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Reference 1487
Covering dates 1621-1962
Held by Surrey History Centre
Extent 11 series
Conditions of access There are no access restrictions.
Source of acquisition Deposited by Dr and Mrs Martin Ware in 1963 and 1975.
Creators Ware family of Tilford, Farnham, Surrey; Tayler family of Tilford, Farnham, Surrey
Related information For further papers of the Ware family, 1706-1988, see 1576, 1584, 1585, 1694 and 1718.
A group of title deeds (1392-1723) were deposited on loan with the Surrey Archaeological Society by Dr and Mrs Ware in 1950. Some relate to the properties in this deposit. They are held as G1/52/1-8.

Administrative history:
The Tilford House Estate
The hamlet of Tilford lies south of Farnham, and was formerly in that parish, at the confluence of the northern and southern branches of the Wey. The farms were small, and most of the land very sandy. Anne Ware, née Tayler, expressed in 1859 a landowner's view of a romantic yet strikingly unproductive landscape (1487/84/1, p39).
Tilford is a wayward Beauty
Wounding those who love her most.
Labour on her as your duty,
But you'll find your labour lost -
Beauteous is the rural village
Rich the woods, and clear the stream
Bright the heather, smooth the herbage
Lordly the Oak upon the Green -
Yet the soil is poor and sterile
Ill repairs the culturer's care
Patches here and there are fertile
But the Heaths are wild and Rare -
Rock and sand and thorny Bushes
Will destroy the seed you sow
Disappoint your earnest wishes
Nothing there of good will grow -
Blessed Lord, reclaim the waste land
Send down thy refreshing rain
Then shall grass grow o'er the dry sand
And rich harvests glad the plain -
It was Anne who brought the Ware family to Tilford. Their estate and family papers comprise the bulk of this collection, with only a few records of earlier owners. Unfortunately not even all the early deeds of the estate are present. The conveyance to Miss Abney of the freehold parts of Chapel Farm (1775?; see 1487/4/4-8 and 1487/21/3) is missing, as is that of Tilford Cottage and some land formerly owned by Crawford Davison (1837?; see 1487/27 and 54). The greater part of the estate was, until well into the twentieth century, held as copyhold of the manor of Farnham.
No copies of court roll, apart from one (1487/1/16) survive before 1759, though there are a few, some apparently of property never part of the Tilford Estate, in the 1950 deposit. (The originals on the Bishop of Winchester's court roll of his manor of Farnham have not been examined.) These gaps in the documentation mean that the summary history of the estate that follows is necessarily tentative. Two early deeds lent for transcription in 1946 are not present (1487/68/14/3); they are described after 1487/1/2 and 1487/2/9, and transcripts exist (1487/68/14/6&7).
When Martin Ware II died on 10 Oct 1872 his estate in Tilford contained 654 acres, of which 282 comprised the 'settled estate', 85 the 'unsettled' land (ie acquired since the death of Thomas Tayler) and 286 were 13 allotments under the Tilford Inclosure of 1853. This fairly compact geographical unit surrounding Tilford Green had been built up over the previous 200 years.
Most of the older part of the estate lay to the north of Tilford Green, west of the northern branch of the Wey. It included the freehold fields called Wenford or Wanford, close to Wanford, later Tilford, Mill Which had belonged to Waverley Abbey. These were tithe free, and the boundary of Waverley land is marked on the 1767 estate plan (1487/23/4). Among the copyholds were 'Bridgeland' at Tilford Green, so-called because the owner was responsible for the upkeep of a bridge (1487/6/7), and one yard of bondland called Elthams (1487/5/1), earlier Elvetham, Mead. Elvetham is a name that occurs in the bounds of Waverley. It appears that land north of Tilford, including the Wenford fields, which belonged in the second half of the 17th century to William Perrey, yeoman, and Robert Palmer, miller at Wenford Mill, came by marriage into the hands of Nicholas Turner of Farnham, mealman, and apparently a dissenter. (He died in 1713; his will is 1487/1/17)
His grandson John Turner was the builder of Tilford House, between 1725 (when he made his will, 1487/1/18) and 1731 (1487/1/19), very probably in 1727-8 since in 1728 he moved up to first place from almost the end of the list of people in Tilford assessed to the Farnham Poor Rate. The estate inherited by John Turner from his grandfather - 'all my houses and land, freehold and copyhold, in Tilford, Waverley, Frensham, Coldpitt land' - included more than was sold by his co-heirs in 1731 to Peter Green of Walthamstow, Essex (1487/1/19&20).
After several mortgages (1487/3/1-7) Peter Green sold in 1761 to Elizabeth Abney of Stoke Newington, spinster, for £4,000 (1487/3/9). She also bought the contents of the house, and an inventory in 1760 shows that Peter Green had furnished it in style (1487/3/6 and 9). Miss Abney was the only surviving child of Sir Thomas Abney, Lord Mayor of London in 1700, and his second wife Mary Gunston. She was a noted nonconformist, and obtained a licence for nonconformists to worship in Tilford House (see below).
In a plan of the estate in 1767 (1487/23/4) made by George Cobbett and John Jarrett it then contained 185 acres. Miss Abney enlarged it by purchasing from Thomas Matchwick the 79 acre farm lying east of Tilford Green and later called Chapel Farm (19th cent.) or Bridge Farm (20th cent.) (1487/4/8 and 1487/21/3). This purchase united the part of the estate round Tilford Green with the Widmore and Charles Hill Moors further down the river towards Elstead. The mapmakers of 1767 made a plan of this additional farm in 1776 (1487/23/6). Miss Abney evidently also made improvements: a new pond between Abbots Pond and Stockbridge Pond was built (1487/4/10) and a new walk beside the coppices along the Wey is shown on the 1776 plan.
Elizabeth Abney's heir was the nonconformist Minister Thomas Tayler who had been her chaplain (see below). He seems to have lived at Tilford only in the early years after he acquired the estate (see below). He left his house and lands at Tilford, with another farm and cottages, to his daughter Anne, wife of Martin Ware, and her heirs (1487/5/3). The farms in Ash bought by Peter Green (1487/2/8&11) were bequeathed by Thomas Tayler to his daughter Mary, and ceased to be part of the Tilford Estate. On Thomas Tayler's death in 1831 Dr Martin Ware II a 'surgeon oculist' and his family spend three summers in the house, but thereafter leased it, keeping Tilford Cottage for their own occasional use. An estate plan of 1835 (1487/23/9) covers 260 acres. The estate more than doubled in size during this Martin Ware's lifetime.
In addition to the 286 acres added by the 13 allotments of waste land made under the Tilford Inclosure, he bought from Crawford Davison in 1837 some fields which intruded into his own estate on the north west (1487/27) and in 1839 Malthouse and Bridgeland Farms (close to Tilford House) and Mayes and/or Mansell's Farm (1487/6/16). In 1851 he acquired Higher Reed and Hopground Reed, with a hop kiln (1487/8/12), a cottage near Abbot's Pond soon after (1487/9/4), and a cottage on Tilford Common in 1863 (1487/11/4, and plan 1487/23/12).
Under the testamentary division of Martin Ware's estate (1487/12) his eldest son James Tayler Ware became the owner of the Tilford Estate. On the death of J T Ware in 1902 his nephew the Rev Martin S Ware inherited. Between 1903 and 1946 many plots on the heathy land to the north and south of Tilford Green (parts of the Inclosure allotments) were sold for building (1487/20-38). In Sep 1949 the major part of the 'Tilford House Estate' of about 630 acres was put up for auction, including 'two useful dairy farms' (Tilford House Farm and Bridge Farm), an 'old world cottage residence' (Tilford Cottage), and fifteen other cottages, but excluding Tilford House (see 1384/15/2).
Tilford House
The builder - if it was indeed John Turner of Farnham, gentleman - had inherited from his grandfather money made in the flourishing Farnham corn trade described by Defoe. His father Stephen (who died before Nicholas Turner the grandfather) was a pewterer, and one of his sisters was married to William Paradice, goldsmith. Mrs Paradice was living at Tilford House in 1731 (rate book). A list of occupants of Tilford House from 1725 at the end of this section is derived from Farnham parish assessments books, Land Tax returns and letters and papers in this collection. The inventory of 1761 names the contents of the house, room by room. Plans of the three floors made about 1900 (1487/23/16) show the position of pieces of furniture at that time. Between these two dates bills for work give details of repairs carried out. The most important addition was that made by Miss Abney, when she built the chapel in the courtyard of the house. This was in 1776 (according to 1487/69/1 this date is cut into a brick). Extensive alterations took place in 1852 when the Ware family returned to live in the house (148755/-).
Correspondence surviving from 1835 includes letters from the occupiers of the house and there are many comments on life at Tilford. Dr Burden explained in 1836 that he must give up the tenancy because 'a somewhat liberal income' was needed for keeping house and land in good order, 'promoting the temporal and spiritual good of the Tilford poor', paying the expenses of both chapels, and 'maintaining the tone of good order and respectability which this house should ever give to the village'. 'I must maintain a consistent appearance, giving liberally, and acting as a gentleman is expected to act' (1487/26/5&6).
Chapels at Tilford
In 1761 Elizabeth Abney obtained a licence from the Bishop of Winchester permitting a congregation of Independents to worship in her house. This congregation included several of the farmers at Tilford, among them William Maunsell and Henry Wheeler (1487/22).
The chapel built in 1776 in the courtyard of the house was for the same congregation. This chapel continued to be used by dissenters until about 1825 (1487/69/1) when the chapel on the green was built, in connection with the Surrey Mission, for congregational services (see plan in 1487/1/17).
According to one of his grandchildren Thomas Tayler was approached by Bishop Sumner soon after 1827 and agreed to allow Church of England services to take place in the chapel in the courtyard. The Reverend Frederick Stevens of Seale came to take the services. The same source (1487/69/1) states that:
'The services were at each chapel alternatively morning and afternoon. They did not clash because when the morning service was at the Chapel at the House, the afternoon service was at the Chapel on the Green and vice versa. Mr Emmett, the tenant of the Chapel Farm officiated as clerk at both places and set the tunes. Others attended both places as Mr Harris, the tenant of the farm next the house and his family - and the Stovolds of Till Hill. Mr and Mrs Nicholson of Waverley and their families attended at the Chapel in the Yard - though Mr and Mrs N were said to be Unitarians. She was the daughter of Mr Smith of Norwich a well known Unitarian.'
A plan shows the arrangement of the pews, altar and pulpit at this time, when the Wares first lived at Tilford. Repairs at both chapels were, as we have seen, the responsibility of the occupier of Tilford House (see for example, 1487/26/11). The chapel in the courtyard was apparently not used after 1842 (Ware papers in Tilford parish records, 1975/-), though the possibility of again using it, rather than building a new church, remained a matter of discussion until the 1860s. The Chapel on the Green continued in use, though not apparently continuously, until 1891 (1487/17/1 and Ware papers in Tilford parish records, 1975/-). The chapel site was then exchanged for the land on which, in 1893-4, Mrs Anderson of Waverley built Tilford Institute (see 1487/69/1).
Tilford Church
The building of an Anglican church (or 'chapel') at Tilford had been proposed at least by 1846 (letter of G J Nicholson, 19 Apr 1846, in Ware papers in Tilford parish records, 1975/-). A site was set aside in the Tilford Inclosure (1487/33), subscriptions were being collected in 1865 (see 1975/-), and the church consecrated in 1867. A parsonage house and school soon followed, all heavily indebted to the Ware family. Curates serving the Anglican chapel in Tilford House had lived in Tilford Cottage.
Estate Management
Correspondence exchanged between the Wares and their managers, tenants and neighbours during the 19th century contains frequent references to the best way of farming the land (see for example 1487/30, 32, 40 and 46). There are also papers concerned with timber, including a complete list of all timber on the estate in 1836 (1487/25/2). The letters, together with valuations (1487/25) at various dates and bills for erecting or repairing buildings (1487/53-61) provide a detailed picture of this small estate under the Wares, particularly between 1835 and 1860. Even during the period when J T Ware was living at Tilford and himself involved in the day to day management of the estate, (apparently from c.1852-1884, see 1487/69/1) there appears to have been an agent or bailiff.
List of occupants of Tilford House, 1725-1752 and 1782-1919
Charlotte Smith, the author, is stated to have lived in the house during 1805-06. She perhaps stayed for too short a time to appear in these records. The information below is derived from Farnham parish assessment books for the tithing of Tilford (which are absent between 1753 and 1781), land tax returns, or documents in this collection, whose references are noted below.
1728-1730 Mr John Turner
1731 Mrs Paradice or tenant
1732-1752 Mr Peter Green
1782 Mrs Abney
1782-1783 Executors of Mrs Abney
1784-1789 Rev Mr Taylor [Tayler]
1789-1793 Captain Everett (or Thomas Everett Esq)
1794-1795 'The most noble the Marquis of Lothian'
1795-1798 Mrs Hamilton
1799-1805 Mrs Monro
1806-1807 Late Mrs Monro
1808-1812 Charles Forster Esq
1813-1821 Charles Davidson Esq [Crawford Davison?]
1822 Rev Mr Taylor ?
1823-1825 ?
1825-1832 Crawford Davison Esq (1487/5/6)
1832-1834 Ware family (1487/108/2)
1834-1837 or 1838 Dr Thomas Burden (brother-in-law of Mrs Ware's sister) (1487/26)
1839-1848 Edward Franklyn, a Major in the Madras Army, and Mrs Franklyn (1487/24/4)
1849-1852 Mrs Fanny Crespigny Franklyn (1487/24/9)
1852-? Mr and Mrs Martin Ware (1487/24/11)
18??-1902 J T Ware
1902-1919 Rev M S Ware
The Tayler and Ware Families
Outline biographies of Thomas Tayler and certain members of the Ware family are given at the end of this introduction.
When the Reverend Thomas Tayler inherited the Tilford estate from Elizabeth Abney he was Minister of Carter Lane Presbyterian Church in London. He had trained at Dr Doddridge's Academy and became Miss Abney's personal chaplain in the late 1750s. Only two of the small number of Tayler's letters in the collection date from his time as chaplain, the majority being written to his daughters Anne and Mary between 1800 and 1813. The children were apparently staying with friends and relations during this time, as they had been sent away for their upbringing after the death of their mother in 1800 (1487/74/14).
In 1816 Anne Tayler married Martin Ware, the son of the eminent oculist James Ware FRS of New Bridge Street, London. Most of the male members of the Ware family were professional people, Anne's husband Martin being a surgeon oculist who had a joint medical practice with his brother John. Two of Martin's other brothers were clergymen and the third was a merchant (1487/69/2). All but one of Anne's children entered a profession. Very little detail of their professional activities, however, can be gained from the personal letters, papers and diaries in the collection. The one notable exception is James Ware FRS who kept journals while he was a medical student in London in the 1770s. In these he gives details of lectures and operations attended, the payments for parts of bodies for dissection and his activities as a working pupil at St Thomas's Hospital, 1775-1777. There is also a statement of his income from his partnership with Jonathan Wathen between 1778 and 1789 (1487/80/1). James's journals also give details of his social life while a medical student in late 18th century London, including trips to the theatre, and disputing houses, and taking tea with friends (1487/103/1-2).
An impression of the private life of Anne and her husband, and of her son Martin III and his wife Mary, can be gained from their letters and diaries and those of their children. The letters from Anne Ware to her son Martin III for the period 1831-1841 (1487/85/4-40) and Martin III and Mary Ware's memoirs (1487/106 and 107/2) are especially useful.
It is evident from material in the collection and from their involvement with Christian and philanthropic societies that both the Tayler and Ware families were devoutly Christian. Reverend Thomas Tayler and his daughter Anne were dissenters but it does not seem that the Wares were of one particular denomination.
In his journals, James Ware FRS mentions going to several types of churches and of his children, two were Anglican clergymen and his son Martin married a dissenter (Anne Tayler) and had at least one of his children baptised by a dissenting minister (Martin III). The later Wares including Martin III seemed mainly to attend Anglican churches but as has been said denominational loyalty was not strictly adhered to when at Tilford. Their commitment to their Christian principles is especially to be seen in the papers of Thomas Tayler, his daughter Anne and Martin Ware II and III. It is most obvious, perhaps, in those letters giving instruction on conduct to their children (eg 1487/74/14, 1487/83/1, 1487/85/1-3, 1487/90/24) and in the spiritual reflections of Martin II (1487/104-105).
Philanthropic Work
It seems that most of the members of the Ware family who are represented in the collection were involved to some extent in philanthropic work. The outline biographies list some of their connections with charitable societies but little further detail of their activities is available from the collection. The memoirs of Martin III, however, do give some idea of his Social Sciences Association and the British and Foreign Bible Society (1487/106).
The collection contains a number of letters sent to Martin Ware and others by former ragged boys, who had been helped by Ware (1487/119-177). Some of them were by then serving in the forces or the Marine Society and others had emigrated. Martin III began working in Ragged Schools in 1846 when he joined the committee of the school in Compton Place, (later Brunswick Buildings), Brunswick Square, London. He later became Superintendent of the Sunday School there.
Two of his brothers were also involved. Charles worked at the St Giles School and Joseph helped out while he was at Russell Square. In 1849 Martin was asked to join the committee of the Ragged School Union and remained a member until his marriage in 1867. Ware mentions in his memoirs that he visited many of the parents of the children in the school and that he helped some of the juvenile criminals into the Navy and Industrial Schools (1487/106/1). No details are given in the memoirs but he kept a journal of his activities at Compton Place School and among the families living in the King's Cross and Cromer Street area, which included a number of Irish immigrants. (See 1585/- for the surviving volumes of this journal).
His chief aim in helping the children appears to have been to get them into steady employment and it was for this reason that the Ragged School Shoe Black Society (RSSBS) was formed by Ware, John MacGregor and others in 1851. Boys were sent by the schools to the Society's offices in Off Alley, off the Strand, and if they were accepted they were sent out to black shoes in the streets of London. The boys were allowed to keep part of their earnings, and the rest went into their 'Bank' and was used to support the Society. (See 'The Story of the Shoeblack Brigade' by John MacGregor in Home Words Jan 1882). Boys were also entered in the Marine Society, the forces or given places in Industrial Schools where they were employed in wood chopping, or shoeblacking in gentlemen's houses. Ware and his friend J H Fordham [grandson of Sir John Gurney] assisted in establishing an industrial school in Britannia Street, this later had a dormitory where homeless boys could lodge. The school later moved to Grays Inn Road and was eventually amalgamated with the Working Boys Home in Kensington.
Emigration seems to have been a last resort for relief. The money for the emigrant's passage, clothes and often their indentures was apparently supplied by individuals or the Ragged School Union and appears to have been given only to the most destitute but this may not have been so in every case. Some emigrants seemed to make new lives in the colonies, such as Michael Murphy (1487/145) and the Restieux family (1487/153-156) but others returned after a short time. It is not always possible to follow the lives of the letter writers closely as there are gaps in the journal and it ends in 1867. Those details that are available have been summarised in the list.
Outline biographies of Reverend Thomas Tayler and members of the Ware family.
Only biographies of certain members of the Ware family are given. The biographies have been compiled from items in the collection and a number of reference works. They are not exhaustive and it has not been possible to check the details. The list of sources used is given below and the information taken from them is indicated by the relevant number in brackets after a statement or series of statements in the text.
(1) Notebook of Henry Ware, 1487/69/2
(2) 'Memorandum concerning myself and Family' [James Ware], 1487/80/2
(3) 'Brief Account of his life by Reverend James Ware...... Suffolk', 1487/88/1
(4) Diaries of James Ware, 1487/103
(5) 'Religious Reflections' of Martin Ware transcribed by J T Ware, 1487/105
(6) Memoirs of Martin Ware, 1487/106
(7) Memorial Sermon for Reverend Thomas Tayler, 1487/110/1
(8) Obituaries of James Thomas Ware, 1487/112
(9) Obituaries of Martin Ware, 1487/113
(10) Obituary of Charles Tayler Ware, 1487/114
(11) 'A Short Account of the Society for Relief of Widows and Orphans of Medical Men from its Foundation..... 1888', 1487/118/6
(12) 'Trinity College Mission 1885 to 1935', 1487/118/7
(13) Concise Dictionary of National Biography, 1930
(14) Dictionary of National Biography
(15) Crockfords Clerical Directory
(16) Obituaries of Martin Ware in 1585/7.
Reverend Thomas Tayler (1735-1831): born 5 Sep 1735, in Kidderminster. Trained for the Nonconformist Ministry from 1750 at Dr Doddridge's Academy [Doddridge died shortly afterwards]. Late 1750s Domestic Chaplain to Miss Elizabeth Abney of Stoke Newington. 1766 Assistant Minister at Carter Lane [Presbyterian Chapel (6)] (Edward Pickard was Minister), 1773-1811 Minister of Carter Lane. Died 1831 (7).
Manager of Presbyterian Fund for over 50 years. Trustee of two charities, Dr Daniel Williams' and Mr Coward's of Walthamstow. Involved with the Orphan Working School, City Road; Society for Relief of Widows and Orphans of Protestant Dissenting Ministers; Protestant Dissenting School; British and Foreign Bible Society etc.
Published a few sermons including 'Sermons upon subjects interesting to Christians of every denomination' 1803 (7).
Married Mary Porter (d.1800). 4 children Mary, Thomas, Anne and Joseph (1).
Martin Ware I (1717-1801): born 1 May 1717 (2) at Portsmouth or Portsea (1). In Dockyard at Portsmouth (1). Appointed Builder's Second Assistant, Plymouth 1773. First Shipwright at Sheerness Yard 1784. First Shipwright at Woolwich Yard 1785 (2). First Shipwright at Deptford (1). Died 13 Jan 1801 (1).
Married Elizabeth Dale 1743 (d.1795). 4 children Mary, Elizabeth, Ann and James (1).
James Ware FRS (1756-1815): born 11 Feb 1756 (2). Went on trial to Mr Good [according to (2)] or Ramsey Karr [according to (14)], surgeon of King's Yard, Portsmouth 3 Jul 1770 and was bound to him to serve 5 years (2). Attended lectures in London 1773-1777 and was a working pupil at St Thomas' Hospital 1775-1777. Assistant to Mr Jonathan Walhen from 1777, became quarter partner in 1778 and half partner in 1789 (2). Partnership dissolved 1791 (14). Continued practising in London, mainly as eye surgeon until 1815 (13) and (14). 1798 elected FSA (14), 1802 elected FRS (14). Died 13 Apr 1815 (1).
1788 one of founders of Society for Relief of Widows and Orphans of Medical Men in London and Vicinity (14) and President 1810-1815 (11). 1800 founded school for indigent blind (14). Published 'Remarks on the Opthalmy [Psorophthalmy and Purulent Eye]' 1780 (2) and other works on opthalmic surgery (14).
Married Ursula Polhill (widow nee Maitland) (d.1836). 8 children, 6 of whom survived infancy, Ursula, Martin, James, Robert, John and Ebenezer (1).
Martin Ware II (1789-1872): born (?)1789. Entered the medical profession and in 1814 accompanied Sir Isaac Heard on a Garter Mission as his medical attendant (6). Appears to have been in partnership with his brother John until 1828 when John moved to Clifton (1) and (5). Continued his medical practice from his London homes until late 1860's: 1816-1823 23 New Bridge Street; 1823-[1833] Bloomsbury Square; [1833]-1841 New Bridge Street; 1841-1862 51 Russell Square; 1862-1868 18 Gordon Square (5) and (6). Died 10 Oct 1872 (6).
President of the Society for Relief of Widows and Orphans of Medical Men 1864-1867 (11).
Married Anne Tayler 1816 (d.1859). 5 sons James Thomas, Martin, Charles Tayler, Joseph Maitland and Henry (5).
Reverend James Ware (1790-1855): born 1 Aug 1790. School 1795-1805 [details in (3)]. Commercial experience 1806-1812 [details in (3)]. Trinity College, Cambridge 1812-1816. Curacy of Little Maplestead, Essex 1818-1829, rector of Wyverstone 1830-1855 (3) and (1). Died Mar 1855 (1).
Married Mary Mitton 1834 (3) (d.1875). No children (6). Mary's will is 1487/13.
James Thomas Ware (1817-1902): born 2 Jun 1817 (1). Educated at a school in Brighton, Messrs Wood and Thorowgood, Totteridge, Herts [1826]- 1834 (4) and (5) and with a private tutor Reverend J Ayre at Edmonton 1834 (6). Entered as student at St Bartholomew's Hospital 1835, subsequently House surgeon and Governor (8). Studied in Berlin, Paris and Strasbourg Nov 1841- 1842 (6) and (8). 1850's gave up his medical career because of ill health and went to Tilford (5) and (8). Gave up farming at Tilford 1884 (6). Died 1902 (8).
One of the founders of the Metropolitan Convalescent Institution 1840's and became one of its Vice Presidents. On Board of Guardians of Farnham Union. Churchwarden at Tilford. Manager of Tilford School (8). Unmarried (8).
Martin Ware III (1818-1895): born 26 Dec 1818 (1). Educated at Messrs Wood and Thorowgood, Totteridge 1827-1834, private tutor at Edmonton, Reverend J Ayre 1834, King's College [1835]- 1837 and Trinity College, Cambridge 1837-1841. Kept Terms at Lincoln's Inn 1841-[1843]. Accompanied Baron Gurney on circuit as his private secretary and general attendant 1843-1845. Called to Bar 1845, had Chambers in 8 New Square, Lincoln's Inn [1860 moved to 25 Old Square, 1886 to 2 Stone Buildings]. Practice not very successful so began reporting for Weekly Reporter, later [1859 (16)] became editor until 1866. 1866 appointed a reporter for the Law Reports (6). [(16) adds that he was a reporter in the Chancery Division of the Court of Appeal]. Died Dec 1895.
Secretary of Committee of the Ragged School in Compton Place, Brunswick Square 1846 [and Superintendent (16)]. Committee member of Ragged School Union 1849[- ?1867]. One of the founders of Ragged School Shoeblack Society 1851, later committee member and Secretary [of Central Shoeblack Society(16)]. One of the founders of Church Education Society. On committee for promoting the Saturday Half Holiday. Helped in formation of Reformatory and Refuge Union and member 1856.
Helped in formation of Social Sciences Association 1857 and Secretary of its Preventive and Reformatory Department until 1864. Secretary to Sub-committee of the Society of Arts for considering the dwellings of the poor 1864-1865. (Report published in Journal of the Society of Arts 22 May 1865). Published 'A Handy Book of Sanitary Law' [?1865]. Elected member of British and Foreign Bible Society 1882 (16). Committee member of the Female Mission to the Fallen and Female Aid Society 1884 (9). Vicar's churchwarden at St Paul's, Onslow Square (16).
Special Constable during Chartist Unrest 1848. Lieutenant in 37 Middlesex Rifle Volunteers 1860 [later Captain, Major and acting Adjutant], retired from Volunteer Movement [1866] (6).
Married Mary Williams 1867 (d.1914). 4 children, Emily Ursula, Edith Mary, Martin Stewart, Arthur Maitland (6).
Charles Tayler Ware (1820-1908): born 12 Sep 1820 (1). Educated at Messrs Wood and Thorowgood's School, Totteridge and King's College (6). Practised as a solicitor Lincoln's Inn Fields, later in Copthall Court and Great Winchester Street until 1890. Died 1908 (10).
Joined St Giles Ragged School [1850s] (6). One of founders of National Refuges for Homeless and Destitute Children 1862, became deputy Chairman. Member of Religious Tract Society for 55 years. On committee of British and Foreign Bible Society. Trustee of Fuller's Almshouses (10).
Special Constable during Chartist Unrest 1848. Commission in the Bloomsbury Rifles (10).
Married a) Zillah Hallet 1861 (d.1873). 3 children, Charles Martin, Florence Mary and Francis Henry, and b) Frances Foster 1877 (d.?), no children (1) and (6).
Joseph Ware (1822-1860): born 1822 (1). Educated at Messrs Wood and Thorowgood's School, Totteridge (6). Employed in Mr Farmer's Manufactuary (5). Developed epilepsy in 1850 after being hit by a bell (5), and gave up work as a result. Died 1860 in Lausanne.
Involved in Ragged School work while living in Russell Square (6). Married Ellen Farmer 1850 (d.?). 5 children, Ellen Ursula, Mary Josephine Tayler, Joseph Henry, Anne Eliza and Lucy Farmer (1).
Henry Ware (1830-1909): born 1830 (1). Educated at Messrs Wood and Thorowgood's School, Totteridge, King's College (6), and Trinity College, Cambridge (1). Left Cambridge 1853 (?). Vicar of Kirkby Lonsdale 1862 (6). Bishop of Barrow in Furness 1889 (6) [-1909] (15). Married (a) Elizabeth Hornby 1865 (d.1884) and (b) [Ellen], daughter of Bishop of Carlisle [Harvey Goodwin] 1887 or 8 (6).
Reverend Martin Stewart Ware (1871-1934): born 4 Dec 1871 (1). Educated at school in Hampstead, 1879-1881, Bengeo 1882, Haileybury 1885-[1891] and Cambridge 1891-1894 (6). Ordained by Bishop of Durham 1895 (6) and (1487/90/24). Missioner at Trinity College Mission, Camberwell 1900-1903, Warden 1903-1910. He was injured in a railway accident in 1908 and had to retire (12).
Arthur Maitland Ware (1874-1953): born Mar 1874 (1). Educated at various preparatory schools, at Haileybury 1887-1892, and Pembroke College, Cambridge 1892 (6).
1487/1-21 TITLE DEEDS, TILFORD AND ASH, 1621-1946
1487/1/1-20 Wenford Mill, Wear Plot and other lands at Tilford and Waverley, 1621-1733
1487/2/1-11 Ash: House called Costall Gate, North Mead; other houses and lands, 1723-1741
1487/3/1-11 House [at Tilford], and houses and lands in Tilford and Ash, 1748-1761
1487/4/1-11 Tilford House, other houses and land, and papers and accounts of Elizabeth Abney's executors, 1761-1790
1487/5/1-6 Tilford House, freehold and copyhold lands at Tilford, with will of Thomas Tayler, 1783-1831
1487/6/1-18 Malthouse or Bridgeland Farm and Mayes or Mansell's Farm, 1759-1840
1487/7/1-2 Allotments under Tilford Inclosure (Act 1850), 1847-1852
1487/8/1-13 Higher Reed and Hopground Reed, with a hopkiln, 1821-1851
1487/9/1-4 Copyhold cottage near Abbot's, 1834-1851
1487/10/1-12 Parcel no. 62 in Tilford Inclosure, 1855-1864
1487/11/1-4 Cottage, turfhouse and garden on south side of Tilford Common, 1855-1863
1487/12/1-44 Copy will of Martin Ware (d. 10 Oct 1872) with forms, valuations, papers and correspondence relating to the division of the estate, 1868-1875
1487/13/1-2 Copy will and codicils of Mrs Mary Ware with estimate for probate, 1865-1875
1487/14/1-19 Under the will of Martin Ware: Thomas Tayler's copyholds and other copyholds and allotments under Tilford Inclosure, 1873-1879
1487/15 Tilford Estate: release from M Ware and C T Ware, 1879
1487/16 Land at Tilford late Mansell's, 1885
1487/17 Exchange of Old Chapel, 1894
1487/18/1-3 Death of J T Ware (30 Jul 1902): Estate and Succession Duty forms, 1902
1487/19 Bond whose connection with the estate is not clear, 1695
1487/20/1-40 Conveyances, many of building plots, 1866 and 1903-1946
1487/21/1-12 Sale particulars of Tilford House and contents, farms and lands in Tilford and Frensham, and of an estate in Ash and Worplesdon, 1758-1903
1487/22 Registration of Elizabeth Abney's house, 1761
1487/23/1-19 Plans, 1761-1866
1487/24/1-21 Leases, agreements, notices to quit, 1817-1907
1487/25/1-15 Inventories and valuations, c1836-1860
1487/26-52 Correspondence and papers, 1835-1943
1487/53-61 Estate accounts, bills and receipts, 1836-1907
1487/62-64 Calculations, 1849-1886
1487/65-66 List, bundle labels and printed paper, 19th and 20th cent
1487/67/1-4 London House, 1833-1835
1487/68/1-14 Letters and notes
1487/69/1-2 Notebooks
1487/70/1 Martin Ware I (1717-1801)
1487/71/1 Mary Ware (1744-?)
1487/72/1 Elizabeth Ware (1746-[1827])
1487/73/1-2 Ann Ware (1747/8-[1814])
1487/74-102 FAMILY LETTERS AND PAPERS, 1800-1962
1487/74-78 Tayler Family
1487/74-76 Rev Thomas Tayler (1735-1831)
1487/77-78 Mary Tayler nee Porter ([1755]-1800)
1487/79-101 Ware Family
1487/79-80 James Ware FRS (1756-1815)
1487/81 Ursula Ware nee Maitland (1756-1836)
1487/82-84 Martin Ware II (1789-1872)
1487/85-86 Anne Ware nee Tayler (1792-1859
1487/87-88 Rev James Ware (1790-1855)
1487/89 James Thomas Ware (1817-1902)
1487/90-92 Martin Ware III (1818-1895)
1487/93 Mary Ware nee Williams (1834-1914)
1487/94 Charles Tayler Ware (1820-1908)
1487/95-97 Rev Henry Ware (1830-1909)
1487/98 Rev Martin Stewart Ware (1871-1934)
1487/99-100 Arthur Maitland Ware (1874-1953)
1487/101 Dr Martin Ware
1487/102 Brownlow Family
1487/102 William Brownlow ( ? )
1487/103-109 DIARIES AND MEMOIRS, 1773-1912
1487/103/1-2 James Ware FRS
1487/104/1 Martin Ware II
1487/105/1 James Thomas Ware
1487/106/1-4 Martin Ware III
1487/107/1-3 Mary Ware
1487/108/1-2 Rev Martin S Ware
1487/109/1 Edith M Ware
1487/110-114 OBITUARIES AND MEMORIALS, 1832-1908
1487/110/1 Rev Thomas Tayler
1487/111/1 Rev James Ware
1487/112/1-4 James Thomas Ware
1487/113/1-2 Martin Ware III
1487/114/1 Charles Tayler Ware
1487/115/1-5 Family
1487/116/1-2 Tilford House
1487/117/1 Other
1487/118/1-7 Printed material, 1773-1936

Records of the Ware Family of Tilford, Farnham

TITLE DEEDS, TILFORD AND ASH  [no ref. or date]


Bargain and sale and feoffment, endorsed with livery of seisin; 1 Richard Coldham esq or Waverley, in parish of Frensham, and Katherine his wife to; 2 William Perrey, yeoman, of Tylford, in parish of Farnham; Consideration £18. Warranty against dowry of Richard's wife Katherine; lease of cottage for Ann Rea to live in for life excepted No 1; Cottage and plot called Weare Plot (½ acre of meadow ground) in Tilford, adjoining lands of William Perrey on S and with river on E (other bounds), and all land thereto belonging on E side of river, and usual way through gate and lands of John Heythorne  1487/1/1  1 Jan 1647

Enrolled bargain and sale and feoffment, and grant of watercourse; 1 Richard Coldham esq of Waverley to; 2 Robert Palmer of Wenford Mill in Waverley, miller; Consideration £340. No 2; Closes of land meadow and pasture (26a) lying together in Waverley between highway from Wenford Bridge to Tilford on N and W, William Perry's copyhold land on S and river towards E and N, now parcel of and held with house mills and farm called Wenford in Waverley, and tithes on any part that formerly belonged to Waverley Abbey; with watercourse not exceeding 4' wide running from mill pond into and across the highway adjoining said premises, for watering the meadows there; Mortgage by demise for 1,000 years; 1 Robert Palmer of Wenford Mill, miller, to; 2 William Perry of Tilford, yeoman; Sum: £300; [This document, numbered 3 (see list, 1487/65/1) was lent to L R Stevens on 25 Apr 1946 (see 1487/68/14/3). A transcript is 1487/68/14/7 below]; Property as in 1487/1/2  1487/1/2  27 Oct 1654

Enrolled bargain and sale; 1 Robert Palmer, miller, of Wenford Mill in Waverley to; 2 William Perry of Tilford, yeoman; Consideration £360. No 4; Part of lands as in 1487/1/2; 2 closes and 1 hanger (8a) adjoining copyhold lands of William Perry; closes of meadow (7a) running from last to Bridge called Wenford Bridge, with woods, tithes and watercourse as in deed 1487/1/2, 2 closes (11a) reserved to Palmer. (Bounds for all groups)  1487/1/3  17 Jan 1655

? Mortgage by demise for 1,000 years; 1 Robert Palmer to; 2 William Perry; Consideration £360; 2 closes of land excepted in deed of 17 Jan 1655 (1487/1/3)  1487/1/4  3 Jun 1656

Probate of will of Robert Palmer of; Wanford Mill, miller; Will, 24 Apr 1657; Probate 1 Sep 1658; To eldest son Robert Palmer 5s, and use of fulling and corn mills and house testator lives in, and tools and instruments during remainder of lease, and all fulling earth and timber for repairing mills, on condition he pays half the rent, and 50s pa to testator's son John and £5 pa to his wife Mary, the 1st payment to be made within 3 months of the death of Martha wife of David Polhill gent of Otford, Kent; To youngest son John Palmer all testator's part of freehold land bought of Richard Coldham gent (expectant on death of Martha Polhill), on condition he pays £50 to testator's eldest daughter Martha, and £50 to second daughter Marie and £50 to youngest daughter Anne (all after death of Martha Polhill); Wife Marie and son John to live in house testator now dwells in as long as they can agree, and if not Marie shall leave and take her clothes and the bedstead from Southwarnborough etc 25s a quarter to be paid her each year after death of M Polhill; Son John Palmer executor; Thomas Eayres of Tilford, yeoman and James Figg of Tilford, yeoman, overseers; 10s to each of them. No 6  1487/1/5  1 Sep 1658

Probate of will of William Perry (or Perrey) of Tilford; Will 12 Dec 1663; Probate 5 Aug 1664; 1 To Nicholas Turner of Farnham cottage and plot called Weare Plot in Tilford, and 2 closes of land and one hanger (8a) adjoining WP's copyhold lands, and closes of meadow (7a) lying between the 5 closes and hanger and Wenford Bridge; 2 To Mary Turner sister of Nicholas £100; 3 To Robert Turner brother of Nicholas £50; 4 To Elizabeth Martyn wife of Roger Martyn of Frimley £20; 5 To Anne Clarke wife of Isaack Clarke of Tillington in Surrey (sic) £25; 6 To John Trigge of Crookeham £50; 7 To William Trigge of Ewshot £40; 8 To Mary wife of Stephen Harte of Ewshott £20; 9 To Joane Trigge of Crookham £20; 10 To Anne Gourde wife of John Gourde of Worplesdon £2011; 11 To James Gourde (son of last 2) £20 at age 21; 12 To Ruth Gourde (daughter of Anne and John £20 at age 21; 13 To Hannah Gourde (daughter of Anne and John) £20 at age 21; 14 To Sarah Gourde (daughter of Anne and John) £10 at age 21; 15 To Mary Gourd (daughter of Anne and John) £10 at age 21; 16 To Mary Perry my sister £25 and £100 if N Turner does not allow her to occupy room in house where testator dwells, and firing; 17 To poor of parish of Farnham 40s; 18 Residue to N Turner, who is executor No 9  1487/1/6  5 Aug 1664

Release and quitclaim of all right (deed poll); Henry Woodyer of Waverley, Compton, husbandman, Martha his wife, Marie and Ann Palmer, spinsters of Wanford Mill near Waverley to John Palmer of Wenford Mill, younger brother of Martha, Marie and Ann No 10; Close of arable land now in 3 closes (7a) in liberty of Waverley called Wenford Close (abuttals), now occupied by John Palmer  1487/1/7  20 Sep 1667

Mortgage by demise for 1,000 years; 1 John Palmer of Wanford Mill in liberty of Waverley, yeoman to; 2 Nicholas Turner of Farnham, mealman; Consideration £60; Endorsed 'deeds and writings of the 3 closes bt of John Palmer'; No 8; Close of arable land now in two closes (7a) called Wenford Close (abuttals)  1487/1/8  27 Sep 1667

Discharge of legacies in will of their father Robert Palmer late of Wanford Mill in Farnham; Henry and Martha Woodyer of Waverley, Compton and Mary and Anne Palmer of Wanford Mill near Waverley; Martha Polhill is now dead and John Palmer has paid the legacies as in 1487/1/5; No 10  1487/1/9  1 Mar 1668

Lease for a year (release missing); 1 John Palmer of Waverley, husbandman to; 2 Nicholas Turner of Farnham, mealman; Consideration 20s; No 11; Three closes (11a) in Waverley (bounds)  1487/1/10  20 Apr 1669

Receipt from John Palmer of Waverley for £150 cons money from Nicholas Turner of Farnham, mealman; [A partial transcript is 1487/68/14/9]  1487/1/11  21 Apr 1669

Marriage settlement of John Turner and Katharine née Palmer and counterpart; 1 Nicholas Turner of Farnham, mealman; 2 John Walden of Fernhurst, Hants, gent, James Goble of Farnham, tobaccocutter (trustees); 3 John Turner of Petworth, Sussex, mercer, son of 1 and wife Katherine, daughter of Robert Palmer late of Petworth; 1 to 2 as trustees for 3; Both No 14; Three closes (11a) in Waverley; 2 closes and one hanger (8a) in Waverley; closes of meadow (7a) in Waverley, and all tithes therefrom  1487/1/12 - 13  8 Nov 1684

Marriage settlement and counterpart; 1 John Turner of Petworth, Sussex, gent to; 2 William Westbrook of Ferring, Sussex, esq and Nathaniel Arnold of Katherine Hill near Guildford (trustees); John Turner has recently married Elizabeth widow of Robert Palmer of Petworth, gent; Both No 15; House barn buildings garden and backside near Petworth market place (occupied by John Turner); 3 closes (11a), 2 closes (11a), 2 closes and a hanger (8a), closes of meadow (7a) all in Waverley and tithes therefrom (occupied by John Trigg); toft, barn and closes (20a) called Neales in Bramshott, Hants (occupied by John Neale)  1487/1/14 - 15  17 Apr 1691

Manor of Farnham, copy of court roll; Admission of William Harding, son of John Harding on surrender of John Harding. Condition that John Harding is to hold Northmead during his lifetime; [These parcels are named among the copyholds to which the Rev Thomas Tayler was admitted in 1783 under the will of Elizabeth Abney, see 1487/5/1 below. No other copies of court roll (for the copyhold part of the Tilford estate) survive before 1783, but it may be presumed that these two small parcels were among the unspecified copyholds in clause 6 of the will of Nicholas Turner in 1713 (1487/1/17), and in the conveyance to Peter Green in 1731 (1487/1/19). A partial transcript is 1487/68/14/8]; One rod of bondland lying near Elthams Mead in the tithing of Tilford Fine 6d; One acre of meadow called Northmede in in the tithing of Tilford Fine 20d  1487/1/16  14 Mar 1621

Probate of Nicholas Turner of Farnham, mealman; Attested copy (1732) of will 6 Apr 1711; Probate 5 Jun 1713; 1 To grandson Nicholas Turner £100; 2 To grandson Nicholas Turner his hop garden and house belonging and house testator lives in; 3 To maidservant Mary Goodchild an annuity of 40s payable out of house occupied by Edward Fetherston a flockbed and bolster, a yellow rug, a pair of blankets and a pair of sheets; 4 To Anne Tarlton 20s; 5 To poor of Farnham £5; 6 To grandson John Turner eldest son of testator's late son Stephen Turner all houses and land, freehold and copyhold in Tilford, Waverley, Frensham, Coldpitt Land; 7 To grandson Stephen younger son of late son Stephen house in Farnham occupied by Edward Featherston and all lands and hereditaments near Dippenhall and at or near Maporleywell, Hants; 8 To friends John Holloway and John Piggott of Farnham and Stephen Hunt of Crondall (his executors) £10 each; 9 All residue of goods etc to be given to grandchildren Stephen, Mary, Rebeccah and Dorothy Turner (children of Stephen) at age 21 by executors, who have power to use estate for education; 10 To daughter-in-law Mary Turner £5 to buy her suit of mourning; 11 To cousin Turner son of Brother Robert 5s; 12 To the Dissenting Minister of Farnham 50s a year for 10 years to support the Meeting Place there; No.16  1487/1/17  (5 Jun 1713) copy 1732

Probate of John Turner of Farnham, gent; Will 15 Feb 1725; Codicil 18 Mar 1727; Probate 11 May 1731; Attested copy; 1 To mother John Turner 3 annuities of £10, payable out of farm devised in 2, and out of farm devised in 3 and out of farm and lands devised in 4  1487/1/18  11 May 1731

Conveyance of freeholds and covenant to surrender copyholds (release, lease missing), with covenant to levy a fine and suffer a recovery; 1 William Paradice citizen and goldsmith of London and Mary his wife, William Harris of London, weaver and Rebecca his wife and Dorothy Turner of London, spinster (Mary, Rebecca and Dorothy being the sisters and co-heirs of John Turner late of Farnham, gent), and Mary Turner widow of Stephen and mother of Mary, Rebecca and Dorothy; 2 Peter Green of Walthamstow, Essex, gent; Consideration £2,771; No 18; Freeholds: Three closes (11a), 2 closes and 1 hanger (8a), closes of Meadow (7a), all at or near Waverley (bounds include Wennford Bridge), and tithes thereon. Copyholds: House farm and lands in tithings of Tilford and Runweeke; house (lately erected by John Turner the grandson) and farm in Tilford  1487/1/19  18 Mar 1731

Two indentures of fine; Peter Greene gent quer; William Paradise and Mary his wife and Dorothy Turner spinster and Maria Turner widow, deforciant; One toft 10½a land 7a meadow 5a pasture and common of pasture in Waverley and Farnham, and tithes thereon; Dated Octave of Purification of Blessed Virgin Mary 5 Geo. II  1487/1/20  [1732]


Deed to lead the uses of a fine; 1 Nathanial Sawyer of Ash yeoman (son and heir of Richard Sawyer, son of Richard Sawyer late of Worplesdon, deceased), and Margaret his wife; 2 John Knight of Elstead, husbandman; To use of 1 for ever; [Indenture of fine was among Ware deeds deposited in 1950 and is numbered 1/52/7]; House called Costall Gate and lands (12a) in Ash, formerly occupied by John Pratt and now James Wheeler and Henry Collins; another house and close (2a) in Ash (occupiers); another house in Ash; barns etc; Barnfield (4a), Ditchfield (2½a), lowerfield (2½a), 3 closes called Forgatts (11a), 2 fields called Longlands (5a), Illands (4a), 1a meadow in Gason Mead, one moor called Gason coppice (2a), Oldford Moor (2a), 1a in Vellmead common meadow, the Lower Moor or Prace Moor (20a)  1487/2/1  29 Apr 1723

Copy will of Nathaniel Sawyer of Ash, yeoman; 1 House, farm lands etc in Ash occupied by Henry Collins (except barn and land occupied by James Wheeler) to son Richard Sawyer, and heirs, and if no heirs to daughters Margaret West, Anne Bayley, Hannah Monger and Mary Holt as tenants in common; 2 Richard Sawyer to pay £1 10s pa to Margaret West; 3 All residue of goods to son Richard; Executor: Richard Sawyer  1487/2/2  23 Jun 1723

Assignment of two terms of 1,000 years: Leonard Child of Guildford gent to Richard Withall of Guildford, innholder; Houses, lands and hereditaments: Assigned by Richard Sawyer of Ash, son of Nathaniel Sawyer, on 2 Apr 1728  1487/2/3  6 Oct 1729

Probate of will of Richard Sawyer of Badshot, Farnham, yeoman; Will 7 Apr 1731; Probate 12 Apr 1731; 1 Freehold estate in Ash subject to payment of debts; 2 Wife Joane has power to sell estate, and after debts paid all money remaining to be hers; 3 All personal and household goods to wife Joane; Executrix: wife Joane; Trustee and overseer: Mr Thomas Voller of Chiddingfold, who is to get one guinea for his pains  1487/2/4  12 Apr 1731

Joane Sawyer widow complainant v Richard Sawyer an infant, by Thomas Monger his guardian, defendant; Appeal of Joane Sawyer to Lord Chancellor saying that Richard Sawyer (only child of Richard and Joane Sawyer) states that house and lands in Ash left to her by her husband were settled and conveyed so that he has title and when he is 21 can take them, and also states that for various reasons will is not valid; she asks the Lord Chancellor to make a Decree  1487/2/5  23 Feb 1732

Richard Sawyer's answer by Thomas Monger his guardian  1487/2/6  2 Apr 1732

Interrogatories, and depositions of John Mills gent of Aldershot, George Goble of Badshot, Farnham, George Avenell of Aldershot, husbandman, witnesses to will of Richard Sawyer, as to its authenticity  1487/2/7  15 Jul 1732

Lease and release; 1 Joane Sawyer widow and devisee in will of late Richard Sawyer of Badshot in Farnham,.yeoman; 2 Peter Greene of Tilford esq; Cons: £214, and £636 to discharge principal and interest owing to executors of William Tubbs on a mortgage made by 1 to William Tubbs; House in Ash and appurtenances, now occupied by John West, with Barnfield (4a)m Ditchfield (2½a), Lower Field (2½a), 3 closes called Pollgates)11a), 2 fields called Longlands (5a), Ill Land (4a), 1a in Gason Mead, Moor called Gason Coppice (2a), Oldford Moor (2a), 1a in Fell Mead (all lately occupied by widow Collins and Richard Sawyer); The Lower Moor or Peate Moor (20a); (in possession of John West under an 11 year lease from Michaelmas 1728 at £28 pa)  1487/2/8  21 - 22 Sep 1736

Mortgage by demise for 1,000 years; 1 Robert Elyott of Farnham, blacksmith and Anne Elyott of Worplesdon, widow; 2 Peter Green of Tilford in Farnham, gent; Sum: £40; Enclosed: Bond in £80 from 1 to 2 to perform covenants, 26 Jan 1741; North Mead and moor adjoining (5a) in Ash (bounds given). Among the Ware deeds deposited in 1950 is a 99 year lease as mortgage of this property from Robert Harrison of Ash, husbandman, 3 Mar 1632 (G1/52/6); A transcript (1487/68/14/6 below) is that of the will of Robert Harrison of Ash, husbandman made 12 Mar 1632, leaving what is probably this property to his kinswoman Elizabeth Lovell. The original of this deed is one of the two lent for transcription in 1946 and not now in the collection  1487/2/9  26 Jan 1741

Release of dower; Ann Ellyott of Worplesdon, widow; Consideration maternal love and motherly affection for her son Robert Ellyott of Farnham, blacksmith, and 5s; Northmead (5a) in Ash, late occupied by William Sherring (bounds) and Moor adjoining  1487/2/10  2 Jun 1741

Lease and release; 1 Robert Ellyott of Farnham, blacksmith; 2 Peter Green of Tilford, Farnham, gent; Cons: £70; Northmead (5a) and Moor adjoining  1487/2/11  3-4 Jun 1741


Mortgage: Lease and release, with counterpart release; 1 Peter Green of Walthamstow, Essex, esq to; 2 Mary Westby of Linton, Cambs, widow; Sum: £2,400; Freehold property as in 1487/1/19, also property in Ash as in 1487/2/8 and North Mead in Ash as in 1487/2/10, also all copyhold property in tithings of Tilford and Runwick lately occupied by John Thorne and John Piercy, and copyhold house lately erected by John Turner deceased, and all other copyholds of Manor of Farnham belonging to Peter Green; Endorsement on release (1487/3/1), 22 Jul 1748; Declaration of agreement between Peter Green and Elizabeth his wife, and Mary Westby, that the intention of the deed and of the Fine recently levied is that all the property therein comprised is to the use of Peter Green and his heirs forever, though subject to the equity of redemption as immediately before execution of this deed  1487/3/1-2  23-24 Jun 1748

Enclosed: 2 indentures of fine; Dated Holy Trinity in 3 weeks 1748  1487/3/3a-b  1748

Mortgage: lease and release of freeholds and covenant to surrender copyholds; 1 Peter Greene of Ratcliff Cross, Middlesex, esq to; 2 John Raymond of Tower Hill, London, esq as security for £3,100 still owing to 2 by 1 after the end of their trade as Beavers and Partners; 3 closes (11a), 2 closes and hanger (8a), closes (7a), the Wear Plot (1a), all at or near Waverley, and all tithes thereon; house and land in Ash as in 1487/2/8, and North Mead in Ash as in 1428/2/10, also all copyholds in Tilford (now or late occupied by P; Greene and T Curtis), copyhold house lately erected by J Turner, 79 rods of orchard west of house of William Mansell, 1a arable (bounds), 1a meadow (boundes), meadow (42 rods) called the Partables (bounds), 4½a purpestre called Nurick Moor, in tithings of Elstead and Tilford, formerly John Carman's, and all other copyholds in tithings of Elstead and Tilford lately occupied T Curtis and P Greene; Enclosed: Peter Greene's bond in £6,448 to John Raymond to perform Covenants  1487/3/4-5  18-19 Dec 1758; 19 Dec 1758

Lease and release, and counterpart release; 1 John Raymond of Tower Hill, London esq; 2 Peter Greene of Ratcliffe Cross, Middlesex, esq, to; 3 James Lambe of Fairford, Glos, Samuel Lesingham of Hackney, Middlesex, esq, and Nathanial Neale of the Million Bank, London, gent (trustees for sale); 1 to 3, to pay off mortgages of 1748 and 1758; Property as in 1487/3/4, and contents of house scheduled as 'An inventory of the household goods and furniture of Peter Green esq at Tilford'  1487/3/6-7  24-25 Apr 1760

Agreement to relinquish possession of meadow moor and peatland and right to herbage at any time on 3 month's notice; Charles Curtis, with Peter Green; Closes of land at Tilford called Little Wedmead, Widmore Mead and Widmoores (12a) at Tilford, held under Peter Green  1487/3/8  12 Jul 1760

Lease and release, with schedule of contents of house at Tilford; 1 Benjamin Sherwill citizen and haberdasher of London (cousin and heir of Marg Bromsall late of Blunham, Bedfordshire, who was sister and heir of Mary Cromwell, formerly Westby, deceased); 2 William Cromwell of Grays Inn, Middlesex, esq; 3 Samuel Lesingham of Hackney, Middlesex, and Nathanial Neal of the Million Bank, London, gents (trustees for sale); 4 John Raymond of the Liberty of the Tower of London, esq; 5 Peter Greene of Ratcliffe Cross, Middlesex, esq, Markham Eeles Sherwill and William Sherwill (executors of will of Marg Bromsall, sole executrix of Mary Cromwell) to; 6 Elizabeth Abney of Stoke Newington, spinster; Cons: £4,000 paid by 6: 5s to 2 (who has already received £1,000); £2,626 17s 9d to 5; £1,373 2s 3d to 4; 5s each to 1, and to both parties in 3; For contents: £188 4s 6d paid to 3; Property as in 1487/3/6, including contents of house at Tilford described in a schedule (not identical to that in 1487/3/6), all recently put up to public auction and sold by 3 to 6  1487/3/9  15-16 Apr 1761

Enclosed: Copy probate of Mrs Mary Cromwell of Booking in Essex; Will 17 May 1751; Proved 1 Apr 1752  1487/3/10  1 Apr 1752

Copy will of Mrs Margaret Bromsall of Blunham, Bedfordshire, widow, with 4 codicils; Will 28 Apr 1755; Probate 18 Jul 1758  1487/3/11  18 Jul 1758


General releases to Mrs Elizabeth Abney of Stoke Newington from Thomas Rudd of Welford and William Annetts of Newbury (both in Berkshire)  1487/4/1-2  22 May 1762

Deed of covenant to execute surrender of conveyance when required, and for peaceable possession, with plan; 1 William Mansell of Tilford, Farnham, yeoman to; 2 Elizabeth Abney, spinster; Cons: £7 7s; Slip of land (lately part of William Mansell's paddock) and now separated therefrom, and laid into Elizabeth Abney's field called Broadfield  1487/4/3  13 Dec 1774

1 house, 1 yard of bondland and 1a of purprestre in the tithing of Tilford, manor of Farnham. Copies of Court Roll pinned together  1487/4/4-8  [n.d.]

Admission of John Matchwick as heir of Thomas Matchwich. Fine 6s 8d  1487/4/4  4 Apr 1769

Absolute surrender of John Matchwick to use of Elizabeth Abney of Stoke Newington (out of court). Fine 6s 8d  1487/4/5  11 Oct 1775

Admission of Elizabeth Abney by William Shotter her attorney. Fine 6s 8d  1487/4/6  17 Oct 1775

Enrolment of Elizabeth Abney's appointment of William Shotter as her attorney. Fine 12d  1487/4/7  17 Oct 1775

Elizabeth Abney's surrender to the uses of her will (by William Shotter her attorney) Fine 6s 8d; [see 1487/21/3 for sale particulars of Mr Matchwick's estate at Tilford, and 1487/23/6 for a plan. The conveyance to Miss Abney of the freehold part of the estate is missing]  1487/4/8  17 Oct 1775

19th century cover for 1487/4/4-8  1487/4/9  19th cent

Lease for 61 years; 1 William Gill of Eashing esq, lord of manor of Frensham Beale; 2 Elizabeth Abney of Tilford, spinster; Rent: 5s pa; [see 1487/23/5 for a plan possibly connected with this lease]; Free power and liberty of taking the water from a stream on a common called Elstead or Hankle Common in Elstead... to the tail of a newly made pond between the Abbot's Pond and Stockbridge Pond, and so much of the waste of the manor of Frensham Beale as the newly made pond flows over  1487/4/10  2 Dec 1776

Volume of accounts of Thomas Streatfield and John Harrison, executors to the late Miss Elizabeth Abney of Stoke Newington  1487/4/11  6 Sep 1782 - 22 Feb 1790


Manor of Farnham: copy of court roll; Admission of Rev Thomas Tayler (by his attorney George Fleetwood) under the will of Elizabeth Abney, and Rev Thomas Tayler's surrender to the uses of the will; In the tithing of Tilford in the Manor of Farnham: 1 house, half a yard of bondland and 6a of purprestre land formerly of William Hampton, and 1 house and half a yard of bondland called Tuney in the Tithing of Tilford Fine 3s 9d; 5 acres purprestre land at Kingshill called Sturt Fine 8s; ½ acre of purprestre Fine 6d; One house and 2 half yards of bondland, one toft and 2a purprestre Fine 5s; One house with a curtilage and one close of land called Elthams Fine 8d; One parcel of land (1 rod) in east part of Westbridge Fine 4d; One rod of bondland in Elthams Fine 6d; One acre of meadow called Northmead Fine 20d; One house and one yard of bondland Fine 7s; 4½ of land at Widmore, ½a of meadow on south part of Wydsmead Fine 17d; 4 acres called Mayres Fine 12d; 79 rods of orchard ground west of dwelling house of William Mansell and 1a arable land (bounds), one a meadow ground (bounds), a piece of meadow ground called the Partables (42 rods) (bounds) Fine 4d; 4½a purprestre called Donricke Moor in tithings of Elstead and Tilford Fine 12d; The east part of a cottage, and garden adjoining and parcel of heath (12 perches by 4 perches) near Eastbridge Fine 12d; 74 rods of meadow land called Rivermead Fine 3d; One house and one yard of bondland and one acre of purprestre Fine 6s 8d; Ten perches with a tenement built thereon (lately part of the east part of a cottage as above) Fine 2d  1487/5/1  28 Oct 1783

Receipt from R Webb Jupp for title deeds of an estate at Tilford received from Rev Thomas Tayler  1487/5/2  24 Nov 1807

Probate of Rev Thomas Tayler late of King's Road, Bedford Row, Middlesex, and copy. Will 1 Mar 1828; Probate 10 Nov 1831; 1 To Treasurer (James Gibson) of Society for the relief of aged and infirm persons £100; 2 To Treasurer of the Charitable Institution called the Widow's Fund £100; 3 To Mrs Ann Pope widow of Michael Pope esq £50 and to each of her children £15; 4 To Michael Pope of Stafford Row, Westminster esq £400; 5 To Rev Dr Collyer, Rev Mr Russell and James Gibson Esq (friends and colleagues in late Mr Edwards' Trust) 5 guineas each for a ring; 6 To Abraham Wilkinson of White, Webb, Enfield, Middlesex, doctor of Medicine and Michael Pope £100 each; 7 To Abraham Wilkinson of White, Webb, Enfield, Middlesex, Dr of Medicine and Michael Pope all his letters and Mss to be by them devised, distributed or destroyed in such manner as they shall see fit; 8 Confirms deed of gift to son Rev Thomas Tayler of estate in Worcestershire and sums of money, and now bequeaths him his library 'which I hope and trust he will find great comfort and improvement from', £3,000 in 3% Consolidated Bank annuities, one share in Staffordshire Canal and 2 shares in Shropshire Canal; 9 To daughter Mary Tayler £6,000 in 3% Consolidated Bank annuities and £4,000 in £3 10s % Bank annuities; 10 To daughter Ann wife of Martin Ware £100 pa Bank long annuities for her own sole use; 11 To daughter Mary Tayler his house and farm at Ash in Surrey (occupied by Joseph Mills); 12 To daughter Ann Ware and heirs, capital messuage and land at Tilford (occupied by Mr Crawford Davison) and another farm and cottages; 13 To friend James Gibson £50; 14 To each servant in his employment at time of his death £5 for each year of his service; Executors: Abraham Wilkinson and Michael Pope  1487/5/3  10 Nov 1831

Copy will of Thomas Tayler; 2 items  1487/5/4  Mar 1832

2 pages of executors' notes, with details of property at Tilford and to whom leased  1487/5/5-6  19th cent


Later Mansell's Farm (40a)  [no ref. or date]

Manor of Farnham, copy of court roll; Admission of William Shotter, gent; In the tithing of Tilford in the Manor of Farnham: 2 half yards of Bondland (the ½ part of 1 farthing of Bondland); 1 acre purpresture land and two further ½ roods near Green Lake, 1½ acres of purpresture land near the Moor of Roger Sandham, ½a toft in the Tithing of Tilford Fine 4s 8d; ½ a purpresture land in tithing of Tilford Fine 1d; A parcel of land 6 x 2 perches abutting the river on the west Fine 2d  1487/6/1  16 Oct 1759

Manor of Farnham, copy of court roll; Admission of William Moon on surrender of William Shotter; Property as in 1487/6/1  1487/6/2  16 Oct 1759

Manor of Farnham, copy of court roll; Admission of James Browne on surrender of William Moon eldest son of William Moon, eldest son of William Moon and wife Elizabeth 3 Fines:4s 8d, 1d, 2d; Property as in 1487/6/1-2  1487/6/3  16 Oct 1759

Manor of Farnham, copy of court roll; Admission of Elizabeth wife of Thomas Mansell on death of her father William Moon who had surrendered to the uses of his will. Thomas Mansell is admitted on payment of ½ fines; Property as in 1487/6/1-3  1487/6/4  16 Oct 1798

Manor of Farnham, copy of court roll; Admission of Thomas Mansell and John Moon on death of Elizabeth late wife of Thomas Mansell; Property as in 1487/6/1-4  1487/6/5  5 Oct 1819

Deed of covenant to charge copyhold lands (Kansell's Farm); Messrs Thomas Mansell and John Moon to Mr George Legg; Sum: £350  1487/6/6  6 Jan 1820

Later Malthouse or Bridgeland Farm (49a)  [no ref. or date]

Manor of Farnham, Copy of Court Roll; Admission of John Mansell eldest son of John Mansell, 'and also to pay to the bailiff of Farnham 13s 4d for the repair of 2 bridges in said tithing...' Fine 3s 4d; In the tithing of Tilford in the Manor of Farnham, one house and yard of bondland called Bridgeland  1487/6/7  2 Oct 1770

Manor of Farnham, extract of court roll; Admission of William Moon on surrender of John Mansell; Property as in 1487/6/7  1487/6/8  13 Apr 1773

Manor of Farnham, copy of court roll; Admission of Elizabeth Withall on death of William Moon; Property as in 1487/6/7-8  1487/6/9  16 Oct 1798

Manor of Farnham, copy of court roll; Admission of John Moon of Tothill Street, Westminster, dealer in spirituous liquors on death of Elizabeth Attfield widow (formerly Elizabeth Withall) Fine 3s 4d; Property as in 1487/6/7-10  1487/6/10  1 Apr 1834

Copy agreement to lease Malthouse Farm for 14 years; John Moon of Tuttle Street, Westminster, to James Evans of S Warnborough, Hampshire  1487/6/11  28 Apr 1836

Mansell's Farm, and Malthouse or Bridgeland Farm  [no ref. or date]

Deed of covenant to surrender copyhold lands; John Moor of Tothill Street, Westminster, dealer in spirituous liquors, to Thomas Williams of Guildford, ironmonger; Sum: £1,000  1487/6/12  1 Sep 1836

Appointment of Receiver to collect rents; Mr John Moon and Mr Thomas Williams to Mr George Potter  1487/6/13  1 Sep 1836

Agreement for sale and purchase of Malthouse or Bridgeland Farm and Mayes Farm; Mr John Moon and Martin Ware Esq; Cons: £2,205  1487/6/14  5 Jul 1839

Abstract of Mr John Moon's title to a copyhold estate at Tilford; [Sale Particulars of 1834 are 1487/21/5]  1487/6/15  1839

Deed of covenant to surrender (including manorial descriptions) 8 Oct 1839, with agreement (5 Jul 1839), abstract of John Moon's titles 1758-1839, and 1770-1839, with queries on title and supporting papers; 1 John Moon of Tothill Street, victualler to; 2 Martin Ware of Bridge Street, Blackfriars, London; Consideration £2,205; Malthouse or Bridgeland Farm (49a) and Mayes or Mansell's Farm (40a), both copyhold of Manor of Farnham, in Tilford; Bought of Martin Ware of Bridge Street, Blackfriars, London, of John Moon of Tothill Street, Westminster, victualler, for £2,205 in 1939  1487/6/16  8 Oct 1839

Manor of Farnham, copy of court roll; Admission of Martin Ware on surrender of John Moon of Tothill Street; Property as in 1487/6/12-16  1487/6/17  5 May 1840

7 receipts for quit-rents and land tax re Malthouse Farm, and Mr Ware's admission, pinned together  1487/6/18/1-7  1837-1840


Memo of agreement: Bishop of Winchester and Martin Ware, and draft; Proposed exchange of allotments under the Tilford Inclosure  1487/7/1  7 Jul 1849

Copy memo of agreement for sale of an allotment under Tilford Inclosure; J and W Wheeler and J F Cook  1487/7/2  7 Jul 1852


Manor of Farnham, copy of court roll; Admission of William Paine of Tilford, blacksmith on surrender of Crawford Davison esq rent 3d, fine 12d; Higher Reed (2a 1r 3p) with house, barn and hopkiln and buildings; Hop Ground Reed (3a 0r 10p) rent 4s (parcel of Ketts formerly Threshers in Tilford)  1487/8/1  6 Apr 1821

Probate of William Paine; Will 2 Oct 1830; Probate 29 Apr 1835  1487/8/2  29 Apr 1835

Manor of Farnham, copy of court roll; Admission of Mrs Mary Paine on death of William Paine her husband; Copyhold property as in 1487/8/1  1487/8/3  1 Apr 1834

Manor of Farnham, attested copy mortgage surrender; Mary and Harriet Paine to Ann Lydiat; Copyhold property as in 1487/8/1  1487/8/4  19 Jul 1839

Deed of covenant accompanying conditional surrender to secure £400; Mrs Mary Paine and Miss Harriet Paine to Miss Ann Lydiat  1487/8/5  19 Jul 1839

Assignment of mortgage; Miss Ann Lydiat of Gravely, Herts, spinster, to; Mr Thomas Beldham of Binsted, Hants, yeoman  1487/8/6  27 Nov 1841

Note requiring discharge of principal and interest: Thomas Beldham to Mrs Mary Paine  1487/8/7  16 Mar 1848

Miss Ann Lydiat's appointment of Thomas Beldham as her attorney to be admitted  1487/8/8  13 Sep 1848

Manor of Farnham, copy of court roll; Surrender of Ann Lydiat and admission of Thomas Beldham; Copyhold property as in 1487/8/1  1487/8/9-11  18 Sep 1848

Declaration by William Mason that he served a notice on Mrs Mary Paine  1487/8/12  25 Mar 1851

Deed of covenant to surrender a copyhold house and premises to Manor of Farnham, with plan; 1 Thomas Beldham (mortgagee of Mrs M Paine); 2 Martin Ware esq; Cons: £450; Higher Reed (2a 1r 3p) and Hopground Reed (3a 10p) (bounds) parcel of 1 messuage and ½ yard of bondland called Ketts formerly Threshers; River Mead (74 rods) excepted  1487/8/12a  1 Apr 1851

'List of deeds relating to property purchased from T Beldham (Paine's mortgagee) by Mr Ware'; [Including T Beldham's surrender to Martin Ware, and his admission, both of 1 Apr 1851]  1487/8/13  n.d. [19th century]


Manor of Farnham, copy of court roll (copy); Mortgage surrender; James Wheeler to Thomas Paine; Sum: £40; (paper watermarked 1845); Parcel of waste near Abbot's Pond not exceeding ½a, with cottage and other buildings  1487/9/1  2 Jan 1834

Manor of Farnham, copy of court roll; Admission of James and William Wheeler on death of their father James Wheeler; Fine 15d  1487/9/2  1 Apr 1851

Manor of Farnham, memorandum; Mortgage surrender of James and William Wheeler to Martin Ware of Russell Square; Sum: £150  1487/9/3  13 Jun 1851

Mortgage with plan; 1 James and William Wheeler both of Abbot's Pond, husbandmen; 2 Martin Ware of Russell Square, esq; Sum: £150; Two and a half acres in tithing of Tilford (bounds), with buildings thereon  1487/9/4  13 Jun 1851


Manor of Farnham, copy of court roll; Admission of Henry Wilkinson, carpenter, on surrender of John Knight of Farnham, banker; Fine 1d; One acre, 2 rods, 34 perches (no. 62 in Tilford Inclosure), allotted in respect of the Barley Mow Public House  1487/10/1  8 May 1855

Deed of covenant to surrender by way of mortgage; Henry Wilkinson of Tilford, carpenter, to Thomas Smith of Aldershot, yeoman; Sum: £325; Property as in 1487/10/1, with cottages erected thereon  1487/10/2  12 May 1855

Manor of Farnham, copy of court roll; Admittance of Mr Thomas Smith on surrender of Henry Wilkinson; Property as in 1487/10/2  1487/10/3  6 Jan 1859

In Exchequer of Pleas; Smith v Wilkinson re land at Tilford (bounds given); Order for jury (plaintiff's copy)  1487/10/4  24 Jan 1859

List of Petty Jurors at Spring Assize at Kingston, printed  1487/10/5  1859

Covenant to surrender; Thomas Smith to W H R Beaty of Farnham, gent; Cons: £350; Property as in 1487/10/2  1487/10/6  12 May 1859

Manor of Farnham, copy of court roll; Admittance of W H R Beaty on surrender of Thomas White; Property as in 1487/10/2  1487/10/7  18 Oct 1859

Manor of Farnham, copy of court roll; Admittance of J B Byers on surrender of W H R Beaty; Property as in 1487/10/2  1487/10/8  3 Jun 1863

Manor of Farnham, copy of court roll; Admittance of P P Blyth, J W Burmester and W C Jones (trustees of London and County Banking Co), on surrender of J B Byers; Land as in 1487/10/1, with house and 4 cottages erected on it  1487/10/9  23 May 1864

Covenant to surrender; J B Byers and his mortgagees (as in 1487/10/9, 23 May 1864) to Martin Ware of Gordon Square, Middlesex; Cons: £467 8s 10d; With 2 authorities for payment attached; Property as in 1487/10/9  1487/10/10  15 Sep 1864

Manor of Farnham, copy of court roll; Admittance of M Ware on surrender of J B Byers; Property as in 1487/10/10  1487/10/11  8 Nov 1864

Note: insurance policy on Byers Houses: Law Fire No 77418 for £500 sent to J T Ware  1487/10/12  5 Apr 1865


Conveyance; 1 Eli Hillier of Tilford, labourer to; 2 Frederick Hillier of Elstead, labourer; Cons: £25; With Eli Hillier's attornment of even date becoming tenant of 2 at rent of 1s 6d per week attached; Cottage, turfhouse and garden at Tilford Green (1 rod). Bounds include Tilford Green on north  1487/11/1  29 Apr 1859

Mortgage; 1 Frederick Hillier of Elstead, labourer to; 2 William King of Godalming gent; Sum: £25; Endorsed with reconveyance and extinction of mortgage; Property as in 1487/11/1  1487/11/2  26 Sep 1863

Memorandum of agreement for sale as in 1487/11/4; [Plan is 1487/23/12, lease to Eli Hillier 1487/24/14]  1487/11/3  27 Oct 1863

Conveyance; Mr Frederick Hillier of Elstead, labourer, to Martin Ware esq of Tilford; Cons: £75; Property as in 1487/11/1-3  1487/11/4  29 Oct 1863


Office copy will of Martin Ware; 1 To son J T Ware £5,000 (having given a similar sum to his 4 other sons, Mr Ware jur, C T Ware, J M Ware and Henry Ware); 2 To daughters-in-law (not widows or childless) £100 each, and if widows or childless £200; 3 To each grandchild £100 to be invested till age 21. To be paid out of such part of his estate as may be bequeathed for charitable purposes; 4 To Church Missionary Society, British and Foreign Bible Society, and London Missionary Society each £50; 5 To Society for Relief of Widows and Orphans of Medical Men in London £100; 6 To the Friendly Female Society, the Metropolitan Convalescent Society, the Saint Giles Refuge, Broad Street and Parker Street, the St Pancras Industrial School, Grays Inn Road and the Ragged School in Peace Cottages in Brunswick Square 19 guineas; Other bequests: 7 To Martin Smith son of Mrs Smith late Miss Emma Savill £100; 8 To be distributed among Farm Labourers at Tilford £25; 9 To servant Mary Dibden an annuity of £25; 10 To John Beagley gardener at Tilford an annuity of £10; 11 To Harriet Canham, cook in London £50; 12 To James Cage coachman in London, Thomas Beagley footman at Tilford and [........] Willis cook at Tilford 19 guineas; 13 To bailiff Coppar £10; 14 To rest of domestic servants in London and at Tilford £5; 15 All surgical instruments to son J T Ware; 16 All wine and spirits to son J T Ware; 17 To J T Ware £300 to be invested for benefit of superannuated labourers on estate; Real estate: 18 Real estate to said J T, Martin and C T Ware in trust for sale except for freeholds and copyholds at or near Tilford and Mundays Farm near Aylesbury; 19 All personal estate not otherwise bequeathed to J T, Martin and C T Ware on trust for sale, with option of purchasing at ½ value 1 plate and other articles in houses in London and at Tilford; 20 Five sons in order of seniority shall have option of purchasing books, pictures and prints; 21 Tilford Estate and Mundays Farm to be valued. If Tilford estate exceeds one third of total value, such estate to be charged with excess and paid to Trustees; 22 Trustees to hold Tilford Estate in trust for J T Ware, and sum charged on it (if any) in trust for 4 other sons; 23 Trustees to hold Mundays Farm and moneys from sale of other real estate and pay to J T Ware the value by which Tilford Estate is worth less than one third part of whole; 24 Net moneys in trust for other 4 sons equally, but Martin Ware to take Mundays Farm; 25 Other moneys in trust for all 5 sons; Sons J T Ware, Martin Ware and C T Ware executors and trustees  1487/12/1  18 Jul 1868

Hodgson's bill for valuation of books  1487/12/2  Feb 1873

Inland Revenue forms for Succession Duty on Real Property  [no ref. or date]

Forms signed, 26 Nov, duty paid, 7 Dec 1874

J T Ware, for one fifth of property at Tilford as described in attached list of property under will of Rev T Tayler, and of allotments under Tilford Inclosure Award [A]  1487/12/3  1874

J T Ware, for whole of unsettled estate at Tilford as described in attached list [B]  1487/12/4  1874

J T Ware, for all timber on [B], and for one fifth of timber on [A]  1487/12/5-6  1874

Martin Ware, for one fifth part of [A] and of timber on [A]  1487/12/7-8  1874

C T Ware, as Martin Ware  1487/12/9-10  1874

Rev Henry Ware, as Martin and C T Ware  1487/12/11-12  1874

Cover for 1487/12/3-12  1487/12/13  19th cent

Testamentary papers  [no ref. or date]

Rough estimate for probate; lists and calculations relating to division of estate and of the plate  1487/12/14-21  1872-1876

Valuations of Haydon Hill, and of Haydon Hill and Woodmans Farms, Aylesbury, Bucks, with letters from J T Ware on estate and testamentary matters, and note of outstanding estate Feb 1875  1487/12/22-35  1873-1875

Printed balance sheet of estate of Rev James Ware deceased  1487/12/36  5 Apr 1856

Abstract of will of Mrs Maria Hawes Ware (1863), with statement of final division (1874)  1487/12/37-38  1863 & 1874

Heads of settlement on marriage of Mr Arthur Brewin and Miss Maria Louisa Julius (1868); note as to funds divisible among Mrs Ware's sons under Mrs Burden's will (1859); copy will of Mary Dawling widow of Headley, Hants (1873); blank forms for a will, and for a married woman's will (1849  1487/12/39-44  1849-1873


Will with codicil of Mary Ware widow of Southborough, Kent; 1 To J T Ware and Martin Ware jnr, nephews of her husband Rev J Ware, her executors each £100; 2 To be buried beside her husband at Wyverstone, Suffolk; 3 Stock in her marriage settlement: to nephew Robert Mitton Hensley £2,300, and to niece Mary Caroline Hensley £2,300, and to niece Mary Caroline Hensley 2,300, and to sister Margaret Petrie £2,000; 4 All other funds and residue of estate to be divided between 5 children of her sister Margaret Petrie; 5 One third share in her mother Margaret Mitton's estate to be divided: 5/7 to 5 children of sister M Petrie; 2/7 to R M and M C Hensley children of her sister Martha Hensley; 6 To husband's niece Ursula Ware the engraving of her late husband's father, the gold repeater watch left to testator by her sister-in-law Ursula Ware and jewellery (described) given to her by her brother-in-law Martin Ware and his wife Anna; 7 To Elizabeth her late husband's niece (wife of Rev F M Mather) the picture of her mother-in-law and jewellery; 8 To Anna Maria Ware (niece) the picture of her cousins Fred and Maitland Ware and jewellery; 9 To testator's own niece Margaret (wife of John Barker of Plas Ashpod, near Denbigh) jewellery; 10 To Robert M Hensley her late husband's gold watch and seals; 11 Other bequests of silver etc to her husband's nephews; 12 £5 to every female servant at time of death; 13 All remaining jewels and clothes to Mary C Hensley; 14 All remaining furniture, plate, books etc to be divided between R M and M C Hensley; First codicil, 2 Jan 1868; 1 To Miss Harriet Georgiana Hensley £100; 2 To William Groombridge her manservant or gardener £5; 3 To each female servant a suit of mourning or money to provide it; 4 Bath chair to be included in bequest of household effects; 2nd codicil, 7 Jan 1868; Legacies to executors also to be free of legacy duty; 3rd codicil, 27 Mar 1873; 1 To Miss H G Hensley £200 instead of £100; 2 To Fanny Mankelow of Tunbridge Wells £10; 3 To each female servant £1 for each year of her service in addition to any other bequest  1487/13/1  1 Jul 1865

Estimate for probate  1487/13/2  24 Jan 1875


Manor of Farnham, copies of court roll; Admittances of J T Ware, M Ware, C T Ware, and devisees of late Joseph M Ware and Rev Henry Ware (sons of late Martin and Anne Ware) each to one fifth of the property, under the will of the Rev Thomas Tayler; Copyhold property as in 1487/5/1 ('Old Enclosures') in tithing of Tilford in the Manor of Farnham  1487/14/1-5  21 Oct 1873

Manor of Farnham, copy of court roll; Admittances of James Thomas Ware esq of Tilford House, Martin Ware, Barrister at Law of Old Square Lincoln's Inn and Charles Tayler Ware esq of City of London, trustees under will and on death of Martin Ware; House with buildings and garden, cottage with buildings and garden and site of hopkiln (3 rods 8 perches), occupants and bounds named, and site of barn and buildings and lands called the Paddock (2a 0r 29p) in tithing of Tilford in the Manor of Farnham Fine 12d; 5 parcels arable: Middlefield (5a or 28d) fishers (9a 2r 22p) Longfield (4a 1r 25p) Lower North Crawt (5a 3r 25p); The Plantation (1a 2r 0p), heretofore described as 'one toft and ½ yard bondland and 4 a purpresture called Fishers' Fine 3s 4d; Two half yards of bondland etc (as in 1487/6/1), with exception of parts since sold Fine 2s 6d; One house and one yard of bondland called Bridgeland in Tithing of Tilford Fine 3s 4d; Close called Higher Reed (2a 1r 3p) with houses, barn, hopkiln and buildings thereon and close called Hop Ground Reed (3a 0r 10p) (bounds; parcel of Ketts) Fine 12d; Parcel formerly part of the waste near the Abbot's Pond, with cottages thereon (less than ½a) Fine 15d; 1a 2r 34p (no 62 in Tilford Inclosure) with house and 4 cottages thereon Fine 1d; Parcel formerly part of waste near Reed Bottom, with cottage thereon no. 3026 on Tithe Map of Farnham (1a 0r 38p), and allotment 32 in Tilford Inclosure Fine 12d  1487/14/6  21 Oct 1873

Manor of Farnham, copy of court roll; Admittances of J T Ware, W Ware, C T Ware, and devisees of late J M Ware and Rev Henry Ware (as heirs of M and A Ware) to 1/5th each; 13 allotments of land (nos. 18, 28, 30, 36, 38, 48, 53, 57, 57a, 59, 64, 65 and 43) under Tilford Inclosure Award to which late Ann Ware was admitted at the Turn of Hock, 1833  1487/14/7-11  17 Jul 1878

Manor of Farnham, copy of court roll; Admittances of James Thomas Ware esq of Tilford House, Martin Ware, Barrister at Law of Old Square Lincoln's Inn and Charles Tayler Ware esq of City of London, trustees under will and on death of Martin Ware; 11 allotments of land (nos. 35, 39, 33, 67, 34, 56, 56a, 55, 70, 60, 37) made under Tilford Inclosure Award to late Martin Ware  1487/14/12  17 Jul 1878

Manor of Farnham, copy of court roll; Admittance of J T Ware on Surrenders of Martin Ware, C T Ware, Mrs Ellen Ware and others, and Rev Henry Ware; Property as in 1487/14/1-5 and 1487/14/7-11 in the tithing of Tilford in the Manor of Farnham  1487/14/13-16  14 Oct 1878

Manor of Farnham, copy of court roll; Consolidation of Undivided Shares of Copyholds of J T Ware, which had become divided into 90 units, and may now return to 18 copyholds in the tithing of Tilford in the Manor of Farnham; [see deed of 13 Mar 1879, 1487/15 below]  1487/14/17  14 Oct 1878

Draft of 1487/14/19  1487/14/18  14 Mar 1879

Manor of Farnham, copy of court roll; Admittance of J T Ware on surrenders of devisees in trust of late Martin Ware; Property as in 1487/14/6 and 1487/14/12 in the tithing of Tilford in the Manor of Farnham  1487/14/19  14 Mar 1879


Release of freehold and copyhold hereditaments; 1 Martin Ware of Lincoln's Inn esq, and Charles Tayler Ware of Great Winchester Street Buildings, City of London esq; 2 James Thomas Ware of Tilford; Tilford Estate: Freehold and copyhold parcels (many with tithe map or Inclosure map numbers) in 3 schedules, part of the property of late Martin Ware inherited by his three surviving sons, and now divided between them (the Tilford estate being worth less than one third of his whole estate)  1487/15  13 Mar 1879


Covenant to surrender a close of land held of the Manor of Farnham, and conveyance of freehold rentcharge payable out of an allotment for the labouring poor of Tilford, with plan, and schedule of admissions since 1802; 1 William Mansell of Guildford, coal merchant and George Mansell of Guildford, carpenter; 2 Mary Ann Mansell of Chelsea, widow, William John Mansell of West Brompton, furniture dealer and others; to; 3 James Thomas Ware of Tilford House esq; Cons: £60; Lot 4 at Sale of property of late John Mansell (sold under Order in Chancery in case Mansell v Mansell) of 27 Jun 1885; Two papers enclosed: certificate of lodgement of Mr J T Ware's balance of purchase, and undertaking that outgoings should be paid by vendors  1487/16  2 Dec 1885


Board of Agriculture's Order of Exchange (under Board of Agriculture Act 1889, and Inclosure Acts), with plan; 1 James Thomas Ware esq; 2 Andrew Caesar and other Trustees; A to 2; B to 1; A Land at Tilford, part of House Field and part of an allotment; B Old Chapel and surrounding ground  1487/17  7 Aug 1894


J T Ware died intestate on 30 Jul 1902.

Inland Revenue Estate Duty form, with detailed schedule of the Tilford estate on 5 attached pages; Heir Rev M S Ware, nephew  1487/18/1  9 Oct 1903

Inland Revenue Succession Duty form, with schedule as in 1487/18/1  1487/18/2  27 Oct 1903

Cover for 1487/18/1 and 1487/18/2  1487/18/3  20th cent


George Inyce citizen and draper of London: bond in £800 to pay £410 to Andrew Warner esq of Badmensfield, Suffolk, at Draper's Hall; [A bond in £800 of 22 Mar 1697 from George Inyce, citizen and draper, London, to Andrew Warner esq of Badmonsfield, Suffolk, is among the Ware deeds deposited in 1950 (G1/52/8)]  1487/19  28 Nov 1695

CONVEYANCES, MANY OF BUILDING PLOTS  1487/20  1866, 1903-1946

Copy of entry on Close Roll, with plan; Grant and conveyance by Martin Ware to the incumbent of district of Tilford and his successors, as an endowment and to augment incumbent's income; Subject to agreement of 29 Oct 1863 allowing Eli Hillier to occupy cottage for 21 years or for life; Receipt for payment for this copy is attached; Cottage and parcel of land (as in 1487/11/1-4)  1487/20/1/1  14 Jul 1866

Letter from Ecclesiastical Commission naming solicitor appointed to act for them  1487/20/1/2  22 May 1866

Unsigned declaration by Martin Ware's solicitors about title and plan of cottage  1487/20/1/3  1866

Copy burial certificate of Eli Hillier aged 78 at All Saints, Tilford  1487/20/1/4  20 Dec 1869

Conveyances of land at Tilford from Rev M S Ware  [no ref. or date]

(Most have a schedule of stipulations as to building and user)

Contract for sale of freehold and copyhold land, with plan, to Richard Combe of Pierrepond. Price: £3,000; 85a 3r adjoining road from Millbridge to Tilford  1487/20/2  28 Aug 1903

Draft, with plan, to H G Bunning of Godalming, builder. Price: £320; 3a 1r 27p in Tilford (allotment 53 in Tilford Inclosure) on east side of road from Haslemere to Farnham  1487/20/3  31 Dec 1903

Contract for sale of copyholds at Charles Hill, Tilford, with plan (3a 2r 24p and 3a 1r 9p) to Miss Lucy M Lonsdale of Groombridge, Sussex; Cons: £511 and £462 17s 6d; Part of no. 383 on O S Map  1487/20/4  21 Feb 1906

Duplicate conveyance, with plan parties as in 1487/10/4; Cons: £511; Land at Charles Hill, Tilford (3a 2r 24p)  1487/20/5  3 Apr 1906

Contract for sale of copyhold land at Charles Hill, Tilford, with plan (7a 2r 10p) parties as in 1487/23/4; Cons: £1,134 7s 6d; Attached: solicitor's letter requesting enfranchisement; Land to west of that sold in 1906  1487/20/6  29 Apr 1907

Duplicate conveyance, with plan, stipulations as to building and user and schedule of admissions 1879 and 1903; Property and parties as in 1487/20/6  1487/20/7  4 Jul 1907

Contract for sale of copyhold land at Charles Hill, Tilford, with plan, (3a 12 perches) parties as in 1487/20/4-5; Cons: £525; No 384 on OS map and parts of nos. 381 and 382  1487/20/8  28 Nov 1910

Conveyance as in 1487/20/8, with plan; Schedules of stipulations as to building and user, and admissions 1879 and 1903  1487/20/9  23 Feb 1911

Conveyance, with plan and schedule of stipulations, and duplicate conveyance to Farnham Rural District Council; Land at Tilford for council houses (part of allotment 56 under Tilford Inclosure)  1487/20/10/1a-b  23 Jan 1919

Deed of enfranchisement, Ecclesiastical Commissioners to Rev M S Ware, with plan  1487/20/10/2  9 Jan 1921

Certificate of the contract for the redemption of Land Tax, with plan  1487/20/10/3  18 Jul 1921

Conveyance from Farnham Urban District Council to Rev M S Ware; [see also 1487/20/14]  1487/20/10/4  26 May 1922

Contract for sale of copyhold land, with plan to Richard Combe; Price: £1,925; 3½a part of allotment 39  1487/20/11  22 Feb 1919

Duplicate covenant to surrender copyhold land to Mr Andrew Caesar, farmer; Wood Hill Green (part of allotment no. 67 in Tilford Inclosure)  1487/20/12  15 Jan 1920

Conveyance of 3a 1r 9p near Tilford, with plan, to Miss K L Lawrance of 7 Onslow Square; £462 17s 6d  1487/20/13  25 Mar 1920

Conveyance of freehold land, with plan, and cover, to Col J H Bailey; Price: £100; Pieces of land (1a), allotment 56 in Tilford Inclosure, W side of Farnham to Hindhead Road, half of it as in 1487/20/10/1-4  1487/20/14  14 Jun 1923

Duplicate conveyance, with plan, to William B Craig; Price: £300; with copy deed of enfranchisement: Ecclesiastical Commissioners for England to Rev M S Ware, 26 Jul 1923; 2a, part of allotment 64 in Tilford Inclosure, E side of Farnham to Churt Road  1487/20/15  20 Aug 1923

Draft conveyance, with plan, to Mr W Tilbury; Price: £25; 168 square feet (with shed) next Barley Mow  1487/20/16  7 Nov 1923

Agreement for sale, with plan; With duplicate conveyance (after enfranchisement) to Mrs A B G Cradock, 3 Dec 1923. Price: £100; 1a part of allotment 56, W side of Hindhead to Farnham Road  1487/20/17  6 Sep 1923

Agreement to sell and purchase, with plan to Mrs Isabel Jane Ball. Price: £450; 5a near Stockbridge Pond, copyhold of Manor of Farnham  1487/20/18  13 Mar 1924

Duplicate conveyance, with plan to Mrs I J Ball. Price: £450; 5a land adjacent to Stockbridge Pond, part of allotment 64  1487/20/19  12 May 1924

Agreement for sale, with plan; With duplicate conveyance (after enfranchisement) to Crooksbury Estates Ltd, 24 May 1924. Price: £300; 2a 1r 10p on E side of Farnham to Churt Road  1487/20/20  18 Mar 1924

Agreement for sale, with plan; With duplicate conveyance (after enfranchisement) to A J Cradock, 23 Jul 1925; Price: £100; 1a 0r 15p [on S side of plot in 1487/20/17]  1487/20/21  22 May 1925

Draft conveyance, with plan, to Mrs C A G M Haggard. Price: £120; 1 acre of west of 1487/20/17 & 21  1487/20/22  30 Mar 1927

Copy conveyance, with plan, to R M E Stallard. Price: £201; Close 1a 1r 1p to south of 1487/20/21  1487/20/23  4 Dec 1928

Copy conveyance, with plan, to Victor P Lohr; Price: £1,500; House called Stockbridge Cottage  1487/20/24  21 Dec 1928

Copy conveyance, with plan, to Mrs C A G M Haggard. Price: £46 5s; 1r 34p on west and north of 1487/20/22  1487/20/25  11 Jun 1929

Agreement for sale, with plan, to Mr R M E Stallard. Price: £119; 2 r 39p south of Stockbridge Cottage, fronting road from Churt to Farnham  1487/20/26  13 Sep 1930

Agreement for sale and purchase, with plan and copy to W J Davis. Price: £450; 3a NW of the Duke of Cambridge Public House  1487/20/27  38 Sep 1931

Draft conveyance, with plan, to C S Thorby of the Post Office, Tilford. Price: £40; ¼a near Bridge Farm  1487/20/28  1 May 1931

Contract for sale and purchase of land, with plan to Mr R M E Stallard; 1a S of 1487/20/27  1487/20/29  [1931]

Draft agreement for sale and purchase, with plan to H G Stafford. Price: £100; 4 acres of meadow, part of Bridge Farm  1487/20/30  1931

Copy conveyance, with plan, to Mrs C A G M Haggard. Price: £100; Piece of land adjoining 1487/20/25 on west and north  1487/20/31  29 Sep 1932

Draft conveyance, with plan to Mr W H Hurst Price: £400; 2a 0r 31p north of 1487/20/29  1487/20/32  30 Nov 1932

Conveyances from Mrs I M Ware  [no ref. or date]

Copy conveyance, with plan, to Miss E W Evans. Price: £50; Plot of land west of 1487/20/23  1487/20/33  31 May 1937

Agreement for sale and purchase, with plan to J C Davis. Price: £62 10s; Marked 'No Sale'; Strip of land near Post Office, on S side of Tilford to Elstead road  1487/20/34  5 Apr 1938

Draft conveyance to W Sainsbury. Price £187 10s; Strip of land south of Tilford to Elstead road  1487/20/35  2 Jun 1938

Statutory declaration by A V Lee, with plan, relating to land in 1487/20/34 and 35  1487/20/36  3 Jun 1938

Agreement for sale and purchase, with plan to Col E St G Kirke. Price: £105; Marked 'No Sale'; Land adjoining Hankley Common Golf Club on the north  1487/20/37  1939

Draft conveyance, with plan, to Mr W J Davis Price: £90; Part of Stonehill Copse  1487/20/38  1941

Draft conveyance, with plan, to E R How esq of 'Milestones'. Price: £16; Strip of land to east of Stockbridge Cottage, behind the purchaser's garden  1487/20/39  8 Aug 1944

Conveyance from Dr Martin Ware  [no ref. or date]

Draft conveyance to C S Thorby. Price: £95; Freehold land formerly copyhold of Manor of Farnham  1487/20/40  1946


Manuscript 'Particular of an Estate in the Parish of Farnham ...'; Tilford House, and land; house and farm at Tilford; farms at Dippinghall and at Ash. Valued at £6,600 by H Bevan on 17 Apr 1758  1487/21/1  1758

Printed particulars of the same estate, less the farm in Dippenhall, to be sold by auction by Mr Langford in Covent Garden, with conditions of sale; Annotations by C J W[are]  1487/21/2  15 Jan 1761

Printed particular (top half of page only) of Mr Matchwick's estate at Tilford. Annotated by C J W[are] 'I think that this is the Chapel Farm'; [see 1387/4/4-8 for Miss Abney's acquisition of the copyhold part of this estate. A plan of the whole of this newly acquired estate is 1487/23/6]  1487/21/3  [1775]

Printed particulars, with plan, of an estate in Ash and Worplesdon; (Copyhold dwelling called Whitehaw in Ash, and named fields and peatmoors, and freehold farmhouse in Ash village, and fields, and a cottage); Outer page missing; (2 items)  1487/21/4  nd [late 18th cent]

Printed sale particulars of Malt House Farm, near Tilford Green (49a 2r 4p) with house, hopkiln and malthouse; Ms 'A measurement of land belonging to Mr Moon situate at Tilford, Surrey' [Mansell's Farm] by James Harding; Ms note by Mr Moon re tenancy of William? Stevens 16 Sep 1839; (3 items)  1487/21/5  Jul 1834

Printed particulars of 800 acres of freehold land including the Devil's Jumps and Punch Bowl; To be sold by auction; Manor of Farnham: Frensham and Churt Inclosure  1487/21/6  29 Aug 1851

Printed catalogue of furniture and effects and live and dead farming stock at Tilford House to be sold by auction. (2 copies)  1487/21/7a-b  21 - 22 Oct 1851

Printed particulars of a genteel villa residence and 4 substantially built cottages at Tilford to be sold by auction. With contract to purchase by Martin Ware  1487/21/8  1 Jun 1864

Part of catalogue of books, by Hodgsons, marked 'executors of the late Martin Ware Esq' and '30 Jan 1873', with some prices marked, and envelope; (2 items)  1487/21/9  30 Jan 1873

Printed particulars of 'Squire's Hill' at Tilford, pair of freehold houses, one with shop at Bellfields, Stoke-next-Guildford, and a cottage at Chiddingfold, to be sold by auction  1487/21/10  23 Jun 1883

'Valuable properties at Tilford' Plan only [from sale particulars ?]  1487/21/11  1885

Printed particulars, with plan, of building land (copyhold) near Tilford; 2 plots, 31 acres and 3 acres; 2 copies  1487/21/12a-b  23 Jun 1903



Letter from Joseph Jennings to Mrs Abney, informing her that 'the affair with the Bishop's Register is concluded'. A copy of the certificate of registration is one page of the letter. The certificate recites the application for registration, in which Thomas Taylor (sic) Minister, William Radford, William Mansell, William Hart, Richard Toogood, Henry Wheeler and John Longman certify that 'the dwelling house of Elizabeth Abney, spinster, at Tilford is intended to be set apart for... a congregation of... Independents'; Application of 13 Aug 1761; Registration of 15 Aug 1761; Letter of 18 Aug 1761  1487/22/1  15 Aug 1761

With copy made by Martin S Ware, and his notes on Rev Thomas Taylor and Miss Abney  1487/22/2-3  nd [18th century?]

Cover for 1487/22/1-3  1487/22/4  nd [18th century]

TILFORD ESTATE  [no ref. or date]

PLANS OF TILFORD ESTATE  1487/23  1761-1866

Manuscript Maps  [no ref. or date]

Tilford Peat Moors: Upper Moor or Widmore and Lower Moor or Dentri(d)ge Moor with acreages; Surveyed by John Fory; Ink and wash on paper; Size: 15½ x 12½ ins; No scale; Endorsed with acreages for Grover's and Daws Moors  1487/23/1  [1761]

Copy of above; Ink on paper; Size: 14½ x 8¾ ins; No scale  1487/23/2  1761

'Plan of the Ground in hand Tilford'; Ink on paper; Size: 14 x 9¾ ins; No scale  1487/23/3  1761

An Accurate Map of the Estate belonging to Mrs Elizabeth Abney situated at Tilford in the Parish of Farnham in the County of Surrey. Shows bridges, also inset, Widmoors and Charles Hill Moors. Shows Tilford Mill, footways, bounds of Waverley; neighbouring landowners named. Table of contents gives names and areas of plots; Ink and wash on paper [repaired and mounted on linen]; Size: 36½ x 32 ins; Scale: 60 perches to 7 ins; [Plan of a piece of ground bought by Miss Abney is on 1487/4/3 2 Dec 1774]  1487/23/4  1767

Copy plan (or part of a plan) for a proposed new watercourse adjacent to 'waste water from Abbot's Pond'; [The new watercourse runs into Stockbridge Pond on the south side]; Ink and wash on tracing paper; Size: 14½ x 10¾ ins; Scale: c.5 perches to 1 cm; No key; [See 1487/4/10]  1487/23/5  (19 Jul 1775) copy 19th cent

A Map of an estate belonging to Mrs Elizabeth Abney lying at Gilford in the Parish of Farnham....... Area from Stockbridge Pond and Whitmead to King's Oak (called Novels Oak). Shows 'canal for watering the land'. Neighbouring landowners named. Bounds of manors of Farnham and Frensham Beale marked; Table of contents with field names and areas, and table of oak, elm and ash trees, indicating whether trees, saplings or pollards; Ink and wash on parchment on card; Size: 30 x 23 ins; Scale: 50 perches to 4 ins  1487/23/6  1776

'Estate situate at Tilford in the Parish of Farnham, Surrey' endorsed 'Mr Emment's Farm', Tilford; Ink and wash on paper; Size: 30 x 19 ins; Scale: 3 chains to 1 in; [Draft for part of 1487/23/9]  1487/23/7  1835

'Tilford House Estate in the parish of Farnham'; Ink and wash on paper; Size: 39 x 28 ins; Scale: 3 chains to 1 in; [Draft for part of 1487/23/9]  1487/23/8  1835

'Plan of Tilford House and Farm the property of Martin Ware Esq.... in Farnham and Elstead'. Area covered extends from Stockbridge Pond, and land to east (on south) to north east of Tilford bridges. The 2 mansion houses include Tilford House Detailed table of reference gives name, and use of fields, and names of occupiers of cottages. A chapel is marked. 2 insets show Widmoors and Charles Hill Moors, also adjoining the Wey. Ink and wash on mounted paper; Size: 43 x 39½ ins; Scale: 3 chains to 1 in William Hussey and Sons  1487/23/9  1835

Map of an estate belonging to M Ware Esq at Tilford; [traced from tithe map ?]; Paper on linen, coloured; Size: 27 x 19 ins  1487/23/10  1846

Tracing of tithe map (mounted and folded) with Tilford estate of Martin Ware coloured pink [shows outlying parts of estate in proper positions]; Size: 30 x 20 ins  1487/23/11  c1850

'Plan of Property at Tilford Green' Cottage adjoining Tilford Green [as in 1487/11/1-4]; Ink and wash on oiled paper; Size: 15 x 10 ins  1487/23/12  [1866]

Rough plan of area round Tilford and distances given, with names marked on it Calculations on back; Size: 20 x 16 ins; Scale: 6 chains to 1 in  1487/23/13  [c.1880-c.1890

Part of 1896 ed. 6 inch scale OS map with many areas of common round Tilford coloured pink [indicating inclosure allotments to Ware family ?]; One are marked 'sold'  1487/23/14  [c.1900]

OS 1896 ed 6" Sheets XXX SE and XXXVII NE joined with part of common south of Tilford; Endorsed in pink and marked 18  1487/23/15  [c.1900?]

Ground plans of Tilford House for Rev M S Ware, stamped G Faulkner Armitage, Altrincham; Three plans (of 3 floors), on tracing paper, with position of furniture marked in drawing room. In envelope; (3 items)  1487/23/16  nd [c.1900]

Part of OS 25 inch sheet XXX: 15 South of Woodhill, Tilford, with area between road and Wey coloured pink; Ink and wash on oiled paper; Size: 7¾ x 10¼ ins  1487/23/17  [c.1900?]

Painted Maps  [no ref. or date]

'A New Map of Surrey divided into Hundreds, exhibiting Its Roads, Rivers, Parks etc. By John Cary Engineer'; Size: 23 ins x 20 ins; Mounted and dissected, in slip case  1487/23/18  1828

Surrey Hills: Sheet 7 West of Dorking: Royal Engineers' Contoured Survey of ground in the vicinity of Elstead etc Surrey  1487/23/19  1861


Lease for 15 years of Upper House Farm, Tilford (150a); Rev Thomas Tayler of the Kings Road, Middlesex to Henry Harris of Tilford, miller; Detailed list of fields, and husbandry conditions; Rent: £140 per annum  1487/24/1  1 May 1817

Draft lease for 20 years; Martin Ware of New Bridge Street, Blackfriars, to Thomas Stovold of Tilford, farmer; Rent: £50 per annum; New built farmhouse at Tilford Green with barn and other outbuildings and yard, garden and orchard (3 rods 35 perches) and named fields [Chapel Farm]  1487/24/2  1838

Thomas Stovold's undertaking to keep game, fishing, shooting and sporting on lands he occupies for his landlord or the tenant of Tilford House  1487/24/3  10 Apr 1839

Agreement to lease for one year, with option of a further lease for six years, and annotated draft; Martin Ware to Edward Francklyn, a major in the Madras Army; Rent: £80 per annum; Tilford House, with barn, stables, chapel, buildings and 20 acres  1487/24/4a-b  20 Apr 1839

Extracts from Mr and Mrs Ware's [8 year]; Lease to Stephen and Henry Caesar; Farm at Tilford as in 1487/24/1  1487/24/5  30 Sep 1841

Memorandum of agreement to lease for 8 years; Martin Ware Esq of Russell Square to Crawford Davison Esq of [Pierrepond] Frensham; Rent: £3 pa; With letter applying for land, annotated by M Ware; Three closes of meadow (lately part of farm in 1487/24/5) called the Miers, 5a, 2 roods and 26 roods; (2 items)  1487/24/6  11 Jul 1842

Memorandum of agreement between Martin Ware and Major Francklyn concerning the ploughing of the Back Meadow, with Major Francklyn's letter of application. (2 items)  1487/24/7  12 Jul 1842

Chapel Farm: notices to quit after death of Thomas Stovold, addressed to Mr and Mrs Hitchcock (she being formerly wife of T S), and to his executors, Stephen Caesar and Robert Roker; With drafts and copy letter from C T Ware, and notes about the will; (9 items)  1487/24/8  2 Mar 1847

'Agreement between M Ware Esq and Mrs Francklyn': Note of terms for a seven year lease  1487/24/9  21 Mar 1849

Memorandum of agreement to make a lease for four years of Tilford Farm at rent of £171 10s; Martin Ware to Henry Caesar of Tilford, farmer  1487/24/10  3 Dec 1849

Mrs Francklyn's notice to Martin Ware that she will leave Tilford House on 29 Sep next With envelope  1487/24/11  27 Feb 1851

Counterpart 13 year lease from Martin Ware of Russell Square, Middlesex and his wife Anne to Benjamin Caesar of Tilford, farmer, at £62 pa rent, with husbandry conditions; Farm at Tilford: old farmhouse in several tenements and 35 acres (detailed in schedule) and 11 additional acres (in schedule)  1487/24/12  11 Mar 1854

Agreement to let and take for one year at rent of £200; Martin Ware of Tilford House to J T Ware of the same, with 2 sheets of accounts; Tilford Farm, the Malthouse Farm, the House lands and newly enclosed lands (the mansion house, garden and hanger, and sporting rights excepted); (3 items)  1487/24/13  30 Oct 1861

Memorandum of an agreement to let and take cottage at Tilford [as in 1487/11/1-3], at annual rent of 2s, from Martin Ware to Eli Hillier, for the rest of the latter's life. Two copies  1487/24/14a-b  29 Oct 1863

Agreement to let and hire at an annual rent of £100; Martin Ware to Richard H Combe of Pierrepont; Rights of shooting and fishing over part of the Tilford Estate (740a)  1487/24/15  16 Mar 1883

Counterpart lease for 8 years from J T Ware to Raymond Reffell of Horton Manor Farm, Colnbrook, Bucks, farmer at £215 pa rent, with husbandry conditions; Schedule of fields; Enclosed: copy of court roll, Manor of Farnham re licence to demise 1 Jun 1885; Farm at Tilford: Malthouse Farm: 2 Farmhouses, old Malthouse Homestead in 2 cottages and three cottages and land (159 acres); (2 items)  1487/24/16  22 Mar 1883

Copy of court roll, Manor of Farnham Licence to J T Ware of Tilford House to demise to R H Combe of Pierrepont, Frensham for not longer than 14 years; All copyholds to which he was admitted on 21 Oct 1873, 17 Jul 1878, 14 Oct 1878 and 14 Mar 1879 (see above 1487/14/1, 2, 7, 12, 19); (2 items)  1487/24/17/1  2 Sep 1890

Counterpart lease for 14 years from J T Ware to R H Combe esq, of Pierrepont, Frensham at rent of £276 10s pa, with husbandry conditions. Schedule of fields; Farms at Tilford (as in 1487/24/16) with 193 additional acres  1487/24/17/2  26 Sep 1890

Memorandum that Richard Caesar has given up small piece of grassland near Abbot's Pond to Mr Thomas Smith [see 1487/46]  1487/24/18  21 Jun 1899

Manor of Farnham: grant by copy of court roll out of court to Rev M S Ware of Tilford; Licence to demise to Esther Fanny Combe of Pierrepont, Frensham, copyholds to which he was admitted on 21 Feb 1903  1487/24/19  10 Jun 1904

Counterpart 10 year lease from Rev M S Ware to Mrs Esther Fanny Combe at rent of £11 pa of shooting and fishing at 'Mead End' Tilford. Schedule of land to which lease applies  1487/24/20  3 Aug 1907

List of agreements (not all present)  1487/24/21  [c.1900]

INVENTORIES AND VALUATIONS  1487/25  c.1800-1891

Two lists of fields, with acreages, on the old estate. One endorsed 'Particulars of land belonging to Davis Farm'. (3 items)  1487/25/1  nd [c.1800?]

Small book 'Timber, Timberlike Trees, Tellers, Saplings and Pollards standing on Estates at Tilford the property of Martin Ware Esq'; 'Marked and numbered by William Hussey 1863' Some annotated with comments: 'Blown down Mar 1837'  1487/25/2  1836

Copy of William Hussey's letter to Henry Harris about pruning trees, with copies of William Shotter's valuation of Tilford Green Farm (10 Dec 1835), memorandum re Thomas Stovold's lease of 1836, and endorsement of 1837; Henry Harris's lease  1487/25/3  1836-1837

Copy Mr Shotter's valuation between Mr Ware and Mr Stovold (Tilford Green Farm), and with annotations, ditto with Mr Emmett  1487/25/4-5  1836

Valuation of Tilford Farm; Endorsed 'from the late Mr Davison about his Tilford Property'; [see 1487/27/-below]  1487/25/6  [1837]

Copy valuation of crops, seeds etc on the part of Tilford Farm bought by Martin Ware from C Davison esq  1487/25/7  Jul 1837

Tilford House. An Inventory of furniture belonging to Martin Ware as valued to Major Francklyn, in a letter from William Birch to M Ware, with the latter's annotations  1487/25/8  1 May 1839

Tilford House. Booklet 'Mr Ware's furniture' (includes some of Dr Burden's furniture)  1487/25/9  nd [c.1839?]

Valuation of certain articles at Malthouse Farm, and hop kiln, including hay, dung etc  1487/25/10  25 Sep 1851

Valuation of seasons hay, straw, hop poles etc on farm occupied by Mr Francklyn  1487/25/11  19th cent

Long and detailed account of state of Tilford House and estate, by J T Ware? (4 items)  1487/25/12  4 May 1852

Volume: 'Tilford House Estate'; Valuation and report  1487/25/13  1860

Award of Messrs Mellersh and J W Ellis as to the value of estate at Tilford  1487/25/14a-b  1 Jan 1874

Inventory and valuation of tillages, hay, straw etc, on Tilford House Farm, from Mr Raymond Reffell to J T Ware esq. Award of C A White  1487/25/15  25 Feb 1891


Some of these letters were found in bundles. They have been left together as found, arranged in date order within each bundle. There is some overlapping of subject matter and date between bundles. Correspondence listed as 1487/40-48 had been sorted into envelopes during the 20th century.

Tilford House: Bundle of letters from Dr Burden, some about giving up his tenancy of Tilford House, with some bills for repairs, including to the chapels, and statement of account between him and Martin Ware  1487/26/1-24  1835-1837

Estate: Letters to Martin Ware, and some to Mr Jupp, Carpenters Hall, relating chiefly to leases to Stovold and Harris, and also to purchase from Davison (1837), and of Malthouse Farm (1839); many are from G Vaizey and R W Jupp; letter from Harris (15 Dec 1836) about effects of hurricane at Tilford (1487/27/2). Directions and memoranda relating to timber, and to Stovold's and Harris's leases (1836-1837)  1487/27/1-21  1836-1839

Tilford House: Letters exchanged between Martin Ware and Major Francklyn before and after the signing of the lease of Tilford House; (Lease of 20 Apr 1839 is 1487/24/4)  1487/28/1-25  1838-1839

Tilford House and Estate: Letters from Martin Ware snr and jun, Major Francklyn, Mr G Vaizey and others, relating to Tilford House, Major Francklyn giving up the lease (1847-1848) and Tilford matters including proposed beer shop, 1842, with letters from Benjamin Caesar, Anne Ware and G T Nicholson at Waverley Abbey; In 9 small bundles  1487/29/1-87  1840-1848

Estate, Tilford House, Tilford Cottage: Letters about sporting over Moon's Farm (1840) from F R Stevens; from Mr Vaizey about condition of estate and sending his bill (1841) ( 1487/30/4); from B Birch with specification and small plan for stables at cottage occupied by Rev E Holt and letter from latter (1841) (1487/30/5-7); W Birch about works at house (1842); bundle re letting Tilford Cottage (1845) including from Major Francklyn (1487/30/10-17); bundle with letters from Mr Davison (about exchange); letters from both Wares, Mr Vaizey and others including Major Francklyn, some about letting Tilford House and about Tilford Cottage (1845-1848); letter from G T Nicholson about Tilford Mill (1846) (1487/30/72)  1487/30/1-72  1840-1848

Tilford House and estate: Letters between M Ware, Mrs Francklyn and G Vaizey about Tilford House (1848); re sale of property at Tilford (1848); estate matters in general (1849-50 and 1850-52); letter G Arding with small plan of farmyard and proposed piggeries at Malt House Farm (1850); Mrs Francklyn, Mr and Mrs Ware and others included re poor of Tilford (1851, 1853); some letters about Inclosure meeting  1487/31/1-126  1851-1858

Estate: Letters relating to purchase of Wheeler's cottages and land at Abbot's Pond (1851-1853); Mr Vaizey, who in 1858 advises more sheep; and others, note of occupiers of copyhold land bought of C Davison (1851)  1487/32/1-25  1851-1858

Tilford Church: 'Site for Church': Letters and papers with rough plans: Martin Ware jnr, J M Paine, Washbourne and Keen, solicitors, Bishop of Winchester's Memorandum, Henry Ware, G Vaizey, R Sankey, J T Ware, C Osbourne, C T Ware and letter J T Ware about supply of building stone 1856  1487/33/1-97  1849-1856

Tilford Inclosure: bundle entitled 'Letters with regard to Inclosure Act'; M Ware jnr, G T Nicholson, J T Ware, M Ware snr; Appointment by M Ware snr of G Vaizey as his attorney for all purposes [of Tilford Enclosure Act] 20 Jun 1850; Also note by G Vaizey about cultivation of commons  1487/34/1-16  c.1850

Tilford Inclosure: from an envelope entitled 'Enclosure: traced maps etc'; Extract from Assistant Commissioners report, copies extracts from Award (1853) list of common lots, rough plans, notes, and letters M Ware jnr, W Keen, G Vaizey, James Harris, J T Ware, Chief Constable of Surrey re policeman's house, and many traced plans Copy of the County Chronicle, 4 Mar 1851, with notice about stopping up of roads  1487/35/1-41  1851-1857

Tilford Inclosure: notes (in small paper book) of evidence given before the Assistant Commissioner. By M Ware jnr  1487/36/1-2  12-14 Apr 1849

Tilford Inclosure: from an envelope entitled 'Roads and Commons and Allotments'; List of meetings 1849-1852 and rough minutes 1850; Letters M Ware jnr, Edward Ryde, surveyor, J T Ware, D Vaizey, C Davison, Washbourne and Keen  1487/37/1-26  1849-1854

General Correspondence: G Vaizey (1860); A Cleasby and M Ware, J T Ware (1864); solicitor's bills for M Ware's purchase of Hillier (1864-1867)  1487/38/1-15  1860-1867

Tilford Church: 4 letters from solicitors in Farnham and London about establishment of Ecclesiastical District of Tilford (by Order in Council 1 Dec 1865), and endowment, and gift of land (see 1487/20/1) by Martin Ware; [A collection of letters and papers relating to the establishment of the church and parish is among Tilford parish records. It appears to have originally have been part of the papers of the Ware family, and includes some estate and personal papers. See 1975/-].  1487/39/1-4  Jan-May 1866

'Business Letters' to J T Ware re outgoing tenants and ricks (1853); Alfred Copper's application for position as Bailiff (1861), reference from Sarah Farmer, Artington Hall, and draft agreement (his wife to help in dairy and with poultry), and letters from him relating to estate business: sheep, timber etc (to 1870); from G Vaizey about buying Caesar's farm (1866); from Edwin Upton about repairing a tomb in Bunhill Fields (1872); repairs to Tilford Bridges and ditches, 1877, from G Cubitt, F C Birch, John McRae, C A Anderson, Henry Baker; Newman and Appleby about the burning of commons at night by copyhold tenants of manor of Farnham to improve the herbage (1879); from C J Mansell about a cottage for his father (1883)  1487/40/1-28  1853-1883

'Business Letters' from Lord Midleton, giving permission for Mr Ware and his family to walk through Peper Harow Park (1871); from R H Combe of Pierrepont about his lease of shooting and fishing rights (1883), [agreement is 1487/24/15], and from H A Mangles about the same (1884)  1487/41/1-20  1871-1873

Letter from C T Ware to J T Ware enclosing a sale catalogue, and about estate matters  1487/42/1  14 Feb 1873

'Waverley Bridge'. Letters from W I Jones, Tilford Vicarage, T D Anderson, Waverley Abbey, and notes and draft letter by J T Ware  1487/43/1-10  1876

'School Board: Separation of Tilford' Farnham School Board Election: printed election leaflet, A W Chapmen, of Crooksbury; polling card with votes noted on back, and notes by J T Ware  1487/44/1-7  24 Apr 1893

'Combe's Ass[ess]ment and Lease' Letters from Hollest, Mason and Nash, asking for abatement in rent, and from C T Ware, and C M Ware, with note of J T Ware and draft reply  1487/45/1-6  Sep - Oct 1893

'Small piece of land near Abbott's Pond' Draft of Richard Caesar's declaration that he is giving it up to Thomas Smith of the Poultry Farm, Tilford (agreement is now 1487/22/18), with letters between Thomas Smith and C T Ware, and C T Ware's notes on the condition of the piece of land  1487/46/1-9  1899

Letter from C T Ware to Farnham Rural District Council re road surface water catchpit  1487/47  21 Sep 1899

'Repairs and Covenant in Lease to Mr Combe' [Lease of 26 Sep 1890 is 1487/24/17]; Copy covenant to repair cottages and farm buildings, with note by C T Ware, and letters from A Chuter, builder, and Florence (C T Ware's daughter)  1487/48/1-7  Jun 1899-Jan 1900

Letters, chiefly to Rev M S Ware, concerned with: arrangements after death of J T Ware, analysis of water at Tilford Cottage, sales of land to R Combe, and of Stockbridge Cottage (1903); 1 acre extension to churchyard (1903-04); land for a cottage, sale of land to Tilbury, leases of shooting to R Combe, fishing; photograph of a portrait; rents (1904); Caesar's farmyard, proposed alterations to Stockbridge Villa, with plans (1905)  1487/49/1-73  1900-1905

As last, concerned with: lease of Bridge Farm (A and R Caesar and M S Ware, 1905-06); Mrs Abney and Tilford, estate rents (1906); bundle from Nash and Sons, solicitors, Farnham on Estate matters (1906-07); bundle from C M Ware (Hawes Wood and Ware) on family matters, also sales of land and Tilford Labourers' Fund, with rough plan (1906-07); Insurance receipt, copy letters to Nash re lease of Mead End (1907); bill for repair to governess cart; concert for 'poor people'; letting Caesar's land (1908)  1487/50/1-69  1906-1908

As last, concerned with surrender of Caesar's lease of Bridge Farm (1908-09); repairs to stables at Tilford Farm (1909); repairs to stables at Tilford Farm (1909); rebuilding cottages, sale to Miss Lonsdale (1910); Chapel Farm (1915); tenant for forge (1916)  1487/51/1-68  1908-1916

Letters and papers concerned with estate affairs, Tilford School gardens, Provident Society funds, fish caught on Tilford Water in 1941, 1942, 1943, game shot 1930-34; history of Tilford Church, oak trees on Tilford Green. From: E U [Ware] and E M [Ware]; Rev W H F Edge; J H Bailey and others  1487/52/1-16  1920-1943


Tilford House: bills for work at and purchases for and items sold from; blacksmith's bill; with letters from William Birch about payment  1487/53/1  1836-1849

Tilford House and estate: note of receipt for timber and rent etc, 1818; Bills for work on farms and buildings etc, 1832-1850, including specifications and plan of a hopkiln and store room at Stovold's Farm, and for digging well and installing pump for Tilford House, 1836-38; specifications for extensive works and for works to Rev Mr Dodd's cottage, 1841; Shotton and Evans' bill for notices to quit etc (1847); solicitor's bills for conveyance Davison and Ware and for other business; account of profits of underwood cut on Chapel Farm (1838); receipts for quit-rents, manor of Farnham  1487/54/1-62  1818-1850

Work at Tilford House: with particulars and estimate for extensive repairs by William Birch in 1852  1487/55/1-20  1849-1852

Estate calculations and receipts, with bill for Wheeler's purchase (1855) and estimate for Mr Karn's barn (1857)  1487/56/1-9  1852-1858

Estate: W Patrick's bill (1862), with receipts for poor rate, quit-rents of manor of Farnham, Land and Assessed Taxes, Income Tax and a few sheets of calculations  1487/57/1-111  1860-1869

Receipts, and some demands and assessments for Land Tax, Inhabited House Duty, Income Tax, Poor Rate, Highway Rate; With copy valuation for rates, 1875 and 1878 (including tenanted land), calculations, notes and a few letters relating to assessments, M Ware and J T Ware; Not all types present in every year  1487/58/1-85  1870-1879

As 1487/58, including also demand for quit-rents, manor of Farnham, 2 (blank) demand notices for return of servants, carriages, armorial bearings and dogs (both 1877), particulars of Income Tax 1874-79; printed form forbidding entry onto land for hunting or for any other purpose  1487/59/1-49  1880-1889

As 1487/58 and 1487/59, with receipt for Rectorial Tithe Rent Charge (1890), and notice of AGM of Farnham Savings Bank (1891), and note of money received for timber of various sorts (1897)  1487/60/1-73  1897

Record card for notepaper die, St George's Vicarage, Camberwell (1902), and bill for piano (Rud. Ibach Sohn) (1900); Bills for work at Tilford House for Rev M S Ware, and for work on estate, (1902-1904); wood and coppice accounts (1905); Rev M S Ware: solicitor's and other estate bills (1904 and 1907), and receipts as in 1487/58 and 1487/59 above, also receipt for subscription to Loyal R Anderson Lodge, Tilford Institute (1907), and for mantlepiece of St George's Vicarage, Camberwell (1907)  1487/61/1-43  1900-1907

CALCULATIONS  [no ref. or date]

Sheets of calculations with details of estate income and expenditure in various years, including details of cutting and planting of timber, sometimes in form of an annual balance sheet. In various hands  1487/62/1-25  1849-1871

Bundle of papers in hand of J T Ware, including details of work on Tilford House, farms and estate, and before his time, largely derived from bills among the foregoing records  1487/63/1-13  1832-1885

Tilford Rating: page from an assessment book (nd), and fragments of others, with MS sheets relating to Tilford House estate and tenants. In hand of J T Ware: Waverley Assessment 1885 with list of voters  1487/64/1-13  1850-1886

LIST, BUNDLE LABELS AND PRINTED PAPER  [no ref.]  19th and 20th cent

Short list of Ware deeds and papers (c.1900); descriptions of deed bundles (c.1940); envelopes that held deeds. In various hands  1487/65/1-16  1900-1940

Income Tax: tithing of Tilford in Farnham Collector's Duplicate of First Assessments under Schedules A and B; [This appears to have strayed into the collection]  1487/66/1-2  1854

LONDON HOUSE  [no ref. or date]

LONDON HOUSE  1487/67  1833-1835

London House: No 48 Devonshire Street, Queen Square; Bills for work and for furniture bought by M Ware (1833 and 1834), and list of furniture (1835), and another list, with later additions  1487/67/1-4  1833-1835


LETTERS AND NOTES  1487/68  1902-1946

Notes and reminiscences of Charles T Ware on subjects connected with Tilford and the Ware family.

'As to Roads, Commons etc at Tilford'; 2 pieces  1487/68/1  nd [20th century]

'As to the Land Tenure etc of Tilford' with plan and covering letter from Charles to Martin Ware about using the notes for the [Victoria] County History 8 Dec 1902. 6 pieces  1487/68/2  1902

'As to Ecclesiastical Matters and things generally at Tilford'; 7 pieces  1487/68/3  nd [20th century]

'As to the Ecclesiastical Relations of the Old Ware Family'; Copies of Charles Ware notes made by [Mrs M S Ware] and [M S Ware]. There are some variations from the original text; 5 pieces  1487/68/4  nd [20th century]

'As to the Roads, Commons etc at Tilford'; 5 pieces  1487/68/5  nd [20th century]

'As to the Land Tenure etc of Tilford' [Part in the hand of Charles T Ware]; 5 pieces  1487/68/6  nd [20th century]

'As to Ecclesiastical Matters and Things generally at Tilford'. With some extra notes by Martin Stewart and Arthur Maitland Ware; 9 pieces  1487/68/7  nd [20th century]

'As to Tilford Oak'  1487/68/8  nd [20th century]

'Tilford Bridges'. Last page only  1487/68/9  nd [20th century]

Memoranda concerning Charlotte Smith, poet and novelist, who died at Tilford in 1806, taken from Brayley's Surrey and other sources by James Ware with further notes by Arthur Maitland Ware  1487/68/10  nd [20th century]

Copy of notes on the transference of land on the building of the church and All Saints New District School, Tilford. The copy is annotated as belonging to Miss Ware, the original being sent to the manager  1487/68/11  15 Oct 1902

Notes on the Tayler family by Henry Ware  1487/68/12  27 Jul 1906

Correspondence concerning a lithograph of a portrait of Mrs Siddons as Lady Macbeth given to Martin Ware, son of James Ware FRS by Martha Wilkinson, who was Mrs Siddons' companion, including a copy of the letter sent with the lithograph of 1833, also letter concerning the pictures of John Henry Leonard, 1908. 5 items  1487/68/13  1908-1909

Correspondence relating to documents lent to Surrey Archaeological Society for transcription by Arthur Maitland Ware, with 5 transcripts. 10 items  1487/68/14  1946

NOTEBOOKS  1487/69  19th CENT

Notebook, in a variety of hands including Charles Tayler Ware and Henry Ware, giving an account of the pictures and furnishings at Tilford House, Sundays at Tilford House and tenants of Tilford House; 3 enclosures, including details of prints belonging to 'grandfather Ware', which were divided at his death  1487/69/1  nd [19th cent]

Notebook of Henry Ware with pedigrees of the Tayler, Ware and related families; 7 enclosures  1487/69/2  [pre 1880s]


See also the following:
1487/5/3 Will of Thomas Tayler (d.1831)
1487/12/1 Copy will of Martin Ware (d.1872)
1487/13/1 Probate of Mary Ware (d.1875)

MARTIN WARE I (1717-1801)  1487/70  1801

Probate of Will of Martin Ware of Greenwich, Kent, later Master Shipwright of H M Yard at Deptford; Will: 23 Feb 1796; Probate: 23 Jan 1801 1 To daughters Elizabeth Ware and Ann Harrist all household goods; 2 House in Frederick Street, Portsea (occupied by Mr Brooks, Master Smith in HM Yard at Portsea) to son James Ware; 3 To sister Catharine Penny an annuity of 5 guineas for life; 4 If daughter Elizabeth is married at time of his decease, leaves all his money in public funds etc to his 4 children equally (James Ware, Mary Godwin, Ann Harrist and Elizabeth Ware); 5 If daughter Elizabeth is not married, then each of the other three is to pay a sum equal to £17 pa in long annuities to her; 6 If daughter Elizabeth is married, all sums of money due to him to executors and executrix in trust to purchase securities for Elizabeth and Ann; 7 All residue of Estate to 4 children share and share alike; Executors: son James, daughter Elizabeth and son-in-law John Godwin  1487/70/1  23 Jan 1801

MARY WARE, LATER MARY GODWIN (1744- ?)  1487/71  1771

Marriage Settlement of John Godwin and Mary Ware; 1 John Godwin of Portsea, Hants gent (heir of Robert Godwin late of Portsea, merchant); 2 Mary Ware daughter of Martin Ware of Portsea, Master Mastmaker of his Majesty's dockyard, and Martin Ware; 3 David Ramsay Karr of Portsea Esq and George Binsteed of Portsmouth, gent [trustees of marriage settlement]; Mary Ware has brought dowry of £300; Two houses on S side of Queen Street, Portsea (bounds)  1487/71/1  29 Jan 1771

ELIZABETH WARE (1746-[1827])  1487/72  1827

Probate of Elizabeth Ware of Greenwich, spinster with 3 codicils; Will: 6 May 1801; Probate: 5 May 1827; 1 To brother James Ware £100; 2 To sister Mrs Mary Godwin wife of John Godwin esq £100; 3 To sister Ann Harrist of Greenwich widow and brother James Ware and brother-in-law John Godwin all residue of estate, in trust to Ann Harrist till marriage, then to her siblings, and £100 to Ursula wife of James should Ann be dead when James dies; 4 After decease of siblings, all capital to children of James Ware and Mary Godwin; Executors: Ann Harrist, James Ware and John Godwin; 1st codicil: Nephews Martin and James Ware added to executors, 7 Feb 1815; 2nd codicil: After death of Mary Godwin interest of all capital to Mary Godwin's daughter Mary Kelly for life, 8 Oct 1819; 3rd codicil: To F W Ware and M G Ware (sons of nephew Robert Ware deceased) their father's share in her residuary estate, 31 Mar 1826; Certificate of John Ware of Blackfriars esq that Elizabeth Ware signed codicil of 7 Feb 1815, 14 Mar 1827  1487/72/1  5 May 1827

ANN WARE LATER ANN HARRIS[S]T (1747/8-[1814])  1487/73  1779-1814

Marriage Settlement; 1 Edward Harrisst of Portsmouth Common, Devon, shipwright; 2 Ann Ware, daughter of Martin Ware; 3 John Godwin of Portsmouth Common esq and James Ware of St Stephen's Wallbrook, surgeon (son of Martin Ware) [trustees]; Ann Ware has brought dowry of £400; The Red Lion on E side of Havant Street on Portsmouth Common  1487/73/1  17 Sep 1779

Probate of Ann Harrist of Greenwich, widow; Will: 6 Aug 1801; Probate: 5 Apr 1814; 1 To brother James Ware £100; 2 To sister Mary Godwin wife of John Godwin £100; 3 To sister Elizabeth Ware, brother James Ware and brother-in-law John Godwin, all residue of estate in trust; 4 All interest on residue to Elizabeth for her life (as in will of sister Elizabeth)  1487/73/2  5 Apr 1814

FAMILY LETTERS AND PAPERS  [no ref. or date]

The letters in this section have mostly been listed in the groups in which they were arranged when deposited.

LETTERS FROM REVEREND THOMAS TAYLER (1735-1831)  1487/74  1800-1813

13 letters to his daughters Mary and Anne, mainly giving news of family and friends, his health and preaching engagements

To Mary from Kennington  1487/74/1  11 Jun 1800

To Mary from Kidderminster  1487/74/2  13 Sep 1800

To Mary and Anne from Abberly  1487/74/3  8 Oct 1806

To Mary from King's Road [Bedford Row]  1487/74/4  10 Nov 1808

To Mary from King's Road  1487/74/5  23 Oct 1810

To Mary and Anne from King's Road  1487/74/6  16 Apr 1811

To Mary and Anne, at Mrs Page's, Streatham Lane near Clapham  1487/74/7  22 Jan [1812]

To Mary at Mr Powel's, Endfield from Abberley  1487/74/8  2 Aug 1812

To Mary and Anne at Mr Powel's, Endfield from Abberly  1487/74/9  17 Aug 1812

To Mary at Mrs Mitton's, Chaise Side, Endfield  1487/74/10  1813

To Mary and Anne  1487/74/11  nd [c 1813]

To Mary  1487/74/12  nd [c 1813]

To Mary from King's Road  1487/74/13  8 Oct [c.1810]

To his children to be read after his death. It was written on the Sunday after his wife's death and reviewed on three further occasions  1487/74/14  1800-1802

LETTERS TO REVEREND THOMAS TAYLER (1735-1831)  1487/75  1763-1766

From Elizabeth Abney, Newington to Taylor in Birmingham, mainly concerning his arrival at Newington and her desire that he should not be approached to minister at Cheshunt  1487/75/1  29 Mar 1763

From E[lizabeth] at Kidderminster to her brother Tayler giving news of friends  1487/75/2  1 Oct 1764

From Edward Pickard [Dissenting Minister], London to Tayler at Mrs Abney's, Tilford, informing him of his appointment as assistant minister at Carter Lane, London  1487/75/3  6 May 1766

PAPERS OF REVEREND THOMAS TAYLER (1735-1831)  1487/76  1780-1826

Certificate that Thomas Tayler took the oaths under the Act for the Further Relief of Protestant and Dissenting Ministers and Schoolmasters  1487/76/1  4 Apr 1780

Verses annotated as being by the Rev Thomas Tayler, written on various family occasions, copied out by one of his children [possibly his daughter Mary]; 2 pieces  1487/76/2  [c.1816]

Assignment of Securities; 1 Joseph Parker of Mittingham near Bungay, Suffolk, gent to; 2 Joseph Fletcher of Shadwell, Middlesex, shipbuilder, Robert Rodmore jnr of the Stock Exchange, stockbroker, Samuel Peace Pratt of Tottenham, Middlesex, gent, Ralph Ricardo of the Stock Exchange esq, William Stevens of the Old Jewry, City of London, auctioneer; Reversionary interest in £300 in 3% Bank Annuities of year 1726, legacy of late Joseph Parker, father of 1, whereby Mary wife of 1 was to receive interest during her life; Cons: £100; Enclosed: Appointment by Rev Thomas Tayler and John Newsom (survivors in a joint a/c with William Taylor late of Newgate Street, hosier deceased, as trustees of will of late Joseph Parker of an attorney to receive dividends, and correspondence and papers, with receipts relating to transfer of stock, 11 Feb 1825-10 Jul 1826; 7 items  1487/76/3  12 May 1821

LETTERS FROM MARY TAYLER (NEE PORTER ([1755]-1800)  1487/77  ?1799

Covering letter to her husband from [Mary Tayler] enclosing her will [missing], explaining its provisions, and expressing her desires for her children's' upbringing and concerning her burial; with an annexe setting out her wishes as to which of her papers should be kept and bequests to the Pope family; There is a note added in May 1799 by [Mary Tayler] that she had destroyed her will and requesting her husband to make his own will; [Annotated as being written by Rev T Tayler's wife]; 2 pieces  1487/77/1  c.1799

PAPERS OF MARY TAYLER (NEE PORTER) ([1755]-1800)  1487/78  ND [18th century]

Reflections possibly of Mary Tayler during a period of illness  1487/78/1  nd [18th century]

LETTER TO JAMES WARE FRS (1756-1815)  1487/79  1831

Letter from Stamp Office to James Ware concerning non-payment of duty on the legacy left to his wife Ursula in the will of his sister Ann Harrist; and note of [Martin Ware] re legacy; 2 pieces  1487/79/1  27 Jul 1831

PAPERS OF JAMES WARE FRS (1756-1815)  1487/80  1778-1789

'Annual Statement between Mr Wathen and Mr Ware from Mar 1778' detailing total income [of practice] and income of Wathen and Ware, surgery expenses etc. The deductions in income of Ware are specified after 1786; 2 pieces  1487/80/1  1778-1789

'Memorandums concerning myself and Family' from M S Journal of James Ware (FRS) dated 1785. Written in shorthand [Deciphered by JTW]; Notes of dates of birth, marriages and deaths, schooling and career, up to 1815; 2 pieces  1487/80/2  nd [18th century]

PAPERS OF URSULA WARE (NEE MAITLAND) (1756-1836)  1487/81  1769-1770

Two writing books of Ursula Maitland on the Ages of the World according to Scripture and classical sources with questions and answers on astronomy with diagrams

Writing book  1487/81/1  21 Aug 1769

Writing book  1487/81/2  2 Feb 1770

MARTIN WARE II (1789-1872), GARTER MISSION  1487/82  1814

Letters from Martin Ware to family members written during the Garter Mission on which he accompanied Sir Isaac Heard, Garter King of Arms as his medical attendant. The party went first to Brussels for the investiture of the Prince Sovereign of the Netherlands with the Order of the Garter and the Hereditary Prince with that of the Bath (22 Aug 1814), and then to Vienna for the investiture of the Emperor of Austria with the Order of the Garter (21 Sep 1814). The letters give accounts of the ceremonies, and details of the journey and places visited.

To his father James from Ostend  1487/82/1  14 Aug 1814

[To his father] from Brussels; [probably the wrapper from 1487/82/1]  1487/82/2  [Aug 1814]

To his mother Ursula from Brussels  1487/82/3  19 Aug 1814

To his father James from Juliers  1487/82/4  25 Aug 1814

To his brother John from the Danube  1487/82/5  3 Sep 1814

To his mother Ursula from Vienna; 2 pieces  1487/82/6  9 Sep 1814

To his father James from Vienna; 2 pieces  1487/82/7  19 Sep 1814

To his father James from Vienna; 2 pieces  1487/82/8  26 Sep 1814

To his sister Ursula and brother James from Vienna  1487/82/9  4 Oct 1814

To his father James from Vienna  1487/82/10  7 Oct 1814

2 copies of a letter written by Martin Ware to his sister Ursula from Brussels  1487/82/11-12  26 Oct 1814

Programme des Ceremonies qui doivent s'observer a l'Investiture de sa Majestie Imperiale et Royale Apostolique L'Empereur d'Autriche Roi de Hongrie et de Boheme avec les ornemens et habillements du tres noble Ordre de la Jarretiere. Printed  1487/82/13  1814

Notes on the ceremonial for investing HRH the Hereditary Prince of Orange with the Ensigns of the Order of the Bath; and notes on the ceremonial for investing HRH the Prince Sovereign of the United Netherlands with the Order of the Garter  1487/82/14  1814

L'Oracle Brussels (Printed)  1487/82/15  19 Aug 1814

Baierische National Zeitung Munich (Printed)  1487/82/16  13 Oct 1814

A Plan of the City and Suburbs of Paris 1792 published 30 Jul 1792 by John Wallis at his Map Warehouse, 16 Ludgate Street, London. (Printed); Paper. With coloured wash; 19½" x 17"  1487/82/17  1792

Topographische Erklarung des Panorama von Paris (Printed); Paper; 14" x 18"  1487/82/18  nd [19th cent]

Print of engraving of Ferdinand Crown Prince of Austria  1487/82/19  nd [19th cent]

Print of engraving of Friedrich Wilhelm III, King of Prussea  1487/82/20  nd [19th cent]

Print of engraving of Franz I, Emperor of Austria, King of Hungary and Bohemia  1487/82/21  nd [19th cent]

Print of engraving of Marie Louise, Empress of Austria and Queen of Hungary  1487/82/22  nd [19th cent]

LETTERS FROM MARTIN WARE II (1789-1872)  1487/83  1827-1838

For a further letter see also 1487/85/15

To his son James, Tunbridge Wells from Bloomsbury Square concerning their separation over the summer because of his mother Ann's illness, exhorting him to be good and to pray  1487/83/1  28 Jul 1827

To his son Martin, at Rev John Ayres, Edmonton concerning paying a visit to Mr Wilkinson, powders for Martin's swelling and the dullness of Sundays; 2 pieces  1487/83/2  30 Aug 1834

To his son Martin, from New Bridge Street, arranging for him to visit Rev T G Hall to obtain advice on a tutor at Trinity College, Cambridge, and for them to visit Cambridge together, also giving news of friends  1487/83/3  [Aug 1837]

To his son Martin, from New Bridge Street, giving him advice on how to conduct himself whilst at Cambridge; to choose his companions carefully, to avoid wine and supper parties, to take daily walking exercise, keep regular devotions etc; 2 pieces  1487/83/4  7 Oct 1837

To his son Martin, Trinity College, Cambridge, from New Bridge Street, giving his permission for him to stay with Frere and the Bridges to read during the vacation, and letter from Anne Ware giving news of the family  1487/83/5  28 Apr 1838

PAPERS OF MARTIN WARE II (1789-1872)  1487/84  1859

Poem on Tilford by [Anne Ware] headed 'Tilford by my wife Apr 1859 M W' and note of miscellania; [pages 39-40 of a commonplace book]  1487/84/1  Apr 1859

LETTERS FROM ANNE WARE (NEE TAYLER) (1792-1859)  1487/85  1823-1841

Dates are of postmark unless marked otherwise. Includes 37 letters to her son Martin (1487/85/4-40) mainly concerned with the affairs of family and friends, including the death of his grandfather (1487/85/5), the family visit to Brighton (1487/85/11-12) and an account of a journey to Tilford by rail road (1487/85/34); various missionary meetings and services eg (1487/85/27) and some comment on current events such as accounts of royal processions (1487/85/16, 29) and the project to colonise New Zealand (1487/85/21).
See also 1487/83/5 and 1487/95/1.

To her son James from New Bridge Street to be opened when he is 18 years of age exhorting him to live a godly life  1487/85/1  Mar 1823

To her son James at Totteridge, from Norwood expressing her desire that he should come to faith in God  1487/85/2  1 Jun 1833

To her son James at Totteridge in the form of a poem to accompany a picture  1487/85/3  Oct 1833

To her son Martin at Messrs Wood and Thorowgood's, Totteridge  1487/85/4  16 Aug 1831

To her son Martin at Messrs Wood and Thorowgood's, Totteridge  1487/85/5  2 Nov 1831

To her son Martin at Messrs Wood and Thorowgood's, Totteridge, annotation: [1831 or 1832]  1487/85/6  1831 x 1832

To her son Martin at Rev J Ayres [private tutor] Edmonton, from Tilford, annotation [Aug 1834]  1487/85/7  [Aug 1834]

To her son Martin at Rev J Ayres [private tutor] Edmonton, from Tilford  1487/85/8  [16 Sep 1834]

To her son Martin at Rev J Ayres [private tutor] Edmonton, from New Bridge Street  1487/85/9  3 Nov 1834

To her son Martin at Rev J Ayres [private tutor] Edmonton, from New Bridge Street  1487/85/10  11 Dec 1834

To her son Martin at R J Chambers, Keppel Street, Russell Square, from Brighton  1487/85/11  11 Jun 1834

To her son Martin at R J Chambers, Keppel Street, Russell Square, from Brighton  1487/85/12  22 Jun 1835

To her son Martin at John Ware's, Clifton, from Clapham Common  1487/85/13  28 Mar 1837

To her son Martin at Trinity College, Cambridge, from New Bridge Street, annotation: [Oct 1837]  1487/85/14  [Oct 1837]

To her son Martin at Trinity College, Cambridge, from New Bridge Street [with letter from Martin Ware]  1487/85/15  27 Oct 1837

To her son Martin at Trinity College, Cambridge, from New Bridge Street  1487/85/16  11 Nov 1837

To her son Martin at Trinity College, Cambridge, from New Bridge Street [with a note from Charles T]  1487/85/17  17 Nov 1837

To her son Martin at Trinity College, Cambridge, from New Bridge Street  1487/85/18  29 Nov 1837

To her son Martin at Trinity College, Cambridge, from New Bridge Street  1487/85/19  7 Dec 1837

To her son Martin at Trinity College, Cambridge, from New Bridge Street [with letter from James T]  1487/85/20  9 Dec 1837

To her son Martin at Trinity College, Cambridge, from New Bridge Street, annotation: [14 Dec 1837]  1487/85/21  [14 Dec 1837]

To her son Martin at Trinity College, Cambridge, from New Bridge Street  1487/85/22  31 Jan 1838

To her son Martin at Trinity College, Cambridge, from New Bridge Street  1487/85/23  17 Feb 1838

To her son Martin at Trinity College, Cambridge, from New Bridge Street  1487/85/24  2 Mar 1838

To her son Martin at Trinity College, Cambridge, from New Bridge Street  1487/85/25  6 Mar 1838

To her son Martin at Trinity College, Cambridge, from New Bridge Street  1487/85/26  14 Mar 1838

To her son Martin at Trinity College, Cambridge, from New Bridge Street  1487/85/27  7 May 1838

To her son Martin at Trinity College, Cambridge, from Blackheath  1487/85/28  19 May 1838

To her son Martin at Trinity College, Cambridge, from Blackheath  1487/85/29  2 Jul 1838

To her son Martin at Trinity College, Cambridge, from Blackheath  1487/85/30  14 Jul 1838

To her son Martin at Keswick [whilst on a reading party] from Priory Lane  1487/85/31  28 Jul 1838

To her son Martin at Keswick, from Blackheath  1487/85/32  8 Sep 1838

To her son Martin at Trinity College Cambridge, from New Bridge Street  1487/85/33  6 Apr 1839

To her son Martin at Trinity College Cambridge, from New Bridge Street  1487/85/34  16 Apr 1839

To her son Martin at New Bridge Street, from Lowestoft  1487/85/35  31 May 1839

To her son Martin at Brussels, from New Bridge Street, written on 23 Jul 1841  1487/85/36  [23 Jul 1841]

To her son Martin  1487/85/37-38  nd [c1841]

To her son Martin  1487/85/39  nd [post 1837]

To her son Martin at Trinity College Cambridge [with a letter from James T]  1487/85/40  nd [c1841]

To James T and Martin from Bloomsbury Square after the funeral of their grandfather [part only]  1487/85/41  [1831]

To James T and Martin at Totteridge, after the death of their grandfather [? part of 1487/85/41]  1487/85/42  [1831]

To James T and Martin] at Totteridge, concerning rioting [in London] [part only]  1487/85/43  9 Nov 1831

To her son Charles Tayler, Coblenz, from New Bridge Street, giving news of family and friends and a trip to Gravesend  1487/85/44  21 Aug 1841

PAPERS OF ANNE WARE (NEE TAYLER) (1792-1859)  1487/86  1831

Note of an additional inscription on the [family] vault relating to the burial of Rev Thomas Tayler  1487/86/1  c.1831

LETTER FROM REVEREND JAMES WARE (1790-1855)  1487/87  1838

Letter from Rev James Ware, Wyverstone, to his nephew Martin giving an account of his time at Trinity College, Cambridge 1812-1816  1487/87/1  26 Mar 1838

PAPERS OF REVEREND JAMES WARE (1790-1855)  1487/88  1840

Brief account of his life by Rev James Ware from birth to his time as Rector at Wyverstone Church, Suffolk; With note by Arthur Maitland Ware; 3 pieces  1487/88/1  2 Sep 1840

LETTERS FROM JAMES THOMAS WARE (1817-1902)  1487/89  1821-1868

To his aunt [Ursula Ware] in Clapham concerning sending hoops to Clapham and his aunt's letter  1487/89/1  nd [pre 1821]

To his mother, from Totteridge, the first being written partly on his brother Martin's behalf  1487/89/2  20 Feb 1828

To his mother, from Totteridge  1487/89/3  3 Mar 1828

To his brother Martin at Trinity College, Cambridge, from New Bridge Street giving news of family and friends and some current affairs including the preparations for Queen Victoria's Coronation  1487/89/4  21 Oct 1837

To his brother Martin at Trinity College, Cambridge, from New Bridge Street, re a sale of Mr Esdailles Curiosities and pictures at Christies and Charles [T]'s anxious expectation for the new Periodical by Boz  1487/89/5  26 Mar 1838

To his brother Martin at Trinity College, Cambridge, from New Bridge Street [see also 1487/85/20, 1487/85/40]  1487/89/6  30 Mar 1838

To his brother Martin on the Midland Circuit, from Russell Square, describing his impressions of Paris, Strasbourg, etc after returning from a period studying hospitals abroad  1487/89/7  15 Mar 1843

To his father Martin from [Lausanne] describing the funeral of Joseph Ware [part only]  1487/89/8  25 Sep 1868

LETTERS FROM MARTIN WARE III (1818-1895)  1487/90  1841-1895

Belgium and Rhine tour  [no ref.]  1841

Letters from Martin Ware III to family members, written during a tour of Belgium and the Rhine area, with his brother Charles T and a friend P W Barker, giving accounts of their journey and visits to places of interest, including Antwerp, the state of which he describes 10 years after bombardment of 1830, and some of the castles on the Rhine. [See also: 1487/109/1, Diary; 1487/94/1-3, Charles' correspondence; 1487/92/1, itinerary of trip].

To his mother Anne, at New Bridge Street, from Ghent  1487/90/1  22 Jul 1841

To his brother James at St Bartholomew's Hospital, London from Brussels  1487/90/2  24 Jul 1841

To his mother Anne at New Bridge Street, from Bonn  1487/90/3  31 Jul 1841

To his mother Anne at New Bridge Street, from Mayence  1487/90/4  11 Aug 1841

To his mother Anne, at New Bridge Street, from Coblenz  1487/90/5  24 Aug 1841

France tour  [no ref.]  1844

Letters from Martin Ware III to family members, written whilst on holiday in France with his brother Charles, in which he describes his impressions of Paris and its inhabitants, and their journey through Normandy, 1844. [See also 1487/94/-, Charles' correspondence]

To his mother Anne, at Russell Square, from Paris  1487/90/6  21 Aug 1844

To his brother Henry at Totteridge from Paris  1487/90/7  22 Aug 1844

To his mother Anne, at Russell Square, from Rouen  1487/90/8  4 Sep 1844

To his father Martin at Russell Square, from Le Havre  1487/90/9  7 Sep 1844

To his father Martin at Russell Square, from Le Havre  1487/90/10  8 Sep 1844

Ireland tour  [no ref.]  1852

Letters from Martin Ware III to his father Martin, written during a visit to Ireland with [John] MacGregor, [Nathaniel] Bridges and G H Oliphant, which appears to have been undertaken partly as a holiday and partly to study Protestant mission work there, including shoeblack work. The letters mainly describe the scenery and the state of the people of the country. [See also 1487/109/1, diary]

From Dublin; 2 pieces  1487/90/11  10 Sep 1852

From Athlone  1487/90/12  13 Sep 1852

From Achil; 2 pieces  1487/90/13  16 Sep 1852

From Limerick; 2 pieces  1487/90/14  24 Sep [1852]

From Killarney; 2 pieces  1487/90/15  28 Sep [1852]

Norway tour  [no ref.]  1855

Letters from Martin Ware III to his father Martin, written during a holiday in Norway with [John] MacGregor and [Wilbraham] Taylor giving details of their journey, and the countryside and towns, as well as comments on the Crimean War in which MacGregor's younger brother Douglas was killed.

From Christiania  1487/90/16  28 Aug 1855

From Christiania  1487/90/17  28 Aug 1855

From Bergen  1487/90/18  10 Sep 1855

From Gjovik  1487/90/19  19 Sep 1855

From Copenhagen  1487/90/20  25 Sep 1855

Switzerland and Italy tour  [no ref.]  1858

Letters from Martin Ware III to his father Martin, written during a holiday with his brother Charles, in Switzerland and Italy, giving details of their activities. [See also 1487/94/7, Charles' correspondence]

From Chamonix  1487/90/21  24 Aug 1858

From Stalden  1487/90/22  1 Sep 1858

From Florence  1487/90/23  11 Sep 1858

Ordination of son Martin Ware  [no ref.]  1895

To his son Martin, from Stafford Terrace, Kensington on the eve of his ordination wishing him happiness in his career as a clergyman  1487/90/24  20 Dec 1895

LETTERS TO MARTIN WARE III (1818-1895)  1487/91  1839-1873

See also 1487/119-177.
The letters from P W Barker [a Cambridge friend] (1487/91/1-8) were written in the period leading up to and during his appointment as a tutor to a family living abroad.

From P W Barker from Torquay; 2 pieces  1487/91/1  16 Apr 1841

From P W Barker from Torquay; 2 pieces  1487/91/2  6 Jun 1841

From P W Barker from Torquay; 2 pieces  1487/91/3  26 Jun 1841

From P W Barker from Lausanne  1487/91/4  26 Aug 1841

From P W Barker from Florence  1487/91/5  25 Nov 1841

From P W Barker from Florence  1487/91/6  11 Mar 1842

From P W Barker from Sorrento  1487/91/7  3 Jun 1842

From P W Barker from Bagni di Lucca  1487/91/8  30 Sep 1842

From George [Chunell] Spring Grove, concerning Martin's illness [rheumatic fever], Chunell's decision to read at Lincoln's Inn and news of friends  1487/91/9  30 Oct 1843

From E M Cope, Cambridge giving news of friends, and debates at 'the Union'; 2 pieces  1487/91/10  10 Mar [1840s]

From J W Evans, Castle Grant, Scotland [a Cambridge friend], concerning his and J Gisborne's stay in Scotland 'reading with Gruff Griffith' and the 'Tory' victory  1487/91/11  29 Sep [1841]

From John Gisborne [a Cambridge friend] from Kensington Grove giving news of his activities and mutual friends, postmark [6 Mar 1841]  1487/91/12  [6 Mar 1841]

From John Gisborne [a Cambridge friend] from Kensington Grove giving news of his activities and mutual friends  1487/91/13  19 Mar [1841]

From John Gisborne [a Cambridge friend] from Cambridge giving news of his activities and mutual friends  1487/91/14  10 Nov [1841]

From C H Gregory [a Totteridge friend] concerning a failed meeting with Ware and concerning a testimonial for M Wood  1487/91/15  8 Jul 1841

From William Sawers [a Cambridge friend] St Helier, giving news of friends, asking about examination results etc  1487/91/16  9 Aug [1839]

From Reginald Kelly, Launceston describing death of [his father]  1487/91/17  22 Jul 1873

From R Owen, Grays Inn Road, sending best wishes for Ware marriage on behalf of the boys in the St Pancras Industrial School; 2 pieces  1487/91/18  22 Jul 1867

From Benjamin Shaw [King's College and Cambridge friend], from Dover, giving news of his activities and of friends  1487/91/19  26 Mar 1839

From Benjamin Shaw [King's College and Cambridge friend], from Cambridge, giving news of his activities and of friends  1487/91/20  28 Sep 1843

PAPERS OF MARTIN WARE III (1818-1895)  1487/92  1841

Itinerary drawn up by Dr C West for Martin and Charles Tayler Ware for their tour in Belgium and Germany  1487/92/1  1841

LETTER FROM MARY WARE (NEE WILLIAMS) (1834-1914)  1487/93  1902

Telegram to her son Martin Stewart informing him of the death of his uncle, James T Ware  1487/93/1  30 Jul 1902

LETTERS FROM CHARLES TAYLER WARE (1820-1908)  1487/94  1841-1902

See also 1487/85/17.
The letters 1487/94/1-3 were written to family members during a tour of Belgium and the Rhine area with his brother Martin giving accounts of their journey and visits to places of interest including to the site of the Battle of Waterloo, 1841. [See also 1487/90/1-5 for Martin Ware's correspondence].

To his brother Henry at New Bridge Street, from Aix la Chapelle  1487/94/1  27 Jul 1841

To his mother Anne, at New Bridge Street, from Coblenz  1487/94/2  7 Aug 1841

To his mother Anne, at New Bridge Street, from Heidelberg  1487/94/3  18 Aug 1841

To his brother Martin, from Russell Square giving news of James return home from the continent, and the new books received by 'the Society' [?] including a volume of sermons by Dr Arnold. 2 pieces  1487/94/4  10 Mar 1843

To his mother Anne, from Paris, written whilst on holiday in France with his brother Martin in which he described their journey and plans, and his sightseeing in Paris including a visit to Les Invalides where the monument to Napoleon was under construction  1487/94/5  17 Aug 1844

To his mother Anne, Russell Square, from Paris. Contents similar to 1487/94/5 above. [See also 1487/90/6-10 for Martin Ware's correspondence]  1487/94/6  28 Aug 1844

To his father, Martin from Aix les Bains describing his and Martin's plans for the end of their travels and their return home. [See also 1487/90/21-23 for Martin Ware's correspondence].  1487/94/7  [Sep 1858]

To his father, Martin from [Lausanne] describing the funeral of Joseph Ware  1487/94/8  25 Sep 1868

To his brother Henry, from Great Malvern describing churches he had visited while on holiday, including Stone and a visit to Miss [Haward], a distant relative of their mother; 2 pieces  1487/94/9  30 Jul 1899

To his brother Henry, Grasmere, from Phillimore Gardens, concerning his searching of the registers of [?] for entries relating to the Tayler family, and the Spicer brasses at Stone; 2 pieces  1487/94/10  2 Aug 1899

To his brother Henry from Sheffield concerning the Spicer brasses at Stone and his excursions in Derbyshire  1487/94/11  23 Aug 1899

To his nephew Martin Stewart Ware, from Phillimore Gardens arranging for Arthur to bring up some small valuables from Tilford to be sold and the family bibles  1487/94/12  12 Nov 1902

To Mary, from Phillimore Gardens concerning some chairs and a folding table at Tilford, which used to be at New Bridge Street. The table compressed to allow room for patients waiting to see Charles' father Martin  1487/94/13  5 Dec 1902

LETTERS FROM REVEREND HENRY WARE (1830-1909)  1487/95  1841-1906

To his brother Charles, Coblenz, from New Bridge Street, giving news of their nurse's wedding [Ann Moxey] and a trip to Gravesend by steamer; With a letter from Anne Ware to her son Martin  1487/95/1  3 Aug [1841]

To his father Martin from Innsbruck giving an account of the Oberammergau Passion Play. Envelope annotated [by Arthur M Ware] 'A very interesting account of the Passion Play at Oberammergau in a letter of Bishop Henry Ware to his father in 1860'; 3 pieces  1487/95/2  8 Aug [1860]

To his niece Edith from Oxford enclosing some notes on 'the Tilford so called Acacias' Envelope annotated 'Uncle Henry's letter about the Acacia Trees 1908'; 4 pieces  1487/95/3  1 Jul [1906]

LETTERS TO REVEREND HENRY WARE (1830-1909)  1487/96  1870-1905

From Rev G Hornby, Naples, concerning a memorial for Charlotte Smith in Tilford; 2 pieces  1487/96/1  13 Jan 1870

From [John Scott], St Boswell's. This and the next two letters relate to William Spicer, surveyor of works at Portsmouth and Berwick in the reign of Elizabeth I; and to the walls of Berwick; 2 pieces  1487/96/2  28 Jul 1887

From [ ? ], Alnwick  1487/96/3  16 Sep 1905

From [J H Hodgson], Carlisle  1487/96/4  19 Sep 1905

PAPERS OF REVEREND HENRY WARE (1830-1909)  1487/97  1859-1872

See also 1487/69/2.

MS Catalogue of Shells  1487/97/1  nd [1859-1872]

Account of the death of his mother Anne. Envelope annotated 'Henry's account of what happened after the event Oct 1859 MW'; 2 pieces  1487/97/2  12 Oct 1859

'Memoranda of sermon by Rev W T Jones at Tilford on 20 Oct 1872 - the Sunday morning after my Father's funeral'; 2 pieces  1487/97/3  1872

LETTER FROM MARTIN STEWART WARE (1871-1934)  1487/98  1902

Letter from Martin Stewart, Camberwell to his uncle Henry Ware enclosing a letter [missing] concerning the Victoria County History of Surrey and asking him to write to the editor concerning the history of Tilford  1487/98/1  18 Nov 1902

LETTERS FROM ARTHUR MAITLAND WARE (1874-1953)  1487/99  1895-1946

Telegram from Tilford to his brother Rev Martin Stewart Ware, Stockton on Tees, informing him of the death of their father  1487/99/1  30 Dec 1895

Postcard to Dr Martin Ware, Maida Vale, informing him of the acceptance of Bishop Ware's altar cross by the Vicar and PCC of Kirkby Lonsdale  1487/99/2  28 Dec 1946

LETTER TO ARTHUR MAITLAND WARE (1874-1953)  1487/100  1946

Letter from Clifford Carter [Secretary of the Shaftesbury Society] to [ Arthur Maitland Ware] thanking him for a parcel. Annotation by A M W reads 'of my father's diaries of his work in Ragged Schools'. [See 1585/-].  1487/100/1  1 Apr 1946

LETTERS OF DR MARTIN WARE (? - ?)  1487/101  1962

Correspondence with Sir Anthony Wagner [Garter Principal King of Arms] concerning the use of quotations from the letters of Martin Ware written during a Garter Mission in 1814 [see 1487/82/-]  1487/101/1-3  Dec 1962

PAPERS OF WILLIAM BROWNLOW (? - ?)  1487/102  1829

William Brownlow was husband of Frances Chambers, granddaughter of Ursula Ware from her first marriage to N Polhill

Letters of institution of Rev William Brownlow to rectory of Wilmslow, Cheshire, on resignation of Rev J M Turner, Commissary of Bishop of Chester  1487/102/1  27 Jun 1829

DIARIES AND MEMOIRS  [no ref. or date]

JAMES WARE FRS  1487/103  1773-1777

'Journal of Transactions while in London 1773'; Entries relate to his training as a doctor - entering himself as a pupil to various surgeons and doctors (eg 3 Dec 1773), attending operations (eg 9 Oct 1773, 3 Dec 1773), and visiting hospitals, including the Inoculation Hospital (4 Jan 1774); to his church attendance - at Aylier Street (24 Oct 1773 etc), at the Quaker Meeting (5 Nov 1773), at Magdalen Chapel (7 Nov 1773); and to his social activities - exploring London (eg 9 Oct 1773), visiting British Museum (29 Oct 1773 etc), attendance at a hanging (27 Oct 1773) and visits to the theatre, coffee houses and disputing clubs (18 Oct 1773, 10 Dec 1773 and 8 Oct 1773 etc)  1487/103/1  1773-1774

'General notes and memorandums during my stay in London 1775'; Entries relate to his activities as a working pupil at St Thomas' Hospital (29 Sep 1775) - attending lectures (eg 21 Oct 1775), operations and dissections (eg 21 Oct 1775) and attendance at labours including a forceps delivery (5 Feb and 6 Feb 1776); to his church attendance (eg 19 Nov 1775, 4 Feb 1776); and to social and leisure activities - visits to the theatre, disputing clubs, coffee houses etc (eg 21 Oct 1775, 31 Jan 1776), Easter Ball at the Mansion House (8 Apr 1776), hearing the 'Messiah' at Drury Lane (27 Mar 1776), visit to Rackstraws Anatomical Museum (12 Feb 1776) and attendance at lectures at the Physic Society including to hear his paper read (24 Feb 1776); Also in the same volume: 'Account of money received and paid during my stay in London 1775' including fees for lectures; payment for surgical instruments and parts of bodies to dissect; payments for hair dressing, for washing linen etc; payments for clothing, powder and snuff; and payments for recreational activities including visit to Vauxhall Gardens (Jun 1776)  1487/103/2  1775-1777

MARTIN WARE II  1487/104  1827-1868

Diary in shorthand; [It appears that it is transcribed in 1487/105/1]  1487/104/1  11 Mar 1827-4 Jan 1868

JAMES THOMAS WARE  1487/105  1817-1870

See also 1487/108/2.

Transcript of Martin Ware's 'Religious Reflections' or spiritual journal made by James T Ware. It appears the original diary with entries from 23 Nov 1817 to 31 Dec 1826 has been lost. The later entries appear to have been transcribed from 1485/104/1, though the entries for 14 Aug 1859, Christmas 1864 and 14 Aug 1870 do not appear in this volume. There is a note from Arthur M Ware 'to those who read the following papers' written in 1946. The entries are sporadic and are mainly reflections on events in his life, such as anniversaries, the birth of his children, moving house, illnesses and deaths; he also comments on sermons he has heard. 46 pieces  1487/105/1  23 Nov 1817 - 14 Aug 1870

MARTIN WARE III  1487/106  1818-1894

See also 1487/107, 1487/108/2 and 1487/109/1.
4 volumes of memoirs. Volumes 2-4 are more detailed and appear to be a fuller version of entries from his diary. The emphasis in the later volumes is on family, social engagements, lectures, missionary conferences and holidays. The main subjects in each volume are described below.

Memoirs of Martin Ware III. Contents include history of the Ware Family; early life; schooling [1827-1837] and period at Trinity College, Cambridge [1837-1841]; early career as Marshal to Baron Gurney [1843-1845]; barrister [1845 onwards] and law reporter; involvement with Ragged Schools [1846 onwards] and formation of the Ragged Schools Shoeblack Society [1851], and Reformatory and Refuge Union [1856] and the Social Sciences Association [1857]; brief description of holidays and foreign tours; special constable during Chartist Riots [1848]. Enclosed letter to Mrs Ware from B Wodd Smith re date of formation of Society of Arts and origin of term 'Lynch Law' etc, 2 Jul 1846  1487/106/1  1818-1857

Memoirs of Martin Ware III. Contents include family marriages, including his own in 1867; birth of his children [1868-1874]; death of his mother [1859], his father [1872], his brother Joseph [1868] and his sister-in-law Zillah, Mrs Charles T Ware [1873]; service in Volunteer Movement [1859 onwards]; holidays and annual Social Science Association conferences; appointment as secretary to a sub-committee of the Society of Arts for considering the dwellings of the poor [1864-1865]; bible class at Hampstead [1873 onwards]  1487/106/2  1858-1877

Memoirs of Martin Ware III. Contents include portraits of his children by Macartney [1878]; childrens' schooling; bible class at Manor Street, Chelsea; member of the British and Foreign Bible Society [1883]; churchwarden of St Paul's Onslow Square, [1887]; churchwarden of St Paul's Onslow Square, [1887]; enlargement of St Paul's Onslow Square, [1888]; holidays and social engagements  1487/106/3  1878-1889

Memoirs of Martin Ware III. Contents include mainly social engagements, lectures, missionary conferences and holidays; Martin Stewart and Arthur Maitland at Cambridge; 25th wedding anniversary [1892]  1487/106/4  1889-1894

MARY WARE  1487/107  C.1895

Typescript memoirs of Mary Ware giving details of her family and her life until the 1870's when she and Martin Ware moved to Hampstead  1487/107/1  nd [post 1895]

Memoirs of Mary Ware from her engagement in 1867 to the early 1880's, mainly concerning her husband's activities and character  1487/107/2  nd [post 1895]

Abridged version of Martin Ware's memoirs, with some extra details added including the period between Christmas 1894 to Martin's death and with some comments by A M Ware  1487/107/3  nd [post 1895]

MARTIN S WARE  1487/108  1808-1912

Typescript journal of Martin S Ware of his journey to Newfoundland, Canada, California, Fiji, Australia and New Zealand  1487/108/1  Jun 1911 - Apr 1912

Volume of transcripts by Martin S Ware and his wife of diaries and writings of members of the family. These are as follows: 1 Extracts from the diary of Martin Ware III with an introduction by M S Ware, 1852-1895. c.80pp; 2 Diary of J T Ware, mainly a list of engagements, 1843-1895. 4pp; 3 Sea memorandums in 1807 and 1808 Janet and Princess of Wales [of H Maitland ?] 8pp; 4 Sea memorandums, 1809, Downs to Rio Plata [of H Maitland ?]. 6pp; 5 Transcript of letters re Mrs Charlotte Smith. 4pp. [See also 1487/68/10]; 6 Notes on Tilford House [by M S Ware] 4 pp; 7 Copy of 'As to Ecclesiastical Matters and Things General at Tilford' by C T Ware. 6pp. [See also 1487/68/3]; 8 Copy of 'As to Roads etc at Tilford' by C T Ware. 4pp. [See also 1487/68/1]; 9 Letter re garden seat written to Mrs Ware, New Bridge Street, [7 Feb 1837]; letter re pew in Tilford House Chapel from T Nicholson [12 Apr 1840] and estimate to 2 windows Tilford House [15 Apr 1857]. 3pp; Enclosures include drawing of the Ware arms and notes on the Maitland family (4 items)  1487/108/2  1808-1895

EDITH M WARE  1487/109  ND [19th century]

Transcript of part of Martin Ware's Journal of Towns, his travel diary of his tours in Belgium and Germany [1841] and Ireland [1852]. [The original has apparently not survived]  1487/109/1  nd [19th century]


REVEREND THOMAS TAYLER, 1832  1487/110  [n.d.]

'Characteristic Memoir of the late Rev Thomas Tayler, formerly minister of Carter Lane, London, and the last surviving pupil of the Rev Dr Doddridge' in The Congregational Magazine No LXXXV Vol XV  1487/110/1  2 Jan 1832

REVEREND JAMES WARE  1487/111  1855

'A Sermon preached at Wyverstone Church, on Sunday 11 Mar 1855 on the occasion of the death of Rev James Ware MA, Rector of Wyverstone for twenty five years by the Rev W H Bull MA Vicar of Old Newton' (printed)  1487/111/1  1855

JAMES THOMAS WARE  1487/112  1902

Obituary from The British Medical Journal  1487/112/1  [Aug] 1902

3 copies of the obituary from the Farnham, Haslemere and Hindhead Herald  1487/112/2  2 Aug 1902

2 copies of obituary [from local newspaper]  1487/112/3  Aug 1902

Envelope containing 1487/112/2-3  1487/112/4  nd [c1902]

MARTIN WARE III (D.1895)  1487/113  1896

Tributes to Martin Ware reprinted from The Record, 3 Jan 1896  1487/113/1  1896

Newspaper cutting of obituary of Martin Ware  1487/113/2  1896

CHARLES TAYLER WARE  1487/114  1908

Press obituary of Charles Tayler Ware  1487/114/1  1908


FAMILY  1487/115  ND

Thomas Tayler  [no ref. or date]

Lithograph of Thomas Tayler, part of annotation reads 'from a portrait by Mather Brown 1734-1831'  1487/115/1  nd [18th -19th century]

Anne Ware  [no ref. or date]

Photograph of a portrait of [Anne Ware] annotated 'Grandmother'  1487/115/2  nd [20th century]

Detail of drawing of Anne Ware, part of annotation reads 'Anne Ware, wife of Martin Ware of Tilford. Great Grandmother of Martin Ware. This is not the same as the family portrait by Slater: there is no other copy of it'  1487/115/3  nd [19th -20th century]

Photograph of [Anne Ware] annotated 'Mrs Martin Ware senr'  1487/115/4  nd [19th -20th century]

Martin Ware III  [no ref. or date]

Photograph of Martin Ware. Annotation reads 'Martin Ware, son of Martin Ware of Tilford'  1487/115/5  nd [20th century]

TILFORD HOUSE  1487/116  ND [19th -20th century]

Photograph of Tilford House, annotation reads 'before 1910'  1487/116/1  nd [20th century]

Photograph of Tilford House, annotation reads 'before 1910'  1487/116/2  nd [20th century]

OTHER  1487/117  ND [18th century]

Engraving of 'Protection offered to the Metropolis. A gem set in a gold box presented by the Light Horse Volunteers of London and Westminster to their Colonel Charles Herries esq 1798, accompanied by an unanimous address of the Corps designed by R Smirke RA. Engraved on a sardonyx by W Brown'  1487/117/1  nd [18th century]

PRINTED MATERIAL  1487/118  1773-1936

Poems on various subjects Religious and Moral by Phillis Wheatley. Negro Servant to Mr John Wheatley of Boston, New England. A Bell, London 1773. With Ursula Maitland's name on flyleaf. Enclosed: notes re Ursula Maitland and Phillis Wheatley, (1 item)  1487/118/1  1773

Hand bill of Royal Exchange Assurance Office used as a wrapper by Martin Ware 29 Oct 1836  1487/118/2  1804

Annotated Pharmacopoeia inscribed with 'James Thomas Ware 1836' on flyleaf  1487/118/3  1836

An Act to repeal the Duties of Assessed Taxes on Dogs, and to impose in lieu thereof a Duty of Excise  1487/118/4  29 Mar 1867

Extraordinary Tithe Redemption Act 1886  1487/118/5  1886

A Short Account of the Society for Relief of Widows and Orphans of Medical Men from its Foundation in 1788 to its centenary in 1888; Includes details of the Ware family.  1487/118/6  [1888]

Trinity College Mission 1885 to 1935; Includes details of the Ware family and a section on Rev M S Ware, Missioner and later Warden, 1903-1911.  1487/118/7  1936


Letters from those boys and adults who had been aided by Martin Ware III as part of his involvement with ragged boys and their families in the King's Cross and Cromer Street areas of London.
[The brief list of known details of the boys are taken from the journal [J] (see 1585/-) and the letters [L] listed here. The dates given are dates of entries of the years of the letters].
The letters from emigrants or those in the Navy, Army or Marine Society generally contain descriptions of the country or ship, their lifestyle, religious observances and details of wages and jobs as well as requests for money, stamps, newspapers and news of their family and-acquaintances.
The letters also include news of other boys settled in the same area or serving in the same ship. Not all of the letters are addressed to Martin Ware and some letters have been dated and annotated by him.

S ARCHER  1487/119  1866

In Industrial School (Aug 1861). Applied to RSSBS, but refused as ought to use his skill as a shoemaker (Aug 1863) [J]. 1st Battalion 24th Regiment, Curragh Camp, Ireland (1866) [L]  1487/119/1  1866

ABRAM JOHN BAXTER  1487/120  1865

Abram John BAXTER; Toronto, Canada [L]; Subjects include: voyage to Canada and storm at the 'roaring forties' (1487/120/1)  1487/120/1-3  1865

JOHN BRYANT  1487/121  1865

John BRYANT; Attempted to get into Navy but too short. Nearly 16. Entered at Marine Society Ship 'Warspite' at Charlton (Feb, Jul 1865). Left ship because always sick (May 1866). In Brown Shoeblack Society (Nov 1866) [J]  1487/121/1-3  1865

JOHN CAMPBELL  1487/122  1859-1861

John CAMPBELL; Boy on board HMS Euryalis (1859-1860) and HMS Barracouta (1861) [L]; Subjects include: voyage to the West Indies and preparations for the arrival of Prince Alfred in Barbados (1487/120/4); return from West Indies in Mail Steamer because of illness (1487/120/5); 6 pieces  1487/122/1-5  1859-1861

PETER CARPENTER  1487/123  1856-1858

Peter CARPENTER; Working for Cats Meat Man (Mar 1852). Went out as a Shoeblack (Dec 1855). Name sent in to Lady Trowbridge as a possible naval apprentice - aged 14 (Jan 1856). Admitted as Naval Apprentice (Jan 1856). [J]. On board HMS Harrier (1857, 1858 [L]; Subjects include: ship being frozen in near Sweden (1487/123/1); Queen Victoria's review of the fleet at Spithead [after the end of the Crimean War] (1487/123/1)  1487/123/1-3  1856-1858

GEORGE CHAPMAN  1487/124  1857-1861

George CHAPMAN; Tried to get a job on 'The Telegraph and Courrier' a new newspaper but no jobs available (Jun 1855). Sent from [St Giles] Industrial School to Canada (Apr 1857). [J] Living in Hamilton and Toronto (1847-1858). 4th Company 100 Regiment (1859). [L]; See also William CHAPMAN 1487/169; Subjects include: shooting trip to New York (1487/124/5); joining and leaving the Regimental Band (1487/124/10, 1487/124/11); Ware's joining the London Rifle Corps (1487/124/10)  1487/124/1-12  1857-1861

ROBERT COLLIER  1487/125  1863-1865

Robert COLLIER; Went out as a shoeblack (May 1862). Left RSSBS and returned to former employer (Oct 1862). Joined Navy (Jan 1863). [J]. Served on HMS Prince Consort (1865). [L]. Deserted from Navy (Nov 1866). [J]  1487/125/1-3  1863, 1865

EDWARD CONNOR  1487/126  1858-1862

Edward CONNOR; Asked to be taken into Industrial School. Irish boy nearly 15. Mother in workhouse, Father killed at Great Northern Hotel (plasterer). Educated at Lincoln's Inn Roman Catholic School. Several jobs including work at a law stationers and [hod carrier] for his father (May 1854). In Industrial School dormitory (May 1854). Working as messenger in Brunswick Square (Jun 1854). Further jobs including working at a law stationers and as a clerk (1854-1856). Went into Navy (1856 or 7) [J]. Serving on HMS Tigris (1858), and HMS Semiramis (1862). [L]. Said to have left Navy and to be living in Liverpool (1863). [J]; Subjects include: unrest in the Persian Gulf (1487/126/1); death of his brother William without 'proper medical attendance' on board ship (1487/126/2)  1487/126/1-2  1858, 1862

WILLIAM CONNOR  1487/127  1858-1862

William CONNOR [brother of Edward]; Taken into Industrial School dormitory as he was sleeping in passages, dust holes etc, had been in workhouse with his mother (Jun 1854). Got work at cotton factory (Aug 1854). Got job at 'The Telegraph and Courrier' (Jun 1855). Lost job at the paper (Jul 1855). Sent as a shoeblack (Jul 1855). Got a job as a page with General Dixon, Clapham (1855-1857). Other jobs (1857-1858) [J]. Joined Marine Society (1858). [J & L]. Marine Apprentice on board Marine Society Ship Venus (1858), HM Steam Frigate Ferooze [Indian Navy] (1859-1861), and HMS Elphinstone [Indian Navy] (1862) [L]. Died 1862. [J]; Subjects include: joining Indian Navy (1487/127/2); War with [Indian] rebels, Bates Island (1487/127/3); boys running away from [Navy] to merchant ships (1487/127/4); War in China (1487/127/5-6); Hanging of a Marine (1487/127/5); rumours concerning the abolition of the Indian Navy (1487/127/7)  1487/127/1-8  1858-1862

JOHN CREWLEY [CRAWLEY]  1487/128  1860-1861

John CREWLEY [CRAWLEY]; Boy on board HMS Hebe (1860), HMS Donegal (1861) [L]. Arrested for mobbing a young man in Argyle Square when on leave from ship and put in prison for a year (1862). Tried to get back into Navy after release but had been discharged (1863). [J]. 5 pieces  1487/128/1-4  1860-1861

JOHN DOWIE  1487/129  1853-1862

John DOWIE; Drynoch (1853, 1854), and King Station, Toronto, Canada (1859, 1862). [L]; Subjects include: enquiry re land agents in Toronto for possible purchase of land (1487/129/3); and 1862 Exhibition in London (1487/129/5)  1487/129/1-5  1853-1862

WILLIAM EATON  1487/130  1858

William EATON; Wanted to enlist in army as a drummer (Oct 1857). Went out as a shoeblack (Nov 1857). Taken into Marine Society, on board the 'Venus' (Dec 1857). Going into Merchant Navy, bound to a collier (Jun 1858). [J]  1487/130/1-2  1858

BENJAMIN ELLIOT  1487/131  1862

Benjamin ELLIOT; Entered Industrial School (Oct 1857). Went out as a shoeblack (Feb 1858). Working at a horse slaughterers (Apr 1858). [J]. In Navy (1862). [L]  1487/131/1  1862

HENRY FENN  1487/132  1859-1861

Henry FENN; On board HM Gun Boat Harring (1859), and HMS Tartar (1861). [L]; Subjects include: asking for books to help pass the time in his watch below deck (1487/132/2)  1487/132/1-2  1859, 1861


Christopher GARRARD; Working at a brass foundry (Mar 1858). [J]. On board HMS Satellite (1860). [L]. HMS Satellite paid off, going to volunteer for another ship (Feb 1861). [J]; Subjects include: description of his watch at the mast head in rough seas. See also 1487/145/17  1487/133/1  1860

J R HALL  1487/134  1854-1856

J R HALL; Given outfit by Ragged School Union and passage engaged on 'Constitution' (Apr 1851). In Melbourne, Australia (Nov 1852). Reported dead but friends had received letters (Apr 1858). [J]; Illustrated letter-head of Princes Bridge, Melbourne on (1487/134/2)  1487/134/1-2  1854, 1856

RICHARD HARNER  1487/135  1864

Richard HARNER; On board HMS Adventure (1864). [L]  1487/135/1  1864

JAMES HAWORTH  1487/136  1858-1859

James HAWORTH; Emigrated to Australia with brother William, to be apprenticed to Captain Carr and John Nowlan of Portland Bay, Port Philip. (1852). Ran away from Nowlan (1853). At work at Ballaratt Diggings (1853). Returned to England (1857). Cheated out of earnings so returning to Australia (1858). [J]. At Ovens Diggings, Beechworth, Victoria, Australia (1859). [L]; Subjects include: sinking of a shaft and his father's home nearby (a tent) (1487/136/2)  1487/136/1-2  1858-1859

JOHN HART ALIAS HAWORTH  1487/137  1856-1860

John HART alias HAWORTH [James' brother] Went out as a shoeblack (Apr 1852). Got a place at Neighbours Italian Warehouse (Mar 1854). Passed emigration committee to go to Canada but had to work at Grotto Passage [Industrial School] until passage available (Apr-Jun 1854). [J]. Emigrated to Hamilton, Canada (Jun 1854) [1855 in letter]. [J & L]. Bought land but couldn't pay instalments so thinking of enlisting in the Federal Army (1864). [J]; Includes copy letter to his father (1487/137/1) and memorandum by Ware re the family (1487/137/2)  1487/137/1-3  1856-1860

FREDERICK HENDERSON  1487/138  1862-1866

Frederick HENDERSON; Apparently in RSSBS (1862). Left Society to go into country to stay with his father (Jul-Oct 1862). [J]. In Canterbury Jul-Aug 1862. [L]. Rejected for emigration to Canada by Ragged School Union (Jan-Feb 1863). Grant to emigrate to Canada by Ragged School Union (Mar 1863). Went to Ottawa, Canada (Apr 1863). [L]. Left Canada because his brother and sister urged him to come home (Jan 1864). In Melbourne (1865-1866). Home from Australia (1867). [J]; Subjects include: description of his father's drinking (1487/138/2), journey to Liverpool and visit to the Great Eastern with Ramsey (1487/138/4); voyage to Australia (1487/138/6). 9 pieces  1487/138/1-7  1862-1866

CHARLES HENLEY  1487/139  1870

Charles HENLEY; In Royal Artillery, Clonmel, Ireland (1870). [L]; Subjects include: recreation facilities at the Royal Artillery barracks  1487/139/1-2  1870

RICHARD HERBERT  1487/140  1858

Richard HERBERT; Adult. [L]. Emigrated to Australia (Jul 1857) [J]; Subjects include: description of docking in Sydney Harbour  1487/140/1  1858

JAMES HURD  1487/141  1858-1861

James HURD; In Ottawa (1858), and Bloomfield, Prince Edward County, Canada (1859, 1861). [L]; Subjects include: description of the country ('Very wild country, something like Finchley') (1487/141/1)  1487/141/1-8  1858-1861

THOMAS JONES  1487/142  1857

Thomas JONES; In Ottawa (1857). [L]  1487/142/1-2  1857

JOHN LEONARD  1487/143  1855

John LEONARD; In Grayville White County, America (1855). [L]  1487/143/1-2  1855

FRANCIS MCMARIS  1487/144  1858

Francis McMARIS; Adult, Irvingite, in Toronto, Canada (1858). [L]  1487/144/1  1858

MICHAEL/WILLIAM MURPHY  1487/145  1855-1863

Michael/William MURPHY; Went to Brighton to find work but unsuccessful. Stole loaf on way back, detailed for a week but baker gave him 2 loaves and a lady gave him some money when he was discharged (1854). Swept crossings (Nov 1854). Went out as a shoeblack (Dec 1854). Went to Sheerness to see if he could join Navy (May 1855). [J]. On board HMS Waterloo (Jun 1855), HMS Formidable (1856), HMS Renown (1859). [L]. Paid off, thinking of going to New York and joining the American Navy (Oct 1861). [J]. Had been in Federal Army and was now married and living in Philadelphia (Mar 1863). [L]; Subjects include: shipboard life; comments on state of fighting in America (1487/145/15); [Martin Ware, in his journals, mentions both a William and a Michael Murphy. The letters, however, seem to be from the same person (see 1487/145/12) with the possible exception of 1487/145/17]  1487/145/1-17  1855-1863

ALEXANDER PATTERSON  1487/146  1854-1856

Alexander PATTERSON; Merchant seaman but overstayed leave so working in RSSBS and doing occasional work for his father who is a watchmaker (Jul 1851). Left RSSBS (Nov 1851). Returned to Merchant Navy (1852-1853). Joined Navy, on HMS James Watt (1854). [J]. on HMS Brunswick (1856). [L]; Subjects include: reasons for entering the Navy (1487/146/2); moving troops from Balaclava (1487/146/6)  1487/146/1-6  1854-1856

HENRY POPE  1487/147  C.1862

Henry POPE; Just gone into Navy (Apr 1863). [J]; Subjects include: description of books he has on board including one given to him by the Earl of Shaftesbury (1487/147/1)  1487/147/1-2  c.1862

WILLIAM PROCTOR  1487/148  1859-1865

William PROCTOR; Went to sea (Oct 1861). Joined Militia (Nov 1863). Gone to Queensland, Australia, employed in building railway (May 1865). [J]  1487/148/1-2  1859, 1865

THOMAS RAMSEY  1487/149  1861-1866

Thomas RAMSEY; Sleeping at the RSSBS (Jul 1861). Lodging at the Industrial School (Mar 1862). Inspector at RSSBS (May 1862). Rejected by Emigration Committee of Ragged School Union ((Feb 1863). Given grant by Reformatory and Refuge Union for emigration to Canada (Apr 1863). [J]. In Aylmer, Canada (Jun 1863), Cleveland, (1866), [L]. Married and still living in Cleveland (Feb 1867). [J]; Subjects include: Fenian War with Canada (1487/149/8). 9 pieces  1487/149/1-8  1861-1866

JOHN REDAN  1487/150  1857

John REDAN; In Canada (1857). [L]; Subjects include: good employment situation in Canada, and his job as a gardener and farmer  1487/150/1  1857

WILLIAM REED  1487/151  1863

William REED; Working as an errand boy (Jul 61). Went out as a shoeblack (Jul 1861). [J]. In Navy, on HMS Implacable (1863). [L] and HMS Pelican (Jun 1864). [J]  1487/151/1  1863

WILLIAM REEVES  1487/152  1854-1855

William [James Joseph] REEVES; Born in Newfoundland, parents dead. Entered in Industrial School (Dec 1851). Lodging in newly opened dormitory at Industrial School (Feb 1852). Got a place at Mr Cubitt's (Apr 1852). Discussed emigration with Ware but too young (13) (Jun 1852). In dormitory again (Aug 1853). Wanted to get into Marine Society (Aug 1853). On board HMS Blenheim (Jan 1854), and HMS Sphinx (Jul 1854). [J]; Subjects include: siege of Sebastopol (1487/152/2)  1487/152/1-3  1854-1855

CHARLES RESTIEAUX  1487/153  1856-1865

Charles RESTIEAUX; Working in a Public House (Apr 1851). Went out as a shoeblack (Aug 1851). Various places (1852). Emigrating to New Zealand with his mother and brothers Walter and Alfred [and sister] (1856). [J]. In Lyttleton, (1857-1860), Warepa Clutha, Ontago (1860), Lyttleton (1861), and Christ Church (1864). [L]; Subjects include: description of the natives (1487/153/2); Maori War (1487/153/6). fire at Christ Church (1487/153/20); problems of unemployment (1487/153/5, 1487/153/20, etc). 30 pieces  1487/153/1-26  1856-1865

WALTER RESTIEAUX  1487/154  1860-1862

Walter RESTIEAUX; Includes a sketch of encampment by Charles Restieaux (1487/154/1). 3 pieces  1487/154/1-2  1860-1862

ALFRED RESTIEAUX  1487/155  1860

Alfred RESTIEAUX  1487/155/1  1860

ROBERT RESTIEAUX  1487/156  1860-1865

Robert RESTIEAUX; Emigrated to New Zealand with his wife (1859). In Christchurch (1856, 1865). [L]; Subjects include: description of outward voyage; food prices; description of house and description of Lyttleton and Christchurch (1487/156/1); 8 pieces  1487/156/1-5  1860, 1865

GEORGE ROBY  1487/157  1861

George ROBY; In Industrial School (1851). Working for a shoemaker (Dec 1851). Apprenticed to shoemaker, no premium for 6 years (Feb 1852). Shoemaker emigrated to Australia (Aug 1852). Went out as a shoeblack (Mar 1853). Withdrawn from RSSBS for withholding money and being in a coffee shop (Aug 1853). Went back out as shoeblack (Oct 1853). Discharged again for keeping back money (Mar 1854). Emigrated to America (Jun 1857). [J]; Subjects include: demolition of building in which Britannia Street School was held because of the railroad (1487/157/1), and note re George Roby (1487/157/2)  1487/157/1-2  1861

HENRY ROSE  1487/158  1861

Henry ROSE; Boy on board [ ? ] Convict Store Ship, Bermuda. (1861). [L]  1487/158/1  1861

DANIEL SMITH  1487/159  1855-1861

Daniel SMITH; Working with a farrier (Mar 1852). Passed for emigration (Mar 1856). [J]. In Canada (1856, 1857). In Navy, on HMS Valorous (1860). [L]. Returned to England, married, selling flowers (May 1865). [J]; Subjects include: Orangemen's Day in Toronto (1487/159/3), Mexican Civil War (1487/159/4); reasons for leaving Canada and entering Navy (1487/159/5); life in London before going to Industrial School (1487/159/8)  1487/159/1-9  1855-1861

THOMAS SPUNDLEY  1487/160  1859-1861

Thomas SPUNDLEY; Taken into Industrial School (Jan 1856). Went out as a shoeblack (Feb 1856). Left Marine School and been bound to a collier (Jun 1858). [J]. In Army, Royal Bengal Light Infantry (1859), Royal Bengal Fusiliers (1861). [L]; Subjects include: details of how their pay is spent on daily routine (1487/160/3)  1487/160/1-3  1859, 1861

R J WARNER  1487/161  1864-1865

R J WARNER; On HMS Fawn (1864). [L]; Subjects include: uprising in Jamaica (1487/161/2)  1487/161/1-3  1864-1865

CHARLES WHITEMAN  1487/162  1859-1861

Charles WHITEMAN; On the Madawaska River, Canada (1859-1861), and Griffith County (1862). [L]; Subjects include: work at a shanty (1487/162/1); desire to be able to speak Canadian French (1487/162/2); problem of communications in winter (1487/162/3); death of the Prince of Wales (1487/162/7-8)  1487/162/1-9  1859-1861

BENJAMIN WILES  1487/163  1864-1866

Benjamin WILES; Left Industrial School to go to work for a chemist (Oct 1862). [J]. On HMS Boscawen (1864), and HMS Duke of Wellington (1866). [L]  1487/163/1-3  1864, 1866

CHARLES WILES  1487/164  1860-1866

Charles WILES; 19th Regiment, Ireland (1860-1863) and India, (1863-1866). [L]; Illustrated letter heads of Portobello Barracks, (1487/164/3), Trinity College, Dublin (1487/164/5), and the Curragh Encampment (1487/164/6), Ireland  1487/164/1-14  1860-1866

GEORGE WILES  1487/165  1861-1864

George WILES; Went to sea, on board HMS Hebe (Jan 1861), HMS Donegal (Jun 1861). [J], HMS Jean D'Arc (Jul 1861). [L]. HMS Liffey (Dec 1861), HMS Royal Oak (May 1863), HMS Orlando (Jul 1864). [J]  1487/165/1-5  1861-1864

MARCUS WORLEY  1487/166  1863

Marcus WORLEY; Went out as a shoeblack (Mar 1861). Sleeping at Industrial School because father mistreats him (Mar 1861). Working at a hotel (Oct 1862). Went into Navy (Feb 1863), on HMS Hebe (Feb 1863). [J]. On HMS Implacable (Nov 1863). [L]; With coloured drawing of HMS Implacable  1487/166/1  1863

JAMES WRIGHT  1487/167  1861-1864

James WRIGHT; Shoeblack (Mar 1861). [J]. In Wahgumyah, Victoria, Australia (1861?). [L]  1487/167/1-4  [1861], 1864

JOHN MAITLAND WARE  1487/168  1864

Letter from John MAITLAND WARE, Wahgumyah, to his cousin Martin Ware re baptism of James Wright and Maitland Ware's ordination as priest  1487/168/1  1864


Includes some written to Mrs Western.

WILLIAM CHAPMAN  1487/169  1859

William CHAPMAN; Note recounting his visit to George at Aldershot. See also 1487/124  1487/169/1  1859

J GOUGH  1487/170  ND

J GOUGH; Note to Ware giving an address of a lady in Aldershot  1487/170/1  nd [19th century

CHARLES HAYWARD  1487/171  C.1858

Charles HAYWARD; Tried to enlist as a soldier but unsuccessful (Nov 1857). Wanted to get into RSSBS but Ware did not regard him as suitable because he gets his living carrying parcels etc (Nov 1857). A man, who had taken an interest in Hayward after seeing him sweeping a crossing, tried to get him into smallpox hospital, Ware succeeded in getting him admitted (Feb 1858). Working as a gardener in Notting Hill (Jun 1858). [J]; Letter to ? expressing his desire to go to Canada and [Ware's ?] comments to Hayward's master 'You told him you did not send any boys over their only what you could not do anything with them over here'  1487/171/1  c.1858

C KEANE  1487/172  1857

C KEANE; Knockballymore, Clones, Ireland (1857). [L]; Letter to ? to say that he has obtained a place in Ireland and likes the country very much  1487/172/1  1857

JOHN PROCKTER  1487/173  1859

John PROCKTER; Thank you letter for a present  1487/173/1  1859

WILLIAM SIMCOX  1487/174  1858

William SIMCOX; Irish (May 1857). Rejected by Marine Society because of an eye defect (May 1857). Went out as a shoeblack (Jun 1857). Approached by a Catholic priest to join a proposed Catholic Shoeblack Society but refused (Jul 1857). Left RSSBS to go to Ireland with his family (Jan 1858). Asked Ware for a letter of recommendation, which he refused as he had not seen him for so long. Married with a child. In the Volunteer Artillery (Apr 1861). [J]; Letter asking for his likeness to be sent to him (1487/174/1) and asking Ware to try and procure him a situation as he wished to return to London (1487/174/2)  1487/174/1-2  1858

RICHARD VERRAL  1487/175  1850s

Richard VERRAL; Admitted to Industrial School as had run away from home and was sleeping in the streets and on the steps of an empty house in Brighton Street (Aug 1855). Working for a blacksmith at Fordham, Cambridgeshire (Nov 1857). [J]; Notes to Martin Ware and Mrs Western  1487/175/1-2  1850s

ROBERT WATTS  1487/176  1857

Robert WATTS; Shoeblack (May 1857). Died (Feb 1858). [J]; 4 letters to [Ware] written while in the Consumption Hospital, Brompton  1487/176/1  1857


3 unsigned letters, one addressed to Mrs Western (1487/177/1)  1487/177/1-3  nd [19th century]


'Minutes of the Managing Committee of the Shoeblack Society, 10 Jul 1852'; A poem by Martin Ware, recounting the meeting which took place on the rowing boat the 'Harriet' on the Thames  1487/178/1  1 Dec 1852

'Account of proceedings during Xmas week 1855 at 30 Maiden Lane'; A poem by Martin Ware addressed to Fowler [member of Committee] who had been absent in the country  1487/178/2  5 Jan 1856

Note from Mrs Western to Martin Ware asking that 10s. should be given to the mother of James Ward  1487/178/3  31 Oct 1859

Photograph of 2 [Ragged School Shoeblack Society] boys in their uniform; Taken at Schnadhorst and Heilbronn Photographer, 433 West Strand, London  1487/178/4  nd [19th century]

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