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Additional Manuscripts, Catalogue M

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Reference AMSM
Covering dates 1513-1993
Held by East Sussex Record Office
Extent 50 accessions
Creators East Sussex Record Office

Since it opened, East Sussex Record Office has maintained a collection of 'Additional Manuscripts' for accessions which are not assigned, or are not accrued to existing collections which have, a distinctive alphabetic reference based on the collection's title. The Additional Manuscripts collection is now known as AMS
Some of these accessions added to AMS have been returned to A2A as free-standing catalogues. The residue are being returned as a series of catalogues, each covering a range of AMS numbers. The summary list below covers all the accessions within that range, with notes against those which are the subject of separate catalogues or which have been transferred to other collections or other repositories. The main body of the catalogue notes only the reference and the fact of the separate catalogue or the transfer
Summary of contents
AMS5801 Map of William Kempe's Riders-Well, South Malling by Thomas Marchant, 1775
AMS5802 Deeds of The Chequer, a house and four cottages at 24-27 Eastport Lane, Southover (Holford-Hopkins-Maynard-Verral-Wren-Penfold), 1711-1802
AMS5803 Cottages at The Green, Ringmer (Bland-Palmer-Attersoll-Relfe-Smart-Berry-Nicholas-Bunting-French-Hillman), including grant of Ringmer copyhold waste to Berry in 1817; particulars of Hillman's executors' sale includes house at Cliffe Corner, house and cottages in Malling Street, 13 and 14 Church Street Lewes, cottages in Ringmer, cottage at Mill Common Waldron on Laughton manor waste, 5 Waterloo Place North Parade Brighton, 1846; 1743-1846
AMS5804 Records of Sussex Guild of Weavers, Spinners and Dyers, 1950-1981
Incorporates former AMS6220
AMS5805 Commission of Sewers for East Guldeford Level to General James Murray and others, 1791
AMS5806 Court book of the manor of Waldron otherwise Herringdales in Waldron, East Hoathly and Heathfield, 1631-1888; plan of Richard Preston's Herringdales estate by T Sheridan, 1841; copy of Charles Stephens' map of Winchelsea, 1758; will of Mary Woollett of Icklesham spinster, 1819; map of Wickham Farm in Icklesham, c1830; records of the Rye Harbour post of the Royal Observer Corps, 1939-1940
AMS5807 Particulars with plans of the estate of PPFP Acland: Fuller Farm Battle, Henley Down Farm Catsfield, Ingrams, Messens and Potmans Farms Ninfield, Hop House Farm in Ninfield and Catsfield, Buckholt and Coombe Farms Bexhill, High House Farm Crowhurst, Lunsfords Cross Farms in Ninfield, Bexhill and Pevensey, Court Lodge Hooe, Pashley, Akehurst and Millers Farms in Ninfield, Holmes Farm in Ninfield, Hooe and Bexhill, Sandhill, Nutbrowns and The Parsonage, Hooe, Botany in Westham, Strawberry Hill Farm Ewhurst, Poppinghole Farm Sedlescombe, Kateley Wood and Down Ash Farm Ticehurst, Great Lulhams Ripe, woodland in Fletching and Locks Farm in Hurstpierpoint and Clayton, 1864; illustrated particulars of Lord Willingdon's Ratton estate, annotated with bids: includes Ratton House, Hockington House, Willingdon Hill Farm, Willingdon Golf Links, Ocklynge Farm, Little Ratton, Spots Farm, cricket ground, Rippington farm, brickfield near Hampden Park station, 1918
AMS5808 Sketch of the interior of Frant church by Ellen Barber (sister-in-law of Jean Claude Nattes), 1830
AMS5809 Records of St Anne's parish charities, Lewes, 1723-1963: leases of Spital garden in Lewes St Michael, 1723-1798; Richard Pankhurst's Charity - lease of land in Rotten Row, Lewes St Ann, 1788; Pesthouse Charity declaration of trusts, critically annotated by Thomas Partington, 1808; Spital Houses in Lewes St Ann: opinion of Thomas Partington, 1809. Opinion of George Courthope reciting erection of bakehouse for Lewes barracks and cottages inhabited by prostitutes, 1818; sale to Kennard and repurchase by parish, 1809-1833; St Ann United Charities: Charity Commission Schemes, 1867-1901; minutes, 1867-1963; Spence settlement of brookland in Southover, 1783, sale to Grantham, 1803; warehouse and land at Lewes Castle, copyhold of Lewes Burgus: Kemp-Paine, 1813; hovel and brookland in Southover, Paine settlement, 1821
AMS5810 Records of Brighton and Hove Natural History Society, 1854-1958
AMS5811 Collen Pryors in Heathfield (Pollington-Gorringe), 1731-1732; Jane Lands in Heathfield (Putland-Hugget-Putland[-Hooper-Gorringe], 1632[-1751]; Curteis's Farm Heathfield, settled on marriage of William Pennington Gorringe and Elizabeth Venner, 1759; probate of Thomas Stace of Heathfield, miller, 1764 bequeathing leasehold house to daughter Elizabeth Hugget, house, smith's shop and garden at Rushlake Green in Warbleton to daughter Mary Newman, Heathfield Rectory copyhold house and Sapperton copyhold house at Sicklehatch and Stredwick Farm Heathfield to daughter Sarah wife of Pennington Gorringe; probate of PG of Heathfield: Cowden in Hellingly to daughters Sarah and Elizabeth Gorringe, 1781; house and 36a called Mills and Parkers in Heathfield (Dan-Vine-Gorringe, 1759-1784 (estate of John Vine of Heathfield includes farms in Heathfield and Ashburnham, house and 60a at Bodle Street in Herstmonceux, farm called The Gun in Chiddingly, house and 11a once part of South Bishops Wood in Heathfield, house and garden W of Brightling-Burwash road in Burwash); probate of William Gorringe of Heathfield, 1787; printed abstract of title to the manor of Heathfield, 1744-1824, with release of seignory to William Gorringe of his 8 tenements near The Clappers or at Marle Green, 1824
AMS5812 Map of Church Farm in Ripe and Selmeston by William Figg, 1830
AMS5813 Records of Wadhurst United Charities, 1580-1905
AMS Whitfield's Charity: property in Charlwood, Horley and Worth (Saunder-Whitfield), 1517-1580; Whitfield settlement exchanging Gregories and Sparrows, Goulds, Snape and Highams in Wadhurst, Carters, Rounden and Rounden Mead in Wadhurst and Lamberhurst, Remisses and Calhill in Lamberhurst for Bartonhill and Newgrounds in Minster Sheppey, Kent, excepting 2 cottages at Gregories (the endowment of the charity), 1615; annuity on John Whitfield's forge and land at Rowfant in Worth, 1618 with conveyance in trust, 1623; conveyances and assignments to new trustees, 1637-1884; trustees' minutes, 1855-1897; statements of account for Fowle's and Whitfield's Charities, 1893-1905; Charity Commissioners' Schemes, including amalgamations of charities, 1898-1966
AMS5814 Letter from David and Hannah Crittal of Mayfield to their daughter Sarah at Rotherhithe with family and local news, 1801
AMS5815 Minutes of Brighton and Hove International Co-operation Year Committee, 1965-1966
AMS5816 Court book of Foxhunt Manor, 1630-1874
AMS5817 Contract for lease of house and shop in Sedlescombe (Grace-Ball), 1869; Brabazon estate - Battle and Westfield tithe receipts, 1883, voucher for repairs at Domons in Northiam in 1863 by James Rock, 1871; Edward Tossell's bill on Charles Lamb for trousers, 1838-39; dividend warrant, Grand Trunk Railway Canada, 1891
AMS5818 Account of the history of Sir Henry Fermor's School at Crowborough, 1732-1891
AMS5819 Map of the Duke of Dorset's Bexhill Manor, c1810
AMS5820 Ringmer copyhold cottage at Church Hill (Howell-Goldsmith-Burgis), 1789-1956; includes Lion House on Broyle Lane, Ringmer, 1932-1955; probate of George Goring of Chailey, 1728
AMS5821 Map of Henry Humphrey's Cotchford in Hartfield by Thomas Marchant, 1760
AMS5822 Stonham and Henley families of Beckley: house, mill and 3a in Playden and Rye (Langham-Henley), 1861; JD Stonham of Beckley, farmer: assignment for benefit of creditors, 1861; assignment of farming business in Beckley and Stone (Stonham-Henley), 1862; probate of JC Henley of Udimore, 1869; easements at Vines Farm Udimore (Sloman-Henley), 1875; manor of Udimore release of seignory (Paine and Brettell-Henley), 1882; antiquarian collection of LJ Hodson: Hobbs and Wiggs in Beckley (Davey), 1631-1632; Asteford in Sedlescombe and Ewhurst (Davey-Holman), 1654-1655; Hobbs and The Amitt Hills (150a) in Beckley (Spencer-Maplesden), 1684; Harkeredge and The Bell at Cranbrook (Hayward-Spencer), 1707; Hobbs in Beckley (Spencer-Lidwell), 1713; Hancocks Farm Cranbrook (Spencer), 1713; Mount Ridge Land in Hailsham (Cogger-Mott), 1707; settlement on marriage of Thomas Fuller and Ann Lucas: Great Walstead in Lindfield, 1677; Levett of Salehurst: manor of Robertsbridge copies for land in Salehurst and Mountfield, 1606-1615
AMS5823 Land on S side of North Street, Brighton (Kemp-Wood), 1827
AMS5824 Illustrated sales particulars: Hamsell Estate (Luxfords, Hourne, Hodges Farms, Steel Cross Cottage, Renby Lodge, Summersales, Stonehouse, Orznash, Bullfinches, Holden and Forge Farms in Rotherfield, Crowborough and Withyham), 1939; Bolebrook in Hartfield, 1948; Barcombe and Balneath estates (Oak Tree, Yew Tree, Knowlands, Scovells, Mount Pleasant, Banks, Camois Court, Barcombe Place, Holmans Bridge, Down View, Balneath Manor, Roman Springs, Pigs Easter, Bevernbridge, Harelands, Fursley Farms and cottages in Barcombe), 1943; Mark Cross estate (Mark House, Catts, Marlborough Head, Renhurst farms in Rotherfield and Wadhurst, Little Trodgers and Highfields Farms in Mayfield), 1944; Hammerwood Park Forest Row, 1947; Bolebrook in Hartfield, 1947; Coghurst estate (New and Old Coghurst, Eighteen Pounder, Great Maxfield, Stalkhurst and Bricklands Farms in Guestling, Ore and Westfield), 1949; Perryhill Farm and cottages Hartfield, 1949; Dunsfold Herstmonceux, 1950; Park Farm Chiddingly, 1950; Old Foxhunt Manor Waldron, 1950; Ridgewood and College Farms Uckfield, 1951; Newlands Farm Boarshead in Rotherfield, 1951; Crowborough Warren estate (Warren Hotel, Ocklye House, Home, Crabtree, Old Mill, Kings Standing farms, Heavegate Cottages in Buxted and Withyham), 1952; Saxonbury Farm Mark Cross, 1952; Searles estate (Holmesdale, Moyses, Spring, Clapwater, Flitteridge, Woolpack and Black Ven Farms in Fletching and Maresfield), 1952; Hole Farm in Herstmonceux and Warbleton with cottages at Bodle Street, 1952; Danehurst estate Fletching, 1953; Court Gardens and Bulls Barn Farms Ditchling, 1953; Wilderness Farms Hadlow Down, 1953; Vigoes Cottages Furners Green Fletching, 1957; Herstmonceux Place estate (Milland, Lime End, H Place, Home, Flowers Green, School and Church Farms and The Welcome Stranger Inn in Herstmonceux), 1958; More House Farm and Mote House, Wivelsfield, 1956
AMS5825 35-37 Carlton Row, Brighton (Smith-Johnson and Humphreys-Thompson), 1822; receipt for wardship lands, Mott family of Herstmonceux, 1576
AMS5826 Introductory pages to Adams' Survey of Northiam with rateable values, 1821
AMS5827 20 York Villas, Brighton (includes title to Grove Villa and the New England estate - Pegg-Friend-Ward-Corfe-Harris), 1866-1884
AMS5828 Perringalls at Sidley Green Bexhill (Hersie-Marshall-Bannister-Chester-Wells-Sweet als Doust), 1573-1631; map of Great Worsham Farm in Bexhill by W Ticehurst of Battle, 1791; land on corner of Knole and Middlesex Roads Bexhill (de la Warr-Heron), 1896; Sidley Green estate (Norfolk, Preston, Cumberland, Claremont, North anad Suffolk Roads and Sidley Street), part of Ingrams Farm Bexhill (Lansdell-Brisco-Clement-Jenner, Vidler and Sayer-Moon, Garner and Atkinson), 1824-1899; de la Warr estate (De la Warr, Fairmount, Elmstead and Dorset Roads), Bexhill (Windsor-Reeves-Thomas), 1829-1900; Kites Nest and Howards Farms, Spratts, Quenby Lodge or Moresk in Bexhill (Davey-Glessing), 1874-1920; Mount Idol and Mill Land Bexhill (Sole-Hoarde, 1587; Pelham-Glazier, 1704; Brisco-Parks-Harris, 1867-1924); Pebsham estate, Bexhill (Papillon-Ratcliff), 1861-1926; 32 Cranston Avenue Bexhill (Braggs Farm: Curteis and Leslie-Mayer-Hurst-Bexleigh Estates Ltd-Clarke), 1898-1930; Wakeham Farm estate (Maberley, Sedgewick and Sandhurst Roads), Bexhill (Squirrell-Draper-Burton-), 1900-1935; Downlands Park estate Bexhill (Curteis and Leslie-Mayer-Hurst-Draper), 1898-1935; land N of Collington Road Bexhill (Curteis and Leslie-Mayer-Hurst-Bennett; Harding-Dunn-Yandell-Scott), 1898-1956; Crowhurst copyhold near Crowhurst Bridge called The Powder Mill with a cottage and land (Woodgate-Lawrence-Napp, 1810-1877), part of Adams, Swineham and Groundilly (Chrismas-Lingham-Napp, 1856-1882), the whole estate, sales off and partition with the estate of the Hilder family, 1882-1961; Ebenezer House, 21 Woods Passage Hastings All Saints (Collier-Cosens-Kennard-Furner-Fenner dissenting minister-Challen-Constable-Fenner-Phillips-Larcombe-Sutton-Shoesmith-Ball; Hopkins-Baldwin; Walker), 1751-1956; garden in Woods Passage (Fautley-Weston-Fenner), 1763-1816; Selby Cottage, Woods Passage, Hastings All Saints (Kennard-Furner-Kennard-Davis-Chapman-Diton), 1812-1897; Melbourne Cottages, 17 and 18 Woods Passage Hastings All Saints (Thomson-Wheeler-Hastings Cottage Improvement Society-Benney-Phillips-Keys), 1874-1929; Caxton and Stanhope Cottages, Tackleway, Hastings All Saints (Swaine-Osborne-Morgan), 1855-1874; Diamond Cottage, Woods Passage, Hastings All Saints (Tichbon-Phillips-Harman-Richardson; Thorpe-Walker), 1835-1953; 95 High Street, Hastings St Clement (Geery-Breeds-bankruptcy assignees-Phillips-Allen), 1769-1905; 8 George Street, Hastings St Clement (Sargent-Polhill-creditors-Scrivens-Mannington-Young-Semadeni-Collard-Parkes- Stoakes), 1775-1927; 18 West Street (Ranger-Smart-Ellman-Rogers-Paine Rogers and Co-Stokes; includes 1-4 Offa Road Ore, 43 Manor Road, 201 Harold Road, the primrose Laundry 199 Harold Road and the Hare and Hounds brickfield, Hastings), 1875-1920; the whole estate (Stoakes-Harris-Wapshott), 1928-1935; The Eagle Inn 9 Bourne Street, Hastings All Saints (Lock-Bossom-Pumphrey-Mannington-Wenham-Betts-Burfield-Adolphus), 1760-1912; 4 Reculver Cottages (includes development of Five Gates Field) Hastings St Clement (Dodson-Gill-Duke-Parks-Jackson-Haynes-Tingle-Colville-Jameson, Blackburn and Ormerod), 1719-1937; 2 Derby Cottages 33 Wellington Mews (includes development of Lower Stoney Field) Hastings St Mary Castle (Milward-Bryan-Brazier-Vennall-Brice-Dengate-Gatehouse-Cox-Etherington- Hastings BC), 1831-1939; 13 Church Road, Hastings St Mary Magdalen (Eversfield-Picknell), 1860-1890; The Havelock Hotel, Hastings Holy Trinity (Barham-Turner-Hewett-Havelock Hotel Co-Barber and Higgs), 1861-1888; Gensing estate Hastings (Eversfield), 1818-1844; 4 Gensing Station Road Hastings (Eversfield-Wood), 1864; building plots in Carisbrooke, Stockleigh, Gensing, Silchester, Rothsay and Kenilworth Roads (Eversfield-Goodwin-Seaborne), 1873-1877; 4 Pindars Road Clive Vale Hastings (Griffin-Hoell; Shoesmith; Janes; Cooper; Summerfield), 1880-1931; Roseneath House Sedlescombe Road, Hastings (Eversfield-Spray), 1880-1904; Kites Nest Estate, Hastings and Ore (Breeds-Denne-Frewen), 1835-1881; Brook House 63 St Helens Park Road (Frewen-Reeve-Vidler-Finger-Tapner-Cowen-Crew-Thame), 1835-1957; 1 St James Villas Hastings (Frewen-Bright), [1784]-1886; The Green Garage at Gingerbread Green St Leonards (Marchant-Eldridge-Freeman and Fuller-Wakeford), 1834-1959; 53 Kings Road St Leonards (Eversfield-Wood; Phillips), 1864-1888
AMS5829 Ashby family of Friston and East Dean, millers, including deeds, valuations, partnership agreements, wills and lists of deeds of property in Lewes and Cliffe from 1632, 2 Terminus Road Eastbourne, Friston Mill; 1816-1902
AMS5830 Rules and circulation list of Brighton Book Society, 1836
AMS5831 Notarial instrument concerning an appeal by the prior of Lewes against the demands of ordinaries for procurations, 1513; manor of Horsted Keynes Broadhurst stewards' papers, 1618-1653, 1674; map of [John Baker's] Mayfield Place estate [?by William Benge], c1665
AMS5832 Barn, close and croft in North Street Brighton (Beach-Lempriere), 1741; Brighton copyhold cottage and garden on the East Cliff, Brighton (Philcox), 1786; mortgage bond, Hooe (Coleman-Collins), 1731-1735; Shelley estate fine, 1695; Shelley estate settlement: reconveyance of Middle Farm in Tarring Neville and Beddingham, 1721
AMS5833 Census enumerators' books - Eastbourne sub-district (Eastbournre, Seaford, Alfriston, East Dean, Lullington, Litlington and Westdean), 1841 and 1851, with population abstracts for 1861 and 1871
AMS5834 Deeds of Iden Stores, Iden (ROHAS P27/53), (Wilson-Thurston-Hunt-Sharp-Dean-Walker-Manger), 1725-1824
AMS5835 Tenancy agreement for Pucksties in Hartfield (Harris-Roberts), 1859
AMS5836 Edward May and Latter and Charles Parsons, stonemasons of Lewes, 1794-1850: cash book, 1794-1796; ledger, 1799-1803; scrapbook containing bills of lading, invoices, and related correspondence, 1833-1861; bills of lading, invoices, memoranda of charter and correspondence, 1835-1862; contract with Lord Sheffield, 1806; account for Mrs Hooper's monument at Hailsham for T Luxford, 1820; memorandums concerning wage and materials prices, 1827-1833; account to Lord de la Warr for building cottages at Ringmer, 1842; list of employees, c1850; pharmaceutical notes of Ena Muriel Allen (née Bridgman), 1930-1932
AMS5837 Illustrated particulars of the Heathfield Park estate (Heathfield Park, Keeper's Cottage and kennels, Home Cottage, Jasmine Cottage, Tower Nursery, Old Halfmoon, Satinstown Farm and Cottage, Bullseye Cottage, Little Tottingworth, Laurel Cottage, Fir Tree Cottage, Cade Street Cottage, Jack Cade Monument, Gate Cottage, Corner Cottage, wheelwright's shop, 1-4 Portland Square, Museum Cottage, 3-6 Roundhouse Cottages, 1-6 Alley Cottages), 1935
AMS5838 Minutes of Brighton and District Organists Association, 1914-1975
AMS5839 Court book of the manors of Houndean, Lullington, Michelham Parkgate, Milton and Swanborough, 1645-1649, 1653-1656
AMS5840 Map of Nicholas Delves's Manor of Coghurst in Guestling by [John] Martin and... Marquick, 1668
AMS5841 East Hoathly parish vouchers (including Thomas Turner) and settlement papers for the Hope, Jenner, Slarks, Simmons, Brook and Collins families, 1763-1781
AMS5842 Inventories of Glyndebourne in Glynde and vouchers for silver and jewelry, 1653-1681; saddler's account on Thomas Hay, 1758; rations of 3rd brigade at Gudensberg in Hesse, 1762
AMS5843 Survey of tenements within the Loxfield half-hundred of the manor of South Malling (later Framfield manor) in Buxted, Uckfield, Lindfield and Withyham, c1570
AMS5844 Minutes, year-books, accounts and schedules of show exhibits, Groombridge and District Horticultural Society, 1933-1993
AMS5845 Plan of maze of fruit-trees at Prospect House (now Hesmonds), East Hoathly, 1821, with obituary of William Botting Hemsley FRS (1843-1924) of East Hoathly, Kew and Polegate, gardener and nurseryman, 1925
AMS5846 Part of Sluice Farm in Bexhill, Hooe and Battle (Pelham-Deudney-Wyatt-Nevill), 1755-1869; Gildridge Marsh in Herstmonceux (Barber-Rickman-Darby, 1771-1831) Spyland in Hailsham and Hemplot in Herstmonceux (Hammond-Darby, 1770-1833); both properties (Darby-Barton; Wolfe-Overy-Stapley), 1833-1906
AMS5847 Willingford Mills and land called Heghe near Walderode in Brightling; de Bretagne-Robertsbridge abbey, 1291
AMS5848 Diary of Captain Robert Johnson RN of Rugby, Alconbury-Weston and Rose Cottage Eastbourne including weather, religion, politics and shipwrecks, 1821-1843
AMS5849 Printed biographies of nonconformist clergy and church members: Mr Morris of Lewes and David Fenner of Hastings, 1824; J Jenkins of Lewes, 1825; James Jones of Wadhurst, 1889; James Weller of Robertsbridge, 1845; Thomas Russell of Rotherfield, 1864; Benjamin Tatham and Mrs S Prodger of Eastbourne, 1866; George Gilbert of Frant, c1870; Cornelius Sharp of Bodle Street ansd Ninfield, 1878; Matthew Welland of Lewes, 1894; Christopher Pierpoint of Brighton, 1912; Esther Sharp of Cross in Hand, 1922; Henry Miles, 1924; James William Tobitt of Hastings, 1929; George Mockford of Heathfield, 1901; Daniel Thomas Combridge of Brighton, 1918; James Godsmark of St Leonards Forest and Shoreham, 1877; Mercy C Dann of Brighton, c1917; Lydia Marchant of Eastbourne, 1912; William Sinden of Lewes, 1927; Constance Jane Blunden of Shoreham, 1896; Mary Grace Banfield of Brighton, 1906; John Grace of Brighton, 1893; Ann Godwin of Brighton, 1900; James Weller of Robertsbridge, 1848; Eli Ashdown of [?Mayfield], 1904; Caleb Sawyer of Mayfield, 1964; A J Baxter of Eastbourne, 1909; George Frost of Jarvis Brook, 1906; James Kidwell Popham of Brighton, 1938; Jarvis family of Burwash and Wadhurst, 1936; Thomas Dicker, 1852; William Huntington, 1797; J K Popham, 1909, 1915; Robert Parminter Knill of Brighton, Dicker and Burgess Hill, c1894; Nora Troughton of Brighton, 1948; Thomas Gearing of Brighton, 1885; George Gilbert of Heathfield, 1892; John Kemp of Biddenden and Wadhurst, 1933; William Marten of Lewes, 1828; John Hervey Gosden of Brighton, 1965; Mrs W T Walker (Rhoda Jane Stubbs) of Clayton, 1892; William Crouch of Wadhurst, 1861; Mary Davey of Brighton, c1941; Ambrose Daniel Spong of Hove, 1913; see also AMS6294 for Elizabeth Woodhams and Charles Brooker
AMS5850 Downgate Farm, Warbleton (Fuller-Dollaway-Darby-Dunn-Avard; sales off to Fox and Gandy; Jewell); includes settlement on marriage of John Fuller and Ann Eliott, 1776, plan of the farm, 1828, and exchange with Dunn estate for Huntons (formerly Beckwith) Farm, 1845; 1776-1961

Map  AMS5801  [n.d.]

Source of acquisition: Photocopy of WSRO Burrell MS13/E/1, presented 18 March 1982 (A2813)

SOUTH MALLING  AMS5801/1  1775

'RIDERS-WELL; the Estate of William Kempe Esquire Serjeant at Law'
Estate map showing field names and acreages, names of neighbouring owners, ownership of hedges; compass circle, 1" = 5 chains. Site of present (1982) Ryderswells Estate marked 'sold to Morris in 1800 for £1,055'
Surveyor: T[homas] Marchant

Deeds of a house and four cottages at 24-27 Eastport Lane, Southover, 1711-1802 and at Brighton Road, Lewes, 1928  AMS5802  [n.d.]

Source of acquisition: Documents given 22 March 1982 (ACC 2814), 19 Mar 1987 (ACC 4807), 10 October 1998 (ACC 7750)

The extent of the property in 1873
Until the dispersal of the estate in 1719, the title to this property included The Kings Head, formerly The Chequer, on the west. The deeds of the whole passed to the purchaser of The Kings Head, and copies (AMS5802/1, 6 and 7 below) were made for the purchaser of the neighbouring house which is the subject of these deeds. The covenant to levy a fine of 1719 (AMS5802/3 below), as well as dealing with these two properties, also relates to another house in Southover purchased by the vendor at the same time, and similar covenants of 1711 and 1719 (AMS5802/6 and 7 below) also deal with properties in Maresfield and Rotherfield respectively
The land adjoining the property was developed by William Penfold between his purchase in 1797 and the raising of a mortgage in 1802. It is clear from deeds still in the hands of the owner of 24 Eastport Lane that the cottages lay on either side of that house
The messuage, now divided, forms the present 24 and 25 Eastport Lane; none of the cottages survives. The two easternmost form the site of Dale Cottage, and the westernmost, formerly 26 and 27 Eastport Lane, have been replaced by garages
The donor's husband was a solicitor in private practice at 81 Elizabeth Street, Eaton Square, London between 1945 and 1968. The documents have been deposited on three occasions, with the result that the list does not present them in numerical order of reference
I am grateful to Judith Brent for help in the preparation of this note
2 3 1993, 12 10 1998

Copy conveyance (lease [& release]  AMS5802/1  15 [& 16] Feb 1711

Robert Holford of London, carpenter, to Francis Hopkins of Lewes, glazier, and wife Jane
1 messuage called The Chequer (now in three tenements or dwellings) with buildings, orchards, gardens and backsides, occupied by William Shelton, Elizabeth Copper and Francis Ritch, in Southover
2 messuage with buildings, orchards, gardens and backsides, occupied by Thomas Peckham, in Southover
W: John Michell, John Apps, John Gard
W to copy: John Plumer, John Walter, 23 Oct [1719]

Copy deed to lead the uses of a fine  AMS5802/6  18 Apr 1711

Francis Hopkins of Lewes, glazier, and his wife Jane, Robert Holford of London, carpenter, John Norman of Maresfield, surgeon with Thomas Isted of Lewes, gent
1 messuage, barn and 16a called Wilcocks in Maresfield, occupied by Thomas Ashcroft
2 The Chequer in Southover (as 1 in AMS5802/1)
3 messuage in Southover (as 2 in AMS5802/1)
JN has bought AMS5802/1 from FH and JH; FH and JH have bought AMS5802/2 and 3 from RH
W: Thomas Humfrey, James Rossam; John Michell, John Apps
W to copy: John Plumer, John Walter, 23 Oct 1719

Copy conveyance (lease and release) for £100 and covenant to levy a fine  AMS5802/2  21 & 22 Dec 1718

Francis Hopkins of Lewes, glazier, and wife Jane, to John Maynard of Lewes, grocer
1 The Chequer in Southover (as 1 in AMS5802/1, occupied by Alan Crust, Elizabeth Copper and Francis Rich
2 messuage in Southover (as 1 in AMS5802/1), occupied by William Shelton
W: John Delves, John Best, W Kemp
W to copy: John Plumer, John Walter, 23 Oct [1719]

Copy deed to lead the uses of a fine  AMS5802/7  9 Feb 1719

Francis Hopkins of Lewes, glazier, and his wife Jane, with Thomas Catt of Cliffe, Lewes, tallow-chandler and John Maynard of Lewes, grocer
1 The Chequer in Southover (as 1 in AMS5802/1), occupied by Alan Crust, Elizabeth Copper and Francis Rich
2 messuage in Southover (as 2 in AMS5802/1), occupied by William Shelton
3 The Longfield, Woodfield, Hollowfield, Rockeyfield and Pilcharfield (18a), occupied by John Chepman (SE: road from Green Hill to Mark Cross), in Rotherfield, late the estate of TC's father Richard Catt of Rotherfield, yeoman, deceased
JM has bought AMS5802/1 and 2 from FH and JH by a deed of 22 Dec 1718; TC wishes to bar the entail on AMS5802/3
W: Thomas Hammond, John Best
W to copy: John Plumer, John Walter, 23 Oct [1719]

Covenant to levy a fine  AMS5802/3  6 Jun 1719

John Maynard of Lewes, grocer, and wife Ann; John Balcombe of Westmeston, yeoman, and wife Grace; Edward Balcombe of Horsted Keynes, yeoman; Richard Ayres of Southover, yeoman; Richard Verrall of Lewes, vintner
1 The Chequer in Southover (as 1 in AMS5802/1) but with a barn, lately sold by JM and AM to RA
2 messuage in Southover (as in 2 in AMS5802/1), lately sold by JM and AM to RV
3 messuage, barn, stable, backside, garden and land in Southover, occupied by Robert Balcombe, sold by JB, GB and EB to JM
The respective vendors covenant to levy a fine of all three properties to the respective purchasers
W: W Kemp, John Plummer

Conveyance ([lease and] release) for £165  AMS5802/8  [30 &] 31 May 1797

Thomas Wren of Framfield, higgler, to William Penfold of Southover, carpenter and his trustee John Fuller the younger of Lewes, butcher
Messuage, buildings, garden, orchard and backside, occupied by John Wren (late Thomas Hillman) in Southover (E: ground of Isaac Hargrave, mason called The Hop Garden; N: Eastport Street; W: messuage, stable and garden of George Morley (late James Hutchins) called The Kings Head (formerly The Chequer); S: garden of James Beadle), with the use of the yard and well in common with the occupiers of The Kings Head through the gates into Eastport Street
Which descended on the death of Richard Verral, intestate, to his eldest son Edward Verral, and on his death (intestate as to this property) to his eldest son Araunah Verral, by whom it was sold to TW
Warranty includes dower of Elizabeth wife of Araunah Verral and Sarah wife of TW
W: John Hoper, Robert Hoffman Faulconer
Endorsed: bought the house 29 April 1797; paid for the house Whit Tuesday 6 June; Mrs W Harvey

Bond in £330 indemnifying the purchasers in AMS5802/8 against the dower of Elizabeth wife of Araunah Verral and Sarah wife of Thomas Wren  AMS5802/4  1 Jun 1797

Archival history:
Formerly WSRO Add Ms 22217

Mortgage for £100 at 5%  AMS5802/5  9 Jan 1802

William Penfold of Southover, carpenter, to the executors of Elizabeth Marten of Lewes, widow (Thomas Rickman of Lewes, merchant, John Glaisyer of Brighton, baker and William Marten of Lewes, draper)
Messuage and four newly erected cottages with the buildings, garden, orchard and backside, occupied by WP, Joseph Fairhall, Thomas Coates and William Potter, on the south side of Eastport Lane, Southover
Recites: AMS5802/8
W: J[ohn] Hoper, Robert Hoffman Faulconer

Epitome of title  AMS5802/9  1928

Related information: This document can be identified as preparatory to the conveyance of a plot of land, part of that shown on the plan, to Hary Habgood Philcox of 4b Albion Street, Lewes, contractor on 10 Oct 1928, for which see ABE 6N and ABE 2/60, page 716

Epitome of the title of the trustees of Reginald William Bransby [Nevill], Lord Abergavenny, to land (89a 3r) in Floods Lane, part of Honey Pits, Landport Lane and other parts of Landport Farm, 1844-1925, with a plan of land on the south side of Brighton Road, Lewes, attached; drawn by Williams & James, Norfolk House, London WC2, 1928
Endorsed: received 28 Jul 1928; Philcox; examined 1 Oct 1928

Ringmer: deeds  AMS5803  [n.d.]

Archival history:
These documents were retained by the donor's solicitors when the property was conveyed to Barclay's Bank, who presumably hold the later deeds

Source of acquisition: Documents given August 1981 (Acc 2721)

Conveyance (lease and release) for £40  AMS5803/1,2  15 and 16 July 1743

William Attersoll of Lewes All Saints staymaker and wife Ann to John Relfe of Lewes St Michael glazier and plumber
House buildings close orchard and gardens (1a) occupied by Thomas Peckham at Ringmer
Green late Abraham Cooper of Glynde gent since William Chauntler and Robert Gower and late John Larkin, lately bought by Elizabeth and Hannah Palmer from Edward Bland
N,W: Ringmer Green; E:land late Stephen Snatt now Hannah Moore; S: land late Nicholas Delve now John Spence Esq
W: Richard Rideout, Nicholas Burt

Conveyance (lease and release) for £60  AMS5803/3,4  28 and 29 Mar 1769

John Relfe as above to Edward Smart of Ringmer husbandman property as above
Recites that WA in AMS5803/1 was nephew and devisee of Hannah Palmer W: Henry Burtenshaw, Henry Tuppen his clerk

John Ridge and William Shadwell's valuation of property and debts of Edward Smart of Ringmer deceased who by his will directed his children to appoint two persons to divide the estate between them (see AMS5803/6)  AMS5803/5  27 May 1771

Administration (South Malling) with will (26 Dec 1769) annexed of Edward Smart of Ringmer husbandman  AMS5803/6  6 July 1771

Bequeaths house in which he lives to children James, Charles, Edward, Elizabeth, Mary and Drusilla with the option for the eldest to take at valuation and re-imburse the rest. Bequeaths lease of chalk pit (if it has not expired) to son-in-law Richard Back
W: James Salter, Richard Hobden, B Hearnden

Release by devisees  AMS5803/7  21 Sep 1771

Charles Smart of Newhaven mariner, Edward Smart of Old Shoreham husbandman, Richard Back of Ringmer husbandman and wife Elizabeth, Robert Burgess of East Hoathly wheelwright and wife Mary, Drusilla Smart of Beddingham spinster to their eldest brother James Smart of East Hoathly sawyer
House above; John Ridge of Kingston and William Shadwell of Ringmer gents chosen to value
W: Edmund Burgess, Henry Burgess, Thomas Whapham

Mortgage for £50  AMS5803/8  6 Aug 1814

James Smart of Ringmer husbandman to Robert Winton of Ringmer gent
House above occupied by JS, Thomas Harvey and Mary Burgess
W: Richard Andrew Turner, Lewes

Probate (South Malling) of will (17 Oct 1801) of James Smart of Ringmer Sawyer  AMS5803/9  3 June 1817

Henry Berry of Ringmer malster trustee to allow wife Jane Smart to take house (now in two dwellings) for life and then as trustee for sale for benefit of sisters Elizabeth wife of Richard Back of Ringmer labourer, Mary Burgess widow and Druscilla wife of Joseph Taylor of South Malling labourer subject to pecuniary bequests to Ann wife of John Hollands of Kingston farrier, William Divall of Rushlake [Green] Warbleton. Henry Berry and William Madgewick of Lewes grocer executors
W: Joseph Fellingham, Richard Herriott, George Gwynne

Conveyance and extinguishment of mortgage (lease and release) for £146  AMS5803/10,11  27 & 28 June 1817

Henry Berry of Ringmer malster and Robert Winton of Ringmer yeoman to James Berry junior of South Malling builder and Thomas Berry of South Malling timber merchant his trustee
House as above occupied by William Lee
Recites: AMS5803/8, 9; auction at the Bear Inn Cliffe and purchase by Plummer Verrall agent for JB, 24 May 1817
W: George Hoper, John Hoper junior

Manor of Ringmer; grant of part of waste (31½p) of Ringmer Green south of the road to James Berry junior of South Malling builder  AMS5803/12  25 Nov 1817

S: JB's garden; E,W,N: waste

Conveyance and covenant to surrender copyhold for £262  AMS5803/13  11 Sep 1820

James Berry junior of South Malling builder to Edward Nicholas of Ashton Keynes Wilts Esq and George Hoper of Lewes gent his trustee
House as above and copyhold to its N
W: Anthony Sheppey Green, Edward Norton

Copyhold surrender and admission in accordance with 13 with receipt for £18 purchase money  AMS5803/14  11 Sep 1820

As AMS5803/13 and 14 above, EN to Charles Bunting of Cliffe butcher and Henry Berry of Ringmer malster his trustee for £260, house occupied by Peckham and Merricks  AMS5803/15,16  2 and 18 Nov 1825

Manor of Ringmer, admission of Henry French on the second proclamation of a surrender by Charles Kennard Bunting to Edward French, Richard Corner and HF as trustees (under settlement of 8 July 1834)  AMS5803/17  24 Nov 1834; 27 Nov 1835

1 land in AMS5803/14 and 16
2 house in 3 dwellings occupied by John Divill, Leonard & Edward Tasker
3 house in 2 dwellings occupied by William Cossum and Edward Brunsden
4 house in Ashton borough occupied by Edward Cossum

Copy opinion of Thomas C Renshaw, Lincoln's Inn, to case submitted by J and E Blaker, Lewes, 7 Sep 1838  AMS5803/18  8 Sep 1838

Concerns the fate of the equity in the trustees not admitted by AMS5803/17 above after the appointment of new trustees

As above by J Merrifield, 16 Devonshire Place Brighton  AMS5803/19  22 Sep 1838

To advise a purchaser of the copyhold whether a surrender by Henry French above will vest the estate

Particular of estates of Henry Hillman's executors to be sold at the White Hart Lewes by Verrall and Son  AMS5803/20  19 May 1846

1 freehold house at Cliffe Corner, title from 1783
2 freehold house in Malling Street, title from 1791
3 two freeholdcottages behind 2, title as 2
4 recently built freehold house, 13 Church Street, Lewes St John; title from 1812
5 14 Church Street adjoining 4
6 two recently built double cottages and several other cottages and buildings (property in AMS5803/1 - 19 above) leased to William Martin for 70 years from 1 Jun 1827; marginated: Hillman, £450
7 freehold cottage and land (3a) at Mill Common Waldron, formerly waste of Laughton Manor; title 1819; marginated: Hillman £160
8 5 Waterloo Place North Parade Brighton occupied by Captain Lynn; title from 1819
All lots described in detail

Archive of the East Sussex Guild of Weavers, Spinners and Dyers  AMS5804  [n.d.]

Source of acquisition: Documents deposited 16 Nov 1973, 10 Feb 1992 (ACC 5843)

Administrative history:
A group known as the 'Battle Weavers' was formed in Battle in September 1950 after publicity in the Hastings Observer and by January 1951 had become the Battle and Hastings District Weavers. In January 1951 the first Annual General Meeting of the Sussex Guild of Weavers was held at Battle; at the twenty third AGM in May 1973 it was decided to dissolve the Guild and form new guilds based at Brighton and Worthing for East and West Sussex
On 28 February 1953 a meeting was held in Brighton to form a branch of the Sussex Guild of Weavers, Spinners and Dyers who resided in the districts of Brighton, Worthing, Hassocks, Lewes, Seaford and Newhaven. The Brighton branch continued in existence until May 1973 when it became the new guild for East Sussex

Minute books  AMS5804/1  [n.d.]

AGM and central committee  AMS5804/1/1  Sep 1950 - Mar 1960

AGM and central committee  AMS5804/1/2  Apr 1960 - Aug

Brighton branch  AMS5804/1/3  Feb 1953 - Dec 1959

Brighton branch  AMS5804/1/4  Jan 1960 - May 1969

Brighton branch minute book, Jun 1969 - May 1973, continues as East Sussex Guild minute book, Jul 1973 - Oct 1981  AMS5804/1/5  1969-1981

Other records  AMS5804/2  [n.d.]

Exhibition visitors' book  AMS5804/2/1  Nov 1957 - Nov 1960

Constitution, rules, membership lists, balance sheets, correspondence and press cuttings  AMS5804/2/2  1953-1973

Correspondence and papers concerning the resignation of Mrs Gregory as secretary of the branch  AMS5804/2/3  May - Jul 1957

Letters patent, writs  AMS5805  [n.d.]

Source of acquisition: Deposited on 17 October 1980 (A2627)

Commission (Letters Patent) of Sewers for East Guldeford level  AMS5805/1  2 March 1791

To General James Murray
Sir Charles Farnaby Ratcliffe, bart
Francis Austen, James Monypenny, John Austen Francis Motley Austen, James Monypenny the younger, Thomas Lamb, James Drake Brockman, Edward Jeremiah Curteis, Thomas Phillipps Lamb, James Blackmore, Thomas Blackmore, Francis Austen the younger, Robert Mascall, John Bromfield and Major Thomas Murray, esquires
Edward Wilson, D D Thomas Hooper, Thomas Sackville Curteis, Drake Hollingbery, Phillipps Monypenny, George Carter and John Fermer clerks
The Mayors of Rye and Tenterden; and Jeremiah Curteis the elder, Richard Curteis, William Curteis of Camberwell, Edward Curteis, Thomas Monypenny, James Curteis, Robert Monypenny, Thomas Wilson, Thomas Weston, William Croughton, John Butler Pomphrett, William Curteis younger of Camberwell, Thomas Morplett, John Johnson the elder, John Johnson the younger, John Morplett, William Snoad the elder, William Snoad the younger, Jeffery Munk the elder, Edward Long, Stephen Brattle, John Furner, Samuel Reeve, Joseph Hodges, William Jones, Thomas Greenland, William Long, [blank] Tothall and [blank] Lee, gentlemen

Writ to sheriff of Sussex to summon juries to appear before the Commissions of Sewers above as commanded  AMS5805/2  2 March 1791

Writ to sheriff of Kent to summon juries to appear before the Commissioners of Sewers above  AMS5805/3  2 March 1791

Court book, maps  AMS5806  [n.d.]

Source of acquisition: Documents deposited 11 February 1981 (Acc 2664), 18 December 1984 (Acc 4391)

Court book of the manor of Waldron otherwise Herringdales in Waldron, East Hoathly & Heathfield  AMS5806/1  1631 - 1888

This volume and the map AMS5806/2 were left at Wickham by the previous owner Anthony Freeman whose family had also owned the Heronsdale estate
The court book is one of those prepared in 1721 as a result of the settlement by Thomas Pelham-Holles, duke of Newcastle, of much of his Sussex estate on his brother Henry Pelham - see CHR 13/1,2. Other court books with identical format are ASH 148, 149, 209 and 243, AMS5816, SAS/A661 and XA 37/1. All the volumes consist of transcripts of the original court rolls, which the duke retained and which are still among the Newcastle papers at the British Library along with the deeds of purchase (Add Ch 30890-30915). Courts were held for the manor so infrequently (there is a gap between 1730 and 1786) that almost every tenement changes hands at each court
The manor was sold after 1767 (see SAS FB 117) to the Smith family; Elizabeth Smith of Brighton, spinstor, sold to William Gilliat of Barham House East Hoathly in 1858 (see SAS J 275) whose family (after the chancery action Gilliat v Gilliat) sold the estate in 1871 (XSP 51). The lordships of Herringdales and Foxhunt Manors were offered for sale by J Rickett's executors without the accompanying lands in 1893; the particulars (XSP137) contain detailed rentals giving the acreage of and quitrent paid by each tenement

'PLAN OF HERRENSDALE ESTATE Belonging to Richard Preston Esq. by T. Sheridan, 1841'  AMS5806/2  1841

Tithe-based estate map, ink and colour on paper mounted on linen, 42" x 34". Shows roads with their directions, names of neighbouring owners and areas subsequently sold. Table of reference with field names and acreages; compass pointer; 1": 3 chains
The Waldron tithe map was drawn in 1841 by E Sheridan

WINCHELSEA 1758 [? recte 1763]  AMS5806/3  1758

'A Map of the Ancient Town of Winchelsea in the County of Sussex taken from an Actual Measurement by order of Mr E Wardroper, MDCCLVIII'
Shows the area of the ancient town, buildings shown in perspective. Ink and colour on parchment, 29½" x 25". Shows field names and acreages, names of neighbouring owners, roads and their directions. Lands of Mr Harcourt, Lord Egremont, Mr Nesbit, captain Pigram and Mr Wardroper indicated by coloured boundaries, other owners named on plots. 1": 3 chains; title drawn on side of pyramid; compass rose; table of references to locations in town but lacking numbers; distinguishes land of Icklesham parish from parish of St Leonard within the liberty of Hastings
The map is almost certainly a later copy of the survey by Charles Stephens of 1763 (WIN 2315). Stephens' baroque cartouche is replaced by a pyramid and the blank achievement of arms, the streamers containing neighbouring owners' names and the view of Camber Castle are all absent. Furthermore the map is much more finely drawn and if undated would be assigned to c 1790. There is a possibility that the date of 1758 is correct for Stephens surveyed neighbouring estates in Icklesham in that year (AMS5737/1). In that case this map is a more accurate copy of Stephen's lost original and WIN 2315 is misdated
The map was printed as a frontispiece to Cooper's History of Winchelsea in 1850; although the printed version is dated 1763, in other respects it resembles AMS5806/3 rather than WIN 2315

Original will of Mary Woollett of Icklesham, spinster  AMS5806/4  17 Feb 1819

Pecuniary bequests to Thomas Woollett of Brookland Kent, yeoman William Woollett of Goudhurst Kent miller, James Clark senior of Icklesham miller, Robert Clark of Chatham Kent miller & baker Elizabeth Clark of Winchelsea widow, Hannah Bidwell of Peasmarsh, widow, Elizabeth wife of Joash Jones of Icklesham yeoman, Sarah Eliza daughter of JJ, Louisa Clark Bidwell daughter of HB, Melinda Jane Grey Clark daughter of Michael C of Dorking Surrey innholder. Real estate to Mary Hoad Clark wife of Michael C. Michael Clark & Joash Jones executors
W: Charles Gausden of Ore, John Gausden of Blackwall Mx and William Wellden of Poplar Mx

ICKLESHAM  AMS5806/5  c 1830

Estate plan showing present Wickham Farm in Icklesham. Ink on paper, 18" x 13"; table of contents with field names and acreage; shows names of neighbouring owners and distinguishes arable from pasture; one field annotated 'hops, 1838'

Records of the Rye Harbour post of the Observer Corps  [no ref.]  1939 - 40

The post, which was situated in the Martello Tower at Rye Harbour, was commanded by Anthony Freeman (see AMS5806/1) until 1943, when the duties were taken over by regular forces

Notebook containing details of watches, rosters and the names, addresses, date of birth, occupation, joining date and next-of-kin of the observers  AMS5806/6  Sept - Oct 1939

Watch log book  AMS5806/7  15 Feb 1940 - 7 Jun 1940

The date time, direction, type of plane and remarks are recorded; the rear of the book contains other observations and memoranda, (largely concerning telephone failures), 16 Feb - 7 Jun 1940

Estate sale particulars  AMS5807  [n.d.]

Source of acquisition: Documents deposited by Messrs Lee and Pemberton, London SW1 (per BRA 1509), 18 May 1977 (acc 2088).

Particulars and conditions of sale of estates [of Peregrine Palmer Fuller Palmer Acland bart]  AMS5807/1  4 Aug 1864

1 Fuller Farm, Battle
2 Henleys Down Farm, Catsfield with brookland in Hooe
3 Ingrams Farm, Ninfield, Messens Farm Ninfield
Potmans Farm Ninfield and Catsfield with marsh in Bexhill and Pevensey
4 Hop House Farm, Catsfield and Ninfield with brookland in Hooe
5 Buckholt Farm and manor in Bexhill
6 Coombe Farm Bexhill with brookland in Hooe
7 High House Farm, Crowhurst
8 Lunsfords Cross Farm, Ninfield, Bexhill & Pevensey
9 Lunsfords Cross Great Farm, Bexhill with marsh in Pevensey
10 The Forest Land, Bexhill
11 The Court Lodge estate and manor of Hooe in Hooe with marsh in Pevensey
12 Pashley Farm, Ninfield, Akehurst Farm, Ninfield and Hooe, Millers Farm Ninfield with marsh in Pevensey and Hailsham
13 Holmes Farm, Ninfield, Hooe and Bexhill with marsh in Hailsham
14 Sandhill Farm, Hooe with marsh in Hailsham
15 Nutbrowns Farm and the Parsonage, Hooe
16 Hooe tithe rent charge
17-21 Marshland in Hooe, Pevensey and Bexhill
22 Closes called Botany, Westham
23 Strawberry Hill Farm, Ewhurst and Pop-in-Hole Farm, Sedlescombe
24 Kately Wood, Ticehurst
25 Down Ash Farm, Ticehurst
26 Great Lulhams, Ripe
27 Woodland in Fletching
28 Locks Farm, Hurstpierpoint and Clayton
The document has occasional annotations concerning manorial quit rents and a set of five maps, one including additional land near Pevensey railway station to be included in the sale

As AMS5807/1, including notice of postponement of sale and invitation of applications to purchase by private treaty  AMS5807/2  7 July 1864

Maps 1, 3-5 in AMS5807/1, mounted on linen  AMS5807/3-6  1864

Particulars and conditions of sale of Acland estate to be sold pursuant to an order in Chancery in the matter of estates devised by John Fuller deceased, 7 Dec 1808  AMS5807/7  8 and 9 Aug 1865

1 - 6 Meadows and building land in Lewes St Ann, St John Southover and Kingston
7 St Anns Church Bank in Lewes St Ann and St John Southover
8 as 26 in 1 above
9 as 28 in 1 above
10 as 24 and 25 in 1 above
11 as 27 in 1 above
12-14 as 8 - 10 in 1 above
15-21 as 14 - 22 in 1 above
22, 23 Land and cottages in Catsfield
24 Land in Ninfield
25-33 Windmill, cottages, shops and land in Hooe
34 The Mill Lands, Bexhill

Particulars and conditions of sale of the Ratton estate, sold by direction of Lord Willingdon  AMS5807/8  12 Nov 1918

197 lots including Ratton, Hockington House, Willingdon Hill Farm, Willingdon golf links, Ocklynge Farm, Little Ratton, Spots Farm, cricket ground, Rippingtons Farm, brickfield near Hampden Park station, and ground rents on houses in Hampden Park, Willingdon and Eastbourne. The particulars, which are fully illustrated with photographs, are annotated with reserves and purchase prices

Frant Church interior  AMS5808  [n.d.]

Source of acquisition: Photocopy of document owned by J F C Phillips Esq, London, purchased April 1978 (Acc 2842).

Pencil drawing from sketchbook of Ellen Barber (sister-in-law and possibly pupil of Jean Claude Nattes) of interior of Frant Church  AMS5808/1  9 Sep 1830

Administrative history:
The church was rebuilt 1819-22 to designs by John Montier of Tunbridge Wells.

The drawing, looking towards the east and from beneath the west gallery, shows private pews with high boarded walls and benches behind. A large elevated neo-gothic pulpit and clerks' desks, in the same style as the pews, occupy the area of the chancel arch

Records of St Ann's parish charities, Lewes  AMS5809  1723 - 1963

Source of acquisition: Documents deposited by the trustees of St Ann's Parochial Charities, Lewes (per E L Field esq), 21 November 1967. (D859).

Related information: For documents formerly listed as AMS5809/59-61, see AMS 5996/1/1,3-4
AMS5809/1 - 9 Spital Garden in Lewes St Michael
10 Richard Parkhurst's charity (land in Rotten Row, Lewes St Ann)
11 Former Pesthouse charity
12-44 Spital Houses and land in Lewes St Ann
45-54 Records of united charities
55-58 Unrelated documents from Gell & Co's practice

The income of the trustees was derived both from foundations which benfited all the parishes in the ancient borough (Blunt's and Smith's) and from foundations peculiar to the parish (Unknown Donor, Richard Parkhurst, Spital Land and Spital Garden charities). With the exception of the Unknown Donor's Charity, material is present in this deposit relating to all the parish foundations and to the former Pesthouse purchased by the parish as a poorhouse in 1808; records of the administration of all the charities are listed at the end. The trustees retained as solicitors the firm of Gell and Company of Lewes which after the death of Inigo Gell in 1882 was carried on by his former partner Augustus Fitt Drake. Drake presented a large collection of documents to the Sussex Archaelogical Society in 1916 some of which were listed with the references D and DD. Amongst the at present (1982) unlisted Drake archive, however, is a large accumulation of papers of the charity including sale particulars for the Spital Lands and lists of the beneficiaries of the endowment
It is suggested that the presence in this deposit of documents relating to the Paine family may be explained by the fact that Francis Harding Gell acted as their solicitor

Spital Garden in Lewes St Michael  [no ref. or date]

Lease for 40 years at 26s a year from 29 Sep 1723  AMS5809/1  23 Mar 1724

Thomas Peirce clerk rector, John Mead and Benjamin Ellis church wardens, Robert Henly and Josias Harman overseers, Richard Payne esq, John Bromfield esq, John Apsley esq, John Studley gent, William Boys yeoman, Henry Bean, William Dean, Henry Strudwick, Robert Strong, Stephen Eager, Thomas Faulkner, William Langford, Thomas Harman senior and Richard Harman, the major part of the principal inhabitants of Lewes St Ann to John Best of Lewes St Michael
The Spital Garden, 6 rods 11 foot N-S, 3½ rods E - W, occupied by Richard Russell gent, in Lewes St Michael
E: the Market Lane; N: a lane from Market Lane towards the upper meeting house; W: a garden of Richard Russell gent; S: ground occupied by William Batchelor
Rent to the use of poor persons in the Spital Houses
W: Richard Halsted, James Halsted

Counterpart of AMS5809/1  AMS5809/2  1724

Assignment of lease for £75  AMS5809/3  24 June 1731

Thomas Crunden of Broomham in Guestling yeoman (brother-in-law of John Best in 1) and William Brett of Lewes apothecary (executors of John Best) to Mary Warnett of Lewes widow
As AMS5809/1 above, occupied by George Brooke, James Brooke junior and Mary Best widow
Recites: erection of workhouse, warehouses and buildings by John Best; will of JB, 26 Nov 1730
W: Thomas Hammond, William Attersoll, Nicholas Earle, William Hammond

Contract for sale for £385  AMS5809/4  9 Aug 1735

Mrs Mary Warnet with John Lidgitter
1. house divided into 2 tenements with stable and outhouse occupied by John Ridge, Edmund Jenner, Cater Rand, Benjamin Wayth and Hannah Wayth in Lewes St Michael
2. warehouses outhouses garden and drying plot as in AMS5809/1-3
W: John Whitfeld, George Brooke

Assignment of lease for £385 with bond  AMS5809/5,6  20 Aug 1735

Mary Warnett of Waldron widow to John Lidgitter of Lewes, vintner
2 in AMS5809/4
Endorsed: receipt of purchase money reciting lease and release of 1 in 4 above, 19 and 20 Aug 1735
W: W Kempe, John Whitfeld

Assignment of lease for £520 and bond  AMS5809/7,8  2 Dec 1736

John Lidgitter of Lewes vintner to Thomas Sergison of Cuckfield esq
2 in AMS5809/4
Endorsed: receipt of purchase money reciting lease and release of 1 in 4 above, 1 and 2 Dec 1736
W: W Kempe, Thomas Foord

Counterpart lease for 99 years from 25 Mar 1798  AMS5809/9  23 Jun 1798

William Gwynne clerk rector, Henry Shelley esq and Christophilus Chitty churchwardens, John Boys esq, John Kennard, John Maxfield and John Elliott overseers, Josias Smith esq, William Cooper and William Balcombe Langridge gents, John Sicklemore, Robert Chatfield, James Diggens, Richard Winter, Richard Williams, Richard Goddard, Henry Elliott, Henry Davey Thomas Reeves, William Tyler, Benjamin Exell, Joseph Gouldsmith and John Boxall, the major part of the principal inhabitants of Lewes St Ann to Trayton Payne of Lewes St Michael, butcher
Spital Garden with slaughterhouse and buildings lately erected; bounds as AMS5809/1 above except W: occupied by Joseph Ridge surgeon; S: occupied by John Fisher gent
W: Christopher Kell attorney, Lewes, P Willard

Richard Parkhurst's charity  [no ref. or date]

Counterpart lease for 60 years from 10 Oct 1788 at 10s a year  AMS5809/10  7 May 1788

Henry Shelley esq and Josias Smith gent churchwardens, John Boys, James Glover, Richard Williams and John Maxfield overseers, James Cranston esq, William Gwynne clerk, William Ridge and John Hoper junior, gents, principal inhabitants of Lewes St Ann to John Rideout junior a student at Jesus College Cambridge
Land occupied by JC in Rotten Row on which one or more houses stood in Lewes St Ann, belonging or reputedly belonging to the parish; E: garden or yard of JR formerly Payne's; N: Rotten Row; S,W: William Newton esq's field
W: Charles Gilbert

Former Pesthouse charity  [no ref. or date]

Draft declaration of trusts, heavily annotated by T[homas] Partington, Offham, 24 Jun 1808, engrossed 28 July 1808  AMS5809/11  1808

Henry Blackman knight, Henry Jackson, Charles Gilbert, John Hoper, Josias Smith and William Franklin Hick esqs, Edward Robert Raynes and William Gwynne clerks, Joseph Molineux banker, Thomas Woollgar gent, John Chatfield tanner, John Blaker, mercer, Thomas Johnston and William Madgwick grocers, William Lee and Arthur Lee printers, George Grantham basket maker (feoffees of pesthouse charity); Arthur Lee and William Kennard baker (constables of Lewes); Richard Andrew Turner gent; Henry Shelley esq (for William Balcombe Langridge deleted), Samuel Woodgate Durrant merchant, William Marten draper and William Crockford surgeon; Jonathan Harrison esq, William Cooper gent, John Boys esq, Benjamin Ridge gent, John Kennard miller and Joseph Goldsmith carpenter, churchwardens and overseers of Lewes St Ann; all parties of Lewes
£450 derived from the sale by the feoffees to the churchwardens and overseers of the Pesthouse (formerly leased by them and used as a parish poor house) and now lent to the commissioners for the 1806 Lewes Improvement Act at 5% by mortgage of 16 July 1808
HS, SWD, WM + WC to hold the sum as trustees to purchase, erect or hire a proper place for the reception of persons suffering from smallpox or other distemper or for such purposes as may guard against the introduction or spreading of such disease
Recites: sale by James Kennard of Lewes yeoman to Thomas Holles duke of Newcastle and other trustees for £200 of house in four dwellings, court and garden in Lewes St Ann, S of the road and N, E and W of land of Edward Trayton esq, 1 Nov 1742, in trust to maintain it as a hospital or pest house for those falling sick of small pox or any other infectious distemper within the borough, liberty of the castle, spital houses and houses between there and the town, to be nominated by the trustees and constables or a majority thereof; conveyance by Ann Hatchman widow, only child of John Read deceased (the surviving trustee) to the present feoffees 11 and 12 Mar 1804 (see SRS 69.155 for details); present useless and dangerous state of premises being near the highway and other houses; agreement of public meeting (14 Oct 1806, see SRS 69.164.5) to sale; sale by trustees to RAT and lease by him to JH, WC, JB, BR, JK and JG for 1000 years
In October 1805 an attempt was made by the constables to lease the pest house but the existence of the dormant rights of the feoffees was discovered. Mr Woollgar was thanked for finding the lost feoffment and tracing the heir at law of the last surviving trustee: SRS 69.150,165

Spital Houses  [no ref. or date]

Case with opinion of T[homas] Partington, Offham  AMS5809/12  12 Apr 1809

The churchwardens and overseers of Lewes St Ann have contracted with Thomas and William Kennard for the sale of part of the land at the Spital for which, despite its immemorial use as a poor house by the parish, they have no deeds. How should the parish officers strengthen their title to the whole without becoming personally liable and by what means should the present conveyance be effected? TP suggests feoffment with livery of seisin followed by fine allowing the feoffee to convey as directed by the parish officers but states that the title would still be so defective that he could not recommend it to a purchaser

Feoffment with covenant to levy fine  AMS5809/13  19 May 1809

Jonathan Harrison esq and William Cooper gent churchwardens, John Boys esq, Benjamin Ridge gent John Kennard miller and Joseph Goldsmith carpenter overseers of the poor of Lewes St Ann to William Gwynne clerk
Land with houses and buildings called the Spital in Lewes St Ann; S, SE: Lewes to Brighton turnpike; N, NE: Lewes to Offham turnpike; W: Offham to Winterbourne and Southover road
In trust to convey as directed by the vestry
W: Thomas Cooper and Thomas Freeman, clerks to Mr Cooper, Lewes; John Gell; George Palmer and Richard Woodhouse, Doughty St London

Final concord specified by AMS5809/13  AMS5809/14  1809

Copy of AMS5809/13  AMS5809/15  17 Aug 1809

Draft release for £84, engrossed 16 Mar 1810  AMS5809/16  1810

All parties to AMS5809/13, to Thomas and William Kennard grocers and John Holman watchmaker their trustee
West end of land in AMS5809/13, occupied by T and WK (E: reminader of spital land; W: road; N: road and land occupied and claimed by Moses Henty; S: road) together with any right in the land occupied by Henty
Recites: advertisement in Lewes and Brighton journal, consent of vestry

Copy probate (Lewes) of will (16 Apr 1813) of William Kennard, baker, 25 Jan 1815  AMS5809/17  nd, c1818

House in Lewes St Michael occupied by Rust, (High Street N, Keere Street W, Thomas Moore's house E and WK's house S) to wife Martha
House S of above (in which WK lives), stable, chaise-house and loft near Lewes Castle (both in St Michael) and moiety of W of Spital land in St Ann to George Pescodd of Southover miller in trust for Martha K for life, remainder in trust for sale for benefit of children of brother Thomas K and sister Ann wife of John Leighton junior, tailor

Copy assignment of personalty and covenant to convey for the benefit of creditors, Thomas Kennard baker to John Kennard miller, 28 Apr 1817  AMS5809/18  nd c1818

Case with opinion of G Courthope, Temple  AMS5809/19  11 Jun 1818

Soon after the erection of Lewes barracks on Mr Verrall's land opposite the Spital Thomas and William Kennard erected a bakehouse & tenement on adjacent land held of Houndean manor to supply the soldiers and their families and also fifteen or sixteen single-room huts which were let to soldiers for the purposes of co-habiting with their wives; the huts encroached four feet onto a parish road. The sale of the Spital in 1809 was prompted by its unsuitability as a poor house in view of the proximity of the barracks. Since the demolition of the barracks the huts have been let to 'persons of the lowest, most debauched and worst description, property in the neighbourhood being deemed unsafe and the morals of the younger part of society debauched to an extent almost beyond description, in fact a nest of beggars, thieves and whores'. Some of the parties interested have refused to treat with the parish for the re-purchase of the property; recites AMS5809/12 and 15 above. May the parties be indicated for highway encroachment and may the costs be paid from the rates?
GC suggests that the owners may be joined in one indictment and by 13 Geo 3 c78, s65 the parish surveyor may charge the costs to his account

Proposals by Thomas Kennard and Martha Fuller to the parish officers of St Ann's for the sale of part or the whole of the spital property  AMS5809/20  19 May 1819

Copy offer by Committee (William Balcombe Langridge, John Boys and Thomas Tourle) of St Ann's vestry to Kennard and Fuller of 400 guineas for site  AMS5809/21  21 May 1819

Draft for above endorsed on printed notice for the assembly of the Sussex regular militia at Arundel on 10 July 1815; 26 June 1815  AMS5809/22  nd, [1819]

Draft offer of £450 for premises (described in detail) endorsed on printed notice listing exemptions from militia service; 1815  AMS5809/23  nd, [1819]

Letter (with draft) from Kennard and Fuller to committee  AMS5809/24,25  2 Aug 1819

Stating their resolve to accept not less than £500 with alternative proposal to demolish huts and lease Masterman's house, the bakehouse and field

Calculation by Kennard and Fuller of revenue from letting house, bakehouse and field and improving huts to "accommodate a different class of people"  AMS5809/26  nd, [1819]

Estimate of extent and value of materials of huts  AMS5809/27  nd [1819]

Contract for sale for £500  AMS5809/28  14 Aug 1819

Thomas Kennard baker, Thomas Fuller of Cliffe carrier and wife Martha (late Martha Kennard) and George Pescod of Southover miller with George Shiffner clerk rector of Lewes St Ann, William Balcombe Langridge gent, John Boys esq, Thomas Tourle esq and William Verrall brewer (on behalf of the inhabitants of the parish)
Property as in AMS5809/16 above occupied by Moses Henty, house and garden occupied by Masterman, former bakehouse used as three small lodgings, fifteen huts on the W side of the land and three huts on the N; N: road from Lewes to Spital Hill; NE: premises occupied by Moses Henty; E: the Spital; S: Lewes - Brighton turnpike; W: road from Southover to Spital Barn
Title to be submitted to Thomas Partington esq if necessary

Conveyance (lease and release) for £500 with bond; Parties in AMS5809/28 above with Josias Smith esq to Thomas Sacre gent in trust for the parish  AMS5809/29-31  4 and 5 Oct 1819; 1819

Property above
Purchase price advanced by JS (£150), WBL (£50), JB (£100), TT (£100) and WV (£100); John Kennard miller releases his rights under above

Draft of above with comments of T[homas] Partington, Offham  AMS5809/32  4 Sep 1819

Account of William Balcombe Langridge to St Ann's parish for costs of conveyance with receipt  AMS5809/33  5 Oct 1819

Assignment for £19  AMS5809/34  20 Mar 1826

George Pescodd of Southover miller (executor of William Kennard) with WK's great-neice Harriet Martha wife of Samuel Augustus Mantell of Brighton butcher to Richard Alderton baker share in stable, chaise house and loft in St Michael's and Spital Land in St Ann's bequeathed in AMS5809/17 above

Certificates of baptism and burial of the children of Thomas Kennard and Ann Leighton, (brother and sister of William K)  AMS5809/35-42  1829 - 31

With statutory declaration by John Cooke schoolmaster and Isaac Gold watchmaker (witnesses to WK's will) concerning the will 21 July 1829

Legacy duty form respecting £250 received from sale of Spital Land  AMS5809/43  17 July 1833

Release  AMS5809/44  2 Nov 1833

Richard Alderton baker (by virtue of AMS5809/34 above), Edward Payne of East Grinstead yeoman and wife Bessey Augusta Perkin, Thomas Frederick Kennard merchant's clerk, Elizabeth Hawkins Kennard spinster, Thirza Georgiana Ruddiman Kennard spinster (children of Thomas K) with Mary Leighton of St John Street Smithfield spinster and Ann Leighton of Long Lane Smithfield spinster, ML as administratrix of John L junior her brother deceased and Jonathan Cheesman of Brighton tailor and wife Frances (children of Ann Leighton) to Thomas Sacre of Brighton butcher in trust as in AMS5809/28 above
Their interest in purchase money in AMS5809/28 above
Recites: death of Sarah Leighton age 17 in 1817 and of John Leighton junior, age 28, 27 Mar 1824, grant of administration (PCC) to ML, 30 Aug 1833

United Charities  [no ref. or date]

Order of charity commissioners  AMS5809/45  2 July 1867

Appointing Augustus James Parsons clerk, rector of St Ann's, William Henry Ingram of St Ann, gent, Robert Harvey Ellman of Landport gent, George Bushby, Inigo Gell, Robert Hillman gents and Samuel Medhurst millwright (all of Lewes St Ann) trustees of the parish charities (there being no trustees) and vesting in them the endowments listed in a schedule

Order of charity commissioners embodying scheme for the distribution of the charity income to the 'most deserving and necessitous inhabitants' of the parish in cash or kind  AMS5809/46  24 Apr 1868

Order of charity commissioners appointing Frederick William Cosens of The Shelleys, merchant, Thomas James Monk, brewer and Augustus Fitt Drake, solicitor, all of Lewes St Ann as trustees  AMS5809/47  4 Oct 1884

Order of charity commissioners  AMS5809/48  18 Feb 1896

Appointing Lewes Mabbott Green banker, John West solicitor's clerk and Ernest Trayton Hall clerk in H M Prison trustees in addition to Augustus James Parsons, clerk, rector of St Anns', Thomas James Monk gent and Augustus Fitt Drake, solicitor

Order of charity commissioners authorising sale of four-room cottage, garden and slaughter-house occupied by Thomas Richie in Old Market Lane, Lewes St Michael [Spital Garden]  AMS5809/49  1 Oct 1897

Order of charity commissioners authorising sale of land with four cottages in Lewes St Ann [Spital Cottages]  AMS5809/50  26 Mar 1901

Minute book of trustees' meetings  AMS5809/51  Oct 1867 - Jul 1963

As well as the disposition of property and investments, the names of applicants for relief are included in the minutes

Receipts for stock purchased on sale of Richard Pankhurst's charity land to Robert Hillman, 8 Feb 1868 and Spital charity land to James Couzens, 7 July 1868  AMS5809/52  1868

Policy of insurance on four dwelling houses in Lewes St Ann (occupied by John Smith and others) in the name of the trustees  AMS5809/53  14 June 1869

Draft schedule of documents  AMS5809/54  c1868

Documents not connected with St Ann's charities: Paine family  [no ref. or date]

Abstract of settlement (lease and release 17 and 18 June 1783 and common recovery)  AMS5809/55  1831

The settlement (to bar entails on the Spence estate) is abstracted in detail under AMS 5763/86-88. This abstract relates to
1 Brookland (3a) at the lower side of the Eastham adjoining the river near the quarry; N: brook once occupied by Margaret Pelham widow; S: brook once occupied by Richard Greysbrooke; W: the way
2 Moiety of two brooks (4a); E: river near the quarry; N: land once occupied by Richard Belson; S: land once occupied by William Coby; W: highway at lower end of Easthams
3 Brookland (1½a)
All in Southover, reputedly part of Houndean manor demesnes and purchased by William Spence esq from Henry West esq and then in the tenure of John Tourle, Richard Hart, John Edwards, George Grantham, James Beadle and John Ellman

Abstract of conveyance for £103, 1803  AMS5809/56  nd, c1831

Trayton Paine butcher and John Fisher junior gent his trustee to George Grantham basket maker and Thomas Woollgar gent his trustee
Brookland (1a 1r 12p) occupied by TP in Southover; E: the river; SW;TP's land late Whitfield and Comber previously Spence; N: land occupied by Thomas Tourle lately purchased from Francis Whitfeld and Benjamin Comber who had purchased from Luke, Henry and Augustus Frederick Spence

Copy of court roll, Lewes Burgus manor  AMS5809/57  4 Oct 1813

Admission of Trayton Paine of Lewes butcher on out-of-court (14 Nov 1812) surrender by Thomas Read Kemp esq for £200
Piece (once two pieces) of land, one once within the castle gate, the other once occupied by Peter Pennell, recently measured by Amon Wilds (details) with warehouse on N end; W, N, E: building and land of TRK; S: house and buildings of TP
No right of way over TRK's land

Appointment and release by legatees  AMS5809/58  31 Dec 1821

Charles Paine of Ringmer yeoman, Samuel Paine of Laughton yeoman, Thomas Chatfield of Lewes coal merchant and wife Frances, Edward Scrase of Broyle Place, Ringmer, gent and wife Sarah, (children of Trayton P), Elizabeth Paine of Lewes widow of TP to Henry Paine of Ringmer yeoman and Francis Harding Gell of Lewes gent his trustee
Two thirds (of CP and SP) of hovel and brookland (5a 2r 37p) occupied by Humphrey Hillman in Southover (boundaries not extracted)
Recites: will of Trayton Paine of Lewes gent, 17 May 1817 including pecuniary bequests to CP,SP,HP,FC, and SS and daughter Harriet wife of Thomas Poole, house in Lewes St Michael occupied by Rust to EP for life, remainder to CP,SP and HP; PCC probate 16 Dec 1817; payment of pecuniary bequests; agreement for purchase of above by HP for £480
Endorsed: memorandum of purchase by Governors of Queen Ann's Bounty to augment the curacy of South Malling, 20 Dec 1831

Brighton and Hove Natural History Society  AMS5810  [n.d.]

Source of acquisition: Deposited by the Brighton and Hove Natural History Society 4 June 1982 (A2847)

Council meeting minutes includes AGM minutes from 1928  AMS5810/1  Jun 1919-Sep 1935

Council meeting minutes includes AGM minutes for 1936  AMS5810/2  Mar 1936-Sept 1951

Annual general meeting minutes  AMS5810/3  Oct 1937-Oct 1951

Proceedings of meetings  AMS5810/4  Oct 1854-Jan 1862

Proceedings  AMS5810/5  May 1862-Sept 1867

Proceedings  AMS5810/6  Jan 1870-Dec 1875

Proceedings  AMS5810/7  Dec 1875-Nov 1880

Proceedings of society's annual excursions  AMS5810/8  Jul 1858-Jun 1860

Printed volume of annual reports and abstracts of proceedings (to 1877)  AMS5810/9  1873-1884

Attendance book  AMS5810/10  1928-1958

Xerox extract from proceedings of a special meeting re proposed change of premises to the New Free Library, Brighton  AMS5810/11  Jan 1874

Deeds of property of William Gorringe in Heathfield  AMS5811  1632-1824

Source of acquisition: Deposited by Messrs Barlow, 55 Quarry Street, Guildford per Guildford muniment room, 29 June 1970. (D1090)

Most of the documents have been so badly damaged by damp as to render them illegible in large areas; consequently the information in several entries has been reconstructed from relating deeds. The identification of tenements and descents was achieved with the aid of the release of seignory of 1824, no. AMS5811/26

As to farm called Collen Pryors purchased by William Gorringe in 1732  [no ref. or date]

Mortgage (by demise for 500 years) for £150  AMS5811/1  6 July 1731

Thomas Pollington of Seaford, gent to John Snashall senior of Lewes, yeoman
House, farm, barn, garden, orchard and woods (16a), 'Collen Pryors', now or late in occupation of Thomas Smith, settled by Stephen Pollington TP's father and Stephen Pollington TP's brother to SP senior for life, remainder to TP
W: Samuel Isted, John Burton

Assignment of mortgage to attend the inheritance  AMS5811/2  27 September 1732

John Snashall senior of Lewes, yeoman with the agreement of Thomas Pollington of Seaford, gent to John Gorringe of Hellingly, yeoman in trust for William Gorringe of Heathfield, yeoman
Property as in AMS5811/1
W: John Snashall junior, J Thayer

Conveyance (lease and release) for £236 with bond  AMS5811/3-5  28 and 29 September 1732

Thomas Pollington of Seaford, gent to William Gorringe of Heathfield, yeoman
Property as in AMS5811/1

As to land purchased from George Hooper by William Gorringe in 1751  AMS5811/6  [n.d.]

Conveyance (feoffment) for £34  AMS5811/6  16 Apr 1632

Related information: [ADA 144 p 185 entry that on 10 Sept 1751 George Hooper conveyed to William Gorringe: house, barn(16a) near Marle Green (rent 16d), Harmers and Jane lands (20a) (rent 2s 10d) both late Putland]

Anthony Hugget of the Cliffe, clerk to George Putlande of Tonbridge, Kent, blacksmith
3 pieces of land and a coppice land or wood (10a), 'Jane lands", late purchased by AH of Stephen Putland of Heathfield
Robert Moyse of Heathfield, husbandman, attorney
W: Henry Godman, Richard Brightridg, Thomas Wyllard, Preserve Loufe

As to the whole estate  [no ref. or date]

Marriage settlement (covenant to stand seised)  AMS5811/7  16 July 1759

William Gorringe of Heathfield, yeoman to his son William Pennington Gorringe of Heathfield, yeoman (who is to marry Elizabeth Venner of Waldron, spinster)
Moiety of land and wood (64a) occupied by WG and by him lately purchased of Mr Hooper and Stephen Vine to WG for life, remainder to WPG
W: Thomas Venner, George Foster
[WG's signature has been cut out - see AMS5811/18]

Probate (Lewes) of will (18 Feb 1760) of Thomas Stace of Heathfield, miller  AMS5811/8  5 Sept 1764

Leasehold house and land now occupied by Robert Cornford to his daughter Elizabeth, now wife of William Huggett of Heathfield, miller (late the widow of Harry Kemp late of Waldron, gunfounder) for life, remainder to TS's grandson Richard Kemp (one of Elizabeth's sons by HK), remainder to RK's sister Elizabeth
Freehold house, smiths shop and garden upon Rushlake Green in Warbleton now occupied by John Huggett, to his daughter Mary, wife of William Newman of Hellingly, yeoman
Copyhold house, garden and premises held of Heathfield Rectory Manor, now occupied by Widow Collins and Samuel Prior and copyhold house, garden, orchard and land near place called Siccle Hatch held of Sapperton Manor, now occupied by Richard Barton and Jonathan Foster to his youngest daughter Sarah, wife of Pennington Gorringe by virtue of surrenders to the use of his will
Freehold house, barn, buildings, farm, lands [Stredwick's Farm'] now occupied by Pennington Gorringe and Thomas Stredwicke to his wife Mary for life, remainder to Sarah, wife of PG
W: Thomas Parham, John Gorringe, Christopher Dearing

Conveyance (lease and release) for £500 with bond  AMS5811/9-11  5 and 6 Mar 1775

William Pennington Gorringe of Westham, yeoman to Pennington Gorringe of Heathfield, yeoman
Property as in AMS5811/7 now occupied by PG [endorsed Curteis' Farm]
W: Nicholas Gilbert, Robert Cole

Covenant to stand seised  AMS5811/12  6 Mar 1775

William Gorringe to Pennington Gorringe
Property as in AMS5811/7, now occupied by PG

Probate (Lewes) of will (18 Feb 1780) of Pennington Gorringe of Heathfield, yeoman  AMS5811/13  8 Sep 1781

Land and wood (24a) called Cowden in Hellingly now occupied by PG and lately purchased of John Thatcher, to his daughters Sarah and Elizabeth Gorringe as tenants in common
Executors: brother William Pennington Gorringe and son William Gorringe
W: Thomas Waters, John Sinnock, William Browne

As to land purchased from John Vine by William Gorringe in 1784  [no ref. or date]

Conveyance (lease and release) for £510 and £90  AMS5811/14-15  16 and 17 Feb 1759

Nicholas Dan, late of Willingdon now of Staines, Middlesex, gent to John Vine of Heathfield, gent
1. House, barn, outhouses, buildings, gardens, orchards and land (30a), 'Mills'
2. Parcel of land (6a), 'Parkers', occupied by Thomas Burgess
W: Thomas Pakham, Nicholas Miles

Copy will (25 Sept 1769) of John Vine of Heathfield, yeoman [proved (Lewes) 21 Sept 1770]  AMS5811/16  n.d. c 1775

Freehold, copyhold and leasehold houses, farms and lands in Heathfield and Ashburnham, occupied by JV and Thomas Burgess, Edward Smith, Thomas Roade and Richard Nash, to his grandson John Vine
House, barn, buildings, farm and land (60a) in and near Bodle Street Green in Herstmonceux, occupied by John Hall, to his granddaughter Elizabeth Vine
House, with barn, buildings, farm and land '[missing] Gun', in Chiddingly, occupied by Widow Kneller, being part freehold and part copyhold (copyhold part JV surrendered to the use of his will), to his granddaughter Jane Vine
Other beneficiaries include his friend Samuel Drawbridge

Mortgage (by demise for 1000 years) for £650  AMS5811/17  9 Oct 1775

John Vine of Burwash, shopkeeper (only son and heir of John Vine late of Heathfield, shopkeeper, dec'd and grandson and devisee in will of John Vine late of Heathfield, yeoman, dec'd [see AMS5811/13] to John Gibbs senior of Burwash, wheeler
1 and 2 properties as in AMS5811/14-15
3. House, barn, buildings, garden, orchard and land (11 a) late occupied by Mary Howell, now Jane Vine, once part of land and waste called South Bishops Wood; W: Heathfield Church - Hailsham road; N,E: part of South Bishops Wood, late Josiah Bexhill, since Joseph Mepham; S,E,N: other roads and land
4. House and garden, lately divided and fenced, lately occupied by Walter Goldsmith, now JV in Burwash; E: Brightling - Burwash road; S: garden, late John Coney, gent dec'd; W: garden, late William Mays; N: garden of William Shadwell, gent dec'd, late Ann Jordan, widow, dec'd
W: Edward Latter, James Philcox

Assignment of mortgage with bond  AMS5811/18-19  28 June 1783

Samuel Eyles of Ninfield, yeoman and Thomas York of Burwash, blacksmith (executors of John Gibbs late of Burwash, wheeler dec'd) at the direction of John Vine late of Burwash, shopkeeper, now of Maidstone, Kent, cyder merchant to Samuel Baker of Heathfield, tanner
Property as in AMS5811/17
W: John Coppard, James Philcox

Conveyance (lease and release) for £700  AMS5811/20-21  15 and 16 Apr 1784

John Vine [as in AMS5811/18-19] to William Gorringe junior of Heathfield, yeoman
Property as in AMS5811/12

Assignment of mortgage to attend the inheritance  AMS5811/22  16 April 1784

Samuel Baker of Heathfield, tanner at the direction of John Vine [as in AMS5811/18-19] to Thomas Roades of Burwash in trust for William Gorringe junior of Heathfield, yeoman, Henry Constable of Burwash, draper and JV
Properties as 1, 2, 3 and 4 in AMS5811/17 TR as trustee to attend the inheritance of WG respecting properties 1 and 2, of HC respecting 4 and of JV respecting 3

The whole estate  [no ref. or date]

Probate (Lewes) of will (22 Jan 1785) of William Gorringe of Heathfield, yeoman  AMS5811/23  17 Mar 1787

House(now in 2 dwellings), barn, garden, land (16a) now occupied by his grandson William Gorringe, Richard Hickman and Thomas Mepham and bought by WG of Mr Pollington [see AMS5811/1] to his grandson William Gorringe only son of WG's late son Pennington Gorringe, charged with legacies to Elizabeth, Jane and John, children of PG dec'd
WG also ratifies 7 above saying his signature was not cut out by him or with his knowledge

Release of legacy  AMS5811/24  17 Jan 1788

John Gorringe of Hellingly, yeoman to William Gorringe
Legacy of £130 charged on property in AMS5811/18

Abstract of title to the Manor of Heathfield  AMS5811/25  1824

Recites the title of the grantors in 26 below from the settlement on the marriage of Charles Sackville with Grace Boyle, 24 and 25 Oct 1744 to the partition of the estate between the grantors in March 1819. The document, which is printed, relates to the whole estate and is annotated in manuscript to relate it to the manor of Heathfield

Release of seignory for £132 14s  AMS5811/26  28 Aug 1824

Charles Cecil Cope Jenkinson of Pitchford Hall, Co.Salop esq and Frederick West late of Chirk Castle, Co.Denbigh, now of Culham Court, Berks, at the direction of Charles Earl Whitworth and Arabella Diana Duchess of Dorset his wife, Other Archer Earl of Plymouth and Mary Countess of Plymouth his wife, George John Earl de la Warr and Elizabeth Countess de la Warr his wife to William Gorringe of Kinston by Sea esq
The fee and seignory of several freehold tenements in Heathfield, held of Heathfield Manor:
1. House, barn, garden, orchard and land (30a) 'Pictstone alias Millers', near the Clappers late Bakers before Vines and before Dans (rent 3s 6d)
2. Land (6a), 'Parkers', at Holbeach late also Bakers before Vines and before Dans (rent 4d)
3. House, barn and land, 'Dennis Land' late Gorringes before Staces and formerly Woods (rent 3s)
4. Lands called the Nash late also Gorringes before Staces and formerly Woods (rent 1s 6d)
5. Five pieces pasture and woodland (16a) 'Bearlands', near the Clappers late Gorringes before Vines (rent 1s 7d)
6. House and land adjoining the Marle Green late Gorringes before Pollingtons (rent 1s 3d)
7. House, barn and land (16 a), 'Netherlands', near Marle Green late Gorringes before Hoopers and formerly Putlands (rent 1s 4d)
8. Land (20a) 'Harmars and Jane land', late Gorringes before Hoopers and formerly Putlands (rent 2s 10d)

Map  AMS5812  [n.d.]

Source of acquisition: Photograph of document, taken June 1982 (Acc 2853)


'PLAN of an Estate situate in the Parishes of RIPE and SELMESTON'
Estate map showing Church Farm, Ripe, previously farmed by the owner's father. Ink and colour on paper mounted on linen, 30" x 25". Gives names of neighbouring owners, roads and their directions, ownership of boundaries, land use; table of reference with field names and acreages. 6 chains = 1"
Title altered to read 'for sale by auction by Mr Thatcher, June 1849'. Extra fields added in ink, c1900
Surveyor: William Figg
A comparison of this map with RA C31/9 (1796 - 1805) shows that exchanges of glebe with significant boundary alterations took place in 1805 and subsequently
Colour slide available

Records of Wadhurst United Charities  AMS5813  1580 - 1905

Source of acquisition: Records deposited by the trustees of Wadhurst United Charities 12 May 1980 (ACC 2550)

Related information: For annual accounts, 1901 - 1954, see CHC 77/2

The various parish charities of Wadhurst were amalgamated under a single group of trustees by a charity commission order of 11 January 1898 (AMS5813/44 below). There is some evidence (AMS5813/25, 26-43 below) that an amalgamation between the trustees of fowle's and Whitfield's charities had already taken place in 1889. In 1905 the Barham (Educational) charity merged with the United Charities and in 1966 a joint committee with the trustees of the Mullins Memorial Fund was established. The documents which form this deposit consist almost entirely of the records of Whitfield's charity and begin with a settlement of 1580 which itself recites back to 1517. The endowment of the charity, established by deed of 1623 (5 below), consisted of three cottages at Wadhurst and an annuity of £10 charges on John Whitfield's ironworks at Rowfant in Worth

Bargain and sale for £590  AMS5813/1  6 June 1580

Nicholas Saunder of Epsom Surrey esq to Robert Whitfelde of Worth gent and his son William Whitfelde
1. Tenement, little barn, two crofts, garden and orchard (4a) 'Jwdris'; E: common late Christchurch Canterbury; N,W,S: lands of Rowleye
2. Mottons Croft and Bakuns Croft (4a) in Thomas Codington's tenure; N,W: common in 1; E,S: lands of Rowleye Manor
3. Parcels called Saunders Fields, ie Glovers, Henles Hooke, meadow called Cutmore, Glovers Meadow, 2 closes called Saunders Fields alias Popes Fields, occupied by James Jurden and William Saunders; E: land of Edward Culpepper esq: S: Nicholas Saunder's land 'Crofters' and James Jurden's land 'Popeslandes'; W: Popeslandes; N: land of John Jurden of Gatwick called Russhett, and Edward Culpepper's land
4. Field called Webbescroft, meadow called Webbescroft Rithe, Cotlande Field and Cotlande Rithe, occupied by Thomas Fenner
5. Two fields called Cotlande occupied by John Teye
6. Grove called Byrtigrove part of Cotlande, occupied by John Teye; E: John Jurden's 'Byrstocke Land' and Rowley Wood; S: Edward Culpepper's land; W,N: John Jurden's land
7. Parcels once called Egworthe, ie Egworthe Meads, Egworthe Grove, Northbarn Field, Southbarn Field, Long Croft, pightell called Barnfield with barn thereon; two fields called Firsye Fields, field called Horslease; Mill acre part of Egworth, partly in Horley; all occupied by Nicholas Saunder; E: land of Richard Bray of Horley; W: John Jurden's land and Rowley Wood; N: John Jurden's land; S: Roger Drewe's land, all in Charlwood, Surrey
Recites: enfeoffment of Richard Carn knight, Nicholas Carn esq, William Holgill clerk, Ralph Lecton clerk, Thomas Lisle gent Nicolas Saunder of Charlewood, John Skinner gent, Thomas Polstedde gent, James Skinner gent and Richard Braye to the use of Henry Saunder, 27 Oct 1517; will of Henry Saunder of Ewell gent, 1 Sep 1518, proved (PCC) 23 Feb 1519 bequeathing property (inter alia) to son William Saunder; conveyance to William Saunder in tail male according to his father's will by surviving feoffees (named), 15 Apr 1529; descent to Nicholas Saunder after death of his father William; common recovery brought by Thomas Lyfelde and Bartholomew Fromondes esqs to the use of NS vouching his brother Erasmus Saunder, Trinity 1578
Leases of part of 3 above to Richard Jurden, rent £4 10s, lease of 6 above and Henles Hooks to John Teye, rent 55/-, lease of part of 3 to William Saunders, rent 36/-, lease of 4 above to Thomas Fenner, rent £6, all ending 25 Mar 1581, reserved
Provision for quitclaims by NS's sons Nicholas and Henry at 21 if required by RW and WW
W: Richard Benson, Thomas Whytfeld, John Eaton, William Penfolde scrivener

Copy variation of settlement (covenant to stand seised)  AMS5813/2  29 June 1615

Thomas Whitfeld of Mortlake Surrey esq with Edward Culpepper of Wakehurst [in Ardingly] knight and John Whitfeld of Lincoln's Inn Middlesex gent, son and heir of TW and husband of Elizabeth daughter of EC
In exchange for land in Romney Marsh, formerly part of Elizabeth's jointure, TW will stand seised of
1. Land (80a) called Gregoryes and Sparrowes, in Wadhurst
2. Land (80a) called Gouldes, Snape and Highames, in Wadhurst
3. Land (60a) called Carteres, Rownden and Rownden Meade, in Wadhurst and Lamberhurst
4. Land (44a) called Remisses and Calhill, in Lamberhurst
5. All the rest of TW's land in Wadhurst and Lamberhurst, except two small cottages with little gardens (1a each) of which one lies on the N of Gregoryes and the other on the NE of Sparrowes, with sufficient timber for repairs and underwood for 8 cords of firewood
To TW's use for JW's life, remainder to EW for life, remainder to TW for life, remainder to Henry son of TW in tail male, remainder to JW in tail male; lease to Richard Weston, rent £50, reserved
TW and and JW will stand seised of
6. Pasture and sheeplands (100a) called Bartonhill and Newgrounds in Minster Sheppye, Kent
To JW's use for life remainder to EW, remainder to JW in tail male remainder to HW in tail male, remainder to JW; lease to Henry Richardes, rent £50, reserved
Covenants against cutting timber
W: Richard King of Lincoln's Inn, William Campe, clerk of the licences of alienation
Endorsed: original in hands of the parish of Wadhurst

Grant of annuity of £30  AMS5813/3  25 Mar 1618

John Whitfield of Worth gent to his father for £300
£30 charged on Castlehouse and lands in 1 above (64a) and on ironwork or forge, workmen's houses and coal houses at Rowfant in Worth, and on wood, coppice and rough ground part of Rowfant (300a) lately conveyed to JW by TW
Voidable by payment of £300 on 1 May 1622
W: Richard Kinge of Lincoln's Inn gent, John Hocombe of Worth (John Whytfeld's man)
Endorsement by TW: that Rowfant was given to JW in Nov 1618 and that Charlwood land (near Huntes Green) was conveyed to him for £500 in 1617 with which money TW satisfied a chancery decree made against him. TW's son-in-law Richard King saw the £500 paid 25 Mar 1618 and the annuity has been paid in full up to the date of the mortgage, and at £20 a year thereafter to 1626 [see AMS5813/4 below]

Articles of agreement  AMS5813/4  28 May 1622

Thomas Whitfeild of London gent with John Whitfeild of Worth gent
TW proposes to assign £10 of the annuity in AMS5813/3 above to the parish of Wadhurst and £10 to the parish of Worth by deed or will, which sums are to be paid by JW, who will forfeit £3 6s 8d for every default
JW to confirm to Wadhurst trustees sufficient timber from JW's woods in Wadhurst and Lamberhurst for the repair of such alms houses as are already erected and those to be erected before 30 Nov 1622, unless required by the neglect of the inmates or total loss by fire
JW to provide 12 low cords or good loads of hard wood annually at the almshouses between 1 Sep and 15 Nov so that each of up to 6 households may receive 2 cords of hardwood or 1½ loads of hardwood and one load of bond fagotts at JW's election; JW to forfeit another 6 loads for each default. Remaining £10 reserved by AMS5813/3 above discharged on condition of the performance of the contract
W: Nicholas Maninges of Down in Kent, John Elles of Sussex tailor, JW's servant
Subscription by TW concerning consideration, the non-payment by JW of £300 and arrears in the £30 annuity. Endorsed by TW concerning land on which 3 almshouses stand, empowering his executors (John Hatly vicar, Alexander Butcher and Robert Wenborne, all of Wadhurst), to sue; 9 Feb 1625

Conveyance in trust  AMS5813/5  20 Mar 1623

Thomas Whitfeild of the Inner Temple London gent to John Hatley clerk, vicar of Wadhurst, William Fowle, Thomas Saunder and Robert Wemborne gents, Alexander Butcher and William Weston junior yeomen, all of Wadhurst
3 dwelling houses with land in Wadhurst, 2 of which abutt E on Sparrowes Green, the third in or near Weeke quarter, inhabited by 2 poor couples
In trust to place such poor persons of Wadhurst therein as they shall see fit, relatives of TW aged over 40 without dwellings to be preferred; inhabitants may be ejected (whether men or women) on becoming takers of woods and underwoods, common hedge breakers or trespassers in woods or otherwise notoriously wicked or scandalous in life or conversations. Recites provisions concerning timber in AMS5813/4
Annuity mentioned in AMS5813/4 assigned to the trustees to be paid to the poor of Wadhurst by the church wardens and overseers
Trustees may appoint up to 3 of the principal inhabitants to maintain their number at 6
W to seisin: William Crottole, Thomas Buchre, John Burtt, 14 Apr 1624

Counterpart conveyance for £800  AMS5813/6  9 Oct 1637

Thomas Whitefeild of Worth esq and wife Ann to James Jordan of Charlwood gent and his brother Thomas Jordan
1 - 6 in AMS5813/1, reserved to TW a way through Rowley Wood to the N end of Cotland
W: John Eldred, Edward Thurlande, Richard Goodwin

Feoffment  AMS5813/7  2 Feb 1647

Thomas Saunders of Wadhurst gent and Richard Weston senior of Wadhurst yeoman (surviving feoffees) to William Benge of Wadhurst gent and William Barham of Scragoke in Wadhurst gent
Dwellinghouses in AMS5813/5
W: Richard Luck, Roland Olive, George Courthope, John Pettiward, Thomas Glover

Counterpart of AMS5813/7  AMS5813/8  [n.d.]

Assignment of annuity  AMS5813/9  2 Feb 1647

Thomas Saunders of Wadhurst gent and Richard Weston of Wadhurst yeoman to William Bryan gent, Edward Short gent, John Saunders (son of TS) gent, John Barham of Shoesmyth gent, David Holland mercer and Richard Weston (son of RW) of Ryseden yeoman, all of Wadhurst
Annuity in AMS5813/5
Acknowledged by TS before Edmund Rede and enrolled in chancery, 5 Feb 1647
W: as AMS5813/7 except RL

Feoffment  AMS5813/10  21 Feb 1647

Feoffees in AMS5813/7 to assignees in AMS5813/9
Dwelling houses in AMS5813/5
W: Richard Luck, George Courthope

Assignment to new trustees  AMS5813/11  2 Feb 1669

John Saunders gent (son of Thomas Saunders deceased), David Holland gent and Richard Weston junior (son of RW yeoman) surviving feoffees to John Barham of Butts gent, John Saunders of Pell gent (son of Nicholas Saunders of Pell gent deceased) all of Wadhurst
Dwelling houses and annuity in AMS5813/5 above
W: Joseph Dunmoll, William Fowle, John Welles

Assignment to new trustees  AMS5813/12  21 Feb 1669

Assignees in AMS5813/11 to John Smith clerk vicar of Wadhurst, Nicholas Fowle gent John Saunders gent (son of Thomas Saunders gent deceased), Richard Weston yeoman (son of RW yeoman), David Holland gent and John Barham of Shoesmith gent, all of Wadhurst
Dwelling houses and annuity in AMS5813/5 above
W: as AMS5813/11

Copy of AMS5813/5  AMS5813/13  20 Sep 1697

W: J[ohn] Smith vicar, James Tompset and John Stevenson churchwardens

Assignement to new trustees  AMS5813/14  10 June 1699

Nicholas Fowle senior, John Barham of Shoesmiths and John Smith clerk vicar of Wadhurst to Thomas Porter, Thomas Langham and Thomas Shorte, all of Wadhurst gents to the use of all 6
As AMS5813/12
W: Samuel Jemmat, John Smith junior, William Barham of Buts

Assignment to new trustees  AMS5813/15  20 Oct 1715

John Barham of Shoesmith in Wadhurst esq, Thomas Porter of Wadhurst gent and Thomas Shorte of Frant gent surviving trustees to Abraham Langham, Edward Benge and Nicholas Saunders of Little Pell, all of Wadhurst gents to the use of all 6
As in AMS5813/12
W: George Mate, Darell Shorte, Abigail Charlton, Mary Weston

Assignment to new trustees  AMS5813/16  1 June 1724

Thomas Shorte of Frant gent, Abraham Langham and Nicholas Saunders of Little Pell surviving feoffees to George Eagles of Shoesmith, Nicholas Fowle all of Wadhurst gents and Thomas Dupleck of Wadhurst yeoman to the use of all 6
As in AMS5813/12
W: Darell Shorte, Mary Shorte, Henry Playsted

Assignment to new trustees  AMS5813/17  3 Feb 1753

Nicholas Saunders of Little Pell and Nicholas Fowle both of Wadhurst gents, surviving trustees, to John Saunders, John Luck, Richard Tapsell and William Henry Benge all of Wadhurst gents to the use of all 6
As in AMS5813/12
W: Richard Walter Burgis, John Wells Luck

Copy of AMS5813/17  AMS5813/18  26 Feb 1753

W: John Wells Luck, Stephen Hunt
Endorsed: trustees living 3 Apr 1764: NF, JL, WHB, RT

Assignment to new trustees  AMS5813/19  20 Dec 1766

Nicholas Fowle, John Luck and William Henry Benge, surviving trustees, to John Legas, Henry Playsted, Thomas Wood all of Wadhurst gents and Thomas Hammond of Wadhurst yeoman to the use of all 7
As AMS5813/12
W: Richard Walter Burgis, Stephen Hunt, Philadelphia Playsted

Copy of AMS5813/5  AMS5813/20  20 Mar 1778

W: Samuel Bush vicar, John Legas, Henry Playsted, John Tompsett, William Collens, Richard Beale, William Baldwin, John Noakes, William Noakes, Samuel Duplock, John Potten, Thomas Walter, Stephen Hunt, Thomas Hammond, Robert Noakes

Assignment to new trustees  AMS5813/21  5 Apr 1814

Fanny Benge of Lewes, (widow and devisee of William Henry Benge of Lewes formerly of Wadhurst esq deceased), Henry Playsted senior and Thomas Wood of Wadhurst gents (surviving trustees) to Henry Playsted junior of Wadhurst gent to the use of himself, HP senior, TW, Alfred Playsted of Wadhurst gent, John Tompsett junior of Scrag Oak Wadhurst gent and John Newington of Town Gate Wadhurst gent
As AMS5813/12
Recites: failure of WMB to execute AMS5813/19, his death in 1790, his general bequest to FB by will of 29 Mar 1790, since validated in chancery
James Tompsett of Wadhurst gent attorney
W to seisin, 7 June 1814: W Owen Stone, Mayfield, Isaac Burt, Wadhurst; L Mason of Lewes spinster, Richard Owen Stone attorney Mayfield, Harriet Playsted of Wadhurst spinster, Harriet Ball of Wadhurst spinster, Maria Ann Stone of Mayfield spinster
Endorsed: Doe d Wood v Roe

Label for deed bundle with names of trustees in AMS5813/21  AMS5813/22  nd, c 1814

Assignment to new trustees  AMS5813/23  12 Dec 1854

Henry Playsted of Sedlescombe late of Wadhurst gent, Alfred Playsted of Wadhurst gent and John Tompsett senior of Scrag Oak Wadhurst, gent, surviving trustees, to John Tompsett junior of Scrag Oak Wadhurst gent to the use of himself, HP, AP, JT, Henry Dixon of Frankham Wadhurst esq and Joseph John Newington of Towngate Wadhurst gent
As AMS5813/12
James Tompsett of Wadhurst gent attorney
W: William Baldock, Wadhurst, Robert Tournay, solicitor, Ticehurst, Edward Avard, Ticehurst

Assignment to new trustees  AMS5813/24  8 Nov 1884

John Tompsett of Sedlescombe late of Scrag Oak Wadhurst gent, surviving trustee, to Obadiah Thomas Corke of Wadhurst draper and grocer to the use of JT, OTC, James Cheesman of Wadhurst corn merchant, John Tompsett Newington of Wadhurst corn merchant, Frank Austen of Wadhurst auctioneer and Charles William Ashby of Wadhurst builder
As AMS5813/12
Frank Walter Sprott of Mayfield gent attorney
W: Frederick Crouch, Staple Cross Ewhurst, N Austen
Endorsed: seisin of 2 dwelling houses at Sparrows Green only since after diligent enquiry the dwelling house and premises at Week quarter are unable to be found

Minutes and accounts of trustees  AMS5813/25  1855 - 1897

The volume opens with the minutes of the new trustees appointed by AMS5813/23 above, which are kept until 1856. No further minutes appear until 1889 when meetings of new trustees of both Whitfield's and Fowle's charities, appointed that year, continue until the implementation of the charity commissioners' scheme (AMS5813/44) in 1898
The accounts, which name the tenants of the almshouse and list repairs, are kept throughout the period
[Photocopy of original held by the trustees]

Copies of statements of accounts for Fowle's and Whitfield's charities submitted to charity commissioners, naming tenants and listing expenditure  AMS5813/26-43  1893-1905

Statements are included for Barham's, Playsted's, Kitchenham's and Young's (the other components of the United Charities) from 1902 and for Barham's Educational for 1905

Order of charity commissioners embodying scheme to unite charities of William Kitchenham, Thomas Young, John Barham for bread, Samuel Plaisted, Henry Plaisted, Nicholas Fowle and Thomas Whitfield  AMS5813/44  11 Jan 1898

Alexander Courthope of Ticehurst esq, Arthur George Watson esq, Obadiah Thomas Corke grocer, Frank Austen auctioneer, Rowland Smith butcher, Charles William Ashby builder and William Horace Newington grocer, all of Wadhurst, appointed trustees; schedule of property

Order of charity commissioners  AMS5813/45  29 Nov 1898

Embodying supplemental scheme to provide for the application of part of the income of Kitchenham's and Samuel Plaisted's charities to the vicar of Wadhurst for the sermons prescribed by the founders and allowing application of income for the provision of nurses

Order of the board of education embodying a scheme for the Barham (Educational) Charity, the trustees to be the trustees for the time being of the United Charities and one appointee of ESCC  AMS5813/46  21 Mar 1905

Order of charity commissioners vesting property of the Barham (Educational) charity in the official trustee of charity lands  AMS5813/47  10 Nov 1905

Order of charity commissioners repealing part of 1898 scheme relating to the commissioners' approval of appointments of co-optative trustees  AMS5813/48  5 May 1911

Order of charity commissioners embodying new scheme  AMS5813/49  2 Oct 1953

Order of charity commissioners  AMS5813/50  7 Apr 1966

Approving sale of the Fowle charity almshouses at Sparrows Green Wadhurst, the erection of new almshouses on land belonging to Whitfield's charity and embodying a scheme for a joint committee with the trustees of the Mullins Memorial Fund

Letter  AMS5814  [n.d.]

Source of acquisition: Photocopy of document made 7 July 1982 (Acc 2862)

Letter from David and Hannah Crittall, Mayfield, to their daughter Sarah Crittall at [? her uncle] Mr Corke's, 8 Lower Queen Street, Rotherhithe Surrey  AMS5814/1  1 Dec 1801

H C delivered of a boy, Richard, on 26 Nov and is doing well; the baby has died. In response to SC's request, recites birthdays of herself and her brothers and sisters, David, Hannah, Ann, William, Thomas, Ginney, George, Philadelphia and Richard. News of relatives and friends including Mr Fermore's failure in business

Brighton and Hove International Co-operation Year Committee  AMS5815  [n.d.]

Source of acquisition: Deposited 20 July 1982 (A2867)

Administrative history:
Acting as the local committee for International Co-operation Year in 1965, the committee's purpose was to encourage local celebrations and publicise existing international activities and co-operate with the national ICY committee

Minutes  AMS5815/1  Feb 1965 - Jan 1966

Foxhunt manor court book  AMS5816  [n.d.]

Source of acquisition: Photocopy of document taken June 1982 (Acc2871)

Court book of Foxhunt manor, 1630 - 1874 and of the court leet and view of frank pledge of the manor and borough of Foxhunt, 1771, 1786 and 1797  AMS5816/1  1630-1874

The volume, which is indexed, has great similarities with ASH 106, 148, 149, 209, and 243 and with AMS5806/1, all court books of manors sold by the Pelham family in the second part of the eighteenth century. All the volumes consist of mid-eighteenth century transcripts of the original court rolls which the family retained and which are still among the Newcastle papers at the British Library
The Manor was sold between 1771 and 1786 to Josias Smith of Waldron and Lewes and thereafter its descent follows that of the manor of Herringdales (see AMS5806/1). Courts were held for the manor so infrequently that almost every tenement changes hands at each court

Deed, receipts etc  AMS5817  [n.d.]

Archival history:
The documents originally came from Sheppard & Sons, Solicitors, of Battle

Source of acquisition: Gift 17 August 1982 (A2879)

Sedlescombe: Agreement for lease from year to year of £12 a year  AMS5817/1  2 Nov 1869

Henry Grace of Wittersham, Kent, to William Ball the younger of Sedlescombe
House, shop, premises and garden in Sedlescombe lately occupied by William Ball the elder

Receipt for tithe rent charge due from Godfrey Philcox to Duke of Clevelend  AMS5817/2  1882

Receipt for vicarial tithe charges due on land in Battle and Westfield belonging to H B Brabazon and occupied by Godfrey Philcox  AMS5817/3  1883

Receipt of James Rock of Northiam to H B Brabazon relating to payment of repairs in 1863 to Domons House  AMS5817/4  1871

Bill of Sir Charles Lamb for several pairs of trousers from Edward Tossell of Bond Street, London  AMS5817/5  1838 - 1839

Dividend warrant from the Grand Trunk Railway Company of Canada to Charles Sheppard of Battle for a client's account  AMS5817/6  1891

Sir Henry Fermor's endowment  AMS5818  [n.d.]

Source of acquisition: Photocopy of pamphlet owned by the Crowborough Field Society, taken 25 August 1982. (Acc 2881)

Related information: [See also PAR 465/4/1 for a list of children elected to attend the school, 1792 - 1839 and ESC 47/1 for correspondence concerning the charity's endowment, 1903 - 1907]

Sir Henry Fermor, in his will of 21 January 1732 (reproduced in the pamphlet below), provided for the foundation of a chapel and a charity school, for 40 children, at Crowborough for the benefit of the parishioners of Rotherfield and Buxted. His instructions also covered the appointment of a schoolmaster, the election of poor children, the administration of the school and the appointment of a Church of England minister for the chapel

An Account of Sir Henry Fermor's Endowment at Crowborough by B Firmin  AMS5818/1  1891

Bexhill: map  AMS5819  [n.d.]

Archival history:
The map was given to the depositor by his Godfather Dr Ball of Petworth, a collector

Source of acquisition: Document deposited 26 August 1982 (Acc 2883)

BEXHILL  AMS5819/1  c 1810

'GENERAL PLAN of the MANOR of BEXHILL in the county of Sussex the Property of His Grace the Most Noble DUKE of DORSET'
Plan of Bexhill manor distinguishing demesne, free and copyhold tenements, encroachments and wastes; gives names of neighbouring manors
Shows arable, marsh, wood and pasture, footpaths, martello towers, engine house and engine pit, windmills, high and low water mark, moated site at Cooden, large barracks NW of town and cavalry barracks NW of Bexhill Down
Ink and colour on paper mounted on linen, 50" x 38½"; 1" = 8 chains; compass star
Watermark 1804

Deeds, Ringmer  AMS5820  [n.d.]

Source of acquisition: Documents AMS5820/1-13 deposited 26 Aug 1982 (Acc 2882), 14 deposited 22 Nov 1982 as part of the collection but with no obvious correction

RINGMER: Deeds of property at Church Hill  AMS5820/1-13  1789-1956

The property, copyhold of Ringmer Manor, was described as a cottage erected on former waste at Ringmer Green, 18' x 18'; a plan appears on a conveyance of 1932 (10 below)
All parties of Ringmer unless otherwise stated
On 24 December 1789 Thomas Lucas Shadwell gent was admitted as trustee for sale under the will of Richard Howell (proved 18 Jan 1789) and immediately surrendered to Mary Howell widow (1)
Mary Howell surrendered to the use of her will on 30 Sep 1793 (2) and by her will of 13 Mar 1799 (which does not seem to have been proved) devised the property to her son Samuel Howell husbandman, describing it as a cottage, orchard and garden in her own occupation near Ringmer Church (3); Samuel was admitted on his mother's death and surrendered to the use of his will, 18 Oct 1805 (4)
By his will of 23 Sep 1852 (again apparently unproved) Samuel devised the property to his son Richard; the executor was his friend Richard Markwick of South Malling miller and the witness Henry Berry maltster (5); Richard was admitted 20 Nov 1857 (6)
Richard Howell devised to his son William by his will of 7 May 1889 (7) and William was admitted 30 Jan 1890 (8, 9)
William Howell of 2 Springett Cottages died a bachelor intestate 18 Nov 1931 and administration was granted to his nephew John Goldsmith 18 Dec 1931. A statutory declaration made by Frank Washer of 1 Church Hill (parish clerk for 40 years) established Howell's next of kin and on 16 Jan 1932 the beneficiaries agreed to John Goldsmith bidding for the property at auction, which took place at the White Hart, Lewes, on 23 Feb 1932. Goldsmith purchased the property but another part of the estate, Lion House, a stable and coach house with an adjoining house on Broyle Lane, failed to reach its reserve. Despite having been made aware of the legal objections to such a course, on 1 Apr 1932 the beneficiaries, Fanny Barber of 2 Springett Cottages widow, Doris Mary Robson of Lower Dicker widow of Joseph Coote Robson, William Lambert Goldsmith of 18 Broyleside Cottages farm labourer, Florence Grace Goldsmith of Norlington Gate spinster and Mary Louise Bishop of Norlington Gate wife of John Alfred Bishop (relationships specified in deed), conveyed both properties (plans given) to John Goldsmith of Central Stores grocer and garage proprietor for £210. Lion House was conveyed by Goldsmith to James Henry Kenward, 11 July 1955 (10)
On 19 July 1955 the property was conveyed by Goldsmith to Norman Leslie Sewell Burgis (11-13)

Copy of will (28 Dec 1727) of George Goring of Chailey, gent, proved in Lewes archdeaconry court  AMS5820/14  28 Feb 1728

Hartfield: map  AMS5821  [n.d.]

Archival history:
The estate was purchased by A H Clough of Ringwood in Hampshire (who had married a daughter of Mr Freshfield of Forest Row) in the 1920s. The depositer's grandfather, Charles Elcock (also from Hampshire) built many of the houses at Upper Hartfield on the estate and the map passed to her father, Mr John Elcock of Upper Hartfield, on his brother's death in 1981

Source of acquisition: Document deposited 16 September 1982 (Acc 2897)

HARTFIELD  AMS5821/1  1760

'Cotchford AND PITT-LANDS and Fincham Part of the Estate of Henry Humphery Esquire lying in the Parish and Hundred of Hartfield'
Estate map by Thomas Marchant, ink and colour on parchment 36½ x 30½"; compass pointer with magnetic deviation; 1" = 3 chains
Shows fields, houses (Cotchford in elevation), roads with their directions, names of neighbouring owners, ownership of hedges, footpaths. Field names and acreages shown in tables, divided according to farm
'Hammer Meadow' shown E of Cotchford Wood; 'No 10' in top-left-hand margin

[no title or date]  AMS5822

Source of acquisition: Documents deposited 23 December 1981, (Acc 2785)

This deposit consists of the papers of the Stonham family of Beckley and the related Henley family, who were millers in Udimore. One of the daughters of John Collins Henley (d 1868) married James Hodson miller of Robertsbridge and their first son Leonard James was the author of A Short History of the Parish of Salehurst. Documents which almost certainly formed part of Hodson's antiquarian collection are also present in this deposit and have been listed as AMS5822/21-31


Lease for 7 years from 29 Sep at £80  AMS5822/1  18 Sep 1861

James George Langham of Hastings gent to John Collins Henley of Udimore, miller
House, smock windmill, grinder's cottage, stable, lofts, granary, fuel house and land (3a 3 r 20p), lately occupied by Elizabeth Edmonds; in Playden and Rye (plan in margin)
Post mill in Lower Mill Field reserved to lessor, rights of way reserved to tenants of Edwin Thomas' cottages on The Cliff and to Henry William Clark; detailed covenants; schedule of fixtures

Assignment for benefit of creditors  AMS5822/2  14 Nov 1861

John Dulvey Stonham of Beckley farmer to John Collins Henley miller and George Jenner farmer, both of Udimore (principal creditors) and 21 other creditors named in schedule

Assignment of personalty in trust  AMS5822/3  28 Jan 1862

John Stonham of Hayes in Beckley farmer to George Jenner and John Collins Henley
Business of tenant farmer of lands in Beckley and Stone, Kent, which JS is unable to carry on because of infirmity
Trustees to allow Thomas Stonham's widow 20s a week in goods

Probate of will (15 July 1864) of John Collins Henley of Udimore miller and commission agent  AMS5822/4  4 Feb 1869

Bequeathing estate to wife Charlotte for life, remainder to daughters Edith Kate, Clara Elizabeth Fanny, Florence Kennard and Maud Charlotte; wife, brother Henry Henley of Udimore miller and Godfrey Stonham of Beckley miller executors

Grant of Easements  AMS5822/5  1 May 1875

John Sloman of Udimore farmer to Henry Henley of Udimore miller
Right to lay watercourse from spring on JS's Vines Farm to JH's house, both Udimore, granted by JS to Edgar Stonham 25 Apr 1868 whose property vested in HH by deed of 25 Mar 1874 (plan in margin)

Acquittance by Edith Kate Henley for legacy under AMS5822/4 with draft legacy duty receipt  AMS5822/6, 7  29 Dec 1875

Wills of William Newman Henley out of business, Caroline Henley spinster and Mary Perigo Henley spinster all of Udimore sent to their brother Henry Henley  AMS5822/8-14  1 Feb 1878

Acquittance by Maud Charlotte Henley for legacy under AMS5822/4  AMS5822/15  24 Aug 1881

Release of seignory over 2 freehold tenements of manor of Udimore  AMS5822/16-18  1882

Henry Edwards Paine and Richard Brettell of Chertsey Esqs to Henry Henley of Udimore miller, 30 May 1882, copy of conveyance of manor to HEP and RB 13 Jan 1882 and covering letter, 31 May 1882

Legacy duty receipt in respect of AMS5822/4  AMS5822/19, 20  23 May 1907

Naming daughters as E K Perry, C E F Lansdell, F K Hodson and MC Stonham; 18 May with covering letter to E[dgar] L[ewis] Stonham Esq, Mermaid Street, Rye

Antiquarian collection of L J Hodson  [no ref. or date]


Lease for 500 years by executor to overseers as security  AMS5822/21  1 June 1632

Thomas Davy junior of Beckley yeoman (eldest son and executor of will of William Davy senior of Beckley yeoman deceased) to Thomas Sharpe of Beckley clerk, Thomas Davy senior of Beckley yeoman (brother of WD), Richard Kilburne of Hawkhurst Kent gent, John Odiarne of Wittersham Kent gent and Christopher Edwardes of Beckley yeoman overseers of the will
House occupied by TD, barn, stable, buildings, oasthouse, 2 gardens, orchard and 18 pieces of land wood and marsh (77a) 'Hobbs and Wigges' in Beckley
Recites will of WD comprising pecuniary bequests to Elizabeth wife of RK, Mary wife of Stephen Odiarne gent, Thomasine wife of JO and daughters Ann, Margaret and Barbara, 24 Feb 1631; death of WD, 4 March 1632
W: Richard Sharpe, Thomas Holman, Arthur Relfe, Robert Relfe, John Austen

Counterpart Conveyance for £400  AMS5822/22  17 Feb 1655

Related information: For the conveyance see AMS5742/21

Edward Davye of Hobbs in Beckley gent (uncle and executor of will of William Davye of Robertsbridge in Salehurst deceased) to John Holman of Beckley clerk and Matthew Holman of Northiam yeoman
Freehold house, barn, and lands 'Asteford' occupied by William Bishopp gent, in Sedlescombe and Ewhurst
Recites will of WD appointing sister Mary Davye residuary legatee; death of WD heavily indebted, 21 Mar 1654, proof of will in court for probate
W: Richard Humphrey, Thomas Davy, Daniel Maytom

Counterpart lease for 11 years from 29 Sep at £44  AMS5822/23  10 June 1684

Luke Spencer of Cranbrook Kent gent to John Maplesden of Brede yeoman
Two houses 'Hobbs' and 'The Amitt Hills', 2 barns 2 orchards, 2 gardens and buildings with land (150a) occupied by LS; in Beckley
Timber, minerals and right to coal wood reserved to LS except wood in Lords Wood and Denshirefeild Wood; LS to pay quit rents. Detailed agricultural covenants, including hopgrowing
W: George Curtis, Edward Bishopp, Thomas Curtis

Conveyance (lease [and release])  AMS5822/24  7 [and 8] Oct 1707

James Hayward of Cranbrook carpenter to Luke Spencer and his son Luke Spencer both of Cranbrook gents
1. Seven pieces of land (12a) where a house once stood 'Harkeredge' occupied by JH at Milkhouse Street, Cranbrook
2. House in two dwellings 'The Bell' near the Market Cross, Cranbrook

Counterpart lease for 7 years from 25 Mar at £46  AMS5822/25  17 Feb 1713

Luke Spenser senior of Cranbrook gent to Joseph Lidwell of Ticehurst yeoman
House, barn, stable, oasthouse, 2 gardens, orchard 'Hobbs' and 2 pieces of land (named, 96a) in Beckley
Detailed covenants including liberty for LS to pull down that part of the house called the old end, maintenance of glass windows, thatching barn with wheat straw, preservation of fruit trees and hop grounds, reboarding of oasthouse chamber and provision of 2 new oasts, building of wainlodge and replank the barn floor before 1 Aug 1714
W: William Haines junior, George Tilden

Conveyance in trust  AMS5822/26  24 Feb 1713

Luke Spenser senior of Cranbrook gent to James Hayward of Cranbrook carpenter in trust for Luke Spenser junior only son of LS
The Town Fields (8a) part of Hancocks Farm, Cranbrook

HAILSHAM  [no ref. or date]

Counterpart lease for 7 years from 25 Mar 1708 at £4  AMS5822/27  21 Nov 1707

Thomas Cogger of Hailsham yeoman to Benjamin Moot (signs Mott) of Hailsham
House, barn, garden, orchard, land (4a) 'Mount Rige Land' occupied by BM; in Hailsham
Detailed agricultural covenants
W: John Stevens, John Rabett, William Dan

LINDFIELD  [no ref. or date]

Pre-nuptial settlement (covenant to levy fine and suffer recovery)  AMS5822/28  25 Sep 1677

John Cooper of Lindfield sadler and wife Jane, Thomas Fuller junior of Catsfield gent, Ann Lucas daughter of Jane Cooper, to John Purfeild of Battle gent and John West citizen and haberdasher of London
House, barns, buildings and land (114a) 'Great Walstead otherwise Nether Walstead' in Lindfield (boundaries)
JW to sue recovery against JP and hold in trust to pay an annuity of £15 to Jane Cooper and to the uses of the settlement
W: Francis West, Thomas Brooker, Richard Fuller, Henry Eeden

ROBERTSBRIDGE  [no ref. or date]

Copy of court roll, Robertsbridge manor  AMS5822/29  26 Feb 1606

First proclamation on death of John Livet gent
Eleven freehold tenements: Turtills alias Maxwelles, Winawes, Whites, Westbornes, Skotlandgrove, Stontes alias Sontes, Castlins alias Showeswelles, Pyecrofte and a barn, Wickham, Wares and Pensackes alias Emmans. Three copyhold tenements: Walters, Tanners and Wickham
Joshua Livett age 20, JL's son, is heir to copyhold; freehold heir unknown

Copy of court roll, Robertsbridge manor  AMS5822/30  9 Apr 1607

Licence to Joshua Livett to lease copyhold in AMS5822/29 for 11 years

Copy of court roll, Robertsbridge manor  AMS5822/31  20 Oct 1615

Admission of John Levett gent on third proclamation of surrender by Joshua Levett of copyhold in above in Mountfield and Salehurst

Deeds  AMS5823  [n.d.]

Archival history:
The document was found among the effects of the depositor's father

Source of acquisition: Document deposited 24 March 1982 (Acc 281 5)

Conveyance by lease [and release]  AMS5823/1  19 [+ 20] Dec 1827

Thomas Reed Kemp of Brighton Esq to Benjamin Wood of Brighton plumber & glazier
Land (74' x 61') part of 8 pauls formerly Gunn's + 16 pauls formerly the duke of Dorset's in the furlong next the west fields in the West Laine, Brighton
N: North Street; E,S: William Hallett's land
W: intended road 30' wide
Release to be by TRK to BW and Henry Faithfull

Sale particulars  AMS5824  [n.d.]

Source of acquisition: Documents deposited by Weller, Eggar, Guildford (per Surrey Record Office), 27 September 1982 (Acc 2902)

Hamsell Estate (remaining portion) in Rotherfield, Crowborough and Withyham  AMS5824/1  2 June 1939

Luxfords Farm, Hourne Farm, Hodges Farm, Steel Cross Cottage, Renby Lodge, Summersales Farm, Stonehouse Farm, Orznash Farm in Crowborough; Bullfinches Farm, Holden Farm, Forge Farm in Groombridge. Photographs & maps. Depositor's reference: 100

Bolebrook in Hartfield  AMS5824/2  26 July 1948

Photographs, maps. Depositor's reference: 121

Barcombe and Balneath estates in Barcombe  AMS5824/3  1943

Oak Tree and Yew Tree Farm, Knowlands Farm, Scovells Farm, Mount Pleasant, Banks Farm, Camois Court Farm, Barcombe Place Farm, Holman's Bridge Farm
Down View Farm, Balneath Manor, Roman Springs Farm, Pigs Easter, Bevanbridge Farm, Harelands Farm, Fursley Farm, and several cottages: partially annotated with annual rental values. Photographs, maps. Depositor's reference: 122

Mark Cross Estate in Mayfield, Rotherfield & Wadhurst  AMS5824/4  26 May 1944

Mark House Farm, Catts Farm, Marlborough Head Farm, Renhurst Farm in Rotherfield and Wadhurst, Little Trodgers Farm and Highfields Farm in Mayfield. Depositor's reference: 129

Hammerwood Park, Forest Row  AMS5824/5  10 July 1947

Photographs, map. Depositor's reference: 164

Bolebroke, Hartfield  AMS5824/6  7 Oct 1947

Photographs, map. Depositor's reference: 165

Coghurst estate in Guestling, Ore & Westfield  AMS5824/7  16 May 1949

New & Old Coghurst Farms, Eighteen Pounder Farm, Great Maxfield Farm, Stalkhurst Farm and Bricklands Farm. Photographs, map. Depositor's reference: 191

Perryhill Farm & Cottages, Hartfield  AMS5824/8  26 Aug 1949

Photographs, map. Depositor's reference: 192

Dunsfold, Herstmonceux  AMS5824/9  10 Oct 1950

Depositor's reference: 210

Park Farm, Chiddingly  AMS5824/10  30 Oct 1950

Map. Depositor's reference: 237

Old Foxhunt Manor, Waldron  AMS5824/11  7 Dec 1950

Photographs, map. Depositor's reference: 238

Ridgewood & College Farms, Uckfield  AMS5824/12  29 Mar 1951

Photographs, map. Depositor's reference: 249

Newlands Farm, Boarshead, Rotherfield  AMS5824/13  29 June 1951

Photographs, map. Depositor's reference: 252

Crowborough Warren estate in Buxted & Withyham  AMS5824/14  14 Nov 1951

The Warren Hotel, Ocklye House, Home Farm, Crabtree Farm, Old Mill Farm, King's Standing Farm, Heavegate Cottages and other buildings. Photographs, map. Depositor's reference: 297

Saxonbury Farm, Mark Cross in Rotherfield  AMS5824/15  31 Oct 1952

Depositor's reference: 331

The Searles estate in Fletching and Maresfield  AMS5824/16  6 May 1952

Holmesdale Farm, Moyses Farm, Spring Farm, Clapwater Farm, Flitteridge Farm, Woolpack Farm, and Black Ven Farm
Annotated with details of prices and sales to tenants and including a draft. Photographs, map. Depositor's reference: 349

Twizhurst [Hole Farm] in Herstmonceux and Warbleton, with cottages at Bodle Street Green  AMS5824/17  11 June 1952

Photographs, map. Depositor's reference: 353

Danehurst estate (remaining portion) in Fletching  AMS5824/18  25 June 1953

Map. Depositor's reference: 394

Court Gardens & Bulls Barn Farms, Ditchling  AMS5824/19  2 July 1953

Map. Depositor's reference: 395

Wilderness Farm, Hadlow Down  AMS5824/20  14 October 1953

Photographs, map. Depositor's reference: 408

1 & 2 Vigoes Cottages, Furners Green, Fletching  AMS5824/21  4 Sep 1957

Photograph. Depositor's reference: 558

Herstmonceux Place estate  AMS5824/22  7 July 1958

Herstmonceux Cottage [Milland Farm] Lime End Farm, Herstmonceux Place, Home Farm, Flowers Green Farm, 'Welcome Stranger' Inn, School Farm, Church Farm
Annotated copy; included letters from Basil S Allen, Beaurepaire, Basingstoke, Hants to P N Fuller of Messrs Weller concerning unsuccessful bids & proposed purchase by a syndicate; has heard that all tenants have been approached with a view to pre-sale purchase; 3 Mar & 20 June 1958. Photographs, maps. Depositor's reference: 578

More House Farm and Moat House, Wivelsfield  AMS5824/23  19 June 1956

Photographs, map. Depositor's reference: 634

Assignment of lease, receipt  AMS5825  [n.d.]

Source of acquisition: Documents deposited by Lambeth Archives Department, Brixton, 30 January 1976 (Acc 1924)

BRIGHTON: Assignment of lease for £130  AMS5825/1  18 Sep 1822

Archival history:
Endorsed: 598158 (presented to Lambeth Archives by Woodroffes, solicitors, Westminster Bridge Road, London SE1)

Thomas Johnson and Stephen Humphreys of Brighton bricklayers to Robert Thompson of East Grinstead gent
Term created by lease by Thomas Smith of Brighton Esq to TJ and SH for 98 years, 3 Sep 1822 in
Land (42' x 22') in second furlong of Hilly Laine, part of four pauls late the duke of Dorset's, with 3 houses built by TJ and SH known as 35, 36 and 37 Carlton Row; S: house leased by TS to Samuel Shoebridge; N: house of TS
W: Richard Thompson, Thomas Benson clerk to Mr Freeman solicitor, Brighton

HERSTMONCEUX: Receipt  AMS5825/2  23 June 1576

Archival history:
Endorsed: 597982 (anonymous gift to Lambeth Archives)

Thomas Mott son and heir of Robert Mott of Herstmonceux deceased to Benjamin Mott his brother and Agnes Mott BM's mother
£11 part of £20 payment for lands inherited after RM's death, 'that is to say the third part of such lands as were warde lands' [RM buried at Herstmonceux, 22 Apr 1574]
W: Thomas Clifton, Thomas Stile the writer

Survey of Northiam  AMS5826  [n.d.]

Source of acquisition: Photocopy of volume 18 November 1982 (Acc 2928)

Photocopy of introductory pages of a copy of Adams' survey of Northiam  AMS5826/1  1821

Related information: For a microfilm of another volume which belongs to Northiam Parish Council, containing maps but lacking rateable values, see XA 16/1

Giving rateable values of each holding

Deeds of 20 York Villas, BRIGHTON  AMS5827  [1866]-1884

Source of acquisition: Deposited by Miller & Co (Solicitors), 75/9 Regent Street, Cambridge CB2 1BE per Cambridgeshire Record Office, 13 December 1982. (A2948)

Details of the property's history before 1876 are derived from an abstract of title of 1884 which also includes 2 sketch maps (2 below). All parties are of Brighton unless otherwise stated
By his will of 25 August 1866 (proved 27 July 1867) Harry Pegg, hotel-keeper, devised Grove Villa and his New England estate to his wife Susan for life, with remainder to his sons William and John Philipson. William, by his will and codicil of 20 August and 28 September 1867 (proved 31 October 1867) directed that his real estate and his share under his late father's will be realized and appointed his wife Elizabeth and his brother Richard joint-executors. On 1 May 1869 John Philipson and Elizabeth and Richard conveyed to Daniel Friend of the Highlands, Prestonville, gent., for £3,800, a plot of land on the New England estate, containing from north to south on the east side 305 ft and on the west side 313 ft and from east to west on the north side 238 ft 4 in and on the south side 239 ft and which abutted Old Shoreham Road to the north, the London Brighton & South Coast railway to the south, Grove Villa to the east and another part of the estate to the west. The land was to be bisected by a new road, to be called York Villas, and Friend agreed that not more than 16 semi-detached villas, each with a minimum value of £300 excluding the value of the land, would be built on the land to the north of the new road. Three weeks later on 24 May, for £400, Friend conveyed to Thomas Ward, builder, a plot measuring 108 ft from north to south and 58 ft from east to west and abutting the new road on the south together with the 2 houses being erected on it and to be known as 13 and 14 York Villas. Restrictive covenants required Ward to maintain all party and other walls and to put down a pavement and curb and forbade the use of the premises for trade or manufacturing purposes, as a public or private lunatic asylum, as an inn, public house, beer shop, warehouse or livery stables etc or for any purpose other than as a private residence without the written authority of Friend and similarly forbade any alterations to the front elevations, enclosing walls, fences etc. On the same day Ward mortgaged the properties to Edward Stanford of the Manor House, Fishbourne, esq, for £1000 and the power of sale. Stanford assigned the mortgage to Josephine Dick, widow, and Bartholomew Smithers, gent, on 21 March 1871 ( 2 ). On 29 September 1876, exercising the power of sale, they conveyed 14 York Villas - standing on a plot 108 ft long and 29 ft wide - to George Corfe, doctor of medicine, for £800 subject to the restrictive covenants. ( 1 )
Having formally declared that 20 York Villas was formerly known as 14 York Villas ( 3 ), Corfe conveyed the property - still subject to the restrictive covenants - to Edward Harris, gent, and Mary Harris, spinster, for £1000 on 10 September 1884 (4)

Deeds  AMS5828  [n.d.]

Source of acquisition: Documents deposited by Gaby, Hardwicke & Co. solicitors, Bexhill, on behalf of clients, 20 March 1980 (Acc 2534), 2 October 1980 (Acc 2623), 15 July 1982 (Acc 2866), 9 August 1982 (Acc 2876), 8 September 1983 (Acc 4136)

BEXHILL: House called Perringalls at Sidley Green  AMS5828/1  [n.d.]

Conveyance  AMS5828/1/1  24 Dec 1573

John Hersie of Bexhill shoemaker to Hugh Mershall of Bexhill yeoman
House & adjoining garden 'Peringalles'; W: land 'Perringalles'; S: Hastings - Borham road; N: land occupied by Thomas Iden once Nicholas Stone; E: land pertaining to Bexhill church
W: Thomas Parkar, Edward Page, Luke Braybroke, Thomas Clark

Conveyance  AMS5828/1/2  12 Jan 1574

Hugh Merchall fo Bexhill yeoman to Ann Banyster of Bexhill widow as AMS5828/1/1
W: Thomas Mawdesley, Daniel a Neston, James Sloman, Gliste, Collinge, Richard Pyknot, William Brabroke, Edward Page, Robert Pykborn

Pre-nuptial settlement  AMS5828/1/3  2 June 1597

John Chester of Bexhill husband man to Simon Wakeham of Bexhill carpenter & John Glasyer of Bexhill husbandman in trust for JC and his intended wife Elizabeth one of the daughters of Richard Chapman of Bexhill husbandman as AMS5828/1/1 (3r) at Sidley Green
W: Richard Smyth, John Sergeant, Robert Pickbarne & Mr Thomas Stile the writer

Conveyance for £22  AMS5828/1/4  10 Apr 1631

Thomas Wells of Bexhill miller & wife Joan with Ann Chester one of the daughters of John Chester of Bexhill husbandman deceased to John Sweete alias Dowste of Bexhill hammerman as AMS5828/1/3
W: Robert Webber, John Goodwin, Amen Freman

Exemplification of common recovery  AMS5828/1/5  23 May 1631

William Darley gent v John Sweete alias Dowste house, garden & land (1a) in Bexhill
Joan Wells widow & Ann Chester vouchees

BEXHILL: Great Worsham Farm  AMS5828/2  1791

'A Map of Lands Called GREAT WORSHAM FARM lying in the Parish of BEXHILL'
Estate map showing Great Worsham Farm. Ink & colour on parchment, 41" x 31". Shows field names, acreages and land use, names of neighbouring owners, roads with their directions; table with total acreages
Compass pointer; 1" = 16 perches; W Ticehurst, surveyor, Battle

Bexhill: Land on E corner of Knole & Middlesex Roads  AMS5828/3  9 Oct 1896

Conveyance for £487 10s
Prudential Assurance Company (mortgagee), Alfred Buckley of 13 St Georges Square Mx esq & Charles Lennox Tredcroft of Guildford Surrey, colonel in the army (settlement trustees) with Gilbert George Reginald earl De La Warr to Crawford Heron of Mira Mar, Devonshire Road, Bexhill esq
Plot on E corner of Knole Road & Middlesex Road upon which a villa residence of at least £1000 value shall be built
Recites: settlements, mortgages & private act of De La Warr estate from 1854

Bexhill: Abstract of title to the Sidley Green estate (Norfolk Road Preston Road, Cumberland Road, Claremont Road, Sidley Street, North Road & Suffolk Road) endorsed '15 Sidley Street'  AMS5828/4  1897

On 9 July 1824 Ingrams Farm Bexhill was conveyed by Nathaniel Polhill, Edward Lansdell, George Thomas & William & Ann Lansdell to Musgrave Brisco & William Polhill Kell; on 25 Nov 1867 Brisco senior & junior conveyed to George Clement who 20 Jan 1868 conveyed to George Jenner of Udimore farmer. On 6 Nov 1878 Jenner, retaining a fourth part, sold 22a 3r 3p (map on abstract) to James Coleman Vidler of Rye land agent, Charles Vidler of Hastings wine merchant & Alfred Leighton Sayer of Hastings solicitor for £2988 lent by Jenner; the land had been leased to Edward Thomas for 11 years in 1874. By his will of 1880 Jenner (of Tufton House Hastings) bequeathed his share of the property to his nephew George Traiton Jenner. Charles Vidler sold his share to JCV on 30 June 1892 (map on abstract) and on 9 Nov 1897 Vidler, Sayer & Jenner sold to William Moon & William Garner both of Hastings builders & Frederick James Parsons of Hastings gent for £2572 and on the following day mortgaged the estate to William Eichholz of 64 Basinghall Street London gent for £4,500; a detailed plan of the proposed road layout appears with the abstract and the impending purchase of more land, included on the plan, is recited
By deed of 17 Dec 1897 Frederick Atkinson of Hastings gent was brought into partnership with Moon & Garner and on 9 May 1898 plots 348 - 351 on the corner of Sidley Street & Suffolk Road were freed from the mortgage

BEXHILL: Abstract as AMS5828/4 relating to plots 30-33 (N side of Suffolk Road), endorsed 'William Tanner'  AMS5828/5  1899

The gradual freeing of plots from the mortgage of 10 Nov 1897 by reconveyances of 5 Mar, 18 July & 20 Sep and the final reconveyance of 14 Dec 1898 are recited. On 22 Dec 1898 the houses built & in the course of building were mortgaged by Moon, Garner & Atkinson to James Henry Atkins of Fleet Street London advertisement contractor for £9800; it was recited that tenants had an option to acquire the freeholds at 20 years' purchase of the ground rent and a table listing plot number, tenant, date of lease & ground rent is included. On 29 Sept 1899 the mortgage on 15 plots was released, including numbers 30 - 33

Abstract of title to part of the De La Warr estate, Bexhill, including De La Warr, Fairmount, Elmstead & Dorset Roads  AMS5828/6  1903

On 31 Dec 1880 (after reciting settlements from 1829) Reginald Windsor, Earl De La Warr & his trustees conveyed land (16a 2r 35¼p, plan on abstract) to John Reeves of Hastings gent for £2928 with covenants relating to the construction of roads, drains & houses; Reeves mortgaged to Charles Marion Welsted of Whatlington gent for £2800 on 1 Sep 1883 and on 1 Oct 1895 the mortgage was assigned to Charles Sheppard of Battle solicitor. On 1 Mar 1897 Sheppard reconveyed to Reeves; the deed includes a schedule of plots conveyed away since 1887. The remainder of the estate (plan attached) was sold by Reeves to Charles Thomas of Bexhill builder for £9808 on 12 Oct 1898 & the next day a mortgage was effected to James George Langham of Eastbourne gent; another plan depicts smaller plot sizes. Schedules of sales since Oct 1898 appear in further charges of 20 May 1899 & 1 Feb 1900

Abstract of title of Frederick George King to a portion of the former De La Warr estate at Bexhill; 1913, annotated to 1921  AMS5828/7  1913-1921

The abstract recites estate settlements from 1828 and reproduces a plan (from the 1877 settlement) of fields 1204, 1250 & 1262 N of the railway line which presumably form the subject of the abstract. The estate was freed of rentcharges payable to Thomas Hills of Crowborough Warren gentleman's servant & to the trustees of Henry Smith's Charity in 1877 & 1879 respectively and by an order of Chancery in 1882 & by an estate act in 1885 the development of the estate was permitted; the estate was mortgaged to the Prudential Assurance Co on 12 May 1891 for £50,000

Abstract of title of Fredederick George King to a portion of the former De La Warr estate at Bexhill; 1913, annotated to 1921 (continued)  AMS5828/7  1913-1921

In 1892 an order of the Board of Agriculture provided for the repayment of £939 loaned by Earl De La Warr for new Kennels for the Bexhill Harriers at the manor house; a schedule lists the lands on which the loan was charged & their occupiers
On 26 Aug 1910 the Prudential reconveyed the mortgaged property to the settlement trustees and Gilbert George Reginald, Earl De La Warr who died 16 Dec 1915 & was succeded by Herbrand Edward Dundonald Brassey, the 9th Earl who on 29 Dec 1920 made a further settlement of the estates

Abstract of title to land at Little Common, Bexhill (Kites Nest Farm, Howards Farm with land formerly called Spratts and Quenby Lodge or Moresk)  AMS5828/8  1924

The property, freehold and copyhold, was released by Harriet Davey & others to Herbert Chrismas Davey on 15 Oct 1874 and on 1 July 1895 he mortgaged to Edward Andrews Nicholson, Aubrey Hillman & James Hubert Senior of Lewes gent for £3000; a schedule lists title map number, field name, acreage & tenure. The property was reconveyed to Davey's widow 5 Feb 1912 who enfranchised it on 12 Oct 1920 and sold it to William Poulton Glessing of 29 Albany Road Bexhill gent on 23 Nov 1920; a schedule lists the current tenancy agreements

Abstract of title to the Southlands Park estate at Sidley Bexhill (formerly Mount Idol & Mill Land)  AMS5828/9  1924

On 10 Mar 1587 Richard Sole leased 6 pieces of land called Stumblett Pit with a little house & buildings (12a) to Robert Hoarde for 99 & then 1000 years, rent 6d. Thomas Pelham leased 2½a part of Pebsham Farm (N,W: Stumblett Pit E: John Coleman; S: Sidley Green - Church Green Lane) to Richard Glazier on 19 Jan 1704 for 999 & then 1000 years, paying 6d. In 1867 both leases were assigned by Wastel Brisco senior & junior to Newton Parks who died 12 Apr 1891. On 20 May 1911 his executor Albert Parks of Sidley House gent mortgaged this estate (Mount Idol) and Mill Land to Walter & WEF Cheesman of Hastings Solicitors and (Mill Land only) to Anchitel P.A. Clement of Broomham in Guestling, bart for £6100; both mortgages were redeemed by Albert Newton Parks & Joseph Henry Parks (Albert Parks' executors) on 19 & 20 Nov 1919 & the following day the whole estate was sold to William Samuel Harris of Crosby House, Wanstead, Essex esq for £2500. A schedule suggests that Mill Lands hand been purchased by Newton Parks from Peregrine PFP Acland bart, 26 Feb 1866
By virtue of the Conveyancing Acts of 1881 & 1882 the leasehold terms on Mount Idol were enlarged to freehold by WSH by deed of 1 Aug 1924

Abstract of title to the Pebsham Estate, Bexhill  AMS5828/10  1929

The abstract recites Papillon settlements of 26 Mar 1861, 15 Sep 1862 & 24 June 1881, 26 Feb 1884 & 30 May 1887, the latter including a schedule of fields (with OS numbers) in Bexhill totalling 451 acres. On 21 Jan 1895 an order was granted under the Agricultural Holdings Act 1883 to charge Pebsham & Worsham Farms in Bexhill & Hollington with the cost of improvements made by the tenant, Pennington Gorringe. The descent in the Papillon family is recited until 29 Sep 1920 when the farms (564 a in all in Bexhill & Hollington) were sold to Henry Pye Ratcliff of Pebsham Farm, farmer, for £10,000; mortgages of 1920 & 1924 for £8000 & £1000 were redeemed in 1926

Abstract of title to 32 Cranston Avenue, Bexhill (formerly part of Braggs Farm)  AMS5828/11  1932

On 29 Apr 1898 Daniel Mayer of London piano manufacturer sold part of Braggs Farm (75a, plan on abstract) which he had earlier purchased as part of the Eastcourt estate from the Curteis & Leslie familied to Alexander & Charles Saxby Hurst of Eastbourne brewers for £44,000. The property was mortgaged to the London & Provincial Bank and assigned to Barclays in 1921; the mortgage was paid off in Oct 1929. On 3 July 1930 Kathleen Massey Hurst & Annie Bean Hurst (the widows of ASH & CSH) conveyed four building plots in Cranston Avenue to Bexleigh Estates Ltd who on 29 Aug 1930 sold three to Frank Clarke of Victoria Road Southwick gent (plans on abstract)

Abstract of title to the Wakeham Farm Estate, (Maberley, Sedgewick & Sandhurst Roads) Bexhill  AMS5828/12  1935

On 28 Sep 1900 Henry Thomas Squirrell of Bexhill contractor mortgaged 8a, part of the farm, recently laid out as a building estate, to Henry Le Mesurier Dunn of Bexhill & Edward Alexander Dunn of Warbleton esqs for £4,000
On 22 Oct 1934 a triangular plot of land (plan on abstract) was sold by Squirrell to Charles Henry & George James Draper of Turkey Road Bexhill builders for £550 subject to detailed covenants
In 1935 the Drapers sold plot 5 on London Road (formerly Sandhurst Road) to Henry Thomas Burton of Watermill Lane Bexhill council labourer for £450; a plan of the 18 plots on the triangular parcel of land is included

Abstract of title to the Downlands Park Estate Bexhill  AMS5828/13  1936

As AMS5828/11 (with minor additions) until on 15 Nov 1935 the trustees of the Hurst Estate sold an irregularly shaped piece of land N of the Cranston Avenue plots (5a, plan on abstract) to the Drapers (as AMS5828/12 above) for £1,200

Ordnance Survey maps TQ7107 (NW,NE,SW,SE), 1954, annotated to show acreage, density & rateable value of houses in Kewhurst Avenue & Withyham Road, Cooden, Bexhill  AMS5828/14  nd, c1955

Deeds of parcel of land N of Collington Road Bexhill  AMS5828/15/1-3  1908-59

As AMS5828/11 until release by the bank to AS & CS Hurst, 22 June 1908 & their sale to James Edward Bennett of Sutherland Avenue Bexhill gent for £475, 14 July 1908. There is a gap in the title until a sale by Caroline Ann Harding to Marian Dunn of Borezell, Sea Road Bexhill for £2050, 23 Jan 1912 in which family the property remained until a sale by P M Dunn to William Yandell of Warwick Road Bexhill, retired nurseryman for £4,400, 17 Apr 1947 who sold to Walter George Scott of Glenleigh Avenue Bexhill on 6 Oct 1953 for £800 whose will was proved 26 Oct 1956

CROWHURST: Deeds of land near Crowhurst Bridge  AMS5828/16  [n.d.]

The property, copyhold of Crowhurst manor described as a Powder Mill, the Powder Mill Field formerly Brattles, in all 4a 0r 8p, was surrendered to the use of Charles Lawrence of Battle, gunpowder manufacturer for £925 by Henry Woodgate of Sevenoaks Kent Esq, 16 Nov 1810. On the same day HW & his wife Ellen surrendered a cottage & garden (1a 1r 21p) part of the demesne, and W of the powdermill, to CL for £270. The property was mortgaged to Thomas Farncomb of Griffiths Wharf Southwark wharfinger for £6000, 12 Oct 1832 and bequeathed by CL to his son Charles (with other property subject to the mortgage) on condition that the mortgage & a £1000 bond to William Duke of Hastings, surgeon, was discharged; the will was proved in PCC by Duke & CL's sons Charles & James, 17 Mar 1837 and Charles Lawrence was admitted at a court held 24 Mar 1838. The mortgage was discharged 8 Nov 1855
On 1 June 1867 Thomas Papillon of Crowhurst Park esq & his trustees (William Oxenden Hammond & Frederick Iltid Nicholl) enfranchised the copyhold property (said to contain 3a 2r 28p according to the tithe map) for £130
By his will of 11 Nov 1870 Lawrence bequeathed the property to his son Charles Thomas Lawrence charged with a payment of £6000 to William Edward Moncton Watts & William Augustus Raper of Battle gents subject to trusts which sum was altered to £5000 by codicil of 11 July 1872. CL died 26 Apr 1874, the will was proved 27 Jun 1874 and payment of the £5000 was acknowledged 10 Oct 1874. After an abstract of title and statutory declaration reciting these details & their uninterrupted ownership of a strip of land north of the stream, CTL of St Leonards, gunpowder manufacturer, conveyed the property (plan on deed, described as 'formerly the site of the Crowhurst powder mills, with two houses & other buildings'), to Henry Napp of Punnetts Town, Heathfield, blacksmith, 9 Apr 1877
On 30 Mar 1882 Napp purchased more land (1a 32p part of freehold (1a 3r 3p) part of Adams & Swineham & copyhold (house & 1a) called Ground Dilley) from John Lingham of Brighton yeoman for £80 which Lingham had purchased from Thomas Chrismas, George Clement & James Dengate on 9 Aug 1856
On 1 May 1935 a partition was made between Montague Napp of Crowhurst labourer, Susan Lillie Hilder & her husband Edwin James Hilder of Bexhill; the estate appears on a plan in the margin of the deed and also included a cottage & post office next to the Plough Inn, Crowhurst. This deed is endorsed with four memoranda of sales of different parcels of the estate, 1939 - 1961

HASTINGS  [no ref. or date]

All parties of Hastings unless otherwise described

Deeds of properties near Tackleway, 1816 - 1953: HT 1067  [no ref. or date]

Ebenezer House, 21 Woods Passage, All Saints  AMS5828/17  [n.d.]

From a list of deeds convenanted to be produced, the property was conveyed by John Collier esq to Richard Cosens bricklayer, 10 & 11 Nov 1751. On 31 Dec 1768 Cosens & Sarah his wife mortgaged to John Elfick of Ninfield farmer and on 19 & 20 Dec 1776 sold to Thomas Kennard bricklayer & Thomas Dutton surgeon his trustee. Kennard sold to John Furner labourer & Edward Furner thatcher his trustee on 18 & 19 June 1812 & on 23 June the Furners mortgaged the property to Kennard for £200
On 3 & 4 Jan 1816 a garden with a house recently erected at the expense of David Fenner, dissenting minister, near his newly-built chapel, part of the above estate, was conveyed by the Furners to Fenner and William Bishop gent his trustee; the deed contains detailed covenants regarding rights of way & party walls. On 24 Jan the property was mortgaged to Humphrey Wickham butcher (1 - 3). On 24 June 1816 Fenner purchased a garden to the S of the house from John Weston watchmaker who had purchased it from Zebulon Harman mariner (to whom, with a house, it was bequeathed by his grandfather Zebulon Fautley senior mariner 30 July 1763 subject to the estate of ZF's daughter Mary Harman widow who died in 1771) 10 June 1816 (4 - 8). On 23 Oct 1816 the premises were further charged to Wickham but on 24 Dec 1818 the combined property was sold to Sarah Challen spinster for £700, £350 of which discharged the mortgage (9 - 11). On 28 Jan 1819 Miss Challen mortgaged to William Thorpe gent & Walter Duke of Bexhill gent; in 1831 she married Thomas Rutherford Constable & went to live in France. The mortgagees, unable to collect their debt, assigned the premises to David Fenner for £100 on 28 May 1841 subject to the Constables' equity of redemption; on 24 June Fenner mortgaged to Thomas Allen baker for £140 (12 - 14)
Fenner assigned his interest in trust for John Phillips, who died 31 Mar 1870 & whose executors enlarged their interest to fee simple (under the terms of the 1880 & 1881 Conveyancing Acts) on 17 Mar 1894 & on 19 Mar conveyed to William James Larcombe accountant for £375; the property, now called Ebenezer House, was occupied by George Martin (15 - 18)
On 7 Jan 1901 Larcombe & his mortgagee conveyed to James Edgar Sutton of 20 Tackleway fishmonger for £450 and by 29 Sept 1903 Ebenezer House was owned by Frank Shoesmith of Harold Road, furniture dealer who on 4 Mar 1920 conveyed to Richard Joseph Ball of Titchbon Cottage, Tackleway, fisherman (19 - 22)
On 31 May 1928 Braham Hopkins of All Saints Street decorator conveyed to Ebenezer Baldwin of Tunbridge Wells farmer for £460 and in 1956 the property was owned and occupied by Miss Jean Heron Walker (23, 24)

Selby Cottage, Woods Passage, All Saints  AMS5828/18  [n.d.]

The property formed part of that conveyed by Thomas Kennard to John & Edward Furner for £450 on 19 June 1812 (see AMS5828/17/1-3 above). On 24 June 1817 it was mortgaged to Kennard who re-purchased a parcel 22' x 62' with his newly-built house & another house in two dwellings for £97 13s on 7 Jan 1819; the detailed abuttals seem to relate to the larger parcel (1, 2)
By his will of 15 Feb 1819 Kennard left the property to his wife Emmiar (née Strickland) for life, remainder to any children of the marriage, remainder to William Worger of Woodchurch Kent farmer & John Phillips farmer as trustees for sale. The will was proved (Lewes) 5 June 1819, Mrs K (who later married John Phillips) died in 1840 and on 30 Oct 1841 Worger conveyed to Thomas Davis whitesmith and Henry Thatcher gent his trustee for £110; a plan appears on the deed. The following day Davis mortgaged to Robert Hollond of The Allegria, St. Leonards Esq (3 - 5)
By his will of 9 Feb 1867 Davis devised the property (now known as Selby Cottage) to his son Edward Thomas Davis as trustee for sale; Davis died 15 Feb & the will was proved 28 Feb 1867. On 9 July 1867 Holland (of Stanmore Hall MX) & Davis (of Kentish Town carriage salesman) conveyed to Alfred James Chapman fishdealer for £260 who on 29 Aug mortgaged to the Rape of Hastings Mutual Permanent Benefit Building Society (6 - 8)
Chapman's will of 3 Jan 1881 bequeathing his property to George Page of the Royal Standard Inn fishmarket & Joseph Philip White railway clerk as trustees for sale was proved 31 Mar 1881 & on 10 Dec 1894 the surviving executor Page sold the property with Rose Cottage to William Coleman of High Street confectioner; he sold Selby Cottage to Henry Thomas Diton junior, fishpacker, 1 Nov 1897 (9 - 11)

1, 2 Melbourne Cottages, 17 & 19 Woods Passage, All Saints (HT 1675)  AMS5828/19  [n.d.]

On 23 Dec 1874 Edith Frances Thomson of Bromley Kent widow & William Strickland of Hailsham cornmerchant & Samuel Gutsell gent (the trustees of her settlement of 15 Apr 1871) conveyed the property to George Henry Wheeler hairdresser for £265 (1, 2). David Fenner & Spencer Curteis are named as former occupiers and it is possible that these two properties are the house in two dwellings in AMS5828/18/1, 2 above. On 24 Feb 1880 Wheeler conveyed to the Hastings Cottage Improvement Society Ltd for £245; the Society (then of 24 Havelock Road) conveyed to Samuel Beeney of St Leonards, general dealer for £150, 5 Sept 1923 who conveyed to Emily Mercy Phillips wife of Charles James Phillips for £300, 10 Oct 1923 (3 - 5)
Mrs. Phillips conveyed to Albert Keys of Islington gent for £125, 28 Sept 1929 (6)

Caxton Cottage & Stanhope Cottage, Tackleway, All Saints  AMS5828/20  [n.d.]

Conveyance by George Bruce Poole plumber & Joseph Pitter of London journalist to Edward Morgan, tailor, for £480, 28 Dec 1874; the property had been conveyed by Mary Swaine to Henry Osborne who by his will of 20 Sept 1855 appointed GBP & JP his trustees subject to the life estate of his wife Charlotte, who died 19 Sept 1874

Diamond Cottage, Woods Passage, All Saints (HT 14934)  AMS5828/21  [n.d.]

By his will of 18 Feb 1835 Thomas Titchbon yeoman bequeathed the property to his wife Phillis (d 1854) for life, remainder to his daughter Ann wife of George Phillips (d 19 Nov 1880 with issue Eliza (d 28 Jan 1874), Ann Waters Jane (d 16 Jan 1843), Thomas (d 3 May 1875), George Titchbon (d 27 Feb 1845) & George Henry (d 2 Jan 1874 with issue George William Phillips)), remainder to their children Mary Ann (m 27 Feb 1851 Orris Parks Prior & d 12 Dec 1870 leaving George Reeves Prior her son & heir), Emily (m 2 Sept 1856 Thomas William Collins), Henry (d 6 Aug 1846) & Elizabeth (m Charles Cook & d 15 Jan 1863)
Titchbon died 20 Nov 1841 & his will was proved at Lewes 30 May 1842. His son-in-law George Phillips died 13 Nov 1850 & on 20 Oct 1881 George Reeves Prior hairdresser, Emily wife of Thomas William Collins of 118 Collins Street West, Melbourne, Victoria, merchant, Ann wife of Charles Waters baker and George William Phillips combined to sell the property (plan on deed) to William Harman of All Saints Street baker for £190 (AMS5828/21/1)
On 5 June 1905 Harman sold to Sarah Ann wife of Henry Richardson of All Saints Street auctioneer for £130 (AMS5828/21/2, 3). On 30 Sept 1953 the personal representatives of Arthur Davis Thorpe (d 1946) conveyed to Jean Heron Walker of 21 Woods Passage (Ebenezer House) widow for £5 (AMS5828/21/4)

95 High Street, St. Clement, (HT 7531)  AMS5828/22  [n.d.]

On 5 Aug 1769 Susannah Geery mortgaged a newly-erected house & garden on the W of the High Street (which she had purchased from William Geery mariner) to Thomas Deudney of St Mary Magdalen whose wife Ann owned a neighbouring croft
On 24 & 25 Mar 1774 Susannah sold to Boykett Breeds mariner & his wife Sarah for £80, £50 of which went to pay the mortgage which was assigned to William Polhill ironmonger in trust for Breeds; the property had widow Bailey's house to the N & Sargent's house to the S (AMS5828/22/1-3)
On 23 & 24 Sept 1794 Sarah Breeds widow (BB d 3 June 1784) conveyed to Thomas James Breeds mariner (who occupied Mark Bailey's house to the S) & William Scrivens gent his trustee for £240 (AMS5828/22/4, 5). On 19 Apr 1802 TJB & WS mortgaged to John Cossum draper for £500; the house then lay E of a ropewalk. On 24 Jan 1819 JC assigned to William Thorpe gent & Walter Duke of Bexhill gent; the deed describes TJB as a merchant (AMS5828/22/6, 7)
On 27 Feb 1837 a fiat in bankruptcy was issued against TJB shipagent & merchant and Charles Burfield, trading in London as Breeds and Burfield & in Hastings as James Breeds & Co. On 28 Feb and 1 Apr respectively Thomas Massa Alsager of Birchin Lane, London Esq was appointed official assignee & John Norman of Water Lane, Tower Street, London shipbroker & William Ransom junior, shipbuilder, principal creditors. At a meeting of creditors at the bankruptcy court 2 Dec 1837 the assignees were given power to release equities of redemption and on 24 July 1845 the assignees, Duke & Thorpe sold to George Phillipsbricklayer & William Thorpe junior gent his trustee on behalf of Horatio Nelson Williams winemerchant for £300; Henry Bishop gent received the assignment of the mortgage term. The house, untenanted, was stated to be E of a former ropewalk (AMS5828/22/8)
Phillips' will of 16 Aug 1849 left a life estate to his wife Ann with remainder to trustees for sale for the benefit of his children; he died 13 Nov 1850 & the will was proved in PCC 17 Sept 1852 by HNW his executor (Henry Bishop then of London renouncing executorship 3 Aug 1853). The widow died 19 Nov 1880 & her youngest child became 21 on 20 June 1859 & on 24 June 1881 Williams sold to Justinian Allen master mariner for £590; Frederick Sawyer of Upper Norwood Surrey covenanted to produce a mortgage of 17 July 1847 discharged 23 June 1881 which also related to 9 & 10 White Rock Place (AMS5828/22/9). The remaining four deeds record a series of mortgages, the last by Allen, retired master mariner, to Arthur Davis Thorpe, 16 Feb 1905 (10 - 14)

8 George Street, with 18 West Street, St Clement, (HT 7002)  AMS5828/23  [n.d.]

As to 8 George Street
In 1775 William Polhill merchant bought a stable, shop & beer cellar from Lucy Sargent widow & others & on 5 Nov 1789 mortgaged the property (now a warehouse & land) to James Dippery of East Dean gent for £600. On 24 May 1793 Polhill, a merchant, assigned his property to John Tilden of Battle gent (as executor of Richard Sampson) & John Sinnock of Hailsham gent as principal creditors; an auction of the bankrupt's estate was held 31 July at which the warehouse (which Polhill had occupied with John Tebay) was sold to William Scrivens innkeeper for £181. The conveyance was made 17 & 18 Oct 1793 & the mortgage term was assigned by Nicholas Willard, Dippery's executor, to John Tebay, ironmonger, in trust for Scrivens
On 27 Mar 1810 WS sold the property to Thomas & John Mannington, blacksmiths, for £367 10s; William Gill banker was their trustee & John Cossum mercer & Joseph Hannay gent (executors of Tebay who died 12 Jan 1810) assigned the mortgage to Henry Tindale linendraper
On 17 Mar 1826 Thomas conveyed his share to John Mannington & William Bishop gent his trustee for £300
Bishop's will of 29 July 1828 was proved (PCC) 6 Dec 1837 by his son Henry; Gill's will of 11 Nov 1831 was proved (PCC) 4 Feb 1832 by his grandsons William & George Scrivens
By his will of 22 Dec 1851 John Mannington appointed his nephew Thomas Mannington & friend John Phillips trustees for sale, subject to his sister Sarah Richardson's life estate in 93 High Street (in his own occupation) & 133 All Saints Street occupied by John Tolfree
Mannington died 20 Oct 1853, the will was proved (Lewes) 14 Nov and on 24 Jan 1854 the personal representatives of the trustees conveyed the property to Phillips & Thomas Mannington (of Fleet Street Mx tobacconist) subject to the trusts of John Mannington's will. The property was described as a house which JM had built on the site of the warehouse; it was occupied by the London & County Bank to whom it had been leased 18 July 1848 (AMS5828/23/1, 2)
On 6 Feb 1854 the trustees sold to William Blackman Young gent (married 1852) for £810 who sold 1 Apr 1875 to Hans Semadeni of 48 Preston Street, Brighton confectioner for £850 (AMS5828/23/3, 5). HS sold 26 May 1881 to Giulio Semadeni the occupier for £1150 who sold 29 Oct 1883 to Richard Ragsdale Collard of Hill Street wholesale fruiterer for £950 (AMS5828/23/6, 7). A receiving order in bankruptcy was made against Collard, a steamship owner, 13 Oct 1892 and 26 June 1893 John Henry Bull of Newhaven coalmerchant & shipbroker (who had been appointed trustee 19 Oct 1892) sold the property to Kate Parkes of Ashford spinster for £250 subject to a mortgage of 1883; she (as Kate wife of Archibald Stoakes of 8 George Street gunmaker) mortgaged the property in 1895 & 1897 & it was reconveyed to her 25 Mar 1927 (AMS5828/23/8 - 12)
As to a warehouse at 18 West Street
On 20 May 1875 Catherine Elizabeth Ellman of Battle widow sold to William Rogers, fruiterer, a blacksmith's shop which had been mortgaged to her husband's firm by William Woolgar Smart, blacksmith, 8 May 1863; the property had formerly belonged to William Ranger (AMS5828/23/13)
On 22 Oct 1883 Rogers purchased a house & warehouse from Robert Ransom of Maida Vale Mx gent, the assignee of a mortgage by the executors of William Ranger (d 21 Dec 1846) (AMS5828/23/14)
On 3 Jan 1854 John Mannington's trustees (see AMS5828/23/2) sold a shop & stable (once occupied by Thomas Culham, then by Thomas & John Mannington then by John Stubberfield), which the Manningtons had bought in 1826, to John Reeves bootmaker for £125. Reeves sold 8 Aug 1885 to William Rogers for £150 (AMS5828/23/15)
On 18 Aug 1885 Rogers, of Harold Gardens Clive Vale brickmaker mortgaged the whole area (now described as a newly-erected warehouse) to the Hastings & East Sussex Building Society for £990 & on 24 Mar 1887 (then described as a wholesale fruit, vegetable & potato merchant, vegetable, fruit & potato broker, factor & salesman) leased to Paine Rogers & Co Ltd of Hastings & Eastbourne for 21 years (AMS5828/23/16 - 20)
On 22 Mar 1898 Rogers' property was auctioned by order of the mortgage & on 12 May the West Street property was sold to Paine Rogers & Co for £1150. 1 - 4 Offa Road, Ore, 43 Manor Road, 201 Harold Road, the Primrose Laundry 199 Harold Road, building land in Harold Road and the Hare & Hounds brickfield were all included in the sale. On 30 Mar 1920 Paine Rogers & Co sold to Leslie Stoakes of 65 Clive Avenue, motor engineer for £350; a plan appears on the abstract (AMS5828/23/21, 22)
As to the whole property:
On 26 July 1928 Kate Stoakes of Church Farm House, Fairlight wife of Archibald Stoakes joined with Leslie Stoakes (now of Lenham, Kent) to sell both properties to William George Harris of 27 George Street, cycle dealer for £1100, who mortgaged to Mabel Jennie Wickens of Bexhill widow & Charles Hide of Willingdon gent the same day. On 12 June 1935 the property was reconveyed to Harris who sold to Norman Ernest Wapshott of Colchester Ex engineer for £1700 (AMS5828/23/23 - 25)

The Eagle Inn, 9 Bourne Street, All Saints (HT 5745)  AMS5828/24  [n.d.]

On 6 & 7 Feb 1760 Elizabeth Lock widow of William Lock mariner conveyed the house to Thomas Bossom cooper for £40. Bossom's will of 27 Aug 1787 gave his wife Elizabeth a life estate with remainder to his daughter Mary, wife of Thomas Pumphrey & their children as tenants in common. In return for an annuity of £4 10s, the widow (now of Bexhill) released her interest to her son-in-law Thomas Pumphrey of Bexhill gent on 25 & 26 July 1794. The property is described as E of the pavement adjoining the Bourne, S of Richard Page's house, N of John Martin & Thomas Bossom senior's house & W of John Taught senior's house; it was occupied by John Lock (AMS5828/24/1, 2)
On 22 & 23 June 1796 Pumphrey (a customs riding officer) & his wife sold to Thomas Mannington blacksmith who had purchased at an auction, 20 Apr 1796, for £94 (AMS5828/24/3 - 5)
By a settlement of 5 & 6 Mar 1800 William Duke of Bexhill gent was appointed trustee for sale of Thomas Mannington's property (subject to his wife Mary's life estate) for the benefit of their children. Mary died 26 Oct 1821 & on 5 & 6 Nov 1824 Duke & the five children (Thomas M ironmonger, John M ironmonger, Mary wife of Thomas Phillips of Ore gent, Ann wife of Henry Tindall seedsman & Sarah M spinster) conveyed to George Wenham tailor & William Bishop gent his trustee for £175; the house was occupied by Samuel Hide (AMS5828/24/6, 7). Wenham's will of 23 June 1836 appointed Thomas Curtis Hutchinson (a former pierwarden) & Thomas White shopkeeper trustees for sale; he died 21 Oct & the will was proved at Lewes 9 Dec 1836 & on 25 - 26 Oct 1837 the property was sold to Elizabeth Wenham widow for £125 (AMS5828/24/8, 9). Elizabeth Wenham's will of 12 Oct 1843 appointed Thomas Standen baker & James Wenham tailor trustees. She died 25 Oct, the will was proved (Lewes) 7 Jan & on 15 Mar 1845 the trustees sold to John Betts baker & his trustee Henry Bishop for £86. On 24 June 1879 the property (now the Eagle Inn occupied by Mr White) was sold by Benjamin Coffret Betts of Portslade baker to Kate Burfield widow for £450. On 30 Sept 1912 Jessie Hall Burfield as executrix & widow of Herbert Burfield brewer (d 15 Nov 1911) sold the property (now 9 Bourne Street) to Sigismunda Eliza & Florence Agnes Alice Frances Adolphus of St Leonards spinsters for £80 (AMS5828/24/10-12)

4 Reculvers Cottages, St Clement (HT 8816)  AMS5828/25  [n.d.]

The property was built on one of the 18 plots into which Five Gates Field (formerly part of the Haltons estate) was divided for building. Exercising a power of appointment reserved in a settlement of 13 Dec 1780, on 9 & 10 Oct 1800 Jeremiah Dodson of Eltham, Kent Esq conveyed the field to William Gill banker & John Cossum mercer his trustee for £266. The field, occupied by Ann Burfield widow, had formed lot one in a recent auction of the estate at which other parts had been purchased by William Hamilton esq including the Pitt Field, for the use of a spring in which an easement was reserved. Deeds of 7 May 1719 and 4 & 5 Apr 1776 were convenanted to be produced. Gill & Cossum sold the field with a cottage to Samuel Duke breechesmaker & William Thorpe gent his trustee for £420 on 20 & 21 Feb 1818. Duke laid the land out in building plots which had subsequently to be changed; on 17 Jan 1823 Mark Meadow carpenter, Charles Launcelot Powell schoolmaster, Elizabeth Maddick spinster, Thomas Foster tailor & Thomas Babington of Rotherfield gent who had already purchased lots were discharged by Duke from the first set of covenants for which others were substituted (AMS5828/25/3)
On 3 & 4 July 1835 plot 18 was sold to Philip Parks carpenter & Henry Bishop gent his trustee for £42; a detailed plan of the whole building scheme appears on the deed (AMS5828/25/1, 2)
By his will of 11 Feb 1837 Parks gave his wife Eliza a life estate with power to sell, remainder to his children at 21; he died 10 Apr 1838 & the will was proved at Lewes 20 Apr 1848. On 26 Apr 1848 Ann Garton Jackson & Sarah Maria Jackson formerly of Covent Garden Mx spinsters purchased the land (upon which a house had been built) for £200; the conveyance was executed by the widow, George Clark Jones carpenter (the executor) Philip P of Lambeth carpenter, Frances P of Edgeware Road Mx spinster, David P plasterer, Maria P of Regents Park Mx spinster, Sarah P spinster & Abraham P carver & gilder (children). Samuel Duke also joined the deed to convey another three plots to the Jacksons for £100; plans of both building schemes appear on the deed (AMS5828/25/4)
On 11 May 1857 Sarah Maria sold her share of Reculver Cottage to her sister, the occupier, for £313, which according to an attached note was half its original cost (AMS5828/25/5). Ann G Jackson died 4 Nov 1866 & by her will of 1 Nov 1848 the property descended to her sister to whom (together with 3 Reculver Cottages which Joseph Golding had conveyed to AGJ 1 Jan 1856) it was conveyed 22 Jan 1868 by William Jackson of Islington gent the brother & heir at law (AMS5828/25/7). Mark Meadow had purchased land from Duke & Thorpe in Feb 1823 & erected 3 Reculver Cottage on it & on 1 & 2 Oct 1839 it was sold by William Neale of Drury Lane Mx packer & presser to Edmund Richardson surgeon (AMS5828/25/6)
On 15 Mar 1890 the house was leased by Paul Jackson of St Johns Wood Mx surgeon to John Irving Pascoe of 12 Tillington Terrace esq who assigned to Charles Graham of Kentish Town doctor of science, 17 Sept 1891 who obtained a longer lease on 5 Feb 1892. Jackson died 4 Sept 1896, Graham on 13 Nov 1909 & on 24 Oct 1910 the lease was surrendered by the executors (AMS5828/25/8, 9) and a piece of land purchased by Graham on 3 Aug 1899 from George Furneaux of London gent & his mortgagees (plan) was conveyed (AMS5828/25/10 - 14)
On 4 Feb 1918 Paul Jackson's trustees conveyed the property (with the additional land) to Emily Haynes the occupier for £400; a statutory declaration by Elihu Marcus Funnell, assistant overseer & collector of Hastings CB identified the property, known since its lease to Mr Blomfield in 1914 as Dalzell (AMS5828/25/15 - 17)
On 6 Nov 1922 a strip of land was sold to Hastings CB for road widening & on 29 June 1925 the house was sold to James Henry Tingle of Hove gent for £975 who sold on 9 May 1927 to John Colville of London retired planter for £1450 (AMS5828/25/18 - 24). On 11 June 1937 Colville sold to William Ernest Jameson of St Leonards bachelor of medicine, Ethel Grace Blackburn spinster & George Holt Ormerod esq for £1175 (AMS5828/25/25)

2 Derby Cottages, 33 Wellington Mews, St Mary Castle  AMS5828/26  [n.d.]

On 2 & 3 Nov 1831 Edward Milward & wife Sarah conveyed The Lower Stony Field to John Bryan of Maidstone engineer & William Sorivens senior banker his trustee. Bryan sold a small portion of it, NW of Stone Field Cottages (plan on deed) to William Brasier labourer & wife Elizabeth for £31 on 1 July 1836; the deed contains detailed convenants concerning rights of way, drainage, cleaning & paving (AMS5828/26/1)
On 27 Jan 1842 Brasier mortgaged the land (upon which he had built a house) together with 2 Stone Field Cottages (purchased 29 Sept 1840 from George Scrivens & Francis Smith bankers) to Horace Martin of Battle gent for £200 (AMS5828/26/2). Brasier died 22 Nov 1848, his widow on 26 Dec & the first property was sold by auction to Henry Vennall stonemason for £120, to whom it was conveyed by Brasier's son William B policeman on 18 June 1849; Maria Kew spinster purchased the second property at the same sale and Vennall mortgaged the property to his trustee William Blackman Young gent on 23 June (AMS5828/26/3, 4)
On 31 Dec 1851 the property was sold to John Brice butler (a bachelor) for £150, who on 7 June 1862 purchased two small pieces of land from William Woolgar Smart blacksmith & William Rogers greengrocer (AMS5828/26/5, 6)
By his will of 24 Oct 1867 Brice gave Maria Kew a life estate, remainder to Christopher Amoore chemist & Joseph Adams of Bladon Oxon baker in trust. He died 1 Aug 1870, the will was proved 24 Oct, Maria Kew died 29 Oct 1878, on 11 Dec an auction took place & 2 Derby Cottages was sold to Richard Dengate of St Leonards greengrocer for £253, to whom the trustees conveyed it on 10 Feb 1879 (AMS5828/26/7). Dengate sold to Charles Gatehouse police constable on 15 Dec 1890 for £200 by whose executors it was sold to Austin Cox of Magdalen Road gent on 13 Mar 1925 for £275 who sold to the occupier Edith Emily Etherington widow for £450 on 13 May (AMS5828/26/8 - 12)
On 14 Sept 1939 the house was sold to Hastings Corporation but the yard to the N was retained (AMS5828/26/13, 14)

13 Church Road, St Mary Magdalen (HT 12096)  AMS5828/27  [n.d.]

On 1 Oct 1860 Charles Gilbert Eversfield of Denne Park, Horsham Esq leased land on the E side of Church Road with the house in the course of erection (plan) to Edward Picknell plumber for 99 years from 29 Sept 1856. On 30 Oct Picknell mortgaged to Eli West Stubbs esq for £500 (AMS5828/27/1-3)
Picknell died 6 Jan 1882 & was buried at Fairlight; Stubbs died 25 Mar 1885 & on 25 Apr 1890 William Stubbs of Hampstead & Richard Hankins esq (executors of EWS' will of 20 Oct 1884) reconveyed to Thomas Connold watchman Frederick Ransom bank clerk & William Edward Brown plumber (executors of EP's will of 13 Aug 1875) (AMS5828/27/4)

Part of The Havelock Hotel, Holy Trinity  AMS5828/28  [n.d.]

On 24 Jun 1861 Henry Barham leased the property to Thomas Turner hotelkeeper from 25 Mar for 99 years; the lease was assigned to Edward Hewett of St Leonards brewer on 11 Feb 1868 for £1100 who leased back to Turner for 10 years on 15 Feb (AMS5828/28/1-4)
On 6 Apr 1881 Hewett & his mortgagee leased the property (the bar & wine office of the hotel, plan on deed) to the Havelock Hotel Company of 3 Copthall Buildings, London (AMS5828/28/5 - 9)
On 30 Nov 1883 an extraordinary AGM resolved to wind up the company and Charles Armstrong & John Reeves were appointed liquidators. On 11 Aug 1885 Hewett's executors assigned the lease to Charles Barber & William Alpheus Higgs of Southwark tea dealers who paid off one of the outstanding mortgages (AMS5828/28/10 - 15). Two shops and basements were leased to John Elmslie of St Leonards provision dealer on 12 Mar 1887; enclosed is an undated plan for structural alterations
On 24 May 1888 Catherine Ann Barber of Portslade widow assigned her interest to W A Higgs for £1500. A certificate of Edward Hewett's death on 10 Mar 1885 was obtained 29 Oct 1888 (16 - 19)

Abstract of Charles Gilbert Eversfield's title to the Gensing Estate  AMS5828/29  1885

Although dated 1885, this abstract has been placed in this position since it forms the root of title of bundles 30 - 33 below
By his will of 17 Mar 1818, Charles Eversfield of Denne Park, Horsham esq appointed John Godfrey Thomas of Bodiam clerk & Charles Wardroper of Seacocks Heath, Etchingham esq his trustees, to hold to the use of his brother James for life with remainder to his heirs and a further remainder to CE's sister Sophia. The estate included the manors of Gensing & Yeilding, the advowson of Hollington and 1600 acres of land in St Leonards, Hollington, Castle, St Michael, Bulverhithe & Bexhill (occupied by himself, Charles Deudney, Charles Overy, James Standen & John Ashdown) which had been bequeathed to him by his father William Eversfield, subject to an annuity to his mother Mary (d 22 Jan 1822)
Charles Eversfield died 13 Oct 1818, his brother James (who had married Mary Crew 15 June 1815) on 29 Sept 1826 & on 9 Aug 1820 CE's sister Sophia had married Edward Bligh. In 1827 the trustees obtained a private act to enable them to grant building leases & sell parts of the estate, including Gensing Farm which was occupied by Charles Deudney. James' widow Mary married Henry Tredcroft esq & after Wardroper's death in July 1831, Michael Clayton of Lincoln's Inn gent was appointed trustee in his place by conveyance of 9 & 10 Nov 1832
On 31 May 1844 the trustees conveyed the estates to William Batty of St James Square Mx gent in trust for Charles Gilbert Eversfield (who had achieved his majority 6 Oct 1843) free of the entail. The deed recites the conveyance to the trustees of land at Spittleman Down, Hastings, 11 & 12 Nov 1838 & the death of J G Thomas on 19 May 1841

4 Gensing Station Road (later Kings Road), St Mary Magdalen  AMS5828/30  1864

Lease of house & building ground (plan), C G Eversfield to John Wood of St Leonards builder, for 99 years from 25 Mar; 26 Sept 1864 (see also AMS5828/39)

Adjoining properties at Carisbrooke & Stockleigh Roads (HT 3299)  AMS5828/31  [n.d.]

On 21 Nov 1873 C G Eversfield leased 126 building plots in Gensing, Silchester, Carisbrooke, Rothsay & Kenilworth Roads to William Henry Goodwin gent for 99 years from 25 Mar 1874 (AMS5828/31/1, 2)
On 11 May 1877 the house in Carisbrooke Road was assigned to Ellen Seaborne of St Johns Wood Mx spinster; the consideration of £750 was paid to Charles Henry Philpot shoe manufacturer for money expended by him in the construction of the property (AMS5828/31/3, 4)
On 24 June 1877 Miss Seaborne purchased the lease of the vacant plot in Stockleigh Road from Goodwin (AMS5828/31/5, 6)

3, 12 & 13 Kenilworth Road (HT 21564)  AMS5828/32  [n.d.]

The properties were leased by W H Goodwin to Frederick Woodall, Jabez Ford & Frederick Cruttenden, all builders, on 13 July 1875, 24 June 1876 & 1 Jan 1878 respectively for 99 years from 25 Mar 1874. All the documents carry plans of the whole building scheme referred to in AMS5828/31 above. Mortgages by Woodall & Ford only, dated 14 July 1875 & 24 June 1876 respectively, also survive (AMS5828/31/1 - 8)

13 Carisbrooke Road (HT 2825)  AMS5828/33  [n.d.]

Lease by Goodwin to James Jones builder as AMS5828/32 above, 25 Mar 1878 with mortgage of 1 Apr 1878 (AMS5828/33/1 - 3)

4 Pindars Road, Clive Vale (HT 3860)  AMS5828/34  [n.d.]

On 30 July 1880 George Francis Griffin esq conveyed plots 54 & 55 on the Clive Vale estate (plan) to James Hoell bricklayer for £44 2s who the following day mortgaged them & the two houses in the course of erection to James George Langham of Uckfield & Frederick Augustus Langham gent for £400 (AMS5828/34/1, 2). On 13 Dec 1881 a similar conveyance & mortgage of plots 58 & 59 was made & on 7 Nov 1885 the mortgagees in possession conveyed to Benjamin Shoesmith broker's assistant for £400 who on 18 Nov mortgaged to the Rape of Hastings MPBBS (AMS5828/34/3, 4)
On 26 July 1889 Benjamin Shoesmith conveyed to Ann wife of John Shoesmith retired furniture dealer who on 21 Feb 1891 conveyed to Frank Shoesmith, furniture dealer who mortgaged the following month to the Rape of Hastings MPBBS (AMS5828/34/5 - 7)
The next document is a mortgage of number 4 only to the Hastings PBS by Ernest Janes of the police station Clive Vale, retired police inspector, 16 Apr 1921. On 15 Dec 1931 Arthur John Cooper the occupier conveyed the property to George Summerfield, commercial clerk (AMS5828/34/8, 9)

Roseneath House, Sedlescombe Road  AMS5828/35  1880-1904

On 2 Apr 1880 C G Eversfield leased the property to Henry Spray builder for 99 years from 25 Mar; on 27 Oct Spray mortgaged the lease to Ann Maria Upjohn of Guestling Hill widow for £450
On 15 Dec 1904 the mortgagee's will of 14 June was proved by her son William Rouse Whittinghame Upjohn & Francis Stephen Clayton, the executors (AMS5828/35)

Kites Nest Estate, St Mary Castle & Ore  [no ref. or date]

Brook House, 63 St Helens Park Road (HT 16339)  AMS5828/36  [n.d.]

On 19 & 20 May 1835 the Kites Nest Estate in St Mary Castle and Ore was sold by Thomas James Breeds to William John Denne whose personal representatives sold to Charles Hay Frewen on 25 Sept 1860. Part of the estate consisted of a copyhold messuage held of Ore manor called Respithoath, which was enfranchised to Frewen on 23 Dec 1862. Frewen's will of 15 May 1871 appointed his newphews Robert Frewen Martin esq & John Martin clerk, both of Leicestershire, his executors
On 13 July 1881 the executors sold a piece of land with a house in the course of erection (plan) to John Phillips Reeve builder for £140 (AMS5828/36/1)
On 10 Sept 1881 John Reeves gent made a statutory declaration concerning the extent of the copyhold tenement; a copy of the plan of the estate on the 1860 conveyance is included & the copyhold, together with the newly-built St Helens Road, is plotted (AMS5828/36/2)
On 8 Aug 1883 mortgagees in possession sold to Alfred Vidler builder whose mortgagees in possession sold the property, then known as Pericles Villa, to Justus Finger gent for £750 (AMS5828/36/3 - 6)
Additional land at the rear of the house, now 'Brook House' (plan), was conveyed by Edwin Plummer gent on 24 Jan 1891 (AMS5828/36/7)
On 13 Dec 1920 the trustees of Finger's estate (d 14 Dec 1912) sold to William Henry Tapner occupier, a furniture dealer, for £1350 who sold on 12 Jan 1926 to Frances Maria Cowen widow for £1600 (AMS5828/36/8 - 11)
Mrs. Cowen sold to Annie Elizabeth Crew of Burwash widow for the same sum on 25 Nov 1927; she died 22 Dec 1947 & the house was sold 28 Sept 1957 by Francis Leslie Crew the surviving beneficiary to Ernest Walter Thame of London, British Railways district auditor, for £1600 (AMS5828/36/12, 13)

1 St James Villas, St Mary Castle  AMS5828/37  [n.d.]

Covenanting to produce settlements & wills of the Sayer family from 1784, on 19 Apr 1872 Charles Hay Frewen sold part of Blacklands on the Kites Nest Estate, to Edward Saul Bright gent for £396. Phoebe Bourne & John Weston Bourne of Woodchurch Kent builder, widow & brother respectively of Frederick Wallis Bourne builder to whom Frewen had contracted to sell the land before his death, joined the conveyance
Bright died 20 May 1886 & on 29 June his will was proved

ST LEONARDS  [no ref. or date]

All parties of St Leonards unless otherwise stated

The Green Garage  AMS5828/38  [n.d.]

On 24 Mar 1834 Jesse Marchant blacksmith mortgaged his house & blacksmith's shop at Gingerbread Green (plan) to James Martin of Battle gent for £100. The premises lay S of the newly-built Baldslow - St Leonards highway & was otherwise surrounded by the Eversfield estate (AMS5828/38/1)
An additional charge of £50 was added 22 Aug 1854; the plan shows additional buildings. The mortgages were paid 24 Sept 1859 & on the same day another £100 was raised on the property, which was repaid 15 June 1865. On 22 Apr 1871 the property (together with plots 22 & 23 of Hannington or Washbrooks Farm in Hollington with a house occupied by JM's son Jeremiah & a shop, sold by George Jonathan Mills & conveyed to JM 13 Oct 1866 by William Lutener Langridge) was mortgaged for £200. On 12 Feb 1878 the property was reconveyed to James Marchant son of Jesse (d 14 Nov 1876) (AMS5828/38/2 - 5)
After several mortgages, Harriet Elizabeth & Esther Ann Eldridge of Hollington spinsters, went into possession of the rents & profits in 1900 and on 10 Sept 1923 Esther Ann and the personal representative of Harriet Elizabeth Eldridge (as mortgagees in possession) sold to Charles Ernest Freeland & Charles Maynard Fuller, motor engineers (the occupiers) for £1100 (AMS5828/38/6 - 8). On 1 Jan 1959 Freeland & Fuller Ltd sold the goodwill of the business to Claude Graham Wakeford & Brian Anthony Wakeford of Newbury Berks for £500 (AMS5828/38/9)

53 Kings Road  AMS5828/39  1864-1888

On 26 Sept 1864 Charles Gilbert Eversfield leased the premises to John Wood builder for 98 years (see AMS5828/30). On 12 Nov 1887 William Phillips upholsterer mortgaged the term to George Farley of the 'Jenny Lind' inn, Hastings licenced victualler for £500; a further charge of £100 was made 4 Sept 1888

Ordnance Survey  AMS5828/40  [n.d.]

First edition, 1": 500, 66.10.21  AMS5828/40/1  (1873)

First edition, 1": 500, 58.14.16  AMS5828/40/2  1875

First edition, 1": 500, 58.14.21  AMS5828/40/3  1875

First edition, 1": 500, 71.2.15  AMS5828/40/4  1875

First edition, 1": 500, 71.2.17  AMS5828/40/5  1875

First edition, 1": 500, 71.3.6  AMS5828/40/6  1875

First edition, 1": 500, 71.3.7  AMS5828/40/7  1875

Second edition, 25", 58.15  AMS5828/40/8  (1897)

Built-up area edged in yellow

Third edition, 25", 42.7  AMS5828/40/9  1908

Third edition, 25", 42.12  AMS5828/40/10  1908

Third edition, 25", 55.6  AMS5828/40/11  1908

Third edition, 25", 58.15  AMS5828/40/12  1908

Annotated with additional houses and numbered zones

Third edition, 25", 71.2.5  AMS5828/40/13  (1927)

Annotated with numbered zones & details of compulsory purchase orders

Third edition, 25", 30.11  AMS5828/40/14  (1929)

HASTINGS  [no ref. or date]

Conveyance for £155  AMS5828/41  25 Jan 1877

Elias Coussens and Thomas Sansum Hide of Hastings gents (executors of EC's father and TSH's uncle John Coussens) to Edmund Raymond of Hastings police constable (married 1875)
Two houses 5 and 6 Wellington cottages with drying ground (plan in margin), all behind 21 All Saints Street
Recites sale of 21 All Saints Street by William Scrivens and William Thorpe and Mary Ann Thatcher to John Coussens junior and William Gill his trustee, 19 and 20 Jul 1819; erection by JC of 7 cottages in garden; JC's will, 22 Jul 1863 creating executors trustees for sale subject to life estate of JC's son John Coussens; death of JC, 17 Apr 1866 and probate 14 May 1866; death of John Coussens, 26 Oct 1876

Ashby family of Friston and East Dean, Millers  AMS5829  1816-1902

Papers including deeds, valuations, partnership agreements, wills and lists of deeds of property, in Lewes and Cliffe from 1632, 2 Terminus Road Eastbourne, Friston Mill

Brighton Book Society  AMS5830  [n.d.]

Source of acquisition: Donated by Goldsmith's Library, University of London Library, Senate House, Malet Street, London, on 20 January 1983. (A4013)

Administrative history:
The Brighton Book Society was founded in 1827. Membership was limited to 25, elected by ballot. A member paid one guinea on admission and one guinea annually and was entitled to recommend titles for purchase and circulation

Photocopy of the rules and circulation list of the Brighton Book Society  AMS5830/1  1836

Notarial instrument, stewards' papers, map  AMS5831  [n.d.]

Source of acquisition: Documents deposited with the Sussex Archaeological Society 29 June 1970 (SAS A 1252, 1253) and 31 July 1972 (SAS A 1333), and transferred by the Society, 21 June 1982 (A 3452, A 3485)

Lewes Priory  AMS5831/1  1513

Administrative history:
[A John Coplond was principal of White Hall, Oxford, from 1511 to his death in 1514; Staley was rector of Ripe and Southover; see A B Emden, A Biographical Register of the University of Oxford to AD 1500 (Oxford, 1959)]

Notarial instrument of John Coplond otherwise Johnson Exorcista, clerk of Lincoln diocese, and one of the procurators general of the court of causes of the archbishop of Canterbury, embodying a declaration by John [Ashdown], prior of the Priory of St Pancras, Lewes, 17 May 1513
Ashdown, with the assent of the monks and of the priory's dependent cells of Castle Acre and 'Horton' [recte Hitcham] in the diocese of Norwich, Farley in the diocese of Salisbury and Prittlewell and Stainsgate in the diocese of London, read an appeal to the apostolic see to prevent claims by ordinaries for the payment of procurations at their visitations of the churches belonging to Lewes, which are exempt from such payments
Given at the Chapter House of Lewes, in the presence of John Batemanson of the diocese of Durham, LLD, Gregory Staley of the diocese of Norwich, MA and John Stemp of the diocese of Chichester, literatus
The document was subsequently used to bind a quarto volume; it is endorsed: Armes of Noblemen of Fraunce. No 69

Manor of Horsted Keynes Broadhurst, stewards' papers, 1618-1653, 1674  AMS5831/2  1618-1674

This document consists of a group of papers which was gathered, bound and originally foliated 1-52. In the nineteenth century, several other documents were added, and the volume re-foliated; by that time, the original folios 19-24, 29, 32-36, 40 and 42-46 were no longer present
The papers consist of original admissions and surrenders, rough and fair draft court-book entries and copies of court roll. Also included are a 1674 copy of a decree of the hundred of Danehill Horsted allowing distraint against those refusing to perform road and bridge repairs, 30 Sep 1553, (f1), and several letters from lords of the manor to the steward, notifying him of business transacted out of court (ff.10, 17, 19, 23, 34 and 36)
No contemporary court roll or book exists for this period; the first surviving court book, which begins in 1623, is a transcript of much later date (GLY 1080). The steward from at least that date was Henry Faulconer, lord of the manor of Gravetye in West Hoathly (see VCH 7.168), who was addressed there as 'dear cousin' by the Lord, William Michelbourne, in 1653 (f34)
Several of the folios are endorsed entered in the book or entered in the roll, W Hix; no steward of that name has been traced

MAYFIELD  AMS5831/3  c1665

Related information: For other maps, both of Mayfield, by William Benge of Wadhurst, see GLY 3116 (nd) and A4656 (1681)]

Administrative history:
[John Baker of Mayfield Place married Elizabeth, daughter of Sir John Rivers of Chafford in Kent in about 1640, and died in 1668

Untitled map of the Mayfield Place estate [? by William Benge]
Shows Mayfield Church, Mayfield Palace with gatehouse and farm buildings, houses in the High Street, Mayfield Vicarage (added), iron forge, sluices and ponds, and (in the margin) Trodgers Farm
Ink and colour on parchment, 24" x 31 1/2"; compass rose; scale of 1" = 12 perches surmounted by dividers; floral border; field names and acreages; achievement of arms of Baker impaling Rivers
In about 1730 the fields were numbered and the acreages transferred to a table of contents; in 1743 or shortly after, four fields near the house were marked 'excepted in the jointure' [on the marriage of Michael Baker and Martha Roberts in 1743, for which see A4919 and AMS5713/5], six fields on the western boundary of the estate marked as belonging to Wallis Farm, and a further total of 253a 1r 18p added to the total of the schedule of contents. [For a contemporary sketch from the map of the excepted land, see KIR 8/7]
In 1832 the course of a new road between Mayfield and Stile House Farm, [for plans and elevations of which see KIR 28/39-42], was plotted on the map in pencil

Deeds  AMS5832  [n.d.]

Source of acquisition: Documents deposited with the Sussex Archaeological Society in 1939 and transferred to ESRO, 21 June 1982 (Acc 3078)

This artificial collection of documents (see AMS5832/1 for a probable source) was listed by the SAS as HA1-34A. Most of the documents relate to West Sussex and have been transferred to WSRO. Among the transferred documents is a mortgage of the tolls of Pyecombe to Staplefield Common turnpike to Richard Lashmar of Brighton merchant, 1809 and a customs appraisement of silk, satin, handkerchieves, gloves and hats seised in the house of John Allen of Brighton, 1823
The superseded reference appears at the foot of each description

Conveyance (lease [and release]  AMS5832/1  22 July 1741

Henry Beach of Bishopsgate Street London mariner to Thomas Lempriere of St John Southwark gent
The freehold part of a barn close and croft (1a) with common rights, occupied by Benjamin Scutt on the N part of North Street, Brighton
W: Sarah Beach, Ann Burrage, Robert Gill, Clement Lane
Endorsed: [James Coleman's catalogue] 144/37

Manor of Brighton  AMS5832/2  31 May 1786

Death of Robert Philcox (who survived his wife), admission of his youngest brother George Philcox and GP surrender to use of will
Customary cottage, gardens and draw well on the East Cliff, late Gilhams, rend 2d

Bond in £100  AMS5832/3  24 June 1731

Edward Coleman of Hooe blacksmith to Thomas Collins of Hooe farmer
Pay £50 at 5% and keep covenants in mortgage of even date
W: George Worge, John Weston junior
Endorsed: receipts for interest, 1732 - 35

SHELLEY ESTATE  [no ref. or date]

Final concord  AMS5832/4  Trinity 1695

Richard Shelley Esq to John Cheveley gent
Property in Cuckfield, Chailey, Hamsey and St John [Without] with a portion of the tithes of Cuckfield
Endorsed: number 3

Reconveyance for £500  AMS5832/5  3 Apr 1721

Cordelia Shelley of Lewes singlewoman to Henry Shelley junior of Lewes Esq (son and heir of Richard Shelley of Lewes Esq deceased, brother of CS)
Middle Farm with barns, stables, stalls, dovehouses and buildings
Arable (80a) in common laines of Tarring [Neville]
Brook and marsh (40a)
Sheep down and pasture belonging to the farm all occupied by Judith Wymark, in Tarring Neville and Beddingham
Recites: mortgage by RS to CS, 10 Apr 1695
W: Joseph Acton, Charity Shelley

Contemporary transcripts census enumerators' books, Eastbourne sub-district of the Eastbourne registration district  AMS5833  1841 and 1851

Source of acquisition: Documents deposited by the Sussex Archaeological Society, 21 June 1982, Acc 3642 (2 - 4 below) and 3687 (1 below)

The documents, the provenance of which is unknown, were found (1 below) in the Society's library and (2 - 4 below) with the other muniments. Although neither is accessioned, they may derive from the collections of the reverend Walter Budgen, the historian of Eastbourne and the Society's honorary curator of deeds. The original source was presumably an official one; the volumes have printed columns to take the census information and AMS5833/2 contains details of emunerators and their fees

Parishes of Eastbourne, Seaford, Alfriston, East Dean, Lullington, Litlington and Westdean  AMS5833/1  1841

A very small number of pencil emendations have not been incorporated in the originals, now at the Public Record Office

As AMS5833/1  AMS5833/2  1851

Also contains population abstracts including the names of enumerators and a list of the enumerators' fees

Population abstracts only for 1861 and 1871 censuses, the latter signed by Henry M Emary, registrar  AMS5833/3,4  1861,1871

DEEDS OF IDEN STORES  AMS5834  1725 - 1824

Source of acquisition: Documents deposited with the Sussex Archaeological Society, date unknown, transferred by the Society, 21 June 1982 (Acc 3079)

Related information: For a map of land in Iden purchased by Edward Wilson from [Nathaniel] Pigram, 1708, See AMS4866

These deeds were listed by SAS as HA 35 - 58

Conveyance (feoffment) for £7  AMS5834/1  16 Mar 1725

Edward Willson of Rye clerk and his daughter Ann Willson of Rye spinster to James West of Iden bricklayer
Land (¼a) lately taken from a piece of freehold land (1½a late Pigrams before Daniells before Lunsfords) occupied by Abraham Kennett senior, held of Ralph Norton gent's manor of Iden, rent 8d
N: Crossways - Iden Church highway; E: Abraham Carter's orchard; S: the rest of EW's field; W: Richard George's orchard
J W to pay entire quitrent
W: John Thurston, Humphrey Butler

Conveyance (feoffment) for £50  AMS5834/2  9 Dec 1725

James West of Ident bricklayer to John Thurston of Rye carpenter house lately erected by JW on land in AMS5834/1 with little piece of land
Bounds as AMS5834/1 except S: land occupied by JW; warranty against dower of Mary wife of JW
W: William Easton, Michael Hozier

Conveyance (lease and release) for £50  AMS5834/3, 4  27 and 28 Oct 1727

John Thurston of Rye carpenter to John Hunt of Iden carpenter as AMS5834/2
Bounds as AMS5834/2 except W: orchard belonging to Iden parish; warranty against dower of Sarah wife of JT
W: Richard Butler, Humphrey Butler

Notice by Richard Butler, steward of Iden manor to John Hunt of a court baron to be held 15 June 1731  AMS5834/5  8 June 1731

Receipts by R[alph] Norton for 6 years' quitrent and 3 reliefs and by Richard Butler for a summons, 2 entries and an oath  AMS5834/6,7  15 June 1731

Mortgage for £50  AMS5834/8  18 Mar 1742

John Hunt of Iden carpenter to Joseph Baker of Rye wheelwright as AMS5834/4 including an orchard, all occupied by Thomas Godfrey
Warranty agains dower of Mary wife of J H; bounds as AMS5834/4 except E: Mr Daniel Davis's orchard
W: Edwin Wardroper, Jane Wardroper

Abstract of title of JH consisting of list of AMS5834/1-4  AMS5834/9  nd, [1746]

Conveyance (lease and release and assignment) for £55  AMS5834/10-12  17-19 July 1746

John Hunt of Iden carpenter and Joseph Baker of Rye wheelwright to Thomas Sharpe of Iden gent and James Smith of Rye grocer his trustee
As AMS5834/8
JH conveys to TS for £50 paid to JB and £5 to JH; JB assigns term created by AMS5834/8 to JS in trust for TS
W: Nathaniel Dawes, Edward Odiarne

Conveyance (lease and release) for £100  AMS5834/13,14  10 and 11 Mar 1775

Richard Sharpe of Stone in Oxney Kent yeoman (only son of TS in AMS5834/10-12) to William Dean of Appledore Kent victualler as AMS5834/8 now in 2 dwellings, late occupied by William Noakes, now William Collins and John Kesford Bounds as AMS5834/8 except E: John Smith; S: James Lamb; dower of Ann Richard Dean widow of TS, now wife of WD excepted
W: H Waterman, John Woollett

Copy conveyance to trustee for sale (lease and release)  AMS5834/15,16  19 and 20 July 1784

Ann Richard Dean of Appledore (widow and devisee of WD in AMS5834/13 and 14), their children William Dean of All Saints Canterbury butcher, James Dean of Appledore, grazier, Thomas and John Dean of Appledore yeomen, Ann wife of Thomas Chittenden of Eythorne Kent saddler; Richard Sharpe of High Halden Kent husbandman; John Munk of Appledore carpenter (mortgagee of 2-4 below) to Jeremiah Curteis junior of the Inner Temple London esq and Thomas Ades of Brede gent
1 as AMS5834/13 and 14 occupied by Crisford and John
2 house and land (3a) in Appledore occupied by WD and TC
3 'the White Swan' in Appledore late WD deceased, now William Woollett
4 dwellinghouse convered from stable by WD
TA has paid £250 (£150 to JM to satisfy mortgage, £100 to Deans as a further charge); Deans now convey to JC as trustee for sale to satisfy TA, any residue to be held in trust for the Deans
W: H Waterman, Richard Clarke, John Woollett, William Durrant
Copy certified by James Wallis and William Vidler, 3 Oct 1808

Conveyance (lease and release) for £80  AMS5834/17,18  15 and 16 Mar 1787

Jeremiah Curteis junior of the Inner Temple esq and Thomas Ades of Brede gent, Ann Richard wife of Samuel Stevens of High Halden yeoman, William Dean of All Saints Canterbury butcher, James Dean of Appledore grazier, Thomas Dean of Woodchurch yeoman, John Dean of Biddenden yeoman, Ann wife of Thomas Chittenden of Eythorne saddler and Richard Sharpe of High Halden husbandman to Jeremiah Curteis senior of Rye gent
As 1 in AMS5834/15, occupied by John Crisford and Richard Walker; bounds as AMS5834/14 except S, E: James Lamb
TA has been paid from sale of 3 in AMS5834/15
W: James Smyth, H Waterman, John Avann, J Woollett, Thomas Hall, John Samson, James Shepherd

Conveyance (lease and release) for £160  AMS5834/19,20  26 and 27 Nov 1798

Jeremiah Curteis of Rye gent, Ann Richard wife of Samuel Stevens of High Halden yeoman, William Dean of All Saints Canterbury butcher, James Dean of Appledore grazier, Thomas Dean of Baston Lincolnshire yeoman and John Dean of St Alphege Canterbury grocer to Richard Walker of Iden grocer and William Durrant of Rye gent his trustee
As AMS5834/17, occupied by RW
W: John Woollett, William Waterman, Thomas Clutterbuck, John Avann

Copy mortgage for £900  AMS5834/21  11 Oct 1806

Richard Walker of Iden grocer and William Durrant of Rye gent his trustee to James Megaw of Rye surgeon (for 1 below) and William Watson of Rye gent (for 2 below)
1 as AMS5834/19
2 Flatfield (2a 3r) and another piece of land (2a 2r 34p) both bought from James Matthews Lamb, in Iden
Recites: bond in £1800 for repayment of £900, RW to JM, 3 Oct 1806; JM's wish for greater security
W: John Woollett, Oliver Huggins. Copy certified as AMS5834/15 and 16

Conveyance, (lease and release) for £800  AMS5834/22,23  7 and 8 Oct 1808

Richard Walker of Iden grocer and William Durrant of Rye gent his trustee, Sarah, widow and executrix of James Megaw of Rye surgeon to William Manger late of Dover now of Iden mercer draper and tailor and John Mugridge of Rye gent and Daniel Gill of Rye banker his trustees
As AMS5834/19 occupied by WM; recites addition by RW of several rooms and other alterations and improvements. AMS5834/21 assigned to DG to attend WM's inheritance; SM content that mortgage be charged on 2 in AMS5834/21
W: Weeden Dawes, J Fisher junior

Mortgage for £300  AMS5834/24  6 Jan 1824

William Manger of Iden and John Mugridge of Brighton gent his trustee to William Twopenny of Woodstock Kent esq, Deane John Parker of Holy Cross Westgate Kent esq, Richard Smith of Greenwich esq, Bidingfield Wise of Thurnham Kent esq and Samuel Baker of Gillingham Kent esq
As AMS5834/22 above
DG in AMS5834/23 above assigns AMS5834/21 above to William Scudamore of Maidstone gent
W: J Morley, E G Budds, clerks to WS, solicitor, Maidstone; Thomas Crossweller attorney Brighton and T A Swaysland his clerk; Thomas Pix banker Rye and Charles Taylor, clerk at Rye bank

Agreement  AMS5835  [n.d.]

Source of acquisition: Deposited on 22 February 1983 (A4030)

Agreement by John Roberts of Hartfield to hire land called Pucksties from Thomas Harris of Cowden, Kent, for £31 pa rent  AMS5835/1  1859

Archive of Parsons, stonemasons of Eastgate Street, Lewes  AMS5836  [n.d.]

Source of acquisition: Photocopied 22 Feb 1983 (ACC 4031) and subsequently deposited, 5 Jan 2001 (ACC 8262)

Related information: For other records of the firm, most of which date from the time that it was run by Bridgman, see BRN

Administrative history:
The firm in Eastgate Street was run originally by John Morris, who was joined in the business by his nephew, also called John Morris, by at least the 1780s. After his uncle's retirement. John Morris the younger (1745-1822) went into partnership with Edward May (c1750-1803). In 1794 May formed a partnership with Latter Parsons (1773-1848), assuming that the purchase of the cash book and ledger recorded in AMS5836/1/1 signalled the establishment of the business
The ledger listed below (AMS5836/2/2) refers to work undertaken for a number of important local families including Shiffner, Pelham, Campion, Gage and Sackville. After May's death in 1803, Latter Parsons went into partnership with his brother Charles (1776-1828), and they built the front of the Shire Hall, Lewes, between 1808 and 1812
The firm was called L Parsons & Son by the 1830s, after the death of Charles Parsons. Latter died in 1848, and the firm was then known as John L & C Parsons. John Latter Parsons and Charles Parsons, statuaries, stonemasons and slate merchants are listed at Eastgate Wharf, Eastgate Street, Lewes, and also at Terminus Road, Eastbourne, in the 1862 Kelly's Directory. The firm also later had premises at Newhaven
The 1878 directory lists the businesses of Parsons Brothers, timber and slate merchants, as well as Charles Parsons, cement merchant, statuary and stone and marble mason, at the Eastgate Wharf. There seems to have been a split between the timber business, which continued to be run by Parsons Brothers, and the stone masons, which was run by Charles F Bridgman from the 1880s

AMS5836/1 Cash books; 1794-1796
AMS5836/2 Ledgers; 1799-1803
AMS5836/3 Invoices, bills of lading and related papers; 1833-1862
AMS5836/4 Other business papers; 1806-1872
AMS5836/5 Pharmaceutical notes of Ena Muriel Allen (née Bridgman); 1930-1932
Some items were held as photocopies before their replacement by originals. New reference numbers were then allocated; the former references of the photocopies are given below

Cash books  AMS5836/1  [n.d.]

Cash book  AMS5836/1/1  Feb 1794 - Jan 1796

At front: inscription The Trade of [Edward] May & Latter Parsons
Includes information concerning wages paid and receipts for work undertaken. Photocopy formerly AMS5836/1

Ledgers  AMS5836/2  [n.d.]

Related information: For Ledgers 1834-1940, see BRN 1-12

Ledger  AMS5836/2/1  1794-1798

Conditions of access: missing on transfer

Ledger  AMS5836/2/2  Jan 1799 - Apr 1803

Labelled: May and Parsons
Indexed; references to an earlier ledger; photocopy formerly AMS5836/2

Invoices, bills of lading, and related correspondence  AMS5836/3  [n.d.]

Scrapbook containing invoices, bills of lading, and related correspondence, for goods supplied to Messrs L Parsons & Son, Lewes; includes slates and stone shipped to Newhaven  AMS5836/3/1  Jan 1833-Oct 1861

Bills of lading, invoices, memoranda of charter, and related correspondence, as in AMS5836/3/1  AMS5836/3/2  May 1835 - Aug 1862

Loose items found inside AMS5836/3/1

Other business papers  AMS5836/4  [n.d.]

Memorandum signed by R Holman asserting that [Edward] May deceased had promised to build up the head of a house that [John Baker Holroyd] Lord Sheffield had purchased from him  AMS5836/4/1  5 Mar 1806

Photocopy formerly AMS5836/3

Account of L & C Parsons to J Luxford for a monument erected at Hailsham in memory of Mrs Hooper  AMS5836/4/2  Nov 1820

Endorsed: With Mr Preston Pearce's Compliments
Photocopy formerly AMS5836/4

Three pages of notes giving details of wages and the prices of building materials; 1827, 1831-1833  AMS5836/4/3  1827-1833

Photocopies formerly AMS5836/5-8

The firm's account to [George John Sackville-West] Earl De La Warr for demolishing and rebuilding Ringmer Cottages  AMS5836/4/4  [Jun] - Nov 1842

Photocopy formerly AMS5836/9

Two pages of draft calculations, one endorsed on a printed letter from the Lewes Gas Light Company enclosing a dividend  AMS5836/4/5  nd and Jan 1840

List of long-serving employees of the firm, with dates that they were first employed, and totals for service in 1848 and 1852  AMS5836/4/6  nd, c1852

Annotated: Names of Men who carried my father [? Latter Parsons] to his grave
Photocopy formerly AMS5836/10

Draft plan of church archway showing a drainage channel  AMS5836/4/7  nd, mid-19th century

Notice of first Income Tax assessment to H[enry] E[benezer] Berry, Ringmer  AMS5836/4/8  Oct 1856

Letter to Latter Parsons from Lewes Savings' Bank, requesting his attendance as manager in rotation  AMS5836/4/9  Jan 1867

Printed letter requesting contributions to the Lewes School of Science and Art, Fitzroy Library, made by P[eter] de Putron and Charles Parsons, honorary secretaries  AMS5836/4/10  30 Sep 1872

On reverse: design for a tombstone with a cross, nd, c1872

Pharmaceutical notes of Ena Muriel Allen (née Bridgman)  AMS5836/5  [n.d.]

Ena Bridgman qualified as a pharmacist at Brighton Technical College. AMS5836/4/2-4 are notebooks of prescriptions that have been certified by Department of Pharmacy staff; they give her address as The Cottage, Eastgate, Lewes

Notes  AMS5836/5/1  nd, c1930

Indexed notes

Notes  AMS5836/5/2  1930-1931

Certified 3 Jul 1932

Notes  AMS5836/5/3  1931-1932

Certified 3 Feb 1932 and 21 Dec 1932

Notes  AMS5836/5/4  nd, c1932

Certified 21 Dec 1932


Source of acquisition: Documents given by Clifford-Turner, solicitors, 19 New Bridge Street London EC4, 18 February 1983 (Acc 4032)

Related information: For the history of Clifford-Turner, including its Evacuation to Heathfield Park during its second world war, with photographs, see John W Scott Legibus (Hove, 1980)

Particulars of sale of the Heathfield Park Estate, 14 Oct 1935, purchased by Harry Clifford-Turner

Heathfield Park mansion and grounds, home farm and cottages (366a)  AMS5837/1  1935

Particulars  AMS5837/2  1935

Keeper's Cottage and kennels, Home Cottage, Jasmine Cottage, Tower Nursery, The Old Halfmoon, Satinstown Farm and Cottage, Bullseye Cottages, Little Tottingworth, Laurel Cottage, Fir Tree Cottage, Cade Street Cottage, Jack Cade monument, Gate Cottage, Corner Cottage, a wheelwright's, shop, 1-4 Portland Square, Museum Cottage, 3-6 Roundhouse Cottages, 1-6 Alley Cottages, all in Cade Street and Heathfield
The particulars, which are both illustrated with photographs, give details of outstanding tenancies and of the acquisition of each property by the estate


Source of acquisition: Deposited 2 March 1983 (A4037), 6 June 1988 (A5063), 5 Jul 1990 (A5534), 20 Nov 1990 (A5601)

Administrative history:
The Association was formed in 1914 to bring organists together socially and to promote the development and improvement of church music

Minutes  AMS5838/1  [n.d.]

These cover council, quarterly and annual general meetings. Those for 1930-40 were destroyed some time before deposit

Minutes  AMS5838/1/1  Jun 1914 - Mar 1930

Minutes  AMS5838/1/2  Jan 1940 - Mar 1957

Minutes  AMS5838/1/3  1957-1962

Conditions of access: missing on transfer

Minutes  AMS5838/1/4  Feb 1962 - Feb 1970

Minutes  AMS5838/1/5  Mar 1969 - Sep 1975

File of press cuttings (annotated), annual dinner programmes, syllabuses, membership lists, festival and memorial service programmes  AMS5838/2  1924-83

Notes on the history of the Brighton and District Organists' Association compiled by J E Hilder  AMS5838/3  nd

Photographs, press cuttings etc. concerning the Incorporated Association of Organists' Congress held at Brighton  AMS5838/4  1960

Miscellaneous press cuttings  AMS5838/5  nd

List of members and bye-laws  AMS5838/6  1950

Programme of events for the year 1971, 1983-1986  AMS5838/7  1971-1986

Obituary of Doris Frank (President of the Brighton Organists' Association 1960)  AMS5838/8  1986

Programme for funeral of Dr Andrew Worton-Steward, with newspaper cutting  AMS5838/9  Apr 1990

Press notice announcing the death of Mrs Jean Payne  AMS5838/10  Mar 1990

Programme for the requiem of Andrew Worton-Steward  AMS5838/11  1990

Court book  AMS5839  [n.d.]

Source of acquisition: Deposited on 16 March 1983. (A4038)

Court book for the manors of Houndeane, Lullington, Michelham Parkgate, Milton and Swanborough, 1645-49 and 1653-56  AMS5839/1  1645-1656

The book is paginated; pages 21-52, covering the period 1649-53, are missing. Entries for 1653 and later are in English
Houndeane July 1645
(Pages 4-6)
Lullington Oct-Dec 1648, Oct 1653-Apr 1656
(Pages 15-19, 54, 60-63, 67-71)
Michelham Parkgate (includes view of frankpledge/court leet) Jul 1645-Jan 1649, Sept 1654-Sept 1655
(Pages 1-4, 7-12, 20, 56-58, 63-65)
Milton (includes court leet) Oct 1648, Oct 1653-Apr 1656
(Pages 13-14, 53-54, 59-60, 65-67, 72)
Swanborough Jul 1645-Jul 1646, Mar 1654
(Pages 1, 6, 67)

Coghurst manor: map  AMS5840  [n.d.]

Archival history:
[When displayed in Hastings Museum's exhibition of local maps and map making in 1936, the map was owned by John E Ray]

Source of acquisition: Deposited on 23 March 1983. (A4040)

"This Is the Manor of Coghurst and Lieth In the Parish of Gesling in Sussex and is Part of the Posestions of Nicholas Delves Esquire... Anno Domini 1668"  AMS5840/1  1668

Related information: [For the identification of John Martin see AMS5571, which uses the same compass design and printing blocks]

The estate totalled 356a Or 38p. A later note reads
'The Manor of Coghurst in the Parish of Guestling in the County of Sussex part of the possessions of Wastel Brisco Esq'
Shows field names, acreages (total and within hedges), woodlands, footpaths, gates, buildings; gives names of neighbouring owners. Decorated with figures and animals
Colour on parchment; scale 10 perches: ¾ in (2 cms); compass rose. Size 35 ins x 23 ins (91 cms x 60 cms)
Cartographers: [John] Martin and --- [...] Markwick

East Hoathly parish vouchers and documents associated with Thomas Turner's service as overseer  AMS5841  1763 - 1781

Archival history:
According to an article in Sussex County Magazine 9.546 - 50 (1935) which was based upon them, these documents were discovered in the roof of a building in East Hoathly which had belonged to Thomas Turner the diarist

Source of acquisition: Documents given to the Sussex Archaeological Society c1940 and deposited by the Society, 21 June 1982 (Acc 3631)

The parish deposit contains similar material and a volume of accounts 1761 - 1779 (PAR 378/31/1/1) which lists the payments. Accounts were settled both monthly and annually and the volume also records the payment of churchwardens' accounts, in detail for 1762 - 63 but merely as a total for 1776 - 77; vouchers however exist both for the total and its constituent parts (32 - 38 below). Most vouchers include the names of the pauper recipients of the goods or services
The documents have been arranged by the date of payment recorded in the volume, which in the case of the monthly bills often fails to correspond with the date of receipt annotated by the payee
Information in square brackets is derived from PAR 378/31/1/1; documents other than vouchers have been placed at the end of the accounting year to which they belong

[no title or ref.]  1762 - 63

Monthly accounts  [no ref. or date]

[John Potter] thatching at Sinden's  AMS5841/1  2 Nov 1762

Stephen Fielder, bricks  AMS5841/2  29 Mar 1763

Annual accounts, [all paid 7 Apr 1763]  [no ref. or date]

Thomas Turner, drapery delivered to poor  AMS5841/3  1763

Elizabeth Brown, mending bellframe and making coffins  AMS5841/4  1763

Jeremiah French, faggots  AMS5841/5  1763

Richard Hope, carting  AMS5841/6  1763

Churchwardens' account, [7 Apr 1763]  [no ref. or date]

Thomas Overing, mason  AMS5841/7  1763

William Harmar of Heathfield, writing commandments and sentences  AMS5841/8  1763

Thomas Turner, [pulpit] cloth and fittings  AMS5841/9  1763

Unpaid account  [no ref. or date]

Moses [brother of Thomas] Turner, making clothes  AMS5841/10  Apr 1762 - Feb 1763

Other overseers' papers  [no ref. or date]

Bastardy bond  AMS5841/11  1763

Edward Hope of East Hoathly yeoman to Jeremiah French churchwarden and Thomas Turner overseer of East Hoathly, EH to save parish harmless from expense of male bastard of Catherine Jenner of East Hoathly singlewoman, born 25 [Jan] 1763; W: Robert Hook; 1 Mar 1763

[no title or ref.]  1775 - 76

Annual account  [no ref. or date]

[Mr Edward Smith for wood  AMS5841/12  11 Apr 1776]

Other overseers' papers  [no ref. or date]

Justices' warrant appointing Edward Smith of East Hoathly an overseer  AMS5841/13  1775

[no title or ref.]  1776 - 77

Monthly accounts  [no ref. or date]

Sarah Pratt, looking after Richard Heath  AMS5841/14  20 May 1776

James Hutson for keeping Elizabeth Adams  AMS5841/15  [19 Aug 1776]

James Hutson [junior] for work at Sinden's  AMS5841/16  [19 Aug 1776]

Thomas Sinden, work at William Sinden's at the common  AMS5841/17  19 Aug 1776]

Letter from Robert Woodman to Thomas Turner, East Hoathly, with bill of St Thomas' Hospital for Sarah [? recte Elizabeth] Adams, admitted 21 Aug and died 5 Oct 1776  AMS5841/18  26 Nov 1776

James Fuller, carriage to Sinden's house  AMS5841/19  [17 Mar 1777]

Sarah Prall, looking after Richard Heath  AMS5841/20  29 Mar 1777

Annual account [all paid 3 Apr 1777]  [no ref. or date]

Thomas Davy, shoemaking  AMS5841/21  1777

John Watford, keeping paupers  AMS5841/22  1777

John Tampkin, keeping Elizabeth Overing  AMS5841/23  1777

Thomas Turner, various goods  AMS5841/24  1777

Edward Smith, wood  AMS5841/25  1777

Robert Woods, miller  AMS5841/26 - 28  1777

Nathaniel Paine, surgeon  AMS5841/29  1777

Richard Fuller, butcher  AMS5841/30  1777

Thomas Vine, carpenter  AMS5841/31  1777

Churchwardens' account, [all paid 3 Apr 1777]  [no ref. or date]

Richard Prall, carpenter  AMS5841/32  1777

Edward Smith and James Fuller for lime, sand and carriage  AMS5841/33  1777

Thomas Turner, ironmongery  AMS5841/34  1777

William Thompson, bricklayer  AMS5841/35  1777

Thomas Farley, glazier  AMS5841/36  1777

William Tompson, mason  AMS5841/37  1777

Churchwardens; expenses and summary of AMS5841/32 - 37  AMS5841/38  1777

Other overseers' papers  [no ref. or date]

Justices' warrant appointing Edward Smith and Nathaniel Payne of East Hoathly overseers  AMS5841/39  15 Apr 1776

Justices' order removing William Slarks and wife Ann from East Hoathly to Framfield  AMS5841/40  10 June 1776

Letter from John Simons, Hastings to Mr Edward Smith, East Hoathly, concerning his misfortune, his support by his boy and whether the parish has a security on the houses, as Mr Curtis has stated  AMS5841/41  11 June 1776

Justices' order removing Ann Brook singlewoman from Westham to East Hoathly  AMS5841/42  28 Jan 1777

Justices' warrant to constables to arrest Gideon Collins of Hellingly labourer to indemnify East Hoathly concerning a child to be born to Ann Brook of East Hoathly singlewoman, of which he is the putative father  AMS5841/43  31 Jan 1777

Bonds by Gideon Collins, Henry Barton and Henry Hunnisett of Hellingly that GC will pay 1s 6d a week to maintain Ann Brook's expected child; W: E Rason  AMS5841/44 - 46  15 Mar 1777

Notice by Peter Pelling, Chiddingly, constable of Shiplake hundred to the churchwardens and overseers, for the payment of militia tax  AMS5841/47  17 Feb 1777

[no title or ref.]  1777 - 78

Monthly accounts  [no ref. or date]

George Peckham, fuller and dyer  AMS5841/48  [18 May 1777]

William Brown for keeping his mother-in-law widow Turner  AMS5841/49  31 May 1777

Sarah Prall for looking after Richard Heath  AMS5841/50, 51  2 June 1777, 22 Dec 1777

Richard Prall for setting up the stocks  AMS5841/52  [18 Apr 1778]

[Richard Prall] for a bed steddle  AMS5841/53  [18 Apr 1778]

Edward Martin for sawing for the stocks  AMS5841/54  [18 Apr 1778]

Sarah Prall as AMS5841/50, 51  AMS5841/55  22 Apr 1778

Sarah Prall for keeping widow Turner  AMS5841/56  22 Apr 1778

John Tampkin for keeping Elizabeth Overing  AMS5841/57  [22 Apr 1778]

Joseph Burges for keeping paupers and various vestry bills  AMS5841/58  22 Apr 1778

Wrapper for AMS5841/48 - 58, with calculations  AMS5841/59  1778

Annual account, all paid 23 Apr 1778  [no ref. or date]

Thomas Davy, shoemaker  AMS5841/60  1778

John Watford, keeping paupers  AMS5841/61  1778

Thomas Turner, various goods  AMS5841/62  1778

[Richard Prall], looking after church clock; [? Churchwardens' voucher]  AMS5841/63  1778

Edward Smith for wood and other payments  AMS5841/64  1778

Mr Nathaniel Paine, surgeon  AMS5841/65  1778

Mr Nathaniel Paine for wood  AMS5841/66  1778

Richard Fuller, butcher  AMS5841/67  1778

John Vine [junior], carpenter  AMS5841/68  1778

The reverend Thomas Porter for wood  AMS5841/69  1778

Robert Woods, miller  AMS5841/70  1778

Mr Geoffrey Taylor  AMS5841/71  1778

Wrapper for AMS5841/60 - 71  AMS5841/72  1778

[no title or ref.]  1781 - 82

Annual account  [no ref. or date]

Thomas Turner for clothes and material; sheet 1 only  AMS5841/73  1782

Documents relating to Glyndebourne and the Hay family  AMS5842  1653 - 1762

Source of acquisition: Documents presented to the Sussex Archaeological Society, 25 Nov 1925 and deposited by SAS, 21 June 1982 (Acc 3599)

The donor's letter presenting the documents merely states that they had recently come into his possession. AMS5842/10 and 11 clearly belong with documents among the Glyndebourne estate archive, GBN 23/2, a bundle of Thomas Hay's vouchers relating (inter alia) to accounts paid in Edinburgh on 12 and 13 Apr 1758 and documents relating to the 1762 campaign in Germany (for which see the entry for John Manners, marquis of Granby in DNB). For Thomas Hay, see the entry for his father William

List of linen in the trunk in the little chamber with details of initials with which it was marked  AMS5842/1  1653

Account of John Portman to Mr John Hay for silver, jewelry and engraving  AMS5842/2  1 Nov 1661

Account of John Austen to Mr Haye for jewelry, 5 Dec 1661, paid 1 Jan 1662  AMS5842/3  1661,1662

Account as AMS5842/2  AMS5842/4  19 Nov 1662

List of linen used in the house at Glyndebourne (with details of initials), linen 'belonging to the kitchen in Joan's custody' and linen sent to Lewes for the children's use; probably written by John Hay, who is referred to in the first person  AMS5842/5  6 May 1673

Booklet containing list of pewter, tin, iron and brass and an inventory of the house by rooms, 1672, with a list of linen in store, 26 May 1673; in same hand as AMS5842/5  AMS5842/6  1672,1673

List of linen used in the house and kitchen linen  AMS5842/7  29 Dec 1674

List of plate  AMS5842/8  8 Dec 1681

Wrapper (for AMS5842/1, 5 - 8) entitled 'notes of household stuff'  AMS5842/9  nd

Account of William Ainslie [of Edinburgh] saddler to captain [Thomas] Hay; Oct 1757 - Apr 1758  AMS5842/10  13 Apr 1758

Return of rations and portions required for 3rd brigade of infantry in camp at Gudensberg [in Hesse, West Germany] specifying regiments, signed by W Blakeney, brigade major  AMS5842/11  8 Aug 1762

Loxfield: survey  AMS5843  [n.d.]

Source of acquisition: Document given to the Sussex Archaeological Society by Leman, Chapman and Harrison, solicitors (now Rye and Leman, 11 Golden Square, London W1) per British Records Association (BRA 238) and deposited by SAS, 21 June 1982 (Acc 3624)

Survey of tenements and rents within the queen's part of Loxfield half-hundred  AMS5843/1  c1570

The archiepiscopal manor of South Malling was administered in the beadlewicks of Ringmer, Framfield and Mayfield; as late as 1530 a court sat regularly at Uckfield and heard business for all three (see Acc 1244). This probably explains why most surviving copies of court roll of this and earlier dates are headed 'Uckfield', leading some calendarers to presume a manor of that name. The manor formed a single hundred in 1086, but a hundred of Ringmer had emerged by the end of the fourteenth century and the remainder was known as Loxfield hundred. During the sixteenth century successive archbishops alienated the various components of the manor to the crown; Mayfield beadlewick was surrendered (as 'the manor of Mayfield') in 1545 and regranted the following year. Framfield, apparently already in royal hands, remained with the crown with the result that the hundred of Loxfield, which comprised both beadlewicks, was divided into half-hundreds. By the end of the sixteenth century the three former beadlewicks had become fully-fledged manors in private hands. This document, although entitled 'a view of the lord's rents within the queen's part of the half--hundred of Loxfield', is in effect a rental of Framfield manor; most tenements can be traced in the survey of 1617 (ADA 137)
The date of the survey is difficult to establish. The view is clearly stated to have been written (after a false start four days earlier) on 10 Jan 1576 but there are several reasons for placing its date slightly earlier
John Thetcher, listed as tenant of Arches, died in Feb 1574 and some individuals whose heirs are listed as tenants probably died in the early 1560s (heirs of Richard Winter, heirs of John Russell butcher, f9v, 24v: see W/A 5.160, 5.69). According to ADA 117, the sale of Mellcroft in Uckfield by Robert Wells to Thomas Cottington took place 30 Jun 1564; the land still appears in Wells' hands in this survey. Although the survey lists Lord Buckhurst (not so created until 8 Jun 1567) as tenant of land in Buxted his father Richard Sackville who died in that year appears as a tenant in Withyham
However, the separate survey which lists bondhold tenures only (themselves included in the first part) can be shown to be different in date, although not as late as 1576. For example, the survey proper lists John Delve as tenant of Bentley (f21); the bondhold parts of the same estate appear in the second part with James Gage esq as tenant (f82v). James Gage owned the reversion of Bentley, subject to Delve's life (SAS G 12/6, which lists the tenements) and himself died in January 1573. It is not known whether Delve predeceased him
f1-3 Title and survey of holdings of Thomas Tickeridge, William Tickeridge and William Brabrook only, 6 Jan 1576
4-37 Tenements in Framfield parish, including f1-3 above, 10 Jan 1576
38-59v Tenements in Buxted parish
60-76 Tenements in Uckfield parish
76 Tenements in Lindfield parish
77-78 Tenements in Withyham parish
Bondhold only, arranged by yardland:
79-83v Framfield
83v-89 Uckfield
89-91 Buxted
91v Withyham

Records of Groombridge and District Horticultural Society  AMS5844  [n.d.]

Source of acquisition: Records deposited on 21 Apr 1983 (ACC 4055), 23 Oct 1989 (ACC 5354), 2 Feb 1996 (ACC 6782), 18 Oct 1999 (ACC 7992)

The society was formed in 1930. However the first minute book was missing on transfer and the surviving minutes do not begin until 1936. The first surviving account book also dates from that year

Minutes  AMS5844/1  [n.d.]

Includes committee, monthly and annual general meeting minutes

Minutes  AMS5844/1/1  1930-1936

Conditions of access: missing on transfer

Minutes  AMS5844/1/2  Feb 1936 - Oct 1948

Minutes  AMS5844/1/3  Nov 1948 - Feb 1956

Minutes  AMS5844/1/4  Jan 1956 - Oct 1961

Minutes  AMS5844/1/5  Oct 1961 - May 1968

Minutes  AMS5844/1/6  May 1968 - Oct 1975

Minutes  AMS5844/1/7  Oct 1975 - Nov 1985

Year books and flower show schedules of exhibits  AMS5844/2  [n.d.]

Described as schedules of exhibits up to 1958 and year books from 1959. There were no flower shows and therefore no books between 1940 and 1945

Year book and schedule  AMS5844/2/1  1939

Year book and schedule  AMS5844/2/2  1946

Year book and schedule  AMS5844/2/3  1947

Year book and schedule  AMS5844/2/4  1948

Year book and schedule  AMS5844/2/5  1949

Year book and schedule  AMS5844/2/6  1950

Year book and schedule  AMS5844/2/7  1951

Year book and schedule  AMS5844/2/8  1952

Year book and schedule  AMS5844/2/9  1953

Conditions of access: missing on transfer

Year book and schedule  AMS5844/2/10  1954

Year book and schedule  AMS5844/2/11  1955

Year book and schedule  AMS5844/2/12  1956

Year book and schedule  AMS5844/2/13  1957

Year book and schedule  AMS5844/2/14  1958

Year book and schedule  AMS5844/2/15  1959

Year book and schedule  AMS5844/2/16  1960

Conditions of access: missing on transfer

Year book and schedule  AMS5844/2/17  1961

Year book and schedule  AMS5844/2/18  1962

Year book and schedule  AMS5844/2/19  1963

Year book and schedule  AMS5844/2/20  1964

Year book and schedule  AMS5844/2/21  1965

Year book and schedule  AMS5844/2/22  1966

Year book and schedule  AMS5844/2/23  1967

Conditions of access: missing on transfer

Year book and schedule  AMS5844/2/24  1968

Conditions of access: missing on transfer

Year book and schedule  AMS5844/2/25  1969

Year book and schedule  AMS5844/2/26  1970

Year book and schedule  AMS5844/2/27  1971

Year book and schedule  AMS5844/2/28  1972

Year book and schedule  AMS5844/2/29  1973

Year book and schedule  AMS5844/2/30  1974

Year book and schedule  AMS5844/2/31  1975

Year book and schedule  AMS5844/2/32  1976

Year book and schedule  AMS5844/2/33  1977

Year book and schedule  AMS5844/2/34  1978

Year book and schedule  AMS5844/2/35  1979

Year book and schedule  AMS5844/2/36  1980

Year book and schedule  AMS5844/2/37  1981

Year book and schedule  AMS5844/2/38  1982

Year book and schedule  AMS5844/2/39  1983

Year book and schedule  AMS5844/2/40  1984

Year book and schedule  AMS5844/2/41  1985

Year book and schedule  AMS5844/2/42  1986

Year book and schedule  AMS5844/2/43  1987

Year book and schedule  AMS5844/2/44  1988

Year book and schedule  AMS5844/2/45  1989

Year book and schedule  AMS5844/2/46  1990

Year book and schedule  AMS5844/2/47  1991

Year book and schedule  AMS5844/2/48  1992

Year book and schedule  AMS5844/2/49  1993

Year book and schedule  AMS5844/2/50  1994

Year book and schedule  AMS5844/2/51  1995

Year book and schedule  AMS5844/2/52  1996

Year book and schedule  AMS5844/2/53  1997

Year book and schedule  AMS5844/2/54  1998

Show programmes and schedules of classes  AMS5844/3  [n.d.]

Sweet Pea Show  AMS5844/3/1  1950

Sweet Pea and Rose Show  AMS5844/3/2  1951

Sweet Pea, Rose and Soft Fruit Show  AMS5844/3/1  1955

Newspaper cuttings  AMS5844/4  [n.d.]

Typescript copy of an axtract from the Tunbridge Wells Advertiser containing a report on the AGM held on 14 Dec 1933  AMS5844/4/1  22 Dec 1933

Account books of income and expenditure  AMS5844/5  [n.d.]

Account book  AMS5844/5/1  1930-1935

Conditions of access: missing on transfer

Account book  AMS5844/5/2  Jan 1936 - Sep 1964

Account book  AMS5844/5/3  Oct 1964 - May 1989

Show entry books  AMS5844/6  [n.d.]

Includes names of judges, entrants and results

Book  AMS5844/6/1  Sep 1978 - Nov 1988

Papers concerning shows and events  AMS5844/7  [n.d.]

Annual bundles of papers including results of shows, newspaper cuttings, draft monthly entries for the [parish] magazine, reports and agendas for meetings, financial statements

Bundle  AMS5844/7/1  nd, early 1960s

Newspaper cutting only

Bundle  AMS5844/7/2  1971

Bundle  AMS5844/7/3  1972

Bundle  AMS5844/7/4  1973

Bundle  AMS5844/7/5  1974

Bundle  AMS5844/7/6  1975

Bundle  AMS5844/7/7  1976

Bundle  AMS5844/7/8  1977

Bundle  AMS5844/7/9  1978

Bundle  AMS5844/7/10  1979

Bundle  AMS5844/7/11  1980

Bundle  AMS5844/7/12  1981

Bundle  AMS5844/7/13  1982

Bundle  AMS5844/7/14  1983

Bundle  AMS5844/7/15  1984

Bundle  AMS5844/7/16  1985

Bundle  AMS5844/7/17  1986

Bundle  AMS5844/7/18  1987

Bundle  AMS5844/7/19  1988

Bundle  AMS5844/7/20  1989

Plan of maze, obituary  AMS5845  [n.d.]

Source of acquisition: Documents deposited 20 Apr 1983 (Acc 4052)

Plan of a maze planted at Prospect House, East Hoathly, Friday  AMS5845/1  30 Nov 1821

Pencil overdrawn with ink on paper, 15" x 9", mounted on paper, 16½" x 10½"; no scale
Prospect House is the name by which Hesmonds, an estate in the village of East Hoathly, was known for a large part of the 19th century; in 1821 it was owned by Matthew Martin. The maze's location was added to the paper on which the plan was mounted by W[illiam] B[otting] H[emsley] (for whom see AMS5845/2 below) in May 1910. It seems possible that Hemsley's father, Henry Hemsley, a gardener living close to Prospect House in 1851, might have had some responsibility for the gardens though not for the planting since he was born in 1819. There is no trace of the maze on the tithe map
The plan shows the outline of the maze and lists the different species of apple, pear, plum, cherry and greengage trees of which it consisted. Their locations, 103 in all, are shown by a table of reference, numbers 1-21 of which have been torn away and the space filled by a printed design of another maze, identified by WBH as that at Hampton Court

Obituary of William Botting Hemsley FRS (1843 - 1924) from Proceedings of the Royal Society  AMS5845/2  1925

Born in East Hoathly in 1843, Hemsley is said to have belonged to a Sussex yeoman family 'well known in gardening circles'. He began work in his father's nurseries but on the recommendation of Mrs Eardley Hall, daughter of William Borrer of Henfield, he entered the Royal Gardens at Kew in 1860. The obituary describes Hemsley's mastery of languages, his publications, the details of his career (which was crowned by the keepership of the Kew herbarium) and the honours which were bestowed upon him by botanical and horticultural societies throughout the world
In 1869 when, according to the obituary, Hemsley was in temporary retirement in Sussex because of ill-health, he purchased some land near the Horse and Groom, Polegate from OJA Fuller Meyrick with Thomas Vine, innkeeper; Hemsley is described as a nurseryman of Polegate (AMS 5681/52)

Deeds  AMS5846  [n.d.]

Source of acquisition: Documents deposited by Andrews and Hepworth, solicitors, Pewsey, Wiltshire (per WRO), 4 May 1983 (Acc 4078)

BEXHILL: Deeds of part of Sluice Farm  AMS5846/1  [1755] - 1869

The 500a Sluice Farm in Bexhill, Hooe and Battle was included in the settlement on the marriage of Thomas Pelham of Stanmer Esq and Ann [Frankland] in 1755. In 1787 the farm (lately occupied by John Bean, then by Alexander Carr and Edmund Cooper, rent £400) was mortgaged by Thomas [Pelham] lord Pelham to Jane Grosvenor, widow for £3,000. The farm was auctioned by Skinner and Duke at the George Inn Battle on 8 May 1790 in 8 lots; lot 6 was bought by Thomas Deudney of Gensing in Hastings St Mary Magdalen gent for £2,400. The mortgage was redeemed in December and on 5 and 6 Jan 1791 the conveyance was exectued by Thomas Lord Pelham and his eldest son, Thomas. The property consisted of East Dam Field (25a 0r 5p), Dam Field Log (12a 0r 24p), Upper Teag's Marsh (12a 2r 16p) and Middle Teag's Marsh (10a 1r 8p). All abutted to the rest of the farm except part of Teag's Marsh which adjoined Stephen Fuller's land; an easement through Great Dam Field, Great Chapel Field and the Drove way from Sluice Farm to Barnhorn was also granted. (1/1,2)
Deudney made his will 13 Dec 1793 and bequeathed the property to his son, Charles, who also received property in Herstmonceux, St Leonards and a farm in Chiddingly occupied by Richard Guy. William Gill of Hastings, watchmaker, was granted an annuity from a farm in Herstmonceux to be held in trust to support Deudney's son, William, for life. A farm at Collington in Bexhill recently purchased from Elizabeth Clark, widow, was left to his son, Thomas Deudney. The will was proved at Lewes by Charles Deudney, William Gill and John Tilden of Battle gent on 23 May 1795. (1/3)
On 22 Nov 1825 Charles Deudney of Gensing Farm, yeoman, mortgaged the property to Henry Young of Park Crescent, Portland Place, London MD for £3,000; a 500-year term created by the 1755 settlement which had been vested in Edward Boodle of Brook Street Mx esq by Jane Grosvenor's reconveyance was assigned to William Pain Beecham of Wardroper and Beecham of Hawkhurst, solicitors. (1/4,5)
On 4 Mar 1829 Deudney contracted to convey the property to Henry Earley Wyatt of Hastings St Mary Castle esq by 29 Sept; he made his will 18 Mar, died 19 Sept and on 21 and 22 Dec 1829 Thomas Deudney of Brighton, yeoman, his eldest son and heir, joined the trustees (Thomas Farncomb of Griffin Wharf Southwark, merchant, James Martin of Battle gent and Robert Deudney of Hastings St Mary Magdalen, farmer) to convey to Wyatt and Edward Wigan of Old Swan Lane London esq, his trustee, for £3,500; the term was assigned to William Wright of Cloak Lane, London gent in trust for HEW. (1/6-8)
On 4 Aug 1830 Wyatt mortgaged to Henry Richard Raven of Croydon esq; for further security Wright assigned the term to Thomas Sneade Carter of Ballards in Addington, Surrey esq in trust for Raven (1/9,10). A further charge of £1,000 was made on 22 Oct 1830. Raven's will of 7 Jul 1831 was proved in PCC by his widow, Ann, 28 Oct 1831 and on 27 and 28 Mar 1835 the mortgage was assigned to Virgil Pomfret of Tenterden esq and John Eveleigh of Darenth, clerk; Carter assigned to Giles Miller of Goudhurst gent (1/11-14). Wyatt (then of Mount Pleasant, Hastings) mortgaged his equity of redemption to James Eveleigh of Alkham, Kent, clerk for £500 on 22 Apr 1843. (1/15)
On 25 Jul 1866 Pomfret assigned to Edward George Boys of River Kent, clerk and Edward David Cree of Upper Tooting, Surrey, clerk. Boys (who was Eveleigh's executor) died 15 Feb 1867 and his executrix, Eliza Catherine Boys reconveyed the 1843 mortgage to Wyatt on 17 Jun 1867; the following day Cree reconveyed the property, enabling Wyatt to convey the property to the hon R[alph] P[elham] Nevill for £4,500. (1/16)
The conveyance to Nevill is not present but the information is endorsed on the wallet, typical of the Abergavenny estate, which is labelled box 17, parcel V
The land formed lot 21 in the Abergavenny sale of 28 Apr 1919; a copy of the particulars (XSP 230) contains a copy of a letter to Dixon and Mason of Pewsey concerning the rent of the tenant, James Gearing

Deeds of Gildridge Marsh and Hemplot in Herstmonceux and Spyland in Hailsham  AMS5846/2  [1770] - 1906

As to Gildridge
On 19 and 20 Dec 1771 Nathaniel Barber conveyed to Samuel Rickman (2/2) who by his will of 14 Oct 1791 (then of Cliffe) bequeathed it (with a house and land in Hailsham occupied by Thomas Hunniset) to his sons, Samuel, Nathaniel and William, and to Samuel West, brother of his late daughter, Hannah Rickman, in trust for his grandson, David Rickman, at 25
The will was proved (South Malling), 18 Dec 1799 (2/1) and Nathaniel Rickman (? the surviving executor) conveyed to David Rickman, 1 Jun 1820 (2/2). He mortgaged the property (described as 3 pieces containing 10a in Magham level, reputedly part of Bowley manor) to James Coppard of Barcombe, yeoman, for £400 on 2 Oct 1820; the cottage (now occupied by William Hilton, S of the Gardner Street - Hailsham turnpike, N and NW of Nathaniel Rickman's land and NE of Blunt's land) was conveyed as further security (2/3). On 1 Sept 1828 the mortgage was assigned to John Hoper of Lewes gent; attached is Rickman's note of hand to pay £350 to Hoper (2/4). On 28 and 29 Nov 1831 the property was conveyed to Horatio D'Esterre Darby of Leap Castle, King's County Ireland esq and Thomas Barton and Thomas Charles Bellingham, both of Battle gents his trustees for £500, £350 of which was paid to Hoper. (2/5,6)
As to Spyland and Hemplot
By her will of 27 Jan 1770, Elizabeth Hammond of Battle, widow, bequeathed her property (including freehold marsh in Hailsham and Herstmonceux) to James and William Markwick in trust to maintain her grandson, John Hammond, until majority, remainder to maintain her grandson, Charles Sampson Hammond, until majority and successive remainders to JH, CSH and to her granddaughters, Elizabeth Henrietta and Margaret, as tenants in common. The will was proved in PCC on 3 Jul 1771
On 5 Feb 1819 Charles Sampson Hammond and his wife, Lucy, contracted with Charles Neve of Crown Court, Broad Street, London gent and William Duke of Hastings, surgeon to suffer a common recovery to bar dower. Among the estates (in Charlwood, Battle, Hailsham, Herstmonceux and Pevensey) was Spyland (4a 2r 10p) and Hemplot (3a 1r 24p) both occupied by Richard Smith (2/12)
On 3 Aug 1833 a statutory declaration in support of Hammond's title was made by Charles Laurence of Battle gent, aged 70, who had lived in Battle all his life and had always been intimate with the family. He stated that Elizabeth Hammond had died when he was young, that her eldest son, William, died many years ago without issue and that her other son, John, had two sons only, John Griffith Hammond who took the name Sampson and Charles Sampson Hammond, still living at Battle. JGH died 19 years earlier age 58 without lawful issue, never having been married; CL had lived very near to him in Battle (2/7). On 2 and 3 Sept 1833 CSH conveyed the property to Darby and his two trustees for £400. (2/8,9)
As to both properties
Darby gave notice to his tenant, John Harris, to quit the house, farm and cottages in Warbleton, Hailsham and Herstmonceux which he leased on 5 Sept 1863 (2/10). Abstracts of title were drawn to both properties (marked 'lot 4' and 'lot 5') and Frederick Ellman of Battle gent, clerk to the commissioners of sewers, made a statutory declaration concerning title which included tabulated extracts from the scot books of Megham and Down levels showing owners and occupiers of the land, 1810 - 63. (2/11-13)
The property was conveyed by Darby, of Lissinerin near Roscrea, King's County Ireland to Thomas Barton of Robertsbridge gent for £1,200 on 15 Oct 1863 with a covenent to produce a mortgage to James Watts of Battle surgeon of 16 May 1844 which had been repaid 18 May 1846. Gildridge was identified as numbers 914, 918 and 920, Hemplot as 912, 916 and 917 on the Herstmonceux tithe map and Spyland as 1011 and 1019 on that of Hailsham. (2/14,15)
Other documents in the bundle are requisitions on title, Wolfe to Overy, 24 Dec 1895 and an account of WT James, solicitors of Eastbourne, to T Kirby Stapley esq for his purchase of Gildridge and Hemplot from Robert Overy's trustees for £430 in 1906. (2/16,17)

Grant in free alms  AMS5847  [n.d.]

Source of acquisition: Photocopies given by Cheshire Record Office, 18 Nov 1971 (Acc 1424)

Brightling: Grant in free alms  AMS5847/1  8 Jan 1291

Archival history:
The document, in the Egerton of Tatton archive at Cheshire Record Office, was probably acquired for its antiquarian interest (cf AMS 5690, another Robertsbridge charter from the Stowe sale, now at the Royal Irish Academy, Dublin)

John [de Bretagne], duke of Brittany, earl of Richmond and lord of the rape of Hastings, for his soul and those of his late wife, Beatrice [daughter of Henry III], his parents, ancestors and heirs, to the abbot and convent of Robertsbridge:
1. The mills of Wynham [now Willingford], that is to say a corn mill and a malt mill* with the pond of the mills and the avnes [? watercourses] which descend to the mills by land, in such a manner that they cannot raise the bay (chaucee) of the pond above its present hight
2. Piece of land called Heghe near Walderode in Brightling with its ditches (by which it appears that it was previously enclosed), between the Burwash - Battle highway and the Battle - Etchingham way
Given at Burwash, monday near the feast de la Chyephaene [? Epipany]; remains of fine equestrian seal and armorial counterseal
W: John de Maurre and William des Breuz, our knights, William dEschingham and Robert de Bourgresse, knights, master Henry de Chalastre and Alan del Pont Blanc, our friends, Stephen de la Granche our chamberlain, Robert de Passelee, Reginald de Tyresherse
*The words are 'un moulyn a ble et un autre moulyn a dras'. Dras possibly represents the modern French dreche, Latin drasca and English draff, all of which represent the sediment of brewing or grains of malt (brewer's grains) left after brewing. The Latin word, however, can mean dregs of dye and most later references to Willingford are to a corn and a fulling mill. Alternatively, dras may be related to drap, cloth, which would also suggest fulling
The mills had been granted to the abbey by Alice, countess of Eu, in 1241; her lands were forfeited in 1244 as an adherent of the king of France (see Calendar of Charters... at Penshurst, 192)
Former ESRO reference: XC 35

Robert Johnson: diary  AMS5848  [n.d.]

Archival history:
The diary subsequently came into the possession of the Gilbert family and appears in a sale catalogue of James Berry Morris' collection of books and prints in 1917 (see AMS 5569/72)

Source of acquisition: Purchased from Henry Bristow, bookseller of Ringwood, Hants on 27 July 1982 (A2873)

Diary of Captain Robert Johnson, R N  AMS5848/1  1821 - 43

Robert Johnson began the diary in 1821 at the age of forty-seven when he was living at Bilton, near Rugby. On the death of his young son by drowning at Rugby in 1828, he moved to Alconbury - Weston, co Hunts. In January 1835, he moved to Rose Cottage, in Eastbourne, having previously rented cottages there for the summer in 1832 and 1833. The cottage (demolished in 1882) was situated in Grove Road, and was owned by John Graham. The diary continues until July 1843 and Captain Johnson probably died soon after that (his wife replaces him in the land tax assessments in 1846 and she alone appears in the 1851 census)
The diary contains daily information on the weather (including barometer readings), reports of social and church activities and occasionally local happenings, eg shipwrecks in November 1840. In the back of the diary are recorded his thoughts on the "increase of Popery, the spreading of Socialism and the insurrectionary proceedings of the Chartists with the prevalence of wickedness and the great increase of crime", addressed to his sister, Caroline

Printed Nonconformist biographies  AMS5849  [n.d.]

Source of acquisition: From the library of James North esq, 6 Orchard Road, Lewes: Nos 1-4,6-21,31, 52-54
Purchased from Cinderhill Books, Mayfield: Nos 5, 10, 22-23, 25, 30, 45-47, 50
Purchased from J Morris, 9 St Clements Grove, York: No 24
Purchased from various sources for ESRO library and now transferred to AMS5849: Nos 26-29,41-44,48,80
Given by Stanley Fermor, Belmont, Pilmer Road, Crowborough: Nos 11, 14, 32-40, 49
Given by the Trustees of Jireh Chapel: No 51
Purchased from Rev James North, 6 Orchard Road, Lewes: Nos 55-77
Purchased from various sources: Nos 78-79

Printed books and photocopied extracts from published autobiographies, religious memoirs, and testimonies of prominent nonconformists in East Sussex. Religious thoughts and sermons and accounts of religious experiences have not been copied unless they contain references to local people or places
Many of the works are illustrated with photographs or engravings of the subject and of the chapels with which he or she was associated

A Word for the Weary or Encouragement for the Tried and Tempted being a Correspondence between Mr Morris of Lewes and D Fenner, Minister of the Gospel at Ebenezer Chapel, Hastings and at Ebenezer Chapel, Albany Road, Kent Road Vol 1 (London)  AMS5849/1  1824

Extract only

Last Fragments of the Rev J Jenkins, dropped by the mouth from the fleshly tables of the heart (2nd edition)  AMS5849/2  1825

Administrative history:
[Minister of Jireh Chapel, Lewes, 1805-1810]

Extract only

A Brief Memoir of James Jones, 45 years Pastor of the Strict Baptist Church, Shovers Green, Wadhurst, Sussex, with a sermon preached September 11th 1836  AMS5849/3  (1889)

Related information: [Records of this chapel are at the Gospel Standard Baptist Library, Hove. Transcripts of the registers, 1812-37, and 'The Past and Pastors of Shovers Green Chapel', by J Kinnison and B Harwood are available in the Search Room Library.]

Flyleaf inscribed: 'with love... from Big Mercy, 13 Nov 1900'
Extract only

The Wonders of Free Grace as manifested in the Life of James Weller, Minister of the Gospel, Bethel Chapel, Robertsbridge, Sussex (Battle)  AMS5849/4  1845

Related information: [See 24 AMS5849/24]

Extract only

A Monument of Mercy or Divine Favours in Providence and Grace from a Covenant God: manifested in the Life and Experience of Thomas Russell, Minister of the Gospel, Rotherfield, Sussex  AMS5849/5  (1864)

A Brief Memoir of Benjamin Tatham (Late Minister of the Gospel at Eastbourne)... and an account of Mrs S Prodger  AMS5849/6  [1866]

Extract only

A Brief Narrative of the Life, Trials, Deliverances and Death of George Gilbert, late of Front, Sussex (Brighton)  AMS5849/7  nd, [c1870]

Extract only

A Standard Bearer's Testimony.... being the Life and Experience of Cornelius Sharp Baptist Minister of the Gospel at Bodle Street and Ninfield, Sussex (Brighton)  AMS5849/8  1878

Extract only

Report  AMS5849/9  1894

Related information: For records of Jireh Chapel, Lewes, see NI 1

Report of a Service held at Jireh Chapel, Lewes.... 15 Aug 1894, to commemorate the attainment by Rev M Welland of Fifty Years' Ministerial Labour in the Church of God and Thirty-five Years as Pastor of Jireh Chapel, Lewes (Brighton, 1894). Bound with Notes of Twenty-four Sermons by Rev M Welland, Preached at Jireh Chapel, Lewes 1894-96, of which only the title page and frontispiece photograph of Welland have been copied

The Autobiography of Mr Christopher Pierpoint (of Brighton) together with specimens of his sermons, letters, sayings, etc, also Memorial Sermon by the Rev H S Boulton of Brighton compiled by Rev David Jarvis, minister of Tyldesley Chapel, Tyldesley, Lancs  AMS5849/10  (1912)

Extract only

Divine Leadings and Gracious Breathings being the Memoir of Esther Sharp (or Burnetts, Cross-in-Hand, Sussex)  AMS5849/11  (1922)

A Brief Sketch of the Life of Henry Miles, Together with Sermons and Letters, and Jottings from time to time  AMS5849/12  (1924)

Extract only

Memoir of James William Tobitt, for thirty years Minister of the Gospel at the Tabernacle, Hastings  AMS5849/13  1929

Related information: For a facsimile copy, 1981, see AMS5849/55

Includes photographs of Tobitt, Jireh Chapel, Horsham, the Tabernacle, Hastings, and the Mission Hall, Winchelsea, and a selection of Tobitt's sermons and extracts from his letters; published by C J Farncombe and Sons Ltd

Wilderness Journeyings and Gracious Deliverances: the Autobiography of George Mockford, for forty years minister of the Gospel at Heathfield (Oxford and Heathfield)  AMS5849/14  1901

All the Way: Autobiographical Jottings of Daniel Thomas Cambridge (Hove)  AMS5849/15  1918

Administrative history:
(A member of Galeed Chapel, Brighton)

Memoirs of Mercies and Miseries in the Spiritual and Providential Dealings of Almighty God with James Godsmark  AMS5849/16  (1877)

Related information: For a complete copy see AMS5849/57

Administrative history:
(Associated mainly with chapels in St Leonards Forest, Shoreham and London)

Extract only

Gathered Fragments... as set forth in the Life, Experience and Letters of Mercy C Dann of Brighton (London and Brighton)  AMS5849/17  nd, [c1917]

Lydia: the Last First being the Memoir of Lydia Marchant by C Midmer of Clapham  AMS5849/18  (1912)

(Mainly associated with Cavendish Place Chapel, Eastbourne)

Memoir.... of the Rev William Sinden, Pastor of Regent Street Chapel, Thane Villas, Finsbury Park, London  AMS5849/19  (1927)

Administrative history:
(A member of Jireh Chapel, Lewes)

Fragrant Memories of Constance Jane Blunden of Shoreham, in Sussex  AMS5849/20  (1896)

From Death unto Life: Diary and letters of Mary Grace Banfield  AMS5849/21  (1906)

Administrative history:
(Associated with Galeed Chapel, Brighton)

Recollections of John Grace: for twenty-nine years minister of the Gospel at Brighton [The Tabernacle, West Street]. (Second edition)  AMS5849/22  1893

On flyleaf: given to George A Prall, Matfield [in Brenchley, Kent], 27 Feb 1902

An Account of some of the Lord's Dealings in Providence and Grace with the late Mrs Ann Godwin of Brighton (widow of Mr Thomas Godwin, minister of the Gospel), written by herself  AMS5849/23  (1900)

The Scraps and Fragments of the Last Days and Death of the Late James Weller recently Minister of the Gospel at Bethel Chapel, Robertsbridge (published by R Waters, printer and bookbinder, Robertsbridge  AMS5849/24  1848

Related information: See AMS5849/4

Gleanings by a Watchman on a dark corner of Zion's Walls... being the autobiography of Eli Ashdown  AMS5849/25  (1904)

Presented to Horace Cornford for attendance at the Baptist Chapel Sunday School Mayfield, 30 Jan 1907

Life, Letters and Sermons of Caleb Sawyer, late Pastor of Mayfield Strict Baptist Chapel 1919-1962 (Letchworth)  AMS5849/26  1964

Memoir of A J Baxter, late Pastor of Cavendish Place Chapel, Eastbourne  AMS5849/27  (1909)

Related information: For records of this chapel, see NB 13

A Memorial of Mr George Frost, for twenty-one years the faithful and beloved Pastor of Rehoboth Baptist Chapel, Jarvis Brook, Sussex (London and Crowborough)  AMS5849/28  1906

Memoir and Letters of James Kidwell Popham, Pastor of Galeed Chapel, Brighton. By J H Gosden. London  AMS5849/29  1938

Wonders of Grace in the Salvation of a Large Family by Stephen H Jarvis  AMS5849/30  (1936)

Account of the Jarvis family of Burwash, Wadhurst and elsewhere and particularly of Joseph Jarvis (1865-1928), who became pastor of the Baptist Church at Greenwich

The Christian Life exemplified, in the memorials and remains of a man of business [Thomas Dicker, partner in Lewes Bank]  AMS5849/31  1852

Edited by his son Thomas Dicker the younger; frontispiece is an engraving by B Holl of a portrait by C H Miles and opposite p9 an engraving by Holl of his father Thomas Dicker of Buxted (1723-1789); London

Living Testimonies or Spiritual Letters on Divine Subjects by William Huntingdon, SS  AMS5849/32  1797

Related information: For volume 1 see NI 1/28/26

Minister of the Gospel at Providence Chapel, Little Titchfield-Street, and at Monkwell-Street Meeting Vol 2 (1797). Sold by... R Mockford, Lewes. Includes letters to and from his friend Jenkin Jenkins, latterly minister at Jireh Chapel, Lewes

The Life of William Huntington, SS, by Thomas Wright  AMS5849/33  (1909)

Sermons by J[ames] K[idwell] Popham (London and Brighton)  AMS5849/34  1923

Related information: [Pastor of Galeed Chapel, Brighton; see AMS5849/29 & 40]

Comfort Under Bereavement, sermon preached by J[ames] K[idwell] Popham on the occasion of the death of Mr J Newton, pastor of Hanover Chapel, Tunbridge Wells  AMS5849/35  (1915)

Loved and Chastened being the autobiography of Robert Parminter Knill, Minister of the Gospel  AMS5849/36  (nd, c1894)

Administrative history:
[Connections with Galeed Chapel, Brighton, Zoar Chapel, Dicker and Burgess Hill]

Two of a Family: a short Account of the Triumphant Death of Nora Troughton, who died at Brighton, March 1909 (Croydon)  AMS5849/37  1948

Administrative history:
[Connection with Galeed Chapel, Brighton]

The Bible Class Messenger issued by the Tabernacle, West Street, Brighton  AMS5849/38  Jan 1938

Brighton and Hove Town Mission, annual report  AMS5849/39  1987

James Kidwell Popham: a brief biography and addresses delivered in connection with the Sovereign Grace Union Foreword by Mr J H Gosden, editor of The Gospel Standard. (Sovereign Grace Union, London)  AMS5849/40  1938

Related information: [Pastor of Galeed Chapel, Brighton, see AMS5849/29 & 34]

Memoir of the Life and Ministry of Thomas Gearing, Minister of Cobden Road Chapel, Brighton (London and Brighton)  AMS5849/41  1885

The Life and Labours of the Rev George Gilbert:... an address given in the Heathfield Independent Chapel by Rev J Lemm, pastor, 18 Sep 1892  AMS5849/42  1892

Memoir of John Kemp, first pastor of 'Ebenezer' Strict Baptist Chapel, Bounds Cross, Biddenden, Kent  AMS5849/43  (1933)

Administrative history:
[Associated with Shovers Green chapel, Wadhurst]

Selections from the Diary and Epistolary Correspondence of the late William Marten of Lewes to which is prefixed a short memoir of the early part of his life. Written by himself  AMS5849/44  (1828)

Administrative history:
[Born Barcombe, 1764, attended the General Baptist Meeting in Lewes before joining the Society of Friends]

Memorial of John Hervey Gosden comprising a selection of his letters and sermons together with some account of his life and labours by S F Paul (Bexhill)  AMS5849/45  1965

Administrative history:
[Connections with Galeed Chapel, Brighton]

The Diary of Mrs W T Walker formerly Rhoda Jane Stubbs of Clayton, Sussex  AMS5849/46  (1892)

Administrative history:
[Associated with the Particular Baptist Chapels at Hurstpierpoint and Burgess Hill]

A Scrap from the Papers of the Late William Crouch, Baptist Minister of Christ, at Pell Green, Wadhurst, Sussex with a short account of his death by John Row, (Halton, Hastings)  AMS5849/47  1861

A History of Rehoboth Chapel, Pell Green, Wadhurst, Sussex together with the Life of the late William Crouch also Gleanings from his Writings etc. (Tring)  AMS5849/48  1925

Extract only

The Memory of thy Goodness, a brief account of the Lord's tender dealings in Providence and Grace with Miss Mary Davey of Brighton (Hove and London)  AMS5849/49  nd, c1941

Administrative history:
[Died age 108 in 1940; connections with Galeed Chapel, Brighton]

Memoir of the Rev Ambrose D[aniel] Spong For Thirty-six Years Minister of Cliftonville Congregational Church, Hove edited by H Ross Williamson, minister of Cliftonville Church; (Brighton)  AMS5849/50  1913

Contains photographs of Mr Spong (1843-1912), his wife and of the chapels with which he was associated

Last Fragments of the Rev J Jenkins, dropped by the mouth from the fleshly tables of the heart photocopy of the 1st edition  AMS5849/51  1811

Administrative history:
[Minister of Jireh Chapel, Lewes, 1805-1810]

The Christian Soldier - a Memoir of the Rev George Gilbert of Heathfield, Sussex, with a Brief Account of Ruth Gilbert, his Wifeby a friend; London  AMS5849/52  1833

A Memoir of Mr Joseph Sedgwick, late pastor of the Church assembling in Ebenezer Chapel, Brighton by Samuel Milner; London and Brighton  AMS5849/53  1853

Memoir of Israel Atkinson, twenty-seven years pastor of the baptized church of Christ at Ebenezer Chapel, Richmond Street, Brighton, by R Hoddy (editor of The Gospel Herald); frontispiece is a photograph of Atkinson; London and Brighton  AMS5849/54  1882

Memoir of James William Tobitt, for thirty years Minister of the Gospel at the Tabernacle, Hastings, Gospel Mission Press; originally published by C J Farncombe and Sons Ltd 1929  AMS5849/55  1981

Related information: For the edition published by C J Farncombe and Sons Ltd, 1929, see AMS5849/13

Includes photographs of Tobitt, Jireh Chapel, Horsham, the Tabernacle, Hastings, and the Mission Hall, Winchelsea, and a selection of Tobitt's sermons and extracts from his letters; facsimile version published by the Gospel Mission Press, 1981

Memoirs of Mercies and Miseries in the Spiritual and Providential Dealings of Almighty God with James Godsmark (Second Edition London)  AMS5849/56  1867

Administrative history:
(Associated mainly with chapels in St Leonards Forest, Shoreham and London)

Memoirs of Mercies and Miseries in the Spiritual and Providential Dealings of Almighty God with James Godsmark (Third Edition London)  AMS5849/57  1877

A Jubilee of Ministerial Mercies; or 55 Years' Labour in the Vineyard. Being the autobiography of Mr E Littleton (Minister of the Gospel) Written after nearly forty-one years of my ministry at Forest Fold Baptist Chapel, Crowborough (London)  AMS5849/58  1908

Related information: For further printed histories of the chapel, 1898-1974 see NB 17/1-3

Life, Letters and Sermons of Frank L Gosden. Pastor of 'Ebenezer' Strict Baptist Chapel Heathfield, 1939-1957 and Pastor of 'Galeed' Strict Baptist Chapel, Brighton, 1958-1980  AMS5849/59  (1982)

Wm Huntington, SS. An account, chiefly in his own words, of his Early Days, Convictions and Temptations, Providential Trials, and call to the Ministry, with a brief sketch of his Later Days (London)  AMS5849/60  1923

Further History of the Gospel Standard Baptists. Volume 2, Some Sussex Churches by S F Paul (Brighton)  AMS5849/61  1954

(Mayfield, Shovers Green, Ninfield, Bodle Street, Zoar Chapel on the Dicker, Heathfield, Rotherfield, Galeed Chapel in Brighton, J K Popham)

Memoir  AMS5849/62  c1860

Related information: For records of the chapel see NI 1

A Brief Memoir of the late Rev John Vinall, Upwards of Forty-five Years Minister of Jireh Chapel, Lewes, and Providence Chapel, Brighton. To which are added, Letters Addressed to his Congregations at Lewes, Brighton, and Chichester, during the period that he was laid aside from the Ministry by affliction; Also a Few Others Addressed to Private Friends (London c 1860)

The Way He Hath Led Me; or, The Lord's Leadings and Dealings. By Arthur Wilcockson, Minister of the Gospel, Editor of Zion's Witness, and Author of the Critic Criticised, Fire Baptism versus Water, and Zion's Songs for Zion's Children (Hull and Plymouth)  AMS5849/63  1866

Treasures of Darkness and Hidden Riches of Secret Places being an account of Mrs James Payne of Brighton (Croydon)  AMS5849/64  c1946

Grove Road Strict Baptist Chapel Eastbourne 1881-1981 booklet celebrating the centenary of the chapel by E L B  AMS5849/65  1981

'They Shall See His Face', memoir of Reginald West 1906-1995 and a brief account of the call by grace of his wife Grace Hilda 1903-1981 (Ringmer)  AMS5849/66  c1995

Tracts; twenty-five religious tracts mainly published by the Religious Tract Society and The British and Foreign Temperance Society; nd, and 1828-1850  AMS5849/67  1828-1850

Fragments and poems by the late Dinah Holman, taken from her own private memoranda. Together with a short account of her happy death, in a letter from her brother to the Rev J Vinall; printed by C Verrall, 8 Prince Albert Street, Brighton; 1850
The writer lived at Ringmer and was a member of the Jireh Chapel, Lewes
The Cottage Funeral; a tract by Robert Hawker; published for The Poor Man's Spiritual Book Society, by James Tyler, 83 North Street, Brighton; 1841
Front and back covers inscribed: autographs of John King and Elizabeth King (members of Jireh Chapel, Lewes), 1853 and 1854

Sermon  AMS5849/68  1855

The Funeral Sermon for the late Mr Smith Hannington (many years deacon of Providence Chapel, Brighton), preached on Sunday evening, July 29, 1855, at Providence Chapel, Church Street, Brighton, by the Rev John Vinall, minister of Jireh Chapel, Lewes, and Providence Chapel, Brighton; published by Charles E Verrall, Brighton; nd, 1855

Even to Old Age; being some records of the life of the late Mr John Row, pastor of Ebenezer Chapel, Tunbridge [Kent]; edited by his widow, E[lizabeth] Row; published by E Wilmshurst, London  AMS5849/69  nd, 1890s

Photograph of Row on frontispiece. John Row (1805-1892), was born at Petworth, and later worked as a draper in Brighton; he then lived at East Hoathly, Arlington, Eastbourne and Hastings, preaching at Ninfield, Rye, and to other Strict Baptist congregations, before becoming minister at Tunbridge

Letter from J[ohn] Row, Marlow, Buckinghamshire, to his nephew, following the death of the latter's father  AMS5849/70  31 Jan 1865

Enclosed with AMS5849/69

Hymns; a selection compiled by A J Baxter, Eastbourne; second edition  AMS5849/71  1890

Related information: For records of Cavendish Place Chapel, Eastbourne, see NB 13

Title page missing. The Rev A J Baxter was minister of Cavendish Place Chapel, Eastbourne, 1867-1908. Includes sixty-seven original compositions by Baxter, which are not known to be included in any other selection of hymns

The Sower; volume XXI  AMS5849/72  1899

A brief memoir of the late Rev John Vinall; photograph of Jireh Chapel; Jan 1899 and Feb 1899
Account of the life of David Fenner, minister of Ebenezer Chapel, Hastings; Aug 1899
For records of Ebenezer Chapel, Hastings, see NB 4
Memoir of William John Brook (1776-1839); Nov 1899
Brook was vicar of St Nicholas, Brighton, but withdrew from the established church to found Providence Church, Church Street, Brighton

A Jubilee of Ministerial Mercies; or, 55 years' labour in the vineyard....; written after nearly forty-one years of my ministry at Forest Fold Baptist Chapel, Crowborough; by E Littleton; published by Farncombe & Son, London  AMS5849/73  1908

Related information: For printed histories of Forest Fold Baptist Chapel, Crowborough, see NB 17

Photograph of Littleton on frontispiece

Manuscript account of presentation to the Rev E Littleton on forty years of his ministry  AMS5849/74  12 Jul 1908

Enclosed with AMS5849/73

A brief record of Henry Bradford, late pastor of Grove Road Baptist Chapel, Eastbourne; compiled by a relative (E J Miller)  AMS5849/75  nd, 1920

Contains photographs of Miller; his wife; exterior of Grove Road Chapel; South Street, Eastbourne, where the Strict Baptists worshipped, 1853-1864; the old chapel, Grove Road; memorial tablet to Bradford

Sermons  AMS5849/76  1950

Accounts of three sermons preached by J W Tyler, The Dicker, S Delves, Crowborough, and E G Rowell, Old Hill, at the Thanksgiving Services following the re-opening of Grove Road Strict Baptist Chapel, Eastbourne, after war damage, 26 Apr 1950; report of the war damage and chapel improvements; nd, 1950

A short history of Brighton Tabernacle, 1834-1965  AMS5849/77  nd, 1966

Contains exterior and interior photographs of the old building, which was subject to a compulsory purchase order as part of the West Street development scheme; artist's impression of the new building; photographs of pastors

A Memoir of the life of the late Henry Booker, Minister of the Gospel, of the Particular Baptist Denomination, in the parish of Wivelsfield, in the County of Sussex. In letters to a friend. Chiefly written by himself  AMS5849/78  1814

Second edition with additions; printed by E Brown, Cliffe, for T[homas] Illman, engraver etc, 53 High Street, Lewes; 1814
Frontispiece: portrait of HB, engraved by T Illman, 1814
Page [v]-vi preface to the Christian reader by the editor
Page [7]-32 letter 1; his upbringing at Ditchling, one of seven children, as a general baptist; baptism in 1750 [for which see NU 2/2/2]; preaching of [George] Whitefield (1714-70) at Brighton and of [Martin] Madan (1726-90) in 'our country'; proposed visit to Mr [George] G[ilbert of Heathfield], general baptist minister; work as a brickmaker; tenant of a farm owned by a general baptist; hymns and psalms, singing 'a great abomination among the General Baptists'; meeting with sister's mistress at a local fair, and her master Mr T[homas] P[annett], deacon of the General Baptist church
Page 33-49 letter 2; meeting of the General Baptists to discuss charges against him, attended by old Mr D who lived at C, a messenger among the churches, Mr [Stephen] A[gate] one of the elders and Mr J G; meeting with Mr [Samuel] F[ry] of London and Mr [William] E[vershed] of B, two General Baptist messengers, [20 Oct 1762]; ejection from the church with Mr J[ohn] O[liver], Mr S[tanden] C[rosskey]
Page 50-62 letter 3 to the church of the Calvinist Baptist denomination at Wivelsfield; meetings, after ejection, at the house of Mr Lightman; invitation to Michael Bligh of Sevenoaks for instruction in the formation of a church; frequently served by Lady Huntington's ministers from Brighton; appointment of Mr J[ohn] S[immonds], [formerly] a General Baptist minister; meeting at Fanners in Wivelsfield; return of Simmonds to the General Baptists, his expulsion and return to Wivelsfield; establishment of Oat Hall Chapel by ministers of [Selina] Countess of Huntington; schism of John Simmonds and 70 of the congregation; Richard Owden, a young man, a preacher with Simmonds, helped by Mr B of Sevenoaks; death of Simmonds; downfall of Owden; appointed pastor in 1768 in the presence of Mr Trivett late of Worsted in Norfolk and Mr Purdy of Rye, opposed by Mr B of Sevenoaks and Mr R, an independent minister preaching at Stumblewood Common [in Maresfield]; first marriage at 24, eleven children 'eight of whom I suppose are living'; second marriage [in Oct 1780 to Elizabeth], the daughter of Mr J[ohn] O[liver]
Page 62-64 editor's note on HB's failing health and preparation for death; his death on 27 May 1799 and burial at Wivelsfield meeting-house 1 Jun 1799; Joseph Terry of Forest Row [in East Grinstead] preached and Joseph D Middleton of Lewes spoke at the grave
Page 65-87 text of HB's letter circulated among the Baptist churches of the Kent and Sussex Association in 1784
Page 88-89 transcript of inscription on HB's headstone
Page 90-93 elegy, in rhyming couplets, on the death of HB

A Persuasive to Religious Decision; in a short sketch and improvement on the Character and Last Days of Mr. Thomas Woodhams of Hailsham; Sussex Press Lewes: printed by J Baxter, High Street; sold by Wightman and Cramp, Paternoster Row, London  AMS5849/79  1829

Flyleaf inscribed by Mrs Field, Lambeth [London] to John Robinson, on the day of his wife's funeral; 14 May 1843
Page [iii]-vii foreword addressed to TW's brother, William Woodhams, Alfriston, by William Davies, Hailsham; Nov 1828
Page [1]-64 memoir to TW, who was born at Herstmonceux in 1781, the second son of Thomas Woodhams, a farmer, and attended the dissenting chapel, Hailsham

A concise account of the triumphant end of Elizabeth King, daughter of Joseph and Mary Jane King, of Lewes, who departed this life October 20th, 1841, aged 22 years; Sussex Press: printed by Baxter and Son, Lewes  AMS5849/80  1841

Page [3]-6 foreword by John Vinall [the elder, pastor of the Jireh Chapel, Lewes]
Page 7-11 letter addressed to the Rev J Vinall by EK's mother, Mrs King, Lewes; 28 Oct 1841
Page 12-16 letter addressed by John Vinall the younger, Cliffe, Lewes, to his father [John Vinall, pastor], then on a visit to friends at Eastbourne; 20 Oct 1841

WARBLETON: Deeds of Downgate Farm  AMS5850  [1776] - 1961

Archival history:
The depositor was given the documents by Miss D A Horton (see AMS5850/15 below)

Source of acquisition: Documents deposited 17 May 1983 (Acc 4082)

Copy (1828) pre-nuptial settlement  AMS5850/1  18 May 1776

Thomas Fuller of London, merchant and John Fuller of Lewes esq, his eldest son; George Augustus Eliott esq, lieutenant-general of H M Forces, colonel of the king's regiment of light dragoons and governor of Gibraltar and Ann Eliott, his only daughter; Christopher D'Oyley of Charles Street, Berkley Square Mx esq and Henry Hunter of Lincolns Inn Fields Mx esq (settlement trustees), Arthur Mair of Craigs Court, Charing Cross Mx esq and James Margetson of London, broker (jointure trustees)
JF to marry AE
1 manor of Chalvington in Chalvington, West Dean, Ripe, Waldron and Selmeston
2 capital messuage and demesne land of Chalvington manor (field names and acreages specified) occupied by Philadelphia Vine, spinster
3 advowson of Chalvington
4 house occupied by John Madgewick, mercer in Lewes All Saints
5 house barn and land (field names and acreages specified) called Camberlot, late Edward Trayton esq, occupied by Philadelphia Vine in Hellingly
6 house and farm occupied by John Doloway, rent £16, in Heathfield [recte Warbleton]
7 house and farm occupied by Gates, rent £38, in Steyning
8 house and farm occupied by Astin, rent £15, in Buxted
9 house and buildings occupied by JF in Lewes All Saints
10 Dobells Field in Lewes St John sub Castro and St Mary
11 house and farm occupied by Tendall, rent £21, in Dallington [Stylers + Flasketts]
12 house and farm occupied by Carrick, rent £10, in Dallington
13 house and farm occupied by Holman, rent £18, in Dallington [Old Barn Land]
14 house and farm occupied by Eastland, rent £15, in Ashburnham
15 house and farm occupied by Weston, rent £28, in Salehurst and Etchingham [Standens]
16 house and farm occupied by Smith, rent £80, in Herstmonceux
Properties 1-5 above limited to TF for life remainder to JF by the settlement on the marriage of JF and Elizabeth, daughter of Stephen Fuller of St George Bloomsbury Mx esq (which is recited), 6 and 7 May 1771; properties 6 - 8 above, late John Lidgetter of Lewes, gent, father of Eleanor, wife of TF and mother of JF and descended (on his death intestate) to JF subject to TF's life estate; properties 9 - 16 belong to TF absolutely. Numbers 1, 2 and 16 above excepted from trustees' power of sale. AE granted annuity of £80 from manor and farm of Oxney and property in Oxney and East Longdown, Kent, late John Fuller deceased, should she survive JF
Godfrey Webster and Henry Hunter (trustees of 1771 settlement) to vest their estate in AM and JM after the death of Stephen Fuller
W: Elbro Woodcock, John Spiller; W to copy, 6 Mar 1828: Thomas Barton junior of Battle, Edward Cousens, clerk to B Hall solicitor, 2 Serjeants Inn, Fleet Street

Conveyance (lease, release and bond) for £525  AMS5850/2 - 4  27 and 28 Dec 1792

Christopher D'Oyley of Ware Park, Herts esq. (surviving trustee of 1 above) with John Fuller of Kidbrook, East Grinstead esq and wife, Ann, to Thomas Dollaway of Warbleton, yeoman and Samuel Dollaway of Warbleton, yeoman, his trustee
House, cottage, barns, stables, oasthouse and land occupied by TD, Samuel Robbins and Thomas Waters, in Warbleton
W: Daniel Wale, Benjamin Bowyer, J Lamb, Hugh Mackland

Mortgage for £400  AMS5850/5  29 Sept 1792

Thomas and Samuel Dollaway to James Philcox of Burwash, gent
As AMS5850/2 - 4
W: William Bishop, Edward Rodmell, Thomas Butler, Zebulon Newington

Letters from John Hoper junior, Lewes and N Angleheart, Doctors' Commons to Philcox and Baldock, solicitors, Burwash  AMS5850/6,7  25 and 29 Feb 1828

Relating; the failure of a search for a will or administration of John Lidgitter in Lewes and South Malling and PCC respectively

Conveyance (lease and release) for £1,200  AMS5850/8,9  24 and 25 Apr 1828

William Wheeler, junior of Heathfield farmer and Joseph Errey of Warbleton, bricklayer (trustees of Thomas Dollaway deceased) and Samuel Dollaway of Warbleton, yeoman to George Darby of Marklye Warbleton esq and Thomas Barton of Battle, gent, his trustee
As AMS5850/2 - 4, occupied by Stephen Dollaway and another and long known as Downgate Farm (46a 2r 28p, field names and acreages specified), except cottage garden and land (1a 3r 19p) at Waicop Gate
Plan of farm with names of neighbouring owners, roads and their directions and table of reference listing field names and acreages (showing cottage and land excepted from conveyance) in margin of last skin
Recites will of Thomas Dollaway appointing son-in-law WW and JE, trustees for sale, 1 Feb 1817; death of TD 10 Feb 1817 and probate by widow Mary, WW and JE at Lewes, 11 Oct 1817; of purchase price, £500 is for timber
James Philcox of Burwash, gent (son and executor of JP in AMS5850/7 above, died 24 Jul 1824) assigns term created by 7 above to Thomas Charles Bellingham of Battle, gent in trust for GD for £400
W: John Baldock, Robert Pattenden
Endorsed: memorandum of sale of isolated plot called Lower Plot (2r 29p), GD and TCB to John Fuller of Rosehill in Brightling esq, 4 and 5 Oct 1833

Abstracts of George Darby's title; Richard Lambert, 32 John Street, Bedford Row for GD, Philcox and Baldock, Burwash for Mr Dunn  AMS5850/10,11  12 Dec 1844

Conveyance in exchange  AMS5850/12  11 June 1845

George Darby of Marklye in Warbleton esq with Charles Morgan, Robinson Morgan of Ruperra Glamorgan esq and George Chapple Weston of Middle Temple esq (GD's mortgagees by deed of 9 and 10 Aug 1833) and Frederick Ellman of Battle, gent to John Roberts Dunn of Stonehouse in Warbleton esq and James Philcox, junior of Burwash, gent, his trustee
Downgate Farm
Recites will (4 Feb 1834), death (5 Apr 1838) and PCC probate (29 June 1838) of TC Bellingham and agreement declaring that FE should be deemed to hold estates held by TCB in trust, 23 May 1838; agreement for exchange of Downgate Farm for Huntons (formerly Beckworth) Farm (44a 2r 19p) and a cottage and part of field to its E on Rushlake Green, Warbleton occupied by Cornford, GD and JRD, 26 Oct 1843; deed of even date (to which John Constable of Ringmer, clerk only child of William Constable of Burwash esq deceased is party) conveying Huntons to GD

Abstract of title of Henry Roberts Dunn of Stonehouse, Warbleton esq and William Bennett of Burwash, solicitor to Downgate Farm with plan  AMS5850/13  1928

Recites the descent of the Stonehouse estate from the will of John Roberts Dunn 20 Mar 1899 to appointment of HRD and WB as trustees by Edward Alexander Dunn 17 May 1926 and death of EAD, 7 Nov 1927

Conveyance of Downgate Farm by HRD and WB in AMS5850/13 above to George Avard of White Birch Warbleton, farmer for £750  AMS5850/14  24 Sept 1928

Endorsed: memoranda of conveyances of part of land to Frederick Henry Fox (7 Nov 1930), William Hyde Gandy (2 Oct 1935) and Frederick Henry Fox (8 Nov 1945)

Service agreement  AMS5850/15  29 Dec 1961

Audrey Muriel Jewell of 42 Audley Road, Ealing Mx with Doris Amelia Horton and Vida Irene Peters of Downgate Farm, Warbleton, spinsters
DAH and VIP to manage AMJ's farming business at Downgate Farm, Highgate and Thorington Farm, Warbleton for 3 years

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