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Reference HOW
Covering dates c1600-1963
Held by East Sussex Record Office
Extent 118 Boxes
Source of acquisition Deposited in Feb 1983 (ACC 4026), Mar 1987 (ACC 4801). Previous deposits were made to the Sussex Archaeological Society in Feb 1961 (ACC 964-1073) and were transferred to ESRO in Dec 1969 (ACC 1025) and June 1982 (ACC 2967, 3252, 3264, 3283, 3405)
Creators Howlett and Clarke, Brighton, solicitors

Administrative history:
Howlett & Clarke is not only the oldest firm of Solicitors in Brighton but the only one that can be traced back to the eighteenth century. Its first known principal or partner was William Attree. He came of an old established Ditchling family. His grand-father, William Attree, was a brick-layer there. The latter died in 1767 but left a Will, so he must have been a man of some education. This William Attree's son, John Attree, was a prosperous malster. In 1745 John Attree married at Newtimber Susannah, daughter of Henry Scrase of Withdean, Patcham. He died on the 9th June 1772 and is buried in a table-tomb in Ditchling church-yard to the north of the church
John and Susannah Attree had one daughter and four sons
William Attree was the second of these sons and was born in 1749. In 1765 he was articled for 5 years to an attorney in Lewes named Henry Burtenshaw. He was admitted to the roll of solicitors before 1775. But this must have been at least two years earlier, as in 1773, when the Brighton Town Commissioners were first set up to pave and light the streets and to erect groynes in front of the town, he became their first Clerk and also Treasurer. The Commissioners' minutes have not survived from before 1789, but Bishops' "Brighton in the Olden Time" quotes an advertisement by William Attree as Clerk to the Commissioners of 1st August 1773, so he must have held this office since the initiation of the Commission. His salary as such in 1789 was £4-10-0 a year
He was also Clerk to the Brighton Vestry. The date when he was appointed to that office is unknown because again the minutes of the Vestry have not survived from before 1790. He may well have been in office for some time before that date and perhaps was even appointed Clerk to the Commissioners in 1773 because he was already Clerk to the Vestry. His salary as Clerk to the Vestry was £10-10-0 a year in 1790 and £30-0-0 a year in 1804
It is just possible that William Attree's legal connection may extend further back than this. His mother's first cousin, Charles Scrase, was also an attorney. He was born in 1709 and was Town Clerk of Seaford in 1733. In 1771 Scrase purchased a moiety of the manor of Brighton and lived in the Manor House there which was on the site of Royal York Buildings in Old Steine. Scrase was also the solicitor of Dr Johnson's friend, Hester Thrale, later Mrs Piozzi. She stayed with him at the Manor House and subsequently bought a house of her own in Brighton in West Street. William Attree acted as steward of the Manor for Scrase from 1778 onwards. So it is possible that he had been articled to Scrase. The latter died in 1791
When William Attree established his practice in Brighton, he built himself an office and a house where he also lived. In 1775 he bought a site in Ship Street for £50. On this he built No. 8 Ship Street and probably the adjoining house, No. 9. No. 8 was his residence and office combined until his death and after that the residence and office of his son until 1830. William Attree mortgaged the building for £2,000 in 1803, and this loan was not finally paid off by his son until 1824. The house was rebuilt in its present form, but still with a facade of Georgian character, at some time between 1830 and 1863. But continuity has been preserved as the building is still the office of Howlett & Clarke today
In or before 1800 there were few attorneys in Brighton, so William Attree easily acquired a near monopoly of the best legal work in the town. Amongst his fashionable clients was the Prince of Wales. When the Prince was acquiring land to enlarge the grounds of his Brighton house, he employed Attree in the various purchases which this involved. Attree's position will have been of benefit to both parties when, in 1803, the Prince sought the agreement of the Town Commisioners to divert the north end of Great East Street, as East Street was then called, which ran almost directly under his windows, and to give the town instead a piece of land further west which, in 1806, became New Road
In May 1810, a new local Act of Parliament came into force which set up a fresh set of Town Commissioners with different powers and different qualifications. William Attree, who was 61 in that year and possibly not in good health, resigned his positions as Clerk and Treasurer to the old Commission. He remained however Clerk to the Vestry but not for long. He died on the 18th August 1810 and was buried five days later in Ditchling church-yard in a table-tomb adjoining that of his father. His will was dated the 6th August 1810 and proved in London on the 12th February 1811. His estates was valued at under £5,000 most of his property was left to his four daughters. This included the Old Ship Hotel which William Attree had purchased in 1802. But in 1817 his daughters sold their rights in the hotel to their brother Thomas. A portrait of him hangs in Howlett & Clarke's Office
William Attree had four sons and four daughters. Two of the sons became attorneys: John, who was born in 1776 and Thomas who was born at 8 Ship Street, Brighton in 1778. Both sons practised with their father during the last years of his life under the name of Attree & Son. John's connection with the firm seems to have been rather a floating one. He was admitted before 1800 and, according to the Law Society's records, practised on his own account from 1801 till 1804. Then for three years he was associated with his father and brother but from 1807 until 1810 returned to practising on his own. At his father's death, he was living at Bishop's Hall, Essex, but thereafter seems to have disappeared from view, though he did not die until 1834
Thomas Attree was a far more distinct figure than either his brother or his father and, in fact, became one of the most prominent men in Brighton. He was admitted as a solicitor in 1799 and immediately went into practice with his father. In 1805 he was elected as a Town Commissioner in Brighton but only held the seat for the last five years of the old Commission's life. When the new Commission of 1810 was forecast, his father resigned in his favour as Clerk and Treasurer, and Thomas took William Attree's place for the winding up process. Expenses of £300 were paid to him when this was completed. When the new Commission actually came into force in May 1810 he was formally appointed Clerk & Treasurer on providing security to the value of £1,500. A year later his salary was increased by £30-0-0
By 1821 it was found inconvenient that the same man should hold the position of Clerk and Treasurer to the Commissioners and Thomas Atree resigned as Treasurer. Henceforward one of the local banks carried out the financial work on a yearly basis. But Attree remained not only Clerk but also Solicitor to the Commissioners on a fee-paying basis whenever legal work was required
When his father died in August 1810, he was also appointed Clerk to the Brighton Vestry. His salary in 1820 was £100 per year. The Act of 1810 assigned the responsibility for the Poor, which had previously been the direct charge of the Vestry, to a new body named the Directors and Guardians of the Poor. Attree also acted as their Clerk. All these were part-time appointments. But at some time or other he also acquired the remunerative post of Stamp Director of Sussex & Surrey which he held until his death. So it is not perhaps surprising that his enemies at one time called him "the king of Brighton"
The multiplicity of offices held by Thomas Attree did not prevent him running a thriving legal practice, but by about 1820 this had lost its near-monopoly in the town. Two other firms were by then also prominent in Brighton. The first was G & H Faithful of No 15 Ship Street. George Faithful in particular was a well-known figure who was returned as one of the first Members of Parliament for Brighton in 1833. The second firm was Furner & Hill of No 3 Pavilion Parade. G & H Faithful has been one of the casualties of time and no longer exists. Furner & Hill is still carried on as Fizhugh, Eggar & Port and is the second oldest firm of solicitors in Brighton. The high status of Attree & Son remained undiminished. Their connection with the Royal Family lasted until after George IV's death. When William IV made some small purchases of land to add some ancillary buildings to the Royal Pavilion estate, he continued to employ Thomas Attree for the legal work involved
Thomas Attree married about 1805. His wife's Christian names were Elizabeth Austin. They had a son and a daughter. The son, William Wakeford Attree, was born in 1806. He followed his father into the legal profession, but became a barrister in the Middle Temple. He was Recorder of Rye, Hastings and Seaford. He died in his father's life-time and at his father's Brighton house on the 28th January 1862 aged 56. He was buried in Ditchling church-yard
In his memory his father endowed a scholarship at Brighton College. To provide the money for this he conveyed to the Trustees of the College No 9 Ship Street adjoining his office and, if this Trust was invalidated by his death within 6 months of the date of gift, he substituted in his Will a bequest to the College of £1,000. Thomas Attree's daughter, Elizabeth Wakeford Attree, died when quite young. Stained glass windows in memory of both the son and daughter were inserted in the north wall of the nave of Ditchling Church in 1863.
Owing to William Wakeford Attree's choice of the other branch of the legal profession, when Thomas Attree took a partner he had to go outside his family. At some time before 1822 he entered into partnership with Frederick Cooper, and the name of the firm was changed from Attree & Son to Attree & Cooper. At the same time, either on account of pressure of work or because of the criticism of his holding too many offices, Frederick Cooper became joint Clerk to the Town Commissioners with Attree. However, this arrangement did not work. In May 1823 a certain E Savage appealed against the burdensome obligation of serving for one year in the honorary office of Inspector of Weights & Measures. One of his grounds of appeal was that the summons to serve was invalid as this was signed by two Clerks to the Commissioners instead of one, as provided by the Brighton Commissioners Act of 1810. The Brighton Magistrates agreed that the summons was invalid on these grounds. So Attree resigned wholly in Frederick Cooper's favour. Cooper's salary at the time as Clerk was £100 per year. But when the Town Commissioners Act of 1810 was replaced by a third local Act in 1825, a committee of commissioners investigated the question of the Clerk's emoluments. This committee found that most of Cooper's time and that of several of his clerks was spent on Clerk's business, but that the bulk of money paid to him by the Commissioners actually derived from fees paid to him as solicitor to the Commissioners as the result of law cases. The whole question of payment was therefore re-organised, and from the 25th December 1825 Cooper was paid a comprehensive salary of £300 a year as a Clerk and Solicitor.
There was at the time a party within the Commisioners which was extremely hostile to Frederick Cooper. This was led by Lewis Slight, who eventually succeeded him as Clerk. This party suggested that £300 a year was greatly in excess of what need be paid and even went so far as to say that a competent person could be found to do the job for £50 a year. At this point Frederick Cooper angrily resigned. The Commissioners as a whole however asked him to reconsider his resignation. This produced a petition against him by his opponents, together with a counter-petition in his favour. He agreed to withdraw his resignation on the basis of the offer made to him. But his opponents persisted in their ill-will and on the 9th August 1826 a resolution was passed by the Commissioners, reducing the Clerk's salary to £100 a year. Cooper thereupon re-submitted his resignation as from Michelmas. A few weeks later the position of Clerk was given to Lewis Slight, who in due course came to occupy such a prominent position in the town that he too was accused of being "the king of Brighton".
The termination of the connection of Attree & Cooper with the Town Commissioners in 1826 left their chief public commitment as being to the Vestry. But about 1828 Thomas Attree and Frederick Cooper dissolved partnership. About a year later Frederick Cooper's place was taken by Somers Clarke. The name of the firm was then changed from Attree & Cooper to Attree & Clarke. In 1830 the new partner, Somers Clarke, took Attree's place as Clerk to the Vestry - an office which he held until his death in 1892.
Frederick Cooper seems to have retained the position of Clerk to the Directors and Guardians of the poor for some years, for in 1836 he was involved in one of the scandals that periodically affected the Brighton Workhouse. It was then discovered that he was being paid a salary of £500, whereas the Vestry had only voted him £300 a year. Moreover his costs amounting to £69-1-0 had been paid for resisting on behalf of the parish officers an appeal against an assessment to the poor-rate, which was contrary to the express instructions of the Vestry. There is no record of Cooper's dismissal or resignation as a result of this row.
The replacement of Thomas Attree by Somers Clarke as Vestry Clerk in 1830 left Attree free to devote more of his time to other matters and he entered the development world. At some time before 1820 he acquired the lordship of the manor of Atlingworth and with it a large tract of land in Brighton behind the East Cliff. At that time Brighton did not extend eastwards beyond Royal Crescent. In 1823 Thomas Read Kemp began to lay out Kemp Town as an independent estate. Attree's land lay between Royal Crescent and Kemp Town. On this he built Marine Square in the years 1824-5. The architects of the Square were probably Amon Wilds and Charles Augustus Busby who designed Kemp Town. The houses were quickly sold, but the garden enclosure remained in Attree's hands until his death.
More interesting than Marine Square was Attree's development of land to the north of this. The previous owner seems to have had plans to make a park there which was to have been called Brighton Park. Attreee obtained permission from William IV to rename this Queen's Park after Queen Adelaide. Around it he planned to build a series of detached houses in their own grounds rather similar to Decimus Burton's contemporary development at Calverley Park in Tunbridge Wells. A drawing of the houses was made, which is still in the possession of Howlett & Clarke and a print was made from this. However most of the houses were never built. Attree did however lay out the roads which later became West Drive and Park Hill, and connected these with Egremont Place on the south. The Town Commissioners made a contribution of £50 towards the work.
By this time Thomas Attree had evidently become too grand a man to live in a town house in a street like No. 8 Ship Street, where he had been born. His principal aim in planning this park was to provide for himself a new residence which would be a country house on the edge of the town. His connection with the Sussex County Hospital, which had begun in 1824, brought him into touch with the architect, Charles Barry, who was then beginning his career. Barry designed for him a house which in Attree's lifetime was always called the Attree Villa, but which later became the Xaverian College. This was built in 1830. Barry chose to design it in Italianate style. Except for Barry's own St Andrew's church in Waterloo Street, Hove, which was built in 1826, the villa was the earliest piece of Italianate architecture in England. With the house Barry designed an Italian terraced garden with a temple that contained a marble statue of the Emperor, Marcus Aurelius, in the south east corner and two figures of dogs copied from models in the Tuilleries gardens in Paris. The most prominent feature was an ornamental water-tower in the form of a circular tempietto to the south west of the house. When the villa was supplied with water from the mains this tower became redundant and, after Thomas Attree's time, was detached from the grounds of the villa and incorporated in the road pattern. It is still a landmark of the area and is generally known as the Pepper-box, but has suffered the indignity of being converted into a public lavatory. The house itself was demolished in 1972 in scandalous circumstances, but the temple survives - without its statue - and is now very incongruously surrounded by modern houses and flats.
The villa originally was a country house in miniature. Adjoining it were meadows for cows and farm buildings, which were only replaced by houses in the last quarter of the nineteenth century. Of the houses round the park which were envisaged in the original plan, only one was built - to the south west of the villa. This was originally called Pennant Lodge but is now known as No. 30 West Drive. It was let during Thomas Attree's life and sold after his death. It was for many years occupied by the Bernard Baron Nursing Home.
At the south end of the Park was an archway with lodges and also the German Spa building. The archway survives but was much altered about 1890. The lodges have disappeared. The German Spa remained intact until 1971, when it was converted into an ornamental feature of the Park. All the other houses round the Park were not built until the turn of the century.
Other land which was controlled and partly owned by Thomas Attree comprised the surviving portions of the medieval "tenantry laines" which were still held in common for the community. These were the Old Steine enclosure, the North Steine enclosures (now the Valley Gardens), Richmond Green (now the site of St. Peter's church), the Level or cricket-ground, and the race course. In 1822 managers had been appointed to regulate the use of these pieces of land, but no regulations had been made for them. By 1846 Attree and Charles Scrase Dickens were the only survivors of this managing board. Old Steine and the Level had gradually passed into the hands of the Town Commissioners. St Peter's church had been built on Richmond Green, but other pieces of land still remained under Attree's control. The Commissioners were dissatisfied with the position and laid claim to the use of the land. Attree replied that this was subject to private rights which were incompatible with public ownership. No progress was made for three years, and eventually a few members of the Commissioners' committee in exasperation took possession of the land illegally. Attree responded with an action for illegal trespass. Eventually in 1849 a settlement was reached whereby a new committee of management was appointed who purchased the land for £360 from Attree and his beneficiaries. In due course the race course passed into the ownership of Brighton Corporation
From such incidents as this, one has the impression that Thomas Attree was, or at least at times could be, an awkward customer who exacted his pound of flesh. His life followed the pattern of many prosperous business men and lawyers in the nineteenth century in that by his own efforts he became a very successful man and clearly made a fortune. The necessary aggressiveness involved in such a procedure, mixed with the usual degree of envy, inevitably leads to making enemies. So it was with Attree
However on the other hand his obituaries stressed that he was also a man of very charitable disposition. He was largely the driving force behind the foundation of the Brighton Dispensary in 1809 and of the Sussex County Hospital in 1824. He was the first Honorary Secretary of both institutions, in the latter case, jointly with the Rev. Dr. Edward Everard. Attree's obituary in the Brighton Gazette 12th February 1863) records that on one occasion he gave a crown piece to every inhabitant of Brighton who was over seventy, and drove round in his carriage to present the coins to all the recipients personally
Towards the end of his life Thomas Attree retired from active practice but remained a sleeping partner in the firm. In 1858 he attained the age of eighty and evidently thought that it was time for him to make proper arrangements about the freehold of his office and former residence. No. 8 Ship Street had not been left to him in his father's Will but in trust for his four sisters. He bought out three of these sisters on the 1st and 2nd January, 1823. However, the fourth sister retained her share until she died. On 26th February, 1858, Thomas Attree acquired her fourth share from her son and on the following day conveyed the whole property, unencumbered, to his partner, Somers Clarke, for the consideration of £500. It was probably at this time that the house was rebuilt in its present form
Thomas Attree always retained his connection with the Royal Family. In the last year of his life he was visited at his villa in Queen's Park by the old Duchess of Cambridge and her daughter, Princess Mary, when they were staying at 36 Adelaide Crescent, Hove. The Duchess was the last surviving member of the generation of George IV. The Princess later became the mother of Queen Mary
Thomas Attree died at his house in Queen's Park on 7th February, 1863, aged eighty-five. He was buried two days later in Ditchling church yard in his son's grave, and adjoining the tombs of his father and grandfather. A stained glass window in his memory was inserted in the north wall of the nave of Ditchling Church together with two others in memory of his son and daughter. No portrait or print of Thomas Attree seems to have survived, but may exist in the possession of some collateral member of his family
His will was dated the day before his death. It is a long and complicated document but contains several mysteries. His executors were his partners, Somers Clarke and James Warnes Howlett, and also Thomas Hill Attree, who is described as "of New Inn, Strand, London, Gentleman." From this description and from the fact that he was placed third in the list of executors, one presumes that he was not a lawyer, but his relationship to the testator is not mentioned in the Will. He was left all the testator's lands in Ditchling "in the belief that he do and will worthily preserve the Attree name and keep up the Attree customs in the parish." He was presumably a nephew of Thomas Attree senior. As late as 1918 members of the Attree family were still living in Ditchling and even today there are descendants of theirs resident in the parish, though they no longer bear the name of Attree
The second mystery in Thomas Attree's will relates to his wife. She survived him but is not mentioned anywhere in the will.
Moreover, a reference is made in it to the fact that his niece, Frances Eliza Wakeford Attree, was keeping house for him at the time. It was provided that, after an interval of six months from his death, his household effects should be sold and the proceeds divided between the Sussex County Hospital, the Eye Hospital, the Brighton Dispensary, and the Vicar of Ditchling for the benefit of the National School and other charities in that parish. From this one can only assume that Attree's wife was suffering from some mental illness which necessitated that she was cared for in as nursing-home and that he had made financial provisions for this in other documents during his life
There is also no mention in the will of his villa in Queen's Park, other than of its contents. But, as was provided for the furniture, the house was sold on the 28th November, 1863, together with the adjoining house, Pennant Lodge, the whole of Queen's Park with its entrance gateway and lodges, and the German Spa. The whole property fetched £28,000 and was bought by a Mr Dudhill of 92 Piccadilly, London. Thomas Attree's other Brighton properties, Nos. 64, 77, 78 and 79 King's Road, were specifically devised to four separate nieces, to whom the residue of his estate was also bequeathed in quarter shares
The third mystery in the will relates to the size of his estate. The £28,000 which was raised from the sale of the house and land in Queen's Park cannot have formed part of his estate as the latter was sworn at under £12,000 - a very small sum for a man of Thomas Attree's standing. His will in fact contemplated that the estate might not provide sufficient funds to pay all the legacies enumerated. It seems very likely that this was indeed the case. The larger portion of what he had to leave must have been the subject of other provisions during his life
Elizabeth Austin Attree survived her husband for nearly three years. When she died on 3rd November, 1865, the nearest church to the former Attree Villa was by then the newly built Church of the Annunciation in Washington Street. The stained glass in its west (liturgical east) window was inserted in her memory. This represents the Annunciation. The centre panel was designed by Dante Gabriel Rossetti and the side panels by Edward Burne-Jones. The glass was made in William Morris's factory. Its quality is very different from the three Attree windows in Ditchling church, which are in the least acceptable Victorian manner
About 1832 a new partner John Sidney McWhinnie was admitted to Attree's firm, and the name of the partnership was changed from Attree & Clarke to Attree, Clarke & McWhinnie. Not much is known about John McWhinnie. He was admitted as a solicitor in 1832, he lived at 4 Upper Brunswick Place, Hove, and he seems not to have held any public office. He died on the 13th December, 1857, probably when still quite young. A tablet in his memory was erected in the south aisle of the old Hove parish church (St. Andrew's, Church Road.) This gives the picturesque detail that he died in Nice "in the kingdom of Sardinia," i.e. before the house of Savoy had ceded their duchy of origin to France as a miserable "job" between Count Cavour & Napoleon III. John McWhinnie must have been one of the early Englishmen to enjoy the famous promenade des Anglais at Nice, which was commissioned to relieve unemployment and laid out earlier in the century by another Sussex man, Lewis Way of Stanstead Park in the parish of Westbourne, near Chichester. John Sidney McWhinnie was presumably buried in the Protestant cemetery at Nice
He was replaced as a partner by James Warnes Howlett, and the name of the firm was changed from Attree, Clarke & McWhinnie to Attree, Clarke & Howlett. At Thomas Attree's death in 1863, this became Clarke & Howlett. It will be more convenient to deal with James Warnes Howlett in detail at a later point in the story.
Thomas Attree's successor both as the senior partner of his firm and in Brighton life was Somers Clarke, one of the four sons of Samuel and Mary Clarke. The parents were born in 1774 and 1772 respectively. His father was a clergyman who was a curate in the parish church of Midhurst in Sussex. Somers Clarke was born in Midhurst in 1802. In 1811 his father moved to Plumpton near Lewes, where he remained for 20 years. He only held the curacy of that parish, but probably acted for a non-resident Rector, the Rev. William Peckham Woodward, who held the living from 1796 until 1849. Woodward was also Rector of West Grinstead, where there was a very fine Rectory (now the Glebe House). He no doubt resided there.
Somers Clarke was articled to an attorney in London named Bethell. The latter was the uncle of Lord Westbury, who was Lord Chancellor in Lord Palmerston's Government of 1861 to 1865. Somers Clarke was admitted as a solicitor in 1824 and became Managing Clerk to Few, Ashmore & Hamilton of Henrietta Street, Covent Garden. In 1827 he came to Brighton and entered the office of Attree & Cooper, as the firm was then called. In the next year he became their Managing Clerk and in 1829 took Frederick Cooper's place in the partnership. The name of the firm was changed to Attree & Clarke.
In 1830 Attree resigned the clerkship of the Brighton Vestry in favour of Somers Clarke, who was annually re-elected to this office for 62 years. In 1833 two candidates stood against him but only polled 231 and 46 votes respectively against his vote of 994. Somers Clarke later became solicitor to the Directors and Guardians of the Poor, but whether this was in succession to Frederick Cooper or at the same time as Cooper was their Clerk is not clear. This post Somers Clarke held for at least fifty three years. He was also Clerk to the Commissioners of Taxes, whose local office at the time of his appointment was at Lewes. He was successful in arranging for a Brighton district to be formed. According to his obituaries, his principal accomplishment in that connection was on the occasion when a defalcation of £7,000 was made by a Collector. Somers Clarke appeared at 11 Downing Street before William Gladstone as Chancellor of the Exchequer and spoke so eloquently that no surcharge to make good the amount of the default was imposed upon the town.
For the first twenty years of his life in Brighton, Somers Clarke lived at 27 Oriental Place. In 1838 he married Sarah Blaker, who was the daughter of a Brighton surgeon. Ten years later he moved to 57 Regency Square, where he lived until his death. His residence in Regency Square led him to play a prominent part in 1884 in the arrangements for the acquisition of the freehold of the Regency Square enclosure by Brighton Corporation from the heirs of Joshua Flesher Hanson, who had laid out the garden in 1818.
Somers Clarke was prominent in local politics as a supporter of the Liberal party. He acted as Agent for Admiral Sir George Augustus Brooke Pechell, who was unsuccessful at the election of 1833, when Brighton first returned Members of Parliament, but was later Member for Brighton from 1835 till his death in 1860.
Perhaps Somers Clarke's most active sphere of interest was in the affairs of St Nicholas' Church. He was not only Vestry Clerk but also the Solicitor, friend and principal ally of the Rev. Henry Michell Wagner, who was Vicar of Brighton from 1824 to 1870. Wagner was a controversial figure whose incumbency was bedevilled by the issue of compulsory church rates. This split the parish and dominated all Vestry meetings from 1835 for 18 years. Feelings ran so high that the parishioners almost came to blows, and the meetings lasted for anything up to seven hours. Somers Clarke was bound to follow the Vicar's official line, however unjust this might be to Dissenters and others who were not members of the Church of England. But he seems to have come through the disputes with serenity and without incurring the enmity that fell to the Vicar's share. When in 1852 the Duke of Wellington died it was Somers Clarke who suggested that, as the Duke had worshipped at St. Nicholas's Church as a boy, the building should be restored on a voluntary basis by public subscription. The money flowed in, and no more was heard of compulsory church rates. In 1867 Somers Clarke made a gift to the church of an iron pulpit, designed by his son, to replace the existing wooden one. A few years later he purchased the rectorial tithes so that stalls could be erected in the chancel. At the same time he gave a stained glass window in memory of his old friend, the Vicar of Brighton, the Rev. H M Wagner, who had died in 1870. This was placed in the south wall of the chancel.
Somers Clarke was also active in the charitable world. From 1829 to 1853 a Famine Relief Committee operated in Brighton to provide soup kitchens for the poor. He acted as its Honorary Secretary from 1836 to 1853. He succeeded Thomas Attree as Honorary Secretary to the Brighton Dispensary and held that office for fifty years, only resigning in about 1890. He was also connected with the Sussex County Hospital and with the Eye Hospital.
From the reaction of contemporaries, one has the impression that throughout all this public work he was a less combative and more genial figure than Thomas Attree had been. He certainly had fewer, if any, enemies and was never accused of holding too many offices at one time. Public presentations were made to him on two occasions at an interval of nearly fifty years.
The first occasion was on the first visit of Queen Victoria to Brighton, which was on the 4th October, 1837. A committee was formed to organise the reception of the Queen, of which Somers Clarke was Honorary Secretary. £613-7-0 was subscribed, which was spent on an amphitheatre to accommodate spectators, and a floral arch of welcome. After meeting these expenses, £119 was left over. Twenty five guineas of this was used to purchase a gold snuff-box for presentation to Somers Clarke in recognition of his work in arranging the celebration. The balance was given to the Sussex County Hospital. Six years later when the Queen left Brighton by sea to visit King Louis-Philippe in France, her departure from the Chain Pier was recorded by the marine artist, R H Nibbs. The picture was purchased by private subscription and presented to the Town Commissioners. Somers Clarke was among the subscribers.
The other gift to him was not on a specific occasion but in recognition of more than fifty years of public work. On the 16 June, 1886 he was presented with a portrait and bust of himself which had been commissioned by public subscription. The presentation on behalf of the town was made by the Vicar of Brighton, John Hannah, who was also Archdeacon of Lewes. The portrait was given to Mrs Clarke to descend as an heirloom in the family. Whether or not this is the same portrait as today hangs in No. 8 Ship Street in Howlett & Clarke's office, it is difficult to say. The bust was originally placed in the vestibule of the Royal Pavilion, but is now housed in the Town Hall.
At the end of the same year (1886) Somers Clarke offered his resignation on account of age to the Brighton Vestry. However, he was unanimously requested to reconsider this decision and so withdrew his resignation. His grandson, Cecil Somers Clarke, who was also a solicitor and had by then become a partner in the firm (Clarke, Howlett & Clarke) was appointed as his Deputy to perform the few tasks that the office still generated.
Just over a year later, on 26th January, 1888, Somers Clarke executed a lease of 8 Ship Street in favour of his two partners, James Warnes Howlett & Cecil Somers Clarke, at a rent of £100 a year. However, he retained the freehold of the building until his death four years later. It was at this time (1887) that the name of Attree was dropped from the firm and it became Clarke, Howlett & Clarke.
Somers Clarke died at 57 Regency Square on the 12th January 1892 after a short illness. He was 89. He was buried three days later in the family vault in the Lewes Road cemetery at Brighton, where his mother and father had been buried in 1849 and 1854 respectively. The grave is to the south west of the chapel which is now the Woodvale crematorium. A muffled peal of bells was rung the same evening at St Nicholas's church, Brighton, where he had worshipped all his life
Somers Clarke had a son and two daughters. One of the latter, Mary Anne Charlotte Clarke, was the Mistress of the National School in Upper Gardner Street in 1869, when Somers Clarke's friend, the Vicar of Brighton, the Rev. H M Wagner, bequeathed to her a legacy of £100 in a codicil to his Will. But presumably she died between then and 1892 as she is not mentioned in Somers Clarke's own will. There is no inscription in her memory on his family grave. His will appointed his wife and son, together with George Walter Willett and Nathaniel Paine Blaker, as executors. No. 8 Ship Street was specifically devised to the testator's son, Somers Clarke junior, together with the manor of Atlingworth and the lay rectory of St Nicholas's church, Brighton. The residue of the estate was left to the testator's wife for life and then to his son and daughter, Arabella, in equal shares. This daughter was married, but her husband's name is, unusually, not given in the will. Somers Clarke's estate was valued at £91,469-19-8 - a very large sum in 1892. His widow only survived him by three months. She died on 16th April 1892
The son, Somers Clarke junior, was a fairly well-known architect. He was born in Brighton on the 22nd July 1841 and was articled to Sir Gilbert Scott. His finest work is probably St. Martin's Church, Lewes Road, Brighton (1875). In Brighton he also designed the east front of Holy Trinity Church, Ship Street (1885), the clerestory of St Nicholas's Church, Church Street (1892), and the chancel of St Peter's Church (1889 - 1906). From 1876 to 1892 he was in partnership with J T Micklethwaite. Subsequently he was for ten years from 1896 onwards Surveyor to the fabric of St Paul's cathedral and for two years of this period also held the same office to Chichester Cathedral. He was a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries
There is no record of his marriage, but he had a son, Cecil Somers Clarke, who became a solicitor and a partner in his grandfather's firm from 1886 onwards. On 10th August 1897 Somers Clarke junior executed a voluntary conveyance to this son of 8 Ship Street, where the practice was conducted, but which had been specifically devised to the father. Somers Clarke junior survived to the age of 86 and died at Mahamid in Upper Egypt on the 31st August 1926. A slab inscribed with his name and dates was added to the family grave in the Lewes Road cemetery in Brighton
Somers Clarke's junior was not the only member of the family to follow architecture as a profession. Somers Clarke senior also had a brother, George Somers Clarke senior, who was an architect. Roger Dixon & Stephen Muthesius's "Victorian Architecture" gives his date of birth as 1825, but this cannot be correct because his mother was 55 in that year and his brother was born in 1802. He designed Cowley Manor, Gloucestershire (1854 - 62), the Merchant Seamen's Orphan Asylum in Wanstead, Essex, (1861) the General Credit and Discounty Company's Office (now the Overseas Bankers Club) in Lothbury, London (1866) and Wyfold Court, Oxfordshire (1872-6). The date of his death is given as 1882
George Somers Clarke had a son, George Somers Clarke junior, who was also an architect and is often confused with his first cousin, Somers Clarke junior. He is a rather shadowy figure but he designed two buildings in Brighton: the Venetian Gothic Blind School in Eastern Road (1865), which was demolished in 1956, and 11 Dyke Road (1867), which was the second building occupied by the Swan Downer School. George Somers Clarke junior died in the early years of the 20th century
Somers Clarke senior's death was really the end of an epoch in Brighton, as he was the last survivor of local government officers from the days before the incorporation of the town. Owing to the fact that the Brighton Vestry had been defunct since 1854 but Somers Clarke had remained, in name at least, Vestry Clerk until his death, the minute-books of the Vestry meetings remained in the hands of Howlett & Clarke not only during that time but for seventy years afterwards. About 1960 they were presented by the firm to the Sussex Archaeological Society, which then had its own department of archives in the Barbican tower of Lewes Castle. When the Society ceased to operate this archive, the minute books passed to the East Sussex County Record Office. However, the books deposited with the Society go back only as far as 1790. There was originally one earlier volume which covered the period from about 1580 till 1790
Two historians of repute - Dr A E Wilson, the Head of the History Section of the Brighton College of Technology, and W A Barron, Headmaster of the Brighton and Hove Grammar School, have testified to inspecting this volume when it was in the hands of Howlett & Clarke. It now cannot be found. Its disappearance is a complete mystery. It is to be hoped that one day it will reappear, as it is one of the most valuable records of Brighton's history. The firm still holds the original "book of all the ancient customs" agreed between the landsmen and the fishermen of the town on the 23rd July 1580
When Somers Clarke died in 1892, his successor as senior partner was James Warnes Howlett, a Norfolk man. He was born on 30th January 1828 and brought up at a village near King's Lynn. He was educated first at St James's School, King's Lynn, later by private tuition from a clerical relative in Cumberland, and finally at the Mile End School in Norwich. He was articled to a firm of solicitors in King's Lynn. After qualifying in 1849 he became a managing clerk to a firm in the City of London and then to a larger office in Lincoln's Inn. At this period he became Secretary of the Law Students' Debating Association. When he relinquished that office in 1854 he was presented with a gold watch by the Association. He practised on his own at 2 Lower Colthorpe Street, London from 1856-7
James Howlett came to Brighton in 1857. On the death of John Sidney McWhinnie in that year, he took his place in the partnership which was then called Attree, Clarke & McWhinnie. Its name was thereupon changed to Attree, Clarke & Howlett. In Brighton he was responsible for the resuscitation of the Brighton Law Society, which was later expanded into the Sussex Law Society. Hitherto the connection of the Attree & Clarke firm had been with the local government of Brighton prior to the incorporation of the town. James Howlett's associations were with Hove. He took up residence there, at 3 Brunswick Place. At that time the local government of Hove was in the hands of the Brunswick Town Commissioners, who had been founded in 1830 to deal with Brunswick Square and Terrace and whose jurisdiction had been expanded in 1851 to include the land to the north and west of the original district. About 1870 the Stanford Estate began to develop the land to the west of the expanded district of Brunswick Town, which was then called West Brighton but which eventually became the Avenues. The Estate needed to promote a bill in parliament for the local government of their new area and had the choice of either adhering to the Borough of Brighton or of seeking to transform the old expanded Brunswick Town into a wider organisation for Hove as a whole. James Howlett advised them to adopt the latter course, which they duly did. Brighton responded by promoting its own bill to take over the whole of Hove. James Howlett took a leading part in opposing this bill and in successfully promoting the Hove Commissioners Act of 1873. This set up full local government for the whole of Hove. In 1876 Brighton Corporation again tried to absorb Hove but were again unsuccessful
James Howlett was nominated as one of the original commissioners under the Act of 1873 for St John's Ward. This was the area of the Stanford estate's interest. He retained his connection with the Stanford estate throughout his life but later came to represent the Brunswick ward, where he lived. On the formation of the Commission he was chosen as the first Chairman of the General Purposes Committee. He held this position from January 1874 until April 1878, when he was chosen as Chairman of the Commissioners as a whole. This office he held for thirteen years. When Hove was granted a charter of incorporation in 1898, he was chosen as an Alderman. However, a greater honour was that he was elected by the first Council as an Honorary Freeman of the Borough. He was the first of only about twelve people to receive this honour in the near century, since then. He was also a Hove Magistrate. He was a member of the Council of the Law Society from 1879 to 1903, and President of the Sussex Law Society in 1881-2. He died on the 12th January, 1911, aged 83, and his estate was sworn at £121,037
Somers Clarke senior had a grandson, Cecil Somers Clarke, who was born on 25th July 1861. He was articled to his grandfather and qualified as a solicitor in 1884. Three years later he was taken into the partnership for the provisional period of seven years and on the basis of providing a quarter of the capital and of the valuation of the books and furniture and of receiving a quarter of the profits. The name of the firm was changed from Attree, Clarke and Howlett to Clarke, Howlett & Clarke. From 1887 to 1892 Cecil Somers Clarke acted as Deputy for his grandfather as Clerk to the Brighton Vestry. When Somers Clarke senior died in 1892 the name of the firm was again changed to Howlett & Clarke. This it has remained ever since, despite several later changes in the composition of the partnership
8 Ship Street belonged to Somers Clarke senior personally, and not to the firm. On 26th January, 1888 he had granted a lease of it for £100 a year to his partners, James Warnes Howlett and Cecil Somers Clarke. However, when he died, he left the freehold of the house to his son, Somers Clarke junior. On 10th August 1897 the latter executed a voluntary conveyance of the property to his son, Cecil Somers Clarke
When James Warnes Howlett died in 1911, Cecil Somers Clarke became the senior partner and remained so for the next twenty-five years. He was President of the Sussex Law Society in 1917-18. In 1912 Robert Arthur Dendy was taken into the partnership. He was born on the 5th September 1873 and educated at Brighton College and the University of Oxford. He was first a partner in Thompson, Hirtley & Dendy, then from 1903 until 1912 he practised on his own in Brighton
In the 1920s the office began to have a very old-fashioned air. There was for instance no electric light in the building. One of the firm's clients was the Brighton & Hove Gas Company. Their solicitors evidently thought that they ought to practise what they preached and stick to gas lighting in their office. There were also no female clerks or typists. Some of the more senior clerks were military types as Cecil Somers Clarke had been a Colonel in the Territorial Army
In 1927 Cecil Somers Clarke retired from the partnership, but for some unexplained reason he subsequently practised again on his own. He had no son, but a nephew named Ernest Hugh Lawrence succeeded him in the practice. This nephew was born on 7th January. 1893 and was articled to his uncle in 1920. After qualifying he practised on his own for a few years, but when his uncle retired from the firm he became a partner in Howlett & Clarke and changed his name to Somers Clarke to do so. On the 14th October, 1927 Cecil Somers Clarke executed a lease of 8 Ship Street for £154 a year to the new partners, Robert Arthur Dendy and Ernest Hugh Somers Clarke, but retained the freehold of the building
Cecil Somers Clarke died on 21st July, 1936, aged 75. His estate was sworn at £102,098. Ernest Hugh Somers Clarke died on 18th August, 1941, unmarried, and aged only forty-eight. This ended the Somers Clarke dynasty. At Cecil Somers Clarke's death the freehold of 8 Ship Street and the manor of Atlingworth passed to his widow, Mary Clelan Somers Clarke. She was a member of the Smithers family who owned a large brewery at Old Portslade. Seven years later, on 20th May, 1946, she conveyed the office [...] to the then members of the partnership of Howlett & Clarke for £3,000. This was the first time since the days of William Attree that the office had belonged to the partnership as a whole, instead of to one individual member of this
The partners at that date were Robert Arthur Dendy, his son, Philip Charles Dendy and Robert Claude Pascoe. Philip Charles Dendy had become a partner in 1936, but his partnership was dissolved in 1950 as he proved an unsuitable recruit. Robert Arthur Dendy died on 19th June, 1960. With Robert Claude Pascoe we reach the present day. He only retired from the position of senior partner in April 1985 and is still a consultant to the firm. He was succeeded as senior partner by Paul Horton Albrecht. The other partners are Trevor K Attwell, Roger C Back, Hilary Williams, (the firm's first female partner) and David Pollard

This is a temporary catalogue, mainly compiled as the firm's records were sorted at its offices. Those which have been retained are here listed by the boxes to which they were transferred. In the case of clients' records, the catalogue uses as headings those markings which were found on the original boxes. Several headings appear more than once: the records relating to one client have not all been brought together and the cross-references within the list should not be assumed to be complete. The numbers of the original boxes have been recorded as 'Formerly Box nnn'. Many records were not retained and were destroyed; the record office holds a list giving the numbers of the boxes of which part of, or all, the contents were destroyed
Some of the deposits with the Sussex Archaeological Society are incorporated in this list, namely records relating to the parish of Brighton at HOW/34/16 to HOW/39/14. Others of those deposits were listed as SAS/BRI and SAS/Wsx; the latter group have been transferred to West Sussex Record Office. A schedule of the SAS accessions which have not been relisted is appended to this introduction
Summary of contents
History of Howlett and Clarke, by Anthony Dale, c. 1990
HOW/1 Records of the firm: ledgers, cash books, letter books, registers of deeds held 1858-1963
HOW/2 Sartin and Evershed, builders: drafts and plans 1884-1911
HOW/3/1-9 George Shelley's estate 1848-1904
HOW/3/10 Wm Willett deed's trustees (nephew and legatee of Laura Verrall) 1865-1897
HOW/3/11-13 William Good's estate; builder 1851-1919
HOW/4; 5; 6 Hallett Trust (William Hallett, brewer) c1820-1926
HOW/7; 8; 9; 10/1-8 Thomas Attree, esq 1775-1887
HOW/10/9-10 Mr and Mrs Smithers (settlement) 1817-1893
HOW/10/11-15 J W Howlett 1871-1878
HOW/10/16-23 Trustees of Joseph Sattin 1840-1925
HOW/11/1-5 Trustees of Swan Downer's Charity School 1820-1942
HOW/11/6-14; 12/1 Smithers 1884-1927
HOW/12/2-6; 13/1-5 Miscellaneous parchment deeds 1616-1861
HOW/13/6-10; 14 Mrs Thackeray's old deeds 1673-1870
HOW/15/1-2 Walter H Fry (1795-1887) 1815-1861
HOW/15/3 William Attree? 1764
HOW/15/4-14; 16 H C Bridger's estate 1832-1874
HOW/17/1-6; 17/8, 9; 18; 19/1-17 Miscellaneous 1779-1886
HOW/17/7; 19/20 Apprenticeship indentures 1781-1891
HOW/19/18 John Cornish, Dowran, Southsea 1788-1819
HOW/19/19 St Nicholas Memorial School, Brighton 1928-1940
HOW/19/20 Apprenticeship indenture 1786
HOW/19/21,22 William Harvey 1876
HOW/19/23-28 John King 1878-1900
HOW/20 Estate of J B Padden c1840-1910
HOW/21/1-11 Mrs W P Harmer 1805-1858
HOW/21/12-22 Matilda Gaitskell, family papers 1813-1891
HOW/22/1-3 Dr Thomas Boycott 1809-1882
HOW/22/4-17 Commissioners of Taxes, Brighton District 1833-1941
HOW/22/18, 19 Firm's records 1881-1911
HOW/22/20 Atlas Insurance Co. 1866-1906
HOW/23; 24/1-3 King 1803-c1920
HOW/24/4-7 Friend and Abbey 1893-1901
HOW/24/8-12 Miscellaneous 1647-1869
HOW/25; 26 Da Costa (South Australian property) 19th c
HOW/27/1-18 Miscellaneous 1780-1885
HOW/27/19-28; 28 William Hallett, estate and trustees of 1824-1904
HOW/29 Miscellaneous 1694-1906
HOW/30/1-28 Percy and Wagner Almshouses 1830-1956
HOW/30/29 Records of the firm: apprenticeship indentures 1781-1858
HOW/31/1-3 Unmarked 1737-1844
HOW/31/4-8 Swan Downer's Charity for Clothing 1819-1916
HOW/32/1-8 C H Matthews 1859-1935
HOW/32/9 Brighton Jubilee and Accident Fund 1934-1952
HOW/33/1-10 Parish of Brighton 1788-1953
HOW/33/11-15 Records of the firm 1832-1881
HOW/34; 35; 36; 37; 38; 39/1-16 Parish of Brighton 1683-1908
HOW/39/17-27 Estate of William Harvey of Brighton, gent. 1855-1914
HOW/40 Miss Attree 1809-1908
HOW/41; 42/1-2 Brighton, Hove and Preston Dispensary 1848-1942
HOW/42/3-24 Mrs Wood of 2 Ventnor Villas, Hove (deceased) 1863-1908
HOW/43; 44/1-8 Mr J W Howlett 1798-1906
HOW/44/9-20 William Attree 1831-1914
HOW/45/1-8 Tugwell 1815-1882
HOW/45/9-17; 46/1-6 James Bollan estate 1747-1909
HOW/46/7-15 Charles Field of Brighton, builder 1819-1881
HOW/47; 48; 49/1-7 Brighton Guardians of the Poor 1854-1917
HOW/49/8-12; 50 Scabes Castle estate (Abbey and Friend, formerly Hallett) 1874-1911
HOW/51; 52 Eliza Barnett 1792-1884
HOW/53/1-8 W Gould 1847-1883
HOW/53/9-17; 54/1-13 W S Mutton 1807-1911
HOW/54/14 St Nicholas Memorial School, Brighton 1940-1955
HOW/55; 56; 57; 58 William Hallett's estate 1835-1906
HOW/59; 60/1-3 Thomas Read Kemp and John Hicks 1612-1805
HOW/60/4-8 Hallett (deceased) 1858-1888
HOW/61; 62/1-4 Brighton New Club 1793-1861
HOW/62/5-8; 63/1-2 Miscellaneous papers 1661-1914
HOW/63/3-10 Mrs M Hallett 1773-1926
HOW/63/11 Trustees of Mrs Bardoux 1848-1914
HOW/64; 65/1-6, 12 Scrase Dickens 1800-1842
HOW/65/7-11 J A S Hoskins 1823-1870
HOW/66; 67/1-5 Burgess Hill Water Company 1780-1882
HOW/67/6-7 J W Howlett deceased 1843-1934
HOW/67/8-14 G W Willett 1895-1901
HOW/68/1-5 Allin (deceased) and Godwin's Trust 1731-1888
HOW/68/6-12; 69; 70; 71 Film activities: Britannia Film Distributors Ltd; Pax Films 1952-1967
HOW/72 B da Costa 1869-1913
HOW/73 Sarah Coppard estate (Pulborough) 1876-1883
HOW/74/1-3 Chichester Diocesan Training College, Brighton 1855-1937
HOW/74/4-6; 75; 76; 77; 78; 79; 80; 81; 82; 83 Miscellaneous 1708-1906
HOW/84/1-20 Percy Almhouses 1819-1913
HOW/84/21-27 G W and C H Taylor 1849-1906
HOW/85; 86 Miss M A Boddington 1667-1898
HOW/87/1-9 Mrs Challis 1871-1885
HOW/87/10-13 Cornish Trusts 1863-1890
HOW/87/14-16 No provenance 1855-1953
HOW/87/16-26 Plans 1810-1868
HOW/88; 89; 90; 91; 92; 93; 94; 95/1 C Scrase Dickins 1662-1907
HOW/95; 96 N P Blaker: Pyecombe property c1600-1920
HOW/97/1-4 E B Blaker 1836-1911
HOW/97/5 Lawrence (and others) 1620-1900
HOW/97/6 Dr and Mrs Dill 1855-1927
HOW/98/1-2 John Hallett (deceased) 1749-1924
HOW/98/3-4; 99; 100; 101 Thomas Attree's estate 1590-1904
HOW/102; 103/1-2 V C M Cornish trustees 1685-1919
HOW/103/3-7 Charles Tulley 1836-1914
HOW/103/8; 104; 105/1-4 C Somers Clarke (deceased) 1889-1939
HOW/105/5 No provenance 1877-1915
HOW/105/6 Smithers and Sons 1838-1902
HOW/106 William Good's estate 1823-1934
HOW/107; 108; 109; 110; 111; 112 Deeds: numerical sequence starting at 5000 1706-1910
HOW/113/1 Thomas Smith (deceased) 1665-1911
HOW/113/2 John Hallett 1707-1868
HOW/113/3-8 Portslade title deeds prior to Smith and Son Ltd's title 1665-1903
HOW/114 Other plans 1856-c1920
HOW/115 Trustees of Shoreham Bridge 1781-1839
HOW/116 Brighton Improvement Commissioners 1810
HOW/117 Shoreham Harbour Commissioners 1816 and nd
HOW/118 Various clients 17th c-1828
Keymer Manor
SAS-ACC/964 Court Rolls 1645-6, 1653-55, 1657-61 (6 mems)
SAS-ACC/965 Court Rolls 1630-67 (20 mems)
SAS-ACC/966 Court Book 1632-88 (ex 1637-56), marked "B"
SAS-ACC/967 Court Book 1669-79 marked "E", & roughly "D", & "6"
SAS-ACC/968 Court Book 1688-1719 marked "E"
SAS-ACC/969 Court Book 1720-32 marked "F"
SAS-ACC/970 Court Book 1732-98 marked "G"
SAS-ACC/971 Court Book 1799-1832 marked "H"
SAS-ACC/972 Court Book 1833-55 marked "I"
SAS-ACC/973 Court Book 1855-64 marked "K"
SAS-ACC/974 Court Book 1864-79 marked "L"
SAS-ACC/975 Court Book 1879-1919 marked "M"
SAS-ACC/976 Court Book 1920-35 marked "N"
SAS-ACC/977 "Imperfect Table" to Court Books A to F
SAS-ACC/978 Index to Court Books A to I
SAS-ACC/979 Draft Index commencing 1833
SAS-ACC/980 Index to Court Books G to N
SAS-ACC/981 Bundle of Vols & papers re Enclosure Act 1828
SAS-ACC/982 Deed Box of Misc Manorial documents including rental temp Elizabeth I and draft 17th century court books
SAS-ACC/1040 Deed of co-partnership. Attree, Clarke & McWhinnie 1832, and miscellaneous clients papers - Somers Clark, Howlett (Kitton), C. Scrase Dickins c.1818-1856
SAS-ACC/1044 BRIGHTON Abstract of title of Thos Read Kemp, Thos Attree, and Philip Mighell, esqrs, to several pieces land in Brighton; 1737-1830. (Large vol, of 202 pages with Plans and Schedule)
BRIGHTON Abstract of title of Thos Attree to same; 1819-30. (Similar Vol with pp numbered 203 to 318)
WOODMANCOATE MANOR Rentals, minutes etc. 1697-1856
SAS-ACC/1055 BRIGHTON Tithe plan of parish c.1852; with enlarged plan of some 70 premises and about 42 certificates of rent charge or apportionments
SAS-ACC/1056 BRIGHTON Coloured plan of parish, undated; copied by T H Boore, law-stationer, Brighton, from an original of late 18th c. with furlongs and proprietors names; tentative date 1792; see Brighton Terrier AMS/5897/8-9
SAS-ACC/1057 BRIGHTON Ground near Queens Park, with 3 torn copies of plan of building land on W side of Queens Park for sale 1868
SAS-ACC/1058a BRIGHTON Harrington estate, between Ditchling and Lewes roads, by (?) Lanison & Son, surveyors, 17 Nov 1894. About 49 x 42
SAS-ACC/1058 PORTSLADE Estate of Mrs Elizabeth Bridger, 288a, by Henry S. Tiffen, land surveyor, Hythe, Kent, 1840; scale illegible


Ledgers  HOW/1/1  1858 - 1963

Ledger  HOW/1/1/1  Mar 1858 - Feb 1862

Ledger  HOW/1/1/2  Mar 1862 - Feb 1867

Ledger  HOW/1/1/3  Mar 1867 - Feb 1870

Ledger  HOW/1/1/4  Mar 1870 - Feb 1873

Ledger  HOW/1/1/5  Mar 1873 - Feb 1876

Ledger  HOW/1/1/6  Mar 1876 - Feb 1879

Ledger  HOW/1/1/7  Mar 1879 - Feb 1882

Ledger  HOW/1/1/8  Mar 1882 - Feb 1886

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Ledger  HOW/1/1/32  Apr 1937 - Mar 1939

Ledger  HOW/1/1/33  Apr 1939 - Mar 1942

Ledger  HOW/1/1/34  Apr 1942 - Mar 1946

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Ledger  HOW/1/1/38  Apr 1951 - Apr 1957

Ledger  HOW/1/1/39  Apr 1957 - Apr 1963

Cash Books  HOW/1/2  1934 - 62

B Account  HOW/1/2/1  Apr 1934 - Mar 1942

Office Account  HOW/1/2/2  Apr 1942 - Dec 1949

Office Account  HOW/1/2/3  Jan 1950 - Mar 1955

Office Account  HOW/1/2/4  Apr 1955 - Dec 1958

Office Account  HOW/1/2/5  Jan 1959 - Dec 1961

Office Account  HOW/1/2/6  Jan 1962 - Sep 1962

Letter books  HOW/1/3  1889 - 90

Letter book  HOW/1/3/1  Jan - Apr 1889

Letter book  HOW/1/3/2  Apr - Aug 1889

Letter book  HOW/1/3/3  Aug - Nov 1889

Letter book  HOW/1/3/4  Nov 1889 - Mar 1890

Letter book  HOW/1/3/5  Mar - May 1890

Letter book  HOW/1/3/6  May - Jul 1890

Letter book  HOW/1/3/7  Jul - Oct 1890

Letter book  HOW/1/3/8  Oct - Dec 1890

Register of deeds held  HOW/1/4/1-3  c1900-30

3 vols

Receipts for deeds  HOW/1/5  1903-49

Receipts  HOW/1/5/1  Dec 1903 - Aug 1918

1 vol

Receipts  HOW/1/5/2  Jul 1918 - Aug 1924

1 vol

Receipts  HOW/1/5/3  Aug 1924 - Oct 1930

1 vol

Receipts  HOW/1/5/4  Feb 1931 - May 1938

1 vol

Receipts  HOW/1/5/5  Aug 1938 - May 1946

1 vol

Receipts  HOW/1/5/6  Jul 1948 - Dec 1949

1 vol

Sattin and Evershed builders; drafts and plans  HOW/2  [n.d.]

Formerly Boxes 196, 197

Mortgages of 'Eversheds Dolphin Soapworks' Kingston by Sea to Somers Clarke  HOW/2/1  1903-07

Evershed Weaver & Evershed; Elm Grove, part of Brighton Inclosure Estate  HOW/2/2  1906-8

Southdown Rd & Grantham Rd, Preston  HOW/2/3  1893-1897

Erection of coastguard station on land, part of Ovingdean Estate purchased from Steyning Beard  HOW/2/4  1897

141-161 Eastern Rd Brighton  HOW/2/5  1900-1903

28-80, 42-44 Rugby Rd, Preston  HOW/2/6  1894-99

Building leases and conveyances

44-48 Sutherland Rd, Kemp Town, Brighton  HOW/2/7  1892-4

25-30 Victoria Rd, New Shoreham  HOW/2/14  1884-1911

Original copyhold of borough and manor of New Shoreham

Property in Lower Shoreham Rd, Kingston by Sea, for coastguard station  HOW/2/15  1900-01

Also corresp with Treasury

8-12 D'Aubigny Rd Brighton conveyances  HOW/2/8  1894-95

Plan of land at Arundel Rd Brighton (3-19)  HOW/2/9  1898

Lease to the Admiralty: land & 10 buildings in Ovingdean for coastguards' dwellings and watch rooms  HOW/2/10  1898

Conveyance "Devonshire Bank", Belle Vue Gdns, Brighton  HOW/2/11  1894-95

25-27 Freshfield Rd Brighton  HOW/2/12  1895-1900

Misc, draft mortgages & charges  HOW/2/13  1895-1907

1 bdl

3-15 Arundel Rd, Kemptown  HOW/2/14  1895-1908

15-19 Arundel Rd, Kemptown  HOW/2/15  1898-1908

Abbey Rd & Walpole Rd block, lot 9 in sale of Belle Vue Hall estate  HOW/2/16, 17  1898

Sale cat included

32-42 Blaker St, 22-28 White St, sold by Brighton Corporation 6 May 1896 for working class housing  HOW/2/18  1896

Eastern Rd & Arundel Rd  HOW/2/19  1896-1908

Correspondence re sale as in HOW/1/3,4 above  HOW/2/20  1899-1900

Dissolution of partnership  HOW/2/21  1901

George Shelley's estate  [no ref. or date]

Formerly Box 195

Probate of GS deed 30 Aug  HOW/3/1  1888

Deeds etc of 4 Upper Russell St on lease of 87 years from 1802 assigned to GS 1823  HOW/3/2  1814-1858

Sale by Misses Osborne & Hollingdale of 54 Upper Russell St & 18 Kents Ct Brighton  HOW/3/3  1904

Sale of GS's butcher's shop, slaughterhouse & goodwill, 48 & 49 Greville Place & Air St Brighton  HOW/3/4  1888

Rent accounts of GS as exor of Stapleton & Acherson estates in Greville Place  HOW/3/5  1854-5

As HOW/3/5  HOW/3/6  1848-1888

Exor ship accounts  HOW/3/7  1888

Legacy correspondence & final accounts  HOW/3/8  1888-90

Statement of balance of S E Bateman of Godalming brewer  HOW/3/9  1868

(? GS a creditor)

Wm Willett decd's trustees (nephew & legatee of Laura Verrall  [no ref. or date]

Related information: (See also HOW/67, 112)

Formerly Box 194

Case papers W v W, drafts re part of Southwick Farm  HOW/3/10  1865-97

William Good's Estate; builder; will dated 1858  [no ref. or date]

Related information: (See also HOW/106)

Formerly Boxes 198 and 216

Counterpart leases & sale of 22-26 Lansdown Place, Hove, 1851-1873; contract copies of sale particulars, 1919; final accounts  HOW/3/11  1851-1919

Duplicate draft & counterpart conveyances & leases by trustees including Newmarket Rd & Bakers Bottom properties  HOW/3/12  1855-97

Bundled misc including Bristol Hotel dilapidations 1894, copy probate WH 1862 & lists of deeds and docs  HOW/3/13  1862-1894

Hallett Trust William Hallett brewer  [no ref. or date]

Related information: (See HOW/27/28, 55-58, 60, 63, 113)

Formerly Box 216

Leases and assignments of leases of Bristol Hotel Brighton (WH landlord)  HOW/4/1  1861-89

Also in bundle: papers re sale of Black Rock & Scabes Castle Farms, T R Kemp to WH, 1820-38 with plans of Synagogue and burial ground 1825 (purchased and built on by WH?); Schedule of deeds of St George's Rd Brewery, 1860

Abstracts, valuations etc of Hallett property (including Bristol Hotel, 1835 with further abstracts & deeds to Hotel only  HOW/4/2  1865-72

Original bundles of deeds re development of Scabes Castle Estate  HOW/4/3-6  c 1820-80

Original bundles of deeds re development of Scabes Castle Estate  HOW/5/1-3  c 1820-80

Conveyances of parts of enclosure estate  HOW/5/4  1885-1906

Conveyances of parts of enclosure estate & Eastern Down  HOW/5/5  1846-1909

Copies of estate bill and act  HOW/5/6  1884

Duplicate conveyances of Gt College St houses  HOW/6/1  1853-64

With abstract from 1746

Bristol Hotel trust a/c book  HOW/6/2  1892-1906

Income a/c of WH estate  HOW/6/3  1882-1916

Bundle re probate (1862) & subsequent litigation  HOW/6/4  1862-1922

List on outside

Plan of Scabes Castle & Enclosure estates  HOW/6/5  1857

Enclosure estate rent accounts  HOW/6/6-8  1902-1922

Gt College St ground rents  HOW/6/9,10  1902-1926

T Attree Esq  [no ref. or date]

Related information: See also HOW/40, 98-101

Formerly Box 267

Property E side of New Steine: John Whichelo, Edward Thunder, Thomas Attree  HOW/7/1  1790-1826

(Abstracts to 1750)

Attested copies re property of Charles Scrase Dickins - some marked T Attree.  HOW/7/2  c 1820s

Property includes Hunns Yardland 1719 -: copyholds Brighton & Old Shoreham Manors. 1662-1820s

122 London Rd Brighton and property in Oxford Court  HOW/7/3  1873-87

Stenning family

Abstracts of title, Thomas Read Kemp - land in 3rd furlong Hilly Laine & Tenantry Laine, Brighton. Headed T Attree Esq  HOW/7/4  1834-51

Property, now Artillery Place, Brighton (previously part in the Cliff Butts, part West Laine). Dickins to T Attree  HOW/7/5  1792-1824

Mortgages: houses in Regency Square. T Attree  HOW/7/6  1820-26

George Mason (dec): sale of property in Carlton St & Nelson St, Carlton Hill. Legatees accounts  HOW/8/1  1880-81

Mrs Jane Penton: sale of property in Clarence Gdns & Castle St, Brighton  HOW/8/2  1884-88

Thos Attree Esq: agreements including leases of property St James' St, Ship St, Air St  HOW/8/3  1805-44

Attree & Kemp: draft releases, property in Brighton and Rottingdean  HOW/8/4  1823-41

Thos Attree Esq: agreements, leases  HOW/8/5  1818-22

Attested copies: title to a moiety of the manor of Brighton 1830s  HOW/8/6  1715-1776

Abstracts of title of Thos Attree to property in Breach Furlong and in Upper Edward St  HOW/8/7  c 1826-40

Abstracts to 1676

Conveyances and deed of gift & correspondence, 22 St Leonards Rd, Aldrington, in trust for the "London Bible and Domestic Mission"  HOW/8/8  1887

Draft abstracts of title, leases - Charles Scrase Dickins, T Attree and trustees, property in St James' St, Steine Gdns and elsewhere in Eton, & copies of court roll  HOW/8/9  1796-1827

Abstract to 1722

Abstract of title to the former Crown & Anchor, East St (abstracting to 1746) and assignment of leasehold property in the Butts  HOW/8/10  1793-1812

Abstracts of title, attested copies etc of T Attree  HOW/9/1-2  1780-1852

Thos Atree in account with Wm Hallett  HOW/9/3  1822

Agreements, copy letters etc  HOW/9/4  1824-36

Includes an agreement for lease of the New Inn, North St, Brighton 1827 and proposed alterations 1831

Conveyance and correspondence, Palmeira Hotel, Cromwell Rd, Hove & adjoining property: Goldsmid to Kidd & Hotblack  HOW/9/5  1887

Attree: leases, land & property in Brighton & Ditchling  HOW/9/6  1813-63

Attree in account with Wm Hallett  HOW/9/7  1827-30

Correspondence, Messrs Attree & Co, solicitors 1858-61 and of Thos Attree  HOW/9/8  1836

Abstracts of title to the 'Old Ship', Brighton  HOW/9/9  1851-55

Sussex Province Masonic Almanac  HOW/9/10  1928-29

Mortgages  HOW/9/11  1887

Articles of clerkship between Thos Attree & Creasy Ewens  HOW/9/12  1819

1 Somerset St, 5-7 Montague Place, Eton. Conveyance by trustees of Eliza Willett to Richard Heywood  HOW/9/13  [n.d.]

Probate: Daniel Hayllar of Brighton carpenter  HOW/9/14  1866

Probate John Thos Branwell Williams of Brighton (PCC)  HOW/9/15  1843

Clara Palmer and others: property in Surrey and Middlesex incl Thicket Road, Penge/Norwood  HOW/9/16  1864-86

Abstracts of title Little Park estate, Hurstpierpoint Naithan Marchant  HOW/10/1  1848

Leases: land in Cliff Furlong, Brighton  HOW/10/2  1807-08

Green, Walter, Phillips, Steel

W Willett Esq - lease and mortgage 42 Sussex Sq, Brighton and pubs in Essex  HOW/10/3,4  1880-4

Lease, 148 Western Rd, Brighton - Langridge-Headland  HOW/10/5  1865

Lease, land in North Butts, N Laine, Brighton. Budgen - Good  HOW/10/6  1820

Wm Attree, account book  HOW/10/7  1833

Misc correspondence and accounts 19th century, but including agreement for purchase of stock in trade of John Ayers of Brighton mercer  HOW/10/8  1775

Mr & Mrs Smithers (Settlement)  [no ref. or date]

Formerly Box 207

Deeds relating to Portslade Lodge  HOW/10/9  1817-41

Copyhold of Portslade manor until 1817, abstracted to 1722.
Newnum, Wallis, Borrer.

Assignment of share in business of Robert Adams, corn trader by Elizabeth Pass, his granddaughter  HOW/10/10  1893

She subsequently married H W Smithers

J W Howlett  [no ref. or date]

Related information: (See also HOW/43-44, 67)

Formerly Box 268

South Croydon Estate: leases Meredith-Moore, 1871 & mortgages to J W Howlett, 1875  HOW/10/11  1871, 1875

Correspondence with JWH  HOW/10/12  1877

Papers in felony re Dimsdale  HOW/10/13  1877

Leases as in HOW/10/11 formed part of the evidence - co-defendants were Moore, Tait and Drake, the other parties

'Popular Fallacies on Land and Land Laws' by JWH  HOW/10/14  1875

Newspapers  HOW/10/15  1877, 1878

Brighton & Sussex Daily Post (no 489) Jan 21 1878. 'Daily Chronicle', Dec 1 1877 (with on p6 a report on the case)

Trustees of Joseph Sattin  [no ref. or date]

Formerly Box 208

Abstract of title of Messrs Sattin & Evershed to part of the Belle Vue Hall estate, Brighton  HOW/10/16  1899

Property (Australia) and Shares account book  HOW/10/17  1840-68

Property (Australia) and Shares account book  HOW/10/18  1868-88

Lease Book  HOW/10/19  1878-88

Correspondence from Australia to Louise da Costa (owner of property as in HOW/10/17-19)  HOW/10/20-22  1882-90

Deeds of leasehold warehouse premises in Eastern Rd, Brighton  HOW/10/23  1879-1925

Built by Sattin (including a chapel and school building), between East Park Rd and the Albion Steam Mills

Trustees of Swan Downer's Charity School  [no ref. or date]

Related information: (See also HOW/31)

Formerly Box 190

Trustee's minutes  HOW/11/1  1820-1858

1 vol

Trustee's minutes  HOW/11/2  1858-1890

1 vol

Trustee's minutes  HOW/11/3  1890-1944

1 vol

School accounts  HOW/11/4  1848-1942

Proposal by H M Wagner to remove the school to a better site, 1844. Copy correspondence with Charity Commissioner 1853  HOW/11/5  1844, 1853

Smithers  [no ref. or date]

Related information: (See also TAM/6)

Formerly Box 303

Statements of accounts and reports on accounts  HOW/11/6  1913-21

Smithers and Sons Ltd, and West St Brewery, Brighton Ltd

Articles of partnership, dissolution of partnership and copy wills: Smithers Family  HOW/11/7  1884-1914

Memorandum and Articles of Association: Smithers & Sons Ltd (1906), West St Brewery, Brighton, Ltd  HOW/11/8-9  1895

Draft sales to Smithers & Sons: public houses in Brighton (Shepherd & Dog, London Rd; Great Globe, Edward St), and Aldrington (the Adur Hotel)  HOW/11/10  1901-19

Draft conveyances property in Portslade - 1-9, South St and 'The Lodge': Brighton, Blaker to Smithers  HOW/11/11  1919

Annual reports and accounts, Smithers and Sons, 1924,26-7  HOW/11/12  1924-1927

Annual reports and accounts, Brighton & Hove Albion FC Ltd: 1924-25, 27-29, 32-33  HOW/11/13  1924-1933

Papers relating to the voluntary surrender of Licenses in Brighton, 1913 organised by the Brighton Brewers' Society. Memo on wartime output restrictions, 1917  HOW/11/14  1913, 1917

Correspondence, opinions etc: Smithers & Sons and the West Street Brewery ex parte Smithers  HOW/12/1  1913-14

Miscellaneous parchment deeds  [no ref. or date]

Formerly Box 272

Charles Scrase Dickins Esq: correspondence with Thos Attree  HOW/12/2  1825-42

Includes an inventory of Stoke House, Nov 1833

Conveyances and abstracts: property in Hoe Lane, Enfield (Mx)  HOW/12/3  1687-1838

Monck, Ivory, Woodham, Seathwick, Bevan and Reynolds

Deeds, Dongefield in Enfield (Mx)  HOW/12/4  1616-1805

Curtis, Pigott

Further deeds to property in Enfield, including properties in HOW/12/3 and HOW/12/4: Allvrey, Burgess, Bevan, How, Mainwaring  HOW/12/5-6  1694-1861

Enfield property 'Little Mapleton Field' - deeds left with Messrs Attree, Clarke & McWhinnie, 1852 on behalf of party. Deeds and correspondence (covering HOW/12/3-6)  HOW/13/1-2  1696-1852

Abstract of title: Thos Attree, land purchased from Dickins (abstracting to 1722) - various yardlands in Brighton  HOW/13/3  nd

Sale particular, property in London (including Queen Anne Street and Bruton Street) formerly John Devall Esq  HOW/13/4  1830

Annotated with purchasers

C S Dickins: correspondence, draft statements and enfranchisements, rent receipts, counsel's opinions  HOW/13/5  1793-1842

Mrs Thackeray's Old Deeds  [no ref. or date]

Brighton properties, including Castle Square, King's Road, Regency Square, Ship Street - mostly bundled by date. Miscellaneous.
Formerly Box 270

Deeds pre-1830 (to 1817) - leases, including property 32, 84 Kings Road, Charles Street, 69 Regency Square  HOW/13/6  Pre 1830

Deeds  HOW/13/7  1831-39

Leases, including a windmill on Brighton Eastern/Tenantry Down (detailed description of contents) Bright Smith Esq to Messrs Ingledew, Wisden & Streeter; including property in Oriental Place, Richmond Terrace, Grafton Street

Articles of partnership and dissolution of partnership  HOW/13/8  1851-57

Includes partnership Brewster Seabrook and Henry Penfold, surgeons

Specification of work to be done: completion of 9-11 Oriental Place, Brighton by William Donne for James Tromp Esq  HOW/13/9  1828

Schedule of Deeds 'Awbrooks and Hams' in Lindfield and Wivelsfield  HOW/13/10  1800-54

Leases: Brighton property  HOW/14/1  1840-49

Includes Mount Edgcombe House and Stanstead House, Marine Parade, the Brighton Tennis Court, Moulescomb Farm, Patcham

Leases: Brighton property  HOW/14/2  1850-59

Includes 6 Pavilion Buildings, 54 Grand Parade, 20 Lewes Crescent, 'The Tide a Flowing', Artillery Street, 'the Chichester Arms', North Lane

Leases: Brighton property  HOW/14/3  1860-70

Includes 54 Brunswick Square, 38 Ship Street, premises in Duke's Court

Agreements: for leases, building leases, occupation of property etc  HOW/14/4  1826-58

Includes an agreement to rent the Brighton Soup Kitchen in Bread Street

Lease  HOW/14/5  1772

Lease for 99 years from 1772: cottage erected on demesne waste of the manor of Woodmancote in Twineham: Sept 1749, Dennett (lord of manor) to Fowler. Encloses earlier lease, July 1673, West to Fowler, same property

Agreements, bonds, assignments etc  HOW/14/6  1828-59

Includes the apprenticeship (Sep 1852) of Nathaniel Paine Blaker to George Frederick Hodgson, surgeon at the Sussex County Hospital

Extract from (Lewes Archdeaconry) will of William Stevens of New Shoreham, merchant  HOW/14/7  1763

Miscellaneous deeds  HOW/14/8  1836-51

Including deed of separation, Mr and Mrs Walker, restrictive covenants on height of building behind Royal Colonnade, North Street and New Road

Walter H Fry (1795-1887)  [no ref. or date]

Formerly Box 273

W H Fry personal papers  HOW/15/1  19th century

Including apprenticeship indenture 1815 to Charles Bathurst of Strood (Kt) as a surgeon, and letter of thanks from LBSCR for services after the Clayton Tunnel disaster, 1861

Personal papers of Mrs Fry: correspondence, receipts  HOW/15/2  Late C19

William Attree?  [no ref. or date]

Map of Edward Norton Esq's estate in Bishopdale, Aysgarth (North Yorkshire). Surveyed 1764 by Richard Richardson of Darlington. Marked Wm Attree on back  HOW/15/3  1764

H C Bridger's Estate  [no ref. or date]

(HCB of Buckingham House, New Shoreham). Formerly Box 274

Statement of portions charged on the Bridger Estate  HOW/15/4-9  1872-4

Henry Colvill Bridger, Esq provision for his daughters. Drafts and correspondence re settlements and appointment of trustees - abstracts to 1825. (see HOW/16/9)

Bridger family probates  HOW/15/10  1832-74

Abstract of title, estate of HCB  HOW/15/11  1872

Abstracts to 1796. Property in Star Lane, New Shoreham and Old Shoreham

Papers in Elliott v Bridger (Exchequer of Pleas, 1864) re Beeding Court Farm  HOW/15/12-13  nd

Abstracts of title of HCB to manor of Rusper alias Old Shoreham and Buckingham Place Farm  HOW/15/14  1852

Abstracts to 1766

Marriage Settlement  HOW/16/1  Feb 1845

Mary Bridger to Charles Corke

Trustees of HCB: account book  HOW/16/2  1840-72

1 Bundle

Receipts and contracts for work done

Leases, schedules of deeds etc. relating to Bridger property (in Shoreham and Southwark)  HOW/16/3-5  1870-4

Abstracts back to 1652. Includes sale particular of Maines Farm, Beeding, Jun 1871

Release from portions charged in the 1825 and 1852 Bridger settlements  HOW/16/6  1874

Issues of the Brighton Guardian (2475, 2476) and Brighton Herald (3546, 3548)  HOW/16/7  July 1874

(With notice for claimants on the estate of Sarah Louisa Bridger): 'the Times' [...] ditto

Petition in lunacy  HOW/16/8  1873

Re Henry Comper and trusts for the benefit of HCBs younger children and their issue

As HOW/15/4-9  HOW/16/9  [n.d.]

Correspondence - mostly with the Railway Co and re property sales  HOW/16/10  1873-75

1 Bundle

Draft Marriage Settlement  HOW/16/11  1882

Holland to Bridger

Agreements and Leases: including Beeding Chalk pit  HOW/16/12  1827-40

Sarah Bridger (deceased): accounts, inventories etc  HOW/16/13-14  1874

Miscellaneous  HOW/17  [n.d.]

Formerly Box 271

Deeds of 100 White Lion Street, Pentonville (Mx)  HOW/17/1  1779-1856

Penton, Painter, Over, Pearson, Elger

Manor of Brighton: 1 bundle, copies of court roll  HOW/17/2  1801-86

No distinct property group

Assignment of real and personal estate: Robert Wilbert to John Farncombe  HOW/17/3  Jan 1779

Memorandum and Articles of Association: Brighton Baths Co Ltd  HOW/17/4  1864

Leases and assignments: 24 and 79 Kings Road, Brighton, 1825-50; 150, 151 North Street, Brighton, 1864-70; 5 Bond Street, Brighton, 1869  HOW/17/5  1825-1870

Leases and assignments  HOW/17/6  1849-1890

13 and 19 Marine Square, 1879-90; 9 and 22 Ship Street, 1850-66; 110 Church Street, 1861; 1 Marlborough Place, 1885; 11 Lower Rock Gardens, 1849; Pennant Lodge, Queens Park, 1853

Apprenticeship indentures  HOW/17/7  1781-1891

The group of documents listed below were created as a result of the activities of the firm which was involved in their execution, most being witnessed either by the partners or their clerks

George Watts of Brighton  HOW/17/7/1  16 Jun 1781

With the consent of his guardian Mary Records of Brighton, single woman, apprenticed to Henry Staffell of Rye, mariner, for 3 years from 16 Jun 1781, witnessed by John Younge and Thomas Willard, John Jones and Thomas Elger, gent

William Morris  HOW/17/7/2  21 Feb 1786

With the consent of his father John Morris of Brighton, victualler, apprenticed to Charles Ridhall of Brighton, tin plate worker, for 7 years from 21 Feb 1785, and William to receive 5s per week in wages for the sixth and seventh years, witnessed by John Morgan and Thomas Higgens

William Carter  HOW/17/7/3  29 Dec 1804

With the consent of his father Thomas Carter of Portslade, husbandman, apprenticed for £28 to Piercy Cheesman of Brighton, tailor, for 7 years from 6 May 1803, witnessed by William Attree and Sukey Attree

John Pocock the younger  HOW/17/7/4  9 Dec 1806

With the consent of his father John Pocock of Brighton, victualler, apprenticed to Richard Bodle of Brighton, carpenter, for 4 years from 9 Dec 1806, and John to receive 9s per week in wages for the third and fourth years, witnessed by William Snelling and James Read

Edmund Faulkner  HOW/17/7/5  25 Jun 1810

With the consent of his mother Elizabeth Faulkner of Brighton, widow, apprenticed to William Simpson of Brighton, cordwainer for 7 years from 12 Aug 1809, witnessed by James Read

Hugh Penfold (aged 15)  HOW/17/7/6  30 Dec 1820

With the consent of his father Hugh Penfold of Brighton, labourer, apprenticed for £10 to Richard Isemonger of Littlehampton, rope maker, for 7 years from 23 Feb 1820, and Hugh to receive 5s per week in wages for the first and second years, 6s per week for the third and fourth years, 7s per week for the fifth and sixth years, and 8s per week for the seventh year, witnessed by Thomas Attree, Brighton

Memorandum of repayment of loan to Mr W Catt by George Barham for William and George Barham and receipt of the deed which was left as security  HOW/17/7/7  4 Oct 1839

Francis Richard Lloyd Chambers (aged 15)  HOW/17/7/8  22 Oct 1891

With the consent of his aunt and guardian Frances Susan Walcott Harris of Brighton, widow, apprenticed for £40 to Wilhelmina Potts of Brighton, widow, Mary Louise Potts of Brighton, spinster and Jesse Ada Potts of Brighton, spinster, piano sellers and pianoforte dealers and tuners, for 6 years from 29 Sep 1891, and Francis to receive 5s per week in wages for the first year, 7s 6d per week for the second year, 10s per week for the third year, 15s per week for the fourth, fifth and sixth years, witnessed by Charles Field, manager to Messrs Potts and Company, music sellers

Copies of court roll, manor of Newtimber  HOW/17/8  1582-1682

Messuage and land 'Coke's Croft' in Newtimber

Assignment of leases and transfer: William Catt to Messrs W & G Bartram, Tonbridge Brewery and named leasehold premises in Kent and Sussex  HOW/17/9  1848-50

(Documents in poor condition)

Miscellaneous  HOW/18  [n.d.]

Formerly Box 272

Probates  HOW/18/1-2  C18 and C19

Assignment under a commission of bankruptcy against John Davis of Brighton (coal merchant, dealer and chapman)  HOW/18/3  1798

Release to Mrs Ann Markwick, legacy on W.Jordaston St Florence estate (Pembs)  HOW/18/4  1871

Transfer of mortgate to secure interest, for Anne Grattan Guinness  HOW/18/5  1856-61

Includes extracts from will of Arthur Guinness re trusts

Brill's Brighton Baths Co., Ltd. Draft register of shareholders  HOW/18/6  1865

Lease of 24 and 25 Castle Street, also the Castle Brewery, Brighton  HOW/18/7  1844

(Documents in poor condition)

Contains inventory of Fixtures, plant, utensils etc

Field family (John Field of Brighton, builder and his wife Sarah) deeds of covenant and assignments as security  HOW/18/8  1822-65

Leases, property in Hove (Selborne Road, Wilbury Road, Western Road)  HOW/18/9  1877-1902

Leases, property in Brighton: Russell Square and King Street, 1830; 4 Milward Street, 1842; Thomas Street, 1805-06; Bedford Buildings, 1838  HOW/18/10  1805-1842

Miscellaneous  HOW/19  [n.d.]

Formerly Box 271

Mortgages, deeds of covenant and assignments of interest to raise money  HOW/19/1  1845-74

Appointment of new trustees under wills  HOW/19/2  1879-1901

Leases: 46 Montague Square, St Marylebone (Mx) 1856; 'Brighton House' Shoreham, 1872; Edburton Hill Farm  HOW/19/3  1850-1872

Commission (21 Victoria) to James W Howlett to take affidavits  HOW/19/4  1857-1858

Henfield - Brighton turnpike trustees: mortgage to Charles Goring of Wiston Esq of tolls  HOW/19/5  Dec 1789

Copy of defearance  HOW/19/6  Oct 1716

Marriage intended between Thomas Andrew and Elizabeth Westbrooke of Chichester - Settlement

Invitation to the Inhabitants' Annual Ball in aid of the Sussex County Hospital, to Mr Langworthy  HOW/19/7  Jan 1844

Parkhouse - Morphett marriage settlement  HOW/19/8  1821-33

Blencowe - Prowett marriage settlement  HOW/19/9  1870

Manor of Brighton  HOW/19/10  1686

Surrender by Elizabeth Tettersall, widow of William Gunter to John Peersey of a messuage near the Blockhouse

Manor of Atlingworth  HOW/19/11  1826

Home furlong, North Laine. Admission of John Hilton and Priscilla Mason

Leases, Brighton property: furlong and laines given  HOW/19/12  1815-23

Writ served by George Tuppen of Brighton on Henry Nailard: Exchequer of Pleas  HOW/19/13  1863

Petition by Charles Scrase Dickins and Thomas Wisden to the House of Commons against the Brighton West Pier Bill  HOW/19/14  Post 1863

Newton v Smith: Exchequer of Pleas  HOW/19/15  1871

Disputed covenant

Plan of nonconformist chapel at Portslade cemetery (torn in two). Architect Edmund E Scott of Brighton  HOW/19/16  c.1872

Sale particulars  HOW/19/17  Oct 1826

Property of James Gregory (bankrupt) in Marine Parade, Camelford Street and elsewhere

John Cornish, Dowran, Southsea  [no ref. or date]

Family papers and correspondence  HOW/19/18  1788-mid 19th century

1 Bundle

Mid C19, including certificate of competence as Master in the Merchant Service to Edward Christopher Cornish, 1884. Also, licences to George Lawrance as curate etc., various London parishes 1788-1819

St Nicholas Memorial School, Brighton  [no ref. or date]

Formerly Box 193

Account Book  HOW/19/19  1928-40

Apprenticeship Indenture  [no ref. or date]

Formerly Box 193

Apprenticeship indenture  HOW/19/20  Nov 1782

John Baker of Brighton to Alex Whitfield of Brighton for seven years as a cordwainer

William Harvey (deceased)  [no ref. or date]

Formerly Box 105

Lease, 94 Lansdowne Place, Hove for 21 years, William Harvey to Caroline Fritsch  HOW/19/21  Sep 1876

Inventory of effects, shop etc. in King Street, Brighton  HOW/19/22  nd

John King  [no ref. or date]

Formerly Box 174

Copy Will and codicil of John King (proved Feb 1849) and sale of property by executors and trustees (2 Brunswick Place, 23 Brunswick Square, Hove)  HOW/19/23-24  1891-1900

2 Bundles

Sale of property by trustees  HOW/19/25-26  Aug 1878

2 Bundles

35 Regency Square, Brighton and 72 Lombard Street, London

Leases and drafts, miscellaneous properties in Brighton: 11 Sillwood Place, 122 St James Street, 18 Brunswick Square, Hove, 92 Western Road  HOW/19/27-28  nd

2 Bundles

Estate of J B Padden, JP  [no ref. or date]

Formerly Box 156

Drymma, Neath, (Glam) estate. Leases, correspondence agreements etc  HOW/20  c1840-1910

Mrs W P Harmar  [no ref. or date]

(Contains early C19 material relating to property in Brighton then belonging to members of the Robison family). Formerly Box 323

Deeds and drafts, property in Grenville Place, Brighton (6, 7, 8) and King's Road, Brighton (104 late 61)  HOW/21/1-2  1805-49

Leases etc. 9 Regency Square, Brighton  HOW/21/3  1841-53

Robison property, 1-4 Westgate Street, Bury St Edmunds: correspondence and sale particular  HOW/21/4  1849

Correspondence, drafts, re wills of Mrs M E Robison and James Robison  HOW/21/5  1838-58

Bonds of indemnity against judgement  HOW/21/6  1822-27

Involving James Robison; also list of King's Bench cases in which John King was defendant (covering dates 1811-20)

Sale particular  HOW/21/7  Jun 1826

Including property 11-14 Regency Square, 56-57 Preston Street, 10-15, 29 Bedford Square, Brighton. Printed small scale, plans and elevations of these buildings are included. The Preston Street property and adjoining vacant ground was purchased by James Robison

James Robison's abstract of title to 8 parcels of land in the furlong heading the Barns, West Laine, Brighton  HOW/21/8  1817

Abstracts from 1720

James Robison's abstract (1797-1806), release of portions secured by marriage settlement T R Kemp to Ann Read  HOW/21/9  nd

Agreement  HOW/21/10  1819, 1821

Between Joshua Fletcher Hanson and Shadrach Pocock of Brighton, painter, 71 year lease of a house in Regency Square on completion - various building conditions, 1819. Agreement for conveyance of the property to James Robison, 1821. (?q.v HOW/21/3)

Release, various properties in Brighton: Hilton to Rowsell  HOW/21/11  1811-13

Matilda Gaitskell (Family papers)  [no ref. or date]

Formerly Box 112

Probate and papers re Henry Gaitskell  HOW/21/12  1865

Papers Catherine Gaitskell  HOW/21/13  1872

Papers re estate of John Gaitskell  HOW/21/14  1851

Henry Gaitskell, Esq. Privy Council Office, receipts and accounts paid out of sisters' estates  HOW/21/15-16  1850s and 1860s

Copy will of Thomas Gaitskell 1838 and Joseph Ashley of Ledgers Ashby (Northants) and related correspondence and family papers  HOW/21/17-18  nd

Copy Privy Council minute re additional allowance to Mr Gaitskell and petition from Henry Gaitskell. Also militia appointments and commissions  HOW/21/19  1813-24

Release and covenants re Will of Thomas Gaitskell  HOW/21/20  1842

Correspondence and bills re Gaitskell estate  HOW/21/21  1858-1862

Copy will and codicil, Henrietta Gaitskell  HOW/21/22  1880-91

Dr Thomas Boycott  [no ref. or date]

Formerly Box 169

Deeds of 46 Montague Square, Marylebone  HOW/22/1-2  1809-1882

Correspondence, agreements to purchase etc. re 46 Montague Square  HOW/22/3  1833-37

Commissioners of Taxes, Brighton District  [no ref. or date]

Formerly Box 153

Oaths, Warrants and accounts, Income Tax Collectors  HOW/22/4-7  1833-78

Papers re redemption of assessed taxes  HOW/22/8-9  1845-67

Brighton Commissioners of Taxes letter book  HOW/22/10  1830-33

Index volume  HOW/22/11  c1840

References by surname (occupation given)

London Gazette and correspondence re appointment of commissioners to fill vacancies  HOW/22/12  1860

Appeals against assessed taxes, bonds, assessments and case papers  HOW/22/13  1867-72

Draft case papers  HOW/22/14  1843

Samuel Capon of Hove, claim for exemption

Assessed totals and exonerations for land tax, Brighton division (incomplete)  HOW/22/15  1858-68

Income tax commissioners' minutes  HOW/22/16/1  Apr 1893 - Oct 1898

Income tax commissioners' minutes  HOW/22/16/2  Oct 1898 - Feb 1903

Income tax commissioners' minutes  HOW/22/16/3  Apr 1903 - Nov 1907

Income tax commissioners' minutes  HOW/22/16/4  Nov 1907 - Nov 1911

Income tax commissioners' minutes  HOW/22/16/5  Nov 1911 - Nov 1915

Income tax commissioners' minutes  HOW/22/16/6  Nov 1915 - Feb 1919

Income tax commissioners' minutes  HOW/22/16/7  Mar 1919 - Aug 1923

Income tax commissioners' minutes  HOW/22/16/8  Aug 1923 - Jan 1933

Income tax commissioners' minutes  HOW/22/16/9  Feb 1933 - Apr 1941

Schedules A & B assessments, Brighton, Hove and Preston  HOW/22/17/1-10  1863 - 1865

Firm's Records  [no ref. or date]

Indexed daybook of rents and mortgage repayments collected by firm on behalf of clients  HOW/22/18  1902-11

Volume showing progress of cases brought against parents for refusal to vaccinate  HOW/22/19  Jun 1881 - Jun 1887

Atlas Insurance Co.  [no ref. or date]

Atlas Assurance Co, G S Godfree agent; policy register  HOW/22/20  Feb 1866 - 1906

King  [no ref. or date]

Related information: (See HOW/19/23-28)

Formerly Box 143

Deeds of property in Brunswick Square, Hove (nos 16,18, 23)  HOW/23/1  1825-71

Deeds of 1, 2 Brunswick Place, Hove  HOW/23/2  1861-79

Deeds of 121-3 St James Street, Brighton  HOW/23/3  1803-70

Deeds of 29 Kings Road, Brighton  HOW/23/4-5  1851

Lease of 11 Sillwood Place, Brighton  HOW/23/6  1869

Correspondence re King family property  HOW/23/7  1866-93

Draft leases, accounts of John King with Solicitors, sale particulars (Brighton property)  HOW/23/8  1816-48

Later correspondence, inventories and draft leases etc re John King's estate: property as in HOW/23/1  HOW/23/9  1869-97

Later correspondence, inventories and draft leases etc re John King's estate: property as in HOW/23/2  HOW/23/10  1896-c1920

Later correspondence, inventories and draft leases etc re John King's estate: property as in HOW/23/4-5  HOW/24/1  1857-70

Later correspondence, inventories and draft leases etc re John King's estate: property as in HOW/23/6  HOW/24/2  1869-1900

King estate, correspondence and drafts, property as in HOW/19/25-26  HOW/24/3  1878

Friend and Abbey  [no ref. or date]

Formerly Box 101

Conveyances by Daniel Friend and Henry Abbey to various parties; property in Hartington Road, Brighton (odd nos 43-61)  HOW/24/4  1893-97

1 Bundle

Conveyances, as above, property in Whippingham Road, Brighton (even nos 44-50, odd 83-89)  HOW/24/5  1897-98

1 Bundle

Conveyances as above, property in Brading Road, Brighton  HOW/24/6  1893-1901

1 Bundle

Conveyances as above, property in Lewes Road and Shanklin Road  HOW/24/7  1895-98

1 Bundle

Miscellaneous  [no ref. or date]

Formerly Box 101

Summonses (Exch and C.P.)  HOW/24/8  1853-54

1 Bundle

Assignments and mortgages, property in Walmer Road and Silchester Street, Kensington: Bate, Wood, Wright  HOW/24/9  1866-69

1 Bundle

Deeds  HOW/24/10  1647-1869

Whiteman family: property at Keymer and the Strand (Ldn), wills, covenants, etc. 1839-69. Also deed Michelborne-Turner (property held of Keymer Manor including 'Sellers' and 'Monstons'), 1647

Cattley family: release to trustees for settlement, and settlement of goods, property in Portslade  HOW/24/11  1849-65

Rental, Manor of Brighton  HOW/24/12  Feb 1834

(Divided moiety belonging to C S Dickins, and undivided moiety belonging to CSD and T R Kemp). Arranged by street.

Da Costa (South Australian Property)  [no ref. or date]

Related information: See also HOW/10/17-22

(Papers taken from 6 Bedford Square, Brighton) B.M. Da Costa dealt with by Hance of Adelaide. Miss Louisa Da Costa, Brighton resident was benefactress to institutions. Places include Echunga, Cowandilla, Hindmarsh and Crawler.
Formerly Box 277, 275

Correspondence 1880s and 1890s, receipts 1800s - 1900, annual reports including Brighton School of Science and Art, Sussex Eye Hospital, etc.  HOW/25  1800s-1900

Correspondence 1880s and 1890s, receipts 1800s - 1900, annual reports including Brighton School of Science and Art, Sussex Eye Hospital, etc.  HOW/26  1800s-1900

Miscellaneous  [no ref. or date]

Formerly Box 101

Manor of Keymer, rental  HOW/27/1  1852

Property in and near Thomas Street, Brighton: Pimm, Dudney, Mills; leases  HOW/27/2  1806-24

1 Bundle

Leases, 87 Montpelier Road, Brighton  HOW/27/3  1843-85

1 Bundle

Assignment of lease, 'King's Arms Inn', Brighton  HOW/27/4  1852

Suggers to Bailey

Lease, 30 East Street, Brighton  HOW/27/5  1876

Tillstone to Spencer

Keymer and Brighton manor draft notices, Vestry notices  HOW/27/6  1801-11

1 Bundle

Conveyance, 4 Little East Street, Brighton  HOW/27/7  1858

Humphrey to Maddocks.

Articles of partnership (Medical practice). N P Blaker and C H Bryant  HOW/27/8  1901

Tenancy Agreement 'Plough Inn' and land at Pyecombe: N P Blaker to R Godley  HOW/27/9  nd

Release: land in Dublin  HOW/27/10  1868

Woodington and Fielding

Authorisation for enfranchisement of copyhold parts of Maines Farm, Beeding Court (and redemption of land tax)  HOW/27/11  1870

Settlement of property in Brunswick Road, Hove by C H Taylor  HOW/27/12  1902-07

1 Bundle

Property of John Winton (bankrupt) in Horsham and West Grinsted: disposal  HOW/27/13  1780

Valuation Atlingworth manor copyholds in Marine Parade, Broad Street and Charles Street  HOW/27/14  1855

Copy lease, property in Worthing: Denyer to Longhurst  HOW/27/15  1789

Creditors of Jeremiah Miller, bankrupt  HOW/27/16  n.d. c1807

Ridley v Lashmer (PCC will, 1834), papers  HOW/27/17  nd

Boxall and Curtis (Exchequer of Pleas), record  HOW/27/18  1863

William Hallett (estate and trustees of)  [no ref. or date]

Related information: See HOW/4, 55-58, 60, 63, 113

Formerly Box 205

Tenancy agreements, Enclosure estate, Brighton  HOW/27/19-20  1919

2 Bundles

Copy (early 19th century), terrier of lands in Brighton common laines  HOW/27/21  1738

1 vol

Rent accounts of T R Kemp (kept by T Budgen)  HOW/27/22  1826-32


Rent accounts of T R Kemp (kept by T Budgen)  HOW/27/23  1824-27


Detailed terrier (by T Budgen) of (T.R.Kemp's?) Brighton Manor lands: arranged by tenant, with many sketch plans of areas, restrictions, rents, leases, etc  HOW/27/24  1825-31

1 vol

Terrier, Hilly Laine and North Laine, ?1792, annotations in 1820s  HOW/27/25  ?1792, 1820s

Fair copy of 1738 terrier (based on Budgen's draft HOW/27/21) plus 1792 survey, made c.1840  HOW/27/26  c1840

1 vol

Layouts for the Hervey Park, Enclosure and Scabes Castle estates  HOW/27/27  1861-1903

1 Bundle

Tenancy agreements, Enclosure estate  HOW/27/28  1887-1904

1 Bundle

Papers in an arbitration between Brighton Corporation and Hallett and others re compulsory purchase of the Enclosure estate for housing  HOW/28/1  1920-22

1 Bundle

Draft agreements with Daniel Friend, for leasing of part of the Enclosure estate  HOW/28/2  1882-1910

1 Bundle

Draft agreement, plan and correspondence for Buckingham House and Hampden House, Marine Parade, Brighton  HOW/28/3  1876

1 Bundle

Correspondence and drafts: lease of part of the Enclosure estate with option to purchase, granted to Messrs Evershed and Weaver  HOW/28/4  1904-08

1 Bundle

Draft lease of the 'Bristol Hotel', Marine Parade  HOW/28/5  1852

Hallett & Bacon

Report on the 'Bristol Hotel'  HOW/28/6  1904

Copy conveyance of 30a from Scabes Castle Farm to the Brighton and Preston Cemetery Co  HOW/28/7  1885

Draft lease to Mayor etc. of Brighton: ground near the Waterworks (part of the Enclosure)  HOW/28/8  1885

41-43 Great College Street, draft conveyances and correspondence  HOW/28/9  1926

Plan of part of the Enclosure estate  HOW/28/10  1903

Design by Sattin & Evershed for terrace houses in Elm Grove, Brighton  HOW/28/11  1906

Draft deed of gift, 142 Marine Parade, Hallett & Hallett  HOW/28/12  nd

Abstract of title of WH to building ground on west side of Park Road, Brighton  HOW/28/13  1876

Miscellaneous  HOW/29  [n.d.]

Formerly Box 102

Boynton family property in manor of Keymer (including Freikes & Woodfield Villa, Clayton): abstracts of title, copy wills etc  HOW/29/1-2  1788-1886

Deeds, copies of court roll as above, etc  HOW/29/3-4  1748-1865

Conveyance, land in Terminus Road, Brighton  HOW/29/5  1850

Blaker - Good

Lease 6 Norfolk Square, Brighton  HOW/29/6  1861

McWhinnie - Banner

Deeds to Attree property in New Shoreham  HOW/29/7  1694-1839

1 Bundle

Rent account book, properties in Brighton (including Edward Street, Egremont Place, Leicester Street)  HOW/29/8  1904-06

Percy and Wagner Almshouses  [no ref. or date]

Related information: (See also HOW/84)

HOW/30/1-6 were formerly Box 184, HOW/30/7-19 were formerly Box 154, HOW/30/20-28 were formerly Box 170

Wagner almshouses trust, general account  HOW/30/1-2  1928-56

2 vols

Wagner almshouses repair fund, accounts  HOW/30/3  1912-52

Candidates for Percy almshouses  HOW/30/4  1918-40

Proposed alterations to Percy almshouses, Lewes Road  HOW/30/5  1954

Proceedings of Percy almshouse trustees  HOW/30/6  1830-1898

1 vol

Percy Almshouses visitors report book  HOW/30/7  1908-11

Percy almshouses: correspondence  HOW/30/8-14  1918-36

7 Bundles

Statements of account  HOW/30/15  1890-1907

Special meeting minutes  HOW/30/16  Mar 1859- Mar 1893

Proposal to build (Wagner) almshouse and subsequent developments

Percy almshouses: almswomens' receipts for payment  HOW/30/17  1897-1905

Percy almshouses: qualifications for candidates and rules  HOW/30/18-19  1874

Trustees of Percy almshouses in account with the estate  HOW/30/20  1874-97

1 vol

List of candidates for Percy almshouses  HOW/30/21  1915-19

Correspondence  HOW/30/22-23  1893-97

2 Bundles

Percy almshouses, income account  HOW/30/24  1910-29

Correspondence with Mr H Wagner  HOW/30/25  1901

(e.g. from London Labourers' Dwellings Soc.)

James Goodman in account with Percy almshouse trustees (rent of land in Nelson Row)  HOW/30/26  1875-93

Print of Percy almshouses  HOW/30/27  (n.d. mid C19

Resolution to create a ladies committee to visit and inspect the Percy Almshouses  HOW/30/28  1874

Apprenticeship indentures  HOW/30/29  1781-1858

The group of documents listed below were created as a result of the activities of the firm which was involved in their execution, most being witnessed either by the partners or their clerks
Formerly Box 317

Thomas Willard  HOW/30/29/1  24 May 1781

Son of Mary Willard of Brighton, apprenticed for £2 2s to Richard and William Humphrey of Brighton, tailors, for 5 years from 7 Oct 1780, witnessed by William Tyler and Thomas Sutton

William Chapman  HOW/30/29/2  6 Jan 1795

Son of Sarah Chapman of Brighton, widow, apprenticed for £20 to John Stent the younger of Brighton, tailor, for 7 years from 8 Dec 1793, witnessed by William Attree and Richard Andrews the younger

William Barnett (aged 18)  HOW/30/29/3  19 Nov 1802

With the consent of his father-in-law John Lashmar of Brighton, Baker, apprenticed for £21 to John Wide of Brighton, pastry cook, for 4 years from 15 Feb 1802, witnessed by James Read

Thomas Warton of Newdigate, Surrey (aged 32)  HOW/30/29/4  18 Mar 1806

Apprenticed for £20 to Richard Parsons of Brighton, cordwainer, for 3 years from 4 Mar 1806, witnessed by William Attree and James Read

Richard Bonnor  HOW/30/29/5  13 Jun 1806

The son of Richard Bonnor of Brighton, tailor, and his wife Mary, apprenticed with the consent of his mother (his father being out of England) and under the patronage of his aunt Hannah Wright, for £40 to Henry Clifford of Brighton, cordwainer, for 7 years from 22 Apr 1806, witnessed by John Caesar

William Baulcomb of Brighton (aged 20)  HOW/30/29/6  14 Dec 1809

Apprenticed for £60 to Thomas Hill of Brighton, cabinet maker for 3 years from 30 Nov 1809, witnessed by James Read

Richard Lashmar (aged 16)  HOW/30/29/7  11 Jan 1811

With the consent of his father John Lashmar of Brighton, baker, apprenticed for £80 to William Diplock of Brighton, linen draper, haberdasher and silk mercer for 4½ years from 30 Nov 1810, witnessed by John Caesar

William Goldsmith (aged 15)  HOW/30/29/8  3 Jun 1811

With the consent of his father William Goldsmith of Brighton, cordwainer, apprenticed for £29 to Thomas Patching of Brighton, tailor for 6 years from 11 May 1811, witnessed by John Harper and James Blunden

Jonathan Short (aged 15)  HOW/30/29/9  9 Sep 1813

With the consent of his father Jonathan Short of Brighton, sedan chairman, apprenticed to John Dine of Brighton, cordwainer, for 7 years from 9 Sep 1811, witnessed by John Caesar

Humphrey Follington  HOW/30/29/10  6 May 1816

With the consent of his father Nicholas Follington of Bevenden [?Bevendean in Falmer], shepherd, apprenticed for £25 to Abraham Gower of Preston, cordwainer, for 3 years from 6 May 1816, witnessed by James Read

Lazarus Scott  HOW/30/29/11  11 Aug 1817

With the consent of his father George Scott of Brighton, apprenticed to Joseph Parsons of Brighton, cordwainer, for 6 years from 4 Jun 1815, witnessed by John Caesar

John Stubbs Cheeseman  HOW/30/29/12  30 Jan 1819

The son of William Cheeseman of Brighton, apprenticed for £50 to Amon Henry Wilds of Brighton, surveyor, builder, carpenter and joiner, for 7 years from 5 Nov 1818, and John to receive 2s per week in wages for the first year, 10s per week for the second and third years, 12s per week for the fourth and fifth years and 15s per week for the sixth and seventh years, witnessed by ?J Letherland, Brighton

Richard Wood of Brighton, carpenter (aged 22)  HOW/30/29/13  1 Oct 1819

Apprenticed to Amon Wilds and Amon Henry Wilds of Brighton, carpenters, joiners and co-partners, for 3 years from 1 Oct 1819, and Richard to receive 17s per week in wages for the first year, 18s per week for the second year and 19s per week for the third year, witnessed by J[ames] Blunden, clerk to Mr T[homas] Attree

William Walter of Brighton, carpenter (aged 20)  HOW/30/29/14  1 Oct 1819

Apprenticed to Amon Wilds and Amon Henry Wilds of Brighton, carpenters, joiners and co-partners, for 3 years from 1 Oct 1819, and William to receive 16s per week in wages for the first year and 18s per week for the second and third years, witnessed by J[ames] Blunden

James Newman (aged 18)  HOW/30/29/15  22 Feb 1821

With the consent of his father William Newman of Lewes, saddler, apprenticed for £40 to Thomas Tamplin and Jesse Maynard of Brighton, drapers, for 3 years from 22 Feb 1822, witnessed by J[ames] Blunden

John Berry  HOW/30/29/16  22 Oct 1822

With the consent of James May of Brighton, boat builder, apprenticed to William Barker, a co-partner in the Regent Iron Foundry, Brighton, for 7 years from 25 Dec 1821, and John to receive 9s per week in wages for the first year, 10s per week for the second year, 11s per week for the third year, 12s per week for the fourth year, 13s per week for the fifth year, 14s per week for the sixth year and 16s per week for the seventh year

Frederick Lewis Horschmann (aged 15)  HOW/30/29/17  15 Feb 1825

With the consent of his father John Horschmann of Brighton, musician, apprenticed to James Patching and Frederick Wood of Brighton, cabinet makers and upholsterers, for 7 years from 11 Aug 1824, witnessed by Ewen Evershed

William Chalcroft (aged 13)  HOW/30/29/18  9 Aug 1826

With the consent of his father Robert Chalcroft, apprenticed for £45 to Robert Reeves of Brighton, tailor, for 6 years from 1 Jun 1826, witnessed by J[ohn] McWhinnie, clerk to Messrs Attree and Clarke

William Hare (aged 15 on 17 Jan 1827)  HOW/30/29/19  19 May 1827

With the consent of his father Thomas Hare of Woodingdean in Rottingham, labourer, apprenticed to James Mockford of Brighton, tailor, from 19 May 1827 until he is aged 21, witnessed by J[ohn] McWhinnie, clerk to Messrs Attree and Cooper

Thomas Davis (aged 17)  HOW/30/29/20  28 Jul 1829

With the consent of his father Thomas Davis of Hove, farmer, apprenticed to Thomas Kingswood of Hove, cordwainer, for 4 years from 22 Jul 1829, witnessed by J[ohn] McWhinnie

John Courtney (aged 16)  HOW/30/29/21  9 Nov 1829

With the consent of his father Thomas Courtney of Brighton, post office porter, apprenticed to James Mockford of Brighton, tailor, for 5 years from 9 Nov 1829, and John to receive 2s per week in wages for the first and second years, 4s per week for the third year, 6s per week for the fourth year and 8s per week for the fifth year, witnessed by J[ohn] McWhinnie, clerk to Messrs Attree and Clarke

Henry Brown (aged 14)  HOW/30/29/22  11 Jan 1831

With the consent of his father Thomas Brown of Edburton, bricklayer, apprenticed for £30 to Michael Comber of Hove, builder, from 11 Jan 1831 until he is aged 21, witnessed by J[ohn] McWhinnie, clerk to Messrs Attree and Clarke

Charles William Scrase of Ditchling (aged 15)  HOW/30/29/23  30 Apr 1831

The consent of his mother Sarah Scrase, widow, apprenticed for £20 to William Elliott of Ditchling, cordwainer, for 5 years from 30 Apr 1831, witnessed by Somers Clarke, solicitor

James Field  HOW/30/29/24  4 Jun 1832

With the consent of his father William Field of Brighton, carpenter, apprenticed to James Mockford of Brighton, tailor, for 6 years from 6 Apr 1832, and James to receive 3s per week in wages for the second year, 4s per week for the third year, 6s per week for the fourth year, 8s per week for the fifth year and 10s per week for the sixth year, witnessed by John Smith

William Gates  HOW/30/29/25  28 Apr 1835

With the consent of his father George Gates of Brighton, carpenter, apprenticed to Henry Alderton of Brighton, cabinet maker, for 6 years from 20 Sep 1833, and William to receive 4s per week in wages for the first year, 6s per week for the second year, 8s per week for the third year, 10s per week for the fourth year, 12s per week for the fifth year and 14s per week for the sixth year, witnessed by John Barreiro; 20 Sep 1833
Endorsed with note cancelling the apprenticeship

George Sweatman of Brighton (aged 15)  HOW/30/29/26  17 May 1839

With the consent of his father Thomas Sweatman of Brighton, grocer, apprenticed for £10 to John Cole of Brighton, ladies shoemaker, for 5 years from 17 May 1839, witnessed by Somers Clarke, solicitor

George Winham  HOW/30/29/27  17 Oct 1845

With the consent of his father George Winham of Prinsted in Westbourne, blacksmith, apprenticed for £10 to Richard Bridle of Brighton, carpenter, for 5 years from 4 Sep 1845, and George to receive 6s per week in wages for the first year, 7s per week for the second year, 8s per week for the third year, 9s per week for the fourth year and 10s per week for the fifth year, witnessed by J McWhinnie, solicitor

William Martin Fiest (aged 18)  HOW/30/29/28  2 Sep 1848

With the consent of his father William Feist of Brighton, lodging house keeper, apprenticed to James Pointing of Brighton, carpenter and joiner, for 3 years from 2 Sep 1848, and William to receive 4s per week in wages for the first year, 7s per week for the second year and 8s per week for the third year, witnessed by J[ohn] McWhinnie and Somers Clarke, solicitors

Isabella Thompson of Brighton, single woman (aged 17)  HOW/30/29/29  13 Mar 1849

Apprenticed for £12 10s to Charles Standen of St James Street, Brighton, whose wife is a dress maker, for 3 years from 13 Mar 1849, witnessed by Edward Molineux Verral, clerk to Messrs Attree, Clarke and McWhinnie

Thomas Brown (aged 14)  HOW/30/29/30  8 Nov 1849

With the consent of his father Thomas Brown of Brighton, carpenter, apprenticed to Joseph Parsons of Brighton, auctioneer, estate and house agent, for 5 years from 24 Jun 1849, witnessed by Charles Cooper, solicitor; Endorsed note that the indenture has been annulled

Thomas Brown (aged 16)  HOW/30/29/31  5 Apr 1851

With the consent of his father Thomas Brown of Brighton, carpenter, apprenticed to Cecil Parsons of Brighton, auctioneer, estate and house agent, from 5 Apr 1851 until 24 Jun 1854, witnessed by J[ohn] McWhinnie, solicitor

Abraham Virgo (aged 13)  HOW/30/29/32  21 May 1851

With the consent of his father George Virgo of 15 North Lane, Brighton, boot closer, apprenticed to William Roberts of 54 Jubilee Street, Brighton, women's and ladies shoe maker, for 6 years from 21 May 1851, witnessed by Edward M[olineux] Verral, clerk to Messrs Attree & Co

Francis Mott the younger (aged 16)  HOW/30/29/33  11 Aug 1851

With the consent of his father Francis Mott the elder of Brighton, apprenticed for £50 to Henry Wyatt Flint of Brighton, chemist and druggist, for 4 years from 24 Jun 1851, witnessed by John Barreiro, clerk to Messrs Attree & Co; Endorsed note that 'this indenture was cancelled by the consent of all parties', 5 Aug 1852

Thomas Lewis (aged 16)  HOW/30/29/34  5 Apr 1853

With the consent of his father Abraham Lewis of Norfolk Road, Brighton, apprenticed to John Harman of Hove, carpenter and joiner, for 4 years from 26 May 1852, and Thomas to receive 4s per week in wages for the third year and 5s per week for the fourth year, witnessed by J[ohn] McWhinnie, solicitor

Charles Christopherson  HOW/30/29/35  4 Dec 1855

With the consent of his uncle and guardian Charles Frederick Mott of Hastings, gentleman, apprenticed for £40 to John Jones Rogers and William Drayson of Brighton, linen drapers, for 3 years from 5 Sep 1855

George Martin Lind (aged 15)  HOW/30/29/36  1858

With the consent of his guardians and executrices of the will of his late father George Lind of Brighton, master mariner (his mother Martha Martin of 37 Whitecross Street, Brighton, and Ann Moore, the wife of George Belton Moore of 20 Holford Square, Pentonville, Middlesex), apprenticed for £80 to John Jones Rogers and William Drayson of Brighton, linen drapers, for 5 years from 1 Jun 1858, witnessed by C H Stacey, clerk to Messrs Attree, Clarke, McWhinnie and Howlett; 28 Jun 1858
With attached letter from J[ohn] Rogers to S[omers] Clarke informing him that he has no objection to Mrs [Ann] Moore being the covenanting party provided that she can pay £20 per annum for pocket money and clothing, 15 Jun 1858

Miscellaneous  [no ref. or date]

Formerly Box 317

Attree (or Attree and Whichelo) leases  HOW/31/1  1825-44

Including Old Ship Tavern, Royal Clarence Hotel, properties in King's Road

Assignment of property 46 Montague Square, Marylebone  HOW/31/2  1821-37

Marriage settlement Blaker - Friend 1737, conveyance of property in Nelson Street, Brighton 1819: other miscellaneous deeds  HOW/31/3  18th and 19th century

Swan Downer's Charity for Clothing  [no ref. or date]

Related information: See also HOW/11

Administrative history:
(Starting 1819)

Formerly Box 212

Trustees meetings (some accounts too)  HOW/31/4  1819-1846

Trustees meetings (some accounts too)  HOW/31/5  1847-70

Trustees meetings (some accounts too)  HOW/31/6  1871-1901

Annual dinners: menus (including 100th Anniversary  HOW/31/7  1896-1916

Correspondence, list of applicants etc. re appointment of headmistress, Swan Downers School  HOW/31/8  1907

C H Matthews  [no ref. or date]

Formerly Box 140

Property in Hurstpierpoint and Clayton: Locks Farm, Povey's Farm. Leases, agreements, sale particulars: Matthews family  HOW/32/1-3  1865-1935

Charles and John Field: abstracts of title property in Kensington Place, Brighton  HOW/32/4  1823-38

(3rd furlong, North Laine) - abstracting to 1757

C & J Field, property in Chesham Road, formerly Rock Street, Brighton - agreements, conveyance and sale particulars  HOW/32/5  1859-88

C & J Field, property 12 Marloborough Place, Brighton, assignment of lease and abstracts of title  HOW/32/6  1868

Charles Field; abstract of title, draft conveyance etc. 15, 16 Middle Street, Brighton  HOW/32/7  1877

Charles Field: mortgages, assignments of mortgage, securities  HOW/32/8  1859-78

Related information: (See HOW/46/7-15)

Brighton Jubilee and Accident Fund  [no ref. or date]

Brighton Jubilee and Accident Fund Minute book  HOW/32/9  Oct 1934 - Aug 1952

Parish of Brighton  [no ref. or date]

Formerly Box 319

Specifications and contracts  HOW/33/1  May 1890 - Jan 1905

For work to be done on the chancel and nave of St Peter Brighton by J T Micklethwaite and Somers Clark of 1 Victoria Street, Westminster, architects, Jan 1905, with correspondence concerning general repairs and installation of monuments, May 1890 - Feb 1904

Copy draft conveyances of property for various Brighton parishes  HOW/33/2  Jun 1855 - Jan 1946

Draft deed of trust for St Nicholas Memorial School, 13 Jun 1855; counterpart lease of a messuage (part of the Central National Schools and formerly used by the Blind School) in Jubilee Street, 4 May 1864; draft conveyance of the Central National Schools and messuages in Jubilee Street, 24 Nov 1875; draft conveyance of St Martin's Church and Schools, 25 Jan 1876; attested copy of conveyance of the Warwick Street Infants' School, 30 Apr 1888; covenant concerning the bank account of the executive sub-committee appointed to superintend the enlargement of St Peter Brighton, 6 Dec 1890; draft appointment of new trustees for St Nicholas Memorial School, 10 Mar 1892; copy draft conveyance of tithe rent charges as an addition to the endowment of St Peter Brighton, 19 May 1893; printed order of services for use at St Nicholas Memorial School, 1895; draft trust deed for St Nicholas Parochial Rooms, 1 May 1896; copy report on the trust deeds of the Brighton National Schools, 1903; copy conveyance of 18 St Martin's Street, 8 Jun 1903; draft plan and particulars of the site of the Central National Schools, 1907; copy draft conveyance of land for St Wilfrid's Church, 11 Dec 1914; draft appointment of new trustee for the Brighton National Schools, 3 Jul 1919; appointment of new trustees and conveyance of land and buildings at the rear of 35-36 Lewes Road for the use of St Martin, 2 Sep 1926; draft appointment of new trustees for St Nicholas Memorial School, 10 May 1929; draft conveyance of freehold and leasehold properties belonging to the Central National Schools, 28 Jan 1946; particulars concerning the enlargement of St Peter's Church, 1874 & 1888

Conveyances of property for various Brighton parishes  HOW/33/3  May 1788-Aug 1953

Copy conveyance of land for site of the church and parsonage of St Michael and All Angels, 3 Aug 1859; draft conveyance of Brighton rectory, 31 May 1872; faculty for the repair, re-seating and additions to St Peter Brighton, 11 Jul 1874; Charity Commission consent for exchange of site of Kent's Court National Schools, Russell Street with a building formerly used as St Martin's Church but latterly as a school room on St Martin's Street, 7 Dec 1875; copy draft conveyance of site for St Martin's parsonage, 9 Feb 1876; draft conveyance of Warwick Street Schools, Upper Gardener Street Schools and St Peter's Schools, 29 Dec 1876; draft abstract of title of the Warwick Street Schools, [1829]-1887; draft conveyance of Warwick Street Schools, 30 Apr 1888; faculty for the erection of a chancel, additions to the nave and other buildings of St Peter Brighton, 30 Apr 1889; contract for the work on St Peter Brighton with Messrs George and Charles Lynn of Brighton, builders, 20 Aug 1889; copy draft conveyance of churchyard adjoining St Peter Brighton, 31 Dec 1898; draft conveyance of St Martin's Schools, 20 Feb 1903; draft conveyance of Warwick Street Schools, Upper Gardener Street Schools and St Peter's Schools, 20 Feb 1903; printed advertisement for St Nicholas Memorial School for Girls, 35 Frederick Place, Nov 1909; copy conveyance of the meeting room, drill hall or club room on the east side of Lewes Road, 23 Dec 1919; specification of works to the south wall of the churchyard of St Nicholas Brighton, Aug 1921; draft deed of surrender of right to use pew at St Nicholas, 1933; counterpart agreement for tenancy of rooms in the Central National Schools, 5 Aug 1953

Minutes of the Building Committee of the vestry of St Peter Brighton  HOW/33/4  Jun 1874 - Oct 1876

Correspondence and papers concerning new bells for St Peter Brighton supplied by Messrs Mears and Stainbank, Church Bell Foundry, 32 & 34 Whitechapel Road, London  HOW/33/5  Aug - Dec 1913

St Nicholas Brighton parish magazine, volume 23 numbers 265-270, 272-275; Jan - Jun, Aug - Nov  HOW/33/6  1911

Minutes of the Hove Vicarage Redemption of Debt Committee  HOW/33/7  Oct 1884 - Oct 1885

Faculties for St Nicholas Brighton  HOW/33/8  27 Apr 1853 & 16 Jun 1876

To take down the parish church and to build a new one on the same site, 27 Apr 1853, and to substitute a newly erected pew for a pew formerly appurtenant to 34-36 West Street, to confirm the erection of certain clergy stalls and choir seats in the chancel, and to authorise the erection of a new vestry; 16 Jun 1876

Memorandum and articles of association of Brighton College with copies of special resolutions  HOW/33/9  Sep 1873 - Aug 1909

Printed copy of the Brighton Extra-Mural Cemetery Company's deed of settlement, 3 Jun 1850, abstract of title of the Company to land at Brighton, [1850]-1866, memorandum of association of the Brighton and Preston Cemetery Company Limited, 23 Apr 1888  HOW/33/10  Jun 1850 - Apr 1885

Records of the firm  [no ref. or date]

Draft trust deed of the Pyecombe Reading and Recreation Rooms with covering letters from the Charity Commission  HOW/33/11  Aug - Sep 1881

Conveyance of land at Southwick for site of a school by the Guardians of Steyning Union to the Minister of Southwick, endorsed with conveyance of land for an addition to the school, 24 Apr 1872  HOW/33/12  14 Jun 1843

Abstracts of title to 106 Lansdowne Place (formerly part of Wick Farm), Hove  HOW/33/13  [1783]-1856

Related information: For title deeds and papers, 1877-1910 see HOW/39/19-20

Copy draft deed of co-partnership between Thomas Attree of Brighton, gent and Somers Clarke of Brighton, gent  HOW/33/14  28 Apr 1829

Copy draft deed of co-partnership between Thomas Attree of Brighton, gent, Somers Clarke of Brighton, gent and John Sidney McWhinnie of Brighton, gent  HOW/33/15  25 Mar 1832

Parish of Brighton  HOW/34  [n.d.]

Archival history:
The firm deposited parish material with the Sussex Archaeological Society on 7 Feb 1961 (SAS/ACC 1059-1067, 1070); the bulk of this material was transferred to ESRO in December 1969 (ACC 1025) and erroneously listed as PAR 255/12/1-6, 13/1-2, 25/1/2 and 43/1. HOW/34/16 was borrowed by a former curator and was subsequently recovered from his house in 1991

Register of parish apprenticeship agreements  HOW/34/1  Feb 1828 - May 1865

Compiled under the provisions of the Act for Registering Parish Apprentices 1802 (amended 1816), recording the date, name of apprentice, gender, age, name and residence of parents, name, trade and residence of person to whom bound, term of apprenticeship, fee, overseer or others party to the agreement, and name of the assenting magistrate

Papers in James Parker v Churchwardens and Overseers of Brighton  HOW/34/2  Mar 1835 - Jan 1836

Concerning an appeal at quarter sessions against payment of the poor rate including counsel's opinion (William Harrison), newspaper cuttings (Brighton Gazette, Brighton Guardian) and brief for respondents

Rough minutes of vestry meetings  HOW/34/3  Apr 1860 - May 1873

Rough minutes of vestry meetings  HOW/34/4  Oct 1873 - Apr 1884

Rough minutes of vestry meetings  HOW/34/5  Apr 1885 - Jun 1891

Minutes of the Burial Ground Committee of the vestry  HOW/34/6  Sep 1866 - Apr 1898

Register of parochial polls  HOW/34/7  Apr 1854 - Apr 1868

(Recording the names and addresses of the electors, and the number of votes cast) for the elections of the Directors & Guardians, churchwardens, the new workhouse, conversion of the Pavilion Dome into an Assembly Room, extending the Pavilion borrowing powers, sale of the old workhouse and the collection of poor rate

Minutes, correspondence and papers of the committee appointed to make arrangements for the visit of their Majesties to Brighton  HOW/34/8  Aug - Oct 1830

Notices of vestry meetings with committee reports and accounts  HOW/34/9  Apr 1833 - Oct 1848

Papers of the Pavilion Purchase Committee of the vestry  HOW/34/10  1818-1851

Including agreement between Thomas Attree (on behalf of Sukey Barker) and General Benjamin Bloomfield (on behalf of the Prince Regent) for 21-year lease of land near the Pavilion, 18 Sep 1818, Act to authorise the sale of the Pavilion, 1849, draft copy agreement for the purchase of the Pavilion, 1849, Bill for the purchase of the Pavilion, 1850, and draft reports and correspondence

Poll held at a public vestry meeting on the motion of acquiring an additional burial ground, recording the names and addresses of the electors, and the number of votes cast  HOW/34/11  23-24 Aug 1881

Poll held at a public vestry meeting on the motion of acquiring an additional burial ground, recording the names and addresses of the electors, and the number of votes cast  HOW/34/12  23-24 Aug 1881

Papers concerning the adoption of the Public Health Act 1848 by Brighton  HOW/34/13  Feb 1852 - Mar 1853

Including correspondence, report of the vestry on the second provisional order, Bill to confirm provisional orders of the General Board of Health, copies of provisional orders for Banbury, Burnham, Calne, Gainsborough, Rotherham, Welshpool, Worksop, Worthing, with a copy of the Provisional Order for the Application of the Public Health Act 1848 to Brighton with the clauses of the Town Act, the Public Health Act 1848, the Towns Improvement Clauses Act 1847 and the Towns' Police Clauses Act 1847, 1852

Poll for the election of Churchwardens for the District Parish of St Bartholomew, recording the names and addresses of the electors, and the number of votes cast for each candidate  HOW/34/14  12 Apr 1890

Poll for the election of the Brighton Burial Board and Pavilion Auditors, recording the names of the electors, and the number of votes cast for each candidate  HOW/34/15  13-14 Apr 1891

Vestry minutes  HOW/34/16  May 1683 - May 1786

Includes appointments of parish officers, payments to paupers, note concerning the reputed wife (Mary) of Frederick French, copy of order for removal of John Grasden and his child to Pulborough, 1691, copy of grant of an annuity by Richard Scrase of Blatchington, gent to Edward Joy of Brighton, fisherman, 1690, copy of the will of Edward Joy, 1663, copies of quarter session orders concerning the levying of a tax in Patcham, East Aldrington, Blatchington and Hangleton towards the relief of the poor in Brighton, 1689-1690, note that a sum of £20 which had been left for the maintenance of the poor had been invested in the town mill, 1690, briefs, 1701-1707, note of tempests in 1703 and 1705, lists of paupers apprenticed by the parish, agreement to dig a new well at the new workhouse in the Bartholomews with accounts and the sale of the old almshouses, 1727, sale of the site of the town windmill, 1737, survey of the numbers who had small pox and who had been inoculated, 1786, statements concerning Grimmetts Charity, Marriott's Almshouses, Joy's Charity, Beach's Charity, Humphrey's and Gower's Charity, Wooler's Charity and Preschell's Charity which were submitted to the Clerk of the Peace under an act for registering charities, 1813; at rear agreement to re-cast the great bell, 1736, abstract of annual numbers of baptisms, marriages and burials, 1754-1826

Vestry minutes  HOW/34/17  Dec 1789 - Feb 1799

Formerly listed as PAR 255/12/1

Vestry minutes  HOW/34/18  Feb 1799 - Feb 1810

Formerly listed as PAR 255/12/2

Vestry minutes  HOW/34/19  May 1811 - May 1826

Formerly listed as PAR 255/12/3

Vestry minutes  HOW/34/20  Jul 1826 - Sep 1836

Indexed; formerly listed as PAR 255/12/4

Vestry minutes  HOW/34/21  Sep 1836 - Feb 1844

Indexed; formerly listed as PAR 255/12/5

Vestry minutes  HOW/34/22  Oct 1844 - Apr 1856

Indexed; at back copy of conveyance from Frederick William Marquis of Bristol to Somers Clarke of Brighton, gent of a piece of land (20a) formerly part of Scabs Castle Farm (plan) for use by the Burial Board, 31 Dec 1855; report of the Parochial Burial Ground Committee, 30 Apr 1856; report of the Town Committee appointed to memorialise the directors of the London, Brighton and South Coast Railway, 14 Jun 1848; formerly listed as PAR 255/12/6

Papers including receipts, 1721, rentals of Manors of Eastbourne Medsey, 1682 and Brighton Michelham, 1685 removed from HOW/34/16 above  HOW/34/23  1682-1721

Minutes of committees of the vestry including Churchwardens' accounts, celebration of opening of the railway, breakwater committee and extension of the suffrage  HOW/34/24  Sep 1841 - Dec 1853

Formerly listed as PAR 255/13/1

Minutes of committees of the vestry including provisional order (health), incorporation, removal of Preston Turnpike Gate, burial ground and Burial Board  HOW/34/25  Feb 1852 - Mar 1866

Formerly listed as PAR 255/13/2

Minutes of the Pavilion Purchase Committee of the vestry  HOW/34/26  Jul - Dec 1849

Formerly listed as PAR 255/43/1

Minutes (indexed) of the Trustees of the Brighton National Schools  HOW/34/27  Apr 1854 - Nov 1895

Related information: For minutes 1824-1854, see PAR 255/25/1/1

Formerly listed as PAR 255/25/1/2

Papers including correspondence and applications for teaching posts removed from HOW/34/27  HOW/34/28  Jan 1874 - Mar 1895

Formerly listed as PAR 255/25/1/2

Parish of Brighton  HOW/35  [n.d.]

Papers concerning the adoption of the Public Health Act 1848 by Brighton  HOW/35/1  Nov 1849 - Mar 1852

Including correspondence, copy of Edward Cresy's Report to the General Board of Health on Brighton, report of the vestry, Bill to confirm provisional orders of the General Board of Health, copies of provisional order for Brighton, with a copy of the Provisional Order for the Application of the Public Health Act 1848 to Brighton with the clauses of the Town Act, the Public Health Act 1848, the Towns Improvement Clauses Act 1847 and the Towns' Police Clauses Act 1847, 1852

Poll for the election of the Preston Burial Board, recording the names and addresses of the electors, and the number of votes cast for the resolution or for the amendment  HOW/35/2  13 May 1882

List of persons polled at the Preston vestry meeting, recording the names and addresses of the electors, and the number of votes cast  HOW/35/3  13 May 1882

Number not used  HOW/35/4  [n.d.]

Poll by the Brighton vestry poll to decide whether the Guardians rather than Vestry should appoint the collectors of the poor rate, recording the names and addresses of the electors, and the number of votes cast for the resolution or for the amendment  HOW/35/5  11-12 Jan 1881

Poll for the election of Churchwardens for the parish of Brighton, recording the names and addresses of the electors, and the number of votes cast for each candidate  HOW/35/6  20-21 Apr 1903

Poll for election of Churchwardens for the parish of Brighton, recording the names and addresses of the electors, and the number of votes cast  HOW/35/7  20-21 Apr 1903

Poll for election of Churchwardens for the parish of Brighton, recording the names and addresses of the electors, and the number of votes cast  HOW/35/8  20-21 Apr 1903

Printed poster from the Board of Health concerning cholera prevention  HOW/35/9  20 Oct 1831

Correspondence and receipted bills  HOW/35/10  1833-1840

Administrative history:
George Russell was born on 25 June 1804, married Sarah Roberts on 28 June 1826 and they had five children

For supply of food and drink to George Russell, 68 Edward Street (Southwick in 1834, 33 Portland Street in 1835 and 40 Regent Street in 1840), including a list of baptisms, marriages and burials of Robert and Russell families, 1765-1837, and accounts for case of Russell v Tillstone

Register of parochial polls (recording the names and addresses of the electors, and the number of votes cast) for the elections of the Directors and Guardians, burial ground, site of the industrial schools and the poor rate  HOW/35/11  Sep 1854 - Apr 1868

Printed plan 'of the western part of the Parish and Town of Brighton, shewing the magnificent building arrangements now in rapid progress [at Brunswick Square] in the adjoining parish of Hove' by C A Busby of Waterloo Place, Brighton, architect  HOW/35/12  1825

Reports, papers and correspondence of the Brighton Burial Ground Committee of the vestry  HOW/35/13  1854

Notices of vestry meetings with committee reports and accounts  HOW/35/14  Dec 1837 - Jun 1856

Minutes of the Poor Rate Collectors Committee of the vestry  HOW/35/15  Nov 1858 - Apr 1859

Poll for election of the Burial Board and Pavilion Auditors for the parish of Brighton, recording the names and addresses of the electors, and the number of votes cast  HOW/35/16  13-14 Apr 1891

Poll for election of the Burial Board and Pavilion Auditors for the parish of Brighton, recording the names and addresses of the electors, and the number of votes cast  HOW/35/17  13-14 Apr 1891

Poll by the Brighton vestry poll to decide whether the Guardians rather than Vestry should appoint the collectors of the poor rate, recording the names and addresses of the electors, and the number of votes cast  HOW/35/18  11-12 Jan 1881

Papers concerning the proposed harbour and breakwater at Brighton  HOW/35/19  Jun 1840 - Nov 1842

Related information: For the parliamentary deposited plan of the harbour and breakwater, 1841 see QDP 185/1-2

Including correspondence, reports, Report of the Commissioners appointed to survey the harbours on the south-eastern coast, 1840, Prospectus of Mr Johnson's fixed breakwater and fortified harbour of refuge, 1842, Prospectus of the National Floating Breakwater and Refuge Harbour Company and a copy of the Standing orders of the house of Lords as to the deposit...of documents relating to private bills

Parish of Brighton  HOW/36  [n.d.]

Poll for election of Churchwardens and Pavilion Auditors for the parish of Brighton, recording the names and addresses of the electors, and the number of votes cast  HOW/36/1  19-20 Apr 1887

Number not used  HOW/36/2  [n.d.]

Poll for the election of Churchwardens and Pavilion Auditors for the parish of Brighton, recording the names and addresses of the electors, and the number of votes cast for each candidate  HOW/36/3  19-20 Apr 1887

Correspondence, receipts and minutes concerning the restoration of St Nicholas Brighton and the erection of a memorial to the Duke of Wellington  HOW/36/4  May 1853 - Feb 1856

Including minutes of the Restoration Committee of the vestry, Aug 1853 - Oct 1854, contract with Robert Bushby of Littlehampton, builder for restoring and enlarging the church, 26 May 1853, agreement with John Philip of 1 Northampton Place, Vauxhall Bridge Road, Surrey, sculptor to execute the memorial, 2 Jan 1854 and drawings of the screens in the chantry

Notices of vestry meetings with committee reports and accounts  HOW/36/5  May 1854 - Aug 1881

St Peter Brighton enlargement fund balance sheet  HOW/36/6  1888-1889

St Peter Brighton enlargement fund balance sheet  HOW/36/7  1888-1895

St Peter Brighton enlargement fund balance sheet  HOW/36/8  1888-1908

St Peter Brighton enlargement fund balance sheet  HOW/36/9  1890-1895

Brighton Burial Board correspondence reports and papers  HOW/36/10  1830-1858

Including schedule of deeds and papers, 1629-1830 belonging to the parish which were handed to Somers Clarke, 1830, Order-in-Council for closing burial grounds in Brighton, 1854, printed rules and table of fees for Brighton Extra-Mural Cemetery, 1854, printed table of fees for St Pancras Burial Board, Finchley, Middlesex, 1854, printed reports of the Brighton Burial Board, 12 Aug, 28 Aug, 21 Sep 1854 & 30 Apr 1856, printed regulations of the Beccles Burial Ground, Suffolk, 1855; Apr 1830, Mar 1854 - Aug 1858

Papers concerning the confirmation to the town of Brighton of the provisional order for the application of the Public Health Act 1848 by the General Board of Health  HOW/36/11  Jan - Dec 1852

Including drafts of successive revisions to the provisional order, printed report of the vestry committee on the Public Health Act, 2 Feb 1852, Bill to confirm certain provisional orders of the General Board of Health, 6 Dec 1852

Correspondence, papers and reports of the Brighton Committee established for the relief of the families of the 11 Worthing fishermen who perished off that town on 25 Nov 1850 while endeavouring to assist the crew of a vessel in distress  HOW/36/12  Nov 1850 - Aug 1851

Including printed plan for appropriating the subscriptions collected for the fishermen's widows and orphans, Dec 1850, printed report of the Committee of Inquiry and Finance containing details about the widows and children and their personal circumstances, Dec 1850, instructions for the drafting of the trust deed, May 1851, counsel's opinion (George Simpson), 6 Jun 1851, draft trust deed

Parish of Brighton  HOW/37  [n.d.]

Papers concerning the rebuilding of St Peter and repairs to St Nicholas Brighton  HOW/37/1  [Nov 1818] - Aug 1853

Papers in the Church Building Commissioners v Churchwardens of Brighton in Kings Bench including briefs, copies of minutes of vestry meetings, correspondence and accounts, 1836, specifications and estimate for repairs, 1847 & 1851, minutes of the Restoration Committee of the vestry, Sep 1852 - Aug 1853

Papers concerning the rebuilding of St Peter and repairs to St Nicholas Brighton  HOW/37/2  Jul 1803 - Apr 1854

Copies of an Act to promote the building of churches, 27 Jul 1803, Act for building and promoting the building of additional churches in populous parishes, 30 May 1818, Act to amend the Act for building and promoting the building of additional churches, 13 Jul 1819 and an Act to amend the previous two Acts, 22 Jul 1822, papers in the Church Building Commissioners v Churchwardens of Brighton in Kings Bench including briefs, affidavits, copies of minutes of vestry meetings, correspondence and accounts, 1836

Papers concerning the rebuilding of St Peter and repairs to St Nicholas Brighton: papers in the Church Building Commissioners v Churchwardens of Brighton in Kings Bench including briefs, copies of minutes of vestry meetings, correspondence and accounts, 1836  HOW/37/3  May 1818 - Apr 1836

Sale of the poor house in the Bartholomews by the Directors and Guardians of Brighton  HOW/37/4  1823-1829

Abstracts of title of the Directors and Guardians (acting under the Brighton Improvement Act, 1810) to the poor house, which was partly built on the site of the former Bartholomew's Chapel, partly freehold and copyhold (Manor of Atlingworth), with opinion of counsel (Richard Preston), [1551]-1806, copy of security for £5000 from the Directors and Guardians to Thomas Harrington, 20 Jul 1820, and attested copy of conveyance of the site by the Directors and Guardians to the Brighton Improvement Commissioners, 26 & 27 Dec 1828

Papers in Sarah Killingly of Castle Square, Brighton, chapwoman and dealer in toys, prints, ornaments and, painting and drawing utensils v Richard Kent of Brighton, bricklayer at the Sussex assizes and Court of Common Pleas  HOW/37/5  Feb 1792 - May 1795

Concerning the storage outside Sarah's house of the building materials need for alterations to the Steine for the Prince of Wales and the Duke of Marlborough

Vestry minutes  HOW/37/6  Jan - Dec 1790

Papers in Directors and Guardians of the Poor of Brighton v the Poor Law Commissioners in Queens Bench concerning the prevention of raising of money for alterations to the workhouse, with a report on training and religious instruction in the workhouse schools  HOW/37/7  Apr 1841 - Apr 1842

Copy conveyance by Somers Clarke and others to trustees of the Brighton Central National Schools and messuages on the east side of Jubilee Street, 24 Nov 1875; nd [wmk 1904]  HOW/37/8  c1904

Papers in the parish of Ashington v the Parish of Brighton at Lewes quarter sessions concerning an appeal by Ashington against the removal of Noah Lellyat, his wife Mary and daughter Frances (10 months), from Brighton  HOW/37/9  Sep 1836

Parish of Brighton  HOW/38  [n.d.]

Rough minutes of vestry meetings  HOW/38/1  Nov 1833 - Nov 1835

Rough minutes of vestry meetings  HOW/38/2  Dec 1835 - Dec 1836

Rough minutes of vestry meetings  HOW/38/3  Jan 1837 - Sep 1837

Rough minutes of vestry committees  HOW/38/4  Feb 1833 - Mar 1834

Rough minutes of vestry committees  HOW/38/5  Mar 1834 - Sep 1835

Rough minutes of vestry committees  HOW/38/6  Sep 1835 - Jan 1838

Rough minutes of vestry committees  HOW/38/7  Jan 1838 - Nov 1839

Minutes of the committee established to raise subscriptions and commission full-length portraits of King William IV and Queen Adelaide which are to be placed in the Town Hall  HOW/38/8  Dec 1831 - Apr 1834

Subscription list (Union Bank) for full-length portraits of King William IV and Queen Adelaide  HOW/38/9  nd [?1833]

Subscription list (Wigney's Bank) for full-length portraits of King William IV and Queen Adelaide  HOW/38/10  nd [?1833]

Subscription list for full-length portraits of King William IV and Queen Adelaide, collectors Edmund Savage and John Good, Grand Parade to Hanover Crescent inclusive and Marlboro' Place  HOW/38/11  nd [?1833]

Subscription list for full-length portraits of King William IV and Queen Adelaide, collectors Mr Stuckey and Mr Barnes, Old Steine and Castle Square  HOW/38/12  Nov 1833

Correspondence and accounts concerning portrait subscriptions  HOW/38/13  Jan 1831 - Apr 1834

Rough minutes of vestry meetings  HOW/38/14  Sep 1891 - May 1915

Rough minutes of vestry meetings  HOW/38/15  Apr 1916 - Apr 1926

Schedule to The Report of the Brighton Charities Inquiry Committee, listing parochial and general charities and giving the name of the charity, name of founder and date of foundation, objects, capital and finances, names of original and current trustees  HOW/38/16  nd [c1890]

Notices of vestry meetings with committee reports and accounts  HOW/38/17  Jun 1835 - Sep 1852

Notices of vestry meetings with committee reports and accounts  HOW/38/18  Dec 1823 - Jul 1833

Notices of vestry meetings with committee reports and accounts  HOW/38/19  Jan 1849 - Apr 1857

Papers concerning the rebuilding of St Peter, repairs to St Nicholas Brighton and erection of a memorial to the Duke of Wellington, including correspondence, receipts and a drawing of the details of the chantry screen and gates  HOW/38/20  Dec 1836 - Nov 1854

Rough minutes of vestry committees  HOW/38/21  Dec 1839 - Feb 1841

Case for opinion of the Attorney-General (John Campbell, Temple) concerning the salary of the chaplain to the workhouse and draft copy opinion (Somers Clarke) on the appointment of the chaplain  HOW/38/22  Sep 1836

Cases  HOW/38/23  Feb 1833-Jun 1847

Case for the opinion of David Pollock, Temple concerning the election of Improvement Commissioners, 4 Feb 1833, case for the opinion of Frederick Thesiger, Temple concerning the remuneration of the collectors of the poor rate, 15 Dec 1835, case for the opinion of S Lushington concerning the appointment of Directors and Guardians of the Poor, 7 Apr 1837, case for the opinions of FitzRoy Kelly and C W Johnson concerning the making of a church rate, 11 Jun 1847

Papers concerning the levying, application and arrears of the poor rate  HOW/38/24  Jun 1837 - Feb 1844

Including case for counsels' opinion (Dr Adams, Doctors Commons, A Hayward, Temple and Serjeant Talfourd, Serjeants Inn) concerning the new burial ground, 24 Jun & 14 Jul 1840, 24 Apr 1841 and 22 Oct 1841, case for counsel's opinion (William Follett and Mr Creasy) concerning the application of the proceeds of the poor rate, 21 Dec 1840, papers in Churchwardens of Brighton v Henry Blaber in Exchequer, calculations, correspondence and notices to pay

Copy of the will of Henry Hilton of Hilton, County Durham in which he leaves £24 to the Churchwardens and Overseers of Brighton, 26 Feb 1641  HOW/38/25  nd [17th century]

Churchwardens' vouchers to account with reports to the vestry committee appointed to examine them  HOW/38/26  Jan 1835 - Nov 1841

Parish of Brighton  HOW/39  [n.d.]

Newspapers  HOW/39/1  Jun 1852-Feb 1892

Copy of the Brighton Herald concerning the provisional order for the application of the Public Health Act 1848 to Brighton, 26 Jun 1852, poster advertising an adjourned vestry meeting, 8 Apr 1891, copies of the Sussex Daily News concerning the Brighton charities enquiry, 20 May, 27-28 May, 10 Jun, 24 Jun, 8 Jul, 15 Jul, 5 Aug, 15 Sep 1891 and 3 Feb 1892, and the Brighton Herald, 17 Oct 1891

Posters for public vestry meetings  HOW/39/2  Dec 1846 - Mar 1860

Report made by William Forsyth, Esq to Her Majesty in Council, in November 1852, on the subject of a petition of the inhabitant householders of the Town of Brighton, praying for a municipal charter  HOW/39/3  4 Apr 1853

Copies of supplements to The London Gazette (numbers 18909, 18912, 18956) and a poster concerning the cholera epidemic  HOW/39/4  Nov 1831 - Jul 1832

Resolutions of vestry meeting in favour of the Reform Bill  HOW/39/5  Mar - May 1832

Papers concerning the duties of the poor rate collectors, including copy resolutions of vestry, Aug 1825 - Jan 1859, draft report, Dec 1858 and letters, 1859  HOW/39/6  [Aug 1825] - Jan 1859

Draft appointment and release by Charles Scrase Dickins the elder of West Stoke House, esq, Charles Scrase Dickins the younger, esq and Thomas Read Kemp of Brighton, esq to the Churchwardens of Brighton of ground on Church Hill for an additional burial ground  HOW/39/7  1824

Brief for prosecution in Regina  HOW/39/8  1838

On the prosecution of the High Constable of Whalesbone Hundred v Mary Holman at Sussex assizes for concealing the birth of her child at the house of Mrs Sarah Steadman at 63 Church Street, Brighton on 13 Feb; Spring 1838
Endorsed guilty - 2 months hard labour

Licence from Ashurst Turner, Bishop of Chichester appointing the Rev Alfred Cooper, MA as perpetual curate of St Anne Brighton  HOW/39/9  25 Jun 1863

Papers concerning the nature of the vestry (whether customary and not affected by the 1818 Act  HOW/39/10  Apr 1790 - Apr 1835

Including notices of meetings, 1790-1832, correspondence, 1834 and cases for counsels' opinions (S Lushington, Great George Street, Westminster, 26 Mar 1834 and John Dodson, Doctors Commons, 18 Mar 1835) which include extracts from the Elizabethan customs

Plan of showing the location of the lightning conductor on the Throat and Ear Hospital which terminates in the churchyard of St Nicholas, with covering letter from J P S Roberts, Honorary Secretary of the Hospital to C Somers Clarke, 7 Apr 1900  HOW/39/11  1900

Abstracts of a report by the committee on the accounts of the Directors and Guardians of the workhouse  HOW/39/12  1837

Report of the Burial Ground Committee  HOW/39/13  12 Aug 1854

Various papers  HOW/39/14  Mar 1794 - Mar 1892

Including the Church Building Commissioners v Churchwardens of Brighton in Kings Bench, 1836, the erection of a tollgate at Hove by the Shoreham Turnpike Trust, 1839, proposed visit to Brighton by Queen Victoria, 1842, incorporation of Brighton, 1853, Wellington Memorial, 1854 and the Brighton charities inquiry, 1891

Other records  [no ref. or date]

Draft agreement  HOW/39/15  10 Oct 1882

Between Susanna Rowling of Toorak, The Avenue, Torquay, Devon (formerly of Brighton), spinster and Frederick Trueman of 36 Chesham Road, Kemp Town, Brighton, esq to let 2 Victoria Terrace, Lindfield from 11 Nov 1882 to 25 Dec 1882 for £2 15s and then at the yearly rent of £22

Draft assignment of lease between John Peter Pryor of Mayfield, grocer and draper and William Blake of 40 Fishersgate Terrace, Southwick, gent of a house, shop and premises, High Street, Mayfield  HOW/39/16  Oct 1879

Estate of William Harvey of Brighton, gent  [no ref. or date]

Formerly Box 148

Sale particular for 30, 32 and 34 St Aubyn's, Cliftonville, Hove (formerly copyhold of the Manor of Hova Villa and Hova Ecclesia) for sale in three lots at auction by Samuel Ridley at the Old Ship Hotel, Brighton on 9 Sep 1872  HOW/39/17  1872

Conveyance  HOW/39/18  Jan 1877 - Apr 1881

For £1180 of the equity of redemption in 30, 32 and 34 St Aubyn's, Hove by Alfred Thorncroft Mills of Brighton, gent to William Harvey of Brighton, gent, 16 Jan 1877, counterpart lease for 21 years from 29 Sep 1875 at £100 of 34 St Aubyn's by the mortgagees (Charles Bridger of Adur Lodge, Shoreham (formerly of Woodgaters near Horsham), esq, Augustus Goring Bridger of 427 Fulham Road, West Brompton, Middlesex, esq, the Rev James Bond Orme of Angmering and Somers Clarke the younger of Delahay Street, Westminster, Middlesex, architect) to John Symons of 32 Cornhill, City of London, merchant, 21 Oct 1876 and surrender of the lease by Mrs Elizabeth Symons of Allan Bank, The Downes, Wimbledon, Surrey, widow to the mortgagees (Charles Bridger of Adur Lodge, Shoreham, esq, Augustus Goring Bridger of 427 Fulham Road, West Brompton, Middlesex, esq, the Rev James Bond Orme of Angmering and Somers Clarke the younger of Delahay Street, [Westminster], Middlesex, architect), 24 Nov 1879

Title deeds and papers concerning 94 Lansdowne Place, Hove, [1854]-1912, 98 Lansdowne Place, 1867 and 106 Lansdowne Place, 1888-1910  HOW/39/19  [Apr 1854] - Apr 1910

Deeds of leasehold 106 Lansdowne Place, Hove (Harvey - Fritsch - Gobell)  HOW/39/20  Sep 1877 - Aug 1884

Unexecuted counterpart lease for 21 years from 29 Sep 1879 at £150 of The Palace Mews, Jubilee Road, a blacksmith's yard and 55 Jubilee Road, Brighton by William Harvey of 13 Norton Road, Hove, gent to Richard Dewing Spinks of The Palace Mews, veterinary surgeon  HOW/39/21  1879

Correspondence, draft leases, schedules of dilapidations of the Palace Mews, Jubilee Road, Brighton, a blacksmith's yard and 54 Jubilee Road  HOW/39/22  Apr 1872 - Oct 1917

Papers in Harvey in Chancery, including copy of will and codicil, 1879-1880, case for counsels' opinion (Walter C Renshaw, Lincoln's Inn and Robert F Norton, Lincoln's Inn), 22 & 27 Apr 1882  HOW/39/23  [Apr 1878] - Jun 1894

Papers concerning 13, 15, 17 Norton Road, Hove  HOW/39/24  Apr 1877 - Jun 1892

Abstract of title and draft title deeds of the Black Horse Inn, Church Street, Brighton  HOW/39/25  [Jan 1844] - Jun 1888

Title deeds of 30, 32, 34 St Aubyn's, Cliftonville, Hove  HOW/39/26  [Jul 1811] - Dec 1914

Draft conveyance for £580 of two pieces of land at Portslade by Edward Blaker of Portslade, gent to Charles Bridger of 50 Russell Square, Brighton, esq  HOW/39/27  9 Nov 1855

Miss Attree (deceased)  HOW/40  [n.d.]

Related information: See HOW/7, 98-101

(Mostly estate of Thos Attree) formerly box 136

Thos Attree's estate: capital account  HOW/40/1  1863-1907

1 vol

Thos Attree's estate: income account  HOW/40/2-3  1863-1908

2 vols

Thos Attree's estate: correspondence  HOW/40/4-7  1865-88

4 Bundles

Includes settlement of property in Liss 'Hants)

Thos Attree's estate: rental account (and general statement of property  HOW/40/8  1862-83

1 Bundle

Includes ? duplicate material for HOW/40/1-3

Draft conveyances, sale particulars and correspondence  HOW/40/9  1863 - 1871

Re building land at Liss (Hants), 1870-71 as a result of a decree in Chancery in Attree v Attree (1 bundle) and tracing of part of the Liss Inclosure, 1863

Property in King Street, Brighton  HOW/40/10  nd

Draft conveyance of workshop and premises to Henry Davey of Brighton, leatherseller; and documents not handed over on sale (including 2 leases of coach houses in King Street, 1809)

64 and 76 Kings Road, Brighton: sale particular, draft leases and correspondence  HOW/40/11  1861-79

1 Bundle

Miss Attree's estate: miscellaneous receipts, catalogues of furniture, accounts and correspondence re estate  HOW/40/12-15  1861-68

2 Bundles

Attree v Attree: Thomas Attree's estate, settlement and receipts  HOW/40/16  1863-83

Probate (PCC) William Attree  HOW/40/17  Feb 1811

Probate: William Wakeford Attree  HOW/40/18  Mar 1862

Brighton Hove and Preston Dispensary  [no ref. or date]

Formerly Box 320

Papers in Denton v Hove General Hospital and related cases: High Court  HOW/41/1-3  1942

(Negligence): Statements, interrogatories, proofs etc

File on J H H Davy's charitable trust  HOW/41/4  1947

Conveyance of site for Dispensary in Windsor Terrace Brighton, 1848 and contract for building, 1849 (to George Cheesman & Sons)  HOW/41/5  1848, 1849

File: Hove General Hospital, re purchase of 107 Sackville Road, Hove  HOW/41/6  nd

Conveyances, abstracts of title and correspondence: 4-5 Farm Road, Hove  HOW/41/7  1863-89

Schedule of title deeds in deed box  HOW/41/8  c1900

Declarations of trust, draft conveyances, correspondence  HOW/42/1  1885-95

Property includes land in Sackville Road and Byron Street, Hove, Eastern Road, Brighton

Estate of James Towner, trustees reports and balance sheets  HOW/42/2  1930-34

Mrs Wood of 2 Ventnor Villas, Hove (deceased)  [no ref. or date]

Formerly box 276

Correspondence (mainly with the nephew John Wood, Messrs Cramer and Company, Piano Warehouse and Messrs Howlett and Clarke)  HOW/42/3-9  1893-1906

Diary  HOW/42/10  1895

Diary  HOW/42/11  1896

Knitting patterns, linen lists, etc  HOW/42/12  1863

Household ledger  HOW/42/13  Mar 1893 - Nov 1904

Housekeeper's account book  HOW/42/14  Jan 1905 - Jan 1906

Account with G R Forfar, 123 Church Road, Hove, baker, pastrycook and confectioner  HOW/42/15  Jul 1904 - Jan 1907

Account with Messrs Stenning and Walker, 48 Church Road, Hove, buthers and graziers  HOW/42/16  Mar 1906 - Jan 1907

Account with Messrs Stenning and Walker, 48 Church Road, Hove, butchers and graziers  HOW/42/17  Jan 1907

Account with T Nailard, 46 Church Road, Hove, fruiterer and greengrocer  HOW/42/18  Jun 1905 - Jan 1907

Account with Hunter's Alderney Dairy, South of England Dairies Limited, 100, 102 and 104 Church Road, Hove  HOW/42/19  Oct 1900 - Aug 1901

Account with Hunter's Alderney Dairy, South of England Dairies Limited, 100, 102 and 104 Church Road, Hove  HOW/42/20  Oct 1905 - Jan 1907

Various receipts  HOW/42/21  1900-1908

Various receipts  HOW/42/22  1900-1908

Lease of Braelcombe, The Drive, Hove  HOW/42/23  1885

(Wells - Smith)

Assignment of lease of Braelcombe, The Drive, Hove  HOW/42/24  1888


Mr J W Howlett  HOW/43  [n.d.]

Related information: See HOW/10, 67

Formerly Box 159

Property in Western Place and 148 Western Road Brighton. Deeds, leases, abstracts of title  HOW/43/1  1818-66

(Printed abstract to 1676)

Title deeds, 13-15 York Terrace, Montpelier Road Brighton (23-24 New England Road)  HOW/43/2  1863-71

Abstract to 1810

Deeds, 3-4 Montpelier Street, Brighton  HOW/43/3  1847-1906

Abstracts to 1825

24 Meeting House Lane, Brighton. Schedule of deeds, mortgages, probates, plan (1881)  HOW/43/4  1798-1917

Avenue Villas, Carshalton, Sy (nos 68, 74, 117, 119): leases, assignments and mortgages  HOW/43/5  1876-86

Mr J W Howlett  [no ref. or date]

Formerly Box 159

As HOW/43/5, but nos 109, 111, 113, 115, 72, 76, 78 Avenue Villas, and other land in Carshalton  HOW/44/1  1874-92

1 Bundle

39 Western Road, Brighton: leases, mortgages, etc  HOW/44/2  1874-1906

Land at rear of Edmonton Terrace, Edmonton (Mx): mortgages and assignments  HOW/44/3  1873-86

Correspondence of JWH with Crockett & Co. re Life insurance and mortgages  HOW/44/4  1875-78

42, 44 Whichelo Place (part of the Elm Grove estate): conveyance, abstracts of title (printed to 1841) and correspondence  HOW/44/5  1879-1905

JWH: papers as shareholder in the Brighton Aquarium Co., the Poor Dwellings Association and Brighton College  HOW/44/6  1880-1901

Kitton marriage settlement: appointment of new trustees  HOW/44/7  1860-1906

Related information: See also SAS/ACC/1040

Collyer - Howlett; assignment to secure £900  HOW/44/8  1871

'Wm Attree' (Miscellaneous)  [no ref. or date]

Formerly Box 298

Sale particulars: contract copies (18-20 Edwin Place, 13-15 Queen Street, 20 Bedford Street, Brighton)  HOW/44/9  Oct 1875

Draft leases  HOW/44/10  1851-77

Property mostly in Brighton (516 Manchester Street, 13 Oriental Place, 9 Kensington Gardens, 22 Kings Road, 41 Marine Parade, 43 George Street, Circus Street) and Hove (Wellington House Waterloo Street, 18 Brunswick Square, 16 Church Road). Also Summerfield Villa Lucastres Haywards Heath and property in Lancing

Tenancy agreements  HOW/44/11  1862-71

17 Albany Villas, 4 Upper Market Street, Durham House, Cliftonville Hove; Hole Farm and Strood Farm in Wivelsfield

Draft agreements for sale and conveyances  HOW/44/12  1850-81

Property mostly in Brighton (including 9 Crown Street, Sudeley Street, Silwood House, 25 Upper North Street, 52 Surrey Street, 78 Kings Road), and Hove (Church Road, 10 St Aubyns Place, 18 Albany Villas). Also land at Partridge Green, West Grinstead and Creeting, (Suffolk)

Correspondence re conveyances, wills, property, bonds  HOW/44/13  c1830-70

1 Bundle

St Patricks (Catholic) Church, Brighton, corespondence re stained glass, and departure of H Wells  HOW/44/14  1877

Attested copy will (PCC) of Leah Hicks  HOW/44/15  1802

Abstract of title of trustees of John Hughes Esq to quarter of property  HOW/44/16  1849

Settlement re Will of Dr George Temple  HOW/44/17  1842

Lease of the 'Kings Arms Inn' Worthing  HOW/44/18  1871

Prospectus for City of Kieff municipal electric tramway 5% loan  HOW/44/19  1914

National Benevolent Instition, card petitioning for aid for Mrs E A Williams  HOW/44/20  1831

Tugwell  [no ref. or date]

(Documents all present a McWhinnie involvement), formerly Box 126

Minutes, correspondence and opinions: case of Mr Andrew McLellan of Mockram (estate)  HOW/45/1  1848-49

Attested copy probate of Mawbey Tugwell of Bradford (Wilts) clothier  HOW/45/2  1815

Correspondence and draft conveyance (McWhinnie - Tugwell & McWhinnie), 4 Upper Brunswick Place, Brighton  HOW/45/3  1847-55

Correspondence, abstracts of title etc re Mr Applegate's purchase of Widbrook Farm, Bradford from Tugwell  HOW/45/4-5  1846-52

Schedule of fixtures, 6 Norfolk Terrace, Brighton (pre-lease) McWhinnie - Buckle  HOW/45/6  1882

Copy conveyance (Tugwell - Holder), property at Lipscombe and Widcombe, Somerset  HOW/45/7  1852

McWhinnie, draft will, correspondence, bond  HOW/45/8  1854

James Bollan Estate  [no ref. or date]

Formerly Box 149

Estate of John Venus of the Cliffe  HOW/45/9  1825-1854

Property in Lewes (4-9, 11, 13-15, Waterloo Place) Hoper, Smith Hodges, main parties and Brighton (Hanover Crescent) Deeds 1825-54 with marginal plans of Lewes property. Payments from estate after death JV - Will 1854

72 Western Road, Brighton: abstract of title (to 1676, T R Kemp), leases, conveyances, Kemp, Bollen, Catt, Sayers (Restaurant)  HOW/45/10-11  1855-97

38-39 Grand Parade, Brighton: draft transfers of mortgage, correspondence  HOW/45/12  1888-89

14 Bedford Square, Brighton: draft conveyance, sale particular, correspondence  HOW/45/13  1888

Copy will of James Bollen of Brighton  HOW/45/14  1874

Lease (and counterpart) 159 Western Road, Brighton  HOW/45/15-16  1871

Bollen - Steer and Adams

List of title deeds and securities, belonging to the estate of JB  HOW/45/17  c1874

28-29 Norfolk Square, Brighton: agreements, leases, contracts  HOW/46/1  1885-1909

15 Norfolk Road, Brighton: tenancy agreements, correspondence, leases  HOW/46/2  1886-92

Correspondence with trustees of JB's estate  HOW/46/3  1874-79

Leases, property in the Wandsworth Road, Clapham  HOW/46/4  1806 - 61

Ridley, Lucas

Lease of 52 St Pauls Churchyard, London  HOW/46/5  1841

Ridley - Ridley

Bond to perform covenants, Parkes-Hamlin  HOW/46/6  1747

Charles Field of Brighton, Builder  [no ref. or date]

Related information: (See HOW/32/4-8)

Formerly Box 183

Property in Kensington Place, Brighton. Abstracts of title, agreements, conveyances  HOW/46/7-9  1823-81

94-95 Gloucester Road, Brighton. Draft conveyances and Lease  HOW/46/10  1863-70

15 Middle Street, Brighton. Agreements for sale etc  HOW/46/11  1862-74

Mortgages and correspondence  HOW/46/12  1860-70

Copy probates, Charles and Sarah Field  HOW/46/13-14  1862, 1864

Copy leases and conveyances, unnamed Brighton properties  HOW/46/15  1819-65

Guardians: Brighton Hall Estate (Workhouse estate)  [no ref. or date]

The Workhouse estate (off Dyke Road) was sold by auction in 1867-68 (4 sales). The development was already laid out, but unbuilt
Formerly Box 180

Plan of the Old Workhouse estate, surveyed G Maynard  HOW/47/1  1868

With plans and elevations of intended Buckingham Road, houses and villas

Conveyances from Directors and Guardians: first sale  HOW/47/2  Oct 1867

1 Bundle

11 lots

Conveyances from Directors and Guardians: 2nd sale  HOW/47/3  Jan 1868

1 Bundle

20 lots

Plans and elevations for buildings, 1st sale area  HOW/47/4  1868

Sale particulars: contract copies  HOW/47/5  Oct 1867

(2nd sale)

Sale particulars: contract copies  HOW/47/6  May 1867

1 Bundle

(1st sale) and correspondence

Abstracts of title of Directors and Guardians, 1867 and drafts of previous conveyances to them by William Hallett, 1854  HOW/47/7  1854, 1867

Conveyances, 3rd sale  HOW/48/1  Jun 1868

1 Bundle

20 lots

Conveyances, 4th sale  HOW/48/2  Apr 1869

1 Bundle

25 lots

Sale particulars, contract copies  HOW/48/3  Feb 1868

(3rd sale)

Sale particulars, contract copies, 4th sale  HOW/49/1  Apr 1868

Rates payable for sewers roads etc: apportionments on purchasers, and draft contract for this work  HOW/49/2  1867-72

Correspondence with Poor Law Board over sale of the Workhouse estate, draft agreements etc  HOW/49/3  1866-71

Correspondence and drafts (including an enfranchisement) manor of Houndeane, re Warren Farm School area  HOW/49/4  1883-84

Purchases in 1867-68 sale, payment accounts and receipts - including charges  HOW/49/5  1867-1868

Case papers and correspondence  HOW/49/6  1867-70

Proceedings for non payment by Alfred Courtney Elliot (1 bundle) and draft conditions of sale and cases for opinion

Licence to alter 62 Dyke Road  HOW/49/7  1917

Scabes Castle estate (Abbey & Friend formerly Hallet  [no ref. or date]

Related information: See also HOW/24/11; HOW/4 & 5

Formerly Box 117

Property  HOW/49/8-11  1882-1911

Property (mostly built 1891 - ) mostly in Hartingdon Road, Whippingham Road and Brading Road. Bundles of draft conveyances, mortgages and agreements to let 1882-1911 (mostly 1892-98)

Plan of intended development of the estate, Samuel Denman, surveyor  HOW/49/12  1891

Guardians  HOW/50  [n.d.]

Formerly Box 117

Bundles as HOW/49/8-11  HOW/50/1-5  1882-1911

Lease and assignments of Scabes Castle, 1874-75 and schedule of dilapidations, 1881  HOW/50/6  1874-1881

Eliza Barnett  [no ref. or date]

This group consists mostly of old title deeds to properties sold by trustees under EB's will in 1884 (see sale particulars). These included seven fully licensed public houses and seven licensed beerhouses, all in Brighton and Hove, (see also TAM 5). Formerly Box 182a

Sale particulars, contract copies  HOW/51/1  Apr 1884

Lots 1-23 (no 14 missing)

Title deeds (abstract to 1720) to a cottage in Marlborough Place and building land in Gloucester Place  HOW/51/2  1792-1858

Kemp, Beves, Lowe, Clarges, Evans

42 Brunswick Terrace, Hove. Deeds, mortgages and Exchequer case reports of money to be paid  HOW/51/3  1828-35

Brewery and malthouse on west side of Great Russell Street and east side of Artillery Street, belonging to Mr John Barnett: title deeds (this and neighbouring premises)  HOW/51/4  1809-54

Williams - Barnett. Bundle also includes a sale particular, 1839, for 'The Royal Baths', Brighton, lot 2 in which sale refers to the Russell Street property

Abstracts of title (including printed one for Thos Scutt to part of Wick Farm, Hove, to 1726) and abstracts from other documents re 42 Brunswick Terrace, Hove  HOW/51/5  1828-34

Inventory of the Cannon Brewery (Russell Street) Brighton  HOW/51/6  1871

Lease of 9c Montpelier Place and 26 Borough Street (adjoining properties), Brighton  HOW/51/7  1861

Barnett - Corney)

Abstract of title and other copy documents mid C19 relating to property sold to Messrs Kidd in 1884  HOW/52/1  1884

(Including 34 and 36 Brunswick Terrace, Hove property as in HOW/51/7 and 26 Cannon Place)

Bundle of leases  HOW/52/2  Sep 1871

Mrs Eliza Barnett to Messrs J M and F J Kidd - all public houses and beerhouses as in 1884 sale. Schedules of fittings
Little Wonder b.h. John Street
Branch Tavern b.h. London Road
Liverpool Arms b.h. Gloucester Place
Red Lion b.h. Upper Park Place Street
Blacksmiths Arms b.h. Upper North Street
Station Inn b.h. Brunswick Street, West Hove
Brunswick Cellars b.h. Holland Road, Hove
City of London p.h. London Street
Norfolk Arms p.h. Grand Parade
Cadogan Arms p.h. Sloane Street
Cannon Inn p.h. Cannon Terrace
Cranborough Arms p.h. Cranbourne Street
Montpelier Inn p.h. Montpelier Place
Brunswick Inn p.h. Holland Road, Hove

Leases, 1 Queen Adelaide Crescent, Hove  HOW/52/3  1835-64

(And abstracts of title)

Draft lease of 42 Brunswick Terrace, Hove  HOW/52/4  1875

And inventory of Fittings, and correspondence

Abstract of title (to 1828) to 53 (previously 69) London Road, Brighton, - the Branch Tavern  HOW/52/5  1863

Executors accounts  HOW/52/6  1883-84

W Could  [no ref. or date]

(WG living at 9 Clermont Terrace, Preston at Brighton 1879), formerly Box 152

Account book  HOW/53/1  1847-80

Mostly medical and farming

'Private account' (with mother, Mrs Gould - loans etc)  HOW/53/2  1848-59

Day book account  HOW/53/3  Nov 1875 - Sep 1883

(Basically a continuation of HOW/53/1)

Receipts and payments book  HOW/53/4  1872-83

Lease of Waste Farm, Rudgwick  HOW/53/5  1832

(Tyler - Butcher)

Letting agreement, Herrings Farm, Kirdford  HOW/53/6  1861

(Gould - Duncton)

Bills of costs, receipts  HOW/53/7  1865-73

1 Bundle

Copy wills (Gould of Petworth and Tyler of Petworth, attorney) and correspondence  HOW/53/8  1870s

W S Mutton  [no ref. or date]

Mutton's Hotel, Kings Road, Brighton and other properties. Formerly Box 173

Contract copy sale particular and correspondence and draft documents, 88 Kings Road, Brighton  HOW/53/9  1911

Sale by Mutton's trustees

Provisional agreements re sale of 80 Kings Road, 12 Kent Street and other properties in Brighton  HOW/53/10  1871-86

Papers in case Chancery Division 1880, Mutton v Mutton (dispute among children of WSM re estate)

Plan of 81-85 Kings Road, showing elevation adjoining Palladium premises: Denman and Matthews, Brighton, surveyors  HOW/53/11  No date

Contract copy sale particular, correspondence and other draft documents, 2 plots of building land in Powis Square, Brighton  HOW/53/12  1880

Earlier papers re property as in HOW/53/10 Includes copy partition deeds between Mutton brothers  HOW/53/13  1880-86

Inventory of effects, 80-84 Kings Road and other property in Brighton and Rusper, estate of late W S Mutton  HOW/53/14  1868

Abstract of title: moiety of manor of Brighton. C Scrase  HOW/53/15  Early C19

Deeds, sale particular and correspondence re 88 Kings Road, purchased by Mutton from Patching  HOW/53/16  1807-48

Assignment of estate in late Mutton's business as pastry cook and confectioner  HOW/53/17  1871

Account of cash in bank and outgoings (estate of WSM)  HOW/54/1  1868-70

Estate account book  HOW/54/2  1868-69

Including valuation of 3 West Street, Brighton)

As HOW/54/2  HOW/54/3  1869-76

Premises in Kings Road, Brighton: various leases to WSM  HOW/54/4  1834-69

Schedule of title deeds relating to Kings Road Mews (to 1781, Chas Scrase) and correspondence and draft documents re this and Kings Road property  HOW/54/5  1850-86

Kings Road (79-85) and Mays Court property plans late C19 plus draft mortgages and agreements with Brighton Alhambra Co. re private roads  HOW/54/6  1874-88

Including sale particulars 1886

Draft agreements, correspondence in Jeffery v Malton, Chancery  HOW/54/7  1872

3 West Street, leases by Wm Catt to Constable, then Mutton  HOW/54/8  1854-55

Abstract of title and other documents re land in West Street, adjoining the Brewery  HOW/54/9  1873-80

Papers in the matter of J Mutton, plus executorship correspondence  HOW/54/10  1867-72

Provisional contracts for sale, 81-83 Kings Road, Mutton - Cell  HOW/54/11  1886

Deed settling J Mutton's liability to estate under will of WSM  HOW/54/12  1869

Correspondence with M Briggs & Son, Newcastle, Staffs, re rent  HOW/54/13  1882

St Nicholas Memorial School  [no ref. or date]

St Nicholas Memorial School, trustees accounts and Chaplain's fund  HOW/54/14  1940-55

Plus Miss Pink's superannuation 1940-44

William Hallett's estate  [no ref. or date]

Related information: See HOW/27-28, 4, 60, 63, 113

Formerly Box 166, 167

Trustees of WH - account with T W Capps  HOW/55/1  1866-79

Trustees of WH - account with T W Capps  HOW/55/2  1879-83

(Account settled)

Mrs Hallett - account with TWC  HOW/55/3  1866-82

Abstract of title  HOW/55/4  nd

Abstracts of title, Brighton Eastern Tenantry Down (to 1822); abstract of conveyance, brewery in Seymour Street; abstract of title (to 1736) land 2nd furlong East Laine (St George's Road) plus various mortgages

Agreements to take land on Brighton Enclosure (Scabes Castle) estate  HOW/55/5  1856-60

Hallett to many tenants - plans annexed

Further agreements and leases as HOW/55/5  HOW/55/6  1874-82

Correspondence re executorship of WH, accounts and receipts  HOW/55/7  1858-68

Includes agreement to end partnership between executors of WH and his surviving partners William Henry Hallett and Henry Abbey. Also sale particular of land north of the Bell Inn, Uckfield, 1864

Leases and draft conveyances, properties in (Great) College Street, Brighton  HOW/55/8  1860-71

(Hallett to various)

Declarations, case papers etc. in Hallett v Hallett, Exchequer of Pleas  HOW/55/9  1871

Conveyance of land: Hallett trustees to Abbey: Newmarket Road, Brighton. Plans of area and buildings - Scott and Hyde, Brighton, 1879  HOW/55/10  1879-91

Draft papers re conveyance: Hallett to Race Stand trustees  HOW/55/11  1882-84

William Hallett's trust: trustees minute book  HOW/56/1  1882-87

William Hallett's trust: trustees minute book  HOW/56/2  1888-95

Plans and layout of Hervey Park Estate, Brighton  HOW/56/3  1861

(R G Sutor, architect). Enclosure and Bakers Bottom Estates also shown

Hallett's trustees v Kemp Town Extension railway: claim for compensation; plus other legal costs, documents  HOW/56/4  1868-84

Correspondence, mostly to Somers Clarke on Hallett mortgage and estate matters  HOW/56/5  1860-84

Hallett estates: rent receipt book, indexed by estate and tenant  HOW/56/6  1862-65

Also contains draft will of WH, 1862

As HOW/56/5  HOW/56/7  1884-92

Correspondence, mostly between W H Hallett (from the Steam Brewery, Marine Parade, Brighton) and Somers Clarke on estate and brewery matters  HOW/56/8  1862-66

Miscellaneous receipts and correspondence  HOW/56/9  1862-71

1 Bundle

Papers and correspondence relating to the Hallett Estate Act  HOW/56/10  1884

Nuisances under Sanitary Acts (e.g. pig-keeping) orders to abate  HOW/56/11  1873

Scabes Castle and Enclosure estate individuals

Hallett trustees: correspondence and receipts  HOW/56/12  1874-81

(? continuation of HOW/56/9)

Trustees dealings with LB & SCR (Kemp Town railway)  HOW/56/13  1865-68

Correspondence re development of Park Road area of the Enclosure estate (with plans)  HOW/56/14  1881

Includes intended site of waterworks

Correspondence and draft documents - developments at Scabes Castle, intended burial ground and other sites (rough plans included)  HOW/56/15  1881-82

Scabes Castle estate: draft mortgage, leases, tenancy agreements and correspondence  HOW/57/1  1856-83

Premises on east of Lewes Road (Gladstone Road): sale to Bennett, documents  HOW/57/2  1867-83

Queens Park Tavern and Cricket ground: plans, draft leases, correspondence  HOW/57/3  1859-74

Lease to Hallett and Abbey of a malthouse in Eastern Road, Brighton, 1866 and conveyance (Hallett to Hallett) of interest in various hostelries, 1858  HOW/57/4  1858, 1866

Copy articles of partnership, Hallett and Abbey  HOW/57/5  1851

Later Hallett estate correspondence  HOW/57/6  1883-96

Papers  HOW/57/7  1850-1869

Hallett and Richardson, agreement 1852 re lease of part of Scabes Castle estate. Papers in bankruptcy 1869. Include exchange of land between Brighton Extra-Mural Cemetery Co. and Mq of Bristol 1850

Bristol Hotel: correspondence and schedule of deeds  HOW/57/8  1872-73

Hallett to Rock Freehold Land Soc. Ltd. conveyance of land in Bonchurch Road, Brighton  HOW/57/9  1888

Plan included

Draft conveyances, agreements and leases  HOW/57/10  1864-83

Property includes 45 St Georges Road

C Scrase Dickins to Attree  HOW/57/11  1815

Draft conveyance to make a tenant to the precipe, land in Sussex and Surrey

Correspondence  HOW/57/12  1865-71

Re Baker's lease and other matters

Steam Brewery accounts  HOW/57/13  1851-61

Also contains Henry Abbey and Wm Hallett capital accounts 1851-61

Hallett trustees accounts  HOW/57/14  1862-66

Related information: (See HOW/55/1-2)

25 Lansdowne Place, Hove. Leases, contracts and correspondence  HOW/57/15  1849-1902

Hayward, Hadfield, Brandreth

15, 17, 23 Great College Street, Brighton. Lease, agreement for sale, correspondence  HOW/57/16  1906

Hallett - Cresswell

Bristol Hotel, Marine Parade, Brighton. Conveyance, schedule of documents, sale particular and correspondence  HOW/57/17  1906

Hallett - Boxall

Copy confirmed apportionment of tithe rent-charge  HOW/57/18  1860

Book of plans and diagrams of land in Brighton, with lessees, rents and conditions  HOW/57/19  1835-40

Plan of the Enclosure by J Colbron  HOW/57/20  1858

Showing lessees of plots between Queens Park and Elm Grove
Schedule of deeds plus one unidentified undated plan

Abstracts of title to property  HOW/58/1  1850-84

Bristol Hotel. Papers in Hallett v Miller, Court of Appeal 1904 and subsequent correspondence prior to sale  HOW/58/2  1904-05

Copies of earlier deeds relating to the Bristol Hotel (plus Hampden House, adjacent), plans of buildings, including plan of East Cliff furlong  HOW/58/3  n.d

Inventory of Fixtures at 25 Lansdowne Place, Hove. Correspondence from Mr Hayward, mostly to Mr McWhinnie at Attree & Clarkes relating to this property  HOW/58/4  1849-56

George Hayward of Maresfield. Correspondence, draft documents, probate etc  HOW/58/5  1823-57

Draft leases  HOW/58/6  1856-1881

Black Rock Farm and Race Hill, Brighton 1857, Hallett - Hallett; Scabes Castle estate, 1881, Hallett - Friend; land near Elm Grove, 1880, Hallett - Guardians. Conveyance Mq of Bristol - Hallett and vice versa, 1856

The Enclosure Estate: Denman & Matthews, surveyors. Lessees and size of plots given  HOW/58/7  n.d

Judgement in Hallett to Martin: Chancery Division  HOW/58/8  1883

T R Kemp and Hicks  [no ref. or date]

Formerly Box 316

Bundle of copies of Court roll (plus bonds), mostly referring to Hicks' property: part refers to 'The Black Lion'  HOW/59/1  1682-1779

Hicks (and executors). Accounts of rents paid (Brighton properties), correspondence, manorial permissions, other accounts re purchase and sale of land  HOW/59/2  1795-1805

Including sale particular of the Old Ship Tavern and other property, 1802

Draft abstracts of title, conveyances etc. to Hicks property in Brighton  HOW/59/3  1799-1802

e.g. tenement in Black Lion Street (abstract to 1683 Hurnby); Old Ship Inn, Coffee House and Assembly Room (abstract to 1730)

Correspondence  HOW/59/4  1799-1805

Mostly Hicks - Attree, part concerning purchase of property by Weller, 1802- 03

Draft abstracts and conveyances as HOW/59/3  HOW/59/5  1792-1803

John Hicks, bills and accounts  HOW/59/6  1797-1800

Correspondence in Dodson & Weller, mostly with Attree & Sons 1802-05. Dodson & Weller, Kings Bench to be tried at Lewes Summer Assizes  HOW/59/7  1808

Mr Russell in account with Mr Hicks  HOW/59/8  1799


PCC will: Wm Hicks of Brighton  HOW/59/9  1765

One third part mess. and 8a land in Wiggenhall St Mary, Wingfield - Bland  HOW/59/10  1612

Particulars of John Hicks' estate in Brighton (by furlong, with name of occupier and plot measurements  HOW/59/11  nd

Agreements for leases and receipts  HOW/59/12  1788-98

Property in Black Lion Street, including brewery

Settlements, deeds of release etc. re Hicks estate  HOW/60/1  1766-1802

Mrs Leah Hicks (plus others): receipts and accounts  HOW/60/2  1781-1803

Including bills from Attree in respect of legal fees

Inventory of household furniture and stock: (Old Ship Tavern and Cliff House ?)  HOW/60/3  1801

v. detailed

Hallett (deceased)  [no ref. or date]

Formerly Box 162
(See HOW/4,27-28, 55-58, 63, 113)

Hallett to Hallett and Abbey: assignments of leases of property, deeds of partnership etc  HOW/60/4  1858-85

Hallett to various: conveyances of property in White Hawk Road, Brighton  HOW/60/5  1881-86

1 Bundle

Abstracts of title: standard T R Kemp; also Hallett to the Steam Brewery, 1850. Duplicate conveyances and mortgages of property in White Hawk Road, Brighton  HOW/60/6-7  1860-88

Miscellaneous Hallett leases and conveyances (to and from)  HOW/60/8  1844-1888

Princes Terrace, Kemp Town 1868-77; 'Clyde Arms' Sussex Road, 1888; Buckingham House, Marine Parade 1881; Kings Head and Bell Inns, Uckfield, White Hart, Buxted 1844

Brighton New Club (Incorporated 1874)  [no ref. or date]

Title Deeds, 133, 134 Kings Road, formerly Box 151

(133) Regency House, formerly 86 Kings Road, deeds and mortgages  HOW/61/1-2  1818-55

Millard, Connell

(134) Regency Place (adjoining West Hill), deeds, abstracts and mortgages  HOW/61/3-4  1793-1861

Heath, Dering, Ctss. de Noailles, Kennedy

As HOW/61/3-4  HOW/62/1  1793-1861

Mortgages etc. 133 and 134 Kings Road (also including property in Ely Place, Dublin). Kennedy  HOW/62/2  1861-65

Abstracts and requisitions on title, 133 and 134 Kings Road  HOW/62/3  1874

1 Bundle

Club rules and regulations, 1902-16; odd annual reports 1910-32; memorandum and articles of association; miscellaneous correspondence, 1874-99  HOW/62/4  1874-1932

Miscellaneous papers  [no ref. or date]

Formerly Box 324

The Manorial Society (founded 1906): statement of objects and rules, correspondence and first two monographs (list of manor court rolls in private hands)  HOW/62/5  1906-08

Lease, 11 German Place, Brighton  HOW/62/6  1868


Lease, warehouse etc. 5½ Manchester Street, Brighton  HOW/62/7  1866

Poole - Findlater, Mackie & Co

Messuage and 5½a in Mayfield (Broadreed Common N,S,W)  HOW/62/8  1661-1810

Tyler, Double, Parks, Hamlin. Early deeds numbered, series incomplete

House, butchers shop and slaughterhouse in Chiddingly (Church green north and east; Willets lane south: deeds  HOW/63/1  1669-1814

Willard, Gibbs, Rickman, Smith, Jay, Guy. (Only formerly a butchers by 1814)

4 Tidy Street, Brighton. Deeds, abstracts of title, mortgages etc  HOW/63/2  1835-1914

(Abstract to 1791)

Mrs M Hallett  [no ref. or date]

Related information: (See HOW/4, 27-28, 55-58, 60, 113)

Formerly Box 206

Mrs Mary Hallett's estate: income account  HOW/63/3  1918-26

1 vol

Contract copy sale particulars, Reedens estate, Newick and Chailey  HOW/63/4  1917

Formerly Corrall, then Hallett

Map of Coldharbour Farm, Chailey (18a), by T Ford (estate of Mr Dungate, attorney) - this adjoins 'Riddens'  HOW/63/5  1773

Plan of Reedens estate, based on OS. connected with sale particulars (? as in HOW/63/4)  HOW/63/6  nd

Denman and Matthews. 2 copies of plans of property in West Street and North Street, Brighton  HOW/63/7  1918

Marriage settlement, probate and conveyances: Hallett and (Mary) Corrall  HOW/63/8-9  1872-92

Articles of partnership, dissolution of partnership etc.: Corrall, with Catley and Beaumont, as coal merchants  HOW/63/10  1872-79

Trustees of Mrs Bardoux  [no ref. or date]

Formerly Box 312

Articles of settlement Bardoux - Dunn, 1848; appointment of new trustees and trust legacies under will of Hon J H Dunn; papers in re Bardoux  HOW/63/11  1914

1 Bundle

Scrase Dickens  [no ref. or date]

Related information: (See also SAS Acc 1040)

Formerly Box 110

Correspondence between C Scrase Dickens and T Attree (later with other representatives of the Firm), relating to property matters, rentals, income etc  HOW/64/1-7  1800-42

7 Bundles

Attested copy deeds and abstracts of title: CSD property in Brighton  HOW/64/8-9  1815-37

3 Bundles

As HOW/64/8-9  HOW/65/1  1815-1837

Abstracts of title and draft enfranchisements (Brighton Manor), including Chapel Royal, Crown & Anchor  HOW/65/2-3  1790-1822

2 Bundles

Draft Brighton rental  HOW/65/4  1834

Petition, details of costs etc. in ex parte Dickens  HOW/65/5  1800

(Interpretation of will, attempting to allow development in Steine House/Manor House area)

Draft lease, land in Hilly Laine, Brighton: CSD - Brooker  HOW/65/6  1822

J A S Hoskins  [no ref. or date]

Formerly Box 285

Settlement and related papers and deeds JASH and Mary Eliza Bailey  HOW/65/7  1823-57

Personal letters  HOW/65/8  1850s and 1860s

Mostly to Mr/Mrs JAH

Personal accounts (JASH)  HOW/65/9  1840-59

1 vol

In reverse, details of mortgaged property

Correspondence re case in Chancery involving Hoskin's trusts  HOW/65/10  1870

Correspondence and draft documents re Hoskin's property in York Place, Camberwell  HOW/65/11  1834-55

Scrase Dickens  [no ref. or date]

Scrase Dickens: title to Brighton manor, correspondence and copy deeds re Church Street copyholds: also documents re Kingston (manor)  HOW/65/12  1770-1855

Burgess Hill Water Co  HOW/66  [n.d.]

Formerly Box 287

Writs of Summons  HOW/66/1  1850s - 1870s

1 Bundle

Deeds of properties (various) in Cliftonville, Hove  HOW/66/2  1854-69

Hanson family: leases, mortgages and assignments of property in Brighton  HOW/66/3  1832-56

Pimm's estate: leases  HOW/66/4  1805-40

(In Pimlico, Brighton)

Brunswick Road, Brighton/Hove, leases etc  HOW/66/5  1864-1892

Conveyances, leases; (Bridger family) land in Portslade  HOW/67/1  1853-82

Wm Reeves: mortgages and leases, property in Brighton  HOW/67/2  1866-71

James Ellis of Haywards Heath, builder and brickmaker: mortgages  HOW/67/3  1867-69

Leases, copy admission: Baynton family plus property in Keymer and Cuckfield  HOW/67/4  1822-65

Leases, assignments and mortgages: miscellaneous Brighton properties  HOW/67/5  1780-1880

J W Howlett deceased  [no ref. or date]

Related information: (See HOW/10, 43-44)

Formerly Box 293

Premises in Whitecross Street, Brighton. Leases, assignments, mortgages and abstracts  HOW/67/6  1843-91

Shallcross - Attree

Plans of intended buildings  HOW/67/7  1909-1934

Denman and Matthews, (Brighton), Sussex Eye Hospital, Out-Patients Dept. 1909 and 82-83 Kings Road, Brighton 1912 (plus correspondence). Overton and Massey (Brighton) conversion of Tudor House, Dyke Road Avenue, Brighton, for Frank Stone, ?1930s; Courtney Pope Ltd., London, proposed shopfront for Lea & Sons, 88 Western Road, Brighton 1934

G W Willett  [no ref. or date]

Formerly Box 161

G W Willett (deceased): copy will and codicils  HOW/67/8  1895

Estate of GWW: minute book  HOW/67/9  1901

Memorandum and articles of association: the Rock Brewery, Brighton, Ltd  HOW/67/10  1901

Stock at the College Brewery plus Hereford Street and Warwick Street malthouses  HOW/67/11  1899

Correspondence re purchase of brewery  HOW/67/12  1901

Lease of 'Ealing Lodge', 15 Sudeley Place, Kemp Town, Jackson - Willett  HOW/67/13  1901

Agreement for sale of 'The Rock' and 'College' breweries plus various (scheduled in detail) public houses. Willett - Williamson (and the Rock Brewery Co.)  HOW/67/14  1901

Allin (deceased) and Godwin's trust  [no ref. or date]

Formerly Box 204

Conveyances, lease and mortgages: premises in Meeting House Lane, Brighton: Michell, Brooker, Wood  HOW/68/1  1787-1824

Title deeds and abstracts, property mostly in St James' Street, Brighton: Wood - Allin  HOW/68/2  1820-88

Common recovery (part only), property in St Laurence, Reading 5 Geo II  HOW/68/3  1731 - 1732

Abstract of title (to 1721), Duke of Dorset to land in Hartfield and Withyham, conveyed by trustees under his marriage settlement in exchange for a Brighton estate  HOW/68/4  c1795


Supplementary abstract of title: Stephen Wood, to land in Brighton, previous D. of Dorset  HOW/68/5  c1819

Files re Film activities  [no ref. or date]

Accounts, agendas, reports and correspondence, Britannia & Pax Films  HOW/68/6-8  1962-65

Britannia Film Distributors Ltd. correspondence and copy minutes concerning company costs, directorships, contracts and organisation  HOW/68/9  1964

Britannia Film Distributors Ltd: copy minutes and correspondence  HOW/68/10-11  1965-67

Mayfair Pre-Productions Ltd.: memorandum and articles of association, directors meeting minutes and correspondence  HOW/68/12  1963

Files relating to production of individual films, agreements etc., by Pax Films, Britannia Film Distributors  [no ref. or date]

Expresso Bongo  HOW/69/1  1959

Mrs Gibbons' Boys  HOW/69/2  1961

The Silent Playground  HOW/69/3  1963

Jetstream 1959, The Deep Sky 1959, Jigsaw 1962  HOW/69/4  1959-1962

Tate Gallery Mystery/The Fake  HOW/69/5  1952

Precedent File (agreements)  HOW/69/6  1958

'Hotel Sahara'  HOW/69/7  (1951)

Production reports, budgets

Agreements with Technicolor Ltd  HOW/69/8  1959-61

S.O.S. Sahara' (1962) Correspondence  HOW/69/9  1962

'Wolf Pack'  HOW/70/1  (1961)

Distributors' correspondence

'My Wife's Lodger'  HOW/70/2  (1952)

Film finance correspondence

Approved draft agreements re distribution of 'Jetstream' (1959), Expresso Bongo (1959)  HOW/70/3  1959

Screenplay of 'Gibraltar' and correspondence  HOW/70/4  1952

'Winning Spirit', first treatment: P. Kirwane D. Kay-Robinson  HOW/70/5  20th century

'The Tate Gallery Mystery', screenplay  HOW/70/6  20th century

'Desert Hotel', early treatment  HOW/70/7  20th century

'The Comedy Man': correspondence  HOW/70/8  1962

Papers and correspondence in arbitration re 'Devil's Daffodil'  HOW/70/9  1965

Service agreements: correspondence (Britannia Films)  HOW/70/10  1959

Correspondence, draft agreements  HOW/70/11  1963

Pax Films, miscellaneous correspondence  HOW/70/12  1961

Minutes of Board of Directors, Pax Films  HOW/70/13  May 1961-Jan 1964

Pax and Britannia, miscellaneous correspondence between directors etc  HOW/70/14  1961-62

Britannia Film Distributors, AGM minutes  HOW/70/15  1959-62

Pax Films: Financial statements  HOW/70/16  1962-64

Directors meeting minutes, Britannia Film Distributors Ltd  HOW/71/1  1958-64

Including agendas and drafts

Correspondence re 'Jetstream'  HOW/71/2  (1964)

Registration of Pax Films plus service agreements  HOW/71/3  1961-3

'The Delinquents'. Correspondence  HOW/71/4  1962

'Wolf Pack'  HOW/71/5  (1961)

Draft agreements, correspondence

Correspondence, miscellaneous - similar to HOW/70/11, 12  HOW/71/6  1963-64

'The Fake'  HOW/71/7  (1952)

Correspondence, agreements

Britannia Film Distributors Ltd., correspondence re creation agreements etc  HOW/71/8  1958

Britannia: service agreements, correspondence, accounts  HOW/71/9  1962-63

Pax Films: Technicolor guarantee correspondence  HOW/71/10  1964

'Sally's Irish Rogue'  HOW/71/11  (1959)


Britannia Film Distributors: Technicolor agreement correspondence  HOW/71/12  1959-60

Pax Films: File re overseas sales, correspondence  HOW/71/13  1961

Britannia Film Distributors: general correspondence  HOW/71/14  1959-60

B da Costa  [no ref. or date]

Related information: (See earlier boxes, also S. Australia documents)

Formerly Box 284

B M da Costa's estate: correspondence  HOW/72/1-9  1898-1913

9 Bundles

Copy will - Benjamin Mendes da Costa, proved at Lewes  HOW/72/10  1869

Da Costa property in South Australia: rent account book (indexed)  HOW/72/11  1891-1906

Also contains a schedule of deeds (to 1837) for South Australia property - to deed box in Bank of South Australia, Adelaide

Sarah Coppard estate (Pulborough)  [no ref. or date]

Formerly Box 155

Sale particulars (marked up copies) Burrough Farm, Blackgate Farm, Beeding Farm all in Pulborough  HOW/73/1  1881

1 Bundle

With schedule of deeds (to 1605), plans etc

Account books, mostly Mrs Coppard with Burgess Hill tradesmen  HOW/73/2  c1880

1 Bundle

Some for payment to Hodson children, legatees in SCs Will

Draft and copy deeds and assignments re property in HOW/73/1. SC formerly Sarah Gould - see HOW/52  HOW/73/3  1846-86

Correspondence, mostly between Messrs Palmer Bull, Bedford Row and Somers Clarke, re estate of SC  HOW/73/4-5  1876-81

Correspondence with Norton, Trist, Watney & Co. over sale of Pulborough property  HOW/73/6  1880-81

Probates: Sarah Coppard, 1877 proved 1881; William Gould, 1881 proved 1883  HOW/73/7-8  1877-1883

Sarah Coppard: letter book  HOW/73/9  1869-76

Chichester Diocesan Training College (Brighton)  [no ref. or date]

Formerly Box 315

Title deeds, leases, abstracts etc relating to the College and its related properties (Hill Lodge, Sylvan Lodge, 30-31 Park Crescent)  HOW/74/1  1855-1937

Reports  HOW/74/2  1856-1930

Chichester Diocesan Association annual reports 1856, 1872 (information on the DTC); College annual reports 1918, 1930; Church of England Board of Finance report on Training Colleges, plus report on the college at Brighton, 1929 plus architects reports and proposed building schemes

Memorandum and articles of association, CDTC (1930) and CD Fund and Board of Finance, 1914  HOW/74/3  1914, 1930

Miscellaneous  [no ref. or date]

Some bundles, mostly loose, many relate to earlier listed series)

Old Ship Inn, Brighton. Leases, assignments etc  HOW/74/4  1815-24

Copies of court roll, leases and other deeds re 28 Market Street, Brighton (late Little Castle Square): Coombe, Wagner: 22 Kings Road, Brighton  HOW/74/5  1765-1853

Premises in Duke Street and Ship Street (The White Hart), Brighton. Bowell, Piercy  HOW/74/6  1708-1862

Victory Inn, Hove (10, previously 33, Upper Market Street) Rock Brewery Co. Deeds  HOW/75/1  1826-1906

Property at Rottingdean. Sutton, Freeman (including articles of partnership as carpenters) 1789-98. Sutton: leases of premises at St Johns Common, Keymer 1774-89  HOW/75/2  1774-1798

Nicholas Johnson Trust: early documents, assignments, mortgages, conveyances etc. Property near the Steine and on north side of North Street  HOW/75/3-4  1794-1859

7-8 Grenville Place, Brighton: Robison, Thatcher  HOW/76/1  1833-49

Property in Ship Street, Brighton: Alderton, Sone  HOW/76/2  1728-52

(Documents no 7-17, gaps)

81 Kings Road, Brighton. Leases and assignments  HOW/76/3  1828-1904

Ackerson, Mutton, Abyssynian Gold jewellery Co

82-83 Kings Road. Leases, covenants, surrenders  HOW/76/4  1834-83


William & Leah Hicks: personal estate, property etc (including Old Ship Inn, Brighton)  HOW/76/5-6  1769-1825

Miscellaneous late  HOW/77  C18, C19

Miscellaneous deeds: Brighton properties  HOW/78-82  nd

It may be possible to fit many of these into bundles listed much earlier in the collection. At some stage, these parchments have been segregated

Property in Great College Street and Abbey Road Brighton: T R Kemp, Magan, Minchin: deeds  HOW/83/1  1841-80

Property in East Laine Cliff Furlong, Little Laine Cliff Furlong and North Lane 3rd Furlong: Attree, Whichelo deeds  HOW/83/2  1800-45

Property in Buckingham Place, Brighton: William Payne, deeds  HOW/83/3  1861-77

71-73 Jubilee Street, Brighton: Downs, Slaughter, Farr deeds  HOW/83/4  1844-70

John Singer Lambert, Henry Davis: assignments of estate and other deeds  HOW/83/5  1852-73

Account books (? of John Diplock): shipowner, including the brig 'Norfolk', repairs to boats etc. Shorehambased  HOW/83/6-7  1829-41

Journals of [George Goodman], young man, living in London - detailing visits to friends, theatre etc  HOW/83/8-9  Aug 1818 - Jun 1821

2 volumes, but first marked at 'end of third volume'

Medical and genealogical notes of A J Belemore, Manor House, Harlesden (Mx). Billemore and Woodgate families, Mx, Herts, Essex  HOW/83/10-11  c 1870s and 1880s

T R Kemp, William Shelley. Leases, Brighton property (Home Furlong)  HOW/83/12  1821-34

Property in Warbleton: Putman & Brewman, Dunk, Waters  HOW/83/13  1794-96

Lease and surrender, Chalkpit in Brighton (described on attached plan)  HOW/83/14  1821-23, 1884

Izard, Hayward

Percy Almshouses  [no ref. or date]

Related information: (See also HOW/30)

[Formerly Box 332]

Almswomens receipts for payment (see BOW/30/17)  HOW/84/1  1886-97

Almshouse accounts (volumes) 1819-31, 1843-82  HOW/84/2-4  1819-1882

(Unendowed almswomen)

Candidates recommendations and testimonials  HOW/84/5  1880s

Bills and receipts  HOW/84/6  1882-87

Cash account book  HOW/84/7  1889-95

Correspondence and notes. All annotated 'useless' - supposedly entered in minute book etc  HOW/84/8  1830-43

1 Bundle

Correspondence, statements of account etc. re Percy trust (including annotated copy of 'A Brief Account of the Percy Almshouses...)  HOW/84/9  1819-69

Auditors fees, bills, receipts etc  HOW/84/10  1889-97

Pattern of gowns for poor women at the Percy Almshouses  HOW/84/11  1828

Poor condition, very fragile

Almshouse Treasurers account book, balances  HOW/84/12  1843-53

Statement of accounts  HOW/84/13  1869-81

6 Wagner almshouses

Appointment of trustees, Michell's charity (support of Percy Almshouse inmates), Charity Commission's order  HOW/84/14  1878

Correspondence re methods of payment to inmates (monthly v quarterly/annual)  HOW/84/15  1884

Percy Almshouse correspondence, including accounts of Samuel Wilde with trustees, and correspondence with the Charity Commission  HOW/84/16  1828-37

Resignations from the charity of Laurence Peel, 1875 and Mr Boothby, 1896. Correspondence  HOW/84/17  1875-1896

Poster advertising sermons, in aid of the Almshouses endowment fund  HOW/84/18  Oct 1869

Papers of a sub-committee to consider funding for nursing of sick almswomen  HOW/84/19  1887

Correspondence re binding of old minute books [? HOW/30/61]  HOW/84/20  1907-13

G W and C H Taylor  [no ref. or date]

Formerly Box 200

Marriage settlements, administrations, wills and related correspondence, Taylor family  HOW/84/21  1849-1906

Bundles of accounts re upkeep and letting of CHT's property in Brighton  HOW/84/22-26  1898-1906

Including 46 Brunswick Road, Hove and correspondence re maintenance of CHT's 'wife' and child (rather acrimonious: CHT mostly from Italy and Switzerland)

Howlett and Clarke in account with C H Taylor and trustees of C H Taylor  HOW/84/27  1901-05

Miss M A Boddington  [no ref. or date]

Administrative history:
[Robert Boddington of Ditchling married Louisa Borrer of Ditchling c 1836]

Formerly Box 163

Deeds of a messuage in Ditchling  HOW/85/1  1740-1837

Stephens, Cooper, Tanner, Field, Boddington. East side of High Street; on West East End Lane. (Latest deed pencilled later hand, 'The Limes'

Deeds of Guntsfield House (later East Field House), Ditchling  HOW/85/2  1747-1842

Looker, Chatfield, Mott, Diplock, Ellis, Boddington. This bundle contains a plan, Jan 1871 of a [private?] school in Ditchling - headed 'Miss Nickoll, Ditchling'

Ditchling Manor: copies of court roll and other documents, Leasing Hill in Ditchling  HOW/85/3  1760-1847

Berry, Cox, Redman, Boniface, Turner, Boddington

Ditchling Rectory manor: copies of court roll etc. Wallers in Ditchling  HOW/85/4  1780-1843

Pockney, Cruse, Westbrook, Boddington. Including 1843 sale particular and inventory

Lyheath Woods, Heathy Fields and Warrens Croft in Lindfield, deeds  HOW/85/5  1694-1769

(Numbered 1-16). Neale, Jordan, Boys, Peskett

Correspondence  HOW/85/6  1814-1821

Between Richard A Turner, Solicitor, Lewes and John Borrer of Ditchling re sales and purchases of land, including property in HOW/85/7

Complands in Ditchling (24a), held of Ditchling manor; deeds and correspondence  HOW/85/7  1757-1814

Young, Peacock, Borrer

'Conds' in Ditchling: deeds  HOW/85/8  1830-65

Best, Boddington

'Kings' in Ditchling. Abstract of title, copy wills, surrender etc. Sale 1837, by auction: lot 3, Lindfield to Boddington. Abstract to 1790  HOW/85/9  nd

Cottage and land (4a) in Westmeston, formerly part of waste of manor of Middleton; copies of court roll, correspondence  HOW/85/10  1797-1865

Fuller, Hodson, Boddington, (Blaker)

Mrs Louisa Boddington (née Borrer)  HOW/85/11  1830-91

Probate papers, admissions of trustees, copyhold land in Ditchling (manor of Ditchling Garden: 'the Noore' (4a), previously Tanners & Hubbards; plus other property in Ditchling)

Ditchling manor: copies of court roll, the Sands (1½a) in Ditchling. Marten, Rowlands  HOW/85/12  1751-1828

Faculty to annex a pew in Ditchling Church to a house of John Borrer, Esq  HOW/85/13  1830

Bond: John Attree of Clayton, carpenter in £100 to John Michell of Cuckfield, carpenter  HOW/85/14  1 May 1669

Covenants in pair of indentures of even date

Will (South Malling): James Weller of Lindfield  HOW/85/15  1685

Manor of Camois Court: Chittlefield (7a) in Ditchling part of 2 virgates 'Kings & Whites', previously Richard Marchant, formerly Pollingtons. Marchant, Morris, Seaman, Davis  HOW/86/1  1717-70

Manor of Ditchling: Thorn Bush (3a) in Ditchling, plus the Noore (3a) and other specified land in Ditchling: Copies of court roll  HOW/86/2  1723-88

Marchant, Morris, Seamen, Davis, Borrer. [tenement called 'Ridges'] see also HOW/85/11

Manor of Ditchling Rectory: Stock Croft (2a) and 'the Noor' in Ditchling. Copies of court roll  HOW/86/3  1728-88

Morris, Lees, Seaman, Davis, Borrer

Bonds and correspondence re HOW/86/1-3 1742-1788. John Borrer of Ditchling, gent. probate material, 1795-1816  HOW/86/4  1742-1816

1 Bundle

'Conds' in Ditchling (see HOW/85/8). Deeds  HOW/86/5  1691-1747

Hubbard, Lee, Lockyer, Fuller

Manor of Ditchling: 2 messuages, 'Birches' (or Birchets) and 'Clarkes' in Ditchling  HOW/86/6  1592-1836

Copies of court roll, 34 Eliz - 1836. A Moore, Hersey, Knight, Hollingdale, Tanner, Borrer

'The Bownes' in Ditchling, Freehold land. Deeds  HOW/86/7  1731-1740

Burt, Terry, Broomfield

Schedule of lands belonging to the trustees of late Mary Ann Boddington, plus probate papers  HOW/86/8  1896-1918

Probates, accounts and related papers (including some copyhold admissions for trustees  HOW/86/9  1836-98

Robert Boddington, Mrs Louisa B., John Borrer

Manor of Ditchling Garden  HOW/86/10  1728-1833

'Terrys Croft', admissions, abstract of title (to 1750), agreements, fees (including account of sheep tenants claim to put on Ditchling tenant down, 1728 and copy terrier for do. 1794)

Manor of Ditchling Garden: garden (20p) in Ditchling  HOW/86/11  1839-50

Field, Muddle, Boddington

Inventory of furniture etc. property of late Miss M A Boddington, Rolls Croft, Ditchling  HOW/86/12  1896

Manor of Ditchling: land 'Bowries' (see also HOW/86/7). Agnes Attree, Borrer  HOW/86/13  1751-1878

Also includes some copies re 'Cappers' and Rowl Croft'

Robert Chatfield and John Borrer. Covenant for production of title deeds and related documents re Gunns Meadow in Ditchling, formerly property of Chatfield Turner  HOW/86/14  1785-1808

Manor of Camois Court. Copies of court roll, 'Dowsings' in Ditchling. Broomfield, Marten, Rowland, Borrer (1760) - 1795-1828  HOW/86/15  1760-1828

Quit claim: Henry Bassano of Ditchling, gent. and Anne Borrer, widow of Ditchling to Edward Harreden of Ditchling, innholder, all claim in messuage late Perkinses  HOW/86/16  Oct 1667

Bond: Wm Perkins yeoman of Ditchling to EH of Ditchling, husbandman in £70, re sale to EH of cottage late Davies in Ditchling  HOW/86/17  Jun 1667

Mrs Challis  [no ref. or date]

(5 Eaton Gardens, Brighton)
Formerly Box 283

Correspondence from Parker, Garrett and Parker, Cornhill, London to Somers Clarke re Mrs Challis' estate  HOW/87/1-3  1884-85

3 Bundles

Diary of J H Challis, Reform Club  HOW/87/4  1874

1 Volume

Detailed daily events, and accounts

Mrs Challis in account with Wallis, Hack & Co. Bartholomews, Brighton, grocers  HOW/87/5  1881-82

Inventory of furniture and effects, Morar House, Brixton Road (of JH Challis, Esq)  HOW/87/6  1871

Inventory of furniture and effects, 5 Eaton Gardens, West Brighton (property of Mrs Challis)  HOW/87/7  1883

Marked-up copy, sale catalogue of furniture and effects - property as HOW/87/7  HOW/87/8  1885

Sale particular; 5 Eaton Gardens  HOW/87/9  1885

Cornish Trusts  [no ref. or date]

Related information: (See HOW/102-103)

(Cornish family, property in Cornwall and Australia)
Formerly Box 296

Rent book of John Cornish (property in Cornwall, Solicitors Hodd & Cornish, Penzance)  HOW/87/10  1857-87

In reverse, do. property in South Australia

Property and mortgage book, South Australian property (indexed)  HOW/87/11  1863-66

Ledgers: John Cornish in account with A Spence (Adelaide)  HOW/87/12-13  1863-90

2 Volumes

No Provenance  [no ref. or date]

Purchases ledger, car maintenance and sale firm, 1906-13. Re-used for membership lists, subscriptions, etc., Sussex Law Society c 1941-53  HOW/87/14  1906-1953

Contract copy sale particular, Lewes Priory ruins  HOW/87/15  Jun 1855

Description of manner of building and finishing a public house, East end of Edward Street, Brighton for Thos Attree. Plans and description, n.d. (watermark 1819)  HOW/87/16  c1819

Plans  [no ref. or date]

Altered apportionment, tithe, Brighton parish  HOW/87/17  1860

C Scrase Dickins, property in Kingston-upon-Thames and Tolworth  HOW/87/18  1810-1858

Map by James Wadmore jun 1810), marked with land awarded to CSD in 1858 enclosure of Surbiton Common. Including Schedule

Printed maps of Brighton  HOW/87/19  Early C19

Exhibit H2 in Chancery Division 1904 B. 032 (re: C.B. of Brighton and re: Spa Street and Edward Street)

Drawings no. 1 and 2: public houses in Portslade  HOW/87/20-21  1852


Estate map, Hastings area  HOW/87/22  1856

By John Banks (no owner or precise area given, no field-names, sizes or numbers)

Plan of part of Brighton: Upper North Street - Regency Square, N - S, Air Street - Norfolk Road E - W  HOW/87/23  nd

Shows the Yorkshire Stings beerhouse, and calculates distances to nearby inns and hotels (marked). [A licensing claim?]

Plan of Freshfield, Horsted Keynes, belonging to Capt Baynton, surveyor John Payte  HOW/87/24  n.d. ?c 1850

Building/rebuilding plans, 53 West Street and 24-29 Duke Street, Brighton  HOW/87/25  1865-68

For Mr J Hart, by Geo Lynn & Sons

Brighton: West End Pier Elevation  HOW/87/26  1865

C Scrase Dickins  [no ref. or date]

Related information: (See also HOW/64-65

Formerly Box 262

52 John Street, Brighton, rear portion (purchased from Guildford's Executors): conveyances, mortgages etc  HOW/88/1  1815-1904

Billson, Cheesman, Thomas, Guildford, Dickins

Leasehold premises in Oxford Place, London Road Brighton (formerly Union Street) (purchased from Coppard trustees), deeds  HOW/88/2  1807-1905

Scutt, Duffell, Tate, Dash, Willard, Stephens, Dickins

88-89 St James Street, 20-35 Camelford Street, 11 Brighton, deeds  HOW/88/3  1790-1888

Including leases of various parts of Cliff Furlong, Little Laine. Scrase, Smith, Gregory (bankrupt), Saunt. Property also includes parts of Marine Parade

Property in Ship Street (former copyhold manor of Atlingworth) (45 and 46 West Cliff, and 1 Ship Street): deeds, abstracts of title (to 1749)  HOW/88/4  1818-55

Croft near North Street (and premises in North Street) 3 Yardlands in common fields: deeds and abstract of title (to 1640)  HOW/88/5  1722-71

Friend, Scutt, Scrase

48-51 John Street (rear portions: purchased from Tozer's executors): deeds, abstracts etc  HOW/89/1  1816-1904

Billson, Saunders

Brighton manor. Title deeds including 1662 Shirley, in trust for dame Ann Shirley, and Dickins family baptism certificates  HOW/89/2  1662-1837

As How/88/3, also referring to Marine Parade and John Street, properties with leases to John Smith  HOW/89/3  1790-1866

2 Devonshire Place, Brighton: deeds, mortgages, abstracts of title (to 1843)  HOW/89/4  1877-1902

Papers in a Chancery case, including schedule allotting certain premises to Mrs Sparrow (case involves the partition of Brighton manor)  HOW/89/5-6  1759-61

2 Bundles

As How/89/2. Supposedly 'later documents', though not entirely so  HOW/90/1  1792-1881

Including some enfranchisements, e.g. former Church Street barracks, 1822

Barracks (former) in Church Street, Brighton: deeds, abstracts of title, plan of improvements, 1869, etc  HOW/90/2-3  1780-1873

2 Bundles

Bundle 'Newmans leaseholds'. Deeds and correspondence re properties in Marine Parade, 16-32 High Street, John Street, St James Street, Bedford Street, Eastern Terrace  HOW/91/1  1801-96

Dickins, Johnston, Longhurst, Phillips, Smith, West, Walker, Newman

Copy abstracts  HOW/91/2  1829-1856

Scrase Dickins Family settlements and appointments (charges on the Coolhurst estate), 1829, 1855-56. C S Dickins with Rt Hon Lady Frances Elizabeth(Compton)

Deeds  HOW/91/3  1801-1920

Land at rear of 12 and 13 Oxford Place, Brighton (with plan) 1879-1920. Rigden, Parker, Cresswell (sold by CSD 1921). Also included are two deeds, 153 Marine Parade, involving Miss Jane Mills, 1801-55

Charles Scrase (/CSD) leases  HOW/91/4  1790-1801

Including property on the Knabb, and 118-120 North Street. Hall, Turner, Attree

Correspondence to Howlett & Clarke re Brighton manor Dickins' copyholds, from Faithfull & Owen, also Lee Bolton & Lee  HOW/91/5  1875-82

57-59 John Street, Brighton (plan included with description): deeds, abstracts of title and correspondence  HOW/91/6  1824-96

Dickins, Harron, Alexander

Land at rear of Grand Parade, Brighton, Copyhold, manor of Atlingworth, admissions etc  HOW/91/7  1859-1907

Roberts, Cheesman

C S Dickins: correspondence on manorial matters (Old Shoreham, Ditchling, Brighton) with various solicitors, draft plans, abstracts and accounts  HOW/92/1-2  1780-1880

Including some sale particulars; Brighton Sanitary Acts Bye-Laws 1874. Property including some in Surbiton

Correspondence and draft conveyances re Surbiton Hill Estate (Berry Lodge Farm)  HOW/92/3-4  1842-63

Including plan for laying out ground as building land, n.d., land Surbiton enclosure correspondence, (see How/87/18)

Property in Home Furlong, North Laine, Brighton  HOW/92/5  1820-30

Chapman, Smith, Edwards

Schedule of title deeds, estate of CSSD in custody of Messrs H & C  HOW/92/6  1876

Title deeds, land in Upper Gardner Street, Brighton  HOW/92/7  1844-1906

CSD: abstract of will and codicils, appointments of trustees and related abstracts of title  HOW/92/8  1829-86

Deeds relating to miscellaneous Scrase Dickins properties in Brighton, mostly John Street, St James' Street, North Street  HOW/93/1  1772-1874

Drafts as HOW/92/8  HOW/93/2  1856

Schedules of title to various CSD properties  HOW/93/3  Mid C19

Including Whitesbridge Farm, Horsham, and title deeds at West Stoke House. Abstracts mostly to early C18, including Brighton properties

Birchen Bridge Mill, Nuthurst, Horsham. Documents  HOW/93/4  1837-55

Precedent book  [no ref. or date]

Formerly Box 257

'Precedent Book'  HOW/93/5  nd

Latest item c1735. Geale family of Bishops Lydeard (Som) figure prominently. Leases, assignments of mortgage, depositions in tithe and other ecclesiastical causes

C Scrase Dickins  [no ref. or date]

Formerly Box 262

Deeds of a yard and a half of land in the common lanes on the North side of Brighton  HOW/94/1  1640-1738

Smith Soane, Jeffery, Farncombe, Friend

3-4 Devonshire Place, Brighton. Deeds  HOW/94/2-3  1808-1890

2 Bundles

(St) John Street, Brighton; numbers 62-72. Leasehold and freehold premises. Conveyances, leases, abstracts of title, sale particulars  HOW/94/4  1805-95

Manor of Old Shoreham als Rusper. Abstract of title, enfranchisements of Brighton property  HOW/94/5  1807-1903

Paper  HOW/95/1  1790-1900

Schedule of CSD estate title deeds, in custody of Attree Clarke & McWhinnie, 1840 (2 copies); schedule of deeds at West Stoke House, 1835. Also, miscellaneous correspondence re Surrey estate, abstracts of title and copy leases for Brighton property, 1790-1900

N P Blaker: Pyecombe property  [no ref. or date]

(Formerly Box 221. Remainder in box in strongroom: 1920s and 1930s receipts, correspondence and draft conveyances)

Property in Hurstpierpoint: Knowles, Gunnes Garden, Wickham  HOW/95/2-7  c1600-1920

Part copyhold, manors of Ditchling Garden and Hurstpierpoint. Includes 1798 map of Holmonds Farm
Parties: Buckwell, Holman, Blaker

Property at Pyecombe: Plough Farm, Church Cottages, The Forge, the Plough Inn. Part copyhold of Pangdean Manor  HOW/96/1-8  1760-1920

Parties: Brown, Carter, Blaker

E B Blaker  [no ref. or date]

Formerly Box 235

Deeds of (7-8) Priory Crescent, Lewes  HOW/97/1  1836-1908

(Including resolutions of 'improvement committee')

Western Cottages, Western Road, Hurstpierpoint. Deeds, abstract of title (to 1782)  HOW/97/2  1844-97

Blaker marriage settlements  HOW/97/3  1875, 1885

(Evelyn Borrer Blaker Esq)

Mrs F J Blaker: estate, capital account  HOW/97/4  1908-11

Lawrence (and others)  [no ref. or date]

Formerly Box 239

Manor of Clayton. Property in Clayton (now Burgess Hill), Barbers/Towlers and adjoining brickyard. Deeds  HOW/97/5  1620-1900

Dr and Mrs Dill  [no ref. or date]

Formerly Box 223

Marriage settlement, appointment of trustees and related papers  HOW/97/6  1855-1927

John Hallett (deceased)  [no ref. or date]

Formerly Box 254

Lowbrook, Okeford Fitzpaine (Dorset): deeds  HOW/98/1  1825-1900

Alfreys, Crowborough: deeds  HOW/98/2  1749-1924

Thos Attree's estate  [no ref. or date]

Related information: (See HOW/7,40)

Formerly Box 261

Lands in East Laine, Brighton: Deeds  HOW/98/3  1823-70

Leases, abstracts of title. Cooper, Scrase, Dickins, Attree

Property in Marine Square, Brighton (Cliff Furlong East Laine). Deeds and abstracts  HOW/98/4  1822-25

Abstracts of title, releases of freehold and copyhold land (with 1738 and Budgen references), mostly land in East Laine  HOW/99/1  1822-25

Egremont Place, Brighton. Leases (including building leases)  HOW/99/2  1803-68

Leases (property as HOW/99/2 and 98/4), also property 2-4 St James Street, Brighton and the Royal Clarence Hotel  HOW/99/3-4  1797-1865

Plan of the Wellington estate, Lewes Road, Brighton  HOW/99/5  (n.d. ? c1860)

Land in Coombe Furlong, East Laine and Bakers Bottom, abstracts  HOW/100/1  1860s

Henry Schilling  HOW/100/2  1817-52

Properties (30-53) in Kensington Place, Brighton: draft agreements, leases and abstracts of title (4 parts in 3rd Furlong, North Laine, formerly Israel Paine's). Including plan marked up with sales and dates

Probates, appointments of trustees and related papers: Attree and Richter Wills  HOW/100/3  1867-1904

Deeds, mortgages and accounts. Attree property in Western Street and Norfolk Street, Brighton  HOW/100/4  1864-91

Land in North Laine and Hilly Laine, Brighton: Whichelo - Attree, deeds  HOW/100/5  1823

Correspondence from Thos Thwaites  HOW/100/6  1880-82

Re sale of property in Bexhill

Scrase Dickins, Matthew Walker, Attree. Deeds, abstracts to land, part of manors of Atlingworth and New Shoreham  HOW/101/1-2  1819-62

Property in Egremont Place and Leicester Street, Brighton (see also HOW/99/2)  HOW/101/3-5  1785-1852

Leases, copy abstracts of title, conveyances, assignments and related correspondence, Dickins, Walker, Sargeant, Attree, Childens

(Patent) Licence of alienation manor of Atlingworth (in Brighton, East Aldrington, Portslade and Seaford): Caryll-Snelling  HOW/101/6  2 Mar 1590

Agreement for purchase, 'Park Mill', Brighton  HOW/101/7  1859

Attree, Philcox

Title deeds, sale particlars etc. property as in HOW/101/3-5  HOW/101/8  1802-1904

V C M Cornish trustees  [no ref. or date]

Related information: (See HOW/87)

(Property entirely in Cornwall), Formerly Box 222

Various properties in Marazion, deeds, leases, settlements, rack leases etc  HOW/102/1-5  1685-1870

Leases, conveyances and maps and copy estate maps (1782-1878), property at (Dowran in) St Just  HOW/102/6-7  1811-1919

Marriage settlements, probate and related papers, Cornish family  HOW/103/1  1787-1894

Counterpart leases: Marazion, Dowran and other estates in Cornwall  HOW/103/2  1808-1919

Charles Tulley  [no ref. or date]

Formerly Box 251

1-8 St James Terrace, Burgess Hill. Deeds, abstracts of title (to 1821)  HOW/103/3  1859-77

Burton House, (Burgess Hill?): title deeds and abstracts  HOW/103/4  1863-71

Prospect Cottages, Burgess Hill: deeds and abstracts  HOW/103/5  1860-1907

Title deeds: land at St Johns Common (44, 60, 64, 66, 74 on Clayton enclosure); Part of Livingston Road and West Street, plus building land between  HOW/103/6  1836-1926

Plan of part of 46 London Road, East Grinstead  HOW/103/7  (Oct 1904)

Showing proposed neighbouring building - dispute re light and air

C Somers Clarke (deceased)  [no ref. or date]

Related information: See also SAS/Acc 1040

Formerly Box 258

Title to the manor of Atlingworth (including patent grants 1559, 1610 - see also HOW/101/6), deeds, mortgages, settlements and abstracts  HOW/103/8  1559 - 1820

Rectory and tithes of Brighton: leases, assignments, abstracts of title (from 1771)  HOW/104/1  1799-1852

Mays Buildings, Brighton (formerly part of 83 Kings Road)  HOW/104/2  1818-1901

Copy conveyances, leases, copies of court roll, manor of Atlingworth, abstracts of title and correspondence. Blaker, Lambert, Mutton

As HOW/103/8  HOW/104/3  1805-62

Somers Clarke estate: conveyance of real property, agreements, disclaimers and administration accounts  HOW/104/4  1893-1911

Manor of Keymer: conveyances, abstracts of title (to 1788) mortgages  HOW/104/5  1826-62

Inventory and valuation: Holmcroft, South Avenue, Hurstpierpoint (property of Col C Somers Clarke)  HOW/104/6  1925

Agreements, sale particular, abstracts of title, case and opinion: Holmcroft in Hurstpierpoint  HOW/105/1  1910-39

Property (odd numbers) in Crossley Street, Islington (Mx)  HOW/105/2  1890-1907

Abstracts of title (from 1824) and contracts for sale

Property in Montpelier Road (88) and Montpelier Terrace (4 and 5), sale particulars, abstracts, correspondence, copy marriage settlement (CSC) and related papers  HOW/105/3  1829-1920

Plan and correspondence re house at Hagz Kibli, province of Aswan, Egypt  HOW/105/4  (Early C20)

No Provenance  [no ref. or date]

35 Castle Street, Brighton. Conveyance, abstract of title (to 1830)  HOW/105/5  1877-1915

Smithers & Sons  [no ref. or date]

Formerly Box 243

The Brewery & Bottling Stores, North Street, Brighton: deeds  HOW/105/6  1838-1902

William Good's estate  [no ref. or date]

Related information: (See HOW/3)

Formerly Box 227

Premises in North Gardens, Brighton. Mortgages and transfers  HOW/106/1  1823-45

Siller, Allen, Good

Copy conveyances, abstracts of title; premises in Terminus Place and Terminus Road, Brighton  HOW/106/2-3  1844-1848


Property in Gloucester Street, Brighton (formerly part of Orphans Asylum Garden): deeds, abstracts, enfranchisements  HOW/106/4  1832-75

13-14 Cheapside, Brighton: deeds  HOW/106/5  1830-43

Queens Road (including the Pantechnicon) property: copy conveyances, abstracts of title (to 1761) and agreement to purchase  HOW/106/6  1853-59

24-26 Terminus Road, Brighton. Abstracts of title (to 1842), sale particulars, conveyances and related documents  HOW/106/7  1873-1934

Elder Street, Brighton (? no 40): deeds  HOW/106/8  1849-1914

Land in Providence Place, Brighton: deeds and abstracts of title (to 1829)  HOW/106/9  1851-52

Sale particular, 16 Sydney Terrace, Brighton  HOW/106/10  1861

Miscellaneous  [no ref. or date]

Thomas Attree: draft conveyances, agreements for sale and plans of development, Ann Street area of Brighton  HOW/107/1  1846-52

(Martin Markwick and Attree). Formerly Box 5001

William Wakeford Attree  HOW/107/2  1811-50

Deeds and drafts re land in Rottingdean hedge furlong. Agreements and conveyances, plus drafts, property mostly in Elder Street, held of Brighton manor
Formerly Box 5002

Thos Attree (deceased): old deeds re land in third furlong East Laine. Abstracts of title plus ground plan showing which abstract applies to which area  HOW/107/3  1854

Formerly box 5003

Thomas Attree (deceased): West House, Brighton (top of Portland Place), deeds  HOW/108/1  1824-49

Russell, Price, Nevill. Formerly Box 5003

Thomas Attree (deceased): Receipt book for annuity payments under the will of William Willett, to James Nye  HOW/108/2  1866-83

Formerly Box 5003

Sussex Eye Hospital. Contracts and specifications for buildings and alterations, plans, correspondence, extracts from minutes and receipts  HOW/108/3  1846-1901

W H Attree: tithe rent charge at Tonbridge (Kt), Portion of rectorial tithe: deeds and abstract of title  HOW/108/4  1800-84

Thomas Attree  HOW/109/1-7  1800-70

Deeds re land in Queens Park including mill and cottages, third Furlong Hilly Laine; land adjoining Toronto Terrace and other specified portions formerly held of Brighton manor
Conveyances, leases, abstracts of title and related documents. Formerly Box 5004

Chandler, deeds and documents: Richard Chandler (plus Edward Dubbins, brewer, trustee under his Will  HOW/110  [n.d.]

Formerly Box 5006

Abstracts of title to property purchased by Chandler (and subsequently his trustees) including brewery premises in (91?) North Street, Brighton  HOW/110/1  1819-56

Conveyances, leases, mortgages etc. of Chandler property, as HOW/110/1, but also including property in Marlborough Street and on West side of Regent Hill  HOW/110/2-6  1819-1856

W H Attree, Tonbridge (Kt), tithes, see HOW/108/4: deeds  HOW/111/1-3  1706-1800

Formerly Box 5007

Cohen's Estate. Title deeds of 38-39 North Street Brighton  HOW/112/1  19th century

Conveyances, leases, abstracts of title (to 1759), mortgages, plans (1894 as London Midland Bank) and related correspondence 1825-1910. Formerly Box 5008

G W Willett (deceased)  HOW/112/2-6  19th century

Related information: (See HOW/3, 67) (See also HOW/108/1)

Premises in Portland Place, Brighton (including Portland House). Conveyances, leases, mortgages, abstracts of title, plan 1824-94. Formerly Box 5009

Thomas Smith (deceased)  [no ref. or date]

Expired leases and counterparts, property of TS  HOW/113/1  1851-1911

Including 51 Marine Parade, 43, 45 and 47 Ship Street, 33-34 Montpelier Crescent, 11-12 Hanover Crescent, Brighton; 9 Upper Brunswick Place, Hove. Formerly Box 5011

Burwood, property of John Hallett (mortgaged to Attree and Howlett)  [no ref. or date]

Related information: (See HOW/4-6, 27-28, 55-58, 60, 63)

Arcle Reed Farm, Rotherfield, deeds  HOW/113/2  1707-1868

Relf, Bridger, Stone, Moon, Leonard, Dennis, Wray
Formerly Box 5012

Portslade title deeds, prior to S & S Ltd's title  [no ref. or date]

Formerly Box 5013

Brewery and adjoining land in High Street, Portslade. Title deeds (plan of area included on 1884 conveyance) and mortgages  HOW/113/3  1801-1884

Blaker, Bridger, Arnold, Dudney, Mews

1 Carlton Terrace, Portslade. Conveyances and mortgages  HOW/113/4  1867-98

J Dudney Sons & Co

Further properties in Portslade, also belonging to the brewery, including 3-5 South Street, North View Cottage and other cottages. Deeds and mortgages  HOW/113/5-6  1850-1903

Conveyance  HOW/113/7  1884

Dudney-Mews: Stags Head; Victoria, Portslade: Cricketers Arms, Broadwater, 6 St Andrews Terrace, Hove

Conveyance  HOW/113/8  Jun 1665

Messuage, tenement and land in Portslade. Lazarus Wiggerum and wife Elizabeth (admin. of Abraham Wynn of Portslade) to Thomas Stone of Portslade, Butcher

Other plans  [no ref. or date]

Formerly Box 306

Development plan, Scabes Castle estate with frontage sizes and references to each property  HOW/114/1  1882

4 Copies

Reedens estate, Chailey & Newick (for Mrs Corrall), surveyor J Funnell  HOW/114/2  1873

8 Ship Street, proposed additions  HOW/114/3  1901

Samuel Denman

Plan of strip of land leading to cemetery ground: referred to in an agreement (missing) of June 1856. Geo Maynard, parish surveyor  HOW/114/4  nd

10 Regency Square for Miss Newsome: Denman and Matthews  HOW/114/5  (nd) c.1920

Specifications and design for hot water system at 'the Arches', Wargrave (Berks) for C Somers Clarke  HOW/114/6  c.1910

A J Bennett engineer

Plan of Charles Tulley's freehold property at (London Road) East Grinstead, (sheet 5) 1907: at Burgess Hill (sheet 3)  HOW/114/7  1907

Map of Tenantry Down roads and Race Ground, prepared in connection with report to the Brighton Town Council  HOW/114/8  1864

Plans of Brighton tramways system; proposals and actual  HOW/114/9  nd

Extracts from proposed route for Brighton - Shoreham road  HOW/114/10  1822 and after

Trustees of Shoreham Bridge  HOW/115  [n.d.]

Archival history:
The firm deposited a box of papers and volumes relating to the old Shoreham Bridge with the Sussex Archaeological Society on 7 Feb 1961 (SAS/ACC 1039); the documents were borrowed by a former curator and were subsequently recovered from his house in 1991

Bound copy of the Shoreham Bridge Act 1781 with list of trustees  HOW/115/1  1781-1839

Correspondence and papers concerning the old Shoreham Bridge  HOW/115/2  1781-1825

Correspondence and papers concerning the new Shoreham Bridge  HOW/115/3  1829-1830

Brighton Improvement Commissioners  HOW/116  [n.d.]

Bound copy of the Brighton Improvement Act  HOW/116/1  18 Apr 1810

Shoreham Harbour Commissioners  HOW/117  [n.d.]

Bound copy of the Shoreham Harbour Act  HOW/117/1  1816

List of commissioners, nd [wmk 1794]  HOW/117/2  c1794

Various clients  HOW/118  [n.d.]

Correspondence concerning the debts of John Hicks and the sale of his estate  HOW/118/1  1799-1801

Correspondence concerning the sale of a house on Church Hill, Brighton by Kemp to the Rev Thomas Airy  HOW/118/2  1823-1824

Sale particular for copyhold land at Pool Lane Brighton  HOW/118/3  3 Oct 1828

Customs of the Manor of Cuckfield  HOW/118/4  nd [17 cent]

Miscellaneous papers  HOW/118/5  1721-1924

Including surrenders of copyholds of the Manor of Brighton 1860-1924, correspondence 1832-1878, articles of partnership between George Frederick Attree and Henry Kent of Brighton, undertakers, 29 Sep 1892, covenant to levy a fine on moiety of tenement called Sopers and Daws in New Shoreham, 1721 (Brine), conveyance of of a messuage called the Pantile House, Black Lion Lane, Brighton, 1725 (Masters - Springett)

Deeds of 195 Preston Road, Brighton (formerly the Preston Toll House and then the Black Lion)  HOW/118/6  1854-1970

ESX 120178
(The Trustees of the Brighton Cuckfield and Lovell Heath Turnpike Act - Yates - Messrs Kidd & Kidd - Messrs Kidd & Hotblack - Tamplin & Son's Brighton Brewery Ltd - Tamplins Brewery Ltd - Chinn)

'A plan of premises belonging to Robert Lant, esq, in Suffolk Place [Southwark, Surrey] taken 1719' signed by Thomas Fowle and Thomas Stibbs  HOW/118/7  1719

Ink and colour on parchment within a plain border, compass rose, cartouche and scale of [? feet]. Shows adjoining properties and owners, Peel's Yard, Mint Street and Blackman Street
26" x 20½", 1": 6 [? feet]
Endorsed Plan of Mr Scrase's premises in the street late Robert Lant, esq. London

'A plan of the parish of Brighthelmstone' by J Marchant  HOW/118/8  nd [c1790]

Ink and colour on linen backed paper with compass rose, decorated cartouche and scale of chains. Shows centre of the town in outline and the tenantry laines marked with numbers (? some annotated to show lands of Scrase and Kemp, later T Armstrong's)
49¾" x 30", 1": 3 chains

Copy of the 1738 Brighton terrier, annotated with subsequent changes in ownership and with reference numbers from Budgen's terrier [of 1792]  HOW/118/9  nd [c 1792]

Plan of Brighton  HOW/118/10  nd [c1830]

Ink and colour on linen backed paper with compass rose. Shows centre of the town and tenantry laines in process of being built upon, with reference numbers fron 1738 terrier
51¾" x 29¾", no scale

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