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Additional Manuscripts, Catalogue J

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Reference AMSJ
Covering dates 1327-1980
Held by East Sussex Record Office
Extent 59 Accessions

Folder icon  Valuation of Bodiam Castle and manor and of Broomham manor preparatory to its purchase by Sir Nicholas Tufton from [John] Levett  AMS5691/7/1  19 Jun 1623

These documents are held at East Sussex Record Office

Related information: [For a description of the document by Lord Curzon in the context of the sale by Levett, Thomas Dyke and William Waller of their respective interests, see his Bodiam Castle, pp37-39]

The valuation, which includes the royalties of Bodiam fair, allows Tufton until Michaelmas term to accept the bargain in which case Levett will return any part payment retaining 8% 'for consideration'
Levett acknowledges a judgement in £150 to William Wallis esq [? recte Waller] and statute staples to Mr John and Mr Thomas Sackvill

No further details   Letter to Lord Curzon from J A Herbert, Department of Manuscripts, British Museum, returning AMS5691/7  AMS5691/8  16 Sept 1924

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