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Additional Manuscripts, Catalogue Y

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Reference AMSY
Covering dates c1530-2003
Held by East Sussex Record Office
Extent 50 Sub-fonds
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No further details   Old Shoyswell Manor, Old Shoyswell Manor Farm and Turzes Farm with 401a in Etchingham  AMS6384/1  Jun 1982

Folder icon  Chartners Farm with two cottages and 121a in Hartfield  AMS6384/2  Sep 1982

These documents are held at East Sussex Record Office

Archival history:
Formerly listed as XSP 245

No further details   Pelsham, Garden Cottage, The Ridgeway, Marlpit Cottages, a cricket ground and 43a in Peasmarsh  AMS6384/5  Mar 1992
No further details   Oldcastle and 9a in Dallington  AMS6384/6  May 1992
No further details   The Brede Place estate (Brede Place, Hare Farm and cottages, Pickdick Cottages and land at Pickdick Farm in Brede and Great Knights Farm, Well Farm, Doleham Oast and Barn in Westfield) and 1172a  AMS6384/7  Apr 1994
No further details   Folkington Place, a cottage and 9½a in Folkington  AMS6384/8  Jul 1994
No further details   Courtlands Farm and 29½a at Rushlake Green in Warbleton  AMS6384/9  Jul 1994
No further details   Tye Farm, cottage and 143a in Hartfield  AMS6384/10  Sep 1994
No further details   Swifts in Buxted  AMS6384/11  Feb 1995
No further details   Catsfield Manor, cottage and 29a in Catsfield  AMS6384/12  Apr 1995
No further details   Hamsell Manor and 12¾a in Rotherfield  AMS6384/13  May 1995
No further details   The Old Rectory and 9¾a in Etchingham  AMS6384/14  Jun 1995
No further details   The Old Rectory and 4½a in Folkington  AMS6384/15  Jun 1995
No further details   Giffords Farmhouse in Dallington  AMS6384/16  Jun 1995
No further details   Frankham Manor, cottages and 68½a in Wadhurst  AMS6384/17  Aug 1995
No further details   Great Wigsell, cottages and 272a [in Salehurst]  AMS6384/18  Jul 1994
No further details   The library from Great Wigsell [in Salehurst] for sale by Howes Bookshop, Hastings  AMS6384/19  1996
No further details   The Hall, Fairlight  AMS6384/20  Apr 1996
No further details   Tidebrook Manor, Wadhurst  AMS6384/21  Jun 1996
No further details   The Laines, Plumpton  AMS6384/22  Jun 1996
No further details   Photograph of Battle High Street, looking W from The Green  AMS6384/23  nd, c1870
No further details   Platnix House, Wheel Lane, [Westfield]  AMS6384/24  Nov 1996
No further details   Allens Farm, Five Ashes, Mayfield  AMS6384/25  Mar 1997
No further details   Rolfs Farm and 379a, Luckhurst Crouch Farm and 6a, Merrieweathers farm buildings and 46a in Mayfield  AMS6384/26  May 1997
No further details   Palehouse Farm and 18a, Palehouse Farm Barn and 11a, in Framfield  AMS6384/27  Jun 1997
No further details   Holywych House and 35a and Holywych Cottage and 1½a, Hartfield  AMS6384/28  Jun 1997
No further details   Ingrams House and 4a, Ninfield  AMS6384/29  Sep 1997
No further details   Akehurst Farm estate, including Willow Cottage, Longdown farmhouse and Sadlers farmhouse, Ninfield and Hooe  AMS6384/30  Dec 1997
No further details   New House Farm and 254a, Bodiam  AMS6384/31  Jan 1998
No further details   Great Bainden and 9½a, Mayfield  AMS6384/32  Feb 1998
No further details   Watlands and 4¼a, Udimore  AMS6384/33  Apr 1998
No further details   Highlands (formerly Wilverley), extensively remodelled by C F A Voysey in 1906; house, two cottages and 8¼a at Holtye, Hartfield; May 1998, with cutting of an article on the property by Mark Edmonds from the Weekend Telegraph, 30 May 1998  AMS6384/34  1998
No further details   Sempstead House and 3a, Ewhurst  AMS6384/36  Nov 1990
No further details   Particulars of Coombe Place, two cottages and 184a in Hamsey, Jun 1998, with a photocopy of David Brock, 'The Improvement of Coombe Place' from The Georgian Group Journal 6 (1996), 74-84  AMS6384/37  1996, 1998
No further details   Old Turks and 6½a, Iden  AMS6384/38  Jun 1998
No further details   Hendall Manor Farm, four cottages and 366frac12;a in Buxted  AMS6384/39  Jul 1998
No further details   Newick Park; mansion, three cottages and 253a in Newick and Barcombe  AMS6384/40  Sep 1989
No further details   Barkham Manor; house, oasthouse, barn, vineyard and 52a at Piltdown, Fletching  AMS6384/41  Sep 1998
No further details   The Jointure, South Street, Ditchling, formerly owned by Frank Brangwyn  AMS6384/42  Oct 1998
No further details   The Old Mill House, Plumpton; house, mill and 11½a in Plumpton  AMS6384/43  Jan 1999
No further details   Carters Corner Place, Hellingly; centre portion  AMS6384/44  May 1999
No further details   The Old Vicarage, Laughton; house, coach-house and 4 or 14a  AMS6384/45  May 1999
No further details   Itford Farm, Beddingham; house, buildings and 174a  AMS6384/46  1999
No further details   Lower Sandhill House, Framfield; house, oasthouse and 40a  AMS6384/47  Jul 1999
No further details   Chiddingly Place, Chiddingly; house, barn, granary and 3½a; includes plans and elevations and a good descent of the estate, 1524-1862  AMS6384/48  Sep 1999
No further details   Saltcote Place, Playden; house and 4a  AMS6384/49  Sep 1999
No further details   The Old Rectory, Falmer; house and 2½a  AMS6384/50  Sep 1999
No further details   Broomhill Lodge Hotel, Rye Foreign; house and 1½a  AMS6384/51  Oct 1999
No further details   Hankham Hall, Westham; house and ¾a  AMS6384/52  Nov 1999
No further details   Saddlers Farmhouse, Hooe; house and 3½a  AMS6384/53  Nov 1999
No further details   Loth Lorien (formerly Vespers), Wadhurst; house by W H Bidlake, arboretum and 35a  AMS6384/54  Jan 2000
No further details   Laughton Manor, Laughton; house and 15a; reproduction of photograph of house before restoration  AMS6384/55  Jan 2000
No further details   Church House, Chailey; house, buildings and 2¼a  AMS6384/56  Feb 2000
No further details   Stockwood Farm, Staplecross, [Ewhurst]; house, buildings and 81½a, including 8¼a of pear orchards  AMS6384/57  Feb 2000
No further details   Mayfield College, Mayfield; former orphanage designed by Edward Welby Pugin 1865-1866 including school buildings, Roman Catholic chapel, gymnasium, Hill House, St Michael's (sanatorium), north and south bungalows, lodge and headmaster's house, with 109a  AMS6384/58  Feb 2000
No further details   Leyswood House, Groombridge; house and 7¼a, designed by Norman Shaw for William Temple of the Shaw Saville shipping line; extract from Andrew Saint's Norman Shaw (Yale, 1976) enclosed  AMS6384/59  Jun 2000
No further details   Bunkers Hill Farm, Westmeston; house, barns and 8½a  AMS6384/61  Sep 2000
No further details   Woodside House, Peasmarsh; house, which was built by Jeremiah Smith between 1750 and 1762, grounds and coach house; includes floor plans  AMS6384/62  2001
No further details   Bucksteep Manor, Bodle Street Green, Herstmonceux; 'early Victorian' manor house, with later additions, and 6¾a; floor plans  AMS6384/63  Mar 2001
No further details   Wings Place, Ditchling; house and 0.52a; includes floor plans  AMS6384/64  Jun 2001
No further details   The Hammonds, Udimore; house and 9.15a; includes floor plans  AMS6384/65  Jun 2001
No further details   Wenbans, Wadhurst; includes floor plans  AMS6384/66  Nov 2001
No further details   Boarzell, Hurst Green, Ticehurst; house and 15 acres; includes floor plans  AMS6384/67  Jun 2002
No further details   The Grange, Hartfield (a former rectory); includes floor plans  AMS6384/68  May 2002
No further details   Shepherds Hill, Buxted; includes floor plans  AMS6384/69  May 2002
No further details   Tombeckworth, Rushlake Green, Heathfield [Warbleton]; includes floor plans  AMS6384/70  Jul 2002
No further details   Clapham House, Litlington; house, cottage and 16½ acres; includes floor plans  AMS6384/71  Sep 2002
No further details   Claverham Manor, Arlington; house and 21 acres; includes floor plans  AMS6384/72  Sep 2002
No further details   Bishopstone Manor North, Bishopstone  AMS6384/73  Sep 2002
No further details   Beckets, Framfield  AMS6384/74  Oct 2002
No further details   Knellstone, Udimore; house and 3 acres; includes floor plans  AMS6384/75  Oct 2002
No further details   Broyle Place, Ringmer; house and 14.4a; includes floor plans  AMS6384/76  Jul 2001 - Apr 2002
No further details   Socknersh Manor, Etchingham; house and 56a; includes floor plans  AMS6384/77  2002
No further details   Heathfield Park Estate; house, lodge, estate manager's house, former barn, stables, two cottages and 349a; includes floor plans; prepared Aug 2001, with covering letter of Dec 2002  AMS6384/78  2001, 2002
No further details   Upper Parrock Farm, Hartfield; house, farm buildings and 172½a mixed arable and beef farm; photographs of house, buildings and land, plan of land and aerial photographs  AMS6384/79  Feb 2003
No further details   Saltcote Place, Playden  AMS6384/80  Jan 2003
No further details   Chichester House, Ditchling  AMS6384/81  Feb 2003
No further details   Park Farm House, Maresfield; house, barn and 2.8a; includes photographs and floor plans  AMS6384/82  Mar 2003
No further details   Higham, Northiam; house, two cottages, converted coach-house, farm buildings and 98½a; photographs, floor-plans and maps  AMS6384/83  Apr 2003
No further details   Greyfriars, Winchelsea, Icklesham; house, ruins of Friary church and 15a; includes photograph and floor plans  AMS6384/84  May 2003
No further details   Bingles, Lye Green, Withyham; house, converted oast and 10a; includes photographs and floor plans  AMS6384/85  May 2003
No further details   Warbleton Priory, Rushlake Green, Warbleton; house, barn, stables and 8a; includes photographs  AMS6384/86  Jun 2003
No further details   The Old Parsonage, Westdean; house, stable and 1a; includes photographs and floor plans  AMS6384/87  Jun 2003
No further details   Padgham, Dallington; house, stables and 26½a; includes photographs and plan of groom's accommodation  AMS6384/88  Jul 2003
No further details   Isfield Place, Isfield; house and land (304.24a), including photographs, floor plans and a brief history, nd [2003]; article concerning the sale published in The Times (Bricks and Mortar Supplement), 31 Oct 2003  AMS6384/89  2003

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