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Additional Manuscripts, Catalogue K

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Reference AMSK
Covering dates 1458-1941
Held by East Sussex Record Office
Extent 50 Accessions
Creators East Sussex Record Office

Since it opened, East Sussex Record Office has maintained a collection of 'Additional Manuscripts' for accessions which are not assigned, or are not accrued to existing collections which have, a distinctive alphabetic reference based on the collection's title. The Additional Manuscripts collection is now known as AMS
Some of these accessions added to AMS have been returned to A2A as free-standing catalogues. The residue are being returned as a series of catalogues, each covering a range of AMS numbers. The summary list below covers all the accessions within that range, with notes against those which are the subject of separate catalogues or which have been transferred to other collections or other repositories. The main body of the catalogue notes only the reference and the fact of the separate catalogue or the transfer
Summary of contents
AMS5701 54 Southover High Street, Lewes, (Winton-Verrall); includes title to other property including Ann of Cleves House, Southover; 1781-1929
AMS5702 Will of Robert Randoll of Herrings in Dallington; includes Thorndale and Reedlands in Ashburnham, Becchland, Assartland and Stackenden in Dallington; 1782
AMS5703 6,10 and 16 Terminus Road, Eastbourne (Stapley-Pearson-Styer), 1873-1909
AMS5704 Sun Alliance policy register, Hastings, Thomas Breeds agent, 1820s-1878
AMS5705 Two houses in Southover, Pugsley-Pugsley, 1555; land on W side of Keere Street, Lewes, Pelland-Newton, 1582; house in Southover, Gosden-Newton, 1825
AMS5706 Langridge family, clerks of the peace: Balcombe family of Briggs Farm Streat, 1709-1868; bankruptcy of Henry Johnson of Waldron: copyhold at Uckfield, Truly manor in Edburton area, 1720-1818; Broomfield otherwise Tanyard Farm and Rockhill Farm in Waldron (including valuation), 1813-1850; settlement of timberyard in St Nicholas Lane, Lewes, cottages and land in Streat, mortgages of Pouches in Ringmer, houses in Lewes St Ann, Southover and Laughton, 1804; settlement on the marriage of Abigail Vidler and William Balcombe Langridge: property in St Margaret Westminster, 1805; release of timberyard in St Nicholas Lane with recital of title from 1727, 1827; settlement on the marriage of John Cusson Turner and Frances Langridge: property in Surrey left by her garndfather Vidler, 1844; partition of WBL's residuary estate: mortgages of property in Chailey, Barcombe, Lewes, Plumpton, Waldron, Brighton, Warbleton and Hamsey, 1849; further partition (including Eastbourne), 1868; leases of the Esher estate, 1862-1877
AMS5707 Photocopies of Exchequer Port Books, Rye, 1573-1589, Meeching 1598-1599
AMS5708 Plans and papers concerning the proposed Hellingly and Selmeston canals, 1791-1792
AMS5709 Estate of Horatio Nelson Williams of Hastings: house barn and 50a in Castle (Waters-Sargent-Davis), 1738; house in Hastings St Clement (Williams - Williams), 1809-1827; 7 Prospect Place, Hastings, Wallis-Williams, 1848; personal estates of Sarah and Humphrey Gilbe, 1851; mills and cottages at West Hill, Hastings, with inventory, Ward-Williams, 1856; carpenter's shop and warehouse in Courthouse Street, Hastings, Williams-White, 1872; copyhold house and land in Eastbourne, Latter's trustees, 1792
AMS5710 Tracing of Uckfield Tithe Map, 1841
AMS5711 Map of John Young's manor of Runtington, Heathfield, by Thomas Wood, 1709
AMS5712 Sale particulars of property sold by Geering and Collyer's Hawkhurst office; parishes nearest to Hawkhurst are best represented; Battle, Beckley, Bexhill, Bodiam, Brede, Brightling, Burwash, Catsfield, Chiddingly, Crowborough, Dallington, Etchingham, Ewhurst, Flimwell, Frant, Guestling, Hailsham, Heathfield, Herstmonceux, Hooe, Horam, Hurst Green, Iden, Jevington, Mayfield, Mountfield, Netherfield, Ninfield, Northiam, Ore, Pett, Polegate, Robertsbridge, Rotherfield, Rye, St Leonards, Salehurst, Sedlescombe, Stonegate, Ticehurst, Tidebrook, Uckfield, Wadhurst, Waldron, Warbleton, Westfield, Whatlington, Winchelsea, 20th century
AMS5713 Lease of 80 Western Road Brighton, Brooke-West End Clothiers, 1910; estates of Samuel Cook and George Edwards in Mayfield: Freemans in Mayfield with Lyes in East Chiltington (Earl-Olive-Marchant-Ashdown-Cook), 1749-1860; Crooked Reed and Reddings in Mayfield (Moon-Bassett-Marchant-Ashdown-Cook), 1788-1860; Horley Green in Mayfield (Peckham-Burgis-Burnell-Moon-Russell-Bridger-Cook), 1629-1864; Ordnance Place, Mayfield (Grantham-Frost-Cottingham), 1843-1845; Lower House and Hoadleys or Park Farm, Mayfield (Baker-Godfrey-Elsley-Baker-Dudlow-Alexander-Rowland-Scott-Schroeter), 1743-1874; house at Slaugham Gill Crowborough (Taylor-Gower-Trustam-Delves), 1840-1865
AMS5714 Marked catalogue of stock at Colbrans Farm Laughton, 1915, Halland farm East Hoathly, 1918; sale particulars of the Bentley estate, marked with contract for Peckham Farm Framfield, 1920; pedigree of Shoosmith of Beckley and Wadhurst, 1387-1782; notes on Cheyney and Lunsford families from PCC and elsewhere, 20thC
AMS5715 Map of William Thomas's Arlington parsonage glebe, 1629
AMS5716 House in Longer Street, Rye, Davis-Cooper, 1736; probate of John Jarrett of Rye, carpenter, 1800; correspondence concerning the proposed purchase of property in Peasmarsh late John Jarrett by Sidney Sussex College Cambridge to augment the benefice, with deatils of parish affairs, 1808
AMS5717 Whitehouse and ½a at Chailey Green, Bradford-Marten, 1761-1768; settlement on marriage of Thomas Chowne and Phoebe Westbroke, 1703: Lunsford in Etchingham and Salehurst, manor and farm of Tollers at Frog Firle in Alfriston, manor of Amies and Levetts in Firle, manor and farm of Seaford and a lease of Firle parsonage; 1703-1710
AMS5718 Deeds, Pleydells and Chapel Cottage Farm, Rushlake Green in Warbleton; Pleydells (Read-Wood-Baker-Pleydell-Waters), 1664-1773; freehold land and copyhold called Skings, including details of the Lade estate in Etchingham, Salehurst, Burwash, Ticehurst, Hertmonceux, Dallington, Wartling, Westham, Pevensey, Westfield, Ore, Pett, Fairlight, Guestling, Ewhurst, Sedlescombe, Iden, Eastbourne, Battle, Lewes, Lewisham and Romney Marsh (Lade-Day-Waters), 1739-1805; the whole estate (Waters-Crowhurst-Burfield-Parrish), 1805-1941
AMS5719 Estate of James Hilder of Robertsbridge: Hackwoods in Salehurst (Busbridge-Sivyer), 1728-1748; house in North Bridge Street (Chambers), 1802; Ockham Farm including a map by Thomas Redford, 1728 (Boys, Hilder), 1728-1852
AMS5720 44 High Street, Lewes (Towers-Alcock-Pellatt-Woodward-Nowel-Comber-Durrant-Elliott-Newman-Saxby), 1672-1912
AMS5721 Framfield copyhold land S of the White Lion at Terrible Down, Laughton, with a Dicker allotment in Chiddingly (Swain-Newington-Markwick-Sturt-Shoesmith-Smith), 1695-1889
AMS5722 Tabernacle Chapel, 3 High Street, Lewes (Pellatt-Verrall-Goldsmith-Wille and Stanford-Tabernacle trustees-Sussex Congregational Union), 1691-1935
AMS5723 Hatchard family of St Leonards including J A Hatchard, vicar of St Leonards: 58, 97, 104-107 Marina and 45-47 Caves Road, and the Wiltshire estate of the Holford family of Devizes; 1834-1899; 12 Lansdowne Terrace Eastbourne (Cavendish-Peerless-Toms-Latter-Pearson), 1876-1877; Barnhurst in Etchingham and Salehurst (Peckham-Micklethwaite-Coleman-Pakenham), 1812-1863
AMS5724 Flackley Ash Farm, Peasmarsh (Morris-Crockford), 1850-1857; 28 Burlington Place, Eastbourne (Witham-Frazer), 1887
AMS5725 119 Marina, St Leonards (Smith-Chapman-White-Grant-Povey-Turner), 1895-1919
AMS5726 Bulls Barn and 39½a in Ditchling (Russell-Abergavenny-Pitcher), 1891
AMS5727 Assignment of Lewes Gas Company Shares, Tamplin's executors-Wood, 1830
AMS5728 4 New Steine, Brighton (Kemp-Thunder-Pledge-Mitchell-Gray-Beckwith), 1789-1844; 2 Wellington Square, Hastings (Cossum-Dodgsort-Gaze), 1819-1881; 20 Duke Street, Brighton, with goodwill of tobacconist's business (Cohen-Wordsworth), 1933
AMS5729 Antiquarian collection
Sackville/Dorset estate leases: Milton in Arlington, to Boyce, 1698; The Lodge in Chailey, to Bonner, 1663; Rowses Manor in East Grinstead, to Bartholomew, 1667; Imberhorne demesne called The Millpond in East Grinstead, to Bodle, 1689; Woo and Beaches near Cansiron in Hartfield, Hallcombe otherwise Nicholas-Jarrett, 1633; Marshcopland and Pokemeadow in Hartfield, to Kingsland, 1650; Tye Farm Hartfield, to Turner, 1660; tenement in Church Lane Hartfield, to Inkpen, 1669; Bintons Boardwright at Holtye Common in Hartfield, to Woodgate, 1671; house and land in Hartfield Street, to Thatcher, 1709; Knights Hall, Pound Cottage and Westfield in Hartfield, to Pope, 1713, to Farmer, 1725; Erlowiswick in Kingston, Herbert-Caldicott-Lane, 1634-1654; Winterbourne and Houndean Barns in Lewes, to Medley, 1703; Hewkines Crofts in Withyham, to Middlemore, 1628; Blackham Court in Withyham, to Medhurst, 1634; Frayes in Withyham, to Palmer, 1650; Dales and Newnhams in Withyham, to Tias, 1662; Hoden Farm in Withyham, Elliott to Constable, 1669; Somerford Grange in Withyham, Packer-Morley, 1682; Sharlocks, Claylands and Bleechmead and a watermill in Withyham, to Crondwell, 1689; Stoneland with a farm and smithy and Hilders Farm in Withyham, to Fermour, 1690; Prowds otherwise Holmans in Withyham, to Weller, 1697; Somerford Grange in Withyham, to Morley, 1698; cottage and 1a with 12a to be enclosed from Ashdown Forest in Withyham, to Jenner, 1699; cottage on the Fidges Gate to Duddleswell road with 2a to be enclosed from Ashdown Forest in Withyham, to Bennet, 1699; Somerford Grange in Withyham, to Weller, 1709; Beachgreen Farm in Withyham, to Francis, 1725; office of deputy feodary of the duchy of Lancaster, to Cheesman, 1660; bailiwick of the half-hundred of Loxfield Dorset, to Cheesman, 1669; house and land [?Ivyland] at Netherfield in Battle (Gibson-Smalfield-Finch), 1526; Ivyland in Battle (Martin and Yielding to Peckham), 1672; house in Middlebrough, Battle (Crownage-Birch), 1655-1686; Browns Wood in Catsfield and Kelkmead and the Old Hop Garden in Battle (Weekes-Markwick), 1697-1706; Toft and land called the Hall at Berwick Tye (Caley-Busbridge-Allen), 1697; house and 2½a in Bodiam (Bourne-Hollands), 1643; Northlands Farm Bodiam (Baker-Levett), 1779; Whates and 1½a in Burwash, (Noakes-Cruttenden), 1703; Brownings in Burwash and Rosefields in Brede (Polhill-Polhill), 1704; Herdisbeak in Catsfield (French and Ballard to Ellis), 1595; house and 5a at Catsfield Green (Christopher-Keys-Bine), 1694-1705; part of Fartlands in Catsfield (Easton-Markwick), 1714; Heylildreden in Chiddingly (Howell-Streater-Scarlett-Swaine), 1659-1681; house and land in Eastbourne, copyhold of Netherinn (Bodle-Wilford-West), 1872; Buckant, Mawfield and Southcroft in Ewhurst (Cruttenden-Panton-?Bartlett), 1638; manor of Fairlight otherwise Frenchcourt (Hedger-Igglesden), 1716; two houses and land in Firle (Smith-Tourle), 1712; Wargraves in Herstmonceux (Lancaster-Stone) 1751; settlement on marriage of Richard Yielding and Elizabeth Pattenden: Great Hunts and 100a in Hollington, 1662; upland and drowned land in Iden (Robins-Cruttenden-Winder-Turk), 1658-1689; marshland in Iden (Chadwick-Sisley-Norris), 1711-1718; Common Mead and part Sands Wood at Chelwood Common in Maresfield (Mills-Day), 1731; barn and 32a part of Wenborns in Mayfield (Watts-Coe-Peckham), 1688-1723; Walters Farm Mountfield (Levett-Birch), 1607; Tunstall, Westbournes and Lotts in Mountfield, Braban family, 1731-1769; The Thorne and 63a in Ninfield and Sumers in Bexhill (Yielding-Carpenter-Sampson), 1638-1725; newly-built house in Northiam (Mathye-Mocock), 1603; settlement by John Iden: house and 72a in Northiam, Scoures Town in Ewhurst and property in Marden, Kent, 1619; Quickbourne in Northiam (Seamer-Tucker; Larkin), 1712-1770; settlement on marriage of John Harrington with Mary Englefield: manor and advowson of Ore, 1665; house and 60a with Hides Wood in Peasmarsh (Shephard-Spray), 1692; Thomas Land, Gerrards and Mean Wish in Penhurst (Relfe-Petter-Petter), 1617; 5a near Jarvis Brook and 8a called Wellfield in Rotherfield (Butcher-Butcher), 1670; 2a near Waterdown Forest in Rotherfield (Turner-Tompsett-Marchant), 1672; 3 houses in Longer Street Rye (Ashby-Spye), 1628; house in Market Ward and 2 stables in Baddings Ward, Rye (Thomas-Rason), 1642; house in Longer Street Rye (Gilford-Cadman), 1654; house in Longer Street Rye (Weight and Allen-Hounsell), 1742; house and stable in Longer Street Rye (Gravener-Thorpe), 1748; land in Northbridge Street Salehurst (Norden-Dunk), 1595; settlement of the tithes from several properties in Salehurst (Norman-Weller), 1638; Nethergers in Salehurst (Leader-Gill), 1683; farm at Kings Hill in Salehurst (Gillett-Mercer), 1700-1707; Maynards, Holmans, Green Croft, Broomyfield and Henrys Field in Salehurst and Brightling (Butler-Peckham-Braban), 1660-1720; The Five Bells near Salehurst church (Braban-Braban), 1731; Salehurst Mead in Salehurst (Weller-Weller), 1741; 2 barns, oasthouse and 103a in Salehurst (Weller-Taylor), 1745; Stonehouse (formerly Littleworth), copyhold of Robertsbridge, in Salehurst (Weller-Weller), 1751; house and land at Sedlescombe, copyhold of Battle (Braban-Snepp), 1721; Stock and The Noore in Ditchling (to Langford) and a house and 50a in Stanmer (to Michelbourne), 1640; settlement on marriage of Nicholas Saunders and Ann Barton: Finchcocks in Ticehurst (May-Saunders), 1626; Terrys Field and newly-built house in Wadhhurst Bryan-Fisher), 1650-1656; part of Faircrouch Manor in Wadhurst (Foche, Gibson and Jacob-Benge-Weller), 1697; land near Barley Mill in Wadhurst (Baldock-Bray), 1705; capital messuage near Wadhurst Town (Dunmoll family), 1723; Turners in Warbleton (Chilley-Wood-Fairfoot), 1686; manor of Buxsteep, mill and a farm in Warbleton, Dallington and Ashburnham (Gerrard and Martin-Weller-Avery), 1700; Stoneland in Warbleton (Baker-Gilbert), 1708-1720; Padgham in Warbleton and Dallington (Weller-Ellis), 1729; Sandhole in Warbleton (Avery-Bennett), 1754-1772; Teagues Field on Bayley Lane Wilmington, copyhold of Wilmington (Hamper-Richardson), 1702; house and garden in Middle Street Winchelsea (Convers-Convers), 1548; house and garden in the 13th quarter, Winchelsea (Henley and Milward-Isted), 1609; Podstream in Wivelsfield (Hurst-Wood), 1628; Griggs in Wivelsfield (Scrase-Neale), 1666
AMS5730 Lewes Rowing Club: subscription book, 1874-1901; annual report, 1899
AMS5731 19 and 20 Frederick Street, Brighton (Scrase-Martin-Carden-Redman), 1829-1888
AMS5732 Middletons near Otham in Hailsham (Crowhurst-Crowhurst), 1765; appointment of John Mynn of Hailsham, 1813; grant of freedom of Pevensey, 1823; accounts of the executors of WSP Mynn with the beneficiaries, 1893; genealogical notes, Crowhurst and Mynn families
AMS5733 11 West Street, Lewes (Harben-Standley-Soper-Corner-Reynolds-Beckett-Lea-Nicholson-Huggett-Lewes Co-operative Society), 1673-1916
AMS5734 Sackville estate in Lewes and elsewhere, final concord, 1754
AMS5735 Hanly in Barcombe (Coby-Heasman), 1650; property in Beckley (atte Hope-Woodhall-Edward), 1452; probate of Joseph Marner of Brighton, 1782; manor of Shodwell in Buxted (Stapley-Kilner), 1579; grant of annuity, Black of Etchingham to a Bridge, 1545; Hyrwall in Ewhurst (Coding-Fletcher-Atwood), 1345; estate in Ewhurst (Baron to Baron and Tokye), 1525; Ewhurst and Northiam (Gossip-Cheesman-Iden), 1588; house at Colemans Hatch Hartfield (Coleman-Coleman), 1634; 7r at Windmill Hill in Wartling (Naylor-Luxford), 1755; land at Cregge in Icklesham (Harengod-Jolif-Palmer), 1308; house in Eastport Lane Southover (Hunter-Hunter, Thetcher-Waller), 1615, 1646; house in Lewes St Ann (Harwood and West-Coby), 1668; cartulary of estates of John Webb Woollgar: 24 North Street Lewes (Durrant-Cooper-West-Marten and Soper-Stokes-Boore-Boys-Pugh-Egles-Woollgar, 1793-1824), estate of John Grover on the S side of Cliffe High Street, purchased by JWW in 1821; The Holy Lamb in Cliffe (Galloway-Spence-English-Cooper-Drowley-Novis-Sidney-Chatfield-Felingham-Piercy-Wood and Tamplin-Wood-JWW, 1743-1830); Bivelham in Mayfield and a cottage late Mundays (Elliott-Collins), 1699; cottage in Mountfield (Ashburnham-Quithampton), 1676; Gossip of Rye to feoffees, 1517; bond, Culpeper of Wigsell in Salehurst to Kenward, 1590; recovery, Salehurst, Blewett-Aynscombe, 1594; Ponts Brook in Salehurst (Fowle and Boys-Busbridge), 1671; Courtmarsh in Willingdon (Woodward-Gildredge-Brooke), 1659; arbitrators' award, Wood v Alchorne, land in Clayton, 1540; shop in East Street Brighton (Gorringe-Treyer-Rich), 1776-1832; 37-45, 51-55 Cumberland Place Brighton (Manser and Mutton-Pink), 1858-1864; Corner otherwise Hogg House, Gildridge and Lockyers in Buxted (Pickering-Earle-Thornton, including settlement on the marriage of John Earle and Jane Kenward, 1705), 1654-1723; houses in St Mary Lane, Lewes (Pelham-Hutchin), 1655, (Dungate-Blunden-Trayton-Valentine), 1649-1664; orchard in Southover (Cheale-Kent and Willard-Cruttenden-Baker and Tuppen), 1825-1827; calendar by R G Rice of deeds of the Maresfield Park estate, 1405-1832, compiled 1903; pedigree of Pierce of Westfield, temp H8 - 1637; 95a part of Franklins manor in Wivelsfield (Luxford-Attree), 1653; map of John Attree's Theobalds and Antye in Wivelsfield by Richard Daynes, 1659; rental of rape of Hastings castleguard and cottage rents compiled by E Austen, 1717-1725
AMS5736 Poor rate for Lewes All Saints, 1675; list of tenants of Lewes Borough charity properties, 1776; printed broadsheets concerning public meetings, lettings of borough properties, elections and subscriptions in Lewes, 1780-1816; printed verses on the retirement of John Baxter, printer, 1858; Borough Bonfire Society programme, 1898
AMS5737 Map of Michael and Robert Grace's estate in Icklesham by Charles Stephens, 1758; John Watson's Perryfield Farm in Peasmarsh by William Jemmett, 1765; Stile House Farm in Rotherfield by W and J Budgen, 1829
AMS5738 Map of John Woollett's house and land in Playden and Rye by W Manser the younger, 1811
AMS5739 Gildrerds, the great barn and 54a in Hailsham and Herstmonceux (Curteis, Gilbert, Roberts and Jefferay to Busbridge, Webb and Roberts), 1699
AMS5740 Minute book of Groombridge Cricket Club, 1891-1921 with statements of account, 1906-1915
AMS5741 Records of Mayfield Chapel Benefit Society, 1927-1970
AMS5742 Antiquarian collection of Percival Lucas: land in East Blatchington (Page family), 1646; Popinhole in Mountfield and Whatlington (Iden-Worge), 1663; house 2 barns and 6a in Eastbourne, Tutt-Sutton, 1663; settlement on the marriage of Joseph Westbourne and Jane Bill: Shadwells in Hailsham and marsh at Chilley and Manxey in Pevensey, 1676; land in Eastbourne (Hutchin-Willard), 1701; settlement on marriage of Thomas Mannington and wife Abigail: house called Summers near Bodiam Bridge, 1661; settlement on the marriage of John West and Joan Noakes: house and 2a at Dallington churchyard, 1661; land part of Collinghams in Dallington (Clarke-Lattenden-Clarke), 1684; advowson of Hailsham (Wenham-Hooper), 1693; 28a waste in Broadreed Wood Mayfield (Nevill-Muddle and Relfe), 1638; land in Mayfield (Hepden-Elliott), 1640; part of Broadhurst in Mayfield (Hepden-Elliott), 1646-1677; settlement of marshland in Ninfield, Pevensey, Hailsham and Wartling by Thomas Luxford, 1631; parts of Kitchenhams Farm in Peasmarsh (Hall-Waters-Beeching), 1669-1675; terrier of land in Piddinghoe common laines (Smith-Alford-Buckoll), 1718; house and land in Rye (Harrison-Cooper), 1630; house, kitchen and the site of a house in Middle Street and a house in The Butchery, Rye (Breeds-Breeds and Tucker), 1740-1741; Asteford in Sedlescombe and Ewhurst (Davey-Holman), 1655; capital messuage called Hale and 60a in Withyham (Weller-Saxby), 1646
AMS5743 Records of Davey and Son, plumbers of 162, 163 and 181 High Street Lewes, 1855-1965
AMS5744 Coney family of Burwash, butchers, 14th-18th centuries
Wills, probates and inventory, 1611-1648; Nether Goodsole in Burwash (Coney-Maunser), 1648-1673; Mount House Burwash (Glasier-aWyke-Hepden-Roper-Stephens-Coney), 1318-1672; Biggs Place Ticehurst (Frend-Coney), 1450-1694; Woodlands and Highlands in Burwash (Byne-Manser-Byne-Coney), 1629-1683; Chillies Mead in Burwash, copyhold of Burwash (Caly-Cruttenden; Gowen-Piper-Gowen-Coney), 1659-1687; house adjoining Burwash parsonage, copyhold of Burwash (Barnes-Spray-Coney), 1672-1692; estate of John Coney of Wadhurst (d1689): land in Robertsbridge and Westerham, Kent, 1661-1704; marshland at Chilley in Pevensey (Mabley-Comber-Jordan-Maynard-Coney), with property at Brenchley in Kent and a capital messuage in Pevensey, 1530-1694; house late Jefferys in Burwash (Newington-Coney), 1698; settlement on marriage of John Coney and Mary Lovelace, 1701; house and croft in Burwash, copyhold of Burghurst (Moor-Coney), 1703-1708; manor of Northye in Bexhill and Hooe (Webb-Coney), 1704; Bowmans Farm Burwash (Byne-Coney, Byne-Lucas-Cruttenden-Langham-Newington-Cayle), including settlement on the marriage of Simon Coney and Elizabeth Avery, 1640, 1452-1705; leasehold in near Dudwell Mill in Burwash (Wilson-Coney), 1706; Ashlands in Burwash and Etchingham (Lunsford-Cooper-Davis), Poppinghole in Whatlington (aWood-Kemp; Hill-Webb-Bennett-Harvey-Bird-Davis) and Youngland in Mountfield (Medhurst, English-Davis); (Davis-Dyne and Hicks-Coney), 1589-1708; copyhold at Poppinghole in Whatlington (Hooper-Coney), 1710-1712; the whole estate, 1713-1732; resettlement of 1732; the whole estate (including settlement on the marriage of John Coney and Damaris Smersall, 1753, and the sale of Youngland to Thomas Usher, 1759), 1753-1771; Bicknell Coney's inheritance from John Coney, 1775-1801; documents not apparently connected (Alciston copyhold settlement by John Cleaver, 1639; underwood sale, Battle, Montague-Western for Brede Furnace, 1677; probate of Thomas Alchorne of Mayfield, 1569; receipt for Tullyshatch Mayfield, Sawyer-Avery, 1579; messuage at Vinehall in Mountfield, Matthew-Iden, 1568; land at Aldrington, Owden-Price, 1639; Bailey of Mayfield deceased arbitration, Mayfield and Rotherfield, 1489; messuage and 9a in Westham, Kenchley-Purchin, 1664; 1458-1677
AMS5745 Estate of Robert Gear of Cuckfield and St Anns House Lewes in Brighton, Hastings, Lewes and Kent 1639-1920
Now listed as AMS6199/13/1-125
AMS5746 Messuage, woodhouse and carpenter's shop in Seaford (Alwork-Dunstone-Birch), 1808; plot 64, Seaford Park Estate in East Blatchington (Gell-Watson-Dennis-Lambe-Carter), 1877-1892
AMS5747 Letter from [John Baker Holroyd], Lord Sheffield, to John Apsley Dalrymple, concerning JAD's company of the North Pevensey Legion; 1805
AMS5748 Cottage and 1½ rods in Mayfield (Dray-Day, Piper), 1632
AMS5749 Durrant House, Market Street, Rye, (Barnes-Christmas-Durrant-Clark-Brown-Marshall), with pedigree and register extracts for the family of John Mercer Durrant, 1867; 1786-1936
AMS5750 Minutes, accounts, membership lists and annual reports of the Brighton and Hove Clerical Society, 1878-1976

Title deeds of no. 54 Southover High Street  AMS5701  [n.d.]

Source of acquisition: Deposited on 30 Jan 1980 (A2509)

Related information: The following documents also include title deeds from 1781 relating to Anne of Cleves House, in the grounds of which no. 54 was built in 1825. For additional deeds of Anne of Cleves House, see Sussex Archaeological Society, S.A.T. 160-163

Conveyance (Lease and Release)  AMS5701/1,2  27, 28 Mar 1781

(a) Thomas Harben of the Cliff, near Lewes, esq., Thomas Rickman of the Cliff, merchant, assignees of the estate of Aaron Winton of South Malling, grazier, dealer and chapman, a bankrupt b) Thomas Harben as in a), c) John Verrall of Southover maltster, d) Josias Smith of Lewes, gent
Messuage, malthouse, buildings, stables, woodhouse, 2 gardens and orchard in Southover in occ. of c)
Recites mortgage of 18, 19 Jan 1780 to Robert Austen of Lewes, clerk, for £400, assignment of 30 Sept 1780 to William Henry Benge of Lewes, gent, and further assignment of 26 Jan 1781 to Thomas Harben. Recites that John Verrall contracted to purchase the property for £500 before Aaron Winton, the elder, became a bankrupt. Now a) convey the premises to c) and assign the term of years to d)

Certificate of Contract for the redemption of land tax of John Verrall of Southover  AMS5701/3  21 March 1799

For a house, land and premises in Southover in occ. of John Verrall, house and premises in occ. of William Evans, house and premises in the occ. of William Shadgett, and house, malthouse, land and premises in occ of John Verrall and Henry Verrall

Conveyance  AMS5701/4  29 Sept 1849

a) John Chatfield Madgwick of Lewes, gent., William Madgwick of Alciston, gent., John Webb Woollgar of Lewes, esq. b) Richard Relfe Verrall of Swanborough in Iford, gent., c) John Verrall of Swanborough, gent
1) Malthouse with yard and outbuildings adjoining in occ of John Langford and Thomas Hoather and an ancient dwelling house with yard about the middle of Southover Street chiefly occupied by weekly tenants
2) Two messuages lately erected by Harry Verall, dec'd and situate in High Street, Southover, together with a small detached building or counting house at the S.E. corner of the orchard, the westernmost messuage in occ. of Margaret Barr, wid., and the easternmost in occ. of Maria Verall, spinster
3) Orchard or meadow (1a) at the back or N. side of the messuages
a) to b) for life, remainder to c)

Mortgage for £2,000  AMS5701/5  12 Oct 1850

Richard Relfe Verrall of Swanborough, Iford, gent to John Chatfield Madgwick of Lewes, gent., William Madgwick of Alciston, gent. and John Webb Woollgar of Lewes
Premises as in AMS5701/4
Endorsed: reconveyance dated 5 Sept 1851

Mortgage for £1,000  AMS5701/6  6 Sept 1851

Richard Relfe Verrall of Newhall in Henfield, gent. to John Verrall of Swanborough, Iford, gent
Premises as in AMS5701/4

Statutory mortgage for £300  AMS5701/7,8  18 Aug 1903

2 copies

a) Richard Relfe Verrall of Falmer gent, to Edward Andrews Nicholson of Lewes, gent
1) Premises as in no. 4 (shown on plan)
2) Garden surrounded with walls (measurements given) in occ. of Richard Hoather and now of Thomas Muzzell abutting Southover High St. to the N., close called Parsonage close belonging to the Vicarage of Kingston whereon a barn formerly stood and to the garden formerly of John Mercer to the W., to a parcel of land formerly called the South Hams but now the Manor Field to the S. and to the stable and garden formerly of Hugh Ingram and now Rev. Henry Manning Ingram to the E
3) Pieces of land (shown on map) in Southover

Transfer of Mortgage  AMS5701/9  27 Mar 1907

a) Edward Andrews Nicholson and James Hubert Husey Hunt to b) Parties as in a) and John Burder Powell and William Edward Nicholason
Premises as in AMS5701/7

Reconveyance  AMS5701/10  24 Dec 1910

Edward Andrews Nicholson, James Hubert Husey Hunt of Lewes, gent., John Burder Powell of Mayfield, gent. and William Edward Nicholson of Lewes gent. to Relfe Harry Verrall of Falmer Court, Lewes, gent
Premises as in AMS5701/7

Conveyance  AMS5701/11  6 Dec 1911

Relfe Harry Verrall of Mary Farm, Falmer, esq. to Ada Verrall of Mary Farm, Falmer
Freehold messuage with gardens and small building in the N.E. corner, known as 'Fernside', no. 54
High St., Southover in occ. of H.S. Potter (shown on plan)

Abstract of title 1781-1849 of the devisees in trust under the will of late Harry Verrall to lots 2, 3, 4 and 7 in the printed sale particulars  AMS5701/12  1849

Ie. premises as in no. 4 and pieces of brookland called Willow Brook (12a) on the S. side of the Hither Rye. For a copy of the sale particulars see Sussex Archaeological Society, SAT 160)

Abstract of title 1781-1849 of the devisees under the will of the late Harry Verrall to lot 3 in the sale particulars ie to nos. 53 and 54 Southover High Street  AMS5701/13  1849

Abstract of title (1849-1910) of the administrators of the will of Richard Relfe Verrall to no. 54 High Street  AMS5701/14  1911

Tithe redemption certificate, provisional valuation under 1910 Finance Act and covering letter from Steven Son and Pope to E G Burbridge re deeds to no. 54 Southover High Street  AMS5701/15/1-3  1912, 1929

Will of Robert Randoll  AMS5702  [n.d.]

Source of acquisition: Document deposited by Berkshire R.O. June 1963 (D562)

Copy will of Robert Randoll of Herrings in Dallington and Nassau St., Westminster (annotated 'died 5 July 1783') dated Aug 1782, proved PCC  AMS5702/1  Aug 1784

Related information: The Herrings estate was purchased by the Earl of Ashburnham in 1801. Among the Ashburnham records in ESRO there are earlier title deeds (L1195-1261) dating back to 1659 and a survey and valuation of the estate, 1793-4 (ASH 2364) made for Patrick George Craufurd
Randoll had inherited this estate from his uncle Robert Burnett
Another copy of this will is SAS RF8/94. Other documents in this collection refer to properties mentioned in the will - RF8/92-97, RF9/115-117

Apart from legacies to named relatives and friends, Randoll's property was divided into two parts. The Herrings estate passed to RR's widow Margaretta for life, then to his nephew Patrick Craufurd. The rest of the property, including houses in Nassau St. and Inner Scotland Yard, was to pass to Margaretta for as long as she remained a widow, then to RR's kinsman Robert, son of his first cousin James Randoll. The Sussex property among this residue was as follows
1. Farmhouse and land Thomdale in Ashburnham, purchased from John Fuller of Parkgate, tenant Henry Heathfield
2. Farmhouse and land Reedlands in Ashburnham, purchased from Elisha Biscoe Esq., tenant John Noakes
3. House and land in Dallington 'the Beech land' adjoining Dallington Street, purchased from Rev Mr Phipp, tenant John Cruttenden
4. Farm and land in Dallington 'Sert or Assert lands', held of the manor of Burwash, purchased from Goddard Cruttenden of Ripe, tenant widow Tendall
5. Freehold lands in Dallington 'Stackenden' purchased from John Earl of Ashburnham, tenant John Bartlett

Documents relating to 6, 10 and 16 Terminus Road, Eastbourne 1892-1909  AMS5703  [n.d.]

Source of acquisition: Document deposited by Donne Mileham and Haddock, Solicitors, 36 High Street, Steyning per WRSO, 8 February 1980 (A 2515)

On 3 May 1873 Henry Stapley senior of Annington near Steyning yeoman settled the property on his daughter Ellen Elizabeth, wife of Thomas Pearson of New Shoreham, stock auctioneer, and her children. One of her four children, Frederick Thomas Pearson of New Shoreham and Hove, solicitor, mortgaged his reversionary interest to secure overdrafts with the Capital and Counties Bank in 1892 (1), T H Allen and Co of London in 1894 (2) The London and Midland Bank in 1896 (4) John Charles Buckwell of Brighton solicitor in 1897 (6) and Lloyds Bank in 1898 (7)
Pearson eventually became bankrupt and foreclosure was permitted by order in chancery in 1902 (9). The bank sold the reversion to Walter Barnett Styer of 2 Threadneedle Street London esq on 21 November 1902 and after a mortgage to themselves re-conveyed it to Styer 10 May 1909 (11)

Register of five policies  AMS5704  [n.d.]

Source of acquisition: Deposited by the Sun Alliance and London Insurance Group, Feb. 1980 (A2518)

Register of Fire Policies  AMS5704/1  1820s to 1878

Related information: Some documents relating to this family are to be found in Hastings Museum

Alliance Co. Hastings; agent: Thomas Breeds
It was normal procedure for completed registers to be sent in to Central Office. Thomas Breeds and Co of 61 High Street, Hastings were named as local agents for Alliance in the 1867 Post Office directory. The firm was described as 'coal merchants, ship owners and brewers' and much of the custom of the agency came from the family, some clearly from the public houses owned by the brewery

Documents relating to a property on the West side of Keere Street, Lewes, 1582 and unidentified properties in Southover, 1555 and 1825  AMS5705  [n.d.]

Source of acquisition: Deposited by the Suffolk Record Office (part of Acc. 12, Moyses Hall Museum Collection) on 21 Apr 1977 (A2077)

Final Concord  AMS5705/1  Trinity Term 1555

Clement Puggesley, querent v. Andrew Puggesley, [...] deforciant
2 messuages, 2 gardens & 3 a. pasture in Southover

Quitclaim  AMS5705/2  7 July 1582

Edward Pelland of Cuckfield, yeoman, to William Newton of Southover, yeoman
One croft, 1 parcel of land & meadow adjoining in parish of St Peter and the Blessed Virgin Mary & St. Michael the Archangel in the borough of Lewes between the land of the former monastery of St Pancras next Lewes called Amery [? Almonry] land on the S, the highway leading from the said monastery to the borough of Lewes on the E, the tenement or garden formerly George Thorneton's on the N, one croft of land called horescroft & the land called Antyokestreet on the W

Final Concord  AMS5705/3,4  Trinity Term 1825

2 Indentures

William Newton, gent, querent, v. William Gosden & Mary his wife, deforciants
Messuage and garden in Southover

Longridge family papers  AMS5706  [n.d.]

Source of acquisition: Documents given by Burton Yeates & Hart, 23 Surrey St, London (per BRA 1092, 1355 & 1363), 3 July 1963 & 31 May 1966
(D564, 756 & 757)

This collection of documents forms the only surviving private archive of the Langridge family, clerks of the peace of the county in three generations between 1806 and 1882. Such of the business papers of William Balcombe Langridge as remained at County Hall with the records of the court of quarter sessions were listed as LAN in the 1950s
Apart from settlements and apportionments of the whole estate (which incidentally contain useful information on the family's activities as mortgagees), the documents relate chiefly to Briggs Farm Streat, inherited by WBL from his mother Mary Balcombe and to Rockhill and Tanyard Farms Waldron, acquired by WBL from Henry Johnson
WBL's close involvement in Henry Johnson's affairs and his efforts to prevent the latter's bankruptcy suggest a concern transcending that of a solicitor for his client and the possibility that Johnson might have been a relative is supported by the appearance of a John Johnson as trustee of the 1805 settlement (see AMS5706/16)
AMS5706/1 - 10 Balcombe family and Briggs Farm Streat, 1709-1868
AMS5706/11, 12 Copyhold houses at Uckfield and Rockhill & Tanyard Farms Waldron; bankruptcy of Henry Johnson, [1720] - 1850
AMS5706/13-24 Settlements, partitions and variations of the settled estate, 1804-1868
AMS5706/25-27 Leases of Esher estate, 1862-77

Balcombe family; Briggs Farm Streat  [no ref. or date]

Letters of administration (Lewes) of goods of Samuel Baulcomb of Preston granted to his widow Sarah  AMS5706/1  19 Aug 1709

Notebook containing detailed administrator's accounts  AMS5706/2  1709-1713

The main items in these accounts concern 3 copyholds at Streat held of Streat manor which seem to have been run jointly as a sheep farm. The accountant is John Cheynell
The book was re-used in 1734 & 35 for general accounts

Receipts for land tax payments by Samuel Friend, Thomas Ranger and Trayton Paine  AMS5706/3/1-10  1769-1795

(With gaps)

List of fees on admission of Mrs Langridge, 1770; licence to William and Mary Langridge to lease, 2 June 1797; receipts for quit rent, 1 Nov 1819, 1 Nov 1821  AMS5706/4/1-4  1770-1821

Receipt for Trayton Paine's rent  AMS5706/5  9 June 1802

Valuation of property by Anthony William Hodson with covering letter  AMS5706/6/1,2  6 Apr 1803

Notice to Trayton Paine from William Balcombe Langridge to quit  AMS5706/7  22 June 1811

Particulars and conditions of sale (3 copies) and printed notice of auction by Verrall and Son (3 copies)  AMS5706/8/1-6  27 July 1811

Extract from deeds of 17 Apr 1847 and 5 Jan 1850 (with plans) conveying land for London, Brighton and South Coast Railway  AMS5706/9/1-3  nd, c.1868

Tracing of property from tithe map  AMS5706/10  20 Mar 1868

Bankruptcy of Henry Johnson  [no ref. or date]

Copyhold property at Uckfield  AMS5706/11  [n.d.]

On 30 June 1797 Henry Johnson of Waldron, farmer, was admitted to three houses in Uckfield held of Framfield manor on the surrender of Thomas Farlly in whose family they had been since 1720. One is described as late John Farlly's, before Whaphams and before Ellis', the second late John Farlly's before Whaphams and before Knight's; the third is not described. By HJ's will, proved (South Malling) 9 Jan 1799 the first two were left to HJ's son HJ and the third to the testator's wife Mary for life, remainder to his son HJ. The whole estate was charged with an annuity of £60 a year payable to Mary Johnson and when Truly Manor and farm in Edburton were sold to Nicholas Hall of Brighton in 1803 she agreed that the property should be discharged from the payment and the Waldron property substituted. It was later realised that the Uckfield property remained charged
Needing money to prevent foreclosure on the Waldron property, on 22 June 1816 HJ and his sureties Henry and James Dodson of Southwark hop factors granted an annuity to William Inglis of Mile End Middlesex gent in return for £700; the property was to be surrendered to Jesse Hammerton of Great St Helens, London, gent (AMS5706/11/1). The annuity was later abstracted by W B Langridge on the back of militia notices dated 6 Oct 1818 (AMS5706/11/2)
Payments were in arrears by 4 Mar 1817 when Inglis wrote to HJ threatening 'disagreeable steps' (AMS5706/11/3)
HJ contracted with Charles Prince of Uckfield surgeon for the absolute sale of the property free of incumbrances on 27 Feb 1819 (AMS5706/11/5) and an abstract of title (AMS5706/11/6) was drawn up. On 15 Sep 1819 Prince's solicitor Richard Turner annotated the abstract with objections and a statement that the purchaser would not accept the title without an explanation of a statement by HJ's son that his father was an object of the bankruptcy laws
Charles Prince gave notice on 30 Sep 1819 that if title were not made out within a week he would consider the contract void and commence proceedings for the recovery of his deposit (AMS5706/11/7). Also in this bundle were found an envelope formerly containing releases from legacies under Henry Johnson senior's will, 16 Mar 1805 (AMS5706/11/8) and receipts by Mary Johnson for her annuity 10 Nov 1818 (AMS5706/11/9,10)

Broomfield otherwise Tanyard Farm and Rockhill Farm in Waldron  AMS5706/12  [n.d.]

Related information: For the later descent of the property see AMS5706/24

These farms are described as late John Hammond, the father of Henry Johnson senior's wife Mary (see AMS5706/12/8,9 below) and were charged, as was the Uckfield property with an annuity to her
Tanyard Farm was mortgaged to Richard Chase of Willingdon yeoman 4 Jan 1813 and Rockhill to the trustees of Mr Merrick at an uncertain date. On 15 Mar 1817 Henry Johnson mortgaged the whole estate to William Balcombe Langridge (AMS5706/12/1-3). On 10 May 1817 process was threatened by a Mr Newnham on a bond and by 20 May WBL provided £200 to satisfy it, charged on the Waldron estate (AMS5706/12/4-7)
On 13 June HJ sent a certificate of his mother's baptism (Mary daughter of John and Ann Hammond, 6 Oct 1748) to WBL which was to be included in a particular of the estate to be sold 17 June 1817 at the White Hart, Lewes. The particulars state that all but an acre (copyhold of Laughton) is freehold and subject to quitrents to the manors of Herringdales, Foxhunt, Sheldown and Chiddingly. The tanyard, containing 84 pits and 2 cottages for workmen was leased to Richard Mighell (for his apprenticeship indenture and business ledger, see AMS5575/30/1-3). Hops were grown on 8½ acres (AMS5706/12/8-14)
No sale occurred and on 1 Jan 1818 documents were drawn up for a further charge to WBL and on 27 Jan a draft deed to bar the entail by fine was prepared (AMS5706/12/15-20)
On 23 May 1818 HJ wrote to WBL enclosing a statement of his liabilities and proposals for solvency which relied on borrowing more money and receiving £900 for the hop crop (AMS5706/12/21,22). He also mentioned the possibility of an inheritance of land at Six Vents, Buxted bequeathed in the will of his great-grandfather; the possibility was investigated (AMS5706/12/23-25). On 1 June another £125 was raised by bond to WBL to satisfy a creditor (AMS5706/12/26). HJ received a letter from John Dawson of Edmonton, land surveyor with whom he had probably entered negotiations for the absolute sale of the farms (AMS5706/12/27). On 26 August 1818 JH assigned all his goods to Chase's executors as further security for the mortgage debt (AMS5706/12/28)
Further correspondence from John Dawson was shown to WBL who, realising that JH had not disclosed the magnitude of the incumbrances on the estate, requested the return of the abstracts which JH had lodged; 6-13 Sep 1818 (AMS5706/12/29-33). On 13 Nov 1818 the mortgage to Richard Chase's executors was satisfied (after they had threatened process) and the solicitors' account settled by WBL on 30 Nov (AMS5706/12/34)
WBL wrote to Palmer and France, solicitors, 21 June 1819 asking for advice since he was 'a novice in the bankruptcy laws' (AMS5706/12/35). HJ authorised sale of the estate 6 Sep 1819 and deposited the deeds with Christopher Kell, solicitor [WBL's partner] as security for his costs; these were paid by WBL 30 Aug 1836 (AMS5706/12/36-38)
R Holman of Framfield valued the estate (still subject to the annuity) and it was advertized for sale in London 12 Oct 1819. A plan of the estate (now LAN 305) was stated to be available at WBL's office (AMS5706/12/39-45). The estate was presumably sold to WBL (see AMS5706/12/52,53 below)
Sale of the goods and chattels of Henry Johnson a bankrupt took place 30 Dec 1819 - 1 Jan 1820; two catalogues (AMS5706/12/47,48) are partially marked. WBL paid Merricks' executors the sum owed in Oct 1820 and on 26 Mar 1821 the tanyard was advertised to let (AMS5706/12/49-51). WBL paid land tax for the property in 1825 & 26 (AMS5706/12/52,53). On Mar 1838 some title to the estate was passed to John Johnson, son of HJ, having been valued by James Hodson in May 1837 (AMS5706/12/54,55)
In January 1839 HJ, whose arrears of rent and debts to WBL amounted to £800 agreed to surrender his tenancy in place of George J, Henry Leeves J, Edward J, William J and Benjamin J, presumably his sons. The arrangement was that the lease should be vested in them all jointly but the land farmed by WJ, who however refused to concur to the terms. The deed was signed by all the parties except WJ 28 Jan 1839 and a bond in £1200 accepted by WBL in lieu of the debts on 12 Feb 1839. Wishing to end the interests claimed by the other brothers, George Cooke as agent for WBL served notice on WJ on 18 June 1844 having previously agreed to re-let to WJ alone. Dissatisfied with WJ's handling of the business and WBL's new lease, the brothers entered a bill in chancery on 11 May 1846 against William Vidler Langridge (son and executor of WBL) and George Cooke. On 20 Nov 1850 the surviving plaintiffs (BJ had died in Aug 1847) released their actions against WJ (AMS5706/12/57)

Settlements, partitions and variations of the settled estate, 1804-68  [no ref. or date]

Conveyance to trustees (lease and release)  AMS5706/13,14  29 & 30 June 1804

William Balcombe Langridge of Lewes gent and his sister Mary L of Lewes spinster to Philadelphia Frewen of Northiam spinster and Henry Brooker of Brighton gent
Garden, timberyard, carpenter's shop and sawhouse, part of a cottage and land (¾a) occupied by Morris and Howell, then Robert Walter esq. now Henry Dunton gardener and John Hilton carpenter; once owned by Katherine Pellatt then Leonard Gall then William Langridge in All Saints, Lewes
S: Southover to Lewes bridge road; W: St Mary Lane and land of St John sub castro parsonage; E: St Nicholas Lane; N: parsonage land and land once belonging to Samuel Noell's house
Timberyard etc. bounded E: St Nicholas Lane; W: St Mary Lane; N: parsonage land and All Saints' parish poorhouse; S: Southover to Lewes Bridge road
On trust to hold in moieties for WBL and ML

Assignment of personalty  AMS5706/15  30 June 1804

Mary Langridge of Lewes, spinster (surviving daughter of William L of Lewes builder deceased) to her brother William Balcombe L of Lewes gent
Her interest in
2 cottages and land (14a) at Streat to which Mary wife of WL was admitted 7 Nov 1770
House and land (1a) called Pouches at Ringmer, mortgaged by Mary Elphick of Ringmer spinster to WL, 17 Oct 1774. House in Lewes St Ann in WBL's occupation and adjoining house occupied by widow Jones, both mortgaged to Elizabeth Riggles of Southover widow conveyed from WL to WBL 17 Aug 1794
East end of a house [? in Scuthover] mortgaged by James Beadle of Southover to Thomas Newman of Hellingly and assigned to WBL, 27 Oct 1802
Promissory note from John Edwards Maynard of Mayfield to WL, 15 May 1802
Conditional surrender of copyhold of Laughton manor, Henry Shelley of Laughton yeoman to WL, 11 May 1802
Recites: will of WL; death of WL, daughter Sarah and wife Mary; previous division of freehold except a garden, timberyard, carpenter's shop and sawhouse in Lewes All Saints

Pre-nuptial settlement  AMS5706/16  7 February 1805

Abigail Vidler of Milbank, Westminster, spinster (daughter of John Vidler and Frances, niece of William Moore of Esher Surrey deceased); William Balcombe Langridge of Lewes gent; John Vidler of Milbank coachmaker and William Green of Lewes esq
AV to marry WBL; she conveys to JV and WG as trustees
Leasehold (from 1769) house on N side of Union St, St Margarets Westminster; £2000 3% consols; expectancy (with George Moore V, John V, James V, Finch V, Frances V and Mary V her brothers and sisters) under the wills of William Moore and George Moore
Endorsed: appointment of John Johnson junior of Horseferry Road Westminster paviour in place of John V deceased, 21 Dec 1810; appointment of John Holroyd of Esher esq in place of William G deceased, 9 Nov 1820; appointment of William Vidler Langridge in place of John Holroyd deceased, 16 May 1840

Appointment of trustee  AMS5706/17  9 May 1817

Abigail Langridge appoints George Palmer of Doughty St St Pancras in place of James Esdaile Hammet of Lombard St trustee of a bond executed by her deceased father to secure her portion (see AMS5706/16)
Not executed by JEH and GP

Release  AMS5706/18  3 Apr 1827

Related information: For these deeds and earlier title see AMS5720

William Elphick of Newhaven esq to William Balcombe Langridge of Lewes esq and Mary L of Lewes spinster his sister
The residue of a 1000 year lease (created 30 Nov 1727) to which he is entitled of
2 houses and brewhouses once occupied by John Turniss and Henry Dunton, bounding E: St Nicholas Lane; N: premises late Thomas Harben's garden and stable; W: land of St John sub Castro parsonage; S: All Saints parish poorhouse
Land in AMS5706/13 above; both part of land purchased by William Langridge of Henry Woodward, 25 Mar 1758 in All Saints, Lewes
Recites: mortgage by Katherine Pellat widow and Leonard Pellat to Leonard Gale, 30 Nov 1727; assignment to Henry Woodward and Henry Humphery his trustee by Samuel Blunt and wife Sarah (executrix of Leonard Gale), 22 Mar 1758; probate of Henry Humphery's will in PCC by Elizabeth H, Henry Jackson, William Elphick junior and George Elphick, 26 Apr 1792; death of EH, HJ and GE

Power of attorney  AMS5706/19  18 June 1844

William Balcombe Langridge of Lewes gent to his son William Vidler L of Lewes esq

Pre-nuptial settlement  AMS5706/20  22 June 1844

John Cusson Turner of Glyndebourne, Glynde, MD
Frances Langridge of Lewes, spinster; William Vidler L of Lewes esq, Thomas Binns T of Richmond Hill Surrey esq and George Cooke of Lewes gent
JCT and FL to be married; FL conveys to WVL, TB and GC
Her interest in property in Esher, Bermondsey, Southwark and elsewhere in Surrey, bequeathed by John Vidler of Westminster, coachmaker deceased father of Abigail V, wife of William Balcombe L, father of FL and WVL
Her interests under AMS5706/16 above
Endorsed: Appointment of John Hollier of 13 Gloucester Road Regents Park Middlesex esq as trustee in place of Thomas Binns deceased, 14 Mar 1849; memoranda of sales of settled property in South Malling (10 July 1860) & Dolphin Lane, Walwers Lane and Church St, Lewes (30 Apr 1868); memoranda of production in Chancery in Turner v Cooke, 1866-67

Deeds of partition of residuary estate  AMS5706/21  30 May 1849

William Vidler Langridge of Lewes esq, Frances, wife of John Cusson Turner of Brighton MD and Adeline wife of Harry Winton late of Lewes chemist now of Birmingham ship agent, children of WB Langridge of Lewes deceased. WVL to take
1. Mortgage of copyhold of Warningore manor by William and Richard Norman brickmakers, 27 Sep 1831
2. Mortgage of copyhold of Barcombe manor by Henry Austen of Barcombe butcher, 27 Oct 1834
3. Assignment of 500 year lease (from 29 Sep 1686) of land at Barcombe by HA, 17 Oct 1837
4. Mortgage of freehold houses in Lewes All Saints by Reuben William Lower, bookseller, 26 Mar 1836
5. Mortgage of freehold houses in Lewes St John by William Rose innkeeper, 27 Sep 1837
6. Mortgage of freehold house in North St, Lewes by Henry Short carpenter, 22 Sep 1842
7. Mortgage of freehold houses in York St, Lewes by James Berry jun of South Malling builder, 12 Nov 1842
8. Bond of John Saxby of Northease yeoman and Edmund Cooper of Southampton brewer, 8 July 1839
9. Mortgage of freehold at Plumpton by John Baxter sen of Lewes tanner, 9 Sep 1839
10. Bond of William Langridge builder, 29 Sep 1834
Frances Turner to take
1. Rockhill estate Waldron
2. Bond of William Falconer of Streat yeoman, 19 May 1828
3. Mortgage of freehold house in West St Brighton by Richard Green ironmonger, 24 June 1837
4. Bond of Henry Leeves Johnson, William J, George J, Edward J and Benjamin J, 19 Feb 1839
5. Mortgage of freehold in Lewes St John by Nathan Hammond confectioner, 25 Oct 1839
6. Mortgage of 'Horse and Groom' Rushlake Green Warbleton by Thomas Berry of S Malling brewer, 15 July 1839
7. Mortgage of freehold houses in Lewes All Saints and St John by Henry Short carpenter, 23 Sep 1839
8. Mortgage of leasehold in Brighton by William Humphrey carpenter, 10 June 1826
9. Mortgage of freehold house in Lewes St John, copyholds in Fisher St Lewes and Magham Down Hailsham by Richard Barratt of Falmer yeoman and William Atwood of Lewes silversmith, 3 Aug 1832
10. Promissory note of Richard Barrett, 5 Sep 1838
Adeline Winton to take
1. Bond of Harry Winton, 19 Sep 1845
2. Mortgage of 'The Rainbow' copyhold of Hamsey manor by Henry Henderson innkeeper and Eliza H of Brighton spinster, 20 Aug 1840
3. Mortgage of copyhold in Lewes St John by Henry Apsley Hilton carpenter, 17 May 1825
Endorsed: produced in Winton v Langridge, 1861

Assignment of Mortgage  AMS5706/22  2 Apr 1867

Isabel wife of William Deacon of Warwick Terrace Middlesex esq to William Kirby Johnson Langridge of Lewes gent
Four connecting paddocks (5a) S of Lewes to Brighton road in Lewes St Ann, mortgaged to them by Edward Chatfield, Henry Jeffery junior and Charles Simmons, 24 Apr 1866

Bundle of birth, baptism, marriage, death and burial certificates of members of Langridge, Vidler, Kirby, Balcombe, Johnson and Turner families  AMS5706/23  1757-1866

Produced in Turner v Cooke in Chancery, 1886 and The partition of 1868 (AMS5706/24) may have been a result of this action

Deed of partition of interests under 1844 settlement, augmented by 1849 partition  AMS5706/24  29 Sep 1868

George William Cooke of Barcombe, relieving officer and Thomas Walter Cooke of Ninfield, farmer (trustees); Walter John Turner of the cavalry barracks, Chichester, lieutenant in 3rd Hussars; Rosalie Frances Turner of the Royal Hospital Kilmainham, Dublin, spinster. RFT to take
1. Mortgage of house and land at Waldron, once (in tenure of John Jones, then Barbara Tester, J Raynes and now Thoms Herriott); two cottages called The Ragged Dog (in tenure of Samuel Heathfield, Moses Durrant and Ann Russell widow) near the Brook, Waldron, both mortgaged to trustees by Gertrude Jane Raynes, Georgina Rose aynes and John Lewis, 8 Jan 1851
2. Two houses (once occupied by Metzner esq then Ann Dutton, John Hind, Ann Wymark and Ann Elizabeth West with land adjoining northernmost with a coach house and stables (once a sawhouse, plumber painter and glazier's shop) at The Broad, South Street, Eastbourne, to which the trustees were admitted 14 Nov 1846
3. House on E side of North Street, Lewes (once occupied by John Ticehurst, John Griffith, now Richard Stevenson) built on piece of Townsend's Field purchased from Thomas Harben by George Wille and purchased by WBL from Thomas Fisher auctioneer, 25 Mar 1833
4. Mortgage debt on copyhold of Eastbourne Burton surrendered to trustees by Thomas Keeping, 15 Nov 1861
5. Mortgage debt on freehold in Lewes All Saints mortgaged to trustees by ames Broad tallow chandler, 26 July 1850
WJT to take
1. House called Broomfield and land at Waldron, held jointly with 2 as 'Rockhill', conveyed to trustees by William Johnson, 29 May 1849; barn and land held of Laughton manor, in Waldron, to which trustees were admitted 16 May 1849; lands Beyond the River (38a) in Waldron, assigned for residue of 1000 years from 29 Sep 1670 by Robert Watts, surgeon to W B Langridge, 29 June 1832; barn and land called Burnt Oak in Waldron; all conveyed to trustees, 31 Dec 1856
2. Briggs Farm, Streat
3. 4 cottages, garden and land on the E of The Broad, Eastbourne, held of Eastbourne Nether Inn to which trustees admitted 14 Nov 1846
4,5 2 houses on W of North Street Lewes (late Thomas Fisher and Eliza Button, now Henry Davey and Gilbert Amos Jenner) S of AMS5706/1/3 above built on part of Townsend's Field purchased from John Martin by George Wille and conveyed as AMS5706/1/3 above
6. Mortgage debt on 71 West St, Brighton mortgaged to trustees by John Ockenden clerk, 27 Oct 1851
7. Mortgage debt on 19 and 20 High St, Brighton (leasehold) mortgaged by William Humphrey carpenter, 10 June 1828
8. Mortgage debt on freehold land on W side of North St, Lewes, mortgaged to trustees by Joseph King, marine store dealer, 2 Nov 1864
Schedules of deeds concerning AMS5706/1/2, 3; 2/3-5, 1789-1849
Endorsed: memorandum of sale of part of AMS5706/2/3 to John Gosden, 30 Sep 1868; of AMS5706/2/2 to John Gurr of Streat, 25 Mar 1869; of AMS5706/2/1 to Robert Hillman of Cliffe, coal merchant, 5 Aug 1869

Leases of Esher estate  [no ref.]  1862-77

Lease for 10 years  AMS5706/25  1 July 1862

William Vidler Langridge of Lewes esq and Finch Vidler of Merrow, Surrey esq to Sarah Bain of Esher widow
House and land (with inventory of contents) on London to Portsmouth road in Esher

Conveyance  AMS5706/26  23 Nov 1876

Langridge and Vidler trustees to Alfred Wills of the Middle Temple esq, QC
House and land (plan in margin) at Esher High St, Surrey

Lease for 21 years  AMS5706/27  28 Dec 1877

Langridge and Vidler trustees to John Thorneley of the Middle Temple barrister
Belvidere House, S of Esher High Street; specifications for repairs attached

Photocopies of Exchequer Port Books of Rye. 1573 - 89 and Meeching 1589 - 99 in the Public Record Office, London  AMS5707  [n.d.]

Source of acquisition: The copies of Rye port books were given by R F Dell (A1606) and were used by him in Rye Shipping Records 1566 - 90, Sussex Record Society, vol LXIV, 1965 of which he was editor. This publication contains transcripts of some of the port books listed below, as well as an analysis of shipping movements 1566 - 99 recorded in both port books and maltod books (Rye 66). The photocopied extracts from the Meeching port books were purchased in 1980 for reproduction in Local History Research Unit No. 11, The Maritime Economy of Eastern Sussex 1550 - 1700 by C E Brent

Rye  [no ref. or date]

Overseas Trade  AMS5707/1/1-19  Michaelmas 1573 - Easter 1574

19 docs

[PRO E190/739/16]

Overseas Trade  AMS5707/2/1-20  Michaelmas 1573 - Michaelmas 1574

19 docs

[PRO E190/739/28] Duplicate in part of 1/1-19

Coastal Trade  AMS5707/3/1-9  Easter 1574 - Michaelmas 1574

9 docs

Related information: For a translation of parts of 3/3 and 3/4 i.e. 4 May - 9 June see R F Dell, Rye Shipping Records 1566 - 90, Sussex Record Society vol. LXIV, 1965, p. 19 - 20

[PRO E190/740/5]

Overseas Trade  AMS5707/4/1-19  Easter 1574 - Michaelmas 1574

19 docs

Related information: For a translation of parts of 4/3 and 4/11 - 13 i.e. departures 6 -24 May and arrivals 8 - 27 May, see R F Dell, Rye Shipping Records 1566 - 90, S.R.S. vol, LXIV, 1965, pp 16 - 19

[PRO 190/740/26]

Overseas Trade  AMS5707/5/1-8  Michaelmas 1587 - Easter 1588

8 docs

[PRO E190/744/17]

Overseas Trade  AMS5707/6/1-14  Michaelmas 1587 - Michaelmas 1588

14 docs

[PRO E190/744/19]

Overseas and coastal trade  AMS5707/7/1-16  Michaelmas 1588 - Michaelmas 1589

16 docs

[PRO E190/745/15]

Meeching  [no ref. or date]

Nov 1598 - May 1599 Overseas trade, Oct 1598 - Sept 1599 Coastal trade  AMS5707/8/1-3  1598-1599

[PRO E190/750/17]

Documents concerning the proposed Hellingly and Selmeston canals, 1791-92  AMS5708  [n.d.]

Archival history:
In January 1935, these three documents were seen by Roger R.Sellman, when they were in the possession of Mr Guy of Hailsham, who had contacted Sellman after the first part of his article of 'Sussex Waterways' had appeared in Sussex County Magazine, ix (1935). Mr Guy died soon afterwards, and the documents were given to Sellman, who referred to them in a letter in S.C.M., ix (May 1935). Sellman passed them to Charles Hadfield in the early 1950s, and Hadfield made use of them in The Canals of Southern England (1955) - though without direct reference - under the Cuckmere river. Early in 1971 the plans were traced to Mr Hadfield, who offered to deposit them in the East Sussex Record Office

Source of acquisition: Documents deposited 16 Aug 1971 (A1386)

Notice of an intended application to Parliament was given in the Sussex Weekly Advertiser for 12 September 1791, the proposed Act to give powers to improve Glynde Reach up to Hollebone's bridge and to make the Laughton canal. No petition was made, and a further notice appeared the following autumn (27 August 1792) mentioning only Glynde Reach; then, a fortnight later (10 September), the notice as given in AMS5708/2 appeared, making reference to two canals. Again, no petition was actually presented
Although AMS5708/1 bears no surveyor's name, there can be no doubt that it too is the work of Cater Rand of Lewes, schoolmaster and surveyor, 1749-1825. The identification can be made on stylistic grounds (compare QDP/15 and WSRO QDP/5) and is confirmed by the other item carrying his name. On Rand, see J.H. Farrant & K.C.Leslie, 'Civil Engineering in Sussex around 1800: the Career of Cater Rand', Sussex Industrial History, 6, (1973). It is notable that Rand evidently deposited the fair copy of AMS5708/3 with the Clerk of the Peace, though at that date the standing orders of neither House of Parliament required deposition of plans locally, but only the issue of a public notice at Quarter Sessions of the intended application for an Act

'Profile of the Land Fall between Hellingly Mill and the South end of Ramscomb Brooks at the Verge of the River Ouse near Lewes'  AMS5708/1  2 Sep 1791

Diagrammatic elevation of levels between the two points; depicts Hellingly Mill, Horsebridge Mill and Ripe Church
Ink and wash on paper, 75" x 26"; vertical scale: 1" x 20'; compass rose

Notice of intention to present petition to Parliament for leave to bring in a bill for the improvement of Glynde Reach and making of canals to Hellingly and Selmeston  AMS5708/2  3 sep 1792

[Printed in Sussex Weekly Advertiser, 10 Sep 1792]

'Rough Draft of Parliamentary Line of Laughton Navigation and canals to Hellingly and Selmeston in the County of Sussex - C[ater] Rand  AMS5708/3  7th November 1792'

Shows course of canals with table of reference to owners and occupiers of required land; ink on paper, 12" x 23½"
Endorsed: surveyed and reported, July, August 1792; William Wheeler, C Rand junior, W Freeman assistants
At foot: 7 Nov 1792 delivered large plan and book of reference to the solicitor Mr William Wheeler. [Wheeler was a coroner and perhaps deputy clerk of the peace]

Series of deeds concerning the property of Horatio Nelson Williams of Hastings; copy of court roll  AMS5709  [n.d.]

Source of acquisition: Documents given by Burton Yeates & Hart, 23 Surrey Street, London (per BRA 1096,1103) 14 July 1959 & 3 July 1963 (D331, D564)

Hastings  [no ref. or date]

Mortgage for £100  AMS5709/1  17 Jan 1738

Richard Davis of Hastings gent & wife Theodosia (widow of William Everrs of Hastings tobacconist, daughter of John Sargent of Hastings Mariner & wife Ann and granddaughter of John and Theodosia Waters) to the Rev. James Cranston of Bexhill
Third part of house, barn and land (50a) in widow Carswell's occupation in St Mary in the Castle, Hastings
Covenant to levy fine in Hastings court of record
W: E Hill, J Collier

Conveyance (lease and release)  AMS5709/2,3  30 Nov & 1 Dec 1827

John Williams senior of Hastings cordwainer and William Edmunds of Hastings cordwainer (executors of Edward W of Hastings cordwainer brother of JW) and Elizabeth Bellamy of Hastings widow (only child of EW) to J W junior of Hastings merchant and Edwin Martin of Battle gent his trustee
House built by EW on site of a dry house, occupied by Richard Edwards, in St Clements Hastings (boundaries not extracted)
Recites: mortgage to J W senior, 2 June 1809; proof of EW's will, 1 April 1817

Contract for lease of 7 Prospect Place High Wickham Hastings between Ann Moore Wallis of Hastings widow and Horatio Nelson Williams of Hastings wine merchant  AMS5709/4  25 Sep 1848

Acquittance by legatee to executors  AMS5709/5  3 Jan 1851

Alfred Barton of Hastings gent to John Coles Symes of Fenchurch Street London gent and Horatio Nelson Williams of Hastings merchant surviving executors of Sarah Gillbe widow of Humphrey G, grandparents AB
Details of division of personal estates under wills of HG (PCC 5 May 1834) and SG (PCC 25 Oct 1842)

Lease for 21 years from Michaelmas 1856  AMS5709/6/1  11 Sep 1856

Newman Ward of Church Yard Court, Temple, London esq to Horatio Nelson Williams of Hastings merchant
Land at West Hill, St Mary in the Castle, Hastings with post mill, smock mill and steam mill lately occupied by Andrew Amore with one brick and two timber cottages occupied by James Gallop and Cruttenden; plan (40'=1") on deed
Inventory of mills, warehouse and counting house; detailed covenants

Receipted inventory and valuation of mills, 28 Aug 1856 and receipt for purchase of equipment of steam mill, 11 Sep 1856  AMS5709/6/2  1856

Underlease of above by HNW to Walter and John Smith of Bexhill farmers for residue of term less 3 days  AMS5709/7  3 Oct 1868

Endorsed with plan of site; inventory of contents

Draft Contract for lease for 21 years  AMS5709/8  April 1872

Horatio Nelson Williams of Hastings gent. with James White of Hastings basketmaker
Carpenter's shop, warehouse & land at Courthouse Street, St Clement's Hastings

Eastbourne  [no ref. or date]

Copy of court roll, Eastbourne Gildredge  AMS5709/9  7 April 1792

Admission of Thomas Chapman of Rotherhithe Surrey schoolmaster and William Smith of Hastings carpenter trustees for sale under the will of John Latter (23 Apr 1774) after the death of his widow Elizabeth Latter
Arable (7a) late Goffs paying 8/1d in Hartfield, Eastbourne; Land (1a 2r) late Peppers paying 3/4d near a malthouse in Eastbourne; House late Roots and Kneller's paying 2d in Eastbourne

Uckfield tithe map tracing  AMS5710  [n.d.]

Source of acquisition: Given in February 1973 (A1558)

Tracing made by R J Meed of the Uckfield tithe map (N.D., but award 1841)  AMS5710/1-2  1973

2 sheets, each 30" x 70". Scale 26.6" to the mile

Heathfield map  AMS5711  [n.d.]

Source of acquisition: Document purchased from Weinreb and Douwma Ltd, 93 Great Russell Street, London, 20 January 1977 (Acc 2041)

HEATHFIELD  AMS5711/1  1709

'An Exact Survey Of The Lordship or Mannour of Runtington in the Parish of Heffeild alias Heathfeild in the County of Sussex now in the Possession of John Young.' [Followed by 'Gent', struck through.]
Ink and colour on parchment in black border, 20½" x 19½"; shows the present Runtington Manor Farm and a building near the 'Runt-in-tun' Inn; shows site of brick kiln near 'Kellfield'
Shows buildings, field names and acreages
Surveyor: Thomas Wood; scale 1"= 2 chains (40" = 1 mile); title in baroque cartouche, compass points in margins
When reproduced in Heathfield Memorials by Perceval Lucas in 1910 this map was in the possession of William Ash of Ferndale in Heathfield, JP

Particulars of properties sold by Messrs Geering and Colyer, Hawkhurst, Kent  AMS5712  [n.d.]

Source of acquisition: Deposited by the firm on 6 October 1975 (A1900)

BATTLE  AMS5712/1  [n.d.]

Several properties  AMS5712/1/1  1927

Crackington, 2-6 Prospect Cottages, 1-3 Windgrove Cottages, 19 Upper Lake, 39-42 Lower Lake, 3-10 Western Avenue, and Pembury House. Also includes The Officer's House, Pett, Hundred House and cottage adjoining at Brede, Sidegate in Ewhurst, Balcombe Green Cottages, Sedlescombe, shop and cottage at Staplecross, Claremont at Robertsbridge and land in Catsfield, Northiam. Includes sale prices
16 June 1927

Great Beech, small country estate. Includes photographs and sale price  AMS5712/1/2  Nd. [1930s]

Telham High Farm. Includes photographs and sale price  AMS5712/1/3  Nd. [1940s]

Half Acre, Telham Hill  AMS5712/1/4  13 November 1950

Two Oaks, North Trade Road  AMS5712/1/5  27 September 1961

Great Wood Cottage, Marley Lane. Includes photographs  AMS5712/1/6  7 September 1966

BECKLEY  AMS5712/2  [n.d.]

The Horsepen Land. Small model fruit and pedigree pig holding - bungalow  AMS5712/2/1  25 April 1945

Escheatlands Farm including farmhouse, cottage and buildings  AMS5712/2/2  2 May 1945

Little Gate Farm including farmhouse, bungalow and outbuildings. Includes photographs  AMS5712/2/3  29 June 1949

Church House including gardens, grounds, farmhouse, bungalow, buildings, orchard and pasture. Includes photographs  AMS5712/2/4  14 June 1950

Stockherds Farm. Includes photograph  AMS5712/2/5  17 October 1952

Ridgeway  AMS5712/2/6  14 April 1954

BEXHILL  AMS5712/3  [n.d.]

Related information: For further Bexhill property see AMS5712/17/4

Sackville Lodge. Includes photographs and sale price  AMS5712/3/1  Nd. [1930s]

Orchard House, Whydown. Includes photograph  AMS5712/3/2  26 July 1972

BODIAM  AMS5712/4  [n.d.]

The Old Mutton House. Includes photograph and sale price  AMS5712/4/1  Nd. [1930s]

Lower Northlands Farm, including farmhouse, bungalow and cottage  AMS5712/4/2  7 July 1955

BREDE  AMS5712/5  [n.d.]

Related information: For further Brede property see AMS5712/1/1

Little Chart. Includes photograph  AMS5712/5/1  22 April 1936

Maplestone including farmhouse, outbuildings and 4 acres  AMS5712/5/2  21 July 1943

Dolphin, Broad Oak. Includes sale price  AMS5712/5/3  Nd. [c1947]

Brede Place. Includes photographs  AMS5712/5/4  28 May 1947

BRIGHTLING  AMS5712/6  [n.d.]

Brightling Cottage  AMS5712/6/1  24 July 1944

The Mount including house, outbuildings, cottage and grounds. Includes photographs  AMS5712/6/2  21 October 1949

Manor Farm and bungalow. Includes maps and photographs  AMS5712/6/3  18 October 1973

BURWASH  AMS5712/7  [n.d.]

Holton House. Includes photographs and sale price  AMS5712/7/1  Nd. [1930s]

Judens including Judens' Gill and paddocks. Includes photographs and sale price  AMS5712/7/2  Nd. [1930s]

Fishers Farm and bailiff's house. Includes photographs and sale price  AMS5712/7/3  Nd. [1930s]

Porfin including small farmery and paddocks. Includes photographs  AMS5712/7/4  4 March 1932

Barn Cottages and adjoining land  AMS5712/7/5  22 September 1942

Holly Tree Cottage, Witherenden Hill. Includes sale price  AMS5712/7/6  13 April 1943

Witherhurst Farm. Includes map  AMS5712/7/7  27 April 1943

Brick House Farm. Includes photographs  AMS5712/7/8  17 September 1943

Baisden Farm  AMS5712/7/9  26 October 1943

Various properties  AMS5712/7/10  1944

Business premises adjoining post office in High Street, nos 1 - 6 Everton Cottages, 1 - 2 Ham Lane Cottages, Hairdresser's shop and dwelling house, opposite Bear Hotel, High Street, 1 - 2 Paygate Cottages in the Heathfield Road, 1 - 3 Rocks Cottages, 3 similar Rocks Cottages, 1 - 2 Windmill Cottages, 1 - 5 Shadwell Row. 29 March 1944

Turzes Farm including 3 cottages  AMS5712/7/11  31 March 1944

Rotherhurst  AMS5712/7/12  31 March 1946

The White House  AMS5712/7/13  31 May 1946

Franchise and Lodge. Includes prices  AMS5712/7/14  16 August 1946

Southside Farm, Fontridge Lane, including 2 cottages  AMS5712/7/15  18 October 1946

High View and adjoining land  AMS5712/7/16  21 March 1947

Swanfield Bungalow, Burwash Common. Includes sale price  AMS5712/7/17  6 June 1947

Southside Farm, Fontridge Lane, including 2 cottages  AMS5712/7/18  6 June 1947

Burwash Place including cottages and outbuildings. Includes photograph and map  AMS5712/7/19  28 November 1947

Grandturzel Farm. Includes photograph and sale price  AMS5712/7/20  4 June 1948

Fishers with 2 cottages and 122 acres. Includes sale prices and photograph  AMS5712/7/21  Nd. [c1950]

New Bines, Witherenden Hill. Includes sale price and photographs  AMS5712/7/22  Nd. [1950s]

Rampyndene. Includes photographs  AMS5712/7/23  25 May 1956

1 and 2 Windmill Cottages  AMS5712/7/24  13 June 1962

BURWASH WEALD  AMS5712/8  [n.d.]

Laurelhurst. Includes sale price and photographs  AMS5712/8/1  Nd. [1930s]

CATSFIELD  AMS5712/9  [n.d.]

Related information: For further Catsfield properties see AMS5112/1/1

Old Farm Place Includes photographs and sale price  AMS5712/9/1  Nd. [1940s]

Old Farm Place and Pond Cottage. Includes photograph  AMS5712/9/2  2 October 1953

Star Croft. Includes photograph  AMS5712/9/3  4 October 1954

CROWBOROUGH  AMS5712/10  [n.d.]

Pelsham, St Johns. Includes photograph and sale price  AMS5712/10/1  Nd. [1930s]

DALLINGTON  AMS5712/11  [n.d.]

Cox's Mill with farmery and mill house. Includes photographs and sale price  AMS5712/11/1  Nd. [1930s]

ETCHINGHAM  AMS5712/12  [n.d.]

Various properties  AMS5712/12/1  1928

Haremere with Home Farm, Grove Cottage, building sites, pasture and accommodation land, Tollgate Cottage, Bugsell Farm. The Bungalow Cottage, Four Cottages at Burgh Hill, Park Wood, Allotment ground, 2 cottages at Burgh Hill and adjoining cottage, Burgh Wood, The Temperance Hotel, site adjoining Southern Railway, Lumsford Farm, Small Holding in Ludpit Lane, accommodation Brook Land. Squibs Farm and a residential site in Ludpit Lane. Includes a map and photographs. 26 September 1928

Barden. Includes sale price and photograph  AMS5712/12/2  Nd. [1930s]

Chambers Cottage. Includes sale price and photographs  AMS5712/12/3  Nd. [1930s]

Willards Hill Farm. Includes sale price and photographs  AMS5712/12/4  Nd. [c1935]

Fontridge with Hutchings House, Hutchings Farm, 'Far Wood', Two Cottages (the White House) Hutchings Cottage. Includes photographs and sale prices  AMS5712/12/5  Nd. [c1937]

Little Hutchings Farm, with cottage. Includes photographs and sale price  AMS5712/12/6  28 October 1938

Willards Hill including manor house, cottage Farmhouse and farm cottage. Includes photographs and sale price  AMS5712/12/7  Nd. [1940s]

Squibs Farm, including farmhouse and 4 cottage. Includes maps  AMS5712/12/8  27 April 1943

Ferndale and Marina, Sheep Street Lane  AMS5712/12/9  17 August 1944

Court Lodge Farm (land only) accommodation land, arable, pasture brookland, woodland. Includes a map  AMS5712/12/10  17 November 1944

Broomwood, Border's Lane, (smallholding and bungalow)  AMS5712/12/11  5 October 1945

Court Lodge Farm (land only) accommodation pasture, brookland and building sites. Includes map  AMS5712/12/12  29 August 1946

Old Shoyswell Manor including manor house, oasthouse, bailiff's house, farmery and 1-4 Clay hall Cottages  AMS5712/12/13  27 September 1946

Balahaigh, in Sheet Street Lane with building site  AMS5712/12/14  25 October 1946

Balahaigh, in Sheep Street Lane with building site  AMS5712/12/15  29 September 1946

King John's Lodge with outbuildings and cottage. Includes photographs  AMS5712/12/16  1947

Philesia  AMS5712/12/17  21 March 1947

Borders Farm and Willards Hill Farm, with Cottages. Includes photographs  AMS5712/12/18  25 July 1947

Fontridge Manor - Also includes casthouse and cottage. Includes photographs and sale price  AMS5712/12/19  19 September 1947

Church Farm with 2 cottages  AMS5712/12/20  26 September 1947

Brook Pasture  AMS5712/12/21  29 April 1949

The Laurels  AMS5712/12/22  December 23, 1949

The Old Rectory. Includes photographs  AMS5712/12/23  27 July 1951

Borders Farm with house, 3 cottages and Jacobean farmhouse. Includes photographs  AMS5712/12/24  25 June 1954

Shoyswell Manor including garage and stables, and cottage  AMS5712/12/25  26 October 1956

Little Hutchings. Includes photographs  AMS5712/12/26  29 April 1970

EWHURST  AMS5712/13  [n.d.]

Related information: For further Ershurst properties, see AMS5712/1/1

Shoreham, Staplecross with farm and 2 cottages. Includes photograph and sale price  AMS5712/13/1  Nd. [1940s]

Stream Cottage  AMS5712/13/2  26 April 1946

Wide View, Cripps Corner, Staplecross  AMS5712/13/3  29 January 1947

Sundial Cottage, Cripps Corner, Staplecross  AMS5712/13/4  23 May 1947

Walden Cottage, Sempstead Lane  AMS5712/13/5  29 October 1947

18th century cottage, smithy and wheelwright's  AMS5712/13/6  30 March 1948

Catts Green, Staplecross (farm). Includes sale price  AMS5712/13/7  Nd. [c1950]

Haytor, Staplecross  AMS5712/13/8  7 June 1950

Catts Green, Staplecross, consisting of farm and 2 cottages  AMS5712/13/9  22 September 1950

Various properties  AMS5712/13/10  1950

The Court Lodge Estate including Court Lodge Farm, Longwood Farm, Court Lodge, hop drying kilns, nos 1-8 Court Lodge cottages, nos 1-2 Church cottages 2 bungalow cottages, hop gardens, Tufton marshes, New Barn (land), Smeads Field. Includes map. 11 October 1950

Ewhurst Place with Lodge cottage. 1 and 2 Snaggs Hall cottages. Includes map and photograph  AMS5712/13/11  20 April 1951

Champlins  AMS5712/13/12  6 June 1952

The Oast, Staplecross. Includes photograph and sale price  AMS5712/13/13  18 July 1952

Stream Cottage. Includes photograph  AMS5712/13/14  22 August 1952

Ewhurst Place with Lodge cottage, accommodation land and woodland. Includes photograph  AMS5712/13/15  2 October 1953

Tufton Marshes  AMS5712/13/16  21 October 1953

Sempstead Farm with 2 cottages. Includes photograph  AMS5712/13/17  23 July 1954

Accommodation Land adjoining Ewhurst Place  AMS5712/13/18  3 May 1956

The Old Church School and Schoolmaster's House  AMS5712/13/19  24 November 1964

Soggs House. Includes photographs  AMS5712/13/20  17 October 1967

Court Lodge Farmhouse and Nos 1-2 Church Cottages. Includes photographs  AMS5712/13/21  7 May 1969

Gate Farm House, Staplecross. Includes photograph  AMS5712/13/22  4 June 1969

The Court Lodge Estate, including Court Lodge Farm, Greenacres, Longwood farm, New Barn (land) and Tufton Marshes. Includes Photographs and map  AMS5712/13/23  21 March 1973

FLIMWELL (in Ticehurst)  AMS5712/14  [n.d.]

Related information: For further Flimwell property, see AMS5712/38/8

Quedley Farm. Includes photographs and sale prices  AMS5712/14/1  Nd. [1930s]

Downash with cottage, farm and parklands. Includes photographs  AMS5712/14/2  Nd. [c1932]

Mumpumps and bungalow cottage. Includes sale price and photographs  AMS5712/14/3  c. 1937

The Post Office. Includes sale price  AMS5712/14/4  1 March 1944

Business premises (butcher's shop) High Street  AMS5712/14/5  26 July 1945

Flimwell Place, nos 1-2 London Road; Flimwell Field; The Gravel Hole; Oast Meadow and buildings  AMS5712/14/6  30 January 1946

Fern Villa, 3 cottages and lock-up shop almost opposite Fern Villa, nos 1-8 Coldharbour Cottages, Three Legged Cross  AMS5712/14/7  10 June 1947

Mount Pumps with bungalow cottage. Includes photographs and sale price  AMS5712/14/8  Nd. [c1949]

Downash Farm  AMS5712/14/9  27 May 1949

Quedley Farm with 2 cottages, and Greenways. Includes sale price and photographs  AMS5712/14/10  Nd. [c1950]

Quedley Farm with bungalow, 2 cottages, oast house, woodland glen and 5-8 Union Street  AMS5712/14/11  1 June 1956

The Gravels and Flimwell Field  AMS5712/14/12  19 April 1963

Nursery House with land and outbuildings. Includes photographs  AMS5712/14/13  25 October 1963

Flimwell Grange with entrance Lodge. Includes photographs  AMS5712/14/14  10 November 1965

Berners Hill Garage and Filling Station  AMS5712/14/15  13 January 1967

1-2 Union Street  AMS5712/14/16  18 October 1968

GUESTLING  AMS5712/15  [n.d.]

Guestling House and Mews Block. Includes photograph and upset prices  AMS5712/15/1  26 November 1954

HAILSHAM  AMS5712/16  [n.d.]

Thalassa  AMS5712/16/1  29 August 1945

HEATHFIELD  AMS5712/17  [n.d.]

Haven Cottage. Includes photographs and sale price  AMS5712/17/1  25 July 1930

The Manor Farm. Includes photographs and sale price  AMS5712/17/2  Nd. [1930s]

The Old Forge, near South Binns, Broad Oak. Includes photographs and sale price  AMS5712/17/3  Nd. [c1940]

Heathfield Park Estate  AMS5712/17/4  14 April 1942

Including Heathfield Park, The Tower Nursery, The Old Half Moon, accommodation land, Satinstown Farm, Satinstown Cottage, nos 1-2 Bullseye Cottages, Little Tottingworth and farmbuildings, including oasthouse with 2 cottages, 1-4 Alley Cottages, 1-4 Portland Square, Museum Cottage, The Nursery (land), Crown Meadow, small site adjoining Cade Street Institute, Jasmine Cottage, The Corner House, Gate Cottage in Cade Street, Cade Street Cottage, The Firs in Cade Street, Laurel Cottage, a cattle lodge, Spring Lodge, Kingsley Hill House in Warbleton, Broomham Farm in Chiddingly, Nos 132 - 132a High Street, Uckfield, Nos 58 to 60 Devonshire Road in Bexhill-on-Sea, and nos 1-3 Devonshire Mansions. Includes photographs and 2 maps

Putlands, Old Heathfield. Includes photograph  AMS5712/17/5  14 December 1945

Great Bigknonle Farm with 3 cottages. Includes sale price  AMS5712/17/6  24 September 1948

HERSTMONCEUX  AMS5712/18  [n.d.]

Chilthurst Farm, Chilsham Farm, also, Pococksgate Farm with two cottages, Frant  AMS5712/18/1  25 July 1941

The Stores, Cowbeech  AMS5712/18/2  13 November 1946

HOOE  AMS5712/19  [n.d.]

Various properties  AMS5712/19/1  1948

The Grove with 2 cottages, The Oasthouse, The Cottage, Orchard Cottage, Low Cottage, Grove Bungalow; Nos 3-5 Church Lane Cottages and Halls Cross Farm. Includes photographs. 18 November 1948

HORAM  AMS5712/20  [n.d.]

The Rendezvous  AMS5712/20/1  17 April 1956

HURST GREEN  AMS5712/21  [n.d.]

Hatton House  AMS5712/21/1  17 August 1944

Various properties  AMS5712/21/2  1945

Silverhill Farm with farmhouse, cottage, nos 1-10 Silverhill Cottages, all at Silverhill, Hurst Green and Little Pashley, Nos 1-7 Meadowside Cottages, all at Ticehurst. Includes some prices. 9 March 1945

The Stage Field  AMS5712/21/3  29 January 1947

Hurst House, 2 shops and dwelling houses, the Post Office, nos 1-2 Lorne Villas and Terrace Cottages, London Road  AMS5712/21/4  10 June 1947

Various properties  AMS5712/21/5  1948

Shop and dwelling house in London Road. No 2 Lorne Villas, shop and storage premises in the London Road, Lock-up garage in London Road., Twarka in Swiftsden Road, accommodation land in Station Road. 30 March 1948

Brookgate House including dairy farm  AMS5712/21/6  28 April 1950

Kings Hill House. Includes photographs  AMS5712/21/7  Nd. [1950s]

Brookgate House Farm. Includes photograph  AMS5712/21/8  14 March 1952

Corner Cottage. Includes photograph  AMS5712/21/9  25 May 1955

Boarsney Farm with bailiffs house and 2 cottages. Includes photographs  AMS5712/21/10  28 October 1955

Yew Tree Farm, Yew Tree House, and builder's yard  AMS5712/21/11  29 February 1956

The Cottage in the village centre  AMS5712/21/12  21 March 1956

Swiftsden Lodge Farm. Includes photograph  AMS5712/21/13  28 September 1962

Nos 1-3 Gravel Bank Cottages  AMS5712/21/14  24 May 1963

Etchingham Gardens Development. Includes map  AMS5712/21/15  5 April 1968

The Cottage in the village centre. Includes photograph  AMS5712/21/16  12 July 1968

Burgh Villa, 40 Station Road  AMS5712/21/17  6 May 1970

Trough Wood, Silver Hill. Includes map  AMS5712/21/18  30 September 1971

The Chess Board Antique Showrooms, 127 London Road. Includes photographs  AMS5712/21/19  14 July 1972

IDEN  AMS5712/22  [n.d.]

Old Turks. Includes photographs  AMS5712/22/1  9 September 1925

Readers' Farm  AMS5712/22/2  7 March 1945

Readers' Farm  AMS5712/22/3  20 March 1946

JEVINGTON  AMS5712/23  [n.d.]

New Farm. Includes photographs and sale price  AMS5712/23  Nd. [1930s]

MAYFIELD  AMS5712/24  [n.d.]

Related information: For further Mayfield property see AMS5712/32/1

Ayluards. Includes photographs and sale price  AMS5712/24/1  Nd. [1930s]

Woodhill. Includes photographs and sale prices  AMS5712/24/2  Nd. [1930s]

Angle Barn Farm, Argos Hill  AMS5712/24/3  6 June 1947

Summerlawn. Includes photograph and sale price  AMS5712/24/4  26 October 1956

Kynaston, Coggins Mill. Includes drawing and sale price  AMS5712/24/5  Nd. [1960s]

MOUNTFIELD  AMS5712/25  [n.d.]

The Banks including bungalow, Banks and flat. Including map and drawing  AMS5712/25/1  2 July 1943

Riverhall Farm with 2 cottages. Includes photographs  AMS5712/25/2  14 May 1954

Building land in Solomons Lane  AMS5712/25/3  31 October 1962

Bartrum Gables. Includes photograph  AMS5712/25/4  28 May 1969

NETHERFIELD  AMS5712/26  [n.d.]

Darwell Hill including woodland, 2 bungalows and Nos 1-2 Darwell Hill. Includes photographs  AMS5712/26/1  12 May 1970

NINFIELD  AMS5712/27  [n.d.]

Shop and Cottage, Lower Street. Includes photograph and sale price  AMS5712/27/1  13 September 1934

Ingrams Farm including No 1 The Lodge Gate, Middle Ingrams and The New Bungalow. Includes photographs and map  AMS5712/27/2  Nd. [c1962]

Tanyard House and Lodge Cottage. Includes photographs  AMS5712/27/3  8 September 1964

NORTHIAM  AMS5712/28  [n.d.]

New House Farm including bailiffs bungalow, Forstal Wood, Well Wood, Watts Palace Cottages (2) in Watts Palace Lane, and building site. Includes map  AMS5712/28/1  18 May 1927

Higham House with chauffeurs' cottage. Includes photographs and sale price  AMS5712/28/2  Nd. [c1932]

Fishermore, Mill Corner  AMS5712/28/3  29 April 1943

Three Candles, Station Road  AMS5712/28/4  25 April 1945

Sunny Meads, Horns Cross  AMS5712/28/5  17 April 1946

Various properties  AMS5712/28/6  1947

Alureds, Horns Cross including The Octagon, Gardener's Cottage, accommodation land. Little Chitcombe Farm, Brede High Green Cottages (2), Winterlands Farm. Includes photographs. 12 November 1947

Bella Vista and Stores with living accommodation, Main Street  AMS5712/28/7  28 July 1948

Fern Bank, Horns Cross  AMS5712/28/8  23 August 1949

Benedict House and Farmery. Includes photographs and sale prices  AMS5712/28/9  19 September 1951

Higham House, including farm and parkland. Includes photographs  AMS5712/28/10  26 October 1956

The Glebe House. Includes photograph and upset price  AMS5712/28/11  22 March 1957

The Gables. Includes photograph  AMS5712/28/12  7 September 1966

1 the Main Street  AMS5712/28/13  19 June 1968

Tanhouse, Horns Cross. Includes photograph  AMS5712/28/14  25 September 1968

The Thatched Cottage, Dixter Lane. Includes photograph  AMS5712/28/15  22 April 1970

Beacon Ridge, Dixter Lane. Includes photograph  AMS5712/28/16  23 March 1973

ORE  AMS5712/29  [n.d.]

The Chilterns and Woodhurst Farm, including adjoining 2 cottages, all in Ivy House Lane  AMS5712/29/1  3 August 1951

Eastlands Farm with bungalow. Includes photograph and sale price  AMS5712/29/2  Nd. [1930s]

POLEGATE  AMS5712/30  [n.d.]

Sayerland House, Sayerland Lane. Includes photograph and sale price  AMS5712/30  Nd. [1930s]

ROBERTSBRIDGE  AMS5712/31  [n.d.]

Related information: For further Robertsbridge property, see AMS5712/1/1

Brockham and cottage. Includes photographs and sale price  AMS5712/31/1  Nd. [1930s]

Old Peans. Includes photographs and sale price  AMS5712/31/2  Nd. [1937]

Peans Farm and bungalow. Includes photograph and sale price  AMS5712/31/3  Nd. [c1937]

Sockneys. Includes photographs  AMS5712/31/4  7 June 1940

Sunnyholme  AMS5712/31/5  22 May 1944

Browns and bungalow  AMS5712/31/6  29 June 1945

New House Farm, including gardener's cottage and farmery. Includes photograph  AMS5712/31/7  5 October 1946

Lee Bank Farm, Poppinghole Lane  AMS5712/31/8  16 November 1945

43 and 45 High Street. Includes sale price  AMS5712/31/9  22 May 1946

Peans Farm  AMS5712/31/10  21 June 1946

Glottenham and cottage  AMS5712/31/11  21 June 1946

Poppinghole Farm with 2 cottages  AMS5712/31/12  6 September 1946

Bush Barn, including farm and cottage. Includes photograph  AMS5712/31/13  6 September 1946

16, 17 and 18 East Street, and Wesley Cottage, East Street  AMS5712/31/14  2 July 1947

Normanhurst, Langham Road. Includes sale price  AMS5712/31/15  29 October 1947

Claremont  AMS5712/31/16  24 September 1948

Bush Barn including small farm with cottage. Includes prices  AMS5712/31/17  24 September 1948

Dirleton, Brightling Road  AMS5712/31/18  22 September 1948

Fair Ridge and Beech Farms with 3 cottages. Includes photographs and sale prices  AMS5712/31/19  Nd. [1950s]

Lynton House, Northbridge Street. Includes price  AMS5712/31/20  12 October 1951

Bush Barn Farm, Slides Farm and Little Slides. Includes photograph  AMS5712/31/21  18 July 1952

Little Peans. Includes photograph and price  AMS5712/31/22  Nd. [1953]

Trebor Farm. Includes drawing  AMS5712/31/23  20 August 1954

The Grange. Includes upset price and photograph  AMS5712/31/24  8 November 1954

Holborn Lodge, Brightling Road. Includes price  AMS5712/31/25  10 May 1957

Sunray, Longham Road and 2 building plots adjoining  AMS5712/31/26  30 August 1957

Salisbury Villa. Includes photographs  AMS5712/31/27  16 June 1961

Brockham House. Includes photograph  AMS5712/31/28  24 May 1963

ROTHERFIELD  AMS5712/32  [n.d.]

The Gables Estate  AMS5712/32/1  22 July 1927

Consisting of The Gables, farm, cattle man's Cottage, 3 cottages, building sites, arable land, a small holding, Little Spitlye Farm in Mayfield, Little Wallis Farm in Mayfield. Nos 1-2 Chequers Cottages in Mayfield, Angle Barn Farm in Mayfield, Pages Farm in Mayfield, Small Poultry Farm in Mayfield. Includes photographs, map and prices

Marsons Croft. Includes photographs and sale price  AMS5712/32/2  Nd. [1934]

RYE  AMS5712/33  [n.d.]

104 High Street and 1-2 East Street. Includes photograph, plan and price  AMS5712/33/1  12 February 1936

2 Cadborough Terrace  AMS5712/33/2  27 September 1950

ST LEONARDS-ON-SEA  AMS5712/34  [n.d.]

Castlemaine. Includes photographs  AMS5712/34/1  16 October 1930

Tower Lodge, Gilbert Road  AMS5712/34/2  21 December 1949

SALEHURST  AMS5712/35  [n.d.]

Higham Model Farm  AMS5712/35/1  18 April 1952

Higham House, Higham Farm and Nos 1-2 Higham Cottages. Includes photographs  AMS5712/35/2  27 July 1962

SEDLESCOMBE  AMS5712/36  [n.d.]

Related information: For further Sedlescombe property, see AMS5712/1/1

Claverton, Kent Street with farmery. Includes photographs and sale price  AMS5712/36/1  Nd. [1930s]

The Cottage. Includes photographs and sale price  AMS5712/36/2  Nd. [c1932]

Magazine Farm. Includes photograph  AMS5712/36/3  10 December 1947

Castlemans with 2 cottages. Includes photographs  AMS5712/36/4  1 August 1950

Park Shaw consisting of 15 Chalets. Includes map, plans, drawings and price  AMS5712/36/5  Nd. [1960s]

The Allotments and the land adjoining  AMS5712/36/6  20 September 1963

STONEGATE (in Ticehurst)  AMS5712/37  [n.d.]

Linkhurst. Includes photographs and price  AMS5712/37/1  Nd. [1930s]

Battenhurst Farm including 2 cottages, farmhouse, bungalow and small holding. Includes photograph  AMS5712/37/2  9 July 1937

4 cottages, outbuildings and accommodation land  AMS5712/37/3  29 March 1944

Middleton. Includes photograph  AMS5712/37/4  20 June 1952

Mabbs Hill Farm, Lymden Lane. Includes photographs  AMS5712/37/5  1 October 1965

TICEHURST  AMS5712/38  [n.d.]

Related information: For further Ticehurst property, see AMS5712/21/2

The Yett. Includes photographs and sale price  AMS5712/38/1  ND. [1930s]

Witherden Mill. Photographs only  AMS5712/38/2  Nd. [1930s]

The Gravel Pit. Includes photographs  AMS5712/38/3  28 November 1930

Witherenden Mill. Includes photographs  AMS5712/38/4  Nd. [1940s]

Clare House - business premises and dwelling house  AMS5712/38/5  29 March 1944

Floral Cottages, Dale Hill  AMS5712/38/6  11 April 1945

Bel-Lyn, Winchester Road, Hawkhurst and Clarehurst Cottages (2), Ticehurst  AMS5712/38/7  23 November 1945

Bell Cottages, Ticehurst and Nos 1-2, 4-5, Broomhill, Flimwell  AMS5712/38/8  23 November 1945

Eatonden Manor Farm  AMS5712/38/9  26 April 1946

Butcher's Shop and premises, Church Street  AMS5712/38/10  29 May 1946

The Garage, The Square including cottage  AMS5712/38/11  23 May 1947

Grass Holding, forming part of Battenhurst Farm, 2 Cottages and accommodation land  AMS5712/38/12  23 May 1947

Copens Farm and bungalow  AMS5712/38/13  19 November 1948

Lynden Lodge. Includes photographs  AMS5712/38/14  25 February 1949

Witherenden Mill. Includes photographs  AMS5712/38/15  29 April 1949

Roulye Farm, Wallcrouch including bungalow. Includes photographs  AMS5712/38/16  29 April 1949

The Gables. Includes upset price  AMS5712/38/17  29 July 1949

Holgate House. Includes sale price  AMS5712/38/18  7 September 1951

Bakers Farm, Three Leg Cross. Includes photograph  AMS5712/38/19  25 June 1954

Burnt Lodge and farmery. Includes photograph  AMS5712/38/20  27 April 1955

Wellmead Cottage  AMS5712/38/21  23 April 1958

New Pond Farm, Wallcrouch. Includes photographs  AMS5712/38/22  10 May 1968

The Long House and The White Cottage. Includes photographs  AMS5712/38/23  26 July 1968

TIDEBROOK (in Wadhurst)  AMS5712/39  [n.d.]

Tidebrook Manor Farm  AMS5712/39/1  18 August 1944

The Orchard, Chittinghurst Lane  AMS5712/39/2  15 June 1951

WADHURST  AMS5712/40  [n.d.]

La Collina. Includes photograph  AMS5712/40/1  14 October 1932

The Denhurst Lodge Estate  AMS5712/40/2  22 May 1936

Consisting of Denhurst Lodge, woodland building site, pasture, gardens, greenhouses and outbuildings, Denhurst Farm, The Clock Tower, Brookland Cottages (2), the Jumping Field, Greenman Farm, building sites, Watergate Cottages (3). Includes photographs

Monks, including lodge and flat. Includes photographs and sale price  AMS5712/40/3  Nd. [c1940]

Gate House Farm. Includes photographs and sale price  AMS5712/40/4  Nd. [c1940]

Churchsettle Farm with 3 cottages. Includes photographs  AMS5712/40/5  Nd. [1940s]

Berriedale, Mayfield Lane. Photographs only  AMS5712/40/6  Nd. [1940s]

Nos 1-2 Gwendolme Place, Western Road; Nos 3-6 Western Road; nos 1-2 Ferndale Cottages, Osmers Hill  AMS5712/40/7  31 May 1944

Bucklands, Cousley Wood with flat  AMS5712/40/8  13 April 1945

Westerleigh, Mayfield Lane including gardener's cottage. Includes photograph  AMS5712/40/9  1 March 1946

Ailsa Craig, South View Road, Sparrows Green  AMS5712/40/10  23 September 1946

Verdala, Turners Green  AMS5712/40/11  18 October 1946

The Post Office  AMS5712/40/12  21 March 1947

Quarriers, Mayfield Lane. Includes photograph  AMS5712/40/13  29 April 1949

Partridges. Includes photographs  AMS5712/40/14  Nd. [1950s]

Gate House Farm, Wood Green. Includes photographs  AMS5712/40/15  20 July 1951

Sherwood, Turners Green. Includes photograph  AMS5712/40/16  14 November 1952

Old Monks, Cousley Wood. Includes photograph  AMS5712/40/17  20 May 1955

Churchsettle Farm with 3 cottages. Includes photographs and map  AMS5712/40/18  30 August 1957

WALDRON  AMS5712/41  [n.d.]

Barfield. Includes photographs and sale price  AMS5712/41/1  Nd. [1930s]

Foxhunt Manor including lodge, gardeners cottage. Includes photographs  AMS5712/41/2  29 October 1958

WESTFIELD  AMS5712/42  [n.d.]

Bluemans Farm and Mill Farm  AMS5712/42/1  19 June 1944

Cockmartins Farm. Includes photographs and map  AMS5712/42/2  1 November 1972

WHATLINGTON  AMS5712/43  [n.d.]

Morrells Farm  AMS5712/43/1  29 October 1958

WINCHELSEA  AMS5712/44  [n.d.]

The Grey Friars with entrance Lodge, chauffeurs flat. Includes map and photographs  AMS5712/44/1  21 June 1948


Fitments and fabric of Southover Hall, Burwash  AMS5712/45/1  nd

Farming equipment and machinery, cattle, at Messens Farm, Lunsford Cross, Bexhill-on-Sea. Includes drawing  AMS5712/45/2  12 June 1967

17, 18 and 19 century period furniture, oil paintings, porcelain, pottery and miscellanea. Thatched Cottage, Dixter Lane, Northiam. Includes photographs  AMS5712/45/3  11 May 1970

Deeds  AMS5713  [n.d.]

Source of acquisition: Documents given by Messrs Stephenson Harwood and Tatham, 16 Old Broad Street, London (BRA 1018) 22 Aug 1960 (D402)

BRIGHTON  [no ref. or date]

Lease for 21 years from 29 Sep 1910 at £225 a year  AMS5713/1  4 Nov 1910

James Brooke of 2 Temple Gardens, Brighton, gent to West End Clothiers Co Ltd of Holborn, London
Shop and premises at 80 Western Road, Brighton

MAYFIELD  [no ref. or date]

Apart from the deeds of Park Farm and Ordnance Place all the property represented in this group was purchased by Samuel Cook in the 1860s
George Edwards of Ordnance Place, land agent, is another common denominator as occupier of several of the farms and witness as to the title of Park Farm

Freemans, Crooked Reed and Reddings in Mayfield  AMS5713/2  1749-1860

By his will proved at Lewes 4 Mar 1749, Nicholas Earle of Chailey left a house called Lyes at East Chiltington to his son William Earle and pardoned his son John Earle from considerable arrears of rent on an estate in Mayfield (2/1). On 4 Aug 1794 his grandson Nicholas Olive of Chailey gent. conveyed a farm in Mayfield called Freemans (13a) with a malthouse with other lands in Mayfield and Chiltington to Anthony Morris of Ranscombe, South Mailing gent. to levy a fine to bar the entail (2/2-3). In Sep 1794 and Mar 1797 the property (with a house and land called Highland in Rotherfield) was mortgaged to Josias Smith of Lewes gent. (2/4,5) and in May 1799 to John Tourle of Landport, Lewes, gent (2/6-8). On 2 Oct 1805 Nicholas Olive (whose descent from Nicholas Earle is here laid out) conveyed Freemans to William Marchant of Mayfield yeoman and his trustee John Waghorne of Mayfield shopkeeper, who paid off the sum still outstanding on the mortgage of 1799 to John Tourle's executors, Henry Jackson, William Cooper and Thomas Tourle (late Cooper) all of Lewes, (2/9,10). William Marchant died 5 Jan 1823 and by his will (dated 11 Nov 1818) (proved PCC 14 May 1823) he left Freemans in which he lived (now 20a) and a house in several dwellings called Little Freemans to his son Thomas Marchant subject to his wife Elizabth's use of the parlour and parlour chambers (2/11). William Marchant's estate was found to be insufficient to provide the legacies and on 23 Dec 1826 his daughters Elizabeth Wife of William Tooth of Mayfield farrier and Mary wife of Thomas Brooke Tooth of Mayfield yeoman discharged the real estate from their legacies (2/12)
On 4 May 1803 Thomas Marchant had purchased a field at Wool Bridge on the west side of the river from Richard Owen Stone of Mayfield gent. and on 2 October 1816 he purchased the neighbouring field from him (2/13-15)
Crooked Reed and Reddings
Crooked Reed (which had formerly belonged to Andrew Moon) had been bequeathed by Joseph Moon to his niece Ann Moon (see 3/1). On 15 Dec 1788 Ann, now wife of William Bassett of Mayfield clock and watch maker conveyed to Thomas Chrippes of Buxted mercer by fine (to bar dower) and on 25 Mar 1789 the property was conveyed to Thomas Bassett of Wadhurst clocksmith (2/16-20). A Thomas Bassett was owner at the time of the tithe apportionment (1844) when the land was farmed with Reddings (which had been sold to him by John Marchant of Reddings yeoman 24 Mar 1842, plan on deed 2/21) and Freemans by Thomas Marchant. Elizabeth Marchant married James Ashdown of Heathfield widower 10 Dec. 1828 and was buried there 13 Aug 1840 aged 70; these events were certified by the vicar, 11 Oct 1860 (2/22,23),prior to a sale to Samuel Cook in November 1860 (BRX 1/133)

The Green otherwise Horley Green in Mayfield  AMS5713/3  [1629] - 1789

A list of deeds (which do not survive) deposited as security for a mortgage in 1775 (3/4) traces the descent from William Peckham of Mayfield yeoman who in 1629 sold to Henry Burgis senior of Maidstone yeoman, his son Henry of East Barning Kent yeoman and Adam Farmer of Rotherfield tailor. In 1630 this group conveyed to Thomas Burnell of Buxted husbandman who in May 1651 conveyed to Joseph Moon of Frant whose will (SM D3 175) was proved 11 Jan 1700. Also listed is a licence to dig marl from Robert Relfe of Twitts Farm, 20 Dec 1672. The will of Joseph Moon's son Joseph was proved (South Malling) 12 Apr 1762; he bequeathed Green Farm to Joseph Moon, son of his deceased brother John. Other farms in Mayfield called Curtains and The Lodge or Stone Lodge with a field called Crooked Reed were left to his brother and nieces (3/1)
A list of parcels in a mortgage to John Burges of Rotherfield in 1775 includes a house and land (5a) called Lymny (3/2-4). The property was mortgaged again to Elizabeth Norton of Lewes widow in 1777 and on 1 Aug 1778 Moon conveyed to Robert Olive of Mayfield mercer, Thomas Huett Dungate of Mayfield gent, Richard Snatt and Joseph Bassett of Mayfield butchers as trustees to satisfy Mrs Norton and other creditors to the value of £750; an inventory of Moon's household and farming goods is attached and the house called Lymny no longer stands (3/5-9). On 30 Jan 1779 the trustees conveyed to Edward Russell of Cowdens in Mayfield yeoman and John Farmer of Mayfield gent. his trustee and on 17 Apr 1779 they sold to Edward Bridger of Waldron farmer. Attached to this conveyance is John Moon's bond to Mrs Norton endorsed with a note of the clearance of the Mortgage by Bridger, 30 Oct 1780 (3/10-14)
The property remained in the Bridger family until purchased by Samuel Cook in Oct 1864; the incoming tenant was George Edwards (see BRX1/155)

The site of Ordnance Place, Mayfield  AMS5713/4  1843, 1845

On 31 May 1843 George Grantham conveyed land called Dapps (6a 3r 8p) formerly part of Homestalls, Great Ward (3a 3r 30p) and Wet Wood (5a 1r 34p) to William Frost of Mayfield labourer. On 29 May 1845 Frost conveyed part of this land (shown in the margin) to Ambrose Gallard Cottingham of Mayfield gentleman. Judging by the name of a neighbouring owner on the plan, perhaps a final concord, Turle to Palmer of Easter 1828 is to be associated with the estate (4/1,2). The land conveyed was the site of Ordnance Place occupied in 1878 (post office Directory) by George Edwards, land agent

Lower House and Hoadley's (later Park Farm) in Mayfield  AMS5713/5  1743 - 1874

Plans of the premises are to be found on numbers 2(1826), 10(1848), 12(1859), 15(1872) and 16(1873)
According to a schedule of deeds in 5/2, the premises were comprised in the settlement on the marriage of Michael Baker of Mayfield Place with Martha daughter of Walter Roberts in 1743. The daughter of Michael Baker's cousin George, Philadelphia Rivers Baker married first William Ellsley, by whom she had four children, including Thomas, the rector of Stanmer, who assumed the name Baker. She then married Henry Godfrey. On 30 Nov 1826 (Philadelphia's will having been proved in PCC 23 May 1807 and the estates partitioned under a chancery decree, 6 Sep 1809 (see AMS825), the child of the second marriage, Henry Godfrey DD, president of Queens College Cambridge, conveyed to Thomas Baker of Ditton, Kent, gent (5/1,2). The premises consisted of two houses called Hoadleys and Lower House Farm with 253a 2p of land, some of which had formed part of Mayfield Place Farm. A plan on the third membrane gives neighbouring owners' names and field names, many of which show evidence of brickmaking. Baker charged the estate with sums owing on bonds to John Alfred Wigan and John Dudlow of East and West Mailing in Kent in 1827 (5/3,4) and by 1830 was in Winchester gaol as an insolvent debtor
On 18 Mar 1831 the assignee of the Insolvent Debtors Court conveyed the estate to Dudlow, subject to the mortgage to Wigan (5/5-7). On 6 Aug 1836 several parcels of wasteland held of Mayfield manor were enfranchised and the whole estate was conveyed to James Alexander of Somerhill, Tonbridge, 4 Jan 1847 (5/8,9). The estate was offered for sale in three lots 14 July 1848 and lots 2 and 3 (specified in schedule and plan) sold to Lt Col George Tempest Rowland of the Royal Artillery, to whom they were conveyed by Alexander's executors and mortgagees (named), 24 Nov 1848 (5/10). Rowland died 2 June 1858 and his widow Martha conveyed the estate (upon which Rowland had built a new farm) to James Scott of Cadogan Place, Belgrave Square esq. on 28 Jan 1859: a plan and schedule show the new buildings and the areas of copyhold land (5/12). Scott died 6 Apr 1871 and his executors and mortgagees (named) conveyed the slightly augmented estate (plan and schedule on deed) to Frederick Augustus Schroeter of Mottingham, Kent, esq, 9 Nov 1872; a memorandum of conveyance of 9a 2r 12p to the London Brighton and South Coast Railway 12 Jan 1889, is endorsed on the deed (5/15). In 1873 the property was divided into at least six lots for sale and a statutory declaration made by George Edwards of Freemans Farm (a68) respecting purchases made to augment the estate by Scott; these are shown on an attached fragment of the sale particular plan (5/16). On 19 May 1874 a further enfranchisement of land held of Mayfield manor took place (5/17)

ROTHERFIELD  [no ref. or date]

Slaugham Gill, Crowborough  AMS5713/6  1840 - 1877

On 23 July 1840 Henry Taylor of Newmans Passage, Newmans Street Oxford Street (co. Midd) collier (son of Henry Taylor of Rotherfield collier deceased) and Jane his wife conveyed to Edward Taylor junior of Crowborough Common, Rotherfield, yeoman and Christopher Robinson his trustee for £110 a house and land (3a 2r 28p) at Slaugham Gill Crowbough Common, formerly occupied by John Homewood, then by HT deceased and in 1840 by Edward Taylor senior as yearly tenant to HT. (6/1)
Taylor mortgaged the property on 25 July 1840, 15 Feb 1867 and 15 Feb 1877; a plan of the property is endorsed on the deed of 1867 (6/2-4)
Also in this bundle are conveyances of 3 rods of land adjoining the above by Cornelius Taylor of Tunbridge, Kent, publican to Joseph Gower of Frant Road, Tunbridge Wells, grocer, 19 Aug 1856; by JG (now of Ivy Cottage White Horse Road, Croydon, gent) to William Prince Trustam of Tunbridge Wells, gent. 6 May 1863 and by WPT to William Delves of Tunbridge Wells, agent, 4 Feb 1865 (6/5-7)
A house was erected on the land between 1856 and 1863

Catalogue, sale particulars etc  AMS5714  [n.d.]

Source of acquisition: Documents transferred by Hove Public Library, 25 Aug 1960 (D410)

Partially marked catalogue of live and dead stock at Colbrans Farm Laughton  AMS5714/1  28 Sep 1915

As above, Halland Farm East Hoathly  AMS5714/2  30 Oct 1918

Sale particular of the Bentley estate, contract copy for lot 5 (Peckham Farm, Framfield) purchased by Edward Shoosmith  AMS5714/3  22 June 1920

Pedigree of Shoosmith of Beckley and Wadhurst  AMS5714/4  1387-1782

Compiled by Edward Shoosmith, 1936

Notes, pedigrees, correspondence and calendars of PCC wills of Cheyney and Lunsford families compiled by and for Edward Shoosmith  AMS5714/5  nd, [1930s]

Arlington map  AMS5715  [n.d.]

Source of acquisition: Document given to the Sussex Archaeological Society 15 November 1965 (ACC 1153) and deposited by the Society, 21 June 1982 (ACC 3424)

ARLINGTON  AMS5715/1  1629

'A Perfect and Exact Survaye of the Glebe land belonginge to the Parsonage of Erlington in the Countie of Sussex belonginge to Mr William Thomas of Westdean in the Countie aforesaid gent
Estate map showing Arlington village and land near Chilver Bridge. Ink and colour on parchment, 30" x 26½"; table of contents gives field names and acreages; note of the area of a day work (4 perches); scale of half-chains (12.8": 1 mile; compass points at edge of map; coloured achievement of arms of Thomas (or on a cross sable five crescents argent). Shows buildings, rivers, roads and footpaths with their directions and names of neighbouring owners
The map, which is badly faded, was repaired at the Public Record Office in 1966 and a photograph of it before repair is enclosed. It was illustrated by G R Burleigh in an article in SAC 112. 80-85 which drew attention to its depiction of the now demolished parsonage house and a chapel in the churchyard
Despite the title, the ownership of the parsonage together with the manor of Woodhorne otherwise Arlington (of which it presumably formed the demesne) was vested in the prebendary of the prebend of Woodhorne and Arlington at Chichester Cathedral, who leased it to lay farmers: see SAS M685 (1565) and WS146 (1801)

Deeds letters  AMS5716  [n.d.]

Source of acquisition: Documents given by Mackrell & Co (formerly Julius White & Bywaters) Inigo Place, 31 Bedford Street, London per BRA, 1636, 24 March 1971 (Acc 1305)

PEASMARSH AND RYE: Conveyance for £63 10s  AMS5716/1  28 Jan 1736

Daniel Davis of Rye gent to Joseph Cooper of Rye glazier and plumber
Moiety of house and ground in William Tharpe and JC's occupation; in Longer Street, Rye; S: Longer Street; W: John Cloake's house and land; N: town wall; E: house and land of Hall Rush and wife Ann
W: Jane Beckett, Edwin Wardroper

Probate (Lewes) of will of John Jarrett of Rye carpenter, 21 Apr 1796  AMS5716/2  25 Jan 1800

Devises (inter alia) house in Longer Street Rye to daughters Mary wife of James Fox and Elizabeth Wood successively for life and to children as tenants in common; reversion of house in Peasmarsh late Richard J his father after death of brother Richard to son John J

Letters  AMS5716/3/1-11  1808

Letters from John Lettice vicar of Peasmarsh (DNB), Edward Pearson master of Sidney (DNB), Mr Gee college attorney, Charles Butler of Lincoln's Inn and Woollett & Daws of Rye addressed to Gilbert Jones MP (of Jones & Green, Fleet Street) concerning the purchase of the estate at Peasmarsh in AMS5716/2 above by Sidney Sussex College Cambridge to augment the benefice of Peasmarsh; Mar - Nov 1808. The letters concern the title (with details of the Jarrett Button and Welch families), the difficulties of the mortmain statutes and Jarrett's appointment as manager of the workhouse

Court roll, marriage settlement  AMS5717  [n.d.]

Source of acquisition: Documents purchased by Cambridgeshire CRO at messrs Hodgson & Co 29 Apr 1965 and given by them 7 May 1965 (D657, 658)

Chailey: Copy of court roll, Wanningore manor  AMS5717/1  10 Oct 1768

Admission of John Marten son of Mary Marten deceased to a house 'Whitehouse', barn, stable and land (½a) at Chailey Green bequeathed to MM by her sister Susanna Bradford, 7 Apr 1761

Marriage settlement of Thomas Chown and Phoebe Westbroke  AMS5717/2-9  1703

The settlement (by lease and release and bonds of 25 and 26 June 1703) consisted of the manor or farm of Lunsford (c330a) in Etchingham and Salehurst conveyed to the trustees by Phoebe Westbroke of Ferring spinster (daughter of William Westbroke deceased) and settled for her jointure and the property of Thomas Chown of Frog Firle [in Alfriston] esq which was as follows
The manor of Amys and Levitts in West Firle, Beddingham, Selmeston, Cliffe, Denton, Seaford and Willingdon occupied by TC, Richard Stevens, John Cramp, Thomas Ansell and widow Young purchased from James Graves of West Firle 3 Mar 1703; a mansion house called Frog Firle or Tollers where TC lived; the manor of Tollers in Alfriston, Arlington and Litlington occupied by TC, William Smith gent and John Clerk; the manor or farm of Seaford in Seaford, Westham and Sutton occupied by TC, John Harrison gent, James Chambers gent, Thomas Skinner and Charles Wood; lease for lives of West Firle parsonage, 3 Mar 1703. The trustees were John Brewer of Gray's Inn esq, John Taylor of the Inner Temple esq, Thomas Faithfull of the Inner Temple gent and Thomas Osborne of St Andrew Holborn stationer (2-6). The release of Lunsford (not now present) was received 17 Jan 1704 by Thomas and Phoebe Chown from John Westbroke (7, 8). The deeds were delivered to be copied, 9 Jan 1710 (9)

Deeds of Pleydells and Chapel Cottage Farm, Rushlake Green, [1664] - 1939  AMS5718  [n.d.]

Source of acquisition: Documents donated 17 August 1980 (A2601, AMS5718/1-20 below) and deposited 19 January 1981 (A2652, AMS5718/21-91 below)

Chapel Cottage Farm was not divided from the Pleydells estate until purchased by Mrs Doff's father in 1939. At this date an arbitrary selection from the title deeds of Pleydells was made and handed to the purchaser as the deeds of Chapel Cottage Farm. In fact however the latter consisted of the larger part of a copyhold of Warbleton manor known as Skings which had been purchased by the owner of Pleydells in 1806
It was only when the deeds of Pleydells were deposited that this confusion was clarified, and by that time a reference had been allotted to the alleged deeds of Chapel Cottage Farm. For this reason and also to stress the separate ownership of what is in effect a single series of documents the established numbers of the groups have been retained but the documents described in chronological order in narrative form
As to Pleydells
On 13 June 1664 Thomas Read of Warbleton butcher mortgaged a house, barn, stable, slaughterhouse and land (5a) called Jannetts and Pollards Down at Rushlake Green Warbleton to John Tamplin of Ticehurst miller for £80. By various assignments and by virtue of an order of chancery of 29 June 1705 (in Thomas, Richard and Samuel Read, grandsons of TR v John Wood) the Reads were deprived of the equity of redemption and the estate vested in John Wood of Warbleton butcher, who by his will of 29 April 1706 bequeathed it to his wife Elizabeth for life with remainder to his son Thomas Wood of Warbleton butcher. This information is recited in a document of 1 August 1706 by which Elizabeth and Thomas Wood (after John Wood's death) mortgaged the property (lately occupied by TR junior) to Roger Johnson of Heathfield yeoman for £60 (1)
On 10 October 1707 the property was mortgaged by Elizabeth and Thomas Wood to William Coney of Warbleton chapman for £100; the mortgage to Johnson had been paid off (21,22)
By a lease and release of 20, 21 May 1708 the Woods conveyed the property (occupied by themselves and John Fox) to John Baker of Wartling gent for £180 (23, 2) and by an assignment endorsed on 21 above the term created by the 1707 mortgage passed from Coney to Baker on 15 October 1713. On 4 and 5 October 1714 Baker conveyed the property (occupied by John Fox) to John Latham of Etchingham clerk and Jacob Hollingworth of Cranbrook gent as trustees of a recent marriage settlement between Josias Pleydell of Warbleton butcher and wife Mary; the purchase price of £173 11s was stated to be part of Mary's marriage portion (3, 4). Despite the assignment of the previous year it was felt necessary for Coney and Baker to assign the term created by the 1707 mortgage to Joseph Busbridge of Warbleton gent in trust for the Pleydells, 6 October 1714 (5)
On 20 June 1763 John Pleydell and his wife Elizabeth mortgaged the property to Martha Baker of Warbleton widow for £100 and the transaction was confirmed by fine (6-8, 24)
By his will of 31 May 1759 proved (Lewes) 31 October 1766 John Pleydell of Warbleton butcher bequeathed the house in which he lived and assart-hold land at Colliers Green in Warbleton to his wife for life with remainder to his sons John and Latham as tenants in common (25)
On 6 March 1773 Henry Harcourt of Warbleton clerk and his wife Martha (late Martha Baker), on the direction of the Pleydells, assigned the mortgage to Richard Goldsmith of Hailsham and increased the charge by £70 (9,10). By a lease and release of 29 and 30 October 1773 Elizabeth John and Latham Pleydell conveyed the property (in their own occupation) to James Bristed of Warbleton yeoman and Samuel Baker of Heathfield farmer as trustees for sale in order to pay off the mortgage, notes of hand to Robert Pattenden of Herstmonceux yeoman and James Bristed and the costs of Pattenden and Bristed in employing Nicholas Gilbert junior of Eastbourne to recover the debts. The property was subject to an annuity of £7 10s in favour of Ann Pleydell spinster (11, 12). By lease and release of 22 and 23 December 1773 the trustees (Bristed described as tanner) conveyed the property absolutely to Thomas Waters of Warbleton yeoman for £450 of which Richard Goldsmith received £170 (26, 27). The following day Goldsmith assigned the term to Nicholas Gilbert junior of Eastbourne gent as trustee for Thomas Waters (13)
As to freehold (5a 2r) occupied by Forster, purchased by Thomas Waters from William Day in 1805 and as to assarthold of Warbleton manor called Skings late Hemsleys, rent 4s surrendered by Thomas Day esq to Thomas Waters, 15 April 1806
Both properties formed a small portion of the estates formerly belonging to John Lade bt but on 2 May 1805 Day wrote to Richard Owen Stone of Mayfield (acting for Waters) enclosing an opinion by Mr Williams that a full abstract of title of the freehold would be 'tedious beyond conception and very expensive'. A conveyance was eventually made on the strength of an outline of the descent submitted by Williams, lease and release of 11 and 12 October 1805 and a covenant by Thomas Day (in whom most of Lade's Warbleton estate was vested) for the the production of title deeds (28-31) and the copyhold was surrendered at the next manorial court (32, 33)
Although a complete abstract was not required in 1805, it was insisted upon in 1829 and 1837 when the freehold and copyhold estates were respectively sold by Thomas Waters' descendents. The information contained in these documents (39, 52-55, 58-61) is as follows
By his will of 17 August 1739 John Lade of Southwark bart devised his estate to trustees to the use of his cousin John Inskip (the son of his eldest brother Vincent Lade's daughter, Philadelphia wife of John Inskip of Uckfield) in trail with remainders to Ann only child of his niece Ann wife of William Nutt of Maresfield gent and to Charles eldest son of his niece Elizabeth wife of John Whitehorne of Jamaica. A codicil of 7 June 1740 added a further remainder to Elizabeth Whitehorne's other daughter Rebecca wife of George Robinson of Jamaica. The trustees were directed to apply the personal property and the income from rents to the purchase of land which was to be subject to the same settlements
John Lade died 31 July 1740 and the will was proved in PCC 7 August 1740
An initial chancery decree of 16 June 1741 ordered accounts to be taken. John Inskip took the name Lade, married Ann Thrale in 1756 and died in May 1759. Their son John Lade was born 1 August 1759
At a court held for Warbleton manor 30 October 1759 Rose Fuller esq was admitted to Skings as trustee for John Lade on the death of his brother John, Fuller (the survivor of Lade's trustees) (58)
After further chancery decrees of 14 November 1760 and 15 December 1764 it was established that after the birth of John Lade Rose Fuller took no actual estate in the premises and accordingly at a court held for Warbleton manor 28 January 1768 John Lade a minor aged 8 was admitted to Skings, a customary assart called Whitebirch (20a, rent 3/2d and 2 capons) and a customary assart house and land (3a, rent 1/2d) called Compars, sometime Wimbles, all in Warbleton (59)
After John Lade came of age in August 1780 a recovery was suffered to bar the entail of the whole estate (see AMS1895)
On 18 June 1781 master Montagu reported that a proposal had been put to him that the real estate in which John Lade was seised should be purchased from the funds held in chancery as the personalty under the will of 1739, totalling £35053 4s 8d. The estate was valued by James Ellis a surveyor at £35682 2s 6d. By this simple expedient John Lade freed the personalty from chancery without having to purchase land with it (which, subject to settlement, would be of small value to him) and in effect defeated the intentions of the will. The proposal was confirmed by an order of 20 June 1781 which directed that the estates should be conveyed to John Fuller of Welbeck Street Middlesex esq the heir at law of John Fuller of Brightling the survivor of John Lade's trustees; this conveyance, executed 30 June 1781, consisted of the following property, all more specifically described in AMS1895
1 farms let to John Snepp (137a 3r and 21a 3r), Francis Squire (40a 2r), William Fisher (18a 2r) and land (7a) let to Thomas Hayward; all in Etchingham, Salehurst, Burwash and Ticehurst
2 moiety of farms (266a, 66a and 186a 2r) let to James Bristed, (64a) let to Pattenden, watermill, land (16a) and pond (9a) let to John Saunders; farm (10a) let to Thomas Pankhurst, land (5a 5r) and barn and land (75a) let to Robert Hawes, land (12a) let to William Fisher, house and garden let to Samuel York; all in Warbleton, Herstmonceux, Dallington, Wartling, Hailsham, Westham and Pevensey. [the Cralle estate]
3 Petimarsh (31a) let to Robert Thomas and James Hassell, farms let to William Baker (148a 3r), Robert Thomas (42a), Jeremiah Wyborn (30a), William Barham (75a), Thomas Crisford (24a 1r), Thomas Cruttenden (99a), Thomas Crisford (39a), brick kiln let to Edward Milward, farm let to Robert Thomas (75a); all in Westfield, Ore, Pett, Fairlight and Guestling
4 land (111a 3r) in Ewhurst let to John Colbrond [Sempstead Place]
5 farm (96a) in Sedlescombe let to Samuel Baker; farm (14a 2r) in Iden let to John Milham
6 property (specified) in Lewisham, Romney Marsh and Minster Sheppey, Kent
The property was subject to the remainders established by the will of 1739; Ann Nutt was now wife of Peter Holford esq, master in chancery. The document includes the annual rental of each property (52)
After suffering another recovery, by a conveyance of 31 January 1783 the property was transferred to Philip Jennings Clerke of Duddleston Hall Salop bart and Henry Smith of St Albans esq as trustees for sale to satisfy John Lade's debts (about £19000, listed in schedule). Apart from minor variations in acreages and rents, the differences between the two descriptions of the property are as follows: 1 above not present; manor of Warbleton and moiety of manor of Badhurst added to 2; manor of Westfield added to 3; manor of Knoll added to 4; also included are a farm in Wadhurst (13a) let to Richard Beale, a farm in Eastbourne (66a) let to Smith Mortimer, a farm in Eastbourne and Westham (66a) let to Edward Auger, land called Frenches near the King's Head Battle and a house in the High Street Lewes St Michael let to Chatfield Turner; property in Kent and Essex and leasehold in London was also included. Copyholds held of the manors of Filsham, Warbleton, Eastbourne Parker, Gildredge and Netherin, St John Ocklynge, Rushlake and Swine and Hartfield Pashley were covenanted to be surrendered (53)
On 31 December 1783 the trustees conveyed the Warbleton and Sedlescombe estates to Ansell Day of Mayfield gent, William Collens of Brenchley Kent timber merchant and his trustee John Collens junior of Goudhurst Kent yeoman for £8710 6s 11d. It was made clear that the farm described as freehold occupied by Thomas Pankhurst was in fact held by a lease by James Smith of London gent to Thomas Lade of 499 years from 30 November 1653, then described as a house and land (18a) called Gatesdown in Warbleton, and that the cottage occupied by Samuel York was held by a 999 year lease by John Holbean to Thomas Lade from 9January 1650, then described as a cottage and land (1a) called Tile House bounding on the chantry land in Warbleton (54)
On 17 April 1784 the Collens' moiety of the Ewhurst and Warbleton estates was conveyed to Ansell Day for £4102 17s 2½d (55) and at a court held for Warbleton manor 23 June 1784 the copyholds were surrendered to Day (60)
On the death of Ansell Day (PCC administration to brother Richard, 13 January 1802), (46) and of Richard Day of Soho, linen draper (PCC probate, 12 March 1803), (44, 47) William Day was admitted to Compars and Whitebirch as eldest son of Richard Day and Thomas Day to Skings as his youngest son at a court held 14 May 1803 (32, 61). Richard's will, which also mentions property in Chiddingly occupied by Reeves and Goldsmith, names Mr Dunk as the tenant of the Warbleton land
As to the whole estate
Thus with the surrender of the copyhold 'Skings' on 15 April 1806 (33) Thomas Waters of Warbleton butcher owned the Pleydells estate at its largest extent. By his will of 7 July 1819 proved (Lewes) 9 December 1822 Waters bequeathed (after the death of his wife Jane) the copyhold now called Laywers Wood to his son Stephen Pennington Waters and the rest of his estate to be divided between his other children, Jane wife of Thomas Marten of Hellingly, Elizabeth, Mary, Sarah wife of James Chrismas of Wartling, John of Alfriston and Rebecca Martha (34). Jane Waters was admitted to her life estate in the copyhold at a court held 24 November 1823 (35) and after her death John Waters was admitted as brother of Stephen Pennington Waters (who had predeceased his mother), 3 November 1826 (36)
On 5 December 1827 John Waters of Lewes butcher and Thomas Martin of Hellingly grocer as executors of Thomas Waters contracted for the sale of the house and freehold land to James Crowhurst of Warbleton farrier for £875 (37). Simple abstracts were furnished immediately (38, 39) but requisitions on title and a counsel's opinion suggesting that conveyance by fine (at the purchaser's expense) might be necessary (41) produced an abstract of an annuity granted by John Pleydell to Ann Pleydell 26 May 1759, a copy of Thomas Waters' will, a further counsel's opinion of 29 October 1828, an abstract of the will or administrations of Richard Day, Nicholas Gilbert, Ansell Day and Charles Gilbert, an extract of the marriage of Henry Harcourt and Martha Baker and of the burials of John and Jane Waters, a declaration by Thomas Day of Russell Square Middlesex and finally (certified after the date of conveyance) copies of the conveyances of the Day estate already recited above (42-55)
The conveyance (by lease and release, 10 and 11 February 1829) was eventually made by the executors and Thomas' other children, Elizabeth Waters of Ninfield spinster, Mary Waters of Brighton spinster, Sarah wife of James Chrismas of Catsfield farmer and Rebecca Martha wife of John Farmer of Ninfield farmer to James Crowhurst and John Baldock of Burwash gent his trustee (14, 15). On 11 February 1829 John Hoper and Richard Andrew Turner of Lewes esqs (in whom the term created by the 1763 mortgage was vested as executors of Charles Gilbert) assigned it to James Philcox of Burwash gent in trust for James Crowhurst (56)
On 14 October 1836 John Waters of Lewes contracted with James Crowhurst for the sale of the copyhold (occupied by Jesse Olliver) for £200 (57). Requisitions on the abstracts of title (58-62) produced an extract of the burials of Stephen Pennington Waters and Jane Waters at Warbleton and of the marriage of Thomas Waters and Jane Gorringe and of the baptisms of their children at Hellingly, and declarations by Thomas Day of Burgh Hill Chiddingly esq of his relationship to Ansell Day and of the identity of Skings with Lawyers Wood, and to John Richardson of Hellingly farmer and Benjamin Waters of Eastbourne yeoman concerning the Waters family (63 - 67)
James Crowhurst died 14 May 1872 and an inventory was taken by Edward Thomas of Bexhill valuer 21 May 1872 (68). Enfranchisement of the copyhold was proposed by the executors but after a valuation by Cluttons of Reigate in October 1874 (stating that there were no buildings on the property) they declined and James Crowhurst, youngest son and heir of his father was admitted out of court on 15 July 1875. Nevertheless the tenement was enfranchised by the Lords of the Manor 8 February 1876 (16, 17, 69 - 75)
Further correspondence concerning the estate passed between James Crowhurst's sons including copies of two notes of hand by Eusebius G Crowhurst and Thomas Avis of 1855 and 1863 respectively, a noteof the valuation of the property (now including 9 cottages) made when Julia Crowhurst came of age in 1879 and a rough balance of the estate (76 - 82)
On 16 March 1882 Eusebius Gustavus Crowhurst of Amersham Bucks veterinary surgeon and James Crowhurst of The Paddock, Canterbury veterinary surgeon each conveyed their one sixth share of the estate (devised by the will of their father James Crowhurst of Warbleton veterinary surgeon 16 June 1862) to their sister Emily Frances Crowhurst of Canterbury spinster and brothers William Henry Crowhurst of Canterbury and Charles Crowhurst of Maidstone, both veterinary surgeons (18)
The remaining sixth had been devised by James Crowhurst to the children of his late daughter Ann wife of Thomas Avis and on 16 March 1882 three of the five children (Amelia Ann Avis of Tunbridge Wells spinster, Emily Avis and Julia Avis of North Street Brighton spinsters conveyed their interests to Emily Frances, William Henry and Charles Crowhurst. The other two children, Peter and Thomas Avis, had already died leaving widows who did not, however, join in the conveyance (19)
In August 1894 William and Charles Crowhurst leased the property (except the cottages) to William Alexander Haviland of Warbleton land agent on a yearly basis (83)
Correspondence between Haviland (writing on Brightling Place notepaper) with the Crowhursts concerning a new lease, improvements to the property and mentioning the undertenants Drs Garman and Row with a character reference for and letter from Mrs Barham, another tenant, are also included 1899 - 1904 (84 - 91)
On 5 October 1920 the property was sold to Dr Thomas Burfield by a Gregory Crowhurst. By 1939 Chapel Cottage was owned by Percy Parrish of Blackheath and occupied by his son Reginald Austin Parrish. After negotiations conerning the title and ownership of boundaries, a contract for the conveyance of the Farm, containing 9 acres, was signed 1 November 1939; the payments of the £500 purchase money were to be complete by December 1941 (20)

Deeds  AMS5719  [n.d.]

Archival history:
When reported upon for the National Register of Archives in the 1950s these documents (with others no longer present) were in the custody of Messrs Burt, Brill and Co solicitors at Old Steine, Brighton but by 1978 were in a Brighton antique shop from which the seller purchased them. Information in square brackets is derived from the NRA list (available in ESRO search room) where the original deed is missing

Documents purchased 23 June 1980 (Acc 2580)
The connecting factor in all these deeds is James Hilder of Robertsbridge, who became bankrupt in the 1830s

SALEHURST: Hackwoods, 1728 - [1824]  [no ref. or date]

[Copy deed to lead the uses of a recovery, William Busbridge of Etchingham, William Cranston of St Bride's Middlesex, William Fisher of Tenterden; 15 Oct 1728. Copy recovery, 1728]

Mortgage for £800 (lease for 500 years)  AMS5719/1  1 Jan 1729

William Busbridge of Haremare, Etchingham, gent. (eldest son and heir of John B of H. gent. eldest son and heir of JB of H esq by Frances his wife, eldest daughter of Anthony Cruttenden of Burwash gent) to Thomas Snepp of Sedlescombe gent
Two houses, buildings and land (100a) called Hackwoods, Kemps, Harveys and Hucksteeps Wish
Land called Snottland (15a); both in Thomas Dann's occupation in Salehurst
W: Stephen and Bridget Odiarne

Bond to perform covenants  AMS5719/2  1 Jan 1729

[Assignment by Snepp to Thomas Hussey of Burwash gent, 7 Apr 1731]

Bond in £1600  AMS5719/3  7 Apr 1731

William Busbridge of Etchingham gent to Thomas Hussey of Burwash gent
To pay £836 to T H as appears by deed of even date
Endorsed: receipts for interest by Stephen Sivyer, 1740-44, to whom the mortgage passed: See AMS5719/5
W: Thomas Smith, S Smersall

Further charge for £200  AMS5719/4  8 Jan 1732

William Busbridge to Thomas Hussey
W: Thomas Cover, W Shadwell

Assignment of mortgage  AMS5719/5  25 March 1736

John Legas of Wadhurst gent and Philadelphia Homesby of Goudhurst, widow (executors of Thomas Hussey) with the consent of William Busbridge to Stephen Sivyer of Bodiam, gent
Mortgage in AMS5719/1 above
Endorsed: receipt for interest by SS, 1737
W: William Shadwell, S Smersall
[Assignment of mortgage to Robert Brabon of Salehurst, 28 Apr 1748; lease and release, Busbridge - Sivyer, 28 and 29 Apr 1748. The NRA list also includes wills and other documents of the Constable family but it has proved impossible from an examination of the registered copy of one will to establish any connection with the premises

North Bridge Street, 1802  [no ref. or date]

Assignment of mortgage  AMS5719/6  26 Aug 1802

Ann Gregory of Pond Street, Hampstead, widow, (executrix of Thomas G of Clifford's Inn esq.) to John Hilder of Robertsbridge, gent
House in two dwellings and land (1r) late occupied by Joseph Diplock, Joseph Grime, Mary Waghorn and William Allen at North Bridge Street, Salehurst
Recites: mortgage for £25, Mary Chambers of Wittersham spinster (daughter of Thomas C a son of John C of Salehurst, tanner) to Thomas Willard of Maidstone, gent, 19 Aug 1771; death of TW leaving Ann Catt of Maidstone spinster the executrix; death of A C leaving William Green of Maidstone and T G her executors; proof of TG's will by AG in PCC, 5 Jan 1802
W: William Braban, Edward Latter
Ockham Farm, 1728-1852

SALEHURST  AMS5719/7  1728

'An Exact Survey of Ockham both upper and nether, A Farm lying in the Parish of Sailherst in the County of Sussex Belonging to Samuel Boys Esqr.'
Ink and colour on parchment, 30" x 24" 1" = 3 chains
Thomas Redford, 1728
Shows buildings, field names, acreages, names of adjoining owners; compass quadrant
Endorsed: oldest map of Ockham

Lease for 7 years  AMS5719/8  11 Oct 1852

James Hilder of Robertsbridge banker to Daniel Watson of Salehurst, farmer & John Watson of Ticehurst, farmer
Ockham farm
Detailed covenants not extracted

Deeds of 44 High Street, Lewes, 1672 - 1912  AMS5720  [n.d.]

Source of acquisition: Documents given by Coventry City Record Office 24 Oct 1969 (D1013)

On 1 May 1672 William Alcocke of Lewes gentleman bequeathed a tenement (occupied by William Elphicke, William Marshall and Richard Mantle) which he had purchased from Samuel Towers to his youngest daughter Mary wife of William Pellatt gentleman along with other property, including The Friars, Lewes, and Old Malling. The will was proved in 1694 in PCC and on 22 June 1695 Pellatt (now citizen and ironmonger of London) settled the property as a jointure for his wife with remainder to their son William who himself (then of Penhill in Bletchingly Surrey Esq) settled it on his marriage with Katherine sister of Henry and Leonard Gale of Worth, 23 July 1701; the property was then described as 4 houses, buildings and land (3a) occupied by Thomas Barrett, widow Elphick, William Rose and another. On 30 Nov 1727 Katherine Pellatt now a widow and her son Leonard P of London merchant mortgaged the property (occupied by Robert Walter and undertenants at a total rent of £30) to Leonard Gale; a recovery was also suffered to bar the entail created by the 1701 settlement. When on 10 Aug 1733 Leonard Pellatt reconveyed his reversion of the jointure estate (still mortgaged) to his mother it was stated that the mortgage was to enable him to carry on business. By her will of 16 Nov 1752 Katherine Pellatt of West Grinstead widow made her daughter Philippa residuary legatee and she by her will of 21 Sep 1753 devised the property to her cousin Henry Woodward rector of West Grinstead
Copies of the foregoing documents were provided prior to the sale of the whole estate by Woodward in 1758 (1 - 9)
On 1 Apr 1758 Woodward sold part of the premises comprised in 1 - 9 above to Samuel Nowel of Lewes patten-maker for £246 15s; the conveyance included a garden in St Nicholas Lane formerly used with the tenement, made a detailed division of the garden and reserved rights of way and drainage (10 - 12). On 28 Mar 1772 Nowel conveyed the property to Richard Comber of Lewes watchmaker and Robert Withington of Lewes innholder his trustee for £700 (13,14) who on 26 Dec 1774 mortgaged it to Robert Gilbert of Lewes gent, whose trustees (John Farncombe of Rottingdean gent, Samuel Hollingdale of Plumpton yeoman, William Boys of Ashcombe gent, Thomas Rogers of Kingston gent, William Shadwell of Ringmer gent and Henry Burtenshaw of Lewes gent) with Richard Comber now of Maidstone innholder assigned the mortgage to John Verrall of Southover maltster on 4 Jan 1779; the witness to this deed is William Langridge the future clerk of the peace, then clerk to Josias Smith of Lewes (15 - 17). After a further charge of £100 on 6 Feb 1780 Comber(now of Lewes St Michael watchmaker) sold to Samuel Durrant of Lewes Esq for £650; the property was in Thomas Harben's occupation; the mortgage was assigned to Henry Scrase of Lewes mercer, SD's trustee (18 - 21). The premises were then leased for 9½ years to Charles Pitt of Lewes All Saints chemist and druggist by another Samuel Durrant of Robertsbridge Esq on 2 Aug 1790 on condition that Pitt rebuilt the chambers above the shop on the High Street frontage; Pitt raised money on a bond the same day (22, 23). Having barred the entail by fine on 1 June 1798, Samuel Durrant of Southover Esq and Eleanor his wife conveyed the property to John Elliott of Lewes St Ann perfumer for £700 on 6 Mar 1799 which was mortgaged the following day to Samuel Ellis of Tulleys Wells Hamsey yeoman (24 - 29). The mortgage was assigned 29 July 1803 to William Newman of Lewes saddler Elliott having already died intestate leaving a daughter Jane aged 2 his heir. On 23 Mar 1812 Richard Marshall of Brighton yeoman and Elliott's sister Mary Epps of Dover Street Piccadily widow entered a bond to Newman that Jane Elliott would convey the equity of redemption to him for £25 on reaching her majority on 23 Dec 1822 (31,32).
Meanwhile 29 Sep 1817 Michael Irish of Lewes, sheriff's officer the owner of 45 High Street leased part of the land behind his house to Newman for 1000 years; the land had been used by him to build part of a warehouse and washhouse. On 22 Feb 1840 Irish (then of Islington accountant) released the reversion to the then owner of 44 (33,42). Newman mortgaged his interest to William Bourne of Cliffe, supervisor in HM excise on 1 May 1820 and on 4 Apr 1823 Jane Elliott released her equity of redemption (34 - 37). Bourne (now of Kentish Town) assigned the mortgage to Ann Thomas of Lewes widow 27 Sep 1825; the charge was doubled by Newman to £800 (38). Newman (in partnership with John Newman) assigned his property to Edward Beard of Lewes wine and spirit merchant and brewer and Benjamin Flint of Lewes grocer for the benefit of his creditors (the chief of whom was James Skinner senior of Finsbury Park Middlesex whipmaker) on 12 Mar 1838 and died 18 Apr. On 5 July the trustees conveyed to Thomas Saxby of Lewes saddler and John Hother of Lewes breeches maker his trustee for £990 (39 - 41). Saxby's widow Harriet, son Herbert (of Lewes land surveyor) and Hother leased the premises (lately in George Bates' occupation) to Albert Pam of Lewes chemist and druggist 25 June 1880, Herbert Saxby's executors gave Pam's son Leopold (of Holborn Circus diamond merchant) licence to assign which he did to Alfred Edward Hobbes of Lewes chemist and druggist 20 May 1887 who 6 Aug 1889 assigned to the occupier James Thomas Livesey chemist and druggist (42 - 45). A new lease was granted by the executors to the occupier James Clement Lloyd chemist and druggist 5 July 1912 (46, 47)

Deeds of copyhold property at Terrible Down Laughton, 1695 - 1889  AMS5721  [n.d.]

Source of acquisition: Documents given 13 October 1969 (D1012)

Although deposited as the deeds of the White Lion Inn, these documents relate to a parcel of land to its south, the house itself being held of the manor of Framfield. The property ceased to be licensed at some date after 1910 and was called York House
On 8 Apr 1695 Richard Markwick aged 4, only son of Richard Markwick deceased, was admitted (by his mother Helen) to a copyhold of Laughton Manor near Terrible Down late John Newington's and once Swains. The property was described as 2 pieces of land (4a) E of the Broyle, W of the road and N of William Markwick's land and held by the rent of 1s. (1). On 13 July 1721 William Sturt of Framfield weaver was admitted to the property (now described as 4½a) on the out-of-court surrender of Richard Markwick (2)
On 20 Apr 1736 Sturt died and his only daughter Elizabeth wife of James Shoesmith was admitted and immediately entailed the land to their heirs, 29 Apr 1736 (3)
After the death of Elizabeth her eldest son Edward Shoesmith was admitted 25 Nov 1782 (4)
Edward Shoosmith died without issue and his brother James was admitted 2 June 1838 (5)
James' son John Shoosmith of Hailsham yeoman was admitted to the property on his father's death 1 Nov 1848 and also to a piece of land on The Dicker, Chiddingly allotted to Edward Shoosmith at enclosre (6)
John Shoosmith of Hollingrove Farm Brightling was admitted on his grandfather John's death 28 May 1885 but on 30 Aug 1888 assigned his property to James Woodhams of Hastings auctioneer as trustee in bankruptcy who agreed to sell Shoosmith's copyholds to William Augustus Raper of Battle gent, 18 Feb 1889 on behalf of John Maxfield Smith of Lewes brewer who was admitted 24 Aug 1889 (7 - 12)
Also included with the documents is a statement of the descent of Framfield Manor headed 'part of York House was in this manor' (13)

Deeds of the Tabernacle Chapel, 3 High Street, Lewes, [1691] - 1935  AMS5722  [n.d.]

Source of acquisition: Documents deposited by Messrs Daniel and Edwards, solicitors, 44 and 46 Queen Street, Ramsgate, Kent, 27 November 1969 (D1021)

All parties of Lewes unless otherwise stated
The land upon which the chapel was built formed part of the estate of the Lewes Grey Friars' monastery and had by the late 17th century come into the hands of the Pellatt family. An abstract traces the title from the will of Katherine Pellatt (proved in 1693) and includes the purchase of the whole site on 29 Mar 1804 by George Verrall gent and John Godlee of Cliffe merchant his trustee from Mill Pellatt of Edgware Road gent, Apsley Pellatt of St Paul's Churchyard glass manufacturer and Thomas Pellatt of Ironmongers' Hall gent (9). Terms created by mortgages of 1718, 1725 and 1739 were assigned 11 Apr 1805 to Harry Bull woolstapler in trust for Verrall, who had recently paid off the outstanding sums
On Oct 1808 Verrall conveyed a strip of land 246 feet long S of Lewes High Street and E of Richard Andrew Turner's house to Joseph Goldsmith builder and William Cooper gent his trustee for £600 (1,2)
Goldsmith mortgaged the property (on which he had built a carpenter's shop, tenement and buildings) to Cooper 6 Mar 1811 with a proviso that Cooper should hold as trustee for sale if the sum was not repaid by 6 Dec 1811 and on 19 Dec after a meeting of creditors at the Star Inn Thomas Partington Esq, Richard Andrew Turner and Edward Verrall gents (bankruptcy commissioners) assigned Goldsmith's property to Amon Wilds builder, Thomas Gibson of Cliffe ironmonger and Thomas Swaysland of Kingston wheelwright, Goldsmith's principal creditors (with Nathaniel Polhill and Thomas Gibson of Cliffe ironmongers) (3 - 5). On 21 Aug 1812 the assignees and mortgagees sold the N part of the land (plan on deed) to Charles Wille and George Stanford builders for £425 (6,7)
The terms created by the earlier mortgages were conveyed to Wille by Bull and by Stanford's executors (Sarah Stanford widow, William Smart corndealer and John Hilton builder) on 2 June 1828 to enable Charles Wille (now builder's merchant) to convey to William Attwood ironmonger as trustee for Wille, Nehemiah Wimble ironmonger and George Adams broker (who had in 1817 contracted to buy shares of the property) on 24 June 1828. It is stated that since 1817 a dissenting meeting house called The Tabernacle had been built on the site. The property was mortaged 5 July 1828 to Thomas Dicker of Lewes banker for £1800 (8 - 13)
By a deed of 4 May 1829 Wille, Wimble and Adams conveyed the Chapel to William Madgwick gent in trust for themselves, Charles Wille junior of South Malling timber merchant, Arthur Morris of Cliffe grocer, John Adams broker, James Berry junior of South Malling builder, John Harvey of Cliffewine and spirit merchant and Thomas Weeden gent as trustees to maintain the building for 'protestant dissenters professing the tenets and doctrines of the Church of England contained in the acts and homilies of that church as explained by Calvinists and contained in the assembly's catechism' (14, 15). The property was again mortgaged on 1 July 1829 to James Kidder gent and William Attwood ironmonger for £1800, £1200 of which was provided by Wille senior and £600 by Wimble; the loan was on favourable terms (16 - 18)
After the death of Wimble and his wife Audrey the sum had not been repaid and they were both indebted to Thomas Whitfield banker in a large sum. On 5 July 1852 the executors, Richard Green of Brighton late ironmonger and Arthur Morris assigned the mortgage to Whitfield (19)
On 19 Nov 1856 the respective mortgagees surrendered the terms to the surviving trustees, Whitfield for £300 and Charles Wille freely, stating that it was not the intention of his father to accept repayment but that the sum was meant as a contribution towards the chapel (22)
A majority of the surviving trustees, Charles Wille of Newick gent, James Berry of Eastbourne builder and John Harvey of Cliffe spirit merchant, added to their number Thomas Weeden of Brighton gent, John Latter Parsons stone mason, Peter Mannington of Isfield farmer, Samuel Lintott butcher, Daniel Edwards of Uckfield surgeon, Henry Card junior builder and Richard Wisdom attorney's clerk on 14 May 1857 (23)
Charles Parsons stonemason, John Porter of Lewes and Fletching, yeoman, William Mannington of Isfield, yeoman, Frederick Colvin solicitor's clerk and Thomas Parsons, timber merchant, were added by Wille, Parsons, Card and Weeden the surviving trustees on 29 Nov 1877 (24)
On 27 June 1912 Card and Thomas Parsons, surviving trustees, added Charles and Charles Arthur Morrish drapers, Harold T Roberts grocer, William Pockney of Ringmer farmer, John Charles Kenward nurseryman, James Larwill coal and builder's merchant and William Howard Smith butcher (26)
By an order of the Charity Commissioners of 8 Mar 1935 the trust property and that of the Sunday School trust (established by deed of 26 Nov 1896) were to be thenceforth administered by the Sussex Congregational Union (incorporated) as trustees (27)

Deeds  AMS5723  [n.d.]

Source of acquisition: Documents deposited by Farrer & Co, 66 Lincoln's Inn Fields, London WC2 25 Jan 1971 (BRA 1597, Acc 1250) and 25 June 1971 (BRA 1597, Acc 1359)

Deeds and documents of the Hatchard family of St Leonards  AMS5723/1  1834 - 1899

On 28 July 1834 a settlement was concluded prior to the marriage of Harriet Sophia Stevenson of Weymouth aged 20 years and 4 months with George Charles Holford of Berkley Square Esquire
She was entitled to a share of investments limited by her parents' settlement of 1809 and an inheritance from the will of her grandfather Robert Stevenson. Holford seems to have been resident at New Park near Devizes and some of the early deeds in the bundle relate to this estate (1/1 - 4). Holford died 15 Feb 1844, his will was proved in PCC 13 May 1844 and on 3 Nov 1846 Harriet Sophia married John Alton Hatchard, formerly vicar of Haydon in Dorset but then a naval chaplain (1/5)
On 10 July 1861 Hatchard (now vicar of St Leonards) mortgaged 58 Marina (possibly the vicarage) and 97 Marina (plan of both on deed); a reconveyance is endorsed on the deed, 11 May 1863 (1/9)
Mrs Hatchard requested the trustees of the settlement to advance large sums to her husband on mortgage, using 58, 97, 104 - 107 Marina as security. This they initially refused to do owing to the shortness of the title and the insufficiency of the security
After indemnities from Henry Price Holford, one of the two children of the first marriage sums amounting to £15000 were advanced in 1863 and 1864 (1/10 - 13)
On 22 May 1885 H P Holford (now of 4 Adelaide Mansions Brighton Esq) and his brother-in-law John Richard Pearson of 11 (later 12) Lansdowne Terrace Eastbourne were appointed new trustees of the settlement and the will (1/21,22) and on 21 Dec 1887 the mortgagees reconveyed the property to Hatchard (1/23)
On 9 May 1899 H P Holford of 3 Third Avenue Brighton and his sister Cecilia Harriet Pearson conveyed 45, 46 and 47 Caves Road St Leonards to Alfred Sherwood Stedman of 137 Marina St Leonards for £600 (1/25)
Deeds of 12 Lansdowne Terrace Eastbourne, 1876 - 77
On 29 Jan 1876 the Duke of Devonshire leased a recently erected house in Cliff Road to James Peerless of Eastbourne builder from midsummer 1873 for 90 years. Samuel Rogers Toms of Croydon Esq (who had acquired the lease 2 Feb 1877) assigned it to Arthur Simon Latter of North Mimms Herts clerk to whom the Duke conveyed the reversion for £508 17s 6d on 30 June. The property was presumably later conveyed to John Richard Pearson (see 21 above); (1/26 - 30)

Deeds relating to an estate called Barnhurst in Etchingham and Salehurst  AMS5723/2  1814 - 1861

The document numbered 2/3 below was transferred by the BRA from Walford and Co and 2/1 and 2 from Farrers, incorporating Walfords. There seems little doubt however that all three are from the same source. See also AMS78 transferred by the Lancashire RO in 1948 and SRS 53 115 - 120 for the descent of the reputed manor of Barnhurst
On 28 Sep 1812 Jonathan George Micklethwaite conveyed the capital messuage called Barnhurst erected by Henry Peckham with 64a in Etchingham and Salehurst occupied by Henry Huntley to William Coleman of Cranbrook Esq (AMS78)
Coleman mortgaged some of the land (47a 25p, field names given) on 14 Feb 1814 to Stephen Swatland of Cranbrook gent as collateral security for a bond in £4000 (2/1)
A commission of bankruptcy was awarded against Coleman 7 May 1816 but after chancery proceedings had been compromised on 15 Apr the assignees conveyed the equity of redemption to James Hilder of Robertsbridge gent in trust for Swatland on 11 Aug 1831 in compensation for his equitable lien on an estate which he had sold to Coleman which the latter had sold (subject to the lien) to Valentine Conolly, to whom Swatland released his lien for £1000 the same day (2/2)
The house itself had been sold to a Miss Pakenham by Coleman in 1816 and on 20 Nov 1861 Francis John Pakenham of Bruton Street Middlesex and Major Frederick Beauchamp Pakenham leased it for seven years to Charles James Knowles of the Middle Temple QC at a rent of £60 a year. The term was extended by 5 years by an endorsement of 4 Feb 1863 (2/3)

Deeds  AMS5724  [n.d.]

Source of acquisition: Documents deposited by Witham, Weld and Co, 11 Ashley Place, London SW1, 24 Mar 1971 (BRA1727, Acc1308)

Peasmarsh: Draft conveyance and mortgage  AMS5724/1  Dec 1857

James Prosser of Thame, Oxon, clerk, Richard Boyer of Potters Pery Northants clerk, trustees for Sarah wife of Robert Buckley Boyer of Caius College Cambridge Esq (daughter of William Morris deceased) and her brother William Morris of Peasmarsh gent to Henry Crockford of Woodlands Battle Esq and William Foster of Thorpe Norwich bart. his mortgagee
Flackley Ash Farm, Peasmarsh
Recites: mortgage for £1000 by WM senior to JP and RB in trust for Sarah to satisfy a sum owed to her by WM senior 8 July 1850; marriage settlement directing JP and RB to hold mortgage according to the trusts, 9 July 1850; probate of WM seniors will, 21 May 1853; order of chancery directing executors to sell estate for the credit of a cause brought by Maynard Morris and Thomas Roper, 20 Nov 1855; contract for sale to HC for £4610, 4 Aug 1857

Eastbourne: Counterpart lease for 7 years from 24 June 1887  AMS5724/2  27 June 1887

Philip Witham of 1 Grays Inn Square Esq to Kenneth Frazer of Darmstadt House, Wilmington Gardens, Eastbourne, MD
28 Burlington Place, Eastbourne

Deeds of 119 Marina, St Leonards, 1895 - 1919  AMS5725  [n.d.]

Source of acquisition: Documents given by Morris and Co, 15 Old Square Lincoln's Inn, 25 Jan 1971 (BRA1173, ACC1248)

The property was sold by Joseph Smith and his wife Fanny Ann to Henry Chapman of Cheapside Esq who by his will (proved 17 June 1893) appointed William Hudson of Southwark, Thomas Knowles Griffin of Cheapside and Joseph Whitham of St Leonards his trustees who sold the property for £1100 to Albert White of 13 Church Road St Leonards 25 Apr 1898 (1)
Albert White and his brother Frederick's joint will appointing Henry Richardson of Oak Passage Hastings auctioneer and John George Holt of High Street Battle grocer his trustees was proved 19 Oct 1906 and they conveyed the property to Alice Ethel Grant the occupier for £850, 24 June 1907 (2)
Herbert Povey of 61 Vale Road St Leonards tailor mortgaged the property for £400 to the Hastings Permanent Building Society on 7 Oct 1914 and after the amount had been repaid conveyed it to Olivier Polhill Turner of Hastings, school medical officer on 12 Mar 1919 (3, 4)

Deeds  AMS5726  [n.d.]

Source of acquisition: Given in Nov 1962 (D528)

Conveyance for £1570  AMS5726/1  9 Oct 1891

James Brooker of Ditchling, valuer and Arthur Russell of Russell Ho., Hassocks coal merchant (trustees of the will of John Russell) to the trustees of the Earl of Abergavenny's Estate Act 1871
Property in Ditchling: Bulls Barn (20½a) Kitchenoors (8½a) Bushey Field and Bushey Field Shaw (8a), Underhill or Jenners Field (2½a)
A plan of the property is included. According to the correspondence file, Mr Pitcher's father purchased some of this property from the Abergavenny estate

Copy covering letter from James Brooker in AMS5726/1 to the Eridge estate office, giving details about hedges and timber  AMS5726/2  Sep 1891

Assignment  AMS5727  [n.d.]

Source of acquisition: Document deposited by Lloyds Bank executor and trustee department, 24 Mar 1971 (BRA1547, ACC1307)

Assignment  AMS5727/1  1830

Assignment by Richard Tamplin of Brighton brewer and Robert Marsden of Cheapside London chemist and druggist (executors of Thomas Roff Tamplin of Cliffe, brewer) to Thomas Wood of Lewes brewer of shares 28 - 31 in the Lewes Gas Light Company for £100, 2 June 1830

[no title or date]  AMS5728

Source of acquisition: Deposited by Pennington and Sons, 64 Lincolns Inn Fields, London WC2 (D527) per LCC, Nov 1962

Deeds of 4 New Steine, Brighton  AMS5728/1/1-23  1789-1844

This property belonged to Thomas Kemp in 1789 and was part of a 36 paul (4½ acre) unit in Little laine Cliff furlong sold by him in that year for £840 to Edward Thunder of Brighton, builder (1/1): a plan of this area is shown on p4 of 1/1 (standard root of title documents). An abstract of title (1/2) divides the plot into 7 constituent units, abstracting back to 1720
In June 1792 part of the property (20' N-S; 54' E-W) was sold to James Pledge of Brighton, builder on a building lease. Isabella Pullen of Brighton, wid, then purchased the freehold of this building, 4 New Steine for £850, which she in turn conveyed to James Charles Michell of Brighton gent in Feb 1802 subject to certain mortgages which had been entered into (1/4,7)
In May 1814, the property was sold to John Gray Esq of Brighton (1/8) and under the terms of his will (draft, 1/9) it was being held by his devisees in trust in 1844
In Mar 1844, 4 New Steine was sold to Robert Beckwith Esq of Hanover Cres., Brighton (1/17-18). A surviving plan of the building (1/23) dates from this period

Conveyance for £1270  AMS5728/2/1  13 Apr 1881

Frances Jane Dodgson of the Chestnuts, Guildford (Sy) to George Gaze of Hastings, gent
2 Wellington Sq., Hastings
Subject to restrictions on use laid down in a conveyance of Apr 1819 between John Cossum and others

Agreement for sale and assignment of goodwill of business  AMS5728/3/1-2  Jul 1933

Solomon Cohen of 20 Duke St., Brighton to William Derrick Wordsworth of 26 Brunswick Pl., Hove
20 Duke St., Brighton, together with the business of a tobacconist and confectioner

Deeds  AMS5729  [n.d.]

Archival history:
The donor's collection was initially distributed by the BRA before the existence of the Record Office and all except one document (AMS5729/48) passed to the Sussex Archaeological Society at an unknown date. The other item, possibly owing to a confusion of place-names, did not reach ESRO until 1958. For a single deed originally given by the donor to the Society of Genealogists, see AMS5756/2

Source of acquisition: Documents given per the British Records Association (BRA 787) Nov 1958 (D291; 48 below) and deposited by the Sussex Archaeological Society, 21 June 1982 (ACC 3688; 1-48, 50-117 below)

Related information: Some documents from ACC 3688 have been transferred to WSRO

The largest archival group present is a collection of deeds, mostly counterpart leases, executed by the estate of the earls (and later dukes) of Dorset. These have been placed together at the beginning of the group. The remainder of the deeds have been arranged in the alphabetical order of the parishes to which they relate and any connections identified by means of cross-references

DORSET ESTATE  [no ref. or date]

ARLINGTON  [no ref. or date]

Counterpart contract for lease for 13 years from 29 Sept 1698 at £170  AMS5729/1  9 Oct 1698

Thomas Medley of Southover gent on behalf of Charles [Sackville] earl of Dorset and Middlesex to William Boyce of Berwick yeoman
Milton Farm and land with barns, stable and dovehouse, part of demesne of Michelham Parkgate manor, occupied by WB late William Stapley
W: Henry Bean, Thomas Wither
Endorsed: extension of a year

CHAILEY  [no ref. or date]

Counterpart lease for 21 years from 29 Sept 1663  AMS5729/2  10 Nov 1663

Related information: See KAO U269 T70/10 for settlement of AH's jointure

Ann [Herbert] countess dowager of Pembroke, Dorset and Montgomery to Richard Bonner of Maresfield clerk
Fourth part of house 'The Lodge' with barns and land (37½a) late common now part of demesne of Houndean manor (part of AH's jointure) occupied by RB
Rent £5, 2 turkeys or 8s payable in hall of Lewes priory; hunting and hawking reserved
W: Henry Bullocks, Thomas Richardson, William Edge

EAST GRINSTEAD  [no ref. or date]

Counterpart lease for 31 years from 29 Sept 1667 at 13/4d  AMS5729/3  22 Jul 1667

Richard [Sackville] earl of Dorset to William Bartholomewe of East Grinstead cordwainer
Land (1r) with a house lately erected on it called The Manor of Rowses; SW: churchyard; NE: the College
WB covenants to collect the quitrents due to RS for the manor; rent payable at Buckhurst in Withyham
W: Robert Shoebridge, Richard Page, Edward Shoebridge

Counterpart lease for 21 years from 25 Mar 1689 at £1  AMS5729/4  3 Apr 1689

Charles [Sackville] earl of Dorset and Middlesex to John Bodle of East Grinstead butcher
Part of the demesne of Imberhorne manor formerly covered with water called The Milpond (1a); S: East Grinstead-West Hoathly road; N, W: JB's land
Rent payable at Buckhurst in Withyham
W: John Milles, Jane Costable

HARTFIELD  [no ref. or date]

Counterpart lease for 21 years from 25 Mar 1633 at £3 13 4  AMS5729/5  3 Jan 1633

Thomas Hallcombe alias Nicholas of Chiddingstone, Kent tailor to John Jarrett of Hartfield, hammerman
House, barn and land (7a) 'Woo' occupied by JJ; E: land 'Beaches'; S, W: Hartfield-Cansiron Forge Highway; N: river
W: Henry Wickenden senior, Nicholas Wicking

Lease for 21 years from 29 Sept 1650 at £24  AMS5729/6  27 May 1650

Edward [Sackville] earl of Dorset to James Kingsland of Hartfield yeoman.
Land 'Marshcopland and Pokemeadow' late occupied by Stephen Jones deceased
W: George Parkyns, Richard Rosseter, William Bushey

Counterpart lease for 21 years at £50  AMS5729/7  24 Aug 1660

Richard [Sackville] earl of Dorset to John Turner of Hartfield yeoman
House, barns and stables 'Tye Farm', meadow 'the Pightell' (3a 3½r), Wellfield (9a 2½r), two fields to the S 'Stone Rocks' (17a 1½r), Broomefield (24a 1r), a field to the N 'Ten Acres' (14a), field to the N 'the Tott' (18a 1½r), two fields to the N 'Blackham Lands' (14½a), field to the S 'Upper Seven Acres' (12a 3r 12p), Nether Seven Acres (9a 3½r) bounding to the Farm Lands, Bushey Field (21a)
W: Philip Packer, Simon Smyth, James Kingsland

Counterpart lease for 21 years from 29 Sept 1669  AMS5729/8  10 Oct 1669

Ann [Herbert] countess dowager of Pembroke, Dorset and Montgomery, daughter and heir of George [Clifford] late earl of Cumberland to John Inkpen of Hartfield shoemaker
Small tenement with garden plot (3r) in Church Lane, part of Broom manor, occupied by JI late Mary Harden widow
Rent of 10s and a fat goose payable at hall of Lewes priory
W: Richard Sackville, John Raynes, Thomas Meek

Counterpart lease for 21 years from 29 Sept 1671 at £35 and 2 fat capons  AMS5729/9  28 Jan 1671

Richard [Sackville] Earl of Dorset to Robert Woodgate of Hartfield yeoman
House, 2 barns and land (90a) 'Bintons Boardwright'; S, W: RS's land 'Bruxells', land of Mr Plumler and John Butcher; N: Holtye Common and road to Scalstock; E: countess of Thanet's land and RW's land
W: Alexander Walker, Robert Saxbee, Margaret Walker

Counterpart lease for 21 years from 29 Sept 1708 at £9  AMS5729/10  7 Jun 1709

Lionel Cranfield [Sackville] earl of Dorset and Middlesex to Richard Thatcher of Hartfield mercer
House, barn and croft in Hartfield Street and 2 other crofts (5a) occupied by RT
W: Thomas Medley, John Saxby

Counterpart lease for 21 years from 29 Sept 1712 at £9 15s and 2 fat capons  AMS5729/11  10 Feb 1713

Lionel [Sackville] earl of Dorset and Middlesex to Nicholas Pope of Hartfield cordwainer
1. House called Knightshall (1a) in Church Lane and part of meadow 'Stanborough Mead' (2a) near Hartfield Clappers adjoining the common river
2. Pound Cottage at Hartfield Green
3. Westfield alias Smithfield (9a) at Hartfield Green in tenure of NP
W: Thomas Medley, Edward Medley

Lease for 21 years from 29 Sept 1725 at £30 and 2 fat capons  AMS5729/12  2 Apr 1726

Lionel Cranfield [Sackville] duke of Dorset to William Farmer of Hartfield yeoman
As AMS5729/9 lately occupied by Robert Swaysland
W: Sackville Bale, William Cotton

KINGSTON by LEWES  [no ref. or date]

Counterpart lease for 21 years from 29 Sept 1633 at £16  AMS5729/13  20 May 1634

Philip [Herbert] earl of Pembroke and Montgomery and wife Ann (countess dowager of Dorset) to Matthew Caldicott of Sherrington [in Selmeston] esq
Lands 'Erlowiswicke' (18a) part of Swanborough manor
Recites settlement of AH's jointure, 1 Jul 1623 (see KAO U269 T70/10); rent payable in hall of house formerly Lewes priory
W: John Gap, William Thomason
Endorsed: Mr William Lane to take lands until further order, 3 May 1654

LEWES  [no ref. or date]

Counterpart lease for 21 years from 29 Sept 1703 at £46 16s 8d  AMS5729/14  10 Jun 1703

Charles [Sackville] earl of Dorset and Middlesex to Thomas Medley esq of Barcombe
1. Barn 'Winterbourne Barn' with a close and pasture (½a)
2. Fourth part of a barn close 'Houndean Barn' and arable (36a) in the lanes called Spittle Lane, The Floods, the West Lane and the Honey Pitts occupied by Henry Shelley esq
3. Brooklands (26a) also part of the demesne of Houndean manor in Southover and St John, occupied by TM, Charles Goodwyn's executors, William Coby's executors, Richard Barnard gent and Walter Brett
W: Edward Medley, Thomas Wither

WITHYHAM  [no ref. or date]

Counterpart lease for 60 years from 25 Mar 1628 at 33s 4d  AMS5729/15  27 May 1628

Edward [Sackville] earl of Dorset to Thomas Myddlemore of Rotherfield gent
Croft near Horsebridge 'Hewkines Crofts' and other land 'Little Stoneland, Cowleaze and Bullfinches' (20a) occupied by John Carden
W: J Amherst, Henry Newman, Richard Rosetor

Lease for 21 years from 29 Sept 1633 at £80  AMS5729/16  20 May 1634

Philip [Herbert] earl of Pembroke and Montgomery and wife Ann to John Medhurst of Withyham yeoman
House, barns, stables, stalls and farm called Blackham Court, the orchard and garden (3 3 16), 'the Hopes' (2 3 4 and 5 2 39), Blackham Mead (26 1 28), the Claies (13 0 23 and 14 3 13), Longcroft (10 2 1), part of Couchmans Roomes (15 0 13), Little Mead (3r 39p), with meadow adjoining (4 0 35), five pastures 'Roomes alias Middleroomes (25 2 37), Great Cowleaze (19 3 14), two parcels 'Ferrycrofts' (11 2 20), Cowleaze Croft (4 3 39), Little Cowleaze (14 2 30), arable 'Longfield' (10 1 30), three pieces 'Cockaddams' (16 1 2), six pieces 'the Parkes' (27 1 0), arable 'the Hasellwood' (7 0 37), land 'orchard and the Ponds' (2 1 10)
Lease for 21 years from 29 Sept 1633 at £80; 20 May 1634
All part of Blackham manor and occupied by JM; N: part of manor occupied by John Turner, Robert Saxbies and David Hamond; S: Leyhoad Common, Haydensfield and Hasell Mead, part of Fiskeridge manor; way from Leyhoad Common to waste 'Beasts Green'; E: Medwater river. Recites 1623 settlement
W: Christopher Marsh, William Thomason

Counterpart lease for 21 years from 29Sept 1650 at £26 2s  AMS5729/17  29 May 1650

Related information: See KAO U269 T142/36

Edward [Sackville] earl of Dorset to John Palmer of Withyham yeoman
Land part of Frayes tenement and piece of land 'Riddenslegge' late occupied by Thomas Sharpe deceased
W: Richard Rosetor, Vincent Williams

Counterpart lease for 21 years from 25 Mar 1662 at £9  AMS5729/18  12 Jan 1662

Richard [Sackville] earl of Dorset to Thomas Tias of Withyham yeoman
House and land (34 3 23) 'Dales and Newnhams' (part of Buckhurst manor) occupied by TT
W: Simon Smyth, Joseph Darknall

Conveyance (bargain and sale with feoffment) for £210  AMS5729/19  15 Sept 1669

Jane Elliott (widow and executrix) and John Durrant, Thomas Yonge and John Brighted executors of Robert Elliott of Bexhill yeoman deceased to William Constable of Withyham yeoman and William Constable junior
House and land (24a) 'Hoden Farm' occupied by Thomas Cadman
W: Thomas Weller, Richard Constable, William Ba..len, Richard Marshall, John Burges, William Stevens

Lease for 21 years from 29 Sept 1681 at £120  AMS5729/20  1 Mar 1682

Related information: See AMS5729/24, 27

Philip Packer of Groombridge, Kent to William Morley of Withyham yeoman
Capital messuage, barns, stables and farm called Somerford Grange, Sumerford Mead (14a), four closes 'Highfields' (44a), Combefield (16a), Little Combefield (11a), Wayfield (14a), London Field (25a), Longcroft (11a), Ox Pasture (4a), Seven Acres (7a), Bracky Croft (4a), Thistle Croft (4a), two crofts (4a), 'Hartfield Meadow' (16a) and another (11a) in Hartfield, Upland Meadow (18a), two pieces of arable (27a) and hopgarden (3/a)
In Withyham and Hartfield. Rent includes a live well-fed boar of over 20 months
W: Elizabeth Packer, John Still, Nicholas Corke

Lease for 11 years from 29 Sept 1689 at £48 and 2 fat capons  AMS5729/21  13 Aug 1689

Charles [Sackville] earl of Dorset and Middlesex to Edward Crondwell of Withyham yeoman
House, barns and land called Sharlockes, Claylands and Bleechmead, three houses now used as a watermill with land (125a) occupied by EC
W: George Lowin, Walter Parkinson

Counterpart lease for 21 years from 25 Mar 1689 at £150  AMS5729/22  14 Jun 1690

Charles [Sackville] earl of Dorset and Middlesex to Mrs Martha Fermour of Withyham widow
Capital messuage, barns, stables and stalls called Stoneland, ground called Stoneland Park; farm with a barn occupied by William Gutshall; Dallingridge Meadow between lands occupied by Richard Thomset and Thomas Thorpe and those of Ann Bennett widow and a house, smithy and land occupied by TT in Withyham and Hartfield (620a)
Hilders Farm and barn (62a) in Withyham
Fishponds and minerals reserved
Endorsed: MF not to let Stoneland and Park without CS's licence
W: Joseph Miller, John Fermor and William Gowne

Counterpart lease for 21 years from 29 Sept 1696 at £20 and 2 fat capons  AMS5729/23  10 May 1697

Charles [Sackville] earl of Dorset and Middlesex to William Weller of Withyham yeoman
House called Prowds alias Holmans and land (54a)
W: Thomas Medley, John Jarrett, Elyott Richbell

Lease for 21 years from 29 Sept 1697 at £120 and a well-fed boar  AMS5729/24  3 May 1698

Charles [Sackville] earl of Dorset and Middlesex to William Morley of Withyham yeoman
Property as AMS5729/20; see AMS5729/27
W: Thomas Medley, Richard Downing

Counterpart lease for 31 years from 25 Mar 1699 at £2  AMS5729/25  31 Mar 1699

Charles [Sackville] earl of Dorset and Middlesex to Simon Jenner of Withyham yeoman
Cottage, garden and land (1a) with land (12a) next to part of Ashdown Forest to be enclosed and improved by SJ, lately purchased by CS from William Smith and others and now occupied by SJ with pasture for 2 bullocks
W: Thomas Medley, Thomas Howell

Counterpart lease for 31 years from 25 Mar 1699 at £1  AMS5729/26  1 Apr 1699

Charles [Sackville] earl of Dorset and Middlesex to Robert Bennet of Withyham husbandman
Cottage W of Fidges Gate-Duddleswell highway and land (2a) part of Ashdown Forest lately purchased by CS from William Smith esq and now occupied by RB with pasture for 1 bullock
W: Thomas Medley, Thomas Howell

Counterpart lease for 20 years from 29 Sept 1709 at £20  AMS5729/27  13 Jul 1709

Lionel Cranfield [Sackville] earl of Dorset and Middlesex to John Weller of Withyham yeoman
Property as AMS5729/20 and 24
W: Thomas Medley, George Willett, Richard Stredwick

Counterpart lease for 21 years from 29 Sept 1725 at £46 and 2 fat capons  AMS5729/28  3 Apr 1725

Lionel Cranfield [Sackville] duke of Dorset to Nicholas Francis of Bidborough, Kent yeoman
House, barn, stable, wainhouse and land (100a) called Beachgreen Farm and meadow (30a) adjoining Ashurst river, late occupied by David Hammond, now by John Wickens
W: Edward Medley, John Wickins, Richard Haswell clerk to Mr Medley

Counterpart lease of office  AMS5729/29  26 Sept 1660

Richard [Sackville] earl of Dorset to Nicholas Cheesman gent
Office of deputy feodary of the lands of the Duchy of Lancaster, granted to RS for life by patent, 5 Sept 1660
Rent £4
W: Charles Cornwallis, Henry Mattock

Counterpart appointment  AMS5729/30  22 Jan 1669

Richard [Sackville] earl of Dorset to Nicholas Cheesman of Framfield gent and Nicholas Cheesman his son for life
Offices of bailiffs of the half-hundred of Loxfield Dorset
W: Edward Sackville, Christopher Smith

BATTLE  [no ref. or date]

Conveyance  AMS5729/31  20 Feb 1526

Margery Smalfeld widow of John Smalfeld senior of Brightling to William Fynche knight, Henry Fynche gent and John Button to the use of WF in tail
House and land lately of the fee of William Hastynges knight which descended to MS and her sister Joan on the death of their father Henry Gibson; in Battle
N: highway; E, W, S: lands of WF of Netherfield
W: Henry Fynche gent, Laurence Fynche gent, John Fuller, Richard Byshopp, John Sharard

Bond in £200  AMS5729/32  4 Jun 1672

Richard Yeelding of Hollington gent to Ann Peckham of Salehurst spinster
House, barn, two orchards and land (40a) called Ivyland in Battle; N: Darfold Gate-Battle highway; E, S, W: demesne of Netherfield manor [? as AMS5729/31 above]
John Marten of Hollington yeoman and his son John Marten of Guestling yeoman (by his late wife Judith) and his wife Ann and Margery Winkfield of Hastings widow mortgaged to AP for £100, 1 Mar 1672; RY bound to guarantee the title
W: William Levett, Joseph Newington

Mortgage for £8  AMS5729/33  1 Jan 1679

Related information: [For a settlement of this property on William Birch, 1681, see SAU 1203.]

James Birch of Goudhurst, Kent cutler (eldest son of Thomas Birch of Battle cutler deceased) to Elizabeth Birch of Goudhurst widow
House and small piece of land called a lane in Middle Borough, occupied by JB's mother Joan Birch; SW: high street; N, W: houses late Bartholomew Jeffery; NE: lands of the....; SE: copyhold tenement of the heirs of Edward Welche
Previously conveyed to TB by Simon Crownage of Hooe miller, 17 Mar 1655
W: Thomas Burch, Thomas Lake
Endorsed: assignment by EB to William Birch of Battle cutler, 7 Mar 1686; W: Philip and Thomas Lake

BATTLE AND CATSFIELD  [no ref. or date]

Assignment of term of 1,000 year lease  AMS5729/34  5 Apr 1706

Adrian Spray of Westfield yeoman, Richard Wykes of Wadhurst gent and Mary his wife to William Markwick of Bexhill gent, Thomas Medley of Barcombe gent and Charles Harrison of Lewes gent and John Lancaster of Herstmonceux gent in trust for WM and TM
1. piece of woodland (12a) occupied by Thomas Brown in Catsfield
2. two pieces of land and meadow called Kelkmead and The Old Hop Garden (7a) occupied by Thomas Bance, in Battle
Assignment of term of 1,000 year lease, 5 Apr 1706
Both mortgaged for £80 by RW to Thomas Fuller of Battle gent, 25 Dec 1697, now vested in AS
By this deed RW sells 1 to WM for £358 (discharging the mortgage) and mortgages 2 to TM for £150; CH and JL are trustees for both WM and TM according to a indenture of even date between TM, R and MW, Stephen Frewen of Fairlight clerk, WM, Richard Shelley of Lewes esq, Simeon Ash of Salehurst clerk and John Hammond the younger of Catsfield gent
Endorsed: Browns Wood
W: T Jenkin, Thomas Wykes, Thomas Hammond, Thomas Wither

BERWICK  [no ref. or date]

Conveyance (lease [and release])  AMS5729/35  30 [and 31] Sept 1697

John Busbridge junior of Haremare in Etchingham gent and wife Elizabeth (grandchild of Margaret Caly of Eastbourne widow deceased) to William Allen senior of Alfriston yeoman and his son William Allen of Berwick yeoman
Toft and piece of land called The Hall (3a); W: a common called The Tye; N, S: John Honey's land; E: John Walker's land; all late MC
W: Robert Spiller, John Alcherne

BODIAM  [no ref. or date]

Conveyance for £102  AMS5729/36  11 Dec 1643

Related information: [For a subsequent deed (Hollands - Hollands, 1653) see Preston Manor, Brighton, deeds AT3; for a previous deed (Bourne-Bourne, 1597) see AMS539]

Robert Boorne of Bodiam husbandman to John Hollandes senior of Sandhurst, Kent butcher
House, barn, hayhouse, oasthouse, outhouses, garden, orchard and 1 (formerly two) piece of land (2½a); S: land of the heirs of John Illenden; W: lane leading to John earl of Thanet's land called Northlands; N: earl of Thanet's land; E: Bodiam church-Bodiam mill highway
W: Anthony Knowles, Nicholas Woodd

Counterpart lease for 14 years from 25 Mar 1779 at £45  AMS5729/37  31 Dec 1779

George Baker of Canterbury esq to Thomas Levett of Bodiam husbandman
House, barn, stable, malthouse and land (113a) called Northlands Farm lately occupied by John Morris deceased, now TL
Reserved: timber, sporting rights and fishponds; detailed covenants including fieldnames
W: T Redford, Francis Bellingham

BURWASH  [no ref. or date]

Conveyance (feoffment) for £55  AMS5729/38  6 Oct 1703

Laurence Noakes senior of Brightling yeoman and wife Elizabeth to Nicholas Cruttenden of Burwash gent
House called Whates and land (1½a); S, E: land late Henry Cruttenden deceased and a house of Simon Bray's heirs; N: Etchingham-Burwash highway; W: vicarage lands
Covenant to levy fine as NC shall require
W: Jones Chambers, Robert Thawyer

BURWASH, BREDE  [no ref. or date]

Conveyance (lease [and release])  AMS5729/39  28 [and 29] Sept 1704

John Polhill of Brownings in Burwash gent to his younger Nathaniel Polhill of Burwash gent
1. House, barn, stable and malthouse called Brownings where JP lives with land called Pickdown, Redherst, Redherst Wood, The Moors and Northfield (50a); E, W: Burwash Town-Mayfield highway; S, W: Thomas Pelham bart's land; W: Everenden's land occupied by Robert Ellis; N, E: land of John Polhill's heirs called Frenches
2. Four pieces of land called Rosefields (29a 3r 1p) in Brede; S, W: Brede church-Westfield highway; E, N: Taylor's lands; S: river from Sedlescombe to Winchelsea; late Edward Polhill esq of Burwash now occupied by Joseph Horne
W: John Elphick, Edward Polhill, Ezekiel Bristed

CATSFIELD  [no ref. or date]

Quitclaim  AMS5729/40  23 Apr 1595

Peter Frenche of Horley (Sy) professor of medicine and Robert Ballard of Catsfield husbandman to Richard Ellys of Hellingly yeoman
House, barn and 2 gardens called Hardisbeke (1a); W: Catsfield churchyard and highway; S: land occupied by Thomas Woode; E: Lodgeland; N: land late William Waters
W: Thomas Wood, John Moore, Thomas Stile the writer

[Bargain and sale for a year] and release for £65  AMS5729/41  [13 and] 14 Mar 1694

Richard Keys of Catsfield miller to John Byne of Catsfield carpenter
House, garden and piece of land; S: Barnfield or Catsfield Green; W: lane to Richard Fuller's dwellinghouse; E, N: Richard Longley's land
Piece of land; S: Barnfield Green; W: Richard Longley's land; E, N: Thomas Fuller gent's land
In all 5a; acts of George Christopher of Battle deceased included in warranty
W: William Markwick, R Freebody

Assignment of mortgage  AMS5729/42  13 Mar 1705

Richard Keys of Catsfield miller and John Byne of Catsfield carpenter to Joseph Rickman of Hellingly yeoman
Mortgage of AMS5729/41 for £60, JB to RK, 15 Mar 1694
W: William Markwick, C Spiller

Conveyance (lease and release) for £140  AMS5729/43, 44  13 and 14 Aug 1714

James Easton alias Aneston of Catsfield yeoman to William Markwick of Catsfield gent
Five pieces of land 'Milfields, Greenfield, Bricklampfield or Bricklandfield and Milfield Shaw (22a), part of Fartlands in the tenure of JE
W: Thomas Willard, Richard Moore

CHIDDINGLY  [no ref. or date]

Assignment of mortgage  AMS5729/45  3 Oct 1681

John Scarlett of London merchant to William Swaine of Denton, mercer
House, barn, orchard and land (12a) 'Heylildreden' in Chiddingly; E: Thomas Mills gent's land; S: Thomas Harison's land; W: tenant way from Amligh Bridge to Thomas Harison's house; N: highway from Amligh Bridge to Stephen French esq's house
Purchased by Walter Streater of John Howell knight (then occupied by William Ince) and mortgaged by his son Thomas Streater of Hellingly yeoman deceased to JS for £60 (payable at Benjamin Scarlett gent's dwellinghouse at Eastbourne), 6 Jul 1659
W: William Bartlett, John Coaker, Thomas Gilbert

EASTBOURNE  [no ref. or date]

Copy of court roll, Eastbourne Nether Inn  AMS5729/46  8 Jan 1872

Admission of Desaguliers West late of Hampton Villas Ealing now of 2 Douro Place, Dover gent as youngest brother and heir of Elizabeth Ann wife of John Sutton Wilford of Eastbourne deceased
House and ground (detailed measurements) rent 2s 1d, late Nicholas Bodles

EWHURST  [no ref. or date]

Conveyance for £220  AMS5729/47  30 Jul 1638

Joseph Cruttenden of Brightling yeoman to Nehemiah Panton of Brightling gent
1. House, barn, close, garden and 6 pieces of land called Buckant and Mawfield (18a)
2. Parcel of land called Southcroft (1a)
Lately conveyed to JC by NP and Thomas Collins gent
Endorsed: Mr Bartlett
W: John Hay, John Atkin, Martin Knowles, John Thatcher, John Barnes the lessee

FAIRLIGHT  [no ref. or date]

Conveyance (lease [and release])  AMS5729/48  16 [and 17] Nov 1716

Edward Hedger of Westerham (Kt) apothecary and Mary his wife to Daniel Iggelsden of Hawkhurst (Kt) wheelwright and Mary his wife
Manor of Fairleigh alias Frenchcourt in Fairlight and other parishes (160a); E: lane from Winchelsea to Pett church; S: Taylor's land and the highway from Fairlight Down to Pett church; W: lane from Shellers Green to Pickham mill; N, S: 'Pickham lands' and John Thatcher Esq's lands
No manorial records have yet come to light, but VCH ix p 176-177 records the descent of the manor, mentioning a 1716 fine involving these parties (SRS 19, p 160). In this, the 'other parishes' are given as Pett, Icklesham, Guestling, Ore, Westfield
W: Samuel Durrant senior and junior

WEST FIRLE  [no ref. or date]

Lease for 98 years and 6 months at £10  AMS5729/49  8 Jul 1712

Mary Smith of Landport, St John sub-Castro, Lewes widow to her father Thomas Tourll of Lewes butcher
Two houses and several pieces of land and 4 bullock leazes (18a) occupied by Thomas Ansell
W: William Nelson, Samuel Isted

HERSTMONCEUX  [no ref. or date]

Conveyance (lease [and release])  AMS5729/50  3 [and 4] May 1751

John Lancaster of Herstmonceux gent to Nicholas Stone of Herstmonceux gent
1. Pieces of land (30a) called Wargraves occupied by Thomas Barden; S: Herstmonceux church-Megham Down highway; N: customary land of James Markwick called Beechers; E: freehold late Marin le Tartre and Francis Naylor esq's land; W: Samuel Elphicke's land
2. Wargraves Brook (3a) occupied by TB
W: Mary Roberts, John Bingham

HOLLINGTON  [no ref. or date]

Pre-nuptial settlement (covenant to stand seized)  AMS5729/51  30 Jun 1662

Thomas Yeilding of Hollington yeoman and Henry Pattenden of Salehurst yeoman
House and land called Great Hunts and land (100a) called Chillands, Hillands, Broadlands, Knolls and Butterdocks in Hollington occupied by TY
Richard Yeilding son and heir of TY to marry Elizabeth Pattenden daughter and heir of HP; £20 annuity to TY's wife and mortgages to William Markewicke (£200) and George Harris (£70) exepted from warranty
W: Edward Polhill, William Hickes

Lease for 60 years from 25 Mar 1662 at £30  AMS5729/52  1 Jul 1662

Thomas Yeilding of Hollington yeoman to his only son Richard Yeilding
As AMS5729/51
? not executed

IDEN  [no ref. or date]

Conveyance ([lease and] release) for £187  AMS5729/53  [4 and] 5 Mar 1689

Rebecca Robins of Maidstone, Kent late of London widow (and executrix of John Robins late of London before of Hawkhurst gent) to Thomas Cruttenden of Cranbrook, Kent apothecary
1. Three pieces of upland late occupied by Henry Shervall then Richard Lingham now John Chester
2. Marshland long under water, rents paid by commissioners for Iden level
In all 12a, late John Robins father of JR; recites lease of upland, RR to William Austen of Iden yeoman deceased at £6 10s for 11 years from 25 Mar 1682, 19 Aug 1681; contract for drowning land, JR with commissioners, nd
Covenant by TC to produce deeds, 1658 - 88 (listed on schedule) to John Chittenden of Hawkhurst clothier, Robert Turley of Hawkhurst yeoman, Robert Grove of Robertsbridge in Salehurst draper and Henry Peene of Wittersham in Oxney yeoman, purchasers of houses and land in Hawkhurst and Peasmarsh from JR or RR according to existing covenants
Endorsed: 'Mr Winder; now Mr John Turks'
W: William Smith, William Levett, Thomas Swinnerton

Conveyance ([lease and] release) for £110  AMS5729/54  16 Jan 1718

John Sisley late of Tenterden now of Wittersham, Kent yeoman to John Norris of Hempstead in Benenden, Kent knight
Two parcels of marsh (6a) on S side of channel, adjoining upland purchased by JN of John Chadwicke merchant and others
Conveyed by George Chadwicke gent to John Blackmore gent in trust for JS, 5 and 6 Sept 1711 and mortgaged (inter alia) to James Munn grazier in trust for JB for £700 on 7 Sept; consideration now paid to Anna widow of JB and mortgage to be assigned to James Monypenny esq in trust for JN's inheritance
W: Francis Taylor, Hurt Marshall

MARESFIELD  [no ref. or date]

Lease for 60 years from 29 Sept 1730 at £1 15s  AMS5729/55  5 Jun 1731

Related information: See SRL 2/4/4-12 including abstract, 1731-53

Alan Mills of Westmeston gent to John Day of Fletching clerk
Land called Common Mead, Sands, Sands Shaw and part of Sands Wood as now staked out (12a 1r 36p) occupied by JD; N: Chelwood Common; W: John Awcock's land 'Chelwood'; S: JD's land; E: AM's Keln Field and Sands Wood
W: George Neale, Richard Fuller

MAYFIELD  [no ref. or date]

Re-assignment of mortgage and further charge  AMS5729/56  10 Nov 1718

James Vigor of Wadhurst butcher and John Watts of Mayfield yeoman (executor and youngest son of Thomas Watts senior of Mayfield yeoman deceased) to James Coe of Rotherfield tanner
Barn, close, 2 pieces of hopground, 2 pieces of brookland and 2 pieces of upland, all part (38a) of a tenement called Wenborns orBardens; W: Mayfield-Wadhurst highway; N: tenement near Coggins Mill Street and land, both late TW: E, N: land late John Weston
Re-assignment of mortgage and further charge, 10 Nov 1718
Recites: £150 mortgage, TW to Edward Collins of Burwash yeoman, 9 Aug 1686; assignemnt by E C to Dorothy Cotton of Warbleton widow, 8 May 1688; death of DC and assignment by her executrix Ann Hawksworth of Warbleton widow to John Roberts and Lucy Roberts, 28 Dec 1703 with fine by TW and wife Mary to Thomas Shorte of Wadhurst gent in trust for JR and LR; assignment by JR of Ticehurst gent and LR of Ticehurst widow to JV, 17 Jan 1709; bequest of property by will of TW to JW, 2 Jan 1717 and subsequent death
W: John Wells Luck, Robert Pocock

Assignment of mortgage  AMS5729/57  20 Jul 1723

Nicholas Puxty of St Andrew Holborn Mx gent and John Watts of Mayfield yeoman to Mary Peckham of Warbleton spinster
As AMS5729/56, different bounds
Recites AMS5729/56 and vesting of term in John Willett of Wadhurst clerk and assignment by JW to NP, 20 Jul 1722
W: Martha Puxty, Darell Shorte, Elizabeth Collins, John Moore


Counterpart lease for 11 years at £10 and £20 10s a year  AMS5729/58  29 Sept 1607

Joshua Levett of Salehurst gent to Thomas Byrch of Mountfield husbandman
House and barn with copyhold land (92a) lately granted occupied by TB, reserving a piece of land converted into a hopgarden occupied by JL [Walters farm in Mountfield and Salehurst]
JL to repair old kitchen and house; TB to pay 5s 7d lord's rent. TB to deliver 20 loads of dung yearly at the hopgarden and allow JL to dry hops in the oast in the old kitchen, JL finding oast hair. £1 to be paid for every acre sown during the last 2 years of the term and a hundred of marl to be put on each acre broken up; six loads of poles to be carried to the hopgarden each year
W: Richard Levett, John Ellys, John Meere

MOUNTFIELD  [no ref. or date]

Discharge of mortgage and assignment to attend  AMS5729/59  27 Sept 1738

Related information: See AMS2529

Thomas Dobson of Eastwell, Kent parkkeeper to Robert Braban of Robertsbridge in Salehurst gent and John Braban of Hurst Green in Salehurst gent in trust for RB
1. House, barn, 2 stalls, oasthouse, garden, orchard and close called Tunstall (34a) occupied by James Taylor: buildings and 5 pieces (12a) S, E: Colebridge-Darvell highway; N: land late Richard Weller; W: Edward Wilson's and Arthur Saxby's land. 6 pieces (19a) N,E: highway; W: Edward Wilson's land; S: Abraham Bennett's land and Colliers Croft. Brook (1¼a) S: highway; N, W: William Braban senior's land 'Westbournes'; E: John Leadbetter's land. Land (1¾a) S: highway; E, N, W: Westbournes
2. House, barn and 4 pieces of land (20a) and 2 pieces of brook 'Westbournes' (7a) lately occupied by James Taylor; S: James Nicholl esq's land and John Collier's land; W: Mountfield church-Colebridge highway; William Austen esq's land
Recites: settlement in favour of William Braban senior (covenant to levy fine between Stephen Cooper of Sandhurst, Kent yeoman and wife Elizabeth, Thomas Potter junior of Sandhurst yeoman, Thomas Grant of Ashford, Kent yeoman and wife Elizabeth, WB senior and wife Mary, his eldest son WB of Salehurst gent and his youngest son Robert B of Robertsbridge gent to Robert Marchant of Hawkhurst grazier in trust, 25 Nov 1731; mortgage for £350, WB senior to TD, 11 Dec 1731 and subsequent repayment
W: Judith Rolfe (TD's servant), Henry Francklyn junior

Lease for 11 years from 29 Sept 1740 at £28  AMS5729/60  10 Mar 1741

Robert Braban of Bodiam gent to Benjamin Noakes of Mountfield yeoman
House and land 'Westbournes and Lotts' (70a) in Mountfield, occupied by BN
Extra payments if specified lands converted to arable
Endorsed: agreement that BN shall hold lands called Maynards, Colliers and Henry's Fields in Salehurst and Brightling on the same terms until 29 Sept after expiration of lease; 1 May 1741
W: William Shadwell, Edward Milward junior

Assignment of lease for £34 5s  AMS5729/61  10 Feb 1769

Richard Weller of Salehurst gent to William Quaife of Mountfield yeoman
Property as AMS5729/60, leased by John Luke Nicoll of St George Hanover Square esq to RW for 14 years, 5 Apr 1762
Recite decease of JLN, descend to John Nicoll esq his son and management of estate by George Crawford gent
W: William Braban, John French

NINFIELD  [no ref. or date]

Covenant to stand seized  AMS5729/62  28 May 1638

William Yeildinge of Hollington yeoman and his mother Joan Harward (widow of William Yeildinge of Hollington) to the use (in moieties) of JH and WY for life, contingent remainder to WY's youngest son John Yeildinge
1. House, kitchen, stable and land called The Thorne; S: Ninfield church-Bexhill highway; N, E: land late John Ashburnham knight, later Lambert Russell and wife Elizabeth, then William Smersall, then John Bolton in right of wife Judith, occupied by Adam Stedwell; S, E: lane to High Knolle House
2. Barn and land (63a); N, E: highway in 1; W: land late Lambert and Elizabeth Russell, now William Smersall's heirs occupied by John and Joseph Chapman and a little watercourse (running to Whitedown Mill) issuing out of the street between the house - 1 and Ninfield church; S: land late Simon Remes now Richard Allfrey gent; S, E: land of Giles Baker's heirs occupied by William Curd; S: stream running along the SE side of Barnfield towards Whitedown Mill; all in Ninfield
W: William..., Robert Marshall, William Howell, John Mercer

NINFIELD AND BEXHILL  [no ref. or date]

Conveyance (bargain and sale and release) for £400  AMS5729/63, 64  7 and 9 Apr 1651

John Yeildings of Ninfield yeoman and wife Mary to John Carpenter of Crowhurst yeoman
1. Property in AMS5729/62, with updated occupiers
2. House and land called Sumers otherwise Sumerlettes (24a) in Bexhill occupied by JY; N, E: land late Thomas Fuller; S: croft, part of Cowdinge Farm; W: high street from Lunsfords Cross to Cowdinge Gate
W: Thomas Alchorne, Francis Scarlett, John Chittensle, William Cooke; see SRL 7/8

Mortgage for £300  AMS5729/65  3 Oct 1669

John Carpenter of Crowhurst yeoman (eldest son of John Carpenter of Ninfield yeoman deceased) to Richard Carpenter of Sedlescombe glover
Property as AMS5729/62-64 (Somers now a barn only)
Endorsed: further charge of £20, 5 May 1674
W: Robert Watts, Thomas Welsh, Joseph Purfield

Release to mortgagee for £225  AMS5729/66  27 Mar 1675

John Carpenter of Westfield yeoman to Richard Carpenter of Sedlescombe
Property as AMS5729/62-65 (Somers now 'croft where a barn stood')
Recites 65 and a fine levied the following Michaelmas term
W: Joseph Parker, John Purfield

Bargain and sale with feoffment, parties as AMS5729/66  AMS5729/67  29 Mar 1675

JC's iron chimney plates and chattels (except a cupboard and clothes press) included; W: John Duke, John Browne, Joseph Parker, Elisha Browne, John Purfield

Conveyance ([lease and] release) for £600  AMS5729/68  [4 and] 5 Mar 1725

William Carpenter of Sedlescombe gent (eldest son and heir of Richard Carpenter) to Richard Sampson of Ninfield gent  [no ref.]  nd

As AMS5729/62-67, all occupied by John Tyman
W: John Tyman, John Collier, Henry Dodson

NORTHIAM  [no ref. or date]

Conveyance for £10  AMS5729/69  1 Oct 1603

William Mathye of Northiam to John Mococke of Northiam
Croft (1a) with a newly-built house in Northiam; E: George Bysshoppe's land; S, W, N: two lanes
W: John Harryson, Thomas Brigden, William Robinson

Contemporary copy deed to lead uses of fine  AMS5729/70  18 Nov 1619

John Iden of Northiam yeoman and wife Elizabeth to Anthony Tuttesham junior of Staple Inn Mx gent, Richard Glidd of Northiam yeoman and Edward Lyntott of Battle to the use of JI
1. House, 2 barns, stable, 2 gardens, 2 orchards and 22 pieces of land (60a) in Northiam and fresh marsh (12a) late Robert Iden of Northiam deceased
2. Four pieces of land (14a) called Scoures Town in Ewhurst late Robert Iden
3. Moiety of the manor or farm of Hartridge in Marden, Kent
4. Moiety of house and land (30a) in Marden, late George Weldishe deceased

Conveyance (lease [and release])  AMS5729/71  15 [and 16] Aug 1712

Mary Seamer of Northiam (widow and executrix of Richard Seamer of Iden clerk) to Joseph Tucker of Rye gent
House called Quickburne and land (100a) lately occupied by Jane Sharpe widow now by John Hull; in Northiam
W: Sarah Frewen, Thomas Frewen junior

Deed to lead uses of fine  AMS5729/72  22 Jun 1715

Joseph Tucker of Rye gent and wife Elizabeth to George Tilden of St Bride, London gent to ET for life, remainder to her sons Samuel and Francis Jeake, remainder to daughter Barbara Jeake, remainder to Joseph Tucker
House, barn and land (80a) called Quickborn Farm, Northiam
W: Allan Devile, F Austen

Conveyance (lease [and release]  AMS5729/73  9 [and 10] Oct 1770

Christopher Larkin of Cranbrook, Kent yeoman (son and devisee of Thomas Larkin of Cranbrook deceased) to Thomas Larkin of Beckley yeoman
Fourth part of house, barn, oasthouse, buildings and land (84a) called Quickborn Farm occupied by Henry Peckham, in Northiam
W: Henry Waterman, Jeremiah Curteis

ORE  [no ref. or date]

Contract for a marriage settlement for £1,800  AMS5729/74  20 Jun 1665

Anthony Englefyld of Whiteknights, Berks esq with John Harrington of Ore esq
JH to marry Mary only daughter of AE
Manor and advowson of Ore with houses and lands in Sussex and Kent
W: Charles Finch, Henry Englefyld, Thomas Stokes, Anthony Englefyld junior

PEASMARSH  [no ref. or date]

Articles of agreement  AMS5729/75  26 Sept 1692

Adrian Spray of Westfield yeoman with Margaret Shephard of St Alphege, London, widow of Edward Shephard of Peasmarsh esq
House, barn and 12 pieces of land (60a) occupied by Russell and woodland called Hides (50a) lately occupied by ES
Recites mortgage for £373 6s 8d, ES and M to William Cruttenden of Udimore yeoman, 19 Oct 1675, now assigned to AS; AS will give MS 1 month's notice of demand of principal and MS may occupy for 6 months thereafter
W: Thomas Odiarne, Samuel Jeake

PENHURST  [no ref. or date]

Quitclaim for £260  AMS5729/76  29 Sept 1617

George Petter of Brede clerk to John Petter of Brede gent
1. House and land called Thomas Land (15a); E: land called Creep; S: Melland and Gerrardsland; W, N: land late Michael Hawkyns
2. House and land called Gerrardes (15a); E: Mellands; S, N, W: Penhurst Mill-Brightling highway; N: 1 above
3. Third part of a meadow called Meanewishe; W: Wadnallwishe
All in Penhurst occupied by George Wenham and recently purchased from William Relfe gent
W: William Relfe, George Wenam, Robert Lemon

ROTHERFIELD  [no ref. or date]

Quitclaim  AMS5729/77  16 Jun 1670

John Butcher of Hartfield yeoman to Richard Butcher his brother
1. Piece of land (3a) and another (2a) near Jarvis Brook in Rotherfield, formerly part of the farthing of Drake and formerly copyhold of Rotherfield, granted [? enfranchised] to JB by Thomas Houghton and John Purcell gents, lords of the copyhold, to be held of the manor by fealty and a rent, 20 Feb 1667
2. Two pieces of land (8a) called Wellfield and Little Drake held freely of Walshes manor
W: Thomas Weller, Henry Hedlie

Quitclaim  AMS5729/78  1 May 1672

Mary Tompsett of Newick (widow of Nicholas Turner of Rotherfield yeoman) to John Marchant of Mayfield yeoman and Richard Marchant his eldest son
Piece of land and wood (2a) lately occupied by William Martyn and now by John Gattland; N: Coulshorne Gate-Dengate Cross highway; E, W: JM's land; S: Waterdown Forest
W: George Hooper, Nicholas Hilles, Thomas Hooper

RYE  [no ref. or date]

Conveyance  AMS5729/79  10 Jan 1628

James Asheby of Sutton in Kent cordwainer to John Spye of Rye
Third part of 3 houses and gardens in the Longer Street, Rye, occupied by Thomas Slye, Thomas Winter and Phuro Ballard; E: lands and tenements of Robert Williams' heirs; S, W: lands and tenements of Mark Thomas jurat; N: highway
W: Samuel Landsdale, Thomas Peacocke, George Phillipes

Conveyance for £40  AMS5729/80  16 May 1642

Abraham Thomas of Litlington yeoman and Edward Thomas of Arlington yeoman to John Rason of Rye bricklayer and wife Mercy
1. House in Market Ward; E: highway; N: John Crouch's house; W: vicarage house; S: vicarage lane
2. Two stables, close, two pounds belonging to the stables in Baddings Ward; E: the cliff; N: John Holibone's land; W: highway; S: old church yard
W: Samuel Landsdale, John Crouch, Thomas Crouch

Conveyance for £9  AMS5729/81  28 Feb 1654

Roger Gilford of Rye mariner to Michael Cadman of Rye mariner and his daughter Hannah Cadman spinster
House and garden in Longer Street, Rye occupied by Elias Holmes, bequeathed to RG by his parents Roger and Alice Gilford; W: Longer Street; S, E: land of Mark Thomas gent; N: lands of RG's brother John Gilford
W: Samuel Jeake, Richard Wilson

Conveyance (lease [and release])  AMS5729/82  25 [and 26] May 1742

Henry Weight of Rye mariner and Justinian Allen of Rye mariner to Margaret Hounsell of Rye widow
House and garden in Longer Street occupied by Robert Link; W: Longer Stret; N: tenement and garden of William Reno; tenement and garden of Joseph Baker; S: tenement of Joseph Baker and another of Elizabeth Burdett widow
W: Henry Dodson, Henry Penfold

Mortgage for £80  AMS5729/83  23 Apr 1748

Richard Gravener of Rye mariner and wife Judith to William Thorpe of Hastings gent
House, stable and outhouses occupied by Sarah Wood widow, with garden formerly a carpenter's yard fronting 71' on Longer Street; W: Longer Street; S: remainder of garden belonging to John and Sarah Thurston; E: Samuel Jeake's premises; N: tenements and gardens of William Reno, widow Burdett and John Sutors
W: Henry Dodson, Matthew Atwell

SALEHURST  [no ref. or date]

Conveyance  AMS5729/84  4 Aug 1595

Samuel Northen (signs Norden) of Hamsey clerk to John Donke of Salehurst, merchant tailor
Piece of land (1a) in Northbridge, Salehurst; S, W: Thomas Maye gent's land; E: land of Salehurst rectory; N: John Burckham's land
Josiah Hopkinson of Salehurst gent attorney to deliver seisin
W: William Gratwick, Richard Lasmer, John Ellys, Robert Smithe

Settlement (lease of tithes)  AMS5729/85  28 Sept 1638

Francis Norman of Salehurst gent to his daughter Anna Weller wife of Richard Weller of Cranbrook, Kent clothier for life, successive remainders to their sons Francis and Richard in tail male, remainder to AW's heirs for 99 years
Tithes payable to FN from a farm called Martins otherwise Wymans and Fridaies, 11 pieces of land (36a), 7 pieces of land called Poulters (23a), meadow (1a) part of Harepoole Meads once William Alfray's, meadow (2a) called Stephen his brook, piece of copyhold (3a) held of Bodiam manor, piece of land called The Flote (6a), all occupied by Stephen Pooke, John Banckes, Abraham Weston, John Moseley and Edward Gibbons; in Salehurst
W: John Lorde, Stephen Pooke, John Haye, John Banckes, John Newington, Thomas Waghorn

Deed to lead uses of fine  AMS5729/86  18 Oct 1683

Richard Gill of Southover yeoman and wife Sarah (daughter of Elizabeth Leader of Robertsbridge in Salehurst widow deceased) to James Attree of Lewes innkeeper to the use of RG
House, barn, 2 gardens, orchard, close and 3 pieces of land (6a) called Nethersgirthinther lately ocupied by John Lord clerk and now by Thomas Waggin
W: Peter Gard, Thomas Medley, Charles Harison

Assignment of mortgage and further charge of £100  AMS5729/87  13 Dec 1683

Related information: [For other deeds of this property, see MIC 17.]

Thomas Isted of Lewes gent and Richard Gill of Southover yeoman to Thomas Moseley of Cliffe linendraper and Richard Burgess of Romsey in Hampshire clothier
As AMS5729/86, mortgaged by RG to TI for £50, 15 Sept 1679
Endorsed: assignment, TM to William Hicks of Brightling yeoman and Thomas Pooke of Hawkhurst gent in trust for John Pooke of Salehurst gent, 28 Apr 1687, W: Edward Baughe
W: Thomas Medley, James Rossum, Charles Harison

Escrow  AMS5729/88  17 Jan 1700

Susannah Gillett of Salehurst (widow and executrix of John Gillett of Salehurst yeoman), Mary Gillett of Salehurst spinster (their youngest daughter and co-executrix) with John Hayward of Etchingham yeoman
House, barn, stable, oasthouse and land (80a) called The Turning Field or House Meadow, Bean Grotten, Oxens Pasture, Tunckes Field, Four Acre Meadow, Old Hop Garden, Hilly Field Meadow, Rushy Meadow, Old Clover Field, Little Acre, Forestall Field, Seven b Acre Wood and Round Wood occupied by Richard Lufte under an 11-year lease; N: land late Robert Grove gent deceased; W: land of William Peckham gent; S, E: Hurst Green-Hawkhurst highway
Recites will of JG, 23 Jan 1695 giving property to SG and MG; MG wishes to relinquish executorship but SG not willing to sell property; therefore SG to pay MG £2 and maintenance annually before her marriage, £100 at marriage and £200 at SG's death; a failure of these terms will activate this deed
W: Margaret Smith, Robert Chambers

Conveyance ([lease and] release) for £554  AMS5729/89  [28 and] 29 Mar 1707

Susannah Gillett of Etchingham widow, John Hayward of Etchingham yeoman and wife Susannah and John Reed of Sandhurst, Kent cooper and wife Mary to Thomas Mercer of Hawkhurst, Kent tanner
As AMS5729/88
Endorsed: Kings Hill, Coopers Corner, Salehurst; Lot 1
W: Thomas Petter, Robert Chambers

Re-conveyance and assignment of term to attend  AMS5729/90  5 Jun 1707

Related information: [For other deeds of this property, see AMS5688 and MIC 15.]

Robert Drinker of Wadhurst yeoman to John Hollands of Sandhurst, Kent butcher in trust for Thomas Mercer of Hawkhurst, Kent tanner
As AMS5729/88-89, mortgaged by Susannah Gillett to RD for £200, 1 Mar 1704
W: Edward Austen, R Thawyer


Additional mortgage for £50  AMS5729/91  30 Oct 1660

Thomas Butler of Brightling yeoman and his eldest son John Butler of Rolvenden, Kent carpenter to Elizabeth Peckham of [Sale] Hurst spinster
1. Two houses, barn and land 'Holmans, Green Croft and Broomyfield' (40a); N, W, E: John Busbridge's land 'Holmans, covelands, Leavecoate and Hordens Went; S: Robertsbridge-Brightling highway
2. House, smith's shop, barn and land in 2 pieces 'Henris Field' (6a); E: Crowchfield; S: highway in 1; W: lane from highway to Socknersh; N: Wylands Wood; all in Brightling
Recites: £40 mortgage, TB to EP (payable at house of William Peckham brother of EP in Salehurst), 27 Oct 1657; endorsed: receipt by Edward Braban for interest, 1 Nov 1662; Maynards Land
W: William Peckham, Abraham Bennet, Thomas Peckham

Counterpart lease for 11 years from 25 Mar 1720 at £20  AMS5729/92  10 Mar 1720

Related information: [For other deeds of this property, see AMS1839, 2529.]

Robert Braban of Sedlescombe gent to Thomas Noakes of Salehurst yeoman and his son Benjamin Noakes of Salehurst yeoman
House, barn, oasthouse and land (48a) called Maynard, Colliers and Henry's Field occupied by TN and Lawrence Noakes; in Salehurst and Brightling
Extra payments for named fields converted to arable
W: William Brewer, Samuel Brewer

Conveyance ([lease and] release)  AMS5729/93  30 Mar 1731

William Braban senior of Robertsbridge in Salehurst gent to his eldest son William Braban gent
House and garden and orchard called The Five Bells near Salehurst church, occupied by John Mills
W: John Braban, Jacob Tyhurst

Copy of court roll, Bodiam manor  AMS5729/94  19 Aug 1741

Admission of Richard Weller of Battle as heir of Richard Weller his uncle
Salehurst Mead (3a 3r) in Salehurst
Recites will of RW; receipt for fine (payable at Court Lodge, Ewhurst) by W Pix from Mrs Weller widow, 17 Nov 1743

Counterpart lease for 12 years from 25 Mar 1745 at £70  AMS5729/95  20 Mar 1745

Catherine Weller of Salehurst widow to Stephen Taylor of Salehurst yeoman
Two barns, an oasthouse and land (103a) occupied by KW in Salehurst reserving capital messuage, buildings, close and timber
Endorsed: ST may take 3 crops of corn from the old hopgarden ground (2½a) and then convert it to pasture after planting 3a of hops elsewhere
W: George Worge, William Braban

Copy of court roll, Robertsbridge manor  AMS5729/96  3 Jul 1751

Admission of Richard Weller as brother and heir of Catherine Weller deceased
Fourth part of a tenement once called Littleworth and now Stonehouse, rent 12s 6d

SEDLESCOMBE  [no ref. or date]

Assignment of bond  AMS5729/97  27 Jun 1721

William Braban of Salehurst gent (executor of Robert Braban of Sedlescombe) to Thomas Snepp of Etchingham gent
Bond for payment of £100, William Clarke of Salehurst yeoman and his son William Clarke of Rye yeoman to RB, 20 May 1717
W: Nathaniel Lulham, Margaret Lulham

Counterpart lease for 9 years from 29 Sept 1721  AMS5729/98  14 Sept 1721

William Braban (guardian of WB his son during his minority) to Thomas Snepp of Etchingham gent and wife Anna
Customary house and land in Sedlescombe held of Battle manor to which WB junior was admitted 21 Aug 1721 as devisee of his uncle Robert B of Sedlescombe gent
WB has sold the property to TS and become bound in £50 to ensure that WB junior shall surrender to TS at the next court after his majority
TS's seal shows cannon and tar barrel
W: William Brewer, Samuel Brewer

STANMER AND DITCHLING  [no ref. or date]

Dead to lead the uses of a fine  AMS5729/99  2 Nov 1640

William Michelborne of Stanmer esq and wife Ann, John Langford of Twineham yeoman and wife Elizabeth and Thomas Burtenshawe of Chiltington in Westmeston yeoman and wife Joan to William Coby of Cliffords Inn, London gent
1. Land called Stock and Stock Crofts(15a) and The Noore (10a) in Ditchling
2. House, barn and 4 yardlands (50a) late TB, in Stanmer
RC to hold 1 to the use of JL and 2 to the use of WM
W: Henry Shelley, Roger Cobie, Thomas Turner

TICEHURST  [no ref. or date]

Pre-nuptial settlement (covenant to stand seised)  AMS5729/100  16 Jun 1626

Related information: [For the conveyance from May to Saunders, 10 Dec 1610, see DYK 663; see note following AMS5729/102.]

Nicholas Saunders of Wadhurst yeoman with Thomas Barton of East Peckham, Kent yeoman and Thomas Saunders of Wadhurt, brother of NS
NS to marry Ann daughter of John Barton of East Peckham yeoman
House, barns, buildings and land (60a) called Finchcocks and Badcocks otherwise Cheesemans occupied by Richard Goldring in Ticehurst, lately purchased by Thomas Saunders deceased father of NS from Anthony Maye of Pashley in Ticehurst
Demolition of house, barns or buildings not to be interpreted as waste; Goldring holds under a former lease for 7 years at £20 7s; endorsed: Briants
W: Robert Wood, Francis Blacke, Thomas Barton junior

WADHURST  [no ref. or date]

Quitclaim by mortgagor  AMS5729/101  11 Jan 1656

William Bryan of Rotherfield clerk (son and heir of William Bryan of Wadhurst gent deceased) to Edward Fisher of Burwash weaver (brother and heir of Robert Fisher of Wadhurst barber deceased)
Land called Terrys Field (3a now divided) (lately occupied by WB deceased) with a newly-built house in two dwellings lately occupied by John Swasland and John Roots; E: land of George Courthope gent; W: land late WB called Pettfield; S: Sparrows Green-Wadhurst Town highway; N: land late WB called Church Field and Yew Tree Field
Recites mortgage for £100, WB deceased to RF deceased, 20 Aug 1650
W: James Nokes, Samuel Dawe

Mortgage for £300  AMS5729/102  15 Dec 1697

Related information: [For a conveyance by WB for the benefit of Creditors of the above (identified as part of Faircrouch manor) and of 100 above, 9 Sept 1708, see FRE 7283.]

William Benge of Wadhurst gent to Henry Weller of Frant gent
1. House called Pitthouse with barn, stable, garden and four pieces of land (9a) occupied by Moses Yeomans, near Sparrows Green
2. Piece of land formerly a hopgarden (7a) called Jane Peterfield lately occupied by William Bryan and now by Moses Yeomans; W, N: Sparrows Green-Pell Green highway and land lately of William Wenborne occupied by Stephen Kitchingham; S, E: William Bryan's land called Burnt Barn Field and Baylies Field; N: way from Pell Bridge to Pook Pit
3. Land (5a) lately occupied by Stephen Kitchingham now Moses Yeomans; S, W: highway from Sparrows Green; N, E: land part of Weekwood lately Nicholas Saunders gent; N, W: land late Christopher Mauncer; S: way from Bucking Hill to Pellbridge
4. House, barn and 18 pieces of land (30a) lately occupied by Nicholas Envile now John Whatley
5. Three pieces of land and wood calledSliden Land (24a); first piece: N, E: Wadhurst-Snape Farm highway; S, W: land between late Robert Wenborne's lands; second piece: W: lane from Stone Cross to land lately Nicholas Envile's; E, S: Robert Wenborne's land; third piece: E: land lately Robert Wenborne; S: land lately Edward Cruttall; W: land lately Nicholas Envile; W, N: lane above
6. House once a smith's shop and land (½a); N: Pell Green-Sparrows Green highway; W: that highway and Thomas Longly's land called Wonbridge
All in Wadhurst, conveyed to WB by John Foche of London knight, Thomas Gibson of London gent and James Jacob of London gent, 19 and 20 Sept 1697
W: Henry Willett, Robert Weller

Quitclaim by mortgagor for £3 4s 6d  AMS5729/103  7 May 1705

Thomas Baldock of Wadhurst yeoman to William Bray of Wadhurst yeoman
Four pieces of land (20a) in Wadhurst lately occupied by TB; E: highway from TB's house to Barkley Mill; S: TB's land and land of the heirs of William Ballard gent; W, N: land of Thomas Markwick's heirs; N: William Baldock's land
Mortgaged by TB to John Wyble of Marden, Kent yeoman for £110, 2 Oct 1655; endorsed: Brays and Baldocks
W: George Hooper, John Wells Luck

Grant of annuity for £200  AMS5729/104  26 Nov 1723

John Dunmoll of St Olave Southwark, Surrey brewer to his brother Nicholas Dunmoll of Mayfield gent
Annuity of £20 from
1. Capital messuage, oasthouse, barns, stables, cottage and land called New Hopgarden, Barn Field, Upper, Middle and Lower Step Stile Fields, Old Hopgarden, Upper and Lower Church Fields and Upper and Lower Yew Tree Fields (21a)
2. Barn and lands called Terries Fields (3a)
3. Barn and land called Barn Field, Burnt Barn Field and Hither Trutts (15a) lately purchased by JD of William Luck of Wadhurst tanner deceased
All near Wadhurst Town and occupied by JD, John Swift, Samuel Wallis and Stephen Nash; endorsed: receipt for 2 years' annuity, 4 Apr 1726
W: Joseph Burr, T Shorte at the Golden Lion tavern, Fetter Lane, London

WARBLETON  [no ref. or date]

Conveyance ([lease and] release) for £109  AMS5729/105  2 Jan 1686

Thomas Wood of Heathfield yeoman and wife Mary (daughter of John Chilley of Heathfield yeoman deceased) to John Fairefoot of Framfield cordwainer
House, barn, buildings and five pieces of land calledd Turners (15a) occupied by John Powell otherwise Judds; N, S, W: Warbleton Down; N, E: land late Thomas Stollyon gent; E: stream against Thomas Taylor's land: S, E: Richard Hemsley's land called White Birch; S: John Delves' land called Wishware
W: Solomon Foster, Thomas Hooper senior and junior


Conveyance (lease [and release])  AMS5729/106  12 [and 13] Nov 1700

Joseph Weller of Dallington esq and Stephen Weller gent his son and heir to Anthony Avery of Warbleton yeoman
1. Manor of Buxteep and capital messuage called Buxteep Place with barns, stables, stalls and land (187a) occupied by Thomas Oxley, in Warbleton and Dallington
2. Watermill called Buxteep Mill in Warbleton
3. House, barn, stable, malthouse, buildings and land (120a) occupied by William Wyatt; in Warbleton, Dallington and Ashburnham
4. Eleven pieces of land (80a) lately occupied by Edward Avery now by AA; in Warbleton and Dallington
5. Buxteep Wood and Grimes Wood (80a) in Warbleton and Dallington
With cottages, waste, dams, ponds and fishing and usual manorial appertenances, lately the estate of Samuel Gerrard of Yorkshire knight and Thomas Martin of Putney, Surrey esq
W: Robert Chambers, Jonas Chambers

WARBLETON  [no ref. or date]

Assignment of mortgage and further charge of £50  AMS5729/107  4 Oct 1717

William Frankwell of Eastbourne gent (only son and executor of John Frankwell of Wilmington gent deceased) with John Baker of Wartling gent to Jeremiah Gilbert of Hooe grazier and Elias Gilbert of Hooe, grazier
House, buildings and land (60a) called Stoneland lately occupied by Nathaniel Baker deceased then by Christopher Clarke; E: Warbleton-Bodle Street highway; S: Sommertree; N: land lately Lord Dacre and then Samuel Stoneham called Stonelands, land late of John Pont's heirs called Reed and land late James Almond called Brodgrove and Luckcocks
Mortgaged by JB and wife Mary to JF for £350, 20 Sept 1708
Endorsed: receipts for interest to 1720
W: John Dullvy, William Shadwell


Counterpart mortgage for £500  AMS5729/108  17 Jan 1729

Francis Weller of Battle gent to Dorothy Ellis of Lewes spinster
House, malthouse, barn and 26 pieces of land (98a) called Pegham otherwise Pagiham; 4 pieces called Huggets Well (20a); 6 pieces called Herberts and Barnets (24a); piece called Strife Field (4a) in Warbleton and Dallington occupied by William Sands
W: Mary Tucker, Henry Dodson

WARBLETON  [no ref. or date]

Deed to lead the uses of a fine  AMS5729/109  3 Jun 1754

John Avery of Warbleton yeoman and wife Ann to Elizabeth Crowhurst of Eastbourne widow
Barn and land (50a) called Sandhole in Warbleton occupied by JA, mortgaged by JA to EC for £200 by deed of even date
W: George Worge, Henry Mallory Bishop

Additional mortgage for £25, parties and properties as above; recites further charge of £25, 28 Apr 1755; W: Robert Busbridge, Henry Mallory Bishop  AMS5729/110  3 Dec 1755

Conveyance ([lease and] release) for £850  AMS5729/111  24 Dec 1772

John Avery of Dartford, Kent butcher and Anthony Avery of Warbleton husbandman (sons and devisees of John Avery of Warbleton yeoman deceased) to Thomas Bennett of Warbleton timbermerchant and Nicholas Palmer of Battle gent his trustee
As AMS5729/109-110
£678 7s 5d paid to Sarah Crowhurst of Battle spinster, daughter and administratrix of EC in AMS5729/109
W: H M Bishop, James Philcox

WILMINGTON  [no ref. or date]

Copy of court roll, Wilmington manor  AMS5729/112  9 Sept 1702

Admission of Robert Richardson of Arlington timber merchant on the surrender of Henry Hamper
Land called Teaguesfield (4a) on Bayley's Lane in Wilmington occupied by RR
Endorsed: pays 2s and no hen; Sarah Bodle

WINCHELSEA  [no ref. or date]

Conveyance  AMS5729/113  15 May 1548

John Convers of Winchelsea joiner to Thomas Convers his brother
Moiety of a house and garden in the Middle Street, Winchelsea; N: highway; E: tenement of Henry Fysshe's heirs; S: garden of John Sylton's heirs; W: tenement and garden pertaining to Simon de Faryncombe's chantry
W: John Dorant, Roger Greffell, John Wodlost, James Glasbe, William Loowies

Final concord in Winchelsea court  AMS5729/114  18 Jul 1609

William Henley and wife Catherine with John Millwarde and wife Elizabeth to Thomas Isted
House, garden and orchard in the thirteenth quarter

WIVELSFIELD  [no ref. or date]

Bargain and sale for £130 enrolled  AMS5729/115  4 Oct 1628

John Hurst of Wivelsfield yeoman to Robert Wood senior of Fletching tanner and his son Thomas Wood of Wivelsfield tanner
House called Podstreame with barns, stable and land (10a) called Tanhouse Mead, Rye Croft and Hurstwood occupied by John Davyes, in Wivelsfield
W: Thomas Banister, Robert Saxpes

Mortgage for £20  AMS5729/116  8 Feb 1666

Thomas Scrace of Wivelsfield weaver to Christopher Neale of Lindfield yeoman
Two pieces of land called Griggs or Giffords (11a) in Wivelsfield occupied by TS
W: William Neale, John Orgle

Memorandum for deed  AMS5729/117  nd, c1690

Henry Scrace of Wivelsfield husbandman and wife Mary, Alexander Snatt of Keymer and wife Elizabeth, John Moore..., Abraham Lucas gent trustees for Scrace as to Giffords; margin: 'spectacles, Mr Stapley'

Lewes Rowing Club  AMS5730  [n.d.]

Source of acquisition: Purchased from the Orb bookshop, Aug 1970 (D1106)

Lewes Amateur Rowing Club, subscription book  AMS5730/1  1874-1901

25th annual report, Lewes Rowing Club  AMS5730/2  1899

Deeds, Brighton  AMS5731  [n.d.]

Source of acquisition: Documents deposited by Messrs Foyer, White and Prescott, 6 Norfolk Street, London WC2 per British Records Association, Nov 1958 (D289)

Deeds of 19, 20 Frederick Street, Brighton  AMS5731/1-6  1829-88

This property (in second furlong, north laine) was formerly part of two four-paul units, one late Scrase's formerly Friend's of Hodshurse, the other late Scrase's before Scutt's. On Oct 28, 1826 a lease of 76¼ years less 10 days (from June 24, 1826) was granted by John Martin of Brighton gent. and Henry Martin of Brighton saddler to James Martin of Brighton, carpenter at a rental of £35 pa: the buildings were then numbered 46 and 47 Frederick Street
In June 1829, James Martin leased the property to Benjamin Martin of Brighton, carpenter at a yearly rent of £8.8.0d (AMS5731/1). In June 1834, BM, now described as a builder, assigned the lease to William Carden of Brighton, cabinetmaker for £149 (AMS5731/2). Following mortgages by WC and then by his widow Louisa (AMS5731/3-5), the properties were sold, subject to the terms of the lease and the mortgages, to Joseph Henry Redman of Brighton, dentist in April 1888 (AMS5731/6)

Mynn family papers  AMS5732  [n.d.]

Source of acquisition: Documents deposited in April 1966. (D747)

Administrative history:
Family of John Mynn of Hailsham
In May 1790, John Mynn married Sarah Crowhurst by Licence at Hailsham. The donor's husband was a descendant of the daughter of W S P Mynn

Conveyance (by lease [and release])  AMS5732/1  25 June 1765

Samuel Crowhurst junior of Sealand in Hailsham gent. to Henry Crowhurst of Folkington gent. and Nicholas Gilbert junior of Eastbourne gent
Messuage and 6a land 'Middletons' near Otham in Hailsham, occupied by - Coleman

Appointment as deputy Lieutenant  AMS5732/2  28 Feb 1813

Charles, Duke of Norfolk to John Mynn Esq of Hailsham

Grant of freedom  AMS5732/3  13 Nov 1823

Bailiff, jurats and commonalty of Pevensey to John Mynn junior of Hailsham, gent

Genealogical notes on Mynn and Crowhurst families  AMS5732/4-5  nd, [nineteenth century]

Accounts of executors of Mr W S P Mynn with the beneficiaries under his will  AMS5732/6  1893

Deeds of 11 West Street, Lewes [1673]-1916  AMS5733  [n.d.]

Source of acquisition: Documents deposited 1 Sep 1980 (A2610)

The house was built in c 1797 on part of Townsends Field, the descent of which from 1673 can be traced from an abstract of title (see HF 1/1-14)
Plan showing position of the property
On 20 & 21 Oct 1789 Thomas Harben of Lewes, esq, and his trustee Thomas Dicker of Lewes, gent, sold for £400 to Jonathan Standley and his trustee William Bennett of Lewes, tailor, property described as a piece of land (N-S 220½', E-W 195'; area 3r 37p 247') in All Saints and St John sub Castro, Lewes, occupied by JS and lately taken out of the south side of Townsends Field (S: road from Castle Banks to the weigh scale, E: piece of land taken out of Townsends Field occupied by George Wille, N: Townsends Field and the site of the House of Correction)
With right to use the road at the west end of the land and covenant to produce the earlier deeds relating to the whole of Townsends Field (1)
On 12 May 1792 Standley mortgaged the property for £650 to Francis Whitfeld, Benjamin Comber, Joseph Molineux and Richard King all of Lewes, bankers (1)
In his will dated 31 May 1792, Standley bequeathed the property in trust for sale to his father, Thomas Standley, who proved the will at Lewes on 9 Aug 1794 (1)
On 9 & 10 Oct 1797 Thomas Standley, William Bennett his trustee and the mortgagees sold for £603 to Abraham Soper of Lewes, stationer and his trustee James Soper of Lewes, pattern maker; the property was then described as a messuage with yard and garden ground in All Saints, Lewes, occupied by Thomas Goldsmith (E: messuage with backside and garden, W: messuage and garden of Thomas Standley, occupied by John Mason, N: piece of land, S: road from Castle Banks to the weigh scale)
With right for Soper to use the privy on the adjoining ground of Standley in common with the occupiers of the four adjoining houses on the west, and use of the drain from the houses to the cesspool in yard of the house of Standley, and use of the well in the garden of the house. The mortgage term was assigned to William Cooper of Lewes, gent, in trust for Soper (1)
On 11 Nov 1797 Soper mortgaged the property for £300 to Thomas Allwork of Lewes, innkeeper (1)
On 5 & 6 Dec 1799 Soper sold for £110 to John Corner of Lewes, tailor, and his trustee John Fuller of Rodmell, miller, the property then described as
A messuage, yard and garden ground (N-S 36', E-W(S) 11'6", (N) 10'6" exclusive of the house) in All Saints, Lewes, occupied by Thomas Goldsmith (E: Soper's messuage, backside and garden, formerly occupied by Sarah Stanley, widow, and Daniel Hawkins, and now by Abraham Soper the elder, W: messuage and garden formerly Thomas Standley's, occupied by John Mason, N: piece of land of Soper, occupied by Abraham Soper the elder, S: road from Castle Banks to the weigh scale)
With an assignment of the mortgage (2-3)
John Corner married Elizabeth Fuller at St Michael, Lewes on 2 Feb 1790; his eldest son William was born on 13 Mar 1800 and baptised at All Saints, Lewes on 22 Jun 1800 (6). John Corner died intestate and was buried at St John sub Castro, Lewes on 27 Jan 1822; his wife predeceased him and was buried at St John sub Castro on 7 Jan 1822 [PAR 412/1/5/1]. Administration was granted to his eldest son William, who married Lucy Susannah Midhurst at St John sub Castro on 23 Feb 1823. Their eldest son, William, was born on 30 Jan 1824 and baptised at St John sub Castro on 29 Feb 1824 (6). William Corner the elder died intestate on 16 Mar 1844 and was buried at St John sub Castro on 23 Mar 1844 [PAR 412/1/5/2]. Administration was granted at Lewes on 10 Apr 1844 to his widow Lucy, John Stevens of Lewes, tallow chandler, and Charles Kenward Bunting of St Thomas in the Cliffe, yeoman, (husband of Eliza, the daughter of John Corner) [W/B23.4]
On 28 Feb 1845 Lucy released her right to dower over the property, then occupied by Edwin Huggett (E: house of Sarah Adams and way from West Street into Edward Street, W: messuage of John Shoesmith), for £16 to her son William Corner of Lewes, tallow chandler (4), who sold the property on 8 May 1845 (with a declaration by his mother verifying the Corner pedigree) for £132 to James Reynolds, servant to John Campion of Danny Park in Hurstpierpoint, esq, and his trustee John Mary Thomas Griffiths of Lewes, auctioneer (5-7)
On 4 Feb 1869 Reynolds sold the property for £120 to Frederick Beckett of West Street, Lewes, baker, and £105 paid to Henry Saunders of Brighton, printer (to whom JR had previously agreed to sell the property) (8-9)
Beckett, then of Leominster in Sussex, miller, on 13 Jan 1874 sold the property, then described as a messuage and baker's shop (E: house formerly Sarah Adams and now the Lewes Co-operative Society Ltd, and the way from West Street in Edward Street, W: house formerly Jonathan Standley and now Edward Binley), for £300 to Edmund Gillam Lea of Lewes, miller (10-11)
On 28 Jun 1888 Lea mortgaged the property, then occupied by John Argent, with power to sell, for £250 at 5% to John Homewood and George Homewood both of Eastbourne, gents (12). They transferred the mortgage (with arrears in interest of £2 8d) on 1 May 1894 to Edward Andrews Nicholson of Lewes, solicitor (13)
On 28 Aug 1895, in exercise of the power to sell, Nicholson conveyed the premises to Jonathan Huggett of West Street, Lewes, baker for £350 of which £250 was advanced by Nicholson at 5% (14-15); the mortgage was repaid on 24 Jul 1902 (16)
Huggett sold the property, then including a new bakehouse, to his wife Elizabeth Ann Huggett on 3 Feb 1903 (17). She mortgaged the bakehouse on 27 Oct 1903 to The Lewes Co-operative Benefit Building Society for £500 at 7d per week on each of the 50 advanced shares over a period of 8 years; the mortgage was repaid on 14 Jun 1906 (18-19)
On 24 Aug 1906 Mrs Huggett mortgaged the premises, with other property, to Steyning Beard of Rottingdean, esq, and Henry Elliot Currey of Lewes, esq, for £600 at 4%; Currey died on 15 Dec 1908 and on 20 Feb 1909 the mortgage was transferred by William Edward Nicholson of Lewes, solicitor, to Beard and George Ravenhill Beard of Lewes, brewer. The mortgage was repaid on 24 Aug 1915 and on the same day Huggett mortgaged the property to The Lewes Co-operative Benefit Building Society for £625 at 3½d per week on each of the 62 advanced shares and 1¾d per week on the one remaining share over a period of 20 years (20)
Huggett, in her will of 7 May 1914 appointed her brother William Charles Hutson of 22 St Johns Street, Lewes, gunsmith, and William Alfred Case of 3 Waterloo Place, Lewes, furniture dealers foreman, as her executors and bequeathed the property to them in trust for sale. She died on 18 Feb 1916 and her will was proved on 3 May 1916 (20)
On 9 Aug 1916 Hutson and Case sold 11 West Street to The Lewes Co-operative Society Ltd; Jesse Hunt of 25a Priory Street, Lewes, contractor, (the purchaser of 17,19 and 21 New Road Lewes) acknowledged their right to the production of the deeds of 24 Aug 1906, 20 Feb 1909, 24 Aug 1915, 24 Aug 1915 and 1 Aug 1916 which related to the whole estate (21-23)

Concord  AMS5734  [n.d.]

Source of acquisition: Document given by Sussex Archaeological Society, 24 March 1971 (BRA 1540, Acc 1304)

Final concord  AMS5734/1  25 Nov 1754

Lionel Cranfield [Sackville] Duke of Dorset and wife Elizabeth to John Bateman, Viscount Bateman, and Sidney Stafford Smythe, knight
Houses, a watermill and land in Lewes St Ann, St John Southover, Chailey, Bexhill, Arlington, Westham, Hailsham, Chiddingly and Hangleton

Deeds  AMS5735  [n.d.]

Source of acquisition: Documents transferred by Worthing Public Library (per WSRO), 18 Mar 1969 (D977, 16 below), 24 Feb 1979 (Acc 2364, 37, 45, 50 and 52 below), 20 June 1980 (Acc 2579, 1-15, 17-36, 49, 51 below) by the Borough Secretary Worthing, 23 Jan 1979 (Acc 2344, 38-44, 46-48 below) and by Worthing Public Library (per WSRO), 20 Dec 1982 (Acc 4004, 53 below)

This artificial collection of documents falls into two main groups: documents collected by Colonel E W Margesson CMG and deposited at the Public Library, and documents presented over the years by local solicitors and members of the public

Documents collected by Colonel Margesson  [no ref. or date]

All except AMS5735/4, 7 and 16 are described as Phillips manuscripts in an NRA list of documents at Worthing Library but some appear to have been acquired from different sources and certainly bear no Phillips number

BARCOMBE: Counterpart Conveyance for £230  AMS5735/1  4 June 1650

William Coby of Southover gent to Francis Heaseman of Barcombe yeoman House called Hanly, barn and land (21a) late part of Hanly Common, late William Rootes, in Roger Cooper's occupation
Easement to WC's coppice reserved
W: John Blande, Roger Cooper, Joan Cooper

BECKLEY: Quit claim  AMS5735/2  10 July 1452

John Wodehale clerk to Richard Edward of Beckley yeoman
Right in lands and tenements in which they were enfeoffed by Richard atte Hope deceased
W: John atte Hope, John Brown, Thomas Edward

BRIGHTON: Probate (Lewes) of will of Joseph Marner of Brighton gent  AMS5735/3  17 June 1782

Phillips 29119

BUXTED: Bond in £300  AMS5735/4  1 July 1579

Archival history:
This document was found among unrelated West Sussex documents collected by Colonel Margesson

Anthony Staplee of Framfield gent to George Kylner of Buxted yeoman
Quiet possession of the manor of Shodwell in Buxted against AS and John S Esq deceased his father, purchased from AS by GK 1 June 1579
W: Thomas Baker, Richard Mylles, Richard Hever

HERSTMONCEUX: Lease for 99 years from 29 Sep 1755  AMS5735/10  29 May 1755

Francis Hare Naylor of Herstmonceux Esq Lord of H manor to George Luxford of Windmill Hill, Wartling Esq
Land (7r) part of the manor, in Wartling; N, E: Gardner Street to Boreham Street road; NW: Windmill Hill Green to Herstmonceux Park lane; SW, SE: GL's garden
W: Luke Trevigar, John Lancaster
Phillips 36523

ICKLESHAM: Conveyance for 10 marks  AMS5735/11  21 Aug 1308

Related information: [Other deeds with similar annotations are AMS2277-86, AMS5735/42-4 and deeds in Hastings Museum listed in NRA list 40]

Robert [Jolif] the spicer (speciar') of Winchelsea to James le Palmere of Winchelsea
Land (5a) acquired from William Haringod, Lord of Icklesham of his fee; at Cregge in Icklesham
E: Helewisa Wymund's land; W: Hamo Wymund's land; S: land once John Bone's; N: road to Icklesham Church
W: Gervase Alard junior mayor of Winchelsea, Henry Paulin, John son of Reginald Alard, William Pate, Robert Paulin, Robert del Haye, Walter ate Walle, John Loregod, Hamo, Richard and Philip Wimund, brothers, Thomas Covelard, Roger Berneval, John Malerbe, Philip the clerk. Seal shows ship; legend: ....TI: IOLIF
Endorsed: 1054; 95 Phillipps 36513

LEWES: Quitclaim  AMS5735/12  20 July 1615

Elizabeth widow of Thomas Hunter of Southover weaver to Matthew Hunter of Lewes musician
Right in house, close and land in Southover
W: Edward Pelham gent's house and garden; S: East port; N: stream; E: John Harman gent's house and garden
W: John Agar, John Page, John Dun, Edward Tyckeridge the writer

Bond in £80 to keep covenants  AMS5735/13  2 Oct 1646

Thomas Thetcher of Chailey husbandman to Thomas Waller of Lewes bricklayer
W: Henry Landman, William Thetcher, William Alcock
That this deed refers to a house in Eastport Lane Southover is clear from SAS E410, a bond of even date for quiet possession

Quitclaim  AMS5735/14  22 May 1668

Robert Harwood of Southover mason to William Coby of Southover gent House, outhouses, buildings and garden in two dwellings, part occupied by Stephen Carpenter; in St Peter and St Mary Westout
W: Thomas Fremlin, John Bridgland

Lewes: Quitclaim as above by Dorothy West of Southover widow  AMS5735/15  nd

Cartulary of Estates in Lewes and Cliffe belonging to John Webb Woollgar  AMS5735/16  1736 - 1830; nd c1830

The document is marked as being presented to Worthing Library by Colonel Margesson and was transferred to this office 18 Mar 1969
All parties are of Lewes unless otherwise stated
24 North Street, Lewes All Saints, 1793 - 1824
On 23 Feb 1793 William Cooper gent conveyed to Robert Chester Cooper brewer as trustee a meadow (2a) belonging to a house recently purchased from William Durrant
On 25 June 1793 Cooper sold part of the field with a 32' frontage onto the E side of North Street to John West bricklayer and Amon Wilds carpenter his trustee for £78 8s; West had built two houses on the plot
On 5 July 1793 West (who was living in one house, the other being vacant) mortgaged the property to William Woodhams junior of Udimore gent for £400 and the following day charged them as further security for mortgaged property in St John Sub Castro
West, Wilds and William Balcombe Langridge (his trustee for the St John lands) conveyed the property back to William Cooper on 3 May 1794 as trustee for sale to discharge West's debts. Amon Wilds purchased the southern house at auction for £255 but gave up his purchase to Elizabeth Marten widow who (with William Marten linendraper and Abraham Soper clerk to the distributor of stamps) purchased for the same price on 8 June 1796; the house was used by Soper as the stamp office
Elizabeth Marten bequeathed the property by her will (proved 9 June 1801) to John Glaisyer of Brighton baker, Thomas Rickman merchant and William Marten who sold to Ann Stokes spinster (the occupier with her mother Susan) for £350 on 25 Dec 1801
Ann Stokes subsequently married William Boore of Marylebone and on 7 Apr 1803 they sold to Mary Boys widow for £360, who by her will (proved 20 Aug 1814) bequeathed the property to her nephew Edward Pugh schoolmaster
Pugh described as of Cliffe, linendraper mortgaged the property on 9 Sep 1814 to the trustees of Elizabeth Merricks for £500 and on 2 Apr 1817 Joseph Yates, George Roots and Francis Cross Esqs (commissioners of bankruptcy of EP, shopkeeper dealer and chapman) assigned all Pugh's property to Thomas Ollive of Cranbrook watchmaker and James Jones of London laceman in trust for EP's creditors
On 7 May 1817 Pugh (now of Sevenoaks) and the assignees conveyed to Gabriel Egles of Cliffe linendraper and Thomas King gent his trustee for £200 subject to the 1814 mortgage
On the purchase of the house by John Webb Woollgar gent and John Weir coalmerchant his trustee from Egles on 20 Sep 1823, the purchase price of £430 was paid to Elizabeth Merricks' trustees and her husbands administrators to discharge the 1814 mortgage, the heirs of William Marten (Jane M widow, William Cruttenden M and Frederick M linedrapers) assigned the term created by the 1793 mortgage to Jacob Boys of Cliffe to attend Woollgar's inheritance
On 24 Feb 1824 the term created by the 1793 mortgage and vested in Abraham Soper was conveyed to Woollgar by AS's widow Susannah and extinguished
Houses gardens and ground in St Thomas Cliffe, 1736 - 1830
As to a house lately occupied by John Grover on the S of Cliffe High Street
On 2 Sep 1736 John Duke clerk and Elizabeth Duke widow sold a house garden and summerhouse to John Longley alias Woodgate mercer who 18 July 1743 took a lease from his neighbour Richard Cardin of part of their common yard on which JW had erected a building (see below). Woodgate's will of 1777 bequeathed the property to his son George and was proved 24 May 1783
On 2 Apr 1789 the property was purchased by John Grover and William Kenward his trustee from William Faulconer, Charles Gilbert and Francis Gell to whom the legal and equitable estates had been transferred by Woodgate in 1786. The property was again mortgaged to Faulconer for £400 and the deeds handed over, but by 1799 had 'by unavoidable accident owing to the same having been placed in an iron chest and buried underground for the purpose of securing them from the danger of foreign invasion been rotted defaced and destroyed'. On 21 May of that year the property (now with a brewhouse) was quitclaimed by Woodgate and Gell and conveyed by fine to Samuel Dunstone as trustee for Grover, who on 29 Mar 1821 paid off Faulconer's mortgage
For the late history of the premises see below
As to a house occupied by Elizabeth Excell and Featherstone
Richard Cardin had by 1743 when he leased part of their common yard to his neighbour John Woodgate already purchased this property from Elizabeth Robinson
By his will (proved 10 Aug 1752) he bequeathed the rents of his houses and brewhouse in Cliffe occupied by Richard Evans and Thomas Freeman to his wife Ann with reversion to his son Richard, to whom Ann after her husband's death but before probate released her life estate
On 21 Dec 1763 the property was sold to Richard Ewen for £157 10s; detailed measurements are given. Ewen's will bequeathing the property to John Woodgate and his nephew William Ewen as trustees for the joint lives of Richard's daughter Jane and her husband John Laundy was proved 27 May 1771, John Laundy was buried 16 Mar 1772, Jane married Thomas Tasker 13 Aug 1772, Thomas was buried 12 May 1779 and on 7 Mar 1801 Jane conveyed the property (now in two dwellings) to John Grover junior and Trayton Paine his trustee
For the later history of the premises see below
As to a garden occupied by John Grover
On 17 Jan 1794 John Richards purchased the old House of Correction (which included shops and land) from the Quarter Sessions justices for £710 and having barred dower by a fine to Samuel Dunstone conveyed part of the garden to John Grover and Trayton Paine his trustee for £50 on 2 Dec 1796
As to AMS5735/1 - 3 above
After his acquisition of the whole area in 1801 John Grover made extensive alterations and also erected a small dwellinghouse on 2. When he contracted with Thomas Woollgar to sell the estate for £1200 on 8 Dec 1821 it consisted of the following: a house occupied by Grover; a house on its S let by him as a lodging house; a house E of the first occupied by Elizabeth Excell; a kitchen and washhouse S of the last; a house S of the last occupied by Ann Featherstone; ground and buildings S and E of all the above. Woollgar died before the contract could be completed and on 22 Mar 1822 Grover sold to his son John Webb Woollgar at the same price
Two houses called the Holy Lamb in Cliffe
Ambrose Galloway merchant conveyed the property to his sister Elizabeth G who bequeathed it to Ruth Spence of Bath spinster. On 29 Sep 1743 Ruth sold to William English of Cliffe cutler for £225
On 25 Mar 1767 English sold part of the property, a stable and loft adjoining the Bear Inn, to John Rickman for £30
English mortgaged the property to William Ridge of Lewes St Ann gent for £200 on 14 Feb 1780 and on 17 Dec 1782 charged it with £150 which George Grantham of Lewes basketmaker had lent to Joseph E of Lewes victualler; Ridge assigned his mortgage to Grantham on 28 Nov 1783
William English's will bequeathing the property to his sons Benjamin and Thomas of Lewes cutlers was proved 11 Sep 1784 and on 24 June 1785 they and their mother Sarah conveyed to William Cooper of Lewes gent and Robert Chester Cooper of Lewes brewer his trustee for £250; Grantham had commenced an action in King's Bench and recovered the sums outstanding on the mortgages
The property was sold by Cooper for £300 to James Drowley of Cliffe draper and John Wood of Kingston gent his trustee on 23 June 1787 who sold to John Novis of Cliffe brazier for £330 on 25 Mar 1788. The purchase money was provided by Henry Sidney of Tonbridge brazier and Samuel Stephens of Cliffe brazier in equal shares and when Stephens (now of East Grinstead) withdrew on 12 Nov 1791 his share was purchased by Sidney who had Henry King of Tonbridge collar maker as his trustee; new buildings were said to have been erected
Novis emigrated to New York and on 24 Dec 1800 released his rights in the property to Sidney's widow Henrietta who on 24 June 1801 sold to John Chatfield of Lewes tanner and his trustees William Attwood of Lewes ironmonger and William Madgwick of Lewes grocer for £255
On 2 May 1804 the property was bought for £320 by the occupier Joseph Fellingham innholder and his trustee Joseph Simes of Cliffe tailor and mortgaged on 4 May to John Marten of Firle gent for £400 and again in 1805 to John Rickman of Cliffe brewer and John Godlee of Cliffe merchant his trustee for £400. The property was sold subject to those charges to Sarah Piercy of Brighton widow for £400 on 17 June 1808 and purchased 22 June 1825 from her and the representatives of the mortgagees by Thomas Wood and Thomas Roff Tamplin of Lewes brewers and Richard Tamplin of Brighton brewer for £350; it was then described as one house. Thomas Tamplin's will devising his estates to Richard T and Thomas Marsden of Cheapside druggist as trustees for sale was proved 8 Dec 1827 and £475 of the £6300 paid by Wood for his former partner's property on 30 Oct 1828 was deemed to cover this estate
Part of the site of this property (with a newly erected house) was purchased for £150 by John Webb Woollgar and Phillip Jenner of Keymer farmer his trustee on 1 Oct 1830

MAYFIELD: Copy of court roll, Bivelham manor  AMS5735/17  8 Mar and 15 Aug 1699

Admittance of Margaret wife of Thomas Collins of Brightling esq on the surrender of Alexander Elliott
Copyhold house and land (26a) called Bivelham in AE's occupation
Cottage and land (½a) late Mundays, rent 4d

MOUNTFIELD: Counterpart lease for 99 years from 29 Sep 1676  AMS5735/18  25 Nov 1676

William Ashburnham of Westminster, cofferer of HM household and Lord of Mountfield manor to William Quithampton of Mountfield husbandman
Cottage and garden (¼a) on waste N of Mountfield church - Brightling road lately occupied by James Q deceased WQ's father [buried 4 Feb 1671 a100: PAR 424 1/1/2 p65]
Rent: 1d and 1 fat capon
W: John Purfield, Moses Purfield, Francis Hardres
? purchased from James Colman, number 977
Phillips 34824

RYE: Feoffment  AMS5735/19  25 July 1517

Thomas Gossepe of Rye to Richard Nasshe, Robert Jolly, Babilon Gytter and Robert Burraunt as trustees to fulfill his will
All his lands in Rye
W: Clement Adam deputy of Nicholas Sutton mayor, John Derykson, George Merser, Nicholas Whyte senior, John Carpynter, Gabriel Waye, Thomas Chesman, William Byspyn, William Clerke and Richard Pendul jurats, Nicholas Whyte junior common clerk

SALEHURST: Bond to keep covenants in £1100  AMS5735/20  20 Oct 1590

John Colepeper of Wigsell, Salehurst esq and Thomas C his son and heir to John Kenward of Tudely Kent gent
W: Edmund Pelham, Thomas Berworth, Richard Esson, William Lorkyn, George Haythorne
Phillips 26716

SALEHURST: Receipt  AMS5735/21  3 Dec 1590

John Colepeper of Wigsell, Salehurst esq to John Kenward of Tudely Kent gent
£100, second payment mentioned in deed of 20 Oct 1590
W: William Stede, Cecily Stede

SALEHURST: Exemplification of common recovery  AMS5735/22  19 Jun 1594

John Blewett to Thomas Aynscombe junior gent
Land in Salehurst
John Cruttenden vouchee
Phillips 28321

SALEHURST: Counterpart conveyance for £18  AMS5735/23  25 Feb 1671

Robert Fowle of Iridge, Salehurst esq and Samuel Boys of Hawkhurst esq to John Busbridge of Etchingham gent
Brookland (1a 21p) part of Ponts brooks; in Salehurst S, SE: John Cooper's land; W, NW, N: JB's land; E: SB's land
Endorsed: part of Iridge Estate
W: Edward Polhill, William Hickes

WILLINGDON: Counterpart conveyance for £404 10s  AMS5735/24  4 July 1659

Nicholas Gildredge of Eastbourne esq to James Brooke of Winton, Alfriston gent and John Brooke his only son
Two pieces of fresh marsh called Courtmarsh (20a) late Thomas Woodward esq, formerly his uncle Robert W gent deceased in Robert Arcoll's tenure; in Willingdon
W: John Derkin, Christopher Mills

[CLAYTON]: Arbitrators' award  AMS5735/25  23 Nov 1540

Robert Saxpes of Southover yeoman and Richard Otley of Lewes yeoman, arbitrators between Margaret a Wood widow and Thomas Alchorne concerning lands sold by Thomas a Wood to TA, having examined Walter a Wood, assign of Margaret, award that
Margaret to enjoy the lands at variance for life; TA to return goods taken as distress; TA to pay Margaret's costs (25s); TA not to trouble Margaret's occupation of Northlondes, Peryfeld and Collens with the meadows
Endorsed: 38/84/2/- [James Coleman's catalogue 38, item 84, price 2s]

Documents from other sources  [no ref. or date]

It is suggested by WSRO that at least some of those documents may emanate from Messrs Melvill Green and Charles, a firm of solicitors in Worthing which appears to have deposited a large quantity of documents with the borough at some time

BRIGHTON: Copies of court roll and documents relating to a copyhold shop and land in East Street held of Brighton manor  AMS5735/26 - 36  [1776] - 1832

On 20 May 1776 on non-payment of a mortgage by Henry Gorringe, Isaac Tree was admitted to the premises. Notwithstanding this, on 19 Dec 1805 Henry Gorringe of Brighton shoemaker surrendered to Gotlieb Augustus Treyer of Brighton esq who was admitted 7 Dec 1807 (26-28)
Administration of HG's estate was granted to his only son William G 28 Sep 1811 (29) who commenced an action in chancery which (by order of 15 Jan 1816) was compromised, enabling William Rich to purchase the premises and other property in East Street at a price to be fixed by James Powne, Thomas Saunders and Benjamin Tuppen of Brighton, surveyors and builders (30)
John Rich of Brighton banker was admitted 22 May 1819 as youngest son of Mary Rich, youngest daughter of Sarah Bishop, only sister of Isaac Tree and immediately surrendered to his brother William Rich of Worthing carpenter who would have been entitled to the property had Tree's will taken effect (31). On the payment of £67.17s.7d. John Martin of Lombard Street esq. Henry Robinson of Chelsea esq, William Robert Burgess of The Strand, oilman, Price James Evans junior of Covent Garden shopkeeper, George Evans and Gotlieb Augustus Treyer Evans of Haymarket tobacconists surrendered their interest to Rich 17 Dec 1819, who mortgaged the property in 1819, 1830 and 1832 (32-36)

Brighton: Unexecuted mortgage for £250  AMS5735/37  March 1864

Thomas Pink of Sompting blacksmith, Richard Pink of Sompting gardener, Frances Whitmore of Worthing widow and Jane wife of Christopher Cook of Worthing plumber to William Foard Tribe of Worthing gent
37-45 + 51-55 Cumberland Place Brighton, conveyed to TP as trustee for himself and RP, FW and JC by Francis Manser of Dalston Middlesex baker and William Sexton Mutton of Brighton confectioner, 7 June 1858
Excepted: site of 44 Edward Street and 56 Cumberland Place used as one house and conveyed to John Bishop by FM and WSM

BUXTED: Deeds of Hogg House and land called Guildredge and Lockyers  [no ref.]  1654-1723

Conveyance for £150  AMS5735/38  19 Sep 1654

Martha Pickering of East Grinstead widow, Robert Pickering of East Grinstead gent (son and heir of R P of East Grinstead gent deceased), Richard Lyndsey of Buxted esq., Mary Marshall of Maresfield widow and John Pickering of Cuckfield gent to John Earle of Buxted yeoman
Barn, land and wood (70a) called Guildredge and Guildredge Coppice, in JE's occupation; in Buxted
John Delves of Framfield yeoman attorney to deliver seisin W: William Fermor, Robert Pettett, Robert Devenish, John Alchorne, Robert Wicken, Abraham Russell, Ralph Waken, Nicholas Kenward, Richard Tuckers

Mortgage for £30  AMS5735/39  27 July 1694

John Earle of Buxted yeoman to Thomas Hooper of Mayfield, gent
Former copyhold land called Lockyers (7a) in JE's occupation; in Buxted
W: George Hooper, Thomas Hooper junior, John White

Pre-nuptial settlement  AMS5735/40  6 Apr 1705

John Earle senior of Buxted yeoman and his son John Earle junior of Buxted yeoman with Jane Kenward of Fletching spinster (only daughter of Nicholas K) to Nicholas Kenward of Fairhazell, Fletching yeoman, William Delves of Uckfield gent and Alexander Shoebridge of Buxted gent as trustees
Property in AMS5735/38 (now 80a) including hopgrounds
W: Francis Smith, Thomas Rowe, Joseph Wacklin

Assignment of Mortgages  AMS5735/41  14 June 1720

Stephen Kenward of Lewes miller, Stephen Igglesden of Mayfield gent and Roger Moore of Buxted yeoman (administrators of Daniel Foster of Burwash yeoman deceased) with the permission of John Earle of Buxted gent son and heir of J E of Buxted then of Lewes gent deceased to Mary Warnett of Litlington widow
1. Property in AMS5735/39 above and a house malthouse and land (6a) called The Corner House and Spiceing alias Spicers in Buxted, mortgaged by J E senior to SK, 25 Dec 1708
2. The Two Six Acres, The Grubb Field and Coppice (30a) part of Guildredge in Buxted, mortgaged by J E senior to DF, 10 November 1701
W: John Holford, George Hooper

Conveyance (lease [and release])  AMS5735/42  22[+ 23] Nov 1723

John Earle of Buxted gent to Richard Thornton of Dallington clerk and William Shadwell of Burwash gent
Property 1 in AMS5735/41 the Corner House is alias 'Hogg House'
W: Henry Colgate, George Hooper, Edward Sawyer

Assignment of mortgages as in AMS5735/41  AMS5735/43  22 Nov 1723

By MW of Lewes widow to John Lloyd of Uckfield clerk and John Fuller of Uckfield gent as trustees to attend Richard Foster of Uckfield gent's inheritance

LEWES: Deeds of property in St Mary Lane  [no ref.]  1655-64

Counterpart trust deed  AMS5735/44  14 June 1655

Henry Hutchin of Lewes currier to Stephen Adams of Lewes shoemaker and Ralph Pope of Lewes tanner in trust for HH for life, remainder to wife Margery for life, remainder in tail
Land recently purchased of Sir John Pelham; in St John sub Castro, Lewes
N, W, S: Sir John Pelham's lands and tenements; E: St Mary's Lane
Plot measures 42' on N, 48' on S, 42' on E, 50' on W
W: William Calchin, Daniel Shoulder scrivener

Release of equity of redemption  AMS5735/45  2 Sep 1664

John Blunden of Lewes innholder to Ambrose Trayton of Lewes gent
House and garden once occupied by Joan B widow deceased and Rebecca Ockenden widow, once the inheritance of John Dungate of Lewes deceased, mortgaged by John and Joan B to AT, 24 Oct 1649, in All Saints
W: garden late Robert King; E: St Mary Lane; N: tenement late John White; S: tenement late Thomas Pelham bart
W: William Alcock, Richard Wood

Conveyance for £10. 10s  AMS5735/46  10 Sep 1664

Ambrose Trayton of Lewes gent to Edward Valentine of Hamsey husbandman and wife Ellen
Property in AMS5735/45
W: Richard Wood, John Farncombe, William Alcock

Southover: Conveyance (lease and release) for £78  AMS5735/47, 48  18 & 19 July 1826

William Kent of Southover butcher and Richard Willard of Lewes shoemaker to Thomas Cruttenden of Southover baker and Charles Cheale of Southover cabinet maker his trustee
Part of RW's orchard (the whole purchased from trustees of Alexander Cheale deceased 16 Sep 1823), 52' wide and 125' deep; in Southover
N: new road 23' wide; S: William Verrall's fence; W: Harry Verrall's wall; E: RW's ground
Recites: unperformed contract for sale of whole orchard for £125, RW to WK, 22 Jan 1825
Endorsed: memorandum of sale of S and W parts to James Baker and John Tuppen, 1827

MARESFIELD: Calendar of deeds belonging to Count Albert Munster at Maresfield Park, 1405-1832 compiled by R G Rice  AMS5735/49  August 1903

These documents which cannot now be traced, relate to estates in Fletching, Maresfield and Rotherfield which had descended by the early 19th century to Sir John Shelley
From the R G Rice collection

WESTFIELD: Illuminated pedigree of Pierce family of Westfield manor, temp. Henry 8 - 1637; authenticated by John Borough, garter king of arms  AMS5735/50  26 Nov 1637

As printed in Harleian Society 53 p 209

WIVELSFIELD: Deed to lead the uses of a fine  AMS5735/51  20 Oct 1653

Thomas Luxford of Hurstpierpoint gent and wife Elizabeth, Thomas Streater of Itchingfield yeoman and wife Ann, George Goldsmith of Storrington yeoman and wife Ann, to Richard Mill of Stopham gent. Nicholas Monke of Hurston [in Storrington] esq and John Attree of Wivelsfield gent
1. Land (95a) part of Francklyns manor N of Highwood Common - Haywards Heath highway with timber on highway and waste within the land; in Wivelsfield
2. House and lands (18a) called Slaughter in John Henley's occupation; in Itchingfield
1 to be held to JA's use, 2 to the use of RM and NM according to trusts in feoffment of 19 Oct 1653
W: Richard Trunnell jun, Ralph Mill, John Monke, John Francis, William Molle, Richard Bacheler

WIVELSFIELD  AMS5735/52  1659

Related information: Worthing Library reference: S 09959 N

'An exact Platt and Discription of two Farmes with the Land thereunto belonging called by the Names of Tebbalds and Hanty Lying and being within the Parish of Wevelsfield in the County of Southsex Parcell of the Possessions of John Attre gent.'
Ink and colour on parchment, 27½" x 25"; compass points in margin; surveyor: Richard Daynes; 1" = 10 perches (32" = 1 mile); gives field names, acreage, names of neighbouring owners; fields numbered according to two different sequences
For the survey to accompany this map see AMS4255
Shows area of Theobalds and Antye Farms E of present railway line and post mill near Bedelands Farm on Valebridge Common

Document collected by Colonel Margesson  [no ref. or date]

Collecting rental of castle guard and cottage rents payable to Thomas Holles, lord paramount of the Rape of Hastings, by E Austen  AMS5735/53  1711-1725

Related information: Worthing Library reference: S9 HAS; 2115
See ASH 500-501 for George Tilden's castle guard and cottage rentals, 1737-39, 1743-47, 1753-61 and CHR18/1-19 for rentals 1788-1812 with accompanying maps showing location of cottages, and AMS5887 for Thomas Johnson's rental, 1731 - 1741

The volume is arranged so that a page for remarks and comments appears facing the rental information. The whole document is extensively annotated, on the latest occasion (1749, f 10) by George Tilden (see below). The volume includes information concerning parish officers, the stewards of manors and estates and disputed claims to waste lands, for example by the Fowle family at Hurst Green and the Lades at Warbleton
f1 Memorandum by Thomas Johnson concerning those rents collected by Austen and by himself, c 1723
f1v-4 Castle guard rental naming lord, manor and rent payable
f4v-21 Cottage and waste land rental naming hundred, tenant, old rent, parish and new rent
The volume has 'Mr Austen's rental', 'H No 10' and 'W[illiam] B[urrell]' on the front cover. Inside its modern binding its description from a catalogue, lot 104, has been inserted. On the back cover is written 'Sussex' in a hand typical of Phillips manuscripts

Broadsheets and papers from the Lewes Borough archive  AMS5736  1675-1898

Source of acquisition: Donated on 26 Aug 1980 (A2603) and 12 Jul 1994 (A6373)
These records were originally part of the Lewes Borough archive and were preserved by a member of the Russell family. In 1980, 22 documents were presented (listed as AMS5736/1-22) to the Record Office and a further four documents (AMS5736/23-26) in 1994

Related information: For an account of many of the meetings for which notices survive, see 'The Town Book of Lewes' (SRS 69)

Poor rate assessment for Lewes All Saints  AMS5736/1  6 Jul 1675

Related information: For poor rate books for All Saints, 1807-1839, deposited by Lewes Borough Council see PAR 410/30/1-3
For a notice for a town meeting in 1775 see AMS5736/23

Memoranda concerning borough properties compiled by Mr F[rancis] Wheeler, [attorney]  AMS5736/2  31 May 1776

Listing names of lessees and rent paid for Godfreys, East Chiltington, 1722-1769, names of the trustees of [Godfreys' Charity] appointed on 28 Feb 1771; note of deeds of borough property including Godfreys, lands in Hamsey, Blunts, a piece of waste on Castle Bank and an annuity from the manors of Welling [recte Wilting] and Hollington, received of one of the constables by Mr Wheeler

Receipt of Francis Wheeler for deeds of borough properties as in AMS5736/2, 31 May 1776, and receipt of Thomas Gilbert, constable, on their return, 19 May 1777  AMS5736/3  1776, 1777

Printed notice of a town meeting on 21 Jun 1780  AMS5736/4  19 Jun 1780

Printed notice of a town meeting on 17 Oct 1780  AMS5736/5  16 Oct 1780

Bill for Enlarging and Extending the Powers of the present Prescriptive Market, within the Town and Borough of Lewes, in the County of Sussex; and removing the same to a more convenient Place within the said Town and Borough, or within the Precinct of the Castle of Lewes aforesaid  AMS5736/6  1791

Annotated with comments and draft clauses concerning the tenure of the land involved and for preserving the rights of the lords of the manor of Lewes Borough

Printed notice of a public meeting to consider the prevention of a further increase of smallpox  AMS5736/7  10 Jan 1794

Printed notice of a public meeting to consider the problem of the influx of strangers taking advantage of the general inoculation programme  AMS5736/8  20 Jan 1794

Printed notice of a public meeting on 4 Oct 1802 to consider a proposal to demolish, rebuild and enlarge All Saints Church  AMS5736/9  2 Oct 1802

Printed notice of a public meeting on 24 Oct 1805 to consider the necessity for street lighting  AMS5736/10  19 Oct 1805

Printed notice of an auction of leases of the Pest House in Lewes St Anne, Hangmans Acre and the Town Brook on 24 Oct 1805, endorsed with names of the lessees and rents for lots 2 and 3  AMS5736/11  14 Oct 1805

Printed notice of a public meeting on 14 Oct 1805 to consider the sale of the Pest House  AMS5736/12  9 Oct 1805

Printed notice of an auction of leases of Hangmans Acre and the Town Brook on 20 Sep  AMS5736/13  1806

Endorsed with the names of the lessees and rents

Printed address of Thomas Kemp, parliamentary candidate for the borough of Lewes  AMS5736/14  20 Oct 1806

Printed notice of a public meeting on 18 Apr 1809  AMS5736/15  14 Apr 1809

To consider a proposed vote of thanks to Gwyllim Lloyd Wardle for conducting an inquiry into abuses in the office of the late Commander in Chief [the Duke of York], and to Henry Shelley and Thomas Kemp [the borough members] for their support

Printed notice inviting nominations for the Subscription School [the British School, Lancaster Street], to be opened on 10 Jul 1809, with a list of subscribers and directors  AMS5736/16  1 May 1809

Printed notice of a public meeting to consider a petition to the House of Lords against a bill concerning the rights and privileges of protestant dissenters  AMS5736/17  20 May 1811

Printed appeal for subscribers to the Lewes Benevolent Society with balance of accounts for 9 Sep 1812 - 22 Sep 1813  AMS5736/18  1813

Printed notice of resignation from parliament by Thomas Read Kemp of Wick House, [Hove] near Brighton, exhorting the electors of Lewes to chose a candidate opposed to all Roman Catholic claims  AMS5736/19  29 Feb 1816

An Address to all Cities, Towns or Boroughs possessing the Elective Franchise by Thomas Ellis Hodson advocating the establishment of patriotic clubs to encourage electors to vote according to their consciences without pressure from the upper classes; printed at the Sussex Advertiser Office  AMS5736/20  22 Mar 1816

Related information: For notices concerning the fire engine house, 1817, see AMS5736/23, 24

Printed verses sung at a dinner held in honour of John Baxter on his retirement from the Sussex Express  AMS5736/21  23 Jan 1858

Related information: For an account of the occasion see The Sussex Express, 30 Jan 1858
For a petition for the closure of business premises on 26 Dec 1871, see AMS5736/26

Lewes Borough Bonfire Society Programme  AMS5736/22  5 Nov 1898

Printed notice of a public meeting at the Sessions House on 5 Jun 1775  AMS5736/23  3 Jun 1775

Printed appeal for tenders for premises for the storage of the borough [fire] engine and other property  AMS5736/24  5 Sep 1817

Printed appeal for contributions towards the provision of a fire engine house  AMS5736/25  24 Sep 1817

Printed petition to the high constables of Lewes by 103 named merchants and tradesmen of the borough for the closure of all business premises on 26 Dec 1871  AMS5736/26  1 Dec 1871

Maps of estates in Icklesham, Peasmarsh and Rotherfield  AMS5737  1758-1829

Source of acquisition: Documents given and purchased 14 Dec 1965 (A703-704), 13 May 1992 (A5875)

Photocopy of 'A map of an estate lying in the parish of Icklesham in the County of Sussex belonging to Michael and Robert Grace esquires' by C[harles] Stephens  AMS5737/1  1758

Related information: For maps of the estate of the Graces, subsequently purchased by Arnold Nesbit in 1767, see AMS5788]

Pen and ink on parchment within a plain border, compass rose, cartouche and scale of chains surmounted by a pair of dividers. Table gives name and extent of fields, shows names of adjoining landowners, fields annotated in pencil to show subsequent owners
51" x 30", 1":4 chains
Endorsed: Phillips MS 26383
[The map was copied by the British Library

Photocopy of AMS5737/3  AMS5737/2  nd

[The map was copied by the British Library]

'A map and admeasurement of Perreyfield Farm in the parish of Peasmarsh in the County of Sussex belonging to John Watson of Peasmarsh aforesaid gent' by William Jemmett  AMS5737/3  1765

Pen and ink on parchment within a plain border, compass rose, cartouche and scale of Gunter's chains. shows house in elevation, name and extent of fields, names of adjoining landowners (annotated in pencil to show subsequent owners), fences and hedges, table gives name and extent of fields, and shows fields purchased after the completion of the map
28¼" x 22½", 1":3 Gunter's chains

Plan of 'Stile-House Farm in the parish of Rotherfield in the County of Sussex' by W and J[ohn] Budgen  AMS5737/4  1829

Related information: [For plan of the farm in 1770, see AMS6186/3]

Pen and ink on paper backed by canvas within a plain border and scale of chains. Shows hedges and names of adjoining landowners, table gives name and extent of fields
19½" x 16", 1½":4 chains
Endorsed: Plan of Stilehouse Farm, Rotherfield 1829

Map of Playden and Rye  AMS5738  [n.d.]

Source of acquisition: Document given per BRA 6 July 1976 (BRA 1882, Acc 1985)

PLAYDEN and RYE  AMS5738/1  1811

'MAP of House, Lawn, Gardens, Yard and Three Pieces of Land, lying in the Parishes of RYE and PLAYDEN, County of Sussex, The Property of J WOOLLETT Esq'
Shows house and gardens on Rye High Street, marshland in Rye and land in Playden; windmill on Point Hill Playden
Ink on parchment, 16" x 19"; table showing detailed measurement of gardens; names of neighbouring owners; 1": 4 chains (land) and 1": 1 chain (house); compass pointer; W Manser junior, Rye 1811

Deeds  AMS5739  [n.d.]

Source of acquisition: Document given 6 July 1976 (BRA 1652, Acc 1997)

Conveyance (lease [and release]  AMS5739/1  17[+18] July 1699

Nathaniel Curteis of Tenterden gent and wife Elizabeth, Jefferay Gilbert of the Inner Temple esq (son of Elizabeth by a former marriage), Thomas Roberts of Glassenbury in Cranbrook bart and Thomas Jefferay of Ashford gent to John Busbridge of Haremare in Etchingham esq, John Webb of Burwash clerk and John Roberts of Boarzell late of Dalehill in Ticehurst gent
Freehold house and farm 'Gildreds' with the great barn and 11 pieces of upland (54a) in Thomas Snaile's occupation; in Hailsham and Herstmonceux
W: Robert Spiller, Francis Taylor

Groombridge Cricket Club minute book  AMS5740  [n.d.]

Source of acquisition: Deposited by Groombridge Cricket Club June 1976. (A1972)

Minute book, Groombridge Cricket Club  AMS5740/1  Feb 1891 - Mar 1921

Related information: For records relating to the club's bicentenary c1982, see ACC 8446

The volume also contains annual printed statements of account 1906-07, 1909-15

Records of Mayfield Chapel Benefit Society  AMS5741  1927-1970

Source of acquisition: Documents deposited by Knill, James, Guest and Co., Lewes, 13 January 1971 (A1241)

Administrative history:
The society, which is mentioned in trade directories from 1927 onwards, was dissolved by the depositors in 1970

In return for quarterly payments, members received sickness and death benefits and there was an annual division of surplus funds

Quarterly contributions register  AMS5741/1  Jan 1941-Oct 1967

Register of weekly sickness benefit and death benefit payments  AMS5741/2  Jan 1941-Dec 1967

Card index of members showing periods of sickness and amount of pay  AMS5741/3  Jan 1936-Nov 1967

Register of annual payments to members from surplus funds  AMS5741/4  1927-1967

Day book of all payments with annual balances  AMS5741/5  1962-1967

Instrument of dissolution of society signed by 73 members, 31 Dec 1967 registered 4 May 1970  AMS5741/6  1967, 1970

Sample of covering letter enclosing cheque on division of funds  AMS5741/7  12 Oct 1970

[no title or date]  AMS5742

Source of acquisition: Documents deposited (per WSRO), 23 June 1976 (A1974)

These documents are the East Sussex portion of the collection of Percival Lucas the depositor's father, author of Heathfield Memorials and an eminent local historian; he was killed on the Somme in 1916 at the age of 36. Although apparently the result of purchases (some of the documents have James Coleman's markings) many of the deeds obviously belong together. Perhaps the most interesting individual item is a terrier of Mrs Alford's land in the common laines of Piddinghoe, 1718 (AMS5742/18)


Covenant to convey for £80  AMS5742/1  28 Mar 1646

Related information: For TB's will see W/A 24.32

John Norrice of East Hoathly yeoman and wife Elizabeth (daughter of Thomas Page of [East] Blatchington deceased) to Richard Page of [East] Blatchington yeoman, son of TP and brother of EN
JN and EN will convey by fine to RP two parts of:
Six pieces of land (6a) in the Long Deane; one piece (1a) in the Short Deane; three pieces (5a) in the Clinch; one acre bounding E: Thomas Elphicke gent's Winterland; N:RP's land; W:Growdick; S:Thomas Seaman junior's land; one acre bounding N: Thomas Pelham bart's land; E:RP's land; S:Richard Edborrowe's land; W:Blatchington down common drove; two rods in Short Deane bounding N: Ward Downe; E:Offington Elphicke's land; S:The Noore; W:RP's land; ½a bounding N: The Noore; W:Thomas Seaman junior's land; S:Offington Elphicke's 'Pereivall'; E:Robert Adams' land; all in [East] Blatchington W:William Alcock, Richard Isted

Deed to declare the uses of a fine  AMS5742/2  4 Feb 1663

Thomas Worge of Eastbourne yeoman and Robert Sutton of Eastbourne shepherd
1. House, barn and land (32a) called Popinheades in Mountfield and Whatlington
2. House in which RS lives, 2 barns, land (6a) and common of pasture for 5 bullocks, in Eastbourne
Both conveyed by fine in Michaelmas 1662 to TW and RS by Thomas Iden of Eastbourne husbandman, John Iden his son and heir, John Tutt of Eastbourne innholder and wife Mary; TW to have 1, RS 2
W: Richard Lewis, Thomas Akehurst

Pre-nuptial settlement for £500  AMS5742/3  14 Nov 1676

Joseph Westborne of [East] Blatchington gent to Henry Bill of Seaford gent, father of Jane Bill
Capital messuage called Shadwells with land late John Summers gent (17a) in John Fox's occupation within Pevensey liberty, Hailsham
Marsh called Newlands (8a); E: common sewer; W: The Eastdier; Marsh called Churchlands alias Chappell lands (5a), both late Simon Rumney clerk, occupied by Edmund Calverly and William Bodle; in Chilley, Manxey and Pevensey
JW is to marry JB and conveys the above to HB as trustee of the settlement
W: Richard Isted, Edmund Middleton

Conveyance for £40  AMS5742/4  29 Sep 1701

Foster Whitbread of Ripe bricklayer, kinsman and heir of John Read of Seaside in Eastbourne tailor deceased (devisee in trust by the will of James Hutchin of Eastbourne cordwainer) and Richard Knight of Eastbourne cordwainer and wife Ann (widow of JH) to Thomas Willard of Eastbourne gent
Marshland (2a) called Middle Hides in the Hides; S,W: Cowbrooke; N,W and SE: JH's 'Hides'; N,E: Wormy
Arable (1½a) in Denton Furlong and 1½r in Saffrons late William brother of JH; all occupied by Margaret Banks widow and John Rason, in Eastbourne, bequeathed to JR as trustee for sale for the benefit of JH's children Elizabeth and Crispin (see W/A 43.73)
W: Francis Green, John Collier, John Cheesman

BODIAM  [no ref. or date]

Settlement in lieu of dower  AMS5742/5  12 Feb 1661

Thomas Maynington of Bodiam gent to Job Mander of Bodiam clerk in trust for TM and wife Abigail for the life of the longer liver, remainder in tail
House and land called Summers near Bodiam Bridge Normans Croft, Upper Strood, Lower Strood, Two Acre Croft, Woodfield, Hopgarden Croft (20a); W: Knowle Hill - Cackle Street highway; N: Bodiam vicarage land and Francis Scivyer's land; E: TM's land; S: TM's land and Bodiam vicarage land
W: Thomas Russell, Robert Goulding
Endorsed: 40/143/3/6

DALLINGTON  [no ref. or date]

Pre-nuptial settlement  AMS5742/6  8 Apr 1661

John West senior of Dallington yeoman, his son John West of Dallington to Thomas Nokes of Burwash yeoman, son of Joan widow of James Nokes of Burwash yeoman in trust for JW senior for life remainder to Joan Nokes (whom he is to marry) for life, remainder to JW junior in tail
House orchard and land (2a) in Dallington; E: land of Morgan's heirs, late Thomas Baker Esq; W: High Street; N: Stephen Baker's land; S: Churchyard and end of lane leading to the land of Morgan's heirs
W: James Baker, Faintnot Baker, Richard Relfe

Counterpart lease for 92 years  AMS5742/7  24 Jan 1684

John Lattenden of Dallington yeoman on the direction of Robert Lattenden of Ashburnham yeoman to William Clarke eldest son of Christopher Clarke of Dallington yeoman deceased
Further Minepitt Field and Broomy Field (12a) with wood (1a) adjoining the latter, in Dallington, all part of a tenement late CC called Collinghams now held by JL and RL except for Hilly Field and Pickwood (15a), N,E and W of RL's land (with an easement from them over the leased lands to the highway) which RL purchased from James Relfe gent and John Barnett deceased, trustees for sale under CC's will [W/A 34.300]
W: James Relfe, John Plummer, Robert Spiller
Phillips 31538

HAILSHAM  [no ref. or date]

Conveyance for £250 and covenant to levy fine  AMS5742/8  15 May 1693

George Wenham of Rotherfield clerk (son and heir of John Wenham of Hailsham clerk) and wife Mary to Thomas Hooper of Mayfield gent
The advowson of Hailsham
Mary's late brother Thomas Willett of Buttolphs gent and Thomas Mathewes of Lewes woollendraper deceased included in warranty
W: John Wenham, William Weston, John Hooper

MAYFIELD  [no ref. or date]

Copy grant of waste for £30  AMS5742/9  13 Aug 1597; 22 Nov 1638

Henry Nevill Esq., lord of Mayfield manor by virtue of patent of 19 Aug 1589, to his servant John Modle senior, JM's son Thomas Modle and Thomas Relfe of Hochens in Mayfield yeoman
Piece of waste (28a) in Brodereed Wood; NE: JM's land; S,E: Elizabeth Wootton's 'Smiths' and John Dray's land; SE: a gill from Smiths to the watercourse; SW: a watercourse; NE, NW: JM's land
To be held of Mayfield manor in socage, paying relief, 2/4d rent and suit of court
John Gallett of Mayfield senior attorney to deliver seisin
W: Abraham Edwardes, Robert Duke, John Penkhurst, John Lucke, Thomas Newneham, Simon Peckham; copy attested by Nathaniel Powell and Thomas Champion

Conveyance for £341  AMS5742/10  24 June 1640

John Hepden of Steyning gent to Alexander Eliot of Mayfield yeoman and Alexander Eliot his youngest son
Meadow called Forestall (2a1r 20p), Marefield (10a 20p), Joanes Gardens (4a2r), arable called Great Oate Grotten (15a 10p) and Bodfield (6a3r) in AE senior's occupation, in Mayfield
JH's father Goddard H deceased and GH's widow Susan included in warranty; George Courthopp of Mayfield gent and William Coby of Clifford's Inn gent attornies to deliver seisin
W: William Coby, Roger Cobie, John Newnham, Samuel Lucke, William Wheatley, Moses Freeman
Endorsed: John Cruttenden 5; £200 for a marriage portion

Covenant to suffer a recovery  AMS5742/11  16 Apr 1646

Alexander Elliott of Mayfield yeoman and John Elliott his eldest son (by Constance his late wife, daughter of Goddard Hepden gent deceased) to Arthur White of Mayfield yeoman in trust for AE Chappellmeade; E: land of Francis Mitten's heirs; W: Lands of Thomas Pankhurst's heirs; N: land of Thomas Pelham bart, AE's land and river from Deepford Bridge to Bivelham forge; S,SE: AE's land late John E his father. Three other parcels; E,S: AE's land late John E and AE's land late GH; W: William Pankhurst's land and lane to Deepford Bridge; N: land of Thomas Pankhurst's heirs; in all 20a, part of Bredhurst in Mayfield, in AE's occupation
W: Thomas Houghton, William Doble, Anthony White, Sarah White
Endorsed: John Cruttenden 8

Quitclaim  AMS5742/12  1 May 1667

John Elliott of Rotherfield yeoman to his brother Alexander Elliott of Mayfield yeoman
His right in Ladiemeade, Rushiefield and Broomyfield (20a) in Mayfield
W: Thomas Payne, John Summers
Endorsed: John Cruttenden 3

Conveyance (lease and release)  AMS5742/13, 14  9 and 10 Jan 1677

John Ellyott of Rotherfield, yeoman (eldest son and heir of Alexander E senior of Mayfield yeoman deceased) to Alexander Ellyott of Mayfield yeoman (eldest son and heir of AE junior of Mayfield yeoman deceased and grandson of AE senior)
1. Longe Meade, Nyne Acres, Hill Feild and Greening Weedy Feild (31a) formerly 3 fields, part of Broadhurst in AE's occupatson in Mayfield
2. Land in 10 above
W: Richard Taylar, Thomas Hooper
Endorsed: John Cruttenden 4, 7

Copy Probate (Lewes) of will (4 Aug 1787) of Ann Wood of Mayfield widow  AMS5742/15  12 Apr 1788


Covenant to suffer a recovery  AMS5742/16  4 Apr 1631

Thomas Luxford of Wartling gent to Thomas Collins of Socknersh [in Brightling] gent to the use of TL
Millandes (23a) in Ninfield; Westmar h (57a) in Pevensey, Manxey and Hailsham; marshlands called Seven Acres (7a) and Pontes (5a) in Pevensey and Manxey; Crouchlandes (4a) and Bemsells (48a) in Wartling; marshlands called Shortleas (14a) and Church Acre (1a) in Pevensey and Manxey
W: Roger Cobie, Nehemiah Panton, Robert Plummer, Thomas Comber

PEASMARSH  [no ref. or date]

Conveyance for £80  AMS5742/17  28 Dec 1675

John Waters of Stone in Oxney (late of Appledore) Kent draper to John Beeching of Wittersham gent and wife Elizabeth
1. Woodland (4a 3r 17p); W: marshland already sold by JW to Elizabeth Thompset of Iden widow; E: 2 below; S: Nicholas Tufton's woodland; N: 3 below
2. Upland (4a 1r 16p); E: Blackwall to Flackley Ash road; N: William and Nicholas Tufton's land; W: 1 above; S: Nicholas Tufton's land
3. Upland (4a 3r 12p); N,W: marsh sold to ET and William Tufton's marsh; S: 1 above; E: 2 above and William Tufton's land
All part of Kitchenhams Farm in Peasmarsh, purchased by JW of John Hall of Stone yeoman, 17 June 1669
W: George Wattell, Henry Peene, George Mace
Endorsed: memorandum of cancellation before delivery to George Haffenden; W: Francis Taylor, John Lancaster

PIDDINGHOE  [no ref. or date]

Terrier of land in Piddinghoe common laines  AMS5742/18  2 Dec 1718

The terrier describes 66 acres of land listed under furlongs and gives boundaries and acreages of each parcel, each of which has a number in Roman numerals. It is possible that a map was also prepared. The land (late John Smith and previously Henry Smith deceased) was occupied by John Holmes and was 'now agreed upon to be purchased' from Madam Alford by Joseph Buckoll. The terrier is subscribed by Edmund Pecknall, Joseph Palmer, John Golden, John Holmes, John Marten, John Smith, Phineas Weston and Thomas Cooke. For an identically executed terrier of an anonymous holding in Brighton tenantry laines, see A 2409.727
Endorsed: 239/193/35/-

RYE  [no ref. or date]

Quitclaim  AMS5742/19  4 Mar 1630

Edward Harrison of Rye beer brewer to John Cooper of Rye jurat his title to a house and void piece of land in George Blauneh's occupation in Rye
W: Samuel Landsdale, Thomas Peacocke

Assignment of mortgage to attend inheritance  AMS5742/20  27 Feb 1741

William Stone of Peasmarsh Esq to Joseph Viny of Tenterden Kent in trust for Joseph Tucker of Rye Esq and Leonard Breads of Tenterden perukemaker
1. House and kitchen with the site of demolished house lately occupied by Joseph Breads now by Richard Bartlett, purchased by JB of Thomas and Leonard B deceased; in Middle Street Rye
2. Moiety of a house occupied by Mary Woollett widow and William Prosser; in the Butchery, Rye
Recites: mortgage by LB to Thomas Avan of Fairlight yeoman, 14 Jan 1740; assignment by TA's executor and nephew Samuel A of Fairlight yeoman to WS, 24 Jan 1741; conveyance of 2 by LB to JT, 26 Feb 1741
W: Henry Dodson, Michael Woollett; endorsed: 30/150/3/-
A bond of quiet enjoyment of an annuity assigned by Edward Boys senior knight of Fredville, Kent to John Petter of Rye clerk, 18 June 1630 has been passed to Kent archives office

SEDLESCOMBE  [no ref. or date]

Conveyance  AMS5742/21  17 Feb 1655

Edward Davye of Hobbs in Beckley gent, uncle and executor of William D of Robertsbridge, Salehurst deceased to John Holman of Beckley clerk and Matthew Holman of Northiam yeoman
Freehold house, barn and land called Asteford, occupied by William Bishop gent, in Sedlescombe and Ewhurst
W: Richard Humphrey, Thomas Davy, Daniel Maytom

WITHYHAM  [no ref. or date]

Lease for 5 years from 25 Mar 1646 at £27 a year  AMS5742/22  2 Mar 1646

Thomas Weller of Tonbridge gent and George Saxbie of Withyham yeoman to Richard Saxbie of Withyham yeoman
Capital messuage called Hale with land (60a) called Rushie Island (now in 3 parts), Court Island, Two Blackham Meade, Upper and Lower Wood, Buckhale, Lower Garlandes, Upper Pearecroft and Upper Garlandes in GS's occupation, in Withyham
Parlour, roomds N of the hall, garden W of the house and hemp plot with easements reserved
W: Nicholas Saxbee, Edmund Page; endorsed: Upper Garlands contains 10a 2 r 3p

Records of Davey and Son of Lewes, plumbers, painters and glaziers  AMS5743  1855-1964

Source of acquisition: Documents deposited 7 February 1979 (ACC 2352)

Related information: For the general ledger of Davey and Son, 1855-1867, see AMS6321/1; for a shares ledger of the Lewes Waterworks Company, 1832-1859, see AMS6321/2

The records of Davey and Son provide a continuous series of documentary evidence for the running of a family business from the mid-nineteenth century to the 1970s. The business had been in existence for a considerable time before the earliest of these records begins, as William Davey was a plumber and glazier in Speldhurst, Kent, before moving to Mayfield in 1796 and to Lewes in 1801, where he died five years later. His wife, Elizabeth, and son, William, continued the business with considerable success and on William's death in 1858 the Sussex Advertiser published an obituary which gives great insight into his background and standing in the community. He not only built up the business, which by 1851 was employing eight men and his two sons as journeymen plumbers, but he was also the driving force behind the introduction of a regular water supply in Lewes. He was the instigator of the formation of the Lewes Waterworks Company in 1834, which he managed until his death, and was consultant engineer for the supply of water to other towns in the area including Brighton. Arthur, his only surviving son succeeded him and when he died in 1902 Frederick Davey, Arthur's son, managed the firm until his death in 1939. By this time the firm had become a public company and was registered as heating engineers as well as plumbers and decorators. Frederick's sister Florence Davey had an interest in the firm until the 1960s but the business moved premises twice; from 162 High Street, Lewes, where it had been since at least 1808, to 181 High Street sometime between 1851 and 1855, and from there to 163 High Street in 1920. This property had previously been occupied by T Simmons, furniture broker and undertaker, and the firm remained there until it ceased trading in 1978
The records themselves comprise a series of account ledgers, dating from 1862 to 1949, which state the total amount owed for work carried out and for whom. They are supported for most of the period by cost works ledgers, which give a more detailed description of the work and the cost of individual items, and by purchase ledgers. All three series follow a standard double entry system and are indexed. Day books survive between 1866 and 1949 and letter books from 1904 to 1937. The estimate books, 1870 to 1950, contain the detail and terms of the more important contracts and form a rich source of information on the erection and alteration of schools, hospitals, asylums, Lewes prison, police stations, work houses, shops, banks, inns and private houses. Unless otherwise stated the volumes begin in January and end in December of the specified year
This information was compiled from the census returns, 1841-1871, trade directories, the parish registers of Mayfield (PAR 422/1) and St Michael, Lewes (PAR 414/1), the rate books for Mayfield (PAR 422/8), the Sussex Advertiser, 8 Dec 1858, The Sussex Express 5 Jul 1902 and 22 Dec 1939 and the deeds of 163 High Street, Lewes

General ledgers  AMS5743/1  [n.d.]

Ledger  AMS5743/1/1  1855-1861

Index only; for the main ledger see AMS6321/1

Ledger 'A'  AMS5743/1/2  1862-1891

Ledger 'B'  AMS5743/1/3  1892-1914

Ledger 'C'  AMS5743/1/4  1915-1925

Ledger 'D'  AMS5743/1/5  1926-1934

Ledger 'E'  AMS5743/1/6  1935-1940

Ledger 'F'  AMS5743/1/7  1941-1945

Ledger 'G'  AMS5743/1/8  1946-1949

Cost works ledgers 'CWL'  AMS5743/2  [n.d.]

Ledger  AMS5743/2/1  1882-1902

Ledger  AMS5743/2/2  1903-1916

Ledger  AMS5743/2/3  1917-1924

Ledger  AMS5743/2/4  1925-1929

Ledger  AMS5743/2/5  1930-1933

Ledger  AMS5743/2/6  1934-1942

Ledger  AMS5743/2/7  1943-1953

Purchase ledgers 'PL'  AMS5743/3  [n.d.]

Ledger  AMS5743/3/1  1862-1921

Ledger  AMS5743/3/2  1922-1930

Ledger  AMS5743/3/3  1931-1939

Ledger  AMS5743/3/4  1940-1964

Wages book  AMS5743/4  [n.d.]

Wages book  AMS5743/4/1  1912-1930

Day books  AMS5743/5  [n.d.]

Day book  AMS5743/5/1  ?1864-1865

Conditions of access: Missing on transfer

Day book B  AMS5743/5/2  1866-1868

Day book C  AMS5743/5/3  1869-1871

Day book D  AMS5743/5/4  1872-1874

Day book E  AMS5743/5/5  1875-1876

Day book F  AMS5743/5/6  1877-1879

Day book G  AMS5743/5/7  1880-1882

Day book H  AMS5743/5/8  1883-1885

Day book I  AMS5743/5/9  1886-1889

Day book J  AMS5743/5/10  1890-1893

Day book K  AMS5743/5/11  1894-1897

Day book L  AMS5743/5/12  1898-1900

Day book M  AMS5743/5/13  1901-1904

Day book N  AMS5743/5/14  1905-1907

Day book O  AMS5743/5/15  1908-1910

Day book P  AMS5743/5/16  1911-1912

Day book Q  AMS5743/5/17  1913-1914

Day book R  AMS5743/5/18  1915-1917

Day book S  AMS5743/5/19  1918-1920

Day book T  AMS5743/5/20  1921-1922

Day book U  AMS5743/5/21  1923

Day book V  AMS5743/5/22  Nov 1923 - Dec 1924

Day book W  AMS5743/5/23  1925

Day book X  AMS5743/5/24  1926

Day book Y  AMS5743/5/25  1927

Day book Z  AMS5743/5/26  1928

Day book A  AMS5743/5/27  1929

Day book B  AMS5743/5/28  1930

Day book C  AMS5743/5/29  1931

Day book D  AMS5743/5/30  1932

Day book E  AMS5743/5/31  1933

Day book F  AMS5743/5/32  1934

Day book G  AMS5743/5/33  1935

Day book H  AMS5743/5/34  1936

Day book I  AMS5743/5/35  1937

Day book J  AMS5743/5/36  1938

Day book K  AMS5743/5/37  1939

Day book L  AMS5743/5/38  1940

Day book M  AMS5743/5/39  1941

Day book N  AMS5743/5/40  1942

Day book O  AMS5743/5/41  1943

Day book P  AMS5743/5/42  1944

Day book Q  AMS5743/5/43  1945

Day book R  AMS5743/5/44  1946

Day book S  AMS5743/5/45  1947

Day book T  AMS5743/5/46  1948

Day book U  AMS5743/5/47  1949

Bill book  AMS5743/6  [n.d.]

Bill book  AMS5743/6/1  Mar 1928 - Jun 1932


Estimate books  AMS5743/7  [n.d.]

Estimate book  AMS5743/7/1  Jan 1870 - Nov 1894

Estimate book  AMS5743/7/2  Mar 1895 - Dec 1901

Estimate book  AMS5743/7/3  1902-1906

Estimate book  AMS5743/7/4  1907 - Jan 1915

Estimate book  AMS5743/7/5  1915-1924

Estimate book  AMS5743/7/6  1925 - Jan 1931

Estimate book  AMS5743/7/7  1931-1936

Estimate book  AMS5743/7/8  1937 - Apr 1948

Estimate book  AMS5743/7/9  Apr 1948 - 1950

Letter books  AMS5743/8  [n.d.]

Letter book  AMS5743/8/1  1904 - Mar 1905

Letter book  AMS5743/8/2  Mar 1905 - Jan 1908

Letter book  AMS5743/8/3  1908-1910

Letter book  AMS5743/8/4  1910 - Feb 1914

Letter book  AMS5743/8/5  Feb 1914 - Aug 1919

Letter book  AMS5743/8/6  Aug 1919 - Jul 1924

Letter book  AMS5743/8/7  Jul 1924 - 1927

Letter book  AMS5743/8/8  Dec 1927 - Mar 1929

Letter book  AMS5743/8/9  Mar 1929 - Feb 1931

Letter book  AMS5743/8/10  Feb 1931 - Mar 1937

Archive of the Coney family of Burwash  AMS5744  1318-1801

Archival history:
These documents were found in the parish chest of Oakford, six miles from Tiverton, when the parish records were surveyed by the staff of the Devon Record Office

Source of acquisition: Documents given by the Parochial Church Council of Oakford, Devon, 18 Mar 1980 (ACC 2532), 16 Jun 1983 (ACC 4100), 31 Jul 1996 (ACC 6880)

Related information: For maps of the estate inherited by Bicknell Coney in 1775, see AMS5990
For deeds of the Sussex estate from 1864, ending in a conveyance to William David Button in 1887, see ACC 2315
For a settlement on the marriage of the Rev Thomas Coney and Elizabeth Jeane, 1795, see Bodleian Library MS DD Dawkins c46 III/4

These documents relate to property owned by the Coney family of Burwash, which still held land in the parish in 1839 (TDE 157), although the last Coney to live there died in 1775. In the early eighteenth century members of the family had migrated to Somerset; Thomas Coney, DD, became rector of Chedzoy in 1698 and was later a canon of Wells from 1716 until his death in 1752. On the death of John Coney of Burwash in 1775 his estate was wound up by Thomas's son Bicknell Coney, a druggist in Leadenhall Street, London, a director of the Bank of England and secretary of the Corporation of the Sons
The deeds chart the advancement of the Coney family from the status of yeomen in the sixteenth century, through the trade of butcher, to that of gentleman by the eighteenth
The family residence, Mount House, Burwash, was acquired by John Coney in 1672 but as early as 1594 his great-grandfather Simon had owned an adjoining property. John's father Mark married Eleanor, one of the daughters of Thomas Byne, and the Coneys acquired large portions of that family's estate, which had been partitioned in 1620 on Thomas's death
The documents become more sparse in the eighteenth century and the latest is a summary of the estate, probably prepared on Bicknell Coney's death in about 1801
On the death of the Reverend Thomas Coney at Batcombe Rectory in Somerset on 29 December 1840 an acrimonious dispute over heriots took place between his solicitors, Dyne and Son of Bruton, and Ellman and Whitmarsh of Battle, acting for the lord of Burwash and Burghurst manors; see ASH 1227
The documents in the second and third accessions amplified those already received and clarified the descent and date of acquisition of most of the properties. Accordingly the list is not presented in numerical order and a concordance of references follows
A conveyance of a messuage in Limpsfield, 1429, and a bond with parties of Surrey, 1575, have been transferred to Surrey Record Office where they are listed as 2725/1, 2
Wills and probates Coney family, 1611-1648 AMS5744/145-148
Nether Goodsole in Burwash, sold in 1673 AMS5744/70-73
Mount House, Burwash, 1318-1672 AMS5744/1-18, 171, 172
Biggs Place, Ticehurst AMS5744/219, 141, 142, 116-120, 173-198
Woodlands and Highlands in Burwash, 1629-1683 AMS5744/31-35
Chillies Mead, Burwash, 1659-1687 AMS5744/22-25
Copyhold house in Burwash, 1672-1692 AMS5744/19-21
Estate of John Coney of Wadhurst, died 1689 AMS5744/166-170, 149-151
Marshland at Chilley in Pevensey, 1530-1694 AMS5744/121-132
House in Burwash late Jeffery's, 1698 AMS5744/26-28
John Coney's marriage settlement, 1701 AMS5744/199
Copyhold house and croft at Burwash, 1703-1708 AMS5744/29, 30
Manor of Northye in Bexhill and Hooe, 1704 AMS5744/133
Bowman's Farm, Burwash, 1452-1705 AMS5744/37-77, 200
Leasehold at Burwash, 1706 AMS5744/78
Ashlands in Burwash and Etchingham, Poppinghole in Whatlington and Youngland in Mountfield, 1589-1708 AMS5744/83-111, 115, 201-205
Copyhold adjoining Poppinghole, 1710-1712 AMS5744/112, 113
The whole estate, 1713-1732 AMS5744/68, 96, 114, 152-155 158, 164
Re-settlement of 1732 AMS5744/79-81, 206-209
The whole estate, 1753-1771 AMS5744/156, 210-215
Bicknell Coney's executorship of John Coney and inheritance of his estate, 1775-c1801 AMS5744/36, 69, 82, 157, 221, 159-163, 165, 216-218
Documents not apparently connected with the estate, 1458-1677 AMS5744/134-140, 143, 144, 220

Wills and probates  [no ref. or date]

Probate (Lewes) of will (25 Feb 1608) of Simon Coney of Burwash yeoman  AMS5744/145  25 Feb 1611

All freehold land in Burwash to Mark son of SC's son Stephen Coney, subject to an annuity of £6 to testator's wife Elizabeth
Personal and chattel bequests to son Stephen, his son Simon and daughter Ann, son Mark and his daughter Elizabeth, daughter Joyce wife of John Hooper, daughter's son Goddard Cruttenden and his daughter Agnes, daughter Agnes wife of John Iden, daughter Mary wife of Joseph Knighte and their daughter Agnes, daughter Judith wife of John Cogger; Stephen Tutty, Elizabeth Cade and Mary daughter of Richard Harmer
Stephen Coney executor, Joseph Knight and Thomas Noake overseers
W: John Dawe, William Nashe scrivener

Probate (court for probate) of will (1 May 1648) of Simon Coney of Burwash yeoman  AMS5744/146  7 Dec 1648

[183 Essex]
Pecuniary and chattel bquests to wife Elizabeth, son John at 14, daughter Elizabeth at 18 (trustees John Polhill of Tonbridge yeoman and brother John Coonney), Robert son of Robert Polhill of Tonbridge
Wife Elizabeth executrix
W: Stephen Cunney, John Price, George Curthopp

Inventory of the goods of Simon Coney taken by Stephen Byne, John Polhill, Thomas Jarves, Elias Tyler and Abraham Austen, taken 18 May and exhibited 7 Dec  AMS5744/147  1648

Administration (court for probate) with will (6 May 1648) annexed of Mark Coney of Burwash yeoman  AMS5744/148  11 Aug 1648

[125 Essex]
Freehold in Burwash called Nether Gutshold to wife Eleanor for life, remainder to grandchild John son of deceased son Simon, remainder to son Stephen
Pecuniary and chattel bequests to sons John and Stephen, daughters Elizabeth wife of Thomas Jarvis, Mary wife of William Baker, Judith Coney and Ann wife of Abraham Austin
Administration granted to MC's son John after the death of his mother Eleanor, the executrix named in the will
W: John Polhill, Thomas Jarvis, George Courthopp

Nether Goodsole wood and other land (part of Goodsole farm), inherited by John Coney in 1648 and sold by him in 1673  [no ref. or date]

Mortgage for £100 with counterpart and bond  AMS5744/70-72  4 Feb 1669

John Conny of Burwash, butcher to William Harmer of Lamberhurst, yeoman
Seven pieces of land (30a) called Ten acres, Lower Delfe Field, Upper Delfe Field, Nether Goodsole Wood, Nether Goodsole Field, in Burwash
Endorsed with notes of payment of mortgage and interest
W: Thomas Weller, Henry Weller

Counterpart conveyance for £302: 10s  AMS5744/73  9 Apr 1673

John Coney of Burwash, butcher to Nicholas Mannser of Goodsoale in Burwash gent
1. three pieces of freehold 'Ten Acres, Lower Delfe Field, Upper Delfe' (30a) in Burwash: S, E: 'Goodsoale wood and seven acres '(part of NM's Goodsoale farm); S, W: land of Thomas Noakes 'Wytherys' and of Stephen Byne 'Claytons'; E: land of Stephen Coney 'Wynters'
2. Nether Goodsoale Wood and Nether Goodsoale Field (26a, formerly part of Goodsoale Farm); S, W: lands of NM; W: 'Ten Acres'; N: 'Wynters'; E: land of John Pelham Bt 'pasture wood'; S, E: land of Nicholas Hills 'Coltons' and to 'Chelsteds'
Recites will of Mark Coney, 1 May 1648, devising this property to grandson JC
W: Joseph Newington, Robert Spiller, John Darby

House in Burwash between 'Rympynden' and the old rectory, with Coleman's croft; (1318)  [no ref.]  1538 - 1672

Quitclaim for 4 marks  AMS5744/1  8 Sept 1318

William Fullon of Warbleton to John De Osyndene
1 messuage and 10a land in Burwash at Wynhamforde, held of the prebendal church of Brightling
W: Simon de Werthe, Thomas his brother, Ralph de Gotesholle, John de Pouleswerthe, Walter de Rackelegh, Walter de Woknolle, Walter de Burghersshe, Richard de Bredherst, John Motyn, John de Chelkesore, Walter de Caldeburgh
Seal on tag (complete): 7 pointed device, legend S(IGILLUM) WILL(ELM) I BEREWORTH

Quitclaim (draft)  AMS5744/2  6 Mar 1520

Martin Roberth, rector of Burwash to John Baker, John Lucas, Henry Scott, Thomas Pett, Peter Benett and Thomas Baker, to the use of JB
Messuage and garden in Burwash
Recites grant to MR by Richard Dale of Ticehurst, clerk
Endorsed c1700: William Cripps (see 171 below)
Documents 1 and 2 occur in the original bundle concerning this property: their connection with the other documents in the bundle (3-4, 6-7, 11-18) is uncertain

Grant  AMS5744/3  30 Apr 1538

Thomas Glasiar of Etchingham to Henry a Wyke of Burwash
Messuage and adjoining garden in Burwash: W: the rectory; N: the Kings highway; E: Richard Jeffrey's messuage 'Rympyndens'; S: meadow 'Chyllyes mead'
Recites grant to TG by William Cokko of Burwash, 15 Nov 1537
W: Antony Denyssh, John Byne, William Frencham

Quitclaim  AMS5744/4  1 May 1538

William Cokko to HaW
As AMS5744/3

Quitclaim  AMS5744/5  26 Mar 1584

John Burden of Cranbrook (Kt) tilemaker to Thomas Hepden of Burwash, yeoman
Interest in a lease of a house and land in Burwsh, previously granted by Henry Aweake to William Burden, both of Burwash
W: Richard Foster, John Eagle (writer of this)

Conveyance  AMS5744/6  14 Apr 1594

Goddard Hebden of Burwash yeoman to Thomas Roper of Burwash
1. House and adjoining garden in Burwash; W: rectory; N: highway; E: Simon Dawe's house called Rympendens; S: Chyllys Mead
2. Colmans Croft; E: John Dawe's land and Burwash-Dudwell Bridge highway; N: garden and croft of Simon Conny; W: Chillys Mead; S: land of John Byne, part of Reedes
W: Thomas Hepden, Richard Batcheler, Thomas Glid, Henry Weston

Bond in £100 as AMS5744/6 for TR's quiet possession, and against acts of his father John Hebden but excluding the dower of his wife Agnes  AMS5744/7  1594

Final concord, quindene of Easter 1597  AMS5744/8, 9  1597; nd

Goddard Hepden otherwise Hebden and wife Agnes to Thomas Roper
House and land in Burwash

Probate (PCC) of will (21 Oct 1629) of Thomas Roper of Marden, Kent, yeoman  AMS5744/10  4 Jan 1632

[9 Audley]
Bequeaths house, barn, outhouses, Colmans Croft, Chilloes Mead (in three pieces) and Horspitt House to son John
Other family bequests not extracted
W: William Coveney, John Nethersoll, Simon Relfe

Probate (PCC) of will (15 Apr 1647) of John Roper of Dover, yeoman  AMS5744/171  30 Jul 1647

Bequeaths (inter alia) house 'Hoospet House' with the slaughter house occupied by John Taylor in Burwash to wife Jane; house, barn, outhouses, garden, orchards and parcel 'Colmans Croft'' and three (formerly one) pieces of meadow 'Chilloes Meadow' occupied by Thomas Hicks, in Burwash, to wife Jane for 6 years (conditional on paying debts), to Jane for life, remainder to Mary Crispe daughter of William Crispe (her brother) on payment of £40 to her sister Elizabeth, remainder to Sarah and Martha youngest daughters of WC
W: James Wilkinson, William Cripes, George Maplesden

Grant of tenancy purautrevie for £55 with bond  AMS5744/172, 11  22 Mar 1669

John Stephens senior of Marden, Kent clothier and wife Jane to John Cony of Burwash butcher for life of Jane Stephens
House, orchard, two gardens with barns and stables with a piece of meadow Collmans Croft (2a) occupied by Edward Ragley butcher, near Burwash town
Endorsed: Edward Ragley to remain tenant until 25 Mar having paid the rent since 29 Sept to JC
W: Stephen Conney, Sarah Hoverden

Conveyance (lease and release, bond, quitclaim and receipt) for £136  AMS5744/12-16  12-14 June 1672

John Stephens senior of Marden and wife Jane, Sarah Holman of Marden widow (neice of John Roper of Dover yeoman deceased) and Martha Stephens of Goudhurst widow to John Coney of Burwash butcher
1. as 1 in AMS5744/6; E: house and backside occupied by Robert Heyward
2. Colmans Croft otherwise Hollowfield (2a); N: land of Thomas Foster's heirs; S: land of Edward Polhill esq
Endorsed: conveyance of the house in which Mr Coney lives
W: Richard Rabson, James Besbeech, Robert Spiller, John Darby
[The receipt, which is for £80, suggests that the consideration in AMS5744/172 was included in the purchase price.]

Convenant to levy a fine with fine  AMS5744/17, 18  3 Nov 1672

Granted as AMS5744/12-16 with James Gyles of Burwash carpenter and wife Mary to John Coney of Burwash butcher and Thomas Bourne of Burwash yeoman
1. as AMS5744/12-16
2. cottage and garden (½r) called Downeland on Burwash Down
1 to the use of JC, 2 to TB
W: James Besbeech, Robert Spiller, John Darby, John James

Biggs Place, Ticehurst, purchased by John Coney in 1673  [no ref. or date]

Covenant compromising disputes concerning tenure  AMS5744/219  26 Oct 1399

Administrative history:
By the time of the 1567 survey of Robertsbridge manor, this tenement had been divided, and the 24s quitrent split into 18s 6s for Biggs Place and 74a (tenement 197) and 5s 6d for Shoyswell Mead and Millfield, 22a (tenement 198), although this charter is quoted as the authority. The second rent was confirmed in 1447 so the division must have taken place by that date(SRS 47 198, 199)

William [Lewes], abbot of Robertsbridge with Richard Frend of Ticehurst
RF's lands and tenements, rents and services called Le Bigplace in Ticehurst (E: the land of Turzes (Tishersshe); S: the land of Shrubb (La Shrobbe); W,N: land of Roger Betenerssh), formerly Richard atte Melle and William atte Melle, from which the abbot and convent claim various rents and services
By the mediation of respectable men and the intervention of friends, the parties have agreed that: RF and succeeding tenants shall pay an annual rent of 24s, 5s certain for heriots and 4s for reliefs, do common suit at the abbot and convent's court of Robertsbridge (or pay 6d) and come twice a year to their hundred called lagheday at Robertsbridge; RF and his successors to be quit of all other services, and the land freely alienable by charter
Given at the chapterhouse at Robertsbridge; clerk's name in turnup: Seman
Fragment of seal and counterseal of Robertsbridge in an embroidered pouch, c1550

Feoffment  AMS5744/173  20 May 1450

William Shosewell and Stephen Frend to John Godesole, Thomas Godesole and Robert Godesole
Four pieces of land 'Wolvynscroft, Estfeld, Southfeld and Petfeld' (24a) N of SF's house in Ticehurst, together called The Upland
W: John Betnerssh, Richard Lad, Richard Erll, John Kechenham, Thomas Harlesay, John Henherst, William Cotelynden; at Ticehurst

Grant  AMS5744/141  8 Jul 1458

Stephen Frend of Ticehurst to Gilbert Skynner, John Norton, Gabriel Berworth, John Weston and Richard Ladde
All SF's land in Ticehurst
W: William Cotenden, William Lyndrynge, Richard Skynner, James Bat, John Oxynbryge

Bond in £10  AMS5744/142  10 Apr 1485

Thomas Awyke of Burwash yeoman to William Frende of Ticehurst
TA to obey arbitration re title to 'Estmede' in Ticehurst by John Ryngden, William Atwode, John Foster and John Motyn, to be given by 1 May

Re-feoffment  AMS5744/174  8 Nov 1505

Thomas Goodsole of Ticehurst to William Frende son of Stephen Frende in AMS5744/173
As AMS5744/173, the third and fourth pieces called Uplondes; E: the lands of Tyresherssh; S: Burwash-Ticehurst highway; W: John Erle's land; N: lands of Betnerssh and Shosewell
TG enfeoffed with his father JG and brother RG by SF (AMS5744/173)
W: Adam Skynner, William Valet, John his son, William Couper, Thomas Donet; at Ticehurst
Seal tag is fragment of [? a bill] mentioning John Uppetoun and his brother William

Quitclaim by feoffees  AMS5744/175  21 Jun 1534

Alice Blachynden of Ticehurst widow (daughter and heir of William Jurden of Ticehurst deceased), John Gascoyn and William Frende of Ticehurst to John Frende of Ticehurst husbandman
Their right in Scracemede (6a) in Ticehurst
In which (with WJ) JG and WF were enfeoffed by JF to the use of WJ and which lately descended to AB after his death

Settlement  AMS5744/176  30 Apr 1638

Simon Frend of Brightling yeoman to his third son Richard Frend of Brightling
House 'Bigg Place', outhouses, buildings, barns, stables and 12 pieces of land (68a) called Chitter Field, Hatch Meadow, Four Acres, Scrace Field and little field adjoining, Smyth Field, Hallowe Field, Speltham, East Field, Woolfynch Field and two little fields adjoining, all occupied by Richard Blacke, in Ticehurst
W: Anthony Medhurst, Robert Bennet, John Atkin, Thomas Humphery, Richard Gresham of Brightling, William Medhurst minor, James Frend son of SF, W[iliam] Langham

Counterpart post-nuptial settlement (grant of annuity)  AMS5744/177  7 May 1641

Richard Frend (third son of Simon Frend of Brightling yeoman deceased) to Robert Bennett of Mountfield gent and Robert Braban of Sedlescombe gent in trust
RF has married Ann Cruttenden a daughter of Anthony Cruttenden of Mountfield deceased
Annuity of £25 from Bigg Place, Ticehurst
W: John Fuller, Robert Polhill, John Braban

Covenant to levy fine and counterpart  AMS5744/178, 179  1 Mar 1664

Richard Frend of Wartling yeoman and wife Elizabeth to Thomas Odiarne of Northiam gent, Thomas Day of Mayfield yeoman and John James of Burwash draper in trust for RF for life, remainder to executors to be appointed by RF in trust to pay his debts and legacies
As AMS5744/176
Proviso for revocation by RF
W: Constance Purfeild, John Purfeild, Robert Chambers
Endorsed with undated revocation by RF, W: Gregory Markwicke, John Purfeild, Edward Markwicke, Robert Chambers

Conveyance for £800 with bond  AMS5744/180, 181  7 Oct 1668

Richard Frend of Wartling yeoman to Richard Gunter of Crowhurst yeoman
As AMS5744/176
W: John Farncombe, John Purfeild, Robert Chambers, Gregory Markwicke, Thomas Odiarne, Thomas Day

Declaration by RF, TO, TD and JJ in AMS5744/178 that the residual trusts of the fine levied by virtue of AMS5744/178 should be to the use of Richard Gunter; W: Richard Rabson  AMS5744/182  7 Oct 1668

Mortgage for £400, counterpart and bond, RG to RF, W as AMS5744/180 8 Oct 1668 with acknowledgement for interest endorsed; W: Gregory Markewicke, John Lattenden and Philip Blackman  AMS5744/183-185  11 Nov 1670

Mortgage for £70, counterpart and bond  AMS5744/186-188  11 May 1670

Richard Gunter of Ticehurst yeoman to John James of Burwash yeoman [over Richard Frend, erased]
As AMS5744/176
W: John Cony, Edward Collins
Endorsed: declaration by JJ that he holds in trust for Richard Frend, 11 May 1670; memoranda of repayments, 11 Nov 1670 and 17 May 1672 (W: Robert Grayling); direction by Richard Frend to JJ to assign term to Stephen Coney of Burwash yeoman (W: Robert Spiller, John Darby), 5 May 1673

Mortgage for £100, counterpart and bond  AMS5744/189-191  25 May 1670

Richard Gunter of Ticehurst yeoman to William Coby of Southover gent
As AMS5744/176 (78a), occupied by RG
W: John Bridgland, Thomas Browne
Endorsed: receipts of repayments of principal, 15 Nov 1671 and 1 Jan 1672 (in plate), release by WC to John Coney of Burwash butcher, 5 May 1670

Covenant to convey for £625  AMS5744/192  3 Mar 1673

Richard Gunter of Ticehurst yeoman to John Coney of Burwash butcher
RG to convey Bigg Place (70a) to JC, barring the dower of his wife Ann by fine. Detailed agricultural covenants including mention of malthouse, hopground, ironmine and stone quarry and the hedge along the street going to Thomas Jervice's. RG's tenant George Beeny to have liberty to harvest the wheat until 29 Sept
W: Edward Collins, Robert Spiller

Conveyance for £625 (covenant to levy fine, bond and final concords  AMS5744/193-196  3 May 1673

Richard Gunter of Ticehurst yeoman and wife Ann to John Coney of Burwash butcher
House, barns, stables, stalls, malthouse, buildings and land (78a) as AMS5744/176
£460 8s 4d paid to Richard Frend, £81 4s to William Coby
W: John James, Edward Collins, Robert Spiller, John Darby

Assignments  AMS5744/197, 198  5 May 1673

By Richard Frend of Ninfield yeoman and John James of Burwash yeoman with Richard Gunter of Wadhurst yeoman to John Coney of Burwash butcher and his trustees Robert Spiller of Burwash gent and Stephen Coney of Burwash yeoman of terms created by AMS5744/183 and 186

Mortgage for £200 (lease for 1,000 years) and counterpart  AMS5744/116-117  5 May 1673

John Coney of Burwash, butcher to Richard Freind of Ninfield, yeoman
Chitterfield, Eastfield, Woolfinchfield and the two little fields adjoining Woolfinchfield (48a), part of Bigg Place farm in Ticehurst, lately purchased by JC from Richard Gunter of Ticehurst
Payable at the house of John James of Burwash Town mercer
W: Robert Spiller, John Darby, Philip Blackman
Memorandum on 116 that Elizabeth Friend of Westfield widow and executrix of RF received payment of interest and principal from JC, 5 May 1680

Mortgage by lease for 1,000 years  AMS5744/118  2 May 1683

John Coney the younger of Burwash, butcher to John Coney the elder of Wadhurst gent
Property as AMS5744/116-117
W: Robert Spiller, Richard Maplizden

Mortgage by lease for 1,000 years with counterpart  AMS5744/119-120  17 Nov 1694

John Coney of Burwash butcher to Rebecca Hyland of Southwark (Sy) widow
House, barns, stables, stalls and malthouse called Biggs Place in Ticehurst with twelve pieces of land as in AMS5744/176 (total 78a), occupied by John Eves
Endorsed: Mrs Hyland next door to the Pestle & Mortar, Southwark
W: Thomas Hooper senior, Thomas Hooper junior, George Hooper, Jonathan Hooper; John Portman servant to Mr Surflet scriviner, Nicholas Watty, Oliver Marton

Land called Woodlands and Highlands (40a) in Burwash, purchased by John Coney in 1683  [no ref. or date]

Bond in £240  AMS5744/31  15 Sept 1629

Christopher Manser of Burwash, yeoman to William Langham of Burwash gent
Convenants as in conveyance of even date, CM and wife Ann to WL [a mortgage: see AMS5744/33
W: John Dawe, Jarvis Bassok, John Stoner

Bargain and sale for £200  AMS5744/32  24 Jun 1630

Christopher Manser of Burwash, yeoman and his wife Anne to Stephen Byne of Burwash, yeoman
8 pieces of land 'Woodlandes and Highlandes' (40a); 6 pieces S: lands of John French gent and lands of Thomas Glyd gent 'Wiverherst'; N, W: a whapple way from Halton house to 'William Cruttendens of the greene'; E: land of Herbert Lunsford gent. Other 2 pieces W: land of HL; N: whapple way as before; S: land of TG 'Wiverherst', E: lands of John Dawe of Burwash 'Hickmans'
This land lately occupied by John Byne of Burwash deceased, came to Anne Manser by partition of the property of Thomas Byne her brother by Nicholas Eversfield esq, sheriff [1620]
W: John Dawe, John Stoner, Magnus Byne, William Foster, Magnus Byne junior

Quitclaim  AMS5744/33  1 Sept 1631

William Langham of Burwash gent to Stephen Byne of Burwash yeoman
'Woodlands and Highlands' (40a)
Recites 32, and a mortgage by Christopher Manser to WL, 15 Sept 1629
W: Thomas Martin, John Smith, William Mattrell

Agreement  AMS5744/34  15 Oct 1662

Stephen Byne junior, of Burwash (executor of John Byne of Burwash yeoman) and Elizabeth Byne of Burwash, widow of JB
SB (having already proved the will) transfers administration of JB's estate to EB
W: Stephen Conney, Thomas Humphrey

Conveyance for £320  AMS5744/35  20 Apr 1683

Related information: For a lease of this land in 1779, see AMS5744/36

Elizabeth Byne of Burwash (widow of John Byne) with their only son Edward Byne of Whatlington tanner and his wife Bridget to John Coney of Burwash butcher
1 Woodlands and Highlands (40a), formerly in eight pieces; bounds as 32 above except Thomas Goldham gent for John French, Anthony Cruttenden gent for Thomas Glyd, Thomas Barnes for William Cruttenden
2 Herrings Mead (7a) near Herings Bridge in Burwash; S, W: land late Francis Mitten; E: Burwash-Mayfield highway; N, E: the common river
W: Robert Spiller, Richard Maplizden

Chillies Mead in Burwash, purchased by John Coney in 1687  [no ref. or date]

Related information: For the earlier title of this property, see AMS5744/2, 10 and 171

Manor of Burwash  AMS5744/22  31 Mar 1659

John Caly to Joseph Cruttenden
Chillies meade in B (4a)

Manor of Burwash  AMS5744/23  1 Aug 1672

Mary Piper, William and Joseph Gowen her sons
Chillies Meade (5a) in Burwash
MP admitted tenant for life, remainder to WG and JG, by a surrender from Mark Gowen her husband. She has re-married William Piper

Manor of Burwash  AMS5744/24-25  nd

2 Copies

William and Joseph Gowen to John Coney senior and his son John Coney
Property as in AMS5744/23

Copyhold messuage, adjoining the parsonage house in Burwash, purchased by John Coney in 1692  [no ref. or date]

Manor of Burwash  AMS5744/19  10 Dec 1672

John Barnes and wife Constance to John Spray of Burwash healemaker
Messuage, shop and garden in Burwash, rent 4d; W: parsonage house

Manor of Burwash  AMS5744/20  6 Oct 1681

Admission of Elizabeth, widow of John Spray (recites will of JS, 7 Apr 1680)
Property as in AMS5744/19, also adjoins the horsepond, previously Glasyers, formerly Barnes

Manor of Burwash  AMS5744/21  16 Aug 1692

Surrender (out of court, 30 Sept 1691)
Joseph Spray to John Coney of Burwash, butcher
Property as AMS5744/19

Estate of John Coney of Wadhurst deceased  [no ref.]  1661 - 1704

Copy of court roll, manor of Westerham, Kent  AMS5744/166  16 Dec 1661

Admission of John Conny on the surrender of John Holmden esq
Five pieces of land (24a) called Lordsfield, Highfield, Lords Coppice, South Riddons Coppice otherwise Long Croft and Costrids Croft, in Westerham
W: John Thorpe, John Burges

Licence to John Coney to lease as above, occupied by James Chapman  AMS5744/167  21 Apr 1674

Admission of Mary Coney by her guardian John Coney on the death of her father John Coney  AMS5744/168  27 Aug 1689

Account and receipt for £13 from John Coney (executor of John Coney and guardian of Mary Coney) for court charges of the manor of Westerham  AMS5744/169-170  10 Sept 1689

Agreement  AMS5744/149  26 Mar 1694

John Coney of Burwash butcher (nephew of John Coney of Wadhurst gent) and Stephen Coney of Burwash gent (brother of John Coney of Wadhurst)
JC of Wadhurst, by his will of 6 Oct 1685, appointed his wife Martha executrix and JC and SC overseers. Martha has died, and JC alone is to manage the estate on behalf of her 2 youngest daughters, Martha and Mary. Recites mortgaged property at Robertsbridge, debts due to the children of Joseph Dunmoll
W: John Constable, Robert Spiller

Quitclaims by Martha Coney of Sevenoaks spinster and Mary Coney of Greenwich spinster to John Coney of Burwash butcher; W: Stephen Coney, John Constable, T Jenkin  AMS5744/150, 151  4 Nov 1704

Marshland at Chilley in Pevensey, purchased by John Coney in 1694  [no ref. or date]

Bargain and sale for £13 6s 8d  AMS5744/121  9 Apr 1530

Alice Mabeley (daughter and heir of William Mabeley late of Halden, Kt) and Philip Chowt gent to John Comber of Pevensey
Two parcels (6a) at Chilley in Pevensey level; one parcel (4a 3r) in Pevensey

Bargain and sale for £400  AMS5744/122  20 Sept 1605

Nicholas Jordan of Horsham esq, James Veroe of Horsham yeoman and Denise his wife to Richard Maynard of Mayfield yeoman and his son William
Capital messuage and garden in Pevensey (formerly Edward Combers deceased), occupied by Michael Jackson, and 5 pieces of pasture and marsh in Pevensey and Westham (late EC)
Deed mentions John Genner, deceased brother of DV
W: George Alleyn, John Butcher, John Fuller
Endorsed: produced to John Butcher in William Coppard and others v John Arden and others in Chancery

Deed of exchange  AMS5744/123  15 Jun 1639

Richard Maynard of Mayfield yeoman with his brother William Maynard of Brenchley, Kent yeoman
1. House called Shasell and land (11a) formerly occupied by their grandfather John Huggett; Stupperfield and Spirtches (18a) and three pieces called Greatfield (25a) all in Brenchley, occupied by their mother Frances Maynard widow
2. Seven pieces of land (30a) at Gyles Hill formerly occupied by Thomas Praule and widow Praule now by John Rickard, in Brenchley
Conveyed to RM by John Huggett, 20 Jan 1631
3. Capital messuage in Pevensey town occupied by William Goldinge and five pieces of land (30a) in Pevensey and Westham occupied by RM, Roger Peirson and Christyan
Bequeathed to WM by the will of William Maynard of Mayfield yeoman his father, 28 May 1619
1 and 2 to WM, 3 to RM with £150 to augment its value
W: Thomas Houghton, John Gaynsford, Thomas Champion

Copy (22 Jul 1690) of the will of Richard Maynard of Hunton, Kent yeoman, 8 Jan 1683, proved in PCC  AMS5744/124  2 Oct 1683

Executor to sell Pevensey land to pay debts

Summary of Richard Maynard's holdings of Pevensey and Downash manors with a summary of services  AMS5744/129  nd, c1683

Paper relating to the descent of the Maynard family, produced in connection with the claim of Wiliam Maynard nephew of RM in AMS5744/124  AMS5744/125  nd, c1690

Conveyance (lease and release) for £367 3s 0d with bond  AMS5744/126-127, 130  26-27 Mar 1694

Edward Hollyman of Hunton, Kent butcher (executor of Richard Maynard of Hunton) and Richard his son to John Coney the younger of Burwash, butcher
Two parcels of Marshland (19a) at Chilley in Pevensey - 'Portreeve lands' held of the manor of Pevensey, late of RM
W: William Bing, Robert Dawson junior, Richard Alfray

Descent of property from 1523 - 24 to AMS5744/126-127  AMS5744/128  nd, c1694

Mortgage for £367, with bond  AMS5744/131, 132  3 Apr 1694

John Coney the younger of Burwash, butcher to John Coney the elder of Burwash, butcher (his father)
Property as in AMS5744/126
W: Robert Spiller, Richard Alfray

House in Burwash late Jeffery's, purchased by John Coney in 1698  [no ref. or date]

Conveyance (lease and release and bond)  AMS5744/26-28  20 and 21 Sept 1698

Elizabeth Newington of Burwash, widow of Zabulon Newington of Maidstone to John Coney senior of Burwash butcher
House and garden in Burwash occupied by John Thomsett, formerly Jefferys, left to EN by Joseph Newington of Burwash gent in his PCC will
W: John Britten, Robert Spiller

The whole estate  [no ref.]  1701

Pre-nuptial settlement (covenant to levy fine)  AMS5744/199  19 Oct 1701

John Coney senior of Burwash butcher and wife Catherine, John Coney junior of Burwash his eldest son and heir; Edward Holyman of Hunton, Kent butcher (executor of Richard Maynard of Hunton yeoman deceased) and Richard Holyman son of EH and godson of RM; John Constable of Etchingham gent and Robert Lovelace of Battle gent; Mary Lovelace daughter of RL
John Coney junior to marry ML
1. Bigg Place, Ticehurst (as AMS5744/119) occupied by George Beeny senior and George Beeny junior under 21 year lease at £42 from 25 Mar 1699
2. Pieces of land 'Woodlands and Highlands' (40a) in Burwash occupied by JC senior, as AMS5744/35
3. Two pieces of marsh at Chilley in Pevensey as AMS5744/126-127
JC, JC, EH and RH to convey to JC and RL in trust (regarding 1 and 2) to JC for life, remainder as M's jointure in lieu of dower, remainder to their heirs and regarding 3 to JC senior during term created by 131 above, remainder to JC junior
W: T Jenkin, George Hooper, William Bing

Copyhold house and croft in Burwash held of Burghurst manor, purchased by John Coney in 1703  [no ref. or date]

Manor of Burghurst otherwise Burwash  AMS5744/29  9 Apr 1703

John Coney, eldest son of John Coney of Burwash
Messuage, garden and croft (1a) in Burwash, occupied by John Brooks and John Hyland, rent 4d
Surrender by Roger Moor and wife Mercy to JC, 12 Mar 1703

Enfranchisement for £5 7s 6d  AMS5744/30  29 Sept 1708

Thomas, Lord Pelham of Laughton to John Coney the younger of Burwash gent
Property as AMS5744/29, to be held freely, rent 4d and heriot £2 certain
W: N Pelham, T Pelham, Edward Austen junior, Thomas Alderton

Manor of Northye in Bexhill and Hooe, leased by John Coney junior in 1704  [no ref. or date]

Counterpart lease for 10 years, rent £300 per annum  AMS5744/133  30 Jan 1704

Sir John Webb of Canford (Dorset) bart. to John Coney junior of Burwash gent
Manor of Northye in Bexhill and Hooe: ten pieces of Marshland 'Bex marshes' occupiers Thomas Blackman, John Blackman and Joseph Blackman; 'the Trade way'; 'Chappell lands and marshlands' occupier John Hammond gent; three marsh grounds, occupiers Francis Wood and Thomas Goodwyn: two marsh grounds 'Sansoms Butts' occupier John Soane; three parcels, part of 'Teague marshes' occupier Bartholomew Walker; Donnfield and the remainder of the Teague marshes occupier Joseph Picknold; tenement 'the Sluice house', outhouses and meadows 'the Sluice' occupier William Markwick gent; in all 477a
Recites JW's leases to the various occupiers
W: T Jenkin, counsellor at Burwash, Thomas Bedwell senior, Thomas Bedwell junior

Bowman's Farm in Burwash, assembled by the Coney family between 1621 and 1705  [no ref. or date]

During the sixteenth century the Byne family acquired several properties E of Dudwell Bridge, most of which were subject to quitrents payable to Burwash and Burghurst manors. In 1620 after Thomas Byne's death his etates were partitioned by Nicholas Eversfield the sheriff of Sussex between his heirs; his sister Ann wife of Christopher Manser took Woodlands and Highlands (AMS5744/32) and what later became Bowmans was divided between his daughters Helen wife of Mark Coney and Mary wife of Francis Lucas
The Coney moiety was settled on Mark's daughter-in-law Elizabeth Avery as her jointure and descended to her son John some time after 1680, when as a widow of her second marriage she leased it to him for the rest of her life
The Lucas portion was sold or descended through the Cruttenden, Langham, Newington and Cayle families and was purchased by John Coney junior in 1702
In 1705 John Coney junior purchased an adjoining house and land called part of Bowmans from William Burgess; he inherited his father's moiety on the latter's death in 1712

Kemeland and Millfield, acquired by John Byne by 1540 [AMS5692/1]  [no ref. or date]

Grant in fee farm  AMS5744/37  10 Feb 1452

John Burcetere, knight and Thomas Hoo esq [lords of Burghurst manor] to John Norton, for 8s per annum and fealty
'Kemelond' and 'Mellefield' (30a) in Burwash: between 'Kyngesdoune' and their land 'Wynterland', between Dodewell bridge and their land 'Hobbesreed', between 'Brakkes' and 'Birchette'
W: John Ailard, Richard Ryngmere, Thomas Harlesay, Richard Waterer, William Poyle

Grant (copy c1625, see AMS5744/41-44  AMS5744/45  10 Apr 1468

John Westburn and John Border to Robert Bowedon
'Kymeland and Mellefelde' (30a) Burwash
JW and JB had this land by grant from John Reve, William Tournor and others: it had formerly belonged to John Norton
W: John Ryngmere, John Aforde, John Forster, Richard Thetcher, John Reve

Confirmation  AMS5744/38  6 Jun 1477

Roger and William Coppley [lords of Burghurst manor] to Stephen Goodsoll of Burwash for 8s per annum, heriot and relief 4s certain
'Kembelond' and 'Millefeld': E, N: demesne of Burwash manor and 'Bowmanslond'; S: 'Kyngesdown'; W: 'Brakkes' and the King's highway
R and WC appoint Richard Souche gent attorney
W: John Forster, Richard Waterer, William Turner, John Ryngemere, Henry More

Grant  AMS5744/39  10 Jan 1479

Stephen Goodsoll to Thomas Goodsoll, Roger Fuller and Richard Fuller of Burwash
Property as in AMS55744/38
W: John Rigmer, Henry More, Richard Holtte, William Turner

Grant  AMS5744/40  16 May 1485

Thomas Goodsole of Ticehurst and Roger Fuller of Burwash to John Norman and Margery his wife of Burwash and James Bakerere son of Thomas Bakere of Cranbrook (Kent)
Property as AMS5744/38
Recites AMS5744/39, noting death of Richard Fuller and Stephen Goodsoll
W: John Ryngmere, Richard Holte, William Turner, John Waterrere, Richard Waterrere

Byne family, unspecified land in Burwash  [no ref.]  1531 - 33

Bond in £40  AMS5744/74  26 Jun 1531

Henry Byne, formerly of Staplehurst, yeoman to Thomas Byne
To obey covenants in deed of even date

Receipt for £12 6s 8d  AMS5744/75  7 Apr 1533

Henry Byne (son of William Byne of Frittenden (Kent) deceased) from Thomas Byne of Burwash, in payment of a bond
W: Thomas Dowle, Richard Webb and Richard Vaughan of Cranbrook and William Durrant of Burwash

Grant (copy nd early c17)  AMS5744/76  25 Feb 1531

Henry Bynde of Staplehurst (Kent) to Thomas Donet and John Colyns of Burwash
Lands in Burwash which HB sold to TD and JC
W: Thomas Assheburnham and Thomas Wylkynson his servant, Wiliam Bukherst, Richard Hope, John Meryell
W: as a true copy by Laurence Morley (the writer of this document)

Bowman's - Coney moiety  [no ref. or date]

Settlement (agreement afterlevying a fine)  AMS5744/65  18 May 1621

Henry Gouldsmyth gent and wife Faintnot of Burwash, Abraham Manser yeoman and wife Elizabeth of Wadhurst, Mark Conny yeoman and wife Helen of Burwash [sisters of Thomas Byne deceased] to Stephen Byne of Burwash yeoman and William Cruttall of Wadhurst yeoman
1. 'Hamland' (5a) in Burwsh; two parcels 'the Dene' (8a) in Burwash; part of a meadow, 'Laddes' or 'Swanne mead' now inclosed (6a), all occupied by AM
2. House, kitchen, barn and orchard, together with the other part of 'Laddes' or 'Swanne mead' (2½a) with longe croft (5a), Rushe croft (2½a) Hoppers Croft (2½a) all in Burwash occupied by HG
3. House, barn, orchard and eleven pieces of land (35a) called Tyle Oste or Strong land and Kembland in Burwash
Recites a fine levied in Easter term 1621
1 to AM and EM and their heirs, 2 to HG and FG and their heirs and 3 to MC and HC and their heirs, remainders to the heirs of the wives
W: Alexander Thomas, Thomas Longly, Richard Plasted
Endorsed 'for Mark Conny'

Settlement  AMS5744/66  7 Feb 1640

Mark Conny of Burwash yeoman to John Polhill of Tunbridge (Kent) yeoman and Goddard Cruttenden of Burwash, butcher in trust
Dwellinghouse, barn and land 'Keemeland' (30a), occupied by Richard Campany: N: 'Winterlands' belonging to Thomas Colins gent, occupied by Robert Heigham gent; E: 'Hobreede and Birchetts' and lands of William Langham gent, occupied by John Picknoll 'Kemeland'; S: Bracks, part of a tenement 'Perrimans': W: the highway Burwash to Dudwell bridge, Kingsdown and Brightling Down
Simon Conny (eldest son of MC) is to marry Elizabeth Avery of Tonbridge. This property is settled on them for life, remainder to her heirs
W: Henry Gouldsmith, Richard Campany, Thomas Glyd the writer

Counterpart lease for 50 years or life of lessor  AMS5744/59  2 Feb 1680

Elizabeth Byne of Burwash, widow to John Coney of Burwash, butcher her eldest son
Rent £10 per annum
Messuage, barn and land 'Kemland' and Millfield (30a), occupier JC
W: Edward Byne, Robert Spiller

Bowman's - Lucas moiety  [no ref. or date]

Bargain and sale for £195 10s 0d with bond and final concord  AMS5744/46-49  5 Apr 1625

Francis Lucas of Barcombe, yeoman and wife Mary to Goddard Cruttenden of Burwash, butcher
Keemeland (13a) and 4 pieces of land (18a): E: land of James Picknoll and of the heirs of John Cowper; S: 'Kingsdowne'; N: the whapple way from Dudwell bridge to the four pieces of land
Recites a writ of partition of the lands late Thomas Byne by Nicholas Eversfield esq, sheriff [1620], assigning this property to his sister Mary Lucas; deeds to be copied at GC's expense
W: Magnus Byne Stephen Byne, Mark Conney, David Lucas

Transcripts of AMS5744/37-40 [and compare 45], copied and examined (in the custody of Mark Coney) by Magnus Byne  AMS5744/41-44  nd, [1625]

Mortgage (and counterpart) for £100 with bond  AMS5744/50, 51, 53  23 Aug 1625

Goddard Cruttenden of Burwash butcher to Francis Lucas of Barcombe yeoman
Property as AMS5744/46
W: Magnus Byne, John Bennett, Thomas Foster, Jarvis Bassock, John Bunce
Endorsed: assignment by FL to William Langham of Burwash gent, 2 Nov 1626; W: Henry Gouldsmyth, Mark Conney, StephenByne, Christopher Mancer

Warrant of attorney FL in AMS5744/50 to Henry Gouldsmith of Burwash yeoman; W: Magnus Byne, John Parris  AMS5744/52  23 Aug 1625

Covenant to convey for £151  AMS5744/54  24 Oct 1626

Goddard Cruttenden of Burwash butcher to William Langham of Burwash gent
GC to grant WL an estate in property purchased from Francis Lucas and wife Mary
W: James Picknoll, Thomas Hepden, John Stoner

Bargain and sale for £155 with bond  AMS5744/55, 56  31 Oct 1626

Goddard Cruttenden of Burwash, butcher to William Langham of Burwash gent
Property as AMS5744/16 'Kingsdowne' is land of WL; bounds include The Brackes S and W
Recites AMS5744/46
W: Christopher Manser, John Stoner, Thomas Smyth, Joshua Cruttenden, Joseph Byne

Fine  AMS5744/77  Easter Term 1628

Wiliam Langham gent and Alexander Ellyott plaintiffs, Goddard Hepden and Susannah his wife and Goddard Cruttenden and Anne his wife deforciants
Two messuages, two cottages, two barns, two orchards, 120a land, 14a meadow, 28a pasture, 84a wood, 10a heath in Burwash and Mayfield

Counterpart lease for 10 years at £10 10s 0d with bond  AMS5744/57, 58  10 Mar 1635

William Langham of Burwash gent to John Picknoll of Burwash yeoman
Four pieces of land called Kemeland (19a) in Burwash occupied by John Campany
Detailed covenants including provision for coaling and mention of a whapple way to Robert Heigham's house as the N boundary
W: Thomas Glyd, Thomas Mitten, Joshua Cruttenden

Conveyance for £300 (lease and release, bond and final concord)  AMS5744/60-64  27 and 28 May 1702

Richard Cayle of Burwash yeoman and wife Mary to John Coney junior of Burwash gent
Keemeland (32a), devised to RC in the will of Alice Newington widow, 14 May 1687
W: Robert Lovelace, George Hooper

Copyhold house and land part of Bowmans, purchased by John Coney junior in 1705  [no ref. or date]

Copy of court roll, Burwash manor  AMS5744/200  20 Jul 1697

Admittance of William Burgis aged 19, eldest son of John Burgis deceased, on the death of his grandfather John Burgis of Mayfield and appointment of John Weston as his guardian
House and three pieces of land called Broomfield, the Forestall and the Garden Croft (30a) in Burwash, part of Bowmans, late Thayer's, rent 6s

Copy of court roll, manor of Burwash  AMS5744/67  6 Feb 1705

Admittance of John Coney junior of Burwash gent on the surrender of William Burgess
House, barn, oasthouse and land (30a) as above

Leasehold at Burwash  [no ref.]  1706

Lease for 7 years, at £7 per annum  AMS5744/78  8 Oct 1706

Edward Wilson of Rye, clerk to John Coney the elder and John Coney the younger, both of Burwash, yeomen
Three pieces of land (14a) near Dudwell mill in Burwash, 'low reeds or Rhodys fields'
W: Samuel Baker, Mary Coney

Ashlands, Poppinghole, Youngland  [no ref. or date]

Ashlands in Burwash and Etchingham, purchased by John and William Davis in 1652  [no ref. or date]

Agreement to levy a fine  AMS5744/93  14 Nov 1613

John Lunsford of Wylie in East Hoathly gent Thomas Lunsford of London esq his eldest son and Cicely his eldest daughter to Goddard Cowper of Brede, yeoman
Ashland (33a) in Burwsh and Etchingham: E, N, W: land of Herbert Haye gent; N, E: highway from Etchingham to Brightling Down; S: land of Francis Norman; W: land of John Cruttenden; E, S: land of Robert Cowper
W: Edmund Stede, Thomas Brickenden, Richard Button, William Olive, John Browne

Conveyance for £280  AMS5744/94  14 Nov 1613

Sir John Lunsford of Wylie in East Hoathly and Cicely his eldest daughter to Goddard Cowper of Brede, yeoman
As AMS5744/93
W: John Browne, Thomas Procter, William Wallyn

Covenant to suffer a common recovery with counterpart  AMS5744/95, 201  1 Sept 1614

Goddard Cowper of Brede, yeoman with Anthony Medhurst of Mountfield and John Moore of Salehurst yeomen to the use of GC
20a land, 14a pasture in Burwash and Etchingham
W: John Browne, George Peend, William Browne

Conveyance  AMS5744/202  26 Apr 1630

Peter Farnden of Sedlescombe gent and Thomas Piper of Brede mercer to John Cowper of Rye mercer
As AMS5744/93 late JC
W: Thomas Burdett, Richard Wenner

Mortgage for £120  AMS5744/203  29 Dec 1639

John Cooper of Brede mercer to Lancelot Davis of Whatlington gent
As AMS5744/93, occupied by Cooke; bounds as 93 except E, S: John Wilson
W: Peter Farnden, Tobias Farnden, John Hedger, John Yeomans

Covenant to levy a fine  AMS5744/204  3 Mar 1652

John Cooper of Brede yeoman and wife Joan, Thomas Wells of Brede yeoman and wife Ellen with John Davis and William Davis, second and third sons of Lancelot Davis of Whatlington gent deceased
As AMS5744/93, occupied by Thomas Scriven
W: Thomas Theobald, William Cogger, John Hedger

Conveyance for £186 10s  AMS5744/205  5 Mar 1652

John Cooper of Brede yeoman to John Davis and William Davis
As AMS5744/93
Consideration paid by Peter Farnden, Thomas Collins and Samuel Gott esqs, assignees of 203 above, which is still in force
W: David Freeman, George Beeching, Thomas Scrivens, Thomas Collins junior, John Hedger

Poppinghole in Whatlington, purchased by John Davis in 1661  [no ref. or date]

Related information: For a map of this farm in 1775, see AMS5990/2

Counterpart grant of annuity in lieu of dower  AMS5744/83  2 Oct 1589

William Kempe of Salehurst, cordwainer and Abraham Kempe of Cranbrook (Kent), blacksmith to Richard Awood of Whatlington, yeoman and his wife Thomasine
Annuity of 23s 4d from the messuage and land 'Popenhode' in Whatlington, for 12 years (provided RA and TA make no lawful claim for dower). RA and TA are granted the right to cut and carry away wood from Beale Wood (3½a)
W: Anthony Sone, James Brythes, John Meres

Conveyance for £140  AMS5744/84  2 Dec 1593

Gregory Hill alias Hilling of Westfield, yeoman to William Webb, usher of the free school of Tonbridge, Kent
1. Messuage 'Popenhode', barn, garden and orchard (1½a): N: highway from Robertsbridge Street to Staplecross; W: land of Michelbourne, gent; S, E: land of John Foster
Conveyance for £140, 2 Dec 1593
2. Eleven pieces of land (30a): S: highway as above and land of Hoode's heirs; E: the heirs' land and land of Robert Sidney, knight; W: RS; W: land of John Hart
Vendors allowed free cutting in Beale wood (3½a); all leased to Richard Peerse at £8
W: Thomas Everest, Peter Chowning, Richard Peerse, Nicholas Hooper

Conveyance for £200  AMS5744/85  28 Aug 1618

Thomas Webb of Dallington, clothier (second son of WW as in AMS5544/84, deceased) to Thomas Bennett of Salehurst, tanner
Property as AMS5744/84, leased to John Dane for 10 years from 29 Sept 1615 at £10; changes in bounds:
1. W: land of Lancelot Davis gent; S, E: William Daw
2. E: land of William Darby for Hoode's heirs
Dower of Margaret widow of WW excluded from warranty
W: John Nowell, Edmund Lyntott, John Dane, John Hollands, William Hodeley, Susan Dane

Security against dower  AMS5744/86  28 Aug 1618

Parties as AMS5744/85
TB to retain £30 of the £200 consideration in 85 above during the life of Margaret Webb (wife of WW, mother of TW) and pay it to TW annually at the rate of 2s in the pound
W: John Nowell, Edmond Lyntott, John Dane

Will of Thomas Bennett of Salehurst, tanner, 18 Apr 1625, proved in PCC  AMS5744/87  16 May 1625

Popenhode bequeathed to son Joshua; other property at Salehurst and Mountfield with details of purchase
W: John Nowell, Walter Hayes, John Judgen, George Cony

Conveyance for £270 with bond  AMS5744/88, 89  10 Apr 1629

Joshua Bennet of London, haberdasher to John Harvie of Whatlington, yeoman
Property as in AMS5744/85; boundary changes
1. S,E: land of Thomas Daw
2. W: land of John Battye
W: Lancelot Davis, John Budgen, John Bennet, Thomas Bennet, Thomas Burdett

Mortgage for £100  AMS5744/90  27 Apr 1629

John Harvie of Whatlington, yeoman to Richard Dunke of Whatlington gent
Property as in AMS5744/84, occupied by JH; 2 now measured at 27a
W: Lancelot Davis, John Iden

Counterpart mortgage for £60 (lease for 1,000 years)  AMS5744/91  7 May 1660

Thomas Bird of Whatlington, yeoman (son of Thomas and his wife Joan, sister and heir of John Harvie) to Maisday Gier of Whatlington, joiner
Property as in AMS5744/84, now including a hopgarden occupied by Elizabeth Willard widow
1. W: land late John Davis; S: land late Thomas Worge
2. W: land late William Piper; E: land late Thomas Medhurst
Notes a 15 year lease by TB to EW, 10 Jul 1657 at an annual rent of £13 10s Od
W: William Carr, William Levett

Bond in £540  AMS5744/92  22 Feb 1661

Mortgagors in AMS5744/91 to John Davis of London gent
To perform covenants in conveyance of even date
W: Samuel Gott, John Purfield, Edward Goffe, William Winter

Young land in Mountfield, mortgaged to Lancelot Davis in 1637  [no ref. or date]

Quitclaim, following default on mortgage  AMS5744/115  14 Jul 1684

Elizabeth English the elder of Burwash widow, Francis Cremer of Ingoldsthorpe (Norfolk) and wife Lucy, Elizabeth English the younger, Mary English and Rebecca English, all of Burwash spinsters to William Davis of Sedlescombe, gent
Three pieces 'Young land' in Mountfield
Recites unpaid mortgage for £137 by Anthony Medhurst yeoman (deceased) to Lancelot Davis gent (deceased), 1 Jan 1637
[In AMS5744/97, Henry English owns land adjacent to Youngelands.]
W: John Polhill, Edward Collins

Ashlands, Poppinghole and Younglands  [no ref. or date]

Settlement (lease and release with bond)  AMS5744/97-99  23-24 Jul 1677

Wiliam Davis of Sedlescombe gent to Peter Farnden of Sedlescombe gent, John Davis of London merchant and William Cogger of Brede gent in trust to settle the property on the marriages of WD's daughters Mary and Ann
1. Poppinghole in Whatlington
2. Ashland in Burwash and Etchingham (E, S: John Wilson)
3. Youngland (three pieces, 26a) in Mountfield; E: Anthony Cruttenden's land; S, W: Henry English's land; N: highway; lately occupied by Anthony Medhurst deceased, now Edward Jorden
W: John and Moses Purfield, Isaac Crittenden

Mortgage for £300 with bond  AMS5744/100, 101  17 Mar 1684

John Dyne of Brede (formerly of Westfield) gent and his wife Mary (daughter of William Davis of Sedlescombe gent) to Giles Watts and Robert Lovelace both of Battle gents
Moiety of Poppinghole, Ashland and Youngland; payable at house of Robert Watts in Battle
W: Sarah Horne, Jane Bromly, Jo Purfield, Robert Watts, Henry Purfield

Bargain and sale with agreement to levy a fine with bond and fine  AMS5744/102-104  25 Jun 1690

William Hicks the younger, of Robertsbridge, mercer and wife Anne to William Hicks the elder, of Brightling, yeoman his father
Other moiety of AMS5744/100
Recites a recent agreement between John Davis of Robertsbridge, WH, WH and AH
W: John Purfeild, Richard Freebody, Henry Purfeild, George Purfeild

Assignment of mortgage (lease and release)  AMS5744/105-106  24-25 Jan 1704

Mary Lovelace of Burwash (widow of Robert Lovelace) to John Coney junior of Burwash gent
Property mortgaged by AMS5744/100
Recites death of Giles Watts, RL's will of 20 Oct 1702, death, renunication of executorship by RL's brother William
W: T Jenkin, Thomas Alleyn
Endorsed: receipt by JC for all dues, 3 Aug 1708

Conveyance (lease, release and assignment to attend) for £420  AMS5744/107-109  10-11 Oct 1707

William Dyne of Beckley gent (only son of John Dyne of Brede) to John Coney junior of Burwash gent and Stephen Coney junior of Burwash gent his trustee
Moiety of Ashland, Poppinghole and Youngland
W: Stephen Coney senior, Robert Chambers.

Settlement (lease and release)  AMS5744/110-111  2-3 Aug 1708

Related information: [For a lease of Ashland in 1716, see AMS5744/96; for the sale of Youngland, 1759, see AMS5744/212; for the sale of Ashland in 1780, see AMS5744/159

John Coney junior of Burwash gent and his wife Mary to Robert Watts of Battle mercer intrust for JC for life, remainder to Mary for life, remainder to their heirs in tail
Property as AMS5744/107
W: Robert Chambers, James Watson

Copyhold adjoining Poppinghole, purchased by John Coney junior in 1710  [no ref. or date]

Original surrender, manor of Robertsbridge  AMS5744/112  21 Jun 1710

George Hooper gent to John Coney of Burwash junior gent
Bondhold house, barn, malthouse and land (30a) in Streatfield borough, Whatlington, rent 12s
W: John Wood, Robert Ellis

Letter from George Hooper, steward of Robertsbridge manor, to John Coney junior, Burwash, enclosing licence for JC to sell extracted iron mine to the tenant of Robertsbridge furnace  AMS5744/113  25 Feb 1712

The whole estate  [no ref. or date]

Probate (PCC) of will (22 Jan 1711) of John Coney senior of Burwash butcher  AMS5744/152  6 Jul 1713

All real property to eldest son John Coney; pecuniary and chattel bequests to wife Catherine and daughters Mary and Elizabeth
John Coney and John Constable senior of Etchingham gent executors
W: Thomas Jenkin, Thomas Jenkin junior, Henry Gardner

Receipts for payments of quitrents to the manors of Burwash and Burghurst by John Coney senior and junior and for a mortgage repayment to James Coe  AMS5744/158  1699 - 1705

Note of the free and copyhold tenements held of Burwash and Burghurst manors  AMS5744/164  1715

With quitrents, receipts by Edward Austen for compositions for heriots seised for the manors of Burwash, Burghurst and Woodknowle, 28 Sept 1715 and by George Fothergill for [Robertsbridge] manor, 30 Sept 1715

Contemporary copy will of John Coney of Burwash gent, 20 Jul 1715  AMS5744/153  1715

[Administation with will annexed granted by Lewes archdeaconry on account of minority of executor, 13 Sept 1715: W/B 16 f23v]
Real property in Burwash and Pevensey to son John; copyhold held of Robertsbridge manor to William Constable of Shoyswell in Etchingham and brother Thomas Coney DD in trust for sale, WC and TC appointed guardians of son John until majority
Pecuniary and chattel bequests to mother Catherine (dwelling in his house), wife Mary, daughters Mary, Damaris and Elizabeth, brother Thomas and sisters Mary and Elizabeth
Son John Coney executor
W: John Constable, Thomas Jenkin, John Wood, William Weller

Counterpart lease for 9 years at £14  AMS5744/96  20 Jun 1716

Mary Lovelace of Burwash, widow and her only daughter and heir Mary Coney of Burwash, widow to William Gibbons of Etchingham, yeoman
Barn and land (30a) called Ashlands in Burwash and Etchingham
Detailed farming conditions are given. Endorsed note of further lease to WG, 17 Feb 1724
W: Robert Chambers, John Freebody

Copy of court roll, manor of Robertsbridge  AMS5744/114  30 Sept 1717

Admission of John Coney, infant son of John Coney gent. (deceased) to 1 messuage and 30a land in Whatlington (in Streatfield Borough). Guardianship given to William Constable

Copy of court roll, manor of Burwash  AMS5744/68  31 Oct 1717

John Conye age 13 admitted on the death of his father John Cony; guardian William Constable gent
1. House and land called Broomfield, Forestall and Garden Croft (50a, part of Bowmans) rent 6s (see 200 and 67 above)
2. Chilleys Mead (5a), rent 8d AMS5744/22-25
3. House, shop to its S and garden

Discharge from legacy, for £535  AMS5744/155  21 Feb 1732

Damaris Coney of Ticehurst, spinster only daughter of John Coney deceased to Thomas Coney DD of Chedzoy (Somerset) and William Constable of Burwash gent, his executors
Legacy of £300 payable to DC under the will of JC: also sums due as interest on this, and to DC as only surviving sister of Mary and Elizabeth Coney, daughters of JC
W: John Hassell, William Shadwell

Probate (Lewes) of will (27 Jul 1728) of Mary Coney of Burwash spinster  AMS5744/154  27 Mar 1729

Pecuniary and chattel bequests to sister Elizabeth Coney spinster, neice Ann (youngest daughter of brother Thomas Coney DD) at 21, neice Damaris and nephew John, children of deceased brother John
Executor John Coney
W: William Shadwell, Edmund Latter

Re-settlement of 1732  [no ref. or date]

Settlement (deed to declare uses of fine and fine)  AMS5744/206, 79-80  10 Apr 1732

John Coney of Burwash gent to Thomas Butler of Burwash gent to the use of JC
1. House, barn, stable, stalls, malthouse and land (78a) occupied by Edward Field called Biggs Place, in Ticehurst
2. Land (40a) 'Woodlands and Highlands' occupied by Samuel Bexhill, in Burwash
3. Three pieces of marsh (19a) occupied by JC, at Chilley in Pevensey
4. Land 'Keemland' (32a) occupied by JC and William Weston, in Burwash
5. House, barn, stable, oasthouse and close occupied by JC, Susannah Burton widow and Edmund Latter, in Burwash Town
6. Colemans Croft otherwise Hallowfield (2a) occupied by JC, adjoining 5
7. House, barn and land 'Tyle Oste alias Stronglands' (35a) occupied by JC and Richard Tolhurst, in Burwash
8. House and land date Jefferys occupied by Thomas Adams, in Burwash
9. House and land occupied by John Christian and Herbert Wood, late Roger Moor, in Burwash
W: Anthony Benn, William Shadwell

Deed to create tenant to praecipe  AMS5744/207, 208  10 and 11 Apr 1732

John Coney of Burwash gent to William Shadwell of Burwash gent and Anthony Benn of the Inner Temple, London gent
3-9 in AMS5744/206
W: John Stagg, Henry Gardner

Common recovery specified by AMS5744/207  AMS5744/81  22 May 1732

Copy of court roll, Burwash manor  AMS5744/209  19 Sept 1732

Common recovery suffered by John Coney; Henry Goldsmith of Burwash gent tenant, William Shadwell gent and Robert Crouch vouchees
1. House and land 'the Broomfield, the Forestall and the Garden Croft (50a) late Bowmans, rent 6s
2. Chilleys Mead (5a), rent 8d
3. House, garden and shop to their S, rent 4d

The whole estate  [no ref.]  1753 - 71

Receipt by Thomas Chambers for the moiety of Henry Freeland's rent [for Poppinghole and Ashland] by the hand of Mr Coney  AMS5744/210  13 Aug 1753

Endorsed upon fragment of a letter from D[amaris] Smersall to her brother [John Coney], about to depart for London

Pre-nuptial settlement (bond in £400)  AMS5744/211  22 Sept 1753

John Jeffery of Battle weaver to John Coney of Burwash gent; JJ to marry Damaris Smersall of Battle widow, sister of JC
JJ to maintain DS's two sons and daughter to 21; other conditions concerning any issue of the marriage
W: Elizabeth Coney, John Freebody

Probate (Lewes) of will (5 Jul 1757) of Elizabeth Coney of Burwash spinster  AMS5744/156  6 Oct 1757

Pecuniary and chattel bequests to nephews and neices John Coney clerk, William Coney clerk, Thomas Coney, Jonathan Coney, Ann Coney and Mary Coney (children of brother Thomas Coney DD deceased); niece Damaris Jeffery wife of John Jeffery of Battle; Sarah Brissenden and Mary Gibbs, servants to nephew John Coney of Burwash
John Coney and Ann Coney executor and executrix
W: Richard Mopham, Edward Latter, John Freebody

Receipts for legacies  AMS5744/212  1758

By Sarah widow of Jonathan Coney at Mr Clarke, baker in Shoe Lane, Holborn, W: John Allison, Sarah Coney, Frances Coney, 25 Sept 1758; by Frances and Bicknell Coney, widow and son of William Coney, at Bicknell Coney's, druggist in Leadenhall Street, 25 Sept 1758; by Damaris Jeffery at Battle, W: Sarah Brissenden, 29 Sept 1758

Sale of Youngland  [no ref.]  1759

Copy conveyance (lease and release) for £185  AMS5744/213  23 and 24 Jan 1759

John Coney of Burwash gent (only son of John Coney of Burwash gent deceased) to Thomas Usher of Bethersden, Kent gent
Moiety of five pieces of land and wood 'Youngland' (26a) ocupied by John Avan, in Mountfield; E: Anthony Cruttenden's land; S, W: land of John Nicoll esq; N: highway
Purchased by JC deceased with other land from William Dyne
W: John Jeffery, John Freebody

Account of John Holman, carpenter to John Coney and Thomas Constable for work at Ashland endorsed with account for rent  AMS5744/214  22 Mar 1765

Letter from William Mercer, Hawkhurst to Mr John Coney, Burwash  AMS5744/215  24 Jul 1771

Wishing to treat for the moiety of the freehold farm and the adjoining copyhold farm, both occupied by Henry Freeland [Poppinghole and Ashland]

Bicknell Coney's executorship of John Coney and inheritance of his estate  [no ref.]  1775 - c1801

Account of James Philcox to Bicknell Coney executor of John Coney deceased for legal work, Feb 1775 - Jun 1779, paid 5 Apr  AMS5744/216  1780

Related information: For maps of properties inherited by Bicknell Coney in 1775, acc AMS5990

Includes drawing will, preparation of bond to John Jeffery (AMS5744/161), details of heriots, proposed timber cutting, leases and proposed sale of Poppinghole to Mr Mercer or Mr Redford

Bond in £1,472 for a loan of £736 at 4%  AMS5744/161  27 Mar 1775

John Coney of Burwash gent to John Jeffery of Battle weaver; W: Thomas Vidler, James Philcox
Endorsed with receipts from Bicknell Coney for interest, 1776 - 79 and with note of payment of principal by a draft on Sir G[odfrey] Webster, cash and a promissory note, 13 Apr 1780
Formerly attached to AMS5744/2 promissory note for £50, Bicknell Coney to Mr Jeffery, 15 Apr 1776, endorsed with receipts for interest, 1777 - 79; draft on Sir Godfrey Webster by John Furner (see below), 27 Mar 1780; receipt by John Furner (attorney of Mrs Deborah Phillips, administratrix of John Jeffery of Battle deceased) for principal and interst on bond and note, 13 Apr 1780; [Bicknell Coney's] promissory note for £250 in part payment of bond, 13 Apr 1780

Letters and drafts between Bicknell Coney at Leadenhall Street and Burwash, John Furner at Battle and W Lutman, Hastings  AMS5744/159  27 Mar - 25 Apr 1780

Concerning the details of the payment of AMS5744/161, mentioning the interest of Mrs Vidler, John Jeffery's sister

Promissory note by John Coney to pay Mrs Ann Coney £60, 25 Jul 1771; assigned to Bicknell Coney, nd  AMS5744/163  1771, nd

Receipts for legacies in John Coney's will by Thomas Vidler, Mary Piper, Sarah Brissenden, John Jeffery and John Hepden  AMS5744/162  15-17 Apr 1776

Copy of court roll, Robertsbridge manor  AMS5744/217  5 Jun 1776

Admission of Bicknell Coney of London esq (by his attorney James Philcox of Burwash gent) on the death of his cousin John Coney, whose will of 28 Mar 1775 is recited; surrender to the use of BC's will
House, barn, brewhouse and land (30a) in the borough of Streatfield in Whatlington, rent 12s (see AMS5744/112, 113)

Appraisal by John Snepp and Dionis Geer of the timber on Ashlands Farm, Burwash between Mr Coney and Mr Philip Constable  AMS5744/218  20 Jan 1779

Counterpart lease for 10 years at £20  AMS5744/36  2 Apr 1779

Bicknell Coney of the City of London, esq to John Gorham of Burwash gent
Barn, close and land (40a) called Woodlands in Burwash (see AMS5744/31-35)
W: John Coppard, Thomas Blunden

Copy of court roll, Burwash manor  AMS5744/69  19 Oct 1780

Admission of Bicknell Coney of London gent (by his attorney James Philcox) on the death of his cousin John Coney, whose will of 28 Mar 1775 is recited; surrender to the use of EC's will
1. House and land called Broomfield Field, Forestall and Garden Croft (50a) part of Bowmans, rent 6s (AMS5744/67)
2. Chilleys Mead (5a), rent 8d (AMS5744/22-25)
3. House, garden and shop to its S, rent 4d

Account of James Philcox to Bicknell Coney for legal work, Apr 1780 - Jan 1781, paid 18 Apr  AMS5744/159  1781

Includes details of conveyance of Ashlands to Philip Constable, the admission to the Burwash copyhold (receipt for court fees and heriots attached), drawing AMS5744/157 and dealing with Mr Stone of Framfield who came to hire Mr Coney's house and land in Burwash on Mrs Hamlin's behalf [see AMS5744/82)

Letter from James Philcox, [solicitor], Burwash, to Bicknell Coney, esq, Leadenhall Street, London  AMS5744/221  13 Mar 1781

Administrative history:
John Edwards and George Verrall the younger are both listed as upholders and auctioneers in Bailey's British Directory of 1784. They were no doubt required to take an inventory of the estate

Encloses a letter received from Mr [John] Smersall [not present] and a text of his reply; will send a messenger to Lewes to summon Mr [John] Edwards and Mr [George] Verrall to Burwash since a letter by the post or the Lewes newsman would take too long
Text of Philcox's letter to Smersall, 189 Oxford Street: his refusal to sign the deed [AMS5744/157] cannot be of service to him; he has received his legacy, and to prove the will in Chancery (the avoidance of which was the object of the deed) would put him to great expense

Confirmation of will, and quitclaim for £500  AMS5744/157  8 Mar 1781

John Smersall of Oxford St Middlesex apothecary (nephew and heir of John Coney of Burwash gent) to Bicknell Coney of the city of London esq (devisee in JC's will)
All JC's freehold and copyhold land devised in will of 28 Mar 1775
W: Henry Steele, S Hunter clerks to Messrs Coney and Wilson

Counterpart lease for 5 years, at £32  AMS5744/82  14 May 1781

Bicknell Coney of the City of London, esq to Elizabeth Hamlin of Burwash widow
Messuage, barn, buildings and four pieces of meadow (10a) in Burwash, occupier EH
Schedule of furnishings inside the house
W: John Coppard, James Philcox

Promissory notes  AMS5744/160  1777-1782

John Smersall to John Coney (9 Aug 1774) and to Bicknell Coney, (18 Oct 1777, 19 Aug 1778, 28 Sept 1780 and 27 Dec 1780) with calculations of amount due, 27 Apr 1781 with letters from JS at Battersea to JC reciting his inability to pay (despite the success of his business) and begging forebearance, 2 Mar 1778, nd and 26 Mar 1782

List of Coney properties in Burwash, Pevensey, Ticehurst and Whatlington with names of tenants and details of tenure  AMS5744/165  c1801

[A comparison with land tax returns suggest that the document might have been drawn up on the death of Bicknell Coney, c1801.]

Documents not apparently connected with the estate in alphabetical order of parish  [no ref.]  1458 - 1677

Copy of court roll, Alciston manor  AMS5744/134  23 Apr 1639

Surrender by John Cleaver to JC and wife Judith for life, remainder to heirs in tail
Eight pieces of customary land 'Common Field, Horshowe Furlong, Short Furlong, Brambridg Furlongs, Checker Acre, Witsh Furlongs, Parsonage Furlong and West Well' (16a) and pasture for 40 sheep on the tenant down in Alciston

Agreement to sell underwood  AMS5744/135  7 Feb 1677

James Richardson of Battle gent (for Francis, viscount Montague) to Daniel Sivier of Battle gent (for Thomas Westerne of London citizen and grocer)
Great Brands wood and Round wood at 5s per cord. Liberty to carry to Brede furnace and/or Westfield forge and also to take materials for coaling
W: Francis Hardres, George Christopher

Probate (South Malling) of will (21 Jan 1569) of Thomas Alchorn of Mayfield  AMS5744/144  16 Jun 1569

Note of receipt of £43 by William Sawyer the elder of Mayfield from Simon Avery of Mayfield, in payment for sale of Tullyshatch, near Spindlye wood in Mayfield by WS to John Avery (son of SA)  AMS5744/136  25 Mar 1579

W: Thomas Cuke, Thomas and Gregory Aynscombe

Grant  AMS5744/137  3 Feb 1568

John Mathewe of Mountfield husbandman to Thomas Iden of Battle
Messuage, kitchen, barn and garden at 'Vynaight' [Vinehall] in Mountfield (½a): N: land of John Benett's heirs and John Elsey's heirs; S, E: lane from Vynaight to Cowland; S, W: highway from Robertsbridge to Sedlescombe
W: Robert Barham, John Iden, Leonard Vynall, Peter Redar, Michael Regatt, Rebirth Fuller, John Hussen, William ?Tycerst

Mortgage by annuity of £4 10s 0d per annum for £60 with bond  AMS5744/138, 139  1 Nov 1639

Thomas Houghton of Mayfield and Henry Owden of West Aldrington, yeoman to Thomas Price the elder of Burwash, husbandman
Henry Owden of West Aldrington yeoman to Thomas Price the elder of Burwash, husbandman
A toft (formerly a messuage) and 20a land, formerly Richard Pages; a croft formerly Thorntons: 1 rood formerly Hunters; 12a of pasture, on the N part of Blackdenne Down all in W Aldrington in Portslade, formerly lands of James Owden (deceased) grandfather of HO
W: William Peckham, John Peckham, William Pankehurst

Agreement following arbitration  AMS5744/140  10 Oct 1489

John Knyght, John Cleton and Agnes his wife (one of the daughters of William Bailly of Mayfield) and William Derknold (son of Joan, another daughter of WB)
JK to have lands previously WBs in Rotherfield; AC and WD to have WB's lands in Mayfield; separate estates to be made by William Turke and other feoffees
Endorsed with note of enrolment on the Close Roll, Feb 1490

Lease for 7 years from 29 Sept 1664 at £7 10s 0d  AMS5744/143  28 Nov 1664

William Kenchley of Pontefract (Yorks), gent to Abraham Purchin of Westham, yeoman
Messuage and 2 crofts (2a), piece of marshland (2a), piece of upland (5a) in Westham, occupied by AP
W: Edward Peake, Francis Lade

Administration with will (14 Oct 1667) annexed (PCC) of George Estmond of Westham, gent  AMS5744/220  2 Nov 1676

Administrative history:
Mr George Estmond, captain of the trained band and a jurat of the corporation, was buried at Westham on 13 Nov 1667 - PAR 505 1/1/1

Granted to William Hammond, widower and administrator of Mary Hammond, formerly widow, residuary legatee and executrix of George Estmond
Pecuniary legacies to daughters Mary and Ann Estmond (both under 21), cousin Robert Hayes (a £5 debt which he has owed 'ever since the great fire at London'), wife Mary Estmond
W: John Hammond, William Hammond

[no title or date]  AMS5745

AMS5745 has been re-listed as AMS6199/13/1-125

Documents relating to Seaford  AMS5746  1808, 1892

Source of acquisition: Documents given 18 May 1977 (ACC 2098, BRA 1934)

Conveyance ([lease and] release]) for £160  AMS5746/1  9 and 10 Sep 1808

Grace Dunstone of Seaford, widow of Thomas Dunstone of Seaford, carpenter, with their son Thomas Dunstone of Red Lion Square, St Andrew Holbon, Middlesex, carpenter, to Jeremiah Birch of Seaford, tallow-chandler and his trustee Thomas Hill the younger of Brighton, baker
Messuage, woodhouse, carpenter's shop and garden, with the use of the well and necessary house, in Seaford, occupied by GD, before TH the elder and William Rolfe, before TD the elder and John Winter
Recites: seisin of TD the elder's mother Ann Dunstone of Seaford, widow, under the will of her father Thomas Allwork of Seaford, carpenter [apparently not proved]; settlement by Ann Dunstone on the marriage of TD and GD, convenanting to stand seised of the property in trust for TD and GD and the longer liver, remainder to their son James Dunstone, 5 Oct 1784; death of James Dunstone, intestate, leaving a brother TD the younger
W: John Ashby, Thomas Hill of Brighton, attorney, his clerk William Furner

Conveyance for £14 10s  AMS5746/2  2 Aug 1892

Robert Lambe of East Blatchington, gent, to George Carter of 217 Old Kent Road, London, hatter
Plot 64 on the Seaford Park Estate in [Kimberley Road], East Blatchington (plan)
Schedule of deeds subject to a covenant for production (Gell, Dennis and Watson - Lambe), 1877-1883; schedule of detailed covenants
W: William Gates, manager to Lewis and Holman, solicitors, Lewes
Endorsed: plot 64; relates to Nutshell only

Letter from Lord Sheffield to John Apsley Dalrymple  AMS5747  1805

Source of acquisition: Document given 9 May 1977 (ACC 2081)

Letter from [John Baker Holroyd], Lord Sheffield, Whitehall, [London] to J[ohn] Apsley Dalrymple, esq, Mayfield (forwarded to Fladons Hotel, Oxford Street, [London]  AMS5747/1  8 May 1805

Related information: For the archive of Lord Sheffield, including papers concerning the North Pevensey Legion, see ACC 2714; for a large accumulation of his earlier correspondence, see AMS5440

Administrative history:
John Apsley Dalrymple of Possingworth (died 1833) was a prominent landowner in Mayfield, Waldron and Ticehurst

JBH has found a man (Mr Arthur, who has acted as sergeant major in the 2nd Garrison Battalion) to act as a permanent sergeant to JAD's company [of the North Pevensey Legion]; he is a very decent man, writes a good hand and has a wife and one child; hopes JAD will be able to provide a house; the seriousness of the threat of invasion

Conveyance  AMS5748  [n.d.]

Source of acquisition: Copies of a document in the possession of the Mayfield Historical Society (A2633)

Conveyance for £23  AMS5748/1  2 November 1632

Henry Draye of Hellingly, wheeler (son and heir of Daniel Draye, deceased, of Mayfield, wheeler) to Thomas Daye of Mayfield, yeoman
Cottage and adjoining land (1½ rods) in Mayfield, surrounded by the Five Ashes to Hadley road and other lanes
Witnesses: George Courthope, John Shadwell
Endorsements include 'the deide for Draye's house' and 'for Thomas Piper' (this presumably referring to a later transaction)

Deeds of Durrant House, Market Street, Rye 1786-1936  AMS5749  [n.d.]

Source of acquisition: Deposited in October 1980 (A2630)

In September 1786, John Christmas of Rye gent. sold 2 neighbouring messuages in Market Street, Rye, to William Durrant of Rye gent. for £400 (/1-2). The property was bounded by: N, Market Street; W,S, premises of William Gybbon; S, lands of William Prosser; E, N, messuage and lands of Richard Jarrett and Rye Corporation. It was then occupied by J C and W D, previous occupants were John Haffenden (now deceased), Thomas Breads, Henry Gosbee and James Barker. The eastern part of the property (together with a ground floor room in the other part, formerly a tailor's shop) had belonged to Sarah Barnes widow in 1766 (/3-4), but the intervening title is not abstracted in detail
By his will, proved PCC February 1814 (copy,/7) William Durrant left this property to his wife Mary for life (she died in April 1829) then to trustees for sale on behalf of his 3 children Jane, Ann and William. One of these trustees was John Mercer Durrant (no obvious relation to W D) of Hawkhurst, Kent and he sold the property for £700 in November 1836 to Thomas Clark of Rye gent. (/8). A mortgage at 5% for part of this sum was taken out: the interest was paid regularly, but none of the capital repaid (/10-11). This continued when in 1862, J M D mortgaged the property to William Durrant Clark of Rye (/12-13) son of T C. In December 1869 the property was sold for £500 to William Brown of Beckley, farmer: occupiers at this stage were Rev Thomas Lewis and Henry James Catt, butcher (/19)
An abstract of title (/21) and a set of requisitions on title (/22) both dated 1878 survive to suggest that the property was sold by W B to Thomas Marshall in that year. However, no later deeds have been deposited. Plans of rooms and windows, made in 1936, exist (/24-25)
In connexion with the mortgages and prospective sale of the property statutory declarations to prove the heirship to the late J M D were drawn up in 1867 (/14). These provide a considerable amount of genealogical information on the family, including certified copies of register entries from Hawkhurst and parishes in Sussex and London

Brighton, Hove and District Clerical Society  AMS5750  [n.d.]

Source of acquisition: Earlier documents were deposited in November
1971 and February 1973 (A1419, A1559) the final minute book was given in September 1977 (A2143).
These records should now all be regarded as a gift.

Administrative history:
The Society was formed in March 1878 under the name of the Junior Clerical Society. Membership was restricted to the unbeneficed clergy and monthly meetings were held at which papers were given - titles during the first year include 'The best means of attracting Dissenters to the Church' and 'Christianity and War'.
In 1904, the rules were changed to allow specified incumbents to be admitted: members from Hove had already been encouraged to join, as had retired clergymen, further widening the potential membership. The format of monthly meetings was unaltered, though there was a gradual change away from meeting in members' homes. Clearly though, the change in the nature of the membership meant that the original purpose-to give curates a chance to air their views on the organisation within parishes and other topics of importance in a radical way - was being set aside.
Attendance at meetings declined in the late 1960s, and the society was closed in October 1975.

The Society was closed in 1975

Minute books  AMS5750/1  November 1897 - December 1913

Minute books  AMS5750/2  January 1914 - December 1918

Minute books  AMS5750/3  January 1919 - November 1928

Minute books  AMS5750/4  December 1928 - March 1937

Minute books  AMS5750/5  April 1937 - 1949

Minute books  AMS5750/6  January 1950 - 1971

Minute books  AMS5750/7  February 1972 - October 1975

Way of Renewal Group: membership list and minutes  AMS5750/8  March 1938-July 1943

List of metings and attendances  AMS5750/9  1878-1914

In reverse lists of members 1878-1914

Cash book, subscriptions, accounts and balance sheets  AMS5750/10  1910-37

Cash book, subscriptions, accounts and balance sheets  AMS5750/11  1938-53

Brighton Clerical Society, annual reports, 1890, 1897, 1898, 1903, 1904, 1913, 1914  AMS5750/12-18  1890-1914

List of presidents and secretaries of the society from 1878, updated to 1949  AMS5750/19  1949

Receipted bills for stationery from French & Son, and Embling and Bird  AMS5750/20-25  1915-34

Copy of society rules as at 1915, together with suggested amendments  AMS5750/26  nd, c1930

Presidential address by Rev J D C Fisher  AMS5750/27  1953

Address at 700th meeting (February 1960) by Rev Canon M H Waller  AMS5750/28-29  1960

Final statement of assets  AMS5750/30  1976

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