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Additional Manuscripts, Catalogue D

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Reference AMSD
Covering dates c1170-1953
Held by East Sussex Record Office
Extent About 400 files

Folder icon  Copy (1639) of 1607 map of Brede  AMS4962/1  1639

These documents are held at East Sussex Record Office

A Plot of The Land of Sir Robert Oxenbridge Lying In Parish of Bread in The Covnty of Svssex Made in Anno Domini 1607 by John More
The scale of pearches 16 in an inch wher by this plot was drawen & measured in the yeere of our Lord: 1607: By John More: & now drawen on vellum & cullered in the yeere 1639
By John Pattenden. 20 in. to 1m; 42" x 97"
About 1740a covering a large area within the parish of Brede taking in the present Chitcombe in the N W, Broad Oak, Beckley Furnace, Hundred House Bridge, continuing down as far as the River Brede, across to Cackle Street then on to Fryman's Farm in the S W. Gives names of adjacent owners and properties; state of cultivation indicated by colour and acreages given within individual fields or plots. Shows Brede Place and Brede Church in coloured elevations and several other buildings, mainly houses, are also shown in coloured elevations. The title is in a rectangular frame with crossed flowers sprouting from the top and the scale within a decorative border is surmounted by a pair of dividers. The following note appears within a coloured decorative frame
"This land heere described is the inheritance of three worship for gentlemen, one genneral parte thereof is the inheritance of the right. Sir Thomas Dyke Knight euerie peece thereof is marked with this letter D It consisteth of three seuerall farmes as first one in the occupation of Gyles Waters gent called Bread place euerie peece of land thereto belonging is colored in the plot with this colour.(2) A second farme is in the Use of Richard Fuller each peece thereof is colloured in the plot with this collour, The third farme is in the tenuere of Fransice King distinguished by this Col The second general parte is the land of the right. John Porter Esquier being divided into fiue farmes being distinguished each from other by seueral colours as first one farme in the tenure of Alexander Wildish the particulars are knowne by this coloure, a second farme is in the occupation of William Peckham the seueral peeces are collored with this collour, the third farme is in the Use of John Furminger euerie peece thereof is colloured in the plot with this colour The fowerth farme is in the occupation of Thomas Welles each peece thereof is colloured in the plot with this collour. His fift and last farme is in the occupation of Joseph Mittin the particulers thereof are coloured with this collour. Note that all Mr Porters land mentioned in this plot is marked in the plot with this letter P in euerie seueral peece. The third general parte is belonging to the right Worshipful Peter Farneden Esquier euerie peece thereof is marked with this letter F and colored with this Collor"
The whole map is contained within a continuous coloured border
Whenever the word "colour" appears in this context it is within a rectangle with a different colour to symbolize individual ownership or tenancy

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