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Additional Manuscripts, Catalogue P

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Reference AMSP
Covering dates 1290-1984
Held by East Sussex Record Office
Extent 50 Accessions
Creators East Sussex Record Office

Since it opened, East Sussex Record Office has maintained a collection of 'Additional Manuscripts' for accessions which are not assigned, or are not accrued to existing collections which have, a distinctive alphabetic reference based on the collection's title. The Additional Manuscripts collection is now known as AMS
Some of these accessions added to AMS have been returned to A2A as free-standing catalogues. The residue are being returned as a series of catalogues, each covering a range of AMS numbers. The summary list below covers all the accessions within that range, with notes against those which are the subject of separate catalogues or which have been transferred to other collections or other repositories. The main body of the catalogue notes only the reference and the fact of the separate catalogue or the transfer
Summary of contents
AMS5901 Accounts of the executors of Nicholas Swane of Burwash including rent of Jenkins Town in Warbleton, a farm at Tenterden and land at Hailsham, 1679-1693; accounts of Elizabeth Cowper as overseer of her husband John Cowper of Squibbs in Salehurst, 1699-1703; farming accounts of Stephen Love at Squibbs, 1765-1768, and as executor of his father Edward Love of Headcorn, 1767-1769; lists of payments to women for hop-picking [?at Squibbs], 1690-1699; 1679-1769
AMS5902 Deeds of 177 High Street, Lewes (Edmunds-King and Morris-Verrall-Molineux-Jeffery-Hoadley); includes land behind 178 High Street (Harrison and Taylor-Barnes-Plaw-Sergison-King and Morris-Davey, 1705-1826), warehouse and cellar near the property (Kidd-Verrall 1831) and a house in North Court Cliffe (Wickens, Hardyman and Nutley-Verrall, 1806-1830); 1780-1925
AMS5903 Accounts of Richard Ade of Winchelsea mentioning fairs, cricket, innoculation, jury-service, his wedding, French weavers and plays; receipts for sales of tile and stone; accounts for moneylending; 1753-1779
AMS5904 The manor of Ewhurst (Iwood-Hall), 1419; two houses and land in Beckley and Northiam (Russell-Jurden), 1584; marshland at Newchurch in Romney Marsh Kent (Bromfield family), 1623-1636; settlement on the marriage of Barnham Powell and Elizabeth Clitherow: manor of Ewhurst with the court lodge and 420a, Praules and 150a in Ewhurst, Hollands and 40a in Ewhurst, house and land bought from John Muddle in Ewhurst, manors of Bodiam and Broomham, Bodiam Castle and 180a in Bodiam, the manor of Mote, the manor house and 840a in Iden and Peasmarsh, [1674]-1686
AMS5905 Settlement on marriage of Frances Sackville dowager countess of Dorset and Henry Powle of Colne St Aldwin Gloucs: Buckhurst Park and other land in Hartfield and Withyham, [1652]-1679
AMS5906 Map of Richard Porter's Chailey Parsonage by Thomas Pointin, 1724
AMS5907 Map of Thomas Frewen's Brede Place by John Stonestreet, 1731
AMS5908 Map of Ann Davis's Jacobs Farm in Brede, Sedlescombe, Westfield and Udimore by John Bowra, 1777
AMS5909 Court Books of Chalvington, Chiddingly, Michelham Parkgate, Milton, Lullington, Swanborough, Houndean, Wilmington, Sharnfold and Imberhorne Manors, 1606-1925, with a survey of Imberhorne, 1615, rentals of Imberhorne, 1826-1925 and of Chiddingly, 1892
AMS5910 Court books of Lullington and Milton manors, 1769-1785, of Chiddingly, 1824-1937 and of Imberhorne manor, 1794-1937 with a rental of Imberhorne, 1892
AMS5911 Deeds of Dale House, Ticehurst, used as a school 1846-1851 (Pelham-Taylor; Vidler-Jarvis-Noakes-Usherwood-Oldfield-Hankey-Newington-Pitcairn), 1592-1920
AMS5912 William Grimmett's Education Charity, Brighton, including lists of boys, 1754-1977
AMS5913 Saunders Educational Foundation, Uckfield and Buxted, 1827-1956
AMS5914 Pendney, Park Meads and Slomans House in Framfield (Wickersham-Stone), 1625-1730; late Profets and Averys in Hailsham (Susan-Mills-Barton-Everest), with settlements on the marriage of John Everest and Martha Swaine in 1635 and JE and Judith Button in 1638, and details of the manor of Earsham otherwise Hailsham of which it was held, 1538-1720; Wosings in East Hoathly (Arnold-Mittel-Pickering-Pelham), 1635-1712
AMS5915 Maps of the duke of Dorset's Broyle in Ringmer and Framfield by Thomas Jackman, 1764 and of Lord George Germain's Perryhill in Hartfield by John Bowra, 1771
AMS5916 Sale particular of Hedderwick, Fielden Lane, Crowborough, Callaway deceased, 1930, with title from De la Warr-Fielden in 1862
AMS5917 Catts Land near Tyesgate in Maresfield (Buste-Payne; Vigor-Wildish-Lewry-Wood), 1607-1964
AMS5918 Brief for the relief of French Protestants for the parishes of Ringmer, Ashburnham, Crowhurst, Hellingly, West Hoathly, Iford, Newtimber, Patcham, Pevensey, Seaford, Southease, Wartling and Westfield, 1694
AMS5919 Pardon for alienation without licence, Manor of Hyde, Lewes (Amherst), 1646
AMS5920 Papers of John Gosling of Cross in Hand Waldron, fellmonger and glover, with details of hop-growing, 1739-1762
AMS5921 Land at Walsingham and New Shoreham Roads in Aldrington (Gallard, Stretton and Vaughan-Williams), 1880, with title from 1833
AMS5922 Barham House estate in Waldron and East Hoathly: Skokis in Waldron and East Hoathly (Earle-Dann-Adams), 1713-1715; Hoads in East Hoathly (Streeter-Pierce-Brazier), 1718-1739; Nicholas, Kilmear and Speles in East Hoathly (Benge-Goldsmith), 1722-1756; house and land in East Hoathly (Piper-Paine), 1796; land near Scallowbridge (Sellens-Colgate), 1828; cottage and waste (Carley-parish-Hart), 1812[-1842]; house and land in East Hoathly (Randall-Boys), 1788
AMS5923 Old Claverham Farm, Cottage at Wick Street and 4a in Middle Land Arlington (lease Medley-Attwood), 1791; White House Farm Waldron (legacy receipts Attwood-Fuller), 1793-1797; probate of Betty Boys of Aliston widow 1809 and William Boys of Selmeston 1815; Wayfields and The Corbetts and other marsh at Horseye, Rickney and Chilley in Pevensey (Relfe-Fuller), 1778-1817; Ludlay and Mays Farms in Selmeston (lease Gage-Fuller), 1822; Laughton copyholds called Willards, Olives Acres, Notts otherwise Watts and Newland in Waldron (Attwood-Fuller-Blaker), 1842-1846; manor of Ludlay in Selmeston (Foster-heirs-Rochester), 1654; settlement on marriage of Robert Rochester and Elizabeth Markwick: manor of Ludlay and land in Selmeston and Berwick, 1673; probate of Thomas Ranger of Waldron 1749; probate of John Burges of Buxted 1728 and his widow Elizabeth, 1738; 25a in East Hoathly (Virgo-Weller), 1637; house and 8a called Nicholas, once part of Chapmans, and land called Lilmere and The Speles otherwise Garlands in East Hoathly (Stace als Sheather-Alchorne; Benge-Goldsmith-Piper), 1648, 1722-1764
AMS5924 Transcripts of letters from Ann Alford and her son John Alford to his tutor John Locke at Christ Church Oxford, 1665-1666, 1681
AMS5925 Western/Central Brighton Traders' Association minutes, reports and accounts, 1929-74
AMS5926 Local rolls of assessment 1332 subsidy for the hundreds of Rotherbridge (Petworth, River, Tillington, Ebernoe, Stopham, Sutton, Wollavington, Barlavington and Duncton), Holmstrow (Rodmell, Southease and Meeching), Guestling (Guestling, Icklesham, Pett and Fairlight (sums only) and details of William de Ore's stock), Bexhill, Staple (sums only for Ewhurst, Sedlescombe, Chitcombe and Northiam) and Henhurst (Fontridge, Glottenham, Salehurst and Iridge)
AMS5927 Little Woodberrie (formerly Yew Tree Cottage), Icklesham (Newcastle-Cleve-Champney-Bumpstead-Cloke-Breeds-Newington-Hodgson-Weston-Upjohn-Merricks-Cooper-Bewley-James-Biggs-Thake-Warren-McMillan-Crowe), including cottage, buildings and land at Shellies Green Guestling, 1829 and sale off to Morris, 1884; 1721-1984
AMS5928 Court books of Blatchington Manor in East Blatchington, Eastbourne and Willingdon, 1541-1861, including rental of land at Cokeham and Sompting, 1541; bound in lease [?of Filsham Farm in St Leonards, c1730]
AMS5929 Probate of Richard Tutt of Eastbourne, shepherd, with reference to slavery of beneficiary, 1698
AMS5930 Estate of Rev William Peckham Woodward of Maresfield: Mayfield copyhold called Denys and Potmans Croft in Mayfield (Marchant-Peckham), 1727-1730; probate of John Peckham of Arches in Framfield (Claylands in Mayfield, Little Lamphams in Pevensey, Potmans Croft, Marchants, Woodwards and Drays in Mayfield), 1743; probate of William Peckham of Arches in Framfield (Arches, Mount Ephraim and Hawksbridge in Framfield, Bolneys in East Hoathly, Little Lampham in Pevensey and Peaks Farm in Chiddingly and Hellingly), 1771; settlement on marriage of William Woodward and Sarah Peckham: as above and Dapps farm Mayfield, Sichell Brooks in Framfield, land under Uckfield tithe barn, a house at Honey's Green Framfield, Tovies in Worth, land in Ringmer and Balmer in Falmer, 1771; Polt Row Wood in Framfield (Stone-Waghorne-Peckham), including the probate of Sarah Peckham of Buxted, 1755-1776; Framfield copyhold house and land (Calverly-Mason-Woodward) 1781-1783; Framfield copyhold land at Poundsley Green and a cottage at Terrible Down (Durrant-Woodward), 1810; probate of Robert Durrant of Framfield (farms at Sevenoaks, Chevening and Speldhurst; Broomfields Farm Mayfield, Great Streele and Highlands farms Framfield, farm in Buxted, house at Shortbridge in Fletching, cottages in Framfield, farm and millpond in Buxted, Lower Sandhill and Squires in Framfield, Coles Farm at Pounsley in Buxted), 1800; mortgage of Common Coppice in Chiltington and Westmeston, Chaynes, part of Crops Tenement, Gourds and other property in Streat, racing stables in Church Street and North Street Brighton (Shergold-Durrant-Woodward), 1796-1801; schedule of deeds of Arches, Bolneys, Hawksbridge, Old Orchard, Marchants, Woodwards, Drays, Potmans Croft, Lanthorne Farm and Polt Row Wood in Framfield, 1730-1829; Thunders Hill and Ramsbeech in Chiddingly (Curtis-Ellis-Peckham), with deeds of Woodsfall Down, Willetts, Burchens otherwise Beans and The Spot [?in Chiddingly], 1743-1776; letter from William Newton to Eliza Elmes discussing religion, his move to Lewes and his law practice, 1598
AMS5931 Scrapbooks and press-cuttings books of the Rev Walter George Frostick, vicar of St Barnabas Brighton and St Agnes Hove, relating to Anglo-Catholic affairs and the obituaries of local clergy, 1913-62
AMS5932 Naval chart of Newhaven by Christopher Gunman on the royal yacht Ann, showing Newhaven, South Heighton and Seaford, the ferry, a windmill on Rookery Hill Bishopstone and beacons at the harbour mouth; 1676
AMS5933 Apprenticeship of Edward Thomas of Jevington to Jonathan Greenwood of Jevington tailor, 1745
AMS5934 Handbill for the sale of furniture of John Lee late of Piltdown in Fletching, emigrated to America, 1854
AMS5935 Pelham assignment of land and rent in lieu of dower: manor of Bivelham in Mayfield, castleguard rents from certain manors, bondhold rents and the rent of Burnthoth in Burwash, Kingsdown in Burwash, the hundreds of Hawkesborough, Shoyswell and Foxearle, the third presentation to Burwash rectory (Pelham), 1429
AMS5936 Flint Cottage and 1-6 Church Street Willingdon, formerly 3 copyholds of Willingdon, including a police cell (Thomas-Adams-Carter), with sale off to Wedderburn, 1905; 1858-1948
AMS5937 Letter from John Whaley at Rye and Lewes [?to Horace Walpole] describing Canterbury, Dean House Wingham, pictures at Waldeshare, Rye, Winchelsea, Compton Place Eastbourne and a cricket match at Lewes; 1735
AMS5938 Letter from Timothy Hurst of New York to Sir John Bridger at Hamsey discussing land in Morris County, 1783
AMS5939 Newhaven Telegraph issue 97, 1910
AMS5940 Account books with tradesmen of the household of Samuel P Arnold of 6 Brunswick Square Hove, druggist, (Balchin and Nell fruiterers, Boother cured fish and oysters, Clements butcher, Cowley baker, Ellis cheesemonger, Haylar fishmonger, Hemmings grocer, Hogbin biscuitmaker, Hughes poulterer and Unwin tea warehouse), 1861-1865
AMS5941 Receipt for the purchase price of Bolinton and Pebsham [in Bexhill] and Playden (Eu-Treport-Robertsbridge abbey), 1290
AMS5942 House on north side of Shirley Street Hove (Western-Stanford-Gallard-Illman-Golden), 1794-1877; 29 Clarendon Road Hove (Stanford-Gallard-Freeman-Farncombe), 1876-1878; related deeds of property at Nep Town Henfield retained by WSRO
AMS5943 Land on Upper Bedford Street Brighton (Kemp-Mason), [1794]-1831; 7 Sillwood Place Brighton (Sutton-Vidal), 1880; 2 College Road Brighton (Colbran-Copp-Keywood-Stenning-Workman-Surridge-Caulfifeld and Northcott-Brighton Deaf and Dumb Institute-Public Trustee-Sleight), 1849-1921; 9 Lansdowne Place Hove (probate of Samuel Webb), 1844; 1 and 2 Lansdowne Mansions Hove (Haynes-Brighton Hotels Ltd), 1898; 21 Brunswick Terrace Hove (Preston-Spicer-Thacker, Key and Hilton), 1876; settlement on marriage of Lytton H Carter and Mildred Hutchings of Seaford, 1908; Merryfields in Wivelsfield (Delve-Beech-West; Hoather-Mercer-Colvill-Grames-Mitchell), 1602-1825; Warningore copyhold land fronting 84' onto the turnpike at Chailey Common (lord-Corney), 1813; fine of property in Hurstpierpoint and Framfield (Batman, Woolgar, Compton and Hook-Wood), 1772
AMS5944 Deeds of Deudneys Farm, Herstmonceux 1723-1846: map of Charles Deudney's Clinches, Jefferys and Adams Hole by William Allfree, 1813; Herstmonceux copyhold called Waynes Brook (Gard-Message-Gilbert-Deudney-Scutt), 1771-1834); Collins Croft (Naylor-Butler-Wagner-Scutt), 1708-1834; Herstmonceux copyholds called Kingsbrook and Milkingfields (Wratten-Scutt), 1758-1846; Herstmonceux copyhold called Squirrel Cottage (Akehurst-Weekes-Richardson-Scutt); includes two houses near Magham Down; 1763-1846; Mables Bartons and Ponts Bartons (Alchorne-Edwards-Hunnisett-Pocock-Friend-Parris-Scutt), 1723-1846, including marsh called Blackwells at White Dyke in Hailsham and Pevensey (Ince-Holman-Hunnisett), 1780, and a cottage retained by Thomas Friend on sale to Parris, 1819; probate of Joseph Pattenden of Wartling leaving a freehold house and marshland called part of the forty acres in Herstmonceux, 1784
AMS5945 Site of house in East Brighton (Kemp-Thunder-Whichelo, [1789]-1799; 1-3 Grafton St and 44 Upper St James St, Brighton (Smith-Palmer-Leany-Walker-Scrase; Lambert-Davis; Sutton), 1818-1889; Stocklands in Ewhurst (Nicholas-Coleman-Sharpe-Daws), 1771-1880; Whorne Field in Ewhurst (Bishop-Nicholas), with details of whole Bishop estate in Sedlescombe, Whatlington, Udimore, Battle, Burwash and Brightling, and Hawkhurst in Kent, 1786-1804; 46 (later 48) Brunswick Square Hove (Scutt-Lambert-Izzard-Thornton), with detailed particulars, 1807-1870; 20 and 22 York Road Hove (Goldsmid-Dunhill), 1851-1880; Kents and Rickmans Farms in Hurstpierpoint, copyhold of Hurstpierpoint manor, (Venn-Coulstock-Raven-Dodson), 1780-1899
AMS5946 Printed tithe apportionment, Burwash, annotated with rating values and details of hop-growing, 1842-1860; lease of Easthaw near Savages Mill in Framfield (Parke-Bran), 1761
AMS5947 Vouchers of the Westgate family of Firzeley and Markstakes Farms in Barcombe and Chailey, 1841-1897; ornamental penwork label for W H Adlam's log of HMS Highflyer, c1860; posters for underwood sales on the Balneath estate at the Five Bells and Swan inns, Chailey, 1850, 1852; particulars of sale, Ades estate Chailey, 1933; tenancy agreement, Allington House in Lewes St John Without (Woodman-Fayle), 1921; account of Wells and Co of Plumpton to E Fayle for alterations, 1921; particulars of sale of the contents of Castlegate House, Lewes (F Frankfort Moore) and Malling House, Lewes, 1923; particulars of sale of the contents of Lewes House (E P Warren), 1929
AMS5948 Transcript of the Hastings borough charter of 1686 by Thomas Lovell Crouch, 1788, with forms of oaths for officers, 1725
AMS5949 Records of the Blackboys Equitable Association including names of members and those relieved, 1831-1944
AMS5950 Tompsett family of The Deans, Piddinghoe: will of John Tompsett of Hastings, 1827; farming accounts including wages with mention of fairs, Shergolds in Telscombe and Hoath Down Farm Piddinghoe, 1831-1848, 1846-1871; measurements of Balmer Farm Falmer, 1858; deeds of a cottage at Bishopstone, copyhold of Bishopstone manor (Stone-Wilson-Tompsett-Pelham), 1790-1841; cottage at Winton in Alfriston, copyhold of Berwick (Shepher-Pettit-Wilson-Tompsett-Gage), 1776-1858; blacksmith's shop at Swines Pit Newhaven, copyhold of Meeching (Knight-Wilson-Tompsett-Ashby), 1815-1839; house at The Street, South Heighton (Hersell-Towner-Archer-Washer), 1683-1830

Account book  AMS5901  [n.d.]

Source of acquisition: Document presented to the Sussex Archaeological Society c1924, and deposited by the Society, 21 June 1982 (ACC 3459)

Account book of Swane, Cowper and Love families  AMS5901/1  1679 - 1769

The volume was originally used by the executors of Nicholas Swane of Burwash (d 1679) whose daughter Elizabeth used it 20 years later to record her payments during her daughters' minority after the death of her husband John Cowper of Squibbs in Salehurst in 1699. The book descended, with Squibbs Farm, to Edward Love of Headcorn in Kent whose son Stephen used it for his own farming accounts and for his accounts as his father's executor, 1767 - 69
F1-24 Accounts of Henry Cruttenden and Thomas Humphrey, executors of Nicholas Swane [of Burwash yeoman: see W/A 35.141], 1679 - 93
The accounts include sales of stock and wood, receipts for rent including a farm at Tenterden occupied by Thomas Hayward, land called Jenkins Town in Warbleton occupied by Samuel Dubbins, Edward Hasleden, Thomas Dawe and Josiah Linke (to 1688 only), land at Hailsham and land occupied by John Powel and receipts for interest on money loaned on mortgage or bond
[For sale of Jenkins Town by Richard Humphrey of Burwash yeoman to Swane's executors and overseers, 28 Mar 1681 and their conveyance of it with the Tenterden land to Swane's daughter Elizabeth wife of John Cowper of Squibbs in Salehurst gent, 2 May 1689, see SAS RF4/116-120 and for the bequest of Squibbs by James Cowper of Cranbrook yeoman to Henry Love of Headcorn, 30 Mar 1761, see SAS RF4/122.]
F12v-17 Farming accounts of Stephen Love (see below), including references to growing and working flax, 1765 - 68
f26-31 Accounts of Stephen Love's receipts as executor of [his father] Edward Love senior, May 1767 - May 1769 [for the probate of the will of EL of Headcorn, Kent yeoman, 20 Aug 1767, leaving Squibbs to his four sons, see KAO PRC 16/436.]
At rear, in reverse
F1-3 Lists of women and money paid to them for hop picking [? at Squibbs], 1690 - 99
F3v-7 Accounts of Stephen Love (see above), 1767 - 68
F7 Memoranda associated with ff1-24 above, 1692
F8-62v Narrative of payments made by Elizabeth [nee Swane], widow of John Cowper of Salehurst as his overseer during their daughters' minority, 2 Oct 1699 - 25 Apr 1703. The account includes the costs of probate, rent, clothes, schooling and goods
[For John Cowper's will, which provided for the foundation of a free school at Robertsbridge in Salehurst, see W/A44.9]
F95-104 Account of bills paid by Stephen Love (see above) as his father's executor, May 1767 - May 1769
SAS Library accession 3547, muniment accession 1271
Endorsed: 15/-; lot 22

Deeds of 177 High Street, Lewes  AMS5902  1780 - 1925

Source of acquisition: Documents deposited by Rubinstein Callingham, solicitors, 6 Raymond Buildings, Grays Inn, London, 15 April 1985 (ACC 4433)

All parties are of Lewes unless otherwise described
By his will of 19 Aug 1780 George Edmunds tallowchandler bequeathed a house, warehouse and yard in which he lived to his brother Richard Edmunds of West Tarring tallowchandler and his brother-in-law William Tribe of West Tarring malster as trustees; they were to convey the property to George's eldest son George Edmunds at 21 subject to an £8 annuity and £225 legacy to another son Robert at 21
Property at Coat in Durrington (occupied by Thomas Stafford) and land at Littlehampton and Rustington (occupied by James Burfield) was bequeathed to George's other sons Richard and Charles and the life estate of the testator's widow Hannah was preserved. The will was proved at Lewes on 28 Jul 1781 (1) and Hannah died shortly after
On 30 and 31 Jul 1794 William Tribe the surviving trustee (Richard Edmunds had died 10 Jun 1794) and George Edmunds of West Tarring tallowchandler (recently 21) conveyed the property (now a house, stable, slaughter house and yard occupied by Joseph Morris) to Richard King banker, Joseph Morris tallowchandler and Josias Smith gent their trustee for £825, of which £225 was paid by King and Morris to Robert Edmunds of West Tarring grocer on 19 May 1798 after his 21st birthday (2-6)
Richard King died 26 Jul 1803 and on 24 and 25 May 1804 his widow Sarah and Joseph Morris, her co-executor of King's PCC will, conveyed his moiety of the property to John Fisher gent in trust for Morris for £400, who on 22 and 23 Feb 1808 conveyed the property (now a house, melting house, storehouse (formerly a slaughterhouse and stable) and yard, to Charles Verrall tallowchandler for £1,050 (7-10)
On 1 Jun 1826 Joseph Davey chemist sold Charles Verrall, now a grocer, a small piece of land behind their property at the southern end of the passage between Verrall's dwellinghouse and his warehouse (11). He covenanted to produce the deeds to the property, now 178 High Street, as follows
19 Nov 1705 Harrison and John Taylor to Michael and Rebecca Barnes and John Homewood
27 and 28 May 1735 Richard and Rebecca Flaw and Michael Barnes to Thomas Sergison
12 and 13 Oct 1795 Sergison Nott, the rev Anthony Nott, Thomas and Ann Collier George and Fowler Hickes, George Trimbey, James Redit and wife Prudence Jane to Richard King, Joseph Morris and Josias Smith
[For a similar conveyance see AMS3051]
23 and 24 May 1817 Sarah King widow and Joseph Morris, Joseph, Daniel and Sarah King to Joseph Morris and Josias Smith
24 and 25 May 1826 Joseph Morris to Joseph Davey and John Harvey
Charles Verrall borrowed £2,000 from George Molineux banker on the security of the deposit of deeds and copies of court roll. On 5 and 7 May 1838 he assigned his property to Joseph Baylis of Southwark wholesale grocer and Edward Monk of Lewes agent for the benefit of his creditors. On 12 and 13 Oct 1838 Verrall and his trustees conveyed the property to Molineux and Edward Verrall gent his trutee in lieu of the debt. The house and part of the yard was occupied by John Figg and the meltinghouse and storehouse by Verrall. Also conveyed were a cellar with a warehouse above it (21' x 18') in the yard behind Spiking's house late William Kidd (with a right of way) which Verrall had purchased from Kidd on 7 and 8 Feb 1831 and a house in North Court Cliffe (boundaries given) which Alexander, Charles and George Henry Verrall (who joined the conveyance) had purchased from William and Jenny Wickens, John Hardyman and Edward and Caleb Nutley on 21 and 22 Nov 1806; Alexander had sold his share to Charles on 26 and 27 Feb 1830. On 24 Jul 1854 the memorandum of a covenant to produce to Richard Martin gent was endorsed on the deed, probably in respect of the Cliffe property (12, 13)
By his will of 8 Nov 1847 Molineux left his wife Frances Ann a life estate with remainder in trust for sale to his sons George, Joseph and Thomas. By a codicil of 26 Jan 1855 Thomas Molineux was excluded from the remainder and his wife's death recited. The will was proved in PCC 19 Feb 1855, on 27 Jul Joseph Molineux gent renounced the executorship (14, 15) and on 30 Jul 1855 the house and yard (previously occupied by John Pigg and Thomas Rouse) were sold to the occupier Henry Jeffery junior, grocer for £600; an inventory and valuation of the contents was prepared the following day by William Davey (16, 17)
On 14 Aug 1868 Jeffery borrowed £1,000 from John Amor Wells of London provision merchant on the security of his deeds; he died 2 Feb 1868 and on 30 Mar 1874 the property was leased by his widow Elizabeth to Alfred Hoadley grocer for 21 years. She died 18 Apr 1876 and on 1 Oct 1884 her executor and the mortgagee's personal representatives sold the property to Hoadley for £800; the following day Hoadley gave Mary Davey spinster a small strip of land in exchange for her right of way over a larger part of his property (plan), came to an agreement with the owner of 178 High Street (Henry Curtis chemist) concerning a projecting widow and cornice and on 3 Oct took a lease from Mary Davey of a passage from the house to Castle Ditch Lane (plan) and mortgaged the property to James Boorne of Wallington brewer as trustee for Elizabeth Whitehead of Kensington spinster for £800 (18-29)
Alfred Hoadley died 24 Jun 1911 and his wife Harriet Elizabeth 11 Feb 1912; by their wills the property became vested in trustees for the benefit of their children Henry William Ellis Hoadley grocer, Bertha Hoadley spinster Elfrida Batcheller Hoadley spinster, Mary Grace wife of Ebenezer William Morris of Framfield Road, Uckfield, Helen Charlotte wife of John Muggeridge of Falmer, Caroline Stewart wife of Herbert Vinall and Haddie Beaumont wife of George Hickmott of Croydon, who on 14 Feb 1913 sold the goodwill and stock-in-trade of the grocer's, provision, wine and spirit and retail beer merchant's business (including a horse cart and harness) to Barclay Perkins Ltd of Southwark for £275, to whom they leased the premises for 28 years at £75 on 4 Mar 1913 (30, 31)
The mortgagees reconveyed their estate on 5 May 1913 and the property was still owned by the Hoadley family when an abstract was drawn in 1925 (32, 33)

Winchelsea: account book  AMS5903  [n.d.]

Source of acquisition: Document given to the Sussex Archaeological Society anonymously, 9 1959 (SAS ACC 797) and deposited by the Society, 21 June 1982 (ACC 3388)

Account book of expenditure of Richard Ade of Winchelsea  AMS5903/1  1753 - 79

Administrative history:
Richard Ade was baptized at Telscombe on 9 Dec 1720, the son of John and Sarah Ade [PAR 491 1/1/1] and on 20 Nov 1758 married Rachael Brook at Folkington, when he was described as Richard Ade of Denton [WSRO EpII/16/74A]
Richard Ade died at Winchelsea on 15 Feb 1802 [PAR 511 1/1/4 and W D Cooper, History of Winchelsea (1850), p139 for MI]

In Nov 1758 he moved to Winchelsea where he rented a house from Mr Adcroft land a garden from Mrs Giles (p3); up to that point he had been living with his brother-in-law Farncombe (p27)
The volume, several pages of which have been cut out, has a contemporary pagination 1-86
The accounts include mention of attendance at fairs at Battle, Bodiam, Eastbourne, Rotherfield and Selmeston and at Biddenden and Tenterden in Kent, of money spent at cricket matches, on inoculation (p63), while serving on the grand jury (p29), on his wedding at Folkington (p28), on the French weavers at Winchelsea in 1762 (p45) and on plays
Receipts for sales of tile and stone in 1770 - 71 appear on p20 and accounts for money lent and borrowed, 1753 - 59, on pp52-53


Archival history:
AMS5904/1-4 form part of a collection given to the Gloucestershire Record Office on 12 Jan 1937 by Major J G Clift; the Gloucestershire material relates to the Probyn and Dighton families

Source of acquisition: Documents given by Gloucestershire County Record Office to the Sussex Archaeological Society in 1940 and deposited by the Society, 21 June 1982 (ACC 3081) The documents were formerly listed by the SAS as HA 89-92

Quitclaim  AMS5904/1  15 Jun 1419

Related information: [For evidence that this quitclaim is associated with a mortgage by John Ashburnham to the grantees in 1417, see VCH9.266.]

Adam Iwode to John Halle senior, John Halle junior and Robert Oxbregge
The manor of Ewhurst
Endorsed on the close roll, Nov 1419

Conveyance (feoffment with livery) for £21  AMS5904/2  28 Sep 1584

Edmund Russell only son and heir of William Russell clerk deceased to Richard Jurden of Peasmarsh yeoman and Francis Jurden his son
His third part of two houses and land in Beckley and Northiam, conveyed by fine to his father by William Bredgeland and Joan his wife in Easter term 1570 and which descended to him after his father's death
Robert Jackson of Rye, jurat, attorney to deliver seisin
W: John May of Canterbury, Thomas Hubbert of Rye, William Russell; W to seisin: Edmund Wekes of Beckley, Robert Coward, John Wikes, William Puckwell, Richard Harrison
HA 90

Counterpart declaration of trusts and covenant to reconvey  AMS5904/3  28 May 1636

John Squier of Shoreditch Mx clerk, John Lynch of Harrietsham, Kent clerk, Anthony Carleton of Sevenoaks, Kent gent and Edward Muddle of Ewhurst clerk to Thomas Bromefeilde of Staple, Kent esq, son and heir of John Bromefeilde of Ewhurst esq deceased
JS, JL, AC and EM covenant to reconvey to TB
Two pieces of Marshland (62a) occupied by Thomas Manton, at Newchurch in Romney Marsh, Kent
When the trusts declared in a conveyance enrolled in chancery the same day (for which see below) have been fulfilled, and meanwhile to hold it according to those trusts
Recites: conveyance in trust by JB to JS, JL, AC, EM and William Muddle now dead of the manor of Ewhurst in Ewhurst, Northiam, Beckley, Peasmarsh, Iden and Playden with a declaration of trusts allowing JB to receive the rents for life and afterward to make specified payments to his children Edward, William, Henry, Martha, Elizabeth, Dorothy, Ann and Mary, any surplus to be paid to liquidate a debt of £920 owed by JB to his brother Edward and to Thomas Overman gent, with power to sell or to take security from TB for payment by him if the sums could not be paid, 20 Nov 1623
Exhibition by TB (after his 24th birthday) of a bill in chancery against the trustees alleging the payment of all sums (except those to William and Henry Bromefeilde still under age), his offering of security and the refusal of the trustees to reconvey, 20 Jun 1635; answer of the trustees expressing willingness to reconvey if guaranteed by an order of the court
Hearing and order of chancery that the security to be fixed by master Edward Salter knight if it could not be agreed between Edward Smyth of the Middle Temple esq counsel for the trustees and Thomas Twisden of the Inner Temple esq, counsel for TB, which was done; 21 May 1636
Bargain and sale enrolled, trustees to TB, 28 May 1636
No witnesses
HA 91

Marriage settlement for £4,000  AMS5904/4  20 May 1686

Nathaniel Powell of Wyarton Place, Boughton Monchelsea, Kent, kt and bt, John Clitherow of Stamford, Lincs gent (executor of James Clitherow of Boston esq), Elizabeth Clitherow relict of James, Barnham Powell, son and heir of NP and Elizabeth Clitherow singlewoman, only daughter of James C
BP to marry EC
Recites settlement by Nathaniel Powell bt on his son NP kt and bt with remainder to the latter's son BP remainder to his brothers Nathaniel (now deceased) and Leonard, with power to BP to grant jointures, all secured by a 99 year term vested in Vere Fane of Merewood, Kent KB, Thomas Culpeper of Hollingbourne, Kent kt, Robert Filmer of East Sutton, Kent esq, Thomas Fane of Burston, Kent esq, Ralph Buffkin of Loose, Kent esq and John Woolfe of London gent, 11 and 12 Sept 1672, of
1. The manor and advowson of Ewhurst
2. The manor house called Court Lodge with barns and buildings and the demesne land (420a) in Ewhurst
3. House, barns and land (150a) called Praules in Ewhurst, bought by NP senior from John Snepp
4. House, barns and land (40a) called Holland in Ewhurst, bought by NP senior from George Clarke
5. House, barn and land in Ewhurst bought by NP senior from John Muddle gent
6. The manors of Bodiam and Broomham and Bodiam Castle
7. Castle Land, Barnfield, Seven Acres, Castle Marshes and East Land Marshes (180a) in Bodiam
8. The manor of Moat, the manor house with barns and buildings, and houses and land (840a) in Iden, Peasmarsh and Flackley, purchased by NP senior from William Scott esq
9. The advowson of Fairlight appendant to 8 above
Recites will of NP senior, appointing (with regard to the 99-year term) that the trustees should pay the rents to his grandchild BP, 7 Oct 1674; decree in chancery ordering assignment of term to Robert Barnham of Boughton Monchelsea bt, NP and Thomas Gunston of London merchant, 6 Jul 1675 followed by assignment, 12 Nov 1675; death of RB and TG and majority of BP
Now BP settles as jointure on EC
1. As AMS5904/8 occupied by NP, John Beechen, Thomas Kadwell, Walter Carey, the commissioners of sewers, widow Payne and Richard Wood
2. The rents and services of the tenants of Ewhurst manor
3. As AMS5904/3 (now 170a) occupied by Thomas Holman
4. Bushy Marsh, Four Acres, Six Acres and Chittendens Marsh (28a) in Bodiam occupied by Chamberlaine
5. Marshland (3a) in Bodiam occupied by William Barnes of Bodiam
NP assigns all profits of AMS5904/1-9 to BP subject to an annuity of £120 to himself and to William Campion of Combwell in Goudhurst, Kent esq and Thomas Crompe of St Martin in the Fields gent for the life of NP's wife Frances daughter of Philip Stapilton kt deceased according to their marriage settlement of 22 Jan 1668, of which they are the surviving trustees
W: Richard Edwardes, James Paule, W Hyde, Christopher Clitherow
HA 92

Pre-nuptial settlement  AMS5905  [n.d.]

Source of acquisition: Document given by Farrer and Company, Solicitors, 66 Lincoln's Inn Fields, London, WC2 (per BRA 118 and Gloucestershire Record Office) to the Sussex Archaeological Society, 1940, and deposited by the Society, 21 June 1982 (ACC 3081)
This document was previously listed by SAS as HA 93

Pre-nuptial settlement (grant of reversionary 99-year lease at £10) [? unexecuted]  AMS5905/1  27 Jun 1679

Frances [Sackville] countess dowager of Dorset (widow of Richard duke of Dorset) to the hon Andrew Newport of St Martin in the Fields Mx esq and Robert Brereton of Cirencester, Gloucestershire gent in trust for Henry Powle of Williamstrip in Colne St Aldwin, Gloucestershire esq
FS to marry HP
Park or impaled ground called Buckhurst Park, part of the demesnes of Buckhurst manor, in Hartfield and Withyham
Buckhurst Mead (15a) near the church, Parsonage Croft (10a), Milfield (40a in two parcels), part of Lye Green side adjoining millpond (36a) all occupied by William Smith, and Broadfield (60a in four parts) and two Broom Closes (19a) occupied by Simon Smith, fishponds, stews and fishing, all reserved
Recites settlement on marriage of RS and FS daughter of Lionel [Cranfield] earl of Middlesex, John Evelyn of Godstone, Surrey knight, trustee, with power for FS to grant leases, 22 Dec 1652; lease by RS and FS to Simon Smith of Buckhurst Park gent for 80 years or the life of his wife Ann at £10, 2 Jul 1658, which term is still in being
FS now leases to AN and RB in trust for HP after the termination of the lease to SS, for 99 years or the lives of HP and his daughter Catherine, at £10; FS's officers may keep courts and collect rents at the house or lodge

Chailey Moat: map  AMS5906  [n.d.]

Archival history:
This plan was no longer with the parish records when they were inspected by Playford on 23 July 1952, unless "map of parish, 1723, approx 1' x 1', thick paper", also no longer present, may be taken as a mistaken description of this document

Source of acquisition: Photograph of map purchased 21 June 1985 (ACC 4469)

Related information: For a map of the entire glebe surveyed by Charles Moss of Lewes in 1794, see PAR 289 6/2

Administrative history:
Chailey Moat was The Rectory until 1938, when the wife of the new rector, G W Taverner, declined to be responsible for so large a house (Historical Notes on the Parish of Chailey by F Bentham Stevens, reprint 1968, at p 26)

CHAILEY  AMS5906/1  1724

"A Map of Chailey Parsonage now in the possession of Mr Richard Porter the present Minister and hath the Perpetual Advowson of the Same January the 20th Day 1723/4"
Original is ink and colour on paper, 17½ x 21"; shows parsonage house within moat, bridge, barn and surrounding fields and closes, which are identified by means of letters. Compass rose; scale of 1 chain: 1½" surmounted by dividers
Surveyor: Thomas Pointin (for other maps by whom see DAN 2099, 2100)
Colour slide available

Brede: map  AMS5907  [n.d.]

Source of acquisition: Photographs of a map purchased 21 June 1985 (ACC 4470)

Colour slides available

BREDE  AMS5907/1  1731

'A Map of a Farm called FORD's alias BREDE PLACE containing 382a Or 27p lying in the Parish of Brede in the County of SUSSEX being part of the Estate of Thomas Frewen Esquire of BRICKWALL in the County aforesaid made Anno Domini 1731 by John Stonestreet'
Original is ink and colour on parchment, 27" x 36"; shows field names and acreages, buildings, roads and their directions, names of neighbouring owners and farms
Title in a cartouche composed of thistles surmounted by an achievement of the arms of Frewen (ermine, four bars azure, a demi-lion proper issuant in chief). Other cartouches contain details of boundary ownership and the custom of the marsh, and a view of Brede Place house from the west
Scale of 17 perches: 1" surmounted by dividers; compass rose; the whole map within a border of thistles

Enlargement of the view of Brede Place  AMS5907/2  1731

Enlargement of the portion of the map showing the house and disposition of surrounding agricultural buildings and yards  AMS5907/3  1731

Jacobs Farm: map  AMS5908  [n.d.]

Source of acquisition: Photograph of map purchased 21 June 1985 (ACC 4471)


'JACOBS Farm Lying in the Parishes of Breade, Sedlescomb, Westfield and Udymer, in the COUNTY of Sussex, Belonging to Mrs Ann Davis'
Original is ink and colour on parchment mounted on board, 25" x 25"; shows buildings, field names and acreages, roads and their directions, footways and names of neighbouring owners
Table of contents explaining depiction of boundary ownership; compass indicator; scale of 12p: 1"; inset shows Jacobs Field in Sedlescombe, detached from the rest of the holding
Cartographer: John Bowra [of Groombridge: see AMS5915 for a similarly-drawn map of Perry Hill in Hartfield, 1771]
Colour slide available

MANORIAL COURT BOOKS AND RENTALS of Sackville manors  AMS5909  1606-1925

Source of acquisition: Deposited by the De Lancey and De La Hanty Foundation of Seagate, St Clement, Jersey, via Messrs Jaques and Lewis, Solicitors, 2 South Square, Gray's Inn, London, WC1R 5HR, on 8 January 1985

Court book, (hard vellum cover)  AMS5909/1  1606 - 24

Manors of
Chalvington (Court Baron), 4 Sept 1606 - 30 Aug 1624
Chiddingly (Court Baron), 5 Sept 1606 - 18 Aug 1623
Michelham Parkgate (View of Frankpledge with Court Baron) 19 Sept 1606 - 8 Jan 1623/4
Milton (View of Frankpledge with Court Baron), 9 Oct 1606 - 26 Aug 1623
Lullington (Court Baron), 9 Oct 1606 - 26 Aug 1623

Court book (limp vellum cover: fragile)  AMS5909/2  1645 - 64

Manors of
Lullington (Court Baron), 23 Jul 1645 - 26 Oct 1664
Milton (View of Frankpledge with Court Baron), 23 Jul 1645 - 21 Oct 1663
Swanborough (Court Baron), 21 Jul 1645 - 24 Jul 1662
Michelham Parkgate (View of Frankpledge with Court Baron), 24 Jul 1645 - 2 Jun 1664
Houndean (Court Baron), 12 Jul 1645 (only)
Wilmington (Court Baron), 27 Sept 1648 - 27 Jan 1652
Sharnfold (Court Baron), 12 Sept 1650 (only)
Lords: 1645 - 49 Philip, Earl of Pembroke; 1650 - 64, Anne, Dowager Countess of Pembroke
At end: some duplicated entries, 1649 - 56

Court book (hard vellum cover)  AMS5909/3  1691 - 1720

Manors of
Milton (View of Frankpledge with Court Baron), 23 Sept 1691 - 22 Sept 1719
Lullington (Court Baron), 23 Sept 1691 - 22 Sept 1719
Michelham Parkgate (View of Frankpledge with Court Baron), 24 Sept 1691 - 10 May 1720
Swanborough (Court Baron), 11 Nov 1691 - 3 Jan 1716
Chiddingly (Court Baron), 15 Oct 1697 - 26 Apr 1716
Lords: 1691 - 1705 Charles, Earl of Dorset; 1706 - 20
Lionel Cranfield, Earl of Dorset

Court book (hard vellum cover)  AMS5909/4  1731 - 45

Manors of
Milton (Court Leet or View of Frankpledge with Court Baron), 11 Sept 1731 - 26 Sept 1745
Lullington (Court Baron), 11 Sept 1731 - 26 Sept 1745
Michelham Parkgate (Court Leet or View of Frankpledge with Court Baron), 18 Sept 1732 - 3 Dec 1745
Chiddingly (Court Baron), 16 Sept 1732 - 21 Sept 1741
Lord: Lionel, Duke of Dorset, throughout

Court book (hard vellum cover)  AMS5909/5  1746 - 68

Manors of
Michelham Parkgate (Court Leet or View of Frankpledge with Court Baron), 24 Sept 1746 - 17 Oct 1764
Milton (Court Leet or View of Frankpledge with Court Baron), 25 Sept 1746 - 5 Oct 1768
Lullington (Court Baron), 9 Jan 1746 - 5 Oct 1768
Chiddingly (Court Baron), 23 Sept 1757 (only)
Lord: Lionel, Duke of Dorset, throughout

Court book (limp vellum cover, 'no 2')  AMS5909/6  1606 - 54

Manor of Imberhorne (Court Baron), 13 Oct 1606 - 10 Apr 1632, 21 Oct 1652 - 6 Oct 1654
Lord: 1652 Richard, Earl of Dorset

Court book, (limp vellum cover, 'no 3')  AMS5909/7  1636 - 39

Manor of Imberhorne (Court Baron), 14 Sept 1636 - 3 Mar 1639
Lord: 1636 Edward, Earl of Dorset

Court book, (paper cover, 'no 4')  AMS5909/8  1640 - 51

Manor of Imberhorne (Court Baron), 6 Apr 1640 - 10 Jul 1651
Borough of East Grinstead (Court Baron), 20 Oct 1643 - 30 Sept 1648
Lord: 1640 Edward, Earl of Dorset

Court book, (limp vellum cover, 'no 5')  AMS5909/9  1669 - 87

Manor of Imberhorne (Court Baron), 5 Oct 1669 - 5 Oct 1687
At beginning: particular of copyhold tenements, which are to serve the offices of beadle and bailiff
Lords: 1669 - 77 Richard, Earl of Dorset; 1677 Frances, Dowager Countess of Dorset; 1687 Charles, Earl of Dorset

Court book, (hard vellum cover, 'no 8')  AMS5909/10  1811 - 13

Manor of Imberhorne (Court Baron), 9 Nov 1811 - 19 Nov 1813
Also Index to court books nos 1-8 (including nos AMS5909/6-10 above)
Lord: 1811 - 13 Arabella Diana, Dowager Duchess of Dorset, guardian of George John Frederick, Duke of Dorset, a minor

Manor of Imberhorne, survey of all the customary lands and tenements of the Earl of Dorset, taken by Raphe Treswell, the elder  AMS5909/11  14 Jul 1615

Soft vellum cover; marked 'liber Richardi Marchant, Anno Dni, 1652

Manor of Imberhorne, rental, 18 Jul 1826 (emended 1 Oct 1856)  AMS5909/12  1826

Customs noted at beginning; indexed. Annotation of enfranchisements, etc, to 20th century

Manor of Imberhorne, rental, 18 July 1826 (emended 1 Oct 1857)  AMS5909/13  1826

Manor of Imberhorne, rental  AMS5909/14  1891 - 1925

'G H Brougham Glasier, steward, Lord Sackville's Manors'

Manor of Chiddingly in the parishes of Chiddingly and Waldron, rental  AMS5909/15  16 May 1892

MANORIAL COURT BOOKS and rental of Sackville Manors  AMS5910  1769-1937

Source of acquisition: Purchased from Weatherhead's Bookshop Ltd, 58 Kingsbury, Aylesbury, Bucks, on 3 April 1983

Court book  AMS5910/1  1769-1785

Manors of
Lullington (Court Baron), 24 March 1769 - 30 November 1785
Milton (Court Leet or View of Frankpledge with Court Baron), 15 May 1769 - 19 October 1785

Court book (indexed), manor of Chiddingly (Court Baron)  AMS5910/2  8 July 1824 - 4 August 1937

Court book, manor of Imberhorne  AMS5910/3  21 March 1794 - 2 November 1810

Court book (indexed), manor of Imberhorne  AMS5910/4  1 November 1816 - 18 July 1846

Court book (indexed), manor of Imberhorne  AMS5910/5  24 July 1847 - 29 January 1937

Rental of the manor of Imberhorne  AMS5910/6  29 September 1892

Note of customs

Deeds of Dale Hill House, Ticehurst  AMS5911  [1592] - 1920

Source of acquisition: Photocopy of document 1 July 1985 (ACC 4476)

This summary of the descent of the property in based on a calendar of the deeds which is annexed to a photocopy of a plan of the property on the conveyance of 5 Dec 1864. All parties are of Ticehurst unless otherwise described
On 29 Sept 1592 Thomas Pelham of Laughton esq leased a quarter of an acre of highway waste at Dalehill in Ticehurst to John Taylor son of Nicholas Taylor yeoman for 300 years. The plot was N of a lane, W of JT's land and E and S of more highway waste which adjoined Taylor's house
By 1762 a cottage had been built and the term had become vested in John Vidler senior, who bequeathed it to his son John Vidler by will on 21 Dec. The father was still alive on 21 May 1767 when he mortgaged the term to Robert Fuller fellmonger for £40; [the will does not appear to have been proved]. On 9 Jun 1812 John Vidler husbandman mortgaged the cottage to Gibeon Jarvis yeoman for £50 and for a further £115 assigned the lease on 13 May 1814
Jarvis married Mary daughter of Humphrey Wickham senior of Cranbrook gent and on 31 Jan 1833, in consideration of £2,300 advanced by his father-in-law, settled his entire estate on his wife's brother-in-law Thomas Williams of Goudhurst farmer and brother Benjamin Wickham of Goudhurst farmer as trustees for Mary for life absolutely with remainder in trust for their children Thomas, John, William and Charles Jarvis, Elizawife of John Huntley of Upper Canada (all over 21) and Sarah and Elizabeth Jarvis (under 21). The estate consisted of a bondhold house, barn and land (12a) held of Hammerden manor to which Jarvis had been admitted on the death of his father Gabriel and upon which he had built houses occupied by Henry Brisleden, Stephen Parks, George Swift, Johnson, William Baker and Thomas Friend; the leasehold cottage at Dalehill (upon which Jarvis had built another cottage, a stable and outbuildings) and Jarvis' farming stock and chattels
On 24 Jun 1843 Mary and her trustees assigned the lease to William Noakes senior of The Colonels gent for £360, who by his will of 13 Aug 1849 appointed his three sons William, John Thompsett and Charles Noakes joint executors and trustees for sale; he died 16 Dec 1862 and the will was proved 9 Apr 1863
Between 14-19 Nov 1864 statutory declarations were obtained to facilitate the conveyance of the property as freehold. William Jarvis of Goudhurst yeoman, Gibeon's son, had occupied with his father in 1843 and 1844; Ellen Elizabeth wife of Henry Saunders draper and grocer had assisted her sister Mary Ann Ware (now in Australia) at a school which she ran at the property between 1846 and 1851; the rev Arthur Eden, vicar of Ticehurst, occupied 1852 - 53. Mary Ann wife of George Edward Hart junior had the property rented for her between 1853 and 1857 by her former father-in-law John Ditch, Alfred Oyler of Wadhurst farm bailiff occupied 1857 - 58 and Mary Ann Gregory spinster had occupied since; all asserted the absolute ownership of William Noakes
On 5 Dec 1864 the executors (William Noakes of Brandon House, Blackheath hop-factor, John Thompsett Noakes of Brockley House, Lewisham hop-factor and Charles Noakes of Great Wigsell in Salehurst farmer) conveyed to Barnes Usherwood formerly draper and grocer and Richard Green of St Leonards solicitor's clerk his trustee for £375; the property consisted of a house, chaisehouse, stable and land (1r 16p). A memorandum was endorsed on the assignment of 1843 acknowledging that the property had been conveyed as freehold at Usherwood's direction in the full knowledge that it was leasehold. On 31 Aug 1869 the reversion of the lease was conveyed for £5 by Henry Thomas [Pelham] earl of Chichester to John Rawdon Oldfield, colonel RE, who purchased the property from Usherwood (then of Stone Street, Tunbridge Wells) for £600 on 13 Sept 1869
Oldfield died 22 Nov 1883 and the property descended to his son Henry John Oldfield a lieutenant on HMS Impregnable, who on 30 Dec 1893 (then a commander, RN living in St Leonards), leased the property (then called Holly Bank) to George Baldwin at £20 a year; on 10 Apr 1896 Oldfield sold the freehold to Ann Hankey of Dalehill spinster for £700. She died 21 Feb 1905 and her brother-in-law and executor Henry Edward Charles Braddell of Ashburton in Devon sold the property to Campbell Newington of Oakover in Ticehurst esq for £640 on 30 Sept 1905, who on 10 Sept 1920 sold it to Ann Pitcairn of Parliament Hill Mansions, London spinster for £1,000

Will of John Vidler senior of Ticehurst labourer  AMS5911/1  21 Dec 1762

Cottage and waste at Dalehill in Ticehurst and all household goods to son John Vidler, the executor
Pecuniary bequests to William, Richard, Samuel and Thomas Vidler (sons by his first wife) and son-in-law John Weston
W: Peter Tickner, Edward Lulham
[This will does not appear to have been proved.]

Mortgage of lease for £40 at 4%  AMS5911/2  21 May 1767

John Vidler [senior] of Dalehill in Ticehurst yeoman to Robert Fuller of Ticehurst fellmonger
Cottage built upon a piece of waste ground (¼a) at Dalehill, leased by Thomas Pelham of Laughton esq to John Taylor son of Nicholas Taylor of Ticehurst yeoman for 300 years, 29 Sept 1592; S: a lane E: land of John Taylor; W, N: rest of the highway waste, adjoining the house of John Taylor, now JV
W: T[homas] Huett Dungate, John Vidler junior

Mortgage for £50 at 5%  AMS5911/3  9 Jun 1812

John Vidler of Dalehill in Ticehurst husbandman to Gibeon Jarvis of Ticehurst yeoman
Cottage, buildings and wasteground as 2 above
W: R White, attorney at Goudhurst, Robert Phillips his clerk

Conveyance (assignment of lease to mortgagee), for £165  AMS5911/4  13 May 1814

John Vidler of Dalehill in Ticehurst husbandman to Gibeon Jarvis of Ticehurst yeoman
Cottage, buildings and wasteground as AMS5911/2
W: Thomas Pullinger, John Pullinger

Post-nuptial settlement for £2,300  AMS5911/5  31 Jan 1833

Gibeon Jarvis of Ticehurst yeoman and wife Mary (formerly Mary Wickham spinster) with father Humphrey Wickham senior of Cranbrook, Kent gent to her brother-in-law Thomas Williams of Goudhurst, Kent farmer and her brother Benjamin Wickham of Goudhurst farmer in trust for Mary Jarvis for life absolutely, remainder in trust for their children Thomas, John, William and Charles Jarvis, Eliza wife of John Huntley of Upper Canada (all over 21) and Sarah and Elizabeth Jarvis (both under 21)
1. Bondhold house, barn and land (12a) held of Hammerden manor to which GJ was admitted on the death of his father Gabriel Jarvis, and upon which he has built four houses in six dwellings (occupied by Henry Brisleden, Stephen Parks, George Swift, Johnson, William Baker and Thomas Friend) an oasthouse and a barn
2. Leasehold cottage and land as AMS5911/2, upon which GJ has built another cottage, stable and outbuildings
3. Farming stock and chattels of GJ
W: James Martin solicitor, Battle

Conveyance (assignment of lease) for £360  AMS5911/6  24 Jun 1843

Thomas Williams of Goudhurst farmer and Benjamin Wickham of Goudhurst farmer with Mary wife of Gibeon Jarvis of Ticehurst yeoman to William Noakes senior of Ticehurst gent
Leasehold cottages, buildings and land as AMS5911/2
W: George Hinds, clerk to Giles Miller solicitor, Goudhurst
Endorsed: acknowledgement by Barnes Usherwood of conveyance of the property as AMS5911/10 as freehold at his direction in the full knowledge that it was leasehold; 5 Dec 1864

Abstract of the will of William Noakes senior of Ticehurst gent  AMS5911/7  1864

By his will of 13 Aug 1849 WN appointed his three sons William, John Thompsett and Charles Noakes joint executors and trustees for sale, subject to a £140 annuity to WN's wife Mary (died in his lifetime). WN died 16 Dec 1862 and the will was proved 9 Apr 1863

Statutory declaration of William Jarvis of Goudhurst yeoman, a son of Gibeon Jarvis of Ticehurst yeoman deceased, aged 57  AMS5911/8  14 Nov 1864

Lived in Ticehurst 1833 - Jun 1863 and knew the house at Dalehill now occupied by Mary Ann Gregory spinster which abutted W: the highway; N: piece of waste opposite Dalehill farmhouse; E, S: land called Dalehill owned by Nathan Wetherell. He and his father occupied the house in 1843 and 1844 as tenant of William Noakes senior of the Colonels, Ticehurst gent who was reputed to be the absolute owner
The property was unoccupied for two years after his father left it and then successively occupied by Mary Ann French (now Mary Ann Ware), the rev Arthur Eden, Mary Ann Ditch widow now wife of George Edward Hart, Alfred Oyler and Mary Ann Gregory
W: Robert Tournay

Statutory declaration  AMS5911/9  1864

Statutory declaration of Ellen Elizabeth wife of Henry Saunders of Ticehurst draper and grocer, the rev Arthur Eden vicar of Ticehurst, Mary Ann Hart wife of George Edward Hart junior, Alfred Oyler of Wadhurst farm bailiff and Mary Ann Gregory of Ticehurst spinster, 16-19 Nov 1864
Mary Ann Ware (now in Australia), sister of EES, occupied the house from Jun 1846 - Jul 1851 as a school at which EES assisted; AE occupied 25 Mar 1852 - 25 Mar 1853; John Ditch father-in-law of MAH rented the house for her, 29 Sept 1853 - 29 Sept 1857 during which time an oven was built by William Noakes; AO rented the house, 29 Sept 1857 - May 1858; MAG has rented the property since 19 Jun 1858; all assert the absolute ownership of William Noakes deceased

Conveyance for £375  AMS5911/10  5 Dec 1864

William Noakes of Brandon House, Blackheath, Kent hop-factor, John Tompsett Noakes of Brockley House, Lewisham, Kent hop-factor and Charles Noakes of Great Wigsell in Salehurst farmer to Barnes Usherwood of Ticehurst formerly a draper and grocer and Richard Green of St Leonards solicitor's clerk his trustee
House, chaisehouse, stable and land (1r 16p, plan on deed), at Dalehill in Ticehurst

Conveyance of reversion for £5  AMS5911/11  31 Aug 1869

Henry Thomas [Pelham] earl of Chichester to John Rawdon Oldfield of Ticehurst, colonel in the army
Reversion of lease recited in AMS5911/6, settled (with the rape of Hastings and other property) to the use of HTP on 26 and 27 Jul 1839

Conveyance for £600  AMS5911/12  13 Sept 1869

Barnes Usherwood of Stone Street, Tunbridge Wells formerly draper and grocer to John Rawdon Oldfield of Ticehurst, a colonel in the army
House and land as AMS5911/6

Succession duty form  AMS5911/13  1885, 1896

Inland revenue succession duty form on the death of John Rawdon Oldfield, late colonel RE (d 22 Nov 1883) and the descent of the property to his son Lieut Henry John Oldfield of HMS Impregnable, 5 Mar 1885 with letter of receipt, 10 Apr 1896

Contract for a lease of "Holly Bank", Dalehill, Henry John Oldfield of 3 St Matthews Gardens, St Leonards commander RN to George Baldwin of Ticehurst from 1 Jan 1894 from year to year at £20  AMS5911/14  30 Dec 1893

Conveyance for £700  AMS5911/15  10 Apr 1896

Henry John Oldfield (as AMS5911/14) to Ann Hankey of Dalehill in Ticehurst spinster
Property as AMS5911/6 called Holly Bank occupied by George Baldwin

Conveyance for £640  AMS5911/16  30 Sept 1905

Henry Edward Charles Braddell of Druids Cottage, Ashburton, Devon esq, brother-in-law and executor of Ann Hankey spinster, (d 21 Feb 1905) to Campbell Newington of Oakover in Ticehurst esq
Property as AMS5911/6
Letter from Gertrude Braddell, residuary legatee, approving of sale, attached

Conveyance for £1,000  AMS5911/17  10 Sept 1920

Campbell Newington of Oakover, Ticehurst esq to Ann Pitcairn of Parliament Hill Mansions, London spinster
Property as AMS5911/6, occupied by Percy Warner

Records of William Grimmett's Educational Charity, Brighton  AMS5912  [n.d.]

Source of acquisition: Documents deposited, 11 Oct 1984 (ACC 4346)

Related information: For a history of the school see J Caffyn 'Sussex Schools in the 18th century' Sussex Record Society 81 page 58 and for a history of Grimmett's Charity see Reports of the Commissioners inquire concerning charities and education of the poor in England and Wales (1815-1839) pages 285-288

Administrative history:
William Grimmett, by his will dated 17 March 1749, gave five twentyfourth parts of his estate (after the decease of his widow Ann) together with £20 per annum for clothing and educating 20 poor boys of the parish of Brighton, aged between eight and fifteen, in the principles of the established church of England, and in reading, writing, arithmatic, merchants' accounts and navigation. The trustees were the vicar and churchwardens of Brighton, and 12 principal inhabitants elected by the vestry
The bequest was the subject of legal proceedings by members of the Grimmett family from 1754 until an Order in Chancery was made in 1768
A school was established in 1769 on a site in Cragg's Lane (now Duke Street) on the south side near the west end. Between 1801 and 1818 the older charity school, known as Springett's, and Grimmett's were combined under one master at the former's premises in Meeting House Lane. They were separated in 1818, but in 1828 both were subsumed into the newly built Central National Schools in Church Street (ESC 16). Thereafter boys were elected to the foundation, being clothed uniformly, and having a sum allowed for the teaching of navigation etc. In the 20th century boys at schools other than the Central National Schools benefited from the charity

Minutes of Trustees' meetings  AMS5912/1  1811-1870

Includes lists of trustees, 1812-1871, lists of boys proposed or accepted, 1811-1829 and lists of boys at Grimmett's Charity School (or on the Foundation), 1808-1833
At front a copy of Order in Chancery, 1768, with a full recital of proceedings from 1754

Minutes of Trustees' meetings  AMS5912/2  1871-1979

Includes lists of trustees, 1871-1977 and list of foundation holders, 1956-1977

Booklet containing a copy of the 1768 Order in Chancery  AMS5912/3  nd (19th century)

Clothing Committee minutes  AMS5912/4  1856-1923

Treasurer's account book  AMS5912/5  1801-1921

Includes notes of inspection to 1869
At end accounts for George Beach's benefaction to the parish of Brighton, 1815-1817

Trasurer's account book  AMS5912/6  1855-1918

Includes notes of inspection from 1863; partly duplicates 5 above, but entries are fuller in later years

Bank pass book  AMS5912/7  1921-1931

Typescript extract from the will of William Grimmett  AMS5912/8  nd, c1930

Blank notice of meeting to elect trustees  AMS5912/9  nd, c1930

Records of Saunders' Educational Foundation, Uckfield and Buxted  AMS5913  [n.d.]

Source of acquisition: Documents deposited, 31 Aug 1984 (ACC 4326)

Related information: For a history of the school see J Caffyn 'Sussex Schools in the 18th century' Sussex Record Society 81 pages 77-78, 252-253 and for a history of Saunders' Charity see Reports of the Commissioners inquire concerning charities and education of the poor in England and Wales (1815-1839) pages 139, 170-171, 352-353

Administrative history:
Anthony Saunders, DD, rector of Buxted, by his will dated 31 October 1718, devised a copyhold tenement and land called The Red-tyled House in Buxted, to the Minister and Churchwardens of Buxted in trust to apply the rents and profits towards the education of a competent number of poor girls of Buxted to be taught to read and in learning the Church of England catechism. He also devised a customary messuage, schoolhouse and lands in Uckfield and Buxted to trustees to apply the rents and profits towards the education of six poor boys from Uckfield and six from Buxted in reading and writing, and learning the Church of England catechism. In addition the will provided a fund for the maintenance of Church of England schools in the parishes of Uckfield and Buxted, and for the provision of grants to enable local children to proceed to higher education. The latter included the endowment of apprenticeships
A school was provided in Uckfield, known in the 18th century and later as Uckfield Grammar School, but in the 20th century, as Saunders Foundation Secondary School. This closed in 1930, though the fund still exists and meets other obligations, including the aiding of Church Schools and the provision of scholarships. After 1876 the recognised aided elementary schools were Buxted National School, High Hurstwood Endowed School, Hadlow Down National School and Uckfield National School
At the time of the closure of the Foundation's school at Uckfield in 1930 the last headmaster, Dr McGregor Williams, made a list of the extensive early records of the charity from the 17th century, and in c1954 a copy of this list was supplied to the Historical Manuscripts Commission. These records cannot now be traced

Minutes of Governors' meetings 1827-1831, 1855-1876  AMS5913/1  1827-1876

Minutes of Governors' meetings  AMS5913/2  1913-1935

Includes Governors' declarations

School Committee minutes, 1896-1929; also includes Uckfield Local Science and Art Committee, 1896 and the Special Committee to consider the future of the school, 1929-1931  AMS5913/3  1896-1931

Treasurer's account book  AMS5913/4  1828-1910

Photocopies of a short account of the foundation from 1718, Charity Commission Scheme, 1931 and amended scheme, 1956  AMS5913/5  nd

Admission registers: Saunders Foundation Secondary School, Uckfield  AMS5913/6  1908-1916

Admission registers: Saunders Foundation Secondary School, Uckfield  AMS5913/7  1916-1924

[no title or date]  AMS5914

Source of acquisition: Documents deposited with the Sussex Archaeological Society in 1926 and transferred by the Society, 21 June 1982 (ACC 3217)
The deposit was listed by the Society as S 1-594; most of the documents relate to West Sussex and have been transferred to WSRO or other relevant repositories

The former references appear at the End of each Entry

FRAMFIELD: Estate of the Stone family  [no ref.]  1625 - 1730

Extracts from the court rolls of Buxted manor, 1625 - 47  AMS5914/1  nd, c1720

Death of John Wickersham gent who held a house, barn and land (16a) called Pendney in Framfield occupied by George Taylor, 28 Sept 1625
Distraint of Nicholas Stone gent to do fealty for a house and four pieces of land (20 or 24 acres) called Pendney late Wickershams, 24 Sept 1634
Distraint of Nicholas Stone for a relief for land called Park Meades and to show by what title he holds Slowmans House, 6 May 1647

Receipt  AMS5914/2  1666

Administrative history:
[The estate, New Place, Framfield, was held by John French in 1617 - ADA 137 - and had descended to the Stone family by the eighteenth century.]

Receipt by Thomas Medley to Mr John French for a relief of £3 7s 5d for freehold tenements of Framfield manor in Framfield (margin: 346a late Anthony Stapley esq) which descended to him after the death of his father Stephen French esq, 13 Sept 1666

Final concord  AMS5914/3, 4  20 Oct 1730

William Stone senior and wife Mary and William Stone junior to Robert Palmer
House, barn and land in Framfield
S24, 25
[This fine relates to the settlement on the marriage of WS junior and Frances daughter of RP gent; see ADA 116 p198.]

HALLSHAM: Two pieces of land (10a) called late Profetts and Averies  [no ref.]  1538 - 1720

Conveyance  AMS5914/5  10 Jul 1538

Alice Susan widow to her son Richard Susan
All her lands and tenements, rents and services in Hailsham
W: John Deane, Robert Back, John Lewett, John Ranger
Recorded at Longbridge before Thomas Darell JP upon AS's acknowledgement, 10 Oct 1538 [according to the statute of enrolments, 1535]

Quitclaim  AMS5914/6  12 Apr 1582

Richard a Brooke of Berwick yeoman to Lawrence Susan of Hellingly joiner
A third part of lands and tenements late Profettes lands in Hailsham
W: Humphrey Hamlin, Thomas Tisherst, Roger Stroker

Conveyance for £120  AMS5914/7  28 May 1610

Lawrence Susan of Steyning joiner and son Thomas Susan to Nathaniel Milles of Hellingly yeoman
Two pieces of upland (10a) called Averies in Hailsham occupied by Obediah Bexlie, practitioner of physick; W, N: a lane dividing Pevensey liberty from the shire; NE: Hailsham Town-Whitedike lane; E: land of Robert Swane's heirs; SE: Richard Kenslie gent's land called Lewins; SE, SW: land of Shepherd's heirs called Slips
W: Edward Akeherst, John Elfecke, Thomas Pepper

Conveyance (bargain and sale, bond and feoffment) for £120  AMS5914/8-10  23 Jun 1615 and 20 Feb 1616

Nathaniel Milles of Hellingly yeoman to John Barton of Hellingly gent
Land as in AMS5914/7
W: Robert Peerson, Thomas Pepper; W to seisin: Richard Cleyton, John Barton junior, George Willock
S6, 4, 5

Bond against dower  AMS5914/11  23 Jun 1619

Nathaniel Mills of Hellingly yeoman to John Barton of Hellingly gent
For quiet enjoyment of land in AMS5914/7 free from the dower of NM's wife Elizabeth
W: Richard Cleyton, John Barton junior, George Willock scrivener

Conveyance for £112 with bond  AMS5914/12, 13  1 Jun 1621

John Barton of Hellingly gent to John Everist of Herstmonceux husbandman
Land as AMS5914/7
W: John Deverell, John Springett, Edward Batcock the writer
S8, 9

Mortgage for £34 with counterpart  AMS5914/14, 15  3 Jun 1621

JE in AMS5914/12 to John Springett of Pembury, Kent yeoman
Land as AMS5914/7
W: William Baker, Edward Batcock the writer
S10, 11

[Mortgage for £30] with bond  AMS5914/16  23 July 1630

JE in AMS5914/12 to Thomas Bodle of Hailsham butcher
Land as AMS5914/7
W: John Everest, William Barley, Elias Swane

Mortgage for £30 with bond, parties as AMS5914/16, W: John Bathee, Thomas Longlye  AMS5914/17, 18  26 Jul 1632

S13, 14

Counterpart pre-nuptial settlement  AMS5914/19  21 Jan 1635

John Everest of Hailsham yeoman to Anthony Beecher of Lewes tailor and William Bathee of Hailsham haberdasher in trust
JE to marry Martha a daughter of Elias Swayne of Hailsham yeoman deceased
Land as AMS5914/7
W: Thomas Everest, William Pegden

Bond to assure jointure in £50  AMS5914/20  24 Sept 1638

John Everest of Hailsham yeoman to Edward Hilder of Rotherfield schoolmaster
JE to marry Judith daughter of John Button senior of Laughton deceased
To assure land as AMS5914/7 as her jointure
W: Thomas Dutton scrivener and Robert Blackborne his servant

Counterpart pre-nuptial settment in accordance with AMS5914/20, JE to EM in AMS5914/20 and Edward Button of Hellingly yeoman in trust, W: Edward Burnet, Abraham Cruttenden  AMS5914/21  25 Sept 1638


Letter from Thomas Willard to John Everist at his house in Framfield  AMS5914/22  5 Dec 1720

Applies for 15 years' lord's rent for land called Proffets near Whitedike in Hailsham, held of TW's manor of Earsham alias Hailsham at 1/- a year
Recites his findings [? some erroneous] from a search of the court rolls including the admission of JE's father Thomas Everist in 1673; payment of rents to Mr Coby, to Mr Kenchley the lord (d c1695) and to Mr Rue (d c1708). Neglect of collection on account of the minority of the lord Mr Kenchley until the manor was purchased by TW, c1714

EAST HOATHLY: Land called Wosings and land E of the river  [no ref.]  1635

Conveyance for £175  AMS5914/23  23 May 1635

Related information: [This land, which had been partitioned in 1600, was purchased by Henry Pelham in 1712; for other deeds see SAS A92, 94, 322-326, 328, 329, 378, 379, 382-385, 387-389 and 392-393.]

John Mittell otherwise Jermain of East Hoathly yeoman to Benjamin Pickeringe of East Hoathly clerk
Lands and tenements called Wosings and lands and meadows on the E side of the river descending from Wosings to a field called the Eastdown, the E part of the Eastdown as divided, the E part of a meadow called the Wish as divided, in all 30a in eight pieces, occupied by John Dan, lately purchased (inter alia) from Ephraim Arnold [in 1616 - see SAS A94]
Leased by JM to Solomon Dan deceased for 10 years at £8, 28 Jul 1629
W: William Barham, John Stace, Michael Watson
Endorsed: the writing concerning the Pickering land in 1701

Maps  AMS5915  [n.d.]

Source of acquisition: Photographs presented to the Sussex Archaeological Society in 1932 (muniment accessions 1410 and 1426) and deposited by the Society, 21 June 1981 (ACC 3536, 3552)

HARTFIELD  AMS5915/1  1771

'A Survey and MAP of Perry Hill Farm lying in the Parish of Hartfield in the COUNTY of Sussex Belonging to Lord George Germain'
Photograph of an estate map showing buildings, field names and acreages, names of neighbouring owners, roads and their directions; shows Bolebrook Mill and millpond
Table of contents explaining depiction of boundary ownership: scale of perches, compass rose
Cartographer: John Bowra of Groombridge [see AMS5908 for a similarly drawn map of Jacobs in Brede]

RINGMER  AMS5915/2  1765

Related information: For a very similar but undated map in the Glynde Place archive, probably drawn for bishop Trevor the major Broyle commoner, see GLY 3504
For Thomas Jackman, see E G R Taylor, The Mathematical Practitioners of Hanoverian England, 1714 - 1840 (Cambridge, 1966), p264; for Jackman and Davis see Sarah Bendall (Ed), Dictionary of Land Surveyors 2 (1997) 136, 269-70

'A SURVEY of an Estate called The BROYLE Belonging to His Grace Charles Duke of Dorset in the Parishes of Ringmer and Framfield in the County of SUSSEX, Measured by Thomas Jackman and [? Thomas Davis (illegible)] of Guildford in Surry in the year 1765'
This poor photograph is probably of the duke of Dorset's copy (as lord of Ringmer manor) of the 'preliminary map' referred to in the agreement to enclose of 1766, GLY 3163. The agreement also confirms the reading of the first surveyor's name; Jackman was the arbitrator appointed by the duke to consider an accurate survey of the Broyle and make an award
The map shows the park (which includes clay and marl pits, brick kilns and several ponds) with its gates, Upper and Lower Lodge within the park, the names of adjacent owners and their houses
Scale of chains; compass indicator; achievement of arms of Sackville, dukes of Dorset

Crowborough: sale particulars  AMS5916  [n.d.]

Source of acquisition: Document deposited by Pinniger, Finch and Company, solicitors, Westbury, Wiltshire, per Wiltshire Record Office, 19 September 1985 (ACC 4522)

CROWBOROUGH  AMS5916/1  1930

Particulars of sale of Hedderwick, Fielden Lane, Crowborough, with gardener's cottage and land (3a), for sale by auction by order of the executors of Captain John Callaway, 30 Sept 1930
The property, on the Warren estate, is illustrated by three photographs; the title began with a conveyance by the trustees of the de la Warr estate to Thomas and John Fielden, 24 Apr 1862

MARESFIELD: documents  AMS5917  [n.d.]

Source of acquisition: Documents given 17 September 1985 (ACC 4520)

Documents and copies of court roll, Maresfield manor, relating to Catts Land near Tyesgate in Maresfield, rent 2s 2d and a hen. The land now forms part of Woodlands Nursery on the E side of the Maresfield-Fairwarp road
The tenement, in the lands of the Norman family since at least 1560 (see SAS/GAGE ACC 893 f206v), was acquired by John Payne from William Norman in 1646 (ACC 894 f92). The fine (AMS5917/1) probably relates to one of several freehold tenements of Maresfield manor which had belonged to Nicholas Dobson and which in 1599 were held by Robert Payne and Edward (later Thomas) Buste: see ACC 917 f18v

Final concord  AMS5917/1  20 Apr 1607

Thomas Buste to Robert Payne
Messuage, barn, orchard, land (20a), meadow (2a), pasture (20a), wood (10a) and heath (10a) in Maresfield with common of pasture and estovers in Ashdown Forest

Counterpart lease for 10 years from 25 Mar 1656 at £6 and 1 lb of hops  AMS5917/2  16 Jun 1656

John Payne senior of Buxted yeoman to Richard Morris of Maresfield husbandman
House where JP lately lived, barn, buildings and land (12a) called Called Land in Maresfield occupied by RM
Detailed agricultural covenants
W: John Bredgland, Nicholas Cheesman, Robert Shoobridge

Copy of court roll, manor of Maresfield  AMS5917/3  14 Aug 1732

Death of John Vigor and admission of his sister Sarah wife of William Wildish according to JV's will of 1 Jun 1730
House and assart called Cattslands near Tyesgate in Maresfield, occupied by William Mulford
Subject (by the terms of the will) to an annuity of £5 to Richard Alchorne of Buxted mercer in trust for JV's sister Catherine wife of James Brown, void should she join her husband in suffering a recovery to bar the entail of a copyhold house, barn and land at Potters Green, Buxted, occupied by James Brown and held of Framfield manor

Another copy of AMS5917/3  AMS5917/4  1732

Copy of court roll, Maresfield manor  AMS5917/5  20 May 1778

Death of Sarah Wildish, admission of her only son John Wildish and mortgage to Robert Hoath of Maresfield yeoman in trust for the Amicable Society established in the parish of Maresfield for £230 at 4%
Property as above
Endorsed: memorandum of receipt of £100 by John Cox, Richard Wiggens and Charles Wood stewards, W: Timothy Mills, William Devonish; 1 May 1788

Surrender by John Wildish to Thomas Lewry of Maresfield yeoman  AMS5917/6  30 Sept 1805

Surrender by Thomas Lewry to William Wood of Berkeley Square Mx gent in trust for his son Charles Wood aged 10 for £550; custody of CW to his uncle John Pratt, out of court, 27 Oct 1826  AMS5917/7  10 Sept 1827

Grant of wasteland between the tenement and the Maresfield-Ashdown Forest road 297' N-S and 30' wide to Charles Wood son of WW of Brighton gent, rent 2s  AMS5917/8  10 Sept 1827

Death of Charles Wood and admission of his executors Frederick Shepherd Champion of 3 Pavilion Buildings, Brighton solicitor and Albert Turner of Nutley timbermerchant (CW's son-in-law)  AMS5917/9  21 Oct 1903

Pencil tracing of plan of property  AMS5917/10  23 Apr 1964

Brief for relief of distressed Protestant  AMS5918  [n.d.]

Source of acquisition: Photocopies of documents at the Corporation of London Record Office, given 7 October 1985 (ACC 4532)

A crown brief of 31 Mar 1694 for the relief of distressed French protestants was collected between Apr 1694 and Mar 1695 and the returns for some dioceses, including Chichester, have survived at the Corporation of London Record Office where they are listed as ExGLMS344/1-62
Most of the returns give totals of the sums collected only but the names of contributors appear on a few briefs, details of which are given below. The totals for each parish may be found in AMS5918/1 and a text of the brief itself (a royal proclamation) in AMS5918/4

Copy of CLRO catalogue cards giving introduction, name of parish, contribution, whether total or names, date and reference  AMS5918/1  nd

Ringmer  AMS5918/2  7 Oct 1694


Ashburnham  AMS5918/3  16 Dec 1694


Crowhurst  AMS5918/4  4 Nov 1694 (with copy of brief)


Hellingly  AMS5918/5  nd [1694]


West Hoathly  AMS5918/6  Sept 1694


Iford  AMS5918/7  7 Oct 1694 (transcript)


Newtimber  AMS5918/8  nd [1694]


Patcham  AMS5918/9  nd [1694]


Pevensey  AMS5918/10  10 Sept 1694


Seaford  AMS5918/11  nd [1694]


Southease  AMS5918/12  12 Aug 1694


Wartling  AMS5918/13  3 Sept 1694


Westfield  AMS5918/14  8 Sept 1694


Pardon  AMS5919  [n.d.]

Source of acquisition: Photocopy of exported document presented by the British Library (in accordance with paragraph 19 of the DTI Notice to Exporters), 21 October 1985 (ACC 4535)

LEWES: Pardon for alienation without licence (letters patent)  AMS5919/1  4 Feb 1646

Margaret and Frances Amherst pardoned for entering the manor of Hyde which is held in chief, according to the terms of the will of their father Richard Amherst serjeant-at-law, 8 Aug 1630

Documents given 12 Aug 1983 (ACC 4120)  AMS5920  [n.d.]

Source of acquisition: Papers of John Gosling senior of Cross-in-Hand, Waldron, glover, (c1700 - 65); 1739 - 62

Related information: For other references to Gosling, a prominent baptist teacher, see the list entries relating to the Journal of John Burgess (AMS5853), the memorandum book of his grandson John Gosling of Newick, fellmonger, (AMS5774/2) and The Diary of Thomas Turner 1754 - 65 (OUP, 1984)

On 3 Feb 1724 John Gosling of Waldron fellmonger was admitted to a copyhold house, barn and four acres of land at the north of Waldron Down, held of Laughton manor, on the surrender of Joseph Chapman. On 1 Oct 1766 his son John Gosling was admitted on his father's death and received a new grant of a fellmonger's yard, hovel and two acres at the south of the down (SAS/A/662, 664)

Lewes third division of Sussex collection of the excise; printed tawer's entry forms of hides and skins taken out of alum relating to John Gosling's business with form of oath endorsed  AMS5920/1-9  Jan 1739 - 1760s

Receipt by W Pennington for 9s 1½d duty paid by John Gosling  AMS5920/10  13 Apr 1758

Forms of oath relating to the value [? of hides or hops]  AMS5920/11  nd, c1750

Returns of duty on hops grown by John Gosling and by John Gosling for John Martin  AMS5920/12, 13  nd, c1750

Returns of hop acreage, oasts and kilns at Waldron (fragment); the names that can be made out are John Gosling senior and Samuel Fisher  AMS5920/14  28 Jul 1762

Receipt by W[illiam De]lves, vicar of Waldron, for tithe composition  AMS5920/15  16 Nov 1758

Memorandum of the number of kiln faggots, hop-poles, cordwood and other material in Sandpit Wood, [? Waldron]  AMS5920/16  1730s

Letter to Mr Gosling from Thomas Cou......., Westerham, Kent  AMS5920/17  7 Feb, nd, c1750

Would like more leather, gloves and mittens, the latter larger and with a button and loop according to 'our contrey fashon'

Letter to Mr John Gosling, glover at Waldron, from his nephew Moses Siggs at [? Dorking]  AMS5920/18  30 Oct, nd, c1760

Relates details of his sufferings from dropsy, his inability to obtain relief and the loan of money by his master Mr Hoare. Recommends Edward Heath as an industrious man; declines their suggestion to return home: 'was I well I cannot have better work than hear'

Receipt by Francis W........ for gloves and caps  AMS5920/19  nd, c1760

Receipt by Francis......... for carriage for [? tanned hides]  AMS5920/20  nd c1760

Aldrington: conveyance  AMS5921  [n.d.]

Source of acquisition: Document deposited per WSRO, 23 July 1985 (ACC 4492)

Conveyance for £900  AMS5921/1  2 Oct 1880

George Gallard of Cliftonville, Hove gent, Joseph Harris Stretton of 75 Cornhill, London gent and Evan Vaughan of 6 Moorgate Street, London gent to William John Williams of Brighton gent
Part of the Aldrington Estate in Aldrington (plan on deed) on the corner of the present Walsingham and New Shoreham Roads
Detailed covenants respecting up to five houses to be erected on the site within two years at a cost of at least £1,700 each
Covenant to produce deeds (listed), 1833 - 80

Deeds of parts of the Barham House estate  AMS5922  1713 - 1828

Source of acquisition: Documents deposited by Rubinstein Callingham, solicitors, Grays Inn, 15 March 1978 (ACC 2216)

The Barham House estate was assembled by Robert Colgate, after whose death and the chancery action Gilliat v Gilliat it was sold in 1871. An examination of the particulars of sale produced on that occasion (XSP 51) makes the attribution of these deeds certain. All are endorsed FHG, for Francis Harding Gell a Lewes solicitor of the 1840s - 1860s. The titles represented by the present group of deeds are extremely fragmentary but enquiries with the depositors have failed to reveal the whereabouts of any of the intervening documents

Skokis in Waldron and East Hoathly  [no ref. or date]

Final concord  AMS5922/1  12 Nov 1713

Related information: [For the significance of this document see AMS5922/2; it is also serving to convey a property at Hailsham from F and SE to RS.]

Francis Earle and wife Sarah, Thomas Dann and wife Ann to Richard Shoulder
Two houses, a barn and land in Hailsham, Waldron and East Hoathly

Assignment of mortgage with further charge for £60  AMS5922/2  28 Aug 1714

John Marchant of Streat yeoman (executor of Richard Shoulder of Streat yeoman) with Thomas Dan of East Hoathly yeoman to John Adams of Waldron yeoman
Two pieces of land (48a) called Skokis occupied by TD in Waldron and East Hoathly; E: land of Thomas Lord Pelham; N: Lord Pelham's land called The Scripp; S: Lord Pelham's land called The Grey; W: Scallowbridge-Whitesmith lane and Stockers Lane to Stream, William Dan's copyhold called Skokies and Samuel Jenner's land; all mortgaged by TD (then of Hellingly) to RS for £140, 25 Oct 1708 with further charges for £60, 26 Sept 1709 and £40, 27 Oct 1710
Recites erection of house by TD after the first mortgage which TD and his wife Ann charged with a further £64 secured by fine, 27 Oct 1713; will of RS, 31 Jan 1713 and subsequent death
W: Thomas Purton, Mary Parratt, Thomas Hammond

Conveyance (lease and release with bond) for £430  AMS5922/3-5  13 and 14 Jul 1715

Thomas Dann of East Hoathly yeoman with his eldest son and heir John Dann to John Addams of Waldron yeoman
House and land as above
W: Philip Cheale, Edward Heasman, Thomas North

Hoads in East Hoathly  [no ref. or date]

Conveyance ([lease and] release) for £130  AMS5922/6  [6 and] 7 Oct 1718

John Streater junior of East Hoathly yeoman to Josias Peirce of Laughton groom
House, barn and land (10a) called Hoads occupied by Robert Baker, in East Hoathly; E: Hawkhurst Common-Church road; N, W: land late Thomas Lunsford esq now Robert Fagg bt; S: land late Joseph Durrant now John Durrant clerk
W: Thomas Hammond, Samuel Gibbs

Settlement (covenant to stand seised)  AMS5922/7  12 Feb 1720

Josias Peirce of Laughton groom to Edward Burfeild of East Hoathly gent and Robert Palmer of Chington in Seaford yeoman, in trust for JP for life, remainder to his wife Dorothy Peirce, remainder to JP's heirs
As AMS5922/6
W: Samuel Atkins, H Hutchinson

Another version of AMS5922/7 W: Anthony Trumble, Samuel Virgoe  AMS5922/8  13 Feb 1720

Conveyance ([lease and] release) for £140  AMS5922/9  [22 and] 23 Jan 1739

Robert Palmer of Chington in Seaford gent (an executor of Josias Peirce of Laughton groom) with JP's eldest son Thomas Peirce of Laughton servantman to Thomas Brazier of East Hoathly husbandman
As AMS5922/6 (S: Sarah Durrant widow)
W: R Burnett, Thomas Johnson, Samuel Burt

Nicholas, Kilmeare and Speles in East Hoathly  [no ref. or date]

Related information: [For other deeds of this property see AMS5923/16-25.]

Conveyance (lease and release) for £214  AMS5922/10, 11  11 and 12 Oct 1722

William Henry Benge of Wadhurst gent (only son and heir of Dinah Benge of Wadhurst widow deceased) to Richard Goldsmith of East Hoathly yeoman
House, building and two pieces of land (8a) called Nicholas, occupied by James Hobbs, once part of a tenement called Chapmans; piece of land called Kilmeare (2a); lands (10a) called Speles otherwise Garlands occupied by James Hobbs; in East Hoathly
W: Barnaby Goldsmith, Christopher Smith

Settlement ([lease and] release)  AMS5922/12  [21 and] 22 Apr 1740

Richard Goldsmith of East Hoathly yeoman to his nephew John Goldsmith of Chalvington yeoman
As AMS5922/10, occupied by RG
W: George Richardson, Thomas Johnson

Assignment of mortgage and further charge for £80  AMS5922/13  8 May 1756

Robert Plumer of Cliffe grocer at the request of John Goldsmith of Chalvington yeoman to James Beadle of Southover yeoman
As AMS5922/10, mortgaged by JG to RP for £80, 30 Jul 1751
W: William Mitchell, H Aldersey
Endorsed: memorandum that mortgage is a further security for £25 on note of hand 3 Feb 1763, £15 on bond and £30 on a mortgage of Laughton manor copyhold; W: Thomas Farnes, Samuel Gibbs; 8 May 1763

Final concord, Trinity 1796  AMS5922/14, 15  1796

Related information: [For the attribution of this fine to this group see Laughton manor court book for 25 Sept 1795 (SAS A 667 p35).]

Joseph Piper and wife Elizabeth to Nathaniel Paine
House, barn and land in East Hoathly
Endorsed: Smith

Final concord, Michaelmas 1828  AMS5922/16  1828

Related information: [This relates to an estate near Scallowbridge purchased by Robert Colgate of Barham House in 1828, see the Laughton manor court book, 18 Oct 1828 (SAS A670 p174).]

John Sellens and wife Mary to Robert Colgate
House and land in East Hoathly

Copy of court roll, Laughton manor  AMS5922/17  1 Jun 1812

Related information: [This property was sold to Frederick Thomas Hart of Barham House esq, 20 May 1842; see Laughton manor court book, SAS A671 p404.]

Admission of James Carley on the third proclamation of the death of his father Joseph Carley
Cottage and land (¼a lately waste) occupied by Samuel and William Hutson; W: highway; in East Hoathly
Endorsed: property about to be sold under an order of the Poor Law Commissioners by the parish of East Hoathly, 26 May [18]38

Final concord, Hilary 1788  AMS5922/18, 19  1788

William Randall and wife Lucy to John Boys esq. House, barn, stable and land in East Hoathly
Endorsed: Smith
[This document cannot be associated with any part of the estate.]

Estate of Joseph Fuller; estate of John Piper  AMS5923  [n.d.]

Source of acquisition: Documents deposited with the Sussex Archaeological Society in 1946 and transferred by the Society, 21 June 1982 (ACC 3121)

This group of documents chiefly relates to the estate of Joseph Fuller, who in 1773 was living at Claverham in Arlington (where he was preceded by his uncle Nicholas Attwood) and in 1822 resided at Mays in Selmeston. Fuller's only child Elizabeth married Nathaniel Blaker of Pangdean in Pyecombe gent who was admitted to copyhold property in Waldron after her father's death in 1846. Deeds of property in Pyecombe which may later have passed into the Blaker family's ownership have been transferred to WSRO
Another part of the group relates to estates of the Piper family of East Hoathly
The documents were listed by the Sussex Archaeological Society as HA 670-695

Estate of Joseph Fuller of Arlington and Selmeston  [no ref. or date]

AMS5923/10-13 Have no apparent connection with Joseph Fuller's estate

ARLINGTON: Lease for 14 years from 29 Sept 1791 at £110  AMS5923/1  23 Jun 1791

George Medley of Buxted Place esq to Nicholas Attwood of Old Claverham in Arlington yeoman
Old Claverham Farm with barns, buildings and land (179a 0r 2p) occupied by NA in Arlington and Selmeston
Cottage and garden occupied by John Slater, at Wick Street in Arlington
Piece of land in Gerard Mason's field called Middle Land (4a) near Wick Street, occupied by him at 2s 6d a year
Detailed covenants including field names
W: Charles Gilbert, George Duvall
[Joseph Fuller was NA's nephew and executor and was living at Claverham in 1793; see AMS5923/2.]
HA 679


Release by legatee  AMS5923/2  30 Nov 1793

Thomas Attwood of Waldron yeoman (brother of Nicholas Attwood of Arlington yeoman, d28 Jun 1793) to Joseph Fuller junior of Claverham in Arlington gent (nephew and executor of NA's will of 9 Sept 1789)
His claim under the will to legacies of £100 and £400 (the latter after the death of NA's widow Elizabeth), charged on White House Farm, Waldron (140a) which was bequeathed to JP, co-executor with Nicholas Gilbert of Eastbourne esq, on the immediate payment by JF of £350
W: Henry Mason, John Hoper
HA 683

Receipt, Robert Attwood to Joseph Fuller junior, for a legacy of £100 given by the will of his brother Nicholas Attwood; W: John Unstead, James Haffenden  AMS5923/3  4 Jan 1794

HA 684

Release as AMS5923/2  AMS5923/4  12 Aug 1797

By Robert Attwood of Waldron yeoman to Joseph Fuller junior of Claverham in Arlington gent of legacies of £100 and £400 for £220; W: Josias Smith, John Fisher
HA 685

BOYS EXECUTORSHIP  [no ref. or date]

Probate (Lewes) of the will (19 Nov 1789) of Betty Boys of Alciston widow  AMS5923/5  9 Oct 1809

Pecuniary bequests to daughter Mary wife of Robert Green of Alciston labourer
Sons Thomas and William Boys residuary legatees; TB executor
W: Thomas Dewly, John Wood
HA 670

Probate (Lewes) of the will (11 May 1814) of William Boys of Selmeston yeoman  AMS5923/6  28 Jan 1815

House in which he lives with garden to wife Ann for life
All free, lease and copyhold houses and land to the executors Nathaniel Blaker junior and Joseph Fuller both of Selmeston gents as trustees for sale for the benefit of his children William (3/10), Thomas (3/10), Mary (2/10) and Elizabeth Balcombe (2/10)
W: George Hoper, William Rumsley, Henry Aves
HA 671

PEVENSEY: Assignment of mortgage by trustee to attend  AMS5923/7  8 Sept 1817

Josias Smith of Lewes esq to Joseph Fuller of Selmeston gent
Marshland called Wayfields or Wayvills and The Corbetts (32a) near Horseye, Rickney Marsh (9a) near Rickney Bridge, marshland (2½a), The Seven Acres (7a) and The Cook's Eye (2a) near Chilley, in Pevensey
Recites £1,000 mortgage by Thomas Relfe of Ripe yeoman and John Fuller of Lewes butcher his trustee (both deceased) to Nicholas Comber of Lewes gent, 9 Jul 1778; purchase by JF and Richard Fuller his trustee and vesting of term in JS to attend the inheritance, 3 Jan 1793
W: Richard Andrew Turner, Lewes
[Cancelled by removal of seal.]
HA 686

SELMESTON: Lease for 13 years from 11 Oct 1822 at £700  AMS5923/8  12 Oct 1822

Henry Hall viscount Gage to Joseph Fuller of Mays in Selmeston gent
Ludlay and Mays Farms with barns, buildings and land (433a 3r 36p) occupied by JF, in Selmeston
Detailed agricultural covenants
W: George Hoper
HA 675

WALDRON: Copy of court roll, Laughton manor  AMS5923/9  28 May 1846

Admission of Elizabeth wife of Nathaniel Blaker of Pangdean [in Pyecombe] gent [only child of Joseph Fuller] on her father' death, claiming that his will of 31 May 1842 proved (South Malling) 7 May 1846 did not affect the premises
House and land (14a) called Willards rent 2s 6d
Olives Acres (8a), Imp Garden (1r), The Wishes (14a) tenement and 7a called Notts otherwise Watts and Newlands rent 5s 4½d
Wellfield (1a), N: Nicholas Wood, S: late Richard Dyne, rent 2d
All late Wood alias Attwood, in Waldron
HA 687

SELMESTON: Conveyance of partitioned estate  AMS5923/10  19 Sept 1654

Walter Bocland of Standlynch Wiltshire esq, Morgan Jeffereys of Llanlleonfel, Brecon gent and wife Isam otherwise Ivesham, Henry Watkinson of Trotton gent and David Jeffereys of Trotton gent to Robert Rochester of Selmeston gent
The manor of Ludlay, capital messuage called Ludlay Farm and other property occupied by RR in Selmeston
Accounting to RR's two-ninth share of the estates (including Warningore manor) of Anthony Foster esq deceased whose co-heirs the parties are, partitioned (except a copyhold called Lovehill held of Trotton manor) by James Butler sheriff and a jury (Peter Betesworth, William Yaldwyn, Richard Peckham, Richard Mill, Thomas Carr, Christopher Coles, Robert Palmer, John Naldrett, John Hardham, Edmund Booker, Richard Aylwine and William Ayleing gents) by virtue of a writ of partition returnable in common pleas
Warranty against Anthony Brewning esq and wife Beatrice (mother of WB and a co-heir of AF) and Sir Thomas Barker and wife Susannah
W: Frelond Taylor, William Younge, Edward Jeffereys; Gilbert Raleigh, Roger Huntly; Meredith Prise, Rees Thomas
HA 674

SELMESTON: Pre-nuptial settlement (lease and release)  AMS5923/11, 12  29 and 30 Sept 1673

Robert Rochester senior of Selmeston esq to John Parker of Hellingly gent, Thomas Weller of Jevington gent and John Brooke of Hailsham gent in trust
RR's eldest son Robert Rochester to marry Elizabeth eldest daughter of William Marckwick of Jevington gent
1. The Three Hams (40a)
2. The Pight (10½a) occupied by William Elphicke
3. The Bakes, Smiths Croft and The Croft (50a)
4. Oldland & Peirces Field (11a) occupied by John French
5. The Drove (18a) Great Barnfield, The Stonary and Longlyds (52a)
6. Land (1a) with a chalk marlpit in Berwick with common for 7 bullocks and sheep leazes on Berwick Common
7. Manor of Ludlay with capital messuage, barns and stables
8. The Wish (10a), Gosse Croft and Little Barnfield (22a), Little Wood and Three Corner Field (15a) and Woodland (18a)
9. Homefield, East Marle and two fields under the coppice (38a) occupied by John Smith
All (except 6) in Selmeston and all (except 2, 4 and 9) occupied by RR senior
W: Henry Coby, William Coopper
HA 672, 673

WALDRON: Probate (Lewes) of will (20 Dec 1748) of Thomas Ranger of Waldron victualler  AMS5923/13  25 May 1749

Pecuniary bequest to daughter Susannah wife of John Delveres wife Mary residuary legatee and executrix
W: John Edwards, John Vine, John Gosling
HA 682

Estate of John Piper of East Hoathly  [no ref. or date]

Buxted  [no ref. or date]

Probate (South Malling) of the will (16 May 1728) of John Burges of Buxted husbandman  AMS5923/14  28 Jun 1728

Chattel bequests to wife Elizabeth, the executrix
W: Robert Palmer, Elizabeth Palmer, Mary Shoosmith
HA 680

Probate (South Malling) of the will (29 Jan 1731) of Elizabeth Burges widow of John Burges of Buxted  AMS5923/15  18 Apr 1738

Pecuniary and chattel bequests to children William Pipper of East Hoathly, Thomas and Elizabeth Pipper; son John Pipper residuary legatee and executor
W: John Moon, Richard Jeffery, John Tyhurst
HA 681

EAST HOATHLY  [no ref. or date]

Related information: [For other deeds of this tenement, 1722 - 96, see AMS5922/10-15.]

Final concord, Easter 1637  AMS5923/16, 17  1637

George Virgoe and wife Elizabeth to John Weller and George Weller
Land (25a) in East Hoathly
HA 688

Conveyance (feoffment with covenant to levy fine and recovery) for £200  AMS5923/18  29 Oct 1648

John Stace alias Sheather of East Hoathly yeoman and wife Joan to Alexander Alchorne of West Firle yeoman and his son Richard Alchorne
1. House, garden and two pieces of land (8a) called Nicholas, once part of a tenement called Chapmans
2. Land called Lilmere (2a)
3. Land called The Speles otherwise Garlands (10a)
All occupied by JS, in East Hoathly
John Pope of Clifford's Inn gent and John Elphicke of London gent to be parties to the fine and recovery
W: Benjamin Scarlett, John Newnham, William Earle
HA 689

Fine and recovery required by AMS5923/17 Michaelmas 1648  AMS5923/19-21  1648

HA 690, 691

Final concord, Michaelmas 1722  AMS5923/22  1722

William Henry Benge gent to Richard Goldsmith
House, barn and land in East Hoathly
HA 692

Counterpart mortgage for £80  AMS5923/23  30 Jul 1751

John Goldsmith of Chalvington yeoman to Robert Plumer of Cliffe grocer
House and land as AMS5923/18 occupied by Richard Goldsmith and JG
W: John Plumer, John Webb
HA 693

Mortgage for £150 with bond  AMS5923/24, 25  29 Sept 1764

John Piper of East Hoathly yeoman to John Gouldsmith of Laughton yeoman
House and land as AMS5923/18, occupied by John Vine
Recites sale, JG to JP, 27 and 28 Sept and that the present mortgage is for £100, the remaining £50 to finance an annuity of £2 to Richard Gouldsmith of Hailsham tallowchandler which is charged on the land
W: William Michell, Thomas Farnes
Endorsed: receipt for principal and interest by Richard Sharpe as executor of JG; W: Josias Smith; 2 Apr 1791
HA 694, 695

Letters: Alford to Locke  AMS5924  [n.d.]

Source of acquisition: Transcripts of documents at the Bodleian Library, Oxford

Copies information: Bodleian MS Locke c3 ff5-20

Administrative history:
The Alford family of Offington in Durrington owned the manor of Hamsey and John Alford's daughter Elizabeth married Richard Bridger of Coombe Place; a letter from Locke to John Alford is among the Shiffner of Coombe Place archive, SHR 1560

Transcripts by Esmond S de Beer of letters from Lady Ann Alford and her son John Alford to JA's tutor John Locke at Christ Church, Oxford, 1665 - 66, 1681
The first seven letters, from Ann Alford, relate to her son's expenses at Oxford, to his character, and to his going down in Jul 1665 in advance of the court, which had left London for fear of the plague. The last letter, from John Alford, thanks Locke for the unexpected return of a book and hopes for a meeting

Western/Central Brighton Traders' Association  AMS5925  [n.d.]

Source of acquisition: Records donated in July 1984 to Brighton Museum by (ACC 102446), and transferred on loan to the Record Office on 26 July 1984 (ACC 4294)

Administrative history:
The Association was founded in 1928 as the Western Road and District Traders' Association, renamed in 1930 the Western Brighton Traders' Association, and again in 1967 the Central Brighton Traders' Association

Minute book (signed) of Annual Meetings and Committees  AMS5925/1  21 Feb 1933 - 5 Dec 1934

Minute book (signed) of Annual Meetings and Committees  AMS5925/2  22 Jan 1935 - 8 Dec 1936

Minute book (signed) of Annual Meetings and Committees  AMS5925/3  6 Jan 1937 - 28 Mar 1939

Minute book (signed) of Annual Meetings and Committees  AMS5925/4  9 Jan 1940 - 21 Nov 1950

Minute book (signed) of Annual Meetings and Committees  AMS5925/5  16 Jan 1951 - 15 Mar 1955

(At end, list of officers and committee members, 1941 - 54; bound in, statements of accounts, 1929 - 31)

Minutes, as above (file)  AMS5925/6  26 Mar 1956 - 19 Jan 1966

Minutes, as above (file)  AMS5925/7  22 Feb 1965 - 26 Nov 1968

File of copy minutes of Annual Meetings and Committees, with correspondence and papers  AMS5925/8  1954 - 61

File of copy minutes of Annual Meetings and Committees, with correspondence and papers  AMS5925/9  1961 - 69

File of copy minutes of Annual Meetings and Committees, with correspondence and papers  AMS5925/10  1969 - 75

Annual Reports and Statements of Accounts  AMS5925/11  1957 - 74

Printed rules, membership lists, programmes  AMS5925/12  1931 - 67

Statements of Accounts (annual), 1928, 1933 - 73  AMS5925/13  1928-1973

Related information: See AMS5925/5 for 1929 - 31

Cash journal  AMS5925/14  1951 - 65

Account book  AMS5925/15  1958 - 63

Cash book vouchers  AMS5925/16  1966 - 74

Petty cash receipts  AMS5925/17  1959 - 74

File: dinner menus and tickets  AMS5925/18  1929 - 69

(Incomplete set; includes photograph at 21st Anniversary Dinner, 1949)

File: Shops Acts (half-day closing arrangements, etc)  AMS5925/19  1919 - 65

File: illuminations (mainly newspaper cuttings)  AMS5925/20  1957 - 59

File: Six-Day Trading Referendum  AMS5925/21  1968

Rules of the London Road and District Trading Association  AMS5925/22  1933

Rules of the Brighton and Hove Chamber of Commerce and Trade  AMS5925/23  1953

Brochure: Churchill Square, Western Road, Brighton - Phase 2  AMS5925/24  1968/69

East Sussex County Council: Which Direction? - Discussion Paper on Planning Policies  AMS5925/25  Apr 1974

Booklet: Preston Street Traders' Association - An Appeal to have the [Parking] Meters Reinstated  AMS5925/26  Aug 1974

Borough of Brighton: Report to Policy and Resources Committee on Church Street/Jubilee Street Redevelopment Area  AMS5925/27  1974

Local rolls of assessment, 1332 subsidy  AMS5926  [n.d.]

Source of acquisition: Photographs of documents at The Henry Huntington Library, California, given 13 February 1973 (ACC 1562)

Related information: For a detailed commentary on the workings of the subsidy system in the medieval period, which comments on the difficulties experienced in Kent and Sussex in arriving at the 1334 figures because of the Cinque Ports' liberty, see Charles Johnson in The English Government at Work, 1327 - 36 (Cambridge Mass 1947) vol 2 p203 and M Beresford, Lay Subsidies and Poll Taxes (1963)

The presence of these returns in the Battle Abbey archive at the Huntington can be explained by the appointment of the abbot as county assessor for the 1334 subsidy in Sussex (CPR 1334-38 p39); in arriving at the sums to be raised that year the locally retained rolls of assessment (which in many cases give details of the goods assessed) must have been used as a guide. Indeed on the returns for the hundreds of Staple, Henhurst and Holmstrow a sum de incremento is added to the 1332 totals in a different hand and in the Henhurst example the increase is stated to represent a rise in the price of wheat
These photographs were obtained by L F Salzman for the preparation of his article 'Early taxation in Sussex' (SAC 98 29-43.99.1-19), in which numbers AMS5926/2-22 and AMS5926/34-39 below were transcribed and a commentary provided on some of the major differences between these documents and the printed returns (SRS 10)
The documents are arranged in the order in which they appear in the published returns of 1332; printed indicates that the return was transcribed by Salzman in SAC 99

Huntington Library order form  AMS5926/1  16 Jan 1958

Hundred of Rotherbridge: detailed lists of stock for the vills of Petworth, River, Tillington, Ebernoe, Stopham, Sutton, Woollavington, Barlavington and Duncton  AMS5926/2-11  1332


Hundred of Holmstrow: detailed lists of stock for the vills of Rodmell, Southease and Meeching  AMS5926/12-22  1332


Hundred of Guestling  AMS5926/23-27  1332

Details of William de Ore's stock followed by assessed sums only for the vills of Guestling, Icklesham, Pett and Fairlight with a list of those (21 names) having mobilia in the hundred but personally resident in Winchelsea or Hastings and claiming exemption

Half-hundred of Bexhill  AMS5926/28, 29  1332

Hundred of Staple: assessed sums only for the vills of Ewhurst, Sedlescombe, Chitcombe and Northiam  AMS5926/30-33  1332

Hundred of Henhurst: detailed lists of stock for the vills of Fontridge, Glottenham, Salehurst and Iridge  AMS5926/34-39  1332


Deeds of Little Woodberrie (formerly Yew Tree Cottages), Broad Street, Icklesham, 1721 - 1984 (ESX 106227)  AMS5927  [n.d.]

Source of acquisition: Documents deposited 20 November 1985 (ACC 4544)

On 5 Jul 1722 Thomas Holles duke of Newcastle leased a cottage and a piece of highway waste (1a) adjoining Charles Eversfield's land to Elizabeth Cleve of Pett widow for 40 years from 29 Sept 1721 at 2s. She undertook to plant and maintain four oak or ash trees on the premises (1). Another lease was granted on 15 Sept 1788 to Mary Champney of Icklesham spinster for 21 years at 6s, after the expiry of another 21 year lease to John Champney; what had been Eversfield's land was described as formerly John Turpine's (2)
A new lease must have been granted to Mary wife of Edward Bumpstead of Icklesham; by her will of 9 May 1810 (proved 24 Jul) she left the cottage (in two dwellings, one unoccupied) and another leasehold cottage in Pett to her executor William Blackman senior of Icklesham farmer as trustee for sale for the benefit of her late husband's brothers and sisters and the natural son of one of them. Blackman was also granted administration of Edward Bumpstead's estate unadministered by Mary at her death (3, 4)
On 2 Apr 1829 the earl of Chichester's executors sold the property (occupied by William Stone) to William Cloke of Guestling miller for £35; also conveyed were a cottage, buildings and four pieces of land (1r 9p) at Shellies Green, Guestling occupied by William Bufford and Plumb, N and S of the road and W of unenclosed land (5, 6)
By his will of 20 Feb 1841 Cloke left the property to his granddaughter Mary Ann Cloke Breeds; he died 1 Mar 1848, the will was proved (PCC) on 3 Oct 1848 and on 29 Dec 1851 the property was settled on Mary Ann's marriage with Henry Plaisted Newington of Cuckfield, chemist and druggist. After the determination of two life interests the estate was mortgaged to James Pinyon of Ashburnham farmer for £450 on 28 Jun 1856, who on 7 Dec 1870 transferred his interest to his daughter Caroline wife of Edward Chapman Hodgson of Ashburnham farmer (7)
By virtue of a power of sale in the 1856 mortgage the Hodgsons sold the property to Thomas Reeves Weston of Guestling farmer for £125 on 11 Oct 1884; the deeds of 1851, 1856 and 1870 were covenanted to be produced by George Edward Morris of Battle miller, to whom the bulk of the estate had been sold (8, 9)
Weston sold to William Rouse Whittingham Upjohn of Guestling Hall gent for £115 on 8 Nov 1898, whose executors sold to Walter Merricks of The Manor House, Icklesham esq as part of a larger estate) for £1,700 on 31 Dec 1924 (10, 11)
Merricks sold to Mary wife of John William Ernest Cooper of Clive Vale, Hastings gent for £200 on 8 Jan 1925 whose son Adrian Geoffrey Gordon Cooper (who had occupied the premises) sold to Lt Cmdr Guy Patrick Bewley RN of Claygate, Surrey for £2,600 on 14 May 1948 (12-19)
Bewley sold to Alan Douglas James of Winchelsea company director for £2,750 on 31 Mar 1950 who on 20 Nov 1951 purchased a right of way from Walter Richard Merricks of the neighbouring Broad Street Farm (20-24)
James sold to Norman Parris Biggs of Weybridge, Surrey for £3,950 on 15 Oct 1958 who on 2 Aug 1962 sold to Frederick Stanley Thake of Belmont, Surrey surveyor for £4,950 (25-31); he sold to Joseph Brian Warren for £6,900 on 2 Nov 1964 who on 23 Aug 1974 sold to George William John and Pamela June McMillan of Beckenham, Kent for £23,000 (32-35), from whom the depositors purchased on 26 Nov 1984 (36-38)

Court books of the manor of Blatchington, 1555 - 1861  AMS5928  [n.d.]

Source of acquisition: Documents temporarily deposited with the Sussex Archaeological Society in 1916, presented to the Society in 1941 and deposited by the Society, 21 June 1982 (ACC 3608)

Related information: For other records of the manor, see SAS/DR1-80

The manor, once referred to in the first book as Blatchington Peverell, lay almost exclusively in the parish of East Blatchington apart from a freehold outlier in Eastbourne and Willingdon, which included Radmell, which was itself the seat of the manor of Radmell Beverington owned by the lords Abergavenny

Court book, 1541, 1555 - 1818  AMS5928/1  1541-1818

At front: rental of free and copyhold tenants with names of occupiers; memorandum of lease of manor house and demesnes and exchange with John Gage kt for land at Exceat, list of rents resolute and rental of land at Cokeham and Sompting acquired from Richard Shirley by exchange; 1541
ff 1-113, pp114-132 Courts baron, 24 Jun 1555 - 13 Oct 1818

Index to AMS5928/1; covers entries from f45 (1 Nov 1652) only  AMS5928/2  nd

Bound in a fragment of a lease, Mary Weekes, John Bromfield, John Lawton and wife Jane and Henry Lawton to Nicholas Fry at £210; [the lease is certainly of part of the estate late John Weekes of Westfield (d 1702) whose wife was Mary daughter of Thomas Gilbert of Eastbourne, whose kinsman Nicholas Gilbert was steward of Blatchington manor; it probably relates to Filsham Farm in St Leonards, of which Nicholas Fry became tenant between 1729 and 1733. See VCH 9.83, SAS/F 133-141 and ELT St Leonards]

Court book  AMS5928/3  1822 - 61

Pp1-24 courts, baron, 1822 - 61
At end - index

Translated extracts from court rolls, 1461 - 65, 1532 - 35 [SAS/DR1-3] and of ff1-32 of AMS5928/1  AMS5928/4  1941

Richard Tutt: will  AMS5929  [n.d.]

Source of acquisition: Document deposited with the Sussex Archaeological Society 1941 and transferred by the Society, 21 June 1982 (ACC 3082)

Probate (Lewes) of the will (12 Oct 1698) of Richard Tutt of Eastbourne, shepherd  AMS5929/1  1 Apr 1703

Pecuniary and chattel bequests to wife Elizabeth, son James, son Richard, his children Richard and Ann, son-in-law Richard Barnden of Berwick and his son Richard at 21
House, arable (½a), well and close occupied by Deborah Bradford widow (formerly a barn and land of John Fryer) and marshland (1r) in Peak Spot, all held of Eastbourne Gildredge manor, to wife for life, remainder to son James
Son James to pay son-in-law John Coppernett what is due to him should he return from slavery after the death of Elizabeth Tutt, the executrix
W: Thomas Smith, Thomas Crunden, John Foord
HA 94

Framfield and Chiddingly: deeds  AMS5930  [n.d.]

Source of acquisition: Documents (1-25 below) deposited with the Sussex Archaeological Society 1947, and (26 below) given March 1947, and transferred or deposited by the Society, 21 June 1982 (ACC 3122, 3655)

This small group of documents relates to the estates of the Rev William Peckham Woodward of Maresfield and of his brother John Woodward of Streele in Framfield esq; at least part of the latter's estate passed to him on the death of their aunt Mary widow of the Rev Henry Courthope of Brenchley in Kent in 1830
The estates had descended from William Peckham of Arches in Framfield and from Robert Durrant of Streele, respectively grandfather and great uncle of the Woodward brothers
A very similar group of material deposited with the Society by the Mead family in 1933 and 1948 (SAS/LM1-173) seems to be derived from the portion of the Peckham and Durrant estates which passed to another brother, Thomas Woodward of Buxted; the deeds of the Arches estate (AMS3637-3688) also contain relevant material. In 1829 William Peckham Woodward mortgaged his estate to Jane Sophia Trotter of Cuckfield widow and Robert Trotter; a schedule of the deeds delivered to the mortgagees (AMS5930/17) forms the most convenient summary of the holdings at that date
The letter from William Newton to his sister (AMS5930/26) descended to Miss Woodward from William Courthope Mabbott, who married Elizabeth Newton; it was published by Walter Godfrey in SNQ 12.130-131 in 1949
AMS5930/1-25 were formerly listed by the Society as HA 696-720; AMS5930/26 was unlisted. HA 721, a conveyance of land in Keston, Kent, 1640, has been transferred to Kent Archives Office and HA 722-727, documents concerning Hugh Marchant's estate at St Martin in the Fields, 1695 - 1723, to the Greater London Record Office

Estate of John Peckham of Arches in Framfield  [no ref.]  d 1742

Copy of court roll, manor of Mayfield  AMS5930/1  24 Oct 1727

Admission of Richard Marchant on the death of his father Richard Marchant
1. House and land (12a shareland) called Denys, relief 5s
2. Potmans Croft (2a), relief 1s 4d
Both in Mayfield
HA 696

Conveyance (lease and release) for £25  AMS5930/2, 3  9 and 10 Mar 1730

Richard Marchant of Rotherfield yeoman to John Peckham of Arches in Framfield gent
Potmans Croft (2a) occupied by William Shoebridge; E, S: Hadlow Down-Stonemill brook road; W: Thomas Everest's land; N: RM's land
W: Thomas Wilson, Elizabeth Wilson
HA 697, 698

Bond in £200 on the surrender by RM to JP of the house, barn and land called Denys in AMS5930/1; W: William Shoebridge, Thomas Wilson  AMS5930/4  9 Mar 1730

HA 699

Probate (South Mailing) of the will (29 Oct 1742) of John Peckham of Arches in Framfield gent  AMS5930/5  1 Jan 1743

Freehold called Claylands (40a) in Mayfield to nephew William son of his brother William Peckham
Recites ownership of term of 5,000 years in three pieces of fresh marsh called Little Lamphams (20a) in Pevensey
Potmans Croft and a house, barn and land (25a) called Marchants, Woodwards and Drayes in Mayfield, lately bought from John Dapp, to nephew William Peckham
Pecuniary bequests to William, John, Jane, Ann wife of Christopher Weller and Mary, children of sister Ann Ridge, and to the poor of Framfield
William Peckham executor and residuary legatee
W: Thomas Wilson, Elizabeth Wilson, Sarah Kenward
HA 700

Estate of William Peckham of Arches in Framfield  [no ref.]  d 1770

Licence, manor of Willingdon, to William Peckham gent to lease his customary houses, lands and tenements for 14 years from 29 Sept 1752  AMS5930/6  2 Jun 1752

HA 712

Probate (South Malling) of the will (22 Apr 1756) of William Peckham of Arches in Framfield gent  AMS5930/7  23 Feb 1771

Manor of Arches, capital messuage and land (140a), house and farm called Mount Ephraim and land called Hawksbridge near Honeys Green (40½a), in Framfield and land (12a) called Bolneys in East Hoathly; fields occupied by John Fuller and Edward Inskipp, in Uckfield, to daughter Sarah, subject to the life estate of his wife Sarah
House and farm in Heathfield to daughter Sarah for the life of his wife, remainder to his daughter Mary
Farm and land called Little Lampham in Pevensey (20a) occupied by Thomas Everest and Peaks Farm, Chiddingly and Hellingly occupied by James Pegden [cf AMS5930/18-24] to daughter Mary
Wife Sarah the executrix and residuary legatee
W: William Durrant, Richard Rideout, James Halsted
HA 703

Settlement on Sarah Peckham's marriage  [no ref.]  1771

Copy pre-nuptial settlement ([lease and] release)  AMS5930/8  [22 and] 22 Nov 1771

Sarah Peckham junior of Buxted spinster (eldest daughter of William Peckham of Arches in Framfield deceased) and the Rev William Woodward clerk, rector of Plumpton to William Ridge of Lewes St Ann gent, Harry Jackson of the Middle Temple esq, John Ridge of Kingston gent and George Bethune of Rowfant clerk in trust
JP to marry WW; she conveys to WR and HJ
1. The manor of Arches
2. Capital messuage, Bushy Lands, Barley Croft, Long Mead, Little and Great Hoyle, Burrow Field adjoining Pellaies, Homefield, Great and Little Westfield and five pieces called Andrews (140a) in Framfield; E: Cobcoal-Easons Green road and land late Robert Plumer gent; S: John Smith of Little Streele and SP's land; W: late John Driver, Nicholas Stone, widow Stapley and Edmund Calverley; N: late John Meeres Fagg esq, John Chatfield and Robert Palmer; all known as Arches Farm and occupied by Henry Colgate
3. Arable (3a 2r 5p) called Old Orchard, occupied by Henry Colgate; S: SP's land; N, W: John Chatfield's land; E: Kettle's Down-Easons Green road
4. Bolneys (12a) in East Hoathly; E: Terrible Down-Easons Green road; S: watercourse called Hawkbridge; E, N: Whiligh Lands; Hawkbridge (40½a) in Framfield; S, E: Terrible Down-Easons Green road; N: late Henry Pelham esq and Doubell; W: John Ridge's Wood; all (with copyhold below) known as Honey's Green Farm and occupied by William Driver
5. House, two barns and ten pieces of land (25a) called Marchants, Woodwards and Drays near Broadreed in Mayfield, occupied by Robert Jeffery; buildings and six pieces (15a) S: Skippers Hill-Buxted road; W: William Moon's heirs and late James Gaston; W, N: late Thomas Kenward; E: late Thomas Wickersham and Broadreed Common; E, N: lane from the common to late Thomas Kenward's land [margin, c1829: Pigs Foot]
6. Three pieces (9a) S: common; W: late John Moon now William Wickens; N: late Thomas Wickersham; E: Impingtons Lane; one piece E, W: common; S, N: road over the common to Buxted; old assart called Bayhawe (1½a) with old assart (4a) adjoining and new assart (3a) called The Rolle and a farthing of bond land of the yard of Broadreed (40a) all W: Potmans Cross-Rotherfield road; N: late John Wickersham; E: land of Stapley, William Moon and John Dapp; S: John Gaston; Potmans Croft (2a) at Hadlow Down occupied by Thomas Dann; E, S: Hadlow Down-Stonemill brook road; W: Thomas Everest late James Dicker; N: copyhold late Richard Martin
[Margin, c1829: Dapp's Farm]
Which descended to her on the death of her father William Peckham, partly subject to the life estate of his widow Sarah according to a settlement of 14 and 15 Feb 1743 [for which see AMS3637, 3638]
SP covenants to surrender the following copyholds of Framfield manor
7. House, barns and land (1½a old assart) called Sichell Brooks, new assart (5a) near Thomas Foord's (formerly Carpenter's) house, The Hame (3a new assart), Wickershams Wish (4a new assart), Newlands (3a new assart) S of Plotsbridge-Uckfield road; The Bank adjoining (3a), three pieces (7a), meadow (1a), Boothland (25a) called Westlands, Great and Little Hame and Birchvale; all bond of the yard of Wickersham
8. Part of The Hoyle Common (15a 18p); S: Westwood Common; E: Thomas Peckham and Samuel Butler; N: SP's land; W: Driver's land; [margin, c1829: admitted under a surrender made by William Peckham and William Durrant, 20 May 1743; 19 Jun 1810 (AMS3656)]
9. House, barn and land (18a new assart) in the ward of Sichell Brook; Black Brook (4a new assart), Hogs Croft (3a new assart) late John Peckham of Terrible Down, part of The Hoyle (2a 10p) W: The Hoyle; S: Westwood Common; E, N: SP's land
10. Land under the tithe barn of Uckfield near the E part of HinderLashbrooks (2a bond of the yard of Bush)
[Margin, c1829: surrendered by William Peckham to James Skinner, 15 Feb 1764]
11. Brents (2½a bond of the yard of Bush) late Gibbs before Cottingtons
[Margin, c1829: surrendered by William Peckham to Edward Inskip, 29 Sept 1761]
12. Cottage and garden (1½a new assart)
13. Hopgarden (2a); E, N, W: lane from Honey's Green to SP's land; two watering places (6p N, W: Westwood; S, E: SP's land) in two fields called Nine Acres; land (29p) N, W, S: Westwood; E: SP's land; a lane (2p) S; Westwood; N, E, W: SP's land; waste (2a Or 21p) N, W: Richard Rideout deceased; N: Ridgewood Common; S, E: SP's land; house, barn and land (1a new assart) on Highwood Common near Ridgewood Common; house called Carpenters near Ridgewood Common and land (5a old assart called Falkly, 11a new assart) late John Peckham; Cockslott (7a new assart); late waste near Cockslott (1½a new assart); Potreed (3a middle assart); four pieces of land once Walsingham Wickersham gent and late Thomas Wickersham (9a bond of the verge of Wickersham); former part of Ridgewood Common (2a new assart)
[Margin, c1829: admitted on the death of William Peckham, 26 Apr 1771 (see AMS3642)]
14. House, barn and four pieces of land (16a new assart) at Honeys Green formerly Kenwards and late William Durrant SP's grandfather; Barecroft otherwise Wellcroft otherwise Bonnys Green (2a new assart) once Smith then Sir George Chute then William Durrant E: Hawksbridge-Easons Green road; N: Petreed; W, S: Common
All occupied by Henry Colgate, William Driver, Samuel Cleaver and John Taylor
SP covenants to surrender the following copyhold of Mayfield manor
15. House, barn and land (12a) called Denys occupied by Thomas Dann [see AMS5930/1, 4]
WW covenants to surrender the following
16. House and land (160a) called Tovies in Worth, occupied by Mary Illman widow and her son William Illman, copyhold of Worth manor
17. Land (12a) in Ringmer occupied by Simon Crunden, held of Ringmer manor
18 House and land in Balmerborough, Falmer occupied by William Wade, held of Falmer manor
W: Michael Brooker, Richard Dungate, Robert Withington, Charles Hood, Hugh Lewis, John Hook
HA 704

Estate of Sarah widow of William Peckham  [no ref.]  (d 1776)

Conveyance (lease [and release])  AMS5930/9  9 [and 10] Jun 1755

William Stone of Framfield gent to Samuel Waghorne of Blackboys in Framfield, blacksmith
Polt Row Wood (9a); E: Blackboys Common; N: Tickerage Wood; W: John Smith's Baxleys; S: SW's land late Moons
W: Richard Rideout, John Hobbes
HA 701

Release by assignee of mortgage  AMS5930/10  2 Sept 1755

Related information: [Polt Row Wood was conveyed to Sarah Peckham of Buxted widow 24 and 25 May 1773: see AMS5930/17]

Robert Palmer of Chinting in Seaford gent to Samuel Waghorne
Polt Row Wood, part of a capital messuage and farm called New Place otherwise Eastons otherwise Threal, mortgaged by WS in 9 above (then of Stonebridge) to his father William Stone of Framfield, 25 Mar 1736, which term is now vested in RP
W: Nicholas Stone, Richard Rideout
HA 702

Probate (South Malling) of the will (21 Jan 1774) of Sarah Peckham of Buxted widow  AMS5930/11  18 May 1776

Houses and land purchased from Samuel Waghorne to daughter Sarah, wife of the Rev William Woodward
Pecuniary bequests to daughters Sarah and Mary, the executrices and residuary legatees
W: Elizabeth Brooker, Elizabeth Wisdom, Richard Dungate
Endorsed: testatrix died 10 Jan 1776
HA 705

Estate of William Woodward clerk  [no ref.]  1743 - 86

Copy of court roll, manor of Framfield  AMS5930/12  27 Feb 1781

Related information: [For the admission of the Rev William Woodward to the above, 27 Jun 1783 see AMS3651.]

Admission of Walter Mason on the death of his mother Elizabeth Mason, and conditional surrender to Henry Mason of Folkington gent for £500
1. House, two barns and bond land (38a of the yard of Brook and Upton), formerly Brooks; S: watercourse; W: Framfield church-High Cross road; N: Framfield glebe; E: late Thomas Holman and part of Arches
2. Bondland (4a of the yard of Wickersham) called Upper Oatearth, formerly William Warnett gent
3. Meadow (4a of the yard of Wickersham) called Drakehurst formerly Peckham's, once John Wickersham's and Walsingham Wickersham's; S, E: Framfield church-High Cross road
4. Upper Lid (4a) and Lower Lid (8a), bond of yard of Wickersham
5. Bondland (3a of the yard of Wickersham) formerly John Alchorne's, bounds as 4
6. Part of Longlands (12a of yard of Brook and Town), S: Longlands late Thomas Holman; W, N: Petlays, late William Peckham of Arches; [?E]: Framfield glebe
All late Elizabeth Calverley widow
Copy W by Thomas Huson and Richard Wisdom, clerks to Hoper and Faulconer, Lewes, 18 Jun 1842

Estate of Sarah widow of William Woodward  [no ref.]  d 1823

Copy of court roll, Framfield manor  AMS5930/13  19 Jun 1810

Admission of Sarah Woodward widow, eldest daughter of Sarah widow of William Peckham, only sister of William Durrant
1. Two pieces land (5a new assart) on the Bish Pit-PounsleyMill Lane; land (1½a new assart)
2. Longcroft (3a new assart) E: Buxted-Waldron road; Stewards (4a new assart, part wood)
All late Mary Coles, at PounsleyGreen, Buxted
HA 708

Copy of court roll, Framfield manor  AMS5930/14  19 Jun 1810

Admission in trust of Sarah Woodward as AMS5930/13 on the death of William Durrant, who survived his co-trustee for Framfield parish Edward Smith
Cottage and land (1a new assart) near Terrible Down, Framfield; E: Sandhill-Terrible Down road; S: late John Ridge gent; N, W: Henry Hall, lord Gage
HA 709

Estate of William Peckham Woodward clerk  [no ref.]  1772 - 1849

Copy will (3 Sept 1799) of Robert Durrant of Framfield gent, proved PCC  AMS5930/15  2 Jan 1800

Pecuniary and chattel bequests to the poor of Framfield and Buxted, the Rev Henry Courthope of Brenchley, great-niece Sarah Woodward
Farms at Sevenoaks and Chevening, Kent occupied by Thomas Wyman to great-nephew William Peckham Woodward clerk
Farm at Speldhurst, Kent occupied by John May, house there occupied by Henry Bannister and Broomfields Farm, Mayfield occupied by James Saunders to great-nephew Thomas Woodward
Great Streele Farm, Framfield and Highlands Farm, Framfield occupied by Thomas Cottington and marshland in Pevensey occupied by Edmund and John Catt, farm in Buxted occupied by Thomas Ware, house and land at Shortbridge in Fletching occupied by George Hemsley, cottages in Framfield occupied by Press, Wren and Newnham and land in Buxted occupied by Richard Eades to great-nephew John Woodward
Farm in Buxted with the millpond occupied by Elizabeth Page widow and Lower Sandhill and Squires Farm, Framfield occupied by Winton, to great-nephew Henry Woodward
Coles Farm at Pounsley in Buxted occupied by John Buckwell, adjoining wood occupied by RD and house, barn and land (1a) occupied by Thomas Martin to great-niece Sarah Woodward
Niece Sarah Woodward widow and John Woodward the executors
W: Thomas Cottington, John Waterman, Richard Andrew Turner
HA 707

Release of share of personal estate to legatee  AMS5930/16  20 Jan 1801

Sarah Woodward of Buxted widow and Henry Courthope of Brenchley, Kent clerk and wife Mary (nieces and co-heiresses of Robert Durrant of Streele in Framfield gent deceased), Henry Woodward of Buxted esq, John Woodward of Streele esq, William Peckham Woodward of Maresfield clerk and Thomas Woodward of Buxted esq to Robert Hoffman Faulconer of Lewes gent in trust for WPW
Recites division of personal estate of RD and allotment to WPW of a mortgage by Samuel Shergold of Brighton esq to RD for £5,000, 21 and 22 Oct 1796 of
1. Common Coppice (10a) formerly occupied by Nicholas Challoner in Chiltington and Westmeston; E: Lamberpit Lane; S: late Nicholas Challoner now Street parsonage; W: late William Sawyer then Thomas Wood in right of his wife; N: a lane to Lindfield; conveyed to SS by Thomas Day of Barcombe yeoman, 28 and 29 Sept 1792
2. Site of a house with a barn, malthouse and land (25a) called Chaynes, formerly occupied by Thomas Walker and Thomas Blackman, then Thomas Fuller and now James Hemsley, in Street
3. Coppice (5a) formerly part of Crops Tenement and once part of Street Common, lately occupied by Thomas Fuller in Street; S: late John Vallance; E: land occupied by William Hamshar; W, N: land occupied by John Marchant
4. Land (2a once part of Street Common) occupied by James Hemsley, purchased (inter alia) by William Crawley from John Pritchett and wife Elizabeth; N: 3 above; E: as 3 above; S: John Vallance's Common Field; W: Edwards' land. 2-4 above once the estate of John Grey clerk deceased and conveyed to SS by John Vallance of Hove gent, wife Deborah and James Buckoll of Brighton gent, 22 and 23 Dec 1790
5. House, barn and land (24a) called Gourds in Street occupied by James Hemsley, conveyed to SS and Thomas Scutt by Thomas Harben of Lewes esq and John Fisher of Lewes gent his trustee, 17 and 18 Feb 1790
6. House and garden in Street once Walter Dobell esq then Sarah and Henry Thomas Gott, then Mary Dennett widow, then Samuel Durrant esq, then Jane Harrison spinster then Dominic Whiteman then Harvey Smith bt then Thompson clerk; S: demesne once Walter now Mary Dobell; N: a lane to Plumpton; W: road; E: late John Mitton deceased; conveyed by Harvey Smith to SS and Thomas Best of Brighton his trustee, 28 and 29 Jun 1789
7. The Racing Stables, coach houses and granaries on the S side of Church Street, Brighton, occupied by Thomas Tilt, built on part of a larger plot conveyed to SS by Nathaniel Kemp esq, 27 and 28 Mar 1781
8. Land in the N part of North Street, Brighton with stables, coach houses, a twelve-stall stable and three six-stall stables, occupied by Thomas Tilt; N, E: Thomas Kemp's garden occupied by Thomas Turner; S: North Street; W: Thomas Kemp's close occupied by John Sicklemore
W: Richard Andrew Turner, Henry Verrall, Lewes, Samuel Salmon, Ipswich, Richard Jones, Tunbridge Wells
HA 719

Schedule of deeds passed to mortgagee  AMS5930/17  28 Nov 1829

Woodward's parents' marriage settlement (AMS5930/8) had provided for the mortgage of the estate to raise portions for the children of the marriage; on 19 and 20 Nov 1829 a £3,000 mortgage was raised from Jane Sophia Trotter of Cuckfield widow and Robert Trotter (for a copy of which see AMS3664 and 3665)
The schedule lists deeds of Arches, Bolneys and Hawksbridge from 1743 and the following additions to that estate: Old Orchard purchased from William Stone in 1744, Marchants, Woodwards and Drayes from John Dapp of Mayfield yeoman in 1739 and Potmans Croft from Richard Marchant of Rotherfield yeoman in 1730
The title of The Lanthorne Farm in Framfield includes Malgars and Polt Row Wood, purchased from Samuel Waghorne in 1773
HA 710

Thunders Hill and Ramsbeech in Chiddingly  [no ref.]  1743 - 76

[From the Chiddingly land tax it appears that this property descended from Mary Courthope to her nephew John Woodward of Streele in 1831.]

Conveyance ([lease and] release) for £200  AMS5930/18  [14 and] 16 Apr 1743

William Curtis of Salehurst yeoman to his father Thomas Curtis of Bexhill yeoman
His third share in two houses, barns and land (50a) called Thunders, occupied by Henry Ellis, bequeathed to him by Margaret Smith
Warranty against dower of WC's wife Elizabeth
W: George Worge, John Backshell
HA 711

Partition (deed to lead uses of a fine)  AMS5930/19  12 Apr 1758

William Curtis of Bexhill yeoman and wife Elizabeth, John Curtis of Eastbourne mariner, Richard Curtis of Battle yeoman and wife Ann, Richard Bran of Goudhurst yeoman and wife Mary and William Gibbons of Etchingham and wife Margaret (children of Elizabeth Curtis of Battle widow deceased) and Henry Ellis of Chiddingly yeoman
1. House and two pieces of land (4a) called Woodsfall Down, occupied by William Dyne
2. Two-thirds of two houses, barns, malthouse, stable and land (60a) called Thunders Hill, occupied by HE
1 above to the children, 2 to HE
W: John Mallory Bishop, John Slatter
HA 713

Assignment of mortgage and further charge for £115  AMS5930/20  10 Mar 1761

Sarah Crowhurst of Sedlescombe spinster (mortgagee) with Joseph Calverley of Hellingly esq, Henry Ellis of Chiddingly yeoman (eldest son of Henry Ellis of Chiddingly yeoman and wife Margaret both deceased) and William Ellis of Sedlescombe yeoman to William Peckham of Framfield gent
1. House, garden and land (1a); N: Thunders Hill-Chiddingly church road; E, SE: The Dicker; S, W: late Thomas Sherley gent
2. Ramsbeech (30a); S: Henry Hammond late Jeffery; E: river; N, W: Thunders Hill-Hamley Bridge road
3. House and farm (26a) called Willetts
4. House and two pieces of pasture and wood (7a) called Burchens otherwise Beans
5. The Spot
Recites: settlement on Henry Ellis for life remainder to wife Margaret by deed between HE and ME, Edmund Davey and wife Mary, William Dean and wife Elizabeth, Stephen Martin and Thomas Holles, duke of Newcastle, 22 Oct 1737; mortgage of 3 above to William Piper of Waldron, 19 Jun 1738; will of Margaret Ellis leaving estate to HE for life remainder to JC as trustee for sale to pay debts, remainder to sons Thomas, William and James Ellis, 7 Jun 1744; will of Thomas Ellis leaving Ramsbeech to his brothers, 5 Mar 1746; mortgage by JC, William and James Ellis to Edward Stanford of Westdean gent for £235, 15 Aug 1753; death of James Ellis of Eastbourne yeoman intestate; death of Edward Stanford intestate and grant of administration to his brothers William and Richard Stanford; assignment and further charge for £200 to SC, 14 May 1759
W: Henry Mallory Bishop, Nicholas Gilbert junior, Charles Gilbert, John Box
HA 714

Conveyance (lease and release) for £560  AMS5930/21, 22  9 and 10 Oct 1775

Henry Ellis of Chiddingly yeoman and wife Elizabeth to Mary Peckham of Uckfield spinster
House, barns, malthouse, stable and land (93a) called Ramsbeech and Thunders Hill, occupied by Richard Turner, whose lease has 7 years to run
Subject to mortgage for £800 to Elizabeth Norton of Lewes widow, the terms of which are not available owing to her illness
W: James Pankhurst of Chiddingly farmer, John Caesar clerk to Mr Burtenshaw
HA 715, 716

Re-conveyance by mortgagee  AMS5930/23, 24  1 and 2 Oct 1776

Elizabeth Norton of Lewes widow to Mary Peckham of Uckfield spinster
As AMS5930/21 and 22
Recites mortgage by HE and wife Elizabeth to John Pryor of Lewes gent for £350 of Thunders Hill (2 houses, 2 barns, malthouse, stable and 60a), 12 and 13 Apr 1758; will of Pryor bequeathing mortgage to Ebenezer Johnson and Samuel Boys in trust and appointing daughter Elizabeth Breden executrix, 11 Feb 1766; sale by John Breden of Westham shopkeeper and wife Elizabeth, EJ of Lewes clerk and SB of Alciston yeoman of a house and stable to HE and assignment of the remainder to EN, 19 and 20 Jan 1769
W: William Henry Benge, John Saxby
HA 717, 718

Tracing from 1910 edition ordnance survey sheet 41.1 showing Great Streele Farm in Framfield and Buxted with a schedule of field names attached  AMS5930/25  nd, 1930

HA 720

Letter from William Newton to his sister[-in-law]  AMS5930/26  26 Nov 1598

After religious meditations, discusses the consequences of his and his wife Jane's becoming householders in Lewes and the effect on his lawyer's practice of an increase in responsibility and moving among 'covetous men where nothing is to be had'. Mentions her previous gift to him of Banbury cheese, particularly welcome in Sussex 'where good cheese is scanty'. Sends his regards to Mr and Mrs Elmes
[The letter was published by WH Godfrey in SNQ 12.130-131, whose mis-identification of Jane Newton was corrected by W H Challen in SNQ 13.246. The letter was almost certainly written from London (it is dated during the legal term and includes the phrase 'when I come from the term to Lewes') but the identity of the recipient is unclear. Mr and Mrs Elmes are almost certainly the parents of Eliza Elmes, wife of Edward Apsley of Thakeham, Jane Newton's brother. Another brother, Henry Apsley, died at Lilford in Northamptonshire, the Elmes seat, in 1604 and it therefore seems likely that Newton was writing either to Eliza, strictly his wife's sister-in-law, or to her sisters Dorothy or Elizabeth Apsley. Since, however, commendations are sent to 'you and my little cousins', and Dorothy and Elizabeth appear not to have married, the former suggestion seems more likely.]


Source of acquisition: Given on 6 January 1986 (A4562)

Administrative history:
Father Walter George Frostick was ordained priest in 1915. With the exception of his first curacy (St Nicholas Plumstead 1914 - 17), he served in the diocese of Chichester: curate of St Barnabas, Hove 1917 - 27; vicar of St Agnes, Hove 1927 - 37; officiating chaplain at Brighton Borough Mental Hospital, Haywards Heath 1937 - 43; rector of Storrington 1943 - 52. After his retirement in addition to preaching and parish mission engagements, he regularly assisted at St Michael and All Angels, Brighton and, later, at St Nicholas, Brighton

In addition to covering Father Frostick's career, the scrapbooks in include general articles on aspects of the Catholic faith and items relating to Anglo-Catholicism nationally

Scrapbook  AMS5931/1  1913 - 22

Includes obituaries and reports of the funerals of Father Arthur Henry Stanton of St Alban's, Holborn 1913, of Father James Beeby of All Saints, Dulwich 1914, of the Bishop of Lewes 1920; articles on the Anglo-Catholic Conference in London 1920, the Lambeth Conference on re-union 1920, the Anglo-Catholic Priests' Convention in Oxford 1921 and the Cambridge Conference 1921

Scrapbook  AMS5931/2  1922 - 23

Includes articles on the Anglo-Catholic Congresses at Brighton 1922 and London 1923

Scrapbook  AMS5931/3  1923 - 25

Includes reports of Christmas Midnight Mass at St Bartholomew's, Brighton 1923, of the commemoration of the golden jubilee of the opening of St Bartholomew's, Brighton 1924; obituaries and reports of the funerals of Bishop Frank Weston of Zanzibar 1924, of Bishop Hubert Murray Burge of Oxford 1925, of Father Edward Francis Russell late of St Alban's Holborn 1925

Scrapbook  AMS5931/4  1926 - 37

Includes obituary of Father William Heneage Sharp of St Bartholomew's, Brighton 1927; report of the opening of Elfinsward, Haywards Heath as a retreat house 1928; articles on the Prayer Book revisions 1927 and 1928; reports on the Anglo-Catholic Congresses at Brighton 1929 and London 1930; Oxford Movement centenary celebrations at Oxford, White City stadium and the Albert Hall 1933; centenary celebrations at All Saints, Brighton 1935; golden jubilee celebrations of consecration of St Bartholomew's, Brighton 1937

Scrapbook  AMS5931/5  1937 - 46

Includes obituary of Dom Bernard Clements OSB 1943; enthronement of Dr Geoffrey Fisher as Archbishop of Canterbury 1945

Scrapbook  AMS5931/6  1949 - 62

Includes reports on presentation of freedom of Chichester to Bishop Bell and clergy presentation in Brighton on 25th anniversary of consecration as Bishop 1954, resignation 1957 and obituary of Bishop Bell 1958; enthronement of Dr Michael Ramsey as Archbishop of York 1956 and as Archbishop of Canterbury 1961; visit to England of His Holiness Vazgen I Supreme Catholicos of All the Armenians 1956; centenary celebrations at St George-in-the-East, Wapping 1956; service of dedication for TUC at St Peter's, Brighton 1956; appointment of Dr Roger Plumpton Wilson as Bishop of Chichester 1957; obituary of Bishop Llewellyn Henry Gwynne of Egypt and the Sudan 1957; consecration of new high altar at St Paul's Cathedral 1958; reconsecration of St John the Divine, Kennington 1959; retirement of Bishop Geoffrey Hodgson Ward of Lewes and appointments of the Ven James Herbert Lloyd Morrell as Bishop of Lewes and of Canon David Herbert Booth, vicar of Brighton, as Archdeacon of Lewes 1959; appointment and institution of the Rev John Nevill Keeling as vicar of Brighton 1960; obituary of Canon George Potter of Peckham 1960; retirement of Canon C W Hutchinson as vicar of St Bartholomew's, Brighton 1960; consecration of Trevor Huddleston CR as Bishop of Masasi 1960; consecration of Guildford Cathedral 1961; consecration of new St Alban's, Holborn 1961; centenary celebration at St Michael and All Angels, Brighton [1962]
Undated photographs of Walsingham, Nashdom Abbey and Kelham
Newsletter cuttings from St Augustine, Northam, St Michael, St Bartholomew's and St Nicholas, Brighton, and Diplock House, Brighton

Scrapbook of coach tour to the Lake District and Scotland  AMS5931/7  Aug 1950

Newhaven: chart  AMS5932  [n.d.]

Source of acquisition: Photograph of Bodleian Library MS Rawl A185 folio 278, purchased 22 May 1963 (D557)

NEWHAVEN  AMS5932/1  1676

'The Protract of New haven in Sussex with itts Entrance shoales and markes'
Naval chart prepared by Christopher Gunmon on board the royal yacht Ann, 8 Sept 1676. [The will of Captain Christopher Gunman of Deptford was proved in PCC in 1685]
Shows Newhaven, South Heighton and Seaford churches and settlements, the ferry, a windmill on Rookery Hill, Bishopstone and beacons at the harbour mouth
Compass rose; soundings in fathoms, 13/8": 1 mile
Instructions for entering the harbour with detailed description of shoals, depth of water and currents at foot of page
Formerly listed as PD 76, XC 13

Jerington; apprenticeship  AMS5933  [n.d.]

Source of acquisition: Photocopy of temporarily deposited document, taken 11 October 1974 (ACC 1769)

Apprenticeship of Edward son of Thomas Thomas of Jevington blacksmith to Jonathan Greenwood of Jevington tailor for 6 years from 25 Mar 1745 for £8  AMS5933/1  24 Jun 1745

Formerly listed as XC 57

Fletching: handbill  AMS5934  [n.d.]

Source of acquisition: Photocopy of document taken 14 July 1975 (ACC 1880)

Handbill advertising the sale by T S Markwick of Uckfield of the household furniture (specified) of John Lee late of Piltdown in Fletching, who has emigrated to America  AMS5934/1  24 Apr 1854

Former listed as XC 47

Assignment  AMS5935  [n.d.]

Source of acquisition: Photocopy of BL Add Ch 30049, taken 11 March 1963 (D541)

Assignment of land and rents in lieu of dower  AMS5935/1  29 Sept 1429

John Pelham knight to Joan widow of John Pelham senior knight
In lieu of dower from the barony or lordship of the rape of Hastings, his other land in the rape and of Pelham [in Warbleton], Claregge [? Claredge Marsh in Hooe] and Bartolettesrente in the borough of Pevensey, John assigns to Joan
1. The manor of Bivelham [in Mayfield] with the rents of free and nief tenants, worth £18 9s 9¾d
2. Castleguard rents of the manors of Bivelham, Bricklehurst, Pashley and Hammerden [in Ticehurst], Bodiam, Kitchenour [in Beckley], Morley [in Hollington] and Eatendon [in Mountfield], with the wardships, marriages, heriots and reliefs from those manors, worth £7 16s ½d
3. The rent of the nief tenants of the manor of Burwash called the tallage of bondmen worth 33/4d, with the power of distraint firstly on the land of the reeve of Burwash manor for the time being, then on the bondholders' lands; if unpaid, the rent of Burnehoth in Burwash which John Fullere and others hold, worth 33/4d
4. Land called Kingsdown in Burwash, worth 20d
5. The hundreds of Hawkesborough, Shoyswell and Foxearle and a third of the profits of the Lathe Court; Joan to pay a third of the fees of the steward and the receiver of the rape, that is for holding courts at Bivelham, the three hundreds and a third of the lathe courts
6. The third presentation of the rectory and vicarage of Burwash
7. A third of the escheats, services and other profits of all knights' fees held of the barony in chief from which castleguard is not paid
Dated as Burwash
Formerly listed as MP 7, XC 3

Abstract of title: Willingdon  AMS5936  [n.d.]

Source of acquisition: Photocopy of document taken 2 October 1972 (ACC 1528)

Abstract of title of the personal representatives of William Carter of Willingdon to Flint Cottage and 1-6 Church Street, Willingdon  AMS5936/1  [1858] - 1948

The property originally consisted of several copyholds held of the manor of Willingdon
1. One old and three newly-built cottages, late White before English before Sargent, rent 6½d (tithe 181)
2. House, police cell and 3 cottages, a corn store 40' x 14' with a garden, grapery and stokehole, late Adams, before Elphick before Moore before Nutland, rent ½½d (tithe 182)
3. House late Adams before English before Moore before Nutley, rent 1/6d, a spot before the house (3d), before the door (2d) and a way into the close (1d)
The first copyhold was enfranchised on 25 Mar 1858; land was purchased by George Adams from Alan Brodrick Thomas (a neighbouring owner) on 3 Apr 1878; on 18 Apr George sold to Alfred Adams
On 30 Jul 1901 Adams, of Pavilion Buildings, Brighton gent, sold the property to William Carter of Willingdon farmer for £1,125 (plan from deed)
On 4 Nov 1902 the garden and grapery were sold off to Alexander Dundas Ogilvey Wedderburn who on 25 Mar 1905 purchased the corn store
On 28 Jun 1932 the residue of the property (plan from deed) was mortgaged by Carter (of Flint Cottage gent) to Thomas Sutton of Eastbourne gent. Carter died 9 Jan 1933 and his will of 9 Apr 1928 was proved by the executors 30 Mar 1933, who on 13 Oct obtained a second mortgage
The abstract ends with the death of an executor of the first mortgagee's will on 15 Sept 1948
The abstract gives considerable detail of occupiers, which has not been extracted
Formerly listed as XC 51

John Whaley: letter  AMS5937  [n.d.]

Source of acquisition: Photocopy of document at the MCC Library, formerly in the collection of the late Sir Julien Cahn, given 26 July 1973 (ACC 1609)

Letter from John Whaley at Rye, 10 Aug, and at Lewes, 13 Aug 1735 to [? Horace Walpole]  AMS5937/1  1735

Related information: Whaley's diary and accounts of the tour during which this letter was written are in British Library, Add Mss 5957. A transcript by William Cole is in Add Mss 5842 which was used for the published editions by V J B Torr 'A tour through Kent in 1735', Archaeologia Cantiana 43 (1931) and 'A tour through Sussex in 1735', Sussex County Magazine 19 (1945), 253-258

The letter describes part of a journey made by John Whaley and Mr Dodd between Canterbury and Portsmouth
During three days at Canterbury they visited the cathedral, the Isle of Thanet, the races and the assembly, Dean House at Wingham (description of pictures) and Waldeshare (description of pictures, garden and park)
From Rye they visited Winchelsea, the desertion of which is described; 'this town of Rye is in littlebetter plight, having with its trade lost its inhabitants also'
Whaley pours scorn on [Spencer Compton] earl of Wilmington, whose outlay of a great sum of money about an old house [Compton Place], providing 'a profuseness of gilding and carved work in rooms you can scarce stand right up in', merely serves' to inform posterity how much he wants taste'
At Lewes a cricket match between the gentlemen of Kent and Sussex is described, [Charles. Sackville] Lord Middlesex and Sir William Gage are 'the rivals of the bat'. They are to dine with Mr [Thomas] Pelham at Stanmer the following day
Former listed as XC 42

Bibliography: Published in W S Lewis (ed), The Yale edition of Horace Walpole's correspondence 40 (Oxford, 1980), 3-6 from an earlier published collection [details not noted], the original not having been seen by the editor

Timothy Hurst: letter  AMS5938  [n.d.]

Source of acquisition: Photocopy of document given 27 September 1971 (ACC 1397)

Letter from Timothy Hurst, New York, to Sir John Bridger, Coombe Place Hamsey  AMS5938/1  17 Jun 1783

Related information: [For other letters from Hurst to Bridger 1785 - 98, see SHR 2251. The property in America formed part of the Ingram and Eliot joint estate, a share of which was acquired by Sir John Bridger on his marriage with Rebecca Eliot. For details see The Shiffner Archives (Lewes, 1959) p viii-ix and SHR 2044-2812, 2857-2859.]

Discusses a debate in the state assembly on the subject of the estate in Morris County and the agitation of the tenants; there is no news of the land at Cohansey. Will view the Morris County land personally when his father-in-law has recovered. Advises Bridger to consider taking up unlocated land in view of the new line between east and west Jersey
The contents to be communicated to Mr Ingram and Mrs Eliot
Formerly listed as XC 30

Newhavon Telegraph  AMS5939  [n.d.]

Source of acquisition: Photocopy given 11 March 1971, (ACC 1296)

Copy of the Newhaven Telegraph for 26 May 1910, issue number 97  AMS5939/1  1910

The paper, run jointly with the Seaford Telegraph, was published on Thursdays at ½d or 4/4d a year, post paid, by the Seaford Telegraph Company
According to the list of newspapers held by the BL at Colindale, the Seaford Telegraph ran to 148 issues between 6 Feb 1909 and 18 May 1911; the list does not mention the Newhaven Telegraph
The address of the editor's office is given as 2 Clinton Place, Seaford; this was also the address of the manager of the Modern Entertainment Bureau, which advertised in the paper. According to the 1910 poll book, 2 Clinton Place was also the residence and office of Richard Frederick Lambe, a solicitor
Formerly listed as XC 26

Account books of the Arnold household, Hove, with Brighton tradesmen  AMS5940  1861 - 65

Source of acquisition: Deposited by Woodfine and Company, solicitors, on 13 January 1986 (A4569)

Administrative history:
Samuel Arnold died in Sept 1865; outstanding accounts were settled by his executors in November

Samuel Pickard Arnold, a druggist, his wife Sarah Ann, and their children Maria Martha and Benjamin Albert, together with five servants, lived at 6 Brunswick Square, Hove. Separate account books (each with the tradesman's name, address and calling in gold-lettering on the cover) record the household's day-to-day dealings with the following Brighton tradesmen

Balchin and Nell, fruiterers, greengrocers, florists and seedsmen, 104 Western Road and Sillwood Gardens  AMS5940/1  1861-1865

G Boother, cured fish and oyster warehouse, 2 Norfolk Street  AMS5940/2  1861-1865

W Clements, butcher, 25 Preston Street  AMS5940/3  1861-1865

F Cowley, late Streeter and Son, baker, 9 Pool Valley  AMS5940/4  1861-1865

P and J Ellis, cheesemongers, 56 East Street  AMS5940/5  1861-1865

F Haylar, fishmonger to the Queen, 1 Prince Albert Street  AMS5940/6  1861-1865

J W Hemmings, family grocer, 1 Batholomews  AMS5940/7  1861-1865

T H Hogbin, bread and biscuit baker, 62 Upper North Street  AMS5940/8  1861-1865

Hughes, poulterer to Her Majesty, 21 Market Street  AMS5940/9  1861-1865

J S Unwin, Golden Cannister Tea Warehouse, 43 East Street  AMS5940/10  1861-1865

Receipt  AMS5941  [n.d.]

Source of acquisition: Transcription of document sold by Stride and Company, Chichester 1 November 1985 lot 425, made 10 February 1986 (ACC 4585)

Receipt  AMS5941/1  1290

Related information: [Calenders of other deeds concerning this estate may be found in Calendar of Charters and Documents..... at Penshurst (1873). Numbers 53 and 54 relate to the sale in 1225, the agreement to pay £6 a year (which seems to have been the result of litigation in curia regis) with attendant documents, April - May 1252 are numbers 202-206, a similar receipt, 20 Nov 1290 is number 280 and the record of an inquisition before the escheator concerning Robertsbridge's acquisition of the estate in mortmain, 9 Nov 1299 number 285.]

Henry abbot of Treport [in Normandy] to the abbot and convent of Robertsbridge
The sum of £66 13s 4d, the purchase price of tenements at Bolinton and Peplesham [in Bexhill], Playdenn [Playden] and Stand sold by Treport to Robertsbridge in 1225
Recites the gift of the tenements by Robert count of Eu to Treport, the sale to Robertsbridge, the inability to pay the purchase price because of the occurrence of diversa dampna and a subsequent agreement to pay the sum at a rate of £6 a year

Hove: deeds  AMS5942  [n.d.]

Source of acquisition: Documents given per WSRO, 27 January 1986 (ACC 4579)

The properties were among those settled by the donor's great-grandfather Frost on his two daughters. The deeds of property at Nep Town, Henfield, also subject to the settlement, have been retained by WSRO and listed as Add Mss 35010-35062

Deeds of a house on the north side of Shirley Street  AMS5942/1-3  [1794] - 1877

The land formed part of the Stanford estate and the abstract (1) recites its descent from a conveyance by Charles Callis Western to William Stanford on 26 and 27 May 1794; events (including details of Stanford v Roberts in Chancery) are recited in detail from the will of William Stanford of Preston esq, 10 Dec 1852. On 31 Dec 1872 Ellen Benett Stanford and her trustees conveyed 5a 1r of land, the site of Shirley Street, to George Gallard of Hove gent. On 18 Mar 1873 Gallard sold a building plot to Charles Illman of Brighton bricklayer for £120; on 11 Jul 1877 Illman executed a deed acknowledging that he had purchased as trustee for Mary Jane, wife of Abraham Golden of 11 New Church Street, Bermondsey commercial clerk (2, 3)

Deeds of 29 Clarendon Road  AMS5942/4-6  [1794] - 1878

This property was built on part of a plot of 14a 3r 32p (plan) conveyed by the Stanford estate to George Gallard on 20 Jun 1876 (4). On 2 May 1877 Gallard sold several portions of this land (plan) to George Freeman of Brighton cement merchant for £10,400 of which £7,000 was borrowed from Robert, Edwin and George Thomas Breach of Steyning fellmongers by mortgage (5). On 21 Oct 1878 Thomas Saxby Farncombe of Brighton, private tutor (to whom no conveyance of the property is present) mortgaged the house to John Agate of Sullington, farmer, for £250 (6)

Deeds  AMS5943  [n.d.]

Source of acquisition: Documents deposited by the Board (later Department) of Trade Bankruptcy department, 6 December 1968 (BRA 1481, ESRO D 957, AMS5943/8, 23 April 1979 (BRA 1481 per Hove Library, ESRO ACC 2409 part, AMS5943/1-5 and 19 Apr 1983 (BRA 2084, ESRO ACC 4068, AMS5943/6 and 7)

BRIGHTON  [no ref. or date]

All persons are of Brighton unless otherwise described

Land on Upper Bedford Street: Conveyance [lease and] release for £150  AMS5943/1  [29 and] 30 Nov 1831

Thomas Read Kemp esq to William Mason coalmerchant and Henry Faithfull gent his trustee
Land (50' x 37' 6") part of four pauls formerly Thomas Western and 4 pauls formerly Richard Masters in the fifth furlong of the East Laine; S: road 30' wide; E: the rest of the land; W: Upper Bedford Street
Covenant to produce deeds (listed), 1794 - 1831

7 Sillwood Place: Lease for 21 years from 8 Aug 1880 at £85  AMS5943/2  9 Aug 1880

William Richard Sutton of Golden Square Mx esq to Beatrice Christine sealy Vidal of Brighton widow
7 Sillwood Place, Brighton
Detailed covenants

2 College Road, purchased by Miss K E Sleight from the public trustee in 1921  AMS5943/3/1-5  1849-1921

On 7 May 1849 Henry Baker Colbran sold land in the fourth furlong of the East Laine to William Copp the younger, who (as WC of Brighton gent) sold to Richard Keywood of St George's Road plumber and Wilson Aylesbury Stuckey gent for £350 (plan) on 24 Aug 1861. By 10 Sept 1882 when the property was mortgaged, two houses had been built on the site, which by 1864 were known as Cyril Villa and Rock Villa. By his will of 19 Jan 1871 Keywood bequeathed his estate to his son Richard Keywood of Brighton carpenter and to Henry William Bedford ironmonger as trustees for sale. He died 3 Feb 1871, his widow Ann (then Ann Cumberland) on 24 Oct 1879 and on 29 Jun 1880 Keywood and Bedford sold 2 College Road (number 3 had been sold to Thomas Griffiths) to William Warwick Stenning butcher for £1,075. Stenning sold to Walter Workman gent for £1,500 on 22 Aug 1882 who on 29 Sept 1891 sold to James Edward Surridge of Rusper Rectory clerk for £1,100 (1)
On 2 Dec 1905 Surridge and his mortgagees conveyed the property to E J W Caulfield and W H Northcott, who on 29 Sept 1909 executed a tenancy agreement to the committee of the Brighton Deaf and Dumb Institute. On 19 Jan 1921 the public trustee conveyed to Miss K E Sleight (2-5)

HOVE  [no ref. or date]

Probate (PCC) of the will (28 Feb 1838) of Samuel Webb of Lansdowne Place, Hove, farmer  AMS5943/4  5 Jan 1844

Freehold house at 9 Lansdowne Place (the southernmost of his two houses there) and all farming stock to wife Harriet Webb
Harriet Webb and friends John Marshall of Brighton butcher and Richard Crowley of 19 Rathbone Place, Oxford Street Mx cabinet maker trustees of the residuary estate for the benefit of his neice Elizabeth Harland and her issue
W: George P Hill, solicitor, Brighton and Charles William Cobby and William Boore, his clerks

Lease for 4 years from 24 Jun 1898 at £230  AMS5943/5/1  26 Jul 1898

James William Haynes of 59 Westbury Road, Ilford, Essex gent with Thomas Owen Pugh of The Chase, Avenue Road, Southgate Mx his mortgagee to The Brighton Hotels Limited, Lion Mansions, Brighton
House at 1 Lansdowne Mansions, Hove, not including the coachhouse and stables
Entry premium £805, detailed covenants, schedule of fittings

Counterpart mortgage by lease for £1,626 of the lease in AMS5943/5/1, The Brighton Hotels Limited to the National Safe Deposit Company Limited of 1 Queen Victoria Street, London  AMS5943/5/2  7 Feb 1899

Counterpart mortgage by lease for £3,201 of a lease as AMS5943/5/1 of 3 Lansdowne Mansions, parties as AMS5943/5/2  AMS5943/5/3  7 Feb 1899

Copy conveyance for £6,500  AMS5943/6  20 Oct 1876

John Preston of 98 Gracechurch Street, London esq with his mortgagees the rev Henry Deane of Gillingham, Dorset clerk, his son the rev Henry Deane of St Johns College, Oxford and John Hunter of New Square, Lincolns Inn esq to Anthony Thacker of Jersey Villa, South Hayling, Hants gent, Kingsmill Grove Key of Streatham, Surrey, butcher and Edward Hilton of Loats Road, Clapham Park, Surrey gent
Capital meassuage at 21 Brunswick Terrace with a coachhouse and stable in Waterloo Street
Recites contract for sale by JP to Henry Revell Spicer of Brighton gent for £5,625 and contract for sale by him to the purchasers
W include Walter Parratt, organist of Magdalen College, Oxford (see DNB)

SEAFORD  [no ref. or date]

Pre-nuptial settlement  AMS5943/7  2 Oct 1908

Lytton Haines Carter of Willingdon House, Gloucester esq and Mildren Hutchings of Sutton Place, Seaford spinster with Alan Hutchings of Sutton Place estate agent and William Washbourne of Blackfriars, Gloucester surgeon, trustees
LHC to marry MH
Establishes a trust fund of £5,000 to provide a life income for MH, remainder in trust for the issue of the marriage

WIVELSFIELD: Deeds of a leasehold house and land (6a) called Merryfields  [no ref.]  1695 - 1825

Mortgage for £30  AMS5943/8/1  7 Feb 1695

John Hoather of Lindfield yeoman to Mary Hebarne of Lindfield spinster
House, barn and land (6a) part of Merryfields in Wivelsfield; E: late John Nutley; S: John Attree; W: Edmund Nutley; N: Lyoth Common-Scaynes Hill road
Payable at the dwellinghouse of Joseph Studley gent called Kenwards in Lindfield
W: Joseph Studley, John Vynall

Assignment of AMS5943/8/1 and further charge of £60, JH and MH to Herbert Maynard of Lindfield yeoman. W: Richard Barham, John Vynall, George Luxford  AMS5943/8/2  11 Aug 1696

Assignment of lease in trust  AMS5943/8/3  29 Aug 1700

John Colvill of Wivelsfield husbandman and wife Mary to Joseph Studley of Lindfield gent and Richard Barham of Lindfield gent in trust for J and MC for the longer liver, remainder to their heirs or subject to a power of appointment by MC
1. Croft (1a 3r) part of Merryfields in Wivelsfield, leased by Robert Delve of Wivelsfield yeoman and wife Margaret to Richard Beech of Keymer limeburner for 1,000 years from 25 Mar 1602 at 1d, 20 Mar 1602, underleased by RB to Richard West of Wivelsfield husbandman for 950 years from 29 Sept 1607 at ½d, 24 Sept 1607
2. Land (3a 2r) called Merryfields, part of ten acres purchased by Richard Beech from Robert Delve, and another acre called Merryfield, leased by RB to RW for 916 years from 25 Mar at 2d, 1 Sept 1603, on which RW built a house and barn
Subsequent purchase by MC (as Mary Mercer) of the above from John Hoather and William Bachelor, surviving executor of Herbert Maynard [i.e. the mortgagor and mortgagee in AMS5943/2]
W: John Studley, Mary Barham

Conveyance for £95  AMS5943/8/4  28 Oct 1719

John Colvill of Wivelsfield husbandman, Richard Barham of Lindfield gent and Edward Mercer of Seale, Kent husbandman to William Grames senior of Lindfield husbandman and wife Mary and their son William Grames
Property as above
Recites will of Mary Colvill in AMS5943/8/3 bequeathing property (referred to as Cutthedges) to kinsman and executor EM subject to the payment of legacies to Mary daughter of her brother Joseph Mercer, Mary and Elizabeth daughters of Thomas Bristow of Malling (bequeathed by her father Richard Mercer), Joseph and Mary children of her brother Richard Mercer of Carshalton, children of John Mercer of Dartford), 9 Jun 1711; desire of legatees for sale of property
W: George Wood, Joseph Mercer, Edward Virgoe, Jo Browne

Probate (Lewes) of the will (19 May 1783) of William Grames of Wivelsfield  AMS5943/8/5  8 Feb 1789

Leasehold house called Merryfields in Wivelsfield and all personalty to eldest son William Grames, subject to the maintenance of his mother Elizabeth and payments of a guinea to each of his other children Thomas, Elizabeth, Richard, Robert, Mary and John Grames after their mother's death
W: John Buckman, John Skinner, William Buckman

Probate (Lewes) of the will (15 Mar 1808) of William Grames of Wivelsfield husbandman  AMS5943/8/6  18 May 1808

Freehold (3r) and leasehold house, barn, stable and land both called Maryfields in his own occupation to wife Mary for life, remainder to Thomas Grames son of his sister Elizabeth Grames
W: William Tanner, Sarah Muddle, William Bean

Probate (Lewes) of the will (6 Oct 1821) of Thomas Grames of Wivelsfield farmer  AMS5943/8/7  17 Sept 1822

All real and personal estate to Prudence wife of Henry Mitchell of Horsham labourer
William Tanner of Morehouse in Wivelsfield gent and John Broad of Wapses in Twineham yeoman executors
W: John C Waller, John Picknell, John Sandy

Mortgage for £185  AMS5943/8/8  28 Sept 1825

Henry Mitchell of Wivelsfield labourer and wife Prudence to Jane Tanner of Wivelsfield spinster
Property as above occupied by HM
W: Charles Pavey clerk to Mr Waller solicitor, Cuckfield; Susannah Tanner, Richard Tanner

The following deeds from the same bundle have no apparent connection with the estate  [no ref. or date]

Copy of court roll, Warningore manor  AMS5943/8/9  22 Jul 1813

Admission of James Corney of Chailey yeoman to a piece of Chailey Common fronting 84' onto the turnpike road, rent 1s

Final concord  AMS5943/8/10  9 Feb 1772

Sarah Batman widow, Josias Woolger and wife Rebecca, Sarah Compton spinster and John Hook and wife Naomi to Henry Wood
Two houses, land and common of pasture in Hurstpierpoint and Framfield

Deudneys Farm, Herstmonceux  AMS5944  [n.d.]

Source of acquisition: Documents deposited 5 February 1986 (ACC 4587)

With the exception of the map (AMS5944/1), this group consists of documents of title relating to purchases made to augment the Deudneys estate by the Rev Thomas Scutt between 1834, when he purchased it from Charles Deudney's executors, and 1846
At some point these deeds passed into the hands of the farm's owners; others remained with their solicitors, Sheppards of Battle, and were deposited by the firm at Hastings Museum. In 1955 a mass of unprovenanced deeds and documents was transferred by the museum to ESRO; it has subsequently been found to contain earlier deeds of the estate (D165)
In 1965 another transfer by the museum (D700) provided an undated map of Adams Hole Farm, part of the estate; the table of contents of this map, now AMS5393, has been annotated in pencil by a former owner with the appropriate numbers from AMS5944/1
There is still (1986) at Hastings Museum (HM MA 283) a map of James Hodsell gent's estate at Herstmonceux in 1780; Hodsell held the present Upper House as a freehold of Gotham manor called Playsteds but by 1809 (ACC 2327/55) it was held by Deudney and the map is almost certainly another fragment of this dispersed archive
AMS5944/1 Map of Deudneys, 1813
AMS5944/2 Waynes Brook, purchased 1834
AMS5944/3 Collins Croft, purchased 1834
AMS5944/4 Kingsbrook and Milkingfield, purchased 1846
AMS5944/5 Squirrel Cottage, purchased 1846
AMS5944/6 Mables Bartons and Ponts Bartons, purchased 1846
AMS5944/7 Will of Joseph Pattenden of Wartling 1782

'Map of CLINCHES JEFFERYS & ADAMS-HOLE Situate in the Parish of Herstmonceux in the County of Sussex the property of Charles Deudney Esquire'  AMS5944/1  1813

Ink and colour estate map on parchment, 35½" x 29"; shows buildings (distinguishing houses, barns, stables and lodges), roads and their directions, footpaths, boundary ownership, the names of neighbouring owners and the state of cultivation
Title in a cartouche of oak leaves; table of field names and acreages; compass arrow; 4 chains: 1 inch
Cartographer: William Allfree [for Edward Allfree of Herstmonceux, schoolmaster and cartographer, see AMS5879]
The map has been annotated in pencil to show some manorial tenement names and subsequent purchases

Wayne's Brook (4a), copyhold of Herstmonceux manor, Thomas Scutt admitted 16 Jun 1834  AMS5944/2  [n.d.]

Admission of Edward Message of Herstmonceux malster on the surrender of Thomas Gard son of John Gard  AMS5944/2/1  9 Oct 1771

Admission of Jeremiah Gilbert of Dallington gent and George Fagge Gilbert his youngest son on the surrender of Edward Message son of Edward Message  AMS5944/2/2  27 Sept 1792

Admission of Charles Deudney of Gensing in Hastings St Mary Magdalen gent on the surrender of George Fagg Gilbert son of Jeremiah Gilbert deceased; court held at the house of Lewis Alsop known as the Woolpack  AMS5944/2/3  7 Oct 1801

Admission of Thomas Farncomb of Griffins Wharf Southwark merchant, James Martin of Battle gent and Robert Deudney on death of Charles Deudney  AMS5944/2/4  16 Sept 1831

Reciting probate (PCC) of his will (18 Mar 1829), 24 Oct 1829 appointing them trustees for sale

Admission of Thomas Scutt of Brighton and Clapham House, Litlington clerk on surrender of TF, JM and RD as above for £260  AMS5944/2/5  16 Jun 1834

Collins Croft (3a), purchased by Thomas Scutt 19 Aug 1834  AMS5944/3  [n.d.]

Abstract of William Mellish and Thomas Carter esqs to Collins Croft and The Wallands  AMS5944/3/1  c1776

Collins Croft (late occupied by Richard Payne then William Butler) and Wallands (12a, late occupied by Richard Hunnisett and then William Butler) were included in the settlement of the Herstmonceux Castle estate by George Naylor, 4 and 5 Nov 1708
The descent of the property as part of the estate is recited up to the probate (PCC) of Francis Hare Naylor's will by Mellish and Carter, Jan 1776

Abstract of George Henry Malcolm Wagner's title to Collins Croft  AMS5944/3/2  c1834

The property was part of that conveyed by Mellish and Carter to William Butler of Herstmonceux, 29 and 30 Jan 1779 and mortgaged by him to Thomas Noakes of Jevington, 26 Jun 1779. By his will of 23 Jun 1791 William Butler left his lands in Herstmonceux to his son William Butler charged with legacies of £200 to his daughters Mary Cooke, Elizabeth and Hetty Butler, who (as Hetty wife of Richard Haffenden, Mary wife of William Wood alias Cooke and Elizabeth wife of John Skinner) released their legacies to the executors (William Butler and John Smith) on 20 Feb 1793, 1 Mar 1793 and 14 Jun 1796 respectively
The mortgage was assigned by Thomas Noakes of Wannock in Jevington to Joseph Comber of Hellingly, 13 Jul 1814 and to Henry Michell Wagner vicar of Brighton in trust for George Henry Malcolm Wagner of Herstmonceux esq, 29 May 1824 on which date the property (inter alia) was conveyed by William Butler and Susanna his wife to G H M Wagner and Thomas Barton of Battle gent his trustee for £1,079

Copy will of William Butler of Herstmonceux plumber and glazier  AMS5944/3/3  23 Jun 1791

Copies of releases of legacy recited in AMS5944/2  AMS5944/3/4-6  c1830

(Describing William Butler as bricklayer) by Richard and Hetty Haffenden, William Woods alias Cooke of Uckfield carpenter and wife Mary and John Skinner of Uckfield cordwainer and wife Elizabeth

Conveyance for £90  AMS5944/3/7  19 Aug 1834

George Henry Malcolm Wagner of Herstmonceux esq to Thomas Scutt of Clapham House, Litlington clerk and William Furner of Brighton gent his trustee
Collins Croft (3a) occupied by Thomas and William Friend, in Herstmonceux
W: William Boore, clerk to Furner and Hill, George Collins servant to H M Wagner

Abstract of above  AMS5944/3/8  nd

Memorandum of GHMW's entitlement to rents until 29 Sept 1834  AMS5944/3/9  19 Aug 1834

Kingsbrook and Milkingfield, copyold of Herstmonceux manor, Thomas Scutt admitted 10 Feb 1846  AMS5944/4  [n.d.]

Abstract of Isaac Wratten's title with requisitions by Furner and Hill [solicitors, Brighton] for purchaser  AMS5944/4/1  1846

The death of Stephen Wratten senior of Herstmonceux farmer holding Kingsbrook (14a) and Milkingfield (4a) late Thawyers in Herstmonceux rent 8/2d was presented 30 Sept 1758 and his son Thomas Wratten was admitted on production of his father's will of 24 Mar 1756. The will (a copy of which was produced in 1846: see AMS5944/4/2) was proved (Lewes) 25 Jan 1759 left the property (with a house and barn) to Thomas in tail male but charged it with annuities to his sons Stephen and George Wratten who (with Stephen's daughter Mary) were also the remaindermen Stephen Wratten grandson of the testator was admitted on Thomas Wratten's death, 30 Sept 1788
Isaac Wratten, SW's youngest son was admitted 19 Sept 1822 and on 29 Jan 1828 suffered a recovery (using Beadle Gorham of Herstmonceux innkeeper as tenant and Nicholas Wratten as demandant) to break the entail created by his great-grandfather's will and immediately mortgaged the property to Thomas Arkcoll of Herstmonceux gent for £200, adding further charges of £100 on 27 Oct 1830 and £60 on 6 Sept 1832

Office copy of will of Stephen Wratten recited in AMS5944/1  AMS5944/4/2  23 Jan 1846

Warrant by Thomas Arkcoll of Herstmonceux gent to vacate conditional surrenders recited in AMS5944/1  AMS5944/4/3  10 Feb 1846

Declaration of Thomas Arkcoll that Isaac Wratten of Hellingly yeoman in the youngest son of Stephen Wratten who died 1819  AMS5944/4/4  10 Feb 1846

Admission of Thomas Scutt of Brighton and Clapham House in Litlington clerk to the above on the surrender of Isaac Wratten for £800  AMS5944/4/5  10 Feb 1846

Covenant for title and quiet possession by Isaac Wratten to Thomas Scutt, reciting that the tenements are in the respective occupations of Richard Haffenden and Thomas Vidler  AMS5944/4/6  10 Feb 1846

Purchase correspondence  AMS5944/4/7  Nov 1845 - Feb 1846

The correspondents are Isaac Wratten (the vendor), John Veness of Herstmonceux (a neighbouring owner), William Furner of Brighton (purchaser's solicitor), Robert Hoffman Faulconer of Lewes (steward of Herstmonceux manor), J[ulius] C[harles] Hare (rector of Herstmonceux), John Hoper of Lewes (vendor's solicitor), John Merrifield of Brighton (counsel) and Richard Haffenden of Herstmonceux (tenant)

JV to WF; informs of forthcoming sale and wishes to rent land (about 20a with house and barn) should Scutt purchase since it is convenient for his own  AMS5944/4/7/1  20 Nov 1845

WF to JV; asks for particular and price but not to reveal the identity of the prospective purchaser since that would increase the price  AMS5944/4/7/2  21 Nov 1845

JV to WF; informs of heriot and offers £25 a year rent  AMS5944/4/7/3  29 Nov 1845

IW to WF; the price which includes timber is not negotiable  AMS5944/4/7/4  18 Dec 1845

IW to WF; JH informs him that Herstmonceux manor is without a steward; will tenants be allowed to continue  AMS5944/4/7/5  7 Jan 1846

IW to WF; attempt to answer requisitions (see AMS5944/4/1); father died 15 Nov 1819  AMS5944/4/7/6  12 Jan 1846

RHF to WF; enclosing AMS5944/4/1  AMS5944/4/7/7  17 Jan 1846

IW to WF; asks whether AMS5944/4/1 received  AMS5944/4/7/8  19 Jan 1846

IW to JH; surprised that WF should require so many details in view of the copyhold admission in 1822  AMS5944/4/7/9  22 Jan 1846

JCH to IW; extract of marriage of Stephen Wratten of Hailsham and Frances Dann of Herstmonceux 27 Dec 1799  AMS5944/4/7/10  22 Jan 1846

IW to JH; encloses 10 above  AMS5944/4/7/11  26 Jan 1846

As AMS5944/9, suggesting that (the purpose is to delay completion to the purchaser's advantage; refuses to supply information in response to the 'unnecessary and unreasonable request'

JH to WF; declines to act for IW  AMS5944/4/7/12  27 Jan 1846

WF to IW; denies allegations in AMS5944/9 and 11 and suggest IW employ a solicitor  AMS5944/4/7/13  30 Jan 1846

WF to JM; seeks opinion concerning propriety of IW's admission in 1822 in view of the entail created in 1756; 3 Feb 1846; JM's opinions, 4  AMS5944/4/7/14  7 Feb 1846

WF to JH; encloses copy of first opinion in AMS5944/14  AMS5944/4/7/15  4 Feb 1846

JH to WF; questions JM's first opinion  AMS5944/4/7/16  5 Feb 1846

JM to WF; new opinion  AMS5944/4/7/17  7 Feb 1846

RH to WF; offers meeting at Brighton concerning the land  AMS5944/4/7/18  18 Feb 1846


Squirrel Cottage (toft where a cottage burnt down and garden), copyhold of Herstmonceux manor, Thomas Scutt admitted 26 Jun 1846  AMS5944/5  [n.d.]

Admission of John Weekes of Herstmonceux chairmaker on surrender of William Akehurst, 22 Dec 1763  AMS5944/5/1  9 May 1837

Enclosed 'called the squirrel, for what reason I know not'; a memorandum attached of out-of-court licence to Edward Richardson to use eight oaks on the tenement, assigned by Edward Taylor the reeve, for repairs

Abstract of title, late Edward Richardson deceased  AMS5944/5/2  1846

Samuel Weekes of Herstmonceux husbandman was admitted on the surrender of John Weekes, 23 Sept 1778
Edward Weekes aged 7, grandson of Samuel Weekes was admitted on JW's death, reciting probate [PCC], 2 Apr 1803, which refers to two houses near Magham Down; Edward Winchester of Heathfield carpenter appointed guardian 11 Apr 1806
Edward Richardson admitted on out-of-court surrender (9 Nov 1819) by EW for £150 16 Nov 1820
Probate (PCC) of will (19 Jul 1841) of ER of Arundel, appointing son Henry Richardson and Newland Rudwick of Arundel gent trustees for sale subject to life estate of wife Mary, 30 Apr 1846 (formerly proved at Chichester by mistake)
Disclaimer of trust by NR of Lewes victualler, 19 Jun 1846

Copy of will of Edward Richardson, see AMS5944/2  AMS5944/5/3  [n.d.]

Admission of Mary Richardson of Littlehampton widow and Henry Richardson of Arundel baker on the death of Edward Richardson  AMS5944/5/4  26 Jun 1846

Admission of Thomas Scutt of Brighton and Clapham House, Litlington clerk on their surrender for £200

Covenant for title and quiet possession  AMS5944/5/5  26 Jun 1846

By Henry Richardson and Mary Richardson (as AMS5944/4), Charles Crees of Arundel tailor and wife Mary, William Richardson of Arundel plumber and glazier, William Henry Sparks of Littlehampton innkeeper and wife Martha, Elizabeth Richardson of Littlehampton spinster and Edwin Richardson of Arundel baker to Thomas Scutt of Brighton clerk; cottage occupied by Thomas Foster

Purchase correspondence  AMS5944/5/6  19-26 Jun 1846

Richard Holmes of Arundel solicitor to Furner and Hill, Brighton, returning draft and proposing meeting  AMS5944/5/6/1  19 Jun 1846

As above, will be at White Hart, Lewes on Friday with Mrs and Mr Richardson to meet Mr Hoper  AMS5944/5/6/2  22 Jun 1846

Henry Richardson to Thomas Foster informing him of sale  AMS5944/5/6/3  26 Jun 1846

Mables Bartons and Ponts Bartons, purchased by Thomas Scutt, 29 Sept 1846  AMS5944/6  [n.d.]

Conveyance (lease and release) for £230  AMS5944/6/1, 2  26 and 27 Mar 1723

Elizabeth Alchorne of St Clement Dane, Middlesex spinster to Henry Edwards of Herstmonceux yeoman
House, barn, orchard, garden and land (20a) called Mables Bartons and Ponts Bartons occupied by John Chattenden yeoman in Herstmonceux
W: Richard Keech, William Parker

Copy of AMS5944/1  AMS5944/6/3  15 Jul 1780

W: John Sinnocke, William Browne

Copy settlement (lease and release), 28 and 29 May 1724  AMS5944/6/4, 5  15 Jul 1780

Henry Edwards of Herstmonceux yeoman to Katherine Looker of Ripe spinster and Thomas Relf of Ripe mercer in trust for HE in tail; HE to marry KL
Property as in AMS5944/1, occupied by HE
W: John Cittizen, J Thayer, Thomas Browne, John Bristo

Probate (Lewes) of will (27 May 1751) of Henry Edwards of Herstmonceux yeoman  AMS5944/6/6  1 Sept 1764

Pecuniary bequests to daughter Ann at 21; wife Katherine executrix and residuary legatee; kinsman John Edwards of Herstmonceux carpenter overseer; W: Mary Read, Richard Read

Conveyance (deed to declare uses of fine)  AMS5944/6/7  31 Jul 1780

Robert Holman of Dallington yeoman and wife Elizabeth (devisee of Thomas Ince of Chiddingly deceased entitled to AMS5944/1) and Catherine Edwards of Herstmonceux widow of Henry Edwards of Herstmonceux yeoman deceased, Nicholas Wratten of Herstmonceux husbandman and wife Amy (one of the four daughters of HE entitled to reversion of a 4th part of AMS5944/2) to Richard Hunnisett of Herstmonceux yeoman
1. 2 pieces of marsh 'Blackwells' (3½a) occupied by Holman at White Dyke, Hailsham in Pevensey Liberty. N: Hailsham-Horsey road; S, E: The Footers
2. Property in AMS5944/1, occupied by CE and RH
The fine to be to the use of RH and EH as to 1, to CE for life remainder as AW and NW shall appoint as to 2
W: John Sinnocke, William Browne, William Holland junior

Fine required by AMS5944/7, All Saints  AMS5944/6/8  1780

Conveyance for £80  AMS5944/6/9  31 Jul 1780

Nicholas Wratten of Herstmonceux husbandman and wife Amy to Henry Hunnisett of Hailsham yeoman
Reversion of 2 in £7, occupied by Catherine Edwards and Richard Hunnisett
W: as AMS5944/7

Conveyance (lease, release and fine) for £360  AMS5944/6/10-13  12 and 13 Nov 1790

George Dann of Wartling husbandman and wife Catherine, William Stephens of Westmeston husbandman and wife Ann, Elizabeth Hunnisett of Herstmonceux (widow of Richard Hunnisett of Herstmonceux yeoman) (CD, AS and EH are daughters of Henry Edwards by Catherine his wife nee Looker as in AMS5944/4) and Henry Hunnisett of Hailsham yeoman and wife Elizabeth to Richard Pocock of Herstmonceux yeoman
Property as above, occupied by RP
W: Robert Rosam, John Sinnock

Mortgage for £300  AMS5944/6/14  25 Mar 1791

Richard Pocock of Herstmonceux yeoman to Elizabeth wife of Henry Mandy senior of Eastbourne gent and Nicholas Gilbert of Eastbourne esq her trustee
Property as above
Endorsed: receipt for interest, 25 Mar 1792
W: John Sinnock, John Sinnock junior, Samuel Sinnock

Further charge of £100, parties as AMS5944/14  AMS5944/6/15  16 May 1793

Further charge of £200, parties as AMS5944/14, with fine  AMS5944/6/16-18  16 Dec 1794

Endorsed: receipts for interest; W: Sarah Noakes, John Sinnock, Samuel Sinnock

Conveyance (lease and release) for £715  AMS5944/6/19, 20  15 and 16 Dec 1795

Richard Pocock of Hailsham victualler to Thomas Friend late of Westfield now of Herstmonceux yeoman
Property as above, occupied by TF and George Piper
Endorsed: receipt by RP for £115, balance due after mortgage debt
W: Edward Allfree, John Sinnock

Extract (c1846) of probate (PCC) of will (9 Jun 1795) of Nicholas Gilbert of Eastbourne esq appointing his brother Charles Gilbert executor  AMS5944/6/21  11 May 1797

Copy (c1813) of will of Elizabeth Mandy senior of Eastbourne widow, 28 Jan 1813, d 2 Oct 1813, proved (PCC) 21 Oct 1813  AMS5944/6/22  1813

Bequeaths annuity from two copyhold houses in Eastbourne occupied by herself and James Door to her daughter Sarah Martin widow, remainder to daughter Elizabeth wife of Henry Mandy; pecuniary bequests to son John Turner, son-in-law Joseph Filder, husband of daughter Mary deceased; Sarah Martin and Elizabeth Mandy executrixes
W: Charles Pittman of Eastbourne gent, Francis Harding Gell of Lewes attorney

Extract of probate of AMS5944/22  AMS5944/6/23  (c1846)

Assignment of mortgage  AMS5944/6/24  2 Nov 1815

Charles Gilbert of Eastbourne esq, Henry Mandy of Eastbourne butcher and wife Elizabeth, Sarah Martin of Eastbourne widow to John Brook of Herstmonceux husbandman
Mortgages in AMS5944/14-18
Recites: death of Nicholas Gilbert, Apr 1797; payment of £300 of mortgage debt
W: John Sinnock

Conveyance (lease and release) for £820  AMS5944/6/25, 26  24 and 25 Sept 1819

Thomas Friend of Herstmonceux yeoman to Edward Parris of Arlington blacksmith and John Sinnock of Hailsham gent his trustee, John Brook of Herstmonceux husbandman and Samuel Sinnock of Hailsham gent (trustee to attend EP's inheritance
Property above, reserving to TF a cottage and garden adjoining the property (lately occupied by TF junior and now by TF) on the road to Adams Hole, enclosed by TF from the waste of Herstmonceux manor in 1796 with easement of the well at the property. TF's wife Elizabeth mentioned in warranty
Endorsed: receipt for £300 by JB
W: T R Willard auctioneer, Hailsham, Thomas Burfield sadler, Hailsham

Mortgage (lease and relase) for £500  AMS5944/6/27, 28  28 and 29 Sept 1819

Edward Parris and John Sinnock to Thomas Friend, all as AMS5944/25
Property above
Endorsed: receipts for interest, 1821 - 26

Reconveyance (lease and release)  AMS5944/6/29, 30  11 and 12 Apr 1827

Thomas Friend to Edward Parris and John Sinnock, all as AMS5944/25

Abstract of title, 1723 - 1827 with requisitions by Furner and Hill [solicitors Brighton] on behalf of the purchaser answered by H C Sinnock, Hailsham for the vendor  AMS5944/6/31  1846

Conveyance for £900  AMS5944/6/32  29 Sept 1846

Edward Parris of Eastbourne yeoman and John Sinnock of Hailsham gent to Thomas Scutt of Brighton clerk and William Furner of Brighton gent his trustee
Property above occupied by Blackman

Relevant title uncertain  AMS5944/7  [n.d.]

Copy probate (Lewes) will (28 Oct 1779) of Joseph Pattenden of Wartling yeoman, 21 Dec 1782  AMS5944/7/1  19 Apr 1784

Freehold house in Herstmonceux to wife Ann for life, remainder to brother John Pattenden in tail. Piece of freehold marshland (22a 3r 25p) 'part of the forty acres' in Herstmonceux purchased of Robert Hare clerk and other property to trustees for sale for benefit of wife for life, remainder to nephews and neices, heirs of brothers Robert and Thomas Pattenden and sister Jane Gurr deceased. Pecuniary bequests. Wife Ann, brother John and nephew John executors

Deeds  AMS5945  [n.d.]

Source of acquisition: Documents deposited with the Sussex Archaeological Society by Gates and Company, solicitors, Brighton, 30 November 1954 (SAS ACC 396-417) and transferred by SAS, 21 June 1982 (ACC 3130: 3 below); deposited with the SAS by Gates and Company, per J B Buckwell, 28 April 1964 (SAS ACC 1123) and transferred by SAS, 21 June 1982 (ACC 2966: 5 below); given by J B Buckwell per K W Dickens, 24 June 1982 (ACC 2856: 1, 2, 4 and 6 below)

This list brings together all the documents deposited both with the Sussex Archaeological Society and ESRO between 1954 and 1982 by John B Buckwell, a partner in Gates and Co solicitors of Regent House, North Street, Brighton

BRIGHTON: House in East Brighton  AMS5945/1  1799

Conveyance for £575, [29 and] 30 Nov 1799
All parties of Brighton unless otherwise described
Edward Thunder builder with Phillip Vallance his trustee, Thomas Phillips carpenter (building lessee) and John Newman of Alfriston tanner (mortgagee) to John Whichelo gent and Richard Lemmon Whichelo junior gent his trustee
Dwellinghouse built on a piece of land 20' x 54' formerly part of Little Laine, Cliff furlong; S: James Page's house; W: private road; N: ET; E: carriage road
Recites sale of land by Thomas Kemp of Lewes esq to ET and PV, 9 and 10 Oct 1789; 99-year building lease, ET to TP and George Walker carpenter, 12 Oct 1795; £300 mortgage by TP and GW to Henry Brooker gent of newly-built house, 8 Dec 1796; erection of another house by TP and GW and mortgage to HB for £350, 27 and 28 Jul 1797; partition of TP and GW's joint property, 28 Jul 1797; assignment of mortgage, HB to JN, 10 Oct 1798
W: George Best, John Colbatch (clerks to Mr Brooker), Thomas Hill, Thomas Dewly

BRIGHTON: Houses at 1-3 Grafton Street and 44 Upper St James Street  AMS5945/2  1818-1889

[It is possible, though from the location of Cliff furlong in the Little Laine unlikely, that the deed listed as AMS5945/1 forms the root of the title which follows.]
All parties of Brighton unless otherwise described
On 21 and 22 May 1818 John Smith gent conveyed a piece of land 180' x 40' to Richard Palmer plumber and glazier and Benjamin Gill gent his trustee; part of this land on the south side of Crescent (later Upper St James) Street 37' deep and fronting 72' 6" west onto Grafton Street was sold by Palmer to Thomas Leany surveyor and George Suggers victualler on 10 and 11 Nov 1818 for £125 (2/1, 2). A house built by Leany on a smaller plot was sold to William Walker of Stoke Newington esq and Thomas Scurr of Newmans Court, Cornhill stockbroker for £700 on 28 and 29 Jan 1819 (2/3, 4)
On 16 May 1820 Walker executed 99-year leases to Leany of two newly-built houses (boundaries given); Leany lodged these with Thomas Crosweller senior and William Blaber, merchants and co-partners, to secure a debt of £84 for goods and by virtue of a writ of fieri facias issued to enforce a £50 judgement for debt obtained against Leany by John Morrice in King's Bench 23 Aug 1820 the leases were seized and sold by the sheriff of Sussex to Crosweller and Blaber for £155 (2/5)
Walker's will of 29 Jun 1829 was proved in PCC 27 Jan 1830 and on 28 Jan 1830 Robert Elliott of Fenchurch Street chinaman disclaimed his executorship to William Furner gent and Elizabeth and Caroline Walker spinsters (2/6), who joined Maria and Rachel Walker spinsters to convey the property (plan on deed) after it had failed to sell at auction to Lucy Walker spinster for £500 on 25 and 26 Dec 1840; their sisters Mary Ann and Emma had died during Walker's widow's life time, who died 1 Jun 1839 (2/7, 8)
On 20 Nov 1841 the outstanding leasehold interests, stated to be of no value, were assigned to Mary Walker by Mary Blaber widow and Mary Crosweller of Reigate widow in whom they had vested after their husbands' deaths (2/6)
Lucy Walker sold the houses to John Scrase and Charles Cooper gents for £800 on 31 Aug 1848 (2/9)
At this point there is a gap in the title; on 13 Sept 1866 a much larger estate was mortgaged for £6,500 by John Singer Lambert to William Lambe and John King and assigned by Lambert (after King's death on 2 Nov 1866) to James Warnes Hewlett gent on 1 Apr 1873; Howlett, acting under a power of sale, sold to Henry Davis gent for £1,500 on 2 Sept 1873 (2/10). (2/10)
On 14 Oct 1887 numbers 1 and 2 Grafton Street were leased by William Richard Sutton of 22 Golden Lane Mx esq to Henry Dyer gent, the occupier, for 21 years at £45; on 15 Apr 1889 Dyer assigned his lease to Southern Counties Dairies Co Ltd (2/11-13)
An earlier deed in the bundle is endorsed Buckley deceased

EWHURST: Stocklands Farm purchased by Walter William Daws in 1854  AMS5945/3  1771-c1880

As to Stocklands farmhouse and land, copyhold of Robertsbridge manor
On 5 Jun 1771 Edward Nicholas was admitted as only son of Edward and Ann Nicholas (3/25)
As to Whorne Field (4½a) purchased by Edward Nicholas in 1804
By his will of 27 Feb 1802 James Bishop of Great Sanders in Sedlescombe esq left Whorne Wood and Field (83a) and Bremp Wood (11a) to his friend William Shadwell of Hastings gent, brother-in-law Walter Mason of Sedlescombe gent and brother William Bishop of Hastings gent as trustees for sale; the will also contained detailed provisions for the rest of the estate settled on Bishop's marriage with Catherine Russell in 1786 including Sanders, Austford, Beach and Chittlebirch farms in Sedlescombe, Ewhurst and Whatlington and Durhamford otherwise Tanhouse farm, Sedlescombe all left to his eldest son John Bishop, Hurst Farm with Churchland and Cryalls Woods in Sedlescombe and Udimore purchased from the rev Mr Western left to his second son George and the manor of Delmonden in Hawkhurst, a farm in Battle and Grandturzel farm in Burwash and Brightling to his third son James. Also mentioned were Bishop's bailiff Robert Sellens, his servant Thomas Sellens and his wife Elizabeth and his workman James Bryant (3/1); a copy of the certificate for the redemption of land tax, 1804 was obtained in about 1920 and gives details of the whole estate, with occupiers' names (3/2)
The will was proved in PCC on 9 Mar 1803 and on 30 and 31 Mar 1804 the trustees conveyed Whorne Field to Edward Nicholas of Ewhurst yeoman for &pound150 (3/ 3, 4)
The whole estate
Edward Nicholas' will of 27 Feb 1812 was proved [at Lewes] on 1 Dec 1821. He bequeathed the estate to Lucy wife of William Coleman of Brede labourer, a natural daughter of his late wife Elizabeth, nee Foster, during the minority of their eldest son James Coleman; they were admitted to the manorial tenement on 16 Dec 1822 (3/5, 6)
On 24 Oct 1827 James Coleman mortgaged the field to James Martin of Battle gent for £100 and on 20 and 21 May 1829 sold the entire estate to Hercules Sharpe of Northiam esq and Thomas Paine Hilder of Ewhurst land agent his trustee for £540 (3/7-9)
As to Bremp Wood (11a), purchased by Hercules Sharpe in 1829
On 22 and 23 Jun 1814 Bishop's executors sold Bremp Wood to Solomon Colbran of Ewhurst farmer and Thomas Colbran farmer his trustee for £250 and £216 for timber of which £500 was raised on mortgage from Robert Dunk senior of Rolvenden farmer; the deed of 2 Jul 1814 includes a house in two dwellings erected on the land (3/10-12)
On 6 and 8 May 1815 Colbran conveyed the house (occupied by Forster and empty) and land to Richard Cheesman of Sandhurst, Thomas Daws of Ewhurst, David Smith of Brede and Thomas Pain Hilder of Northiam, all farmers, in trust for the benefit of creditors; also included was Colbran's house and 21a in Ewhurst called Miles, held of Robertsbridge manor occupied by himself and Anthony Fuller senior, subject to a £1,000 mortgage to Richard Mercer of Sedlescombe gent deceased. The estate was auctioned as The Cross at Staplecross in three lots on 7 Aug 1815 and the house and Bremp Wood, lot 3, purchased by Robert Dunk for £500 and £10 5s for timber; Dunk sold on at the same price to William Coleman of Ewhurst farmer to whom, with his trustees William Ticehurst of Battle schoolmaster and William Cox of Ewhurst farmer, the estate was conveyed on 17 and 18 Sept 1817 (3/13-16)
Coleman agreed with his creditors on 15 Oct 1822 and the same day appointed William Coleman junior of Chitcomb in Brede farmer his trustee for sale who on 27 and 30 Apr 1823 sold to Edward Hilder of Rye ironmonger for £224 15s; the house was occupied by Foster and Christopher Huckney (3/17-20). Hilder sold to Hercules Sharpe of Domans House, Northiam esq and James Miller of Rye gent his trustee for £275 on 21 Sept 1829 when the house was occupied by Richard Eldridge and Thomas Padgham (3/21, 22)
The whole estate
Stocklands Farm was advertised for sale by auction on 14 Sept 1852 as a well-arranged farmhouse in the cottage style, appropriate as a shooting box; the accommodation was described in detail and a plan provided. A detailed contract for sale to Walter William Daws of Ewhurst farmer was executed by Sharpe, by then of Oaklands near Sedlescombe, on 24 Oct 1854; the purchase price was £1,050. Abstracts were drawn and requisitions answered by Nathaniel Polhill Kell of Battle, Sharpe's solicitor, and on 5 Dec 1854 the copyhold tenement was surrendered; attached to the requisitions is Daws' promissory note to Alfred Smith for £700 (3/23-29)
A traced map of c1880 shows both Stocklands and Catts Green Farm, the latter already owned by Daws in 1840 (3/30)
These deeds were formerly listed by the SAS as HA751-780

HOVE: 46 (later 48) Brunswick Square  AMS5945/4  1807-1870

By virtue of a power of appointment in the settlement on his marriage with Mary daughter of Joseph White of Old Bond Street esq, 5 and 6 May 1807, Thomas Scutt of Brighton clerk conveyed to William Lambert of Portland Street, Brighton stonemason and William Furner of Brighton gent his trustee a house built by Lambert on the west side of Brunswick Square (on land contracted to be sold to Thomas Cooper and Charles Lynn of Brighton builders for £333 6s 8d) on 29 Jul 1825; Cooper and Lynn received the balance of the £600 purchase price (4/1)
On 24 and 25 Mar 1829 Lambert (who also owned the house to the south) conveyed the property to William Izzard of Brighton gent who mortgaged it, with other property, to John Kearsley Douglas Willan esq for £5,000 on 27 and 28 Apr 1829; on 23 Nov 1844 Izzard joined John Borrer of Portslade esq, in whom the mortgage was then vested, to convey to Thomas Thornton of Brighton esq for £2,900 of which £1,000 was paid to Borrer (4/2)
On 18 Nov 1846 Thornton endorsed a detailed memorandum on printed particulars of sale for the neighbouring house, 47 Brunswick Square, dated 24 Jul 1845. The particulars describe the house in detail, which was leased to Henry Willoughby Rooke knight at the 'unquestionably inadequate' rent of £140. Thornton describes the withdrawal of the house from sale, its repair and private sale to Mr Smith for £2,800 in Nov 1846; he records the measurements of the drawing room and in general that 48 has a third more accommodation than 47. By an agreement with Mr Freeman, solicitor for Lady Darrell, a window in a hayloft overlooking 48 was stopped up (4/3)
Thornton died 9 Dec 1860 and his will of 5 Sept 1855 was proved on 21 Dec 1860. On 29 Aug 1870 after the determination of life estates, the surviving executors, Henry Samuel Welch and Alfred Bidwell Welch both of Cowes esqs (his nephews who had taken the name Thornton), his cousin Henry John Thornton of Lynn esq joined to convey the property to H S W Thornton and John Coles Symes of Fenchurch Street gent his trustee in satisfaction of his third share of his uncle's residuary estate (4/2)
The deeds are endorsed: sent to O'Neill 7/10/46

Hove: 20 and 22 York Road  AMS5945/5/1, 2  4 Nov 1880

Printed leases by Julian Goldsmid of Somerhill Kent bt to Thomas Dunhill of 20 Brunswick Square, Hove esq of the above for the residue of a 99-year lease from 25 Mar 1851 at £9, 4 Nov 1880
Formerly listed as SAS BRI 20, 21

HURSTPIERPOINT: Deeds of Kents and Rickmans Farms, purchased by Sir John Dodson in 1831  AMS5945/6  1810-1899

[These deeds have been retained at ESRO since correspondence, maps and agreements relating to the Dodson (later lord Monk Bretton) estate in Hurstpierpoint are among the Monk Bretton archive see MOB 995-1526; all parties of Hurstpierpoint unless otherwise described.]
On 20 Oct 1780 Edward Venn was admitted to the reversion of Rickmans, copyhold of Hurstpierpoint manor, after the death of his mother Elizabeth widow of Edward Venn. On 27 Nov 1810 Venn, then of Bow Lane London merchant, was admitted to the farm (once occupied by Richard Heath, then Joseph and now Nathaniel Coulstock) and immediately sold it to John Coulstock yeoman for £1,050, £600 of which was raised by mortgage from John Pelham Roberts esq (6/1)
By his will of 1 Aug 1827 Coulstock appointed his brother Joseph Coulstock of Reigate miller, Luke Humphrey butcher and Henry Hyder yeoman trustees for sale. They proved the will at Lewes on 29 Sept 1827 and on 3 Jun 1828 were joined by the testator's widow Susan of Merstham, Surrey in a conveyance to Henry Richard Raven of Croydon esq for £3,440 3s. As well as Rickmans, which was let to James Mitchell miller for 8 years from 1827 at £80 a year, the house being converted into two dwellings, the sale included Kent's Farm and a cottage let to the parish, both held of Hurstpierpoint manor. The deed contains a map, schedules of field names and acreages and a quotation from the sale particulars which describe Kents as 'one of the finest tracts within the weald of Sussex' (6/2). On 4 Jun 1828 the new owner was granted the timber on the copyhold by the lord of the manor for £100 (6/3)
On 4 May 1832 Ann Raven was admitted for life to the copyhold estate on her husband's death according to his will, proved in PCC on 28 Oct 1831. She died 14 Oct 1841 and on 11 Nov one of the trustees, Thomas Stead Carter late of Ballards in Addington but then of Moor Place, Herts disclaimed executorship in respect of the copyhold to avoid fines; this deed was enrolled at Croydon manor on 17 Nov and at Hurstpierpoint on 24 Jan 1842 (6/4, 5). A receipt for £20 compensation money was given on 16 Nov 1841 and on 24 Jan 1842 Harry William Hitchcock of Highbury esq, the other trustee, was admitted (6/6, 7)
Once Raven's daughters had received their legacies his sons mortgaged the property to the rev Robert Phelips of Lufton, Somerset for £3,000, which was later assigned to Richard Worsley of Sherbourne chemist. Acting under a power of sale, on 5 Feb 1851 the mortgagee were joined by Henry Charles Raven of Andover esq, Alfred Raven of Kingston, Surrey esq, Richard Raven of The Temple gent and the rev John Raven of Broughton Astley, Leicestershire clerk to sell to John Dodson kt,HM advocate general and his only son John George Dodson for £3,200, all of which was owing to Phelips; John George Dodson was admitted in trust for his father on 17 Mar 1851 and on 11 Aug 1899 John William Dodson baron Monk Bretton was admitted on the death of his father John George (6/8-10)

Deeds  AMS5946  [n.d.]

Source of acquisition: Documents given to the Sussex Archaeological Society June 1957 (SAC ACC 779, 780) and deposited by the Society, 21 June 1982 (ACC 3381)

BURWASH: Printed tithe apportionment  AMS5946/1  11 Apr 1842

The volume, signed by John Cruttenden of Tott Farm, has been annotated with gross and net valuations in connection with rating. Attached to an analysis of change in tithe payments, specifically related to the growth of hops, with comparisons with Shrub, Brooksmarle and Square Farms, c1860

FRAMFIELD: Counterpart contract for a lease for 14 years from 25 Mar 1761 at £6  AMS5946/2  29 Jan 1761

James Parke of Gough Square, London gent to Richard Bran of Framfield husbandman
House and land (3a) called Easthaw lately occupied by Thomas Tapsell, near Savages Mill in Framfield
Detailed covenants including provision for repair of the house by JP as soon as possible; RB promises to leave the hopgarden well stocked and of two years' growth at the end of the term
W: Josias Smith, William Smith

Miscellaneous documents  AMS5947  [n.d.]

Source of acquisition: Documents deposited with the Sussex Archaeological Society 12 May 1959 (SAS ACC 807, ACC 3393, 1-36 below), 14 Mar 1962 (SAS ACC 1094, ACC 3330; 37, 41-43 below) and 10 Aug 1971 (SAS ACC 1304, ACC 3471, 38-40 below), transferred by the Society, 21 Jun 1982

BARCOMBE, CHAILEY  [no ref. or date]

Vouchers of the Westgate family  AMS5947/1-33  1841 - 97

Firzeley and Markstakes farms lie on opposite side of Markstakes lane which divides the parishes of Barcombe and Chailey. The family held both farms of Balneath manor, at which the death of William Westgate was presented in 1865 (AMS4601)
With the exception of a few vouchers for goods supplied by William Westgate, including kilnwood for Mr Norman of Chailey, potter, all the documents record the purchase of goods and services of an agricultural nature and the payment of rent, tithe and insurance. The bills after 1866 are made out to his sons Arthur and Herbert Westgate. In 1890 the estate was purchased from Arthur Westgate by William Wilson Grantham; for deeds, 1791 - 1890, see GRA 14

Ornamental pen-work label 'Log of HMS 'Highflyer', C F A Shadwell esq captain kept by W H Adlam'; possibly the work of a schoolboy rather than a midshipman  AMS5947/34  nd, c1860

Poster advertising the auction at the Five Bells Inn, Chailey by Challen and Son of Storrington of Harry Dent Goring bart's underwood (56½a) on the Balneath estate  AMS5947/35  20 Nov 1850

Details of eleven lots; endorsed with note of sale of lot 6 to William Westgate

Poster as AMS5947/35 at the Swan Inn, Chailey, annotated to show bidding per acre and sale of lots 13 and 15 [?to William Westgate]  AMS5947/36  1 Dec 1852

Illustrated particulars of sale for the Ades estate, Chailey (Ades House, Ades Farm, Furzegrove Farm and cottages), 27 Sept 1933  AMS5947/37  3 Oct 1933

With enclosed letter from Eyre and Company, 200 High Street, Lewes, estate agents to E Fayle, Markstakes Farm, Chailey advising that lots 1, 2, 4, 17 and 24-28 were unsold and quoting prices for them

LEWES  [no ref. or date]

Tenancy agreement for Allington House, St John Without  AMS5947/38  28 Feb 1921

Guy Henry Woodman of Court House Farm, Offham farmer to Edwin Fayle of Kyle-more Orwell Park, Rathgar, County Dublin gent for 6 years from 29 Sept 1920 at £60

Accounts of W Wells and Company, Plumpton to Clayton and Black architects and surveyors, Brighton and to E Fayle for alterations, repairs and decorations  AMS5947/39, 40  Jun-Sept 1921

Illustrated particulars of sale of the contents of Castlegate House, Lewes (F Frankfort Moore esq)  AMS5947/41  14 and 15 Jun 1923

Illustrated particulars of sale of Malling House, Lewes  AMS5947/42  31 Jul 1923

Illustrated particulars of sale of the contents of Lewes House, the collection of E P Warren MA deceased, including Rodin's Le Baiser and Cranach's Adam and Eve, 22-24 Oct 1929 with two enclosed press cuttings reporting the sale  AMS5947/43  23 and 24 Oct 1929

Hastings: transcript of charter  AMS5948  [n.d.]

Source of acquisition: Document deposited with the Sussex Archaeological Society 31 March 1960 (SAS ACC 886) and transferred by the Society, 21 June 1982 (ACC 3400)

Transcript  AMS5948/1  1788

Copies information: [For the original of this Charter see Hastings Museum B/A2]

Transcript by Thomas Lovell Crouch [jurat of Hastings] of the charter of 11 Feb 1686 granted on the surrender of the earlier charter, including the appointment of Denny Ashburnham knight as mayor, Edward Dyne esq, Thomas Carlton, Thomas Lovell, Edward Millward, Thomas Dyne, Peter Fyott doctor of physic, Richard Watts, Philip Lovell, John Stephens, William Holland, Richard Holman and Robert Phillips as jurats, David Thorp and John Norwood gents, John Fissenden, Peter Standbynorth, James Chapman senior, Edward White senior, James Bossom, George Fellows, Thomas Nicholas, John Winkfield, Thomas Gawen senior, Thomas Boyce, William Ginner, Mark Moore, Thomas Moore, Thomas Bayly senior, Richard Waters, Richard Thrasher, Robert Thacker, Thomas Winter junior, James Webb Thomas Pack, John Medhurst and James Redams as common councillors or freemen, colonel John Strode as recorder, John Norwood as town clerk, Richard Thrasher as serjeant-at-mace and James Redams as town serjeant; oaths to be administered to JPs by Henry Carleton and William Symonds; 1788
Forms of oaths of freeman, JP, jurat and mayor (reciting rule of 9 Feb 1725); nd, [1788]

FRAMFIELD: Records of the Blackboys Equitable Association, [1831] - 1944  AMS5949  [n.d.]

Source of acquisition: Documents deposited with the Sussex Archaeological Society 21 Mar 1960 (SAS ACC 834) and transferred by the Society, 21 June 1982 (ACC 3398)

Related information: The Association's ballot box, staff, beertokens and rosette are held by the Sussex Archaelogical Society, accessions 1950.21 and 1960.4

Administrative history:
The early history of the association, usually known as the Blackboys Club, can be traced due to the fortunate survival in its archive AMS5949/26 of a cutting from the Sussex Express of 5 Jun 1925 reporting the annual meeting and the recent discovery of the association's first minute book, which is no longer present
The Association was formed on 17 Jul 1835 as the Black Boy Inn Friendly Society with forty-one members but grew from the nucleus of a club founded on 15 Jan 1831 to provide substitutes for members balloted to serve in the militia. Men between the ages of 15 and 45 were eligible to apply for membership and were relieved at rates of between 10s and 12s a week in case of illness or incapacity. The annual feast at the Blackboys Inn was the highlight of membership and included a procession with the Blackboys Band, visits to members' homes, games and dancing as well as the meal itself. It took place in the last week in May and was usually reported in the press. The first secretary was William Eade of Longhurst Oak, farm labourer, 'a scholar and the only one for miles around' according to the report. He was succeeded in 1866 by his nephew Silvanus Harland whose son George Harland, the depositor's father, succeeded in 1900 and served until the association was wound up in 1944. The introduction of National Insurance in 1911 put the future of the club in doubt and at its annual feast the following year H S Cautley, Unionist MP for the East Grinstead constituency, advised the members against disbanding and encouraged them to administer the act themselves; he had communicated with 45 similar societies, 21 of which were prepared to start business under the act
There is no indication from the club's records that the suggestion was adopted and, as Cautley predicted, no more young men joined the society which by 1944 had only twenty members, one aged 94 and several over 80. On 2 Sept the society 'shared out' with a dividend of £20

Page [?from minute book] recording the foundation of the Blackboys Friendly Society  AMS5949/1  17 Jul 1835

Thomas Norman and Thomas Packham senior acting stewards, John Burghess and James Akehurst junior acting stewards, Robert Crowhurst chairman, William Baker deputy chairman

Printed Articles of the Black Boy Friendly Society  AMS5949/2  nd c1850

Printed Articles as AMS5949/2  AMS5949/3  nd, c1860

Incorporating reduction of sickness benefit to 5s a week after the first six months and replacing the stewards' travelling allowance with an annual payment of 2s 6d

Printed Articles as AMS5949/3, raising sickness benefit from 10s to 12s for the first six months and 6s a week thereafter; nd, c1890. Endorsed: 49 Thomas Novis  AMS5949/4  4 Jul 1892

Printed Articles as AMS5949/4, changing times of meetings from 8-10 p.m. to 7.30 - 9.30 p.m  AMS5949/5  nd, c1900

Statements of accounts with the names of stewards, treasurer, secretary, details of investments, donations and names of members relieved  AMS5949/6  1880 - 81

Statements of accounts with the names of stewards, treasurer, secretary, details of investments, donations and names of members relieved  AMS5949/7  1913 - 14

Statements of accounts with the names of stewards, treasurer, secretary, details of investments, donations and names of members relieved  AMS5949/8  1919 - 20

Statements of accounts with the names of stewards, treasurer, secretary, details of investments, donations and names of members relieved  AMS5949/9  1920 - 21

Statements of accounts with the names of stewards, treasurer, secretary, details of investments, donations and names of members relieved  AMS5949/10  1922 - 23

Statements of accounts with the names of stewards, treasurer, secretary, details of investments, donations and names of members relieved  AMS5949/11  1931 - 32

Statements of accounts with the names of stewards, treasurer, secretary, details of investments, donations and names of members relieved  AMS5949/12  1933 - 34

Statements of accounts with the names of stewards, treasurer, secretary, details of investments, donations and names of members relieved  AMS5949/13  1934 - 35

Statements of accounts with the names of stewards, treasurer, secretary, details of investments, donations and names of members relieved  AMS5949/14  1938 - 39

Statements of accounts with the names of stewards, treasurer, secretary, details of investments, donations and names of members relieved  AMS5949/15  1939 - 40

Statements of accounts with the names of stewards, treasurer, secretary, details of investments, donations and names of members relieved  AMS5949/16  1940 - 41

Statements of accounts with the names of stewards, treasurer, secretary, details of investments, donations and names of members relieved  AMS5949/17  1941 - 42

Statements of accounts with the names of stewards, treasurer, secretary, details of investments, donations and names of members relieved  AMS5949/18  1942 - 43

Statements of accounts with the names of stewards, treasurer, secretary, details of investments, donations and names of members relieved  AMS5949/19  1943 - 44

Volumes containing subscription lists from quarterly meetings, with annual treasurers' accounts at the rear  AMS5949/20  1862 - 70

At rear: notes of elections, 1863 - 70

Volumes containing subscription lists from quarterly meetings, with annual treasurers' accounts at the rear  AMS5949/21  1870 - 83

At rear: names of stewards

Volumes containing subscription lists from quarterly meetings, with annual treasurers' accounts at the rear  AMS5949/22  1883 - 95

At front and rear: names of stewards and notes of resignations

Volumes containing subscription lists from quarterly meetings, with annual treasurers' accounts at the rear  AMS5949/23  1900 - 44

For the signatures of members on the division of the association's funds, a press cutting and a letter of thanks expressing anti-German sentiments, 2-5 Sept 1944, see p75

Cutting from the Sussex Daily News of 1 Jun  AMS5949/24  1912

Reporting the address of H[enry] S[trother] Cautley, [Unionist] MP [for the East Grinstead constituency] to the Association's annual feast on the subject of the 1911 National Insurance Act [1 and 2 Geo 5, c55] and its effect on the Association's future, 31 May 1912

Press cutting reporting the annual feast of 1913  AMS5949/25  May 1913

Cutting from the Sussex Express  AMS5949/26  5 Jun 1925

Reporting the annual meeting and incorporating a history of the Association inspired by the discovery of its first minute book in the house of George Harland, the secretary, on his mother's death earlier in the year; the original rules are recited in detail

Papers of George Harland  AMS5949/27  nd, c1870

Volume containing 154 veterinary remedies, a treatise on the horse and its diseases (largely concerned with shoeing), recipes for cleaning tack and mathematical exercises


Archival history:
All this material was deposited on two occasions on behalf of the late Mrs Clowes; it was presumed at the times of deposit that they had been found at The Deans on the death of Nevill Gwynne

Source of acquisition: Documents deposited with the Sussex Archaeological Society 24 January 1957 (SAS ACC 716-717, 2-6 below) and 3 March 1960 (SAS ACC 885, 1, 7-17 below) and transferred by the Society, 21 June 1982 (ACC 3266, 3280, 3369)

With the two farm account books AMS5950/2-6 was deposited an overseers' rate and account book, 1811 - 48, which was transferred almost immediately to ESRO and listed as PAR 444/30/1. Members of the Tompsett family served regularly as overseer but in view of the possibility that the volume may have been found at the depositor's home it has been decided that the volume should remain under its present reference
As well as occuping farms in neighbouring Telscombe, the Tompsett family were the major tenants of the Pelham earls of Chichester in Piddinghoe. On 1 Feb 1839 Joseph and James Tompsett took a lease at £550 a year of the 875a Hoath Down Farm (CHR 17/20/2) which Joseph had been running in partnership with Hugh Croft gent since 1829 (SAS DD/704). Joseph Tompsett died in 1860 and in 1868 his sons Francis and James respectively took Deans and Lodge Farms at £700 and £750 a year (CHR 17/20/10, 11)
On 11 Sept 1895 Louisa Mary Tompsett obtained a reduction in the rent of Deans Place from the estate (CHR 17/20/14)
In 1835 John Wilson of East Blatchington appointed his friend Joseph Tompsett executor of his will, which was proved in PCC on 2 Feb 1838; the documents listed below which relate to property in Alfriston, Bishopstone, South Heighton and Newhaven all derive from this executorship
The documents, with the exception of AMS5950/2-6, were listed by the SAS as ESX 13-20 and 214-217

Copy (watermark 1840) of the will of John Tompsett of Hastings gent  AMS5950/1  30 Sept 1827

To be buried at Battle. Brother Joseph Tompsett of Piddinghoe yeoman and friend Thomas Charles Bellingham of Battle gent executors and trustees for sale for benefit of children subject to the life estate of wife Eleanor
W: Elizabeth Butcher, John Phillips, Henry B Phillips
The copy was drawn by John Tompsett, London

Farm account books, Piddinghoe  [no ref. or date]

Related information: For an overseers' rate and account book for Piddinghoe parish deposited with 2-6 above, see PAR 444/30/1

Volume  AMS5950/2  1831-1848

Volume entitled "James Tompsett's workmen's book 1831" written over "Cash Book July 28 1808 Joseph Tompsett Newhaven"
Contains accounts of labourers' work and payments to them in cash, Oct 1831 - Sept 1848
An account between James and Joseph Tompsett, Sept 1838 - Jan 1840 covers the period when they left the tenancy of Shergold's Farm [in Telscombe] (the total of an inventory of which is included) for Hoath Down Farm in Piddinghoe - see introduction
At end: cash account including rents paid by labourers and sales of sheep and lambs at named fairs, 1839 - 41, and casual expenses, mostly day-wages, 1831 - 34

Volume of farm labour accounts, Jan 1846 - 59, 1860 - 67, 1871  AMS5950/3  1846-1871

At front: details of pear grafting, 1847 - 54
At end: details of agreements with and payments to indoor servants, 1847 - 61
The charge to a less detailed format after 1860 is perhaps to be associated with the death of Joseph Tompsett on 2 May and the end of the volume with the termination of the tenancy of Hoath Down Farm

Letter from John Funnell, Newick, to Pickherd, with measurements of land at Balmer Farm, Palmer and details of crops, recorded more fully on an accompanying sheet  AMS5950/4, 5  22 and 25 Sept 1858

Found in AMS5950/3

Receipted bill to F[rancis] Tompsett, The Deans, for newspaper advertisements in the East Sussex News for a seedsman and an oxman, Jul 1869 - May 1870  AMS5950/6  14 Feb 1871

Found in AMS5950/3

Executorship of John Wilson of East Blatchington, 1838  [no ref. or date]

Cottage at Bishopstone purchased by John Wilson in 1790  AMS5950/7  1790

Copy of court roll, manor of Bishopstone, 24 Sept 1790
Admission of John Willson junior of [East] Blatchington shopkeeper on the surrender of William Stone
Cottage and garden in Bishopstone, rent 4d
The cottage was sold by Joseph Tompsett to Henry Thomas [Pelham], earl of Chichester and lord of the manor on 1 May 1841: CHR 7/4/1.]

Cottage at Winton in Alfriston, purchased by John Wilson in 1792  AMS5950/8  1792

Copy of court roll, manor of Berwick, 6 Feb 1776
Admission of Thomas Pettit of Alfriston husbandman on the surrender of Richard Shepherd
Cottage and garden at Winton in Alfriston, rent 4d
The cottage was purchased by Wilson on 2 Nov 1792 (SAS G20/196) and sold by Joseph Tompsett to Henry Hall Lord Gage, the lord of the manor, 8 Mar 1858: SAS ACC 913 p323

Blacksmith's shop at Newhaven, purchased by John Wilson in 1815  AMS5950/9  1815

Related information: The property was sold by Joseph Tompsett to Edward Ashby of Newhaven blacksmith in 1839: SAS HC 279 p326

Copy of court roll, manor of Meeching, 10 Oct 1815
Admission of John Wilson of [East] Blatchington landing waiter on the surrender of William Knight for £105, on the return of which within 20 years by WK or any of his family and money spent on improvements WK may re-enter
Blacksmith's shop at Swines Pit, Newhaven (measurements) late Forsters, rent 8d

House and land at the Street, South Heighton, ?inherited by Elizabeth Washer and her sister Sarah, mother of John Wilson; 1683 - 1830  [no ref. or date]

Conveyance (lease [and relase])  AMS5950/10  10 [and 11] May 1683

Thomas Hersell of Denton husbandman to Mary Towner of Heighton widow
Messuage or cottage and land (1r) near the upper end of the Street, occupied by MT late James Towner; S: Richard Willard once Thomas Webb; N: James Chambers once Richard Chambers
W: Thomas Isted, Diones Geere

Conveyance ([lease and] release and bond) for £10  AMS5950/11, 12  [24 and] 25 Sept 1712

John Archer of Willingdon husbandman and wife Mary (MT in AMS5950/10) with her son John Beane of Willingdon husbandman to William Washer of Denton yeoman
House as 10 above occupied by JA; S: Mary Webb late Benjamin Webb
W: Thomas Willard, Richard Moore

Conveyance (lease [and release]), 19 [and 20] Apr 1719 [altered to 1725]  AMS5950/13  1719, 1725

Mary Archer of Willingdon widow to William Washer of Heighton yeoman
1. As AMS5950/10
2. Land (½a) adjoining AMS5950/1; N: the laine; S: from the corner of James Chambers croft to Earls Acre upwards and to the highway
3. Land (1r), N: Tarring Down
All occupied by WW, in Heighton
W: William Bean, John Beeke [?recte Bean]
[It is probable that the original deed of 1719, perhaps unexecuted, was used as the lease for a year to accompany AMS5950/14 despite the inappropriate date: that the witnesses are identical suggests contemporary execution.]

Conveyance ([lease and] release) for further assurance for 10s 6d  AMS5950/14  [17 and] 18 Mar 1726

Parties as AMS5950/13
Property as AMS5950/11 and 12, which is recited
W: as AMS5950/13

Pre-nuptial settlement (lease and release)  AMS5950/15, 16  16 and 17 Jan 1745

Mary Washer of Heighton spinster to John Washer of Blatchington yeoman and William Hawes of Berwick gent and John Ranger of Berwick husbandman
JR to marry MW
1. House, stable and land (once William Washer yeoman deceased late Samuel Washer deceased MW's father) occupied by MW
2. £140
JR covenants to surrender to himself for life with remainder to MW for life and to their issue in tail
3. Land (1a) near the Tye at Berwick, held of the manor of Berwick with Hailsham
JR covenants to make MW residuary legatee of his personal estate which she may take absolutely to the value of £140 and the interest only on any further amount with remainder according to a recent statute for the better distribution of intestates' estates
W: Cornelius Humphery, Bernard North, Henry Humphery

Probate (Lewes) of the will (22 Jun 1819) of Elizabeth Washer of Seaford late of Blatchington spinster  AMS5950/17  14 Jul 1830

Pecuniary and chattel bequests to Jesse Wood of Blatchington, William Washer Savage of Arlington, sisters Sarah Wilson and Ann Wood, neice Sarah Savage, John Wilson son of sister Sarah
W: John Ellman, Charles Whiteman, Cliffe, Lewes

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