/5-9 Papers concerning the sale of the chapel and its use by the Mountjoy Institute; 1896-1928
NU/3/10-14 Papers concerning the history of the chapel; 1872-1999
NU/3/15-16 Papers concerning the burial ground; 1980-1984
NU/3/17-18 Papers concerning the proposed sale of the chapel; 1894-1895

Church book  NU/3/1  [n.d.]

Church book containing Articles of Faith  NU/3/1/1  1769-1832

Signed by William Slatter, Nicholas Slatter, Edward French, Charity Sweetingham, Hannah Chapman, Joseph Fuller, William Ashby, Elizabeth Ashdown, Ann Hasleden, Thomas Mepham and Stephen Spilsted meeting on 28 March 1780 in a house on the Mount; note of the appointment of William Ashby as Deacon, 28 Mar 1780; list of members and dates admitted, Apr 1780 - [blank] 1843; minutes of church meeting, Dec 1829; at rear reversed list of births of children of William and Mary Weller, Nov 1769 - Dec 1781 and birth of child of Abraham and Mary Boadle, Mar 1780; note of the foundation of a branch church at Northiam with list of persons admitted, 13 Mar 1796; minutes of church meetings, Jan - Dec 1832

Church book  NU/3/2  [n.d.]

Church book containing an account of the growth of an Independent Calvinist congregation under George Gilbert's influence in 1776 and its subsequent history  NU/3/2/1  1776-1845

The founding of the Particular Baptist Chapel in 1780 (and in a later section of the book) its subsequent history to 1796; note of the appointment of J Parker as Deacon, 25 Dec 1780; minutes of church meetings, Jan 1785 - Mar 1808, Dec 1830 - Dec 1831; rules and regulations of the Unitarian Church at Battle, 15 Jun 1823; note of the adoption of Unitarian views by many of the congregation, 1817, and the resulting dissentions, 1822-1824; minutes of church meetings, Jan 1825 - Feb 1829 (including new laws relating to burials in the chapel yard, 1828), Jan 1843 - Nov 1845 (including new rules, 1844); note of repairs to the chapel, nd [1840s]

Appeal for funds and report on the state of the chapel  NU/3/3  [n.d.]

Printed appeal by the Unitarian congregation at Battle asking for financial support and giving an account of the fortunes of the chapel during the last thirty years, Jun 1840; Endorsed Rev Edward Tagart, 33 Porchester Terrace, London  NU/3/3/1  [n.d.]

Chapel report  NU/3/4  [n.d.]

Report on the chapel by C P Burgess to the British and Foreign Unitarian Association  NU/3/4/1  1857

Papers concerning the sale of the chapel and its use by the Mountjoy Institute  NU/3/5  [n.d.]

Related information: For correspondence concerning the proposed sale of the chapel, see NU/3/17-18

Papers concerning the purchase of the chapel by Lucy Tagart of Manor Lodge, Frognal, Hampstead and the lease of the building to the Mountjoy Institute  NU/3/5/1  Sep - Oct 1897

Includes copy of lease, correspondence, notes on the history of the chapel, agenda for inaugural meeting of the institute, printed rules, lists of officers and committee, newspaper reports of the inaugural lecture

Reports  NU/3/6  [n.d.]

Printed reports and balance sheets of the Mountjoy Institute  NU/3/6/1  1900-1925

1900, 1912-1913, 1915, 1925

Chapel repairs  NU/3/7  [n.d.]

Letters  NU/3/7/1  Apr 1912 - Oct 1922

Mainly from the Secretary of the Institute to Miss Tagart concerning repairs to the building, the removal of a fir tree uprooted in a storm, the installation of a lavatory, the waiving of rent during the First World War and the erection of a street lamp

Mountjoy Institute membership  NU/3/8  [n.d.]

Note of membership numbers and facilities at the Institute  NU/3/8/1  12 Feb 1925

Mountjoy Institute Sale  NU/3/9  [n.d.]

Letters from Messrs Sheppard and Son, Battle solicitors to Mrs Moore of 5 Killisier Avenue, Streatham Hill, London  NU/3/9/9  Jul 1926 - Jan 1928

(Formerly of 5 St Matthew's Gardens, St Leonards)
Letters concern the possible sale of the Institute by Miss Tagart's executors, with copy letter from Florence Hill of 154 Stepney Green, London desiring to take over the lease and once more use the building for Unitarian meetings and a copy of agreement to let the Mountjoy Hall by Miss Tagart, 1898

Papers concerning the history of the chapel  NU/3/10  [n.d.]

Articles on the history of the chapel  NU/3/10/1  1872-1928

Taken from The Christian Freeman, May 1872, The East Sussex and West Kent Unitarian Magazine (includes reports on the Brighton, Ditchling, Hastings, Lewes and Northiam Unitarian chapels), Mar/Apr and Sep/Oct 1887, The Southern Unitarian Magazine (includes reports on the Brighton, Ditchling, Hastings, Lewes and Northiam Unitarian chapels), Jan/Feb 1888, and The Christian Life Jul - Aug 1928

Chapel history  NU/3/11  [n.d.]

The History of the Battle Baptist Church: with a biography of William Vidler, Baptist & Universalist, its first pastor by the Rev F W Butt-Thompson  NU/3/11/1  1909

Photograph  NU/3/12  [n.d.]

Photograph of the chapel given by Athelstan and Hilda Taylor  NU/3/12/1  nd [?1920s]

Photograph  NU/3/13  [n.d.]

Photograph of the Watch Oak, Battle  NU/3/13/1  nd [20th century]

Chapel history  NU/3/14  [n.d.]

The General Baptist Assembly Occasional Paper no 25, A History of the Unitarian Church at Battle, Sussex  NU/3/14/1  1888, 1999

By Samuel Collier Burgess and Walter Herbert Burgess, 1888, with additional material by Leonard J Maguire, Apr 1999

Papers concerning the burial ground  NU/3/15  [n.d.]

Typescript list of the inscriptions on the gravestones in the burial ground  NU/3/15/1  26 Nov 1980

Recorded by E J T Tyler of the Battle and District Historical Society

Inscriptions  NU/3/16  [n.d.]

Typescript list of the inscriptions on the gravestones in the burial ground  NU/3/16/1  Apr 1984

Numbered to correspond with the numbers marked on the accompanying plan showing the proposed residential development of the site

Papers concerning the proposed sale of the chapel  NU/3/17  [n.d.]

Related information: For papers concerning the subsequent sale, see NU/3/5-9

Abstract of the chapel trust, 3 Jun 1828  NU/3/17/1  nd, c1895

Also details of subsequent trustees, 1866

Chapel sale  NU/3/18  [n.d.]

Thirteen letters to Richard Bartram, St Stephens Chambers, Telegraph Street, Moorgate Street, London, concerning the chapel trust and possible sale of the chapel to the Congregational Church or as a reading room  NU/3/18/1  Dec 1894 - Jul 1895

Includes letter from C D Badland, 117 Western Road, Lewes, to Rev W Copeland Bowie [British & Foreign Unitarian Association, Essex Hall, Essex Street, Strand, London]


Source of acquisition: Deposited by the Trustees on 30 Sept 1988 (A5132). In 1987 a church book from this chapel was discovered in a bookshop at Dover and purchased by this office (AMS6034)

Creator(s): Northiam Unitarian Chapel

Administrative history:
The congregation was founded in 1788, being a reformation of the remaining members of an earlier General Baptist congregation which engaged Particular Baptist preachers from Battle, Sandhurst and Rye. In 1796 the congregation was admitted as a separate branch of the Universalist Baptist Church, Battle. In 1810 a larger chapel was built and in 1834 a raised area or 'gallery' was added where the instrumentalists sat

NU/4/1 Church book, minutes and related papers 1788-1850
NU/4/2 Accounts 1795-1910
NU/4/3 Correspondence and papers 1817-1916
NU/4/4 Northiam Union Library 1809-23
NU/4/5 The Sunday School 1835-44
NU/4/6 Miscellaneous c1890-1988

Church book, minutes and related papers  NU/4/1  1788-1850

Church book  NU/4/1/1  1788-1815

Related information: For church book containing register of births 1802-50, etc see AMS6034/1

Containing: pp 1-9 'History of the Universal Baptist Church at Northiam', being an account of the founding of the church 1788-96; pp 10-13 lists of members baptised 1796-1809; pp 16-49 duplicate account of the founding of the church as on pp 1-9, followed by subsequent history to 1815; loose papers at end, rules for holding a church meeting, and covenant of the church

Extracts from Battle Unitarian Chapel Church books  NU/4/1/2  1796-1798

(NU/3/1-2) re the establishment of Northiam as a separate branch 21 Feb, 13 Mar 1796, with a list of members to 1800, and request for help re the unruly conduct of a member 30 Sept 1798

Rough minutes of meetings  NU/4/1/3-4  1843-1847

Held 9 Feb 1843 and 3 Feb 1847

Accounts  NU/4/2  1795-1910

Bills mainly of Thomas Ranger for building the chapel  NU/4/2/1  1795

1 bdle

Account book  NU/4/2/2  1809-58

1 vol

In 2 parts containing 1) income from subscriptions and expenditure on general chapel expenses and 2) income from sacrament donations and expenditure on bread and wine, and the poor

Bills mainly for bread, wine and candles  NU/4/2/3  1830-57

1 bdle

Bills for repairs and maintenance of the chapel  NU/4/2/4  1831-55

1 bdle

Subscription book  NU/4/2/5  1834-45

1 Notebook

Giving for most part names of subscribers

Bills for building a new gallery in the chapel  NU/4/2/6  1834

1 bdle

Subscriptions in aid of expenses towards a change of ministers  NU/4/2/7  1845-47

1 Notebook

Miscellaneous bills  NU/4/2/8  1878-1910

4 docs

For engrossing trust deed, printing work for centenary, etc

Correspondence and papers  NU/4/3  1817-1916

Extract from Memoir of Vidler 1817  NU/4/3/1  1817

re Vidler's preaching at Northiam

A Letter addressed to the Rev. H Hodges, Rector of Beckley, Sussex; in consequence of some remarks, made by him on Unitarianism and Unitarians  NU/4/3/2  1822

Printed by K. Waters, the Eagle Office, Cranbrook 1822

Vote of thanks  NU/4/3/3  1832

Sent to James Taplin for his services as minister with his reply, sent from Honiton, Devon 15 Feb 1832

Note about the frequency of five of the same days in February on back of verse entitled 'To the Moon'  NU/4/3/4  1832

Report of the annual meeting of the Kent and Sussex Association held at Northian Chapel 11 July 1838  NU/4/3/5  1838

Sewn together in one cover and annotated 'Miss Jane Ashby, Northiam'  NU/4/3/6  Nd [?1840s]

Presumably the author: 1) Dialogues on Evangelical Christianity by a Lady - A Recent Convert to Unitarian Principles printed by Henry Richards, at the 'Daily Correspondent' Office, Don Street, Jersey 2) The Following Addresses were read by Admiral Gifford, Miss Gifford and Miss Jane Ashby at The Recent Tea Meeting in the Unitarian Chapel, Grove Place. Printed by 'News' Office, Beresford Street, Jersey

List of trustees appointed 25 July 1850, and nd [?1897]  NU/4/3/7  1850-1897

2 docs

Letters  NU/4/3/8  Feb - Nov 1886

From the British and Foreign Unitarian Association to W Comport re the re-opening of the chapel

Incomplete text of sermon preached on the death of Mr [William] Comport  NU/4/3/9  18 [Nov 1888]

By Rev. English Crooks of Hastings

Completed questionnaire  NU/4/3/10  May 1890

From the Provincial Assembly of Non-Subscribing Ministers and Congregations at London and the South-Eastern Counties containing brief information on the history of the chapel, names of officers and trustees, size of congregation, type of service, method of raising income

Letter from [?Hordinott] of Samuel Bagster & Sons Ltd, London  NU/4/3/11  22 Mar 1892

Referring to his recent visit and asking whether there is a Baptist Church and enclosing [not surviving] a sermon on the first democracy

Letters  NU/4/3/12  23 Oct 1897

2 docs

Edward Cox of Worthing from Alfred Comport re appointment of new trustees

Trustee appointments  NU/4/3/13  1850-1897

Photocopy of appointment of Frank Turner of North Bersted, West Sussex, farmer, William Henry Wilson of 50 South Street, Eastbourne, draper, Edward Charles Hilder of Tenterden, Kent, assistant surveyor, Frederick Comport of Northiam, hotel keeper, Alfred Comport of Northiam, builder, Frank Comport of Northian, innkeeper, Sam Sinden Fuggle of Northiam, baker and confectioner, James Archer of Northiam, post master, Charles Cloute of Northiam, painter, William Blake Odgers of the Middle Temple, Mx and Sivyer Rootes of Northiam, mail contractor, as trustees. Recites trust deed of 4 Jul 1796 between a) Elias Gilbert and George Clark and b) John Miles, Samuel Luff, William Chester, Thomas Ranger, William Ashby, Stephen Blundell, John Bull and William Coleman, and deed poll of 25 July 1850 appointing James George Norris, William Edwards, George Gibbs Edwards, William Comport, Edward Perigoe, Edward Cox, Newton Edwards, James Ashenden, James Sargent and Ferguson Wright Edwards as new trustees, 31 Oct 1897

Letter to Mr Comport from Wallis H. Burgess  NU/4/3/14  26 May 1910

With notes on the history of the chapel for the centenary

Order of service for the centenary 31 Jul 1910  NU/4/3/15  1910

Resolution of the congregation  NU/4/3/16-17  1916

Expressing approval of the compromise arrived at by the British and Foreign Unitarian Association and the General Baptist Assembly to convert certain chapels, including Northiam, into 'Open' trusts, 25 Jun 1916, with letter from the British and Forgeign Unitarian Association about the scheme, 17 May 1916

Northiam Union Library  NU/4/4  1809-23

Related information: See also AMS6034/1 for list of books, subscribers etc. 1811-36

Register of issues from the library arranged by member  NU/4/4/1  1809-11

1 Booklet

Catalogue of the Northiam Union Library  NU/4/4/2  1808, 1823

Printed by K Waters, Eagle Printing Office, Churchyard, Cranbrook 1823. Contains note of establishment in 1808, and rules by Richard Wood, Librarian

The Sunday School  NU/4/5  1835-44

Attendance register of boys and girls 1835-44  NU/4/5/1  1835-44

1 vol

Containing in reverse, list of boys and girls with ages, admitted Apr-Jun 1835

Miscellaneous  NU/4/6  c1890-1988

Modern prints taken from old negatives of Frederick Comport (at Morley Farm)  NU/4/6/1-6  c.1890-1988

Fanny Weekes; Alfred Comport, junior; Beatrice Fanny Comport as a young nurse; group including Mrs Alfred Comport, Alfred Comport, senior, Fanny and Elliss; Thornton House

Miscellaneous prints  NU/4/7  [n.d.]

Colour prints of the interior and exterior of the chapel  NU/4/7/1-4  1988


Source of acquisition: Deposited by Rev. Brian Packer, 35 Ashford Road, Tenterden, Kent

Creator(s): Hastings Unitarian Chapel

History of the Unitarian Free Christian Church, South Terrace, Hastings 1867-1967  NU/5/1  1967

By Rev. Denbigh Hilton. Produced for the centenary


Source of acquisition: Deposited by the trustees on 18 Mar 1980 (ACC 2531), 22 Feb 1991 (ACC 5650) and 15 Jan 1992 (ACC 5824)

Creator(s): Brighton Unitarian Chapel

Related information: For histories of the church see NU/6/18/3-4

Summary of contents
NU/6/1 Trust deeds and registration certificates; 1819-1892
NU/6/2 Minutes; 1822-1984
NU/6/3 Reports; 1893-1978
NU/6/4-6 Register, subscription books, membership records; 1820-1979
NU/6/7-16 Accounts; 1822-1976
NU/6/17 Correspondence; 1821-1837
NU/6/18 Other records; 1873-1972

Trust deeds and registration certificates  NU/6/1  [n.d.]

Trust deed  NU/6/1/3  11 Feb 1834

Document severely damaged by fire and water

Declaration of trust of a subscription fund raised for the benefit of the officiating minister Rev John [Philip Malleson] of Hove, minister, John [Todhunter] esq, George Cooper, esq, John Samuel Shepherd Spyring esq, [Samuel] Francis, draper, Benjamin Merriman [Nias], house agent, and Herbert Holtham, draper, all of Brighton

Certificate from the Superintendent Registrar at Brighton registering 'The New Road Chapel' for the solemnisation of marriages  NU/6/1/4-5  15 Aug 1837

With covering letter and receipt for fee

Schedule of deeds 1774-1834  NU/6/1/6  11 Feb 1834

Certificates from the Superintendent Registrar at Brighton  NU/6/1/7-8  1860

Registering 'Christ Church' (formerly New Road Chapel) to be used as a place of meeting for religious worship by a congregation of persons who object to be designated by any distinctive religious appellation, 17 Mar 1860 and for the solemnisation of marriages 2 Apr 1860

Draft conveyance to new trustees  NU/6/1/9  4 Aug 1892

Frederick Nettlefold of Norwood, Surrey, esq, Henry Sharpe, of Hampstead, Mx, John Warren of the city of London, bachelor of laws, James Clarke Lawrence of Hyde Park Gardens, Mx, bt, Charles Paul Burgess of 22 College Gardens, Brighton, gent to FN, HS, JCL, CPB and John Henry Every of Hillside, Lewes, ironfounder, John Chaplin of Rowlands Road, Worthing, grocer, James Johnson of 14 Stanford Road, Brighton, bank clerk, William Offen Slatter of 125 Church Road, Hove, ironmonger, Horace Aldrich of Wynnslay, Burgess Hill, provision merchant, Francis Thomas Wilson of 14 Market Street, Brighton, stationer

Correspondence  NU/6/1/10  May - Oct 1892

Mainly from F Nettlefold to W Slatter and H Talbot re the conveyance as in NU/6/1/9

Bills  NU/6/1/11-13  1891-92

From Cookson Wainwright & Pennington and Messrs Sharpe, Parker, Pritchard & Barham for professional charges re the conveyance as in NU/6/1/9

Minutes  NU/6/2  [n.d.]

Miscellaneous minutes  NU/6/2/1  [n.d.]

Stray minutes and resolutions Jun 1822, Nov 1824  NU/6/2/1/1-4  1822-1824

Committee and annual congregational minutes  NU/6/2/2  [n.d.]

Committee meeting and annual congregational meetings  NU/6/2/2/1  Jul 1907 - Feb 1913

1 vol

Committee meeting and annual congregational meetings  NU/6/2/2/2  Mar 1938 - Dec 1948

1 vol

Committee meeting and annual congregational meetings  NU/6/2/2/3  Jan 1949 - Oct 1961

1 vol

Committee minutes  NU/6/2/3  [n.d.]

Committee meetings  NU/6/2/3/1  Nov 1961 - Jan 1968

1 vol

Committee meetings  NU/6/2/3/2  Feb 1968 - Jun 1974

1 vol

Committee meetings  NU/6/2/3/3  Sep 1974 - Jul 1983

1 vol

AGM Minutes  NU/6/2/4  [n.d.]

Annual general meetings  NU/6/2/4/1  Mar 1961 - Dec 1984

1 vol

Women's League Minutes  NU/6/2/5  [n.d.]

Women's League  NU/6/2/5/1  Sep 1953 - Jan 1972

1 vol

Includes list of members 1954-65

Reports  NU/6/3  [n.d.]

Printed annual report of the committee with annual accounts  NU/6/3/1  1893

Printed annual reports of the committee with annual accounts  NU/6/3/2  1898-1923

1 vol

Printed annual reports of the committee with annual accounts  NU/6/3/3  1924-39

1 vol

Printed annual reports with accounts  NU/6/3/4  1945-49

Typed annual reports with accounts  NU/6/3/5  1954-62

(1954-56 accounts only)

Annual report of Womens' League  NU/6/3/6  1978

Register  NU/6/4  [n.d.]

Register containing notes of baptisms Dec 1886 - Sep 1943  NU/6/4/1  1886-1943

(Some include signatures of witnesses), marriages Mar 1887 - May 1943 (some include signatures of parties and witnesses) and burial services May 1888 - Jul 1899, [?1925] - Aug 1939

Subscription books  NU/6/5  [n.d.]

List of subscribers with seat numbers 1820 and plan of seating  NU/6/5/1  1820-1831

1 vol

Also includes note of baptism of Jane daughter of James and Margaret Patterson on 7 Aug 1831

List of subscribers and donors with note of money paid  NU/6/5/2  1819-1833

1 vol with leather wallet

Composite list up to 20 Aug 1819, then dated additional sums to Sep 1820; accounts covering donations towards liquidating the debt incurred in completing the New Road Chapel 1828-33

List of subscribers and donors with amounts contributed  NU/6/5/3  1821-37

Also includes treasurer's accounts 1825-37

List of subscribers  NU/6/5/4  1836-86

And [in reverse] list of donors 1836-87 with amounts contributed

List of subscribers to minister's augmentation fund  NU/6/5/5  1895-1946

Giving names and addresses and amounts contributed

List of subscribers  NU/6/5/6  1978-79


Names only

Membership records  NU/6/6  [n.d.]

Record Book and Congregational Register  NU/6/6/1  1860-1952

Containing summary of trust deed of 1907, names and addresses of trustees 1860-92, memorandum of the choice and appointment of new trustees 1928, 1942; inventory of property belonging to the congregation 1922-46; rules of the congregation (resolutions of the committee and annual meetings 1901-52); list of ministers 1905-52; list of secretaries 1907-37; list of treasurers 1900-45; list of committee members 1908-46; money received from annual collections 1907-42; annual summaries of income and expenditure 1907-47; important dates (mainly death/resignations of ministers and church officers) 1914-51; roll of members with addresses 1901-48; memoranda mainly re organist and caretaker's post 1897-1915

List of members with addresses  NU/6/6/2  nd c1920

Accounts  NU/6/7  [n.d.]

Accounts of Spyring and Thomas Pitter  NU/6/7/1  1822-25

8 docs

Successive treasurers

Liquidation Accounts  NU/6/8  [n.d.]

Liquidation fund papers  NU/6/8/1-2  1821-1860

1 vol 1 bdl

Including account book of treasurer in account with the fund for liquidating the debts 1833, 1840-59 (used also for expenditure 1821-22, list of subscribers with amounts subscribed 1825), receipts with covering letters 1840-60, and solicitors bills 1839-41

Cash Accounts  NU/6/9  [n.d.]

Cash book  NU/6/9/1  1836-61

And [in reverse] ledger 1820-59

Cash book  NU/6/9/2  1860-70

Cash book  NU/6/9/3  1893-1910

With index

Cash book  NU/6/9/4  1911-33

Cash and bank account book  NU/6/9/5  1934-46

Account book  NU/6/9/6  1947-48

Account book  NU/6/9/7  1949-52

Account book  NU/6/9/8  1953-62

Account book  NU/6/9/9  1963-71

Account book (analysis book)  NU/6/9/10  1972-75

Cash and bank accounts  NU/6/10  [n.d.]

Cash and bank accounts  NU/6/10/1  1969-72

Cash and bank accounts  NU/6/10/2  1972-76

Petty Cash Accounts  NU/6/11  [n.d.]

Petty cash book  NU/6/11/1  1971-73

Ledgers  NU/6/12  [n.d.]

Ledger  NU/6/12/1  1972-73

Offertory Accounts  NU/6/13  [n.d.]

Offertory book  NU/6/13/1  1940-51

Accounts for advertisements  NU/6/14  [n.d.]

Vouchers to account  NU/6/14/1  1840-1859

(Including fine engraved billheads) with covering letters for advertisements placed in The Inquirer, Brighton Herald, Brighton Guardian, Brighton Gazette, Brighton Examiner), and for printing work (Charles Green, Hackney, W Leppard, Brighton, ES Leppard, Brighton, Taylor & Tabberer, Brighton, JF Eyles, Brighton)

Accounts for Repairs  NU/6/15  [n.d.]

Vouchers to account  NU/6/15/1  1846-1857

With covering letters for repairs to the chapel, (Messrs Patching and H Leggatt, Brighton), for internal fittings (E Andre, cabinet maker, Brighton), maintenance work (W Wilson, plumber, glazier, painter, and Palmer & Co, smiths and bell hangers, Brighton) and printing sermons (Brighton Guardian, Herald and Gazette)

Accounts for maintenance and repairs  NU/6/16  [n.d.]

Vouchers to account  NU/6/16/1  1873-1874

(Including fine engraved billheads) for maintenance and repairs (W T Evans, gas fitter, Brighton), printing (Frederic Bolus, the Brighton Lithographic Establishment), advertising (Sussex Daily News), organ repairs (W Grinyer organ and pianoforte tuner and repairer, Brighton); includes abstract of accounts, Dec 1873 - Dec 1874

Correspondence  NU/6/17  [n.d.]

Correspondence of trustees relating to the resignation of Dr Morrell as minister  NU/6/17/1  1821-1837

And the successive appointments of Rev James Wallace, 1826, and Rev J P Malleson, 1829; the problem of providing a satisfactory income for the minister and paying off the mortgage; printed appeals, 27 Apr 1828 and 1 Oct 1833; bundle originally wrapped in a page from The Atlas [? Christmas 1834]

Other records  NU/6/18  [n.d.]

Photograph of Rev T R Dobson, minister  NU/6/18/1  1873-1886

Printed appeal for funds  NU/6/18/2  nd, [1918]

The Story of Brighton Unitarian Church, by John Rowland  NU/6/18/3  1972

Christ Church (Unitarian), New Road, Brighton; a short history, by John Rowland  NU/6/18/4  1955

An earlier version of NU/6/18/3

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