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Reference QS
Covering dates 1659-1971
Held by Surrey History Centre

Folder icon  SESSIONS BUNDLES  QS2/6/  1630, 1637, 1701-1888

These documents are held at Surrey History Centre

These, also known as 'papers', are the administrative papers relating to each session. They include printed calendars of prisoners, annotated with verdict and sentence; informations and examinations (until 1816 after which date they were filed separately and are now destroyed); petitions (ie of former soldiers requesting pensions); removal orders; miscellaneous correspondence; presented accounts; reports of committees and officers; nominations for high constables and constables; certificates of good repair of highways; applications for music and dancing licences; applications for badgers' (itinerant dealers in corn, fish, butter or cheese) licences; coroner's accounts.
Papers survive for 1701, 1704 (entirely relating to the discharge of debtors under Act of 2&3 Ann. cap.XVI), 1705 (2 bundles), 1706 (only 2 papers), 1708, 1709, and from 1712 to 1888. Until 1716 the papers are in annual bundles, with no differentiation between sessions (with the exception of 1708 for which year there are separate bundles for Easter, Midsummer and Michaelmas sessions). From 1716 there are separate bundles for each of the four annual sessions, Epiphany, Easter, Midsummer and Michaelmas.
A calendar with indexes to persons, places and subjects appearing in the calendar, covering the years 1701 to 1799, is available in the searchroom.
The papers for 1630 to 1861 are available on microfilm
QS2/6/1-2 are isolated papers (other recognizances will be found in QS2/5/-) and in QS2/9/-). For all other papers, if ordering the originals please quote QS2/6, the year and the session (eg QS2/6/1822 Epiphany), with the exception of papers for the years 1701-1706 and 1709-1715 in which the sessions are not distinguished. The sessions run Epiphany, Easter, Midsummer and Michaelmas.

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