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Additional Manuscripts, Catalogue K

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Reference AMSK
Covering dates 1458-1941
Held by East Sussex Record Office
Extent 50 Accessions

Folder icon  Settlement (agreement afterlevying a fine)  AMS5744/65  18 May 1621

These documents are held at East Sussex Record Office

Henry Gouldsmyth gent and wife Faintnot of Burwash, Abraham Manser yeoman and wife Elizabeth of Wadhurst, Mark Conny yeoman and wife Helen of Burwash [sisters of Thomas Byne deceased] to Stephen Byne of Burwash yeoman and William Cruttall of Wadhurst yeoman
1. 'Hamland' (5a) in Burwsh; two parcels 'the Dene' (8a) in Burwash; part of a meadow, 'Laddes' or 'Swanne mead' now inclosed (6a), all occupied by AM
2. House, kitchen, barn and orchard, together with the other part of 'Laddes' or 'Swanne mead' (2½a) with longe croft (5a), Rushe croft (2½a) Hoppers Croft (2½a) all in Burwash occupied by HG
3. House, barn, orchard and eleven pieces of land (35a) called Tyle Oste or Strong land and Kembland in Burwash
Recites a fine levied in Easter term 1621
1 to AM and EM and their heirs, 2 to HG and FG and their heirs and 3 to MC and HC and their heirs, remainders to the heirs of the wives
W: Alexander Thomas, Thomas Longly, Richard Plasted
Endorsed 'for Mark Conny'

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