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Reference GLY
Covering dates 1222 - 1977
Held by East Sussex Record Office
Extent 68 Series

Folder icon  Grant and quitclaim from (a) Robert de Myddletone, vicar of Heathfield, to (b) the church and canons of Holy Trinity, Hastings. Consideration: 40 marks. [15th cent. copy on paper].  GLY/1202  20 August 1264

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Land at Stonherst in Heathfield which (a) hold from Reginald de Burgherst. (b) and their successors are to render 3s. annually to the lord of the fee within 12 days of Christmas and the octave of the Nativity of St. John the Baptist.
Witnesses: Geoffrey de St. Leger, Simon his brother, William de Ivindenne, Peter de Bredhurst, Henry de Ticesherst and Reginald and Richard his sons, William Franceys, Richard de Stanhurst, Richard Bicstrode, Benjamin de Bredherst, Thomas Colebrand.
Given at Stonherst.

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